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Yes, yes, we are here to ask about the decoration.When Zhang Dong saw the beauty, he looked like a pig, and he was HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg not shy.Instead, he leaned against the front desk carelessly, blinking his electric eyes that he thought were charming, and looked at him secretly.Hee hee, those two please follow me.Seeing Zhang Dong s appearance, the little beauty smiled and led the two of them to an office without showing any dissatisfaction.Dong Dong Who is it stop smoking cbd gummy bears A deep voice sounded in the office.Dad the little beauty just yelled, and then hurriedly covered her mouth, Manager, there are two people here asking about the renovation.With a bang, the door opened from the inside, and a middle aged man in a suit walked in.He came out, glanced at the little beauty, and then at Li Guohao and the two of them.Hello, both of you, please come in.Why do you ask this Oh, we need to register here.When you come to the store to order pastries on your birthday, we will give you the biggest discount and a small gift Really My sister asked in surprise.Yes, this is stipulated by our boss, so that every member can enjoy the best service.My sister immediately liked this shop when she heard this, and felt that this dim sum shop not only has a lot of discounts, but also offers There is such a humane service, Oh, okay, my name is Zhao Yazhi, Zhao from gummi king cbd Zhao Yun, Ya from Wenya, Zhi from Anzhi Tinglan, my birthday is November 15th.Zhao Yazhi came out with snacks 50 mg cbd gummies for sale just cbd gummies 1000mg Li Guohao, who happened to hear Zhao Yazhi s self reporting from the side, was excited and said in surprise.Hello, do you know me Zhao Yazhi glanced curiously at the man in the white chef uniform in front of him.Li Guohao rolled his eyes, and pushed his hand on his shoulder away, Fuck you, you are only allowed to flirt with that Mai Xiaomin, and you are not allowed to have sex with me What is flirtatious, say It s so ugly, but we are lovers and concubines, understand Zhang Dong retorted instantly.Okay, you two are in love, okay After finishing speaking, Li Guohao pretended to be unintentional and said, Tomorrow, I have an appointment with Manager Mai for morning tea.You said that if you let him know, his precious daughter vegan cbd gummies 300mg just cbd gummies 1000mg was killed by a brat.How would Manager Mai react if he cheated his heart No, Ah Hao, don t be like this, I was wrong, I should fight Zhang Dong s face turned pale when he heard that, he had been dating Mai Xiaomin before he fell in love with Mai Xiaomin.There are three chapters in the agreement, one of which is not to let Mai Qi know.Oh You are thinking about this thing According to me, I don t know what s wrong with my mother.That Dr.Huang looks so ugly.I really don t know if my mother is obsessed with ghosts and let him be your boyfriend.The younger sister, A Zhen, curled her lips, apologizing for the older sister.Oh, I don t know either.Zhao Yazhi was also very distressed.She had just applied for the position of an airline stewardess and was still in training when she received a notice from her mother on a blind date.After meeting that just cbd gummies 1000mg Dr.Huang, she found that he only cared about some so called He has nothing in common with him, and before he agreed to be his girlfriend, he thought that he would not be allowed to work after marriage, and he would stay at home and take care of his husband and children.In this era of Xiangjiang, cbd vegan gummies uk curts cbd gummies for diabetes the status of women is not very high.After all, I used to be the only one who organized this membership activity, but now there is an extra Rongji.Except for individual customers, customers will only choose one store for long term consumption after applying for a membership card.And today Rongji organized this membership activity, maybe there will be Zhangji and Wangji tomorrow.If this continues, the original advantage will be exhausted.A Dong, you, Huang He, and Chen Zhipeng will calculate the cost of all our pastries later, and how much discount can be used to protect our capital without losing money.When the store in Central opens, we will make a big deal with the new store and the old store.Promotional activities Li Guohao couldn t think of any good way to deal with Rongji for a while, after all, he couldn t copy Rongji s top up and free activities, after all, the cost was there.It s not about stealing craftsmanship, of where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd vegan gummies uk course, you can t steal it if you want to.The main reason is to learn from the development of the other side.After all, Lee Kee has opened two branches in less than a month.I heard that they will open new stores in Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok recently.Huh, open a branch Rong Bingcai snorted coldly The opposite Li Ji is looking for death.Our Rongji has only opened four branches for more than ten years.He relies on the money from attracting members to open branches., if the capital chain is broken, I ll see what he will do then He added Our primary goal now is not HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg to think about opening a branch, but to think about how to defeat Li Ji.Only after killing Li Ji, we are thinking Opening a branch.Although the pastry industry is not too expensive, it is actually very expensive.Li Although Li Qiang didn t know the exact amount of investment, relying on his professional knowledge, he roughly calculated the money invested in the comic book club.It cost 100,000 yuan to acquire the comic agency, repay the loan of the comic agency, and spend money to produce cartoons, plus the consumption of staff wages, etc., plus going to the toy factory to order Po dolls, there are almost dozens of Ten thousand Hong Kong dollars.Well, it s almost hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars Li Guohao nodded after calculating.Yes, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars, based on the investment of Li Kee Pastry, at least two branches can be opened in the pastry And it is a branch that can be opened more than a month ago.If Mr.Li has been investing in the pastry shop, I think Lee Kee has at least five branches now There may be more.You two don t come here tomorrow As the store manager, Sister Wang has the authority to fire employees, but before firing, she will send a report to the company, reporting why the employee should be fired.This kind of situation happened all the time, how could Sister Wang bother to make a just cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies do for anxiety report, and dealt with this matter directly in front of Li Guohao.Sister Wang, don t, don t fire me.I just listened to Ah Fa.I don t know about it at all.When Ah Ming heard the word dismissal, his face paled instantly.Higher, and greater opportunities for advancement.You must know that the salary will increase if you are promoted to the first level pastry chef.General pastry chef, intermediate pastry chef, senior pastry chef, pastry consultant.These four levels, each level corresponds to a different salary, and the relative benefits will be much better.

This Mr.Li, because you have a lot of loans, I don t have this authority here, but I will report this matter to the head office.I believe that the head office knows the performance of Mr.Li s company.It s from a loan. Then it s too much trouble for Manager Zhang. You re welcome, it s all part of your job.After a few more courteous words with Manager Zhang, Li Guohao and Li Qiang left.On the way back, Li Guohao asked Li Qiang, do you think this loan can be secured Li Qiang pondered for a while and said I don t know, but there is a high chance that he will agree.Report the matter to the head office, and after the head office sends people to investigate our company s turnover and performance, they should lend us a loan.Li Guohao had a slight hesitation on his face, and after a while he said This loan is for two weeks.Instead, I laughed and said I eat well and sleep well.I should be fatter.As the saying goes, fat people are blessed.Look at you, you are still so thin, and you are almost bald.Manager Zhang stroked the two hairs on his head, and said with a helpless wry smile, Who would have thought that the handsome boy who used to be will be bald now.Come sit down and talk.Rong Binghua stepped forward and invited Zhang After the manager sat down, he ordered the waiter outside the door to serve the food.The two chatted a few more words about the joys and anecdotes of the campus in the past, and how a certain classmate is doing now, and such and such a divorced parent.After a while, when the table was filled with rich and delicious dishes and several bottles of liquor, Rong Binghua winked at the waiter and asked her to close the door of the box before leaving.As soon as the words fell, Li Qiang said again Here, you three go back to the company first, and remember to tell others about the recorded stores.Just a moment.Understood the general manager.The three got out of the car and returned to the company.What Aren t we going back Li Guohao asked curiously.Li Qiang shook his head and said, I m not in a hurry to go back.I can t say anything about someone just now.You know, I called that manager Zhang in the morning and asked him what happened to the loan.Guess what he said Disagree Li Guohao didn t just cbd gummies 1000mg expect Li Qiang to leave him alone to talk about this matter.It s not that the two of them didn t think about the problem of not being able to get the loan before, because the company s turnover and profit are very high, and the money of his own company is also there.So much trouble Rong Binghua said Okay, when the loan is settled, I ll call you, it s still Yung Kee, and I ll give cbd gummies endorsed by shark tank you the money when the time comes.Yes. the next day.Li Guohao put on his newly bought suit and walked on the streets of Tung Choi Street.Yo, isn t this Ah Hao Why is he dressed so beautifully Is he going on a blind date Suddenly someone beside him said something.Li Guohao looked over and where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd vegan gummies uk saw that it was Uncle Li, an old acquaintance, so he smiled and said Where are you going on a blind how many cbd plus gummies are safe in a day date It s just going to work.The business of the pastry shop is very good, even the Rongji bakery has been suppressed by you.Lao Li said with a smile.What s the matter, don just cbd gummies 1000mg t listen to my mother s nonsense, it s okay.After all, Li Guohao was a young man, and he was only in his twenties in his previous life.We can get twice the result with half the effort there There are quite a few high end residential areas there.Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department said Well, Manager Zhang s proposal is good, but in my opinion, it s best to stabilize the market in Kowloon first.I know that there is still Rongji here.And there are many other colleagues on Hong Kong Island.If we rush in rashly, it will not be conducive to our market expansion.Li Guohao nodded That s right, we are now even Wing Kee in Kowloon has not been defeated, let alone Xiangjiang Island, but according to my opinion, the best is to work on both sides, Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island have opened branches, and by the way, there are a lot of advertisements on TV stations and newspapers.Our current With funds, there is a lack of publicity After listening to Li Guohao s words, Wang Xiaobo from the Ministry of Manpower said Chairman, I didn t say that it just cbd gummies 1000mg is possible to start work on both sides, but there is no way to support the opening of so many stores under the circumstances of insufficient staff.Hui Hui asked curiously, you must know that Zhao Yazhi used to come to pick up Ah Zhen from school often.Sister is working as a stewardess, so of course she doesn t have time.Besides, she is new to the job.She seems to be training with RB recently.She should be back before the Chinese New Year.Ah Zhen thought for a while.Oh.Hui Hui nodded.Would you like something to drink Boiling water is fine.Well, then you go to the bedroom and wait for me first.Huihui was familiar with Ah Zhen s room because she often came to Zhao s house, so when she came to her room , suddenly saw a row of dolls of panda Po on the bed, and said in surprise, Zhen, where did you get so many Po dolls With a look of envy on his face, he expressed a little satisfaction This is a gift from a friend I know.It s a full set of Po dolls, with all kinds of expressions.Although they abandoned a small part of profits, they just cbd gummies 1000mg controlled Just look at the source, just look at how famous McDonald s is now.Chapter 77 Rong Binghua s mischief Get a franchisee Li Guohao asked in surprise, he had never heard of any Chinese pastry that had a franchisee.That s right.In fact, it is a waste of time and resources for us to open a store by ourselves.Basically, it takes at least half a year for a store to return to its cost And this is still under the condition of good income.If If the franchisee strategy is adopted, it will not only expand the store quickly, but also spread the reputation of our palace pastry faster.Li Qiang said more and more vigorously, he felt that the company can follow the development of McDonald s, you must know that McDonald s Being able to open stores all over the world not only depends on the taste of the food, but also depends on the promotion of local franchisees, which has driven McDonald s fame.

