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He held his forehead and said weakly Our house is very good, but now the funds are too tight, and advertising can t be done That s the problem.Qi Fei snapped his fingers I guess you have also done some preferential measures to attract citizens, but it s useless This well, I have given some gifts worth hundreds of dollars, but it s useless.Sales Manager He smiled wryly, and then he frowned Why should I talk to you about this Qi Fei went to his desk and sat down, and said seriously In this world, people who can afford a good house like yours For those who are interested, you must not be short of discount gifts, and you can t afford too expensive discounts.What if use some kind of cheap cultural consumption to attract them The sales manager was slightly taken aback Tell me Look You also know that I sell newspapers, but do you know what kind of newspapers I sell What does it matter Qi Fei shook his finger I sell the most popular newspapers in this city.Ten minutes later, the taxi arrived outside the natural stimulant cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking episode hotel.Qi Fei sighed helplessly, paid the fare and got out of the car.He began to wonder if there was any other way to save the emergency.Huh That seems to be Mr.Cheng s car.Yi Lan said looking into the distance.Qi Fei was startled Could it be that God destined me not to avoid this catastrophe Then, Yi Lan s cell phone rang, and she took out the cell phone and said, It must be Mr.Cheng calling.Just as Qi Fei was wondering whether to pretend to answer the phone are cbd gummies bad for your health and learned that the place where he lived was on fire, he had to go back quickly.While walking, Yi Lan s surprised voice reached his ears.What File a complaint It s impossible Qi Fei has always done a very good job, how could such a thing happen Yi Lan was extremely astonished, but Qi Fei secretly heaved a sigh of relief.Qi Fei s head was bright, and he thought of these things quickly, and Li Dafa did have this idea.He knew that as long as Qi Fei passed by, he would be able to control the overall situation.Qi Fei making himself proud in the workplace is simply an excellent plan to kill two birds with one stone.So he sincerely hoped that Qi Fei would agree to be the vice president in the past, so that his eyes were more sincere than ever.Qi Fei was a little helpless, he felt that if he still refused, Li Dafa would turn his back on him, but he couldn t do it if he didn t refuse, as the things he wanted to help Yi Lan hadn t been completed yet.I m sorry, Brother Fa, I still can t promise you.It s really not a matter of less money, more money, or good or bad status.I m very grateful for your kindness Before Qi Fei could finish speaking, Li Dafa s face darkened You don t give me face like that.Chapter 32 Chunxiao is worth a thousand dollars Li Dafa stared at him What do you mean Qi Fei Sighing You re right.In my situation, I m really not worthy of Sister Lan, and I can t take care of her.Of course, the premise is that I m in love with her.Li Dafa frowned Your It means, you don t have that kind are cbd gummies bad for your health of affection for Alan Qi Fei didn t answer directly, but continued No matter what, what Sister Lan needs is a man she can rely on, no matter what woman she is, she will want to If you want a stable home, these things I can t give it to you, Brother Fa, it s your business if you pursue Sister Lan.I ll watch everything, but I won t say anything.Wait, Sister Lan will definitely reap her own happiness, what I saidyou should understand, right Li Dafa was stunned for a while, he didn t think about the specific meaning of these words, he just felt that Qi Fei seemed to be encouraging His appearance, thinking about it this way, made him feel a lot more at ease.Seeing that his attitude was quite firm, Li Xuan nodded without saying anything.Qi Fei finally left Li Xuan s office, and then he went to Li Dafa to explain and told him that the cooperation failed.Li Dafa s expression was very complicated, and he was quite disappointed.That s right, originally this was really an opportunity to please Yi Lan, but Qi Fei didn t expect it to work out.For Qi Fei, the failure of this company won t make him discouraged.He can go to other companies to try.Sure enough, after running around a few places, he finally settled a cooperation plan, which is considered a failure.Waste of time.When Qi Fei returned to HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your health the company, it was already past the off duty time, and Yi Lan was gone.Only Cheng Siyu s office on the same floor was still lit, and she hadn t left yet.Chapter 44 A touch of emotion The weather was quite cold, and it was still raining outside.Now are cbd gummies bad for your health Yi Lan and Li Dafa seem to be developing fairly steadily.Li Dafa s performance is indeed very good.He picks up Yi Lan from get off work every day, and he also has a black car worth more than 100,000 yuan.A little surprised, could it be that this guy s income has skyrocketed instantly after he changed his boss Later, when Qi Fei was chatting with Yi Lan, he accidentally learned that the car was given to him by Li Dafa s boss as a car, and his boss was naturally Li Xuan.The fact that Li Dafa drove to pick up Yi Lan every day made everyone in the company admire.Everyone said that Yi Lan found a good man who was considerate and caring, which made the single girls in the company even more jealous.It s going to be red.Yi Lan never took the initiative to talk about the development of the relationship between the two, and it was not easy for Qi Fei to ask, but he probably guessed seven or eight points through his own observation.The accident was caused by Li Dafa, but it is not clear what responsibility he should bear.Even if you ignore these things, just thinking that Yi Lan will spend most of her life in bed like that, Qi Fei feels a burst of grief in his heart.When Qi Fei was in a state of confusion, Cheng Siyu came in.Qi Fei, how are you feeling Cheng Siyu walked to the bedside and asked softly.Qi Fei came back to his senses Well, it s much better.I just went to ask the director, and are cbd gummies bad for your health purekana cbd gummies for sale he told me that your operation was very successful, and your recovery is quite good, and you can continue to recuperate for a while.It will be cured.When he said this, Cheng Siyu s expression became much more relaxed.Qi Fei showed a smile I have worked hard for you these days, and you even gave me a blood transfusion I have to take care of it, thank you.This made Heizi and Maoqiu very envious, and Maoqiu couldn t help but ask Li Xuan Boss, when will you give us a set Li Xuan stared You fucking think it s Chinese cabbage You can are cbd gummies bad for your health best cbd gummy for pain relief have it if you want Wait until you are qualified Mao Qiu shrank his neck and said nothing, but kept looking at the bag under Li Xuan s feet, and the same was true for Heizi.After more than half an hour, the car came to a bar that looked very luxurious.Qi Fei took a look through the window.Flashing non stop, it is a lively entertainment place at first glance.Hey, there are two drunk chicks throwing up outside, let s go over and comfort them Heizi said to Maoqiu.Maoqiu nodded again and again Okay, okay, strike while you re drunk, and get one right.You re good Li Xuan said Can you be a little bit promising, and you still need to pick up dead fish when you hang out with me I ll have you guys in a while, get out of the car Hey hey, okay, boss Brother Fei, not only this bar, but look around, that nightclub, that entertainment city, all belong to me, even if there are still people nearby If it s not mine, then it s mine.Qi Fei smiled Brother Xuan, you are also a person who does big things, It s a big deal, of course, be cautious, how is the talk going It s okay.Li Xuan said with a mouthful of alcohol, then took out a pack of Zhonghua cigarettes from his pocket, and handed one to super cbd gummies 300 mg natural stimulant cbd gummies Qi Fei., Take one by yourself.Qi Fei hurriedly lit Li Xuan on fire.After Li Xuan took a deep breath, his eyes gleamed with a cold light, and suddenly cursed Fuck you Qi Fei was startled, and Qi Fei hurriedly asked what was wrong.What do you think that guy looks like Li Xuan asked angrily.Qi Fei was a little puzzled, he was not familiar with that person, cbd gummies for cats how could he know are cbd gummies bad for your health what that person would be like, so Qi Fei could only speak based on his own feelings It looks very elegant, and you should regard yourself as Very tall, not easy to get close to people, very cautious in doing things, he should be a very thoughtful person.It s just that finding a wife and are cbd gummies bad for your health getting married is a big deal, and we have to worry about it.Besides, I m only your are cbd gummies bad for your health son, and I still want to have a grandson as soon as possible.Well.Qi Fei has a big head, with a wry smile on his face Mom, I also understand, I can understand, in short, you and dad can rest assured that I will definitely bring back a beautiful and filial wife.It doesn t matter if she is beautiful or not.The key is to be kind hearted and considerate to the Gu family, alas, I ve heard what you said countless times, but I haven t seen you do it before.Qi Fei s mother said with a little resentment in her tone.Qi Fei didn t know what to say when he heard this, and he also sighed.Qi Fei s mother approached him and asked in a low voice, Tell mom honestly, is that girl your girlfriend Ear, simply said It s not counted.he.I ve done my best Don t force me anymore, take the money away From now on, neither you nor Yi Lan will have anything to do with me These words made Qi Fei s heart ache, and his eyes were exposed.A sad look.Seeing him like this, Li Dafa seemed to gain confidence, and added to Qi Fei I know you are good at skills, and you have some skills, but I m not afraid to tell you, the boss I m following now is a gangster The people here They are not fuel efficient lamps If you push me into a are cbd gummies bad for your health hurry, I will talk to the boss, and then don t blame me for being unreasonable Facing such direct threats and threats, Qi Fei showed a strange smile, Slowly raised his hand to take the more than 3,000 yuan, then stood up with a sigh.Are you satisfied Are you happy that you have emptied all my money Don t leave yet Li Dafa urged with a straight face.Qi cbd gummies for pain texas Fei looked at Heizi, in less than two days, Heizi seemed to be a different person, his face was pale, his eye sockets were sunken, his beard was messy and his hair was messy, he was extremely emaciated.Heizi, let s do it.Qi Fei pointed to the seat beside him.Heizi turned his head to the other three and said, Why don t you hurry up and call Brother Fei