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It is necessary to establish public security patrol work registers, temporary population registers, community police work logs, and the Five Books and One Volume of the Municipal Bureau and other ledgers.I have to go to the office for a meeting on Monday morning, and I have to go to the office for a 24 hour shift every week.It is impossible to take turns to be on duty like them.There is no police situation at night, you can lean on the chair or lie on the best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep desk to doze off, Lao Xu thinks this arrangement is good, he said with a smile It s okay, I ll go back first, and I will take over at 8 o clock in the evening.Wait a minute.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Xu Hongliang said again Old Xu, do you think this place can live in It s so hot that there s not even an electric fan.You and Chaoyang stare here first, and I ll go back cbd gummies baton rouge la cbd relax gummies and get two electric fans.Police from the Huayuan Police Station, if there is a problem, solve the problem, what are you doing, if you do this, you are obstructing official duties.Three policemen came all at once, some from the Forest Public Security Bureau, and some from the Huayuan Street Police Station.It was an accident to cbd gummies have melatonin run away to someone s house today, and I didn t bite or hurt anyone.But it what is the best cbd gummies brand scares people, Aunt Wang has a heart attack, if it wasn best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep t for the quick acting heart resisting pills at the owner s downstairs, something serious would happen Isn t Han Chaoyang A person who likes to put on cbd gummies baton rouge la cbd relax gummies airs, the reason why he is so strict is that today s incident is really outrageous.While motioning her to sit down, he said coldly Besides, there are children who were scared to cry.It s not to scare you.This incident It will really create a psychological shadow on the child.The director, was later transferred to the street to help out, and later assigned to the neighborhood committee, with rich work experience, these relationships can definitely be straightened out.Lao Jin is quite powerful, otherwise he would have thought of taking this opportunity to recruit other people s security team Old Xu was still unsatisfied, lit a cigarette, babbled, and looked forward to the future of the police department.Han Chaoyang didn t want to be out of touch with the world like Wu Wei, so he clicked on WeChat Moments first, and liked the friends who posted today in Moments one by one, and checked WeChat messages when he was done.I don t know if I don t look at it, but I m startled when I see it.In just a few hours, there were actually six private chat messages.The first one is from the senior brother, saying that his girlfriend is leaving tomorrow afternoon, and asked if he has time to have a meal together at noon tomorrow.Don t you always complain that the comprehensive law enforcement force is not enough When investigating and punishing those that affect the city s appearance and environmental sanitation, operating without a license, occupying roads at night for barbecues, and illegal construction, they can definitely be allowed to participate as coordinators.There are thousands of threads on the top, and a needle on the bottom.In the past, when the masses encountered someone in the community who set up a private lock, who would control it Who should I contact to best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep cbd gummy for sleep report illegal operations of black clinics and Internet cafes When someone finds someone stealing groundwater, who to report and other similar issues will be very tangled.I don t know which department to contact, and no department seems willing to take care of it.The police are human beings, they also have families, and they also have to sarah ́s blessing cbd fruit gummies live.Zhang Beibei was very moved, and said with tears in his eyes, Thank you Officer Han, I will not be polite to you if you are poor and short sighted.I will pay you back the money with interest when I get the compensation.Sixty first Chapter small policeman, great achievements Five hundred Comrade policeman, did you make a mistake How could you be fined so much If the house lessor rents out the house to a person without an ID card, or fails to register the name of the lessee, the type and number of the ID card according to the regulations, a fine of not less than 200 yuan but not more than 500 yuan will be imposed.Knowing that this time, he will be fined., I didn t expect to be fined so much.The villagers who were being dealt with were in a hurry and were about to open their mouths to argue.Sister, why are you here when you have time Han Chaoyang was also surprised, carefully put the piano into the case, leaned over and turned off the speaker.Stop by.It s best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep rare that you can remember me and drop by to see me.Have you eaten No, but I m not hungry now.A colleague bought a fourteen pound watermelon this afternoon, and I ate half of it by myself.Excellent Music can relieve troubles and cultivate people s sentiments, and beautiful women can also make people happy.Han Zhaoyang pulled the chair that was used as a bedside table and sat opposite her, giving him a thumbs up without hesitation.Since you can laugh, it should be fine.Huang Ying felt that Director Su was a little unfounded, and while looking through Zijier s things as if he were an outsider, she giggled and said, Officer Han, you are really versatile, and you are really good at playing the violin If I had you Talent, immediately resign and go home to start a live broadcast.Han Chaoyang weighed it up, and said lightly Insurance is a good thing, but it should be sold to those who need it.I don t have time tonight.Tomorrow night, we will go to Yanhe Park like them and set up two tables for the old HCMUSSH best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep man and the old lady.Let us talk about their usual routines, strengthen the old people s awareness of prevention, and avoid being rockstar cbd infused sour gummies deceived.Strictly speaking, they are not breaking the law.Will doing so offend people We are doing the job of offending people, first Promote insurance, and then publicize telecommunications fraud, health care product fraud, etc., and ask Hongliang to go to the office tomorrow morning to find some promotional materials in this area.Let s see which crook can cheat the hard earned money and life saving money of the people in the jurisdiction of our police office.

Under cbd gummies wyld best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep the bus stop sign.The young man sitting in the co pilot pushed the door again and got out of the car.He ran to the entrance of the police room and saw a female assistant in a uniform with the word Special Service and a male assistant in the same uniform with the word Secret Service sitting at the desk.By the side, I couldn t help but opened the glass door and asked, Which unit do you belong to Is there any police in the police room Hello, we are the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community.There are policemen in our police station.Officer Han is doing publicity in Yanhe Park.What can I do Body camera on the shoulder.Volunteer security patrol, never heard of it.It s quite formal, and there are law enforcement recorders.The young man neither showed his ID to identify himself nor said anything.Like Liu Jianye, Guan Yuanyuan didn t want to talk to Han Chaoyang any more.He kept guarding at the north gate with a few policemen, pulling the door in from time to time to help maintain order.Seeing Han Chaoyang running over in a hurry, he subconsciously asked, What s the matter, why are you so flustered Pingtou Road goes towards Xinmin South Road, which is under the jurisdiction of Lao Cao cbd per gummy Am I mistaken, you, a policeman stationed in the Chaoyang Police Office, are actually in charge of Xinmin South Road Guan Yuanyuan felt a little absurd, but thought best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep that this was a clue after all, and he reported it immediately and did not take a few patrol members directly.He turned around and said, Smart, I ll keep an eye on it here, you take a few people to have a look.Yes After Guan Yuanyuan gave the order, he opened the glass door and walked into the bustling lobby of the furniture store.After eating and working, I found the warehouse rented by the construction team.The entrance is full of construction water pumps and pipes, dirty battery cars are parked, the warehouse door is open, and the lights are on inside.A dozen migrant workers are sleeping soundly on the floor.The cbd gummies and testosterone smell of sweat, foot odor and mosquito coils are mixed together., very pungent, very smelly.Guan Xiyuan put away the flashlight and patted the wooden table Get up, the police station will check your ID card Hurry up, don t fall asleep.Who is in charge, and who is in charge here Gu Changsheng, Xiao Wu and other team members followed in, kicking the migrant workers feet one by one to wake them up.Han Chaoyang didn t follow up with the why are cbd gummies so expensive warehouse, but focused on a red electric do cbd gummies work best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep car parked by the door.It was not only brand new, but also a best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep red, women s pedal, using a lithium battery.Six photos will be attached and sent to WeChat Moments, Weibo and all WeChat groups first.After reposting everything on her side, after thinking about it, she picked up her mother s phone and started reposting.One stone stirs up a thousand waves Director Wang, who failed to rehearse at night, best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep was sitting in front of the TV playing with do cbd gummies work best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep his mobile phone.Just now, I wondered what Aunt Mi wanted Xiao Han s photos for.I clicked on the News that Li Yun had just forwarded to the group, and I was immediately happy to see it.I forwarded it to Moments first, and then forwarded it to all WeChat groups.After forwarding it, I started making frequent calls.Old Lei, my old king, look at WeChat, look at the WeChat I just sent you, Xiao Han is on the news, and there is me in the second photo Can there be any Xiao Han, Han Chaoyang, hurry up , read the repost.I wanted to call the police, but a few friends of mine suddenly came to the door, only to find out that he borrowed more than 100,000 yuan behind my back Whether he is a real policeman aside, it is true that I married him, I don t know who else he borrowed money from outside, I dare not delay any longer, so I dragged him to divorce.It must be a fake policeman Gu Guoli and Han Chaoyang looked at each other, and asked, If you want to leave, will he agree to leave I told him very clearly, if you don t leave, call the police.Did you pay back the hundreds of thousands best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep he lent to your friend Repaid, he paid it back, I called more than a dozen friends, if he doesn t pay back the money, I will call the police and send him to the Public Security Bureau. Where s your 300,000 yuan Tao Hui hesitated for a moment, wiped away her tears and said anxiously I paid it back, but I didn t pay it all back, so I was cheated by him for 40,000 to 50,000 yuan.Liu Suo and the trainer agreed, and decided to bring Yangguan Village into the jurisdiction of our police office from tomorrow.I will retire in a few months, and the work mainly depends on you.Starting tomorrow, you will be both a community policeman in Chaoyang Community and a community policeman in Yangguan Village.Chaoyang Community alone is extremely busy, and Yangguan Village will be too busy to eat, and Yangguan Village has just There is a murder In the past, Han Chaoyang would definitely be full of opinions.But now is not the past, Yanyang s most handsome policeman must have the appearance of Yanyang s most handsome policeman , and after this period of training, he has some experience in being a film policeman.More importantly, even if Yangguan Village is included, the area under the jurisdiction of the police is not too large compared to other communities, and the population of the area under its jurisdiction is not too large, which can be reflected when compared with the seniors.

