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She will go out often in the future, so she must let people around her know her many habits so that she can act in the future.But today Gu Mingzhu got up early because Mrs.Lin promised to take her out.While Mrs.Lin was going to talk to Mrs.Cui Si, Gu Mingzhu sat on the soft bed and carefully read the note in her hand.This was the clue she got from the merchant.It is a simple map.Baotong leaned over and rubbed his eyes Miss, the slave girl s eye disease must be serious, otherwise the slave girl can t understand what it is.Gu Mingzhu nodded Let the kitchen use mulberry leaves, chamomile, and antelope horns in a while.Jian will boil water for you.Baotong covered her mouth and said, This sickness of my servant is caused by the fetus, so it must be the end of it, Miss don t need to worry about my servant any more.Baotong couldn t help but said Miss must have seen something from this, right Isn t there a problem Gu Mingzhu nodded.Apart from the clues revealed by the map, the whole thing was a bit strange.The Zhou family s family members met an injured merchant on the official road and got clues from the merchant, which itself was very suspicious.Especially after she got the wax pills, she felt even more suspicious.This method of hiding letters in wax pills is very safe.Small wax pills can be hidden in clothes, hair, or even in the body or in the back of the valley.As long as the messenger does not take the wax pills Come out, it will take a lot of work to find it.On weekdays, dozens of horse drawn carriages passed by the official road that the Zhou family took.It was the end of the night when the Zhou family s family members encountered merchants, and it was a good time to go on the road.In case the beef was not delivered, Chu Jiu jumped up and gave him a knife, so what to do.Feng Anping immediately poked the sauced beef in his arms deeper.Are you familiar with Marquis Huaiyuan An indifferent voice came from the door.Feng Anping regretted that he didn t run faster, turned his head and said bravely My grandfather used to be a thousand households under the old Hou Ye, but he was not a thousand households entrusted with important tasks.He was able to work purely because of nepotism.My grandfather I don t have any skills, and later I was punished by the old Marquis for bribing the lieutenant general, and now I only have nepotism with the Huaiyuan Marquis.Wei Yuanchen said So, Miss Gu is your cousin.Feng Anping raised his head slightly Yes, but I just didn t speak for Miss Gu.Miss Gu has been ill since she was a child, and the Huaiyuan Marquis s residence often seeks medical advice.Cui Zhen said Let s talk.Nie Chen then said People like us are ordinary people who live on the rewards offered by the court.Let us investigate the case.We only care about the case itself and never dare to talk about the powerful and the current situation.This is very reserved, Cui Zhen s eyes are deep, what Nie Chen means is full spectrum cbd gummy cbd gummy dispenser that he will only use money to do things for him, and will not depend on him to become a member are keoni cbd gummies a scam of the Cui family.He hasn t mentioned this yet, but Nie Chen refuses It s very straightforward.Cui Zhen glanced at Cui Wei, Cui Wei lifted the cover on the tea tray, and there were ten 20 taels of silver ingots neatly placed on the tea tray.Nie Chen stood up and said, Thank you, Lord Hou.Having said this, he couldn t help showing some hesitation on his face.What Cui Wei saw the clue, Do mike tyson cbd gummy you think you don t have enough money Nie Chen said I just think it s a little strange.The murderer looked at the half tongue on the ground with a strange smile on his face.Falling from the hillside would have been a heavy fall, but after such a toss, I could see that I couldn t survive.Cui Zhen brought Nie Chen out of the prison.Did you see any clues Cui Zhen asked.Nie Chen said Such dead men will not reveal any clues, as long as they find a chance, they will commit suicide.He has seen too many prisoners like this.Nie Chen continued Since we entered the prison, no one has approached this murderer except people from the government office.Cui Zhen narrowed his eyes The dead man is far from the robber.Nie Chen said This is the strangest thing.In other places, dead men can you take melatonin and cbd gummies do assassinations, and the robbers are planning for money.If this person is not caught, one may think that this is the work of the Pearl Thief.Chen pointed Pointing to the door, That dumb doctor.The dumb doctor is illiterate, unable to speak, and greedy for money, so she is not the best candidate Gu Mingzhu crushed fresh herbal medicine and applied it on the patient s festered ankle.It was not a good medicine but it could be of some use.Then she took out some of the medicine dregs from the medicine box and handed them over.The rest, although they cannot be decocted in water, can be applied externally.After finishing these, the master gave Gu Mingzhu five eggs and two copper coins.Gu Mingzhu carried the medicine box on her back and walked out.As soon as she left the village, someone grabbed the corner of her clothes.She turned her head and saw Mrs.Chen s smiling face.Gu Mingzhu s face changed slightly and she walked forward, and Mrs.It seemed that something would catch her off guard.That being the case, she is more cautious.Gu Mingzhu told Baotong When mother comes later, you should cbd gummies ny legal go out and send news to Nie Chen, so that he can inquire about Huafang again.What else is missing Cui s ancestral home.Mrs.Lin was restless, and there was no news from Yu s mother.She felt more and more that the momentum was wrong.Brother Zhen was fine, and her brother Wei didn t send anyone back.Mrs.Tai, Mrs.Huaiyuanhou can t come anymore, the mother in charge said in a low voice, It s because Miss Gu is uncomfortable.Mrs.Lin frowned.A sickness to die for.The clan sister dealt with her like this, obviously trying to avoid it.Mrs.Lin was furious How do I cost of natures only cbd gummies treat them on weekdays Has my conscience been eaten by dogs Don t think that I will be afraid of anyone.Although you resent the Pearl Thief in your mouth, in fact, you still suspect that there are other inside stories in your heart, and you don t want to believe that the Pearl Thief broke his promise.He not only used you but also burned the relief food.Lu Shenzhi listened to Wei Yuanchen s words.He completely gave up struggling, just like the rumors said, this Lord Wei can see through people s hearts, and nothing can be hidden from his eyes.Lu Shenzhi swallowed Maybe I m a stupid person, and I still have a little fantasy, but who knows what happened back then except the Pearl Thief The person who set up the situation clearly knows the past seven years ago, otherwise it wouldn t have happened.Use it.But the Pearl Thief I know is dedicated to helping the poor.In best cbd gummies green roads times of famine, he would rather pure cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies help with HCMUSSH what do cbd gummies help with starve himself than distribute rice grains to the refugees.It seems that the doctor woman was brought in by Mrs.Chen what do cbd gummies help with to help.Why did she walk into the Cui family s ancestral grave before Just to watch the fun Still looking for news Thinking of the appearance of the doctor wandering around, selling the medicine bags in her hand, without any flaws, it is really not easy to arouse suspicion.Whether the doctor was involved innocently, or did it on purpose, he will get the answer tonight Gu Mingzhu returned to Ziyuan s room, Ziyuan changed into a light blue dress and sat at the table, wearing only a sandalwood hairpin on her head, and the gauze covering her face swayed with her movements , making her a little more arrogant than before.Zi be tru cbd gummies Yuan looked at Gu Mingzhu and said, It s getting late, I ll have someone send you off the boat.Gu Mingzhu nodded as if she didn t know anything about it, and Ah Jin should write down the situation on the boat and put it on the boat.Full of unwillingness, obviously everything was prepared, but suddenly fell ill at this time.With her appearance like this, she couldn t cope with Lu Guang and the others, she was really useless, thinking about it, Ah Jin s eyes became moist.Ziyuan took Ajin s hand and comforted her in a low voice It s okay, you take good care of your illness, I m here.Ajin looked at Gu Mingzhu again, as if she wanted to say something, but she didn t have a chance to speak.The old bustard looked at Ziyuan Ziyuan, you need to be cured quickly, we can t do without you on this boat, don t mention us in Shanxi, even the girl who has been prosperous for seven or eight years in the whole Zhou Dynasty is probably alone.One copy, just tell mom what you need, and mom will try her best to help you.After finishing speaking, the old bustard walked out with the people.Mrs.Wei didn t move, she went to pick up vegetables again.If she didn t what do cbd gummies help with eat any more, she would not accept the beauty s favor.Under Gu Mingzhu s gaze, Mr.Wei picked up the chopsticks as expected.Gu Mingzhu continued to think, Mr.Wei would never do something that is completely unsure.Even if the Wei family and the prince have been at odds for a long time, this is not a child s fight.Get hold of it.So Master Wei came here this time, probably because he got some news that others don t know.In this case, he will never be deceived by the minions in front of him, and he will not close the case easily.Regardless of the Ku Yin case seven years ago or the .

how to cbd gummies work?

