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Xiao Ling s tone became more serious.I don t care about these, and I don t care about Dr.Qin s warning.Wang Weiyi didn t care at all I was just thinking, if one day I leave this era, will I miss them Can I come to this age to see them again This possibility exists in theory, but I can t predict the specific process.Wang Weiyi smiled, yes, no one can predict in advance what will happen to him in the future.The era, this era will leave its own mark, will they still remember their existence after many years Thanks to the rumor Reward, thank you.Please recommend Fourteen.Return to the base Okay, stop saying these things that I can t understand.Xiao Ling s voice came again I am near you now.Nearby Where Wang Weiyi looked to the side, but saw nothing.I really doubt your IQ, why did you choose you to be the walker Have you forgotten that purple light has the function of invisibility never mind.It s a proactive attack.You don t even need to notify your superiors temporarily.Rommel nodded thoughtfully.Bypassing a superior to execute an order seems unbelievable to a German military officer.Wang Weiyi smiled.In the future, when you Rommel becomes a general, do you take cbd gummies daily don t you do little by refusing to carry out the orders of your superiors, or even temporarily changing the battle plan that has been discussed countless times before the start of the war Lieutenant Ernst, the soldiers of the third company were all very brave and well trained, with the exception of one person.Rommel was a straightforward person Corporal Adolf Hitler.At this time, Adolf Hitler was in On the side, but the upright Rommel would never hide his likes and dislikes for a person in front of anyone Corporal Adolf Hitler, although you try your best to make yourself a real German soldier, but from your battlefield Judging from your performance, you are not suitable for this profession.Colonel Roll answered the phone and calmed down his emotions Lieutenant, I am the staff officer Colonel Rolle, I have the deepest admiration for your bravery, but you can t retreat along the direction of Biash.Why According to our reconnaissance plane s reconnaissance, a large number of new enemies have been added in the direction of Biash The other end of the phone fell silent Wang Weiyi put down the walkie talkie and sat down silently.He doesn t blame Xiao Ling.Xiao Ling is just a computer.Although she has a certain amount of wisdom, all her judgments are based on data, and the situation on the battlefield changes rapidly, which is not do you take cbd gummies daily something a computer can handle at all.Maybe there is an error in the data, maybe because of the appearance of a person who does not belong to this time and space, the normal historical track has been disrupted, and a large number of enemies have appeared in Biash, who knows Si Dao.Besides, she never had a good impression of herself.The countess did not notice this, and said with a slight smile Baron Alexon, you are a German hero.If I have the opportunity, I would like to invite you to my manor coda cbd gummies as a guest.New week please recommend, thank you all Brothers Fifty three.Two Ernst please recommend The Countess didn t have much to say, but just greeted Wang Weiyi, and then invited him to visit her manor when he was free.Wang Weiyi agreed from a polite point of view.Elena seemed very unhappy on the side, maybe the appearance of the countess had caused some threats to her heart.But Wang Weiyi couldn t take care of such things.William II also came over with his son, Prince Joachim, and chatted with Wang Weiyi about the situation on the front line, and Prince Joachim, in addition to simply speaking to Ernst Alexson von mayim cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily Brahm, Apart from greetings, there was no more words.The light machine guns, rifles, and pistols in their hands fired at the same time, and the French were instantly killed and cbd gummies how much do they cost wounded under multiple blows.Two heavy machine guns have also been destroyed.Less than a minute before and after A ball of flames spewed out from the flame breathing soldier s hands, suddenly plunged this place into a sea of flames.The first assault team of the trench rushed in The French here were completely stunned, where did the enemy come from But they are not allowed to have more consideration, the Germans have already killed in Gunshots rang here, and several French soldiers who rushed out with guns fell into a pool of blood Eight minutes, Wang Weiyi and his companions only had eight minutes A French soldier rushed over howling, but halfway through the rush, he suddenly stayed there.One hundred and eleven.The defecting general Although Countess Leonie did not help much in this incident, her influence in Berlin cannot be ignored.But when he came to her manor, Wang Weiyi unexpectedly discovered the distinguished guests that Depusey said Field Marshal Hindenburg, General Ludendorff, Lieutenant General von Bellow, von Galwitz Lieutenant General, and even Crown Prince William August This is simply a gathering of a group of top German commanders Wang Weiyi s rank of major looks so shabby do you take cbd gummies daily right here.Congratulations on washing away the slander vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily and restoring your do you take cbd gummies daily reputation.Marshal Hindenburg was more kind I always firmly believe that there are no traitors among the Germans.Throw Nikolai to hell, unfortunately he can only be demoted to lieutenant colonel.There will always be a chance to deal with him in the future.It seems that Nikolai s endless attacks on the heroes erected by the military, These senior military generals have been thoroughly angered.Glancing .

how long for cbd gummys to work?

at Countess Leonie, she found that Countess was smiling slightly at herself.Then, the countess said Okay, I think you need to discuss something, I will prepare food for you.After the countess made an excuse to leave, General Ludendorff said What happened in the Somme Because of the early arrival of the rainy season, the soldiers attack became extremely difficult.I think Britain and France can no longer maintain their offensive posture, and the war on the Somme can come to an end.Marshal Hindenburg said We have lost 500,000 casualties, wiped out 800,000 enemy troops, and successfully disintegrated the enemy s strategic goals.This is a great victory.The power of all this will serve only one man Ernst Alexson von Brahm 6 30 am.Everything is so peaceful.The sun has not had time to pierce the clouds, and the cold wind in the morning makes people feel a little cold.But at this moment, the sound of cannons suddenly tore everything apart The German army s large scale counterattack has begun Code name Rage The artillery shells slammed into the opposite French position.The German army was uncharacteristically this day, and seemed to want to completely smash nighttime cbd gummies the enemy s position In an instant the French positions were engulfed in flames and sorrow.A dozen or so French soldiers who hadn t fully woken up from their sleep were blasted into the air at once, and when they fell, their bodies had already been torn apart.The commander of the French army, Colonel Gustav, had no idea what was going on.

The French soldiers who were engrossed in dealing with the enemy in the front did not expect such a fierce firepower attack from behind their buttocks.Under the joint killing of submachine guns and grenades, more than a dozen Frenchmen fell to a pool of blood in an instant.Manstein and Guo Yunfeng are here Reinforcements are here Now, rush out Wang Weiyi roared.Orcus trembled with excitement.God, I am providing support to the cbd oil or gummies for pain Skeleton Baron He held the steering wheel tightly with his hands, and his eyes were fixed on the front.The truck rushed forward like crazy, and the two unlucky French soldiers couldn t avoid it, and were knocked into the air.When Wang Weiyi swept out the last round of bullets, the truck had already rushed in abruptly.Guo Yunfeng, give me bullets Wang Weiyi roared loudly.A place where dragons and snakes mingle.The group of people headed by Wang Weiyi moved in.Although they wanted to keep a low profile, they still attracted some people s attention.A few minutes after entering his room, there was a knock on the door, and there was a young man in his twenties standing outside.Wang Weiyi looked at his face very strangely Who are you looking vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily for Hello, yes Lord Alexon asked the young man politely.How do you know meof Wang Weiyi felt very strange, but still let the young man in.The young man s face was filled with the excitement of seeing an idol I saw you in the trial in Berlin.Please believe that I was your staunchest supporter at that time, Baron Alexon.I recognized you the moment you entered the Kilinovas Hotel.There is also Captain Albrecht Baron Richthofen, the German air combat hero beside you Only then did Wang Weiyi know Then what is your name Hermann William G ring.Captain Crome looked at the diamond carefully for a long time.A satisfied smile appeared on his face.With such a diamond, any risk is worth taking.He carefully put the diamond away Mr.Moyol, I can lend you a batch of rifles and pistols for two days.Time, I think you have enough Yes, Captain.Thanks.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.His subordinates have already got off the truck one after another, watching everything around them vigilantly.After a while, a batch of rifles and pistols were distributed to them.Mr.Moyol, there is a road from here You can pass the road.Captain Crome showed them the way It can reach the area controlled by Vandis Russia.We had a tacit understanding between us.Neither side is allowed to garrison there, so that everyone can communicate with each other.Because you don t have to worry about being discovered from there Of course, when do you take cbd gummies daily you get to the Russians, you are on your own.Wang Weiyi thought for a while This task is very difficult, and all the skeleton commandos will be dispatched.In the meantime, I won t be reporting to anyone on the way we re going about our mission Okay.Pilov readily agreed.During the mission, I will have unlimited fire rights, and I will kill any object that I think may cause harm to this operation Also, I need to A batch of Madsen machine guns, I heard that Bulgaria ordered a hundred of these machine guns from Denmark, but they were all seized when passing through the do you take cbd gummies daily German border, and do you take cbd gummies daily are now being used by the troops of His Majesty the Emperor.I will give you as much as you need.I have been authorized by His Majesty the Emperor to mobilize all manpower and materials in the country.The unlimited how to make cbd oil gummys using jello fire rights you want, I can also grant you on behalf of His Majesty the Emperor, even if you decide to kill me, I will greet the bullets with a smile on my face Hearing Wang Weiyi s request, Pilov didn t have any Wang Weiyi is very concerned about the unlimited right to fire.Hitler smiled shyly I am imagining oh Wang Weiyi sat liberty cbd gummies bears down beside him curiously Can you talk to me Adolf closed the do you take cbd gummies daily diary, this is his secret, he does not want to be known Lieutenant Colonel, do you think a commoner can be the leader of a country Wang Weiyi s heart clicked, did it start so soon Hitler already had a leader s dream from now on He thought about it carefully, and then told Hitler Of course, there is an old saying in China, probably It means that no one can be a marquis, earl, or general or prime minister, and everyone has the possibility.There is also a very large dynasty in China called the Ming Dynasty.The emperor who founded this dynasty was called Zhu Yuanzhang.Do you know what his background was before He was born in a very poor family, he was a monk in a temple, and even a beggar God, he was a beggar Hitler asked in disbelief.There are too many people named Moyol, it can t be him.It must not be him, he do you take cbd gummies daily summer valley cbd gummies website doesn t have the guts to come to Paris But what if There is nothing that this person dare not do Major De Sade asked with a glimmer of hope Tell me his general appearance As Luoban and Oginensky continued to describe and supplement, Major De Sade s face became gloomy, and his heart was beating rapidly.Could it be, could it really be buy cbd gummies for anxiety him When those two After the Russian finished speaking, Major De Sade tried his best to calm down his excitement Where is this Moyol now We don t know.Loban glanced at Oginensky Major, you have to know that we didn t get in touch with Desimov so easily, and we don t know where Moyol went.Knowing that they were telling the truth, Major De Sade took out some francs and threw them on his desk You guys go back now and closely monitor vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily Desimov.Under such urging, Tolmezzo s Italian army finally looked a little decent They took up do you take cbd gummies daily arms in a mess.Started to sweep without order.The officers didn t know what order to give.In short, let the soldiers do what they want to do Disorganized gunshots began to ring out The Italians didn t fight back.Well, a counterattack immediately drew retaliatory do you take cbd gummies daily fire from the Skeleton Commando The 57mm artillery on the a7v tank was the first to speak, and the two artillery told the Italians on the opposite side with shells the shelling is not over yet Then, the Maxim heavy machine gun began to spit out flames, desperately suppressing enemy fire.The artillery shells roared and fell in front of the enemy s position.Although it didn t cause any damage, it made the Italians confused again.Hell, the Germans are still firing The Germans are still firing Then came those dense Maxim heavy machine gun bullets, flying in clusters.