If you are not in a hurry, grandpa, can I bring you with you Li Guohao asked.That s right, Dad, no way, let Guohao go with you.There is a road in the New Territories, and you haven t been there much.It would be bad if you get lost.I just synthetic cbd gummy bears that get you high said to go there a year ago. Palace Pastry Food Company.Li Guohao yawned and walked into the company.Ahao, you are here, come quickly Seeing Li Guohao approaching at this moment, Zhang Dong hurriedly yelled.What s the matter Shouting early in the morning.Li Guohao was dragged into the chairman s office by Zhang Dong.I told my parents about Xiao Min yesterday, Zhang Dong said.Well, what then My parents agreed.Seeing Zhang Dong s excited expression, Li Guohao rolled his eyes speechlessly and said, Please, your parents definitely want you to get married and have children as soon as possible.Guan Yunfei followed Li Guohao s gaze and said, What Guohao said is that the things in goop cbd gummies the store are too old Most of the money I made was used to buy this building.Guan Yunfei sighed.After nearly 20 years of hard work, I only got the real estate certificate of this restaurant.As soon as Li Renzhong heard that he was short of money, he said to Li Guohao Aren t you rich, Ah Hao Why don t you lend me some to Uncle Guan.Guo Hao is rich Isn t he studying Guan Yunfei asked in surpriseHe knew the situation of the Li family.Li Dexiao had been opening a small tea restaurant and didn t have too much money, otherwise he wouldn t have asked Li Renzhong to come over to take charge of the business.Li Renzhong likes to talk about his good grandson the most.Knowing that Guan Yunfei is not clear, he is also very proud to tell about Li Guohao s achievements in the past half a year.Fortunately, he didn t take action on his previous thoughts.shit.Food poisoning is a flashpoint, and the most important thing is the batch of problematic flour.I think the British government should step up efforts to investigate food safety issues.Li Qiang pointed to the Ming Pao that the Department of Health investigated and dealt with a ton of problems Flour headlines.Zhang Dong handed a newspaper to Li Guohao and said angrily I lost it, what the hell is this Sing Tao Daily, deliberately involving our previous hygiene problems with Rongji s flour problem this time, clearly confusing us with Rongji.Hearing this, Li Guohao also hurriedly took the newspaper, and read the headline of the Sing Tao Daily, From the substandard hygiene of the palace pastry to the problematic flour in the Rongji Bakery, how many unscrupulous merchants are there .Everyone should know that the company will be in Yuanyuan recently.There is a factory in Lang, a stuffing processing factory.Why not build a food factory that was planned before, mainly because I discussed with Manager Li that the investment in a food processing factory is too high, and our company has not been developed for a long time, so the funds are insufficient.There is no way to build a modern food processing factory.This time, let s talk about the stuffing processing factory first.Some people may think that we don t have many stores, and there is no need to build a special factory to make stuffing, but our company will do it next Franchise Program Speaking of this, Li Guohao paused and said Next, Manager Li will tell you about the franchisee plan.At this time, the franchise strategy is not very prosperous in Xiangjiang, and many people are not very aware of this business model.In half a year, there were indeed 6 million Hong Kong dollars, but the money saved by more than 3 million members was also excluded.The real money he earned was only about one million yuan, and it was all used by Li Guohao.The rest was money to be paid to the raw material supplier, or money that could not be used.Chapter 101 Buying a house Because it is the first time to engage in the franchise plan, the company has given a relatively large discount to the people who recruited the franchise this time.In addition to helping with technology, packaging, and marketing, it will also send special personnel to guide when decorating the store Help, and after the opening, people will go to the store every day to inquire about the business situation.In order to open a branch store as soon as possible on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, Li Guohao asked Li Qiang, Gu Qianqian and Xiong Yilai from the Franchise Department to help ten franchisees find stores.If someone steals the secret recipe, the loss outweighs the gain.I know, I will discuss it with my grandfather, if we want to open a restaurant, we must ask him to do it himself, my father and I did not inherit the skills of grandpa, If I really want to open it, I m afraid it won t work without my grandfather.Li Guohao is self aware, after getting the recipe handed down from his family, he also tried to cook according to the above secret palace recipe, but the taste of the stir fry has never been satisfied by Li Renzhong Recognize, think about it, maybe you still do little, and you 50 mg cbd gummies for sale just cbd gummies 1000mg don t have much talent.The job of a chef seems very simple, but there are very few people who can really become a chef.Therefore, it is said that cooking requires talent.Some people can understand how this dish 50 mg cbd gummies for sale just cbd gummies 1000mg is cooked at a glance.Li Guohao sighed, he still had no status, and in the eyes of the other party, he was just an ordinary person who made pastries.If he was invited by a rich businessman or celebrity, I think the other party will at least show face.When Li Qiang heard this, he lost his previous thoughts.Seeing that Li Guohao looked a little sad, he comforted him and said It s okay, when our palace pastry grows bigger and the Chinese Food Association is successfully established, if you want to just cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies do for anxiety come to the Hong Kong Governor s wife, she will come to participate At this time, Hong Kong is still under the jurisdiction of the British, but with the rise of rich Chinese businessmen and the fact that the locals are all Chinese, the newly appointed Hong Kong governor must win over wealthy businessmen and celebrities to support his re election, and implement policies.

