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A large area of the British was swept away, and the rest of them watched the tank damaged there in a daze.It took a long time to react.Under the attack of the third company s intensive firepower, they turned around and ran away from here.Several disgraced tank soldiers climbed out of the tank, but they were quickly mowed down by the Germans.The third company successfully held its position.A burst of cheers sounded from the position, and Adolf Hitler also waved the rifle in his hand and cheered there like a child.This battle was fought so beautifully that only one member of the third company was injured, but they managed to destroy botanical pharm cbd gummies doozies cbd gummies two enemy tanks and killed at least twenty British.Looking at the cheering soldiers and tasty froggies cbd gummies 300mg Adolf Hitler who was also cheering, Wang Weiyi full spectrum cbd gummy for sale online blurted out unconsciously Hey The third company The soldiers of the third company were startled, and then cheered together Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Lieutenant Ernst Brahm led the third company to create a small miracle on the battlefield they did not panic at all in the battle when the enemy used new weapons, but showed their own strength.He didn t care about how many enemies he wiped out.The tasks of cleaning the battlefield and stabilizing the defense line were all cbd gummy fruit slices 750mg given to the backup troops led by Second Lieutenant Hall.The losses were negligible, only one grenadier and one melee soldier were botanical pharm cbd gummies killed in the continuous breakthrough, and such losses were completely insignificant compared with the results achieved.Not only the first assault team, but advantages of cbd gummies also the rest of the teams have successively received good news.In the initial battle, the assault team, which had never practiced this tactic, seemed a bit jerky, but as the battle progressed, their cooperation became more and more tacit.On the first day of the autumn offensive, the supplementary battalion achieved surprising results.During this day, they successively broke through twelve large and small positions of the enemy, among which only the first assault team under the personal command of Wang Weiyi broke through half of the positions.Baron, and in the subsequent battles, you have not been very active.Can I imagine that you said those words on purpose because you were jealous of Baron Alexon s exploits I object Marklin said loudly I object to such baseless accusations made by lawyer Schlaf Ah, if I m wrong, I m willing to apologize like Lawyer McLean.Before Felix could speak, Schlaf had already said But I also heard one more thing.Before Baron Alexon created the Miracle of the Somme , you, Second Lieutenant Hall, forced you The men have abandoned your company commander, Ernst Brahm There was another uproar in the auditorium.If Schlaf hadn t revealed this inside story, the Germans would never have known about it.The Germans can be defeated on the battlefield, but they are never allowed to abandon their comrades in arms, especially their own chief.Moyol, are you the same I Think we can exchange some intelligence with each other without compromising our national interests Pease was telling the truth.Low level spies like him can only survive by constantly collecting intelligence, and most of them are not doing well.It is precisely because of this that the low level spies of Germany and France are constantly exchanging information.They have to live too Not all spies are as beautiful as they are portrayed in the movies Wang Weiyi figured this out, smiled and said I have some good information, but it depends on what you exchange.Aha, you are a smart person, you may have a good time in the future.Pease smiled He got up, then put away his smile and lowered his voice Do you know Major De Sade from the 3rd Operation Bureau of the French Intelligence Agency is about to arrive in Reims Wang Weiyi said calmly What is this Intelligence Hey, you don t know about Major Dessad.Wang Weiyi lit one and took a deep breath Why should I believe you A defected general who is about to be brought back to Germany for trial will always make up some very ridiculous excuses.No, botanical pharm cbd gummies Listen to me Before Kylock finished speaking, a stream of black blood spurted out of his mouth, he clutched his stomach and groaned in pain, and then his whole body limp He fell to the ground Something happened, Ernst Rommel hurriedly supported him, put his finger in his nose, and shook his head He s dead.Wang Weiyi He took a few puffs of the cigarette with his thumb and fingers, and then threw the cigarette butt away But our task is also completed, isn t it, Erwin Maybe Major, there are people Stark suddenly cried out in organic sour cbd gummies a low voice.Several people grabbed the weapons in their hands together, and at this time they saw a large number of enemies appearing Those French soldiers did not shoot immediately.Wang Weiyi also showed a smile on his face, it seems that Richthofen once again completed the mission and returned safely.Guderian suddenly asked I have a question, what if Richthofen regards us as the enemy We are now within the enemy s control.Everyone s face suddenly changed, and Rommel shouted He scolded, botanical pharm cbd gummies Shut up, you can t say such unlucky words.Wang Weiyi stared blankly at the plane in the sky.I kept thinking in my heart, Manfred, you have to look carefully, we are all your brothers and friends Richthofen was groping around there, After a while, he smiled triumphantly, and he touched two aerial bombs.What a stroke of luck.I didn t expect that I didn t finish throwing the bomb in Lance just now, and those French guys would be happy later.Before pulling up, he glanced at Mark again, and he found that Mark was shaking himself with a bomb in his hand.After a brief inspection botanical pharm cbd gummies of the manor, Rommel and Manstein came over and said With a little arrangement, even if more enemies come, it is enough for us to persist here for a long time I don t want that to happen.Wang Weiyi cbd gummies for sleep cvs muttered.Soon the manor Riga sent a sentry to closely monitor the surrounding movement.This manor is very useful.Although it is not the coldest season in Russia, Russia at night is enough This group of Germans botanical pharm cbd gummies couldn t get used to it.The cursed manor found a shelter for them.Ludwig and Ma Li led the soldiers to find a box of thick candles.When they were lit, the largest room in the manor It suddenly became brighter.This may be the place where banquets or dances were held when the owner of the manor was alive.Elena s exclamation came over.Looking in the direction of her finger, there were two skeletons curled up in the corner of the wall.left.Colonel Sergey also knew very well that he had reached this point and there was no turning back.If he could not stand out here, with so many crimes added up, he could only be hanged to meet him.The only hope of life is on the opposite side Sergey frantically urged his soldiers to launch wave after wave of attacks.The casualties of the 27th Infantry Regiment were rapidly increasing, but no one cared about it at this time.They are not fighting for any forces now, they are just working hard for their own survival Live or die The position was actually torn open by these Russian soldiers who had no intention of fighting at all.The ability to survive in a desperate situation is astonishing.Those Russian soldiers let out a lunatic Ulla sound, and then rushed towards this gap in groups Major, those Russians really opened up the position Rush Get out, get out Major, my tank is unable to move forward Guderian, give up the tank Don t worry about anything.Wittgenstein, it is an honor to meet you.Wang Weiyi said politely.Baron Alexon, it s an honor to meet you.Hermione also said very politely I m curious, why are you called Baron Skeleton Maybe it s the badge I wear.Wang Weiyi pointed to the unique skull badge on the neckline.When I entered Berlin, I saw many young people wearing such badges.It turned out to be because of you.It seems that you are very popular in Germany.Hermione smiled and said, The Countess has introduced me many times.Thank you, your respectable personality, and your outstanding performance on the battlefield.If there is a chance, I hope you botanical pharm cbd gummies can come to my house as a guest Hermione was very low key.Judging from the appearance and the tone of his speech, it can t be seen at all that he is the head of a huge business empire.

This is the highest honor.From the moment William II put on the badge , The Skeleton Commando has been promoted to an elite force bestowed by His Majesty the Emperor.William II will be with the Skeleton Commando Wang Weiyi did not expect William II to make such a move.At this moment, for William II Deliberately raised the skeleton commando to a high position.He is still grateful The banquet has entered a new climax Wilhelm II came to Marshal Hindenburg and Ludendorff He asked them about the situation botanical pharm cbd gummies on the battlefield.For the upcoming Reims Soissons battle, William II was more confident than anyone else.This is a somewhat paranoid The emperor, he never thought that Germany could lose the war, and in his mind, the whole of Europe would tremble at his feet No one can persuade him to make a decision Well, my marshal, generals.Your combat request has been approved, what kind of assistance do you need General, I need it in an hour.Concentrate all the artillery fire and launch a fierce shelling centered on Laner The shelling time should not be less than 20 minutes, and at the same time, all the skeleton commandos will be dispatched I will order the artillery to strictly follow your instructions, and at the same time, I will also order the air force to dispatch Lieutenant Colonel Ernst, good luck Thank you, General Wang Weiyi calmly put down the phone.The soldiers were actively preparing, and the wounded were left on the ground.The team members involved in the operation must endure extreme exhaustion and devote themselves to a new attack operation.And Erwin Rommel, who proposed botanical pharm cbd gummies this battle plan, botanical pharm cbd gummies seemed cbd gummies for teens botanical pharm cbd gummies very calm, and he kept instructing the soldiers what to do.Of course, Desimov Moff s safety may be a big problem The radiation caused by the y element is no joke 20,000 francs is not a big problem , after entrusting Hermione to sell the diamonds, Wang Weiyi also left a few for himself in case of emergencies, which seem to be useful now The two left the tavern, according to Luoban and The location that Oginensky said.Found a dilapidated house.No wonder Xiaoling told himself that Roban and Oginensky would get the wrong room.This is the poorest place in the slum, and the surrounding houses are all It was exactly the same, and it botanical pharm cbd gummies was built temporarily.During the war years, botanical pharm cbd gummies no one would take care of these things The door was half closed.The Russian old man on the left and right was sitting alone on an equally dilapidated bed in a daze.An empty wine bottle rolled down at his feet Mr.A flaming fighter plane took the lead and slowly took off Colonel.Hello, Colonel.Look When Colonel Ernst, a frequent visitor of the wing, appeared recently, the pilots not pot vegan cbd gummy bears greeted the Skeleton Baron enthusiastically.They liked the Baron as much as they liked the Red Baron.The two barons in the German army didn t have any airs, and they were always so kind when they saw people.But once on the battlefield, they are invincible.Ernst also kept greeting them, and looked around Where is Manfred Is he still in some girl s bed A burst can u get high off cbd gummies of laughter sounded Colonel, not today.Oates He was sick, he was supposed to go on a mission, the captain went instead, and he just took off.Wang Weiyi said Oh and didn t pay much attention, but at this moment Xiaoling s voice came Walker, you Are you good friends with the Red Baron Of course.These Chinese soldiers come from all corners of the country and all corners of the country.Some of them are well equipped, some are inferior weapons, and there are even cases where several soldiers share a rifle.Among them are the Zh ngy ng Army, the Sichuan Army, and the Guangxi Army, and there are all kinds of troops.But they have one thing in common Abandon prejudice and fight for the country Go to his mother s civil war, but his mother s own people beat his own people, and Xiao Riben bullied him to the door.If he doesn t unite to resist foreign humiliation, is he still a person They are human, and they are still Chinese The brothers in the 18th division are all working hard hard work A wave of enemies rushed up, they fought back with their own lives, and then another wave of enemies rushed up, and they does cbd gummies have thc botanical pharm cbd gummies fought back with their lives It was a group of Japanese soldiers who rushed up, with heavy machine guns suddenly supporting them behind them, beating the brothers so hard that they couldn t look up at all.One soldier was killed and two soldiers were injured.Honestly.This how many cbd gummies in 3000mg jar battle was really good.The fierceness of the firepower is not the key, the key is the high degree of obedience displayed by all the officers and soldiers of the guard battalion.Some soldiers of the guard battalion .

