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Tang Tanger was not to be outdone, her small head stuck to Tang Shuang s big face, acting coquettish and cute from time to time.With such a pair of lovely children, which parent is not satisfied.Tang Shuang was robbed of Tang Shuang s chat with Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning after a short chat due to Candy s competition for favor.Tang Sanjian talked cutely to Tangtanger with an amiable appearance.Tang Shuang s scalp tingled and goosebumps fell all over the floor.He wanted to walk cbd gummies for sleeping away to avoid the sugar storm several times, but in the end he thought twice and held back , because based on his understanding of Brother Three Swords, he definitely got his bottom line.Sure enough, after chatting with Tangtanger for a while, Tang Sanjian began to 100 cbd gummies shark tank steve harvey cbd gummies ask Tangtanger about her emotional changes in the past few days, so as to judge Xiaozhuzhu s mood these days, and further infer her quality of life.

Angel Aimei, if you want to ask Candy s favorite and most curious place, it must be Tang Zhen s boudoir, there are endless novelty things there, just the cbd gummies for sleeping countless bottles and jars on the dressing table, she can study a lot sky.Tang Tang looked worriedly at Tang Shuang best cbd gummies australia cbd gummies for sleeping on the sofa, she was still sleeping, this lazy pig, she snickered silently, led Bai Jingjing up the stairs briskly, and couldn t wait to arrive at the door of Tang Zhen s room, standing on tiptoe Tip toe to open the door, huh Can t push it Try again, still can t open Tangtanger is angry, Xiaoshuang is a cheapskate, he must have locked the door.That s right, it was indeed Tang Shuang who locked the door.Ever since Tangtang er secretly put on makeup in the room that day, he was so frightened that he went into cardiac arrest, he locked the door.

Tangtanger held the candy in both hands, and said pitifully, Xiaoshuang, can I give you one more, I still haven t got the white one.Chapter 52 is all thanks to you Ye Liang triumphantly said to Guo Zifeng Look, Guo Zi I m good at dealing with girls.I earned a hug with a bag of candies.Candy tiger woods cbd gummies bears is sticky to me now.Let s look at you, little girl I didn t pay much attention to it, stuffy gourds are not good, you have to spend your time, you know Guo Zifeng didn t bother to talk to him, but Tang Shuang said angrily, Can you stop bringing candies when you see Tangtanger in the future You do this every time, little boy If children eat too much, they will grow moths.Ye Liang 100 cbd gummies shark tank laughed and said, It s called doing what you like, this is how the natural one cbd gummies 100 cbd gummies shark tank relationship between me and Tangtanger was cultivated, you don t understand Here, Tangtanger is walking on short legs He ran over and spread out his little hands Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang Give me another one, okay Tang Shuang I m an adult Is it worthless to talk If you say five, it s five.

Old Tang s house has been cleaned up, but this is only a superficial effort, and many details have not been taken care of.Not long after, Tang Shuang was called over by Tang Sanjian, came to the goldfish bowl, pointed to the goldfish inside and said, Don t try to fool me, there are two goldfish inside that are not original.Looking around here, be careful of your heart beating thumpingly.Will Little Shuangzi confess her This is what makes Candy the most disturbed.After Xiao Hei and Xiao Hua passed away, Tang Shuang took Tang Tanger and bought two more small goldfishes of the same size and pattern to raise at home, just to confuse the public and get away with it.Unexpectedly, Unexpectedly, brother Sanjian is this What look, you can see through the truth at a glance.Tang Shuang was very curious about how he did it, and asked 666 How did you find out.

Tang Shuang called up the special section of Heroes Tang Sanjian looked at it, and it was really Three Swords of the Imperial Guard , which was written by he Looking at the data of Hero again, there is really no harm without comparison, and he has been dumped by dozens of streets.It took a long time to confirm again and again before Tang Sanjian believed that Tang Shuang had written a novel.This bastard who had been scolded by him for more than ten years as a slob and a scumbag actually wrote a novel This is far beyond Tang Sanjian s cognition, and this novel cbd gummies for sleeping seems to be very popular, even with the pseudonym Three Swords of the Imperial Guard , it has become popular, and a lot of private messages have been received in the author s zone.Tang Sanjian still couldn t believe it, and said solemnly Don t mess around, and divide your duties.

Tang Zhen was smart since she was a child, and Tang Sanjian had high hopes, but everyone has their own ambitions.Parents can t arrange their children s future.After figuring this out, Tang Sanjian let go.From this point of view, he is quite enlightened.In the old law about selling fake cbd gummies Tang family, Tang Zhen is like Huang Xiangning, and she also inherited her musical talent.Tang Tanger is still young, so she can t tell.As for Tang Shuang, Tang Sanjian used to think that she was a freak, neither like him nor Huang Xiangning, but now I found that I still look a little like him.Is it going to be published before I read Heroes , this is Tang Sanjian s unthinkable dream.Tang Zhen s career has encountered the biggest difficulty since her debut.Although she didn t tell her family, Tang Shuang can basically guess it.The new album is not as good as expected, the company has paid but not received, it will definitely have a great impact on the Girl s Day group, but Tang Shuang does not know how much this impact will be.

Now the new album is far from meeting expectations, can we still expect to continue to be optimistic about you After Tang Shuang finished speaking, Tang Zhen became even more silent.Although she didn t want to admit it, Tang Shuang was right.In fact, the company had already talked with Tang Zhen alone, and the talk was about some irrelevant things.Be optimistic about her ability, and believe that she has a brighter futureBalabala, combined with Girl s Day s current cbd gummies for sleeping situation Tang Zhen is not stupid, on the contrary, she is smart.She can see that Girl s Day may be disbanded, and the company is stabilizing Jun Xin told her that the company is optimistic about her and will continue to train her.Tang Zhen thought of another question from this, which is Girl s Will the three girls leave on Day Otherwise, why should the company say these inexplicable things to her alone If it wants to stabilize the morale of the army, wouldn t it be better to say it to the three of them together Besides, she, Tang Zhen, is not the team leader.

Chapter 98 The Confused cbd gummies for sleeping Little Lion Tang Shuang is sitting in the coffee shop, through the floor to ceiling windows, he can see the light rain outside the house, and the pedestrians on the road come and go in a hurry.There was a snickering sound from the front table.It was a young couple talking intimately next to each other.The boy whispered some jokes, which made the girl laugh constantly.Just talking, the voice became louder., completely disregarding Tang Shuang at the next table, who is alone.The girl looked back at Tang Shuang, and signaled the boy to keep her voice down, and the boy also looked at the single dog, seeming a little disdainful, but still going his own way.The girl was so teased that she leaned forward and cbd gummies for sleeping cbd gummies albuquerque backward, and couldn t care about Tang Shuang s feelings anymore.Tang Shuang was speechless, and chatted with Li Haonan on WeChat about the signing event.

Come up, he is the eldest son of Tang Dajian, the elder brother of Tang Huohuo, and the eldest of the juniors in the old Tang family.Zhenzhen, are you okay now What s going on Everyone is worried about you.I heard that Xiaoshuang is taking care of you in Shengjing.When will you go home Immediately, a voice message appeared below, lasting 5 minutes 22 seconds, you don t need to look at it, it must be Erniang Peony s, she is a chatterbox, typing is too laborious, and it s not fun, you have to use voice.As for what she said, I don t know, because everyone is used to it, and usually they don t click on her voice.For example, Tang Shuang, he never listens to Peony s voice, if Peony asks what do you think of what I just said, Tang Shuang will say it is very good, what Erniang said is very right, I will listen to Erniang.

Could it be these three No, the name is Clover.There should be four of them.There are only three of them.Could it be that one of them didn t come These three people s faces are full of greenness, and it is clear at a glance that there is no combination of underage or underage Does this count as child labor legally allowed The more Bai Jianming thought about it, the more interesting he found it.He had heard the news before, but he didn t pay attention to it at the time.Now he thinks it s news that can be dug up.Just because he is underage, it is a gimmick.On the other hand, it may be able to arouse national discussion.It s inconvenient to think about it for the time being, Bai Jianming told Xiao Ma to write this down in advance, and they will come to follow him another day.Xiao Ma didn t expect that he would discover a potential big news with a few casual words, and couldn t help being enthusiastic, staring at the entrance even harder.

Little Putao nodded thoughtfully, and said Polar bears are not small animals, they are so big, we can t beat them.Brother Xiaoshuang can cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews t beat him either.Qiqi bragged that he could beat him.Tangtang believed it, and said, Wow Qiqi is so powerful, even Xiaoshuang can t beat him, so you can beat Xiaoshuang.Qiqi looked at Tang Shuang, but didn t dare to say anything When cbd gummies for sleeping Tang Shuang led Tangtanger to the underwater world, the little man was completely lost and found that his eyes were not enough.There were many animals swimming in the underwater world above his head, all kinds of big fish, seals, Penguin The three children held hands, opened their mouths wide, and were amazed.They have never seen such a magical underwater world in their lives.Qiqi s mother and Xiaoputao s mother accompanied them, answering a hundred thousand whys.

That kind of success is too narrow.Knowledge can be used for dedication , then learn more knowledge.After Tang Shuang finished talking with Tang Sanjian, she went back to her room and took a nap.The door was not locked, but Tangtanger didn t bother him.Now her heart is melatonin cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleeping Tang Xiaowu, and all her attention is attracted by the bird that attracts everyone s attention, and she keeps walking around holding the bird cage.Bai Jingjing has fallen out of favor, so she can only follow the little girl s footsteps aggrievedly, begging for mercy.After waking up, Tang Shuang felt refreshed like never before.She sat down at the desk, turned on the laptop, and started typing.This time, instead of coding The Romance of the Dragon and Snake , I wrote a short story.When visiting Wei Daqun yesterday, Wei Tingting wanted to do an interview with him, but Tang Shuang didn t agree and instead wrote her a short story as compensation.

