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Let s go Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu nodded, and he was going to meet the Yacha in a short while.Chu Jiu waved his hand, and all the guards dispersed, and he immediately followed Wei Yuanchen s footsteps.The two entered the small yard one by one.Wei Yuanchen cleaned his hands, stood at the front of the table and drank tea, a faint scent of soap wafted from his fingers, faintly residing the smell of the medicinal material Asafoetida.When he heard about this medicine for the first time, he was in prison, and Wei Yuanchen looked far away as if he had returned to that time.Ah Wei, A Wei.He suddenly heard the voice and thought she was calling him.Sun Langzhong just said that it would be better to add asafoetida, you The jailer ignored it.Asafoetida is too expensive, so I won t give it.The doctor stopped her.It was the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Huaiyuan, who was almost killed in the Golden Pagoda Temple.According to Miss Gu, there were other murderers in the Jinta Temple at that time, and he always wanted to know what the murderer looked like, but the Cui family said that Miss Gu was mentally incompetent and could not explain clearly.Even if he is insane, he might be able to reveal some useful clues.Now Miss Gu is in front of him Lu Shenzhi thought about walking towards Gu Mingzhu.Chapter 20 Dominate the teenage girl, fluttering butterflies in the green bamboo forest, finally caught one, turned her head to show off to others, but accidentally let the butterfly break free, and the smile immediately froze on her face.But soon she forgot about it and found it again in the bamboo forest.Lu Shenzhi looked at Gu Mingzhu, Miss Gu s mind is just a child, and she will never grow up, no wonder the Cui family firmly said that it is useless to ask her.Bell, he never expected to see an acquaintance among the thieves.He just said that what happened tonight was not that simple.Feng Anping swallowed.Isn t the person in front of him Chu Jiu whom he has been thinking of bribing Absolutely, he could recognize it even with his eyes closed.Seeing this scene, he naternal cbd gummies really felt that someone was going to be unlucky, either him or Mr.Ding who was arresting people on the boat tonight.Thinking about it carefully, Mr.Wei s legs should be thicker than Mr.Ding s.After all, Mr.Wei is also a child of a relative, so the unlucky person is likely to be Mr.Ding.On the ninth day of the ninth day, he saw Feng Anping s head popping up, but before he could wink, Feng Anping immediately moved his body back.This catfish spirit only knows to hide when encountering problems.Just after walking out of the yard, Chu Jiu immediately followed.Mr.Sun.Chu Jiu called out in smilz cbd gummies for diabetes a low voice, and Sun Langzhong couldn t help being startled Chu Jiu, what are you doing so sneakily Sir, Chu Jiu held a big black dog in his arms.Chicken, leaning forward with some embarrassment, Have you checked the pulse of the third master Sun Langzhong nodded, and after looking at the wound, he took the pulse for the third master Wei by the way.Is the third master okay Okay.The third master didn t deliberately hide any illness, did he As Chu Jiu spoke, he looked behind him, nervously stroking the black chicken in his arms, the feathers of which he groped were spotless, glistening in the sun.Probably because the frequency of his subordinates was too fast, the black chicken let out a dissatisfied cluck.The small courtyard was peaceful.Two flowering trees were planted beside the rockery, and a grass rabbit hung on the branch of one of them.It was definitely Miss Gu s masterpiece without thinking about it, and it seemed to be quite suitable for Miss Gu.identity and temperament.After Mr.Sun checked the pulse, he took a closer look at Gu Mingzhu, and the doubts of Jinta Temple should be resolved.The reason why he cares so much about the Huaiyuanhou s mansion is because the case was started by the Huaiyuanhou.If Huaiyuanhou had deliberately laid out the case from the beginning, if he continued to investigate, he would only fall into the trap set by others.Apparently, Marquis Huaiyuan did this just to warn naternal cbd gummies the imperial court, but he had to be more careful due to the years of open and secret struggles.Baotong saluted Han Yu again, and was about to take Gu Mingzhu away.Han Yu said, When the guards of the Gu family searched the vicinity, they found something strange.Bao Tong shook his head, Nothing.Han Yu pondered for a moment, he came to Mrs.Lin s village only to ask about Yu s mother s case, and naturally he would not bring too many people.Originally, he could have waited for the Yamen to come, but now it s different.Where is Mrs.Huaiyuanhou Han Yu said, Go and report to Madam, I want to use the Gu family s help to check this village carefully, in case any fish slipped through the net.Baotong immediately said, I ll go and report to Madam.Baotong pulled Gu Mingzhu Walking forward, Gu Mingzhu was obviously very unwilling and wanted to shake off Baotong s hand.Han Yu watched the master and servant standing in place and entangled, Miss Gu was like a child, no matter what the maid said, she just refused to nod.He hadn t dreamed of her for a long time, and this time she was so clear.After she inspected it, as if she was about to leave, fear suddenly arose in his heart, strength came from nowhere, he got rid of the weakness of his body, and grabbed her wrist.Chapter 72 Embracing Gu Mingzhu Standing outside the guest room, she saw servants bringing warm water and ice cubes in.The sound of Ah Jiu using ice cubes came from the room, but Wei Yuanchen didn t make any movement other than that.What kind of disease can become like this Mr.Wei has a deep and introverted personality, so it must be very serious to make others lose their manners.Bring some more warm water, I m afraid it won t be enough.The voice of the mother in charge came.Wei Yuanchen fell ill here suddenly, which frightened everyone in the Gu family.

Liu Su nodded.The two cooperated tacitly and tightened the cloth strips at the same time.Being strangled so painfully, the drowsy woman immediately woke up, screamed, and subconsciously grabbed Gu Mingzhu s hand, leaving a few scratches on the back of Gu Mingzhu s hand.Liu Su went to check in shock, Gu Mingzhu waved his hand Go and find me some clean towels, and bring Zhao s trauma medicine.Liu Su nodded.Gu Mingzhu looked around, but fortunately, the naternal cbd gummies others were only slightly injured.The mother in law regained her composure at this moment, and began to be afraid, sobbing and crying Am I going to die She followed the adults in the yamen to escort the female relatives, and she did not expect to encounter such a thing.Who is not afraid in the face of life and death, Gu Mingzhu lightly patted the mother in law s arm It s much better, and when the surgeon arrives, he will stitch it up for you.Lin s carriage, and they don t know what is on the carriage.Do you want to go and see Mrs.Lin was afraid that her mother would not help, so she would try every means to get her mother involved.She thought of this, but she didn t know what method Mrs.Lin would use.Baotong said I ll send someone to bring some tea to the two mothers in charge.When the mother in charge lowers her head to drink water, the young lady will definitely be naternal cbd gummies can cbd gummies help with constipation able to board the carriage.The master and the servant were working separately, and when the mother in charge was smiling and receiving the tea, Gu Mingzhu turned around and flashed into the carriage lightly, the Cui family didn t cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies for diabetes reviews notice anything unusual.Baotong looked at the eldest lady and couldn t help but wonder in her heart, her eldest lady is really powerful, even if she was not born in a noble family, she can still enter the mountains and become a queen.Mrs.Lin Tai was trembling all over.Who wouldn t be afraid to see Hades in broad daylight If she was frightened like this a few more times, she might feel her heart beating like a drum when she heard the name Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen set his sights on Lin Runzhi Yesterday, I have already told Cui Zhen and Cui Wei that Second Master Lin is staying at Cui s house.When I come to interrogate him, how did Second Master Lin get here Lin Runzhi looked at Mrs.Lin Tai in horror.Mrs.Lin Tai swallowed, and saw Wei Yuanchen s gaze moved back to her face again.Wei Yuanchen said Didn t Cui Zhen and Cui Wei tell you Mrs.Lin did not expect that Wei Yuanchen would be in a hurry to see an eight year old child.She thought that no one would know about taking Lin Runzhi out secretlywhat the hell happened to her No matter what you do, there will be mistakes.Mrs.Lin stared at the inexplicable boy.Does it make any difference whether he says it or not Thinking of this, Mrs.Lin immediately looked around for Gu Mingzhu, Zhuzhu was still here just now, where did she go now Missy has gone back to the main room, the mother in charge reported, Baotong is following, don t worry.Mrs.Lin nodded, she can rest assured that Master Wei is here anyway, as long as she keeps an eye on Master Wei, Zhuzhu will be fine.nothing will happen.Gu Mingzhu went all the way back to the main room, it was useless for her to stay in the study, Master Wei would not let her in to eavesdrop, she might as well stare at Madam Lin.Mrs.Lin Tai was paralyzed in the chair, and there was an abnormal flush on her face, which was a sign of anger.How could she not care if something happened to Zhao s family, and it didn t matter whether Mr.Cui Zhen Nodded I ll go to the main house to see my aunt.After speaking, he walked forward.The courtyard of the Gu family is small, but it is very uniquely arranged.There are many flowers and plants planted on both sides of the Qingshiban road, and the flowers of various colors are blooming in clusters.Although they are not rare naternal cbd gummies species, they are not so warm.On the crooked flower branch, there is still a string tied, and a simple knot is tied on the string.Because of Zhuzhu s illness, my aunt didn t have so many etiquettes, but everything she saw seemed so vibrant.Before Cui Zhen entered the courtyard of the main house, Mrs.Lin came golly cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies up with someone to greet cbd gummies near 18445 her Brother Zhen hasn t eaten yet, right Why don t you eat here Zhuzhu and I just made siu mai in the kitchen.It s about to be steamed.Zhao Er.Although Master Zhao Er still escaped, with such injuries on his body, he couldn t survive.It s a pity, if Mr.Zhao Er knows how to fight, maybe there is still a glimmer of hope.Wei Yuanchen looked at Zhao s housekeeper s mother and said, Say.The steward s mother looked at the miserable situation of the second master Zhao, and after a while she swallowed more Second master, the second wife gave birth to a young master woo woo woo Master, you can t die, you can t die They all said that you killed someone, our Zhao naternal cbd gummies family was also confiscated, Zhao Gongrenwhy didn t she save youwho framed you.Wei Yuan Chen looked at the second master Zhao, his eyes rolled, as if he was about to die, his mouth opened and closed, but all the blood cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies for diabetes reviews came out, it was obvious that the second master Zhao had something to say.

