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Retreat, retreat, get out of this damn place Sergeant Hall also yelled angrily Remember that orderly, I will shoot him These damned unreliable orderly Hitler s face Somewhat unnatural, he was born as an orderly soldier.He looked outside the position, and was horrified to find that position G was completely covered by his own artillery fire.He grabbed Sergeant Hall and said, Sergeant, the lieutenant is still there The German soldiers who were about to evacuate He stopped in his tracks, yes, Lieutenant Ernst is still there Retreat, retreat immediately Sergeant Hall did not change his mind because of this If we don t leave here, we will all die under the shells of our own people No, sergeant Adolf Hitler said here He became extremely stubborn for a moment The lieutenant is still there, we can t leave the lieutenant I must be responsible for the entire company Corporal Adolf Sergeant Hall said seriously Lieutenant Ernst will take care of himself Yes, now I am the supreme officer here, and I will never give up everyone s life because of one person After speaking, he told his subordinates loudly I order you all to leave here now Although the soldiers were against Lieutenant Ernst was full of emotion, but under the order of Sergeant Hall, he had no choice but to reluctantly leave position B.

Adolf Hitler s eyes were red.Damn Sergeant Hall, damned Jew Like Steven, Hall was a bloody Jew Selfish and shameless How could they just give up the lieutenant All Jews are the zuri cbd gummies same, they deserve to be expelled from the army, no, from all of Germany Even, they should all be sent to the gallows However, the current Hitler can do nothing about what happened to Lieutenant Ernst.twenty one.Let s rush out together The artillery fire finally eased a little.Wang Weiyi shook off the clods and gravel all over his body.God blessed him, he was not killed by the bomb With a huh , he leaned on the ground and opened the communication between the little spirits Little Ling, hell, I m trapped here, where do I have to retreat A British army has come from They came up from behind, and they have a howitzer regiment.

If possible, he would never make the decision to pursue.But it s too late to say anything now.Conk raised the revolver in his hand He suddenly found that the corner of the German military officer s mouth was cracked, and he seemed to be smiling there.The revolver rang out.But once a person has an uncontrollable fear of the target, it will seriously affect his psychology.What s more, Lieutenant Conk is not a person who is good at shooting.All the bullets in the revolver were emptied, but none of them hit the opponent at all Wang Weiyi smiled again, is it his turn now He put down his rifle, drew out his bayonet, and walked slowly towards Lieutenant Conk step by step.The terrified Lieutenant Conk threw his revolver at the opponent with all his strength, and when he saw the opponent turn his head to avoid it, he originally wanted to escape, but the British officer s deep rooted sense of pride and honor made him hesitate again, and then Pulling out the command knife at his waist, he roared and rushed towards the opponent.

He is a narrow minded man.Although his final ending in history was suicide, I hope he will not have any influence on our mission.Joachim prince Is that the prince with the cold eyes What kind of threat can he pose to himself who lives in the deep palace all day long Forget it, let s think about how to rescue Guo Yunfeng first.Brothers, vote for the spider if you have recommendations Fifty five.Hyena Pompestein Damn Nicholas Richthofen cursed loudly He actually stretched out his hand on us, is he trying to challenge our dignity At this moment, Richthofen Thofen has completely regarded Wang Weiyi as his own Don t say anything more, go to the Military Intelligence Bureau immediately, does Nikolai still dare to stop us The reason Manstein was still very Calmly Manfred, don t be impulsive, Nicholas has such a right, even His Majesty the Emperor will support him.

I believe that in the future, you will definitely encounter things that you can t solve directly in your capacity.At that time, you can use my can toddlers have cbd gummies chess piece.So I am not here today to beg you, but to make an exchange.Leonie pondered there for a long condor cbd gummies website botanical farms cbd gummies website time, then her eyes fell on Depusey Depusey, what do you think Depusey had been standing there waiting for him.He heard the countess question and said, A guy who can kill hundreds of people under the siege of the British is a sharp weapon for self defense.If he could keep his word, it would not be too much to ask for his companion to be rescued.My loyal steward also speaks highly of you.Leonie nodded Baron Alexon, can you botanical farms cbd gummies scam keep your promise I promise Wang Weiyi said solemnly.Pombestein is a mad dog in the eyes of others, but in my eyes he is just a dog Leonie didn t seem to take Pompestein seriously at all Depusey, you make a trip yourself and bring the Baron s Chinese friend here.

Pompestein, and four of his subordinates were despicably murdered, and at the same time, two members of the Intelligence Bureau disappeared Oh, what terrible news.Leonie put away her sneer Please express my condolences to the family of Major Pombestein.Thank you, ma am.Colonel Nicholas bent slightly and jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies cbd gummies royal cbd low carb cbd gummies said.Leonie asked immediately But what I don t understand, what are you doing here Do you think I murdered your men No, no, I never meant that.Colonel Nicholas said while looking at Wang Weiyi, who was with the countess In any case, I will not doubt you But, Baron Alexon, may I ask botanical farms cbd gummies website you Do you know something about this matter Wang Weiyi shrugged Are you asking me That s strange, I really don t know why you suspect me.Colonel Nicholas was afraid of the countess rights, but he would not be so polite to Wang Weiyi Baron Alexon, I know that I have offended you in some ways, and I hope to be forgiven by you, but I Also for the safety of Germany.

There was no sequence and no coordination.Whichever unit completed its preparations first went into the attack.The whole battlefield was in chaos.The Germans were attacking for no reason, and the British and French In the defense.Fighting low carb cbd gummies everywhere, a division met a regiment, a regiment met a division.The organization was completely disrupted, and the German soldiers went into battle one by one like captured men, but they didn jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies t know what happened until after the battle What happened.Don t ask their officers, even their officers are clueless about it.An hour ago the officers were thinking about what to eat for lunch, but an hour later everything changed.God knows such When is the melee going to end, and it s all crazy because of one guy Ernst Brehm Eighty Nine.Forced landing Wang Weiyi would never have imagined that the entire German army had fallen into a state of madness.

Yes, Your Highness.Nicholas promised typical.In fact, he knew very well that Prince Joachim would never give up on this opportunity Have you brought back all the people low carb cbd gummies who should be brought back Joachim straightened his expression.Nicholas nodded Yes, all of them have been secretly brought to Berlin, just waiting for the moment of the trial, please rest assured.Be careful with Felix, he is not easy to botanical farms cbd gummies website green ape cbd gummies cost pester.Thinking of the Marquis of Yoxo, even Joachim was a little scared These people must not be allowed to appear in Berlin before the trial I will be careful.What should be done at this time, low carb cbd gummies smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies and there are a lot of things waiting for him, Joachim dared not stay for long, and stood up.Nikolai sent him to the doorBut neither Nicholas nor Joachim would have imagined that there was already someone quietly staring at them from the corner Guo Yunfeng When he saw Nikolai coming out, Guo Yunfeng pulled out his boning knife for no other reason than that Captain Ernst had helped him selflessly, and now Captain Ernst was in trouble.

He could feel Elena s body trembling, but there was no resistance.Wars will kill people, but wars will end one day.At that time, all of us can go home.Wang Weiyi comforted in a low voice Forget about this now, and sleep well in my arms.You will forget all the unpleasant things when you wake up tomorrow.Elena closed her eyes meekly.The stars in the sky became brighter and brighter.one hundred and seventeen.Code name Rage All in one is move in ready The cannon opened its bloody mouth wide open, staring at the front covetously.In Reims, the Germans and the French have been fighting for a long time, and no one can make low carb cbd gummies a further breakthrough, and a stalemate has formed.The daily shelling and attacks on both sides have almost become routine.But today is different.The artillery and soldiers of the six regiments cbd gummy frogs gathered by the German army all entered the designated positions.

Simond, there are too many people here, let s talk over there.The other party s mysterious appearance aroused the great curiosity of Watts.As Wang Weiyi came to a place where there was no one, Wang Weiyi said in a low voice Actually, De Sade didn t come here for some general, it was just a cover up.That s all.The real purpose of his coming here is for one thing gold Watts eyes lit up Gold Is there anything more attractive than gold How much gold is there asked Watts impatiently.Two hundred and twenty pounds and thirty five ounces Watts was completely stunned God, more than a hundred kilograms of gold What kind of concept is this This, I m afraid this is unlikely Watts murmured Two hundred and twenty pounds God, so much gold was cbd gummies royal cbd low carb cbd gummies shipped to Reims, why didn t I know about it Where did so much gold come from It belonged to a Russian nobleman.

They were taken aback when they saw that it was extremely lively, there were everyone there, and there were actually a few Russians.After ordering two glasses of wine, Wang Weiyi kept observing the surrounding situation.They don t even know where Mistanov s family is being held, so where should they start I have to ask someone who is familiar with this place.Wang Weiyi asked to himself.What did you say Richthofen asked loudly as the noise in the tavern affected his hearing.Something went jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies wrong with the question, Richthofen was speaking German.It s not unusual for the Germans to be here, but a drunken Russian soldier stood up unsteadily and came to Richthofen s side Hey, German, buy me a drink Why Richthofen asked rhetorically, in Russian.He didn t like the Russians very much.Because you don t buy me a drink, you German guy will be beaten up by me.

