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Don t, don t In order to prevent Tang Shuang from robbing by force, she took a bite, and her nose was sticky, I living tree cbd gummies ve eaten it.Tang Shuang waved his hand generously Brother let my sister be justified, let me eat it for you., I early bird cbd gummies m hungry first.Bai Jingjing rushed over, drooling and looking at Tangtanger.Only then did Tang Shuang remember that the dog hadn t eaten anything today.Eat the cake obediently, and I ll prepare dog food for Bai Jingjing, Tang Shuang ordered.Okay Tang Tang was concentrating on the cake, but had no time to deal with Tang Shuang.Let s go, idiot, I almost starved you to death.Tang Shuang greeted the puppy.Tang Shuang thought she was talking about her, and was still staring at the cake in the small plate, but the words were directed at Tang Shuang, I will beat you, Tang Tang is not an idiot.

The day has passed, what s the point of Jinyi s night walk Tangtang er doesn t know what brocade clothes are for night travel, she only knows that she can wear them beautifully, and she is very happy.This one looks good, how about wearing it Don t Wow, this is super pretty, you must be a princess in it Don t You must like this one, how cute the bunny is Don t Tang Shuang was discouraged, so she picked up the candies and asked her to pick them herself.I thought it was because my aesthetics were not on the same frequency as Candy s, but I smiley face cbd gummies didn t expect Tangy s to be inaccurate in choosing clothes.She had clothes picking syndrome at a young age, and it s even worse when she s older Under Tang Shuang s constant urging, Tangtanger reluctantly picked out clothes and changed into them, then looked in the mirror again and again, and looked again and again.

Dangzhi is a human being.Chapter 57 Stalker I m the cutest Xiao Shuang Aha Tang Tanger jumped out, reached out to block Tang Shuang s way, and looked at him with a smile.Tang Shuang shifted her direction I won t tell you, give up your heart.Tang Tanger hung behind Tang Shuang like a follower, and said coquettishly, Just say a little bit It s okay for a child to gossip like this Well, this is a disease and it needs to be cured.Tang Shuang quickly ran to Tang Shuang, and for the tenth time opened her hands to block Tang Shuang s early bird cbd gummies way What s your girlfriend s name After the news of Tang Shuang s broken love, the little guy s heart of gossip was activated.Last night, he stalked Tang Shuang so that he couldn t sleep.After finally getting early bird cbd gummies over it, Tang Shuang thought Tangtanger would forget about it after a night of sleep, and even if she early bird cbd gummies didn reddit cbd gummies anxiety joy organics cbd gummies for sleep t, at least she wasn t so curious.

On the way, Tangtanger said, I m so sad today Tang Shuang glanced at her and said, Didn t you have fun with Little Putao just now Tangtanger pouted, But it was so sad when my sister left.I cried a lot of tears.Tang Shuang teased her You also know that you cried a lot So many people watched you cry, are you ashamed Tangtanger kicked her feet in embarrassment when she recalled The Lun family It s a child.Tang Shuang My sister should be in Shengjing now, do you want to call her to inquire about her safety Candy was so eager, she immediately spread her little hands Give me the phone Tang Shuang Don t you have a mobile phone yourself Tang Tanger smiled and took out her small mobile phone, pressed the number 1 button with her chubby fingers, beeped a few times, and the call was connected, and Tang Zhen s gentle and pleasant voice came sound.

After entering the private room, the manager skillfully called a beautiful woman to accompany him.The boss has a big face, and he dominates two of them, one for the manager and one for Ye Liang.The boss runs a chain restaurant.His surname is Zhang.He is around 50 years old.Ye Liang suppressed the discomfort and just chatted with the beauties around him.Boss Zhang expressed his dissatisfaction when he saw it.The young man had to let it go, and blamed the beauties for not taking the initiative, and instigated a glass of kissing wine first.The manager knew the identity of Young Master Ye Liang, and seeing that he was really not used to it, he quickly helped him block it.Just then, Tang Shuang s call came.After Ye Liang went to answer the phone outside the box, he found out that it was Candy.He chatted with him about Woof Squad , puppies, and candy After experiencing the social scene just now, his heart was a little impetuous at this moment Instantly calmed down, he was chatting with Tangtanger enthusiastically while thinking about his work.

He has revenge So he intentionally sat next to Tang Zhen, squeezed her body to one side, and before she could reprimand him, he snatched the book from her hand again.Show me, you re obsessed all day long, so don t let it go.Tang Zhen Give it back to me quickly Tang Shuang wanted to tease the Frost Goddess, and said forcefully, I don t.What he did was not killing him by touching his head, but the stunt of pulling his ears that he had used for more than ten years.Tang Zhen s ear pulling was like Xiao Li Feidao.All opponents knew that he was going to throw a flying reddit cbd gummies anxiety joy organics cbd gummies for sleep knife, and they thought they were fully prepared, but the end result was the same.The prestige of no case without false hair.Tang Shuang thought she was ready to deal with Tang Zhen pulling her ears, but she early bird cbd gummies still couldn t avoid it The right ear was grabbed, and he was instantly beaten back to his original shape.

Be patient, Tangtanger, what do you think of my attitude now, is it kind Tangtanger asked, What is kindness Tang Shuang patted his forehead and automatically skipped this annoying question, his experience told him , this question is followed by a whole host of questions.Candy is a hundred thousand reasons.Tang Shuang Let s start the story.Today, we will tell the story of Ding Dong and his friends going to the Antarctic for adventure.Tang Tanger asked Where is the South Pole Tang Shuang It is the southernmost point, where there are snow and icebergs , and seals, very cold.Tang Tanger asked What is a seal Tang Shuang said irresponsibly A seal is a kind of leopard, imagine it yourself.Tang Tanger said in a daze I don t know, I haven t seen it, Xiaoshuang, have you seen it Tang Shuang said he had, Tangtanger asked her mother if she had seen it, Huang Xiangning also said yes, Tangtanger asked her sister if she had, Tang Zhen said she had seen it.

At this moment, Zhong Weichen came out, the girl was hosting, it was very typhoon, on such a huge stage, she was full of momentum as a little girl, holding the stage firmly.The next program was a singing program.A beautiful girl in a white dress stepped onto the stage and danced.As she dances, a boy walks onto the stage singing a song.It s hard to forget the first time I saw you.A pair of charming eyes.You are in my mind.I can t let go.I hold your hands and feel your tenderness.It s really breathless.I want to cherish your innocence.Seeing I will be sad if you are wronged.I am afraid that I will fall in love with you myself.I dare not let myself get too close.I am afraid that I have nothing to give you.Loving you also takes a lot of courage The boy sang, it was Tang Shuang s Love Is Your Last resort.

Tangtanger Go ahead with the elephant in style, she is an old hand, Tang Sanjian taught her personally.I won t be afraid of you Tang Shuang Come on, come on, see the real chapter on the chessboard, I really thought I would become a fool when I drank.She was better than most children of the same age, and Tang Shuang wanted to tease her, but the girl focused her eyes, resting her chin with one hand, and holding the chess pieces with the other, very serious.After five minutes of fighting, there were fewer and fewer pieces on the chessboard.Under Tang Shuang s water release, the two met each other, and anyone could win, 50 royal blend cbd gummies reddit cbd gummies anxiety 50.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning cheered Tangtanger up, the girl s round face was full of seriousness, extremely serious.Seeing such a chick, Tang Shuang turned on the water again Hahahaha I won, I reddit cbd gummies anxiety joy organics cbd gummies for sleep won, I defeated Xiaoshuang, hehe I beat you Hee hee hee Candy, who was happy to win, jumped All of a sudden, he jumped off the chair and circled the table three times, venting the excitement in his heart What are katie couric cbd gummy early bird cbd gummies you doing What are you going to do You can t sit down here anymore.

Candy said with a smile Xiaoshuang is so stupid, this is 3 yeah Huh Now it was Tang Shuang s turn to be shocked, this is the word 3 Show me, if I m blind.Tang Shuang took Tangtang er s homework book in her hand, and looked closely with all her strength, wow Half of the 3 characters were actually not closed.It s really 3, and your writing is too early bird cbd gummies ugly, who can recognize it Teacher Zhang definitely doesn t know it.Candy said naturally That can t blame me What a little thorn Tang Shuang do i want to buy gummies with cbd or hemp turned to the first few pages of the homework book, which contained Tangtanger s previous homework and teacher Zhang s grading.What s the full score for your homework Candy said without any shame 100 points.Tang Shuang I still have 100 points, are you embarrassed Let s see what points you got, 39 points, 58 points , 40 points, 53 points, ouch, this is the highest, it has 60 points, it s over, Tang Tang children s shoes, you can t even pass, how did you get mixed up like this, maybe you will be expelled from the kindergarten.

Okay, let s settle here.Tang Shuang pushed Tang Yu out, and the young man was very clever.Brother Director Ye, I m my uncle s nephew Tang Yu.Yu means elegant, cultured and knowledgeable.I m here for an interview with Tang Xiaomi today.I think I m suitable for this role.Give me a chance.I ll definitely I will not let down the expectations of Dao Ye, my uncle, and my aunt Finally, he shouted a slogan The mission must be accomplished Ye Liang said happily Have fighting spirit, be clever enough, I like it, come, come, Let s chat.Tang Shuang left Tang Shuang with her hand, creating a space for the director and actors to be alone.Tang Shuang was worried about her little nephew and didn t want to leave.In the end, she was taken away by Tang Shuang.Before leaving, she was still telling the director and the actors.

