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Okay, finally I don t need to eat Zhang Dong stood up excitedly, and before he could say a few more words, the nausea hit his throat again.One day today, Li Guohao waited for Zhang cbd gummy vitamins martha maccallum cbd gummies Dong to go all over well known tea restaurants and dim sum shops such as Mong Kok in Tsim Sha Tsui, and tasted all the very popular pastries in the market.I found that these things are more authentic, although they may not be as delicious as later generations, but they also have a special flavor.It s like peanut candy and wife cake, both of which are very traditional, without much change in taste, and each family s craftsmanship is different, and the taste is also different.But in later generations, these two things have been played out.Various flavors of wife cakes and peanut candies, although deviated from the traditional taste, but also just make these pastries adapt to the growing innovation of modern society.

Li Guohao said firmly, I believe I can do well For Li Guohao, it is really not too difficult to make money.First of all, he is clearer than others about the dr oz cbd gummies for diabetes cbd gummy vitamins future direction of development.The mainland will rise due to reforms.In the days to come, the Internet will prosper and the real estate industry clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummy vitamins will rise.But these opportunities to make a fortune will take twenty years at the latest, and thirty years at the latest.Li Guohao couldn t afford to wait, he didn t want to spend his soul transmigrated once, so he could only stay in this place of Xiangjiang.He doesn t understand anything, so he can only go back hemp derived cbd gummies to his life, the catering industry.Moreover, according to the survey of later generations, the rise and development of some of the more popular catering industries in the future are mostly started or established in this year.

Yes, yes, we are here to ask about the decoration.When Zhang Dong saw the beauty, he looked like a pig, and he was not shy.Instead, he leaned against the front desk carelessly, blinking his electric eyes that he thought were charming, and looked at him secretly.Hee hee, those two please follow me.Seeing Zhang Dong s appearance, the little beauty smiled and led the two of them to an office without showing any dissatisfaction.Dong Dong Who is it A deep voice sounded in the office.Dad the little beauty just yelled, and then hurriedly covered her mouth, Manager, there are two people here asking about the renovation.With a bang, the door opened from the inside, and a middle aged man in a suit walked in.He came out, glanced at the little beauty, and then at Li Guohao and the two of them.Hello, both of you, please come in.

That s right.Li Huifang slapped herself on the mouth twice and said in a low voice.Adong, go and close the door, close the door and come upstairs.For Zhang Dong, Li Guohao didn t want to be too extravagant, not mentioning cbd gummy vitamins the relationship between the two families, just talking about Zhang Dong who has been helping him since he crossed HCMUSSH cbd gummy vitamins over.Holding the cash box, the three of them went upstairs.At the end, Zhang Dong also locked the door and came up.A cbd gummy vitamins fifty centimeter high cardboard box stands on the table.Such a big cash box Li Huifang stared at such a big box.Li Dexiao also muttered to himself, No way, son, it s full of money It was taken from the back to the front temporarily in the afternoon.This is also the fault of Li Guohao who HCMUSSH cbd gummy vitamins didn t think that the money sold this morning would not fit in the small will cbd gummies help stop smoking drawer, so he got a seasoning box temporarily.

But there is no way, most of the recipes these days are secret things.Ahao, you don t stay in the store every day now.You disappeared cbd gummies 15401 when I went out to buy goods at noon.As soon as I walked in the door, I heard Zhang Dong whispering.Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him, I just went to the Central to look at the new store.Suddenly remembered something, Zhang Dong said, By the way, Ah Hao, when I went to buy roses before, that man followed me Who has been buying in large quantities recently, is there someone who wants to imitate our rose wife cake.Li Guohao frowned and asked, Someone bought roses Do you know who bought them You must know that Li Ji s roses now Wife cake is very hot.Rose Wife Cake is not the top brand of Li Kee Pastry, but it is the one with the most sales.After all, who let Li cbd gummies no artificial color Guohao get the advertising words cbd gummy vitamins martha maccallum cbd gummies well.

Although there are only more than 30 sheets, the cost of printing is still very high, because Li Guohao ordered to use the best paper for printing.Considering the cost and the fact that the first plot is not long, I published a volume first to see the effect.Li Guohao is also not sure whether Po, the Kung Fu Panda who became popular all over the world in cbd gummy vitamins later generations, will be able to show his style again in Xiangjiang 40 years ago.The tentative price of Kung Fu Panda is five yuan a copy.Very low, isn t it In fact, most of the weekly magazines in HCMUSSH cbd gummy vitamins Xiangjiang are only three or four yuan at this time.The main reason is that the paper they use is not the best, and the number of pages is very small.It s a lot of money to buy Kung Fu Panda for five yuan.After all, Li Guohao is still very conscientious.

Have you used up all the materials Li Guohao read the bill and closed it asked.That s not true.Nathan Road still has a little more, but some materials are running out, such as roses, and only today s quantity is left.If you want to sell rose wife cakes tomorrow, you won t have to sell them.Zhang Dong was a little impatient.He said Why are you talking so much nonsense, you are afraid that I will steal your money, so quickly transfer it to me, I will go shopping in the afternoon, and help you purchase the materials for making ten dim sum.I have no money Li Guohao Spread your hands.No money Are you kidding me The store in Central received more than 300,000 yuan a few days ago Hurry up, we will go to the bank, if clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummy vitamins you don t hurry up, the bank will be hemp extract gummies vs cbd gummies closed Zhang Dong thought that Li Guohao and I was kidding myself, curling my lips in dissatisfaction.

The same is true for pastry chefs., I am going to grade the pastry chefs.Apprentices are not counted for the time being, from ordinary pastry chefs to intermediate pastry chefs, senior pastry chefs, and even pastry consultants.The salary can also be increased accordingly, let the employees know, no Get a dead salary, as long as you do it well, you can get more If a pastry chef invents a new kind of pastry, or innovates the original pastry, and the taste and sales are good, you can also use this Come to pay the bonus.After hearing this long passage, Li Qiang nodded in surprise and said, That s a good idea.Zhang Dong also followed suit Yes, it is possible, but our current salary has been considered relatively high in this line of work.That s right, wouldn t it be a bit too much if the salary is raised Li Guohao thought for a while and said Then change it to a bonus Everyone s salary is basically the same, but because of the different levels, the monthly payment The bonus is also different, which fundamentally prevents the salary from being too surprised, and if the employee does not do well in the future, the bonus can be deducted.

At the beginning, Li Guohao added 10,000 more to each episode in order to play it before Christmas, so that he could produce several episodes of cartoons so quickly.The price negotiated with TVB is only 30,000 per episode, and the local broadcasting rights in Xiangjiang are unlimited.What does it mean, that is to say, after TVB bought an episode for 30,000 yuan, it can be played unlimited times, in the morning, in the evening, and rebroadcast a year later.The original price was increased by 30 , so it was only 40,000 yuan per episode, and it was still in a state of losing money, let alone making money.Hearing Li Guohao s ridicule, Wu Guohua s face turned ugly.He dr oz cbd gummies for diabetes cbd gummy vitamins also knew that it was very embarrassing.After all, the fame of the first Kung Fu Panda had already been established.Under normal circumstances, the purchase price would definitely increase a lot.

Chapter 59 Copyright Takeaway Then, Mr.Li, what do you mean Wu Guohua asked.Li Guohao sneered and said It s not what I mean, but whether you TVB is sincere to talk about.We sold the broadcasting rights to your TV station at a loss for the first one.If Kung Fu Panda hadn t become a big hit Will you come to talk about the second film Wu Guohua thought for a while, this time TVB executives only gave Wu Guohua a chance to increase the rate, which is 30 , and he will apply for any more.But Wu Guohua, looking at Li Guohao s face at this time, roughly guessed that if the negotiation fails this time, then the second part of Kung Fu Panda might end up in another TV station.I don t have the authority to negotiate prices.Wu Guohua said honestly.In fact, relying on Kung Fu Panda cartoons to make money, Li Guohao has no idea in this regard, he just wants to recover the cost.

Different cakes have different shelf life, so even if some cakes are put in a glass cabinet at room temperature, the taste will deteriorate after a day because of spoilage, so Li Guohao ordered that the cakes made every day must be sold if they are not sold out.To throw away.Except for some particularly dry pastries, such as peanut pancakes and peach crisps, which can be stored for a long time, most of the pastries with more water are thrown away before leaving get off work that night.Every day, the three stores throw away a lot of pastries.Of course, because they all have to be thrown away, Li Guohao told the staff that customers who come to the pastry shop to buy these leftovers every night can buy them at a very low discount, which is what ordinary pastry shops often do.Some people may say that throwing away is not a waste, why not take it back for employees to eat.