Gradually no one wears them.But some people will buy it, but they won t wear it in full view.Gu Mingzhu secretly glanced at Mrs.Lin.Last year, her father sent someone to give an armband to her mother, and she happened to bump into it.At that time, her father was begging her mother to wear it to take a look, but her mother blushed and refused to agree.Seeing her When he came in, he hurriedly hid the armlets in the dowry.Father pretended to be nonchalant, and sat on a chair to talk to mother solemnly.Mother was very embarrassed, and her face returned to normal after a while.At that time, she had seen his father s ability to change faces.No wonder mother always said that father s face was thicker than a city wall.There is no other thick skinned person in the world.When she saw the jewelry patterns where to buy medigreen cbd gummies drawn by the master of the Liao family in the prison, she immediately fixed her eyes on the bracelet, because hairpins, hairpins and other items can be given away by anyone, but this bracelet is the only one that must be given to someone who is close to her.Mrs.Lin rushed forward with enthusiasm, her body subconsciously dodged backward again, and hit the wall behind her heavily.The man slowly stretched out a long spear, opened the curtain as thin as a cicada s wings, and stabbed Mrs.Lin with the point of the spear straight.Ah Mrs.Lin cried out, Don tdon t It s the old Hou Ye, it must be the old Hou Ye who came to ask for her life.Madam Lin knelt down and begged for mercy while crying.Brother WeiBrother WeiCome and save mother, Brother Wei Madam Lin desperately called Cui Wei s name as if clutching a life saving straw.The hand holding the spear trembled slightly, and stopped not far from Mrs.Lin Tai.Why did you kill me Finally a hoarse voice sounded.Mrs.Lin Tai panicked and felt that the voice belonged to the old Hou Ye.The old Hou Ye wore this chain mail and carried a long spear to fight in the killing field.If the crown prince uses it, I am afraid that he will fall into it in the end.The prince has been used as a cover, and he has not noticed it for so many years.It is conceivable that there must be Lin Sizhen in the East Palace.His comrades have already told Lin Sizhen the truth, how could Lin Sizhen be fooled He can only use his tricks Gu Mingzhu went to see Wei Yuanchen again, only to see Wei Yuanchen responded to the prince with a sullen face.Mr.Wei did not resist at this time, so it can cbd gummies egypt be seen that he had already thought of this situation.Since this is the case, he must be prepared.Gu Mingzhu was a little relieved.She didn t want to see the silly prince get away with it.It seems that Mr.Wei also has such a plan.The eldest princess s treason case five years ago has not been investigated yet, but it does not prevent her from collecting some debts from those people and repaying the debts.What s wrong with the tea he brewed tonight He tasted that it was not bitter at all, Chu Jiu brought the tea out of the room.Wei Yuanchen s eyes became more and more familiar.To the east of Suzhou Wei is the Alxa Right Banner, and Yulin Wei is facing the Aoer Dusi.In comparison, in recent years, the Alashan Right Banner is not as strong as the Aoer Dusi.The Great Khan was ambitious, and the Battle of Yulin Guards made Da Zhou suffer so much.If he was Lin Sizhen, he would naturally be more willing to take refuge in Aoer Dusi, not to mention the Shanxi Mutiny more than ten years cbd gummies for diabetes reviews cbd sleep gummies justcbd ago, Lin Sizhen and Aoer Dusi There may have been collusion between them, and if there is trouble again, they will hit it off immediately.However, collusion and mutual benefit are simple, but it is not easy to seek refuge.Did you win Win.Mrs.Lin showed a smile on her face, looking at the injured people and guards with sharp eyes, her eyes suddenly became hot, and then she felt a burst of joy in her stomach, as if the inside The little guy is also dancing happily.This kid may not be a peaceful master in the future.Although it was a bit dangerous, the result was very good, very good, more meaningful than anything else.They won the battle and captured the rebels.Isn t it more gratifying than anything else Mrs.Lin could finally understand why the master and father had such expressions on their faces every time they mentioned the victories that their grandfather had won.How proud to be able to protect the people from being naternal cbd gummies harmed by foreigners.Now she can better understand the master, why he wanted to uncover the war horse case in such a disregard of danger.Princess Huairou also smiled, and it was rare that she could speak so easily under such circumstances, Princess Huairou stretched out her hand to straighten her temples Madam, do you think I am particularly embarrassed I I think it s pretty good, Mrs.Lin said, it s much better than the old princess sitting there dressed properly.The former Princess Huairou was like a puppet on a string, but now she is a flesh and blood person.Princess Huairou nodded lightly I think so.When I go back this time, I will not be the same as before.Mrs.Lin said Princess is so young, she looks good without those headbands.The headbands are all noble concubines Princess Huairou suppressed her smile and said in a low voice, I don t think it looks good either.In fact, the clothes of the concubines in the palace are all ugly.

Then she was slapped cbd content in chill gummies heavily on the face by the rebels, but it was precisely this kind of scream that brought her A team of people from the imperial court.When the rebels were besieged by the imperial soldiers, Zhou Ruzhang took the opportunity to bite the rebels.The rebels threw her off the horse in a rage.The same happened to Mrs.Zhou.The mother and daughter were reunited in the rebellion and hugged each other.Trembling, he waited until naternal cbd gummies the rebels were dispersed before being brought to the village.Mrs.Wednesday saw that there were guards around the village fort, and there were still many people in the village.She immediately felt relieved.They were finally safe, and she didn t know who the person in charge in the village was After finding the person in charge, Mrs.Zhou can come forward to thank her, and then explain the identity of the Zhou family, and ask the person in charge to send someone to send them back to the capital.There is really nothing to investigate about this lady.Apart from recuperating, Miss Gu has nothing What to do.After saying this, Master Wei Er remembered But there is one thing that can be regarded as fate.When you came out of the prison, you were very sick, and naternal cbd gummies the Gu family was also seeking medical treatment everywhere.Both of us invited Chai Laoyu Physician.After the old imperial doctor Chai checked the pulse, he asked both of us to prepare for the funeral.This old imperial doctor Chai has been in the imperial hospital all his life and has always had a good naternal cbd gummies reputation.At that time, he was old and dizzy and broke the wrong is there marijuana in cbd gummies pulse.He said that your illness cannot be cured.In a blink of an eye, you and the young lady of the Hou family in Huaiyuan are both better.Do you think this is late Now the old imperial doctor Chai will blush when he sees me, for fear that I will bring naternal cbd gummies up the old matter again and lose the face of his famous doctor.Going down the investigation, there are many difficulties, involving the Shen family and several princes, it is not unreasonable for ordinary people to withdraw to protect themselves, she is investigating the case for the Gu family and Master Zhang, not Wei Yuanchen.Just as Wei Yuanchen frowned, he saw a few pages handed to him.Regardless of whether Mr.Wei still needs the help of ordinary people or not, the accounts of this period of time must be settled first.There are several densely packed sheets of paper, all of which are listed on it.How much she needed money, but after writing so much, what she wanted in the end was only more than a hundred taels of silver.This case is handled well by the people in the market, Wei Yuanchen said, Add another fifty taels of silver, and I will let Chujiu pay you later.Xue Laotong, who was in the prison, hurried to Mr.Qiao with his people Master Qiao is going to the court to hear the trial Why don t we golly cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies go together Xue Laotong said that he would let Master Qiao out.Gu Mingzhu took the opportunity to lift the curtain and looked out, it was indeed not Qiao terd nation cbd gummies Song, Qiao Song was over fifty, this Master Qiao was only in his 20s or 30s.Is Qiao Shilang here with you My uncle has gone to the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Hearing the voices of the two, Gu Mingzhu guessed that Master Xiao Qiao was Qiao Song s nephew, and indeed he was ordered by Qiao Song to come to the prison Viewed.While talking, Mrs.Qiao looked at the valet again, Gu Mingzhu did not move, the light of the valet was dim, and she was standing in the shadow with a fence on her head, so Mrs.Qiao must not be able to see her.There are palace people walking around outside Kunning Palace, I don t know how many pairs of ears they have.Actually, there is nothing to say about this matter, Empress Wei said, Since the Cheng family already has a new mistress, they need a letter of reconciliation.How can the Zhao family have nothing to do with the Cheng family There is no need for the Cheng family to feel wronged, Huairou Your son in law doesn t have to be in trouble.After finishing speaking, Empress Wei threw the fish food in her hand into the tank, turned around and walked back to the inner hall.The servants outside the Kunning Palace left quickly.If the person in the Kunning Palace said something, it would naternal cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies immediately reach the ears of everyone in the harem.Empress Wei s general idea was this, and the taste might change if it was passed on In Princess Huairou s residence.Princess Huairou and Mrs.Lin sat in the room with Mrs.Zhao.Mrs.Zhao didn t close her eyes all night, and her eyes were slightly red, but her spirit improved a lot.From sitting there silently like a stone sculpture, she finally raised her head to look at Princess Huairou, and said something to Princess Huairou sentence.After Mrs.Lin entered the mansion, she mentioned that the son in law beat the Dengwen drum, and naternal cbd gummies Mrs.Zhao couldn t help but shed tears.After crying and speaking, Zhao seemed to have lifted the stone that was weighing on her heart, and finally it no longer made her breathless.Mother Huang walked quickly into the door and whispered a few words in Princess Huairou s ear.Princess Huairou was surprised at first, and then gradually smiled.Mrs.Lin and Mrs.Zhao both looked at Princess Huairou.

