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Cbd Gummies Stomach Ache Five Cbd Gummies Reviews | HCMUSSH

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Musicians, what kind of policeman is he He is not in his position but not a member of the community team, and Lao Hu is neither a leader nor a member cbd gummies stomach ache of the community team, so he is too lazy to care about this matter, urging Let s go, let s go, what s interesting, continue to patrol.Doing the same job, but not getting paid for the same work, Xiaoge, the assistant policeman of the prevention and control team, had long been displeased with Han Chaoyang, thinking that Han Chaoyang was occupying the latrine and not shitting, so he couldn t help muttering We saw this., if Liu Suo sees him, he has to be skinned.Just take care of yourself, why bother with so many things, Lao Chen, drive faster.Chapter 27 I don t need to clean up The uncles and aunts had so much fun that they didn t finish until 11 o clock in the evening.During the investigation in Chapter 32, the prevention and control team found that there were cars and people patrolling nearby, and they came the fastest.Liu Suo took over the command of the Fox Hunting Team without hesitation, and ordered the auxiliary police of the prevention and control team to detain the suspect.Considering that there was a woman among the suspects, he asked Chen Jie to assist in detaining him in an unquestionable tone.Let Xu Hongliang, who is familiar with the situation, lead the police of the prevention and control team to observe the terrain first, and together with Lao Xu who is squatting in the village, keep an eye on the suspects, and wait for the large forces to arrive before collecting the nets.It cbd gummies stomach ache was not long before the No.2 cbd gummies stomach ache car set off, and Deputy Director Xu arrived with the on duty police and auxiliary police.The meeting is at 9 00, cbd gummies stomach ache it s too early to go.Han Chaoyang drove his patrol car to the West Street Vegetable Market, had breakfast at the breakfast stall next to the market, chatted with Director Wang who was doing morning exercises across the road, and then returned to the police office Say hello to the left and right neighbors who have opened their doors for business one after another.I have nothing to say to the proprietress of the cake shop, but I have to remind the proprietress who is typing, copying and collecting and sending express delivery.Han Chaoyang straightened his belt, walked into the store, pointed to a stack of express slips on the counter and asked, Miss proprietress, have all the consignments sent from you been registered Yes, the registration book is on the shelf.The proprietress was busy Printing out a document, clacking away at the keyboard, no time for his neighbor.These insurance sellers really do everything they can.Han Chaoyang felt that this matter was not so simple, so he secretly decided to let Lao Xu follow him to have a look tomorrow, and asked calmly, Wang Factory manager, just now you said that Zhao Jie s matter has taken shape, where does he usually settle down, and what does he usually do This is business The old factory manager was extremely vigilant, subconsciously looked back around, leaned over and said It is said that he is partnering with others to open some cultural media company, but in fact he is doing something similar to Miss Dai, renting a few offices in a building on Daxin Street , the inside is divided into rooms, and those women are allowed to show their heads in front of the camera.Live broadcast Yes, yes, it seems to be a live broadcast.The night snacks of the participants are all managed by the working group, and all the money spent is included in the funds for land acquisition and relocation.Director Su took out his mobile phone to check the time, got up and said, Director Cai, sit down for a while, I ll go and talk to Director Gu and Director Weng.I ll also inform Captain Xia Tang and Manager Jin.Go ahead, don t worry about it.Me.I went downstairs to inform the participants that the action was delayed, and just after talking to Lao Jin, Guo Xinyi and Chen Jie, who were supposed to be on duty in the police station, ran over, HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach ache and Guo Xinyi said expectantly Han University, let us also participate Well, Hong Liang and Lao Xu are the most experienced in interrogating outsiders, and asking them to type on the keyboard to compare their ID cards is really overkill.There are really no rules and regulations that do not allow the police to lend money to the parties.In fact, similar situations are often encountered at work.For example, Lao Gu, the only second level hero model of the national public security system in the sub bureau, and a policeman from the Dongfeng Street Police Station, often do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache borrows money or even donates money to some parties involved in financial difficulties.Can t be right.Zou Jingnan took over the conversation and asked in a low voice You have been in touch with her three times in total, and you lend her money, and the loan is 5,000 What else should I do I still have to save money to buy a house.She is different from others.Once the house is demolished, she will become a millionaire and have the ability to pay back.And I was already assisting the working group in land acquisition and relocation.The stricter it is.Even though they stop here for work, sooner or later someone will gossip.Secretary Yang and Director Gu decided to set up the Chaoyang Squadron of the Huayuan Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade, and arranged for a cadre and two coordinators to come over.The driver and the two cars also joined the law enforcement squadron, so all the problems have cbd gummies dosage for back pain been solved.The leader is really flexible.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.I can t help it.I can t carry out a lot of work without changing it.Su Xian smiled, and continued There are more and more people in the community, and the management must keep up.I plan to erect a flagpole in the yard.A flag raising ceremony was held on Monday morning, where the national flag was raised and the national anthem was sung.There is surveillance, great, let s go to collect evidence together.My two wheels are not as good as your four wheels Quick, I ll take a step first.Slow down, pay attention to safety on the road.After sending Lao Huo away, Han Chaoyang returned to the police car, opened the door and said sharply, I m not a coward, dare to stand in front of other people s restaurants in broad daylight.Stealing the car.You paid for it, let s go, let s go to the scene and check the surveillance to see how you paid for it.The man didn t dare to argue anymore, he hung his head and said nothing.The information was too accurate and timely.Cao Mingzhi looked at Han Chaoyang with admiration, and subconsciously asked, Have you found the owner I found do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache it, the waiter at Shuxiang cbd gummies stomach ache Restaurant.Beside the tricycle, he took out the remote mobile phone of the police officer Instructor, I am Cao Mingzhi, we have chased the junk collector, and it has been verified that he is suspected of stealing the electric car.The person who answered the phone said that they would instruct the relevant departments to find out, and said that they would reply within a week.Han Chaoyang put on his armed belt, Picking up the law enforcement recorder, he asked, And then If the migrant workers don t allow the switch to be turned off, they will smash the construction equipment, and wait until the fight is over to see if your police come out and whether you want to be responsible.This is different, it can t be done.It s good to turn the people into punishment.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and sighed softly Those departments are really serious.They push everything to our police.Isn t that letting us control the sky, the earth, and the air Is it right Chen Jie chuckled, and continued By the way, the command center of your sub bureau also asked the reporter to find the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of the street, but the cadre on duty at the Xinyuan street office said that they had neither law enforcement officers nor law enforcement personnel.The keyholes of the rolling gates of the shops along the street, and then make profits by helping the merchants repair the door locks that were deliberately damaged by him.Hearing his tone, this suspect may have committed many crimes.Ask me what to do, should I hand it over to the case handling team.One mention When he arrived at Han Chaoyang, Liu Jianye was full of anger.He walked to the side and said coldly This side is busy assisting the special case team to investigate the cbd gummies stomach ache clues of the murder case.Isn t he adding to the chaos Liu Suo, I actually think the same way. Isn t he the captain of the security patrol team Doesn t he have dozens of people under him He didn t have the power to enforce the law before, but now he has Gu.Whatever case cannot be handled, let him handle it, and arrest if there is evidence, and let it go if there is no evidence.We came out to work, and even though it was a little dirty, we could earn three to five thousand a month.I can cbd gummies stomach ache t do illegal and criminal things.I ll deal with him later, can you show your respect here Give him a chance, he s still young, he s only 19 this year, and he s not sensible. Give him a chance I know it s difficult for you, but anyway, I brought him from my hometown, if he can t go back, I ll How do you explain to his parents You can be fined as much as you want, if he can t get it out, I ll give him a cushion, please help me, please. So you knew that the electric car came from nowhere There are more than 20 people under me., there are so many things to do, so many things to take care of, I really don t know if I didn t pay attention, if I knew it, I would have dealt with him.It is almost certain that the electric car was stolen by the kid inside, and another target has been fulfilled.The command center of the sub bureau called 110 because of debt disputes in the temporary parking lot in the south of Dongming Community.You go over and see what s going on.Okay, I ll be there right away.Everyone, sorry, I m going to the police, I will add more slowly when I have time, and talk again when I have time.Officer Han, be careful.Thank you, thank you for your concern.She ran out of the cafeteria in a panic like fleeing, and there was a burst of laughter behind her.Grandpa Gu was much calmer.He said goodbye to the crazy girls, trotted up, and besst cbd gummie slab tested asked as he walked, What is the police It seems to be a debt dispute.Hurry up, in