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Li Guohao said firmly, I believe I can do well For Li Guohao, it is really not too difficult to make money.First of all, he is clearer than others about the future direction of development.The mainland will rise due to reforms.In the days to come, the Internet will prosper and the real estate industry will rise.But these opportunities to make a fortune will take twenty years at the latest, and thirty years at the latest.Li Guohao couldn t afford to wait, he didn t want to spend his soul transmigrated once, so he could only stay in this place of Xiangjiang.He doesn t understand anything, so cbd gummies dapper laughs he can only go back to his life, the catering industry.Moreover, according to the survey of later generations, the rise and development of some of the more popular catering industries in the future are mostly started or established in this year.Father Li waved his hand, Everyone, stop arguing, listen to me, today is indeed a lack of preparation, which led to the sale of the goods, but this event is for three consecutive days, that is to say, there will be a lucky draw tomorrow and the day after tomorrow That s it, that s fine.The man who yelled the loudest at the head took a rest when he heard that there would be activities tomorrow, and saw some wife cakes on the table, and asked again, Then do you smilz cbd gummies side effects sell these Sell it.Then put it on for me, and see if there is a catty.If there is no catty, I will count it as a catty.I will go and see.Li Dexiao quickly packed the cake, put it on the scale, and took smilz cbd gummies side effects a look The number on the electronic scale, It s just over a catty, here you are.Well, here s the money.After giving the money, the man came to Li Huifang with the lottery ticket and waited for the lottery In fact, promotional lottery, this kind of activity, in the eyes of most people, is a business that loses money, but in fact, except for a very small number of people who are actually advertising, it is basically a business that can make money without losing money.Li Guohao simply calculated.I m sure everyone has seen or participated in this situation.A certain shop near my home, whether it was opening a pastry shop or selling clothes, was promoting green line cbd gummies 500mg promotions.After the one month promotion ended, the shop closed and left.This is running business.The way I call it here Especially those who open temporary stores to sell woolen sweaters, one trip in early spring and one trip in winter can earn 70,000 to 80,000 yuan a year.There are quite a few people running business in our hometown.Well, what Guohao said is right.Although this promotional activity is very good, business, especially the one that sells food, still depends on the taste.Li Renzhong s generation is still down to earth , He made thousands of dollars in this kind of promotion, and he always felt uneasy in his heart.It s not just the big doll, the other small dolls are also made of the best material that doesn t hurt the skin.Normally, Li Guohao would happily agree to give one to Zhao Yazhi s younger sister, but now the advertisement has been published, and this large doll is a prize.Glancing around the store, there were quite a few children pointing at the big doll and arguing with their parents, so he ordered such a big panda doll.If it is sent out at this time, it will inevitably make people feel that this store is not trustworthy Li Guohao thought for a while and said, Little friend, this big doll is a prize.I can t give it to you now, but I can give you a whole set of Abao expression dolls.Having said this, Li Guohao had a thought in his heart and said, If you really like this big doll, you can tell me your home address or contact information, and I will have someone make an identical one for you in a few days.The long haired man put a finger to his lips, glanced around in a mute gesture, and said, Isn t this What yellow books, this is a doll book, you know After finishing speaking, the man smilz cbd gummies side effects raised his eyebrows, blinked his small eyes with shit in the corners, and looked like a wet guy.Out of curiosity, wanting to see the salty cbd vape gummies cartoons of the 1970s, Li Guohao took the doll book from the man.Just out of curiosity really, no weird ideas.While Li Guohao was thinking this way, he also looked at the book.There were about 30 sheets, not very thick, and the paper used for printing was also the cheapest kind, and it was a little prickly when touched by fingers.On the cover is a woman in scantily clad clothes, with three traditional Chinese characters written on it from right to left, Small Bar Girl.Turn a page at will.It seems that this boss Qi Shanqi is not as forthright as he looks, and he still has a businessman s common problem of not announcing good news.report worry.Boss Qi, I don t know much about these things.You can quote a price directly.If it is suitable, we can talk.After the other party finished talking about the company s many hidden benefits besides losses, Li Guohao HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies side effects said directly.Qi Shan was stunned for a moment, he didn t expect this Mr.Li to be so decisive, a little unexpected, and broke his original plan, but he is also a person who has seen big waves, so he laughed to cover up, Haha, Mr.Li is indeed a young hero, well, I, Qi, am not a procrastinator, half a million The publishing house has all the resources.Five hundred thousand Li Guohao frowned, this price is the HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies side effects same as Fang Jian s previous evaluation But there is a huge difference.That s right, it s Taijiquan Didn t you come up with it You can give full play to your imagination to complete this comic.Chapter 32 The first outline of the new store manager Kung Fu Panda is basically finalized , but after all, it is a manga, and it needs to be serialized, so it is not just the plot in the anime, but also some plots such as daily martial arts training.Like novels, the longer the comics are serialized, the higher the income.Don t you see that a Conan has been serialized for more than ten years, and a Doraemon has been serialized for nearly 30 years.Later generations of Dianniang also wrote Start from Zero for more than ten years, with nearly 20 million words.After finishing the main plot of the first part, Li Guohao also took a smilz cbd gummies side effects look at the first draft of the characters drawn in the agency.Like a feudal society, most women would marry early if they didn t have any jobs or academic qualifications.It s smilz cbd gummies side effects like Zhao Yazhi later became Miss Xiangjiang, the most beautiful lady in Xiangjiang, and married Dr.Huang at the peak of her career , to be a housewife.If it is now, it is impossible.Even if you want to marry, at least you are a young talent, or a billionaire.However, in the 1970s, lawyers, doctors, and teachers It s still very popular, it s no wonder Zhao s mother has been introducing Dr.Huang to puur cbd gummies 1000mg reviews Zhao Yazhi.Ah Zhen glanced at the sad sister, rolled her eyes, and suddenly thought of a human being, Sister, do you still remember that doctor Is Lee Kee Dim Sum the owner Li Kee Dim Sum Zhao Yazhi thought for a while, and then remembered which pastry shop she went to with her sister more than a month ago, I remember, Boss Li, what s wrong I think that Boss Li is very interesting to you, and he is as old as you, and he is handsome.This time, Li Guohao did not act as the shopkeeper, but worked as a propagandist at the entrance of the new store together with a few guys.Looking at the streets with people coming and going, Li Guohao just took out a few round stools from the shop when he heard people gathering in front of the stall.Liangzi, what are you doing Seeing someone coming to consult, a female employee stood up and smiled, Ah, how long does cbd gummy last smilz cbd gummies side effects grandma, our store will open the day after tomorrow, and we have unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd delta 10 gummies a free smilz cbd gummies side effects tasting event, do you want to try it Free tasting Can you eat for free Grandma was a little surprised.She was just curious about what these people were doing, but she didn t expect such a good thing.Yes, grandma, our Liji court dim sum uses the secret recipe that was produced in the Qing Dynasty palace.In the past, only the emperor could eat pastries I have to say that this female employee is very dedicated and has been talking there, Describes everything in the store.But reality is reality after all, and it cannot be the same as fiction.In this period of Hong Kong, the power of the Governor of Hong Kong is terrifying.Basically, he can intervene in everything in Hong Kong, but he cannot fully control it.It is very necessary to have a good relationship with the Governor of Hong Kong.Then you mean that you want the newspaper to report that you made pastries for the Governor of Hong Kong Shangguan Xiaobao is a smart man, and he guessed what Li Guohao was thinking when he heard Li Guohao s words.Well, it s almost the same.It s just an invitation.Remember the word invitation.Okay, let me ask for you.Chapter 46 Panda Craze 5 Please collect Xiangjiang, a mansion somewhere.A little girl in a princess dress, with long wavy hair and a beautiful crown on her head, is sitting on the smilz cbd gummies side effects ground concentrating on reading a comic book.In the past, a restaurant where Li Guohao worked part time organized a spring outing every year.Yes, it is a spring outing, take a bus to go to the local area, or to visit tourist attractions in surrounding cities.The hotel pays for you to play for free.Of course, if you buy something, you have to pay for it yourself.This is also considered a benefit.My idea is to propose this welfare system first, let every employee know about this welfare, and let veritas cbd gummies them know that in the company s development, whether it is a store manager or a small waiter, they can get the corresponding welfare for their labor, so that Their sense of identity with the company has increased.Li Qiang explained that when he first