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Other girls might be shy.She often plays cbd delights gummies 3000mg on stage.There is no problem of shyness and stage fright.Director Wang, is it because Aunt Yu and the others sing and we accompany you Han Chaoyang flipped through the music score and asked curiously.Yes, yes, we are officially starting.The next program is The Waves of Honghu Lake.Mr.Xie, do you want to familiarize yourself with the score first I m fine, don t waste everyone s time, let s get started.It s too pediatric, Xie Lingling supported the erhu and smiled.It really is professional The old factory manager did his part to take over the command, looked back at the onlookers and listeners, then looked at the band, confirmed that everything was ready, and raised his arms to look decent He sang this song a lot when he was a child, and played it a lot later.It was less than 8 o clock when I returned to the police station, and the cadres of the community neighborhood committee and the doctors from the community health care office came to work one after another.Community security prevention is not a matter of the public security alone.The superiors clearly require each community neighborhood committee to establish a three in one management team composed kana cbd gummies price of community neighborhood committees, community police, and property companies within the jurisdiction.Neighborhood committees are the leading, publicizing and coordinating departments for safety precautions, police stations are the guiding departments for safety precautions, and property management companies and other enterprises and institutions are the specific implementation departments for safety precautions.It is enough to leave two people in the office to sit on duty.Inform all those who are resting to kana cbd gummies price come back to work overtime, do not go back to the office, and come directly to Factory 527.Be sure to act Hurry up The den was destroyed, and the suspects in the small den in the west of the city might abscond at any time.Liu Suo thought about it and emphasized again Let s make it clear to comrades that there are police cars for emergency missions, and there are police cars that can t fit in private cars.If you don t have a car, you can take a taxi It s cbd gummies is weed 7 48, and I m waiting here.You must arrive before 8 30, this is an order.There are 19 suspects on the west side of the city, and if you count the unidentified ones and the relatives of the suspects, there may be more than 30, and so many people must be arrested at once.On the way back from the sub bureau in the afternoon, he even bought a dozen red sleeves for security patrol for the security guards to wear, so as to prove that they are not only community security guards, but also Chaoyang community volunteers.Members of the do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price Security Patrol Facts have proved that borrowing people is completely necessary.Just let the two young men who arrived in a hurry sit down, just went to buy a box of instant noodles and prepared to boil water, when the duty room called and told them to rush to a restaurant near the intersection of Hebin Road and Chunfeng East Road for reinforcements.It s great to have a security patrol car with four wheels.Not only does it have police lights and sirens, it looks very formal, but it can also seat three or four people.They rushed to the scene in a hurry.What hotel, where is it Pengcheng Express Hotel, just on Zhongshan Road.There is business Of course I take care of my own family, so my relatives and friends all live there.I often pass by Zhongshan, and the old factory manager said that the Pengcheng Express Hotel Han Chaoyang has a little impression.Although it is not in the jurisdiction of the police office, it is not far from here, and it is in the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Okay, I see.Let s go back and find out what he s doing.Old Gu is a party member and a provincial model worker before retirement.Help you pay attention Thank you, Director Wang, this is the best way, please keep an eye on it for kana cbd gummies price me, and Zhao Jie will let me know when Zhao Jie goes to open a room again.Leave it on me, and I will be responsible for any leaks.Director Su is very happy when people meet happy events, and he is about to announce the end of the meeting.One of the owners suddenly said Director Su, Police Officer Han, 8004, Building 5, has a dog, which is half the height of a person.Every day, he takes the elevator down and walks around.Not to mention shit and pee, just scaring people to death Going into the elevator, sticking out your tongue and leaning on people, do you care about this Look, it s HCMUSSH kana cbd gummies price half a person tall, the owners Everyone has opinions, especially if there are old people and children at home.A female owner held up her mobile phone and showed everyone the photos of the big dog.As soon as I took over the security work of the community, something happened Director Su subconsciously looked at Manager Zhang.Manager Zhang looked back at Lao Jin, then at Han Chaoyang, and said helplessly, The business owners have said this more than once.Almost at the entrance of Zhongjie, the phone rang suddenly.Guan Xiyuan picked it up for him to have a look, then turned around and said, Han Chaoyang s.Take it Oh, Guan Xiyuan sat up straight, holding up his mobile phone and asked, Chaoyang, we ve arrived at the entrance of the village.Where are you Location, what s going on with these special police officers outside There is no special police or special service.They are all members of the Chaoyang community voluntary security patrol.After you come in, go straight north.I saw kana cbd gummies price the police car saw you, and I stood at the intersection.Han Chaoyang was very happy when the reinforcements arrived, thinking to himself You can hand over the newly captured robber to the master and Guan Xiyuan, so that the first team can continue to investigate.The phone was loud, and Yang Tao could hear the call just now clearly.Han Chaoyang believed what she said, but how could he help with this kind of help He shook his head helplessly Miss Zhang, I m sorry, I m just an ordinary policeman, and I m only responsible for maintaining order at the scene.I don t care about punishment.If you have trouble finding the police, why don t you have any sympathy You have trouble finding me, a little policeman, who should I go to if I have trouble Look for the organization, the superior. Can the organization lend me money to buy a house Don t cry about being poor here, and don t make fun of us poor people.You have so many fixed assets, what is this fine, there must be a way.I can t control my family anymore, Police Officer Han, I really can t help it It seemed that she was really stumped by this small fine, tears rolled in her eyes in anxiety.Indeed, if it is found out that the police know the law and broke the law, then the impact will be even worse.Su Xian mouth I didn t say that I wanted to find out that the police knew the law and broke the law, and your kid s situation might be much better.Now it s all right, the result of the leapfrog report only found out that there was a problem with one temporary worker.The leader of your branch is Panasonic.What will your leaders and colleagues think But these words can only be kept in her heart, she smiled slightly, and asked again Where was the pyramid sale den last night They are all so poor that they can t even afford to eat, and they can t afford to be detained, so they can only be enlightened and educated, and now they are all in the relief station, and the Civil Affairs Bureau will arrange for them to go home.You can t distinguish between primary and secondary, otherwise you will destroy the jobs of dozens of people.As for assisting the working group in land requisition and relocation, and assisting the comprehensive law enforcement of the streets, that is what it should be.After all, the street leaders tried every means to help attract security business, even at the expense of dismissing the street office and some unlicensed guards in the street.To be precise, the street office is also one of the employers of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.Director Su s words are well founded and irrefutable.The key is how to explain it to the leaders, no matter how you explain it, they will not believe it.Han Chaoyang was so devastated that he didn t even know how he got downstairs.He sat silently in the police room for more than ten minutes before taking out his mobile phone to make a call.It s just that the police reform has been carried out in the past few years, and it has been changed over and over again, regardless of criminal cases or public security cases.Liang Dongsheng moved his buttocks, adjusted to the most comfortable position, and continued You and Han Chaoyang were assigned to the office together, and the leader likes you, but he doesn t like Han Chaoyang, and as a result, that kid made some troubles every now and then., This really puts a little pressure on you.But people are more angry than others, and many things are incomparable.Just because he is always in the limelight doesn t mean he is more capable than you.You must have a good attitude, you know.Chapter 98 Watermelon is not in vain Mai Yu Zhenchuan was in the police station in the morning and came to the police office in the afternoon.Feng Haijun sighed secretly, took a few pictures from netizens messages, first sent them to the leader via WeChat, and then dialed cloud 9 cbd gummies the leader s phone number.Xiaofeng, have you figured out the situation Director Wen, I figured it out.It is indeed Han Chaoyang, a policeman who was assigned to our branch this year.He was carrying out the task assigned by the District Waterlogging Prevention and Control Leading Group Office to assist in the management of public toilets.The center cleans up the stagnant water near the public toilets on the west side of the north gate of Factory 527 to prevent