He heard Major General Cross say very seriously We hand over all the weapons, and I I can help you take care cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy of it.However, you can t take away the daily necessities such as bread, butter, bacon, wine, etc., and we will send someone to keep them Also, you can t take away cbd gummies for fibromyalgia pain my personal items, you know, some jewelry I am going to bring it to my wife after the war Wang Weiyi and his officers looked at each other.What should they say How should they answer this question Hell, hell Those bloody Italians Wang Weiyi couldn t think of any better way than a wry smile Mr.General, I agree to your request.I will issue an order to make best cbd gummy for sleep my soldiers respect your personal belongings.Hey, Ma Li, send some people to watch over the general.Mr.General, are you satisfied with those personal belongings of Mr.Aristocrats are different from others.Bivorge also let out a cold snort.If not, he would have wanted to lock up all those Italians a long time ago.There is one more thing.Laurende lowered In his own voice This is top secret information.No matter what it looks like on the front, it doesn t is cbd miracle gummies legit matter.The 93rd Infantry Division commanded by Major General Trunway is marching in the rear of Udine.The s team has worked out a detailed plan.Plan, and after careful deployment, this time the Skeleton Baron will die here.Bivorge suddenly realized, and now he finally understands why the higher authorities attach so much importance to Udine.All for that skeleton baron.Indeed, do you take cbd gummies daily if the plan can be implemented smoothly, the Skeleton Baron will not be able to get away no matter how powerful he is.Using so much power to deal with a Skeleton Baron, isn t it a bit of a big deal So profound.Aren t you afraid of going to the military court in Italy in the future Wang Weiyi came to his side.Don t be afraid, I m doing my doctor s duty Colonel, please pass me the tweezers Lieutenant Colonel Stino said without raising his head.Is this one Yes, Colonel, you have to stay here and help me.This soldier is seriously injured.Hey, hey, soldier, don t move around.I will save you.Lieutenant Colonel Stino was concentrating on something, as if he was doing something.a most sacred work.Wang Weiyi lit cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy a cigarette Lieutenant Colonel, you are a good doctor, you should be awarded a medal.I don t need any medals, I just hope that so many people won t die.Helping the soldiers to treat the wound , Lieutenant Colonel Steno straightened up, his eyes fell on the corpses in front of the position, showing some unbearable.What an excellent officer, what an excellent soldier.Unfortunately, he only has such a skeleton commando in his hands.If he can have more, General Kassel swears to himself We will definitely be able to achieve a complete victory in this offensive operation At this time, the Skeleton Commando is only attacking too cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy fast.In a position, they will never stay for more than ten minutes.Their end point is only one Next Enemy position Team assault Crazy a7v tanks, do you take cbd gummies daily crazy commandos, crazy baron skeletons For those dead brothers of Fanowei I m sorry, General, they are attacking so fast that our troops can t keep up with them The best cbd sleep gummies for insomnia anxious voice of the frontline commander came from cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy the other end of the phone However, the positions we passed were filled with dead people, Wounded, and surrendered French soldiers Colonel Ernst s troops were the fastest of all the shock troops of the 7th Army, but they were too fast I don t want to hear that Casser General Earle roared into the phone I want to know where Ernst is now I want you to keep up with his charge speed Hell, I don t want him to fight alone He has fought alone once in Fanowei , it is impossible for such a situation to occur in my 7th Army Follow up, even if you are exhausted General Kassel threw away the phone in his hand.Fight back Fight back Fight back Before he finished speaking, the chaotic voice sounded again.Fight back Wang Weiyi suddenly raised his voice Let those Americans know what a real skeleton commando is Let the 30th Infantry Division fear our flag from now on Holy Ernst, you must win St.Ernst, you must win St.Ernst, you fire wholesale distribution cbd gummy must win Amidst the bursts of crazy shouts, Wang Weiyi called Rommel, Manstein, Ernst Lena, Model, and Adolf.Hitler called to his side, he was silent for a while, and then said You guys, go back to the bridge now, stay with Heinz, and be in charge of commanding the two thousand soldiers.What Several people shouted together Called out No, how can we leave you here do you take cbd gummies daily to fight alone Wang Weiyi didn t really want them to leave.Once hemp gummies vs cbd cbd gummies empe these officers left, the command of the commando team would be weakened a lot.Their wings and rear have been completely cut off.They have become a lone army But such a lone army is like a tenacious boat in a strong wind, no matter how bad the waves are, it will never sink.An do you take cbd gummies daily iron wall Sooner or later, Montforkon will fall into the hands of the enemy, but as long as there is a Skeleton Commando left, the fighting will never stop Now, the first thing all the officers and soldiers of the American, British and French troops do when the morning comes is not to have breakfast, but extract labs cbd gummies to silently watch Montfort and the battle flag the skull battle flag Their eyes are full of respect and reverence.They couldn t imagine what kind of tenacious perseverance the Germans on the opposite side had used for thirty three days, and what they couldn t even imagine was how they did it do you take cbd gummies daily in a completely desperate situation.Another way to get Commando back together Another way In what way No one can guess what the head of state of the empire was thinking General Steck snuffed out the cigarette in his cbd gummies inflammation hand, at this time Colonel Pullman walked in General, Claire Nicola and Han Na Sean is back from Shanghai.Hearing that it was the children of old friends who came back, General Steck nodded Let them in.General Claire Nicola and Hannah.Sean walked in, high spirited do you take cbd gummies daily and straight.Stecke is very emotional, these children have grown up now, although cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy their faces are still childish, but sooner or later they will become the pillars of Germany.Sit down and talk about the situation in Shanghai, children.To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.

