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Staying up late will hurt your health.Go back to sleep earlier.pocket, said hello to parents and went home to sleep.A few minutes after Li Guohao left, Li Huifang said to Li Dexiao, Husband, look how sensible our son is, and he has learned this skill quietly, and he will be able to support himself well in the future.Li Dexiao took another piece of wife cake and ate it He got up and heard his wife s words, and said just now, Yes, Guohao super cbd gummies reviews has grown up.Lao Li, Lao Li, do you have anything to eat now Just as the two elders sighed, a shout sounded outside.When Li Dexiao heard someone calling him, he stepped out and saw that it was the owner of the Zhangji fruit stand next door, and said in surprise, Old Zhang Why did you wake up so early Hey, don t mention it, there was a collision at the pier today , the fruit cargo ship from Southeast Asia is leaking, so don t call to inform us that these fruit merchants rush to unload the goods.

He hurriedly went back to the back kitchen to take a look at the materials.What s the matter, Guohao Grandpa Li Renzhong also relaxed, sitting in a corner of the back kitchen and started smoking a pipe.Maybe we don t have enough wife cakes to sell There are still a lot of flour and eggs, but there are not many rose fillings, .

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and probably only a hundred or so at most will be gone.There is no way, the cost of this game is already expensive, and Li Guohao was worried that he would not sell much, so he didn t prepare too much.Although he didn t prepare too much, it still cost nearly 10,000 yuan.No way Li Renzhong was also surprised.Hastily extinguished the dry tobacco, walked over to take a look at the few fillings left in the barrel.Then what should we do Li Renzhong asked anxiously.At the beginning, Li Renzhong and Li Dexiao felt that 10,000 Hong Kong dollars was too much stuffing.

Li Huifang nodded.Li Guohao pointed to the ground for a while, and pointed to the wall for a while, It s not only great, just look at the tiles all over the floor, and the wallpaper on the wall.Before he finished speaking, he pointed again On the top of the head, And this chandelier on the head, it s so big, you don t need to guess to know that it s expensive Uncle Li, this tile was left by the previous tenant, and this chandelier was bought by Guohao at the second hand market, cleaned and hung up by himself.firepower.Li Guohao also explained, Dad, don t look at the decoration of the upstairs and downstairs as if it is very expensive.In fact, it only cost less than 30,000 yuan to remove the labor.And the expensive is still the upstairs compartment.All of them are soundproof wall panels.Thirty thousand Li Dexiao doubted this number.

You have two All the car washes are mortgaged to the bank.If you fail to repay the loan by the end of this month, Boss Qi, the bank has the right to seal off your publishing house and car wash as a mortgage As the largest law firm in Xiangjiang The lawyer who came out was very eloquent, and he exposed Qi Shan s old background in a simple and clear manner.Haha, Mr.Li is really good, and you have found out all of this.Following Fang Jian s words, Qi Shan s expression gradually turned pale, but he still forced a smile, Okay, since Mr.Li knows everything, then I don t What are you talking about, 300,000 Li Guohao shook his head, 100,000 I will bear the money owed by the publishing house to the bank.Impossible 100,000 is too little, 200,000.Qi Shan didn t expect Li Guohao to bargain so hard.It seems that Boss Qi still doesn t understand the situation.

Although the price is a bit more expensive than Rongji, not everyone buys food based on the price.If Rongji wants to organize membership activities, let them do it, and ignore it for the time being.They.Wait for a few days.After I finish the business of the new super cbd gummies reviews store, I m trying to figure out how to get rid of Rongji.After all, Rongji is an old brand, and there are still quite a lot of old customers here on Kowloon Island.If it s true If you give them time to get the number of members up, they may close their doors and go out of business by then.Li Guohao glanced at Rongji across the street with a solemn expression.You must know that Rongji Bakery has been open for more than ten years, and it can only develop in Kowloon Island, and has not opened a store across the district.There are also many pastry shops similar to Wing Kee in the New Territories and Xiangjiang Island If they also engage in membership activities, it will be difficult The only way now is to spread Lee Kee s brand throughout Xiangjiang, not only in Kowloon how to store cbd gummy bears Island, but also in the New Territories and Xiangjiang Island Only in this way can it be done once and for all, and avoid having to compete with competitors for promotional activities in one place.

Cai Shaodong shook his head and nodded again It s about the same.It s not enough super cbd gummies reviews to make trouble.I just know that your business is good and I want to ask for a protection fee.To solve this situation, we are running a shop after all, even if these people don t come to make trouble, they are always wandering around, and I m afraid of causing losses to the business.Since the young and Dangerous didn t come to the door by themselves, we have to solve it Regarding this matter, Li Guohao didn t want his shop to be stared at every day.Waiting for the pier Cai Shaodong said, Since you have shops on Nathan Road and Central, why don t you pay some money and find a gang to cover you up Most of the gangs in Xiangjiang are quite moral.They can settle super cbd gummies reviews some underworld matters for you.Zhang Dong asked Cousin, do you know these people Cai Shaodong shook his head I was just a pony before, so I didn t know anyone, but I The big boss I worshiped before can contact you, but my big boss is just a small boss, and it s useless for you to worship this kind of person.

Deng Sister Wang nodded and said, Well, I happened to see Sir Mai and her daughter in law inspecting the housing estate on the news last night.I recognized the lady as soon as she came here before.Why did she come to our store Maybe she came to buy pastries, but she just bought the pastries, why are you still waiting here for Ah Hao Zhang Dong asked suspiciously.I don t know where Ms.Deng heard about it.She knows that our boss is a descendant of the imperial chef of the super cbd gummies reviews kushly cbd gummies owner Qing Dynasty.This time I came here to try super cbd gummies reviews the top ten dim sum made in secret by the palace Asked from the side Who are this Ms.Deng and Sir Mai Li Guohao still knows the title of Sir, but he really doesn t know who Sir Mai and Ms.Deng are.Zhang Dong glanced at Li Guohao contemptuously and said, Ah Hao, you don t even read the news Sir Mai is the Governor of Hong Kong who just took office this year, and Ms.

After all, the coherence and storytelling of cartoons are much stronger than comic books.However, some people like to read comic books reviews on cbd gummies piurekana cbd gummies rather than cartoons.They think that comic books are the essence of the author.Central, Panda Comic Publishing House.A group of painters and assistants who don t like to pack their outfits usually sit in a small conference room.Shangguan Xiaobao is tinkering with a color TV that he got from no one knows where.Has the editor in chief of Shangguan finished it It s almost time Yes, I won t be hired.I made this TV at home.The people below shouted.Shangguan Xiaobao wiped the sweat stains on his forehead, turned his head and said fiercely I can do it It will be done soon, don t make noise, best cbd gummies for sleep on amazon and cbd 50 mg gummies super cbd gummies reviews punish him to work overtime at noisy nights cut in.After a while, Shangguan Xiaobao finally fixed the two antennas on the head of the TV.

After Li Ji Pastry grows bigger, it is considering changing the venue.The office space is rented out, and the rest is to recruit employees.There are several positions that must be recruited to start a company.The first is finance, that is, accounting.The development of an enterprise or company must have finance, no matter how big or small the company is accounting is for bookkeeping and tax declaration every month.If there is no income, there will be no tax declaration, which is what we often call zero declaration If you want the company to carry out standardized governance, you must require all departments to make reports, not only finance, but also sales, storage, and storage for report comparison.Li Guohao discussed with Li Qiang, and the new company was established, tentatively planning four important departments, and the others will be expanded in the future.

The main reason is that there are many time honored pastry shops in Xiangjiang Island and the New Territories.After all, crossing regions requires capital and manpower.Chapter 66 Loans Standard Chartered Bank Nathan Road Branch.Li Guohao and Li Qiang walked through the hall and came to the manager s office.Long time no see, Manager Zhang.Li Guohao greeted with a smile.Manager cbd 50 mg gummies super cbd gummies reviews Zhang also smiled and said Yes, I still want to thank Mr.Li for depositing in our bank recently, which has greatly improved my business volume recently After a few words of politeness.Manager Zhang asked I don t know if Mr.Li is here to repay the loan In fact, there is no rush.Our bank can wait for the repayment time for high quality customers like Mr.Li.The longer the loan period, the more profits the bank will naturally make.

Ah Hao, what kind of soup do you want Zhang Dong and Li Qiang went to order food early in order to give Li Guohao more opportunities, and now they turned around and asked.I don t have anything to eat, so you can make up super cbd gummies reviews your mind.Oh, then I ll order seafood noodle soup Miss heard that you are working as a stewardess recently Yeah.Zhao Yazhi glanced at her little sister, not sure who revealed this matter.I heard that being a stewardess is very tiring.You have to fly back and forth every day.Isn t it very hard It s okay.It was quite lively chatting.Zhang Dong and Li Qiang didn t bother, and after delivering the ordered food to Li Guohao s table, they found a small corner and ate.Ten minutes passed.Li Qiang and Zhang Dong had already finished eating, but seeing Li Guohao s appearance, he ate slowly, mouthful by mouthful, and he didn t know when he was eating.

