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But Tang Sanjian is very difficult to talk, Your mother and I are on honeymoon, you have the nerve to follow a big light bulb Small but infinitely powerful.Tang Sanjian laughed.It turns out that you also know that candy is not easy to carry.Tang Shuang was paralyzed, sowing discord unwillingly Tangtanger Mom and Dad are going on a trip, and I won t take you with me Tang Sanjian said triumphantly, Tangtanger already knows about it, and we can only make the itinerary with her consent.Sure enough, , Tangtanger let out a nonchalant ooh, and said with an adult look Father, you have to take good care of Mommy, but you must rest assured Tangtanger, otherwise I won t hand over Mommy to you Tang Sanjian Don t worry, Tangtanger, Dad will take good care tasty froggies cbd gummies 300mg of mom and make her happy.Tangtanger patted her chest and said, Then I can rest assured.

This time my stomach hurts because I ate too much yesterday.It s nothing to do with the ice cream.It s because you didn t protect Tanger well.Tangtanger is a very far sighted little girl.Never try to eat delicious ice cream again.Thinking of ice cream, it s so delicious, I miss yesterday so much.At the same time, it can kill two birds with one stone, and put the responsibility shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis on Xiaoshuang, so that she can act like green otter cbd gummies official website shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis a baby and make demands.Although this sentence is short, it represents extraordinary significance, because it indicates that Tang Tang er has gradually awakened tranquil earth cbd gummies to the kung fu of fighting back, and she has Tang Shuang s demeanor, and she will definitely be great in the future.Tang Shuang was taken aback, why did this sound so familiar When passing through the small woods outside the house, Tang Shuang pointed to a woodpecker on the tree and said, Look, Tangtang, there is a woodpecker, don t you always want to see it Tangtang cheered up and stretched his neck to look , Sure enough, I saw a little bird pecking at the tree stem, and asked curiously What is it doing Tang Shuang said, The big tree is sick, and the woodpecker is helping it to heal.

What did you say Tang Shuang asked.It s nothing, if you don t sing, don t sing, hum.Tang Tanger what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis held the drink and sucked it hard.Being an older brother sometimes has to be deaf and dumb, though he hears Candy framing his words.Tang Shuang opened the heavy glass door of the KTV, and carried Tang Tanger off the high stool.The little guy fell to the ground like a wind up toy pig, scurrying around in the mall like a wind up toy pig.Where are you going Tang Shuang let the little piggy run away without paying attention, and followed helplessly.Come back quickly, let me lead you, what if you lose it.Tangtanger turned a deaf ear to it, running around here and there, really curious baby, she has her share everywhere.Tang Shuang finally found her in the ticket hall of the movie theater.Tang Tanger pointed to a huge movie poster and said, Look, Xiaoshuang, let s watch the movie.

Wei Tingting sat on her seat, feeling dizzy at the thought of the manuscript.Although United Life Weekly pays well, it is also under great pressure.Since coming to work here, working overtime has become commonplace.Because of this, Wei Tingting has been told by her parents a lot, but there is no way, who wants to be a dog working overtime Time is tight and tasks are heavy, but she has no time to write a manuscript.She stayed up until midnight last night to finish reading the new chapter of Heroes , which she has accumulated, and now her mind is still thinking about the plot, and the novel is almost at the end.Wuming s story is finally finished, how will he face King Qin How will King Qin resist the nameless ten steps and one kill And Can Jian and Feixue, the doomsday couple, will they join hands in the world, or die in love with their own lives All of this made Wei Tingting worry about her heart and soul.

Bai Jingjing circled the edge of the bed very envious, Tangtang er hugged it with a smile, and rolled on the bed together.Then, Tangtanger, who was looking around, saw a white jersey hanging on the wall.She knew this dress.Xiaoshuang treasured it so much that she wouldn t even let her touch it.snort I want to touch and wear it.But she was too young to reach the jersey.Bai Jingjing came to offer advice and brought the pillow over.Although she didn t need it, Tangtanger still patted the dog s head to express her appreciation.She first climbed onto the bed, then climbed onto the bedside table, and then pulled her little hand, and there was a clicking sound, as if something fell on the ground.Candy was startled, and stood quietly, not daring to move, and listened for a long time with her ears pricked up.

Tang Shuang wrung the jersey dry, still angry, fierce Said I coax you, I shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis m your baby Go away Go away.Candy crying even harder.Chapter 45 I m Tired of Crying Candy er cried pitifully and left.When passing by Tang Shuang, my brother didn t say a word or hug her.It seemed that he really hated her.Tangtang was even more sad, and went downstairs alone, only Bai Jingjing, the puppy, followed her silently, rubbing against her feet.She sat on a small stool and looked at the bright sunshine outside and continued to cry.She cried so hard that the Great Wall would fall down in front of her face That appearance is so pitiful, anyone s heart will melt when they see it After crying for a long time, Tangtang what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis er didn t want to stay at home anymore, and wanted to leave this sad place, her little heart was hurt, and she already had the idea of running away from home.

Tang Shuang looked at the phone and thought about life for a while.How he wished that Brother Sanjian could hang up the phone in this short period of time, but Xiaoqiang is very tenacious.Tang Shuang answered the phone bravely, and said first, I m coaxing Tangyue, we ve made up Under Huang Xiangning s urging, Tang Sanjian took three deep breaths and asked, Why is Tangyy crying so sadly What s going on Tang Shuang said this, that, and that, but because of Tang Sanjian s bad temper and bad tone, Huang Xiangning took the phone away, and she asked Tang Shuang what happened Tang Shuang found in the room Candy, this little piggy is sitting on a small stool and talking on the phone, and I don t know who he is telling his grievances to But since she is using her own children s mobile phone, and there are only a few family numbers set on that mobile phone, in the case that Tang Zhen and her parents have already called, the rest are uncle, aunt, second uncle, Erniang and grandma s house, these are not something he can afford.

Ye Liang was choked, and said to Tangtanger Okay, you are the boss, since the boss doesn t eat Crayfish, what can I order for you Finally, Tang Shuang went to a nearby stall to buy Tangtanger a coconut milk refreshing, refreshing, natural, nutritious and refreshing, suitable for vegetarians little sister.Ye Liang what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis asked Tang Shuang I heard that what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis you broke up If you want me to say that it s time for a breakup, you are not suitable.Look at that woman, with her nostrils upturned, as if she is very good.Think of yourself as a fairy, early.I just want to complain about her, I m afraid you will lose face, so it s okay for me to say a few words now Tang Shuang, who was bored at first, instantly pricked up her ears, her big eyes turned around Tang Shuang and Ye Liang, her small face It is full of gossip.

Tang Shuang went in with a headache, and came out not long after.Look, Tangtanger is really standing outside the door waiting.Xiao Shuang, where is your girlfriend from Tell me a little bit.Seeing that Tang Shuang was about to leave, Tang Tang er opened her hands to stop her again, You are not allowed to leave unless you answer.Tang Shuang jumped over the goat.Tangtanger didn t prevent this move, which was beyond her imagination.After she realized it, she chased after Tang Shuang angrily, pounced, and hugged Tang Shuang s feet If you don t tell me, I won t let you go Seeing Tang Shuang, shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis 1000 mg cbd gummies effect who was crouching at his feet and hugging the candy that looked like a little pepper, Tang Shuang was so tired that she was going to paralyze as soon as she woke up.She s older than you.Tangtang er succeeded, and continued to ask, Is she older than sister Tang Shuang said, Let go first, and I ll answer you later.

Chapter 69 Invitation holland and barrett cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy to the headquarters of Orange Mai Music Company.Lin Yu pushed open the door of the conference room, Sister Lin is here Sit in the back position.As soon as she sat down, someone came over to strike up a conversation with her.Lin Yu is well aware of everything in front of her.In the past, no one paid attention to her participation in the agent s monthly meeting.Now, because of Li Yu s popularity, she naturally rises as an agent.Appear familiar.It is not easy to be a broker.You have to be slick and fit.Lin Yu came here like this, so he is very understanding.He what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis is not disgusted with everyone s attitude.He greets and chats with everyone with a smile.Take shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis the shelf.Xiao Na, the music director of the company, came in, saw Lin Yu, and said, Xiao Yu is here, why don t you sit there, sit forward.

He can t what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis break away from the music, so why don t we do more It is a great waste to keep so many classic songs in my mind.Although it seems hypocritical to say so, it is true As soon as I arrived at the company the next day, Chen Ding came to visit Li Yuzhang.Young man, refreshing and refreshing, Liu Yilian was by his side, telling some things to pay attention to along the way.He was holding a can of green tea in his hand.Li Yuzhen liked to drink tea.This was a gift specially prepared for him.It s very clean, don t wipe it, it s been done so many times.Liu Yilian said helplessly.Chen Ding smiled embarrassingly, but didn t give up until he finished wiping, One last time, don t be rude.Liu Yilian sighed weakly, really didn t know what to say to his habit.Chen Ding is a Virgo, and has severe cleanliness.

