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There are green ivy on the wall.Although it is old, it has a sense of history.I feel that living here is more comfortable than living in those newly built high rise buildings.The door opening is in the middle of the building.Standing in front of the building and looking up, the first window on the left hand side of the second floor is closed, and the air conditioner installed on the edge of the window sill does not move.In such a hot day, the windows are closed but the air conditioner is not turned do cbd gummies really work bio spectrum cbd gummies review on, which means that the inside should be nobody.Han Chaoyang and the two pretended to be visiting relatives and friends, went straight into the dark doorway, and climbed to the second floor in one breath.Xu Hongliang is a local, so he went up to knock on the door tacitly.I thought there was no one in the house, but just knocked twice, a woman s voice came from inside Who is it He replied in Mandarin with a local accent.

Carrying a bag and a trolley case, get off the taxi at the north gate.All in the house The girl went out, is bay park cbd gummies a scam cbd gummies to stop drinking but she didn t go far, and she s making dinner.Deputy manager Xu clicked the mouse, turned the monitor The signal was switched to the camera at the east gate of the factory area, and the female suspect was buying cooked food in front of a stewed vegetable shop next to the east gate.She was carrying two plastic convenience bags, which looked heavy, and it could be seen that they were watermelon and several bottles.beer.Don t even think about leaving when you come back Han Chaoyang weighed it up, clicked on the Fox Hunting Group group, raised his phone and started a voice Comrades, I am Han Chaoyang, two male suspects are back, no, there are three in total.Female suspects They are preparing for dinner, and they probably won t leave tonight.

Considering that apetropics cbd gummies free sample bio spectrum cbd gummies review the representatives of the owners might have misgivings, Director Su decided to give them a reassurance and insisted that Han Chaoyang attend.Dear owners, the ins and outs of the matter are complicated best cbd gummies sleep and complicated, and it is as simple as that.It can be said that there is no way around it.Here, on behalf of the neighborhood committee and the community voluntary security patrol team, I assure you that the security team is just changing a brand , in terms of serving property owners, what it was like in the past, and what it will be in the future, and it will even be better than before in terms of public security prevention and service attitude.I don t have any objections if the property fee is not increased.Director Su, Manager Zhang, I have neither Opinions.Thank you for your understanding.

There are more than 160 law enforcement members and coordinators, but there are more than 130 bio spectrum cbd gummies review kana cbd gummies near me parking wardens.Half of the remaining 30 people are leaders.It is impossible for leaders to participate in front line law enforcement.It is our squadron that really does things.In the organizational structure I m just a small squadron leader, and I m asked to take the lead in coordinating how the other 12 departments will work together.Is this feasible It s bio spectrum cbd gummies review the fate of eating gutter oil that really touches N Hai s heart.Public security work is difficult, but They are nothing compared to them, Han Chaoyang understands and even sympathizes.Captain Tang took out a cigarette, gave Han Chaoyang and Lao Jin, Xiao Zhong and others who had just walked over a circle, and then complained We accept more than 600 complaints a month, and receive all kinds of complaints from the masses and referrals from other departments every day on average.

According to Director Su, the street leaders are helping to coordinate with several construction units, and may take over the security of several construction sites in the future The voluntary security patrol team needs at least 80 people.It is conceivable that Chaoyang Security bio spectrum cbd gummies review Service Company will become the largest security company with the largest number of people in Huayuan Street in the future With someone, Han Chaoyang is full of confidence.Tomorrow night, we can conduct a drag net check of the migrant population in the area under the jurisdiction of the police office, so as to get a complete count of the population in the area and clarify the situation, and complete one of the most important tasks in the duties of the community police.He called Zhao Xu, the driver who had just joined the patrol team, and drove back to the office in his pickup truck.

At 9 30, he received an order from the sub bureau to dispatch the police.He was busy until 11 30 in the middle of the night before having dinner.Thinking that Han Chaoyang, who was not only an apprentice but also a community police officer, was checking the migrant population, he was not at ease.After eating in twos, he talked to the instructor, pulled Guan Xiyuan who was about to go back to the dormitory to rest, and drove to Chaoyang Village together.Perhaps in his subconscious mind, do cbd gummies really work bio spectrum cbd gummies review he wanted to see how Han Chaoyang was doing.Yang Tao didn t call when he set off, and he didn t make any condor cbd gummies scam is bay park cbd gummies a scam contact on the way.Yang Tao drove the 110 police car from Zhongshan Road into Chaoyang West Street, and saw that all the alleys leading to the village were wearing warning belts, and there was a heavily armed special service on duty.

Thinking that he was still gnawing on his old age, Han Chaoyang was hurt, so he gave her a supercilious look and stopped talking to her.Unexpectedly, she caught up and said with a sad face Officer Han, I m not joking with you.I m in a lawsuit, and I m filing two lawsuits at the same time.The rent is not enough for the lawyer s fee, and the housekeeper asked for some money.I accept the punishment., but can you be accommodating, wait until you get the compensation for the demolition and then pay the fine. It turns out that I don t accept it. I m busy with lawsuits and demolition, so I don t have time to find a job, and even if I find a job, I can t do it Going to work normally, I really don t get it, Officer Han, please help, please.Although she is about to become a millionaire, it is really not easy for her.

This is getting more and more courageous, and this is preparing to go deep into the community and take root in the grassroots as the branch leaders said Old Xu stared at him for more than ten seconds, and nodded after confirming that he didn t seem to be in a daze.Han Da, Uncle Xu, we re here, bio spectrum cbd gummies review what s the meeting While speaking, Li Xiaobin and other four squad leaders filed into the apetropics cbd gummies free sample bio spectrum cbd gummies review police room.Han Chaoyang motioned for them to sit down, then raised his mobile phone and said, During the investigation last night, the working group and the neighborhood committee established several WeChat groups, and more than 2,400 outsiders joined the groups.You can also join them tomorrow and chat with them.chat, and then take advantage of the fact that most of do cbd gummies really work bio spectrum cbd gummies review our patrol members come from cities and .

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counties in the whole province, build a few groups of villagers, and pull all the villagers into small groups.

Tai Shurong, director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, couldn t help laughing Said Old Gu, Yongsheng is now the deputy director anyway, can you save him some face in front of the new comrades.That s right, you are all leaders now, I want to listen to you The master joins the work For more than forty years, not to mention in the branch office, it is estimated that no policeman with more senior qualifications than him can be found in the city s public condor cbd gummies scam is bay park cbd gummies a scam security system.You can imagine how many apprentices he has had Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that he would no longer be a lone unlucky guy in the sub bureau in the future.Not only would he have a white shirt master, but also many senior brothers who would be leaders.He bio spectrum cbd gummies review thought to himself that Liu Jianye and Guan Yuanyuan didn t like me, Han Chaoyang, and Director Xing and Bao Suo couldn t look at me as a junior.

After a while, there was movement, or rather a smell.Han Chaoyang really regretted following in, bio spectrum cbd gummies review he could only cover his nose and watch the drug dealer shit.Xiao Yu, help us find a bucket, fill it with water, and find a basket by the way.Even though the stench was suffocating, Yu Zhenchuan was still so excited, he responded and ran out again.What made Han Chaoyang dumbfounded was that the senior brother had just entered the room with a bucket of water and a plastic basket, when Jiao Da actually took out a bio spectrum cbd gummies review plastic bag and said nonchalantly, Xiao Han, you can help me too, together with Xiao Yu Help me put the things pulled out by the suspect in a bucket and use a basket to clean them, drain the things and put them in this plastic bag.You have four people here, how can we let us do this kind of thing Isn t it bullying to help you work after smoking your cigarettes, and to do such dirty and smelly work Han Chaoyang secretly cursed that his good intentions were not rewarded, and he was hesitant to listen to him, but Yu Zhenchuan agreed without hesitation Okay, I ll go find two pairs of latex gloves first.

If you ride an electric car It only takes half an hour to commute to and from get off work.I found a good place, and I will move tomorrow.My landlord s house still has two rooms, which are bigger than where you used to live, and it is a new house, very clean. bio spectrum cbd gummies review How much is it a month 450, with air conditioning, bathroom, and wireless.Okay, let s go and see tomorrow.Moving is undoubtedly the topic they talked about most recently.Han Chaoyang suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of guilt, as if he drove them away.I don t know and I am even more embarrassed to participate in this topic, so I just laughed and said nothing.We ve also found it.Let s go to Yangguan Village.It s a coincidence that the previous landlord s house happened to have two vacant rooms.He still remembers me and Lao Pan.He was very polite and didn t even ask for a deposit.