Don t do it, I ll call my brother later, you go out.Oh.After A Ping went out, Rong Binghua called Yau Ma Tei.After talking about this matter, Rong Bing was about to say something when he found that the phone had been hung up.You brat Rong Bingcai snapped the handle of the cbd gummy vitamins phone angrily, sat down on the chair beside him, pondered for a moment, and finally said helplessly, I want to see what tricks you re going to do.Chapter 65 The negotiations broke down in the afternoon.After Li Guohao handled some company affairs, he sat down and read a few books sent by Li Qiang.The first is The Functions of Managers.This book is a management book edited by Chester Barnard, the father of modern management theory.Well, after reading the first chapter, Li Guohao couldn t stand it anymore.Yes, like many people, there is a common problem in reading this kind of books when faced with such a complicated situation and having no exposure to relevant knowledge, that is, not to read them.

He asked, I have a few familiar friends, but I haven t had much contact with them since I resigned.Does Ah Fa want to make money Rong Binghua After hearing what he wanted to hear, he asked with satisfaction.Of course I missed Boss Rong Seeing Ah Fa s money greedy appearance, Rong Binghua said happily, I have something here that I want you to help me with.I ll give you 10,000 Hong Kong dollars when it s done Boss Rong can tell you what it is.At this time, Ah Fa probably reviews on green otter cbd gummies understood what Rong Binghua ordered him to do, which should be to go to Li Ji to play tricks or something.Rong Binghua smiled and said I ll get you something tomorrow, and you secretly take it to the baking room behind Li Ji.As long as you can finish it, the ten thousand Hong Kong dollars will be yours It s very simple, right Bring something, it s very simple.

There are good time slots and bad time slots for the advertising space purchased on Li s TV station.In general, Li Guohao s idea is that as soon as people cost of condor cbd gummies turn on the TV and watch Li s TV station, there must be an advertisement for palace cakes on TV.For this reason, Li Guohao has to pay a lot of advertising fees, which is only the cost of advertising on TV stations, and it is still within the two minute advertising time.The cost of filming the ad will be calculated separately.Of course, the cost of shooting advertisements is naturally very low.Chapter 81 Zhang Dong s daily life, Long time no see, Manager Mai.Long time no see, Boss Li, Manager Zhang.Manager Mai.Zhang Dong was taken aback by the sudden appearance of Manager Mai.He came to Maiqi Decoration Company this time to hang out with Mai Xiaomin.

For a while, many customers who signed up for membership in Liji Bakery were worried about whether there was something wrong with the pastry they ate before.In the afternoon, many customers gathered outside the Central store, Mong Kok store, and Nathan Road store to ask for a refund of the membership money.Li Guohao discussed with Li Qiang and decided to refund, but before the refund, he must declare that there is no problem with the pastries in the store, and the hygiene problem is also caused by other merchants who see their store s business is good.Things are getting worse and worse.Considering the future factors, Li Guohao discussed with Li Qiang and decided to call the police first.Although this matter is a matter of commercial disputes, using methods such as framing to suppress opponents is already a commercial fraud, or malicious commercial competition will have a negative impact on society.

Come in Sun Dafu opened the door and walked in.Da Fu Why are you here Why is there something wrong at the Central Store Seeing that it was Sun Dafu, Li Guohao frowned, thinking that something had happened to the Central Store.Sun Dafu shook his head and said It s not that something happened in the store.After learning about what happened in the company yesterday, I planned to come over to tell you about it yesterday.It s just that there were a lot of people refunding money in the store at that time, so I didn t have time to come over.Li Guohao asked Oh What s the matter Perhaps you don t know, chairman.Before I applied for our company, cbd gummy vitamins martha maccallum cbd gummies I worked as a pastry chef at Rongji Bakery.What Everyone looked unbelievable.I m sorry, chairman, I haven t told you all this time.Sun Dafu apologized.It doesn t matter.

Alright, alright, everyone has already met, and even said that he is not a boyfriend.Let me tell you, I am very optimistic about this young man, Ahao.He is not cbd gummy vitamins only good looking, but also capable.You don t have to worry about marrying him in the future.When mom married your dad cbd gummy vitamins when she was young, she regretted it to death.If he hadn t seen how good looking he was, who would have married him Fortunately, it s been a hard life Mother Zhao said a lot, but Zhao Yazhi didn t even say a word listen in.After Zhao s father chatted with Li Guohao, he said happily to Zhao s mother Shall we go back Well, Ah Zhi said that she has something to ask Ah Hao, so let s go back first.He dragged Zhao s father away, grabbed Ah Zhen before leaving, and took her away with him.Kong left the two of them looking at each other.

By the way, I haven t asked the lady s name yet Li Guohao was at a loss for words for a moment, and then remembered that he hadn t asked power cbd gummies cost the names of these two girls, but it seems that they are of mixed race.He came with Ms.Shen again, wondering if he was a descendant of some British nobleman.Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce you.Ms.Shen on the side slapped her forehead and said, These two are the daughters of Mr.Ho in Macau.This is Miss He Chaoying, and that is Miss He Chaoqiong.Hello Li Sir.He Chaoying nodded politely.Hello, hello.Before Li Guohao could react, he responded when he saw the other party greeting, and suddenly thought of Mr.Ho in Macau, plus He Chaoqiong and He Chaoying, thinking to himself, could it be the daughter of the Macau gambling king in later generations Seeing that the other party was in a daze, He Chaoying asked politely Mr.

James simply flipped through the book , asked thoughtfully How is the sales of this comic book in Xiangjiang I don t know, but Xiangjiang TV station has an animated version of this manga, and you can often see some children holding this panda puppet in their hands on the street.It looks pretty good.George shook HCMUSSH cbd gummy vitamins his head, and only said what he saw.James cbd gummy vitamins picked up the comic book and sat on the chair for a moment.George asked What s wrong, James Sorry George, I m going to give you a three day holiday when I come back this time, but I may have to trouble you to go back to Xiangjiang again James spread his hands and apologized.Why Do you still want to talk to them about the movie George asked in surprise.No, it s the comic book James pointed to the comic book on the table.I saw four big characters Kung Fu Panda written on the comic book.

Now hearing from his grandson that he would reopen his ancestral business in Xiangjiang, Li Renzhong was very excited and said tremblingly, Ah, Hao, you really have this idea Seeing that his grandfather was very excited, Li Guohao hurriedly consoled Said Grandpa, don t be excited, sit down and talk slowly.Dad, don t be too excited, your heart is not very good.Li Huifang was also shocked when she saw Li Renzhong s appearance, his hands trembled , I m afraid there will be good or bad.Okay, okay, I m not excited, I m not excited.Li Renzhong closed his eyes and tried to calm his breath, and it took him a long time to suppress the excitement.He glanced at his grandson and asked, Ahao, do you really have this idea That s right., I am going to reopen our restaurant in Xiangjiang Although I don t know why Grandpa is so excited, Li Guohao has thought about the idea of opening a restaurant for a long time.

One hundred thousand a day, it s considered as the business on the first day of opening, but it takes a month to make money from the investment cost.Come back, my God This is simply a huge profit There were quite a few pastry fellows in the venue, and they all went to Li Guohao s company to cbd gummy vitamins martha maccallum cbd gummies participate in the franchisee meeting before, but faced cbd hemp direct gummies review 25mg cbd gummy with the franchise conditions given by Li Guohao, they had to pay 100,000 yuan The franchise fee and subsequent financial aspects are unconditionally disclosed to the headquarters.It doesn t matter financially, as cbd gummy vitamins long HCMUSSH cbd gummy vitamins as you don t take my money away, you can check it as you like.They could pay a franchise fee of 100,000 yuan, but some people directly refused it on the spot.You must know that 100,000 yuan can buy two small sized houses at this time, and they may not be able to earn 100,000 yuan a year by making pastries.

