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Three or four years old.Zhou Ruzhang looked at the girl again in surprise, how could such a big person be three or four years old Baotong continued My eldest lady, after taking the elixir, she will live forever.This is a well known fact.Zhou Ruzhang looked at Cui s steward, who nodded slightly, and she immediately understood that this young girl He was actually a fool, no wonder he looked so strange.Although the servant girl was abusive, no one could argue with a silly girl.It was her fault if she kept holding on, Zhou Ruzhang looked at the girl and said, Is my sister okay It s all my sister s fault.My sister will apologize to you.The girl smiled with a bewildered face, ignored Zhou Ruzhang who was bowing, and happily took the servant girl s hand Baotong, I m going to the garden.The slave girl will accompany you there.It is related to the safety of their yard, Madam Lin naturally dare not be careless Call out everyone in the yard, and let Hou Ye s attendants look around.After a while, all the people gathered, Cui Zhen asked the attendants to check.No one s hair is wet, came in and reported personally, We have checked carefully other places except Miss Gu s room.Mrs.Lin ordered I have asked someone to call Zhuzhu, wait for Zhuzhu Here you go, go and have a look After a while, someone outside said Miss, please walk slowly, the road is dark and you can t see clearly While talking, Gu Mingzhu, who was best cbd gummy for pain relief wearing a lotus color dress and long hair, walked in.There was a bit of childishness in the girl s eyebrows.After looking at everyone in the room, her eyes fell directly on Ding Ninghou Big brother, you are here.Chapter 6 Prey Mrs.Lin looked at the pearl in Gu Mingzhu s hand and couldn t help laughing.This child, no matter what it is, is so novel in her eyes, and she looks so happy when she picks up a pearl.Mrs.Lin looked at it and said It s probably a female relative who dropped it here.Mine.Gu Ming held the pearl tightly in his hand like a pearl.Okay, Mrs.Lin touched Mingzhu s head with a smile, You take it first, and if someone comes looking for it, we will return it to them.Gu Mingzhu nodded and carefully put the pearl into her purse.Let s go, Madam Lin said, Don t talk too much in the Fa conference, we will pray for your father s safety.Gu Mingzhu followed Madam Lin and walked forward.Her voice was very loud just now, and many people should have heard it Here, if the murderer hiding in the dark wants to attack the mother, he will always pay attention to every move here.Lin looked at Mrs.Cui Si s slightly red and swollen eyes, and frowned slightly I m afraid you are doing it for me.It s too tiring, so we don t need to go back to the clan with such fanfare.Fourth Mrs.Cui hurriedly said, It s Madam Tai who loves us.All the way back to the inner house, Mrs.Cui best cbd gummy for pain relief Si served Mrs.Lin to wash and wash, and then invited Mrs.Lin to the main room Sit down and let the younger generation of the Cui family come to see you.Mrs.Lin s eyes flicked over everyone Where is the fourth child Why don t you see anyone else Where did Brother Zhen and Brother Wei go Mrs.Cui Si pursed her chapped lips Master Hou and Master both went to the yamen Brothers Cui Zhen and Cui Wei have official positions, so they go to the yamen for official business, what does the fourth brother of the clan go to the yamen for Mrs.Not necessarily Cui Zhen sneered, I m afraid the opportunity has been lost.First, the opened wax pill, then the fourth brother and Lu who sells royal blend cbd gummies Shenzhi, how many things he doesn t know Impossible, Cui Wei said, Even if Lu Shenzhi didn t reveal the inside story, he probably won t be able best cbd gummies for quitting smoking best cbd gummy for pain relief to hide it for long.I ll let someone watch in the prison.As long as there is news, it will be sent back.When the elder brother finds out all these, we Then you can make a decision.Cui Wei said it easily, but Cui Zhen knew it was not that easy, he had been in the yamen before, and wanted to figure things out quickly, but he didn t expect that there was another disturbance in the inner house.Cui Zhen said Tell my mother to let her stay safely in the inner house.The fourth brother has an accident, and the fourth sister in law has no heart to take care of the house, so she needs mother to help her.Ancestor, the feeling of dying has returned.Mr.Wei distributed the spoils to him, and not only that, but well being cbd gummies cost also asked him to sign a document as a nomination certificate.His life is gone.Wei Yuanchen s voice was even colder What are you waiting for, why don t you go over and check it out Master Wei, think again, I m not suitable, Feng Anping mournfully said, I haven t married a wife and had children yet, and I don t know what to do.I didn t pass on the family line to Feng s family, otherwise you should change someone else, Mr.Han, the Tong Zhi of Taiyuan Mansion, has a higher official position than me You are the general judge of Taiyuan Mansion, in charge of litigation and best cbd gummies for quitting smoking best cbd gummy for pain relief supervising the superiors, Wei Yuanchen said sharply, Get it done quickly.I have to send the document into a secret box and present it to the emperor.Ding also jumped in.Our people are nearby, and we will send them ashore soon.So this is what the doctor thinks, to oros cbd full spectrum gummies take the man out of the best cbd gummy for pain relief cheapest cbd gummies for sleep big boat, so that the interrogation will be more convenient, and the identity of the man will not be revealed.If someone is looking for the man, they only need to say that they jumped into the lake to save him.Get off the boat.Wei Yuanchen ordered lightly.He was going to interrogate the man and reveal the true face of the doctor by the way.Chapter 36 Gu Mingzhu escaped and fell into the lake, swimming towards the shore without any pause.The people sent by Master Wei will go to get the person who reminded Ziyuan at this time, she just took the opportunity to escape, anyway, what she wants to do has been done, the most important thing is to be able to leave smoothly.

Ding coming up with the steward.Mr.Ding bowed to Han Yu I didn t expect to alarm the magistrate.Han Yu waved his hand and said, Please tell me about today s situation carefully.Mr.Ding responded Tonight we will drink on the big boat.At the end of Haishi, I was a little tired, so I took people back to the house to rest first.After entering the guest room, I found that the cage I brought seemed to have been touched by someone, so I ordered the guards to open lemon flavored cbd gummies it to check, and sure enough, the belongings in it were gone.I immediately ordered someone to search for it, and I found out that the thieves hadn t gone far away.The guard at my house had been wrestling with the thieves for a long time.You can escape, and then they were all caught, and now the thief is tied up in the wing room.Cui Zhen looked around, and found that many of the furnishings on the big boat had been destroyed, obviously caused by fighting, he couldn t help but look slightly down, and looked at Mr.Master was the one who saved her., Master came to her side and let her regain her composure.Even if she was killed in the end, she walked very calmly.After becoming Gu Mingzhu, time seemed to pass by her again.She regained her new life and lived best cbd gummy for pain relief happily and freely.It seemed like a lifetime away from the past, but it was like a flick of a finger.She didn t feel it until she saw Master.The five years have gone by little by little.The master s hair was white at the temples, and there were several deep wrinkles on his face.Master is old.I wonder if the past five years have been good She also cbdistillery 750mg cbd vegan gummies inquired about Master in Beijing, and only knew that Sun Langzhong, who was treating the disease in the prison, left the capital after Zhou Rujun died.Her death must have affected Master, and Master really hoped that she would survive.Wei Yuanchen looked at the servants of the Zhou family in the prison.It took some effort to interrogate them one by one, but he had already seen the clues.Mother Yu obviously had a secret.At this eaz cbd gummies time, as long as he put in more effort, someone would confess.I know, before those two fake Taoist priests entered the mansion, I saw Yu s mother talking to them on the street.Later, when the two Taoist priests entered, Yu s mother pretended not to know them.Yu s mother in the end What s going on You said, don t hurt everyone, you are the dowry of Mrs.Tai, you made a mistake in the mansion and were sent to Zhuangzi, if Mrs.Tai didn t forgive me, how could you go back to Cui s inner house to work Madam Yu, you are so sorry.Mother Yu spat out the blood in her mouth, and looked at the old lady Bloody mouth, you aredeliberatelyframing meWhat evidence do you have She has One son is called Sun Yong, said the woman, he works in the clan.After hearing this, Mrs.Lin understood What does Mr.Wei mean, is there someone else behind Han Yu The princes of this dynasty have been fighting overtly and secretly for the position of crown prince, but I don t know which prince s handwriting it is.After being reminded by Mr.Wei, They have to be more careful and must not get involved.While talking, Chu Jiu stepped forward to report Third Master, there is news from Beijing Wei Yuanchen did not let Chu Jiu finish speaking, Chu Jiu handed over a note, Wei Yuanchen glanced at it, and sent it waist.The corners of Wei Yuanchen s eyes slightly raised.He didn t hide it very deeply, so I don t know if she will come to fetch it.Chapter 70 Toxic Gu Mingzhu is a little curious, wondering what news Mr.Wei got.Just caught the handle of Han Yu, the crown prince and the court did not know so quickly, Mr.Ma am, the mother in charge came in, The Wei family asked if we have ice in our house, and it might be useful.Ice at this time Mrs.Lin frowned Go get it, I still have to tell you, don t freeze, you will damage your body.They and the Wei family have never walked together, and Mr.Wei is sick here, and she is not deep, and her hands are bound.I don t know what to do.Mrs.Lin was still worried, and looked cbd gummies reviews for sleep at Ms.Wang Send a few quick witted people in to help.Come and find out what medicine can be used.Mrs.Lin said and walked out.Xiang Baotong Take care of Missy, don t move around.Baotong responded.After Mrs.Lin walked out, Gu Mingzhu put the bamboo ball on the table.She had heard that the Wei family was involved in the eldest princess s treason case.At that time, there were many relatives and relatives involved in this case.Such an important key cannot be left behind.Now that Master Zhao Er is not in Taiyuan Mansion, the only person in charge of the Zhao family is Zhao Gong.Wei Yuanchen turned his head and looked at Zhao Gongren with Ruifeng eyes.Zhao Gongren s voice trembled What does Mr.Wei mean Wei Yuanchen said Zhao Gongren arrived in Taiyuan Mansion but did not enter the city.Is he covering up something For example, let people get rid of a few shopkeepers and assistants, and the court will find out., Zhao Gongren used the excuse of not being in para que son las cbd gummies Taiyuan Mansion as an excuse to avoid interrogation.Zhao Gongren could hardly breathe, Wei Yuanchen actually thought that she was the murderer, and those charges of buying and selling tea and other things would also be on her head.Chapter 88 Acknowledgment Zhao Gongren pursed her lips tightly, the Cui brothers stood there silently, and her whole body seemed to be roasted on a fire.