will cbd gummies help with ed?

were still very nervous when the Japanese army approached, and even sweat was streaming down their foreheads.But they will never shoot without an order from the med cbd gummies commander Obedience absolute obedience There are no conditions to talk about Now.The new soldiers of the 43rd Army have also become more confident Fighting with Commander Wang, maybe they can really drive these devils away Wang Weiyi s heart is not easy at all.In the first offensive and defensive battle, the Japanese army did not expect that so much fierce firepower would suddenly emerge from Xiguan, so they suffered a loss.Bullets kept flying past his car, but Sun Qinghao didn t seem to notice it at all.It s getting closer it s getting closer the machine guns on the roof are roaring like crazy The submachine guns of the soldiers beside him were also firing tongues of angry flames.Firepower crazy sweep Firepower furious roar All the national soldiers in the truck were machine guns and submachine guns.Such intensive firepower would be extremely terrifying to any enemy.And the machine guns on the armored cars that accompanied the truck assault also gave the companions the best cover.They took cover ahead and fought their way.Armored cars charge up The truck on it The first one to jump off the truck was Wang Weiyi The submachine gun in his hand was swept out, and several Japanese soldiers who were trying to charge up were swept down in an instant.They don t have any military training, and they botanical pharm cbd gummies can t play a role on the battlefield.But in other places, one of them is worth ten of us.Every time one dies here, the loss to the country is great.We can die, but they cannot die.Ouyang Yu, send someone to protect them.yes.Wang Weiyi shook his head and left quickly At this time, a student appeared behind a truck.He lost his pen just now and found it now.He listened to everything the major said Arrived.We can die, but they can t die The student found himself crying uncontrollably Report to the military seat, the guard battalion has completed the retreat What about the brothers from the 43rd Army They all retreated with us too Wu Keren smiled reassuringly Brother Wang, the battle between you and me in Songjiang is unforgettable to Wu s heart.If he meets on the botanical pharm cbd gummies battlefield one day, he will join hands with my brother again and fight the Japanese pirates once again Wang Weiyi pursed his lips.

In order to ensure the smooth arrival of aid and ease the pressure brought by Japan s continuous protests, Germany s secret special envoy Steck decided to withdraw all German advisers on the surface after conducting emergency consultations with the national government.Not all are withdrawn.Instead, most of them were withdrawn.There are HCMUSSH botanical pharm cbd gummies still a group of German advisers who are secretly active on the national battlefield At the cost of withdrawing the advisory group, in exchange for a large amount of arms support, this is what the government wants to see.Everything is preparing for one thing a decisive battle When the Huben Guard Battalion began to move towards Jiangyin Fortress.Their battalion commander, Major Wang Weiyi, drove to Nanjing Only Lieutenant Werner was traveling with him.He needs weapons, he needs ammunition, he needs everything that can help him.To be botanical pharm cbd gummies continued.If you like this work, welcome to the starting point qidian.Vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my greatest motivation.300.The whereabouts of the skeleton baron in Nanjing, 1937.The team has entered the positions of various lines to resist, and Nanjing has not been threatened by the flames of war for the time being.Wang Weiyi is not quite sure if he has the possibility to turn the tide.Will Werner, Claire and Hannah, the children of these three old friends, be helpful when they need help Wang Weiyi is not very clear about this.At this stage, external help is the most important thing I found a hotel, and when I entered, a foreign guy rushed out of it, bumped into Wang Weiyi, and hurriedly shouted Apologize.Don t be impatient.Wang Weiyi smiled.The foreign guy looks about 18 or 9 years old.He wants to tell Matsui Iwane everything about you, and then use you as a scapegoat.I 50mg cbd gummies comfortably numb cbd gummies Are you right Hiroshi Yamaguchi couldn t say a word Wang Weiyi continued It s still the same sentence, we are friends, how can I watch such a thing happen So for To avoid your trouble, I arrested Naomasa Sugawara again Hiroshi Yamaguchi was dumbfounded, Naomasa Sugawara was arrested again Hell, this was his third capture.God, if you go to redeem him once, he will be caught once.When is this a big one Suddenly thought of something Could it be that you are the person that Matsui will send in the future I was a driver once.Wang Weiyi said lightly To be honest, when Naomasa Sugawara was caught again, I would I m a little embarrassed.Hiroshi Yamaguchi shook his head with a wry smile, he believed that Naomasa Sugawara was caught again, and the person who was really embarrassed should be Naomasa Sugawara If it was someone else, I m afraid He would have committed suicide by caesarean section botanical pharm cbd gummies doozies cbd gummies He is a problem, especially his uncle is Matsui Iwane.And Zhang Sandao also made a six to him.These two natural rivals always wanted to compete with each other on the battlefield, and the Fanchina also showed a powerful role In a short period of time, so many Japanese officers have been shot and killed Chao Gangxi frowned, but it didn t affect him.He was an excellent sniper, and nothing could affect him.He was like a jackal smelling blood.Evenly matched opponents have a sense of challenge.Now, the target on the west side of the chaogang is no longer those police officers, but the new national sniper who appeared on the battlefield.Kill him In addition to allowing more imperialists to survive, it can also further damage the morale of the Chinese people.Chaogangxishang made such a decision in his heart.Chaogangxishang was looking for Guo Yunfeng, and Guo Yunfeng was also looking for Chaogangxishang.Only the person concerned can understand the feeling of watching soldiers fall in front of me.But the war has progressed to this point, and there is no turning back Akasaka Yoshika stood beside Kiyoguchi in high spirits.In this battle, do cbd gummies work like viagra his infantry was the first to rush into Jiangjia Village.And this will be the greatest glory of his infantry team Your Excellency, we have won Akasaka Jijia said in a voice.Really Kiyoguchi Gozo smiled bitterly Victory Akasaka kun, do you think such a victory is meaningful Akasaka Yoshika was startled, but did not understand what the captain meant.Qingkou Wusan s eyes fell on the direction of Changshu I don t want to mention the number of casualties and casualties anymore.After paying such a huge price, I only got a small Jiangjia Village.I really don t understand what the meaning is.Guo Yunfeng looked up to the sky and smiled Brothers, father and mother, I, Guo Yunfeng, also have a wife Have you seen it, where can I find such a good wife He said He said firmly, Daughter in law, wait for me.Sooner or later, I will come to your dream to find you Brother promise you His feet slowly left the little machine Brothers, with you Here, our country cannot perish The day of the counterattack will come sooner or later Take back Shanghai, take back the Northeast Brothers, I, Guo Yunfeng, please After speaking, he suddenly lifted his foot from the mine and said Boom There was an explosion, and then the smoke filled the air.Si Dao Zhang Sandao fell to his knees on the ground with a plop sound Si Dao, I m sorry for you, I should be the one who died Si Dao My brother Fu Yu looked at Look, no matter what, she is already the daughter in law of the Guo family.Ace Wang Weiyi smiled contemptuously I have seen many ace units of the enemy.That s nothing.Let all the HCMUSSH botanical pharm cbd gummies troops prepare and attack for half an hour Yes, General Tell all the breakout troops that they must arrive within three hours, and we will tear the encirclement apart at this time Understood, General Wang Weiyi straightened his officer s cap Si Dao, are you ready to go back to the battlefield Yes, General.Guo Yunfeng replied in a loud voice.You will command the 3rd Armored Engineer Battalion.In addition to attacking me, you will also blow up the Russian cbd sour gummy neons positions as much as possible.No problem, General.Wang Weiyi smiled, he didn t talk much The subordinates are always the most trustworthy at 7 o clock on the night of the 6th of the month.Under the command of Wang Weiyi, the Skeleton Division attacked the Soviet army again.The war has not affected the United States, especially in Las Vegas, where there is no smell of war at all.Luxuriant, inspiring peace.Those gamblers who won money were elated.Call for the best wine, call for the most beautiful woman, and then ask for the what dose of cbd gummies should i take most luxurious room in the casino, where you can squander every dollar you win As for the gamblers who lost their last cents.Then they took a bottle of good wine provided by the casino, and then lived in the room provided by the casino, enjoying the woman who was also arranged for them by 50mg cbd gummies comfortably numb cbd gummies the casino.These gamblers will open the windows of the room, and then jump without any pain.isn t it Wang Weiyi, who came back to the United States, sat among these gamblers.He plays Texas Hold em.Raise, said the man who looked like an upstart, viciously.I ll follow.