Chapter 75 Fanatic Crazy Moba, the king of fighting, is really extraordinary in his moves, and the wind can rise from the ground with his laughter How scary it is It seems to be a fantasy scene.And his attack on the dynasty was as fast as lightning, like a thunderbolt, Wang Ming couldn t help but sweat for the dynasty.According to the chapter updated by Dragon Snake, the dynasty has just stepped into the dark power, and now a demon like opponent suddenly appears, and I m really worried that he will be knocked down The chain is used as a gun, and the body hits it.It is the big pistol in Bajiquan.Just at this moment Chao Chao s fine hair and hair all stood on end It was as if he had touched a high voltage power line, and the skin all over his body suddenly raised bumps , shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis densely packed with goose bumps, like grains of iron broad beans The body of Chao Dynasty was stimulated by strong hostility, and his body seemed to swell several times at once The original 1.

Tang Zhen was smart since she was a child, and Tang Sanjian had high hopes, but everyone has their own ambitions.Parents can t arrange how much does cbd gummies cost their children s future.After figuring this out, Tang Sanjian let go.From this point of view, he is quite enlightened.In the old Tang family, Tang Zhen is like Huang Xiangning, and she also inherited her musical talent.Tang Tanger is still young, so she can t tell.As for Tang Shuang, Tang Sanjian used to think that she was a freak, neither like him nor Huang Xiangning, but now I found that I still look a little like him.Is it going to be published before I read Heroes HCMUSSH shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis , this shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis is Tang Sanjian s unthinkable dream.Tang Zhen s career has encountered the biggest difficulty since her debut.Although she didn t tell her family, Tang Shuang can basically guess it.The new album is not as good as expected, the company has paid but not received, it will definitely have a great impact on the Girl s Day group, but Tang Shuang does not know how much this impact will be.

could be bad, have Even if he really made his debut, the muddy waters in the entertainment industry are not so easy to navigate.The old Tang family doesn t have any background forces, so they can t help Tang Zhen.They all rely on their own strength.My sister is not a smooth and emotionally intelligent person, and she is too disadvantaged in the slick entertainment industry.Tang shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis Zhen was a few months old at the time, so naturally he had no position, so after all the calculations, none of the whole family supported Tang Zhen.But Tang Zhen is a stubborn girl, she will follow through with whatever she decides on.She likes singing and dancing.But Tang Zhen is not a person who insists on going her own way.She didn t care about everything.Regardless of her family s opposition, she devoted herself to it.

Being coquettish and cute was very useful, but Tang Shuang had already left and left the infected area, which made Chu Jing and Qiqi s shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis mother laugh together Chapter 129 When the child s father, Chu Mei, was shopping for food, a young man walked over, holding a lot of food in his hands.Chu Mei gave way to avoid her, but the young man suddenly stopped in front of her, smiled brightly, and said, I m really sorry, can you do me a favor Help me take out the phone from the left pocket of my jacket.Chu Mei looked up in surprise, and the other party raised the food in his hand, and said, I m holding something in my hand, it s inconvenient, please and asked, Is this here The young man turned sideways to Chu Mei, Yes, it s this pocket, take out your phone and give it to me.Chu Mei didn t think too much about it.

He arrived at HCMUSSH shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis the library so early, so he must live near the school.The school is located in the economically developed area of Guangdong Province.Being able to live here, the quality of life is not bad, which means that the family of the seniors should be relatively rich.Parents are cultural people, and we should get along well with them in the future.The senior has short hair and waxed hair.He is very stylish, which shows that he is a very meticulous person in life, pays more attention to the quality of life, and pays great attention to personal image.Well, he must have a high choice for the other half.With short hair, he is a sunny boy, manly, maybe even a bit machismo.Machismo, can I accept it, well, it s actually quite good, such a boy is very good at taking care of his girlfriend, he is a father type boyfriend, his boyfriend is full of strength, and he is very considerate of others Zhao Yayi lowered her head and pretended to read a book, but her eyes were not on the book, but from time to time fell on Tang Shuang who was opposite her, and the stars in her eyes couldn t be hidden.

The corners of the mouth are tightly pursed in a natural state.Recently, life is not peaceful, and major events have happened.The eyes are bright, but the depths are hazy, the city is very deep, and cbd gummies for congestive heart failure the character cannot be seen, it should be relatively strong.The nails of the fingers are often trimmed, the computer should be used more, and personal hygiene is very important.He has calluses on his fingertips and either plays basketball or plays the piano.The senior is so tall, he is very likely to play basketball, his fingers are so slender, he must be very good at playing the piano Oh my god, I can t stand it, he can play basketball and the piano, what a god His hands are slender and fair, with clear lines and no yellowish tint.He probably doesn t smoke or drink tea often.What is that in his hand Tooth marks Although very shallow, it is indeed a tooth mark How could this be, does he have a girlfriend How come there are tooth marks on my hands, woo woo woo, I am so pitiful, I lost love if I failed in love.

At this moment, he was looking past Tang Shuang with doting eyes, and landed on Xiao BuDian in the distance.Tang Tanger cheered Dabai , then quickly brushed past Tang Shuang with her short legs, and threw herself into the arms of the old man.That s right, the old man in front of him who violated the laws of physiology was Tang Shuang s uncle, Tang Dajian.He has practiced martial shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis arts since he was a child, and he has gummies for buzz cbd a muscular body.Although he is over 55 years old, he is still full of energy, eats a lot, has a lot of strength, and has a strong back.He is the devil muscle man in Tang Shuang s mind.Dabai Do you want Candy Tang Dajian hugged Tang Dajian and acted like a baby.Dabai Dabai Uncle.Tang Dajian s always serious face was full of rare tenderness, and he talked to Tangtanger fondly.Candy also liked this Dabai very much, so she decided to donate her angel s tears , handed Tang Dajian the big cup of pink drink, and said crisply Dabai it s delicious, I ll give you a sip.

Once he hugs him, his image will be ruined immediately.Tangtanger snorted inwardly, and said softly Then let me play for a while, fat handsome brother, hurry up and push the swing.The little fat man was not happy anymore, and waved the terrifying inflatable mace, saying Come down Come down, I want to sit down, and I said don t call me fat, and tell me to kill you Tang Tanger opened his hand Then you hug me down.The little fat man thought for a while, looked around, and saw No one paid attention to this side, so Tang Tanger was quickly hugged down, as if hugging a girl was so shameful.The little fat man put the candy on the ground, touched her small head, and said proudly I have beaten many children, but since you are so obedient, you are the cbd gummies st petersburg fl cutest among the children I have seen, so I will not beat you today.

Well, compared to Acting like a baby, this girl is shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis almost mature.Okay, then remember what you said, write carefully, and try to get 100 points, so that I can impress you, okay In an instant, Xiong Wazi lowered his head and wrote quickly, as if he was addicted to work and couldn t help himself, and Tang Shuang One big and one small, immersed in the sea of books, this made Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning, who came to watch secretly, nod secretly again and again.Chapter 189 When kindness meets kindness Tang Shuang wrote a standard 3 for Tangtanger, telling the shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis 1000 mg cbd gummies effect little girl Don t write too big, it doesn t look good, just like you, such a small person, wearing my clothes, Can it look good The words written by this little girl couldn t fit in the grid, they were too big.Tang Shuang replied thoughtfully, Got it Tang Shuang handed her the pen, told her to write carefully, and then went about her own business.

When Ye Liang heard it, he said, oh, it s good if you don t care.Chapter 191 I ve Never shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis martha stewart cbd gummies coupons Seen Such Soft Articles To Tang Shuang, the so called advertising soft articles are actually storytelling, with product information mixed in the stories.He could just open his mouth for a short moldy cbd gummies story like this.So when Ye Liang told him the target audience of the ad, the promotion channels, etc., he already had a draft in mind.At the moment, facing the mobile phone with recording turned on, he said For what I think in my heart, I will walk with you all the way.The first story Protagonist Xiaoye, Age 18 years old, Gender Male, Status Student It was one day in June 2016.Xiaoye, who had just finished the college entrance examination, hurried home Today is the day when the results are released.As the top three students in the experimental class of the local key high school in Guangdong Province, Xiaoye has always been a role model in the eyes of teachers and parents, and it is not an exaggeration to describe him as a top student.

Tang Shuang said comfortingly Am I too popular recently Even you have been conquered, but I feel relieved seeing how long do cbd gummies take to work for pain you watching heroes.Reading Xiaohuang s book every day is very harmful to the body.Reading such a good book has depth.The book is of great benefit to you.Come, I ll sign it for you.Ye Liang said angrily, Will you die if you don t He took the book, came to Tangtanger, and asked for a seat.Tangtanger had a great time playing games, and had no time to take care of Xiao Yezi, so Xiao Yezi gently picked her up and put her to sit next to Guo Zifeng.Tang Shuang Are you going to kneel at my feet and worship You don t have to be so serious, brother, I m a little shy.Regarding Tang Shuang s cheap kangaroo cbd gummies holland and barrett cbd gummies words, Ye Liang took a deep breath, resisted the urge to beat him, took out his phone, and talked to Tang Shuang.

