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He didn t know why his name was Li Guohao in his previous life, but in this life he knew it was because the family tree was of the Chinese character generation.Named Guohao.That s right, Bruce Lee.I don t know what Golden Harvest is up to.How could he find such a person to make a movie How can Tillon s name be so famous In the past two years, Zhang Dong has become obsessed with martial arts movies.It just so happens that Golden Harvest s most publicized movie recently is Big Brother Tangshan , so it s not surprising that Zhang Dong will watch this movie.At this time, Li Huifang also came out from the back kitchen after washing the dishes, and happened to see Zhang cbd gummies international shipping Dong and Li Guohao sitting there chatting, and walked up to ask with a smile on their concord cbd gummies faces.Seeing Li Huifang approaching, Zhang Dong called out kindly, Auntie Adong is here, why do you two have something to go out Yes, Auntie, I am going to take Guohao to the cinema to watch a movie.If it was just when he had just crossed, he really didn t know this old man who was wearing a Chinese tunic suit and an old fashioned oily hair.He looked serious and had a sense of history.Well, grandpa heard from your mother that you are learning how to make dim sum recently Li Renzhong laughed a few times a year, and he was very happy to see his handsome grandson.Yes, grandpa.Okay, making dim sum is also a good choice.When grandpa was young, in Anyang, his hometown in mainland China, there was a neighbor who made a fortune by making dim sum.At that time, 80 of the people in the entire Anyang city ate it.The pastries made by him As Li Renzhong spoke, it seemed as if he was remembering when he was young, his slightly cloudy eyes lost their charm, and seemed to be trapped in a deep memory of the past.We must know that the per capita basic income at this time is around 2,000.This is still the per capita income.It does not mean that all ordinary people can concord cbd gummies get 2,000 Hong Kong dollars per month, and some people can only get a thousand dollars a month.Where homemade cbd gummies concord cbd gummies is that Liji Tea Restaurant I m going to buy a wife cake I m going too.No wonder I said why the magpies come to the door in the morning, so there is a big prize waiting for me Li Kee Tea Restaurant.Okay, don t worry, I ll help you pretend again.Li Dexiao wiped off his sweat, looked at the crowded crowd around the door, and thought while he was happy, how long it would take, people would be exhausted.A young man urged, Hurry up, I m going to draw a lottery Here you go, a catty of wife cake, please check the scale.No, I ll give you the money.Dad Li Guohao was a little anxious when he saw that Li s father had been silent.He was really afraid that the other party would not agree.Okay, don t be so hot.Your mother and grandpa have said so.I, as an old man, can not agree.But the premise is that this is the only chance, and you know the situation at home.En Li Guohao waved his hand violently, feeling extremely excited.As for how to open a store and manage it, Li Guohao has been thinking about it since he had the idea of building a pastry shop, and has been secretly preparing for it.This trial sale is not only Li Dexiao s test for Li Guohao, but also his own test for himself.He wanted to try to see if the way of doing business in later generations would work now.From today s point of view, it s not bad, much better than expected.Chapter 13 Rongji Bakery lasted for two days.Yes, yes, we are here to ask about the decoration.When Zhang Dong saw the beauty, he looked like a pig, and he was not shy.Instead, he leaned against the front desk carelessly, blinking his electric eyes that he thought were charming, and looked at him secretly.Hee hee, those two please follow me.Seeing Zhang Dong s appearance, the little beauty smiled and led the two of them to an office without showing any dissatisfaction.Dong Dong Who is it A deep voice sounded in the office.Dad the little beauty just yelled, and then hurriedly covered her mouth, Manager, there are two people here asking about the renovation.With a bang, the door opened from the inside, and a middle aged man in a suit walked in.He came out, glanced at the little beauty, and then at Li Guohao and the two of them.Hello, both of you, please come in.Li Huifang nodded.Li Guohao pointed to the ground for a while, and pointed to the wall for a while, It s not only great, just look at the tiles all over the floor, and the wallpaper on the wall.Before he finished speaking, he pointed again On the top of the head, And this chandelier on the head, it s so big, you don t need to guess to know that it s expensive Uncle Li, this tile was left by the previous tenant, and this chandelier was bought by Guohao at the second hand market, cleaned and hung up by himself.firepower.Li Guohao also explained, Dad, don t look at the decoration of the upstairs and downstairs as if it is very expensive.In fact, it only cost less than 30,000 yuan to remove the labor.And the expensive is still the upstairs compartment.All of them are soundproof wall panels.Thirty thousand Li Dexiao doubted this number.Unlike mainland China, where the per capita salary is only a few dozen yuan, Xiangjiang has reached an average of 1,200 Hong Kong dollars at the moment.Of course, the price is different, and the amount is also different.However, there are too many middle class or slightly better off people in Xiangjiang at this time.This also intensified the expansion of the dim sum shop opposite Li Guohao.The reason why Li Guohao was eager to open a branch was because he was afraid that someone would notice the pastry.Liji palace snacks are high quality, concord cbd gummies cbd gummies for depression novel and taste based.But if someone spends a lot of money to find some master craftsmen to make it, the gap will quickly narrow.Not to mention pastries, it is very easy to pirate.Except for some secret recipes, if you want to get the other party s signature dim sum, just let the master taste it and study it carefully for a period concord cbd gummies of time, it is easy to crack.There, after all, I have the money from Li Sheng, so I have to help Li Sheng get it done.Speaking concord cbd gummies of concord cbd gummies which, this lawyer Fang Jian was acquainted by Li Guohao when he was getting a food business license, and it was also introduced by Mai Qi.of.I m sorry Li Sheng, it s all my fault for not being clear.Shangguan Xiaobao blamed himself.Mr.Kuang, don t blame yourself.After all, you are just a cbd gummies cbd softgels cbd tinctures painter.You don t know much about these things.After Li Guohao comforted Shangguan Xiaobao, he asked Fang Jian again, Lawyer Fang, the publishing house How do I change the name If the company changes its name, it needs to be reported to the company registration office.It best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit concord cbd gummies needs a registration certificate, business registration certificate and company seal.It will take about a week.I don t know if Lawyer Fang will take it from your firm Accept, our Dacheng Office will accept everything Fang Jian patted his chest and said proudly.Most people basically just wear a thin coat when they go out.There are very few people who are in good health and still wear long gowns.Walking on the street, I can t tell that the winter solstice will be here in more than half a month.On the streets of Sai Kung District, New Territories, two small vendors were setting up their stalls, and one of them was sitting on the side of the road and asked the other.Dakoufa, have you watched a movie recently White fan, where do I have time to go to the movies People don t have the time to go.The peddler who was called Dakoufa let out a long sigh, and sat down after seeing no one else, took out a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket, and gave one to the white fan.White powder is not a drug addict, but he is just as his name suggests, as thin as a stick, and has been emaciated since he was a child.