He stopped and said with a smile, No hurry, we ll wait here.You can go and pick it up.Doing homework on his desk was painful, and Chen Jie was criticizing him with a face full of hatred.The handwriting is crooked, and I don t know how many times I have erased it with an eraser on the exercise book.Some places are scratched, and I make a wrong question and a wrong question.No matter how good tempered a person is, I can t stand it.Han Zhaoyang thinks it s a little funny, pat He shouldered I ll do it at night if I haven t finished it.Clean it up and go to dinner with me.Do you want to do it tonight If you don t do it at night, when do you plan to do it The little fat man packed up the stationery and muttered Summer vacation is long, you can do it tomorrow, and you can do it the day after tomorrow.We don t care whether the dormitory beds can be rented out or not, but as long as you live in the school, you need to register, especially those who have graduated.certificate.Okay, I ll come after the meeting tomorrow.Tang Xiaoxuan felt that the handsome policeman was just looking for trouble, so she couldn t help saying, This is not good, he just graduated, and the rent in the urban area is so expensive, and the rent in the suburbs is not cheap.If you only have a salary of three or four thousand a month, the rent is a big expense, and living in school is just to save best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep money, and driving people away doesn t make them spend more money. We didn t think about driving anyone away, we just want them to go Do foreign population registration.What s the difference between driving people away, Han Chaoyang, do you have sympathy Xiao Tang, it s not a matter of sympathy, it s a very serious management of foreign population.The house has not been demolished, and it will take two years at the fastest to wait for the relocation house to be capped, and if the house price rises again within two years , the villagers are likely to go back on their word, and Su Xian also felt that this idea was unreliable, so she smiled embarrassingly That s what I said, buying a house should be carefully considered.Well, I will discuss it with my mother tomorrow..Chaoyang, Liusuo approved the leave.You asked for two days, and Liusuo approved it for four days.It s important to buy a house.I want you to accompany your mother to look at the house wholeheartedly.Gu Guoli put down his phone and added with a smile Liusuo also asked me Let me tell you, don t make any other arrangements tomorrow afternoon, let us accompany your mother to visit the institute, and in the evening we will greet your mother at the Garden Restaurant.It seems that it is not just for tire repair and replacement, but also repairs minor problems.Officer Han, Hong Liang, I ve just arrived too, please come in.There are no police officers in the police office, not even auxiliary police officers.Cheng Xinhui, a community grid member, works in the police office, and greets people warmly when he sees them.The grid member mainly assists the community police.He knows Han Chaoyang, and Han Chaoyang knows him as well.He walked into the police room and asked with a smile, Xinhui, is the party secretary there The village party secretary of Sunshine Village and the village party secretary of Chaoyang Village Not only is do cbd gummies work best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep he not from the village but also a civil servant.The party branch secretary of this village is also a part timer and has a job in the street.After thanking Grandpa Gu, I would like to thank Director Su.There are no local specialties in my hometown.Poor parents in the world.Both Grandpa Gu and Director Su have children, and they can understand her mood at this moment.They both admire her as a female teacher from the countryside.They helped her HCMUSSH best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep settle down and took her to Boss Deng s restaurant for dinner.Motion sickness, the preparations are all light.The thread in the hand of the loving mother, the clothes on the body of the wanderer.Before leaving, the seams are dense, and the intention may be delayed.Whoever says that the heart of an inch of grass will be rewarded with three springs Chaoyang, your parents really have nothing to say about you, you must be filial to your parents in the future Before her son could speak, Ma Fengying put down her chopsticks and said with a smile Director Su, it s not that I praised my Chaoyang family.They should know about it, but they must keep it secret during the investigation of the case.Let alone me, our director and instructor probably don t know about it. Keep it secret, hey, I hope they solve the case soon, anyway, it s two lives, and the child is only five years old.The village cadres know more than they do, but they ve already said everything they know.It s meaningless to ask again.Han Chaoyang simply changed the subject Cui Village Chief, the street has a subsidy fund for the management of floating population in the community.Those above 5,000 can receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan.Why don t we in Yangguan Village apply I know about this subsidy.The branch secretary mentioned it before.The main reason is that the money is too little and it is troublesome to apply for it. If it s troublesome, it s more troublesome.