, a series of operations in super cbd gummies reviews the middle are all necessary for cbd 50 mg gummies super cbd gummies reviews the food supply chain.Tomorrow, I will send someone to the flour mill to ask.If it is possible, then we will piurekana cbd gummies cbd gummy bears for sleep buy from the flour mill.As for other things, I am talking to some other raw material processing factories.Li Qiang thought for a moment, and decided to talk to Negotiate with the Xiangjiang Flour Mill.Regardless of success or failure, you must ask.Well, that s the only way to do it.Li Guohao nodded.The best flour in Xiangjiang s flour market now, except for Nanshun, is only Xiangjiang Flour Factory.The flour of other small brands is basically made by private individuals., the quality is not guaranteed, and the taste is not very good.Li Guohao is also very helpless.If the mainland reforms and opens up at this time, he will go to the mainland to build a factory.

The Chinese side presented two giant pandas, but the U.S.sent back two cows.Pat went to visit the Beijing Zoo and had close contact with giant pandas Seeing that the United States .

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wanted giant pandas, Premier Zhou presented Mrs.Nixon with two packs of Panda brand cigarettes, expressing that he would present two giant pandas to the United States Pedestrians waiting for the bus at the bus stop on the streets of Xiangjiang.Is it true that the president of the United States wants pandas A man looked at the newspaper in his hand and said to himself.Someone next to him said Of course it is true.You don t know that these two giant pandas have been transported to HSD in the United States.I heard that there was a grand reception ceremony there, and it was quite lively Dad, is the panda Po At this time, the child waiting for the bus just heard the word panda , so he pulled his father beside him and asked.

I think that no one is worthy of me except myself.In addition, Zhao Yazhi s age should super cbd gummies reviews be much younger than her., should not have much ability in terms of career, so I stayed confidently Ah Zhen told the whole thing.Li Guohao said with a strange expression Ah Zhen, you are not afraid that your sister will strangle you to death I am not her .

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boyfriend at all, so your parents have misunderstood you by saying that.Tch, I am not afraid of my sister Ah Zhen curled her lips in disdain and said, You don t like my elder sister I can t even get into a horse Ah Zhen looked Li Guohao up and down, and said with a tsk tsk.Li Guohao rolled his eyes, why is this girl so precocious.Stop talking, hurry up, you have to super cbd gummies reviews behave well After speaking, Ah Zhen dragged Li Guohao upstairs.A table side.Mother Zhao put a chopstick of broccoli into Zhao Yazhi s bowl, and asked in a super cbd gummies reviews kushly cbd gummies owner low voice, Ah Zhi, when did you get a boyfriend Mom, why didn t I know Mom I told you I didn t have a boyfriend Don t lie to mom.

Dong Dong Zhang Dong pushed the door open and walked in.Seeing Li Guohao on the phone again, he teased and said, Oh, it seems that our boss Li is really in love.He keeps making phone calls every super cbd gummies reviews day, no wonder The finance department just told me that the phone bills have gone up a lot recently, so it turns out that the big boss is calling every day to talk about love I have something to do, Ah Zhi, I will call you later, okay bye.Li Guohao put it down super cbd gummies reviews kushly cbd gummies owner On the phone, Zhang Dong looked blankly and asked, Why are you looking for me Ah Zhi Is that Miss Zhao Why did you hook up Zhang Dong thought of Ah Zhi a few months ago.The Miss Zhao I met by chance on Temple Street.What are you talking about hooking up It s so ugly, we are in love, we miss each other Li Guohao shamelessly used what Zhang Dong said super cbd gummies reviews to him before.

Warner Entertainment Company.Warner president Vernon James sits in his office reviewing documents.Dong Dong James raised his head and said, Come in.George walked in from outside the office.Oh, George, you are finally back, how are you doing in Xiangjiang James put down the pen in his hand, and said to George with a smile.George squinted his eyes and nodded with a smile It s okay, the food over there tastes great.Wait for me a moment.After finishing speaking, James stood up and walked outside the office, and said to the secretary not far away Anna Make two cups of coffee and come in.Okay sir.After the coffee was brewed and brought in, James closed the office door, took a sip of coffee and asked, How does the film company over there in Xiangjiang think The boss of Golden Harvest, Mr.Zou also wants to take a stake in this movie.

Really George was pleasantly surprised asked rhetorically.Of course.James nodded noncommittally.Okay then, I m going to Xiangjiang.My God, this plane is really uncomfortable George agreed helplessly.guarantee, but flying across oceans is still very tiring.At the end, George asked again Why are you so interested in this comic James smiled and explained You have been in Xiangjiang for more than half a month, and you may not be very clear.What s the welcome animal Could it be a panda George asked, glancing at James and then at the comic book on the table.That s right.James said, Recently, a lot of news piurekana cbd gummies cbd gummy bears for sleep in the United States has been reporting these two cute little pandas from the mysterious eastern country.You must know that these two have lived on the earth for 8 million years, and they are the oldest discovered so far.

Seeing everyone in the arena talking to themselves one by one, Liu Peilin was already annoyed, and now he was even more upset.Since Palace Pastry opened a franchise store near his Ronghua Bakery, his business has gone from bad to worse.If he doesn t want to deal with it, he will be swallowed by Palace Pastry sooner or later.Liu Peilin scolded loudly cost of cbd gummies for sleep Okay everyone, please be quiet, please I cbd gummies reduce blood sugar know that Rongji hurts others and myself, so this time I invited you here not for Rongji s affairs, but to think about how to deal with the imperial pastry s treatment of us.invasion Everyone knows that Hong Kong is so big Most of the pastry market in a region has stabilized.I sell my wedding cakes in the New Territories and Wan Chai, and Boss Gu sells his bozai cakes in Kowloon.Everyone is in their respective fields.

Now that Gu Yonghe said this, he couldn t laugh or cry.Chapter 116 Going to Macau Li Huifang had a rare chat with Gu Yonghe for a long time.Gu Yonghe is also a person who doesn t know what to say.When asked by Li Huifang, he happily told about the gathering of pastry colleagues this afternoon.Maybe he thought that this matter has nothing to do with Li Huifang, so he just said it.That night, after Li Guohao went back, he heard Li Huifang tell the story.Hearing that someone actually formed a company to attack him, Li Guohao smiled lightly and said, Mom, don t worry, now that our palace cakes have taken root in Xiangjiang, it s hard to be shaken by external factors.Li Huifang was still worried He said There are more than a dozen pastry shops, and many of them are old brands that have been can cbd gummies cause constipation super cbd gummies reviews famous in Xiangjiang for many years.

Come to think of how to make cbd gummies recipe it, your wife sells the best cakes, but you have to share the profit with more than a dozen people, will you be willing Of course not.Xie Honghe subconsciously said.So that s how it is.Zhang Dong realized later, at first he also felt that if this so called company opened up, it would definitely have an impact on his own company, but after hearing what Li Guohao said, he felt that the other party was vulnerable.Sometimes you don t need to wait for others to do more, they will disintegrate on their own because of unclear internal interests.Xie Honghe also suddenly realized.No wonder Li Guohao looked calm when he said that Liu Peilin had joined forces with more than a dozen pastry shops to start a company.He had already thought of this situation.Li Guohao also said Although the pastry company of the other party will collapse on super cbd gummies reviews its own sooner or later, it will definitely have a certain impact on our business in the early stage.

Please try not to take it too lightly.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao asked Wang Xiaobo from the personnel department Manager Wang, how many pastry chefs have the company recruited recently Wang Xiaobo reported the recent situation There are only seven people who can really make pastries by themselves, and most of them are apprentices.Sent to various shops to learn how to make.Well, very good, you send a notice to all the pastry chefs and store managers in the company, saying that the company intends to open branches in Macau and Wanwan recently, and will choose When a group of people pass by, the treatment will be improved to a certain extent, for example, the company will rent a house for you in terms of food and accommodation, and will also is cbd gummies with thc legal indiana find a special aunt to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

But I asked him, according to our company With the current development and scale, at least 10 million Hong Kong dollars can be loaned, which is the minimum loan limit, which means we can borrow even higher.Li Guohao thought for a while and asked Didn t I ask you to find someone to understand food before How about the specific matters of the processing plant I asked someone to find out, but most of them said that one million can also open a food processing factory, and ten million can also open a food processing factory.The scale is different.The specific investment super cbd gummies reviews depends on ourselves.The company is a pastry processing factory, so it must We must work hard on food safety and shelf life.The most important point is that many small food processing factories mostly make small food, and most of them are sealed in plastic bags.