Several people quickly sat down and tasted it.Wow, Sister, this is delicious He Chaoqiong was impatient for a long time, and as soon as she sat cbd vegan gummies uk curts cbd gummies for diabetes down, she picked up a piece of white pancake and bit it down hard, her mouth was immediately filled with the fragrance and sweetness of the stuffing.Li Guohao explained from the side This lady ate a secret recipe handed down from our palace.According to legend, it is also the favorite cake of Empress Dowager Cixi.Because the skin is as thin as paper and the color is snow white, it is very similar to the Yunfuling slices in traditional Chinese HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg medicine, so it is called Poria cocos cake.Not only delicious, but also nourishing and beautifying, and it was also the favorite of the concubines and princesses in cbd gummy bears stores near me the court at that time.Where did He Chaoqiong care Asked What about this just cbd gummies 1000mg Tao This one is called Yihesu.Hearing Li Guohao thought for a while and said, I ll think about it.You go out and call Manager Li in.Okay.Wang Zhenzhen nodded, what is the shelf life of cbd gummies turned and went out.After a while, Li Qiang knocked on the office door and came in, asking, What can you do with me Li Guohao said bluntly, Now the company doesn t have enough money Not enough money Li Qiang asked in surprise No, haven t we calculated it before There are almost five million Hong Kong dollars.Well, but I have repaid part of the loan to HSBC, and after deducting the balance payment to RB Stuffing Machinery Factory, there is still More than 600,000 yuan, and the remaining 3 million yuan includes the money saved by members and the money from suppliers.After the fresh period at the beginning, the pastry shop has almost stabilized now, and it is no longer growing like before.Being praised, Li Guohao is naturally flattered in are cbd gummies legal in california his heart, and he doesn t need to swipe his forehead with his fingertips, so Make a chic way.Seeing Li Guohao being so funny, Gu Qianqian also laughed and said, Okay, Boss Li, don t be so handsome here, it s almost eight o clock, let s go there quickly, Miss He s opening time is at 8.30.Walk.Xinma Road, one of the main streets in Macau Peninsula.At the same time, the Macao Peninsula was also the area with the largest population of local residents in Macao at that time.It is not surprising that He Qianjin opened a pastry shop here.I have to say that the opening ceremony of Palace Bakery just cbd gummies 1000mg in Macau, compared to Xiangjiang, is simply a world away.When Li Guohao came to the scene, he cbd green gummy bears uk was completely surprised.Although I knew that Ms.He had converted a three story commercial building into a pastry shop when I was on the phone with Gu Qianqian, but I didn t realize it was really impressive until I observed it on the spot.Cut, it s just a pastry maker.You can do it if Arjun asks you to do it.If there are any missing ingredients, I ll ask someone to bring it to you.A young man walked over from behind.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned, glanced at this person, and said It seems that this has nothing to do with you, why are you interrupting You I don t know how to answer the call.What s the matter, both of you He Chaoying happened to come over at this time, and asked when he saw the two of them were at war.It s nothing, Arjun asked this kid to make pastries, but this kid actually refused to say that he didn t have any ingredients, heh, it s okay, if you want any ingredients in Macau and Xiangjiang, just tell me, I ll get them all for you within an hour That person shouted loudly.He Chaoying frowned and said, Xu Guanghe, please don t cause trouble in my place Boss Li is my guest.Just throw the raw materials into the machine and stir it yourself.If we open a food processing factory, we need to design product packaging, have our own packaging factory, and find distributors vegan cbd gummies 300mg just cbd gummies 1000mg to follow Agents also need to deal with after sales issues and a series of troubles.You have to think clearly, these investments are not small amounts, at least tens of millions of dollars If there is a problem in the food processing factory, the loan will not be able to repay If not, our company will directly face bankruptcy.Li Guohao said firmly I know just cbd gummies 1000mg this, but it s human made, didn t you say it at the pier yesterday, this is the best era, and at the same time I want to tell you that this is also our era Last night, Li Guohao lay in the living room at home and did not fall asleep all night, thinking about one thing all the time, that is, what he wanted to do when he crossed over.It tastes good.Zhao Yazhi asked with a smile when she saw that Li Guohao had eaten everything.It tastes good.The bowl was a bit unsatisfying, but Li Guohao didn t eat much, handed the bowl to Grandma, wiped his HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg mouth and praised, Grandma, your bowl of wings tastes really good Grandma saw Li Guohao say so , also with a wrinkled face and a proud smile That s right, grandma s craftsmanship is well known in Temple Street.Grandma s craftsmanship Li Guohao praised with a thumbs up.It is true that although the ingredients used in this bowl of wings are very ordinary, the taste is very delicious.It is not bad to have such delicacies on the street.Zhao Yazhi was eating, when Li Guohao asked, How much is the total, grandma Two bowls cost three yuan together, said the grandma.Three yuan Yeah.Grandma smiled and nodded.Is the company ready for Boss Liu s visit this time Yes, I have all the money ready Hurry up, Li Ji has taken away a lot of my business recently.Just read the book carefully Everyone in the arena had just sat down, and when they saw Liu Peilin approaching, they shouted excitedly.Liu Peilin coughed twice, signaling the venue to be quiet, seeing that no one was talking anymore, he was very satisfied with his leadership position, and said with a smile This time I invite all the bosses over, yes, I have already made the company s plan, everyone You can take a look at the copywriting on the table, which introduces the company s investment and subsequent marketing expansion in detail.This time, Liu Peilin spent a lot of money and invited a well known company marketing expert to plan for the company.

After all, refrigerated trucks can travel from one place to another, and even Lantau Island can rely on ferries to transport trucks up Lantau Island is a collective name, and it is also an island close to Xiangjiang Island.At that time, there was no bridge to connect it, so it could only be taken by ferry.There were also many residents, but they were all farming or fishing.At this time, the door of the office was pushed open.Gu Yonghe walked in quickly and said, It s not good, Li Ji and his group Needless to say, I know.Liu Peilin interrupted Gu Yonghe s words.You know Gu Yonghe asked in surprise.Isn t it Li Ji who sells them on the street with a refrigerated truck No, that s not what I said.What I m talking about is that in addition to advertising on TV stations and newspapers, Li Ji also put up an advertisement for palace snowskin mooncakes on the roof of Yongan Building Liu Peilin frowned and asked What do you mean It s justcough cough cough Just as he was about to reply, Gu Yonghe choked on a mouthful of spit and coughed for a while before saying, You know about Yong an Building.After all, at this time, most of the pastry shops are small and small Noisy, it is completely incomparable with the company, and the old brand shop is not good either According to statistics from the other two regions, Xiangjiang Island sold 8,650.5 million Hong Kong dollars, and the New Territories sold the least, but there were also 7,085.41 million.Today, a total of 2,286,721 were sold, nearly 2.3 million Hong Kong dollars Li Qiang also said happily Chairman, it seems that you have decided to give out red envelopes Li Guohao said before that as long as the sales of mooncakes are good this time, he will give the company up and down, whether it is the manager, the cleaning staff, or the shopkeepers.The waiter gave out a big red envelope.A total of 2.3 million Hong Kong dollars was sold in one day alone, and Li Guohao knew how cool he was just thinking about it, and said proudly Haha, the red envelopes have been prepared a long time ago, as for how much everyone can get, it depends on your own efforts.Much faster.Wang Zhenzhen looked pleasantly surprised, and said excitedly The total sales are about 3.2 million, which is more than one million more than yesterday Upon hearing that the total sales exceeded 3 million Li Guohao was so excited that he almost jumped up, and it took him a long time to calm down his turbulent heart.Everyone in the company is very excited, this is a breakthrough of three million Hong Kong dollars Within a day Not to mention companies in other industries, but cbd vegan gummies for anxiety in the pastry market, no company can exceed 3 million in sales that day This is not hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or 1,000,000 or 2,000,000.This is the real 3.2 million Hong Kong dollars Why has it increased so much today Does anyone know I don t know yet.Everyone shook their heads.It HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg stands to reason that more than 2 million mooncakes were sold yesterday, and tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival.This is yesterday s sales and the total amount of supermarkets and stores.Li Qiang remembered something, and took out a piece of paper from his desk and handed it to Li Guohao.How did it sell for more than 1.9 million yesterday Li Guohao asked with a frown as he looked at the total where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd vegan gummies uk street sales of refrigerated trucks yesterday.What do you think Li Qiang rolled his eyes at him and said, You have to be clear that yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival.Basically, few people bought mooncakes after the afternoon.Besides, most of them had already bought mooncakes the day before yesterday and the day before yesterday.Li Qiang suddenly Hehe smiled and said You lost this bet, remember to invite everyone to the restaurant for dinner Okay, in a few days, wait until this charity banquet is over.I would like to admit defeat.When Li Guohao put on an English tuxedo and came out of the dressing room, he looked very handsome and handsome.Ahao, you are so handsome Zhao Yazhi s eyes sparkled.In the past, Li Guohao mostly wore those two close fitting suits.Maybe he got used to it after seeing him for a long time.Now he suddenly saw him wearing an orthodox tuxedo, which looked a bit strange.He can you take hydrocodone and cbd gummies together is handsome and unrestrained.That s it Li Guohao was very proud of being praised by the beauty.But mine look so ugly.Zhao Yazhi suddenly said in a depressed mood.She is at her most where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd vegan gummies uk beautiful age, and she used to deliberately dress up to be radiant and beautiful, but now she is wearing a high end dress, but it is a bit ugly.Nice is ugly.It s pretty.Li Guohao looked at Zhao Yazhi s dress and said without conscience.Really Zhao Yazhi asked suspiciously.Wow, Rolls Royce Is there anyone getting married here Is it here to pick up the bride Why is there only one wedding car This is a Rolls Royce, one arrives at A Dong Zhang Dong frowned and glanced at the approaching car, and suddenly saw that the person in the driver s seat was Li Qiang Surprised, he turned his head to Li Guohao and said, Ah Hao, did you do this Xiangjiang didn t have this car in stock before, and Li Qiang just cbd gummies 1000mg entrusted someone to transport it from the just cbd gummies 1000mg UK.It took a little time, but fortunately, it was in time Li Guohao smiled.At this time, Li Qiang just cbd gummies 1000mg parked the car aside, pulled out the key, walked over and said to Zhang Dong with a smile, Happy newlyweds, A Dong, this is what A Hao and I spent a lot cbd vegan gummies uk of time getting for you.Throw it over.Zhang Dong caught it subconsciously.Looking at the car keys in his hand, and then at Li Guohao and Li Qiang, he was moved and said, Ah Hao Okay, let the driver drive this car, don t waste time.Manager Wang asked you when it will open.Xie Honghe from the public relations department walked over.Oh Has the Wanwan side been renovated It s pretty fast.It s not too fast, it took two months Xie Honghe said here, in a fit of anger, he said If Maiqi Decoration didn t have Wanwan s business, how could it take so long.Seeing that Xie Honghe was a little angry, Li Guohao asked, What s the matter, Manager Xie Aren t they some decoration workers over there , doing things one by one so slowly that they don t understand anything.Xie Hong said softly.We HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg can t blame them either.After all, Manager Mai has been working with us for so long, and the people under him have already been familiar with the decoration of our store, and they are handy in doing it.It turned out that it was a matter of decoration, Li Guohao smiled and said indifferently Apart from problems during the renovation, did anything else happen That s not true.