I will definitely go back and study the medical books carefully, hoping to do my best for my lord.Wei Daren promised not to expose her in front of others, Should also abide by the agreement.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she looked at Baotong.Baotong understood and immediately looked towards the sky Miss, someone naternal cbd gummies is releasing paper kites.Go, go and see.Gu Mingzhu stood up joyfully, and the master and servant ran into the garden without giving anyone a chance to speak.Chance.Wei Yuanchen watched the figure disappear into the green bamboo path, he slowly raised his head, the blue sky above his head, there was no kite there.Inadvertently, she slipped away again, but luckily the string was still in his hand.Wei Yuanchen looked down at the teacup in his hand, the ashes were still floating on it, burning talismans to cure diseases, fortunately she figured it out, and learned a lot of methods in the market these years.Lin was in a daze when she thought of Mr.Wei s life saving grace.What s the matter Mrs.Lin was caught off guard by Gu Chongyi s voice, and shivered in fright.Gu Chongyi s face changed drastically, and he immediately stepped forward to comfort him It s all my fault, I shouldn t safest brands of cbd gummies have spoken suddenly, I thought you saw me enter the door.Mrs.Lin immediately breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that it was Gu Chongyi It s okay, it s okay, I was thinking too much Fascinated Gu Chongyi s eyes cornbread full spectrum cbd gummies fell on the small cage again Is everything going well in the Wei family today Are these things sent by the Wei family Mrs.Lin nodded Yes, Mrs.Li likes beads very much.I gave all these gadgets to Zhuzhu.These are not gadgets, Gu Chongyi stepped forward and picked up a wooden bird to look at, although there are shops selling these items outside, but none of them are made of them.I will find some good things and send them to the Wei family.I don t owe them anything.We can talk to each other in the future.He didn t pay much attention to Wei Yuanchen before, but it seems that from now on, he will pay close attention to this Wei.Although he thought about it clearly, Gu Chongyi s anger surged as soon as he thought about it.He carefully protected the Master Hou, Second Master Wei is here.The steward how much is bay park cbd gummies reported in a low voice outside the door.Gu Chongyi raised his eyebrows, just in time, he patted Mrs.Lin, signaled her to rest assured, and then strode out of the house The Wei family.Mrs.Li sent away the people around her, carried He began to look at Wei Yuanchen who was standing beside him Can you tell grandma now what is the problem Chapter 242 Love Seeing today s situation, Mrs.He also promised the Cui family to carry the eldest sister naternal cbd gummies to the ancestral grave.Zhou Qi scolded his second uncle and father and wanted to make trouble in front of his grandmother.At that time, his grandmother naternal cbd gummies was sick, and his family stepped forward to stop her.Qi was taken away, and Zhou Qi never came to the door again after that.The old lady Zhou looked calm How do you know that Zhou Zesheng is related to the Wei family Zhou Ruzhang said The person who saved the mother and granddaughter seems to be Uncle Qi.The granddaughter wants to confirm the identity of that person., but said that the man was the guard of the Wei family.These days, he took the Wei family to guard the village fort.The granddaughter wanted to see that man again, but was blocked again and again.In the end, she never saw the real face of the man again.Wei is bullying others so that Mr.Wei cannot cbd gummies fir sleep continue to investigate the case.Of course she wasn t worried about Mr.Wei, she was afraid that they would not be able to intervene in these cases openly.Gu Mingzhu walked to the side and waited for Master Wei to come and speak.Wei Yuanchen stepped up to follow, and Gu Mingzhu immediately stepped forward and whispered Master Wei Mr.Wei is too tall, so she had to stand on tiptoe to get closer to Mr.Wei s ear Time is running out.Going through the investigation step by step, I am afraid that the result may not be found at dawn, and I have to ask the son in law to help muddy the Cheng family s water, so that it is easier to catch fish.Wei Yuanchen nodded in agreement.Gu Mingzhu happily said Then I ll go talk to the son in law.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu, who immediately understood that the third master meant to naternal cbd gummies let him work with Miss Gu.The same is true for the second brother s marriage.My mother went to Linjiang mansion cbd gummies for diabetes reviews cbd sleep gummies justcbd several times and prepared for so many years.Go to Linjiang Mansion.Cheng Yi said again Your mother s dowry when she married into Cheng s family, and the land you have accumulated over the years, are you clear in your heart Even if you didn t explain it before, after you passed away, you didn t let the mother in charge come forward.Do you want to tell me Before my mother went to Shanxi, she secretly gave the three Zhuangzi to the loyal servant, and asked the loyal servant to take care of me.Cheng Erye and Cheng Sanye brothers looked at each other, obviously ignorant of this.There was a sudden silence in the corridor.It took a long time for Second Master Cheng to squeeze out a few words from his teeth You mean that mother didn t commit suicide, but was murdered However, while the yamen is here to investigate the case, you can also ask the truth in private, unlike when I grew up and found out hemp cbd gummies compare the truth about my mother falling into the water, unless you don t HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies want to ask clearly.

Gu Chongyi frowned.What he thought about Wei San should be something that the Wei family should cbd gummies on the plane worry about.In a place like the Yamen, it is good to have food.Those soldiers who went to battle could only chew dry and hard rations.Thinking of this, Gu Chongyi continued to urge his horse, and when he arrived outside the palace gate earlier, he could also listen to the courtiers discussion on the Cheng family s case.After Master Gu left, Chu 9 immediately took the official uniform and entered the door It s time for naternal cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies the third master to change.Wei Yuanchen looked outside.On the ninth day of the first day, he immediately said Miss said that the time is almost the same.The third master should go to court, and she should go back.Before the eldest miss left, she asked me to tell the third master.That Huixiang didn t tell the truth, and the third master would personally tell the truth when he was free.This time was not so easy to pass.Mother Yang said, Miss, what shall we choose Gu Mingzhu s eyes flicked from the warehouse, they were all cbd gummies positive test the things her mother had saved over the years, so why not give them away casually.Close it.Gu Mingzhu said crisply, things should be put away properly.Mother Yang reminded in a low voice We haven t picked anything yet.Not here, Gu Mingzhu said very seriously, The things here are not good.take it Miss Yang s mother was about to speak again, but Gu Mingzhu ran out like a gust of wind.Mother Yang hurriedly ordered someone to lock the door first, and then chased Gu Mingzhu out of the yard.Gu Mingzhu took Baotong into the study room, and the servant was sorting out the books.Gu Mingzhu looked at those books happily Give HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies these to the third grandmother and brothers and sisters.Gu Chongyi was unmoved, he was so naternal cbd gummies angry with Master Wei that he couldn t even take a sip of water now.Bring tea.Gu Chongyi ordered Yang s mother.Mama Yang was about to respond.There s no more tea in naternal cbd gummies the room, Mrs.Lin said upon seeing this, Master Hou just went to drink in the main room.Gu Chongyi raised his eyebrows, and Madam cleaned him up without even blinking his eyes.Make it.Mrs.Lin shook her head The water is gone.The servant was just about to carry the pot into the house, but when he heard Mrs.Lin s words, he didn t know what to do, so he just kicked in and out of the door.standing.Gu Chongyi pointed What is that hot thing Mrs.Lin said indifferently, Does the Marquis want to snatch the footwashing water for my concubine It s like a big cat with its hair blown up.There is nothing else in my mind.She should be concerned about her father, so she looked away thinking this way.It can t be her fault either, the two of them are already together, and they can t tell each other apart.She has been with Baotong for a long time, and she probably also contracted an eye disease, staring at her side Gu Chongyi began to struggle , Wei Yuanchen was like a young wolf cub with great strength, he struck with a knife and gun more than ten times in a row, and the strength of the iron gun increased instead of weakening, and he seemed to be about to lose.After all, he was born with great strength.He was taught martial arts since he was a child.He followed the path of a family, and his skills were particularly solid.Although cbd gummies for diabetes reviews cbd sleep gummies justcbd he was not very powerful, he had inherited the heritage of the Gu reviews condor cbd gummies family and had been taught by his old father in law.Gu Mingzhu sat in front of the window holding Yuanxiao.Have you left yet Gu Mingzhu asked Baotong.Baotong said Not yet, the cook even made soup and cakes to send.I have drunk three jars of wine.I am afraid that the master will be carried out in a while.Gu Mingzhu sighed for a long time.Zhong s father should have lost, but unexpectedly he was very happy to lose, and even got closer to Mr.Wei a lot.Baotong looked at the restless expression of the eldest lady Why don t miss go and have a look Gu Mingzhu stroked Yuan Xiao s back, what s so interesting about a drunkard, they all look the same after drinking, with their nostrils upturned and mouth spitting Lotus, she doesn t look at it.It s better to take advantage of Mr.Wei s booze while she goes to do other things.Chapter 271 Shunyan Gu Chongyi drank until his cheeks were flushed, sitting on a chair, naternal cbd gummies under the light, Mr.Let s just talk about the Shuntian government office.I m afraid natures boost cbd gummies quit smoking that the news has already spread before the servants leave the house as soon as the clues are found.Su Fu knew that this was why Shuntian Mansion had become more and more difficult to investigate the case in the past two years.The same is true for the guards at the city gate, secretly colluding with various mansions, otherwise, how did those things that should not appear in the capital get into the city The yamen servants were closely watched, but the common people were scattered among the crowd.When Xue Laotong was handling the case, he also had a few eyeliners who tipped off thc vs cbd gummy the news, which prevented the Shuntian government yamen from becoming completely deaf and blind.Su Fu thought about it for a while and went to look at Nie Chen again If you find any clues, you will report it directly to Mr.