By the way, his wife is also there.They seem to have not found a good place.Still open.Uncle Wan, Uncle Hou, the situation you reported is very important.We will keep it secret for you, and you should not disclose it.It is not easy for anyone to work in the city, but you can t do such immoral things, and you can t do such illegal and criminal things., I will investigate and won t let him get away with it. Don t worry, we re keeping our mouths tight, besides, we ve moved to Yangguan bio spectrum cbd gummies review now. I m just reminding you, come, I ll give you a drink instead of wine., thank you both for supporting our work.Don t be shy about encountering any difficulties in the future, feel free to call me or send me a WeChat message, as long as I, Han Chaoyang, can do it, I will never shirk. Chapter 99 Help After the meal, I would like to thank Cui Changming and his wife again for their kind hospitality.

A few migrant workers are quite honest, saying that they are here to work and earn money, not to fight.No matter how ugly the reporter s words are, they will listen to them.They will not stop the reporter from turning off the switch.Their boss is not Things, after my mediation here, I just sent the reporter back to rest, and then called them to continue working, not only fighting guerrilla warfare with the Environmental Protection Agency, but also fighting guerrilla warfare with me.What should I do I can t take them to the site, and I can t confiscate the construction equipment.The villagers call 110 after they leave like this.What can I do I can only watch at the scene Yu Zhenchuan, who had just rushed back to the scene, thought more and more.Depressed, he lit a cigarette and glared at a few honest migrant workers squatting by the river.

Jiang Xiaofang had always followed Jiang Xiaolan s lead, and seeing her sister was silent, she didn t dare to make trouble again.Han Chaoyang just stood by the grave, watching the two families burn paper and kowtow, and watch the two families dig out the urn and wrap it in red cloth to carry away.Zhang Beibei remained silent until the Jiang sisters and their respective families walked out of the woods, and then bowed deeply to Han Chaoyang and Tang Junwei who supported her together, then opened the plastic convenience bag, and burned the paper like the Jiang sisters did just now kowtow.Tang Junwei couldn t bear to let a girl pry the grave to get the urn.He couldn t help but turned around and said, Xiao Zhang, come and help me Chapter 106 Removing the eccentric master s grave is an important task, the working group Take care of the meal.

What is ironic is that citizens actually like this kind of photo, and more than 40,000 people like it under the post.Some netizens even wrote a poem The rain blurred the eyes, a handsome face that couldn t melt away, smiling at the cloudy sky, no need for redundant words, but I saw that the true colors of that moment appeared The move actually aroused such a strong response, and at the same time, I thought of a very embarrassing question.If the leader of the sub bureau knows to call and ask, if a good media reporter comes to interview, how should he explain it Could it be that I told the leaders and media reporters that those manhole covers were not lost at all, but that I opened them myself to drain the accumulated water on the road faster.Just as she was thinking wildly, Huang Ying called again.

This is understandable, together bio spectrum cbd gummies review kana cbd gummies near me It must be a bit embarrassing for a good sister cbd gummy bears buy who has played until she is a good sister.Han Chaoyang thought for bio spectrum cbd gummies review a while, then asked Sister Tang, have you met her husband I don t think he s good at talking.I chatted with Qiuyan, but he didn t say a word, just sitting on the side and giggling. What do you usually talk about when you apetropics cbd gummies free sample bio spectrum cbd gummies review meet Let s talk about the recent situation, talk about some parents gossip, she talks about her mother in law the most, In their forties, they not only remarried but also gave birth to a child.They don t care about them, and they don t want to care about their mother in law.Although the mother in law and daughter in law have a bad relationship, it s just that they don t agree with each other.Ever had her husband I said it, not much to say, being a carpenter, skilled, and doing decoration, hard work is hard work, and the money seems to be well earned.

As a result, they always think that they are still from the 527 factory., I don t have a sense of belonging to the neighborhood committee. A good start is half the battle, as long as they are willing to come, they will gradually have a sense of belonging.Chapter 127 reminds the fact that the old factory manager and the others are very punctual.Last night we made an appointment to arrive at 7 20, but we arrived at 7 10 The old bio spectrum cbd gummies review factory director is the chief conductor of the band and choir today, and it is also the first time he has led a team out to participate in an event.He was very excited, organized the old guys and sisters to line up, turned around and asked with a smile Director Su, seven forty It s just started, and there are still 20 minutes, how about we rehearse on the spot These days, we were so busy that we didn t bother to go to Yanhe Park to watch their rehearsal.

Let s go with dinner and take our car, and we will pick you up when the time comes.Thank you, Secretary Yang In the afternoon, there was both a streamline work meeting and a commendation meeting, and Han .

do smilz cbd gummies contain thc?

Chaoyang was very happy to think that there would be certificates and bonuses for him.After seeing off the street leaders and the old men and women of Factory 527, the master and apprentice drove to the institute to attend the regular meeting on Monday.It may be that there is too much work.The bio spectrum cbd gummies review leader cut a long story short, and the meeting was over in an hour.I don t know if it was because of his grandfather s face, or because of the most handsome policeman , Liu Suo didn t put on a bio spectrum cbd gummies review face like before, and even deliberately asked Han Chaoyang to wait before leaving after the meeting.Xiao Han, your master is not in good health.

Ma Fengying likes it more and more.Thinking of the housing prices that she has learned in the past few days, she can t help asking Chaoyang, a bright future The location is so good, the surrounding environment is so beautiful, and it is next to the bio spectrum cbd gummies review city hall, how can it sell for 15,610 square meters A better environment is more beautiful.Han Chaoyang turned his head and smiled, and continued Besides being next to the city government now doesn t mean it will still be next to it in the future, the development zone is to the east, and there is a new district to the north.Go to the new do cbd gummies really work bio spectrum cbd gummies review district, it s under construction there, and we ll move there when it s finished.Ma Fengying is not an ignorant rural woman, she murmured The land in the city is valuable, so sell the current office building to the developer, and move the municipal government to the city.

As long as we can confirm the identity, we can contact relatives.Give me some time, if you can make him wake up as soon as possible OK.Director Pang knew he was in a difficult situation, but the hospital was also in a difficult situation, so he stared into his eyes and said, Xiao Han, do you want me to ask Xiao Lu to show you the bill It has already cost thousands.Our hospital There are regulations, just now it is considered a special matter, and I have made an exception for you.If you don t pay the money, you can t even get the medicine.How can you ask me to treat the patient if you don t have the medicine. Must pay Director Pang, wait a minute, I ll call the rescue station.Last time, the rescue station for the injured drunk sent by the Xinyuan Street Police Station didn t care, saying that there were no relevant regulations for providing assistance to drunks, and Director Pang expressed serious doubts about whether the rescue station would bear the patient s medical expenses, but he still said You can also call the relief station, as long as the relief station promises to bear the medical expenses, we can still get the medicine if you don t pay for the time being.

I ll ask, they should have someone on duty.The place where the aid is provided is under the jurisdiction of the District Civil Affairs Bureau.When the police find homeless people in the course of their official duties, they should inform them to seek help from the rescue station, and guide and escort the disabled, minors, elderly and people with limited mobility to the rescue station according to regulations.Some time ago, two MLM dens were terminated, and the people trapped in the MLM had no money to go home.They were also sent to the rescue station at that time, so the number of the rescue station was in the mobile phone.Called the past, and sure enough there was someone on duty at night.Han Chaoyang showed his identity and introduced the situation, but the staff who answered the phone said without hesitation Comrade Han Chaoyang, you said that this person has money and should have a job.

Xiao Bian, get off Are you okay Leave me alone, hurry up Afraid that the damned wolf dog would bite his comrades again, Wu Wei raised bio spectrum cbd gummies review his is bay park cbd gummies a scam cbd gummies to stop drinking left arm and restrained the wolf dog s head while enduring the severe pain, and strangled the big wolf dog.He pressed the ground firmly in his arms.Bian Guangping, who had just stood firm, saw him fighting with the dog lying on the ground, and was hesitating whether to rescue his comrades first.Another group of policemen came in from the east side of the iron gate and kicked open the living room door.Xiao Liu has also climbed up the wall.Hurry up, what are you doing standing there Wu Wei was in a hurry, kicked him without hesitation, turned over, and pressed the big wolf dog under him.Bian Guangping reacted, pulled out his gun and bio spectrum cbd gummies review rushed into the living room.

My own, what are you embarrassed about Xiaokang helped him untie his armed belt, and said excitedly Today, we will have dinner half an hour earlier, practice singing after dinner, and as long as all those who are not on duty at night come back from the few on duty spots outside, we will be fine.I don t know what song to ask us to sing.A young man climbed down from the canopy bed and muttered August 1st Song Festival, we must sing military songs.We sing every day in the army, and there is a song before dinner.What military songs we don t know how to sing , Come to think of it, there is really no need to rehearse.Don t want to participate in the rehearsal Xiaokang asked back.It s bio spectrum cbd gummies review not that I don t want to, it s that it s unnecessary.What do you know You guys sing in the army by shouting.You just 2 to 1 cbd thc gummies need to have a loud voice and a high voice.

