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Yang Tao put his hat on the table Have you joined the job yet After pre training, you are an official policeman.Yang Tao sat on the chair, held the tea mug and said earnestly Chaoyang, you are very lucky compared to others.Guan Xiyuan is a college student in an ordinary college like you, and the police officer exam like you is because he is three years earlier than you.In 2010, the city had no money at that time, and all of them were trained first and then entered the job.During the training period, there was no salary.Although you have no work permit and no power to enforce the law, at least you will be issued a police uniform and wear a first can cbd gummies be laced class police uniform.Police rank.Work for a few more months to take the exam.After you pass the exam, you will be assigned a rank and then reported to the provincial department to give you a rank.After thinking hard for a while, he suddenly smiled and said Secretary Yang, land acquisition and relocation is only the first step.The next step is to level the land.To demolish houses and start construction, can we talk to the demolition company, the demolition company and the construction party Our street will provide a little, and the three of them will each provide a little, and the problem will be solved. This is a good idea, but there is another Question, under what name is it formed This year it is Chaoyang Village, and I don t know which village it will be next year.The city is developing towards us, and there will be more and more things like this in the future.Let the Chaoyang Community come forward and register to form a village.Security service companies, .

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you can save money and then ask for help.Walking into the compound of the neighborhood committee, while exercising his legs and feet, he said excitedly Xiao Han, tomorrow I will ask Lao Liu to vacate the room on the east side for you to use as a dormitory.The two police green ape cbd gummies quit smoking rooms are still outside the police room., the office inside is used as a security service company, and there will be a sign at the door.Han Chaoyang thought it was a bit funny that the front door had a police office sign and the back door had a security company sign.However, it is definitely a good thing to be able to move the dormitory to the office on the east end of the first floor of the neighborhood committee.Not only is it equipped with air conditioning, but it is also equipped with heating.This summer, we don t have to suffer from the heat, and we don t have to suffer from the cold in winter.The problem of food Eating problems can be easily solved.Doesn t the property in Dongming Community have a cafeteria, and you can partner with them.Whether it s registered as a security service company can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed or natures only cbd gummies for dementia green ape cbd gummies quit smoking established as a voluntary community security patrol team, the police are only guidance .Han Chaoyang will not comment on where the funds come from and how they are spent, let alone this is a good thing.Seeing him nodding, Su Xian suddenly changed the topic Xiao Han, why some cadres in are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced Chaoyang Village are not very active in merging into the community The reason is very simple.The village can be said to have a first level finance., but it undertakes a large number of administrative functions, and the contribution and return cannot be directly proportional.Han Chaoyang was confused when he said these things, and could only listen carefully.When will you come over Director Su and I are in Factory 527, and we may not be able to go back for a while.I will let Xiao Zhong go back first, or you and Xiao Zhong will give them an interview first.The interview is really not a big deal.The co ops in hard hitting police stations and security companies are similar.Their salaries are not high, and they have no chance of promotion and salary increase.They can t keep people at all.Recruit a group of people to run away for a few days, and then recruit again, and it goes on and on, and it s like this cycle.Han Chaoyang was mentally prepared for this, and the security guard was not a technical position, so he didn t pay much attention to the next interview, but asked, What are you going to do in Factory 527 Manager Jin, who was on the phone in the corridor, looked at can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed the office of the general manager of Dongyang Company, and said excitedly Factory 527 has many deficiencies in safety precautions.My mobile phone is not good, your mobile phone is good at taking pictures at delta 9 and cbd gummies night, so hurry up points.That s really a community achievement Director Su was overjoyed, and immediately ran to the police car to organize the team members to pose for a photo.Han Chaoyang couldn t help but laugh, but this was the leader s request and Director Su could only shoot it.Fortunately, the investigation has just started, and the first team has only checked half of it, and there are still five and a half teams that haven t checked.After taking photos, the suspects were stuffed into the police car again.Director and Director Su walked back to the first team intersection together.Chaoyang, what s the matter with the kid in the car Suspected of robbery with a knife, his mental quality is too poor.He ran away as soon as he saw us, but we caught him at the third house on the west side of the road ahead Han Chaoyang said simply After reporting the situation, he couldn t help laughing and said If there are no accidents, the person who green ape cbd gummies quit smoking was robbed should have not called the police, and the .

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accomplice should have not escaped.Deputy Director Xing realized that the Huayuan Street Police Station had become a big mess.Not only would he be scolded by the bureau leaders, but he would even become the laughing stock of the entire bureau.important things to do At the same time, Guan Yuanyuan, who hurried to the intersection of Chaoyang Village Middle Street and the fifth team, didn t bother to greet the two deputy team leaders of the working group, and asked eagerly with his mobile phone Han Chaoyang, where are you , where is the suspect The street leaders are too foolish It s a blessing or a curse, it s a disaster, it s impossible to avoid it, what Han Chaoyang can say, he can only bite the bullet and say Instructor, I I I m almost at the branch office, and the suspect is sitting behind me.He is on his way to the sub bureau.The master only conveyed the instructions of his superiors on the phone, and said nothing else.Han Chaoyang was very upset.After washing up, he was about to go out to have some breakfast, but found that Captain Tang, community HCMUSSH green ape cbd gummies quit smoking grid member Shi Lijun and others were sorting out materials in the conference room with red eyes.Who is the head of the household, how many private houses are there for rent, have you applied for the Register of Temporary Residents at the police station, who has rented the house to, how long has the house been rented out in total, how much is the rent, and a copy of the tenant s ID card There are more than 200 copies to be sorted out.Fortunately, the nature of the penalties to be punished by the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade is different from that of the police, but the materials to be sorted out are not much different.Please come back with us to assist in the investigation.It is the duty of every citizen to actively cooperate with the public security organs in handling cases, please do not interfere with official duties.Officer Han, you have also seen that we are really taking pictures, and there is no crime Comrade public security, which law prohibits photographing the human body We just filmed it and didn t spread it, and besides, it s really art, do you understand it I don t know if someone understands it, but it s art that will figure it out, now please actively cooperate.Han Chaoyang pointed A young artist who was about to delete photos sternly shouted What are you doing, don t try to destroy the evidence Stand against the wall, stand up for me, put the cameras and mobile phones under your feet, and put them in front of you, whoever belongs to them, Don t make a mess.Han Chaoyang was in charge of collecting and fixing evidence, and he was extremely busy.Guan Xiyuan, the person in charge, just lifted the big cardboard box out of the room, then turned around and said, I have all your ID cards here, as well as your cameras and phones.Go to the office and explain things clearly, and then you can take your ID best black owned cbd gummy companies cards, cameras and phones back to the office.Home.We can t fit in our car, and we re calling a taxi downstairs.Follow our team members and go downstairs one by one, three people in one car, our team members sit in the co pilot, you sit in the back row, and you re not allowed to whisper on the road. Management Police officer, if you don t understand art, you should understand the law, right Why don t you go to the Academy of Fine Arts to arrest you You know the law and break the law Give me back the phone, I want to make a call.The number of participants There are two types of one on one private shooting and group shooting.According to the shooting scale, Zhao Jie charges each photographer 600 to 3,000 yuan at a time, and the model earns 1,000 to 3,000 yuan at a time.Since the organization of this kind of photography, there have been hundreds of people Photographers and more than ten female models participated.Liang Dongsheng held up Zhao Jie s mobile phone and added He has built several QQ groups, and there are 281 photographers who are preliminarily presumed to be unprofessional.Organizing a private shoot, and providing venues, lighting technicians and even make up artists, can be said to be a business.Liu Jianye asked sullenly, Did you organize prostitution At least there is no evidence that he organized prostitution, but from the private chat records of QQ and WeChat, many photographers made requests in this regard, but he and the model rejected them without exception.The root cause is the lack of police force.Our community police must be all