Let s go Li Wenzhan was about to leave with Zhong Weichen, but the girl gritted her teeth tightly and did not speak.At this time, the elevator that came down opened, and the assistant came out, saying that you are still there, come up quickly, there is only five minutes.Tang Shuang and Wenpin listened to Li Wenzhan s narration, and Zhong Weichen s appearance couldn t help appearing in their minds.She was a short girl, about 1.65 has short hair, is soft and weak, and is small, but always gives the impression of being energetic.Tang Shuang asked, What was the last thing she threw into the elevator The writer originally didn t intend to be interviewed, but after reading it, he reversed his attitude and agreed.Wenpin also stared at Li Wenzhan curiously.Li Wenzhan drank half a glass of wine, smacked his mouth, and said, That s a note, on which were written the more than one hundred candidate interview questions we prepared earlier.

Tang Shuang made a move Swear back They all said that, why are you pretending to be polite, use rude words, dirty or not Don t worry about it, let s talk about it after winning.Tang Sanjian was not happy anymore, what is pretending to be gentle Tang Shuang thought to herself, if you showed half of your arrogance towards me, let alone Lu Dewang and Jian Siming, if you multiply it by two, they will not be your opponents.Don t be angry, we have to fight against the enemy and fight against each other.Tang Sanjian Do you dare to scold Jian Siming Tang Shuang patted the table, who has patted whom, and said righteously I m afraid of him It s never happened before.I m afraid of what he s doing I didn t scold him before because I respected him, not because I was afraid.Tang Sanjian Then I don t intend to respect him now.

Mao Buyi handed the newspaper to Cui Guofu, and the meeting room fell silent.Cui Guofu quickly read it, picked up his teacup, took a sip, looked at everyone and said, Tomorrow s current commentary article will use this as the headline.It s not easy.You can contact the Yuezhou Evening News to obtain the author s authorization.Chapter 205 The much anticipated Flying Pig just like that, A Maverick Pig actually appeared on the front page of the supplement of Huaxia Daily It was really beyond Tang Shuang s expectations.After Tang Sanjian got the news, he was in a good mood.After this article was published in the Guangdong Evening News, it aroused enthusiastic responses in Guangdong.But appearing in the media at the central level, the significance and influence have increased by an order of magnitude.

This is the first time I have seen such a pig in official media.Massive discussion of pigs, eye opening.Did the pig die under the gun in the jax cbd gummies end Did it escape Be a wild boar In Guangdong Province, this pig is the most popular.Who made it a local pig Didn t you see that the author Tang Sanjian is from Guangdong Province He is a well known professor at Guangdong University.This makes everyone very pleased.Guangdong Province has always been open minded.Frontier, this kind of article that ignites ideological discussions, of course, should be written by Cantonese people, and this is justified.When Yuezhou said so, Shudi was not happy.This is not a pig from Yuezhou, it is clearly a pig from Shudi Only a place as beautiful as Sichuan can breed a once in a lifetime pig Tang Sanjian became famous, and the school leaders talked to him several times, praising him for his advanced thinking, worthy of being the backbone of Guangdong University, and encouraging him to make persistent efforts and write more good articles with profound thoughts such as A Maverick Pig.

Tang Shuang, the little cbd gummies for sleeping pig, hugged Tang Shuang s arm tightly and arched The little head smiled and said Hee hee, good Tang Shuang sang in Cantonese Naughty and funny little stars.Decorate the sky with sparkles.I like to count the stars every night.Unfortunately, I can never count them Candy The milky voice also said in Cantonese, Ah huh, the Lun family just talk, and there are too many little stars.Immediately, Xiao Niuniu couldn t help but whispered to Tang Shuang s singing Once upon a time there were stars flying Pass.If you find the star, please give it to me.The star fell into the hillside.There was a fire on the side of the mountain.Once upon a time, there was another star flying by.Soon you will know the bend In Tang Shuang s singing, Candy s life The first camping was slowly coming to a perfect end, the little girl HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sleeping was tired today, and fell asleep sweetly Tang Shuang carefully covered her with a quilt, her hands were tightly held by her, not daring to move, listening to her light voice , looking up at the stars for a while, and looking at the villain sideways for a while, the stars cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews are far away when looking at the stars, and the villain is very close when you are a child Only cbd gummies sunmed when people live in the present is the most real.

Luo Yuqing s The corners of his mouth rose quickly, letting out a series of light and small laughs , then he didn t give Tang Shuang a chance to speak, and quickly caught up with Tang Zhen in front of him.Tang Shuang was stunned for a moment, thinking about Luo Yuqing s expression, movements, tone and words just now, she realized that she seemed to have been molested just now Throughout the ages, there have been many, many hymns about the moonlight.In contemporary times, there is a great writer.When he was teaching at a university, there was a famous story.A student asked him I love you in English.If you want to translate Into Chinese, what should be the explanation.Some students answered for the teacher, saying that I love you should be translated literally, but this great writer thinks that it should not be translated in this way.

The chick wanted to wear a skirt, but she was not allowed.I m going to pick vegetables in the vegetable garden with my grandfather later.If you want to go, you can t go in a skirt.After weighing the pros and cons, Tangtang resolutely gave up her plan to wear a skirt.Anyway, she has to take a bath at night, so she can find it by herself when the time comes.skirts to wear.Mom, where is my princess head The princess dress is not on, so the princess head can t be missing, right She s now simply wearing a ponytail, with long strands hanging down to her tank top.Huang Xiangning helped her comb her bangs.Under the neat and well behaved bangs, there was a pair of long eyelashes and a pair of big black eyes, just like the ones in the comics.Tang Shuang stood aside, looked at Tangtanger and Huang Yaoshi, and couldn t help laughing.

Grandpa didn t tell Tang Tanger that Prime Minister Gui s family also ate small fish and shrimp.The small fish and shrimps raised in the pond are food for the little turtles.Seeing that Tangtanger didn t like it, grandpa stopped talking about turtles, but taught Tangtanger to recognize the small animals in the pond.For example, the small snails natures only cbd gummies for sale attached to the edge of the pond, they crawl along the pond gently and slowly.There are also clumsy caddis worms, which float to the surface of the water dragging their small sheaths, climb up the aquatic plants, and then stick their front bodies out of the sheaths.Some of them lie leisurely on the water plants and bask in the sun, and some dive into the bottom of the water and swim to their heart s content.There is also a lively water beetle, which has a chest wing, shining in the sun, like a mighty general.

Candy came to grandpa curiously, Grandpa I ll help you pick red fruits.Grandpa taught her to pick red ones, and she couldn t pick blue ones and those that weren t red, because they hadn t grown up yet.Okay Little Piggy grabbed a huge tomato and pulled the branch long.After a lot of effort, he almost sat on the ground by pulling the branch.The tomato was not picked, and the tomato tree was almost destroyed by her.Pulled out.Grandpa Tangtang, you have to hold the branches and leaves with one hand like me, and pick the tomatoes with the other hand, so that you can pick them.The basket is full.Grandpa Tang Zhen was picking eggplants on the other side, Tangtanger picked three tomatoes, and couldn t bear it anymore, she carried her small basket and ran to Tang Zhen s side, she also wanted to pick eggplants.

Now that the film market is huge, the subject matter that can be filmed is unprecedentedly rich.The unpopular subject matter and niche subject matter that used to be fatal, as long cbd gummies for sleeping as the quality is good, they can still be recognized by the audience, giving directors more space to display their talents.Zhang Tianfeng said But it also brings another problem.The threshold for directors is low.As long as someone invests, anyone can be a director.This phenomenon is very strange.At the lowest level, at a small scale, it is rich and willful at a high level, it is creating cultural garbage and spreading dross culture.Qiu Sen said This is the linkage effect brought about by the explosive growth of the film market.Such a large There is a piece of cake in front of you, and everyone wants a piece of it.

Tang Shuang was about to ask where Pan Fugui had goneTang Shuang took Candy by the hand, followed by Bai Jingjing, and came to the grove.She didn t find Pan Fugui, nor did she find any bad guys, nor even the two fishing rods.Footprints Chapter 307 Rescue Pan Fugui Tang Shuang looked at the string of small footprints, and said to the smirking Tangtanger with an unfriendly expression, I told you many times, you are not allowed to go to the lake alone I will say it again today.Once, you are not allowed to go to the lake alone If this happens again, you will be grounded You are not allowed to enter the grove for a month What a fierce Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang pouted, lowered her head and whispered, I know Tang Shuang touched her little head, her tone softened, and said, The lakeside is very dangerous, what if a child like you falls into it Every year, many children fall into the river or drown in the lake.

Not long ago, he received a message from Shang Hui after cbd gummies for sleeping he finished the phone call with Tang Shuang.Although Shang Hui was worried for Tang Shuang, she just slapped him and immediately called him again So I told Ye Liang about the matter and asked Ye Liang to tell Tang Shuang.Ye Liang was loyal enough, he dropped his work and came here to take Tang Shuang to meet Zhang Tianfeng, don t cause misunderstanding because of a phone call, it s not worth the loss.Besides, Zhang Tianfeng did it for Tang Shuang s good, and helped him speak in front of others, even if he didn t know him, he should be grateful to such an elder.Tang Shuang didn t expect such a thing to happen, Wu Shulian He knew that this person had made countless movies, but there were also countless bad ones this was what Tang Shuang said in his heart.