Tang Shuang took a selfie, and the signed Hero was also included.After taking the photo, Ye Liang pushed Tang Shuang away in disgust, I didn t like you a long time ago.Ye Liang enthusiastically sent the photos he just took to Moments, and wrote a headline Oh my god The author of Hero is my younger brother.To say that Ye Liang is not a person who likes to show off, the reason why he did this is very clear, that is to catch Miao Wen.Tangtanger didn t know when she stood by Ye Liang s hand, her little head was almost on the phone, and she asked curiously, Little Ye Zi, what are you doing After a random poking, she started to do what she liked the most, and crazily liked it in the circle of friends.Ye Liang was worried that the phone would be smashed, so he quickly put away the phone.In order not to make the little princess angry, he came up with a bad idea, turned on Tang Shuang s phone in Tangtanger s hand, and taught the little girl how to play around with Moments.

You see, even the animal kingdom knows that the cutest child in the world is Tang Tang, so Tang Tang shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis must be the cutest child in the world, there is no need for any doubt.Just like Tang Shuang, even the birds were singing that he was the best brother in the world, that must be true, definitely the best in the world.Luo Yuqing and Li Yuzhang were really amazed.Although a talking parrot is rare, it is not that rare, and a bird that speaks Cantonese, they have never seen or heard of it.Ordinary parrots already struggle to speak Mandarin, with slurred speech.Cantonese is even more difficult for parrots than Mandarin.Tang Xiaowu shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis said again, Tang Tang is the cutest kid in the world , Luo Yuqing and Li Yuzhen recovered their expressions, and then praised Tang.Tangtanger is a child who likes to be frightened.

Tang Shuang was speechless I m not interested in that pile of shells at all.I don t even want it if you give it to me.Candy said angrily Don kangaroo cbd gummies holland and barrett cbd gummies t even think about it, I won t give it to you It s mine I worked so hard I caught it.Tang Shuang said to Huang Xiangning Look at this cheapskate Then she said to Tangtanger Did you forget that my brother caught it for you Did I give you the wooden pole you used to catch babblings Did you do it And the biggest one, babbling on a shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis tall tree trunk, did I catch it for you In order to catch it for you, I fell into the thorn bushes, and shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis my hand hurt so much, little Did you forget, Zhuzhu Do you still have a conscience Tang Tanger seemed to remember that Xiaoshuang had helped her a lot, and smiled shyly at him.The face of a child, the day of June, changes as soon as it is said, without any embarrassment at all, the change is extremely natural.

Under the instructions of his grandfather, Tangtanger finally found this turtle that was camouflaged to the extreme.If it hadn t just stretched out its head to hunt for prey, Grandpa would not have been able to find it.This is a turtle who thinks he is a dead leaf.Candy said with a smile Wow So cute, so fun, why is it motionless, is it shy Grandpa said that it is not shy, it just likes to be motionless.Tangtanger thought for a while and said, I know It is the same as Xiaoshuang, it likes to be lazy and sleep.Tangtanger asked again What was it doing just now Was it playing with water It was hunting Ah What are you hunting for Grandpa looked around and saw a group of small fish swimming among the fallen leaves at the bottom of the water, so he pointed to Tang Cang er and said, The group of small fish didn t find the dead leaf turtle just now.

He was extremely proud, thinking Tang Sanjian, don t blame me, let me see you off, not only for you, but also for your son to walk Liu Weiru thought that Tang Sanjian had been killed by him to the point of scum, so he turned the artillery fire and fired at Tang Shuang, Tang Sanjian s son.Everyone doesn t know that Professor Tang is good at managing the family, especially in children s education Tang Sanjian s heart turned cold, and he listened gloomyly to Liu Weiru s words Tang Shuang is very well known, especially in terms of writing.He wrote a martial arts novel called Hero , which has already been filmed by Zhang Fei.Now it is online Another book is serialized, called The Romance of the Dragon and Snake., We HCMUSSH shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis dare not even think about it, but why does Chairman Liu say it is terrible Liu Weiru said Good question Among the over 100 million clicks, most of shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis them are young people, around 20 years old, these young people are full of enthusiasm If you are not well educated and guided at this age, you may be led astray and go astray.

Tang Shuang looked at the oil bottle speechlessly, and clicked his tongue, expressing his disgust.Zhuzhujing raised his head, grinned at Tang Shuang with a smirk to please, hee hee hee I want to continue buying snacks Tang Shuang s promise for this pig spirit has not yet been obtained, so he refuses to give up.If you can have this what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis kind of tenacity in doing homework, you will get a little red flower every day.Tang Sanjian Broken Soul Gun Does it have something to do with your grandfather Tang Shuang s grandfather, Tang Hongjun, joined the army at the age of 15 and fought in the army.At that time, holland and barrett cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy the army was poor and not everyone had a gun.A kid like him could only carry one Long guns go into battle The body of the gun is wooden, and a rough iron gun head is set on the end.The iron gun head was made, and the gun barrel was chopped by himself on the mountain.

Seeing that Ding Ji was in a daze, Ding Feng said, Ms.Lu is asking you something Ah Oh, it s a science fiction novel., focusing on war content, and talking about human nature.Oh, that s it, I have a doubt, can you answer it for me, little friend.Lu Mingyi asked.Ding Feng Old Lu, just ask.Lu Mingyi said to Ding Ji Why are the aliens in the book bloody and brutal, and lack of kindness to humans Can t aliens be friendly and civilized Ding Ji s In the novel, the opening chapter talks about the alien civilization invading the earth and massacring it.Based on this premise, it tells the love, hate and sorrow of a group of homeless people.Lu Mingyi is worthy of being a weird.He what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis doesn t pay attention to the biggest highlight of this book, but pays attention to this kind of details.Ding Ji didn t best cbd gummies for neuropathy expect such a question.

Ding Feng waved his hand and said, I don t agree with your point of view at all, just give me an example.Prove you are wrong.Tang Shuang For example Ding Feng For example, the same party fights against differences Two groups in the same civilization attack each other because of certain differences in ideas.This is countless in history.Ding Ji That s right.There are too many cases in history choice cbd gummies reviews of the same party fighting against dissidents, and anyone who knows a little bit about history has heard of it.Lu Yingying thought further, and said Not only humans, but also ants.They are extremely united within a group and highly altruistic, but for another group of ants, they have to fight to the death.If according to Tang Shuang you just It doesn t make sense.Lu Mingyi and Wei Daqun didn cbd gummies full spectrum near me t speak, but they also had many facts and cases to refute Tang Shuang.

Tang Shuang hurriedly let go and urged Hurry up, hurry up, the movie is about to start, if you don t go, you won t be able to see it.Tang Tanger refused, put her feet on the ground, braked the slippery car firmly, and asked loudly My little brother Shuang, you liar Why do you want to lie to the children again, they are clearly kissing, but you say no, hum I am smart, you can t fool me.Well, children of this age, to the surrounding The world is full of curiosity, HCMUSSH shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis and many things are their first contact in life, which is very strange.The more you don t let them know and cover it up, the more curious they will be and want to find out.Tang Shuang thought of how many people came to pinch Tangtang er s cheeks when she was watching the square dance just now, and many of them wanted to kiss her.Although those people were all women, they were either avoided by Tang Tanger, or stopped by Tang Shuang half jokingly.

Tangtanger is sometimes shrewd, sometimes stupid.For example, at this moment, she was very happy with Pan Fugui s exaggerated compliments, and asked triumphantly Why is it fairy water Pan Fugui took it for granted The water of the little fairy, Of course it is fairy water.Hee hee hee hee haha , the happy Tang Shuang immediately said to Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang Look I am a little fairy Tang Shuang didn t hear clearly, and asked Little fairy What are you talking about I didn t hear clearly.Jiang is still old and spicy Tangtanger ran away happily in an instant, but was quickly pulled back.The belt tied around Xiaoman s waist played a role, and the other end was in the hands of the big devil.Let alone the little fairy, the little fairy s mother came, Can t break free.This black belt is the binding rope Seeing shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis such an inhumane scene, Pan Fugui murmured furtively, It s cruel , and just cbd gummies vegan then dared not fart.

Said There is no one on the street at all shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis Only seagulls Xiaoshuang, you idiot Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo This is a road with the sea on just cbd gummi bears the right and a hillside on the left.Except for passing cars, there are no people at all Tang Shuang helped Tangtanger put on her turban, and said, Don t say that, brother is also on this street, you are cooler than me Isn t this satisfactory You need to know, brother is the coolest man in Guangdong , the coolest man has been compared to you, how cool do you think you are Tang Tanger thought about it, and thought it was the truth Haha I am the coolest man in the world Tang Shuang Come on , cover your cute little face, now you are even cooler, you can t get the sun, the wind can t blow, you are a beautiful girl chasing the wind Candy Hee hee, I am a beautiful girl, but why should shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis I Chasing the wind, how to chase the wind, there is such a strong wind here You will fall into the sea.

