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If you don t listen to the warning and insult others in front of me, the situation will be even more serious Comrade policeman, don t be angry.You really can t blame Erhu for this matter.He just has such a bad temper.He is in a fit of anger.Don t be as knowledgeable as him.Come on, have a cigarette A few villagers helped smooth things over again , Han Chaoyang pushed away the cigarettes they handed over, and said coldly Jiang Erhu, here will affect both traffic and your business.Come with me and go to the police office.A group of villagers seemed to smooth things over, In fact, it is pulling the side frame, which cannot be handled here at all.Lao Xu reacted, and immediately turned around Zhang Beibei, let s go together, go to the police office and talk, go to the police office and talk slowly.

I couldn t find it until 3 o clock in the afternoon.Searching any further would be useless.Just when Han Chaoyang was about to withdraw his troops, the Xinyuan Street Police Station finally got news.Sister Chen, the child is found.Where did you find it The parent was too careless, what if he couldn t find it, as a woman, as the mother of the child, Chen Xiujuan really had lingering fears.Han Chaoyang climbed into the patrol car, leaned on the steering wheel with one hand and slowly drove towards the south gate of Factory 527, and held up the police notification in the other hand It turns out that the little guy thinks the little car pushed by the cleaner is fun, so he got into the car.The car was locked in the utility room, and the little guy fell asleep again in a daze.It was not until the people from the Xinyuan Street Police Station and the hospital security department confirmed that the little guy hadn t left the hospital, and organized forces to carefully search for dead how long before cbd gummies start to work corners in the hospital, and opened the utility room to find the still The little guy who is sleeping soundly.

Secretary Yang and Director Gu of the street I attach great importance to work, and I have high expectations for Manager Jin, and it should be no clinical cbd gummies shark tank swag cbd gummies problem if Manager Jin says yes.Chapter 41 Opening a house The security brigade of the sub bureau issued an ultimatum.Without a Security Service Permit , clinical cbd gummies shark tank security services cannot be provided, security guards without a national security officer qualification certificate cannot work, and Dongming Community cannot be without security guards After thinking about the current hurdle, the only way to find a security guard with a security guard clinical cbd gummies shark tank clinical cbd gummies shark tank certificate is from a security company with a Security Service Permit.The police are rectifying the security service market.Check this one today and check that one tomorrow.Many property management companies have the same problem as Dongming District.

In fact, the 8004 family is not the only one that raises dogs.There are more dogs, and there are wild dogs that come in from outside, and they often run to the children s playground.What should I do if I bite someone, I organized the security guard to catch it once, and used a wire to trap it, but something happened.There was an owner in Building 11 who said the dog belonged to her family, and came here to quarrel with me, but in the end I had no choice but to pay her 2,000 yuan.The dog died Xiaobin went to trap you, young man.It was a bit harsh, and I accidentally strangled the dog to death.Keeping snakes is strictly what are cbd gummies made of grownmd cbd gummies reviews not allowed, and keeping dogs is not easy to deal with.Director Su weighed it up and said, Everyone, I know about the owners of building No.8 raising large dogs.Neither the security patrol team nor our neighborhood committee will sit what are cbd gummies made of grownmd cbd gummies reviews idly by.

Han Chaoyang was thinking about whether to go in and ask the staff to sign to prove that he had been here, and ask the staff for high dose cbd gummies a number by the way.One was wearing a white shirt, tie, glasses, and a work bag around his neck.The young man with the badge squeezed out, and asked as soon as he came out, Yingying, how did you get here There s a traffic jam.This is the number, but it doesn t matter if you want it or not, just go in, I ve reserved a place.It turned out that they knew each other, and Han Chaoyang was about to go through the back door to sign the ticket first, when the young man suddenly turned around and asked, Did the branch office ask you to come Yeah.Did he know me too Foggy.My surname is Shan.I m from the district committee, and I m also a staff member of the organizer.You came just in time.

Secretary Zhang had some opinions, and asked in a low voice Secretary Cai, what s the name Call the door from door to door.What do you call the door for The public security and the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team jointly enforce the law and execute orders.Why are there so many As soon as Director Cai finished speaking, Han Chaoyang returned jolly cbd gummy bears to the first team after checking the blockage of each intersection.Seeing more and more villagers and outsiders onlookers, Han Chaoyang immediately raised the microphone on the patrol car Villagers, residents who rent in the village, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.What is going on is Huayuan Street A joint law enforcement operation by the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade and the Huayuan Street Police Station Please go back to your home or your rented private house, and prepare your ID card, household registration booklet, and rental house registration procedures for inspection.

I d like to see how they end up.Judging from the leader s tone, it should be that the Huayuan Street Police Station also knew that the Huayuan Street Comprehensive Management Office caught a murderer when they entered the house to collect basic information and register migrants.He reported to the bureau impatiently without going to the scene to take over the suspect.They want to make meritorious deeds, and the Street Comprehensive Management Office also wants to make meritorious deeds.Why do people hand over suspects to the police station If they want to show their faces and make great contributions, they have to send them to the police station, and no matter whether it is a voluntary security patrol team or a public security joint defense team, they have the right to turn over criminals to the public security organs.

Under the bus stop sign.The young man sitting in the co pilot pushed the door again and got out of the car.He ran to the entrance of the police room and saw a female assistant in a uniform with the word Special Service and a male assistant in the same uniform with the word Secret Service sitting at the desk.By the side, I couldn t help but opened the glass door and asked, Which unit do you belong to Is there any police in the police room Hello, we are the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community.There are policemen in our police station.Officer Han is doing publicity in Yanhe Park.What can I do Body camera on the shoulder.Volunteer security patrol, never heard of it.It s quite formal, and there are law enforcement recorders.The young man neither showed his ID to identify himself nor said anything.

Okay, let s go firstCaptain Tang and Deputy Captain Lu naturally joined the camp of the police office, toasting or paying back frequently.China is a society of human relationships, and many things are easier to discuss at the wine table than in the office.After a few glasses of wine, the atmosphere reached a climax.A female parking attendant who was drinking a drink suddenly asked Da Han, do you care about MLM , the food is simple, there is not even a little whole foods cbd gummies oil in the dishes, and it looks like it is doing some business all day long, anyway, you can tell it is a pyramid scheme.With a clue, Han Chaoyang, who was a little drunk, suddenly woke up and asked.He asked Sister Yuan, which village do you live in Fenghuang Village, the third Phoenix team.Are you familiar with Ge Baohua Yes, he is on my team.

Secretary Tong, I know him, but he may not remember me now.If you can talk to the deputy secretary of the district committee, if you can find a way to transfer, you can wait until today Han Chaoyang didn t know how to explain it, so he thought about it and said, Why should I be transferred A small community is a big society, and a small policeman is doing a lot.I still want to take root in the grassroots and do something.Chapter 76 Artists Annoying things belong to worrying things, work is work, and work should not be affected by worrying things.The two drove to the neighborhood committee, only to see Lao Jin, who had been wearing the special service uniform these days, standing in the hall talking to Director Su, and Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu, who had already received the order, were clinical cbd gummies shark tank standing in front of the patrol car talking to Li Xiaobin, Gu Changsheng and others.

Wu Junfeng explained something.Just as he was about to smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank say what are cbd gummies made of grownmd cbd gummies reviews hello, Director Su asked angrily Chaoyang, you know what you are doing, what exactly do you want to do They came out to gather, and said with a bitter face Director Su, I m sorry, I have an urgent task now, and I will explain to you about the morning cbd gummies heart racing and noon.What task Check a hotel, and I will tell you what to check I don t clinical cbd gummies shark tank swag cbd gummies know, there is only one clue now.Hearing that Lao Jin said that he was going to mobilize the patrol team, Su Xian was really worried that he was going crazy again, and he was going to do something, so she waited for him in the hallway, intending to ask him clearly.After all, the patrol team belongs to the neighborhood committee of the community, and if something happens, it is the responsibility of the neighborhood committee.

Thousands of people held banners and shouted slogans , Maybe they will march all the way to the district government like last time.What the sub bureau can solve must not alarm the city bureau.Xing Hongchang didn t want to ask the city bureau to send special police over to maintain stability like last time, and immediately issued an order Xiao Han, gather people and set off immediately Leading a patrol team to maintain stability is the command of the branch The order of the deputy director of the center was also at the request of the street leaders.Han Chaoyang believed that Director Su would not stop him, so he immediately turned around and said, Xinyi, Xiaobin, notify all shifts to assemble urgently.Yes Han Chaoyang stepped forward As soon as he walked out of the meeting room, Xing Hongchang called the leader of the bureau and ordered Tai Suo, this is an emergency situation, and the fighter plane cannot be delayed.