case the debt It will be troublesome if the two parties get emotional.The master and the apprentice crossed the road and ran to the gate of the police station, climbed into the police car and turned on the lights to rush to the scene.I want to eat do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache popcorn when I go to the movie theater.I don t have any money, I can t afford to go where you go.I ll talk about the afternoon after dinner, let me talk about the most handsome policeman you reposted yesterday, Xun Shihan looked up and looked around, with a smirk on his face Question Yingying, you seldom repost these things.What s the matter Do you know me Really know Why did you lie to you Huang Ying snickered complacently while scrolling through Moments That unlucky guy is my little brother, who messed with me Those nympho and idiots on the Internet want to go Look at him, want to take a photo with him, even want to chase after him.For this girl, he comes and goes when he is called.Do you want to see him or do you want me to introduce you to you Come when you call, Go away immediately Will I brag Call him, call now.Xu Hongliang smiled secretly Besides, it is not difficult to find a job, and the same is true for temporary workers.The Chaoyang Community Security Service Company is recruiting people.I don t believe that Lao Jin doesn t want me.I will go to them to work for a few months, while preparing for the public cbd gummies vs tincture cbd gummies stomach ache exam , The salary is even higher than working in the institute.Go and join Han Chaoyang Wu Wei suddenly realized that he was not as popular as Han Chaoyang.It s really hard to do something.After being awakened by a word, Xu Hongliang was elated when cbd gummies stomach ache he found cbd gummies stomach ache can cbd gummies cause stomach pain a better outlet.No matter how handsome you are, can you still be as handsome as me That s it, I m going to resign, I m going to join you, the auxiliary policeman in the iron clad police station, I can resign if I want to, who can stop me if I want to go, right, right, that s what it means, what is my relationship with Lao Jin , You don t need to tell him, just tell you, I will call him myself.Among the community policemen in the community, they belonged to alternative.Because of this, kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg what are the best cbd gummies the master and the apprentice understand Yu Zhenchuan who should be stationed at the integrated police platform but can never see anyone.He not only understands, but also helps to take care of his jurisdiction as long as he has time.Yu Zhenchuan is always leaving the post , but he is very embarrassed.Parked the police car at the entrance of the police room, put on all the eight big pieces , ran over and said apologetically, Master, I m sorry, a few merchants in the decoration material market had a big fight because of business matters at noon.The side also called people, and more than 20 people were beaten to the point of bleeding, and everyone who could go in the prison has gone, and it has been going on until now.I don t spend days and nights on the embankment when fighting floods.Mainly It s about catching bad guys.Your mother and I are really worried.It s a robber and a murderer.How dangerous it is.Do you know Yes, Dad, don t worry about these things.I m a community policeman, not a criminal policeman.It was a coincidence last time, and the law and order in Yanyang is generally good.There are so many robbers and murderers.That s true, our town There haven t been any major crimes in many years, not even petty theft.Thinking that his mother should not be in the living room at the moment, Han Chaoyang couldn t help but ask, Dad, Mom will come if they say they want to come, and buy a house if they want to buy it., does our family have that much money There are only two things left in this life, one is to help his son buy a house in the provincial capital, and the other is to help his son marry a wife.I don t know, the superior asked us to check.Got it, I m watching the groups I added, maybe some people don t read the group chats, I ll check them one by one.Okay, just ask, I There is still something going on here, please help me inform Changsheng and the others, and all the fellow villagers will help to ask.Chapter 134 Buying a House I thought that the villagers of Yangguan No.3 Team and the outsiders who rented in Yangguan No.3 Team would be the most likely to know the details of the surname Yao, so I rushed to ask a few of them.As a result, not only the people from the criminal police team had already asked, but they also had questions about the surname Yao.Yao didn t have the slightest impression.It s normal to think about it, since a suspicious person has been found, it is impossible for the task force not to organize a police investigation.Han Zhaoyang opened his eyes, and couldn t help but interjected What black and white accounts Black accounts are users with overdue credit records.An account is a user who has no credit card or other loan records, just fill in the real name mobile phone and ID card, and you can make a payment.You .

can cbd gummies cause stomach pain?

don t understand, and this is not something you should care about, why ask these questions, and listen carefully , Just understand and understand, Gu Guoli coughed dryly.Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, cbd gummies for dementia patients kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg took a peek at He Yichang, and dared not interrupt.Chapter 144 Blackness eats blackness He Yichang didn t care about Han Chaoyang s actions at all, and asked abruptly, Where are you on the 17th of this month On the 17th in Qingfeng Mountain.Want to say again I went in the afternoon of the 15th and came back in the evening of the 18th.Huang Ying, you can t hide such an important matter from Teacher Ma Come on, let s take a photo together and show Teacher Ma.You are so beautiful and have such a good figure.Teacher Ma must be very happy.Huang Ying was so embarrassed that Han Zhaoyang hurriedly said Sister Miao, let s order first, and take pictures later, and besides, my mother has met Yingying, and knows Yingying Yes Yes.The younger brother was very dishonest when he was in school.Teacher Ma asked him on the phone.Miao Haizhu had a strong sense of responsibility and felt that it was his responsibility to help Teacher Ma discipline him.He stared at him suspiciously and asked, Really Do you know each other I really do, Yingying introduced you to buy the house of Bright Future.Why didn t cbd gummies for dementia patients kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg you tell your mother I want to give her a surprise.I couldn t even move my fingers, and it hurt to the bone.I can t move my right hand, so I can only eat with my left hand.Sprinkle the pickles in the porridge, grab the buns cbd gummies stomach ache wyld cbd thc gummies and take a bite, then put down the buns and pick up the bowl to drink the porridge.Seeing his clumsy appearance, Chen Xiujuan couldn t help asking Wu Wei, eating is so so inconvenient, how do you take a shower Wipe it with a wet towel.How else can I wash it Go home and find a wife.If you have a wife, someone will take care of you.Wu Wei finished eating the buns, picked up the bowl and smiled wryly Besides, it s not so easy to find a wife, don t worry, take your time.There is no one at home, where are your parents My father works That company opened a branch factory in Xiangfeng, and the boss transferred him to be the workshop director, and he came back once a month., This is not only a good event but also a happy event, and it is also worthy of congratulations.Unexpectedly, he remembered himself, Han Chaoyang said quickly Thank you, Secretary Tong, for your concern.In front melatonin 15 mg cbd gummies of kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg what are the best cbd gummies so many people, Huang Ying s pretty face was flushed, The mouth is embarrassed to speak.Congratulations go to congratulations, but to be honest, I m not very happy.Why, when you come together, it can be regarded as the achievement of the blind date activities organized by the district.There are follow up reports on those blind date activities on TV.When you come together, you how much does natures boost cbd gummies cost should also say goodbye The organizer of the event reported.Xiao Han, this is your fault.I kissed you and fell in love with each other, but in the end, I forgot the Tong secretary who set up the bridge for you.All in all, the meeting was a success.However, the meeting was not over.Of course, Auntie Ye has to make some achievements when she takes office as a new official.She is discussing with foundation directors and volunteers how to raise funds.Director Wang, it s a meeting.Why did you come out I m not the chairman or director, I m just a volunteer.I just need to run errands and give a call.Han Chaoyang looked behind him and suppressed a smile He murmured No matter in terms of seniority or influence, you should be the chairman of the board.Aunt Ye is relying on the number of people.I don t have the right to vote.Even if I have the right to vote, my vote doesn t matter The son and daughter of Director Wang are more promising than the other, so why doesn t he go to his son s place or his daughter s The reason is very simple, that is, no one will play after the past, and it is impossible to call the wind and call the rain like in the 527 factory.A group of aunts wearing Eighth Route Army hats, ordinary people s clothes, and armed belts ran onto the stage from both sides, dancing to the singing and music.Chapter 208 Amazing Obviously it s the August 1st Song Festival, what kind of dance are you dancing This is crooked Director Hua became more and more depressed as he thought about it.Just as he picked up his phone and sent a message in the group, the melody suddenly and naturally transitioned to a very familiar song.Under the command of Han Chaoyang, the chorus actors sang Guerrilla Song with the same bel canto style, but it was completely different from before.Instead of singing together, they sang a trio or even a quartet.It was really one after another No food No clothes The enemy came forward No guns No cannons The enemy built it for us Our own, no matter who wants to seize it, we will fight him to the end The last line is a chorus, in fact it is not the last line, but from the Go Behind the Enemy just now, it can be heard that they only selected the best part of each song, and the audience realized that this is not Glorious Progress , but a large skewer of military songs with dancers.You sing so well.I mean what I mean, let s go and see you together, I want to introduce you grandly to them, and talk to them about what is public and what is private, what is civic duty and what is morality , What