Hello, Brother Fei The three said at the same time, and then bowed to Qi Fei.This scene made Qi Fei smile wryly in his heart.Damn, it s good now.It s his turn to recruit others.Alas, step by step, he is getting deeper and deeper You all know what kind of job you are applying for, don t you Qi Fei Fei asked.I know.The three of them still spoke in unison.Heizi said I ve already explained everything clearly, Brother Fei, don t worry, these three are not bad, Brother Fei, you can choose from them.Xuan er, let s try it It looks like the game is coming to an end, I ll get you a special reward Gao Wei said while pulling Xuan er s hand.Xuan er showed a hesitant expression, she really didn t want to fall into the crowd and be touched by so many hands.Seeing Xuan er hesitating, Gao Wei gradually lowered his face Why, you don t believe me NoI Then follow me Gao Wei couldn t help but dragged Xuan er Get up, and then pull her over there.Qi Fei saw this scene clearly, and he also guessed that Gao Wei wanted to go to play games, but Qi Fei also saw Xuan er s reluctant expression.Qi Fei felt a stabbing pain in his heart.At this moment, he had an urge to go over and pull Xuan er back.His hand was pressing on the glass door, but Qi Fei finally held back.The urge didn t go out.He lowered his hands, lowered his head, and took a few deep breaths slowly.The police found a large amount of drugs from them, and then Li Xuan tried to resist desperately, but was killed by the police on the spot, and Qi Fei was also held to the head with a gun.The moment the gun rang, Qi Fei woke up.This dream was too real, thinking back on everything in the dream, Qi Fei couldn t help breaking out in a cold sweat again, and his pajamas were all wet.As the saying goes, I think about it every day and dream at night.I must have nightmares because I think too much.It must be like this.Qi Fei said to himself.There was no way, he could only comfort himself like this.At this time, it was past eight o clock in the morning.Qi Fei went to the bathroom to take a shower, and then went out to have breakfast, but he didn t have much appetite.When he returned to the hotel, Li Xuan called and asked him to meet at the airport.Qi Fei immediately said in a gentle voice are cbd gummies bad for your health I am too, and I miss you too.I dreamed about you last night.Obviously, Ye Xiaobei was taken aback when he heard this sentence She stopped, and after a few seconds she asked with a trembling voice Brother Qi, you what did you say Qi Fei tried his best to make his voice a little numb Xiao Bei, I haven t seen you for a long time, I miss you.You re botanical farms cbd gummies cost are cbd gummies bad for your health dead, really, it s boring to sleep alone at night, I really want to hug youand then kiss you, and then Ye Xiaobei was probably stunned Brother Qi, you you what s wrong with you At this moment, Li Xuan had a look of disgust in his eyes, he stood up and walked towards the window Passed over, then opened the glass window and stood there without moving, it seemed that he wanted to get some air.Taking advantage of this opportunity, Qi Fei lowered his voice and covered his phone Xiao Bei, don t talk, just listen to me.Cheng Siyu said Seeing that you haven t gone back, so I found it myself.Li Xuan frowned Why do you Found me Forgot that I called you At that time, I had already arrived in Yunnan, and I had a friend who worked in a mobile company.I asked him to help locate you, so I found your exact location.Li Xuan s eyes were transparent An angry expression cbd gummies dave colorado appeared You don t want to die Come here now It seems that you are really doing something dangerous Cheng Siyu was also very angry Hurry up and go back Get out Li Xuan lost his temper, pointing at Cheng Siyu and cursing.Seeing that the situation was getting more and more wrong, Qi Fei hurried forward to smooth things over Mr.Cheng, Boss Li has indeed encountered a little trouble here, but I assure you, he has never done anything wrong.When he said this, Qi Fei couldn t help feeling a little guilty, no matter what, Li Xuan had caused a disaster.So he could only force himself to forget his fear, and only wanted to go forward, and then go forward until he walked out of this place.The increasingly vain hope became Qi Fei s last reliance.He kept talking to Cheng Siyu while walking, for no other reason, just to let her relax, even a little bit.In the cave, apart from the sound of the two groping forward and Qi Fei s speech, there were also some rustling sounds that appeared from time to time.When a person s eyes lose their main function, their hearing becomes relatively more sensitive, and those messy movements make Cheng Siyu s psychological pressure even greater.Qi Feiwhat are those Cheng Siyu asked in fear.There are also some animals in the cave They live here all year round Don t be afraid, there is no danger.Qi Fei comforted.But I feel that there are more and more movements.Cheng Siyu also laughed.But soon a sad look appeared on her face The two of us survived, but Dongzi Qi Fei s heart also became very heavy.When they fell into the cave, the two of them There is still a distance from the driver Dongzi.What is certain is that Dongzi will definitely fall, but after that moment, he will never see Dongzi again.At that time, the two of them could only protect themselves.It was very difficult to survive in that environment, so it was impossible to find Dongzi everywhere.At that time, Dongzi was caught in the leg by the jeep, and he was crushed to death by the car when it collapsed.Even if he fell into the water unscathed, it would be very difficult to escape again.Qi Fei knew that part of the reason for his and Cheng Siyu s survival was due to luck.If the two of them hadn t been washed together by the river at that timethe consequences would have been unimaginable.It s just that soon Cheng Siyu realized that she had revealed some emotions that she shouldn t have expressed, she immediately recovered and didn t say any more.Qi Fei was secretly excited and immediately realized a problem, that is, he was cbd gummies nashvile about to leave Li Xuan and return to work with Cheng Siyu, so there would naturally be more exchanges, and he might not be able to show her some similarities with Piao Ling.Qi Fei and Piaoling are not similar, they are basically the same person, Qi Fei has to consciously control his words and deeds in front of Cheng Siyu, he did this before, and he will pay more attention later.I m going to the toilet.Cheng Siyu stood up.As soon as Cheng Siyu went out, Qi Fei walked to the door, slowly opened the door, and kept looking at Cheng Siyu s back.Qi Fei s mood is complicated, he even feels that his mood has never been so complicated.So she tried her best to breathe slowly, and opened her eyes only slightly, so that due to the light, even if the killer looked over, she wouldn t notice it for a while.For a period of time, Qi Fei was engaged in an extremely complicated ideological struggle.He didn t know if he had the ability to pull out the gun and kill the killer.Qi Fei tried his best to recall whether the pistol was loaded or not.In this desperate situation, he finally recalled that although the pistol had never been used, he was loaded by himself.That is to say, as long as Qi Fei s speed is fast enough, he can pull out his gun and shoot the killer with bullets.But what he is facing is a professional killer, can his speed match the opponent This is too mysterious.You d better move fast, I ve waited long enough.The killer said blankly.It s gone Qin Wu s voice became extremely gloomy I don t know if Boss Li is clear, how did they die Li Xuan showed a surprised expression What Dead Do you understand that you are confused Don t fuck around, just let it go Qin Wu crossed his hands and fingers on the table, staring at Li Xuan, and after a few seconds, he suddenly laughed He smiled Forget it, I just blame those three guys for being so useless, and it would be a pity to die, Boss Li What a good way Li Xuan squinted his eyes and looked at Qin Wu Although I don t know you What bullshit, but I can also hear that those three shitty things are dead.If you kill him, I really have to thank the person who did it, if you find that person, remember to let me know, I will cbd gummies 1000 mg on sale accept him as a subordinate, and reward him well, hahaha.Qin are cbd gummies bad for your health Wu laughed twice, and then said Boss Li is so courageous, as expected of that Oh keoni cbd gummies negative reviews What is it Qin Wu showed cbd 50 mg gummies are cbd gummies bad for your health a thoughtful look, and then patted the table I remembered , the son of the director of the Public Security Bureau, right Ouch, it s amazing.It s just that he doesn t want to owe Li Xuan any favors like this.If someone comes to him with something, he won t be able to refuse.So Qi Fei said Brother Xuan, I m alone, and I m not used to living in such a big place.I know that you are actually taking care of me, I Li Xuan frowned and interrupted Qi Fei Brother Fei You are disrespecting me Do you look down on me I think my house is dirty Let me tell you, I let you live there because I respect you for being bloody Man enough Add You helped me so much before I came here, I don t want to owe you anything Stop talking nonsense, or I m really going to get angry Qi Fei was stunned for a moment, not knowing whether Li Xuan s words were sincere or not.It s useful, but at present, he still can t continue to refuse, it s best to leave him as soon as possible.Well there will be people entering this department at that time, and I will tell you the specific situation after the meeting.Okay, Mr.Cheng.Until this afternoon, Qi Fei had just are cbd gummies bad for your health returned to the department office after lunch, when he received a call from the general manager s office, saying that he wanted Qi Fei to come over.Qi Fei hurried over and went to the general manager s office to see that there were three other people present besides Cheng Siyu.Two of them are known by Qi Fei, namely Tan Jianren and Zhang Wei, and Qi Fei does not know each other, but he also knows something.That person was Ou Hanhua, the general manager of the personnel department of the distribution company, and Qi Fei had seen this person in the distribution company s introduction.Ou Hanhua is less than forty years old.Cheng is right With Mr.Cheng s wise leadership and everyone s joint efforts, we will surely succeed Tan Jianren didn t say anything, just sneered.The meeting ended here.After the meeting ended, Qi Fei and Zhang Wei went to the office together, and Zhang Wei s desk was quickly arranged.But at this moment, Mr.Ou has not issued an order, so neither of them can start working for the time being, so they just sit in the office like this, looking at each other.Qi Fei thought to himself, no matter who Zhang Wei is, he will have to work with him in the future, so no matter what, he