If you don t tell it, how will I know you want to hear it Do you want to hear it or not, just say it, or just nod your head, turn your legs, I have told you how many times, if you have something to say, don t hold it in your heart, who knows what you are thinking if you hold it in your heart , I don t know what you are thinking and how to meet your needs, for example, for early bird cbd gummies Shuangshuang, love should be spoken out loud.Guo Zifeng What the hell is this today How could I have made friends with two of these guys Ye Liang early bird cbd gummies laughed and put his arms around Guo Zifeng s shoulders Xiao Shuang looks like a good person, but in fact he has a bad stomach.This kind of person is the most to be wary of.If you are not careful, you will be deceived by him.Unlike me, who is open and honest, who wants to deceive you You and I will also remind you first, right Give me your mobile phone, and I will send a text message to Shuangshuang, just saying that I miss her, I need you, now Guo Zifeng was going to be spoiled by these two people.

Tang Shuang wiped the sweat from her forehead, how envious and jealous the little man is.Tang Shuang She is a singer like my sister, and you can only stand up if you sing very well.Tang Tanger was not convinced The Lun family sings very well too Brother Ye Zi and Brother Guo Zi, right Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng Praise, the singing is very nice, pure and natural, not artificial, no need to use skills to win.Tang Tanger was happy, and looked at Tang Shuang.The meaning in her big eyes was, look, everyone said I sang well.Tang Shuang didn t care, this was not my sunmed cbd gummies for anxiety home, and it was absolutely not allowed.Tang Shuang s acting like a baby didn t work, and said, Can that little leaf sing Tang Shuang said with disgust, His singing is ugly, even worse than a crow s cry.If you don t believe me, ask Brother Guo Zi.

Finally, under the education of the two parents, the little man finally nodded and said that she no longer dared to pat people s butts, especially Tang Xiaoshuang s, because she was afraid of farting.Can I take pictures of Jingjing s butt I can early bird cbd gummies t take pictures HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies of human butts, but it should be fine for puppies.Tang Xiaowu actually wants to take pictures of hers, but the parrot is too small and it is very difficult to take pictures.Huang Xiangning said that Jingjing s butt cannot be photographed because it is unhygienic.Tang Shuang laughed loudly Little man, you have early bird cbd gummies cbd gummies store near me to control your hands now.If you can t help it, take a selfie.Tang Shuang What is a selfie Tang Shuang grabbed Tang Tang er s little hand and held it Teach her, slap pat her little butt twice, and said That s how you do it, you know.

Candy often ate and drank by Li Dun s side.Why did Li Dun and Tangtang have a good relationship They became friends because they loved to eat, and they became friends because they could eat.The friendship between foodies is not something others can understand.Tang Shuang said that Tangtanger, a villain, would not be starved, she had plenty of ways, and there was nothing wrong with her words.In the following itinerary, Li Dun naturally joined Li Dun, mainly because Candy was reluctant early bird cbd gummies to leave.When I first started climbing, I didn t eat breakfast for long, my stomach was bulging, and Candy could still control myself, but now I ve been climbing for so long, and I ve almost finished digesting, and it s time for small animals to eat So, Candy With Qiqi, Xiaojin and Xiaoputao, they helped Li Dun climb the mountain together, claiming that they were helpful and helping friends in difficulties.

Tang Shuang was besieged and could not move an inch.Tangtanger escaped unharmed, thinking of Xiaoshuang cheating her just now, she said angrily Xiaoshuang, you little pig, if you have the ability, you can catch me Lie The last one was sticking out her tongue and making a grimace.Tang Shuang Are you playing crazy today, do you need me to put you in the pond to calm down And this kind of torture Tangtang er was a little scared.Although she was her own sister, Xiaoshuang could do it.Hmph I won t be afraid of you Catch me if you have the ability Ten minutes later, Tangtanger was arrested, and the atmosphere was a bit serious.Tang Shuang took her little hand and left the kindergarten, then pushed her into the car.Boom da The doors are closed and locked I can t run away now.Tang Shuang Do you want toChallenge me, don t you Tangtang er raised her head, her flushed face made people really want to kiss her, but she thought it was a little chili pepper, so it was better not to kiss her, otherwise she would be arrogant and lawless.

Do you want to go backstage to see my sister How about we go and see, I can t guarantee that we will see you.The backstage of the party was crowded with people, and it was no quieter than the scene in front of the stage.Tang Shuang held Candy and wanted to pretend to be a cast member He sneaked in, but was stopped by security personnel.In fact, Tang Shuang s outfit was quite similar, and she was quite imposing, but the little Tangtanger suddenly early bird cbd gummies said, Run, run, little Shuang, he is looking at us.Can this not be stopped Tang Shuang and Tangtanger stood five meters away from the backstage this is the shortest distance clearly required by the security personnel , and said to Tangtanger angrily You said you are usually stupid and bold, why did you lose the chain at a critical moment What do you say you are afraid of, brother is still afraid of him here Tangtanger felt that she could not be blamed for not letting him in, and retorted Then Xiaoshuang beat him down, let s go in.

Suddenly thinking of something, she said vigilantly, Don t give it to BRA, or I ll never end with you.Tang Shuang On Huang Weiwei s birthday last year, Tang Shuang claimed to give her a cbd gummies d8 big gift, which made Huang Weiwei happy, but when she opened it, it was the black lace bra, which made her very angry.Tang Shuang was still plausible at the time, and she didn t play tricks on you.The big gift that was promised was indeed a big gift, especially a big gift, covered in bras Tang Shuang early bird cbd gummies Look at what you said, am I that boring If you want to give a gift, of course you have to give something suitable.Then whispered that I would give you a small one.Huang Weiwei didn t hear clearly, but she had a premonition that the words were not good how long do cbd gummies stay fresh What did you say It s nothing, nothing, come on Huang Weiwei raised her small fist at Tang Shuang, expressing that if she dared to tease her, she would definitely not let it go this time.

Tang Shuang was speechless I m not interested in that pile of shells at all.I don t even want it if you give it to me.Candy said angrily Don t even think about it, I won t give it to you It s mine I worked so hard I caught it.Tang Shuang said to Huang Xiangning Look at this cheapskate Then she said to Tangtanger Did you forget that my brother caught it for you Did I give you the wooden pole you used to catch babblings Did you do it And the biggest one, babbling on a tall tree trunk, did I catch it for you In order to catch it for you, I fell into the thorn bushes, and my hand hurt so much, little Did you forget, Zhuzhu Do you still have a conscience Tang Tanger seemed to remember that Xiaoshuang had helped her a lot, and smiled shyly at him.The face of a child, the day of June, changes as soon as it is said, without any embarrassment at all, the change is extremely natural.

Candy smiled and replied crisply Okay It was Tang Zhen s turn to say later that the girl s wish was very simple, she hoped that her grandparents would be in good health, and that her parents would always smile Tang Shuang interrupted Don t flatter me, Talk about the most important thing, wish Tang Zhen gave him a dissatisfied look.Tang Shuang smiled and said, Why are you staring at me Think I don t know if you see me in your eyes Hmph Huang Weiyi almost spit out his food, and he has never seen such a shameless boy.Couldn t help asking Tang early bird cbd gummies Shuang You are so early bird cbd gummies cbd gummies store near me thick skinned, why don t you have a girlfriend It s unscientific Tang Shuang squinted at her, and said with a sneer, This shows that early bird cbd gummies I am a dedicated person, and I don t start easily.Don t let go after the beginning.Huang Weiwei was amazed, but didn t say anything, Xiao Shuangzi seemed to be quite serious about her relationship.

Seeing Tang Shuang s surprised gaze, Pan Fugui sighed, and said, My father and my mother met in college.It is said that they were very good at that time, but after graduation they quarreled every day and left me alone after I was born.It didn t take reddit cbd gummies anxiety long.Divorced Oh, these irresponsible adults don t have a single good thing, hum Pan Lunzhe divorced HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies Tang Shuang only heard Brother Sanjian say that he was very good at academics, but now he heard Pan Fugui say that he was not very good in life, on the contrary, he seemed a bit bad.Tang Shuang said, What you said has some truth, but you can early bird cbd gummies t cover it all As he spoke, he opened his big hands to cover Tangtang er s little face.Don t let me look at the good looking ones Tangtang er was a little angry, babbling, trying to peel off the big hateful hand covering her face, but Tang Xiaoshuang was determined not to let her see it, and finally couldn t struggle, and opened her mouth to bite.

Little pigs lay on the balcony on the second floor to see the rain silk line, and ticks.She remembered the hoe on the small woods.I didn t hear them for a while.Some are not used to it.Little Pig still likes to be lively, but she feels uncomfortable if it is too quiet.A gust of wind and rain slanted down on the balcony.Tangtanger didn t pay attention, and was covered by a dense layer of rain, and hurried back home.Seeing a small pine tree on the balcony, she felt so pitiful, little The pine tree was not wanted by the pine tree mother, so she rushed over and hugged it back, and then closed the glass door of the balcony with a clatter.Put down the small pine tree, looked outside the house, finally gave up the bold idea of going outside to play, retreated into the house, leaned on the railing, and looked down at the father, brother and a strange uncle in the living room.