current situation of those quarrymen, if you want kanha cbd gummies review to really get the result, you must find out the people behind it and get tangible evidence.The more it is related to the prince, the more you must Make the case solid, otherwise what you have worked so hard to get is just peace on the surface, but you can still continue to hide the dirt behind your back.These people moved very neatly, and they looked like habitual offenders.The old bustard pointed with his fingers Look, my lord, there are still things in their pockets, which must be property that they are going to take away.The Yamen immediately went up to check, and sure enough, they took out the money from those pockets.This is my family s silver coin, Mr.Ding said, there is my family s engraving on the silver, it is absolutely indistinguishable.Character.The stolen goods were both obtained, but Han Yu hesitated, and turned to look at Cui Zhen, only to see Cui Zhen s eyes were deep, thinking about something.Lord Hou Han Yu was about to ask when he heard a commotion outside The escaped bandit is here that s him come quickly.The Yacha went to check first, and Han Yu followed out.Cui Zhen didn t move, his eyes were still on those thieves who were caught, maybe what happened tonight was not what he saw in front of him.This Tongzhi Lu was afraid that Wei Yuanchen would arrest him and lynch him.Han Yu s face became even more ugly Lord Weithis What Wei Yuanchen said, Does the magistrate think something is wrong Han Yu didn t dare to say anything, and other officials were also silent.Cui Zhen and Cui Wei stood far away and did not step forward.Wei Yuanchen pointed out Cui Zhen s overstepping the rules.Naturally, Cui Zhen could no longer interfere in the affairs of the government office.Let s go, Cui Zhen told Cui Wei, Go home first.Brother Cui Wei said, You just look at Wei Yuanchen like thisthen Lu Shenzhi must have been seriously injured.Treating the court officials like this is unavoidable It s too arrogant and domineering.Cui Zhen stopped talking, got on his horse and headed towards the Cui family s ancestral house, Wei Yuanchen got the clue and stood up in front of the magistrate and others, accomplishing many things in one fell swoop.She felt that the dream was a sign to her that what do cbd gummies help with the old Marquis did not die back then, and the one who left was she is gone.After the old Hou Ye left, her nightmares disappeared as expected.From then on, she believed in these things very much.Although she was deceived by a fake Taoist priest in the capital, her dreams would never go wrong.Broken, is she really near the end of her lifespan She had to find another way to save her life.Mrs.Lin thought of Zhuangzi as her dowry.When she lived in Taiyuan Mansion with her two children, she went to live there for two days when she fell ill, and her condition soon improved.There was an accident at the ancestral grave, and Yu s mother was arrested.She wanted to move to Zhuangzi, and now she couldn t wait for a moment.She would leave tomorrow.First, she would go to HCMUSSH what do cbd gummies help with recuperate.You didn t notice such a big thing No, Mrs.Wednesday said, I I have been waiting for Mrs.Tai at the gate of Zhuangzi just now, and she also came here with Mrs.Lin.Mrs.Lin said and looked around You should know when the land was dug, right Mrs.Zhou immediately looked at the steward , the steward faltered Just now someone was digging what do cbd gummies help with the land here, saying it was a tenant in the village.I wanted to say a few words, but they left, and then Mrs.Tai and Mrs.Tai came.Zhuangtou couldn t help but said Mrs.Tai, so the people who killed Sun Yong may not have gone far.The Zhuangzi of our two families is so big and so far away from Taiyuan City.I m afraid I m afraid Kill us Zhou Ruzhang s voice trembled.Mrs.Lin gave Zhou Ruzhang a disgusted look.She knew that it was useless to say these words at the critical moment.Just now what do cbd gummies help with She walked around outside, her eyes lit up and her heart widened.We don t have much time, Gu Mingzhu said, we have to pack it up quickly, so as not to reveal any flaws.Baotong nodded.Before that, order the guards to protect my mother.Han Yu is the magistrate of Taiyuan.If he has no problems, he will take good care of this Zhuangzi.Even if he has problems, he will not tear off the skin on his face until the end.Even if he went crazy, there was no need to embarrass them, the mother and daughter, they didn t know anything.Gu Mingzhu arranged everything.Before her mother best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 what do cbd gummies help with came back, she walked out wearing a bamboo hat.She wanted to find a big tree and put the small bamboo tube here.Yan Tanhua taught her to make this small bamboo tube.The arrow will be ready to go, and when the mechanism is closed after releasing it, an arrow will be shot quickly.Han said.I ll go find you, servant girl.Bao Tong didn t wait for Han Yu to speak, and immediately ran away, looking for Lang Zhong to bring her here.The eldest lady said that there is no evidence without a confession, and the eldest lady used datura flowers instead of poison on the arrow, so Mrs.Han felt guilty and thought she had been poisoned.Find a doctor to come over and explain everything Mr.Han said.Make a note, and there will be clear evidence when Mr.Wei comes to try the case in a while.Missy is very thoughtful.Master Wei must have done a lot of good things in his previous life, so he was able to get the help of the eldest lady The rain stopped and the sun shone down, but it still didn t drive away the chill on Mrs.Lin Tai.Madam Lin shrank in a corner and shivered.Mrs.Wednesday and Zhou Ruzhang were also so frightened that they could only sit on the ground and cry.Zhao Gongren wanted to take a closer look at Mr.Wei, but was very upset by Zhuzhu s small ball.The sound of the bell reminded her of the old yellow dog of the clan uncle.It is true that there is a granddaughter like a grandfather.The bamboo ball finally stopped.Zhao Gongren hurriedly replied to Wei Yuanchen s words Master Wei, I am the real family member of Lin Si.After Zhao Gongren finished speaking, he looked at Zhuzhu, and saw Zhuzhu s fingertips touched the bamboo ball, but unfortunately he did not touch the bamboo ball Pick it up, but fiddle with it further.Zhao Gongren s heart jumped wildly with the sound of the bell.Chu Jiu stared at Miss Gu, seeing Miss Gu and Master Wei getting closer, he couldn t help swallowing.Why is he afraid now whenever he sees the third master and Miss Gu together I m afraid that the third master will do something inappropriate again.After the Pearl Thief murdered Han Yu in Taiyuan Mansion, the Taiyuan government officials chased him all the way , but did not find any trace of him, it can be seen that his skills HCMUSSH what do cbd gummies help with are really strong, if this kind of person becomes an assassin, I am afraid it will be impossible to guard against.The man stood with his hands behind his back, he was quite handsome, wearing a dark embroidered robe, full of nobility, It is the current prince.The prince snorted coldly Am I still afraid of them coming When they come, I will capture them and punish them.I think the Pearl Thief has long been bought by the Wei thief and is doing things for the Wei thief.The prince said When he got here, he took another deep look at the scribe.This person is Mr.Shen, his trusted staff member.He only brought Mr.Shen with him when he came to Taiyuan Mansion this time I m afraid we will have to confront Wei Yuanchen head on next time.There were two people standing outside the duty room, and through a small open window, they could clearly see the situation inside.Lu Shenzhi turned his head and pure cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies help with glanced at Mr.Wei quietly.After he put Mr.Zhao s murderer in the prison, he heard the yamen s officer come to report Miss Jiang is comforting Wang s family.It seems that he will be able to interrogate in a while.Hearing this, Lu Shenzhi walked towards the valet, unexpectedly, Mr.Wei, who was going to deal with official documents, also followed him.So Mrs.Wei heard what Miss Jiang said.Although Miss Jiang was investigating the case, she still pulled the banner of Mr.Wei Mrs.Wei was innocently blackfaced and played the role of intimidating others.Will not feel bad.Go, Wei Yuanchen ordered calmly, The Wang family should be able to tell the full spectrum cbd gummy cbd gummy dispenser truth.This was originally his choice.When his father passed away, the moment he wanted to go to the Yamen, their mother child relationship ended here.Although he chose to remain silent in the end, what he got in exchange was only superficial harmony.Cui Zhen, Mrs.Lin and others left, Mrs.Lin ordered the door to be closed tightly, and then looked at Cui Wei who was kneeling on the ground.Mrs.Lin Tai said Is the matter about Shanyin true Cui Wei nodded slowly.Mrs.Lin Tai lowered her voice You went too Cui Wei nodded again.Mrs.Lin Tai s heart was beating fast, and she clutched her chest tightly He just poked my heart, and he even took you to do such pure cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies help with a thing.Mother, Cui Wei raised his face, eyes glowing Full of concern, Don t be angry, although you violated the law, it s not what you think, brother is for the court and the people, I Shut up, Mrs.They covered their faces back then, and I didn t see their faces, but I remember the voice of their voices clearly.No wonder your brother has made a fortune in these years, and you have been farming for a living.It s your brother You have been wolf hearted for a long time, or did you not tell me about the grievances between you You have kept it from me for so long, because you recited me from the dead, so I don t hold grudges against you.If it were someone else, I wouldn t want to enter this door again.Wang Da kept his face down all the time, and didn t intend to refute the old man.You admit it now The old man continued, Then let me ask you, what happened back then You said that Baihu asked us cbd gummy dispenser to meet the reinforcements in Shanxi, so why did we become deserters in a daze Wang Er took that one The cavalrymen, after catching up with us, started killing people, and they didn t listen to our explanation at all, and I still don t understand what we did wrong After saying this, the old man looked at Wang Da again I have