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As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, Everyone immediately burst where to find cbd gummies into laughter.What are you laughing at What s so funny about it Chen Xiujuan laughed so hard that she burst into tears and said out of breath while laughing The old lady s surname is Gui, and her name is Gui Ermei.She is the widow of a martyr.Her husband died during the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.She has two daughters who are all married.She lived in Chenjiaji by herself.Every one or two months, she has to go to the Sixth Hospital of the city to see a doctor kenai farms cbd gummies scam and get medicine.Every time she comes by car from the village , every time after seeing the doctor and getting where to find cbd gummies pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews the medicine, I can t remember where my home is, so I just drag someone to ask him to call 110 for her.She, she lied to me Han Chaoyang realized, and asked dumbfoundedly She Did you report to the police because you want me to send her home Hahaha.

This matter couldn t just end like this.Now all the owners of the community know that there is a big python in botanical farms cbd gummies the community.Not everyone likes snakes, and everyone is not afraid, especially families with children.What s more, if a big snake can run the first time, it can run the second time, and the third time, what should I do if it runs out again Could it be that it came to catch snakes for her every two days It just happened to come back.If she doesn t come back, I will go to find her.Chapter 8 Big Snake 2 As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, there was a rush of roaring in the room, Hold it, hold it, hold it Tighten up Xiaoqian, take the bag and put on the headgear first Okay, okay, it can t move, its grandma is very strong and wants to pester me Hold on, hold on, take it easy, don t make it too big Energetic The public security fire brigade does not charge for firefighting, and I did not expect snake catching to be so professional.

The land acquisition of 527 factory can become the land worker of 527 factory.However, 30 years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi.The 527 Factory, which was once a smash hit, has declined, and Chaoyang Village has become very popular now.The villagers no longer envy the cadres and workers of the 527 factory, and even look down on where to find cbd gummies pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews them.They used to hope that their daughters could marry into the 527 factories, but now they don t agree even if they are beaten to death.They hope that their daughters can find a suitable one in the village.Listening to the old factory manager s memories of the past, and looking at the Chaoyang villagers houses across the road, Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered a ridiculous job assigned by his superiors.There are still two low income households in the village waiting for him to help the poor Nima, just because they don t have money now doesn t mean they won t have money in the future.

Xu Hongliang was equally excited, looking up the management account of the outsiders and said excitedly They are two men and a woman, and there are three of us.It shouldn t be a big problem for the two of us to deal with the two men, and Lao Xu to deal with the woman.Han Chaoyang put on his T shirt, probed and said, gold harvest cbd gummies 1000mg In case they jump over the wall in a hurry, I think it s better to be safe.Call the office It s a rare opportunity, if we can solve it, of course we will solve it ourselves, Han Chaoyang thought for a while , walked out and smiled When Lao Xu arrives, we will first check the situation, confirm the cbd gummies review where to find cbd gummies target, observe the terrain, and then go to Dongming Community to find some security guards.Manager Zhang is good, and will definitely help.Borrow some security guards It s okay, they are all veterans, and they can help at critical moments.

More than 30 people lined up neatly.In where to find cbd gummies contrast, the law enforcement team members and coordinators of the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade are really not enough.This is the stability maintenance force of the street As the immediate boss of the voluntary security patrol team, Director Cai where to find cbd gummies of the Comprehensive Management Office was very satisfied, looked at each other with the where to find cbd gummies two deputy leaders of the working group and Director Su, and ordered Comrades, act according to the plan and set off Yes Following the leader s order, the team members and cadres of the working group immediately walked as planned, and some got into the car.The large troops rushed out, the police lights flashed, and Director Su, who also put on the special police training uniform, was full of emotion and couldn t help it.

Please prepare your ID card, household registration The filing and registration procedures of the rental house are waiting for inspection The house is about to be demolished, so why check the procedures for renting out the house Yeah, this is taking off your pants and farting As expected, when I heard that there was an inspection The villagers immediately exploded without going through the filing and registration of rental houses.It was very important to check the ID cards of the outsiders.Han Chaoyang didn t have time to explain to them, so he handed over the microphone to the oncoming Director Su, and led the eager action team to the homes of several residents on the east side of the first row.Director Su s cadenced voice came from the loudspeaker of the patrol car Villagers, residents who rent in Chaoyang Village, I am Su Xian, director of Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee.

I told Section Chief An that he would not be in a hurry for a minute or two and let him go.After showing his ID card, we reported his number to Sister Guo for priority checking, but he said he didn t bring it with him and couldn t remember his ID number.Then we asked him his name and home address, and he suddenly said that he had a severe stomachache and asked to Go to the toilet, turn around and run.Which direction did you run To the fifth team, I was the only patrol member at the intersection, and I didn t dare to chase too far, what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies cbd extreme gummi but I saw that he seemed to run into the third house on the west side of the intersection.You continue to check at the intersection, and I will be there soon.Chapter 53 Inspecting 5 Xinhua, get in the car and bring your equipment The walkie talkie uses the same frequency, how could Gu Xinhua not know what to do What are you going to do Throw the explosion proof shield and cbd extreme gummi how long do cbd gummies last in system swing stick on the patrol car, and say happily Okay.

There are not many newcomers in the branch this year, and the situation of this one is quite special.Liu Jianye, the director of the Huayuan Street Police Station, is good at his job, but he also has a lot of problems.He used to look down on lesbians when he was the captain of the criminal police squadron.Now he is the director of the police station and he doesn t like the new music student in front of him.He has asked the bureau leader more than once to change him It is true that the chief officer at the grassroots level is difficult to do, and his mood is understandable, but how can there be so many police school students, graduates of political and law universities, or political and legal officers who have undergone two years of systematic training In short, Deputy Director Xing was very impressed with the person in front of him, so he walked to the door and asked, Isn t it Han Chaoyang, who studied music and passed the police civil servant exam last year, dr hemp cbd gummies and was assigned to our branch not long ago Yes Don t be nervous, Sit down and talk about what s going on.

It sounds like mourning.I ll go and see.Where did the woman come from Chen Jie trotted to catch up and said, Miss, Han Da doesn t want to be disturbed by others I m not someone else.You are Can I be his girlfriend Huang Ying With a secretive smile, Chen Jie was stunned and did not dare to stop her.When Huang Ying walked to the door, she thought she was going to smash the door, but found that the anti theft door was ajar, so she just pushed the door and walked in.I saw Han Chaoyang wearing a T shirt on his upper body and a pair of big shorts on his lower body, facing the door with his back, shaking his head and playing the piano mesmerized.Sure enough, there was an automatic speaker with power amplifier next to the bed, with a USB flash drive plugged into it, and it was playing a sad and beautiful piano accompaniment.

Liu Jianye stopped Su Xian who was about to pour water, put down her bag, sat down at the desk and said with a sad face Director Su, Han Chaoyang was taken away by the discipline committee and inspector of the sub bureau.I know it, although I don t know why, but as the director, I have a great responsibility, and I don t care enough about him, and I don t manage him strictly enough.So you didn t know that Han Chaoyang s problem has been figured out Su Xian came to her senses and asked calmly Director Liu, so Xiao Han did make a mistake, did he have a problem He, a new comrade who is currently on probation, should be allowed to stay in the community.If an experienced veteran comrade were arranged to come to the police station, these where to find cbd gummies things would definitely not have happened. Director Liu, you are so busy with work, you have to visit our community in person Director Su, I won t go around in circles with you.

Thousands of people held banners and shouted slogans , Maybe they will march all the way to the district government like last time.What the sub bureau can solve must not alarm the city bureau.Xing Hongchang didn t want to ask the city bureau to send special police over to maintain stability like last time, and immediately issued an order Xiao Han, gather people and set off immediately Leading a patrol team to maintain stability is the command of the where to find cbd gummies branch The order of the deputy director of the center was also at the request of the street leaders.Han Chaoyang believed that Director Su would not stop him, so he immediately turned around and said, Xinyi, Xiaobin, notify all shifts to assemble urgently.Yes Han Chaoyang stepped forward As soon as he walked out of the meeting room, Xing Hongchang called the leader of the bureau and ordered Tai Suo, this is an emergency situation, and the fighter plane cannot be delayed.

3 Squadron.It is necessary to assist the task force in the investigation.Then you have to hurry up and cbd extreme gummi how long do cbd gummies last in system rest.We will withdraw HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies after the technical policemen pack up their things. Who stays here to watch the scene It s all arranged, one auxiliary police and one assistant.Seeing that Gu Suo called Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu in just now, Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that the leader asked Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu to stay here to watch the haunted house.Ye, why arrange the two of them and not others.Retaliation is definitely retaliation With Grandpa Gu as a detached master, they have nothing to do with themselves, so they settle for the next best thing for Xu Hongliang and old Xu Xiaoxie, so to speak Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu were implicated by themselves.The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more reasonable where to find cbd gummies pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews he became, and the more he thought about it, the more depressed he became.