must do the superficial work properly.At the same time, in order to avoid embarrassment, Qi Fei took the initiative to say to Zhang Wei Brother, we will have to fight side by side in the future, and I hope you will take care of me and give me more advice.Qi Fei was exhausted from running around during the day and stayed up all night at night, so his expression was a little sluggish.When he was sitting on the chair, he seemed to collapse at any moment.It didn t take long for his eyelids to start twitching.A few minutes later, Tan Jianren also rushed over.After sitting down next to Cheng Siyu, he muttered casually I thought there was nothing wrong with me Seeing that Qi Fei was dozing off, Ou Hanhua and Tan Jianren also saw it.Ou Hanhua showed displeasure when he are cbd gummies bad for your health saw Qi Fei s report meeting like this, while Tan Jianren didn t seem to are cbd gummies bad for your health care much.Cheng Siyu looked calm, glanced at Qi Fei and said to Zhang Wei You took the initiative to report your plan before, so let you continue.Thank you, are cbd gummies bad for your health Mr.Cheng Zhang Wei opened the previously opened The plan was placed on the table in front of him, and then he cleared his throat and looked at the three leaders in front of him Leaders, this is the plan I carefully planned for newspaper retailing.He believed that when Cheng Siyu and Piao Ling were together before, she had a good understanding of Piao Ling s character and ability.If Qi Fei didn t deliberately cover up now, with Cheng Siyu s ability, she would definitely guess that Qi Fei is Piao Ling.Qi HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your health Fei sighed secretly in his heart It s not that I don t believe you It s just that I can t do that, at least not now.Seeing Qi Fei s silence, Cheng Siyu s face flashed a look of disappointment, Then she said with relief Actually, I can also understand that you are helpless in Bingang.Even if you have great skills, if you show your edge, you will be easily suppressed by others Qi Fei smiled, but did not speak.Cheng Siyu looked into Qi Fei s eyes Maybe I was too stubborn and always wanted you to admit that you are capable.Now I suddenly understand that it doesn t matter whether you admit it or not.Some of them will take the initiative to repay the money within two days after borrowing money, and very few of them need to send someone are cbd gummies bad for your health to HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your health remind them.Li Xuan is not afraid that he will not get the money back.He has various means.Hearing Li Xuan speak with great enthusiasm, Qi Fei sighed secretly in his heart, Li Xuan set up an underground casino in Langzhou, now how many people will be tossed and ruined.By the way, Brother Fei.Li Xuan looked at Qi Fei with bright eyes Just yesterday, a are cbd gummies bad for your health best cbd gummy for pain relief big boss won more than 7 million with me More than 7 million, but he was so happy that his mouth was crooked.Yes, later on that guy was worried that if he won too much, he natural stimulant cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking episode would be murdered if he got out of the casino, so I asked Heizi to take him home with someone.Qi Fei said thoughtfully, So Heizi went to do it.Li Xuan rolled his eyes, and after asking Bai Jin about Qin Wu s departure time, he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed Phone Hey, you and I should keep a close eye on the situation, and also natural stimulant cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking episode arrange a few people to find Qin Wu s movements for me.That guy should be in Langzhou by now.Once you find him, give him a call.I ll keep an eye on him, and report to me no matter what he does After making the phone call, Li Xuan seemed relieved, stopped talking about work, and enjoyed drinking and eating hot pot with Qi Fei and others.After eating this for more than three hours, Li Xuan ate until his stomach was bulging, but he still couldn t get enough of it.During this period, Qi Fei discovered that Li Xuan was paying more and more attention to Platinum, probably because he helped Li Xuan settle the transfer of the snack street shop.Qi Fei was still staring at QQ in a daze.He felt that talking to Xiao Bei could really relax his emotions a lot, and chatting with cbd gummies quit drinking her would never be boring, but he never had the same feeling as when chatting with Cheng Siyu.After all, the person Qi Fei likes is not Xiaobei, and the feeling of chatting with the person he likes cannot be replaced by anyone.Qi Fei cbd gummy bears dragons den struggled for a while, then opened the QQ search bar, and entered Cheng Siyu s QQ number, which he had already memorized in his heart.After finding the other party s QQ, Qi Fei clicked on the other party s profile, but the profile was blank with nothing.Qi Fei was dazed and dazed for a long time, then he came up with an idea to add the other party as a friend again It s just that this idea was quickly suppressed by Qi Fei.Because doing so, doesn t seem to make any sense.Helpless, really helpless.Qi Fei gritted his teeth and turned off the computer, then hurried to the balcony, lit a cigarette, and then opened the glass window outside the balcony, allowing the cold wind to blow in.Looking at the bustling night scene in the distance, Qi Fei felt that his heart was gradually becoming cold.Smoke spewed out of his mouth, blurring his vision, and dimly, he recalled the scene when he first met Cheng Siyu.At that time, he never thought that he would have an intersection with this woman, let alone that he would have such an unusual relationship with her.It s a pity that the other party didn t know his true identity until the relationship ended.Qi Fei recalled all the things about Cheng Siyu over and over again, and then smoked one cigarette after another, until he was shivering from the cold wind and his throat was sore from the smoke, he returned to the room cbd 50 mg gummies are cbd gummies bad for your health among.Maybe this will give the leader a feeling of hard work, but Qi Fei is too lazy to show so much on purpose.Now that I m free, Qi Fei starts surfing the Internet to search for me and news.This is what he must do every day.As an employee of the publishing company, it is necessary to keep abreast of the social situation.News is the easiest and most direct way.Inadvertently, Qi Fei saw a piece of news, the title of which was not obvious, but Qi Fei quickly clicked on it.Because the content of the title is that an entrepreneur in Northeast China was seriously ill and was hospitalized, and many senior officials went to express their condolences.After opening it, Qi Fei s eyes were directly locked on a photo, in which was a vigorous man in his sixties wearing a Tang suit.Seeing this man s appearance, Qi Fei froze instantly.When the two saw Qi Fei coming in, the director with a big back immediately stepped forward and asked tentatively, Youis Qi Fei, right Qi Fei nodded, Exactly.The director with a big back showed his face.With joy, he immediately stretched out both hands to hold Qi Fei s hand Hi, hello, we finally have you here Come, come, please sit down, let me introduce you, this is Liu from our Metropolis Daily.Editor in Chief Chapter 228 An Attractive Position Editor in Chief Liu also stood up very politely, and stretched out his right hand to Qi Fei.This kind of etiquette is still necessary, so Qi Fei also cooperated very much, holding the hand of Editor in Chief Liu and said Hello, Editor in Chief Liu Hello, Qi Fei, come, come, sit down The director behind the head went to greet the waiter to serve wine and food.Qi Fei left after four o clock in the afternoon, and it s not yet the usual off duty time.He just walked aimlessly along the main road from the entrance of the company until night fell.Seeing more and more street lights and neon lights around him, Qi Fei, are cbd gummies bad for your health who was in a trance, forced himself to wake up.He stood on the steps next to a square, looking at the endless stream of vehicles and the crowd in front of him with a sense of loss.Qi Fei smiled wryly to himself.Compared to Qi Fei s abjection, there are some people who are in a particularly good mood.These people are naturally Zhang Li, Zhang buy cbd gummies wholesale Wei, Tan Jianren and people from Bingang Metropolis Daily.In fact, Zhang Li and Zhang Wei worked together with several people from the Metropolitan Daily to make up this matter.Tan Jianren did not participate in it.For this point, Ning Bin seemed to appreciate it very much.Due to the heavy snowfall and the sell out of ingredients, the hot pot restaurant closed at 9 00 pm.Qi Fei and Ning Bin cleaned up the hot pot restaurant before leaving.Qi Fei was about to take the bus back home, but before getting on the bus, he received a call from Zhang Li.Hello, handsome Qi Fei.Zhang Li s voice was still so frivolous.Qi Fei frowned tightly Why, I ve been fired, why are you calling me Of course I missed you.After I found out that you left, my heart was empty Okay, I m going home.Qi Fei was impatient and wanted to end the call.But I heard Zhang Li say loudly Wait Do you think it s okay for me to call you specially What are you talking about Oh, I m so anxious, I plan to tell you face to face But it s very important, if you don t come then forget it.In order not to cause too much trouble, they don t plan to fight the owner of the hot are cbd gummies bad for your health pot restaurant.The speed of the two killers was unbelievably fast, even with Qi Fei in a coma, they rushed into the alley next to them in the blink of an eye.However, the two hadn t run for long when they suddenly found that Ning Bin had appeared a few meters in front of them.This can t help what are cbd gummies but make their faces change slightly.I still say the same thing, let him go.Ning Bin said in a deep voice.One killer cbd 50 mg gummies are cbd gummies bad for your health replied It seems that we are being entangled by you.If you don t get rid of it first, natural stimulant cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking episode this matter can t be done.He pulled the trigger on Ning Bin with his pistol.Such a sudden movement would be impossible for an ordinary person to dodge, but Ning Bin quickly dodged like a ghost.When the gun rang, his figure was hidden in the shadowed corner next to him, and there was no movement in the next moment.Brother Qi Fei, I am so envious of you.Do you know that our boss is full of praise for you.Brother Li, are you deliberately making fun of me Haha Xiao Li laughed He said, Brother, you don t know.I have been with the boss for many years, but the boss has never are cbd gummies bad for your health praised others like he praised you.Qi Fei left Xiao Li to eat in the hot pot restaurant, Only then did Xiao Li leave.Brother Fei, when will we build