The second master Zhao was inseparable from the war horse case.Now it depends on whether Zhao Gongren and Lin Sizhen are also involved.Driven, the consequences can be imagined.Zhao Gongren was shrouded in chill, she seemed to be able to see the final result of the Zhao family, but she had no choice.Zhao Gongren shivered and said Second Brother brought the Sicheng to me.He had something to discuss.I don t know what happened.The two suddenly clashed, and then the Sicheng passed out.Second Brother was afraid that we would be implicated., I had no choice but to take Si Cheng out of the inn overnight.Wei Yuanchen answered flatly So Zhao Gong saw it with his own eyes, and the murderer was Master Zhao Er.result.Zhao Gong was separated from his body, clutching Cui Zhen s clothes tightly I heard that Si Cheng said that Master Wei has captured Han Yu, and they will be found soon.He always lamented that it would have been better if Xueshi Zhou was alive back then.The voice to audio sound is very similar to the sheet music that Zhou Xueshi filled in.After Zhou Xueshi died, Zhou Rujun was the one who had this ability in the Zhou family.Unfortunately, Zhou Rujun also died.Prince, Mr.Shen persuaded in a low voice, there is movement outside the city The prince waved his hand, and the piano sounded.This kind of incident happened suddenly at the banquet, and the officials began to talk a lot.Mr.Shen followed the prince, ready to find an opportunity to persuade him, don t let the prince continue to listen, it will really get out of hand.Chu Jiu took advantage of the chaos and walked to the screen, Zi Yuan also leaned forward and said in a low voice Master Zhao Er was kidnapped and hid in the mountains not far from the city.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he looked at Cui Zhen Did Ninghou hear that Lin Sizhen s second son mentioned that Wang Daochang was killed by Zhao The second master returned to the inn after being knocked out According to our inference, after Wang Daochang passed out, he was thrown into the river by the second master Zhao.It can be seen that there must be something inside this.Cui Zhen s eyes darkened Master Wei suspects the second do cbd gummies cause diarrhea best cbd gummy for pain relief master Zhao Isn t it the real culprit Wei Yuanchen said It s also strange that the shopkeeper and the assistant of the Zhao family were killed, so it s very suspicious that the important key was left in the house.The officials at the banquet said haribo cbd gummies If the second master Zhao didn t kill someone, then Where is Master Zhao Er Wei Yuanchen smiled slightly That s exactly what I want to say.Chapter 115 Dabai is angry Wei Yuanchen frowned, Chu Jiu was taunting him If we meet again in the future, I m afraid it will be a dwarf Who is he shorter Gu Mingzhu When did he have to compare with her in doing things Looking over with deep eyes, Chu Jiu immediately covered his mouth and turned to look at Master Zhao Er s body, he was just telling the truth.He also really wanted the third master to win, but it was a pity that he was just a little short.Actually, I don t blame the third master, Chu Jiu said in a low voice, Maybe it s Gu who reported the letter late.Wei Yuanchen s eyebrows seemed to be covered with frost.The result also benefited from her coming to the banquet to upload messages.Wei Yuanchen didn t want to pay attention to Chu Jiu, it seemed that his rules were too lax, he added Chu Jiu s ten army sticks to twenty at night, and asked Chu Jiu to think carefully about how to speak in the future.What kind of drama are the third master and that Miss Gu playing again Should he give more money Or should I pretend I have no money The third master didn t give any hints, which made him a little embarrassed.What can you do next Wei Yuanchen put down the paperwork in his hands.Now that the money has been calculated, he also wants to see if it is worth the money.Nie Chen said Let s investigate the Shanxi mutiny twelve years ago.Wang Da mentioned it.Besides, we will find out who the woman who was in contact with Wang Daochang is., but none of the ordinary people did well.It seems that Miss Gu wants to use these cases to make the ordinary people into a climate.From the beginning of Mr.Zhang s case to the present, she has planned little by little, slowly laying the groundwork, and now she has worked out such careful eyesight, which is really painstaking.The prince shook his sleeves after speaking, This case in Taiyuan Mansion can be said to kill two birds with one stone.If Gong and the Wei family fight, in the end, if both losers, they will benefit from it.So Wei Yuanchen is not a good person, and the purpose of exposing this matter is not to save him, but to not want to be used by others, he doesn t know how to read the Wei family Good intentions, let s not deal with the Wei family now, and wait for the Wei family to catch the person who harmed him, and then he will kill the donkey.The father can borrow Wei s power, why can t he Let Wei Yuanchen continue to investigate, the crown prince ordered Tao Duo, but you have to send someone to follow, and all the clues you find must be reviewed, and Wei Yuanchen cannot be allowed to play any tricks.

If he didn t stop him, Chu Jiu said a word Do you want to best cbd gummy for pain relief compare him with her again Chu Jiu really didn t dare to speak this time, and he was also anxious, for fear that the third master would spend too much energy, and said that it would be best to have someone on the side to help analyze the case, so he introduced himself.Third Master, Nie Chen is here.Hearing someone coming to report, Chu Jiu let out a long sigh of relief, the plan was missed.Nie Chen entered the door and said in a low voice, Master Wei, I have inquired all over the East Street.The woman who lives there, Mrs.Yang, is about 20 years old.I heard that her husband s family is a dart worker.Many times, after the purchase of the house, Mrs.Yang has been living there, and there are some rumors about this house Nie Chen took a sip of tea to moisten his throat and continued Some people say that Yang s man doesn t like her, so he is busy all year round, and no one has seen the master of that family.Zhao Gongren stared straight at the wooden frame, there was a similar frame in her room, which was used to put the master s tiger tail whip.Go and have a look, Zhao Gongren pointed to the red sandalwood wooden frame, and told Lin Runsheng, Go and have a look at that wooden frame Lin Runsheng s eyes fell on the wooden frame, and his face immediately changed.The whip frame at home was compared with his father s height Mounted on the wall.When making the wooden frame, he was the one who tested the height of the whip frame instead of his father, and his mother wanted him to be able to reach the tiger tail whip with his hand.His father is taller than him, so Lin Runsheng swallowed, his feet best cbd gummy for pain relief seemed to be on the ground, he was thinking wildly, when his wrist was suddenly grabbed, and it was his mother who he turned around to see.Now he can only use his tricks to let Lin Sizhen kidnap the prince and go best cbd gummy for pain relief to seek refuge with Ao er Dusi.But this matter is not so easy to do.After all, there are many guards in the East Palace and the local guards.The Wei family and the Yamen also have manpower.Neither Ding Ninghou nor Wei Yuanchen are easy to deal resilience cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause hives with.Only by finding condor cbd gummies on amazon a way to get the prince out of this team can we wait for the opportunity to do it.Although the prince has no skills, he is extremely cautious, and he has suspicions about him before.If he wants to deceive the prince smoothly, he must find a suitable reason.Fortunately, he still has Princess Huairou and his son in law to use.If the prince is arrested, everyone will be in chaos.Wei Yuanchen and Marquis Dingning will try their best to rescue the is cbd gummies legal in ohio 2021 prince.Losing the prince is a capital crime.Now it is Master Lu and Second Lord Cui from Taiyuan Mansion leading people to fight against the enemy.Zhou Ruzhang She covered her mouth, as if half of the sky above her head had collapsed, and the prince was not here, who would they count on Mrs.Wednesday still had a glimmer of hope Impossible, I watched His Highness riding a horse before.The servant went to see, and His Highness is really not here.The mother in charge said firmly.Mrs.Zhou said What about Wei Yuanchen She also has some friendship with Wei Yuanchen.The steward said, Lord Wei is also missing.Mrs.Wednesday limp there.Mother, what should we do Zhou Ruzhang said in a trembling voice, Without the protection of the Eastern Palace soldiers and horses, and our family has not many people, what if if we are ordered She didn t dare to think about it.The guard is in chaos now.If there is no more rice and food supplies around, the rebels five full spectrum cbd thc gummies will not be able to support them for long.The purpose of building city walls and military forts was to make the captives helpless when they walked below the city.If they could not enter the city, there would be no supplies.Can you talk to the surrounding villages Zhou Zesheng frowned, Time is running out.Liu Su said You can try, we have the help of the people, and the result will be twice the result with half the effort.Zhou Zesheng knew that this young man named Liu Su was good, But he didn t expect his mind to turn so fast.Even if the people don t want to come, at least tell them to go away to avoid disaster, Liu Su said.It s good for the people.Don t worry about these things, Zhou Qiye.Among the people in the town, there are some people can cbd gummies cause hives cbd gummies nearby who occupied the mountains and became bandits.Human life is at stake.I am just helping the son in law to contain some rebels.The real danger is the mother in law and the son in law.She has been walking around outside the cave to attract the rebels.The gaze of the army, so that people can take the opportunity to sneak into the cave to look for mother in law, and then the rebels lost their patience, and rushed out of the cave and came straight to her.When had she ever seen such a battle It would be a lie if she said she wasn t afraid.She didn t have many people with her.When she ran all the way, she was accidentally touched by the carriage by the rebels, although she tried can cbd gummies cause hives cbd gummies nearby her best to hide in the carriage.She went, but she was still held back.Fortunately, the guards arrived in time and killed the rebel.As a result, she lost cbd delta 8 gummy one of her shoes and her ankle hurt.