asked you HCMUSSH what do cbd gummies help with many times, You didn t pass on a false military order back then and took us away, did you No, Wang Dao said, I didn t intend to be a deserter.Mrs.Lin almost tried her best to control her emotions Emotions, the old Hou Ye likes to hear her speak like this the most.With her hometown accent, the old Hou Ye often praises her for her gentle and soft voice.No matter what happens, as long as she says a few words in front of Hou Ye, Hou Ye will not worry Pursue it further.A man will not reason with the woman he what do cbd gummies help with likes.The more a man stands outside, the less he will be cruel to his woman.This is the truth she learned from the old Hou Ye.She has been a widow for many years, but the way she deals with men Still haven t lost it.Master Hou Mrs.Lin shouted again, You allow me a few more years Let me see that the Hou Mansion has a legacy, and I will go down to serve you.Mrs.Lin Tai was drenched what do cbd gummies help with in sweat, and tears were still running down her face.The Zhao family s ancestral home was in Taiyuan Mansion.After General Zhao and his two sons died in the Yulinwei battle, their bones were buried on the spot, and the female family members hanged themselves to their husbands.Within a year, all the Zhao family passed away except for the married daughters.Wei Yuanchen met Princess Huairou several times when he was young.He was about the same age as Princess Huairou.When he was in the eldest princess s mansion, Princess Huairou asked him if he needed to go to the palace to meet his aunt and ask her for help.He was taken aback, thinking that his liking for Rujun had been noticed, but luckily Princess Huairou didn t say anything after that.After Rujun left five years ago, he didn t intend to attend any banquets, but only had a face to face meeting with Princess Huairou in his aunt s palace, and he never spoke again, so naturally he didn t know about the situation of Princess Huairou s husband s family.Okay, said Princess Huairou, Madam will be more Stay with me for a while.Madam Lin wanted to accompany Princess Huairou to talk, and asked Baotong to take Gu Mingzhu back to rest.Gu Mingzhu owl cbd gummies was lying on the bed, thinking of what Princess Huairou said, tomorrow will be very dangerous for the princess and her son in law, I hope they are all safe and sound.Gu Mingzhu, who has always been able to eat well and sleep well, was in a state of confusion tonight, and couldn t sleep full spectrum cbd gummy cbd gummy dispenser peacefully after tossing and turning.After a while, she got up with a sigh, and it seemed that she had to go to Mr.Wei to see her for peace of mind.Chapter 157 Gu Mingzhu always felt a little indebted to Wei Yuanchen, and every time she thought that the injury was more or less related to her, the guilt in her heart would emerge.In case Mr.Wei made some mistakes because of this injury, she would not let it go.Although what do cbd gummies help with her identity is no longer Zhou Rujun, but the pit left by her previous life, she will have to admit it in this life, unless his old injury is completely healed.She carefully thought about the situation when Mrs.Wei had an old illness last time, and felt that it was a bit like heart disease or hysteria.Even if he was feverish, he shouldn t be confused, especially when he held her in a daze, his eyes were distracted, and he obviously didn t know himself.doing something.After thinking about it this way, maybe the medicine for nourishing the mind and calming the nerves has some effect.I don t know when my mother will come back I don t have much to worry about right now, so I can only ask about Liu Su s situation, leave a prescription quickly, and let Liu Su find some medicinal materials to cook in the posthouse.Baotong didn t care to talk to Chu Jiu, and hurriedly chased Gu Mingzhu away.Chu Jiu couldn t help but click his tongue, seeing the Wu Hei Chicken s relaxed appearance, the food of the Gu family must be very good, after leaving Taiyuan Mansion, the Wu Hei Chicken looked depressed.He thought it was because he left the reed chicken next door, and he was sad and refused uly cbd gummies for hair loss to eat it.Only now did he know that this foodie thought the grass and insects on the road were not good.This is a chicken that dislikes the poor and loves the rich.The people in the Eastern Palace outside also retracted their necks, completely losing interest in the matter in front of them.When the courtyard became quiet again, Zhou Zesheng said Is this the eldest lady of Huaiyuanhou s family She seemed to be suffering from dementia, at least now he didn t feel anything strange.When she is with Princess Huairou, it is the best chance to save the Zhao family.Princess Huairou is used as a bait, although the princess is weak, she is willing to take risks for her son in law and the Zhao family at critical moments, this is true love, Gu Mingzhu admires Huairou very much The courage of the princess.Gu Mingzhu said Tell me anything else you hear.Liu Su quickly explained everything, and Gu Mingzhu understood the whole situation.Lin Sizhen deliberately district edibles gummies cbd tropical punch 5mg set up a trap to let the prince spend all his energy on Wufeng Mountain.In fact, the heavy troops were stationed in Yangwuyu.Mr.Wei pretended not to know, but in fact he had already asked his family to find the Wei family s staff in the guard, and ordered them to be ready for battle.Master Wei had made a judgment in advance, so he could quickly lead people to meet the enemy, and he would not panic because the prince was arrested.Lin.Mrs.Lin s face became even uglier because of her panic.The torment these days had left her with gray hair on her temples, making her look ten years older than before.Cui Wei said Mother, don t worry.Although there are a lot of rebel soldiers, but fortunately most of our guards have gone through battles and will soon be able to kill a bloody road.Then we will escort you out.Mrs.Lin grabbed Cui Wei hand Who is so bold What are they going to do Cui Wei has not figured out the situation yet Mother, among those rebels, there is someone I seem to have seen it before.What Mrs.Lin s eyes widened in surprise, Where did you see it Did you miss it Cui Wei pursed his lips with a very solemn expression I saw it when I went to my uncle s place., that person seems to be working beside my uncle, and he is very close to him.Although the Wei condor cbd gummies phone number family s guards reacted quickly, the two children took the lead to solve everything.If it weren t for the danger, Mrs.Lin would not have known that she underestimated Zhuzhu and Baotong before.She can t be inferior to the two children.Madam Lin cheered up and said, Find out the medicine box in the car quickly.The crossbow arrows on the fourth wife s body can t be pulled out now, so use a cloth strip to press the wound first.Flow, people are bound to disappear.Baotong took out a clean cloth strip from the medicine box, and Madam Lin was about to reach out to help, but it was a bit inconvenient because of the need to support Mrs.Cui Si and the bumpy carriage.Let the eldest lady help the slave.Before Madam Lin could speak, Gu Mingzhu stood up and reached out to take the cloth strip.Mrs.Lin had just said this when she heard the neighing of the horse.It s miserable.You Cui Wei couldn t help scolding the guards.Cui s guard said We only shot their horses, so that their chariots and horses can t catch up.They can go another way.The women of the Zhou family have no good intentions to cling to us, and we don t have to be polite to them.They have gained a lot of benefits by relying on this face on weekdays, and now I will teach them some lessons.People are kind and bullied, you just don t understand this Reasonable.Is the rebel really the master Zhao Gongren raised what do cbd gummies help with how long do you stay high on cbd gummies his eyes.Mrs.Lin immediately put on a best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 what do cbd gummies help with straight face Who are you listening cbd gummies for dogs petsmart to talking nonsense They are all discussing.Zhao Gongren heard a lot of gossip on the way of fleeing.Looking at the rebels, her mind was in chaos.The old generals were all for the country and the people, but they ended up like this.The chief put Pu Dao back to its original place, and restored everything to its original state with trembling hands.He did not believe that the old general had colluded with the enemy and treasoned the country for his own benefit.He used to resent those people for treating their benefactors like this, but now he understands a little bit, ordinary people How can you tell the truth from the fake Just like now, he asked Mrs.Huaiyuanhou to stay, but he was still afraid in his heart, afraid that he would be blinded and become the one who abused the corpse of Old General Zhao.Difficult.It s really hard to be a human being.If you want to be an ordinary good person, even if you don t take the initiative to harm others, you may become a sharp knife in the hands of others.Princess Huairou finally breathed a sigh of relief.Cheng Yi s eyes were a little sour, and he didn t know what botanical farm cbd gummies review to say, so he said after a long while, Thank you, princess.Princess Huairou realized that she was a little out of pcr in cbd gummies character, smoothed her temples with her hands, and said with lowered eyes, We are all a family, the son in law said What are you doing Cheng Yi pursed his lips I will protect the princess and leave first, I am afraid there are rebels in the nearby guards, the whereabouts of the crown prince is unknown, and the surroundings are in chaos.Come here.Princess Huairou immediately thought of Mrs.Huaiyuanhou, who had borrowed a few guards from the Gu family when she came to Wufeng Mountain.Princess Huairou asked How is the team going to Beijing Cheng Yi said I only know that the rebel army besieged the horses and horses going to Beijing.I will protect the princess and the wife.Cheng Yi does cbd gummies relax you said nothing else, nodded and led the people away.Princess Huairou had her veil twisted and took care of Mrs.Zhao.Mrs.Zhao has been imprisoned for too long, especially these days, she refuses to eat and drink, and wants to die.The rebels around him were injured, which made it worse.Even if they take good care of themselves for a while, they may not be able to recover, but these are small things, and the important