the commercial street Brother Fei, after the construction of the commercial street is completed, I will come here to rent a shop and open a shop.Brother Fei, you will give me a discount on the rent.Brother Fei, I just said that if you hang out with you, there is definitely a way to make money The managers and employees of the hot pot restaurant are all old fried dough sticks.Where does he have his own plans.Qi Fei, what else do you have to say now Qi Fei shrugged indifferently, Since you all think that I was bought by the Metropolis Daily, it means that I was bought by the Metropolis Daily, what else do you want me to say President Yan, Qi Fei admits that cbd gummy dose chart he was bought, you See if you want to fire Qi Fei.Qi Fei was fired, mayim bialik cbd gummies company and the news swept through the Bingang Evening News like a tornado, and the employees of Department B came to Qi Fei s office after hearing the news.At this moment, Qi Fei was cbd 50 mg gummies are cbd gummies bad for your health packing his things in the office, but there was actually nothing to pack.Brother Fei, we will resign and follow you are cbd gummies bad for your health when you leave.Yeah, Brother Fei, we know who Zhang Wei is, and we know who Zhang Wei is.If we work under Zhang Wei, it s better to go out with Brother FeiQi Fei comforted Looking at these employees, What do you do with me, I have already lost my job.Stupid, bring it.Tong Shiyan looked at Qi super cbd gummies 300 mg natural stimulant cbd gummies Fei with a pair of smart eyes, and Qi Fei put the popcorn in Tong Shiyan s hand.The park is a place for couples to date.Couples in twos and threes sit on the grass, or in stone benches or stone pavilions, adding a lot of laughter to the park.Qi Fei s handsome appearance and Hitomi Shisha s beautiful face are even more beautiful scenery in the park.Handsome guy, do you want a date A woman with heavy makeup walked past Qi Fei and Hitomi Shisha, twisted her hips, and blew a kiss while firing at Qi Fei.Sister, I m sorry, my brother is too young to date.Qi Feila raised his face and looked at the woman who asked him if he wanted to date.At this moment, he felt a bit like the legendary boy.Chapter 276 The girl Tong Tong is having fun with the hookah.I didn t expect the mainlanders to be so open minded.Have fun.Hitomi Shuiyan smiled sweetly, and said to Yi Lan regretfully, It s a pity, Sister Lan, you have to go to work tomorrow, or you can hang out with us.Yi HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your health Lan patted Hitomi Shuiyan on the shoulder, Sister Shisha , we will have plenty of time chalene johnson cbd gummies to be together in the future.Yi Lan looked at Qi Fei and said, Qi Fei, it s getting late and I should go back.Qi Fei and Tong Shuiyan sent Yi Lan far away, Qi Fei said to send Yi Lan Going back, Yi Lan shook her head, Qi Fei took a taxi, and after Yi Lan got in the car, Qi Fei told Yi Lan to send him a text message when she arrived at the hospital, and Yi Lan nodded.At night, Qi Fei gave up the room to Tong Shisha, and slept on the sofa by himself.Just when Qi Fei was about to cover up, Tong Shiyan came out of the room, and said to Qi Fei with some embarrassment Stay Melon, I m afraid I ll squeeze with you.But I don t like you anymore, I suggest you learn more like the other two beauties.How could Hitomi Shisha listen to Xiao Wu s words, a wry smile appeared on the corner of Xiao Wu s mouth, and he turned to Qi Fei with a hippie smile, and said Boy, this anger should dissipate, let that female man stop, if the power behind this bald head finds you, it will be enough for you.Although Qi Fei didn t cbd gummies bulk wholesale know if the power behind the bald head was also like Li Like Xuan Xuan or Qin Wu, those forces are are cbd gummies bad for your health not something he can provoke now.Okay, Shisha, we should go back.Hitomi Shisha reluctantly walked to Qi Fei s side.She is also a smart person, and she also understood that Qi Fei didn t want to provoke the forces behind the bald head, so she whispered, Wait a few days My hands are itchy, but you have to practice with me to see who is better.Soon there were three bird calls coming from the woods, and Xiao Wu walked up to Qi Fei and told Qi Fei that the people from the Yamaguchi group were coming out.After two or three minutes, a woman in the woods came out with several people in military uniforms.Qi Fei glanced suspiciously at the people behind the woman, from them Qi Fei could feel the evil spirit that can only be found in people who have killed someone.The woman is not very old, about the same age as Xiao Wu but four or five years old, and she looks pretty good, watery, with a figure like a devil, the woman walked up to Xiao Wu, smiled at Xiao Wu, and said Wu Jun, I m very glad that we can meet here, my name is Bei Dao Chuanzi.Xiao Wu s ruffian breath revealed, he greedily stared at Bei Dao Chuanzi s pair of murder weapons, and said with an evil smile Miss Chuan Zi You re welcome, but I think it would be great if we could change the place to meet.Miss Chuanzi, I don t know if you know Xu Kaixuan s power in China.Bei Dao Chuanzi thought for a while, nodded and shook his head, Qi Jun, I know about Xu Sang s affairs in China There are not many of them, and I just occasionally heard other people mention that he seems to have some prestige in the Northeast underworld.Qi Fei was a little disappointed, Bei Daochuanzi didn t know the details of Xu Kaixuan s power in China, but Bei Dao What Shimagawako told him made him think of a way to confront Xu Kaixuan as soon as possible.Seeing that he could no longer get any news from Bei Dao Chuanzi, Qi Fei shook his wine glass gently, sitting on the sofa thinking about something.Hitomi Shisha didn t know the reason, but he didn t catch a cold with Bei Dao Chuanzi, since he entered the private room, he didn t say a word to Bei Dao Chuanzi, sitting next to Qi Fei, seeing that Qi Fei was thinking about something, he picked up his wine glass and lightly He took a sip lightly.After thinking for a while, Qi Fei felt more and more that only by making himself stronger as soon as possible can he protect the person he wants to protect.Seeing that a few people were silent, Xiao Wu stood up a little bored, walked to the super cbd gummies 300 mg natural stimulant cbd gummies place where the wine was stored, and brought over two more bottles of wine, Brother Fei, would you like some white wine This is the real vodka.See Qi Fei Without speaking, Xiao Wu poured him a glass, poured himself a glass, lifted the glass and drank the liquid in the glass, kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies with an intoxicated expression on his face.After thinking for a while, Qi Fei didn t come up with a good solution, so he simply stopped are cbd gummies bad for your health thinking about it, picked up the wine glass, and took a sip.The vodka was very strong and flowed down his throat like fire into his body.In the private room, I chatted with Xiao Wu about mercenaries, and Xiao Wu insisted on persuading Qi Fei to become a mercenary.Qi Fei gave Cui Yangze a thumbs up.At this time, Jiang Fan and the old fritters did not forget to flatter them.They opened and closed their mouths because Cui Ge made a good decision like this, and Cui Yangze made a good decision like that, which made Cui Yangze feel a little dizzy.Wave your hands and let these old fried dough sticks greet other people in the hot pot restaurant.After Jiang Fan s old fritters left, Cui Yangze looked at Qi Fei seriously, Brother Fei, I ve heard about sister Tong, you must take me with you when you go to Hong Kong, although I and Tong Sister hasn t been together for long, but if Sister Tong encounters any difficulties, I will definitely step forward to help her.Qi Fei nodded, sat and chatted with Cui Yangze for a while, took out his phone and called Xiao Wu, telling Xiao Wu that he had returned to Bingang, but it seemed that Xiao Wu was doing something inappropriate for children The matter, Xiao Wu s voice was also intermittent, but Xiao Wu told Qi Fei at the end, wait for him, he will be there in a while.Xiao Wu raised a wicked smile at the corner of his mouth, and walked towards the Russian young master step by step Enter.Don t come heredon t come here This Russian young master is really scared.He was beaten by some violent are cbd gummies bad for your health girl yesterday, and charlottes web cbd gummies amazon he is still wrapped in gauze.If he is punished again today, he will want to die Tong Yun frowned, looked at Tong are cbd gummies bad for your health Shisha and asked, What s going on Hitomi Shisha spread his hands and said casually Actually, it s nothing.I just can t get used to seeing gummy flavored cbd tincture fire wholesalers some foreign flies flying around in China.He yelled like a ghost, Sheshethat s hershe beat me up Chapter 329 Disengagement of Engagement Tong are cbd gummies bad for your health Yun frowned, glanced at Tong Shiyan and said helplessly, Do you know who he is I don t care who he is Looking at the Russian young master, he said Don t let me see you again, or I will beat you every time I see you.After the designer from Milan left, only Qi Fei, Tong Shisha and Meng Tingting were left in the office.Meng Tingting looked at Qi Fei with a pair of beautiful contact lenses, Chairman, what is blowing you today Come to the company Qi Fei smiled awkwardly, although he is the chairman of Milan Clothing, he is a gummy cbd in brunswick ohio chairman who doesn t understand design, and Hitoshi Shisha is in charge of everything in the company.Hitomi Shuiyan was used to Meng Tingting s way of speaking, looked at Qi Fei and asked, Xiao Wu and the others got on the plane and left Qi Fei nodded and told the time when Xiao Wu and the others flew together.Meng Tingting glanced at Qi Fei, then at Tong Shisha, and shook her head, I won t disturb your two person world here anymore, alas Pity me for such a beautiful woman, who is still a dog Commonly known as a single dog.Qi Fei was afraid of Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren Being fired from the company, he was dissatisfied with Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan, so he came up with some tricks to deal with them.You go back first, nothing will happen if Yi Lan and I are here in the company.Cheng Siyu showed a charming smile.She naturally knew Qi Fei s worry.The security guards now patrol every few hours.Chapter 346 Li Xuan s Invitation Since Mr.Cheng was scared last time, the chairman was very angry when he learned about it, and asked the company s security guards to patrol carefully every day.He doesn t want such things to happen in the company.Yi are cbd gummies bad for your health Lan also persuaded Qi Fei that she and Cheng Siyu are here in the company.Qi Fei nodded, and said to condor cbd gummies side effects Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan, Call me if you