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The two went out again and returned to the shopping mall.Along the way, Tang Shuang kept reasoning with Tangtanger, cbd thc sour gummies pointing out that her behavior of robbing giant pandas in the shopping mall just now was absolutely unacceptable.At the entrance of the store, Tang Shuang said to Tangtanger Are you going back by yourself, or do you want my brother to accompany you My brother hopes to see you go by yourself.Tangtanger looked at the store, and there was another one in the store It s a giant panda that is exactly the same.She is a little scared.Will she be beaten She didn t think so cbd thc sour gummies much when she snatched it just now.Now that she thinks about it, she is pure strength cbd gummies review so scared.Tang Shuang comforted Don t worry, no one will beat you.Everyone likes children who know their mistakes and can correct them.Go, brother is here to protect you.I really didn t expect that there can be such a broad minded and lofty work in martial arts novels.The entire one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies reaction structure of the novel is produced in the dialogue between Wuming and King Qin, memories and reality are constantly intertwined, truth and lies are intertwined.The images of several assassins continue to be fully formed in the anonymous narration, and the memories and conjectures of King Qin also promote the progress of the story.In the end, Wuming was inspired by Canjian s concept of the world.After face to face negotiations with the King of Qin, he decided to give up the task of assassinating Qin for the sake of the unification of the world, and sacrificed himself.butt.This multi line and multi angle segmented narrative has become the plot contradiction of the Hero story itself.Where is the truth and where is the lie It has become a confrontation between Wuming and King Qin.Comparing the reactions before and after King Qin, it can be seen that Wuming succeeded When Wuming first entered the palace, King Qin was extremely arrogant.He said What are the six kingdoms The widow wants to lead Daqin s iron cavalry to lay down a huge territory And when Wuming uttered the word Tianxia , King Qin s arrogance and violence disappeared.Wuming exchanged his own death for the awakening of the tyrant, this is a hero Can Jian is a true knight The book says that he bears the tradition of being a hero Can Jian entered the Qin Palace, but did not kill King cbd thc sour gummies Qin, because he had comprehended the highest level of swordsmanship.What is the highest state of swordsmanship Even if there is no sword in the hand, and there is no sword in the heart, with a big heart, tolerating everything, is peace For the sake of the world, he gave up personal grievances, gave up personal life and death, and caused his lover to not speak a word to him for three years.The author needs to work harder The collision of Chinese martial arts and firearms The reason why modern martial arts are rare is that Because it is difficult to write about the battle between Chinese martial arts and firearms, I practiced hard for twenty years, but a teenage boy beat him up with a pistol, and even wrote a fart, which is not at all refreshing.The author dares to challenge this It s difficult, I admire it I hope it can be written in a reasonable and reasonable way.Judging from the reactions of these readers, Tang Shuang already has a relatively deep fan base after Heroes , and with the new design of The Romance of the Dragon and Snake.It is stable and topical, and I believe that when this book actually starts to be serialized, it will definitely trigger a greater wave of readers.From top to bottom, he posted comments on every content in the circle of friends, and they were all garbled characters.Tang Shuang specifically turned to the news of his ex girlfriend.The content was a close up photo of holding hands, and the background was in a movie theater.Candy, the troublemaker, replied below with a string of unknown Chinese characters and hazel hill cbd gummies cbd thc sour gummies letters.Now, under Tang Shuang s comment, many acquaintances have him, expressing the same meaning brother must be strong.Dongdong Tangtang you open the door, I ll have a good talk with you.Tang Shuang knocked on the hemp bombs cbd gummies how long to take effect door and said.Woof There was a puppy barking.Candy sang No, no, no, I won t, mom hasn t come back.Tang Shuang You little pig got into trouble, you know, say, you messed up in my circle of friends, you Do you know how to read Tang Shuang Hehe Xiao Shuang, brother, I didn t mean to Tang Shuang then you open the door first, let s talk.Tang Shuang s hair was glued, and Tang Shuang cbd thc sour gummies s hair was sticky, Tang Shuang was very dissatisfied, and made a long nasal sound in disgust, and pinched it casually I squeezed it, it was really sticky, so the cbd gummie brands little girl quickly wiped it on Tang Shuang s face, and said, Xiao Shuang, why do you have a snot on your head Tang Shuang Don t wipe my face Come down, I won t be a horse for you.Candy No I m going to ride a horse, drive drive There was a chuckle around, and the people who picked up the plane together heard the conversation between the two of them, It was so much fun.Tang Shuang endured and endured, and said Don t jump around, sit down if you want to, Mom and Dad will come out soon, pay attention to observe, remember to wave, remember to act like a baby, and then we will present flowers to make them feel at home and happy.It is the first time in the history of Orange Wheat Music that two of its artists entered the top ten of the Asian music charts and Hami Music Network s new song charts at the same time.Now Yuxiang s reputation is even louder, this kind of loudness does not refer to his reputation among the audience, but in the music circle Many artists in Chengmai Music Company have already asked the senior management about Yu Xiang, needless to say, they all want to get a piece of the action and invite him to sing.Didn t see that Chen Ding, a fledgling boy, could become popular all over the sky because of this Especially on campus, the red boys are not as popular as him Now he has been dubbed the little prince of love songs by the media.In his music album, except for Love is Your Last resort , other songs are cbd thc sour gummies HCMUSSH cbd thc sour gummies basically hit the street.Tangtanger is a foodie, and he is never picky about what he eats , Feed it to her mouth, and she swallowed it in one gulp.Although he ate Tang Shuang s food, he still should bully him as pure isolate cbd gummies usual, and said vaguely Xiao Shuang, you haven t begged the little fairy to let you go.Suddenly, Tang Tang grinned, with wrinkled features Squeezed together, Ah so sour As she spoke, the little girl s big eyes were full of tears she was so sobbed Ah ahh mom, help me, I m so sour.Seeing this, Tang Shuang uttered A burst of devilish laughter Hahaha wahaha hahahahahahahahaha While laughing, he looked for water to drink to dilute the sour taste in his mouth.Dress as if nothing had happened.Before Huang Xiangning came over, Tang Zhen, who was closest to Tangtanger, pinched the little girl s mouth open and asked her to spit out the oranges in her mouth.Tangtang er raised her HCMUSSH cbd thc sour gummies hand high Mom, let me feed Xiaoshuang so that he will be full and his belly will cbd gummies for bells palsy grow.Be careful, don t fall.I made acquaintance when I stood up Shuang, squat down quickly Tang Shuang squatted down with a headache, Candy told You have to drink it in half thc half cbd gummies one sitting, so that your teeth will be sour.Tang Shuang Oh, I have a headache, let s drink it later, wait After finishing speaking If you want to slip away, Candy is not allowed It s okay, Xiaoshuang, I will buy you a new hairdress right away Tang Shuang refused to drink, Tangtang was a little angry This is my sister s wish Tang Shuang braced herself, held the bowl in both hands, drank the sour plum soup in one gulp, grinning sourly.Seeing this, Candy burst out laughing, she finally got her revenge When she ate oranges and cried, the big villain, Little Shuangzi, was also crying now.Why do I do this when I m so pretty But, I really hazel hill cbd gummies cbd thc sour gummies want to meet my senior He looked up at me He should have noticed me, right He must have noticed, so why didn t he greet me, well, maybe he didn t notice me, but how could he not notice when it was so obvious, or did he not recognize me It s so sad, how could this happen, it s impossible, he must remember me, I m going to find him.But I don t have the courage, no, Zhao Yayi, you have to work hard, don t be afraid, be brave Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm , These vixens So insecure Zhao Yayi finally plucked up the courage to go up, but Tang Shuang suddenly stood up and walked away.Ah, what do you mean by senior, why did you walk away suddenly, cbd thc sour gummies are you rejecting me, but you are afraid that I will be sad, so you tell me in this way tactfully Woohoo, how could this happen, I haven t greeted him yet, how could I not give anyone a chance.Those who how much are green ape cbd gummies say Heroes The person who led to the collapse of the value system of the martial arts world is nothing but short sighted and short sighted people talking nonsense A villain What qualifications does such a person have to discuss martial arts What qualifications do you have to discuss Heroes Your novel is not for They read it My movies are definitely not for them to watch Why bother with such people Howling wolves and dogs At this moment, Zhang Fei was full of arrogance.The knight in his mouth, he wants to justify the name of the knight in the world Tang Shuang applauded and said with a smile, Director Zhang is right What do you think a hero should be like Zhang Fei A true chivalrous man, a true hero, is not invincible in martial arts, nor superior in martial arts, but has the world in his heart and serves the country with virtue.With the help of the movie, he will increase the publicity, to Tang Shuang, to Xingkong, to Shengjing Publishing House, to Zhang There are no harms in all aspects, such as nonsense.If the novel is hyped up and popularized, it can save a lot of movie promotion costs in the future.Tang Huohuo patted Tang Shuang on the shoulder, and said earnestly As an elder, I am very happy.You finally lived up to my expectations and climbed out of the pit.It seems that you are about to reach the pinnacle of your life.Hey, look at my face Since then, the fatherly smile has never stopped.Tang Shuang also patted Lawyer Huohuo on the