For this reason, Riley changed his name and surname, got into the Krupp Arsenal in Essen and became a welder.At that time, Britain already knew that this German factory produced a new type of weapon, but it did not know what kind of new type of weapon it was.Here Riley found out that the new weapons produced were gas bombs.The news shocked the British side.British intelligence asked Reilly to make a production plan for the factory so that corresponding precautions could be taken.After a period of observation, Riley found that the factory s secret plan was kept in the hands of the factory secretary.One night, he sneaked into the secret room and stole the plan, but was discovered by the guards when he escaped from the secret room.He killed two security guards without hesitation, and left the factory with the secret plan.

Kugla said relaxedly.Bang Leilei, go there, that angle is good, cbd living gummies dosage point the gun at him, if he wants to escape, shoot him to death.Wang Weiyi said as if nothing had happened, and then said to Kugla Mr.Kugla, I think we have to Talk, let s go, go there.When low carb cbd gummies he came to the edge, Wang Weiyi straight to the point Tell me, why did you come here from Berlin You know, I am a gambler, or more precisely, I am A gambler who makes a living by cheating.Kugla seemed very frank I gained the trust of the gambling club by using the forged letter of recommendation from Marquis Schindler, and I won a lot of money low carb cbd gummies there.But you know , Those people in the gambling club are not condor cbd gummies website botanical farms cbd gummies website easy to mess with, they are powerful and powerful, and they will not be reconciled to being deceived by me, so I have to run away A very reasonable explanation Wang Weiyi said lightly But what I don t quite understand is, how did you manage to cross the battlefield Without thinking, Kugla blurted out I have some friends in Russia who might be able to protect me The war broke out, the Germans and the Russians fought hard, and I found my chance to sneak over It s still a very reasonable explanation.

Wang Weiyi pulled out the dagger while talking But unfortunately, Mr.Kugla, we are carrying out a secret mission, and we cannot let the information leak out, so I can only kill you Wait, wait, Baron Alexon Kugla knew very well that the Skeleton Baron would not be relentless when he said that he wanted to kill someone, so he hurriedly called out First, I promise not to reveal your secrets, and second, I am going to provide you with a piece of low carb cbd gummies smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies information.Come in exchange for my life Wang Weiyi fiddled with the dagger in his hand Tell me.A lot of Russian soldiers are hunting around for something.Kugla adjusted his breathing A few times, I was almost spotted by the Russian cavalry, and I managed to hide in the past.Lord Alexon, the Russians are not without reason, and if I m not mistaken, they are looking for you everywhere.

Staker, Bon Crayley, Ma Li, Sean They stood there waiting quietly, quietly Waiting for someone to come back Ernst Alexson von Brahm One hundred and eighty two St.Ernst General, where are you going Beside the truck, a Russian second lieutenant asked curiously.It can t be blamed for him being so curious.What is the general doing in the truck I m going to inspect the front.General Boris said expressionlessly.He is feeling extremely uncomfortable now, and he really wants to tell his subordinates loudly that the driver and the Russians around him are fake, they are Germans But he can t , the cold muzzle of the gun was pressed against natures only cbd gummies mayim his waist Hey, second lieutenant, can we go We still have to go back before dark.Wang Weiyi, who was holding the steering wheel, said loudly.Ah, yes, general, do you need me to send some soldiers to protect you The second lieutenant asked respectfully.

Yes, all of them.Wang Weiyi thought for a while I still have a batch of diamonds and a batch of gold jewelry.I d like to turn it all into cash if I can, do you have a way Yes, it s not a particularly difficult thing, I can do it for you in Berlin.Hermione was surprised again.Wang Weiyi nodded Then I will thank you very much.Tomorrow, please send a car to the jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies Berlin Hotel, and I will give you the four million marks and the batch of things.After the sale, you only need to give me half of the money.The other half is also my investment You are simply unbelievable.Hermione calmed down and said, I will bring your investment contract with you tomorrow.From now on, you will be one of the investors of the Wittgenstein family.Wang Weiyi is very satisfied.He has already invested in Montagut and Chateau Margaux, and now he has invested in the Wittgenstein family, which is far more powerful than them.

This nurse looks like a foreigner at all No, I am not Chinese, but I went to China when I was three years old.Kelly said hurriedly My father opened a foreign firm there.At that time, China was still in the Qing Dynasty low carb cbd gummies I grew up in China, in Qingdao, do you know Qingdao Guo Yunfeng s tears are almost fallingQingdao How can I not recognize Qingdao I am from ShandongQingdao, Shandong, my dream home I know, I know Guo Yunfeng said with red eyes My family is in Fuzi Village, Changle River, Weifang.I have been to Qingdao, and my second uncle works there Rommel, Hitler, and the members of the Skeleton Commando who heard the news were all dumbfounded.What s going on A British nurse actually spoke Chinese to Guo Sidao, And it made the Chinese cry In their memory, the Chinese don cbd peach gummies t talk much, and the big things are very calm, only that time when Lieutenant Colonel Ernst fell into the siege of the Germans Zhong just saw him get emotional once, what happened today Captain.

Here, he lost too many troops, but botanical farms cbd gummies website green ape cbd gummies cost the defense organized by the opponent with intensive firepower showed no sign of being torn apart.The feint turned into a real fight.Every attack will leave the 92nd Infantry Division with corpses all over the place every attack will make Laurend feel a burst of distress.Looking up, the enemy was not affected by the rapid consumption of ammunition at all, and they always fired ammunition and shells desperately in every battle.All thanks to the Italians.Without their assistance , the Germans would not have swept so unscrupulously.There is a strong smell of blood in the air low carb cbd gummies all the time, and now, everyone is used to this smell.Both sides suffered heavy casualties.Even though the firepower was strong and fierce, death and injury were also unavoidable for the German army.

In order to regain here, they paid a heavy price.Several regiment level combat units were completely wiped out.Although Monrington has been promoted to lieutenant general, and even though Rosen, who is missing an arm, has also been promoted to colonel, they are still facing the same enemy Ernst Alexson von Brahm the skeleton baron Facing the bloody battlefield, Monlington and Rosen could only smile wryly.No matter what time it is, Ernst will always be that Ernst, the invincible skeleton baron Germany s strength is waning, while Britain and France have greatly increased their strength because of the full support of the United States, but they still cannot defeat Ernst Ernst and his skeleton commandos, as long as they want, can take any position they want as long as they want, they can defend any trench they want to defend.

As long as they kept a close eye on them, they had nowhere to go.While thinking there, suddenly more than a dozen girls smiled at They came over, and as soon as they approached, condor cbd gummies website botanical farms cbd gummies website they immediately surrounded them Oh, sir, where did Lennon come from The sight of staring at the private room was immediately blocked.Hiroshi Yamaguchi became anxious and pushed the girl in front of him away.Fortunately, through the half open door of the private room, you can still see the girl in a suit.The Germans were dancing and talking about something.Seeing that the guests were so fierce, the girls quickly left low carb cbd gummies cursing Hiroshi Yamaguchi sat down again for more than half an hour.The botanical farms cbd gummies website green ape cbd gummies cost Germans are always dancing there, and the door is always half open, but you can only see his back low carb cbd gummies clearly.Hiroshi Yamaguchi had some ominous premonition, stood up, came to the door of the private room, and slammed Pushing the door open.

At that time, the 43rd Army led by Guo Rudong, who was in charge of defending Songjiang together, had only 500 or 600 remnants, and the weapons were shabby.Jin Kuibi went out of the new east gate to meet the enemies of the northern criminals.The Songjiang War broke out This is a decisive battle.As long as the 67th Army can intercept the Japanese Army in Songjiang, it will be able to cover the enemy forces on the Shanghai battlefield.The team retreats.And once Songjiang is captured by the Japanese army, the situation of the battle will low carb cbd gummies become seriously passive to the Japanese army Wu Keren has made up his mind to live and die with Songjiang Acting as the forward of the 6th Division is the 47th Infantry Regiment of the 11th Brigade This is also the unit with the most combat capability in the 6th Division Just as Masanori Tanigawa, the leader of the regiment, had just arrived in Songjiang, and his foothold was not stable, countless bugles suddenly rang out on the position outside the new east gate of Songjiang The 197th Division of the 67th Army of the National Revolutionary Army low carb cbd gummies smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies of the Republic of China Attack The machine guns were clamoring hempworx cbd gummies to cheer for their brethren, and the Chinese soldiers with big knives in their hands were shouting and whistling, rushing towards the enemy like an unstoppable stream of iron 67 Army.