We suspected that they might have obtained a windfall by accident, so we launched an investigation in this direction.As a result, the social relationship of the couple was checked like a sieve, but no suspicious points were found, either no suspicious points were found, or no suspicious persons were found, and the detection work fell into a deadlock again.How did it break Thanks to you, you talked about the case with Team He, and you mentioned that the problem might be at the neighbor s house where Qiao Xianhong worked.All other clues were cut off, so he could only be a dead horse as a living horse doctor.After Team He reported this possibility, the special case team adjusted its deployment and investigated cbd strawberry gummies several apetropics cbd gummies free sample bio spectrum cbd gummies review communities where Qiao Xianhong worked.Not on the same floor, but the one downstairs.

Some could not speak clearly, some had broken sounds, and some could not master the minimum intonation and rhythm.Han Chaoyang, who had just turned into a Guide Han , was iron and selfless , and found that those who were not suitable to participate in the chorus were mercilessly eliminated.He was not the only examiner at the apetropics cbd gummies free sample bio spectrum cbd gummies review scene.Teacher Liang of the 527 Factory Veteran Cadre Chorus used to be a music teacher.Although he was not very professional, he could still judge who was suitable to participate bio spectrum cbd gummies review in the chorus and who was not.The group did very well under his guidance.It took just over an hour for the exam, and more than apetropics cbd gummies free sample bio spectrum cbd gummies review forty people have been eliminated from both sides, including Secretary Yang, Director Gu and Lao Jin They were very focused and cbd gummies on flight rigorous on the test.The policemen of the branch bureau and the street officials sat in the stands and whispered.

From the surveillance video, Chaoyang just now The four people who reported were very suspicious, they were inadvertently scared away by the hospital security guard Lao Gui, you know the situation of the Sixth Hospital, Lao Gui is on duty in the police room, and he is wearing the uniform of the auxiliary police.Someone ran away from the hospital , and did not receive a notification that a major case occurred at night in any place, Deputy Director Xing really didn t take it seriously just now.But it s different when Grandpa Gu says it s suspicious, and from Grandpa Gu s description, it can be confirmed that it s very suspicious.Deputy Director Xing held his phone and shouted Xiao Hong, Zhongshan Road Police Platform, please call the surveillance camera, hurry up Click.Yes Old Gu, don t worry, within three minutes at most, I ll call you as soon as it s called.

It was hard cbd full spectrum gummies 100 to judge who hit harder at the beginning.After the fight, it became one sided.The absconded Although there were few people on one side, they fought more and more courageously, even the girls.Regardless of the salesmen and accountants, they believed that Liu and Yan were punching and kicking.The video taken by the crowd showed that one of the suspects picked up a brick and shot Liu.A.Seeing that Liu s head was bleeding, and seeing Yan lying on the ground hugging his abdomen and rolling in pain, the two salesmen and accountants dared not go forward There are witnesses and videos, and the ins and outs are really clear.Qian Dui secretly scolded some bastards from Dongsheng Machinery Company, and asked Which direction are they running, are they running by car, by bicycle, or by two legs The crowd said they went west.

Comrade police, rice can be messy Don t talk nonsense when you eat, what egg yolks, you re hitting my brand, there are crab roe in my crab roe buns.The proprietress was not happy, she took out a drawer of .

what mg cbd gummies are best for pain?

crab roe buns, took out one with a clip, and wanted to break it open for them to see , let them taste it, and then thought that it was a small business, they were a little reluctant, so cbd gummies for drinking they simply put it back, which caused another burst of laughter.Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du specifically explained before they left that the branch bureau had to sort out a set of materials from the discovery of clues to the reporting to the arrests.Although the four suspects were captured in the area under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, one could tell from the tone of the bureau leader what happened to the Xinyuan Street Police Station.

It s funny to think about it.Liu Jianye didn t like him at first., actually ran to me from left to right to say why I want to change.Liu Jianye was very clear about what kind of person Zhou Ju was, and asked with a smile Now It s embarrassing for him, but it s not that he doesn t even have this measure.Well, Liu Jianye is still capable of doing things.The trainer Guan Yuanyuan is not very competent.The fast speed of the train depends on the headband.The grassroots officials must be selected and appointed.Tomorrow s party committee will study and study, and adjust the few people who should be adjusted.Let s go.This was not an impromptu idea of the director, but a long awaited schedule.Commissar Huang nodded and said nothing more.Comrades sang well just now, now it is inappropriate to talk about is bay park cbd gummies a scam cbd gummies to stop drinking the adjustment of cadres, Zhou Ju tilted his head back again Mr.

There is really no best but better.The most worse one is the Finance Bureau.There are no condor cbd gummies scam is bay park cbd gummies a scam units in the district who do not deal with them and are very familiar with them, but there are more than a dozen unfamiliar faces among the people who performed on stage, clearly relying on money to attract foreign aid.unacceptable As soon as the political commissar noticed something was wrong, Zhou bio spectrum cbd gummies review Ju bio spectrum cbd gummies review immediately took out his mobile phone and prepared to send WeChat to Director Wei of the Finance Bureau.It turned out that the WeChat group that participated in the meeting last time had exploded, and the top leaders of each unit were mobilizing teachers to inquire condor cbd gummies reddit about the crimes.Director Hua of the Education Bureau, who was determined to win the first place, and even Director Gu of the Propaganda Department, who was also in the group.

People go to high places, and water flows to low places.I can t block his way.I don t even know how to talk to him.There are several colleges in the Polytechnic University, and the old campus is just opposite the Chaoyang Community Police Office.There are tens of thousands of students in several colleges, and there are foreign students How much tuition can tens of thousands of bio spectrum cbd gummies review students charge a year, and the province will return hundreds of millions of funds every year.Not to mention anything else, if you look at the teaching buildings, office buildings and dormitory buildings in the two new campuses, you will know that most of them are rich, and the treatment of rich teaching staff is naturally not bad.If a young man jumps to PolyU, not only will his salary be better than working in the branch office, but he will not be so tiring working in the branch office, bio spectrum cbd gummies review and he may even have the opportunity to go abroad.

I am already a policeman in the Yandong Branch.Have you thought about it Have you thought about it.Everyone has their own ambitions.Now that we have thought about it, we don t force it.But you, a classmate, don t seem to be learning to play western musical instruments.What we want to build is an orchestra that can play symphonies.bands, not national bands.This is a very important issue that must be explained clearly.Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Principal Mu, you must know the leaders of many art colleges.You can just call and ask.There is no future in learning Western instrumental music, and there is no future in learning erhu, guzheng and other national musical instruments.So Many students who do cbd gummies really work bio spectrum cbd gummies review learn ethnic musical instruments choose to play western musical instruments.She can play the violin, piano, viola, and cello in plenary sessions, and she can play the piano better than me.

Director Jiang said that Vice President Mu has time tomorrow morning.Zhou Bureau, is bay park cbd gummies a scam political commissar and you are welcome to come to investigate tomorrow.The agenda is arranged.First, we will visit the 110 emergency duty room and the police workstation of the Sixth Traffic Police Brigade in the school.Then the vitamin shoppe cbd gummies go to meeting room 306 of the main building for a discussion.Vice President Mu is also the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of PolyU, second only to President Nie, so he can be said to be the second in command of PolyU.Vice principal Mu received it in person, explaining that the vice principal in charge of the security department and several directors and deputy ministers of the security department will participate.People give enough to divide the situation, and the main leaders of the branch will go tomorrow no matter how busy they are.

Voluntary security patrol team.So in the bio spectrum cbd gummies review past period of time, Chaoyang and I have been taking care of two large units of PolyU, the Sixth Hospital of the City, and the merchants along the street along Zhongshan Road.PolyU has a security office, and the work of migrant population management, public security, fire protection, transportation, etc.has been done well.It s better, now it s summer vacation, so there aren t many things.There were a lot of problems in the Sixth Hospital some time ago.There were pickpockets in the registration and payment hall, and even the bus stop sign in the outpatient hall.I go to patrol when I have time, it s much better now.Not much better, but much better If I remember correctly, there has been no case of pickpocketing or electric car theft in the Sixth Hospital for 24 consecutive days, and the hospital is afraid to come again now.