started planning the company, he wrote the welfare system only for the sake of the company s long term development, not to implement it from the beginning.Li Guohao persuaded him to leave.And And what You can t even say a single thing completely Rong Bingcai scolded.Seeing this, A Ping had no choice but to say After persuading the unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd delta 10 gummies people who wanted to get a refund that day, there were many more people queuing up at the door of their store the next day.Rong Bingcai said happily They all came to line up for a refund No, They lined up to apply for membership What Rong Bingcai was shocked How is that possible A Ping said bitterly In fact, most of the members who went to our refund that day went how long does cbd gummy last smilz cbd gummies side effects to smilz cbd gummies side effects Liji to apply for membership.At first There are only Nathan Road and Central stores, because we are adjacent to Lee Kee s stores in these two places, and I also asked a few masters in the store, and they said that the reason for the refund at Rongji is to go to Lee Kee to apply for membership.Ahao.Li Guohao frowned, why did his mother s voice feel a little strange, he asked Mom, what s wrong with you It s nothing, I just haven t seen you for a long time.After hearing his son s words, he also sniffled slightly, trying to resist the thought of tears falling down.Long time no see, didn t we just have dinner together last night Li Dexiao, who was cleaning up the kitchen counter next to him, suddenly interjected.What s the matter, Mom Li Guohao also couldn t laugh or cry, it s been a long time since my mom, it s been a long time, and we just had dinner together last night.Li Huifang s original thoughts of longing were also interrupted by Li Dexiao s words.She gave him a blank look, and Li Dexiao shrank her head in fright.Then she turned to look at her son in satisfaction and said, It s nothing.After all, it is impossible to use up on the same day, so go shopping on the same day.Raw materials such as flour have been kept in a small compartment in the baking room on the first floor of the Nathan Road store before, but the daily consumption of the three branches is relatively large, with dozens of bags of plain flour a day.Although the three stores can store some raw materials, it is not a solution for a long time.In addition, Li Guohao wants to borrow money to expand the store.In order to facilitate management, he is also planning to build several reserve warehouses.Fortunately, Li Guohao assigned Zhang Dong a newly recruited deputy manager of the purchasing smilz cbd gummies side effects department.He used to work in a food factory as a purchaser.After resigning for some reason, he found the company.As for why the recruited people were not allowed to take Zhang Dong s place, there were smilz cbd gummies side effects two main reasons One was because they were afraid that someone would play tricks on the raw materials.It is also a good excuse to sign a note and lose money playing cards.Okay Rong Binghua felt as if he was being led away by Ah Fa, but he was really needed now, so he nodded unwillingly in agreement.The idea in my heart is to fire Ah Fa directly after he finishes this matter, so as to avoid the possibility of being exposed in the future.Leave the lounge.As soon as Ah Fa walked out of the Rongji store, he found that A Ming how long does cbd gummy last smilz cbd gummies side effects was still waiting for him.Why haven t you left yet No, I m not waiting for you.By the way, why is Boss Rong looking for you Amin asked.Ah Fa shook his head and said It s nothing, just asking if we know Li Ji s recipe.How do we know that, even if I do it in Rong Ji now, it s just helping to bake and make it.Yes, I just said I don smilz cbd gummies side effects cost of cbd gummies for arthritis t know.The two chatted and went home.Chapter 78 Negotiated with Li s TV station.In addition to the retail space on the first floor, the second floor is a leisure place similar to a coffee shop.There are four boxes, namely the couple box and the party box, and the rest is the public leisure area, and there are also a lot of tables and chairs for entertaining customers to rest and chat again.As soon as he entered the box, can i take cbd gummies on an empty stomach He Chaoqiong shouted excitedly Wow, my sister has a lot of dim sum I saw a variety of Chinese dim sum on the table, at least more than 50 dishes.All of them were made by Li Guohao himself.It took him more than four hours to make these thirteen dim sum dishes, and the rest were filled with dim sum made in the shop.Looking at the snacks on the table, He Chaoying was also surprised by the scene in front of him There are indeed quite a few Although there were a lot of desserts at the banquet, most of them were in quantity, and there were only a dozen varieties at most, but there were smilz cbd gummies side effects more than fifty dishes uno cbd gummies scam in front of them, and none of them were heavy.It is one of the most famous smilz cbd gummies side effects animals, and it is also an animal that is only found in China.This animal appeared in the United States during World War II, but it was just a specimen.It is not until today that we really know the existence of this ancient creature. Then this What does this have to do with the comic book George still didn t quite understand what the ancient animal had to do with the comics.Recently, the company intends to compete with Disney in the field mood rite cbd gummies of animation, but you also know Disney s position in the field how long does cbd gummy last smilz cbd gummies side effects of animation.After reading this comic book, I have HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies side effects an idea.Relying on oriental characteristics, let people all over the United States experience the mysterious China.Kung Fu Panda has a very high box office in the United States, and once occupied the top ten box office of cartoons.Okay, let s go there quickly, don t let people wait in a hurry.Go back to the hotel to have a rest, and go out for a stroll at night.I have heard that the night market in Macau is very interesting.Upon hearing the game, Mai Xiaomin s eyes lit up and said Okay, okay, I ve wanted to come to Macau for a long time.Zhang Dong looked at Mai Xiaomin like a child, and smiled helplessly I said, grandma, you are going to get married soon, can you not So playful.Mai Xiaomin snorted coldly, glanced at Zhang Dong and said, What You don t want to accompany me How dare I Zhang Dong immediately acted like a resentful woman when he heard this.Hahaha Li Guohao laughed out loud, this A Dong fell under Mai Xiaomin s hands.That night, the three of Li Guohao walked around the night market near the hotel after Gu Qianqian.We can use He Qianjin s influence in Macau to let him open more pastry shops.We can just make profits from raw materials and fillings.Gu Qianqian s opinion is very clear, there is already a He Qianjin store in Macau, the company does not need to spend money to open a direct store, after all, the company is now leaving The most important thing is the chain franchise plan.Opening new regions and opening directly operated stores is just to expand the reputation and reputation, and best receipe for cbd gummis to drive local people to join in.That s all.After everyone listened, most of them were in a state of agreement.After all, the company s main purpose now is to expand the branch.This branch can be directly operated by itself, or it can be completed by franchisees.After hearing this, Li Qiang asked, Do you eat more Chinese style dim sum in Macau, or Western style dim sum But relatively speaking, it is much less.Wan Zai Chi, I haven t eaten it for a long time.Seeing that it was selling Wan Zai Chi, Zhao Yazhi smiled and said to Grandma, Grandma, bring me a bowl of Wan Zai Chi.What a pretty girl.Grandma heard a bowl , quickly opened the lid on the wooden barrel, where can you buy botanical farms cbd gummies picked up a porcelain bowl from the side of the cart, and stirred the inside of the barrel a few times with a large iron spoon.into the bowl.After passing the porcelain bowl to Zhao Yazhi, Grandma took out a spoon from a small plastic bucket and gave it to her.What is this Li Guohao glanced curiously at the bowl inside the bucket, and saw that most of it was clear soup with water, and there were scattered things like vermicelli floating on it, as well as some mushrooms and minced meat.Zhao Yazhi ate a spoonful of Wanzai s wings beautifully, and when Li Guohao said this, she asked, Wanzai s wings, have you ever eaten Li Guohao smiled awkwardly, he had never eaten it, but he didn t know if he had eaten it before.Didn t I say it before, although the price of our pastries is higher than the average price, The profit is also very objective, but what we sell is not only pastry, but also the environment of the pastry shop After a pause, he continued If the floor of our shop is dirty, we don t turn on a few lights during the day, so it s not dark inside.In the middle of winter, do you think someone will come into our store and spend money to buy snacks With Liu Peilin s tricks, it can be said that anyone who comes is welcome.As long as there is a storefront and basic hygiene is guaranteed, he will cooperate with the other party.Anyway, the pastries will be delivered every day.In the past, as long as they sold out, they would get a share of the money.Then we can start with health and safety Huang He asked thoughtfully.Snow skin mooncakes Mr.Jin looked at the mooncakes on the table curiously, and shouted towards the door, Xiao Liu.What s wrong with Mr.Jin The secretary Xiao unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd delta 10 gummies Liu outside the door came in and asked.Who put this mooncake here Oh, this was sent by Mr.Cai before.You went out for lunch at that time, so I helped put it on your table.Cai Lan Well, it s Mr.Cai Lan.Chapter 135 Liu Peilin s ambitions are all over Xiangjiang, most of the newspapers, weekly magazines, etc., Li Guohao sent people to send snowy mooncakes to them one by one, and also discussed with them about advertising in the next week things.For this Mid Autumn