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Mr.Yang, Mrs.Rong, Mr.Zhang, and Yan Tanhua, she met many people in the prison, talked with them, and watched them be taken to the execution ground.Mr.Yang has an eye disease, Mrs.Rong s face was burnt, Mr.Zhang fell ill with a strange disease, and Yan Tanhua lost both of his arms.But still couldn t bear it, so he asked Sun Langzhong for medicine.Gradually, she also learned some of their secrets and grievances.You are such a smart girl, you will definitely be able to do great things in the future.I didn t expect to encounter such a catastrophe.It s a pity that the old man accidentally followed the wrong person and was sent to take the blame.They are now in a hurry to let the old man die, otherwise the old man can do it for you.Planning, saving you from danger.These stupid people have harmed me so much.After the boat docks, look for it quickly, Zhou Ruzhang told Mama Bai, Maybe it was in the house, or it might have been lost while changing clothes.The things in the purse she If you want to hand it over to Lord Hou, don t lose it.Thinking of these things, Zhou Ruzhang felt regretful.After being taken aback by Miss Gu, she actually forgot about the purse in a moment of panic.She got the wax pill from the merchant, hid it secretly and did not give it to the yamen, and went to investigate the case secretly, just to let the Marquis of Dingning take a high look at her.Now at Cui s house, Marquis Dingning agreed to meet her, but her purse was gone.Not to mention spending a lot of money to buy those people s detective information, how will she explain to Marquis Dingning.Zhou Ruzhang was so preoccupied that he had no time to watch the scenery on the lake.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak.The general judge of Taiyuan Mansion swallowed nervously, and continued bravely Don t say that Miss Gu has been stupid since she was a child, it is not easy for an ordinary female family member to kill such a person.If Miss Gu intends to harm someone, she must know the murderer s purpose in advance, lure the murderer up the mountain by herself, and finally push the murderer down the mountain with her own strength.Compared to this, he felt that the murderer missed his hand, and by chance, Miss Gu escaped unharmed.This kind of explanation is more reasonable.After saying this, Feng Anping, the general judge of Taiyuan Mansion, raised his head cautiously and found that Mr.Wei was still stern.He felt a chill in his heart.Could it be that he did not follow Mr.Wei s meaning and said that Mr.He thought it would go on like this, but he witnessed the murder of a shopkeeper who was familiar with him, and the assailant ran away with his face covered.He wanted to help the shopkeeper They went to the yamen, walked all over the streets and alleys, no matter how they ran, they found nothing, until someone revealed the reward list, and then caught the escaped murderer.From then on, he made up his mind to do this kind of work, so he went to the Escort Bureau as a trooper, served tea and water for Wuzuo, and served around.When he was sixteen years old, he met a master detective who was good at detectives.He finally succeeded as a teacher and followed his master around.Somewhat confident, the Elder gave the clues, so how can he still do nothing.After searching around Yong an Lane carefully, he finally found a few suspicious people, and followed them along.Lin could not stop her, and said with a straight face, The prison is not a place where people live.If you find out earlier, you can get the fourth child out.Cui Si The wife nodded, and pulled Gu Mingzhu out of the main room.Mrs.Lin also went out, Fourth wife, give Zhuzhu to me I ll take her back to eat some snacks.The fourth master hasn t come back yet.You have a lot of things to do in the house, so how can you take care of them Fourth Mrs.Cui Hearing this, tears came down Mrs.Lin, you are still persuading me at this time.If those things are really related to my master, I don t know how to face you.Master Huaiyuan was punished for losing his horse.The Golden Pagoda Temple was almost murdered, I Seeing Mrs.Cui Si s appearance like this, Mrs.Lin sighed The case has not been investigated yet, so you don t have to worry too much.Thinking of this, Feng Anping couldn t care less about anything else, and hurried into the yard to check.As soon as he entered the cbd gummies for sex near me door, he saw Chu Jiu s upright figure like a clay sculpture.Come in A faint voice came from the room.Hearing Wei Yuanchen s voice, Feng Anping didn t dare to neglect, immediately opened the door and how long do cbd gummies last walked in, respectfully saluted Wei Yuanchen, he thought that after the last time, Master Wei would come to pass on him in a few days, but unexpectedly The days are so short, but fortunately, after spending more time with Mr.Wei, the fear gradually faded away.Feng Anping couldn t forget the fear of dying when he first met Mr.Wei.Feng Anping was thinking about it, and his eyes fell on the boxes in the house.When did these things exist in the house Sign the document Wei Yuanchen pointed to the paper on the table.Those who have not experienced the situation back then will not understand his choice.But when he heard that the bandits were going to be suppressed, Lu Shenzhi struggled as if someone had stabbed him in the chest.They re not bandits.Lu Shenzhi raised his head vigorously, and finally saw the person in front of him clearly.It was a young and stern face standing not far away, as if he had merged into the darkness, without any expression on his face , a pair of ink like eyes shone with a slight chill, which made people daunting.Lu Shenzhi s heart tightened for a while, this is Master Wei.Wei Master Wei After Lu Shenzhi was surprised and frightened, he seemed to see hope again, Master Wei has a case to report to you, please listen to me before and Lu Shenzhi replied Before he finished speaking, Wei Yuanchen looked away from him, then raised his hand, and slapped him fiercely with a whip again.Speaking of this, Lu Shenzhi suddenly smiled bitterly The most important thing is that Iron Mountain is full of homeless refugees.What s the use of catching them Those who really benefit can easily escape.Wei Yuanchen said The people caught by the Yamen in Yong an Lane are the ones caught by the Yamen.The people who were taken into the mountains by Futou Lu Shenzhi said Besides them, some people also escaped, they dared not submit to the government, let alone go home, so they hid in the mountains.Wei Yuanchen didn t give Lu Shenzhi had a chance to breathe What do those people do for a living hiding in the mountains Do they rely on Mr.Lu s help Mr.Lu s salary may not be enough, so they rob merchants for money.No, no.Lu Shenzhi was horrified, but he did not expect Wei Wei The grown up will immediately speak of his greatest fears.Mrs.Wei didn t move, she went to pick up vegetables again.If she didn t eat any more, she would not accept the beauty s favor.Under Gu Mingzhu s gaze, Mr.Wei picked up the chopsticks as expected.Gu Mingzhu continued to think, Mr.Wei would never do something that is completely unsure.Even if the Wei family and the prince have been at odds for a long time, this is not a child s fight.Get hold of it.So Master Wei came here this time, probably because he got some news that others don t know.In this case, he will never be deceived by the minions in front of him, and he will not close the case easily.Regardless of the Ku Yin case seven years ago or the current situation of those quarrymen, if you want to really get the result, you must find out the people behind it and get tangible evidence.The more it is related to the med cbd gummies prince, the more you must Make the case solid, otherwise what you have worked so hard to get is just peace on the surface, but you can still continue to hide the dirt behind your back.Ding coming up with the steward.Mr.Ding bowed to Han Yu I didn t expect to alarm the magistrate.Han Yu waved his hand and said, Please tell me about today s situation carefully.Mr.Ding responded Tonight we will drink on the big boat.At the end of Haishi, I was a little tired, so I took people cbd gummies for sex near me back to the house to rest first.After entering the guest room, I found that the cage I brought seemed to have been touched by someone, so cbd gummy bears recipes with no thc I ordered the guards to open it to check, and sure enough, the belongings in it were gone.I immediately ordered someone to search for it, and I found out that the thieves hadn t gone far away.The guard at my house had been wrestling with the thieves for a long time.You can escape, and then they were all caught, and now the thief is tied up in the wing room.Cui Zhen looked around, and found that many of the furnishings on the big boat had been destroyed, obviously caused by fighting, he couldn t help but look slightly down, and looked at Mr.He likes to drink and gamble.If you find Sun Yong, you may be able to ask him something.Yu s mother clenched her fists but pretended to be nonchalant Ask , Our mother and child have no secrets, let you go and investigate.Wei Yuanchen had heard enough, and told the jailer Don t stop, continue with the interrogation, remember everything clearly, don t miss a single word, maybe there are important clues.The jailer cbd gummies for sex near me responded , When Wei Yuanchen took people away, the jailer immediately walked to the dark place deep in the prison.Han Yu was sitting there waiting quietly.Let s go, said the jailer, All the servants of Cui s family have confessed that Mama Yu has something wrong, and Mr.Wei may go to find Sun Yong.Han Yu stood up and took a few steps in the dark.The case will come to benefits of cbd md gummies light.He couldn t wait any longer.We walked slowly and fell behind.When megan kelly and cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam we caught up, we couldn t find your mother and the others.You send cbd gummies for sex near me someone to ask, your mother Have you returned to her Zhuangzi, and then look around, if there is nothenthat sister may still be in this Zhuangzi.Mrs.Lin was still in shock, and she spoke quickly, although there were still many places where Cui Wei didn t understand, but the matter was urgent, Cui Wei didn t care about the cause and effect, and immediately took his entourage to Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi to inquire.Mrs.Lin told Cui Wei You have to be careful of those criminals.There are many cbd gummies for sex near me exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg of them.I saw seven or eight of them.Maybe they are related to the Ku Yin case seven years ago.Han Yu s face turned serious when he heard these