die That s what they deserve.Who didn t grow up from such a scene It cannot be said that these Russian cbd gummies memphis tn veterans are cruel and ruthless.War is inherently so cruel and ruthless.They faced the strong German army, not the Poles.The bombing is going on endlessly, bombardment, waves.It just won t stop.The Russians are suffering, the Germans are waiting.In a sense, this is also a contest of willpower.Whoever collapses in such a contest first will lose the victory.Gradually.The Soviet artillery fire was completely suppressed, and they could no longer organize a counterattack against the German artillery fire.And those Soviet Air Forces who fought tenaciously.After experiencing a huge loss, he also reluctantly withdrew from .

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the battlefield.Now, the entire battlefield has become the world of the Luftwaffe and artillery General Kolkorok was a little helpless.The German offensive was intensifying every time.Many Soviet positions were breached, and a large number of Soviet officers and soldiers were killed or captured.On the night of the 21st, Timoshenko ordered all the forces organized by the 317th, 393rd and comfortably numb cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank 150th Infantry Divisions, the 26th Cavalry Division, the 5th Guards Army and the 37th Tank Brigade to break through to the east of Barvinkovo.The command This is all the power that Marshal Timoshenko can concentrate on commanding.He does cbd gummies have thc botanical pharm cbd gummies hopes to break through the German blockade and retreat to the other side of the North Donets River And all the breakout troops are under the unified command of General Grod Enyanski, commander of the 6th Army This will be the last and biggest breakout of the Kharkov Soviet army They must succeed, and if they fail, all Soviet troops will be buried here.The Soviet army, which had lost all its supplies and ran out of ammunition and food, also lost its will to resist.Even if there is some resistance, it is only sloppy and perfunctory The Germans tasted the fruits of their victory in one gulp, now, after sowing hard.Harvest time has come.On the position opposite them, in the eyes of the German soldiers, they were not enemies, but pieces of ripe crops, golden rice.Waiting for them to harvest.What a delight.The planes sang cheerfully in the air, the cannons played the battlefield symphony briskly, and the soldiers happily danced on the battlefield.Feast begin A carnival of the Germans that the Russians will never forget While the German army launched the final general offensive.The police brigade commanded by Major General botanical pharm cbd gummies Belekov also embarked on a mission that seemed impossible to bring Comrade Commander Timoshenko to break out of the encirclement In such a dense encirclement.Project Glorious Five stage restart, target, kidnap Oppenheimer, Taylor, Fermi, Bohr, Feynman, von Neumann, including scientists support, Guo Yunfeng, Elena Xiaoling, I need a lot of powerful sedatives, and also need Can you meet me at the right time He glanced at the repair cabin, and then slowly said I want you to erase all their memories and implant new ones just like you changed Guo Yunfeng and Elena , let them always think that they are ready to play for Germany from birth.In Germany, there is a big laboratory waiting for them Crazy.You have been crazy in the past, and now it is even more proof that you are simply Madman King, I have no way to disobey your order.Once again, I hope you will consider the serious consequences this may cause.I have considered it carefully, please accept the order, cbd gummies for teens botanical pharm cbd gummies little spirit Wanderer s order accepted Let Guo Yunfeng and Elena come out of the repair cabin, we don t have much time, but there are many things waiting for us There are too many people on the kidnapping list.The Luftwaffe doesn t seem to have much interest in protecting any historic city.They continue to dispatch planes to carry out the craziest bombing of this city with a very long history.The bombs blew up Istanbul, and there were flames everywhere, and the rising clouds of smoke almost suffocated people.Those Turkish soldiers running around were running and shouting in despairbut the bombs still showed no mercy and kept falling.General Gorris had nothing to do.Facing the powerful German army, the Turkish army seems to be unable to find effective resistance measures.The only thing they can do at this time is to beg when these hateful planes can leave The soldiers of the Turkish army have indeed been tempered in the harsh environment of the ancient Anatolian plateau.They have a strong fighting quality.It will take a long time for Germany to firmly control Turkey After the news that the United States agreed to his secret visit arrived, Wang Weiyi quickly made preparations for a visit to the United States.As for Turkey, he also has the most adequate arrangements.Part of the Imperial Division was left in Ankara to continue to assist in the governance of the area, while General Georg Kepler was appointed commander in chief of the German troops in Turkey.General Dietrich was appointed commander in chief of the front.The provisional government is preparing to relocate Istanbul.The famous city that once witnessed the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire will usher in its glory again.Before leaving, Wang Weiyi met with Mr.Kahn, a general of 50mg cbd gummies comfortably numb cbd gummies the German army, and entrusted Mr.Kahn as the German plenipotentiary ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, which was about to revitalize.This is the most frightening thing.Iran is just like Turkey, and its HCMUSSH botanical pharm cbd gummies position is too critical for the Allies Ernst.In the end, Baron Alexon von Brahm showed his strategic intentions unreservedly in front of the whole world First, conduct one or two major counterattacks in Russia to minimize the strength of the Soviet army and stabilize the Soviet Union.Then, open up the second battlefield Once the Turkish battlefield is completed, it can attack the Soviet Union or Iran botanical pharm cbd gummies at any time, and then attack the Middle East, and join the African battlefield.In this way, the Allies will be forced to follow The backs of the German army moved back and forth, exhausted.Now, the good show has begun, and Iran is engaged in fierce fighting, while the United Kingdom is focusing on the North African battlefield, trying to use a large scale war to end the war in Africa.Klingenberg, Myristel and their team members looked scattered.In fact, they firmly protect the surroundings of Wang Weiyi and Colonel Fels.Once any unexpected situation arises, they can join the battle in the first second Under their wide robes, there are submachine guns hidden The crowd slowly moved forward, The road out of the city can already be seenthe number of British soldiers has gradually increased, and several machine guns are erected there.But this is nothing compared to the Egyptian pilgrimage psychology.The Maharaja s guard of honor was at the forefront, with King Farouk I and Queen Farida among them.Leading the huge flow of people towards the outside of the city.Lieutenant Colonel Lewis, who was in charge here, was in a nervous mood.He tried his best to look towards the crowd, hoping to see those damned German spies yesterdaythere were too many people.