Don t cbd gummies near me cvs best cbd gummies for dementia worry too much, even if someone really made a rose flavored wife cake, it must have a very different taste from ours.You must know that edible roses can be eaten raw, but It needs a special recipe to make rose sauce or stuffing, otherwise the taste of roses will be unpalatable.Cakes are similar to stir fried dishes, such as feeding and heating.If there are too many ingredients, it will be too salty or too fresh.If the heat is not controlled properly, it will be mushy or tasteless.Wife cake is the same.These are the skills taught by Li Guohao to the shop assistants.Oh.By the way, this is today s purchase order.Zhang Dong took out today s purchase order from the backstage.Why do concord cbd gummies you show me at this time Isn t it all settled together at the end of the month Because Li Guohao has stepped down as the store manager of the Nathan Road store, and Zhang Dong will take over.They are basically honest and responsible, and they are also practical in doing things, and they rarely slack off.Huang He and Chen Zhipeng are good, and their pastry making skills are also great.We have a suggestion wall in the store.Basically, no one says that the pastry tastes bad, and most of them appreciate it.But they usually do things well later, Just leave directly, the relationship with other employees is so so, I am afraid cbdistillery cbd night time gummies that after they are promoted to store managers in Central, they will do it with the attitude of going to and from get off work.On the other hand, Sun Dafu is a good person, he usually cleans after get off work He was also the first one to do it, and he would help others to clean up his own area.Although they don t have much management experience, it doesn t matter, just take your time, after best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit concord cbd gummies all, I don t know anything at first.They came out to buy pastries, and people who didn t HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies know thought it was a private bank that was about to go bankrupt, and they were desperately trying to run on it.Before the opening of the Nathan Road store, Li Guohao never expected that there would be so many people coming to buy it.During the few days of the opening and promotional activities, he was very busy as a pastry chef.This time when the new store opened, Li Guohao learned how to be smart.When the new store was being renovated, he asked Zhang Dong to recruit a group of pastry chefs in advance.However, many of the pastry chefs recruited have only learned the craft roughly, and their skills are not as good as Huang He and Chen Zhipeng, let alone Sun Dafu, the new store manager of the Central store.Considering that Xiangjiang may not have so many pastry chefs who need to work in their spare time, Li Guohao also sent them concord cbd gummies cbd joy vegan cbd gummies a notice when this group of people first applied for the job.Now, isn t this too big a step, it s messed up Li Guohao sighed, this time he miscalculated, he didn t expect the store s current expenses to be so high, if he knew, he wouldn t pay for it all at once.I paid more than 100,000 yuan to the animation company and asked them to make ten episodes of animation in best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit concord cbd gummies a row.Shangguan Xiaobao suggested In my opinion, Ahao, you d better hire an accountant for your pastry shop.Fortunately, Ma Yuanhao has experience in doing financial reports this time, otherwise he would do three in one night.The monthly financial information is not something that ordinary people can do.Indeed, this time the financial report is thanks to Ma Yuanhao, otherwise, if there is no good looking journal to show to the bank, the loan of up to 500,000 yuan may not be approved.down.After all, the coherence and storytelling of cartoons are much stronger than comic books.However, some people like to read comic books rather than cartoons.They think that comic books are the essence of the author.Central, Panda Comic Publishing House.A group of painters and assistants who don t like to pack their outfits usually sit in a small conference room.Shangguan Xiaobao is tinkering with a color TV that he got from no one knows where.Has the editor in chief of Shangguan finished it It s almost time Yes, I won t be hired.I made this TV at home.The people below shouted.Shangguan HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies Xiaobao wiped the sweat stains on his forehead, turned his head and said fiercely I can do it It will be done soon, don t make noise, and punish him to work overtime at noisy nights cut in.After a while, Shangguan Xiaobao finally fixed the two antennas on the head of the TV.In addition, he is not very familiar with the employees in the store, so it is hard to say anything about electing the store manager at this time.Well, then the Nathan Road store is tentatively designated as Sister Wang.If it doesn t make any sense, she will be her after this month.Li Guohao said again What about the Mong Kok store Dong, do you have anyone to recommend This Zhang Dong thought for a while, shook his head and said There is no suitable candidate.There are indeed many old employees, but I am quite satisfied except for Sun Dafu and Sister Wang.There are more or less problems.At this time Li Qiang said How about an election Election Zhang Dong and Li Guohao asked at the same time.It s about the same.Just make an announcement in the three stores.Recently, the Mong Kok store is short of a store manager.As soon as he heard the boss say that he stood behind him for a long time, Ah Fa s face paled instantly with fright, and there was only one thought in his mind, that it was over, he must have heard what he just said.After Li Guohao told this matter, Sister Wang s expression gradually became embarrassing.Sister Wang, you are the store manager now, you can handle this matter, and then just make a report to the company.Although Li Guohao is the boss, he is right, but now that there is a store manager, he still has to give Sister Wang some advice.It s up to her to deal with the matter of face.I understand.Sister Wang nodded heavily, and looked at the two in front of her angrily.You must know that she has only become the store manager of the Nathan Road store for a few days, and such a situation of publicizing private pockets, stealing and cheating, or it happened in front of the boss.Is it necessary Didn t you tell me before that the store is now stable and you can no longer use members money to open the store Li Guohao still thinks like a small citizen, and he feels that owing money to the bank is a burden, and the last loan was also true.There was no other way to do it.If Li Guohao had a little bit of knowledge in this area, he wouldn t have had no money to purchase raw materials in the first place.You know, banks are never afraid of lending to others, fearing that no one will lend.A company like Li Guohao with a daily turnover of tens of thousands is also concord cbd gummies ranked high in Xiangjiang, not to mention depositing this money in the bank itself is an added value to the bank.Loans to such high quality customers, I believe that no bank will refuse.Businessmen get richer with more loans, and poor people get poorer with more loans.

Well, I see, you go.Sister Wang nodded, she didn t pay much attention to Li Guohao s words just now, she thought it might be because there were too many people queuing up and not enough goods, which made some people who queued for a long time unhappy, so she called Li Guohao to come over.When Li Guohao was about to go out to Nathan Road, he thought about it and called Li Qiang from the company in the store, telling him to go to the store now.After all, the company is in Central, not very far from Nathan Road.I am in Xiangjiang Island at the moment, and it may take an hour to reach Kowloon.Chapter 88 Public Relations and Response 3 more At noon, the company.In the conference room, all the employees in the Nathan Road store were present.What the hell happened Li Guohao glanced at the people in the conference room with a sullen face, and asked with a gloomy face Why are there so many cockroaches and mice in some corners and cabinets in the store Didn t I remind you that we do it In terms of food, you must pay attention to hygiene As the store manager on Nathan Road, Sister Wang stood up and blamed herself It s all because of my problems, and I didn t catch these situations.If it weren t for the fact that there are many promotional activities for the opening of the new store, I am afraid that the impact would not be a little bit.Xie Honghe followed and said, I found a friend in the Department of Health before, please ask him to test as soon as possible, and he will come out in the afternoon, but it only cost a lot of money.That s fine, can you please ask your friend to check it out and show it to us before releasing it I ll make a call later.Xie Honghe nodded.Li Guohao nodded and said to Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department, Manager Wang, how much did the finance department refund yesterday More than two hundred thousand.Wang Zhenzhen glanced at the report and said.Fortunately, it s not a lot.Hearing that it was only over 200,000 yuan, Li Guohao felt relieved, unlike Rong Kee, the refund amount was as high as one million.A company, he opened the store where I often go to buy pastries, and there are three branches in Xiangjiang Oh That palace pastry Mother Zhao asked.Li Guohao nodded with a smile, Yeah.That s very good.The pastries in your store are delicious.I often ask Ah Zhen to buy them.Zhao s mother said in surprise.You must know that in her opinion, vena cbd gummies Li Guohao The most common job is to work as a clerk in a concord cbd gummies certain company.After all, it is difficult for a person of his age to get ahead unless he has a background in his family.Auntie likes to eat, next time I ll ask Ah Zhen to bring some back for you to taste.Originally, Li Guohao came here, although he meant to save the situation, but he also had some thoughts in his heart.When facing Zhao s father and Zhao s mother, , Naturally, I hope that cbd gummies near me cvs best cbd gummies for dementia I will perform better.After hearing these words, two blushes suddenly appeared on his face, and he pursed his lips, not knowing what he was thinking.Seeing Zhao Yazhi s delay in speaking, Li Guohao was a little discouraged.Although he had the insight of thirty cbd gummies near me cvs years ahead of this era, and had watched many love movies and videos of picking up girls, when it came time for him to face it, he still couldn t beat him.Say a word.Okay, I got it, Ah Zhi, I m going back first.After not seeing the other party speak for a long time, Li Guohao turned around in a daze and wanted to leave.That, Li Guohao.Zhao Yazhi suddenly stopped Li Guohao.What Li Guohao turned around blankly.I can give you a chance Zhao Yazhi said with a blushing face, turned around and ran away with small steps. I can give you a chance Zhao Yazhi s words kept ringing in Li Guohao s ears.Li Guohao this time is not only for the sake of embellishing himself, but the main reason is to monopolize the pastry market in Xiangjiang.After the Chinese Bakery Promotion Association grows bigger, as long as Chinese pastry chefs in Xiangjiang or even in any city and country want to apply for a job, they must have a certificate issued by the association.No matter how delicious the cakes are, in the end, everyone will think that they are just second rate goods.This is the power of an authoritative association.After the meeting, Li Guohao left lemon cbd gummy Li Qiang behind.After concord cbd gummies cannaleafz cbd gummies everyone left, Li Qiang sat on a chair and asked, What I want you to invite Shen Bi to join our Chinese Pastry Association Shen Bi He is British.Isn t it a bit awkward to join our Chinese Pastry Promotion Association Inappropriate Li Qiang frowned and asked.Most of the people who come to Macau to play are wealthy businessmen from Southeast Asian countries, as well as some wealthy sons and daughters.Only by highlighting their class can they attract the attention of those people.This is why the casinos are decorated with resplendent and magnificent decorations, just concord cbd gummies cbd gummies for depression like palaces. May 20th.The ten franchised stores officially opened today.After confirming the opening date, Li Guohao advertised in newspapers and TV stations, turning this opening into a big promotional event.In order to expand the reputation and signboard of the palace pastry, Li Guohao spared no effort to spend tens of thousands of yuan to invite Now the hottest female movie star Feng Baobao.Maybe few people know or know this actress now, but most of the older people have a deep influence on this concord cbd gummies cbd gummies for depression baby faced Feng Baobao.Dong Haonan didn t care very much and continued I was shocked when I saw the green snake uttering words.You must know that the three realms of heaven, earth and human have been closed many years ago.The heaven was cut off by Liu Bowen as early as the founding of the Ming Dynasty.The dragon veins have completely blocked the way from the human world to the heaven.The aura of heaven and earth has long since disappeared, how can there be evildoers at this time As Dong Haonan s words became more and more outrageous, Zhao Yazhi gradually lost her original smile Fascinated, he listened with gusto, and from time to time cooperated with the other party to ask about the situation in the human world.Could this person be a time traveler, or a writer of online novels, who actually described the Dharma ending Era in such detail, Li Guohao murmured to himself.Of course, this is also a pastry.Li Qiang suggested homemade cbd gummies concord cbd gummies that if you want to do public welfare, you can also bring some welfare homes.He said that in recent years, Xiangjiang has been abandoned, or because of certain circumstances, the number of orphans has become increasingly prominent.He spends hundreds of dollars a day to make a few boxes of pastries., for those children to eat.At that time, Li Guohao thought about it and felt that it was feasible.Anyway, he didn t spend a lot of money, at most tens of thousands of yuan a month, and it was regarded as public welfare.But ever since Li Guohao got up, he followed the truck to the orphanage and found that the environment of the orphanage is still very poor.For some reason, most of the children can t eat enough and don t wear well.Li Guohao is a kind hearted person by nature, and he can t understand some poor people.