shoulder, sighed deeply, and responded earnestly I am about to take off, Huohuo, you should also fight Win a lawsuit, otherwise I will be embarrassed to take you out next time I sign a contract.Zhang Fei told Tang Shuang that the third supporting role in Heroes , that is, the actor of Chang Kong, has been confirmed and will be played by kung fu star Zhen Li.The image of Zhen Li immediately appeared in Tang Shuang s mind, with a vigorous figure.Because of practicing martial arts all the year round, he has a very good figure, well developed muscles, a handsome face, sword shaped eyebrows, firm eyes, red mouth and white teeth, and short hair.He is the successor of Li Ying., China s new generation of kung fu stars.It is indeed very suitable for him to play the role of Chang Kong, and he has an air of arrogance.As for the heroine, both Zhang Fei and Tang Shuang thought that actress Zhang Yu was the most suitable, but Zhang Fei encountered difficulties when inviting her.Zhang Fei had to make second hand preparations.At the beginning, he could hazel hill cbd gummies cbd thc sour gummies occasionally enter the top three, but later he basically fell behind.Seeing her refusing to admit defeat over and over again, Tang Sanjian and Tang Shuang were surprised and admired, and felt distressed at the same time.Tang Shuang Rest for a while, drink some water, okay, don t tire our little piggy, rest The little piggy ignored it, and ran wildly Tang Sanjian also rarely asked Candy if he wanted it Eating ice cream, trying to quench the chick s thirst.The little piggy ignored it, and ran wildly Huh Say what ice cream I want to eat I want to eat Although very tired and obsessed, when she heard the ice cream, Little Pig s eyes lit up instantly, and she stared at Tang Sanjian.It was so strange that her father actually bought her ice cream The opportunity is rare, and the opportunity will never come again, Xiao Zhuzhu nodded desperately.Huh Haha I want it, I want it Tang Shuang was too rampant.In Old Tang s house, facing her parents, it was too much to dare to deceive a child like this.Brother Sanjian endured the toothache Childish How proud of cheating on a five and a half year old child Tang Shuang said to Tang Sanjian I m not naive, I m childish.There s only one doll at cbd thc sour gummies home.I cbd thc sour gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in don t play with her.She s alone.There are so many people alone.Brother Sanjian didn t bother to pay attention to this stupid son, seeing him responding freely in the media yesterday, Lao Huai was relieved, and after a night of sleep, he regained his original nature, a child can t be taught.In order not to let the youngest doll of the old Tang family be cheated, Brother Sanjian exposed Tang Shuang s deception, and Tangtang was furious The little girl one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies reaction thought that she possessed special skills, her little hands became palms, and she slapped Tang Shuang horizontally and vertically with more than a dozen knives Ten steps, one kill, you are so stupid , Li Ying, as a kung fu superstar, performed a set of beautiful moves, which he dubbed the nameless ten step one kill., I want to go with Xiaoshuang, you said you used to bring Tang Tang everywhere, you can t lie.Well, well, in fact, I m just worried about Tang Yu.Chapter 193 Monkeys all over the mountain, my butt is the most popular Tang Tian is the second oldest among the three generations of the old Tang family, second only to Tang Jin, but he got married early, and now his son is eight years old, and the other juniors cbd gummy bears seattle of the Tang family have several bachelors, uh To be precise, Tang Jin is the one who talked about friends, and the others, regardless of gender, are sticks.Tang Tian is a high school math teacher, his wife, Zhang Yifen is also a teacher, a junior high school math teacher.The two were together when they were studying in normal school, and they have been each other s first love all the way to this day, which is very rare.After attending the Mid Autumn Festival party last night, Tang Zhen went home alone.She really wanted to watch the entire concert with her family, but she was so famous now that she was easily recognized by others.With so many people at the scene, it would be scary if she was surrounded by people.Safety was a big problem.The show will be aired at 8 o clock tonight, and the whole family will watch it together at grandma s house.She prepared a suitcase and carried it out with some difficulty.Tang Shuang hurriedly stepped forward to help her carry it.She didn t know what was in it.She only stayed for two days, but she needed so many things.After helping Tang Zhen pack the suitcase into the car, Tang Shuang cbd thc sour gummies found Huang Xiangning and asked if she needed help.Tang Sanjian waved his hand and told Tang Shuang to look at Tangtanger, this little hazel hill cbd gummies cbd thc sour gummies girl was a little quiet.Tang Zhen said I was peeling an apple just now, so I didn t pay attention.Aunt Shen Yi said I fell asleep just now, so I didn t pay attention to it. Hey, hey, hey I said, can you stop being so hypocritical, you didn t hear clearly, you lied to children, and the one who said to peel apples, you close your eyes and peel apples, and make up your reasoning, okay Tang Zhen was embarrassed by Tang Shuang s half smile stare.She didn t think much about it just now, and came up with a reason.She didn t expect the flaw to be so obvious.In fact, it doesn t matter, Tangtanger doesn t care about the strictness of these reasons, she only knows now Tang Xiaoshuang was the only one who knew her password at the scene Tang Shuang really wanted to say that I had a dream just now, so I didn t pay attention to it, buthe even said the password of 126, isn t it too late Seeing being targeted by Tang Tanger, Tang Shuang thought that she would not be silenced.Sister, sister you and Tangtanger go hand in hand, okay With Tangtanger s coquettishness and kind invitation, Tang Zhen also changed her clothes and shoes, ready to go to the field.This urban fashion girl has transformed into Xiaojiabiyu s Luo Fu.Sister Weiwei, can you go hand in hand with Tangtanger With Tangtanger s coquettishness and kind invitation, Huang Weiwei also changed his clothes and shoes, ready to go to the ground.Tang Shuang called Tangtanger to her, saying that she had something to ask her.Tang Shuang What s the matter, Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang Just cbd edibles gummies western mass now you invited sister and sister Weiwei again, and you said you wanted to hold hands with them.What about me, won t you hold my little hand Ha Tangtanger Well, my left hand is holding my sister, and my right hand is holding my sister Weiwei.The old Tang family was in such a state every day that Tang Shuang couldn t do anything if he didn t want to read.Instead of being violently attacked by the single Wang, it s better to read books and do homework with Tangtanger.As a result, the learning atmosphere of Old Tang s family has become much stronger, and his son and daughter are going to become a generation of academic masters, it s incredible Then let s work hard together, you get 100 points and I get passing marks, okay See how low Tang Shuang s cbd thc sour gummies self demand is It is enough to pass the test, and it is enough to be admitted.In fact, it s not that he has low requirements, but that the examination of Tongji University in Guangdong Province is too perverted.According to past experience, if he can pass, he has already thrown off most of the candidates.If you want to experience it, how can there be humiliation It is natural and righteous, and since it is humiliating, you have the ability to break this reincarnation Liu Weiru snorted coldly in his heart, and didn t want to go around with Tang Sanjian, with so much preparation in the early stage, now he is blocked into a dead end , do cbd gummies make you high cbd thc sour gummies of course we must seize the opportunity to win the final victory.Professor Tang, I wonder if you agree with what I just said, that writers should have a sense of social responsibility Tang Sanjian Totally agree.Liu Weiru Now the younger generation of authors are focusing on fame and fortune, writing some sensational works, what does Professor Tang think of Chapter 266 Fierce Debate Tang Sanjian It doesn t matter what I think, the key is what the people think.Chairman Liu said just now cbd thc sour gummies that we want to write works that the people like to hear and see, so arguing about what I think, what he thinks, and what you think is meaningless, because We can only represent ourselves, not anyone else.Tang Shuang patted her little head, opened her mouth and ate the bun, ow Hahaha You want to eat me, I hate it Tang Shuang not only ate the bun, but also opened her mouth wide, She almost swallowed Tangtanger s little hand, and the little girl was so frightened that she quickly hid her little hand behind her back.Are you afraid I m not Are you cold, Xiao Shuang Let me breathe out for you.Tang Shuang took off her shirt and only wore a white short sleeved T shirt.It is already the end of October Now, the night is very cold, and being blown by the sea breeze, I can t help getting goose bumps on my hands.Tang Tanger only asked when he touched the bumps on his hands.Ha Little Pig really blew on Tang Shuang s arm.Stop it, what should I do if I m tired.Tangtanger thought for a while, then got up and picked up the shirt on the ground, and let Xiaoshuang put it on.After Tangtang er kicked this kick, she rushed to find her mother without looking back.Chapter 293 Cried Fiercely Again After Tang Shuang and Tang Sanjian sent Li Haonan away, the two sat in the living room and chatted for a while.Tang Shuang was worried about taking the candy from the tablet.He saved a lot of important information in the computer.Although she specifically told her not to touch the contents, she was so curious, who knew if she would come up with a whim Look here, look there, if she deletes it, it will be over.The door of Candy s room was wide open, and there was a row of small animal dolls on the carpet.Candy, candy Nobody When Tang Shuang turned to leave, she saw something in the corner, picked it up and saw it was his tablet computer Isn t it for her to play games Why throw it here What made Tang Shuang even more angry was that the screen of the tablet was broken Full of cracks It looks shocking.Candy is disappointed, it s useless to learn, my sister ignores her.Tang Shuang comforted her and said, My sister is busy with work and often doesn t look at her phone.When she sees it, she will definitely