rainwater from pouring into the septic tankthe matter is urgent, and it seems that his handling is appropriate now.There are five sub bureaus in the city, and several more sub bureaus can emerge Most handsome do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price cop Moreover, this most handsome policeman was spread by word of mouth, not by the sub bureau. No, if you know people and face but don t know what you re thinking, what if he really does the fake tricks Then how can we get all the villagers kana cbd gummies price representatives to agree I ve made up my mind, and I will go door to door asking for help from tomorrow.But I have an urban hukou now, and it s not easy to transfer my urban hukou to the village, so my current hukou has to be moved to the village., I made an agreement with my aunt, and now I will wait for the village party secretary of their village to nod.Your dad should know the village party secretary, can you ask your dad to help me talk to the village party secretary, and ask him to let me do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price move my household registration to My aunt s house.Yin Xiaoshan admired her best friend who went to Yanyang alone to inherit the inheritance, and of course she would help if she could, and she agreed, No problem, I will tell my dad tomorrow morning.You brought the people, and you have to be responsible not only for yourself, but also for them.If the owner is emotional, the patrol team You are full of blood, and the two sides have uncontrollable physical conflicts.If you are photographed by the owner or the onlookers and posted on the Internet, you, Han Chaoyang, will change from the current most handsome policeman to the worst policeman.I hope you can Lead the team well, and make it clear to the team members that no matter how excited the owners are when maintaining stability, they must not fight back or scold them.No matter what the leadership s considerations are, it s good to be able to remind this, Han Chaoyang nodded emphatically.Liu Jianye hesitated for a moment, thought about it and added As a public security policeman, you should know which orders should be executed and which orders cannot be executed.The community is behind the city hall, and there is a huge green space behind the city hall.Below it is an underground parking lot, and above it are grass fields and various trees.It s next to the city hall, so it s no wonder it s called Splendid Future Ma Fengying looked back at the government building and asked curiously, Chaoyang, the road we just came here is also Zhongshan Road, right Yes, it s Zhongshan Road.The People s Park is kana cbd gummies price across the road from the Municipal Government.Behind the People s Park is the Municipal Party Committee.To the west is the Municipal People s Congress.This is Bright Future, right Where is the gate Shade, let me call and ask.What to ask, just go around and you will know.Okay, go around and treat it as a tour.The environment of the community is also good, with more than a dozen high rise buildings, surrounded by greenery Very good.What are you doing, what are cbd gummies for back pain relief kana cbd gummies price you doing Brother, what are you doing, did you make a mistake The suspect kana cbd gummies price finally came to his senses and started arguing with his girlfriend outside the car.That s right, He Yichang motioned to Wu Junfeng to drag the suspect out of the car with Han Chaoyang on the left, handcuffed his other hand, put away his gun, pointed to the express that Xu Hongliang had just seized, and kana cbd gummies price asked coldly Not only did you buy best cbd brands gummies an ID card, you fraudulently used someone else s identity to cheat loans, and you also used someone else s identity to receive couriers.Do you still live under someone else s identity Does your girlfriend know your last name Uncle policeman, you must have made wana cbd thc gummies review a mistake.He is Yao Guangming, if you don t believe me, look at his ID card and driver s license The girl really didn t know, not only didn t know but also didn t believe do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price it.After that, he took the driver s license and other items found in the SUV with the help of Han Chaoyang, checked them carefully one by one, and immediately took them out of his bag.Pen and paper began the interrogation.Name The suspect took a chance and said calmly Yao Guangming.Yao Guangming Opening his eyes and talking nonsense, He Yichang really wanted to slap him.He looked at his ID card and picked it up.The police officer inquired about the real Yao Guangming s household registration information, stared at him and asked, Since you are Yao Guangming, you should know your parents names.Tell me, what is your father s name and your mother s name The suspect was just Falsely using someone else s identity, only knowing the ID card information, how can I know the household registration information, drooping my head and not saying a word.Leukemia cost a lot of money.His family couldn t get it out, so he asked the media for help.So many people pay attention, everyone sympathizes, they are all donating money, your hospital can t say no, we also want to donate.This is showing love.How many times do you donate a year Han Chaoyang thought for a while, then whispered Said The unit organization donated twice.If people forwarded it on WeChat, counting a dozen or twenty donations at a time, it would be about six or seven times., muttered We work in the hospital every day, and we can encounter such things almost every month, sometimes several times a month, sometimes the department organizes donations, sometimes the hospital organizes donations, at least fifty at a time, Ten or twenty times a year, how much money do I get a month It is not easy to do any line of work, Han Chaoyang nodded slightly.In the past, it was just planted, and it was just a few years in prison.This time is different from before, this time his head is going to be lost, Chen Yabing is very clear about what awaits him, and said eagerly Report to the government, I will surrender, I will be frank and lenient, I will report and expose, I will help you arrest Brother Miao, I know how to contact him After all, he has been in the palace and knows how to save himself.Xi Hongbo snorted coldly, turned around and said, Put it in the car and take it back for interrogation.Not only did write a review for premium jane cbd gummies capsules Chaoyang not know how thrilling this afternoon was, he hadn do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price t even heard of the names Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing, and he was busy doing the generosity of others, inviting Grandpa Gu and Director Su to Boss Deng s restaurant for dinner with his prospective girlfriend.Such a walk, such a relationship, Huang Ying felt strange, looked at the brightly lit Yanhe Park downhill, and murmured I read a report before, a traffic policeman was on duty in his thirties, and his wife hugged him.I saw my child with him at the intersection, the cold wind was blowing, and adults and children were freezing together.It felt too fake at the time, and it seemed like a show, but now that I think about it, it should be true.Since we are talking about being in a relationship, we have to face this problem.Han Chaoyang rubbed the corner of his mouth and said proudly, Yingying, when we were maintaining order in Luzhuang at night, the head of the Criminal Police Division of our sub bureau praised me.At first, I was confused, and then I realized that a clue I reported a while ago was very valuable.Huang Ying has seen such a person, to be precise, she has met someone who is very similar to Miao Haizhu, she laughed and said Fortunately, it s just a friend, not a colleague.Being a colleague with her will definitely be very stressful.Fortunately, she and I Cousin s class, not my class, otherwise my three years in junior high school would definitely be miserable, and even leave a psychological shadow.Han Chaoyang was really lucky, and the idea that her cousin was overheard because of his complaints appeared in his mind., being chased into the men s restroom, being dragged out of the men s restroom by her and punched and kicked all the time.Your senior sister will definitely be a leader.If you don t believe me, we can bet.We cbd gummy rings buy cbd gummy online can wait and kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed see.Huang Ying didn t know how domineering Miao Haizhu was when she was in junior high school, but she only knew that Police Officer Miao was very powerful now.The channels are different, the cost is higher, the profit is thinner, and the risk is greater, but a sales network has also been established by selling small packets of drugs.Next home and next home, layer cbd gummies 30000 mg by layer distribution.The special case team is divided into several groups.Compared with other drug related personnel, these in the garden house are just small fish and shrimps.At the same time, they are relatively rich and have a bit of status in society.In short, the arrest operation that is about to start is not a big operation.Only two arrest teams came, with a HCMUSSH kana cbd gummies price total of sixteen people.Bian Guangping really wanted to be the first to go in, but he thought that HCMUSSH kana cbd gummies price the big wolf dog inside might be squatting at the corner of the wall, so he lost his mind for a while.Wu Wei felt a little funny, so he pulled out the gun and handcuffs and handed them to Xiao Liu behind him.So soon I thought it would take a week, but when I applied in the morning, people called to verify the information we uploaded in the afternoon.They not only called our neighborhood committee, but also called the police station.The background interface showed that our WeChat official account was successfully authenticated.At that time It s a government department, and there is no fee for certification.I made a random template and uploaded a few photos, or I ll send you the QR