are the socialist core values Give them extra lessons for their parents and teachers, make them feel ashamed, and let them feel ashamed She started talking nonsense again, and Huang Ying couldn t help laughing Comrade Han Chaoyang, buy cbd gummies india promoting the core socialist values is You don t need to worry about the leadership, you better call your fellow villagers, tell them the good news, and let them cbd gummies stomach ache can cbd gummies cause stomach pain go to ree drummond condor cbd gummies the police office. Yes, yes, I need to call them.Chapter 213 Cheater Police 3 Greeted factory director Wang and director Su, and hurried back to the police room.I thought the two girls were difficult to deal with, but when they entered the door, they became tense and restrained.Then look for the criminal police team, and ask the criminal police team to help pay cbd gummies stomach ache attention to the sales channels.At the same time Organize a few team members to squat and guard, instead of fishing for three days and drying nets for two days as before, arrange people to go there every day to ensure that there are our people in the community 24 hours a day, as long as that bastard commits crimes again, he will definitely be caught.Sister Su will allow you to transfer people from her Maybe I didn t agree before, but now it should be fine.Han Zhaoyang paused, and then said But this is a temporary solution, not a permanent solution.If the property management in the community is not improved, it will not be HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach ache strengthened.Security precautions, if we don t take some technical prevention measures, this kind of thing will happen again sooner or later.I looked at the roster this morning, and there are still 21 people who haven t got their second generation ID cards As a community policeman, he doesn t go to the community very often.It s not easy to come here.Why did he leave before finishing his work The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more puzzled he became.can follow him.The downhill is easy, but the uphill is tiring.After running halfway up the mountain and back to the police car, Han Chaoyang was out of breath.The children followed all the way to the side of the road.Jiang Li didn t say anything.He opened the trunk and put away the equipment, and immediately opened the door to signal Han Chaoyang to get in the car.When the car turned around a mountain ridge and could no longer see the children who had been chasing the road, Han Chaoyang do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache couldn t bear cbd gummies stomach ache can cbd gummies cause stomach pain it any longer, and asked curiously, Brother Jiang, the ID card is no longer valid Where are you going Just now I saw a person, I don t want to do it anymore, and if I do it again, it will be easy to scare the snake.Families like theirs This type of drug gang is very secretive, and outsiders can t get in at all.In order to destroy this gang, the special task force has done a lot of work and has been watching them for more than a year. The villagers are not willing to easily offend others, and the villagers are very united.But Feng Changdong is an A level wanted criminal, and his superiors offered a reward of 50,000 for clues, HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach ache and the reward is still valid The legal awareness of the villagers is relatively weak, but the village is so poor, and the villagers are also short of money.In do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache the past few years, the superiors have made great efforts to help the poor, and they have continuously increased their investment in infrastructure.The roads and electricity have been connected, and there are signal towers on the top of the mountain.Even if Feng Changdong runs to Tanjiagou, it is impossible to climb to the top of the mountain.The public security in the world is a family.We are our own people.Those who say they are too alien.Han Chaoyang asked curiously as he followed him to the entrance of the village What happened to the old man, old lady and child just now It is a good thing to restore forests, prevent human made destruction of vegetation, and prevent soil erosion, but for the villagers who used to live here, moving out may not be a good cbd cbn melatonin gummies thing.Although the mountains are all dry land, although the harvest is not good, it is not good under normal circumstances.The whole family can also earn 2,000 yuan a year.Moving out is the same.The state has food subsidies and cash subsidies, more than 100 per mu, but food costs money, and everything has to be bought.Don t worry about beating him to death or maiming him.He beat and scolded, and scolded and beat.He stopped moving and screaming.Pretend to be dead for labor and management.Labor and management will see if you are really dead or fake death Two more sticks, but these two sticks are much lighter than before.One is sober, and the other is tired.The bastard curled up on the ground and still didn t move.He must have been beaten to death.Han Chaoyang suddenly regretted it, thinking that he shouldn t have been so impulsive just now, so he threw down the stick and took out the handcuffs.His hands handcuffed him behind his back.Immediately, he took out the flashlight, turned it on and looked around, and found the gun that the fugitive had placed under the small tree just now.Then he returned to the fugitive cbd gummies stomach ache s side, grabbed his hair and looked at his face, confirmed that he was Feng Changdong who had been hunted down by hundreds of policemen, armed police and cadres for four days and five nights.School starts, new students report, what are you going to do Zhou Ju didn t understand for a while, and asked with a pure potent daily cbd gummies puzzled look on his face.There are a lot of people in the school.Nowadays, college students have poor self care ability.Many new students are sent by their parents.I called the teacher and asked the teacher.My teacher said that the nearby hotels and hostels were booked out half a month ago.The school also considered that there is no Parents who have booked a room can you have an allergic reaction to cbd gummies and some parents with difficult family conditions are reluctant to live in a hotel, and plan to let the parents play the floor in the indoor gymnasium and library.This involves population management.As long as all those who live in the school must register, the security office may not be busy Come on, our police station and even the patrol team have to help.It makes us policemen exhausted every day.Miao Haizhu was talking , a familiar figure staggered past the school gate.Han Zhaoyang confirmed that he read it correctly, and hurriedly said Sister Miao, Yingying, keep your eyes on me for a while, I ll go out and take a look.What are you looking at If you see an acquaintance, if you don t go to say hello to her, the command center I will arrange for the police later.Who is it Huang Ying just asked, Han Chaoyang had already ran out of the gate, catching up with an old lady who was talking to the parents of the students who were bringing their children to report.Huang Ying was very curious, and after chasing after her, the unlucky guy was supporting the old lady s arm and asked with a smile, Grandma, do you always forget where your home is I m asking someone to call 110 for me.What s your surname, what s your name, I probably haven t forgotten that.I can t remember, what is my surname You are not an old lady, you are an old Buddha Han Chaoyang was so impressed with her that he couldn t help laughing, It doesn t matter if you forget, I ll help you remember.Your surname is Gui, and your name is Gui Ermei.Your home is in the Chenjiaji group.It s on the side of the road.There is a man who sells mahjong tables.The old lady had dealt with countless policemen, she had no impression of Han Chaoyang, and she didn t feel ashamed to be exposed, so she grabbed Han Chaoyang s arm and asked in a dazed look.Really Yes, I m responsible for the mistakes But where is this Why did I come here This is cbd gummies no thc side effects the University of Science and Technology, and the Sixth Hospital is in front.Looking at the contents of the cloth bag on his arm, he helped her to walk to the bus stop and said in a soft voice You should always take a ride from the villagers to the Sixth Hospital to see a doctor and get medicine, why not It s not important who came, what s important is that you re sick and you ve taken your medicine, so you have to go home early, otherwise you ll be in a hurry if no one answers your daughter s calls.Then just talk to He said, you can let him deliver it if you don t have time. You are all busy people, I m the only one free, I have plenty of time, so I ll deliver it to you.Huang Ying looked up at the picture hanging on the wall of the police room.The electronic clock continued Actually, what I want to talk about is another matter.Didn t the mobile phone with your new account run out cbd gummies for dementia patients kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg of power and shut down Your mother didn t get through when she called you.She called me just now and said that your uncle was sick.Yes, it s serious, the doctor from your County People s Hospital suggested transferring to another hospital, and he s on his way to the Third Provincial Hospital right now.What s wrong Han Chaoyang was taken aback.Cancer, stomach cancer.Huang Ying took a deep breath and said solemnly Your uncle, aunt and your cousin are not familiar with each other, and you are the only relative they have in Yanyang.Wu Wei suddenly does cbd gummies help ed leaned over and took a few handfuls of sand, and ran to find some more A piece of pebble just sifted out, squatting on the ground like a child playing with the sand.Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, then reacted immediately, folded his arms and smiled, Experiment Rebuild the site A dead person is neither easy to climb nor take advantage of concealment if this is the first scene, it is equally impossible for the murderer to climb to the top of the sand pile to kill, and it is even more impossible for the dead to climb up and wait for someone to kill.If I were the murderer, I would If I want to hide the body in this way, I will dig a sand hole here and stuff the body in, and then get some sand to cover it.So we should sift from here.But it cannot be ruled out that the body slipped from above possibility.As a result, it took only a few days for this whole thing to happen.Fan Ju was annoyed and wanted to laugh, and hated iron for nothing, and said, Since I know it s not so easy to go to Renhe County to meet relatives, I can definitely do mass work in the area under my jurisdiction.Lao Gu, he can t do this ideological work, but .