He Pointing to the two corpses in the pool of blood At the time of the nation s survival, I want to take you to the Japanese pirates and ruin your reputation.Can you kill or not There was only a short silence, and then the sound of killable sounded Death to traitors Death to traitors Death to traitors Wang Weiyi s voice made everyone quiet Millions of my soldiers fought bloody battles in Shanghai, but there are people behind the scenes who commit treason and treason.If you don t kill , God forbids it This matter has nothing to do with all the brothers of the 3rd Regiment, I promise you will not be implicated From now on, the 3rd Regiment will be under my direct command.The Japanese army is about to invade Changshu.Fight the enemy with blood Heart up and down, fight the enemy with blood The soldiers of the 3rd Regiment fought against R himself in Shanghai, and countless brothers fell on the battlefield in Songhu.Solution The gauze was opened, and the flesh and blood on the legs were obviously shot not long ago.Xie Laolan shook his head, he was still too suspicious.But these people came from the area controlled by the Japanese, so I had to be more careful.Those damn little Japanese, a whole company, just gone Xie Laolan s eyes suddenly fell on something, and the hand smoking the dry pipe paused there, and then asked slowly Brother, are you in the 60th Division Yes, sir, you are in the 60th Division Hey, I used to be from the 26th Division.Xie Laolan sighed We fought hard, and we persisted on the spot.Not only did we have no reinforcements, we didn t even have mayim cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily ammunition supplies What about you You should have supplies, right How how to take cbd gummies for sleep can there be Hou Lilian also sighed We were thrown into battle when we arrived in Shanghai, until we were ordered to evacuate, cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy not a single infantryman, not a single bullet gave us supplies.Thinking of this, he raised his head Can you help me get an appointment with him Can Lu Mingzhai thought for a while This person likes to dance the most, and he often goes to the Paramount Ballroom.Go there and find a suitable one.Manager Wang, you can have a simple dinner with me first, and I will take you to him after dinner.That s troublesome, Boss Lu Wang Weiyi said with a faint smile.Three hundred and sixteen.Sociability The banquet is in full bloom, and the guests are here.The men and women are so happy The sage Yin Yin introduced this gentleman, this gentleman is generous, this lady is beautiful and talented, and the two are so dear to each other, sitting in a row in the Paramount Ballroom , a showgirl is singing the most popular song of this era, Express , and on the dance floor, men and women dance lightly.God, who is standing in front of her Miss Tang, the dance is over.Wang Weiyi s voice awakened Tang Weihong from her beauty.She realized that she was snuggled into a man s arms unknowingly, and her face flushed.Miss Hostage, you are free now.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Leave from here.Tang Weihong was a little reluctant Can we meet again Mister Mystery Mr.Mysterious This nickname is good.Wang Weiyi smiled Yes, I will.Tang Weihong almost turned around and left here When she came outside the ballroom, she was startled.A large number of patrolmen and soldiers had blocked the door with live ammunition.Ah, Miss Tang, it s great that you finally came out.Now we can rest assured that we can arrest that person.As a foreign admirer of Miss Tang Weihong, Lieutenant Colonel Beyer was relieved to see her come out safely.Melt into the wind, go away with the wind.Three hundred and twenty seven.The attack of the rare Japanese army fell into a kind of silence strangely.The country s top officials didn t understand what was going on.They couldn t do you take cbd gummies daily have imagined how much impact the appearance of Megatron Europe s skull battle flag in Shanghai would have on the whole world.Germany and the United Kingdom began to put pressure on the Japanese government through different channels with different purposes, forcing the Japanese side to stop its offensive.Of course, all this is strangely concealed from the national government.Japan is also inexplicable.Both Germany and the UK operate under different guises.The requirement of the German zh ngf is to protect the evacuation of its nationals, which will take three months.The British reason is even more strange in the Battle of Shanghai, the British property suffered serious losses, and the Japanese army should stop fighting immediately to cooperate with the British side to complete the property loss statistics.Gaten.Toshio Aoki seemed a little helpless I m not familiar with Shanghai, if you want to visit Puyi s palace, I can HCMUSSH do you take cbd gummies daily consider it.I ve heard of that Wang Weiyi.It is said that he defeated the Imperial Army several times during this period.Hey, then there is no other way but luck Hideyori Gaten sighed.There will always be a way, Mr.Gaten.Aoki Toshio comforted his good friend When are you going to leave I see you off.I m leaving tomorrow night, I m afraid it s too late to say goodbye to you.This time it is a secret escort, seven of us, one car, I hope there will be no trouble.Gato Hideyori raised the teacup Mr.Qingmu, use this tea to bid farewell.Long live the Empire Long live the empire Aoki Toshio also raised his teacup.What are you doing Wang Weiyi finally asked curiously at this time.Ah, it s a Japanese ritual.The gentleman who has been admiring the clothes seems to have eyes in the back of his head.Really I don t really believe it.Sloan approached the gentleman with a pistol in his hand I just checked, and there is no one like you outside.Yes, I am HCMUSSH do you take cbd gummies daily Sidney Riley, say Tell me, who are you You have to believe, because I can kill you in a second.The gentleman turned around slowly and took off his high hat, Mr.Sloan Sidney Riley When he saw this face clearly, it was like being struck by lightning, and the pistol dang fell to the ground.He was stunned for a full minute, and then he smiled wryly and said Well, I admit it, you didn t even have to kill me in a second, Baron Alexon Baron Alexon Ernst.Bram Riley was hiding the shock in his heart.He couldn t believe that the man from twenty years ago actually came to find him.

The committee members have personally sent a commendation telegram, let s take a look As he said, he took a copy The telegram was passed to Wang Weiyi.After a cursory look, Wang Weiyi immediately stood up again Thank you for your cultivation.Serve the country and fight to the death Sit.Sit.Xue Yue waved his hands This time, your Huben Guard and 388 regiments will Combine the two into one, and form the Huben Guard Brigade, with you as the brigade commander Colonel Wang As soon as the word Colonel Wang came out, Wang Weiyi was taken aback, and then realized that he had been promoted to colonel Thank you, Commander, for your cultivation. I can t cultivate you, you fought for it yourself.Xue Yue waved his hand If you fight a good battle, of course you will be promoted, so why not promote those mediocre people As he said, he paused there Although the Japanese army stopped attacking temporarily, the war will break out again soon, and your Huben Brigade will continue to hold on to the original position.No one spokeand no one moved Wang Weiyi smiled slightly I know you are here to look for the skeleton baron, but he is probably not there now.Would like to see you, hide.I respect him as much as you do, and I am also looking for the Skeleton HCMUSSH do you take cbd gummies daily Baron to see what kind of person he is.Here, I can assure you, I guarantee that you will feel at ease in my army, and you will see the skeleton baron sooner or later Sir, we trust you, though I don t know why we should.Yannick said at this moment.Yes, we believe you, Colonel All the Germans said loudly together.Wang Weiyi breathed a sigh of relief Well, since you worship the Baron Skeleton so much, now you will be organized into a Skeleton Team, with Second Lieutenant Werner Hessen as your captain and William as your captain.vice captain.Now, disband A burst of cheers rang out.When the news vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily of the defeat of the Ueno detachment came, the entire 3rd division fell into chaos, and the morale, which was originally low, quickly sank.Wang Weiyi Huben Guard Brigade, in the heart of the 3rd Division, has become an invincible force.God of War Wang Weiyi If the remaining strength of Qingqing s 3rd Division fights with all its strength, there may not be no chance, but when morale and confidence are completely lost, the war will have no chance to continue.From the turmoil of the Battle of Shanghai to the panic at this time, Dizhou Libing and his 3rd Division have experienced a journey of ups and downs.The position was not yet completely breached by the Japanese army.Although the morale was low, the Japanese army was still able to build an effective defense.Of course, such a defense is a passive failure, and someone must be responsible Especially with such a terrible fiasco Matsui Iwane sent a secret telegram to Dizhou Libing, and the telegram said that the Chinese front army was launching a full scale offensive.Butler Videlio flatly rejected his request I don t want people to think that the people in Alexon Manor are all uneducated.Pay attention to your identity, Joseph, you are just a high ranking attendant, and you can t do it without the baron s call.Well, well, I feel very honored to see the Baron among the servants Joseph noticed that Butler Videlio had turned around, and his hand seemed to be there quietly Wiping his eyes Attack, attack Manstein, holding a telegram in his hand, uttered the strongest roar Attack on the Russians All for Germany, all for Ernst What about Guderian What the hell is Guderian doing What about his second armor group Give me Guderian s call General, the call is connected Heinz, this is Manstein, have you received the telegram Yes, I got it God, good God, the general is alive The do you take cbd gummies daily summer valley cbd gummies website general is back Guderian, I am preparing to launch an attack on the Sevastopol fortress.It is my greatest honor to serve you You are getting better at flattering.Guo Yunfeng grumbled beside him.Hey, Guo, you can t say that about me.Ludwig said with a smile The head of state is very happy to know that you are still alive.He said that in the skeleton commando, except for the baron, he and you are best friends now.Although Guo Yunfeng doesn t remember this incident at all, he is not surprised now.Xiao Ling has already explained to him that he and Elena have been traveling through time and space following the Walker, a certain base failure made some of their memories disappear, maybe he is indeed friends with that Adolf Hitler, General, this is Your military uniform.Wang who sells cbd gummies for pain Weiyi glanced at the SS military uniform, and then slowly said Bring me and Guo s old military uniform.Old military cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy uniform Yes, General.The young man with oily do you take cbd gummies daily hair and pink face and two women with heavy make up said nonchalantly.I follow too.Wang Weiyi smiled and threw out the chips.Then he laid out his cards Three qs.The greasy faced young man cursed, but at least he could accept such a defeat.But that nouveau riche is different.He just won five thousand dollars the day before yesterday, but now he has lost all his capital.He kept muttering something in his mouth, then stood up, and suddenly, he took out a pistol from his pocket.Hey, sir, calm down, calm down the bodyguard in the casino called out.The young man with greasy hair and pink noodles shrank into the woman s arms in fright.Wang Weiyi was playing with a chip in his hand, looking at the upstart calmly.Damn it, damn it.The nouveau riche kept repeating this sentence over and over again, then shoved the muzzle of the gun into his mouth, and then pulled the trigger and he died Ah It wasn t the two women who screamed, but the greasy young man.And the owner of this line is Wang Weiyi Baron Ernst Alexson von Brehm Sidney Riley was the main purpose of Wang Weiyi s coming to the United States, and Gregory was his windfall.He had considered looking for such a person a long time ago, but he didn t expect this person to appear so early.There are still some people in the United States that Wang Weiyi can see, including Leoni and Hermione, but now there is no time for Wang Weiyi.The Battle of Kharkov is about to break out It was a battle that made the adrenaline of all Germans surge and made all Germans excited If the Demyansk breakout battle was the return of the Baron, it was a sub classic breakout battle organized by the German army at the most difficult time.Then the Battle of Kharkov must be a sub classic counterattack when the morale of the German army do you take cbd gummies daily is high Attack Kharkov The Russians also clearly noticed the frequent deployment of German troops in the Kharkov area, where the elite German troops were armed, and the 6th Army and the Kleist Group were also assembled.