words, He raised his head and looked at Cui Wei.Cui Wei said My lord this matter is no small matter.I will interrogate them one by one.Feng Anping responded, they have all experienced Mr.Wei s ability to interrogate people., Tell the Cui family and the Zhou family members about this matter, I am afraid that they will be scared to death just as soon as they recover.Wei Yuanchen took the people away, Feng Anping looked at Master Wei s back, feeling uncomfortable, always felt that there was something important to do, and he saw Chu Jiu in the blink of an eye, and immediately had a glimmer of hope.Ninth day.Feng Anping happily ran over.Chu Jiu immediately smelled the aroma of beef.Beef stuffing.Feng Anping stuffed the oiled paper bag into Chu Jiu s hands, and finally removed the big stone on his chest.Sure enough, after the bribe, he felt much more at ease.In Mrs.Lin Tai s village, Han Yu s face was covered with sweat.He didn t want the war horses to be stolen at this time, and the war horse case officially kicked off.Now they know that the so called theft of war horses is a fiction.Shanxi Xingtaipu Temple did not have so many horses at that time, and they were framed by bandits to cover up the fact.My father used fodder garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for sex near me and horse manure to calculate the number of war horses, how many horses should what is the cbd strength of chill gummies eat how much fodder, and how much horse cbd gummies for sex near me manure they excrete every day.In other words, there were indeed so many horses in Xingtaipu Temple at that time, but when the imperial court came to review the horses, the horses disappeared.She had wondered before that Xing Taipusi deliberately bought some free cbd gummy samples megan kelly and cbd gummies of these horses to fill up the number in order to deal with the Shangguan, but she did not expect that the imperial court would really come to review the horses.Through Mr.Zhao Er, the war horse case can be deduced clearly from the beginning to the end.After the case is found here, it seems that there is no doubt about the matter in Taiyuan Mansion.Everything can be explained.As for the war horses, they must be found along the Zhao family.Some.Mr.Zhao Er must be involved in the war horse case, but I am afraid that, like Han Yu, he was thrown away by someone to protect his handsome man.Whether it is Tieshan Mine or War Horse, such cbd gummies for sex near me a major event is not the prefect of Han, the Zhao family and Xing Taipusi.Those who dare to get involved, there is no mountain behind them, how can they be so unscrupulous And the mountain behind them is more and more like a prince.The prince will not rebel, but he is short of money, and his status as a noble concubine has been criticized.Gu Mingzhu didn t speak, and turned to Nie Chen for help.Sir, Nie Chen stepped forward and said, My junior sister is timid and stutters when I meet outsiders.I m sorry, sir.Langzhong Sun smiled like a spring breeze I also asked her because she is good at medicine.Teacher.Nie Chen immediately said My junior sister is not very good at medicine.Oh Sun Langzhong was a little curious, Then she Nie Chen opened the box that Gu Mingzhu brought out, revealing all kinds of utensils inside What my teacher and teacher sister is good at is the ability to do an autopsy, and we detectives in the market are indispensable to find clues.Gu Mingzhu nodded along, so that the doctor and sister Jiang can be distinguished, and the autopsy is not only an autopsy, but also an autopsy Injuries, so one must be proficient in medical theory, although no prescriptions are given, but this method of stopping bleeding is easy to grasp.I understand his thoughts, he can t give Zhou the crown princess, at least he can raise her in the mansion and love her to the fullest, and when he ascends the throne, he will also make her rich and prosperous.It s a pity, it s a pity, if he can see that beauty again, he will do anything The sky megan kelly and cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam has begun to light up, and Gu Mingzhu should go back to Gu s house.Although Mr.Zhao Er is only a small character, he has gained a lot tonight.The next step is to see whether the accounts in Mr.Wei s hands are consistent with those calculated by his father.The same number of lost horses.There should be news of the prince who is hiding in the dark and the second master Zhao whose whereabouts are unknown.Nie Chen sent Gu Mingzhu out of Zhao s house, and told Liu Su to take good care of this junior sister Jiang.I watched helplessly.As she was getting thinner and thinner, I was anxious but had no choice but to call her name over HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex near me and over again.For some reason, those people seemed to not be able to see me, nor could they hear me.What were the same people talking about I can t hear you either.Sun Langzhong sighed At that time, the third master was probably suffering from the disease of leaving the soul.Rujun had already passed away in the prison, so how could she lie on the bed and be given medicine The one who was really sick was the third master.Lord, I heard Chu Jiu said that the third master can t eat anything, no matter what anyone says, the third master can t hear it.Wei Yuanchen continued I was watching her all the time, until she woke up and started to take medicine, drink water, a little bit from rice soup to corn porridge, I just looked at her and talked to her , although she never responded to me.When the prince came, the situation in Taiyuan might be revived Variety.Cui Zhen looked at Cui Wei What do you want to do There was more majesty in those eyes.Cui Wei immediately lowered his head I m just so angry, it s gotten to this point, no matter what our family does, the surname Wei will not let it go, why not Why not Cui Zhen said coldly, Going to the prince Of course not, Cui Wei raised his eyes again, with a calm expression, If you don t go to the prince, you can sue Wei Yuanchen, and let everyone know that Wei Yuanchen used his power to pervert the law for personal gain.Cui Zhen suddenly With a smile, his expression was not fierce, but it made people look cold After a long time, I taught you such an idiot.What kind of thing are you You want to use the prince to suppress Wei Yuanchen, and then don t serve the prince.Whenever something important happened, he would see his father s eyes.When he went to war, inherited the title, moved into a new mansion, got married, and even did those things, those eyes would suddenly appear in his mind , let him have a deep sense of guilt.Only when he was running around for the Cui clan, guarding the frontier, and fighting to the death, could he feel at ease.He forgave his mother not because he wanted to be rich, but for the Cui family and cbd gummies for sex near me the Cui clan.Cui Zhen sat like this, and it took some time before he came back to his senses.Where s Madam Cui Zhen stood up and asked the mother in charge at the door.In the main house, said the mother in charge, Madam has visited Lord Hou a few times, Master Hou sat there thinking about something, Madam didn t want to disturb him, but told him to report when Master Hou came out.The stitches shuttled back and forth, and it should be possible to embroider a word Wei , the other side of Wei It can t be that Wei Yuanchen threw it to Baotong, so the guard next to Wei Yuanchen, cbd gummies for sex near me Chu Jiu Chujiu fell in love with Baotong, so he took the opportunity to be courteous But he was afraid of revealing his identity, so he removed the word from the purse.As for why Commission was embroidered, it was naturally because Chu Jiu was from the paradise gummies cbd Wei Mansion.I didn t expect Chu Jiu to have such thoughts.Be careful with the guards around Lord Wei in the future, Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong, Don t let him take advantage of you, this person may have other thoughts about you.Baotong opened his eyes wide, with a very surprised expression The lady is talking about the monkeythe firstthe ninth day Last time on the Zhuangzi, she stared at it several times, only to realize cbd gummies for sex near me that the person jumping around was not a monkey, but a person, and now she Was was he watching Chu Jiu felt an inexplicable itching in his nose, so he rubbed his fingers twice.Zhao Er.The situation was a little bit wrong, cbd gummies for sex near me no matter how incompetent Lu Shenzhi was, he would not have reached this point, no matter cbd gummies for sex near me whether he was suspicious or cautious, he had to inform the crown prince and get ready.At this time, the sound of the piano sounded, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex near me and he stopped in his tracks, thinking that it would not be too late at this moment, and it would not be too late for him to report to the prince after he finished listening to the song.As a result, the sound of the zither was suddenly interrupted, and the sound of the prince scolding came from the banquet.How could the prince lose his composure in front of others because of his virtue.Mr.Shen still has to persuade, little Qin Niang, it s not worth disturbing the situation.Who said that this palace is angry, the prince said, as long as she can still play the voice just now, this palace can take her back to Beijing, and reward her with a hundred taels of silver for the musicians in charge of the East Palace.He always lamented that it would have been better if Xueshi Zhou was alive back then.The voice to audio sound is very similar to the sheet music that Zhou Xueshi filled in.After Zhou Xueshi died, Zhou Rujun was the one who had this ability in the Zhou family.Unfortunately, Zhou Rujun also died.Prince, Mr.Shen persuaded in a low voice, there is movement outside the city The prince waved his cbd gummies for sex near me hand, and the piano sounded.This kind of incident happened suddenly at the banquet, and the officials began to talk a lot.Mr.Shen followed the prince, ready to find an opportunity to persuade him, don t let the prince continue to listen, it will really get out of hand.Chu Jiu took advantage of the chaos and walked to the screen, Zi Yuan also leaned forward and said in a low voice Master Zhao Er was kidnapped and hid in the mountains not far from the city.Wei Yuanchen said If you find the news, report it immediately.If you don t know anything, you can also go to Lu Shenzhi and ask carefully.Nie Chen responded with a bang and stepped back.Wei Yuanchen looked at the document in his hand, and what he was reading now was the dossier of the mutiny twelve years ago.In the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago, several veteran