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you can definitely do it.Why do you have to do it Why do you have to make such a big show Fan Ju, you don t feel hurt when you stand up and kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg what are the best cbd gummies talk.This ideological work can t be done, let alone Chaoyang, and I, Gu Guoli, can t do it either Now Girls are precious, and it is cbd gummies stomach ache so difficult for a young man to marry a wife nowadays.The woman doesn t care how much gift money Mr.Liang s family asks for, and even subsidizes money to buy a wedding room for the children.They only ask for such a little, and they want the wedding to be a good one.Office, how can there be such a coincidence in the world He Suo, I really misjudged this statement, he is so low key when communicating with us, he can t see that there are so many relationships and such a big background.The more this is the case, the more limitless his future will be.It s a pity that it s too far away from us, otherwise I really want to hug his thigh Just as He Pingyuan and others were sighing and sighing through the video, Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying had just sent the aunt and uncle who had drunk too much at night to the hospital.Home.I have agreed with the Music Association that they are willing to develop members like you.The electronic version of the registration form was sent to you last week.Why haven t you filled it out and sent it to others Sent it Did you Yes, I sent you WeChat Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Huang Ying smiled bitterly and said, Auntie, he doesn t usually read WeChat very much, mainly because he has no time. It s rare to come back, how can I not bring some gifts for the big guys.Sheng Yanwen smiled sweetly, and turned her eyes to Huang Ying who was beside her Miss Huang, I actually knew about you and Chaoyang a long time ago, so I prepared a copy for you.Bring it to you.This woman s aura is really great, and she has a natural affinity, she always has a smile on her face that can t be hated, and even her voice is so nice.Reaching out to kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg not hit the smiling person, and more importantly, not to be underestimated by her, Huang Ying smiled slightly Miss Sheng is too polite.Can you please say goodbye to Miss Sheng, let alone being polite, we are not outsiders.Sheng Yanwen Turning back with a smile, he said, Hongliang, I prepared it for you too.I don t know what you boys like, so I just bought some.Don t dislike them later.It s a new finding, if only analytical.Han Chaoyang felt the need to report to the special case team, immediately put down the lunch box and chopsticks, picked up the cbd gummies stomach ache police phone and dialed Tengda s mobile phone.The result surprised Han Chaoyang.After listening to the report, Teng Da said solemnly Xiao Han, your analysis makes sense.The suspect is more cunning than we imagined.Because of our previous negligence, we may have alerted the snake.Now we can say anything.It s late, it s impossible to return the car, and it s useless, the only thing we can do is to try to find out their whereabouts. Yes Skynet is full of details, no matter how cunning they are, they will never escape the law, you continue to investigate Cai Xiaofang s whereabouts, I arranged for two people to check the car rental company, and then check the surveillance video near the car rental company, as long as they dare to play anti reconnaissance with us, it is impossible for them not to leave clues.Office to solve it. Inspector Gu, I m here to assist Chaoyang s work.Liu Suo and the trainer made it very clear that I listen to Chaoyang. You are partners, and there is no one who listens to the other.You must respect each other.Learn from each other.Yes, learn from each other.The topic of retirement is too sensitive for the old man.Han Zhaoyang smiled and turned around and asked, Director Su, why do you have time to inspect our work today Inspection work, why not inspect and guide, I said Chaoyang, I haven t seen you for a few days, you are getting more and more bureaucratic.Just kidding, I heard from Yingying that you plan to set up another entity, and it will still be a joint stock company Su Xian was amused, and laughed natures only cbd gummies ingredients and said In this matter, although the security company is also an entity, you know that it is purely for making money.Since cbd gummies stomach ache the area is larger than the front hall, there are more rooms than the front hall.There are a total of eight guest rooms upstairs and downstairs, six upstairs and two downstairs.In fact, the first floor can correspond to the upper floor, and there are two rooms separated, but in order to facilitate the literary youths to make friends and cook, Mr.Zhang reluctantly left the space in the middle.On the left side of the corridor is a beautiful public kitchen, cbd oil gummies for adhd and on the right side is the A hall that can accommodate twenty or thirty people, also has books, also has paintings, and a guitar is hung on the wall.To Han Chaoyang s surprise, there were a lot of graffiti on the wall that was clean yesterday.Always with you, big pomelo Children s shoes Zhang Qianqian, from tomorrow onwards, you will no longer be my girlfriend I will propose to you in Yanyang People s Square in front of tens of thousands of people Written crookedly, propose is even more funny What s more, some people use pens of different colors to ask below, is it done Going forward is still graffiti, such as Zhong Xiaotong, I want your name to appear on my household registration book , although it looks a bit messy but it is not indecent.Gan Suo, Cheng Instructor, Tang Deputy Director and other leaders of the institute did not get off work, and they all stood in the yard waiting.Before the car stopped, they came up to say hello at the same time.Grandpa Gu really wanted to revisit his hometown and say goodbye to his colleagues and comrades in arms, but he felt a little uncomfortable seeing all the leaders of the institute, so he held Gan Suo s hand tightly and asked, Gan Suo, instructor, what are you doing Waiting for you Gan Suo looked back at the office building behind him, and said earnestly and sincerely, Old Gu, look at what place this is.This is the Changfeng Street Police Station where you have worked for more than ten years.Even if you retire Get back from us too Knowing that you don t like extravagance and waste, and don t like to engage in those red tapes, let s keep it simple today and have dinner in the institute.All right, instructor, what s the matter Come on, go to cbd gummies vs tincture cbd gummies stomach ache cbd gummies stomach ache Liu s office and talk.Yes Following the instructor into the director s office, Liu Jianye motioned for him to sit down and said with a smile Xiao Han, I m sure you are a member of the party.You should know about activists.Now recruiting party members is different from before.There are very few recruiting places, and it is difficult to join the party.Determining you as an activist in the party is an affirmation of your political awareness and work performance.You must not forget Keep up your original intention.Thank you Liu Suo, thank you instructor, I will never let you two down.Han Chaoyang hurriedly stood up.Sit down, sit down and talk.Liu Jianye smiled and continued It are eagle hemp cbd gummies legitimate s almost the end of the year, first New Year s Day, followed by Spring Festival, and Spring Festival involves Spring Festival transportation.Okay, I ll stay here and not go anywhere.Lao Fan also said kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg what are the best cbd gummies Okay, the property is at the South Gate After Grandpa Gu retired, Liu Suo was worried that the work of the police office would not be easy, so he turned Han Chaoyang ahead of time like he did with Wu Wei before, and Han Chaoyang now wears three rings on his shoulders.Superintendent rank.Li Xiaobin was dressed in a special police uniform and was fully equipped.Seeing that they came in the 110 police car again, the security guard invited Han Chaoyang, Li Xiaobin and Lao Fan into the monitoring room without asking them to show their IDs.The house was rented out on the afternoon of the 3rd.Lao Fan s lover and the tenant came together.Let s start looking at it from the afternoon of the 3rd.Okay, you sit down.The female security guard was very helpful, and clicked the mouse to start watching the surveillance video.In addition to the intermittent noise, even the sound of advertisements promoting medicine can be heard.The airport immediately notified the NSA, and after investigation by the NSA, it was found that the source of interference was located near the Zhonggui Building.Accompanied by the police from the airport sub bureau, Miao Haizhu walked to the office of China Southern Airlines, and said excitedly Moreover, on the afternoon of the 16th of last month, in the control sector above the main urban area, a passenger plane of China Southern Airlines was flying with When communicating at the airport, the crew members found that the control frequency was continuously interfered.To ensure the safe flight of the aircraft, the control department immediately switched the command frequency to avoid further interference.Chapter 429 The strange father and daughter went to the police officer training center of the city bureau with Wu Wei for training and participated in the awarding kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg what are the best cbd gummies ceremony, but after attending the awarding ceremony He said he was in a hurry to leave first.Han Chaoyang always thought that his superiors would award him the second level superintendent, but he only awarded him the third level superintendent Wu Wei, who had studied in the police academy for a few years and was discharged from the army for two years.Well, he might not feel well in his heart, and he didn t want to take a car back.He didn t expect to treat the belly of a gentleman with a villain s heart, and he didn t expect that he was going on a blind date.Back at the teachers dormitory of PolyU, Huang Ying couldn t help laughing when talking about this matter The timing is just right, the conferment has become a full time member, and the conditions are different from before.There are rooms available., It s just a big room, and you need to live with other passengers. If you live together, you can live together, it s okay.The tall man was about forty years old, his hair was half gray, and he looked at Han Chaoyang and Wu intentionally or unintentionally.Wei, immediately took out the wallet from his arms, and took out the ID card from the wallet.The short man was very young, he looked only in his twenties, he also put down his bag, and leaned over to find his ID card.Strange things happen every year, especially tonight Those who come to stay here are not literary youths who are looking for poetry and distance , college graduates who come to Yanyang to find a job, or parents who bring their children to experience the atmosphere of the youth hostel.Female , two more people who don t look like living in a youth hostel are ushered cbd gummies for anxiety for dogs in.I think she will read it.Has anyone clicked on those letters he wrote on his blog Han Zhaoyang asked subconsciously.As soon as it is uploaded, I don t know if Zhang Ziyue clicked it.Thinking of the comments below the blog, Huang Ying couldn t help but say Some of them first like one, and then suggest to make friends with the article.Some are advertising, recommend Stocks, financial management, everything is messy anyway.Even if Zhang Ziyue opened it, it would be difficult to check.Speaking of this, Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered what happened just now, and subconsciously stopped.What should I do Huang Ying turned around and asked.Han Chaoyang clapped his hands, and said excitedly, We may be on the edge of a dead end.If Zhang Ziyue wants to see the latest photos Ling Bin uploaded to Qzone, he doesn t have to log in to her own QQ account.Wan Xiaoxia hurriedly wiped away her tears, got up and ran to open the door.Crying again Sister Wei sighed softly cbd gummies stomach ache and walked into the room.Wan Xiaoxia closed the door, looked at the small purse in her hand with eyes red from crying and asked, Will you lose or win tonight These are not important, what is important is how to find someone Wang Jianping said in a low voice Chaoyang, you are right.We may be on the edge of a dead end.You can help us stabilize Ling Bin first.I will ask the technical investigators to see if we can use technical means to Ling Bin s QQ.If there is such a technology conditions, you can find out whether his QQ account has been logged in by a second person, and even find out when and where it was logged in.Chapter 448 Where to go The weather in Yanyang is not very good, and the seasons are not clear.If you want us to move, you can go to the sub bureau Han Chaoyang looked at Xiaokang, who was hesitant to speak, and continued Besides, we support community work.You should also support our work, and want to drive us away just to pay rent and some money, isn t this ungrateful for profit Grandpa Gu also felt very sudden, sat down and asked Chaoyang, do you think this is what Secretary Cao meant Whose meaning is not important, the important thing is that this matter is chilling.Xiaokang, you stay here every day to be well informed, tell me, what s going on Grandpa Gu turned back and asked.Xiaokang couldn t help laughing and said Chief Gu, Han Da, believe it or not, this really .