On the way to the Physical Evidence Identification Center.Okay, pay attention to safety on the road, He Zhi has coordinated, and the technical brigade will help us prioritize the inspection and comparison.As soon as Xi Hongbo finished speaking, Deputy Director Feng walked in and asked Hongbo, the acquisition How many have you arrived I just collected Gao Junfei s daughter, and Xiaomao s group should have arrived at Chen Yafei s parents home.Since there is a possibility of drug involvement, it can t just be used as a homicide investigation, Bureau Feng is calling Vice captain He handed over a cigarette, sat down and said, I hope that kid is not do cbd gummies work best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep at home, and I hope that kid hasn t gone far.There s news from the intelligence side.Vice captain He put down cbd gummies wyld best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep his phone, flipped through the text message he had just received, and said, They found the flight records of Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing.Han Chaoyang also took the time to make a call, and as soon as he got through, he said eagerly Master, I m Chaoyang, and I m at the Bishui New City project site His apprentice became someone else s apprentice overnight.What to say.Yang Tao was in an embarrassing situation during this period, especially after The Most Handsome Policeman became popular, he would hide whenever his colleagues mentioned where do you get cbd gummy bears Han Chaoyang.He didn t expect that Han Chaoyang would call him, let alone that Han Chaoyang still called him Master.The public security system, especially the grassroots police teams, has a strange phenomenon in the eyes of outsiders.As long as there are people, there will be conflicts.The police station is also impossible to be an exception.When encountering problems, we will always be consistent with the outside world, and we are very united Human life is at stake, saving people is the most important thing.After saying this, I suddenly felt that Qiao Xianhong didn t hide very far at all.He should have been hiding in Yanyang, maybe near his house, but he hid better and was not seen best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep by acquaintances.That s all. It s possible.Just as he was speaking, another large car slowly drove into the parking lot.The driver jumped out of the car and walked around the car, checking the tires and checking whether the ropes that tied the goods were loose.The co pilot s door also opened, and a woman best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep came down, said a few words to the driver, and went straight healing hemp cbd gummies for ed cbd gummies baton rouge la to the toilet with toilet paper.This is the nearest parking lot to the departure area on the national highway, and the people who come in are mainly large trucks and passengers.The drug trade is worth several million, and it is a cash transaction.The possibility of drug dealers taking a large amount of drugs in a bus to deliver the goods is very small, and the possibility of driving a small car to trade is also very small.I don t worry about your work.Why did Director Wang and the others rehearse every day, just to perform on stage They must be very happy to know this news.Han Chaoyang was about to call the old factory manager of Factory 527, when the police phone rang, and this time best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep it was the officer Feng of the Political Department of the sub bureau who called.Han Chaoyang, my political department is Feng Haijun, do you remember me Remember, Director Feng, what instructions do you have There is a task, Director Wen told you, don t you study music, it will be August 1st soon On the Army Day, the district will best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep hold a mass song Military and Civilian Fish and Water to commemorate the 88th anniversary of the Chinese People s Liberation Army.It will show the history of the founding of the Chinese People s Liberation Army with the artistic technique of singing, and present a tribute to the 88th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People s Liberation Army.They didn t need to judge, and cbd gummies baton rouge la cbd relax gummies they didn t need them to smooth things over.Director Gao, Brother Huang, Sister Gao, I should have said everything just now.Our family only has this condition, and there is only one child like Chaoyang.As parents, we will fulfill our obligations as parents.Yingying is also an only child.Family planning is strictly enforced, and everyone like us is one family.Not to mention in Yanyang, our children in Qingshan are two families when it comes to marriage. It reviews for cbd gummies without thc s all like this, but now that the population is aging, the policy It has already been released, if Chaoyang and Yingying get married, they can have two children in the future Yes, now they can have two children, and the country encourages them, Teacher Ma couldn t understand Gao Yueqing s implication, and looked at her son and Zhun with a smile.As a result, when he wana cbd thc 1 1 gummies review went downstairs, Qiao Xianhong went, found the key, opened the door, and stole the money he hid in the bathroom.It s really man made money, dead birds for food, but that s more than one million cash, who can resist such a big temptation Han Chaoyang thought about it and asked again Why did Qiao Xianhong think of going downstairs Qiao Xianhong is dead, we can t ask about the body, but according to donde venden cbd gummies Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing, when they tortured Qiao Xianhong, Qiao Xianhong said he was I want to go in and see if there is any decoration.If there is no decoration, I will go for business.If it is renovated, I will look at the decoration style.As for how to know that there is a key in the fire box, it is similar to what you and Team He said.He just opens it habitually.Chapter 181 General Goal Qiao Xianhong is dead, and Zhang Qiuyan is also dead.

The most urgent task is to bring the suspect back before dawn, so that the city bureau cannot have any opinion on the county bureau.He hung up the deputy s phone, dialed Zhou Ju s mobile best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep phone immediately, and said with self deprecating Zhou Ju, I m Hang Yihui, I m incompetent as the bureau chief, I didn t lead the team well, and my subordinates didn t live up to expectations.I m making you laugh.Lao Hang, don t say that, the old horse still stumbles.Besides, you just found out that the person died after being sent to the hospital.This is not a concealment, and the superior will not pursue your responsibility.Now the superior will not hold me accountable, but if you want to see someone from me make a joke and keep the suspect from handing over, it s hard to say whether you will be held accountable by the superior.Instead, letting so many security guards toss all night will inevitably affect the work of the security company today and tomorrow.They must go back to say hello to Director Su and Lao Jin, and ask Lao Jin and Xiao Zhong to reschedule a new shift.Director Su didn t say anything, Lao Jin naturally wouldn best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep cbd gummy for sleep t say anything, not to mention that four suspects involved in a murder case were captured at night.After arranging everything, I rushed to the breakfast shop.Many people had already finished eating, and a few people couldn t bear it anymore and fell asleep in the car.Some lay on the back of the front seat, some leaned on the shoulders of colleagues, and some snored.Like thunder, some even drooled, and their sleeping looks were more funny than the other.Chaoyang, you eat with Liu Suo and the trainer, I ll go back to the police office first.Can the disease be cured What did the doctor say He really asked Dr.Cao just now, and Han Chaoyang sighed softly, I asked Miss Lu at the beginning, and Miss Lu said that three or four hundred thousand should be enough, and then I asked the doctor.I don t know how much money to spend, I don t know if the little guy will get infected, and I don t know if the little guy will have any complications, anyway, judging from the current situation, 400,000 yuan is definitely not enough. How much will it cost According to one million, if the money for the cure is not used up in the future, it will be returned to the kind hearted people who donated in proportion.As long as the money can be raised, it will be cured I asked, this person dare not guarantee it People say that as long as the type of chronic myelogenous leukemia can be matched, as long as bone marrow transplantation is done, the cure rate is very high, but the premise is that the type can be matched.The best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep heady harvest cbd gummy bears scene at the door of the room cut her heart like a knife, and she never wanted the child to leave her, no matter what happened.She was very firm.If she didn t go back, Wan Xin would naturally not go to rest.This is not going to work, Dr.Cao weighed it up, stared into her eyes and asked Xiaoxia, are you sure you want to be with the child , but once you get in, you can t just come out.It doesn t matter, as long as I can be with Binbin, I can do whatever you want What happened next moved Han Chaoyang and Zheng Xinyi, HCMUSSH best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep and Xia Yuqing listened to blood when she was taking a bath and changing clothes.The nurse in the department said that the hair had the most bacteria, so she asked the nurse to shave her head, and walked into the sterile room like a leukemia patient.The wife and children were all inside.It s funny to think about it.Liu Jianye didn t like him at first., actually ran to me from left to right to say why I want to change.Liu Jianye was very clear about what kind of person Zhou Ju was, and asked with a smile Now It s embarrassing for him, but it s not that he doesn t even have this measure.Well, Liu Jianye is still capable of doing things.The trainer Guan Yuanyuan is not very competent.The fast speed of the train depends on the headband.The grassroots officials must be selected and appointed.Tomorrow s party committee will study and study, and adjust the few people who should be adjusted.Let s go.This was not an impromptu idea of the director, but a long awaited schedule.Commissar Huang nodded and said nothing more.Comrades sang well just now, now it is inappropriate to talk about the adjustment of cadres, Zhou Ju tilted his head back again Mr.No matter what kind of contracting fee or management fee you charge, your behavior must be illegal.Yes.Ms.Tan, don t go online, what law can we violate Manager Zhang pretended best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep to be relaxed and smiled, putting on a very frank look.I don t know, let me tell you that you have violated the Anti Monopoly Law.The Anti Monopoly Law expressly prohibits operators with a dominant market position for best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep no justifiable reasons, restricting counterparties to transactions with them or cbd gummies baton rouge la cbd relax gummies only with them.Designated operators to conduct transactions.Your property management company abuses its market position and restricts property owners to only trade with your designated waste collectors, which is a monopoly.Awesome, it seems that you really understand the law.Han Chaoyang glanced at her curiously, and was thinking about how to change the topic to the matter of beating people.