generals of Dazhou were involved in it, and more than half of Dazhou s reserve generals died.The reason is that several old generals returned home due to old injuries, and their lieutenants were also abandoned by the court because of defeat.These people got together and felt very dissatisfied with the court s arrangement, so they secretly colluded with the Tatars to attack the Great Zhou pass.As long as there is a war together, they can also be reused by the court.She has no idea whether the son in law has met his biological garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for sex near me mother or what is going on now, as long as she thinks about these things, she will inevitably feel uneasy, for fear that something will happen to the son in law.Just as Princess Huairou thought of this, Mr.Shen suddenly said Who is in the garden I m playing bamboo dragonfly with Miss Gu.Mr.Shen looked intently, and sure enough, he saw a girl outside the room holding a bamboo dragonfly, at this moment the bamboo dragonfly flew up again, and the girl also ran after it.Mr.Shen frowned.When he came to look for Princess Huairou, why didn t he find that the eldest lady was there.Mr.Shen glanced dissatisfiedly at the guard of the Eastern Palace who was guarding garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for sex near me the door.The guard lowered his head.He had spotted this young lady a long time HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex near me ago, but this young lady looked different from ordinary people, with only the bamboo dragonfly in her eyes in her eyes , Once I almost ran into a tree in order to chase a bamboo dragonfly, which shows that my mind is not complete.Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand and opened the door, and Zhou cbd gummies for sex near me Zesheng walked over immediately Princess Huairou left the post house with her guards early in the morning, and someone from the East Palace chased her, what should we do No hurry, Wei Yuanchen said, Let s see what the prince s decision is.If the prince knows the inside story and organizes his troops to fight against those people, which is still a bit like the prince of the Zhou Dynasty, he will try his best to assist and keep the prince safe and sound.If the prince has other ideasthen he has to make some sacrifices for the people of Dazhou.Wei Yuanchen was about to go out with Zhou Zesheng to check the situation when Liu Su came in with porridge.A bowl of brown rice porridge was steaming, and Liu Su waved cbd gummies for sex near me her hands to drive the fragrance to Wei Yuanchen without leaving a trace.Huaiyuanhou to take her away with her.If the princess does not come back for a long time, Mrs.Huaiyuanhou will also come to find His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.So pretending to know nothing will not work.No matter how you think about it, it s the best way to plan.The prince immediately ordered HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex near me Get the map.The huge map unfolded in front of the prince.Mr.Shen pointed to their cbd gummies for sex near me location, as well as the mountain where Huairou s son in law s biological mother Zhao was taken cbd gummies for sex near me captive.His Royal Highness the Crown Prince will deploy manpower here to attack those rebels by surprise.To be on the safe side, His Royal Highness will go to Yangwuyu, which is an important place for defense.There are soldiers guarding it on weekdays, and then let people go to Ninghua, Ningwu, and Ningwu.Zhenwuwei dispatched troops, the distance between these three places and Yangwuyu is about the same, no matter which one sends troops first, he can protect the prince, and he will be safe.Lin.Mrs.Lin nodded.Unusually calm, a little more confident.Mrs.Lin said It s hard for garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for sex near me Lord Wei to be so thoughtful.Seeing people s hearts at critical moments, Mrs.Lin felt more and more that Lord Wei was a cold faced and warm hearted person.No wonder the Wei family has always had a good reputation in the court and the public.If the wind is good, the children and grandchildren will walk upright, and the days will be long.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about Zhou Zesheng cbd gummies top rated s words, she was very surprised to see the uncle in Lord Wei s yard, and now the uncle was ordered by Lord Wei to guard them, which made her feel even more unusual.When did Uncle and Master Wei meet The uncle stayed to help, obviously he has a very close relationship with Mr.Wei, the uncle has been working in the guard for these years, and the Wei family is in the capital, how did the two of them get along with each other While Gu Mingzhu was thinking, the rebels were temporarily suppressed, and the servants pulled the carriages and continued to move forward.Friendship, why does the Wei family rely on nothing Gu Chongyi s expression gradually became surprised.Mrs.Lin said Everyone in our family is here.The master said that we have nothing to do with the Wei family, and it is even more impossible for me and Zhuzhu.Then what is the purpose of the Wei family treating us like this Gu Chongyi pondered, and the Wei family wanted to Win over him So the Second Master Wei came to inquire about him, as if he had hidden something good and the Wei family was thinking about it.This is not good.The worst part is that they seem to owe favors to the Wei family.Gu Chongyi became uneasy.Maybe his trick of pretending to be crazy was seen through.Although the Wei family didn t say it outright, they already knew it.It seems that the future road is not easy to walk.The spear encountered an obstacle, and the tip of the spear pierced into samuel jackson cbd gummies the flesh again with a poof , and the prince felt as if his body was about to .

can a dog overdose on cbd gummies?

be torn apart.The prince screamed again, his voice drowned in the melee.Lin Sizhen seized the opportunity to grab the crown prince and threw him on the back of his horse.The horse suddenly increased its load, and its four hooves were no longer as flexible as before.He was stabbed in the ribs by the spear in Wei Yuanchen s hand.Rush out.Lin Sizhen yelled, if this continues, he may be consumed to death here, and he highland cbd gummies must rush out of the siege at all costs to regain his strength.When Lin Sizhen gave an order, the elite cavalry around him immediately rushed forward, not hesitating to open the way with death.After all, he has been operating in the frontier for many years and has trained many generals who can fight for him.The second prince was reported before he raised his troops, cbd gummies for sex near me and the emperor ordered people to arrest his accomplice overnight.The prince was also protected and left the princess mansion.Rumors spread that night that the eldest princess was seduced by a beauty.The so called beauty trick refers to Zhou Rujun.Rujun was killed in the prison, and since then there are always people presenting beauty to the East Palace in order to please the crown prince, those women more or less have the shadow of Rujun.The cbd gummies for sex near me exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg chill on Wei Yuanchen s face deepened.From now on, such a thing will never happen again.He will take the prince back and let the prince taste what it feels like to lose everything Running from dawn to dusk, even if a man can bear it, a horse can t.The prince on horseback woke up slowly, and when he saw Lin Sizhen, his face showed joy.Finally, a few figures slowly walked out from the side, and the group of rebels immediately pulled their horses and approached.Master, Zhao Gongren s voice came, and then the voice changed, Lin SizhenLin Sizhenyou are herewhere did you take my son Do you still have a conscience Zhao Gongren hadn t finished speaking, and it turned into a wow sobbing voice, something was blocked in his mouth, and cbd gummies for sex near me he couldn t speak for a while.Mrs.Lin was about to speak, but when she saw this situation, she shut her mouth obediently.It was not until she was lifted off the horse and saw her brother not far away that Mrs.Lin could no longer control herself and cried out.Looking at his younger brother s name Sizhen, is it you It s really you, I thought we would never see each other again.Lin Sizhen s face was cold, and he looked away from Zhao Gongren and turned to Mrs.This is something Gu Mingzhu shouldn t know.For cbd gummies for sex near me another example, she hid her various identities and led others to investigate the case outside.Her intelligence and sophistication far surpassed Gu Mingzhu s age.How can you protect yourself and your family so thoroughly when you have never been hurt I have walmart cbd gummies for arthritis never seen those people s insidious means, so how can I deal with them If you don t know Zhou Zesheng, how can you show the excited expression of reunion after a long absence She is not Gu Mingzhu at all, at least not the Gu Mingzhu who has been recuperating in the Gu family s inner house.Wei Yuanchen only felt that his heart was about to jump out of his chest, and the hot blood on his body surged through his body along with the heartbeat.The face in front of him should not be what he saw.He couldn t believe it, he couldn t be sure, he even thought that he might be crazy to think that Gu Mingzhu should be Rujun at all.Seeing this scene, the steward of the Wei family immediately shouted Quick quickly the third master fainted go and call the doctor.The Wei family was happily hosting a family banquet, but suddenly heard that Wei Yuan Chen vomited blood, and Mrs.Wei rushed out of the house immediately to see her grandson.Didn t it be fine before Mrs.Wei looked at Wei Yuanchen who was lying on the bed, and hurriedly asked Mu Qiu why.Mu Qiu said The third master fell and I was going to help him, but the third master vomited blood.Madam Wei also frowned, her face was full of worry Brother Chen, don t have internal injuries, we I still remember the old man The old man Wei suffered too many injuries in the battlefield when he HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex near me was young, and he seemed to heal on the surface, but as he got older, the old wounds came back one by one, and he stayed sick for many years, and finally he vomited blood when he coughed , Mrs.If someone in the Cheng family knows what happened back then, my son in law should pay more attention.Cheng Yi looked at Wei Yuanchen, Wei Wei Is your lord reminding him that the Cheng family might have been cbd gummies for sex near me involved in this case back then The mother was arranged to go out of Beijing to attend the funeral, and the .