In the just released Guo Zifeng s Model , she played a silly Baitian who was almost best cbd gummies for pain near me scared to pee I m sorry, I m sorry King Yang, I ll green otter cbd gummies official website shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis play a few games of backgammon with you today as an apology.Next time, if you really read this novel, don t be angry So, in the antique Wujiao Pavilion, A gray haired old man and a young handsome man sat on a stone bench, meditating, and slowly settled down Wow What an ancient charm Many people were deceived by the false appearance and came to look at it with great interest.Seeing the black and white chess pieces on the holland and barrett cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy stone table, they naively thought it was Go, but after watching it for a while, they found that it was a simple and naive backgammon There were several waves of people coming and going, Tang Shuang was too embarrassed to look at the faces of these people, and felt ashamed King Yang had a great time playing, and finally realized his conscience, let Tang Shuang go, and said before leaving, Xiaoshuang, your level has improved very quickly, don t do this next time, it s fun if you win or lose.

Dad Hehehe Change two, change two Do you mind Tang Sanjian looked at the two banknotes in the quilt, and said doubtfully, What do you mean A trap Tang Shuang quickly waved his hand How is it possible It s a trap, it s a normal behavior, and there s never a time when you can t get some change.Tang Sanjian stared at Tang Shuang, then looked down at the villain who was trying to tear off his big hand on his face, thought for a while, shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis and took He took out his wallet, took out two fifty, flipped through it, and said, There are only two fifty, that s it Saying that, brother San Jian took the two hundred in the quilt What Two hundred for one hundred It s so natural I have never seen such shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis a blatant extortion of money How can Tang Shuang agree, but the person in front of her is the cold brother Sanjian, not Candy, so she can t say harsh words and ruthless hands, she can only please and plead Don t be like this, Dad, whose money is blown by the strong wind, it s all blood and sweat Money, you can just give me another 90 yuan, how about the remaining 10 yuan as a handling fee Please do me What a humiliation Tang Sanjian took the towel, wiped off his sweat, and prepared to withdraw.

Candy Let s go fishing, shall we Fishing is fun.Tangtang pointed to the turbulent lake and said, Is it here That s holland and barrett cbd gummies right, it s here.Tangtanger worriedly said I m not as strong as them, what if I fell into the lake Pan Fugui n b I m strong, aren t we as strong as a fish How much do you say Shame.Tangtanger looked at Xiao Guizi, he was really shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis fat After solving his biggest worry, Tangtanger began to imagine the fun what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis of fishing.Regardless of her young age, she has rich experience in fishing.She often catches toy goldfish in the park.She is fast, ruthless and accurate, much better than other children.She is also good at catching fish.When she takes a small net bag into the inflatable fish pond, all the small goldfish, small catfish, and small yellow croaker can t escape Tangtanger looked at the vast Aixi Lake.

At the end, emphasize You are shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis so fierce, I m particularly worried about this.Huang Weiwei played with the electric shock device with a smile, and said, Then how many electric shocks should I have Do you want to test it on you Tang Shuang glanced at her Does your conscience not hurt when you say that Here is this, take it when you have dysmenorrhea, don t be stupid and force yourself Huh What about this, why do you buy so many medicines Huang Weiwei took out the medicines one by one, including wound medicine, diarrhea medicine, cold medicine, kangaroo cbd gummies holland and barrett cbd gummies antipyretic, Snake repellent, protective products against mosquito bites Tang Shuang Hold this Huang Weiwei answered, Why buy me a brick.Tang Shuang Your head is the brick This is a three proof mobile phone for travel , waterproof, drop proof, dust proof, especially useful in the mountains.

The other is that she did not break up with her boyfriend because of Tang Shuang.Then let s be like this, goodbye , this is what was said, and what was not said was We are still in the same relationship as before, the relationship at work, don t think too much about it.Tang Shuang heard it.Zhang Yu s calmness was beyond his expectation.His calmness also exceeded Zhang Yu s expectations. At four o clock in the afternoon, Teacher Zhang brought the children and parents to the school.The team is very strong.Among the children, there are Little Putao, Qiqi, Little Peacock, Li Dun, and Xiaojin.Among the adults, there are Teacher Zhang, Qiqi s mother, Little Peacock s Russian mother, Li Dun s father, and Xiaojin s father., the biggest surprise is Little Putao s aunt Chumei Standing in the yard, Tang Shuang immediately spotted the large army.

The little boy in black is a popular player.He has been training at the Star Riding Academy for a long time, so many people know him, and he is very popular to win the championship.He is also very confident in what he said to the camera.To participate in the competition is to win the championship, and to not win the championship is to fail.Honor is a matter of life and death Candy curled her lips.Although she came to participate in the competition for the championship, she just couldn t understand it Little villain in black.Tang Shuang said to her pure cbd gummies las vegas nv Tangtanger, do you think he s right Tangtanger He s not right, holland and barrett cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy he won t win the championship, Kiki and Big Face will beat him Xiao Jin can beat him even if he works hard He Qiqi, Li Dun, Xiao Jindu and the little boy in black are in the six year old group, and if they can make it to the finals, they will definitely have to distinguish cbd gummy vs oil between the strong and the weak.

Vigilant small animals have this instinct to predict danger, first observe the environment and confirm safety.Tang Shuang, who was watching from a distance, holland and barrett cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy was a little dumbfounded.She didn t play cards according to common sense, Tang Tang s children s shoes.Regardless of Tang Shuang s dumbfoundedness, Tangtang er was already dumbfounded.What did she see Fantastic Tinker Bell balabala planet I also saw little things in stories such as Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell, and Big Bear playing Isn t she taking a nap at Dabai s house Why did he wake up to the planet Balabala Was she abducted by aliens Or I, I have time traveled Oh, what can I do She heard Xiaoshuang tell the story of time traveling, and she used to be very envious, but that was just lip service.In front of her, she doesn t want it.Time travel is not a good thing for her, kangaroo cbd gummies holland and barrett cbd gummies the villain thinks that she is so young, she can beat a chicken, and with Bai Jingjing s help, she may also be able to beat a monkey, but when she meets an adult, she has to lie down and die.

He drove away, and after less than a minute, he saw several people walking hurriedly on the edge of the tunnel.One of them looked back at the scene of the accident, and it turned out to be Zhang Minglu.Unexpectedly, she had already slipped out.Those fans thought the idol was in the car, so they kept gathering.Tang Shuang shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis slowed down the car, approached the window, and said loudly, Do you want to get in the car There are four to five hundred meters.If those fans react and drive to chase, Zhang Minglu will have nowhere to hide.Tang Shuang Zhang Minglu was obviously moved.After discussing with the people around her, she said, Thank you, but no need.We have arranged for another car to come here.It is not far from here, thank you.Tang Shuang He was taken aback for a moment, then nodded with a smile, Okay, then pay attention to safety.

Now Tuzi Entertainment urgently needs important and talented creators to join.Under such motivation, he called Chen Shenfeng early in the morning, first to stabilize her, and then persuaded her to invite her to the company, and only then did the morning meeting happen.Fan Liwen s businessman s nature is full, in order to please Yu Xiang, he would rather sacrifice Chen Shenfeng, as if he completely forgot that he visited the thatched cottage to invite Chen Shenfeng out of the mountain not long ago, and vowed at that time that he would invite her, a phoenix that sings for nine days.Tang Shuang didn t know that Fan Liwen had so many little girls.Fan Liwen had only one meaning on the phone.He hoped to make friends with Yu and not be upset because of Chen Shenfeng s affairs.Tang Shuang said My request is very simple, just ask Chen Shenfeng to publicly apologize to Tang Zhen for her remarks on the program Music Singing.

Miao Wen I like the script of Grandma very much.Thank you for the compliment, Tang Shuang said.Miao Wen said If you have a chance, can you write a script for me Although it is very abrupt, I really like the story you wrote.No problem.Just after Tang Shuang finished speaking, Ye Liang led a young man and a probably A little girl aged 8 or 9 came over and introduced that she was the granddaughter and son of the grandma in Grandma.The little girl was called Zhong Beiqi, and the young man was called Wang Yan.Wang Yan introduced himself as a senior student in the acting department of Guangdong University, Professor Tang is my teacher.Tang Sanjian taught two Chinese classes in the acting department, and Wang Yan was in one of the classes green otter cbd gummies official website shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis and belonged to that class The squad leader is quite familiar with Tang what are cbd and thc gummies Sanjian.

The yellow green haired girl couldn t take it anymore, tapped her little head, and said, Why are you talking so much We didn t even ask you, but you just kept talking, it s so noisy Stop talking, and take us to find you Your brother, hand you over, we still have something to do.Tangtang er covered her little head with her hands, and said dissatisfiedly Knocking a child s head is against the law Do you know it s dangerous What if you re knocked stupid The yellow green haired girl Anyway, you re stupid, how stupid can you be Tangtanger looked up at her, she was so monkish, but there was no way, she couldn t beat her Let s go find brother.The little man rushed forward immediately, and she decided that she couldn t beat this guy with yellow and green hair, so she could only find Xiaoshuang and ask Xiaoshuang to take revenge.