Who s that guy in the short brown How could he be with the soldiers patrolling the city It seems that he invited the city patrol officers and soldiers to check the situation.As the soldiers patrolling the city drifted away, Zhang Tong chased after him.Gu Mingzhu heaved a sigh of relief, Master Wei didn t come, they still had to go through a lot of trouble, and when the surroundings became quiet again, Gu Mingzhu felt something strange, a faint smell of wine blew into her nose, and a trace of burning pain came from her shoulders.Temperature, she forgot that it was this arm that took her into the darkness just now.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, under the moonlight, Lord Wei frowned slightly, his expression was not as deep as before, his nose bridge was straight, his lips were extraordinarily rosy, his neckline was unbuttoned, his clothes were a little messy, his eyes were drooping at this moment, Look tired naternal cbd gummies HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies and weak.Gu has used such things, it can be seen that this kind of Tamba wild rice is quietly rising in HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies Beijing.Tamba wild rice was introduced to Dazhou from Luzon, and it is an imported product.The people of Bai Gong used Tamba wild rice, and the Yuan family had contacts with the soldiers and horses of the five cities.What s the use of colluding with the city gate guards Naturally, it is necessary to come and go freely to the capital.The Yuan family colluded with Xicheng soldiers and horses.At first they searched in Xicheng but found nothing.With this arrest of thieves wandering around, they finally found something strange in Beicheng.The Lu family found Bing Ma Si because they were afraid of being targeted by the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion, otherwise it would be a good thing for the Yamen to arrest the bad guys, why should they panic Chu naternal cbd gummies Jiu continued Zhang Tong led people to investigate the courtyard of Lu s house.All Taiqing Temples are female Taoist priests, and that Sun Zhenzhen has also been a female crown since she was a child.My son, there is hot spring water in Taiqing Temple.In the past, many female relatives went to soak in the spring water.Later, I heard that Sun Zhenren had good acupuncture and moxibustion skills, and he would recover soon.The female relatives of the dignified family also began to visit Sun Zhenren.In the past two years, the reputation of Taiqingguan has become more and more famous.Zhuzhu fell and hit her arm.The injury has long since stopped hurting.Mrs.Gu wants to take Zhuzhu out just to make Zhuzhu happy, Mrs.Lin knew very well, Come back from Taiqing Temple Mrs.Gu will talk to me and ask Master Hou and me to help facilitate Sister Wan s marriage.Gu Ziyan told Master Hou that the Gu family s encounter this time was for Sister Wan, and Sister Wan was at the age of marriage , naturally for her marriage.Everyone in Taiqingguan knew that she didn t like people coming naternal cbd gummies to disturb her.Even new disciples would not break in here, so they could only be outsiders.She hides in the temple, naternal cbd gummies and occasionally enters the palace to preach the Taoist scriptures for the empress dowager, just to stay away from those worldly affairs, but because the empress dowager likes her, people outside try their best to come to inquire about the news, and her junior brother Taoism Men and women are equal, and male and female Taoist priests are called brothers and sisters Sun Huixiu, who is in charge of Taiqing Temple, is still full of guard against her.Perhaps Sun Huixiu is playing tricks and finding an outsider to come and cause trouble.She didn t get angry for a long time, did those people forget her temper Mo Yangming raised his hand, ready to grab the man s neck with one blow, and let him teach him a lesson.Bai to give You use it to add a box, so as not to make you look bad when you go to your husband s house.What you said about selling the old house probably came from Mrs.Bai, right How long has the Bai family s old house not lived in If the fertile land is given to you, how much is the old house worth A chan told me a long time ago that if she gets married, the Bai family will not be allowed to take more dowry due to her illness, and even if the man dislikes her leg disease and dowry, she will not force it.Naturally, Bai Gongren would not feel any guilt because of Mo Yangming s words.In her heart, Mo Yangming was just speaking for A chan.Even if her father and mother gave her more, that s what she should where can i buy natures only cbd gummies do.After all, the Bai family needs her to support them.Ah chan will only be a drag on the Bai family, how can she give the Bai family any benefits.Leave.Nu Guanzi turned around and walked back the way she came without delay.Master Lu looked at his subordinates You bring your things down the mountain, and I will go the other way.Don t worry, master, the subordinate said humanely, Even if the yamen servants catch us, we will not confess to the master.Go to Dengzhou Mansion.Master Lu stretched out his hand and patted the shoulders of his subordinates, this is the only way to be safe now, otherwise he will be implicated even more if he has an accident The fire that can t be taken away is burned.Burn those It s better than being caught by the Yamen.The servants responded, and Master Lu turned around and walked up the mountain, bypassing the mountain, and just returned to the official road at dawn, even if something happened at that time, all the government officials would go to the temple to arrest people, and the court would not be able to catch them He won t get involved any more.

You re bullying people because of your riding skills.Gu Chongyi couldn t help but look back, only to see Wei Congzhi covered his face with his sleeve, looking like he was being bullied.Bah Gu Chongyi wanted to spit, why didn t Wei Congzhi fall ill Now that fainting fell off the horse, he would be torn apart.Just as Gu Chongyi thought of this, Wei Congzhi on the horseback suddenly swayed, as if his feet were empty, and he slid off the horseback.You Gu Chongyi was so angry that he slowed down the horse in a daze, but Wei Congzhi stabilized his figure at the critical moment, lying on the horse s back as if embarrassed, but galloped ahead of him past.Now Wei Congzhi is racheal ray cbd gummies running ahead.I just said don t chase me, Wei Congzhi said, Why don t you listen Gu Chongyi didn t answer, but Goupi Plaster had his own thoughts.This is a person Xue Laotong can trust.According to Xue Laotong, Feng Anping s qualifications are mediocre, and he has some minor problems that can t be put on the stage, but fortunately he is not wrong.Su Fu HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies said I see.Xue Laotong was still worried Your Excellency, don t confront Qiao Song head on, save yourself to continue the investigation.Su Fu responded.Xue Laotong left the Shuntian government office all the way, and rode his horse out of the city gate.At this moment, he was a little anxious, but fortunately, his thoughts were very clear.When Wei Yuanchen interrogated Bai Jingkun, he mentioned his mechanism, He thought of Yan Shen who was injured by the eight spring lock.When Yan Shen was serving naternal cbd gummies as a judge in Yingtianfu, he would come to Beijing on the day of Muxiu to mention some unsolved cases with him.The servant entered the door and reported.With a look of surprise and joy on the palace man s face, he immediately put down the needle and thread in his hand, and looked at Empress Wei Your Majesty, someone has arrived from the Palace of Compassion and Peace.Maybe this is a good sign, the Empress Dowager intervenes in the affairs of the palace, after the Empress The palace man was thinking about it, but when he turned around and saw the empress s indifferent expression, she didn t continue to think about it.Kunning Palace will naturally open the palace gate to welcome the reward from the Empress Dowager.Gu Mingzhu followed Mo Yangming into the palace gate.Compared with the Palace of Compassion and Ning, this Palace of Kunning looked deserted and desolate.Two servants were cleaning the fallen leaves, but the brooms in their hands were so weak that they couldn t do it for a long time.Many people will die if we solve this case by means.As soon as the words came out, the room was immediately quiet.Cui Zhen continued A lot of naternal cbd gummies soldiers have been implicated in Northern Xinjiang.This time Captain Long brought a team to Yulinwei and killed more than 60 generals and generals.There seemed to be a bloody smell in the room.Zhen hurried on the road overnight, and his eyes were covered with blood Ao er is a surprise attack, and the real people of Lin Temple are the internal response The imperial court won this battle because of the soldiers and horses cultivated in the northern Xinjiang for ten years Die There are countless people.Next, more people will be conscripted into military service Food will be supplied to the military in northern Xinjiang for a year on New Year s Day The emperor s anger can be imagined.Naturally, Wei Yuanchen s official position could not be compared with that of his father Wei Congsheng, but it made people feel that the Wei family would pay back again.toward the feeling.The emperor probably also had such concerns, which is why he let Qiao Song from the Ministry of Criminal Justice intervene in the case.It is still unpredictable what the final outcome of this case will be.After all, the Wei family is unfathomable, Gu Chongyi thought about it, but the scene of the second master Wei pulling his pants appeared out of place in Gu Chongyi s mind.That s why in the Wei family, a single rat droppings didn t spoil a pot of porridge.Cui Zhen watched Gu Chongyi s eyes become far reaching, he didn t know what Gu Chongyi was thinking, and just waited for Gu Chongyi to come back to his senses.Cui Zhen stood there quietly, this is a pair of eyes With an unquestionable power, he fixedly looked at Cui Wei I remembered that there is still something to do at home, you go back with me and deal with the matter first.other intentions.Cui Wei still didn t move.The atmosphere in the room was a bit strange, Gu Chongyi put down the teacup in his hand.In the silence, there was a sound of footsteps, as if someone was running in the corridor.Cui Wei glanced out, and immediately saw the slender figure of the girl, with a smile on his face Zhuzhu is here, I just have something to give naternal cbd gummies to Zhuzhu.Shi Cui Zhen took a step forward cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies for diabetes reviews and stood in front of Cui Wei.The two brothers looked at each other, and Cui Wei s smile gradually froze on his face.Chapter 329 Father s Anger Gu Mingzhu stopped in her tracks.

