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After driving for about ten minutes, the police car and the taxi arrived at Chengdu Minyoun Shangya Hotel almost at the same time.As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Yue Ming saw that a cordon had been pulled up in front of the hotel gate, surrounded by many police officers, and there were also many people in the far corners around the hotel, probably reporters.Yue Ming guessed in his heart that the reporter stood so far away, probably because they were dispersed by the police, and his intuition told him that a major case had occurred in the hotel.Yue Ming got out of the car first and waited outside the cordon, while Wei Renwu and Officer Fang parked the car and just walked to the hotel entrance.When Wei Renwu saw Yue Ming, his mustache straightened with anger, and he said anxiously, You are planning to stalk me, right Yue Ming smiled awkwardly, and said, Mr.

Before Lin Xingchen could get angry, Wei Renwu swished and pulled Yue Ming to flee the scene, only to hear a violent voice behind him Wei Renwu, wait and see Chengdu This city has many nicknames, such as Rongcheng because the city flower of Chengdu is Hibiscus Flower , Chengdu because Chengdu s traffic congestion is second only to Beijing, City of Leisure , and City of Leisure.Because of the comfortable life of the people in Chengdu, however, the titles that best reflect the characteristics of Chengdu are not the above three.The title that best embodies Chengdu is the City of Gastronomy.Some people say that the hot pot in Chengdu is delicious.In fact, the hot pot is still the best in Chongqing.So what is the best food in Chengdu It must be Sichuan cuisine.But there are tens of thousands of Sichuan dishes in Chengdu, and where is the most authentic It must be the fly restaurant in Chengdu.

Unexpectedly, I actually I really found the U disk medigreen cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies with the list.I really didn t expect it.When I saw the message you left me on the subway, I was shocked, and I didn t expect you to know that I was following you.Things you didn t expect There s a lot more, there s no way, I m just like that.What I m most disgusted with is that at this moment, you still want to use your acting skills to win my cbd oil gummies to stop smoking sympathy, do I seem to be a sympathetic person Li Xuanran laughed and said, Mr.Wei, cbd gummies drug screen I didn t hand over the list to the police at the first time.I knew that Mr.Wei must not be a good man.Tell me, Mr.Wei, how do you want to trade.Wei Renwu hesitated After a few seconds, he said Honestly speaking, I have the list of Baihutang in my hand.This is also a hot potato.I will definitely be hunted down by the people of Baihutang.

, it is written on the ID card.There is only my mother s mobile phone number in the phone, which means that they are a very lonely person, and they should be a single parent family, because there is no father s number.Ting s medicine for treating depression.He was able to accurately buy the medicine for this disease in the pharmacy because he had a history of depression and knew what kind of medicine could relieve the condition.The location of his death was far from There is a distance of two meters below the window of , indicating that he was not pushed down by someone, or sitting in front of the window, and fell down accidentally, but jumped off by himself, because in the first two cases, it is impossible for the deceased to fall It justcbd cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies s so far from the bottom of the window, let s say it s feet first.

After finishing speaking, he took out the key and prepared to open the door.Your son may have been murdered, I really want to help you Yue Ming shouted anxiously.The mother of the deceased suddenly trembled, with tears in best cbd gummies for sleep: 2022 her eyes, she slowly opened the door and said, Come in.In the living room of the deceased s house, the two sat 50 mg cbd gummy bears effects where to buy sera cbd gummies opposite each other.Yue Ming carefully heard the mother of the deceased tell her son When he was very young, his father abandoned my mother and son.At that time, our family still It s not like what it is now.I work several jobs by myself, and it s very difficult to raise him.I started a business with my friends, and finally, by chance, I have a successful career.But I m too obsessed with work, and I only want to give to my can you travel with cbd gummies children.Create a good economic environment, but do not really pay attention to the physical and mental growth of the child, causing the child to become a lonely person.