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accident happened on the way, whether the Cheng family was afraid of being implicated in the murder, or eagle cbd gummies scam whether they were involved in it, so we really need to find out clearly to get cbd gummies for sex near me rid of the mother to avoid future troubles.Cheng Yi saluted Wei Yuanchen Thank you, Mr.Wei, for your reminder.Wei Yuanchen didn t say much, and when Cheng Yi and Gu Chongyi rode away, he took the reins from Mu Qiu, and the master and servant returned to Wei s house all the way.As soon as Chu Jiu saw Wei Yuanchen, he heard the third master order Have someone clean up the yard outside the mansion, send a message to Liu Su, let garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for sex near me them come tonight, I have something to tell them to do.Find them two horses.Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Gu Mingzhu felt that Master Wei was looking at her.Chu Jiu led the horse over and handed the slightly shorter one to Miss Jiang.Gu Mingzhu stepped on the stirrups, turned over and rode neatly, the pony was very docile, she couldn t help but reached out and patted the horse s neck.Let s go.Wei Yuanchen took the lead, and Gu Mingzhu immediately followed.The little pony is very stable, but after running half a street, Gu Mingzhu realized that the horse was too stable, Liu Su went to inquire about the news, and left first, and then bolt cbd gummy bears Master Wei led the people away, she beat the horse Following behind them, at first they looked like they were far behind, and then the front became empty, leaving her alone.The short footed horse she was riding, no matter how she drove it, she just walked forward in small steps, just like a female family member going out on a green trip in spring, the horse walked slowly to see the scenery clearly.If you dress up like this, no one will recognize you An old voice said, Look what you look like What cbd gummies for sex near me does it look like Thanks to you, you are still the general judge of Taiyuan Prefecture.After saying this, he said in distaste Go over there, how can you be present when interrogating the prisoner Then I heard Feng Anping whisper Master only thinks that I am serving on the sidelines.You didn t realize it before, don t say you are my student when you go out, hurry up don t get in the way here.How lucky you are, if this case is not investigated, you will be sentenced to prison , feel free to say something in front of me.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help smiling, and then saw Cousin Feng walking over with an embarrassed expression.This is the duty room where the prison guards rest.Officials who come to work on weekdays can t directly face the prisoners, they will stop here and wait.There cbd gummies for sex near me are many people who are good at detectives.If my uncle wants to use these people, my nephew can find them immediately.You have to do it carefully, how Master Wei wants to investigate, as long as you have documents in hand, you will accompany you all the way, don t obstruct, let alone have any objections.Uncle wants him to help Wei Yuanchen, Qiao Zheng cbd gummies for sex near me bowed and said My nephew knows.Qiao Song gently told Qiao Zheng Look carefully, study carefully, be patient, and never be arrogant.Qiao Zheng agreed.Qiao Song continued When you have time, go and see those folks, and ask them if they want to stay in the capital.In the future, there will be cases in the yamen that need to be investigated.Maybe we will use them.Qiao Zheng didn t know why uncle was so moved by the folks I m interested, but I dare not disobey my uncle s wishes.The consort has always respected her as a guest since she got married, and has never acted so intimately in front of others.Huairou, thank you, Cheng Yi whispered, Without you, our mother and son would not be where they are today.The son in law didn t call her princess, and now they are like an ordinary couple.I also want to thank my son in law, Princess Huairou said.Growing up in the palace, everything is decided by others.Everyone sees me as the princess of Dazhou.After a long time, I don t know who I am.After giving it to the son in law free cbd gummy samples megan kelly and cbd gummies and saving my mother in law, I realized that I am not just the biogold cbd gummies amazon Princess of Zhou, I am still myself, and I still have things I want to do and people I want to protect.Cheng Yi hugged Huairou in his arms It got tighter, and for a long time he felt Huairou gently push him We d better go and see mother, mother must also want to know what happened outside.What method did you use Hearing Master Wei s deep voice, Gu Mingzhu raised her eyebrows slightly, feeling relieved suddenly.Master Wei really It was because of his old illness that he said those words in front of the elders of the Wei family.Gu Mingzhu shook her head, her gaze was no longer so blank.Wei Yuanchen went on to say My illness fell in the prison five years ago.The wound seems to have healed, but I don t know when it will suddenly hurt, like festering.I have invited many doctors to see it, but I can t help it., just like what I said in the main room just now.This disease has really plagued me for a long time, and it s nothing more than normal.If it happens when I m doing business outside, it will inevitably be dangerous.I really want to get rid of this disease completely.Gu Mingzhu looked at Master Wei, his clear eyes were suddenly mixed with some emotions that she couldn t understand.Daddy, what s the when should you take cbd gummie matter Gu Mingzhu walked up to her and stood on tiptoe to wipe the .

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dirt on Gu Chongyi s face.It s okay, Gu Chongyi looked at his daughter and said softly, I went out to practice boxing free cbd gummy samples megan kelly and cbd gummies and kicking for a while, why did Zhuzhu get up so early Baotong said with a smile Miss knows that the master is going to go to the yamen at this time, so she insists on coming to see her.Look at the master.Gu Chongyi couldn t help being overjoyed, a smile appeared on his face My good boy, you still remember that Daddy went to court at this time.Zhuzhu s illness is really much better.Gu Mingzhu said Mother has a belly, Zhuzhu takes care of Daddy.Gu Chongyi couldn t help his nose sore, and reached out to touch the top of Zhuzhu s head Daddy is still in charge, Zhuzhu is young, so she needs to sleep for a while, but occasionally It s okay to come and send daddy to court.It is reasonable to say that Yuan s temperament is not so good as to seek cbd gummies shark tank episode death, especially since she has the support of her natal family and has given birth to two sons for the Cheng family, so whether she is so anxious to die is Yuan s idea, or someone wants her to take the blame, you have to see with your own eyes The result can only be known after Yuan s body, but will the Cheng family be willing to hand over the body Will Shuntian Mansion be buried after a hasty look at free cbd gummy samples megan kelly and cbd gummies it Thinking about it like this, Gu Mingzhu felt that Mrs.Zhang s eyes were always on her mother.Aunt, Mrs.Zhang said, I heard that you were also there when the Cheng family went to the princess mansion last time.Does the princess mean that she is afraid that the Cheng family will anger you Mrs.Lin hesitated for a moment before saying, It should be.We have used it from the beginning, and we have not invited any other famous doctors to come After saying this, Mrs.Lin said again And then I invited Zhu You, these are only used when there is no other way.Mrs.Zhang listened and benefited Thank you, auntie.Tomorrow, I will have people invite the doctors home one by one.I hope Mrs.Tai will recover soon.Mrs.Lin sighed secretly.It can be solved.Brother Zhen killed his own free cbd gummy samples megan kelly and cbd gummies uncle.This is a hurdle that the elder sister will never get over.this way Should Brother Zhen let Lin Sizhen go In this way, the Cui family will become rebels, how can they do things like collaborating with the enemy and treason.The servant brought new tea again, and Mrs.Zhang looked at Mrs.Lin Auntie, let s not just sit here and wait, why don t we also go to the garden and watch Uncle Zhu and Zhuzhu put paper kites., How should she repay Master Wei Cheng Yi was invited by Chujiu to speak in the hallway, and saw a woman wearing a fence standing there.Chujiu had said in advance that this was an outsider invited by Mr.Wei to help investigate the case, and Cheng Yi knew that that person Nie Chen helped them a lot Even if Mrs.Yuan has no scars on her body, it does not prove that Mrs.Yuan wanted to die.Hanging does not mean that she will hang herself.It can also be a means to frighten others.Some people cbd gummies for sex near me would encourage Yuan Shi to pretend to hang himself.Yuan Shi did not suspect him, but in fact, he was already in the calculation of others.This also explains why Mr.Cheng has no fear.If no problem can be found out, Mr.Cheng will definitely refer to Mr.Wei s book when he goes to court at dawn, saying that Mr.The wind blew, and a few fallen leaves fell on top of her head, like the petals that fell on her dress that year, how could she tolerate such a lack.Thinking like this, Wei Yuanchen wanted to wave his sleeves to help her like that year, but for some reason everything in front of him gradually blurred, turning into a few unreal shadows, dangling there, he had no choice but to Do not get close to see clearly.Getting closer and closer, his fingers cbd gummies for sex near me exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg were about to touch the fallen leaves, but his arm was suddenly grabbed and pulled off, and then there was a trace of pain in his fingers, just like the cool water, which made him regain some clarity, and he wrinkled Brow was about to figure out the situation when he saw the person in front of him suddenly get shorter.Wei Yuanchen subconsciously stretched out his hand to help, but the slender shadow was extremely strong at this sonic imports cbd gummies time.Sun Zhenzhen said and went to look at Mo Yangming again Senior brother, you have demons in your heart.If you don t understand, I m afraid you won t be able to continue practicing.What s wrong The imperial concubine led the people into the yard, and when she saw the chaos in front of her, a surprised expression appeared on her face, What s going on It s up to you.There was chaos in the quiet room.A female crown quietly walked out of the Taoist temple through the side door under the order of Sun Zhenren.The real person ordered her to deliver the letter, Master Mo may have noticed some clues.Nu Guanzi hurried on her way, but she didn t see two figures following her.It was very dark in the mountains.Gu Mingzhu looked at the figure not far away, afraid that she would lose her by accident.Her sense of direction is not particularly good, and she might get lost in unfamiliar places.The biggest problem is the case of Peng Liang.The court has caught Tang Qianhu and already suspected that he had a private relationship with Wucheng Bingmasi.Check the Metropolitan Procuratorate and Wucheng Bingmasi thoroughly, it is inevitable that some people will be sloppy The steward said Master, do you want to go and have a look Hearing this, Yuan Zhixing wanted to go out but He stopped in his tracks Are you alright at Shangqingguan The steward shook his head I haven t been asked yet.Yuan Zhixing closed his eyes and took a deep breath.They just stared at the Lu family.It should not be so quick to find the Shangqing Temple.Just as Yuan Zhixing calmed down from his panic, he saw someone running into the yard again.My lord, someone from the Ministry of Criminal Justice is here.Yuan Zhixing s expression twitched, and the Ministry of Criminal Justice moved his hands.Chapter 288 Together with Chu Jiu and Zhang Tong, they cbd gummies for sex near me lead people to arrest the Lu family.Gu Mingzhu looked towards the cave, taking advantage of the lack of personnel from Shuntianfu Yamen and Wucheng Bingmasi, she wanted to sneak over to take a closer look, but as soon as she moved her foot, she found Wei Yuanchen standing in front of her.Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu said, Let s go and have a look at those things At this time, we must be united and help each other.Hearing her words was rather reluctant, but luckily at the end she remembered to ask him, so it can be seen that he still has a place in her heart, Wei Yuanchen walked forward.The cave is very hidden, and the entrance of the cave is covered by some vegetation, so it is difficult to find it in the season of lush vegetation.Baotong and Chujiu held torches and illuminated the cave.Seeing that he was about to meet Gu Mingwan, Sun Zhenren was hit hard on the leg.Fortunately, she was very steady in her footwork, and she stabilized her body after only a few staggered steps, but Mo Yangming behind her had already caught up.Sun Zhenren frowned, someone was hiding in the dark to help.It must not be someone from the government, who could it be Sun Zhenren had no time to think about it and had to deal with Mo Yangming.Mo Yangming said Brother, this is the end of the matter, you don t need to run away anymore, you should go to the yamen and make it clear, it is also atonement for yourself, take a good look at the Shangqing Temple, the master will be in your hands, and you can see how you can turn this place into something What does it look like The Taoist holy land hides filth, you are a cultivator, what do you want the money for Sun Zhenren was royal cbd gummy bears fighting with Mo Yangming while guarding against the people around her.Mo Yangming glanced at Gu Mingwan s feet, and said calmly There garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for sex near me is medicine in the room, let the servant girl wipe it on for you, and it will be fine in a few days.Gu Mingwan thanked, and then looked at Gu Mingzhu, who looked slightly messy except for her clothes some, the rest are undamaged.Gu Mingwan clenched the handkerchief tightly, Gu Mingzhu was like the Marquis of Huaiyuan, with no skills but such good luck.Ignoring Gu Mingwan, Mo Yangming led Gu Mingzhu cbd gummies for sex near me into the inner room.Baotong turned on two lamps, and then Mo Yangming s body was clearly illuminated.Baotong looked carefully, but did not see any silver needles on Mo Zhenren s body.Mo Yangming rolled up his sleeves, and a wound appeared in front of the two of them.Just now she had a needle in her arm, and she only had time to peel off a little bit of flesh.Thinking of this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help but smile Zhuzhu, are you willing to study with Mo Zhenren Gu Mingzhu nodded.That s good, Mrs.Lin said softly, In this case, mother will also be happy with you.As soon as Mrs.Lin finished speaking, she heard the girl next to her say In the future, Zhuzhu will be able to take care of Daddy, Mother and younger brother.Madam Lin s nose was sore, and she held Zhuzhu s hand even tighter You don t need to be capable, you have already taken care of your father and mother now, and mother knows that you have always been a good boy.The carriage was warm and cozy, and Gu Chongyi who was outside the carriage felt a little regretful, so he might as well get into the carriage to reunite with his wife and daughter.Of course, he stayed outside not to take into account his status as a cbd gummies for sex near me Marquis, but because he was afraid that some villain would take risks on the way.Bai Jingkun passed on the craftsmanship of the Bai family to others.From the beginning to the end, Bai Jingkun was just a small pawn, but he was caught in a conspiracy without knowing it.From Bai Jingkun s mouth, he could know what kind of person Master Lu was and how he could be easily replaced by Bai Jingkun.Those Lu family members did not resist and were willing to serve Bai Jingkun.The Lu family found out that they would definitely be able to lift the big fish behind.As for the deaths of Batangsuo and Ah chan, the investigation must continue.These things must be linked together.Wei Yuanchen stood up, as if he was cbd gummies for sex near me ready to let Bai Jingkun go, and said in a slightly gentle voice A chan once said that someone wants to marry her It s true, I saw Ah Chan made a sweat towel with her own hands, and then the sweat towel disappeared, she must have given it to someone else, she also carved tiger bones and made leather armor, I saw it all It s gone.The man wears it on his hand when shooting arrows, and the leather armor is worn under the chain mail, so Ah Chan s sweetheart is a soldier who goes in and out of the barracks Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu raised her head and looked at Wei Yuanchen, a soldier of the Great Zhou Dynasty, maybe Lord Wei can find out this person.Chapter 300 Master Wei knows very well that Su Fu can clearly hear the interrogation outside through a curtain in the duty room of Shuntian Mansion Prison.Anyone can understand that this Bai Jingkun was targeted early in the morning, and now Bai Jingkun is still kept in the dark.It is to treat Yamen as a fool.The case involved the Wucheng Bingma Division and the Metropolitan Procuratorate.It was a big mess, and these people and things came to the surface.One can imagine how they covered up those cases that were not concerned by others.If they are questioned, they cannot intervene in this case., but if he can stay for a moment, cbd gummies for sex near me he will stay .

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for a moment.He wants to submit a memorial, asking the court to rectify the Wucheng Bingmasi and the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Su Fu thought of this and turned his head to look at Xue Laotong, only to find that Xue Laotong s eyes were wandering and he didn t know what he was thinking about.Mr.Xue Su cbd gummies for sex near me Fu called out, but Xue Laotong didn t know it.It was rare for Xue Laotong to do this.Su Fu waited patiently for a while, until Xue Laotong raised his eyes, and he said, Did Mr.Xue think of something Xue Laotong didn t answer Su Fu s words, but instead Bowing down, he said, My lord I have something to ask.Su Fu hurriedly said, Sir, just say so, don t be so polite to me.Xue Lao Tong judge solemnly said I want to go to Dengzhou mansion for a humble job.Hearing the sound of footsteps drifting away Zou Xiang suddenly raised her head and stared at Zou Linshi, with tears rolling in her eyes, and there was a bit of resentment and anger in her eyes.Zou Lin said You can t help it if you blame me and hate me Now the Marquis of Dingning has come at just the right time.I m not dead yet.I can just watch you meet him.Zou Xiang pursed her lips tightly, her face pale It was so ugly that he suddenly got up and went to find a dagger in Zou Linshi s luggage I ll go Zou Xiang returned to Zou Linshi and said in a voice that could only be heard by two people I m going to kill you He, we will die together when the time comes.Okay, Zou Lin didn t object, but you can t kill him, there is only one result in the end, he will be safe and sound, and I will probably die this time after I m running out of time.My lord, my lord Qiao, Bai Gong s voice was hoarse, and he held the door tightly, My lord, I beg you to save this concubine, why should I be imprisoned here if I am innocent Qiao Song said Are HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex near me you Yuan Zhixing s family Yes, I am a concubine.Bai Gong s hair was in a mess, and her thin fingers stretched forward as much as possible, as if to grab the official uniform on Qiao Song s body.After suffering and suffering, she finally met Shangguan, and she wanted to speak out all her grievances.The jailer stepped forward and held up the torch, and the surrounding light shone brightly, and the light shone on Bai Gongren s face, making Bai Gongren look more like a ghost.Get out, let me outI m not guilty, why should I be imprisonedLet me Bai Gongren waved her hands, her eyes were blurred, and she couldn t get a response from Qiao Song for a moment.Now that I think about it, it s weird, Bai Gong cbd gummies for sex near me exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg Someone s leg injury has become like this, someone must have done it on purpose.Feng Anping said Just because of this, you think someone did it on purpose It seems that you still refuse to tell the truth Someone Let me continue Hit.The hoarse voice continued I said, I said, at that time, the Yuan family also hired another golden doctor, and later Bai Gong s leg injury was treated by that golden doctor.It was about seven or eight years ago.A while ago, I saw Jin Langzhong in Mengding Mansion.That Jin Langzhong lived in cbd gummies for sex near me a big mansion with fertile land at home.He also opened two drugstores.I wondered how Jin Langzhong made his fortune I went to visit him.At that time, Jin Langzhong was ill.On the bed Recognized me in a daze Think I was asking him to settle the score Just say that the doctor is benevolent.Bai Jingkun also passed on the craftsmanship of the Bai family to Ah Concubine, and Ah Concubine also gave birth to a son for Bai Jingkun.With such a bond, it s cbd gummies for sex near me no wonder that Bai Jingkun will bear all the charges.Wei Yuanchen continued Bai Jingkun came to Beijing this time, and my concubine also followed.My lord, cbd gummies for sex near me have you found out the whereabouts of my concubine Wei Yuanchen raised his head, and sure enough, he saw the girl with a big smile on her face , showing a few neat and white small teeth, who said that women have to smile without showing their teeth Why do you have to