Be careful hey Pan Fugui just reminded, Tangtang er hit the road with his slippery car The Youth Film Festival finally opened, and many outsiders came to Guangdong University.Such a bustling atmosphere made Candy very excited.He started yelling from the moment he woke up that he was going to go shopping Tang Sanjian went to the college early in the morning.Although the film festival did not involve the Faculty of Arts, he was worried and went to see it.Huang Xiangning made an appointment with a friend for a beauty treatment today, but he has already left.Only Tang jolly cbd gummies dr oz Shuang and Tangtang were left in the old Tang s house.Candy can only count on Xiaoshuang to take her shopping and eating, saying that she can t wait for a minute She lay on the balcony on the second floor and looked at the faint crowd in the distance.

Wu Shulian s words secretly touched the minds of the three people.Zhang Tianfeng Is the Tang Shuang that Shu Lian is talking about directed by Zhang Fei, the author of Heroes Thinking about it rationally, it is impossible.The villain Tang Shuang is still studying, and he has never heard of him writing a book, let alone writing a book or making a movie.There is a 99 chance that he has the same name.She was reluctant to say bad things about that Tang Shuang, but this Tang Shuang was perfectly fine, let him be punished for his crimes, and let this girl vent her anger Who told him to also be called Tang Shuang So Shang Hui blah blah blah blah cbd gummies toads What he said was not so obvious, like throwing two grains of sand in his shoes, he lipht cbd gummies 1000mg would only feel the shock when he ran vigorously.Wu Shulian found Shang Hui more pleasing to the eye, this girl is really a confidant.

It was the first time for those present to listen to it completely, and many stood by Wu Shulian, filled with righteous indignation.Wu Shulian has a complex personality and cannot be judged by good or bad.He has rich experience in filmmaking, and he is willing to share his knowledge.At today s salon, he taught his experience to many young directors present, so he is very popular and respected by everyone.But he has a small heart, he likes to listen to good things, and he can t listen to others negation.If anyone speaks bad things about him behind his back and he hears them, he will never forget them and take revenge when he gets the chance.Tang Shuang was not the first person he targeted, nor would he be the last.Tang Shuang I didn t say the two things director Wu said Wu Shulian didn t believe it Do you admit it Tang Shuang said frankly HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies I said it, and I said it.

Tang Shuang kicked Ye Liang quietly, and Ye Liang understood immediately, and responded instead of Tang Shuang It s the Romance of the Dragon and Snake Let me tell you, junior sister Are you talking about Dragon and Snake The young director in front replied again Turning his head, he asked in amazement.He couldn t help being surprised, yesterday he was still arguing about dragons and snakes, Fei Huang almost .

do cbd gummies work better then the drops?

got the film and television rights, Wu Shulian almost became its director, but it was heard that it was sold in a blink of an eye.Who did you sell it to Tang Shuang O O Dare you have been eavesdropping, just eavesdrop, please don t be so blatant We are enemies, and you just satirized us.Ye Liang seized the opportunity He sneered and said, Not everyone can know such important news.Go back, go back, don t eavesdrop on us anymore, or spank your ass There was a crackling laugh from the side.

What will you do if a bad person comes up You told us before that there were two people, so we could rest assured.Now you re alone.How worried.Huang Weiwei seemed not to hear, and opened the package with great interest, first she opened the small package with the words candy on it, and took out a little tiger doll from it with a smile Tang Shuang Tangtanger reluctantly gave you this, saying it was to protect your safety.The tiger in the forest is the king.Huang Weiwei Oh, she gave it to me, wouldn t her own safety be guaranteed Tang Shuang Shuang With me, it s as good as a tiger company.By the way, I m asking you something.Come back with me and show you big stars.Huang Weiwei put the little tiger on the bedside, and continued to disassemble it enthusiastically.Bao, took the time to reply No.

The more Tang Shuang looked at it, the more worried she became.She used the excuse of going to the toilet and planned to call Huang Xiang to report the truth, but there was no HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies signal on the phone I turned around on the hillside, holding my phone up high, but there was no signal at all.Huang Weiwei stood in front of the house, laughing I knew Xiaoshuang that you are unreliable, you little k2 life cbd gummies shark tank person who likes to complain I want to destroy you on behalf of Tangtang After finishing speaking, she chased after her with a broom made of bamboo branches.This girl is going to hit someone Zhuping Elementary School, which is extremely bleak at night, is finally lively tonight Fortunately, the village at the foot of the mountain is far away, otherwise I would have thought it was a mountain ghost when I heard the noise.

Oh Among the things I bought were early bird cbd gummies footballs, volleyball nets, guitars, and 27 small school bags, stationery, and story books, one set for each child.Tang Shuang There is also an electric women s motorcycle.They will deliver it tomorrow.You can ride a motorcycle when you go out in the future, and you can also walk on mountain roads, but you must go slowly.Huang Weiwei s eyes were sparkling, and he snorted and said My old lady posted it, haha Little Shuangzi really has money Sugar daddy sugar daddy Hey, by the way, how much money do you have Last time you ran away, tell me this time Tang Shuang looked at her contemptuously and said, It s not a matter of money or not Huang Weiwei What kind of problem is that Tang Shuang touched her heart beating violently and said, It s a matter of heart Huang Weiwei It s rare that he didn t refute him, but half an hour later Huang Weiwei Is this the heart problem you said I said you are ashamed, such a big man, you want to listen to a story, and it s a story about a kitten, vomit Tang Shuang didn t care I have a childlike innocence Tell me another one, I haven t listened enough.

The crew of Hero is in Jiuyedong.To go to Jiuyedong, you must pass through Qingyuan County.So whether to go left or right, it seems that there is no need to hesitate.But Tang Shuang just hesitated.Wutong County, these three words seem to have magic power.There are two people in the old Tang family who are closely related to these three characters.One is Tang Sanjian.When he was young, he taught in a mountain village primary school in Wutong County.Everyone knows this.What everyone doesn t know is that Wutong County is also related to Candy.Only a few members of the old Tang family knew about this.Wutong County is her birthplace.Tang Shuang knew that Wutong County was nearby when she decided to visit Huang Weiwei.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning also knew about it.But they didn t seem to know that not a single word of the exhortation had anything to do with it.

This pot is too small, not enough for her to take a bite.Little Jin and Little Peacock also surrounded them.Chu Mei looked at the child Wang Tangshuang amusedly, and also wanted to see what it was.While chatting with the parents, Teacher Zhang paid close attention to this side.Tang Shuang liked playing with children so much, beyond her imagination, she really looked like a big child.Facing the questions constantly raised by many children, Tang Shuang started to get dizzy, like a flock of crows flying overhead, it was too noisy He gave everyone a small wooden stick, one for each person, not much Then pour white sugar into the pot, cover it, plug in the electricity, and ask everyone Who will come first Candy looked into the pot, there was nothing, there is nothing delicious The little peacock had a good impression of Tang Shuang s big brother, and weakly handed over her little wooden stick.

Luo Yuqing sent a mischievous and funny emoji, saying, Tang Zhen sings so well, and Candy sings so well, why do you Tang Shuang covered her face, as expected of a professional, this sentence was seen through, he Great care has been taken.Tang Shuang Singing is about ambition, please don early bird cbd gummies t pay too much attention to the sound, but focus on the content of singing.Luo Yuqing I don t understand.I must have understood, just pretending to be confused.Tang Shuang Please early bird cbd gummies sing a little more, it s nice.Luo Yuqing Hee hee, no more, go to sleep, good night.Huh The conversation is getting better and better, how can we go offline at a critical moment.Tang Shuang tactfully asked to stay Did you go to bed so early Ding Dong The person I like should be responsible, handsome, talented, humorous, gentle and considerate After writing this sentence, Luo Yuqing really went offline Shut down.

The little girl ran for a while, then walked slowly, and finally sat on the steps, resting her chin on her hands, burying her little face in her arms, all alone like an abandoned puppy.Tang Shuang quietly came to sit early bird cbd gummies beside her and looked at her watch.There was still a quarter of an hour before the start of the game.Do they often quarrel Tang Shuang asked in a low voice, trying to keep her tone soft so as not to offend the early bird cbd gummies little girl.The little peacock didn t look at him, didn t speak, and was silent for a while before asking Brother Xiaoshuang, will your parents quarrel Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning never quarreled, and a son or daughter can t stand a good honey., but you can t say that to the little peacock.When they have different opinions, they also quarrel.It s a quarrel, not a quarrel The little peacock didn t understand the difference, and seemed relieved, and said in a low voice, It turns out that other people s parents would quarrel too.

This bar is actually called Hushanxing The tour guide was a young man aged 18 or 9, and he introduced This bar is very famous in our Loulan.The three words Hushanxingxing that early bird cbd gummies some guests saw are not only the name of the bar, but also the title of a song by the owner.Well, many people come here from other places to listen to the boss singing, especially this song Journey to the Tiger Mountain , which can only be called the song of the shop.Zhen Li smiled and said The boss is also a singer According to this, he stays in the shop every day Singing Tour guide Singing is singing, but I sing one song every day, and then I fall down after singing, so I don t sing anymore.Zhen Li said to Zhang Yu and others This is hunger marketing, which satisfies everyone at once.Everyone is not rare.Tour guide Rare, rare, I can t get tired of listening to Boss Huyan singing.