code, and you can scan it to see if you can pay attention.This WeChat official account can make money if it is done well, Zheng Xinyi is very concerned about it, and she is very happy to confirm that the certification has passed.If it is done well, there will be advertising fees, and if there are advertising fees, the neighborhood committee will have funds Su Xian was also very interested in this, and didn t want to trouble the police station.He would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail.Director Wang is neither willing to be a deputy nor an honorary person.He rejected the nominations for the vice chairman and honorary chairman, and served as a volunteer like most of the participants.Because he voluntarily withdrew, Mr.Liang was successfully elected as the vice chairman.One kana cbd gummies price director and two deputy directors, and the second vice chairman is Aunt Wang from Dongming New Village.Director Su promised to clear up an office for the foundation to use, and asked Han Chaoyang, Chen Jie, and Zheng Xinyi, who worked overtime last night and did not come today, to directly discuss with the foundation as long as it involved Xiao Binbin and other matters related to helping the poor.With so many people who are enthusiastic about public welfare willing to take over , Han Chaoyang couldn t wait for it, and vowed to support and cooperate with the foundation s work in the future.It s because it s not easy to do, so I want to ask you to come out of the mountain.In kana cbd gummies price our area, who doesn t pure cbd oil gummies las vegas know you, Factory Manager Wang , your prestige is so high, your old get smilz cbd gummies words are cbd gummies for back pain relief kana cbd gummies price really worth ten of best cbd gummies for anxiety sleep and pain ours.The old factory manager thought about it and found that helping the neighborhood committee and the police office to cut off the household chores of the masses is also good, and suddenly smiled In what kana cbd gummies price capacity to mediate Sure It s the People s Mediation Committee.As long as you are willing to help, I will tell Director Su that I will hire you as the deputy director of the People s Mediation Committee.Now that there are many disputes, you may not be able to handle it by kana cbd gummies price yourself.Who do you think is suitable to nominate directly , Director Su will go to hire again, and then go to the letter of appointment.If someone said they were a couple while walking on the street, Han Chaoyang would not believe it even if he killed him.Both, Police Officer Han is here.You can tell Officer Han.If the child is not well educated and runs away from home, if this kind of thing is taken care of, the police don t have to do anything else.Chen Jie really couldn t explain it to them, and was troubled so much that when she saw Han Chaoyang, she excused herself to go out.Officer Han, help me, Tingting is the only child we have Don t worry, pure isolate cbd gummies shark tank come in and tell me.Han Chaoyang clearly remembered that his cousin who was bullied by Miao Haizhu also ran away from home in the third year of junior high.The parents didn t know how anxious they were, but they could kana cbd gummies price understand the couple s feelings.They walked to the corner and lifted the cover.Huang Ying was ecstatic, she shook his arm after thinking about it and asked I think it s good, but you are in the probationary period, how do you resign now I will apply again after the expiration of the term.He will keep this job for me and will not find anyone else.That s great He is the president of the university, so he won t make such a joke.It should be true that he said he has been following me for a long time, I often see him in Yanhe Park, he came to see us during kana cbd gummies price our rehearsals, and he was there when we performed last night, sitting in the first row.As a leader, who doesn t want to hire someone who knows everything and can do it.Huang Ying no longer had doubts, looked up at him and asked, What do you think This is an opportunity.Nonsense, who doesn t know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.Like Han Chaoyang, doing a good job of public security in Xinmin Community is only part of the job.If there is a police incident in the two communities of Xinmin and Longren, she must be the closest to kana cbd gummies price the police.If the area under the jurisdiction of the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road and the police station on Xinyuan Street are too busy, they should also go back to help.Considering that she would be in charge in this way, the leaders of the Xinyuan Street Police Station specially dispatched an auxiliary policeman to be stationed in the buy cbd gummy online royal cbd gummies for pain Xinmin Community Police Office to assist her in her work.Huang Ying and Xie Lingling felt that Miao Haizhu was aggrieved because she had to do so many things at the grassroots level, and even called Teacher Ma in Linshan Town to complain.Han Chaoyang didn t feel how wronged big sister was, so he held up his mobile phone and explained to Xingshi s mother who was questioning her Mom, she is a policeman first and then a girl.The action I am talking about refers to the arrest.Based on the existing clues, six arrest teams will be formed to go to his cousin, Cousin and other relatives who had a good relationship before.The combatants who perform the task of setting up cards and interrogating must act in front of us, first narrow the encirclement, and first enclose the Lijiayao.Come and catch a turtle in a urn.Yes What is it I haven t assigned a specific task yet.Shi Ju glared at the old man, and continued It s rare for you to visit the village.I guess you are familiar with the terrain inside and outside the village.I m no more familiar with you than I am.It s hopeless to expect you to be guides.Relying on topographic maps to capture day lilies is useless, so I want you to assign a task, hurry up and find a few guides, and please come to the station quietly so how long after eating a cbd gummy that you can catch them at any time.He didn t give me good cigarettes, but I knew that his house had visitors.There were several bottles of good wine and a large plastic bag of fruit in the house.His grandson ate HCMUSSH kana cbd gummies price it.I got those snacks, and these small shops below don t sell them at all.As expected of a scout who has been on the battlefield, although he is old, his observation cbd gummy rings buy cbd gummy online skills are kana cbd gummies price still keen.He Pingyuan asked Did you go to Feng Changcun and Li Xingwang s house Go, Feng Changcun played cards in the old Yuan s shop, and his wife was at home Li Xingwang didn kana cbd gummies price how long does 25 mg cbd gummy last t see him, and his house was closed.Old Mei, Whose house do you think he will be hiding in I can t say for sure, and I dare not talk nonsense, if I make a mistake and let that kid run away, I, Mei Shengli, cannot bear the kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed responsibility.Can you walk around the village again How to transfer, the Lijiayao is so big, and the family members will become suspicious.Yes.If you hit him, he kana cbd gummies price deserves it, and if you kill him, you don t need to be responsible.They all spoke Mandarin, and Captain Xu, Deputy Director Wu and Ju Wang could hear them clearly.It was confirmed that the fugitive was seriously injured.It was confirmed that the fugitive was beaten to death by the Yanyang police.Director Wang didn t know whether to praise him or criticize him.How far can you stand up and run, is it necessary for you kid to rush up Well now, it was probably a dead body that was brought down the mountain.The dead man can t speak, and it s impossible to explain the facts of the crime.What has he been doing in the past two years However, the young man was not a policeman of the Longdao County Public Security Bureau, and the young man indeed captured an extremely dangerous fugitive, indeed seized a May 4th pistol and seven rounds of ammunition, and indeed made meritorious service.For Zhou Ju, this was really a unintentional surprise.While opening the door and walking towards the political commissar s office, he said enthusiastically Xiao Han, you did a good job, you did a good job, you re fine.Embarrassing to our bureau, Fan Bureau gave a brief introduction just now, now I want to hear from you, start from the beginning, and speak slowly.Reporting to the weekly bureau, I am just lucky Don t be humble, I admit your luck Yes, but it is not enough to rely on luck alone to make such a great achievement.One person sticks to a mountain for four days and five nights, eats, drinks, lasses and sleeps all on the mountain.Can it be done without a little determination and perseverance Besides, the fugitive has Gun, he was injured by a wild boar, but he was not killed.As long as you can move your hands, it is very dangerous.Please describe the situation at that time.Yes, Han Zhaoyang calmed down, raised his head and said, After dinner last night, He Suo is going to do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price send me back to the county with Jiang Li and Zhang Tianxiang.When I was about to leave, a parent of a student from Xinying Middle School who was fighting came to the office.In order to see me off, Instructor Hang and Police Chief Chang drank some wine kana cbd gummies price in the evening.Li received a report from the village cadres and went to the kana cbd gummies price family camp to verify after dinner.The situation of killing wild boars.He Suo may feel that the instructor and the police chief Chang have drunk alcohol and are not suitable for mediation.Li Suo is not at home, so he personally receives and works as a student s parent.Jiang Li, Zhang Tianxiang and I did not go in , we waited in the car until he finished the mediation and sent the parents of the students away before coming to the county seat.Old Zhou, let me introduce you.Yes.Zhou Ju went to the place that Political