After twelve years, has she finally arrived Chapter 172 Hot Blood Princess Huairou immediately stepped forward to help best cbd gummy for pain relief Mrs.Zhao.Zhao Shi trembled all over, his face was no longer so gloomy, on the contrary his eyes were as bright as stars, and he didn t know where the strength came from, so he wanted to get out of the carriage.Mother, Princess Huairou said, tell us what you HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain relief want to do.Mrs.Zhao is currently unable to move around.Zhao s eyes turned black for a while, but she still supported her, a rush of hot blood poured into her chest, it was the blood of the Zhao family, the loyal blood of the general family.Mrs.Zhao gasped and said, I saw her when she was imprisonedon the mountain.Zheng Bian s daughtershe left with her troops and left meon the mountain as bait.Before giving it to the son in law, someone told her about the Shanxi mutiny, because the case involved the son in law s mother s natal family.The rebellion in autumn is the most debilitating.All the food harvested by the people after a year of hard work was taken away by the rebels.Yesterday the rebels wanted to set fire to the Ao Cang of the county government.Thanks to their timely arrival, the nearby people desperately protected the Ao Cang.The appearance makes people look sad.The world is chaotic, and the people who suffer the most are the people.I hope that after getting rid of people like Lin Sizhen, northern Xinjiang can be stable for a best cbd gummy for pain relief few years.Gu Chongyi thought so, and the village castle is in front of him.Daddy.Gu Chongyi heard Zhuzhu s shout from the village castle, and he quickly climbed up the tower without thinking about drinking water and resting.Madam s feeling is correct, Zhuzhu s condition has improved, and in the village, she can not only help with the disposal of medicinal materials, but also likes Madam to read to her.Others would definitely not be able to find out the clues from Xing Taipu Temple.Lord Hou is dedicated to the Great Zhou, and he will not hesitate to expose this case at all risks.Naturally, I want to protect the family members Zhouquan, I will report to resilience cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause hives the imperial court when I get to the middle of the capital, that Lord Hou is the biggest contributor to the war horse case.Huaiyuan Hou felt a chill in his heart, saying that this junior of the Wei family is very difficult, he is not only smart but also decisive in doing things, and he will not give up.Anyone who leaves room for it now sees that it is indeed the case.As soon as we met, Wei Yuanchen was about to reveal his background, no wonder Madam mentioned that Mr.Wei had a secretive expression on his face, she said thank you Mr.Wei, but seemed to have something hard to say.Wei Wei Yuanchen nodded I stabbed the prince in order resilience cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause hives to save the prince.He pointed to the collarbone.Princess Huairou s expression became even uglier, she pursed her lips tightly, the imperial concubine knew this and would never let it go Mr.Wei is in a hurry to go back to Beijing I will go forward do cbd gummies cause diarrhea best cbd gummy for pain relief with the third master, and I can do it in front of the emperor.To tell the truth, the prince himself was tricked into being taken away that day, and Wei Sanye once discovered the clue and went to Tao Duo to try to stop it.Wei Yuanchen shook his head Princess, you don t need to defend me.If you say too much, it will arouse the emperor s suspicion.He thinks that we have joined forces to harm the prince.This time it involves the Shanxi mutiny case.case.Princess Huairou knew what Wei Yuanchen meant Then you Wei Yuanchen said Princess, don t worry, I have a way to protect myself.Apart from Marquis Huaiyuan, his family members are also different.Lin Sizhen rebelled, but Mrs.Lin could not be implicated.The double person had to take care of his demented daughter and help her husband investigate the case.After knowing that Lin Sizhen was involved , and can appease the Lin clan, in other words, she may not be able to do so comprehensively.Don t tell anyone else, she wants to see the daughter of the Gu family The Huaiyuan Hou Gu family is a single lineage of two generations.Gu Chongyi has no siblings, only his uncle and aunt from the line of his great grandfather are his closest clan members.In the past two years, the clan uncle s family also bought a house in Beijing.Before hearing that Gu Chongyi had messed up his errands in can cbd gummies cause hives cbd gummies nearby best cbd gummy for pain relief Shanxi, the clan uncle ordered his eldest son, Gu resilience cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause hives Chongwen, to write a letter back to the clan, telling the clan not to get involved.History.Master Wei said just now that Shen Shoufu s younger brother is the deputy capital censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, and Shen Shoufu s second son is Guozijian Jijiu, this is the relationship between the Shen family, the Cheng family and the Zhao family.Did the Yuan family know that Mrs.Zhao was deliberately killed by the Cheng family Now that Mrs.Zhao returned to the capital safe and sound, it was a great shock to both the Cheng family and the Yuan family.Can we find some clues at this time, and find out who is behind Mr.Shen Now that he was talking about this, Wei Yuanchen couldn t help but said The third prince and the fifth prince have nothing to do.One continued to cbd gummies dosage by weight study knowledge in the mansion, and the other continued to preach to the imperial doctor to cure diseases.No one was sent to the Wei family to inquire about the news.

Gu Chongyi couldn t help but wonder Startled, he just went to Pinxianglou to buy salted duck, and the Wei family sent it over It can t be a coincidence.Gu Chongyi entered the main room, and immediately saw Master Wei Er sitting on a chair drinking tea.Master Hou.The Second Master Wei got up to salute.Gu Chongyi hurriedly said Second Master, what do you mean, I asked you to bring a food box It s also a coincidence, Wei Er Master said with a smile, I saw Lord Hou from a distance when I went to the restaurant, and asked the shopkeeper Only then did I know that Lord Hou came to buy salted duck, and others are fine with it.How can I make Lord Hou have nothing to eat I immediately ordered some food boxes to be sent over.Master Hou, please don t be polite to me.Second Master Wei laughed The beard was best cbd gummy for pain relief cheapest cbd gummies for sleep raised This Pinxianglou is the restaurant I opened, and it is very convenient to take my own things.He best cbd gummy for pain relief shouldn t have married Mrs.Zhao, his father in law is not enlightened.When he followed him to fight against the enemy in the frontier, he had seen his stubbornness.At that time, she knew best cbd gummy for pain relief that with his temperament, he would lose the battle sooner or later.Unable to defend the pass, and unable to shrink back with elites, it is Tan Dingfang, the Minister of the Ministry of War, who turned the tide and stabilized the situation on the northeast frontier.Tan Dingfang also became famous because of this battle.Later, the Wei family was implicated in the case of the second prince.After Wei Congcheng died , the position of minister finally fell on Tan Dingfang s head, such a person is a capable minister, what is his father in law Mr.Cheng regretted it very much.Back then, he was so cruel that he asked Mrs.Hearing this, Qian Yunsheng hurriedly said, But from then on, we didn t dare to look for Mrs.Zhao and Peng Liang again, for fear that we would be killed by Peng Liang if we were not careful.Later Aoer Dusi We mentioned the matter of the Zhao family, which aroused the attention of the people around Aoerdu Si Jinong, who asked us about Zhao and Peng Liang.We took the gold and silver and told them all.We thought it was sent After making a fortune, we returned to Dazhou with the goods and continued to do our business.It was not until more than a month ago that we found out that people were watching outside our house.One night, someone sneaked into our house and took away our family members.We will do what they want.It was then that Qian do cbd gummies cause diarrhea best cbd gummy for pain relief Yunsheng realized that his greed had caused a catastrophe.Seeing Baotong coming to the door, Bi Tao said in a low voice, I saw a light in the room, are you okay How long will I be on duty for you otherwise It s too hard to watch and take care of the young lady every day.In the past, everyone surrounded the young lady.Later, the young lady gradually recovered, and saw that she had a temper.And likes, I only like Baotong, especially when I rest at night, no one else is allowed in the room except Baotong, otherwise I will not be able to sleep.It s definitely not good to put it in another mansion, but the temperament of a child like the young lady can only go along with it.Baotong smiled and said It s not hard, just stay with Missy.She wished she could stay with Missy every step of the way, so that Missy could come in and out with peace of mind It was late at night, and most people were asleep, but the mansion in Beijing, which was newly rewarded by the emperor to the prince, was still lit.He really didn t expect Wei Yuanchen to do such a thing.He heard that the Wei family changed a few years ago, and Wei Yuanchen fell into a stubborn illness, so he hasn t done it until now.say dear.This time can cbd gummies cause hives cbd gummies nearby when Wei Yuanchen went to Taiyuan Mansion to handle the case, he even asked people to inquire about it in private.He knew that when Wei Yuanchen was handling the case in the Ministry of Criminal Affairs, someone bribed him with beauty.He was also fortunate that the war horse case had encountered such an imperial envoy, and perhaps it might be possible to find out.When he was in the village fort, seeing Wei Yuanchen return with his troops, he praised this young man from the bottom of his heart, but he never expected that Wei Yuanchen would dare to bully Zhuzhu like this in private.Gu Chongyi saw the sharp sword hanging on the wall and got up from the chair all at once.Master Cheng in the yard heard the words in the room intermittently, his body strength was pulled away, and suddenly Hands and feet are weak.Hui Xiang, who was kneeling on the ground, also panicked Madam hanged herself, you can do an injury test, I don t know anything, best cbd gummy for pain relief you can t wrong me yes I was outside when Madam hanged herself I didn t do anything, Does this mean that I will best cbd gummy for pain relief cheapest cbd gummies for sleep be condemned It is not written in the laws of the Great Zhou Dynasty.If the slaves are not rescued in time, they will be punished as homicide.Besides, Yuan er has seen it too.I am guilty, and Yuan er is also guilty.Xue Laotong sentenced the general His eyes fell on Hui Xiang Mrs.Yuan put powder on her face, and smeared snails under her eyes, just to look best cbd gummy for pain relief haggard.She told you a long time ago.If she kicked the stool, you shouted for help, but You didn t do what Madam Yuan told you, and stood in the yard and watched Madam Yuan hanged.