At that time, not only our comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road will be notified and criticized by the Municipal Bureau, but your Xinyuan Police Station will also be unable to pass.Close.Zhongshan Road integrated police platform will definitely not be notified and criticized, and the only ones that fail to pass the checkpoint may be the Xinyuan Street Police Station.After all, there are only a few people on the police platform, and each has its own jurisdiction.It mainly plays a role of coordination and communication, preventing the two police stations from arguing and shirking when encountering some cases due to the division of jurisdiction.It can be like a patrol.Carrying out security patrols and dealing with some unexpected police situations is already very good.It is impossible for the superiors to put forward higher requirements for the police receiving platform that is not even a unit.I reported to He Suo, and He Suo asked us to withdraw.He is reporting to the county bureau.It is estimated that the criminal police team and the anti drug team will come soon.They will not do anything during the day.It should be at night.We will definitely participate in the arrest by then.It is easy to be exposed, and there are many old people and children in the village during the day.If the drug dealer has a gun in his hand, he may take hostages and even accidentally injure the masses.It is best to come here at night, maybe he will hide at home, even if he is not at his own home, he will be reliva cbd gummies effects at the house of relatives and friends in the same village.As soon as he came here, he had the opportunity to participate in such a big operation.Han Chaoyang was really excited.After thinking about it, he asked, Brother Jiang, if he sees us, will he be guilty of guilt and abscond Don t worry, since he If you dare to come back, since we have seen you, you will definitely not be able to run away.There are not many villagers in the village, and outsiders rarely go there, and their faces are too conspicuous there.No matter which policeman is arranged to go there, they will be exposed It s a side job.And I m even related to people from Feng Changdong s village, so I can t find them.Who are you looking for Mei Shengli, the former village secretary of Sunjiaping, participated in the self defense counterattack against Vietnam, went to the front line of Laoshan, experienced bullets and bullets, and won second class meritorious service.Only those who have really been on the battlefield know the meaning of life.How precious, he retired from the army after coming down from the front line, no matter how the army keeps him.If he stayed in the army back then, he would have done it earlier, and he would not have best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep gone to Xinlan to talk to his gang of veterans on August 1st Army Day like now Comrades work together.7 rounds.The young man gave the sub bureau and even the public security system of Yan Province a lot of face.Bureau Fan was overjoyed and immediately asked to go to the mountains to condolences to Han Chaoyang who risked his life to capture the fugitive.It is his subordinates who have done meritorious service, so it is difficult to refuse this request.Chai Shuxi immediately asked the driver to turn around, and went straight to Chiliu Town overnight, from Chiliu Town to Niangniang Temple, and from Niangniang Temple to Tanjiagou over the mountains.In the Chiliu Town Health Center, I saw a fugitive who was being treated for his injuries, bandaged like a mummy, and was about to be transferred to the County People s Hospital in Tanjiagou, I saw his subordinates covered in blood and hard work The team leader and other county bureau leaders, accompanied by Han Chaoyang, rushed to the scene of the arrest to learn more about the situation, and finally climbed to the mountain where Han Chaoyang had held on for four days and five nights.He didn t care about and didn t know about it.He wasn t very interested in it either.After thinking about it, he asked, What s the situation now The identity of the deceased is clear.Have you contacted the relatives of the healing hemp cbd gummies for ed cbd gummies baton rouge la deceased You ask me, who should I ask Then what are we doing here Protect best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep the site.Protect the site, where is the site This is it.Han Chaoyang pointed to the pile in front of him like a hill It looks like a pile of sand, and he couldn t help confirming with a smile Our task is to protect this pile of yellow sand.To be honest, I have never seen so much sand.It must be hundreds of tons.What hundreds of tons, this It is estimated that there are thousands of tons Wu Wei was dumbfounded, and also felt that there was nothing to protect this pile of yellow sand, but thinking best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep justcbd cbd gummies that the superior must have a reason for protecting the scene, he pondered We only found a wallet from the deceased, and the wallet contained ID cards and bank cards.He dares to tell us what to do.Qian, I m going to kill him It s impossible to pass the test without thinking about it, but there is a sense of propriety in doing it.Everything that was happening, several driving recorders and law enforcement recorders were all filming.Xu Hongliang had already prepared to let the bride and groom go first, and he left the preparations for the aftermath.He immediately knocked on the window of the car, and a team member hurried over to pull open the door.He stood by the car and took a look, then said coldly Fourth brother, let the brothers get out of the car.Okay Brothers, all get out of the car and start working Fifth brother, do you want to copy Guy Copy what guys, do they want to copy guys This is too scary, it turns out that China really has gangsters.Dozens of them came down at once, and it was clear at a glance that none of them best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep cbd gummy for sleep were good people, and they walked over aggressively, eager to fight.

Thank you Gong Da.Han Chaoyang picked up the phone record just now, and ran downstairs while saying Angkor, slow down, the Fourth Squadron made it very clear just now, the owner of the car is on a business trip, and the door cannot be opened when no one is around.What s the point of rushing there like this Did you smash someone s car window Hurry up and contact the owner of the car, he may not have taken the car keys away, but even if he did, he should have a spare key.Okay, I ll call and ask first.Han Chaoyang pulled away The car door got into the co pilot, took out the police phone and turned it on, ignoring the dozens of missed calls prompted by text messages, and dialed the owner s cell phone according to the call records brought down from upstairs.Mr.Bing, hello, I m Han Chaoyang, a police officer from the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.Li and the others said that Chaoyang found a girlfriend.Seeing him in a police uniform and taking a photo with you when he received an award for meritorious service made me really sad.He is a good boyfriend and will definitely be a good husband in the future.I didn t take care of him.Cherish it, miss it in order to realize the so called ideal, you must not learn from me, because if you miss it, there will be nothing.Huang Ying never thought that she would say these words Xie Lingling didn t expect it, and best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep neither did Xu Hongliang, the car was suddenly silent.Sheng Yanwen took out a tissue to wipe away her tears, she put her arms around Huang Ying s arm and laughed while weeping But I will definitely succeed.I gave up so much to become a first class performer, and I worked so hard.There is no reason not to succeed.The nature of opening a casino is different.If you are involved in a criminal best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep cbd gummy for sleep offense, you should be sentenced to a fixed term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance, and a fine Teng Jiming came to his senses and asked eagerly Luo Zhi, so they have been opening underground casinos in our city The bureau was a gambling nest that was chased to the city to take it away.At that time, more than two million yuan in gambling funds were confiscated on the spot.You said that such a habitual criminal can do nothing but return to his old business, but I didn t expect him to follow cbd gummies air travel him Yang Jiandong got one.Chapter 340 Voluntary Invitation Teng University reported a new situation and assigned a new task.The new information reported was about the identity of the third suspect who surfaced in the afternoon, which made Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei a little excited, because they thought that Yang Jiandong s gang was running an underground casino.The leaders went downstairs together, and the yard became empty.There were only three police cars left in front of the hall, and there was no one in them.It was unknown where Bureau Feng and Bureau Du were handling cases.Although Han Chaoyang was 9.A member of the 18 special case team, but people are self aware, very clear that after all, they are just a community policeman, and they are really not good at investigating cases, so they didn t think much at all.A leader, go to the cafeteria and wait for the master to help Li Xiaobin and Xiaokang make supper.Chapter 348 Seeing each other is worse than not seeing each other He Yichang hurried to the bank.The stainless steel shutter of the business hall on the first floor had already been pulled down, but the counter was best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep still brightly lit.As the most powerful economic investigation policeman in the sub bureau, he can be called a frequent visitor here.bad thing.Han Chaoyang simply found a bench and sat down, and asked with great interest, Auntie, do you know where they went His family did it, and they all made a fortune.His family is such a virtue, and they would rather give money to outsiders than to villagers.My old Duan worked with Huo Xuebin for four batch cbd gummies reviews years, and he didn t even get a leader.When calculating the wages, there are not many carpenters working with him from other places.It turns out that interests are involved Han Zhaoyang was best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep overjoyed, and forced a smile to say Being rich is not kind.How much money do you think his family had at that time The woman raised her arm and pointed to the southeast, scolding Huo Jiangui at the entrance of the village is close enough to his family, and Huo Jianliang is a cousin.The child was admitted to university with great difficulty, and wanted to let his family borrow some money to pay the tuition fee, but he didn t borrow much, so he borrowed five thousand.Thinking.You are different, you are his youngest apprentice, but he is similar to a junior when you say he is an apprentice, and HCMUSSH best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep he will not say anything no matter how well you are in charge.Master, the old man doesn t want to retire, let alone do anything to celebrate his retirement This is the same reason that my uncle hates other people to visit when he is sick Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, and asked with a bitter face Bao Suo, let me take care of it, but what about the bureau, what s the opinion , Is the Bayi Song Club doing a good job, I will leave this matter to you, let you come up with a plan as soon as possible, after the plan is made, the bureau will study it, and then consider whether to invite the leadership of the city bureau.Third Chapter 174 International After eating in the conference room on the first floor, the interrogation on the second floor also made progress.