Commissar Huang had just stepped aside, pointed to his subordinates and introduced Director Fang, Director Tao, this is Comrade Han kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station of our sub bureau., in the cbd gummy rings buy cbd gummy online just concluded study and exchange activity, I first discovered the whereabouts of the A level wanted criminal of the Ministry of Public Security together with a policeman from the study and exchange unit, and then participated in the large scale arrest organized by the Xinlan City Public Security Bureau This restaurant is actually a restaurant In the multi functional hall, the dining table is cbd gummies for copd uk removed and replaced with desks and chairs to form a small conference hall with a curtain in front and a projector overhead.Han Chaoyang really had feelings for Chaoyang Village, and he suddenly felt empty when he thought that as a community policeman, he was not there for such a major event as relocation.Thinking about the next two years, I will be able to witness the transformation of an urban village into an extremely prosperous transportation hub and business district, and I feel a little excited.Just as I was thinking wildly, I heard Big Sister asking on the other end of the phone We are still protecting the scene, didn t we call you into the task force What kind of scene, besides, there is no police in the high tech district bureau, how could you two protect the scene.The reason for this cannot be explained in detail, and Han Chaoyang didn t bother to explain to her, so he simply said in a perfunctory way Whether it s a murder or not, someone died after all.Of course Kang Haigen knew what a homicide occurred in the jurisdiction meant, and said with a wry smile The problem now is that Lao Gu can t handle it all by himself.Whoever contributes more people and who contributes more to talk about the matter, Xu Weizhong pondered Call Xi Yuan and ask him to come back and work overtime..Xu Weizhong contacted Guan Xiyuan in front of the two of them, and asked him to report directly to the police in Chaoyang Community, then put down his mobile phone and said with a smile I don t know how Xiao Han and Wu Wei are now.The leaders of the Gaoxin District Bureau must be unhappy, probably not It will give them a good face.Who should be in charge of the case is a very serious issue.What else can they do except show some face Thinking of the two subordinates who were transferred, Liu Jianye said with a smile If the transfer is only Xiao Wu, I may not be at ease.There used to be, Lao Du took a puff of cigarette, and pondered Lu Hong from the second team is not a good guy.When you see a bicycle on the road, you will go over and pull out the valve core of the tire.They didn t provoke him, and he doesn t even know who owns the car.Don t you think that s not the case Do you harm others and benefit yourself Forget it.Han Chaoyang took out his notebook and wrote down the name Lu Hong.However, that kid seems to have changed his ways in kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed the past few years.After all, he is older and his children are older, so he can t do it well.Now he has a motorcycle and collects sheep in the kana cbd gummies price vicinity, and sells the feed by the way.Old Du suddenly remembered something, and added He is not a reformer, he usually does a lot of immoral things.If you harvest sheep, you can kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed harvest sheep.Anyway, there are two policemen in the Yandong branch at the gravel plant, as long as there is one policeman watching the scene.In fact, it is not even necessary to arrange the police to watch the sand.It is enough to arrange kana cbd gummies price two auxiliary police officers.The main reason is that their Stone Bureau is too dishonest.The corpse was obviously found in their jurisdiction, but it was pushed away completely.Isn t that true What is prevarication Since the ceremony is very important, let s go to it and go back early.Yes, thank you Tengda.I still have something to do, so I ll hang up first.Han Chaoyang really mustered up the courage to make this call.He put down the phone and said with a relieved smile, Finally, I ve got a leave of absence, Angkor.I ll keep an eye on it tonight.Go and rest.If you want to participate in the appointment ceremony, if you don t sleep now, you will definitely be listless.The convoy has just set off from the bride s house, and it is about two kilometers away from the first rethink cbd gummy drops review pass.According to the local custom, whenever it encounters a bridge, it will stop and set off firecrackers, and there are many large and small bridges in the local area, so the convoy can t get up fast.The boy stopped again, and the boys were setting off firecrackers with cigarettes in their mouths, very busy.Huang Ying, who had just rushed over from the faculty dormitory of PolyU to deliver a dress to Han Chaoyang, couldn t help laughing and said, 8 BMWs are going to pick up the bride, and we have booked more than 30 tables at the Royal Court Hotel at noon.How much will this wedding cost Teacher Liang is just such a grandson.He and his wife s retirement salary is so high, and his son and daughter in law s salary is not low.The grievances between them can be traced back to twenty years ago.At the beginning, they were both in the sand and gravel business.They all invest in mixing stations.In order to steal the other party s business, you have reported me and I have reported you all these years.The subordinates are also in dire straits.The two suspects who had just been arrested just wanted to impress Boss Hou.After discovering the corpse by accident, they had an idea.The No.2 bridge brought the body over, and quietly carried it into the gravel factory while the gatekeeper was not paying attention, and then buried it in the sand.What date did it come Around two o clock in the morning on the 15th.If two If the confession of the two suspects is true, then they found the body shortly after the victim s death and brought it over to plant and frame it.Is this a large scale gang Even if it is a criminal gang with a large number of people, this kind of situation is unlikely to happen.I can t guess what it kana cbd gummies price is now.I will help you keep an kana cbd gummies price eye on the traffic control center.The suspect vehicle has been entered into the traffic police As long as the detachment s collection and deployment control system is on the road, the system will automatically identify it, automatically call the police, and even push it to the mobile police terminal of the police on duty, and then we can arrange for the nearest police force to intercept it. Thank you Luo Zhi. Don t be in a hurry to thank me, you should hurry up and see if you can find out the basic situation of the owner of the kana cbd gummies price Mercedes Benz before dark.Tengda is personally in charge of this line, and has already contacted the Dongguan City Public Security Bureau.Teng University did not report, and Han Chaoyang did not know if there was any progress in the special case team.He only knew that the next step would be to focus on investigating gamblers.The investigation of gamblers is not just for those who have been dealt with because of gambling, like Chaoyang.Wei Haicheng, a well known gambler in the village, is unqualified to be investigated at all.A win or loss of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan is a big gamble in the eyes of ordinary people.It s just a bet or two.As soon as he arrived at the meeting point at the gate of China Merchants Bank on Renmin Road, Han Chaoyang parked the car provided by the special case team and got into the police car of the serious crime team.It s over, and Wu Wei is on his way here, how is your side, is there any progress Not much progress.From now on, I am a member of the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.When a police situation occurs in the cbd gummies for back pain relief kana cbd gummies price jurisdiction, you will deal with it in the past.You can arrange it as you like.Count it in.Kang Suo, how can this work, you are the leader.What kind of logic is this, the leader doesn t have to work Kang Haigen asked back, raised his arm and pointed to the bulletin board hanging on the wall Even if I am a leader, I can lead you, I can lead Lao Ding, can I still lead Comrades from the Xinyuan Street Police Station Can you still lead the Chaoyang Community kana cbd gummies price Volunteer Security Patrol Team and PolyU University Volunteer Security Patrol Team But It s nothing but, you have the final say on the work of the integrated police platform.If it involves several key points I will also do my part for the work on the project site, after all, this is a task assigned to me by my superiors.In other words, the policemen at the Zhongshan Road comprehensive police platform have to work overtime every day.As for statutory holidays such as weekends, don t expect to have two days off.On average, you can only have one day off per week, and you have to take turns to rest, which means that even if you can rest, it doesn t have to be a weekend.Han Chaoyang greeted Grandpa Gu and Lao Ding, and was about to ask if there were many police cases at night, when Lao Tang escorted a middle aged couple out of the police station, and the woman hesitated to speak, as if unwilling to leave Well, Old Tang said that she just pushed the electric car and left with his wife.Sheriff Tang, who are they Han Chaoyang asked curiously.Zou Yanqing s parents, Old Tang took off his cap, scratched his head, and sighed softly, the office notified them.Director Su went back to work for a few years, and promotion to the deputy office was a matter of course.Miao Haizhu only knows the situation of the provincial government, not the local party committee and government.Moreover, the municipal committee was somewhat mysterious.Many people, including her, really didn t know how many departments the municipal committee office had set up, so they asked, Director Su, what