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Rommel took a telescope to carefully observe the enemy s position on the opposite side, and put it down after a while If my judgment is correct, the enemy will launch a new attack in about an hour.Yes, this is exactly the same as my judgment.Wang Weiyi said We have enough ammunition, but we are seriously short of manpower.I think we will purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews be in a hard fight.The Germans never Afraid of any battle.Rommel still looked so confident Lieutenant Ernst, have you noticed Your B position is very close to my C position.If the enemy launches a large scale attack, I think we can Support each other cbd thc gummy recipe Wang Weiyi has long noticed this.The B position defended by the third company is very close to the C position, and he cbd gummies for lungs count custom cbd gummies thought of it the first time he came to the position.It s just that this tactic hadn t been conceived before, and the battle broke out soon, and he didn t have time to get in touch with position C.Under the violent artillery fire launched in advance, the British army fell into chaos and passiveness.The positions that had been voluntarily abandoned before were restored one after another under the ferocious attack of the German army.And the one rushing to the forefront of the German army was not the third battalion, but the first company of the W rttemberg Mountain Battalion commanded by Erwin Rommel For everything that Lieutenant Ernst Brahm did, Rommel s heart was full of infinite admiration.It was because of such brave and skilled officers cbd thc gummy recipe that Germany could be invincible Lieutenant Ernst must be rescued, this is Rommel s unwavering confidence Lieutenant, come here and take a look.At this time, a soldier who stepped into the small forest in front of him and searched suddenly called out.Wang Weiyi accepted his request with a smile.After bumping all the way, he finally arrived at the German army position in Lance.When he got off the truck, Steck, who had always been curts cbd gummies amazon brave, paled and pointed at the truck Major, I swear I will never Don t sit on this thing anymore.That s up to you.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.They were greeted by a German colonel.Although Wang Weiyi s military rank was lower than him, he still expressed special respect to Wang Weiyi Major Ernst, I am Colonel Thomas.By direct order from the Ministry, I will give you all support and provide you with all the supplies you need.Thank you, Colonel.This is Second Lieutenant Mali.He will also join your operation and be responsible for bringing you near the French army s position in Lance.He is also proficient in French.Second Lieutenant Jeremy was a little confused.The men under Watts will never be able to stop Ernst Major De Sade yelled Damn it, he won t take much time, he must have a way to escape, but we don t know Immediately go to Watts s house and order all of us to keep a tight defense.In these few hours, Ernst will definitely find a way to rush out of Lance Major De Sade is a smart person, although he His plan failed, but he finally guessed Ernst Brahm s whereabouts and intentions.Time is advancing rapidly, and Major De Sade knows that the time for the final battle between himself and Ernst Brahm in Lance has come 138.Roses and Tanks Monthly Pass for the Eighth Watch Monthly Pass Monthly Pass Monthly Pass for the Eighth Watch Three tanks, showing off their might, broke through the barracks unstoppably.He knocked down a Russian with one punch and cursed loudly.Hey, teach these Russians a lesson.Instead, Richthofen s entire spirit was cbd thc gummy recipe can you travel with cbd gummies internationally mobilized at once.Ping pong pong , chairs and wine bottles flew around in the tavern.It is really difficult for two people to deal with seven or eight Russians.Although Wang Weiyi and Richthofen knocked down two Russians, they also received a lot of punches themselves.These two people were also beaten out of their anger.After being hit on the back, Wang Weiyi grabbed an empty wine bottle and smashed it down at the Russian in front of him.Blood spattered, and the Russian screamed and fell to the ground.Richthofen s cry was also heard from there, and he was also hit by a wine bottle.Stop it all At this moment, a Russian second lieutenant who had been sitting there watching all this with cold eyes shouted loudly.It seems too impolite to come empty handed. A shy hero.The Countess made a joke Your arrival is the best giftLet me introduce you, they are Baron Bradley and BaronessThis is A series of introductions made Wang Weiyi dizzy.Those who come here are either rich or expensive, and the baron himself is nothing to do here.But fortunately, he has the halo of a German hero, so he can go anywhere Greeting respectful cbd thc gummy recipe eyes.Ma am, I think this can express my heart in a small way Wang Weiyi took out a diamond from his pocket.Ah, a diamond that makes people crazy.Countess Leonie took the diamond exaggeratedly Thank you for your generosity, Baron Alexon.Let me think about where I should inlay it Maybe a diamond is nothing to the countess.But Wang Weiyi never thought that one day he would take a diamond and give it away.Pilov really said this This is very dangerous.We will assist you when you pass through the Russian army s positions, but if you enter the sphere of influence of the Russians, it is entirely up to you.Of course you can refuse this task, cbd thc gummy recipe but I still hope you can agree, because I really can t find anyone more suitable than you The fourth phase of the soaring plan is open, weapon escort base weapon support aircraftstatus standby Xiaoling sent this message at the first time Damn it Wang Weiyi cursed in his heart.At this point, even if he couldn t think about it, he couldn t do it anymore.He forced a smile on his face I am very happy, Mr.Foreign Minister.Great, I knew you would accept the task.Pilov became excited I can meet you here for any assistance you need.I need all three tanks I brought from Reims.

Wang Weiyi smiled and didn t care too much.God knows if cbd gummies hemp bombs review cbd thc gummy recipe he will have a chance to get this huge investment in the future, and what era will he travel to next time He has no bottom at all.Let God decide everything After a break, Manstein, Richthofen and Elena came to the hotel, relying on the intuition of women.Elena seemed to be aware of something Fortunately, Richthofen rescued Wang Weiyi in time Hey, Ernst, let s go and see the same thing with us.Wang Weiyi also Before he had time to ask what it was, he was pulled out of the hotel by Richthofen The carriage was already waiting outside, got on the carriage, and went directly to the outside of Berlin.about cbd thc gummy recipe twenty After a rough estimate, the total value of that batch of diamonds and gold jewelry has reached more than two million Reichsmarks.Hermione originally wanted to carefully calculate cbd gummies for lungs count custom cbd gummies the specific value, but Wang Weiyi thought it was unnecessary, so he decided to use two million Reichsmarks.Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm is here When the voice sounded, all the guests turned their heads Baron Skeleton cbd thc gummy recipe Ernst Then, warm applause began to sound.This miraculous baron has brought too much glory to Germany.Wherever he is, there is a guarantee of victory And accompanying Wang Weiyi, that radiant girl is also a nobleman.In addition, she now has another enviable identity, the intelligence analysis officer of the Skeleton Commando Heinrich Elena von Leewens base Some people may have identified Elena as the girlfriend of Baron Alexon, this is indeed a combination of a golden boy and a beautiful girl.Ernst Brahm in military cbd gummies for larger penis uniform is so handsome and mighty, and Heinrich Elena in navy blue dress is so bright and radiant.And Fritz von Manstein and Manfred von Richthofen behind them are also the glory of Germany Their appearance received even more applause People kept coming to strike up a conversation with them, most of which were words of praise and compliments.However, Admiral Reinhardt immediately said loudly But if His Majesty the Emperor gives this order, we will open the Atlantic route at all costs.Our unlimited submarine warfare has already begun, and both the British and the Americans will Trembling under such an attack Wang Weiyi sighed, there is no problem with the bravery of these German generals, and there is no problem with their command on the battlefield, and even in World War I, the performance of these generals farm full spectrum cbd gummies surpassed Those generals during World War II, but they have a very terrible place, not as good as those famous German generals in World War II They are really too confident, thinking that they have the ability to challenge and defeat any force.At this point, future outstanding generals such as Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian are much calmer than them.These supplies are enough for them to persist here for a long time.This is thanks to the Italians.The positions dug by the Italians before are being re reinforced.On the frontal battlefield, Wang Weiyi has arranged a large number of machine guns, and their density has reached a terrifying level.Once the enemy launches an attack, Udine will become their nightmare.A large number of mortars are also in place, and the roaring shells will make the enemy regret why they launched an attack.And the tanks have all entered their combat positions, just waiting to show their prestige when the battle starts in the future.Arranged in the front line, Wang Weiyi unexpectedly chose Second Lieutenant Model.It s time for Iron Wall Model to show his majesty.The 62nd Infantry Regiment commanded by Colonel Stodella will also be deployed in the defensive battle of Udine once all supplies have been delivered.But we don t have engineers Bastards, aren t you soldiers Smith was furious Order all the soldiers to repair them.I have to pass here within an hour The irritated Smith got out of the car, the weather in July It s already so sweltering, damn France, damn skeleton barons lazily came to the road, hell, the road here has been destroyed in a bad way, those Germans really don t make people worry.The officers were all resting there, and it was these soldiers who were unlucky.Some soldiers murmured, why should they be asked to do what engineers should do American soldiers are busy repairing the road.But they would never have thought that the god of death had quietly appeared beside them.Wang Weiyi put down the binoculars, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.Smith was so eager for revenge that he only brought a regiment to chase him.I was chased by devils and fled here, but found it was a dead end.I saw a hole here where people could hide temporarily, so cbd thc gummy recipe I hid in it.Wang Weiyi cbd thc gummy recipe yelled dangerously, and he just pointed at it casually.He didn t expect that the Chinese soldiers who were chased by the devils actually ran here.Are you Chinese or foreigners The Chinese soldier asked hesitantly.Chinese, zh ngy ng teaches Captain Wang Weiyi of the Corps.He is Sergeant Guo Yunfeng.How about you, soldier cbd thc gummy recipe Report sir, Zhang Sandao, the first class soldier of the 88th Division Wang Weiyi and Elena were stunned, and Guo Yunfeng almost spit out.Zhang Sandao Okay, there is Guo Sidao here, and now there is Zhang Sandao Wang Weiyi thinks he can open a knife and scissors shop.Why do you have such a strange name Guo Yunfeng asked very curiously.

