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Han Chaoyang thought about it, and said to the manager of the property company who hurried back Manager Zhang, please Organize security to transfer the snake to the property office first, and let the comrades of the fire brigade go back first.I will make a note for the caller, and I will go to your office later.The snake was packed in a bag, and the mouth of the bag was tightly tied , there should be no danger.Manager lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies Zhang immediately agreed, and called several security guards to take the bags from the fire officers and soldiers together with Lao Xu.Han Chaoyang first called the Forest Public Security Bureau, and then walked into Room 1102 to do it for Aunt Wang who was still in fear after returning home.record.After finishing the record, cbd gummies for performance anxiety I said a few words of comfort, and assured Aunt Wang and Aunt Wang s daughter and son in law who rushed back after hearing the news that the public security organs would not sit idly by.Jiang Changgui has seen where to buy green otter cbd gummies pythons raised before, but he has never seen such big ones.He patted the table several times No matter how you raise the snake, it is a cold blooded animal after all.There have been many cases of children being raised at home in the United States.The tragedy of Burmese pythons attacking or even killing them.The snake beauty felt that this was scaring, and was about to speak, Jiang Changgui continued In our country, Burmese pythons belong to the national first level protected animals.Or other special circumstances, they can be raised with a license.It is absolutely not allowed to be used as a pet.It turned out to be a first class protected animal, and Han Chaoyang was so happy that he couldn t help asking Team Jiang, so you want to buy and sell this animal Is the act itself illegal Illegal, 100 illegal.No, he should be called a community policeman now.What matters is that Xiao Han is a music student, a top student at Donghai Conservatory of Music In my warm invitation Excuse me, Xiao Han can dogs eat cbd gummies promises that he will often come to guide us to rehearse in the future, please welcome Teacher Xiao Han with warm applause, Chi Chi Chi Chi There was a burst of prolonged applause, which seemed to be the case.Han Chaoyang thought it was very funny.Xie Lingling couldn t help laughing when she saw the choir with a combination of Chinese and Western styles.There were erhu players and violin players, flute players and trombone players in the band.Han Chaoyang was about to thank her when a chubby aunt suddenly asked, Xiao Han, didn t you say in the group that you don where to buy green otter cbd gummies t have a girlfriend What s wrong with this beautiful girl Fortunately, I ve been asking around for you.It was less than 8 o clock when I returned to the police station, and the cadres of the community neighborhood committee and the doctors from the community health care office came to work one after another.Community security prevention is cbd gummies dosage for insomnia not a matter of the public security alone.The superiors clearly require each community neighborhood committee to establish a three in one management team composed of community neighborhood committees, community police, and property companies within the jurisdiction.Neighborhood committees are the leading, publicizing and coordinating departments for safety precautions, police stations are the guiding departments for safety precautions, and property management companies and other enterprises and institutions are the specific implementation departments for safety precautions.The wages of community workers are not low, but very low It is said that the requirements for recruitment are quite high.They must be college students, Party members are preferred, and they must have work experience.The written test is followed by an interview, which is like a public test.Many people think that they will be able to solve the establishment in the future, and rush to apply for the exam.In the where to buy green otter cbd gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking end, not to mention the settlement of the career establishment, even where to buy green otter cbd gummies the most basic five social insurances and one housing fund are discounted.They only pay pension and medical insurance according to the minimum standard, and do not pay anything else.After deducting the part that should be paid by the individual, there are only more than 1,600 left.Han Chaoyang reacted, and subconsciously asked Director Su, how many community workers are you going to arrange to join the security company Those who graduated from colleges and universities should dedicate their youth to the front line, and they should be considered for them both emotionally and rationally.This kid, you really don t show your face.No wonder a music student can be admitted to the police and civil servants.No wonder he dared to HCMUSSH where to buy green otter cbd gummies be confident during the probationary period.It turned out that he had a background and a backer.Guan Xiyuan smiled and said nothing.He where to buy green otter cbd gummies took out his cigarette and gestured towards the bathroom without looking back.awayChapter 44 Unlucky The district attaches great importance to this blind date event.The district leaders have come in person.God knows if the district youth league committee will check the list after returning, so it is very important to sign in.As soon as the blind date where to buy green otter cbd gummies was over, Han Chaoyang returned the badge to the chubby female staff member, took the lunch coupon from her, and helped clean up the meeting place together with an excuse, quietly found the attendance book and signed his name under the column of the branch office.Not to mention Director Su, he really cares, takes care of, and helps Han Chaoyang, Chaoyang Community, Chaoyang Village Han Chaoyang, who never believed in fate, suddenly discovered that there might be some connection between his name and these place names.Only here can the wind and water flourish, and if you where to buy green otter cbd gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking go to other places, you will definitely be unlucky.Some things would rather be believed than not.Just thinking about whether to take some time to go to Minghui Temple to burn koi cbd gummies reviews where to buy green otter cbd gummies incense, the mobile phone rang suddenly, and Lao Jin called.Chaoyang, I m Jin Dabao, have you returned to the police office Just came back, Manager Jin, the interviewers have arrived, and there are more than a dozen people here.I saw that it was too hot outside, so I asked them to sit in the conference room for a while.It is said that starting tomorrow afternoon, the working group will evaluate the crops on the farmland that will be expropriated in Chaoyang Village, and Han Chaoyang needs to lead a patrol team to the scene to maintain order.The street comprehensive treatment meeting is very important, and the evaluation of the working group is even more important.How much is assessed now, how much will be compensated in the future, involves real interests, and no one knows whether the villagers will cause trouble, but the street leaders are obviously out of their minds.Commissar Huang was not in a hurry to ask Zou Jingnan to report, and waited for Deputy Director Du to enter the office and sit next to Secretary Guo before turning around and saying, Comrade Jingnan, tell me what s going on..Zou Jingnan handed over a document and said succinctly The two issues reported by the informant are untenable.

The Municipal Bureau judged your meritorious service and awards.Isn t it the best way to where to buy green otter cbd gummies say that you will receive awards for your meritorious service in the future Zou Jingnan was completely convinced, looked at him like a freak and asked, What do you want to explain Reputation, how can I work in the office in the future, how can I hang out in the community How can I hang out in the community, are you a bastard where to buy green otter cbd gummies Section Chief Zou, I don t mean that, I mean that this matter has indeed caused damage to my personal reputation.Bad influence.What the Disciplinary Committee and inspectors do is to supervise you.If I ask you to find out more about the situation, and I have to apologize to you, then how will the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspectors carry out their work in the future, who will be afraid of the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspectors.No matter what action is taken to pull him to participate, why do you have to appoint a policeman as the team leader The more Su Xian thought about it, the more amusing she became, and she couldn t help asking Director Liu, what if the Disciplinary Committee and the inspector of your sub bureau confirm that Comrade Han Chaoyang is fine Su Xian suddenly realized that now is not the time to be happy.The county magistrate is better off now.He is the director, so he has the final say on how to deploy the police in the station.What s more, Han Chaoyang is indeed a new comrade, and there is a good reason why he is not suitable to be stationed in the police office.Even where to buy green otter cbd gummies Secretary Yang is not good at interfering.Chapter 74 Something Happened in the Institute Where there is no wind, there is no wave.Now When you know the book is ready for use, you will feel less hatred. Yes, I haven t done my job well, so I will review it. What s the use of reviewing, my Comrade Liu Jianye, the key is to put organizational learning into practice.Bureau Du tapped The table changed the topic In this case, it is actually not that troublesome.It is mainly to determine whether it is art or pornography from the scale of the pictures taken and the poses and movements of the models.I have seen the legal affairs department of the photos you uploaded.People made a lot of close ups of the private parts of the model.The body of the model also where to buy green otter cbd gummies contains a lot of sexual touching and provocative movements.According to the relevant regulations of the country on the identification of obscene and pornographic items, these are all prohibited.This kid, if you don t give him an answer, he will keep asking.Gu Guoli looked back at the passers by, and said perfunctorily, I used to like to eat it, but now I m old and my digestion is not good, so I can only eat something light.Bland, master, why don t we eat Huaiyang cuisine at noon.Gu Guoli s home is in the second community to the west of Chaoyang Bridge.He walks on Zhongshan Road to and from get off work, and often passes where to buy green otter cbd gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking by the gate of the Chaoyang Community Police Office.He is not ignorant of the restaurants on both sides of Zhongshan Road.Is there a Huaiyang restaurant near the police office Not near the police office, but there are other places, we can go to the city to eat.There is no need to be on duty, there are a lot of things to do.Not being able to go doesn t mean you can t eat.In this way, not only can avoid The masses have been criticizing each other for blame, and it can increase the speed of police dispatch to the greatest extent, so that the masses can avoid wrongdoing.This platform is well established, and one should have been established long ago.Deputy Director Jiang of the Security Department of the University of Science and Technology The replacement deputy director level, although Grandpa Gu enjoys the treatment of a researcher but has no administrative position, it can be said that he has the highest position among the people who participated in the meeting.Because of this, he speaks without any scruples.He knocked on the table and said in a somewhat dissatisfied tone As for the police office, you can see it everywhere on Zhongshan Road, there is one on the south side of the road, one on the north side of the road, one in the Sixth Hospital, and one in our school, but only the police office has no police.When knocking on the door, it should not be too hard or too light.It is impolite to others if it is too heavy, and you may not be able to hear it when you knock lightly.At the beginning, I was just as clueless as you.Every time I always knocked on the joints on the back of my fist.As a result, within a few days, this place became very swollen and congested.Thousands of households knocked with finger knots, but a fist made where to buy green otter cbd gummies of steel couldn t stand it.So you can t knock with finger knots, you should knock with the side of the palm, so as not to get hurt. Knocking on the door even There are so many ways Han Chaoyang felt a little unbelievable.There are many ways to knock on doors, such as knocking on wooden doors and iron doors.It is easier to knock on wooden doors with your fingertips, and the sound is crisp.Han Chaoyang was very happy, suppressing his excitement and asked Uncle Wan, Uncle Hou, how do you know If we did not find a job, we would look for a job with us.Seeing how pitiful he was, we let him live with us for a few days, but he was afraid of suffering, so he ran away after working for a few days, and he didn t know where he went.I still haven t paid back the money. What did you say when you were working together Well, I squat on the side of the road every day waiting for work, chatting while waiting. What s the surname and name of the guy who opened the shop The surname is Ke, I forgot what his name is, we all call him Boss Ke.His ID card information is in the account of the immigrant, and he knows where he rents, and it is not difficult to check.Han Chaoyang thought about it and asked again Is there anyone under him now There is one, I don t know where I found it, lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies and he is also a young man.

