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However, the time and place that Ziguang traveled through could not be controlled by any means Xiaoling s subsequent words also confirmed Wang Weiyi s thoughts Four days later, humans will use tanks in war for the first time, and in the ensuing battles, the British and French troops will successively break through the B, C and B lines of the German third line of defense.F strategic point.Your task is to lead the 3rd Company of the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment Supplementary Battalion of the German Army to hold on to Point B What Wang Weiyi thought he heard it wrong I command a company of the German Army to carry out Defensive operations Yes, your name is Ernst Brahm, and Hess, the commander of the 3rd company, was seriously injured in cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for ed the third offensive launched by the British and French forces on September 3, so the 16th regiment was They are cbd gummies good for ed have a new company commander, Ernst Brahm, here is his picture A German officer with an oriental face appeared on the computer, if he hadn are cbd gummies good for ed t been wearing German uniforms, at first glance, do not look much different from orientals.The search team began to set off along the west, but along the way, Elena still didn t believe it at all, are cbd gummies good for ed cbd gummies for cats what would happen to the intelligence of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff Department Error.That s it.When he reached a forest in the west, Sergeant Hall, who was very familiar with the surrounding terrain, stopped There is only one place where the enemy can pass It s also a good place to ambush.Wang Weiyi looked at the terrain Sergeant Hall, you take half of the people there, and I will lead the rest to ambush here.Wait for my signal.Yes, Lieutenant.Sergeant Hall has never had any compromises in executing orders.Twenty people hid separately, and Adolf Hitler and Wang Weiyi were divided into one group.It can be seen that Hitler was a little nervous, which made Ellie on the side Na was a little disdainful.Indeed, he almost messed up everything.It doesn t matter, Adolf.Wang Weiyi comforted him For anyone who is on the front line for the first time, such mistakes are inevitable.After slowly accumulating experience on the battlefield, I believe you will become an outstanding soldier.His subtext was that Hitler would make a good leader, but it is obviously not appropriate to say such a thing now.What about you Lieutenant Hitler recovered a little bit of spirit What kind of outstanding performance did you have when you first went to the battlefield Wang Weiyi was a little stunned.Strictly speaking, this battle was also the first time he had visited the most real battlefield in person, but he did not have the slightest stage fright, acting like a seasoned veteran.It was because he participated in the battle before The harsh are cbd gummies good for ed where can i find cbd gummies training he received during the Purple buy cbd gummy bears wholesale Light Project was due to some other reason It is also difficult for Wang Weiyi to explain clearly.Xiao Ling s tone became more serious.I don t care about these, and I don t care about Dr.Qin s warning.Wang Weiyi didn t care at all I was just thinking, if one day I leave this era, will I miss them Can I come to this age to vitafusion cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies for erection see them again This possibility exists in theory, but I can t predict the specific process.Wang Weiyi smiled, yes, no one can predict in advance what will happen to him in the future.The era, this era will leave its own mark, will they still remember their existence after many years Thanks to the rumor Reward, thank you.Please recommend Fourteen.Return to the base Okay, stop saying these things that I can t understand.Xiao Ling s voice came again I am near you now.Nearby Where Wang Weiyi looked to the side, are cbd gummies good for ed but saw nothing.I really doubt your IQ, why did you choose you to be the walker Have you forgotten that purple light has the function of invisibility never mind.It would be easy if it was found out that Ernst was a British spy, but what if he wasn t Got it wrong A well respected baron with great military exploits was treated like this, and even a prince would be condemned.Prince Joachim was not so stupid.I apologize for my attitude, Baron Alexon.Nicholas decided to control his anger, otherwise this interrogation bay park cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for ed would absolutely not be able to continue.I accept your apology, but it doesn t mean that I will forgive you for what you have done.Wang Weiyi s arrogance is unprecedented.He is very kind to everyone, but it is clear that Nicholas is definitely not himself.man, and perhaps he would have been more aggressive if he hadn t been treated with more arrogance and toughness.Now Wang Weiyi is beginning to appreciate the benefits of having a noble title Let s move on to the next question.Wang Weiyi nodded And I was originally responsible for receiving this batch of gold.It s a pity that my friends and I encountered some troubles on the way and were delayed.We didn fun drops cbd gummies buy t get into Lance until yesterday.My mission couldn t be completed, but I don t want to just go back empty handed Do you want to embezzle this gold for yourself Watts is now beginning to understand what the other party means.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly This amount of gold is enough to make everyone crazy.One hundred twenty five.Prepare for action This amount of gold is enough to drive everyone crazy.When Wang Weiyi said this, he was already strongly implying something to Grandma Watts.The flesh on Watts fat face twitched, a flash of ecstasy flashed in his eyes, and then he tried cbd gummies help with sleep his best to look calm What are you going to do, Lieutenant The gold is in a very hidden place now, but Relying on my strength can t take it back.All four tanks were destroyed by the Germans when the tank first appeared on the battlefield, or had to be discarded on the battlefield due to mechanical failure.The Germans repaired the tanks in every possible way and cbd full spectrum gummies advanced natural pain relief gave them to the Skeleton Commandos Tanks, Maxims, Madsen LMGs, Mortarsthese weapons Make the skull commando into an elite tour with heavy firepower.Wang Weiyi believes that after several special missions, he and his team members will soon face a fierce battle, and at that time, it will be a test of the battlefield combat capabilities of the Skeleton Commando.Although they have won countless times before However, when the members of the Skeleton Commando were gearing up and couldn t wait to usher are cbd gummies good for ed in a new battle, the rigid Germans did something that could be called stupid.They decided to go to Unlimited Submarine Warfare On January 31, 1917, Berlin suddenly announced that starting from the next day, German submarines would launch torpedoes without warning to all ships in the earlier designated war zone.

He doesn t know what will greet him and stay behind.The team members here, but he has decided to meet this cruel challenge two hundred and thirty seven.We are attacking We are retreating, the 7th Army is retreating, the 7th Army is retreating, the 7th Army is retreating.But we are attacking This is the telegram from the skeleton baron Ernst Brehm to the commander in chief of the 7th Army von Kassel.All are retreating, but we are attacking When Ernst s telegram was sent to General Kassel and to all senior officers and staff officers of the Seventh Army, everyone was moved.Just like what Ernst said when he was just a lieutenant We we are attacking In an instant, General Cassel s eyes turned red, what kind of soldier is this What kind of spirit is this Five major offensives organized by Germany failed, but Ernst Brehm was undefeated We on the offensive Germany needs such a spirit Germany needs soldiers are cbd gummies good for ed like this We are attacking They re attacking General Cassel said tremblingly, But we re retreating Only Ernst is left among the German iron blooded soldiers General, attack Attack, General General Kassel, we can still fight, we can still launch the sixth offensive General Kassel silently shook his head and smiled sadly No, we don t have the ability to launch the sixth offensive.Nicholas, you shouldn t have come to the battlefield.After listening carefully, Wang Weiyi said regretfully, The Military Intelligence Bureau is more suitable for you.Speaking of this, he suddenly said, Nicholas, I have to ask you for a piece of advice.If there is are cbd gummies good for ed a possibility of a breakout, please lead the commando to complete the breakout Why don t you lead it yourself Nicholas asked in a daze.Wang Weiyi smiled and did not answer this question.two hundred and fifty two.Meuse, the place of death The Battle of Argonne continued in October, and the offensive of the American and French coalition forces was seriously hindered.Despite being inferior in arms and cbd gummies like viagra numbers, the Germans put up the most tenacious resistance.Especially in the hills of Monfocon, the blows suffered by the Americans are simply unimaginable.Qian Dexing waved his hand, and after Sun Qinghao left, he looked embarrassed Brother, this medicine has to be transported back to Nanjing.I m afraid it will be difficult to deal with it if it is lost.Hey, it sounds like I, the director, is a colonel, but it s really difficult Among other things, my son is about to get married, and I don t know where to get the gift money Two gold bars were stuffed into his hand Qian Dexing put away the gold bars, and gave a thumbs up Brother, you are straightforward in doing things.I have made you my friend.If you have anything to do in the future, feel free to ask me.It s done, brother, thank you very much I There is still something to do over there, I have to go and have a look.You go and do it, you go and do it.A vitafusion cbd gummies sleep few gold bars are cbd gummies good for ed are nothing to Wang Weiyi, they were originally intended to be used when he was planning to assassinate Zhang Xiaolin in Shanghai, and now they are left It happened to be all given to Qian Dexing, which solved his big problem of weapons, ammunition and medicine.Songjiang security commander Wang Gongma sighed Battlemaster Wang, I only have some local troops in my hands.There were originally more than are cbd gummies good for ed cbd gummies for cats 700 people in total, but after the battle, there are still 400 people left, and the equipment is poor.I m afraid I can t help you.What a busy.I want these hundred people.Wang Weiyi s answer is still so firm War does not necessarily require a large number of people.Soldiers don t have to dare to die.I am willing to issue a military order, hold on to Xiguan until 12 days, and then withdraw to Songjiang for defensive operations Can you last until 12 days in Xiguan Wu Keren s eyes lit up.Yes, Wang Weiyi promises that he will HCMUSSH are cbd gummies good for ed never lose Xiguan before 12 o clock at night on the 12th day good Now Wu Keren, if he doesn t believe it, he can only choose to believe it.When the brothers had exhausted all the matches, the company commander s voice was very low The ones you draw stand up yourself.Two soldiers stood up, and they showed the matches in their hands.It was Shunzi, Daniel who didn t have a match head, and the company commander was choked up and unable to speak as soon as he opened his mouth, Company commander, this is all well said, why are you still copd cbd gummies for sale crying Daniel smiled Company commander, double the pension, remember to send it to our family.The company commander nodded vigorously, Shunzi, let s go.Shunzi also nodded and their brothers left Taking advantage of this opportunity, Daniel suddenly opened cbd gummies for sleep where to buy his voice and sang The third elder brother is 19 this year, and the fourth younger sister is 16 this year.Everyone says we two are a perfect match.If my guess is right, the d l 4th Brigade will not be able to withstand it tomorrow.Now that they have been maimed in Shanghai, and weapons and ammunition are extremely scarce, it is a miracle that they can withstand the Japanese pirates nine charges.Xiao Zhichu was speechless, and he also knew that Wang Jinyong really tried his best.You can block the enemy s nine attacks with a crippled army, what else can you ask him to do Wang Weiyi took the initiative to ask for a fight He is only going to use two battalions Two battalions just want to hold back the Orientals It sounds so ridiculous.I m afraid that two battalions are not enough for the Japanese to fill their teeth.Military seat, come here.Wang Weiyi invited Xiao Zhichu to the front of the map Originally, I used my first battalion to defend Kuncheng Lake, but now, I have used a battalion of the regiment to take over the defense.