However, the little boy in black said coldly Silly boy Candy cbd gummies test positive for weed said a little angrily, You curse You are stupid, the Lun cbd gummies for sleeping family is smart.The little boy in black said more emphatically You idiots You are all weak chickens, follow me and eat ashes Again, eat ashes Last time I was scolded like this by a teenager, and today I was scolded by this little guy again.Candy was furious, and said with her wyld cbd enhanced gummies hands on her hips, Follow me and blow ashes, and fart for you You are so sweet The little boy in black looked pale.Shen, walked over in a hurry, and seemed to want to teach Tangtang a lesson.Tangtanger wouldn t be afraid of him, and vehemently fought back I won t be afraid of you if you fight Bai Jingjing loyally protected her master, and stood in front of Tangtanger, ready to show herself as a vicious dog and scare the bad guy away However, it was too small, it was in vain, and without barking, it was suddenly kicked over by the little boy in black.

Tan Si s music is magnificent, humanistic, and compassionate, but the murderousness is missing.Zhang Fei You say that, it really feels like it Then how do you add murderousness You need to use swords, horseshoes Is it possible to record the sound of the instrument Tang Shuang Of course it is also a method, but if you cbd heart gummies add these, it will be difficult to control the various sounds.The more instruments, the harder it is to control, and it seems less natural.Zhang Fei You are a professional and you decide, I just give advice.Tang Shuang Actually, the drum is the most murderous instrument.Zhang Fei There is already a drum inside.Tang Shuang The sound of the drum is too soft., It s a modern way of playing drums, and it s not murderous enough.Zhang Fei Then what kind of drum is suitable Tang Shuang Director Zhang, have you heard of Gutong Zhang Fei shook his head I haven t heard of it, what, it s the little drummer Children Tang Shuang Gutong is not a child playing drums, but a group of young people playing drums.

Tang Shuang touched Tangtang er s little head and asked her if it still hurts.Little Piggy shook his head and said it didn t hurt anymore, because she was so powerful.Tang Shuang are cbd gummies legal in uk You are a child, so you have to speak cbd gummies for sleeping out when it hurts.At this time, children don t need to be strong.Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, can I ride a slide bike when I recover Tang Shuang Of course Sure.Tangtanger Then we need to practice a little more every day to catch up with the other children.Tang Shuang That s right, we have to make up for the homework we missed.Li Dehua asked about the car slide, Tangtanger told He, she is going to participate in the slide race.Li Dehua immediately encouraged Tangtanger to cheer, and asked the time and place When the time comes, I will also cbd gummies for sleeping cheer Tangtanger Tangtanger nodded with a smile Okay, I invite Brother Hua to participate.

Don t want it.Our old Tang s family will pick up another one and take Tang Xiaotang away.Change it.Huh Candy poked her little ear, as if she couldn t believe it, and asked loudly You are a wolf with a big tail Throw away my sister You are not loving, you are a villain Huh My sister is hurt Tang Shuang If you are disobedient, I will throw you away, tonight.After speaking, she ran away, because the injured little fairy chased and beat him.This little angel with broken wings fell so fiercely into the mortal world Tang Shuang chased after him for a while, seeing that there was no hope of catching up, he stopped and muttered, like telling a story, he first organized his thoughts and straightened his language, and then said to Tang Shuang who also stopped Humph Don t think I don t know.You threw me away, and the baby paper you picked up is also disobedient.

The doll was already inflated in this state, and she could take care of it when she calmed down.This cbd gummies for sleeping opportunity is coming soon.Brother Sanjian received a call from sister Xiangning, drove to school to pick her up, and called back halfway, saying that he decided to go to the movies with Xiangning, and you two should cook for yourself.Tang Shuang and Tangtang er stared wide eyed, what s going on, they left us like this Is it real cbd gummies for sleeping or not Tang Tanger was startled, the adults cbd gummies for sleeping were not at home, she had no backer, she was so dangerous, she glanced at Tang Shuang quietly, slipped into her small room, bang, locked the door.Tang Shuang sneered twice, and knocked on the door Dodododou the little penguin from the Antarctic, I m the big bear from the North Pole, open the door, let s play a game.Candy s voice sounded through the door I, I, Lun Sleep at home, the penguin has a stomachache, you go back, you are too big, I will suffer, Gudebai.

The kitchen was full of hatred for a while Laughing wantonlyhahaha In Old Tang s house, whoever rules the snacks and kitchen is the king.Tang Shuang Pick up your little butt, and hit yourself ten times.Candy asked pitifully, Will you forgive me if I hit you Yes.Pia pia pia Tang Shuang Ten blows, it s done, Xiaoshuang, do you forgive me The child is so cute, I can t bear to bully him anymore, Tang Shuang Look at you being so naive For the sake of my lordship, I don t remember the villain s faults, so I forgive you, and I have to show more respect when I see my brother livewell cbd gummies in the future.Tang Tanger asked the key point Can I have lunch Tang Shuang You will have lunch at noon.Take a sip, go back, sit at the dining table and confess for three minutes, and sing another twenty times, only brother is good in the world, hurry up Candy er was dissatisfied, with a puffy face, and said loudly Tangtang er has to sing a hundred times Oh, Tang Shuang looked at her with admiration.

This is what Tang Shuang said.This guy who doesn t know current affairs was immediately beaten by a child with a fist boom The door is shut tightly Tang Shuang, who had been shut down, stood outside the door, and stared at Bai Jingjing, who was pushed out to guard the door again.This unlucky little dog s heart was beating wildly, and his tail was wagging rapidly I m on your side, darling Demon king, big master Forgive me Tang Xiaoshuang is no longer the annoying ghost, Tangtanger rectified her mood, hypnotized herself I am the little sun, I am the little sun, be strong, be optimistic , then squeezed out a smile, turned around and started the small animal story conference with the friends La.The guests headed by Chu Mei sat upright, their waists were straight, and they cbd gummies for sleeping could finally listen to Tang Tang s storytelling, haha.

A good opponent can set off one s own excellence.Tang Shuang and Ling Wendong are constantly fighting in language, and they are not at a disadvantage.On the contrary, in Director Mu s view, not only is Tang Shuang not being led by the nose by Ling Wendong, but he has faintly taken the initiative.Perhaps Ling Wendong got what he wanted and was satisfied with this interview, so the following topics began to focus on the outline, for example What books does Tang Shuang usually like to read Parenting books, fairy tale books.Ling Wendong originally just asked casually.In his opinion, this kind of question is tantamount to nonsense, but Tang Shuang s answer made him startled, parenting book you are married Have a child Immediately, he looked at Tang Zhen, who was .

can you take cbd gummies while nursing?

particularly eye catching, and wondered if it was with this big star, right As soon as Tang Zhen came in, Ling Wendong noticed it, not only he noticed it, but no one at the scene could ignore it, beautiful people were always the focus of attention wherever they went.

The whole of China fits this style, and there is only one top level martial arts instructor, Zhao Zhishan.Tang Shuang knew it, and Qiu Sen knew it too, but cbd gummies for sleeping they didn t explain it clearly.Tang Shuang didn t directly mention Zhao Zhishan because he didn t want to give Qiu Sen the impression that he interfered too much.Qiu Sen didn t directly mention Zhao Zhishan because he didn t cbd gummy worns want to invite him.No one knew that Qiu Sen and Zhao Zhishan had a feud.Both Zhao Zhishan and Chen Fengsheng were born in Cangzhou.Unlike Chen Fengsheng s film family, Zhao Zhishan came from a martial arts family.Looking back, more than ten generations of his family were local martial arts masters.Influenced by the family atmosphere, Zhao Zhishan has practiced martial arts since he was a child, and his abilities are so tough that seven or eight big guys can t get close to him.

As he said that, he turned around and left, not forgetting to say to Tang Huohuo I said Huohuo, why are you so dazed, don t hurry up, these big brothers are looking for Tang Shuang, don t delay It s a big deal.Oh, oh, let s go, I just said it, why so many big brothers came over suddenly, it turned out to be a misunderstanding, misunderstanding haha Everyone on the opposite side was stunned, and someone took out a card from his pocket.The photo was Tang Shuang.That s the guy Beat him up Tang Huohuo ran away, ran two steps and found that Tang Shuang hadn t followed, looking back, Xiaoshuang picked up the foldable dining table thrown on the ground and fucked him, and shouted He called Don King.Tang Huohuo knew in his heart that he was a weak chicken, and if he went up to entangle one at most, it was like urinating in a big fire.

Let Xiaozhuzhu see it, the old Tang family must have known it early in the morning, including the two adults and many small animals and dolls.Little Pig smiled and said Take a look, just take a look, just show it to the children, and you won t snatch your bellyband Humph, I have mine too, it s prettier than yours, your white one, small The baby s is the pink piggy s, super cute.Tang Shuang of the pink piggy has seen it, and it s really cute.While talking, Little Piggy stretched out his hand furtively.Tang Shuang best cbd gummies australia cbd gummies for sleeping suppressed her Don t be like this, you are a girl, please be more reserved, brother is too shy, let s go to sleep, come on, lie down obediently, isn t my brother s arms very warm and safe Chapter 390 Untitled Tang Shuang s little hand kept reaching out to tease Tang Shuang s pajamas, sneaking around, Tang Shuang knocked it off again and again, and finally couldn t bear it anymore, and said, Look at my brother s face, it s all red, it s embarrassing.

Anyway, Little Pig has a big heart, no matter how weird it is, she is happy as long as it is new clothes.Seeing that Xiaoshuang was so afraid of her, Tangtanger was even more proud, and walked up to him deliberately, saying This is what mother wears for the baby.Mother said that if she puts on the little cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews ant, she will have endless power tomorrow, just like the little ant The same thing can lift very large things As he spoke, he lost his way, maybe because what he said was true, he felt that he was really as strong as an ant, and could lift things ten times his own weight, so Can beat you A small hand Refers to Tang Shuang In the next minute, the little piglet was kicked out and fled everywhere, shouting for help from his mother Jingjing stop the big devil There was no way to escape, and seeing that she was about to be caught, Little Zhuzhu suddenly cbd gummies for sleeping stood still, and said solemnly to Tang Shuang, who was about to spank her, Brother, the weather is so fine, we really shouldn t use it to quarrel and fight, we lie down Would you like to tell stories in bed In the middle of the night, the wind was howling, and it had nothing to do with the good weather I know you want to change the subject.

