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The cbd gummies lewisville past few months have not been in vain As a trainee, Han Chaoyang turned his head and gave Jiang Erhu a hard look Did I ask you Go in first and talk to me one by one.Comrade policeman, she is really crazy Chapter 10 Jiang Erhu is not under the control of the police Emotional, if you ask him to speak later, he insists on rushing to speak.You say one word, he says three words, and then yells and curses.Although Zhang Beibei came here from the south to manage Jiang Erhu s rent collection, although it was strange, she was the policeman after all, and she didn t seem mentally ill, so of course she had to be asked first.There are more and more villagers watching the excitement cbd soul gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies and outsiders renting in the village.It is impossible to continue like this.Han Chaoyang pushed away Jiang Erhu who was pointing at Zhang Beibei and yelling There is no end Insulting others in public and threatening them openly, do you know what this is Local people, local people are superior, local people can override Above the law The little policeman got angry, and the veteran policeman who came natures cbd gummies for ed with him took out his mobile phone to make a call, when a woman in her thirties rushed in and grabbed Jiang Erhu s arm Huzi, don t If you scold him, speak up if you have something to say.Before she met my uncle, her life I really can t live on, the house is dilapidated, Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang dress like beggars. Your aunt is not very hardworking After my uncle married her, he didn t enjoy a day of happiness, and he farmed at home during the busy season , go to the construction site to do small jobs during the slack, and come back at night to do laundry, cooking, and housework.He built the current house, and Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang were brought up by him.They paid more than a hundred thousand yuan to let them get married.As a result, when my aunt was sick, the family had no money, so they didn t ask, and they didn t even go to the hospital.My uncle had no choice but to go back to his hometown to manage Borrowing from brothers and sisters.Mom doesn t care, let alone stepfather My uncle s illness is not an incurable disease, colon cancer, which can be cured with an operation, or because I have no money, I m too embarrassed to ask my brothers and sisters in my hometown.Director Liu was on fire, and the trainer who came with him was also very angry, leaning against the police car and thinking about how to deal with this newcomer who couldn t grasp his hands or stick to the wall.Liu Suo, I can t go back, why don t you come over here, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to play tricks anymore, cbd gummies forum and said proudly, I just arrested four suspects here, and just destroyed a den that produces and sells fake certificates., and seized a room full of false certificates and stamps and a bunch of tools used in counterfeiting.Liu Suo expressed serious doubts when he said it was true, and was about to speak when Han Chaoyang said, If it s just these things, I can handle it , Take the people and the stolen goods to the police station and hand them over to the investigation team.But this is a gang, and the four arrested now are definitely the main criminals Are there any accomplices Liu Suo was skeptical.For a while, there were police lights where to buy green apple cbd gummies everywhere, and uniformed special police everywhere, and even the air seemed to be filled with a tense atmosphere.Chapter Fifty second Great Investigation 4 Director Cai, Director Gu, what are you doing After receiving the notice, Zhang Branch Secretary and Director Xie of Chaoyang Village rode an electric car and rushed to the first row of residential areas in the Chaoyang Group.At the intersection of Zhongjie, police lights were flashing cbd gummies hattiesburg ms everywhere along the way.The intersection where to buy green apple cbd gummies was full of working group cadres, special police and urban management.They thought it was demolition, but they couldn t see bulldozers and excavators.The car didn t even bother to stop, so I asked eagerly.Many villagers and outsiders rented in the village ran out to watch the excitement.Thinking that he was still gnawing on his old age, Han Chaoyang was hurt, so he gave her a supercilious look and stopped talking to her.Unexpectedly, she caught up and said with a sad face Officer Han, I m not joking with you.I m in a lawsuit, and I m filing two lawsuits at the same time.The rent is revive cbd gummies reviews where to buy green apple cbd gummies not enough for the lawyer s fee, and the housekeeper asked where to get cbd gummies for anxiety wholesale cbd gummy for some money.I accept the punishment., but can you be accommodating, wait until you get the compensation for the demolition and then pay the fine. It turns out that I don t accept it. I m busy with lawsuits and demolition, so I don t have time to find a job, and even if I find a job, I can t do it Going to work normally, I really don t get it, Officer Han, please help, please.Although she is about to become a millionaire, it is really not easy for her.He came and went in a hurry, what the hell was going on.Su Xian was confused and sent him downstairs and watched the police car drive out of the neighborhood committee compound.Just as he was about to go back to the office, he just turned around when he saw Xu Hongliang running downstairs with a happy face.Hong Liang, Director Liu said something happened in the institute, do you know what happened Yes.You know Su Xian was dubious.Xu Hongliang looked back at Lao Xu who was following him down the stairs, took out his mobile phone and shook it in front of her eyes, and grinned and said, Chaoyang fought back.In the morning, the instructor brought the Disciplinary Committee and inspectors here to arrest him.He is now bringing the Disciplinary Committee Go back to the office with the inspector to catch the ghost.If you were an old fritter, you would definitely find that the 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies conversation just now did not mention the patrol team, but the security company, and even transferred two cars from the security company to the Chaoyang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Squadron, which will be established soon.You will definitely guess To the real intention of the community, there will definitely be ideas.Han Chaoyang didn t feel left out at all, Su Xian was very satisfied with his reaction, and said bluntly Chaoyang, after the security company took over the security work of the sub district office, 527 factory and other units and communities, our manpower is tight That s right.We only pay them a total salary, and we can t let them work day and night.More importantly, we must be responsible to the unit that employs us and the owners of the community.In his words, it is illegal They even ask everyone to sign a non disclosure agreement when organizing a private photo shoot.The agreement stipulates some rights and obligations, roughly eight items, the most important of which is that the pictures taken cannot be made public, cannot be uploaded to the Internet, and cannot be used as For commercial purposes, it can only be used for private art appreciation.Liu Jianye was disappointed to find out such a result after searching all night, and after thinking about it, he turned around and asked, Xiujuan, you are a legal officer, tell me your opinion.Indecent photos, and very indecent indecent photos.Chen Xiujuan was very embarrassed by this, and she pretended to be calm and said At present, the law does not seem to have any prohibitive regulations on body nude photography , and the person being photographed has the right to handle his own portrait rights, and provide his nude portraits to others for shooting.