There are HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies men and women.Big brother Look quickly, big brother, I drew a picture for you.Big brother, what delicious food did you bring today Suddenly, in a split second, Li Guohao was surrounded by these little ghosts together.Well, okay.Did Zhang Shan draw a picture for my brother Show it to my brother later.Oh Today How about we eat osmanthus cake today Li Guohao smiled and answered the children one by one with their questions.Zhao Yazhi was a little shocked, she had never seen a scene of a dozen children rushing forward to surround a person.Seeing the children surrounded Li Guohao, Zhao Yazhi first laughed, and saw that although these children looked in good spirits, many of the clothes they were wearing were a bit shabby.Suddenly, Zhao Yazhi suddenly saw a little boy about seven or eight years old, shaking his empty left sleeve, innocently holding a piece of white drawing paper with his right hand, resting on his toes, trying to get the drawing paper to Li Guohao s in front of you.You have also seen that many things like pastries can be reformed and innovated.This snowy mooncake has abandoned the traditional baking process of mooncakes in the past and adopted a new technique, so when homemade cbd gummies concord cbd gummies you botanical cbd gummies cbd are researching new dim sum in the future, you can completely Learn from western pastry, and you can change it appropriately.Li Guohao has a lot of new pastry making methods in the future, many of which are very different from the present, but he can t take them all at once, so the company will have no problems.innovative mind.I ll go and learn about the process of making pastry.Huang He nodded.Western cakes are not very common in Xiangjiang, and most of them are Chinese dim sum.There are also pastry shops, but the price is much more expensive than ordinary dim sum, which is not affordable for ordinary people.Ahao, where are we going Zhao Yazhi had just returned from the orphanage when she was stopped is hazel hills cbd gummies legit by Li Guohao and called away.Speaking of which, since becoming the manager of the charity department, Zhao Yazhi has been quite leisurely, and she was not required to go to the orphanage every day, but she was the only one in the charity department, and she had nothing else to do, so she often went to The welfare home helps.Take you to try on clothes.Li Guohao said with a smile as he took Zhao Yazhi s hand and got into the taxi.Trying clothes Zhao Yazhi shook her head and said, You don t need to buy clothes for me.I have a lot of clothes, and now I m either in the company or going to the orphanage.There s no need to buy those beautiful clothes.No, you can figure it out after the past. Oh.Soon.The taxi came to Tsim Sha Tsui and stopped in front of a tailor shop.Hi, Miss He.Hearing Li Guohao explain that he is a partner, Zhao Yazhi s face flushed.Hello, Miss Zhao.He Qianjin heard that it was Li Guohao s girlfriend, looked Zhao Yazhi up and down, and couldn t help but praised Boss Li, your girlfriend is so beautiful.This is not what amazon green lobster cbd gummies He Qianjin said on the scene.At this time, Zhao Yazhi was indeed very beautiful.Wearing a decent black cheongsam dress with an old fashioned black handbag cbd gummies lubbock in his hand, he looks dignified and generous.Originally, Zhao Yazhi had some baby fat on her face, and she was often troubled by it.But wearing this traditional black cheongsam dress now solved this problem in an instant.Not only did the baby fat not lose points, but it added a bit of charm.Sister, your clothes are so pretty.He Chaoqiong raised her head and looked at Zhao Yazhi enviously.Half an hour later, after the last auction item in the auction was sold for 1.1 million, all the auction items in this charity auction were sold for a total of more than 11.7 million.The governor of Hong Kong, MacLehose, stood up excitedly again, and after thanking everyone, the charity banquet was finally over.Ahao, why are you going back Cai Lan asked before the show ended.Li Guohao said with a smile I came here by car.Then I ll go back first.Cai Lan said.En.Thank you, little friend.Before leaving, Mr.Jin smiled at Li Guohao.Over there, I like Mr.Jin s The Deer and Ding Ji very much, and I am also very happy to take this manuscript.I chatted with Yi Shu Ni Jia again.Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi upstairs Just got to the meeting room upstairs.Li Guohao caught a glimpse of He Qianjin standing at the door holding his sister.Let s start with us as a way to enter the pastry market., is the most suitable.The more Li Guohao heard it, the more tense his brows became.Palace pastry is his only industry now, and it is also the first company to reshape his life.How could it concord cbd gummies fall into the hands of others for nothing, let alone the fact that Fang s ancestor was still a ghost selling opium, that would be impossible.In the stock market crash in 1973, Guilao forcibly bought Huashang Company.The concord cbd gummies combination of the two made Li Guohao suddenly think of a Hong Kong movie Eavesdropping 2 that he had seen in his previous life.The plot inside seems to tell the story of a group of people who relied on the stock market to defeat the ghosts when the stock market crash broke out in 1973, and they will dominate the future financial market.A slight blush flashed across his face, and Li Guohao said calmly, It s okay.This name is very good, Guohao Guohao, a food processing factory that even the country is proud of There must be a big achievement in the future Yes Yes Yes.Zhao Yazhi gave him a white look, then said to Huang Yaohua Director Huang, please continue talking.OK.Seeing the chairman and his girlfriend bickering there, Huang Yaohua wanted to laugh, but he held back abruptly.Seeing Zhao Yazhi asking himself, he continued Now our best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit concord cbd gummies food concord cbd gummies factory produces a total of seven kinds of sealed pastry food , including glutinous rice cakes, red bean paste buns, wife cakes and other seven kinds.Seven types in such a large factory Zhao Yazhi glanced around the factory, and couldn t see it, at least it was more than a thousand square meters.Among them is a pastry company called Daronghua Co., Ltd.What Daronghua They want to go public Li Guohao said in shock.Du Deye said on the phone That s right, Mr.Li, their legal person, Liu Peilin, has indeed applied for listing, and many people are very interested in their novel franchise method.Well, I see, thank you Mr.Du.You re welcome Mr.Li, it s just a trivial matter.Du Deye said with a smile.Well, we are collecting some tricks, everyone will mention it in this chapter and this chapter, mainly pastry chefs, and you can also concord cbd gummies write about those who are proficient in that kind of dim sum.Chapter 163 Fax 3 3 After cutting off the phone, Li Guohao pondered.Unexpectedly, Liu Peilin actually listed Daronghua on the market It s no wonder why I haven t seen any new moves from them recently, they are all planning to go public.

Just thinking about one group match, there will be seven or eight matches, and the next semi finals, finals, homemade cbd gummies concord cbd gummies championship match, hehehe.Don t blame Wang Zheng either.The main pastry contest is not like a singing contest.A song is only 5 minutes long, so you can make pastries, what can you do in five minutes It s just with huo noodles.Some complicated pastries take a lot of time to make, not to mention baking.Chapter 166 Heading to the United States 3 3 In the early morning, Li Guohao successfully caught the last flight to San Francisco, USA.After passing the security check with the ticket, he boarded the plane, threw a briefcase he was carrying in the upper locker, and sat down.This concord cbd gummies was the first time in Li Guohao s life that he took a plane, and he was inexplicably excited and also a concord cbd gummies little scared.Li Qiang asked curiously Isn t it late Zhang Nana frowned, and said Probably not, Xiangjiang usually arrives on time when flying to San Francisco.After thinking about it, she thought of a possibility and smiled Should I It s not like your chairman doesn t understand English, so you re still wandering around inside.Yes, it s really possible.Let s talk, the three of them hurried to the .

is cbd gummies legal in louisiana?