rounders.They can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed must not only undertake community work, but also take into account the police station s on duty preparation and can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed law enforcement.Handling cases and other police activities, the work tasks are complicated, the police are overwhelmed, even exhausted, which weakens the community work.The leader finally HCMUSSH green ape cbd gummies quit smoking said a fair word, and Liu Jianye was so moved that he didn t know how to speak.Looking at natures only cbd gummies for dementia green ape cbd gummies quit smoking the subordinates on duty outside the venue, Zhou Ju said solemnly After I finish my work, I will go to each police station to conduct a survey to see if I can tap the potential again, and if I can fundamentally improve the situation under the current conditions.Solve the problem that the community police cannot sink, let the community police go from into the community to in the community , and concentrate on doing mass work.Gu Guoli didn t know what he was thinking.He only had in his mind the case that the criminal police from the city bureau and sub bureau were investigating, and he said to himself, Even such a small child is not spared.The method is really cruel.A tiger s poison does not eat its own child.It should not be the father of the child who has been missing for more than half a year, and it is unlikely to be the creditor.Master, have you seen the body No, it is under investigation inside, can I go in.The police said the woman was stabbed to death , the child was strangled to death.Han Chaoyang, who had never thought of being a criminal police officer, suddenly became envious of the criminal policeman, and by accident, he took out the police pass, entered the name of the female victim, and inquired about the household registration information of the female victim.There are microphones, stereos, and even a mixer that they don t know where they moved, and even the large batteries that provide power to the stereos are all brought by them.The music and singing rehearsed down the slope can be heard clearly on the slope.Secretary Lin of the Disciplinary Committee of the Municipal Bureau, who came here again, rolled down the window and looked at the two policemen who were having fun with the crowd below.He couldn t help laughing and said, Why did Lao Gu come here Isn t he at the Dongfeng Street Police Station The rectification situation of the sub bureau must be reported.If the leader does not know, it does not mean that the people below do not know.There is only one community policeman in a white shirt in the city s public security system, and he is a second level hero in the national public security system.We are from the police station.The police station checks the temporary residence permit.Hurry up and open the door.We know there are people inside.Hurry up, don t dawdle.Come on, I m getting dressed.Didn t I check it a few days ago Why Check again.This house has only one rolling shutter door facing the street, and there are no windows, so you can only hear people talking inside, but you can t see the lights.Li Xiaobin exchanged glances with his beloved one, stood by the door and replied, I checked last time, but you didn t have a residence permit.Tonight is a random check and a re check.Didn t it say ten days The voice just finished , The rolling gate was pulled open from bottom to top with a bang, the light was very bright, and a man in his mid thirties was standing in front of him wearing big shorts.Leprosy The disease is similar.Ma can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed Fengying, leprosy The more Huang Ying thought about it, the more amusing she became.Just as she didn t know what to say, Han Chaoyang changed the subject Yingying, you know that it s not that easy to get compensation for demolition.It s a procedure, and it might take until the end of the year to get it.Money, so my mother plans are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced to go to the credit union for a loan after returning home.I don t know if green ape cbd gummies quit smoking I can get the loan.Even if I can get the loan, it s not sure when it will be approved.If Dr.Someone else.Han Chaoyang, what do you mean by that I don t want to delay people s buying a house in are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced Donghai.Speaking is better than singing, don t think I don t know, you are scared People are poor and short sighted.I was terrified.It s more than two million yuan.You have to bear so many debts at once.It can be seen that the problem should still be in Qiao Xianhong HCMUSSH green ape cbd gummies quit smoking s renovation process But he is just a small contractor, he does not have his own company, and there are no regular carpenters, bricklayers, painters, and plumbing installers under him.The serious crime team is not just for nothing , I have basically figured out how much work he did last year.Now the owners are considering the maintenance after the decoration, and they would rather let the decoration company make cbd gummies online green ape cbd gummies quit smoking some money than hire guerrillas on the road.He mainly worked for the decoration company last year.The decoration company outsources the work, and there are only three decoration projects that are actually contracted.And according to the decoration process, the bricklayer first enters the site, smashes what needs to be smashed, builds what needs to be built, and then the plumber installer enters the site.Just as he was thinking wildly, there was a sudden burst of electric current from Xi Da s walkie talkie, and a criminal policeman shouted through the walkie talkie Xi Da, Xi Da, report to Xi Da, we got it, we got it Received, I ll go and have a look.The leader ran downhill to the excavation site.Han Chaoyang really wanted to follow, but he could only think about it.The leader was not there, and the eyes of the special police officers were obviously wrong.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to stay by the car for a long time, and hurried back to his position on duty, wondering if he should secretly call his prospective girlfriend, when the instructor came over suddenly, keeping his face Ask Xiao Han, what did Xi Da ask you for just now I didn t do anything, but I just said a few words to make me not be proud, let me learn from the master, and let me take the master as an example.Han Chaoyang had nothing to worry about.Just as he went downstairs to go back, he saw Lao Hu and Lao Ding coming back with a suspect.It looks familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere Han Chaoyang signaled Li Xiaobin and the others to wait cbd gummies online green ape cbd gummies quit smoking a moment, and stood in the hall waiting for Lao Ding to lock the suspect into the detention room.He walked up and asked curiously, Inspector Ding, what did you do just now What did Liu Suohe think of him The change does not mean that Lao Ding s view of him has changed.In fact, not only has he not changed, but he has become more disgusted by Guan Xiyuan s stimulation from time to time.Just do your job well, and don t inquire about what natures only cbd gummies for dementia green ape cbd gummies quit smoking you shouldn t.Lao Ding opened the anti theft door and climbed upstairs without looking back.Han Chaoyang got his nose dirty, and after thinking about it, he walked to the door of the detention room and observed the suspect through the small window on the iron door.Old Liang, Lao Liang, report the situation.The car is in, the car is in, Liang Dongsheng stared at the garden house not far away through the gaps between the branches and leaves, holding a small microphone connected to the earphone, and using the other party A barely audible green ape cbd gummies quit smoking voice reported The iron gate was closed again, the lights on the second floor just turned on, and then went off soon, there was no light on the third floor, the curtains were never opened, the music came from the third floor, Everyone should be on the third floor.This is a real high end residential area, full of green ape cbd gummies quit smoking single family villas, and each villa is more than ten meters apart.It was developed more than ten years ago, and it sold several million units at that time.Now the superiors will not approve such villa projects at all, so these garden houses are now worth tens of millions due to their scarcity.They mortgaged the house to the bank.My parents paid 100,000 yuan.It s not that they don t support it, but the main reason is that they don t have much money.Don t say he doesn t make money now, even if he makes money, he can t control it Two brothers, many things are difficult to handle.Chen Xiujuan thought about it and then asked If you want to buy a house and get married, how much can your parents support They don t have much money to save.I haven t contributed much to the family all these years, and I ve been spending money from my family all the time.How can I get my family to support me., but his father and his mother want to live.His brother and sister in law didn t buy a house because they started their business, so that was also his brother s and sister in law s home.His nephew will go green ape cbd gummies quit smoking to kindergarten next year.Go to work soon, it s getting late.Guan Yuanyuan heard a few words when he entered the door, sat happyhemp cbd ribbon gummies reviews in front of him and asked with a smile, Wu Wei, are you sure you don t want to rest, are you sure you don t want to go home No I m going back, there s no one at home, and I m idle when I go back.The most lacking thing in the institute is people, Guan Yuanyuan weighed it up, held up his chopsticks and said, Since I m not going back, I ll arrange a task for you, Han Chaoyang s parents will come over this afternoon Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, he will go through the real estate transfer procedures with his parents.Only by living in peace and contentment, is this a big deal.We need to understand and support him, and granted him three days off.In this way, Lao Gu is the only one left in the Chaoyang Community Police Department People, Lao Gu is old and in poor health, so he can t let the veteran comrades who are about to retire work day and night.Knowing it was normal, Han Chaoyang smiled and