Standard room in good condition.The bio spectrum cbd gummies review new house is just behind the hotel.Huang Ying felt a little guilty, and instead of teasing the two who were in love, she asked curiously Lingling, so you are a counselor at the Art Academy Well, but now it is Internship.Your brothers and sisters are similar, one is an intern at the branch office, and the other is an intern at PolyU.Honey, am I an intern I m on probation Han Chaoyang put down his bio spectrum cbd gummies review phone and corrected.What s the difference between a trial and an internship By the way, will Sister Su and your master come later Director Su said that she is coming home soon, and she wants to bio spectrum cbd gummies review accompany her husband and children.You don t know my master, he said that what is he coming to our young people s party, if he doesn t want to come, let us eat and have fun.

So technical means are useless Whether it is useful or not, it should be Yes, the formalities should be completed now.Then what should we do now 10 mg full spectrum cbd gummies Mei Shengli is still playing cards in the small shop in the village, and he has not been able to confirm the fugitive s location until now.Obviously he can t move his hands during the day, and from the perspective of not being able to scare the snake, it is not suitable to act at night.The best way is to wait until he shows up again.But in order to arrest apetropics cbd gummies free sample bio spectrum cbd gummies review him, the bureau mobilized all the personnel that could be mobilized.No one knew how long it would take.More importantly, waiting does not mean doing nothing, but what can be done now This decision is difficult to make, but it s impossible not to make a decision.The police on the periphery and even Wang Ju, who sits in the command center, are all waiting for news.

I met yesterday afternoon.The old man belongs to Sunjiaping.His grandson is in the second year of junior high school at the Xinying Center behind the mountain.A student was wounded.He Suo personally dispatched the police, and several students saw the fight, and there were several witnesses.How the fight started and who started it first, the facts are clear.Considering that the student who was beaten was not seriously injured, and the principal, dean and teacher interceded for mercy, He Suo decided to mediate according to the procedure first.A little more criticism and education will bring this matter to an end.Unexpectedly, the old man came here at night, and it seemed that he had walked six or seven miles in the dark.Old Chang, Old Chang He came at the wrong time, Director He greeted condor cbd gummies scam is bay park cbd gummies a scam the old man, then raised his head and called Old Chang.

As a result, not long after the call was over, a beautiful and familiar figure walked out of the elevator and looked at him with a smile like a flower.Honey, why are you here Why can t I come Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, and wanted to rush up to give him a warm hug, but his rationality overcame his impulse, and he turned around hastily, Yingying, here s Let me introduce this is Director He of the Xinying Police Station I mentioned to you on the phone, this is Brother Jiang, this is Brother Zhang.He Suo, this is my girlfriend Huang Ying.Hello Director He, Jiang Hello, brother, hello, brother Zhang.Huang Ying is not a little girl who has never seen the world, she walked up to say hello to everyone.I knew that his girlfriend was coming, but I didn t know that his girlfriend was so beautiful He Suo was stunned for a moment, and said with a hey smile Hi, hello, welcome.

Okay, then To waste your time, please go to the scene with me to have a look again, maybe you can think of something, and my colleague also wants to ask you.I won t go Comrade Public Security, how dare I offend them as a commoner.If I am recognized, they will definitely retaliate.I have a wife and children, and my son is going to college.I have to work part time to earn tuition for my son.I can t go.I really can t go.Seeing him and hearing what he said, Han Chaoyang couldn t help thinking of his parents who were helping him repay the mortgage.He is not timid, he is the pillar of the family, he bio spectrum cbd gummies review is a good husband, a good father, he is responsible for the whole family, he dare not let anything happen Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, pulled him aside, and cbd gummies pure organic hemp extract said in a low voice Old Bao, help me, go and have a look with me, sit in the car later, don t get out, how can they recognize you without apetropics cbd gummies free sample bio spectrum cbd gummies review seeing Besides, they ran away long ago, so it is impossible to see you.

Han Chaoyang turned around and said with a smile, Xiaozhu, you are a college student, and you know a little bit about the law.You should know what is one to one code.Otherwise, you can go to the security office with me to make a record and provide us with The situation of the MLM gang.Our public security organs are connected to the national network.If the clues are fed back, the local public security organs will definitely take action.They will destroy the gang based on the clues you provided.As long as they can be found, they will definitely help you find your phone.In addition, your ID card Didn t you lose it, how can you do without an ID card, it s inconvenient to do anything, go to the security office with me, and ask the comrades in the security office to help you go to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to get a replacement.

Despite this, Han Chaoyang still took out his mobile phone, pulled out Yang Jiandong s photo and asked, Aunt Wu, are you sure it s not this person No, but I seem to have seen this person before When did I meet Forgot Already.Where did I meet you I remember what you said, he seems to be with Xiao Cai, and I usually set up stalls in the community, and I don t go to other places.When will I see you The past is not very important now, nor is it important where he saw it now, what is important is that a third suspect has bio spectrum cbd gummies review surfaced Rong Zhiping instructed tacitly, and asked Aunt Wu to keep it secret while helping to inquire and pay attention.Then he took Han Chaoyang straight to Yingchun Community, found the property, and checked the community surveillance on the grounds of investigating the theft of an electric car.

He is a net contractor, and all he took away was the hard earned money of the migrant workers The migrant workers don t care whether the district has paid for the project, or who the general contractor is.They only know that they work in the Veteran Cadre Bureau but they haven t received their wages.They went to the district government to put up a banner last year.It has entered the fourth quarter, and it will be the end of the year in a blink of an eye.They will definitely come again if they don t get their hard earned money.What made the district leaders even more troublesome was that the Bureau of Veteran Cadres occupies a relatively large area and the building is a bit high, with only two floors in the underground parking lot.The auxiliary building is the surrounding shops and underground parking lot.

Let the patrol team go to guard.The cbd thc gummies dc brats are divided into three groups, and they are investigating in a serious manner And not only are they responsible for investigating clues related to the jurisdiction of our sub bureau.You finally sent the trouble out, They took the trouble back again, what is this Zhou Ju couldn t help laughing and asked.This moment, that moment, Feng Ju wanted to take out a cigarette, but found that there was no ashtray in the office, so he dug out a box of chewing gum from the drawer, seeing Zhou Ju and Du Ju don t care to stuff bio spectrum cbd gummies review one into their mouths, chewing and laughing Said At that time, there was no clue.Zhou Ju, you don t know how much preparatory work Teng Jiming has done during this period.If you don t send out the trouble, we have to do all of this work.If you don t send out the trouble, the financial department will reimburse you.

What is Cha La Ke The gambling method, introduced from abroad, has a unique style of play, and not many people know how to play it.It is also because most people have never heard of it, and the informant who provided this infused cbd gummies clue was very impressed by this matter. Have you ever destroyed Have you ever played the Talak game No, not only our branch, but also several other branches.You may not believe me, but I checked the Internet for more than ten minutes just now, but I didn t understand the rules of the game.It s a way of gambling, I don t know how to gamble.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and said eagerly, I haven t smashed up such a gang before, and I haven t caught a gambler playing lark before.What does this mean It means that Yang Jiandong , Tan Haitao s group is likely to be the one who organized the Chalac gambling game Chapter 343 I know Now there is a problem.

Captain He, I m Han Chaoyang, I ve recorded it, and I ll report it to Bureau Feng for you immediately.Chaoyang, okay, report quickly.Just as he was speaking, Bureau Feng also finished calling, staring at is bay park cbd gummies a scam cbd gummies to stop drinking him closely and asking, Xiao Han, who is calling and what s the situation Han Chaoyang quickly reported the content of the call just now.Director Feng sat in front of the laptop, clicked the mouse to zoom in on the electronic map, stared at the map for a minute, and then picked up the police communication to give orders to Deputy Chief Liu of the Criminal Police Brigade Old Liu, Yichang just found out that Fang Yaqi s Agricultural Bank of China debit card is bound to WeChat.This afternoon, he made a mobile payment at the Century United Supermarket near you.That means this bank card has been used in the afternoon.

The police car drove forward for about four minutes, turned into a fork in the road with the turn signal on, and stopped behind a building.Director Feng tacitly turned off the engine and stopped.Several policemen got out of the police car, and one of them seemed to have seen it.Director Feng, you came over in person in the middle of the night.It s definitely not a small case.What is the situation and how can we help you Bureau Feng held the second police inspector s hand tightly and said straight to the point Arrest a few people suspected of intentional homicide.We suspect that they are hiding in Room 601, Building 2, Yangdong Huayuan.Lao purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus Qiu, you know, this kind of case should not startle the snake, I would like to ask you to help me, find the community property to check the surveillance, and see if I can Find a vantage point to monitor every move in Room 601.