We opened a shop in a downtown area in Wanbei, and there were no Feizi who came to make trouble.Xie Honghe shook his head.Well, the day of opening.Li Guohao touched his chin with one hand, tapped the tabletop of his desk with the other, pondered for a moment and said You can check the calendar to see if that day is an auspicious day, and choose the one that is closest to open.That s fine, Do you want publicity Xie Honghe asked.After all, it is the first time to open a store in Wanwan.Whether it is successful or not will also have a great impact on future franchisees.Xiangjiang has enough 18 stores at this time, not to say that there cannot be more, but the current economic conditions and In the event of a stock market crash in the future, it is not suitable to open too many new stores.Propaganda is up to you, it s still the same old style, membership, lottery, promotion, whatever you want to do.They waved the banknotes in their hands vigorously, trying to make themselves a rich man, no, these investors are already rich, and many of them have earned hundreds of thousands in just over half a year, or even less.One hundred thousand, or even millions of Hong Kong dollars.There are no more than two kinds of people in Xiangjiang who have money to speculate in stocks, one just cbd gummies 1000mg has a little money at home, and the other is to speculate in stocks with borrowed money.After all, there are a small number of people who trade in stocks.Among the millions of Xiangjiang people, there are at most more than one million people.Considering the elderly and children, there may be even fewer This sudden price increase was still a direct increase of 10 of the original price, which was not a small sum.A bag of good flour is about 40 to 50 yuan, an increase of 10.Sir, you just threw out the garbage.We are the cleaning brigade.I hope you will come with us and be judged On both sides of the road, desperately ran to the opposite side.Several people from the cleaning brigade looked at each other, thinking whether to chase.At this time, reporters and photographers from TVB also ran over.Huh The female reporter took a long breath, glanced at Li Guohao who ran to the other side of the road, and saw a few people from the cleaning brigade standing there, and shouted What are you doing here Why don t you hurry up Chase Yeah, but we re just doing a publicity campaign, and that person just now doesn t seem to be the person we arranged before, so it s not very good to catch up.One of the cleaning brigade said with a frown.He had just seen Li Guohao s appearance clearly just now, thinking that he must have mistaken the person.Up to now, except for a pastry company and a food processing factory that just cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies do for anxiety have barely improved, the batch of windfalls earned in the stock market are more than 80 million Hong Kong dollars.On a whim, Li Guohao wanted to see how much he was worth now, so he called the finance department and asked Manager Wang to come over.soon.Boom boom.Wang Zhenzhen knocked on the door and walked in, glanced at Li Guohao and asked, Chairman, are you looking for me Well, Manager Wang, please sit down and talk.Li Guohao warmly greeted Wang Zhenzhen to sit down.Wang Zhenzhen was a little curious, but she also pulled out her chair and sat down.It s Manager Wang like this.I would like to ask how much money our company makes now And how much is my property worth in the company and the food factory Li Guohao was very curious about how much he was worth.Ah Fa glanced at the old man, casually held up the magazine for him to read, and said, Look at Oriental Magazine.Who is this guy He s so majestic The friend looked at the characters on the cover and asked curiously.On the cover of the magazine, there was a photo of Li Guohao wearing Ni Xingqing and his party to Nanshun I have to say that this photo was taken really well.Li Guohao where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd vegan gummies uk combed his oily hair, wore a black suit inside, and a black overcoat was at the forefront.Behind him, Ni Xingqing, Jin Jiashi, Fang Jian and others were also wearing suits of different styles.It just so happens that Li Guohao s careless demeanor looks like a gang boss is negotiating.If this was put in the 1980s, I would think it was another gangster film.Li Guohao Ah Fa replied casually, and couldn t wait to continue reading articles about Li Guohao.The Guohao Food Processing Factory, the Guohao Food Filling Processing Factory, the Guohao Food Packaging Factory, and the Guohao Group are no big deal.Ni Xingqing was also speechless.He rolled his eyes and nodded, Yes The second is Li Guohao s name.As for the more meaning, only Li Guohao himself knows.In fact, Li Guohao took the name of Guohao at the beginning, mainly because he vegan cbd gummies 300mg just cbd gummies 1000mg thought that he would be reborn anyway, not to mention how well he did, but he had to leave his own mark.There is a saying that, when geese pass by, they leave their voices, and when people pass by, they leave premier naturals cbd gummies their names.Anyway, Li Guohao himself has made up his mind, no matter what happens in the future, whether he will start a new company or not, it all starts with Guohao pastry company.As soon as Li Guohao got out of the elevator, he saw Li Qiang smoking a cigarette not far away.Shares.Yes.Li Guohao didn t care too much about Zhang Nana s shares as much as his own with only one million investment, mainly because the other party had worked in the United States for many years, and neither resources nor connections were within his capabilities.In addition, the company is an idea proposed by the other party, so Li Guohao has no meaning for it.Well, for the contract, I will sign it when I come back from the United States.This time, I am going to bring some samples to the United States.In the morning, Li Qiang also brought me most of the samples from the food factory.I ate them.It tastes really good, but you also know the taste of Americans, so you try to build a production line specially for export, so as to expand sales.Zhang Nana said.I will tell the people below about this.

He never expected that someone would dare to rush into the factory and smash it Shit, now that the just cbd gummies 1000mg new year vegan cbd gummies 300mg just cbd gummies 1000mg has just passed a few days ago, I don t seem to have offended anyone recently, and I wondered if it was Xu Deming from Nanshun looking for trouble.Thinking about it carefully, it seems that there is no one who has trouble with anyone except Xu Deming, but the other party If you want to smash it, you should also smash the flour factory, and it s not the food factory.It won t be the other party s reluctance to smash the flour factory you created by yourself, and the next best thing is to smash your own food processing factory Chapter 227 Li Guohao, the protection fee from Hutchison, did not go to the factory immediately, but instead went to the palace pastry, asking if Li Qiang had any troubles in the company recently, condir cbd gummies or some indescribable persecution, and learned that there was nothing wrong recently.He Gambling King was at the same table, and now there were only three people left, Zheng Yutong and Huo Daheng.Several people were chatting, talking about the current sluggish economy of Xiangjiang and the future development trend.Zheng Yutong suddenly said Brother He and Brother Huo, have you heard What did you hear The two were puzzled.Britain sent a group of people to Xiangjiang, it is said that it is because of corruption.Isn t that what you are talking about Daheng Huo asked with his eyes brightened.He Gambler also frowned and said This time it must be serious, you know that there is almost no government official in Xiangjiang who is not bribed Zheng Yutong cbd gummies for children uk shrugged his shoulders and said just cbd gummies 1000mg with a light smile Whatever, anyway These things don t delay us from getting rich, but it s just troublesome, and it won t be so easy to get land in the future.Li Guohao nodded with a smile and just cbd gummies 1000mg said, The company has always planned to expand the pastry shop to Southeast Asia and other countries, but the management and raw materials cannot follow up.Now the time is ripe.That s right.Zheng Jiachun has also studied Li Guohao s franchise plan.The main place to make money is in the raw materials and ingredients.The rest is just a franchise fee at the beginning.Suddenly recalling the company s new development project recently, and remembering that Li Guohao s family ancestor was an imperial cook, he asked Ahao, your family ancestor was an imperial cook, have you considered opening a hotel Hotel Li Guohao was stunned , subconsciously nodded and said It is true that I have such an idea, but the economy in Xiangjiang is not just cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies do for anxiety very ideal now.If we open a big hotel now, I think the business may not be very good.The business of the hotel is not very satisfactory these years, especially because there are very few people staying in the hotel.To become the center of the Asian economy and have the courage to open such a large hotel is not something ordinary people can do.For example, the Peninsula Hotel is famous because just cbd gummies 1000mg many rich businessmen and celebrities like to drink afternoon tea there.This habit was brought by the British in the past.At that time, people envied the life of foreigners, so they regarded drinking afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel as their lifelong pursuit and goal.This is why many elderly wealthy businessmen often come here to drink tea.No problem at all.Except for the Peninsula Hotel, there are no well known big hotels in Xiangjiang.Although the Regent Hotel and the Victoria Hotel are not bad, they are still a notch lower.Hearing Li Zhengming next to the chairman speak at this moment, he also asked This is Mr.Li who came back from Wanwan.It s me, Mr.Shi, hello.Uncle Li Zhengming smiled and stretched out his hand After shaking hands, he didn t reveal that he was the chairman s uncle.Li Guohao didn t mention it either.After all, everyone has cronyism, as long as they don t rely on their own status to mess around.Li Zhengming is forty years old, a mature middle aged man who knows how to measure.Shi Yuda has never been to Xiangjiang, and he cbd gummies by condor was also curious about the economy in Wanwan, so he asked Mr.Li, what is the 50 mg cbd gummies for sale just cbd gummies 1000mg per capita salary in Wanwan The wages in Xiangjiang have risen a lot this year.But it has increased a lot.When Li Guohao first opened the shop the year before last, 50 mg cbd gummies for sale just cbd gummies 1000mg his salary was around 900, plus some rewards from membership commissions, and the high salary of the pastry chef.Oh.He Qianjin didn t care much, it was just some dumplings and wontons, and in her opinion, it was just a small business, coral cbd gummies reviews because the quality of these things The price is not high, and the profit is very meager.As for the instant noodle factoryMiss He, have just cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies do for anxiety you never eaten instant noodles Li Guohao was just about to explain when he suddenly realized that Qianjin He probably had never eaten instant noodles, otherwise he wouldn t have asked such a silly question.I haven t eaten it.What are these instant noodles Are they noodles It s noodles, but it s just a kind of fried noodles.This kind of noodles can be stored for a long time.At the same time, it can be eaten after being soaked in boiling water.It s very fast.It s a kind of just cbd gummies 1000mg convenient noodles, so it s called instant noodles.He Qianjin frowned when he heard fried noodles, Oh, this is instant noodles, aren t fried noodles too greasy I don t like it very much.When you get married, your father and grandfather and I will move back to the old house.Live.Mom, this house is so big, how could Ah Zhi and I live here, and besides, you hired a chef to run the tea restaurant business.From HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg now on, you, Dad and Grandpa will live here Now, if you are bored, go to Central, there is a club for the elderly, just go in and play cards with them.Li Guohao also looked at his parents and grandpa helplessly, if it wasn t for the hard won talk just now, I m afraid they would never Will stay here forever.Okay, listen to my son.Li Huifang laughed.Her son knew how to be filial to his elders after earning money.This was what she was most happy to see.On the contrary, Li Dexiao said, Ah Hao, I have recruited two chefs to work in the back kitchen according to your previous instructions at the tea restaurant, and the taste of the food is not bad.