He had a meeting this morning and went to Shenghai Garden to maintain stability at noon until after four o clock in the afternoon.live.Stop smoking, lean on the car for a while, and I ll help you watch the wind.Thinking that although he was very tired, he slept for at least six hours last night, Han Chaoyang really felt guilty, took two steps to the right, and used the Guan Xiyuan, who was standing in the gap between the two cars, was blocked by his back.Thank you.There s nothing to be thankful for.While speaking, another police car came to the entrance of the village.Han Chaoyang subconsciously looked back at Guan Xiyuan to confirm that he would not be found hiding here.He didn t expect that he was coming this way The police car became more and more familiar.It was Changhe Bread that Xiaokang had just driven back.Gu Guoli said suddenly You don t need to be so troublesome, just ask a few people.What happened shocked the whole village.Although it was late, the number of onlookers continued unabated.Police and auxiliary police were on duty at the entrance of the alley, and no one was allowed to enter where to buy green apple cbd gummies without permission.The villagers who came one after another could only watch at the entrance of the alley.Han Chaoyang asked Lao Xu to come over to help Guan Xiyuan cover, and went to the cordon with Grandpa Gu to chat with several villagers.Qiuyan is such a nice person, and the couple have a good relationship.They have never blushed in the years of marriage.Xianhong is hiding from debts outside.Qiuyan has to work and take care of the children.She is busy from morning to night, and it is impossible to flirt with anyone.There is no evidence, and it is not enough to detain him, so there is really nothing to do with such a suspect.Gu Guoli touched the wholesale cbd gummy corner of his mouth, and asked Should I have done the transcript The scalpers, doctors, and thieves in the hospital should help their brothers go to the Polytechnic University to promote rational consumption and don t borrow money 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies lightly.If possible, they should also investigate the murder case where to buy green apple cbd gummies of two people in Yangguan Village.Han Chaoyang didn t want to delay for a moment, so he suggested Master, why don t Zhen Chuan and I ask the owners of those merchants whose rolling gates have been damaged, and ask them if they where to buy green apple cbd gummies have any impression of the person who repaired the gates.Then ask the one who found someone The proprietress who broke the door lock finally went to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to check the case files.There is no call record, no hotel accommodation record, no record of buying train tickets, bus tickets, and air tickets.The public security organs in several provinces and cities where he may go have no registration of his foreign population.It seems that he has disappeared from the world.I even doubt it.Has he also been killed If this is the case, then this is a murder case in which three people died, and it is a family extermination case with extremely bad influence Zhou Ju took a breath and asked, Can you confirm that he is not the murderer We checked all the surveillance videos around the crime scene, but we didn t find Qiao Xianhong.The paternity test of the biological samples and the samples taken from the child showed that the owners of the two samples were not related by blood.We also extracted the DNA of Qiao Xianhong s mother, Wang Qiaolan, and Wang Qiaolan s current husband, Yang Guangcheng, and there was no comparison.Criminals nowadays are very cunning, and they switch bags and exchange fake money.There are some for sale in the market and online, so don t worry if you buy a set.This little policeman is really annoying, Boss Le looked up at Li Xiaobin behind him, and said perfunctorily Got it, thank you, I ll buy it when I have time.Just pretend to be one.If you have time, if you don t keep an eye on it, you probably won t be able to pretend by the end of the year.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone and continued, Boss Le, what is your mobile phone number and do you have WeChat Let s add it.If you can t install it after buying it, I can arrange someone to install it for you.Can t you Just pretend, don t worry, you are such a big boss and you don t need this little money.Boss Le thought to himself that there are a few tenants living in the wholesale cbd gummy elderberry cbd gummies house, if he doesn t pretend he might come here every day to check his identity I stood up and said reluctantly Since you have to install it, install one.If this matter is not resolved, not only Han Chaoyang will be in trouble, but even the institute may be in trouble.Yang Tao figured out the ins and outs, and said firmly They are hiding, right Just do it and force that contractor named Xia out.Show some momentum, don t be fooled by them, I m checking the foreigners in Chenjiaji, if they insist on looking at your ID, or insisting on whether you have law enforcement power, call me immediately, and I will go there in where to buy green apple cbd gummies person Let s go.Thank you, master.Let s do your business, and contact me in time if there is any situation.Han Chaoyang was very touched by the former master being so understanding.The words from the former master were equivalent to authorization, and Han Chaoyang became more confident, and was about to look back at Liu Gong s reaction, when Li Xiaobin ran over excitedly and said, Han Da, Changsheng and the others are here Looking north, the reinforcements really arrived.Finally No contact at all.From tit for tat to mutual understanding, Liu Gong became more and more amused as he thought about it, and he clasped Han Chaoyang s hand and corrected Officer Han, don t get me wrong, I mean it s better not to contact because of Luo Chunjun s matter.Not only do we need to keep in touch in private, but we also need to keep in touch frequently.Once you are born and once you are acquainted, you will be friends in the future.When you go out, you are not afraid of having many friends. Yes, yes, we will be friends in the future.Boss Xia, let s hold one too.You can t stop answering my calls.Chapter 154 Can t escape When I contacted Luo Chunjun s wife, his wife was really anxious and asked if it was a work related injury.Although she didn t say it clearly, she could tell from her tone that she wanted the construction unit to pay for the medical expenses.

He stared at Han Chaoyang and asked curiously What s the matter, who is it, why don t I know Who else, Huang Ying, you know Yes.Han Chaoyang wiped the corner of his mouth with a smug expression.I m going, I really caught up, it s amazing It s not considered to be catching up.It was my sincerity that moved her and decided to give me a chance.The revolution has not yet succeeded, and keoni cbd gummies side effects I have to work hard in the future.It s almost there, it seems that I have to sell everything to buy a house, and I can t even find a girlfriend if I don t have a house in the city. What do you mean, Yingying is not that snobbish, I have known her for a long time, and we even went to meet each other After getting married, she even introduced and bought the house, we already have a foundation of love, and this is where to buy green apple cbd gummies a matter of course.The total contract value has changed from 30,000 to 60,000, and the number of people patrolling every day will naturally double.After some bargaining, it is finally decided to set up a duty station in Yangguan Village, with one shift permanently equipped with an electric patrol car, and accepting Yangguan View the dual leadership of the village committee and where to buy green apple cbd gummies the Chaoyang Community Security Company.On the way back to the headquarters , the more Lao Jin thought about it, the more amusing he became.He turned around and said, Cui Changhai can get 50,000 yuan this year, where to buy green apple cbd gummies where will he get it next year They can give him face once, but it is impossible to give him a second time.I guess next year It s not so easy to get sponsorship. We ll talk about next year s matter next year, the road will be straight to the end of the bridge, and there will always be a way.Surprise, then I won t shoot.Yingying Ying, sit down, where are you from, and where do you work Here it is again, Han Chaoyang can t help but laugh.Huang Ying realized that this policewoman was not only very powerful, but also had an unusual relationship with the unlucky Dan s family.She answered every question and acted where to buy green apple cbd gummies like she didn t know how ladylike she was.Waiter, let s have a bottle of Coke, a big one.Miao Haizhu felt that freshly squeezed juice where to buy green apple cbd gummies was too expensive, so she asked for the drink carelessly, and then asked like a leader Chaoyang, you will take the law enforcement qualification exam as jolly cbd gummies stop smoking soon as your probationary period is over.Training will definitely be organized, but it won t take long, and cramming is not enough.Have you read the book and prepared No, I didn t take care of it.Old Liang, Lao Liang, report the situation.The car is in, the car is in, Liang Dongsheng stared 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies at the garden house not far away through the gaps between the branches and leaves, holding a small microphone connected to HCMUSSH where to buy green apple cbd gummies the earphone, and using the other party A barely audible voice reported The iron gate was closed again, the lights on the second floor just turned on, and then went off soon, there was no light on the third floor, the curtains were never opened, the music came from the third floor, Everyone should be on the third floor.This is a real high end residential area, full of single family villas, and each villa is more than ten meters apart.It was developed more than ten years ago, and it sold several million units HCMUSSH where to buy green apple cbd gummies at that time.Now the superiors will not approve such villa projects at all, so these garden houses are now worth tens of millions due to their scarcity.My brother and my sister in law took on a small project in Xiangtai.I heard that the construction period was very tight.My mother went there Help them take care of their children, wash and cook for them.This is the oldest newcomer in the institute, and he is very capable, and everyone from the director to ordinary policemen cares about him.Chen Xiujuan really wanted to introduce him to someone.Thinking that girls are more realistic than each other these days, she asked curiously Your brother does earth and stone works.He has excavators, loaders and bulldozers.He should make a lot of money.The money he makes Do you want to give it to your dad, do you have a separation It s hard to get money for a good project, and cbd gummies 1 1 revive cbd gummies reviews where to buy green apple cbd gummies the investment is huge, it seems that the capital has not been recovered.Wu Wei smiled, and continued Most of the money for the equipment is It was from my sister in law s family.Although the whole family is out to make money now, although the house is deserted, it will definitely be very lively next year.He has just started working, how can he have the money to buy his own house, and at such an old age, it is really a big problem to think about it.Chen Xiujuan was helpless, and immediately changed the subject Since there is no one at home, let s stay in the camp.At least you don t have to cook by yourself in the camp.You re not left handed, and you can t even take notes until your injury heals, except to help the suspect downstairs to see what the suspect can do.Chen Xiujuan is planning to suggest that he go out to find friends, and see if he can use the few days of vacation to find him.One person, Guan Yuanyuan walked into the reception room with porridge.Morning, instructor.The squadron leaders took turns running up to report how many people should be there.After a set of procedures, Lao Jin walked up to everyone and raised his arms Please rest easy, comrades, let s sing a song Chinese People s Liberation Army first.Military song , go forward, go forward Get ready Following his order, the high pitched military song sounded sun state hemp cbd gummies 1500mg in the basketball hall.Factory Manager Wang couldn t sit still anymore.He ran from the stands to the field, clapped his hands to the old sisters and brothers sitting in the stands, and shouted Come on, come on, stand up, let s warm up too, warm up Now, how about Nanniwan , okay, just Nanniwan , the fragrance of flowers in the flower basket all ready The fragrance of flowers in the flower basket, listen to me sing, sing.When we came to Nanniwan, Nanniwan is a good place, a good place The military song is sung here, and Nanniwan is sung on the opposite side.