Battalion Commander, Battalion Commander.Tell us how you beat the devils Battalion Commander, why are you retreating Wang Weiyi s brows were furrowed by the chaotic shouts, and he calmed down the students , pointing to a male college student cali cbd gummy bear 750mg wearing glasses and said, You talk first.Yes, Battalion Commander The glasses said with great interest, Battalion Commander, you used a battalion of troops to kill and wound more than 2,000 Japanese troops.There are still so many troops in the city, why should we withdraw Stay here and fight the devils.We are all willing to stay and help you.Help me Good Wang Weiyi smiled, and suddenly took out a pistol from his waist, He fired a shot at the top of the glasses with a bang.The glasses were so frightened that they sat down on the ground, and the students beside them were also terrified.

What is gratifying is that the head of state never forgot the baron When the news of the Skeleton Baron came again, the whole of Germany fell into madness.The Germans support all decisions made by the zh ngf without limit, and support any bill of the head of state without limit.All for Germany Cut for Ernst The young people in Germany have fallen into a state of madness, awakening their childhood dreams and awakening their romantic hero plots.The glorious dream of youth is awakened wearing a skull badge on the neckline, and a rose that never fades on the chest.When all the people were retreating, only they were shouting We are still attacking What an intoxicating scene that was, and what an exciting battlefield it was Even death is so romantic The baron is still there in China let us find him follow the footsteps of the baron follow the footsteps of dreams The first group of Germans whose dreams were rekindled began their dream chasing expedition On the Prince of Bavaria , the rigorous Germans low carb cbd gummies began to sing jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies Whether facing the storm or the snow.

The 3o5 regiment was composed of recruits.In Xue Yue s eyes, it didn t have much combat effectiveness in a short period of time.In August 1937, the 51st and 58th divisions formed the 74th army.Then the 51st The division went to Shanghai to participate in the Battle of Songhu.The 51st Division became famous in the first battle at Luodian on the Songhu battlefield, which greatly boosted the morale of the battlefield.The division won the first battle in Shanghai, and Zhang Lingfu, who was far away in Wuhan, was also excited about it.He also had a trace of regret in his heart for the newspaper that reported the victory.Now is the time for soldiers to show their talents on the battlefield of the Patriotic War, but it was not his turn to participate in the first battle of the 51st Division.Shen, there is not a single soldier on hand.

Tang.This is what I mean.Wang Weiyi forced Yang into his hand Let s go quickly, if it s later, the Japanese themselves will block Shanghai.Hey, thank you, sir, thank you, sir.Xiaoshandong nodded repeatedly and thanked Then Mr.Wang, Mr.Tang, I will go first, and I will see you in the future.Goodbye.Watching Xiaoshandong leave, Wang Weiyi pouted at Guo Yunfeng , Guo Yunfeng and Elena quickly got into the car.Seeing that Wang Weiyi was dressed very formally, Tang Nai an couldn t help laughing and said, Brother Wang, who are you going to pretend to be today I m the Counselor of the French Consulate, Lowellot.Wang Weiyi said in the most standard French I think, in the post office building , there must be someone I want.I heard from Wei Hong earlier, your French is very good, today is an eye opener.

If the people of our country can unite and fight against Japan, why worry about not being able to win Insufficient military literacy can be made low carb cbd gummies up in war.The weapons and equipment are not enough, and they can be defended with a solid line of defense.There is nothing to be afraid of in Japan, what is afraid of is that some of our officials, some military officers, have long been afraid of Japan, the battle can still be fought, and they are ready to escape.As a reporter of zh ngy ngr Newspaper , Guo Mengzhen would not ask who those people were referring to After Guo Mengzhen finished recording these words, he raised his head General Wang, before the Chinese While negotiating in Shanghai, the Japanese army suddenly launched an attack, but you seem to have known it in advance, why Know yourself and know the enemy, and you will never be imperiled in a hundred battles.

And this is a death order Understood Mao Bangchu picked up the phone on the table Give me the Fifth Flying SquadronWhere is Gao Zhihang Gao Zhihang, I am Mao Bangchu, and I ordered the Fifth Squadron to take off immediately and bomb the front line of Baishi Yes, low carb cbd gummies Baishi, there is a Japanese army train passing through yes, bombing There is nothing you dare not do, telegram in the name of the Ministry of Defense It s already in the hands of Mao Bangchu, and the Fifth Flying Group will take off soon Xiaoling s words made Wang Weiyi smile Where s my fighter plane The fighter plane has been prepared for you, and it looks like a German made AR on the outside.6E 1 fighter jet, but its performance is an entire generation ahead of the most advanced fighter jets of this era.Baron Skeleton, are you ready to receive your fighter plane When Xiao Ling said the words Baron Skeleton , Wang Weiyi was stunned , but then he knew why A dark fighter plane appeared in front of him On the nose, there are huge white skulls Dark fighter This fighter plane once soared over the Somme River and danced with a fiery red flying plane, creating an air combat myth botanical farms cbd gummies website green ape cbd gummies cost And now, the dark fighter is about to appear in the sky of China again The fiery red fighter plane belongs to only one person Baron Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen Similarly, the dark fighter belongs to only one person Ernst Alexson von Baron Bram Let Baron Skeleton s dark fighter fly over China again, let the whole world be dumbfounded, and let the whole world go crazy for you again.

Where have you been, General He cried like a child, and many people in the Skeleton Master began to faintly know the name Who is the strange general No, that s unlikely.Why is this man s face different from the one on the statue Why is he still so young after so many years Ludwig wiped away his tears, and said with all his strength, Skeleton masters, all assemble The skeleton masters were all gathered, and those who didn t witness all this with their own eyes didn t know what happened here.Ludwig, the lieutenant commander of the skeleton division, turned out to be like an ordinary star duty officer.He ran to the young officer in the old fashioned military uniform and reported loudly Report to the general, the Skeleton Division has assembled Ludwig, do what you have to HCMUSSH low carb cbd gummies do Yes, General Ludwig Xi turned around and said loudly to his subordinates Soldiers of the Skeleton Division, in Germany, there is only one God of War In the whole of Europe, there is only one God of War That is the Skeleton Baron Ernst Alexson von Brehm He has been away from us for too long, and now, he is back After speaking, he stepped aside slowly General Ernst.

Not only the young Soviet tankers had never experienced such a cruel battle, but even the soldiers with rich combat experience in the German army experienced it for the first time.Gradually, the Soviet army began to be unable to resist, and the tanks behind no longer dared to charge forward, but the T34, which had already fallen into the battlefield, could no longer get rid of it.The Soviet tanks began to retreat in an all round way.However, the Germans obviously didn t want to limit the results of the battle here.They continued to carry out the craziest attacks on the chaotic Soviet army.When the last shot fell, the Demyansk tank battle was over The result of this battle is shocking A total of 92 T34s were destroyed A total of 200 Soviet tanks participated in the battle, that is to say, in the Demyansk tank battle, nearly half of their forces were destroyed How can tru infusion cbd gummy this be achieved In order to achieve such a victory, the German army also paid a heavy price.

The German army is so strong that it is so strong that it is frightening.How long can the Soviet Union last This is very suspicious.Besides, as Marshal Ernst said Even if I can go back, those people will never let me go Kerkorok was silent for a long time My family is in their hands.Wang Weiyi smiled I know, so I m going to help you get them out and reunite your family, so you don t have any worries.Really Kerkorok raised his head, as if he didn t quite believe that the other party had the ability to do so.Don t forget, I am Baron Alexon, the omnipotent Baron Alexon, right Wang Weiyi smiled faintly You will be able to see your family soon.Corcoro Chief Ke breathed a sigh of relief If I can really see my wife, son, and daughter, we can talk about other things.Wang Weiyi stood up and raised his glass Why can Cheers to our mutual cooperation Kerkorok hesitated for a while, and finally raised his cup slowly.

Our defense force picked them up.It is said that they were rescued to break out.Responding to a breakthrough Stalin turned his attention to Zhukov Comrade Zhukov, have we sent a response force to Kharkov No, Comrade Stalin.Although he knew that the situation was not good, Zhukov could only answer honestly After the outbreak of the Battle of Kharkov, it was difficult for us to continue to send troops for reinforcements, and from the outbreak to the end of the battle, we did not send any troops.reinforcements.Stalin sneered Then I am very surprised, where did the support troops come from Can you tell me.Comrade Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria Beria smiled wryly I m afraid that Comrade Dimilenko, deputy director general, can answer you.He figured out the whole process of the matter in the first place.

With Stalin s consent, the deputy director of the State Security Bureau, Timelenko, came in, and Beria gave him a wink Talk to Comrade Stalin, Comrade Timilenko.Yes.Comrade Beria.Timilenko cheered up According to my investigation, this is what happened.At that time, the German army had low carb cbd gummies launched a frontal offensive in Kharkov, and our troops were surrounded, but at this time.There was a major named Laskimir who was said to lead a special operations team of the State Security Service.A big gap was torn open in the siege of the German army, and Marshal Timoshenko and some others were successfully rescued Laskimir NSA special operations team Stalin frowned Comrade Beria, Comrade Dimilenko, do you have such an organization No, never.Beria and Timilenko replied simultaneously.Ah, comrades, that strikes me as very strange.