Soon.Yu Weicheng drove the car to Li Guohao, the two got into the car, the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow also slowly avoided the flow of people, looked into the driveway, stepped on the accelerator and drove forward quickly when they came to the road.Go, follow Brother Qiang patted the younger brother on the head, and the younger brother immediately lit the fire and drove up It s been on for about five minutes.Chen Sheng looked at the van following closely behind him through the rearview mirror.There was only one road, and it was normal for that white van to follow behind, but he always felt a little strange.And the sixth sense since joining the Outlaws.Weicheng Chen Sheng said in a low voice.What Yu Weicheng glanced at Chen Sheng in surprise, and then quickly looked at the road ahead.This Pok Fu Lam Road is not well built, and there are vegan cbd gummies 300mg just cbd gummies 1000mg many potholes along the way.Came here on your own Kidnap track Li Guohao looked a little flustered, he had never encountered such a thing, and his heart was in a mess like a mess, and he didn t know what to do.Yu Weicheng was also a little nervous.He had participated in many training sessions before, and he had also solved several major cases.It seemed that when he first started working, he also experienced bombings during the 68 riots.But at that time, many colleagues followed him.For a while, there were only him and Chen Sheng, and they didn best rated cbd gummies t have any weapons in their hands The most stable one is none other than Chen Sheng.He pondered for a moment, stared at the van behind the rear view mirror, thought for a while, and said, Don t panic Speed up, Weicheng, their car can t keep up with us Yes After hearing this, Yu Weicheng slammed on the gas pedal and accelerated his speed.Xu Guanwen also introduced Shi Tian to Li Guohao, Mr.Li is my good friend Shi Tian.He works in Shaw Films and is here to help me.Mr.Li, hello.Shi Tian said as Xu Guanwen Naturally, he knew that Li Guohao was the other party s big boss, and he had always envied Xu Guanwen for getting to know such a generous HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg boss.After seeing him, he quickly showed his affection.Well, hello.Li Guohao didn t pay much attention to the future bigwigs in the film industry.He has seen too many future superstars and celebrities and wealthy businessmen, so he just responded lightly Soon, after getting acquainted with the important actors of the crew, they were led by Xu Guanwen to the place where the burning incense was turned on.There was an incense stand in front of it, on which a whole roast suckling pig was placed, with scissors, two lit candles, and some other offerings.Chapter 258 Seeing that Xiaolong turned on the incense after the ceremony, Li Guohao did not just leave, but wandered around the crew with great interest.He was still very interested in everything about filming.Although he hadn t pursued it much in his previous life What a celebrity, but which cbd gummy is best for arthritis he is also full of curiosity about the entertainment industry, not to mention that this will still be the film industry 40 years ago.As the director, Xu Guanwen also served as the protagonist.At this moment, he put on the line glasses that had already been made, and asked the make up artist to smooth out his moustache, a bit similar to Lu Xiaofeng s feeling.After Xu Guanwen finished everything, he also said to the photographer Ah Wen, get ready and start the machine.The photographer A Wen nodded and said, Yes.Brother Xiaolong Long time no see Li Guohao greeted.Bruce Lee looked up and saw that this person was Li Guohao.The only impression Bruce Lee had of him before was that his name was the same as his son.Later, as Li Guohao s career became bigger and bigger, he also had a different view of him.Long time no see, Mr.Li Bruce Lee smiled and stepped forward to hold Li Guohao s palm.Bruce Lee just squeezed it lightly, but it also made Li Guohao feel the power in his palm.Seeing Bruce Lee just cbd gummies 1000mg does cbd gummies help with ed and Ding Pei next to him again at this moment made Li Guohao suddenly remember the time of Bruce Lee s death in his previous life.It seemed to be in July 1973.He has forgotten the exact time.After all, Bruce Lee .

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s death was related to his birth The era of has passed too long An awning, this is the make up room temporarily built by the crew.Zhao Yazhi has long been used to eating airplane meals.She ate them almost every day during the year she was a flight attendant.When I went out to play with a former colleague, I learned from her that it seems that Xiangjiang Airport .

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is planning to change the meal supplier.Change the supplier Li cbd gummies distributors Guohao suddenly thought about it when he heard this.I know that airplane meals in later generations are very profitable, and almost all of them are monopolized by giants.Although I don t know whether they will make money or not at the moment, I think they will not make less money Yes.Zhao Yazhi nodded without knowing it, not noticing Li Guohao s excited eyes.A group of fifteen people left the airport.It was still night does cbd gummy make you high in London.Hi Guys, do you need a car At this time, countless taxi drivers waiting to pick up passengers got out of the car to solicit business.As the founder of fondant cake, Li Guohao also made headlines in some British newspapers after winning the gold medal, even the well known British Daily Mail.Just a few words, the dim sum chef from Xiangjiang won the gold medal After winning the gold medal, Li Guohao returned to Xiangjiang with Zhao Yazhi and two bodyguards the next day.As for the others, they stayed in the UK for a few more days to deal with some follow up matters 50 mg cbd gummies for sale just cbd gummies 1000mg of the competition.one time.Xiangjiang Kai Tak Airport.Xiangjiang is still comfortable Li Guohao looked at Kai Tak Airport, which was several times smaller than the British International Airport.He didn t feel the slightest dissatisfaction because of premium jane cbd gummies its oldness and smallness, but he felt very kind in his heart.It was the same when I came back from the US last time.

While I am proud of getting money, I always use Li Guohao as an example for every fortune teller.This is Empress.Dong Haonan is over fifty, and his memory is not as good as before.When he saw a woman next to Li Guohao, who looked like the one he met last year, he asked without being sure.Say it, don t call me your mother.Zhao Yazhi said helplessly.When Dong Haonan heard this, he also confirmed Zhao Yazhi s identity, and shouted, What s wrong with this, no, no, my lady is honorable, I m just a mortal, how can I call my lady by her name directly.Okay, don t talk about Master Dong here.Li Guohao asked with a smile, You are here to tell your fortune, do you know a fortune teller named Dong Surnamed Dong Dong Haonan thought for a while.There are seven fortune tellers in this area.Except for himself, there seems to be no one with the surname Dong.Before Xu Guanwen s movie was going to cooperate with Golden Harvest, it was only because Golden Harvest and Warner Bros.I co produced Enter the Dragon , which caused the company s insufficient funds, so I let go of this film.I originally planned where to buy rachael ray cbd gummies to wait for the film to be released, and the funds will return, and it will be shot next year.I never thought that Li Guohao would step in.Thinking of this, cbd gummies shark tank stop smoking He Guanchang Also bypassing Zou Wenhuai and the others, he walked over and said, Aaron, what are you talking about Mr.He The elder brother Long Jian, He Guanchang, also restrained himself.Hong Jinbao and Lin Zhengying who were next to him shook their heads and said, It s nothing to talk about.Now the three of them are all following Golden Harvest, so they are naturally respectful to He Guanchang.Only more than 100 people think it s a bit expensive.When asked about the desire to buy, almost everyone thinks that they will consider buying a few bags at home to avoid night When I m hungry, or when I don t have time to cook, I take it out and cook it directly.The overall conclusion of the report is benign.Although the just cbd gummies 1000mg taste cannot satisfy everyone, among the 1287 people, more than 1270 people will consider buying frozen food at home After reading the whole report, Li Guohao nodded slightly, It seems that our quick frozen food is quite satisfactory to everyone.Yes, although some people don t like glutinous rice balls or dumplings, almost everyone said they would consider buying them.Will consider buying does not mean will buy Li Guohao also often accepted some market research just cbd gummies 1000mg on the street in his previous life, but most of them were for greedy bites, or gifts from him, and there were few products that he was really willing to spend money on.What do you want me to do Li Guohao looked at Ni Xingqing sitting on the chair in front of him.The affairs of the club have been settled, this is the contract.As Li Guohao s personal financial advisor, Ni Xingqing is often helping Li Guohao manage investment matters, just like he worked with Zheng Jiachun to open a hotel before, this time it is also Ni Xingqing who is operating.It s done so quickly Didn t you say that you are still 50 mg cbd gummies for sale just cbd gummies 1000mg discussing the club s specific plan cbd vegan gummies uk curts cbd gummies for diabetes Li Guohao looked at the contract in his hand in surprise.This matter has been discussed for half a month.Although the three bosses are very happy to cooperate, the people below are still busy fighting for the interests of the bosses.Not really What kind of shares or others are mainly due to some plans of the club, such as where the money is invested, and whether to set up a company to manage the club.Then I will trouble Ji Rui.It s easy to talk about it.It s been more just cbd gummies 1000mg than one o clock in the afternoon to eat and drink with Jian Fu in cbd vegan gummies uk curts cbd gummies for diabetes the restaurant.Li Guohao asked another bodyguard to drive Jian Fu back.He went back to the company by car.On the way back to the company, Li Guohao kept thinking about Master Dong s words.Risk and wealth are equally important Recently, Li Guohao did have an idea, that is, the Middle East war in two months time This matter was only remembered when I read the content of International Situation in the newspaper.If memory serves me right, this was the first oil war, triggering the world s first oil crisis.In Li Guohao s simple political concept, the oil crisis should be born under the just cbd gummies 1000mg control of some foreign consortiums.Of course, those are some concepts from the previous life.The Xiangjiang Oriental Beauty Pageant has been held for eleven times, and this year is 50 mg cbd gummies for sale just cbd gummies 1000mg the twelfth.According to the original plan, it should have been held in July, but because Li s TV station proposed cooperation with the other party, it has been selecting more beautiful and generous beauties in line with oriental aesthetics for a while.And TVB TV cbd gummy vs thc gummy station is also riveting enough, advertising in many newspapers and on the street, using Miss Xiangjiang as a gimmick to select the most beautiful beauties in Hong Kong.In order to compete with Li s TV station, it is also proposed that the champion of Miss Xiangjiang will be signed by TVB TV station and Shaw Brothers to shoot exclusive movies and TV series for the champion.The runner up and the third runner up also have this honor.Jingle Bell The internal phone just cbd gummies 1000mg rang.Not long after, I arrived at the company.As usual, secretary Xiao Liu made a cup of strong tea and brought it to the office.What Li Guohao just picked up the teacup and put it down again, You are saying it again.Mr.Liao Bufan, the manager of Li s TV station, invited you to participate in the Hong Kong Oriental Beauty Contest the day after tomorrow, and TVB also sent an invitation Letter, I hope to invite you, the chairman, to participate in the opening of their Miss Xiangjiang beauty pageant.Li s TV station is the day after tomorrow, what about TVB Li s TV station invited her to participate in the beauty pageant at the same time, and both of them were held on the same day.Without even thinking about it, Li Guohao directly asked Xiao Liu to reject the invitations of the two TV stations.Just kidding, if you agree to all of them, you will be at your wits end.