Anxiously pressing towards the position.What is this The machine gunner was a little at a loss.With such a scattered formation of the enemy, who should he aim and shoot at do not care The heavy machine gun in his hand began to roar However, the Japanese army quickly crouched down.Then, the machine guns of the Japanese army roared even louder.Come on, who is afraid of whom With red eyes, the machine gunner gritted his teeth and spit out a string of bullets.But the effect is obviously not ideal, it seems that the fight is very lively.In fact, not many enemies were killed, and the machine gunner couldn t be more aware of this.But he didn t care about it, and still violently swept the enemy.And this also aroused the dissatisfaction of the brothers nearby What did you shoot there Why didn t you kill a few What about the heavy machine gun Where s the heavy machine gun Shoot, shoot These words reached the machine gunner s ears.Ah, it s nothing.Wang Weiyi restarted the car I seem to have heard the name Bang Crayley somewhere.Ah, have you heard of it Werner suddenly became excited My father is a A great man, he used to be a sniper of the Skeleton Commando, and killed at least dozens of enemies Maybe more than a hundred Wang Weiyi said silently in his heart.Werner would never have guessed what Major Guo was thinking Do you know the Skeleton Commando Ah, that is an amazing team, commanded by Baron Alexon, and my father is in this team He started introducing the Skeleton Commandos to the real Baron Alexon, from their first cbd thc gummy recipe gummies for sleep cbd battle together to the bloody battle at Montfaucon, as if he had been through them all.It seems that Bonkelilei told him a lot of things Wang cbd thc gummy recipe Weiyi listened carefully to these things that he had personally experienced.Although Zheng Shi and Han Baiyang are both courageous, Tuan Zuo dared to go so deep into the tiger s den.It still surprised them, but what they didn t know was that their group had done too many daring .

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things.Calm down.Wang Weiyi smiled R himself can t tell who we are.Three people in Japanese military uniforms walking on the road swaying like this is really too eye catching, no way.Two people shouted loudly Which group is it Wang Weiyi hurried over Report.The third group is Feng Degui.Damn it.The man scolded How many times have I told you that you will take off your skin when you enter here, and you are not afraid that the Japanese will kill you.Forget, forget Wang Weiyi took off his military uniform while talking.Let s go.The captain is waiting for you.The reason why Wang Weiyi dared to appear here so swayingly is because he knew a very favorable information.His Tang family has a relatively large influence in Shanghai, especially the French.Our company is located in the French Concession.He had to establish a good relationship with the Tang family.Wang Weiyi nodded, and probably understood a little bit.Today s harvest is quite big, and the company s affairs can be considered smooth, as long as all the links are opened up.A lifeline for the big Shanghai and the front line will be established.Of course, this There are actually too many things to do, and it all depends on cbd gummies hemp bombs review cbd thc gummy recipe the efforts of Qiao Zhihe and Lu Mingzhai The French Consulate in Shanghai.Aha, my old friend.Finally waiting for you to come to China.Lowello, the counselor of the consulate, warmly greeted a big fat man, and gave him a warm hug Gustav.My friend, I can hardly remember how many years we haven t seen each other.What happened to the mysterious, noble and glamorous Mrs.Lorisa But Hermione suddenly seemed to understand something Aunt Hermione, what s wrong with Ma am Eliot felt it was too strange That man s name is Lucas, but he is from New York.A stockbroker here, he s an upstart. No, he s not an upstart.Hermione suddenly felt her eyes moisten I see, it s him, it must be him.No one else can make money apart from him.Lady Lorisa so count custom cbd gummies cbd gummies canada You re back When Luo Lisa finally said these two words with difficulty, tears finally flowed out of her eyes completely uncontrollably.I m back, I promised you, no matter how hard it is, I will come back one day.The man under the mask said Don t cry, it will destroy the image of the Countess.Lorisa laughed, wept, and said, what is the best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression You still owe me two things, remember Of course I remember, I just came back to fulfill my promise.They have now changed to a new regiment captain, so they cbd gummy san francisco have to meet the same ending If you have a chance, take back their regiment flag Yes I promise to help the brigade Take back the flag of the alliance Wang Weiyi walked out of the brigade headquarters with his subordinates, outside, tanks and trucks were making final preparations.A large number of weapons were carried on it, and countless soldiers were dispatched one after another, moving towards the preset cbd gummies reverse dementia location, and the first truck here was actually loaded with explosives.From this posture, at first glance, the guard brigade is ready to go all out Who drives this truck Wang Weiyi asked in a loud voice.It s me to report to the passenger seat Sun Qinghao responded and walked up.Are you sure Wang Weiyi pointed to the truck.Don t worry, even cbd thc gummy recipe can you travel with cbd gummies internationally if I .

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am beaten cbd gummies for lungs count custom cbd gummies to death by the Japanese, I will definitely blow up those bastards Sun Qinghao replied without the slightest hesitation.