Thank you, Hermione, he will be very lonely personally.Of course, with the war to accompany him, I think, If he is really in the country, he will need these weapons very much, can you find a way to send him to the country Of course, we have a good relationship with the president and the speaker, especially with the Roosevelt family, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt s presidential campaign was also funded by us in secret, so it shouldn t be too difficult.This can be done by Elliott, who is the Baron s most loyal admirer.Ah, William is coming back soon He will be better than any Everyone would love to hear that.Thank you, my dearest Hermione.The lady stood up, looking eastward.She missed him there, twenty years, and finally got news of him, you know Whether in the UK, or moving to the US, is there someone thinking of you No, she s not alone in thinking of you with tears falling from her eyes.Yannick didn t care at all The great German is We shouldn t have any agreement with the damn Japanese monkey.We have to make an alliance with the country, we have to stand with the baron Gagalu Finally, an unbearable voice came out from the corner of the restaurant.That was the Japanese military officer inspection team returning from Germany with the Prince of Bavaria , and they will go to Shanghai first with this ship.The investigation team also knew about the Baron Skeleton in Shanghai.At the same time, they also witnessed the fanatical worship of the Baron Skeleton by the Germans in Germany.So whether the group of Germans were singing The Baron s Song or praising the Baron wildly, they were all enduring.But now, I can t bear it anymore The Germans didn t understand what Gayalu meant, are cbd gummies good for ed but it sounded like a curse word are cbd gummies good for ed from the words., The security is very strict.Brigadier Wang, if you want to save An Fei, I m afraid you don t have enough strength, right Wang Weiyi smiled If you want to save someone, you may have to use force. Brother Wang, you really want to save An Fei When Tang Weihong heard it from the side, she became excited I ll go with you You Wang Weiyi smiled I don t look down on women, but there are some things that women really can t go with.After finishing speaking, he pondered for a while I have to find out the specific situation.Mr.Tang, can you help me find a car with the French Consulate brand And if something happens in the future, you won t be implicated Ah, Although this is a bit difficult, it can still be done.Tang Nai an quickly replied I know the driver who helped the French Consul.I saved his life once, and he always wanted to repay him.Tsukata.Matsui Iwane sighed long and loudly We have expended too much energy for the direct administration, and we have given a lot to the people of China in vain.If this matter is publicized, it will cause an uproar in the country.For the sake of the future of the empire, leave him alone for now Yes, Your Excellency, Commander.Matsui Iwane stared numbly Looking at the sky outside One day, I think I will meet Zhizheng again Three hundred and seventy.He wants to fight, fight with him The Jiangjiacun victory pushed Wang Weiyi s reputation to a new level And he also became the first recipient of the Guoguang Medal This chapter is awarded to soldiers of the army, navy and air force who have defended against foreign aggression and defended the country, and who have one of the following special military exploits Annihilating all or most of the enemy s army, and capturing important places of the enemy s army, as well as flag artillery or important armaments, etc.If they really know this, will they Can you grasp what happened Xiao Ling s answer was very calm Secret, one person knows it is a secret, and when the second person knows it, it is no longer a secret.I must ensure the normal operation of the base Edifier, I have made concessions to you, but this is my bottom line Wang Weiyi remained silent, maybe Xiaoling was right on this point.At this time, Xiao Ling said But the strange thing is that after entering the repair cabin, their memories should be completely erased.But why do they always have vague and fragmented memories What puzzles me even more is that, Every time they enter the repair cabin, they seem to be able to restore some memories.Could it be that there is something wrong with the repair cabin Maybe there is no are cbd gummies good for ed problem with the repair cabin, but they are the ones who have problems.That is to say, now Four divisions of the Soviets have gathered around us We are completely surrounded Ludwig did not panic at all, but laughed Colonel Reiter, this is really good news.Russia People actually used four divisions to deal with us, hey, we are the invincible skeleton division Reiter shrugged, he did not dare to be so optimistic as the general.around yourself.But there are 4 full divisions of the Soviets However, there is another piece of really good news.Reiter pulled himself together The Second Panzer Corps of the are cbd gummies good for ed SS plans to organize a cbd gummies alchemist kitchen rescue operation are cbd gummies good for ed code named Goddess of Denolanders.The armored units of the army can break cbd gummies taste bitter through the defense lines of the Belarusian Front and the 91st Army of the Leningrad Front.What is our task As the vanguard of the besieged troops, tear a hole in the Soviet encirclement Who is it This plan What nonsense Ludwig suddenly became furious We are surrounded by 4 Russian divisions We are surrounded, how can we break through Huh Who can tell me how to act as the vanguard Reiter shrugged, and he couldn t answer the general s question.