airport concord cbd gummies hall again.Next, a large section of the plot will unfold.The transition period is over.Chapter 167 American Streets and Chinatown Sir, sir.In a daze, Li Guohao felt someone calling him, and subconsciously shouted What time is it Sir, New York time 10.37 points.Huh New York time Li Guohao suddenly woke up from his sleep, looked at a beautiful face that suddenly appeared in front of him, and saw that he was wearing a stewardess costume, and then remembered that he came to the United States by plane.He asked, What is Xiao Fei muttering about Brother Huang He, does our boss have a rich family Xiao Fei was startled at first, and HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies then he patted his chest to slow down and asked when it was Huang He.You mean the chairman Yeah.Huang He thought for a while and said, I don t know.But it shouldn t be very rich.I remembered that when the first palace pastry opened, Li s father and Li s mother came over Looking at the clothes of the second elder, he doesn t look like a rich man.Not rich Then this store, and your company in Xiangjiang, are all made by the boss alone Xiao Fei and the two people next to him asked in surprise.It has been almost a week since the store opened, and before the store opened, these waiters had already been hired by Li Qiang, they had been trained for a period of time, and they had known each other for almost half a month, and they all spoke Cantonese.Haha It s not long since I got the loan, and Manager Shen is urging me to repay the loan like this Don t your banks hope that the borrower will pay back the loan later, so that you can earn more interest Li Guohao laughed.Shen Bi smiled bitterly and said That was in the past concord cbd gummies You don t know the stock market in Xiangjiang recently.It fell all the way to the bottom.Many people who used to borrow money from the bank to speculate in stocks, those who jumped off the building, went bankrupt, and the bank broke a lot of money.The bad debt Now the headquarters is asking us to hurry up and ask people to pay back the money If Mr.Li s family has a big business, I m afraid someone would have come to collect the debt Shen Bi is right, there were many people who mortgaged their houses or some kind of money before.Yesterday afternoon, Li Qiang sent a fax to the company, saying that he would go to Xiangjiang tonight.Li Guohao was going to have dinner with Zhao Yazhi before, but he suddenly remembered this matter on the way, and he also made a temporary diversion to the airport.Gentlemen and ladies, the 7 00pm flight to San Francisco, lofi cbd gummies reviews USA has arrived The lobby announcement sounded.Li Guohao knew that Li Qiang s plane had arrived.Sure enough, not long after, Li Qiang was seen walking out of the security checkpoint with Zhang Nana.Li Qiang Seeing that the other party hadn t noticed him, Li Guohao also shouted loudly.When Li Qiang heard someone calling him, he looked around subconsciously, but saw cbd gummy packaging cbd gummies near me cvs Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi standing not far from the aisle.Then he smiled and led Zhang Nana out from the aisle.Take a piece of paper and wipe it off.Zhang Nana, who is a good wife and mother, took out a tissue from her bag and handed it to Li Qiang.Li Qiang took the tissue and wiped his mouth casually, and asked with a look of astonishment You made 90 million yuan Hearing Li Guohao say that he made 90 million yuan in the stock market, Zhao Yazhi was also surprised.It is true that Li Guohao has a little money, but at most he is at the level of a multi millionaire, but now he suddenly finds out that his boyfriend has become a billionaire At this time, the millionaires in Hong Kong are already the envy of people, let alone the young talents with tens of millions of assets.At this moment, the boyfriend who has been mistaken for money has become a billionaire reported in the newspaper , Zhao Yazhi was surprised but also very happy.With tea, it is natural to have snacks.As a foodie, Guangzhou D came into being such delicacies as refreshments Lu Yu Tea House.The small teahouse was full of people at this time.Regular customers in twos and threes gather together for morning tea.Two middle aged men walked up to the teahouse and scanned around the shop, only to see that most of the tables were already full, and there was only a table in the corner with a few vacant seats.The two walked over, and tko gummies 750mg cbd infused one of the men in a black coat asked, Is anyone here Sit down, there s no one, said the person sitting at the table.Thanks.The two sat down and asked the waiter to order some morning tea.The two of them scanned the other people on the table.Except for an old man who was reading the Ming Pao, the rest of the young people were all reading the latest stock news.Li Guohao I don t know him.Is that star making a movie again asked the friend.No, I ll show it to you later, I haven t finished it yet Then hurry up It s not very far from TVB, just three stations away.The friend said nonchalantly.Hearing TVB, Ah Fa came over in a daze and asked, Do you think we passed the exam There should be no problem You are so handsome, and I am so talented We should have no problem passing the artist training class.Friends laughed.People who have bought Oriental Daily newspapers or magazines from all over Hong concord cbd gummies cbd gummies for depression Kong have seen this newly promoted Hong Kong billionaire, the creator of the new Hong Kong dream, Li Guohao Most young people are envious of him, hoping that they can become self made figures like Li Guohao.There are also some people who think that this is nothing more than Li Guohao s luck.

In the past few days, Li Guohao was very busy and dizzy.Although the acquisition of Nanshun is concord cbd gummies a bit easy, it is not something that can be completed in a short period of time by integrating company resources and replacing staff positions.How did you do it before Li Guohao put down the report in his hand, glanced at Ni Xingqing and asked.Ni Xingqing said According to your previous instructions, I have instructed Manager Jin.Now Li Guohao, except for the bakery company that has let He Qianjin and Li Qiang become shareholders, all the remaining factory companies are 100 owned by him personally.In order to better manage the company.Li Guohao merged the food processing factory, stuffing processing factory, and food packaging factory into one company.He also considered whether to merge Nanshun Group into this company before, but after thinking about it, he gave up.Zheng Jiachun thought for a while and said, I know a businessman.Not long ago, due to the stock market crash, the losses were serious, so he was planning to sell a few properties.He also has a villa in the middle of the mountain to sell.I have been to his place.The environment is good, much better than mine, but it is quieter and there is nothing nearby.Other residents.It doesn t make any difference to Li Guohao whether it s quiet or not, seeing Zheng Jiachun introducing a house, he smiled and said, Then I ll trouble brother Zheng for help. There.Seeing Li Guohao being so polite, Zheng Jiachun also laughed Woke up, even said that there is no need to be so polite.Zhao Yazhi looked at Li Guohao who was having a pleasant chat with Zheng Jiachun in front of him, and felt that he was very powerful.Speaking of quick frozen noodles, in the late 1980s, the founder of Sanquan Foods took the lead in making such a new type of food, but it is not new.In winter in the north, many people put the wrapped dumplings outside to freeze.Look, this is the embryonic form of quick frozen dumplings.Moreover, quick frozen noodle products can not only be sold in Xiangjiang, but can also be transported to Macau, Bay Bay, and even the entire Southeast Asia by cargo ship.Chapter 229 Film Company The next day.In the early morning, somewhere in a tea house.Xu Guanwen handed the document to Li Guohao respectfully and said, Li Sheng, this is the new company s preparation plan and your shareholding agreement.Li Sheng s money arrived so quickly, we naturally need to be more efficient.Xu Guanwen said.Cai Lan, who was ordering refreshments next to him, saw Li Guohao reading the share book and said with a smile, Ahao, what do you want to eat Li Guohao gave Cai Lan and Xu Guanwen a million dollars before, but not all of it was used to make movies.You can decide what to do.After discussing what to do, you will report to me for confirmation.Many, many things that the people at the bottom can t decide will report to the top, layer after layer, and finally the backlog is left to Li Guohao to decide.Jin Jiashi went on to report Chairman, the quick frozen dumplings that you mentioned the day before yesterday, I have already instructed the people below to rent a refrigerator, and the concord cbd gummies cbd gummies for depression people at the flour mill are stepping up the development of quick frozen dumplings.There are also instant noodles.I have also ordered the matter, but the equipment is not available in Hong Kong, so I need to order it from Japan.A rented refrigerator plan.Yes, the price of the refrigerator is not cheap.I think it is more cost effective to rent it for the time being.You are wrong if you think so, the big hotel is not You only make money by quantity, but you make money by quality Zheng Jiachun said with a smile Recently, my company has a hotel project, and I have been looking for a partner.I concord cbd gummies think Ah Hao, your ancestor is an imperial chef, do you want to invest a little Li Guohao After pondering for a while, Zheng Jiachun invited himself to do business together for the first time.Regardless of whether the business is profitable or not, he must give the other party face, otherwise it would be bad for the other party to refuse to refute the other party s face.Brother Zheng told me, I ll vote.Okay, you two He Qianjin next to him said cautiously If there is a good deal, don t bring me with you HahaAh Ying concord cbd gummies wants to play then go ahead Let s vote together.Zheng Jiachun laughed.Those were real talents.Chapter 253 At the end of the interview meeting, only a few important points were reached.First of all, the first one is to expand the business of the Southeast Asian franchisees of palace pastry as soon as possible.For development, the second step is to establish an independent instant noodle factory and a quick frozen food factory, merge with Guohao Food Co., Ltd., and re divide the original personnel management.The general manager of Guohao Food Co., Ltd.is temporarily taken over by Huang Yaohua, and Li Guohao s uncle Li Zhengming is the department manager of instant facials.Huang Yaohua is also responsible for recommending other personnel management.The personnel department will conduct an assessment before assigning personnel.promotion.As for the International Skills Olympics, Li Guohao thinks about it.I mentioned the matter of the security company to Zheng Jiachun.Security company A good idea.Although the law and order in Xiangjiang is much better than ten years ago, it is getting more and more chaotic.In the past, they were all local evil forces.Xiao, the group of people who tried to americare cbd gummies kidnap you this time are Vietnamese boys.Their country is at war, so they ran to Xiangjiang to seek refuge.Many things without any worries will not be done according to gang methods When Li Guohao encountered robbers, Zheng Jiachun also learned the inside story immediately.Almost all of these people were smugglers from Vietnam, and the guns they held were all smuggled.This also made Zheng Jiachun more careful.If there is really something to do with the gang, then it s easy to talk about it, but facing this group of vicious desperadoes, then there s nothing to talk about.Although Guohao Group is almost 100 wholly owned by Li Guohao, personal assets and company assets need to concord cbd gummies be separated.When the group was not established before, it didn t matter, Li Guohao could take money from the company to do other things at will, but with the establishment of the group, it became more and more formalized, and another situation formed.Enterprises or companies are generally divided into two types, one is called a one person limited company, and a sole proprietorship company.A sole proprietorship does not have legal personality, but a one person limited company does.In addition, the taxation of the sole proprietorship limited company is the collection of personal income tax, while the taxation of the one person limited company is the collection of corporate tax.To put it jolly cbd gummies for tinnitus in the simplest and most straightforward way, if a sole proprietorship company goes bankrupt, the debts in the company will follow you closely while a one person limited company is a company that goes bankrupt and bankrupt, even if it owes tens of billions, it will be with you.