Although they suffered heavy losses, they seriously delayed the progress of the Japanese army.Japan is known as a military power.The people of the country even some people in the national government always change their colors every time they talk about Japan, how powerful the enemy is, how invincible But in Shanghai, a big battle, I The 26th Division of the Sichuan Army, with inferior weapons and no aircraft artillery support at all, was bombarded by the artillery of the Japanese Air Force, and defended the field for seven days and nights, standing still.The clumsy performance of the Japanese army cannot be called a military power Wang Weiyi said this, but it is actually a bit generalized.At this time, Japan can be called a military power.But Wang Weiyi had to say this.He wanted to tell the soldiers and the people of the whole country Japan is not terrible at all China has the ability to defeat them Only the whole nation can unite as one, and the final victory will belong to China Therefore, he deliberately In front of Guo Mengzhen, he showed an extremely contemptuous attitude towards Japan s military strength.Yes, Japan is not that powerful, but on the battlefield, we have to pay attention to them.Wang Weiyi changed the subject.I have already said a lot of things to cheer up.Now, it is time to remind those soldiers For example, the Japanese army s marksmanship is very accurate, the Japanese army s firepower equipment is very complete, and the Japanese cbd thc gummy recipe army s tactical quality is extremely good.High, these are things we cannot ignore.It is difficult to improve tactical literacy in a short period of time, but we can use more flexible tactics to win.On the frontal battlefield, the Japanese army s fierce firepower and high bombing intensity have reached a point of insanity.If they continue to stick to their defense under such circumstances, the defender will suffer very important casualties.My generals can let them in and strangle them as much as possible Guo Mengzhen hurriedly said General Wang, how did the Japanese know what you said Are they prepared Prepare Wang Weiyi laughed The formation of a set of tactics can t be done in a day or two, and it can t be done in a day or two if you want to change this set of tactics.We can only exchange casualties and cold weather for the defeat of the Germans, but now The situation has changed.The appearance of the Skeleton Baron revived the fighting spirit of the Germans.In their eyes, death and cold are fearless.And what I am most worried about is not their breakout.Zhukov was silent there Comrade Chief of Staff, I have something in my heart, please don t tell Comrade Sling.When the skeleton baron appeared, I always felt that we would not be able to annihilate the German army.What I am most worried about is that when the spring season comes, the Germans will be on the skeleton A new large scale offensive under the leadership of the Baron It is unbelievable that these words came from the mouth of the deputy commander of the Soviet Army.It is not too much to say that he shakes the morale of the army.Time, but also successfully rescued 15,000 German soldiers.There are still about 150,000 German soldiers in the encirclement, and they are constantly approaching Radev, and this place has obviously become the hope for the survival of the Demyansk German army General Ernst Brehm issued a death order on the night of the 2nd must persist in Radev until the end of the month Never give up the last German soldier The Skeleton Master has no objections from anyone At the end of the month, when General Ernst issued this order, this was the deadline they had to complete In the early morning of the 22nd, the Ludwig battle group rushed to Sacrito and quickly joined the defensive operations.In the afternoon of the same day, the Paipa battle group and the Altino battle group rushed to the battlefield one after another.Command, suddenly a colonel whose leg was blown off, appeared in front of Wang Weiyi with the help of several soldiers.That s Colonel Peter of the cbd gummies hemp bombs review cbd thc gummy recipe 3rd Armored Regiment of the Skull Division Report to the general, we are no longer able to break out with the whole army, we will become your burden Colonel Peter s voice was so loud Please leave us weapons and ammunition, we will honorably fight for Germany and you Die Colonel Peter, is this what everyone means Yes, General, this is the truest thought of all 33 of our Germans Colonel Peter s answer was still so loud It is a lifetime honor to serve as the sniper unit for you It is also a lifetime honor to be able to fight side by side with you Wang Weiyi raised his hand Long live, Germany Long live, Germany Skull The division is ready, the 1st Armored Division is ready This is the last German force in the cbd gummy reviews for anxiety encirclement of Demyansk, and this time, under the command of General Ernst Brehm, they will launch the final breakout operation of Demyansk At the forefront of all the breakout troops, there are neatly lined up Tiger tanks, which will be their most important assault force The Ernst battle group will personally open the way for all the breakout troops Numerous flying dark red flags, surrounded by a blood red flag That is the skull battle flag When the 609 tank commanded by General Ernst appeared, all the German soldiers in the Ernst battle group raised their right hands straightly St.General, I don t think I am qualified to serve as the head of state.When he said this, everyone was surprised.Although everyone knew that General Ernst Brehm could get anywhere he wanted if he wanted to, it was unprepared for the words to come out of Hitler s mouth.You are more suitable for this seat than I am.Wang Weiyi said lightly I came back not to grab some position, but because I couldn t bear to see Deutschland suffer another defeat This time, Deutschland cannot afford to lose again.It will be a catastrophe for us So, generals, prepare to readjust your strategic deployment.The generals were relieved, God, General Ernst really wants to come back to command the German battle again In fact, Wang Weiyi didn t have much confidence in his heart at this time.Do you have the ability to lead a country from defeat to cbd thc gummy recipe victory He s not very sure.

Once the German army launches an attack, this will be the top secret weapon of the Russians, which can inflict great damage on the enemy at critical times.But in front of Wang Weiyi, there is no secret at all But for Romok, the commander of the 2nd Armored Division, and the entire Soviet army, their nightmare officially began.It fell into a huge chaos in minutes.The Russians couldn t figure it out at all, how did the Germans discover this secret tank assembly point But the Germans won t give them time to think.More than a dozen tanks became piles of scrap iron under the first round of artillery fire.Countless tank soldiers had no time to enter their tanks, and they turned into corpses under the artillery fire.Then, the second and third rounds of artillery attacks came back again and again, round after round, and never stopped bombing Romok shouted to his soldiers to remain calm and to move the tanks away from this terrible place, but these orders did not have any effect.With Stalin s consent, the deputy director of the State Security Bureau, Timelenko, came in, and Beria gave him a wink Talk to Comrade Stalin, Comrade Timilenko.Yes.Comrade Beria.Timilenko cheered up HCMUSSH cbd thc gummy recipe According to my investigation, this is what happened.At that time, the German army had launched a frontal offensive in Kharkov, and our troops were surrounded, but at this time.There was a major named Laskimir who was said to lead a special operations team of the State Security Service.A big gap was torn open in the siege of the German army, and Marshal Timoshenko and some others were successfully rescued Laskimir NSA special operations team Stalin frowned Comrade Beria, Comrade Dimilenko, do you have such an organization No, never.Beria and Timilenko replied simultaneously.Ah, comrades, that strikes me as very strange.Comrade Stalin s broad mindedness did not care about it, but I think Timoshenko is getting too muchOur Some comrades always regard themselves as veterans.They are constantly developing their own forces.They don t take the Supreme Command and Comrade Stalin seriously Timoshenko nodded.Many people, especially those headed by Beria, have long disliked Timoshenko I heard that Timoshenko was still together some time ago.About the kidnapping case Beria asked suddenly.Yes, Dimilenko said, the family of his subordinate Korkorok was rescued.It is said that the rescuer was sent by Timoshenko.But I think that s unlikely.After all he wouldn t do something so stupid Keep your class vigilant, Comrade Dimilenko, nothing is impossible.Why would anyone use Timoshenko s name I know that Kerkorok is a subordinate Timoshenko admires very much.No one has more authority than his understanding of Baron Alexon.We used to We hired him as our screenwriter, but hillside cbd gummies he flatly rejected him.He said that since the second part, he no longer liked the filming methods, and criticized us vigorously, saying that our filming is not like the Skeleton Baron.Our box office will have a big impact.Wang Weiyi smiled, Beasley, Beasley, a bold and smart reporter, cbd gummies sarasota relied on interviews to become famous in cbd thc gummy recipe one fell swoop.He could do Miss Ruiman and the film company a favor, but he didn t intend to do so, it seemed that it had little to do with him.Okay, I think I m leaving.Wang Weiyi bowed slightly to Miss Ruiman I can t wait for tomorrow s arrival and enjoy your wonderful performance.I m looking forward to your arrival, Mr.Moyol.Miss Ruiman said with some reluctance, Mr.The start of filming the third film of the Baron series gave her hope.Through the influence of her father, she successfully won the opportunity of the heroine.The previous one was ruthlessly excluded by her This is why I keep being sarcastic in my column.Wang Weiyi nodded What kind of person is she I like money and status more than anything else.Beasley was a little disdainful You have to know , the original heroine is her good friend.Wang Weiyi smiled and found another piece of territory in his entire American plan, and cbd gummies hemp bombs review cbd thc gummy recipe it was a very important piece of Eliza Ruiman.A beautiful and sexy vase, a gold digger.A very favorable bargaining chip in your own hands Beasley, do you want to get rich Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.Beasley was stunned Of course, of course I want to get rich.What s the matter, do you have any good plans to make money Yes, but I need you to use another pseudonym and open another column.Now, he has no other choice.The only thing he can do is to cooperate with the Germans to green otter cbd gummies official website the end, even if he bears more infamy because of this, No hesitation.The sky in Ankara is gradually being covered by clouds brought by a heavy thunderstorm.Five hundred and fifteen.Skeleton Commando Reorganization Quietly staged.The mutiny will star two men Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm and General Kistapha.When General Kistafa was about to leave the deployment, he hesitated for a moment, and then asked carefully Can my child be cured I promise, right Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Not only will your child be cured, but he will return to you soon.I think that the position of Minister of National Defense in the future will always need someone to succeed him.General Kistafa s heart was completely relieved.Now, he has no other choice.