Everything today is enough for them to remember for a lifetime.They couldn t forget the 609 tank commanded by General Ernst, shooting the T34 majestically, they couldn t forget General Ernst s calm and calm command, and they couldn t forget the Baron s heroic posture of shooting with a submachine gun at the most critical moment.All of this is enough for them to savor a lifetime.However, the sound of guns from Demyansk continued.Now is the time to test whether General Ernst Brahm can successfully bring his troops out of danger.Three hundred and ninety nine.The baron s family Madam, there is news from Germany that Baron Alexon has appeared again At the head of state s office, our insider reported to us that Baron Alexon is commanding the Skeleton Division of the SS.Breakout.United States.When the news of Baron Alexon s rebirth reached Leonie and Hermione s ears, the two couldn t help but smile wryly at each other.I m working hard This position cbd gummies daily beast has become the focus of contention between the two sides An avant garde company of the 181st Division died under the fierce German artillery bombardment in less than five minutes.From the company commander to the soldiers, no one is alive.When dozens of Soviet troops in charge of reinforcements arrived, all they saw was a field of corpses.However, what was even more frightening was that before they could react, the overwhelming artillery fire from the Germans arrived again, and these dozens of Russians died just like their companions.The 181st Division has never fought such a terrible war.No, this is not a war.This is a massacre, the most terrifying massacre that people will dream of every day even decades later The position fell into the hands of the Germans little by little, and the Germans were just like the Skeleton Division.Petain seemed very enthusiastic.He led all the senior officials of the Vichy zh ngf to welcome the arrival of Baron Alexon, and expressed his respect with words of praise.My most honored thing is that I have fought against the Marshal more than once on the battlefield.Petain said with a smile, But the thing I regret the most is that I have never met the Marshal head on on the battlefield.Dieter General Rich originally wanted to say that everyone who met the Marshal had become dead, are cbd gummies good for ed but when he was so happy, it was better not to say such a thing, The Marshal is really young, this is simply a miracle of God.Deputy Prime Minister of Vichy zh ngf Laval would never give up this opportunity to please the baron The undefeated god of war, the ageless baron, praise God, and praise you, Marshal The undefeated god of war Not old Baron Dietrich felt that Laval had said something quite brilliant.Damn it, Kolkorova was taken away.And from Shakerski s description, Hodevich guessed that the person who came to argue Kolkorova was Kantelski Hell, hell damn it Hodwig has not thought of any other identity for Kantelski until now.In his opinion, it must be Marshal Timoshenko who asked him to find a way to rescue Korkorova So daring.How daring How dare Marshal Timoshenko do this Even if he is the marshal, he must be unforgivable There is no one in the room Comrade Hodwig, there is a letter for you Hodwig took the letter, looked, his face was pale Comrade Hodwig, it is a pleasure to meet you.I will take Korkorova and her children Let s go, without your help, I don t think I can do it.On behalf of Germany, I would like to thank you for your assistance.If I have time to come to Berlin as wlill suckng gummy bear cbd hit faster a guest, I will also be very happy to entertain you.Wang Weiyi does cbd gummies help diabetes fell silent.Perhaps it is a good idea to let Xiaoling forcefully activate the Ziguang military base at this time, and escape from this terrible place.The death of Major General Frariakush.The collapse of the Soviet Army and the entire Soviet Army Division was just the beginning of a disaster for the Soviet Ninth Army.After a whole night of attack, the 9th Army was divided.In one night, a large number of Soviet soldiers were killed.A large number of Soviet officers were killed.A large number of Soviet troops were wiped out.No matter who it is, there is no way to reverse this collapsed situation.General Kharitonov also saw this fact clearly.Since the full scale outbreak of the Soviet German War, this may be the fastest collapsed army group.What else to do when there is only one day and one night Apart from committing suicide, Kharitonov couldn t think of a second way to go.This puts the situation of the 57th Army in organix cbd gummies a precarious situation.And Marshal Timoshenko, who made the final decision, personally directed the Soviet army to launch a counter offensive against Kharkov.Now, it is not only a decisive battle between the two armies, but also a decisive battle between the two supreme commanders on the battlefield cbd gummies for anger management The battle situation of the Russians looked very bad.The German army had penetrated 80 kilometers to the left flank of the Soviet army, and kept on assaulting, and continued to put heavy pressure on the Soviet army.Marshal Timoshenko, who is attacking against attack.Quickly ordered to enter Kharkov, and the 6th Army of the Soviet Army commanded by Grod Enyansky launched an attack on the 6th Army commanded by General Paulus of the German Army Wang Weiyi urgently ordered the Sixth Army to move towards him.

Baron, Baron My God, you came back to America to find me, and I cbd gummies 300mg for sex didn t expect to see you here.In the deserted garden, Kasanovic suddenly became agitated.That s right, standing in front of him was the benefactor in Kasanovic s life Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm Look at you, it hasn t changed after all these years.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly We have to be more polite.No matter what line of work you are in, it is not bad for you to give others more favor.Ah, yes Yes, Baron.You have not changed either, no, you have become younger than the last time I saw you.Kasanovic was a little incoherent with excitement I heard that you are in Russia, playing so Russian People are miserable, I am really happy for you.Those Russians, now Kasanovic really doesn t consider himself a Russian at all.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Tell me about your situation these years.The only thing that makes people a little strange is why a group chairman would go to the place where he lives.But who cares about that now At least the job is settled.Garcia carefully explained some things and working hours with Williams, and then he noticed the suit on Williams Excuse me for are cbd gummies good for ed offending, are cbd gummies good for ed I m afraid your situation is not very good now Yes , I didn t hide it from you.Williams smiled wryly Not only is it bad, but I m about to be evicted by the landlord and become homeless.Because I owe rent for three full months.Look, look, those hateful landlords Garcia waved his fists angrily, seeming very angry You may not know, Mr.Williams, I also encountered such a tragic situation.I once Stranded in the park.Williams hesitated Then you now Thanks to meeting Mr.Moyol.Garcia said with infinite gratitude He saved me and gave me everything I have now.In Europe, Germany is not a big country in terms of land area, human resources or materials, but this country is a real power.A powerful country capable of shocking the whole of Europe and the world.The mighty tanks passed by, and the mighty Wehrmacht and SS passed by.Hey Adolf The voice of Hey Ernst sounded uninterruptedly, echoing in the parade square.Standing side by side, Wang Weiyi and Hitler always raised their right arms high, accepting the soldiers calls.When the troops under review passed one by one, the German people burst into wild cheers.At this moment, the military parade has reached its peak Adolf Hitler, the head of state of the German Empire, stood in front of the microphone, and are cbd gummies good for ed the square fell silent.Adolf.Hitler gave his speech in his own way.I have to admit that Hitler s speeches were full of magic, which seemed bland at first, but could gradually bring the audience into the atmosphere he wanted.The rest, he can only rely on his son Those rebels started to attack again, Lav Ke threw away the submachine gun in his hand and took out a pistol.Then he put the muzzle of the gun in his mouth Kan Karami Looking at the corpses all over the floor, Second Lieutenant Erne was not angry this time.Instead, he kept repeating these two names.It was the guys who rescued Kahn again.Second Lieutenant Erne was very sure of himself He now realizes that he actually admires these mysterious enemies.After rescuing Kahn, instead of leaving Ankara immediately, they even rescued Prince Karami together.What do they want They want a What did the deposed prince do An ominous premonition rose in Lieutenant Ernie s heart Does the enemy want to restore the Ottoman Empire The revolution in Turkey has been successful for many people, but there are many people who miss the Ottoman Empire, just as many people in Russia miss the Tsar.He carefully installed the explosives and looked around.The members of his assault team were busy there, placing pieces of explosives on the ground.They were where they should be.About 20 Turkish soldiers were killed.These unlucky Turkish soldiers probably never dreamed that there would be enemies here Ten minutes later, the team members came back one after another, and they finished what they were supposed to do beautifully.Baron, we are done.Okay, gentlemen, you have done a great job.Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction Now, let us welcome the coming German army with a grand fireworks show.This is The Night of the Ankara Explosion.On this night, a violent explosion occurred at the pier in Ankara, and more than two thirds of the supplies that had not yet been transported were destroyed by the bombing.Wang Weiyi suppressed the smile on his face During the first Great Depression, the Morgan family not only survived unscathed, but also expanded their empire.Then, in crisis after crisis, you continue to grow stronger, and many things that were unimaginable in the past have all become reality.The economic crisis has had very little impact on you, and you can even say that you are eagerly awaiting the next one I remember a famous saying within the Morgan family, Without a million bankruptcies, there will be no There is a financial empire is born Morgan was a little surprised.Where did Baron Alexon hear this sentence This sentence has only been passed down from generation to generation among the heirs of the Morgan family.No outsider can know.But think about it carefully, sitting on your own Opposite is Baron Alexon, the Baron Rose who can create any kind of miracle Naked capital plunder, isn t it Wang Weiyi looked so calm and calm The financial empire is built on blood and corpses, which is no different from the battlefield.