Qian said that the big boss arranged for him to drive another car to deliver goods to other places.Tell Zou Yanqing to hide the car, and tell Zou Yanqing not to worry, claiming that he will come to Yanyang after a while, and take the car away when he comes next time.Didn t it mean that he came here once a week on average He didn t come just after the two brats were arrested.How could it be such a coincidence Bao Suo, we all listened to the phone call, and Qian should not have become suspicious.The Lu team that Yu Zhenchuan mentioned was the captain of the case handling team of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Bao Suo, the old Lu officer, was very relieved.He often delivers goods to the fruit wholesale market.It should not be difficult to check the license plate number of the truck he is driving, and he has his mobile phone number.Understood, but What else is there Master, I m worried that neither side will be offended, and maybe both sides will be offended.It must be admitted that the little apprentice s concerns are reasonable.The bureau also asked the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Alarm Reception Platform to reimburse the invoices from the branch command center, and allocated vehicles to the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Alarm Reception Platform.It best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep made it clear that the alarm reception platform was treated as a unit.It became a small police station, and it was responsible for key projects in the city.It would be fine if Kang Haigen wasn t so impatient , but if he was a little impatient , Liu Jianye s temper would definitely be a good show.I didn t expect to encounter such a thing when best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep I was about to retire.Grandpa Gu couldn t give any good solution.Han Chaoyang took the certificate and looked at it, then asked, Have you reported to the judicial office No, no In time.Afraid the police would misunderstand, Mo Yunhu explained I arrived home in the morning, but I didn best cbd gummies premium jane t get a ticket when I came back.I stood on the train all night, and when I got home, I took a shower, ate a meal, and slept for a while., I came to the police station as soon as I woke up.The one who arrived home in the morning, which house did he arrive at My sister s house, my house has been demolished, and my mother lives in my sister s house.Where does your sister s house live Han Chaoyang asked with a pen and paper.Room 202, Unit 1, Building 3, Xinmin Community.Coincidentally, she actually lives in the jurisdiction of Big Sister Han Chaoyang stared into his eyes for about five seconds, and asked calmly, How do you feel about what happened back then Somewhat disconcertedly, he said Officer Han, I was wrong, II have changed my past, I will be a best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep cbd gummy for sleep new man, and I promise not to commit crimes again Of the many criminal suspects arrested in the institute every year, a large part of them are Have a criminal record.They all said that best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep when they came out of prison, but in fact they said one thing and did another.Han Chaoyang won t believe his words easily, but he won t be so stupid as to make him feel discriminated against.Seeing his yellow fingers, he said in a low voice, If you want to smoke, it s fine, just smoke if you want.Thank you Officer Han.Mo Yunhu s addiction to cigarettes came in the morning, he hurriedly took out his cigarettes and lighter, and subconsciously best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep wanted to pass one to healing hemp cbd gummies for ed cbd gummies baton rouge la Han Chaoyang first.Thank you, I don t smoke.Han Chaoyang declined his offer, looked at him with a smile and asked, What s your plan in the future It s not easy for someone like me to find a job.More than two million yuan, my mother bought a resettlement house, and there are hundreds of thousands left, and she wants me to use the money to open a shop and start a small business.Ling Bin just turned off the computer for a while, and Han Chaoyang had to turn it on again.Thinking about logging in to WeChat on the computer, it turned out that he didn t have WeChat installed on his computer, and was about to search and use the web page, when a small window for QQ login popped up.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that QQ would be fine.He would first save the form in his phone, then log in to QQ on both the phone and the computer, and then use the file assistant to upload it, so he clicked Login.After clicking on it, I realized that this is not my computer.Although the account password is also saved and there is no need to enter it, it is Ling Bin s account.Just as I was about to log out and enter my account number and password, a system prompt popped up saying when the account had logged in or even logged in from a different place.Here best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep we come.Mr.Ling, I have something to do with Mr.Xie, and Xinxin is in the hall Ling Bin reacted, and said with an embarrassed face I m sorry to let you take such a long time, you are busy with you Yes, I ll go to the lobby and watch.Then let s go.Let s go, Miss Miao, I ll see you off.Don t give it away, Xinxin Leather, you have to keep an eye on it, or you won t blink It disappeared.Facing Ling Bin, Miao Haizhu felt an inexplicable sense of guilt.He can find the person he is looking for very quickly, but what will happen after he finds it is definitely not acceptable to him.I really don t know if he can bear it after he finds out everything.Because of this, she pulled it up and just put it on Xie Lingling in the overcoat left, not daring to see him again.Xie Lingling didn healing nation cbd gummies 2000mg t know why, so she asked curiously as soon as she went out Where are you going I can t say it now, it s not a best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep cbd gummy for sleep surprise.

Yes Sixty five cheap laborers came all at once, and everyone present Every promoter is either a squad leader, a deputy squad leader, or a master.All of them are beaming with HCMUSSH best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep joy, and they are full of anger with a yes.Seeing Xu Hongliang s embarrassing look, Han Chaoyang couldn t help leaning into Lao Ding s ear and laughing It s a set, Lao Ding, is this the young master Xu we know Lao Ding also found it funny, so he kept his face Said Don t forget that he is also a graduate of the Judicial Police Academy.The leaders, teachers, classmates and juniors from his alma mater will come later.Of course, we have to make the scene bigger.If you don t tell me, I almost forgot I ve done this.Han Chaoyang looked up, and Chen Jie and Xiaokang were just as excited, and the uniforms had obviously been ironed, not only fit but also straight.The key is that you are not afraid of trouble, and are willing to best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep help others find it.Master, this success can only show that we are lucky.Well, that best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep s true.Today s luck is good.Chapter 477 Wu Wei is the squadron leader As soon as Grandpa Gu finished speaking, all the cars in front suddenly slowed down, and some even flashed double flashes.Han Chaoyang hurriedly released the accelerator and lightly stepped on the brakes, slowed buy cbd oil gummies down and drove slowly until he stopped behind a commercial vehicle.The traffic jam is quite long, there may have been a traffic accident ahead.Grandpa Gu looked ahead, then turned back to look behind.Master, didn t you say we were lucky You said it first Grandpa Gu scolded with a smile, pointing to the emergency lane and asked, Chaoyang, do you think we should pass from the side to the front and have a look Traffic The accident is under the control of the traffic police, and this is on the highway, it is very dangerous to take the emergency lane.If you don t invite others, why can t you invite them.Feng Bureau , I would like to invite you, but can I get in touch with them, besides, it is not up to me, a small squadron leader, to invite old comrades to use their spare energy.I can bay park cbd gummies cost also tell you best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep that Zhou Bureau, Political Commissar, and Du Bureau all know about this matter and are all watching.If you can t handle others, I will see how you end up Feng Bureau, why are you asking us to compare against Han Chaoyang Crap, you are asking us to compare with the seniors The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, why can t we compare with the seniors green relief cbd gummies Besides, there are only two seniors, and the others are all newbies, all of them are obligatory, and professional anti pickup There are not as best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep many people as you, so you still have the upper hand.The first is salary.After the agreement of the community and the institute, everyone s basic The salary is tentatively set at 3,000 yuan a month, and the five social insurances and one housing fund will still be paid in the same way in the future.Because Junfeng is the deputy squadron leader, he not only has to go to the streets to pick up money, but also assists Comrades Wu Wei and Miao Haizhu in managing , the basic salary is tentatively set at 3,200 yuan.In addition, there is a performance salary of 500 yuan per month per person, overtime pay for overtime work, and 50 yuan per best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep person per month as a telephone subsidy.The expenses incurred during the execution of tasks, this It .

can i take cbd gummies with lexapro?

must be a reasonable fee.Regardless of whether best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep there is an invoice or not, you can go to Chen Jie for reimbursement.Arrived nearly half an hour earlier, thinking that the leader might be resting, he planned to go to the reception room to sit for a while.As a result, just after parking the electric car and walking to the main building, Director Wen actually called again.Xiao Han, where are you going Director Wen, cbd gummies wyld best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep I thought you were resting.Han Chaoyang raised his head subconsciously while holding his phone.The window HCMUSSH best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep of the political office on the fourth floor was indeed open, and Director Wen had seen him a long time ago.Lie on the window sill and look down.No rest, I m waiting for you, hurry up.Yes Han Chaoyang hurried into the hall and took the elevator to the fourth floor.Unexpectedly, Director Wen didn t wait in the director best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep s office.He not only came out, but also stood at the door of the political commissar s office, holding a small notebook as if preparing for a meeting.Commissar Huang asked about the situation at the Dafu Hotel just now, worried that Han Chaoyang cbd gummies or oil reddit would miss the criminal scene , and said with a smile Xiao Han, the Xinyuan Street Police Station considers that the Dafu Hotel will be open tomorrow, so they don t want to affect the rest of the hotel owner, waiters and chefs., the more than 40 gangsters who have been interrogated and have not found any problems have left first.With the assistance of the special patrol brigade and your voluntary security patrol team, the remaining dozens of gangsters are being sent to the institute.There is nothing to worry about Yes, your people can rest before two o clock in the morning. Thank you political commissar. Thank you for what I m doing, we should thank you, no, it should be thanks to the boys on the patrol team, if it wasn cbd oil or gummies for pain t for their help, this evening s event would have been impossible.