explained The first row can t block it, but our choir has three rows, just like a big group photo, the second row stands higher than the first row, and the third row stands taller.It is higher than the second row.Oh, I really can t remember if you don t tell me, and Director Wang and the others are really too, and they don t remind you.You let the wedding company adjust the background first, and I will talk to Director Wang and the others.Say hello.Let s go.When I asked, it turned out that they were discussing the positions of the two bands with the wedding company.They are very busy these days, not only practicing singing and dancing, not only trying to prepare costumes and props, but also looking for talents who can play musical instruments all over the world, and they really made a wind band and a folk band, regardless of the performance level, at least the lineup looks like presentable.District Party Committee Secretary Ding and District Mayor Gao did not have time.District Party Committee Deputy Secretary Tong, District Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Gu, District Armed Forces Department Minister Jian and Deputy District Chief Zhu entered the venue accompanied by Secretary Yang.Director Gu of the Subdistrict Office and Subdistrict Office Deputy Secretary Zhou of the Working Committee went up to meet the district leaders and introduced the old revolutionaries, old soldiers and martyrs widows in Huayuan Street, including Grandma Chen who often reported false police to deceive the shark tank cbd oil gummies police to send her back to Chenjiaji.Although the old revolutionaries and widows of martyrs enjoyed the preferential treatment policy, they had never received such courtesy.They were all very happy and excited.Thank you Secretary Gong for your praise, we will contact the garrison tomorrow.District Chief Gao saw an unfamiliar acquaintance, turned around and said with a smile Secretary Gong, Commander Cheng, I think it is necessary to introduce the old comrade who plays the erhu green ape cbd gummies quit smoking to you, the old director of Factory 527, enjoy Retirement treatment for bureau level cadres who have made great contributions to our country s national defense construction So it s an old military engineer, Commander Cheng, let s go say hello together Okay, please Secretary Gong.Trains are not pushed.Factory Manager Wang is just a retired cadre now, but he was a man of influence can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed in Yanyang City back then.However, when he came into contact with the street leaders, he had no airs, but seeing the city leaders attitude was completely different.Auntie , the air conditioner has been turned on to the maximum, we don t have an electric fan here, and we can t blow it even if there s a fire underneath.More than forty people came at once, and they sat down and ate like starving ghosts.The chopsticks are gone by one person in the pot, and the master who cuts the meat is simply too busy.What frustrates the waiters the most is that they only order the cheapest beer, and they only order 14 bottles.Those who don t drink drink the sour plum soup provided for free in the store.Is there any wine commission.The waiter was depressed and overwhelmed with busyness, while Huang Ying felt it was a little funny.She had eaten a few mouthfuls since she sat down, not because she didn t want to eat but because she didn t want to eat.Han Chaoyang was embarrassed to compete with the uncles and aunts, and barely moved his chopsticks.Boss Du and the master are angry with me Stop the ink, and I will be angry with you.What exactly happened is really inexplicable.Han Chaoyang also didn t dare to keep the leader and master waiting for a long time.He walked into the backyard nervously carrying the stainless steel, and came to the door of the community police office and shouted a report.Come in.Yes After opening the door, not only Director Du and Master were there, but Director Su was also there.The senior brother wasn t joking, Du Ju green ape cbd gummies quit smoking really had a gloomy face, sitting at his desk and staring at him closely, his eyes green ape cbd gummies quit smoking were terrified.Grandpa Gu sat across from Director Du, and Director Su sat on Grandpa Gu s wire bed, one was thoughtful, the other was expressionless but had a playful look in his eyes.The atmosphere was obviously not right, Han Chaoyang was so nervous that he forgot to say hello.In fact, you don t need to tie yourself to how long do 25mg cbd gummies kick in Dongming New Village, and you can expand your business scale..Earn less money, at least earn word of mouth.If word of mouth is good, property services can be provided to more communities in the future. Small profits but quick turnover That s what I mean.Almost all property companies are property developers.Don t say it s okay, even green ape cbd gummies quit smoking if there is, it s useless.It s their green ape cbd gummies quit smoking cake. The chances of the new community are not great, but the old community still has a chance.Manager Zhang, as long as you can handle it well Regarding Dongming community, we will help you find a way to enter other communities.Not to mention, there is a chance in the Xinmin community mentioned at noon.Lao Tang is communicating with the Xinmin community neighborhood committee, and the next step is to communicate with the owners.Huang Ying, who was watching her through the glass door in front, saw it.After inspecting the lobby and walking into the elevator, Huang Ying stretched out her hand and pinched it.It hurts Han Zhaoyang grinned his teeth in pain after being hit suddenly.I know it hurts, so I told you to be promiscuous I ve changed my ways a long time ago, so why did I become promiscuous That little nurse was interested in you just now, and secretly made faces at me.It s none of my business, if you say it s interesting , There are more people who are interested in you, how many people peeped at you in the lobby just now, I can t be anxious with them one by one, let alone you.As I was speaking, the elevator reached the 12th floor.The two stopped flirting, and held their belts with both hands as they did in the lobby, and started patrolling very seriously.Families like theirs This type of drug gang is very secretive, and outsiders can t get in at all.In order to destroy this gang, the special natures only cbd gummies for dementia green ape cbd gummies quit smoking task force has done a lot of work and has been watching them for more than a year. The villagers are not willing to easily offend others, and the villagers are very united.But Feng Changdong is an A level wanted criminal, and his superiors offered a reward of 50,000 for clues, and the reward is still valid The legal awareness of the villagers is relatively weak, but the village is so poor, and the villagers are also short of money.In the past few years, the superiors have made great efforts to help the natures only cbd gummies for dementia green ape cbd gummies quit smoking poor, green ape cbd gummies quit smoking what are the best cbd gummies and they have continuously increased their investment in infrastructure.The roads and cbd gummies living electricity have been connected, and there are signal towers on the top of the mountain.There were also people setting up checkpoints on the road.The are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced city bureau dispatched more than 300 policemen and more than 200 armed policemen from the surrounding counties to set up a net, and as long as he was within the encirclement, he would definitely not escape.More than 700 police forces have been invested, and the superiors really don t pay attention HCMUSSH green ape cbd gummies quit smoking to the arrest of Feng Changdong.Han Chaoyang was taken aback, thought about it, and asked, Brother Jiang, how far is Sanyazi It s just ahead, but the mountain road is difficult to walk at night, so please pay attention to your steps later.Oh.It was indeed just ahead, Also above.The two of them followed the winding path with flashlights and carefully climbed to the top of the mountain.There are no towering trees on the mountain, but it is covered with thorny shrubs.When a team of policemen and a few people who assisted .

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in the search went down the mountain, they also encountered three wild boars.They were like crazy and they would shoot at anyone.Fortunately, there were a few big trees around.The policemen and villagers hurriedly climbed up the trees and were trapped.It took nearly two hours to escape.Wang Ju was already humiliated by wild boars, and he was even angrier when he received reports from the police and villagers that they were besieged by three wild boars, so he immediately contacted the Forestry Bureau.The County Forestry Bureau asked the Municipal Forestry Bureau for instructions, and the Municipal Forestry Bureau decided to kill 500 wild boars to control the ever increasing number of wild boars in forest areas.With the Shangfang Sword , the three townships of Xinying, Houhe and Chiliu immediately set up a pig hunting team.It was too exaggerated, and the academy and our security office talked to him countless times.But he didn t make any big mistakes, and he never failed an exam.There is nothing we can do about him, but point him to graduate early and get out early.Han Chaoyang asked curiously, Have you made a lot of money He will graduate in the second half of the year.Third, he has been in business for two years at the school.I don t know how much money he made, but he bought a car worth more than 200,000 yuan.Some time ago, the logistics office invited bids, and he even planned to contract several snack stalls in the new campus.If he hadn t discovered it in time, he would have almost succeeded.What a talent He should not apply for the PolyU School of Chemical Engineering, but should apply for the Business School.Where are you Do you want to come over Just now the Stone Bureau called your name.I was on the way to your place, and my superior asked me to drive the dump truck.At the high speed rail station project site, they didn t explain the location clearly.I ll post a location.Soon.The bureau leader was really thoughtful, not only had to deliver the corpse to the door, but even asked Wu Wei to help drive the dump truck over.Han Chaoyang thought it was a little funny, and at the same