Outside the courtyard, I asked Lao Wan, Lao Hou and Lao Huo and other migrant workers who moved to Yangguan Village to inquire about the situation of Qiao Xianhong s family and keep an eye on Qiao Xianhong s whereabouts., let Xiao Yu and Xiao Ma be responsible for sending the two girls back safely, and it was already past nine o clock in the evening when they arrived at the police station.Chen Jie, where is my master Inspector Gu is out on patrol.Jia Le just came back from Yanhe Park and said that he met Inspector Gu by the river.Han Chaoyang walked into the inner room, closed the door, and left a There was a gap, and while changing the police uniform, he asked, He went out to patrol alone.How is it possible, Chen Jie put down the mouse, stretched her waist and said, I didn t know before, but now I know that your master is a second level hero model.I Wife has it, but Xiaojun doesn t, he has it with him. There should be a copy.No, it s okay, why do I want a copy of his ID card.Ke Jianrong walked to the door of the inner room and turned back to emphasize You have registered last time, you should have it there, he is not an outsider, he is in the same village as me, it is me I found it specially from my hometown.Okay, let s get your wife s first.You are deliberately tossing about registering ID cards and checking ID cards and residence permits, trying to force outsiders who rent in the village to move.Ke Jianrong thought he had a thorough understanding of the situation in Chaoyang Village, cursed secretly, opened the door and went inside to find his wife s ID card.Chen Jie was already ready, without where to buy green otter cbd gummies Han Zhaoyang s reminder, she took out her mobile phone to take a picture of a small commercial, and then leaned over to pick up one and put it where to buy green otter cbd gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking in her pocketChapter 102 Hot summer nights are the peak time for road occupation and outcropping barbecues, and the comprehensive law enforcement team also operates at night.Considering that some owners are not at koi cbd gummies reviews where to buy green otter cbd gummies home and cannot be contacted for a while, at the request of the community leaders, Ask the command center for help The branch command center is also the emergency command center of the Yandong District Committee and District Government.Normally, the police officers wouldn t care about such things, but now it s not normal, even Zhou Ju came over to take command in person, asked about the situation, how long for cbd gummies to help with anxiety and immediately reported to his superiors.Director Su is right, the current thing is emergency rescue and disaster relief, and as long as it is related to emergency rescue and disaster relief, everything is handled specially.Han Chaoyang had just finished calling the security guard on duty at Factory 527, and the command center had a reply.A policeman from the No.Following his old man s gaze, it turned out that a maintenance worker was hanging on the outer wall to repair the air conditioner, helping Boss Deng solve the problem that the upstairs air conditioner kept dripping water at the store entrance.If the tool falls, it will hit pedestrians, and repairing the air conditioner is a relatively dangerous thing.The refrigerant is flammable and explosive, and news where to buy green otter cbd gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking of explosion accidents caused by improper operation has been reported in the newspapers.The old man is not worried about it.As soon as Han Chaoyang jumped out of the car, Chen Jie came out suddenly and said with a smile, Han Da, you can catch a bet if you go out for a walk.You are really lucky.Don t talk nonsense, Han Chaoyang said With a wink, he turned around and said, Xiaobao, come down, it s hot outside, there s air conditioning and water inside, this .

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is Aunt Chen, go in with Aunt Chen.The security company is struggling to maintain its operations and has no profit, where to buy green otter cbd gummies and the neighborhood committee still has no money.Many tasks cannot be carried out without money.Thinking about this bonus is really important to the neighborhood committee.Thinking that the master would not cbd and thc gummies uk best cbd gummies recipe say these words for no reason, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing We ask for money for Director Su, and Director Su will support our work, and then send patrols to other places to assist us in carrying out tasks.She will not What more This kid, who knows everything, deserves to be born in a cadre family.Gu Guoli nodded and confirmed with a smile We cannot do a good job without the support of the neighborhood committee, and the neighborhood committee cannot do without us if we want to do all kinds of work well, so we have to help each other. Dormitories generally have 4 to 6 beds, and one person rents out, which will definitely affect other people.The students have no objections I asked in the group, and they said that most of the younger students do not reject alumni renting.According to regulations, left behind students have to apply to the college and need approval from the dormitory management center.However, the school is HCMUSSH where to buy green otter cbd gummies not very strict during the summer vacation, and many students do not follow the rules.It is stipulated to apply for registration.Although there are where to buy green otter cbd gummies card swiping electronic access control at the bottom of the dormitory building, they can enter without a card.They are all alumni and know the dormitory management.Said Zhenchuan, there should be someone in the security office going to work tomorrow, you need to find the security office.The ride in this car is simply terrible Ma Fengying felt extremely uncomfortable, and vomited into the convenience bag one after another.Obviously, she had already vomited in the car, and where to buy green otter cbd gummies all the contents of her stomach were emptied, and now all she vomited was bitter water.Auntie, drink some water and rinse your mouth.Xu Hongliang put his luggage aside and handed him a bottle of mineral water.Thank you, Ma Fengying threw the medigreens cbd gummies cbd and thc gummies uk convenience bag into the trash can, rinsed her mouth with water, took out a tissue to dry hemp bombs cbd gummies 5 gummes her mouth, stood up and said apologetically, I m sorry, I smell gasoline, so I can t sit in the car , I made you laugh.It s okay, there are many people who get motion sickness, and you re not the only one.Chaoyang, this these two are your colleagues, how do you call them Oh, I almost forgot to introduce you, this It s Lao Dai, this is Hong Liang, I mentioned it to you on the phone.

Ma Fengying likes it more and more.Thinking of the housing prices that she has learned in the past few days, she can t help asking Chaoyang, a bright future The location is so good, the surrounding environment is so beautiful, and it is next to the city hall, how can it sell for 15,610 square meters A better environment is more beautiful.Han Chaoyang turned his head and smiled, and continued Besides being next to the city government now doesn t mean it will still be next to it in the future, the development zone is to the east, and there is a new district to the north.Go to the new district, it s under construction there, and we ll move there when it s finished.Ma Fengying is not an ignorant rural woman, she murmured The land in the city is valuable, so sell the current office building to the developer, and move the municipal government to the city.Not only can t they after retirement, but I can even imagine that they don t dare to spend more money now, and they will really eat chaff every day.Huang Ying was stunned for a moment, and muttered I didn t expect you to be a filial son.It s not as good as you said.Anyway, buying a house is almost like the sky falling for me.Something is blocked in my heart.If I don t eat well, I probably won t be able to sleep at night.Say In the end, people are still poor and short sighted.Whatever you do, you must do what you can.Because of what she introduced, his family went all out to buy An Jiahui s house, and their family s quality of life would definitely be affected in the future.Thinking of this, Huang Ying felt like she had done something wrong, and she felt an inexplicable sense koi cbd gummies reviews where to buy green otter cbd gummies of guilt.Han .

