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Her father s pampering and mother s pampering made her a jewel enshrined in her hands.Her father and mother have taken care of her for many years, so she should be allowed to guard the Gu family, but in the eyes of outsiders, cbd gummies chief she will always be Gu Mingzhu, a silly girl.Miss succeeded benefit of cbd gummy Baotong whispered.Gu Mingzhu took out a purse from her sleeve, which megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies benefit of cbd gummy she had untied from Zhou Ruzhang just now.Baotong looked at what Gu Mingzhu took out from his purse Is this a wax pill Gu Mingzhu nodded, the wax pill was well sealed and had not been opened by anyone.A secret letter is usually placed inside a wax pill of this size.Obviously, a young lady in the inner house should not carry such a thing on her body.Banditry has been serious in Shanxi in recent years.At the beginning of the month, another caravan was robbed and killed by bandits on the official road.Fourth Master Cui deliberately lowered his head not to look at Cui Zhen I heard from the steward that there seems to be movement outside, I am not at ease and want to go and have a look.Fourth Brother, go back.Cui Zhen took a few steps forward.Cui Zhen s tall figure pressed down like a mountain, making fourth master Cui couldn t help taking a step back.Cui Zhen walked up to Master Cui Si before continuing I ll wellbeing lab cbd gummies thc cbd cbn gummies deal with it.Seeing Cui Zhen walking forward, Master Cui Si tightly squeezed the hand hidden in his sleeve, he gritted his teeth and took a few steps to catch up Who did the yamen catch Cui Zhen stopped in his tracks I only found out after the interrogation, I guess it should be related to the case of Jinta Temple.After saying this, Cui Zhen paused for a moment Fourth brother is very concerned about this benefit of cbd gummy matter This is a case in Taiyuan Mansion, Master Cui said, Our Cui family is here, so I naturally miss it.Lu already had a guess in his mind, and he could determine the answer in his mind based on his age.Right or cbd gummies with some thc wrong.Does Master Lu want the person she meets to be older or younger Master Lu will give her more answers in the next step.Seeing the figure of the second brother, Mrs.Cui Si couldn t help her nose sore benefit of cbd gummy and almost shed tears.Lu Shenzhi sat down, and Fourth Mrs.Cui immediately sent the servants out.Second Brother, Fourth Mrs.Cui pursed her pale lips, I heard from the Cui family that your brother in law is related to those bandits.How could he do such a thing II don t believe it.Lu Shenzhi s brows and eyes became a little more serious.Under Mrs.Cui Si s expectant gaze, he said, Brother in law is HCMUSSH benefit of cbd gummy not that kind of person.speak out.Lu Shenzhi didn t know how to comfort his sister, the current situation made him feel helpless It s all my fault.Mrs.Cui Si ordered the mother in charge to take Miss Gu and the two children out.Wait, Lu Shenzhi looked at Mrs.Fourth Cui, Sister, let me have a word with Miss Gu.Mrs.Fourth Cui couldn t help hesitating.Lu Shenzhi said I m just asking about the case.Zhuzhu is timid, said Mrs.Cui Si still worried, Don t scare her, and don t force her, this child is pitiful enough.This incident almost cost her her life.Got it.Fourth Mrs.Cui said, Then I will stay with Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu is mentally incompetent but she is still a big girl, and she cannot be allowed super cbd gummies amazon to face a stranger alone.Gu Mingzhu sat quietly on the chair, looking out constantly, which was the direction where sister Lin and the others left.Zhuzhu, Lu Shenzhi called Miss Gu kindly, maybe this would make Miss Gu let down her guard, I ll ask you a few words, so I ll let you go to Miss Lin, okay Gu Mingzhu seemed to be slightly pointed nodded.Cui Wei could not help lowering his head when he understood Cui Zhen s words.But if someone plots against our Cui family secretly, and someone from our Cui family is fooled by it, that would be a big deal.Cui Zhen looked majesticly, At this point, you still want to cover it up.If something really happens, what are you going to do Bear HCMUSSH benefit of cbd gummy it Cui Wei couldn t help swallowing.Cui Zhen said Today I said in the ancestral house that anyone who dares to make up their minds will never be tolerated.Can you take it as me and let it go Cui Wei didn t dare to say any more.Cui Zhen looked around and said indifferently The person who detonated the gunpowder has not been found yet No, Cui Wei pursed his lips, I asked my guards to look around, but I didn t see any of those people.The two Taoist priests mentioned by the younger brother also disappeared.It can be seen that the plum blossom sore is severe.Zi Yuan was so indifferent, as if she had long since put life and death aside.Gu Mingzhu s gaze swept past Zi Yuan s waist, and she took the opportunity to check Zi Yuan s illness, which she had just checked, and Zi Yuan hid a dagger in her waist.The short dagger is suitable for close up assassination, does Ziyuan have any plans You must know that it is irrational to assassinate or steal property.The government will not think that the people caught in Yong an Lane are innocent because of this, but will think that they are all accomplices.Girl, don t think about it, Ah Jin said, Where did the plum blossom sore come from You just need to rest easy and recuperate.You can redeem yourself and leave this flower boat in a few days, so you can live your peaceful life.Wei firmly.The women in the Goulan Courtyard often joked and joked with each other, and this push meant that the beauty was in their arms, and everyone was happy.However, only Mr.Wei can understand what it feels like to hug a market doctor.There was a burst of laughter all around.Wei Yuanchen, who was sitting there propped up on the table, sat there motionless, as if he was too young and immature, he seemed to have been stunned.The girls in the cabin even laughed wildly.The young man lowered his head and said nothing, but Gu Mingzhu in his arms felt the accumulated chill.Fortunately, at such a critical moment, Mr.Wei couldn t let it go, so it can be seen that Mr.Wei s temperament is also true.Calm and tenacious, someone else would definitely not be so calm and composed.As for her, she is naturally very generous.When the doctor woman appears again, Mr.Wei will definitely become suspicious.How to do things under Mr.Wei s nose without being exposed is a difficult problem.She managed to get a clue from Mrs.Chen, and she couldn t give up her identity as a cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies medical woman, so she could only plan carefully.Gu Mingzhu tried to break free, but her hand didn t move at all.In terms of strength, she had no chance of winning, and the result was the same when Mr.Wei released her.With his swimming speed, she was no different from being in the urn.Wei Yuanchen knew that the doctor s wife was full of tricks and would run away after entering the water.It was impossible for him to wait for his questioning honestly.When he personally came to arrest her, he found that the doctor s wife was more difficult to deal with than he expected.Wei Yuanchen looked down at the map in his hand, Then he frowned, and at some point there was a black hair on the map, which looked like a rabbit Wei Yuanchen s body began to itch again.It has been washed clean, but it is still everywhere.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently Rabbit, black.Black rabbits also replenish yang energy Chu Jiu swallowed and asked him to find the black rabbit at this time.How about a black haired pig It s okay.It looks similar, with two ears and four legs.Before the third master got angry, Chu Jiu ran out quickly.Wei Yuanchen brushed benefit of cbd gummy the rabbit fur away with his hand.I don t know if it was a coincidence, but the rabbit hair whirled in the air, and finally fell back on his cuff.What kind of master, what kind of things are around.As if responding to Wei Yuanchen, the five black chickens outside let out a cluck After Gu Mingzhu traveled outside for a few days, she resumed her normal routine, going to bed early and getting up early, full of energy.When Mrs.Lin dodged, she saw Gu Mingzhu beside her.Why did Zhuzhu follow her Mrs.Lin immediately went to cover Zhuzhu s eyes Don t look.Gu Mingzhu snuggled into Mrs.Lin s arms, turned her head HCMUSSH benefit of cbd gummy to look at Sun Yong s body and the surrounding situation from the corner of her eye, and saw that Zhuangtou approached again at this moment Sun Yong put his hand into Sun Yong s lapel, then seemed to have discovered the key point, and shouted Sun Yong is not cold yet, he was killed just now.Gu Mingzhu watched coldly, Fang Caizhuang The head is still so scared, but now it is not afraid of anything, and the change is too fast.Zhuangtou looked at Mrs.Lin Tai This soil is newly dug, that s rightthat s just what happened.Just been killed Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Wednesday When did you arrive Didn t you notice This is the Zhuangzi of the Zhou family.When Gu Mingzhu went to Shaanxi, he wandered around Zhuangzi with his grandfather during the day, and listened to stories told by his grandfather with the children of the family at night.The results are different, but everyone likes to listen.There is also her little uncle, who is quite ambitious and wants to wait for the opportunity to become an official.Although he