Maybe Ms.Yi Shu described it too deliciously, so I always wanted to taste this dim sum.It was not until I met Mr.Shangguan and chatted about it the day before yesterday that I learned that Mr.Li made it himself.Why don t you have the cheek to ask Brother Shangguan to introduce Mr.Li to me.So it was for food.Li Guohao secretly smiled in his heart, it is no loss that he was selected as one of the four talents of Hong Kong with the title of gourmet in later generations, he is indeed a foodie.No problem, if Mr.Cai is free tomorrow, you can go to my pastry shop directly, and I will make it for you personally.Li Guohao agreed boldly.Then thank you Mr.Li.When Cai Lan saw that Li Guohao agreed, he was also overjoyed.In fact, when he said that before, he was still quite uneasy.After all, Li Guohao can be regarded as a company boss now.

The method harms others and does not benefit oneself, and Liu Peilin himself knows how much you can sell in a store in a day, and it is impossible to make more for you to waste.That s it Li Guohao s mind flashed a gleam, but seeing Li Qiang say that now, he stopped in vain.Ahao At this moment, Zhang Dong broke in suddenly, seeing Li Qiang was there, he said awkwardly, I m sorry, I didn t know you were talking about something.Zhang Dong said with a happy smile, I ve made you lose your money After speaking, Zhang Dong took out an invitation card from his pocket.Huh super cbd gummies reviews Are you ready for the wedding Li Guohao saw that Zhang Dong took out a bright red invitation card, but he didn t understand that it was a wedding invitation.That s right, October 7th, two weeks after the Mid Autumn Festival.Zhang Dong said happily.

company.Li Guohao asked When will the factory be put into production at the earliest Li Qiang thought for a while and said It will take a few days, and the machinery has just arrived not long ago.Most of the recruited workers are very familiar with this new production line.I am not very familiar with it yet, and I will try it for a few days to see if there is any problem.Tune up the machine as soon as possible.I know this, and by the way, I haven t found someone to design the appearance of the package, what do you think Li Qiang asked a question.Package cover Yes.A good product not only needs to be of good quality and taste, but also needs a good appearance.Li Guohao pondered for a while and said, I ll call the comic book club later and ask them to help design cbd 50 mg gummies super cbd gummies reviews a few covers.Yes. In the afternoon, Li Guohao brought Huang He to the Nathan Road store.

You must know that before we just cooperated with the New Territories, but now we cooperate with the whole of Hong Kong And the stock market has been booming recently.I think about whether I can take this opportunity to go public.When it really goes public, we will go public.I really made a lot of money Liu Peilin said excitedly.IPO Gu Yonghe was very excited when he heard this.Recently, a company in Xiangjiang is about to go public, which has attracted the attention of many people.That is a company called Xiangjiang Antenna.That s right, a company that specializes in installing TV antennas to customers.Chapter 136 The Fleet seeking first order 4 Geng Yishu The first time I ate the dim sum of the palace pastry was around September last year.I vaguely remember can cbd gummies cause depression that the first shop of the palace pastry had just opened.

That is a company called Xiangjiang Antenna.That s right, a company that specializes in installing TV antennas to customers.Chapter 136 The Fleet seeking first order 4 Geng Yishu The first time I ate the dim sum of the palace pastry was around September last year.I vaguely remember that the first shop of the palace pastry had just opened.It was a chance , passing by Nathan Road, happened to catch a glimpse of the crowds at the door of this store, and on a whim, I went in and bought a copydessert.This is the first time I taste palace pastries, the taste is much more delicate than other pastries.Whether it is the shop decoration, or the appearance and taste of dim sum, they are all among the best in Xiangjiang.At that time, I bought wife cakes, a very common pastry.Unexpectedly, the owner of this store relied on his superb technology and pioneering innovation to make roses into stuffing.

, I try to find some Chinese for the waiters in the United States.Li Qiang thought for a while.Yellow Crane He is now the manager of the technical department, how can he go to the United States with you.Li Guohao frowned, and now the company s technical department relies on Huang He there.Aren t you still there Li Qiang rolled his eyes at him and said Huang He s craftsmanship is still very good, and he is the only pastry consultant in the company.That s fine, you go and ask Huang He if he is willing.Speaking of this, Li Guohao asked How much money do you plan to open a store in the United States one million Li Qiang said.Yes.Li Guohao nodded and agreed.Now the company s income is good, and with the previous Mid Autumn Festival s hot sales, one million is still enough.I m talking about US dollars Li Qiang said suddenly.

Xie Honghe nodded.Wang Xiaobo said with a smile, I recruited those people, how could I not know about cbd 50 mg gummies super cbd gummies reviews them On the contrary, Luo Bin was a little confused.He had just become a manager not long ago, and he was not very clear about some decisions made by the company.That s good.Li Guohao said, I discussed it with Wang Zheng downstairs, and I plan to hold an event in the near future to promote the association, and at the same time increase the reputation of the food factory and our company.What event The three of them asked in unison.Hold a pastry competition.Then, Li Guohao told the details of the pastry competition.This is good Xie Honghe immediately understood when he heard about the pastry contest.This is a very good way to promote the company and the association.Li Guohao said again Manager Luo, I hope you invite those merchants who have cooperated with our company, whether it is flour, butter, or sugar suppliers, let them come to the company.

We will fill out the membership information here, and then go to the preliminaries to sign up.Continue.Manager Xie has already discussed with Li s TV station.At that time, they will use part of the advertising profits as the exclusive broadcasting rights.As for Luo Bin, Manager Luo has already negotiated terms with the supplier, and they are very happy to show their faces in the competition and on TV.Then I Do you still need to pay Li Guohao asked.No need, this time, the president, not only did you hold this competition without paying a dime, but according to my calculations, the money from those suppliers alone is enough for us to hold this competition.Wang Zheng was excited.road.You must know that to hold a competition, the main thing is the venue and materials, as well as the money for inviting guests.

At that time MSG had not yet been invented.So Goubuli is famous all over the country.However, with the emergence of monosodium glutamate, the reform of the eight major cuisines, ranging from shark s fin and bird s nest to shredded pork with green peppers, will use a small amount of monosodium glutamate in an appropriate amount for the sake of deliciousness.In this way, some dishes that were originally famous for their deliciousness are gradually unknown because of MSG, or after eating, they all feel Oh, that s it, I m sorry for the name.Li Qiang couldn t say anything.Whether monosodium glutamate is harmful to the human body was discussed in the United States when Guo Haomin mailed a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine in 1968.In the year when he came to the United States, he also provida cbd gummies read this report from various newspapers.

Li Qiang nodded and said, I m setting up a stall at the door While the two were discussing things upstairs.On the first floor, several Chinese waiters recruited from the local area looked curiously at the real boss of just cbd gummies legal in texas the shop on the second floor.Seeing that he was so young, they all thought it was a family business.Otherwise, the investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars would not be It was a small amount.The newspaper and the local private TV station had reported the opening of the store before, and so much money was spent on advertising.Huang He saw that Li Qiang was taking the chairman upstairs for a stroll, and threw the food packed from the restaurant on the table.When he was about to invite everyone to come over for dinner, he saw a few waiters whispering there, and walked over curiously.

Take it off the stove and put it on the table next to it.Let the stuffing cool for a while, and wait for the mochi skin by the way.Li Guohao took off his gloves, glanced at the mochi skin that was still cooking, and smiled at everyone You can see clearly.It s the first time I ve seen super cbd gummies reviews you make pastries, and I didn t expect you to be quite proficient.Li Qiang said with a smile on the side, when Li Guohao was making just now, he didn t say a word, for fear of disturbing the other party.Anyway, I am also a person who started my career by craftsmanship Li Guohao said with a smile.Chen Zhipeng interrupted and asked Chairman, just now I saw that you made mochi skin, can you also add purple sweet potato powder or some other ingredients like ice skin mooncakes to change the taste of mochi skin Yes, It is indeed possible.

MSG is not good, use chicken essence Li Guohao said.Chicken essence What is chicken essence Li Qiang looked at Li Guohao super cbd gummies reviews in surprise, wanting to know what chicken essence is from can cbd gummies cause constipation super cbd gummies reviews him.Forehead Don t have chicken essence Li Guohao asked tentatively.He didn t know the exact time when chicken essence was invented.I don t know.There shouldn t super cbd gummies reviews be any chicken essence.Is chicken essence made from chicken Li Qiang asked curiously.Is there no chicken essence Li Guohao didn t know how to answer Li Qiang s words.Said It s nothing, it s a secret recipe in my family s recipes, it s extracted from chicken and made into chicken essence, which is also used to enhance freshness.Hearing that it was a secret recipe or it was extracted from chicken, Li Qiang s eyes lit up and he asked, Do you know this secret recipe I don t know exactly how to figure it out, but it s written in the secret recipe.