Zhao Yazhi has long been used to eating airplane meals.She ate them almost every day during the homemade cbd gummies concord cbd gummies year she was a flight attendant.When I went out to play with a former colleague, I learned from her that it seems that Xiangjiang Airport is planning to change the meal supplier.Change the supplier Li Guohao suddenly thought about it when he heard this.I know that airplane meals in later generations are very profitable, and almost all of them are monopolized by giants.Although I don t know whether they will make money or not at the moment, I think they will not make less money Yes.Zhao Yazhi nodded without knowing it, not noticing Li Guohao s excited eyes.A group of fifteen people left the airport.It was still night in London.Hi Guys, do you need a car At this time, countless taxi drivers waiting to pick up passengers got out of the car to solicit business.Li Guohao glanced at Di Yimin with some surprise.He didn t expect that this person could guess his own thoughts.According to Li Guohao s meaning, it is to control the source of raw materials.Now it is flour, and in the future it will be vegetables, meat, etc.Beans and everything else.Only in this way can Li Guohao s catering empire become stronger and stronger, so that it will not be controlled by others, and at the same time, it can develop more quickly in other regions.As a result of the interview, Di Yimin was still appointed by Li Guohao as the general manager of the group for a three month probationary period.For the position of the general manager of the group, Li Guohao had already tried to recommend some powerful people from the headhunting company, but the people recommended by the headhunting company were not very satisfactory.Actor Li Zhaoji will not mention it.As a real estate tycoon, Li Zhaoji is the fourth eldest in his family, so he has the title of Fourth Uncle.In 2016, he was selected as the second place among the 100 richest people in Hong Kong by Forbes, and his assets are second only to Li Chaoren.In the early years, Li Zhaoji had a good relationship with Li Chaoren, but in the past few years, the two parted ways due to some conflicts.At the same time, Li Zhaoji had a young son in the middle age of the millennium, and named him Li Jiacheng.I just don t know if it is disgusting.Li Chaoren s meaning cbd gummies near me cvs best cbd gummies for dementia is included.The most talked about is probably that after his daughter in law gave birth to several children, Li Zhaoji distributed money wantonly to his employees.It is said that every time a child is born, his employees can get at least 10,000 Hong Kong dollars In the face of Li Zhaoji s praise, Li Guohao has long been accustomed to it, and said with a smile, Mr.Brother Zheng, this place is not small He Qianjin, who was standing near the window at this time, also laughed lightly when he heard Zheng Jiachun s words.Oh Hearing what He Qianjin said, Zheng Jiachun also stood up and walked to the window.Although the height of the second floor is not very high, it can still have a panoramic view of a large area HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies of land in the distance.Looking at the wall in the distance, Zheng Jiachun exclaimed, I take back what I just said, Ahao, your place is really not small, is it a hundred acres Li Guohao walked to concord cbd gummies the two of them with a smile and said, One hundred and fifty acres It s about the size of fifteen football fields, and there s some land next to it that I m about to buy.Tch, how much is it to buy 150 mu of land in Yuen Long.Xiao Bai showed disdain.The land in Yuen Long is already cheap, let alone in the barren mountains and mountains of Ping Shan.If there were not some low trenches and sandbags blocking it, I am afraid that people from one end could go directly to the other end.Said that the first issue was finished, so I wanted to come and have a look.After hearing Zheng Jiachun s complaint, Li Guohao also shrugged helplessly.After receiving the wet towel handed over by the bodyguard, Zheng Jiachun wiped his face regardless of his appearance, and only wore a camouflage vest to wipe off the colored powder on his arms and neck.Wipe it clean.Li Guohao said, There is a shower upstairs, why don t you go up and take a shower I ll go again later.After Zheng Jiachun tidied up the obviously dirty place on his body, he threw the towel to the bodyguards, told them to go out first, and closed the door titan infusions cbd gummies have hemp oil by the way.Before Li Guohao could ask, Zheng Jiachun said, Ahao, you didn t just come here for fun Let s shoot Haha, I really can t hide it from Big Brother Zheng s eyes Li Guohao laughed.Li what is fun drops cbd gummies Guohao smiled.The idea of the club is also something that Li Guohao has thought of recently.After all, he started from scratch, and he doesn t know any big shots.Except for Zheng Jiachun, He Qianjin, Shen Bi and some people in the cultural circle, Li Guohao knows some wealthy businessmen and officials.It was very rare, and it took several months to get the gun license, and it was only because Zhang Bowen knew a boss in the police station that he got it.This made Li Guohao feel guilty about himself.I feel a serious lack of contacts and resources.Xiangjiang is a capitalist society, and many things are often only about profit, but it is very different from Europe and the United States.In addition to capital, there is also human contact.This forms a relatively complicated network of relationships.That mother san just now knew you.I used to come to play quite a lot, but after taking over the company s business last year, there are fewer., Let me tell you, Huo Zhenting likes to come to nightclubs the most, and Xiangjiang nightclub has been visited by him almost once.If I remember correctly, this kid has been doing something about Miss Xiangjiang since five years ago.The competition, in the final analysis, is the same as the ancient courtesans.This boy Zhen Ting is very good at playing, and every time he spends a lot of money to support his own woman on stage.Oh Miss Xiangjiang Li Guohao was taken aback, if he remembered correctly In other words, Miss Xiangjiang should be a relatively regular competition.Think about it, many stars in later generations were born from Miss Xiangjiang.After hearing the conversation between the two, the girl next to Li Guohao also interrupted and said, The Miss Xiangjiang contest held by our 37 nightclubs last year has ended, and we will not hold this event in the future.It s unbelievable I think the fortune teller who chose the shop for Li Sheng must be a master.It s funny to say that this Jian Fu s father, Jian Ning, was the first director of the Chinese Education Department in Hong Kong, and he was also one of the best figures in the Chinese political circles in Hong Kong.To put it bluntly, in this era of British government management, education can be achieved.The position of director can be said to be a dragon and phoenix among people.Maybe it was because luck was exhausted, and the Jian Fu born was much worse.Even the university diploma was a Xiangjiang University diploma that Jian Ning helped.Especially obsessed with Feng Shui, when I first saw Li Guohao in the afternoon, I was ready to ask him about the master.If you want to know Mr.Jian, I can introduce you.