still helps best cbd gummies sleepy bear cost 300 mg grandfather and Niba every day, the whole family is very harmonious.Gu Mingzhu sat on the chair shaking her feet, looking at Zhao Gongren and her two sons, Lin Runsheng was seventeen years old, Lin Runzhi was eight years old, Uncle Lin was said to be good at riding and shooting, and Second Master Lin was said to be a three year old enlightened child prodigy.Looking at Gu Mingzhu s big feet under her pink skirt, Zhao Gongren couldn t help frowning slightly, and said with concern, Zhuzhu, how is your condition It s getting better.Chu Jiu immediately entered the door with his personal guards and came to help Wei Yuanchen , Wei Yuanchen waved his hand, and walked out slowly by himself.At first glance, he seemed to be the same as usual, but he walked a little slowly.Walking to the door, Wei Yuanchen remembered Gu Mingzhu s actions just now, he stopped, benefit of cbd gummy turned his head, and saw that Gu Mingzhu was already sitting on a chair, her cheeks looked extraordinarily quiet under the light.There was another flash in Wei Yuanchen s mind, and he couldn t help being a little absent minded.Chu Jiu lowered his head and cleared his throat.Only then did Wei Yuanchen come to his senses, and whispered without changing his expression I received a message from Beijing that the crown prince has left for Taiyuan, and he will arrive in two days.Wei will not do those things, and if there is a real need, he will directly tell Mrs.Lin, and he will never go to the secret tunnel privately.Wei Yuanchen didn t ask any more, and pushed the official document in his hand to Feng Anping.Feng Anping best quality cbd gummies bowed immediately as if he had received an amnesty The humble job has gone to the government office, and there are still many confessions to be sorted out.It seems that Mr.Wei is just asking casually, and he is not very interested.That s good, and he can feel at ease up.When Feng Anping walked out of the house, Wei Yuanchen s gaze became extraordinarily deep.There was a secret passage leading to the outside of the Gu family s house, so that he could come and go without anyone noticing.What about the ninth day Wei Yuanchen said, Call him back.Chu Jiu spent a day lying on the roof.The second elder brother appeased Sicheng and said that Han Yu would probably recognize the war horse case together, so that Sicheng should not panic.Si Cheng threatened my second brother, if Mr.Wei finds out about him, and the second brother will not save him, he will tell everything, and then the Zhao family will not even try to escape, and then they will argue, then Si Cheng Speaking loudly, the second brother s persuasion was useless, so he stretched out his hand and knocked Si Cheng unconscious.When Zhao Gongren said this, he picked up the handkerchief and wiped the corners of his eyes After Si Cheng fainted, my second brother said that he didn t expect Si Cheng to go crazy suddenly.Persuasion, the second brother asked me not to tell anyone about his affairs in Taiyuan Mansion before he left, and he will return to Songjiang Mansion after he has dealt with everything.Lin went into the main room to see Mrs.Lin.Mrs.Lin Tai was carried to Ruantang, her clothes were messy, her hair was in a loose bun, her face was red and swollen, she was even more embarrassed than the last time she was in Zhuangzi.You let him go just like that Mrs.Lin opened her megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies benefit of cbd gummy eyes and looked at Cui Zhen, Whydon t you kill him Iwhat do I need you for Still calm in the yard, he looked at Mrs.Lin steadfastly Does mother want to take the entire Cui family to be buried with you Mrs.Lin s lips trembled What do you mean Wei Yuanchen just insulted me, Do you want to step on your mother again My son said it long ago, but my mother refused to listen, Cui Zhen said, I have nothing to do with my mother, but when my mother walks benefit of cbd gummy out of Cui s house, I should know that not everyone should.To save face for you, today is a slap, tomorrow I don t know if my mother will be sent to prison directly.It can be inferred that the person who took away the second master Zhao was the same person who killed Wang Daochang and the treasurer of the Zhao family.At first, Lu Shenzhi thought that there was still a glimmer of hope to find Master Zhao Er, but now it seems that Master Zhao Er must have done something wrong.Thinking of this, Lu Shenzhi said Could it be Wei Yuanchen put together the documents in his hands , and continued what Lu Shenzhi didn t dare to say It s the prince, the prince wants this case to end with the second master Zhao and Wang Daochang, as long as the second master Zhao and Wang Daochang die, the clues will be interrupted here.Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked to the window The people sent by the crown prince are very familiar with Wang Daochang and Master Zhao Er.If you want to frame Master Zhao Er to kill the shopkeeper, you first need Master Zhao Er benefit of cbd gummy to call all the shopkeepers to the shop.If he didn t stop him, Chu Jiu said a word Do you want to compare him with her again Chu Jiu really didn t dare to speak this time, and benefit of cbd gummy he was also anxious, for fear that the third master benefit of cbd gummy hillstone cbd gummies where to buy would spend too much energy, and said that it would be best to have someone on the side to help analyze the case, so he introduced himself.Third Master, Nie Chen is here.Hearing someone coming to report, Chu Jiu let out a long sigh of relief, the plan was missed.Nie Chen entered the door and said in a low voice, Master Wei, I have inquired all over the East Street.The woman who lives there, Mrs.Yang, is about 20 years old.I heard that her husband s family is a dart worker.Many times, after the purchase of the house, Mrs.Yang has been living there, and there are some rumors cbd living cbd gummies about this house Nie Chen took a sip of tea to moisten his throat and continued Some people say that Yang s man doesn t like her, so he is busy all year round, and no one has seen the master of that family.She felt that the gun should be put down benefit of cbd gummy now, but contrary to expectations, the gun approached her again.You conspired with your younger brother to murder your husband, the voice was full of anger, how long do you want to hide it That Lin Temple really pushed me down the mountain on purpose Mrs.Lin s eyes widened, with an expression of disbelief on her face No no Marquis, you must have made a mistake Sizhen admires you the most, and surrounds you all day long.Counting on you, how could it possibly hurt you Lao Ding Ninghou continued After I was injured, why didn t you feed the medicine on time I fed it, Mrs.Lin said, Master, can you drink it If I go on, I have no choice I have tried everything You are afraid that after I recover, Lin Sizhen will be punished and you will be abandoned, so you watch me die.You go, these How will the female relatives face the real rebels in Lin Temple Wei Yuanchen said quietly, What s more, uncle, you are the general of the Gyeonggi Guards, so if you appear in the guards rashly, even if you find an excuse to cover it up, you will be suspected.I want to investigate Rujun s case, so I asked you to secretly protect the female relatives, and when the female relatives are safe, you will return to your post immediately.This battle will take good cbd gummy some time, so don t rush for a while.Zhou Zesheng said Then you What If you lead troops, you won t arouse the emperor s suspicion I m not going to do anything now, Wei Yuanchen said calmly, I ll wait until the prince is arrested and the surrounding guards are in chaos, and then I have no choice but to come forward to rescue him.The side walls and military forts were stationed against.This village has them all.Well, if Mr.Lu and others come, it may not be impossible to station here.Mr.Wei did not stop cbd edibles gummies canada the prince, but waited for the prince to be captured, and used this as a reason to mobilize the soldiers and horses of the guard.She did not believe that the Wei family, which is good at leading troops, must have some means.In this way, they only need to megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies benefit of cbd gummy survive In the first two days, the resistance of the imperial court would become a climate, and the rebels did not dare to stay near Taiyuan Mansion.The real purpose of Lin Temple is to rob the crown prince and cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies take HCMUSSH benefit of cbd gummy refuge in Tatars.As for the capture cbd gummies for menstrual cramps benefit of cbd gummy of their female relatives, max relief cbd gummies they must be ranked after these two purposes.At the beginning, benefit of cbd gummy you can t fish in troubled waters, and you must focus on those two things later, and you will never die.Car.As the chief said, some villagers came forward carrying stones.Li Chang said If the rebels come, as long as Qi Ye gives an order, they can throw stones out.Why did you think of making a catapult Zhou Zesheng finally came to his senses.Thanks to the reminder from the people around Madam Huaiyuanhou, otherwise I would have forgotten that although we don t have those sharp weapons to kill the enemy, we do have wood and stones, and these things can also deal with the rebels.Zhou Qiye, I m convinced of you, Lu Shenzhi stepped forward panting, You are amazing, you have arranged this place so