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has nothing to do with Secretary Cao, nor with Zhang Zhishu and Director Xie.It s all Brother Hongliang s idea.He is not the same as before.Shaking the cart, I went in to buy some snacks, coaxed Xinxin into a ecstasy, and then continued walking east The police pay attention to quick detection and quick resolution in handling cases, and they are used to quick battles and quick solutions Sister Wei was very careful, cautious and patient.She seemed to never contact Ling Bin without knowing the situation.Han Chaoyang didn t have time to waste with her, so he decided to stimulate her first.Miao Haizhu carried Xinxin to the tea restaurant according to the temporary plan, opened the door and walked in and smiled, Xinxin, what do you want to eat Children like this kind of place, the little girl looked up at the light box, He grinned and said, French fries, I want to eat fries Okay, let s eat fries.From the moment the two of them entered the door, Sister Wei s heart was pounding with tension, and she recognized the fries at a glance.I came out earlier, it should have been out for more than half a year.Han Zhaoyang thought for a while and asked, Who else is there besides Mo Xinchun Fatty Li, Jiang Si er, Ergou, and webmd cbd gummies a few familiar faces I m not famous. When do they usually come Sometimes early, sometimes late, sometimes not, it depends on their mood.Wang Shuangcheng looked at the figures on the other side of the road, and continued Just now That thing is a bit weird, people seldom bring cash with them when they go out, and they don t take out bags as much as before, it probably wasn t Fatty Li and the others who did it, it s probably the newcomers. How did Fatty Li and the others do it Han Chaoyang asked.One strikes up a conversation to divert people s attention, the other takes advantage of people s unprepared bags and runs away the second dog has changed his career to be a liar, and has two mobile phones in his pocket, a cbd gummies stomach ache good one and a bad looking one.The idea was recognized, and Xie Lingling was even more excited, and said with a smile The melody is familiar to everyone, and everyone can sing the songs.Three days of rehearsal is enough.Shooting is no problem, there are several art colleges The students understand this, and they have the equipment, and they are very professional.The problem now is where to go for the pop up.Knows where to go.What a fun flash Huang Ying was very enthusiastic about it, and even prepared to participate, she couldn t help laughing and said, What about the People s Square There are so many people in the People s Square There are very few real tourists, and there are often performances in the square, and there are old people dancing square dances and even playing and singing.What we need is a hit How can it be a hit To put it bluntly The purpose is to amaze people who see our flash mob.Everything is difficult at the beginning, what is needed now is a breakthrough, etc.With the model project under the bus station, it s easy to talk about other companies.And the model project is really far reaching Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing, and thinking about the severe public security at the East Long distance Bus Station and its surroundings, he pondered, Manager Jin, this business was introduced by the firm, and even Manager Qi said it was for Liu s sake, that is to say We are not only responsible for the station, but also for the institute.We have to do good deeds when we take other people s money, no matter how much it is, and we must do it beautifully. Of course, there are specialties in art, That s what we do.Although Lao Jin is no longer the manager of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company and the deputy captain of the voluntary patrol team, as the deputy general manager of Chaoyang Community Investment Company, the largest shareholder of the security company, he has great respect for the security company.We finally caught one, and cbd gummies stomach ache can cbd gummies cause stomach pain we have to release him in a few days.It s a headache to think about it.Miao Haizhu didn t exercise for nothing in the past few months, and she mentioned the case of pickpocketing with a bag.Kang Haigen suddenly became like a leader, lit a cigarette and said with a smile So we have to do as much as possible to make the superiors feel that the anti pickup team is a fighting team, and that the anti pickup team has a long term existence.Kang Suo, I understand what you mean.The key community is just so important.Secretary Cao is generous once and cannot be generous for the second time.You can apply for special funds for political and legal comprehensive treatment, and then go to the bureau when the time comes, and ask the bureau leaders to think of a way to provide some supporting funds like cbd gummies stomach ache now.Polytechnic students who participated in the flash mob also mobilized their classmates to help forward it.The scope of this classmate is very large, including college classmates, high school classmates, and even elementary school classmates who can be contacted.The sky is in the south and the sea is in the north, expanding rapidly like nuclear fission.Every time you refresh the webpage, you can see that the click data is changing Huang Ying was so excited that she pointed to a row of small video bars on the right side of the video window and said with a chuckle Look, not only we uploaded, but the passengers at the airport in the afternoon also uploaded their videos to the Internet, but there is no We are complete, and the effect is not as good as ours.The effect is good, like a promotional film.Liu Chengquan went back to the East Bus Station just now, and copied back the surveillance video that Lao Ding called up.The transcript Wu Weiquan was ready.Team Liang confirmed that the witnesses testimony and evidence were all right, so he asked the victim s mother and son to go back HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach ache first, and then called Wu Wei.Together with Liu Chengquan and Liu Chengquan, they sent the suspect directly to the case handling center of the sub bureau, first applied for compulsory measures of criminal detention, first locked him in a detention center, and then slowly investigated whether do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache he was abducted or trafficked.Watching off Dui Liang and the others, Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered Jiang Xiaoquan who had been spat on by a thief with AIDS, and hurriedly called his eldest sister.It s a false alarm.It s okay.Huang Ying suddenly felt nostalgic for the days when she worked in the street finance department.She calmed down the couple and took the elevator back to the first floor.The phone rang suddenly, and she took it out to see the caller ID.It was actually her mother calling.Answering the phone in the lobby is not good, so Huang Ying hurried into an office and asked, Mom, what s the matter, I m busy kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg what are the best cbd gummies You cbd gummies stomach ache re not working at the window, what are you busy for Mom stood at the bar of the hotel, holding up her mobile phone and looking at Zhang Beibei who just came back from her hometown this morning and was helping to turn on the computer and asked.I m not busy if I m not at the window.What kind of logic are you talking about Tell me if you have something to do.I m really busy summer valley cbd gummies cost here She knows how to use a computer, Beibei knows how to do it, she doesn t know the room number, I can t tell, tell her, I just want to watch Chaoyang s performance.At such an old age, what kind of live broadcast is watching, isn t that adding to the confusion Huang Ying didn t know whether to laugh or cry, but after thinking about it, she said, I can t remember the room number of the live broadcast.I ll take a look at the screenshot and send it to you.Beibei will know it after a look.Okay, hurry up Huang s mother just wanted to know What the son in law is doing, I just cbd gummies for dementia patients kangaroo cbd gummies 750mg want to see the son in law play.After waiting for two or three minutes, with the help of Zhang Beibei, I finally saw the live video.I felt that watching it alone was boring, so I called Lao Guan over, put the laptop on the bar, and watched it together.Every netizen who just entered the room, let me introduce to you again.We are not in our school today, but cbd gummies stomach ache can cbd gummies cause stomach pain in the auditorium of Tokai University of Science and Technology.The tire repair of the car was delayed.No matter how urgent you are, don t be in a hurry for three to five minutes, Lao Hu took out his mobile phone, clicked on WeChat, and held up the photo of the suspect sent by Han Chaoyang in front of him Your business is getting cbd gummies stomach ache better and better.Big, I must know a lot of chefs who deliver food to more than 20 restaurants, take a closer look cbd gummies stomach ache and see if you have seen this guy.It turned out that he was looking for someone Miao Si er came to his senses, took the mobile phone and looked at it carefully for five or six seconds, and murmured It looks familiar, I seem to have seen it before.Old Hu was amused, and immediately asked Where did you see that After a few mouthfuls, he pondered for a while, then suddenly smiled and said, I remember, I saw him in the wholesale market He seems to be the chef of the China World Hotel, and he went shopping with the purchaser.It s possible.Gu Zhongjie became more and more excited as he thought about it, and said eagerly, Bao Suo, Now that you have figured out where he works, hurry up and organize the arrest, and you finally come across a big fish, so you can t let him go away.Bao Qingshan was not overwhelmed by the excitement, he held his phone tightly and said The town Chuan, Chaoyang, and Wu Wei from your old unit s investigation team are leading the anti pickup team to the urban area.Zhenchuan has experience in arresting Wu Wei, and Wu Wei dares to fight.Not to mention Chaoyang, the anti pickup team is also from several units.Backbone.With them here, as long as the suspect does not abscond, he will definitely not be able to escape.What I am thinking about is what if the suspect is not in the Guomao Hotel If the suspect was injured in a fight last night and did not go to work in the Guomao today, he would hide in Nearby.The stall selling counterfeit and shoddy leather shoes under the overpass was investigated by He Hong and other urban management, and everything was temporarily detained.Even the environmental sanitation is much better than before, fines are often imposed, and there are police and auxiliary police to assist in law enforcement.Few people dare to spit and throw cigarette butts and other garbage.Now there are only scalpers left, Miao Haizhu took out her mobile phone and looked up laws and regulations online, while muttering, Don t worry, I ll check and think about it.I ll wait for your news, and let me know if I find it.Han Chaoyang made up his mind to wash the face of the East Long distance Bus Station.Thinking of the women who gathered at the station in the afternoon and evening to solicit customers from the small hotel besides the scalpers, what do cbd gummies make u feel like he walked quickly to the electric patrol car at the bus stop.Thank you, Sister HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach ache Nana.No thanks, I haven cbd gummies for neck pain t seen you for a long time, and I miss him a lot.Fifth hundred Chapter Sixty one is on fire The staff on duty in the Public Security Brigade and the Legal Affairs Brigade were also unsure whether the guidelines from a few years ago could be applied now, saying that they needed to do some research.