Well, you go to the restaurant to rest for a while, order a cup of coffee and sit down, I still have something to do here. Good chairman.Huang Yaohua also overheard Li Guohao s call just now.He knew that the chairman was going to see is cbd gummy good for you a guest, and when he stood up tactfully and was about to go out, he heard Li Guohao say from behind, By the way, I forgot one thing, you will go out later Then tell the people in the marketing department to make a backup of the market report and send it to the head office.In the future, the head office will set up a separate market research department, which will be affiliated with the marketing department to collect people s feedback every year.food information.I see.Not concord cbd gummies long after Huang Yaohua closed the door and went out, Ni Xingqing knocked on the door and walked in.At the end of this year, HSBC will select a new top class, and Shen Bi is in the process of assessment.Wait for two days, and I ll see if I can think of any other way.Li Guohao still didn t want to take out his shares as collateral.After thinking about it for a while, he declined this method first.Okay, if the boss needs to call me directly.If there is nothing else, I will go out first.Well, you go out first.After Ni Xingqing went out, Li Guohao called his secretary Xiao Liu and asked She went to the restaurant and called Huang Yaohua over. Soon, Huang Yaohua walked in with a thick document in his hand.Sent it so soon Tell them to hurry up and send someone to deliver it.Huang Yaohua said while handing the document to Li Guohao, Just now I took a brief look at the restaurant, this time the marketing department investigated very carefully , people of all ages have surveys.At the same time, Chen Sheng s three bodyguards stepped forward to block Li Guohao.The HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies white man glanced at Chen Sheng s three bodyguards who were not inferior to his body, and was a little apprehensive, but there were his partners and students outside, so he couldn t lose face, so he said, My name is Mike, the owner of the karate gym across the street., I core cbd gummies want to compete with you and see what skills you have to teach here Someone kicked the hall.Bruce Lee raised his eyebrows.He has seen this kind of thing a lot.Almost all white people come to kick the gym.He is used to it.He nodded and said, Sorry, I don t want to compete with you.That HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies s good Originally thought Bruce Lee would agree.Mike was about to go out for a competition, but when he heard that the other party refused, his face was obviously where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus taken aback, and then he smiled So you admit that you are not as good as me No, no, no.In the office.The editor in chief of the newspaper, Qiao Sen, was reviewing the news reported by his homemade cbd gummies concord cbd gummies subordinates.The more he read the news, the more he frowned, and at the end he couldn t help saying angrily What is this writing All college students can write better than him Boom Suddenly, there was a hasty knock on the office door.Qiao Sen took off his glasses, glanced at the office door and said, Come in Hearing the voice, the staff outside the door hurriedly opened the door and walked in.John, what s the matter Boss Editor in Chief, a telegram just came from a reporter in the Middle East.John gasped.Huh and then Egypt and Syria have just officially launched an attack on Israel what When Qiao Sen heard John say that the Middle East war had broken out, he stood up in horror, and then he looked happy, and quickly said Now go and edit all the newspapers tomorrow morning yes.Mr.Li, your remaining money can also be withdrawn directly in Xiangjiang, which needs to be exchanged according to the market exchange concord cbd gummies rate.Shen Bin nodded and said.Now as long as it is a multinational bank, it basically has these two functions, but some banks are not well known or well known.HSBC is a first tier bank in Hong Kong, and they even participate in the Hong Kong dollar, but they are only second and third tier banks in the United States.In the final analysis, HSBC is a British capital, and its strength is naturally extremely strong concord cbd gummies in Xiangjiang, but not in the United States.The end of the year is coming soon.Is Manager Shen sure about winning the position of HSBC executive Shen Bi said it was also a great help.Before, I was only half sure, but now with Li Sheng cbd gummies stogies s savings and help, I believe I can be 90 sure that I can win the position of HSBC Taipan Shen Bi said with a smile and compliment.I know, Xiaofang and the others looked for us to look at all the facades, but your grandfather and I have nothing to do at home, so I asked Ah Qin to drive us around.Oh, have you found it yet Do you want me to arrange someone to rent the store tomorrow, and if you don t want to rent it, you can buy it directly Now that Li Guohao has more than one billion in cash with him, Li Guohao has a lot more confidence than when he talked about the tea restaurant with Li s concord cbd gummies father before, and he just said no.If you rent, buy it directly.Anyway, tea restaurants also need shops.If you invest in buying a shop, it is also a business that best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit concord cbd gummies is sure to make a profit.Yes, your grandfather and I have already made a plan.Because it is a tea restaurant, the consumption level should not be very high.Many of them HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies are in the house, in Central, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Mong Kok.policewoman at the same time.Global Shipping Group.Bao Daheng sat in the office with his head muffled, although he is now known as the number one ship king in Asia, in fact most of his ships are oil carriers.It is specially leased to some oil companies for the transportation of oil.But now that the oil is embargoed in the Middle East, Bao Daheng has suffered heavy losses.Many ships are docked at various docks, and there is no oil transportation.The idea of abandoning the ship and going ashore concord cbd gummies in my heart became more and more time for cbd gummies to kick in prosperous.In recent years, shipping and transportation have not been as easy to do as in the past.At the end of last year, Bao Daheng thought about whether to invest in some industries.But this is just an idea.After all, it is too risky to abandon the ship and go ashore.S.stock market.Some people say it s true, but others say it s false.In the eyes of the public, Li Guohao is just a young man who has had shit luck , relying on some craftsmanship from his ancestors, which made the palace pastry famous in one fell swoop, and then took advantage of the bank loan to take advantage of the stock market.Only then did the acquisition be completed, becoming a new generation of pastry tycoon.But this incident shocked Du Deye, the securities company who helped Li Guohao operate the stocks before.You must know that when the stock concord cbd gummies of Xiangjiang Antenna rose to a certain height, Li Guohao resolutely sold all the stocks to his company.At that time, the stock price of Antenna was around 40 yuan.After Du Deye helped the company buy it, he also made a lot of money and got a large commission from it.

In order to better handle the group s business, Li Guohao And asked Di Yimin to arrange two assistant secretaries to help Xiao Liu.Yes.Li Guohao nodded slightly, turned around and walked to the conference room.Yongan Building, except for the top balcony, has a total of eight floors.The first floor is the lobby and reception, dealing with visitors.There are four beautiful front desks who change shifts every day The second floor is the office area of Guohao Security.The third floor is the floor of the food company.The fourth and fifth floors are the floors of Guohao Lam Soon Flour Company.Club, Pastry Association, Panda Comic Publishing House, Daily Newspaper Office, and Guohao Real Estate Company.The seventh floor is the staff rest area, and the restaurant is also set up here.The eighth floor is the office of Li Guohao and Di Yimin, plus two There are two meeting rooms, one is a large meeting room that can seat two hundred people, the other is a small meeting room for more than twenty people, plus a reception room for meeting guests.Don t look at the later generation of Mr.Malaysia who can talk eloquently and eloquently.In fact, at the beginning when he introduced himself to others, he couldn t even speak clearly.To be able to make Mr.Malaysia say I have never touched money, I am not interested in money , this kind of Bge is extremely high, it must have the experience of speaking on stage hundreds or even thousands of times.It blows so fresh and elegant, without the slightest sense of vulgarity Therefore, in order to be able to boast well and pay tribute to his predecessors, Li Guohao also secretly cheered in his heart.Thinking of Mr.Da concord cbd gummies Ma s freshness and elegance back then, the tension in his heart was also swept away, and instead he began to comfort Zhao Yazhi.Perhaps it was Li Guohao s reassurance that helped, or maybe Zhao Yazhi didn t want to delay his time to speak on stage, so she smiled slightly with a pale face, helped him tidy up his collar, and said with a smile Okay, it s up to you, Mrs.Today s newspaper.As for the next day, the newspaper on the 21st, hehe Lu Yu Tea House.Early in the morning, before five o clock, Lao Zhang and some old buddies came to have morning tea.It is a habit of Xiangjiang people to drink morning tea since ancient times, while afternoon tea is a habit brought by the British.As soon as Lao Zhang and the others sat down, the waiter next to him walked quickly with a pen and paper, What would Uncle Zhang want to drink today Lao Zhang glanced around his companions, pursed his lips and said, Just a pot Tieguanyin, by the way, three pineapple buns and five shrimp dumplings.After speaking, he glanced at his friend and asked, Do you want anything else Give me a chicken foot.I want wind.tail.I want two pork buns.After the waiter memorized them one by one, Okay, Uncle Phoenix Claw, Uncle Flavor, and Uncle BBQ Pork Buns, I ll serve you all cbd gummies contact number right away, wait a moment.Li Guohao was slightly taken aback, he didn t expect that Pang Heshuo s thinking was so forward, and he could think of using the topic of exclusive interviews with celebrities to attract readers.Some later TV programs such as Interview with Yang Lan best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit concord cbd gummies , Lu Yu Youyue , Very Zero Distance and other TV orange county cbd gummy worms programs that interview entrepreneurs, celebrities and stars are relatively not very popular, but they are still good.Otherwise, there wouldn t be so many similar shows.But in Hong Kong today, the world of the rich is unimaginable for the poor.There is a good saying that poverty limits my imagination.It is not an exaggeration to put it now.There is no Internet, no people showing off their wealth, and no selfies of the rich second generation.The general public often has little idea of the life of the top rich.Although he is well known in the world, he is definitely not as high as twenty years later, let alone be conferred a god in thirty or forty years.Mr.Zhang Daqian is the same.As the auctioneer reported 2 million once, 2 million twice, 2 million three times, congratulations to Mr.Li Guohao Li for winning the painting of Mr.Zhang Daqian s Red Fu Girl Sitting in the corner of the auction, Zhang Daqian was very surprised.Although his paintings have been affirmed by many international painter associations, they have never been auctioned for a huge sum of 2 million Hong Kong dollars At best, only a few people spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands to buy it.Thinking of this charity auction, Zhang Daqian understood.The other guests only thought that Li Guohao was doing it for charity.After all, his Child Friendly Charity Foundation is the only private charity foundation in Hong Kong, and the amount of food donated to welfare homes is as high as millions of Hong Kong dollars every year.And there will be a relatively large black boxing match this evening , when the time comes, I guarantee you, Boss Li, will cbd gummies near me cvs best cbd gummies for dementia enjoy watching it.Black boxing competition Li Guohao immediately became interested when he heard about the black boxing competition.The experience of the game is too embarrassing to go out and say hello to people.The most classic image homemade cbd gummies concord cbd gummies is Tang Long.The protagonist of almost every novel has been aliased as Tang Long , galloping underground black boxing in various countries and becoming an eternal legend in the black boxing world.Well, whether it is Bangkok or Chiang Mai, there are black boxing competitions in various places.Since 1960, the organizers of black boxing competitions all over Thailand have united to create a Thai black boxing champion competition.From four to five every year The selection of boxers will begin in the month, and until the end of the year, each city will select one of the strongest fighters for the competition.It is impossible for me to sell you the chickens that lay eggs.Hearing this, Li Guohao almost laughed out loud, he didn t know if the Red Bull was selling well in Bangkok, but the other party said that they planned to expand the production scale, which provoked Li Guohao laughed.As for the small workshop just now, no matter how good the sales volume is, it is impossible to make too much money, and if I remember correctly, when Xu Guangbiao first came, he was carrying a bamboo basket on his back, which seemed to be filled with Red Bull How much sales can the products that require the boss to go out to sell in person.What do you mean, Mr.Xu Boss Li, you also saw that my factory is very small now, and it is difficult to expand the scale to distribute the goods to the whole of Thailand in a short time.Manager Jin, are you seasick Li Guohao concord cbd gummies cbd gummies for depression asked with concern.A little bit.Jin Jiashi nodded and said without opening his eyes when he heard the sound.Seeing this, Li Guohao couldn t help admiring Jin Jiashi s professional dedication, and he was airsick and seasick, so he insisted on coming to Thailand to inspect it in person.Ask the boss of the ship if he has any medicine for seasickness, give some to Manager Jin, don t go anywhere, he will die.Li Guohao concord cbd gummies said to Chen Xuewen.Seeing this, Chen Xuewen hurriedly said I have prepared seasickness medicine.Manager Jin, why didn t you tell me you were seasick earlier Forget it, I ll get it. Around ten o clock in the morning.After taking a boat for four or five hours, the group arrived in Roi Et Province, and spent another two hours changing cars to drive to the predetermined village.