This is my last request.Nekkinsky interrupted the other party You don t know what cavalry means to me.My soldiers are all dead, but I m still alive.I can t face myself.Even if you don t allow it now I committed suicide, and I would have looked for every opportunity in the prison camp.But I still beg you to give me such a chance, this is an old cavalryman s request to you.Let me die with dignity Let me die with dignity , this is an old cavalryman s request to you Van der Vene s heart was so shocked that he even became a little emotional, Give him a pistol and a bullet Van der Vene decided not to worry about anything, even if he would be imprisoned or even downgraded, he decided to Completed the old cavalryman s last request General, please allow me to pay tribute to you, you are a true knight As he said, he raised his hand and saluted this respectable old cavalryman upright A standard military salute.This person seems to have the magic power that people will never forget him.Mr.Moyol took off his hat and bowed slightly to her, as if expressing his respect there.And Miss Ruiman gave him a big smile without hesitation.To know every move of a star, you can t hide it from the eyes of smart movie fans, some of them quickly noticed the middle aged gentleman beside them.Who is this person Why does Ms.Rui Man, who has always been known for being glamorous, pay special attention is dr oz selling cbd gummies to him The stars walked over, and movie fans began to file in.Just as Wang Weiyi was about to do you take cbd gummies daily enter the cinema, a voice suddenly sounded behind him Are you here again for a new adventure Wang Weiyi turned around slowly Beasley That bold and sweet reporter Beasley My friend.Hello En Please call me Mr.Moyol.Mr.Moyol, hello.Unable to hide his excitement, Beasley presented himself to Mr.Moyol hug.A warm, excited hug.You know, Mr.Beasley is also a celebrity in the United States.He was the first reporter who personally interviewed and fought with the Skeleton Baron, and was arrested for this.But it didn t hinder his reputation at all, but made him the most famous reporter and columnist ever since.then.This instantly aroused the curiosity of the reporters who were going to catch the news.The spotlight rang click, click, please stay calm.My dear friend.Wang Weiyi whispered in his ear.Ah yes, gotta keep calm now Beasley let go of the Baron.He knew that since the Baron dared to come to New York so boldly.Beasley, who must have come to perform some special mission, invited the baron into his box, where they would not be disturbed any more.The powerful German tanks will soon be under the command of the great Marshal Ernst, Launch a full scale attack on Turkey.What I have to do is to stick to it as much as possible.In fact, the above task did not allow him to stick to it, but in Klingenberg s view, staying here can attract the Turks, even if it is the front line It is also good to reduce the pressure of a Turkish soldier.Now, do you take cbd gummies daily he has seen some regular Turkish troops appear.He picked up a grenade, weighed it in his palm, and then issued a loud call Let s have a good time The telegram sent from Joblu quickly spread throughout Turkey.The headquarters of the German Balkan Army , July 10, 1942, 9 55.Marshal Ernst, Klingenberg has succeeded.Very good.Wang Weiyi nodded very satisfied General Joseph Sepp Dietrich, General Georg Kepler, let s start Go let s get started 486.Now, he has no other choice.The only thing he can do is to cooperate with the Germans to the end, even if he bears more infamy botanical farms cbd gummies shark tank update because of this, No hesitation.The sky in Ankara is gradually being covered do you take cbd gummies daily by clouds brought by a heavy thunderstorm.Five hundred and fifteen.Skeleton Commando Reorganization Quietly staged.The mutiny will star two men Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm and General Kistapha.When General Kistafa was about to leave the deployment, he hesitated for a moment, and then asked carefully Can my child be cured I promise, right Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Not only will your child be cured, but he will return to you soon.I think that the position of Minister of National Defense in the future will does cbd gummies relieve pain always need someone to succeed him.General Kistafa s heart was completely relieved.Now, he has no other choice.When a dense row of grenades is thrown and explodes, these commandos will quickly stand up and rush forward with the sound of the explosion.Then when the cbd gummies harmful effects New Zealanders recovered from the explosion and rejoined the counterattack.The Germans quickly hid themselves in a safe place again Under such repeated assaults, the Germans quickly approached the Hibinku position.Captain Smith sensed the crisis.He has reported the situation here to General Lawyers by phone.While General Loyce informed do you take cbd gummies daily the captain that reinforcements were on their way to Hibinko, the general demanded at least thirty minutes do you take cbd gummies daily for the captain and his troops.Captain Smith, who put down the phone, was not very sure.The combat capabilities of the enemies on the opposite side were obviously far superior to his own soldiers.They were a group of the most elite Germans.Elena, Egypt is very chaotic now.The Allied forces are short of supplies, Cairo is short of supplies, and prices are soaring.If there are a lot of high simulation counterfeit banknotes in Cairo at this time, it will completely collapse Egypt s economy in the shortest possible time.At that time, a mutiny similar to that in Portugal is very likely to occur in Cairo Elena quickly understood the meaning of Wang Weiyi s words There hemp gummies vs cbd cbd gummies empe is now a full gap between the Egyptian military and the Allied Command.Sharp contradictions, if they want to succeed in mutiny, they must get the support of a powerful force, and their only choice is Germany.Wang Weiyi smiled It s like this.If I can use the economy to destroy a country, I prefer to choose this way, and the chaos in Egypt provides us with the best opportunity.

It is unacceptable.In Cairo, there is already a lot of dissatisfaction, thinking that all this is brought by the British, and only the British can leave Egypt to restore the old peace in Airi.But this is just an illusion Sometimes fantasies can completely become reality.Wang Weiyi pondered and said, Colonel Dott, do you know that the British are going to pay the three brigades of the Egyptian army Of course they do.I think that money must be stored somewhere now greenhouse pure cbd gummies Wang Weiyi asked lightly.Yes, they have the money Colonel Dott said this, his eyes widened suddenly Mr.Baron, what do you want to do Do what I should do.Wang Weiyi He picked up the coffee in front of him and took a sip Come on, tell me where the money is stored, and is there any armed force guarding it Colonel Dott was silent total pure cbd gummy bears for a long time, and then slowly said The money is stored in Cairo In the bankthe British will be withdrawing it early tomorrow morningAs for the defense force There are more than a dozen soldiers stationed at the Cairo bank, watching the money Mr.If it is true, then this telegram is enough to completely push the soldiers involved in the riot to death.I want to double check the authenticity of this telegram When he said this, General Canlemu s voice was not as confident as before.General Canlemo, this was sent by the Germans using their special code Montgomery said coldly There is no doubt about the authenticity of the information.Now, even if do you take cbd gummies daily you don t agree, I have to use my power to order the suppression Well General Kemmerson gave the rioting soldiers three hours, and now the time is running out.If our officers can t be released, then I will have to deal with the situation by force.Therefore The Egyptian side must bear full responsibility for all casualties caused Responsibility General Canlemu left here angrily.He couldn t believe that the Egyptians were about to shed blood on the land of Cairo, but the British wanted to shift all responsibility to Egypt.Xiaoling provided Wang Weiyi vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily with a large amount of important information related to oil and other fuel mining areas, and Wang Weiyi handed over this information to German scientific research investigators What does oil mean There is no need for Wang Weiyi to tell the Germans.And with his information.The exploitation of fuel is bound to get twice the result with half the effort.Everything is prepared for the coming decisive battle This is also what Wang Weiyi told Adolf Hitler Our biggest enemy now, there are only two, one is the United States.The other is The Soviet Union.Although the United States has encountered a serious economic crisis.But we still have no strength to defeat them.The Soviet Union is different.With the capture of Iran, the most important way mayim cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily for the United States and Britain to aid the Soviet Union has been completely blocked.An extremely powerful confidence was being built in Marovsky s heart.With Sameiros captured, Elklin is in sight That idiot Tasotsky, it s time to know what makes a really good commander.A truly excellent commander is someone like himself.It took the Soviet army one night to digest the fruits of victory.The retreat of the German army should be said to be orderly, but this is also in line with the consistent German tradition.And Elklin at this time.Ludwig made a brief report to Marshal Ernst Marshal, we have abandoned Samiros.Very good, General Ludwig.I think .