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to go back to the East Coach Station and follow the original plan.The problem of occupying roads for operation and randomly setting up stalls has basically been solved.With so many policemen, auxiliary policemen, and city management officers present, the petty thieves who were already scared of being caught by the anti picking squad were even more afraid cbd gummies stomach ache can cbd gummies cause stomach pain to commit crimes against the wind.The life of the scalper is also difficult.We police patrol the streets with a plastic bag in our pocket.When we see garbage Just ran over to pick it up.You are good, not only did not help maintain environmental sanitation, but also destroyed environmental sanitation, in violation of the Yanyang City Appearance Management Regulations , comprehensive administrative law enforcement personnel have the right to punish you.I have a pack of cigarettes It s only how much, and one fine is 50, which is too much 50 more fines cbd gummies stomach ache for you He Hong took out the Yanyang City Appearance Management Regulations , held it up to him and said, Look, a person like you wants A fine of 50 to 200 yuan, with your attitude, a fine of 200 yuan is not too much At the gate of the ticket office, another person was dr crocker cbd gummies arrested, who seemed to be spitting everywhere, and it seemed that the passengers who were caught were as emotional as they were, otherwise There won t be so many people watching.Ask your son to pick you up at the police station.Go to the police station for this matter, you treat it like I dare not go.What attitude Don t stop, stop beating, don t look for my family, Renshan, if you don t pick it up, you won t go.I haven t bought the vegetables for lunch yet, so I ll go to the vegetable market first.Xiaokang, who went out to the police together, couldn t help laughing as he watched off the old thief from the sixth brigade of Yangguan Village.Han Chaoyang opened the door of the police car, and while calling him to get in the car, he shouted, Xiao Yu, we re do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache going back first, you guys pay attention in the future, and if you encounter such a situation again, you must wait for the person who climbed over the wall to land safely Then go up again.Safety first, in case the person who climbed over the wall is frightened and falls down and breaks his arms and legs, not only will he not have any credit or hard work, but he will probably be relied on by others.It seems that the household appliances only have the lights cbd gummies vs tincture cbd gummies stomach ache on the top of the head, and they are not on.Han Chaoyang raised his flashlight to take a picture of the west room, which includes an old wooden bed, an old fashioned desk, and a large wardrobe.There are four bamboo poles tied to the four corners of the bed, and a cotton gauze mosquito net that has not been sold in the market for a long time is tied.There are many patches on do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache the net, and the sheets and cbd gummies stomach ache can cbd gummies cause stomach pain bedding are also tattered.Look.There is really nothing to see in a real house with bare walls.Han Zhaoyang sighed secretly, and said calmly, I don t live here for a long time, and I sour gummy bears cbd don t open the windows to ventilate.Things are moldy.I will come back to tidy up when I have time, clean up, wash the sheets and bedding and dry them in the sun.The reason why your two cousins are willing to lend you money is because they think it is too bad to dismantle it now, and it is also for your sake.They didn t say anything else They Having said that, they never thought of wanting your family property.They live so well now, the house is so beautifully built, and the family has more people than you.If it is really demolished in your village, how much land can they get for demolition compensate I believe that.Dai Lishi muttered with embarrassment Lijun sports cars have made a lot of money these years.Liyang sells pesticides and fertilizers, and the fertilizers are pulled to the store by car, and they have made a lot of money these years.They all have money, and they all bought houses in the city.It s good to know, but I can t figure it out when I mention this.This is not only a cinema, but also an auditorium and assembly hall, which can accommodate thousands of people, which is much larger than the current cinemas, and it can be seen that the factory invested a lot in the past, and the rows of wooden seats are mostly undamaged.The upright seat can be turned down.While searching row after row carefully, Zhang Jinhai s hasty and excited voice suddenly came from the intercom Chaoyang Chaoyang, I m caught The little bastard is hiding by our side, and it s under control.We ve got all the stolen goods Big plastic bag of cigarettes, full of good cigarettes Chapter 620 A thief broke into the factory 3 Little bastard, dare to come to our 527 factory to steal things, raise your head, let me see your face Did you hear that, deaf Now that you know you have no face to face people, what have you been doing Han Chaoyang climbed out of the old movie theater through the window, and the suspect who had just been arrested and was taken out of an activity room on the second floor of the labor service company was surrounded by the old factory manager and others.You can find a way to help me ask who understands their dialect. There is a doctor from the Sixth Hospital who is from Zhejiang Province, and a teacher from PolyU who is from Zhejiang Province.Give me the law enforcement recorder, and I will ask.Okay, I won t turn around, you come and get it.Six hundredth Chapter 22 Cracking Down on Counterfeiting 1 cbd gummies stomach ache It is actually very easy to identify the authenticity of cigarettes, just look for a tobacco inspector.But now it s not just the middle of the night, but it s also Chinese New Year s Eve.It s estimated that no one will answer the call to the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau at this time.Without evidence, no measures cbd gummies stomach ache can cbd gummies cause stomach pain can be taken against the tobacconist and the friend of the owner of the tobacconist.We can only race against time to find out the content of the call recorded by the law enforcement recorder.It s important to do business, and Lao Hu is not hypocritical.He immediately climbed into the car and turned on the engine and headed straight to the checkpoint.As for the drivers behind who followed the emergency lane, they could only hope for luck.The young traffic policeman was very helpful, not only notifying the checkpoint, but also reporting the model number.Under the guidance of the traffic police and auxiliary police, Lao Hu drove the car to an office at the checkpoint without hindrance.The lanes on the opposite side are all inspected, and the police and armed police are armed with live ammunition.I don t know if it s because the traffic jam is too long, or maybe it s because the car owners in the cbd gummies stomach ache capital can enjoy preferential treatment.At this moment, as long as the car with the capital license plate is issued, it will be allowed directly.The most urgent thing is to solve the problem.Beijing is waiting for a reply.It is said that the anti drug hemp bombs cbd gummies buy in store detachment of Nanshan Branch has been alarmed.They have arranged for the police to go on the road and are following with our people.How to solve it, is it possible to tell people that we have no evidence or clues, just because that bastard has a drug history, just because that little bastard behaves suspiciously, so we organize forces to follow up and investigate What will people think They will definitely think that we have no evidence.I have seen drug dealers, but I have never solved a drug case.I am not even as good as a police student who has just graduated.I can t afford to lose this person.Our Yandong branch and even the Yanyang City Bureau can t afford to lose this person Ju Zhou, don t worry.But now is not the usual time, Han Chaoyang went to Beijing not only to wipe the ass of the institute, but also to help the institute take the blame Although the political commissar didn t say it clearly, the implication was very clear.I hope that Han Chaoyang will take everything down.Even if he is laughed at by his colleagues in Beijing, he will only laugh at him alone.The Huayuan Street Police Station will not be implicated in the sub bureau.Embarrassed and even more guilty, Liu Jianye didn t want the old subordinate who was responsible for the institute to stand in Beijing, so he asked in a low voice, See if there are any first class seats If you buy a first class seat, you can t return it when you come back See if there are any.After working one day and one night shift, he only slept for a few hours, and went to the street to help Dai Lishi borrow money in the morning.If you only listen to the voice, who would have thought that Xiao Sun was only in his twenties.Han Chaoyang admired Xiao Sun who decisively took over the command.He got up and poured a glass of water, picked up another mobile phone, looked at it, and continued to sit and listen.Sun Le looks .