Di Yimin handed the fax sent from England in the morning to the table.It opened yesterday Why didn t I know Picking up the fax paper on the table, Li Guohao glanced at it briefly.The rent and decoration of the shop cost a total of about 60,000 pounds, which is about 300,000 Hong Kong dollars.The facade is not very big, because it is in a cbd tumbled gummys prosperous area, the rent accounts for half of it, and the storefront is rented for three years, and half a year s rent and deposit are paid.The prices in the UK are really high Li Guohao exclaimed looking at the fax in his hand.Prices in the UK have continued to vegan cbd gummies 300mg just cbd gummies 1000mg rise in recent years, and the inflation has been severe.Di Yimin shrugged and said helplessly, No way, prices are different in different countries.From the beginning of the 1970s to the end of the 1980s, British inflation was Number one in the world, the most important thing that the Iron Lady came to power at that time was to reduce inflation and high prices.Shen Call me to see if I have time lately.Ms.Shen wants to see you Ok.Invite me to participate in some beauty contest of Miss Xiangjiang.Miss Xiangjiang beauty contest Why vegan cbd gummies 300mg just cbd gummies 1000mg are you invited to participate Li Guohao frowned when he heard the beauty pageant.The governor s wife is familiar with him.If she invites her, she should also invite herself.Why invite Zhao Yazhi Could it be that this competition is a beauty pageant, so Zhao Yazhi was invited It seems It means that the champion of this beauty pageant will become the government s charity ambassador, and the other party will participate in some government charity activities in the future.Our Child Care Charity Foundation has a lot of cooperation with the government, and I think it was for this reason that I was invited.whatever.If you want to go, go, just for fun.I used to be busy living, but now I am busy looking for things to do.When Li s mother was bored, she collected some information about Li Guohao, and saw advertisements for her son s company on TV or newspapers almost every day, and every advertisement was accompanied by the word Guohao Well, a new food is on the market Li Guohao nodded.Quick frozen dumplings Mother Li was a little puzzled.It s the kind you often make dumplings in winter and freeze them for easy eating on weekdays.Oh, that s the one I thought it was something Li s mother suddenly realized that it s just like making dumplings at home and can t eat too much.When you re done, put it in the freezer.Will anyone buy this kind Li Huifang asked worriedly when she heard that it was this kind.You should know that making dumplings is not very complicated, she can make a lot of them in an hour.Mr.Li, your remaining money can also be withdrawn directly in Xiangjiang, which needs to be exchanged according to the market exchange rate.Shen Bin nodded and said.Now as long as it is a multinational bank, it basically has these two functions, but some banks are not well known or well known.HSBC is a first tier bank in Hong Kong, and they even participate in the Hong vegan cbd gummies 300mg just cbd gummies 1000mg Kong dollar, but they are only second and third tier banks in the just cbd gummies 1000mg United States.In the final analysis, HSBC is a British capital, and its strength is naturally extremely strong in Xiangjiang, but not in the United States.The end of the year just cbd gummies 1000mg is coming soon.Is Manager Shen sure about winning the position of HSBC executive Shen Bi said it was also a great help.Before, I was only half sure, but now with Li Sheng s savings and help, I believe I can be 90 sure that I can win the position of HSBC Taipan Shen Bi said with a smile and compliment.This time, Jin Jiashi is planning to get out the raw materials related to cakes by himself.He sent people to Thailand mainly for sugar cane, glutinous rice and rice.We will build some factories to supply raw materials to Xiangjiang, or sell them locally.Compared with Xiangjiang now, building factories in Thailand and other places is still very cheap, just like investing in the mainland in the 1980s and 1990s , besides the cheap land, the labor is cheap.After listening to Jin Jiashi s long series of words, Li Guohao nodded slightly and said If you want to do this, you can consider setting up a subsidiary company to operate it.I do have such a plan.I am setting up a subsidiary company to share these things.After all, Guohao Nanshunguang flour business is already very complicated.Instead of finding someone, it is better to set up a subsidiary company directly to sell raw materials.In order to better handle the group s business, Li Guohao And asked Di Yimin to arrange two assistant secretaries to help Xiao Liu.Yes.Li Guohao nodded slightly, turned around and walked to the .

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conference room.Yongan Building, except for the top balcony, has a total of eight floors.The first floor is the lobby and reception, dealing with visitors.There are four beautiful front desks who change shifts every day The second floor is the office area of Guohao Security.The third floor is the floor of the food company.The fourth and fifth floors are the floors of Guohao Lam Soon Flour Company.Club, Pastry Association, Panda Comic Publishing House, Daily Newspaper Office, and Guohao Real Estate Company.The seventh floor is the staff rest area, and the restaurant is also set up here.The eighth floor is the office of Li Guohao and Di Yimin, plus two There are two meeting rooms, one is a large meeting room that can seat two hundred people, the other is a pioneer square cbd gummies small meeting room for price of pure cbd gummies more than twenty people, plus a reception room for meeting guests.Okay Yes, I have also talked a lot, let s go back to the topic at the beginning, why I was in a daze.After Li Guohao finished talking about the group s past two years, he changed the topic to his own daze at the beginning.He said Before I said why I was in a daze, I believe you all remember it.After that, he said again What kind of company is our Guohao Group Speaking of this, we must talk about the group culture and core cbd gummies description values.The concept of corporate culture existed in ancient China a long time ago.Of course, some concepts in ancient times and modern times must be different.The ancients paid attention to five character business training, which are It is the innate wisdom and the foundation of business the land is just cbd gummies 1000mg the acquired practice, and it is based on integrity human beings are benevolent and righteous, know how to choose and reject, and pay attention to a gentleman loves money, and get it in a proper way Ghosts are scheming, flexible techniques, and can turn hands into clouds, cover hands into rain.