Even if they are not in my jurisdiction in the future, it is still a good thing to provide clues to crimes in other places.Master, you don t agree Believe me, in fact, my eyeliner is all over the street now, the parking guards in the street, clinical cbd gummies shark tank the cleaners in the street sanitation station, I have asked them all, and they are all helping me to pay attention.Yes, just do it, our smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank community police What, isn t it just to provide clues for the criminal investigation department. Master, today s incident has reminded me that it s useless to just know each other and ask for help, and you have to connect with the relationship.Who HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies shark tank will help you.Yes, we are in this businessMake friends with the masses.Gu Guoli admired this self taught little apprentice more and more, and asked casually How much do you buy these melons, how much is a catty A total of eighty eight, like sixty catties.

Xi Da looked back at Deputy Chief He of the criminal police are cbd gummies safe for heart patients what are cbd gummies made of detachment who came to guide the investigation, and lit another cigarette.I surveyed the scene last night, and again this morning Lin Xiaopeng, what are cbd gummies made of grownmd cbd gummies reviews the leader of the Technical Squadron who led the team to the scene for investigation, took a peek at the two leaders, and continued holding a small notebook After further investigation, it can be determined that multiple people committed the crime, and it was a planned and premeditated crime.After they entered the room, they controlled the adults and children at the cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank same time, and took the adults to the room on the left side of the first floor with good sound insulation for torture.The female victim had 24 bruises, 4 abrasions, severe blows to the face, 3 broken ribs, and was brutally tortured before she died.

Listen It s not true, seeing is believing, isn t there a photo of this Huang Ying was confused, thinking that this kid had something wrong with his mind.The photos don t mean anything.Let me tell you clearly.I opened the manhole cover.There are four in total.That is to say, I caused the traffic jam.If you cbd products gummies don t lift the manhole cover, you don t need to guard it there, and you don t need to guide it.Traffic.Huang Ying smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank was confused, and asked You opened it, why did you open the well cover For drainage, the flow is not too slow, and there is silt and garbage in the water.The hole was blocked in a short time, and the water was opened and flowed directly into the well, and directly to the Chaoyang River.Drainage Yes.But what does it matter to you The superior asked us to assist the public toilet management center Responsible for draining the stagnant water near the public toilets, not allowing the water to flow into a cesspool, and not allowing the toilets to overflow.

Just be happy, what time do you get off work, and have dinner together at night.This is too lively Han Chaoyang was caught off guard, thinking that it would cost a lot of money to eat with a beautiful woman like her, and eating with a girl would not allow them to pay, so he hurriedly said Miss Tang, I m sorry, the police force in our station is tight , I have to be on duty 24 hours a day in the police station, there is no such thing as going to and from get off work.Can you stop talking about Miss Tang, it sounds weird.Okay, then I will call you Miss Tang.Don Sister, what about my cousin, I am a few months older than you, but I look so young, you call me old even if I am not old.Then what do you call me Call me Xuanxuan like Yingying.Xuanxuan, how meaty Han Chaoyang was confused, but he still smiled and said, Okay, I ll call it Xuanxuan from now on.

It doesn t matter if there is no leader, the leader will come later, today s flag raising ceremony must not be messed up, Su Xian just wanted to ask them to rehearse first, of course she would not object, Okay, let s rehearse first, Lao Jin, let the flag bearers and The flag guard also goes once, the flag doesn t need to be raised, it s not good what are cbd gummies made of grownmd cbd gummies reviews to raise it and lower it again, everything else follows the procedure. Yes Chaoyang, where s your violin, hurry up, it s up to you. Director Wang, you played very well, so I don t need to participate, I ll sing later. We don t feel at ease without you, hurry up, don t waste time.Thinking about it, I haven t seen him yet Playing the violin, Su Xian couldn t help laughing and said Chaoyang, listen to Director Wang.Okay.The old relieva cbd gummies men and women in Factory 527 really took it seriously.

Thank you, master.As soon as Gu Guoli took out his mobile phone, Su Xian asked curiously Chaoyang, which area are you planning to buy a house in Are you optimistic about it However, the house price is so expensive, there are a few places that can barely accept it.Whether I can buy it or not, I what are cbd gummies made of grownmd cbd gummies reviews will not know until my mother reads it, my mother is in charge of my house.Su Xian felt a little funny when her mother was in charge of the house, and then thought of Yanyang The housing price is not cheap, so he suggested Chaoyang, you are in need of steel, but it is not that urgent.First, you have a place to live, and second, you are not in a hurry to get married.You can buy an off plan house.Off plan houses are cheaper.But it s not safe, what if you meet a developer like Shenghai Garden There are so many real estate projects in clinical cbd gummies shark tank the city, and there are several unfinished buildings like Shenghai Garden.

The more expensive the sale, the higher the intermediary fee.Chapter 135 Fraudulent loan night fell, Wu Wei drove the police car into the In the parking lot of a hotel, he had just unbuckled his where to buy cbd gummies pompano beach fl seat belt and was about to open the door to get out of the car when Liang Dongsheng s cell phone rang.Liu Suo, I just arrived at the development zone.I can t go back.I really can t go back.Okay, thank you.Master, what s going on in the office Liang Dongsheng put away his phone, picked up his bag and opened the car door, leading him Walking into the hotel, he explained Han Chaoyang s mother is here to buy him a highly edible cbd gummies house.It s his first time here.Liu Suo, the trainer, and Xu Suo s Garden Hotel welcome his mother, and they want me to have dinner together.I don t have time. House prices in urban areas are so expensive, so you can buy as soon as you want.

Hello, are you the boss Yes, what s the matter Han Chaoyang looked up at the surroundings of the shop and asked, What s your name, boss The self supporting house, my wife looks after the store during the day, and I look around at night, no one is invited, and there is nothing to check.After Qiao Xianhong s wife and children were killed in the third team, the police came from left to right, Le The boss was so annoying that he didn t even bother to stand up while sitting at the counter.Han Chaoyang never expected that every member of the public would treat him as warmly as the elders and aunts of Factory 527, and took out a police civilian contact card, Boss Le, my surname is Han, and my name is Han Chaoyang.I am a community policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.This part of the village will be under my management in the future, and there will be the phone number of our office and my mobile phone number on it, so you can call me directly if you encounter any problems in the future.

I will send you the QQ number by text message.You can use QQ.Add me.If you don t apply for one, add it and then take a photo and send it to me on QQ.Shooting what Shooting money.Over and over again This is business, buyers and sellers should be equal, if you don t believe me, why don t I believe you Gao Junfei was so angry that he simply grabbed the phone and said coldly Brother Miao, I am Gao Junfei.Since it is a business, both parties should be sincere.It is fine to see the money, but we also need to see the goods.Boss Gao, as long as the money is fine, there will be no problem with the goods.How do I know if there is a problem if I don t look at it Business pays attention to reputation.It s not like you haven t heard about it before.You should know my reputation and want to do business.Just do as I say, and if you don t want to do this business, just break up.

Han Da, don t worry, it s not the first time we have performed a mission.Yeah, isn t it just a few brats, I can deal with two This Don t take it lightly.Han Chaoyang looked back at Xiaokang and other patrol members, picked up the walkie talkie, and shouted Xiaobin Xiaobin, I, Han Chaoyang, you go from the south, go directly to Shijia Road we go through Zhongshan Road , outflanking from Yu Ning Street.The walkie talkie will stop calling immediately, you call Xiaokang s mobile phone, don t hang up after you connect, and keep in touch at any time. I received it, use your mobile phone to contact, and don t hang up after connecting.Han Chaoyang put down clinical cbd gummies shark tank the walkie talkie He picked up his mobile phone and dialed Lao Yan again.Lao Yan was in a hurry, and pressed the call button as soon as the mobile phone rang Han Da, they didn t leave, they were still opposite, and two more people came, they came by electric bike, and they came with them After saying a few words, I parked the electric car somewhere to the east, and then came again after parking the car.

Huang s mother looked happy, took her daughter s bag, and helped her daughter get her slippers.What made Huang Ying even more surprised was that her father was also awake, sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette and playing with his mobile phone.The TV was on and the voice was very low.It was obvious that he was focusing on the mobile phone instead of the TV series that was broadcasting.Dad, why are you smoking in the living room I m happy, I just smoked one, and I won t smoke anymore.Huang s father was more afraid of his daughter when it came to smoking, so he hurriedly snuffed out the cigarette butt, knowing that his daughter didn t like the smell of cigarettes, he got up and opened it again.Move the door, go to the balcony and open the window for ventilation.Yingying, sit with your dad for a while and talk to your dad.

If you are in arrears and won t pay you wages, and you are justified in beating someone, Han Chaoyang became more and more angry when he thought about it, and said coldly Whether someone reports the crime or not is their business.It is your business to instigate others to beat them, go, our car is parked outside, tell us to go to the office and explain clearly.Chaoyang, you take him into the car first, I will go up to find those who did it.Chapter 167 It turns out that there is a fellow in Yanyang, Boss Bao, who is very annoying.Not only is he determined not to get in the police car, he wants to drive his own car, and he claims to hit him, and he hurts a brat surnamed Fan to treat him I want to have a one person does everything and one person is responsible , I want to take care of clinical cbd gummies shark tank everything, saying that chefs and waiters can t go, otherwise it will affect the restaurant s business, and if losses are caused, Guan Xiyuan will be responsible.