He ordered Lieutenant Burnstead to clear the passage, and the tank rushed up again.Six British Crusader tanks were hit and caught fire.At 9 o clock, Rommel was victorious.He beckoned the military reporters to come over and recorded his wonderful battlefield speech Today, my soldiers are devoting all their are cbd gummies good for ed strength to attack Tobruk.Individual soldiers may die in battle, but the victory of our entire nation is certain Yes.On the morning of the 21st, Rommel drove to the city.There are ruins and ruins everywhere, and the sight is bleak there are burning tanks and cars on both sides of the road, some were hit by shells, and some were set on fire by the British army themselves the dry river on the coast was crowded with countless prisoners.Some black soldiers from the South African brigade were drunk, but they looked happy, clapped their hands and shouted The war is over At 9 40 in the morning, General Klopp, the commander of the fortress and the commander of the 2nd South African Division, presented the instrument of surrender to Rommel on the Via Balbia Highway.Optimism reigned everywhere, and senior generals seemed oblivious to the precarious situation facing Panzer Corps.They sneered gummies with cbd and thc in disbelief when Rommel described how easily British fighter bombers could penetrate German tanks with American 40mm armor piercing shells.Goering immediately screamed This is impossible, the Americans only make their razor blades.Rommel immediately retorted firmly Your Excellency, I hope we can also make these razor blades.Blade.Rommel took out the armor piercing shrapnel he carried with him This was fired by are cbd gummies good for ed a British aircraft.It pierced through the thick armor of our tank, and all the soldiers in the tank were killed.It s a pity.Still no one believed his words And everything that happened in Berlin passed into the hands of the British without exception For the next few days, Rommel stayed at Goebbels home.Now, it truly is the smilz cbd gummies 300 mg land of demons The Germans didn t mean to stop their attack at all.They kept slaughtering those cbd gummies corpus christi tx engineers who couldn t resist, and kept destroying the overcrowded tanks.And that s just the beginning.Then, more German tanks and soldiers appeared.They began to clear the battlefield bit by bit according to the plan made in advance.The sound of explosions continued, and the screams were everywhere.This was the darkest day in the history of the British vitafusion cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies for erection Eighth Army.A demon showed his terrifying smile on this minefield full of death.When the survivors recalled that day, every one of them would tremble, plus cbd gummies promo code and every one of them would stare in horror as they recalled all the horrors they had been through five hundred sixty.The Tree of Life in Demon s Land begins at the beginning of the Second Battle of Alamein.General Canlemu, who already had a high reputation, is now beginning to be regarded as himself by more and more Egyptians.The hero in my heart What Wang Weiyi is looking for is the hero in the eyes of the Egyptians Kan Lemu And the way he met General Canlemu was very simple.A Baron from England Mr and Mrs Toxon.Originally, General Canlemo was unwilling to see any British at all, but under the repeated request of Baron Andrew , General Canlemo reluctantly accepted them.and gave them 20 minutes.Surprisingly, as cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for ed soon as he sat down, Baron Andrew said, I heard that you are a descendant of Gamastin Ahmed, the Egyptian hero who resisted France.I admire the reputation of the Ahmed family., so I vitafusion cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies for erection came here specially to visit.Hearing that the other party actually mentioned his hero s ancestor, Gamastin Ahmed, and heard the respect from the other party, General Canlemu immediately expressed his gratitude to the British lady.Prior to this, the United Kingdom and Egypt had accumulated too many conflicts, coupled with the poor living standards in Egypt, there was an unknown fire in everyone s heart that wanted to vent but didn t know where to vent it.When the time is right, these contradictions will be completely broken out This is how the Egyptian soldiers were beaten, and the Egyptian soldier riots are also a concentrated expression of countless contradictions The catalyst and fuse are the wages paid with counterfeit banknotes The high command of the British army, which had just suffered the defeat of the Battle of Alamein, was greatly panicked after hearing the news of the riots of three brigades of Egyptian soldiers.It was really terrible that such a thing happened at such a time.Suppression, resolute suppression Alexander, who was already under strong domestic pressure, said without hesitation.The police detectives traveled all over the UK, Scotland and England, but they still couldn t find this most cunning Nazi spy.In 1941, the British police announced that they had temporarily abandoned the search for Murray.Since then, many Nazi spies have been arrested one after another, but Murray remains mysterious Murray is the head of the German Gestapo spies and the only German spy not captured by Britain during World War II.He is best known for his cunning.In 1940, the then Metropolitan Police Chief described Murray in a document as the most intelligent where can you buy fun drops cbd gummies spy in Germany.The British government spent nearly 15 years on the hunt, but Murray is still at large.All those who have been in touch with Murray say that he likes a life of luxury, frequenting high end bars and nightclubs.Seems like a vain man, but is the most cunning spy.

From new victories to more glorious victories As long as Baron Alexon is around, victory is guaranteed Germany is cheering for Marshal Ernst, and the people of all Germany are singing for Marshal Ernst Long live.Baron Alexon long live, Ernst All for Germany all for Ernst His eyes were black.His blood was red His tanks galloped, his planes soared Skull badges made enemies tremble, and the banner of death Let the day ceasethe rose is his romance, the steel is his willErnst, Ernst, Ernst The baron s song resounded over and over again in Berlin Ernst won another victory, and it was a victory enough to turn the situation on the battlefield I see, the situation of the Allied forces is very dangerous now.Our situation is even more dangerous.Therefore, the plan must be advanced immediately, we received a secret telegram from the headquarters of the Allied Forces.No need to ask, Hiroshi Yamaguchi also knows where Tsukada Kou died.It was so shocking, since Wang Weiyi pretended to be Wilde at great risk, he must have undertaken an important task.But he still had the leisure to assassinate Tsukada Gong, and successfully made the Japanese not suspect him at all, and left Shanghai ahead of schedule.Is this man s heart really made of steel The only hope now.It was he who was able to successfully complete the task, and then fulfilled his promise to send everything to Switzerland safely.But Tokyo, that is the stronghold of Japan Tokyo.Wang Weiyi s feet finally set foot on the land of Tokyo.war.The city has become tense and crowded.Even a little messy.Everyone s footsteps are coming and going in a hurry, and no one is willing to stop.Japan is very small, but China is very big.How smokies gummies cbd they got orders.How they lurked into London in batches, how they were assigned weapons and explosives They were even familiar with all the codes and are cbd gummies good for ed instructions of the British and French intelligence cooperation agencies This is definitely a masterpiece of our own people And this one of us is Major General De Sade The man who met them in London and supplied them with arms was known as Mr.X.This Mr.X seems to be very capable.It is possible to get all the activities of the Baron Skeleton in London, and provide them with enough weapons and explosives However, the true identity of Mr.X is not completely clear to these assassins It has exceeded the scope of Colonel Menzies investigation.This involves the intelligence agencies of Britain and France, as well as Major General De Sade, the darling of the French Intelligence Agency.Now, the only thing Colonel Menzies can do is to report this incident to the highest level as soon as possible Winston Churchill When receiving this astonishing information, Prime Minister Churchill hesitated for a long time.The matter is really too important.Careful and cautious handling is required to prevent this situation from getting out of hand.Continue to investigate.The whole truth must be found out immediately After a long silence, Churchill slowly expressed his thoughts You have three days, Colonel Menzies.Within three days , we must find out the whole truth.Three days Colonel Menzies was stunned.For such a big case, three days was too difficult.Colonel, you must know the seriousness of the whole matter As if seeing what Colonel Menzies was thinking, his face looked so serious The negotiations between Britain and Germany are underway , and has reached a critical stage.Do you need anything else, Mr.De Sade When Wang Weiyi asked this sentence, De Sade came to his senses Ah, no need, thank you for your hospitality.Ah, I always I hope the guests will be satisfied.Wang Weiyi sighed with some regret Unfortunately, we are still hostile.Now, I have to send you back to the place where you were imprisoned.Please forgive me.It doesn t matter, Mr.Baron.De Sade also made his face look a little smile My only request is, can I light a candle in my room It s too dark This is a trivial request.I thought that gold cbd gummies vitafusion cbd gummies sleep Baron Alexon would happily agree, but I didn t expect Wang Weiyi to shrug his shoulders I m afraid I can t, Mr.De Sade, this is beyond my scope of power De Sade was inexplicable, he really couldn t imagine why a baron with so much power didn t even have the power to light a candle But that s the truth.That would be more blood, more death Wang Weiyi clearly discovered the changes in the Soviet offensive.He knew that the commander of the Soviet army was going crazy, and this was exactly what he needed.Marshal, the Arco Group and the Imperial Division will pass through Maeslo.The Grossdeutschland Regiment, Viking Division, Hohenstaufen Division, Prinz Eugen Mountain Division, and Nordland Battlegroup have also arrived at the designated battlefield.General Paul Hauser The report made Wang Weiyi smile Tell them, once Val s troops launch an attack in the rear of the Russians, all the troops will be involved in encirclement and annihilation Yes, Marshal.Paul Hauser said politely Congratulations on your upcoming victory.Our victory Wang Weiyi said indifferently Germany s victory.Yes, this is another upcoming victory for Germany, the siege of Erklin, will It was an extremely good start to the Battle of Stalingrad for Germany.