Li Guohao asked casually.Cai Lan nodded aside and said Yes, we signed a guarantee agreement with Golden Harvest, and only paid the basic rental fee.We should earn more than four million Hong Kong dollars.The specifics will be calculated by Golden Harvest after it is released.More than the effects of cbd gummies four million Li Guohao microI was taken aback for a moment, but I didn t care about the money, I just thought that making a movie was too lucrative Don t look at the movie Ghost Horse Twin Stars , which took two or three months to shoot, plus the release, it HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg took a total of five or six months.But the most fundamental reason is that it was not long before the preparations just cbd gummies 1000mg with the film company, and a lot of time was spent on coordinating personnel and purchasing and supplying shooting equipment, signing a guarantee agreement with Golden Harvest should have been released long ago, but the release of Bruce Lee s film was helpless, so it was HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg postponed It took two months before it was released in early December.Li Guohao said modestly.Chen Jiadao said with a smile The three of us have no place for Li Sheng to learn.Instead, we have to learn a thing or two like Li Sheng s parents.Learn how to cultivate outstanding young people like Li Sheng Several people chatted hotly at the door After a while, they walked into the Chamber of Commerce building together.I have to say that the Chamber of Commerce Building is quite tall, with about a dozen floors, and it was built in the early 1960s, which is much better than that of Li Guohao s Wing On Building.Li Guohao was very eager to see, and the idea of building a building in his heart became more and more intense.When going up the elevator, Li Guohao asked Mr.Chen, is there any activity at the manufacturer s association this time It s not a big deal, he said, Next year, our Chamber of Commerce plans to join hands with local Chinese businessmen in Hong Kong, and cooperate with the Hong Kong Export Chamber of Commerce to sell the products of our respective manufacturers to overseas regions and expand the strength of our Chinese Chamber of Commerce.He arranged a meeting with the editor in charge of the newspaper and other people overnight.After confirming that the contents of the newspaper were correct and there were no typos and sentences, the publication officially started at one o clock In the past, the sales volume was low, and the newspaper s printers were short of manpower, so all the newspaper s people went to the stage together, and they were so busy that they were dizzy.Fortunately, Pang Heshuo was very experienced in this area, and ordered the printers to code in an orderly manner, and then asked the porters to bundle them one by one and send them to the special car.There are more than 20 small trucks, which are full.Before four o clock, they were sent to all parts of Xiangjiang, from West Kowloon, to Kowloon, and then to Xiangjiang Road, New Territories, Lantau Island, and Outlying Islands, a total of 18 districts, and all newsstands in each district were reserved.In other words From secular common sense false to religious understanding of truth empty , it is empty view Not only Mr.Liu Yichang wrote a special article to praise Li Guohao s three views, but many literary masters and philosophy masters in Xiangjiang have expressed their own understanding of the three views and the meaning of positive energy.Among them, Mr.Jin wrote the most It can make ordinary people understand.The content of the article is When I wrote The Legend of the Condor Heroes in the early years, I put forward the concept of the great man serves the country and the people.With new experience, people often say how unfair this society and the world are to them.Some people can enjoy rich clothes and fine food from birth, but they have to work hard all their lives.And Li Sheng s Three Views can explain the root cause of all this for you.You must know that although many people in the previous life knew that instant noodles are not nutritious, it is still difficult to resist the aroma of instant noodles.Boom At this time, the door of the office is hemp gummies the same as cbd was knocked.Li Guohao casually shouted at the door Come in Huang Yaohua, who was standing just cbd gummies 1000mg at the door, heard the inquiry, opened the door and walked in, heard the sound of the TV, looked sideways, and saw that the TV on another table not far from the desk was playing the company s advertisement.Chairman Watching ads too Well, the filming is not bad, even I have an appetite after watching it.Li Guohao chuckled.The commercial was indeed well shot.The director surnamed Xiao is quite capable.Huang Yaohua went to the table and sat down and said The factory has officially started work yesterday, and the three factories have already opened.The following is the auction item provided by Ms.Shen, the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong, a 1900 Lady Cartier diamond watch As soon as the auctioneer said this, the venue immediately erupted You must know that the Cartier brand has always been synonymous with luxury goods.Since its establishment in 1847, Cartier has been providing exclusive jewelry and watches for European royal families for more than a hundred years.Known as the emperor s jeweler, the jeweler s emperor.The 1900 Cartier ladies diamond watch was the first product that Cartier combined jewelry and watches in 1900.At that time, it was only provided to the European royal family, and there were only a hundred watches in total After so many years of consumption, there may only be a few dozen pieces left in the world, and after a few decades, it may be even less.Don t worry, it s not the first time I ve led a team here.Old Zheng made an OK gesture, and said to Li Guohao Boss Li, I will help you up.What did you talk to that person just now It s nothing, he just asked me why there are so many people, and asked me Let me tell you, don t run around after you land on the island, follow me, there is an important black boxing match tonight, there are many people coming here to watch the match, and there are many foreign gaming companies. There are many people at night Li Guohao frowned, he didn t like staying with too many people in an unfamiliar environment.It s okay, Boss Li, I ve brought tourists here not once or twice, and there are other tour guides besides me.Seeing Li Guohao s worry, Lao Zheng explained Actually, we have cooperation with these people.

Manager Jin, are you seasick Li Guohao asked with concern.A little bit.Jin Jiashi nodded and said without opening his eyes when he heard the sound.Seeing this, Li Guohao couldn t help admiring Jin Jiashi s professional dedication, and he was airsick and seasick, so he insisted on coming to Thailand to inspect it in person.Ask the boss of the ship if he has any medicine for seasickness, give some to Manager Jin, don t go anywhere, he will die.Li Guohao said to Chen Xuewen.Seeing this, Chen Xuewen hurriedly said I have prepared seasickness medicine.Manager Jin, why didn t you tell me you were seasick earlier Forget it, I ll get it. Around ten o clock in the morning.After taking a boat for four or five hours, the group arrived in Roi Et Province, and spent another two hours changing cars to drive to the predetermined village.If you want hot water, chairman, then I will order someone to go down and boil some hot water.No, just let it go.Li Guohao doesn t care much about bathing, anyway, Thailand It wasn t very cold, and the sun was shining brightly just cbd gummies 1000mg at this time, so taking a cold shower would not be a big problem.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao said again Go and see Manager Jin, he vomited on the road, don t get sick here.Yes.After Chen Xuewen left, Li Guohao briefly glanced at the wooden house, a little Like the Miao Village in the inland, the bottom is supported by more than a dozen pieces of wood to suspend the whole house to avoid snakes, rats and mosquitoes.After finding the bathroom, I simply rinsed it with the water in the wooden barrel.After wiping my body, I slipped onto the bamboo bed and narrowed my eyes At around three o clock in the afternoon, after taking a nap for two hours, Li Guohao, accompanied by Chen Xuewen and the heads of several local villages, came to a small hill.The contract was a three year contract.But last year Dairy Milk Company was acquired by Jardine.The supermarket chain was taken over by people from Jardine.I originally thought that we had a contract and where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd vegan gummies uk there should be no problem, but what I didn t expect was that they suddenly removed all our food and notified us of the contract we signed with the milk company Invalid.In the early days of Xiangjiang s port opening, the place where dry just cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies do for anxiety goods, food and daily necessities were purchased was called the office.At first, the customers who opened the embassy were mainly foreigners passing by or living in Hong Kong, and the goods sold were mainly foreign goods.After the war, the establishment of museums became more and cbd gummies review canada more popular.In addition to foreigners, locals also patronized.The types of goods are also becoming more and more diversified.When combined together, it makes people feel cbd vegan gummies uk curts cbd gummies for diabetes that it is a good brand.There just cbd gummies 1000mg are a total of 21 Lee Kee Tea Restaurants in Xiangjiang, except for the Kowloon Peninsula.Except for the old store on Tung Choi Street that has been open for more than 20 years, most of the remaining new stores are concentrated in the Kowloon Peninsula and Xiangjiang Island, and only one has opened in the New Territories.The main branch of the Kowloon store is in Yau Tsim Mong District , that is, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok.Xiangjiang Island is concentrated in Central, which is a commercial area with many buildings, so it is the focus of attention.At this time, Zhao Yazhi also drove to the tea restaurant Outside the door, he took out two three legged toads one by one from the rear compartment, and walked in quickly.It will no longer be the same as now.People will also tend to shop.So if Mr.Li wants to open a supermarket, he must take advantage of it now.Although the economy of Xiangjiang is gradually developing steadily, it is far from the level it was in the 1980s and 1990s.It s a bit like the mainland in the late 1990s.People went to the supermarket to buy things, not only for shopping, but also for fun.Li Guohao used to love to go to the supermarket when he was a child.Not only is there air conditioning in the supermarket, but there are also various snacks and small foods.Although he can t afford it, it doesn t mean he can t satisfy his hunger.That kind of situation gradually disappeared with the popularity of supermarkets.In the future, people went to supermarkets to make big purchases, and they bought a lot of things at one time, mainly because the prices were much cheaper than the supermarkets downstairs.There are many aspects of cooking.For example, which of the eight major cuisines do you specialize in, and baking is the same.That s right.Zhao HCMUSSH just cbd gummies 1000mg Yazhi nodded half understanding.On the other hand, Li Guohao, who was at the side, saw that Chen Zhi s words were logical and that he had indeed put in a lot of effort, so he secretly thought about it.The group went back to the square after looking at the student dormitory and cafeteria.At this time, the sky was dark, and Dim Sum produced by Friends Film Company was playing on the huge canvas.Li Guohui, played by Xu Guanjie, and Xu Guanwen, who played the role of the master master, were competing with each other.People were turned on their backs, and the students, parents and reporters who watched the movie again burst into laughter.Boss Seeing Li Guohao coming back, Cai Lan couldn t help but said, I see the performance of those students and parents just now.Forehead nice boss.Cai Lan was taken aback.He really didn t think about investigating how the audience knew about the movie.He thought about it carefully.If he could know where the audience who bought the tickets saw it, then he could increase the publicity.Well, you want to Suddenly, the door of the office was opened, and Zhao Yazhi buy cbd gummies wholesale stood at the door with a coquettish smile on her face.Seeing the beautiful woman standing at the door, just cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies do for anxiety Li Guohao made a shush gesture, using the phone without the microphone.With her right hand, she signaled the other party to come and sit on her lap.Seeing this, Zhao Yazhi couldn t help but rolled where to buy condor cbd gummies cbd vegan gummies uk her eyes, and finally walked over and sat on Li Guohao s lap.Bet, I m sure there will be many viewers interested in going to the movies after reading today s newspaper Li Guohao said while stroking Zhao Yazhi s beautiful hair with his hand, leaning out and sniffing it gently The scent of shampoo, the faint scent of flowers makes people a little drunk and fascinated.