can i take cbd gummies with other medication?

the Russians will appear in Egypt at noon tomorrow.Erkelin, are you ready Wang Weiyi s majestic eyes swept over the German generals one vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily by one.Yes, Marshal.We are ready.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Then, let s start Elklin is ready the German soldiers are ready Soon, on the battlefield of Erklin, a new hell will be formed At noon on February 11, the 89th Motorized Brigade of the Soviet Army appeared in Erklin, at 12 30, the Soviet Union The Air Force began bombing do you take cbd gummies daily Elklin, and German aircraft quickly responded, but not in large numbers.There are only two paths before them either die in battle.Either surrender When the confidence to resist completely collapses, surrender becomes a matter of course.Countless Russians have laid down their armsthey do you take cbd gummies daily have to live do you take cbd gummies daily until the end of the warthey have parents, wives and children, familiesno one is Those who are truly not afraid of death firm beliefs will always collapse in the face of cruel reality General Lindelof knows that the time has come for him to face death, and he has nothing to worry about that s it.All the things that should be explained have been explained.If the god of death really appears in front of him, Lindelof firmly believes that he will face the god of death with a smile.He was on the front lines himself actually.Now where is sunmed cbd gummy bears there any distinction between the front and the rear In the telescope, you can see war everywhere, everywhere you can see the attacking German army and the defeating Soviet army.After the team set off, Wang Weiyi still had the same feeling in his heart it always seems that there is something wrong, there always seems to be something wrong.There are dangers that you are not aware of.But what kind of danger Wang Weiyi couldn t catch it Xiaoling, Elena.Help me carefully investigate the situation in the female worker s dormitory.I always feel that there is something wrong Before departure, Wang Weiyi gave a message to Xiaoling.Ling and Elena issued such an order.Do you think there is a problem Elena s voice came over.I don t know.I really don t know Wang Weiyi frowned But, a father, a brother in law, at such a time, how could he suddenly recall childhood things in the letter Maybe it s HCMUSSH do you take cbd gummies daily a farewell If this rescue mission fails Elina felt that Wang Weiyi s words were not convincing.Such a severe order finally forced Dawamirski to make up his mind to attack.The dark Russians appeared Support artillery fire began to cover cbd gummies packaging machine the German positions while getting in.It is the most tenacious counterattack of German artillery.After the sloppy artillery battle, the Soviet army launched a new round of attacks under tough orders.Vasilevsky believed that Voroshilov s ability could only command one army group, while Wang Weiyi simply believed that he could only command one regiment at most.No one can deny Voroshilov s bravery.But bravery alone is not enough to command such a large army The Soviet army roaring and tsunami.When do you take cbd gummies daily it entered the range, it was immediately hit by the German army in full swing.Those terrible and intensive firepower are simply a nightmare for the Russians.Countless flames danced in the air, replaced by a large number of corpses.

Mechanism, insensitivity, is now the only attitude every Russian can have.They can t control their own destiny, they don t even know what will happen in the next second.General Shumilov cbd gummies empe still did some things.He ordered all the soldiers to be as close to the German army as possible, to stick together to fight as much as possible, and to weaken the enemy s air force and artillery advantages to the greatest extent.Moscow is also not passively waiting.Although the ground forces were severely weakened in several major battles and could not give Stalingrad more ground support, Moscow mobilized all the country s air power.Desperately fighting for air supremacy with the Luftwaffe.However, at this time, 45 German engineer battalions specially trained for siege arrived in Stalingrad and were put on the battlefield as soon HCMUSSH do you take cbd gummies daily as possible.In a series of operations, the brilliant victory of the Ernst Battle Group was astonishing.The Soviet army lost a large and terrible number of troops in this series of operations only in Stalingrad.Surrounding regular and irregular troops, they killed 470,000 people and captured 390,000 people.30,000 people are missing.The German army and their allies were killed, captured, and missing 80,000 people Judging from this battle, the strength of the German and Soviet armies is no longer on the same level, and the quality of the troops on both sides is terribly declining.Opening a huge gap And in the vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily countless battles that made up the entire Battle of Stalingrad, the Soviets lost most of their equipment, and as for the veterans with combat experience, almost all of them were lost.And of course is just cbd gummies lab tested their senior commanders.Ah, it s Comrade Dimilenko, I really didn t expect to meet you here.Vasilevsky looked at Dimilenko s convoy from a distance What s the matter, it seems that the truck is carrying Are you going out of town Yes, those are the families of traitors Timilenko lowered his voice as he said this I was ordered to escort them personally to an undisclosed locationexecution was ordered by Comrade Stalin himself this is Comrade Stalin s warrant Vasilevsky glanced briefly, then sighed softly, Although I shouldn t ask such a question.But I still boosted cbd gummies 1000mg can t help guessing that the people in the truck are probably the family members of some big shots, right What Dimilenko is most worried about now is that Vasilevsky walked in front of his convoy, the do you take cbd gummies daily family of Marshal Timoshenko.He is too familiar.If he really finds out, then he will definitely try .

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to stop The so called shooting happened But fortunately, such a worrying thing did not happen Yes, they are the families of some big people, but please forgive me, I can t tell you who they are.Zhukov and Vasilevsky were completely shocked when they heard the news.Now, the enemy is about to enter Moscow, but at this time Stalin actually wants to carry out a new big purge This is not an effort to encircle Moscow, this is simply helping the Germans.But Stalin s determination had already been made.He told Zhukov and Vasilevsky There are a large number of traitors hidden in our troops and those who are not firm in their positions.Timoshenko and those who defected on the battlefield are representatives of them.If you cannot be in the army as soon as possible The goal of cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy defending Moscow cannot be achieved at all Zhukov and Vasilevsky tried to persuade him again and again, but Stalin, who had already made up his mind, was unmoved at all, and he handed over this task to Beria, who almost died in his hands a big purge without warning began A large number of Soviet officers who were actively preparing for street fighting were inexplicably arrested.Some of them are working, some are on the road, some are staying at home, and some are still looking up at the distant planes on the street, thinking that these three planes will continue to be the same as before, and they will leave after a patrol .At this time, Marcello on the plane had solemnly announced to the crew into the microphone We are going to bomb Hiroshima in the name of Germany and in the name of Ernst A clear outline of the city appeared under the plane.Everyone in position, ready to drop bombs, put on goggles, Marcello ordered.Align Throw With Marcello s order, the bomb bay door opened automatically.Due to the sudden weight loss of the plane, it jumped up suddenly In an instant, a dazzling white light illuminated the entire aircraft, and a huge circular fireball rose into the air, expanding rapidly in volume.Isn t this what Caesar once said Why were the Romans so frightened when they saw this However, when the professor s eyes fell on the end of the parchment, his whole body was attracted hemp gummies vs cbd cbd gummies empe This damned death knight, he proclaimed himself a baron, and under his leadership, all the barbarians followed Once under his command, the sound of fighting in the name of the baron resounds everywhere Fighting in the cbd gummies how long name of the baron Which baron of barbarians appeared in the history of Germany Professor Delman really can t think of such a person.At this time, his eyes fell on the nine words again I have been here, I have seen, I have conquered Land of Glory is on At the third watch, ask for a monthly ticket for the atomic bomb.Send what is condor cbd gummies good for it at three o clock today, asking for a monthly ticket.Today is the last day of October and the end of the third volume of Infinite Military Base.Gaius was expressionless, and looked at himself with a smile on his face.The servant, the servant shuddered under his gaze.It s too late If you surrendered yesterday, your lives could have been spared the attendant said according to Gaius order.We will surrender only if we accept our conditions Thirty The attendant seemed to have not heard the Celtic leader s words, and he was as expressionless as Gaius.Twenty nine Twenty eight Five The number popped out from the attendant s teeth.When Gaius heard the count to five , he turned and walked down the mountain without hesitation.He had just taken two steps when the gate of the cottage opened, and then the mountain people on the parapet dropped their weapons one after another, and the Celts surrendered.The Celts who could hemp gummies vs cbd cbd gummies empe only see the back of Gaius didn t know, and the commander also secretly breathed a sigh of relief Fortunately, the Celts are very superstitious, and they don t know that there are only more than 200 soldiers on the top of the mountain, and they cherish themselves very much.