quickly.With these things, they will not be afraid of the rebels outside.Zhou Zesheng nodded, although it was not levothyroxine and cbd gummies his credit, but he agreed with Lu Shenzhi s statement.It is really powerful to have everyone in the village perform their duties and prepare for this battle.In one breath, I have suffered all the grievances, and the daughters of the Lin family will never have to do this again.Mrs.Lin couldn t listen, and now she was full of horror IIwhat can I doIhow can I Help you I m just a woman Eldest sister is still Cui Zhen s mother, Lin Sizhen said with a grim expression on his face, Elder benefit of cbd gummy sister threatens her life, and Cui Zhen will let me live.Mrs.Lin The madam felt a boom , as if a thunderbolt exploded in her mind, she looked at Lin Sizhen in disbelief, her brother actually said such words.Threatening her life Want her to die She has done so much for her younger brother.When questioned like that by members of the Cui clan, she was still rebutting for her younger brother.In her heart, his younger brother is benevolent, and he has no choice but to go this far.Zhou Zesheng was carried away, Wei Yuanchen turned his head to look, and the slender figure really followed up, it can be seen that he really cared about Zhou Qiye.As if Wei Yuanchen didn t notice Miss Gu, he turned to Gu Chongyi calmly and said, I ll take care of the injured general first, and I ll talk to Lord Hou some other day.Looking at Wei Yuanchen s back, Gu Mingzhu thought There was a panic, she was very aware of the uncle s temperament, he would never fall down easily, he must be seriously injured, and she didn t know if Liu Su could handle it.Miss, don t worry, Baotong said in a low voice, Liu Su has already gone to take care of Zhou Qiye s injury, let s wait for the news first.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and now he can only wait for Liu Su to see the situation.Su s medical skills in treating trauma have improved a lot, and half of the wounds can be treated properly.Apart from Marquis Huaiyuan, his family members are also different.Lin Sizhen rebelled, but Mrs.Lin could not be implicated.The double person had to take care of his demented daughter and help her husband investigate the case.After knowing that Lin Sizhen was involved , and can appease the Lin clan, in other words, she may not be able to do so comprehensively.Don t tell anyone else, she wants to see the daughter of the Gu family The Huaiyuan Hou Gu family is a single lineage of two generations.Gu Chongyi has no siblings, only megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies benefit of cbd gummy his uncle and aunt from the line benefit of cbd gummy of his great grandfather are his closest clan members.In the past two years, the clan uncle s family also bought a house in Beijing.Before hearing that Gu Chongyi had messed up his errands in Shanxi, the clan uncle ordered his eldest son, Gu Chongwen, to write a letter back to the clan, telling the clan not to get involved.After killing people, he can leave, but he is willing to catch them without a fight, because the time is running out for the poison to enter the internal organs.All these are in line with the situation of the Pearl Thief he platinum x cbd plus gummies knew in Taiyuan Mansion.This Zhang Yuanzhi Therefore, Xu Bin was killed because of the guilt of harming the people with the disaster relief food.The elder who appeared in Taiyuan Mansion was clearly using the name of Zhang Yuan to avenge him.The elder is Zhang Yuan, who was executed by the court five years ago The Pearl Thief.What about the rest Wei Yuanchen continued.Master Wei Er made a long story short There is also Yan Tanhua, who used benefit of cbd gummy to be a judge in Yingtian Mansion.He is very good at solving cases and detectives.Both arms were gone.In order to track down the killer who killed him, he mistakenly killed people in a village, so he was sent to prison.Now he is in the capital city instead of Taiyuan Mansion.When he was in Taiyuan Mansion, he could speak freely.Anyway, there is no one else around the third master.At most, he can be beaten, and he cannot be thrown out.But now it is different.There are Mu Qiu and the others in the mansion.Now, he is not so important.togetherHis eyes fell on Chu Jiu s body, which was a little sharp.Chu Jiu swallowed Otherwise I ll pick up Xiaobai.After finding a reason for himself, Chu Jiu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, as if he had a backer, and suddenly became more at ease, the third master would not want him , he still has to take care of Xiaobai.Who is Xiaobai Mu Qiu frowned even tighter.If he says one more word, he will be sent to the kitchen to light the fire.Wei Yuanchen said flatly.When Chu Jiu heard this, he immediately covered his mouth and left the room as if fleeing for his life.Mrs.Wei saw that her grandson was safe and sound, and she couldn t help complaining You are so old, don t you know how to tell if you don t feel well You really want to scare your grandmother to death.Wei Yuanhong and Wei Yuanzhen also came into the room, Wei Yuanzhen A slap on Wei Yuanchen s shoulder The third benefit of cbd gummy brother is in good health.Grandma doesn t have to worry.Mrs.Wei immediately reprimanded Wei Yuanzhen Your third brother is not well, how can you use such force I really don t know the severity.It s hearty Look, elder brother, my mother is partial to the third younger brother again, from childhood to adulthood, the best should be reserved for the third younger brother, could it be that the elder brother and I were both picked up, and the third younger brother was born by the mother, right What nonsense Mrs.Along the way, Zhuzhu s illness improved again.When she was well, she was able to talk to her a lot, which made her very happy, and the rush and fatigue on the journey disappeared.Gu Mingzhu touched cbd gummies des moines ia Mrs.Lin s belly, and benefit of cbd gummy when she arrived in the capital, her mother would be able to raise her baby at home with peace of mind.The mother and daughter were laughing when Mrs.Lin suddenly thought of something and let out a long sigh I don t know what will happen to Mrs.Zhao.Along the way, she felt that Mrs.Zhao was very good.If General Zhao hadn t been framed, Mrs.Zhao is now the mistress of the Cheng family, and she has a beautiful son and wife by her side, so she will not suffer from these sufferings.In another carriage, Princess Huairou continued to talk about Beijing with Mrs.Zhao.Seeing Princess Huairou s worried eyes, benefit of cbd gummy Mrs.The Shen family moves around frequently, that is the third prince, and there are often doctors and supervisors from the Imperial College in the third prince s mansion.Since the third prince was given a mansion, he has recruited many scholars in the mansion to cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies study mathematics and law, and he also worked cbd gummies on insomnia with Qin Tianjian Made a compass for navigation.Gu Mingzhu thought of the eight spring lock I don t know if there is anyone in the third prince s house who is good at making traps, my lord might as well draw attention to it.Compass and other delicate objects must use mechanism skills to make them.Mr.Shen and Batangsuo are the most important clues left to them by the Taiyuan Mansion case.Gu Mingzhu said again Your Excellency said that Mr.Shen is not deadcan you catch him Wei Yuanchen smiled slightly Nie Chen and others will be able to bring him into Beijing in these two days.Hearing the name of benefit of cbd gummy Yu Yu doctor Chu, Bai Gong Ren said with all his strength No I won t invite him, the benefit of cbd gummy hillstone cbd gummies where to buy old imperial doctor wants to break my leg, I don t want it, master I don t want to Yuan Zhixing comforted Bai Gongren If you say no, please do it.No please.After a while Bai Gong got better, Yuan Zhixing said softly There will be chaos at home for a while, or I will send you to Taiqing Temple to recuperate for a while Hearing Taiqing Temple, Bai Gong cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies Thinking of something, the whole person seemed to calm down a lot But things at home.There is me at home, Yuan Zhixing reached out and stroked Bai Gongren s hair, Don t worry, you can reviews of trubliss cbd gummies be fine, I feel at ease.Bai Gongren became more stable, Yuan Zhixing carefully covered Bai Gongren with a quilt, and Bai Gongren s whole body was twisted in the quilt.The medicine box was polished brightly, as if it was waving to her.Gu wellbeing lab cbd gummies thc cbd cbn gummies Mingzhu thought that the medicine box had already been thrown away by Mr.Wei.