He thought that Quankai was better than Wei Renwu for granted, because he had confessed Quankai as a god in his heart.Yue Ming looked at Wei Renwu, and he didn t expect that Wei Renwu knew him well, and Wei Renwu sat there, just chuckled and didn t speak.Yue Ming said to Quan good cheap cbd gummies Kai again So you are the Contemporary Sherlock Holmes mentioned in the news Quan Kai said modestly, I don t dare to be can you travel with cbd gummies that, it s just a false name promoted by the media.Yue Ming pointed at Wei Renwu again Said But Mr.Wei was still praising you this morning.Is there such a thing He doesn t look like this kind of person.Lin Xingchen snapped.Yue Ming said stupidly Yes, I asked Mr.Wei in the morning, how does he compare with Mr.Quan He also answered very seriously, Haoyue and Candlelight.After hearing Yue Ming s words, the audience suddenly roared Laughing, Wei Renwu even laughed and rolled under the table.

Quan handle the case, We will fully cooperate.Quan Kai stepped aside and said, Excuse me, Police Officer Fang.Fang Ronghua understood the meaning of fully open, so he stepped aside to investigate other details.In full swing, he pulled the best man far away from the police, and said in a low voice, Excuse me, what s your name The best man replied timidly, My name is Guo Long.Mr.Guo, it s like this, I think you I still have reservations about my question before, so I want to talk to you alone.There are some things I suspect, and it s inconvenient for me to say at the time.Can you tell me now That s right, I suspect that my cousin s death is related to his stepping on two boats.Do you want to can you travel with cbd gummies talk about the bridesmaid You how do you know The best man s voice trembled.You have to believe that I m a detective.

A young woman lived next door.Quan Kai asked politely, Hi, I m Yan Xiluo s friend.Something happened to her, and I need to find her urgently, so I want to ask Ma am, do can you travel with cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg amazon you know when she was last at home The woman saw Grace Pian Pian opened it all the way, and replied very politely Sir, hello, I don t know her very well, so I don t know very well.Oh, thank you.You re welcome.The door closed.Yue Ming asked Mr.Quan, do you need to ask another family Quan Kai shook his head and said No, today s message is almost done, you can go home first.Then I will take you back to the hotel first.No need, I still have to meet a friend.He lives not far from here, so I won t bother you.Having said that, Yue Ming had no choice but to go home alone.6.Who is the murderer After returning home, Yue Ming told Wei Renwu what happened next.

The words were fully open but there was no respect at all.Han Xiaojun stood up, turned his head and pointed his nose wide open, and shouted Then you must say something indiscriminate today.Oh Are you so sure Han Xiaojun pretended to be surprised.Sodium cyanide is an extremely poisonous poison, and it is also a contraband.If you hide it in a bad place at home, it will endanger the lives of your family members It will attract the police s pursuit.Then where will this so called poison be placed Quan Kai laughed and said, It s far away in the sky, but it s close in front of us.Han Xiaojun s haggard face suddenly became more Her body was pale, so white that even the remaining blood color disappeared, like a person who was about to die, and Quankai was the one who took away her last sliver of life.

It s gone.Let s catch up quickly.Lin Xingchen said hastily.He shook his head fully and said, Wait a minute.Wei Renwu laughed and said, He has already run away, where are you going to chase now, even if you didn t run, your two legs can outrun other people s four tires Lin Xingchen was not convinced He scolded Then you came so early, why didn t you chase after me Wei Renwu said First, I was a step late second, even if I arrived in time, I would run on both legs.Only four tires third, I have no obligation to save people, I came here to catch people.Lin Xingchen cursed again You are such a cold blooded animal.Lu Tong also helped Lin Xingchen and said Then you cbd gummy recommendation can t do anything Why are you still here Wei Renwu said coldly Of course you ordinary people can t understand what I want to do, and I have no obligation to answer you.

Quan Kai opened his eyes and said Ghost seems to know all the whereabouts of Sister Lin very well.Lu Tong said Is Ghost really a ghost What he said, Lu Tong himself was scared by himself Chill down the spine.Professor Yang scolded Don t talk nonsense, there are no ghosts in this world, this is just a criminal with a superior IQ.Quan Kai said This is a contest of wisdom.First, we have to find a way We need to get the help of the police, we need to know where the brick car was stolen to narrow down the search area.Professor Yang said Leave this matter to me, I am familiar with the police.Professor Yang immediately gave an answer.A not so low ranking police officer made a phone call Officer Liao, please help me ask if the Reporting Center received a report today, that a truck full of red bricks was stolen.