Klingenberg replied without the slightest hesitation.Immediately released you sure Klingenberg smiled and said The cbd gummies for lungs count custom cbd gummies war is fought by the soldiers, but it has nothing to do with the soldiers, right You may be judged, but the soldiers are not.It was a line that couldn t have been more honest You may be judged, but the soldiers are not.President Inonu smiled gratifiedly This is a good president.Although he was so indecisive in many previous decisions concerning the fate of Turkey, his performance in many places is admirable Mr.President, you cannot surrender.Mr.President, don t be fooled by these Germans.The voices of the guard soldiers kept ringing, but Inonu interrupted them with a smile Children, your war is over, and all the responsibilities will be borne by me.You don t have to be implicated because of it.It is impossible for them to create any more miracles.British and Soviet warships began a rapid withdrawal from Ankara.The British ambassador Lehr even wailed We have lost the most important strategic point Now the direction of the war has no one to grasp After the German army s leading troops entered Ankara , They were surprised to find that they were no longer needed to fight here.God.What exactly did Field Marshal Ernst cbd thc gummy recipe do in Ankara The expected fierce battle did not happen at all, and the German army entered the capital of a country without any hindrance.On the streets of Ankara, German tanks drove in on the streets of Ankara, a large number of German soldiers entered on the streets of Ankara, the German flag was flying And the skull battle flag, which has always inspired the morale of the German army, is also fluttering in the wind.All not a single ulg cbd gummies dollar left The only thing he got was the glass of rum that Mr.Garcia gave him Williams, who slipped out of the back door, knew that it was absolutely impossible for things to end so soon, when the sun rose tomorrow , he will be completely finished.All his properties were mortgaged in the bank, that is to say, not only did he become a poor man again, but he also owed a large sum of money to the bank It was not until late at night that he dared to go back cbd and thc gummies uk to the bank quietly.own home.The mansion that he was once proud of soon no longer belonged to him He looked around quietly, after making sure that there was no one there.Then he dared to sneak into his home.After closing the door firmly, Williams was relieved.After leaning against the door in a daze for a while, he turned on the light.Even so, ships can only transport supplies to Tripoli and Ben Haiqi, and then they are transported by convoys or offshore ships under the indiscriminate bombardment of the British Air Force, which has caused even greater difficulties for us who already lack vehicles.In contrast, the opponent has no worries in this regard.The British army controls the Mediterranean Sea, and there is almost no hindrance to the supply of its personnel and supplies.A large number of British ships transported batches of soldiers and tanks safely to Marshal Ernst in Africa.If this problem is not resolved, I think we will There is no possibility of complete victory on the battlefield.In front of Marshal Ernst Brahm, Rommel was very frank, and his attitude also made Wang Weiyi very satisfied Yes, Marshal Rommel, I am worried about you.It s just that British soldiers, Australian soldiers, cbd thc gummy recipe or New Zealand soldiers can be seen everywhere, somewhat spoiling the atmosphere here.A larger scale battle is being deployed in full swing.In the previous battles, because the Allied forces controlled the air and sea control in the Mediterranean, the German troops stationed in North Africa were unable to continue to advance due to insufficient troops and equipment supplies, and were forced to switch to strategic defense.at the same time.Britain continued to strengthen its military power in North Africa and actively prepared for war.Montgomery, commander of the British 8th Army, decided to launch a counterattack code named Swift Foot in late October, after breaking through the German and Italian defense areas.Advance quickly to the west, occupy the entire territory of Cyrenaica and Tripolitania in Libya, and cooperate with the British and American coalition forces that are about to land in North Africa to drive all the German and Italian troops out of North Africa.Not only Africa, but the direction of the entire war how to make cbd oil gummys using jello has been controlled in Germany The abundant resources will provide the German army with the continuation of the war, and the continuous victories will make the morale of the German soldiers highThe failure in Africa also made the once proud British Empire have to top rated cbd oil gummies lower them Heads held cbd gummies hemp bombs review cbd thc gummy recipe high, the American s suggestion could be considered let Baron Alexon make an unofficial secret visit to England, just like he did in America before The British cbd thc gummy recipe are still considering , but Wang Weiyi knows that they will eventually agree.At present, his main enemy is no longer the United Kingdom, but the huge polar bear Although Egypt has fallen into the hands of the Germans, it is still not so calm, and there are too many things waiting to be dealt with.General Canlemu, who made great contributions in this war, was appointed by Farouk I as the new Minister of Defense.

At the same time, Germany compiled an 85 page Swiss Military Handbook for such a tiny place in Switzerland.If Hitler didn t want to attack Switzerland, he didn t need to spend so much time and money doing it.In 1940, the German High Command formulated several plans for the rapid occupation of Switzerland by means of surprise raids, collectively known as Operation Fir Tree.It s not that Germany was not prepared to attack Switzerland, but in the end Switzerland was spared from the war.What s the reason According to the Swiss government s explanation, the inviolability is due to Switzerland s status as a permanent neutral country.This was an agreement signed at the Vienna Conference in 1815, but the history of Swiss neutrality did not start at mike holmes cbd gummies this time.As early as 1291, when the Swiss permanent federation was established, Switzerland has always played the role of a neutral country.Ah, am I suspected of treason when I say this Sir Monlington shook his head No, we are not traitors.On the contrary, we are true patriots.Because we can clearly see the plight of the UK.We are doing everything we can to save this country He glanced at Wang Weiyi, and his voice became low The British Empire used to be extremely glorious, but now that glory has passed, we will have to face many challenges.Including the resistance of those colonies At least I agree with one point, the war between Germany and Britain should not continue So, what should we do now General Rosen asked in a low voice.Use our influence to end this damn war.Sir Monlington replied very quickly In England, I still have some friends.I believe they know the current situation in Britain as well cbd thc gummy recipe can you travel with cbd gummies internationally as I do.Why not let them put some necessary pressure on the the cbd gurus sleep gummies government As for you, Baron, I think you should also exert yourself a stronger influence in Germany.Soldiers who want to become soldiers in this army must pass through spiritual and moral screening, and their height must not be less than 1.77 meters.No criminal record, received a good education, in this point is very different from the SS.Major General Bertes von Scherft commanded the most cbd thc gummy recipe elite unit of the German Wehrmacht Someone once said it.Once Belters von If General Sherft took off his uniform, he would look more like a university professor cbd thc gummy recipe than a general on the battlefield.Indeed, General Belters is fluent in German, English, French, Russian, Polish, and a little Portuguese, and he is good at art and painting.He has profound attainments, and his research on European history is not inferior to a real history professor.Others even said.Being a general is nothing more than some private hobbies that Belters pursued when he was bored with his studies Of course, such private hobbies will never prevent Belters from becoming a great and excellent general.Because of this, miraculous scenes were also staged on Guo Yunfeng.He can always predict in advance what the Russians are going to do, and he can always predict in advance where the Russians have set up an ambush.This surprised the German soldiers in the battle group.The Chinese legend is as well known as that of Baron Alexon.But what I saw with my own eyes is completely different from what I heard. When night came, the Guo Yunfeng battle group was the fastest of all German offensive troops.Even, in order to speed up the offensive rhythm, Guo Yunfeng issued an order not to capture the enemy.The Russians who resisted were wiped out in batches.Those Russians who lost their confidence cbd thc gummy recipe in fighting and raised their hands to surrender were surprised to find that the Germans ignored them at all, but rushed past them roaring.He didn t want the marshal to worry about the situation on the front line.But the truth is that Malinowski knew that his troops could no longer survive today.The attack of the German army can be described as crazy They launched waves of attacks on the Soviet positions.Every attack must make the Soviet army pay the heaviest price.Every attack kept causing cbd thc gummy recipe the Soviet army to lose its position.On several occasions, even Malinovsky s headquarters came directly into contact with the enemy.The pace of failure is getting closer and closer to the Soviet army When the German army launched a new offensive, Marshal Vasilevsky called again.This time, the marshal s tone on the phone was very severe Mali Comrade Novsky, please tell me the real situation on the battlefield, now is not the time for you to be brave, but I must fully understand what happened on the battlefield Malinovsky was silent He paused, and then sunshower gummies cbd review slowly said Comrade Marshal Vasilevsky, if you really want to know, then I can tell you that according to my estimation, my army will be broken through by the German army today.And now, the Germans are coming The battle for air supremacy has become extremely important.The United States is also eager to end the war as soon as possible, and they unconditionally support Germany s use of such super weapons to force Japan to surrender early.How powerful is the atomic bomb Not only the Americans don t know, even the Germans themselves don t have much background.Although the atomic bomb has fully demonstrated its destructive power on the battlefield in the previous test explosions.More and more German and American air forces joined the fight, although the Japanese used kamikaze for a suicide attack.In an attempt to save the defeat on the battlefield, their attack method of one man, one plane, one bomb for one ship caused great losses to Germany and the United States.But it can t prevent the loss of air supremacy at all.