call back immediately.Cheng vibration, text messages and phone calls are all processed in a unified manner after work is over.At night, like Candy, she goes to bed at ten o clock.It is already ten past ten.Tang Shuang Sis, when will you talk to Tang Tanger Tang Shuang Emmmm If we have something to do, let s call.Tang Shuang felt that she had made a mistake just now.The phone is gone.Every time the phone is taken away by her, nothing good will happen.So he changed the subject and said, oros cbd gummies ceo Candy, why did you think of watching a horror movie Are you still thinking about what you saw in the cinema last time Candy No I just want to watch it.Song Zhifei is the backbone of the company, and he is very optimistic about it, but Tang Huohuo has great potential and has won a big project, so it is impossible to abandon it.Both are talents, and both are worth cultivating.Simply letting them work together can be regarded as complementary advantages.Chapter 323 Meeting Chumei by chance In the morning, Tang Shuang and Tang Huohuo met.They were accompanied by Mr.Guo from Guangdong Shuntian Law Firm, and Song Zhifei, who was said to be Tang Huohuo s assistant.This made Tang Shuang look at Tang Huohuo with admiration, wow There is an assistant Still a lesbian Mr.Guo always carries the bag by himself, but Lawyer Huo Huo s bag is actually carried by Song Zhifei Of course, Tang Shuang didn t know how much Song Zhifei hated Tang Huohuo.This meeting was not only acquaintance between the two parties, but also a commission agreement was drawn up.Then the silly boy came back to give him cbd thc sour gummies a hug, what a beautiful idea Go dreaming Give you a kick first, then take a punch from me, and then shoot me a few times, you want to run See where you can run The ends of the earth are useless, unless you step on He Xiangu s lotus leaves and float to the sea, even if you do, you will be bombarded with cannons Let the big shark bite your ass The old Tang family was on the run for a while, Tang Shuang was chased into the sky by the pig spirit, and finally had no choice but to take the hostage.Bai Jingjing was picked up by the big master innocently and blocked in front of her.This is dog quality.She didn t want Bai Jingjing to die, so cbd gummies reaction she put down her weapon.Well uh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Let it go, the Lun family will avenge it.Tang Tang s best friend, Tang Tang, right Where there is Qi Qi, there is Xiao Jin, they are rivals.Xiao Jin first approached Tang Shuang Big brother, do you still remember me I tipped you off.Tang Tanger corrected You have to be called King Xiao Shuang. You have already called me that, how can I say that I don t know you.I know, I know, a good boy.Seeing this, the other children rushed to get to know Tang Shuang.Seeing that Tang Sanjian was making tea for everyone, Tangtanger volunteered to help.Although one wing was broken, there was still another one.The one armed little angel brought tea to everyone, and each one would cbd thc sour gummies sweetly call him uncle or aunt.This is not for nothing, the children are so cute, adults should return the gift, so everyone praised Oh, Tangtang children s shoes are really as cute as the rumors say I don t know who spread the nickname, it s obviously not worthy of the name It s okay to say it s cute, it s okay to say it s cute, ouch, the victim Tang Shuang is right in front of her eyes.You fight each other, and the fierce battle collides with each other.This kind of interview is wonderful, and what you write is the best.There are really strong bones.So those who like him like it very much, and those who don t like him don t uses of cbd gummies like it very much.Readers love to read his articles, but the interviewees generally do not agree with him.Wei Tingting immediately went to Director Mu for coordination, and Ling Wendong said to Tang Shuang, You dare not accept my interview.Tang Shuang shook her head and said, It s nothing, it s just that I received the outline before and made preparations, so tell me now If you don t plan to follow the outline, wouldn t that be teasing me, if you told me from the beginning that do cbd gummies make you high cbd thc sour gummies there is no outline, just come on the spot, I won t have any doubts.Ling Wendong I didn t write the outline, I took over later This interview Tang Shuang interrupted him Don t explain so much to me, I don t care if it s you, him, or her, I just know that you represent United Life Weekly, a whole.Tang Zhen turned back with Tangtang, the people in the car couldn t turn around and could only leave resentfully.Fortunately, he was gone, cbd thc sour gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in and if he really dared to follow, Tang Shuang could use the wrench in his car. He Zhenyi studied hotel management in university, but instead of entering a hotel after graduation, she accidentally applied for the assistant director of Orange Wheat Music.The reason why she was able to apply for the job was that the interviewer was interested in her good manners, knowing how to advance and retreat, and knowing how to measure, which is very important for the administrative department that often has to deal with celebrities.However, He Zhenyi is only good at this aspect, not professionally competent, so one month later, she became an ordinary cbd gummies reaction cbd gummies 1000mg near me administrator.The saying at that time was to train for a period of time and study while working.Tang Shuang Are you from Wu Zhao Yayi immediately said with the accent she had on the phone just now Uh, Li Milei.Tang Shuang immediately replied, Ah Mulin.What Zhao Yayi meant was that I don t care about you.What Tang Shuang meant was, idiot.Zhao Yayi was very surprised, and continued to ask Tang Shuang in dialect, but Tang Shuang answered her very fluently.You, why do you speak the dialect of my family Aren t you from Guangdong Zhao Yayi was even more surprised that Tang Shuang s dialect was the same as hers in every detail.Tang Shuang asked, Where are you from in Wu Zhao Yayi Furong Town, how about you, brother When I woke up, I said, cbd thc sour gummies I m a native of Guangdong, but I have a very good friend from Furong Town.I learned all my dialects from her.You should go back quickly, it s getting late.These little sisters do not want others to recognize who is who.Not only do they look the same, but they even have the same do cbd gummies make you high cbd thc sour gummies skating car and equipment What did their mother think, and what to do if they made a mistake Tang Tang Don t be distracted Look ahead, there is one last curve left Seeing the flying piggy staring at the little rider in front, Tang Shuang guessed that the piggy was distracted at a critical moment, so she hurriedly reminded her.This kind of final moment can also be distracted, really convinced.The Flying Piglet let out an oh , and hurriedly kicked its short legs to keep the two fighting for the first, but Jiajia in front Beautiful Very powerful, firmly occupying the inside when cornering, very good technique, often being chased by Candy on the straight road, and pulled away on the curve.Tang Shuang , fortunately there is no Xiaojin by my side, otherwise this sentence would be worse than black clothes.The blow from the little boy was even bigger What is the good little fool doing now At this moment, he is turning hostility into friendship with Qiqi.Xiaojin and Qiqi have always been at odds.Qiqi, Xiaoputao and Tangtanger were the earliest Iron Triangle.Later Xiaojin came and wanted to join the small circle and seize Qiqi s position in Tangtanger s heart.Of course Qiqi couldn t cbd thc sour gummies bear it, so the two fought openly and secretly.Although Qiqi and Xiaojin didn t deal with each other, it was internal.Under the current situation, of course they were unanimously external.Both Xiaojin and Li Dun were eliminated, and now there is only Qiqi in the 6 year old boy group, so we must strive for success.Among the four, Little Peacock and Xiaojin are slightly worse.Little Peacock is too small, and Xiaojin doesn t have enough willpower.Tang Shuang didn t get to know Xiao Jin in particular, she only had a general impression, but she paid special attention to the little peacock, and felt that although the little peacock was young and small, and looked like a crying bag, she was actually very stubborn in her bones.The type who cries where can i buy pure strength cbd gummies sadly while also rushing forward desperately, this is how she played in the morning.Chapter 406 cbd thc sour gummies Since the blue heart flower is a relay race, it must be divided into order, who will run the first leg, who will run the last leg, and who will be given the second and third legs.They must be carefully discussed.A few children invited Tang Shuang to be a staff officer, and after a lot of blah blah, they finally decided Qiqi ran first, Xiao Jin ran second, Little Peacock third, and Candy held the lead.It is said that he will write a cbd gummy dose for anxiety song for the champion of My Hip Hop this time.Many contestants participated for this purpose.Although Orange Wheat has great potential, its appeal in the hip hop world is extremely limited, cbd thc sour gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in and there will be no situation where everyone will follow.People who play hip hop talk about their individuality, the more they pick others up, the rarer they are, regardless of whether this is the second disease, in short, the result is that the more mainstream things are, the more they disdain them, guarding their own one acre three point land to be complacent and self pitying.Xiao Na s worry was right.She was hazel hill cbd gummies cbd thc sour gummies worried that Orange Wheat and Fengxing would not be enough to attract these hip hop experts, so she paid a lot of money to hire Yuxiang as a gimmick.Facts have proved that her vision is very vicious, and many people are aiming at Yuxiang s name.Next.The next one is Sun Jianmei, she is in a daze, Shu Wuying The few words just now turned out to be quite humane.Shu Wuying said dissatisfiedly You want to abstain, don t you Sun Jianmei slandered, took a deep breath, and clenched her fists at her buddies and sisters in the stands, thinking in her heart that the old lady had gone to burn paper next year.Perhaps cbd thc sour gummies one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies reaction because of going all out, Sun Jianmei performed well.Shu Wuying didn t tell her to leave immediately, but asked her to perform a freestyle.Sun Jianmei has performed a lot of freestyle, but most of them contain swear words and curse