She watched Cui Wei walking towards her.Before she could clearly see Cui Wei s expression, her sight was blocked by Cui Zhen.Gu Mingzhu s heart sank, Cui Wei and Cui Zhen acted like this, she probably guessed what happened next, but why did Cui Wei do this Because he thought she was a silly girl who would be convenient for him to manipulate in the future, or because he fell in love with the Huaiyuanhou Mansion My father s repeated mistakes may have aroused suspicion from others.Is Cui Wei planning for himself, or is there another plan Brother, why are you stopping me Cui Wei smiled again.Cui Zhen stared at Cui Wei silently.What are you brothers doing Gu Chongyi got up and walked over, looking at Cui Zhen and then at Cui Wei, with the majesty of an elder on his face.Uncle, don t worry, Cui Zhen said, Second brother and I have some misunderstandings, let s go back and talk about it carefully.Wei Yuanchen squinted his eyes When he left Gu s house, he saw Cui Wei coming in the rain.He came to Gu green galaxy cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies s house in a hurry under heavy rain It must be for something.Zhang Tong felt that the rainy night was getting colder Fortunately, the Marquis of Huaiyuan didn t agree Otherwise, someone might die tonight.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently Watch him.Cui Wei shot and killed Rujun cbd gummies indiana in the prison before, and now he wants to use Zhuzhu Cui Wei saw that Zhuzhu s cbd oil gummies for aeisures condition improved, so he was anxious to take action, or after being frustrated Anxious to win a round.Regardless of the reason, it was time for him to settle with Cui Wei The heavy rain has been falling, as if to wash the capital clean.In Anjiyuan, Bao er vaguely heard the sound of grinding medicine in the room, and the medicine pestle how much are eagle hemp cbd gummies was bumping against the stone mortar.She still has some confidence in her grandson.Although the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion has not nodded, she seems to be developing in a good direction.Miss Gu A few days ago, I went to the palace to see the Empress.These are all good omens.Mrs.Li doesn t know the inside story, but if she chooses the right person, the road will always go smoother and smoother.This is not luck, but the right person and everything is right.Mrs.Yuan looked at Mrs.Li.She felt that reba mcentire cbd gummies Mrs.Tai had something to say.Brother Zhen s wedding is scheduled for next spring.There was nothing I could do.She didn t know what Madam Tai was planning, and she didn t dare to make decisions on her own.Brother Chen had a serious heart, unlike Brother Hong and Brother Zhen who were willing to tell her anything, she had no energy and didn t know where to use it.Mrs.Dong walked in the door and saw the master standing stiffly beside the long desk, she couldn t help pursing her lips slightly.The table was covered with the holy letter charlie stayt cbd gummies paper bestowed by the emperor, which was made during the reign of the first emperor Shengde.Will take it out and use it, but every time the master paints, he thinks about it in advance, and picks up the brush in one go.This is the first time she has seen such a hesitant situation.Tan Dingfang finally put down the pen in his hand, and Mrs.Dong stepped forward with a sigh of relief Master, what were you thinking just now Tan Dingfang raised his head and smiled at his wife, with thoughtfulness and concern in his smile Why naternal cbd gummies haven t you stopped yet Didn t I let someone talk about it I m resting in my study for the past two days, so I don t need to bother my wife to serve you.The abandoned artillery of the old general blocked the Tatars.Gu Mingzhu looked at the dusty Wei Yuanchen, Mr.Wei s expression was cold, and his eyes were full of determination.To be able to say this, he must have found evidence in Tan Zigeng.Wei Yuanchen said calmly Tan Zigeng killed someone in Daxing s Zhuangzi, and was escorted to Beijing by the Daxing County Government.He will soon go to the Shuntian Mansion Government.He confessed that Aunt Zhen came to Anjiyuan with other plans.Here, Wei Yuanchen stared HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies at Yu Zhenhai with burning eyes These things happened in Anjiyuan, does Guanshi Yu really know naternal cbd gummies nothing about it The deep voice made Yu Zhenhai shudder, Mr.Wei It seems that everything is already known.Mo Yangming was stunned for a moment, and then asked Yu Zhenhai Did Ah chan be killed by someone What do you know Yu Zhenhai finally let go of his clenched fist, and sighed a long time Miss Bai and Tan Shangshu are indeed acquainted.The emperor sneered, I didn t realize it before, full spectrum cbd gummies canada his ability is not small.Down to Anjiyuan, up to the Ministry koi cbd gummies ingredients of Rites and Procuratorate, there are people from him.Chapter 360 The emperor s voice echoed in the hall of truth, and Qiao Song stood there silently.The emperor dared to say some things, but the others could only listen.No one could question the prince until the evidence was obtained.The emperor stood up, and the birth mother of King Huai, Mrs.Liang, appeared in his mind.When Mrs.Liang was carried into the palace, his father was only a county magistrate, and his family status was not high.After accepting Mrs.Liang, she hasn t entered the Mrs.Liang s house for nearly two years, but Mrs.Liang has always been gentle and virtuous, helping Mrs.Wei to take care of the inner house without fighting or grabbing.

The third master is so smart that he can definitely see the difference.These third masters are silently suffering without saying anything.They really want to be the third master of the Wei family, and they don t want to cause trouble for the Wei family and the empress because of him.Mrs.Li sighed I have also noticed it, and I have condor cbd gummies customer service been waiting for him to ask me.After Cong Sheng s accident, I thought Brother Chen would mention it, but he never said it.Maybe it s not important to the third master, Ru s mother said, the third master doesn t care either.Mrs.Li had a complex expression on her face, which was a little sad, but also very gratified.The sad thing was that Brother Chen was so sensible, and the same thing was gratifying.Mrs.Li said At first we wanted naternal cbd gummies best vegan cbd gummies him to be carefree.The children of the Wei family are unsatisfactory in many things, and they are afraid that one day they will be involuntary.Especially those remnants of the eldest son, as if they had been injected with chicken blood, their faces were agitated, their eyes were red, and they almost immediately asked the emperor to restore the status of Prince Gong.The emperor did not say a word, he looked at the courtiers in the court silently, and after a long while, his eyes fell on King Huai beside him.King Huai, said the emperor, what do you think should be done King Huai s legs and feet were already weak, and his robe was wet with cold sweat.He took two steps forward and suddenly knelt down on the hall I don t know about the Fang family s smuggling, please order a thorough investigation, if the Fang family dares to use the banner of Prince Huai s mansion to act recklessly outside King Huai paused a little at this point, the case involved the Fang family, he could not have The slightest hesitation, murder and smuggling are all serious crimes, the Fang family really has to bear it, but it will be over, but he has to protect himself at critical moments.These are not the most important, Chen Weicheng said, Your Excellency, people followed those who came from Daning, and found that there was a familiar face among them, and that can cbd gummies hurt a child person was Wu Yuanwai, who has been sponsoring Anjiyuan all the year round.A lot of money was given to the Anjiyuan, and the hard earned money was handed over to the adults to buy rice for the refugees.What is Wu Yuanwai s picture The adults are afraid that they will not be able to find out these things, and they will be confirmed.I am very suspicious, naternal cbd gummies even if I believe your lord s excuse, I m afraid you won t use your lord again in the future.Your lord has been an .