Tang Shuang caught the villain, pinched her little cheeks, looked around, and when she was about to go crazy, she said, It s amazing, Tang Tang s children s shoes, how did you think of it On the other side, Sun Jianmei was finallyundecided Like Fan Tianxu s number one female fan, she is half dead.It depends on how the people behind her early bird cbd gummies perform.After all the selections are over, there are still places to pass, otherwise it s just death reprieve.Sun Jianmei was in a complicated mood.She found her buddies and sisters.There were seven of them, and the most favored were the other two men.Not big, didn t you see that the few people who were much more famous than them were eliminated Now two of them have been eliminated from the group, two have passed, one is pending, and two are waiting in line for their turn.

One look, another look in life, there are too many such situations.Besides, celebrities are also human, with a cold side and a warm and lovely side.Seeing Tang Zhen like this, do you like her more Already Meng Jieru smiled and said, Of course, the Tang Zhen in my impression seems to be otherworldly, although beautiful, but the distance is so far away, and now this Tang Zhen has more life, just like our little girl next door At this point, Meng Jieru called Liu Meimei and told her I want to emphasize again to everyone that you are not allowed to take pictures without permission, and it is strictly forbidden to post any photos and information of today s event on the Internet, and you must not disclose the customer s situation.Liu Meimei nodded , but I really want to tell the fans about Tang Zhen s performance today.

It had been so long, a summer, an autumn and half a winter had passed, and she still remembered them in her heart.That s right here.Tang Shuang stopped, pointing to a small, ordinary bag of dirt under her feet.Huh Didn t see it, where is it Tangtanger held a small flashlight in her hand, the ground was covered with fallen leaves, and she couldn t see the little bag she carefully dressed in Xia Tian.Tang Shuang squatted down and swept away the fallen leaves, only to reveal a small piece of wood.The flashlight shone on it, and said to Tangtanger, Look, there is your writing on it.Tangtanger also squatted down, and looked down at the small wood.That s right, it was written by her, and it said Tang Xiaohua Tang Xiaohei s heart shaped sea.Tang Shuang Come on, let s help them clean up here and remove all the fallen leaves, and then you can give them cakes, okay A small piece of beautifully packaged birthday cake was placed in front of the small soil bag.

Wow, you really are a master, what you say makes sense, although I can t understand most of it.The digital album sales of Phoenix Yu Fei are very poor, so there is a reason.Tuzi Entertainment doesn t use I am wronged, Xiang Yu has already analyzed it for them, and I will not thank you for taking it away.Eight reasons have the possibility of falling to the street, and now all eight reasons are occupied, and there is no chance for Xiongqi.The song Phoenix Is Flying is still very cultural The song A Friend of My Taoist Nun was very visual at can taking cbd gummies make you fail a drug test the time.I don t know when it will be released, and it will be included in Tang Zhen s Dream Flower album Some of these comments are HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies ordinary people, and some gummy cbd side effects early bird cbd gummies are professional musicians.After posting this Weibo, Tang Shuang went home after having lunch outside.

There were 6 roses among them, and the rest were fake flowers.Huang Xiangning picked out the fake flowers from the water bottle, inserted the roses in his hand, looked at them, and said, Tomorrow we will buy some flowers of other colors and teach Candy how to arrange flowers Well, it s good enough to jump up.Chapter 478 Know Yourself and Your Enemy On Saturday, Huang Xiangning took Candy to go shopping, and bought flowers and vases for flower arrangement by the way.Sister Xiangning seems to really want to teach Candy how to arrange flowers, but this little person obviously doesn t have that quiet temperament, but maybe it is because she is too active that Sister Xiangning wants to cultivate an interest to make her quieter.Be a little lady.Tang Sanjian was a little hesitant to go with his wife and daughter, but in the end he decided royal blend cbd gummies reddit cbd gummies anxiety not to, and Dean Tang went to the academy as usual, rain or shine.

The TV is monitored in real time, and adults are not allowed to enter the Children s Career Experience Hall, only children can enter, and adults sit in the special area to rest and wait.There is a coffee shop, a reading room, and a real time monitoring area.Parents can observe the situation of their children in the experience hall through real time monitoring.At this moment, Candy is wearing a pair of big black rimmed mirrorless glasses, and a work card is hanging around her neck.She can t see what is written on it, and it is dangling in front of her chest.The most special thing is her left hand.Holding a small microphone, a mini video camera is actually held in the right hand The little person is running wild in the vast experience hall Tang Shuang asked curiously What is this little pig doing Interview 10 children, obtain their signatures, and use their signatures to receive rewards after completing the task.

The filming scene of Grandma was set in a village by the seaside of Guangdong Province, about an hour s journey away, a very ordinary place, this movie has very low requirements for the scene.Tang Shuang drove to follow, but only stayed all morning before returning, and he couldn t help there.As soon as he returned to the city, the customer specialist of the Porsche 4S store called him to tell him that the extended version of the Panamera he bought had arrived, and asked when he would have time to pick up the car.Tang Shuang immediately turned around and drove directly into the store.The first time she saw the car, she was amazed.She early bird cbd gummies really looked like a sexy stunner.Mr.Tang, you can test drive to your heart s content now.The customer specialist in a well suited suit handed over the car keys to Tang Shuang.

This is a school rule, and we must abide by it.Tangtanger didn t believe it Hmph Teacher Zhang has a mobile phone in his trouser pocket.Teacher Zhang Then I will also take my mobile phone Hand it over, it s okay.After speaking, Teacher Zhang really took out the mobile phone from his trouser pocket, put it together with the candy, and locked it in the cabinet.Candy watched helplessly as the cabinet was locked, and her little mobile phone was locked in like this, hum The little man pouted, turned and ran early bird cbd gummies away, but she would not give up like this The little man had already made gummy cbd side effects early bird cbd gummies breeze cbd gummies up his mind.She ran for a while twisting her buttocks, came to the door of the classroom, and stopped suddenly.It was class time at this time.She looked left hazel hills cbd gummies cost HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies and right.Seeing that no one noticed her, the little guy turned around and hid behind the pillar , Take a look outside the teaching building, take another look, hey someone is here Bye bye snort This Li Baibai didn t sit in the room when he was going to work, but wandered around the children s territory, really The little guy was about to go back to the classroom in frustration, and before he left, he took a reluctant look at Li Baibai, hey Li Baibai left The little man immediately stuck behind the pillar again, sneaking a look at Li Baibai.

I haven t seen this or that, are you lying to me Have you seen anything Candy talked about six of her favorite cartoons one after another, and the yellow green haired lady said no.After seeing it, she began to suspect that she hadn t actually watched the cartoon.The Universe of Peerless Girls Have you seen it Huh Candy thought about it, shook her head and said, I haven t seen it, what is this Is it good What s it about Are there any puppies What puppies, no Is there a kitten No Where s the little princess Asking what else do you have, what do you want the children to watch it must be very ugly.The yellow green haired girl said HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies arrogantly My Lady Queen What Lord My Lady Queen.What is this My lord My brother is the king.My lord queen is the mother of the cbd gummies for diabetics little princess, do you understand Why are you so stupid I don t know this or that, and I don t know what you re saying, but you can still understand me.

They didn t expect that a martial arts conference would have so many profound meanings.They thought it was just a gathering of resentment and revenge, but they didn t think it was because their level was not enough.The host asked everyone s thoughts Then what is the final result Presumably Dynasty will definitely fight God.What is the result of their battle Have you found a way out Is there a way to the end of martial arts Tang Shuang said with a smile My new book is about what happened on that new road after crossing the end.Chapter 520 Tang Shuang s World of Martial Arts Tang Shuang said that the new book after The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is about martial arts The story that happened on the new road aroused great curiosity among the people at the scene, and they all guessed what kind of story it would be.

Seeing what he said, Huang Xiangning said with a smile The most important thing is to know what s wrong, why it s wrong, we don t beat children at home.Candy immediately patted her mouth, although she held back her words, the meaning was obvious, it seemed to scare cbd gummies 3000 mg reviews a cute child Yes, he was worried all night, then katie couric cbd gummy early bird cbd gummies he looked at gummy cbd side effects early bird cbd gummies Tang Shuang and grinned, this guy always said words like beaten up and beaten up , and he would beat children.Huang Xiangning had a smile on his face from the beginning of reading the review book, until he finished it, and handed it to Tang Sanjian with a smile It seems that Tangtanger realized the mistake.Then he added Very naive little sister.Tang Sanjian also took it to look at it, Tangtanger stared at him with big eyes, a little nervous, can you please let the child go, then thought of her bosom brother, quickly looked at Tang early bird cbd gummies Shuang with big eyes, Tang Shuang understood in seconds , Said to Tang Sanjian Dad, I think Tangtang s writing is very profound, and I have realized my mistake.

Zhang Changan just guessed that this young man was a new member of the band, but now it seems that he is not.Listening to Mr.Ding, he seems to have an identity, but he really can t guess who it is Could it be that he is the Rain Phase wrong Zhang Changan realized that the name Tang Shuang was very familiar, and early bird cbd gummies not only quickly searched for relevant information in his mind.Li Yuanlin changed his smiling expression, and said loudly seriously Hello, leader My name is Li Yuanlin, I am 20 years old, I am from Yunmeng City, and I am the bass player of the band After Li Yuanlin finished speaking, Ding Xiaoquan said to Tang Shuang Yuan Lin was the champion of the National Bass Contest last year, and he is very capable.Tang Shuang nodded with a smile and said nothing.Seeing this, Ding Xiaoquan asked Ji Yanjie to introduce himself.