Okay, we will find a way.Han Chaoyang He was not very familiar with the technical police of the sub bureau, so he just nodded slightly to say hello.At the same time, Li Xiaobin opened the trunk of the police car and took out a round stool, ran to the door opening and put it down, stood on the stool and carefully removed a pinhole camera disguised with a cardboard box from the eaves of the door opening.Then he led Xiaokang out of the crowd, ran to the side of the main road in the community, opened the cover of a low street lamp that had been damaged for an unknown amount of time, and took out a pinhole camera fixed with plastic tape Xiaokang and Xiao Liu stopped the owners from approaching, and no one knew what they were doing.The owners looked at the police who were investigating inside, and at them, whispering and discussing.

There were more than a dozen motorbike drivers lined up on the side of the road to solicit customers.The drivers were male and female, and each of them enthusiastically stepped forward to inquire where he was going.Tang Junhua pretended to be a little nervous, and deliberately chose to ride a motorcycle driven by a woman in her thirties.After driving about three or four hundred meters, the woman turned her head and asked, Brother, are you here to buy a motorcycle The car Sister, how did you know The female driver was amused, and said cheerfully You can tell at a glance, whoever is not buying a car will come here.If you want to buy a second hand electric car, you have to go to Hua Yu went to buy it.I just delivered one in the morning and left him my cell phone number, but I haven t called to pick it up until now, so I probably bought the car and drove the electric car back.

Miao Haizhu s starting point is higher than anyone else, and she seems a little heartless when it comes to this question, subconsciously asked As for her, she will be transferred tomorrow, so why don t you come and say goodbye to us I have to hand over the work, and I m working overtime.Han Chaoyang put the lunch box aside, took out a tissue to wipe his mouth, and said with a smile Besides, I haven t been transferred far, so is it necessary to say goodbye Did you say what you will be transferred to the administrative service center I don t know what the job is, I just know it s going to the business department. What does the business department do Miao Haizhu asked curiously again.Han Chaoyang was also unclear.When he was really asked, Director Su chuckled and said, The business section is mainly responsible for guiding the various business work of each window, responsible for the organization and coordination of joint audits and joint reconnaissance of major issues, and the business connection between departments.

Looking back at Han Chaoyang and Xiao Liu in special police uniform, Ma Weimin didn t dare to quibble anymore, and confessed honestly.Han Chaoyang was not interested in where the goods came from.Han Chaoyang didn t care where the warehouse was, since it wasn t under the control of the police anyway.He was only interested in the false publicity he set up through can cbd gummies make you anxious the black broadcast set up by Bi Xunchang, how much he sold by telephone, express delivery, etc., how much he paid Bi Xunchang for each order, and how much he made illegal profits.After the law enforcement officers from the food, drug and industrial and commercial departments finished their inquiries, they took the time to make a record for him, copied his account book, used his mobile phone to investigate and intercepted the record of his WeChat transfer to Bi Xunchang, and immediately walked outside the door Call the Kang Institute, and then call Lao Sheng and other economic investigation police who participated in the operation, and ask Lao Sheng and the others to help collect and fix this evidence.

But from the current According to the situation, she should have a problem, and the problem will not be small.Han Chaoyang paused, and then continued I think Xinxin may not have her mother s surname, and that woman is very likely to have been pretending to be someone else s identity.The reason why she left without saying goodbye is unlikely to be worried about getting a marriage certificate and being punished by the civil affairs department.I found out that the real Zhang HCMUSSH bio spectrum cbd gummies review Ziyue is married to someone else, because Ling Bin loves her so much, I can find excuses to procrastinate, it should take cbd gummy with food be something else, I have to hide, and I have to run away in a hurry.Wu Wei agreed with this point of view and said in an almost certain tone Someone found her, or was going to find her soon, and she was already very close, so she had to run.

You are our customer, and it is right for you to take care of your children for a while. Auntie, this is a little thought from me.It may not matter to you, but it really helps me I am very busy Just being polite, Han Chaoyang opened the curtain and is bay park cbd gummies a scam cbd gummies to stop drinking walked in.Chaoyang, you came just in time, I just took Xinxin with me for a while, Xiao Ling has to pay Ling Bin was stunned, and subconsciously asked Officer Han, is Aunt Huang your mother My mother in law.Han Chaoyang walked away While putting her hands on the radiator, she said with a smile, Mr.Ling, there s no need to be so polite.Put away the money.My mother really likes Xinxin and takes care of children.I thought you didn t know.Thinking of Xinxin is so well behaved and so cute, Huang s mother walked into the bar and muttered It is always said that Yingying disagrees, I don t think you are in a hurry, it s not that you are under the age of marriage, you have to procrastinate, what s the point of procrastinating.

But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or two o clock in the morning, thinking that Ling Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of his sweetheart, and saved the photos uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.Wan Xiaoxia hurriedly wiped away her tears, got up and ran to open the door.Crying again Sister Wei sighed softly and walked into the room.Wan Xiaoxia closed the door, looked at the small purse in her hand with eyes red from crying and asked, Will you lose or win tonight These are not important, what is important is how to find someone Wang Jianping said in a low voice Chaoyang, you are right.

If you want us to move, you can go to the sub bureau Han Chaoyang looked at Xiaokang, who was hesitant to speak, and continued Besides, we support community work.You should also support our work, and want to drive us away just to pay rent and some money, isn t this ungrateful for profit Grandpa Gu also felt very sudden, sat down and asked Chaoyang, do you think this is what Secretary Cao meant Whose meaning is not important, the important thing is that this matter is chilling.Xiaokang, you stay here every day to be well informed, tell me, what s going on Grandpa Gu turned back and asked.Xiaokang couldn t help laughing and said Chief Gu, Han Da, believe it or not, this really has nothing to do with Secretary Cao, nor with Zhang Zhishu and Director Xie.It s all Brother Hongliang s idea.He is not the same as before.

Similarly, if you are finally elected, you have to do something and have some political achievements.Political achievements Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking with a smile.Community cadres are also cadres.How can a cadre have no prestige Afraid that Han Chaoyang would not understand, Xiaokang emphasized He just bought a house in Dongming Community, and his household registration is the same as Mr.Zhang s.He just moved here.He was neither from Old Chaoyang Village nor from Factory 527.He was elected as a member of the neighborhood committee this time.Secretary Cao, Secretary Zhang and Director Xie did not know how much work he had done.After all, he is so young.What kind of cadres are community cadres, but they also need political achievements Han melatonin in cbd gummies Chaoyang was so dumbfounded that he couldn t help laughing and said, Master, if he wants a new official to take up the post, it s fine, but it s nothing to burn the fire on our heads.

Unless there is significant meritorious service , the death penalty cannot be escaped.And significant meritorious service performance is not so easy.To use an inappropriate analogy, it may be even more difficult than the second class meritorious service of the police.But Han Chaoyang could only keep these words in his heart, and said ambiguously There is still hope.Attitude is everything now.You can help her with the work, and you can also help her find a good lawyer.Criminal case , the bio spectrum cbd gummies review lawyer seems to be able to intervene in advance.I know a lawyer, the legal advisor of our company, and I will call him now.Wait.Han Chaoyang grabbed his hand and reminded Brother Ling, believe me, the case is under investigation.Not only will you not be able to help her by hiring a lawyer now, but it will add confusion to the case handling unit, and may even affect the case.

The office space would be four times as large as it is now.It s convenient, unlike now where dr oz on cbd gummies there is no place to talk.Your attitude is that you tend to move Liu Jianye looked at the photos and asked.Suo Liu, I don t really care if we move or not.The main reason is that the community has always supported our work.If we don t move, it would be unreasonable, and the community has considered all aspects.We have asked the leaders of the Sixth Hospital several times to help us find a good place first.It s a matter.Since the Xinyuan Street Police Station has no objection, we have no objection either.Liu Jianye looked back at Xu Weizhong, and continued But if you want to move, you have to go through the branch office.It s too good to come forward, you can directly report to the command center, if the command center agrees, you can move, bio spectrum cbd gummies review if the command center doesn t agree, then there s nothing you can do.