Okay, we can arrive in five minutes at most.Wu Wei didn t care to squat any longer, in fact, he took the two auxiliary police to rush here as soon as he received the call five minutes ago.Grandpa Gu worried that others might not be able to command the patrol team, so he entrusted Han Chaoyang with the task of blocking and checking outside.Team members were deployed at major intersections to block the trails.This circle is estimated to be 20 kilometers long.The electric patrol car is too slow, and now it doesn t care so much.No matter whether Lao Hu Gao is happy or not, he will directly switch to the 110 police car of their prevention and control team.Junfeng, are you here The map shows that there is an alley to the south of Legao Street.You immediately arrange for two people to go there.It s the same as the previous investigation of foreigners, but mainly looking for the few people who were just posted in the group.If you don t come to Donghai, you don t know how little money you have, and you don t know how fast the pace of life sugar free full spectrum cbd gummies in where to buy green apple cbd gummies Donghai is.The bus is full of people, and the road is full of cars, some drowsy and some in a hurry.In contrast, the pace of life in Yanyang is really not fast, and people are much more leisurely than those here.If given a choice, Xu Hongliang would rather continue to be a local turtle in Yanyang than come to this world famous international metropolis.I rushed to Xinfeng Building and used the APP on my mobile phone to search for nearby food.I just found several restaurants and was preparing to send screenshots to Xie Lingling to ask her which one she likes.A good brother who hadn t contacted for several days suddenly called.Hongliang, what are you busy with What can I be busy with, I m busy with dating.Flood control can strengthen the levee, and how can drought resistance be resisted There is no water source around, and God does not rain.Most farmers live on the mountainside, and digging down can t dig groundwater.Han Chaoyang finally realized how messy the instructor s hair was, and why the police uniform was so dirty.Zheng secretly thought that after Xinying Police Station, he must save water like his peers, the instructor Hang suddenly smiled and said Xiao Han, you are our lucky star.When you came to the weather station, you said that there will be rain today and tomorrow.Look at the weather, look Those clouds in the sky, the meteorological station should where to buy green apple cbd gummies have predicted it correctly.Looking at the clouds to know the weather, I seem to have learned such a text when I was a child.But Han Chaoyang had only studied the text, looked up at the sky, and couldn t tell it was going to rain at all.Brother Jiang, where is your home My family is in Caodian, but I m planning to buy a house in the county.Is Caodian far away More than a hundred kilometers, farther than the old Chang s house.Then you two usually go back I average half I go back once a month and stay at home for a day or two.Jiang Li rarely goes back, on average, once a month.Old Chang smiled and added Not only us, but also the cadres in the village, after all, it s too far away.No, it s not convenient to have a car.This is not for work, it s almost like a distribution Before coming here, Han Chaoyang sometimes felt very bitter and tired, but compared with these colleagues in front of him, he where to buy green apple cbd gummies suddenly felt very happy.Not knowing what to say, He Suo and instructor Hang came back after ordering dishes and took a bottle of local wine from the bar.To those people in the village Technical means, listening to their phone calls This is a major case, and he is a wanted criminal at level A This is indeed a major case, he is indeed a wanted criminal at level A, and he is extremely dangerous, where to buy green apple cbd gummies and the use of technical means complies with relevant regulations.However Now he is not the same as he was two years ago, and his awareness of anti investigation is getting stronger and stronger.Although the special arrest team has missed a few times, he HCMUSSH where to buy green apple cbd gummies has also grasped some situations.He usually does not use his mobile phone very much, and keeps a high level of vigilance all the time.Run away when you sense the danger, throw away the mobile phone you used occasionally before, and even give it to someone casually, so that person can mislead our sight.The atmosphere before the battle was so tense, he didn t dare to inquire again like in the afternoon.After urinating on the side of the road, he didn t talk about personal hygiene.The conditions for washing hands before and after meals are also not available here, so he HCMUSSH where to buy green apple cbd gummies hurriedly ran back to the yard with everyone and crowded around Zhang Tianxiang to check his equipment.Xiao Han, you are in the same group as Jiang Li.The trainer Hang appeared behind him at some point, whispered something in his ear, and pulled him to the last row.A group with Jiang Li, does Jiang Li have a group Han Chaoyang was confused and didn t dare to ask more questions, so he could only stand beside Jiang Li obediently.I thought the leader would mobilize before the battle, but the 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies three leaders who knew it was the big leader didn t say anything, just nodded slightly, and the leader of the county bureau went back to everyone and gave an order Every group has , act according to the plan, and set off immediately Yes The leader gave an order, and the six team leaders of the arresting team led their respective team members to run out of the yard quickly.Go door to door.This little guy was as excited as the little guy he met in the morning, and he chased after him with a wooden stick on his shoulder.As expected, the village is abandoned, but the water cellar dug before is still there.After walking through the collapsed ruins for less than half an hour, they found no less than forty water cellars with water, but no trace of anyone coming to fetch water was found.After confirming that the fugitive hadn t come, Jiang Li first 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies called to report to the headquarters, and then used the walkie talkie to communicate with Lugang at the mountain pass outside the village.The hill to the west is the commanding height of this area.It is impossible for fugitives to come from the hill, but the terrain there is high and the view is good.The superior asked us to set up an observation post on the hill.

He repeatedly declined the kindness of Political Commissar Huang and Fan Ju, said goodbye to everyone, and took Jiang Li and Zhang Tianxiang away first.Xiao Han, you did a great job.After sending the outsiders away, Political Commissar Huang patted him on where to buy green apple cbd gummies the shoulder, looked at the scars on his face and wrists scratched by thorns, and sighed You can tell that this time you have made a great contribution and have done a good job.You have suffered a lot.Good steel is not only used on the blade but also needs to be tempered.I believe this learning exchange is very meaningful to you.I m so happy. Comrades in remote areas are very hard.After returning home, the bureau will organize 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies several symposiums.All the policemen who participated in the exchange, including you, must speak out from their own experiences and share with their colleagues the experience of studying in a brother unit.On September 2, 2015, Comrade Jiang Li went deep into the community to serve the masses When he came to apply for the second who sells eagle hemp cbd gummies generation ID card, he keenly discovered Feng Changdong, a Grade A wanted criminal of the Ministry of Public Security who had been absconding for two years in fear of crime, and reported it to his superiors in time, which won a favorable opportunity for the arrest of the criminal.In the subsequent search and arrest operation, Jiang Li Comrades are not afraid of hardship, fatigue, and danger, and the police and armed police who organized the search and arrest successfully captured the criminal, playing an important role in combating drug crimes, purifying unhealthy social atmosphere, and safeguarding the safety of people s lives and property He was the third interceptor at the time.In the future, our branch police will also use a law enforcement recorder during mediation, and we will also record the whole process as when punishing.Political Commissar Huang sucked Taking a puff of smoke, he continued As for whether there are rigid regulations in this regard in the law, who will tell you the law when you encounter this kind of thing How did the old man die You can have an autopsy and a forensic examination He was scolded to death by He Pingyuan, how to test whether he was scolded to death Even if the relatives of the deceased agreed to what are hemp cbd gummies forensic autopsy and examination of the body, they would not necessarily recognize the report, saying that you belonged to the same group, and that your officials and officials were protecting each other.Online complaints and even Petitioning, just arguing with you like this, never giving up until the goal is achieved, making you burnt out, making you unable to justify.He Pingyuan was not at fault in the whole incident, but the relatives of the deceased did not give up.More than a dozen cadres 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies in Xinying Township are still maintaining stability where to buy green apple cbd gummies until now.The work of buy cbd gummies texas the relatives of the deceased could not be done, and the county leaders had no choice but to ask Wang Bureau and the Disciplinary Committee to do He Pingyuan s work.The three of them smoked cigarettes one by one, and the office was filled with smoke.The political commissar had been making sidelines for nearly half an hour just now, but He Pingyuan kept his head buried and remained silent.The county leaders are waiting for the news, and the Xinying Township cadres who are maintaining stability in the family of the deceased are waiting to help them mediate.Director Wang didn t want to waste any more time, let alone long nights and dreams.Han Chaoyang didn t know what Big Sister was thinking, so he hurried to the construction site, and under the guidance of a group of workers who wholesale cbd gummy elderberry cbd gummies had slanted down, he drove the patrol car to the place where the sand and gravel were piled up.Comrade police, the body is over there Looking in the direction of the fingers of a man who looked like a foreman, most of the corpses were exposed on the west side of the sand dune.The head, arms, and most of the body were exposed outside, and a pungent stench could be smelled from a long distance.The facial features could not be seen clearly, and the arms could only be seen as outlines.Not only was the surface of the corpse covered with yellow sand, but the yellow sand even Creeping The corpse is highly decomposed and maggot infested.No wonder the migrant workers didn t dare to approach, and no wonder the project managers and migrant workers standing on the downwind side covered their noses with their hands.He gave the people at the quality inspection station some money to get a few cement blocks that meet the standards to test, and if they don t meet the standards, they still meet the standards. Interlacing is like a mountain.I really don t understand these things, but causing a safety hazard is not a trivial matter.I suggest you report it to the relevant departments.Officer Wu, don t your police care Our public security can t control the quality of the project even if it manages the sky and the earth, Wu Wei smiled, and suddenly changed the subject Manager Chang, what is your relationship with Chang Liqun and Mr.Chang I m his cousin.He s busy.If you want to know anything, ask me.I stay here every day.I know more about the mixing plant and the sand and gravel plant than he does.Okay, I just want to know briefly, Wu Wei opened his briefcase, took out a pen and paper and asked, Manager Chang, how many workers are there at the mixing station and the sandstone plant There are more than 30 workers.Instead, they sympathize with us.Some victims even posted a few videos of being stopped there, and some were blackmailed along the way.The bill.Really Han Chaoyang wholesale cbd gummy elderberry cbd gummies laughed.Really, if you don t believe me, you can see for yourself While chatting happily, the phone suddenly rang.Han Chaoyang smiled apologetically, took out his phone and pressed the call button.Chaoyang, it s been verified.It s inconvenient to say the wholesale cbd gummy elderberry cbd gummies details now.I ve got one under control here, and another named Pei, named Pei Qimin, who is currently sleeping in Boss Chang s gravel field dormitory.It s not convenient for me to go there right now.It might be leaking, so hurry up and get him under control, and I ll send you his ID card information.Check it out Wu Wei didn t make it clear that Han Chaoyang was confused, but he could tell from his tone that he was anxious and excited at the same time.