Tang Tanger s fist stopped in mid air for an instant, and said dissatisfied You hit someone first Why are you pinching the face of the Lun family They are eating Tang Shuang Looking at her with a smile, he broke her little fist out of the air and put it on the table, with a super nice and gentle tone Little sister, don t be angry, don t be angry, this is all love It s not love, but Taking the opportunity to take revenge, when he was sleeping just now, Little Pig jumped onto the bed and was about to catch her and throw her out, but she had already run away like a rabbit.Tang Shuang said angrily Love can t be like this, the pinched baby hurts so much, it s all swollen The baby is unhappy and wants to cry.Tang Shuang tapped her right cheek with her finger in a funny way, Said It s not swollen, it s baby fat, cute, so cute, little sister, don t cry, we ll go on a trip later, be happy, brother will take you to pretend and fly you Tang Sanjian was dissatisfied Said Pay attention to the words Tangtanger excitedly forgot about being pinched just now, and shouted Take me to fly, take me to fly, take a handjob, woohoo I m a handjob Chapter 560 Hum Chi Hum Chi Tang Shuang laughed awkwardly, just now she accidentally said I ll take you to pretend to take you to fly , this is a forbidden word of the old Tang family, and it is never allowed to be said, especially in front of Tangtanger, So he changed the subject and said to Tangtanger Tang Tang, were you talking about the captain just now Let me tell you, isn t your brother Guo Zi the one who wants to be the captain His job is to sit next to the captain Airplane.

Tang Shuang looked at the silly look of this little piggy, and pretended to be shocked and said, Yes Really You actually watched this soap opera again.Although there is a candy in your name, you can t watch this kind of soap opera.TV series, no wonder you are full of dark thoughts now, you always feel that your brother is framing you, and you don t use your own gummy cbd side effects early bird cbd gummies brain to think about it, do I have any property if I frame you No, and my brother is so rich that he can use it Do you want to frame your younger sister to fight for Brother Sanjian s little fortune The youngest sister of the Tang family has a wonderful hobby.Apart from watching cartoons, she also likes watching soap operas.The reason early bird cbd gummies why she likes watching soap operas is because there are many As for the content of the quarrel, she likes to watch people quarrel, and it is okay for her to watch it alone for a day, and she early bird cbd gummies will never tire of it with relish.

When everyone heard that such an important news was to be announced, it was more exciting than revealing the winning numbers of the next lottery.It was incredible They couldn t help but listened attentively, and some even secretly pulled out a napkin, preparing to take notes.Candy said triumphantly Mom said I was smart in ice and snow, wow it s snowing here, and the snowed candy is the best.Oh Everyone expressed their understanding The little sister of the Tang family is smart in ice and snow, so she is especially smart when it snows, but other people are different, it varies from person to person.For example, Tang Shuang, he is very talented, so he must wear eight bamboo hats in order to become super smart For example, Tang Sanjian, he is as wise as a fool, so only when he is stupid can he appear to be very smart For example, the beauty Tang Zhen, she has seven orifices, so she must open her nose, open her eyes, open her mouth, and open her ears to become incomparable When singing is when the seven orifices are open, so she can sing so well.

At this moment, the heavy snow covered the roof garden with its own magic, with only one exception, what does just cbd gummies do the place was smoky and steamy, hidden behind the rockery, and Xiaoshuang was standing beside it at the moment.Candy put her hips on her hips and panted triumphantly Haha huh, huh, huh, Xiaoshuang, let s see where you are going Hmph Come to the little fairy Tang Shuang interrupted her before she finished speaking , turned around and waved to the two sisters, Come and see here, there is a hot spring, still bubbling.Huh Is there a hot spring This is the roof, the roof Think about it, there will be thunder in the sky, and it will rain when there is thunder.When it rains, there will be water on the roof.Put the water in the pool, and then move the wood to make a fire.If the water is boiled, it will be a hot spring, haha , You re so smart, little fairy, the little fairy in the snowy sky is so powerful that I can t understand it.

Although Xiao Ma was exhausted, he gritted his best cbd gummies for restless leg syndrome teeth and hid in the car in order not to be discovered.He didn t come down, and took a sneaky photo with a camera.Last night he stayed at the only intersection at the foot of the mountain, and sat in too much cbd gummies the car all night.It snowed heavily all night, and he woke up from sleep.He was half dead from the cold in the middle of the night.He woke up before 5 o clock in the morning, and then he dared not sleep again.Worried that Tang Zhen s car would slip away when he wasn t paying attention.After resting in the service area, the car started on the road again until it arrived at Hongcheng International Airport.Tang Zhen, wearing a mask, saw off Tang Shuang and Tang Tanger.Not far from them, a pony disguised as a satchel was secretly filming.When Tang Shuang and Tangtang took the plane back to Guangdong, it was already evening, and the little Tang was in a particularly good spirits.

This guy, as soon as he got in the cbd good night gummies car, took out this storybook from his schoolbag, read it seriously, and said that he wanted to prepare for the exam and make his parents, mother, sister, and brother proud.Wow you are so amazing, I have never seen Tang Tang who is so serious, it is really amazing, come on, my brother is optimistic about your 100 points in the exam, but ah, Tang Tang, have you thought about it, in case you really pass the cbd gummy with a cold exam 100 points, do you really eat so many snacks every day Don t you want to compare your beauty with your sister Did you just give up Let me tell you, there is no way to be on TV if you are fat like a ball, because the ball will roll around Damn it You re the one Candy countered weakly.She didn t even have confidence in herself.If she ate like that, she would definitely become a ball, but Huh The Lun family can t finish eating Do you want to eat it for your brother Really My brother is also working hard, and my little sister should show love, and you can also bring it to the kindergarten to feed the little peacocks and little grapes, so you won t be afraid if you all get fat together.

The little boy happily chased the ball and ran away, and at the same time a voice came We are on vacation early Tang Shuang said with a smile This little boy is not like Mingyu s character, Mingyu is quite courageous.When Mingyu arrived, she seemed to remember the missing Tang Jin, and early bird cbd gummies asked, Grandpa, where is little brother Jin Tang Hongjun pointed to the room, and Tang Shuang looked in the direction of his finger He went to the meditation room again He must have something to do today, and he kept silent, I really wanted to pry his mouth open, this is not good for being a soldier, people don t talk harshly much, it s really annoying.At this moment, Tang Jin took off his shoes and sat cross legged with his back straight in the middle of the floor.This room the best cbd gummies for insomnia is Tang Hongjun s meditation room, it is extremely empty, without a table, chair or stool.

Even if he doesn t know, he will also deduce guesses based on the information he already knows, and then ask the explainer to explain.The sperm whale specimen of the Guangdong Oceanographic Museum is very famous, and it is the largest sperm whale specimen in the world.For this reason, the museum has specially set up a hall called the Salsa Hall, because the sperm whale was named Salsa when it was alive.It was hard HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies to read all the way, and finally came to the Salsa restaurant.Li Dun ran in first.After a while, he remembered his little friend.Standing at the door, he excitedly waved to Tangtanger and Little Putao, calling them to come and see the big monster.Tang Tang, come and see the big monster It s so big, oh my god Tang Tang jumped out from Tang Shuang s feet in an instant, Little Putao saw it, followed closely, and the two came to Li Dun s side, Get together, hold hands, and stand in front of a stuffed sperm whale, only the size of a sesame seed.

Their little mouths were wide open, their eyes were wide open, and their little hands were holding each other tightly.This big monster was so big and scary Tangtanger, the silly girl, tried her best to raise her head, but she couldn t control the center of gravity of her body.She sat down on the ground with a slap, and pulled the little grape to the ground.Li Dun was a big tonnage, and staggered two steps , resisted.The little reddit cbd gummies anxiety joy organics cbd gummies for sleep man exclaimed early bird cbd gummies Hey, my little Shuang, where did this big guy like a dried eggplant come from, how did she get born, what kind of growth does her mother have, and where is her head Why does she have no head, has she been eaten Who stole her head Is the bone next to her brother Who caught them There are two huge monsters in the salsa shop, they are both Salsa, one is a leather specimen and the other is a bone specimen.

Candy s little hands squeezed small pieces of meat muffins and ate them like a little squirrel, while looking up at the eagle hemp premium cbd gummies adults in front of her, emmmmm, I don t know him, he may be a good person or a bad person, but she is not afraid, Xiaoshuang is right there.The man asked Pan Fugui, My little friend, where is villa No.20 But it s still a cbd gummies 1000mg price little different, he is really cowardly, Tangtanger is not cowardly most of the time, but in a small part like when Tang Shuang is angry, she is cowardly.The visitor asked again, but Pan Fugui turned a deaf ear, and exchanged with Tangtanger what kind of meat is in the meat muffins.Tangtanger guessed it was beef, and Pan Fugui guessed it was duck.duck Up to Duck Tangtanger was surprised.She is now the little princess of the Kodak family.So, isn t the meat in the meat muffins her meat Little Guizi dared to eat her meat Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmall confiscated As a result, Pan Fugui s meat muffins were all confiscated by Candy.