Festival event, Li Guohao has made great efforts to promote it.company.Dingling bell Hello Li Guohao grabbed the phone handle.Ahao, I m Cai Lan.The person on the other end of the phone is Cai Lan.It just opened to traffic in August this year.At this time, it was still daylight, and there were not many vehicles in the tunnel.Looking at the camera, he held up the microphone and said Since the subsea tunnel was officially opened to traffic in August this year, according to the survey, up to now, there have been more than 300,000 trips in just over a month.In the past, everyone went to Xiangjiang Island by ferry, but since With the subsea tunnel, it not only brings convenience to the general public, but also greatly changes the life and economy of the two places Beep A horn blared for a long time, followed by dozens of others The sound of car horns.Zhang Yingying looked from the sidewalk beside the road in astonishment.There is an advertisement for palace pastry moon cakes.This Looking at the dozens of refrigerated trucks, Zhang Yingying and the cameraman showed surprised expressions at the same time.After all, refrigerated trucks can travel from one place to another, and even Lantau Island can rely on ferries to transport trucks up Lantau Island is a collective name, and it is also an island close to Xiangjiang Island.At that time, there was no unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd delta 10 gummies bridge to connect it, so it could only be taken by ferry.There were also many residents, but they were all farming or fishing.At this time, the door of the office was pushed open.Gu Yonghe walked in quickly and said, It s not good, Li Ji and his group Needless to say, I know.Liu Peilin interrupted Gu Yonghe s words.You know Gu Yonghe asked in surprise.Isn t it Li Ji who sells them on the street with a refrigerated truck No, that s not what I said.What I m talking about is that in addition to advertising on TV stations and newspapers, Li Ji also put up an advertisement for palace snowskin mooncakes on holistic health cbd gummies the roof of Yongan Building Liu Peilin frowned and asked What do you mean It s justcough cough cough Just as he was about to reply, Gu Yonghe choked on a mouthful cbd vitamin c gummies smilz cbd gummies side effects of spit and coughed for a while before saying, You know about Yong an Building.The three accountants are still calculating the sales situation today.Including Li Guohao, all managers and above are all staying.After all, for this promotion, Li Guohao spent most of his energy, connections and money.Just asking Cai Lang to help give moon cakes to those literati and writers, this is a favor, not including the love of advertising in Yongan Building, this is the thread that Shen Bi helped lead, otherwise you really think that there will be fewer bosses in Yongan Building this money Not to mention the cost of renting more than smilz cbd gummies side effects 200 refrigerated trucks, TV, Kowloon buses, and major newspapers.Among them, the part time students and the driver s money are just small money.Seeing Li Guohao sitting there, Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department looked quite normal, but her brows were frowning from time to time, and she looked a little anxious, so she opened her mouth and asked the three accountants Forget it, how much did you sell today A box of mooncakes Still counting Soon to cbd gummies for pain in dogs in petsmart be counted.After all, at this time, most of the pastry shops are small unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd delta 10 gummies and small Noisy, it is completely incomparable with the company, and the old brand shop is not good either According to statistics from the other two regions, Xiangjiang Island sold 8,650.5 million Hong Kong dollars, and the New Territories sold the least, but there were also 7,085.41 million.Today, a total of 2,286,721 were sold, nearly 2.3 million Hong Kong dollars Li Qiang also said happily Chairman, it seems that you have decided to give out red envelopes Li Guohao said before that as long as the sales of mooncakes are good this time, he will give the company up and down, whether it is the manager, the cleaning staff, or the shopkeepers.The waiter gave out a big red envelope.A total of 2.3 million Hong Kong dollars was sold in one day alone, and Li Guohao knew how cool he was just thinking about it, and said proudly Haha, the red envelopes have been prepared a long time ago, as for how much everyone can get, it depends on your own efforts.It s nothing, it s just two boxes of mooncakes, let parents have a taste.Oh, sit down, I ll pour you a glass of water.After the uncle finished speaking, he put the two boxes of mooncakes on the table.The two old people who were watching TV heard the sound and looked back.It turned out that it was the son in law who came and said with a smile, Xiao Li, why are you here said with a smile.Where s Xiaomei She s taking care of the baby at home.Parents, you know that she s just given birth to Ran Ran for a few days, so it s not suitable for walking around.I know, I know.At this moment, my brother in law brought over tea.We chatted for a while.Xiao Li said Mom and Dad, brother, I ll go first.Wait for my brother in law.The brother in law went back to the room, took two mooncakes wrapped in paper bags, walked out, handed them to his brother in law, and said, Take this back for your in laws to taste.Live now Isn t it because I want to decorate a new house When Manager Mai helped you decorate, he also bought it together.The bed, sofa and TV are all ready.Oh, that s fine, I ll see you later I ll give you the money, and you can give it to Manager Mai for me.Li Guohao HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies side effects doesn t care about the do fun drops cbd gummies work home, as long as he can live in it, his parents and grandpa live in the new house, and he is too happy to be happy.Suddenly Li Guohao smiled and said, You still call him Manager Mai You should change your name.Zhang Dong blushed, I m not married yet, and Manager Mai is used to being called Manager Mai.I really want to call him Dad.It s a bit twisted.What s the twist, it s your father in law soon You still call how long does cbd gummy last smilz cbd gummies side effects him dad Li Guohao laughed.At this time, Li Qiang walked into the office, saw Li Guohao and Zhang Dong were both there, and said directly, Manager Wang is already calculating today s sales.Li Guohao thought about it, maybe it was because Bruce Lee drove the kung fu market.The islanders themselves like comics, and it just so happens that Kung Fu Panda fits the two points of kung fu and comics, so they are naturally interested where to buy liberty cbd gummy bears because it was going to a banquet at the Peninsula Hotel.Li Guohao specially asked Li Qiang to rent a relatively high end car from the car dealer.A driver was also temporarily hired.The boss is here.The driver turned his head and said to Li Guohao.I ll go up and come down right away.Good boss.Li Guohao saw Zhao Yazhi s house, opened the car door and ran upstairs.Zhao family.Mom, is this hairstyle okay for me Seeing that the time for Li Guohao to pick her up was getting closer, Zhao Yazhi looked at herself in the mirror with some urgency, and turned back to ask Mother Zhao again.He had seen them in shopping malls before, but most of them were in English and made from foreign cbd watermelon gummies with melatonin countries.It s not difficult to make biscuits, but we I haven t done it, so I can t guarantee the taste.Huang Yaohua said truthfully.Biscuits are easy to make.Anyone who knows a little baking skills can basically make decent biscuits, but the taste is a bit unsatisfactory.When you are in the department, teach them how to do it, and then you can improve it based on this.At this time, there are basically two types of biscuits, one is sandwich biscuits, and the other is salty and sweet biscuits, which do not have the variety of flavors of later generations.In addition to delivery in major supermarkets, are there other sales points In the past, Li Qiang was responsible for most of the affairs of the food factory, but now that he has left, he has to figure out many things by himself.Uncle Chang Did your hometown used to be from Anyang Li Guohao asked.Huh Do you hear the accent Hehe, speaking of being hemp cbd gummies side effects born in Anyang, he has only been there for about 20 years, and he has been in the United States for 40 or 50 years, and he still can t change his accent.Uncle Chang said with a smile.Li Guohao shook his head and said, It s not because of this reason.Uncle Chang, do you know Li Renzhong Anyang before, when the mainland was still in a chaotic and turbulent era.Chapter 169 Sweet person Li Renzhong Uncle Chang s memory instantly returned to Anyang more than 40 years ago.At that time, Ying Shengchang was still a promising young man who wanted to save the country, but for some reason, he went to the United States to help his father, and by the way joined the Anti Japanese Salvation Association in the local area, relying on the strength of overseas Chinese to contribute to the Anti Japanese War Blood and hard work.It s up to you, I m just making a point.Li Qiang didn t care, he just said casually, thinking that if the chicken essence is made out, it will be more expensive than monosodium glutamate.I ll go to sleep for two hours, and HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies side effects call me when I eat at night.Li Guohao looked at his watch and found that the time was wrong.He looked at the room again and saw a pendulum clock hanging on the wall.It showed that it was past three o clock in the afternoon, so he yawned and said.Okay.It was past six o clock in the evening.Li Guohao was woken up by Li Qiang, and when he climbed off the bed, he suddenly felt a bit of coolness.San Francisco has a large temperature difference between day and night, so you d better wear a coat, Li Qiang reminded.Oh good.Putting on his coat, smilz cbd gummies side effects he followed Li Qiang and went out.At night in the United States, all the way is brightly lit.She was calculating the pastries and combinations that the children in the Mingguang Welfare Institute