Although it s useless to object, Li Guohao is the cbd gummy vitamins chairman, but he doesn t want to cause turmoil in the company.If the pastry company can continue and continue to expand like this, it will not be long before it is steady and steady.I believe that it will soon be able to open branches and franchise stores in Bay Bay and various regions in Southeast Asia.Chinese pastry may not be so popular in western countries.After all, western pastry has its own unique features, but in Southeast Asia, Chinese cbd gummy vitamins martha maccallum cbd gummies pastry can be said to be the number one in the dim sum world For example, the island countries are very fond of Chinese cuisine, and have developed unique Japanese cuisine based on it.The same is true for Thailand.Most of them are based on Chinese HCMUSSH cbd gummy vitamins cuisine combined with local characteristics.Early morning, Dragon Boat Festival.

Very cheap.Li Guohao reached into his pocket, and when he reached for the wallet, he suddenly remembered that he had given all the money to Master Dong, and now he was penniless, so he asked Zhao Yazhi in embarrassment Ah Zhi, do you have any money I gave all my money to that Taoist just now.Let me see.Zhao Yazhi handed the porcelain bowl to Li Guohao, opened her small backpack, rummaged through it, found three coins after a long time, handed it to Grandma and said, Grandma Here it is.Seeing that Zhao Yazhi paid the money, grandma took it with a smile, and then said to Li Guohao earnestly, You guys work hard.Haha Hearing what grandma said, Zhao Yazhi couldn t be happier.On the way back, Zhao Yazhi also kept imitating her grandmother s words and said Young people work hard Haha After finishing speaking, one person cbd gummies for overactive bladder laughed smirkly.

The method harms others and does not benefit oneself, and Liu Peilin himself dr oz cbd gummies for diabetes cbd gummy vitamins knows how much you can sell in a store in a day, and it is impossible to make more for you to waste.That s it Li Guohao s mind flashed a gleam, but seeing Li Qiang say that now, he stopped in vain.Ahao At this moment, Zhang Dong broke in suddenly, seeing Li Qiang was there, he said awkwardly, I m sorry, I didn t know you were super cbd gummies penis talking about something.Zhang Dong said with a happy smile, I ve made you lose your money After speaking, Zhang Dong took out an invitation card from his pocket.Huh Are you ready for the wedding Li Guohao saw that Zhang Dong took out a bright red invitation card, but he didn t understand that it the best botanical cbd gummies was a wedding invitation.That s right, October 7th, two weeks after the Mid Autumn Festival.Zhang Dong said happily.

This makes him, who has always been careful in business, how can he not feel heartbroken.Including the money to buy shares from other previous shareholders Have you had enough noise Have you had enough noise Liu Peilin asked calmly.Not yet Lao Zhang continued to be dissatisfied.Then go on talking.When you calm down, I ll talk to you.The people next to him also wanted to hear what Liu cbd gummy vitamins nature one cbd gummies review Peilin wanted to say, so they kept pulling on Lao Zhang s clothes and told him to sit down calmly.Talk slowly.Talk cbd flintstone gummies slowly.Lao Zhang was also in a daze just now, seeing everyone in such a state, he also sat down and cbd gummy vitamins said, I d like to see what you want to say Liu Peilin looked at this scene and shook his head helplessly.After the office quieted down, Liu Peilin said This Mid Autumn Festival moon cake market, it s not that our moon cakes are not good enough, it s that Li Ji s people are too smart, not only let Mr.

Looking at Ah Qiong who had gained a lot of weight, Li Guohao smiled and said Miss He wants to eat, you can come to our shop next time, a lot of new cakes have been released recently.nod.Zheng Jiachun said Ahao Aying, I have something to go first.Yeah.After Zheng Jiachun left, He Qianjin asked Boss Li was planning to open a pastry shop in cbd tumbled gummys the Macau Casino Not bad I plan to let Ms.He be the general franchisee of Macau Palace Bakery, and all the business of Macau Palace Bakery will be handed over to Ms.He in the future.Li Guohao nodded, this general franchisee is equivalent to the general agent of later generations, representing a region brand.The business of Macau Palace Bakery Franchise Store is quite good.Relying on the exquisite and delicious dim sum, it has cbd gummy vitamins also .

are natures only cbd gummies safe?

opened up its popularity in Macau.

I thought to myself, maybe it was because of the female classmate I told myself before.Li Guohao touched his chin, and felt that the reason was very likely.Zhang Dong resigned, and Li Qiang has to go to the United States.Alas, the clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummy vitamins company is only left by me now.Li Guohao sighed.Chapter 155 Angry 1 3 cbd hemp direct gummies review 25mg cbd gummy Zhang Dong resigned, and the position of manager of the company s purchasing department was handed over to Luo Bin, the former second in command.After more than half a year, he is already familiar with the process, and Li Guohao is also very relieved to hand over the position of purchasing manager to him.Dong Dong Come in.Carrying a folder in her hand, Gu Qianqian pushed open the door of the office and walked in.What I have already discussed with the person sent by He Qianjin.This is a specific cooperation plan.

Chen Chen thought about it, this is very simple, then nodded This is fine.Chapter 159 Cards from Childhood 2 3 Dong Dong While discussing changing the appearance of the cream sandwich cake, there was a knock on the door of the office outside.I ll go out to the chairman.Chen Chen said.Yes.After Chen Chen left, Li Guohao discussed with several people from the technical department how to make the cream sandwich cakes more beautiful.After a while, Chen Chen led a person in and said to Li Guohao Chairman.Ok what happened Li Guohao looked back and saw a man in his thirties next to Chen Chen.Chairman, this is the pastry chef who came to work today.Manager Huang He has interviewed before.After Chen Chen finished speaking, he said again sour gummy cbd He is proficient in pastry.Oh Do cbd gummies for diabetes reviews pastry Li Guohao looked at the man in surprise.

Li Qiang shook his head after hearing this.Facing Li Guohao whose English is terrible, he is also very helpless.Yeah.Li Guohao shut his mouth, not speaking his bad English.The store door was opened in an instant, and Chen Zhipeng came out from inside.He looked excited when he saw Li Guohao.In this capital, he was so happy to meet an acquaintance.He hurriedly said, Chairman, you are here.Well, Zhi How is Peng in America It s okay.There are cbd gummy vitamins many Chinese people around here.There is no problem with language communication, but I don t dare to go out at night.Chen Zhipeng replied with a smile.What Huang He, who had lifted Li Guohao s suitcase from the car, also came over.Hearing what Chen Zhipeng said, he interjected, There are many gangsters in this area at night, and the local Chinese told us that it is best not to go out at night.

At that time, there was a scientific research institution that said conclusively that monosodium glutamate was harmful to the human body, no less than drugs.It also said that it was a way used by the Chinese to invade the United States, and wanted the Americans to be cbd gummy vitamins treated like the Manchus many years ago.Opium gives violations.Maybe the transparent appearance of monosodium glutamate will make people mistake it for some kind of drug.Li Guohao didn t take what Uncle Chang said just now, he kept thinking about meeting this Uncle Chang there, and suddenly remembered The first time I sent my grandfather home, in his old house, I saw a photo that my grandfather took with a friend when he was young.At that time, my grandfather said that this friend went to the United States, and the two hadn t seen each other for almost 40 or 50 years.

When he told his grandfather that he was going to reopen the restaurant, he mentioned relying on franchising to make money.more than one million.I was helping out in the store recently.It seems that there are quite a lot of people eating, and the business is not bad.I was wondering if I should also set up a chain tea restaurant or something.You see, didn t you set up a pastry shop before Pastry Everyone eats snacks, and the business is still cbd gummy vitamins so good.If we open a chain restaurant, I think the business will be relatively good.Li Renzhong slowly explained the chain restaurant.Li Guohao didn t expect his grandfather to join in the pastry chain according to his original pastry chain.When he thought of the chain restaurant, he felt for a while.It really wasn t that people at this time were not smart, it was just because he had never been in contact with it.

Shares get five shares Looking at the headline of the Ming Pao Supplement, Li Guohao frowned, and read it carefully.It turns out that Jardine Group s takeover battle with the Milk Company lasted for several months, which led to a sharp increase in the stock price.Very distressed, the stock price is too high, and neither side has any way to curb it.Before the acquisition, the stock prices of the two companies were 45 50 yuan Hold shares and push up the stock price.The pure kana 500 gummies cbd stock price of Milk Company once rose from tens of yuan to more than 200 yuan, and the stock price of Hongkong Land Company also rose steadily, but it could not be higher than Dairy Company.The two parties were so entangled that one could not buy it One can only spend a lot of money to increase the stock price to avoid a hostile takeover.