Everyone is very concerned about this topic, so the time was extended appropriately, and the audience hoped to ask questions.After Tang Shuang agreed, the cbd coa gummies host began to select candidates.It s just you.Yes, it s you.What s your question This is a girl.Her question is, is the plot of the new book in line with Romance of the Dragon and Snake Will the characters in the two books overlap Tang Shuang thought for a while and said, Both these two stories take place in the world of martial arts.It s like playing a game.After clearing the level from Dragon Snake, you enter another map version.This version s level of force is higher than the original world, but They also belong to the same big world.Generally speaking, these two books are in the same line, but the cbd gummies virginia beach va characters in the books will not overlap, because The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is a story that takes place in the low end world of low level martial arts, while the new book maintains the It looks like a high level level in the low level martial arts world.

Tang Shuang said that Yuqing should not do this, but Yuqing obviously wanted to be like this.Tang Werewolf Shuang instantly turned into a puppy, turned around and ran in the snow, Luo Yuqing chased after him, Don t run away, Tang Shuang , Don t do anything , Xiao Shuang , Yuqing, put down the murder weapon first The quiet Temple of Heaven Park was broken by a burst of laughter.Tang Shuang didn t run fast, and kept a distance of one meter from Luo Yuqing, making her sweetheart feel that she could catch up, but she still missed it.Tang Shuang Don t run away, let me beat kangaroo cbd gummies holland and barrett cbd gummies you Put the shock device away and I ll stop I won t I ll shock you You re killing me like this. In fact, Luo Yuqing had turned off the electric shock device long ago.She was worried that Tang Shuang would be accidentally shocked by electric shock during the chase, which would really damage him.

Tang Shuang asked curiously What is Brother Sanjian It s our dad, our dad Tang Shuang said, Do you think Dad has more money, or brother has more money Feel your conscience.No Feeling your conscience and saying your answer is the same.Xiaoshuang has the most money Xiaoshuang is really rich, hehe Where is your treasure chest hidden I started looking for it at such a young age, and I couldn t find it when I was 6 years old.You are too good shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis Let s go Tangtang compared her belly button with her hand, which meant that she started looking for Xiaoshuang s treasure chest when she was still so tall, but she still hasn t found it yet Then he said happily Half of it is mine, you have to remember to return it to me.As if Xiaoshuang s money is hers, sooner or later she will inherit it.Returning your hammer has nothing to do with you Tang Shuang said proudly That s right, my brother has more money than my father, so don t worry, I won t frame my sister to fight for property like in Sugar HCMUSSH shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis Heart Storm Candy interrupted with a crisp voice Asked Why Tang green otter cbd gummies official website shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis Shuang wanted to beat the kid a little bit, martga stewart cbd gummies but the little guy actually thought that he would set up his little sister to fight for property, secretly whitening her, and said, Because it s unnecessary, I have a lot of money.

Bad guy Tangtanger asked tentatively, cbd oil gummies canandaigua ny but seeing that Xiaoshuang ignored her at all, she snorted, turned her face away, stood on the sofa curiously and stretched her neck to look out, but she could only hear his voice, but shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis couldn t see anything.I couldn t help but asked Tang Shuang curiously again Xiao Shuang, who is outside Xiao Shuang Seeing that Tang Shuang was still playing with her mobile phone, the villain anxiously got angry for him and said loudly Xiao Shuang Be careful Robbers are coming to our house Don t you care Don t play with your phone Shall we go and see who is outside Tang Shuang Hearing this is very interesting Erniang Peony s immediate sense of hearing, in just a few words, has integrated the words and tone of several adults.You have a heart , this mantra comes from what does cbd gummy feel like Mudan, and she often teaches Tang Yu like this.

Ask him to go to the toilet to pee together to explain that she is really in a hurry to urinate, not for other reasons, don t get me wrong, the little fairy is not afraid of any robbers, a bobo punch can knock out a nest of robbers.Tang Shuang ignored this villain, he got up and went out, Tang Tanger stuck his head out from behind the door and looked at him, seeing that he had gone out by himself, he stopped peeing, stood there watching, thought for a while, He came out from behind the door, trotted for a while, hung three meters behind Tang Shuang, and walked out.The sound of the car door closing and turning off, as well as several people s voices came from outside the house.Candy s eyes lit up, her ears perked up instantly, and she stared outside the house without blinking.She seemed to have heard a familiar voice, but she was not sure.

Tang Shuang and Li Na watched Tangtanger and Little Peacock bouncing into the kindergarten holding hands, chatted with each other, and left.Chapter 606 900 Million Girls green otter cbd gummies cost Dream is Tang Zhen s Daughter Morning, Maoyan video.The account of Jiuyi Girls Dream is extremely lively.The little princess Pahuiwu who disappeared for a long time finally reappeared.Everyone opened the newly uploaded video.This time it was kangaroo cbd gummies holland and barrett cbd gummies not dancing or singing, but a little girl in the snow Jumping back and forth, jumping in the bamboo forest for a while, jumping for a while by the frozen lake, jumping for a while on the brightly lit streets of the small town, jumping for a while in the garden, jumping for a while in the hot spring, and jumping for a while Jumping and jumping on the big bed, the silver bell like laughter was sprinkled all the way.

Everyone could be infected just by hearing the laughter and not seeing the picture, and couldn t help smiling.At the end of the video screen, 900 Million Girls Dream opened her arms and excitedly begged for a hug, Hug me, hug me Who is the little cutie begging for a hug She s so soft and cute Hurry up and give her a hug. So me.Nine hundred million girls dreams are my goddess, I can t extricate myself.Eyes.Finally got to the front row.just kidding.Hahaha, so cute, oh my god . Uncle Zhang in Spring Breeze Ten Miles.Maoyan I only pay attention to you, I like the little baby so much. Simple is fine.Look at it again and like it again. Iron I like it so much. Mi Li.I ve watched it five times, and I m hopeless. Xiaotangyuan.I like it, it s an inexplicable feeling. Mo Who is the baby asking for a hug, hug, come here, I ll hug you.

Don t flirt with Sanjian s father these days, or he will die miserably.Tang Sanjian left, Tangtanger pulled Tang Shuang to beg to continue to finish the small animal story conference, it hadn t ended successfully, so they couldn t just leave.Tang Shuang sat on the carpet with Tang Xiaoren, looking around, there were all kinds of small animals, he grabbed one at random to play with, and suddenly found that it was moving and warm, and he was shocked Woof Hehehe Tang Shuang took a closer look and was speechless for a moment.It turned out to be Bai Jingjing This little paparazzi blends in among the small animal figures and pretends to be a doll.There was only one bedside lamp turned on in the room, in order to create a strong atmosphere for the story, HCMUSSH shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis Tang Shuang was inattentive, and couldn t tell the difference, and the embarrassment made Candy beside him laugh out loud.

This guy neither praised her for being cute, nor let her eat, and even threatened her not to eat, otherwise she would become a ball.How could there be so many in the world ball Tang Shuang took Tangtang er shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis s little hand covering her ears with a smile, and said softly, Little sister, don t be angry, don t be annoyed, play happily with your brother, come here, don t you want to witness the historic moment I want to upload Oh, you really don t want to come and see Then I ll pass it on.Tang Tang er s eyes rolled away, she held back for a while, then smiled and moved to Tang Shuang s side, hugging his neck and hanging her feet, said cheerfully Then come on just forgive Xiaoshuang once, really, it happens every time, I m not shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis as sensible as my little sister, don t be like this next time.Going down, it made the little pig very happy and even more energetic.

Being confiscated and brooding, you have to let it shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis 1000 mg cbd gummies effect go, think about it, although you have lost your small treasury, but you have gained the infinite care of the sun, smart people know how to choose.Tang Sanjian is a smart man, shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis he is good at doing good things, took out his mobile phone to choose music, and asked Huang Xiangning, Which one do green otter cbd gummies official website shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis you want to hear, my wife The child didn t notice this.Huang Xiangning calmed down, thought for a while, and said, With the current atmosphere, I want to listen to Autumn kangaroo cbd gummies holland and barrett cbd gummies Grasshopper.Ahhh Xiao Shuang, don t run away, let me bite you woo Candy The son s shout resounded in my ears, and Tang Sanjian put forward a different suggestion Actually, listening to Chop Chop, Chop Chop Chop is more suitable for the occasion.Oh, aha, don t make trouble like this, candy, okay Tang Shuang s words rang in his ears, Huang Xiangning thought for a while, and said with a smile, I ll just listen to you, let s listen to Chop Chop, Chop Chop Chop.

Tang Shuang didn t want to laugh, Tang Shuang didn t want to let him go, and the two stalemate.Finally, Tang Shuang thought that he was a brother, so he grinned and said, Laughed.Tang Tanger immediately shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis carried the small schoolbag happily, With his little hands behind his back, he walked in front of him swaggeringly Xiaoshuang, thank you, you are a good brother, but sometimes you are a little mischievous.Hey, I also want to say that you are a little mischievous.Chapter 621 Let s Go to the Roof to Look at the Stars In the evening, Tang Shuang and Tangtanger jointly announced that on Friday, the day after tomorrow, the children s kindergarten will hold a parent teacher meeting to summarize a semester s study.Tang Sanjian just wondered if he would have time, Huang Xiangning just said that she would spare time to attend.