needed.Suddenly, she felt that her eyes were dark and the sun was covered.She frowned and raised her head to see if it was That one is making trouble in front of you.Ah Seeing the person s face clearly, Zhao Yazhi yelled, and stood gummi cares cbd plus there motionless.She thought to herself Ah Hao Isn t he in the United States How did he appear in front of her Could it be because she was dazzled Hmm What s the matter, Ah Zhi, did I scare you Seeing that Zhao Yazhi had such a big reaction, Li Guohao thought he had frightened the other party, so he hurriedly asked.No, it s just, Ah Hao, when did you come back Why don t you let me know in advance, so I can pick you up at the airport.Seeing Li Guohao talking, Zhao Yazhi was sure that it was a real person.As long as the government operates well, it may not be impossible to recover in a short time.Of course, this short period of time is compared to the U.S.stock market crash in 1932.After that stock market crash, it took the U.S.more than 20 years to recover the stock market.By the way, do you know how Xiong Yi is doing now When Li Guohao thought of opening a store, he thought of Xiong Yi from the franchise department.Gu Qianqian understood what Li Guohao said, and said directly Manager Xiong has already communicated with Chinese businessmen from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries, and many people are interested in joining our palace pastry.but Just what asked Li Guohao.Manager Luo also said just now that although the price given by the flour mill and the raw material supplier is the ex factory price or the lowest price, let us make a profit from the price difference.Hello Is that Miss He I m Li Guohao. Nanshun Company.You have done a good job in the photosynthetic flour mill You have won the controlling stake so quickly Xu Deming glanced at his son does delta 8 cbd gummies have thc with a look of relief, and sighed secretly that he had finally grown into a director.Dad, it s all trivial Xu Guanghe said proudly, I m planning to take back the 20 shares in Wang Quansheng s hands in two days, and I m looking for the media to announce this matter, and I believe in our company s stock at that time.It will definitely increase a lot.Well, not bad.Xu Deming nodded and said, Flour Mill had planned to go public a long time ago, but it was postponed for a long time because of Wang Quansheng s disapproval.I believe that once Lam Soon merges with the flour mill, the stock price will climb to new heights.Even Wanwan, which is across the sea, has not been able to break into this market.The main problem is the shipping cost.The transportation costs in this era are very high, and there is no way to compare with the transportation industry that is like a big bang in later generations.Moreover, in terms of shipping, Xiangjiang is basically controlled by some tycoons.Listening to Jin Jiashi s news on the phone, Li Guohao thought for a while and said, How many people did you bring to Wanwan Two assistants.What Jin Jiashi asked.You come back first and discuss the price with Wanwan Flour Mill.Let s do this for now, talk to them more first, and don t rush to confirm it.Li Guohao said.Huh Jin Jiashi didn t understand.Previously, Li Guohao made it clear that Jin Jiashi would settle the price of the flour mill from Wanwan as soon as possible.Secondly, she is studying abroad, and she is also studying business.Naturally, she hopes to start her own business, otherwise she would not have asked to join Li Guohao s pastry shop.There are currently three royal pastry shops in Macau, and the business has been very good The popularity, coupled with the fact that Li Guohao has recently made a lot of Chinese and Western pastries, smilz cbd gummies side effects has made many local Portuguese like to eat palace pastries.He Qianjin read the company s business reports and profits sent by Li Guohao.His eyes became even hotter.After listening to Ms.He s cbd hemp gummies online words, Li Guohao pondered.Li Guohao is not the kind of person who absolutely controls the company 100 , and he also knows that it is impossible to completely control the shares.I don t mention this era, but even in later generations.Fortunately, he was smart and found More than a dozen people were at the gates of various stock exchanges, borrowing the news from the newspapers, deliberately claiming that it was a conspiracy between Landmark and Nanshun, in order to let the stockholders sell their stocks and get them back at a low price Boss, you are the best.The original crisis was easily resolved by you David flattered.William said with a smile on the corner of his mouth These cbd vitamin c gummies smilz cbd gummies side effects stupid people follow the trend blindly.Losses are inevitable.Inform the people below to sell all our stocks within three days as how long does cbd gummy last smilz cbd gummies side effects soon as possible.Now the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index is too high.I think A stock market crash is very likely Yes Chapter 201 Falling and jumping off a building William is very smart.Ever since the newspapers came out in the morning, William knew that there might be a large stockholders queuing up to sell stocks today, so he sent more than a dozen people at the gates unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd delta 10 gummies of the three stock exchanges early in the morning to publicize that this was a real estate conspiracy.Li Guohao was sitting on the boss s chair, looking at the TV set on the table next to him, and saw that it was Li s TV reporter on the screen, taking pictures of the certificate office on the street.Thousands of stockholders crowded at the entrance of the stock exchange, each holding a large stack of stocks in their hands, men and women, old and young, and almost all of them were shouting and crying hysterically.Hello, everyone.I m a reporter from Li s TV station Minsheng News.I m at the gate of the largest stock exchange in Xiangjiang.You can see from the camera that thousands of people are queuing up to sell stocks.The female reporter was talking to the camera Suddenly, someone nearby exclaimed Someone how long does cbd gummy last smilz cbd gummies side effects has fainted, someone has fainted, don t squeeze Don t squeeze An old man has fallen to the ground, call 999 quickly The TV screen suddenly shook violently., I said you hurry up and smilz cbd gummies side effects say it.A few people next to me asked impatiently.What s the hurry, let me have a bite, I m starving to death in the morning.The man in the black coat quickly finished a shrimp dumpling, filled his teacup and smilz cbd gummies side effects cost of cbd gummies for arthritis his friend s teacup with tea, and took a sip happily.I know, isn t it rumored that the stock market smilz cbd gummies side effects fell sharply because Hongkong Land bought the milk company It s also a little bit related, but the main reason is not because Hongkong Land bought the milk company.The man smilz cbd gummies side effects in the black coat said The main reason is that the Jardine Group and Nanshun have some British capital As the man in the black coat came slowly, everyone understood.It turns out that many stocks in the stock market that are currently trading at the limit are all fake companies, and these companies can be listed because of the manipulation of British capital behind the scenes., to use this to suck the blood of stockholders, and after sucking up the blood of stockholders, keanu reeves cbd gummies unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews they ran to suck the blood of Chinese businessmen.After some blood sucking, this led to the keanu reeves cbd gummies unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews outbreak of the stock market crash, otherwise how could the Hang Seng Index, which was rising well, suddenly It fell as soon as it fell, because the British capital had absorbed enough and sold all the stocks.Damn it I just said why the Hang Seng Index fell as soon as it fell Also, I exchanged all my shares in the Milk Company for Landmark shares.I thought I could make a lot of money by exchanging one share for five shares.A person on the table suddenly patted the table angrily and said.This movement caused the diners around to look sideways.company.Boss, take a look.These are some articles I asked someone to write.Actually, Boss, according to your wishes, it is entirely possible to form a group, including Nanshun and Guohao Foodstuffs as subsidiaries.As for the palace pastry, it can also be included as a holding subsidiary.Ni Xingqing raised his mouth aside.Li Guohao pondered for a while, and he said It s okay, you can handle this matter as soon as possible.Suddenly thought of the comic company, and said By the way, I used to have a comic company, how about merging together It doesn t matter, anyway, the established group is the parent company, and even if its subsidiaries are not wholly owned, as long as they hold shares, there is no big problem.Ni Xingqing said casually.That s fine, you can also get this by the way.Li Guohao had just finished speaking.There was a knock on the office door.Come in Li Guohao said.Get rid of him Mai Xiaomin laughed.No, I m wrong, okay Zhang Dong said with a bitter face when he heard this.Li Guohao and the three beside him laughed loudly.This time I came to Zhang Dong not only to see him, but mainly because Li Guohao wanted to slightly modify several offices of Nanshun Company, the most important of which were his chairman s office and the new charity department office.Most of Nanshun s offices have a large glass wall, and the manager can check the situation of the office area outside the office, but Li Guohao wants to change the charity department a little bit I went back to the company in the afternoon.Not long after Li Guohao sat in the boss chair, the phone rang in a hurry.Before he could speak, Huang Yaohua s anxious voice came from the phone Chairman The factory was smashed up Smashed up What s going on Are you injured asked.Hearing that his uncle smilz cbd gummies side effects said that he has unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews done almost all types of work, Li Guohao s eyes lit up, his heart was overjoyed, and he also said I am going to