words.Obviously, as a mainstream music program, it is impossible to allow contestants to export swear words.One is that the instructor doesn t like it and has zero tolerance, and the other is that there is a written notice before the competition that no swearing can be made, otherwise it will be cut off.The level of technology in this world is far from that level.But what Luo Yin said next surprised him.Recently, someone fought against a robot at Go, and the robot won.Does Tang Sheng have the interest and courage to have a man machine writing battle with Penguin Technology This will be more attractive and influential than Go, and it will also attract people from all over the world.Eyes.Chapter 425 See Xinruu, has Penguin Technology developed to this level of intelligence Can you compete with professional writers in writing Is it because of this that Luo Yin invited him over and over again Tang Shuang was very determined at first, but now Luo Yin seemed to be full of confidence and couldn t help but be shaken.A tech madman can do anything.He said with great interest If you really develop this kind of highly intelligent robot, I can try it.I was so surprised that it was about to explode, but others couldn t understand, couldn t understand, really anxious people scratched their ears and scratched their hearts.Tangtang er went shopping absent mindedly, her little head kept looking around, her big eyes were wide open, and she planned not to miss even a bamboo dragonfly.Sure enough, the harvest was very rich.Along the way, she saw at least 20 bamboo dragonflies.She ran to ask them, and they all said that they were sent by Dingdong or Dingling, but no one knew where these two small animals were.Until I walked to the square of the pedestrian street, the big screen what is cbd relax gummies here was originally playing an advertisement, but it was suddenly interrupted, and a piece of news was inserted.A guy who looked like a host said that magical animals, good partners of children from all over the universe Tinkerbell Brother and sister, Little Dingling, are about to take the time minibus to the earth, what are they doing here Give a lucky Earth kid a paper birthday ha Where on earth is a child so lucky Can you tell me a little bit What cannot Let me reveal a little bit Well, let me reveal a little bit, it is said that the reason why Tinker Bell and Tinkerbell came all the way to the earth is because the elder brother of this kid paper passed through any door and risked his life to come to Barabara The planet pleases them.Tinkerbell has this door, and he can go anywhere he wants by pushing it.How did he get here up She remembered the news she saw in the square that day.The big brother who threw bamboo dragonflies to her said that there was a brother on earth who went through the arbitrary door to the planet Balabala, and asked Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell to come one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies reaction to earth for his cbd thc sour gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in sister.Birthday Ah that elder brother is Xiaoshuang, right Is that her birthday sister The villain tilted his head and thought for a while, and couldn t help being tempted.He took two steps forward and kicked one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies reaction any door twice.There was a bang bang, eh just like ordinary doors, they would make noise when kicked.The villain gently opened the door, revealing a crack, stretched out his little head, lay on the edge of the door and looked out, but refused to go out.I will also change into a home full of comic chocolates and toys.If I have a robot cat I want to call him Tinker Bell.Bamboo Dragonfly and Time Tunnel can go anywhere.Turn children, adults, and bad guys into good guys Tang Shuang Hi everyone, I am Ding Dong.Ang Ang Ang Ding Dong help me realize all my wishes cbd gummies for bpd Candy clicked, but Bai Jingjing in her arms fell to the ground.Mouth, sister is coming Wearing bunny ears and a pink bow, Tang Zhen suddenly appeared on the stage and sang the theme song of Tinker Bell.Her performance style at the moment completely subverted her previous image, Changed from the Frost Goddess to a cute little girl, she sang and swayed at the same frequency as Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell Candy has become a fan girl, standing blankly in front of the stage, from time to time Just smirked.Candy was bouncing around Tang Shuang s feet, giving a copy to each person, and each person said This is a book that Tangy er, grandpa, and brother drew together.Take a look, it s so beautiful.This is what Tang Shuang taught her, but the villain didn t follow it completely, but added something private, and added By the way, give me a thumbs up, it s not easy for a child to publish a book.So everyone gave her likes one after another, not because of the children s invitation to praise, but because of their sincerity, wow It s incredible, Tang Tang s little birthday star has published a book In everyone s impression, all those who can publish books are writers.The elder brother Tang Shuang of the old Tang family is a best selling author, and his elder sister is a big singer.Now even the 6 year old younger sister is also a painter.However, Tang Shuang saw it and looked at the villain, but the villain still lowered his head, as if it wasn t her who kicked him at all.As a bosom brother, first of all, Tang Shuang was sure that the villain must have kicked him on purpose, wasn t it Unconscious movements.Secondly, Tang Shuang understood what the villain meant, and wanted him to help.As the knight of the princess, if he didn t work hard at this time, he would do it at some time.Hehe Tang Shuang pretended not to see it.Maybe it was because she was angry at Tang Shuang s reluctance to save her.Obviously, Tangtang er s cheeks swelled cbd thc sour gummies up, but at this time she had no choice but to control Xiaoshuang s reluctance to save her.She couldn t protect herself.The little man glanced at his father quickly, his eyes rolled around, and he got up in an instant, with a sweet smile on his face, and said, Dad, do you want to scare the little baby to death The little baby met a big villain on the road.The host smiled and said, Now you know why I am the host of this meeting, right Such a handsome protagonist, if the host doesn t have the capital and self confidence, how dare he come, right The scene cbd gummies on an empty stomach burst into laughter, and the host Although people are suspected of being smug, he seems to be boasting, but he is actually praising their idol, so everyone doesn t care about it and doesn t tear it down.On the contrary, they are happy to respond to his words.Tang Shuang also laughed in agreement, and the host continued Tang Shuang is a great talent in Guangdong Province, and I am also from Guangdong Province.I am very proud.I know his books very well.Now I want to test everyone, who can compare Tang Shuang Tell me the books and articles you have written one by one, if you are confident that you can do it, please raise your hand, if you are all correct, you can go on stage and give Tang Shuang a hug.Tang Shuang said, although the words were not very nice, but the expression on her face when she spoke was not disgusting at all, on the contrary, she was very precious.Luo Yuqing smiled, got up and walked back, saying It s getting cold, let s go.Tang Shuang picked up the coat on the ground, followed Luo Yuqing, and the two came to the car, Tang Shuang was about to open the back seat Luo Yuqing at the car door said, Let s take the are cbd gummies legal in florida co pilot.Luo Yuqing was stunned for a moment, then opened the co pilot s door as she said, and asked while sitting in, Why do you have to sit here Give me the coat.Tang Shuang also got into the car, first handed his coat on the floor to Luo Yuqing, and said at the same time, It s convenient to see you at any time.Luo Yuqing looked where can i buy natures only cbd gummies at him amusedly, but said nothing.Suddenly, the little pig seemed to feel the staring eyes on her, and suddenly stopped, holding the little rabbit and staring sideways at the study on the second floor, motionless.Oh, I m about to be discovered Huang Xiangning said in a low voice, and Tang Sanjian and Tang Sanjian bowed their heads, the two parents acted guilty like children.Tang Sanjian whispered Go back, don t look at it.Huang Xiangning felt that the little piggy at this time was very cute, and didn t want to go back If you want to go back, go back, and I will observe the little sister.Huh Mom is you there Is it Candy s voice came, Mom Wow, woof Huang Xiangning smiled and motioned to Tang Sanjian to stop talking and be quiet.Based on her understanding of the little sister, the little sister didn t find them.Sure enough, seeing no one responded, Candy continued to run wildly, but instead of circling on the first floor, she turned around and came to the second floor.Little Pig whispered mysteriously Hee hee Xiaoshuang, you must have eaten something, right What did you eat Tell the little sister, okay, you are also happy that the little sister has changed, right Eat it What is it Tang Shuang was speechless, and waved her hand I didn t eat anything, they were all normal meals, and you ate what I ate.I don t believe it Little cbd thc sour gummies Zhuzhu suddenly stretched out his hand to break it open Tang Shuang s mouth.I m going to Tang Shuang finally knocked off the salty pig s hand, and said speechlessly, Are you stupid I didn t eat anything.My brother is so strong.I m so powerful outside.Many people admire me. Wow So Xiaoshuang, you are so good, but why do you still one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies reaction have to write a self criticism The self criticism you wrote is not a passing grade The Lun family all get full marks.The salivating expression on his face is like the little fox in The Fox and the Crow who is greedy for the meat from the crow s mouth.Little sister, do you want a bunch The shop owner is a middle aged couple, and the hostess looks gentle.Candy quickly nodded happily.If you come to a bunch, you will definitely get a bunch.The question now is not how many bunches you want, but how many bunches you want.According to her original intention, she wants to buy this restaurant, sit here and eat it for a day or two, don t mention that you can t eat anything, you can eat it first, and you will definitely be able to eat it after you buy it.It s a waste if you don t eat it.It shouldn t be, Xiaoshuang said, how many children without money can t eat enough and don t wear warm clothes, so they must not be wasted.After