Bureau Feng was stunned for a moment, thinking that Teng Jiming s tolerance was too small, and he told him yesterday that good steel should be used on the blade , but the result was that the wholesale cbd gummy elderberry cbd gummies two young men were still staring at the sand sifting field.But this is the division of labor of the task force.You, Yandong branch, pushed the case out of fear of trouble, so it s hard to say anything now.Director Feng looked up at Political Commissar Huang, held up his mobile phone and said, Still in the sand and gravel field, how about this, I will ask for three days off for you and the special case team, and you ask two patrol members to watch for you.It is now 7 45 , report to the branch office at 9 o clock.What task Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.Comrades from Longdao County Public Security Bureau came to our sub bureau to communicate.Everyone in the institute will meet you every time, and you will be reported.After meeting you, you will change your luck immediately.You can see how well he is doing now, and he is like a fish in water.His luck has HCMUSSH where to buy green apple cbd gummies been good during this time, but good luck always pays off.When I was alone, I was just worried that he would get carried away, that he would forget who he is.It s okay, didn t you make it clear just now, and this time I m not fighting alone.Sitting in the car and worrying is useless, and you can t Calling again to distract him, Huang Ying came out of nowhere and said, Lingling, tell me about your school days.I want to know too, Xu Hongliang looked up at the rearview mirror and asked curiously Lingling, who is Lao Li, I see that he often calls you.What do you mean, don t you worry about me Xie Lingling asked pretending to be angry.After thinking about it, he lowered his head and glanced at the fuel gauge, planning to use as much fuel as he wanted to refill, anyway, he couldn t let his good brother suffer.The exit of the airport expressway is in Yandong District.As policemen of the Yandong Public Security Bureau, the two are familiar with the road conditions in Yandong.Although he knew the way, Wu Wei cbd gummies make u tired still turned on the electronic navigation on his mobile phone.Today s Internet companies are really powerful.Navigation software can not only plan routes, but even know which road has more vehicles and which road section is congested.It can directly catch up with the traffic management center of the Municipal Bureau in the application of big data.Han Chaoyang listened to the prompts in the navigation, avoided traffic jams and slow moving sections, and finally arrived at the exit of the expressway at 6 21.Look for us to find out what s going on, we Tianxing Real Estate is a big taxpayer in the city.Two of you, please come with us.Just when Zhang Xinhai asked two middle aged men to take a step to talk, Han Chaoyang I have knocked on the door of Room 206 with Team Ji.The female assistant turned around anxiously, and said with a sad face, Xiaoying, they want to ask you for information.Who is it It s my police ID.Team Ji walked quickly into the luxuriously decorated suite, held up his ID and asked do cbd gummies show up on drug screens seriously, We won t hold you up long, just ask three questions.I used to watch screens and screens I think the female star in front of me is very beautiful, but I am a little disappointed when I see the real person Han Chaoyang.He is at most 1.6 meters tall, and his figure is really not good without high heels.Look at the words, I can t do it, you can definitely, you can tell at a glance whether you are lying or not.Director Han, Teacher Han, you think highly of us too.Li Kaiyi put the lunch box on the windshield and leaned over Picking up the bag placed at Xu Guoqiang s feet, he took out the personnel list written by Xu Guoqiang, and handed it to Han Chaoyang Look, let s see who they are.In terms of psychological quality, I guess they may be more criminal suspects in some major cases.Everyone is strong.The list is very detailed, including gender, name, age, home address, contact information, work unit, position everything, either the chairman or the general manager, and one even has the title Chairman of the Board of Directors Don t ask, you know that they are all rich.How can it be a fuel efficient lamp to make such a big business and make so much money It is not a challenge for them to talk nonsense when they see people, talk nonsense when they see people, and talk nonsense.Xiao Han, you just said that I, Tian Jiming, am a straightforward person.This straightforwardness depends on who is right and what is right.I know that playing cards is gambling, which is wrong.You Xiaohan asked me, and I readily admitted it.You Xiaohan Enforce the law impartially, and you must be punished.No matter how much the fine is, I will pay the fine cbd gummies leaf as quickly as possible.I will not embarrass you on these issues, and you will not embarrass me on other issues, how about it It turns out that he really has a problem, Cui Village Chief He sighed secretly and said nothing, turned around and continued making tea.Han Chaoyang didn t think Tian Jiming s attitude was cbd gummies dr oz bad, and said helplessly, Mr.Tian, I know this makes you very embarrassed.After all, only people with status and status can play with you.Yes.Whether the three murder suspects can be caught where to buy green apple cbd gummies aside, there is basically no problem in the investigation of the gambling case, judging from the current situation, at least they can be seized Seven or eight million gambling funds, or even more If nothing else, this may be the first case of gambling in the province seized in the form of chalak , and it is also the case with the largest amount of gambling seized by the public security system in the province this year.Zhou Ju was really refreshed on revive cbd gummies reviews where to buy green apple cbd gummies happy occasions.Holding his teacup, he said with a smile, Xiao where to buy green apple cbd gummies Han, you did a good job I just encouraged you to make persistent efforts and make new achievements in the police officer training center a while ago, but in where to buy green apple cbd gummies the blink of an eye, you have achieved such a great result.Zhou Ju, in fact, I didn t do anything, I didn t do the work alone, even if I got results, I didn t do it alone.

keep going to work.Han Chaoyang didn t sleep all night, so he where to buy green apple cbd gummies couldn t drive tired.Huang Ying drove, Han Chaoyang sat in the co pilot, and uncle, aunt and cousin sat in the back.Just after driving on the highway, Han Chaoyang was very sleepy but couldn t fall asleep.He simply took out his mobile phone and called the leaders of Bureau Du, Bureau Feng, and Liu Suo one by one to report that he was on his way back to his hometown.Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang were not caught.Xiao Han, I know you are responsible, but 9.You don t need to worry about case 18.Feng Ju, where to buy green apple cbd gummies who had just returned to the bureau, looked up at Zhou Ju who had been smiling all the time, suddenly remembered something, and subconsciously asked By the way, is your hometown in Qingshan County Yes, Linshan Town, Qingshan County Is it far from Baoyi County Not far, our town is in the northwest corner of Qingshan County, at the junction of Jinfeng Town, Baoyi County, and it is closer 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies to Baoyi County than to Qingshan County.No matter how polite you are, it will be hypocritical.Han Chaoyang has no choice but to leave his mobile phone number and add WeChat.He can only ask instructor Wang and the others to help him continue to pay attention.Call or text him.It was past three o clock in the afternoon when I returned to town with Xiaoqian.On the way back, I called and asked, my mother and girlfriend were playing at my aunt s house, and my uncle and aunt refused to let them go, not only asking them to have dinner there, He also told Father Han and Han Chaoyang to go over earlier.It s a bit early to go now, Han where to buy green apple cbd gummies Chaoyang made up his mind to go together after his father who worked overtime on Sunday got off work.Close the door, walk into the small room, and call the leader to report to the leader about going to the suspect s house in the morning.It s not the weekend today, why are you free After going back to her hometown in Qingshan County with Han Chaoyang, she founded her identity as the young mistress of the old Han family, and experienced the incident where Sheng Yanwen came to her door.I am very confident, and I have the same confidence in Han Chaoyang.Naturally, I don t have the same view of Zhang Beibei as before.I asked with a smile, and walked into the case handling area to unpack the cake box.Quit, it wasn t the boss who fired me, it was I who fired the boss.Why Huang Ying was very surprised, holding a small fork and asked Isn t a travel agency very good, you can play every day and everywhere, and you have a tourism major, and you have a tour guide certificate A tour guide is not as good as you think So glamorous, the travel agency I just quit my job is mainly for ground pick up, we tour guides don t have a penny of basic wages, and we have to pay them.Han Chaoyang paused, and said confidently No matter how you calculate , the one surnamed Zhou has reached a larger amount.After accepting the application, the labor inspection team will first investigate and verify, and then send an official document ordering payment to his family or post a copy at the entrance of the restaurant, no matter whether he can see it or not.If they still refuse to pay within the specified period, they can be handed over to our public security organs for investigation according to the procedures. That s amazing I just realized that if it wasn t for the crime where to buy green apple cbd gummies of refusing to pay labor remuneration, how could migrant workers wages be so easily negotiated in the past two years Yes.Although there is a lot of controversy about refusing to pay labor remuneration, especially in practice, there are many controversies, but I think it is a good thing to be imprisoned, and the law is not to protect vulnerable groups.Chapter 369 Entrepreneurship, Helping the poor chatted with Zheng Xinyi, while looking at the work log of the police platform for the past period, and before he knew it, it was time for dinner.Hearing that he where to buy green apple cbd gummies was back, Aunt Tan prepared an extra meal.After dinner in the police station, and waiting for Old Tang to come back from Tianxia Restaurant, Han Chaoyang rode on Old Tang s electric car, rushed to the office to find the leader to sell the leave, and waited for Huang Ying, who was working overtime, anyway, the sub district where to buy green apple cbd gummies cbd gummies for penis enlargement office Very close to the police station.I thought Kang was on duty tonight, but I didn t expect Liu to be there.Liu Jianye had changed his clothes but was not in a hurry to go home.Instead, he called Han Chaoyang to the office on the second floor and asked about the fugitive Huo Xuebin who the sub bureau wanted to arrest.The public security police, the person in charge of the security company and the person in charge of the security department of each construction unit will be stationed together.Come on, it s easy to plan and coordinate Mr.Qi, Mr.Deng, Mr.Xuan, I think this plan is feasible.It s all for the construction of the project, and you can t just make small calculations, don t you think Mayor Meng, you Having said that, what else can I say.Mr.Deng I have no objection.It turns out that this meeting was not for nothing, it turns out that the leaders of the street and the sub bureau have already prepared.The security company won a big order, Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, subconsciously took out his mobile phone, and secretly sent WeChat to Director Su and Lao Jin under the table, telling them the great news.Tomorrow morning, Manager Jin and Xinyi will go to the talent market to recruit people, and at the same time, they will consider promoting a group of squad leaders and deputy squad leaders.One stone stirred up waves, and the meeting room suddenly became lively, young man Each one is beaming with joy.Director Su smiled, and continued There are three main reasons why we can get such a big order.One is the support of the leaders.It takes advantage of the right time and place, and it can also be said that it is the advantage of being close to the water.We have made good use of these advantages now, and we will make good use of them in the future.For example, after the Chengdong Hub project is completed and put into use, high speed rail stations, subway stations and long distance Does East Passenger Transport Station need security checks As far as I know, the security checks at the railway station, long distance bus terminal, and Yanyang Airport are all HCMUSSH where to buy green apple cbd gummies outsourced to professional security companies.