open an instant noodle factory, but I have not been able to find a suitable smilz cbd gummies side effects person to manage it.Since you are working in Nissin, Uncle After working for so many years, why don t you come and help my nephew Li Guohao didn t say to hire an uncle, he just said to help his nephew.Uncle is a good face, and Li Guohao knew it from his mother Li Huifang, so when cbdistillery nighttime pm cbd gummies with melatonin talking, try to talk about the relationship between the elders and the younger generations.This Uncle Li Zhengming was a little hesitant.Apart from working in an instant noodle factory, he had never been to work in other places for so many years.I am afraid that looking for a job really starts with a small clerk.To put it bluntly, as long as they continue to be ordinary policemen for a few years, the chances of promotion are much price of cbd gummies near me greater than ordinary policemen.Chapter 240 Flying Tiger build Seeing everyone like this, Li Guohao smiled at the corner of his mouth and said, I won t say too much.Before I asked Chief Zhou to invite you over, I didn t explain the specific things to you.Here I will briefly explain what I gave.Remuneration.For the time being, everyone s monthly salary is fixed at 3,000 yuan.If something happens, depending on the injury situation, you will also be given a bonus of varying amounts, the highest is 1 million Li Guohao Although I have never had any bodyguards or been in contact with this industry, I also understand one thing, that is, money can make ghosts work, as long as the price is enough, I believe no one will refuse.Slow down, lean to the side, and let the car behind pass first.Yu Weicheng was a little puzzled at first when he heard Chen Sheng s words, but then he suddenly understood that this was their tacit understanding after years of training, and he knew that Chen Sheng would not Say something useless.Yu Weicheng also glanced at the van behind him through the rearview mirror, and asked, What s the matter He slowed down a lot while asking.After hearing the conversation between the two, Li Guohao, who was sitting in the back seat, also looked back through the rear glass, and saw a dilapidated white van following closely behind.Before Li Guohao asked what was going on, Chen Sheng had a dignified face and said seriously, Boss, eagle hemp cbd gummies 750 mg will cbd gummies show on drug test I m afraid we are in trouble Trouble You mean the car behind In this situation, but I have seen many such movies, I panicked and quickly asked, Is the car unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd delta 10 gummies behind us following us Leave a lane for the white van behind to pass first, but they not only did not overtake, but also slowed down the speed, it seems that this car should be coming towards you, boss Chen Sheng analyzed through a few small details just now.I went and asked him why he didn t open it.He told me that the business was taken away by the palace pastry.There are no smilz cbd gummies side effects customers, so I closed the door to do other business.This incident gave me a lot of inspiration, so I came up with this franchise plan.Not only can the company be profitable, but also allow more pastry chefs to have new goals , Joining the palace pastry, not only avoids risks, but also allows the store to have a great publicity effect.Our company will continue to recruit franchisees in Southeast Asia.I think if there are friends who are willing, they can join this big family.Then Li Sheng Reporter Chen s interview was published in Ming Pao the next day.Many of Li Guohao s remarks in the newspaper have been edited, and the content is more rigorous and orderly than in the conversation, but it did not distort his original meaning, and reported Li Guohao s words realistically.The cakes of this era are still smilz cbd gummies side effects very old fashioned, except for adding some chocolate sauce and Apart from fruit, there are no other tricks.Yes Li Guohao thought for a long time, always thinking about how to make a cake that shocked the audience, and suddenly thought of a very well known cake maker in later generations, Zhou Yi known as the Sugar King Don t wait for can you get high taking cbd gummies Master Wang to ask.I just heard Li Guohao say Master Wang, can you make sugar figurines I knew how to make sugar figurines 20 years ago, but now most people don t like to eat them very much.I haven t done it.Master Wang smiled, the simplest thing like sugar figurines, he had already learned it when he was a teenager.That s easy After Li Guohao instructed Master Wang a few words, he also asked him to prepare materials as soon as possible.Do you want to sue us Modify the comics Young and vigorous, and because of the best selling comic Little Rascal , Huang Yulang was full of ambition, after hearing what the boss said, he said nonchalantly, It doesn t matter, it s just a name anyway, why They can use Bruce Lee s name to the title of the book, so we can t create a Bruce Lee character But the other party seems to have the authorization of Bruce Lee.So what if the authorization is granted, Bruce Lee is not the only one named Bruce Lee, we can find A person named Bruce Lee, let him authorize us, wouldn t it be enough then Huang Yulang laughed.I have to say that Huang Yulang is very cunning, and it s no wonder he will create such a big career in the future.President The president is not good At this time, a person broke into the office and shouted.Li Guohao Among them, marriage testing is the most common.What Master Dong said just now is the most straightforward, even a fool with an IQ of only five can understand smilz cbd gummies side effects it.Where there is thunder, there will be wind, and where there is wind, there will be thunder.What a good metaphor.It s much better than what you are the wind and I am the sand.In the end, Li Guohao handed over thousands of dollars in cash to Master Dong, and even specially took a business card of Master Dong, but on the business card was written Bone touching, fortune telling, fortune telling, divination, feng shui, burial, traditional Chinese medicine Hehe, to make a living.Perhaps seeing Li Guohao s doubts, Master Dong also smiled hehe.Speaking of feng shui, Li Guohao happened to have plans to build a food industrial zone at the company, and with the mentality of believing or not, he also invited the other party to come and help him look at the feng shui of the factory after a while.Fortunately, he is not very old, otherwise he might pass out due to the bad air.Look, Li Guohao Li Guohao is here He s right next to the police car.Someone shouted in the crowd.The gazes of hundreds of people in unison followed the sound.I heard that Li Guohao and Bruce Lee have a good relationship.That s right, it seems that the two of them had dinner together before Go, go and interview Li Guohao and see if he knows what s going on.Oops Chen Sheng was shocked, it would be bad if hundreds of people in front of him surrounded the boss.In 1973, you can never get around this one.Chapter 275 Life and Death of Bruce Lee Part 2 As Chen Sheng was thinking, he saw a crowd of people surrounded by two policemen including Li Guohao and Chen Sheng.Get out of the way Don t squeeze together, accidents are easy to happen, get out of the way Seeing the crowd surrounding him, Chen Sheng also subconsciously grabbed the pistol at his waist with his hand, for fear that smilz cbd gummies side effects someone would get caught in the crowd and steal the gun Or take it away.It was his first time directing a film, which wasted Many movie films, in order to make up for the loss of the crew, also secretly subsidized their smilz cbd gummies side effects own money.After all, Li Guohao only gave 100,000 yuan to make this movie, and Cai Lan, the producer, was in charge of the money, so Xu Guanwen didn t dare to play tricks.Li Guohao nodded slightly, thinking about the theater, he also asked, Have you already contacted the theater Yes, we have signed a guarantee agreement with Mr.Zou s Golden Harvest.Xu Guanwen was afraid that the boss would not know what the guarantee agreement was.The meaning is also simply explained, that is, the so called amount of films that are rented out by theaters.Suddenly, when Li Guohao was about to ask again, he saw Cai Lan walking over with a tired face not far away.Chairman, why are you here Cai Lan was taken aback when he saw Li Guohao, then walked over quickly, and sat down on the rest chair next to him.Not to mention other aspects, Bruce Lee really promoted a lot of Chinese elements internationally.The English word kungfu was added to the Oxford dictionary because of him.Chapter 277 The nervous He Guanchang and the three were standing there at a loss, wanting to ask about Bruce Lee s situation, but they could also hear their conversation here, and learned that Bruce Lee was out of danger.He also thought of going up to Bruce Lee s wife Linda to comfort him, but the other party was already surrounded by big name artists such as Shi Jian.Neither going forward nor going back made the three of them very embarrassed.Suddenly, Hong Jinbao caught a glimpse of Cai Lan who was sitting on the side, and his eyes lit up.Although he and Cai Lan were not very familiar, they knew each other.In addition, he recently heard that the other party had climbed up to a big boss.If the followers are not guaranteed, they will go to TVB to advertise, and it will be very difficult to get it.TVB We seem to have a little bit of trouble with them.The group has never advertised on TVB.This matter is known to everyone in the group.As for the specific reason, only some veterans know.Huang Yaohua, as the head of the food company The manager only heard about this matter and didn t know the inside story.There are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.In fact, the conflict between Li Guohao and TVB is nothing, it can only be said that they cannot agree on business.In the past, it was Li Guohao himself who was so angry that he refused any cooperation related to TVB.But in the past two years, I have also learned a lot.You must not be angry when doing business.You can be overbearing and directly bring down the other party s business or company, or you can just