Huang Ying was eating, and while taking out the fatty meat she didn t like from the lunch box, she said with a smile It s really something, your mother knows you are a busy person, so she will give you whatever you need.I called, she plans to come with Uncle Miao the day after tomorrow, Uncle Miao wants to buy a house for Sister Miao, let me help you find where to buy it.Han Zhaoyang was happy, and couldn t help laughing and asked Does Sister Miao know I probably don t know.Huang Ying took a sip of boiled water and said with emotion Sister Miao is really inferior to you in terms of treating her parents.Every time Uncle Miao calls condor cbd gummies scam is bay park cbd gummies a scam her, she bio spectrum cbd gummies review either has this or that.If you ask her if she has talked, she will even be anxious with Uncle Miao.You said that she is so old, and bio spectrum cbd gummies review kana cbd gummies near me she will become a leftover girl if she drags on, can Uncle Miao not be anxious.

clogged.The car owners were all standing by the car, busy arguing, when they saw the police car approaching, they all surrounded them by coincidence.Han Chaoyang pushed open the car door, looked at the car behind them, and asked loudly, Is anyone injured No, comrade policeman, no one was injured, it s just that I was very scared.A young woman said eagerly.Did you call the police How did you come here without calling the police The young woman felt that this question was a bit absurd, but she held on to the car door and said, I called the police, and I also reported the insurance.I was walking well on the slow lane, but he suddenly turned towards me without even turning on the turn signal.Fortunately, I reacted quickly and braked in time, otherwise I don t know what would happen.The car behind me hit the brakes Now, this responsibility is easy to distinguish, you say I am wronged or not A short and fat man squeezed forward and said with lingering fear.

At 8 45, the establishment ceremony of the anti pickup squadron of the Chaoyang Community Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade and the plainclothes anti pickup squadron of the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Public Security Bureau officially began.Han Chaoyang took over the revised agenda from Cao Zefang and sat on the rostrum The far left hosts the meeting.First, Director Xie, please announce the decision of the community neighborhood committee on the establishment of an anti picking squad, and then, as a community policeman, announce the decision of the Huayuan Street Police Station on the establishment of a plainclothes auxiliary police squadron.Then ask Zhang Zhishu and Xu instructor to speak, and then ask Zhang Zhishu and Xu instructor to announce the appointment of personnel.

Okay, I Listen to you.This is a positive signal of formal reconciliation , Han Chaoyang was chatting with Minister Jiang when there was a knock on the door, and then the door was pushed open from the outside.Director Wang, Xiaohan helped you find your phone.Take a look, it still has power.But I didn t look at the contents of your phone.Even if I wanted to, I couldn t unlock it.It doesn t matter if you look, I What kind of person do you still know, there is nothing shameful in the phone.Director Wang bio spectrum cbd gummies review took the phone and unlocked it, clicked on the phone book, and confirmed that there was no missing phone number, then held Han Chaoyang s hand tightly and laughed Said Chaoyang, thank you very much.If it weren t for your help, I would condor cbd gummies scam is bay park cbd gummies a scam not have a good year this year.During the Spring Festival, I have to pay New Year s greetings to the leaders and friends.

Huang Ying held the mouse and refreshed the webpage of the video website over and over again to see how many clicks there were and whether they had increased.Old Tang, who was on duty tonight, was overwhelmed with admiration, folded his arms and said with a smile So this is hype, so I have gained knowledge.We should recite it during this time, or you can help us to speculate.Tang Sheriff, what hype, this is propaganda Xie Lingling is bay park cbd gummies a scam cbd gummies to stop drinking turned her head and smiled and said, Good wine is also afraid of deep alleys.If you don t promote it, who knows our band .He does not mean that.Thinking that the sub bureau had such high expectations for the community anti pickup team, and even wanted the community anti pickup team to compete with the Criminal Police No Chaoyang, what time is it, and you haven t slept yet Brother Tang, I m sorry to disturb your rest by calling so late.

But these are not important to her, what is important is the collective dormitory that the sub bureau coordinates with the patrol team.Secretary Cao, you re right, don t take the space that was given for free, but I don t think it s necessary to invest too much.Zhang Beibei weighed things up and analyzed in an orderly manner Even if the old district committee compound is not demolished in the past two years, it will be demolished in a few years.Too much investment is pure waste.Why not save it if it can be saved, and the saving is not a whole lot.Two points.Whether it is a security company or a patrol team, why do you need militarized management In the final analysis, you need to manage can i drive after cbd gummies and train the team well.Since you want to conduct militarized management, you must cultivate a good style of hard work.

A bio spectrum cbd gummies review where can i buy bay park cbd gummies female auxiliary policeman in charge of issuing numbers may have forgotten, and she didn t tie up her hair and wear a shawl.Beautiful hair is beautiful, but it is absolutely not allowed in the administrative service center, record it, and go back to find their leader.What you do is to offend people Huang Ying has long been used to it, and as soon as she followed the director back to the main service desk in the hall on the first floor, her colleague Xiao Wang suddenly leaned into her ear calmly Yingying, the pre appointment announcement of the proposed appointment of district management leaders has been posted on the Internet.Is there my husband Xiao Wang took a peek at the director who was still is bay park cbd gummies a scam cbd gummies to stop drinking scanning the service window on the left, and said in a low voice, Yes, the 54th.Huang is bay park cbd gummies a scam cbd gummies to stop drinking Ying was ecstatic when her hanging heart finally settled down.

Actually, it s the same on both sides, Liu Suo, instructor, don t stand outside, go in and sit, I ll pour water.Don t pour it, we don t Thirsty.Xu Weizhong walked into the conversation room, sat is bay park cbd gummies a scam cbd gummies to stop drinking on the big sofa, and asked casually Chaoyang, I heard that the Xinyuan Street Police Station arrested a murderer this morning Not comprehensive, and was criticized by the Zhou Bureau and the political commissar in the afternoon.The capture of a murderer should be praised, how can it be criticized Liu Suo, being criticized is not an honorable thing, I can joke with you like this.Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and added with a bitter face Not only will I be criticized, but I will also have to write an inspection later.Chaoyang, do you have a problem with me and Lao Xu How is it possible, Liu Suo, why would you say that How can it be impossible Liu Jianye touched the corner of his mouth, frowned and said, When you first arrived at the institute, I committed subjectivism and felt that you were not as capable as Xiao Wu.

Tell me about this What s the reason It turned out that the two old leaders came to Xingshi to question the crime Han Chaoyang came to his senses suddenly, and said with a bitter face, Liu Suo, the trainer, thankfully there is nothing wrong with us, otherwise you two will be criticized like Bao Suo and Gu s trainer.What s wrong with being criticized , I am willing to be criticized Liu Jianye took a few deep breaths and emphasized And I am not Bao Qingshan, nor Lao Gu, if you still have any feelings for the institute, call me in the morning, even if you don t say half of it.Hiding half of it to fool Lao Hu, things will definitely not turn out like this, and the arrest operation will definitely not alarm the provincial leaders.I still have some feelings for the institute Talk about half hiding and half fooling Lao Hu These few words really hurt my heart, Han Chaoyang was so ashamed, he didn t know how to explain it with a bitter face.

Climbing into the car, he asked, Junfeng, I haven t asked you all the time.Did you get anything out of watching until after 12 o clock last night Speaking of what happened last night, Wu Junfeng couldn t help laughing and said, Everyone said that the real economy is not good.The lady business is not easy to do.We followed all the way to several small hotels at the entrance of Yangguan Village, and found that the women who solicited customers were really suspected of soliciting prostitutes.Along the way, we tried our best to mobilize the guests who were greedy for cheap and stayed in small hotels to find girls.Unmoved.Is there a lady in the small hotel We stared around the small hotel for a while, and we can be sure that there is no one in the small hotel.If there are guests who need special services, they will not do it in the hotel.

We police patrol the streets with a plastic bag in our pocket.When we see garbage Just ran over to pick it up.You are good, not only did not help maintain environmental sanitation, but also destroyed environmental sanitation, in violation of the Yanyang City Appearance Management Regulations , comprehensive administrative law enforcement personnel have the right to punish do cbd gummies really work bio spectrum cbd gummies review you.I have a pack of cigarettes It s only how much, and one fine is 50, which is too much 50 more fines for you He Hong took out the Yanyang City Appearance Management Regulations , held it up to him and said, Look, a person like you wants A fine of 50 to 200 yuan, with your attitude, a fine of 200 yuan is not too much At the gate of the ticket office, another person was arrested, who seemed to be spitting everywhere, and it seemed that the passengers who were caught were as emotional as they were, otherwise There won t be so many people watching.

With an attitude of respecting the old and caring for the young, he smiled and said, Miangui s surname is Sun, Sun Guokang, your old surname My surname is Gu, Gu Guoli.Grandpa Gu put down his teacup, and asked with a smile, Are you just assigned to the Huayuan Street Police Station Yes, but the station arranged for me to come here for an internship first.Grandpa Gu couldn t hold back his question, and after asking this question, he seemed to liberty cbd gummy bears scam be cbd gummies reviews 2022 curious about everything.Sun Guokang was asked tirelessly, seeing that Chen Jie couldn t finish answering the call, he simply smiled and said, Uncle Gu, I m sorry, I have something to do, so I ll make a call outside first, and I ll chat with you later.Come on, why didn t you say something earlier.Chapter 574 Newcomer 2 The suspect is still a resident of the jurisdiction Relying on mountains to eat mountains, relying on water to eat water, the old man who is almost seventy in front of him made it clear that he wanted to rely on the construction site to eat the construction site.