Quan Kai stood up and opened his eyes.He roughly determined the location of the stray bullet in his mind.He shined the flashlight on the ground.As expected, there was indeed a bullet hole in the ground.Fully open, he found a sharp iron object nearby and dug out the fragments of the stray bullet bit by bit, and then carefully put them in the plastic bag he had prepared in advance.The police came, led by Officer Liao who had talked with Professor Yang on the phone.Officer Liao s hair was half white, his face was old, he looked to be in his fifties, and he probably should have reached the retirement age, but his eyes were shining brightly, revealing a heroic spirit.As soon as Officer Liao saw Quan Kai, he asked, Are you fully open Quan Kai stood up straight and replied, That s right, I am fully open, comprehensive and happy.

Li Jiaran wondered How do you know Is she the concubine of Ghost Quan Kai said Her ring finger does not have any ring marks, which means that she has never been married, but there are two sets of toiletries on the sink, which means that there are two people living in this house.Two sets The toothbrushes are very clean, which means that the two often live here, but the two mouthwash cups, one is very clean, the other has dust, which means that the other person, that is, the ghost , does not live here for a long time, but I only come once when I find time.Li Jiaran asked Why doesn t Ghost live here all the time Quan Kai said Maybe it s because the real identity of Ghost cannot be revealed, so I dare not meet her often, maybe It s because the ghost is married again.The female boss laughed and said, However, it seems that you can t produce any actual evidence, children, I suggest you leave here quickly, maybe someday I will When I m in a good mood, I won t sue you.

Why Because that girl likes you, if she likes me, do you think I will let such a onris cbd gummies uk reviews beautiful girl not date Yue Ming s face became hot again, and he asked, Like me How did you know that He felt like he was about to have a real fever.Every time we go out and pass by their store, that woman will look at you affectionately.From my many years of experience in picking up girls, she must like best online cbd gummies you.Why did you notice Because she can you travel with cbd gummies is beautiful, every time I leafy quick cbd gummies pass by, I look at her, but she turns out to be looking at you.That s true, but now we are in such a dangerous situation, wouldn t it be inappropriate to pick up girls You Why are there so many questions, just do what I say, and it will be fine.Wei Renwu was annoyed by Yue Ming s question after question.Don t you just drink tea, eat, and watch movies While drinking tea, you can simply chat.

In less than a second, the call went through.It s Mr.Wei, hello, I m the White Paper Fan from Baihutang.On the other end of the phone came an extremely sharp child s voice, and Wei Renwu understood that the other party used a voice changer.I am Wei Renwu.I have admired Mr.Wei s name for a long time.I personally admire Mr.Wei s ability very much.If it is not because of my position, I really want to make friends with Mr.Wei.I hate making friends., I hate making friends with hypocritical people.Hahahahaha, Mr.Wei is really good at joking.Can you stop talking nonsense Can we get straight to the point This really makes me a little disappointed, no Thinking that Mr.Wei is such an impatient person.I was originally a very patient person, but your hypocrisy makes me feel a little sick.Okay, let me just say it directly, Mr.

The letter said that the photo paper of this photo is suede photo paper, which was washed with silver salt particles and chemical potions.The whole process is still at the level of more than 20 years ago.It is still quite difficult for buyers.Yue Ming heard the word difficult , and the joy he had had disappeared, leaving only disappointment.Wei Renwu said However, he can you travel with cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg amazon also said that although he doesn t know the source of the photo, he does know the scene in the photo.The fire of hope was ignited again, and Yue Ming hurriedly asked There are only sandy beaches and sea in the photo, why Can you where to buy sera cbd gummies confirm where it is in the photo Wei Renwu took out the photo, put it can you travel with cbd gummies on the dining table, pointed to a shadow in can you travel with cbd gummies the distance of the sea in the photo, and said This photo, when it was taken, the weather was not very where to buy sera cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief near me good.