Our cash flow is very sufficient, and we can carry out three to five large scale commercial competitions at the same time.Baron Alexon , what else do you need to know Wang Weiyi had a headache when he heard it, he really didn t have much interest in doing business, even if he was going to war with Dan Zexi Fund this time, it was because of the big plan in his heart that he had to go into battle himself.Fortunately, with Hermione helping me, I don t have to worry about such a huge business empire.He thought about it there I can continue to provide ten to twenty tons of gold, do you need it .Hermione and Leonie looked at each other.There was some irony Baron Alexon, have you been looking for gold all these years How much gold do you have About a few hundred tons.Hermione and Leonie were completely stunned by this number, but they were very surprised.

In the fortress of Sevastopol, under my personal command, Guderian maintained an offensive posture against Russia to deter the Soviet army.In Kharkov , according to your instructions, appoint Model as the commander of the area to prepare jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies for the possible counterattack of the Soviet army.Wang Weiyi listened carefully Do you think that according to the current situation, once the Soviet army reorganizes a large scale offensive, will you be able to hold on Yes, Field Marshal Manstein replied without any hesitation The German soldiers are invincible in attack, and they will also be impregnable in defense Adolf Hitler was also listening carefully, and at this time he He said Marshal, the Russians have suffered disastrous defeats in low carb cbd gummies smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies the Kharkov and Sevastopol fortresses.Hundreds of thousands of people were killed and captured.

The Jewish consortium broke the radio and television industry and became an important political force in New York and even the United States.As long as you have a fundamental conflict of interest with someone, no matter how you try to please them, it s useless.President Franklin Roosevelt, who came to power after the Great Depression, drastically reformed the U.S.financial system, which touched the interests of the original big banks.The Jewish community seized the opportunity to firmly support President Roosevelt, and became the backbone of the New Deal Coalition , a grassroots organization of the Democratic Party.So President Roosevelt supported the Jewish consortium to cbd gummies natures best deal with the power of the hornets on Wall Street.In 1913, our gang successfully abolished can i give a cbd gummy to my dog low carb cbd gummies smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies the central bank controlled by JP Morgan and his son in law John D.

The Americans are smarter.They keep calm and play tricks.They continue to use the black code to send insignificant information and false intelligence to lure the enemy into the depths.They hold you by the nose on the invisible second battlefield and introduce you smoothly.A death trap that has already been laid out No wonder the African Legion has been so passive in the battle since then Rommel finally understood thoroughly We arrived at a certain battlefield, but there was no one there, but the enemy can always attack at the weakest link of our defense.It s terrible, our password has been mastered by the enemy, but the enemy uses the code we have to keep sending us false information.We ve lost the battle before it even started.Yes, we lost the battle before it started Wang Weiyi s voice was extremely indifferent Although the Americans did not directly participate in the war, they have been helping Britain.

Therefore, a strange comment was written on Marseio s appraisal form As a pilot, he has poor conduct.This comment remains in super cbd gummies for ed Marseio s archives to this day.Therefore, no matter how cbd gummies stock brave Marseille was on the battlefield, and buy cbd gummies toronto no matter what record he achieved in the air battle in the Anglo French Channel.Even if I change to a new boss later, I still don t always get trust.He is determined to prove himself as an excellent fighter pilot with his actual actions in Africa.Over the new battlefield Tobruk.The 3rd Squadron of the 27th Combat Aviation Regiment recorded his first victory.Looks like it s off to a good start.However, Marseille was not satisfied with this, and he always wanted to try his luck of killing indiscriminately.So he often rushed into the middle of the British Air Force fleet and flew back to the airport with the battered plane.

It was General low carb cbd gummies Montgomery who turned the tide of the war in North Africa, bounded by Alamein.On October 23, 1942, he launched a powerful offensive against the German army.August On the 23rd, John Marseille returned to the team.The 22 year old youngest captain officer in the Air Force once again served as the commander of the third squadron.He was very happy.Corporal Neumann, the technical clerk, sharpened his pencil again.It s going to keep you busy again Marseio said with a smile.The first week passed peacefully.On September 1, Rommel will fight a desperate decisive battle to regain the initiative from his rival.The sky is as lively as ever Wake up, Marcello s squadron also participated in the battle.From 8 29 to 8 39 in the morning, Marcello destroyed the Curtiss and Spitfire aircraft in one go.

Even when they low carb cbd gummies know that victory is impossible, they still fight, not to win, but to win life for their companions.Hope These Australians did it too About half of the soldiers of the 12th Australian Armored Division escaped the terrible Kidney Ridge under the cover of their brave and sacrificial comrades.However, the remaining Those under siege were not so lucky At 7 10, General Belt sent his adjutant to contact the shark tank super cbd gummies Australian besieged troops, demanded their surrender, and assured them that they would receive some help.However, Major General Kim Bates, who commanded these people to fight, rejected the proposal.He told the Germans clearly that botanical farms cbd gummies website green ape cbd gummies cost they were ready to fight and die for their own cause, and for this, they would sacrifice Every soldier here General, I suggest you think again.General Belt s adjutant was also moved by this It is impossible to break through, and there is no point in continuing to fight.

Then, finally, comes the hottest part Kalmen Armageddon It was the battlefield ensemble commanded by Baron Alexon himself, and thousands of German troops joined the ensemble.Tanks, machine guns, and submachine guns are the instruments in their hands.And those audiences English, French, select gummies cbd Greek.But never want them to have heard low carb cbd gummies such a movement Now that the curtain has been drawn, there is no possibility of it being closed before the music is played The soldiers from the two sides who were strangled together now have a completely different situation.The Allies were completely cut into three parts.Forced to fight on their own.The well prepared German army began to completely show their ferocious fangs.The French officers and soldiers of the 2nd Free French Brigade have the most profound experience of this.

He believed that the loss of a battalion was entirely Alman caused by the Major General.But Major General Alman refused to show weakness at all.He loudly accused the incompetence of the Indian army for causing the current situation.The Germans are still continuing to attack, but at this moment there are serious divisions within the Allied Forces.This is not very good news for the defense of Cairo But what can be done about it War is like this, not every general or soldier fights with the determination to die.Especially in the eyes of Indians, what does the war in Egypt have to do with them Why should they shed blood and die in this strange land Major General Jasang, who had made up his mind, decided to retreat with his Indian brigade alone instead of burying all his strength here.The retreat of the Indians began, and they left the British alone.

Even if it was true, it would be an insignificant afterthought.This not only has no value for the British intelligence agencies, but also creates a strategic misleading for the formulation of the British military s combat plan.In order to defraud the trust of the British, Major Vatel went to great lengths.Through this method, Major Vatel has made the Plunder Operation a great success, and the harvest is getting bigger and bigger.It didn t take long for him to control 10 radio stations of the British spy organization, and continuously sent all kinds of information to the British intelligence agencies, true and false, false and true, and deceived the British intelligence agencies These are all efforts made after the German army occupied Cairo.Some people will succeed, some people will pay the price, but in any case, from the first day of becoming a spy, spies have already had such psychological preparations.

I can t explain clearly, so why don t you just let me stand here and listen cbd gummies royal cbd low carb cbd gummies The more Metelov heard, the more weird things happened today, but he couldn t do anything about the Chinese policeman, so he pointed at the stairs Then, let s go upstairs.Go to the conference room.After finishing speaking, he pulled the secretary and whispered in Russian Call the Japanese Gendarmerie and ask them to deal with it Just call, no one can help you today Mo Guangzhi looked sideways, amused in his heart, although he couldn t understand Russian, he could jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies probably guess a thing or two.After reaching the second floor, Mo Guangzhi looked at the mess of people downstairs, and ordered sternly, Separate the people downstairs and put them in two rooms, so as not to make trouble later After finishing speaking, He low carb cbd gummies winked at Hou Dalei, then followed Metelov into the conference room.

Then he untied the food bag tied behind his belt, It contained cold rations.A military canteen filled with water hung on chillax cbd gummies og kush the belt beside the food bag.Heisenberg took out the food and ate it.The distributed food included a small piece of bread, butter, honey, cheese, jam and Baked potatoes.Heisenberg also got a box of sweets and some tea bags, which Heisenberg saved.After dark, some comrades continued to monitor the enemy s movements, others tried to sleep for a while.The air was full of shells It was difficult to fall asleep.Heisenberg had a nightmare of Russian soldiers who were killed, and the commandos walked past them.Heisenberg also saw some heads crushed by the tracks of the tanksHeisenberg hadn t noticed this before.Heisenberg was awakened, and that night, he couldn t sleep again.The commando stayed in the foxhole until the next morning.

They were taken to meet the Governor, and put a little friendly but firm pressure on him to cooperate.Or is it a battle of disproportionate strength At this time, the planes of Free France and England will fly over the city leaflets of advice will be dropped.Of course the governor had to put on a show and fire a few shots.But won t fight any more.In the evening, he, Mr.Governor, will have dinner with General de Gaulle and toast the final victory Churchill s overflowing enthusiasm had a low carb cbd gummies special effect.De Gaulle believed that the plan itself was also very reasonable, and it was in line with the original intention of avoiding mass bloodshed , so he agreed with this opinion.British Admiral John.Under Cunningham s command, de Gaulle s expedition set out from Liverpool.Charles de Gaulle was aboard the warship Westland flying the French flag, and General Spears stood beside him, happily sailing towards the beautiful picture painted by Mr.