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward quickly and opened her arms like a miser.Wei Yuanchen watched Miss Gu walking towards him quickly, like a suckling swallow that just wanted to throw herself into her arms.Chapter 230 The Vest Is Not Safe But the milk swallow didn t come running after does cbd gummies help gout him, but the medicine box on the table.Gu Mingzhu held the medicine box in her hands, turned around and ran out of the house without saying a word, as if a mother in law finally found her long cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies lost relatives and was afraid of being separated again.Wei Yuanchen frowned, he knew how to carry the medicine box on his back to see how she would grab it.Gu Mingzhu just wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible.Mrs.Lin Angrily said Master thought this was feasible, so he went to Wei s house to make a fuss, and everyone in the capital knew about it.I knew that Master was not afraid.Master would not let our mother and daughter suffer any grievances at a critical moment, let alone the empress s nephew.Even if he is the empress s son in law, the master will not let him go.He is bold and dares to bully others.Knowing that Zhuzhu is different from ordinary people, he has evil intentions and makes us suffer.Based on this kind of thinking, he wants an arm unyielding.But the master never thought about it, what if Wei Yuanchen was not like this and we wronged him At that time, Wei Yuanchen was handling the case in Taiyuan Prefecture, and it was not a rational choice for us to suddenly ignore tit for tat.So I carefully checked Wei Yuanchen s situation and found that he was really fainting, so I didn t make things difficult for him, I just wanted to make big things into small things.Mrs.Lin found that Master Hou was still 250mg of cbd gummies unhappy when he came out after changing his clothes, as if he had something very worrying about him.Master Hou, Mrs.Lin said, If you have any troubles that cannot be solved, you may wish to tell me, and I will help you think about it.Today s promotion is a happy day, how can you be so helpless.Gu Chongyi was silent.Just when Mrs.Lin felt that cbd extreme gummies review Master Hou would not speak, Gu Chongyi s voice came faintly Do you have a belt What Mrs.Lin stood there in a daze.Master Hou was worried about the belt Mrs.Lin opened her mouth but before she could make a sound, she heard the steward come to report, Master Hou, the third master of the Wei family is here.Mrs.Lin saw that Gu Chongyi hadn t moved for a while, and said in a low voice Master Hou, maybe it s about the court.It was annoying to say that this was her home, but she didn t dare to call for help.Mr.Wei not only came prepared, And it is to prepare to settle accounts cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies after autumn.Gu Mingzhu touched her waist subconsciously.The small bamboo tube is not suitable for greeting Mr.Wei.The mandala powder is not a serious problem.At most, it is said that Mr.Wei s old illness has relapsed.Gu Mingzhu was pondering the feasibility when Wei Yuanchen s voice came.When I fainted in the small courtyard of the Gu family, what did you do while the 9th cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies day was away Wei Yuanchen s voice suddenly deepened, and his eyes became deeper, Why do I vaguely remember that someone came to tease me Clothes My old illness relapsed that day, so it must not have anything to do with you Gu Mingzhu touched the hand on her waist and retracted Master Wei was joking.The aide said in a low voice The people from the yamen have left our house, and the master has been going to the yamen as usual.There is no other movement these days.No one will mention it again.not necessarily.Yuan Zhixing frowned.Wei Yuanchen hadn t found the real person who instigated Lin Temple, so how could he let it go, unless he was allowed to find the instigator behind the scenes, I m afraid everything will calm down The Gu family.Why hasn t this child woke up yet Madam Lin came several times and saw that Gu Mingzhu was still sleeping soundly under the quilt.Remember to change the heater, don t cbd gummies for menstrual cramps benefit of cbd gummy let it freeze.Mrs.Lin came out of the room and instructed Baotong carefully.Aunt Clan sent a message that she wanted to take Zhuzhu to Taiqing Temple.Mrs.Lin wanted to refuse at first.She was too heavy to walk outside all the time.The real person looked at Xuanwei fixedly What are you talking about Don t talk nonsense here.Xuanwei kept shaking his head Master, Daozu Sanqing, Sanbaojun, benefit of cbd gummy and Godmother Yuanjun are all watching Just now, my apprentice bay park cbd gummies for ed went to the main hall and was questioned, Master, you sold those Tamba mushrooms to good people, that is benefit of cbd gummy hillstone cbd gummies where to buy ill gotten gains, and you have committed the crime of theft.Zhenren Sun s expression finally changed when he heard this, but she Still hiding it well, stretched out his hand and recited a Taoist saying, and then said Who told you to say these words to slander the Taoist Xuan Wei shook his head and looked at Sun Zhenzhen sincerely How dare the disciple harm the master, the disciple is Really think about the master, the master is true, you just listen to the disciple once, and sincerely repent to the Sanqing Daozu, even if this life cannot end well, there will be an afterlife A traitor.Gu Chongyi got on the horse and walked out of the alley all the way.He was about to let the horse gallop when he heard the voice of Master Wei from behind him What a coincidence, Lord Gu, where are you going Do you want to follow me Go to Shangqingguan Gu Chongyi s eyebrows were furrowed into two beards, as if he was in front, and the Wei family thing was behind, why did he follow that thing Chapter 293 Avoiding Suspicion Gu Chongyi Doesn t Want to Pay Attention to Master Wei Er squinted.Gu Chongyi urged the steed to move forward, and he would soon be able to leave that ignorant dude behind.Master Hou, what are you in a hurry for Don t chase me.Don t chase me, why don t you listen.The voice followed like a shadow, no matter how fast he was, Wei Congzhi could follow him closely, that thing was really just pretending to be stupid Confused, how could a real dude be so good at riding.Weichen and others slowly took warming and tonic medicines, and initially saw the curative effect, but in the end it was a tonic.In the morning, I got angry again, which is why I was so anxious.The emperor s face darkened In the final analysis, you are still useless.Since you found that there was an internal fire, why didn t you deal with it earlier The Jiang court envoy wanted lifestream cbd gummies for sale to explain, two evils On the other hand, in order to cure the disease, sometimes it is unavoidable to do this, as bluebird botanical cbd gummies long as you calm down and unblock it slowly, you will be healthy soon, who knows Don t blame them, a slightly weak voice came from It came from the inner room, Jiang Court Envoy has been doing his best, which is the reason for his family s mourning.As the queen mother spoke, the palace servants immediately rolled up the curtains megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies benefit of cbd gummy in the inner room, and waited for the queen mother to lean on the guide pillow, and carefully covered her with a thin blanket.Huaiyuan Hou and his wife sought medical advice everywhere and now her condition has improved a lot.Yesterday Miss Gu went to Shangqing Temple and was arrested Mo Zhenzhen has taken a fancy to it, and Mo Zhenren wants to enlighten Miss Gu and pass on her medical megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies benefit of cbd gummy skills to Miss Gu.There was a faint smile on the queen mother s face Before she was sad because of the death of her disciple, and mourned her family.I am still worried about her, now that I am accepting new apprentices, I have finally opened my mind, and she has been really happy outside these years, thanks to the Ai family who did not let her stay in the palace.The female officer followed suit.The Empress Dowager continued Let her female disciples also come to the Palace of Compassion and Ning, the Ai family wants benefit of cbd gummy to see her.She hasn t called anyone into the palace for a long time, and if any woman from outside enters the Palace of Compassion and Ning, it will arouse people s attention.She needs to check Zou Xiang s identity.The same is true for Zou Linshi.Why did Cui Zhen be mentioned just now Zou Linshi has brought Zou Xiang in Beijing for so long, and has not shown up, because he is afraid of causing trouble to the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu always feels that Zou Linshi is not telling the truth.Gu Mingzhu put the light boat in her hand in the water, and a small stone flew out from nowhere, and fell into the water with a plop , causing ripples in circles.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, and benefit of cbd gummy the stone seemed to be thrown in from outside the wall.Really accurate, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help sighing, the person benefit of cbd gummy outside the wall must be Lord Wei, Chu Jiu didn t have such a means, Gu Mingzhu was about to exchange information, benefit of cbd gummy when she saw Yang s mother walking over.Miss, the Marquis of Dingning benefit of cbd gummy sent some things to the mansion.Tan Shangshu is definitely a person who knows firearms in the Great Zhou Dynasty.He made contributions in northern Xinjiang when he was young.After the old general Zhao fled after being defeated, they took a few people to repel the former Tatar army with the abandoned red barbarian cannon by the court The person who had a private relationship with Ah Chan back then was very important, and Tan Shangshu was one of the candidates she and Wei Yuanchen suspected, so even if there was no matter about Gu Mingwan, they should check the Tan family carefully.Chapter 318 A silent change Gu Mingzhu bit the candied fruit in her mouth, today s candied fruit was extra soft and waxy.Baotong said in a low voice It s freshly made in Pinxiang Building, and the slaves will buy it early in the morning.She thought that there would be no candied fruit so early.He is visiting at home.He may be .