Here will soon determine the basis for a victory in a conference, and the two major forces will carry out the most terrible strangulation here.Perhaps, this will be the most thrilling battle that Wang Weiyi has ever commanded, and he cannot predict the outcome of this battle.Many, many uncertain factors will have a significant impact on the war.But since we re here, let s fight this battle to the end The last two days to ask for a monthly ticket is today the 6th, the brothers who went out to travel are back, right Don t keep hiding the monthly pass you have been hiding for a few days, just throw it to the spider.The double monthly ticket is about to end tomorrow, so it s a pity to waste it, isn t it Hehe, thanks to all the brothers, Spider Six hundred and seventy four.The flowing Terek River, the Terek River, will witness a piece of history Since the invention of gunpowder, the catastrophe of mankind has come.afternoon.Marshal Ernst Brahm ordered to shrink the troops and concentrate on several main positions on the second line for tenacious resistance.at the same time.The continuous offensive of the Terek River Army of the Soviet Army finally achieved results, and the Viking Division also retreated to the second line position.Voroshilov finally saw the hope of victory When Varennikov was about to report to him the results of the battle and the number of casualties, he was interrupted coldly by Voroshilov Caught Ernst.Bram no Seeing that his chief of staff shook his head, are cbd gummies good for ed Voroshilov continued to say coldly Then, don t tell me the results of the battle, and don t tell me the number of casualties Yes, Comrade Marshal.Valennikov immediately said Just received the news that Dawamirsky was shot, and he didn t even get to see Marshal Vasilevsky Hearing his enemy Finally got rid of, Voroshilov s face did not have any joy Comrade Chief of Staff, now we are sent to a big furnace Moscow has met all our requirements, If we can t win again, then you and I will be the next Davamirsky Varennikov couldn t help shivering Moscow has everything we need Request, if we fail to win again, then you and I will be the next Davamirski Yes, Comrade Marshal s words are not wrong, everyone knows the consequences of not being able to win Voroshilov stood there for a while, then continued in his nonchalant tone Have our new reinforcements arrived on gold cbd gummies vitafusion cbd gummies sleep the battlefield Here we are, Comrade Marshal.When he was rescuing Timoshenko, the German army successfully crossed the Volga River.Several German troops marched together, with only one goal Moscow The eyes bay park cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for ed of the world are on Russia Everyone knows how the war will end, but everyone wants to witness how this miracle happened Just last year, the German army failed to attack Moscow, and the Soviet army launched a large scale counterattack.Hundreds of thousands of German troops were trapped in Demyansk.The situation of the war seems to have begun to reverse.But at this time, Ernst Brahm returned with glory, and started are cbd gummies good for ed a series of dazzling performances.With classic battles, he almost pulled Germany out of the failed situation by himself.The quagmire, and carried Germany step by step towards the glory of victory.This man the German God of War the Baron Skull Wherever he appeared, a miracle was born.Yes, no one knows himself better than Ernst.He has no interest in anything other than fighting.I can t even say anything.If I let myself deal with those politicians and look at those official documents all day after the war is over, I will definitely go crazy.Definitely But you are different.You have led the army, The ability to lead the country forward.Wang Weiyi looked solemn I am sure that this world war will end with our victory, but there are still many enemies in front of us.Adolf was an excellent head of state.He was able what are effects of cbd gummies to lead Germany out of the shadow of defeat in the shortest possible time and quickly become a powerful country again.However, sometimes he was too emotional, which was not what was needed to govern a country.Who can calm him down in his blood Only you.You, Manstein you, Model and Rommel and Guderian So, you must stay with Adolf Manstein fully understood his Interesting, the outstanding German marshal sighed involuntarily Well, you went away happily, but threw a country to us.My generals, I know that among you Everyone in the world is looking forward to seeing the day when the war will end, so now you are about to fulfill your wish.I thank you, thank each of you, for allowing me to lead this battle, Let me witness the glorious moment with my own eyes He was silent for a moment, and then continued I don t doubt that the Kremlin will be conquered, and I don t doubt that Stalin will escape from ours.The only thing I m thinking about is what kind of carnival the soldiers will have after the war.The glory of Germany will be best reflected in that one.Now.I order you, go forward, great Germany Finished, He raised his hand straight Everything for Germany Everything for Germany Everything for Ernst On September 5, 1943, the last war in Moscow broke out In the frenzied cry of All for Germany All for Ernst are cbd gummies good for ed cbd gummies for cats , the heroic German soldiers launched a frenzied charge towards the Kremlin.He came to this era with the breath of death, and standing behind him was the cruel god of death, the gate of hell.Once this door is opened, countless innocent souls will rush out.Completely annihilate all the forces that can resist in front of you.He is the Skeleton Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm But at least for now, Caesar still thinks he is about to win. Caesar s Roman legion completed the rendezvous with Gaius s legion according to the established route, and Caesar was still very satisfied that Gaius was able to win the victory against the Kerges in his absence.One of his subordinates can kill these barbarians, let alone himself Caesar seemed to have seen victory coming.In Caesar s plan, Gaius s legion was placed on his left flank, while another Caleni legion he trusted was placed on his right flank.

.Germania, Teutonic, Cimbri, Vandal, Gothic, Frank All tribes have a unified name Germanic We have the bravest warriors and the most fearless leaders.As long as we can unite and treat each other as brothers, I believe that even a powerful Roman Republic will tremble in front of us As powerful as the Roman Republic, it will also tremble in front of us this sentence made these leaders excited.They are extremely eager to defeat the Roman Republic, and never pay that heavy tax again, never again Let your family suffer nightmares.But they don t think they can really do it.What about Baron Alexon Can he do it again I lead the Germanians, and they have defeated the Roman legions, only us Just a tribe.Wang Weiyi seemed to see what they were are cbd gummies good for ed who sells cbd gummies for anxiety thinking Can you imagine, if all our tribes are united, what kind of terrifying power will erupt Yes, Rome is very powerful, they have countless legions, but on the opposite side of us, there are only a few legions led by Caesar.A wanderer from the mysterious time and space has decided to teach the Romans the most painful lesson at the last moment After the defeat, the Germanians had absolutely no chance of surviving in the face of the brutal Romans, especially Caesar, who was already in a rage.However, the Romans also had no chance of surviving And this bay park cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for ed is unknown to anyone, not even Anlugus and Thebius.So when the consul uttered the words We will not fail, the Romans will be our funeral objects , they were also ready to die with the Romans.The reinforcements probably won t arrive tomorrow.Despite what he said, Thibius could not see the slightest fear on his face My lord consul, I beg you to leave here immediately, we all die here It doesn t matter, but please lead all the tribes of the Germanic Alliance to avenge us Until the last moment, I will not abandon you.Crassus didn t know what to do, so he personally met them.This group of people immediately reported that Crassus was still in Calle.So Sulena led the troops and rushed to the city of Kale.The Romans, who were short of water and food, had to forcefully break through.In cbd ed gummies near me the end, Crassus was captured and killed, and only less than 10,000 remnants of the 40,000 troops of the seven Roman legions he brought fled back to HCMUSSH are cbd gummies good for ed Syria.This is the most painful and painful lesson for the Romans, and everyone, including Crassus, is obsessed with avenging this shameful hatred Wang Weiyi raised the issue of Anxi again at this time, which made Pompey pay special attention.He listened to Wang Weiyi and said slowly Why don t you let Yakulius form a legion to launch an attack on Anxi again I believe it will It will take a long time to prepare for another war against Anxi, and this kind of time can probably relieve the pain in Yakulius heart, right Pompey fully understood that this would not only allow Yakulius to regain his confidence over time, but he could also take advantage of this opportunity to get more troops loyal to him in his hands Thinking of this, he couldn t help but said I really don t know how to repay you like this Seven hundred and sixty seven.Before the dinner started, they couldn t wait any longer, and the leaders gathered there first to have a drink.The barbarians are really cute.He shook his head, a small smile on his lips.The situation in the big wooden house was not as lively as Centumalus attendant thought.The four Germanic chiefs looked solemn, and it was hard to believe that the lively shouts came from their mouths.Kai Luman, drink The Cheluxi giant roared first.Then he lowered his voice as hard as he could, which was really hard work for him.Yes, I can t spare him.He drank like a sissy today Edler, shut up The three of us combined can t compare with Hellman.Since he asked us to do this, He must have his reasons Wuyer said bluntly, besides Hellman, he was the only one who could make Edler obey.Hellmann, the young Saxon youth leader, was frowning at this moment, cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for ed staring at the sterling silver wine glass in his hand without saying a word it was a gift from Caesar to him.Wang Weiyi came to Singaroa s side.He smiled and encouraged the helpless Singaroa with his eyes, and then turned his gaze back to Natis If you talk about Roman law, then I think Excuse me, is Governor Centumalus dead now No, not yet, he fell into the hands of the savages.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Then I don t understand even more.According to Roman law, the debtor must be present before creditors can enforce their rights.Or if there is no news from the debtor for sixty natural days, are cbd gummies good for ed the creditor can also exercise the same power.According to my information, Centumalus has not been captured for more than 60 natural days, right Natis froze, not knowing what to do.You, and all of you.Wang Weiyi s tone suddenly became extremely severe You are blatantly despising Roman law, this is a very serious problem.After the activities of the triumvirate, Pompeo s measures in the East were approved.In order to better collude and use Caesar, Pompey, who was nearly 50 years old, married Yulia, Caesar s daughter, who was only 14 years old.Time and time again, Pompeo keeps repeating the same thing.At the bay park cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for ed beginning, he formed an alliance with Caesar to deal with the Senate, and gold cbd gummies vitafusion cbd gummies sleep now, when vitafusion cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies for erection Caesar threatened him, he decided to unite with the Senate to deal with Caesar.As long as he can keep his power, he doesn t care about doing anything.Among them, the role of Representative Spulius is are cbd gummies good for ed undoubtedly huge.In addition to money accidents, Pompeo also found that he can provide himself with more things.We must keep track of Caesar s dynamics.Pompey whispered to the Member of Spulius beside him You are a well informed person, my friend, are you willing to do such a thing for me Of course, my dear Pompey.