Although he was running away, he seemed to not get rid of me on purpose.I just followed closely like this.Behind him, wandering in countless places, finally, finally he is willing to talk to me.What did he tell you He admitted to me to kill.At this point, Ah Zhen s head tightened, He said that when he heard that Jiang Jin was looking for the master, he dug out the hammer from his drawer and hid it outside the master s office through a secret passage.When Jiang Jin and the master had the most intense quarrel, he sneaked into the office, When Jiang Jin was not paying attention, he beat Jiang Jin to death.Mary was not feeling well either.Ah Zhen continued The master was also frightened by the scene at that time.He asked Master Akai to leave, saying that he would carry it all out, so in the end this matter became what it is now.

If there is no relationship, it still has a little relationship.What relationship I just want to Let me ask you, do you want Brother Zhao to be the chairman of the Guojianglong Group So what if you want to After looking around, Li Kai deliberately lowered the volume to prevent the walls from getting ears, and he said, If you want to If so, I can help you sit in that position.Nine, I am a bad person Oh Can you help me get in the position How can you help me Zhao He still doesn t trust Li Kai very much.Li Kai paused and said Now your boss is dead, and my boss is about to go to jail.You need to struggle to replace your boss, but I don t need it.Once my boss goes to jail, the person who will replace him , it is automatically me, so the business of the Sunflower Group is also my decision.Li Kai finally talked about the part that Zhao He was interested in, and Zhao He relaxed his vigilance and asked And then The two of us Everyone understands why my boss wants to kill your boss.

Wei Renwu smiled awkwardly as a response.Yue Ming said Yang Yang, come out for a moment, we have something to talk to you.Yang Yang responded Okay, Detective Yue, you and Mr.Wei wait for me outside the door, I will clean up and go talk to the manager, I ll come out to find you again.7.Lonely person After a long time, Yang Yang came out of the company.Wei Renwu asked, Did pure bliss cbd gummies review you feel being watched yesterday Yang Yang shook his head and said, It s strange, I didn t feel this way yesterday.In fact, he only felt this kind of being watched when he was alone.a feeling of.Yue Ming wondered, This is really strange.What s the matter Yang Yang asked stupidly.Wei Renwu smiled and said It s okay, Xiaoyue told me about your problem yesterday, so I came to you to find out about the situation today.Yang Yang said Does Mr.

Yue Ming touched the back of his head and said So , do criminal investigation work, do you have to study psychology Of course, for example, fully open, in fact, I have always admired his ability, but he has always been a little bit worse than me, do you know why Is it Yue Ming thought for a while, and replied Although I don t know why, Mr.Quan is already very powerful.He just doesn t know how to probe into criminals psychology, so he always puts himself in .

do cbd gummy bears get you high?

a passive position.In fact, he is more than enough to deal with can you travel with cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg amazon ordinary criminals, but he is very, very dangerous when he encounters really difficult criminals.Wei Renwu said here, and he also hated iron and steel.Then have you encountered any difficult criminals Yue Ming asked tentatively.Wei Renwu smiled and said nothing, as if there was something he didn t want to say.

The man in black slowly raised his terrified and empty eyes.First, he saw the black cloak covering his whole body, and then he saw a terrifying face with blue faced fangs.Under the dim light, it looked very strange.At this moment, the man in black s heart seemed to be at a standstill.He froze for a second, and immediately realized that he was going to flee in the opposite direction.When he cbd gummy distributor ran, he rolled and crawled.He ran with all his strength for a long distance before looking back.The green faced and long toothed monster didn t follow.He just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief when he bumped into another hard object, thumped and fell to the ground again.Needless to say, it must not be a wall that he bumped into.The man in black felt that he was about to collapse, so he took a quick look, and it turned out to be that monster with blue face and fangs.

I can t think too much, I still want to escape, the man in black turned over with a kite , and then ran away.The man in black didn t even dare to turn his head this time.He only knew that as long as he ran as fast as he could, he would definitely be able to get rid of that monster.There was absolutely no need to look back at such a terrifying thing.However, as soon as he had this thought, he was immediately slapped in the face by reality, and the monster with the green face and fangs came out from the darkness in front of him again.When people are most desperate, they will always bottom out.The man in black is not going to escape this time.Anyway, he can t escape a few times, so he chooses to go all out.Unknowingly, a gleaming dagger appeared in the hand of the man in black.Against the background of the black clothes, the dagger shone brightly, and the cold light was terrifyingly bright.