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Chaoyang was about to strike while the iron was hot and asked her for help.I was tossing and turning when my phone rang suddenly.It was not a phone call, but a WeChat voice.This friend forgot to make a note, and the number of friends is a bit outrageous.It s not that I can t remember it for a while, but I can t remember where to buy green otter cbd gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking who it is for a day, so I just press the call button, Hi, hello, who is your friend Officer Han, I m He Ziqiang, I m a well off fellow, and I used to live in Chaoyang Village.Oh, hello, hello.Sorry, I m on the night shift, you asked me in the group yesterday I have news about the inquiring matter, I am afraid I will forget it tomorrow, and I am afraid that it will delay your matter, so I will contact you now, if it does not affect your rest.No, Brother He, tell me.The thing is like this, My fellow villager who lived in Yangguan Village changed his mobile phone number, but he didn t get through in the afternoon.Lao Hu brought two auxiliary policemen Back at the scene of the theft, Han Chaoyang also returned to the police room.Chen Jie was on duty today.Like Zheng Xinyi, Chen Jie couldn t smell the smell of cigarettes.After parking the car, Li Xiaobin consciously stood in the shade of a tree at the door to smoke.He also handed one to Han Chaoyang, who was determined to quit can pregnant women take cbd gummies smoking, as usual.I don t smoke if I say I don t smoke.In fact, I don t have much addiction to cigarettes.Han Chaoyang waved his hand, and suddenly saw a three or four year old child running out of the bus stop sign, as if he was going to pick up something on the road.He signaled the car coming from the west with his hand to pay attention, and rushed to pick up the child.Who is the parent Why don t you take care of the children The traffic on Zhongshan Road was really dangerous just now, Han Chaoyang was really frightened into a cold sweat, holding the child and looking around at the passengers under the stop sign, naturally he would not have a good face.Director Du took out his mobile phone to check the time, and then looked back at the direction of the west gate of the community.Everyone held their breaths and did not dare to make a sound.The air seemed to freeze.Han Chaoyang was infected by the atmosphere in front of him and suddenly felt very nervous.At the same time, I am a little envious of the criminal police who are ready to act at any time, thinking that they are the real police.After waiting in silence for seven or eight minutes, a policeman where to buy green otter cbd gummies arrived with a long crowbar.Director Du put his phone in his pocket and nodded slightly to the plainclothes criminal policeman.Dong dong dong The plainclothes criminal policeman raised his hand and knocked on the door, shouting Listen up inside, we are from the police station, check your ID card and residence card, get up quickly, and open the door quickly A criminal policeman in uniform said tacitly Stand koi cbd gummies reviews where to buy green otter cbd gummies right in front of the anti theft door, and you can see him when you open the curtain inside.Old Gu, why are you going back to the police office, just go home.Liu Suo, I m fine.Besides, Chaoyang will continue to organize rehearsals at night.You can t carry it without rest, and the police office can t leave people.Inspector Gu, isn t there me, you go back and rest, you are not in good health and can t compare with us young people.Wu Wei stood up hurriedly, Pull out a tissue and wipe your mouth.This is the backbone, able to withstand critical moments, Liu Jianye nodded with a smile Old Gu, that s it, let Xiao Wu work hard, what do you worry about with Xiao Wu here Master, you should go back and rest Let where to buy green otter cbd gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking s go.Everyone said in unison, Gu Guoli simply smiled and said Okay, I will go home and sleep for a few hours first, and go to the police station to where to buy green otter cbd gummies change shifts at 12 o clock.I m used to it.The students were on vacation, and they were about to enter the senior year, but the previous group of can you die from cbd gummies parents did not disband.I don t know if the teacher s words are more effective than the leaders words, or the current parents pay more attention to quality education and like to take their children to participate in such activities.Unexpectedly, there are so many people, and the hundreds of plastic chairs prepared are not enough.But this is Huayuan Street Central Primary School, the stage is set on a large playground that can accommodate thousands of people, and there are plenty of stools in the classroom.Director Tu and Director Cai immediately organized the school s teaching staff and people from the comprehensive street law enforcement team to move the stools to the back.Swing, swing to both sides.

People are running away.How can I find them in the middle of the night But the parents who abandoned their children will definitely not be able to escape.He knows that the child is sick, which means that he has been checked or even treated in the hospital.With so many hospitals, it shouldn t be difficult to check. I ve definitely never cbd and thc gummies uk best cbd gummies recipe been to our sixth hospital, and Director Yang of the Department of Pediatrics and Director Jiang of the Department of Hematology said they ve never seen each other before.As soon as Miss Lu finished speaking, Director Su mused, If you didn t The treatment in the city is troublesome, there are only so many hospitals in the city, and there are many in the whole province, and each family asks when will it be.Director Su, the child is in the hospital in a short time, so it shouldn t be a big deal in a short time.Director Hua, don t worry, I Everything has been arranged.Director Hua can think of it, and Secretary Yang can think of it as well as Zhou Ju Director Tu of the Party and Government Office of Huayuan Street, Director Cai of the Comprehensive Management Office, and Director Su of Chaoyang Community, who just sent the choir members to the backstage, are organizing Lao Pan and other drummers who do not need to participate medigreens cbd gummies cbd and thc gummies uk in the performance, and 60 audience members of Huayuan Street holding mobile phones Warming up , even the parents of the more than 30 students brought by Kang Wei offered to help, and they waited for the performance on Huayuan Street to help canvass votes.Through the gunpowder smoke, we saw groups of anti Japanese fighters marching against the enemy s artillery fire.Their common name is Heroes .

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Their bodies are immortal, and they have grown into green pines and green bamboos all over the mountain Their The soul is immortal and still runs in our blood Next, please enjoy the large scale song and dance Glorious History jointly performed by Huayuan Street, Yandong District and Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau The curtain slowly where to buy green otter cbd gummies opened, and a choir with a huge lineup appeared in front of the audience.The performance was unprecedentedly successful, especially the last song Deep Sea which shocked the audience.It would be hell if it didn t get the first place.Secretary Yang was so happy that he didn t care if Director Hua would protest in the group, and he didn t care if he saw it behind him., raised his arms to give a thumbs up to Han Chaoyang and other performers who were still standing on the stage.The QR code came out, and the audience inside and outside the venue where to buy green otter cbd gummies began to scan and vote and participate in the selection.Secretary Ding took the stage to speak, and the big screen on the left broadcasted Secretary Ding live, while the big screen on the right continuously refreshed the voting results.I saw that the number of votes behind the chorus program of Huayuan Street and Yandong Branch and the number of votes behind the choir program of the Education Bureau rose sharply, but the speed and magnitude were very different.Sometimes you will quarrel over trivial matters, and even break up, which really hurts the relationship.Mom, we Chaoyang, Mom knows you are sensible, but no matter how good tempered you are, you can t help it.You have to give way to Yingying.Yingying, since you want to move there, you can t be petty like you were at home, you have to understand and tolerate each other.Okay, okay, they are not children, The male college should be married and the female college should be married.It will be a matter of time before the daughter will leave.Father Huang didn t want to make the two children feel that his wife was nagging and would not want to come HCMUSSH where to buy green otter cbd gummies back.He stood up and said half jokingly It s fine to move there.To live in a world of two, I have to live like your mother, remember to call often and come back to check on it.Officer Han, it s so late, why are you here Wan Xin was standing at the door of the aseptic cabin, when he heard footsteps behind him, and when he saw Han Chaoyang, he came up to meet him.Come and see, where is sister in law Inside, Wan Xin said, thanking the Yanyang police and the cadres of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee from the bottom of his heart.He accompanied them to the glass and picked up the phone that could talk to the inside., Reminding Yuqing, Police Officer Han is here.Sister in law, don t get up, I m just looking around.Hello, Officer Han, Officer Han, this is My girlfriend Huang Ying.Hello, Police Officer Huang.Xiang Yuqing shaved her head and was wearing a hospital gown.She may have stayed in the sterile cabin for too long, her skin was getting whiter and her face was even a little pale.But before they reached his house, the police car was parked in front of a dilapidated donkey shed, and the two began to walk.It is not so much walking as it is rushing down the mountain.It is all downhill.If you do not maintain a good center of gravity and pay attention to your feet, you will fall if you are not careful.When you step on it, it is full of soil, and the thick place can flood the upper.Dirty leather shoes, dirty pants, leaning on the loess wall to go downhill, dirty hands, and even the police uniform on his body, he looks ashamed like a fake There are not where to buy green otter cbd gummies many people in the village, and they are all old people.I saw an old man seeing the cloud in the sky, overjoyedly aroused his wife in local dialect, and cleaned his courtyard in a hurry.The rain here is as expensive as oil.The trainer Hang ran into a small courtyard surrounded by earthen walls, spoke a few words in local to the old lady who was cleaning the courtyard, took the broom and started to work.I looked at the roster this morning, and there are still 21 people who haven t got their second generation ID cards As a community policeman, he doesn t go to the community very often.It s not easy to come here.Why did he leave before finishing his work The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more puzzled he became.can follow him.The downhill is easy, but the uphill is tiring.After running halfway up the mountain and back to the police car, Han Chaoyang was out of breath.The children followed all the way to the side of the road.Jiang Li didn t say anything.He opened the trunk and put away the equipment, and immediately opened the door to signal Han Chaoyang to get in the car.When the car turned around a mountain ridge and could no longer see the children who had been chasing the road, Han Chaoyang couldn t bear it any longer, and asked curiously, Brother Jiang, the ID card is no longer valid Where are you going Just now I saw a person, I don t want to do it anymore, and if I do it again, it will be easy to scare the snake.