I will be there soon There were no great numbers of enemies.Only thirty two men were attacking Longenberg.However, for Major Bertinano, this was simply impossible for him to believe.Just over are cbd gummies good for ed ten minutes ago, Longenberg, which has always been calm, was attacked by the enemy.From the first gunshot, the Italians fell into chaos.Some of them fired their guns at the sky indiscriminately, and some were hiding everywhere, including officers and soldiers.In short, no one wants to seriously engage in a fight.So did Major Bertignano.He never thought that Longenberg, which was far away from the battlefield, would encounter a terrible war.How could such a thing happen According to the usual style of the Italians, when reporting to their superiors, no matter how many enemies come, they must be bay park cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for ed a large number.Wang Weiyi s eyes were fixed on the explosion Said the place that rang.Thank you, Major, without you, we would not be able to complete the mission so smoothly.Captain Sherer said sincerely.Hey, Major, Captain, we found the distress telegram, it was sent from our position, clear code telegram, clear code telegram The gold cbd gummies vitafusion cbd gummies sleep voice of a commando telegrapher sounded.What is it Wang Weiyi asked immediately.It s the Nordland Combat Regiment.They are suffering why do cbd gummies give me a headache from the enemy s frenzied attack.The situation is in dire straits.If they cannot get reinforcements, their position will be lost.Ah, their commander has also died.Wang Weiyi frowned tightly.Together.Nordland Combat Group, the name is too familiar to me.From the Demyansk breakout, to the Kharkov counterattack, to the final blow to the Soviet Union, this unit has been fighting under its own command.He was sure that this must be a new miracle performed by Marshal Ernst Where the Baron appears, there are always countless miracles The formation of fighter planes will continue to escort you.Xiaoling s faint voice came Until you reach Ibor.On standby.I think the Americans would never dream who they are fighting with Wang Weiyi and Richthofen in the tank smiled at each other General, the Americans are coming up Fire attack Guo Yunfeng said coldly All artillery fire, aim at the are cbd gummies good for ed cbd gummies for cats U.S.military and fire Ibor s cannon let out a deafening roar, and the shells mercilessly smashed at the enemy.Amidst bursts of explosions, American soldiers were continuously rushed into the sky by huge air waves.By the time they landed, the corpses had already been blown to pieces.This made those attacking American soldiers keep cursing Colonel Guy and those damn guys of the 30th Reinforced Infantry Regiment.In an instant, the entire battlefield became quiet because of the appearance of this name Soldier, can your legs support you to walk When seeing the incomparably respected Marshal Ernst appear in front of him, with the help of Avril and Hana, Cheke tried to stand up, his His voice became a little trembling Marshal, I, I bay park cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for ed can walk, my injury is not serious.Very well, soldier, I need every member who can fight.Wang Weiyi nodded in satisfaction, Then his eyes fell on the girls around him Thank you for helping the German soldiers.Ah, girl, you look familiar.You look like someone I know.What s your name Wang Weiyi said Avril, he really felt as if he had seen Avril somewhere.Mr.Officer, I m Avril Masman.Avril said with some fear, she grew up so big, and she had never seen such a big officer.Avril Masman Wang Weiyi s heart thumped Where are you from Bremen.It s all in our hands.Anne Marie curled her lips in disdain Immediately begin to wash it out, and tell the Allied Command the location of the secret German anti aircraft artillery fire.Yes.I will do it immediately.Anne Marie just lit a cigarette.Slowly took a breath.Germans will never think of their own identity General Fels, is there something important for you to see me in such a hurry Ernst The Marshal s, indeed, has something very important.Fels said hastily A very strange thing happened, earlier today, I found such a letter of unknown origin in the documents presented to me.Fels said and handed the letter to Marshal Ernst Brahm Marshal, I think you must read the contents of this letter carefully.Wang Weiyi opened the letter, and the more he looked at it, The expression on his face became more solemn It is possible that the location of our new air defense position has been leaked General Punet And who is this Anne Marie She is a very famous woman.No, General Fels.On the contrary, I think Ondt should be kept in secret.Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of something.The Krupp family has a long history, and its huge foundation makes people think that nothing can destroy Krupp.Except for the next heir.Especially an heir who has forgotten his ancestors.Alfred Germany s eldest son, Ondt Krupp, is destined to disappoint every Krupp.Ondt has never shown any talent or inclination to prove that he is capable and willing to be the are cbd gummies good for ed sixth generation of Krupp are cbd gummies good for ed The head.In an interview, Ondt did not behave like a Krupp at are cbd gummies good for ed all he told a reporter from cbd gummies joe rogan a magazine The Krupp company has exhausted the happiness of generations of my family s ancestors He also said to a magazine reporter I am not like my father.He can dedicate his life to a certain cause or industry without considering whether it is worthwhile seeing the third reporter At that time, he said If my father s performance is converted into working hours, his working hours will be longer than his life.

Annette blushed slightly, and then sneered Mr.Prett, I think I Now I can only call you cbd gummies reviews for pain that, since you don t want to tell the truth.Then I think I can only take you away.She came to Wang Weiyi.Then asked him to stand up.Look, I think we should have a good talk.Wang Weiyi sighed Annette, I think it will be very late for you to return to the office.Annette was taken aback for a moment, and then she seemed to have realized something.She hurriedly stretched her hand to her waist, but it was too late.Wang Weiyi stretched out his hand that had been roasted, and grabbed Annette.Then, with a sudden force, she turned her hand around.Then, she clamped Annette s neck with her arms, and Annette s whole body was forced are cbd gummies good for ed to snuggle into his arms.A masculine breath that Annette was very familiar with It was said that even at such a time, Annette felt inexplicably flustered, but she immediately came to her senses and struggled a few times, but there was no way to break free.But I already have a hunch that this will happen sooner or later, and most of the peripheral defenses are struggling to hold on.We don t even know if there are any reinforcements left I really hope the war ends soon so I can be with you guys.In the past few months, I have been lucky and always escaped death.I just hope my good luck lasts and I don t want this to be my last letter to you guys.good luck.Alex Gattle January 1965. German officers, soldiers, surrender This is HCMUSSH are cbd gummies good for ed not your war.This war will kill you in vain.Join us.You will get better treatment.The Allies will always treat soldiers well.You should stand up Resist Fart.Colonel Fan Siten cursed angrily after hearing the US military s broadcast.Colonel, the enemy has almost eaten us Our defense line is about to An officer was bombed to Naihe Bridge just as he ran into the house.When the sniper completely lost the ability to fight back, Colonel Nesko stood up abruptly and rushed towards the tank A shell exploded not far away, and a huge gas The waves almost rushed to Wang Weiyi s body.But his body still didn t move He saw the colonel stand up, and in just two seconds, he could rush to the cover of the tank.Two seconds very short, but enough for a sniper.Even two are cbd gummies good for ed cbd gummies for cats seconds is very long.Wang Weiyi gently pulled the triggerhe saw the bullet flying out in a wonderful arc, and he saw himself falling on the colonel beautifully.Then, he saw the Colonel fall with his own eyes Colonel Nesko died, and he died here in a very strange way.He was one last step away from HCMUSSH are cbd gummies good for ed the tank when the bullet cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies good for ed hit him.He rolled several times as he died, and finally rolled behind the tank.Now, the tank can finally block the bullets for him.How could he believe the words of a lunatic That Atedler has been closely guarded, and no one can get close to him.But to be honest, he I really feel like I have seen this person somewhere In less than half an hour, several cars drove over at a high speed.As soon as the car stopped, a large group of people jumped out of the car impatiently Come down.Modor was taken vitafusion cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies for erection aback.In this group of people, he saw Marshal RommelMarshal GuderianGuo Yunfeng, two first level generals Generalthen he saw General Firth being lifted from the saloon and into his wheelchair oh god, these marshals really showed up.Mordor couldn t have Believe your eyes.Where is he Marshal Rommel came over and asked majestically.Inin that house Rommel turned around and nodded.Then, Modor discovered a detail , Marshal Rommel adjusted his military uniform, and then he and his companions opened the door and walked in carefully.Housing contract Berlin is about to usher in a new beginning vitafusion cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies for erection for her.At this time, Wang Weiyi also started his brand new trip to the United States.His American trip The first stop is still New York.New York is a city that he is very familiar with.Here, as Mr.Moyol , he set off a financial storm that was frightening all over the United States and the world.In this financial turmoil, except for the New York Union headed by him, everyone is a loser, even the US government.That financial crisis caused the United States, especially the Jewish consortium, to suffer the heaviest blow And the Wittgenstein family made a lot of money.Now, are cbd gummies good for ed cbd gummies for cats the United States has escaped from that financial crisis, and New York has become the most prosperous economic center in the world.From this point of view, we have to admire the strength of the United States.For this trip to New York, there are more important tasks for him to do.That small hotel has become Wang Weiyi s office place.Perhaps the owner of the hotel, Locke, would never have dreamed of what kind of person Mr.Moyol who has been living in his hotel is like And when Pipondu walked into this hotel, Mr.Locke didn t even think that this old guy was the controller of the world famous Chateau Margaux Pipondu sorted out his clothes, and then knocked lightly on the door.Please come in.When this came out of the house, he was very familiar with it.But every time he heard a voice that was enough to make him tremble, Pipondu felt that his steps were so heavy.He pushed open the door, and walked in step by step Pipendou.You are old.But you are still so young, and the legend of immortality will never fail on you.