The He family and the Huo family jointly established a shipping transportation company.Although most of them are cruise ships and passenger carrying companies, there are also some.cargo ship.At noon, after dealing with the company s affairs, Li Guohao went back to his tea restaurant by car.Since the tea restaurant was cbd gummy vitamins martha maccallum cbd gummies renovated two days ago, it officially opened this morning after hiring a few guys and two days of simple training.Sitting in the car, as soon as he arrived near Tung Choi Street, Li Guohao saw a lot of flower baskets outside his shop cbd gummy vitamins not far away through the car window.Boss, there are too many people here, so it s hard to park.The driver, Uncle Zhang, looked at a road that could have been parked, but was blocked by people at this time, and turned his head and said.Well, then I ll get off here.

An employee said cautiously I suspect that there has been a plan long ago, and they have been secretly buying our shares.Nonsense If it wasn t premeditated, how could it be possible to acquire half of the shares in a short period of time Xu Deming was pissed off by the idiot below, pointed at the man s face and asked, Youwhat s your name II The employee knew that he had said something wrong, but he also stuttered in fright, and refused to say his name.Okay, stop talking, you go out, and go directly to the financial The department settles wages.Xu Deming shouted pointing at the door of the conference room.The employee was taken aback for a moment, but he never expected that Xu Deming would fire him directly.Watching the excitement, there was also sympathy.The dismissed employee noticed everyone s strange eyes, and his face was flushed.

Housewarming party I don t have anything to do tonight.Since Big Brother Zheng invited me, I m going to be there, I don t know What date is it in Mid Levels Li Guohao agreed after thinking about it, since Zheng Jiachun called himself to invite him, he still has to give it to him because of the situation and reason, not to mention that the other party s family has a big business, and there may be troublesome places in the future.Five o clock in the evening, No.8, Mid Levels After reporting the address, Zheng Jiachun suddenly said By the way, Ah Hao, you can bring your girlfriend with you.I didn t invite a few people tonight, most of them are friends from the Chinese business community.Both He Qianjin and Huo Zhenting will be here.Okay.After hanging up the phone, Li Guohao shrugged helplessly at Zhao Yazhi and said, It seems that the appointment in the afternoon has come to nothing From the phone call between Li Guohao and Zheng Jiachun, Zhao Yazhi also heard it He knew that Li Guohao was going to attend a business banquet in the afternoon, and said with a smile It s okay, there are many opportunities, I will take you home to wash up later, and then I will send you to the banquet place.

I mentioned you cbd gummy vitamins to my father before.He is very interested in you and has always wanted to ask you out.I just don t have much time, please let me invite you to participate in this Jockey Club event, and recommend you to join the Jockey Club and become a member of the Jockey Club.Xiangjiang Jockey Club is a private club established in 1884 , has developed into one of the largest and most advanced member clubs in Asia.At first, it was established by a group of British people.At that time, horse racing was popular in the UK.After this group of people came to Xiangjiang, they also established this private horse club here, mainly for fun.The horse racing activities in the early days were amateur in nature.The first preparatory meeting of the Jockey Club was held in the Xiangjiang Town Hall.Members included foreigners from German clubs, American clubs, Western clubs and foreign firms from various countries.

When I went to see it last year, it was almost five yuan per square foot.It s just that the stock market has plummeted and the land has cbd gummy vitamins dropped a lot.It s the most cost effective to buy now.Okay, that s it, you Send someone to calculate the land for the three factories, and take advantage of the cheaper land price to enclose a little more land.Okay.Li Guohao knows that the land price in Xiangjiang will be higher and higher in the future, except for a period of time, because of the reunification People panicked, causing land prices to plummet, but that happened more than ten years later, and now should be the cheapest time for land prices in the past few years After coming out of the pastry company, Li Guohao thought about it, and decided to go to the food processing factory and ask Huang Yaohua personally why the factory was smashed.

This time it took almost an afternoon to try on and put on clothes, and Li Guohao was very bored.Zhao Yazhi said softly Well, my mother knew some behind the scenes costumers of Shaw Brothers before, and they used to help the actors configure costumes.It shouldn t be a problem to get dresses.Well, bulk cbd gummies you can ask the costumers to help you with one A dress, and you can go with me at the Jockey Fair tomorrow.Okay. Sitting on a chair in the office, Li Guohao looked cbd gummy vitamins at the can you overdose on gummy bear with 250 mg cbd documents submitted by his subordinates.It said that the international price of wheat has been gradually increasing recently, and it is expected that the price of flour will increase in the future.The price of wheat Li Guohao frowned.The price of wheat will increase.The most obvious thing is that the price of wheat products will increase.

Hearing that his uncle said that he has done almost all types of work, Li Guohao s eyes lit up, his heart was overjoyed, and he also said I am going to open an instant cbd gummy vitamins noodle factory, but I have not been able to find a suitable person to manage it.Since you are working in Nissin, Uncle After working for so many years, why don cbd gummy vitamins t you come and help my nephew Li Guohao didn t say to hire cbd gummy vitamins martha maccallum cbd gummies an uncle, he just said to help his nephew.Uncle is a good face, and Li Guohao knew it from his mother Li Huifang, so when talking, try to talk about the relationship between the elders and the younger generations.This Uncle Li Zhengming was a little hesitant.Apart from working in an instant noodle factory, he had never been to work in other places for so many years.I am afraid that looking for a job really starts with a small clerk.

Life is priceless, but for rich people, life is just a number.Although Li Guohao came here through time travel, he cherishes his life even more, so he treats his personal bodyguards very well, which is almost unmatched by any profession now.If it was in the mainland, Li Guohao would not spend so much money foolishly to ask someone to protect him, but in this era of Xiangjiang, you have to give enough benefits to make the bodyguard feel at ease and protect himself in his duty, otherwise Just like some people, the robbers conspired with the bodyguards to kidnap the rich man.After talking about a lot of high quality treatment, Li Guohao also said in a calm voice, I shouldn t say something bad when Chief Zhou is here, but just to remind everyone, since I spent so much money to ask some of you to protect me Myself, I will definitely restrict you.

The director himself also made a call to the Governor of Hong Kong.The governor of Hong Kong was also very shocked.The plane robbery the year before last made the British government lose face.Since then, it has built a team of sharpshooters.After becoming the governor of Hong Kong, he also spent a lot of money and contacts to get it Some members of the special forces came to Xiangjiang to train the anti terrorist teams in these cities.It took less than a quarter of an hour.The trainees of the cbd gummies 5mg cbd hemp direct gummies review special mission company also received orders from their superiors to stop training and directly participate in actual combat, which is real actual combat And those who have done meritorious deeds can directly pass the assessment without any further training.Because of the help of Li Guohao, Chief Zhou and Shen Bi, Ren Darong, who was eliminated because of poor English, entered the training camp again.

Yes, that s right.On the barren hills.Li Guohao, Chen Sheng and the others were exhausted after running for half an hour, so they found a hidden place to rest temporarily.I can t run like this.Although the mountain is not big, it will take an hour to get to the urban area.There was silence around, and there were some noises from time to time.I don t know if it was to match the current environment, Chen Sheng lowered his voice and directed Li Guohao cbd gummy vitamins said to Yu Weicheng.Then what should we do how long do cbd gummies stay in effect Li Guohao asked panting.Fortunately, he has been exercising a little since time travel.Otherwise, with such intense running and emotional fluctuations, he would have been exhausted and unable to run.Weicheng, take the boss down from the right later, I ll go over to attract the attention of those people Chasing people on the mountain, especially when the sun cbd hemp direct gummies review 25mg cbd gummy is gradually setting and without lighting equipment, is particularly difficult.

He didn t mention his own food company at the beginning, but focused on the palace pastry.Now there are food factories in Xiangjiang, but there are not cbd gummy vitamins many, and most of them are small workshop companies, and they make very little food.Available in major supermarkets.Guohao cbd gummy vitamins martha maccallum cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummy vitamins Foods is different.Not only does it have business in major supermarkets, but because of Zhang Nana, it sold the first batch of baked goods to the United States the day before yesterday.Although the profit is not as good as in Xiangjiang, it is also a good start.Now the food company has planned to cooperate with salesmen in Wanwan and the island country to expand the company s business there.Following Li Qiang and Huang Yaohua cbd gummies 5mg cbd hemp direct gummies review s speeches, the emotions of the subordinates were gradually aroused, and everyone spoke freely.Facing everyone s speeches, Li Guohao didn t open his mouth to encourage or refute.