The leader didn t need to learn from his class, and he couldn t find an excuse not to drink.Besides, the leaders of the county bureau were so enthusiastic.Even though Jian Yunping helped him drink several cups, Fan Ju was still drunk.In addition to the tiredness of the pommel horse all the way, I was too tired and uncomfortable, and I didn t recover until the morning of the third day.The roundup of Feng Changdong was carried out on the second night of their arrival, at the beginning they claimed to be an anti drug operation in order to avoid alarming the enemy.The bureau dispatched all the policemen who could be transferred into the mountain, but in order to receive him, the leader of the police bureau who was a brother from Yanyang, Chai Shuxi, a member of the bureau s party committee, was specially invited to accompany him.The leader of the team, Han Chaoyang, had to listen to him, and the four armed police who assisted in the lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies interception also had to listen to his command, and he was indeed the one who discovered that Feng Changdong had sneaked back to Lijiayao.Enthusiastic applause sounded again, and everyone, including the leaders on the stage, looked this way at the same time.Zhang Yongping, a policeman from the anti drug brigade of your bureau, as the backbone of the anti drug eradication work, has devoted himself to the control of ephedra grass and actively guided the townships to carry out anti lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies drug work.Especially since the purchase of ephedra grass started, Comrade Zhang Yongping has made great efforts to control the ephedra grass in the county.Carried out a comprehensive investigation of the planting and collection, cleared the background, and established files, identified 12 people suspected of illegally buying and selling ephedra grass for control, assisted the business department in solving 4 cases, captured 6 suspects, and was affirmed by the Municipal Anti Drug Office.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing, and said with a smile He team, I m not a star, so I don t have so many fans, but I will try my best.If there are not many tasks to focus on, I think there should be no problem.You must be fine.The second matter is also related to WeChat.The daughter of our squadron Lao Yang participated in some selection and needs to vote on WeChat.You should understand if you want a daughter to become a phoenix.His lover these days because of this matter I m going crazy, I call him seven or eight times a day.I don t HCMUSSH where to buy green otter cbd gummies have many WeChat friends, and I have activated all of them.I have sent more than 200 red envelopes for him, but the ranking is still not ideal.I will send the voting link to You send it over and vote for No.26 Yang Ziqi, don t make a mistake, the more votes the better.This afternoon I reported it to you, and I just reported to Director Fang, and Director Fang said that he will come right away Director Mei, Director Fang and Director Tao will be here soon, we can sit down, we have prepared four tables Director Ning, Orchid Hall, I m just waiting for you After eating, take a few bites, if you can t drink, please, hurry up.Director Chu was busy calling the leaders of the provincial olly gummies cbd department who were upstairs, and Director Zhou was attending the meeting at the same time.The head of the public security bureau of the brother county bureau at the meeting made a phone call, and while calling, he looked back at the few subordinates who were very upbeat.Commissar Huang and Fan Ju finally realized why their immediate superiors koi cbd gummies reviews where to buy green otter cbd gummies had brought the boys here, and they couldn t help laughing.Wang Bureau, political commissar, I listen to the organization.He Pingyuan took a deep breath and said with a choked voice But I just bought a house the year before last, and it cost a lot of money to buy a house, and a lot of money to decorate it, which made me win five at once.Ten thousand, I can t afford it, I don t have that much money.A senior police station chief confor cbd gummies can t afford fifty thousand in cash, and in the economically developed coastal areas, people would really take it as a joke if he said it.However, Longdao County is not an economically developed coastal area, but a state level poverty where to buy green otter cbd gummies stricken county.The salary of cadres is not only not high, it was not even paid in full on a monthly basis until a few years ago.As for gray income, that s the real joke.There are only so many people in the mountains, and the seat of the township government can t see a few people during the day, not to mention entertainment venues such as karaoke halls, dance halls, saunas, and baths, and there are not even hotels.From now on, you will accept the command of Luo Zhi and Teng Da, and assist the criminal police detachment and the criminal police brigade of the Gaoxin District Bureau to find out the truth of this case on behalf of our branch.Shi Bureau, what Luo Zhi said just now is not true Is it very clear, the three of our joint investigations, how can we become assistance What s the difference in cooperation Luo Zhi, Lao Teng, I still have something to do, let s take a step first, you don t have to run to Yandong, I ll let someone take you Bring the deceased s body over and send it to the funeral parlor in the high tech zone for inspection.Alright, I ll go to the funeral parlor after the inspection here.Shi Ju left as soon as he said he would, and he didn t forget to pat Han Chaoyang on the arm before he left, so he almost wrote on his face Work hard, I believe in your ability.The few owed two to three hundred thousand yuan in debt, and the most owed nearly one million yuan.They bet that the cash loan platform will not be able to carry it, pointing at the cash The loan platform closed down, so there is no need to repay the money.Brainstorming and thinking of various ways to repay the debt.I read the group chat records, and some people said that if they want to not repay the money, organic pain help cbd gummies they can fake death.For example, write a suicide note, saying that they are dead, and they will pay back in the next life Their money some people plan to draw a few times on their wrists with a red fountain pen, saying that they will cut their wrists and commit suicide There is such a thing The world is so big, there are so many wonders.He Yichang sighed lightly, and continued Every day at 9 00 am, 3 00 pm and 7 00 pm, this large group of hundreds of people will be activated on time.

The car stopped, the engine was still on, and he could clearly see him delivering a girl in her early twenties to the door under the headlights.The girl had long hair draped over her shoulders, with delicate features, beautiful and full of youthful vigor.Meng Wenjun trembled with anger, gripped the steering wheel tightly and gritted his teeth and said, Officer Han, don t let me destroy this video.This is evidence, evidence that he betrayed me and our family Sister in law, you Don t worry, even if there is evidence we need in the video, we will only make a copy and not take it away.If it weren t for you, I really don t know how long I would have been kept in the dark by him.The child is so old, you can have a good talk with him.If you can get together, get married and have children, it means that there is something for you.sorry.Han Chaoyang was not discouraged, but took out his mobile phone to find photos of several suspects Mr.Tian, can you see if it s them Yes, it s them, Tian Jiming took the phone and flipped to the first photo.He said with embarrassment He is the boss Guan.I have his mobile phone number, but it is useless.He is in one way contact with us.He usually shuts down the phone.We failed to call flying with cbd gummies 2019 him once.It was all his calls.Give it to us, ask us if we have time, we have a game tonight, do you want to play together.It s really hard to find a place, and it takes no effort to get it.Han Chaoyang was so excited that he looked back at Li Kaiyi and said in as gentle a tone as possible Mr.Tian, the information you provided is very valuable for us to solve the case.I want to go out and make a phone call.Han Chaoyang hurried downstairs, took out his keys and got into the car provided by the special case team, and while calling Wu Wei, he rushed to the bureau with the steering wheel in his hands.When the car slowly drove into the compound of the sub bureau, police cars where to buy green otter cbd gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking were already parked in front of the hall, including four explosion proof cars painted in black, and dozens of special police officers with live ammunition were sitting in the cars and waiting for orders.What was even more unexpected was that an old acquaintance, He Yichang, also came, running upstairs with his bag in his arms.Captain He, wait.Han Chaoyang pushed open the car door and ran after him.Chaoyang, why are you here He Yichang stopped in his tracks and subconsciously turned around to ask.Boss Feng asked me to come here.Qing Gong, the comrades from the Public Security Bureau will not come to you for no reason.What s the matter Boss Gan was also very depressed when the police came to his door in the middle of the night.He followed up in the living room and gave his cousin a hard look.Brother in law, I I didn t do anything.Others don t know, but you don t know.Am I the kind of person who commits crimes Boss Gan knew his cousin in law too well, so he believed that he would not do illegal things., turned around and smiled Officer Zhang, my brother in law is honest, what can he do, you must have made a mistake.That s right.Zhang Qiuping medigreens cbd gummies cbd and thc gummies uk looked back at the bedroom with a hidden door, and then shifted his eyes to Yu Qinggong s face Let me remind you, where were you on the night of the 27th last month, and who were you seeing , what did you do On the 27th of last month, I, I can t remember.Usually I always feel that this job is hard and tiring, and I often complain in private, but I also think this job is very interesting, and I even feel that I am indispensable, and I feel that the earth will not turn if I leave myself.I found He Yichang s number and dialed it.Although the other party didn t speak, I could hear that he was outside.Captain where to buy green otter cbd gummies He, I m Han Chaoyang, are you working on a case outside Well, cbd life gummies you re outside.Aren t you on vacation Why do you think of calling me Take a look in Yi County, I just went to Huo Xuebin s house this morning, your economic investigation team is in charge of this case, the leader asked me to call you and report to you.He Yichang suddenly remembered the Fox Hunt of the sub bureau, and couldn t help cbd and thc gummies uk best cbd gummies recipe asking What did I think it was It turned out to be Huo Xuebin.I also met an even weirder old lady who dragged Han Chaoyang to scold the Huo family for how stingy they were.There were so many snacks at home, but they didn t give them to her grandson when they visited.Since the relationship with the Huo family is not good, of course Han Chaoyang will not miss this opportunity to mobilize the masses.He took out the police civilian contact card again, and said with a smile Grandma, it s only natural to pay back the debt.Besides, Huo Xuebin not only owes money to others, but is also involved in crimes.He is a fugitive that our police want to hunt down.If any clues are found, That is to say, what you hear or see, you can always ask your son or your daughter in where to buy green otter cbd gummies law to call the above number, as long as it helps solve the case, there will be a bonus at that time.Third Chapter 174 International After eating in the conference room on the first floor, the interrogation on the second floor also made progress.Yu Zhenchuan and Miao Haizhu knocked on the door of the meeting room with a stack of transcripts, and reported in front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Junfeng and others Bao Suo, Zou Yanqing and Li Ziqiang have confessed.Not only did they steal the 16 electric cars stolen from Xinmin Community Yes, crimes have been committed in Xinyuan Road Times Internet Caf , No.22 Middle School, Xinmin Vegetable Market and other places.Because they stole too many cars, I can t even remember how many cars were stolen in total.I know that once such a case is solved, it will be a hit.Chuaner, Bao Suo subconsciously asked About how many cars From what the two of them explained, they stole the first electric car in the community since August last year without being found.