In fact, Wang Weiyi also With this in mind Colonel Fels, I will now establish a secret intelligence service with you as its head.You told me about your plan and I totally agree.At the same time, the task of listening to the radio station was entrusted to me, and I promised that as long as the fighter doesn t cbd gummies for teens botanical pharm cbd gummies move, his radio station will be cracked by me Yes, Baron.Colonel Fels replied loudly.Rommel pouted, and let an American take charge of the intelligence work of the German army.He was not cbd gummies cdl license at ease even if the other party was a German super spy.Wanderer , you won t let me be in charge of listening, will you 50mg cbd gummies comfortably numb cbd gummies Little Ling was very dissatisfied in his ears.Wang Weiyi smiled.Yes, it is impossible to strengthen the German army s radio listening capabilities in a short period of time, especially in the African Army.A big trap has been set for the Britishfor now.Wang Weiyi wanted to let the British who had the chance to win jump in by themselves, and then the German soldiers would bury them.On the African battlefield, the initiative will be in the hands of the Germans again The new code developed by Xiaoling has been delivered, and the Enigma is still in use to confuse enemy.The Secret Intelligence Service commanded by Colonel Fels was also put into work at the same time.Although it was up to the Americans to command the Germans.It made Marshal Rommel feel uncomfortable, but as far as the current situation is concerned, Colonel Fels is the most suitable candidate.All intelligence work was overthrown and restarted.This is what must be cbd gummies are they safe to take done in order to win Only, after the last telegram, Klingenberg and his squad have lost contact, whether they are alive or dead.It is unacceptable.In Cairo, there is already a lot of dissatisfaction, thinking that all this is brought by the British, and only the British can leave Egypt to restore the old peace in Airi.But this is just an illusion Sometimes fantasies can completely become reality.Wang Weiyi pondered and said, Colonel Dott, do you know that the British are going to pay the three brigades of the Egyptian army Of course they do.I think that money must be stored somewhere now Wang Weiyi asked lightly.Yes, they have the money Colonel Dott said this, his eyes widened suddenly Mr.Baron, what do you want to do Do what I should do.Wang Weiyi He picked up the coffee in front of him and took a sip Come on, tell me where the money is stored, and is there any armed force guarding it Colonel Dott was silent for a long time, and then slowly said The money is stored in Cairo In the bankthe British will be withdrawing it early tomorrow morningAs for the defense force There are more than a dozen soldiers stationed at the Cairo bank, watching the money Mr.During this raid, the 69th Heavy Air Defense Regiment suffered heavy losses, about 300 soldiers were killed, and they lost all their artillery.Then, the South African Army, which did not stop at all, quickly launched a surprise attack on the 2nd Light Air Defense Regiment The Allied forces captain cbd gummies dosage were in chaos The sudden mutiny of the South African army stunned General Alexander, who was commanding in Cairo.What is even more frightening is that the South African Army, which knows the internal situation of the Allied Forces, began to try to attack the British High Command.At this time, General Alexander only had one rifle battalion and the 570th Royal Engineer Company in his hands.The South African army has begun to attack, attacking their former commander They took advantage of the armored vehicles to forcibly break through the British fortifications, and then the black artificial soldiers braved the opponent s intensive firepower and began to carry out explosion operations one after another.Canlemu nodded And the dean of the monastery has maintained a friendship with Tamusta for many years, Colonel, what happened In a country that believes in Islam, it is really strange that a person who believes in Islam should fund a monastery.Colonel Fels said slowly Just now, we captured an escaped British spy in this monastery.Canlemu was startled again, and then seemed to understand something Colonel, do you think this has something comfortably numb cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank to do with Ta Musta No, I can assure you that Tamusta will never harbor a British spy, you have no idea how much he hates the British He hates us Germans as well.Colonel Fels said indifferently I don t want to believe that Tamusta has any connection with this incident, but the British spy named Lawson Heaton has fully admitted it.Tamusta assisted in his escape and placed him in a monastery until word of our capture passed.This is a typical Japanese tavern.Many Japanese people in Harbin like to come here in their free time, and then drink, and don t go back until they are very drunk.Hiroshi Yamaguchi came in wearing a kimono and did not attract too many people s attention.Yuan Wang welcomed him in, walked into the private room, chatted there for a while, and then asked cautiously Director, can my friend come in Hiroshi Yamaguchi nodded.Yuan Wang got up and left the private room.After a while, someone knocked on comfortably numb cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank the door lightly.Come in.Someone walked in, and then carefully closed the sliding door.Hiroshi Yamaguchi raised his head casually, but when his eyes fell on the person who came in, his expression was completely frozen there.Then, he let out a wry smile You really didn t die Yes, I am not dead The visitor sat down opposite him with a smile.One hundred and thirteen.While Cracking was depressed, suddenly a pair of warm hands raised his wrists, and then soft fingers began to move his five fingers one by one.Intuition told Mo Guangzhi that these were a pair of slender hands of a woman, but he didn t understand what the woman s botanical pharm cbd gummies doozies cbd gummies purpose was for doing this.As he was thinking about it, Mo Guangzhi smelled the smell of disinfectant and alcohol again, which he understood the nurse must have come to treat his wound.Thinking comfortably numb cbd gummies of the wound being rubbed with alcohol, Mo Guangzhi hurriedly took a deep breath, preparing for the coming pain.Once he concentrated, the birdsong around him became less disturbing.After Mo Guangzhi clenched his teeth and held back the pain from his wound, he felt that the surrounding voices had weakened, as if there was no one else in the ward.After blowing the fuse, throw it into a room full of Soviet soldiers.He rushed to the door as the grenade exploded.He raised his submachine gun and swiped.Another Russian soldier suddenly appeared in the corner of the hall, holding a rifle in his hand.He shot a paratrooper in the chest.Heisenberg quickly raised his gun and fired, and the bullet hit him in the chest.Both soldiers fell down.A medic from the commando rushed to provide medical treatment to the paratrooper who was shot.The commando came to an open field, where a bunker stood.The bunker is not big.But it is made of reinforced concrete.This makes the people in the bunker fully protected against all types of attacks.Inside the bunker was a Russian machine gun team.They manipulated heavy machine guns and fired violently at the commandos, but did not hit the commandos.

Marcel hurriedly took out a white cloth and kept waving it, which he brought specially to express his peaceful intentions if he was discovered.Spitfires escorted them all the way to a runway at RAF West Sussex, botanical pharm cbd gummies doozies cbd gummies where the Viscount deftly piloted the small plane to a safe landing.They achieved their purpose and were free.Naris s first reaction was admiration for the feat, and he was even more admiring after inspecting the small plane the next day.Naris wasn t an aviation expert, but honestly, Naris had no idea how they managed to get this does cbd gummies have thc botanical pharm cbd gummies plane to take off and keep it botanical pharm cbd gummies going at fifty miles.Spitfire pilots corroborated comfortably numb cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank the words of the Viscount and his servants.When the air lawnmower was just discovered flying wobbly over the strait, the British were still thinking about it, and they didn t know what Hitler intended to send such a thing to the British beach.But you float slowly over all these places without a single shot being fired, not a single Messerschmitt or Fokker chasing you.The danger of being shot down appeared at least a dozen times before reaching the channel, HCMUSSH botanical pharm cbd gummies but you were safe and gummy cbd fire wholesale sound.why is that This is because the Germans knew you were going through and were ordered to let you pass.Why did the German let two patriots get away he asked slyly.Marcelle, there is only one patriot, and he is Monsieur Viscount.And the other one, you, was a spy for the Germans.Note that I revive cbd gummies said you were , because when you learned of the Viscount s plan, you first reported it directly to your friends, who ordered you to encourage the Viscount and help him.If the plane crashes in flight, it s bad luck for you.However, if the flight is successful, your espionage in England will be of great benefit to them.The general welcomed Miselier and Rabat to the commission, but flatly refused to let Morel replace Passy.Miselier and Rabat immediately stated that they could not accept the plan that de Gaulle would continue to be in power and Passy would be in charge of intelligence work They refused to join the committee.The stunned Miselier thought this would force de Gaulle to make concessions.The next morning he called Deschamps, who was in charge of the political cabinet, to ask if the general had changed his mind.Deschamps replied that the General was in fact preparing to announce the appointments of the National Council, which included neither Miselier nor Molay nor Rabat.Miselier was furious and said That s the case.The navy will stand alone and continue to fight Then he actually informed the British Admiralty that he was going to put his HCMUSSH botanical pharm cbd gummies fleet at their disposal.The first inspection team is in charge of General Maris Listening to De Sade s words, Wang Weiyi also smiled silently.He had tried Fan Deko before, but apparently the work of Fan Deco was really good.That s great De Sade s voice continued to sound It s a pity.You only made one mistakeRussians are taboo to eat squid, there are five of you in total, all of 50mg cbd gummies comfortably numb cbd gummies you did not touch the squid on the plate Wang Weiyi looked at the plate in front of him, the same No squid was touched It can be explained by one person who doesn t like to eat it, but none of the five members of an inspection team eats it, so there is a problem Fan Deko smiled wryly Look, we have Mr.De Sade to thank.Wang Weiyi took a sip of wine Fan Deke Ah, at least I can remember your name.Look, even if you make excuses now, I will still treat you as Russian spies.Even those veterans have never seen such a botanical pharm cbd gummies doozies cbd gummies large offensive force.A large number of T 34s rushed to the forefront.While launching a sea of people attack, the Soviet army even started a sea of tanks.It was appalling and the Germans showed no sign of weakness.Tiger and Panther tanks.The Elephant tanks that is, the Ferdinand tank destroyer and the Wasp assault gun, launched a tit for tat counterattack.The artillery fire covered everything on the battlefield The Russians didn t seem to care about belonging at all.The t 34s were destroyed one after another, but the t 34s came up again.It s endless, it can t be finished at all The sky it s the botanical pharm cbd gummies blood colored sky the earth it s the blood colored earth Here steel and steel collide, and cannonballs fly here.Every square kilometer of land is experiencing terrible impacts Human beings destructive power to the earth is fully demonstrated here The German gunners hands became numb, and they couldn t remember how many shells they fired.They have to keep throwing grenades to kill the enemies who can never kill them all If I were given another chance, I still can t believe that we actually fought such a battle Russia The human corpses are really piled up as high as the hills, there.The bodies of officers and soldiers were intertwined, bombed up corpses intertwined with burning tanks.The pungent smell makes people lose their appetite, and everyone is in a state of madness because of this battle We are surrounded by enemies in all directions, and the enemies attack from several directions at the same time.In our rear, General Herbert Gillette s Viking Division firmly blocked the attack of the Soviet Terek River Army.In front of us are my battle group and Guo Yunfeng battle group personally commanded by Marshal Ernst In terms of numbers, we are not at the same level as the Russians.When the news of the failure of the 56th Army and the 81st Armored Army came, Vasilevsky quickly He understands the mystery.But he has no HCMUSSH botanical pharm cbd gummies good solution.He has a solution to any unexpected situation on the battlefield, but this is the only thing he can t do.Even after he heard that Voroshilov began to use After the attack of large scale group crowd tactics, he can only let Voroshilov do what he wants to do.For the current Soviet army, Vasilevsky has already done his own thing.He succeeded The skeleton baron was brought into the encirclement.And the honor of the final victory must be left to Comrade Stalin s trusted Marshal Voroshilov Khrushchev also understood the reasons.From the emotional and comfortably numb cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank practical point of view, he was more inclined to Marshal Vasilevsky to personally command the battle, but intellectually, he was unable to do so.Here is the third line of defense here is the last line of defense here is the last life of the German army After learning that the outside troops began to attack on a large scale.All the German soldiers in the assault group forgot about fatigue and death.One after another, they invested in the final defensive operation.This is the final strangulation of the two armies here.One side must do its best to protect this last place of life, while the other side must desperately destroy the place of life The battle has entered a fierce stage All the tanks in the assault group are used as mobile fortresses.The artillery on the tanks is constantly throwing shells at the enemy, and the machine gunners on both sides are constantly pulling their hands The trigger in Manfred von.The Luftwaffe under the personal command of Marshal Richthofen also attacked the Soviet army again and again as if his eyes were red.