Let s leave this matter for now.After all, when the contract was signed, it was indeed stated that the price should be re priced according to the market situation.In order to obtain a lower ex factory price of flour, Li Guohao also signed this contract to change the price according to market conditions, otherwise he would not have signed such a stupid contract.Yes, I see.Luo Bin nodded.After Luo Bin left, Gu Qianqian who was next to him said at this time Chairman, Maxim s Cakes will open in about three days.Here are their total stores and addresses.So soon Half an hour Are all the renovations done Well, they have people from Landmark Real Estate to help, and the renovation speed is much faster than the normal renovation time.Gu Qianqian handed the report to Li Guohao.Li Guohao took the report and turned to the first page, only to see that Maxim s Bakery had opened new stores in many important neighborhoods in the Kowloon Peninsula.

On TV because of littering What the hell is this garbage bug Seeing that Li Guohao didn t know about Garbage Bug.Zhao Yazhi explained it again.It turned out that this Garbage Bug is a comic character specially made by the government in order to improve environmental protection and sanitation.Take to the streets to patrol.At the same time, a group of cleaning brigades were also set up to catch those who super cbd gummies reviews kushly cbd gummies owner litter on the street.Now it s just for making a promotional film, so most of the people are actors they find themselves, to avoid entanglement due to conflicts.But in a few days, the crime of littering will be officially implemented.Chapter 186 Hu Yue and A Fei third update While HCMUSSH super cbd gummies reviews eating, Zhao Yazhi cut a piece of steak, stuffed a piece into her mouth, chewed and ate it slowly, glanced at Li Guohao secretly, hesitated to speak, and wanted to Asked but was afraid that the other party would say that he was nosy, so he couldn t help asking curiously Ahao, is the company in trouble recently Who did you listen to Li Guohao looked up at Zhao Yazhi in surprise and asked road.

A Fei is the son of his own brother, but he and A Fei s father have not seen each other for many years.In super cbd gummies reviews the early years, Ah Fei s father followed others from Xiangjiang to work in Vietnam, and this difference lasted more than 20 years.In a blink of an super cbd gummies reviews eye, his younger brother died, and his nephew A Fei also ran to Xiangjiang with his sick younger super cbd gummies reviews sister to join his uncle.A Fei Looking at his poor nephew, Uncle A Fei felt a little distressed.When he was a child, he had a very good relationship with his younger brother.Now seeing that A Fei and his younger brother have almost the same face, he also thought of his poor brother.What I didn t want to say at first, but my wife and daughter emphasized it several times.What s the matter, uncle Ah Fei saw the hesitation on his uncle s face, and he knew roughly what it was, and it was nothing more than a matter of borrowing at his uncle s house.

It was fine if he didn t tell himself and others in advance.This price increase directly increased by nearly 10 of the original price.Combining Zheng Jiachun s reminder to himself, Li Guohao wondered if he was trying to find a few backup suppliers from other places, or he was planning to build a supply chain in some places, and everyone was asking headhunters The company found it, but it was still a step too late.How much flour do we have left Li Guohao asked.We just bought a batch of flour not long ago, and it should last for a super cbd gummies reviews kushly cbd gummies owner while, but it s only five or six days at most, HCMUSSH super cbd gummies reviews Luo Bin said.Five or six days should be enough for the time being, but no matter what, let s ask what s going on at the flour mill first.Everyone discussed for a while.Still haven t talked about how to do it.Forget it, let s do it for now.

Li s company, right Then what is Mr.Jin going to do From the situation of this company, I guessed the main reason why I set up a food raw material supply company.There is also a flour mill in Wanwan.The quality should not be worse than that of Xiangjiang Flour Mill, but the transportation cost is relatively high.However, if we buy in large quantities, it will be much super cbd gummies reviews cheaper, and we can set up a flour mill in Xiangjiang by ourselves., Although the cost of this consumption will be relatively high, it will also avoid the out of stock due to various reasons in the future.Speaking of this, Jin Jiashi said However, Mr.Li only has two bakery companies super cbd gummies reviews and a food processing factory.Besides eating a lot of flour, I m afraid I don t need to build a flour mill myself for the time being. Well, I really want to buy flour from other sources for the time being, but tell me, if you become the general manager of the company cbd gummies fontana ca Where will we start first Chapter 194 The stock market crash is coming 2 A week passed in a flash.

It seems that Hongkong Land has lost a lot of money.After all, they exchanged five shares for one milk company stock, but in fact, as long as Hongkong Land s people manipulate the stock and let the stock price fall, it will be the shareholders who will lose the most at that time, because they The milk company s stock was exchanged for five Landmark shares.After the young stockholder read the contents of the newspaper, some educated people who understand stocks secretly thought about the possibility of this matter.First of all, Hongkong Land exchanged five shares for one milk company s shares, which must be a loss.Secondly, if the people in Hongkong Land try to lower their company s stock price, then there will definitely be a lot of stockholders who will come to run.After all, many stockholders don t understand stocks.

The method is compared with Li Guohao s half of the shares.The three small shareholders looked at each other.One of them smiled and said Of course I know Chairman Xu s methods.Naturally, super cbd gummies reviews we hope to continue to cooperate with Chairman Xu, but this Li Guohao owns half of the company.shares The real thing is that we have a controlling stake in Lam Soon, and our total is only about 40.How can we compare with HCMUSSH super cbd gummies reviews the other party You don t have to worry about this As long as everyone rejects Li Guohao s acquisition and delays for a few days, I will naturally have a way to deal with him.Xu Deming said with a gloomy face.Boom At this moment, there was a knock on the door of the office.Xu Deming frowned, knowing that it was Li Guohao who came, and also said Come in.Wow, a group of six or seven people came in behind the receptionist.

For a moment, no one came in, but the knock on the door sounded again.Li Guohao frowned and repeated it again, but he heard Ni Xingqing next to him say Could this door be a soundproof door After he spoke, Ni Xingqing stood up consciously and ran to open the door.Seeing Jin Jiashi coming in from the door, he complained I said the chairman, I knocked several times, why can t you hear it Khan I didn t know that Nanshun s chairman s office is a sound proof door Li Guohao shrugged helplessly, and asked again Aren t you handling the business under Nanshun Yes.Jin Jiashi nodded and found it by himself.A seat sat down and said I super cbd gummies reviews have already cleared most of the company s business, and I have replaced our employees in Nanshun, but considering the emotions of Nanshun employees before, I only replaced a few more important positions Yes, we need to consider the emotions of the original employees.

But, Chairman, why are you looking for this Shouldn t we also do this Why not Li Guohao said, Since we are making raw materials, we can produce everything from wheat, rice and vegetables to soy sauce and monosodium glutamate.If we do it, we don t have to open a factory to make everything by ourselves.We can negotiate with the other party to buy it back, and send it to other regions as a package.The vegetables in Southeast Asia are good, and we can get them from Xiangjiang to sell.Xiangjiang If the flour is good, we can also sell it.Catering supply chain, commonly known as food supply chain, or raw material supply chain, is a business model that provides raw materials for the catering industry.You need fresh vegetables, sweet fruits, and delicious snacks, all of which can be provided by suppliers, and even continue to grow.

On the other hand, Zhao Yazhi exclaimed, Could it be the hijacking incident in March last year Shen Bi didn t think that Li Guohao didn t super cbd gummies reviews know about this case., I thought it might be recalling.Seeing that Zhao Yazhi bio gold cbd gummies knew it clearly, she continued In mid March of the year before last, a Philippine Airlines airliner was hijacked by terrorists to Xiangjiang, causing a sensation in Xiangjiang reviews on cbd gummies piurekana cbd gummies The police department also wanted to avoid If something like this happens again, the security force has been strengthened, and since then, a group of sharpshooters has been secretly formed Li Guohao complained in his cbd 50 mg gummies super cbd gummies reviews heart Sharpshooters Such a weird name, I don t know who came up with it.On another thought, this could not be the predecessor of the Flying Tigers, the anti terrorist special warfare that often appears in movies and TV shows Last year when Governor Mai Gang took office, he also specially strengthened the strength of the sharpshooters team, and specially invited many talents from the special forces from the UK to come to Xiangjiang to guide this group of people.

When Shen Bi said this, he also looked around.There was no one there, so he said quietly A friend of mine is now in the Royal Air Force cbd gummies what do they help with Marine Corps.He told me that the Governor of Hong Kong is planning a big thing recently, which is to reform the original sharpshooter team and replace it with the original police force.It is said that the manpower allocation is all in accordance with the requirements of the regular army.This matter is kept in a state of absolute secrecy, and few people in Xiangjiang except the Governor of Hong Kong know about it.Shen Bi was able to know this news because he himself had served in the British army, and many of his old friends are still serving as officers in the army.Anti terrorist special forces Li Guohao s eyes brightened.If he could find these people to be his bodyguards, he super cbd gummies reviews would be able to solve all problems.