Tang Shuang heard from Pan Fugui that his father always locked him up at home, so he often slipped out whenever he had the chance, preferring to wander outside, risking being beaten by the sea, and going into hidden corners to scare his date Men and women, also do not want to go home.He was stranded at Old Tang s house several times, but in the end his father, Pan Lunzhe, came to find him and had to leave.Tang Shuang sympathized with Xiao Guizi, but these were not enough to convince Tang Shuang to let the candy out.Come back come back, this room is so big, I don t mind letting the puppy have fun here, don t go out, other people are working outside, you will disturb others if you go out.He looked around outside the room with his head, turned around and said to Tang Shuang, There is no one outside there is no one, Candy is just playing in the corridor, why don t you go out This shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis is the top floor, which belongs to the conference floor.

Tangtanger was always amazed on the way home, today is really an eye opener, and I muttered about how amazing it was to see such a big guy.Xiaoshuang, how did Sasha grow so big What did she eat to grow so big Was she born by her mother How did her mother bring her up Fortunately, she lives in the sea.If On the ground like us, green cbd gummies uk how can there be such a big house It s really amazing Tang Shuang said with a smile This is the magic of nature.Every creature has its own story, which is a legend.There are many interesting animals in nature.If you are interested, we can come to Go to the bookstore to buy picture books.Buy picture books Buy it, why don t you buy it, anyway, Xiaoshuang pays for it, she wants to go shopping like crazy.This day is a day full of surprises, an eye opening day, and a day when the little sugar man is bluffing, holding the picture book and turning into a gust of wind, rushing into the house to find Huang Xiangning, chatting excitedly with smilz cbd gummies where to buy his mother, gesticulating and describing what she saw How big is the sperm whale, bigger than their home, even if there are 60 little people on the ladder, they will not be able to kiss the sperm whale, because she is too big.

Near him is a stage for commercial performances.Tang Shuang asked again Then doesn t she eat Did you invite her Little sister doesn t eat, she says she s not hungry.Hmph, I ve seen her drooling.She must be shy or afraid of her little sister.Shuang.Tsk a little annoyed, Tang Shuang touched her face and said, Why are you afraid of me I m not fierce, and everyone who sees me praises how handsome I am.Tang Tanger gave a disgusted snort and said, My little sister must have seen you arguing with Tangtanger, and thought to myself that this adult is arguing with a child, it s so fierce, how could it be so fierce, don t eat it, he will eat it, it s so dangerous, little Rabbits are eaten by big bad wolves like this.There was no way to talk anymore, Tang Shuang had lost trust in this little man, so she shifted the question and asked Miss Xiangning what happened to that shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis little sister.

Now, because of such a song, grandma thinks of her grandma.When she was a child, her grandma took her to hopscotch, dance rubber bands, and make delicious food, but her grandma died long ago.She has become someone else s grandmother from the little girl back then, and she can only live until tonight, and she is about to walk on the road of a grandmother.After thinking about it, she couldn t help but feel sad and unwilling, and finally sprouted the idea of borrowing or not repaying, The dark psychology of living another life.Xiaoli loved shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis her grandmother so much that she was so kind that she lent her her body.As a result, kindness was not cherished as it should be.The grandmother she loved most did not keep her promise and took away her beautiful life.This is really a great irony.Chapter 665 Candy s filming and playing Xiao Li s Zhong Beiqi performed very well, crying whenever she said she wanted to, showing grandma s nostalgia, yearning, joy and instant pain for her childhood life.

Chapter 671 The exam status of a scumbag I decide the big things Miss Xiangning failed to save Tang Shuang.In the words of Miss Xiangning, she just wanted Xiaoshuang to communicate more with her peers, so she agreed with Tang Shuang s participation in the Round Table Party of.Seeing that her mother supported her father but not Xiaoshuang, Tangtanger immediately changed her position and encouraged Tang Shuang to be brave, don t be cowardly, just do it, if it is a baby, she must participate, seize the opportunity first, and then find a way to be the boss Just like this.Tang Shuang ignored her directly, and asked Tang Sanjian, at least tell me about the topic of the Round Table School.Tang Sanjian introduced that because it is the graduation season, this round table party is specially held for college students who are about to graduate, and the discussion is about which ideas and concepts are still stuck in the student days in the process of entering the society from college, and how to quickly change.

Just kidding, do you think the puppy has no helpers Wang Three woof woof woof, thousands of troops come to meet each other.Soon, Tang Yu and Pan Fugui stopped, they had to stop, they were frightened to death by a group of dogs chasing and barking, there was no mood to fight.The two little boys who were fighting fiercely just now were only left crying and howling, igniting their potential and fleeing desperately, chasing a group of dogs behind them.Help Jingjing, I m wrong don t chase me Don t move Tang Yu and Pan Fugui felt extremely regretful, they shouldn t have underestimated Bai Jingjing just now, this little white bitch is really vicious, and now she is leading the pack, chasing them with a dozen dogs.These dozens of dogs are all shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis from the school.They usually play with Bai Jingjing.They are the kings of small animals in this area, much better than Tang Yu and Pan Fugui s class bully and family master.

Ding Lu was taciturn, Tangtanger obviously couldn t be placed here, he couldn t stand it.Tangtanger came back, took the initiative to hold Tang Shuang s hand, and said, Xiao Shuang, I want cbd gummies legal in va to play the gongs and drums.Ding Lu heard the words, looked at the drum set in front of him, and said that playing the drum set was the same as beating the gongs.Drumming is a bit unacceptable, and beating gongs and drums is reminiscent of holding banquets in the village.Chapter 713 Little, guys Tang Shuang refused to let Tangtanger go to play cbd oil gummies fo rsleep drums, and planned to take her away.This place is not suitable for keeping little pigs.But Tangtanger wants to stay here, she is very interested in beating gongs and drums now, when she sees those drums, she thinks of Xiaoshuang, and wants to beat them twice.Of course, this is what s in my heart, and I can t say it out, and it s over if I say it out.

Sure enough, Candy was running around in the living room, so excited that he couldn t help himself, and kept yelling 10,000 small buns , eat 3 a day, hee hee exploding my belly No.728 Chapter Visiting the Capital After dinner, Pan Wenling and He Zhenyi left quickly, leaving time for the Tang family to be alone.On the balcony, Tang Zhen was explaining to Tang Tanger how to grow orchids.She bought this pot of orchids.It wasn t as flattering as Tang Shuang said that she could buy three houses, but it was still very precious.Tang Sanjian was washing dishes, Huang Xiangning was ordering furniture online, Tang Zhen s house was very big, but with very little furniture, it seemed very empty, especially when she lived alone, it was even more deserted.As for Tang Shuang, he hid in his room and had a video chat with Luo Meiren.

Candy immediately showed an envious expression, and said You are really good, we are still fighting for a seat, if I don t grab a seat, I have already thought about it, Just sitting on my brother s neck.Ha That s so special, I envy you.Hehe, I m envious and I can t come here.You don t have shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis a brother, but I do This is a gift from the gods to the Lun family The Lun family must be well protected.Puchi haha This is not only the talking elder sister laughing, do cbd gummies have hemp The guests beside the aisle couldn t help laughing too.Someone next to him said Little sister, do you want to sit here with me I ll make room for you.Candy was happy but embarrassed and said Oh, don t be like this, even the Lun family is embarrassed by you., you treat me so well, do you want to be a good person The other party was a middle aged man, and he nodded with a smile, indicating that he just wanted to be a good person.

Xiao Shuang, will you take me there Tang Tanger asked expectantly.In order to persuade Tang Shuang, she added, The baby took cbd gummies for what a bath and it smells delicious.Tang Shuang straightened his collar.it is good.At the same time, Tang Shuang said to Tangtanger I can t take you there, it s a very formal occasion.Tangtanger was a little unhappy at this, and said, The baby is also formal Tang Shuang No one can take you there.I can only go up by myself.That s okay, Tangtanger has a backup plan, and her backup plan is Then, Xiaoshuang, don t go up, let Tangtanger go up, can I help you, hee hee Tang Shuang glanced at the smiling child angrily, she really dared to think, the key is that she really dared to do it.But is this really okay Have you considered your brother s feelings, and you actually want to kick him out and go to fame by yourself Tang Shuang didn t bother to talk to her, Tangtanger asked, Can Xiaoshuang do it I m going up Tang Shuang quickly grabbed her and pressed her obediently on the chair, but don t really jump up.

The red dress was so pretty.Tang Shuang couldn t take it anymore, couldn t hold it back, covered the little face with her big hand, and said, Don t watch it, just concentrate on watching the movie.Picking it up, she said unhappily, shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis Lun s family is watching a movie.Tang Shuang Just watch the movie, don t keep staring at people.Candy said naturally, I m watching my fans Your fan Who Candy smiled and pointed to Chen Ming and Zhang Yu quietly.Before the opening, she gave them two autographs.Tang Shuang curled her lips, thinking that he was her fan.Tang Shuang said unhappily Why are you curling your lips Don t you envy the Lun family Tang Shuang subconsciously curled her lips again, held back, and said, I m not envious, but your fans are also shy , don t stare at people all the time, how about watching a movie Fans of the Lun family, the Lun family can t watch it yet.