I don t worry about your work.Why did Director Wang and the others rehearse every day, just to perform on stage They must liberty cbd gummies reviews be very happy to know this news.Han Chaoyang was about to call clinical cbd gummies shark tank the old factory manager of Factory 527, when the police phone rang, and this time it was the officer Feng of the Political Department of the sub bureau who called.Han Chaoyang, my political department is Feng Haijun, do you remember me Remember, Director Feng, what instructions do you have There is a task, Director Wen told you, don t you study music, it will be August 1st soon On the Army Day, the district will hold a mass song Military and Civilian Fish and Water to commemorate the 88th anniversary of the Chinese People s Liberation Army.It will show the history of the founding of the Chinese People s Liberation Army with the artistic technique of singing, and present a tribute to the 88th anniversary of the cbd sleep gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank founding of the Chinese People s Liberation Army.

In the end, it just built a wrought iron fence and found two retirees.Workers watch the gate, and many homeowners find it troublesome to get in and out, and even deliberately damage the fence, opening more than a dozen small gates.There is no surveillance, no security guards, anyone can enter, and there cbd pharm gummy bears near me is almost no defense.Han Chaoyang was very thankful that there was no such community in his jurisdiction.He pondered I took three days off and I don t have to go to work tomorrow.My parents will arrive tomorrow afternoon, so I can sleep for half cbd gummies near me 32922 a day in the morning.Otherwise, you can squat in the middle of the night.Help me squat down in the middle of the night.How can you be ashamed I m not an outsider, so why not be embarrassed, it s settled, I ll come over to replace you on time at 12 o clock.

Now that people are dead and killed, the nature has completely changed Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Lao Lu took a deep breath, took out his mobile phone to call the squadron leader, and hurriedly said Shisuo, we are short of manpower, can you You and us, you go quickly, I will organize the police to arrive immediately Human life is at stake, and now it is a murder case.Lao Lu didn t dare to delay for a moment, ran downstairs without looking back, and said eagerly while running Qian Dui, just received the news that Liu Wenhai, the business manager of Dongsheng Machinery Factory, died.The three suspects are temporarily detained at the police station, I will go to protect the scene now Chapter 187 Chasing and intercepting 2 Guan Xiyuan sent out two police officers at night.At the same time, two cars in Antai New Village were scratched, the scratches were not very deep, the clinical cbd gummies shark tank paint was not peeled off, but there was a white mark, and both cars were insured, but the owner just wanted to call 110.

I, Han Chaoyang, please answer if you receive it Group four received, group four received, it s over.Group five Received, Group 5 received, please instruct.Group 6 received, Group 6 received, it s over.The security company only has a walkie talkie without a repeater, and it is a civilian use walkie talkie, not only can t shout far, even often Being disturbed, Han Chaoyang can only contact the seven groups in this area at the moment.It is too troublesome to call one by one, but it is convenient to send WeChat in groups.It is impossible for key players to stare at their phones at the moment.In order to save traffic, some team members hardly use 3G or 4G at ordinary times.It was only one person who could be contacted.Han Chaoyang stared at Jing Xiaoan and Xiaogu, held up the walkie talkie and said excitedly All groups pay attention to each group.

Xu Hongliang held his phone tightly and looked proud.Please, we talk about love after you catch up with a girl.You can t mess up the order.How do you know that I didn t catch up, Comrade Han Chaoyang, I can tell you very seriously and responsibly that I m here right now.Fall in love with Lingling Wow, the first shameless, second shameless, and third shameless tactics are working, Lingling is really caught up by you What smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank do you mean by first shameless and second shameless Same, I m doing this sincerely, gold and stone are the same, forget it, you don t understand.Enough, but it s not a bad thing.Lying comfortably on the bed in his girlfriend s boudoir, Han Chaoyang asked with a smile, Since you ve caught up, what are your plans for the future Do you stay in Donghai and work hard together, or come back to live a happy life There are many but there are many people.

You can work in the 110 emergency duty room in the future.Our school s security force is still relatively strong Yes, but we don t have the smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank power to enforce the law.If any case happens in the school in the future, you can organize the security office and school guards to deal with it in time, and even set up a special case team to organize the detection Isn t it good to be a special lecturer Become your campus police.Is there any mistake, I am here to recruit your school guards, how can I be recruited by you What s even more funny is that you actually set up some kind of task force.Han Chaoyang was so dumbfounded that he hurriedly said, Minister Jiang, in fact, I should be the policeman stationed in the school.No matter what happens in the school, I have to take care of it.After all, PolyU is our Zhongshan University.

Director Jiang said that Vice President Mu has time tomorrow morning.Zhou Bureau, political commissar and you are welcome to come to investigate tomorrow.The agenda is arranged.First, we will visit the 110 emergency duty room and the police workstation of the Sixth Traffic Police Brigade in the school.Then go to meeting room 306 of the main building for a discussion.Vice President Mu is also the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of PolyU, second only to President Nie, so he can be said to be the second in command of PolyU.Vice principal Mu received it in person, explaining that the vice principal in charge of the security department and several directors and deputy ministers of the security department will participate.People give enough to divide the situation, and the main leaders of the branch will go tomorrow no matter how busy they are.

Officer Han, you know, you know how it happened Such a thing I just found out, how about Aunt Liu as the representative, and come in with me.Xiaoying, Xiaohan may not have known before, Xiaohan, Xiaoying is the person involved, 110 It was Xiaoying who beat her, she can t leave.I m sorry, I forgot to ask who called the police just now, go in, go in and tell.Han Chaoyang was not so polite to the person who beat someone, and he turned back and shouted You two, what to hide, can you hide, come in, hurry up Comrade police, listen to my explanation Come in first when you are talking.The property company s office is next door to the Ximen security room District, there is a conference table that can seat a dozen people.Han Chaoyang called the parties, the reporter and the witnesses cbd sleep gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank to sit down, opened the bag, took out the pens and papers, checked the law enforcement recorder again habitually, looked up and said Some of you here know me, and some don t.

For safety reasons, I appointed a waste collector, and I went to the police station to file and register.Compared with outside personnel, it is easier to manage.If a waste collector can come in, what if things are lost, the security of the community is not good You speak better than you sing, you only have money in your eyes Aunt Liu, it s chilling for you to say that, and I m doing it for the good of the community and you owners.The management fee has fallen to me personally Pocket, the management fee, as a variety of operating income of the property, is mainly used for the construction of public facilities in the community and to make up for the lack of property fees, and it is announced to you every year.Who can understand the journals you announced, who knows How tricky Aunt Liu, it s meaningless for you to say that.

The little guy who agreed to observe at the top of the mountain ran into the woods to play for a while from time to time.After running and running, he was tired and lay down in the grass fell asleep.Brother Jiang, what did the trainer say, when will the reinforcements come Han Chaoyang turned on his phone, sat next to the little guy and called Jiang Li again.The instructor said that the cadres and masses mobilized by the superiors were all busy assisting in the search and arrest in the afternoon, and they have all gone back now.There is no possibility of reinforcements tonight.He said that the headquarters asked us to stand by and guard the checkpoint.The leader obviously thought that other The place is more important than this side, but the fugitive is from Li Jiayao in this direction, the south is indeed more important clinical cbd gummies shark tank than the north.

head.Bang , again Han Chaoyang whipped like crazy, beat his head, arms, and legs in a mess, and roared hoarsely as he whipped his head, arms, and legs Let you run, let you sell drugs, let you Kill, kill you bastard Run, run again and let me see if I don t break your legs clinical cbd gummies shark tank First I met a wild boar, and now I met such a lunatic.Caught off guard twice in a row, and this time clinical cbd gummies official website was completely different from the last time, Feng Changdong was beaten in a daze, rolling all over the ground with his hands on his head, shouting while rolling, and had no chance to find a gun.Be honest, did you kill Feng Changqin Even my cousin was killed, and even my niece was not spared.Are you still a human being Are you worthy of being a human being Han Chaoyang didn t know how serious his injuries were, Anyway, the command had issued an order that if he resisted in a corner, he could be shot decisively.

This afternoon I reported it to you, and I just reported to Director Fang, and Director Fang said that he will come right away Director Mei, Director Fang and Director Tao will be here soon, we can sit down, we have prepared four tables Director Ning, Orchid Hall, I m just waiting for you After eating, take a few bites, if you can t drink, please, hurry up.Director Chu was busy calling the leaders of the provincial department who were upstairs, and Director Zhou was attending the meeting at the same time.The head of the public security bureau of the brother county bureau at the meeting made a phone call, and while calling, he looked back at the few subordinates who were very upbeat.Commissar Huang and Fan Ju finally realized why their immediate superiors had brought the boys here, and they couldn t help laughing.

On the afternoon of the 30th, the proprietress prepared more than 20,000 cash, put the money in the bag, and put the bag in the small bar, and there were many people eating at night, so I didn t bother to put the bag away when I was busy.Han Chaoyang rubbed his nose habitually , and continued He went there that night, and the waiter clearly remembered that he stood by the bar for a long time, waiting for the master to finish his work, the proprietress suddenly remembered that the bag was not put away, and suddenly remembered that there were more than 20,000 cash in the bag , When she thought about it and went back to the bar to look, she found that the bag was gone.I wish you good luck The waiter said that although there were many customers that night, he was the only one hanging around the bar.