The price of color comics is definitely higher than that of black and white comics, but the interest is greatly improved a lot, especially the story of an ordinary chef who becomes the God of Cookery, which contains too many dishes from all over the world.Kind of snacks.Only the technology of color printing can show the attractiveness of the dishes.Li Guohao looked at the more realistic male protagonist on the cover of the comic, with indifferent eyes, two sword eyebrows that are common in novels and comics, a tall nose bridge, and thin lips, no matter how you look at it, he is a handsome guy.It s just that Li Guohao always feels a bit like himself when he looks at the male protagonist in the comics.Li Guohao originally only wanted to simply flip through a few pages, but he never broad spectrum cbd gummies amazon thought cbd gummy 500mg that the content of this comic book was quite good, which made him addicted to it.Yes, their They proposed to share the same market share, but they recently asked for an additional share in overseas distribution.Li cbd gummies utah Guohao frowned and said, The price of other people s distribution is different from ours Yes.Cai Lan said I and Golden Harvest s He Guanchang talked about concord cbd gummies this concord cbd gummies matter, he said that because of the high cbdfx broad spectrum cbd gummies for sleep cost of overseas distribution, the price of overseas hairstyles for each movie will rise in the future, and we are not the only ones who are different.Heh Only Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers were able to send Xiangjiang s hair to Nanyang and other places, and Shaw Brothers only allowed their own films to be released, which made Golden Harvest a fortune.Li Guohao sneered.Shaw Brothers has been operating the company concord cbd gummies according to the concept of self production and self sale since the 1950s, but Golden Harvest took advantage of the resources obtained from Shaw Brothers in the early years to help some film companies obtain overseas distribution opportunities.Okay, then I ll hang up.A blind voice came from the microphone, Li Guohao was obviously stunned, and a helpless smile crossed the corner of his mouth, Sighing in his heart, Zhang Dong was his only good friend when he first started his business and opened uly cbd gummies ceo the store.But now, except for the hundred day banquet or the birth of a child, I will be notified of happy and good events, and basically I will rarely call to find myself, let alone sit down and chat, drink tea and count the money In fact, Li Guohao didn t have the idea of despising or unwilling to make friends with friends who had no money in the past when he became a rich man, but Zhang Dong couldn concord cbd gummies t help himself thinking this way, who is the reality of this society.After contemplating alone in the company for a long time, at the end, Li Guohao called Zhao Yazhi who had just left, told her about Mai Xiaomin s child s 100th day, and asked her to help prepare a gift.He is the angel of many patients and is definitely qualified to be one of the top ten outstanding young people in Hong Kong Papa There was applause in the venue, and Cheng Wenhui, who was called out by He Dongsheng, straightened his clothes from a place in the audience and strode proudly onto the stage.I saw that he was about thirty years old About 12 years old, with fair skin and a good natured smile.The second is Li Guobao, the eagle hemp cbd gummies scam alert vice president of the head office of Hongkong Bank of East Asia, President Li.President Li joined the Bank of East Asia after studying abroad in 1969.With the help of his experience and cbd gummies near me cvs best cbd gummies for dementia knowledge learned abroad, he took the lead in computerizing the bank.He is a well deserved leader in the banking and financial circles of Hong Kong It has made an unparalleled contribution to the improvement of Xiangjiang s economic efficiency The third Xiangjiang Six in a row, He Dongsheng told the reasons for his award, his name, his company, and his position one by one.What Huo Zheng meant was very clear that these three are the final results of their experiments.However, Li Guohao considered that they had never drunk the original Red Bull from later generations, and they might not be familiar with cbd living gummies coupon this type of drink, so they couldn t justify whether it was good or bad.He kept asking, Can I drink Can.Huo Zheng nodded.Red Bull is considered the first functional drink in the mainland, and most of the same type of drinks that came out later, such as Dongpeng Special Drink, Qili, Lehu, Constitution, Rainstorm, and Magic Claw, are not as good as Red Bull.The taste of Peng and Qili is not too bad, but the two kinds of physique and rainstorm are really unacceptable.After a few sips, you concord cbd gummies can t drink it at all.It s a bit too boring.As for the claws, hehe , People who like to drink like it very much, and those who don t like it spit it out in one mouthful, completely breaking concord cbd gummies away from the standard taste of Red Bull s energy drinks.I can only switch careers and start a cruise ship for leisure and vacation.The most well known cruise ship company in later generations is called Royal cornbread hemp full spectrum cbd gummies Caribbean Cruises.Its company owns 23 large modern cruise ships in 7 lines of Quantum, Oasis, Freedom, Voyager, Splendid, Dream and Monarch.It is the second largest cruise ship in the world.Great cruise line.It was established in 1968.In just six or seven years, relying on the promotion of sea cruise vacations, it caused a huge sensation among the wealthy businessmen in the United States, and once brought people back to the era of great voyages.It is precisely because of the success of the Royal Caribbean Cruises that prompted Bao Daheng to invest in this field. night.Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi and his parents to Zhang Dong s house to attend the child s 100 day banquet.Shao s secretary and said that Mr.Shao will be here at night.Mr.Shao Shao s Mr.Run Run Shaw.Him Li Guohao was puzzled, he and Run Run Shaw had never met, and apart from the cooperation in advertising in the group s business, there was no other relationship.If there is any involvement, there was a bit of conflict with Fang Yihua before, but this matter has dissipated in the wind with the cooperation again.Seeing the boss concord cbd gummies doubts, the secretary Xiao Liu said I don t know why, I just called the company just now, and I also heard from the people below.Give me Li Guohao face.Li Guohao smiled nonchalantly.Okay.Xiao Liu nodded At three o clock in the afternoon, everything was ready.A love heart composed of red roses was placed at the entrance of the huge hotel.The hall was resplendent and magnificent, and the gorgeous lights shone on the wedding scene, making the floor shine brightly.A reporter excitedly pointed at the slowly approaching car and said, Look, concord cbd gummies that s the license plate of Tycoon Bao.I remember it s an eight Arriving, I saw the special car of the Governor of Hong Kong on the back foot.Hey, brother, haven t you been here for a long time A reporter next to him couldn t bear the man s soliloquy and couldn t help asking.Yeah, I was going to bribe the people inside to sneak in, but even the cleaning staff didn t charge me, and even asked the security guards to kick me out.The reporter said distressedly.Are you stupid The whole hotel is surrounded by Li Guohao s Guohao security guards.Not to mention that even a fly can t fly in, at least a living person like you won t be able to get in The reporter flipped over.He rolled his eyes and said It s a matter of course that Bao Daheng came with the Governor of Hong Kong.