No one hated the Romans more than Tibius, and such hatred came from the first war.At that time, Thibius lost many friends.He watched the Romans massacre his compatriots and watched the Romans trample on his land, but he had nothing to do.But now under the leadership of the Consul.The opportunity for vengeance finally presented itself to the Germanians Three more trebuchets failed after losing all their ammunition, but Thibius didn t care.Stone.Stone Thibius voice was still so loud.Suddenly, everything came to gummies 300mg cbd 10mg per piece cbd 30 pack an abrupt stop Stones, where are the stones Thibius yelled angrily, Why did you stop We have no more stones, Thibius Hearing this answer, Tibius was slightly taken aback, but he didn t show the do you take cbd gummies daily slightest fear All Germanian warriors, take up your weapons, and let us follow the consul to fight do you take cbd gummies daily together When they came to the side of the consul, they found that Wang Weiyi was so calm.When Wang Weiyi told his companion this decision, his companion didn t feel any surprise at all.There is nothing that wanderers dare gold bee cbd gummies near me not do, and there is nothing that walkers dare not go to.Now that we are here In this era, what awaits Wang Weiyi is one adventure after another.Si Dao and Elena stay.Wang Weiyi thought for a while Elena is responsible for the connection with Xiaoling, and asked Xiaoling cbd gummies gardnerma to arrange a set of training suitable for the Germans.How our team trains the Germans to become a real army is not good Si Dao is responsible for carrying out specific training in accordance with the outline formulated by Xiao Ling.good.Guo Yunfeng readily agreed.Elina agreed reluctantly.To be honest, she hoped to go on an adventure with Wang Weiyi, but from another point of view, it is indeed inappropriate for a woman to enter the city of Rome with Wang Weiyi.It seems that this is really an interesting era that surprises people anytime, anywhere Mr.Spulius, congratulations.When the meeting ended and everyone congratulated him, Servius came to him I still firmly believe what I just said, there will be a day when you will Become the youngest member of the Senate in the history of Rome.Thank you for your vote for me, and thank you for your blessing.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Although the Senate has approved you to form a legion, But you still have to pay for all the expenses yourself, Servius, if you need anything, you can come to me anytime, anywhere, and I do you take cbd gummies daily will give you all the support.I really don t know how to repay your generosity. Servius said sincerely.Indeed, the formation of the legion is a big problem.For example, the standing legion, all their expenses are borne by Rome, but like the legion of Servius or Centumarus before, all the expenses must be paid by the coach himself, and this is often a very large sum.It was a sign that they agreed to the three young men joining their ranks.Heilmann waited for a while, and nodded without hearing any disapproving sighs.Two big men with spears and shields stepped out from the crowd.They were the fathers of Magath and Lokerenz.They handed their spears and shields to their tribal leaders.Hermann looked solemnly and looked directly at Magath and Lokerenz.Magat Lorenz From today onwards, you are Saxon warriors These are the cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy weapons your father made for you.Remember from now on, they are your life Hellman s high pitched voice Echoes around the camp.Then Heilmann looked over Magath and Lokerenz, who do you take cbd gummies daily were ecstatic with weapons in their forehand.It fell to Rehhagel Jr.The child was standing firm, flushed, biting his lip.Tears rolled in the eyes and refused hemp gummies vs cbd cbd gummies empe to fall.Ya Yi an leaned forward curiously, and sure enough a figure appeared.When this person walked up the forest path, his figure gradually emerged from the darkness.The moonlight shone on him and a horse he was leading.Is it strange to travel at this time the Lombard murmured.The traveler walked with a nervous and evasive manner, stopping and listening attentively at every step he took, which made Ya Yi an believe that he came with some kind of purpose.The visitor stopped in a small circular space not far from him, because two figures suddenly and silently appeared in front of him, blocking his way.Seeing the ghost like person suddenly appearing in front of her, Ya Yi an held her breath, and instinctively shrunk her body The wrath of the frost giant the visitor whispered, while carefully putting his hands on his waist on the hilt.Captain.Your phone number.When Tuska was about to take a sip of wine, the voice interrupted him again, and he couldn t help shouting angrily do you take cbd gummies daily free cbd gummies free shipping What do you want to do today Don t you plan to let me have a good time Have you finished your meal yet Captain, I think you should come and answer the call, it s a call from the major.Although he was very dissatisfied in his heart, Tuska stood up reluctantly and walked to the Received before the call Major, it s me.Ah, I m all right here, nothing happened.What, Germans No, I don t see any Germans here at all.Ah, what Schrottenburg was attacked by the Germans.Attack Really sad news.No, no, I assure you, I have no Germans here.How many did you say More than thirty enemies Possibly pretending to be an American Ah, please wait a moment He looked at the thirty or so Americans who had just entered the barracks, and then shouted Tommy, get off Tommy weapons What did you say, I didn t hear clearly Tommy obviously didn t hear what the captain said clearly.He successfully sneaked into Dessau, and successfully rescued an important intelligence agent who was perfectly captured under the noses of the Americans.This is quite remarkable, but compared with what he did later, he was in Dessau What he did was nothinghe led 30 new skeleton commandos and defeated an infantry battalion and a motorized battalion of the US Army at the cost of 15 deaths Not a sound at all, not a sound in the headquarters.Mark Linman swallowed his saliva General, you mean that Major Moyol and his commando defeated two battalions of Americans Thirty people You heard me right, Chief of Staff Mark Linman When General Olitz said these words, earth shattering cheers erupted in the headquarters.Miracles, this is a real miracle.The miracle belongs to Major Moyol, the miracle belongs to the Skeleton Assault, the miracle belongs to Germany How they did it, no one can know, but Germany hasn t been this happy for a long time.

He is an American, and even if he fails, he must act dignifiedly like a soldier.He commands the few soldiers who are still willing to fight on.Hard to resist the enemy s attack, even though they know that there is no hope.A shell fell not far from them.The air wave from the explosion overturned several American soldiers at once.At this time, even the most determined people know that they cannot succeed.All eyes were on Major Abraham.The major knew that he was playing, so he smiled wryly You have done your best, now you can do what you want.What about you, major Me Major Abraham said in a daze, I It will come in a while, but I want to take a closer look.So far, no one has been able to understand the meaning of Major Abraham s words Honey, I m going to Europe.Ah, dear Abraham, you will come back laden with honors.The tank entered the German positions.Then it stopped slowly.A large number of German soldiers immediately surrounded the tank.After a while, the tank s conning tower was opened, and a young officer jumped out of the tank first.This was a jaw dropping scene the officer looked so young, but what he was wearing, what he was wearing, was unbelievable it turned out to be the uniform of the Luftwaffe Marshal In Germany, only a very small number of old generals can recognize this military uniform this is the German Air Force Marshal Red Baron Manfred Albrecht von.A unique marshal uniform that can only be worn by Richthofen No one here can recognize it A Luftwaffe marshal Jonar and Coleham thought hard, but they couldn t think of such a young air marshal in the German army but.The marshal s uniform worn by the young officer, and the marshal s scepter in his hand.Saint Ernst Just as only one person in Germany deserves to wear that golden skull badge and use that dark black field marshal s scepter, so there is only one person worthy of this title St.Ernst Jonar ignored the surprise do you take cbd gummies daily summer valley cbd gummies website of his subordinates at all, and continued to say with the loudest voice When danger befalls Germany, you will come back When the Skeleton Master is in desperate situation, you will come back Welcome home, Richter Marshal Hofen Welcome home Marshal Ernst Marshal Ernst Marshal Ernst When the name came out of Jonar s mouth, all German officers and soldiers fell into shock.There is only one Field Marshal Richthofen, and only one Field Marshal Ernst When danger befalls Germany, I will come back When the Skeleton Master is in a desperate situation, I will come back Ernst Alexson Von., The sentry told Hart that it had been used for more than 30 minutes, so it was absolutely correct, there was someone in the trunk, and that guy had reached the limit.Apparently, the commander also heard this discordant voice, and urged Hart in a more urgent tone than before Hey, hey, it s okay, I m in a hurry now, let me pass quickly Seeing him in such a hurry, Hart was very happy.Do you want me to let you go quickly I just don t listen to you Hart then said to him with a smiling face I m really sorry, you want to leave the city quickly, so it s not good to keep making things difficult for you, so how about this, you ask my men to check your trunk, as long as it is correct, I will do it for you.Please clear the way, I will come to apologize in person in the future, okay As soon as the words came out, the old guy s brow was sweating, and his hands were tightly squeezed on the steering wheel.I am willing to die for you and for Germany .When he went out, he saw Anne Marie walking towards here under the supervision of several German police officers.Punet glared at her fiercely.It was this woman who almost made herself a sinner in Germany.Anne Marie was captured, and Wang Weiyi asked very simply when facing do you take cbd gummies daily this beautiful woman Speak up, tell me everything you know, and don t deny anything.I have nothing to say, Marshal.Even Under such circumstances, Anne Marie still behaved very calmly I am loyal to Germany, and I enthusiastically contribute my strength to Germany, but I don t quite understand why you arrested me.Miss Anne Marie, play these things The game is meaningless.Wang Weiyi was not angry because of the attitude of the other party I understand your determination, you may sacrifice your life for your own career, and I also think you have done it very successfully.One choice is to be willing to be a subjugated slave, and the second choice is to stand up and resist.The British here obviously made the latter choice.They firmly defended their positions, fired bullets at the enemy with unskilled movements, is it better to take cbd oil or gummies and then gradually became more skilled.They risked enemy bombing.Dodge enemy shells with unskilled moves, then become adept.They withstand the crazy attack of the enemy.Repel the enemy s attacks with unskilled movements, and then become skilled There will always be such a processEveryone will get used to this process Romeo seemed very excited.This was the first time he commanded troops to fight on the front line.If it weren t for the fact that there were too few British officers who came to Germany, it would not be his turn as a colonel.Of course, he also has a secret that most people don t know, he is Her Majesty s cousin.On the watered land Behind me is the statue of Andre Corleone He is a freedom fighter recognized all over the world He is the light of the world In front of me, stands a nation, a nation in humiliation Moaning nation After that war ended, the pride of our nation was gone Those victors rode on our necks to do their best, and they trampled on our dignity at will, the most noble nation on the European continent Dignity You tell me, do you choose to be a freedom fighter like Benjamin Martin, or a slave You may say Mr.Hitler, I need a job, a piece of bread.Yes.You are quite right , life is really important.But I want to tell you.There is one thing in this world that is more important than life, and that is freedom That is dignity On the map of Europe, this is called Germany The country is torn apart and weak.