After touching it, she found that it was actually swollen, and she said in embarrassment, Look at you, my mouth is swollen, how can I go back.It s okay, stay at my place tonight Li Guohao said with a naughty smile.Hearing this, Zhao Yazhi rolled her eyes directly, as if saying I knew you wanted to do this.The two laughed and laughed for a 50 mg cbd gummies for sale just cbd gummies 1000mg while, and Zhao Yazhi Only then did I remember my original intention of coming here It s all your fault, I almost forgot why I was looking for you.Ok Didn t you come to see me of course not.what Then I m so sad, my heart hurts.Li Guohao held his chest and pretended to feel distressed.Seeing Li Guohao acting there by himself, Zhao Yazhi burst out laughing, and could only say Yes, yes, I came here because I wanted you, but there is something small that I need to tell you., Instead, he smiled without any discomfort.Okay, the jokes are over.Looking back at last year, we lost a lot, but we also know how to cherish it In fact, you may not know that since the end of the second youth election in 1971, we have started preparing for the third election, and so on.This time, the number of awards for the fourth Hong Kong Top Ten Youth Awards has passed through our entire year last year.Time for investigation and discussion This year s awards are much more than the previous three editions.This year, a total of eight people have won the title of Xiangjiang Top Ten Outstanding Youth Speaking of this, He Dongsheng paused for a few seconds, glanced at the cards in his hand and said, The first one is Director Cheng Wenhui, a surgeon at the famous St.Mary s Hospital in Xiangjiang He has treated more than 100 patients in the past year.Li Guohao didn t know any of these six people, maybe he was ignorant or he had too little knowledge.But the seventh person was After He Dongsheng announced his name, Li Guohao was stunned on the spot, thinking that he could even win the title of Hong Kong s top ten outstanding youths The seventh outstanding youth is the principal of Sheung Wan Middle School in West Kowloon and also a member of the Education Department Mr.Jian Fujian, in a fire in St.Peter s Primary School last year, he bravely rushed into the raging fire regardless of his own safety, risking his life to rescue more than a dozen young pupils.This kind of fearless self sacrifice and self sacrifice has always been the quality that we Xiangjiang people should have.At the same time, it also reflects the strict professional ethics of Mr.Bao Before he knew it, the trophies of the seven people in front had been handed out to each other.At this time, Bao Daheng walked up just cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies do for anxiety to Li Guohao, looked at Li Guohao who was getting more and more imposing and steady, and couldn t help but chuckled Today s Li Sheng looks I look very energetic.This is a trophy personally awarded to me by Mr.Bao No matter what, I have to dress up Li Guohao was familiar with Bao Daheng, so he made a small joke.Hearing this, Bao Daheng laughed happily, handed the trophy in his hand to the other party with a loving look towards the younger generation, leaned forward and said After the meeting is over, Mr.Li, don t rush to leave.Okay.After the last trophy was handed over to Li Guohao, Bao Daheng gestured at He Dongsheng before turning around and leaving the stage.Considering that this set of jewelry can only be used when getting married, Li Guohao ordered an additional set of more ordinary jewelry, and the total estimated price is around 5 million to 8 million US dollars.Xiao Liu, the secretary who was translating at the side, felt as if his head had been hit by a heavy hammer when he heard 5 million US dollars, 25 million Hong Kong dollars in jewelry This has almost never happened in the entire history of Xiangjiang It is almost possible to buy a large piece of land in the New Territories, and at the same time, the money can also buy a building next day.The news that Li Guohao was going to get married was reported by the Daily Daily, and the estimated cost of the wedding was about 100 million Hong Kong dollars, which completely shocked the citizens of Hong Kong We must cbd gummies medterra know that the monthly salary of ordinary citizens in Xiangjiang is usually around 1,000 2,000, and the high paying occupations are only around 2,000.Well, I want to go to various places in the world to shoot scenes and invite world renowned martial artists to participate in this movie.I have already thought of a new movie title called The Warrior s Journey.The track of history has already changed.Butterflies from later generations quietly ushered in a new world, and no one knows what the future holds.He didn t think much, just nodded and agreed Yes.I can still get five million dollars.Chapter 379 He Zuozhi s Li Guohao and Bruce Lee are discussing the new movie, and their table is diagonally opposite A somewhat obese middle aged man has been just cbd gummies 1000mg looking at Li Guohao.He has been watching Li Guohao since he entered the restaurant.What is Brother Shiyi looking at Zheng Jinghan, who was sitting opposite the fat man, followed his eyes curiously Are you looking at Li Guohao or Bruce Lee Both of them are watching.Not only that, but Guanwen s first movie Ghost Horse Twin Stars made Li Guohao a lot of money.Besides, although the management of the company was handled by Cai Lan and Xu Guanwen, the finances were arranged by Li Guohao.Chapter 380 Precious ingredients at Li Guohao s table.Bruce Lee pondered for a moment, and he said You don t need Li Sheng to invest all of it.In the early years, I also had a satellite subsidiary under Golden Harvest, and just cbd gummies 1000mg I made a little money from Enter the Dragon.I will contribute a million dollars.The rest of Jiahe must give them some, after all, we have cooperated for several years, so it is hard to let them go.Li Guohao took out a pen and a stack of small phone books from his inner pocket, and tore off a Write a number on the paper and pass just cbd gummies 1000mg it to Bruce Lee, saying It s okay, Brother Xiaolong, how much do you need Then you can directly contact Cai Lan from the film company of your friend.

He has experienced many earthquakes and natural disasters, but the one that left the deepest impression on him was Wenchuan.I remember that he was still a high school student at the time.After the report, I donated all of my only 20 yuan change to the Red Cross on the street.At this moment, I saw a 7.I don t know, maybe it s the boss s relative, or his son.The colleague also said blankly.I don t think so.I heard people say that our boss seems to be a young man.Could this be our chairman Another person said suddenly.While the people below were whispering to each other, Bai Zhiming clapped his palms and shouted to everyone in the office area in front of him Everyone, stop for a moment and where can i buy purekana cbd gummies put aside the work at hand.Hearing this, everyone They olly cbd gummies put down their work one after another, stood up and looked in the direction of Bai Zhiming, but most of them were staring at Li Guohao behind him.If we can solve this problem, we will be able to expand more market share.Benson has no interest in business, but he likes research.He just listened to what Li Guohao said, and he has been thinking about the possibility of removing lactose from milk for a long time, and he is also very excited about scientific research.Boss, this Technology may require certain things to be able to be done, so I would like to apply for a grant.That s okay.Li Guohao waved his hand and said, Director Benson, I called you here this time because just cbd gummies 1000mg I want you to solve it.I will arrange a laboratory for you in the laboratory building, and you don t need to worry about personnel and funds.What about Australia Benson asked.Li Guohao thought for a while, the dairy laboratory in Australia was also arranged by him alone.They are all elites in the investment consulting industry.It is our group s honor to be willing to come to our group.Naturally, they are extremely welcome.but After talking about the scene, Li Guohao began to test the authenticity of these people.He said But our group s main business is catering, and I think you may just cbd gummies 1000mg not know much about this industry, so I would like to Listen to some suggestions and opinions on the group s future investment projects.Chapter 568 Each has its own wisdom As soon as Li Guohao finished speaking, Hu Changqing coughed at this time, indicating that he wanted to be the first to speak.Li Guohao also took advantage of the situation and said Then Mr.Hu will talk about it first.Hu Changqing did not speak in a hurry, but straightened out his thoughts in his mind to avoid being underestimated by the colleagues next to him, put down the chopsticks in his hand, and after a pause of more than ten seconds, he said Mr.After two o clock in the afternoon.Li Guohao didn t stay in the industrial park for a long time.After inspecting the new flour mill and the workshops it belonged to, he went to the instant noodle factory and visited his uncle Li Zhengming who was working, and then returned to the company by car.Just arrived at the company.The secretary Xiao Liu came to report, saying that the manager Qi Baihengqi had just come up to look for him.Li Guohao asked Manager Qi What about others Secretary Xiao Liu said He should be downstairs.Oh, then you call him and tell him I m back, let him come up.Yes.Following the secretary Xiao Liu, he closed the door and went out.Li Guohao leaned back on the boss chair, stretched fiercely, his body was very relaxed, but his mind was always recalling the information he had seen about Bao Daheng s acquisition of Wharf.Considering that Baoan County is the key point, we bought the super crane from the United States and The cranes and other mechanical equipment were brought by cargo ship.All these construction equipment were purchased from the American company that was contracted when the Guohao Building was built, and I was thinking about which American company to guide , Guohao Real Estate brought its own people to build it, so as to strengthen the technology 50 mg cbd gummies for sale just cbd gummies 1000mg and experience of the real estate company.Therefore, for the sake of convenience, a lot of money was spent on these valuable construction machinery and equipment.Since the Guohao Building was built, most of these devices have been used by real estate companies when building residential or office buildings.At this time, the mainland is not yet a big infrastructure country for later generations, and some infrastructure equipment is still not perfect, so it can only be transported from Xiangjiang.I know the chairman.Huo Zheng nodded and said, I will arrange for people to move back to Xiangjiang as soon as possible for the equipment at the molecular laboratory, but I am afraid that some people will not want to work in Xiangjiang.It s okay, I came here just to work in the branch, to teach the basics of the experimenters here, and when Xiao Changhan and the others understand how to study molecular food, let them go back.Speaking of this, Li Guohao suddenly thought of something, smiled and said Don t you think that the concept of molecular food is somewhat similar to genetic modification Maybe you can find some inspiration in it.Huo Zheng thought of this early on, I think so too.After not staying in Xiangjiang for a few days, Huo Zheng hurried back to the United States with his suitcase on the grounds of setting up a genetically modified laboratory.After repeated discussions, it was finally proposed that the Hong Kong Xinhua News Agency branch, through the British Hong Kong government, invite senior officials from Hong Kong, members of the two councils, and celebrities from the business community to form a Hong Kong political and business delegation to Beijing to participate in the National Day military parade.In the process of organizing the group, considering that the British have always used Xiangjiang democracy to respond to the return of Xiangjiang, the mainland also expanded the scope of invitations, trying to make the delegation include representatives from all aspects of Hong Kong society, so that more people can participate in the ceremony.The general public believes in the mainland s one country, two systems, unchanged for 50 years statement about Hong Kong.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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