You spent so much time chasing that Baihutang person tonight, I know you It s for Captain Lin.Very well, let s continue.Baihu once threatened you with Captain Lin, you and I both know that if Baihutang is not completely eradicated, Captain Lin may die at any time It s dangerous, that s why can you travel with cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg amazon you lost your temper because you didn t catch that person alive today.Wei Renwu sighed softly Not only did you fail to catch the person, but can you travel with cbd gummies the clues were cut medigreen cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies off, and you even startled the snake, which may completely irritate the White Tiger.Things could get complicated, so I m trying to figure it out now and get ready early.Yue Ming said No matter how much you scold us, you have to believe that we are friends and we will not stand idly by.Friend Wei Renwu stubbed out his cigarette, looked at Yue Ming who had bandaged his right arm, and said In short, I will not let you get hurt again.

Because Yue Ming s speed was a bit slow, he didn t keep up with Wei Renwu, so he could only follow this middle aged man into Yintongyuan.Yintong Court.No.703, Unit 2, Building 7.This is Lin Xingchen s home.When the middle aged man and Yue Ming arrived at the door, the door opened wide.Seeing that the door was open, the middle aged man became even more anxious.He immediately rushed in with one stride, and Yue Ming followed suit.I saw Wei Renwu sitting on the does cbd gummies really help you quit smoking sofa in the living room.When Wei Renwu saw the two people coming in, his eyes were full of despair.He just said Lin Xingchen is gone.3.Kidnapping Who are you With a hint of surprise, but also with a kind of vigilance.Yue Ming, who was standing behind the middle aged man, stepped forward and explained His name is Wei Renwu, I am Yue Ming, and we are friends of medigreen cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies Lin Xingchen.

Yue Ming said fiercely.Yang Xi looked up to the sky with a long smile and said, Hahahahaha, Brother Yue is really an honest person.By the way, what do you want to do here You know, the person I can you travel with cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank m waiting for is not you.Yue Ming silently stood beside Yang Xi , Said I came here to wait for someone, and you are waiting for someone.Since this matter must be concluded tonight, of course I have to be present.Yang Xi said That s right, this matter started from the beginning.Up to now, you have been present, and this time is finally coming to an end, so you should also be present.Yue Ming did not respond.Suddenly, Yang Xi said It seems that someone has come.In the darkness, a person stepped out, and under the moonlight, the mustache of the person who came was very conspicuous.Wei Renwu finally appeared, holding a travel bag in his hand, and said with a smile, I m here as promised.

His plan is to turn off the lights in the factory first, and then use the infrared night vision goggles to give Thunder Dragon and the others an advantage in the dark battle.Wei Renwu looked at the embarrassed Yang Xi, and suddenly smiled triumphantly.Yang Xi said Is it funny, but you should laugh, after all, you won and I lost.Wei can you travel with cbd gummies Renwu smiled and said Mr.Yang, why do you think this fate is so unpredictable It fell into your hands, and in how many mg of cbd gummies should i take the next second, you fell into my hands.Yang Xi snorted coldly and didn t answer, he had already made up his mind, even if he lost, he would lose Have a bit of backbone, the worst thing is to die, the Fengshenhui people, if they fail, the only thing they can do is die.Every member where to buy sera cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief near me of the Fengshenhui will hide poison under his teeth.If one day it falls into the hands of the enemy, he must ensure that the information of the Fengshenhui will not fall into the hands of the enemy.

pain.Back then, when Wang Chaoyang was the most prosperous in the police world, when he led his men to hunt down an extremely dangerous and important criminal, unfortunately, he fell into an ambush designed by the criminal in advance, and in the end, except for him, the entire army was wiped out.It was also after that incident that Wang Chaoyang fell into a slump and silently changed from a legend in the police world to a fringe figure in the police world.At this moment, when Lin Xingchen mentioned that incident again, Wang Chaoyang s face suddenly became uneasy, and he sat back down in frustration.Lin Xingchen said firmly I used to have a sister who was also a criminal policeman.She was unfortunately killed when she was chasing a criminal.However, this incident did not leave a psychological shadow on me.