does the administrative and financial department do Activities, responsible for the logistics support of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee Office, responsible for the cleaning, maintenance and distribution of newspapers and periodicals in the leadership offices of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee Office, and responsible for the budget and final accounts, management and expenditure of various funds for the Municipal Party Committee Office.I should apologize to them.Mo Yun Hu s attitude is better than expected, and it seems that he has been reformed well in prison.Han Chaoyang was moved to understand the reason with emotion, and then made a final decision with some side by side discussions, gave him a police and civilian contact card, and asked him to ask for his brother in law and sister s mobile phone numbers, and then sent him to the door.Watching him get into his brother in law s car, he took out his mobile phone and was about to call Kang Suo to ask about the situation in Washington cbd gummies for ed review Tiandi, but Kang Suo called him first.Chaoyang, the suspect has been arrested Chief Lei and Xiao Miao are right, he really threw himself into the trap.Kang Haigen looked back who owns clinical cbd gummies at the suspect with his head drooping, and said excitedly The equipment has just been dismantled. Think about it, since there are shortcomings, then we will help him make up for it.Xu Weizhong thought for a while, and then asked By the way, Liu Suo , destroying five dens in a row, this case is not big or small, can he handle it alone He definitely can t handle it alone, but he is not alone.Liu Jianye smiled as he walked to the kitchen Said There are a cbd gummies melt lot of people in the police room, including Lao Ding, Lao Tang from the Xinyuan Street Police are eagle hemp cbd gummies legit Station, and Xiao Miao who came from the Provincial Department to take a second job.You know Kang Haigen, he will never miss this opportunity.Please don t hesitate Excited, let them check first, maybe they can find out some famous tricks.If they can find out famous tricks, it will also be a result of the institute Xu Weizhong smiled knowingly, and didn t ask any more questions At 7 o clock, Director Wen of the Political Department was organizing police representatives who were going to the Provincial Department to participate in the meritorious service award ceremony to cbd no thc gummies form a team in front of the branch office building.Do you know where he lives Yes, he lives at his sister s house., live in Room 202, Building 3, Xinmin Community.It s okay if you don t know, and Miao Haizhu is even more angry if you know, and asks through gritted teeth Since you know, why didn t you tell me Aren t you busy with Bi Xunchang s case the other two days , forget it in a hurry You can forget anything, can you forget this kind of thing Miao Haizhu patted the steering wheel and said bitterly Han Chaoyang, it s not that my sister is scaring you, this time you are in big trouble I m in big greenhouse pure cbd gummies trouble, what do you mean, did Mo Yunhu commit another crime Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.He hasn t committed a crime for the time being, but you have committed a crime Are you kidding me, HCMUSSH kana cbd gummies price what can I do He is a key population in the area under the jurisdiction of your Huayuan Street Police Station.Now it s the right time to talk.I don t know how we get along.He really can t delay any longer.Call me if I want to know.Huang Ying lay on top of him, sniggering gossipingly, It s such a cold day, and there s still snow on the road.No, they can t cbd gummy ingestion press the road, and I should take the girl home now.Maybe I m watching a movie, it s not suitable to play now.Is there anything inappropriate, if you are still talking to the girl, you will hang up Let s go.Han Chaoyang also wanted to know how the conversation was going, so he picked up his mobile phone and dialed Wu Wei Angkor, I m Chaoyang, where is it On the bus, Wu Wei pushed the window He opened a gap, took a few breaths of cold air, and said listlessly, We re almost at the gate of your flavrx cbd gummies reviews police station, what s the matter Just you Just me, what s the matter.The two of them got dressed and rushed to the police office.Sure enough, Wu Wei arrived first, and was standing in front of the buy cbd gummy online police station talking to Old Tang who was on duty tonight.Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying greeted Old tru bliss cbd gummies Tang, thinking that all the restaurants around them seemed to be closed at the moment, so they dragged Wu Wei to the hotel together.Liu said that he has great hopes, why is it yellow again What s going on Han Chaoyang usually didn t carry cigarettes, so he bought a pack of cigarettes in a small shop at PolyU when he came out, opened them and handed them a pack of cigarettes.roots.Wu Wei took a few puffs of the cigarette and smiled wryly as he walked My aunt introduced me, she asked me not to be so demanding, saying that although the woman was divorced but had no children, she was very beautiful and had good financial conditions.So I would cbd gummies for back pain relief kana cbd gummies price like to ask you a favor.Go and ask him kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed why he didn t go to Zhang Ziyue s natal family, instead of looking for a nanny first.Worried that this would arouse Ling Bin s vigilance, Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice Captain Wang , Is it appropriate for me to just run over and ask It should be no problem.Wang Jianping stroked his train of thought again, and analyzed Xiaoqiu and I should not have revealed our identities, and he probably didn t know he was being targeted by us.So yes For him, there are countless possibilities for Zhang Ziyue to leave without saying goodbye.The only thing he can t think of is that Zhang Ziyue is involved in drug trafficking.After all, drugs seem very far away to ordinary people like him, and it is difficult to put a gentle, considerate, beautiful or even kind woman and a female drug dealer.The more Grandpa Gu thought about it, the more he thought that there was such a possibility, and he turned around and said She will find a place to hide first, and then let Sister Wei go to the youth hostel to find out, which means she arrived before us.Fortunately We were careful enough, we didn t drive a police car or wear a police uniform when we came, and we didn t make much noise when we got there.We shouldn t underestimate women, let alone female drug dealers Han Chaoyang realized the seriousness HCMUSSH kana cbd gummies price of the problem, and immediately raised the walkie talkie Attention all groups, attention, I, Han Chaoyang, the young woman in the photo may be hiding nearby, or even hiding in these few buildings facing the street Please stay vigilant, don t talk loudly, don t where to buy cbd gummies in nyc act in a hurry, and pay close attention to the shops along the street and the three buildings of 16, 17, and 19 while monitoring the middle aged women.Officer Han, do you think so It s true.Lin Hongfang realized Due to the seriousness of the problem, he hurriedly said Officer Han, Yu Xin s mother, I I I really don t understand these things.Isn t it just a dropout What s the big deal, can we drop the tuition kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed fee Yuxin is so smart and so obedient, We all incredible edibles cbd fruit gummies like her very much, in fact, we are reluctant to let celine dion cbd gummies canada her drop out of school.Now that you are willing to quit, what did you do long ago Qin Mengqi secretly smiled, but she didn t want to offend anyone to death, so she decided to accept it as soon as she was good.Han Chaoyang waited calmly for them to refund the tuition fees to the parents of the students, and suddenly gave Xiaokang a wink.The two walked into the classroom together, walked up to the black man who was talking and laughing with a short and fat female teacher, and showed his police card.If this is nothing, the inspector will interview me.And The case has been handed over to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and I can t say anything now.Chaoyang, if others don t know, don t I know You must have a way, veromin cbd gummies uk just do me a favor and I ll treat you to dinner later.Minister Jiang, if you ask me to do something else, I, Han Chaoyang, promise that there will be no second thoughts, this matter will not work, and there will be no accommodation.Really not possible Really not possible Vice Minister Jiang didn t say anything else, and hung up the phone directly Yes, I could tell he was upset.Han Chaoyang knew very well that it would be easy to not give Vice Minister Jiang face, but the consequences would be serious.He put down his phone and sighed, I knew that the human relationship was sad, but I didn t expect it to be so sad This is a big trouble.Shopping malls are all diagonally across, with a lot of traffic.The city leaders can see it again, give it a good flash, it will definitely catch fire Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said I don t know if it will catch fire, but the important kana cbd gummies price thing is to make some noise.Miao Haizhu regained his composure, giggled and said Chaoyang, you shouldn t be a policeman, you should go to the Propaganda Department, it s a pity that people like you don t go to the Propaganda Department.Stand firm, and I kana cbd gummies price will find a way to transfer you there.You really think highly of me, I don t have such a great network, even if I have a network, I wouldn t go to any propaganda department, being a policeman is good, I like kana cbd gummies price being a policeman.Chapter 466 It s not a surprise that Boss Miao came to Yanyang to buy a house during the Spring Festival travel season.Secretary Cao, I am so I thought, the reason why the station helped us match up, and the reason why the station asked us to go to help