This is the most difficult part, the Gu family doesn t want him as a son in law at all.Wei Yuanchen raised his head and looked at Gu Chongyi Master Hou is also a person who remembers kindness.You must be thinking about the benefits that old General Zhao did to you when you came here.Hearing these words, Gu Chongyi had a surprised expression on his face In a blink of an eye, Old General Zhao taught him riding and archery skills when he was still alive, and even gave him military books, patted him on the shoulder, and said that he was like a father.But that s all, he didn t have much contact with the Zhao family, and before this Shanxi case, his wife was not even familiar with the Zhao family.When General Zhao led a military rebellion, he couldn t believe that General Zhao would cooperate with the enemy.I was knocked out by the censor, and Lord Hou happened to be next to him, and sent the second master Wei to the Wei family.Gu Mingzhu stopped the needle and thread in best cbd gummy for pain relief cheapest cbd gummies for sleep his hand, and the second master Wei was beaten by the censor The censor relied on remonstrance, and he started to do it anytime.I don t know who made the move first, but the second master Wei fainted, and the censor must not be able to take advantage of it.This matter will definitely reach the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Gu Mingzhu thought of Yuan s elder brother, Yuan Zhixing, the royal censor of Qiandu.Everyone knows best cbd gummy for pain relief that Wei Yuanchen is investigating the case of the Yuan family.If the Second Master Wei passed out like this, Yuan Zhixing is suspected of using the censor to slander Wei Yuanchen.If it is small, it is responsible for negligence, but if it is big, it may be threatening the Wei family.Gu Mingzhu looked over and saw that Master Wei was serious, not like You re talking nonsense, is it possible that Mr.Wei remembered everything that day Then he shouldn t come to her to ask these questions, but should be ashamed and apologize.What Wei Yuanchen said, Can t remember She should have asked him this question, but seeing Mr.Wei s righteous words, he really forgot his impolite behavior.God has the virtue of loving life.As a doctor, how can he stand by and watch the adults like that Gu Mingzhu said casually, I have the same heart for Mr.Wei as I have for Yuan Xiao.My chest felt a little congested.Yuanxiao is the rabbit I raised.Gu Mingzhu was afraid that Master Wei would forget who Yuanxiao was, so he hurriedly added, Look, my lord, I treat a little rabbit like this, not to mention my lord, every word I say It s true.At that time, the Wei family was called the Great Governor s Mansion , and the old man Wei was the only person in the Zhou Dynasty who could be honored as the Great Governor.After decades, I finally served in the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion.It s a pity that now the Commander s Mansion of the Five Armies is nothing more than a vain establishment, it only caters for idlers, time has changed Today, when he was promoted, Gu Chongyi turned down all the entertainment, but ended up drinking best cbd gummy for pain relief cheapest cbd gummies for sleep with the descendants of the Wei family, which may be considered fate.Go back Gu Chongyi ordered, It s getting late, and it s time to rest.The steward of the Gu family stepped forward to help Gu Chongyi, and Wei Yuanchen followed him all the way to the Aquarius Gate.Seeing Gu Chongyi s figure disappear from the inner house, Wei Yuanchen looked around.Ah Jun.Who is Master Wei calling There was an eager light in the depths of his eyes, full of enthusiasm and expectation, like a raging fire, even a seven foot ice seal could be melted.Gu Mingzhu opened her mouth to ask him what he meant by Ajun , but she swallowed it again.Maybe Master Wei was drunk, maybe she heard it wrong.Even if she heard correctly, there are many words with similar sounds.This Ajun may not be the other Ajun, so she doesn t is cbd gummies bad for you need to panic, but her heartbeat resumed at this moment, and it rang in her ears like a drum.Plop plop.There was a vibration in her chest, about to crack the wall in her heart and reveal the hazel hills cbd gummies mayim bialik secret hidden inside.Zhou Rujun.Wei Yuanchen s brows were stretched at this moment, his face was shining brightly under the moonlight, he was extremely handsome, his eyes were rippling, and he was looking at her fixedly.I will try to persuade my wife When the mother in charge said this, Mo Yangming paralyzed carefully.Sitting on the ground, green lobster cbd gummies customer reviews Bai Gongren saw that Bai Gongren still had an excited expression on his face, his eyebrows were raised, his eyes were wide open, and he looked a little abnormal.Mo Yangming frowned Is this Huixiu s patient Huixiu was the name of Sun Zhenzhen, the master of Taiqing Temple, and the female crown said Master has been treating this good man s leg injury.Mo Yangming Taking a few steps forward, he knelt down and pinched Bai Gongren s leg.The tentacles were shriveled flesh and blood, and Mo Yangming s expression became more serious.Send her down the mountain, Mo Yangming said, this disease can t be cured.When Mo Yangming spoke, Bai Gongren kept staring at her, as if thinking of something The real person doesn t remember me Ten A few years ago I once came to the Taoist Temple, and mysister A Chan is here to heal my wounds, I beg the real best cbd gummies for quitting smoking best cbd gummy for pain relief person to save me some time, I am grateful to the real person from the bottom of my heart.

Bai Gong stood there blankly, thinking about the pain she experienced in those years.She was in severe pain.It was the wet nurse who helped her apply the medicine.Besides, there was also the master who took good care of her.When her wound rotted the last time, she wanted to die.The master kept comforting her and told her to persevere.It is impossible for these two people to betray her, and they will never betray her.Mo Yangming continued You Ever seen Ah Chan s ghost Bai Gongren was still lost in his own thoughts, and subconsciously nodded when he heard this Yes, I have.When you saw Ah Chan s ghost, was there anyone around Yes, the master is by my side.He .

is cbd oil stronger than the gummies?

can t see Ah Chan.Mo Yangming continued Then you can see the appearance of that ghost clearly Bai Gong shook his head She has disheveled hair, so she can t see clearly, but she is covered in blood, and she is dressed like Ah Chan.With Xuanwei s confession, most of the case is clear.There are imported goods in the back mountain, and Sun Zhenren can t escape the blame.Now that there are more evidences, Sun Zhenren can t escape.Su Fu best cbd gummy for pain relief ordered to the left and right Take Zhenren Sun to the prison As soon as he said this, he saw Zhenren Sun raised his arm, and two sleeve arrows shot out from under the sleeves of his Taoist robe.An indistinguishable number of silver needles.My lord, be careful.Yacha stepped forward to guard, dodged the sleeve arrow but could not avoid the silver needle that followed silently.Sun Zhenren retreated as soon as he moved, and Mo Zhenren was about to follow.Sun Zhenren raised his sleeve again, and shot the same sleeve arrow and silver needle at Mo Zhenren and Xuanwei on the ground.Xuan Wei had long been caught in his own thoughts, knelt there without avoiding it, so Zhenren Mo had no choice but to wave his whisk to cover himself and Xuan Wei.Gu Chongyi got on the horse and walked out of the alley all the way.He was about to let the horse gallop when he heard the voice of Master Wei from best cbd gummy for pain relief behind him What a coincidence, Lord Gu, where are you going Do you want to follow me Go to Shangqingguan Gu Chongyi s eyebrows were furrowed into two beards, as if he was in front, and the Wei family thing was behind, why did he follow that thing Chapter 293 Avoiding Suspicion Gu Chongyi HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain relief Doesn t Want to Pay Attention resilience cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause hives to Master Wei Er squinted.Gu Chongyi urged the steed to move forward, and he would soon be able to leave that ignorant dude behind.Master Hou, what are you in a hurry for Don t chase me.Don t chase me, why don t you listen.The voice followed like a shadow, no matter how fast he was, Wei Congzhi could follow him closely, that thing was really just pretending to be stupid Confused, how could a real dude be so good at riding.The girl came all the way in front of him, breathing evenly, looking at Su Fu with her eyes.Miss, this is Master Su.Nu Guanzi whispered from the side.Gu Mingzhu just stepped forward to salute Su Fu, this courtesy was well behaved without any perfunctory.Before Su Fu could ask, Baotong said Lord Su, we are the female family members of the Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Su Fu immediately understood that the girl in front of him was the eldest lady of the Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu handed the prescription in his hand to Su Fu My lord, Master Mo said to use this prescription to detoxify.Su Fu looked at the girl with a serious expression on her face, but her eyes were still not as sharp as cbd gummy suppliers ordinary people s.Are you best cbd gummy for pain relief still ill Gu Mingzhu continued sternly The prescription uses aconite to attack poison with poison, and we must pay special attention to the dosage.I treat them very well and give them a lot of money every year.They are loyal to me.After Bai Jingkun finished speaking, he kept repeating I shouldn t be doing this I shouldn t be walking this way.He was talking nonsense when he suddenly felt that Mr.Wei, who was interrogating him, knelt down.Bai Jingkun tremblingly looked into Master Wei s eyes.Wei Yuanchen said Do you know what will happen if you lie in front of best cbd gummy for pain relief can you fly with cbd gummies 2020 me The screams sounded in Bai Jingkun s ears, and his whole body began to tremble, and his teeth chattered, but finally the picture appeared in his mind.A gentle and demure face, this face gave him the last courage I m not lying, it s all me, I led people to smuggle, everything is my fault.Wei Yuanchen looked at the panic stricken Bai Jingkun, A sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth How many fairy medicines did you transport to Beijing There are not many fairy medicines, Bai Jingkun said, There are quite a few Danba wild rice, and they are all handed over to Sun Zhenren for her disposal.After his sister said so, he had no reason to back down, so he gave Yan Can the list of scholars who had been in and out of the Shen clan, can cbd gummies cause hives and promised that as long as Yan Can had any request , he will help.Master Shen Er pulled out his thoughts from the memory.At that moment they drank and talked freely.Although there was a case pressing, they were full of joy because they found a confidant.He even had the idea of marrying his younger sister to Yan Shen.After Yan Shen finished investigating the case and worked in Dali Temple, and his status improved, he could mention this matter in front of his mother.It should have been a good result, but I didn t expect it to end up like this.Master Shen Er closed his eyes tiredly.Although Master Wei found out about the smuggling this time, he might not be implicated in the case of the Xiu family back then.