Officer Han, what else is there Mobile phone, did you forget about the mobile phone Han Chaoyang asked back, turned on the law enforcement recorder, and motioned for him to sit across from him with a smile.I thought he forgot, but he still wanted the phone Zhu Youwei had no choice but to honestly put the phone on the desk.Han Chaoyang took it over and looked at it, then gently put the phone aside, immediately opened the folder, picked up a pen and asked Put the phone here with me first, and I will give you a receipt later.I will delay you for a while, please remember.Tell me about the process of being tricked into pyramid schemes.Officer Han, I asked Director Zhang and Director Zou downstairs just now.They are cadres from the Security Department and understand the situation on behalf of the school.

It doesn t work, that doesn t work, you have to have an idea Miao Haizhu had a hard time matching the younger brother with the hero who captured the fugitive with a gun, and suddenly found that he was a bit of a mother in law.Han Chaoyang didn t know why, so he suddenly smiled and said, I have an idea, but it s just unrealistic.To be precise, Mr.Liang s family doesn t have this condition.What idea Huang Ying asked.Rent a helicopter to pick up the bride, go from the sky, come back from the sky, and see how the villagers stop it.Moreover, using a helicopter to pick up the bride is so romantic and romantic.The parents of the woman must have a special face.The bride is probably moved to tears.Started nonsense again.Gossip, Huang Ying laughed and said, It s a pity that this method of receiving marriage is only suitable for Tang Xiaoxuan.

Today, I will help you with the mat first, and when I have time later, I will go to Chenjiaji to take a picture for you, and help you go to the administrative service center to get a card for free bus rides.It turned out that she always reported false police to trick the police to send her home Second Sister Gui Thinking of the unlucky things that the unlucky guy said, Huang Ying burst out laughing.After waiting for five or six minutes, the bus arrived.Han Chaoyang helped the old lady into the car, asked a little girl near the door to let her sit, said hello to the driver s sister, and made sure that the old lady could get home safely, and then returned to Polytechnic University with Huang Ying.The old lady must be very disappointed that I didn t take a special cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market car today.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing again.

He stood at the door asking questions for two or three minutes, and then ran towards the river while making a phone call.On an iron barge.Chapter 291 Representative Sub bureau The criminal police and criminal technical police from the criminal police brigade of the Gaoxin District Bureau came biggest cbd gummy producers very quickly.A first level police inspector ran to Han Chaoyang after getting off the car and asked, Isn t it Xiao Han Yes Han Chaoyang hurriedly stood at attention and saluted, after thinking about it, he added The policeman Han Chaoyang from the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Sub bureau is protecting the scene, please give instructions.Teng Jiming, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Gaoxin District Sub bureau.Teng Da showed his ID , and then asked What s the situation Is there a photo of the dead body This case should be under their control.

The Yandong Municipal Government has been transformed into a district government, and the Yandong Public Security Bureau has become the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau.As Han Chaoyang said, the Yandong branch is the most special of all the branches.Yandong was a county level city three years ago, and then it became Yandong District.The Yandong Municipal Government has been transformed into a district government, and the Yandong clinical cbd gummies shark tank Public Security Bureau has become the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau.The sub bureau is still under the management of the sub bureau, rather than directly subordinate to the traffic police detachment of the city bureau another example is that the sub bureau has its own detention center and detention center, but it has changed a sign of the No.

, It needs to be more than 20 meters high, and it is estimated that it will not be able to get down for 30,000 to 40,000.Next, I have to use other people s electricity and borrow other people s conveyors, which may even delay their business.Deputy Squadron Leader Ji was embarrassed to ask others to pay the money, so he simply walked aside and called for instructions to report.Han Chaoyang was just depressed about being put on this unlucky job.He just said it casually just now, but he didn t expect the deputy squadron leader Ji to come over after making the phone call The bureau leader agreed, first build the scaffolding, and clinical cbd gummies shark tank first surround the site.Boss Hou , you are better at engineering than us, you can find the construction team, and you can rent the scaffolding. What about the cost Our leader will talk to you later, Chaoyang, Wu Wei, I ll leave this to you.

Liu Jianye was surprised when he received his call.After listening to his report, Liu Jianye felt that there was some reason, and felt that the possibility of prank could not be completely ruled out, but the branch leader finally sent the trouble away, cbd sleep gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank so how could he just pick it up again, and simply said Little Han, since you are worried that the leaders of the special case team may not pay attention to it, then report directly to Bureau Shi, and you can do whatever the bureau says.Yesbut I don t have Bureau Stone s phone number.I ll send you an email.In the past.Thank you Liu Suo.Don t thank me, report it quickly.Yes Wu Wei was dumbfounded, thinking to remind the special case team, making a phone call, such a simple thing, unexpectedly asked Going around in such a big circle, is it necessary to make such trouble Han Chaoyang didn t know what he was thinking, so he looked at the phone number that Liu Suogang sent, and dialed Shiju s mobile phone in front of him.

Mr.Ye, please recall, at 11 55 on the night of the 15th, where did you drive from Shengli Street to Anhe Road from south to north I have no intention of inquiring about your privacy.Just tell me an approximate range.I know what time and hour I pass at any intersection, so I shouldn t be a liar.The owner of the car thought for a while, then suddenly said Remember, I drove a car that night to send a friend home.His family lives in Xianzhuang.The destination was Xianzhuang.Han Chaoyang regained clinical cbd gummies shark tank his energy immediately, looked up at Wu Wei who was also on the phone, and asked, Mr.Ye, have you seen a commercial vehicle on the way to and from Xianzhuang Comrade police, I m sorry, I really can t remember this.It s okay if I don t remember, is there a driving recorder installed in your car Yes, the road is full of cars now, if you don t touch everyone, What if you don t install a driving recorder.

A cute and pitiful Zhang Beibei is very worrying, and the one who will come tomorrow is even more worrying.When I watched the movie Predecessor , I took it as a joke, but it feels completely different when it happens to me.God knows they will There will be no resurgence of old feelings.If I knew this earlier, why bother.Huang Ying was too remorseful, she kept complaining about how she was cheated by him so easily, how she let him get his way so easily.The more I thought about it, the more I felt wronged, the more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable I felt, tears rolled down my face, I just shed tears silently for a while, wiped away my tears, picked up my mobile phone and called Huaxin Daluobo, but none of the three mobile phones got through.Sister Su, I was bullied.You are a quasi police wife, and Chaoyang is a policeman, who dares to bully you Su Xian was at the demolition site in Chaoyang Village, holding up her mobile phone to watch a wall being knocked down with a bang.

Turning off the phone is nothing.Can you avoid this kind of thing For more than an hour, Miao Haizhu has been calling him in turn.After finally getting through the three mobile phone numbers, coupled with the bad things that the little junior did, the tone of voice was naturally not much better.In the past nineteen hours, Han Chaoyang was so focused on the case that he had nothing else on his mind.He was at a loss when he was questioned, and subconsciously asked, What should be done boldly, what can t be avoided, what should I do I m busy I know what cbd sleep gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank I clinical cbd gummies shark tank do.People have come to my door.God knows if you have brought a child to find Dad.You are still pretending to be confused Han Chaoyang suddenly reacted, his heart skipped a beat, and he hesitated for a long time before he said nervously.Ask Sister Miao, did Lingling tell you something Lingling didn t tell me, Director Su told me, is that woman surnamed Sheng, Sheng Yanwen, she is on the plane to Yanyang, Lingling and Hongliang are waiting for Yingying at the sub district office, planning to pick up the airport together.

I also want to see what she looks like. Honey, she s not as good looking as you, it s not sweet talk, and it s not like looking like a beauty in the eye of a lover, she really isn t as good looking as you.Starting to flatter again, Huang Ying was so confused that she couldn t help saying Don cbd gummies 300mg natures only t come here, I ve seen pictures of her, she s pretty pretty.She knows how to dress up.Her face is like a RMB that can breathe.It s more beautiful, right It s better than plain makeup.She can t compare with you even ten times.Said Honey, I m really tired now, I m exhausted physically and mentally, don t be angry, when you get angry, my heart is in a state of panic, the whole person is confused, I am on the way to catch the murderer, I can t calm down It s easy to get flustered when you do it, maybe it will be glorious, and then you what are cbd gummies made of will attend my memorial service and preach my deeds as a martyr You re going to arrest the murderer again Task, this is no joke, Huang Ying was taken aback.

Chapter 331 Eyes and Eyes 1 After finally finding a clue, of course we must strike while the iron is hot.I didn t have time to eat dinner, so I went straight to the owner of the car rental company.As a result, I rushed to the Xingye Community and knocked on the anti theft door of Room 305 in Building 2.The owner of the car rental company had moved out long ago, and the house was still under his name.The agent at the entrance of the community rented it out, and it was already rented to the person who lives now.Family of three for nearly a year.Reporting to Tengda, the tenant doesn t know where Kang Huatai lives.There is no contact information for Kang Huatai, and he hasn t even seen Kang Huatai as the landlord.He rents from an intermediary, and the rent is directly handed over to the real estate agency.