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official for many years, and you have carefully raised such an official voice.How could you give Qiao Song such an opportunity to step on you Qiao Song can t do it, and Wei Yuanchen certainly can t.As she spoke, the girl patted the medicine box on her body with a confident expression on her face.Looking at his daughter s clear eyes, they are no longer as dull as before, and there is even a bit of aura in the eyes, and the expression is full of begging, which makes Gu Chongyi s heart soften, it seems that he thinks too much Yes, Zhuzhu just wants to show hurt to others.Master Hou, the eldest golly cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies lady couldn t sleep and wanted to take the medicine box to see Mo Zhenzhen, but just heard that the HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies steward said that Wei Sanye was injured, and asked someone to invite Jiang Langzhong, so the eldest lady wanted to come and have a look, Baotong said.Busy explaining, Missy has been treating people with Mo Zhenren these days, and she is probably used to it, soso Zhuzhu followed suit and cbd gummies rigby idaho nodded Daddy, I can see.Such a family background must be ordinary, so it has to be inferior to their Gu family.When Gu Mingwan thought of Mrs.Lin s introduction of Cousin Feng to herself, she couldn t help but feel a little nervous.Could it be that the Hou Fu felt that the Tan family s marriage was not good, so they pushed Cousin Feng to her Or the Gu family thinks that Mr.Tan is too kind and they want to betroth Zhuzhu to Mr.Tan.If Zhuzhu recovers from illness, there is no guarantee that Mr.Hou and his wife have no selfish intentions.Miss, if this disease can be passed on to your heirs, how can you get it It s not easy to have a family like the Tan family.If you miss Zhuzhu, can you find a better one Gu Mingwan couldn t sit still as she thought about it, she turned her head to look at Gu Mingzhu, and found that Zhuzhu was no longer behind the screen, so she went to Mrs.To save my father from being entangled for too long in a dilemma.Mrs.Lin nodded Go.Recently, she is very relieved that Zhuzhu will do these things.Zhuzhu looks like a child in front of her, but she can do these things thoughtfully In the main room.The old lady Gu looked at her son quite anxiously.The two brothers just refused to talk about serious matters.She didn t care what would happen to the Huai Palace.It s time to continue discussing relatives.No wonder the Hou Mansion will decline, this Chongyi doesn t understand the priority of things at all.The old lady Gu coughed, Gu Chongwen glanced at his mother, and then hesitantly said Brother, last time I told you about Ming Wan s marriage, I didn t expect to encounter that case This delay has passed One year, now what do you think should be done Gu Chongyi calmly picked up the tea and drank it, and then put down the tea bowl in his hand Ming Wan is not very old, I think it is not appropriate to rush the marriage.

Nie Chen said Who found the evidence that Master Shen Wu colluded with the pirates Master Shen Er said My second uncle asked the steward Cao Huai to take someone to investigate.When Cao Huai was really determined to investigate the fifth uncle, he knew that a golly cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies woman brought a child to the fifth aunt, saying that the child was the fifth uncle.Uncle s heir, Fifth Aunt didn t believe that Fifth Uncle would raise an outside room, so she beat the woman out.The woman didn t get any benefits, so she took the child and left Zhending.Cao Huai looked for the woman and child everywhere, and along the way After inquiring, I found out that the woman went to Quanzhou.Quanzhou is so big that I couldn t find her for a while.Fortunately, my second uncle s friend helped me to find the woman.The house and the land.Zou Xiang shook his head, and the words whispered in Zou Lin naternal cbd gummies s disease could be heard in his ears, the lowly life is dead.He died in vain, just as he felt his mind was in turmoil, when he suddenly heard a crisp voice.The prince of the East Palace made a mistake and was deposed as the crown prince, let alone others.Zou Xiang looked at Miss Gu.Tell me, what kind of hatred do you have with Madam Zhang She, Zou Xiang trembled, she killed my mother.like a child.Gu Mingzhu said Who is your green galaxy cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies mother Have you seen her Hearing Miss Gu s words, Zou Xiang was stunned for a moment.He had never seen his mother, and he didn t even know what she looked like.He just I heard from my adoptive mother that my mother is a gentle and smart person.If my mother is by his side, she will love him well.Zou Xiang s tears were about to flow out of his eyes, he persisted, let the tears flow down his throat, and then swallowed them with all his strength, clenched his hands tightly until his joints were blue and white, this is what a four year old child can use.As soon as Zou Lin thought of this, she heard the door being pushed open, and the green galaxy cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies woman at the door exclaimed, followed by Zou Xiang s voice Put me down, you let me down.Zou Lin thought in surprise Struggling to get up, before he could sit up, he saw Cui Zhen enter the door with Zou Xiang through the gap in the curtain.Cui Zhen stopped outside the door, but he didn t put Zou Xiang down, because he knew how to do things more effectively, and it was easier for Zou Linshi to tell the truth.Zou Lin said anxiously Marquis Dingning Marquis Dingning Brother Xiang What s the matter Hearing Zou Lin s call, the stubborn Zou Xiang burst into tears as soon as his nose was sore.Pa ta landed on the back of Cui Zhen s hand, Cui Zhen s fingers shrank from the heat, the tears seemed to penetrate deep into his body along the skin, he almost put Zou Xiang down as soon as his heart softened.It took a while to recover.Cui Zhen said Aunt Sun gave birth early because someone drugged her, and the child s death was also caused by that drug.Zou Lin nodded, The steward of the mansion soon found the harmful tiger wolf drug in Qing girl s residence.Cui Zhen said Yao Qing didn t give the medicine Zou Lin said Young girl Qing has never seen that kind of medicine.She was resting in the duty room that night.Anyone can sneak into her residence and blame her.Cui Zhen closed his eyes slightly, and drove those complicated emotions out of his mind Auntie, continue to talk Zou Lin said Ms.Qing naturally wants to complain for herself.Finally, when Mrs.Zhang came, girl Qing felt that she could be saved.I never thought that she encountered a life saving straw, but a knife that killed her.Zou Xiang, who was next to her, looked furious when she heard this, and her eyes were flooded with hatred.The stone hit his shoulder.Wei Yuanchen s brow that had been stretched just now was wrinkled again.Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said It s nothing serious, it s just a little red and swollen, and it will get better in two days.She pointed to the wound medicine on the table.Brother also sent the wound medicine.Cui Zhen s doing this was considered to be a remedy for the dead, and Master Wei s anger could be relieved after hearing this.I don t know if it was her illusion, but she felt that Lord Wei s frown deepened.Wei Yuanchen asked, Did you hire a doctor Gu Mingzhu shook her head, she was a doctor herself, so there s no need to alarm others with this small injury.It s ready, Gu Mingzhu said, It .

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s really well.Looking at the smiling girl in front of him and seeing her cbd daytime gummies arms moving as usual, Wei Yuanchen was relieved.He has been exposed to the wind and sun all year round, the skin on his face is rough, and there are deep wrinkles on his forehead.His face looks much older than his actual age.What are you thinking about The old woman stepped forward and said, If you can t let it go, go to them.No, the old man sneered, There is no good person.Really The old woman said, Sure enough If that s the case, you won t be calling Yan Can cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies for diabetes reviews s name all the time in your dreams.The old man s face turned colder, he was calling Yan Can s name, that s because some folks came from the capital, and he felt that They are very similar to Yan Shen.It seemed to make him feel that Yan Shen had come to life.Chapter 427 Asking for Money The old woman poured a bowl of hot water for the old man, who was enveloped in steaming heat.The old man naturally knew that Yan Shen was dead.

When Yan Shen went to northern Xinjiang to investigate a caravan, he encountered an accident and lost two arms.After the government ordered people to investigate, he learned that those who harmed Yan Shen were Tatars pretending to be bandits.Where did he get a mechanical box, Yan Shen accidentally opened the box, and was injured by the firearm hidden in it.Once this kind of thing is blamed on the Tatars, no one will pursue it anymore.After all, there are often Tatars around Daning, and the guard cannot chase and kill those Tatars alone because of Yan Shen.Yan Shen knew that he hadn t made any mistakes at all.He tracked naternal cbd gummies down a caravan through Shen s family.He saw with his own eyes that the steward .