thing is to save their lives.Half an hour later, Cheng Yi took the people there and returned.Princess, Cheng Yi said, I heard the news.Lu Shenzhi sent scouts to look for us and said that the women s family members went to Xinkou Village first to defend against the rebels.Do we want to go too Princess Huairou looked To Zhao in the carriage We should go, it s just mother in law Princess, don HCMUSSH what do cbd gummies help with t worry about my mother, Cheng Yi said, My mother will agree if she knows.Lin kept talking, but she couldn t hear her brother s reply, and became nervous again.She just made it very clear that this matter has nothing to do with her , She and her younger brother are of one mind, so my younger brother should not blame her for this.Lin Sizhen finally spoke, his voice was a little hoarse, but he was very calm, as if the matter in front of him had nothing to do with him Elder Sister, what do you think I should do I want to go to Laoyingbao, but Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen lead troops all the way I could only hide here if I was chased and persecuted, and if it wasn t for my personal guards who passed along the news, I might not have seen my elder sister.How dare Cui Zhen do this Mrs.Lin was sad and angry at the same time, How did I raise such an injustice You don t know that when he was in Taiyuan Mansion, he pretended to be the old master to scare me, and even made the Cui family stewards stand outside the door to watch my joke I If I I m not worried about what do cbd gummies help with you, I m afraid I m going to be killed there Mrs.There are quite a few concubines in Cui Zhen s harem, no matter can i give my dog a human cbd gummy how favored he is, he does not dare to overstep the rules.Except for Cui Zhen s clear distinction between wives and concubines, everyone knows that the Marquis of Dingning likes the Zhang family the most.Back then, the cousin girl who was related to the Cui family was carried into the Marquis s mansion as a concubine.Later, she became pregnant and wanted to force Mrs.Zhang, and bought poison from outside to harm Mrs.Zhang.After cbd gummies bear Zhang found out, she executed the people around the cousin girl.The cousin girl was also imprisoned in the ancestral hall.The cousin girl was frightened and had a miscarriage, and both mother and child died.When Cui Zhen returned to the Hou s Mansion and heard about this incident, he only asked someone what do cbd gummies help with to give two hundred taels of silver to the concubine s family as compensation, and nothing else.Faced with grievances, she really wanted to push that young lady away, but she didn t do it.Could it be wrong to think about it Will this be wronged too The master and servant clearly made things difficult for her on purpose, especially the eldest lady, who pretended to help but was actually making trouble.Old lady, there are no servants.The mother in charge stood up in embarrassment and shouted at Old Madam Cheng.The old lady Cheng s face was livid In broad daylight, are you trying to kill people Get a girl to humiliate me Is she hurting me or helping me, pretending that others can t see clearly When did she suffer such a loss She would tell people that Mrs.Zhao hired a young girl to plot against her, but she would not believe what the Cheng family said and no one would believe it.Just as Mrs.After speaking, Gu Mingzhu realized that the person who asked him seemed to be Mr.Wei She didn t pretend to stutter just now, and just told the truth directly, as if she did not arouse Mr.Wei s suspicion.Is she too relaxed vigilance, or Mr.Wei has long been suspicious of Miss Jiang s identity Gu Mingzhu was about to test it out when she heard a voice above her head.Your stuttering is healed Gu Mingzhu hurriedly lowered her head, took two steps to the side in fear, a what do cbd gummies help with little further away from Wei Yuanchen, and then replied in panic Yessometimesit will get better, just nowto be engrossed in thinkingto regardMaster Wei as a senior brother.I don t know if someone opened a window, which made her feel a little cool.After hearing Wei Yuanchen, Gu Mingzhu said after a long while How can a commoner be so timid, wanting to travel the rivers and lakes without losing the face of cbd gummies with ashwagandha commoners, the girl s stuttering disease should get better sooner, it will be more convenient to do things like this.In the octagonal pavilion, Wei Yuanchen watched The master and servant stopped not far away, cbd lion gummies review drank most of the cup of tea full spectrum cbd gummy cbd gummy dispenser in his hand, and the remnant chess in front of him did not move a single move.Wuhei Chicken Nian happily ate in her arms, making clack clack sounds from time to time, obviously very happy.After eating a piece of flower cake, the five black chickens reluctantly leaned on Gu Mingzhu s what is cbd gummy formula arm.Don t worry, I brought you a lot, enough for you to eat for a while.Gu Mingzhu reached out to stroke the shiny chicken feathers, and only then remembered that Master Wei was still waiting for her in the pavilion.Gu Mingzhu bent down and put Xiaobai on the ground, then straightened her dress and walked forward.The censer in the pavilion curled up, and a faint fragrance what do cbd gummies help with wafted in the air.Wei Yuanchen looked at the endgame in front of him, holding a white chess piece in his hand, and the chess piece made a crisp sound when it landed on the chessboard.Mrs.Li immediately looked at Mrs.Lin My second master is fishing in the garden.Crab, you scared Zhuzhu.Madam Lin looked at Zhuzhu with a relaxed expression and knew it was okay It doesn t matter, Zhuzhu is very courageous, she only thinks it is fun, and she will not be frightened.Although Madam Lin said so, she still Looking at Baotong, she was completely relieved when Baotong nodded.It s getting late, Mrs.Lin bowed to Mrs.Li, Mrs.Tai has been with us all day, so we should take a rest.Let s see Mrs.Tai some other day.Mrs.Li said with a smile on her face, You guys I never listen to the words of the younger generation, and when I said another day, I suddenly disappeared.Don t change the date, I will send a post for the old woman s birthday on the first day of the next month, and you must come.A simple meeting, how could it be very grand.Mrs.Lin was watching the servants carrying the boxes and cages, and she didn t notice that Gu Chongyi walked into the yard.Mrs.Lin couldn t help sighing in her heart, the other things were fine, Mrs.Li sent all the things that Qin Tianjian Baiguan was making.The steward of the Wei family specifically said Madam Tai has ordered you to accept it.These items are also dusty in Madam Tai s treasury, so it s better to give them to the eldest lady.These are all five cbd gummies reddit rhetoric, how could Mrs.Lin not know Uncle Wei is married, and Second Master Wei has also set a date for marriage.When Third Master Wei reaches the age of marriage, will the Wei family still lack children in the future Mrs.Li was so kind to them, it really made Mrs.Lin a little overwhelmed, and Mrs.Under the dim light, Wu Zuo was writing documents, and the yamen of the Shuntian government office guarded Yuan s body.The yamen was not very old, and it was the first time he saw such a scene.Scary face, every time he set his eyes on Yuan Shi s face, he always felt that Yuan Shi s eyes were staring at him.The yacha clenched his teeth tightly, and he couldn t help but lose his mind because of the nervousness.After an unknown period of time, when he went to look at Yuan s corpse again, he found a black shadow very close to the corpse, and the gauze on his head almost fell off.On Yuan Shi.That scene was even weirder.Yacha was startled and couldn t help but exclaimed.Chapter 251 Nobody Can Run When Wei Yuanchen entered the room, he heard the Yacha s shout.The Yacha quickly realized that he had made a mistake, and immediately knelt down to plead guilty.Master Cheng frowned and looked at Aunt Gui What are you doing What s wrong with your flustered appearance Aunt Gui found that Master Cheng was also in the room, and she couldn t help but flinch, and didn t speak for a while.Yuan what do cbd gummies help with er, who was kneeling on the ground, saw Aunt Gui, and hurriedly said first Auntie Huixiang wronged us for harming Madam Hearing Yuan er s words, Aunt Gui finally understood what was going on in front of her, and she opened her eyes wide.He closed his eyes and looked at Mr.Cheng Master, you are the one what do cbd gummies help with who murdered my concubine.Did you poison the tea Mr.Cheng frowned, What nonsense are you talking about Aunt Gui dodged Master Cheng The concubine did nothing wrong, why did I harm the concubine After the concubine died, is the master not going to let the fourth master go Yes, the concubine was charged with killing the mistress, so the concubine would naturally He will be excluded by the clan, and the master will be afraid that the fourth master will reveal the events of the year, and attack the fourth master Even if he is not killed, he will have no way of life if he is expelled from the Cheng family.Finding out requires taking some risks.In addition to helping Mr.Wei investigate the case of Old General Zhao, what do cbd gummies help with she also has her own affairs to do, which is why she became an ordinary person according to Yan Tanhua s intention.She didn t use Gu Mingzhu s identity because she was afraid of involving the Huaiyuanhou Mansion.The banner of the Wei family is easy to talk about, but she can t use it arbitrarily.Why did she pretend to be Miss Jiang and the doctor She would not tell Mr.Wei about these things.Gu Mingzhu said Tell Nie Chen that there may be danger, and tell him to what do cbd gummies help with cbd wellness gummies act cautiously.Liu Su responded, Don t worry, Miss, Nie Chen and I are not afraid, just like investigating the case of Mr.Zhang Gu Mingzhu said So what s the difference Master Zhang is kind to you, and Nie Chen also wants to clear his name for his master, but this time it s different, Yan Tanhua just has something to do with me.Everyone looked away from Gu Chongyi, It fell on Master Wei Er and Yu Shi, and the two of them rolled around and wiped the best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 what do cbd gummies help with green bricks at the gate of the palace vigorously.Gu Chongyi looked disgusted, and was about to take a detour to leave, but this was the only way to leave