hearing Tang Zhen s words, Tang Tanger dared to hide beside Tang Zhen and look into the pool.The little yellow snake was so conspicuous, it was floating on the water at this moment, motionless, it was really fake.Huh Candy found out, let go of Tang Zhen s thighs, and stood on the shore to look closer, It s really not moving, is it fake Fake snake Is it a small snake, not a big snake Just now she thought it was a giant do cbd gummies make you high cbd thc sour gummies snake , scared her to pee.Fake snake, it s small, not big.Candy is not afraid.Tang Zhen comforted.Tangtanger squatted by the pool, watered the little yellow snake with his hands, and it really didn t move, it was really a fake snake She was not afraid in an instant, and then she had time to settle accounts with Xiaoshuang.Xiaoshuang was soaking in the water to take care of the little yellow ducks family.The Weibo account was called White Horse Feima , and the records show that hazel hill cbd gummies cbd thc sour gummies it was registered only yesterday, and this Hao Bo hit a man with a car was the first Weibo post it posted.After reading the text in detail, the general idea is that Hao Bo was filming in Singapore.When he was driving back to the hotel the night before, he hit and flew an Australian who was riding a bicycle.The deceased was a commercial representative appointed by the oil company to Australia.He was 32 years old and young and promising.It is reported hightech cbd gummies price that Hao Bo has been taken away by the Singapore police.Because the incident happened abroad, and Hao Bo s crew intentionally concealed it, the Chinese domestic media didn t know about it.White horse is not a horse was the first to be exposed, and it immediately attracted huge attention.Although the sun of the old Tang s family did not make a sound, Tang Shuang felt self conscious, so after talking about the graduate student, she heard Miss Xiangning praise him for being great, and HCMUSSH cbd thc sour gummies Tangtang er also echoed her brother, it would be great.Then, Tang Shuang consciously took out a bank card, handed it to Sister Xiangning, who was in charge of the old Tang s family s finances, and said, Dear Sister Xiangning, this is a little bit of my heart, you put away your hard earned money, and buy some cosmetics at ordinary times.Let s buy some more good cbd gummies reaction cbd gummies 1000mg near me looking seasonal clothes.Huang Xiangning hadn t spoken cbd gummies reaction cbd gummies 1000mg near me yet, but Tang Xiaoren couldn one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies reaction t cbd gummies sex drive wait cbd gummies hemp bombs amazon to ask What about me, what about me, Xiao Shuang, King, where s the little fairy Tang Shuang glanced at her When mom buys clothes, all the little clothes given away in the store are yours.Tang Shuang gasped.He had heard of Fang Zhikai before.He could be said to be very famous, and he was the leader of the generation of young writers in China.He just won the Zijin Literature Award last year, which is the highest award in the field of Chinese literature When Tang Shuang met Lu Mingyi at the teahouse for the first time under the leadership of Wei Daqun, Ding Ji and Ding Feng were present at the time.Ding Feng won the Silver Literature Award for his book Dreams Are Horses.Above this award is the Zijin Literature Award.Although it is one step away, it is like a moat.At that time, Ding Feng thought cbd thc sour gummies that he would never be able to reach the top in his life, because it would be difficult for him to write a work that surpassed Dream as a Horse , so he pinned his hopes on his grandson Ding Ji and wanted to ask Lu Mingyi to help him.Gossip about you, Zhenzhen, and Tangtang appeared on cbd thc sour gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in the Internet When Tang Shuang was on the phone with Pan Wenling, Li Wenzhan looked at Lu Yingying , cbd thc sour gummies do cbd gummies help erectile dysfunction I thought this girl is so beautiful, Tang Shuang has never been short of beauties, but I don t know what this has to do with him, Hello, my name is Li Wenzhan, and I m cbd gummies Tang Shuang s classmate, may I ask who you are Tang Shuang Shuang came back from the phone call and bid farewell to Li Wenzhan and Lu Yingying.Lu Yingying followed him and said, Where are you going I ll treat you to dinner.Tang Shuang Forget it, let me treat you to dinner.Let s go, get in the car.Li Wenzhan saw Tang Shuang take Lu Yingying away for a while Only then did I realize why no one ate him By the way, that s fine too And he even forgot to ask Tang Shuang for Tang Zhen s autograph, he is also a fan of Zhen s love.This kind of marketing opportunity is very rare and must be seized as soon as possible.So soon, in Maoyan s official recommendation, as soon as people opened the app, they could see the picture of Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger dancing with their heads tilted together, which suddenly attracted a lot of traffic frantically pouring in, and the video comments of 900 million girls dreams The numbers are still rising.Through the channel of Maoyan, the news of Tang Zhen s hidden marriage was unearthed.They are a family, not other relationships.Tang Shuang closed Maoyan, thought for a while, and posted a statement in the group of Lincheng Library, explaining his relationship with Tang Zhen.Now this group is like Chinese New Year, it is very lively, everyone is asking their imperial guards whether the three swords soaked the Frost Goddess, and how did they soak it, this skill is too powerful After Tang Shuang issued the statement, contact Li Haonan again and ask him to spend more time explaining to everyone.By the time everyone dispersed, it was almost four o clock in the afternoon.When leaving Xiguan Mansion, Tang Shuang thought about it, and told Lu Yingying about Jian Siming.He met Jian Siming in Lu Mingyi s office that day.Although Jian Siming was rejected at that time, Tang Shuang didn t know whether he visited him again later or whether Lu Mingyi saw him.Now that Jian Siming was going to be late, Tang Shuang didn t want Lu Mingyi to have any relationship with him, so he specially reminded cbd gummies reaction cbd gummies 1000mg near me him tactfully, and only said that the evidence of Jian Siming s crime was solid, and didn t mention anything else.Lu Yingying Bingxue was smart, she knew everything, and said she would tell her grandfather about it.By the way, this is your mobile phone, it s left in the living room.Lu Yingying handed the mobile phone to Tang Shuang, seemingly unintentionally said The phone has been ringing just now, it seems that the other party is very anxious, please call back quickly.Tang Shuang held the strap of the blindfold, looked and looked, then looked at the smiling little man, and said, Who gave this to you Why did you give me the blindfold It was worn by the pirate leader.Look, the skull And the knife, whoever wears this will be a big villain.The other gift was a piece of cbd gummies reaction cbd gummies 1000mg near me paper, there was no drawing on the paper, only a line of big characters, crooked, which read I hope Xiaoshuang will live a long life.It s a pirate blindfold, cbd gummies reaction cbd gummies 1000mg near me and it s a blessing for a long life, why does it feel a bit backwards, is this a curse Didn t you say to encourage me and bless me It s too dishonest to give me such things.Your freshman class is not very friendly.Who is the class monitor I have to talk to her and give me Send such a thing, I want to return it to him Tang Tang, tell me, who gave it to me I want to ask him to understand, what does this mean Tang Tanger laughed even happier when she heard the words, but she He would never betray his good friend, so he shook his head and said nothing.But now she can t get mad, it s okay to get mad, but she can t get mad at Xiaoshuang, wait until she gets the chocolate.Hehehe Tang Little greedy bug Tang Ye turned his face up and smiled at Tang Shuang.After the two smirked for a while, Tang Shuang waved to her Come on, I ll take you to find chocolate.When Tangtanger heard whoopi goldberg cbd gummy this, she immediately turned into a follower , followed closely behind Tang Shuang, looked around, and asked curiously Where is it hidden Hey Tang Shuang smiled without saying a word, first squatting under the desk to look Hey Is there no chocolate here I remember I glued some here with scotch tape.Behind her, Tangtang er s eyeballs rolled wildly, and she took a step back with her little feet, trying to slip away, but after thinking about it, she felt that she couldn t be so courageous.Although Tang Shuang had do cbd gummies show up in drug test been given the pirate Cyclops goggles and a long lived piece of paper, Tang Shuang was still worried about Xiao Shuang s stage fright and peeing her pants, so she kept cheering him up and teaching him the cbd thc sour gummies tricks of public speaking.That is to imagine everyone as a radish, and then imagine yourself as a rabbit, then you will be fine, and you will no longer be afraid or afraid.There were so many people in the kindergarten.After getting off the car, Tangtanger said, Xiaoshuang, give me your big hand.I will hold you with my little hand.This is my territory.Then, Tang Shuang let this my territory is up to me young lady into the kindergarten.The little man held his head high and looked very proud.When he met familiar people, he would stop and introduce Tang Shuang to them, This is my brother , and then the little man opposite must be Wow With a sound, he raised his head and stared at Tang Shuang, jumping up and down with Tangtanger.Li Xiaoyu s child is considered reserved, and there are more open children, such as the little sister Tang Baoling, the little girl with a steamed bun face bouncing around in front of Tang Shuang, one brother at a time, making Candy jealous.This really made her proud, as proud as a little cock.So that night, she turned over Xiaoshuang s brand and invited him to sleep on her princess bed, and then she slept with Xiaoshuang s arms.Although Xiaoshuang was smoked away because of her fart in the middle, she was chased back by her later and was pressed on the bed not to run.Little Zhuzhu in this state, how could Tang Shuang get rid of it.On the second day of the winter vacation, Tang Shuang took Candy to her uncle s house.Although her sister in law Li Meng didn t cry, her eyes were still swollen.Stared at by Tangtanger s big eyes, Li Yuanlin had a hilarious fit and winked quietly.At first, it was only slightly, but then he couldn t help but move bigger and bigger, making Tangtanger laugh until it was his turn to play