This is not on the computer.It s past.Okay, don t worry about that.You are still young, shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis there are many things you don t understand.Don t be convinced.Then let me ask you, can you understand what they say Tangtanger shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis thought for a while, then shook her head honestly Hehehe She really didn t understand many words.Tang Shuang laughed That s it, you are still so small, with such a big head, it s normal to have things you don t understand.We humans, everyone is a small fish, in the ocean of knowledge Swim, swim, want to know this, want to know that, this is normal, but, we must not try to swim all over the sea, that would be exhausting, you know, kid Candy said in a daze, holland and barrett cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy Nodded, then shook his top cbd gummy brands 2022 head Xiaoyu can understand, but others can t understand.The content of the fish, the others are completely incomprehensible.

They came what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis here yesterday morning.The bird scratched her eyes, made her half dead, and savagely struck down the hair on the bird s buttocks, making it bald.Tang Xiaowu was furious.Hovered in mid air and yelled for more than an hour.But she was also very angry.She was disfigured and wore a blindfold, just like the pirate the little master showed her.She was so ugly that the dog wanted to cry.At night, she and Tang Xiaowu didn t fight any more because they were taught a lesson.At night, after the humans fell asleep, she fought Tang Xiaowu again.The two were very experienced in fighting, and they fought silently for a while without making a sound.Finally, Tang Xiaowu flew out along the open window of the living room.Fei scolded her.She thought the bird just went to play for a while, but she never came back, but she didn t worry about it, and then fell asleep.

Tang Shuang looked at him and said nothing, but Old Xu couldn t stand the stare, and lowered his head involuntarily.Tang Shuang suddenly leaned over to his ear, and said softly, I put that bag in your shop on purpose last night.After he finished speaking, he turned and left without looking at it.When shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis he closed the door, there was an angry voice behind him.roar.Leng Yan sent Tang Shuang back, looking at him curiously from time to time along the way, wanting to ask but holding back.After Leng Yan left, Ye Liang asked Tang Shuang, Did you see it How do you say it I how many 1000mg cbd gummies can i eat don t admit it.Hey, you re a dead duck, but he chose the wrong partner, and Xiaoshuang is not easy to mess with.Ye Liang said, Guo Zi and I just discussed the whole incident, and you let him I left a bag in Lao Xu s shop, and did nothing else, but I just put a person in jail, amazing, Xiao Shuang, you are the one who can do evil.

The baby s left foot is lifted up, as if What are you kicking.Tang cbd jello gummies recipes Sanjian knew at a glance that the smaller one was Candy and the bigger one was Jiang Yue.He laughed and said, It s very similar, especially Shen Yun, otherwise I wouldn t recognize it at a glance.Jiang Yue asked expectantly Uncle Tang, did you bring Tangtanger s photo shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis I haven t seen her in half a year.I don t know if she has become a big girl now.Tang Sanjian opened the handbag and put Huang Xiangning in the bag.The good file bag was taken out, without opening, and handed directly to Jiang Yue, shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis saying It s all in there, and there are her paintings, every bit of it is in there.Ah Jiang Yue took the blue paper bag in surprise.The colored document bag, gently stroked by hand, in her eyes, this is more precious than her life.Tang Sanjian said Don t you really want to see it Open it if you want to.

Tang Tang made sense.He helped to register the Maoyan account, and he usually manages it.The little man is only responsible for performing in the camera, so it is completely understandable that he can log in.But Xiao Zhen, that big fool, all the account passwords are the same, and he can guess it without using his brain.He only tried once and succeeded.Tang Shuang went back to Zhenzhen Qiye s Weibo and saw that there were already hundreds of comments, click on it to read.Autumn I was turned into a cute girl.Smile My mother in law is urging me.Northern Fourth Senior Wow the big fairy and the little fairy play the piano I really like Zhenzhen, and I like my sister even more.What s the name of my sister Yan Nanfei The River of Your Heart by the little prince of the Tang family is super nice, and I ve played it on repeat every day for the past few days.

A smile appeared on the corner of Tang Zhen s mouth, she patted Tang Shuang on the head, and without looking at his dark face, she led Tang Tanger to the backstage briskly.Tang Shuang found a seat in the front row and sat down.After a while, the rehearsal was about to start.The lighting, sound and other staff were all in place.The woman who greeted me just now was directing on the scene.She was the director on the scene.The lights dimmed, and then the blue lights flooded the entire stage, Tang Tanger and Tang Zhen who appeared on the stage looked like people in the moon.On the left side of the stage, there is a children s room.The main color is pink.There is a small bed full of various dolls.There are many what cbd gummies are good for pain shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis paintings on the pink walls, some of which are animated characters, but the most conspicuous ones are candies.

She looked at Bai Yang er at the side, this was the first time she saw this young lady, yo, she was quite pretty, Sister Bai Little cute Bai Yang er burst out laughing, such a small He even called her cute She is cutie herself What a fun little sister.I shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis heard Tang Zhen say that her little sister is super funny and can speak well.She didn t believe it at the time, thinking that being an older sister is as boring as an iceberg, and being a younger sister should not have a bad personality.Go ahead and impress her for the first time today.Sister, where s my talking stick Tang Zhen pointed to her mouth.Both Tang Zhen and Bai Yang er were wearing miniature microphones.Tang Zhen also wore them when they sang Looking Together with Tang Zhen before, but they took them off after they left the stage.You don t, you don t need to wear it Tang Zhen said.

The most commendable thing is that the 12 songs in this new album are all written by himself.Among them, the somewhat funny song, Brother s pectoral muscles are not what you want to rely on, you can rely on them if you want to , is one of the songs in the Sea Breeze album.Although it is very vulgar, it is surprisingly popular.That s why he was able to participate in the music program of Guangdong TV Station with Tang Zhen and Chen Shenfeng.Chapter 869 Harvest Season Watching Yang Huiru and Zhang Liang come out one after another on TV, but she didn t see her sister, Tang Tanger asked anxiously, Sister Why is my sister still swollen She ran to Tang Zhen and asked is cbd gummies good for arthritis with concern Sister, where are you Sister is here Tang Zhen said.On TV, when will my sister come out Wait a minute, the TV isn t over yet.

Who are you looking for Do you know where Shang Hui is sitting Ah, looking for Shang Hui, go straight to the left, until she is in front of the window.Are you looking for something Hey, it s not mine About the show, ask her for help Hey, there are a lot of people looking for her recently, Director Li, you are also after Tang Zhen, right Why Many people come to her to ask about Tang Zhen That s quite a lot, Lao Gan from the entertainment column just left.Then I ll hurry up and see you later, Lao Chai The plan for a year lies in spring, not only Baby is Coming is preparing for a new season The program and Tuzi Entertainment have also entered the final sprint stage.Tang Shuang looked around the meeting room.President Wang Jian was sitting on his left, music director and executive vice president Ding Xiaoquan was on his right, and the company s supervisor Fan Liwen was on the right.

Little Baozi Her mother stopped her immediately.How rude How can you imitate the humming and chirping of a pig But it was too late, the little bun was not enough to bark once, he barked three times, and then attracted Xiaojin, who also imitated the piglet meow, then Li Dun also joined, Qiqi followed closely, Tangtanger hummed very happily, The little pig in his arms hummed the loudest.All of a sudden, the pigsty was filled with the sound of pigs humming and chirping.Only two little girls, Little Putao and Little Peacock, were embarrassed to join.The pet pig just got into the arms of a stranger, very uneasy, trying to break free from Tang Tanger s arms, the pig s head burrowed wildly, and its two forelimbs scratched, desperately trying to escape.Oops, oops the little piggy is going to run away oops, I can t catch it Candy hugged the little piggy as hard as she could, but it seemed like she was hugging a big carp, a little piggy with great strength amazing.

It s Tang Shuang, I know him.It s become the focus.Tang Shuang whispered to Tang Zhen who was beside her.Tang Zhen just hummed, without looking sideways, elegant and confident, with a strong aura.As if to cheer Tang Shuang up, Tang Zhen looked different from what she saw on TV.She put Tang Shuang s arm around her and said, Be confident, don t be shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis afraid.How much worse, you can see her eyes when you lower your head slightly, which is encouraging her.Tang Shuang s heart warmed, and a smile appeared on her serious face Well, my sister is here.Suddenly feeling a strong gaze, she looked into the crowd with a feeling, and then saw a big belly The old man stared at Tang Shuang with a pair of small eyes on his chubby round face.Seeing Tang Shuang looking over, he showed a sneer, turned his head, and talked to the people around him.

You haven t answered me yet, Who is that girl Yuqing, you are so amazing that you can still ambush.Well, let me confess, I just met that girl, and I just sent her to a taxi.You guys Where did you come from The alley is so dark, what are you doing there The car had already stopped by the river, and Luo Yuqing looked straight at Tang Shuang.She means it.Tang Shuang went to shake her hand, but she was dodged.She confessed, There was a private party in that alley.My friends and I went shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis there after we came out of the hall.After sitting for a while, I felt uncomfortable, so I came out.Then I met that girl and had a chat at the party.That s it.The awards are over, why don t you go home, this party is so important Tang Shuang met Luo, who possessed detective attributes for the first time Yuqing, almost took out everything he experienced at the party.