Huang Xiangning Don t you want to check it Tangtanger Check it twice.Tang Shuang took away the test paper and ignored her threat to eat ice cream.The child seemed to be starting to swell.Chapter 673 The performance is called After the math test, royal blend cbd gummies reddit cbd gummies anxiety it is the Chinese test.Tangtanger said to Sanjian s father who was going to give her the papers Dad, can you let the children rest Go to the toilet.The little sister said again, can I have something to eat during the rest, I am hungry, my head hurts a bit, I used my brain just now, and now my brain is very hurt.Huang Xiangning was afraid that his little sister would be hungry, so he immediately prepared a fruit platter, including pears and bananas from the exam just now.The pears early bird cbd gummies and bananas were cut into pieces.The younger sister forked a piece of pear into her mouth and ate it with relish, then forked another piece of banana and fed it to the proctor Tang Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang, eat a reddit cbd gummies anxiety joy organics cbd gummies for sleep banana, you Bara Tang Shuang opened his mouth and ate it , patted the little sister on the head, and said, Thank you for the banana bara.

What, Huang Xiangning asked him to order one of his favorite dishes, and then Tang Yu ordered beer fish.Hehe, he wants to drink beer.He has been craving his father s beer for a long time, and he thinks of the big goldfish during the daytime fights, so the beer fish is the most suitable.When Tangtanger heard this, she took the initiative to push the menu to Huang Xiangning, and said, Dear mother, Tangtanger wants to give up ordering, you give Lun s a cup of fruit bar, it s delicious, children can drink it, Xiaoshuang will take me I ve had it.When Tang Yu heard this, he also hoped for a glass of fruit wine.What fruit wine Children can t drink.Tang Sanjian said.Candy explained It s not wine, it s fruit juice, early bird cbd gummies sweet.Tang Sanjian said that since it s fruit juice, let me give you a glass of authentic fruit juice with a concentration of 99.

Good night.Tang Shuang left, opened the door of her room, then tiptoed back, stood at the door of Luo Yuqing s room, waiting for Luo Mei to be tricked out, and then the hungry tiger pounced on her food and caught her away.However, Luo Yuqing was not fooled.Tang Shuang waited for more than ten minutes and saw that the door was not opened, so she could only early bird cbd gummies go back to her room resentfully and sleep obediently.Chapter 701 Gentle Township The flavored cbd tincture in gummies next morning at 5 00, it was still dark, Tang Shuang had already woken up, and his and Liang Qiao s plane was at 7 00.He wrote a note in the room and prepared to leave quietly.He opened the door and went to the living room, but saw that the living room was dark, but the kitchen was lit.He put down his luggage and came to the kitchen quietly, only to see Luo Yuqing wearing simple home clothes, with her long hair tied up casually, busy in the kitchen, early bird cbd gummies concentrating on making breakfast, and did not notice Tang Shuang s arrival.

At 1 30 in the afternoon, the plane landed smoothly, and Tang Shuang woke up the sweet smelling candy, ready to get off the plane.The phone vibrated, it was a message from Tang Zhen, she was already waiting outside the airport, because she would be recognized, so she could only stay in the parking lot, gummy cbd side effects early bird cbd gummies and couldn t show up in the lobby immediately.When queuing to get off the plane, the few people in front of the line took the initiative katie couric cbd gummy early bird cbd gummies to step aside and let Tangtanger go first to show their gratitude.Candy couldn t figure out what was going on, she wondered HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies if her little princess s identity had been discovered, she was in big trouble now, would she be invited to a meeting when she got outside later, like Xiaoshuang Bragging how long does it take to feel cbd gummies on stage The flight attendants en masse gave her a white crane doll, HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies the airline s mascot.

She didn t know that beautiful people always have their own halo, shining, no matter day or night.Fortunately, during the day, the sun early bird cbd gummies cbd gummies 600mg is competing for glory, so it doesn t look so prominent.At night, when the darkness extinguishes the sun, a beautiful person is like a little sun, with its own attribute of attracting monsters.This is why beauties don t go out late at night.But the young man in front of him didn t see Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger by chance, he was from the theater, and HCMUSSH early bird cbd gummies when he saw Tang Zhen coming out, he followed behind.Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger didn t notice anyone approaching.They didn t realize it until they heard the other party early bird cbd gummies cbd gummies store near me speak.This is a very tall young man, emmm he doesn t dare to strike up a conversation even if he is not tall.Tang Zhen is only 175cm tall.Of course, if you want to strike up a conversation with Candy, then emmmmm, you can be of any height, anyway, you won early bird cbd gummies t be shorter than this little guy.

I can t help you if you want to do this, but I suggest you to be on the safe side, that, emmmmm, it s better to be on the safe side. Say, what s the matter, the more you talk The more flustered I am, the more likely something happened to Bai Jingjing and Tang Xiaowu, right Tang Shuang s phone was played in a foreign voice, and Huang Xiangning, who was sitting in the co pilot, listened the whole time.Is Tang Tang by royal blend cbd gummies reddit cbd gummies anxiety your side Tang Shuang Do you want her here, or don t you want her I m driving outside, and she s not here.That s good, emmmmm, that s indeed a matter between Bai Jingjing and Tang Xiaowu , I said that these two little things are too noisy.I have never seen such a naughty dog and parrot.The person who tossed me lost three catties How do you usually raise it at home Or these two bullies, don t make me Put it in your eyes As soon as Bai Jingjing and Tang Xiaowu were mentioned, Tang Huohuo choked up, and it seemed that he had really been tormenting him a lot in the past few days.

She was about to be scared to death just now, and she was really worried that the big devil would kill her with a kitchen knife at any time.Although she didn t really do it, the verbal attacks never stopped, and she kept taunting her, which greatly shocked her mind.The pressure from here increased exponentially, and within a short while, Alexander was overwhelmed.She was so overwhelmed that she almost wanted to run away from the house in tears.Fortunately, the little master who reddit cbd gummies anxiety joy organics cbd gummies for sleep loved her came, and he still held the bird in his arms, didn t he lose it Didn t lose it and didn t say a word In other words, where did this bird go The dog that killed it has been worried for the past two days, and was threatened by the big devil on the phone, and had a nightmare that night.Jingjing, what s wrong with you Are you blind Tangtanger noticed Bai Jingjing s eyes at the first time, and couldn t help but pay attention, it was too special and funny A white puppy is actually wearing a big black blindfold, what kind of trouble is it going to do Did she really tell Xiaoshuang that Jingjing was going to be a pirate Tangtanger was just about to use her wild imagination when she remembered what her brother Huohuo said in the woods, what a pirate What to catch a thief It was a fight with Xiaowu Did you fight with Xiaowu Tangtang er squatted in front of Bai Jingjing, and asked, Did you Didn t you The Lun family knew everything You bad dog, why did you fight Tangy er didn t Didn t you say you re not allowed to fight Didn t you say you want to love each other Why didn t you listen Tang Tanger became angrier as she spoke, and patted Bai Jingjing on the head with one free hand.

Would you like a pack Thank you, Wuzhishan is enough.Business See it If you don t have a pack of good cigarettes on you, you can t do business.Is this a curse on me Where is it, boss, come here, just talk about it.Old Xu sat back in his armchair, took Tune in with the remote control.Boss, just now I asked you how much the lottery ticket was drawn The young man stood at the door of the store and puffed.07 08 09 21 23 10 01 Old Xu didn t even look at the copied records, and casually reported the lottery numbers that were drawn just now, and he seemed to know them by heart.789, this number is very smooth, I seem to have these numbers.The young man was addicted to smoking, and said in a daze, he smoked a third of a cigarette in one breath, leaving The next piece of soot was blown by the wind and fell on the counter.

Where did you find it Ye Liang asked.Don t talk nonsense, Guo Zi.This was Tang Shuang threatening.Guo Zi didn t even look at Tang Shuang, he was not a person who was threatened to submit.Look at the character on the beam, the wood at the bottom is written in one stroke, and the whole is tilted to the left.This is Xiaoshuang s writing habit, I know it before.As soon as Guo Zi spoke, Ye Liang jumped up and wanted to beat him Tang Shuang.Xiao Shuang, you bastard Stop and don t run away You fucking asked you to find Sister Zhen to write a sentence, and you write it yourself It s still Namo Amitabha Tang Shuang ran away as soon as she smoked, laughing Don t be like Ye Zi, what s the difference between what my sister wrote and what I wrote It doesn t matter if I give it to you Sister Give me the authentic work of Sister Xiaozhen Who are you, okay, stop chasing, don t chase, okay, I ll make it up for you tomorrow Really, don t lie Okay, okay Come on, don t make trouble, you are an adult, you are still like a child, you have to be steady, you know, steady, don t yell Tang Shuang came back with her arms around Ye Liang s shoulders, and asked How was the store just now Tell me.

Mom, what are you saying to Tangtanger Tangtanger asked again.In the pattern, my mother seems to be exhorting something.Huang Xiangning thought for a while, and said, Tangtang er thinks what mother is talking about Tangang er tilted his head and thought for a while, then said with a smile Little baby, you are so cute, why are you so cute, is this swollen Fat thing Huang Xiangning was taken aback, and said with a smile Haha, you little guy, okay, mom might be talking about this.Tangtanger stuck out her little tongue and said with a smile Mom, you might be there too.Say, oh, Candy, mom really loves you, can you let mom kiss you Huang Xiangning asked funnyly Do you say this while walking Yes, I want to kiss you as I walk Baby.Is this any strange Well, that might be the case too.Huang Xiangning How is Tangtang going to answer Candy didn t need to think too much, and said directly Tangtang just said, there is no problem, mom, the little baby is also wanting to kiss you, you squat down, let s play a kissing game.