Bet.Wei Lan is different from him.She was worried about her sister in law and children.She was really frightened and asked me if I should call the police.You don t care about this matter. What did you say Of course I said I should call the police., she is worried cbd gummies near tylenol pm that you will not where to get cbd gummies for anxiety wholesale cbd gummy only ignore it but also punish Hang Weifang, she is hesitating.All the information he had before was provided by Lao Song.After all, Lao Song is an outsider, and he must not know as much as the relatives of the party involved.Han Chaoyang weighed it and said Old Song, help me with Hang Weilan s ideological work.If you can do it, quietly take her to the police station and tell her clearly that our police can t ignore this kind of thing.Just go Team Liang s analysis makes sense, where to buy green apple cbd gummies it s impossible for usurers not to think about how to get back the money they released with interest Han Chaoyang also felt that this was very strange, so he went into the house to say goodbye to Kangsuo, rode his electric car to the police station to check the phone book, and called Li Tianzheng, a fake monk who had behaved well during this time and seemed to have reformed Li Tianzheng, who was on his way to pick up his son from where to buy green apple cbd gummies school, was surprised when he received a call from Han Chaoyang.I looked at the car installed in the corridor.The water and electricity meter, the water is not used very much, the electricity has been used for more than 100 degrees, and the meter is still turning when there is no one living in it Chapter 405 Strange things encountered by Lao Fan 2 Uninhabitable rough house Someone actually rented it, and after renting it, it was neither renovated nor lived in.What s even more strange is that no one lives in the house, but the electric meter is running If this is not suspicious what is Han Chaoyang realized that the tenants of the old Fan s house might have problems.Thinking revive cbd gummies reviews where to buy green apple cbd gummies of reporting the situation last time without knowing the situation, he almost made trouble for the case handling team, and then thinking that everyone in the house was busy during the special where to buy green apple cbd gummies rectification 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies operation before the festival.After sweeping the snow and returning to the classroom, Huang Ying decided not to stick to the classmate relationship agreed before, and sat at the same table with him without hesitation.The leaders of the party where to buy green apple cbd gummies school sat on the stage and talked for more than ten minutes.They didn t hold an opening ceremony or take a photo with the students, so they let the teacher start teaching.The so called teaching is to let the students watch the online lecture videos of the lecturers of the Central Party School.From the perspective of the training schedule, it is mainly self study.The first three days are all about watching videos.On the last day, there are on site lectures in the morning and a final exam in the afternoon.Since you have to take the exam, you have to study hard, otherwise it would be embarrassing to fail.Wan Xiaoxia has been here for almost a month, and there is no business in the store.Even the third sister in law spends all day playing mahjong with the women in the village.She, a waiter , can t help if she wants to.She can only pass the time by where to get cbd gummies for anxiety wholesale cbd gummy watching TV and surfing the Internet michael strahan cbd gummy She always wants to go online, and what she is most afraid of is going online, especially in the past five or six days, every time she sees Ling Bin s letters to her on her blog, every time she sees Xinxin s photos, every time she thinks that he and his daughter are more than 80 kilometers away When Yanyang looked for her, his heart felt like a knife was being twisted, and tears streamed down his face.But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or two o clock in the morning, thinking that where to buy green apple cbd gummies Ling Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of his sweetheart, and saved the photos uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.Lao Jin turned to look at Grandpa Gu, He couldn t help saying Besides, anti pickpocketing is criminal investigation.This is the job of the police, not our security.Pickpocketing is considered by many people to be a small crime on the street.The degree of difficulty is not low, and it is very dangerous.Others don t know, but Kang Haigen knows very well that everyone from the squadron leader, instructor to auxiliary policemen of the Anti Picking Squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of the Sub bureau was injured, and more than once, but all of them were minor injuries.They were either arrested here or scratched there.The superiors really do not advocate or encourage non governmental organizations to catch thieves by themselves.Kang Haigen didn t know what to say, but Cao Zefang actually said It s okay to form a voluntary anti snatching squadron, Lao Jin, didn t we discuss it at the meeting yesterday, can t Just look at immediate interests.Wu Wei is the officially appointed squadron leader, and Wu Junfeng is the officially appointed deputy squadron leader.Miao Haizhu didn t expect that the anti pickup team would have an instructor, let alone that she would where to buy green apple cbd gummies be appointed as an instructor.After hearing the appointment announced by instructor Xu, her blood boiled with excitement and she was ecstatic.Han Chaoyang thought to himself, so what if you become an instructor, I m still the team leader But now is not the time to be complacent.As soon as Xu s instructor finished speaking, he quickly took over the conversation again, and said in a cadence Comrades, with the development of society, police auxiliary personnel are fighting crimes, social patrols, traffic order maintenance, and administrative tasks.Services and many other aspects are playing an increasingly important role.Vice Minister Jiang hurriedly got up and bowed slightly to everyone, then took the microphone from Han Chaoyang, and said very modestly and sincerely Director Wang, Inspector Gu, all old comrades and classmates from Factory 527.Han said thanks revive cbd gummies reviews where to buy green apple cbd gummies just now, in fact, I should thank everyone.I went to the airport to perform during the Spring Festival travel season, and used the special situation of flash mob to promote our PolyU.Please allow me to thank you again on behalf of PolyU.After speaking, he bowed again., Applause sounded in the carriage again.Vice Minister Jiang can arrange the car and sit here, which shows that the matter of the training in England is over.Grandpa Gu was very pleased and clapped louder than anyone else.Han Chaoyang asked Vice Minister Jiang to sit back, held up the microphone and continued Uncles, aunts, and students, while I have time now, let me remind you again.