There is one more very important case that hemp gummies vs cbd cbd gummies empe I think you will be interested in.The reason why I can t wait to kill this artillery position is because it poses a huge threat to Egypt.Egypt Did it not surrender the Americans Wang Weiyi couldn t help being startled.I surrendered, and I surrendered on the day the war broke out.Model explained carefully After the death of the absurd Sultan Farouk I of Egypt.His son Ahmed Fouad succeeded him as Sultan.When the German American War broke out.Fuad immediately announced the surrender of Egypt, but was immediately attacked by the German and British forces stationed in Cairo.Fouad escaped from Cairo and was given asylum by the U.S.military.The Sultan has Farouk I s wife Farida as regent.However, due to the fierce offensive of the Allied forces, in order to avoid more casualties, I sent the German, British and American allied forces to withdraw from Cairo.Wang Weiyi was silent for a while Go home.go home Model didn t understand what Ernst said at all.Go home Wang Weiyi repeated these two words repeatedly Rommel has already returned home.Guderian has gone home.Now.I m taking you and Manstein home.Model was stunned there, and then, he suddenly seemed to think of something Ah, yes, they have all woken up.Wang Weiyi smiled again Yes, my dear friends, they have all woken up when they fell asleep.In order to wake up.I need a new you, and Germany needs a new you.Model.Would you like to go to sleep and wake up again I do.Model s answer is so firm I am willing to do anything for you, just like when I was in the Skeleton Commando.Wang Weiyi stared deeply at his friend Then, give your subordinates an order that you will rest for a few days due to physical reasons.The initial effect was not bad., German soldiers destroyed batch after batch of enemies.But the opponents are cavalry after all, and such tactics will not delay them for long.They rushed into the formation of the German soldiers D Company and G Company.For the do you take cbd gummies daily honor of the Empire For the Baron s will Kill Slat shouted the morale boosting words.The effect of this sentence is very good, the morale of the soldiers has been greatly improved, and they can t help but say for the Baron or for freedom and other similar words.They all became crazy war tigers one by one, and rushed into Naturf s cavalry to fight with them.Slat rushed to the front row, picked up a grenade, and threw a grenade into the enemy s formation.Suddenly, with an explosion, 4 or 5 cavalrymen flew in all directions.Many soldiers followed Slater s method and threw grenades, and indeed many of them were blown up.But in exchange, the Model assault gun in Heisenberg s do you take cbd gummies daily hand must be handed over to the command of the two armored soldiers sent by Rutherford.Although Zoff strongly objected, but after weighing it, everyone finally agreed.However, Bolo The appearance of Major Ersky also brought new problems.What You are saying it again Hasson shook his head.He couldn t believe what he heard.That s right, kid.The old sniper took a sip of the coffee in his cup and sighed softly They have assembled a large number of troops in the north of the city.Heisenberg had just sent off the soldiers who came to carry the shells.What s the situation Heisenberg came among them, and several junior commanders were sitting around the old sniper.Major Junker said that he found that the Russians had assembled in the north of the city during the routine hunting this morning.No, no, I didn t do it Duyoshenko turned pale, I never killed Lord Lilypolsky, never.I swear to you Khmelitsky shrugged Who knows You are not the only one who has the final say.As we all know, your wife has a special relationship with the Minister of Security.As a man, There will always be expressions of anger.Ah, of course, and that ornamental button we found on the spot.As far as I know, there is only one such button in Moscow, and it was given to you by His Majesty the Tsar.Yours Where s the button Duyoshenko s face got even worsehe didn t know how to explain ithell, what did he provoke Why did my buttons fall there That is the only button in the whole of Moscow.If the Grand Duke knew all of this, then no matter whether the person killed himself or not, the Grand Duke s character would definitely not let him go.Saint Ernst Major General Jeckart, the commander of the Army Junior Division, called out loudly.Saint Ernst All the officers and soldiers of the Army Junior Division raised their right arms straightly and called loudly and frantically.I have to apologize to you.Unexpectedly, Ernst.Marshal Bram bowed deeply to them, and then straightened up War is a bloody game among adults, and you should not be involved.You should be in school now, with your own Classmates together.Or vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily should be at home, with your parents.But our military resources are insufficient, so we have to use you.Children, I know you are the bravest Germans, the most loyal German soldiers, but not here Belongs to you After finishing speaking, he said word by word in a shocking manner Now, I order, the Army Junior Division, to disband There was silence around, even though the enemy vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily s artillery was still bombing, it was still a strange silence.At this time, Hoffman s voice suddenly came Don t fire someone is crawling out They are finished When we were only a few meters away from the American tank, Mel, who had a tacit understanding, took the first Three shells were sent into the enemy turret.The American tanks completely collapsed.The violent explosion tore its iron skin from the inside, and its turret flew off As for the American tanker who was climbing out of the roof He was torn in half by the violent explosion the lower limbs were stuck on the deformed turret, and the whole body was thrown tens of meters away along with the upper limbs Kyritz knew exactly vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily what Hoffman meant just now.Damn pity always hung over Hoffman s mind like a ghost.Blurred his judgment on the situation.Hoffman What did you mean just now Should we let the American tanker go Turn 180 degrees turn Marina slammed into the burning American tank frantically, and then it screeched to a halt.