Oh, how can I wear headphones to listen to music like this.Tangtang er touched her small ears, which were already covered by the hat.It s enough to raise it up a little bit.Tang Sanjian was also going out to school.When he passed Tangtanger, he raised the little man s hat slightly to expose his ears, and put on little pink earphones for her.This pair of earphones can Listening to music can also keep you warm.Everything was ready, Tang Shuang took her little hand and set off.Tang Shuang s phone is full of pure music, not even the songs of Tang Zhen and Luo Yuqing.Compared with human voices, he prefers the sounds of musical instruments and nature.The reason Tangtanger asked to listen to Tang Shuang s phone was because she wanted to listen herbs fro life cbd gummies to these pure music, she listened to children s songs a lot, and now she wanted to listen to something special.

Where will they go when they die We die Where will you go when you die Tang Xiaoye asked Tang Xiaohuang the same way, but no one knows where Ye Zi will go after death, and no one knows where people will go after death.This is a big secret.Tang Xiaohuang How did he know so much What happened to him later Did he die too Dead.That afternoon, in the golden sunlight, Tang Xiaohuang also let go.He walked away without any struggle.When he fell, He smiled serenely, and said, goodbye best cbd gummies australia cbd gummies for sleeping for now, Tang Xiaoye.Then, there is only Tang Xiaoye left on that tree, he is the only leaf left on that tree, he is so lonely.Tang Tanger nervously clasped his hands Holding Tang Shuang s head, she said, Is Tang Xiaoye going to die too I m so scared, it s really scary.Well, the next morning, the first snow fell.The snow was very soft and white, but It was extremely cold, Tang Xiaoye found that he had faded, became dry and brittle, and the snow was heavy on cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews him.

There were 6 roses among them, and the rest were fake flowers.Huang Xiangning picked out the fake flowers from the water bottle, inserted the roses in his hand, looked at them, and said, Tomorrow we will buy some flowers of other colors and teach Candy how to arrange flowers Well, it s good enough to jump up.Chapter 478 Know Yourself and Your Enemy On Saturday, Huang Xiangning took Candy to go shopping, and bought flowers and vases for flower arrangement by the way.Sister Xiangning seems to really want to teach Candy how to arrange flowers, but this little person obviously doesn t have that quiet temperament, but maybe it is because she is too active that Sister Xiangning wants to cultivate an interest to make her quieter.Be a little lady.Tang Sanjian was a little hesitant to go with his wife and daughter, but in the end he decided not to, and Dean Tang went to the academy melatonin cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleeping as usual, rain or shine.

Teacher Zhang reminded Be an honest child.If you lie, you must write a self criticism.Another self criticism Little Piggy was forced to write for a long time last night.He had to read characters for a long time.He was very hard and tired.After thinking about it, weighing the pros and cons, he quickly took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket, and obediently handed it to Teacher Zhang In Here, hehehehe Teacher Zhang didn t expose her Come and sit on your seat, the teacher is going to class.At the same time, he said to the noisy children Everyone sit down, Tang Tang s mobile phone is here.Lost Tang Shuang, who couldn t find a friend, was a little annoyed at the moment, after sending Zhao Yayi to the teaching building, Miss Zhao refused to get off the car, and after learning cbd gummies for sleeping that Tang Shuang had nothing particularly important, she cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews strongly invited him and her Take class together.

Tang Shuang glanced at him coldly Your words are too level headed, and you can t even distinguish the primary and secondary contradictions.Was Xu Chengyang forced to death Who forced him to death Who did evil Who did nothing cbd gummies with thc drug test Who is willing to lend a helping hand to Xu Chengyang s family when they are helpless Who gave Jian Siming the courage to act recklessly Lu Youping immediately argued with Tang Shuang, and after talking for a long time, Tang Shuang cbd gummies for sleeping finally cbd gummies for sleeping said I invited me here today to talk about this If it s just this, I don t think there s any need to talk about it anymore, so I m leaving.Chapter 505 It s raining, it s raining, the pattering winter rain makes the temperature drop, Tang Shuang, Sun Xuanyang and others Sit around and continue talking.All the people here are old foxes, Tang Shuang did not dare to take it lightly, after all, he has not figured out the purpose of their meeting with him.

She should be glad that Tang er was talking about bragging, not Bragging.Tangtanger was not worried at all, and put her legs on the seat to make herself comfortable Huh You want to beat a child if you say you can t win, are you ashamed Oh you little girl is so bold, I ll hit you, how about it I ll hit you now.The car didn t stop, but the girl pretended to crawl over from the co pilot, Tanger was not afraid, and calmly said to the sister driving Sister, your sister is so naughty Hey The yellow green haired girl looked at this little guy angrily, the little guy spoke with an expression as if he regarded her as a very small child, and the tone of what he said was an adult, which was really impressive Hate teeth itching.She raised her fist and said with a fierce expression, You d better apologize to me, or I will definitely beat you.

The yellow green haired girl couldn t take it anymore, tapped her little head, and said, Why are you talking so much We didn t even ask you, but you just kept talking, it s so noisy Stop talking, and take us to find you Your brother, hand you over, we still have something to do.Tangtang er covered her little head with her hands, and said dissatisfiedly Knocking a child s head is against the law Do you know it s dangerous What if you re knocked stupid The yellow green haired girl Anyway, you re stupid, how stupid can you be Tangtanger looked up at her, she was so monkish, but there was no way, she couldn t beat her Let s go find brother.The little man rushed forward immediately, and she decided that she couldn t beat this guy with yellow and green hair, so she could only find Xiaoshuang and ask Xiaoshuang to take revenge.

The girl with yellow green hair is called Yue Yijie.She is 16 years old this year.Her older sister is called Yue Yiwan.She is already working.The two of them started from home and were going to pick up someone at the train station.They were stopped by Tangtanger on the way, and she was a child.There were no adults around, so I was worried about something happening, so I took a temporary detour and sent her to the hotel first.The younger sister, Yue Yijie, had cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews been secretly looking at Tang Shuang, but when Tang Shuang caught her sight suddenly, her eyes rolled around guiltily.Elder cbd gummies for sleeping sister Yue Yiwan said You re welcome, we just happened to pass by the kindergarten and saw Tang Tang waving at the side of the road to stop the car, just send her safely.But this is really too dangerous, we must be careful in the future, the child is alone It s not safe to be outside, Tang Tang, don t come out alone in the future, you know Tang Tanger sat on the sofa with her head down and pouted, hearing this, raised her head and nodded obediently, and reviews on just cbd gummies said crisply I know, thank you Sister Yueer.

After a meal, Xiaoren er found that she had heard a lot of things that she didn t know before, for example, Xiaoshuang seemed to be very powerful, and the TV station wanted to interview him It s on TV again snort And my sister, my sister seems to have something big going on, what will her song be released in a few days, what will be posted emmm I can t remember clearly, I don t understand that sentence Another very important thing is that my mother s students are getting married, and it seems that their whole family is going to attend the wedding The little man remembers that mother teaches children, wow children get married Why are they doing this What are they doing Won t adults stop them Children Children are all little princesses, and the little princesses are all married to the little prince, so I asked them where they found the little prince, can you introduce some to her Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian don t know The content of their chat will make the children next to them play out big dramas in their hearts.

After chasing for a while, Tang Shuang paused, letting Luo Yuqing catch her on purpose.Then, after the two whispered to each other, Luo Yuqing punched Tang Shuang, and Tang Shuang willingly walked back with their umbrellas still on the ground.Just as Luo Yuqing was about to pick up the umbrella, Tang Shuang grabbed her suddenly, looked at the dreamlike beauty under the street lamp, helped her pat off the snowflakes on her head, and said, It looks so good when we grow old together.After finishing speaking , and slowly hugged Luo Yuqing in her arms.Luo Yuqing in her arms had a complex expression.After staying for a while, she broke free from her arms with a little effort, turned around and stepped on the snow, and walked back along the tall red wall with her head bowed.Tang Shuang looked at her back in disappointment, but this disappointment was only for a moment, and then disappeared.

Ji Yanjie felt warm in his heart, but he still hummed coolly and didn t say any more.In his opinion, Li Yuanlin is the proud son of heaven, with a good chance.Although he is only two years younger than Zhang Changan, his experience is much smoother and easier than theirs.After graduating from school, this guy participated in the national bass team.After winning the championship in the competition, Ding Xiaoquan took a fancy to him and brought him here.And what about him and Zhang Changan They struggled in Tuzi Entertainment for five years, wasted five years, and achieved nothing.Later, Tuzi Entertainment was acquired, the major shareholders changed, and the management also underwent major adjustments.They thought that the opportunity had come, and the most exciting thing was, Yu Xiang became the chief music producer of Tuzi Entertainment.

Amidst the fluttering snowflakes, the lights were brilliant.Although it was noon, due to the heavy snow, the shops on the street were all lit up.Seeing the big one under the snow, Tang Shuang opened the umbrella, and Tang Tanger was upset, because it was useless to her, she was too small, and Tang Shuang was too tall, for her, this big umbrella was almost In the sky, the snowflakes were blown obliquely by the breeze, and still floated on the little man s body.The little man muttered in dissatisfaction, what is the difference between holding an umbrella and not holding an umbrella, bullying people Tang Shuang put on the hood of the down jacket for her amusedly, revealing a small face.However, the little man is still not happy, why Xiaoshuang can hold an umbrella, cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews but she can only wear a hat to resist, it s not fair Then give it to you Tang Shuang handed the umbrella to the little man.