the bass.Tangtanger suddenly made a grimace back at him, then put his head in both hands, tilted his head and yelled silently, shaking Li Yuanlin s teasing hand, the first sound broke.The music stopped, cbd thc sour gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in and everyone looked at Li Yuanlin.Li Yuanlin knew that something was going to happen, Ding Xiaoquan said sternly What are you doing Li Yuanlin faltered, extremely embarrassed, the young man was thin skinned and blushed.Ding Xiaoquan continued to speak harshly You look like you are about to cry, are you asking for comfort Shall I give you a hug Can you do it These words made Li Yuanlin even more embarrassed and at a loss.But she didn t intend to give in easily, and said stubbornly to Tang Shuang, Candy can cry too, cry loudly.The bosom brother cast a look over and said, Just don t shed tears, right, um, I understand, It s pretty good too. Hehehe Tangtang er is embarrassed, yes, she can cry too, but she only makes a sound and doesn t shed tears, which is the same as light thunder but no rain.The filming of Zhong Beiqi s scene was finished very quickly, and her performance was as good as ever.After filming this scene, I began to turn indoors, and the scene where Xiao Li went to visit her first love was shot.This movie has no stars, but ordinary people.For Ye Liang, it is easier to control, and there are Miao Wen and Zhang Tianfeng to help.Tang Shuang learned that Zhang Tianfeng came here almost once a week.He was very concerned about Ye Liang s work.This is a super IP.Luo Yuqing is Zhenzhen s cbd thc sour gummies colleague, right At this moment, Huang Xiangning was asking Tang Sanjian, the radio in the car was on, and Luo Yuqing was chatting with the host DJ.Tang Sanjian recalled a little, and said It seems to be the girl in red dress who visited our house on Mid Autumn Festival last year, the very beautiful one.Huang cbd thc sour gummies Xiangning I also have the impression that it should be her.She came to Guangdong Province.When will Zhen Zhen be on vacation, I haven t been home for a long time.Candy s voice came from behind the car When will Zhen Zhen go home on vacation I miss her so much, hee hee.Huang Xiangning turned to her and said, Call my sister, You can t be called Zhenzhen.Tangtang er said with a smile Sister can t hear it again, Zhenzhen, sister, sister, Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen and sister are stupidly confused, hehe.Bai Jingjing ran up and down around their feet.Huang Xiangning looked at this scene and smiled helplessly.Tang Shuang and Tangtanger ran for a while, but the little pig couldn t catch up, and hated it as much as the sky.Tang Shuang was worried that she would blow up the school, so she took the initiative to stop and wait for her.The little pig, who was still angry just now, was immediately elated, and finally caught the big villain by his own ability Hahaha, laugh three times first.She questioned Tang Shuang why she wanted to be such a bad brother, why she deliberately angered her sister, and then asked her to punch her three times.Tang Shuang glanced at her, and knew that the little sister had a pang of anger in her chest, and she needed to help her dissipate it, otherwise it would turn into a ball.The two then came to a cafe in Water Town.In the morning, there were very few people in the cafe.People from Film Weekly were already sitting in the sun and waiting.The other party was three men and one woman.The woman is about 30 years old, very aura, and very beautiful.She is the host, but the leader is an old man with gray hair.When Zhang Fei and Tang Shuang came, he took the lead and stood up to greet them.Old Liu I m looking forward to you, haha how are you doing recently I heard that you are going to be completely liberated Zhang Fei laughed heartily, and heartily slapped the hand that Lao Liu handed over, and gave him a warm welcome.Embrace.Old Liu s old man said with a smile I m old, I don t have enough energy, let s leave this mess to the young people Zhang Fei introduced to Tang Shuang Tang Shuang, let me introduce you, this is Liu Zhengying, Mr.Tang Zhen Then what does Tangtanger want to talk about Tangtanger rolled her eyes, thought for a while and said, Sing a song for everyone.Oh, it seems that it is very bad for my voice to sing when there is a disagreement.Have confidence.Tang Zhen asked, What song are you singing Tang Tanger didn t even have to think about it, and started singing directly I smiled smugly, I smiled smugly After singing a few lines, she stopped singing and looked at Tang Zhen Tang Zhen Have you finished singing Tangtanger smirked and said, I can t sing my sister will teach me.Immediately, her mind jumped, and she didn t want her sister to teach her to sing, because she thought of the key to the matter.Little Pig clapped his hands vigorously, oops, I remembered Why didn t anyone tell the Lun family when the film of the Lun family was finished How is this going HCMUSSH cbd thc sour gummies Bullying children paper don t understand the law Little Zhuzhu bluffed, I m going to punish them with the law Huh Tang Zhen couldn t keep up with Little Zhuzhu s thoughts, she was too jumpy.Ha, Tangtanger, go and catch Xiaoshuang into the pot.Tangtanger said suddenly, trying to run Chapter 745 In the interview before the release, Tang Zhen was shocked.Fortunately, she was very vigilant, and without saying a word, she caught Candy again and locked a little piggy who was about to go out and run wild in the pen again.Don t walk around, you must sit in your seat honestly now, look behind you, everyone is sitting very quietly.Tang Zhen seriously educated the active little sister.Tang Zhen twisted and twisted under Tang Zhen s hands, and wanted to slip away, Tang Zhen became more severe Tang Tang Don t look at Tang Zhen who doesn t talk much, but when she speaks, she is very dignified.Tang Shuang often teased her when she was a child.She felt that she was easy to bully because she didn t talk much.When Shuai Guo heard it, wow the owl frightened him to death.If a snake came, it would not be a matter of being scared to death, but of being poisoned to death, or even completely poisoned.He hurried down the tree in a panic, just because he was frightened just now, his hands and feet were very awkward, trembling, he didn t hold on tight, slid down from the trunk, and sat down on the branch with a puff.Ah Shuai Guo covered his crotch, sweating coldly from the pain.The two sisters of the Tang family under the tree became cbd thc sour gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in nervous again, Tangtanger yelled eagerly What s the matter What s the matter, cbd gummies reaction cbd gummies 1000mg near me young man Are you the case Are you still there Have you really encountered a snake Tang Zhen also shouted to the tree Are you okay What s the matter There will be no snakes on the tree.At the same time, she said to Tangtanger Sister, there are no snakes in winter, don t scare people Don t the Lun family know, hum Candy argued There is a snake spirit Your Lady Queen Tang Zhen What stories does Xiaoshuang tell this little guy every day.Hahaha Damn it This young man dared to laugh at her Bai Jingjing smoked furiously, but there was no other way, so let s find the bad bird first.Go, look one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies reaction in the yard first, and bark twice when she smells Tang Xiaowu.Bai Jingjing quickly jumped into the familiar yard, sniffing and smelling everywhere, and soon smelled Tang Xiaowu s bad bird.taste.Wow woof Ah, so fast Is it really there That s great Bai Jingjing was a little proud, she must be a good dog, and found the bad bird who ran away from home as soon as she got out.Where is it Smell it carefully.Bai Jingjing put her nose to the ground, sniffed everywhere, and walked quickly in small steps, and soon came to the banyan tree in the southeast corner of the yard.Wow woof vomit Bai Jingjing almost beeped in her heart, and ran away quickly, almost throwing up, rubbing it, it turned out to be the shit of Tang Xiaowu s bad bird It s bird droppings, isn t it a bird Did you smell it wrong Bai Jingjing barked twice in desperation, feeling that she had suffered a great loss for running so far to smell that bad bird s droppings, and almost touched the dirty thing with her nose.Hey, hello Tang Shuang yelled, but Tang Tanger didn t respond, she ate like a little mouse, and couldn t stop breathing while breathing.Tang Shuang pinched Tang Tanger s cbd thc sour gummies face, brought her back to her senses, and said, Don t eat it Tang Tang, I m calling you.Is it swollen Xiao Shuang It s delicious, right Tang Shuang Er raised her little face and said with a smile.Tang Shuang saw that the little guy s mouth was red and he was breathing all the time.Look at your mouth, it will be hot and swollen.Tang Shuang said.Huha hiss it s so delicious Another one cbd thc sour gummies Ha, then I won t eat it After speaking, he quickly pulled out one, stuffed it into his mouth, and chewed profusely.Tang Shuang snatched her bag and took a look, she didn t eat anything she ate, she had already eaten it all, there was nothing left Tangtang er knew that Xiaoshuang had discovered her, so she grinned shyly at him in embarrassment.In the past, she slept soundly, and Tang Tang er s face was flushed red, but now she is a little pale.This is because she was exhausted from diarrhea last night.Not only Tang Shuang didn t sleep all night last night, Tang Zhen didn t sleep well, but Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning were alarmed later, seeing the little piggy looking weak, they were sent to the hospital overnight.For this reason, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen were educated by sister Xiangning, why didn t they tell them about this situation immediately, and it is obvious that Tangy is a little dehydrated, too much cbd gummies this situation is very dangerous for children, and should be sent to the hospital immediately Before Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning rested last night, Candy was still fine, but the little guy s diarrhea started after 11 o clock.Hearing Tangtanger s question, she said, Mom went home and went to bed.She healthy leaf cbd gummy bears took care of you in the hospital last night.She didn t sleep.She s very tired now, so she needs to rest. one chew cbd gummies cbd gummies reaction Ah Candy said in surprise, Is there no impression of Candy s swelling My Is mom okay Oh, I want to kiss mom You moaned and chirped in the second half of the night, cbd thc sour gummies and slept like a piglet after dawn, so you didn t have the time to pay attention to other things.Mom