The public security police, the person in charge of the security company and the person in charge of the security department of each construction unit will be stationed together.Come on, it s easy to plan and coordinate Mr.Qi, Mr.Deng, Mr.Xuan, I think this plan is feasible.It s all for the construction of the project, and you can t just make small calculations, don t you think Mayor Meng, you Having said that, what else can I say.Mr.Deng I have no objection.It turns out that this meeting was not for nothing, it turns out that the leaders of the street and the sub bureau have already prepared.The security company won a big order, Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, subconsciously took out his mobile phone, and secretly sent WeChat to Director Su and Lao Jin under the table, telling them the great news.There will be a change of term soon, even if Secretary Yang does not become the executive deputy district chief, he will not continue to serve as a high ranking official of the Huayuan Street Works.Why not do such a favor The Shunshui Human Relations Weekly Bureau also where to buy green otter cbd gummies didn t want to miss it, said goodbye to several district leaders, took out the mobile phone for a long time as soon as they got into the police car, and finally found Han Chaoyang s mobile phone number, and dialed it himself.This is the first time Han Chaoyang received a phone call from the director himself, he was really flattered, and hurriedly said Hello, Zhou Ju, what instructions do you have Xiao Han, there are no instructions, only one piece of good news.During the meeting just now, several district leaders mentioned that there is a shortage of people in the administrative service center.Kang Haigen asked Chief Lei to turn off the transmitter, and then sent Chief Lei and Xiao Yang to the car who were about to go home from get off work.After watching off Chief Lei and his team as they drove out of the community, they rushed to the east gate to meet Han Chaoyang.Wear a police uniform and cannot stay at the door.Kang Haigen came to the corner of the fire exit of Building 6 overlooking the east gate entrance, looked down and asked in a low voice Chaoyang, Liu Suo really intends to let us handle this case If we can t get anyone out, let us be responsible to the end.Han Chaoyang had never handled a case, and he didn t even know the procedure very clearly, so he made up his mind to drag a few more people into the water.At the end of the year, it must be busy.Kang Haigen nodded, took out his cigarette and smiled, Since the office is too busy, we will gnaw at this hard bone.It is purely voluntary and does not need to be paid by the community.You should have a good rest now.Fishing, playing chess, running, and exercising are so good, and you can also take my wife to travel and see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland What do you mean until you retire Grandpa Gu glared at him With a glance, he asked cbd and thc gummies uk best cbd gummies recipe angrily, Why don cbd arthritis gummies t you let me go to the square dance It s fine in summer, but it s too cold now.The weather forecast says it will snow the day after tomorrow, so Factory Manager Wang and the others won t come out.Speechless, he simply pointed to the door leading to the inner room I am free to do whatever I want.You can go about your business.Kang Suo and Haizhu just came back, and they are sorting materials inside At the door of the inner room, after thinking about it, he turned back and smiled and said, Master, let s have dinner together tonight.Why, do you know how much this offends people Please, he is the first secretary, and the superiors arranged for him to be the squad leader.How can you not see this clearly cbd and thc gummies uk when working within the system Huang Ying felt that it was necessary to teach him a lesson, so she simply put down her chopsticks and explained patiently It is no exaggeration to say that the village cadres are grassroots elites, although they are more educated than others.Not the first secretary, but he still has certain skills in dealing with people and dealing with emergencies.If the first secretary behaves submissively after taking office, or is helpless in the face of many things, it will affect his image in the hearts of village cadres If you can t build up prestige, how can you start your work Han Zhaoyang was overjoyed, and couldn t help but tease My wife, I didn t realize that, so you re a good candidate for HCMUSSH where to buy green otter cbd gummies being an official Huang Ying gave Rolling his eyes at him, he said angrily Even the common people know that there are three fires when a new official takes office, but you don t know, and you feel weird.So I would like to ask you a favor.Go and ask him why he didn t go to Zhang Ziyue s natal family, instead of looking for a nanny first.Worried that this would arouse Ling Bin s vigilance, Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice Captain Wang , Is it appropriate for me to just run over and ask It should be no problem.Wang Jianping stroked his train of thought again, and analyzed Xiaoqiu and I should not have revealed our identities, and he probably didn t know he was being targeted by us.So yes For him, there are countless possibilities for Zhang Ziyue to leave without saying goodbye.The only thing he can t think of is that Zhang Ziyue is involved in drug trafficking.After all, drugs seem very far away to ordinary people like him, and it is difficult to put a gentle, considerate, beautiful or even kind woman and a female drug dealer.Huang, why did you bring it here How embarrassing it is.Eat first, and then take a shower after eating.With the smell of cigarettes, it s no wonder that Xinxin wants to sleep with my mother at night.Where s Xinxin I went to the supermarket with my mother.As Huang Ying spoke, she simply sat down in front of her laptop and browsed his updated blog in the past few days.As Han Chaoyang said in the kitchen, what he where to buy green otter cbd gummies wrote is really touching.He seldom mentions himself, all about Xinxin, such as this paragraph Ziyue, there are still many good people in this world, and only a very small number of bad people.I told you about Police Officer Han, Mr.Zhang, Aunt Huang and Miss Huang a few days ago.Today, let s talk about Teacher Xie.Not only is she good at playing the piano, she is also a good person.As soon as she comes, she will tease Xinxin, play with Xinxin, and teach Xinxin where to buy green otter cbd gummies how to play the piano.

What does her brother do He used to be a bricklayer, but now he is a foreman.He is engaged in construction abroad.Sister Wei smiled With a smile, he continued You definitely can t do construction.Ling Bin is not a coolie, but can a living person be suffocated to death by urine As long as you can go out, you will definitely be lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies able to gain a firm foothold and start from scratch.It s good to go abroad , but it s not so easy to gain a firm foothold. Are you worried about not having enough money What is two hundred thousand enough for Isn t there 600,000 in Ling Bin s house More than one million.I used the money you gave me before to open this farmhouse.Although I can only do business for half a year a year, it is still no problem to earn two to three hundred thousand a year.I can go for a mortgage or put Let the farmhouse sell out, try to get it together, collect two or three healthy cbd gummies million before leaving.Yes Bureau Feng is really busy, and his cell where to buy green otter cbd gummies phone is really busy.If they didn t get through, Han Chaoyang could only call Bureau Du.Director Du listened to a few sentences, and subconsciously asked Chaoyang, you can you bring cbd gummies on a plane to mexico mean that what you just captured is the female drug dealer that Bureau Shi asked us to assist in arresting The criminal police from the Fujiang City Bureau will be here soon, should I escort the two suspects to the sub bureau first, or hand them over to them directly This is your big brother s case, there is no need to send it to the bureau, just hand it over to them., hand it over directly to the Fujiang criminal what do 10 mg cbd gummies do police.Yes The young man is an advanced model just established in the bureau, and he deserves some achievements.Instead of praising him like before, Du Bureau said half jokingly I will report to Zhou Bureau later, and I won t call Stone Bureau.How could Han Chaoyang make this call Xu Hongliang also found various excuses not to call.In order to express his gratitude, Wang Jianping actually ran to lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies the opposite side to invite him.Although Huang Ying and Xie Lingling had already eaten, they didn t come over.He, the master , stood in the hotel lobby and could only follow with a wry smile.There are two large tables in one, and it happens to be in a large box with the screen removed.Without outsiders, the big guys naturally talked about Wan Xiaoxia and Ling Bin.Yingying, Ling Bin and the child do deserve sympathy, but you can t blindly sympathize with Wan Xiaoxia just because of this.Grandpa Gu knew that it was difficult for the two of them to accept all this, so he took a sip of wine and said persuasively, You haven t seen it before.Drug addicts, I have seen them, drugs are too harmful There is an addict in the jurisdiction of HCMUSSH where to buy green otter cbd gummies Changfeng Street, who suffered from several diseases due to drug use, and finally bought adulterated powder from somewhere and sucked it to death.Stop arguing, what s going on The police are here, comrade police, you help judge, why don t they refund the tuition Comrade policeman, we have signed an agreement Look, it is clearly written in black and white where to buy green otter cbd gummies revive cbd gummies reviews that you are not allowed to drop out of school, and the tuition fee will not be refunded if you drop out.In one sentence, he took out his police ID I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Zhongshan Road Integrated Police Platform of Yandong Public Security Bureau.This is my ID.If you have something to say, please calm down first.She dialed 110.A female teacher of the training institution said eagerly, and then looked at HCMUSSH where to buy green otter cbd gummies the parents of the students.You called the police Han Chaoyang put away his ID and took out a pen and paper.Well, I called 110.The parents of the students seemed to realize that it was inappropriate to alert the police because of this incident.I How can you be disappointed I am very happy to see you all developing so well.Chen Jie walked up to the two without losing the opportunity, and said with a smile Hello, Dean Chen, Dean Chen, let me introduce you, this This is Comrade Kang Haigen, the where to buy green otter cbd gummies deputy director of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and this is Comrade Han Chaoyang, the policeman of our Huayuan Street Police Station and the captain of our community voluntary security patrol team Usually, she would not call Kang Haigen, Han Chaoyang, Cao Zefang, The names of Lao Ding, Lao Tang and others, but today is different.Vice President Chen is not only the vice president of her alma mater, but also a leader who enjoys the treatment of the director level.The police rank is the same as the third level police inspector before Grandpa Gu retired Kang Haigen doesn t think it s impolite for her to call her by her first name.Be serious, listen to me.Director Du closed his notebook and said very seriously Since the police district is established, a sheriff must be appointed to preside over the work greenotter cbd gummies of the police district.Considering the jurisdiction of the police district Two police stations are involved, the police chief will be dispatched by the security brigade of the sub bureau, and other policemen will be dispatched from the two police stations.Han Chaoyang suddenly became a little uncomfortable, and thought to himself, no wonder he wanted to talk to me, because he wanted to parachute a police chief, It turned out that they planned to kill me, the actual person in charge of the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Reception Platform.With mixed feelings, Zhou Bureau suddenly said Considering that you are more familiar with the situation and have a good mass base, and at the same time serve as the captain of the three voluntary security patrol teams in the police area. I have no objection.Zhang Zhishu was the first to raise his hand.hand.I have no objection either.All the shareholders here are shareholders of the security company.Of course, there is no objection to this kind of money saving thing.Anyway, it s not their management who are cold.Unexpectedly, after everyone finished expressing their views, Zhang Beibei smiled instead It doesn t matter if you don t install a boiler, but you need to install at least three air conditioners.After moving there, it will be the headquarters of the security company and the headquarters of the patrol team.You can t have an office, you can t have it.Reception room and meeting room.The office space needs to be well organized, otherwise there will be no place to sit when customers come to negotiate business and superiors come to check.