Fried food.It s okay, it tastes pretty good, and it s sold in supermarkets, most of which are island brands.Li Guohao smiled, and the taste of instant noodles is can cbd gummies cause constipation super cbd gummies reviews basically something that most people don t like.Those who can accept it and those who cannot accept it are only a very small number, and some so do cbd gummies help with nausea called noble elements are not excluded.at this time.There was a sudden knock on the office door.I ll go and open the door.After saying that, HCMUSSH super cbd gummies reviews Li Guohao walked over quickly and opened the door, only to see Zhao Yazhi standing there in anger.What s the matter, Ah Zhi You look so angry.Li Guohao asked strangely.No, it s all right, I just need something to ask you.Zhao Yazhi said in a panic when she saw Li Guohao.It turned out that the secretary Xiao Liu went to the company s newly opened internal restaurant to buy some food.

Fortunately, the big boss didn t have any accidents.negligence.Regardless of your affairs, this group of people has been planning for a long time, there is a saying that is good, only a thousand days to be a thief, how can a thousand days to guard super cbd gummies reviews tinnitus relief cbd gummies against a thief.Li Guohao did not blame Zhang Bowen too much, After all, the security company has just been established, and these people have only been on the job for a week.It is inevitable that many things are not prepared.As soon as the voice changed, Li Guohao also said However, this incident has given me a vigilance.No matter where I go or do anything in the future, I can t act alone.Do you know that there is a bulletproof car Bulletproof car I know that there is an explosion proof car at the Police Department, which has also been modified to be bulletproof.

Including accommodation, banquets, restaurants, courts, swimming pools, gyms, super cbd gummies reviews kushly cbd gummies owner and beauty care, etc., as long as you think of what the hotel contains, there are all of them here.At the super cbd gummies reviews same time, it also includes one to one personal butler service in the presidential suite, not only professional British style male and female butlers, but also high end pick up cars for the hotel, almost all of which are Rolls Royce Silver Shadows.Now the highest end car in Xiangjiang is Rolls Royce.Whether it is top Chinese businessmen or British capital, almost all of them are using Rolls Royce cars.The main reason is that Rolls Royce is a British brand, and Xiangjiang is under the jurisdiction of the UK, so it has a natural environment.On the construction site, dozens of media reporters scattered here and there.

I was also thinking in my heart, could this be the rumored Ding Pei who killed Bruce Lee.Hello, Miss Ding.Although he was curious in his heart, Li Guohao shook hands with Ding Pei on the face.Hello, Mr.Li.Ding Pei, who was wearing light makeup, also looked curiously at the rich man in his early twenties who was already well known in Xiangjiang.At this time, a motorcycle suddenly drove over in the distance.I saw a thin man with long hair getting off the motorcycle and shouting at Xu Guanwen as he walked, Awen, I m sorry for being late Hurry up, Shi Tian Xu Guanwen glared angrily.At a glance.Shi Tian When he heard the name Shi Tian, Li Guohao also looked sideways in surprise, only to see a young man walking in front of him.Judging from his appearance, he was indeed a bit like the dragon four who later played in The True Colors of Heroes 2.

After a brief look, the general content is that the hero is a pastry chef, and he fell in love with the boss s daughter, but he never had the courage to speak up.Then one day the TV station held an event called Cake Contest.The boss wanted to sign up to participate, and the plot after that was the same as most movies, defeating the rival actor to win the championship, and having a family reunion with the boss s daughter whom he had a crush on.It s okay.Li Guohao can understand the general content of the script, and he can also outline the general plot of the movie in his mind, but it s too much for Mary Sue, but thinking about it, movies in this era are basically such men and women The happy ending of the protagonists together is also relieved.Really I originally thought it would be the same as Xu Guanwen s movie, with some comedic effect, but I don t know much about it.

That s right, you can clearly see the eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and teeth of the beauty , all of which were pinched by us one by one, and it took us a full twenty four hours to complete this one.Beautiful and creative cake.It s so beautiful that night.Li Guohao smiled when he watched the report on TV praising his cake.He himself did not expect that the fondant cake had not yet been born at this time, and he accidentally became the founder of the fondant cake, which made him very distressed.cracking joy.It seems to the chairman that we will win this time I checked the ballot box before and found that it was almost full There is still one day left tomorrow We will definitely win Huang He said excitedly , You must know that there are two to three hundred players participating in the competition this time, and there are more than 30 representative teams in total.

That s true.There were signs of a stock market crash in January, and a complete outbreak in February, and the impact has continued to increase until now.The stock market crashed, not only many listed companies went bankrupt, but even the banks were unhappy.A large amount of bad debts appeared, and there was no new loan business.You don t come to me just to get the watch Li Guohao squinted at Zhang Dong.He had known Zhang Dong for several years, and he knew that the other party was not someone who just ran to the door just for the watch.It is true that there is something I want to trouble you for.Zhang Dong hesitated to speak, and finally revealed his purpose for coming.What s the relationship between us It s been so many years, so feel free to mention it.Seeing what Li Guohao reviews on cbd gummies piurekana cbd gummies said, Zhang Dong let go of his heart and said, It s not a big deal.

Chairman, we bought this piece of land to build a food industrial park.Huang Yaohua pointed to a large plain in front of him.There were many scattered houses scattered super cbd gummies reviews around, and there was even a small piece of land where some vegetables and rice were planted There are still fields and houses Li Guohao asked, frowning, looking at the vast land in front of him.I haven t had time to dismantle it in the future.I think we will deal with it together on the day when the construction starts.It looks like a few hundred acres, but with the concept of an industrial park, the company has enclosed a large plantmd cbd gummies area around it.For this reason, Li Guohao s Guohao Group borrowed another 100 million Hong Kong dollars from HSBC pure cbd gummies las vegas nevada to build an industrial park.Zhao Yazhi s brother in law, Chen Hui, naturally follows Li Guohao.

After all, Xiangjiang s economy is so poor now, and it spends a lot of money on construction.The manager should discuss more.If there is a problem, you two discuss it, and if you can t solve it, tell me.The main construction of the industrial park this time was completed by Li Zhaoji s Yongtai Construction Company, and the Guohao Real Estate newly formed by Li Guohao was just an auxiliary.Okay, I get it.Manager Huang nodded at Li Guohao, and then glanced at Chen Hui.Manager Huang will teach you super cbd gummies reviews a lot in the future.Chen Hui knows how to be a human being.He could see that Huang Yaohua looked at him wrongly, and he also took the initiative to build a good relationship with the other party.Manager Chen is polite, let s learn from each other.Huang Yaohua smiled.The two people here are polite, and Li Guohao on the other side looked at Master Dong who came rachael ray cbd gummies cost back from a distance, and asked, How about Master Dong, how is Feng Shui It s a good feng shui Li Sheng s ability to choose places is really amazing.

According to the market research report, a total of 1,287 people were surveyed, and more than 900 people were satisfied with the taste of the three products dumplings, wontons, and glutinous rice balls.More than 100 people did not like sesame flavored glutinous rice balls.The taste of this food is favored.The remaining 200 people only like the taste of dumplings, or wonton, glutinous rice balls, etc.There are also three products under the report, with a total of four flavors.All are satisfied, there are more than 1100 people for dumplings, and there are only more than 1000 people for glutinous rice balls.In terms of price, the price of each frozen super cbd gummies reviews food is five yuan per bag, which is not very high in Xiangjiang, but it is not It s low.Only about 1,000 people think the price is not expensive, which is very reasonable.

At the beginning of this year, the stock market crash broke out, which made more than 20 pastry chefs of Daronghua Company unemployed, and many small shops closed down.These super cbd gummies reviews pastry chefs were recruited by Li Guohao, and they were sent to overseas franchise stores after a period of simple training.Be a master.When he heard that the company s current walmart cbd gummies for ed manpower was seriously insufficient, Li Guohao also said helplessly, Let s cool them off for now.The pastry industry is not like some hot pot and fast food franchises in later generations.Hot pot and fast food hardly have much technical content, but pastry shops need technology, because the pastries are not finished in the oven, and the appearance and taste must be guaranteed, which leads to the pastry chefs in the company.severe shortage.That s the only way to go.

Five million has been transferred to the club s account, and now the boss is short of your money cbd gummies help with covid Chapter 285 The Billionaire Short of Money Money When Ni Xingqing said that he was short of his own 10 million, Li Guohao was still a little bit broken.At first he didn t understand, and he didn t have super cbd gummies reviews the courage to go to the bank for a loan.This caused Li Guohao to use a lot of his own personal funds to fill the company Some gaps.This formed a problem, and the money in Li 300 mg cbd gummy bear edibles Guohao s personal bank account was empty.As for the money in the group and the company, it s not that it can t be moved, but it s best not to link it with personal assets.Now Guohao Group has five subsidiaries Guohao Nanshun super cbd gummies reviews Co., Ltd., Guohao Food Processing Co., Ltd., Panda Comic Publishing House, Palace Pastry USA Company, and Xiangjiang Palace Pastry Company Holdings 60 of the shares.