Denkovsky s answer was quite unexpected The head of the political department there, Lieutenant Colonel Baglovich, is my good friend.Do you need any help Madrov straightened his body That s right, I have a relative who wants to enter the third military factory.I think you also know that in the military factory, you don t have to worry about eating.The food is fully guaranteed Yes, yes, except for the army, the food of these departments is given priority.Ah, what is the name of your relative I ll call Baglovich right now, please wait a moment.After finishing speaking, Tenkovsky picked up the phone on the table, and after about five minutes, he put down the phone and said with a smile Look, everything is settled, and your relatives can go to report tomorrow.Thank you very much, Comrade Major.The two smiled at each other.

The captain faithfully carried out this order.Did they leave Dimilenko in casual clothes asked nervously in low carb cbd gummies the corner of the dark alley.Yes, they left without arousing any suspicion the captain replied proudly.He is still very satisfied with his ability to do things Very good, very good.Dimilenko patted him on the shoulder I will never forget everything you have done for me.No, Comrade Deputy Director.The captain said hurriedly If there is low carb cbd gummies no You, I don t have everything, and whatever I do for you is the right thing to do.Timilenko sighed Look, who s here The captain turned his head, but at this moment, the gunfire rang out.The captain fell into a pool of blood unprepared.Dimilenko went up and fired several shots at the captain.Only the dead can truly keep secrets Six hundred and sixty six.

With the cooperation of the aircraft in the sky and the infantry on the ground, all the artillery opened their mouths wide.Terrible explosions enveloped everything here, and gunpowder smoke obscured the sky The advantages of the Tiger 88mm artillery and the Leopard 75mm artillery are too obvious.The 76mm cbd gummies for irritability gun of the Soviet T 34 tank is At the same distance, it could not pose a threat to the German army at all.A large number of Soviet tanks were destroyed by the German army beyond the engagement distance.In the strangulation in the air, the Luftwaffe also has this absolute advantage.Those planes made a trembling roar in the air, and flames flew around in the clouds.There are continuous planes screaming with black smoke and falling to the ground, or simply disintegrating in the air The 81st Armored Army rushed to the forefront of the Prokofiev Tank Brigade and Kunitzk tanks The brigade was hit hard by the Germans, 83 tanks were destroyed.

In this defensive operation, I don t care how many positions are lost Wang Weiyi told his subordinates very clearly Even if almost all positions are lost, as long as there is a place the size of a palm is left, we still have the possibility of victory.Or Say.As long as I am still here, the Russians will low carb cbd gummies not be able to say that they have won These are words full of domineering, probably only the Baron Skeleton can say such words His subordinates do not feel that If there is anything wrong, I listened carefully to the marshal s words Malinovsky on the Terek River has already launched a tentative attack, which will not affect us at all.In the entire position , we will build three fortifications in a ring shape, and continue to block the Russian attack.Until our troops on the outer line completely complete the anti encirclement of the Soviet army and launch a full line assault My generals, I must remind you of one thing thing His tone gradually became harsh Some of you have followed me in the Demyansk breakout battle, but this battle is very different from that one Demyansk.

And since this war, the final direction of the Battle of Stalingrad has basically been established.As early as the 29th, the day before the end of the battle, the German army had crossed the Terek River.It is difficult to resist the German army s attack from the sky and the ground.But Malinovsky must force himself to stand here and win as much time as possible for Marshal Vasilevsky But it seems that the war is not based on personal will.Even if Malinovsky tried his best, he could not stop the enemy s attack.On the 31st, the German army successfully crossed the Terek River While the Ernst battle group won the victory, the Manstein group and the Guderian group also defeated the Don River Soviet army and surrounded 350,000 Soviet troops.On the 30th, on the same day that the Ernst battle group won the battle of the Terek River, the Manstein group and the Guderian group wiped low carb cbd gummies out the Soviet troops in the encirclement.

In less than twenty hours, the German army defeated the 4th Soviet Tank Army and the 2nd Guards Army.The Soviet army was killed, wounded, and captured 80,000 people.district.And for defense in urban areas.It is the two armies of the Soviet Army 62 and 64 with more than 100,000 troops Even Wang Weiyi was extremely surprised by the speed and fierceness of the German offensive.Sun Jun Tank 4th Army and Guards 2nd Army.They are still very powerful, but they are vulnerable to the German army, which has absolute air and ground advantages Judging from the current state of the German army, it is difficult for any force to stop them The frontal advance, of course, street fighting is not in this ranks.Street fighting is always the cruelest thing for both attackers and defenders Wang Weiyi ordered that the German Air Force conduct uninterrupted bombing on the east bank of the Volga River with all its strength.

The officers and soldiers participating in the front line offensive had already finished their battle meal.On the starting positions of the battle groups, The communications soldiers have also set up the telephone lines and connected the loudspeakers on the armored vehicles at intervals.All officers and soldiers had dinner at five o clock in the afternoon on June 29, and then they were ordered at six o clock Go to bed and recharge your batteries.At 1 o clock in the morning of the next day, that is, 1 hour ago, the wake up call sounded one after another on the 450 kilometer long station, Attention everyone Line up gather The sudden sharp whistle broke the silence of the night.The officers shouted in a particularly urgent manner.It made the soldiers feel that something special was about to happen.

League standard bearer, come to the front The commander in chief of the legion had a very stern face, and there was no gentleness in his tone.Wearing a Gallic helmet and mail armor, the legionary standard bearer holds up a side with the inscription leg.xx , the eagle flag embroidered with a wild boar below strode forward.Look at the pattern on the eagle flag of your legion What s on it It s a wild boar What is a wild boar Wild boars are ferocious beasts It is a beast that charges forward and knows no fear Gaius was furious Is your performance worthy of this military flag today Legion of Valeria what an imposing name Are you worthy You see how the auxiliary soldiers attack Well, even though you don t cherish the honor my father bestowed on you, I still want to force you to cherish it those who escaped from me today stand out About 200 soldiers bowed their heads and stood up.

Or to put it more directly, in the Roman army, they belonged to the bottom class.Only by being canonized by the Romans by virtue of his military exploits can he truly get rid of his current status.The sudden appearance of Wang Weiyi made Thibius a little surprised.As soon as this person who claimed to be Ernst Brehm appeared, Thibius kept his vigilance greenhouse pure cbd gummies reviews against him.When climbing the cliff, Ernst and his companions acted bravely and calmly.In Thibius view, the sudden addition of two assistants to the Romans was not the same for the Germanians.What hillstone cbd gummies a good thing. Tibius, come out with me.Wang Weiyi said coldly.Yes, my lord.Thibius stood up respectfully, and walked out with Wang Weiyi.When you attacked the Celtics, you made a lot of contributions, but you didn t get the reward sour gummy bears cbd you deserved.Do you feel resentful When Ernst asked such a question, Tibi Us almost had no time to think and said My lord, I don t low carb cbd gummies have any complaints in my heart.

When they start to attack, I will choose a suitable opportunity to let you run away from me, and you can return to Caesar s side Thank you, my lord baron, for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my wish.When Nelia said this, a pair of beautiful eyes were always looking at Wang Weiyi, which also made Wang Weiyi s heart flutter.However, now is not the time to think about it, although he has to admit that Nelia is full of However, Caesar s army is approaching here, and the most important thing to do now is how to lead the Germanic people through this crisis as soon as possible When he came out from where Nelia lived, he saw Leoni was already waiting for him there, and when he saw Ernst, Leoni went up to him Dangerous times, isn t it Yeah, Dangerous times.Wang Weiyi sighed I heard that even you killed someone Leonie smiled slightly I never thought that one day I would kill someone, that kind of feeling is not good.

Wang Weiyi still prefers to be called Baron.A unified Germanic rudiment has emerged, and the tribal leaders rushed back to their own tribes.Gather all warriors and join Germania to meet the upcoming challenge.The Romans were very close here, and Perleut was very worried about whether the Germanians would be able to resist the Romans attack before the arrival of reinforcements.He sincerely invited the consul Ernst to go back to the Vandals with him.But it was rejected by Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi told him When you arrive, our flag must still be flying here What flag Periut and all the leaders low carb cbd gummies asked curiously.Four knives, flag With Wang Weiyi s cry, a huge flag fluttered in Guo Yunfeng s hands This is a blood red flag, and a huge white skull is located between the flags.Eye sockets watching the world in front of you Skeleton Battle Banner This is a battle flag that the whole world could not fear, but medigreens cbd gummies for sale in this era, the skull battle flag is flying again The person who is waving this battle flag is still the skeleton baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm I don t know why, cbd gummies royal cbd low carb cbd gummies when these tribal leaders saw this strange but fearful battle flag, a sense of pride and pride rose in their hearts at the same time.