cover up with a handkerchief when you are happy With such a bright smile, people can t help being happy together.Wei Yuanchen said Then my concubine is in Baoding Mansion.Something happened to Bai Jingkun.She must have left, but she will also leave clues.Lin was partial to Cui Wei, at least she was really sorry for Zhang s miscarriage at that time.Zhang s body was damaged because of this child and she was sick for many days.Although she suspected that Mrs.Zhang took advantage of the miscarriage and hid in the inner house under the pretext of recovering from illness Maybe he did something shady behind the scenes, but who can do this regardless of his own son and his own body What is it Anyway, having the eldest son is a good thing for Mrs.Zhang, nothing wrong In the future, her child will be able to inherit the title of Cui Zhen.No matter what you do, there must be cause and effect, at least Gu Mingzhu Now I can t think of the reason for Zhang s doing so.So Zhang s miscarriage really has no other inside story Gu Mingzhu closed Zhang s case Maybe she was thinking too much Zhang s miscarriage It s true It s just that Mrs.We have to wait for the yamen to come to ask the case.Wei Yuanchen said, looking at Tan Zigeng, If Tan Zongqi has nothing to do with the affairs of this village, Why did you come here from the capital in disguise Chapter 342 Injustice Tan Zigeng licked his lips, subconsciously trying to find an excuse to avoid Wei Yuanchen s questioning, but when he heard the noisy voices around him, he saw some farmers taking When he went to Zhuangzi to fight the fire with his things, his face became even uglier.The current situation is different from what happened in Anjiyuan.Someone witnessed him murder, even if he said there was another story, no one would believe him casually.Tan Zigeng didn t speak, and the surroundings fell into silence, Wei Yuanchen didn t seem to be ready to speak again.Tan Zigeng became more and more flustered.Naturally, things did not develop as Yu Zhenhai said, otherwise Aunt Zhen would not have entered and left Anjiyuan many times.Yu Zhenhai went on to say Who knew that the day after Aunt Zhen came, Tan Shangshu happened to come to Anji Yuan to deliver things, and he happened to meet Aunt Zhen, and I saw that Shangshu Tan was still as usual, there was nothing wrong with it.In the same way, I thought that this matter would be exposed, but I didn t expect that when Aunt Zhen left Anjiyuan, she was bullied outside, and it happened that Tan Shangshu passed by and rescued her.Since then, Tan Shangshu has come to Anjiyuan more often than It used to be much, I was afraid of accidents, so I secretly checked several times, and saw Tan Shangshu staring at Aunt Zhen.Aunt Zhen also noticed it, so she stayed in Anjiyuan.Xue Laotong has already set his eyes on the sea When they land on the shore, they must hide the boat.When the time comes, we will follow the clues and we green ape serenity cbd gummies will know who is picking them up Lotus Alley.The old lady Gu was lying on the bed, holding a jade tube in her hand and sucking the curling green smoke into her mouth.Why didn t the imperial court allow the sale of such a good thing After Sun Zhenren was arrested, she didn t know if she could buy these from Quanzhou smoothly.If she had known, she would have bought more and stocked up.Grandmother, Gu Minglan said in a low voice, Shangqing Temple has already been investigated, maybe these things are not good, so you don t want to use them Seeing her grandmother using more and more, she couldn t help feeling a cbd gummies for sex near me little worried.What do you know, said the old lady Gu, the imperial court does not allow the sale, it may not be because it is not good, besides, I don t know if it is comfortable to use What can this thing do If it was poisonous, I would have died a long time ago.Seeing Wei Yuanchen, Wei Yuanhong immediately said Second Uncle said that something happened to Prince Huai s Mansion, we have been waiting for news at home, and grandmother has not slept, because I am afraid that you will be criticized for working for the court.Wei Yuanchen said Brother, don t worry, this time it was the Ministry of Criminal Justice who brought people to arrest Princess Huai s natal brother.But when it comes to the prince, it s good to avoid suspicion, so as not to get into trouble.Wei Yuanchen said, I ll go to see my grandmother when I go change my clothes. What kind of clothes should I go back to change Wei Yuanzhen also walked over quickly, just to hear At this point, he grabbed Wei Yuanchen s arm and said, Grandmother s side is already ready.Wei Yuanchen glanced around, only to see that Lu s mother had been standing by the side, and then nodded and followed Wei Yuanzhen.The Empress Dowager looked up at the deserted hall, but most of the things that Concubine Mi liked were collected and buried in the Concubine Mausoleum, and those that could not be taken away were thrown cbd gummies for sex near me into the warehouse, and this place was vacated.When the late emperor was here, apart from mourning his family, he bestowed on Concubine Mi the most things.Many people in the harem envied Concubine Mi so much.Now that Concubine Mi is gone, many things are gone.Like those orchids in the corner, cbd gummies for sex near me cbd gummies vegan mixed fruit 300mg they are not dead or alive in just a few days, the queen mother said here with a long sigh, when people are old, many things can be seen.Close one eye.Empress Wei supported the Empress Dowager to sit on the wooden slum, and the Empress Dowager raised her eyes again after a while, those eyes were as clear as ever If it wasn t for making too much noise, the Ai family wouldn t bother.Cui Wei s words didn t shake Cui Zhen at all, he raised his eyes to look at the steward What are you waiting for Mother in law He stepped forward and supported Mrs.Lin Tai s arm.Seeing this, Cui Wei knelt down to Cui Zhen Brother.Seeing Cui Wei kneeling like this, Mrs.Lin yelled, You are trying to force your mother and younger brother to death Outside People still think you are some kind of Changsheng general, but you are actually a black hearted beast.Brother Wei, get up, you don t have to kneel to him, I don t recognize him as a son, and you don t have a big brother from now on.We, mother and son, moved out , We don t have to rely on him to live. Mother can go, Cui Zhen said coldly, It s just that when you step out of the gate of Dingninghou s orange cbd gummy Mansion, there are only two places to go, either the prison where the female relatives are held, or Cui Zhen.Gu Mingzhu listened carefully My lord It means Cui Wei, he Wei Yuanchen said Cui Wei is in the prison, and ordered someone to shoot someone he shouldn t have killed.Gu Mingzhu raised his head Your Excellency is talking about Miss Zhou Wei Yuanchen even lowered his breathing a lot, for fear of accidentally scaring the person in front of him Yes, it s Ah Jun.Chapter 384 Confess that Gu Mingzhu s fingers trembled slightly, so Master Wei was drunk It was Ajun that time, and this Ajun was none other than Zhou Rujun. Gu Mingzhu squeezed the wooden box in her hand, the room was so quiet that she could hear her heart beating like a drum, she tried her best to make herself look calm My lord, it s because Miss Zhou is in prison.I saved you, so you want to repay this kindness No.Upon hearing the unexpected answer, Gu Mingzhu involuntarily raised her head to look at Wei Yuanchen who was on the couch.The big boat is made of nanmu.Two feet.Wei Yuanchen s slender phoenix eyes raised The official ships of the Great Zhou Dynasty only use fir and nanmu, and the plank of the ship is two feet thick, which is the regulation of warships.Xue Laotong s eyes were burning If what Master Xiu said is true, then someone built a warship privately, or privately cbd gummies 30mg uk used a warship from Dazhou.Exposing this matter is enough to save the lives of the Xiu family.Now that Prince Huai s mansion is under investigation, it seems that everything They are all correct, but there are many doubts about the details, the whereabouts of the ship steward is unknown, and the warship has disappeared Xue Laotong sighed If we started the investigation seven or eight years ago, we would definitely find it.There are many clues, but it is a pity that at that time no one helped Yan Shen, and no one believed Yan Shen s words, and Yan Shen held on to the case of Xiu s family, and everyone in the government office thought he was too paranoid and self willed.Master Hou and Madam will give you a bite to eat.When cbd gummies for sex near me exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg you grow up, you will have your own family , why don t you listen I don t want to, Zou Xiang said, it s useless to live.I ll go with my mother.Zou Lin s breathing seemed to be stagnant, and it took a long time for him to cry You wolf hearted thing, you forgot how your mother is.She gave birth to you She risked her life for you, but you said that life is useless, I ll kill you, you bastard.Even though Zou Lin said this, he didn t hit Zou Xiang again, but beat Zou Xiang s body.The hands are getting tighter and tighter.Cui Zhen looked at Zou Linshi and Zou Xiang quietly, he tried hard to recall where he had seen Zou Linshi, until now he vaguely came up with a general idea.Cui Zhen waited for Zou Lin s crying to subside before saying My aunt helps my mother take care of a house in Shaanxi.Role.Cui Zhen said After I came back from Shanxi, Cui Wei asked me to visit Tan Dingfang.In fact, Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War, has been trying to win him over these years.At first, he thought that Tan Dingfang was the emperor s confidant.If Tan Dingfang and the Zhang family were working for the people behind the scenes, it would make sense.One was in the open and the other was in the dark.The purpose was to contain him and get the cbd gummies for sex near me troops stationed in Datong.With Lin Sizhen in the northwest and Tan Dingfang in Daning, plus his garrison in Shanxi, the entire northern border fell into the hands of that man.Now, coupled with the coastal navy, they already have the strength to compete with the imperial court.Cui Zhen was silent for a moment and said I ll go back to the mansion to investigate the Zhang family first, and the Zhang family will definitely panic.Mrs.Zhang got into the carriage with Mrs.Shen, and Qiu Hai, who was following the carriage, cbd gummies near philadelphia told Mrs.Shen I ll go back and tell the Elder Lord first, In case the Elder is in a hurry.Shen Shi nodded, and the carriage drove forward.Qiu Hai watched the carriage drift away, and walked out of the alley quickly.Gu Hou hung a map of the sea area of Shandong in his study.The place pointed to by the map was the shipyard opened by the imperial court, and beside the map was a large ship structure map , is the warship they used.How could it be such