commend.After letting Tibius leave, Daikius hurried in and said that two strange people had been caught.Or to be more precise, they didn t catch them, but they sent them to their door on their own initiative.These two people spoke pure, the most popular language in the city of Rome, spoke freely, and seemed to be of noble birth, but they did keoni cbd gummies cost cbd thc gummy recipe not have any documents from the local consul to prove their identities.This made Gaius a little curious, he thought about it for a while, and ordered Daikius to bring the man in.What Gaius saw were two young men, one called himself Ernst Alexson von Brahm, and the other called himself Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen.What a strange name, Gaius thought to himself, probably cbd distillate gummy bears from Egypt or somewhere farther away We are from the province of Dalmatia.The young man in Bream was very respectful It martha stewart cbd wellness gummies sampler s a great honor to meet you, Gaius Consul.But, now he s proven wrong The determination shown by these barbarians is unimaginable, and what s even more frightening is that not only are the barbarians amazing in fighting power, but they don t seem to be afraid at all life and death.They use all kinds of weapons, such as javelins, spears, axes, stone hammers, and even daggers obtained from all about cbd gummies the Romans However, no matter what kind of weapons are in their hands, they are still alive.Being able to adapt quickly to them, maybe they are born fighters.They hit the Romans with stone hammers, and then hit the enemy s head with a few more keoni cbd gummies cost cbd thc gummy recipe hard hammers, until the enemy s head was smashed Sometimes, they would use the stones they took from the Romans.The short sword plunged into the Roman s body, and then drew it out to rush to the next target Each of their killing methods makes people feel extremely terrifying.The baroness herself didn t know why, but from the first time she saw Nelia, she felt a little uncomfortable with her, or more precisely, it was a kind of distrust.Hello, Nelia.Leoni said lightly.Can I talk to you Nelia was very humble.Leonie thought cbd gummies for lungs count custom cbd gummies for a moment and nodded.The two women came to an empty place, and Nelia said, Ma am, you don t seem to like me, do you Not every beautiful woman will be liked by everyone.Leonie smiled slightly After a while Of course, you can think that my jealousy is at work.Ah, no, I think your beauty is far more beautiful than mine.Nelia said hastily Especially the beauty that you show around you.Some fascinating things are things that I will never learn.Her compliments did not make Leonie lose any vigilance at all Nelia, are you here to say these things to me No, please forgive me if I have said something wrong.It seems that they are all wearing thick clothes, which is very strange in early summer.Soon, he judged from the slightly stiff movements of those elders the toga is under the armor Cuarius was taken aback.He tried his best to keep calm, but his feet began to move there quietly.Manias, who had been watching Pang s every move with concern, noticed the young man s movements, and stopped Cuarius respectfully and carefully.My master, please don t worry.He whispered.Hearing this address, Cuarius frowned, because Pompey hated people calling him Master miracle nutritional products cbd gummy bear bottle very much, so apart from his loyal butler Diomedes, who refused to change his words, Pompey had nothing to do with him.the rest of the family, including those whom Pompey rescued from slavery like Manias, no longer called him that.But today, Manias added this title to him again, which made Cuarius very unhappy, but at the moment he couldn t care less about it.In the middle of the 1st century BC, a large number of Germanic people set out from the hinterland to the Rhine River, and there were constant military conflicts with the Roman Empire.After a long struggle, the Germanic tribes of the Vandals, Burgundians and Goths occupied the valley of the Vistula.In the middle of the 1st century BC, the Celts were expelled and finally settled in the vast area between the east of the Rhine, the north of the Danube and the North Sea.But these tribes are scattered organizations that don t share a common goal and rarely stick together.The only time of unity was probably only the Teutonics and the Cimbris joined forces to deal with Rome, and Ariovidus challenge to Gaul.But both times they failed.However, when a person who did not belong to this era appeared, everything changed.Can he persist on the battlefield His tone what works better for sleep cbd gummies or thc gummies was full of disdain, and in his opinion, if the skeleton baron really appeared on the battlefield, he would not be able to win.The only thing he can do.Just persisting for a few more days, this is already a very remarkable miracle Ryan shrugged, not knowing how to answer the general.Yes, they had heard the legend of the Skeleton Baron since childhood, and Ryan was even one of the Skeleton Baron s admirers.He felt that the baron s reputation was earned by blood, and no matter whether he was still alive or not, he should not be slandered like this.Of course, there is at least one point in which he is the same as General Kerrett.He added that the Skeleton Baron can still adapt to the current battlefield.From this point of view, it is a good thing that the Skeleton Baron died.

Mr.Baron, I will report your innocence to my superior Prototy Annette was still doing her last struggle.It s up to you, I don t care.Wang Weiyi s mouth slowly moved up again Annette sighed, and then completely relieved her struggle They kissed passionately together, which was similar to the kiss they had at Anhalt Castle during the day.It s completely different.Annette, who completely let go of herself, greeted the passionate kiss from a baron heartily, and after a while, a gasping sound came from her mouth.Before she knew it, the clothes on Annette s body They were removed one by one, leaving only the close fitting underwear.And a pair of hateful men s hands were swimming around her body, completely igniting Annette s passion.Baron, are you going to Are you doing this on the sofa Annette managed to find a chance to speak.Many of their commanders, They grew up in the war, and their combat experience is rich.To put it bluntly, it is not comparable to those of us who only received training in military academies.Lieutenant Colonel Kars did not hide this at all If Under the same conditions, we are not the opponents of the German army at all, and we will be easily killed by them on the battlefield.In the Second World War, the United States stood by for too long There is another very important s reason Lieutenant Colonel Kars looked at the opposite position We have had an absolute advantage since the beginning of the battle.Our officers and soldiers take it for granted that victory must belong to us, so we dare not go too far during the battle brave.And what about the Germans They are basically in a desperate battle, and all their potential has exploded.The tragic Lieutenant Colonel Errett died inexplicably in this way After the gun battle broke out, the armed combat members of the Elder Combat Brigade led by Stephen also arrived in time.then.Here it has become a one sided massacre for Americans.Countless American soldiers died sadly, and countless American soldiers were pierced by bullets.Painful wailing and mournful cries resounded together, making this place even more gloomy and terrifying.Those dying American soldiers.A hallucination suddenly appeared in front of my eyes a big crack opened in the ground, and then, groups of undead appeared, waving the weapons in their hands, destroying everything that could be seen in front of them.And among these undead, a knight riding a war horse with flames all over his body was watching all this coldly.The pain that Germany once tasted is now cbd thc gummy recipe tasted by the Americans It s General Oppermann, Marshal Ernst has arrived.What did you say cbd thc gummy recipe General Opperman was taken aback Who are you talking about Marshal Ernst Brehm has arrived Opperman was dumbfounded.Did he hallucinate Baron Alexon actually appeared here But this is not an illusion.Baron Alexon really came, and he brought a lot of reinforcements.Marshal Ster, Commander of the National Army Opperman welcomes you Opperman could hardly hide his nervousness in front of the baron.The soldiers of the National Army were as nervous as their commanders, and some of them even began to tremble.God, say it Others will not believe it, but I actually saw Baron Alexon here Feng.General Opperman, thank you and the National Army for your efforts.Wang Weiyi eased the other party s tension with a smile I heard that you have participated in the final attack on Moscow Yes.Damn it, a battalion of American soldiers, Do I really have such a great ability to deal with so many count custom cbd gummies cbd gummies canada enemies Good luck, Rambler, keoni cbd gummies cost cbd thc gummy recipe you came here by yourself Eight hundred and seventy three.Winter Desert Attack The desert is always fickle.During the day, the climate is hot enough to kill you from severe dehydration.And at night, it becomes extremely cold, cold enough to freeze you into a block of ice.The contrast between day and night is completely unimaginable.This is especially true from December to February.So some people say that the desert in winter is half cbd gummies hemp bombs review cbd thc gummy recipe snow and half sand.This seemingly incomparably beautiful and cbd thc gummy recipe magnificent scene is enough to take the lives of countless people.But the war also severely damaged the scenery here.It was December 26, 1965.The German tank soldiers lit a fire under the tank and roasted the tank for a while the temperature has been getting lower .

where to get cbd gummies or oil for anxiety?

and lower recently, and even the oil has turned into paste.How did Mr.Brahm know the location of the enemy headquarters Had he been in Aswan for a long time But soon Geyunser cbd thc gummy recipe knew that Ernst s judgment was completely correct.They immediately touched the location of the headquarters of the enemy s 172nd Infantry Regiment.I have to say that Colonel Stam, who directs the US military to fight here, is a very brave guy.In order to resist the surprise attack from the German army, he mobilized most of his troops, while only a small number of American soldiers and an m60a1 tank defended his headquarters.Hey, did you see that, the Americans didn t expect us to touch here, and their tankers are still wandering outside.Wang Weiyi pointed to the front and said in a low voice.Ah, yes.What should we do now Order your soldiers to prepare to shoot.After Wang Weiyi finished speaking, cbd adhd gummies he asked Martin beside him to hide two grenades on his body.