Xiao Han, Xiao Wu, take the time to wash up.After washing, go to the meeting room for dinner.Have a meeting while eating.Yes Han Chaoyang hurriedly got up, picked up his teacup, toothpaste and toothbrush, and went to the bathroom.Wu Wei followed and helped him get a towel when he came out of the dormitory.The two went into the bathroom and saw that Teng Da clinical cbd gummies shark tank swag cbd gummies and Zhang Qiuping were also washing their faces and brushing their teeth.It HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies shark tank turned out that they had just woken up too.Teng is early.Han Chaoyang habitually wanted to stand at attention and salute, but when he thought of wearing Wu Wei s casual clothes, holding something in his hand, and standing in the bathroom, he felt that it was inappropriate.Embarrassed, Teng University turned around and smiled, It s past 10 o clock, it s getting late.

It has already entered the fourth quarter of this year, and the city bureau s evaluation of each branch will start soon.Zhou Bureau didn t want to miss this opportunity to pick peaches, so he reached out and patted Feng Bureau s arm The city bureau said it was a joint investigation, and they also said it was Joint investigation office, since it is a joint investigation office, what s inappropriate If only Xiaohan and the others are not enough, then we will dispatch a few policemen from the criminal police team to rush ahead of them to destroy this criminal gang suspected of intentional murder and running a casino.Chapter 342 Chalac Car rental is easily used by criminals, and it is also a special industry, but it is different from traditional special industries such as hotels, pawns, and official seal engraving.

The main tasks of their group are It is responsible for the deployment and control.Teng Jiming took a deep puff on his cigarette and asked, What about the gambling line How is the investigation going According to the social relations between Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao in the city, we have found nothing suspicious.In the evening, we got a list of gambling personnel from the security brigade of each sub bureau.There are quite a lot of people on the Internet, and they all have status and status, so it may take a little time.Thanks for your hard work, I know this is not easy to investigate, but this involves a murder case after all, please work hard and persevere Take a look, find the people on the list as soon as possible, and find out as soon as possible whether any of the 9.18 clues to the case.

You have said that you can t startle the snake, and you must find someone reliable.As long as you can find a place, just wait a while.By the way, two of you are going to arrest several murder suspects Bureau Feng looked back at Han Chaoyang, then at the alley, and smiled.He explained How could there be only two people here Lao Liu came here first with seven criminal policemen, and they had already sneaked into the community.The special police team also came and was waiting nearby.I don t know where the car is parked.I didn t care.I ll ask, but it s definitely not far away.Chapter 351 Arrest 2 There are too many neighborhoods with Huayuan in their names, and they are simply bad streets.But in Fengyong County, Yangdong Garden is definitely a real high end residential area.Sixteen high rise buildings with 28 to 33 floors, the community is not only beautifully built, the greening is clinical cbd gummies shark tank very good, the monitoring system is also very advanced, and the cameras are all high definition, filling every corner of the community.

Fengying.Teacher Ma calmed down and said quickly Brother, sister in law, are you hungry I ve finished the meal.Mom is waiting for you at home.You can sit with Chaoyang first.Yingying s car goes back, and I ll ride an electric bike. No need, our electric bike is parked downstairs at your house, and you can ride the electric bike back by the way. Take Yingying s car to go back first, and Xiaoshan will come back to pick up the electric bike No need Ma Fengjun didn t want to bother his sister, nephew and nephew s girlfriend anymore, not only did he not let Huang Ying and Han Chaoyang see him off, he even refused to let his sister go with him, he veritas cbd gummies insisted on taking his wife and son to school to pick up the electric car Just go back.Seeing their leaving backs, Han Chaoyang felt sore and asked with a choked voice, Mom, are we really not going It s not that you don t know your uncle s temper, and he would be unhappy clinical cbd gummies shark tank if you went with him, Teacher .

can cbd gummies help lose weight?

Ma sighed.

I don t know if I don t come, he is also a bitter child , at least the environment where he grew up is relatively difficult.Huang Ying was about to ask if there would be a landslide in the mountain behind if it rained heavily, when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Hello, who is your name The caller ID showed an unfamiliar mobile phone number, and it was a local number.He had no contact with his junior high school and high school classmates.Han Chaoyang was surprised to receive such a call suddenly.Xiao Han Yes, I m Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang realized that he didn t need to speak Mandarin with the people in his hometown, so he quickly answered in his native dialect.I m Qi Guangyu, the director of Linshan Police Station.Xiao Han, your father is by my side.I asked your father to ask for your mobile phone number just now.

At the same time, I admire a girl who came to this unfamiliar place, not only successfully inherited the property and received compensation for demolition, but even gained a firm foothold in Yanyang through this method.However, I can help with other things.Han Chaoyang really didn t want to go clinical cbd gummies shark tank to the haunted house to rehearse, so he suddenly said Mr.I ll eat it, but you don t even think about taking the band to your place to rehearse.Zhang Beibei smiled and turned her eyes to Huang Ying.Huang Ying tugged at his sleeve and said with a giggle, Husband, I forgot to tell you that I was also corrupted by her.Participate in such a profitable activity You can t, I can t, but our mother can Huang Ying shook his arm and explained Who has more experience than our mother when it comes to opening a hotel She has worked in guest houses for decades, hotels Where are the supplies cheap, how to clean the environment, how to make sheets and bedding, she is really an expert.

After eating the peanuts, Grandpa Gu said with a smile, As for what to do next, I can only give you suggestions.Some suggestions.First and foremost, you must have a good attitude.There is no medicine for regret in this world.You can only face the past and the present.Let alone you, Mo Yunhu, we are such a big country In the past few years, we had to hide our strengths and bide our time.Who made our economy better than others, our technology advanced like others, and our military strength unmatched.This analogy is not very appropriate, but it is basically the same principle.We must have a good attitude and bear the cbd sleep gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank burden of humiliation.Mo Yunhu felt much clinical cbd gummies shark tank swag cbd gummies better when a respected veteran policeman could sit down to drink together and talk about it with confidence, sobbing, he said, Don t worry, Officer Gu, no matter how they treat me, I will never be the same again.

Don t worry, the ward rounds are normal, and the passengers can understand.After waiting for seven or eight minutes, Old Tang and Xiaokang arrived in his electric patrol car.There s no need to be polite, Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei didn t even say hello, so they led them inside, and went straight to the door of room 106, raised their arms and knocked on the door.Sorry to excuse me, we are from the police station, please show your ID cards.Here we come The door opened from the inside, and it was a short young man clinical cbd gummies shark tank who opened it.Still sound asleep.Although the middle aged man was sitting on the bed, he could tell that he hadn t taken off his pants or even his socks.Han Chaoyang went to the side of the canopy bed and took the ID card he handed over.After looking at it carefully for a while, he suddenly turned sideways and said Mr.

What are you watching Grandpa Gu asked curiously.Some things don t need to be pushed deliberately, as long as you wait patiently, it will slowly ferment by itself.Old Tang suppressed a smile and couldn t help explaining Inspector Gu, Haizhu is going to organize the owners of Xinmin Community to visit Dongming Community today.Manager Zhang and Junfeng are making preparations and will introduce the situation of Dongming Community to the owners of Xinmin Community later., and even invited several representatives of the owners of Dongming Community to hold a discussion meeting with representatives of the owners of Xinmin Community.Grandpa Gu couldn t believe his ears, and asked suspiciously Haizhu has opened up the situation, and the owners of Xinmin Community are willing to establish Are you willing to hire a property management company for the owners meeting She has been working for so long, and she finally sees some hope.

She must know someone from the TV station.There is an emotional program on the TV station, which is broadcast live to help people mediate emotional disputes.The ratings are quite high.I will call first to ask, please.She can help and see if I can be on this show.Great, Police Officer Han, I really don t know how to thank you.Here again, I m a policeman, and this is my job.Han Chaoyang Patting his arm, he urged, Xinxin has my mother in law to help her, so there s nothing to worry about.Let s split up and find someone sooner, so your family can go home sooner Han Chaoyang didn t just talk nonsense, he said he would help For help, just watched Ling Bin go to find a typing and copying shop, then went back to the hotel kitchen and dialed Qian Nana, a reporter from Yanyang Daily who had met once.

Aunt Chen and the boiler worker who were on duty tonight were standing in the lobby talking.Let s go later.My mother took Xinxin to the supermarket and hasn t come back yet.Mom just called and told us to go back to rest early.The supermarket that Dad went directly to is waiting for her in the underground parking lot.Pick her up.Let s send Xinxin back together.I have to go to work tomorrow, and it s already past eight o clock.Huang Ying nodded slightly, just as she took the down jacket from Aunt Chen, Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang again.It s the trainer, I ll answer the phone first.Han Chaoyang smiled apologetically, and habitually went to the corner to answer.Chaoyang, I forgot something in a hurry, and I just remembered it when I got home.Instructor, what s the matter It s not a big deal, and it s impossible to forget a big deal.