Song Cunshou on the side laughed and said Qingxia, you will find someone who loves you in the future.Yi Shu, who was sitting at the same table, glanced at the little girl, seeing that she was unusually handsome and couldn t help it.Said Who is this girl, Lao Song This is the heroine of my new movie Outside the Window , named Brigitte Lin, don t I want to show it in Xiangjiang, I will ask HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies Brother Cai to help me get an invitation card , I want to see if the boss of any film company is interested in my film.Yi Shu said Then you go directly to Cai Lan, isn t he working in the film company of Li homemade cbd gummies concord cbd gummies Guohao s friend now Really Song Cunshou complained on the spot This Cai Lang, I asked him to introduce me to the owner of Xiangjiang s film company.I didn t expect him to work in the film company himself.If Li Guohao didn t have the idea of running a TV station, then it doesn t matter.At the same time, because of the live broadcast rights of this game, he might negotiate and cooperate with the two TV stations.sum of money.It s true.The company cbd gummy packaging cbd gummies near me cvs now has abundant funds, but it doesn t mean that it doesn t need to continue to develop.Do you know how much we spend on advertising in Southeast Asia every month In order to continue the large scale expansion of palace pastries, Li Qiang spent a lot of money on publicity in Southeast Asia, just to attract more people to join the palace pastry.A lot Li Guohao hadn t paid much attention to court cakes for a long time.He just HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies listened to what Li Qiang said during the group meeting every concord cbd gummies month, and left concord cbd gummies the rest to professional finance to handle the accounting issues.It happened that Xu Guanwen came to meet the actor After hitting the opponent, He Zuozhi nodded in agreement.No problem.Li Guohao waved his hand., You said that if we can compress the lactose in milk to a minimum, can this be adapted to some people with lactose cbd vegan gummies for anxiety intolerance Benson frowned.He really hadn t thought about this issue.In his opinion, the lactose homemade cbd gummies concord cbd gummies contained in milk is helpful no thc cbd gummies to the human body.If it is reduced by technology, wouldn t it reduce the nutritional value Benson asked Boss, doesn t reducing lactose reduce the nutritional value of milk or milk powder Li Guohao was stunned by this question.He only knew that there were lactose free milk and milk powder in later generations, but he didn t know the difference between this lactose free milk and milk products containing lactose.I mentioned to you, Li Sheng, about going north, and the itinerary may change.Chapter 652 Going north next month Kowloon Peninsula, Tsim Sha Tsui, inside Fu Man Building.In the box on the fifth floor, Li Guohao was sitting on the window seat with a teacup in his hand, looking at the opera performers in the courtyard downstairs.He seemed to be staring at the opera downstairs, but his eyes were distracted, and his thoughts had other uses.With a sound of bang dang , the door of the private room behind him was pushed open from the outside, Li Guohao woke up startled, turned his head to look, and saw Bao Daheng walking in slowly behind the waiter.Li Guohao stood up and said, Uncle Bao, you are here.Yes.Bao Daheng nodded.Li Guohao glanced at the waiter next to Bao Daheng and said, You go down first, don t come up until you are called to serve.Really Since Li Guobang met Li Guohao last year, he admired this second brother very much.After he came to Xiangjiang, he heard that the tallest house in Asia belonged to his cousin, and concord cbd gummies he admired him even more.No end, but I have always been skeptical that Baoan County will surpass Xiangjiang.Trust me.Li Guohao didn t say anything more, but put his arms around his cousin s shoulders, pointed to Wu Xiaohua who was happily choosing new clothes, and said Xiaohua is a good girl, but she is dressed a little rustic.She is going to get married soon, and I don t want you to think otherwise.Li Guobang s heart sank when he heard what his cousin said, and he looked at his cousin carefully and said, Second brother, I like Xiaohua very much, and I will definitely treat her Okay.Well, I believe you.Just as the two were chatting.After all, you highest level of cbd available in gummies little rock only talk about opening up to the outside world, but you don t agree with our investment on the back.In the original time and space, it was also at the end of 1979 that the Kadoorie family paid a high price to successfully cooperate with the mainland, and finally made a name for it with the help of their position in the 82 Sino British negotiations.Li Sheng, what do you mean Mi Gao is not an idiot, he cbd gummy packaging cbd gummies near me cvs quickly understood why Li Guohao said this, looked at the other party suspiciously and said Can you help us communicate with the mainland I dare not say 100 , but I still have a little certainty Before he came to Mi Gao, he had already investigated this matter, and he also sent a telegram to Fu Shengguan who was in the Mainland at this time, asking him to communicate with Zhou Dakang, the magistrate of Baoan County. cbd gummy packaging cbd gummies near me cvs first class cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies near me cvs best cbd gummies for dementia concord cbd gummies cbd gummies for depression HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies After smoking a few cigarettes, they all let themselves go, not to mention how embarrassing the audience was.Of course, this is not pornography, nor obscenity, but a very human mentality to discuss concord cbd gummies this topic that has been difficult for Chinese people since ancient times.You can use a sentence written by Qing Dynasty writer Wang Yongbin in Wailu Night Talk to include I don t care about the heart when talking about things with obscene characters, and no one is perfect when talking about the heart.Chapter 766 The program has two blossoms.After the concept was proposed, Li Guohao directly handed over the program to Liang Shuyi to be in charge.The two TV stations have merged until now.Although the employees of the two parties have become one family, the contradiction still exists.The restart plan of The Voice cbd gummy packaging cbd gummies near me cvs of Xiangjiang was handed over to Liao Bufan before, and the Undefended Tonight proposed just now was handed over to Liang Shuyi, which is a balance.This point, both Liao Bufan and Liang Shuyi are very clear in their hearts, and they readily agree to complete the task entrusted by the chairman.In order to seize the opportunity, or to show off in front of Li Guohao, Liao Bufan started the promotion and publicity of The Voice of Xiangjiang the next morning after he took the order.With the successful holding of the first The Voice of Xiangjiang and popular singers such as Leslie Cheung and Lin Zixiang, the restarted The Voice project quickly swept the entire Xiangjiang.

Although it looks interesting, the singing program should ultimately focus on singing.The screenwriter of the TVB program made such a move, and those contestants who participated in the competition only focused on arranging their masks, or the instructor chose a song that they cbd gummy packaging cbd gummies near me cvs couldn t sing at all, and they collapsed.The song he sang was horrible, and fortunately, the people from TVB revised it in a timely manner, and arranged the mentor s song selection for the contestants in advance, otherwise they would lose more viewers.When the ratings of the two programs of the TV station completely crushed TVB s full time programs or new dramas, Liang Shuyi and Liao Bufan also saw the importance of entertainment programs to the ratings.And to a certain extent, engaging in entertainment programs is more profitable than making TV dramas.Li Guohao glanced at his watch, it was almost time, although he was late as the chairman and no one said, but it was not good.En.Just as Zhao Yazhi finished speaking, she grabbed Li Guohao who had walked a few steps away.Li Guohao cbd gummies near me cvs best cbd gummies for dementia turned his head in surprise, and said with a strange smile What If you don t want to give up, I will go Go, wipe your mouth.Zhao Yazhi glared at him, took out a tissue from her bag and handed it over.Mouth Li Guohao was taken aback for a moment, then he understood something, took the tissue and wiped it, and sure enough, he saw the blush from the beauty s lips remained on the white tissue.Looking at the faint red marks on the HCMUSSH concord cbd gummies paper, Li Guohao glanced at his wife again with a smirk, then turned around and walked to the outermost conference room on the same floor under the eyes of the other party At this time, in the meeting room, the senior management of the group arrived one after another.Knowing that the chairman likes to engage in some promotional activities, he nodded and agreed without thinking.To attract customers, so that they do not switch to other lines.The big lucky draw at the opening ceremony, together with the ten yuan gift certificate for opening an account and applying for a card, can also promote a surge in the number of customers in the short term.Hu Changqing was not very interested in these things.Seeing that the two agreed, he agreed.Li Guohao said Then wait for the branch and the automatic savings site to be completed, and then follow these three best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit concord cbd gummies promotional activities.yes.The three nodded.In this case, you go down and get ready.Manager Ni, you stay here.After Hu Changqing and Fu Zhengguang left, Ni Xingqing asked, Who is the chairman looking for Hu Changqing is also in charge.At the same time, after Ni Xingqing handed over the 500 million real estate he bought to Qi Boheng to announce it, soon, the house price of Xiangjiang Island rose by 20 as a whole.The Kowloon Peninsula has also risen by 14 , but the New Territories is still dying.Qi Boheng s announcement of the bottom hunting plan by several people has caused the property market to rise a lot.This makes He Gambler and the others very puzzled.You know, they haven t even given them any money yet Li Guohao found a reason to prevaricate the doubts of these people.Half a month later, early March.The real estate market in Xiangjiang has experienced a 6 month low period, and the overall real estate market has risen by 10 , which makes many real estate developers and individuals see the hope of the real estate market recovery.Not only did he not be implicated in the real estate collapse, but on the contrary, he used this shareholder style to boost his business in Canada.Quite a lot.This time, with an ultra low price of 700 million yuan, he won five real estate projects under construction by Carrian Group, as well as several completed real estate markets, which can be described as a huge profit Cheung Kong Industries.Li Jiacheng was sitting in the office, watching today s Daily Daily.Not long ago, Mr.Li Guohao, keoni cbd gummie the chairman of Guohao Group, joined forces with Fok Yingdong Group, Global Real Estate, New Century Real Estate, and Shun Tak Property to spend tens of billions of Hong Kong dollars to save the collapsed Hong Kong property market One month later, under the 10 billion bailout plan, Xiangjiang s real estate market has obviously increased.When the British Foreign Minister Howe stayed in Hong Kong for one day and flew to the mainland for talks the next day, Li Jiacheng secretly asked Ma Zhengkang to sell several real estate projects in the company to see if there was a successor to take over.At the same homemade cbd gummies concord cbd gummies time, a large amount of funds from Changjiang Real Estate Company was injected into the Canadian branch, and they were ready to pack up and leave.Facing the current tense atmosphere in Hong Kong, Huo Daheng and others were also very worried, and they kept asking Li Guohao for several days, concord cbd gummies what kind of inside information did he best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit concord cbd gummies get from Mr.Deng.How would Li Guohao answer such a question Does it mean that he has no so called inside information at all, or is it that the Sino British negotiations will be technical in a few months, and Xiangjiang will return to the motherland as the result Unable to find a good reason, Li Guohao could only prevaricate, saying that he would find out after He Wei went to the mainland this time.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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