time, he realized that Wu Wei could even drive a cart.He wondered when he learned it.Could it be that he was in the army Just as he green ape cbd gummies quit smoking was thinking wildly, there was a low sound of engines on the river.Looking back, I saw two speedboats equipped with police lights, painted with blue and white public security signs and the word public security approaching, and in a blink of an eye, they slowly docked beside an iron boat pulling sand and gravel.Master Wang, Master Qian, where do you usually work It s in this area.What kind of work can there be in this area There was nothing around, and Han Zhaoyang felt very strange.There s a lot of work here, but not every day.Master Qian put down the shovel, leaned over to pick up a teacup and took a big sip of water, picked up the shovel again and continued working, laughing loudly There are all wharves by the river, as long as it is a wharf, there is no need what is eagle hemp cbd gummies for stevedores.There is a feed wholesaler on the west side.Although there is a crane, someone has to load the bags of feed from the boat into the gondola, and someone has to unload it when it is hoisted up.Sometimes the goods are not five cbd free gummies delivered by boat, but by carts.Forklifts are not easy to shovel.Boss Gu often asks us to help unload the trucks.In short, there is no need for the masses to go wrong.Who has the final say on which unit is handed over to, cbd gummieds for sleep and if it is handed over, they don t care about it The policemen on the police platform are not special patrol officers.My master and I are policemen from the Huayuan Street Police Station.The other two comrades are from the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Although they are not in the same unit, they actually work in a unit that is not a unit.Things can be negotiated.Besides, my master s status is quite detached, and he is truly highly respected.Who would dare not listen to his old man s words.While chatting, the police office arrived.Grandpa Gu seemed to have just finished mediating a dispute, and was standing at the door to see off the parties.He Pingyuan didn t know why, but only knew that in front of him was a short and thin third level police supervisor, who hurriedly stepped forward to stand at attention and saluted.Fengchi Car Rental Company does not have a RV.The price is very high, and the car rental company even rents the car with the driver.In other words, in the past four months, this Cai Xiaofang was actually driving for Yang Jiandong.According to the owner of the car rental company, Cai Xiaofang and Yang Jiandong have a very good relationship.Cai Xiaofang is ready to quit.If you find Cai Xiaofang, you may find Yang Jiandong Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.Yes.Teng Jiming nodded slightly, and continued But Cai Xiaofang resigned on the third day after Cao Shengkai was killed.He didn t even pay the last month s salary, and his mobile phone was disconnected, so his whereabouts are unknown now.Luo deputy detachment leader Stuffing out the cigarette, he raised his head and said, There are indications that Cai Xiaofang and Yang Jiandong are equally suspected of committing the crime.Anyway, I don t think he will easily contact his comrades, nor will he go home easily.Since it is a general precaution, it is to avoid the limelight.If the wind is not tight, if we can confirm that we have not found them, they will Jump out by yourself Han Chaoyang asked following this train of thought.Yes, Chaoyang, your analysis is correct.Self righteous suspects like them can t just hide passively.It is entirely possible to take some tentative measures to verify whether the murder of Cao Shengkai has been revealed, and whether our police have found them.Body How would they test it If it were you, how would you test it, and how would you verify it Li Kaiyi asked, staring at Han Chaoyang, the more reasonable she became.Han Chaoyang was stunned, then stood up immediately If I were Cai Xiaofang, if I killed someone, I would hide in the dark and watch the neighborhood quietly to see if the police came to the door.It s okay, Comrade Public Security, I didn t mean to bother you, she called 110.Okay, okay, Don t talk about it, don t crowd around here, there is nothing to see, and it will affect the traffic.A dispute was resolved in less than five minutes.Back at the police station, Chen Jie asked Chen Jie to eat pears, washed one herself, and filled out the form while eating.Han Chao couldn t help laughing while filling it out.Chen Jie walked over curiously, and saw the column of processing.It actually read At the scene, the customer felt that the pears were not sweet.The police bought the pears back to the comprehensive police platform to resolve the conflict and found that the pears were indeed not sweet Chapter 373 There is a set green ape cbd gummies quit smoking what are the best cbd gummies of activities.At 11 12, the third police report was received in the morning.I can t leave for the time being.You should call Lao Du quickly.You will divide the work and can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed you will be responsible for finding HCMUSSH green ape cbd gummies quit smoking those Foreman, find out the whereabouts of the suspect.Lao Du is responsible for the report, first to the city bureau and then to the provincial department.Please help us coordinate with the Nanyun Provincial Department.As far as I know, there is no need to alarm the Ministry of Public Security.Please The warlords on the other side of the border help catch a fugitive, and they can handle it.Okay, I ll call Bureau Du right away.The most handsome policeman released another satellite, which seemed to be just luck on the surface, but Zhou Ju doesn t think so.It didn t take a day or two to arrest Huo Xuebin.Everyone said it was important during the meeting, but the arrest was put aside after the meeting.That s right, we All the organizers could do in the past was to accept the suspects, recover the stolen money, and escort the suspects back.He is neither a criminal policeman nor a policeman for economic investigation, so he can t help much.How could Director Feng not know why his immediate superior Asking the most handsome policeman, he couldn t help laughing Zhou Ju, it s not easy for him to track down such an important clue in time, and he has already made meritorious service.The more he thought about it, the happier he was, and he laughed as he went downstairs It s the job of the community police to provide clues to the criminal investigation department.He just did what he should do.Especially at this time, he must not be allowed to cock his tail.Chun City encircled and suppressed the stolen goods village, why so many patrol members were dispatched from the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road, but he was not brought along, because he was worried that his boy would become inflated.The evidence is enough, there is no need to apply for further detention for interrogation, but it is a race against time to send the suspect to the case handling center of the sub bureau within 24 hours from the moment the suspect is summoned.As a policeman of the branch, Han Chaoyang only took a look at the command center from the outside.Not only did the case handling center what does eating cbd gummies feel like never come in, he had never even been in this building.This is the place established by the green ape cbd gummies quit smoking sub bureau last year to solve law enforcement problems, improve law enforcement efficiency, and standardize law enforcement levels.Centralized green ape cbd gummies quit smoking case handling, intelligent management, information application, and one stop service law enforcement and case handling.The entire center is divided into case acceptance, case handling, and case involvement.I guess it s gone.Why don t you just snow, why not worry, green ape cbd gummies quit smoking how can you take pictures without snow An old man with a peaked cap on his head and a red scarf around his neck leaned over to look at the snow clearing man on the side of the road.The city manager muttered, Don t be active when it s time to be active, and be more active than anyone else when it shouldn t be active.Isn t this formalism when the snow falls It s over.The other old man who was with them thought so deeply, and was very dissatisfied that the snow that had been waiting so hard for him disappeared in a blink of an eye.He does not mean that.Han Chaoyang was so depressed that cbd gummy delivery sf he thought to himself, is it easy for me I got up at 4 30 to clear the snow, and I was so tired that I was sweating, but you didn t appreciate it But these words can only be kept in the heart, and you cannot reason with them, because no matter how you reason, it will always be you who are wrong.I knew you would go.It s quite big outside.I have an umbrella here.No, it s not far away.Han Chaoyang ran to Boss Deng s restaurant in one breath, and Grandpa Gu and Mo Yunhu were sitting in the corner of the lobby Drinking, but the dishes are a little less.Master, I should cook hot pot today.The hot green ape cbd gummies quit smoking pot is too greasy.I have a bad stomach and can t digest it.Grandpa Gu pointed to the empty chair next to him, motioned him to sit cbd gummies online green ape cbd gummies quit smoking down, and then turned around and said, Little girl, take another pair Cutlery.Okay, just wait a moment.Seeing Mo Yunhu s restrained look, Grandpa Gu joked Chaoyang, learn a little bit, little girls can talk.It s not that you always wait a moment Wait.It s better for you, or you don t open your mouth.Once you open your mouth, you will be old.Am I that old Master, I was wrong.For Wan Xiaoxia, calling Ling Bin is a very sacred thing.She doesn t want to be disturbed, so she finds out Ling Bin s number and puts down the phone, planning to call again in the underground parking lot.She quickened her pace, ran to the negative floor in one breath, and slammed open the fire door.Oops I m sorry, I didn t pay attention.Walking too fast, I didn t expect someone outside the fire door to collide with a young man wearing a short padded jacket.Not only did her young man not let go, but he grabbed her arm tightly.What are you doing you What are you doing Han Chaoyang asked back, and put the handcuffs on her with a click.Wan Xiaoxia s heart skipped a .

why do cbd gummies taste bitter?