what is cbd gummies hemp bombs?

at the front of the car for a while, holds Xiao Gu s mobile phone for a while to command through the group voice, calls the traffic control center of the sub bureau with his own mobile phone to ask for assistance, and then checks the electronic navigation on the mobile phone after the call.I didn t notice that Han Chaoyang also joined the group.Under his guidance, cbd gummies stomach ache the driver turned left and right, drove the car out of an unnamed road, passed through an old residential area without walls, and suddenly saw a bright view, and then drove more than do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache 200 meters forward to turn onto the main road.It is not clear whether Liu Qinggui and Guan Peng are there.This is his home field, otherwise it would be impossible to find out so many things in such a short period of time.Without hesitation, Jiao Chengle said Team Song, we are new here and we are not familiar with the place where we live.You can give me an order on how to investigate next..Song Kaiqiang likes a straightforward person like him.He picked up his mobile phone to check the time, and said with a smile Since Jiao Da said so, I won t be polite to you.The hotel has three people from each of our cbd gummies stomach ache can cbd gummies cause stomach pain two families.Han Da and Lao Ni are in charge., take care of Liu Qingjun and Qiao Peiming, and continue to interrogate Liu Qingjun.We have already grasped so much information, let s see when he will be so stubborn Jiao Da, Liang Dui, you two will go to two residential areas with me for surveillance.The back office is completely paralyzed.The police Only me, Dai Da, Sergeant Tang, Sergeant Ding, and Haizhu are left, and Sergeant Ding and I are on duty during the Spring Festival, and we will have compensatory leave.That is to say, in the next week, only Dai Da, Sheriff Tang, and Haizhu.Cao Zefang thought to himself that the Zhongshan Comprehensive Police Reception Platform is really a grassroots team, put down his phone and couldn t help laughing and said, Xiao Miao will leave sooner or later. Yes, Haizhu will return to the provincial office sooner or later.But I won t be able to leave for at least three to five months. Chaoyang, Haizhu also doesn t rest during the Spring Festival, so she doesn t want to make up for it Xu Hongliang asked curiously.If she which is better hemp gummies or cbd gummies rests in the police area, there will be no one else.They must want you to speak out from your own experience, so that the police in the organization bureau can learn from your heroic deeds.The video of catching fugitives with guns in the Northwest caused a lot of repercussions on the Internet.They will definitely ask, and will ask you to tell us about the arrest process.Don t be shy, everything is subject to the bureau s propaganda.Activities such as visits should not be entangled in details.You can also introduce the situation of the Zhongshan Road Police District and even our branch.There are many topics that can be exchanged.Based on the bureau s propaganda Thinking of the fugitive who was unlucky in eight lifetimes, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing Yes.Also, since it is a symposium, the Qingshan County Public Security Bureau should arrange for the police to take pictures and probably send out a message.Such a policeman has a bright future.Miao Haizhu is even more powerful, and she will definitely be entrusted with important tasks when she returns to her original unit after her temporary training.The bureau may ask her to do things in the future.Deputy county magistrate Wang was very happy to make these two young friends.First, he exchanged greetings with Miao Haizhu on WeChat, and then said with a smile, Xiao Han, we re done talking about business, let s talk about some private matters.The urban squadron of the traffic police brigade of the county bureau Comrade Jiang Guobao s daughter is a postgraduate student at the Provincial Medical University and will graduate soon.I forgot what major, but she is a medical student.I ve met that child before.He studies very well and is very sensible.Director cbd kana gummies Qi explained Chaoyang , Lao Jiang is the only hero model of our county bureau.At the gate of the do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache courtyard, in order to avoid an electric car, it rushed towards us, probably using the brake as an accelerator.After only leaving for a day, this happened Han Chaoyang was very worried about Liu Chengquan s safety, so he said without hesitation Guokang is also in the police room, right Let the Guokang team keep an eye on the suspect, protect the scene of the accident, and report to the branch immediately.Go to the emergency center immediately, please The doctor will spare no effort to rescue Chengquan, no matter how much it costs Okay, I ll go there now.I ll hurry back now, and if there is any news from Chengquan, call me in time.Yes, as soon as there is news I ll hit it.Although Miao Haizhu is usually careless, she is a woman after all, and she cried while talking about such a big event.Did you do anything Han Chaoyang asked while looking at the invoice.Liu Hui shook his head Xiaobin and the others are not fools, how could they fight with the owner.Because of what An owner s car was rubbed off in the community, and he insisted on checking the surveillance, but the location where the car was parked was in a blind spot of surveillance, and the car paint didn t look like it cbd gummies stomach ache was rubbed off by other vehicles.Xiaobin just called to say that the owner Most likely fault finding.Big Sister now has a lot of experience in dealing with the police.Han Chaoyang believed that she could handle it well, so he picked up a pen and do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache asked while signing, Where s Chen Jie Going to pick up someone, I ll be right back. Pick up who Jiang Xiaomin is her classmate from the police school.Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here.There were quite a few workers who came, and several of them looked like they might There are fifty or sixty years old.Han Chaoyang didn t want to leave a bad impression that the Yanyang Public Security Bureau was very vicious, so he stood by the car and said with a smile, Good evening, masters, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.I wish you all a happy new year, and welcome everyone The master came to work in Yanyang.It must be very hard to take the bus for half a day, please don t squeeze, don t rush, line up and get off in an orderly manner, and pay attention to your steps exhale cbd gummies for pain when getting off Yanyang police are very polite Several migrant workers who were waiting to get off in the car whispered to each other.Lao Tang, Wang Jiayong, Jiang Qingwen and other security guards stood beside the newly opened trunk lid, smiling as they watched the migrant workers get off do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache the car to pick up their luggage.Understood, let me understand first.A leader is a leader, and he does everything without leaking.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, opened the back door, walked to the carport of the medical staff of the Sixth Hospital, and dialed his senior brother.Bao Qingshan was looking at the WeChat transfer records of two suspects in an office on the first floor, and when he received a call from Han Chaoyang, he couldn t help laughing and said Chaoyang, the information is accurate, these four guys are playing really well, Judging from the WeChat transfer records of two of them, the winning and losing are as high as hundreds of thousands So many, big fish To us, it s a lot, but it s nothing to them.The four are construction bosses, all drive luxury cars, and all spend a cbd gummies stomach ache lot of money.Bao Suo, how to deal with it is your business, the top priority It is to turn the case into an iron case.If you have anything to do, call me, I m still waiting for you and Xiao Huang Wedding wine.Walking into the restaurant, the dishes are already on the table.Huang Ying and Miao Haizhu curiously asked about the results while eating.Han Chaoyang gave a brief introduction.It s different, when he puts on a white shirt and comes back, he will be the leader of the city bureau Huang Ying put down her chopsticks, thought about it and then snickered I was also worried that changing the leader would affect your future.Now it seems that worrying is unnecessary.No matter how big the new director is, he can still be garden of life cbd stress relief gummies reviews as big as the leader of the city bureau, hahaha I m not worried.What are the leaders of the municipal bureau We have a big backer, and we have cbd gummies vs tincture cbd gummies stomach ache the leader of the provincial department, Sister Miao Are you kidding me What kind of leader am I Don t be humble, you are all leaders, and I am the one who suffers the most.Today is mainly due to your own hard work.Secretary Yang smiled slightly, and suddenly changed the subject Comrade Cao Zefang has done a good job in Chaoyang Community.The reason why he is the first secretary of the community is inseparable from Lao Zhang.With the support of Lao Xie and other community cadres and you, Xiao Xu, Xiao Zhang and other young comrades, I think you have established a deep friendship in your work, and I hope you can continue to support him in the future.Han Zhaoyang was confused when he suddenly mentioned Cao Zefang up.Secretary HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach ache Yang looked at him with a smile, and said meaningfully Now that you are a team leader, your work is busier than before, and you come to the street less and less often.But time is squeezed out, and you will often come to the street to sit in the future.If it weren t for your patrol team, does tsa check for cbd gummies where would we find so many people in a short while Fan Bureau didn t dare to stay in the headquarters for a long time, and walked towards Hebin Road while holding the walkie talkie.While whispering By the way, Bureau Liu called me, and he will come later.Director Liu is in charge of security himself