a coincidence Did Gu Hou and Cui Zhen know that they used the imperial shipyard to build warships He wanted to report the news to the Elder immediately, Qiu Hai thought and quickened his pace Gu Mingzhu helped Mrs.Lin back to the house, and then told Mrs.Lin about Zou Xiang s life experience in detail.In addition to inviting the imperial doctor and the stable woman to serve the wife, our grand lady also invited a little Fangmai master to take care of the uncle.Although the little Fangmai master was old, his apprentice HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex near me had already He is well known in Beijing, if not, the slaves and servants bring the stewards of the house to invite people here, which can be regarded as some preparations.Gu Chongyi was overjoyed Then I will trouble my mother to help.The mother in charge of the Wei family said no.Dare, took Mama Yang and walked out quickly.The two of them had just left when the doctor who had been checking Mrs.Lin s pulse also arrived.Gu Chongyi said Quickly, come and see what s going on here Mrs.Lin saw that Lord Hou lost his position, and softly comforted him Don t worry, Lord Hou, my baby and I will be fine.You said that evil will be rewarded with evil, and you deserved to end up like this.What happened to you today The new people who came to Beijing are very powerful.They helped the Shuntian Prefecture Yamen catch those murderers in the city, and they even uncovered the case of that year together with the Yamen.A few days ago, I heard that Xue Laotong was ordered to go to Shandong to investigate the case.He couldn t sit still.He began to try to find out about Nie Chen.Nie Chen used to investigate the case in Shanxi.The emperor sent Master Wei to investigate the war horse case together, and made a lot of contributions.After entering Beijing, he recruited people from the market, and together with the Shuntian government office, he arrested the Nalu family.Yan Shen once said that after he came to Beijing to take up his post, he would gather the people who were good at detectives and investigators who were scattered in the market, so as not to let those murderers and eyeliners with malicious intentions mix in and ruin the reputation of the people in the market.Empress Wei heard a noisy voice outside, presumably that person came to punish her in a hurry.The female officer beside her looked flustered.Don t worry, Empress Wei said calmly, It s nothing more than grounding.He won t kill me just because of it.Grounding is the best, and it s safest to be locked up here.Chapter 431 Birth Change Empress Wei sat on the rug, holding the net in her hand, her expression was quite calm.The internal officials were ordered to take away some servants from Kunning Palace, leaving only one female official, two palace servants and two internal servants, and then nailed the gates of the east and west side halls.This is our empress s belongings.According to the regulations, empress is thinking behind closed doors now, so she doesn t need these anymore.Some furnishings and utensils in Kunning Palace were taken away and returned to the warehouse.It s all under the account, and I m afraid it s a good thing at sea.The emperor stood up from the throne all of a sudden Privately build a warship Wei Yuanchen said The account in the emperor s hand is the proof.The emperor s ears sounded like a drum beating , Boom boom boom was deafening, and he looked at Wei Yuanchen sharply You cbd gummies for sex near me found this out No, Wei Yuanchen said, that s why I invited Mr.Su to come together.Seven years ago, someone discovered something strange in the investigation of the pirate case.After chasing to the northern border, I finally found Zheng Ruzong.The emperor said Who is he HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex near me Wei Yuanchen looked at Su Fu, and Su Fu said He is Yan Can, the apprentice of Xue Jian, a subordinate of Weichen, who was garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummies for sex near me then in Yingtian Mansion.After passing the sentence, he should be added to Dali Temple.Another one.Wei Yuanchen raised his head.The emperor looked at Wei Yuanchen s eyes similar to Zi Tong s.They were clear, firm, stubborn and cautious.These cbd gummies for sex near me eyes always gave people a feeling of entrustment and trust.When he was King Lu, when he saw Wei Shi in the palace, he was attracted by these eyes, thinking that she could overcome obstacles with him.I don t know when she had other thoughts.The emperor ordered lightly Say.Su Fu also sweated for Wei Yuanchen unconsciously.Wei Yuanchen was neither humble nor overbearing The other son of Zheng Ruzong is Tan Dingfang, Minister of War of the Great Zhou Dynasty.The indifferent sentence seemed to explode a thunderbolt above everyone s heads.The emperor stared at Wei Yuanchen with a pair of eyes, and his aura fell on Wei Yuanchen like a mountain top Who are you talking about Wei Yuanchen s expression remained unchanged Minister Tan Dingfang.Concubine Jiang swallowed the words behind her immediately, only to see a palace servant being dragged down, and the palace servant kept begging for mercy Your Majesty, please forgive me.Dare, slaves don t dare anymore.The execution was in the courtyard, and the screams resounded throughout the palace.The servant next to Concubine Jiang heard the news The palace servant was yelling in the room, saying that Concubine De is out of breath.The emperor s killing of the palace servant had nothing to do with the case, but because reaction to cbd gummy she said something wrong.Concubine Jiang s eyes couldn t help jumping, as if a basin of ice water had been poured down her head, the emperor had never lost his composure in front of her before, didn t the emperor not care about Concubine De This harem is where she, the noble concubine, is favored by the emperor alone.Say, the emperor s voice seemed to be squeezed out from between his teeth, Who ordered you to do this Chen Xiang was silent for a moment, then turned his head to glance at Concubine Jiang not far away, the meaning was clear but.Concubine Jiang s heart trembled, and the hairs on the back of her neck immediately stood on end Your Majesty, my concubine has been wronged.I don t know about these things.How could this concubine harm her own child Concubine Jiang raised her head after saying cbd only gummies for sleep this.It can be seen that the eunuch who is in charge of ceremonies is biting at random, the emperor will not believe his words.Concubine Jiang was thinking like this, and raised her head to meet the eyes of the emperor.The gaze was full of suspicion and anger.Although it quickly passed her, it made Concubine Jiang feel fear.Deputy General Zhao is not the only rebel in Yanqingwei , Now they saw that the situation in the guard had changed, so they led troops to rebel.This is only one guard in Yanqing Guard, if the surrounding guards also respond, the result will be disastrous.Return to aid, Peng Shi said, within an hour, take down the turbulent soldiers.In addition to stabilizing the guard, he also wanted to send the news back to the capital for the emperor to decide the capital.Tan Dingfang was sitting in the main room, and the steward ran into the room quickly Master, there are a lot of forbidden soldiers outside our house, and I don t know what to do.Tan Dingfang looked indifferent, and his hand holding the tea was still steady I see.He knew that the emperor would do something, but good vibes cbd gummies review it was only sooner or later.Ms.Wang only felt that her legs were limp and weak, and the room was unusually quiet.Everyone was staring at her, as if she was the one who was going to be unlucky.Mama Wang swallowed several times, but she still couldn t calm down her heartbeat.Entering the side room, the room was freezing cold, Mama Wang opened her mouth and said, Madam, what do you want to ask As soon as she finished speaking, she heard the sound of her teeth chattering.Gu Mingzhu said lightly Tell me, what have you done with that Xu Gui Knowing that Xu Gui is in contact with the second master of the Cui family, I Gu Mingzhu held the stove, looked at Mama Wang who was shaking into a ball and smiled slightly, she asked people to open the window, Mama Wang would naturally feel the chill, the colder the more Feel uneasy.Those documents, give her to Mr.It was covered with a layer of icy frost and snow They will all die if they do this.Speaking of this, Mama Liang said My lady, you will know after you have a trial of Mama Tian who is next to the old lady.Mama Tian made the clothes for the eldest wife.If the mother was killed by someone, there would be scars left on her body when she struggled.Gu Mingzhu stood up I m not here to interrogate her.This place is too comfortable for those people, and the real prison and torture is where they go.As soon as Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, there was a rush of footsteps.Zhou Zesheng opened the curtain and entered the door.After hearing the mother in law s report, his heart was filled with anger, and he wished he could immediately go to the prison and chop Master Wednesday into meat megan kelly and cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam sauce, but he thought of Ah Jun, at this time Ah Jun needs him more.Mother Tian couldn free cbd gummy samples megan kelly and cbd gummies t help swallowing even more when she said this.I don t know if it was because of fear, or because she recalled the tragic situation of the eldest wife over and over again and couldn t help but feel guilty.Mother Tian said Later I found out that the back of the eldest lady s bun was full of blood.She must have broken her head.The blood dripped on the ground and on the cbd gummies near 18445 eldest wife s dress.The ground can be wiped clean.That dress is absolutely not acceptable.I was afraid that people would find out, cbd gummies for sex near me so I changed the clothes for the eldest lady, and took the dress to the garden and burned it.At this time, the old lady came.With the old lady in charge, I felt more at ease and disposed of the clothes.After that, I went back to the room, covered the scars on the eldest lady s neck and face with hosta powder, and then tidied up the eldest lady s room under the old lady s orders.The emperor has been cbd gummies daytona beach waiting patiently until he ascended the cbd gummies for sex near me exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg throne and stabilized the political situation before he brought Concubine De cbd gummies for sex near me into the palace.Such thoughts have never been spent on other women.So when he was in the palace, he saw Concubine De concubine attacking Zhou Zecheng, so he helped him out for no other reason.With such a handle in his hands, Concubine De will definitely be used by him in the future, and he expected it up In the palace late at night.Not long after Empress Defei