need anything.The two girls nodded with a smile.Qi Fei sat down on a rock, looked at Bai Xiye with interest and asked.There was a bitter smile on Bai Xiye s face, It s been a long time since I ve heard the term special forces mentioned before.I think my brothers and I came here to fight drugs, but in the end I was the only one alive.They will stay here forever.When Qi Fei saw Bai Xiye say this, a look of sadness flashed in his eyes, Although they sacrificed, they are the pride of the motherland.Yes, although they sacrificed But they will always live in people s hearts.Bai Xiye asked Qi Fei, as his comrade in arms would die in a few days, would he like to visit his former comrades in arms together In the bungalow, Li Xuan and the others were discussing how to take Qin Wu s drug route.Sitting across from Li Xuan, a man of about forty years old, quite Heizi said that you used to be a special soldier.Li Xuan didn t say that those families could compete with the Qin are cbd gummies from hemp as effective family in the capital, and Qi Fei couldn t guess cbd gummies high line what Li Xuan was thinking.After a while, Li Xuan walked up to Qi Fei, patted Qi Fei on the shoulder, and said to Qi Fei There is one thing I want to ask you, Brother Fei.Qi Fei raised his head and looked at Li Xuan.A trace of hesitation flashed in Xuan s eyes, but he still said that he was going to ask Qi Fei, There is a life and death battle between me and Qin Wu, and the competition will be the power and background of both sides.How long will it take to go to the capital, and if I lose the fight with Qin Wu, brother Fei, please take good care of Cheng Siyu.Taking care of Cheng Siyu, this matter does not need to be said by Li Xuan, he will do it, but Qi Fei can t figure out why Li Xuan will do it tonight.Seeing that the two were about to leave with their horses, at this moment, an accident happened, and several teams rushed out from the street on the other side.A wretched looking man, holding a submachine gun in his hand, said loudly to the man with a face full of flesh Zhao Laosan, do you remember the last time I fucked my wife I have been waiting for this day.It s been a long HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your health time.After finishing speaking, the wretched man pulled the trigger in his hand, and a tongue of flame shot out from the submachine gun, and the flame fell on the man with a face full of flesh.With a bang , the man with a face full of flesh fell straight on the ground, with blood foam coming out of his mouth, he pointed at the wretched man, and wanted to speak, but he couldn t swallow his breath, and hung up.Wang Ergou, do you remember the last time you robbed my batch of goods, God open my eyes, let me seize this opportunity, you bastards also go to death.She didn t know about Cheng Siyu signing the divorce agreement with Li Xuan, so she sighed, walked to Qi Fei s side, and pulled his hand.Yijiao whispered, Take us to see Jiazi.Wu Wei arrived at the People s Hospital, checked Jiazi s injuries, and told Qi Fei not to worry, she would wake up soon.When Wu Wei was checking Jiazi s injury, the attending doctor who was in charge of Jiazi s condition was naturally there, but he sneered at Wu Wei s words.What kind of doctor are you If you say the patient are cbd gummies bad for your health best cbd gummy for pain relief is fine, is it really fine The attending doctor was very unimpressed with Wu Wei, a colleague.He took over the patient, and it took only one night.Come out and fight him for a job alone.Wu Wei naturally didn t take the words of the attending doctor to heart, and said to Qi Fei, The reason why Jiazi hasn t woken up is because she is too tired, and of course she is weak due to excessive blood loss.Tong Shisha asked I don t know if Qi Fei caught up with the van that was pulling Wu Wei, or if he saved Wu Wei.Lu Zifeng s face changed slightly, Do you remember that license plate If you can biolife cbd gummies for sex t remember the appearance of Wu Weiren who was robbed, then at least you know the license plate number.To Lu Zifeng s disappointment, Tong Shuiyan and the others really don t remember the license plate The license plate number of the van.Lu Zifeng was full of black lines, and asked Lin Tianxiang to retrieve the video of today s hospital section.The incident of Wu Wei s being kidnapped was also located by Lu Zifeng on the kidnapping.You guys will follow me back to the police station for investigation.Lu Zifeng is considered a veteran in handling cases, and while asking Tong Shisha and Zhang Yun to follow him back to the police station for investigation, he called his subordinates to find Wu Wei as soon as possible.They re all a fucking bunch of botanical farms cbd gummies cost are cbd gummies bad for your health trash.Bai Xiye was thinking in his heart, no matter if he succeeds or fails, he must kick out all these little guys after returning this time.In the fight with Bai Xiye, Qi Fei natural stimulant cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking episode was always in the upper hand, and it was not easy for him to subdue Bai Jin, and now that Bai Jin had something on his mind, he was at a disadvantage.Bang Bai Jin punched Qi Fei in botanical farms cbd gummies cost are cbd gummies bad for your health the face, Qi Fei smiled slightly, stretched out his palm to block Bai Jin s punch, and quickly clasped Bai Jin s wrist with his other hand, raised his foot to point at Bai Jin s lower abdomen Give it a kick.Qi Fei s series of actions were completed in an instant, and when Bai Jin wanted to fight back, he had already stepped back a few steps, and not far from his feet, a younger brother was moaning in pain.Bai Jin, to be honest, I really don t want to be your enemy.The boy stared at my third brother in the bar for a whole hour, and finally chased him out of the bar for a whole kilometer.If it wasn t for my understanding of the terrain It s so familiar, I really can t get rid of that kid.Zhao Hua recounted the situation that day, Liu Chen, Luo Wei, Tang Qiu and Wang Yu all frowned slightly, although Zhao Hua was in charge of the organization The person who is in contact with other forces, but he is also a killer, and the person who can follow him one kilometer has to attract the attention of Liu Chen natures only cbd gummies to quit smoking and the others.Let your subordinates look up the origins of those people.Liu Chen glanced at Luo Wei, the zombie face, and reminded Before we know the purpose of their coming to Changsha, try not to let our people conflict with them.Brother, are we really going to let those old men rob our country s property this time Tang Qiu knew the purpose of the Russians coming to Changsha.Zhao Yun didn t answer Bai Jin, and shook hands.Quan attacked Platinum at an extremely fast speed.Bang Zhao Yun s fist and Platinum s fist collided in the air, and then both of them took a few steps back.What a lot of strength.The fighting spirit in Zhao Yun s eyes became even stronger, and he attacked Platinum again, but this time he used more force than last time.The person who can be valued by Brother Fei is how much are cbd gummy bears dragons den really not an ordinary person.Platinum s eyes showed seriousness.In the blink of an eye, Zhao Yun and Bai Jin had already wrestled together.However, the strength of the two of them was similar, and it was impossible to defeat each other in a short time.Chapter 434 On the side of Cheng Siyu s jade pendant, Zhao Yun and Bai Jin fought hard.On the other side, Wang Yu followed Qi Fei s instructions and came to the small villa where Qin Wu lived.When the Bloody Queen arrived at Bingang, she called Xiao Wu as soon as she got off the plane, telling him to come over to xx Hotel immediately.Come on, depending on the situation, it s not just a table of mahjong.Xiao Wula shrugged, said goodbye to the four girls Tong Shisha, Jiazi, Ye Xiaobei and Cheng Siyu, and hurried to the place where the Bloody Queen was on the phone.Said the hotel.When Xiao Wu saw the Bloody Queen, the first sentence he heard was not to ask him to sit down, but Tell me about Qi Fei.With a dry mouth, he reached out to take a bottle of drink from the glass coffee table, twisted it away and took a few sips.According to what you said, Qi Fei is not in Bingang anymore With the power of the Xiaowu Mercenary Union, he was not found after digging three feet, which can only explain one problem, Qi Fei is no longer in Bingang Xiao Wu shook his head, there was no camera at the place where the brothers Wang Da, Wang Er and Wang Sansan threw Qi Fei, so there was no way to know who would throw Qi Fei after they lost that night take away.Wood, look what I brought back for you.Yang Xueyu went to the snack bar to look for Qi Fei after work.Running towards Qi Fei s rental house like a gust of wind.Li Li had a rest today, so she came here with Yang Xueyu when she got off work, seeing Yang Xueyu who had run away without a trace, Li Li smiled helplessly, her best friend seemed to have fallen in love.It seems that the plague god and Xiaoyu are a good match, but there are some scars on his face, which doesn t look very good looking.Li Li compared Qi Fei and Yang Xueyu s husband and wife in her heart.If she hadn t been to Yang Xueyu s new Where to live, maybe I will call my best friend at this moment and are cbd gummies bad for your health ask her to come down and take me up.Wu Mu, who is this Yang Xueyu was stunned when she saw the Bloody Queen.Whether it was her beauty or the temperament exuding from her body, they were all above her.Do you dare to kill me Brother Gou was not afraid at all, but provocatively asked.Of course not, I don t want to go to jail, but, as I said, I will definitely beat you into a dog, and I will keep my word.After speaking, a bench leg slammed on Brother Gou s shoulder, breaking his shoulder bone.You really dare to hit me, you wait, I will destroy you sooner or later.Brother Gou hugged his shoulders and screamed loudly, his eyes turned blood red.You re so funny, don t you really hit me to make fun of you Qi Fei smashed another bench leg on Brother Gou s knee, and Brother Gou, who was clamoring to break other people s legs just now, got his knee smashed.I can t get up.Two sticks destroyed Brother Gou, but Qi Fei didn t stop.He rounded the stick and smashed it down with a stick.Brother Gou continued to curse at people at first, but later he didn t even have the strength to howl miserably, he just lay down on the ground and hummed baypark cbd gummies for copd softly.He thinks he is a good person.He usually helps the old lady cross the road, doesn t sneak around, and doesn t go to the women s bathroom to relieve himself.Logically, such a good person should be lucky.But God is cbd penis gummies always so unfair, just after Sun Qian was sent cbd 50 mg gummies are cbd gummies bad for your health away, Qi Fei just wanted to drink tea by himself, calm down, and think about how