23 million.Due to the fact that there are many mountains and little land, and it is located in the southwest of the motherland, there are not many factories and enterprises.According to incomplete statistics, at least 300,000 people work in the economically developed coastal areas.It is also precisely because it is a major labor exporting county that illegal and criminal activities are inevitable among migrant workers, and colleagues from public security organs in other provinces and cities often come to chase them away.Sun Chenhua, deputy head of the criminal police brigade, and Wan Tianlu, the deputy director in charge of criminal investigation, were receiving colleagues from Zhejiang Province when the cell phone rang suddenly.Bureau Wan, Bureau Xu, I m sorry, I m going out to answer the phone.It has been found out that the suspect is the chef of the lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies World Trade Hotel.Zhenchuan and Chaoyang are leading the anti pickup team to the city.Downtown cbd gummies dallas Bao Qingshan s heart was pounding with excitement, and he stood beside the police car and said excitedly, Judging from the latest information provided by Chaoyang, the suspect It should be working in the urban area and renting nearby, or Guomao rented a house nearby as a dormitory for them.Chaoyang also learned of a situation.The suspect went to Yandong with the buyer of Guomao Hotel last week.When buying vegetables in the vegetable wholesale market, I had a dispute with someone and almost got into a fight.So the suspect is not very vigilant.Although there was a big disturbance in the Internet cafe last night, it justcbd store cbd gummies is unlikely that he fled in fear of crime He probably thought that Yanyang was thousands of kilometers away from their hometown, and thought it was unlikely that the police from the Anguan County Public Security Bureau would catch up here.After finishing speaking, he walked out of the barber shop without looking back.There was a second one, and several customers left in a blink of an eye with various excuses.Han Chaoyang looked back at the door, shifted his eyes to the female shop assistant again, and said meaningfully See, now I know how important goodwill is to you.When you open a door to do business, you have to be honest.If you don t have a good reputation , No matter how good your skills are, no one will patronize you.Just as she was talking, a woman in a short skirt in such a cold day ran downstairs, ran to Han Chaoyang and said with a flattering smile, Sorry, sorry , I cbd dementia gummies m the store manager here.I was busy making heads for the customers, but I didn t expect such a thing to happen downstairs.We are the most honest, mainly because these two children have just arrived, one is careless, and the other can t do things.Xiaokang lit a cigarette and added And they drove the person here by themselves, not the ambulance.It s really busy, Director Yu and the others haven t had a meal yet, so no matter how hard we fight, we won t lose this lawsuit.The relatives can understand how something like this happened during Chinese medigreens cbd gummies cbd and thc gummies uk New Year.Han Zhaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to ask why Wu Wei and Miao Haizhu were not there, Xiaokang pointed inside and smiled, Han Da, Sister Yingying is here.She is in the office and just fell asleep. Han Chaoyang muttered, and immediately ran into the police room.Huang Ying dozed off on her desk, medigreens cbd gummies cbd and thc gummies uk and woke up with a start at the sound of footsteps, raised her HCMUSSH where to buy green otter cbd gummies head and yawned and asked, I m back, what time is it It s past four o clock, why are you sleeping here I can t sleep when I go back alone.Han Chaoyang asked while the iron was hot If it is a criminal case, what if it was committed in our jurisdiction Then we must take care of it, what crime did he commit I don t know.What don t you know Zhang Zhi, you are experts in handling cases, and our public security police are assisting you.Just like you said just now Yes, as long as they are fugitives, we have the same obligation and responsibility to arrest them, but after they are caught, it is not our business in the Zhongshan Road Police District.I can hand him over to you.What about after the trial Zhang Xugang paused, and then asked, What if after the trial it is found that he did not commit crimes while absconding That s your business, you can hand him over again Give it to the competent unit, such as the Huayuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang sighed helplessly, and continued The key is that he is not insured.He needs 400 dialysis once, three to four times a week, about thirteen times a month, and more than 5,000 dialysis fees a month., the annual dialysis cost is 60,000 yuan.Adding in other expenses such as examinations and drugs, it is HCMUSSH where to buy green otter cbd gummies estimated to be 70,000 to 80,000 yuan a year.Director Du became overwhelmed, frowning and muttering It must not be released, It doesn t matter if we don t give him treatment, and we have nothing to do with absconding and dying outside in fear of crime.You can t tell when he dies after being arrested.You should help him get hospitalized first, and ask the hospital to arrange dialysis for him.The most urgent thing is to stabilize his condition.Treatment for a week.It doesn t cost much, and the bureau can afford .

will cbd gummies make me high?

it.If I had known this policy in the district, I would definitely not I will let you take the blame.The words how long do cbd gummies last after eating are better than the songs As a former policeman of the Huayuan Street Police Station, Han Chaoyang knew the situation inside the station very well.Dai Lishi s money for medical treatment is serenity cbd gummies for diabetes one thing, but even if he has the money to see a doctor, he still has to face the problem of Dai Lishi being placed under residential surveillance again.The police force in the clinic is so tight, how can anyone find someone to watch Dai Lishi 24 hours a day.Not knowing what to say, Liu Jianye opened the back door of the car, took out a small white packaging box, and took out a children s watch that he had never heard of this brand from the packaging box.I had dinner at my sister s house at noon today.

Seeing that he was hesitant to speak, Han Chaoyang asked calmly, Brother Dai, Lishi s parents are gone, and your parents are gone too.Is there any other elders in your Dai family Yes, there is also an uncle, who is also an uncle, my old father is the second child, and Li Shi s father is the youngest, the third child.Live in the village Uncle lives Fourth team, we are going to pay New Year s greetings on the first day of the new year.Han Chaoyang turned his head and smiled and said, Lishi, you are also a junior, so you should also pay New Year s greetings.Dai Lishi didn t know why, so he said bitterly, Officer Han, it s so late What kind of New Year are you going to pay homage to, and besides besides, I haven t prepared anything, so it s not good to just go there empty handed.What do you need to prepare, I have everything here Dai Lijun runs outside every day and has seen the world, how can he not Knowing Han Chaoyang s good intentions, he immediately got up and walked into the storage room under the stairs, took out a box of milk and two gift boxes containing nutrition such as honey, walked to him and said with a smile Take it, During the New Year s where to buy green otter cbd gummies greetings on the first day of the new year, his old man still talked about you, so don t worry about it, he will be happy when you go to pay New Year s greetings.Han Chaoyang immediately turned around and said, Xiao Ke, take a few people back and continue searching.There may be accomplices, or they may be hiding in the labor service company.Any accomplices Hurry up Yes Xiao Ke suddenly realized, He hurriedly took a dozen security guards to the labor company.The old factory manager even shouted at the top are cbd gummies effective of his voice Big guy, work harder, get rid of the evil, and don t let anyone slip through the net Don t watch the excitement, leave this to Xiao Han, let s go back and continue to surround, continue to block, and assist the security guards to catch the little bastard.Find out your accomplices Okay, come one and we ll catch one, come a pair and we ll catch another pair The old factory manager gave an order, and everything started to move.With Xiao Ke and the others around, there is no need for Han Chaoyang to run back and do it himself.It s good to say that the fake cigarettes are found, and if they can t be found, he will sue them for sure, so law enforcement can t be impulsive now.There must be one procedure that should be followed, or you will shoot yourself in the foot.What made Han Chaoyang dumbfounded was that Tian Xiaobin couldn t help laughing after thinking about it and asked Han Da, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau is actually a tobacco company, a tobacco company The richest, if you help them crack down on counterfeiting, will they give you rewards It seems that there is such a thing, but I forgot who said it, there are rewards for units and individuals that assist in cracking down on medigreens cbd gummies cbd and thc gummies uk counterfeiting, and it is even written into the Tobacco Monopoly Law.Han Chaoyang patted his arm, laughed and said But even if there is a reward, it doesn t matter to you or me.One sits in the fourth row at the back, and the other sits on the left side of the aisle.A group of Lao Hu, Wu Junfeng, and Xiao Gu followed the bus in an off road vehicle with a local license plate borrowed from Liusuolian Night Management Bureau, and even applied for a Beijing entry permit.Anti drug is no ordinary action Both Lao Hu and Wu Wei are equipped with guns, all their gun certificates, and even some bulletproof vests in the trunk of the off road vehicle.Considering that communication is more important than anything else, each person has a power bank, the mobile phone and power bank are fully charged at night, and lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies there are mineral water and ham sausage in the carry on bag, everyone is ready for a protracted battle.One, two, three, four, five, six Twenty one, twenty two, Master Huang, all of them are on board, where to buy green otter cbd gummies how many mg of cbd gummies to quit smoking not a few.All vehicles are subject to inspection.Lao Hu looked around, and was about to go to the office first, when a second level police inspector suddenly walked over from behind.Hello, are you from Yanyang Yes, Lao Hu raised his arms in salute regardless of whether he was wearing a police uniform or not, and then took out a letter of introduction and a stack of IDs We are Yandong.People from the Public Security cbd gummies for dog pain Bureau are following a suspect, they came in a hurry, and they didn t even have time to return the gun to the unit, so they just followed here.The second level police inspector looked at Wu Junfeng cbd gummies pass drug test and Xiao Gu who had just got off the car, and took the introduction The letters and documents brought everyone into the office, and brought them back to the door.He smiled understandingly It s normal to forget to send the gun back to the unit during the mission.My brother, it s too far fetched to say that you re being polite.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished his sentence, there was a knock on the door.He opened the door and saw that Lao Hu was taking a where to buy green otter cbd gummies combat bath and was standing at the door after washing and putting on clean clothes.Officer Hu, put your dirty clothes here.I ll go down and buy a bag of washing powder to wash them for you later, and put your luggage here too.How embarrassing is this While tidying up the messy room, Han Chaoyang urged What s the matter with you It s important to get down to business.Let s go quickly.If there is any situation, call in time, and if you are inconvenient to call, send a WeChat message.Six hundred and thirty seventh Chapter expert In order to keep an eye on the suspect, the comrades really went all out, squatting in the trash can all night.White BYD car.The driver encountered this kind of thing for the first time, and couldn t help asking Aren t you going to Fuzhong Town No, we are on an urgent mission, please hurry up.But how about the fare Don t worry, I won t let you run for nothing.Xiao Gu held the back of the driver s seat and said eagerly Hurry up, you will be driving a taxi, and I will give you as much as you medigreens cbd gummies cbd and thc gummies uk need based on the mileage.Not a penny less.Okay, I ll cancel your order first.Money is no problem, then everything is not a problem, the driver taps his phone, cancels the order, immediately turns around, and slams on the gas pedal to catch up.Xiaosun looked ahead, then looked back at Wu Wei and Xiaokang who had just waited for the car, and asked in a low voice Xiao Gu, lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies do you have a group There is a group.Add me first, then add me.