We fear no hell, no time to rest, the enemy crumbles across the land are cbd gummies good for ed cbd gummies for cats till the last one falls.to the front.Go to the front line until the enemy is defeated.Stuka.Stuka, Stuka Even if there are thousands of flames, even if they are surrounded by danger, they are always united like steel, comrades, we live and die together, and if it finds a target, it will never let it escape safely.Nothing escapes it, Stuka, eagle of steel They spread death and destruction across the land of their enemies, rubble, wreckage, and towering flames from factories wherever they went.Their names are always proclaimed in the world, they destroyed many factories, and buried countless ships into the depths of the sea The only difference in the lyrics of this Stuka Song from World War II is that Go to England, go to England, until Britain is defeated becomes Go to the front, to the front Go until you vitafusion cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies for erection defeat the enemy Because now Britain has become Germany s most staunch ally Wang Weiyi saw the bravery and fearlessness of the air force with his own eyes.Ah.General Miller has temporarily promoted him to Lieutenant Colonel.But since yesterday, we have also lost contact with Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt.Speaking of which.Colonel Ackler cheered up However, as I was leading my troops here, I got in touch with are cbd gummies good for ed a radio station in Robin Stell, and it was a private first class who got in touch with me.During the call, he told me that the second lieutenant who commanded them was killed, the sergeant was killed, and the corporal was also killed half an hour ago.Now, only he and another companion are left in the entire position However, he also told us such a sentence We are still fighting When he heard this sentence, the blood of Wang Weiyi and all the German police officers around cbd gummies at gnc store him surged On the brain.We still fighting This is such a familiar sentence, from the first world war to the second world where to buy natures boost cbd gummies war, from Wang Weiyi to any ordinary German soldier, whenever the war reaches the most difficult moment, you can always hear this sentence Calling We still fighting Unless everyone loses their lives, the fighting in Germany will never stop They are still fighting.Tuckett immediately reached for the grenade at his waist while poking his head out of the snow.Maxim didn t focus on firing on the German army.It turned out that Otto s group attracted their firepower.This brief negligence of the Russian army was their only chance.Takot turned around, and before he could give are cbd gummies good for ed an order, the commando soldiers behind him had already set up their light machine guns.Simon Smoke bombs Quick Tucket knew that at this time, only smoke bombs could block Maxim s sight, and they would have a chance to fight back.Okay Throw Tuckert shouted, pulled the string, and threw the cylindrical smoke bomb into the snow 30 meters away.Ah fuck Simon shouted angrily, Tuckett turned his head and found that the smoke bomb was still clutched in his hand The lid is frozen and can t be opened Get out of the way Get out of the way shouted the commando machine gunner behind him.At this moment, he completely forgot about HCMUSSH are cbd gummies good for ed the pact with the Americans Fuck his Americans.In the face of interests, what allies.Any agreement is false.Mr.Prime Minister, I am very satisfied with your efforts.Vittorio cheered up However, we must also pay attention to the fact that once we break with the Americans, the Allied are cbd gummies good for ed forces may attack you anytime, anywhere.We declare war and land in Italy, do you think we can defeat the Americans Mr.Leader, why break up, why fight the Americans Alliance, just declare neutrality.We will neither join the United States nor join the German side.All we have to do is watch the fire from the other side and strive for the best interests for ourselves.What can the Americans do Declare war on us brazenly No, they Wouldn t do that Also, the US just lost their second victory in the Battle of are cbd gummies good for ed Berlin, and in North Africa and the Middle East, they also suffered massive German counterattacks, and I don t think they have the strength to go strong Italy uses troops.Mr.Mayor, I found this in the Prime Minister s bedroom.At this time, his senior staff member Di Nakale hurried out and put a book in front of Catadona.This is a Biography of Garibaldi , which tells the legendary story of the Italian hero Garibaldi.On one of the pages where the bookmark was placed, a paragraph of text was outlined with a red pen On the night of June 3, the French army treacherously launched an attack across the board.That night, they took down the impenetrable Sifeng Villa.And Villa Pamphili.400 defenders were either dead or wounded, Rosselli resigned, and the Republic was in a precarious state.At a critical moment.The ill Garibaldi took over are cbd gummies good for ed the military command again regardless of personal grievances.At 5 o clock in the morning, St.Peter s Square in Rome was filled with awe.He decided to use the strongest means to tell all Italians Who is the real ruler of Italy Both Marshal Del Garro and General Rafael received secret instructions from their leaders.A large number of troops and police are dispatched.Once the situation is out of control, brutal suppression will be launched immediately Put a bloody end to the people s opposition At this point, before the crackdown begins, he puts his hopes on his own prime minister, Bertrol.Of course, he didn t want Bertelul to end all of this, he just needed a scapegoat.In his office, Vittorio smiled rarely I have always trusted you Really Bertrul thought sarcastically.In the heart of the leader he thought he trusted no one but himself I don t want to treat my people in a cruel way.I am not a tyrant in the history of Italy Vittorio said hypocritically Italy can t go on like this, we have to find a way to end the protest marches.

When he came out of the stock exchange, he also unexpectedly met two acquaintances , Xie Lisha, a dancer, and her daughter Alice.It seems that Xie Lisa s life is much better than in the past.She got out of the taxi, wearing brand new clothes, and holding a delicate handbag in her hand.And Alice s face also had a happy brilliance.Mr.Moyol, I didn t expect to meet you again.Seeing Mr.Moyol , Xie Lisa looked a little surprised Where have you been all this time Ah, I traveled to Europe.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, It s a great honor to see you again.And you, Alice.Mr.Moyol, hello.The lovely Alice said.Ah, can you please wait for me here for a while Xie Lisha finished speaking and handed her daughter to Wang Weiyi, and hurried into the housing contract exchange.Wang Weiyi smiled bitterly, although he had invited her to drink coffee.And every time the Leopard 9 shakes its huge and strong body, the shells spit out from the muzzle will take away a layer of soil and the lives of several Russian soldiers from the Russian position Nocher was thinking, how would the Russians deal with such a nearly invincible super tank The Russians gave Nocher the answer A 45mm anti tank armor piercing projectile hit the front armor of the Leopard 9 abruptly, and then it was like a bouncy ball hitting glass.A burst of dazzling sparks shot out, and the 45 shells flew to the side mound, and the large amount of dust that exploded in an instant only blocked the sight of the grenadiers who were attacking The front armor of the Leopard 9 was only recessed into a small area.Nuoqier looked cbd organic vegan gummies for anxiety at the expressions of the members of Nuoqier s crew.In addition to envy and jealousy, there was also a sense of incredibleness in it That s a nice tank Claus s Leopard 9 turned its muzzle and aimed at the Russian HCMUSSH are cbd gummies good for ed 45mm anti tank gun that tried to destroy it but was powerless They still have it Nocher thought the previous door was their last anti vitafusion cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies for erection armor force The fire are cbd gummies good for ed control system of the Leopard 9 does not seem to be generally excellent.However, the way he spoke immediately aroused Gregory s dissatisfaction in his eyes.In this From the Grand Duke s point of view, Volunkatsky was provoking his authority in the eyes.His face quickly showed dissatisfaction Enough, General Volunkatsky, as a soldier, what you have to do Just obey, I don t want to hear any objection.Ah, your 12th Army is at the forefront, are you afraid Volunkatsky felt deeply insulted No, I have never been afraid, and if necessary, I am willing to give my all for you and Russia.All the suggestions I made are just for us to achieve the final victory.Now that you have made up your mind, I don t think I have anything more to say.May God bless Russia. God bless Russia.Gregory smiled coldly, and watched Volyn Katzky go are cbd gummies good for ed out.Then he said to his confidant, Marshal Donarsky, the chief of the Russian army s general staff A cowardly HCMUSSH are cbd gummies good for ed man, isn t he They always think that their talents are far superior to others.Karenbu was terrified Does it only rely on a baron guard This sounds like an incredible thing.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly and said Why not The only force we can mobilize is the Baron Guard.But we still have many alliances, such as the Ukrainian Army in Kolkorok, and the 11th Army in Dalkrenf.Miracles are always Favors those who are prepared.Kalumbu shrugged, still finding it hard to believe The defection of Dalkrenff and the 11th Army completely alarmed Gregory, and his anger could not be expressed in words.Marshal Donarski wanted to say something, but he still didn t dare to say it.There are too many internal contradictions accumulated in the Russian army, and only one fuse is needed to ignite all the powder kegs.And the fuse was General Volyn Katzky.A soldier can die on the battlefield, but you can t insult him in this way Retreat, Your Excellency the Grand Duke.To know.This is related to the happiness of her and her daughter s life.The price of the house contract has reached an are cbd gummies good for ed unbelievable level, and Xie Lisha felt that it was time to empty out the contract, and her dream was one step closer Alice, what do you want See Watching her daughter boredly looking around, Xie Lisa asked softly Beautiful clothes Or a beautiful doll I want to be with my mother all the time Alice s beautiful eyes looked at her own Mother Mom, don t we have to come here so early every day in the future Yes, we don t have to come here so early every day in the future, because we will have a lot of money soon.Happiness A lot of money.It can even fill your bedroom.You can sleep in every day.When you wake up, the servant will bring a cup of hot milk to you.If others have it, you will Yes.Enemy tanks One wave after another, cbd gummie rings biotech when Desk s troops were in the melee, a cry of exclamation brought another wave of large scale attacks composed of a large number of US mechanized troops.Cole, report the situation Boom A shell exploded not far from Steinman.At this time, because the British troops in the surrounding area of the main road left their posts without permission, the two sides of the main road were attacked.The direction pours into the main road area.Cole is lying on top of a dilapidated building.Observe the situation below with a sniper rifle.Three tanks have gone to the right flank About 60 infantrymen have entered the houses on both sides Enemy tanks are on the ruins Cole found so many US troops at once, especially several teams of US tanks were moving very slowly.Crawling on the ruins at a difficult speed.