What paper Take it out and have a look.The proprietress took out a piece of paper from the red envelope.A folded piece of paper was opened, and the boss snatched it away, and said unwillingly, What are you grabbing The boss I m afraid I can t read I can t read Anyway, I also went to junior high school Ni graduated from elementary school Fuck off You have a vocational high school degree You are very advanced Just early bird cbd gummies blow it up in front of the nuns Nemo is long winded, let me katie couric cbd gummy early bird cbd gummies watch it quietly Look at what is written.Yo, I still know the word meditation, it s really advanced Nimo is noisy The proprietress quieted down, and after a while, her husband handed the letter paper to her and said at the same time What s going on Don t you know, mother in law, that person just now is the lucky one who won the big prize I m here to thank you The proprietress squinted her eyes and read the letter paper, and said Repay the favor, I don t care I don t think I will accept the amount of money owed to you You deserve it Oh, it s a shame that even a person who has graduated from elementary school is worthy of it The sun comes out from the west New Year s Eve On the first day of junior high school, don t you want early bird cbd gummies cbd gummies store near me to beg for scolding, okay Oh, tell me seriously, don t take this money I can t find any silver at all, two, people said in the letter that this money is for us, don t worry about it After a moment of hesitation, the proprietress asked, How much is this Boss How do you know It s not a fortune teller The proprietress You are not a fortune teller, you don t know how to go to the ATM to check Then go and have a look I know I m not at ease Then I m gone Hey, mother in law, do you want to come over and be my bodyguard You re a big headed ghost The ATM is only three steps away, so hurry up and get out of here The boss can go and get back.

After Luo Yuqing sent her home, she breathed a sigh of relief.When she got home, she parked the car on the side of the road to catch her breath.Today is the first day of the new year, and the New Year s greetings have just begun.Thinking of this, Luo Yuqing had a headache.She took out her mobile phone, turned to Tang Shuang s number, thought about it, and sent a message.Then the car window was opened, and just a little bit, the cold wind seemed to be waiting outside the car window, waiting to reveal a little gap, and they couldn t wait to roar in and squeeze in, instantly lowering the temperature inside the car.Luo Yuqing felt that the temperature had dropped by more than ten degrees.The cold and heat alternated, and do cbd gummies work to stop smoking her body early bird cbd gummies cbd gummies store near me couldn t help shivering.Rubbing her hands, she quickly raised the window again and closed it tightly.

Chapter 817 Liang Qiao s Vacuum Period Sun Jin stared at Candy like a rare treasure, Candy is so sweet He is good vibes cbd gummies not a vegetarian, so when he saw early bird cbd gummies cbd gummies store near me this, he also stared at him with his head held high, not at all embarrassed In Shengjing, when Gulong saw her for the first time, he stared at her very strangely, Tangtanger immediately counterattacked viciously and said what to look at Can the little princess look at it casually Have you agreed You can see it at a glance, but how can you stare at it all the time Is the little sun the one you can keep staring at Blind your eyes Among the people present, only Sun Jin didn t know Tang er, and everyone else had seen Tang er at Shengjing .

how to use cbd gummies for anxiety?

s Hero press conference, so Tang Shuang specially introduced Tang er does cbd gummies help with alcohol cravings to Sun Jin at this moment.At first, Sun Jin fancied that it was Tang Shuang s daughter or something, or a relative s child, and even thought about the possibility of being Tang Zhen s daughter.

The latter is what 99 of family education lacks.So at this moment, seeing Sun Jin being so polite, Tangtang er early bird cbd gummies s affection for him soared, she immediately changed her name to Brother Sun, and communicated with him obediently.Afterwards, Tangtanger, who was curious about everything, seized the gap and asked again Brother Sun, did you misunderstand my sister She is our daughter, not someone else s Sun Jin smiled and said, I I know, I know, your sister is the daughter of the Tang family, right What I meant just now is that your sister is a celebrity in our hometown, and everyone likes her very much.Candy is very interested in this topic about celebrities, Especially when it comes to her own sister, she has a ton of questions to ask.Tang Zhen said at this time Tangtanger, let my uncle rest for a while, come here quickly and sit with my sister.

Even though he is a child, a child must keep his word.He can t be like Xiaoshuang, right Moreover, the most important thing is, how many people are there in the world, as many as stars in the sky, she now pays New Year greetings to so many people, and each of them wraps a red envelope for her, and she immediately becomes a rich woman.Xiaoshuang is under contract q s t r Chapter 819 Recommending Tang Tang to be on the variety show The recording of the variety show went smoothly on the whole, ending at five o clock in the afternoon, two hours earlier than expected.Everyone stayed at Guangdong TV Station for half an hour, chatted with the director and staff and took photos before leaving.Tang Shuang had made an appointment with everyone before, so all of them were transferred to Old Tang s house at this moment.

No one noticed it before, but now it doesn t matter if you don t want to.For example, Tang Shuang was attracted to look at katie couric cbd gummy early bird cbd gummies it like this.Following his small steps, the crowd around him was also moving, and people kept screaming and shouting so and so s name.Tang Shuang felt early bird cbd gummies that this would lose the meaning of wearing a mask.People have called you by your name, and you are so ostentatious, why are you wearing a mask The successful case of wearing a mask should be him.Tang Shuang stood outside the crowd, puzzled, but finally figured it out.Generally, celebrities wear masks because they don t want to brush their faces, and this kind of people wear masks to shame their faces.Great, great, Tang Shuang couldn t help applauding.The party leader took another look at the crowd and saw Tang Shuang applauding him.

He changed his coat specially.Not long after, Luo Yuqing also came.They came in advance to cheer Tang Zhen up.When Ye Liang saw Luo Yuqing, his eyes glowed green.He probably knew that this Luo Yuqing was the same Luo Yuqing who texted Tang Shuang in the middle of the night, but he couldn t be 100 sure because Tang Shuang ignored his questions at all.At 6 o clock in the evening, people began to enter the Nanshan Theater one after another.Tang Shuang saw a beautiful girl happily greeting Miss Xiangning.After getting to know her, she realized that she was a student in Miss Xiangning s class.The other party took out a small book and asked Tang Shuang to green leaf cbd gummies sign it, and Tang Tanger to sign it.This candy is a surprise, the eyes are full of little stars, ha The little man wrote the word Tang Tang crookedly for others he has tried his best to write the words Tangtang er refused to let go of this little fan after signing the autograph.

Don t just stand here and say, help move the flowerpots.Tangtanger looked at the pile of flowers and plants in the corner, and then at the small tree that Xiaoshuang had placed on the balcony, rolled up his sleeves, and immediately ran to the corner Moved a small tree with a strange shape, and muttered It s such a strange little tree, is it sick, why is it crooked, is it dancing Standing on tiptoe, I wanted to imitate Tang Shuang Put it on a wooden shelf on the balcony.Tang Shuang I ll come, I ll come, you can leave it to me.Okay Candy was in a good mood, and immediately went to the corner to bring another pot, and looked down at it while walking and muttered It s strange.Acridine, a piece of wood stake, what is this for Dad is so strange, why would he like such a guy I couldn t help being curious, and said to Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, a piece of wood stake.

Zhang couldn t get in the conversation, so he could only chat with Tang Shuang without saying a word, just taking the opportunity to peek at the side face of the little brother from time to time.Invincible profile It was raining outside the car, and there was a thunder from time to time, and the little girls in the car screamed and huddled together like a group of little hamsters.The place to eat is not far away, 20 minutes by car.Don t look outside, this is not a pigsty, it is indeed a place to eat, this is the style here.Seeing Teacher Xiao Zhang s surprised face, Tang Shuang quickly explained.Don t get me wrong, I m not insulting you, Tang Tang and I are serious, this restaurant is so special.Teacher Xiao Zhang looked at the environment in front of him in surprise, it was really very special.

Obviously, I will need more courage and more efforts in the future ,thank you all Finally, I would like to thank those who have given me selfless help.Special thanks to my sister.She accompanied me to the scene despite difficulties and cheered me on.exclaimed softly.Of course, there are many, many people, oh, and my little sister Tang Tang.If I don t say anything, she will probably cause me trouble, so thank her for bringing a lot of loveliness to my life.Finally, Thank you again.Applause and laughter mingled together, katie couric cbd gummy early bird cbd gummies Tang Shuang returned to her seat with the gold trophy in her hand, met Tang Zhen and gave her a big hug.You are the best Tang Zhen said with a happy smile.It s always been like this Tang Shuang couldn t help but pretend.I didn t pretend just early bird cbd gummies now, and I panicked.Xiao Shuang is awesome Xiao Shuang is amazing The children of Old Tang s family also praised Tang Shuang crazily.

Zhang Weitong looked back at Tang Shuang, maybe his legs were a little numb after squatting for a long time, and he didn t squat firmly when he turned around, and sat on the ground with his buttocks, which aroused Candy s contempt, and said, You don t have muscles, Not like me.Zhang Weitong laughed awkwardly but politely, and said, Your brother is amazing.Candy nodded of course, He s a smart guy, he cheated on my sister.Huh Zhang Weitong couldn t understand.Candy ignored him and said, I m going to ask how the chick was born.Everyone wanted to see what she asked, and the two cameras were aimed at this unremarkable corner of the yard, not letting the slightest reddit cbd gummies anxiety joy organics cbd gummies for sleep sign of trouble come.Pass.A cricket was so frightened that it hid in a crevice of rocks, apparently not wanting to expose itself.With an assassin s gummy cbd side effects early bird cbd gummies footsteps that don t match his figure, Dalin approached two children discussing philosophical issues lightly and silently.