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a cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies little timid.The people hid.Cui Zhen nodded, the children of the Lin clan have seen the world when they come to the capital, how can they be so timid Big brother, Gu Mingzhu turned to look at Cui Zhen, his name is Zou benefit of cbd gummy medterra cbd gummies review Xiang, he is only three or HCMUSSH benefit of cbd gummy four years old, he can memorize a lot of books, and he has great strength.Zou Xiang Cui Zhen was sure that it was the first time he heard this name, would he endorse it even if he was strong I don t know which female family member of the Lin family is the child.Big Brother, Gu Mingzhu continued, Can you cbd gummies for menstrual cramps benefit of cbd gummy shoot arrows for me and Zou Xiang later When Cui Zhen returned to the Lin clan, he used to shoot arrows in the courtyard with the Lin family s children.Zhuzhu was in Shaanxi at that time You may just see it when you are recuperating, so remember it.Wei Yuanchen and Qiao Song saluted each other, and then sent Qiao Song out of the prison in Shuntian Mansion.It was already dark in this trial.Zhang Tong said The third master hasn t eaten all day, so let s take a rest first.Being hungry, Wei Yuanchen told Zhang Tong The five black chickens at home are sick, you go and bring it, we find a place to use some Rice.Chapter 324 People are not as good as chickens in Huaiyuanhoufu.A few arrows galloped swish and hit the bull s eye heavily.Gu Mingzhu smiled and clapped her hands I ve hit it, I ve hit it.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she turned to look at Zou Xiang, who stared blankly at the target in the distance, wellbeing lab cbd gummies thc cbd cbn gummies with a bit of shock and envy in her eyes.Gu Mingzhu said Brother, come again.Cui Zhen kept drawing the wellbeing lab cbd gummies thc cbd cbn gummies bow and shot all the arrows in the quiver.Zou Linshi is suffering, if Yang s family can send them to Aoer Dusi, even the heirs born outside the room can find a place to house their mother and son, why go around such a big circle, besides, Zou Linshi s adoption of Zou Xiang is a big deal.Before Lin Sizhen s accident happened, even if Lin Sizhen had foresighted plans and made such an arrangement in advance, he would not entrust his heir to a helpless woman like Zou Lin.Wei Yuanchen thought for a while Since Zou Xiang and Lin Sizhen It really doesn t matter, then you He suddenly frowned, put down the chopsticks in his hand, and looked at Gu Mingzhu.If there were no problems with it, Zhuzhu would not mention this matter in front of him.Before talking about Zou Xiang s life, Zhuzhu intentionally mentioned that Zou Linshi had contacts with Mrs.What she thought in her heart benefit of cbd gummy seemed benefit of cbd gummy to have been seen through by him a long time ago.Gu Mingzhu continued Bai Gongren also saw the dead Ah chan in the house.Maybe the person who pretended to be a ghost in Cui s house and in Yuan s house is the same person.Like the colored threads arranged on a loom, there is no clue to put them there, but they are carefully passed by the shuttle slowly, and soon a picture will appear in front of you.And now is the time when it will come out.The case between Taiyuan Mansion and Jingzhong was originally on the same line.The real Sun and Yuan Zhixing were closely related.They took advantage of Bai Gongren s guilt towards A diamond cbd gummies synthetic Chan to firmly hold Bai Gongren in their hands, and let Bai Gongren Ren blames Ah Chan s retribution for her leg injury.Bai Gongren was tortured deeply, but he was still full of guilt.Will never take the initiative to admit.Gu Mingzhu continued My lord, did Wu Zuo find a cbd bear gummies sold in gas stations wound in Aunt Zhen s mouth It was too dark in the room at the time, so she took a light to look carefully, and vaguely saw bloodstains on Aunt Zhen s face and corner of her mouth, but she was not sure where it was.Whether she was injured, or the blood splashed on her wrist, she couldn t destroy the corpse before the court officials came, so she quickly went to Bao er for questioning.Wei Yuanchen said There are scratches on the corners of Aunt Zhen s mouth and tongue The blood on her face and neck is from splashes Wu Zuo checked the quilt on Aunt Zhen s bed, and someone wiped Aunt Zhen s face with the quilt.left a bright red bloody handprint on the quilt.Gu Mingzhu listened to Master Wei s words So the person who wiped his face with the quilt was Aunt Zhen herself It s hard to compare other people s handprints But Aunt Zhen s wrist was Cut open, blood splashed everywhere When she used that hand to do something, benefit of cbd gummy it would definitely leave a very clear mark.Mrs.Dong was a little surprised Brother Geng left the city Haven t you come back yet The steward said No.Mrs.Dong murmured Brother Geng didn t say what to do Brother Geng was alone in the capital, with neither uncle nor sister in law around.This child would usually let us know when he did things.What s wrong this time Mrs.Dong As she spoke, she looked at Tan Dingfang, and saw Tan Dingfang s solemn expression, as if something important had happened, Mrs.Dong was startled, but she didn t think about it at all, so she could only call out Master, don t scare me, this Tan Ding calmed down slightly It s getting late, and I ll cbd gummies got me high send someone to find Brother Geng tomorrow.I hope nothing happens.Mrs.Dong knew that the master had something hidden in her heart and didn t say anything, but she didn t want to ask more questions.I asked someone to go to Tongzhou Wharf to inquire.The ship that transported the goods of the Gu family had handymen on board to help benefit of cbd gummy carry the goods.After arriving in Tongzhou , the handyman left without a trace, and he didn t even have time to ask the boss for his wages.Gu Chongyi s heart lit up So it may be that someone has tampered with it secretly.Wei Yuanchen said I have asked people to track down the Handyman.Gu Chongyi let out a long sigh of relief, before he could think of a solution, Wei Yuanchen found a way to start, and this junior of the Wei family is indeed very good.Chapter 351 Cooperating with Gu Chongyi to think about what Wei Yuanchen said, if someone has been staring at the lotus alley, then what happened to Tan Zigeng Was he wronged like Hehua Hutong Gu Chongyi put away the paper in his hand, Wei Yuanchen helped in this way, did he not forget his wife s life saving grace I don t know what the uncle and nephew are planning.At that moment, he also hesitated, for fear that he might make a mistake in his judgment, and Zhuzhu was afraid that he would have a knot in his heart.Although Zhuzhu s words were different from what he expected, it was also because she was worried about him.Wei Yuanchen nodded and walked back to the yard.Gu Mingzhu was about to go to see the rescued women with Liu Su, when he saw Mrs.Wei going back and forth, holding her fallen fence in his hand.Gu Mingzhu was stunned, so many things happened at once, she almost forgot to cover her face.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to pick up Mi Li, but Mr.Wei bypassed her hand, put Mi Li on her head, and carefully arranged the gauze on it.Wei Yuanchen bent down and said in a low voice Really Mo is here, you should wear it properly so that your identity won t be seen through.The Empress Dowager twisted the Buddhist beads wellbeing lab cbd gummies in her hand Whenever there is a disturbance in the court, the harem will inevitably be chaotic.The Ai family heard that the Ministry of Officials submitted a memorial, and there were many officials listed in the memorial.Most of these people are from the court.Since the time when these officials became officials, the Huaiwang Mansion and the Shen family lent them money to rent a mansion to support their families.The minister of the Ministry of Rites exposed Shen Guicheng, secretly forming benefit of cbd gummy a clique for personal gain, and lent him money Yes, the evidence is conclusive, the Shen family used family studies to support many children from poor families, and now these people are working for the Huai Palace.The Queen Mother said this, and where to buy natures boost cbd gummies sighed In the past, the emperor praised Shen Shoufu as a rare man in the Zhou Dynasty.Pei Shangqing stopped here, and the rest If it s down, he