Mo Yangming cleaned his hands, and told Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu, bring the medicinal wine in the blue bottle.Gu Mingzhu searched the medicine box for a while, and then brought the medicinal wine to Mo Yangming.The female officer put down the curtain, and Mo Yangming skillfully kneaded the empress dowager s shoulders and back.The empress dowager closed her eyes, feeling pain and comfort at the same time.Thanks to you finding out about the Taiqing Temple, the queen mother said after a slight pause, Is the medicine used by Sun Zhenren imported But what s wrong with that medicine Mo Yangming kept moving his hands, but he was a little worried How long has the queen mother been taking it Is there any discomfort after taking it The queen mother shook her head Ai s family felt that after using the medicine, his illness was much better.Mrs.Wei Jiatai just arrived at that time, she fainted from fright when she saw such a scene, and before she could stabilize the situation in front of her, Fengxiang Hall suddenly caught fire.Fengxiang Hall is not far from the Compassionate Ning Palace, if the rescue is not timely, it is very likely that the Compassionate Ning Palace will be affected, he didn t bother to visit the Wei family, and immediately rushed to the Compassionate Ning Palace.The scene of that night still remains deep in the emperor s memory.The imperial guards were mobilized, and the servants and palace people were in a mess.If someone had bad 1:1 cbd:thc gummies intentions at this time, the consequences of instigating the palace change can be imagined.Empress Wei caused such a turmoil single handedly, to put the entire Great Zhou court in a dangerous situation, and make him surrounded by dangers.God treats him kindly.All the way to the West City, Cui Zhen slowly reined in his horse, and in front of him was the Anjiyuan, where the wounded soldiers would receive relief from the court in the future.There were countless deaths and injuries during the chaos in northern Xinjiang.Since he was fine now, he came to Anjiyuan to see how the imperial court would arrange the wounded soldiers in the future.Cui Zhen dismounted from his horse and strode towards Anjiyuan.Take your time, don t worry, the real person will be here all day, even if you can t finish reading today, the real person will come to check your pulse someday.Master is sitting here.A familiar girl s voice came.Cui Zhen looked forward, and saw a girl wearing a goose yellow dress and a veil standing beside a Taoist nun.The girl playfully lifted the gauze on her face, revealing her original face.Feng Anping said My son said that you kicked Aunt Zhen s shoulder, you must be able to see the scars on Aunt Zhen s body.Feng Anping said and ordered the servants Leave marks on the boots worn by Tan Zongqi, Take it for comparison, Tan Zongqi clearly explained the whereabouts of these few days, I will take people to investigate, Tan Zongqi rest assured, Shuntian Mansion has always handled cases fairly, and will never let Tan Zongqi be wronged, of course If Tan Zongqi is really suspected, he should ask Tan Zongqi to go to the yamen to report to the magistrate.Feng Anping felt that his words were eloquent, and he had a bit of the demeanor of a master and an old man, so he restrained himself from looking out the window.look.If he had never dared to say these things in the past, it was only best cbd gummy for pain relief because he met Marquis Huaiyuan on the way to Anjiyuan, and Marquis Huaiyuan ordered him to come and promised to take care of him.Tian Gongren brought tea to drink.When she came to Wei s house this time, she found that Madam Li was in a good mood.Is there a happy event coming at home The Wei family is also very powerful.After going through such a big turmoil, they are gradually getting better now.Tian Gongren thought platinum x cbd gummies 1000mg reviews wildly, the master also wanted to revive the Shen family, back when the old master was around, but now the Shen family has a reputation, and the master can t get involved cbd gummies for hypertension in the affairs of the family, so he can only listen to the second uncle and elder brother.Meaning, according to what the old man said, they were just responders in Shen s house, and they couldn t do anything except think of the old man s instructions at night and feel sorry for the old man.Mrs.Zhang talked with Tian Gongren Recently, the East Palace was abolished.Was it made by a craftsman named Tan Jiaming Tan Zigeng immediately unfastened the iron on his wrist.The box was handed to Wei Yuanchen My housekeeper bought it from a craftsman when he was buying goods in the south.This box is small and easy to carry.I always take it with me when I go out, but I have never used it before.Tan Zigeng frowned Your Majesty Wei may think that I m justifying myself, but I really didn t touch this opportunity just now.Wei Yuanchen carefully checked the mechanism in his hand.The size of the mechanism is about the same as that of the sleeve arrow, and the workmanship is very exquisite.There is a ring embedded outside the iron cylinder.Objects are not something ordinary craftsmen can create.This weapon is very similar to the hidden weapon used by Sun Zhenren.Wei Yuanchen put away the machine in his hand, raised his feet and walked towards Zhuangzi.

Don t throw away the paper, Tan Dingfang said.I will continue to write when I think about it.Mrs.Dong had no choice but to press down the paper with a ruler.Then she took the cloak from the servant and put it on Tan Dingfang.Tan Dingfang I had no choice but to follow Mrs.Dong back to the main house.If the master is worried about Brother Geng, I will call Brother Geng to ask.Mrs.Dong said bluntly, No matter what, Brother Geng won t kill people What s more, people from HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain relief Anjiyuan, our Tan family have Most of the belongings have been subsidized into the Anjiyuan Even if the Tan family can t get the credit, they can t take the blame Master, don t you think so Madam Dong suddenly turned around, thinking that Tan Dingfang was in a daze Didn t he stop immediately Dong The wife bumped into Tan Dingfang firmly.Hearing the name of Zou Xiang, Mrs.Zhang said blankly Master, Zou Xiang Who is it Before Cui Zhen could speak, Mrs.Lin said A child from our Lin clan accompanied his mother to Jingzhong to see a doctor.I left their mother and son to live in the Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion, and Zou Xiang s mother was seriously ill., I didn t let them come and talk.Mrs.Zhang then said, It turns out they are members of the Lin clan.Speaking of this, Mrs.Zhang smiled slightly If they are willing, they can come to Dingninghou s Mansion to live for a while.After saying this, she carefully glanced at Cui Zhen, and seeing that Cui Zhen didn t respond, she stopped talking.Let s go.Cui Zhen told Mrs.Zhang, can cbd gummies cause hives cbd gummies nearby and walked out the door first, and Mrs.Zhang hurriedly chased after her.Seeing the two figures leaving the yard, Mrs.Hearing the words Prince Mi , , King Huai only felt his waist go limp, as if someone had ruthlessly pulled his leg, and he immediately fell to his knees.Father, son son The emperor did not look at King Huai s appearance, and ordered Drag him, let s go.go.The servants and palace servants trotted all the way and followed closely behind, King Huai didn t dare to neglect, before moving his frozen legs, he stumbled and followed.The emperor practiced martial arts since he was a child.When he was the king of Lu, he led troops to the frontier several times.After becoming the king, he did not stop riding and shooting.Not long after entering the inner court, the emperor heard a noisy noise not far away, and when he approached, it was Dowager Mi who was shouting loudly.Although the emperor was prepared to see this situation, he still frowned.Gu Chongyi listened frowning.Wei Yuanchen said Qiao Zheng heard the words of Chen Weicheng from the Ministry of cbd gummies getting kids high War to blackmail Tan Shangshu, and Chen Weicheng secretly allocated military funds to Yongping Mansion.Wei Yuanchen continued Chen Weicheng and Bai Guanzheng and others framed Old General Zhao together.As for the evidence of King Huai s relationship with the Liang family, there is no way for the Huai Palace and the Liang family to dispute it.From the investigation of the war horse case to now, the results are in sight.However, the atmosphere in the room did not become brighter because of this, but fell into dullness for a while.Gu Chongyi couldn t help sighing King Huai liked to read since he was a child, and he has rarely participated in political affairs these years.Although the evidence is convincing, it still makes people feel Master Hou also thinks there is something strange Wei Congzhi said suddenly, But it may be determined Among them, there are not many people with clues, especially the imperial concubine party, who finally found the source of the crime of the East Palace, and they will definitely hold on best cbd gummy for pain relief to it.Pei Shangqing told the boy Take the lamp away, I m going to rest.He really wanted to see that Miss Gu Red lanterns were hung at the gates of mansions in the capital, and children ran around to greet the new year with joy.Cui Zhen went to the newly built small courtyard, where he wanted to meet people from the prison of the Ministry of Punishment.Cui Zhen sat on the chair, Tian Mang stepped forward to salute Cui Zhen Master Hou.Before Tian Mang came, Wang Jing ordered that Lord Dingning wanted to know what happened in the prison that year, and he knew it well.This matter must have something to do with the dead Mrs.Dingning.Lord Hou, Tian Mang said, I don t know what the outsiders say, but I guarantee that Mrs.Zhou never admitted to being instigated by the eldest princess from beginning to end.Gu Mingzhu s hand trembled, and she immediately retracted her fingers, pretending that nothing had happened, but her heart was beating like a deer, she turned around recklessly, and turned her face out of the window again.Wei Yuanchen didn t stop her, but was still looking at her steadily.After a while, he said During this time, the soldiers and horses in the five cities have been rectified, and the capital camp is HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain relief short of manpower., the selected people have arrived at the guards in the past two days, and began to take on the responsibility of patrolling the capital together with the Wucheng soldiers and horses.Gu Mingzhu didn t know why Master Wei suddenly brought up this matter.A group of people will pass by here soon.Wei Yuanchen pointed out the window.Hearing this, Gu Mingzhu felt nervous for a while.