is to improve the safety of the Spring Festival travel and to maintain the law and order of the station.But if only the trainees of the police academy are arranged to go there, they can only help them maintain ticket sales To maintain order in halls, squares, and waiting halls, to assist people in security checks, that is to say, it can only play a preventive role.We were originally assisting.Cao Zefang looked back at Kang Haigen, then turned to look at Grandpa Gu, and said with a smile We just need someone to help, we are equivalent to labor dispatch, and we will not just take money and do nothing, we will arrange a squad leader to lead the team and help the station to improve the security of the Spring Festival travel.Considering the special nature of anti picking, the superior asked them to carry out anti picking under the leadership of the office.That is to say, they took 100,000 yuan from you, but not only Xiao Zhong and Xiaoluo came here, but also a plainclothes anti picking team One light and one dark Almost, we are in the light, and they are in the dark.It s more or less the same, so our hundred thousand is not in vain.Just as they were talking, Wang Jiayong and Liu Yishan led the thief to the crowd In front of him, Miao Haizhu also ran over panting with a twenty two or three year old woman.Officer Ding, I caught you.This is the owner.This is the stolen property.I will hand it over to you along with the do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price suspect.Too many people are not conducive to the future work of the Anti Picking Team, so Xiao Zhong and Xiao Luo who came to watch the excitement immediately took over the suspects, then turned around and said You are the owner, please go to the police room with us.Tonight is a family banquet as well as a wedding banquet.Father Huang and Director Su first raised their wine glasses to wish Boss Miao and Miao Haizhu that they have bought a new house.The event has been accomplished.Boss Miao is very happy.care for his daughter.Miao Haizhu just didn t want to be treated like a child by her family, not because she didn t want to buy a house in Yanyang, and she was also very happy, toasting everyone like her father.Three rounds of wine, five flavors of food.Su Xian curiously asked why Han Chaoyang was late.Political Commissar Huang talked to you for more than an hour, and then Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du came to talk to you about work Yes.What did Political Commissar Huang talk to you about Su Xian asked.Han Chaoyang gave a brief introduction, and then smiled wryly At first it seemed like a heart to heart conversation, but the more we talked, the more outrageous it became.Gambling It s not small, I heard it clearly last night, it s all tens of thousands. Xiao You, don t worry, as long as you can catch the current one, you will definitely be rewarded, and I will apply to the leader for you..Facts have proved that the character of the most handsome policeman is relatively strong.Not only did Xiaoyou feel relieved, he even reported his girlfriend s cell phone number.His girlfriend got off work early and could help monitor them.If he found those guys going to gamble again, he would call and buy cbd gummy online royal cbd gummies for pain report them as soon as possible.Han Chaoyang confirmed the number, put down the phone and walked into the conversation room, took out his mobile phone and dialed Liu Suo s mobile phone.After listening to the report, Liu Jianye said in a low voice According to what you said, the clues should be fine, but it won t work just waiting for that Xiaoyou and his girlfriend to call.If you don t let me go, you have to take care of the food.There was still one portion of the supper that Yu Zhenchuan brought at night, and Han Chaoyang simply smiled Xiaokang, there is a portion of rice in it., there seems to be some food to order, you can take it to the next door and heat it in the microwave.Okay.I don t eat leftovers, and I m not a beggar, so I don t eat your leftovers.Han Chaoyang thought to himself, anyway, idle is idle Then, I got into trouble with your kid, stared at him kana cbd gummies price and asked Then what do you want to eat Order takeaway, it s open 24 hours, if you don t know how to order it, I will Sorry, I didn t download it Order a takeaway app.I know To Han Chaoyang s surprise, the brat actually pointed to the two mobile phones that had just been placed on the table, and said lightly, The one on the left is the do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price kana cbd gummies price police phone.Old Dai found out that this work can be done, so do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price he couldn t help asking with a kana cbd gummies price smile Chaoyang, what about the scalpers We can t control the scalpers, and the city management can t control the scalpers.They can only come to the bottom of the pot.Han Chaoyang suddenly turned around and pointed to the service desk in the station hall We can t handle this matter, you have to come forward in person, you can discuss it with the station leaders, and see if you can do it outside the station.Set up another service point to help those passengers who have not bought .

what can cbd gummies do for me?

a ticket to solve the problem of returning home. During the kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed Spring Festival travel season, the station is obliged to help. If the station can help coordinate the solution, who will look for scalpers, no one Looking for scalpers, scalpers will naturally not be able to do it.Lao Ding, Wu Wei and Miao who came in a hurry Haizhu followed closely with several other squadrons.Knowing that Manager Zhang had something to say, Han Chaoyang deliberately walked in the back.Manager Zhang grinned and said, I m not afraid of your jokes.I agreed to the acquisition by Secretary Cao only because of the prospect.I can t make it work on my own, and I can t take such a big risk on my own.Secretary Cao is courageous, and He came from the district committee and has connections, otherwise Xinyuan Sub district would be so supportive I can t do without your support.I should support, after all, Xinmin Community is also the security patrol area of our Zhongshan Road Police District Before I knew it, I had reached the gate of the Sixth Hospital, and the two squadrons in front were singing songs and marching in place, preparing to cross the road.The ballistic inspection found that it was the one he lost.As soon as the appraisal report came out, the policeman who threw the gun was taken away, as if he had been sentenced to a few years in prison.As the saying goes, once bitten kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed by a snake, you will be afraid of well ropes for ten years.Han Chaoyang had never been bitten by a snake, and he was also afraid of well ropes.He really turned pale when talking about guns , and said vaguely Director Wang, whether policemen like us are worthy of guns depends on what the superiors consider, not us.You can get a gun if you want to apply for it.What do your leaders think The reason why so many violent terrorist incidents caused so many casualties is because they are afraid of wolves and tigers and dare not give you front line policemen guns.As he spoke, the old factory manager recalled the past again, and said happily Is it so scary to equip the grassroots with guns Is it really so easy to cause accidents I can t see it.Contact information, if you have one, call her, and if you can t reach her, go directly to her home. Yes Report the situation in time, there are many cars on the road, drive slowly, and pay attention to safety. How to save lives Put out the fire, in case something happens to Little Fairy Although the colleagues in the command center got out of the way, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment.He turned on the police lights and sounded the siren, and while answering the call from Aunt Lu, he signaled Wu Junfeng to drive faster.Thank you, thank you for your concern.Aunt Lu, I m on the way to the police, why don t we talk later Chaoyang had been an outsider before, after thinking about it, he hurriedly said Xiao Han, wait a minute, I heard from Director Wang that you won t go back for the New Year s Eve, and if you won t go back for the New Year s Eve dinner at my house, my grandson admires you the most, my girl and my son in law You have seen it all, coming to my place to celebrate the New Year is like going home to celebrate the New Year.The area is small, only seven or eight square meters.The east side is where medical staff and hospital staff park their bicycles and electric kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed cars.This small shed was originally a duty room for an aunt to watch cars.Chapter 599 In the final analysis, it is still a matter of money Although there is no heating in the small shed, there is a heater.Fearing that he would be cold, Han Chaoyang asked someone to find an electric blanket.The bed is old, but the sheets and bedding are the same as those in ordinary wards, all sent by a nurse.I thought that Dai Li lived in the bridge hole and was very satisfied with this new living environment, but the nurse just helped him put in the needle and infuse fluid, and he said angrily Officer Han, you didn t help me with the hospitalization.Why, why do you let me live here Is this a ward, and buy cbd gummy online royal cbd gummies for pain there is no TV.He may not be willing to mention it now.Let s do it first.Even if he did the work of his cousins, it would be in vain, at least he would know what he should think of, and only in this way would he willingly apply for the demolition of the old house.Very simple thing, Let s just say it, who would want an old house to die Sun Guokang felt that the young master took off his pants and farted a little bit, so he thought about it green leaves cbd gummies and asked Han Da, what will happen after he gets through his work We are the Zhongshan Road Police District, the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform, not