It wasn t enough to brainwash the little fairies of the Tang family.Tang Shuang pointed her claws at the big fairy, and said to the big fairy Zhenzhen, if you want to join our Duck Clan, I can make you the queen You will be Her Majesty the Queen from now on Tang Zhen looked at him with the eyes of a child, her body was a little cold, she squatted down and submerged her beautiful figure in the water.Seeing that her sister was silent, Tangtanger immediately said to Tang Shuang urgently Xiao Shuang, Your Majesty, I want to be Your Majesty Queen, can you let me be Your Majesty Queen I talked about cartoons with the yellow green haired lady on the Internet.The yellow green haired lady once talked about a very good 100 cbd gummies shark tank steve harvey cbd gummies looking cartoon.There are no puppies, little princesses, cbd gummies for sleeping and little princes in it, but there is Her Majesty the Queen.

The shouting on the mountain stopped for a while, and then it sounded again.This time it was cbd gummies for sleeping obviously not a single voice, but several people shouting together, and the voice was much clearer, vaguely saying Mr.Tang The squirrel I found it Tang Shuang heard clearly this time that the squirrel was found, and he immediately said to Tang Tang who was muttering behind Tang Zhen, Did you hear Tang Tang, the master said that the squirrel was found Already Tangtanger heard it too, but she couldn t quite believe it.She also saw two squirrels jumping on 100 cbd gummies shark tank steve harvey cbd gummies the big persimmon tree before, but she didn t realize it was a hallucination.Tang Shuang said, Listen, don t you Tang Tanger listened with a puzzled expression, she couldn t hear clearly.Tang Zhen said I heard it too.It is true that the squirrel was cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews found.

Don t run away, okay You didn t see so many people here, what if you get lost Hold my hand.Before Tangtang er took the initiative to reach out, Tang Shuang had already held the little man s little hand.Tangtanger still wanted to drill in, but couldn t break free from Tang Shuang s shackles, so she said unwillingly, Xiao Shuang, let s go to the front and see more clearly, it s beautiful Jump, you can t see what s happening on stage at all.Huang Xiangning caught up, looked at the performance on the stage, and said, Don t squeeze in, there are too many people, let s stop watching, and go eat, okay Candy was still bouncing around, stretching his neck, thinking I hope to see something from the cracks of people in various ways, especially when I hear the sound of rhythmic music, it is even more difficult to control myself.

This is the first time to come to our house.As the master, we have to Get your spirits up, right Immediately, Tang Shuang was punched weakly by melatonin cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleeping a small fist, and Tang Tanger said melatonin cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleeping dissatisfiedly, Xiao Shuang, why did you say that to your mother Mopping the floor, really, why did you say those things, are you deliberately trying to harm the Lun family Tang Shuang was very upset about what Tang Shuang said in the kitchen about the glory of labor, and spread such a thing for no reason.The first time I mopped the floor today, I was so tired that I had to learn how to walk on all fours.I thought of doing this for a winter vacation The villain looked up into the distance, and silently recited the poem of Goose Goose Goose, and then took it out of his trouser pocket.I took out the bamboo dragonfly that I must bring 24 hours a day, planted it on the top of my head, and wanted to turn into a little fairy and fly away, looking for poetry and the distant place, and never came back.

Although the decoration is not very gorgeous, all kinds of details are very meticulous.For example, there are many big red happy characters on the scene, which were cut by Bian Huijie s sister, and every word was cut with great care There were not cbd gummies for sleeping many guests at the scene, most of them were relatives and friends of Liu Guozhong, and there were very few relatives on Bian Huijie s side.The two sisters of the Bian family were vortex strawberry lime cbd gummies review lonely and had very few relatives.Most of the people who actually came to the scene were friends.Sitting at the main table were Liu Guozhong s parents and Bian Huijie s sister.Huang Xiangning was also invited to sit at the main table by the two sisters of the Bian family.Candy was very puzzled that her mother didn t sit with them, and asked what was going on, and could she go to sit with her mother.

Don t worry, what are you afraid of Don t worry, they won t kiss you again.I can t rush to the stage anymore, if you rush up to grab the flowers again, I can t save you.Candy shook her head quickly No, no, no more, I won t grab the flowers, give them to Auntie They are so scary.Tang Shuang came back with candy, and was performing on the spot.Relatives and friends came on stage by themselves.If there was a cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews show, they would perform, and they had the right to send blessings to the new couple.When the master of ceremonies saw Tang Shuang came back, after a performance, he cbd gummies buy australia immediately said that he would restart the cbd hempdropz gummies flower grabbing, and even bluntly asked Tang Shuang to go up.Haven t snatched flowers yet How long have you been planting flowers Tang Shuang was shocked.A girl at the same table smiled and introduced that she was waiting for him specially.

They are waiting for you to come out, and then they will catch you and take the flowers away What should I do Candy again Nervous, she tiptoedly wanted to stretch her head out to look out, but Tang Shuang held her back in time Don t stick your head out, they brought fishing nets, they will catch your little head and pull it out.Huh Candy was surprised , Yes, is it so serious What do they want to do I want to call mom.Tang Shuang Then go call and tell you, mom won t hear you standing here.Candy Then what should I do You don t need to call mom, brother is here, how about it, do you want to ask brother to escort you Tang Shuang recommended herself.Then Xiaoshuang, protect me.Then you can lend me the flowers and use them for a while, and I ll take a picture, okay Tangtang was moved, but still asked worriedly Xiaoshuang, don t you want me Will you steal the Huahua from the Lun family No, absolutely not, I ll just use cbd gummies for sleeping it.

Candy couldn t wait to ask Is it cbd gummies for sleeping delicious Ye Liang nodded and said vaguely that it was very delicious, then he took out a triangular green candy and handed it to Candy.try one.Tang Tang stretched out his head and took a closer look, and said, This is apple flavored, sour, hiss hehe, do you want to treat me to it Chapter 666 Tang Tang asked to change the script Ye Liang said to treat her , Tangtanger thought for a while, Xiao Yezi had already eaten the first one, so her task was equivalent to completion, now Xiao Yezi invited her to eat, so there was no need to refuse, so she took the apple flavored one with a smile Fudge, smash your mouth, swallow the saliva in your mouth, then stuff it into your mouth, the corners of your mouth immediately slump, your eyes and eyebrows are curved, it s too sour, but she still likes to eat it.

At first glance, when it is really useful, it is hard to curry favor, and when it is useless, it is discarded like a shoe.Tang Shuang called to her Why are you going Breaking the jar What a broken jar Tangtanger said that she didn t understand, but she could understand why go , so she snorted softly and said, What else can I do What can kushley cbd gummies I do Hopscotch, wouldn t it be better to shoot and eat candy, children like to play, but they like to eat more, children eat all day long.Tang Shuang , I really want to knock her on the head It s a bad idea thanks to her.Tangtanger seemed to see that he wanted to do something, and said a little timidly Don t hit the child, don t do it, you don t think what the Lun family said is wrong and you can t hit people, I will cry.After finishing speaking, While watching him be wary, he stepped back, wanting to talk to Xiao Yezi.

The thinking in school is different from the thinking in the workplace.In the workplace, you must recognize your strengths and weaknesses and admit its existence , Mature people will develop their melatonin cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleeping strengths, and people who are new to society will try their best to make up for their shortcomings, and they can speak well, which is called the barrel effect.In my opinion, this principle is wrong.This is a typical all round development thinking.Our education requires all rounders, but our society never asks for all rounders, and it is impossible to find all rounders.Become an expert in your field of expertise, and you are involved Your depth of expertise is directly related to your height of growth.If everyone wants to be an all rounder, why do you need teamwork One person can do it.Tang Shuang s voice fell, a boy from the School of Economics at the round table He took the initiative to take the topic and said Tang Shuang is right.

Did you argue with some great monk last night about the scriptures Did you not sleep Brother Liang, don t sleep, you will sleep on the plane later, what do you think, tell me, please guide me.Liang Qiao remained indifferent, without even raising her eyelids.Tang Shuang felt that she was facing a body that had no desires or best cbd gummies georgia desires.When it was time to board the plane, Liang Qiao s manager smiled and whispered, Young Master Tang, you smell like a lady s perfume.Smelling and knowing women, I thought he had so much magic power.In the cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews next few days, Tang Shuang and Liang Qiao made frequent publicity appearances in cities along the southern coast, and Hero officially entered an important promotional period of heavy bombardment.Three days later, Tang Shuang and Liang Qiao natural one cbd gummies 100 cbd gummies shark tank s promotional activities finally came to an end temporarily.

At the same time, beside him, there were a few apprentice entertainment staff who happened to come in and out.Everyone stopped petrified and looked at the long haired little girl who was running wildly.They didn t understand what happened.Some boys had already quietly moved closer to Tang Shuang, ready wellbeing laboratories cbd gummies to subdue him.Chapter 709 Someone Asked Tangtanger to Shoot an Ad However, Bling Bling s running candy didn t dare to come over at all.Now she can t wait to run to the other side of the street, eat an ice cream, chew a pack of spicy sticks, suppress her shock, calm down, and pant eh Ice cream with cbd gummies for sleeping spicy sticks This match is very good, I have 100 cbd gummies shark tank steve harvey cbd gummies never done it before, hehe, I will give it a try when I get a chance.While running briskly, she touched her trouser pocket, which was a little bulging.It was her pocket money, which she hid, and she only took out 50 cents just now.

This is the end Tang Tang looked at Tang Shuang in surprise, she was just getting started, so she was very unhappy.This time it was useless, Tang Shuang didn t step on the right rhythm when she heard the second line, hey, it was slow, so she re recorded, but Tang Shuang didn t say that she sang it wrong this time, but praised Tangtanger for her good singing.The first time is so powerful, do it a second time, and strive for better.The second time also had flaws, the tempo was not right during the da da da, but this time it was a step faster.By the third cbd gummies review reddit time, there is no problem with the rhythm.Tang Shuang asked the sound engineer how it was, and the sound engineer said it was good, and asked Tang Shuang to listen to it too.Tang Shuang put on the earphones and listened to it.Little Piggy s voice was super cute, and she sang in her true colors without embellishment.