As the director, where to buy green apple cbd gummies Gu Suo of our Huayuan Street Police Station was transferred to serve as an instructor.As soon as Gu Suo left, we were short of a deputy director.As a result, Lao Ding was so well informed that he didn t find out who would be the deputy director in the police station.Su Xian couldn t believe it was true, and stared at him intently.Director Su, what s wrong, there s something on my face Han Chaoyang was confused, and subconsciously touched his face.There s nothing on your face, but these things are interesting this afternoon.Director Su, what do you mean Papa Huang asked curiously.Good thing Su Xian believed that her previous speculation was correct, she turned her head and said with a smile Yingying, while Teacher Ma is here, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Chaoyang to get the marriage certificate, don t delay, it may cause long nights and dreams., so that the sub bureau has enough reason to break where to buy green apple cbd gummies the rules and promote Chaoyang.Yingying, Director Su is right, what he said is so reasonable, this is HCMUSSH where to buy green apple cbd gummies what the job requires Dad Huang is so happy that he doesn t need others to respect him.Pick up the cup and drink it down.Raising you so much, and helping you buy a house in Yanyang, I can t even talk about it The other child will go to get a certificate tomorrow, and his daughter doesn t even have a boyfriend.Boss Miao was so depressed that he couldn t help turning around and said Teacher Ma , you comment, can you say that I am a father, am I qualified to say it Chapter 506 Unbelievable The weather forecast is very accurate, saying that there will be snow in the sky today, and there will be light snow in the sky.After Liu Jianye arranged today s work, he received a call from Director Du himself as soon as he returned to the office.Zhongshan Road Police District Voluntary Security The patrol team looks very formal Military management, closed management Fan Ju subconsciously asked.Fan Bureau, the community security company used to be like this.Later, the business got bigger and bigger, and there were more and more duty stations.First, there were not so many means of transportation, and second, there were not so big dormitories.It gradually became what it is now.Political commissar, I think Xiao Han s idea is good.There are a lot of idle houses along Zhongshan Road, some in the street, some in the district, and some left over from the tertiary industry before the bureau committees in the district.Let s see where it is more suitable., find relevant units to coordinate, borrow for a period of time, the problem should not be big.Cao Zefang looked back at Xu Hongliang, and said with a smile, You don t need to spend money.It s where to buy green apple cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies good enough to have this condition.At least there is water and electricity.Let s see, it shouldn t cost much. It s mainly heating, and heating is a problem. If you can borrow it for three to five years, the gas boiler like the one in the previous hotel is also worth it.It s a big loss here. The second hand boiler can sell for some money, and according to the current trend, it should not be demolished here in three to five years.Cao Zefang looked around and added Look, the surrounding area has been completely demolished and newly built., this courtyard is nestled inside, it does not affect the city appearance, and it is not as big as the memorial hall.The developer has to consider the ratio of investment and income, so he is not very interested in this place.Wang Jiayong and Liu Yishan were confused and were thinking about whether to drive an electric patrol car to follow.Han Chaoyang slammed the steering wheel and drove the police car onto the road.The car window ordered Jiayong, the patrol car is parked here, just pull wholesale cbd gummy elderberry cbd gummies out the key, go and arrest the suspect with me first, and then drive the patrol where to buy green apple cbd gummies car back after the arrest Chapter 537 Race against time 6 The moment of tension has finally arrived Lao Kong and Xiao Chen worked revive cbd gummies reviews where to buy green apple cbd gummies hard all morning, collected more than 40 fingerprints, packed up the survey box, took off their masks and gloves, walked out of the Internet cafe and climbed into the survey car, ready to compare them in the car.Gu Zhongjie was very anxious and was about to call Bao Qingshan when Bao Qingshan called first.Bao Suo, what s going on with you, I ll have results soon I haven t made much progress here, but Zhenchuan and Chaoyang have made great progress.Before entering the kitchen, I asked the waiter if there was a back door, and Jiang Xiaoquan was guarding the back, waiting for him to fall into the trap.In order to paralyze the suspect, Yu Zhenchuan called out his current name while chasing him.The kitchen is huge, but the aisle space is limited, so Wu Wei simply jumped onto the operating table and rushed forward.In front of Gui Pride was a hotel colleague who was panicked and his feet were slippery.Wu Wei was not as fast as Wu Wei when he stumbled.Wei Lingkong pounced on him, and with a plop , he was forced to the ground.Yu Zhenchuan and Yang Tao followed closely, and hurriedly held down the hands and feet of Gui Proud.Wu Wei climbed up and took out the handcuffs, first handcuffed the suspect s left hand, then with the help of Yu Zhenchuan, handcuffed the suspect s right hand, and then put the suspect up together.I can t talk nonsense if I m not allowed where to buy green apple cbd gummies to talk about the matter of being entrusted and loyal to others, but if it were you, you would have no choice but to do so. That s right, it s quite difficult for you to be caught in the cbd oil gummies anxiety middle. Thank you I understand, but no matter what, I really feel sorry for you, and I will treat you to dinner later and serve wine to make amends.A murderer just missed, and Lao Hu was very depressed.But the matter has passed, what s the use of being depressed now, if you don t give up and even lose your friends, you simply smiled and said Forget about eating, there was no time a year ago.Although I don t want to make progress like you young people, the superior The strike mission assigned must be completed as well.You have a good mass base, and your eyes are all over the street.

A bag of rice, a bag of noodles, and a barrel of oil are not worth much, but they are enough for you and your aunt to eat for a while.The wife is in poor health, and the old couple That little pension is only enough to see a doctor, and the family is really in trouble.The old man hesitated for a long time, and said with tears, Thank you, I will trouble you.Please keep the police and civilian contact card.If you have anything to do, remember to call.We will go to the community to do something, and we will come to see you when we have time.I will wish you New Year s greetings in a few days.II ll send you off.Don t give it away, you always stay behind.The police and civilian contact card is put away, or I will give you another one.Old Tang left another police and civilian contact card, and said to leave Walk.The passenger flow of the East Bus Station will reach 500,000 people cbd gummies have little effect on pain There is a large flow of people, and HCMUSSH where to buy green apple cbd gummies there must be fugitives mixed in with the passengers.A few days after the police office of the station was assigned to the Zhongshan Road police area, four online fugitives have been compared and decisively controlled.However, the station is not only under where to buy green apple cbd gummies the jurisdiction of the Zhongshan Road do you need prescription for cbd gummies police area, but also under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street police station.After going out and controlling the suspects, they will be sent directly to the institute instead of to the police office.Han Chaoyang was thinking to himself that he was lucky today, and he went to the Taoyuan community with Old Tang to collect clues about Dai Lishi s whereabouts.Then he might be able to compare one or two fugitives online, but just after looking at it for a while, his phone suddenly rang I took it out and looked at the caller ID.First send a copy to the Propaganda Department and the Political Department of the Municipal Bureau, and the Propaganda Department and the Political Department will post it online after they think there is no problem.Yes As soon as Director Wen walked out of the office, Political Commissar Huang and Director Du couldn t help laughing.Old Du, you really revive cbd gummies reviews where to buy green apple cbd gummies miscalculated this time.Zhou Ju picked where to buy green apple cbd gummies up the public opinion bulletin again, and said with a smile, Look, there are only a few websites that forward it, and there are not many comments.What kind of public opinion is this At best thc cbd gummies least The district and the city know about it.Bureau Du took the notice of public opinion, looked at it and said with a smile The reaction on the Internet is not very intense, which shows that netizens are becoming more mature and rational, which is not a bad thing.He thought that he only confirmed the real name of Little Fairy when he went to Boss Meng in the afternoon, and then asked Did your girlfriend bring a wallet when she left ID card I have it, the wallet is gone, and the ID card is in the wallet.Is there any money in the wallet There is money, more than 1,500.Officer Han, I am not afraid of your joke, the one she took away Five thousand is our last money, if it wasn t for the two thousand my colleague borrowed the day before yesterday, I wouldn wholesale cbd gummy elderberry cbd gummies t even be able to eat now Han Chaoyang sympathized with his experience, and then asked, Do you remember her ID number RememberHan Zhaoyang took the attitude of giving it a try, and helped him use the Police Service to check whether there was any hotel accommodation record for Little Fairy , and unexpectedly found it, a fast chain store very close to Xingye Plaza The hotel has her check in record, and she didn t 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies check out.Oh.Huang Ying hurriedly hugged Han Chaoyang s waist, almost lying on his back and asked Husband, who is that person who said goodbye to you at the gate of the police station just now I don t think I ve seen him before.Sun Guokang, the policemen who have just been assigned to the Huayuan Street Police Station should have been trained in the police officer training center.The superiors considered that the police force in each unit will be tense during the Spring Festival, so they should go back and forth for internship first, and then go back to continue training after the new year.You guys.Isn t the police office separated from the police station Why didn t he practice in the station, why did he come to your police office Passing a section of the road with many electric vehicles, he explained Our where to buy green apple cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies police area overlaps with the jurisdictions of the two police stations.At the same time, I thought this was very funny, so I couldn t help joking 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies Teacher, so preaching and teaching karma to solve doubts Since you are a master of others, you must teach them well, and you must not mislead your children He is older than me, has a higher education than me, and knows more things than me, and I don t know what to teach. What the school teaches is useless. The police academy is different from your school.To be specific, he studied public security management as a junior college student, public security management as an undergraduate, and investigation as a graduate student, and he went to grass roots teams for internships every semester.There are almost no jobs in the institute that he can t do. So Said he looked down on you as a master a little bit I don t know, no matter how much, I will take him as Sergeant Yang took me before.Huang Ying glanced down at her phone, leaned over to pick up her down jacket, listless Said I can t take it anymore, go back to sleep for a while, and don t sit here and do nothing.It s better to take a nap in your busy schedule than to do nothing.Okay, I ll take you back first It is always better to change.Just as he and his wife walked out of the police room, the phone rang again.The caller ID was a completely unfamiliar mobile phone number.Han Chaoyang stopped in his tracks and answered the phone and asked, Hello, who are you Officer Han, are you Xiao Han Yes, I am Yandong Branch Police officer Han Chaoyang, who are you The voice was familiar, but he couldn t remember who it was for a while, Han Chaoyang glanced at Sun Guokang who was talking to Xiaokang, and signaled him to be ready to go to the police.