to deal with the future.Too many things are entangled together, like a big ball of broken wool, which looks easy to disassemble, but in fact there is no trace at all.I have a headache.He reluctantly went to the garage.As soon as he entered the underground garage, Qi Fei felt that something was wrong.He looked around and found nothing unusual, so he smiled and started the car.But just as he was about to turn out of the parking space, the huge raptor pickup on the opposite side suddenly made an ear splitting roar, and directly aimed at the front of Qi Fei s car and bumped into it.Li will definitely not refuse.Joke said.David stood obliquely behind Li Wan, his eyes were undisguised, and he couldn t stop looking at Li Wan s upright buttocks.He didn t know what messed up he was thinking, but his position had already been krave full spectrum cbd gummies cut off.Li Wan returned to her desk to make cbd 50 mg gummies are cbd gummies bad for your health a phone call to call someone.There are not many people in the whole company, and Li Wan s office is at the innermost, so no one can pay attention to her even if she yells out her throat.Of course, the premise is that David and the others give Li Wan a chance to call.Mr.Li, don t be nervous.My partner has a big temper.I apologize to you on his behalf.However, it is indeed your fault that you look down on us.Everyone botanical farms cbd gummies cost are cbd gummies bad for your health is at fault.How about just writing it off Now we are friends, man and woman We always need to talk about something interesting, come on, we are all very busy.But on this ordinary but extraordinary day, the mood of the people is even hotter, or a little angry.Because of a media report in the morning, two Chinese Americans who came to are cbd gummies bad for your health invest in Langzhou were beaten as pigs for seeking cooperation with a newly opened company.At the beginning of the news report, photos of the two before and after their injuries were posted separately.One side was sunny and handsome, looking like a successful person, and the other side was so horrible that even parents couldn t recognize them.This wasn t a big news at first, but because of the identities of these two people and the help of people with good intentions, in such a developed Internet world, it didn t take five minutes for this report to be reprinted by all news websites with the same title is emphatically marked.The reason was nothing more than Qi Fei s last sentence I am the victim.Hearing this sentence, some keen people may have felt that the matter that was fired in an instant is not that simple, otherwise, how could a small media know so much internal information, which is simply more than what big media like them know .In the eyes of these big media, there is only one reason for this situation, that is, this small media is not from the perspective of justice, but is serving a certain person.However, there are only a small number of people who can think this way, and most people think that Qi Fei is too arrogant, sitting here so complacently after beating someone, saying that he is not a fart, is this despising everyone s IQ If Qi Fei s attitude at this time is known by the angry crowd outside, they will rush in in minutes and drown this guy with spit.Did the media say it A reporter asked.Of course, I suddenly feel that you are all my reborn parents.Without you, I don t know how long I best broad spectrum cbd gummies for pain have been wronged.I am very grateful.At the same time, I have another request.I wonder if friends from the media can agree to me.Qi Fei said.Please delete all the video recordings related to this incident today.It is enough to reveal the truth and expose the are cbd gummies bad for your health evil deeds of the bad guys.I don t want to hurt more people, please.Qi Fei stood up and said to the audience I bow deeply.Qifei Environmental Protection, an emerging environmental protection scientific research company, was grandly established today.Mr.Qi Fei promised to make Qifei Environmental Protection a responsible and conscientious public enterprise.According to previous news reports, the president of Qifei Group Mr.After a while, the man s roar and the woman s humiliating cry came from the office.Since her son fell ill a year ago, her world has been in darkness.In order to raise money for her son s medical treatment, she has fallen step by step.It doesn t matter if she takes off her pants.Of course, she also received sum after sum of remuneration several times higher than normal work, but as soon as it changed hands, the money went to the drug seller again.Life is not easy, this sentence is vividly reflected in her body.Finally, after Xing Chuan had finished venting, Jia Lifen lowered her head to help him clean up the filth on the thing, helped him put on his trousers and fastened his belt, and then slowly tidied up the messy clothes on his body.Lifen, after serving me so many times, you are still so tasty, I really miss you.Qi Fei parked his car directly at the entrance of Qi Fei Building, threw the car keys to the security guard, and walked towards the elevator.Li Wan called him in a hurry to ask him to come back, and said he had some important guests, Qi Fei was thinking while driving, the more he thought about it, the more flustered he felt.When he walked into the lobby on the first floor of the building, the tip of his nose twitched because he smelled a familiar smell.Some choking tobacco smell.Aesculus.Looking in the direction from which the smell of tobacco came, Qi Fei frowned.Because he saw a yellow toothed sea snake squatting at the door of the elevator, smiling dangerously at him.Seeing the sea snake squatting at the door of the elevator, and thinking botanical farms cbd gummies cost are cbd gummies bad for your health about what Li Wan said before, Qi Fei immediately understood that the so called important guests have feelings for Wang Wutian.Chapter four hundred and ninetieth tit for tat Mr.Li, this is your fault, there are guests in the office, why didn t you introduce them to me first, yo, botanical farms cbd gummies cost are cbd gummies bad for your health isn t this Wang Wutian Wang, I m sorry, I was too thirsty just now, I didn t pay attention.Qi Fei was still acting.Didn t you scold me in your words, okay, I just ignore you, are cbd gummies bad for your health so what about the young master of the No.1 wealthy family in Langzhou Sure enough, there was a gleam of coldness in Wang Wutian s eyes, but it was fleeting.Young Master Qi is still very hostile to me.Wang Wutian said with a smile.That must be, you are a big tiger, we are a small family, if you are in a bad mood one day, you can shoot us to death in a few minutes, you can t afford to hide us.Qi Fei said.It seems that there is indeed some misunderstanding between us.Qi Fei Environmental Protection turned out to be born.If little Qi Fei is abolished, what do you ask Meng Tingting to do, how will Li Wan live in the future, and let are cbd gummies bad for your health those little girls and mature women who like Qi Fei hang themselves Therefore, Qi Fei decided to fight back.But the opponent is a high level ninja that is rarely seen in the mainland of Japan.It comes and goes like the wind, and every attack points to Qi Fei s most difficult position to defend.After losing the opportunity, it is very difficult to turn defense into offense.He needs to wait.But will the enemy give him time to wait Boom Qi Fei was negligent, and was hit with a strong elbow on the chest.Qi Fei couldn t stand still, stepped back a few steps, and directly bumped into Yan Ze s arms in a very ambiguous posture.Do you want to help Yan Ze asked with a smile.As long as this violent madman sees others fighting, if he can t go up and fight twice, it s really more uncomfortable than killing him.At the same time, this also gave Wang Wutian a chance.Chen s has worked hard all his life to support the products developed by others, but they are so easily taken over by outsiders, and they don t know how to feed back the Chen family.Such behavior is worthy of contempt.Wang Wutian said emphatically.I think that being the case, I hope I can take over the share that belongs to the Chen family.Chen Yali said suddenly.You made the most sensible decision, Chen Jiaxing.Wang Wutian nodded and said.In terms of business management, even if Wang Wutian has a superhuman IQ, if he has Chen Yali s help, he will still be like a tiger with wings added.At the same time, if Chen Yali raises a big banner to start a war against Qifei Environmental Protection, it must have a stronger appeal.Therefore, no matter what, Wang Wutian will not give up on Chen Yali, a strange woman who can not only manage enterprises, but also know how to charge and kill.Creak The office door was pushed open from the outside, and Li Wan, who was holding a stack of papers in her hand, walked in with a shake.Yo, it s true that young couples are very passionate.You two continue, just pretend that I m not there.Even if I m sitting next to you two, I ll pretend I didn t see anything.Li Wan sat directly opposite the two of them, Said with a grin.Chapter 504 I was very puzzled when I heard Li Wan s words, even if Qi Fei and Meng Tingting were urgent at this time, they still needed to stop.What a nasty woman.You keep telling others to ignore you, but you are so big, and your boobs flicker up and down when you walk, how can people completely ignore you You also said you pretended not to see you, but where are your eyes I didn t see it.Sister Li, don t tease me anymore, let s talk about something.You two are enemies, okay You have fought before, and now you have become the most direct competitors.Are you tired of sympathizing with this now Uncle, are you a staff member here At this moment, a pretty girl tugged Lei Dao s sleeve and asked.Yeah, what s the matter, and, let me warn you, I m still very young, effect of a 15 mg cbd gummy just over twenty years old, if you call me uncle again, I will bully you, it s cruel.Lei Dao raised his neck slightly and said.Although the buddy is very super cbd gummies 300 mg natural stimulant cbd gummies handsome, but he is still a fresh meat, but he has nothing to do with the uncle, the one next to him is.Uncle, you are so naughty, well, can I use your mobile phone, my mobile phone is out of battery.The little girl asked.This, it s not very good, girl, uncle won t make an appointment.Lei Dao shook his head and said.This world is crazy, there are three handsome guys standing there, and this girl just fell in love with this strange thing called Thunder Knife.However, in post bars with female members, the content is much more popular.Qi Fei Environmental Protection, let me kill your uncle, you bullied my little handsome guy over and over again, do you really think that handsome guys from foreign countries can be raped at will without a backup team Fei is also very handsome, it would be nice to find