, the price is extremely expensive, and Xiangjiang people pay attention to Feng Shui and tradition, the price of the cemetery is getting higher and higher.Fortunately, ordinary people can still afford it now.Ten years later, land prices soared.Apart from queuing up and waiting for government arrangements, almost no one could afford to build a private cemetery.At the birthday party, Li Guohao met He Mu and chatted for a while, but because of He Mu s health, he hurriedly cut off the topic.That night, after the banquet, Li Guohao did not spend the night in Macau.After paying his respects to He Qianjin, he took the evening ferry and rushed back After returning from the He family s birthday party, Li Guohao also participated in cbd hemp direct gummies review 25mg cbd gummy the opening ceremony of the hotel in cooperation with Zheng Jiachun.

shareholders, including He Qianjin, as well as agents of some well known wealthy businessmen.Welcome all guests, liberty cbd gummies for tinnitus friends from the press As the host spoke on stage, the guests waiting below also started chatting.Soon, the host said how many mg of cbd are in a gummy bear Welcome Mr.Zheng Jiachun, chairman of the board of directors of New Century Group, welcome members cbd gummies 5mg cbd hemp direct gummies review of the board of directors of New Century GroupWelcome Mr.Li Guohao, chairman of Guohao Group, and welcome Miss He Chaoying With the host With these words, the guests who were invited to cut the ribbon came onto the stage one by one, picked up their golden scissors from the plates brought by the employees, smiled, asked the reporters below to take a few photos, and then cut the ribbon together.Okay, thank you for the ribbon cutting The firecrackers not far away also sounded at this time, and with the final shout of the host, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the start of the construction site officially came to an end.

Speaking of this, Ms.Shen said with a smile I will also go back to the UK at that time.Watching the competition, I hope Li Sheng can win the trophy This depends on luck.Li Guohao smiled and did not boast, after all, this kind of skills competition held in the West, except for some common competitions in the world, The two items of pastry cbd gummy vitamins and cooking may be biased towards western pastry and western food.Then I still believe in Li Sheng s luck After all, your luck has always been good.Ms.Shen said with a smile.Chapter 257 The Crew s Start Up Ceremony The International Skills Olympics is on April 8th, and Li Guohao sent the company s employees there to book a big room for rent a few days ago, so that it will be convenient for him to go there in a few days Time to have a place to live.Because more than thousands of contestants from all over the world will go there at that time, if you book a hotel, you dr oz cbd gummies for diabetes cbd gummy vitamins may not be able to book what you are satisfied with, so you will send people there early and choose some rooms closest to the competition place to rent.

Xu Guanwen also introduced Shi Tian to Li Guohao, Mr.Li is my good friend Shi Tian.He works in Shaw Films and is here to help me.Mr.Li, hello.Shi Tian said as Xu Guanwen Naturally, he knew that Li Guohao was the other party s big boss, and he had always envied Xu Guanwen for getting to know such a generous boss.After seeing him, he quickly showed his affection.Well, hello.Li Guohao didn t pay much attention to the future bigwigs in the film industry.He has seen too many future superstars and celebrities and wealthy businessmen, so he just responded lightly Soon, after getting acquainted with the important actors of the crew, they were led by Xu Guanwen to the place where the burning incense was turned on.There was an incense stand in front of it, on which a whole roast suckling pig was placed, with scissors, two lit candles, and some other offerings.

Cai Lan said with a smile seeing that Li Guohao s expression did not seem to be fake.Li Guohao smiled Then you can discuss it with him, I don t know much about this.Okay.Just as Cai Lang finished speaking, he suddenly heard a noise not far away.Several people looked sideways, and saw a man wearing a floral shirt and jeans was signing someone s autograph with a pen, and clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummy vitamins when they looked closely, it turned out to be Bruce Lee Ding Pei, who was behind the camera, ran over happily after seeing Bruce Lee, and stood next to Bruce Lee, chatting and laughing.Seeing this scene, Li Guohao raised his eyebrows.Brother Long, why are you here Ding Pei asked happily.Bruce Lee dealt with all the fans of the crew, looked at Ding Pei with a smile on his face and said, I heard that you are filming, so I just stopped by to visit your class At this time, Xu Guanwen and others also noticed Bruce Lee The arrival of the photographer asked the cameraman to suspend the shooting, and brought his younger brother Xu Guanjie to say hello to Bruce Lee.

I passed cbd hemp direct gummies review by before and found that the Fengshui there is very good.If Li Sheng has an idea in the future, he can take that piece of land.Master Dong said while stroking the beard on his chin.Then where is the worst place in this area The worst place should be the land directly in front of Li Sheng s company.Master Dong pointed to the towering Kangle Building not far away.Jardine Building Li Guohao was stunned.He had gone to see where it was, and it should be said that it was the best location in his eyes.You must know where you can have a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour, even the opposite Kowloon.See clearly.The Fengshui of the artificially reclaimed land has already been destroyed.Master Dong said with dr oz cbd gummies for diabetes cbd gummy vitamins a look of disdain.Li Guohao thought in astonishment that a few years later, not only did the Jardine Group fail to snatch the shares of Hutchison Whampoa, but also because of Bao Daheng s move, his own Wharf changed hands.

Why are we not allowed to enter the hospital We have the right to visit patients in the hospital, and we have the right to allow Zou Wenhuai to be interviewed That s right, we have the right to interview, and you can t hinder the freedom of interviews I m just visiting patients That s all, please let me in May I ask Mr.He Guanchang, what kind of illness did Bruce Lee suffer from before he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment We received information from an informant that Mr.Bruce Lee spent the night at the home of a certain actress last night., May I ask if it is true He Guanchang of Golden Harvest Films was standing cbd gummy vitamins at the door at this time, looking at the fifty or sixty reporters blocking him in front of him, he also touched the sweat stains on his forehead, and when he heard their questioning questions, he also repeatedly Said, I only learned of this bad news this morning.

In the future, whether it is the film company he invested in or the stores under his Opening always needs some star platforms.You must know that no matter in that era, there are brain dead fans.In the future, the three of them will almost all be famous movie cbd hemp direct gummies review 25mg cbd gummy stars in Southeast Asia.In the future, they may need their help to promote a business.When Li Guohao was chatting with Hong Jinbao, He Guanchang, who was not far away, happened to see this scene and frowned.Ever since the movie became a big hit, he once asked for a share of the box office, what are cbd gummies made out of which made himself and Zou Wenhuai very embarrassed.Just recently, HCMUSSH cbd gummy vitamins Golden Harvest has plans to promote other artists, and the most eye catching ones should be the big brother Long and the chubby Hong Jinbao, now I suddenly saw Li Guohao chatting with them, and I was wondering if the other party wanted to poach the three of them.

Li Guohao acquired Nanshun Group, on the one hand, he wanted to build his own food supply chain, and on the other hand, he also considered joining.The money earned by joining is material money.Although there are also franchise fees, the bulk is still In terms of materials, after all, there is a steady stream of materials, and the franchise fee can only be charged once.The original plan was like this, but I didn t expect that the business best anti anxiety cbd gummies of the franchise store would be very hot overseas, which would gradually expand the flour business of Guohao Nanshun.It can be said that Guohao Lam Soon s raw material business and franchise stores complement each other.With franchise stores, Guohao Nanshun is not afraid .

how much cbd in gummies is absorbed?

that no one will buy its overseas business and with Guohao Nanshun, franchise stores are not afraid that some local dim sum shops will contain the problem of materials.

Now we add a soda factory.Not only the funds The turnover is not enough, and it is also difficult to manage in terms of personnel.You have witnessed the development of our Guohao Food Factory into Guohao Food Co., Ltd., and you are considered a veteran.You should know that our top priority now is to win the vacant point in Xiangjiang.There is no company or factory that has quick frozen food in the whole Xiangjiang.It can be said that we are the first to propose quick frozen convenience food.The goal is still on this, to build up the reputation of Guohao Food as soon as possible, and after stabilizing the market, it will look to other fields.Guohao Food Company mainly produces packaged pastries, from moon cakes at the beginning to clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummy vitamins packaged wife cakes, bear biscuits, cbd gummy bad reaction mung bean cakes, red bean cake candies and so on.