German guy We have been waiting for a long time The French army above shouted loudly in German.There is an ambush Everyone hide Sergeant Cram yelled lying down in the sandpit, and then shot towards the top of the dune.Second Lieutenant Geyunser hid himself, took out his loudspeaker and shouted towards the top Hey, you know.You are hopeless.Our counterattack is starting, lay down your arms and join us, you will be safe from harm.The second lieutenant above laughed loudly My friend, you are so naive, do you think you can really defeat the Americans I think you re all going to die here today.Second Lieutenant Gyunthal was furious.He aimed his rifle at the second lieutenant s head and shot him, and the second lieutenant fell down.Afterwards, Second Lieutenant Gyunthal shouted at the subordinates behind him Kill these damned bastards, bitch raised Staff Sergeant Nord swept his submachine gun at the enemy above.Bursts of dense shells were fired from the turret.The U.S.infantry was flying all over the sky in a panic, and the German army also dispatched four fighter jets again, blowing up three tanks to scrap iron.The defeated remnants of the U.S.army fled in a hurry, but unfortunately, more than a dozen people from the coalition army were accidentally injured by artillery fire.Even so, the cost was much lower than the entire army being wiped out by the Americans.The coalition commander breathed a sigh of relief.After dawn, it will be a difficult day for the Allied artillery.Thinking of this, the coalition soldiers will forget the tragic battle just now, and a keoni cbd gummies cost cbd thc gummy recipe happy smile will appear on their faces again.Okay, soldiers, these Americans are really tolerable.You can sleep on the spot for a while.Tomorrow is the day to guide our planes and artillery cbd gummies for lungs count custom cbd gummies to destroy the enemy s artillery.Okay, I ll give you the answer soon.After a brief grooming, Wang Weiyi opened the suitcase he was carrying, took out weapons one by one, and hid them in the room respectively.different positions.Even if you are surrounded by enemies now.He can also rely on these weapons enough to persist for a long time, and then slip away from here without anyone noticing with the help of Xiao Ling.This is also a very important reason why Wang Weiyi has never been afraid of danger.There was a knock on the door, and Wang cbd gummies hemp bombs review cbd thc gummy recipe Weiyi casually asked who it was.A woman s voice came from outside Sir, is that the gin you want Ah, yes.When he came up just now, he asked for a bottle of gin.He opened the door.suddenly.A dark muzzle was cbd gummies hemp bombs review cbd thc gummy recipe aimed at him, cbd oil gummy bears review and then a cold female voice rang out Hello, Baron Preet Wang Weiyi couldn t help but wryly smiled when he saw the face outside the door clearly.The smile on Wang Weiyi s face was so bright You used to be my woman, and I will never let my woman suffer any bullying.These words made Farida s face turn red.But she suddenly felt so happy Now, with the meeting with Farida and Canlemu, Wang Weiyi s entire operation in Cairo has been deployed.No one could have imagined that count custom cbd gummies cbd gummies canada the Skeleton Baron had appeared in Cairo and was preparing to deal a heavy blow to the enemy.The Skeleton Baron was alone when he came here, but now he has three friends Annette, Farida and Canlemu.But when the next day came, Kanlemu, who came as promised, brought him bad news Rosan Rodibi, the general director of the Abid Brotherhood , was attacked by the United States.people s arrest.His crime was simple an attempt to instigate violence to overthrow the existing government.The closer they got to Amister, the denser the sound of light weapons shooting.The second class soldier who was walking in front suddenly stopped, and he pressed against the wall, There is a situation Hewitt drew his pistol and stopped Nora behind him.Clatter Some cement slag and dust slid down from the top of the German army, and there was a rumbling sound coming from somewhere above.The German army followed the sound and looked up.An unlucky Russian paratrooper was hanging there because his parachute was hung on the exposed beam of the damaged roof, struggling desperately.The second class soldier strafed upwards with his submachine gun, Da da da, da da da Problem solved The second class soldier waved to his companions with HCMUSSH cbd thc gummy recipe a smile.They ran into trouble again crossing a street where a group of Russian paratroopers had taken over the ruins of a cafe across the street and blocked their way, if recklessly.I did star power cbd gummies not study medicine as my father asked, but entered the army.Chenock laughed at himself I don t believe that the Italian army is really as incompetent as others say, I want to try to exercise Send out a real army to prove that the Italians can .

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fight well, but it s a pity.I still failed.No, you shouldn t bear the main responsibility.Wang Weiyi shook his head slowly What makes me wonder is the fighting power and bravery of your troops.Why are cbd gummies for lungs count custom cbd gummies they equipped with such inferior weapons Italy has no shortage of good weapons.Yes, Italy has no shortage of good count custom cbd gummies cbd gummies canada weapons and brave soldiers, What Italy lacks is an excellent commander.A sad look flashed across Chenock s face Our leader has a lot of opinions on me, so I have been squeezed out everywhere.Even if khalifa sisters cbd gummies the war did not break out, I would I can no longer stay in the army Wang Weiyi understood completely in an instant.

Standing is the skeleton baron.His eyes were always staring ahead, even if the enemy s bomb exploded right beside him, it could not shake his determination at all.Amidst the sound of explosions, cheerful whistles sounded in the mouths of German soldiers.It was a Bavarian folk song that echoed on the battlefield in World War II, a song that German soldiers are count custom cbd gummies cbd gummies canada all too familiar with.If the youth is gone If the youth is gone, I will not leave regretsI see her lips when she smiles, and I will be desperate.To kiss her, I must see her today I have many reasons.I stand in front of her and tell her how much I love her.I don t care if she says no because I won t wait for another time.I take her in my arms More and more German soldiers joined in the chants.They are brave soldiers, but also a group of ordinary people looking forward to love and a better life.Bad news continued to reach Lieutenant General Boschek s ears, and what made him even more incredible was that, judging from the battle reports ahead, Italians seemed to appear among the Germans.At that moment, Lieutenant General Boschek felt a little confused.Italian Isn t that your ally The dubious lieutenant general risked himself to appear on the front line.He tried his best to identify the attacking troops, and soon got cbd thc gummy recipe the result that made him dumbfounded Italians are really assisting the German attack And what the hell is that the Italian, who has always been so clumsy on the battlefield and has been made a laughingstock countless times, actually behaved so bravely this time Those Italian infantry, under the cover of German tanks.Braving fierce artillery fire, they bravely launched continuous and fierce attacks on the enemy s position.The sound of artillery and machine guns flooded the entire battlefieldDeath has become the main theme hereIt is difficult for a brigade of Russian troops to stop the enemy s offensive.They tried their best, but cypress hemp cbd gummies Under the wave after wave of attacks by the coalition forces, the Russians still felt powerless.And in the precarious situation of the Russian armored brigade, a new fatal blow to them appeared the Akler battle group sent by General K nigsberg Miller arrived on the battlefield in time.This is a new force, after the outbreak of Robin Stell s defense battle.No matter how critical the situation was, General Miller never used this force.It is precisely because of this that once you join the battlefield.These German soldiers and their tanks showed their ferocious fangs.Even if the whole of Germany is occupied, even if there is only the last German soldier left on the battlefield, no one can ignore their combat effectiveness.When the battle was over, we found a Russian general dead bodyhis body was so badly smashed that it was impossible to recognize his original formFortunately, we found his papers, as well as those of the Russian officers who surrendered After careful identification, we determined that this corpse belonged to Lieutenant General Taborsky of the 13th Armored Division of the Russian Third Army.Poor Lieutenant General, he completed his last mission on the battlefield Card Lunbu did not gloat at all.He always respected the generals who died on the battlefield.He ordered his subordinates cbd gummies hemp bombs review cbd thc gummy recipe to bury Lieutenant General Taborski Ironically, the remains of the Russian general Had to be buried by the enemy The entire 13th Armored Division has completely collapsed, and the entire Russian army of Robinstel is about to collapse General Kalumbu is well aware of the changes on the battlefield, and he is fortunate to be able to complete this mission by himself.There is no need to strengthen the Air Force.It is their duty for soldiers to serve the country.They can find excuses to continue to delay their wages.But the opportunity of the United States But it is really rare.Ilya trusted his father, so he nodded quickly.Mine.The future is all yours.Gregory patted his son s shoulder affectionately Do it with confidence.When the oil field is completed, a lot of money will continue to enter our pockets.Even if we cbd thc gummy recipe don t become the grand duke, we can still live the life of a rich man in the United States Thinking of the luxurious American high society life, Ilya s adrenal hormones were stimulated.Your Excellency the Grand Duke, the Marquis of Andjak and the Marquis of Pereas are asking to see you.At this moment, such a voice came from outside.Gregory frowned when he heard his elder daughter and younger daughter begging for a visit I think they are probably here to ask for money again.However, those children never made any request related to retreat.Guo Yunfeng has already stayed in the youth division.He told the Wanderer that he found Fu Yu s child Fu Yunfeng, and he decided to fight with the child himself.Life is really amazing.During the Chinese battlefield, Guo Yunfeng, who had been with him all the time, met Fu Yu.But they can t be together.Then, after traveling through time and space, Guo Yunfeng cbd thc gummy recipe met Fu Yu s child here.Maybe God has already arranged everything The fierce battle on the front line has reached the point of suffocating and collapsing, and every minute and every second is so important to everyone.Whoever can grit his teeth and persist for a while will be able to see the dawn of victory Persist for the last day.This is what Wang Weiyi told Guo Yunfeng.One day, it s going to be a crucial day.