You curse again Try it I ll scold you, I m still afraid of you The ins and outs of the matter are basically clear, the Jiang family couldn t find the ancestral grave, so they ran to the Zhang family to dig, and finally dug out a coffin, the Zhang family said Inside the coffin were the ancestors of their family, and the two families had a quarrel over robbing their ancestors.This is not the first time something like this has happened Now all the coffins that have been dug are buried decades ago.At that time, a large what are the side effects of cbd gummies group was still eating from the same pot, and the earliest ones can be traced back to before liberation.How much has changed in the past few decades.First, the construction of farmland water conservancy was carried out, and later the joint production contract system was implemented, and the fields were divided and transferred.

Besides, who has fab cbd gummies near me nothing personal to do, today is the weekend again.There are only a few of Yanyang s friends, Han Chaoyang pondered and said, Okay, send me your location, and I ll be right there.That s it, hurry up.Wait, what where to find cbd gummies restaurant did you eat How much I don t have much cash, if you go to a high end restaurant and eat 8,000 yuan, I will not only go to the bank to withdraw money, but also find someone to borrow money.Huang Ying suddenly realized that the handsome policeman on the phone is not just unlucky He was also a pauper, so he couldn t help laughing Not much.If it s impossible for a big hotel not to accept mobile payment, just bring two or three hundred.It was obviously not suitable to take clothes, so Han Chaoyang hurried inside to change clothes, put on his wallet, got on Zheng Xinyi s electric car and hurried to Xinglong Building.

How long does it unabis cbd gummies review usually take I used to eat at work, but now I either eat in the canteen of the Sixth Hospital of the City or go to the canteen of PolyU.I haven t calculated how long it takes to eat.Anyway, it s across the road, just a few steps away from the police office.It s not a big problem to eat faster and eat slower. You can t go to the canteen of the hospital, it s full of patients, what to do if you get infected.Chaoyang, let s go to the canteen of PolyU to eat at night.I suddenly missed going to university after you said it.I have never been in PolyU, and I have always wanted to go in and have a look.Am I mistaken, I really like this little policeman Han Chaoyang felt that it was absurd, and asked suspiciously Xuanxuan, are you really planning to come over You think I m joking Isn t it I ll find out in the afternoon, don t run far, if you go to the police station If I can t find you, I ll call 110.

Chen Xiujuan knew that he was a little scared, and she was a little reluctant to see him The leader of the office stood up immediately Let s go, I ll go with you.Thank you, Sister Chen.He hurried to the deputy director s office and knocked on the door.Seeing Han Chaoyang go back and forth, Gu Suo asked suspiciously Xiao Han, what else is cbd gummies fir dogs there Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Chen Xiujuan said eagerly Gu Suo, Chaoyang heard about the murder case in Yangguan Village.situation, I don t know if it is a clue, I don t know if it is valuable, I can t make up my mind, I don t know whether I should report it.Detection 7.The 17th case is the most important work of the sub bureau at this stage.Gu Suo said without hesitation It is better to have clues than no clues.Tell me, what s the situation Report to Gu Suo.

Of course Li Xiaobin knew what he was worried about.Said Don t worry, even if the electric fishing device is turned on, as long as we don t touch the water, it should be fine.Get on the raft later, and turn off the power first.Xiaokang suggested.Yes, turn off the power first.Han Chaoyang held the rudder, looked at the garbage and HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies aquatic plants floating on the river surface that had not been cleaned up after the rain, and reminded Be careful, check the river surface for any abnormalities, and turn on the law enforcement recorder Okay.Looking at it.Just as he was talking, the electric car had slowly passed the Chaoyang Bridge, and he could vaguely see the raft floating on the river, and he could see the master searching north along the river, The old factory manager and Xu Hongliang and others.

They should know about it, but they must keep it secret during the investigation of the case.Let alone me, our director and instructor probably don t know about it. Keep it secret, hey, I hope they solve the case soon, anyway, it s two lives, and the child is only five years old.The village cadres know more than they do, but they ve already said everything they know.It s meaningless to ask again.Han Chaoyang simply changed the subject Cui Village Chief, the street has a subsidy fund for the management of floating population in the community.Those above 5,000 can receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan.Why don t we in Yangguan Village apply I know about this subsidy.The branch secretary mentioned it before.The main reason is that the money is too little and it is troublesome to apply for it. If it s troublesome, it s more troublesome.

You will drive my car to Zhongshan intersection later, and Xiao Gu Sitting in the car together and squatting.Xiao Xu and Xiao Wu went to the northern intersection.The weather is relatively hot.You can squat cbd extreme gummi how long do cbd gummies last in system in a small roadside shop.Pay attention to both pedestrians and vehicles.The suspect may have a white SUV.What is it I don t know the brand and model.Han Chaoyang s preparations were not just changing into casual clothes, he took the walkie talkie from Xu Hongliang and said with a smile, He team, use this, it s more convenient to have a walkie talkie.The equipment is quite complete.It was only then that He Yichang noticed that each of them had a walkie talkie.He took the one specially prepared for him, held it up to see if the battery was fully charged, pressed the call button to try to confirm that it was working, and stuffed the walkie talkie into his handbag.

In terms of character, Han Chaoyang has nothing to say in terms of appearance, in your words, it is The face value is against the sky, like a fake fresh meat.He originally studied music.He is so good at playing the violin and seems to be able to play the piano.He is really versatile.In terms of family, although he came from the countryside, his father is the same He is a civil servant, and the same is a national cadre.His mother is a middle school teacher, and she is full of peaches and plums Now I have bought a house, and you introduced it.You know better than me how the house is.Here again, sister, can you stop messing around Order Mandarin ducks.Listen to me I really don t know what to pick and choose, I really don t know where her confidence comes from, Su Xian gave her a supercilious look, and said angrily On this condition, it is considered good in the city.

Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and asked keoni cbd gummies for diabetes cautiously Does it count if you only hold hands Yes Does it count if you have written a love letter Gritting his teeth, he said, Forget it One, two, three, four, five, six, sevenshould only have talked about it seven times.Get out of the car, I take back what I just said, and go back to your police office Go talk about your eighth time.Don t, don t, listen to my explanation, Yingying, I cherish this precious opportunity you gave me, I can t lie to you, I must treat each other with sincerity.Who can lie, you say Doesn t it, this shows my sincerity, and I wish I could show you my heart. Okay, tell me first, I reserve the right to take back what I just said.If you say something, you have the right to take it back.The past should be ignored, and everything must be moved forward.

Just as I was about to check the time, my phone rang.Chaoyang, are you where to find cbd gummies in the police office Chen Xiujuan called.Now that the residence system is being implemented, she still has to live in the residence and be on duty at night.Han Chaoyang said, In the emergency center of the Sixth Hospital of the city, what s the matter What are you going to the Sixth Hospital of the City for Han Chaoyang explained, and Chen Xiujuan murmured, There are people calling the police in Dongming New Village.There is a family dispute, and the quarrel is so violent that it seems to have moved.Since you can t get away, let me run for a while. Sister Chen, if you call the police, what about others There is an operation tonight, and there are only three people on duty.Xi Yuan and Lao Ding have not come back from the police.

This is a code and an order The target is about to appear.Once the target arrives, don t even where to find cbd gummies think about leaving the parking lot.Drug cases are more important than homicide cases.Regardless of HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies whether you can come and get all the stolen goods, you have to close the net today.Wu Wei was shocked, and subconsciously looked towards the gate.After waiting for about four minutes, a white Toyota appeared in front of him, and the Toyota sedan slowly drove into the parking lot with the turn signal on.Chapter 158 Arrest There are many people in the parking lot, and people come and go.Gao Junfei didn t get out of the car and didn t turn off the fire.He leaned on the steering wheel to look around, and couldn t help frowning slightly There are so many people, too many people, how can you choose such a place After going around the city for several times, no one was followed, nor was there a car following just now.

Just as Han Chaoyang expected, Huang Ying has received a notice to participate in singing rehearsals every night starting next Monday.As soon as the call was connected, she snickered and asked, Chaoyang, did Secretary Zhou call you Did he talk to you Talking about participating in the August 1st song meeting Yes, not only Secretary Zhou, but also the political department of our branch asked me to help rehearse.That s right, it s impossible for your branch not to participate in such a big event.There are only three choirs in our street.In addition to the branch office, are you busy enough We all come to the neighborhood committee, all at night, rehearsing together, it s not a big problem.Finally I can apply what I have learned, aren t you very proud Han Chaoyang looked back at his old classmate With a glance, he laughed and said I m not so vain, but I really like to participate in such activities.

The plainclothes police of the anti pickpocketing team checked the bus surveillance and confirmed that it was a case of pickpocketing.They sent the screenshots of the suspect s surveillance to Grandpa Gu.Would not come to this area to commit crimes, did not expect one of the thieves to fall into the hands of Lao Hu and HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies Lao Ding.Only caught one, and two more No matter what you have to report to the direct leader, Han Chaoyang will not be so stupid as to directly contact the anti pickup team, but stand under the shade of a tree and call Gu Suo s cell phone.Xiao Han, what s the matter What do you mean, am I annoying Han Chaoyang phil mickelson cbd gummies was confused, but he still said seriously Report to Gu Suo.When I came back just now, I saw Lao Hu and Lao Ding were arrested.A suspect who looks familiar.I didn t think about it at the time, but now I think about it, that kid is a repeat offender.