Wang Weiyi nodded in satisfaction.He saw Nelia standing not far away, so he came to her side Nelia, how are you doing these days It s okay, thank you for your kindness.Nelia Said I know there is botanical farms cbd gummies website green ape cbd gummies cost a small river there, the scenery is very beautiful, Lord Baron, can we go there to see it together Just the two of us.Seeing the hesitation on the Baron s face, Nelia smiled He said What s the matter, Lord Baron, are you still afraid that I will assassinate you Wang Weiyi laughed haha. The small river that Nelia mentioned was a place where the Germanians fished, and the scenery was really nice.But walking alone with Caesar s woman always made Wang Weiyi feel a little weird.Just now, I went to the baroness Nelia said in the same way I have to admit to you that I am despicable, I actually suspected that the baroness wanted me to be imprisoned here on purpose, But the Baroness s generosity makes me feel ashamed.

It s an honor.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.At low carb cbd gummies this moment, he seemed to be back in Germany, back to the Montfort n that he will never forget The Romans began to press up The last moment has come Wang Weiyi let out a long sigh of relief.He firmly held the saber in his hand Suddenly, Richthofen s ears turned sideways Did you hear anything, Ernst There seemed to be some voices coming, But I can t hear it very clearly At this time, the Romans outside seemed to have some strange commotions Wang Weiyi listened hard, yes, there was really some sound Germanic Suddenly, countless A tide like sound sounded from the periphery of the battlefield.Germanic Germanic Yes.They heard it, everyone heard it Germanic The roar of mountains and tsunami resounded across the battlefield, not only did they hear it clearly.

This marching route passes through mountains, which can restrict the activities of the rest cavalry.However, the arrogant Crassus did not adopt this suggestion.He was unwilling to make a detour and insisted on crossing the Mesopotamian plain.Drive straight in.This decision ultimately cost him seven Roman legions.The Parthian Emperor Orod learned of Crassus s invasion and immediately summoned the commander in chief Sulena.He decided to lead the army northward to attack Armenia and prevent Atabazu from rushing to help Krasu.At the same time, he left Su Lai with less than 20,000 elite horses.Orod s plan is to hold Crassus as long as possible by Sulena until he solves the Armenians, and then rush back to low carb cbd gummies join him and fight Crassus for a decisive battle.Su Laina, who was born in a noble family and was only thirty years old at the time, was the most outstanding commander in Anxi.

Caesar is still very smart in this regard, he probably has thought of the embarrassment after the failure of Centumalus How long will the bridge be built According to our observation, it will be almost the day after tomorrow Wang Weiyi showed a faint smile Centumarus wants to be built smoothly, but we just don t let it go.He is so happy, this time, let us do Caesar a favor.Guo Yunfeng and Elena laughed, and the tribal leaders looked at each other, completely unaware of the meaning of the consul.Choose two hundred warriors Wang Weiyi pondered for a while Choose from the Teutons and Simbris, led by Boyko and Siras.Sidao, how did you train them Guo Yunfeng replied immediately The ability of large scale army operations cannot be trained in a short period of time, but I can train jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies them according to the requirements of special operations.

After successfully killing a few soldiers, more than 200 German soldiers led by Wang Weiyi appeared Buckets of strange liquid that smelled pungent, were also The Germanic warriors, who did not know what it was, poured it on the bridge.Their consuls told them that when the flame touched the liquid, it would burn like a fire.To be honest, the Germanic people did not really believe it.The dark liquid will have such a beating effect.All the gasoline has been poured out, and until now, the sleeping Romans still have no response.Wang Weiyi smiled and looked at the subordinates who had completed the task, and then took a torch, Gently put it on the gasoline The fire that filled the sky instantly ignited, illuminating the entire night sky.The Germans were dumbfounded, and couldn t believe that such a liquid would actually play such a big role They looked towards the consul.

Caesar smiled lightly They are willing to help me, so from now on, the barbarians will be my most staunch allies Servius felt faintly worried, but he would never show it in front of Caesar Caesar, I have shark tank cbd gummies for smoking three of the bravest warriors, Celius, Ugaqi, and Bisis.According to the rules of the Romans, choose your three bravest warriors and show your bravery in front of everyone Choose and send out your fighters, and wait for me here.Caesar slowly returned to his team, and then he looked at his new ally, the skeleton consul Ernst, my friend, although I don t want to admit it, I still want to tell the truth , Among my soldiers, no one can be more valiant than you and your low carb cbd gummies companions, will you win victory for me I don t mind killing Romans.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly behind the mask.Wang Weiyi, Richthofen and Guo Yunfeng jumped off their horses, then drew their weapons and walked slowly towards the battlefield.

In their view, The Baron was in such a hurry to throw a successful banquet.A lot of procedures are required, otherwise it will be disrespectful.But at this time, Wang Weiyi knew that time was running out.After learning that low carb cbd gummies the Germans were going to rescue Karl.After the news of Colonel Cherus, they will transfer Colonel Cherus at any time.He must have a race against time We need to find out who leaked this information.Sitting on the large sofa, Wang Weiyi said in a deep voice There are spies inside us, and I judge that they are at the top.Otherwise, no one would be able to find out so quickly.News, pass the news to the Americans so quickly.Is it General Olitz Leoni reminded.Wang Weiyi shook his head It s not him.If he was an American spy, the Second Panzer Army of the SS would not have held out for so long outside Berlin.

She was ordered to protect Baron Platt, not to sleep with the baron.Major Davyn looked at Agent Annette, even though low carb cbd gummies it was a violation of professional ethics for an agent to sleep with a protected object.But nothing extraordinary.He regained his composure and asked his subordinates to go out first Ah, Baron.I m so sorry, didn t you know that there cbd gummies for quitting smoking cigarettes near me was an explosion in the city Woke up still angry.Yes, I can assure you that it was an explosion.Major Davyn finally came up with a good excuse We couldn t contact Agent Annette.So I thought something was wrong with you.Please forgive us for our actions Major Daveyne, if it s convenient, can you go out first and let us get dressed Ah, yes, Baron, I ll wait for you outside.Davyne hurriedly exited the room while talking , and closed the door for them.

Wang Weiyi s answer was extremely firm Trust me.Will I take you through Villenburg safely The team members took a deep breath, yes, they must unconditionally trust Major Moyol to take them through the crisis Clothes They found it soon.Wang Weiyi asked them to change into civilian clothes, hid the tanks and those m16s, and then smiled Okay, now let s deal with those French.All of them, divide into three The group passed Villenburg.I led low carb cbd gummies the first group, Max the second group, and Colonel Chelus the third group.After he finished speaking, he tidied up his clothes and swaggered towards the direction of Villenburg He, Guo Yunfeng, and Richthofen s group were quickly stopped by French soldiers, and it was a major who directed these French soldiers to check.Hello, Major, it s a pleasure to meet you.

They continued to fight back with fierce firepower, and they refused to show weakness in the slightest.This is a well trained bunch of guys But at this time, Colonel Kevic was not too worried.The surroundings were like iron cylinders, and there was no possibility of escaping at all.And the enemy s bullets will run out soon Major, there was a fierce exchange of fire at Goethe University.In Colonel Scherer s report, Wang Weiyi smiled Boys, it s time for us to go home He reported the information on the Russian hiding place to Colonel Kevic, and even got a thank you from Colonel Kevic.Perhaps Colonel Kevic will be very frustrated when he knows the whole truth in the future.The best chance to kill the Skeleton Baron has been placed in front of him.The convoy started off without haste.A large number of American soldiers and military police were mobilizing on the streets of Frankfurt, and everyone s attention was focused on Goethe University.

The soldiers are responsible for the safety of the surroundings, and it is this group of soldiers who really protect Baron Alexon.On the opposite side, there is a temporary machine gun position, and several tanks and armored vehicles are also ready to shoot.It s just that these German soldiers are responsible for protecting the Empire State Building.Obviously, he did not expect such a scene to appear.They were overwhelmed and their commanders shouted orders not to shoot That s countless civilians, once shot.No one can bear such a responsibility.It s just that these commanders don t know what to do at all.If you shoot, you will become a sinner for Germany.If you don t shoot, what will happen to the order issued by Head of State Kroll Don t shoot, don does laura ingraham sell cbd gummies t shoot Looking towards the voice, it was Major General Laimde, General Miller Bach s most trusted assistant.

In several attacks, a large number of corpses and wounded appeared on the position.The corpses lying here and there seem to be telling everyone that this is the real battlefield, the cruelest battlefield.The brave may not survive here.But the cowardly will not survive.God is fair and he will not show favoritism.When you die heroically for your country, your body is gone.But your condor cbd gummies website botanical farms cbd gummies website soul lives on.Romeo took advantage of the interval of the battle to call on the soldiers to bury the corpses as soon as possible and rescue the wounded.In almost half a day, Romeo changed from cbd gummies anxiety amazon a pampered best cbd gummies reddit 2019 member of the royal family to a qualified commander.At this busy moment, Sir Rosen appeared on the battlefield again.You can ask to come here at any time, Romeo.When Rosen finished speaking, Romeo almost roared No, sir, I will not leave here anyway.