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of the caravan put a letter in the box, so he went to get the box.Find more clues and evidence.Yongping Mansion is a matter, and then it is the turn of the Metropolitan Procuratorate.After Shen Tonghuai nature one cbd gummies was arrested, he concurrently served as the censor of the capital of the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Not only did he start to oppose Kaihai, but he also criticized the officials he elected to go to Kaido.The emperor was already dissatisfied with the Metropolitan Procuratorate, but now he was disturbed by He Shou, and he also began to HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies summon the officials of the Chief Secretary to reconsider the matter of opening the sea.Tan Dingfang closed the official document in his hand.In fact, he didn t need anyone to check him to know who was behind the arrangement.It was Wei Yuanchen, and Wei Sanye had the demeanor of Wei Congcheng at a young age.It s just that Wei Yuanchen targeted the wrong person.The Wei family should really reflect upon being suppressed here.What can be the result However, the Wei family s status as a foreign relative is still very useful, and the prestige is still there.Even Gu Chongyi, who has been pretending to be stupid and staying away from the court, is HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies now willing to work for the Wei family.It s a pity that he will try his best to embrace the people who have been favored by the Minister of the Ministry of War for so many years, but there are still many who refuse to trust him, such as the Wei family, Gu Chongyi, and Cui Zhen.If they can get the support of these people, many things will be easy will be smoother.How could they not see clearly the current situation in Dazhou.Tan Dingfang stood up.As the Minister of the Ministry of War, he knew very well that the northern border and coastal guards could not make mistakes, so he had to arrange the next thing well, and no one could block his way.The old lady Zhang nodded, and looked at her son worriedly I know Mrs.Shen is good, but I can t take care of her at this time, so don t be soft hearted.You father and son are going to do big things there is nothing you can do about it.Mr.Zhang responded, and took Mrs.Zhang out of the car.Seeing his family protect Mrs.Zhang and leave, he continued to drive forward.Their Zhang family has established a strong master in the early years and has been doing things for the master.If everything goes well, the Shen family will naturally have a share in the Zhang family s wealth and splendor in the future.It is only because of Shen s bad luck that he can only arrange it this way at such a juncture.Mr.Zhang was getting closer and closer to Shen s carriage, and finally he started to call to stop the servants driving the carriage, and Shen s carriage gradually stopped.There is no escape.Qiu Hai clenched the long sword in his hand, and ran towards Gu Chongyi like a vicious tiger.The sound of sharp weapons clashing came again, and Qiu Hai suddenly found that Huaiyuanhou in front of him was stronger than he thought.After his leg was injured, his light body skills were disabled, so he was no match for Huaiyuanhou at all.Thinking of this, Qiu Hai felt a pain in his stomach, and was kicked to the ground by Huaiyuan Hou.When he was about to get up to fight again, two sharp weapons were placed on his neck.The sharp blades could cut his throat at any time.Qiu Hai was captured.The lieutenant stepped forward to tie Qiu Hai up, and Gu Chongyi brought people to King Huai.Gu Chongyi said My lord took Qiu Hai back to his command, and I will continue to chase Zhang Congju.The mother and son still have to give each other face in front of people.The emperor stopped talking, and the queen mother also turned her eyes to the palace servants on the ground The Ai family heard about Concubine De, and it happened that Zhenren Mo was in the palace, so I brought her here to see if she could help.The emperor glanced at Huang Chang, Huang Chang hurriedly said the confession of the palace people, and presented the evidence found in front of the queen mother.The queen mother glanced at the evidence Before the concubine De was poisoned, did the palace servants serve you all the time Huang Chang responded, Reporting to the empress dowager, this Jiang palace man is in the inner hall of Yongchun palace.I heard that the golly cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies concubine de concubine After the empress was poisoned, the inspector of ceremonies came to arrest all the palace servants and servants for interrogation, and found the poison on her.

How can the Empress instruct the palace servants to poison her This is a question to the Emperor, as well as to the palace servants and the Supervisor of Rituals The emperor did not speak, Huang Chang stepped forward and said It is true that no one has entered or left the Kunning Palace since yesterday, and no one has spoken to anyone in the Kunning Palace, but Huang Chang glanced at the palace people on the ground The people in this palace have been to Kunning Palace before.Huang Chang didn t continue.The Empress Dowager said You mean, these are all arranged by the Empress long ago Huang Chang s face changed drastically Empress Dowager, slaves dare not talk nonsense, this is the Jiang Gong s own confession.The Empress Dowager reached out to stop Huang Chang The Ai family didn t blame you.The Ai family thinks it makes sense.The Empress Dowager said Even the Supervisor of Rituals has been involved.This battle is really serious.You have worked hard for the Empress.As soon as the Empress Dowager finished speaking, the palace servants dragged the female officials of Yongchun Palace to the Empress Dowager.The queen mother said lightly Your empress is dead.This case involves the empress, noble concubine and concubine De.If you can t explain clearly, the three clans in your family will not leave a living person.If you explain clearly, the Ai family promises to let you Lao Tzu and mother will not be tortured, and will not harm the children of the family, do you understand This is the only chance.The female officer was stunned for a moment, until now she thought of the situation of herself and her family, green galaxy cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies and she burst into tears , After a long while, he nodded Slave said, tell them all.Ma Dai continued Does your lord know who Zheng Ruzong is Tan Dingfang s eyes froze.Chapter 459 I laughed at Tan Dingfang.Although Tan Dingfang was only briefly absent minded, he knew that Captain Long had seen it Tan Dingfang still suppressed naternal cbd gummies his emotions, pretending to be calm and said I cbd gummies for diabetes reviews want to see the emperor.Ma Dai stopped asking, and said to Tan Dingfang, Master Tan, come with me to Long Jinwei.For a very important prisoner, it is difficult to get out of Long Jinwei s prison.Tan Dingfang looked at Ma Dai and said again I want to see the emperor.Ma Dai said indifferently, Your Excellency will see you.Because the emperor does not know his father.Now that his father s identity is naternal cbd gummies exposed, he may be arrested, and the emperor will know about the northern border.It involves King Liang and his plans over the years, and the emperor will send people to go to the northern border to check.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were soft, and he gently stroked her small chin with his palm When HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies I come back, it s like Lord Marquis and Madam proposing marriage.My father won t agree, Gu Mingzhu said, My mother wants to find someone Marriage.Okay.Wei Yuanchen was very calm.What good The Wei family would never agree, and the empress HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies would not agree either.Before Gu Mingzhu could speak, Wei Yuanchen said, As long as I can marry you, it s fine.You take my private seal, and I have the jade pendant from Lord Hou.Take this as a token, so you don t have to worry.Gu Mingzhu naturally No worries, what is she afraid of, the big deal is to start over with a different identity, but how could father give Lord Wei Yupei as a token Gu Mingzhu suddenly remembered that one day Mr.Wei came to do cbd gummies help with headaches visit, and his father took Mr.Gu Chongyi blinked his eyes, feeling a little guilty, and hoped that he didn t see the wrong person The naval battle was about to start, and military documents were sent to the capital one after another.Just as Gu Chongyi thought, there are still many rebels in the guard, and it is difficult to distinguish the rebels from the soldiers loyal to the court.Enemy is not easy.The coastal battle report is still on the way, the emperor s imperial case is full of memorials related to Tan Dingfang, his Minister of the Ministry of War is loyal to others, and all the affairs related to the Ministry of War and Tan Dingfang in the past six years can t be sorted out for a while.The most important thing is to take down all the generals recommended by Tan Dingfang pending trial, but how much will it take to fill the vacancies of these people There are not many people who can be used by the emperor, because many of the people Tan Dingfang uses come from poor families, and they are the ones the emperor has cultivated for himself for many years.Li came to her grandson s yard today because she was worried about this matter.Going to northern Xinjiang is very dangerous.She was hesitant to tell the truth about her life experience to this child, and her grandson had already thought of this, so Speak first.It organic cbd gummies gluten free didn t bother her at all.Mrs.Li wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief, and earnestly asked Do you know if you come back safely At that time, grandma will arrange the marriage for you, and your mother will be more than happy to hear the news.The two were talking, and Mu Qiu entered the door Report Third Master, there are people in the palace, and the emperor calls you into the palace.Wei Yuanchen sent Mrs.Li out of the house and went to change clothes.Mrs.Li was walking on the corridor when she saw Mrs.Yuan who was coming to meet her.