Huang Ying asked curiously How did Sergeant Yang take you During the days when he arrived at the Huayuan Street Police Station, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Although the police office is not as busy as the police station, there are many things to do from morning till night, receiving police officers, being on duty, and patrolling.Whenever there is something to do, take him with you.Just do it and get started.Isn t this bullying newcomers Huang Ying slandered, and then asked You take it I will take it when I am here.After I get off work, let Police Chief Ding, Police Chief Tang, Wu Wei, and Haizhu take it.Anyway, he will not be idle.How did Sergeant Yang lead him Sergeant Gu doesn t seem to be the same.No matter what he does, the old man always leads by example.He is really persuasive, earnest in words, and teaches by precepts and deeds.

Hahaha It s too late to say this now, and it seems that you are the most active about Chaoyang and Yingying.Snatch it away, and now regret it, didn t you slap yourself in the face Is it okay to complain Huang s mother glared at Huang s father, then picked up her mobile phone to call her daughter, and asked angrily, Yingying, where are you going Now, do you know about Chinese New Year today, hurry back and wait for you Chapter 585 New Year s Eve 3 Several times because it was inconvenient to perform some tasks in police uniforms, I had to temporarily borrow civilian clothes from others.Han Chaoyang gained a lot of wisdom from the pitfalls.As early as a month ago, he put the long down jacket that he didn t usually wear in the trunk of the police car.He didn t expect it to come in handy today.

Han Chaoyang turned around and said, Come back if you really can t do it.It s none of your business.Take care of you.Just do it by yourself.Oh.Dai Lishi was stunned for a moment, but didn t dare to say anything more.Sun Guokang only knew that the suspect was very strange, but he didn t know that the suspect was still a big trouble, so he asked in a low voice, Da Han, go directly to the office On the first day of the new year, you can t add trouble to others.It is hard for Han Chaoyang to explain in front of the suspect.Thinking of sending Dai Lishi to the Criminal Police No.2 Squadron, the No.2 Squadron will not take over, so he said lightly Go back to the police office first.I m a bit hungry after tossing all night.Go back and have breakfast first.Speaking of eating, Dai Lishi suddenly raised his head Officer Han, I m hungry too.

Now that I know, it s good, if I tell you earlier, there won t be any surprises. Why is he like this It s not something shady to talk about, and it s so mysterious.Han Chaoyang picked up the toothbrush, thought about it and asked curiously Honey, have you asked my wife what his girlfriend looks like, is she pretty Pretty, where do you work I asked.Quickly tell me, don t be a secret, okay Why are you so condor cbd gummies scam is bay park cbd gummies a scam excited about a girlfriend Huang Ying cursed with a smile, leaning against the door and giggling My wife said that his girlfriend is very beautiful and juicy, and she has a good figure, which kind of little bird depends on others.She is also very capable and rich, and she is the chairman of an investment company.Hearing what my wife said, Zhen Chuan can catch up with her.Your master deserves the credit.

At noon, he was still bio spectrum cbd gummies review kana cbd gummies near me eating in the cafeteria of the No.6 Hospital.After dinner, he was about to go to Yangguan Village.Sun Guokang, who was in charge for the first time, suddenly called and said that a suspicious person had been found during the security check.On the third day of the first lunar month, those who should go home for the New Year went back early, and the migrant workers who returned to the city had to leave their hometowns after a few days.The East Long distance Bus Station was deserted these two days.There are fewer flights than usual.Han Chaoyang expressed serious doubts about whether Sun Guokang had really found out a fugitive, but do cbd gummies really work bio spectrum cbd gummies review he drove to the East Bus Station as soon as he hung up the phone.Han Da, he s in the police room.As soon as the car was parked, Xiao Zheng, a police cadet on duty today, greeted him.

Officer Han, I I told Lao Liu about smoking, but it s none of my business I m from his hometown, we live very close to each other, and my wife has a little relationship with his family.I Let me help, can I help You are right, not everything can help, I was wrong, I promise not to report, you can punish him as you condor cbd gummies scam is bay park cbd gummies a scam want.Helping cover , Now I know I was wrong I know, for Chinese New Year, my wife and children are waiting for me at home, please don t embarrass me, can you The attitude changed very quickly The more he behaved like this, the more Han Chaoyang felt that he was acting guilty.While motioning him to sit down, he said coldly, As long as you actively cooperate, no one will make things difficult for you.You are here, just wait here for a while.What are you bio spectrum cbd gummies review kana cbd gummies near me waiting for Wait for Police Officer Liang, he will be here soon.

In order to prevent anyone from being deceived again, Mr.Liang and I reminded the old and young men in the factory that I don t know if the shop surnamed Liu can continue to open, but he will not want to do business with our factory people in the future.Night at night Unexpectedly, Lao Hu thought of it and reminded him cbd oil gummies canandaigua ny in time, but it was too late.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to laugh and said, Let s just say it.Selling fake cigarettes is not a big case.Besides, his shop is here, and there are so bio spectrum cbd gummies review many real cigarettes and alcohol in the shop.Even if he is let go Maybe run away.Yeah, if you run away, the monk can t run away from the temple, there s nothing to worry about.This is to assist the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in law enforcement, and Han Chaoyang doesn t think it s a big deal, and is about to greet the old factory manager again After a few words, Dai Lishi appeared in the police room, and looked this way as bio spectrum cbd gummies review soon as he came in.

Line up.Okay, I almost forgot.Han Chaoyang hurriedly put on his seat belt, and logged in to 12306 with his mobile phone in his hand.The reason why Yanyang can become the provincial capital is not because of its long history, but because Yanyang is located at the intersection of three main railway lines.Beijing s second largest railway transportation hub, so that it is nicknamed the city pulled bio spectrum cbd gummies review by trains.There are so many passing cars going to Beijing, every ten minutes on average It is reasonable to say that train tickets to Beijing should be easy to buy, but it is the Spring Festival travel season.Although it is not the peak time for returning to the city, the dozens of trains that can be checked have no tickets, and the last few trains do not even have standing tickets.Han Chaoyang looked carefully for a while, then raised his head and said, Liu Suo, there are only 2 45 tickets.

answer.As expected, he really didn t know the goods.I didn t know that the most valuable item among the items he snatched was actually the bag.After he got it, he took out the cash and the iPhone he thought was compared with the previous one, and took the LV handbag worth more than 60,000 yuan and the valuables in the bag.Cosmetics are thrown away.Speaking of which, he was a little clever, knowing that Apple mobile phones can be located online, he actually took a taxi to the door of the largest mobile phone store in the city, sold Zhang Xiaoyun s mobile phone to a man who collected second hand mobile phones, and then returned to the place he was more familiar with.Taoyuan Community, but I dare not go to Yanxing International again.Mao Kangle didn t have time to take notes for him, so he put him in the car directly to see if he could find the bag.

The speed was not fast, and he always thought it would take is bay park cbd gummies a scam cbd gummies to stop drinking more than five hours.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing and said My dad drove the car.He hasn t driven the high speed for a long time.He was full of energy when he got on the high speed.When he saw a car overtaking, the whole journey was 120.You can drive faster on the high speed, as long as you pay attention to safety.It has arrived We re in the county seat, and we ll be home in a while.We ll wait for you at the gate of the school.The two restaurants in the town close early, so we ll eat at home in bio spectrum cbd gummies review the evening.3 When they arrived at the temporary town, Dad Han and Teacher Ma were waiting at the gate of the school.Seeing his in laws again, Huang s father and Huang s mother were so happy that they hurriedly opened the door and got out of the car.

Listened carefully and focused, and was really infected.Han Chaoyang obviously strayed from the topic, and the deeds report was completely off the point.I started to briefly introduce the situation of my participation in the work, mainly the situation of the Huayuan Street Police Station and the Zhongshan Road Police District.I was most interested in the big guys who participated in the big manhunt and captured fugitives with guns during exchanges in the Northwest.Instead, they talked about how difficult it was to travel in the Northwest.But in the eyes of deputy county magistrate Wang, political commissar Yang and other leaders, this was a surprise.They nodded frequently and picked up pens to record from time to time.Opening up the chatterbox, Han Chaoyang became more and more fluent in his speech.