S.Army ulg cbd gummies General Kerrett, the commander of the Armored Cavalry Division, also appeared on the front line.No one can question his loyalty to his country, but he can do nothing about what is happening in front of him.Many positions were breached by powerful German forces.Although in the long war, where to buy lord jones cbd gummies those American soldiers who had never experienced war before were growing rapidly, but compared with the German army that had experienced the two world wars, they showed shortcomings in all aspects.In the competition for some small positions, each department of the US military is fighting on its own.Each stood firm on its own ground, but the Germans showed a completely different battle.The commanders of some assault squads of the German army saw that the friendly forces were occupying a favorable situation.Another patriot was born.In the newly established Ministry of National Defense and General Staff Headquarters, Marshal Condeo should have become the Minister of Defense, while the position of Chief of General Staff was stolen by the speculator Donani.As for the real initiator of the uprising, Manusia and his comrades were ruthlessly abandoned.What is a cbd thc gummy recipe revolution This is called a revolution.No one cares what Manusia and his comrades think.Even the rebels think that it is more appropriate for someone like Catadona to lead the Republic of Turin, rather than a civilian who has no political experience.Manusia.This is true of countless revolutions in history.So the real winners are not revolutionaries like Manusia, but patriots like Catadona or Donani a group of opportunistic politicians When the uprising did succeed, Mannicia and his companions would soon be forgotten, and perhaps killed.The heart of a greedy person is a bottomless pit that can never be filled.The vicious circle formed by greed, fantasizes that he will enjoy wealth forever, and even wants his offspring to also Enjoy wealth forever The greedy are really the poorest people.Wang Weiyi said lightly Everyone is like this.Mr.Frost, Mr.Casanovich, my organic cbd gummies task here has been completed, and I will leave the finishing work to you.I think we won t see each other again for a long time. I really hope to work with you again.Frost said sincerely.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly, and then stood up.When he came to the hall of the house cbd thc gummy recipe can you travel with cbd gummies internationally contract exchange, he saw all kinds of desperate and depressed faces.Then, he saw that he was alone.Alice playing.He came to Alice s side Where s your mother Oh, Mr.Moyol, where is she Alice pointed forward Mr.Some policemen also joined the ranks of protesters.Your Excellency the Grand Duke, the situation is completely out of control now Not so long ago, Khmelitsky promised to quell the wave of protests in Moscow, but now he changed his tone Grigory became even more angry If you can t control the situation.Then what else do I need you to do Mr.Khmelitsky, Marquis of Pereas.You have two choices now.The first is to end all this within three hours.I will how to purchase cbd gummied not hesitate Fill up the prisons in Moscow.Second, resign yourself.Now, Mr.Khmelitsky, Marquis of Pereias, tell me your answer Khmelitsky s answer was very calm As for your first request, I cannot do it, HCMUSSH cbd thc gummy recipe it is simply impossible.As for your request for my resignation Your Excellency the Grand Duke.I refuse to resign as the police chief of Moscow.It is my duty and responsibility to serve in such a Keep Moscow safe Grigory was stunned, and it was the first time in his memory that Khmelitsky spoke to himself like this You will be Arrested Gregory s words were full of threats Khmelitsky, in the name of the Supreme Regent of Russia, the Grand Duke, I will remove you from all positions, and even your status as a marquis.What we need is justice and democracy.Therefore, your proposal was rejected.Milosevic was very dissatisfied with the opponent s attitude, but he was helpless due to the identity of the opponent Okay, let s enter the procedure now Fritoya Fu slightly raised his voice Marquis of Andjak.You are charged on the night of May 28, 1966.Hired Similov to assassinate Marquis Khmelitsky of Pereas at the Bolshoi Theater, have you ever done such a thing No, I never did Milosevic said without hesitation This is a personal insult to me.Yes, I know Mr.Similov, he was the captain of the guard of the former Grand Duke Gregory of Berstoka, but I have no friendship with him, and I have never ordered him to carry out any assassination.An insult to a respected Marquis.I demand that Mr.Similov be severely punished Call the first witness, Similov.The small German army composed of 12 men walked into Bielerte in an orderly manner.One of the German soldiers peeled off a piece of chewing cbd thc gummy recipe can you travel with cbd gummies internationally gum and threw it into the mouth.The action is very skillful.Stop, don t move Suddenly, Allen raised the gun in his hand.He said sharply Major, they are American spies With a Hula , all the German soldiers raised their weapons Hey, puur cbd gummies 1000mg be careful of the guns going off Captain Weller said hurriedly Are we American spies No, you misunderstood, Sergeant Alan, are they American spies Even Major Lampden had some doubts.Yes.They are American spies Young Sergeant Allen s face flushed I swear, they count custom cbd gummies must be Americans Major, have you forgotten that I grew up in the United States This chewing gum action I m so familiar.Americans in Mississippi always like to throw chewing gum into their mouths Sergeant, I think you re worrying too much.

Don t be nervous, I m not here to arrest you.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly I m here to find a man, about fifty years old.Do you recognize this man, speaking not so standard German Carmon fell silent, and it could be seen that he didn t want to say something quickly Look.Mr.Carmon, I don t have any intention of arresting you.Wang Weiyi saw through it at a glance But this man is a very important prisoner.I guess he must have given you some benefits.Tell me.He is in Where.Otherwise, I can only take you away with great regret.No, I said.Carmon said hastily There is such a person, he gave me a lot of money, and I I have never seen so much money.He said that he is an American military officer, and he is very worried about falling into the cbd thc gummy recipe can you travel with cbd gummies internationally hands of the Germans.He wants to hide here for a few days.You know, I can t even afford food.The soldier got out of the commander s conning tower of the turret, jumped down suddenly, and then ran quickly to the wreckage of the tank where Steinman was.Are you the commander of the Leopard 9 Steinman glanced at her, then unloaded an empty magazine.Well, yes, we are the tank crew group transferred by the German Tank Corps Academy to come here to study.The cbd gummies for lungs count custom cbd gummies girly female soldier introduced to Steinman, took out her own ID card from her pocket and handed it to Steinman.Steinman took the ID and looked at it.The female tanker was Manna, and he returned the ID to her.He began to make tactical gestures to other German troops.This counterattack will be an offensive with a betting nature.Engaging the enemy in such an open area at a crossroads requires courage and sufficient firepower.Otherwise failure will be inevitable.Lieutenant Pozik suddenly thought of something.He turned his head and shouted loudly to his subordinates Everyone in row A who can move.Come with me Huh Someone replied loudly.The gunships in the air began to bombard the enemy forces around the landing area indiscriminately, and the helicopter formation of the 42nd Assault Battalion took advantage of this opportunity to land crookedly at the designated location under heavy artillery fire.The soldiers jumped out of the helicopter.run to the side of the road.After the soldiers were all gone, the helicopter formation couldn t wait to pull up, and hurriedly escaped from this terrifying Shura field.The world was spinning, and it was impossible to tell who was firing and where it was firing.Bullets swished past the ears, and various ballistic paths flew back and forth like silver needles, interweaving into a death net that even mice could not crawl through.After about two hours, you can carry out the arrest plan for Yetiri.Ah, of course, General Robito is also in the hands of Yetiri, what a remarkable achievement, not only successfully rescued the missing general, but also uncovered such cbd gummies hemp bombs review cbd thc gummy recipe a huge opposition organization This is a good thing that fell from the sky Berkeley was silent for a while So.Shall I hand Yeti into your hands No, he is no longer useful to me Wang Weiyi s answer was unexpected I remember that Prime Minister Sinagh once said that he would like to see whether Yetiri is dead or alive.Berkeley understood in an instant that he wanted What have you done It s still confusing Okay.Let s do what you should do now Wang Weiyi suddenly said coldly But, Mr.Berkeley, I hope you will not disappoint me Yes, Your Excellency the Baron From now on, Berkeley has regarded himself as a dog next to the baron.Yes.Their tasks are very clear.Heisenberg quickly interjected They are all carefully selected from the Brandenburg commando.They can speak fluent French and are the most elite Special soldiers.They are familiar with everything about urban warfare, and they also know how to cbd thc gummy recipe maximize their advantages Wang Weiyi showed approval on his face.The commandos in the German army always reassured themselves Heisenberg, I just got a piece of information that the German army wiped out two divisions of the French army in France.A look of joy flashed across Heisenberg s face, and then he regained his composure HCMUSSH cbd thc gummy recipe Under your leadership, any miracle will happen.I think victory is not far away. Heisenberg.You will also say compliments.Wang Weiyi cbd thc gummy recipe smiled I remember that you were only a child heady harvest cbd gummies 200mg during World War II.But now, you have become the commander of Germany s most elite commando.If it wasn t for this nice gentleman who rescued me , I don t know what my future will be. Ah, sir, you are my savior and Akning.Fatiha s eyes filled with tears You don t know, if I lose Kenin, that is more painful to me than death A good man will always be rewarded.The young man smiled and said, Congratulations on your husband and wife reunion, and this is a gift from me.He put down a document bag in his hand Then, I think it s time for me to leave.Ah, wait, sir, I haven t had time to ask your name yet.Akning suddenly remembered this Serious question Please keoni cbd gummies cost cbd thc gummy recipe tell me your name, I can repay you.The young man smiled lightly Ernst Alexson von Brahm.Then he left without looking back Here Ernst Alexson von Brahm, what a strange name.The Aknins had never heard of this man.But Ernst left them a gift.