Gu Mingzhu took the food box from Chu Jiu, and Chu Jiu closed the door and retreated, leaving only Zhou Zesheng and Gu Mingzhu in the room.Gu Mingzhu opened the food box, and took out a plate of stewed meat stuffed with apricot blossoms and a plate of roasted duck.There were not many dishes, and if it was a banquet for others, it would even be too shabby.But Gu Mingzhu didn t care, she arranged the dishes carefully, and even tried to arrange the dishes exactly as she remembered, then she started to pour the wine, and even picked up a green plum and threw it into the one near Zhou Zesheng.In the wine cup.Zhou Zesheng s gaze gradually changed, from bewilderment at the beginning to astonishment later, and then he couldn t believe it.He stared closely at the several dishes on the table, and moved his gaze to Miss Gu s face.A woman who lost her natal family, her husband died, and she still had to take care of her young daughter, had firm and sharp eyes, which made him a little scared.When he grabbed his naternal cbd gummies sister in law by the throat, the sister in law struggled desperately, and his crotch was kicked hard, and he stopped in pain.Immediately afterwards, the sister in law yelled at him Your brother is watching from behind you, you bastard.Zhou Zerui said After the sister naternal cbd gummies in law broke best cbd gummies for beginners free, she lied to me that the elder brother was behind me.I was so scared that I turned my head to look at it, but the sister in law stood up and took a dagger in her hand.Under such circumstances, how dare I go forward , So I cbd gummies for diabetes reviews cbd sleep gummies justcbd ran out of the house in despair, I was afraid that my sister in law would tell the story, so I told my sister in law, for the sake of Ah Jun s future reputation, it s better for my sister in law to pretend that what happened tonight didn t happen.My lord, Gu Mingzhu said, Nie Chen sent someone to send a message saying that he didn t know most of the people in that village, but he met a woman when he was in Shanxi.Su Fu raised his eyes.Gu Mingzhu said It s Miss Ruan Qin from Prince Gong s mansion.Before the crown prince was abolished, there were many Qin women in the mansion, and the crown prince s favorite was that Ruan Qin, who did not expect that Ruan Qin belonged to Concubine green galaxy cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies De.Being placed beside the prince for so long, must have sent a lot of news to Concubine De.Gu Mingzhu continued There is one more thing Su Fu listened carefully.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, do you still remember that when the second prince and the eldest princess of Yongkang rebelled, one of the crimes of the eldest princess of Yongkang was to use the musicians of the Jiaofang Division to snoop on the news Handled it all by myself.Immediately after the waist was lightened, the short blade was pulled away, and the 20 to 1 cbd gummies waist belt was loosened immediately, and the armor was also pulled off.A person who appeared from nowhere put on his armor and took his money.Put naternal cbd gummies the bag in your arms.Then the man put on his clothes and ran to their formation.Chapter 518 The Dawn of Victory The soldiers and horses brought by King Liang are dressed similarly to the generals of the Great Zhou Dynasty.The cloth armor on their bodies is also from the Great Zhou Guards.The only difference is that the inner collar can cbd gummies help me sleep is changed from white to red Zhu Wu put naternal cbd gummies on the vice general s armor, tidied up the red collar, blackened his face, and pretended to crawl out of the thick smoke.According to Mr.Wei s previous instructions, he and Lu Guang detonated all the firearms they had bought in advance, and then left with a few people.Lin blushed.Who would dare to recruit the emperor s eldest son Could it be that the Gu family could still give him the throne Naturally, I can t mention it any more.Mrs.Li said Although you can t get married, you can buy a house next to you and live in it, and open a small door, so it s no different from living together.Mrs.Lin also showed joy.Gu Chongyi sighed in his heart, what he said, Zhuzhu just followed his wife.Mrs.Li can you take cbd gummies with meloxicam suggested Why don t we go to that house together to have a look, the weather is warmer, we can start to repair.Mrs.Lin said with a smile Thisis not good Madam stood up, It s all a family now, so be polite if you re not happy.Seeing that the group was about to go out, Gu Chongyi sighed, the house was bought well, if Wei Yuanchen becomes Zhao Yuanchen in the future, they will Can I still live in that house Could it be possible to build a house next to the palace wall for the Huaiyuanhou Mansion If it wasn t for Zhuzhu s willingness to marry, he would really be reluctant to part with it.My father cared about the children of the Zhou clan during his lifetime, and the books his father annotated may be of great help to the Zhou clan.His children can be of some use.Zhou Zesheng answered, and then he picked up the jug Today is a happy event, Uncle Qi will have a drink with you on behalf of Zhou s elders.Except for them, no one will know that today is also the Zhou family s eldest son.The day when Miss discusses the marriage, the Gu family should be happy, and the Zhou family should also be happy.After drinking a glass of wine, Zhou Zesheng felt warm all over, and the sadness hidden in his heart was also dispelled.Gu Mingzhu also put green galaxy cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies the wine glass under her lips.The wine was spicy, but the aftertaste was sweet.Zhou Zesheng looked at Wei Yuanchen You have to treat Ah Jun well, otherwise I, the seventh uncle, will be the one to decide for her.

There were two people standing in front of her, one was Liu Su and the other was Master Wei.Gu Mingzhu smiled Didn t your lord go home You re going to court soon.It s the empress who handles the court HCMUSSH naternal cbd gummies affairs now.No hurry.Wei Yuanchen Ruifeng s eyes were not disturbed, Are you going to find Nie Chen Gu Mingzhu nodded For Zhang s case, since Cui Zhen .

are cbd gummies bad?

naternal cbd gummies asked the people in the market for help, he should do his best to help him settle it.Gu Mingzhu knew that Master Wei was always hostile to Cui Zhen because of her, so she stretched out her hand and gently tugged on Master Wei s sleeve, and saw a smile in Master Wei s eyes.Wei Yuanchen took Gu Mingzhu s hand The steward of the Zhang family admitted that the Zhang family would marry into the Dingninghou s mansion because Cui Zhen killed a rebel general of the Zhou Dynasty.Provide a lot of information, the court wants to conquer Wuliangha, it will definitely be useful, I can still make contributions, the court can separate the tribes of Wuliangha, and defeat them one by one, I also know where the food in the northern border of Liangwang is , Liang Wang still has a lot of eyeliners naternal cbd gummies in Dazhou, I can help the court catch them.I just hope that the court and Lord Hou can give me a chance, Lord Hou, naternal cbd gummies if you can save my life, I can be a cow for Lord Hou As a horse, I was forced to become a Liang Wang party, and now I have come to my senses, and I just want to wash away my sins.Luo Yu s words hurt Zhang deeply, not because Luo Yu justified his fake death before, but now Luo Yu didn t take her matter to heart, after dealing with her, he changed the topic It was led to King Liang and Wu Liangha.Luo Yu ignored Mrs.Zhang, and still looked at Cui Zhen Master Hou, don t listen to Mrs.Zhang.This woman wants to get rid of the crime and put the blame on me.Master Hou must have seen it too.After I got married, I have never had any contact with her, this is a clear proof, if I really have any thoughts about her, I will never do this.Luo Yu looked like she was avoiding her, just like her What is pickled stuff.Mrs.Zhang stared blankly, as if someone was yelling heart piercingly in her heart, finally she slowly raised the sleeve arrow in her hand, and opened the sleeve.An arrow rushed towards Luo Yu s chest.kill him.She is going to kill him.Luo Yu saw Zhang s movements, he opened his mouth wide, and wanted to ask Cui Zhen for help, but it was too late, the arrow was in front of him in the blink naternal cbd gummies of an eye.The scene in front of Cui Zhen changed again, the sound of fighting came from his ears, and when he lost his mind, a long knife fell and chopped on him.Cui Zhen endured the pain, swung the spear in his hand, and pierced the enemy general s chest.Brother.Someone rushed over to help him block the attacks around him.That figure is Cui Wei.Chapter 552 Regrettably, naternal cbd gummies Isn t Cui Wei Dead Killed by his own hands.At this time, Cui Wei was beside him alive.Cui green galaxy cbd gummies naternal cbd gummies Zhen was stunned in a daze, and after a while, there was only a burst of cheers.The enemy army has retreated.The enemy army has retreated.The enemy army retreated, and the soldiers of Dazhou charged towards the fleeing enemy army like a tide.Brother, we won.Cui Wei wiped off the dried blood on his face, his eyes were clear and bright, a ray of sunset fell on Cui Wei s body, enveloping him in a golden layer, it was so dazzling, This should be the color that Cui Wei should have.With the sound of footsteps, Wei Yuanchen was surrounded by people and entered the main room.Seeing Wei Yuanchen, Mrs.Lin s uneasy mood calmed down at this moment.Brother Chen is very good, and she can rest assured that she can give the beads to him.Wei Yuanchen knelt down and offered tea to Lin Qicheng, Gu Chongyi and Mrs.Lin.After the etiquette, Wei Yuanchen saw the relatives and friends of the Gu family and the Lin family in the room, his eyes fell on Cui Zhen, he hesitated a little but still called out Brother.Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen can also let go, but they will never allow anyone to hurt Zhuzhu again.Gu Chongyi nodded to Wei Yuanchen Go and pick up Zhuzhu Sitting in the boudoir, Gu Mingzhu was surrounded by female relatives, and was telling her what happened before, when he suddenly said, Young master is here.Compared with the old illness of lord Wei, her discomfort was nothing.Yinmao and Chen s mother said it was so scary.Unexpectedly, he came again before letting her take a breath.After putting on the ointment, I thought it would be better, but no matter how blunt the knife is, it will hurt after a long time, not to mention the wound that has not healed.All the enthusiasm and thoughtfulness in my heart disappeared at this time, and what Mother Chen said was right, you must not soften your heart, otherwise she will be the one who suffers.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu opened her mouth and bit Wei Yuanchen s broad shoulders hard.Finally, when it was over, Gu Mingzhu s mind went blank, and she fell asleep completely this time.Wei Yuanchen cleaned up the two of them with a handkerchief, changed into a new quilt, and then lay down next to Gu Mingzhu.

Wei Er was not good, but he always cared about Mr.Wei Er in his heart, otherwise he couldn t prepare the banquet in advance, and now he was afraid that Mr.Wei Er would not agree.Come on, then use her to cover up.What a child, she used to take care of Zhuzhu wholeheartedly and didn t put too much energy on Lord Hou.Now that Zhuzhu got married, she realized that the youngest in the family was not Brother Chun but Lord Hou.After Madam Lin finished speaking, she turned and went to the kitchen, and she asked the cook to make some hangover soup, so that the two of them would not drink too much again.Master Hou ordered to make hangover soup in advance, and even warmed the wine and sent it to the study.Hearing what the cook said, Mrs.Lin had an expression of as expected.Then everything will be arranged according to Lord Hou s order.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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