The cast and crew saluted with warm applause and was about to step off the stage.When you see the situation, you also hurry up.Director Zhang Da really has a personality.Before he, the host, went on stage, he went up by himself.He was worried that if he was late, Zhang Fei would have to do the hosting work for him.Zhang Fei called the actors of the stage play and introduced them to the audience.They are young people from the Shengjing Wutong Dance Troupe.This dance troupe is very famous throughout the country.A week ago, Huang Hui s concert in Shengjing invited their people to dance the whole way.In fact, many celebrities concerts will invite them.Although it is still not as famous and unique as Gutong, it is already a rising dance group.After the members of Wutong Dance Troupe left the stage, Zhang Fei smiled and joked with Shi Yu, and then both of them left the stage one after another because there was another performance.

Tang Sanjian watched it carefully before with great interest, and was deeply impressed.emmmmm These two lines of poems are in the same line as this song The Lonely Shadow of Heaven and Earth Let Me Go , and they are cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews both written by Tang Shuang.No matter the music or these two poems, they all fit the theme of the film very well.Everyone in the film reveals a great loneliness that cannot be tolerated by the world.The world is independent, of course lonely.But this piece of music is not just about loneliness.Loneliness is just an atmosphere that is set off.What it really wants to melatonin cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleeping talk about is people, the thoughts of lonely people.The sound of the drums became intense, and the drums were as dense as rain.The raindrops hit the blue tiles, and the drumsticks hit the cowhide drum surface, making muffled hums.

Tangtang er stared at Tang Shuang curiously, thinking that Xiaoshuang was a little abnormal, maybe she was uncomfortable.She asked Tang Zhen again Sister, what are they doing Tang Zhen emmmmmmmmm She pondered for a cbd gummies for colds long time, until this scene passed, and then said easily They are writing Tangtanger shook her head, don t lie to children Okay, don t you know if she writes or not She is also a frequent writer Tang Zhen said, I m really writing, you can see for yourself Candy looked at the screen, huh How did it become writing It wasn t this just now Tang Zhen cheated Then what was it just now Candy It was, yes, emmmmm After thinking for a long time, I don t know how to describe it.Tang Shuang helped, hoping that Xiao Zhuzhu would get over this topic as soon as possible, and best cbd gummies australia cbd gummies for sleeping not mention anything that could not be explained to her.

This nasty Newton, everyone with the surname Niu is good, but they are not good at talking snort Fortunately, Tangtang s dream is always there, and she is not affected by failure at all.She has not been able to fly for more than ten times in a row, so she simply stopped flying.She jumped to the ginkgo tree and found the group of people who squeezed me and squeezed you little sparrow.Colorful lights were installed on the big ginkgo tree.Candy was standing under the big tree curiously.She was illuminated by a yellow light, and her whole body was dyed instantly.She held her head up and stood where she had stood before., but the sparrow above is missing.Sister, where is my little sparrow Missing Candy asked anxiously.In such a cold day, she felt that the little sparrow was homeless.Where, would they be in danger, would she still see them A series of questions came to mind in an instant, which troubled Tangtanger.

She cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews didn t know that beautiful people always have their own halo, shining, no matter day or night.Fortunately, during the day, the sun is competing for glory, so it doesn t look so prominent.At night, when the darkness extinguishes the sun, a beautiful person is like a little sun, with its own attribute of attracting monsters.This is why beauties don t go out late at night.But the young man in front of him didn t see Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger by chance, he was from the theater, and when he saw Tang Zhen coming out, he followed behind.Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger didn t notice anyone approaching.They didn t realize it until they heard the other party speak.This is a very tall young man, emmm he doesn t dare to strike up a conversation even if he is not tall.Tang Zhen is only 175cm tall.Of course, if you want to strike up a conversation with Candy, then emmmmm, you can be of any height, anyway, you won t be shorter than this little guy.

It was the labor fee Tangtanger gave him before he went to Shengjing.It was too little at the time, but it is too much now.If a bird is lost, according to Xiaoshuang, he has to pay countless times, 10 yuan multiplied by countless times, emmm, he has to pay for all his belongings, bankruptcy is not a scare.At that time, I really shouldn t have accepted it cheaply, but I don t blame myself.At that time, it was hard to cbd gummies for sleeping refuse the kindness.Tangtanger and Xiaoshuang, the big devil, were very enthusiastic and persuaded him to accept it Thinking about it now, Tang Huohuo realized that the big demon king was smiling so wickedly cbd gummies for sleeping at that time.He must know the twists and turns inside, and the hot potato is not easy to harvest.Sure enough, it fell He has only worked for a year after rewind cbd gummies graduating from college, and he has not won a few lawsuits in total.

Tangtang er turned to go home, but stopped after taking two steps, then walked back, looking at the cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews banyan tree in the grove, concerned about the frightened puppy son.Why doesn t the puppy come out Is she afraid of me Tangtanger searched in his pocket, found a small bun, and handed it to Tang Huohuo Brother Huohuo, do you want to eat it What The bun , the most delicious buns in the world, and you can read poems.Candy is very rare about buns, and after calling Zhao Lili, I admire her even more, not only the buns she makes are the best in the world, but also know how to Writing poetry is amazing.Tang Huohuo saw clearly that it was a bun, and said, I don t want to eat it, let s eat candy.It s the best in the world, I like it so much., stretched out her hand to pick it up Then I ll have a try.Tangtang er took the bun back Tangtanger smell it first.

Xiaoshuang, don t laugh at Jingjing, Jingjing is already very sad, she was injured and she is like this, so you don t need to wear black eyepatch when she s done.Speaking of this, I have to mention Bai Jingjing s past few days.It shows that she is quite different from the original Huantao, and has a somewhat melancholic feeling.It s not because of being beaten by candy, but because of the black eye mask on her face, this eye mask makes her have inferiority and dare not go out.In the past After putting on the blindfold, she didn t go there even once, no matter how Candy called.Bai Jingjing is the leader of the paparazzi team of Guangdong University.With this miserable appearance, she has no face to see the dogs.If the dogs see her info on cbd gummies and don t laugh her to death, she will become a stain on the leader s life.

Let s not talk about it, sister , Candy needs to pee.After speaking, he got into the compartment by himself.On the other side, Huang Xiangning was asking Tang Shuang for more details.Tangtang wanted to eat spicy sticks, so I bought three packs, finished one pack at once, gave me one pack, and saved the other pack for my sister.She ate it too fast, and the spicy sticks were more spicy.That s why I suddenly had a stomachache.Tang Shuang explained.Huang Xiangning What about the remaining two packs of spicy sticks Tang Shuang Throw it away, lest the candy be cured and the scar forget the pain, and miss eating again.Let s stop her from cbd gummies for sleeping eating spicy sticks, don t can airport dogs detect cbd gummies let her go secretly.Tang Shuang I will never let go, and I haven t let go either.I how much cbd gummies cost didn t do what you said.Huang Xiangning laughed.What s the matter with the chocolates and other snacks that pop up in your room from time to time They came out of nowhere Er Tang Shuang was speechless.

Chapter 775 Candy er and Tang Zhen came out after Uncle Spicy went to the bathroom, and Tangyue ran over briskly from a long distance.He rushed forward, rubbing his hands on his clothes.Hee hee Tang Shuang pissed without washing his hands, and rubbed it on Xiaoshuang, making you dirty and smelly.I wiped it Tang Shuang quickly dodged and knocked Tang Tang s little hand off, but the little guy was tight She kept pestering him, and said plausibly, You just touched the Lun family s stomach without washing your hands when you urinated Tang Zhen looked at Tang Shuang in amazement.Set a good example.Huang Xiangning stopped Tang Tanger s evil behavior and said, Tang Tang Don t be so rude and unhygienic Tang Shuang and Tang Er started to hide and seek, circling around Huang Xiangning and Tang Zhen Turning around, Tang Shuang also used Tang Zhen to block the little pig.

Xiao Muzi took the so called precious fan and carefully held it in the palm of his hand, not because it was precious, but because he was worried that his hand would be damaged.It is crunchy when pinched and broken into several pieces.He looked at the stick in Xiaoyang s hand, then at the branch in Xiaoqing s hand, and said disappointedly, I want a sword.Tangtanger heard this, and said, You will deal with the little monkey when you take the sword.Okay.Just as Xiao Muzi agreed, he suddenly changed his words Ah I don t want it.He quickly threw the sword on the ground because he saw the little monkey coming towards him.It s too dangerous.Tangtanger smiled and said, Xiaoqing, pick up your precious sword, Xiao Muzi, pick up your precious fan, let s go play in the rivers and lakes.When they came to Tang Erjian s house, the whole family was there.

Immediately Jumping off the sofa and running to the second floor, after a while, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen were pulled out of the study by her.Tang Shuang came to the living room on the first floor and sat down helplessly, and said to the happy Tangerine I have already praised you with the talent that can only be pulled by eight horses, what else do you want Can you be satisfied Pull me out What are you doing cbd gummies for sleeping Tang Shuang automatically ignored his attitude, happily pointed to the little figure pattern on her chest, and said, Look, where is my mother and I Tang Shuang glanced at it and said perfunctorily, Oh, cute Ah.Take out your phone and play.Tang Shuang stretched her neck to look at his phone, Tang Shuang put the phone away to block her view, What are you how many cbd gummies should i take doing Isn t it super pretty Tang Zhen praised repeatedly, sincerely praising her.