such a man to have a cup of coffee and talk about life.What a beautiful thing, as long as you dare to touch my family, Qi Fei will kill you in minutes While discussing product effects and appearance, Qi Fei was sitting in the office of Liu Zhengfeng from the Science and Technology Department, drinking HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your health tea and chatting leisurely.At this time, Liu Zhengfeng was not in the same state as when he met Qi Fei twice before.The two talked and laughed, and had a good time.But Cheng Susheng was quite angry.Do you know what you are doing Put everything away and only talk about the present.I am your patron.As your businessman, you are very unqualified, so please don t use your past glory to prove your present, you Already a loser.Cheng Susheng said to Qi Fei.Didn t he keep saying that he is the king of soldiers Now, he has not been kicked out.Perhaps what you said is right, but I also have my own limit when I open a door to do business.The first principle for us to choose a business partner is character.Presumably you don t have this kind of thing.Qi Fei said.The two faced each other tit for tat, and no one would let the other go.As the women beside Qi Fei, both Wu Lan and Li Wan knew Qi Fei s character well, he could get angry at any moment, but at this time they had no intention are cbd gummies bad for your health of holding Qi Fei at all.Now it s all right, the good water was ruined by Qi Fei, the reclining chair that was like life was kicked to pieces by Qi Fei, what s even more hateful is that Qi Fei directly buckled the shit basin on Xiaohua s head by virtue of his ability to reverse right and wrong, the victim Instead, he became a perpetrator, which is simply too hateful.Qi Fei s performance today really opened Cheng Susheng s horizons.You want to know who I am the old man asked Qi Fei.If you want to continue to remain mysterious, I can pretend that I have never seen you before.Qi Fei waved his hand and said.Presumptuous.Cheng Susheng was furious, pointing at Qi Fei s nose and cursing.In Huaxia, there are only a few people who can overwhelm this old man in terms of status.For such a big shot, which person who wants to be promoted does not want to curry favor But today, Qi Fei, who is most likely to have big thick legs, is perfunctory with an indifferent attitude, which is unreasonable.Now that he is not a soldier, don t let him go through life and death like before if he doesn t pay enough.Besides, he is a businessman now, and he should have the style of making small profits and making careful calculations.Qi Fei, do you know his identity Tian Wang pointed to Boss Xiaohua next to him again and said.This is the second time he wanted Qi Fei highline wellness cbd gummies reviews to introduce Boss Xiaohua, but Qi Fei resolutely rejected it for the first time.This time he still wants to try to refuse, because he just had a fight with Boss Xiaohua, and even took his eggs, the grievances are deep enough.However, when he glanced at Boss Xiaohua s expression from the corner of his eye, he changed his mind.Because he suddenly saw a completely different temperament are cbd gummies bad for your health from Boss Xiaohua s previous old friend.Simple, undemanding, vicious, domineering, etc.You kid is really slick, and it s for the sake of talking about it.If I don t pull it out, it will be disingenuous.Tianwang said, and then he turned his eyes are cbd gummies bad for your health to Cheng Susheng Remember the way we talked about cooperation with him before Cheng Susheng nodded.Then do it quickly.The Heavenly King ordered.The business that Qi Fei had already rejected has now become a deal, and the king of heaven has said so well that no one can go back on his word.This figure is too tempting.When this order is won, Qifei Environmental Protection will hoard a large amount of are cbd gummies bad for your health best cbd gummy for pain relief cash, and it will be more confident to do anything at that time.At the same time, it is very possible for Qifei Environmental Protection to become a listed company, not to mention making a lot of money by taking advantage of the military line.The sea lion Barabala said a lot of dirty words, with deep feelings, and in the middle After gasping for several times, Qi Fei was very worried when he heard it, he was afraid that this guy would not catch his breath and just hang up like this.At the same time, Qi Fei also felt deep guilt in his heart.He had to pay a lot of responsibility for the result that all members of the Sea Lion special combat unit were seriously injured.He thought that the person who came was still the same as No.3, at best, his strength was a little bit higher, and it would not be too outrageous.The reorganized Sea Lion special warfare unit could handle it completely.But who knew that a big boss came here, and the Sea Lion Special Forces had no room to resist at all, and they were almost killed.Fortunately, he and Li Er came in time, and there were no consequences that he could not bear at all.Crack The armored car stopped ten meters in front of Qi Fei, and then a man armed to the teeth jumped out of the car.Don t be nervous, I m not here to find trouble, is this your toy The man pulled out a are cbd gummies bad for your health best cbd gummy for pain relief broken drone from the car and said to Qi Fei.The damage to the drone was not particularly serious.There was only a thumb sized hole in the core of the nose, which seemed to be directly shot down by a sniper rifle.The flying distance of the drone will not be particularly high, and besides the bad weather, Qi Fei just controlled the drone for such a low altitude reconnaissance and was shot down, which is simply too much.At the same time, the person who can shoot down the drone with a sniper rifle is definitely a powerful gun master, which is enough to attract Qi Fei s attention, because he doesn t think the person in front of him is the sniper.Point the wristband at the stone on the wall and lightly stroke it, and a large stone will be cut off.Qi Fei has been carrying this thing for three years, and today he finally has a chance to use it.Say it earlier, I m leaving, you have to hold on until we come to rescue you.Hua Zhihu took the wristband, and skillfully cut the wall, removed the big rock, and quickly planed out a place that can accommodate another The are cbd gummies bad for your health burrow through which people pass extends obliquely upwards.With the help of this magical wristband, Hua Zhihu quickly disappeared.Qi Fei natural stimulant cbd gummies helped restore the big rock are cbd gummies bad for your health to its original position, leaving only a small hole for air circulation.As for whether Hua Zhihu can run HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your health smoothly Going out, everything depends super cbd gummies 300 mg natural stimulant cbd gummies on fate, but he believes in Hua Zhihu s ability.Ah, ah, it hurts so much, don t hit your head.In this underground world, except for some specific groups of people, everyone else has their fixed range of activities, and under normal circumstances, it is not allowed to cross the boundary without authorization.Especially in areas where researchers work and live, there are very few guards present.Anyway, they are at the bottom of this underground world.It would be nice if there are guards on the top, and the bottom is very safe.So when Qi Fei, who was wearing soldier clothes, walked to the lower area, the researchers in white coats would look unnatural.They probably looked at Qi Fei curiously, as if a bear suddenly appeared in a kennel.Who is this elder Qi Fei asked in fluent Japanese.Bastard, don t you even know me The old man said with a beard and staring eyes.Qi Fei immediately rolled his eyes.Welcome the hero home.The Heavenly King said loudly, throwing the flowers in his hand to the sky.The leader left quickly, Li slapped are cbd gummies bad for your health the ground with his second hand, and then landed on the roof of the BMW gracefully.In fact, Li Er didn t think the roof of the BMW was a good place, it was too hard and too uncomfortable, but he was a master, so he couldn t sit on the ground.That idiot Lei Dao didn t know how to bring a wheelchair when he invited people over, what the hell.Why did you let him go Seeing the leader leave, Li Er squatted on the roof of the car, Lei Dao came to question Li Erdao angrily.Aren t you a master How can you trust you even if you haven t killed a little Japanese guy He wants to leave, I can t stay, if you don t accept it, go by yourself.Li Er didn t look at Thunder Knife at all.People without money, who would come here What s more, those who don t have the money to come here are all pretending to be aggressive.It didn t take long to see the power of those local tyrants, and they were scared to death.After getting out of the car, Qi Fei looked at the plaque of the Drunken Life, Dreams and Death club.Under the neon lights, there are many people who are here for money and life, and how many people have sold their bodies here because of their dreams Alas, it is really a place where luxury and money are intoxicated and life is dreamed of Standing in front of the drunken gate, he habitually took out a pack of cigarettes, took a deep breath comfortably, and exhaled smoke rings, Qi Fei smiled.It seems that once upon a time, when I was young and frivolous, I also came here relying on my identity.Anyway, our strength lies here.If we continue like this, we will lose.Why don t you cooperate with me.Moreover, just cooperate with me, and later you will know how to abuse those guys.Facing this group of guys who have no intention of fighting, Qi HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your health Fei can only use this method of putting them to death and then resuscitating.Moreover, he believed that these people would definitely not give up.Although, three zeros are embarrassing, but if they give up easily, then they will be sorry for the military uniform they once wore.Several people looked at each other again, Yuan Minghui said Brother Qi Fei, what is your method My method is very simple, as long as whoever grabs the ball, just pass the ball to me as much as possible As long as I get the ball, I will torture them to death.In the last sentence, Qi Fei exuded an incomparably contemptuous aura.Okay, it s late, let s talk, I ll go down first.Qi Fei sat in the 305 dormitory for a while, said something, and immediately left.Looking at Qi Fei s back, Zhou Sisi called out directly Hey, remember to bring breakfast up tomorrow morning.Sure, no problem.Thinking that my sister is still in the dormitory, it is necessary to bring her breakfast.Well, just bring them a copy by the way, no trouble.Back in the guard s room, Qi Fei brushed his teeth, found nothing wrong, and went straight to sleep.Soon, time flew by, and Qi Fei got up from the bed at almost six o clock in the