As for what to do in the future, Han Chaoyang believed that the bureau leader would have a solution, so he said yes , walked into the doctor s office again, and asked Director Yu to help Dai Lishi issue a hospitalization order.In fact, Bureau Du had no good solution.He picked up his mobile phone and found the number of Bureau Zhou, but then he thought that today was the first day of the Lunar New Year, and it felt inappropriate to call for such a matter.Director Xing was not idle just now.He called the police on duty in the pre trial brigade to inquire about the progress of Dai Lishi s case.Seeing Director Du frowning, he said cautiously Director Du, I just asked.This matter is very troublesome.The victim s injury After the identification, the level of minor injury will be prosecuted by the procuratorate after the new year.It seems that he left on the 27th of the twelfth lunar month.So it s impossible for it to be stolen.Boss Zhang seemed to realize that he missed the point in what he had said, and he added helplessly That kid works really hard, he is very responsible in looking after the store, and he is also very shrewd.It s just a little sloppy.The quilt has not been washed for an untold amount of time, and it smells like stinky feet.I said, why don t you go in I can t stand it, I can t stand it.Understood.Han Chaoyang smiled , Looking at the security duty room at the south gate, he suggested Boss Zhang, sleeping in the car is easy to catch cold, why don t you go to the guard s place to rest for a while, the duty room has heating.No trouble, it s not cold in the car.If you don t turn on the heater, it will be cold for a while.But if there is no clue at the end of the investigation, not only will the leader of the team be embarrassed, but what will they think of the Yandong Public Security Bureau Zhou Ju racked his brains for two or three minutes, and found that it was not appropriate to arrange anyone to go, and it was not appropriate to arrange for someone with an administrative position to go.At this time, Political Commissar Huang suddenly said Ju Zhou, why don t you let Xiao Han go Just as he was in a state of desperation, Zhou Ju s voice came from Political Commissar Huang s cell phone Let Xiao Han go easy, the key point where to buy green apple cbd gummies is that he can t solve the problem, and he is just mentioned as a deputy department.He is so young, and he can t show our understanding of this case.attention.The leader was right Han Chaoyang didn t want to go to Beijing even if he was beaten to death, and he didn t want to lose this person anyway.You must know that you are representing the sub bureau, and you must speak when you should speak, otherwise, what will your counterparts in Beijing think and think I know you want to catch drug dealers, but in some cases you don t want to Clear.What s going on Han Chaoyang opened the door to look at the corridor, and confirmed that there was only one plainclothes guard at the elevator entrance, then closed the door and said, What do you think the bureau asked me to do I can tell you that the bureau asked me to take the blame As a result, the old man It s shit luck, it s shit luck, I stepped on a pile of shit last night, and I caught the drug trade early this morning.This pot doesn t exist, so I don t have to carry it anymore.My mission is basically It s done.Back the blame, what blame Yu Zhenchuan really didn t know this, and was confused.It s not for other reasons.The main reason is that the more I work, the more I feel that I need to recharge my batteries.They are either transferred from the army to cadres or graduated from the police academy.Yes, I either know the law or know how to use computers.I have a special skill.I graduated from the Conservatory of Music, and after being admitted as a civil servant, I received three months of training at the Police Officer Training Center Zhou Ju nodded slightly, and looked at him with a smile.Slowly said Knowing your own shortcomings, wanting to recharge, wanting to take the postgraduate entrance examination is a good thing, but some comrades think more about it, and want to take the postgraduate entrance examination to get a master s degree so that they can work in a better unit in the future and have a broader development.It s okay not to watch, don t worry, it won t delay you for long Time.Han cbd gummies atlanta Chaoyang let go of his arm, turned around and said, The big guy saw it just now, a little misunderstanding is not a big deal.Regarding what happened today, let me first talk about my personal opinion, and the big guy also helped to comment Judge, see if I m right.Officer Han, tell me, we re listening.Xiao Han, it s not that where to buy green apple cbd gummies cbd sleep aid gummies I don t recognize my relatives.The security guards 750 mg cbd gummies review did something wrong today.Lao Zhong s family moved in when the keys were handed over to the complex.Xiaoyong was still in school at that time.In 2010, I was stopped and questioned when I went back to Zijier s house, and I would be just as angry Director Yang, don t worry, listen to Xiao Han first. Okay, Xiao Han, where to buy green apple cbd gummies you go first. Residents in the surrounding community just laughed, but when they heard that it was going to be dealt with or even dealt with, their stance was one sided, and their attitudes were surprisingly unanimous.You can go to Fengyong to buy it.Now that you are married, you can t live without a home.While chatting, the phone rang.Han Chaoyang drove the patrol car to the side of the road, took out his mobile phone, and looked at the caller ID, it was the chief of the local police station calling again.Chapter 667 I m from my hometown anyway Qi Suo, I m Chaoyang, do you have any news He said with a smile The little bastard is indeed from Qingshan.His surname is Bao, and his name is Bao Haibing.He lives in the sixth group of Yuxia Village, Huangyu Town.He is 17 years old this year.His academic performance is not very good.He didn t get into high school.After graduating from junior high school He studied maintenance electrician at Qingshan Technical School and just finished half a semester.His parents are both alive and the family conditions are not bad.

Excited by the opportunity to arrest the suspect involved in the robbery, Miao Haizhu called Wu Junfeng to stop a taxi, and rushed to the entrance of the Forest Tribe Internet Cafe.Han Chaoyang also arrived in his electric patrol car, but parked far away, waiting for Mao Kangle at the east intersection.Hello, do you surf the Internet Although the decoration of the Internet cafe is very ordinary, the service attitude is good.A beautiful female Internet administrator stood up from the bar as soon as she entered the door.Hmm.Miao Haizhu tightened the strap of her travel bag and answered, but her attention was focused on the guests who were sitting in front of rows of computers and surfing the Internet.Do you have a membership card No, we are here for the first time.Wu Junfeng walked to the bar tacitly, put his satchel on the bar, pretended to rummage through his wallet to get his ID card, and diverted the attention of the network administrator to block the view of the network administrator.Call it out, let me watch it.The video, which only lasted a dozen seconds, has been watched countless times by Miao Haizhu since the criminal police and traffic police closed in.Watch it once, cry once.Miao Haizhu didn t want to, to be precise, she didn t dare to watch it anymore, she didn t want to see her comrades who had been together day and night fall before her eyes again.But Han Chaoyang didn t look at it.She bit her lip, walked to the main cabinet of the surveillance system, and turned on the computer of the surveillance system.Where there is video, there is truth.As Sun Guokang said, Liu Chengquan can be completely avoided.Even if he stands still on the steps, he will at most be hit by the bumper of the car that caused the accident, and at revive cbd gummies reviews where to buy green apple cbd gummies most his legs will be broken.But in order to save the woman in the video who was wearing a black down jacket, carrying a small red bag, and listening to music while walking with headphones, he rushed down the steps and pushed the girl away, but he himself was hit by the car that caused the accident.Hu, naturally have dinners.When he returned to the hall again, Mr.Hu and the two men wearing hard hats had already left, and Da Ben who was parked outside was gone.While helping to clean up the coffee table, Han Chaoyang asked curiously Mom, Mr.Hu is alone.How can I book two rooms Who said he lived alone Several people Huang Ma looked back at the corridor to confirm that no guests came out, and said with a smile Usually two people live, and there is a woman , 21 or 20 years old, with a good figure and pretty looks.I didn t come out of the room just now, and you didn t see it.Now I m going out to dinner with Mr.Hu and the others.Huang Ying asked gossipingly Mr.Hu She looks forty, but that woman is only in wholesale cbd gummy elderberry cbd gummies her twenties Don t make a fuss, isn t that what rich people do.They live together Well, they live in 110, which is the big bed room on the east side.Oh.Jiang Xiaomin was still very responsible.He didn t bother to grab the red envelopes.What the group of friends talked about, as long as they thought it was valuable, they were recorded.The courier package in Room 702, Building 3, Dongming Community was placed in the security room at the south gate.Maybe he was careless and forgot to call the owner or send a WeChat message to the owner.The owner didn t receive it and was in a hurry.Called the customer service, and the customer service said it was done I signed for it, and the attitude is not good.I didn t receive it but said I signed for it.The owner was not convinced, so he went to the official website of the General Post Office to complain.Maybe the General Post Office punished Xingda Express, and the express company fined the courier, and the courier He also knew her home address and mobile phone number, made insulting calls, and even sent threatening text messages.Fan Bureau attaches great importance to it and ordered your patrol team to organize all forces to assist the Economic Investigation Brigade in the order choice cbd gummies investigation.Huayuan Street Police Station What about the Xinyuan Street Police Station You are assisting, and they are cooperating.From now on, this case will be taken over by the 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies Economic Investigation Team.In a city with a serious MLM problem, this newly discovered MLM gang may not be much.But for Yanyang, who is not serious about pyramid schemes and is building a city without pyramid schemes , this is undoubtedly a big case.Since it is a major case, it will naturally be taken over by the Economic Investigation Brigade.