Xiao Na s eyes flickered, and she said with a smile It s a way.She finally realized that the Tang family might not be what she thought, an ordinary wealthy family, combined with Tang Zhen s usual performance, might have a lot of energy.Cheng Xin was imprisoned in the prison.After several efforts to no avail, he finally thought of Xiao Na and asked Xiao Na for help.First, he conveyed his apology to Tang Zhen for causing trouble to her.I am very sorry, and then hoped that Tang Zhen would let him go Well, staying in the police station for more than ten days is a great torture for a young master like him, and he will lose face.Of course Xiao Na would not accept this kind of thing, she shirked like panacea.Sister I m leaving first.After talking about things, it was less than 11 o clock, Tang Shuang bid farewell to Tang Zhen, and Gu Long and others made an appointment with him at noon.

The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is a huge project, and there are many things involved in it.Now Tang Huohuo is asked to support it, but he is working alone.He also invited an outside accounting company to help.The relationship is a little messy.It sounds awkward.Another example is the novel Kung Fu mentioned by Li Haonan.In fact, Tang Shuang has received calls or emails from many publishing houses, all seeking cooperation.He is alone, and he is not familiar with this industry.It is difficult to judge which one to choose and which one not to choose.At this time, he especially needs a professional team to support him.Another example is an imminent thing, that is, after the release of the movie Hero , it is necessary to start counting the box office revenue shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis and various peripheral revenues.

Li Haonan was overjoyed, it really was a long story.How many are there in total Probably ten.Li Haonan asked eagerly, How many words will there be For novels serialized on the Internet, the number of words is energizing cbd gummies money.Li Haonan still couldn t change for a while that he regarded Tang Shuang as an Internet writer who earned his manuscript fee purely by word count.Tang Shuang didn t answer this question directly, but said I estimate the length of this Shocking Boy to be 200,000 words.I haven t thought of the next few parts as detailed, but it should be about the same as Shocking Boy.Let s go.That s about two million words Is The Shocking Boy just shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis the name of the first book Then this series should have a general title.Yes, it s called The Wind and Cloud The Wind and Cloud Success and failure Li Haonan read.

Ouch, the little man feels more and more awkward as he walks, but he can t figure out what s going on.Forget about her, it s important to sneak away first, or you will be caught.Tang Shuang looked at this villain with the same hands and feet with a funny face, and with a big hand, he grabbed her by the collar.Tangtanger took two steps, couldn t move, looked back at him, her little face was puffed up, then shrunk, and said with a smirk Ho ho ho, brother, watch elephants, the Lun family wants to see elephants with Xiao Qiao.Xiang, let shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis the Lun family go.Tang Tang You are a little villain You ran to my bed and pinched my face You pinched me so painfully, I cried.Little Comb chased coming.The crybaby Tangtang er wanted to escape, but She quickly glanced at Tang Shuang s big hand holding her clothes.

It also stinks.Tang Shuang pinched her nose and ran.Candy laughed like a little devil Tang Shuang had other things to do in the morning, so he went to Tuzi Entertainment to work since Tangtanger was being taken care of by Sister Xiangning.Peng Lei, the manager of the newly established film and television department, reported to Tang Shuang the work during this period, the focus of which was the box office settlement of Hero.This movie has now been settled.According to the original agreement, calculated according to your sharing ratio, the final income you can get is 1.07.8 billion.This is the final income so far.Tang Shuang s face was calm, and his heart was already blossoming.This income was different from his own prediction before.The final income so far Will there be more in the future Tang Shuang asked.

That shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis 1000 mg cbd gummies effect being said, looking at her, it doesn t look like someone is going to steal her at all.She is not nervous at all, and she is also a little excited.If a how often can you take cbd gummies in a day few such bold people really come, maybe it can make her happy.It s like having two kittens, puppies and pigs, and let her tease her.Pan Fugui finished eating the biscuit in his hand, shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis licked his lips, and said, This school is full of people who want to steal from you Everyone wants to steal from you Huh Candy frightened In a flash, she only wanted one or two to steal from her, and she didn t want the whole school to steal, so she couldn t handle it.Pan Fugui explained to her that when he was walking on campus, he could often hear students inside saying that they wanted to steal Tang Tang, and sometimes when he went out to scare people at night, he could hear people saying the same from the woods.

Tang Shuang looked at the camera proudly, taking a selfie with her mobile phone in one hand, while pinching Tangtang er s little face with the other hand, stretching it out.Candy is sitting on the sofa, surrounded by all kinds of dolls, holding two in both hands, one is a little fox and the other is a caterpillar.She looked at Xiaoshuang in astonishment, obviously her face was pinched by surprise.A little rosy face was stretched and deformed, from round to trapezoidal.Those innocent little eyes are heartbreaking to see Tang Tang yelled angrily, jumped out of Tang Zhen s arms, jumped up and down, and raised her little milk fist to take revenge She remembers which time it was After she was pinched that day, she blocked Xiaoshuang in the room for a long time with a gun in each hand Later the two made peace.

Give the little princess face Okay, I ll delete this Weibo.Tang Shuang promised.He took out his phone and was about to delete Weibo.Tangtanger smiled and sat beside him, looking at him eagerly, secretly delighted.Tang Zhen Wait, let me read the comments on this Weibo first, there must be a lot of people scolding you.How is that possible Everyone is praising me Don t read it, I will delete it.Wait a minute Tang Zhen couldn t believe it, how could fans praise Tang Shuang s air, it s impossible.In fact, Tang Shuang didn t know how everyone commented, because he hadn t read it.Just post on Weibo, no matter what the comments say Heh heh heh Tang Zhen made such a voice.Very bad sound.Successfully attracted Tang Shuang to her side, Sister, what are they talking about Are you scolding Xiaoshuang Tang Zhen smiled and said to Tang Shuang, Don t you read it yourself Or I ll read it to you, the most praised Those few items.

On the computer was a super big tuna with a name on it, Nine Billion Girls Dream .It turned out to be playing the game of big fish eating small fish.Where s Yuqing Are you fighting against Tangtanger Tang Shuang asked her sweetheart amusedly.Luo Yuqing handed Tang Shuang the phone to look at, and said, Yes, I have lost many times, Candy is so good.When Tangtang heard it, he immediately burst into laughter again, triumphant.I m coming Candy, do you have the confidence to defeat me Tang Shuang took Luo Yuqing s phone, ready to use Yuqing s account to play with this kid.Defeat Xiaoshuang Tangtang er said without hesitation, full of confidence.Today she felt that she was the king, because she had defeated Miss Red Dress so many times shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis that she couldn t even count them.Come.She thinks that Miss Red Dress is a good person.

Come on, let s continue cooking.I will not only cook sweet and sour fish for you tonight, but also a full Chinese banquet.You can eat whatever you want.Feed you full Tang Tanger lay on his back on the bed, with a small hand on Tang Shuang, looked at the ceiling, pouted, and said, Huh The Lun family will think about it.Don t go My brother loves you the most, don t go, do you want to roll on the bed Go away, just go away, I will definitely not stop you.Candy was paralyzed The Lun family has no strength to go away , Xiaoshuang, you push the Lun family.I pushed you under the bed, what should I do You are so small, how much strength is needed, I m not sure.The Lun family should go to mother s place, mother misses the baby.Well, well, push you, let you roll.Like a big carp being cooked in a pan, Tang Shuang kept turning it with a shovel.

Xiaoshuang Wake up Just at this time, sister Xiangning also knocked on the door.Tangtang doesn t want to get up, Tang Shuang said.Can I come in Sister Xiangning asked.Tang Shuang was wearing pajamas.Come in, the door is unlocked.Huang Xiangning pushed the door open and entered, followed by Bai Jingjing.Is Tangtang still awake Tang Tang Get up and have breakfast.Huang Xiangning came to the bed, squatted down and called Tangtang softly.Oh, why is there so much saliva at the corners of my mouth that my pajamas are all wet.Tang Shuang smiled and said, I must have dreamed of eating delicious food.Tang Tang Candy shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis Huang Xiangning gently pushed the little guy, Get up Let s have breakfast.Seeing that he was no longer needed here, Tang Shuang left the room, brushed her teeth and washed her face first.

If there are more such partners, of course there will be more opportunities to attend the party together.But siblings like Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen are very rare.Tang Shuang smiled at the camera and made a questioning gesture.Shi Yu immediately said, Tang Shuang and I are very good friends, so I know that he and Tang Zhen have very different personalities, very outgoing and cheerful.What I want to ask is, how do you two get along Everyone looked at Tang Shuang.Everyone was curious about this question, especially those fans.A staff member cleverly handed the microphone to Tang Shuang.Tang Zhen also looked straight at Tang Shuang, Luo Yuqing also looked at her sweetheart curiously, she was curious too.While the audience was watching, Tang Shuang didn t answer the question directly, but asked Shi Yu, Have you ever bought perfume for your girlfriend Shi Yu nodded subconsciously, Yes, uh, I bought it for my mother.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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