morning.He didn t do anything, the first thing he did was to open the door of the dormitory building.In Yanda, a well known university in China and super cbd gummies 300 mg natural stimulant cbd gummies even in the world, the academic atmosphere is very strong.Although there are many goddesses in the female dormitory building No.Wei Yatong said seriously.snort I see you pulling, now you know you are scared, right Slander This is absolutely slander Sir, you can t just believe their words and think I m guilty As a faculty member of Beijing University, I never fight Really, my word of earthly organics cbd gummies mouth It has always been fine I am a non violent person Qi Fei said solemnly.nonviolent person Wei Yatong glanced at the guy who was acting serious at this time, and was speechless The few gangsters inside can only be dealt with initially.When the ambulance arrives, they will be sent to the big hospital.You were beaten to the point of going to a big hospital, and you said you were a non violent person Hmph, do you think I ll believe you Of course, Wei Yatong only said these words in her heart, if she were to say them to Qi Fei face to face, she would not be able to say them.From the content of these words, it is not difficult to see that they knew each other.At the same time, it was also warning him.Thinking of Cao Ruoxin s older brothers, Wu Hao went straight to Qi Juanjuan.When he saw Qi Juanjuan, his eyes brightened instantly, and his face became very gentle, as if he saw his lover, and said in a very magnetic voice Juanjuan, I m back, you know my In the United States, do you miss you so much Thank you, but I don t are cbd gummies bad for your health best cbd gummy for pain relief need your miss.Wu Hao, the first person to chase after Qi Juanjuan in the seven years when Qi Fei was hailed as a deserter.It s a pity that Qi Juanjuan doesn t like this guy at all.Actually, do you know When I return to China this time, I mainly want to see you.I have been abroad for 63 days, and I haven t seen you for 63 days.I miss you so much.Yes, the Wu family did well, but that was just a mistake, between the second tier family and the first tier family.Even if you get mixed into a first tier family, so what The Ye family is the existence of the top family in Langzhou.There are no more than ten such top families in Langzhou.Perhaps, if you see that they are not doing well, not as good as your family, then you are wrong People call it low key, are cbd gummies bad for your health best cbd gummy for pain relief that s called introverted, and that s the real aristocrat.These people are generally low key.In their eyes, being obsessed with famous brands to show off their family background is vulgar, and advocating simplicity and self winged sleepy cbd gummies reviews struggle is beauty.Families with such qualities are generally well established.The kind of people who show off everywhere and often say I m very cute are all nouveau riche.For example, our classmate Qi Fei, T shirt, slacks, canvas shoes.This kind of dress was bought for dozens of yuan at a roadside stall, and it was completely the existence of a piece of soil turtle hanging silk.If it weren t for his handsome face, it is are cbd gummies bad for your health estimated that few girls would pay more attention super cbd gummies 300 mg natural stimulant cbd gummies to a person like him.Casual, modest and unaffected.That s the quality of their group.Just like someone said, making friends never depends on whether he has money, as long as they get along well, anyway, natural stimulant cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking episode they don t have money like me.Generally speaking, this is the quality.They don t pay too much attention to some superficial things, simple and comfortable kenai farms cbd gummies legit are fine.Now, Boss Qi of this coffee shop actually pointed at Ye Xiaobei and said that she was the one who beat his son.Didn t this bastard want to put their Wu family to death Why Well, let me tell you, you actually told me that Sisi beat our family s Hao er.At this scene, the three women urged in surprise.To be honest, Qi Fei also felt very noisy and was not happy eating at all, so he ran to the bed and picked up his mobile phone.Looking at the caller ID, he patted his head and said, That guy Ye Xiaobei is calling, don t listen Hanging up the phone without hesitation, Qi Fei quickly returned to the dinner table and continued to eat.Seeing that there were fewer dishes on the dinner table, Qi Fei wondered Are these three guys all foodies Why are you eating so fast It s like a starving ghost reincarnated Thinking of this, Qi Fei quickly put the food in his bowl, it was full, even if these guys rushed to eat quickly, could it be possible that you can still put it in my bowl Ding dong ding dong ding ding dong The classic Nokia voice sounded again Qi Fei, who was eating well, felt dizzy again after hearing this.Otherwise, it would be a tragedy now.Aunt Xie froze when she saw the policeman s flattering expression towards the second generation.She was a little hesitant to accept this fact However, thanks to Aunt Xie, she is in menopause at this time, an age that is not afraid of anything.So, she directly set her eyes on Ye Xiaobei.When Ye Xiaobei saw her like this, she immediately felt that she was not well.This stinky bitch, isn t she planning some bad idea Seeing this, the corners of Qi Fei s mouth raised slightly.Little girl, I think this aunt has taken a fancy to you.When Qi Fei said this, he was very playful, and at the same time, there was a sense of ridicule in it.Hey Have you hugged enough It s been a long way out of the Mandy Hotel, and Ye Xiaobei feels that even if it s acting, it should be enough by now.When did you know The boss asked a little displeased.Facing this problem, the second child said helplessly Today, I went down to get the courier.If I knew, would I still send our brothers to death Two was frightened immediately.At that time, he was hesitant to show this thing to his two brothers.After all, this thing is really scary, if he really wants to show it, he is really afraid that his brother will super cbd gummies 300 mg natural stimulant cbd gummies not be able to accept it.But after hearing from the third child that the armed police outside were very different, he remembered how scary the person they were going to offend was.So he said it.It s no wonder that some of those people s codes of conduct are weird.It seems that they should be members of the Ye family s army.In fact, those are people from the Ninth Police Bureau, but they didn t write this in the information they got, so they just Don t know about this.In front of this situation, he quickly let the people nearby rush over.Wei Yatong was punched by the third child, resisting the pain in his lower abdomen, he raised his foot, trying to sweep it away.But unfortunately, the third child who heard footsteps behind him didn t plan to fight her anymore.A false move, after dodging the kick, the third child pushed Wei Yatong, and suddenly rushed towards the exit of the stairs.Target three escapes, fleeing in the direction of four o clock.Wei Yatong hurriedly reported after being swayed by someone, and then rushed towards him like a man.At the same time, Qi Fei stared at the scope of the sniper rifle boy, stared at the route around are cbd gummies bad for your health the third child, predicted his speed, and decisively pulled the trigger.Bang A burst of fire flickered, and the bullet passed through the barrel, ignoring the resistance of the air, like a fierce tiger, with an indomitable momentum, running towards the good place he had predicted a long time ago.Therefore, he was very are cbd gummies bad for your health best cbd gummy for pain relief upset when he saw that the flat head was showing off a little bit at this time Of course, it was more because of the boy s funny nature that made him unhappy.how to say It s a bit stupid with a flat head Think about it, what are they doing here Collect protection fees It s fine if this guy doesn t threaten people to pay money, but he actually wants to watch some violin at this time.What the hell, what are you doing We are people on the road, can you stop fixing these useless things at critical moments Brother Mao, I have my reasons for doing this I have reasons for your sister Don t give me all these things, or be careful, I will slap you Crack As soon as the flat headed man finished speaking, Long Mao slapped his funny hand hard It is unbearable to say that you are funny than you, but now you still say that you are reasonable Pingtou touched his own head, and said aggrievedly Don t, Brother Mao If they refuse to pay the protection fee, I think we can use this thing to pay off the debt Didn t you say that this thing is worthless , Pay off the debt, what the hell At these words, Changmao became angry, and really wanted to slap him.According to the records of the police station and the hospital, the number of people shot by bricks every month is a bit alarming.It can be known from the statistics that the brick has become the weapon of choice for fighting in many people s minds.For the safety of all the teachers, students, and staff of the school, the school leaders of Yanda made repeated orders to eliminate the existence of bricks, which are strong in fighting power, easy to carry, and can be seen everywhere.Therefore, the cleaning staff of the school included the existence of plate shaped objects in the scope of key cleaning early on.It s also fortunate that Yan University did this, otherwise, Qi Fei might have to deal with the attack of bricks today.Facing are cbd gummies bad for your health Zheng Ershao s threat, Qi Fei raised his head, glanced at him, and said, You said she was your sister, but she is your sister How do I know if someone like you is a fake I know, this girl is so pretty, how about you You re are cbd gummies bad for your health the big and the thickest Qi Fei s words stunned the onlookers.He is a more comprehensive existence.As for his other two brothers, it goes without saying.At this time, I felt the phone vibrate, I took it out and looked, it was my second brother.That guy, shouldn t he cause some trouble again, and then ask me to find someone to settle the matter for him He didn t think so randomly, but it was his second brother who rarely called him.But if you make a phone call, it means that something big has happened.Sigh, you guys don t know how to be a little bit natural, and make trouble everywhere, do you really think our Zheng family is very powerful If this kicks to the iron plate one day, let me see how you will end up What s the matter Say it, if you don t say it, I ll continue reading.Zheng Zhechen didn t talk nonsense.Brother, something is wrong.Zheng Ershao didn t hear the displeasure in his elder brother s words, so he said it directly in the opening remarks.

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