Wittmann picked up a submachine gun from the ground, and said loudly Marshal Ernst, the s21 and s22 tanks are out of shells.Now, we request to join the infantry battle order Second Lieutenant Wittmann, your request is approved It is.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Marshal, I have a request.Please tell me, Lieutenant Wittmann.If I die in battle, please grant me the rank of major.I have dreamed of being botanical pharm cbd gummies a major Ah, this request Is it too much I am only a second lieutenant now Wang Weiyi smiled so happily Yes, your request is indeed too much, but I approve it.If you can die in battle with honor Here, you are a major of the SS A very shameless guy Brandt, who lost to Wittmann in the tank annihilation competition, couldn t help muttering.Myristel came over Second Lieutenant Wittmann, you are like a god in the tank, but now, I m afraid you can t even kill ten enemies Yeah Wittman looked at the other party provocatively.made easy.12 artillery pieces, 21 tanks and self propelled artillery appeared outside the Baflac building.After simple preparations, all the artillery fire poured out towards the building together.The deafening sound of cannons flooded the entire battlefield in an instant All that could be heard was the roar of cannon fire.Under the cover of artillery fire, the building collapsed layer by layer.There were constantly Russians trying to rush out, but they were hit by more violent firepower.This is the naked massacre, the naked destruction of life.However, when war breaks out, the most despicable thing on the battlefield is undoubtedly human life.The shelling continued, and one piece by one was destroyed.The earth was engulfed in flames, and the sky was obscured by gunpowder smoke.The entire building was almost completely destroyed under constant artillery fire This is what I want to see Wang Weiyi looked at everything that happened in front botanical pharm cbd gummies of him coldly Fighting, you don t need too complicated methods, what I botanical pharm cbd gummies want is the simplest method This is what Wang Weiyi wanted.Zhukov and Vasilevsky were completely shocked when they heard the news.Now, the enemy is about to enter Moscow, but at this time Stalin actually wants to carry out a new big purge This is not an effort to encircle Moscow, this is simply helping the Germans.But Stalin s determination had already been made.He told Zhukov and Vasilevsky There are a large number of traitors hidden in our troops and those who are not firm in their positions.Timoshenko and those who defected on the battlefield are representatives of them.If you cannot be in the army as soon as possible The goal of defending Moscow cannot be achieved at all Zhukov and Vasilevsky tried to persuade him again and again, but Stalin, who had already made up his mind, was unmoved at all, and he handed over this task to Beria, who almost died in his hands a big purge without warning began A large number of Soviet officers who were actively preparing for street fighting were inexplicably arrested.Some deviated from Wang Weiyi s intention.He came to want to directly demolish the rails and make the train overturn, but considering that there are a lot of precious objects on the train.In order to reduce losses, Wang Weiyi gave up this plan.But once he fired, he found that the power produced by the tanks at the base was no worse than directly overturning a train.The Russians were trapped in the train.The powerful firepower erupted by a large number of advanced tanks once again turned this place into a naked slaughterhouse.Some Russians tried to rush out.But it was ruthlessly swept away. Inside and outside the train, there were Russian corpses everywhere. The planes in the sky were also sweeping vigorously, which added to the casualties of the Russians.For a full 20 minutes, the massacre did not stop for a minute.Death Fortress this is the new name given to Moscow by the Germans.It s also a very vivid name.In Moscow, a city wrapped in steel into a huge battle fortress, death is the easiest thing to see, and corpses are the easiest objects to find.The dignity of life is trampled on for nothing here, and all eyes are only on one thing how many people did you kill in the last hour.Not by days, but by hours.As for how long a human life can survive on the battlefield, it can even be counted in minutes.On July 28, the German army launched a full scale attack on the Malinovsky Army with the Skeleton Division, the Imperial Division, and the 123rd Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht as the main force.Malinovsky s army participated in the Battle of the Terek River, and after the outbreak of the Battle of Moscow, it took the lead in the counterattack against the German army.The two infantry divisions assigned by Zhukov himself as reinforcements had been wiped out long ago.And at this time, Zhukov really had no troops to use.On the afternoon of the 16th, the war known to history as the Three Days of Moscow Tragedy finally broke out. In the afternoon, the German army organized the Skeleton Division and the Imperial Division of the Waffen SS, as well as two Wehrmacht infantry divisions, and the Nordland Combat Regiment, and launched a general offensive against the 20th Soviet Army.This is a decisive general attack.Marshal Ernst Brehm, commander in chief of the German Army sunmed cbd gummies watermelon Ernst Battle Group, botanical pharm cbd gummies personally commanded the battle.On the Soviet side, Marshal Zhukov once again appeared on the front line.Ernst and Brahm stood face to face again after more than twenty years.Our friends the United States and Great Britain, and the indomitable China, are fighting in the Far East to end the war once and for all.On this day, on this day of victory, on behalf of Germany, I officially declare war on Japan Officially declared war on Japan Wang Weiyi issued such a declaration, and then he said in a solemn tone Here, I must express my deepest respect to the Chinese government.They participated in the war earlier than any other country.And they have persisted until now they have suffered huge losses, and they are fighting hard and tenaciously against Japanese aggression.No country can bear the suffering more than themI have witnessed with my own eyes how the Chinese army and people are I have fought bloody battles, and now, on behalf of Germany, I will announce that Germany will do everything possible to help China, from materials to direct military support, as long as we can do it, we are willing to do soAnd, the German army is ready to send troops to Japan We will let this country get justice War not over The war just started German soldiers, now I order you, get ready to march on the Japanese mainland This weather, Germany is already in Ernst.Most of the resistance force completely collapsed under such a destructive attack Bows in Guo Yunfeng s speech After being called, the Germanian archers appeared.Now, it is the turn of these barbarians to perform.Amid the sound of swish , arrows .

what stores sell cbd gummies?

like rainstorm rushed towards the Roman soldiers ferociously.Miserable The shouts sounded just like just now, but now the screams are from Roman soldiers who are constantly falling to the ground.Germanians these warriors who have been with beasts for a long time, bows and arrows are one of their c pure cbd gummies most reliable weapons.However, despite The Romans were hit, but it didn t affect their phalanx at all Facing the enemy s crazy arrow rain, they still maintained a complete formation and kept moving forward Soon, they were out of the shooting range of the bow and arrow.