There are two options.It depends on which one you choose.According to history.Li Guohao knows that TVB is the last TV station in Hong Kong.There have been several amazing TV stations, but cbd gummy vitamins martha maccallum cbd gummies they couldn t beat TVB in the end.This also shows that TVB TV station still has its own way.But now it s a bit different.With Li Guohao, who has more information about the next few decades, he can wait until Li s TV station goes bankrupt, buy the TV station, set up his own media organization, and advertise 24 hours a day Play all the food in your company.But that s just obscenity.It is not now that we really want to buy a TV station.The chairman s words are very reasonable There are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests, and this is how it should be in business.Huang Yaohua patted his flattery lightly.

This also made the people of Jardine Group temporarily revise their policy and point the signs to West Point.Originally, people from the Jardine Group wanted to recruit cbd gummy vitamins people from the UK to open a shop in Xiangjiang, but considering the taste of Xiangjiang people, they took a stake in Woodsun s Maxim s Pastry Company.After they took control of the equity, they made a one time capital injection Ten million Hong Kong dollars, and opened 50 directly operated branches.The business was booming in the first month of opening, which made both Hongkong Land and Woodshun heave a sigh of relief.They really want to breathe a sigh of relief.The investment is really too big.They are all directly operated stores.The decoration, store rent, equipment, personnel expenses, etc.are all money.This is not like real estate.

Oh It cbd gummy vitamins s Ms.Linda.I m really sorry.I haven t met you before.Seeing that it was Bruce Lee s wife, Linda, Li Guohao smiled back and walked forward to shake his hand.Just when Li Guohao was about to ask where Bruce Lee was, the six or seven year old mixed race boy in Linda s arms cbd gummy vitamins asked timidly, Is your name Li Guohao too Hearing this.Li Guohao was stunned for a few seconds, then glanced sideways at the little boy, thinking that it should be Bruce Lee s son cbd gummy vitamins Li Guohao, he couldn t help but smiled wryly Yes, my name is Li Guohao too Really My name is Li Guohao cbd gummy vitamins too Bruce Lee s son Li Guohao looked delighted, as if he had found a new toy.Okay, Brand.Linda frowned and scolded Xiao Guohao, then turned to Li Guohao and said, Sorry, Mr.Li, children are not sensible.Many fathers and sons in Western countries still use the same name.

Boss Zhang Bowen drove his car around the road not far away and stopped at the gate of HSBC headquarters.Yeah.Seeing Zhang Bowen rushing over, Li Guohao turned his head and said to Chen Sheng behind him A Sheng, A Jie, and A Ming, you three should go back and rest for a few days.It is true that you will go to the United States for more than a month this time.I m a little tired, so I ll let you take three days off.Come back to work in three days. Thank you, boss.The three of Chen Sheng nodded.They had been in the United States for more than a month, and they were a little homesick.I gave them a big red envelope, so I was happy to take the money and go home to be happy.Well, you can take a taxi back by yourself, I ll go back cbd hemp direct gummies review 25mg cbd gummy with Bowen.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao got into the car, Zhang Bowen nodded to Chen Sheng and the three of them, then dr oz cbd gummies for diabetes cbd gummy vitamins got in the car and started the engine to drive to Li s villa on the highest mg of cbd gummies way.

You ask the previous manager Qi to arrange for someone to go to West Kowloon to have a look.As for the Yongan Building you just mentioned, you send someone to ask Ask New Century if it s for sale, if not, let s rent it. Yes, I will arrange it as soon as possible.Seeing Li Guohao s sincerity, Di Yimin seemed to think that the money for building the building was not worth much to him Mentioning, I was a little curious about where the chairman can you get cbd gummy bears got the confidence to transfer 20 million Hong Kong dollars from the group to his account almost half a month ago, and now he has the confidence to build the building Chapter 309 In the blink best cbd gummies for anxiety amazon of an eye, Li Guohao, the stock market prodigy, half a month has passed.Considering that it is best not to mix private funds with group funds, Li Guohao did not use his own money for the company s development.

S.stock market in order to earn hundreds of millions of dollars and return to Hong Kong Shen Bi couldn t help admiring Li Guohao in his heart.The Xiangjiang stock market crashed at the beginning of this year.Li Guohao seemed to have made 100 million Hong Kong dollars from the stock market.This time best budget cbd gummies he made so much money in the U.S.stock market.cognition On the other hand, the U.S.stock market continued to slump.When Li Guohao returned to Hong just cbd gummy store Kong, there was already an oil crisis in the United States.Many people drove long queues at gas stations, but most of them were told that there was no gas to fill Regardless of the fact that the United States also has oil, the amount is still too small for the entire United States.Because of the ban on oil transportation, the U.S.stock market has fallen a lot.

Sitting in the office, Li Guohao looked at the newspaper news in his hand, and frowned.He never expected that the news was transferred from the United States to Xiangjiang, and he even vaguely pointed out that it was himself It shouldn t be They are not well known in the United States, even if they make money in the stock market, they can t go to the stock exchange to check their personal information And how did the media in Xiangjiang know about it Could it be Shen Bi Li Guohao couldn t help wondering whether it was Shen Bi who leaked the news, because only Shen Bi knew how much money he had earned But after thinking about it, it s not good for Shen Bi, it s not necessary at all.After thinking for a while, Li Guohao also shook his head helplessly, and called Zhang Bowen, asking him to arrange a few more people to follow him recently.

Sister in law, you re welcome, just call me Ah Hao.Zheng Jiachun suddenly thought of something, and said, Meiqing, you take Ah Zhi to chat, I have something to talk to Ah Hao.Ye Meiqing nodded slightly, and took cbd gummy vitamins a look Zhao Yazhi, who was beside Li Guohao, saw that she was in her early twenties, with glamorous features and long hair, she was very beautiful.She smiled and said My sister is so beautiful, no wonder Ah Hao can catch her at a glance.She was praised., Zhao Yazhi blushed, and shyly said My sister is also very beautiful.Li Guohao and Zheng Jiachun walked in front, Zhao Yazhi and Ye Meiqing walked behind.I heard that Ahao, you want to buy Yong an Building recently Zheng Jiachun wanted to ask about the US stock market, but after thinking cbd gummy vitamins about it, he gave up and asked about Yong an Building.

Yes.After speaking, Li Guohao thought for a while, took out a business card from the inner pocket of his suit and handed it to Feng Yongfa, Call me before Mr.Feng comes tomorrow.I m afraid I won t be in the company because of something.Okay, thank you very much, Li Sheng.You re welcome.The two chatted a few more words, and Li Guohao turned around and went to find Zhao Yazhi.As the birthday star of this birthday banquet, Bao Daheng also went downstairs to thank all cbd gummy vitamins the guests after chatting with Li Guohao.After about an hour, the birthday party that shouldn t have happened was over.Before Li Guohao left, Bao Daheng deliberately went out to see him off, causing some nearby people who knew or didn t know Li Guohao to look sideways in surprise.You must know that Bao Daheng s status in Xiangjiang is very high now.

Li Qiang for his long term efforts.Li Qiang, who was sitting in the first row, did not expect Li Guohao to call him by name, and couldn t help but wry smiles.The employees of the Palace Bakery Company sitting behind him, such as Gu Qianqian, Xie Honghe, Luo Bin and others responded with the warmest The name of the new school has not yet been decided, but it will definitely not be called Guohao School.Don t worry, everyone Ha ha As soon as everyone heard the chairman making fun of themselves, which is almost unheard of in the current Xiangjiang company, everyone laughed from ear to ear.Even Di Yimin, Jin Jiashi, Li Qiang, Zhao Yazhi and others laughed while laughing.Holding a stomach that hurts from laughing.Of course, if you have any good suggestions, you can come to my office and mention them to me in person, and I will consider whether to accept them.

This is the earliest way for ancient businessmen to settle down and live, upholding the concept of integrity based.The corporate culture of a company or group is equivalent to The root of this company s sustainable development.After Li Guohao said these words, he glanced at everyone in the venue and said slowly First of all, let s talk about what the group culture is.Many of you may not have joined some large corporate groups before, and you don t know much about what corporate culture is.Let me briefly say that corporate culture is like a person s appearance, and the core values are the heart of this person.We can change the world s perception of us by dressing up, but the core value can never be changed.What is the culture of Guohao Group What are the core values I just thought about it, and I will talk to you.