How is it possible Fan Ju looked back at Han Chaoyang, and patiently explained Although Liu Ju is not a district leader, he will be soon.He will accompany the district leaders to accompany the provincial and municipal leaders to inspect.It is said that after the inspection by the provincial leaders, an on site meeting will be held to discuss with several construction units and the main persons in charge of the construction units.It is estimated cbd gummies stomach ache that they want to know whether they have encountered any difficulties in the construction of the project, and then let the accompanying cbd gummies stomach ache city leaders and The district leaders help solve it.The man who went to the prostitute was named Hu Songping, and the command center asked us to call the police Jiang Xiaomin s tone was strange, obviously I know that the actual person in charge of the hotel is the mother in law of the immediate boss.Han Chaoyang also thought it was dark under the lights at first, and was taken aback, but when he heard the name Hu Songping , he realized that it was not that simple, and subconsciously asked, Is the caller a woman Is it a woman Yes, I have her mobile phone number, and she seems to be guarding the door of the youth hostel, urging us to hurry over and arrest.Understood, send me the mobile phone number of the caller, I happen to be at the hostel.Huang s mother also realized what happened What s the matter, and asked in surprise Chaoyang, Mr.Hu s wife knows that Mr.People don t let them in.Even us policemen have to register to deliver materials.After registering, we can t go upstairs.The elevator We have to swipe the card.We don t have the access control card of the Municipal Bureau.We can only call and ask someone to come down to pick it up.Sometimes the phone is not connected, so we can only wait in the lobby.Du Fang, what is this Officer Ding, have you HCMUSSH cbd gummies stomach ache been to the Municipal Bureau I went there last year, and the person who sent the materials was the false evidence case you discovered.Didn t the office cooperate with the Criminal Police Brigade to investigate The Municipal Bureau knew that they needed to know the situation and relevant materials.The head of the criminal police team couldn t get anyone out, so the Liu Office asked me to send it.I didn t expect that it was really hard to get in and ugly.He didn t let him see him off, so he went home early to rest.They slept a lot, but Liu Jianye was very busy, but he was very happy.He could be called busy and happy.Case 14 has just made a breakthrough.Please organize the investigation police to rush to Taoyuan New Village in Xinyuan Street.I will send you the specific location later and arrange for the police to wait near the community.I will also call the Xinyuan Street Police Station later, and ask the Xinyuan Street Police Station to arrange community police assistance Liu Jianye kept calling and giving orders frequently.Bureau Liu and Bureau Feng who rushed to the task force did not want to affect his deployment.Just go into the meeting room and sit down and wait.Old Xu, who is involved in the whole process of handling the case and is responsible for spending money, sees the chief and deputy do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache chief have arrived, and is about to find a cup to make tea.This time, high standard equipment is required.It is said that all the official level cadres will be selected and sent.Difficulties and development.Director Tang came here yesterday, and Zhang Beibei also asked about it.In short, Director Tang is not very strong, and it can even be seen that he has no intention of flexing his muscles like Cao Zefang.Zhang Zhishu has always cbd gummies stomach ache felt that being the branch secretary of the community neighborhood committee is not as interesting as the village party secretary.Now he doesn t take care of things and is waiting to retire.Although Zhang Beibei is very capable, she is a lesbian after all.Xu Hongliang is a gay man, capable, and a local, so the street leaders hold him in high regard.There is no need to wait until the cbd gummies stomach ache future.Now he is the actual person in charge of the Chaoyang community, and he goes to the street and even the district for meetings every three days.In the future, we will strengthen the strength of the Special cbd gummies stomach ache Patrol Brigade, and the patrol team will not be as important as before, you have to get used to these changes.It s not that the patrol team is not important, it s that the Bureau doesn t need it anymore.How could it be unnecessary, if not Why not disband the patrol team I know that Hongliang s ideological work is not easy to do, but they still have to do it.The better you do it, the only way to prove the importance of the patrol team, believe me, there must be opportunities, it depends on whether you can seize them.Seeing Han Chaoyang s pensive look, Grandpa Gu took a sip and continued, Ju Zhou and Ju Du treated you very highly when they were here, but now that Ju Ju Zhou and Ju Du are gone, District Chief Liu treats you not only Not very important, and very strict, even made you write two inspections in a row, I know you have a psychological gap, I know you are not in a good mood, but in my opinion this is not a bad thing.Talk to Liu again, and give the newcomer the status of an auxiliary police officer at the Huayuan Street Police Station.Liu Hui paused, then couldn t help laughing If it weren t for a few construction sites They are all under the jurisdiction of Huayuan Street Police Station, so you don t need to go to Liusuo, you can just go to Baosuo.Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice, Does Hong Liang have any ideas when we do this What ideas does he have cbd gummies and smoking cessation Grandpa Gu took a sip of water from his cup and said persuasively, Hongliang is still young, so he shouldn t be so impulsive.He blocked all the roads by doing this.Liu Hui had a good impression of Xu Hongliang and helped him He explained Officer Gu, this can t be completely blamed on Hong Liang.As the saying goes, cbd gummies or cbd oil if the fat water doesn t flow to outsiders fields, the bureau is better off.The county magistrate is not as good as the current one.Although Han Chaoyang knew Minister Zheng and even Principal Nie, he couldn t really bypass Vice Minister Jiang.Grandpa Gu put down his teacup and said lightly, Chaoyang, I can t tell you clearly on the phone.You should go and report to Minister Jiang in person.Okay, I ll try.Fortunately, Han Chaoyang was really depressed when he asked his grandpa to tell his grandma.Just cbd gummies stomach ache as he stood up, his phone rang again.He lifted it up to see the caller ID, and it was actually his superior.Director Xing, what instructions do you have Chaoyang, just received the notice that the bureau will organize the heads of each team to do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache go to Jiangcheng to observe and learn the security work of the Jiangcheng Marathon next Tuesday.Director Feng will lead the team personally.There are four places for you, You and Comrade Xu Hongliang must go, this is the roll call by District Chief Liu himself, and there are still two places for you to arrange, but you must confirm it as soon as possible, and it is best to report the list tomorrow morning, and the bureau will book the tickets together.No way.I don t admit it, the new bureau chief is better than Bureau Zhou in this respect.If you have not performed such a task before, you will learn from others humbly, and organize the heads of the various teams to observe and emulate.But then again, Zhou Ju was definitely not unexpected, but rather reluctant to spend the money.It s a good thing to be able to travel at public expense, Han Chaoyang couldn t help but asked with a smile Director Xing, Jiangcheng is also going to hold a marathon, and it s in front of us There are many marathons across the country, relaxing cbd gummies and there will be 19 this month Jiangcheng International Marathon is called Jiangma for short, Ningxing International Marathon is called Ningma for short, and our Yandong International Marathon seems to be called Yanma It is estimated that in a few years, there will be no marathon in any city, and the leaders of any city will be embarrassed to go out to meet people.Ticket recognition is nothing.I heard that the Municipal Bureau will soon implement a face recognition system, and it plans to apply it to our upcoming international marathon in Yandong.Don t worry.There are tens of thousands of people at once, but as long as there are fugitives among the contestants, the system can still identify him from tens of thousands of people.This technology cbd gummies stomach ache is good, if cbd gummies stomach ache it can be promoted, it will be much easier do cbd gummies have thc cbd gummies stomach ache for you in the future.That s right.Han Chaoyang was bragging when his cell phone rang suddenly.He glanced at the caller ID and found that it was Shan Ketian, who had just been transferred from the security company to the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Station as the squad leader.Xiao Dan, what s the matter Da Han, something happened at our construction site.That s right.What s right.Section Chief Wang took the cigarette from Director Huo and said very seriously As you just said, according to relevant laws, sudden illness of an employee during work does not belong to the category of work related injury.However, the Regulations on Work Injury Insurance also stipulates that an employee who dies of a sudden illness or dies at 48 Those who die within hours after emergency rescue fails should be considered work related injuries What do you mean Hu Songping subconsciously asked.Xu Min died as soon as he was sent to the hospital.It took less than 4 hours, not to mention 48 hours from the onset of illness to death, so it is considered a work related injury according to regulations.Is there such a thing Hu Songping was skeptical.If there is such a thing, you can check it yourself on the Internet.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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