These days, too many Romans have died After noon, Callaini decided not to wait any longer, and he stepped up his offensive.But at this moment, Wang Weiyi brought his men back to the battlefield.Surprisingly, they also brought back more than a hundred captives.How did your lord consul do all this But now there is no time to think about it My lord, the Romans have stepped up their attacks since noon, and our botanical pharm cbd gummies bows and arrows can no longer stop them.In this case, let s take the initiative Wang Weiyi said lightly We It still has the advantage of the terrain, and the Romans strength cannot be used here at all Then he turned his attention to Thebius Thebius, are you willing to be the leader of all the warriors I will cried Thebius, and then he took up a spear Germania About the battle.Caesar recorded this in his Gaul Wars after noon, Caleni, who had not waited for Abis, finally lost his patience, and he launched a large scale attack on the botanical pharm cbd gummies barbarians.The death of Crassus was a very heavy blow to Caesar, which reduced his influence in Rome by a lot.This is secondary.What annoyed Caesar the most.While he was fighting for Rome, Pompey and those members of the Senate actually established a province of Germania and appointed a new governor.Caesar had long regarded Germania as part of the Gaul province, and would never allow anyone to get involved Of course, he did encounter some difficulties in Germania at present.If these barbarians could not be dealt with before the arrival of the damned new governor, then Pompey and the Senate would have an excuse.One s prestige will also be hit hard.This forced Caesar to speed up.He is a aries essentials cbd gummies review very smart commander who is also very good at analyzing the battlefield situation.After carefully studying the stones thrown by the Germanic trebuchet, he made his own judgment accurately Savages don t store a lot of such stones, they will consume a lot, and you, Kaleini, you are now All we have to do is to attack in a scattered formation Scattered formation Obviously, Kaleini s brain is not very bright, and his wisdom cannot be compared with his loyalty and bravery But if you can t maintain If the phalanx attacks, I m worried that our soldiers won t be able to adapt Kalene, Kalene.If victory can be achieved today, it will usher in a long period of peace for the Germans, and Wang Weiyi will have plenty of time to do what he wants to do.And once it fails, then.The final result would be hard to imagine He took a deep breath, and took off the round shield and knife on his back.Hold it tightly in his hand.He slowly inspected his subordinates, from their faces, he could not see any fear.Then he said aloud The Romans are coming These Romans who deserve to be killed ten thousand times are coming I want you to cut off every morsel of their flesh and drink to the last drop of their blood.I want you Drive the spears in your hands through their mouths I want you to hang their corpses on the highest point in the woods I want the Romans to tremble when they hear German s name from now on, and they will obediently offer Their botanical pharm cbd gummies lands and women There is no reason, not even vulgar and barbaric words.Sartones violent gladiators cried every guest after him.And Shatongs also raised his hands high, accepting everyone s cheers heartily.He s just a gladiator, he has to keep killing his opponents to keep himself alive.If the master is kind, he may be given the status of a free man after thirty or fifty victories.If it wasn t like this, then he didn t know which gladiatorial fight he would die in Anthony grabbed a female slave beside him, and pushed into Shatongs arms Give him a barrel The chill watermelon cbd gummies best wine, this woman will accompany you all night With a cry of ho ho from his mouth, Shatongs grabbed the female slave and took off his clothes in front of so many guests Then he had sex with the female slave.He has no scruples at all, and in this regard, the so called slaves are not much different from these guests.Now, all obstacles have been removed, and Caesar can finally concentrate on It s time to deal with the coming Servius Legion.For Servius who was forced to depose by him, Caesar respected him in his heart.He knew that this young man was full of military talents, and this was why he feared and envied him But with Caesar s character, he will never bow his head.And he has an absolute advantage, he has a whole eleven legions of soldiers.Servius has only one legion According to the plan made before , Gaius was left in Gaul to monitor the barbarians and Gauls, while Caesar himself led a huge army to set off.In 51 BC, Gaius Julius.Caesar where can i buy cbd gummies in pa announced to all the legionary generals and soldiers that Pompey and the Senate had betrayed Rome, and that he would lead his bravest warriors back to Rome to pursue God s footsteps.Behind them is Berlin the capital of the German Empire Under the frantic bombardment of the enemy, a large number of Allied tanks and infantry appeared.Let s get started.Jonall said coldly.He couldn t confirm whether he could lead the officers and soldiers of the whole division through today safely, but they were still in the position, so they had to faithfully fulfill their duties as a German soldier.The Skeleton Division invested their few remaining tanks and assault guns, entangled with the enemy tightly.On the frontal battlefield, no one can easily defeat the Skeleton Master, no One after another Allied tanks were annihilated, and similarly, the number of tanks and assault guns of the Skeleton Division continued to decrease.But for all the officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division, they don t care at all.Creole said easily.Oliver looked meaningfully at the chief of staff of the German army General Werner Hessen, a first rank general of the German army.He has a beautiful wife and two beauties bb s daughter.In order to ensure the safety of General Werner s family members, I have moved them to a safe place. Warner s complexion changed drastically Oliver, what do you want to do How dare you do such a thing to the family of a German first rank general General, please keep calm Oliver said calmly As I said, this is just a protective measure.And I hope you don t do it to me, otherwise your wife and daughter will encounter some unpleasant things.Ah, yes, I think you recognize these.After finishing speaking, Oliver took out something and put it in front of Werner.It was a strand of golden hair, and Oliver said coldly This is your little daughter s hair, what a lovely child.Regardless of the plane, move forward at full speed Wang Weiyi got out of the tank s conning tower again and issued a new order loudly.The U.S.planes are approaching, and they don t worry about being attacked at all.This is the world of the U.S.Air Force It is said that in Berlin, the Luftwaffe, which was once thought to be wiped out, took off tenaciously again and achieved brilliant results.But for this group of American pilots, they are not at all worried that such a situation will happen here.The plane gradually approached the Skeleton Division, but when they were about to drop bombs.Those American pilots suddenly saw something that stunned them a group of German fighter planes appeared Yes, they swear that they saw it right, it was really a group of German fighter planes, there were nine of them Oh, God The formation composed of five U.

We re going to start shipping the first munitions.Of course, Germany needs a lot more.Even planes and tanks are included.These seemingly difficult things are actually not difficult for the people present.Lawrence nodded I agree, the situation in Berlin is urgent.The sooner the first batch of arms arrives, how many cbd gummies should i take for tinnitus the better it will be.Help Germany.Whether Germany can hold on now will be the key to the success of our entire plan.Mr.Gates, you have a very good relationship with the Deputy Minister of Defense.I think you can help us transport the ammunition to Berlin smoothly, right Oh, no, don t use the Secretary of Defense for now.Gates said indifferently We have other ways, let me handle the delivery problem.As for the Deputy Minister of Defense, he will be used a lot in the 50mg cbd gummies comfortably numb cbd gummies future.Politics and money are always closely linked.My leg A soldier uttered such a miserable scream, and soon, the medical soldiers rushed up against the terrible bullet rain.He hurriedly checked the wound Sergeant, your leg is broken, you can t continue to fight.The voice was so numb and emotionless, these medics were used to such scenes too much.Oh no, keep my leg, keep my leg The sergeant pleaded in pain, Please.Please, I can t live without my leg I m sorry, Sergeant.I There is no way.The medical soldier said indifferently.Yes, he has no choice, no way, he can only watch the sergeant lose his leg.Even the sergeant may lose his life because he cannot receive timely treatment.Medicines are too scarce.Everything is too scarce.Romeo also noticed the problem, but he couldn t do anything about what happened.What can be done Fortunately, there are Germans.That was Field Marshal Ernst, that was Field Marshal Rommel.That s Marshal Guderian These people are the former heroes of Germany these people are the awakened Heroic Spirit Legion these people.Be the creator of miracles It is they who led Germany to complete the impossible miracle Ernst Rommel Guderian Germany Such crazy cheers resounded across the battlefield, and every German soldier expressed their inner fanaticism in this way.Without their presence, Germany cannot win Without their appearance, Germany cannot be reversed Under their leadership, the war is bound to be carried out in the direction Germany wants My generals, my soldiers When the words of Marshal Ernst Brahm came out through the loudspeaker when.The noisy battlefield just now suddenly became quiet, and only Baron Alexon s words came out in the battlefield I thank each of you for your efforts for such a victory, and I thank each of you for your country The dedication of our country.Model nodded vigorously, standing at him at this time The German generals behind them didn t hesitate any more.They raised their right arms at the same time, and then called out in the most uniform voice Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Saint Ernst None of them, reviews of condor cbd gummies like Marshal Model, never dreamed that they would actually be able to see Baron Alexon This miraculous baron, this fabled god of war, this all hope of German revival Now, he is standing here, standing in front of everyone alive.So, what difficulties and enemies are they still owl premium cbd gummies reviews afraid of They knew that the marshal would be able to lead them to victory, just like any time in the past Eight hundred and seventy six.Awakened Mordel God, I arrested Baron Alexon, I still can t believe it, I really arrested Baron Alexon.I don t know how the Baron will punish me, shoot me, hang me, but whatever the Baron does to me I will never regret what I do.A large number of corpses were quickly laid down in front, and the charge had to be stopped, lying on the ground and fighting with the Germans, waiting for the next batch of troops to arrive.It s a real mess here.Gattle and Thomas ran behind the wreckage of a Leopard and botanical pharm cbd gummies new cbd gummies for pain ducked to avoid machine gun fire.Thomas, it s not safe to stay here Gattle s words were drowned out by the sound of explosions the American anti tank soldiers destroyed a Leopard Yin next to him.Hide behind the broken wall on the left for safety Sergeant Starob crawled over at some point.We can t get through There s a machine gun right in front of us Thomas yelled.Listen to me you two Go to the broken wall and deal with the anti do hemp gummies have cbd tank fighters there Sergeant Starob picked up the binoculars, looked up and said, Behind the two sandbags on the right frontshould be one more oh Damn it Sergeant Starob lowered his head, and the broken wall was hit by machine guns, and the gravel was splashed.The surrounding American troops rushed in like a tide.Thomas shot and killed one of the American soldiers who rushed over, and another American soldier suddenly rushed over and threw his gun at Thomas.Knock him unconscious.Seeing this, Gattle yelled Bastard , and then pushed the butt of the gun away with a bayonet.But Gattle was weaker than the American soldier, and the soldier kicked Gattle stumbled, then pulled out the engineering shovel, and slapped Gattle hard on the back.Gattle fell to the ground.Two other German soldiers rushed forward and inserted their bayonets into the American soldier s arm.chest, the U.S.soldier vomited blood and died.Another soldier of the U.S.Army has been by the side, because he did not dare to shoot because he was afraid of killing his own people.Seeing that his own people had died, he pulled the trigger.Shedevso Shedevsov brought Zaitsov and a dozen of them to a house at the train station.Shedevsov kicked open the door and rushed in.The enemies inside were knocked down to the ground without any defense.They were just about to clear the house.A hiding The submachine gunner in the corner caught them off guard.At this moment, a soldier stuck his gun in through a hole in the wall and shot the enemy away.Jelden came to the front of a room with the submachine gun in his hand and shot An American soldier who was about to rush out was killed.Zaitsev and Kinot had a gun battle with the American soldiers on the stairs.They were inseparable for a while, and in a hurry.Second Lieutenant Shedevsov took off his helmet and threw it up.Due cbd blueberry gummies white label to the darkness, Under the dim light, the U.S.military didn t see what it was.Soon the German army chased them and ran out from the other side of the forest.There were all German soldiers outside.When they were surrounded, they threw down their weapons and fell to the ground.Yes, the French chose to surrender After taking away the French who surrendered, the German army re entered the woods to clean up the battlefield, uhHow should I put it, I may have lost my head just now, and I didn t notice the bloody place where I ran just now That kind of strong bloody smell rushed to Slater s nose , Those French soldiers who were hit by their own shells just now died horribly one by one.Some arms and hands were blown off, some internal organs were blown out, and some the whole person was only left Lower and upper body Don t mention how uncomfortable it was for Slat at the time.