For artists on the running field, night is the busiest.Sometimes there is work at noon, for example, a couple set the wedding banquet at noon.There is basically nothing to do in the morning and afternoon.As for running around, it is normal.Sometimes I have to run three or four games a night.It is really like a war, and I don t even bother to change the costumes.Kang Wei reconfirmed that the event time will be from 2 00 to 5 00 in the afternoon, and agreed immediately Okay, I ll help you find seven or eight people, and it should be no problem to produce five or six programs.Brother Wei, this is For public welfare, there is no money.Han Chaoyang said best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep embarrassingly.I know, I know without asking.Kang cbd gummies baton rouge la cbd relax gummies Wei greeted the mother and son who just came in to go to the piano room first, while holding up her mobile phone and said with a smile Xu Qian and the others must be interested in going to the Public Security Bureau to perform, and we had supper together a few days ago At that time, she also said that she wanted to find a police boyfriend.Xiao Chen didn t dare to be careless, so he marked it carefully Just as their master and apprentice were busy comparing each other, three police cars that met at the intersection of People s Square and Ping an Road five minutes ago ran through another red light with their sirens roaring Wu Wei, who was sitting in the co pilot of the first car, raised the walkie talkie and shouted Zhenchuan Zhenchuan is less than three kilometers away from the International Trade Center.Can you turn off the siren The closer the destination was, the more nervous Yu Zhenchuan became.After thinking about it, he raised the walkie talkie and shouted Attention all groups, attention all groups, is there anyone who has been to China World Trade Center before, or is familiar with China World Trade Hotel City center, not five star, but super five star Han Chaoyang was wondering who would go to such a high end place for nothing, when Mei Tiejun suddenly said Han Da, I have been there.The person who answered the phone just now said that you are very busy.You are busy and I am not busy.I am on the way to your squadron.I will help you send Xiaofu there.Before Gong Mulan could speak, He Xiaofu called out pitifully Mom, I was wrong, and I will never dare again You are wrong, how many times have you admitted your mistakes, and how many times have you written a letter of guarantee You will not correct after being taught.I think you are itchy itchy Before sending the child to her, Han Chaoyang shouted to beat her, and Han Chaoyang hurriedly said, Sister Gong, don t get excited, isn t it just surfing the Internet, what s the big deal Xiaofu s attitude was very good just now, and he knew he was wrong., I promised me that I would not sneak out to surf the Internet again.I also promised him that I would not be beaten after returning home.Old Dai found out that this work can be done, so he couldn t help asking with a smile Chaoyang, what cbd gummies baton rouge la cbd relax gummies about the scalpers We can t control the scalpers, and the city management can t control the scalpers.They can only come to the bottom of the pot.Han Chaoyang suddenly turned around and pointed to the service desk in the station hall We can t handle this matter, you have to come forward in person, you can discuss it with the station leaders, and see if you can do it outside the station.Set up another service point to help those passengers who have not bought a ticket to solve the problem of returning home. During the Spring Festival travel season, the station is obliged to help. If the station can help coordinate the solution, who will look for scalpers, no one Looking for scalpers, scalpers will naturally not be able best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep cbd gummy for sleep to do it.The two drove around the warehouse and finally found a snack seller.They fried a chicken chop and ordered a cup of hot milk tea, that s all.Sit in the car and do cbd gummies work best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep eat.Eat your chicken chops, look what I m doing, I m not a girl Look what s wrong, Wu Junfeng put down the milk tea, and couldn t help laughing Da Han, should we take a photo too, or come up by car Let s take a selfie.You are so hot now, let me post on Moments, and get hot.What s the fire It s just a gust of wind.People nowadays are more forgetful than the other.Who will remember me, Han Chaoyang after a while.Han Chaoyang ate a big mouthful of chicken chops, and couldn t help but said with a smile And your circle of friends is the same as me.My circle of friends is highly overlapped, if I really dare to share it, I will be laughed at by Xiaobin, Chen Jie, and Xiaokang.Sister Miao, what a big deal, and it s really out of our control.You even called to report to the supervisor on duty.What about it The supervision of the masses is not a joke.The superiors have an assessment of the satisfaction rate of the masses.The instructor of our previous director was transferred because the satisfaction rate of the masses in the institute was low.The sub bureau now has requirements for the satisfaction rate of the masses in our institute.It s 100 percent, what we did was meant to offend people, how could we possibly satisfy all the masses, even if the ordinary masses are satisfied, the family members of the suspects would not be satisfied either. Then what should we do Try to satisfy the masses Oh.Miao Haizhu sighed softly, and continued You can t believe it when you say it, some time ago a member of the public best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep lost her mobile phone, and she didn t take care of it, so it s not up to us, and people will complain.

Well, I ll enter from here later.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone, dialed Wu Wei, and asked Wu Wei brought Wu Junfeng over, then turned around and said, Jiayong, go to the east intersection and wait for Jiao Da, and show Jiao Da and the others the way.Okay, I ll go there first.Go slowly, don t be in such a hurry.Understood.Han Chaoyang looked around to make sure no one was paying attention, and then dialed his apprentice s phone number Guokang, I told Angkor to get in your car, you guys stay put and act later.You two go up the elevator and block the lobby.Yes It s just a plan, you guys should make preparations first, and the specific actions will be decided after Jiao Da and the others arrive.ReceivedEverything is ready, I only owe Dongfeng As time passed minute by minute, Han Chaoyang waited anxiously.Is it easy to find it after entering the fire exit The inside is not small, there are probably There are twenty boxes, I have been there from the lobby, I have never entered from the back, I don t know how to get there, but I have a little impression of the layout inside, and the people who provided clues confirmed that there are not many guests inside.Standing at the gate is too eye catching, Jiao Da called everyone into the car, and took out a small notebook from the storage compartment You went in, draw a floor plan, and mark the approximate location of the box where the suspect is.Okay, Han Chaoyang took the pen and notebook The healing hemp cbd gummies for ed cbd gummies baton rouge la notebook, while drawing, said with a bitter face Jiao Da, I have only gone in twice, and I still go to pick up people.I just have a little impression, and the drawing may not be accurate.As for what to do in the future, Han Chaoyang believed that the bureau leader would have a solution, so cbd gummies wyld best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep he said yes , walked into the doctor s office again, and asked Director Yu to help Dai Lishi issue a hospitalization order.In fact, Bureau Du had no good solution.He picked up his mobile phone and found the number of Bureau Zhou, but then he thought that today was the first day of the Lunar New Year, and it felt inappropriate to call for such a matter.Director Xing was not idle just now.He called the police on duty in the pre trial brigade to inquire about the progress of Dai Lishi s case.Seeing Director Du frowning, he said cautiously Director Du, I just asked.This matter is very troublesome.The victim s injury After the identification, the level of minor injury will be prosecuted by the procuratorate after the new year.All your calls at that time were recorded and stored in the recorder.We also asked someone who could understand to translate it.You said it was off.None of your business Chapter 624 Cracking down on counterfeiting 3 Boss Zhang never thought that helping a friend would cause big trouble, so he subconsciously took out his cell phone and prepared to call his wife.Han Chaoyang immediately showed his police ID Zhang Lihua, according to Article 9 of the People s Police Law , I have the right to interrogate and inspect you on the spot.Put down your phone and accept the interrogation.Please do not interfere with official duties , Zhang Lihua was stunned.Han Chaoyang put away his ID card, looked down at the law enforcement recorder on his shoulder, confirmed that it was on, then snatched the mobile phone from Zhang Lihua s hand, and gently put it on the desk by the window.Yes, yes, it is him Team Ni , I didn t expect you to know. It s very popular on the Internet, many people saw it, and many policewomen best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep in our branch cried after seeing it.I didn t expect to see a real person.When Han Da arrives and the case is over, I will Be sure to invite Han Da to our detachment.The lesbians must be cannava cbd gummies happy to see him, Captain Ni.That video was shot at night, and he had been squatting in the mountains for four days and five nights at that time.His hair was messy, his beard was unshaven, and his body was covered in blood.He couldn t see anything.In fact, the best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep real person is very handsome, otherwise he would not be the most handsome policeman in our Yanyang.He is very handsome, but fortunately he is not a professional anti narcotics professional, but he is not too handsome for our anti narcotics business.Han Chaoyang took another puff of cigarette, and then changed the subject.The police handling the case of the Menbei County Public Security Bureau did not find out until later that the kid who ran away had never traveled far before he ran away, and he probably never left Menbei County.And he is not completely idle, he can drive a cbd gummies effect loader, If you have a job, you will do it, if you don t have a job, you will hang out with a bunch of brats, and the interview found that he had never taken drugs before reuniting with Qiao Peimin.Where are the other four brats No matter how they asked during the interrogation, they all cbd gummies which ones are really work insisted that the methamphetamine was given by the boy who ran away.Looking at Team Ni s thoughtful look, Han Chaoyang added The location of Menbei County is remote, and the county seat is very small.