Han Zhaoyang felt very strange, holding up the phone and staring at his son, he asked, I found a job.What class do I have Li Tianzheng greeted Master and the master s family, ran out of the courtyard where the funeral was being held and explained Brother Han, I haven t played mahjong these days, so I won t play if I don t HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies want to.I found a job, and I have been cbd extreme gummi how long do cbd gummies last in system working with Ren Zhongcai from the second team for several days Although Han Chaoyang couldn t be as clear as Grandpa Gu about the situation in the jurisdiction, but Li Tianzheng said that Ren Zhongcai still knew him, so he couldn t help laughing and asked You learned the what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies cbd extreme gummi scriptures from Ren Zhongcai, and you plan to become a monk like Ren Zhongcai It s not a real monk.He also drinks and eats meat, and also has x1600 cbd gummies a wife and children.Brother Han, I really can t find a suitable job.

As soon as Han Chaoyang mentioned these things, he felt happy, and he grinned and said, I m shopping with Huang Ying s mother, and I don t think I ll be back until after dinner.So you and Huang Ying are settled No Maybe, let s date first, talk first, then cultivate and cultivate feelings, and talk about marriage later.Isn t it settled, congratulations.Thank you.People are incomparable, Wu Wei was really envious but not jealous.Thinking of what the master just mentioned on the phone, he couldn t help laughing Chaoyang, there is something that I couldn t say before, but now I cbd extreme gummi how long do cbd gummies last in system can tell you, but I can only tell you.What Why don t you go to the meeting room and talk about it.Okay.Walk into the meeting room on the first floor of the neighborhood committee, close the door, and turn on the air conditioner.

Group defense and group governance, Lao Gu is an expert, and Han Chaoyang has done a good job during this time.Although they arranged for a policeman to go to our police office, although they are also Lao Gu s apprentice, as far as I know, it took three days We fished for two days, and almost all of the work on Zhongshan Road s integrated police platform was done by us. Remember to find an opportunity to mention it to the Zhou Bureau later.Okay, just say it if you have the opportunity.It must be made clear.After all, the Sixth Court is their jurisdiction.If you don t make it clear, the leaders really think they do the work.Wishes are beautiful, but reality is cruel.The two rushed to the scene, and just said a few words to Grandpa Gu, Zhou Ju and Du Ju arrived.Director Du took over the command at the request of Bureau Zhou, and he, the director of the station, and the instructor, the instructor, acted as ordinary police envoys, divided the encirclement into 14 small grids, and asked them to lead the policemen who followed to take charge of the Zhongshan Road.

Your aunt s planted it.Your mother said that I would go to your aunt what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies cbd extreme gummi s field to break it before coming here.She also said that someone in your place dug dozens of acres of ponds to raise crayfish.Directly manage the farmers to buy it cheaper than Yanyang, and bring me dozens of catties, so that I can eat enough.I ve cbd gummies cold pack heard of someone raising crayfish.It s quite famous in our hometown, but I like to eat it too.She Why don t you buy it for me Are you jealous A little bit.You re cbd extreme gummi how long do cbd gummies last in system jealous of me, and I m jealous of you, Huang Ying pretended to be aggrieved, pouted cbd gummies review where to find cbd gummies and muttered, My mother said You work overtime and stay up late every day, which hurts your health too much.Knowing that you like to eat fish, I went to the vegetable market and bought a 7 jin black fish, so that we can go home for dinner after the performance.

Xiao Han, you are familiar with the rescue station, and this task is entrusted to you.Whoever comes up with the where to find cbd gummies idea, the task will be entrusted to him Han Chaoyang regretted it too much, and thought to himself that he would never come up with such a bad idea in the future, and he would be punished if he came up with too many bad ideas.What Liu Suo said was an order, and just where to find cbd gummies as he answered yes, Guan Yuanyuan asked again Liu Suo, I think we should consider it where to find cbd gummies more comprehensively, in case these women don t want children.Which parent would not want their own flesh and blood, if There are only two possibilities for that kind of situation to happen.The first is what Xiao Han and Xiao Wu met last night.The child is suffering from a serious illness and the family is in financial difficulties.It may not be hers.

Just as the armed police stationed in Yandong District entered the best cbd bulk gummies venue, a news gathering vehicle came where to find cbd gummies to the parking lot.Yanyang Daily reporter Qian Nana locked the car and walked to the entrance with her bag on her back.Seeing the band playing very attentively, she subconsciously took out the camera from the bag to take pictures, but just as she lifted the camera, a familiar figure appeared in the viewfinder.figure.Nana, take a quick photo, take two pictures and go in.Old Wen, let s go around and see if there are other doors.This is the entrance, let s go in from here.Qian Nana put down the camera and hid in a car Behind the bus, he said with a bitter face There should be an evacuation channel for such a big event, let s ask.What s wrong Old Wen was confused.I saw an acquaintance.What s the matter with an acquaintance, at worst, go up and say hello.

During the rehearsal, Director Wen has listened to it countless times, and he likes listening the most.There are echoes and responses, singing and chorus, one after another, majestic, resolute and heroic, passionate, but tonight obviously sang better where to find cbd gummies than usual, The treble and bass are integrated under the command of the most handsome policeman.The opening song was very successful and really shocked the audience.Unsurprisingly, thunderous applause rang out.Han Chaoyang turned around and raised his arms to salute the audience.The two hosts walked to the front left of the stage with smiles on their faces.The curtain was lowered slowly, and the policemen of the sub bureau chorus could no longer be seen.The applause from the audience continued for a long time.Thank you for the wonderful performance of the chorus of the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang Public Security Bureau.

It s funny to think about it.Liu Jianye didn t like him at first., actually ran to me from left to right to say why I want to change.Liu Jianye was very clear about what kind of person Zhou Ju was, and asked with a smile Now It s embarrassing for him, but it s not that he doesn t even have this measure.Well, Liu Jianye is still capable of doing things.The trainer Guan Yuanyuan is not very competent.The fast speed of the train depends on the headband.The grassroots officials must be selected and appointed.Tomorrow s party committee will study and study, and adjust the few people who should be adjusted.Let s go.This was not an impromptu idea of the director, but a long awaited schedule.Commissar Huang nodded and said nothing more.Comrades sang well just now, now it is inappropriate to talk about the adjustment of cadres, Zhou Ju tilted his head back again Mr.

Round after round of talent shows have reduced music to entertainment, and set a deformed benchmark for music.In order to quickly catch the audience in prime time Eyeballs, winning the favor of advertisers, are all engaged in the safest, lowest cost old song cover, which is a kind of twice cooked meat obliteration of original music, especially music producers.Is she helping others adapt old songs What do you think, it s not that easy to make an original, and she HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies s just working, so she doesn t have much money for an adaptation.Since she can t make much money, she might as well continue training.Go It s okay for PolyU to be a music teacher, and to put it bluntly, it s training. Chaoyang, are you awake While chatting, my mother s voice came from outside.Han Chaoyang hurriedly walked into the kitchen with Huang Ying, thinking whether to help out for a while, Huang Ma, who had just washed a crayfish, suddenly raised her head Chaoyang, we discussed about the new house just now, now I want to hear your opinion.

At that time, there were only three people in the police station, the director and the instructor.With me, not only did we not communicate on the phone, but we didn t even have a decent road.We had to rely on two legs to handle any case in the village, and just walked with wooden sticks as crutches.A few pairs of shoes were worn out a year.But at that time the village The first level organization can manage affairs, and civil disputes and civil mediation are basically out of our control, and there are not so many things now.He Suo is 49 years old this year, and he is a true old director At this age, when the head of the police station, in the Yandong branch He Suo, I m really not being polite.I m a little uncomfortable.Drinking tea is the best.Okay, just drink tea.Director He was more talkative than expected, and handed the wine to Lao Chang to open it, while greeting Han Chaoyang Sitting down, he said with a smile The conditions here are relatively difficult, not comparable to the provincial capitals like Yanyang, but the conditions are much better now than before.

The agricultural population accounts for 99 of the total population, and the township has arable land 47840 mu, per capita 7.6 mu, including 31,000 mu of terraced fields As expected of a household registration policeman, talking about these basic conditions is very familiar.Han Chaoyang quickly recorded it and asked Brother Jiang, are the 7 villages far from the township government Sunjiaping is the closest, just over the mountain.Jiang Li raised his arm and pointed to the west, and said with a smile You cbd cbn sleep gummies where to find cbd gummies didn t see it this afternoon because it was blocked by the mountain, and it only takes five or six minutes to drive there.Guojiacha, you should have passed by when you came here.We are in a mountainous area, and the villagers build their houses on the mountainside or even at the foot of the mountain, so you may not be able to see them when you what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies cbd extreme gummi pass by.