beat, and then she realized that there were several people standing on both sides of the fire door.Looking at her handcuffed left hand, her legs softened, and she couldn t help but slumped down on the cold epoxy floor.The lack of grades for a long time disappointed the school leaders, Xie Lingling was also very anxious, and sighed on the other end of the phone, Han Chaoyang changed the subject Lingling, this grade is multi faceted, not just whether you can improve the performance of the band in a short period of time.Level.As long as the band can let more people know about PolyU and increase PolyU s cbd gummies dosage by weight popularity through performances, green ape cbd gummies quit smoking then this is an achievement. Chaoyang, I also know this, the key is how to increase the school s popularity.Even I can become the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.It shouldn t be difficult for the band to become an Internet celebrity, and we have our own advantages.The official Weibo and WeChat public accounts of our patrol team have more than 100,000 followers, plus Those friendly microblogs and official accounts should be hyped up if they are properly hyped.Your idea of establishing a plainclothes anti picking team is very good.What s even more rare is that the community is willing to bear the responsibility of the team members.Salary, Suo Kang told me at noon, and Suo Kang and I went to the branch office specifically for this matter, and we just came out of the office of Bureau Du.The efficiency of Suo Kang is quite high Han can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed Chaoyang was very surprised and couldn t help asking Liu Suo, what did the bureau leader say I ignite broad spectrum cbd gummies cherry will allocate 50,000 yuan to you, and then distribute some necessary equipment to you, but you must do something, and don t let the 50,000 yuan be in vain.At the same time, I ask you to lead and manage the team well.Assisting in maintaining stability is different, we must grasp the current situation, this is law enforcement, if there is no problem, it will be a big problem The leaders concerns are not unreasonable, catching thieves is indeed very dangerous, otherwise they will be beaten up.Kang Haigen checked his ID card and confirmed that although the kid in front of him is young, he has a lot of criminal records.Put down the police officer and asked sharply Lu Shaotao, be honest, this is Yandong, not Chengxi Be honest, how did you know Hu Qinglin We met on the Internet, can t you meet netizens Still sophistrying I m not trying to quibble.We met on the Internet.If you don t believe me, you can ask Lao Hu.Han Chaoyang realized that he had met Lao Youtiao, and felt that there was nothing he could ask, so he simply handed him over to Kang Haigen and walked to the small room.Chen asked beside him Which boss did Hu Qinglin work with Manager Wang, the boss of the steel bar worker here.Do you have his phone number Yes Han Chaoyang followed Xiao Chen into the duty room and found Manager Wang Considering that it was inappropriate to ask for his mobile phone number in front of Hu Qinglin, he simply went to the place where the templates were piled up, looked are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced at the gate of the construction site and called Manager Wang.Considering that drinking is inevitable at night, wearing a can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed police uniform and drinking has a bad effect.I called my girlfriend and my mother respectively, went back to the PolyU dormitory and changed into casual clothes, and walked to Boss Deng s restaurant with Vice Minister Jiang and Captain Zhang Jinhai who had just got off work.Grandpa Gu, Cao Zefang, Zhang Zhishu, Director Xie, Xu Hongliang and two veterans from the anti pickup industry have arrived, and they are chatting happily about the results of the anti pickup team today.It is windy and rainy, including snow.Fewer people commute by electric vehicles and bicycles, and more people take taxis and buses.Although you can now call a car online, green ape cbd gummies quit smoking what are the best cbd gummies there are too many people calling for a car, so many cbd gummies for copd price people still Choose to take the bus.When there are too many people, it will be crowded.Cao Zefang thought that your Sixth Hospital is trying to take advantage , but Grandpa Gu made it very clear in the afternoon that after the integration of the three patrol green ape cbd gummies quit smoking teams, he must be the instructor., Lao Zhang, Lao Jie and Hong Liang, not to mention, this is not a big deal, why don t you take this opportunity to determine the integration plan.I think it will work, Vice Minister Jiang said with a smile There are already enough meetings at the end of the year.There is no need to hold a coordination meeting because of this.On the way back from Yangguan Village, Han Chaoyang considered this matter.Seeing that everyone was looking at him at the same time, he quickly put down his chopsticks and said with a smile Minister Jiang, Secretary Cao, and Section Chief Xiao said it was integration, but in fact it was just a change of number.When Gu Tongjun encounters something, he calls them, asks them to come over to do something , and sends them away with some money after finishing the task.The money is not enough.A lot, like two or three hundred a day. There s more. The fat man sitting across from me seems to specialize in debt collection.I forgot his last name, but he only knows that he s called Brother Yun .He said he s busy at the end of the year.If you are going to die, you still ask me if I have time, and if I would like to help for a few days.I knew that all of these guys had problems, but there was no evidence, and it was just that they couldn t break through for reviews on kushly cbd gummies a while.Han Chaoyang took out a small notebook to record, raised his head and said, Think again, what else did they say To take a bath, I added my WeChat, said that I wanted to sing and take a bath, and said that I wanted to find a lady to contact him directly, and he helped arrange it.Commissar Huang asked about the situation at the Dafu cbd platinum gummies Hotel just now, worried that Han Chaoyang would miss the green ape cbd gummies quit smoking criminal scene , and said with a smile Xiao Han, the Xinyuan Street Police Station considers that the Dafu Hotel will be open tomorrow, so they don t want to affect the rest of the hotel owner, waiters and chefs., the more than 40 gangsters who have been interrogated and have not found any problems have left first.With the assistance of the special patrol brigade and your voluntary security patrol team, the remaining dozens of gangsters are being sent to the institute.There is nothing to worry about Yes, your people can rest before two o clock in the morning. Thank you political commissar. Thank you for what I m doing, we should thank you, no, it should be thanks to the boys on the patrol team, if it wasn t for their help, this evening s event would have been impossible.The people who reminded the clues were the parties involved, so I was deeply impressed by this kid.No wonder we visited so many people.I couldn t find the restaurant, so he didn t work as a chef in a nearby restaurant.Maybe rented nearby, I still have several courier delivery points to go, if you encounter any problems in the future, just ask, if I need your help, I won t Be polite to you.Okay, you go first.Han Chaoyang never thought that Lao Hu would actually find out where the suspect works, but now is not the time to be emotional, so he immediately dialed Yu Zhenchuan s cell phone and signaled Wang Jiayong on the opposite side of the road closed the team and said anxiously Zhenchuan, green ape cbd gummies quit smoking I figured it out.The suspect is the chef of the International Trade Hotel.The reason why he went to the New Youth Internet Cafe to surf the Internet is probably working in the urban area and living nearby.Han Chaoyang walked out of the office for a while, Huang Political Commissar couldn t help laughing and said Zhou Ju, what you said just now was a bit heavy The arrest of the suspect not only frightened the Secretary General of the provincial government, but also made the hotel kitchen a mess, causing the provincial, city and county leaders and guests who attended the meeting to have lunch green ape cbd gummies quit smoking half an hour later than the original arrangement.He couldn t help laughing and said To put it nicely, a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.To put it bluntly, it s organized and undisciplined.You can t do without beating and beating, but the beating was a bit heavy just now.You can do his ideological work later.It s nothing, the key is how to explain to Bureau Chen from the Municipal Bureau.Don t worry, Bureau Chen asked for a thorough investigation and just said it casually.I almost made you feel wronged.What wronged you, I was there to help, Believe it or not, I really never thought about making any contribution.Chaoyang, it s not too late for you to think about it now.Wu Wei, I m glad you think so.But today, even though I m retired, I still want to talk about it.Speaking of you, let s talk about Zhenchuan later.It s dangerous to arrest suspects suspected of robbery and murder.How can you catch them like you did this morning It s lucky that nothing happened, and we can t do this in the future.When encountering troubles, we must calm down and think about it.Act after careful consideration.Chapter 545 Netizens questioned that the Spring Festival is approaching, and people have to go home for the New Year.Literary and artistic youths who do not want to live with each other and want to find poetry and distant places while they are young are no exception.He thought that he only confirmed the real name of Little Fairy when he went to Boss Meng in the afternoon, and then asked Did your girlfriend bring a wallet when she left ID card I have it, the wallet is gone, and the ID card is in the wallet.Is there any money in the wallet There is money, more than 1,500.Officer Han, I am not afraid of your joke, the one she took away Five thousand is our last money, if it wasn t for the two thousand my colleague borrowed the day before yesterday, I wouldn t even be able to eat green ape cbd gummies quit smoking now Han Chaoyang sympathized with his experience, and then asked, Do you remember her ID number RememberHan Zhaoyang took the attitude of giving it a try, and helped him use the Police Service to check whether there was any hotel accommodation record