Once you meet it, you have experience.Han Chaoyang signaled Xiaokang to guard the gate to prevent the black man from leaving, and said very seriously Mr.Lin, all employers in the city must strictly follow the requirements of the Regulations on the clinical cbd gummies shark tank Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China when hiring foreigners.First, apply to the Municipal Labor Bureau with the business license, letter of intent to employ, the resume certificate of the hired person, and the qualification certificate for the employed job, and then the Municipal Labor Bureau will issue the Permit after being reviewed and approved by the Municipal Public clinical cbd gummies shark tank swag cbd gummies Security Bureau.Then go to the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, which will send a notification letter to the foreigners to be employed, clinical cbd gummies shark tank and go to the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad to apply for a visa for employment in China.

Feng Ju, we are not afraid of him hiring masters Don smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank t you want to know who the two masters he hired are Who Jiang Guangdong asked curiously.Wu Wenge, you may not have heard of it.Ji Kaiyuan, you should be like a thunderbolt.Han Chaoyang invited these two.I can also tell you that Wu Wenge can be Lao Ji s master when it comes to anti opposition.Jiang Guangdong not only heard After Ji Kaiyuan, he had also heard of Wu Wenge, but he had never seen it, so he couldn t believe it was true, and asked in surprise, Feng Ju, are you kidding How could he, Han Chaoyang, invite these two people An old ancestor of the anti pick up world With Lao Gu backing him up, who can t invite him Feng Ju secretly laughed, and still said very seriously Usually let you be more humble, learn more from old comrades, and humbly ask old comrades for advice, but you don t take it seriously.

This appraisal can be issued by Xu Hongliang.He is the deputy head of the patrol team.Captain, how do you drive it It s useless to take back the chapter that built the station.The boys didn t come to practice for money Manager Qi sighed softly, and muttered Anyway, Xu Hongliang didn t do it properly, so I ll settle the debt with him.Lao Ding could understand, after all, no one would feel comfortable putting this on anyone, and he just didn t know how to proceed.Then, there was a sudden commotion in the square.Turning around, I saw two familiar clinical cbd gummies shark tank green otter cbd gummies review figures chasing a short and thin guy, shouting while chasing Catch the thief, stop him Why run, you can t escape After a while, he was about to rush over to help when clinical cbd gummies shark tank he saw several figures surrounding him from all directions.When the thief was about to run to the side of the road, a young man suddenly rushed out from under the bus plate, stretched out his right arm to catch the thief, and Taking advantage of the situation, he twisted and pressed the thief to the ground.

As the crowd was discussing, a twenty three or four year old woman squeezed into the crowd and cried, Bebe, Bebe, where did you go You re scaring mommy to death Did you know it She cried and complained, and the child cried even harder when she saw her, and stretched out his hands while calling for his mother.Mr.Ji confirmed that she was the parent of the child, let go of his hands, and said angrily, Why are you crying Now that you know how to cry, what did you do I m sorry, I just answered the phone.The child s mother obviously didn t understand Situation, after hugging the little guy, I cbd gummies and advil wanted to go back, and even said politely Master, thank you, my luggage is still in the ticket office.Beibei, listen to mom, don t run around anymore, okay Let s go together Go get the luggage.As soon as Mr.

Then what do you say Wu Wei could hear clearly and see clearly, confirming that the large troops had arrived At the door, he walked up to the female manager and gently pushed the female manager away, staring at the guy with a sloppy face and asked 488 standard, clinical cbd gummies shark tank I will serve you a big table full of food, what do you want, do you want to serve you clinical cbd gummies shark tank again Order delicacies Who the hell are you, is it itchy, dare to talk to Laozi like that Keep your mouth clean Oh, I don t know who Laozi is if you don t give me some color The slender guy was ready to make a move while he was talking, Wu Wei moved faster, grabbed his left wrist, twisted it violently, squeezed his arm tightly, pinched the back of his neck, and pinned him against the wall Side, scolded The police interrogated, be honest with me, did you bring your ID card What are you doing What the hell do you want to do Two guys actually clinical cbd gummies shark tank picked up the wine bottle.

People, you can just follow the arrangement according to your work needs, and you don t need to what are cbd gummies made of grownmd cbd gummies reviews ask me for instructions. Liu Suo, you are my old leader I know what you want to say, but the past is the past, and the present is the present.Straighten things out, and the authority should not be messed up.Liu Jianye interrupted Han Chaoyang, and then changed the subject Chaoyang, there is something I want to tell you in advance, most of the foreigners living in Yangguan Village are going home for the New Year.They will come back as soon as the Spring Festival is over, and there will be new migrants renting houses in Yangguan.For the migrant population, the institute must make a clear account of the number and the situation, but there are only a few people in the institute, and we will definitely need your help when the time comes.

Thinking that Han Chaoyang s investigation direction was completely wrong.The suspect in the photo is not a chef in this area at clinical cbd gummies shark tank all.He immediately dialed Han Chaoyang s mobile phone and said with a smug smile Chaoyang, help the new The Yuan Street Police Station has news about the person they are looking for, but I don t know his last name, I cbd gummies longmont co only know that he works at the World Trade Hotel, and went to the vegetable wholesale market with the buyer of the World Trade Hotel last week to buy vegetables.Han Chaoyang He was stunned for a moment, then regained his composure, and hurriedly asked Chief Hu, has anyone seen him in the vegetable wholesale market Not only have I seen it, but goldline cbd gummy bears from vape gods there was also a dispute over the parking.The owner of the wholesale booth and the security guard of the market stopped him in time.

At first she thought it was a joke, but then she thought something was wrong, so she quickly contacted Little Fairy , and the result was WeChat No reply, and no one answered the voice There are many people with the same name and the same nickname, and there are also many people with the same nickname.When Han Chaoyang heard Little Fairy , the first thing Han Chaoyang thought of was Huang Ying s college classmate Tang Xiaoxuan, because her WeChat nickname was also Little Fairy , and she posted a post saying I am a useless little fairy every three days.expression.In fact, Tang Xiaoxuan is not the only one who uses the nickname Little Fairy.She usually doesn t pay much attention to it, but now she realizes that there are at least three Little Fairies and six female WeChat friends with cat or meow in their nicknames in Moments.

There are more than 200 members in total, most of them are women, who knows which one is the little fairy Han Chaoyang was stunned, and Wu clinical cbd gummies shark tank Junfeng was also dumbfounded.Meng Lang didn t understand why, so he emphasized Officer Han, all the members who have been members are here, I won t lie to you.Han Chaoyang regained his composure, took out his mobile phone and said, Many people s WeChat and mobile phone numbers are the platinum cbd gummy bears same, I am responsible Single number, you are in charge of double number, search in WeChat one by one from the first one, as long as the other party has not set it up, you can find it There is a WeChat screenshot of Little Fairy provided by the caller, as long as you can match it, you can confirm the phone number and the real name of Little Fairy.Okay, cbd sleep gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank I ll search for double numbers Wu Junfeng reacted suddenly, and hurriedly took out his mobile phone.

Wu Wei finally got smarter, and couldn t help laughing After all, the leader is still worried.A gun is a bomb, if it doesn t make a sound, it s a big deal , Don t say that the leader is worried, I am at ease. You are the leader now, so just worry about it.I m not joking, let s talk about business.Han Chaoyang held the steering wheel tightly, and continued I told Director Xing that one gun in our police area is enough, and we don t need to install safes and money banks, and we don t need any gun officers., and then make a ledger of the use and transfer of guns and ammunition.After the guns and bullets are applied for, whoever is on duty will hand them over to whom, and the guns will not rest.Setting up a gun storage is too much trouble, and Wu Wei is deeply touched by this.All four guns dispatched by Huayuan Street are usually locked in a safe.

The Economic Investigation Brigade needs evidence, which means that you need to actively cooperate now.Trust me, go back first.Home, first think about how to warm up the heart of the old man who has been cold for decades, and talk about other things in a few days.It is ironic that Dai Lishi suddenly said For the people, Officer Han said so , why don t you go back and have a look first, and come back if you can t.I don t believe that old man Xichuan really dares to grab the place with us if the strong dragon doesn t overwhelm the local snake.Chapter 594 New Year 1 He is everywhere, and he likes to add a few words to everything Such a person actually caused the Huayuan Street Police Station to suffer a lot.The old unit leader was even angry because he was being investigated by the prosecutor.

Thank you, and I also wish you a long life together and a baby.Bao Qingshan waited for Han Chaoyang to come from the luggage Taking out the new year s goods from the box, he turned around and smiled, Jianguo, let me introduce you.This is Chaoyang.This is Chaoyang s new wife Huang Ying.She is also a civil servant and works clinical cbd gummies shark tank in the administrative service center of our district.Just married, congratulations.The middle aged man took out two red envelopes from the inner pocket of his woolen coat, walked up to Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying, and said with a smile Chaoyang, Qingshan always mentions you every time he calls, so I finally met today.But he I never mentioned you and Xiao Huang s marriage on the phone, and it s not too late to know now, so please give me some thought.It turned out that he became the director of the police station at the age of 27, but he didn t control himself after being the director for a few days.