Cui Zhen looked deeply at Zou Xiang for a while, then turned and walked outside the house, he needed to think carefully.In the few years after he married Zhang, Datong was busy with military affairs, and his thoughts were all on the guard.He didn t best cbd gummies for quitting smoking best cbd gummy for pain relief care about the cbd nordic gummies review inner house at home, and he always felt that there would be no big mistakes.Which family didn t live like this, as long as the concubine s room was restrained, Don t spoil concubines and kill wives, the concubine knows that what s left is the trivial matters in the inner house, are these as important as military affairs Mrs.Zhang is his official wife, and she has both prosperity and loss with the Dingning Hou Mansion.She is so gentle and gentle on weekdays, always thinking of him, for fear that her mother will be unhappy, and she will not even interact with her natal family.Mrs.Li best cbd gummy for pain relief was a little surprised, but she quickly figured it out Is the skill of removing the nets good Before her daughter married to Prince Lu s Mansion, even the palace lanterns in her house were often not complete.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips and smiled, thinking about the beads and silk threads scattered on the small table in Kunning Palace, and thinking about it carefully, she is also very good, at least the kung fu of removing the knots is comparable to that of the empress.The jade tower in the empress best cbd gummy for pain relief s main hall blooms well in spring, and the empress even asked someone to plant white magnolias in the garden.Mrs.Li said When I went to Kunning Palace that year, there were crabapples in the garden.It blooms in full bloom.It was also that year that the empress conceived the third princess.Gu Mingzhu said Your Majesty has been well cared for.Peng Liang will burn it in the yard.Green Bamboo attracted all the children around, and seeing those children made her feel more at ease.Peng Liang followed the Wei family to Daning not only to investigate the case, but also for her.Thinking of this, Mrs.Zhao pricked her finger with buy cbd hemp gummies a needle.With ten fingers connected to her heart, she shrank in pain, always having a bad premonition in her heart.Mother still not asleep Cheng Yu s voice came from outside the door.Mrs.Zhao hurriedly hid the clothes in her hand under the quilt, then straightened her skirts, and waited for Cheng Yu to step into the room.Mother, Cheng Yu said, you can t fall asleep again That s not it, Zhao said with a smile, it may be a habit developed over the years.I didn t feel it when I was busy in the past, but now I sleep less when I am free.I originally refused to agree, but Cui Erye gave me a hundred Two taels of silver, and said that the family will never pursue it.This one hundred taels of silver is enough for me to open an embroidery workshop by myself.Not only will you take back the money, but you will find any reason to punish me Gu Chongyi frowned, and from Xiu Niang s words, we can see that Mrs.Zhang not only planned to marry the Cui family, but also asked Cui Wei for help.In other words, Cui Wei had already had contacts with the Zhang family before that.Cui Zhen waved his hand and asked Xiu Niang to be taken down, and then continued This matter is too small, even if we send him to the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion, we can t convict him, but we can know Cui Wei s intentions.The Zhou family was shot and killed in the prison, I don t know why Cui Wei did it, but one of the best cbd gummy for pain relief reasons should be to pave the way for the Zhang family.After doing this, Gu Chongyi couldn cbd gummies albany ny t help regretting that at such a time, he actually had the leisure to play this kind of trick with Wei Congzhi.He used to pretend to be stupid, so don t be led by Wei Congzhi to become really stupid.At that time, his wife and Zhuzhu will despise him.Master Hou.There was finally movement outside.The steward came in and reported Someone is here at the yamen.Gu Chongyi strode out of the study and saw his subordinates in the yard.Lord Hou, the official of the Judgment Department stepped forward, There is a disturbance in the camp outside Beijing.Thousands of households led troops to follow King Huai, and they took people to the southeast.The court asked you to lead people to quell the can cbd gummies cause hives cbd gummies nearby chaos.Gu Chongyi knew in his heart that what followed King Huai, King Huai couldn t help himself.Boom.A strong force sent Qiu Hai flying, and Qiu Hai fell heavily on the ground.Blood dripped from the medigreen cbd gummies near me corner of Qiu Hai s mouth.No matter how fast he moved, his right leg was still injured, and his eyes were dizzy.He struggled get up.When did they bury the firearms It was obviously when they were chasing after King Huai, sothey had arrived long ago, and they hadn t rescued King Huai for a long time.They were placing these things, and they couldn t care less about King Huai s life.Just as Qiu Hai was thinking, Gu Chongyi s voice came from behind Don t let any one go.Gu Chongyi heard Wei Congzhi not far away saying I can t escape if I m lame He cursed What a cheap mouth.If it were him, he couldn t bear it, and had to get up and fight Wei Congzhi for his life.Sure enough, Qiu Hai held the sword and rushed towards Wei Congzhi again.

The first one to give is naturally the Ninth Prince of the Imperial Concubine, the Ninth Prince loves to eat chestnut cakes, but the Ninth Prince refused to eat the chestnut cake when the De Concubine handed it over.It is expected that the concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine De concubine took a piece and ate it first, so that the people in the concubine imperial concubine s palace could feel at ease.In the past, the Ninth Prince might have picked up a piece to taste, but today the Ninth Prince really didn t have an appetite, so he left after sitting in the Defei Palace for a while.The Ninth Prince didn t eat, and the other princes and princesses didn t dare to do anything.After everyone left, Empress Defei was going to go around the garden, but she felt unbearable abdominal pain.The queen mother went to the chair and sat down, raised her head and looked at the emperor Is the emperor scolding just now Tell Aijia what happened in detail.It is the first time that Aijia has heard the emperor of Zhou in so many years.Such a big temper.The emperor s face was still gloomy, but he had returned to his usual majestic expression, he just lost control, first he was disturbed by the matter of King Liang, and now seeing Concubine De like this, the pressure on his heart Anger and hostility spewed out all at once.Especially when the palace servant mentioned Wei Shi, what came to his mind was Wei Shi s contemptuous gaze, and Wei Shi s memorial, every word and every word in his heart.Finally made her wish again.The bitch.At that moment, he was thinking like this, instead of deciding that Wei Shi was the murderer.The emperor told the queen mother about Wei Yuanchen s speculation.The queen mother was silent for a long time, and then said after a long while Where is Concubine De Is she not a chess piece that someone else placed beside you The emperor s eyes jumped My son will check it out.The queen mother nodded This is the best.After finishing speaking At these words, the Queen Mother remembered the most important thing Queen Wei was still grounded by you in the Kunning Palace.The Ai family heard that you punished the Queen because she was speechless.What did she say With an itch, I couldn t help coughing violently.The queen said that the imperial concubine used the case of King Huai to clean up the harem, which made people panic.It just so happened that the Yongchun Palace case started from this, and it was all predicted by the Queen in advance.King Su calmed down, went to fetch the battle report and returned to the emperor.King Su opened the battle report under the emperor s signal.Father, Su Wang said, Yanqingwei, Bohai, some generals have led troops to rebel.I m afraid they should hurry up and order people to quell the rebellion The Wei family.Wei Yuanchen was sitting in the room before he discussed the war with his generals and was about to have some food.According to his speculation, when the battle report from Northern Xinjiang arrived, the emperor would order him to go to suppress the rebellion.After all, no one in the court is available now.Nine out of ten of the generals the emperor relied on were involved with Tan Dingfang.Wei Yuanchen thought about taking out a walnut, and thought of the scene of Zhuzhu snuggling in his arms, he couldn t help but slightly curled his lips, thinking that seeing her would make him feel at ease and prepare for the war, but not long after they separated, he began to miss her again, And it was out of control, and I wanted to find an excuse to come to the door again.Cao s family said My lord asked me to ask my lord, is there any important matter at home Sensing Cao Xueshi s concern, Zhou Zejing couldn t help feeling warm in his heart.He just told Cao s family about the situation at home.Being able to reach out and help Zhou Jerui also returned to the yard.Along the way, he thought about what happened to Rujun back then, until he best cbd gummy for pain relief sat on the chair and still hadn t recovered.When Xu Gui had an accident, Shuntian Mansion came to the door with a sentence, like a stone thrown into the calm pool of the Zhou family, causing waves of ripples.He almost forgot many things back then, but now he has to remember them.His unparalleled beauty sister in law, that slim niece.And Xu Gui.Zhou Cherui couldn t help clenching his fists nervously, will Xu Gui recognize him Will the things he did back then be known Looking at the window, Zhou Zerui vaguely saw a woman reading a cbd gummies cape coral fl book on the other side of the window.Zhou Zerui opened his eyes wide, and waved his arms uselessly around.The foot began to grind on his flesh, as if to crush his bone and flesh.Zhou Zerui let out a miserable cry, the foot finally left his back, but the next moment it appeared at the crook of his leg, and stomped it down mercilessly.Zhou Zerui clearly heard the sound of bones breaking, before his lips trembled, his body was turned over, and then that foot kicked him heavily in the crotch.All the hairs on Zhou Zerui s body stood on end, and after he groaned for the last time, he passed out.When Zhou Zerui woke up best cbd gummy for pain relief again, he felt cold all over his body.He was panting quickly, cold water slipped down his face, and the voice of Tian s mother could be heard in his ears.Zhou Cherui tried hard to see the best cbd gummy for pain relief surrounding situation clearly, and saw Tian s mother kneeling not far away, and a clerk sitting beside her was writing an official document.