To build a factory outside of Xiangjiang, it is still in another country., Some aspects must be done well to avoid the other party from getting stuck with you from time to time In the afternoon, after three o clock.Li Guohao went to the Xiangjiang Chinese Manufacturers Association Building by car.Originally, Li Guohao planned to go to the New Territories to participate in the New Territories Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the afternoon, but because all the personnel could not be there, the time was moved to three days later.It just so happened that the manufacturer s association called and invited Li Guohao to participate in the manufacturer s conference at the end of this year.Xiangjiang will have four major chambers of commerce in the future, most of which were established in the 1930s and 1950s.

There is a TV show called Winner Weekly , which is hosted by the five of them.After seeing the Winner Band at the entrance of West Kowloon Street at noon, Li Guohao had a thought.Bruce Lee and Xu Guanjie are also very popular now, but generally speaking, they can only be popular in the film industry.And the Winner Band is It s different, as an early pop band in Xiangjiang, their long wavy hair can attract many young girls and boys.I don t know if it s an illusion of Li Guohao.In later generations, he always felt that some fans of boy groups or girl groups , is a little bit crazier than the fans of actors, or they are willing to spend money.And now Xiangjiang can be regarded cbd gummy vitamins as a new pop band, the Winner Band, which was popular in the four years between 1974 and 1978 The whole of Southeast Asia.

After that, Li Guohao stepped forward and grabbed Zhao Yazhi s hand and walked into the office.Chen Sheng, who was in the room, saw this and said goodbye tactfully, and went to the lounge outside to stay Here, you See, turn on the button at the bottom, then wipe the record and put it on, to avoid dust and bad sound effect, now put the stylus on it.Zhao Yazhi slowly moved the stylus to the record.Immediately, there was a sound for a few seconds, and the sound of dr oz cbd gummies for diabetes cbd gummy vitamins beautiful music soon rang out.Whose record did you buy Is it Miss Xiaofeng clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummy vitamins s Zhao Yazhi heard the sound of music, but she had never heard it before, so she asked.No.Li Guohao shook his head, and just as he finished speaking, he heard a male voice from the record player, singing an English song.Whose is that After Zhao Yazhi asked, she saw the record wrapping paper on the table, picked it up, and it said Wenner Band Sha La La on it.

Li Guohao was slightly taken aback, he didn t expect that Pang Heshuo s thinking was so forward, and he could think of using the topic of exclusive interviews with celebrities to attract readers.Some later TV programs such as Interview with Yang Lan , Lu Yu cbd gummy vitamins martha maccallum cbd gummies Youyue , Very Zero Distance and other TV programs that interview entrepreneurs, celebrities and stars are relatively not very popular, but they are still good.Otherwise, there wouldn t be so many similar shows.But in Hong Kong today, the world of the rich is unimaginable for the poor.There is a good saying that poverty limits my imagination.It is not an exaggeration to put it now.There is no Internet, no people showing off their wealth, and no selfies of the rich second generation.The general public often has little idea of the life of the top rich.

In my opinion, the meaning of worldview, simply put, is how you position the world.During the Republic of China, I had learned a little bit of Marxism, and there was also the concept of the Three best cbd gummies no sugar Views in Marxism, but it was very different from Li Sheng s, so I won t mention it.A worldview is what you think the world should be like.For example, a philosopher, how the world was born in his cbd hemp direct gummies review 25mg cbd gummy opinion involves many issues.Let s not mention these complicated philosophical theories for the time being After talking about the Three Views in a popular way, let me give an example to describe it.It was mentioned before that people have different social status and have different understandings of the Three Views.Wealthy families will have great spiritual needs, but relatively poor people will have greater needs for monetary enjoyment.

Upon hearing this, William agreed to this method on the spot The manager of the marketing department of the food company said, Why don t we go talk to the office No way Both Li Guohao and Huang Yaohua refused the matter.Just kidding, those foods that have been removed from the shelves have always been positioned as mid to high end foods.Even if they are stored in the half cbd half thc gummies warehouse and wait to get moldy, they can t be sent to a small shop like a shop for sale What is the original positioning of a food, so it must not be changed temporarily, otherwise cbd gummy vitamins the problem faced is that no one will buy it.Nongfu Spring was originally regarded as a relatively expensive mineral water in China.When others sold it for one yuan, it sold for one yuan and five.However, with the development of the economy and the improvement of people s consumption level, the price of mineral water has been soaring.

Because the new school was still under construction, and it was already the start of the school season, Li Guohao discussed with Master Wang and others to recruit students first and then find a bigger place near the new school to make do with it.This factory building was built 40 years ago.It was originally used to produce matches, but later with lighters, the factory stopped working and has been empty until now.The internal environment has cbd gummy vitamins are cbd gummies legitimate been cleaned and renovated, and it can basically be used for normal teaching.When Li Guohao and his party arrived at the gate of the factory building and were about to get off the car, they saw many people gathered around the gate of the factory building not far away.There were also some reporters in the crowd, and one of them recognized that this was Li Guohao s exclusive vehicle, and quickly shouted to his companions Li Guohao is here Go and interview him.

Master Wang took the lead and led Li Guohao to the front, pointing to a larger factory building in front HCMUSSH cbd gummy vitamins of him and said with a smile.Is there a compartment in it Well, Master Wang nodded HCMUSSH cbd gummy vitamins and said, the factory has three buildings in total, and the factory building is the largest.We have simply renovated the interior, set up compartments with wooden boards, and made ventilation holes.Now there are a total of 300 students, more than half of them are enrolled to learn pastry making techniques, most of the rest are also enrolled as chefs, and only more than 20 students are studying catering management.So few people have studied catering management Li Guohao was a little puzzled.Students who need to study for catering management are naturally unhappy.Master Wang chuckled.Most of the students who come to the school to sign up are people who don t like to study or don t like to go to school.

Yes, their They proposed to share the same market share, but they recently asked for an additional share in overseas distribution.Li Guohao frowned and said, The price of other people s distribution is different from ours Yes.Cai Lan said I and Golden Harvest s He Guanchang talked about this matter, he said that because of the high cost of overseas distribution, the price of overseas hairstyles for each movie will rise in the future, and we are not the only ones who are different.Heh Only Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers were able to send Xiangjiang s hair to Nanyang and other places, and Shaw Brothers only allowed their own films to be released, which made Golden Harvest a fortune.Li Guohao sneered.Shaw Brothers has been operating the company according to the concept of self production and self sale since the 1950s, but Golden Harvest took advantage of the resources obtained from Shaw Brothers in the early years to help some film where can you buy green ape cbd gummies companies obtain overseas distribution opportunities.

Shen Dianxia said slowly The two people walking slowly are our bride and groom today.her father.When I was young, the person I admired the most was my father, he was so strong and hardworking, a pair of arms supported the whole family Like the process of most weddings, Father Zhao merged the hands of Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi, enduring the tears that were about to overflow from the corners of his eyes, turned around and walked HCMUSSH cbd gummy vitamins down the stage without a trace of muddy water.Watching Father Zhao leave , Zhao Yazhi felt an inexplicable pain in her heart.When she was sad, she felt the comfort from her lover Li Guohao, and she smiled warmly in her heart, saying that she was fine.We are all very curious about one thing, Li Sheng you How did you meet Ah Zhi Seeing that the corners of the bride s eyes were red, Shen Dianxia quickly changed the subject and asked.

Well, I want to go to various places in the world to shoot scenes and invite world renowned martial artists to participate in this movie.I have already thought of a new movie title called The Warrior s Journey.The track of history has already changed.Butterflies from later generations quietly ushered in a new world, and no one knows what the future holds.He didn t think much, just nodded and agreed Yes.I can still get five million dollars.Chapter 379 He Zuozhi s Li Guohao and Bruce Lee are discussing the new movie, and their table is diagonally opposite A somewhat obese middle aged man has been looking at Li Guohao.He has been watching Li Guohao since he entered the restaurant.What is Brother Shiyi looking at Zheng Jinghan, who was sitting opposite the fat man, followed his eyes curiously Are you looking at Li Guohao or Bruce Lee Both of them are watching.