Wang Weiyi straightened his military uniform Let us compare with the Italians.Let s get to where we should be earlier.1 p.m.The German Italian forces launched a general breakthrough against the Russian forces.Their purpose is very clear, not to annihilate many enemies, not to completely destroy the enemies in front of them, but to break through here quickly and complete the rendezvous with Robin Stell.A large number of German and Italian soldiers swarmed forward, completing breakthroughs again and again, and those feared Leopard 9 and Destroyer 3 models completely became demons on the battlefield.There is no power that can stop these brave soldiers We are being broken through, and my position is collapsing.Lieutenant General Boschek almost wailed The enemy s attack is too fierce.Repeat again, the enemy s attack is too violent 50mg cbd gummies comfortably numb cbd gummies General Boschek, I must warn you again not to forget your duty.Charge Our third company and one platoon have been reinforced The Americans have also received long range support from large caliber fortress botanical pharm cbd gummies guns The first company requests reinforcements Lieutenant M ller used explosives to kill the tanks that rushed up, The 1st company is now under the command of Sergeant Lehmann.The German frontline commander requested reinforcements from the zone command, and Major General Moment only agreed to provide fire support.German long range artillery bombarded the American positions.But this support artillery fire was quickly suppressed by enemy artillery fire.Successive failures are only a matter of time Kiritz ordered the third company and the second platoon to quickly reinforce the first line of defense, and warned the soldiers to try to use explosives and anti tank grenades to blow up the American tanks when they were slowed down by the rubble and bricks.At this time, Hoffman s voice suddenly came Don t fire someone is crawling out They are finished When we were only a few meters away from the American tank, Mel, who had a tacit understanding, took the first Three shells were sent into the enemy turret.The American tanks completely collapsed.The violent explosion HCMUSSH botanical pharm cbd gummies tore its iron skin from the inside, and its turret flew off As for the American tanker who was climbing out of the roof botanical pharm cbd gummies He was torn in half by the violent explosion the lower limbs were stuck on the deformed turret, and the whole body was thrown tens of meters away along with the upper limbs Kyritz knew exactly what Hoffman meant just now.Damn pity always hung over Hoffman s mind like a ghost.Blurred his judgment on the situation.Hoffman What did you mean just now Should we let the American tanker go Turn 180 degrees turn Marina slammed into the burning American tank frantically, and then it screeched to a halt.Moyol would go to Turin with him and would meet with him on the plane He discusses something.For Mr.Pipondu s order, Bertrul absolutely dare not have any resistance And what he never dreamed of was the true identity of Mr.Moyol Baron Alexon Everything that has happened and is happening in Italy.Wang Weiyi has already learned about it through various channels, and in his judgment, he undoubtedly believes that this is the best opportunity.Perhaps the disintegration within the Allied Forces will start first in Italy Now you can say.Mr.Moyol, Mr.Pipondu asked you to come.Sitting Mr.Moyol On the opposite side, Bertrul felt a hint of threat Please botanical pharm cbd gummies rest assured, there will be no third person coming in here except us.Look, it is my honor to sit face to face with the prime minister of a country.Wang Weiyi faintly With a smile I don t want to go around in circles.The Russians would not be so stupid as to let the retreating Germans retreat smoothly without killing or injuring a single person Their commander must have given botanical pharm cbd gummies the order .

where to purchase condor cbd gummies?

to pursue at this time Noqier saw from the direction of the woods, the leading Russian soldiers of the Russian army that had sneaked into it gradually appeared.But their 098 continued to move forward, and the crew of Nuoqier all thought it was an extremely unwise decision to do so Noqier understood what they were worried about, and looked at the fragmented chariot wreckage around them.The Russians have great anti tank firepower Although Nocher has not found signs that the Russians have tanks participating in the battle so far.It s just the huge number of infantry who are chasing from the front.camouflage Nice camouflage Rummel slowed down the speed of 098.It is not at the same level as the Luftwaffe.Such a scene can be seen in the sky relive everyday cbd gummies every time, a large number of Russian aircraft appear aggressively, but when facing the Luftwaffe whose number is far smaller than theirs.Russian flying formations tend to suffer rapid and disastrous defeats.The Russian pilots have actually tried their bestbut they have not been able to get military support all year round, and they even use old fashioned aircraft from the early days of World War II.In today s war, quantity cannot win in red cbd gummies the face of quality On the second day of the engagement, the Luftwaffe had already achieved air supremacy.Those Russian Air Forces that keep getting shot down.I don t dare to continue to appear in the sky anymore.This is a frustrating scene.And with the support of HCMUSSH botanical pharm cbd gummies the Luftwaffe.He is afraid that the things he has done will be completely exposed, and he is afraid that he will become the public enemy of the Russian people.But at this point, is there any good solution If Bordov could really be bought, then these problems would not have occurred long ago.Go down.You all go down first.Gregory botanical pharm cbd gummies said irritably.After all his subordinates left, Gregory poured himself a glass of wine wearily.He took a sip and put down the cup heavily Ilya, my child, what do you think about these things I think the situation is not good for us.Ilya had nothing to hide from his father He said We have made too many enemies, and although we have temporarily concealed our failures on the battlefield, they will be known to others sooner or later.Yes, this is exactly what I am most worried about.Gregory sighed We have many opponents, and they are all waiting for an opportunity.Petergoff, if you succeed, you will become the new Grand Duke of Russia.I use Assure you in the name of a czar.Wang Weiyi smiled coldly.Is that right The new Grand Duke Does Boris still think that Russia will continue to have a second Grand Duke of Belstorka Germany has already suffered a loss in Russia.If he stumbles a second time on the old road, then this person is undoubtedly a fool At this time, the Grand Duke HCMUSSH botanical pharm cbd gummies of Bierstoka has no idea that a conspiracy is happening around him It happened quietly.At this time, he was already in a mess.The Armenian oil field was confirmed to be a scam, which caused Gregory Mond a huge loss.Many Russian cities, mainly Moscow, are continuing to erupt in demonstrations Demonstrations, against the government s incompetence and incompetence.No one knows better than Gregory what the Armenian oil field means to himself and the whole of Russia.