can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed for Little Fairy , and unexpectedly found it, a fast chain store very close to Xingye Plaza The hotel has her check in record, and she didn t check out.To help my doctor friend, I used to think that my undergraduate course was okay, but now I realize that my undergraduate course is nothing.I had already seen that he was not in high spirits, so it was because of this Huang Ying was happy, and couldn t help laughing I was stimulated, and I green ape cbd gummies quit smoking feel inferior, right It s right to be inferior.Now I really can t get a bachelor s degree.We are lucky are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced and got the exam early.If we leave it now, we may not even apply for the civil service exam.I don t have any qualifications. There are still some, but there are not many jobs in the provincial government and the city. Anyway, the competition is now fiercer than ours, and this is not reflected in the public examination, and the promotion is the same, otherwise I would Why did all those colleagues who worked in the street green ape cbd gummies quit smoking apply for postgraduate entrance examinations You caught a fugitive with a gun during an exchange in the Northwest.Suo Liu, don t come if Kang Suo and Liang green ape cbd gummies quit smoking what are the best cbd gummies Dui are busy, his mother said he came back alone, ate dozens of dumplings, drank I just fell asleep after drinking half a bottle of wine, and Guokang and I can green ape cbd gummies quit smoking handle it, and we will send him to the institute after we find him.Okay, thank you for your hard work, I will wait for your news at the institute.Five hundred and ninety ninth Chapter Eleven New Year s Eve 9 Sun Guokang came to Mr.Xu s house.Before that, he only knew that Xu Weimin owed a lot of debts outside.He suddenly realized that Xu Weimin didn are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced t just owe money, and realized that Han Chaoyang had done so much for this moment It turns out that mass work is done in this way.If you want to get rewards, you must first pay.Wanting to win the support of the masses is far from being as simple as empty talk.Just kidding, if it feels like a different person because of the sub subject, is it still my apprentice Not only did Grandpa Gu know that the little apprentice was joking, but he was also very relieved.He looked around the empty police room and asked curiously, Is there a lot of police activity at night Where gummy bear cbd with thc did Xiao Wu, Xiao Miao and Xiao Kang go Retired without stopping, and more dedicated than before retirement, came early in the morning of the first day of junior high school.Han Chaoyang couldn t joke anymore, put away the red envelope and introduced the situation of the night.I caught it.I didn t expect him to go to the west of the city to pick up garbage and live in the bridge hole.It was a false alarm.If it s troublesome to catch, it s better not to catch it.There s always a way.Thinking of the series of arrangements made by the little apprentice, Grandpa Gu couldn t help but say, We should let him take a bath and get a haircut first.While away from home, some consumption and expenses are imminent.The merchants do not have POS machines or even invoices, so the police have to advance cash first, and come back to reimburse a lot best cbd gummies reddit 2019 of trouble.The most irritating thing is that the account was paid on time, but due to financial reasons, the account could not be reported and repaid in time.Overdue repayment records cannot be eliminated through administrative means.It is useless for the unit to issue a certificate to explain the situation.Once a personal bad credit record is formed, it will have an impact on car loans and housing loans, and this impact is lifelong.Han Chaoyang really didn t want to use his business card.He would rather go to a designated hospital than take the suspect to the No.6 Hospital.But the leader s words were an order.Director Yu took off his glasses and added It is also closely related to the underlying cause.It takes about 10 months for chronic glomerulonephritis, 14 months for non obstructive pyelonephritis, and only 6 months for diabetic nephropathy.Polycystic kidney disease is the slowest and can generally persist for 18 months. Which one is he No obstructive pyelonephritis, but it s in the middle stage now.The doctor just raised his head and said In short, how long the patient can live, you can imagine that diabetes does not die from the disease itself, but mostly from the complications caused by it, such as uremia lung, uremia heart disease, uremic disease.Encephalopathy, etc., as long as these serious complications do not occur, they can survive for a long time through dialysis and kidney transplantation.After listening to his concerns, Director Xing walked out of the command hall and said with a smile And even if you are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced are doing ideological work that is comprehensive and powerful, you have to wait until the sixth day of the year to go to work before you can apply to the green ape cbd gummies quit smoking street for advance work.Demolition, after the street accepts the report, it must be reported to the district, and the district will arrange people to evaluate it.It may take a month or two to go through a set of procedures, and it is useless can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed for us to worry.When I m sure I won t get up soon.Speaking of this, you reminded me that the current medical expenses bureau can help him pay, but he has to issue an IOU, and finally find a few people to be witnesses, so as not to be confused in the future..Also, his case will go to court after the Chinese New Year, so ask him if he wants to hire a lawyer.If you don t be active, others won t be polite to you.Sun Guokang That kid is crazy, he shows his attention when he sees Haizhu, Haizhu and I are of the same generation, if he succeeds, wouldn t this generation be messed up Sun Guokang is interested in Haizhu Didn t you see it Really didn t Come out.Zhen Chuan and Zhang Beibei have been talking for so long, and I didn t see it.Anyway, it can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed s too late for you to find out about this kind of thing.As Han Chaoyang said, Sun Guokang is really interested in Miao Haizhu, and this meeting is sitting at the East Bus Station Call Miao Haizhu in the police room.Sister Miao, I heard from Xiaokang that my uncle and aunt are here this morning.I will be on duty today.I will have a rest tomorrow and have dinner together tomorrow night No, don t be so polite.They don t treat me like a cousin, their daughter in law hides when they see me, and speaks ill of me behind my back, and their children never call me uncle when they see me, you think they can lend me money But you They are indeed cousins, related by blood.Han Chaoyang didn t want him to become a homeless person from the bottom of his heart, so he felt that he should try borrowing money, and urged green ape cbd gummies quit smoking Besides, I think it s right not to borrow money before.You are an adult, you should be Self supporting, besides, you borrowed money not for anything else, but for eating, drinking and having fun.Now it s different, now it s emergency, there is a saying I remember, emergency is not helping the poor, you are waiting for the money to cure the disease, good Tell me, I think they green ape cbd gummies quit smoking will lend a helping hand.Han Chaoyang glanced back, and said in a low voice The east, south, and north directions are all shops, and there are no back doors.Even if the thief escapes, he can only climb over the wall from the west, but Xiaobin arranges security to tighten the wall.I checked, and the glass shards on the wall are intact, and there is no trace of someone climbing over the wall.So you vegan cbd gummies recipe are an insider It s Chinese New Year, and there is no one in the rented workshop and warehouse, and it is impossible for the security guards to do it.Yes, who else could it be if it s not an insider Who do you think did it if you know people and face but don t know your heart The young and old were discussing a lot, and if they were allowed to continue discussing, it would really affect the relationship between neighbors.Take it seriously.Just let two policemen and a few auxiliary policemen go like this, it s definitely not enough, we need to arrange a qualified team leader, so as to reflect the importance we attach to the case. I think so too, after all, it s Beijing, the police station The chiefs are all department level cadres, and we will pulse cbd full spectrum gummies arrange two policemen to deal with such a drug case.Political Commissar Huang paused, then said worriedly But whether we can find out the clues or not, no one can say for sure now.If it is found out that the last little bastard is not a drug dealer, it will be embarrassing for those who go.Going to Beijing to handle a case, and handling a drug case , it stands to reason that the deputy director or at least the head of the anti drug brigade or the head of the criminal police brigade should personally lead the team.The young man took everything down, The intention of the bureau was fully implemented.Political commissar Huang was very satisfied, and couldn t help laughing Xiao Han, I ve made you wronged, let Liu Jianye treat you when you come back Don t be polite to him, pick the best restaurant, whatever is more expensive Political commissar, Liu goldline cbd gummies ingredients Suo is mine Old leader, I can t do it. If you can t do it, I can do it.It s settled, is cbd gummies legal in indiana when the time comes, I ll go, and Director Du will go too.Don t let him bleed.I don t understand the hatred in my heart.Because The mess he made made us sleepless all night.Let Liu Suo bleed, which shows that several bureau leaders did not really blame Liu Suo for this incident.I don t know why, Han Chaoyang was suddenly touched, he really felt the warmth of the organization, and can cbd gummies be laced keoni cbd gummies ed said while the iron was hot Political commissar, in fact, you can t blame Liu Suo or even Lao Hu for this matter. Several rooms, these are trivial matters.Han Chaoyang smiled, thought about saying hello, went to the side and dialed Jiao Da s mobile phone to inform Team Song and Team Ni of the arrangements.The colleagues in Beijing also thought about it, Jiao Chengle let out a sigh of relief, and while signaling Yu Zhenchuan to drive faster, he said Chaoyang, there is one more thing, didn t you