the palace, so he had sunday scaries cbd gummies amazon to bite the bullet and pass quickly, he didn t want to have any relationship with Master Wei Er at all.Seeing that he was about to walk out of the palace gate, Gu Chongyi suddenly felt something rushing towards him, and he could dodge it by leaning behind him, and he didn t want to show it under the eyes of everyone, so he could only clumsily step aside.As a result Naturally, he didn t get what he wanted.Gu Chongyi only felt his pants tightened and someone grabbed him firmly, and then a stronger force came, pulling his pants down.An iron spear in Wei Yuanchen s hand danced vigorously, and Gu Chongyi s long knife was not to be outdone.The sharp weapons collided together and quickly avoided each other s sharpness.The long spear slid down the back of the knife.sparks.Gu Mingzhu had seen her father practice swords before, so she was naturally not as clumsy as the outside said, but this was the first time she had seen such a fierce fight.The body is stretched, the movements are like clouds and flowing water, and the body can be controlled freely, so that it is not bad in the master s moves.No wonder martial arts practitioners usually have a straight posture, sitting and lying in a decent manner, and there is always an indescribable demeanor on their body.Gu what do cbd gummies help with what do cbd gummies help with Mingzhu suddenly found that her eyes seemed to be staring at Master Wei all the time.Gu Mingzhu sighed in her what do cbd gummies help with heart, she had miscalculated, there was no other exit behind the rockery, she HCMUSSH what do cbd gummies help with was like a mischievous Yuanxiao who ran out, and was suddenly stuck in the hole.Yuan Xiao was still struggling to dig the dirt and wanted to escape, and there was a bluestone road under her feet.Master Wei seemed to have seen through her thoughts long ago, what do cbd gummies help with and glanced at her feet.It s still too late to make up a reason, Wei Yuanchen said, I just don t know if Lord Hou will look for you later.Gu Mingzhu raised rachael ray bio gold cbd gummies her face, her eyes were covered with mist, and her mouth was flattened, as if she was affected by it.A great grievance.Wei Yuanchen almost retracted his arm as soon as it softened.If he hadn t put the seal over with his own hands, he must have thought that HCMUSSH what do cbd gummies help with she was wronged.Fortunately, he saw the evidence with his own eyes, and no one could reverse the case.Xue for judgment, and help the government to catch the prisoner.The government will not be without rewards from the people.Nie Chen responded and cbd gummies dubai bowed.After saluting, he said again My lord, have you heard of Tamba wild rice Tamba wild rice Su Fu frowned, it sounded like something imported.Nie Chen said I heard that many dignitaries in Beijing want to plant this plant.Some people bought and sold some imported products privately.This Su Fu knew that many novelty things would appear in the capital every year, and these imported products would be quietly distributed among the dignitaries.It has been circulated in China, is Tamba wild rice one of them Su Fu frowned slightly Why do you want to inquire about this thing There are so many imported varieties, and he couldn t think of news about Tamba wild rice for a while.Gu Mingwan s voice As soon as they landed, they heard screams not far away, floating above everyone s heads.Gu Mingwan looked up carefully, there was a shadow on the tree, that shadow was not a monkey or civet cat, but a person.Gu Mingzhu.Before everyone could react, one of the female crowns who helped find someone flied towards the tree, reaching out to grab the person on the tree.Chapter pure cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies help with 292 The female Guanzi who climbed the tree to catch people is Xuan Ming, the apprentice of Sun Zhenren.The master has explained that if something happens before, they will try to leave.The quiet room of the third prince and concubine and the female family has what do cbd gummies help with long been guarded.Miss Gu.This tree is not tall, Xuan Ming stretched out his hand, and he could easily grab Miss Gu on the tree.As soon as Xuan Ming closed his fingers, he was about to grab Miss Gu s arm, and a stone flew over from somewhere, solid A solid hit on her shoulder.Although the great revenge was avenged, the two sons were long gone, the eldest daughter died of dystocia, and the empress dowager also lost her fighting spirit.After the death of the first emperor, she recuperated in the Palace of Compassion and Ning, and seldom came out to walk around.When the emperor cbd gummies pouch arrived at the Palace of Compassion and Ning, several imperial physicians gathered outside cbd gummies saskatoon the palace to discuss the pulse case.Seeing the emperor, everyone immediately stepped forward to salute.The emperor went straight into the inner hall and sat on the soft bed.The Jiang court envoy of the Imperial Hospital bowed forward, and before he could speak, he heard the emperor s scolding voice from above his head Why did the queen mother faint How do you serve on weekdays The Jiang court envoy hurriedly said In autumn Afterwards, the weather turned cold, and the Empress Dowager s body was always uncomfortable.It was more than half clear, and Yan Shenhui told him everything he found from the beginning to the end.As a result, Yan Shen was plotted against pure cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies help with in northern Xinjiang and lost both hands.Yan Shen kept silent about everything.He wanted to find out the person who harmed Yan Shen and avenge Yan Shen, but Yan Shen left without saying goodbye.Yan Shen reappeared It was time to be arrested and imprisoned by the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Xue Laotong didn t want to implicate Shuntian Mansion and Su Fu, and planned to investigate Yan Shen s case carefully after he resigned from the Shuntian Mansion Yamen, but now that these doubts were exposed in front of him, he couldn t wait any longer Wei Yuanchen brought Gu Mingzhu out of the prison, best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 what do cbd gummies help with full spectrum cbd gummy cbd gummy dispenser and the two cbd gummy dispenser do cbd gummies work for anxiety of them went all the way to the small courtyard of the Wei family.Mo Yangming said Pepper water can numb the wound and relieve pain.Although this medicine is not as effective as Aconitum aconitum and other substances, Aconitum aconitum is poisonous.At this time, the patient is weak, so using it will do more harm than good.Gu Mingzhu Said Disciple, remember.While speaking, Mo Yangming pulled out a wooden thorn what do cbd gummies help with from the child s wound, and it was this wooden thorn that prevented the wound from healing.After the wooden thorns are pulled out, there are sutures, medicines and bandages.Gu what do cbd gummies help with Mingzhu watched carefully, and found that the medicines and healing methods used by Master Mo were rougher, because most of Taoist patients are poor people, and the treatment methods are simpler and more effective than those of medicine shops, which has something to do with the doctor s original intention.It is understandable to think about it carefully.The higher the official position, the more things to weigh, and the whole body will be affected.If you want to investigate the war horse case, there will be more troubles in front of you.This is why Cui Zhen does not want to have a relationship with Tan Shangshu.The reason for making friends is to keep a distance and everyone can do business.Once you get too close, you will often have to make concessions because of the face of the other party.It was getting late, and Mo Yangming told Gu Mingzhu We should pack up and leave.Gu Mingzhu looked at the what do cbd gummies help with unfinished herbs.Although Master Mo had been checking the pulse, the entire Anji Hospital and the others had only left for a while.Little half.Mo Yangming said The work in Anjiyuan will never be finished.The smile on the girl s face was not as bright as usual, but it was a little more demure than usual.Her thoughts might have drifted away long ago, just like the raindrops falling from the sky, unscrupulous and unrestrained.At this moment, he seemed to be unable to see her clearly.He always felt that she still had some secret hidden in her heart, which was difficult for people to pry into.A warm shirt fell on her shoulders, and Gu Mingzhu came back to her senses, and stood up to meet Lord Wei s eyes.His eyes are like the lights she saw from afar just now, warm and reassuring.My lord, I m not cold, you d better put on your cloak Gu Mingzhu took off the clothes on her shoulders, If you have an old illness, it will be serious.The cloak was put on Wei Yuanchen again.Wei Yuanchen stood quietly, Gu Mingzhu helped him get dressed, and only when he finished putting on his sleeves did she come to her senses, at some point, the two of them were so close.Baotong wanted to say something more, but Gu Mingzhu nodded and hugged the stove in his hand.Gu Chongyi jumped off the carriage, as if he didn t take the words of his what do cbd gummies help with daughter and Baotong to heart, took the reins from the cbd gummy sleep aids servant, got on the horse, protected the carriage and left Anjiyuan Tan Sanye has been standing at the gate of Anjiyuan until the Gu family s carriages and horses disappeared, then he turned to look at the best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 what do cbd gummies help with room where Bao er was recuperating.When he walked into the room what do cbd gummies help with just now, he saw Bao er s reaction in his eyes.Go and tell Uncle, Master Gu is gone, please Uncle go back to the mansion earlier, and I will go to the court in a while, so Uncle can rest assured that I will handle the matter here.Tan Family Steward heard Tan San Master s words were answered, and he walked quickly to the yard.Bao er opened her eyes in horror Open your eyes, and Tan Sanye s face comes into view.Chapter 333 Supporting the dim light shaking.A black shadow completely enveloped Bao er s small body.Bao er couldn t hold back anymore and opened her mouth to shout loudly, but before the sound of screaming could be heard, someone covered her mouth first.Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu but we are still a child, and our feet are being pinned down just as Baoer When he was helpless, immediately Bao er saw Tan Sanye stretching his hand into his arms.Bao er s eyes widened.Mr.Tan must have used a sharp weapon to full spectrum cbd gummy cbd gummy dispenser kill him.Bao er was so frightened that he almost fainted from fright, when the door was knocked open.It happened pure cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies help with that there was also a woman not pot cbd gummies in the Anjiyuan who committed suicide.Aunt Zhen and Ah Chan seem to have nothing to do with each other, but they both happened to live in or often went to Anjiyuan They were also disabled, and they all died horribly.One cut their throats, the other cut their wrists.Wei Yuanchen said I have people staring at Tan Zigeng I will also investigate this aunt carefully to see how she came to Anji Yuan.Gu Mingzhu nodded I will also go to Anji several times in the past two days Go to the courtyard and ask the people inside for news about Aunt Zhen.One more thing, green valley organic cbd gummies 500mg Wei Yuanchen took a step forward, I ll have someone go to the Imperial Hospital to inquire about Mrs.Dingning Hou s condition in the past few years.Mrs.Zhang suffered from blood deficiency due sisters cbd gummies to miscarriage and blood loss.Many insightful people in Dazhou came and went from his mansion.How good is this palace as a teacher So quickly I just can t sit still, and I m an idiot after all.In the main hall, there were palace people adding charcoal to the warming cage, Concubine Jiang threw the sunspot into the charcoal fire with a flick of her finger.The chess pieces splashed a string of flames.Concubine Jiang said indifferently Tell the Elder Master to keep an eye on them.We must not let them get away this time.Let him remember not to show up until the critical moment.With the Wei family rushing forward, this made the father and son divorced It is best for the Wei family to handle the punishment of King Huai In the Hall of Mental Cultivation, the emperor flipped through the booklet in his hand.The booklet was full of sutras The emperor glanced at a few pages and shook his head I m old Did I like these when I was young I really don t understand it now.Married, Ah chan is not married, so what is the inside story that people are afraid of knowing Unless the relationship between Tan Dingfang and Ah chan is made public, some things hidden behind it can no longer be concealed.After thinking about this, Mo Yangming feels more and more that this is the reason.Maybe this is the cause of best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 what do cbd gummies help with Ah Chan s death.After Mo Yangming said this, a rush of blood rushed to her head.She immediately stood up from the chair, wishing to find Tan Dingfang to ask for cbd gummies henderson clarification, but soon Mo Yangming calmed down, she Acting impulsively may mess things up.Mo Yangming took a long breath and looked at Wei Yuanchen again Is the good man still planning to continue the investigation Wei Yuanchen said This case may be related to General Zhao s war in northern Xinjiang.If you find something strange, you have to investigate it to the end.Or someone intentionally burned this hidden weapon together with her body so that we can identify her.After Gu pure cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies help with Mingzhu finished speaking, she was about to wipe the hairpin clean and put it back on her back.Your Excellency, you might as well show these things to Bai Jingkun.Gu Mingzhu pointed to the two hidden weapons, Perhaps Bai Jingkun can see who made these things.After Gu Mingzhu said this, Baotong at the door lightly With a light cough, Gu Mingzhu knew that Master Mo was looking for her.My lord, I m leaving first, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, If there is any news, my lord will ask Liu Su to send it.Gu Mingzhu raised his feet and walked out, but when he reached the door, he thought of something and then retreated.Wei Yuanchen was overjoyed, she thought of something, he straightened his sleeves and was about to reach out to pick up her candied fruit.Hearing this, Ding Da cbd gummy dispenser do cbd gummies work for anxiety subconsciously looked at Guanshi Ding next to him.As if Wei Yuanchen didn t see the details, he shifted his gaze to Qiao Zheng Master Qiao, can you hand over that man to me for interrogation It means, Everyone here is very important, Master Wei also knows that a case requires the testimony of several people to corroborate each other, and important suspects are indispensable.What are you investigating Fang Guiji couldn t bear it.He said, Although I am not an official of the imperial court, I am also the younger brother of Princess Huai Have you ever thought about the consequences of your actions I am going to Prince Huai s mansion, and I am going to see my brother in law.Fang Guiji beezbee cbd delta 8 gummies what do cbd gummies help with kept yelling Qiao The sign is not stopped It s as if you didn t hear it at what do cbd gummies help with cbd wellness gummies all.Whenever Fang Guiji mentioned Prince Huai casually in Shandong, the other party would come forward to talk to him respectfully But now even the yamen servants around him don t change their expressions, and Fang Guiji s heart is cold.The female official said Your Majesty, don t you write anymore I don t write anymore, Empress Wei looked up at the bronze mirror, Have someone change my clothes for me, and I ll go to the concubine s office in a while.The female official said in surprise You Are you really going Empress Wei raised her head, her eyes were as calm as usual What Didn t you expect me to leave Kunning Palace on weekdays Now you don t want to The female officer was both anxious and happy, I didn t know what to say for a .

do cbd gummies work better than the drops?

while.Empress Wei said Don t be dazed, go and tell the empress dowager and the emperor, I haven t been out for a long time, and I still have a lot to prepare.The female HCMUSSH what do cbd gummies help with officer responded and immediately went down to make arrangements, and the whole Kunning Palace began to get busy.The female officer combed Empress Wei s hair lightly and changed her clothes, but her eyes still seemed to be covered with mist, and she couldn t believe that everything in front of her was real.The noble concubine used Dowager what do cbd gummies help with Mi to inform King Huai, but Dowager Mi died too quickly, so it didn t look like a noble concubine s handwriting.The what do cbd gummies help with cbd wellness gummies imperial concubine knows the emperor well, so it s fine to use tricks in front of the emperor, and she can t go too far.Concubine Mi is dead, although there is no evidence that the concubine contributed to the flames, but it is not clear whether Concubine what do cbd gummies help with Mi really took refuge in King Huai.The case is unclear, if he can seriously injure King Huai now, he will also kill the imperial concubine in the future.Contributing to the flames, what is the guilt of uncovering the truth, and what is the guilt of killing the concubine, how could the concubine not know Maybe it was just like dealing with the East Palace, someone secretly deliberately caused the imperial concubine party and several other princes what do cbd gummies help with to fight among themselves, and he would come out to reap the benefits after everyone was hurt.Gu Mingzhu sneaked into the yard quietly, and was relieved what do cbd gummies help with until she saw Baotong.Gu Mingzhu said Is the home safe Baotong nodded However, Master Hou didn t sleep well, and he has been pacing in the yard.The servants are afraid that Master Hou will come here, so they just stare at the door.Father is probably waiting for news, it seems that what happened tonight Master Wei informed his father in advance.Thinking of Wei Yuanchen s injuries, he wondered when he would go home to treat the wounds.Miss, what happened tonight Baotong asked while changing Gu Mingzhu s clothes.When she saw a few cuts on the front of the what do cbd gummies help with clothes, Baotong also became nervous, repeatedly Check to see if there is any wound on what do cbd gummies help with cbd wellness gummies Gu Mingzhu what do cbd gummies help with cbd wellness gummies s body.Gu Mingzhu said There are firearms buried in Zhuangzi.Fortunately, Mr.Wei rescued me in time, so I was not injured.Pity my brother Chen My son lost his father s protection a long time ago, and he has to support the entire Wei family at such a young age.That s the case, but Gu Chongyi stared at the second master Wei, and it s fine if others say it, but Wei Congzhi has the nerve to say this Gu Chongyi said coldly It s not all because of you.If you can improve, why do you need your nephew to cbd gummy dispenser do cbd gummies work for anxiety be so busy.Me Second Master Wei said calmly, I m getting old Couldn t stand this stupid guy, and was about to see off the guests, when the steward came over and told, Your Majesty, Mr.Wei is here.Gu Chongyi s best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 what do cbd gummies help with eyes lit up Come in, please.After a while, Wei Yuanchen, whose clothes were torn and looked a little embarrassed, appeared in the study.Gu Chongyi looked at this junior of the Wei family, and suddenly felt a little distressed in his heart.Wei Yuanchen walked around the partition, and sure enough, he saw a figure standing stiffly in front of the window, Zhuzhu must be feeling sorry for Yan Shen.