There are also geographical reasons.Our cbd oil gummies non gmo province is a province that must pass through the Eurasian Continental Bridge.Xinlan City is a transportation hub and trade distribution center that connects the east to the west, connects the east to the west, and is open to both east and west.This special geographical location and environment allow crime Molecules can take advantage of it.Drugs flowing from Nanyun and the Golden Triangle via the Eurasian Continental Bridge, India via Qinghai Tibet, and the Golden Crescent into your eastern provinces will all pass through us.I know the Golden Triangle, where is the Golden Crescent The area at the junction of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran is shaped like a crooked moon.Now the Golden Crescent has replaced the Golden Triangle as the world s largest opium producing area.

The young couple are very competitive and live a down to earth where to find cbd gummies life.Some time ago they even said that they would go cbd edibles gummies bear sleeping bag 18 8n size 300 to the cbd gummies review where to find cbd gummies county to buy a house.Feng Guobao didn t want the tragedy of brother and sister killing each other, even if it was a cousin, he said in horror Chang Dong should not be so confused, Chang Qin is also his cousin His father is dead, his brother is dead, his brother is serving his sentence in prison, and his mother is left in the family.This family can be said to be over.If he believes that Changqin caused all this, what do you think he will do Something.Then is it Changqin s secret No, it has nothing to do with Feng Changqin.In order to destroy this gang, we have been watching for more than a where to find cbd gummies year, arresting his father, his brother and his younger brother When the time is right, it s just a coincidence to go to Changqin with him to help bring the goods.

It s impossible for the superiors not to consider the logistical support for such a big operation., should arrange for someone to bring us water and food.Drinking water and eating is a trivial matter, but catching fugitives is a major matter.It s almost dawn, I hope he doesn t where to find cbd gummies run far, I hope he hides in the encirclement.No matter how fast he responds Not as fast as us, even if it is not in the small encirclement, it is still in the big encirclement.Jiang Li screwed on the lid of the kettle, looked around vigilantly, and confirmed that there was no one on the way up.Going to pee on the edge of the cliff, the police call rang again.This time the call was very long, lasting five or six minutes.With the help of the gradually brightening sky, he could vaguely see that his face had changed, and his expression was more dignified than when he first went up the mountain.

He got into the woods and slanted his body downhill.It turned out that the downhill was easy It was difficult to go uphill, and I couldn t go up after I relieved my hands, so I had to go around from the west.Looking down from the top of the mountain, the terrain is not particularly complicated, and the forest is not particularly dense.But when I got into the woods, especially in the middle of the night when I couldn t see my fingers, I felt dizzy when I was walking, and I couldn t find the way up the mountain.Going to the bonfire at the top of the mountain, I couldn t even confirm whether the mountain I saw was the mountain I stayed in before.He yelled at the top of his voice, not knowing if it was too far away or if Uncle Yan was too fast asleep, can you take cbd gummies with tylenol there was no response, only an echo.I have no choice but to call.

It s really a return with honor, the superior attaches so much importance to it, and the standards are so high Chen Xiujuan can cbd gummies have thc felt that it was a bit exaggerated.This is also reasonable, the instructor Xu Weizhong put down his bowl and chopsticks and said with where to find cbd gummies a smile Chaoyang arrested a Level A wanted criminal of the Ministry of Public Security, and he was wanted and killed two people after he was wanted.Injured a policeman, this time he also had a gun in his hand.The local public security agency invested more than 700 policemen and armed police, and mobilized hundreds of cadres and the masses.Think carefully about Chaoyang, if he is from the Longdao County Public Security Bureau The policeman, the first class merit is estimated to be impossible to escape.It is likely to be awarded by the Ministry of Public Security.

This afternoon I reported it to you, and I just reported to Director Fang, and Director Fang said that he will come right away Director Mei, Director Fang and Director Tao will be here soon, we can sit down, we have prepared four tables Director Ning, Orchid Hall, I m just waiting for you After eating, take a few bites, if you can t drink, please, hurry up.Director Chu was busy calling the leaders of the provincial department who were upstairs, and cbd cbn sleep gummies where to find cbd gummies Director Zhou was attending the meeting at the same time.The head of the public security bureau of the brother county bureau at the meeting made a phone call, and while calling, he looked back at the few subordinates who were very upbeat.Commissar Huang and Fan Ju finally realized why their immediate superiors had brought the boys here, and they couldn t help laughing.

side demolition compensation.Zhang Beibei is different from them, he is poor and short sighted, so how can he spend them with them if he has no money.Huang Ying came to her senses, thought about it, and then asked, Will Jiang Erhu pay you back the rent I have already, Zhang Beibei explained with a wry smile, My compensation for the demolition is with the demolition company.If he doesn t pay the lawsuit, he will continue to fight with him, and if he wins 100 , the court can enforce it, and it can be directly transferred from the account of the demolition company. Then what standard will the demolition company compensate you It s the same as before.I wanted to transfer the residence registration.I asked the village cadres and village representatives one by one for help, and they were willing to help.

I ve heard about it, and it s even been on TV, but I didn cbd cbn sleep gummies where to find cbd gummies t expect Mr.Liang s grandson in law to be from where to find cbd gummies that place.Han Chaoyang realized why the old factory manager came here, and asked with a bitter face Director Wang, does Mr.Liang want to invite me to help pick up the bride You, it was I who asked you to pick up your relatives.The old factory manager looked back at Xiaokang and other teammates, and said confidently Your public security has a jurisdiction, and the police from Yandong Branch can t control the affairs of Renhe County, but Mr.Liang One family is the people in your where to find cbd gummies jurisdiction.If you have difficulties, you can call the police.You can t ignore the people s difficulties You are so supportive of my work, just like your own family.I knew you would not stand by.Director Wang, listen to me, I don t care, but I don t care if I go.

Command center, command center, I m on my way to the gravel plant, and I ve sent the location of the gravel plant.Received, we will immediately report to the superior and immediately coordinate with the high tech district bureau.Han Da , let me drive There are traffic lights in front, and there are cars all over the front, back, left, and right, and I can t pass where to find cbd gummies it even if I want to.Thinking that Wu Junfeng s driving skills were indeed better than his own, Han Chaoyang simply unfastened his seat belt, pushed the car door out of the way, and walked around from the front of the car to the where to find cbd gummies pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews co pilot.Facts proved that Wu Junfeng s driving skills were not good at one or two points.When the green light came on, he stepped on the accelerator and overtook another car in the middle of the intersection.

Not cbd echinacea gummies all the funds for case handling are paid by the city bureau, but more than half of it depends on the district finance.If I were a leader, I would do the same.I won t pick up this hot potato, otherwise it s obviously for work, but I ll have to cbd extreme gummi ask where to find cbd gummies the district for approval.As Han Chaoyang said, the Yandong branch is the most special one among all the branches.Yandong was a county level city three years ago, and then it became Yandong District.The Yandong Municipal Government has been transformed into a district government, and the Yandong Public Security Bureau has become the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau.As Han Chaoyang said, the Yandong branch is the most special of all the branches.Yandong was a county level city three years ago, and then it became Yandong District.

You represent not only yourself, but also our Huayuan Street Police Station and even the Yandong Branch.The joke of our branch.Chapter 303 Don t be afraid of the good guys, be afraid of the bad guys, you must keep your spirits up, because more than 20 patrol members are performing a very difficult task.Han Chaoyang was where to find cbd gummies worried, went to bed early, and woke up early, so he drove the 110 police car back to the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee, and sat in the meeting room on the first floor with Director Su, Lao Jin, and Grandpa Gu, who was also worried.Learn about the movement of the welcoming team through mobile phones or even mobile phone videos.Fearing that the world would not be chaotic, Zheng Xinyi brought her laptop, connected it to a projector, and played the route of the convoy for a while, and connected to the scene with Xu Hongliang, who led the team, and explained happily, making the conference room look like a battle Command.

Sheng Yanwen picked up a piece of meat with chopsticks and said with a smile You are afraid of getting fat, but I am not.After a few months of starvation in the United States, I came back hungry again, so I don t need to try to lose weight.It was impolite to keep silent, Huang Ying thought about it and said, You can bring some hot pot ingredients back home, and make them yourself when you come to the United States. If you have time, let s talk It s not interesting to cbd extreme gummi how long do cbd gummies last in system eat hot pot alone, and even if there are hot pot ingredients, you can t make the taste.Some topics cannot be what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies cbd extreme gummi avoided, and the conversation has already started in the car.Boyfriend, Yan where to find cbd gummies Wen, you have such good conditions, I don t believe that no one is chasing you in the United States. There are quite a few people chasing you, and there are no suitable ones.