smile and cooperate again.Let me call and ask.Huang Yaohua has been busy recently I don t know about the matter how long does cbd gummy last smilz cbd gummies side effects of distributing goods with popsicles, but I also forgot about the matter of market research.Call.Pushing the phone to Huang Yaohua.Huang Yaohua picked up the phone and dialed the marketing department of the food company, Hi, I m Huang Yaohua, um, your Just as Huang Yaohua was calling, another internal phone rang.Li Guohao answered the phone, Hello Chairman, Mr.Ni is looking for you.Ni Xingqing yes.Let smilz cbd gummies side effects him wait at the door. OK.Just as Li Guohao hung up the phone, Huang Yaohua also put down the microphone in his hand, best cbd cbg gummies and only heard him say, It was just finished this morning, and this time the pavement is very wide.More than 3,000 people have accepted our investigation, and I have asked them to send over detailed reports.That is Think about it, what is the most valuable thing in the Middle East Li Guohao finally told the story.Diamonds gold land Ni Xingqing thought a lot, from gold to diamonds to land, and finally woke up Oil The Middle East is the largest oil producing area in the world, and almost every country in the Middle East has rich oil resources That s right Seeing that Ni Xingqing finally came to his senses, Li Guohao continued From July to the end of August, I checked a lot of information and found that as early as 1960, more than a dozen Middle Eastern countries including Iraq had united to form a It s called the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.And just at the beginning of this year, the oil countries oppressed Western countries including the United States, and raised the price of a barrel of crude oil from two dollars to three dollars, almost doubling the price This is a new fiscal revenue for the Middle smilz cbd gummies side effects East countries that have been poor for many years With money, they can assemble their own army and develop their own country After hearing Li Guohao s long speech, Ni Xingqing suddenly came to his senses, thinking about the reason why the boss insisted on coming to the United States.Compared with China, the price of oil in the United States is still very cheap, let alone now, a barrel of crude oil is only about three dollars.This is also the reason why Americans love muscle cars, because the price of oil is too low, and they can completely afford the cost of large displacement cars.However, with the occurrence of the ban on oil transportation this year, the large scale lack of oil in the cbd stop smoking gummies United States has led to the suspension of production of many large displacement vehicles, and abandoned them.As a result, those American car benefits cbd gummies companies suffered heavy losses, which also led to the entry of Japanese style small displacement cars and seized the market in large quantities.You understand this aspect, you do the operation, and you don t need to report to me.Li Guohao is self aware and will never disturb the operation of professionals.You must know that you must have a certain amount of money to rent a box in the exchange.Li Guohao paid more than a hundred thousand dollars for this, and it only took a few days.There are only thirteen hours until October 6th, and Li Guohao has to buy and sell the shares of various companies in advance before the war, otherwise, when the war starts, smilz cbd gummies side effects he may not have a place to participate October six.At 9 30, the major trading markets in smilz cbd gummies side effects the United States officially opened.As usual, there were not many investors who came to buy and sell stock futures in various trading markets.Without interest, Ni Xingqing asked the traders to start a formal short selling plan.Watching the traders operating, Li Guohao s nervous hands broke out in cold sweat.He had already learned about the principles and hazards of short selling in books related to the stock market.There is a high rise building built 20 years ago in West Kowloon.The geographical environment is very good.Among the rentals, the price is also very cheap.The only disadvantage may HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies side effects be that it is a little shorter, only eight floors.Only eight floors Li Guohao frowned, is the eight story building a little short.There are a few high rise buildings over there, but there are no extra floors for rent.Many of the original tenants of this building suffered heavy losses during the stock market crash at the beginning of this year.In addition, several floors of tenants expired, so now the entire building is rented out.It is waiting trubliss cbd gummies 750 mg for rent.Is it possible to buy it Li Guohao asked.purchase buy it Li Dexiao smilz cbd gummies side effects next to him was surprised when he heard that his son actually wanted to buy an eight story building.Later, because the interests of some businessmen were involved, the newspaper was warned several times, and it was changed to speak for the business world and serve the business world.It was also because of this matter that Pang Heshuo resolutely resigned as the editor in chief, sold more than half of his shares, and occasionally wrote articles or contributed articles to some newspapers and magazines at home.Mr.Pang, you are being modest.If the Business Daily did not have Mr.Pang s persistence, I think many people would encounter certain obstacles when they first started investing in business.Li Guohao read Business Daily , but only the current newspapers.When Pang Heshuo was in power in the past, he hadn t traveled here yet, but this didn t prevent Li Guohao cbd vitamin c gummies smilz cbd gummies side effects from looking for some old newspapers to read.What does Li Sheng mean to say that the oil embargo in the Middle East will end soon Bao Daheng glanced at Li Guohao suspiciously.Now all the news is reporting that more than 20 major oil countries in the Middle East are uniting to defend against Israel and Japan.In the United States, this kind of big event should not end so early.Don t worry, Mr.Bao.It will definitely be over before the end of this year, maybe it won t be that long.Li Guohao knows the way the United States is doing.The purpose, otherwise it was just for the sake of peacekeeping In any case, what Li Guohao said gave Bao Daheng a solid foundation.He had always worried that the oil embargo in the Middle East would last for a long time, so that his ships would be useless.This time, I would like to thank smilz cbd gummies side effects Li Sheng for clearing my confusion.The group run by Li Guohao is a catering group.It may involve some other industries in the future, but basically it should all be for catering services.Catering is no better than real estate or high technology.Everyone needs to eat, everyone needs to drink.Catering is an essential thing for people, and the price is acceptable to the general public.This allowed Li Guohao to come up with some ideas based on the situation of later generations, that is to set up his own film company, smilz cbd gummies side effects start a newspaper office, and promote his group in all aspects.Among them, the most indispensable may be the promotion of some artists.This year s New Year, Li Guohao plans to launch a big promotional event to comprehensively publicize all businesses within the group.The key people should be entertainers and actors.They are particular about what level they are in and what position they are in.I unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd delta 10 gummies was bored waiting for the meeting to start.He heard someone beside him laughing, Hello, Mr.Li.Li Guohao looked sideways, and saw a middle aged, honest looking man, about forty years old, looking at him with a smile smilz cbd gummies side effects cbd gummies rochester ny on his face.After peeking at the name plate on the table, Li Guohao responded, Hello, Mr.Wen.Sheng Li knows me Wen Guoyang asked in surprise.Li Guohao chuckled and said, Mr.Wen has your name tag on his desk.Wen Guoyang glanced at the sign with his name written on it, and said with a smile, Haha, Li Sheng really has a good eye.You can see clearly.Where, where.I forgot to introduce myself.Wen Guoyang smilz cbd gummies side effects is currently the director of Xiangjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Manufacturing Factory.He is also the vice chairman of the Chinese Manufacturers Association and the Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Patent Medicine Manufacturing Industry Committee.Lei Hongren echoed.I don t know how many times he was said to be young, which made Li Guohao wonder if he was going to grow a beard, but it was just a thought, and he smiled and said Where is there, I still have There is a lot to learn from you guys.Li Sheng was joking.Huang Zhongbo laughed, then hesitated for a moment and asked I heard that Li Sheng s food industrial park will be built soon Well, the first batch of factory buildings will be built next month, and the progress of the total completion may be less than half a year.Li Guohao nodded.The first batch of factories have been built in the food industrial park, and the food factory plans to move part of the assembly line there and relocate the factories.After it is built, do we need a batch of new assembly line machinery Hearing this, Li Guohao finally understood the reason why this group of people came to him.After finishing speaking, Zhao Yazhi turned and walked to the room to get the watch.No Mother Zhao was about to say not to take it when she saw that her daughter had already entered the house.She also wanted to see what the 10 million watch looked like.Seeing this, she had no choice but to turn to her daughter Ah Zhen said You girl, don t touch it casually when you take it out later, it will be terrible if you break it.I know Mom, I will be careful.A Zhen said nonchalantly.For a moment, Zhao Yazhi came out with a small box, opened the box in front of her mother and sister, and saw keanu reeves cbd gummies unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews a rather old lady s watch lying quietly in the box.Ah That s it I thought it was so pretty A Zhen looked at the watch in the box.There