If you simply follow the logic of later generations, there are advantages and disadvantages to going public.The advantage is that it can increase the value of the company, and the second is the organic gummies cbd ability to raise funds and so on.As for the disadvantages, the company s financial status will be fully transparent and open, and will be supervised by the Securities Management Committee.But whether it is in Xiangjiang at this time, or Xiangjiang in the 1970s, it is really hard to say whether it will be listed or not.Li Qiang was the first person to start a business with Li Guohao.To put it bluntly, all the affairs of the palace cakes in the early stage were decided by Li Qiang.And He Qianjin also helped Li Guohao a lot.Both of them proposed to go public, which made Li Guohao a little difficult to make a decision.

Naturally, otherwise I wouldn t have brought Uncle Bao together.Li Guohao said with a smile.In fact, the very first time Li Guohao thought about building a port, he thought of a best partner, Bao Daheng If I remember correctly, the famous Wharf in Xiangjiang was acquired by the Bao tycoon in front of him at a cost of billions of Hong Kong dollars.Relying on Wharf, cbd gummies 5mg cbd hemp direct gummies review Bao Daheng successfully abandoned the ship and landed, achieving another glorious road.Faced with Li Guohao s words, Bao Daheng did not answer directly, but pondered.For him who has always been cautious in business, the port is a huge investment, and if it fails, it may be related to the operation of his own company.This meeting did not directly agree to come down.Li Guohao is naturally very cautious when it involves an investment of hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars.

Not only did he save less money, but he made the scene very big.Not only did he buy a lot of firecrackers, but he also temporarily borrowed a whole pig from the commune, and later paid off the debt with work points.In this way, Xiangjiang discussed the plan for investing in the mainland.The group will invest 300 million Hong Kong dollars in the early stage to invest in the mainland, depending on the situation.Consider additional funding.At first, he thought that 300 million Hong Kong dollars would be enough for Guohao Group s investment and development in the mainland, but Li Guohao s cbd gummy vitamins sudden and temporary desire to build a building and a supermarket also made the people in Xiangjiang panic.Di Yimin immediately asked Qi Boheng to bring many professional designers, architects and accountants of Guohao Real Estate to the mainland to assist the chairman s investment in the mainland.

If he himself did not study molecular food, he would not look at genetically modified technology that he does not understand at all.Cough Li Guohao coughed lightly.He couldn t say that he learned about it from a scolding battle in later generations, so he could only find an excuse and said When I was cbd gummy vitamins in Australia last year, I was bored to see a magazine with mentioned.Oh.Huo Zheng didn t doubt it, nodded, guessing that the chairman called him back this time, it should be related to this, and then asked Then chairman, clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummy vitamins what do you mean by mentioning genetically modified technology Li Guohao said I just want to ask you, can we study this technology Let s study genetically modified technology Huo Zheng was stunned, and said in surprise Chairman, there are very few achievements in genetically modified technology, and very few people have studied it, and this technology seems to be meaningless to us.

As for the equipment and equipment, if you need them, you can buy new ones and move all the old ones back.The Molecular Food Laboratory was Li Guohao In order to promote the molecular food that I created , I hope to promote it to the world at the fastest speed.However, the high cost and the molecular food that must be produced by trained molecular chefs obviously did not meet the expectations that Li Guohao thought back then.Except for magic beads and popping candies that are selling well in many regions and countries, the rest can only be ordered by people and dispatched to make them.Investment must continue, but it will be a bit of a loss if it only develops in the United States.Up to now, molecular food has not appeared in Xiangjiang.Li Guohao s idea is to promote it in Asia as much as possible, which can also serve martha stewart cbd gummy review the He brings the greatest benefit.

This time, Guohao Group applied for a banking license and opened its own As far as the bank is concerned, whether it is the group s cash flow, savings funds, or employees accounts, or the bank accounts designated by partners, it is absolutely necessary to withdraw 100 to their own banks.It s as simple as hundreds or thousands of people, but tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people, and the amount involved is at least billions In HSBC, Shen Bi temporarily A meeting was held, cbd gummies 5mg cbd hemp direct gummies review and the content of the discussion was naturally related to Guohao Group s establishment of a bank.At the beginning of the meeting, someone slapped the table angrily and said viciously What does Li Guohao want to do We at HSBC have cooperated with him for so many years, and we gave him a loan if he wanted funds.

It s a lot.Fu Zhengguang said You can get ten yuan for free by applying for a bank card.I think there will be many people who are willing.I m afraid they are all old people.When it comes to dim sum, almost all the people who come are elderly people.This After thinking about it, Fu Zhengguang seems to have a higher record of old people signing up cards.It s not that they look down on the old people, but the old people open the cards, which must be rarely used.For money, the record of using the card will be a little higher.That s it.Li Guohao said in a deep voice for a few seconds Instead of giving ten yuan, it s better to give it a little bigger.According to your plan, you can get ten yuan by getting a card.But we can do another activity, post it in the most conspicuous place of the bank, and state the level of our bank card on it, and how to improve the related level and related services, you will think about dr oz cbd gummies for diabetes cbd gummy vitamins it later.

If it was in the mainland, it might directly drop to the limit.Fortunately, cbd gummy vitamins when the video broke out, it was after four o clock in the afternoon, only one and a half hours before the market closed, so it was not too serious.But the real estate industry is almost facing collapse.Many wealthy businessmen handed over their houses to intermediaries overnight, and flew overseas directly with bank books, gold, silver and jewelry.In the morning of the next day, almost all the housing agencies in Xiangjiang were buzzing with people, covered by crowds.They did not come to buy a house, but wanted to sell their own house.You know, a month ago, Xiangjiang real estate agency had no vacant houses.Once there was a house with a good location and a reasonable price, it was bought almost instantly.But now it is only looking at someone selling it, not someone buying where can i get smilz cbd gummies it.

He wants to use this opportunity to quickly develop in the In a few years, a large amount of funds will be collected to invest heavily in the Mainland, the United States, Europe and other regions, and the Guohao Group will truly be brought to the whole world.It should be him.Zheng Jiachun and Huo Zhenting have been silent for a long time.They still have lingering fears about the real estate bargain hunting.After all, the real estate in Xiangjiang is almost broken.In this district, there is no place where the land price or housing price is normal.They are all falling, falling, falling Thinking about how much heart and courage it is to buy the bottom at this time.Ahao, I have never admired a few people in my life.Forget about the older generation, I always feel that they benefit from being born early, and the times have created opportunities for them.

The complete collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate was something Li Jiacheng did not expect, but the business opportunities after the collapse, he was able to control it from the slightest.In the 1950s, Li Jiacheng transferred from the plastic flower business After entering the real estate business, I have personally experienced three major real estate fluctuations.The first time was the leftist riot in 1967, which threatened to communist the whole of Hong Kong.In an instant, the land price in Xiangjiang plummeted.Land reserve.Only in 1972, when Changjiang Real Estate went public, its stock was oversubscribed 65 times by the market and investment companies.The second time was in 1973, the second year after Changjiang Real Estate was listed, the stock market crash broke out, and all real estate in Hong Kong was re subscribed.

In the whole of Hong Kong, no company dared to invest in any real estate projects.Not only is the real estate market desperate, but even all walks of life are deeply affected by the cloud of war, falling in all directions.The citizens who were deeply affected by the rumors swept away daily necessities such as daily necessities such as daily necessities in supermarkets and street convenience stores.Those who were able to immigrate couldn t wait for the approval of the immigration bureau, so they went directly to the airport to buy a plane ticket, and ran away with their family with a soft package.As if war was imminent.Even Li Jiacheng, who is known as the leader of the younger generation, is worried about the current tense situation in Xiangjiang.Without Hutchison Whampoa, which made him fly into the sky, and without too much contact with the mainland, Li Jiacheng, who has always pursued profit oriented, gradually had the idea of running away in this tense situation.

The mainland discusses the Xiangjiang issue in detail.This sudden move by the UK made Daheng Huo and others worried again.Seeing this, Li Guohao could only postpone the next investment.On March 18, when British Foreign Minister Howe led a diplomatic mission to the mainland via Xiangjiang, he publicly announced that the UK is very likely to give up the sovereignty and jurisdiction of Xiangjiang in 1997.These remarks seem to indicate that China and Britain have reached a unified consensus on the ownership of Xiangjiang.The war seems to be getting farther and farther away from Xiangjiang.But what followed was the continuation of the topic of the mainland wanting communism in Hong Kong during the 68 riots more than ten years ago.Compared with the arm wrestling between China and Britain, which is a real war, the topic of communism that may be implemented after the mainland takes over Hong Kong can be said to have caused huge waves in Hong Kong.

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