The most disappointing thing is the face without makeup, it is not as white as in the movies and TV shows, the skin is not as good as in the movies and TV shows, and there are even a few obvious wrinkles at the corners of the eyes.If you just walk on the street like this, few people will think that She is a big star.Jiang Siying, who was about to remake up, was caught off guard, and covered half of her face and said nervously, What s the question, you can ask.Miss Jiang, who arranged for the Mercedes Benz car you took just now Tianxing They arranged the property, the car, and the itinerary in Yanyang, so is there any problem Officer Ji, we are only here to attend the opening ceremony of Tianxing Real Estate tomorrow morning, just to help them stand up, and we will go back tomorrow afternoon.

It s really unreasonable.What is this Is this an escape Han Chaoyang felt that this could not be done, so he patted Li Xiaobin s shoulder gratefully, and immediately took out his mobile phone and walked out where to find cbd gummies of the monitoring room to his girlfriend.Call.Chaoyang, where are you, has the murderer been caught Huang Ying was very surprised when she received the call at night.Last time I missed it, and in the evening I where to find cbd gummies found an important clue.They can t run a second time.Han Chaoyang made up a lie, and then asked knowingly Ying Ying, how is Sheng Yanwen, she plans to spend a few days in Yanyang If you want to know, just call her directly After making a phone call with great difficulty, Huang Ying was really upset when she asked this question.I haven t contacted her for more than two years.How can I get her phone number Yingying, I don t mean anything else, I m still a classmate anyway, it s not easy for her to come here, it s not good to see her.

As long as your lover can voluntarily surrender to the public security organs, as long as you can actively return the stolen goods, you can strive for leniency.It is estimated that it will take two or three years.If you can come out, your family can be reunited and you can start a new life.He always hides outside and does not come back.This case will not be closed for a day.We will continue to investigate and come to you every three days.He hides in You are worried outside, and you are worried at cbd gummies review where to find cbd gummies home.Not only are you worried, but you will also be talked about, and you will be looked down upon wherever you go.Is money really that important There are many things that cannot be bought with money.Besides, you have hands and feet.If you don t have it, go make where to find cbd gummies pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews it again, why do it for some money It sounds reasonable, but is it so easy to earn more than 20 million yuan Yu Yalan remained unmoved, avoided Han Chaoyang s gaze, stared at a small tree in the distance and remained silent.

My father and my mother passed away one after another.If you want to talk to them now, they won t be able to hear you, so don t imitate me.Liu Suo, who is so serious, can say such emotional words Han Chaoyang was surprised and moved, and hurriedly said Thank you Liu Suo for reminding me that I want to be a good policeman and a good son.I also want to be a good apprentice While looking at the desk calendar, he said Xiao Han, your master will retire honorably in just over a month.Although he has not been transferred to our office for a long time, he is a role model for our branch and even our city s public security police.I discussed it with the instructor.I plan to hold a ceremony to congratulate him on his retirement, and you should also help to think about how to do this ceremony, whether the big guys join in and find a decent restaurant for dinner, or hold a farewell party.

What s the use of saying sorry, I hate these three words the most.Huang Ying really didn t want to go back alone, she clasped his fingers tightly and muttered Your sub bureau leaders are really serious, they said it was mello cbd gummies review a compensatory leave for a week, but they just said The exit assigned you a task again, is this considered compensatory rest This is clearly reneging on what you promised Honey, Director Feng just asked me to visit the suspect s house when time permits, and did not give me a death order.But you this morning I ve already been there Listen to me, I went to visit in the morning, but the work of the suspect s relatives didn t work out There are some things that you what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies cbd extreme gummi don t need to hide from your girlfriend, and Han Chaoyang mentioned what happened in the morning to his master in the afternoon.

However, no developers want it, and the auctions continue to pass.Several times.It can be summed up for two reasons, one is that the area of the land is too small, only two buildings can be built, and the starting price is not cheap, the developer may feel that the investment is not directly proportional to the income the other is that the land is actually a cemetery The memorial hall was originally the place where the villagers of Chaoyang Village put the ashes of their deceased relatives.The developer felt that it was unlucky and worried that no one would buy the house after it was built.Huang Ying heard this for the first time, and couldn t help asking If we don t demolish it, we will buy it.So idle The key is that it can t be sold if it is demolished, and the cheap sale will affect the surrounding land prices, Su Xian put down her fork, and sighed softly The land has been confiscated, the grave has been moved, and the ashes placed in the memorial hall have also been moved.

No Question, I will call someone, and I will lead the team myself.Okay, sorry for your trouble.That area is under the jurisdiction of Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu, so of course they have to be notified when such a big event happens.Han Chaoyang was calling Old Tang when Grandpa Gu walked in through the back door with a solemn expression.Master, Sergeant Tang is in the office, and Haizhu is outside looking for clues about the theft of the electric car where to find cbd gummies in Xinmin Community.It will take half an hour for them to arrive at the scene at the earliest.If you stay here and watch, I will go to the scene first. Go, leave it to me here.Don t squeeze, don t rush, line up and come one by one.Han Chaoyang opened the drawer and took out the police car keys, and while shouting, lifted the cover of the police station and squeezed out.

There was also a police incident during the day There was a dispute at the construction site of the East Bus Station.A foreman called six migrant workers.When they arrived, they said there was no work and asked them to go back.They didn t even pay for the round trip travel expenses.The migrant workers felt cheated.Yes, so I dialed 110.Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, and then explained with a bitter face Society Kang, my master may not be in the police room where to find cbd gummies when the sub bureau dispatches the police, and it may be the police from Chief Tang of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Chaoyang, I m just a deputy director There are too many deputy level policemen, and your master still enjoys the treatment of investigators.He is about to retire, so he is not the same as the police, and even works overtime like us young people.

How much did you lose Lost watermelon cbd gummies more than six million yuan, Hang Weifang peeked at it, and said in a daze, I lost all the money in the bank card, and I have no face to come back, thinking about it.Back to the original, just just borrowed a little bit, but lost again, lost my eyes, and borrowed more and more Lies , What do you think this is, what do you think we are doing Make up nonsense and make it up, you can fool your lover, can you fool us Hang Weifang was startled, and subconsciously took a step back.Xu Hongliang thought he where to find cbd gummies had committed a serious crime, so he grabbed his shoulder tacitly.Ning Junmei was confused by this sudden change, and looked at Hang Weifang foolishly.Hang Weilan was also confused, and subconsciously asked Officer Han, what are you doing Wei Fang, what s going on What s going on Han Chaoyang snorted coldly, stared at Hang Weifang and said coldly Hang Weifang, Hang Weifang, I think you should change your name, don t call it Hang Weifang anymore, just call it Hang Shimei In case of land acquisition and demolition, you have money in your pocket.

I should apologize to them.Mo Yun Hu s attitude is better than expected, and it seems that he has been reformed well in prison.Han Chaoyang was moved danny koker cbd gummies to understand the reason with emotion, and then made a final decision with some side by side discussions, gave him a police and civilian contact card, and asked him to ask for his brother in law and sister s mobile phone numbers, and then sent him to the door.Watching him get into his brother in law s car, he took out his mobile phone and was about to call Kang Suo to ask about the situation in Washington Tiandi, but Kang Suo called him first.Chaoyang, the suspect has been arrested Chief Lei and Xiao Miao are right, he really threw himself into the trap.Kang Haigen looked back at the suspect with his head drooping, and said excitedly The equipment has just been dismantled.

Miao Haizhu looked at Han Chaoyang, then moved a chair from the outside room, sat down on the left side of the desk without giving way, picked up a pen and paper, and prepared to take notes.Handling such a case needs to stand up to scrutiny.Without the right to enforce the law, and without the qualification to sign the transcript, Han Chaoyang could only sit on a bench and play a supporting role.Kang looked back at Miao Haizhu, then at Han Chaoyang, then took out his police ID, picked up the summons card that Han cbd cbn sleep gummies where to find cbd gummies Chaoyang brought back from the office, and said seriously Bi Xunchang, I am Kang Haigen, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.My colleague Miao Haizhu, see clearly, this is our police ID Miao Haizhu showed his ID in a tacit understanding like Kang Suo.Bi Xunchang was calmer than expected, and actually looked over.

Han Chaoyang thought it was a little funny, and couldn t help but turned his head and said, Sister Miao, why don t you set up a number withdrawal machine here, making it look like a bank.I m handling a case, be serious.It s clearly asking someone to do something. What s wrong with following the rules, how can you ensure the quality of the case if you don t follow the procedures Miao Haizhu asked back, and then muttered in his native dialect But the attitude of these cbd gummies hsn people at the window is really bad.We are serving the masses, and they are serving cases.Isn t that the same as service Since it s service, we should have a better attitude. The masses can complain about us, can we complain about them Han Chaoyang sighed and said helplessly in his native language Said And they are not serving us, they are reviewing and supervising us, since they are reviewing and supervising, how can they give us a good face.