doesn t need to say it.After being checked by a trusted person, the queen knew that she might be pregnant with twins, so she used the excuse of the repeated death of her son in law to prevent other imperial doctors and Wen Po from investigating, and used the power of the queen to keep the child in her belly until the day of delivery.This conceals the truth of the twins.When the empress gave birth, she gave birth to a baby first, and started planning while everyone relaxed their vigilance.No matter how well prepared, that day was extremely dangerous, and if there was a slight mistake, the Queen s life would be lost.Sure enough, the first born princess gave everyone a heavy blow just after landing.If the empress had been cowardly for a moment, nothing in the future might have happened.Eldest Zhang raised his eyebrows Have you met the folks Qiu Haidao At the beginning, Master Shen Er refused to let Master Shen Er enter the door.Master Shen Er refused to walk outside the door what does cbd gummies do to your body and stood for a stick of incense, and then some people invited people in.However, when Master Shen Er came out, he was still downcast.The master and the steward of the Shen family said that people in the market are unwilling to accept this business.As expected, the elder Zhang said The imperial concubine and Huai Wang s mansion are in trouble, and no one wants to go through this muddy water, but still can t be careless, lest People in the market secretly investigate the case.Qiu Hai responded.Grand Master Zhang said Tomorrow my father will present the big picture of the warship to the imperial court.I hope the Ministry of War can adopt this picture and let the shipyard build some ships.If she had a bigger appetite, there would be no chicken left in the pot.In fact, she even left half a chicken for Nie Chen and the others.But on the second day, she felt that the food at home was not so delicious.Seeing this, her mother invited a doctor, so she had to excuse that she had eaten too much and accumulated food.She didn t eat too much at all, she just felt that Master Wei s cooking was better than that of the cook at home.If Master Wei didn t become an official and followed Master Wei to open a few restaurants, the business would be very good.It s a pity that Mr.Wei s status as a cook seems a little inferior.If Nie Chen and the others knew that Mr.Wei was the son of the current son, they might not dare to eat the chicken benefit of cbd gummy in that pot.Gu Mingzhu sat on the warm bed and opened the letter sent by Liu Su.Zou Lin Shi gradually closed his eyes and fell into a drowsy sleep.When Zou Xiang walked into the room and saw Zou Linshi sleeping peacefully, he was afraid of making a sound, so he stood aside and accompanied Zou Linshi for a while, and then walked out of the room with Gu Mingzhu.Miss, Zou Xiang said expectantly, My mother looks much better today, can she still be sick Gu Mingzhu shook her head, both Sun Langzhong and Mo Zhenzhen said that what a doctor fears most is The moment of helplessness.Zou Xiang s eyes turned red.Gu Mingzhu took Zou Xiang aside Brother Xiang, do you think my aunt is happy today Zou Xiang lowered his head and nodded.The girl s friendly voice reached his ears.My aunt has done what she promised to your biological mother.She is very happy, and she can go there safely without any burden in her heart.That battle caused heavy losses to the Wuliangha tribe, and Da Zhou was only one step away from capturing the leader of the Wuliangha tribe.In the past few years, the Wuliangha tribe has prospered and gradually become stronger.Wei Yuanchen suspected that those people had colluded with the Wuliangha tribe for a long time.If they borrowed the soldiers and horses of the Wuliangha tribe, the consequences would be disastrous.Thinking of this, Wei Yuanchen told Gu Mingzhu the information he found cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies Qiu Hai once helped the Shen family run a medicinal material shop, and often sent caravans to transport medicinal materials around.The most traveled business route was to go to Daning to collect ginseng.Gu Mingzhu said If it s medicinal materials, there won t be too many caravans and horses, and they won t be too frequent.In the final analysis, no matter how chaotic Dingning Hou Mansion is, Cui Zhen is still a handsome talent and will not ignore the overall situation.Go and see Brother Xiang Gu Chongyi said, Zou Lin s family has just happened in these two days, and Brother benefit of cbd gummy Xiang is sad, you go and comfort him, it is not easy for that child to experience so much at a young age.Cui Zhen responded, he also wanted to meet Cui Xiang when he came to Huaiyuan Hou Mansion this time.Cui Zhen walked out of the room and saw Gu Mingzhu outside, Zhuzhu was sitting on a chair looking through the accounts in her hand.Cui Zhen stopped in his tracks, and stood there quietly watching for a while, until Gu Mingzhu raised his eyes to meet his.Brother is leaving Gu Mingzhu said with a smile.Cui Zhen said Go to the garden to see Brother Xiang.As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a food box prepared beside him.Gu Mingzhu said Brother, take the food box by the way.There are soups and medicines for the family s aunt.Cui Zhen benefit of cbd gummy also thought about bringing something to Zou Xiang, but he knew in his heart that Zou Xiang would not want it.What s more, the current situation of Zou Xiang, the books to read and the things used by Gu s family are all benefit of cbd gummy available, and the armor and swords, guns, swords and halberds used by the ancestors in the residence of Marquis Dingning Zou Xiang are too young to be used at all, so he didn t take anything Right now, the food box that Zhuzhu prepared Cui Zhen didn t want to reach out to take it.Marquis Dingning had never done such a thing.He was wrong, but this was not his way of expressing his apology.He knew that he owed Yao Qing and Zou Xiang.Take this ship as an example.How many new ships can be built by using the old ships abandoned in the shipyard.I don t know how much military funds Tan Dingfang smuggled.The warships and the soldiers and horses raised for many years have to mobilize the army to suppress Before he finished speaking, Pei Shangqing coughed.Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand and gently patted Pei Shangqing s back Sir, don t worry, it s not too late to find out.It s also my fault, Pei Shangqing said, I didn t discover the clue earlier.Tan Dingfang hid too deeply.I know he It s not the concubine s party, and it s not related to the third and fifth princes.When he benefit of cbd gummy is really loyal to the emperor, I don t want him to hide evil intentions for others.Wei Yuanchen said Tan Dingfang s identity is not easy cbd gummies for stomach to be suspicious.This past will inevitably lose the reputation of the female relatives in the inner house.If someone mentions it, it will hurt the husband s face.It is like a stain on the gorgeous brocade.The better the husband treats her, the more she wants to cover it up She regretted that she was young and ignorant, and had acted impulsively and ignorantly.Thanks to meeting her cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies husband, he completely trusted her But she never thought that the Zhang family and the Zhang family knew all about it, because Yan Shen was going to investigate Only when they knew their secrets would they approach the Shen family, and hold the Shen family firmly in their hands through means such as getting married.She was so stupid, the one who gave up was the one who wanted to find out the truth and rescue the Shen family from the fire pit.Lin frowned, she was thinking about something Gu Mingzhu sat in the room waiting for news.Right now, King Liang should have received the news that it s time to start a war.According to the development of the situation, Lord Wei will definitely go to the northern border.Not only will he have to face Liang Wang s soldiers and horses, but he must also be careful of being schemed by the emperor.Lord Wei s trip will HCMUSSH benefit of cbd gummy definitely be dangerous.I don t know if I can see Mr.Wei before the expedition.I haven t seen him for a few days.At least I have to ask Mr.Wei how his preparations are going.Miss, Baotong said in a hurry, Master Wei is here.Gu Mingzhu stood up and remembered something Baotong, bring the things I prepared.She .