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and quickly answered yes.Deputy Director Xing looked up at the big screen, and then said Bureau Fan is reporting the situation to District Chief Chen, and the district leaders are expected to give instructions soon, and the district publicity office is expected to take the lead in organizing the Market Supervision Bureau and our branch to take action soonNow more than 100 people have been found suspected of pyramid schemes.Xiao Xu is both the deputy captain of the patrol team and the general manager of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.He graduated from the police academy and works at the Huayuan Street Police Station of our branch.I had an internship, I could have been a policeman, but I found that community work is just as promising, and I finally decided to stay in the community, I am very courageous and capable The most handsome policeman, I have heard of it for a long time.Director Zou of the Market Supervision Sub bureau greeted where to buy green apple cbd gummies Han Chaoyang , took the initiative to shake hands with Xu Hongliang, and smiled while shaking Manager Xu, borrowing your place is causing you trouble.Where is Bureau Zou Xu Hongliang didn t know what to call him, so Fan Ju introduced it again without losing the opportunity., very sensible, very obedient, very capable Good, good, good.Han Chaoyang took the luggage and helped the old man to the 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies electric patrol car all the way.The patrol car asked with a half smile Chaoyang, did you feel a little flustered when you heard that Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du were going to be transferred Being right, Han Chaoyang smiled awkwardly and said, A little bit.You, the captain, did it.Why panic Grandpa Gu asked back, and said meaningfully Leadership adjustments, this is normal.I don t know how many leaders I have changed from working to retiring.Don t you live the same life and do the same job You say you are the captain of the voluntary security patrol team, but you are actually a policeman.Just do your job well.Don t worry about it, there is nothing to worry about.Seven hundred and seventeenth Chapter new director It was already past 6 pm when he woke up, Han Chaoyang got up to wash his face, looked in the mirror, and thought to himself that he would not be shark tank episodes cbd gummies able to sleep at night.

The Yandong Sub bureau was established when Yandong was withdrawn from the county county level city and established as a district.It was said to be a sub bureau, but it relied more on the district in terms of funding and personnel than the county bureau.As Lao Ding said, what happened this morning is of great significance, and it is likely to become a veritable sub bureau in the future.Han Zhaoyang thought for a while, and couldn t help asking Don t the district know How could the district not know Lao Ding took the cigarette from Xu Hongliang, and said like a medici quest cbd gummies bears treasure After the leader of the Municipal Bureau announced his appointment, he will lead Liu The members of the leadership team of the Bureau and other sub bureaus went to the District Committee, and Deputy Secretary Lei received them.Side It s possible, and it s extremely possible.Old Ji, you can think of it, but the special case team can t Wu Wenge flicked the ashes, and said slowly The special case team must have arranged where to buy green apple cbd gummies for someone to call the river.Surveillance on the Binlu Road, now there are cameras everywhere, the time of death is not long, and the identity of the deceased has been confirmed, this case should not be difficult to solve.It s really hard to say whether it will be solved.Whether it will be solved or not has nothing to do with you.Old Wu, what do you mean by that Ji Kaiyuan was unhappy, and patted the coffee table and said, It had nothing to do with me before, and it has nothing to do with us if it happened in other places, but now we are the voluntary security patrol team of Yandong Branch.Counselor, the case happened in the security patrol area of our patrol team, why is it nothing to do with us Do you still want to investigate Ordinary people are still doing what is right, what s wrong with my investigation, I am a best cbd gummies for insomnia party member and a police officer Retired public security officers.Liu Jianye Knocking the cigarette ash, he continued We went to the bank to check the bank cards in the victim s wallet, and found that those bank cards were not bound to Alipay and WeChat, and did not open a third party payment service.I used my card to make purchases at a supermarket in the west of the city, and I found out that I had withdrawn money from an ATM on the east side of People s Square two and a half months ago.Lao Ding couldn t help but ask, Have you tuned in to the surveillance video at that time The supermarket s surveillance The video was only saved for a month, and it was not transferred.The 500mg sugar free cbd gummies where to buy green apple cbd gummies video of withdrawing cash from hemp gummies with cbd the bank s ATM was transferred, and he went alone, only withdrew 200 yuan in cash, and when he got the money, he went to the direction of People s Square.Kaiyuan s command, and tacitly put on his coat and walked out of the meeting room together.Grandpa Gu didn t say anything, let alone Wu Cultural Revolution.Lao Ding wanted to help Liu Jianye where to buy green apple cbd gummies solve the case, and he had no objection either, but as soon as he got to the police car, Ji Kaiyuan suddenly turned around and said, Old Ding, you don t have to go with us, you go to support Lao Tang, since he has to figure out Yu Xiufen s situation, I m sure I m too busy to check the surveillance. Alright, I ll drive an electric patrol car over there, and you should be careful on the road.Wei Ping will definitely not be in revive cbd gummies reviews where to buy green apple cbd gummies Xiangju Building, Yu Xiufen is just doing errands there during the day It is estimated HCMUSSH where to buy green apple cbd gummies that they will not be here at the moment, but now they where to buy green apple cbd gummies mainly look for hotel employees in the past and ask them if they have seen the victim.Wei Ping s heart died the moment he finished killing someone, and he said as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him I killed the little boy surnamed Teng, who seduced my woman.You are still planning to go to my house to sleep with that shameless woman, do you think he deserves it How Strangled.Where was it strangled Liu Jianye asked while the iron was hot.A small park in the north of our community.Why did he go there I sent him a WeChat message on my woman s mobile phone, but I didn t expect him to go.How did he get where to buy green apple cbd gummies there Riding an electric car.And then Wei Ping thought about the scene that night, leaned against the wall and said, I just want to know how far they have developed, but I didn t expect him to have an affair with that shameless woman.He thought that the mobile phone was in Yu Xiufen where to buy green apple cbd gummies s hands, and he sent me a WeChat message as soon as he arrived at the park, asking if I was at home, what to do at night, and said that he would go to a hotel to get a room.If the street leaders get angry and issue irrational orders, and Sun Guokang executes them in a hurry, such as taking compulsory measures against residents who obstruct street activities, I really don t know how it will end.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to be careless, and repeatedly told Sun Guokang to keep calm, and rushed to Xinmin Community with Miao Haizhu and Wu Junfeng.Sure enough, there were hundreds of people watching.This is an event held in the street, for the purpose of creating a civilized city The participants in the performance HCMUSSH where to buy green apple cbd gummies are all volunteers, and the oldest is 82 years old Not only do you not support such a public welfare activity, but you even come here to make trouble.Do you know what this is What does it matter to us that you want to build a civilized city Beat gongs and drums, turn on the stereo so loudly, make noise, let us rest What time is it, it s still dark, and it s not rest time No, you are civil servants, and you have iron rice bowls.Yu Zhenchuan was still eating 20 minutes ago, and he was temporarily pulled in for a friendship guest appearance.He didn t have any preparations at all, so he had to drive back quickly to pack up and change his clothes.Wu Junfeng heard that two anti pickup team members were going to be dispatched to perform tasks in other places, so he rushed over immediately.He has rich experience and can play very well.Han Chaoyang wanted to count kangaroo 1000mg cbd gummy worm him in, but considering that he would not be a member of the anti pickup soon, he still felt that he should use this opportunity to train new players.Police student Zheng Bai and veteran Shi Junhua quickly packed their bags and came to the police room to stand by.Tang Xiaoxuan, Xie Lingling and Zhang Beibei knew that Huang Ying was in a bad mood, and knew that she didn t like parting the most, so they took Huang Ying to watch a movie after dinner, which helped Han Chaoyang a lot, otherwise he really didn t know how to face last year.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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