Recently, they have continued to negotiate with some Western countries including the United States.However, those oil companies in Western countries are unwilling to make concessions to the price increase demands of the Middle East countries, which mainly produce oil.Recently, Li s TV station and TVB TV station have also been tracking and reporting this matter.The boss is here.Chen Sheng glanced at the boss through the rearview mirror, and reminded him when he saw that he was in a daze.Oh, good.After getting out of the car, Li Guohao took the elevator up to the company.As soon as I came to the front desk of the company, I heard the little girl at the front desk say Chairman, Mr.Cai and Mr.Li are waiting for you in the reception room.Mr.Cai Cai Lan Yes.How long have you how much cbd oil is in gummy bears been here The receptionist looked at the clock and said, I ve only been here for ten minutes.

Well.You should pay more attention to Li s TV station.If there are any good seedlings, you can dig them in advance.Shao Sixth Uncle pondered.Yes.Fang Yihua seemed to understand that TVB has undercover agents in Li s TV station.Oftentimes, as soon as Li s TV station has a new program, TVB will immediately follow suit or come up with a program to suppress it.I heard that Bruce Lee went back to the United States Uncle Shao Sixth suddenly remembered the contents of the newspaper he read in the morning and asked.Well, I ve gone back to the United States.I heard people say that Bruce Lee s body has a problem, and he won t be able to do some high energy things in the future.Humph.Uncle Shao snorted coldly.An opportunity, but he lost Bruce Lee, a raptor who crossed the river, for nothing, but he didn t feel sorry, after all, the Shaw Brothers family has a great career.

However, seeing Li Guohao s attitude of thinking about continuing to talk about international news, he also said along the lines It should be possible.After all, the United States needs a fulcrum, a fulcrum to be placed in the Middle East, and Israel is a country established by the Jews.Now the United States Many consortiums are Jewish, no matter because of racial or political factors, they should join this war. If the United States provides weapons, which one do you think Israel or the Arab countries will win Of course it is the United States A few years, in the war six years ago, those countries were completely beaten, even if they developed, how much can they develop in six years Unless it is nuclear weapons Ni Xingqing still understands this point of trying, six There was only one battle a year ago, and Israel won it all Now, six years later, Israel can still abuse its opponents with the help of American Dad After all, modern weapons do not rely on a large number of people.

If you know that you have invested 320 million Hong Kong dollars.No, no, there are only five or six stocks and futures that we short, not all oil related stocks, although super cbd gummies reviews it is only 100 million US dollars now, but with the impact of the oil embargo, within a week In time, 100 million US dollars may turn into 200 million or even 300 million Li Guohao s eyes lit up when order cbd gummies he heard that he could earn 200 million US dollars or more in just seven or eight days the end of October.Li Guohao returned to Xiangjiang with three bodyguards, and with him came back about 280 million U.S.dollars in HSBC.In fact, Li Guohao can earn more, but because can cbd gummies cause constipation super cbd gummies reviews some large consortiums have ended, and some small newspapers in New York reported that Asian men have made hundreds of millions of dollars in the stock market, suddenly let Li Guohao, who has gradually developed persecution paranoia , decided to stop and go back to Xiangjiang Although Li Guohao brought back only 280 million US dollars, but he earned at least 400 million US dollars Excluding the tax bill promulgated by the U.

Of course I know, this thing I ve seen it in America.Li Guohao is going to say that it is very common.After all, almost every new community in the future has this kind of electronic lock.But judging from Zhang Bowen s appearance just now, it seems that this thing is not affordable for ordinary people.Hearing that the boss saw it in the United States, Zhang Bowen nodded and said Yes, this is a new product purchased by the company from abroad.A set has been installed in the company.The effect is good during the day, but it may be worse at night.I discussed it with Uncle Li and Ms.Zhao half a month ago, and installed cbd 50 mg gummies super cbd gummies reviews a set at the boss s house.In addition to the closed circuit HCMUSSH super cbd gummies reviews television at the entrance, we have installed several fences to prevent people from climbing in from the outside.There are a total of six closed circuit televisions, linked to the security room, and people are present 24 7.

The two chatted about the club and some Hong Kong news in the past month or so.As for Zhao Yazhi, when she got up at five or six o clock in the morning and was about to go downstairs for super cbd gummies reviews breakfast, the moment she put on her clothes and opened the door, she saw Mother Li standing near the stairs with a smile on her face.On the spot, Zhao Yazhi blushed like a monkey s butt, and shyly called out Morning Auntie.I understand, you and Ah Hao are both young people Mother Li said this.Zhao Yazhi was even more ashamed.She didn t even eat breakfast, so she drove home.She didn t go home yesterday, and her clothes didn jimmy buffett cbd gummies t change.She smelled of sweat.She needed to go home and change into a new set of clothes before going to the company After about ten minutes, I saw Li Dexiao in a suit, with a contorted expression, grabbing the tie hanging around his neck with his hands, and Li Huifang followed him, patting his troublesome hands from time to time and saying Don t Pull it, and it will crooked if you pull it Does this suit me right Li Dexiao wore a suit except when he got married and took wedding photos, and he has never worn it since then, and he dresses casually on weekdays.

If it is a chat, and this question purekana cbd gummies for pain is asked, Li Guohao may answer one or two, but he is a little unhappy when asked in a questioning tone , smiled dryly at Guo Bingjiang, and asked, Does Mr.Guo want me to enter the real estate industry, or does he not want me to enter the piurekana cbd gummies cbd gummy bears for sleep real estate industry.Isn t Li Sheng making his own decision Li Guohao sneered and said, That s right, you don t care why I set super cbd gummies reviews kushly cbd gummies owner up a real estate company You Guo Bingjiang didn t expect Li Guohao to speak so aggressively, and immediately pointed at Li Guohao angrily.Enough Guo Bingxiang yelled loudly, causing some people nearby to look sideways.He glanced at the guests around him, and said to Guo Bingjiang with a calm face, Now you go home I Guo Bingjiang, who was still in awe of his elder brother, didn t expect his elder brother to say this, and felt anxious.

Upon hearing Bao Daheng s words, Li Guohao frowned, pondered, and recalled the follow up of the oil crisis.If I remember correctly, the oil embargo in the super cbd gummies reviews kushly cbd gummies owner Middle East will end before the end of this year.It seems that the increase has reached more than ten dollars a barrel, which is more than double the current price of five dollars a barrel Mr.Bao, how long do you think the oil embargo in the Middle East will last Li Guohao asked back.Bao Daheng pondered for a moment, trying to break his head, but he didn t know how long it would last.He shook his head and said I don t know.I think it will end before the end of this year.Now all countries in the world rely on oil to develop.If the Middle East continues to embargo oil, can you take cbd gummies on plane the European Union led by the United States will take the initiative to join the war and obtain oil So.

The loss is basically no loss, because it was sold to Li Guohao according to the market price.As super cbd gummies reviews for whether there is any profit, it depends on the future development of real estate.Excluding the 200 million loaned to the group, Li Guohao spent less super cbd gummies reviews than 100 million Hong Kong dollars this month, which made him very distressed.There was still almost 900 million Hong Kong dollars in his bank account.For a while, he really couldn t find anything good items to spend.As for the food company, the research and development of instant noodles has also been completed, the new production line is in place, and the cover and packaging are already being prepared.According to Li Guohao s intention, it is named Master Li Instant Noodles.There are three flavors for the time being, one is seafood, and the other is seafood.

After that, Li Guohao stepped forward and grabbed Zhao Yazhi s hand and walked into the office.Chen Sheng, who was in the room, saw this cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market and said goodbye tactfully, and went to the lounge outside to stay Here, you See, turn on the button at the .

how long for cbd gummies to help with anxiety?

bottom, then super cbd gummies reviews wipe the record and put it on, to avoid dust and bad sound effect, now put the stylus on it.Zhao Yazhi slowly moved the stylus to the record.Immediately, there was a sound for a few seconds, and the sound of beautiful music soon rang out.Whose record did you buy Is it Miss Xiaofeng s Zhao Yazhi heard the sound of music, but she had never heard it before, so she asked.No.Li Guohao shook his head, and just as he finished speaking, he heard a male voice from super cbd gummies reviews the record player, singing an English song.Whose is that After Zhao Yazhi asked, she saw the record wrapping paper on the table, picked it up, and it said Wenner Band Sha La La on it.

Looking at the band name on the record wrapping paper, Zhao Yazhi asked suspiciously Wenner Band Well, it should be a band that was formed recently.It sings pretty good songs and has many fans. fan It means fans.It was only then super cbd gummies reviews that Li Guohao remembered that the word fan will not rise until decades later, and now it is popular to call it fan.Oh.Zhao Yazhi nodded slowly.At this time, only a classic melody sounded from the record player, My heart go sha la la la la, Sha la la in the morning This song has a brisk rhythm, which makes people have an piurekana cbd gummies cbd gummy bears for sleep inexplicable magic that wants to stand up and dance slightly.Zhao Yazhi shook her body slightly, smiled and said to Li Guohao It s very nice.I don t know if I can have the honor to ask Ms.Zhao to dance a dance Li Guohao smiled slightly, bent over slightly, and made a gentleman s hand gesture.