There is someone in the car, it should be the Brother Liu the suspect is looking for But what if not Even if it is, what if there is nothing in the car Lao Hu was in the alley diagonally across the road, worried about revealing his identity and didn t know how far he drove in.The suspect and the people above him could leave at any time, and if they left, it would be difficult to follow them like before.Sun Le didn t dare to hesitate any longer, picked up the phone decisively, turned around and winked at Xiao Gu, then pulled out the gun from his waist, opened the glass door and rushed out.This is to do it Xiao Gu came to his senses, dropped his bag and rushed out.It was Brother Liu who owned the black modern off road vehicle.He observed in the vehicle for a while, but found nothing suspicious.Ma, as well as Director Qi natures only cbd gummies tinnitus of the Linshan Police Station.Director Qi, who was having a wedding, was walking back while chatting with Lao Han and his wife.Director Qi was surprised when he received a call from Han Chaoyang.Chaoyang, your parents are right next to me.They told me that you and Xiao Huang will come back on Friday.I m planning to report to the bureau leader tomorrow to see if we can arrange the symposium on the weekend Qi So, my dad and mom are by your side Well, they are by .

can you fly with cbd gummies no thc?

my side, we have dinner together tonight, do you want me to give your mom my phone No, call her later, Qi Suo, I There s another thing to talk about.What Han Chaoyang briefly introduced the case, and said with a wry smile dosage of cbd gummies for insomnia This case is neither small nor big, but it is very important to me.The one who was robbed was the daughter of a professor at the Polytechnic University.County Chief Wang, Commissar Yang, this banner is too exaggerated.I am not a hero, and I have nothing to report.It is so serious and formal.I dare not enter.Deputy County Chief Wang reacted, patted his arm and laughed.Comrade Xiaohan, you are obviously digging into the dead end.It is not only the policemen who are awarded the title of hero models by the Ministry of Public Security.In our opinion, as long as the policemen who have done a lot of achievements are also best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep heroes and models, they are also worthy of our study Don t be embarrassed, Comrades are waiting.There are quite a few colleagues and auxiliary police brothers here, Han Chaoyang can t waste their time, so he can only bite the bullet and walk into the conference room with Deputy Mayor Wang and other leaders amidst a burst of warm applause.Director Qi sat in the cab holding his mobile phone, grinning and said You are all young People, and they are all fellow villagers, they must have a common language, and we will keep in touch in the future.If her work can be done, the Bureau will really owe you a big favor.If you encounter anything in the future, as long as it involves our Qingshan, Call me directly.Qi Suo, I will try my best.Thank you, I will thank you on behalf of Jiang.Qi Suo put down his phone and smiled again He just sent me a WeChat message saying that cbd gummies baton rouge la cbd relax gummies he would treat you to dinner.I declined for you.You are the team leader now, and you must be very busy at ordinary times.It is rare to come back once to spend time with your parents, your father in law, mother in law and Xiao Huang.Yes, there are no big things, but a lot of small things.Xiaoliu is not a civil servant, and does not belong to the For the police cbd gummies baton rouge la cbd relax gummies establishment, if your bureau leaders don t help you fight for it, you can only pay compensation according to the relevant regulations of work related injury insurance.It best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep s okay to pay different wages for equal work, and it s unreasonable to pay different prices for the same job How much can you pay according to work related injury insurance Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.I m not very clear about the details.Anyway, the difference is best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep cbd gummy for sleep quite big.Don t you guys know how to surf the Internet Check it with your mobile phone This is the only thing I can do for Liu Chengquan As soon as Dad Huang reminded him, Han Chaoyang immediately picked up his mobile phone to check the relevant regulations online.Huang Ying was also not idle, not caring that it was the middle of the night, she took botanical farms cbd gummies for sale out her mobile phone to call a friend stationed in the Administrative Service Center of the District Civil Affairs Bureau.The place to live is arranged in the Yandong Hotel, which is the guest house of the Yandong County Government before the withdrawal of the county and the establishment of the district.Director Wen has already booked the room and lunch.As soon as the Liu family arrived, they expressed their condolences and called everyone to go to the restaurant for dinner first.However, who can afford such a tragedy Even the old party secretary only moved a few chopsticks symbolically.After dinner, Director Wen personally accompanied Liu s family to the Sixth Hospital to see Liu Chengquan s body.As expected, as soon as the hospital staff opened the freezer, Liu Chengquan s mother, Gu Lanying, threw herself on her son s body and cried loudly as soon as she saw her son s body.When I was sad, my good brother s mother passed out from crying again, and best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep hurriedly sent the old man to the prepared ward together with Xu Hongliang, Chen Jie and others Grandpa Gu came, cbd gummies baton rouge la Cao Zefang came, PolyU University Guard Captain Zhang Jinhai came, Party Secretary Zhang, Director Xie and almost all community officials came.