There was warm applause, which was warmer and more sincere than the previous applause.In the eyes of all the participants in Baoliqi s place, this is the real hero model, very ordinary, so ordinary that he is like the people around him or even himself, the only difference is that he has done a lot in ordinary positions Extraordinary results Director Liu of the Political Department took the microphone and said with emotion Thank you Han Da for sharing, I believe everyone is as deeply moved as I am.Next, I would like to invite Comrade Li Dayong, the representative of the police of our bureau, to speak.Yes A police station When he got up, the policeman of the Political Office who was in charge of the conference affairs was still not finished.Seeing Director Liu looking at him, he was relieved, and hurriedly picked up the microphone and sent it over.

Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and said in a deep voice Okay, let s keep an eye on them first, and see what they do, and see how many of them there are.I asked Xi Yuan to check and see who are still registered in the village The workplace is the same company.Okay, let s check first.If you don t check, you don t know, and if you check, you will be shocked After Han Chaoyang chatted with Kang Haigen and continued to check the ID cards of the outsiders for a while, Guan Xiyuan called and said that there were sixty seven outsiders from more than a dozen provinces and cities in the village.When they went to the police office of Yangguan Village to register It is the same work unit.The youngest is 19 years old, and the oldest is 58 years apetropics cbd gummies free sample bio spectrum cbd gummies review old.Most of them are not highly educated, and only nine have college or undergraduate degrees.

Including the one on Huayuan Street, there are already hundreds of people involved in pyramid schemes.The scale is huge.It s really rare Yanyang is creating a non pyramid marketing city , and Dongming Community is the base area, Han Chaoyang can t believe that there is such a large scale pyramid scheme gang under his nose, muttering Dongming community also has them.When did they come Bao Qingshan knew what Han Chaoyang really wanted to say, and said with a wry smile Everything shows that this is most likely a Southern MLM group.They will not develop local People, they don t even use coercive violence and other methods, they mainly ask for their health, play the emotional card, and even set up some kind of company as a cover, and almost all of the Northern MLMs we attacked before, so you didn t find it, I didn t find it , Liu Jianye didn t find it normal where to get natures boost cbd gummies either.

Liu Qiuping emphasized to his old comrades through the Bluetooth in the car that it was not the case yet, bio spectrum cbd gummies review and at the same time drove to Yandong in a strange way, wanting to take a closer look at this familiar yet suddenly strange place.The first police workstation I saw from Zhongshan Road was the police office of the Zhongshan Road Police District in the No.Handsome police officer Han Chaoyang knew that Han Chaoyang was the youngest deputy policeman in the Yandong branch, and do cbd gummies really work bio spectrum cbd gummies review that an auxiliary policeman in the police station died on duty at the gate of the police station.Seeing that the entrance of the police room was full of people, Liu Qiuping simply turned on the turn signal, drove the car into the Sixth Courtyard, found a parking space and parked it, and walked to the police room to see what was going on.

Ma Dang Huo Ma Yi narrowed down the scope of the investigation based on the current situation, and focused on the children of the chemical fertilizer factory and the residents around the chemical fertilizer factory.Mr.Wu felt that idleness was idleness, and Lao Ji would accompany him to investigate if he wanted to investigate.If he could find out the murderer, at least it would prove that the patrol team did not pay the two of them for nothing.It may be known that the toilet is by the river, and it is even more impossible to know that there is a septic tank behind the toilet.There is a cement cover on the septic tank.I think this direction is right, and we can start with the retired and living fertilizer factory workers , ask quietly if there is any man who fits the characteristics of the murderer, if there is no further expansion of the scope of investigation.

He called every half an hour on average to ask about the progress, and he knew exactly where the investigation was going He took it to the door, sat across from Liu Jianye, put down his bag, picked up Liu Jianye s cigarette, took out one and lit it, took a few puffs in a row, and asked meaningfully Jianye, you are both the director of the police station and an old criminal policeman, what can you ship cbd gummies in the mail do you think Is there any hope of solving the case if we continue the investigation like this I don t bio spectrum cbd gummies review know.Liu Jianye sighed softly, with a helpless expression on his face.What do you mean I don t know Even you don t have confidence.How can this case be solved Feng Ju didn t want to go around in circles, and said bluntly Liu Ju s consideration is justified by Liu Ju, but from the perspective of solving the case, we can t go on like thisHe just took office.

It is not easy to go up and question him.After confirming that he entered Room 506 of Building 4, he stayed downstairs and called Old Tang.Old Tang found out when he went to question him.Chapter 746 Sleepless Night 2 Okay, I see, you send the photo and ID information, and then visit the neighbors as originally planned, and ask him if those neighbors have seen him.victim.What, then there is no need to waste time, hurry to the sixth group, ask the community grid staff to work harder, and bio spectrum cbd gummies review come back after visiting the last two villager groups.Han Chaoyang was very busy, calling one after another.After answering the call, he printed out the photos and can cbd gummies helpm with ptsd copies of his ID card sent back from the front line, clipped them together with a paper clip and wrote down his address, occupation and other information with a pen, and then handed them to Grandpa Gu who was on the opposite side.

Director Feng didn t want to pour cold water on him, so naturally he wouldn t tell him that the Technical Squadron had checked the scene again in the afternoon and found no trace of the suspect s urine at the scene.Just as he didn t know what to say, Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Bureau Feng, from cbd gummies in canoga park ca the police office, there may be a police case.Go, don t interfere with the work of the police area.Yes.The call was from Jiang Xiaomin, and there was indeed a police case.A young mother sent a child with a high fever to the emergency center of the Sixth Hospital in the middle of the night.After examination, it was found that the child had suffered from lobar pneumonia and needed hospital treatment.There was no bed in the pediatric ward, so the child had to be placed in the infusion room for infusion, because the next There was a child in the chair who was also condor cbd gummies scam is bay park cbd gummies a scam being treated for hand, foot and mouth disease.

Many people held up their mobile phones to take pictures.The street leader who was the loudest just now realized that the situation was out of control.He was so angry that he turned around and asked angrily Your name is Sun Guokang, right What did you ask do cbd gummies really work bio spectrum cbd gummies review you to do Do you want me to give it to you personally Your bureau leader called Director Wang, there is no need to alarm our bureau leader about this matter.It is fine not to disturb your bureau leader, I will wait and give you five minutes This is for Sun Guokang to take a few stabs first.First, Han Chaoyang realized that he could no longer hide in the back and watch the excitement, so he hurried to the front and smiled, Hello, Director Wang, sorry, sorry, I just finished handling a police case, so I m late.Xiao Han is here Xiaohan, it s just in time.

Wu Wei suddenly reacted, and hurried over to open the window for ventilation , and then walked into the conversation room with Han Chaoyang.At this time, Lao Ding and Miao Haizhu came in with hot meals, and apetropics cbd gummies free sample bio spectrum cbd gummies review followed them into the conversation room, studying the case together while eating.I asked the migrant workers who worked behind him.Except for Hu Songping and the managers condor cbd gummies scam is bay park cbd gummies a scam of the third construction company, he seems to have no friends in the city.Anyway, the migrant workers have never seen anyone go to the construction site to find him.He usually eats I live at the construction site, and I don t see how he goes out. Since he doesn t have to go out, what does he rent a car for Engineering, big or small, is the boss, without a car, he loses face, and he has to hire the supervisor and the third construction company every day.

Of course Huang Ying knew that these eccentric girls were joking, so she bio spectrum cbd gummies review also joked with them It s okay to eat from my house, but We need to pay for it.We are a student party, how can we have money Stop making trouble, pack your things quickly, Nie Xuan, and turn off the lights on the stage.Xie Lingling came over to make a rescue.Okay Nie Xuan, the stage manager of the band, can you take cbd gummies everyday responded, and quickly turned off the lights, then jumped off the stage, ran over and said with a smile, Sister Yingying, we can t afford the share money, but the gift is sure.We want to give it as a gift, even a greeting card is our kindness.Yes, yes, but sending a greeting card is too old fashioned, why don t we play the wedding march for you live A man wearing a The girl with glasses suggested.It s really possible.When people get married, they still need to spend money to ask the wedding company to find someone to perform.

Han Chaoyang sat in the police room, looking helplessly at Miao Haizhu who just came in, hesitating whether to call Director Huo or go to the headquarters to report in person later.A person who is about to become the bridegroom s official should be happy.Why is he so sad when he comes back Miao Haizhu took off his hat and asked.The man was not caught, not to mention the wages of the workers, how can you make me laugh Han Chaoyang sighed, with a helpless expression on his face.Miao Haizhu sat down in front of him, put down the car keys and said, What do I think You need clues to arrest someone, and you have to be a little bit lucky.Our police are human but not gods.What can we do if we don t have clues Can we just arrest someone and bring them back Intervention Although you say so, the reason is the same, but the leaders will definitely think so, maybe they don t think this is a big case, and Luo Weixing is not a repeat offender, so it should be easy to catch.

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