is fine, I just need to take a rest.Mom will be very happy if Tangtang is healthy.As for my sister, she is sleeping in the living room outside.She also stayed with you all night.She didn t sleep well last night, and now she needs to rest.Come on, sit down and feed you porridge.Tangtang er touched her little butt with both hands, jumped up and down a few times, and said happily Huh Hehe, Tangtang er s little butt doesn t hurt Lah Tang Shuang smiled and said, Congratulations.Guo Zifeng also criticized Ye Liang Speak carefully.Ye Liang HCMUSSH cbd thc sour gummies quickly raised his hand I was wrong, let s not talk about it.Tang Shuang Leave the rest to the lawyer, let s leave it alone, and go to claim the prize later This, Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng immediately became excited, wishing to go now, so as not to have long nights and dreams.Ye Liang We have to wear a full set of clothes, wear a hood, don t show your face, and don t show your wealth.What kind of hood should you wear to look unrestrained Chapter 786 Not long after bragging, the lawyer Ye Liang hired arrived.The middle aged man in leather shoes looked very capable, and after cbd thc sour gummies understanding the situation, he took over everything.After Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng finished taking notes, they left with Tang Shuang.They didn t take care of the rest of the matter, and just listened to the lawyer s report on the progress.When she came out, her small mouth was chewing secretly, and she glanced at Tang Shuang, not daring to get close, walked away from the distance, walked cbd gummies do they get you high to the bottom of the stairs, pushed her slippery car, straddled it, and sat in the corner of the living room play up.Tang Zhen smiled slightly, thinking that the little sister was really fun, just now she was so wronged that the sky was about to fall, and in a blink of an eye she was having a great time playing by herself.This ability to mediate her mentality is beyond her reach.Sister, it s raining, shall we still go dancing today Candy er rode a scooter to the door, watched the light rain falling under the eaves, and turned to Tang Zhen and shouted.Tang Zhen got up and came to Tangtanger s side, and looked out.It was dusk now, the sun had gone down, and the dusk was heavy. I should have said hello to him just now. He went upstairs, girl, you can catch up. Is it really possible I really went Forget it, beauty.Tang Shuang met Lu Mingyi in the office.His secretary had been replaced by a young man, who had been replaced by Lu Yingying before, but after a year, he finally found an official one and released Lu Yingying.Lu Mingyi told Tang Shuang about the main academic tasks of this semester, then talked about other things, and asked Tang Shuang to go back first.He is busy today.Tang Shuang s dormitory at the school had already been withdrawn, but he still went around.He wanted to see Wenpin and Li Wenzhan to learn about their recent situation, but he couldn t find anyone, and the door of the dormitory was closed.Back at Tuzi Entertainment, Tang Zhen was still practicing dancing alone in the practice room, and the back of the practice clothes she was wearing was wet.This is it Luo Yuqing said, My parents gave it to you.Ah Ouch, uncles and aunts gave me something This was before Luo Yuqing came, and Luo Yuqing s parents insisted on her bringing it over.For Tang Shuang.During the Chinese New Year, Tang Shuang bought them so many expensive gifts, and the two old people prepared a local specialty to express their affection.This was the result of Luo Yuqing s persuasion, otherwise it wouldn t fit in a suitcase.Thank you, thank you, thank uncle and aunt for me.Tang Shuang happily took the box.Seeing that he liked the gift very much, Luo Yuqing couldn t help smiling.Suddenly thinking of a question, Tang Shuang asked in surprise, Do they know me He had never dealt with Luo s father and Luo s mother.Luo Yuqing said shyly, I saw you on TV.Tang Shuang asked, That time in Round Table Pie It was only that time.Tangtanger looked at her, no longer as hostile as before.Xiaoshuang has reconciled with her and has become a good friend again.In the children s world, no matter how fierce the quarrel was before, once the reconciliation is made, the future and the past will be wiped out, and they will no longer worry about it.What s more, Tangtang er has a character that doesn t hold grudges.So facing cbd thc sour gummies Shang Hui HCMUSSH cbd thc sour gummies s interview at the moment, she has a very good attitude and thinks that this sister is not bad.Not only does she know Xiaoshuang, but she is also a good friend with her sister.Since he is their good friend, it is also her good friend.Hi How are you Tangtanger waved to the audience under the guidance of Shang Hui.This is the first time she has spoken to people in public, but she is not timid at all.Hi Hello, little sister, haha There was a large group of enthusiastic responses from the audience, people who knew each other, men and women, all seemed like her good friends.Seeing this, Tang Shuang said, Mr.Cheng, stop talking about Mr.Cheng, I m so embarrassed Cheng Xin was digging his heart out, but he didn t want Tang Shuang to interrupt him again, so he looked at him unhappy, thinking why are you embarrassed Tang Shuang Why do you keep staring at me when you say these things I m very awkward, don t say it, okay, the atmosphere is a bit subtle.He wiped his face and said The spit on your face, It s really annoying He took out the tissue paper on the car, wiped his face and hands, and threw it out of the car.Cheng Xin looked at the cbd thc sour gummies balls of paper flying over his head, and said angrily, You You You litter Sitting in the car, Tang Zhen suddenly wanted to laugh.Tang Shuang was also stunned again and again, oh, what a refreshing brain circuit Well, I m sorry, ah, damn it I actually littered the trash Well, Mr.Bai Jianming s face was slightly embarrassed when he heard this, and he immediately covered it up Tang Shuang, did you misunderstand us By the way, are you here today Tang Shuang will not let this guy go I have nothing against you Misunderstanding You were the ones who took pictures of me and my sister in Mount Lu last time, don t think I don t know, the account of Baima Feima is you two.Tang Shuang investigated the white horse is not a horse and found out the two people hiding behind, that is, the two in front of him, Bai Jianming and Ma Deli.Bai Jianming and Ma Deli looked at each other and admitted, That s right, Baima Feima is our Weibo account, and many people know about it.Then don t you have anything to say to me Bai Jianming said We are very sorry, we couldn t investigate clearly about Tang Zhen s incident and sent a wrong news, but we clarified in time and apologized to you and Tang Zhen.He thinks the Lun family talk too much, hum Shang Hui laughed and said Okay Yes, no problem.Tang Zhen and Shang Hui said goodbye, and Tang Tanger also waved to her.Tang Shuang said, There s an alley ahead.Let me see Ah Hui cbd gummies reaction cbd gummies 1000mg near me off.After speaking, he got out of the car and sent Shang Hui through a short, dimly lit alley.Tang Zhen s Flowers in Dreams will be a harvest season this year.After the sales explode, it will also usher in an explosion of honors.Heading the list is the Golden Mic Music Awards, the first music awards of the year.At eight o clock in the evening on March 2, the old Tang family sat neatly in front of the TV to watch the announcement of the candidate list.On TV, the host in a tuxedo is announcing do cbd gummies make you high cbd thc sour gummies the song of the year award, one of the most important awards.Now the best song of the year is announced, and the finalists are Yang Huiru s No If.Tang Zhen looked at Tang Shuang with puzzled eyes, Yingying She had never heard of this name before, but it sounded like this name had an unusual relationship with Xiaoshuang.Was it so well hidden Although the scene of the awards ceremony looked quite peaceful, its influence was enormous.Many people are paying attention to tonight s awards ceremony, waiting in front of the TV early.Needless to say, the Tang family headed by Tang Tang, this little guy stayed in front of the TV after school, and didn t want to go to the dining table for dinner.He said he wanted to stare at Xiaoshuang, so she had to sit in the living room for dinner.In the end, Huang Xiangning forced him to Follow her to the dinner table.Then, she cbd gummies reaction cbd gummies 1000mg near me ate two large bowls at an unprecedented speed, jumped off the cbd gummies reaction cbd gummies 1000mg near me chair, skillfully turned on the TV, and sat on the sofa with a doll in her arms to wait a gourmet show was playing on the TV.In the end, Tang Shuang guessed that Chengmai might want to talk to him.Flowers in Dreams Already out, so what s next This is a big question.Cheng Mai wasn t worried at first, Tang Shuang s sister was in the company, so worried that he wouldn t write songs for her But now the situation has changed, Tang Shuang has joined Tuzi Entertainment What next Today is a rainy day, and the light rain is getting bigger and bigger.Tang Zhen drove, Tang cbd thc sour gummies Shuang turned on the car radio, and the hostess s magnetic voice sounded FM105.6.Different music charts will be given to you every day, letting you know what is popular in the world.Now is the rush hour for work, everyone should pay attention to driving on rainy days, don t rush, it s faster to take your time.A busy day of work is about to begin.On the way to work, we will continue to bring you the best music.Tangtang er looked back, Xiao Tongzi and his father had disappeared, followed by Dalin and Xiaofu.Room 1 Candy turned around and said crisply.Didn t you change with Xiaotongzi No.Why not Don t you really want to No, I won t change without Xiaoshuang s consent.Are you tired Tired I can hold on Xiaoshuang.There s yours, kid Tang Tang.Hee hee cbd thc sour gummies The Lun family has two brushes The two took Xiaofu and Dalin around the village for half a circle, and found rooms 3 and 5, but they didn t see room 1.They asked the villagers who were watching them with a smile along the way, and everyone just shook their heads and didn t give a damn.any instructions.It seems that it was reminded by the program group.Until meeting Xia Dashan and Xia Wenqiao s father and daughter, Xia Dashan found Room 1 and showed Tang Shuang the way, not far from here.He breathed a sigh of relief, returned to the staff calmly, and handed over the scene to Li Guanping HCMUSSH cbd thc sour gummies and the babies.In the evening, the activity arranged .