the detention center.We are more It s not the discipline police, we can t let him live here all the time, let s keep watching him Thinking too much.Han Chaoyang walked to the police car, opened the door and said with a smile, Why did the detention center apply to change the compulsory measures It was not because he was sick, or because he was worried that he would die in the detention center.The more Han Chaoyang listened, the more he felt something was wrong, he was stunned for a while, and suddenly asked in surprise, Why do I sound like Zhang Beibei It s Zhang Beibei, Huang Ying said with a chuckle, I just I was surprised when I found out, but it wasn t too surprising.Think about it, although Zhang Beibei knows a lot of people, only Zhen Chuan and Wu Wei can match her.That apprentice of yours was not born at the right time.If you come earlier, you may There is a chance, but it is definitely gone now.Zhang Beibei, hahahaha, how could it be Zhang Beibei What do you mean, do you have any ideas Stop joking, what can I think, I just think it s a little funny.Wait a minute, I ll call Hong Liang first, maybe he HCMUSSH kana cbd gummies price doesn t know either.Yu Zhenchuan and kana cbd gummies price Zhang Beibei actually came together, which is quite funny when you think about it, Huang Ying didn t want to waste any more time, snatched the phone, giggled and said, What s the fight, hurry up and brush your teeth, I didn t expect you to gossip like this Six hundred and zero Chapter 1 The second senior brother is here Huang s father and Huang s mother went out to visit relatives early in the buy cbd gummy online royal cbd gummies for pain morning.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to ask, Boss Liu, do you have any trustworthy friends in Yanyang It s fine to invite your friends if you don t come back.After all, you are the kana cbd gummies price person involved.Without a representative, we can t even make records, and you do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price re not there, so we won t be able to tell exactly how much alcohol and tobacco was stolen. My friend, Police Officer Han, I ll call my friend right now and ask him to go to the store to see Look.Okay, tell him to call me do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price when he arrives.Han Chaoyang hung up the phone of the owner of the Yan Hotel, and dialed the duty room of the Huayuan Street Police Station.When such a criminal case occurs, it must be reported as soon as possible, and the case handling team of the Huayuan Street Police Station will investigate and handle it first.If it cannot be handled, it will be handed kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed over to the No.But arresting people and even prosecuting and sentencing are all about evidence.Now the superiors have very high requirements for evidence.If What should the thief do if he finds that he can t run away, throw the stolen goods away and refuse to admit it If he refuses to admit it, what can he do Sometimes there is really nothing you can do about them, the legal department will review the evidence, if you are in doubt, ask Discuss with the procuratorate and ask whether you can be arrested based on the existing evidence.Even if you can be arrested, you can prosecute.If you can t be arrested and you can t prosecute, it is a wrong case.If they cannot be sentenced and the case cannot be prosecuted, it is also a wrong case for them.It s so troublesome It involves the quality of case handling, which needs to be assessed.Han Chaoyang took another puff of cigarette, and then changed the subject.The police handling the case of the Menbei County Public Security Bureau did not find out until later that the kid who ran away had never traveled far before he ran away, and he probably never left Menbei County.And he is not completely idle, he can drive a loader, If you have a job, you will do it, if you don t have a job, you will hang out with a bunch of brats, and the interview found that he had never taken drugs before reuniting with Qiao Peimin.Where are the other four brats No matter how they asked during the interrogation, they all insisted that the methamphetamine was given by the boy who ran away.Looking at Team Ni s thoughtful look, Han Chaoyang added The location of Menbei County is remote, and the county seat is very small.Han Chaoyang was even more embarrassed, and hurriedly said Captain Ni, how can I let you invite me to delay you all afternoon Please.Find a restaurant nearby, have a meal together before going back, no matter how busy you are, kana cbd gummies price you have to eat.Don t be so polite, I really have something to do.Ni avail cbd gummies Guoxiong patted his arm and said with a smile Don t worry, I will boosted cbd gummies reviews You can t .

how long for cbd gummies to worlk?

stay for a long time if you have something to do.Xiaosun has nothing to do.He will continue to assist you.If you need anything, just tell Xiaosun.Take a step first.They not only wanted to go back, but also kana cbd gummies price issued an order to expel the guests.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to open the door and get out of the car with Lao Hu, standing on the side of the road and watching Team Ni disappear from sight as he drove the car.It s all my fault that this man lost it.His surname is Zhu, and his name is Zhu Zhiguang.I have been in Beijing for many years, and I have been dealt with for introducing prostitution.I am not a drug addict, and I have no criminal record for drug trafficking.Lao Hu did not expect Xiao Sun to come back, not only can t show that he is not welcome, but also wants to thank him for his help.Neng smiled and said, That s great, thank you very much.Oh, in terms of efficiency, your efficiency is much higher than ours.It took only a while to find out the identity of that Northeast person.You are too famous, I dare not Credit, it s the population management of the Fuzhong Police Station. It s the same thing, anyway, we have to learn from your capital s police. Officer Hu, how do you tell me to go on Xiao Sun smiled Smiling, he looked at the alley diagonally across and asked, Captain Ni asked me to assist you, if you need anything, just ask.Song team, this is a new situation, and I have to cbd gummies from industrial hemp report it to the bureau.Antivirus is like that.Song Kaiqiang stood up and said, Report, I also want to report to my superiors.Especially for Liu Qingjun s line, the next step is inseparable from the assistance of the Internet police, and may even require technical means, and may require the assistance of technical investigation.With such a large number of drug dealers, Lao Hu was still not at ease after thinking about it, and said in a low voice Da Han, Captain Song, the information of the interrogation just now is all in the transcript, why don t you put the transcript here, I will go back to the room and continue to detain the suspect.Chapter 644 2.12 Task Force 3 After finally catching a big fish, best cbd gummy thc free Song Kaiqiang did not dare to act rashly.Report to the provincial department.I will call to report the situation first, and you go and talk to Lao Du and Lao Feng, and ask them to hand over the work at hand and prepare to go to Beijing.Chapter 653 There is a large conference room specializing in surgery Here, everyone is busy.In the courtyard, more than a dozen cars came in one after another, most of which were cars with local license plates.The plainclothes policemen ran into the building as soon as they got off the car.The colleagues in Beijing are gathering urgently.As soon as the results of the interrogation come out, they will HCMUSSH kana cbd gummies price divide into several groups to investigate, deploy and arrest them Han Chaoyang couldn t intervene, couldn t help, and couldn t even speak, so he could only worry about it in the meeting room.Fortunately, the waiting time was not too long.I m not afraid of you waiting.Huang Ying got into the back row, just put down her bag, and suddenly sniffed After a few times, he leaned on the driver s seat and questioned, Dad, are you smoking in the car again No Dad Huang lit the engine, pretending to be wronged, and said, No, really.How can I smoke in the car.How can there be such a strong smell in the car without smoking I have told you many times, but I just don t listen.If I find out again, the car will not let you drive.Really No smoking, maybe the windows were open just now, and those people were smoking in the parking space, and the smell of smoke came from the sports car.On this issue, Huang Ma s position was highly consistent with Huang Ying s, she closed the door and laughed and cursed Smoking is smoking.Hey, open your eyes kana cbd gummies price and tell nonsense, the cigarette is in your jacket pocket, and the cigarette butts are thrown outside, Chaoyang is the police, do you want Chaoyang to identify whether you smoked it I smoked it outside.There are only a few large dormitories upstairs, and they are no longer as busy as before.However, the hotel lobby has also become a meeting place for several construction bosses, constantly receiving people who come to them to talk about projects.The coffee table and benches are full of architectural drawings, and the hotel lobby has thus become an unlisted project.Command.The little girl recruited at the do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price end of last year kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed didn t know whether she met her partner in her hometown or felt that the wages here were low, so she couldn t tell when she called on the sixth day of the sixth day.There were still a few old comrades left in the hotel, including her, and she could only play the role of a waiter, pouring tea for Boss Hu and the three guests in hard hats who came to talk to Boss Hu.Aunt Huang, thank you.I m helping with the investigation at Chenjiaji now. I knew you wouldn t just sit idly by, but why didn t you notify me of such a big event Can I take care kana cbd gummies price of you