Reporter Qian, do you have an informant fee to be your informant Your Public Security Bureau has them, can our newspaper Qian Nana is on her way home from work , Worrying that he couldn t hear clearly, he closed the car window that had just rolled down a gap, and smiled into the car s Bluetooth microphone As long as it is accepted, 50 general clues and 200 major news clues Important news clues, and we must not only abide where to find cbd gummies by the discipline of secrecy, but also the discipline of propaganda, and we must not where to find cbd gummies speak nonsense without the consent of the branch.If I don t say it, you don t say it, how does your bureau know that you disclosed it The key point is I Now there is no news clue you need.There is no future now, don t worry, I will help you keep it secret, this is the minimum professional ethics, and it is easy to have a source of clues, I will not follow my job I can t make it through.

The anti pickup personnel are all members of the community s voluntary security patrol team.For the convenience of work and to strengthen management, this voluntary anti pickup team has added the brand of the plainclothes anti pickup auxiliary police squadron of Huayuan Street Police Station, which means that you will have competition from now where to find cbd gummies on.Just to remind you, if the regular ones can t do it Volunteer, I ll see where you put your face when the time comes Jiang Guangdong really looked down on the voluntary patrol teams in the community, the security joint defense teams in each village, and the auxiliary police squadrons set up by the police station.Because most of these security patrols and law enforcement auxiliary forces only exist on paper, and even if they really exist, they are just a gust of wind , and they will die in a few days, but Director Feng made it very clear that this is the Chaoyang community under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan miracle nutritional products cbd gummies review Street Police Station.

Of course I don t want to see you disband, but reimbursement has financial benefits System, I m just the deputy director and not the deputy director, so I can t help even if I want to. I m the deputy director today, but I won t be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow Han Chaoyang made up his mind to ask Miao Haizhu to return to the institute for reimbursement, and said confidently You are my senior brother, and we are helping you.If you don t help find a solution, let Miao Haizhu take care of it.I won t reimburse her anyway Chaoyang, you are rude Reasonable If you want to be reasonable, you can, the master will be back soon, and I will ask him to help you judge later.You are the youngest, of course the master will help you Bao Suo was completely convinced, so he could only smile and say, Okay, let Haizhu send the invoice back, and I ll think of a way to see if I can help you report it.

Okay, I will call Hong Liang and ask Hong Liang to arrange a car to pick you up.No need, there is nothing else at the station, but there are too many cars.Manager Qi is on duty at night.I ask Manager Qi to help arrange a car.That s great.We ll wait for you at the entrance of Sihai Hotel.people Lu Xingen was very envious, and couldn t help asking Director Han, I heard that you also set up an anti picking team There is such a thing, Lu team, how did you know.Old Jiang was hurt by you, I was looking for me yesterday morning, please help me, please contact him as soon as possible if we catch him, in order to complete the strike mission, he is now asking for help from all over the world.Han Zhaoyang felt a little ridiculous that such a thing happened., couldn t help laughing and said Please help, is that okay As long as you can recruit foreign aid, why can t others Lu Xingen also thought this was funny, and said with emotion There are more than 30 of them, but you pick up a team of about ten.

, there are also special watchmen in the corridor on the third floor, and it is very difficult to make a surprise attack and catch them.No where to find cbd gummies wonder Instructor Gu asked the participants to use the fire exit at the back last night, and it is said that two doors were damaged during the raid.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and then asked What else They wouldn t organize the young ladies to perform obscenely if they weren t regular customers.You wouldn t believe it.In order to cope with the inspection, they usually even organize the young ladies to practice dressing.There are two sets of clothes, one is revealing and the other is tight, and if there is any trouble, it can usually be put on within ten seconds So professional, what s the matter with the liar you just mentioned It s just a bastard He has been dealt with by the institute more than once because of picking quarrels and provoking troubles and gathering gambling.

You can install air conditioners without a boiler, you are a local, you should know There where to find cbd gummies is no spring or autumn in Yanyang, it s freezing cold in winter, and hot in summer. I also think we should pretend, Xie Lingling muttered, When Chaoyang and I first came to Yanyang, brother Wei s lobby and piano room had air conditioners.Not in the dormitory, it s so hot that I can t sleep, I almost got heatstroke Lingling, I know it s hot in summer, but that yard is rented by the street, and now it s a day to day stay.Han Zhaoyang realized that it involved Hundreds of thousands, it doesn t make sense to say that More importantly, if you want to manage and lead the voluntary security patrol team well, you can t do without the support of the team members, let alone the support of community cadres and shareholders of the security company.

Car No.1 received, Car No.1 received, it s over Finally turned around , Bao Qing was overwhelmed, looked in the rearview mirror, thought about it, and called the captain of the criminal police team.Xi Da, I m Bao Qingshan, I received the escort convoy, and the suspect will be escorted to the prison in about 15 minutes.We still need to inquire about the case of the New Youth Internet Cafe.After the interrogation, the cbd extreme gummi how long do cbd gummies last in system suspect will be handed over to the prison.You guys.The tone was undisguised with a bit of embarrassment, but then again, it is indeed not an easy task to capture a fugitive suspected of robbery and murder in just a dozen hours.On the way to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, Xi Hongbo, the head of the criminal police team of the Yandong Branch, signaled the driver to drive faster, and said with a smile No problem, there is nothing wrong with our criminal police team anyway.

You are a criminal policeman and also a parent, and I am telling the parents this as a policeman.Han Da, don t you know how disobedient this child is, and Lao He and I are almost mad at him Sister Gong, it s not me who criticizes you.Although I don t have children, I am the son of my parents.There is still a little right to speak on the issue of educating children.When a child makes a mistake, the parents should also review it.It is not acceptable HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies to open your mouth and extend your hand.Han Da, how do you ask me to review it Is it easy for us to let him eat well and dress well We are so grown up and don t know anything at all, which always makes us worry.Don t say it, it s embarrassing, and everyone will throw it at you Let s go, I have to let him have a good memory In the final analysis, let the child have a good memory Seeing He Xiaofu s frowning expression, Han cbd extreme gummi how long do cbd gummies last in system Chaoyang realized that he had to fulfill his promise, so he suppressed a smile and said, Sister Gong, can you save me some face Besides, fire wholesale gummy cbd oil you are a policeman, so you can t break the law knowingly.

Yanyang is the most handsome policeman, and he is very popular on the Internet, but you don t know Qian Nana put down the mouse, and continued I interviewed him and fought with him a few times.The first time we met, he was not only handsome but also very capable.Although he was only a community policeman, pucks cbd gummies he tried every means to form a community patrol team to carry out public security patrols, crack down on illegal crimes, and actively participated in emergency rescue and disaster relief.A murderer for one year, he was selected as an outstanding policeman in Yanyang City some time ago, if you don t believe me, go to PolyU to ask, who doesn t know him, and who will question him. The most handsome policeman in Yanyang Well, you can search online.I I know that a police officer has become popular on the Internet, but I didn t expect it to be him.

Although there is a news page, there is only a small one.It is mainly a forum, and it makes money by advertising for real estate developers, decoration companies, catering and entertainment companies, 4S stores and other businesses.Qian Nana said yesterday afternoon that Xu Jiameng was so frightened that she didn t sleep well all night.I reported to the editor in chief as soon as I got to work today.The editor in chief also realized the seriousness of the cbd cbn sleep gummies where to find cbd gummies problem and immediately asked her to ask Qian Nana for help.Together with her, I went to the newspaper office to pick up Qian Nana, and cbd cbn sleep gummies where to find cbd gummies then drove to the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Director Chu Wen admitted his mistake, and even figured out how to help Yandong Public Security Bureau eliminate active cbd gummies the bad influence.Director Wen hates the Internet media who follow others opinions and even contribute to the flames without knowing what the situation is, and they have no handle in their hands.

Confirming that she just likes to buy, buy, buy, and nothing else happened, she quickly made a transcript and asked her to sign it.In front of Cao Wenjue, she transferred the 2100 refunded by Meng Lang, the owner of Jinshi Fitness Center, to her, and asked her to write A cbd cbn sleep gummies where to find cbd gummies receipt was issued, and then Mingjin withdrew his troops.As for what she will do next, Han Chaoyang doesn t care and doesn t want to care about it.Even Wu Junfeng sighed while driving This woman is not only lazy, but also vain.Han Da, you didn t go into the bathroom just now.I took a look and washed my face.A pile of cosmetics by the pool So when you are looking for a partner, you must find out the character of the other party.You can t just look at whether they are good looking or not.If you meet such a person, you will be asking for trouble.

The safe has two keys, one for the director and one for the gunman.out the gun.It s the best way to be responsible.Wu Wei thought about it and asked curiously Who else wants to participate in the training besides us, will Haizhu participate , she doesn t need to participate in training, and it s impossible for her to be rationed with guns.When I mention this, I will have to re arrange the duty list later.Han Chaoyang paused, and added Dai Da, Inspector Tang and Inspector Ding will participate, but There are too many people to be trained, and it won t affect their work, so they probably have to wait until the next year.Okay, I ll go tomorrow morning.After notifying Wu Wei, Han Chaoyang thought about it and called Huang Ying s phone.When mentioning that the sub bureau can help solve the tuition fees, Huang Ying said proudly I didn t expect your sub bureau to help solve the problem.