Many soldiers even thought of the massacre at Venus Airport that day.Everyone, don t worry We have enough space for you Each of you will be accommodated, and we will ensure your safety until the end of this war A soldier on the street shouted with a loudspeaker.The further the convoy goes, the more crowded the crowd becomes.When the convoy drove up to a checkpoint, the convoy stopped moving.The streets and alleys are full of people, just like the vegetable market.A red card was hung on the checkpoint, and a car stopped at the checkpoint, completely blocking the queue behind.Three soldiers from the 70th Infantry Division were inspecting the car, and one of them, an Asian looking soldier, was negotiating with the owner of the car to give it up.The owner turned his head and looked at the Allied convoy behind, expressing that he did not want to give up his beloved car.I will give those people the most fatal blow.Robito, Berkeley, and Langtes walked in and out of Baron Alexon s temporary residence every day, constantly reporting the situation to the baron.They all had a common idea in their hearts after the victory of the revolution, Can get the unconditional support of the baron.This is what Wang Weiyi is very happy to see.A disjointed group with a large following can bring unimaginable benefits to itself.And people like Robito are proceeding according to are 1 000mg cbd gummies safe their own ideas.July 28, 1966, sunny.Wang Weiyi walked out of his residence.He didn t let the car follow him, but walked silently on the streets of Paris alone.Today is a nice day.The sun shone warmly on his body, making people feel like they want to sleep.Fortunately, it is morning.Otherwise, I will find a place to squint my eyes for a while.When he saw the Mr.Moyol brought back by his son, he was startled for a moment, and then bowed respectfully.He said in a very respectful tone Your Excellency the Baron.Welcome to Monrington Manor.We haven t seen each other for more than 20 years.You are still exactly the same as when you first came to Monrington Manor.Suo Pu was stunned.He had never seen his father respect anyone other than members of the royal family so much.Your Excellency the Baron, welcome to Monrington Manor.We haven t seen each other for more than twenty years.You are still exactly the same as when you first came to Monrington Manor.Baron twenty years Could it be that this young man who looked about the same age as himself met his father twenty years ago He suddenly remembered a person, a grandfather and father.And the person who is often mentioned by Sir Rosen, a good friend of the Monrington family Ernst Alexson von Brahm Som, come here.Wang Weiyi nodded Ace.Esquewell , does the Wittgenstein family have this Yes, we belong to the Wittgenstein family.Andrew replied respectfully Baron, we serve the Wittgenstein family loyally and obey Mr.Eliot loyally.At the same time, all of this actually belongs to you.We have explained.Elliott, Elliott.He has served himself faithfully and served the Wittgenstein family for so many years.But he has not asked for anything, and he has not even had a home that really belongs to him.Wang Weiyi has no idea about himself How to repay Elliott s decades of loyalty He took his thoughts back Inform Berlin immediately and let them find a doctor named Traman in the shortest possible time.Once found, he will be sent to London immediately, and the illusion that he has been kidnapped will be created.Remember, I need to see Dr.Two minutes later, Nash suddenly heard Lieutenant Colonel Mills shouting angrily Damn, damn it Yes, damn it, John Oslow has been arrested What John Oslow has been arrested Nash was taken aback and couldn t believe it was true.John.Oslo had surrendered to Nash a long time ago, and he, who was in a high position in the underground resistance organization, made Nash ecstatic, thinking that he had obtained a piece of botanical gardens cbd gummies for copd treasure.He quickly formulated a plan with Lieutenant Colonel Mills to let John Oslo continue to lurk in the resistance organization, and continue to provide Nash and Lieutenant Colonel Mills with the most valuable information and in the These days, John Oslo clearly lived up to their expectations.It was captured by the CIA s Jed himself Lieutenant Colonel Mills was still yelling Damn it.What is more needed is the support of a powerful person behind.Huey and Bobby became puzzled A powerful person We don t know such people.Paris smiled I think such a powerful figure is standing in front of you at this moment.He took out a check for ten thousand dollars and handed it to Huey This will slightly represent my sincerity, and I think it can also provide you with some help.Huey and Bobby have no idea what to sayYes.They need money now, more than ever.Those people in the Black Panther Party, eat and drink every day It s a lot of expenses, the funds raised by them have been used up, and when they were most worried, a white man provided him with so much help.You know, because of the money problem, in the Black Panthers Someone in the party had even proposed a robbery.Hell, Huey and Bobby, even if they were impulsive, would know that it would cause serious displeasure among black sympathizers Mr.

Wheeler Duila s heart suddenly became extremely tenseDamn it, how could they investigate their relationship with Mr.Weller He tried his best to sound calm This is an insult to my personal reputation.Maybe there have been some undue mistakes in my work, but since I took this position, I have done my best.I am serving this city.I have never betrayed my oath, and I have never taken anything that does not belong to me.Any insult to my personal reputation, I will resort to the law.That s you Mr.Mayor Duila.Terry still said coldly But I must remind you that Mr.Wheeler has turned into a tainted witness, and we will prosecute you.Duila s entire Everyone was completely stunned there Please take care of yourself, Mr.Mayor.When leaving the office, Obak finally said Any attempt to destroy the beautiful city of Oakland will be destroyed.He called witnesses.George, a bartender at a bar.When he was summoned by the police, Shukako once told the police that he was drinking in this bar at the time, and also chatted with the bar waiter George, but George categorically rejected that Shukako had appeared in the bar that night.Mr.Shukako often comes to the bar to sit for a while George said in front of everyone But on the night of the incident, Mr.Shukako did not appear in the bar.I didn t pay attention either.Until the police found me, I thought about it carefully, and I can confirm what I said.Randolph came to him George, do you think Mr.Shukako is a generous person Huh George was taken aback for a moment, then slowly shook his head.Randolph smiled Yes, my client is not a generous person, there is no doubt about it.George, I think your girlfriend is called Sally Seeing George nodded, Randolph Dove said slowly On the night of the incident, you left work early because you had a date with your girlfriend.Long live the Queen Long live England Everyone around him said so.I have been waiting for this day to finally come Duke Stephen was also rarely excited And I know this day will definitely come.Nothing can stop our determination, nothing Gentlemen, Her Majesty s order has been issued, now, let us create our own glory Baron Alexon, how about you Are you joining us Wang Weiyi smiled faintly I have joined you are cbd gummies good for ed are cbd gummies good for ed from the very beginning.Gentlemen, there is no force that can stop the victory.Bless England, bless Germany, bless the victory we hold tightly Duke Stephen nodded to Sir Monlington, who stood up, glanced at the faces of the leaders of the underground resistance organizations, and said in a firm voice I declare that the Great London Uprising has begun On the night of October 17, 1966, at 20 00.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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