when I m so busy in the morning That s right, let s get down to business, Liu So the suspect cbd gummy rings buy cbd gummy online has been identified Lao Ding may be the policeman who has worked kana cbd gummies price the longest in the Huayuan Street Police Station, and he is familiar with the situation in Huayuan Street, so Han Chaoyang wanted to drag him into the small task force of the two old men in the anti pickup industry That s fine, let s just introduce the situation we have now.Lao Ding s first reaction was indeed to ask why he didn t tell Mr.Liu Suoji what he found at the scene, and Han Chaoyang had to explain Just a few grasses, so many people went to buy cbd gummy online royal cbd gummies for pain the scene last night, it doesn t matter who picked it up.The innermost part is underwear, and then long johns.Outside the long johns is a pair of thermal pants, and outside the thermal pants is a pair of slacks.When the suspect transported the body to the river, his hands may be stained with the incontinence of the deceased after he was killed.The excrement and urine of the deceased will not necessarily stain the ground and grass.Xiang Yaxin organized Yu Guosheng, Lao Kong and Xiao Chen and other technical policemen to investigate the scene carefully for several hours, but they still did not find the victim s urine trace, so they had to adopt the most stupid method, drawing a grid on the scene, each Take a sample from the grid.The test materials were sent to the Forensic Medical Examination and Appraisal kana cbd gummies price Center of the Municipal Bureau, and the police in the DNA laboratory really did special work.There are shops selling mobile phones in front and small restaurants in the back.People in our shop often go there to eat.Thinking that the police may not believe it, The girl emphasized again We usually eat in the store, but sometimes we also go out to eat, such as someone s birthday, or want to have a party or something.She has worked nearby and may be related to Yu Xiufen, so she couldn t help asking Look again, and see if it s the same person The girl said in a positive tone Don cbd gummy rings buy cbd gummy online t look, it s him, kana cbd gummies price we ve been there Many times, and there is only one waiter and him as the waiter in Chuanwei Restaurant.What s his surname, what s his name It seems that his surname is Teng, I don t know what his name is, but you can ask Sister Yu, Sister Yu should know , He and Sister Yu seem to be from the same village.As the captain of the team, Han Chaoyang must be watching, as well as the three seniors, Lao Gu, Lao Ji, and Lao Wu, and the team members are all good boys, so there will only be results, and there will be no problems.After thinking about it, Liu Qiuping was still not at ease, and pondered, It s hanging at the Huayuan Street Police Station, and the Huayuan Street Police Station has nothing to do with it.The patrol team is compulsory, and the security guards of the patrol team are not paid, and the branch office is also not very easy to manage.Why don t we simply give those anti pickup team members a job and let them be veritable auxiliary policemen, accepting the management and command of the command center, anyway, the command center already has auxiliary policemen.Chapter 757 What you pay is rewarded Han Chaoyang slept until six in the afternoon, but was woken up by Huang Ying who just got off work, otherwise he could still sleep, but he couldn t sleep anymore, otherwise he wouldn t be able to sleep at night It will take several days for the biological clock to adjust.Do you think I am angry Liu Jianye asked And then I hid in the woods, he couldn t see me, I sent a WeChat message to tell him to go in, and when he got to the bench, I ran out and strangled him with a belt until he was not paying attention.He dies.What happens after he dies I m not afraid of death if I kill him, but I can t let go of my child.I kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed m a little scared when he dies, so I want to hide him, so I carry him to the toilet behind the fertilizer factory, over there.There is a septic tank, and no one will be able to find him if he is thrown into the septic tank.When he finds out that he hasn t been in the septic tank for many years, and the septic tank cover can t be opened, he will be thrown by the river. And then Afterwards I went home, and when I got home, I wondered if Yu Xiufen would call kana cbd gummies price the police if she couldn t find him. So you re not listed Not for the time being, Director Wen knew very well what Deputy District Chief Liu was thinking about.To be precise, Deputy District Chief Liu had any concerns, but he couldn t just say that the leader was worried that once the security company 30 cbd living gummies was officially listed, the branch office would be closed if something happened.If you want to take the blame, you can only perfunctoryly say Although it will not be listed for the time being, the work must still be carried out normally.By the way, District Chief Liu has a high opinion of your anti pickup team.You should quickly write a report on the application for anti pickup funds.As long as the lion doesn t open his mouth, District Chief Liu should approve.As long as the anti pickup team is not needed, isn t it true that you can t see the forest for the trees Director Wen, others don t know that you know very well that the patrol team is more important than the anti pickup do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price team If you just give up like this, you will meet again later In case of an emergency, where can I transfer people to assist in setting up surveillance Chaoyang, you have worked so hard to set up the patrol team, I can understand your feelings, but you have to face it right now .

do cbd gummies help with tinnitus?

and then.Liu Jianye touched the corner of his mouth and asked calmly District Chief Liu, since you can invite comrades trained in the police officer training center to participate, you can also ask for help from the Provincial Police Academy.There are so many students in the Provincial Police Academy, and they are often pulled out to participate in large scale activities for security.You think highly of me too.I am the director of the branch bureau, not the leader of the city bureau, let alone the leader of the department.Moreover, this is a competition organized by the district, which is not considered a large scale event in the eyes of others.Yan Provincial Police Academy and others Provincial police academies are different in that they recruit students on demand.As long as the grades of the police lipht cbd gummies 1000mg school students are not very bad, as long as they don t make mistakes, they can basically join the police, so the school leaders don t need to ask the public security bureaus of the cities, let alone the district and county public security bureaus.Xu Hongliang never thought that the new chief of the Yandong Public Security Bureau would withdraw his previous decision because of the international marathon he was talking about just now, but he was slapped down in a daze before.Now that he thinks about it, he feels unwilling, so he takes a few sips in a row Yan said with a blank expression Liu Suo, it s not that I, Xu Hongliang, don t give you face, but that I really don t know whether the kana cbd gummies price baypark cbd gummies for ed words willie nelson eagle hemp cbd gummies of District Chief Liu count.I also understand a little bit, this is for you, and you can only half believe what they say when you have time.In Liu Jianye s mind, the person in front of him is still an auxiliary policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, and he doesn t want to go around in circles with him, so he speaks out HCMUSSH kana cbd gummies price Said Hongliang, don t be petty This is a win win situation, why don t you agree And the situation of your pick is not known do cbd gummies curb appetite kana cbd gummies price to District Chief Liu, so he readily agrees, and everything before has never happened.After all, people go to high places, and water flows to low places., who doesn t want to work in the urban area, he can t miss someone s future. Then secondment first, and then make a formal transfer when there is an opportunity, the talent must be retained, let that kid go to the criminal police team Liu Qiuping paused, then continued.There are also Xiao Wu and Xiao Yu.Good steel should be used wisely.Policemen who are young and brave like them should go to the criminal police team.Chapter 789 Xu Hongliang was talking about getting married, Director Wen knocked on the door and walked in, and was stunned when he saw Liu Qiuping sitting opposite Feng Ju.Old Wen, what s the matter Liu Qiuping asked curiously.District Chief Liu, you re here too.Director Wen regained his composure and reported on the door Didn t an auxiliary police officer die in the Zhongshan Road Police District last month because of saving lives The aftermath work is basically done.If there is anything to think about, there is really no place in Shuxiangyuan.We don where can you by cbd gummies t necessarily have to go to the live performance.There are still 20 days left.Let s slowly think about it and give you a surprise then Because she found an important clue by checking the suspect s mobile phone call records and personal bank account transaction records, she just rushed to the Huayuan Street Police Station with Wu Wei to report to Liu Jianye.We didn t have time to trace kana cbd gummies price the flow of more kana cbd gummies price than 100 funds on this bill.We only checked the transfer records of these four large amounts.Wu Wei pointed to the transaction records marked with a pen on the bill and said excitedly The first One transfer was 1.7 million, the second was 2.6 million, the third was 500,000, and the fourth was another 500,000.The transfer dates were May 3, May 12, May 22, and June 4 last year.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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