, Immediately bring a big broom and other tools to dispatch.Every year on New Year s Eve, there will be a fire, and there has been a plan for it.When Han Chaoyang arrived on the scene, the boys had not only arrived but were fighting the fire.Artificially planted lawns, although the grass is dry and easy to where to find cbd gummies ignite, but the grass does not grow high before it dries up, the flames will naturally not be high, the fire is not serious, and it will not even spread far, and will not cause further damage big fire.But let the fire go on like this, and the few cars on the lower ground will definitely be roasted.Sun Guokang didn t dare to delay for a moment, so he rolled up his sleeves and took out the big broom from the patrol car of the boys to do it together.Han Chaoyang was busy calling the street sanitation office that maintained the small park, asking where the faucet for watering the lawn was, and went to the opposite construction site to find tools such as water pipes, pliers, and steel wires, connected the water pipes, and twisted the joints with steel wires.

Now that I know, it s good, if I tell you earlier, there won t be any surprises. Why is he like this It s not something shady to talk where to find cbd gummies about, and it s so mysterious.Han Chaoyang picked up the toothbrush, thought about it and asked curiously Honey, have you asked my wife what his girlfriend looks like, is she pretty Pretty, where do you work I asked.Quickly tell me, don t be a secret, okay Why are you so excited about a girlfriend Huang Ying cursed with a smile, leaning against the door and giggling My wife said that his girlfriend is very beautiful and juicy, and she has a good figure, which kind of little bird depends on others.She is also very capable and rich, and she is the chairman of an investment company.Hearing what my wife said, Zhen Chuan can catch up with her.Your master deserves the credit.

That s true.If everyone knows about it, say Maybe you don t even have friends.Huang Ying thought that Grandpa Gu s thinking was very reasonable, where to find cbd gummies and after thinking about it, she asked with a smirk Sister Miao, you didn t express your opinion at the time, but Zhen Chuan and Zhang Beibei ended up getting married.There is no such store in the village, do you regret it in the future What are you regretting, what is there to regret Sister Miao, don t be embarrassed.There is no outsider here.It s too late to regret it.It can be seen that the two of them have just started talking, and they may have never even kissed.In terms of conditions, you are not as good as Zhang Beibei.As long as you want to grab We will support you What are you talking about Miao Haizhu said anxiously, pointing at her, Don t say I can t regret it, there is nothing to regret, even if I regret it, I can t destroy it.

Otherwise, I will find a chance to find out what Auntie Lu is saying in private.I like you, and you also want to find a wife to spend your old age with, so you can t miss this opportunity.I will also assist you cbd cbn sleep gummies where to find cbd gummies with your son and daughter and Aunt Lu s children.If If she doesn t object, my family The work of the two children should not be difficult.That s it, people living in this world should boldly pursue happiness, and I will help you to ask tomorrow Chapter 616 CK calls the police 1 Hong The uncle is in high spirits, and has no intention of going back.Han Chaoyang didn t want to chase him away, so the landline phone rang suddenly while he was chatting, and when he lay on the police station and checked the caller ID, it was actually the command center calling again.Don t ask, there must be a warning.

Don t worry about it, and Boss Liu, please don t worry.Cigarettes, what kind of cigarettes, HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies I will register one by one later, there is a barcode on it, you see, there is a serial number under the barcode, you can also take a picture of each one, I will be responsible for missing or being swapped.Officer Liang, it s not that I don t believe you, I just don t think it s necessary.The friend of the tobacconist s owner walked up to the police car and said with a bitter face, We re careful when we open our doors for business.Being picked up by a thief is already very unlucky, and I don t want to run left and right to where to find cbd gummies the police station.Can you help me and don t take the cigarettes away It s not that I don t help, but I have to take them back according to the case handling procedures.Understand Let me support you, why don t we not be able to hold the two brats criminally responsible even if we get all the stolen goods It is reasonable to say that Boss Zhang is just helping a friend, and Team Liang has said that, so he should understand and support it.

Okay, I Arrange for you, let all the passengers get kim kardashian prefers cbd gummies off the bus when the bus is checked, and let your people keep the guns while the suspect is not paying attention.Thank you very much, what is your surname Mian your surname is Han, Han Qingsheng , now is not the time to be polite, let me find someone to take you to the police station first Police officer Han at the checkpoint didn t think there was anything wrong with the police in the police station handling drug cases, because the situation in different places is different, especially in recent years.Police reform, many places are implementing the big station system , the police station is like a small public security bureau, with its own criminal police team.Lao Hu climbed into the off road vehicle again, and rushed to the police station without stopping under the guidance of an auxiliary police officer arranged by Officer Han.

People are all obligated, and when you should think about your subordinates, don t think about your subordinates.It s not easy to lead the team, otherwise people s hearts will disperse.Well, what you said is on point.Zhou Ju was just joking just now, subconsciously asked Does Xiao Han want us to say hello to the Fengyong County Bureau, so that Xiao Kang, who has just been admitted to the police and civil servants, can report for duty after the case is over That s what he thinks, but this involves the personnel department , How serious is the recruitment of civil servants, and if you can t join the job because you didn t report on time, it s so troublesome, and the political commissar didn t agree and he didn t reject it outright, HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies it s just a headache for this matter.Zhou Ju knew why the political commissar had a headache, because Han Chaoyang was representing The sub bureau handles major cases in Beijing.

He said eagerly, Why is it not considered meritorious service That s not what Officer Wu said this morning What did Officer Wu tell you He said that as long as reporting and exposing is considered meritorious service, he can win leniency.Officer Wu is right, Han Chaoyang got up and picked cbd cbn sleep gummies where to find cbd gummies up a bottle of free mineral water, unscrewed the lid and took a sip, sat in front of him and said coldly.Said What is reporting and exposing Only when you report the criminal facts and criminal suspects that the public security organs have not grasped, and the reported situation is true, this is considered to be a report.In the future, you will be identified as having meritorious service.And those you confessed, we have already Got it, even if you don t tell us, we can still find out.Qiao Peiming was heartbroken when he heard that, and thought to himself that the police were trustworthy and that sows could climb trees, but he didn t expect that the surname Wu was indeed a liar, and his words didn t count.

You don t need to look.Why Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.He s gone home, Sun Guokang opened the door and explained, Seeing that his two cousins are easy to talk to, the bureau has changed the measures again, from residential surveillance to release on bail.He should be at home right now, and he will come tomorrow afternoon.He has to come to the Sixth Hospital for dialysis three times a week, and he will come if we don t let him. That s good, so we don t have to keep watching.I was on duty here, but I cbd extreme gummi how long do cbd gummies last in system couldn t see him these two days.After thinking about it, Sun Guokang was still not convinced.He followed Han Chaoyang to the door, and couldn t help muttering Han Da, I m a policeman who came to practice.I also went to report to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau.What did the bureau leader think, HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies how to let him participate in the investigation, and let me stand aside What do you mean by letting you stand aside Isn t our work important Han Zhaoyang asked rhetorically, He smiled and said, Guokang, believe me, meritorious deeds don t come from solving cases.

If you get on the electric car, you have to go to the Second Squadron.Realizing that he wanted to intervene, Sun Guokang hurriedly said Han Da, I ll go with you.Do you want to be on duty at night On duty tomorrow, I m fine at night.Go, sit in the back.Yanyang is not best gummies for sleep cbd like Beijing Donghai In the first tier cities in China, there is no rigid rule that electric vehicles cannot carry people, so the two of them just took Lao Xie s scooter and hurried to the criminal police squadron.Coincidentally, the instructor Zhang Xugang was still on duty today, and when he saw Han Chaoyang, where to find cbd gummies cbd gummies sold near me he teased Han Da, if there is anything you need, just call and tell me what to do If you come in person, I feel a little nervous, because you will either not come., Nothing good will happen at first.Call and assign, Zhang Zhi, you are slapping me in the face You are the captain of the squadron, and I am the squadron instructor.

The young man gave face and handled the matter beautifully.Professor Zhang also gave me face.Vice Minister Jiang was very proud and very happy.He looked at Zhang Xiaoyun with a smile and said persuasively Xiaoyun, I know you are very angry, but you have to think about it the other way around.If the kid s parents are unreasonable, or simply Don t pay attention, if such a thing happens, you will be heartbroken, just treat him as if you don t have that son, and care about his life.If it really happens, your bag will be thrown away by him again, and all your money will be spent by him.So what if the case is solved, what if the person is caught, and how to recover the economic losses caused Yes, yes, Minister Jiang is right, the first thing is to recover the loss, and how to deal with it is up to the police.

Although the doors and windows are not antique at first glance, they can make people feel a heavy sense of history.A few plumbers are installing the heater, someone is working in the cafeteria, and the rooms on the left side of the corridor on the first floor are very noisy.You don t need to go in to see that there are carpenters who are doing renovations.The security guards who are not on duty today are busy helping According to the progress of this project, it where to find cbd gummies pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews will be completed in half a month.If it wasn t for the strong smell of paint, it is estimated that we can move in within twenty days.It was also because of the strong smell of paint that Han Chaoyang took a look what to look for in cbd gummies around, praised Xu Hongliang, said goodbye to the security guards who were helping, and rode an electric car to the project headquarters of the East City Transportation Hub Project.