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and went straight behind Gu Mingzhu, stretched out his hand and gently placed it on her shoulder.My lord, I m sorry The girl s voice was hoarse.Those cases will be investigated clearly, and those who were framed back then will be rehabilitated.The girl nodded My lord, can I ask you one thing.Yes.Wei Yuanchen s voice was very soft, as if he was afraid As if to scare her.Can you turn your head away first, II Gu Mingzhu put her hand on her chin, Can you turn your head away first, my lord, I may have blown too much wind, and I used a battered fake chin It s cracked, and it s about to fall off, I m afraidto frighten the adults.Master Shen Er sat under the lamp and frowned, thinking about it.There were obviously many doubts in this case, but the court seemed to have confirmed the charges against the Liang family and the Shen family of Prince Huai s residence, and refused to investigate further.What should he do Who can be willing to help them.Master Shen Er stood up and ordered people to get the cloak.He had to go to the folks and asked the chief of the folks to see him no matter what.Chapter 398 questioned Master Shen Er for the third time wandering around the gate of the yard of the people in the market.This ordinary person assisted the court in solving the war horse case when he was in Shanxi, and after he came to Beijing, he sent many clues to Shuntian Mansion, and the arrest of the Lu family was also due to the ordinary person.She was about to turn around and run away when Yan Shen in front of her suddenly turned into her second uncle and elder brother.Shen Shi suddenly woke up from the dream, she shivered and curled up into a ball, finally regained her composure, and looked around, the master got up at some point.Mrs.Shen sat up from the bed, and the servant girl who was serving outside heard the movement and quickly came in to serve with a lamp.Shen Shi asked Where is the master The servant cbd gummy san diego girl said The master went to the study when he was ugly.Shen Shi had such a nightmare, she couldn t fall asleep anyway, so she just put on her clothes and took the servants to the study.Knocking on the door of the study room, Mr.Zhang s voice came from inside Who is it Xiao Niang Shen replied, and walked into the room, only to see books and letters on Mr.Mrs.Li was a little surprised, but she quickly figured it out Is the skill of removing the nets good Before her daughter married to Prince Lu s Mansion, even the palace lanterns in her house were often not complete.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips and smiled, thinking about the beads and silk threads scattered on the small table in Kunning Palace, and thinking about it carefully, she is also very good, at least the kung fu of removing the knots is comparable to that of the empress.The jade tower in the empress s main hall blooms well in spring, and the empress even asked someone to plant white magnolias in the garden.Mrs.Li said When I went to Kunning Palace that year, there were crabapples in the garden.It blooms in full bloom.It was also that year that the empress conceived the third princess.Gu Mingzhu said Your Majesty has been well cared for.My daughter is cured, Gu Mingzhu said, My daughter can do many things.Gu Chongyi stood up, reached out and brushed the top of her daughter s head Zhuzhu is right, Zou pure cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies help with Xiang s things are done very well.BeadsBeing able to help her mother take care of the inner house, Zhuzhu knows more and more.Gu Mingzhu raised her head I can still teach my younger brother in the future.Gu Chongyi smiled again, as if he had seen his children running in the garden, but Zhuzhu would be sixteen or do cbd gummies help with weight loss seventeen years old at that time.Zhuzhu should also get married.He really wants to think about it formally Now, Zhuzhu is all well, and he can even take care of the inner house.In the future, he will be able to be the mistress of the family alone, and he can no longer keep Zhuzhu by his side.Gu Chongyi looks at his daughter, but what kind of husband will Zhuzhu like As the what do cbd gummies help with cbd wellness gummies children grow up, there are one trouble after another.Everything has been transported away.Zheng Ruzong nodded.Although most of the property they accumulated through smuggling was transported to Beijiang, some of them were not sent away in time.These things are very important to Beijiang, which means More soldiers and military resources.The imperial court investigated the case of the Metropolitan Procuratorate and found out the Zhang family.It may what do cbd gummies help with not be easy to collect money in the future, and they can no longer have any losses.Zheng Ruzong thought about it and sighed, he didn t know how to explain to the Lord for such a big loss.Are you going home or visiting relatives Zheng Ruzong felt someone approaching, and Zheng Ruzong s heart trembled.He raised his eyes and looked at the person carefully.The person looked about the same age as him, with black and yellow skin and rough Li, apparently often walks around outside, wearing coarse clothes, carrying a large wooden box, with a string of bells hanging on the wooden box, making people know that he is a shopkeeper at a glance.She has done many things in private.She was in contact with the courtiers of the previous dynasty, so that the eldest son could inherit the position of the East Palace, and that she could enter the Kunning Palace in the future, she almost exhausted all means.She also thought that maybe the emperor would dispose of her one day, but she knew The emperor will definitely show mercy But now Huang Chang also lost his usual calmness.He never expected that this matter would involve the Taoist Ritual Supervisor, and his official uniform was soaked in sweat in an instant.The leader of the Ritual Supervisor, the eunuch Chen Xiang, usually doesn t like to talk much., but work carefully, he even praised Chen Xiang in front of the emperor, intending to promote Chen Xiang to serve in front of the emperor.Mung bean balls, and mung beans just have the effect of detoxification.After the female officer said that, she realized that she had made a mistake, and her face became even paler.She hastily denied No, it s not what the empress wants to eat, it s the servant girl The servant girl gave it to the empress, and the empress didn t want those things Ma am, she didn t The anxious retort was covering up the truth.Mung bean can detoxify, right The queen mother seemed to be talking to herself, This mung bean ball is eaten by Concubine De in time.Everyone can understand.The imperial concubine who was kneeling on the ground breathed a sigh of relief, the more truths she asked, the better for her.Thinking of this, the imperial concubine raised her head to look at the girl beside the empress dowager, because the question just now came from the eldest lady of the Huaiyuan Hou family.The emperor closed his eyes and calmed down Is there still no movement in the Tan residence Huang Chang said No, Tan Dingfang has been at home.Too much time was delayed, and Huang Chang had not had time to present the news sent by Captain Long Jin.To the emperor, Huang Chang said Lieutenant Long Jin has a secret book.The emperor s heart sank again, one thing after another made him what do cbd gummies help with out of breath.Huang Chang supported the emperor to sit on the soft bed, and then handed the secret book up.Before reading the scriptures, the emperor s hands trembled.A Xiong Guanshi could actually inform the Tongzhou Yamen that he was Zheng Ruzong.All of this was planned by King Liang.The more you know, the clearer the guesses will be.Now that those people are heading northwest, the next step is to pass the guard gate.It s a pity, it s only one step away, but this time when he returns to Northern Xinjiang, he will start to straighten out his soldiers and horses.He can feel that Wei Yuanchen and the others have found clues.caught off guard.Is there any news from the Zhang family and Qiu Hai yet Didn t the uncle deliver a letter Zheng Ruzong looked at the cronies beside him.No, said the friend, there has been no movement.Not quite right, Zheng Ruzong sensed danger, and it was easy for Da er to send some news to him.No matter what the situation is, it shows that the situation is very tense.Let s go overnight, Zheng Ruzong made up his mind, it s not easy to be found at night.They are in the dark, and they can escape by the moonlight.Although there are many soldiers and horses in the court, they don t know where they are, so there is nothing they can do Zheng Ruzong made a decision to go to Yanqing Guard overnight, but for the sake of caution, they would not go directly to the guard, they would go around and then inform the lieutenant guarding the guard.Stop trying to confuse the public and stir up civil strife so that your master can take advantage of the opportunity.Wei Yuanchen s expression became a little more powerful, The emperor has seen it HCMUSSH what do cbd gummies help with clearly for a long time.There are many strange things in the first place.The general of the Daning Guard reported to the court that my father secretly colluded with the second prince for rebellion.Now that man is still working in the Beijiang Guard.Is he serving the imperial court or you Be clear.As for me, Wei Yuanchen said, I don t have the heart knot like Mr.Tan.Wei Yuanchen didn t lie to Tan Dingfang, but what he meant was that Tan Dingfang would never understand that Rujun didn t die and became a pearl.Zhuzhu, of course, is no longer his heart knot, and he and Zhuzhu can also investigate the case of the Zhou family.What s the difference The old lady Zhou said, The Zhang family is over The Zhang family is grounded That has nothing to do with Ruzhang.What s the matter Even if Marquis Ding Ning wants to divorce Mrs.Zhang, it s not her turn.That s not necessarily true, is it Mother Tian hesitated for a moment and said, Marquis Ding Ning has changed a little bit from before.The memorial tablet was invited to the Hou s Mansion, and the Lord Hou also sent a gift during the Chinese New Year.Although the Lord Hou didn t say a few words, he was very polite to the old lady.He also said that he had lost his etiquette in the past.This is an admission of our Zhou family.They are the in laws of the Cui family.Since even the eldest lady s mistakes can be forgiven, Marquis Dingning intends to get married, and maybe the second lady will also have a chance It won t be her turn if the third girl has a chance, Zhou said.He couldn t help but curl his lips, no wonder Uncle Qi has a reputation of being generous, he always goes straight like this without giving others any face, Uncle Er dare not come to the front yard because he is afraid of losing his prestige in front of others, he hides in the courtyard of the second room, at least he can To stabilize the hearts of the Second Household, many people still have expectations for the Second Uncle, hoping that the Second Uncle can beat him out.Mrs.Zhou shouted.Before Zhou s nursing home stepped forward, Zhou Zesheng s long sword was unsheathed with a clang , he threw the tip of the sword on the ground, and the hilt kept vibrating.Zhou Zesheng gently kneaded his wrists Alright, help us brothers relax.When he came to Beijing from the guard, he brought a few cronies with him, in addition to