How do you know there is no hope if you don t try to declare The bureau is studying it, Director Wen looked back, and continued, I told you this, so don t mention it to your relatives.The reason why Feng Haijun told his relatives that the bureau was trying every means to help Xiao Liu win the third class posthumous record The main reason is to consider a reserved amount.Now we are talking about striving for third class merit, but when the time comes to add personal second class merit, the feelings of relatives will be completely different.Reserved amount Han where can you buy cbd gummies for pain Chaoyang really didn t know how to evaluate it, but what else could he say when the leader talked about it best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep There is not much hope for the selection of martyrs.The woman Liu Chengquan saved is missing and cannot be found with great fanfare.The people on these construction sites can tell who is working and who is in charge, just by the color of their helmets.Those wearing dark red helmets are engineering technicians and management personnel of cbd gummies wyld best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep the construction unit, those wearing blue helmets are supervision engineers of the supervision company, and those wearing yellow helmets are workers.Han Chaoyang took the initiative cbd daily gummies to shake hands, and said with a smile while shaking hands Manager Liu, how many people are here tonight Opening his hand, he took out a cigarette and said with a smile Da Han, all our workers are from their hometowns, and they know everything.Even if you don t come, we will take the roster and ID card to the police office of the headquarters for unified registration tomorrow.There is no one in the police room at the headquarters.Zhang Jingchao, here it is.Manager Liu leaned under the lamp and marked on the roster with a pen.It is very necessary to check the ID card in person.There are too many people on the construction site.If the construction party is required to go through the filing and registration of outsiders as before, it is very likely that there will be inconsistencies in the witnesses and certificates, that is, some people use other people s identities for one reason or another.Han Chaoyang reminded while inspecting one by one Manager Liu reminded everyone just now, let me emphasize again that there are many workers working on the high speed do cbd gummies work best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep rail station project site, and they come and go like a revolving door.Today they work here, and tomorrow they will be very busy.Maybe I will go to another construction site.Han Chaoyang went to open the cabinet and took out the toiletries, then turned around and said, I ll go to the back to wash my face and brush my teeth.It s 8 o clock, and my fellow villager is coming soon.Go.Old Tang followed out In the conversation room, go to the police station and look through the phone records of the police officeHan Chaoyang came from the back door to the place where the security guards of the Sixth Hospital and the team members washed up.He had just finished brushing his teeth and before he could wash his face, his phone rang suddenly.He took out his mobile phone and glanced at the caller ID, and it was indeed a call from a fellow villager.Sister Jiang, where have you been, okay, okay, you wait in the police room, I ll be right there.It s okay, I m not in a hurry.Jiang Yan looked up at the police room.Since we don t know, it is impossible to log out.How many foreigners are there in the jurisdiction will soon become a confused account., not to mention the bottom line is clear and the situation is clear.There are several or even dozens of people on a construction site, and in order to catch up with the progress of the project, the foremen often temporarily transfer people from other construction sites to help.Difficult to put into practice.Because at several key project sites, engineering construction is the first priority, and the security guards have no right to speak.No one dare not listen to the words of the boss and vice president of the construction unit.Population management is indeed difficult.The security personnel of the construction unit have no cbd gummies baton rouge la cbd relax gummies idea how many people are on the construction site, let alone the police office.Time is like a butcher s knife.I have worked in Yandong for more than ten years in a blink of an eye, and I am really reluctant to leave.Not only can I not bear it, but I also have many regrets, and I also want to drink the wedding wine with you and Xiao Huang.It seems that I may not be able to drink it.Having worked in Yandong for more than ten years in a blink of an eye, I am really reluctant to leave.What does this sentence mean Han Chaoyang suddenly realized, and asked in surprise Secretary Yang, are you leaving Yandong Not only will I be transferred from Yandong, but also Yanyang.Secretary Yang looked back at the piles of awards and certificates in the bookcase, and said with a smile, Didn t you go to the Northwest for an exchange last year I want to go, but healing hemp cbd gummies for ed cbd gummies baton rouge la you are short term, and I will go for three years.

Han Chaoyang did not participate in the mobilization, and he and Lao Dai were jointly responsible for the security of the entire jurisdiction.Lao Dai and Xiao Shen of the anti pickup team were in a group, and Han Chaoyang best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep cbd gummy for sleep and Zhang Bin were in a group.Since two o clock in the afternoon, they have entered the endless kushy punch cbd gummy review but daily mode of receiving and dealing with the police.As soon as they sent the peddler who had a physical conflict with the urban management at the entrance of Yanxing International to the Huayuan Street Police Station, they received another police order and rushed to the snack street outside the west gate of PolyU.It is rare for two college students to fight in a new Sichuan restaurant.Han Chaoyang walked into the lobby of the hotel, looked at the waiter and asked, Where are the people who fought The waiter knew Han Chaoyang, and quickly said, Officer Han, they were still arguing in the upstairs box, and best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep they were stopped by their classmates.By the way, I also asked Sister Liu how many months she was pregnant with a smile, and asked Sister Liu to pay attention to it, especially on the way to and from get off work.He doesn t have any leadership airs at all, so he s easy to talk to.Huang Ying laughed and said Leaders are best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep like this, no one can say good things Sister in law, anyway, I think Director Liu is quite nice.It s really good to give you a salary increase and healing hemp cbd gummies for ed cbd gummies baton rouge la a bonus.The director is very busy, so he won t come to the police office for no reason.Han Chaoyang realized that Director Liu should know 3.The breakthrough in Case 14 was made by the patrol team, so take a look at it.When a new official takes office, taking time to look at it is a kind of concern and a kind of praise in itself.Just as he was secretly proud, Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu came back from the police.However, after joining the team, the team members are the official auxiliary police officers of the branch bureau.They have to accept the management of the command healing hemp cbd gummies for ed cbd gummies baton rouge la center, go to the police officer training center of the city bureau for training in batches, and undergo performance appraisal.Okay, as long as the basic salary and social security can be solved, I will find a way for bonuses and case handling funds. I believe you will find a way, that s all, I want to report the latest progress to Bureau Liu, you should go to dinner as soon as possible.The backyard is very quiet, Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu can hear clearly.Not only the 3.The 14 case has made significant progress, and even the funds for the anti picking team have been settled.Old Tang couldn t help laughing and said Chaoyang, it seems that you, Mr., and no overtime pay, it s really unreasonable.The security company no longer used the opportunity of shift change to assist the police station to patrol the streets, and of course PolyU and the Sixth Hospital would not participate.I knew they would respond, but I didn t expect them to come so soon.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to smile wryly Well, the people belong to you.You can decide whether to participate or not.Chaoyang, we are not targeting you.I know.It s good to know, we have a clear distinction between public and private.Xu Hong lit up a cigarette, and then said Then there is the anti pickup team, didn t Secretary Cao help coordinate and settle the funds for three months That s it, you have to think about what to do after the funds are spent, this is not only responsible for the work of your police district, but also responsible for Junfeng and Xiaogu.To be honest, I, Han Chaoyang, also came from the countryside.I am equally saddened by Xu Min s death, and I understand everyone s feelings, but I must say something first.You can defend your rights, but you must not break the law Comrade police, what are you doing Why is it illegal What kind of place is this Han Chaoyang patted the hotel bar several times, and said coldly This is a hotel, is it In a public place, you are making a scene here, disturbing public order, isn t it illegal Iwe didn t want to argue with him here, wewe wanted to go to the construction site, and he stopped us Where is the construction site The construction site of the East Long distance Bus best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep cbd gummy for sleep Station project is one of the several important construction sites of the transportation hub in the east of the city It is a key project in the city and even in the province The construction site has a construction site management system, so you just go there and burn paper at the cbd gummies wyld best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep construction site What is it Han Chaoyang paused, and then said If the construction unit ignores it, I will take you to find the person in charge of the construction unit if you don t call 110, but they don t care about it, and arrange Manager Jiang to take full responsibility for the aftermath.Comrade sacrificed Miao Haizhu was not only heartbroken but also blamed himself like Han Chaoyang, staring at the surveillance screen and said coldly Is it true Ask her where she was on the night of the 27th last month, who she was with, and what she did.Got it.Chaoyang, Haizhu, I can understand your feelings, but what s the point of confirming that it s her, can she give me some explanation Bao Qingshan put down his phone and asked in a low voice.It may not mean much to others, but it how many cbd gummies can you take means a lot to us.Han Chaoyang held his left elbow with his right hand and his chin with his left hand, staring at the surveillance screen and said solemnly I don t want her to give any explanation, after all, we just eat this bowl For food, she should go when it is time to go, and go forward when it is time to rush, but Cheng Quan can t just die without knowing why, she has to explain clearly what happened that night.

Yu Zhenchuan looked best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep up at HCMUSSH best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep Huang Ying who was sitting opposite, and then looked back at Zhang Beibei.If the office is not busy, do us a favor.Let s go to Leken to arrest two suspects.Yu Zhenchuan was confused, and said with a bitter face Chaoyang, it s not that the brothers don t help, but Han Chaoyang knew very well Huang Ying was in a bad mood and didn t know how to coax her.Just now, she had an idea and thought that if HCMUSSH best cbd gummies on amazon for sleep Yu Zhenchuan also went with her, Huang Ying s mood would be better, because not only would her fianc have to perform tasks before the wedding, Zhang Beibei s So does the fianc As for Zhang Beibei, don t worry at all.She is a real strong woman, and she is as busy as usual, as long as Yu Zhenchuan can rush back to the bridal chamber, she should not be unhappy.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and said, I know what you re worried about.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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