bring four patrols over there, the next investigation patrol If HCMUSSH green ape cbd gummies quit smoking you don t help, you won t be able to help, and if they stay there again, the Beijing counterparts will think that we are sarahs blessing cbd gummies treating the drug case as a joke.Team Liang and I just reported to the political commissar, and the political commissar meant to let them go back after we arrived.I m quite nervous, you can help them book the tickets now.As soon as you find out what s going on, you re going to send them back, isn t this crossing the river and demolishing the bridge It was really difficult for Han Chaoyang to accept emotionally, but Jiao Da s worries were not unreasonable.Case 12 is taken very seriously.Deputy Director Yang is coordinating with the Beijing Municipal Bureau.The leaders of the Anti drug Corps of the Provincial Department and the Municipal Bureau will set off immediately.The branch bureaus are Du Bureau and Feng Bureau.If you persist for another three hours, Du Bureau and Feng Bureau will be at night at the latest.Get there before 8 o clock.Finally there are reinforcements, and the reinforcements this time are of a very high standard Han Chaoyang sighed, thought about it, and asked, Zhou Bureau, will the leaders of the department come I m definitely going, but the head of the department should go directly to the Beijing Municipal Bureau.Bureau Zhou paused, then added with a smile Not only the leaders will go, but the City Bureau will also organize anti drug police to go there.College, do you think it s a coincidence This art is not that art.The specially appointed lecturers of the Faculty of Art of PolyU have nothing to do with the Faculty of Art, and the orchestra does not even have a student of the Faculty of Art.Despite this, Han Chaoyang still smiled and said, Coincidental, it s quite a coincidence I know about twenty or so, and there are two in our town.That s true, after all, it s a college in our province.Han Chaoyang asked him to sit down, Haisheng, do you know I am a policeman stationed in the school, and I live in the school, why don t you go to me, we are relatives.Seeing that you are quite busy, I am sorry.My family, what are you embarrassed about.The relatives of the natal family are promising , the aunt was very happy and had a face, turned around and smiled Brother, sister in law, Chaoyang didn t know that Haisheng was studying at PolyU, but now he knows, and Chaoyang will help you take care of it.I didn t joy organics cbd gummies reviews expect to be afraid of anything.The most worrying thing happened.Zhou Ju stood on the balcony of the living room, He took a puff of cigarette and said solemnly Liu Chengquan is a good boy and a good comrade.He is an auxiliary policeman of the Huayuan Street Police Station and a member of the voluntary security patrol brigade of our sub bureau I just called the Criminal Police Team and the Traffic Police Team.I made a phone call and asked the criminal police and traffic police to immediately file a case for investigation.The director emphasized that Liu Chengquan is an auxiliary policeman of the Huayuan Street Police Station and a member of the voluntary security patrol team of the sub bureau, which means that the bureau will not shirk responsibility and will not treat Liu Chengquan as a temporary worker.Martyr certificate, and reported to the Civil Affairs Department of the State Council for the record.Moreover, it is very important whether the sacrifice plot is particularly prominent whether it can be judged as a martyr, that is to say, whether the sacrifice is heroic or not What is considered heroic and what is not, depends on which martyr you compare with.He also sacrificed a precious life, but the heroes in the peacetime are certainly not comparable to the revolutionary martyrs in the wartime.Director Wen was most afraid that Liu Chengquan s relatives would make this request, but he didn t expect Han Chaoyang to make the request first, so he could only explain patiently Xiao Han, this matter is not as simple as you think, Xiao Liu is such a green ape cbd gummies quit smoking good boy, just sacrificed like this Well, I, the political commissar, and Zhou Ju are as distressed as you are, and those who can win in the bureau will definitely try their best to win for Xiaoliu, but there is really little hope of judging the martyrs.He thought he was justified and felt how wronged he was.I ran out to work, but I didn t expect the local public security bureau to go online, so it was in our hands. In any case, since they bumped into someone, they have to bear the responsibility, and how to deal with it is the responsibility of their hometown s public security bureau.I will take the person away first.Take it away.Oh, by the way, how many team members can you send out for the night s operation One hundred and sixty team members, I have greeted Hong Liang, Captain Zhang and Section Chief Xiao, and they ensured that the personnel participating in the operation will gather at the opposite side on time at 10 30.Suo Liu and the instructors don t have time.I will lead the team, you gather at 10 30, we will definitely be here before 10 30.Thank you, He Da, I won t.Although He Zhedong, who I just met half an hour ago, is the captain, he is only the captain of the law enforcement team of the Market Supervision Branch, not the captain of the Public Security Bureau.Li Qingming, the instructor of the Second Economic Investigation Squadron, didn t have so many scruples.He couldn t help but raised his arm and pointed to the wall He Da, do you see that Smoking is prohibited.Besides, there are lesbians here, so you green ape cbd gummies quit smoking can t let lesbians smoke second hand smoke.Jiang Xiaomin hurriedly raised her head Said It s okay, He Da, you can smoke if you want.My dad smokes, and my brother smokes too.I was brought up by them and I m used to it.I won t smoke anymore.I m actually not addicted.Yan asked with great interest Xiao Jiang, where is your hometown Yuanjing.I ll keep an eye on it.Besides, Xiaomin will be here soon.Okay, I ll Go back first, see you tomorrow.Chapter 720 The new director is here A week has passed quickly, and several new leaders have expired.There must be something big happening in the bureau today.However, Han Chaoyang was as busy as usual and was so busy that he didn t receive any notice from the bureau after two o clock in the afternoon.In the sensitive period when the leadership team of this sub bureau is adjusted, even the middle level cadres may have to adjust accordingly, and it is not suitable to call Director Xing.When talking about the adjustment of the branch leadership team a few days ago, Han Chaoyang always said that he should maintain a normal mind, but now he really wants to know how the new leadership team will divide the work.We Life is even more difficult. It s not the best, Liu Suo, I m sorry, I just said it casually, I didn t expect it to be like this. You are helping me, so there is no shame in that.I will go back to the task force Take a shower, change clothes, and send you the photos of the victim and the surveillance video of the cash withdrawal later.Chapter 739 Second Battlefield 1 Really, okay, at noon I Don t go anywhere, just wait in the police room.Fan Ju didn t come to the police room, but Han Chaoyang had just parked his car and walked into the lobby of the police room, and Fan Ju s phone rang.Lao Ding asked curiously Chaoyang, is Bureau Fan coming over Han Chaoyang put down his phone, turned to look at the door and said solemnly, But Bureau Fan can t come.A few ground stakes were installed at the door, Fan Ju said cbd gummies online green ape cbd gummies quit smoking that Liu Ju asked for it, and said it was a remedy after a dead sheep, so as to prevent someone from driving into our place again.Master, there are only ID information, occupation, rental address and contact information of the foreigner on the ledger, and no height and weight are registered.How can we check At least there is an address and contact information.The investigation in the small task force is to assist the large task where to buy cbd gummies in minnesota force in the investigation.Old Tang s attitude is relatively good.He put the landline phone in front of him, looked up and said Call the landlord first and ask the landlord if he has any impression of their tenants.The landlord It s best if you can remember it, if you can t remember it, just contact the tenant directly.Miao Haizhu said dejectedly If the tenant can t be contacted, many people often change their mobile phone numbers, especially those who come out green ape cbd gummies quit smoking to work. It s not that they have ID card information Really, it s impossible to send a letter of assistance to the police station where the household registration is located.Master, you said it lightly, take a look at how many people are here, call them one by one, can we get in touch Haizhu, you can t get in touch with me Arrange for me to contact you together.Bao Qingshan heard the conversation between the master and the apprentice as soon as he arrived at the door, walked into the office and said firmly As long as we can collect clues, as long as it is helpful to solve the case, making a few phone calls green ape cbd gummies quit smoking power gummies cbd is nothing.It s nothing to send out a few letters of assistance, don t worry, I ll send someone over to help right now.The director attached great importance to it, and Miao Haizhu couldn t help laughing, Thank you, Bao Suo.If you don t break it, life in the institute will not be easy, that s all, I ll call for you.Chapter 744 The wonderful police situation is important to help the leaders of the old unit solve the murder case, but the work of the Zhongshan Road Police District cannot be affected by this.I ll go back to the bureau first.If I have any news, I ll contact you in time.Director Feng, how much does liberty cbd gummies cost I ll see you off.Don t.Director Feng walked downstairs with heavy steps, got into the police car and let the driver go back to the branch.It wasn t long before the car drove out of the hotel parking lot.He was leaning on the chair with his eyes closed and rested, but he suddenly opened his eyes Xiao Liu, don t go back to the branch office, go to Han Chaoyang s first.Bureau Feng, go to the Sixth Hospital I ll make a call first and ask where he is now.Okay, it s not easy to turn around here, I ll drive forward first.After making a phone call and asking about Han Chaoyang s location, Bureau Feng asked the driver to go straight to the old district committee compound on Huayuan Street.The