Brother Sun, he s gone to Luxi I see, Xiao Sun added his lips and patted the driver s arm Keep driving forward, turn around when you can turn around, and go around to the entrance of the express hotel.Okay.Lao Hu was relatively far away, so he had relatively plenty of reaction time.Seeing an unremarkable alley more than ten meters in front of where the white BYD parked, he immediately raised his phone and shouted, Wu Wei, Wu Wei, there s an alley ahead, follow me.Got it.Xiao Sun The online car hailing car with Xiaogu just turned around at this moment.Although it is far away from the express hotel, Qiao Peiming can clearly see Qiao Peiming standing at the door of the hotel as if talking on the phone, and immediately shouted Inspector Hu, Inspector Hu, the connector The people must be hiding nearby to observe, you should quickly find a how long do cbd gummies affect you place to hide, you must be steady, and you must not be exposed We found an alley, and we entered the alley.As soon as Wu Junfeng and Xiaokang turned on the law enforcement recorder, he tacitly checked the mobile phones and wallets of the two cbd gummies ventura suspects.Lao Hu was not idle either.He called Han Chaoyang first, then clicked on the WeChat video, and held up his mobile phone to broadcast the situation live.Success or failure depends on one move, Han Chaoyang was more nervous than Lao Hu who was present at the scene, staring at the phone screen with breathless concentration.Xiao Sun was more cautious than expected, and did not rush to tear the packaging bag, but raised his head and said, Xiao Gu, find .

will cbd gummies cause weight gain?

a clean plastic bag.If there are drugs in it, it will be calculated by gram He was obviously worried that the contents of the small package would be spilled, so Xiao Gu hurriedly responded and ran to the off road vehicle driven by Lao Hu to search for the convenience bag.In this way, you should call Liu Jianye to report the case first, Let Liu Jianye hurry up and prepare materials to file a case.I immediately reported to Zhou Bureau that the seizure of so many drugs at the scene is not a small case.You must be steady and never let others pick the peaches.The reinforcements should arrive before 6 pm at the latest., you can rest assured that with me around, no one will be able to take away the suspect, the seized drug gambling money, and the means of transportation used for drug transportation On the way, when I received the call, I immediately said hello to my wife and daughter, got up and walked to the junction of the carriages.I thought that the Huayuan Street Police Station was going to make a big fuss, but I didn t expect that little bastard surnamed Qiao to actually buy goods.Thank you, we will go there right away.Okay, we will wait for you on the side of the road.Yu Zhenchuan heard it clearly, and couldn t help but turn around and said, Qiao Peiming, from the anti drug team of the Nanshan Sub bureau to the Beijing checkpoint, there is a Beijing police escort.What you enjoy is the treatment of a great leader.Qiao Peiming had never met Yu Zhenchuan before, and he didn t know who Yu Zhenchuan was, and he was not in the mood to joke at this moment, and still hung his head and said nothing.Han Chaoyang, who had been sitting in the co pilot, looked down at the aluminum alloy suitcase that was handcuffed to his left hand, and couldn t help but say, He s not eligible for this treatment.The superiors don t worry about the contents of the suitcase, three or four kilograms.Do you want us to help No, we have someone with a car.Without even saying thank you, you really treat the public security police, especially the community lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies police, as running errands Han Chaoyang was so depressed that he regretted notifying him.When I returned to the police office, I didn t expect Minister Jiang from PolyU to come.He was sitting with a man in his fifties wearing glasses and a girl in her twenties and thirties with a good figure and a very pretty appearance.Chat with Chen Jie in the conversation room.Xiao Han is back, Xiao Han, this is Professor Zhang, this is Professor Zhang s daughter Liu Xiaoyun, I watched Xiaoyun grow up.Xiaoyun is very competitive, a top student in the Chinese Department of Tunghai University Hello, Minister Jiang, and Professor Zhang.Han Chaoyang hurriedly shook hands with the two of them, then turned around and said with a smile, Miss Xiaoyun, I m sorry, we didn t do a good job in security prevention and control, and I surprised you the afternoon before yesterday.Let the traffic police team arrange a few policemen and a few cars to clear the traffic.Thank you Director Xing.You medigreens cbd gummies cbd and thc gummies uk re welcome, Xiao Liu is a good comrade, these are what we should do.Director Xing looked down at the phone records, and changed the subject What you reported in the afternoon, the Huayuan Street Police Station filed a case.With the assistance of the Internet police, they found three suspects who insulted Comrade Liu Chengquan on the Internet an hour ago.The political commissar knew about this, and so did Zhou Bureau.Call Liu Jianye personally and ask for a severe investigation.Caught him, where is he Should still be at the Huayuan Street Police Station.I ll go and see.What are you going to do Director Xing knew very well that Han Chaoyang was sad Sad and angry, he immediately reminded Chaoyang, don t go, hurry up and study with the security department of the Sixth Academy tomorrow morning the plan to send Comrade Liu Chengquan, and hurry up to go back to rest after the study is done, this is an order I don t know cbd gummies or capsules what Director Xing was worried about, and he said eagerly Director, I won t do anything, I just want to ask Chengquan where he offended them, and why they insulted a hero who sacrificed himself to save others on the Internet.Han Chaoyang asked, Is it possible to pull the muck outside during the day It was not possible before, It s possible now.Jiao Bo is on duty at the engineering headquarters every day, and he has a better understanding of the situation at several construction sites, standing beside the car, he said with a smile The headquarters has a timetable, and several construction sites have to catch up with the progress of the project.The leader sent a message, Do you disagree with where to buy green otter cbd gummies the urban management All of them have permits for pulling dirt, and they can pull it day and night, but they have to cover the cars with tarpaulins.If you don t cover the tarpaulins or do a good job of dustproofing, you will be fined. The high speed rail new city starts today.Workers came to Xincheng today How can we start without workers, but we don t need many people just to dig the foundation.