It s the same as what Zhou Zerui said.The mother had the courage to save herself, and she would not just die, because the mother could not rest assured that she would stay in Zhou s house when she was young.Gu Mingzhu thought about it from the mother s point of view, the mother should want to take her back to Wang s house.Gu Mingzhu said Maybe there were other people who attacked my mother that night, and that person took advantage of Zhou Zerui s incident to kill her mother, and it happened that best cbd gummy for pain relief the Zhou family could cover it up for him.Zhou Zesheng frowned Could it be really Xu Gui You have contacts with Cui Wei, so those rebels are working in secret Gu Mingzhu said When my mother passed away, Cui Wei was still young, and he was still in the ancestral house in Shanxi.So my mother s case has nothing to do with Cui Wei , As for whether Xu Gui has harmed his mother, let Xu Gui speak.Lady Ning looked at the indifferent Concubine Jiang Is that what you plan to do Concubine Jiang said The right time, place and people are indispensable.Right now is not the time for us to plan, butwe can help.Ning The female officer did not understand.Concubine Jiang said Concubine De has a secret, otherwise she wouldn t be in such a hurry to get someone to investigate Yongchun Palace and the Cao family outside the palace to find out what s going on In case she can help with can cbd gummies cause hives cbd gummies nearby Concubine De s case Find a clue So why not do it When Concubine Jiang Guifei said this, her voice changed at any time She has been hiding in the dark and plotting against me for so long, now it s my turn.Even if she didn t get the result she wanted most, she would pay for what she wanted, and she won t lose In an inconspicuous room in Kunning Palace.But I don t know if it s because her eyes are not very good, she always feels that Chu Jiu doesn t look like a human being, but more like a clothes hanger made of bamboo poles.Gu Mingzhu said On the ninth day of the ninth day, Baotong will follow you today, so you don t have to dress like this.Chu Jiu Ansheng nodded, he was very happy to be praised by the eldest lady, but unfortunately he couldn t say a word to Baotong.Gu Mingzhu took Baotong thc vs cbd in gummies and Liu Su into the prison of Shuntian best cbd gummies for quitting smoking best cbd gummy for pain relief Mansion.Feng Anping stepped forward.Gu Mingzhu saluted Feng Anping.Feng Anping handed the Chinese document in his hand to Miss Jiang I have interrogated Zhou Zerui several times, and what Zhou Zerui said is the same as before.It seems that Zhou Zerui may not have killed his mother.Gu Mingzhu followed Feng Anping to Zhou Zerui s prison, and heard Zhou Zerui s begging voice from a distance My lord, what I said is true, pleasegive me a different cell.This pot of Wei Zi was originally her favorite, but she didn t expect it to be infested by insects.Although she took care of it herself, it took a day It s not as good as one day, since it s hopeless, you don t have to worry about it anymore.Empress Wei just walked into the hall and watched the palace servants bring out the flowers.The female official closed the palace door, and the queen mother raised her head and looked over What Is there something difficult Empress Wei nodded, I m afraid I need your help.The queen mother did not say much, but took out a few letters from the female official Guo Guo Everyone trusted by the family is here, and some of them are in the Beijing camp, why don t you take these letters and order them to do things as soon as possible.Empress best cbd gummy for pain relief cheapest cbd gummies for sleep Wei bowed to the Queen Mother The emperor dispatched the soldiers and horses of the Beijing camp to King Su.Huang Chang nodded.The little yellow gate is not his.There are many palace people and servants around the emperor.It is impossible for him to draw them all by his side.It is very dangerous to do so., if you are not careful, it will arouse the suspicion of others.Go down Huang Chang said, I serve here.This was originally against the rules.If the emperor knew about it, he would inevitably reprimand Huang Chang, but the emperor has no such opportunity.Right now, everyone in the Hall of Mental Cultivation must be replaced by his people.He walked towards the inner hall.After so many days and nights, he finally waited until this day.Your Majesty, Huang Chang said in a low voice, it s been half an hour, and you should get up too.The emperor on the collapse did not make any movement.The emperor Huang Chang raised his voice slightly, but the emperor remained motionless.What will the king of Liang do with you knockout cbd gummies then What The emperor trembled all over, trying to stretch out his hand to pull Empress Wei, but he didn t even touch Empress Wei s sleeve.Empress Wei took out a piece of paper and handed it to her servant The emperor has an order to order cabinet scholars and others to enter the palace to discuss countermeasures.The emperor looked at Empress Wei.Hot blood surged into the throat again, and a stream slowly trickled out from the corner of the mouth.Empress Wei looked sideways, with a slight smile in her eyes The emperor must take care of the dragon body.There is still a long way to go, and the concubine has to accompany the emperor all the way.Chapter 511, etc.As soon as Empress Wei finished speaking, Captain Long brought Huang Chang and Concubine De over.

Boom.The firearm exploded, and the billowing smoke engulfed the rebel troops.King Liang and the lieutenants around him all stared round.Sure enough, there was an ambush.There were screams of misery.With the help of the billowing smoke, Wei Yuanchen turned his horse s head, broke the arrow shaft on his shoulder, swung his spear and turned his head to kill the remaining rebels.Baptized his armor.They came back again.They escaped again.There should be no firearms this time.However, there was another boom from a different direction.Lu Guang and Zhu Wu got up from the pit, before shaking off the dust on their bodies, they rushed to the next place where the firearms were buried.Alsobe carefulthere is still an ambush Don t chase, don t chase King Liang saw that the soldiers under his command were in complete chaos, and he couldn t help clenching his fists Why did Wei Yuanchen act like this Too many firearms The imperial court s reinforcements did not arrive, which means that the imperial court did not prepare in advance, and in this case, so many firearms should not have flowed out.Wei Yuanchen.Liang Wang yelled out the name fiercely.Could it be that Wei Yuanchen had seen through his mind early in the morning, otherwise how could he find out where the soldiers and horses he stayed behind were.Another blow made King Liang no longer calm.Wei Yuanchen knew everything about him like the back of his best cbd gummy for pain relief cheapest cbd gummies for sleep hand, just like when he dealt with the emperor.This kind of feeling of being held tightly in the palm of best cbd gummy for pain relief the hand is very bad, and he can t help but start to doubt his decision making.If he is ambushed here, will soldiers be ambushed on the way to Dagu Could there be a mistake on the Lee side of Pyongyang Protect the prince and leave, quickly The soldiers and horses who escaped with King Liang went up to meet him, and King Liang was protected and fled again.Zhou Zesheng waved the long knife in his hand and charged towards King Liang first.The female family member was from Beitang.When she heard the servant girl serving Tang s speaking, she inadvertently revealed the tone, which was very similar to the fishing village in Beitang.So she asked Master Ge to help Shuntian Mansion go to the fishing villages around Beitang to find Tang s whereabouts.Gu Mingzhu felt that the Tang family should be there, and that Dagu, Beitang, would go north by boat and return to Daning soon.The lady my father met in Pyongyang should have been ordered by King Liang to put a woman next to the Lee family in Pyongyang as an eyeliner.After more than ten years of planning, Liang Wang and the Pyongyang Lee family must have made an agreement in private.When the King of Liang attacked the capital, the Li family in Pyongyang would not be silent.The Tang family stayed in the coastal fishing village, so it was convenient to communicate with the Li family by sea.Li praised Wei Congzhi in a rare way You have worked hard this time, let s go to the palace to meet your sister next time There are too many people in the Wei family Going to Kunning Palace will inevitably lead to gossip.Although her youngest son has two beards, he is still a master with fire on his ass.Throw it outside the palace gate.Mother, Wei Congzhi chased Mrs.Li into the carriage while the iron was hot, see if you want to give your son some rewards, let my sister give him a mansion.Go, go Mrs.Li seemed to be chasing flies.waving.Wei Congzhi grabbed Mrs.Li s sleeve Then give me some silver, and the bracelet in my mother s hand will be fine.A fight broke out in the carriage.Mrs.Li raised her youngest son s ear Do you still dare Do you dare To be honest, she misses this youngest son very much these days, and her hands itch.Empress Wei said I have to ask my mother and sister in law to buy more.With a daughter like her, the mother should know it well, and it must be natural to deal with it.That s it, Empress Wei smiled, I will reward you in the future if you don t have enough.It is also her first time marrying a daughter in law, so there will always be things that are not well thought out.Empress Wei told the female officer Some things should not be rewarded by the servants, but let the Wei family deliver them, so as not to be stained with the rules, and they will be unusable if they are put upside down.rest assured.After finishing these, Empress Wei opened the memorial again to read it.The servant walked into the main hall and told Madam, Prince Qing is waiting to be summoned with a sign.So soon, Queen Wei said, please come best cbd gummy for pain relief in, Prince Qing Holy, Old King Qing is already seventy four years old this year, and his body is fairly strong, otherwise he wouldn t have rushed over from Pingle Mansion so soon.Cui Zhen said Who is teaching Zou Xiang At Zou Xiang s age, he can only practice basic skills.It s my uncle, the steward said with a smile, My uncle personally instructed me.Wei Yuanchen Cui Zhen s best cbd gummy for pain relief eyes deepened.Chapter 543 Injured Wei Yuanchen is going to marry Zhuzhu in March next year, and the members of the Gu family call him aunt in private, which means that everyone in the Gu family has recognized Wei Yuanchen.Cui Zhen couldn t help thinking of the Zhou family.Zhou Zejing and Zhou Zerui were both in prison.The Zhou family s case could be clarified, but Zhou Zesheng alone would not be able to do it, with Wei Yuanchen s help behind him.I hope that Wei Yuanchen vitafusion cbd gummies reviews will let go of the Zhou family and treat Zhuzhu well in the future.If Wei Yuanchen has other thoughts, even if the Wei family is not what it used to be, he will not stand idly by.