Eat there.No matter what, Han Chaoyang had no choice but to give up.Huang Ying s previous car drove back in the afternoon, and the young couple just picked up their parents to have a reunion dinner, and Huang s father and Han s father also stopped Like the cloud toast on the night of the New Year s Eve, but face to face.You toast me, I HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies shark tank toast to you.The two of them drank a bottle and a half as if they had never drank alcohol before Although Dad is not very obedient , I m a bit greedy, Han Chaoyang is still very happy to be able to celebrate the New Year with my parents, my mother in law, and my parents in law Mother in law s house.Early the next morning, Huang Ying drove back to accompany Father Han and Teacher Ma.As usual, Han Chaoyang led a team to patrol the streets, and returned to the police station to continue on duty after the security guards on shift were dismissed.

If it is not here within five years, He went to take the initiative to apply for the demolition, and use the demolition compensation to return the principal and interest.How can Dai Lishi not know Han Chaoyang s good intentions, so he couldn t help getting up and saying, Big brother, second brother, I can make a written statement for you, if I don t live until that day , the house belongs to you, and you can t make it cheaper for others.Or don t demolish the house, and the compensation for demolition will definitely not be less.Dai Lijun also felt that the fat water should not flow to outsiders, and pondered Officer Han, if Lishi makes a document, will the government recognize it in the future Will the guarantee from your Public Security Bureau work Brother Dai, how about this, if you and the gummies cbd and thc second brother have time, let s go to the sub district office together, and invite the village party secretary and village director, and ask the sub district leaders and village cadres to be witnesses.

The system is set through the control keyboard to make the system in the setting state.Once someone breaks in illegally or there is an emergency, an alarm will be triggered.The alarm signal will be reported to the 110 command center of the branch through wired and wireless, and the command center monitoring platform will immediately display the alarm signal of the corresponding defense zone., and dispatched 110 policemen to the scene as soon as possible.It is worth mentioning that, in addition to CK, there is also a CR alarm system.The equipment, functions and even the appearance are similar.The only difference is that CR is promoted by the police station, and the control center is located in the police station instead of the sub bureau.Although these two systems are technically mature, the alarms are often triggered because the units or businesses who installed the systems do not know how to operate them.

Han Chaoyang thought that the logistical work must be done well, and as soon as Lao Hu and the three were sent away, they went out and bought a bag of washing powder.Seeing a washing machine in the corner of the bathroom on the first floor, they ran to the bar and asked the proprietress if they could borrow it.It is specially prepared by the hotel for tourists and can be borrowed without charge.If you have a washing machine, you don t need to wash them one by one.Han Chaoyang thinks this is a good sign, and feels that the long lost good luck should return.Humming today is a good day , ran to the room on the second floor, packed dirty clothes in plastic bags, and ran back to stuff them in the washing machine.The old fashioned washing machine is very easy to operate.You don t need to study how to set it up.

Less than 20 minutes after coming in, the screen of the mobile phone that had been muted before suddenly turned on, and the caller ID showed that Zhou Ju himself was calling.Considering that Team Ni was busy, he deliberately stood by the door.Han Chaoyang did not ask for instructions as before, he gently opened the door and came to the end of the corridor to answer again.Zhou Ju, I m sorry, it s inconvenient to answer the phone in the conference room just now.I know, it s okay.Zhou Ju can understand the situation of his subordinates at this moment.It is also difficult to do anything there, so it is necessary to report to the superior immediately.He looked up at Bureau Du and Bureau Feng, suppressed the excitement in his heart and said, Xiao Han, I have already reported to the Municipal Bureau, and the Municipal Bureau has just reported to the Provincial Department.

Going out and selling it can make a lot of money The price of drugs was the highest before and after the Anti drug Day.I have never met one.Da Liu in our office caught an addict.According to the kid, he bought it for 1,200 yuan per gram, and it clinical cbd gummies shark tank was not pure.After buying something, this box is really worth four to five million.So expensive Han Chaoyang thought it was inconceivable.If you don t believe me, you can ask him.Qiao Peiming, is it true or not Qiao Peiming didn t know Yu Zhenchuan, but was very familiar with Han Chaoyang, and he couldn t even forget it in his life.Seeing Han Chaoyang staring at him, he could only say listlessly I didn t know it at first, but I only found out later. Do you feel that the first purchase was sold at a loss It s just cbd gummies australia a bit of a loss. It s a loss, you bastard Han Chaoyang glared fiercely.

I know it s not that easy to solve the case, so how could I put pressure on you I really want to see if you want our assistance.If you can t do anything else, help It is absolutely no problem shark tank quit smoking cbd gummies episode to collect clues and organize team members to visit and inquire.Zhang Xugang believed that he would not intervene in the case of the criminal police team for no reason, so he pushed open the office door and asked, Han Da, did the leaders of PolyU come to you I called Vice Minister Jiang cbd gummies miami of the Security Department back, Minister Jiang attaches great importance to this case, and hopes that we can solve the case as soon as possible and help Professor Liu s daughter recover the stolen property as soon as possible.It is troublesome to be a neighbor to such a large unit.Zhang Xugang sighed softly, and said helplessly Mao Kangle is in charge of the case.

If you have different opinions, then we will work together Go and check the surveillance, and then go to the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Officer Han, you ve said that, what can I say No objection, please sign here.The problem is solved , but everyone knows this is just the beginning.On the way back to the police office, Li Xiaobin, who took the car back together, smiled wryly Han Da, I knew it would be such a trouble, and I shouldn t have picked up this hot potato.I don t have any money to make, and I have to suffer.What are you trying to do There is no money to make now, but it does not mean that there will be no money to make in the future.Han Chaoyang held the steering wheel and said with a smile Boss Zhang is so smart, can she do business at a loss She and Manager Zhang have a plan, such as cooperating with an advertising company The key point is that the money is not so easy to earn, and the current level is not easy.

Hospital, Provincial Second Hospital, Municipal First People s Hospital, Municipal Second People s Hospital, and the Sixth Municipal Hospital should have relatively lower requirements.If you have a chance, please ask the hospital leaders for us, and introduce her family to the hospital leaders.Moreover, that girl is very competitive and studies very hard, we are not trying to go through the back door, but just to help that girl get a chance to compete fairly.Chapter 677 Gaining insight The leaders of the hometown Public Security Bureau are not for themselves , but for a second level hero model of the national public security system who was disabled due to work And if people can ask you for help, they think highly of you, Han Chaoyang agreed without hesitation, and promised to help find the leaders of the Sixth Academy after returning.

here.After running out to work on the construction site for such a long time, before Boss Wang looked at you pitifully and took you in, I even had a period of time without a second meal.I think you should also regret your previous behavior.Regret is a good thing, now you should think about how are cbd gummies safe for heart patients what are cbd gummies made of to go in the future Although the local police station did not file a case for investigation, Yang Xiaorong lived in reform through labor for nearly a year.As Han Chaoyang expected, he regretted it.His parents said they came by train, and they don t know if they can get a ticket.Even if they can get a ticket, it will take two days at the fastest to get to Yanyang.And his situation is quite special, since he is a minor And he is not a criminal suspect in the strict sense, and coercive measures such as handcuffing cannot be taken against him.

Besides, it s not because of any accidents.The weekly bureau needs to be promoted, and the Du bureau also needs to be promoted.This is a good thing.Do you know where Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du are going to be transferred All without a chance to improve Lao Dai took off his hat, scratched his head, and muttered, It depends on the attitudes of Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du.Since the superiors want to adjust the leadership team of the branch, they should ask for their opinions on the candidates for the party committee members.Especially Bureau Zhou, his opinion It s very important.Wait, Han Chaoyang was confused, and couldn t help asking Dai Da, Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du are the chief director and clinical cbd gummies shark tank swag cbd gummies the other is the executive deputy director.They transferred away, and Liu Suo couldn t take the vacant positions Of course Liu Jianye has no chance to serve as the director and executive deputy director, but there is still hope for joining the party committee.

Han Chaoyang took the menu and looked at it, and added a twice cooked pork and a watercress fish.There are only two waiters, and there are not many people in the back kitchen.The four of them clinical cbd gummies shark tank kowtowed at the pile of melon seeds that the proprietress gave in a spare time, and chatted over tea.Jiang Yan thanked her as soon as she opened her mouth, and Huang Ying hurriedly changed the topic Sister Jiang, you also graduated from Qingzhong.Did you know Chaoyang and Sister Miao before Do you have any impression of Chaoyang and Sister Miao How could you know Chaoyang He was still in junior high school when I graduated.Jiang Yan looked back at Miao Haizhu, hesitated and smiled and said, Haizhu, I really have a little impression of you, you will are cbd gummies safe for heart patients what are cbd gummies made of be admitted to Qingzhong as a freshman in high school 4 The monitor of the class, you won several first prizes in the sports meeting that year, and I still remember how you were running long distances in shorts.