Zhang Jingchao, here it is.Manager Liu leaned under the lamp and marked on the roster with a pen.It is very necessary to check the ID card in person.There are too many people on the construction site.If the construction party is required to go through the filing and registration of outsiders as before, it is very likely that there will be inconsistencies in the witnesses and certificates, that is, some people use other people s identities for one reason or another.Han Chaoyang reminded while inspecting one by one Manager Liu reminded everyone just now, let me emphasize again that there are many workers working on the high speed rail station project site, and they come and go like a revolving door.Today they work here, and tomorrow they will be very busy.Maybe I will go to another construction site.

Bao Qingshan put down the mobile phone of the suspect, and said with a smile When I first brought them back, they were arrogant, but now they are much better, the facts are clear and the evidence is solid, no matter how much you try to quibble, it is useless, and they are playing with the police who are interrogating them with a playful smile.As soon as the transcript is completed, I will report it to the branch office.You can tell the leader of the headquarters that the case where to find cbd gummies has already arrived at the branch office, and how to deal with it is a matter for the security HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies brigade, but you can come first and take the person away.Chapter six hundred and ninety nine Shunshui s favor, Han Chaoyang, quickly found out the news, and helped to intercede , so that he could if im sober can i take cbd gummies be bailed out first.Xiao Han, I need to trouble you one more do cbd gummies make you horny thing.

The other men who were with us tried their best to obstruct them, and all the people from the three rooms next door came out, blocked the door to prevent our people from entering, and surrounded us to argue.It s easy to handle, since it s suspicious, call Call the person on duty at the office to quickly apply for a search warrant.It s easy to search, I m worried that it might scare the snake away.What do you mean Han Chaoyang asked puzzled.Kang Haigen looked sideways at the family in the alley that had caused trouble just now, touched the corner of his mouth and said, Xiyuan suspects that they are engaged in pyramid schemes, and I also look a bit like it, because the company they mentioned in the registration is in the office building diagonally across the street , I ve been where to find cbd gummies pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews to that building before, and there s no such thing as Xingtong Technology Development Co.

The case belongs to someone else, and the local police station has not filed a case, so there is no point in asking about it now.Han Chaoyang glared , turned around and said Boss Wang, he must not be able to work with you anymore, please arrange someone to help him pack his things.I ve already had someone clean it up for him.The little bastard who didn t learn well, even if the police didn t take him away, Boss Wang wouldn t take him in anymore, he took out his mobile phone and said anxiously The wages from years ago are all paid.He didn t work for a few days after the year, counting his 20 jobs, 150 a day, a total of 3,000.I don t have any cash on me.He used Lao Yang s ID card to set up a mobile phone number with WeChat on his mobile phone.Officer Han and Officer Ding, please be your witnesses.

But facing the expectant eyes of the two old men, Han Chaoyang couldn t keep his mouth shut.Thinking about who else in this world he could trust if he couldn t even trust them , He simply closed the glass door and briefly introduced what he knew.The wallet is here, there are bank cards and even cash in the wallet, but the mobile phone was not found at blue madeira cbd gummy bears the scene, which means that it is unlikely to be a murder for money, that is, a murder of love or vendetta.more likely.I also think so.Han Chaoyang nodded.Ji Kaiyuan looked at Wu Wenge who was thinking thoughtfully, lit another cigarette, and analyzed slowly There was no trace of fighting at the scene, and the guard at the fertilizer factory didn t hear anyone calling for help.It shows that the riverside may be the scene of the body dumping.But why did the murderer throw away the body Wasn t it because he was worried that the body would be found by the public security organs and find him Since he was worried that the body would be found, why didn t he take the wallet when he threw the body Didn t you think of it, didn t you take care of it Han Chaoyang got up to get a glass of water, took a sip, where to find cbd gummies sat down and said Murder is not a treat for dinner.

Old Fan, I know you have an idea.After all, this matter is more sensitive.If you just tell District Chief Liu like this, District Chief Liu may really think that you have accepted Xiao Xu and the others for something.Otherwise, why would you help Xiao Xu and the others fight for it To undertake the security of major events Now that those are not suitable, we can only retreat as Xiao Han proposed, first help solve the anti pickup funds, first keep the anti pickup team, and talk about other things later.Political commissar, speak from your heart I really don t want to care about it You are an old comrade and a member of the bureau s party committee, and you must focus on the overall situation.Commissar Huang touched his chin and said very seriously And the anti picking team is all party members and backbones.

You may not know that he is a policeman from our branch , is also a specially appointed lecturer of the School of Art of PolyU, and the leaders of PolyU think highly of him, and more than once tried to poach us and transfer him to work at PolyU.Is there such a thing Yes, President Nie asked him personally last year, He even wanted to transfer him to the Youth League Committee of PolyU.Liu Qiuping reacted, and subconsciously asked Old Feng, you mean to ask Han Chaoyang to ask the leaders of PolyU to help arrange for PolyU students to participate in security Volunteers are recruited for major events, and college where to find cbd gummies students also Need to participate in some social service activities, and PolyU not only HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies has ordinary college students, HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies but also national defense students, I think as long as the organization is proper, it is no problem to invite three or four thousand teachers and students to help maintain order.

In November last year, I made a boyfriend under the introduction of a friend.His surname is Wang, and his name is Wang Maike.He is from this city.I rented an apartment above the International Plaza.Li Jun glanced down at the transcript, and then reported After living together, I found out that Wang Michael s family is not as rich as Wang Michael said at the beginning, but also idles around all day long.Either play games, or eat, drink and have fun with friends, but spend her money and ask her to support her.Her salary is not high, and she can t live on, so she proposed to break up during the Spring Festival.And then Bao Qingshan asked.After the breakup, she found out that Wang Maike had actually borrowed money with her Alipay and Weiweidai.She borrowed five times and used up all her credit.

Grandpa Gu patted his thigh and said with some regret It s a pity that Zhenchuan was transferred to HCMUSSH where to find cbd gummies the special task force of the city bureau.He and Beibei can really get married with you, three couples do it together, how lively it is.Yeah, Zhenchuan is not young, why don t you call and ask.The children s big event finally It s confirmed, Huang Male s heart is full of joy.Stop calling.He s on a special case.It s inappropriate to call him.Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered the phone call made by Director Wen on the way to the administrative service center to pick up Huang Ying, and couldn t help laughing Master, the 2.12 case The investigation is almost over, Director Wen said that Xi Da and Zhen Chuan will be back in a few days.Really Really, Director Wen said this afternoon.Han Chaoyang smiled and added 2.

I am the same as Zhenchuan.Please, let s put it this way, the circles of friends of our three families overlap. Oh, really I didn t expect this one either Old Xu reacted suddenly, scratched his head and said, Why don t we make a list where to find cbd gummies of the unit leaders and colleagues we want cbd gummies review where to find cbd gummies to invite later, see how many overlap, and then Get rid of a few tables.The tables of the leader and colleagues belong to my family, so just leave it alone.Old Xu, how can this work They come here to drink Hongliang and Lingling s wedding wine, and they also come to drink Chaoyang and Yingying, Zhenchuan and Beibei s wedding wine, how can you just let you pay for it Yes, Uncle Xu, your family sent invitations like mine.It cbd gummies chemist warehouse s not an outsider, everyone invites the same, and besides, there are not many tables No, no, it can t be like this.

We are more professional than those running venues, and we are free.You and Mr.Xie don t need to spend money Zheng Yutong thought this idea was good, and even started thinking about it.Complement the romantic scene of the wedding scene.What can you do Xie Lingling turned around and said with a smile We are a group wedding, and dozens of tables will be set up at once, and the banquet hall in Shuxiangyuan is so big, it would be nice if the guests can sit down, how can there be a venue for you to play You can change to a bigger hotel It won t hurt your back when you stand where to find cbd gummies and talk, and you don t have to think about how much it will cost to go to a big hotel We really want to wish you well.I know, I appreciate your wishes, and it will be fine for you to go.No, we must give you a gift.As soon as Zheng Yutong finished speaking, Nie Xuan suddenly said Thank you Teacher, we are very grateful to you, and also to Teacher Han, you and Sister Yingying gave us a chance to think about it and help you plan it.

He lost millions, and he would not be able to live without the money back.But from the perspective of Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei, Luo Weixing s case is really not a big one.After all, Yanyang is only suspected of maliciously arrears of more than 200,000 yuan in wages.I stayed in the river for six days, visited and questioned more than 50 bosses, big and small, and construction workers, but found no valuable clues.I was thinking about whether we could get a breakthrough from Gan Jianren, but Jiang Zhong s colleagues also had no clue about Gan Jianren s whereabouts.Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei couldn t help if they wanted to.Things, can only go back home.It s a bit embarrassing to not complete the pursuit mission, especially because I don t know how to face Director Huo of the engineering headquarters.

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