Today s newspaper.As for the next day, the newspaper on the 21st, hehe Lu Yu Tea House.Early in the super cbd gummies reviews morning, before five o clock, Lao Zhang and some old buddies came to have morning tea.It is a habit of Xiangjiang people to drink morning tea since ancient times, while afternoon tea is a habit brought by the British.As soon as Lao Zhang and the others sat down, the waiter next to him walked quickly with a pen and paper, What would Uncle Zhang want to drink today Lao Zhang glanced around his companions, pursed his lips and said, Just a pot Tieguanyin, by the way, three pineapple buns and five shrimp dumplings.After speaking, he glanced at his friend and asked, Do you want anything else Give me a chicken foot.I want wind.tail.I want two pork buns.After the waiter memorized them one by one, Okay, Uncle Phoenix Claw, Uncle Flavor, and Uncle BBQ Pork Buns, I ll serve you all right away, wait a moment.

On average, one person costs 1,000 baht A month s work is only around 14,500, which is equivalent to one fifth of the salary.Do you want to see it Li Guohao turned his head and asked everyone.Most of the employees behind him showed eagerness to try, and the leader Chen Xuewen said Chairman, you make a decision.Then let s see, it s all here.After all, reviews on cbd gummies piurekana cbd gummies Li Guohao gave Chen Sheng a cbd 50 mg gummies super cbd gummies reviews look.Chen Sheng understood, and took out a stack of baht from his inner pocket.There were 43 people including Li Guohao.Counting as four boxes, the total cost was 400,000 baht.This is only 200,000 baht.Hearing Chen Sheng say that there is only 200,000 baht in cash, Li Guohao asked Lao Zheng Do you accept US dollars Accept, one dollar is exchanged for 20 baht.Seeing Lao Zheng accepting US dollars, Li Guohao also took out a stack of US dollars from his pocket, which looked like more than ten thousand US dollars, Exactly, ten thousand US dollars.

Soon the host ran to the stage and said Just now our referee checked the reason why Niertai fell to the ground and found that his ribs were broken and his internal organs were bleeding heavily, so the final winner of this match is our invincible boxing champion Baron Yeah I m invincible When Baron stood there with blood on his face and shouted that he was invincible, the people who bought Baron were naturally happy, but those who bought Niltai were angry Express dissatisfaction.Chapter 344 Immortal water The second super cbd gummies reviews day, early morning.Li Guohao yawned and got up from the bed, went into the bathroom to wash up, put on his clothes and was about to go downstairs for breakfast.Pushing open the door, I saw A Ming and another bodyguard standing at the door.Could you have been guarding the door all night Li Guohao asked with raised eyebrows.

Chen Xuewen shared a room with Xiao Fan.When he was in a daze in the morning, he happened to hear that Xiao Fan was about to go out, so he asked casually.Only now did he remember it when Li can cbd gummies cause constipation super cbd gummies reviews Guohao mentioned it.These guys really thought they were here No travel After listening, Li Guohao said in a deep voice.Boss, do you want me to find them back Amin asked.Li Guohao thought for a while, let s talk about it when they come back Forget it, let s talk about it when they come back. By the way, Ah Wen, is tomorrow morning or afternoon The boat at five o clock in super cbd gummies reviews the morning, we have to pack our luggage early this evening.I have already contacted two cars, and they will wait for us directly downstairs in the hotel.How far If you take a boat, it only takes four or five hours to arrive.If the ships on that route are not very old, I think it will take less than three hours.

Before, we didn t have time to make goods and sell them.Now we are doing our best to produce the food that the United States needs and send them overseas.Sell.Huang Yaohua nodded and said, Yes.Zhang Nana s Haoyou Food Trading Export Company has formed a partnership with the largest Dole Food Company in San Francisco, the United States where she once stayed, and specializes in importing food from Asia and selling it to In the United States, the business in Asia is only just cbd cannabidiol gummies without thc in Xiangjiang for the time being.The big one is Li Guohao s Guohao Food.No way, the food produced by other food companies or food factories does not meet the requirements of the US FDA, that is, the Food and Drug Health and Safety Administration.In the past, because of the size of the food factory and the consideration that the local market must not be lost, the amount of food sold to the United States has not been very large.

The Commercial Daily , which was originally famous in Hong Kong for its fairness and fairness , is about to become a biased newspaper under the management of the current editor in chief of the newspaper.After Pang Heshuo saw the content of Business Daily , he called Li Guohao directly, and blocked the fault of Business Daily on himself.Who told him that he used to be the founder of the newspaper, and now there is still a small part of it.shares in the body.Editor Pang, don t blame yourself.You have been away from Business Daily for many years.How could I blame you for this new perspective.As expected of a literary businessman in the old society, he has a sense of pride and responsibility.Chapter 352 Rende Catering In the blink of an eye, it has been more than a week since Li Guohao returned to Hong Kong from Thailand.

Although the court hasn t pronounced the verdict yet, Bao Buqi will order him to compensate the money.He s been thinking about it for several days, and there s no way out of his head.Huang Yulang before HCMUSSH super cbd gummies reviews On the contrary, he went to find Shangguan Xiaobao, hoping that the other party would give him a break because of his previous experience of working together, but Shangguan Xiaobao just came and disappeared behind closed doors.Huang Yulang s pleading gesture made Li Guohao s heart move.Huang Yulang s status in the Xiangjiang comics industry is still very important.Based on Little Hooligans as the background, he created Dragon Tiger Gate , Legend of the Son of Heaven and so on.It is a classic.After pondering for a moment, Li Guohao said I still have things to deal with, I will give you a business card and you can call him in the afternoon.

Li Guohao touched his chin.After thinking about it, since he has already been selected, the invitation is naturally to give the other party face, and the title of Xiangjiang Top Ten Outstanding Youth is still a bit attractive, so he said Then you call back and go Say I agree, and you can help me arrange the specific time.Yes.Secretary Xiao Liu was about to turn around and go out, when he suddenly thought of something, and turned back and said, By the way, Chairman, the king of the school s new entrance this afternoon The vice principal hopes that you can attend in person.Hearing that the new students were enrolled, Li Guohao was surprised and said, The school has already recruited 300 students The second day of formal enrollment has already filled the places.Why Delaying the enrollment of freshmen until now Counting the days, the enrollment was already full on the second day, and it has been more than half a month.

I want to buy some small cargo ships with hundreds of tons in the inland rivers.Inland rivers Bao Daheng was taken aback, thinking of the mainland, knowing that there was only Li Guohao in the meeting room besides him, he still looked left and right, and whispered Does cbd genesis delta 8 gummies Li Sheng want to go to the mainland No no no Seeing that Bao Daheng misunderstood his meaning, Li Guohao waved his hands quickly, are you kidding At piurekana cbd gummies cbd gummy bears for sleep this time, the mainland is still ruled by the Gang of Four, and he has no guts to go there.It s Thailand.I have invested in Thailand and built a factory in Thailand.Among them, there is some distance from the seaside port, and the local roadside is not very good, so I plan how long do cbd gummies take to work to buy a few ships to transport from the inland river to the port, by water instead of land.It s Thailand Bao Daheng nodded slowly, thinking about his own ships, he said Don t tell me I really have a few small cargo ships, which transported goods from Xiangjiang to the mainland and the Gulf in the early years, but later the two places After the blockade, I gradually started international shipping.

What Huo Zheng meant was very clear that these three are the final results of their experiments.However, Li Guohao considered that they had never drunk the original Red Bull from later generations, and they might not be familiar with this type of drink, so they couldn t justify whether it was good or bad.He kept asking, cbd 50 mg gummies super cbd gummies reviews Can I drink Can.Huo Zheng nodded.Red Bull is considered the first functional drink in the mainland, and most of the same type of drinks that came out later, such as Dongpeng Special Drink, Qili, Lehu, Constitution, Rainstorm, and Magic Claw, are not as good as Red Bull.The taste of Peng and Qili is not too bad, but the two kinds of physique and rainstorm are really unacceptable.After a few sips, you can t drink it at all.It s a bit too boring.As for the claws, hehe , People who like to drink like it very much, and those who don t like it spit it out in one mouthful, completely breaking away from the standard taste of Red Bull s energy drinks.

1 studio, the roar from He Zuozhi was already heard outside the door.After scolding for a while, He Zuozhi was also tired.He glanced at the singers performing on the stage, and couldn t help but sighed, Let s do this first.Let s rest for ten minutes and rehearse Uncle He, what made you so angry I have a headache.Li Guohao smiled and walked in slowly from the door.He Zuozhi turned his head and saw that it was Li Guohao who came, and sighed again There is no way, the TV station is short of manpower recently, so we have to recruit new people, but these people have no stage performance experience, and they can sing the lyrics wrong in rehearsal , Waiting until the opening day of the competition, I really don t know what to do.The three sat down respectfully.If Li Guohao was just a simple billionaire, they wouldn t be so respectful, but the other party is the host of a fighting competition, so how could they be careless.