returned to Yongchun Palace, in the small courtyard behind Yongchun Palace, there was a plop sound from a water well, as if something had fallen into it.Fortunately, there was some distance between the main hall of Yongchun Palace in the small courtyard.Otherwise, the sound could wake up the entire Yongchun Palace from sleep.Now we have to seize the right time.Zhao Qi revive cbd gummies price seemed to be talking to the people around him, and also seemed to be talking to himself.Zhao Qi s close friend said There is Huang Neiguan in the palace to stop, and the case of Concubine De will not be investigated too quickly.In this way, there will be enough time to mobilize manpower.Zhao Qi nodded We still have to be careful.The Wei family is in charge of the harem now, so we have to be on guard.Even if there is a slight disturbance, she will notice it.If we find out about our plan earlier, we will lose the opportunity.The confidant responded.Zhao Qi breathed a sigh of relief My imperial brother didn t make any progress at all.Before he became the throne, he relied on the Wei cbd gummies for sex near me exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg family.After he became the throne Zhao Qi smiled slightly when he said this No, it is wrong to say that he has not made any progress.Huang Chang immediately sensed that something was wrong, and if he was given a moment to think about it, he would be able to think clearly and react.But it was too late, Huang Chang s eyes blurred, and Peng Shi was eagle hemp cbd gummies price in front of him in an instant, and he subconsciously raised the dagger in his hand to stab Peng Shi.Peng Shi didn t dodge, he felt the dagger stabbing his shoulder, and the moment the pain hit, he also held the emperor s arm.Before coming here, the empress had cbd gummies for sex near me exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg told him to confront Shen Lan, and Shen Lan to confront Concubine De, so that Huang Chang and Concubine De could focus on Shen Lan, so that he could step forward to rescue the emperor.The empress said on purpose that the emperor had passed away to make Huang Chang feel that they would not snatch the emperor.He was already dead, and even if they snatched him, it would be useless, so that Huang Chang would not use the emperor as a threat.The Empress Dowager said It doesn t matter, he is the Son of Heaven, and there is someone to take care of everything, so there is no need for these.At cbd gummies for sex near me worst, treat him like a potted flower , Serve cbd gummies for sex near me well and take care of it.Mo megan kelly and cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam Yangming said The cbd gummies for sex near me exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg emperor has not spoken, I m afraid The queen mother stretched her sleeves and gently twisted the Buddhist beads in her hand.It was not in vain for her to eat fast and chant Buddha for many years, and all her wishes came can you take melatonin with cbd gummies true one by one.The Queen Mother let out a huh and her eyes were clearer than usual The emperor still needs to rest assured to recuperate from his illness.It s not advisable to talk too much, it s not good for the dragon s body.From Aijia s point of view, this is actually a good thing.Apart from these, as long as the emperor s life is safe, It is 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies for sex near me the blessing of the Great Zhou Dynasty and the blessing of the common people.Although he knew that those people were not the court s opponents, Tang still had a glimmer of hope in his heart, but the shore was quiet, no one was seen, and no more boats were seen entering the sea.Since the imperial court was able to set up a trap to arrest them, they had already found out about her, and those people were also arrested.The boat can cbd gummies hurt a child moved towards the shore.Gradually, Tang got a clearer picture of the situation on the shore, more than 20 people were bound and pressed there, all of them were her eyeliner.Tang s legs went limp, and he knelt and sat on the deck of the boat.It s all here, without any hope.Chapter 527 Moved Liang Wang and others to be taken down.So far, the rebellion of Liang Wang has been solved for the most part, and the remaining evils will not threaten the Great Zhou court for a while.Cui Zhen Zhang gritted her teeth, and her expression gradually became crazy Wei Yuanchen and Gu Chongyi led their soldiers and horses to dismount HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sex near me at Donghua Gate, and then pressed cbd gummies for sex near me exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg King Liang to stop in front of Wufeng Tower.There was a sound of ceremony and music, King Liang raised his eyes, and he was outside the palace gate, but unfortunately, everything was not the result he wanted, not the enthronement ceremony he clinical cbd gummies where to buy was looking forward to.Civil and military officials stood on both sides in court uniforms, and all eyes fell on him, the embarrassed prisoner of war.King Liang wanted to speak, but his mouth was stuffed with numbness and he couldn t make a sound.He stared straight at Wufeng Tower, waiting for the emperor to appear.However, after a while of hustle and bustle, it was a woman who slowly came into King Liang s sight.In an instant, Zhu Wu made up his mind, and knelt down on the mat again to salute Father, take care of yourself, and I will come to greet you next time.Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhu Wu who kowtowed slightly in surprise.It seemed that the adopted son, She is going to accept it.Zhu Wu came out of the yard and saw Liu Su outside.Without waiting for Liu Su to speak, Zhu Wu said The adoptive father is in good health, so we can rest assured, go back and tell other brothers and sisters, let them work hard, and see the adoptive father in the future.Zhu Wuyue said more and more excitedly The righteous father My father also said that as long as you are a good person in the world, you will be filial to him.Liu Su blinked her eyes, Miss really would say that Zhu Wu looked at biolyte cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex near me Liu Su Second brother, I think the adoptive father is so good, but we don t have enough brothers and sisters, at least we need to spread all over Dazhou, three to five hundred is what you want, what do you think, second brother Dare to think, Liu Su thought about eighty or ninety times at most back then, and he would be content to let him watch the play eighty or ninety times.Hearing this, biolyte cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex near me he changed his mind, and his mother was also waiting for him to go back, but it was not for her son.hope, but resentment.In this case, it would be better for him to go back a few days later.It was also for this reason that he came out of the palace, so he didn t go back directly to Dingninghou s mansion.Intellectually, he knew how to deal with these things.The kindness and resentment between him and his mother should have a result, and there is always someone who will carry this hatred.He wanted to go ahead, but for some reason, he seemed unprepared and didn t want to face it.Arrange all the housework, will everything pass Maybe, but he would have nothing left.Mother, Cui Zhen said, my son has never believed in gods and Buddhas all his life, but now he hopes that his mother will leave safely.There were two people standing in front of her, one was Liu Su and the other was Master Wei.Gu Mingzhu smiled Didn t your lord go home You re going to court soon.It s the empress who handles the court affairs now.No hurry.Wei Yuanchen Ruifeng s eyes were not disturbed, Are you going to find Nie Chen Gu Mingzhu nodded For Zhang s case, smokiez cbd gummies reviews since Cui Zhen asked the people in the market for help, he should do his best to help him settle it.Gu Mingzhu knew that Master Wei was always hostile to Cui Zhen because of her, so she stretched out her hand and gently tugged on Master Wei s sleeve, and saw a smile in Master Wei s eyes.Wei Yuanchen took Gu Mingzhu s hand cbd gummies for sex near me The steward of the Zhang family admitted that the Zhang family would marry into the Dingninghou s mansion because Cui Zhen killed a rebel general of the Zhou Dynasty.Cui Zhen ignored Zhang s strangeness and continued The court rewarded me more for this reason, and handed over the military power of the Datong Guard to me.That s why you made up your mind to marry into the Cui family, right Zhang looked at Cui Zhen, the cbd gummies for sex near me sunlight fell on Cui Zhen s face through the window, making Cui Zhen s expression very clear.His brows and eyes were stretched, and his expression was indifferent, but for some reason, Mrs.Zhang couldn t see through Cui Zhen s thoughts.Cui Zhen continued Do you know the father and son of the Luo family in Tingzhou Prefecture Mrs.Zhang s heart was pulled heavily, and she sat up from the bed.Cui Zhen knew that someone from the Zhang family leaked the news Or someone from King Liang confessed Cui Zhen s gaze was even colder You megan kelly and cbd gummies married me because of the Luo family.What day is it today Jiang asked the palace man.March 22.The palace man responded in a low voice.Mrs.Jiang stretched out her hand and wanted to do the math Is it true that Mrs.Wei s son will get married tomorrow Wei Yuanchen was born of Mrs.Wei, and the news had already spread throughout the palace.After hearing this, Mrs.Jiang knew that everything was over.Mrs.Wei had her own son, and the emperor had his eldest son.Who would fight for the throne for her child Damn the old King Qing, he actually helped the Wei family take the child out of the palace, no wonder the Wei family was willing to confine the Kunning Palace these years, because the Wei family had planned a long time ago, showing weakness is to protect Wei Yuanchen.She was completely kept in the dark, allowing Wei Shi to play around.The petals were thrown up and blown into the skirts of the two people and the flying black hair.Slowly synthesized into one, no longer separate from each other. The main text is over, and the extra episode continues.Chapter 565 An Uninvited Guest Second Uncle Fanwai In Huaiyuanhou s mansion, Gu Chongyi was shaking the recliner to bask in the sun.Finally, the spring came and the flowers bloomed.It wasn t too warm in February, but today s weather was exceptionally good.The warm spring breeze mixed with the fragrance of flowers blew on him.Gu Chongyi breathed a sigh of satisfaction.Of course, it would be even better if Madam and Zhuzhu are by your side.In the blink of an eye, it has been almost a year since Zhuzhu got married, and the house bought by the son in law next to it has also become the Wei Wang Mansion.

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