They believed that with this victory, they could take advantage of the victory and pursue it, driving all the enemies out of Germany in one fell swoop.Such sentiments are completely understandable for a force that has just achieved great victories.Enemies who have become captives are everywhere in the mountains and plains, which walmart royal cbd gummies makes people happy, but it also makes people a little headache.The sudden appearance of so many captives is bound to put a greater burden on Berlin, which was already short of supplies.However, this is a headache for the upper echelons of Germany, and has nothing to do with the soldiers at all.They cheered loudly and praised this hard won victory loudly.None of them thought that the victory would come so quickly and easily, but if they thought about it carefully, what kind of miracle could Baron Alexon fail to create The enemy s corpse is about to be seen at any time.

After my grandfather was abolished the emperor and went into exile in the Netherlands, he never had any dissatisfaction with Germany in his heart.He always loved this country deeply and was willing to give his all for this country.He has told us many times that no matter where he is, he is always proud to be German and my father is the same in the second world During the Great War, low carb cbd gummies you and Adolf led the brave German army to the most glorious victory.My father said that this is what Germany really needs.There is no need for us to go back to Berlin, because Germany has already Found the man they really neededand now, when Germany is in trouble, it is you who have returned to lead Germany from adversityso allow me to express my deepest gratitude to you Sincere thanks, Baron Alexon We have never hated Germany When this sentence came out of Michael s mouth, everyone s mood is different.

About two hours later, Martin and Tom suddenly noticed that there were more guards on the roadside, jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies and a large number of tanks and armored vehicles appeared.Martin swears.Since I joined the army, I have never seen so many tanks and armored vehicles.This is probably a place where an important person commands.The car stopped, and when Major Ludman jumped out of the car, Martin noticed a detail.The major tidied up his military uniform deliberately.You know, there is no need to pay attention to appearance on the battlefield.The person in charge of security here is actually a major general.Martin couldn t help sticking out his tongue.God, a general is actually working as a security guard.Who is the big guy in it General, I m Major Ludman, and low carb cbd gummies I m here under orders.Major Ludman, you ve worked hard.

Karofi also sent someone to the marshal according to the bet.A bottle of gin.But we lost a lot at Baeza.I heard they made a new bet, whether Fabaman will be lost.Gattel, where did you hear all this low carb cbd gummies Colonel Versten.The colonel said a lot of things last night.Hey, brothers, do you think we can defend Farberman That s not something we people can say Wang Weiyi listened to these German soldiers talking, then paid for the drink and walked out.looked around.Came to a place where there was no one Little Ling, open the connection between me and Manstein.Now Now.Okay, wait a minute.Germany Middle East Army Headquarters.Marshal Manstein.Your call came directly to your office.It s so strange, we don t know where the call came from, but the person on the phone asked you to answer the call.And the tone Very harsh.

Eat the enemies here Ah, I see, another version of the blitzkrieg But the action must be quick, and the battle must be ended before the enemy reacts, otherwise the troops participating in the battle are in danger of being encircled Yes, I plan to kill the Ninth Armored Division of the U.S.Army in Fabaman.This is the most elite unit of the Middle East Allied Forces After saying this, Manstein suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly said The phone yelled Hey, Ernst, you can t personally command the battle there, there are only two of our regiments and an assault brigade, and one of the regiments was disabled in Bajza, It s low carb cbd gummies very dangerous there.If you want to avoid the premature loss of Fabaman while attracting the US military, someone must personally sit here Fritz, who is the officer commanding at Farbermann Manstein sighed, knowing that he could not stop Ernst Colonel Van Siten, commander of the SS 9th Mechanized Infantry Regiment of the 6th Northern Mountain Division of the SS.

I will personally lead our army to defeat the enemy, and then I will appear in Fabaman I never doubted you, Fritz.Fabaman will become the bloodiest battlefield.It will become a burial place for enemies.This is the center of the defense, and it will also be the beginning of the counterattack Wang Weiyi hung up the phone.It was great to hear Manstein s voice again.He saw the German soldiers coming out of the tavern, and he went up to him I want to see Colonel Versten immediately.This was an order from Field Marshal Fritz Erich von Manstein.Several German soldiers were frightened Farberman German Army Command.All the German officers came out.They were led by Colonel Versten.They lined up neatly.When the soldiers appeared with a young stranger, the German officers headed by Colonel Versten raised their arms straightly together Saint Ernst The German soldiers who came here with Wang Weiyi were frightened again.

How could he believe the words of a lunatic That Atedler has been closely guarded, and no one can get close to him.But to be honest, he I really feel like I have seen this person somewhere In less than half an hour, several cars drove over at a high speed.As soon as the car stopped, a large group of people jumped out of the car impatiently Come down.Modor was taken aback.In this group of people, he saw Marshal RommelMarshal GuderianGuo Yunfeng, two first level generals Generalthen he saw General Firth being lifted from the saloon and into his wheelchair oh god, these marshals really showed up.Mordor couldn t have Believe your eyes.Where is he Marshal Rommel came over and asked majestically.Inin that house Rommel turned around and nodded.Then, Modor discovered a detail , Marshal Rommel adjusted his military uniform, and then he and his companions opened the door and walked in carefully.

Sit down.In the words of the young man Mr.Moyol, Frost sat down.Wang Weiyi looked at the contracts brought by Casanovich, and then put them in front of Frost Look, can these be sold at a good price according to the current market value Frost simply said After looking at it, he quickly said Of course, of course, oh, this will be an incomparably huge amount, and I guarantee that as long as you show up in my brokerage company, it will be sold out soon Wang Weiyi nodded Throw it all away for me.Frost was so surprised that he set his eyes on Kasanovic Mr.Kasanovic, you really decided to do this low carb cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies Is it Everything is under Mr.Moyol s orders.Kasanovic said blankly.Now, Frost has to look at Mr.Moyol with admiration.This young man can actually make the godfather of New York s gangsters obey him so much.

You said you are from the United States, so what did you do when you returned to Moscow Ah, I also heard that you have many enemies in Moscow.Who is it Wang Weiyi had long expected that the other party would ask such a question Yes, I am from the United States, I am a Russian American, I think my background is a bit strange, if I am allowed, I can Talk to you well.Of course, no one here will disturb you.After several people sat down, Wang Weiyi said When I was not born, the Red Bolsheviks overthrew the rule of the Tsar.My grandfather was originally an aristocrat, but he had to go into exile in the United States, trying to find the asylum we should have there When I heard that the other party was also an old Russian aristocrat.Immediately, Migroski felt good.He patiently listened to Mr.Petergoff go on We had a very unpleasant life there.

The tenacity and tenacity of the people are best reflected here.They are tenaciously working hard on the ruins.Every one of them knows that the war is not over, and every one of them knows that the work in hand cannot be stopped But they are not afraid.Because they have seen the smile of the goddess of victory What Wang Weiyi saw was the strength of the Germans A priest HCMUSSH low carb cbd gummies is praying for a dead man, The relatives of the deceased stood quietly.They waited until the priest s prayer was over before they buried their relatives bodies.Poor people.Wang Weiyi said in a low voice.I came into this world naked and I should leave like this The priest didn jolly cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews t know who the person standing in front of him was Do you know who said this I think this sentence is also useful now.Father of Frederick the Great, old Frederick William.

Manu Sia, let me go back to Turin, at least there are still my friends there Calm down, Bejasinyuk.Manusia tried his best to comfort his friend It is still necessary The overall situation is the most important.Calm You always persuade me to be calm, but what have we got these days Beyasinyuk completely vented his dissatisfaction What about those previous promises What about Tadona s promise Who can tell me why Nadov, how about you Are you in a better situation than me Nadov smiled wryly Come on, Beyasinyuk, don t you think Do you really think I m happy I don t understand like you, and I always live in the eyes of others like you.I even want to go back to Turin like you said Here, he takes a look at Manusia Rome may not really suit us Mr.Moyol is here.At this moment, a report interrupted their conversation.

The Russians would not be so stupid as to let the low carb cbd gummies retreating Germans retreat smoothly without killing or injuring a single person Their commander must have given the order to pursue at this time Noqier saw from the direction of the woods, the leading Russian soldiers of the Russian army that had sneaked into it gradually appeared.But their 098 continued to move forward, and the crew of Nuoqier all thought it was an extremely unwise decision to do so Noqier understood what they were worried about, and looked at the fragmented chariot wreckage around them.The Russians have great anti tank firepower Although Nocher has not found signs that the Russians have tanks participating in the battle so far.It s just the huge number of infantry who are chasing from the front.camouflage Nice camouflage Rummel slowed down the speed of 098.