Come in, and then other soldiers file into the building and shoot and kill the wounded enemy 50mg cbd gummies comfortably numb cbd gummies soldiers who are lying on the ground, dying.Purple blood splashed on the wall with the screams.Pozik s Adam s apple grumbled involuntarily One thousand and twenty.Seize the airport Safety Charles, bring the injured person here cried the lieutenant.Then, the building was immediately filled with another scream.The surviving brothers of platoon b helped all the wounded soldiers of company d into the building.The cries, screams and groans immediately pierced into the ears of everyone present.Pozik took out an infrared marking bomb and threw it into the corner of the wall, then shouted into the walkie talkie Gormand 40da calls Blue 29, Gomandel 40da calls Blue 29 Over Blue 29 received , over The landing point has been established, do not fire at an infrared marker point seventy yards east of blue 970.No amount of wineries are as attractive as a charming girl.Me.Several people laughed, and everyone knew that Pipondu was more interested in women than anything else Rotini suddenly found a young man standing beside them, he was a little curious , what kind of young man is as qualified as himself to participate in such a banquet Will quickly gave the answer Mr.Rotini.Let me introduce you.This is Mr.Moyol from the United States.He is our friend, best friend, and our most respectable Friends.Very simple introduction, but it made Rotini feel even more strange Best friend The most respectable friend God, what kind of people can make Will and Pipondu say such things Hello, Mr.Rotini.Mr.Moyol Wang Weiyi smiled and stretched out his hand.Hi, Mr.Moyol.Years of mall surprise.Let Rotini quickly make his own judgment, this young man is definitely a close object of his weaving.Orange has left us forever.In the conference room.Langtes said in an extremely heavy tone The intelligence has been confirmed.Mr.Olangier was killed by the secret police.There was a complete silence in the conference room This is really a terrible thing, one after another such excellent comrades fell down like this.And even more worrying.Who will be next Is it yourself Or someone else No one can answer these questions for them.Although Mr.Orange has left us forever, someone must take over the business he left behind.Lantes cheered up his spirit I don t think I need to repeat the importance of the Operations Department he is in charge of.Repeatedly.The wave of the Great Revolution is imminent, and now someone is urgently needed to take over the heavy responsibility of Mr.Orange.Mr.Leader, Dodoan requests to enter the conference room immediately.But the frank Pisnoche didn t realize what he did wrong at all Colonel, General Robertson ordered us to continue staying here for one night.At this time, his adjutant came over and whispered The general said that something special will happen during the day tomorrow at the latest.This made Abel The Colonel finally calmed down from his anger.The adjutant continued But in the battle just now, our position has been retreated for a long time.Now, the First National Guard Division has set up an artillery position across from us.I think this will cause us serious damage.It s a huge threat, I m going to organize a commando to botanical pharm cbd gummies destroy the artillery positions Wait, what did you just say asked the somewhat absent minded Colonel Abel.I just said that I m going to organize a commando to destroy the artillery position Ah, I understand.At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded, and then a young man came over The fbi can do many things that ordinary people can t do, such as making people disappear bizarrely.Ah, you must have been sent by Captain Pattinson The expressions of the two FBI agents changed Who are you Get out of here immediately Look, what an impolite remark.The young man shrugged indifferently This is London, a place where gentlemen are respected, and impolite behavior will be punished.Before the two FBI agents continued to speak, a pistol suddenly appeared in the young man s hand, and the muzzle jumped twice quickly.Then, Thorpe saw the two FBI agents lying in a pool of blood Thorpe turned pale with fright, he never thought that this young man could be so cruel Mr.Thorpe Monrington.Hello.The young man put away his gun and came over I m Moyol, please don t worry, I m a good friend of the Monlington family.You once saved the lives of Captain Pattinson and Mrs.Delker, and in Yelverton, you also saved the life of a man named Dona.Of course, this Dona s real name should be Travivsky Travivsky the spy, Telavivsky the traitor.Wang Weiyi said lightly.But he was still surprised that Nash was able to figure out these things in such a short time.The people of the FBI are not incompetent, they are very strict about these secret guards Ah, no matter what you say about this person.Nash nodded But Tel Avivsky can obviously give the Allies The Army has been of great help, and without you, I don t think we would be able to get any kind of intelligence now The FBI should thank you, Major Moyol.No, let me think carefully Thinking, maybe you should not be called Major Moyol, but Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, right A Lieutenant Colonel Moyol under the personal protection of the United comfortably numb cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank States Deputy Secretary of Defense, General Phillips This Once Nash surprised Wang Weiyi again.Who wants to abandon their family members when their lives are in doubt The reporters kept reporting on the progress of the Kasli Academy incident.Now, the whole city of Oakland and the whole of New York know what a terrible riot has taken place here.Those organizations that support the violent struggle for black rights were comfortably numb cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank not inspired by the actions of the Black Panther Party , as if they saw a bright path in the darkness.Regardless of whether the operation of the Black Panther Party is successful or not, it will give them great encouragement.Some armed black organizations have also started to take action one after comfortably numb cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank another.They decided to use their actual actions to give the most direct and powerful support to the compatriots who are fighting in Oakland.And those blacks who advocate peaceful ways to fight for their own rights, although they do not agree with the Black Panther Party such a simple way of making huge profits.Therefore, Mr.President specifically explained that no matter you No matter how difficult it is, this task must be completed General Gendra nodded helplessly Sinrag quickly mentioned the Skeleton Baron s special order from the President again.The problem, just like his adjutant, General Gendra s mind did not know why the figure of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol appeared for a long time in the first place.Ah, no, it won t be him, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is such a straight and warm man.It s kind of ridiculous that neither the FBI nor the does cbd gummies have thc botanical pharm cbd gummies CIA can be trusted, and the military should be given this task Should I be in charge of catching spies at the critical moment of the war And the opponent is so dangerous and so cunning, the invincible god Baron Skeleton Mr.Special Envoy, I will send someone to investigate as soon as possible.

Elliott, can you imagine my mood I know your mood.Elliott Te smiled lightly live green cbd gummies review But have you ever thought about the Baron s what is the best cbd gummies mood He created a powerful country single handedly, but this country was almost destroyed by his son.Can you understand the Baron s mood No, you don t I can understand.The baron doesn t like war, he never liked war, what he wants is not war.He loves you, has always loved you, but he botanical pharm cbd gummies has never shown it.William shook his head, he didn t believe himself My father will love himself so much Eleven hundred.Parting ways, William did not believe that his father would love him so deeply.He knew that in his father s heart, apart from Germany, there was no room for another thing, and this was one of the most important reasons why William wanted to go to war against Germany.However, now Elliott actually does cbd gummies have thc botanical pharm cbd gummies said such ridiculous things.Pross, I m Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, you can follow me now.The American lieutenant colonel said coldly.The first thought that came to Prouss mind was that he would be executed today.In fact, this is nothing, since the first minute he was arrested, he had already made such preparations.No, botanical pharm cbd gummies doozies cbd gummies or rather he had been prepared to do so from the first minute of his espionage career.He is not afraid, this is the final destination of a spy.He has been lurking in the UK for too long and too long, and has sent too much intelligence to Germany, and everything is worth it to him.And what makes him even more proud.In front of Nash, who was always good at getting prisoners to speak, he did not reveal the core secrets.I hope you can give me a clean dress.Pross made such a request.Since you are going to die.Always die cleanly.However, before the lawyer left, he left another sentence, whether he can continue to live here will depend on whether Captain Roger works hard.The captain s wife had no idea what was going on.And when the lawyer left, another mysterious man appeared.He didn t say anything, but left a check for 800 to Captain Roger provida cbd gummies s wife.You know, the life of Captain Roger s family is not easy now, all the money has been used to pay off debts, 800 US dollars is simply a huge sum of money for them.The wife didn t know what was going on, but Captain Roger was perfectly able to understand.This is the friend of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol in the United States who is comfortably numb cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank putting pressure on himself in two very different ways.Either cooperate that will solve all problems Either refuse to cooperate, then Captain Roger knows better than anyone what comfortably numb cbd gummies tinnitus cbd gummies shark tank will happen He didn t sleep all night.He threw himself into the last reserve team in his hands, and even he himself appeared on the front line of the most intense.Can he be accused of anything No, you can t blame anything, on the contrary, every commander hopes to have such a brave subordinate.It s just that Colonel Enrique s bravery seems to be used in the wrong place today.Several positions of the 36th Brigade have been breached.The casualties of the whole brigade were extremely heavy.Especially after losing the protection in the air, those nasty enemy planes began to ravage their positions unscrupulously, and the entire position was wrapped in thick smoke and explosions.Things got really tough.But even in such a harsh environment, Colonel Enrique botanical pharm cbd gummies did not give up at all.He ordered the entire brigade to start shrinking its forces and concentrate on several important core positions.So with this mentality, the fighting enthusiasm erupted by the British is amazing.Frank also knew that he could not fall botanical pharm cbd gummies into the hands of those British no matter what, otherwise he would have a very tragic ending.Even if the battle is the last one, he must fight to the end Standing on the ground, Frank saw a terrible scene through the binoculars two captured Canadian soldiers.Being beaten by botanical pharm cbd gummies doozies cbd gummies a group of British civilians.It seems that these British are venting their anger from the two Canadian soldiers.Terrible, really terrible.Frank saw.The two subordinates were still dodging at first, but then they gradually lost this ability.They lay motionless on the ground, and the beatings of the British didn t mean to stop at all.These two Canadian soldiers were beaten to death like this Frank closed his eyes in despairGod, if he falls into the hands of those British, he will be beaten to death General, our left wing has been breached General, Major Marull is dead.A cbd gummies for teens botanical pharm cbd gummies unit that has been baptized in three world wars can often become a bright spot on the battlefield General Jonall was not too anxious.For him, the most important thing was to advance steadily, gain an advantage steadily, and turn this advantage into victory little by little.One morning, the armies of both sides were strangled together, fighting with red eyes, shells and bullets were constantly flying across the air, and each fall often took a lot of lives.Even those recruits who have just joined the army will be excited under such a war, completely forgetting about botanical pharm cbd gummies life and death.This cannot be learned in any textbook.Only by personally experiencing the battlefield can one know what shock is.Although the British government troops were very brave, there is no doubt that they are losing the initiative on the battlefield.William turned to the door From the looks of it, it was his father and mother.At this moment, tears welled up in his eyes again.reunited.There will be no more wars from now on This time, will you go In Alexon Manor.Hitler asked worriedly.Wang Weiyi shook his head, then looked at Leoni, Elena, and Sophie beside him or Xiao Ling, who should be called, and then at his son This time, I will not leave again.I I ve been through a lot, I ve been to a lot of places, and I think my adventure is over.Here s my home, my loved ones, and my friends.I ll stay here forever, forever and ever Here, the German tragedy will never happen again Hitler was relieved, Manstein was relieved, Rommel was relieved, Guderian was relieved, Riedel was relieved, all of them relieved.This legendary baron will never leave, never again And his legendary stories will never disappear Ziguang military base.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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