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thought that Master Wei was going to the northern Xinjiang tent Well, it will be a long time since their megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies benefit of cbd gummy farewell, and this time they have to talk more with Master Wei, so she made some preparations, and she did her best.Although he has to send some beef jerky every time, Baotong feels that he is still at a loss.Bao Tong heaved a sigh of relief when Master Wei came out of the house, the skinny monkey boy was finally going to follow, and he must not come benefit of cbd gummy again next time.Chujiu followed Wei Yuanchen out of the courtyard, and the master and servant rode forward.Chu Jiu feels that the third master is in a very good mood today.Should he take this opportunity to remind the third master to hurry up Miss Gu s girl smiles at him every day.He may have a better day.What he fears most now is that the third master will drag him down He, what if he is going to get married and the third master hasn t made Miss Gu happy Did he wrong himself Or wronged the third master Chu Jiu thought, he might not be able to sleep for several days because of this, and he didn t know if the five black chickens could have an answer to this question Gu Mingzhu changed her clothes to see her mother, and she also asked cbd gummies for sale in western mass her fibromyalgia cbd gummies servants to pack up her belongings and leave the small yard early tomorrow morning.Li came to her grandson s yard today because she was worried about this matter.Going to northern Xinjiang is very dangerous.She was hesitant to tell the truth about her life experience to this child, and her grandson had already thought of this, so Speak first.It didn t bother her at all.Mrs.Li wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief, and earnestly asked Do you know if you come back safely At that time, grandma will arrange the marriage for you, and your mother will be more than happy to hear the news.The two benefit of cbd gummy were talking, and Mu Qiu entered the door Report Third Master, there are people in the palace, and the emperor calls you into the palace.Wei Yuanchen sent Mrs.Li out of the house and went to change clothes.Mrs.Li was walking on the corridor when she saw Mrs.Yuan who was coming jeopardy host mayim bialik cbd gummies to meet her.Pass the lotus hutong, but the lotus hutong refuses to listen, and is still talking about the marriage with the Tan family.Now that Tan Dingfang is in the prison of Long Jinwei, the uncle of the Tan family will also be questioned by the court.Seeing such a situation in Hehua Hutong, he should not dare to associate with the Tan family anymore.I just don t know if the Tan family will play any tricks in the end.Fortunately, Cousin Feng is helping to watch over there, so she can feel a little more at ease.The lotus alley was indeed in a panic.What was supposed to be a great joy suddenly turned into a disaster.The old lady of the Gu family was terrified when she thought about it, and a little later, the two families benefit of cbd gummy changed their invitations and fixed the date of marriage.The old lady of the Gu family said Why don t people ask again, is it Long Jinwei Gu Chongwen looked horrified, wiped the cold sweat from his brow, and said, I saw it with my own eyes.Red up What should my sister Wan do When they first got the news, they didn t dare to tell Sister Wan.The master had found out the exact news, and now it s time to disclose it to Sister Wan, so that Sister Wan will also die.The idea of marrying the Tan family.Meng Shi thought about getting up and going to see Sister Wan, at this moment the mother in charge came to report Madam, the eldest lady is gone, she may have taken the servant girl out through the back door.Meng Shi felt dizzy when she heard this, Sister Wan will not go out to find the Tan family uncle, right This child, Meng Shi didn t know what to say, because she was spoiled by her, Hurry up and get someone to chase him If there is another mistake, she will not be able to live.Chapter 468 It s Not Easy Feng Anping stared at the back door of Gu s family in Hehua Hutong.Gu Mingzhu turned her head and saw Wei Yuanchen.Master Wei rode his horse up to him, Gu Mingzhu s eyes trembled slightly.Wei Yuanchen got off his horse, the armor collided together and made a crisp sound, and then he came in front of her.The four eyes are facing each other.Gu Mingzhu just remembered to jump off the horse, but she didn t move yet, she just felt a tight waist, and then she slid into benefit of cbd gummy an embrace.The armor was cold, but it made her feel very at ease.Time was running out, so she was eager to speak.My lord, Gu Mingzhu said, the battlefield is dangerous, so be careful.Okay.It s cold in northern Xinjiang, remember to add clothes.Okay.The girl touched her waist and found that there was nothing to give away.He took out a candied fruit from his purse My lord, eat a candied fruit Stuffing the candied fruit into Mrs.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Zhou Zesheng said But I don t know if what he said is true or not Gu Mingzhu had already thought of several details, she turned around and walked to a secluded place, and asked Chu Jiu to stand by, before whispering to Zhou Zesheng Zhou Zerui said that she saw her mother draw out the dagger and hold it in her hand, but Master Feng just asked Tian Mom, Tian s mother said that she found a dagger under the cabinet in the corner.If the mother hanged herself, she should have put the dagger away.The dagger fell in the corner, and it seemed to be taken off her hand suddenly.When the mother died, her shoes and socks were not put on properly.Even if mother is going to die, she must at least tidy up her clothes.And Before Zhou Zerui said this, Wenpo asked Tian s mother, Tian s mother specially looked at it when she was changing her mother s dress, and Zhou Zerui probably didn t succeed.It was said that she committed suicide, but because of her negligence, the concubine Defei was grounded, and she couldn t get over that hurdle.She left a letter and jumped into the well.When the concubine Defei heard the news, she fainted.Concubine De concubine checked her pulse and asked the internal officer to send some things over.Now Concubine De has no one available.Concubine Jiang sneered Do you think Concubine De is frustrated Silence.Ning Nv, who was standing beside Concubine Jiang, was startled.Concubine Jiang said In the past, my palace underestimated her, but now I can see it more clearly than anyone else.The emperor sends King Su to the Hall of Mental Cultivation every day.If there is no accident, when the war in northern Xinjiang subsides, the emperor will immediately King Su is now the crown prince.Lady Ning looked at the indifferent Concubine Jiang Is that what you plan to do Concubine Jiang said The right time, place and people are indispensable.Right now is not the time for us to plan, butwe can help.Ning The female wellbeing lab cbd gummies thc cbd cbn gummies officer did not understand.Concubine Jiang said Concubine De has a secret, otherwise she wouldn t be in such a hurry to get someone to investigate Yongchun Palace and the Cao family outside the palace to find out what s going on In case she can help with Concubine De s case Find a clue So why not do it When Concubine Jiang Guifei said this, her voice changed at any time She has been hiding in the dark and plotting against me for so long, now it s my turn.Even if she didn t get the result she wanted most, she would pay for what she wanted, and she won t lose In an inconspicuous room in Kunning Palace.When he took the imperial examination, he thought that he could win the first prize just like his elder brother.I got 12 places in the top three, and my second elder brother was frustrated in the imperial examination.Even the concubine did not dare to take the exam, insisting that he was sick.I saw with my own eyes that my second elder brother got wet and stood in the yard at night, so he would naturally get sick.In fact, my second brother was afraid that he would not be able to rely on a good person, so he arranged this event.My eldest brother was kept in the dark and worried about his second brother.This incident can show my second brother s character.If If there are any secrets in my family, 500mg cbd gummies review my second brother must know, and he has contributed a lot to the sister in law matter Zhou Zerui became more and more excited, as if benefit of cbd gummy wishing .

does cbd gummies help with type 2 diabetes?

that Feng Anping would arrest Zhou Zejing immediately and be tortured.Zhou Rujun is so innocent, she lost her life just because of her marriage contract with him, but he has always hated that Zhou family from the bottom of his heart, and felt that burying her in the Cui family s ancestral grave gave her enough face.There is actually no difference between her mother and Cui Wei.No wonder Wei Yuanchen wanted to take his and Cui Wei s lives.Cui Zhen thought of Zou Xiang s eyes when he looked at him, full of hatred and disgust, he planted the cause first, and then got the result.The Cui family and him can have today, in addition to Cui Wei and Liang Wang s plan, he is also the chief culprit.Cui benefit of cbd gummy Zhen was about to put away the letter, but saw Long Jinwei Qianhu next to him cast his gaze at him.The emperor sent Long Jinwei Qianhu to follow him back to Datong, saying it was to help him stabilize the situation in Datong, but in fact he had suspicions about him.The rebels were thrown into disarray, and people began to rush out from both sides of the valley.The rebels had been suppressed by Cui Zhen before, but now they were defeated and fled.During the chaotic battle, Cui Wei saw Cui Zhen approaching him step by step.The lieutenant beside him was beheaded by Cui Zhen, blood splashed on Cui Wei s face, Cui Wei s lips trembled, and his eyes were fixed on Cui Zhen.Cui Big Big brother Cui Wei s voice began to tremble, For the sake of brotherhood, let me live Big brother Cui Zhen got off his horse a long time ago, holding an iron gun Keep going.Brother, Cui Wei said, I know I m wrong.I m also doing it for the Cui family.The emperor suppresses nobles.I m afraid that one day we will have disasters.Clinging to the king of Liang is also a way out.There must be someone to inherit the Cui family.National prestige.Every word resounded.One benefit of cbd gummy hillstone cbd