Therefore, every night, Zhao Yazhi would bury herself in Li Guohao s arms and teach her husband a lesson, blaming her for insisting on getting her pregnant so early.At ten o clock in the morning, taking advantage of the rare scorching sun in the sky, Li Guohao accompanied Zhao Yazhi for a walk in the garden of the villa.According to the doctor s instructions, more exposure to the sun is good for the unborn baby.The two walked for about ten minutes before they found a wooden bench placed in the garden and sat down.Li Guohao, who had prepared early in .

is cbd gummies good for you?

the morning, immediately took out the warm cushion from his arms and put it on the cold wooden board, and then helped Zhao Yazhi to sit down.Zhao Yazhi was very satisfied with her husband s carefulness.After sitting down, she clutched her stomach, looked at the wall not far away, and the tall trees outside the wall, and couldn t help but sighed Ah Hao, I ve been so boring recently, every day Eating, drinking, and sleeping at home, I feel what cbd gummies are best for anxiety like I m going to become a piggy soon Li Guohao burst into laughter when he heard this, and poked the other party s increasingly round face and the obvious swing on his arm in a teasing tone.

After two o clock in the afternoon.Li Guohao didn t stay in the industrial park for a long time.After inspecting the new flour mill and the workshops it belonged to, he went to the instant noodle factory and visited his uncle Li Zhengming who was working, piurekana cbd gummies cbd gummy bears for sleep and then returned to the company by car.Just arrived at the company.The secretary Xiao Liu came to report, saying that the manager Qi Baihengqi had just come up to look for him.Li Guohao asked Manager Qi What about others Secretary Xiao Liu said He should be downstairs.Oh, then you call him and tell him I m back, let him come up.Yes.Following the secretary Xiao Liu, he closed the door and went out.Li Guohao leaned back on the boss chair, stretched fiercely, his body was very relaxed, but his mind was always recalling the information he had seen about Bao Daheng s acquisition of Wharf.

Last year, the group invested in Southeast Asia We have acquired a transportation company and expanded the cbd 50 mg gummies super cbd gummies reviews group s transportation channels.We can use this to expand production and sell to the Southeast Asian market for small profits but quick turnover.As long as the production increases and we properly control the production costs, the profits will still be considerable.And From an economic point of view, the price of a product is not determined by cost, but by supply and demand.Di Yimin talked a lot, and Li Guohao roughly understood that it was nothing more than expanding production and controlling production.Cost price, and then increase product profits.Li Guohao pondered for a moment and said, You can make a detailed report and let me have a look.Yes.After Di Yimin left, Li Guohao sat alone in the office and meditated.

You two take this money and use it.If it s not enough, tell Grandpa Third.Xiaoyan and Xiaoping saw the thick stack of banknotes that Grandpa Second took out.It was five hundred It startled the two little girls, so much, at least tens of thousands of yuan Not only the two little girls were taken aback, but even Li Renzong and Li Defang were shocked.They are often able to receive some businessmen from Xiangjiang or journalists on official business.They know the value of these Hong Kong dollars, almost Equivalent to RMB, such a thick stack is at least tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars It is difficult for ordinary Xiangjiang people to carry so much money with them at one can cbd gummies cause constipation super cbd gummies reviews time, and there is not so much money to carry.The two looked at Li Renzhong with disbelief, and thought to themselves, it seems that the second brother second uncle It is really developed in Xiangjiang.

When Li Guohao was in Kyoto, Zhou Dakang also received a positive answer from the above to his request to invest in the port and build a building, and approved the two investments.The building is a private investment of Li Guohao, and the above mentioned people did not intervene in this point, but the port will not super cbd gummies reviews work.After all, when the world structure is still unstable at this time, for such a wartime strategic place, it must be a stake Regarding this point, Li Guohao has already considered it.The port must be built in cooperation with the government.As for the specific investment share of the two parties, it is a matter for the two parties to sit down and discuss.Because Li Guohao was in Kyoto at this time, after Qi Boheng and others arrived in Bao an County, they also went directly south.

Li Guohao felt the tenderness in the beauty s words, and couldn t help lowering his head and kissing the other s tenderness lips.After a long time, the four lips separated.Maybe it was because the kiss was very sudden, or maybe it was very hot, anyway, Zhao Yazhi was so ashamed, a faint blush rose on both ends of her cheeks, she secretly glanced at Li Zecheng, who was still playing by herself, and took a picture.Touching Li Guohao s chest, he said delicately I hate it, the child is still watching Li Guohao looked at Zhao Yazhi s shy face, and said with a smirk on purpose Just watch it, isn t it natural for husbands to kiss their wives Zhao Yazhi Blushing slightly, she listened to her husband s words, rolled her eyes at him, and said angrily Okay, don t be an upright person.Didn t you say you re going to the next door for a meeting Why don t you hurry up Well, then I Go ahead, watch your son.

So he agreed to jointly hold a press conference with HSBC Group, and also agreed to announce some of the group s overseas operations.When HSBC Bank and Guohao Group jointly held a press conference and invited dozens of people from newspapers and TV stations to announce the news, the stock price of HSBC stopped falling.After a few days of fermentation, the stock price has risen a few points compared to the past.The main reason for the stock price increase is Guohao Group s overseas business development, which is really great.Not to mention the daily turnover of Palace Bakery s franchise stores in piurekana cbd gummies Asia, just for the two companies Guohao Nanshun and Huanyu Transportation, the annual turnover is as huge as four or five billion.The money is not the pure profit of these two companies every year, but is mixed with dealers, partners, customers deposits, repayments, and employee wages, etc.

Li Guohao nodded with a smile.After getting the correct answer, Ni Xingqing s face was full of horror.He never expected that the chairman could see so far, and he could see the clue from last month.If Ni Xingqing was only terrified, then Qi Boheng was terrified.Since the end of the 1980s, the chairman had told him not to invest in any real estate in Xiangjiang.After what Li Guohao said just now, I was extremely afraid after careful consideration.Did the chairman predict super cbd gummies reviews that Xiangjiang Real Estate would collapse from the year before last Di Yimin raised the frame of his eyes and quickly collected just cbd gummies 250mg reviews memories of the Florida bubble economy in his mind.After a long time, he said The real estate bubble in Florida was the first real estate bubble crisis in the world in 1926.In 1925, the real estate transaction volume in Miami, USA shrank from more than a billion dollars in 1925 to 100 to 200 million dollars in 1926.

Several juniors also expressed their opinions there.After chatting for broad spectrum cbd gummies with melatonin a few minutes, Zheng Daheng glanced at the box, saw that the owner was not there, and asked in surprise Where is Li Sheng Didn t he come in together just now Huo Zhenting replied Ah Hao, he went out and said he would be back soon Chapter 781 The prosperity and decline of Xiangjiang Real Estate said Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived.As soon as a few people mentioned Li Guohao, he brought Ni Xingqing, Qi Boheng and others, and walked in with a thick stack of folders.After Li Guohao put down the folders in his hands, he said to the two people behind him Manager Ni, Manager Qi, put down the files and go to the next door to rest for a while.Yes.The two nodded, turned around and took the door to the next door Went to rest in the box.Huo Daheng took out a folder, and did not open it rashly, but asked Li Sheng, what is this This is the land price and house price of all the years since Xiangjiang was opened.

Hundreds of millions.Then he invested heavily in Xiangjiang Real Estate, which reached its peak in the first half of last year, with hundreds of subsidiaries, involving real estate, property, finance, loans, etc Li Guohao frowned and continued Carrian Although there are many subsidiaries, most of the real valuable ones are semi empty shells except Carrian Real Estate and Carrian Property.Who is going to bankrupt Carrian Ni Xingqing suddenly said Will someone also see that Xiangjiang s real estate industry still has the possibility of development, thinking of buying bottom like us This possibility is not ruled out.Li Guohao knows very well that Xiangjiang has a lot of talented people, although many people are not optimistic about Xiangjiang at this time prospects, but there are still some people who are lucky or have a bold idea, try to buy the bottom from the collapsed property market, and sell it after it rises in the future.

So when there are more wolves and less meat, it depends on who pays the higher price.In this land cooperation plan, Li Guohao is not thinking of selling these official lands, but thinking of using the official lands as shares, or letting some venture capital companies invest funds to jointly develop the buildings here.Compared with the current Xiangjiang Island and Kowloon Peninsula, the land price in the New Territories is not particularly high.But now that Xiangjiang Island is almost fully developed and most parts of the Kowloon Peninsula cannot be built, the New Territories seems to be the future of Hong Kong s real estate industry.Most of the small and medium sized real estate companies and venture capitalists present are looking at the New Territories, which has more land and lower investment.

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