was no strap, only a watch clock.There were many small diamonds inlaid around the round watch, and the center of the inner pointer was a faceted diamond of about three carats.Boss Li, we are going to the biggest smilz cbd gummies side effects muay thai martial arts gym in Bangkok later.It is best not to disturb their training when we visit in the past.After all, you should know that people who practice martial arts are a bit irritable.Tour guide Zheng said with a smile.Then what are you going to do Chen Xuewen, who was next to him, immediately asked back when he heard this.Tour guide Zheng explained There are many scenic spots in Bangkok, but the ones that are closer to the city center, except for a few temples, are Muay Thai martial arts halls.It may take some time to catch up to other scenery.After finishing speaking, he thought of something, and smiled again You must know that this Muay Thai martial arts gym is not accessible to ordinary people, only VIPs or old tour guides like me are eligible.Jian Fujian as an educator, and is a symbolic example for many educators and teachers in Xiangjiang When Li Guohao heard that Jian Fu had also won the quota of outstanding youth, he looked around for a moment, and finally saw Jian Fu at a table about 20 meters away from him.After hearing his name, Li Guohao saw Jian Fu , stood up pretending to be serious, and bowed slightly to the front, back, left, and right after hearing the applause, and a slightly bald middle aged man sat beside him and looked at Jian Fu with a look of relief.The last one is me Saying that everyone has more or less heard his name When the last person was introduced, He Dongsheng deliberately made a fool of himself and didn t say his name directly.Zhao Yazhi in the audience had already learned from Li Guohao that he had obtained a quota.After hearing a strange name, he asked What is An Na Coffee The scientific name of this ingredient is sodium benzoate caffeine.In layman s terms, it is a central nervous system stimulant.After taking it, adults will be hyperactive and don t want to rest.If you take it for cbd gummies minneapolis mn a long time, you will have a tendency to become addicted.If you take it in large quantities, it will cause damage to the human brain.Serious damage to undo, and anal coffee is also an essential thing to make some drugs.Li Guohao breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Huo Zheng introduce that the first generation of Red Bull contained nerve stimulants.When he drank it in Thailand, he found that the Red Bull had great stamina.I couldn t sleep at night.For this reason, I asked Huang Yaohua to send it to the technical department for smilz cbd gummies side effects cost of cbd gummies for arthritis testing to see if there were any ingredients that were harmful to the human body after returning.Li Guohao said with a wave of his hand.Okay, I ll go back to rest if I m fine.I haven t reversed the jet lag just now. Go ahead.After Ni Xingqing left, Li Guohao called the technical department and told Huo Zheng not to leave work in a hurry, saying that he would come over later Technical department.I m sorry, Professor Huo.I will trouble you if I get off work soon.Li Guohao apologized.Although Professor Huo works under Li Guohao, he is still a professor of chemistry at Xiangjiang University, so he doesn t completely follow Li Guohao s face.It s nothing, I just have something to do, I am going to work overtime today and go back home.Huo Zheng smiled and asked, Chairman, are you looking for me You know MSG, right MSG I know what s wrong Have you ever studied MSG, is it harmful to the human body Huo Zheng was puzzled and said Why did the chairman ask about MSG so well.It is estimated that the guest list to be invited will exceed 300 people.There are colleagues who HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies side effects worked together in the past and business partners, but most of them are people who are close to Li Guohao.Chairman, take a look.This is the list of drinks provided by the hotel.Secretary Xiao Liu knocked on the door of the office and handed a piece of paper to Li Guohao.Li Guohao took it over and looked at it.There was not much change in the activities, but the drink list made him frown, What brand of wine is this Why haven t I heard of it This is French Mouton Ro The red wine of Gideburg is one of the three famous wines in France.All right, follow their arrangement.Li Guohao doesn t know much about red wine, since it is one of the three famous wines, it should be a good bar.Then I will find someone to purchase according to this list Go, get it done as soon as possible.It s not much, it s only two million.Mother Zhao waved her hand casually.Two million Two million is not much I wish I had known that I also raised a daughter.Raising a son last year cost me more than 200,000 yuan Compared to money, Zhao s mother is more happy about the not so small villa in the middle of the mountain.She said a little ostentatiously My son in law, Ah Hao, is filial.Seeing that I live here with Ah Zhi and his father, it s in the Banshan bought a villa for the two of us and asked us to move there.A villa Still in the middle of the mountain My God, there are at least a few million villas in the middle of the mountain Calculated in this way, wouldn t the betrothal gift be five or six million All the close relatives and distant relatives were envious when they heard that there best cbd gummies for pain reddit was not only a two million gift money but also a single family villa in the middle of the mountain.You don t even know about this Li Guohao s smilz cbd gummies side effects wedding Is it the 100 million smilz cbd gummies side effects wedding that the newspaper said some time ago smilz cbd gummies side effects The friend asked deliberately, Yeah, you don t know which New World I opened yesterday Passing by the entrance of the hotel, guess what I saw What did I see More than a dozen large trucks full of roses.My friend enviously said I m still surprised that there are so many roses in Xiangjiang, so I went here specially.I asked the other party before, and they said it was shipped from the Netherlands.More than a dozen cars of roses Got a dozen cars of roses.Chapter 376 Wedding 2 According to Zheng Jiachun s original plan, the New Century Hotel should have opened long ago, but after hearing that Li Guohao was going to get married, he also postponed the opening date.Prepare well, only in this way can we make a name for 2000 mg cbd gummies ourselves in one fell swoop.As soon as the Hong Kong Governor and his wife were sent in, they heard someone shouting from behind Congratulations, Mr.Li Turning his head and seeing Mr.Cha, Ni Yishu and others, Li Guohao hurriedly stepped forward and said with a smile Mr.I thought you came so early.I ve always wondered how extravagant Li Sheng s 100 million Hong Kong dollar wedding is Jin Yong said with a smile.Ni Frame cbd gummies from mycbd followed and said, Yes, I heard people say that even the knives and forks used in your wedding ceremony, Li Sheng, are made of silver.It s all just rumors, and I didn t spend that much money to get married, and I m not the kind of extravagant person.I heard that Li Sheng bought the biggest pink diamond in the world, is it true Yi Shu asked curiously.Yes.Seeing Li Guohao nod his head in affirmation, Yi Shu was envious immediately.A long list of English, every word was hammered on Li Guohao s forehead.Fortunately, Cheng Xizhi s English is good.After translating it once, Li Guohao said with a smile I am very happy to accept your interview, but I am just curious, will this interview be published in Time Magazine In a panic, this interview is actually the result of her own initiative.Because of her curiosity about molecular gastronomy, and knowing that Li Guohao is still in New York from her colleague Tom, she decided to use the name of Time Magazine to do an interview.other side.The panic soon ended.Lina gathered her thoughts and said, I can t guarantee this.Every year we interview a lot of people, but only a handful of them can be published smilz cbd gummies side effects in Time Magazine.After hearing Cheng Xizhi s translation, Li Guohao was a little disappointed , if it can be featured in Time Magazine, it will be a huge help to both my fast food restaurant and myself.I will take this opportunity to talk to Master Guan.Li Guohao paused for a few seconds, then continued I plan to set up Fumanlou as a company and create a brand for it.Just like my palace pastry, after the company, I will open several branches in Xiangjiang.If the effect is good, I plan to promote Fumanlou to the whole world in the future.Promote to the whole world Guan Yunfei s eyes widened.That s right.Li Guohao said Fumanlou is my cbd vitamin c gummies smilz cbd gummies side effects family s ancestral property anyway, so I naturally hope to do the best business for the restaurant.This time, I also want to invite Uncle Guan to join us in Fumanlou.Li Guohao s plan is to build a brand new catering group, which is similar to Quanjude, but there are also big differences, probably similar to the later Yum Group.Yum Group is the largest catering company in the world.After some refusal, Guan Yunfei also agreed Come down, but still buy it back at the original price of the money Li Guohao invested.After the chat, Li Guohao also went to the box where Xu Guanwen and others were.During the meal, everyone saw that the boss had a bad face, and they couldn t let it go.Li Guohao didn t stay too long.He ate a few bites of food, chatted a few words, and said that he had to go back beforehand.On the way back, Li Guohao couldn t help how long does cbd gummy last smilz cbd gummies side effects sighing that people s hearts changed too quickly.What he said to Guan Yunfei before was half true and half false.The truth was naturally about the acquisition, and the false one meant that Li Guohao was going to talk to Guan Yunfei about it in a few days.When he mentioned this matter to Guan Yunfei, he was only relieved.He wanted to give this Uncle Guan a hand and develop the Jinhua Restaurant into a brand., are places where employees rest temporarily.Please forgive me.Li Guohao sat down, smiled and said, It s okay, let s all sit down and talk. yes.After