Hee hee, Tangtang believes in Xiaoshuang.This is a miserable cat.Dear Xiaoshuang is quite cruel to herself.Tangtang was relieved, thinking that Xiaoshuang was sincere.She finally left, came to the living room, sat on the sofa, and watched TV blankly.Huang Xiangning thought that the little sister early bird cbd gummies had been hit, so he went to prepare some fruit for her to eat.But the fact is that Tangtanger is dreaming, and her small thoughts have already flown to Xiaoshuang s treasure chest.Where is Xiaoshuang s treasure chest There must be a lot of money and beautiful treasures inside, can you find them and move them away Hide it, hide it under the princess bedbut I can t find it.I ve been looking for it for so many years, but I can t find it.The little man was a little frustrated, but then he glanced at Father Sanjian who was watching TV, thinking about how he found Father Sanjian s treasure chest last time, and wondered if he could also get Xiaoshuang drunk, and then find Xiaoshuang s treasure chest Hee hee The little man was dreaming, and was suddenly attracted by the voice on the TV.

The villain finally put down his submachine gun, came to the sofa with his bare hands, and sat down next to Tang Shuang.When the sheep fell into the tiger s mouth, he was pinched a few times, and almost turned his face away The old Tang family was sitting on the sofa watching Baby is Coming.There was a patter of spring rain outside the house, there was constant laughter inside the house, and there was a child screaming.Countless families are watching TV at the same time.Big brother, do you want the Lun family to hold it for you Are you going to intrinsic cbd gummies get tired and lie down Candy s words to the cameraman where can you buy true bliss cbd gummies Shi Dalin made everyone in front of the TV burst into laughter, especially in the later stage of the program.In the production, a shot of Dalin carrying the camera was early bird cbd gummies shown, a group of croaking crows flew over Dalin s head, and a wisp of autumn wind rolled down a fallen leaf.

I got caught peeking at Baby is Coming.No, I m going to have a Tang Tang with my wife tonight.Tang Sister That s impolite You should be called cousin The bullet screen swiping the screen began to float over the two characters cousin neatly There are red, black, blue and green colorful.Candy er didn t know that her dream wish had come true unknowingly.She repeatedly tried frantically on the edge of life and death, and wanted Tang Shuang to call her a little sister, but inadvertently, she became the cousin of countless people But she didn t look at the computer, and didn t know that she had become a sister, otherwise she would definitely not be going to sleep tonight.The first episode Baby is Coming came to an abrupt end in the climax, triggering a frenzy of complaints, and everyone is watching it with enthusiasm.

The elder sister and aunt in the distance were ignored by him.Those people saw that he was not shy, but he was waiting so close to the three little girls.He was very shy.Tang Shuang discussed, Can you stop doing this, I m so shy.Miss Xiao Qiao onris cbd gummies australia smiled and didn t speak or move, she just stood in front of early bird cbd gummies Tang Shuang, staring at his abdomen with her big eyes.Seeing this, the little butterfly didn t move.Xia Dashan covered his face in the distance, why is his little princess so unreserved, what s wrong, I m really embarrassed.Tang Tang, what are you looking at Feng Xiaofeng came over curiously, Zhang Weitong and Li Yushu also came over.Seeing this, Tang Shuang immediately shifted away, holding the ice cube in her palm, grinning her teeth from the cold.The girls of the Dai ethnic group who were wearing national costumes cheering and applauding waved their hands one after another.

Tang Shuang sat blankly in the living room, not knowing what to do for a while.The volleyball game was still live on TV, Tang Shuang turned it off without hesitation, and threw the remote cbd hemp gummies for pain control on the sofa.Tang Sanjian came out with a fruit platter, but seeing that the big beauty and the little beauty were gone, he also went to the princess room with the platter.This night passed so noisy, with laughter and tears, mixed feelings.Tang Shuang didn t sleep well at night, woke up a few times, got up and went to Tangtang er s room to look at it once, snoring soundly, hugging her mother.A hot towel was applied to her little butt.At night, while applying the towel, she listened to her mother s story and finally fell asleep unconsciously.Early the next morning.Morning cousin Tang Shuang shouted respectfully.

Dean Tang Hello, Dean Tang.Dean Tang, we are here to see Tang Tang The four girls greeted Tang Sanjian timidly, then looked at each other, and turned to Tang Tang.The third sibling of the Tang gummy cbd side effects early bird cbd gummies family bid farewell and slipped away.It could be seen that they seemed a little afraid of Tang Sanjian.Tang Sanjian, with a serious face, hummed the whole process, watched the four girls leave, looked at Tang Zhen, smiled and said, When did Xiao Zhen come back Dad, I just came back, why are you not here today College Tang Zhen replied.Tang Sanjian is a workaholic.Although the Faculty of Arts is very close to his home, he seldom goes home halfway, and often he still doesn t leave after get off work, and always has to work overtime.I came back because I have nothing to do, are you tired How long will you stay at home this time Tang Sanjian asked.

He personally took out early bird cbd gummies all the clothes in the suitcase, shaking them open one by one, and thumb sized dolls kept falling out When everything is sorted out, there is already a circle of thumb dolls on the floor Full of dinosaurs of every variety except that little monkey Huang Xiangning was amazed and said, I bought these thumb dolls for Tangtanger when she started school in spring.Tang Shuang 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 9, a total of 9, plus a monkey , and the little pig and screaming chicken that have been picked out just now, a total of 12 small animals They are all stuffed royal blend cbd gummies reddit cbd gummies anxiety into my suitcase What is this child thinking Does she have a brain pain What is this for Do you want to smuggle Or do you want the security check to arrest me for selling small animals Tang Tang Stop sneaking around the door We found you and your small animal doll, give me Come in circles in the form of a meat dumpling You have something to ask At the end, I added I promise not to hit you Candy is not here There was a sound from the door, and then the sound of pattering footsteps gradually faded away The child ran away as soon as the incident was revealed.

At this moment, Luo Yuqing seemed to be very happy and in a very good mood.She seems to have wings on her back, her steps are light, and her singing is as gentle and warm as velvet, ready to fly at any time.A hot fire is about to float up.The awards ceremony continued.After the unveiling by Rain, the rest of the process seemed a bit dull.It wasn t until the best arranger was announced that Rain again won, no, now it was Tang Shuang, and the atmosphere on the scene became lively again.Watching Tang Shuang stand on the stage again, standing in the bright lights, young and handsome, confident and calm, and a talent.Xiao Na couldn t help but said to Tang Zhen beside her I have a hunch that he will be the biggest winner tonight.Tang Zhen nodded proudly.There was applause at the scene, and Tang Shuang waited until the applause fell before saying, Okay, I m here again.

What do you mean Tang Xiaoshuang If you win, you won t play Can t you afford to lose Come again Tang Xin said angrily, holding her breath in her chest, feeling uncomfortable It s going to explode This little Shuangzi didn t even want to play, how could she endure it, and punched the cotton, feeling depressed and uncomfortable.Don t play, I will teach Tang Tang how to play, my little cutie is time to be self reliant, come on, Tang Tang, eating chicken is actually very simple, I will teach you, you are so smart, you will learn it soon, It s better than some people who have played for most of their lives.Tang Shuang opened the chicken eating interface and began to teach Tangerine.The flattery that stepped on Tang Xin early bird cbd gummies s head made Tangtanger very happy.She asked nonchalantly, Really Xiaoshuang, is the Lun family really smart You re super smart.

The little villain Xiaoshuang attacked the people around her again.She really wanted to say, sister, you shouldn t have taught her how to strike up a conversation with girls Xiaoshuang liked to hang out with beautiful girls since where to buy clinical cbd gummies she was a child, and Jiang Yue was his main object of fawning, and he would always talk to a young lady when they met.When she was still young, Xiaoshuang often gave Jiang Yue various snacks.Later, when she grew up, she started to know how to use pocket money early bird cbd gummies to buy small gifts for little girls Not only the little girl couldn t stand his coaxing, but even Jiang Yue liked him very much, treating him like his little brother, calling him for anything delicious and fun.Jiang Yue thought for a while, seeming to recall Luo Yuqing s appearance, and finally sighed What a beautiful girl, she matches Xiaoshuang very well.

The picture is too beautiful, dare not think too much She suddenly understood Tangtanger s brain circuit.This little guy probably put the sleepwalking doll under the bed to protect the treasure chest Anyone who wants to play tricks under the bed, uly cbd gummies en español first frighten him so that he jumps out of the window Tang Zhen was speechless about Tangtanger s weird thoughts.It s really only unexpected, there is nothing the little guy can t do.Then, is that a small seahorse water gun Jiang Yue suddenly asked in surprise.Tang Zhen also took out the little hippocampus from under the bed and handed it to Jiang Yue.Jiang Yue held the little seahorse water gun in both hands, and she, who had just been able to hold back her tears, instantly blurred with tears.Chapter 1048 The origin of the little seahorse water gun Candy has never been short of toys since she was a child.

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