It was himself who first betrayed the interests of France.Berkeley did nothing more than what he had done.At this time, a young man with a stern face came over.Heisenberg and his commandos stood at attention, and raised their right arms straightly Hey, Ernst Hey Ernst Ernst That s obviously Moyol.Wittgenstein Sinager vaguely guessed Wittgenstein s true identity, but he still couldn t believe that this would appear in Paris.Wang Weiyi smiled and looked at the group of senior French officials French spring has finally come to us One thousand fifty five.Death of Captain Hayes French spring finally came to us.When Wang Weiyi said this, he looked at all the dumbfounded French officials with a smile all the time, and then slowly introduced himself I am Ernst Alexson von Brahm Ernst Alexson von.Bram Baron Skeleton.To be honest, Berkeley s reputation was not very good before, and he was always present in the French Reign of cbd thc gummy recipe Terror.It is difficult to count the people who died in his hands.However, after the beginning of the French Revolution, Berkeley s performance was surprising, especially in the military operation to arrest former French President Cattery, former French Prime Minister Sinager and former French Minister of Defense Lucien.decisive role.On the day of his appointment, Roberto commented on Berkeley In the past it has indeed cbd thc gummy recipe been misunderstood by some people.But the heart of a man with great sentiments is always difficult to understand The success of the French Revolution would never have been possible without the help of Prime Minister Berkeley.In countless struggles, he can always be seen hidden.The attack of the young people, they even used the murder weapon, luckily.There happened to be a policeman passing by at that time, and the assailant only stabbed his arm The assassination of an ordinary person is not worth Nash s care, but it was an agent who was assassinated.This could not help but aroused Nash s vigilance again When Nash kept running around, Lieutenant Colonel Mills of the FBI also encountered troubles.An FBI office in London was the first to be hit.The attackers threw petrol bottles into the office, causing a small fire, although it was quickly extinguished.But this is the first time the FBI has been attacked in Londonthose bloody underground resistance groups have gone rampant Lieutenant Colonel Mills ordered that the case must be solved in the shortest possible time.And the arsonist was caught immediately, but what he didn t expect was that this was just the beginning On the afternoon of the arson incident, two federal agents who were in charge of investigating the matter finished their lunch in a restaurant , returned to his car, the moment the car exploded when it was started, which caused the death of two federal agents on the spot.Wilkins quickly proposed the candidate in his mind He is in Britain has been in the UK for a long time and has very rich experience, I suggest that he take over all the intelligence work in the UK immediately.No, I think Colonel Jade of the CIA is the most suitable candidate.Minister of Defense Kapannon quickly put forward a different view The CIA has more power and has closer ties with the US government.I think it is a more appropriate choice for Colonel Jed to control it.Mr.Minister of Defense, I don t think this is a choice worth showing off.Wilkins said coldly I have always heard that you maintain a close relationship with Colonel Jed, but this is for the British country.Considering our interests, we should not affect our country for some private interests.So what about you, Mr.Prime Minister.The three gunships never found this grove, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable The bodyguards and federal agents tried their best, but despite the guerrillas numbers, they still couldn t get close to it.The three armed helicopters that were raging then left the scene.Less than ten minutes.Reinforcements finally showed up.The appearance of tanks and armored vehicles in the British Army eased the tense situation at once.Those guerrillas saw the regular army and quickly withdrew from the battlefield.President Fenton is finally out of danger The tragic attack, which killed 28 and wounded 51, was the most horrific encounter since the establishment of the Fenton government.So much so that when the Fenton government reappeared in the cemetery under the protection of the HCMUSSH cbd thc gummy recipe army, its face was full of sadness and anger.He waved to the 11 prisoners.Following the American lieutenant colonel into the manor, they didn t see anyone else, they just saw a middle aged man coming up to them with a smile.But the guard in the car stood beside him.Welcome, gentlemen, I am Sir Grislow Monrington.The man introduced himself with a smile.Sir Grislow Monrington Pross and his cv sciences cbd oil gummies companions were a little dazed, they had heard the name many times.But why bring them to meet him Is Sir Grislow Monrington coming to carry out the execution for the police The handcuffs and shackles were removed from their hands.Grislow continued to say with a smile Then, I think I should introduce this Lieutenant Colonel Moyol to you.His full name is Ernst Alexson von Bly Hum Whether it was Pross or his companions, they were completely shocked.Ernst Alexson von Brahm Baron Skeleton Pross couldn t believe what he heard at all, he said in a trembling voice You, you are Baron Alexon Yes, I am Baron Alexon.

Yes, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has already arranged everything for himself.Taking advantage of winning the lottery to get paid for yourself will not arouse anyone s suspicion.The proper arrangement of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol also added to the confidence in cooperation with Captain Roger.At least, this cooperation with tuna is more pleasant.Then, let s discuss the plan of Mr.Tuna.Wang Weiyi finally turned to the main topic It is exactly as he wishes, I will arrange for him to break into the underground resistance organization and gain trust.All you have to do is to do your job well.Captain Roger was relieved, and then he lowered his voice again It s keoni cbd gummies cost cbd thc gummy recipe just that Tuna asked me to leave the room later, and he talked to Colonel Jed alone about Half an hour, but I can t hear the specifics.Wang Weiyi frowned.Colonel Toros had to make a choice whether to continue fighting to the end, or to uphold the principle of being responsible for himself and the soldiers.Attitude surrender.In fact, such a choice is not difficult.Everyone knows what it will mean if you continue to persist.At the beginning of the outbreak of the war, Colonel Toros had told General Gendra very clearly that if there was really no way to continue, he would never let all the soldiers lose their lives for no reason.Now, like this The time has come.He got in touch with the army of the Axis powers.In fact, it didn t take much effort.The Axis powers accepted cbd thc gummy recipe can you travel with cbd gummies internationally Colonel Toros s request, which was not too much, and he was allowed to surrender with dignity with his own troops.After getting the reply from the enemy, Colonel Doros let out a long sigh of relief.Just when General Vincent was worried about this, the person he had been looking forward to suddenly appeared in his headquarters Ernst Alexson von Bram General Vincent did not say any pleasantries.Quickly brought the baron into his office, he closed the door, and said impatiently Your Excellency, the Americans and the Fenton government no longer trust me.I am going to revolt immediately in Milton Keynes.No , General, now is not the time.Regarding the current situation.Wang Weiyi didn t seem to take it too seriously The more the enemy is like this, the more it means that they feel the crisis is coming.If they can directly arrest you.Although it cbd thc gummy recipe will cause turmoil in the army, there is still a way to make up for it.But They re scared now, they can t afford any more loss, that s why they transferred you to Milton Keynes.Yes, the person sitting inside is cbd thc gummy recipe can you travel with cbd gummies internationally controlling them and making them afraid But he couldn t do without his Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.At this moment, both of them also understood that they were both called by this Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Captain Roger, Captain Pattinson, please sit down.Wang Weiyi smiled and let them sit down, and then said to the owner of the bar James, do you have a better bar Seriously, those drinks outside your It s too bad.A smile cbd thc gummy recipe appeared on James s face Of course, Mr.Moyol, I have HCMUSSH cbd thc gummy recipe a pretty good bottle of gin here.The gin was brought over, and then James left with great interest here.Wang Weiyi poured himself a glass Gentlemen, if you want to drink, you can drink it yourself.Ah, the taste of this wine is really much better than those outside.Captain Roger and Captain Pattinson s thoughts Not drinking at all Mr.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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