the two sat down, Li Guohao glanced at the lounge and said This room is quite clean, do you arrange for someone to clean it every day No one was specially arranged to clean it.The employees who took a break here did it spontaneously.After all, everyone doesn t like living in a dirty place.Director Zhang responded with a smile.Yes.Since it is a lounge, you can prepare some tea.Factory Manager Zhang slapped his forehead, and realized Oh, this is my mistake, Chairman, I will arrange for someone to bring some tea later.Okay, you guys will discuss this later.With a wave of his hand, Li Guohao took out the popping candy from Xiao Changhan s pocket, put it on the table and said, Try this.Last year, the average ex factory price of each pack of bear biscuits was about 50 cents, and it was sold to wholesalers for 70 cents, making a profit of 20 cents.But this year, the price of edible oil has risen, and the price of flour has also risen, so our profit may be only 10 cents, or even less.Bear biscuits were originally sold at 50 cents a pack.Until 1976, when Xiangjiang gradually recovered its economy, prices in all walks of life rose.After inflation, the Hong Kong dollar depreciated, and it rose to one yuan.It has always been sold for one yuan a pack.Because of inflation, the Hong Kong dollar has depreciated slightly, HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies side effects which can be said to have reduced the profit a lot.The price is raised according to the market economy, so you can make your own decisions Why didn t daily health cbd gummies you tell me until now.The girls in the room were chatting about how beautiful the smilz cbd gummies side effects cost of cbd gummies for arthritis dress was.After a long time, when Wu Xiaohua walked out of the fitting room wearing a set of the most popular sweater coat, Li Guobang almost lost his eyes.At this time, Wu Xiaohua not only took off her somewhat rustic ponytail and let it loose, but Zhong Chuhong put on a light makeup to cover the dark skin on her face due to long term farm work.He looked like a fashionable Xiangjiang person.Chapter 698 Contract expires, new cooperation In the eyes of many people, the new year is considered to be over only after the eighth day of the new year, but in the eyes of many office workers, after the third day of the new year, it is the end of the new year, and they will go to work on the fourth day.At this time, inside Guohao Building.Second brother, this is your office, it s so big When Li Guobang followed Li Guohao to the office, he looked left and right, and when he came to the floor to ceiling windows, he looked at the height of hundreds of meters below, and suddenly went to the office in horror.Chapter 769 Genetically modified food technology The theoretical basis of genetically modified technology comes from molecular biology derived from the theory of evolution.Before 2013, except for relevant scientific researchers or students studying this subject, most Chinese people were extremely unfamiliar with this vocabulary, and some people may have smilz cbd gummies side effects never heard it in their entire lives.However, since 2013, Teacher Cui and Fang Zi had a dispute over genetically modified food on Weibo, and then there was a mutual scolding war, the term genetically modified has spread among the general public.Genetically modified technology is a relatively important technical field of modern science.From the most fundamental technical knowledge, there are gradually different branches, such as can cbd gummies help you quit smoking genetically modified crop technology, genetically modified biological technology, etc Humans have used artificial selection or selective breeding to modify the genomes of plants and animals for thousands of years.within the financial company.A banker, Fu Zhengguang, said Chairman, I still suggest buying a small bank first, and then after the group applies for a banking license, we can find a way to reorganize the two.Fu Zhengguang is the banker hired by Li Guohao.He worked for Standard smilz cbd gummies side effects cost of cbd gummies for arthritis Chartered Bank in the early years, and served as the president of Hong Kong Standard Chartered Central District Headquarters for eleven years.He is also a leader in the financial and investment fields of Xiangjiang, and he knows all the big and small banks in Xiangjiang.After hearing Fu Zhengguang s proposal to acquire a small bank first, Li Guohao took a look, You all have the same idea Several people around Fu Zhengguang nodded one after another.Even Ni Xingqing, Hu Changqing, Zhang Shaonan and others all agreed.After all, it is biolyfe cbd gummies review a foolish dream to set up a bank in a short period of time.I didn t sleep gummies thc cbd know you came to the company to find me.Li Guohao smiled and walked forward to shake hands with the other party Since Manager Shen is coming, he should call me earlier so that I can smilz cbd gummies side effects cost of cbd gummies for arthritis go to HSBC Bank to visit you in person.Why let you come here How can I do that Mr.Li usually has a hillstone cbd gummies scam lot of affairs to deal with.How dare I ask Mr.Li to come to HSBC to find me in person.Shen Bi laughed.The two sat down and said a few more reserved words.After the secretary Xiao Liu brought the coffee and went out, Shen Bi revealed the reason for his visit and said in a joking tone I heard that Mr.Li The Guohao Group recently intends to develop the banking business.After that, our two banks can work together in depth.Li Guohao stared at Shen Bi s face for a few seconds, and said with a smile We have known each other for so many years, Manager Shen.If you have anything to ask me, just tell me straight up.Don t beat around the bush.You don t want to talk to the British.Way.I have known Shen Bi for almost seven or eight years.Li Guohao has always admired this foreigner.Whether it is from his Cantonese accent or his way of life, he is almost a white skinned and yellow hearted egg man.Hearing this, my ferret ate a cbd gummy Shen Bi also smiled.Said Since Mr.Li has said so, then I will say it directly.This time I came to find Mr.Li mainly because Mr.Li wants to open a bank.What I want to ask is whether HSBC is still Guohao Group s long term partner.Li Guohao said in a deep voice for a few seconds Manager Shen In fact, you came to me, and I guessed your reason for coming.Although our group has indeed applied for a banking license from the Hong Kong Bank Supervision and Administration Bureau, and indeed intends to open a bank, this does not prevent our group from cooperating with HSBC in the future.Ten billion Li Jiacheng raised the frame of the mirror with some doubts.Recently, he has almost paid attention to all major intermediary companies, whether it is a large real estate agency or a small private agency.It seems that there have been no orders with a large amount of money This time the real estate market is picking up, but several old real estate companies headed by Landmark Real Estate are relieved.Jardine Group s Hongkong Real Estate is among all the real estate company groups in Hong Kong, and it suffered the most serious losses due to the real estate collapse.Other company groups want to go bankrupt or liquidated.They actually invested more than 10 billion in real estate projects from 1981 to 1982.In February 1982, Hongkong Land s people bid for the king of land on the waterfront of Hong Kong Island at a high price of 4.Okay, tell me when you want to renovate the hotel.Zheng Daheng smiled, and then asked Old Bao and Lao He Why haven t you come yet Li Guohao replied casually It should be soon, I just called and said I am on the way.Huo Daheng asked the doubts in his heart Is it too early to buy the bottom now Since March this year, you suddenly made a After launching a 10 billion bailout plan, which raised the property market all of a sudden, with the start of the second Sino British negotiations, land prices and housing prices plummeted again.Until now, there has been no increase, and the British foreign minister is going to the mainland.At the juncture of the fifth round of negotiations, are you sure you want to buy the bottom Yeah.Li Guohao nodded and said directly I just smilz cbd gummies side effects want to buy the bottom before the British Foreign Minister Howe rushes to the mainland for negotiations, otherwise wait until they finish the negotiation , I don t think it s going to be easy.In the end, they were also won by dozens of companies Li Jiacheng also cooperated with Xu Shixun of Zhou Xing Real Estate to win a piece of urban official land in Tuen Mun District, New Territories.This Xu Shixun of Zhou Xing Real Estate smilz cbd gummies side effects is also a person who is not for nothing.He is a member of the board of directors of Hang Seng Bank, and later joined the board of directors of HSBC Bank.But in terms of popularity, his son is more famous than him, that is, Xu Jinheng who first married the daughter of a gambling king and then married the most beautiful Hong Kong sister Li Jiaxin.After the first round of land cooperation was over, Li Guohao rented out some unnecessary buildings, office buildings and shops previously acquired by Tengfei Real Estate.It was sold directly to the outside world, leaving only a few villas with better locations.In 1999, Li Guohao s eldest son Li Zecheng returned from his studies and took over part of is cbd gummy safe the business of Guohao Nanshun, a subsidiary of Guohao Group.In the same year, Li Guohao listed most of Guohao Group s subsidiaries in Xiangjiang, and later invested in Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Sohu and other Internet companies.In 2000, most of Li Guohao s assets were exposed by the media.The American Forbes Magazine s 100 Rich List selected him as the richest person in the world.Laugh at Bill Gates, the second child of ten thousand years.In the same year, because most of Li Guohao s assets came from the catering industry, he was called the founder of the catering empire by Time Magazine.2001 It took a year to finish this testimonial, and this catering giant was finished, with 1.86 million words, not too much to say, and much less to say.

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