Amid the sound of rumbling war drums, the battle hardened Italian legions lined up neatly, waiting for Garibaldi s order.This is an unfair competition.3000 Italian soldiers have to face each other.Against 20,000 well equipped French troops.The sick Garibaldi took the lead.The slogan of Long live the Republic resounded through the sky, and the Italian Army launched an overwhelming counterattack.At 7 30, the two villas returned to the hands of the Republic.The French army Killed to death.Garibaldi s red cloak appeared there, and the French army fled.Oudinot and Vaillant were red eyed, and the pro supervisor troops fought repeatedly.The villa was full of dead bodies.The French army Even using bloody corpses to build fortifications What what does this mean Catadona looked confused.Di Nakale looked how much are cbd gummy bears dragons den to the side, then lowered his voice In Mr.Thus, such a scene was formed on the battlefield.A group of Russians had HCMUSSH do you take cbd gummies daily their guns handed over and squatted together.Surrounded by a group of hideous German soldiers.A few minutes later, the soldiers Naba and DeGro sent to search came back one after another.There are only more than 20 Russians who surrendered in the stronghold.In this battle, four of them were killed and five were injured, including Degro.So the question before De Gro now is do you take cbd gummies daily how to deal with these Russians who surrendered Nine hundred and eighty one.The current time for hand to hand combat is very tight.If you want to guard it, you must assign a few people to guard it, but De Gro believes that there will be continuous rescue teams rushing to stronghold a soon.At that time, if the surrendered people in front of them turn back again, it is difficult to guarantee that their own side will not be attacked.Yes, it s going well.Khmelitsky hurriedly replied Gregory is completely in a mess.While he is constantly begging the United States to increase aid, he is even preparing to conduct secret negotiations with Germany.A do you take cbd gummies daily smile appeared on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth Are you negotiating Mr.Khmelitsky.Please tell the Grand Duke that you have some powerful friends in Germany, and you may arrange for him.I think you know what to do.How should I say it Yes, Your Excellency the Baron.Khmelitsky immediately understood the other party s meaning I will convince Gregory that the Germans are preparing to negotiate.Gentlemen.Wang Weiyi s gaze changed from These Russians were scanned one by one The heroic German soldiers and those Ukrainian soldiers who dared to resist tyranny are rapidly approaching Kursk and will soon reach Moscow.You must know that a large part of the confiscated property of those prisoners fell into their pockets.Just as Wang Weiyi said before, they are actually no different from Gregory Not only that, as the power grew, Milosevic and Khmelitsky became more and more courageous, and they actually turned their brains on do you take cbd gummies daily the former Grand Duchess Solkina.In their view.Although Gregory was ruthlessly deprived of everything by the baron, the emaciated camel was bigger than the horse.Gregory must have some secret possessions.The only one who knows the whereabouts of these properties is probably Sulkina.They still had some scruples about Solkina, because behind her was Baron Alexon, but as their greed became stronger, they began to have an illusion that the baron still needed them, and there were women around the baron.Hitler smiled and said Germany has never given up, and none of us has ever given up.Baron, something like belief will exert unimaginable power at certain times Rommel nodded in agreement After we won the second battle of Berlin, The impact achieved was huge, large scale uprisings occurred in a large number of occupied areas, and the local Allied forces were attacked like a nightmare.And the newly formed legions have also been put into the front line one after another.Coupled with the Turkish and Ukrainian troops that are about to arrive, Berlin already has the conditions to counterattack Although the situation still cannot be overly optimistic, at least it is moving towards Good development.Especially after the U.S.economy has been severely hit, there have been serious differences in the U.I repeat, the landing point has been established, do not fire at an infrared marker point seventy yards east of blue 970 Mark the point and fire, over Gormand 40da Pozik looked at the wounded soldier lying on the ground writhing in pain, and frowned.There was one man whose ankle was broken and the foot bent into an unthinkable shape.Some had lost limbs, exposing bloody muscles and blood vessels.One person s ribs were exposed, and the red bones expanded and contracted with the breathing of the lungs.Some people s heads were covered with blood, and several layers of gauze were wrapped around them to no avail.The medics were so busy that they wished they could grow another hand to relieve the pressure.ah The screams cut Pozik s eardrums and made him go crazy.The 42nd Assault Battalion has entered the blue cbd gummies omaha ne zone The walkie talkie rang again.Wang Weiyi nodded with a solemn expression And I also cbd gummies to get high saw that Apuya and Landis were very brave.Even if they fell into the hands of the police, they still did not forget hemp gummies vs cbd cbd gummies empe to shout slogans.Support you soon The revolution that started They will die soon Lantes said equally sadly The police are getting more and more crazy, and once they catch our people, they will often go without trial Execute immediately.Gentlemen, I think we have lost two more outstanding comrades, please let us mourn for them.He bowed his head first, and then.Everyone in the conference room bowed their heads like him a while.Orange was the first to raise his head, and he seemed to have noticed something was wrong with do you take cbd gummies daily the other party I m very surprised, why are my people always arrested Gentlemen, in the Department of Operations that I m in charge of, front and back Eighteen people have been arrested.

How are your negotiations with us going Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.Your Excellency the Baron, I have to admit that define cbd gummies the result is frustrating Robertson shrugged Their commander used to be my subordinate.I had a dinner with them after entering Paris, and tried them to a certain extent during the dinner, however, I found them completely loyal to the Cathar government, and I don t believe any force can make them make any changes That s really a pity.Wang Weiyi smiled indifferently I originally thought that all people should be revolutionaries, but the result disappointed me very much.Since they are unwilling to stand in the ranks of the revolution, let them completely stand on the opposite side of the revolution.Robito and Berkeley glanced at each other, and then there were smiles on the corners of their mouths Since they are not willing to stand in the ranks of the revolution, let them stand in the revolution completely The so called revolution, in the eyes of many people, seems to be extremely sacred, but in the eyes of Baron Alexon, it is nothing more than a game.Minister of Finance.In his office, Nash said Why do you go to such a small coffee shop when you are busy with work Yesileng He glanced at him coldly Does a minister of finance have to report to you, the national police chief Of course not, and I m not interested in asking about your private life.Nash smiled But If it s about selling the national interest, I have to ask.National interest Yess almost thought he heard it wrong.What does going to a cafe by himself have to cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy do with the national interest Nash brought a document in front of Yess Mr.Finance Minister, please take a closer look.Is this what you wrote and your signature Yess only glanced briefly, Then he recognized that this was the proof he wrote to Paris.He nodded and said, Yes, I wrote this.Is there any problem with it Since you can admit that you wrote it, then there is no problem.Traman cbd gummies empe 10mg cbd gummy appear in front of me within a week After explaining this important matter, Wang Weiyi immediately ordered Paris You go back immediately America, find a young man named Shukako, I think he can be easily found vitamin shoppe cbd gummies do you take cbd gummies daily in the criminal files of the American police. A young man Is there anything particularly important about him Paris didn t seem to understand very well.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly He is the son of General Gendra.Paris understood completely in an instant Wang Weiyi still maintained his smile This is a rebellious young man.Every parent will always be forced to do you take cbd gummies daily encounter this special period for their children.General Gandela has no good solution.If this is the case, I think We can help him deal with family conflicts.Paris, I think you should know what you do without me saying more.Yes, I know what I should do.George, you swore before you went to the witness stand, do you take cbd gummies daily I hope you can tell us the truth George s lips began to tremble, and he tremblingly said Yes , Mr.Shukako did come to the bar that night and left around 10 o clock after drinking.Then I got off work too.Ah, I didn t mean to perjure, and Officer Leeson found me later.He demanded that I have to Say that, or I ll get myself into trouble.With a boom , the entire jury box and public auditorium were in complete chaos Quiet, quiet The judge had to raise his voice.Sound can keep the scene quiet.Nonsense When police officer Leeson was summoned again, his face was deformed with anger I never threatened anyone, that s what he told me when I found George that day.No.I swear, I never threatened George, why would I do it I have no reason to do it Because your wife is black Randolph said suddenly, Dear jurors, Leeson The police officer s wife is a black man.But even so.The French government at that time did not dare to move him.Sometimes the accuracy of the information that this person has even surpassed that of the government Belt.I think you should know Adams.Will said the name slowly.Colonel Tarrant nodded silently Yes, the new leader of the Irish Republican Army.A leader of the anti Japanese armed forces wanted by the government, he is also from Moyle, it is said that he often comes to Moyle, but unfortunately I have never succeeded in capturing him.Do you really want to catch him in your heart Will shook his head in disbelief No, in fact, both you and the policemen of Moir s Internal Guard are Adams sympathizers.Ah, maybe not all of them.Colonel Tarrant was frightened Hey, Will, you can t talk nonsense about this, otherwise it will bring us trouble.Now, these Canadians are not fighting for some allies, let alone for some Frank, they are just fighting for themselves.If possible, they are really willing to put down their weapons and surrender immediately Marshal Ernst.When they saw Marshal Ernst appear on the battlefield, Romeo, Major Stroop and Annuo do you take cbd gummies daily rushed him Welcomed into the temporary headquarters We have controlled the initiative on the battlefield, and the battle will end by tonight at the latest, and the vast majority of Canadians will be wiped out here.Too slow.Wang Weiyi frowned He frowned The battle here must be ended as soon as possible.Mr.Annuo, I heard that you rejected Canada s many requests to surrender, and also killed some captured prisoners Only then did Annuo do you take cbd gummies daily summer valley cbd gummies website know that Lieutenant Colonel Moyol was actually the magical Baron Alexon.Wang Weiyi issued his own order do you take cbd gummies daily All the free army and civilian armed forces withdrew from the main battlefield and took up auxiliary work.Install more tweeters for me and keep playing, I want every Canadian to know that the war must end.The Freedom Army and civilian armed forces are not well controlled, and once Canadian prisoners appear, they may soon arouse their incomparable anger, and Wang Weiyi does not want to take such a risk.soon.At his command, a major shift took place on the battlefield.The craziest Liberals and civilians who do you take cbd gummies daily had shown themselves in battle began to withdraw from the field, and it all fell on the ears of the Canadians.Then.The newly erected tweeters kept calling for Canadian soldiers to lay down their weapons immediately within an hour, their lives will be fully respected, and they will be sent to a prisoner of war camp to be treated as a prisoner of war deserves.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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