do cbd gummies show in drug test?

by the program group for the babies is to watch shadow puppetry Not only can you watch it, but you can do i want to buy gummies with cbd or hemp volunteer to perform after watching it.None of the babies at the scene had ever seen a shadow puppet show, and they were curious about it.They stuck to the two uncles performing the shadow play.Wherever they went, the babies followed them.Finally, Li Guanping led them out of the backstage and brought them to the theater.Watching them sit in the yard and watch three wonderful shadow puppet shows with peace of mind.These three shadow puppet shows performed classic repertoires, namely Nezha Naohai , Three Girls , and Chicken and Snake.When it was time for the little babies to perform, Tang Tanger hurriedly ran to perform a so called wonderful play of Tang Tang Defeats the Big Devil.Tang Shuang stared at Tang Shuang suspiciously, always feeling that the king just wanted to Pit her, cheat her money.Tang Shuang described to her the bright future of opening a studio, and how to operate the studio in the future It seems that he has really worked hard, but it always feels weird to say this to a child who is holding a doll and shaking his feet.Did you cbd gummies for diabetes walmart find the wrong person The villain listened carefully to Tang Shuang s blah blah blah, and wondered if she could partner with Xiaoshuang without spending any money Seeing Tang Shuang looking at her with contempt, Tangtanger plausibly said that what belonged to her brother belonged to her younger sister.Tang Shuang refused angrily Think beautifully To put it bluntly, I just want to be a white wolf with empty hands, and I want to make a fortune by being cute.Tang Shuang was a little surprised.The story of Snow Mountain Ghost is indeed very exciting, but it is difficult pure bliss cbd gummies tinnitus to .

how much is fun drops cbd gummies?

shoot.It will be very obscure, and the box office will be difficult to rise.The previous short film Snowy Mountain Ghost was obscure and dr oz cbd gummies confusing, although it attracted some suspense enthusiasts, it lost more viewers.Tang Shuang expressed his doubts.Luo Ming said I know this story is difficult to shoot, but this story is really exciting, I want to try.This kind of brain burning suspense film, if it is done well, it will actually have a big box office.A HCMUSSH cbd thc sour gummies story written by Shuang in The World Is Wonderful has not been published in United Life Weekly before.After the book was published, it was called the most brain burning story in this series, which aroused heated discussions among book lovers.Feng Chaoqun followed from a distance, encouraging him to follow Dubi , since he has done something wrong, he must be punished.Seeing this scene, Tangtanger ran over bling bling, and stood in front of Dubi cbd thc sour gummies cutely, indicating that she and Feng Xiaofeng were also going to sweep the tower.Dubi asked her why, the little man looked at Feng Xiaofeng, who was about to cry, and said that the two of them were good friends, and she would help when a good friend went to work, which was to help others.She has won several big red flowers for her helpfulness, and she is already very skilled.Feng Xiaofeng never thought that Tang Tanger would be the first to jump cbd thc sour gummies out and ask for help.He thought Tang Tanger must be laughing at him, and felt that he would not be able to hold his head up in front of Tang Tang in the future.The little guy usually goes to the small pond to feed the little goldfish after dinner, sings to them while feeding, and often regards himself as the mother cbd thc sour gummies of the goldfish.Aha, Tangy er is going to be a mother Mom, Tangy er is going to be a mother too, huh No, Tangy er is going to be a grandma Ha Hahahahaha Mom Tangy er is going to be a grandma Grandma Are you happy or not, you want to beemmmm What is grandma s mother Xiaoshuang Erdi Niang Chapter 966 Excitedly preparing to deliver Candy, wanting to give Sister Xiangning the nickname of the entire ancestor , Sister Xiangning sweated and declined.She doesn t want to be the ancestor of goldfish, she just wants to be Tang Tang s mother, no matter whether Tang Tang is a grandma or not.Okay.Tangtanger was not disappointed at all, nailed it to the side of the fish pond, and happily looked at the little goldfish swimming in it, Mom, is Xiaoshuang pregnant with a baby goldfish Huang Xiangning shook his head No, it s a baby goldfish.On Saturday, the day after Tang Zhen left, the adults of Old Tang s family set off neatly with their children.This time, Hu cbd thc sour gummies Zhongyuan s farewell concert claimed to have 100,000 listeners, and the seats in the Shanghai Metropolitan Stadium were full.The tickets were sold out within 1 hour after the sale.Outfield tickets have reached more than 10,000.Not only the fans are enthusiastic, but all the cbd thc sour gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in singers and movie stars are also very enthusiastic.Invited and uninvited, many people came.Basically all the famous singers of Hu Zhongyuan s time came, and most of these people have long since disappeared.Hu Zhongyuan is the only one among them who is still active in the music scene, and he is also their leader.Now this leader is also going to step into the They followed in their footsteps and retired after success.After a while, he booed immediately Shi Yu smiled bitterly and said, Okay, everyone, stop teasing me.Our focus now is on Tang Shuang and his sister Tang Zhen Tang Shuang, I bought perfume before, what s wrong Does this question have anything to do with perfume Tang Shuang Of course it does, look at the perfume, its surface is crystal, very hard, even cold, but it is thorough and pure, unscrew the cap, the fragrance will come, shake it, the air you breathe is sweet of When everyone heard this, they applauded.Liang Qiusha smiled and said to Shi Yu You shouldn t have asked Tang Shuang, you should have asked Zhenzhen.Have you forgotten Tang Shuang is the youngest literature award winner Stop showing off your cleverness in cbd thc sour gummies front of others.Tang Zhen s expression didn t seem to change at all, but the corners of her mouth were slightly raised.I feel that these musics have their appearance, we just restore them as much as possible.The days when I made the album for Dream Flower was the happiest and most fulfilling experience for me.Thank you Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen for giving me such an opportunity, really, I feel very, very honored Thank you, thank you for your vote.After speaking, Deng Ke handed the trophy to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang respected him and let him take the trophy first.This is because he is being polite, and he has to be self aware.Tang Shuang didn t say anything more, and after thanking her again, she went backstage with Deng Ke for an interview.Today he nominated for four awards, and now all of them have been announced, and he won three of them, which is considered quite satisfactory.Next, it s up to Tang Zhen.Her nominations for Best Album and Best Female Singer haven t been announced yet.Candy s mother took this blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.Her little feet kicked on the ground and refused to walk, and then a pair of hands appeared on the screen, lifting the child s little feet up.This should be the father of the child.Chu Mei and Xiao Putao were dumbfounded.Chu cbd gummies to treat tinnitus Mei collapsed on the floor and cbd thc sour gummies HCMUSSH cbd thc sour gummies saw that the floor was full of water.Women are made of water, it is true.That night, her dream was full of candy, and it was full of pictures of candy chanting sutras to her.In this wonderful dream, Tangtanger turned into a little nun loli, and she turned into a clay statue of Bodhisattva.The little nun sat on the mat in front of the Bodhisattva and read sutras to her all night.After waking up, Chu Mei found that the bed was also wet, and the cold sweat never let go of it even at night.Chapter 1049 After the car parked in the old Tang s yard, Huang Xiangning got out of the car first.He was going to open the door for Candy, who was sitting in the child s chair in the back, but the little guy quickly pushed the car door and jumped out.Just accidentally, a big, red apple jumped out along with her, and rolled to Tang Shuang s feet amidst her oops.Tang Shuang picked it up with a chuckle, opened her mouth wide, and ate it in one bite.If he knew that dogs were rolling all over the ground not long ago, he would definitely not be able to stop talking.Ah Tangtang er stood there blankly watching the big devil eat her big apple, as if she couldn t believe the facts in front of her, she covered her little head with her hands and screamed.Upduck is online instantly.Xiaoshuang was thinking about her big apple all the way.

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