Then I think that solving crimes is not the same as in movies and TV shows.The criminals are not so powerful, and the police are not so good.Just thinking about whether to report such an important situation to the superior in time, Mr.Ji said triumphantly From the footprints, the murderer should be a cripple, but most of the cripples touch the ground with their toes or soles, and dragging.Stress.This cripple is different, he is lame because of a problem with his left leg or foot, and when he walks, his left foot touches the ground and bears force, so the footprints left are relatively deep.It s so powerful, I always thought that the old man would only scratch Thief, I didn t expect to know footprints Han Chaoyang looked at Mr.Ji with admiration, and Mr.Ji became even more proud.He stood up and limped to demonstrate, while happily analyzing Judging from the depth of the footprints left at the scene, the murderer is at least 1.If it weren t for your patrol team, where would we find so many people in a short while Fan Bureau didn t dare to stay in the headquarters for a long time, and walked towards Hebin Road while holding the walkie talkie.While whispering By the way, Bureau Liu called me, and he will come later.Director Liu is in charge of security himself How is it possible Fan Ju looked back at Han Chaoyang, and patiently explained Although Liu Ju is not a district leader, he will be soon.He will accompany the district leaders to accompany the provincial and municipal leaders to inspect.It is said that after the inspection by the provincial leaders, an on site meeting will be held to discuss with several construction units and the main persons in charge of the construction units.It is estimated that they want to know whether they have encountered any difficulties in the construction of the project, and then let the accompanying city leaders and The district leaders help solve it., took off his presbyopic glasses, got up and greeted Ju Feng is here, Ju Feng, have you eaten yet No, but I m not hungry.Inviting Director Feng to sit down, he explained with a smile Lao Ji, Lao Wu, Lao Ding and the lads from the anti pickup team are all investigating outside.Lao Tang and Xiao Miao are investigating at the Xinyuan Street Police Station.The rented foreigners, regardless of male or female, lame or not, as long as they are found to meet the two characteristics hemp cbd gummies usa of height and weight, they will all be collected here, and you see, so many where to buy green otter cbd gummies people were found in one afternoon.Less.Bureau Feng picked up a stack of photos casually, flipped through them and asked in a low voice, Did you find anything suspicious And 3.14 Cases that may be related have not been found for the time being, but a fugitive was found.It was a rare time to come back.Director Xing and several colleagues who were on duty tonight were very enthusiastic and things went smoothly.As for why Weiping had a record of buying train tickets and bus tickets, Han Chaoyang didn t and didn t need to make up nonsense.After all, he was the first policeman to arrive at the scene, and the place where the body was dumped was in the Zhongshan Road Police District.The HCMUSSH where to buy green otter cbd gummies public security patrol area, as the person in charge of the Zhongshan Road Police District, has where to buy green otter cbd gummies the responsibility and obligation to assist the task force in investigating clues related to the murder case.Han Da, I found it.This Wei Ping really came back, but he has already left.Thank you.Han Chaoyang took the printout, looked at the date on the ticket purchase record, and couldn t help showing a knowing smile.I went to the hospital for an examination and found that I had gout, and there was no good way to treat it.I thought it was like a cold for ten days or eight days.It can heal itself, but it didn t heal after more than ten days at the renovation site.I may feel that I can t make money there and still where to buy green otter cbd gummies spend money.I bought a ticket on March 8 this month and came back.I arrived in Yanyang on March 9.In the afternoon.Feng Ju recorded the time and subconsciously raised his head to look at Liu Qiuping.Liu Qiuping rested his chin in thought, only to hear Qin Tao continue on the phone Wei Ping has no culture, he can neither use QQ nor WeChat, and even the phone is not smart, call Yu Xiufen before he comes back.Called.Yu Xiufen claimed that it was time for dinner, and she had to serve several tables of guests in the lobby by herself, but she didn t hear the phone ring, and didn t receive the call.It s not that they don t know how to praise.Their considerations and concerns are justified.Old Tang looked up at Miao Haizhu, and sighed softly Now that you have achieved some results, the leader praises you., I have a sense of accomplishment.If I become an official auxiliary police officer, no matter what I do, I don t have equal pay for equal work, and I don t have much status, so I wouldn t want to. I would.Jiang Xiaomin interrupted abruptly.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing and said The leader of the sub bureau wants anti pickup team members, not you.What s the use of your willingness Jiang Xiaomin sighed angrily Newcomers have no human rights.It s good, what kind of auxiliary police.That s right.Jiang Xiaomin smiled, turned around and continued to work on the tasks assigned by Xu Hongliang in the afternoon.Director Huo subconsciously asked How many people are needed, and how big a gap is there in funding The scale does not need to be large.The key is to have combat effectiveness.A dozen or so people are enough.Chaoyang can think of a way to solve part of the funds for the sub bureau, and go to the Sixth Court of Polytechnic University to make some connections.If there is something wrong with the Sixth Court of Polytechnic University, you can also go to help, so that Once the funding gap is not that big, another 300,000 will be enough.300,000 a year, or 300,000 in total Of course it s 300,000 a year, with more than a dozen stability maintenance members , The annual salary is more than 300,000 yuan, plus social security, medical insurance and accidental injury insurance, it can t be more than 400,000 where to buy green otter cbd gummies to 500,000 yuan.

After receiving the signed receipt, he pretended to be curious and asked District Chief Liu, where are you Downstairs, I met the political commissar.The political commissar said that there was going to be a marathon in the district.It is said that there were quite a few people participating, probably tens of how many mg of cbd gummies for sleep thousands.The whole journey was more than 40 kilometers.Can ordinary people run down Maybe something will happen Liu Qiuping had to act like a leader in front of others, and he was much more casual when talking to Liu Jianye.He took a sip of water medigreens cbd gummies cbd and thc gummies uk from his cup and explained with a cbd and thc gummies uk best cbd gummies recipe smile The district has already considered this.There are three sets of half marathon and healthy running.The full marathon is more than 40 kilometers, the half marathon only needs to run half, and the healthy run only needs to run ten kilometers.If you don t have any training foundation, you want to finish the race within 6 hours It s really cbd and thc gummies uk best cbd gummies recipe going to break your legs. We have a training foundation, and we used to go five kilometers a day in the army.Dai Jisheng couldn t help raising his hand.It s not as simple as you think.Xu Hongliang glared at him, and then said, I called Yanzhong s physical education teacher before I came here, and they said that the marathon didn t start until after 30 hazel hills cbd gummies cost kilometers.The cells have been burned out, the electrolytes in the body are disturbed, and the dehydration is severe.The most terrible thing is the legs, which can be cramped and stretched for the first 30 kilometers, but after 30 kilometers, they where to buy green otter cbd gummies dare not stretch at all.Why Shan where to buy green otter cbd gummies Ke asked in a puzzled manner.Because the front and back are pumped, and the back and front are pumped to the point where you can lie down directly with your legs crossed.Old Gu has a way.Liu Qiuping pondered for a moment, then suddenly raised his head and said, Political commissar, Lao Wen mentioned the issue of the patrol brigade listing some time ago, where to buy green otter cbd gummies but there were too many things I didn t pay attention to.Aren t you going to the Political Department I have heard from old people that I will try to hold a listing ceremony before the international marathon.Chapter 784 Treating the former Chaoyang Village with a different perspective has become a busy cbd gummies in system construction site, and accidents are easy to happen when there are too many people.The high speed rail station Two workers on the construction site actually fought because they jumped in line for lunch.Both were injured, but neither was serious.The one who thought he had suffered a loss was unwilling to let go and refused to accept mediation, so he and Sun just brand cbd gummy coupons Guokang had to send them to the Huayuan Street Police Station.If you want to, you can buy a bouquet of flowers to pay homage to the grave, and buy some fruit to bring to the two old people to express your heart.Miao Haizhu also thought this matter was very important, and said with a sob If you really want to, if you really have the heart, we can go with you.The two policemen both talked about this, so what else could Wang Can say.More importantly, as Miao Haizhu said, knowing that the young auxiliary policeman sacrificed himself to save him, he was indifferent, and he couldn t bear it on his conscience.He would really have nightmares when he went back at night, and it would probably last his whole life Wang Can nodded, and Lihua said with rain I ll go, Officer Han, Miao Haizhu, if you two have time someday, I can ask for leave, and I will go with you two.Xiaokang held the steering wheel and while concentrating on driving, he couldn t help asking Han Da, that Wang Can won t come tomorrow I will definitely come, and I called at noon.He was transferred to the task force and was unable to attend the farewell ceremony.Even the sad news of his good cbd gummies and neuropathy brother s sacrifice was not known until several lofi cbd gummies where to buy green otter cbd gummies days after the farewell ceremony.Xiaokang was very sad and regretful.Let s go together, I ll go find her She will come, and she left quietly that night for a reason, or she was absent minded, and all her thoughts were on that scumbag who lied to him and cheated money.Human life is at stake.God, Chengquan sacrificed his life to save her, no matter what happens to her, she can t just keep silent and just walk away She already knew she was wrong, and she didn t know that Chengquan was wrong until we found her.Director Feng immediately asked Liu Chengquan to rest assured at home, and promised to help him take good care of his family.Then he asked Wu Wei, Miao Haizhu and all party members of the security company to review the oath of joining the party in front of the grave, and asked Han Chaoyang, Yu Zhenchuan, Xiaokang and others who had not yet joined the party.The policemen revisited the people s police oath.The security guards didn t have an oath, so Xu Hongliang simply ordered all the cbd gummies legal in louisiana security guards to recite their security duties.After the security guards had recited their security duties, Director Feng immediately ordered Han Chaoyang to organize all the policemen, auxiliary policemen, and security guards to sing Send Your Comrades back to the village.Sending off comrades in arms, stepping on the journey silently, two tears, camel bells ringing in the ears, the road is long, foggy, revolutionary career often breaks up, like parting, two loves, comrades in arms Dear brother Beware of the northern wind and cold in the middle of the night, take care all the way The whole memorial ceremony is very solemn and solemn, but so many people came all at once and there was no place to stand, and they accidentally trampled on a wheat field that had just exposed the green seedlings.It was impossible for Luo Weixing to sneak into the lobby without anyone noticing.But to enter the terminal, you must first have a ticket, and then you have to show your ID card to go through a very strict security check, so it is even more impossible for where to buy green otter cbd gummies Luo Weixing to sneak into the terminal.Not only the colleagues from the airport sub bureau were looking for it quietly, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan, and Xu Hongliang were also looking for it in the crowd.Up to now, no trace of Luo Weixing has been found, which shows that the where to buy green otter cbd gummies two suspects are very vigilant and cannot move at the airport.Hands, the next step is to put a long line to catch big fish.Han Chaoyang pondered for a moment, then picked up his mobile phone and dialed Yu Zhenchuan s number Zhenchuan, adopt the second plan, ask Hongliang to go to the parking lot to find Master Wang and Master Zhang, and take their car to the intersection and wait.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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