people from the Wei family, the Zhou family Is the nursing home their opponent None of the servants of the Zhou family dared to step forward.Tian s mother s confession can further interrogate Mr.Zhou and Xu Gui, and now to check the Zhou family to see if anyone else is involved.It wasn t just the Zhou family who were involved in the follow up.Gu Mingzhu s eyes were burning hot.She didn t know what her mother had experienced at that time, how many people around her were spying on her, no one was around to help and protect her, how scared and unwilling she was when she passed away, and how worried and longing she was for her.Tears finally trickled down the corners of his eyes and dripped into the skirt of his clothes.But there is only one tear.Gu Mingzhu vowed in her heart that she would no longer be weak until she found out the truth about her parents death.Su Fu told the people around him Write the case and inform Mrs.Zhou s family to come.I was afraid that my mother would be worried, so I sneaked out from the secret passage every day to find clues, but my cousin told Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu s voice became miserable, Master Wei will I was caught, and I was forced to board the big boat of the Wei family.Cousin, tell me, is it related to you Feng Anping nodded blankly, it was indeed his relationship.Father and mother don t know about this yet, Gu Mingzhu sighed, Cousin needs to help cover it up Feng Anping nodded again, as if he wanted to be responsible.Master Wei didn t bully you, did he Feng Anping was very worried, he knew how powerful Master Wei was.Gu Mingzhu sighed, and said reluctantly No, right Feng Anping said sadly, Cousin, you have suffered.Chapter 499 Anhao The rain what do cbd gummies help with cbd wellness gummies stopped, Su Fu and Xue Laotong sentenced Zhou Zejing He and Bao Er went to the Daxing County Office.Boom Boom Boom the firecrackers on the city wall fired, and the crossbow arrows also shot into the rebel ranks.But then the crossbowmen of the rebels also went into battle.Both sides had soldiers hit by arrows.The battle will not stop because someone is bleeding and injured.Liang Wang has gathered a lot of people, and he has just taken down two guards, and he is fully equipped.The rebel army rushing to cbd gummy dispenser do cbd gummies work for anxiety the front had just been repulsed, and was quickly replaced by others.Waves of feathered arrows shot into the opponent s army formation almost without any pause, and neither side refused to give in.As long as the defenders backed down, they would let the rebel soldiers approach the tower.In order to keep the rebels in place, the ground of the tower was already stained red with blood.Replacement.Could it be that what do cbd gummies help with the great Zhou s country is really going to fall into the hands of the Wei family The emperor s mind became hot, and his eyes were completely plunged into darkness.Please call for the imperial doctor, quickly call for the imperial doctor Hearing that her father and Mr.Wei returned to Beijing together, Gu Mingzhu got up early in the morning to meet him.Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying Look at what you re in a hurry for.It s not too late for you to go out after your father enters the city.The child Zhuzhu said for a moment to help prepare food for the victims, and in a moment to cbd gummy dispenser do cbd gummies work for anxiety help Mo Zhenren treat the wounded soldiers together.Run around all day without seeing anyone.Gu Mingzhu smiled slightly and did not refute, but Zhuzhu seems to have listened to her daughter Mo Ruomu, but as soon as she lets go, Zhuzhu will definitely run out of the house immediately.Cui Zhen said Who is teaching Zou Xiang At Zou Xiang s age, he can only best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 what do cbd gummies help with practice basic skills.It s my uncle, the steward said with a smile, My uncle personally instructed me.Wei Yuanchen Cui Zhen s eyes deepened.Chapter 543 Injured Wei Yuanchen is going to marry Zhuzhu in March next year, and the members of the best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 what do cbd gummies help with Gu family call him aunt in private, which means that everyone in the Gu family has recognized Wei Yuanchen.Cui Zhen couldn t help thinking of the Zhou family.Zhou Zejing and Zhou Zerui were both in prison.The Zhou family s case could be clarified, but Zhou Zesheng alone would not be able to do it, with Wei Yuanchen s help behind him.I hope that Wei Yuanchen will let go of the Zhou family and treat Zhuzhu well in the future.If Wei Yuanchen has other thoughts, even if the Wei family is what do cbd gummies help with cbd wellness gummies not what it used to be, he will not stand idly by.Zhang s eyes were bright when she saw the filial piety clothes in the servant s hands, and she knew that Mrs.Tai would survive until Cui Zhen came back to die.I wonder if Cui Zhen will be sad now Thinking of this, Mrs.Zhang felt happy.I want to see Lord Hou, Mrs.Zhang looked at her mother in law.It s about the child in my womb.I hope Lord Hou can see me.Lord Hou what do cbd gummies help with must have something to ask me, and I also have something to say to Master Hou.Say it.The old lady didn t speak.Mrs.Zhang touched her big belly Even if you don t want to see me, Master Hou should also want to see this child.You tell Master Hou that if he doesn t come, the child will be disappointed, and he might die.She didn t want to pay attention to Mrs.Zhang, but she still had to report Mrs.Zhang s words to full spectrum cbd gummy cbd gummy dispenser Lord Hou.Master Hou came back, and Zhang knew that he would be punished, and now mentioning the child was nothing more than trying to blackmail Master Hou Cui Zhen knelt best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 what do cbd gummies help with in the coffin, and put the paper in his hand into the brazier.Zhang looked at Cui Zhen in a panic You killed him, right You killed the father and son of the Luo family with your own hands.Mrs.Zhang s eyes were red, and there was a trace of fear in those fierce eyes just now, because Everything in front of her scared her.Cui Zhen didn t speak, and he wouldn t say anything at this moment, everything that Mrs.Zhang worked so hard for, now she has to reveal the truth by herself.Mrs.Zhang looked at the person in front of her.The man s gaze was dodged, and she refused to look directly at her.Mrs.Zhang hurriedly got down on the ground, wanting to get closer, but her feet staggered, and she fell severely., she ignored the pain, got up again and finally walked in front of the man.At this moment, Mrs.Zhang was in an unspeakable embarrassment, but she didn t care about those things.Luo Yu cried out in pain, pure cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies help with trying to get rid of Zhang Shi on his body, and finally he found the right opportunity to hit Zhang Shi hard on the head.Zhang Shi felt that the world was spinning around her eyes, and then she lost her strength.She opened her eyes with all her strength and saw Luo Yu s cheeks and ears were covered with blood.Luo Yu yelled loudly You crazy woman, don t blame me for what your Zhang family is going to do.After Lord Hou, Lord Liang met your grandfather in person, told your grandfather the news that I was alive, and personally apologized to your father.Your father said It s just a woman.If she can do meritorious service for King Liang, she will come here in vain.In the world.Zhang s eyes blurred What did you say My father knows Luo Yu said Of course I know, your what do cbd gummies help with father also said that this is your own choice, and you can t blame others.Don t worry, mother, Gu Mingzhu said with a smile, Brother Chun is going after Xiaobai.Now Xiaobai and Yuan Xiao are Brother Chun s best playmates.Fortunately, Yuan Xiao has a docile temperament, no matter how Brother Chun touches her, she doesn t struggle.Xiaobai is different, he aggressively teases Brother Chun.A child and a chicken were chasing each other in the garden all day long.Brother Chun kept running and falling, making him look like a mud monkey.What is rare is that he never gave up.Brother Chun finally succeeded yesterday and took Xiaobai away.feather.Regardless of her son, Mrs.Lin took Zhuzhu s hand and was about to speak when she suddenly remembered After changing the auspicious clothes, have you what do cbd gummies help with tried again Gu Mingzhu nodded I have tried, mother, don t worry Mrs.Lin Some worried I ll go to your room again to see if there is anything that is not ready.The sedan chair was carried very smoothly, and soon arrived at the gate of Wei Mansion.At this time, the Wei Mansion was also crowded with guests, and everyone was huddled together, waiting to see the bride.Xi Niang ordered to get off the sedan chair, and the curtain of the sedan chair was lifted.Gu Mingzhu looked over and saw Wei Yuanchen was already standing in front of her.Amidst the cheers, Gu Mingzhu stepped out of the sedan chair and followed Wei Yuanchen into the gate of Wei s house.In the main room, bolt full spectrum cbd gummies Mrs.Yuan, who was sitting on the main seat, looked at Mrs.Li nervously Mother, why don t you invite Prince Qing over here, it s not good for your daughter in law to be here Brother Chen s identity is known to many clans, Prince Qing and the others are all here too, and asking Brother Chen and Zhuzhu to worship her She always feels that she can t stand it.I don t know pure cbd gummies 1000mg what do cbd gummies help with if it was because she lost her mind, but just when she was about to move the other foot, the one she stepped out first suddenly slipped for some reason, and she fell towards Wei Yuanchen.With this fall, she slammed into him firmly, and she hurriedly raised her head to look at Wei Yuanchen without thinking about anything else.As expected, Wei Yuanchen frowned slightly and opened his eyes.There was a bit of bewilderment and astonishment in his eyes, and he lowered his head.Stared at her blankly.Zhuzhu.His voice was a little hoarse.It s okay, I I m thirsty and I want to drink a glass of water.Gu Mingzhu explained with a blushing face, she was anxious to get up from his arms, but when she moved her body, she saw him frown again, as if something was wrong It s too comfortable, it doesn t seem right, thinking about what Chen s mother said to her, she dare not move at all.

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