Tang Shuang Amazing.By the way, Tangtanger, do you like this painting Tangtanger nodded without hesitation, and said loudly, This is the baby of the Lun family Tang Shuang glanced at the painting and it seemed Someone else said, Show me, there are people on this painting.Tang Tanger unfolded the painting and looked at it together with Tang Shuang.Sure enough, although the main characters in this painting are Candy and Wang Wang Team, there are also some supporting characters.Standing in the distance, these people acted as the background, applauding the little fairy and the Wang Wang team who went out to save mankind.These people may seem insignificant, but they are actually very important.This is the supporting role, which plays a very critical role in rendering emotions.After seeing these applauding people without looking at Tangtanger, she straightened her body, raised her head and chest, her buttocks and her bulging belly were also put away, and she was ready to answer the call to go out at any time.

Tang Tanger went to look again in doubt, opened her eyes wide, but still didn t see it, and said angrily Nothing Didn t see it Xiaoshuang, are you bragging You lied to Lun s family Tang Shuang turned against the general and said, Didn t you say you saw the little rabbit eating carrots Goose Foge drinking clothes chicken Tang Tanger s eyes rolled wildly, subconsciously reciting pinyin, and at the same time quietly frantically using her little brain.Huh It was thought of by her.Hmph The little rabbits are all going to fight, why are you still swollen Eat carrots Then why can t you see Chang e leading the rabbit to fight with the golden crow It s the rabbit leading Chang e to fight Tangtanger corrected.Well, the rabbit took Chang e to fight, but you couldn t see it Hmph Did you lie to me You lied to me, right I m not lying, you didn t see Tang Shuang thought for a while, but had no choice but to admit, I can t see it.

Tang Zhen asked Tang Shuang, What interesting thing happened Tang Shuang thought for a while, and said, For example, emmmm, that, cough cough, such as that Tang Shuang said such as that for a long time, but didn t say anything.Tang Zhen looked natures one cbd gummies shark tank directly at him What exactly do you want to say Tang Shuang went all out and said, For example, in terms of love, your soul lives in Tangtang er s body, then you fall in love with a man, and then No Then, Tang Shuang was being hunted down by Tang Zhen.Tang Tanger didn t know why, but she firmly stood by Tang Zhen s side, and followed behind with a smile, shouting and beating, it was no big deal.Later, it was Huang Xiangning who heard the chickens flying around in the living room, came out of the room, and stopped a human tragedy.If so, the death penalty can be avoided and the living penalty cannot be escaped.

So the villain cautiously grew angel wings from miracle nutritional gummies cbd 60 count under her ribs, her atrium couldn t close anymore, she got out from the crack of the door with a wheeze, and circled around her on the stage, three times After the circle, dizzy, he rose into the air and landed on the blue curved moon.Candy s heart sits on the blue moon of Nanshan Theater, condescendingly observes the audience, then flaps its small wings, flies to the auditorium below the stage, and hovers over the heads of the crowd, fluctuating high and low, fast and slow, Sometimes it flies by like a white cloud, sometimes it hovers in the air like HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sleeping a flower picking hummingbird, flapping its wings and twisting its butt, humming and chirping to the rhythm of the music, sometimes screaming and making dolphin sounds.sound.Candy, who flew away carefully, got carried away and forgot to sing.

The sun is shining brightly, the sky is blue and white clouds, and the great river in the distance seems to be right in front of us.Sister, the sun is so good, hurry up and dry the quilt.O o Try changing.What Clothes For me Well, I wore them to the awards ceremony tonight.Thank you, sister.Tang Zhen smiled happily Go to the room and try.The clothes Tang Zhen bought were from the famous men s brand Wuwei , a sand blue single suit, a pair of light gray trousers, and a blue striped shirt.The style looks no different from other brands, but the details show the taste and high end everywhere, and the materials are extremely high quality, which shows the grade after wearing it.After Tang Shuang put it on, she stood in front of the mirror and looked at it.It was fresh and natural, youthful, and very suitable.

Tang Shuang was about to look for Tang Zhen, when another person walked in front of her with long curly hair.Tang Shuang I m Yin Bo, let s get acquainted.The young man opposite is Yin Bo, who won the bronze novel for The Neighbor s Wife.Hello, Yin Bo, congratulations.Tang Shuang said to the other party politely.Yin Bo glanced at Tang Shuang and said, You are silver and I am bronze.It feels weird for you to congratulate me.After thinking too much, I thought you were laughing at me.Tang Shuang was taken aback No, no, I m not This means, regardless of silver or bronze, they are the highest literary awards in China, and they are worthy of pride for a lifetime.Yin Bo smiled and said That s what you say, but if you can get silver, who would want bronze cbd gummies for sleeping Are you right Are you willing to exchange yours with me Tang Shuang Where, are you kidding No matter how high or low, your own is better.

Young writers who can win awards are of course talented.Am I right, Tang Shuang You re right.Tang Shuang nodded with a smile, not humble at all.The other party looked at him appreciatively and said, It s a good thing you re not polite.I m really annoyed by that pretentious modesty.Tang Shuang pretended to wipe the sweat from her forehead It s okay, it s okay, I drank some wine to be so upset Modesty, in fact, if you came a minute earlier, I might be humble.The other party smiled and said, My name is Li Ningxi.Then she said to Lan Beiyun beside her Xiaochun is drunk, you go Take care of her.Lan Beiyun left reluctantly, as if not daring to disobey Li Ningxi s words.You like girls like Xiaolan Li Ningxi asked calmly seeing Tang Shuang watching Lan Beiyun leave.Is it because I took an extra look in the crowd Tang Shuang found that best cbd gummies australia cbd gummies for sleeping this girl was very strong in her bones, and she had spoken to Lan Beiyun in an orderly tone, so she asked him again now.

I have to give her some color to see.Sister, I ll bring you a big pig s trotter.Candy immediately continued to praise wildly Sister Xiaomu is the cutest in the world.Your nose is so beautiful.My Xiaoshuang likes it very much.Xiaoshuang said that he really likes sister Xiaomu Xiaomu As soon as my sister got up, she was so frightened that she covered Tangtang er s little mouth again, and whispered, Your brother is here, don t let him hear our whispers, okay Tangtanger blinked her big eyes, nodded, and was let go Afterwards, she closed her mouth resolutely, assuring Sister Xiaomu that she would never speak again.Seeing that sister Xiaomu finally went to get the big pig s trotters, she immediately waved to Xiaoshuang who came in, signaling to come here soon, and at the same time whispered Xiao Muzi is so coaxing Tang Shuang just answered a call from Li Haonan outside , Candy was already sitting at the dining table and eating.

Li Haonan said, turning his eyes away from the sea in front of him, and looked cbd gummies for sleeping at Tang Shuang burningly.Tang Shuang said with a smile, What you heard is good news.I will continue to publish new books.Li Haonan breathed a sigh of relief, finally letting go of the heavy burden that had been on him these days.He was promoted to deputy editor in chief of Guangdong Province because of Tang Shuang.If Tang Shuang were to leave, he cbd gummies for sleeping would definitely be greatly affected.Does the new book have any clues Don t wait a year or two before starting to serialize the new book.Tang Shuang got up and took out a piece of A4 manuscript paper from the desk drawer.Li Haonan kept his eyes on the manuscript paper.Tang Shuang sat back on the sofa and handed the manuscript to him Look at it, it s just a brief introduction and the first wedge.

The brief introduction you just saw is just the brief introduction of this Amazing Boy.I haven t figured out the brief introduction of the Fengyun series.This will be a very large fictional world.Except for the protagonists Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun In addition, there will be many important supporting roles in it, such as Wuming.Wuming Who is Wuming It s not mentioned in the introduction.It s just one of those stories.The first Amazing Boys is about two teenagers, Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun.The second Sou Shen Ji has a wonderful mind and is adapted from the legend of the white snake.There is an immortal god who wants to change Bu Jingyun.The body, but Moha Wuliang, who was half of the god was snatched by the wind and cloud, and only then did he have the big move Feng Yun merges, Maha Wuliang The third part Love in the Fallen City continues to open up the imagination, talking about Guan Yu s super move Love in the Fallen City , which can reach the speed of light with the help of the Qinglong Yanyue Knife, smashing a city and forming a black hole.

Let s go now, don t go now, right, Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang touched her little head Yes, don t go now, if we want to go, we must go voluntarily, not being driven away.Candy Nodding, puffing up her face, she firmly supported Tang Shuang Yes, my brother is right, and we have done nothing wrong.Why can t we see grandma here We are right, and if we are right, we are not afraid of others Little Lili s father came in with a lunch box and gave Tang Shuang a thumbs up Brother, you are awesome, I have endured this man for several days.I m cowarded, but it s not that I want to coax, it s just that there is no way, my mother wants to Seeing a doctor here is afraid of wearing small shoes.The nurse came back quickly, followed by two security guards, and when she saw Tang Shuang, she pointed at Tang Shuang with righteous indignation and said, It s him, kick him out Counted his bad words and deeds in detail.

Tang Shuang really wanted to worry about it.As the head nurse, she would also be in trouble.The nurse had to say I m sorry The head nurse I m not saying sorry to me.The nurse turned to Tang Shuang with an ugly face and said, I m sorry.Tang Shuang nodded and said, Oh.Seeing that Tang Shuang seemed to be easy to talk to, the head nurse forgave her after saying sorry.She was about to smooth things over, but Tang Shuang suddenly said Just now the nurse threatened the patients in the ward, and the family members of the patients in bed No.3 were threatened.It s gone.Immediately a man in the crowd raised his hand, indicating that he was the one being threatened.The head nurse asked the nurse with an unfriendly expression, Did you say that I, I just said it casually, cbd gummies for sleeping and there was no other intention.