gummies where to buy sentence made the hairs of King Su and the others stand on end.After the queen finished speaking, the female officer beside her handed over the bow and arrow.Empress Wei s clothes stretched out, she set her arrow and drew her bow in an instant, the bowstring buzzed and the arrow pierced through the air, and shot straight at King Su.At this moment, Empress Wei stood there full of heroic spirit.Everyone seems to be remembering who this queen is.She once galloped the battlefield with the emperor, and she once helped the emperor stabilize the situation in the new dynasty.She was once the most suitable empress candidate in the hearts of the first emperor and empress dowager.But now, King Liang rebelled, and the frontiers were full of chaos.She was also able to stabilize everything and return the people to a stable and stable week.Li Tai said with a smile.Said, I believe there is nothing that cannot be solved, just because we have the same thoughts, we want two children to be good, and if they are good, our two families will be good.I have married a daughter, and I know the bitterness of the journey.As a mother, my heart is cut like a knife, this is still a trivial matter, and the feeling of being unable to sleep at night is the real torment, but even so, it can t change the situation of my daughter, so I will naturally be more cautious when choosing a son in law.Mrs.Li said and looked at Mrs.Lin deeply Don t worry, if Zhuzhu gets married, I dare not say that she will not be wronged, and there may be disputes between brothers.There is still a long way for them to go.There will be unresolved knots.I am old, and I may not see it one day.Liang Wang Yingwu and Renshan secretly control Liaodong, and they can make Wu Liangha willing to serve him.If they can make great contributions when King Liang ascended the throne, benefit of cbd gummy they will be able to get more care in the future.King Liang promised to hand over the fifteen cities of Liaodong to the Li family.In the future, King Liang will help him and his descendants succeed to the throne.Secure the throne.It s worth the risk to get these.Li Zhao thought about closing his eyes and slowly falling asleep.After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Li Zhao felt a biting chill enveloped him.He moved uncomfortably.The cold feeling became more and more obvious, especially on his neck, which was cold and itchy No, it was painful, as if he are wyld cbd gummies safe had been cut by something.Li Zhao stretched out his hand to touch his neck, and what his fingertips touched seemed to be something similar to iron.Zhou Zesheng finally said Miss Yan s family is very good.Zhou Zesheng admired Miss Yan very much.She is straightforward and very filial, and these alone make her a good match.Old General Yan has always been kind to him, but he never thought that in the matter of getting married, Mr.Wei might be among them.Feeling peaks cbd gummies cannasour cup being stared at by the two dolls, Zhou Zesheng swallowed.He is an elder after all, and the younger generation should worry about his marriage.Just now he told others, but now the feng shui took turns and came to him.Gu Mingzhu said Then we also congratulate Uncle Qi.Unexpectedly, Uncle Qi s happy event came so soon.Zhou Zesheng drank the wine in his hand, and his cheeks turned red.Several people talked for a while.Zhou Zesheng looked out of the window Ms.Zhou owes a lot of money to the family.Tuesday is resentful and has no conscience.She has taken care of her natal family all these years.Before that, her brother and sister in law mentioned Ruyue s marriage again and again, and persuaded her that it would be most appropriate to marry Ruyue back to her natal family.Everything is a family.What about now Where did they go Mother, Zhou Ruyue, who was usually very calm, also began to panic, What will the court do with us benefit of cbd gummy hillstone cbd gummies where to buy The wife shook her head on Tuesday, and the master would not survive.According to the usual practice, the family members of offenders will either be executed together or sent to the Jiaofang Division., It depends on the meaning of the emperor.Don t go to bed soon, you have to get up early every morning to do your work, Mrs.Tuesday and Zhou Ruyue were in a daze, and the woman in charge of the female family members wellbeing lab cbd gummies thc cbd cbn gummies said coldly, It s a good time for you, the rules may have to be changed, and the female family members of offenders don t have to Join the Jiaofang Division, but people like you don t want to live a better life.So few people know, it can be seen that Miss Gu cares about this identity very much.If Miss Gu doesn t tell them, they might not think of it.Zhu Wu hurriedly said Miss, don t worry, I found out today, and I will never tell it.At any time, as long as the eldest lady doesn t nod, he won t confide a word, including Lu Guang.Gu Mingzhu nodded I trust you.Now that he knew everything and called his adoptive father for so long, Zhu Wu coughed and cleared his throat From now on, can I pay my respects to the young lady often A person like Miss is much more powerful than cbd gummies for menstrual cramps benefit of cbd gummy Nie Chen, and there are people in the market who are in benefit of cbd gummy charge of Miss, so he feels a lot more at ease.Gu Mingzhu said Of course, I have cooked mutton with you and fifth brother, and eaten the flat food made by fifth brother.Doesn t fifth brother still want to improve the mechanism on the firearm I drew a new picture, five Brother, let s take a look.Cui Zhen sat beside Mrs.Lin Tai with a bowl of corn porridge.Mrs.Lin Tai on the bed trembled slightly, as if trying to suppress her anger.When Cui Zhen pressed the spoon to her mouth, Mrs.Lin suddenly took out her arm from the quilt and stabbed Cui Zhen with a hairpin.The last time Mrs.Lin Tai wanted to kill Cui Zhen in Taiyuan Mansion, this is the second time she attacked the eldest son.Cui Zhen stretched out his hand to hold Mrs.Lin s arm, and said in a cold voice, Mother still has something to eat.The hairpin slipped from Mrs.Lin s hand and fell to the ground.Chapter 545 The late Mrs.Lin Tai failed to stab Cui Zhen, and the hatred in her eyes became more intense.She said angrily, Why don t you die Mrs.Lin Tai thought about Cui Wei and her younger brother, and she didn t know where the strength came from.The Luo family and the Zhang family had a close relationship in private.It was only later that she learned that her father and brother and the Luo family had cbd gummies for anxiety near me wellbeing lab cbd gummies long served King Liang.Marry into Luo s house.The anxiety depression anxiety cbd gummies uncle of the Luo family entrusted her to take care of his Zhuangzi, and he trusted her so much before he got married, which shows that he takes her seriously.While she was quietly making plans for her future, Uncle Luo was killed by Cui Zhen.The Luo family was working for the King of Liang, cooperating with Lin Sizhen to secretly buy and sell war horses, and provoked a war at a critical moment.If Cui Zhen lost the battle because of this, he would give up the Datong Guard.Unexpectedly, Cui Zhen found out the clues.Cui Zhen not only defeated the Tatars, but also found out that the Luo family had secretly communicated with the Tatars.Sun, thank you for benefit of cbd gummy taking care of Zhuo Jing in prison a few years ago.Sun Langzhong was a little surprised by Cui Zhen s attitude, originally he wanted to ridicule Ding Ninghou, but now he didn t know what to say, his eyes fell on Cui Zhen s face, and his brows furrowed even tighter.Sun Langzhong hesitated to speak several times, and finally couldn t help saying Mr.Cui is seriously ill, how can he die If you delay like this, you will die soon.Cui Zhen Master Hou Before Cui Zhen could speak, Lang Zhong shook his head, Come in If he hadn t met top rated cbd gummies at has stations Zhuzhu and knew that Rujun was not dead, he would never have thought of watching for Cui Zhen.Symptoms, at most, remind him.Cui Zhen did not refuse, and walked into the yard with Sun Langzhong.The folks in the yard were doing their own thing, except for the steward who helped Sun Langzhong to treat the guests, no one came to bother him.Running along the promenade to the backyard, it was not a long distance, but he was out of breath because he ran too fast, when did his body become so weak Brother Zhen.A voice came from behind, Cui Zhen turned his head and saw his megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies benefit of cbd gummy mother.Mother was wearing a taupe colored dress megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies benefit of cbd gummy with a bun, wellbeing lab cbd gummies thc cbd cbn gummies looking radiant.Cui Zhen couldn t help but stood there in a daze.Brother cbd gummies for menstrual cramps benefit of cbd gummy Zhen, said mother with a worried look on her face, If you are sick, you should take a good rest.Don t practice guns today.Your body is more important than anything else.Cui Zhen still benefit of cbd gummy looked at his mother, not knowing what to say.His mother s hand stroked his forehead, and benefit of cbd gummy his whats the difference between cbd gummies and hemp gummies mother s hand was so soft.Look, it s still hot, go back and rest.Cui Zhen didn t move.You child, why are you so stubborn.The mother took his hand and was about to walk back.This time I didn t think of the dang dang sound of the iron ring hitting, everything was real.Wang Jing, Cui Zhen ordered, tell Zhou Zesheng that I promise to move Miss Zhou out of Cui s ancestral grave, but I will personally carry the coffin back to Zhou s family after I recover from illness.Wang Jing responded.Cui Zhen closed his eyes.Rather than staying in Cui s house, Miss Zhou wanted to go back to her parents.The honors and offerings he thought about in the past were just wishful thinking.After this time, he finally figured it out., rather than wronging Miss Zhou, he would rather do what she wants.Even so, it s a big deal.Think about Zhou Rujun in his dream, he has never seen Zhou Rujun before, why can he dream of her appearance Perhaps it was to crown and wear the woman he had seen before On the tenth day of September, Dingning Hou Cui Zhen and his eldest son Cui Xiang sent Zhou Rujun s coffin to the Zhou clan.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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