Several people walked towards the house while talking.Mrs.Lin sat down and best cbd gummy for pain relief sighed Your cousin has taken best cbd gummy for pain relief care of everything in the house, so you don t have to worry about it.The only one who is poor is your cousin.His injuries are not healed at all, and he will definitely get sick after such a toss.After saying this, Mrs.Lin looked at Gu Chongyi My elder sister Mrs.Lin is also cruel.How can she be her own son I can t bear to scratch Brother Zhen s face with so many injuries.Look.Gu Chongyi said That best cbd gummy for pain relief s good, Brother Zhen crossed out the Lin family from the Cui family tree, and there is no need to attract criticism.With such a mother, how can we talk about filial piety Next there is the Zhang family, Mrs.Lin frowned, I don t know what Brother Zhen is going to do It would be great if I can help, I ll ask a doctor to go over to have a look tomorrow morning, Brother Zhen s face turned red, maybe he has best cbd gummy for pain relief a fever Ill, it s okay if Mrs.The child best cbd gummy for pain relief is innocent, if you can give birth to him, he will have a way out, and you will be sent to the Ministry of Criminal Justice immediately.Zhang tried her best publix cbd gummies to say Master Hou, this child is yours, he is yours as long as If I can make this concubine survive, I will be willing to do whatever the Marquis asks me to do.If she wants to survive, she has to kill her enemies, kill the woman hiding in Wuliangha, and kill those children of Luo Yu best cbd gummy for pain relief , for her child, for her life.That s your child.After Cui Zhen finished speaking, he strode out of the house.Seeing Cui Zhen s figure disappear, Mrs.Zhang wanted to chase her out but was stopped by her mother in law.That s your baby Cui Zhen s words echoed in Zhang s ears.Cui Zhen didn t care for a long time, she still wanted to lie to Cui Zhen that the child belonged to Cui Wei, wanted to anger Cui Zhen, and then took the opportunity to shoot Cui Zhen with a sleeve arrow.Tall and confident, he can always retain his dignity.Cui Zhen reached out to straighten Cui Wei s hair.The scene in front of him slowly changed again, the sky gradually darkened, and darkness swept everything.It was still Beijiang, but Cui Wei had already knelt in front of him.Cui Wei s spine bent down, and he was indescribably depressed Brother, I really didn t know that it was King Liang.I was deceived by my uncle and Mrs.Zhang.Who would have thought that King Liang was still alive Cui Zhen looked at him.Cui Wei, his expression is calm, but no one knows, his heart is trembling What did you do for King Liang Cui Wei shook his head I just helped my uncle cover up the matter of buying and selling war horses privately, and listened best cbd gummy for pain relief to Mrs.Zhang s intentions.I met Tan Dingfang a few times in private.Dangdang The sound of the iron is cbd gummy bears illegal ring hitting became more urgent.He finally took a look, and there was a wooden gun standing there.This gun was brand new, as if it had just been made and was waiting for someone to polish it.This is not his, but he made it for Cui Xiang.Cui Xiang.And Cui Xiang, he hasn best cbd gummy for pain relief cheapest cbd gummies for sleep t passed the iron gun to Cui Xiang, hasn t taught Cui Xiang how to practice martial arts, hasn t helped Cui Xiang ride a horse, and hasn t led Cui Xiang to fight in front of the battle.He is also a father.Cui Zhen didn t know where the strength came from, he struggled to raise his hand to hold the wooden spear in front royal blue cbd gummies of him.Chapter 553 Going Home Cui Zhen has been silent for some time in the dark, and finally hears someone talking beside him, but those voices seem to be far away from him.He wanted to open his eyes several times, but he couldn t do it resilience cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause hives with all his strength, and finally fell into a coma, and so on and so on.Brother Chen will pay homage to the ancestral temple tomorrow before welcoming his relatives.You should go to the Ancestral Temple.The rest of the people in the room froze.Mrs.Li frowned and looked at Prince Qing My lord is joking, brother Chen wants to pay homage to the ancestors of the Wei family.Old King Qing said with a smile It s right to pay homage to the ancestors of the Wei family.The gods and masters of the family were enshrined in the Taimiao together, and among them were the ancestors of the Wei family.When Cong Sheng was alive, he went to the Taimiao to worship his ancestors, have you forgotten Mrs.Li said What s the matter, Cong Sheng has received grace Only then can I go, brother Chen will get married tomorrow, there is no such rule. That s a matter for the Ministry of Rites, Mrs.Wei Yuanchen walked out of the room.Mrs.Li smiled and looked at Mrs.Yuan We have to make preparations.Oh, Wei Congzhi exclaimed, I forgot one thing, do I want to teach Brother Chen a few words Said that he is also the second uncle, and if he doesn t admonish him at this time, he will have no chance in this life.That s a good idea, Mrs.Li rolled her eyes at her youngest son, Today you d better be honest and be careful about how my family will serve you.Leaving the house, I heard Wei Congzhi s voice from behind Oh, mother, don t kick, don t kick, these are my new clothes.Wei Yuanchen walked out of the yard, and the old King Qing came up to him It s almost time, it s time to wear clothes.I m going to the Taimiao.Wei Yuanchen bowed to the old King Qing My Lord Qing, I ll go to the Wei Family s Ancestral Hall to offer incense sticks first.

There was some light gradually coming out of the window.With the help of the candlelight and the faint light, he looked down at Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu pouted slightly and hugged the quilt tightly, sleeping soundly.Looking at it, Wei Yuanchen couldn t help stretching out his hand lovingly to straighten her messy long hair, and he also cherished her, but for some reason, it was difficult to control the process.In the past, she had a pure love for Rujun, but later it was an unforgettable pain, until she connected with Zhuzhu, she became more and more distracted.Before getting married, he didn t dare to think about it for fear of offending her, but now that he is finally married, he can t restrain himself anymore.Looking at Zhuzhu s innocent appearance, Wei Yuanchen felt a surge of heat rising up, he closed his eyes and let out a long breath of relief.Cui Zhen stretched out his hand to brush the top of Cui best cbd gummy for pain relief Xiang s head, give him some time, and he will recover as before.Let s go, Cui Zhen pulled Cui Xiang, Let s continue shopping.He still wanted to take Cui Xiang to HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for pain relief continue walking After a busy day, Gu Mingzhu was finally able to sit down and talk to Lu s mother.Lu s mother said The third master was very good at serving him when he was best cbd gummy for pain relief young.He was not picky about food or clothing, but he had to remember one thing.Gu Mingzhu asked curiously, What Lu s mother smiled I need to prepare a clean suit for the third master.Yipao, I remember when I went to Zhuangzi, the third master went to catch loach with the children of the nearby farmers.Gu Mingzhu was a little surprised, but thinking that she had also pulled the tail of a sheep, it was not enough for Wei Yuanchen to do those things strange.Gu Chongyi was about to walk forward, best cbd gummy for pain relief but Wei Congzhi hugged his thigh.Brother, you saved me this time.I am willing to be a cow or a horse.Get up, how decent are you Are you afraid of losing face to the Wei family , Wouldn t it ruin his reputation if people saw it Wei Congzhi held Gu Chongyi s trousers tightly There must be some place in the Hou s mansion where the golden house hides the beauty, stuff me in it, and let me hide for ten days and a half months before the Mu family left me.Just come out, from now on I will belong to you, big brother.Fart.Hearing these words, Gu Chongyi s hairs all stood on end, is he his Bah What else did you say that he is in a golden house It s really unlucky, how stupid is he, to think of such an idea Gu Chongyi ordered Please ask the steward of the Wei family to come in, just say that the second master Wei drank two glasses of wine in my study, and now he is drunk, and needs them to help him back.

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