The anti pickup team is the emergency mobile force of the patrol team, and they must rush to the vicinity to assist the emergency department of the special patrol brigade of the sub bureau For some public security bureaus in remote areas It is said that this is a big deal, but it is a common practice for the Yandong branch, and it is unknown how many times a year similar security tasks have to be performed.Han Chaoyang carried out Fan Bureau s instructions to the letter.After thinking about it, he didn t feel at ease and drove around to confirm that the team members were all in place.The security area can be called three steps, one post, five steps, one sentry, and then returned to the project The headquarters reported to Fan Bureau.The provincial leader s inspection is probably a temporary decision.

Although it was very close to the East Long distance Bus Station, the old district committee compound was in an alley, so it was not easy to find, so I had to use the navigation.When I rushed to the old district committee compound, I saw bright lights in the cafeteria and the conference room on the first floor.The boys were eating in the cafeteria while watching TV.Han Chaoyang was sitting in the meeting room answering the phone.There was a laptop in front of him and a laser printer next to the computer.Write your name on the back of the printed photo.There are so many young men in the compound, but no one came to watch the excitement.The secrecy work was done well, Ju Feng was very satisfied, raised his arm and knocked on the open door, pretending to be relaxed and said with a smile Old Gu, Xiao Han, you are the only ones here, what about the others Grandpa Gu was stunned.

Liu Jianye and the young criminal police captain were not in the mood to check one by one.I went around a few rooms on the first floor, confirmed that the person I was looking for was not on the first floor, ran up to the second floor in one breath, knocked on the door one by one and screened them one by one.The people living in the dozen or so small rooms on the second floor were not, and then went up to the third floor.Seeing that the reinforcements had arrived, Jin Qingrong didn t need to stand guard at the stairs anymore.He divided up with Liu Jianye who had just come up, and checked the rooms on the left and the rooms on the right.The first room was occupied by a couple from Xichuan.Jin Qingrong asked them to wait a while, raised his arm and knocked on the door with the what are cbd gummies made of grownmd cbd gummies reviews light on but didn t open the second room.

Director Huo subconsciously asked How many people are needed, and how big a gap is there in funding The scale does not need to be large.The key is to have combat effectiveness.A dozen or so people are enough.Chaoyang can think of a way to solve part of the funds for the sub bureau, and go to the Sixth Court of Polytechnic University to make some connections.If there is something wrong with the Sixth Court of Polytechnic University, you can also go to help, so that Once the funding gap is not that big, another 300,000 will be enough.300,000 a year, or 300,000 in total Of course it s 300,000 a year, with more than a dozen stability maintenance members , The annual salary is more than 300,000 yuan, plus social security, medical insurance and accidental injury insurance, it can t be more than 400,000 to 500,000 yuan.

Han Chaoyang realized that the trouble was serious, and hurriedly took out the walkie talkie Xiaomi Xiaomin, I, Han Chaoyang, are Police Chief Tang and Junfeng in the police office Be there.Please hurry to the emergency center.Yes The police office was very close to the emergency center, and after waiting for about two minutes, Old Tang and clinical cbd gummies shark tank Wu Junfeng arrived.Han Chaoyang pointed to Yang Qianjin, who was sitting paralyzed on the ground, and said expressionlessly Inspector Tang, Xu Min, a migrant worker at the construction site of the East Coach Station, died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage when he was pouring concrete.You are here to accompany Chief Inspector Yang.Go in and see the dead.When something like this happens, the most fearful thing is that the foreman will run away.It is said to accompany, but in fact it is to let the contractor watch over.

Tell them one by one.Han Chaoyang glanced back at Jiang Jianxing, turned around and said, Qian Shuangxi, I can understand your feelings, but one thing must be clear before talking about compensation.Unfortunately, your brother in law passed away due to illness, even if it is a work related accident., the compensation should also be paid to your sister and your nephew, even if a compensation agreement is reached, your sister and your nephew must sign it to take effect, don t you think so My sister is crying so badly, and Junzi is here She must be devastated when such a big event happened, but the issue of smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies shark tank compensation is not a trivial matter.If she really doesn t want to talk about it, she should give you full authorization.Han Chaoyang paused, then changed the subject Xu Jun , how old are you this year Xu Jun hesitated for a moment, then raised his head and said, Twenty one.

I ll go later Liu Qiuping took out the key and opened the office door, and smiled as he greeted Political Commissar Huang to come in and sit down, Last night, Director Huo of the Chengdong Transportation Hub Engineering Command called me and personally helped .

is cbd gummies positive drug test?

Han Chaoyang to ask for credit Help Han What kind of merit does Chaoyang ask for Political Commissar Huang asked in confusion.A work related accident occurred at the construction site of the East Bus Station project, and a worker clinical cbd gummies shark tank died.The relatives of the deceased were not easy to talk about.If they make a fuss, it will not only clinical cbd gummies shark tank affect badly, but even affect the progress of the project.Han Chaoyang and the anti pickup team assisted the construction unit to deal with the aftermath.Helped the relatives of the deceased to get through the work, and a compensation agreement has been reached.

Haizhu was as heartless as ever.We enforce the law impartially, but in Director Wang s opinion, we are doing nothing.As long as we don t support their work, is it doing nothing Laughing, he turned around and said, Guokang, this is the first time you have encountered this incident today, but it will definitely not be the last time.If you encounter similar situations in the future, you must remain calm.You must know that our law enforcement is based on the law.We must not do anything without permission, and we must not be fooled by others.Once the masses are dissatisfied, our life will be difficult, and if we fail, we will be suspended or even punished. Don t worry, Han, even if I am criticized I would do that kind of stupid thing. It s good to understand.Thinking of his current job, Han Chaoyang couldn t help sighing, We re okay, we re only responsible for temporary handling and not for dealing with it, and we don t do much to offend people.

I didn t tell us until several days later, so I m sorry I couldn t see you off.After Wu Wei finished speaking and Miao Haizhu said, half an hour passed before he knew it.Director Feng felt the need to say a few words, took a deep breath, stepped forward and said, Comrade Liu Chengquan, I am entrusted by District Chief Liu to visit you on behalf of the branch party committee.You are a good party member, good comrade, and good auxiliary policeman.The action fulfilled the oath of the public security auxiliary police.In the days when you were away, the branch party committee asked all the police and auxiliary police to learn from your glorious deeds, continue to struggle with your example, and shape the Yandong public security spirit of being close to the people, loving the people, and serving the clinical cbd gummies shark tank swag cbd gummies people There must be a sense of ritual in life, let alone such a solemn occasion.

Alarmed by the Huayuan Street Police Station, Han Chaoyang realized that it was not a trivial matter, and subconsciously asked, clinical cbd gummies shark tank Do you know what it is I don t know.I can t tell what Liu said on the phone.Then go and have a look.Soon, he arrived at the engineering headquarters in a blink of an eye.Not only the police cbd gummy bears for weight loss car of the Huayuan Street Police Station was parked in the yard, but also a law enforcement car of the Labor Inspection Brigade.The Daben parked next to clinical cbd gummies shark tank the law enforcement car looked very familiar, and by looking at the license plate, it was confirmed that it belonged to Boss Hu.Boss Hu is a big contractor, it is normal for him to come here, Han Chaoyang didn t think much, parked the car and climbed to the second floor with Wu Wei in one go, saw a staff member pointing clinical cbd gummies shark tank at the conference room, ran over and shouted a report at the door.

Jiang Yonggen put the cooked dishes on the table and brought bowls and chopsticks from the kitchen., then opened the box and took out a bottle of beer, bit it open with his teeth, and handed it to Luo Weixing.These days, Luo Weixing has no appetite at all, and nothing tastes good.After taking a sip of wine, he asked, Did you go to Ruyi Restaurant today A peanut, gritted his teeth and said Zhang It s too late to say anything now, stay away from the limelight, wait for the police to catch Gan, and wait for you to get the money back, then you can talk about anything.Jiang Yonggen put the cooked dishes on the table and brought bowls and chopsticks from the kitchen., then what are cbd gummies made of grownmd cbd gummies reviews opened the box and took out a bottle of beer, bit it open with his teeth, and handed it to Luo Weixing.These days, Luo Weixing has clinical cbd gummies shark tank no appetite at all, and nothing tastes good.

Here, on behalf of the headquarters, clinical cbd gummies shark tank I request all relevant units to be uncompromising To implement the spirit of the meeting, in view of the fact that most social units are on holiday during these special periods, construction sites are not closed, supervision is weak, construction safety production accidents are prone to occur frequently, etc., carry out supervision, inspection and inspection of construction safety production civilized construction, and solve the problems found and hidden dangers must be filed in a timely manner, and rectification measures must be implemented within a time limit Director Huo was cadenced on the stage, and Fan Ju sat in the first row off the stage, taking notes while looking at the mobile phone beside him calmly.Seeing that there was a text message on the silent mobile phone, he immediately picked it up and took a look.

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