driver came here for the first time, and Bureau Feng had never been here before.Lao Nie pushed the door and got out of cbd gummies arthritis dragons den the car, walked over and knocked on the iron door, took two steps back and green ape cbd gummies quit smoking shouted a few more times.After a while, the door opened from the inside, and a middle aged woman appeared in front of everyone.Who are you looking for Xiujun is not at home.Seeing the police, the middle aged woman was a little nervous.Huiqin, don t you know me I m old Nie from the police station Oh, so it s you, what s the matter Is your sister in law back Let s ask her something.The woman looked back subconsciously With a glance, he muttered I m looking for Xiufen, Xiufen hasn t woken up yet.As long as she was there, Lao Nie walked into the courtyard and asked with a smile, Which room does she live in This one.Okay Thank you.Lao Nie didn t enter the main room, so he walked over and knocked on the window Yu Xiufen, get up, we are from the police station, I need you to find out more about the situation, green ape cbd gummies quit smoking eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank episode hurry are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced up, or we will go in What am I doing A woman s voice natures only cbd gummies mayim came from inside.I won t be listed, is it impossible Is there anything impossible, if you don t believe me, call Director Wen.Xu Hongliang threw With half of the cigarette left, he said with a half smile Brother, I understand.Your District Chief Liu is worried about us, worried that our security company will use the banner of the sub bureau to bluff and deceive him, and worry that we will cause trouble for him.Is it true He is afraid of trouble, and I, Xu Hongliang, are also afraid of trouble If the sign is not up, I will not hang up.This deputy captain is not a good one, and don t ask me if you have anything to do in the future. Don t, don t, don t get excited, I ll call first and ask.Ask who Ask Director Wen.Don t ask, trust me, take care of yourself in the future, just do your job well, make more mistakes, don t make trouble for yourself.What did your master say The old man is fine.Good idea.What about Liu Suo, Liu Suo and District Chief Liu are classmates, and now they are the bureau leaders.Huang Ying mused.You can t go to Liusuo for this matter.Although he is the leader of the bureau now, when he first joined the party committee, he strongly recommended Sergeant Yang as the deputy director and instructor Xu as the captain of the food and drug environment.Now there is a lot of discussion.Nepotism, even District Chief Liu is cronyistic.A leader who green ape cbd gummies quit smoking doesn t consider his subordinates is not a good leader, but Liu Jianye obviously acted too hastily, which made it difficult to talk now.Huang s father came to his senses, frowned slightly and asked, What do you think, and what are your plans for the future Han Chaoyang put down his chopsticks, and said helplessly, The patrol team green ape cbd gummies quit smoking must be disbanded, and now we can only settle for the next best thing.It was just me and best cbd gummies on amazon reddit Lao Xu.Lao Xu is still here and at home.When you are a bare handed commander, you are a bare handed commander, anyway.As a team leader, I have no name at all, and I am not afraid of being laughed at by others.The new bureau chief wants to promote regularization and strengthen team management, and there is nothing wrong with it.But in actual work, it is completely different whether there is an auxiliary force of voluntary security patrol brigade.Grandpa Gu encountered green ape cbd gummies quit smoking this kind of thing for the first time.He felt that it was a pity that the patrol team broke up like this.After thinking about it, he asked, You went to the engineering headquarters with Fan Ju in the morning.What did Director Huo say The 400,000 funds should not be a big problem.It s easy to do if you have money Grandpa Gu s eyes lit up, and he couldn t help laughing Chaoyang, you should green ape cbd gummies quit smoking think about it the other way around, Junfeng and the others can work in the anti pickling team for a year or two with iron clad camps, don t they Competent for three or four are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced years The turnover of personnel is normal.The problem is that there are only so many establishments, and it is impossible to keep busy without recruiting auxiliary police officers.A document was issued many years ago, and the problem of security officers should be resolved within a few years.After so many years, has it been resolved Not only has it not been 250 mg sour gummies cbd solved, but more and more recruits have been recruited.They used to be called security officers, but now they are called auxiliary police The top priority is how to complete the security task of the international marathon in the district There is no way, as long as the voluntary security patrol brigade participates, the urgent need can be solved.Liu Qiuping couldn t think of a better way, and subconsciously asked We don t give patrol The team pays salaries, but doesn t pay the players social security, and they don t listen to what they say, so how to strengthen management District Chief Liu, we didn t pay them salaries on the surface, but when we encounter major events and let them participate in security, what s the difference from paying them salaries That s what District Chief Zhou did when he was here, and the effect was good.It s better to take the legal route, justify it, and go to the court.Jiang Xiaomin came to are cbd gummies addictive can cbd gummies be laced the realization with enlightenment, and murmured This is a way, anyway, the lawsuit is with the Sanjian Company, It has nothing to do with the headquarters, as long as we don t make trouble here.At the same time, Hu Songping was drinking tea with Mr.Tao and Yang Jinjin in a cafe on the west side of Chaoyang Bridge, while calling Lawyer Yang, who helped him with the lawsuit last year.It was possible before, but not now It used to be before, and now it is now.The previous method really doesn t work now.Hu Songping looked up at Mr.Tao, then looked back at Yang Qianjin, held the phone tightly and asked, eco cbd gummies Why Doesn t it work Lawyer Yang patiently explained The common practice of group accident insurance for construction workers is that after the insured dies unexpectedly within the insurance period, when the construction unit pays compensation to the close relatives, the close relatives are required green ape cbd gummies quit smoking to pay compensation.Just after handing over the person to the police on duty, Director Xing called.Han Chaoyang greeted the old leader who was going downstairs, connected the phone and asked, Director Xing, what instructions do you have The phone was a bit noisy, and Deputy Director Xing subconsciously asked, Are you outside At the Huayuan Street Police Station , sent two suspects here.Grassroots policemen deal with suspects every day.Deputy Director Xing was not surprised, so he didn t ask any more questions, but said straight to the point Chaoyang, hasn t your patrol team been listed for a long time The bureau leader decided to put up the sign in the near future, preferably before the international marathon.I want the team to Cohesion, listing must have a sense of ceremony, and a listing ceremony must be held.If the street leaders get angry and issue irrational orders, and Sun Guokang executes them in a hurry, such as taking compulsory measures against residents who obstruct street activities, I really don t know how it will end.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to be careless, and repeatedly told Sun Guokang to keep calm, and rushed to Xinmin Community with Miao Haizhu and Wu Junfeng.Sure enough, there were hundreds of people watching.This is an event held in the street, for the purpose of creating a civilized city The participants in the performance are all volunteers, and the oldest is 82 years old Not green ape cbd gummies quit smoking only do you not support such a public green ape cbd gummies quit smoking welfare activity, but you even come here to make trouble.Do you know what this is What does it matter to us that you want to build a civilized city Beat gongs and drums, turn on the stereo so loudly, make noise, let us rest What time is it, it s still dark, and it s not rest time No, you are civil servants, and you have iron rice bowls.Taking advantage of others, the leader of the East City Transportation Hub Project Headquarters is also the leader now, Han Chaoyang did not dare to delay for a minute, opened the car door and said Hongliang, Director Huo asked me to go Once at the headquarters, I will green ape cbd gummies quit smoking go to dinner if I can catch up, but forget it if I can t, you eat yours, don t wait for me.Okay, you go to work first.As soon as Xu Hongliang finished speaking, Wu Wei s cell phone rang.Hearing him hum a few times, he picked up his phone green ape cbd gummies quit smoking and ran over to open the car door.While reversing the car, he suddenly opened the door and got into the co pilot.Han Chaoyang was startled, stepped on the brake and turned around and asked, Why, where are you going Same as you, go to the headquarters.Director Huo also notified You Director Huo doesn t even know my surname, so how could he green ape cbd gummies quit smoking inform me Wu Wei put on his seat belt and explained while urging him to drive Liu Suo is here, Liu Suo told me to hurry over.One of the two guiding units, the Municipal Culture, Broadcasting and New Bureau and PolyU, just helped to coordinate a performance venue, and the other actually did nothing.Didn t do it They can all be guiding units, why can t our branch be one of the organizers At worst, discuss with those college students and take back the unsent program list and tickets, and we hurry up to help reprint them.You can become one of the organizers of the May 1st Charity Concert by printing out the program list and tickets, and you can take this opportunity to show your face.It really is a small investment with big returns Liu Qiuping thought it was a good idea, patted the table and said with a smile green ape cbd gummies quit smoking Old Wen, you are responsible for this matter, talk to those college students, and make it clear to them that we will not be the organizer for nothing, at least we can help maintain the order of the show If it doesn t work, I can provide some sponsorship.

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