Kennedy The man who was supposed to be low carb cbd gummies President of the United States Wang Weiyi felt that the world was difficult to figure out.He let William succeed in ascending the position of President of the United States according to the path he set.Kennedy lost the throne that belonged to him, which is frustrating.But from another perspective, Kennedy was not assassinated according to another historical process.From this point of view.Did he kill Kennedy or save Kennedy s life Elliott s words quickly interrupted Wang Weiyi s train of thought During the dinner, Robert once again made an extremely sharp criticism of the national policy of the United States.He did not even rule out the impeachment of the president.Of course, this is not easy to do.It s easy.But who knows At least the Kennedy family is backed by the Boston consortium, and no jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies one knows what will happen Wang Weiyi nodded, and now William felt a little besieged, Even within the Democratic Party there has been serious antagonism.

A war without any hope The most terrifying scene was shrouded in the black, cold guns kept ringing, and people were shot and fell down from time to time.However, no one is sad about this, and all this seems to them to be a very normal thing.Sorrow and disappointment enveloped them, and everyone was waiting for the sentence of fate Warren Katzky was also waiting, and his sorrow may be more than anyone else.All the soldiers have to do is to complete their mission, or die in battle, or be captured.But the responsibility he bears far exceeds that of the soldiers.He hoped that the night would never pass, but this was an impossible dream after all.When a new day comes, the Ukrainian army launched an offensive as always, and everything is exactly the same as yesterday.Attack Suddenly, Volyn Katzky, who could no longer bear all this, issued such an order.

No.Not his own failure, but the failure of Russia as a whole Now, there is no room for salvation General Demirasf, let s start a counterattack 30 mg cbd gummies full spectrum Field Marshal Kolkorok issued such an order.The situation on the battlefield changes rapidly.At first it was the Ukrainian army that was attacking.Then it was switched to the Russian army to counterattack.Now, with the arrival of the Germans, it was finally the turn of the Russians again.Those mighty and majestic German tanks rushed into the battlefield domineeringly, pouring shells and machine gun bullets at their enemies domineeringly, and then domineeringly smashed the Russian formation into pieces.They are telling everyone in this way who is the real master on the battlefield Faced with such a situation, Warren Katzky quickly made adjustments.He ordered the 102nd Infantry Division to be responsible for blocking the joint attack of the German and Ukrainian troops, and at the same time ordered the Russian army that was charging to quickly return to the position it entered.

Make up for those positions that are about to be broken through again and again.At this time, they felt a kind of sadness.They are not generals, they are just two tinkers.Where there is a hole, they have to jeff lewis cbd gummies low carb cbd gummies fill it.However, the loopholes on the entire front have become bigger and bigger, and they are facing grownmd cbd gummies scam the crisis of being breached everywhere Janov and Destave felt powerless early on Especially with regard to the 101st Infantry Division, the German Ukrainian coalition forces chose this place as a breakthrough point very early on.The pressure facing Destav and those Russian soldiers is hard to express in words.If Jenov hadn t stubbornly sent reinforcements to Destaff despite low carb cbd gummies cbd gummies effects last his own difficulties, perhaps the position of the 101st Infantry Division would have already collapsed.General Volyn Katzky s phone calls to ask about the situation on the front line reached their headquarters one after another, and Destaff told him frankly about the passive situation he was facing.

Such a result was very wrong to Sweet, which made him, who was cautious, have to suspect that Is it a trap.It was too easy, the more beneficial it was to him, the more likely it was a conspiracy.Sweet, adhering to this rule, immediately sent Ruddock to inquire about information.An unexplained panic in his heart made him want to leave this place very much.Relax.Don t get too nervous.Trouman patted Sweet on the shoulder.I always feel something is wrong, isn t it a bit too easy It s too easy.Sweet is still frowning.I think it s normal.The Russians are low carb cbd gummies actually not that powerful.It doesn t low carb cbd gummies look like they re faking their panic when they escape, and there aren t many of them, so it s cbd gummies bad side effects normal to escape.Sweet s worries still didn t dissipate until Rado It would be better if Ke came back to his cbd gummies royal cbd low carb cbd gummies life.

Enemy attack What A group of American infantry suddenly appeared behind Samant Street.Desk didn t expect the speed of the American infantry to turn so fast.Fire, fire Desk quickly raised his gun and fired, this is, the sound of heavy machine guns came from the rear of the American infantry Hey, we are here to support you A voice came from behind, and then a huge car body appeared Leopard 9 Desker couldn t believe what he saw One hundred and ten.Two decoys are in Bielerte, the city where an American general is hiding review eagle hemp cbd gummies and the respected Mayor Gault has turned out to be a traitor.In any country, there are always resolute patriots, and there must be traitors who betray national interests, even in Germany.Gort may have many explanations.He doesn t want his city to continue to be destroyed, and he doesn t want his citizens to continue to be harmed, but no matter what kind of explanation he has, it can t offset the crime he committed.

Each helicopter dropped six ropes and a smoke bomb.The six soldiers in the helicopter grabbed their respective ropes and hung them outside the cabin.They slid down from both sides of the helicopter under the cover of the smoke screen, jumped to the ground, and then quickly dispersed After the soldiers ran away, the helicopter dropped the rope, then quickly pulled up and left.The whole process took less than thirty seconds.Platoon A hurriedly rushed to the southeast corner of the defense zone and established a defense line there.The Severely Wounded of the defenders was carried out of the tunnel by the brothers.Arklit was lying on a stretcher, being carried out of the tunnel by three soldiers two carrying the stretcher, one holding the blood plasma bag through the blood spattered streets and the bullet dancing streets, into a troop carrier packed into an armored vehicle cabin.

people.Yes, he was right.In fact, he and Lantes are basically the same kind of people So, you have to do everything possible to protect me.Sam looked at his hands I can t do anything wrong.I can t be caught by the police I can t be assassinated, my life is even more important than yours.Ah, cbd gummies royal cbd low carb cbd gummies while cbd orange colored circled gummies we discuss these issues, I suggest you put your gun away.Sam s hands were still shaking, but After a while he had to put away his gun.Look, this is the attitude that should exist between friends and collaborators At this time, Sam s smile seemed so hateful to Longtes Don t worry, as long as I live well, I will ensure your safety.Of course, I can t stop you from revealing these secrets yourself.As long as you don t tell, no one will know these secrets.Lontes said coldly, gave Sam a cold look, and then coldly left this dark and wet alley, which made him extremely upset.

However, as the first initiator of the general strike, Avaco, the trade union chairman of the Paris Iron and Steel Works, quickly gave Lieutenant Colonel Solved.He told the revolutionaries that without the cooperation of Lieutenant Colonel Adams, the strike at the Paris Iron Works would not have gone so smoothly.The attitude of the revolutionaries towards Lieutenant Colonel Adams suddenly became different.Ah, I have always sympathized with you.Lieutenant low carb cbd gummies Colonel Adams explained his intentions in the Paris Iron Works But cbd gummy canada as a military police, I have my duties, and I cannot publicly support you.But not long ago , I have received a secret order from the government that if any riot is discovered, it will be suppressed by force immediately.Gentlemen, what the government feared happened after all, and what I feared happened after all.

They didn t have a specific attack target or even a specific purpose.However, Nash had to be on guard 24 hours a day.The more he did this, the less he would allow himself to make any mistakes.He is a man of his duty.Regret I knew that and so on, and so on, in Nash s view, it can never be an excuse.Almost all the power he could use was sent out, and there were not even many people in his headquarters.If there are a few more attacks, he doesn t know what to do.Mr.Director, your call seems to be from your wife.Just when Nash was upset, his secretary suddenly brought him such a message.Come in, call me into my office immediately Nash couldn t wait to grab the phone, and it was indeed his wife Alinda s voice We have been kidnapped, come and save us Where are you I don t know, I don t know.Alinda cried and said, We were taken to a place we didn t know, and there was a person watching us every day.

Probably the British never imagined that this place would become like this one day.Pross, have you thought about it I thought about it Plos s answer was somewhat unexpected I participated in the Second World HCMUSSH low carb cbd gummies War.When I heard the news of your return, I told myself that we will definitely be able to win the war, and we will definitely be able to enter Paris, London, Moscow.It s just that the time to enter London is many years later than I expected. Yes, it is indeed later, but not very late.Wang Weiyi exhaled softly Pros, when the war After the end, the situation in the whole of Europe will undergo major changes.With the strength of low carb cbd gummies Germany, we are not enough to compete with the behemoth of the United States, but the whole of Europe is completely different.Our combined strength will make the United States tremble.

However, now he had to obey President Fenton s order, and despicably abandoned those companions who were still fighting.What is respect Coward No.I can t even be considered a coward, I m just a poor wretch who can t even control his fate and future, and can t even die.Even if he could escape from London, what would it mean Do you hide and hide all day like a mouse He didn t know what to do with himself.He doesn t know what his future holds.No.I can t go on like this.Colonel Pierce suddenly stopped and said firmly, Yes, I can t go on like this.What s the matter, Colonel His adjutant, Major Bruce, was a little confused.Surprised.Bruce, do you think we still have hope Colonel Pierce asked, and then seemed to be asking himself there I will not allow this to happen again.I will not let my soldiers continue to lose An honor for a soldier Major Bruce understood exactly what the colonel meant this time.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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