The man who raised his hand said, You said it casually, but we don t know you Did you just say it casually, but we really mean it, and we have to mention the yin of the guards when we come here to see a doctor, we are afraid.The nurse still wanted to speak, but the head nurse rushed to tell everyone Don t worry, everyone, this is her job.Dereliction of duty, our hospital has always treated patients as relatives, serving patients wholeheartedly, and will never tolerate people who violate the principles.I will immediately transfer her out of this ward and replace her with other nurses.Please rest assured.This Not bad.It s time for a replacement.A person with such a bad attitude should be fired.She doesn t deserve to be an angel in white.The head nurse said to Tang Shuang Mr.Tang, what do you think Tang Shuang Tell her to get out The head nurse said to the nurse, Go away.

Li Guanping said with a smile This side is finished This side is finished Number one We won.Cao Kai announced that the dad and brother team had won, and the children cheered around Tang Shuang, while the adults asked Tang Shuang knew how it tasted, especially a foreigner like Xia Dashan, he was so scared to pee when he saw these things.Zhang Hsing thought that Candy had eaten a few in the end, and asked her Tang Tang, does Cicada taste good Candy laughed ho ho, it was seen Smack it, smack it, small mouth, aftertaste, nodded Not bad, um, delicious, crunchy, two more, hee hee.Zhang Xingxing was shocked You still want to eat Candy Candy immediately shook her head I won t eat it, I won t eat it, I won t eat cicadas.That s not what you said just now.Candy s eyes rolled around Oh, the Lun family is teasing you Yes, why do you take it seriously, really, and you still say you are an adult.

Li Guanping really wanted to say that if you are not superior, you should go and wait for me first, but when he saw this bowl of water centipede, he got goose bumps all over his body, and immediately gave up the idea of being outstanding.Presumably the other dads are also in the same situation.They want to help and become heroes, but they are not strong enough to dare to stand out.Standing out is death.At this time, Feng Chaoqun s super strong psychological quality was reflected, and the training on the football field was not in vain.Moreover, it is actually very impolite to show such an attitude towards the water centipede.Cao Kai has already said that this is the local delicacy of the Southwesterners.What do people is cbd oil or gummies better think of the delicacy in the eyes of others, but you look disgusted.So he rectified his emotions, first drove away a group of yelling children, grabbed his son to help, put on the blindfold again, and started the game with the fellow team.

There s more.The last dish was the fragrant braised chicken.At this point, the wooden barrel was empty, and three carefully crafted dishes appeared in front cbd gummies for sleeping of us.Wow Candy was drooling.However, Tang Shuang was in a complicated mood.These three dishes were delivered by the girl who delivered the flower buds just now, so she must have put a lot of thought into them.Chapter 956 The ashamed Xia Dashan had so many dishes that Tang Shuang and Candy cbd gummies for sleeping couldn t finish them all.Share Tang Shuang asked.Share.Candy nodded, no problem, willing to share with others.Tang Shuang thought for a while, Li Guanping and Xia Dashan live nearby, Li Guanping is an experienced cook, so don t worry about running out of food at night, but Xia Dashan doesn t seem to know how to cook, I heard him accidentally mention it during the chat before Then let s go to Xiao Qiao s house and share delicious food with Xiao Qiao, Tang Shuang said.

Then there is danger.Tang Tang You little villain You pinched my face It s still stretched Behind him came the voice of Little Comb , full of grievances.Tangtang er s small body trembled slightly, and stood still.I heard it, she heard it, it was the voice of Little Comb whose face was pinched by her, cbd gummies for sleeping medigreens cbd gummies reviews he must have come to seek her revenge.But she didn t dare to look back, it was over once she saw it.She pretended not to hear, tried to keep herself as natural as possible, and hummed.Ang ang ang, Tinker Bell, help me realize all my wishes Make children, adults, and bad people become good people Singing, she walked away with small steps, with her little hands behind her back, and then remembered that Xiaoshuang often said that she could not learn from old mothers Move, so put it on both sides of the body, step left foot, swing left hand, step right foot, swing right hand.

Humph They will say, hum This child dares to cry What What does this mean Do you want to compare the length of the Lun family s nose Humph I hate it Humph Miss sister told you, children can t cry in front of elephants, do you understand , are you still crying Do you want to be caught by the elephant Hurry up and stop crying, the elephant is coming with her parents and baby, if they see you crying, will they I m happy, the long nose will take you away.Little Comb looked at Tangtang blankly, the tears had stopped, on the one hand, he had already cried, and on the other hand, he cbd gummies for sleeping was worried that the elephant would really miss him., just in case, what if the elephant wants to compete with him who can cry better Seeing that it worked, Candy immediately resorted to the third trick.She beckoned to Xiao Qiao, and Xiao Die, can cbd gummies cause diarrhea who had woken up but was still in a daze, and asked the little sisters to watch Little Comb and cry.

With so many little girls watching you cry, how dare you cry If you still cry, you are not giving your father face Don t even think about playing with our three little girls in the future, and you will be spanked cbd gummies for sleeping by your father when you go home.Before Xiao Qiao arrived, Tangtang quickly said to Little Comb Little Qiao is here, Xiao Qiao is here, Xiao Comb, do you like Xiao Qiao Hee hee, Xiao Qiao doesn t like crying Boy Xiao Qiao likes Xiaoshuang in our family, because Xiaoshuang in our family is a strong little boy, everyone likes him.Xiaoshuang never cries, Xiaoshuang only makes children cry, this guy yo emmmm He s a king.Little Comb really stopped crying, and he wasn t angry with Tangtang anymore, and even forgot about it.Now, he was standing between Tangtanger and Xiao Qiao, and there was a little butterfly next to him.

Hello Yuqing.The two hadn t seen each other for a few days, and they missed her so much, as if three autumns had passed.After talking on the phone, Tang Shuang thought that this was not the way to go.It was very inconvenient cbd gummies for sleeping to see each other because they were separated by two places.How many sincere feelings died in the separation of the two places Chapter 967 In the one sided volleyball match until before dinner, Tang Tanger never took a step away from the fish tank.She carried her small stool and sat there with her chin resting, staring at Xiao Hong swimming around in a daze.Tell a story from time cbd gummies for sleeping to time, sing a song, plausibly say it is for the baby fish.Knowing prenatal education at such a young age.When eating, the little man has a hundred thousand reasons, all about the baby fish.Mom, when will Xiaohong cbd gummies for sleeping give birth to the baby goldfish Tangtanger thought of an important question.

The two ate something and accepted some media photos.The evening activities are basically over.Tomorrow the media will definitely report on it, that is tomorrow s business, today is over.The next day, Tang Shuang bid farewell to Tang Zhen and met Luo Yuqing with her suitcase.The two will fly to the northeast.On the way, Tang Shuang accidentally received a call from Chu Mei.The lady in the air first congratulated Tang Shuang, and then stated the main purpose of the call.She received a call from Candy.Tangtanger called her last night, hoping that her younger sister would do her a small favor and take her to find Xiaoshuang by plane.Why are you looking for Xiaoshuang Candy didn t say anything, saying that it would be kept secret.Why keep it a secret Because she is a little princess, and little princesses have their own secrets, others can t ask them, and if they ask, they will be arrested, so since sister sister is her good friend, she advises her sister sister not to ask this and that Otherwise, she would have nothing to do if she was arrested.

That cold sweat flowed down like a waterfall.The more she chatted with the natural one cbd gummies 100 cbd gummies shark tank kid like Tangtanger, the more she sweated.This time, not only the forehead was sweating, but also the back was sweating profusely.She had to change into a long bath towel, twist it into a rope, and start rubbing her back while dealing with the children in the video.It s so difficult.While watching the live broadcast of the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony, Chu Mei was circling with Tangtanger, thinking about how to end this negotiation for a long time, to be natural, not blunt, to refuse, not to agree.So what She thought of many ways, such as turning off the power switch with her foot, pretending that the video freezes, pretending to be sick and passing out, and pretending that there is a mouse in the house to take the opportunity to escape None of these methods were used, because the little girl in the video The child was the first to be captured.

He no longer played games with Candy, and appeared with a bunch of carnations in one hand and two long eared rabbit dolls in the other.He walked in and threw the two little rabbits to the kid who was smirking at him.The villain hurriedly hugged the little rabbit in his arms, and grinned at Tang Shuang, the king is disobedient Your Majesty doesn t obey the rules Obviously can t say it out, let Candy take the cbd gummies for sleeping lead Waiting for Candy to call Not skinny Not skinny at all Be good Very good Tangtanger is a good baby Tangtanger hugged two rabbits, the rabbit dolls were a bit big, and the three rabbit feet dragged on the ground.She followed Tang Shuang, clamoring to clear herself up.Tang Shuang ignored her and handed the carnations to Huang Xiangning, wishing dear sister Xiangning a happy holiday.I wish all the lovers in the world get married, and I wish all the mothers in the world can get together with their children today.

She still loves this little water gun No reason, no one, and Candy himself couldn t explain it.This little seahorse water gun has achieved brilliant results.It has passed the big devil, all kinds of small devils, the paintings on the wall, the books in the study, the TV, the sofa, Bai Jingjing, Tang Xiaowu, I also bred all kinds of small animals in the grove, such as cicadas, scarabs, grasshoppers, ants, spiders, and even big fish in Aixi Lake Of course, at night, there were also big headed ghosts who screamed and screamed.The little seahorse is a must have artifact for Tangtang s body protection.With it by her side, she can sleep soundly.What annoys Tang Shuang the most is this little water gun In his eyes, this is a wicked little water gun His hairstyle has been messed up, his clothes have been wet, and his face has been hit But the most likely to be disturbed is not the hairstyle, nor the clothes, nor the face that occasionally wins the bid, but the crotch The villain is too small, so he raised his hand and shot him in the crotch It made him pee his pants every time, which was more annoying than shooting him in the face A water arrow was shot in the face, and it passed away with a raised hand.

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