Lin Xingchen understood Wang Chaoyang s mood.Lin Xingchen naturally knew the tragedy that no one in the hall wanted to mention, but only Wang Chaoyang knew the details, so Lin Xingchen asked, Captain Wang, what happened that year What s the matter I heard that there were a dozen or so where to buy sera cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief near me of you hunting down a prisoner, but why did you come back alone in the end Lin Xingchen is a straightforward person, and when she wants to know something, she will definitely not beat around the bush.You go around in circles, so she asked Wang Chaoyang directly without caring about Wang Chaoyang s feelings.Wang Chaoyang paused, clearing up his complicated emotions, and decided to confide that horrible experience to Lin Xingchen Chengdu at that time was still a quiet and peaceful Chengdu, and my team and I usually dealt with some A small case of petty theft, but not long after that, the city of Chengdu completely changed Changed What has it become Darkness and crime suddenly emerged.

On the way to Longquan Mountain, everyone was relatively silent in the car.Now they have nothing to communicate with.Everyone is recalling the past.Now they have to seize the time to recall the happy time.If this operation fails, They will never have a chance to recall the past.They still have two cars, one for Zhang Feng, Wang Chaoyang, and Lin Xingchen, and one for Thunder Dragon, Xiao Wei, and Fang Ronghua.While driving the police car, Zhang Feng felt that the atmosphere was still a bit too silent.He picked up the walkie talkie and said to Lei Long s car Old Lei, the atmosphere is a bit tense.Let s sing a song to entertain yourself.Zhang Feng Both Feng and Leilong s cars have intercoms, and the cbd gummies for relax channels are connected so that the two cars can command each other.Lei Long laughed and said, Old Fang said that he can start, and everyone will sing along.

Seeing Wang Ling like this, Zhao Yang cbd melatonin gummies reddit felt distressed in his heart, and he comforted loudly Don t be afraid, child, dad is here to save you Wang Chaoyang s voice was full of father s kindness, and it was the first time Wang Ling thought that she was a child with a dad.The Mohigan man laughed again, justcbd cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies and said with a smile, What a father daughter relationship Wang Chaoyang scolded, What did you bastards do to her Xigan the man snorted coldly and said, We just teach the person who stole our money a little lesson, let him know that if he stole our money, his family will suffer too.Zhang Fengben is also a violent person.Tempered, at this time he also cursed You have the nerve to say that we stole your money, obviously you robbed the bank.The Mohigan man said coldly Are you trying to reason with me That s right, is it useful for you to reason with a group of unreasonable people Lin Xingchen leaned close to Wang Chaoyang s ear and whispered Captain Wang, we have to be more careful, they still have three people lying in ambush in the woods.

However, they were quite surprised why Lin Xingchen said these words at this time, and judging from Lin Xingchen s expression, she was full of confidence, as if she had other ways to turn things around.Lin Xingchen sighed softly To be honest, I really don t have any good ways to reverse the current situation, but I know there is one person who can, but I don t know why that person hasn t come yet.He couldn t understand what Lin Xingchen was talking about, so he asked curiously, Is there someone else Hahahaha, Xingchen, don t blame me for being late, knights usually have to come out at the end of the stage to make the plot more dramatic.Deep in the woods suddenly There was a clear voice.Everyone else looked towards the voice, only Lin Xingchen did not.She knew who was coming.There was no doubt that the person who came was Wei Renwu with the beautifully trimmed mustache.

He just gave a signal to the three hands hiding in the forest with his eyes.Don t think about it, unless you think you can move your hands faster than mine.Wei Renwu said confidently, I ll give you a suggestion now, tell them all to get out.Mo Xigan the man hesitated for a second, and at this second, Wei Renwu immediately can you travel with cbd gummies took out another small knife from his waist, and can you travel with cbd gummies stabbed it viciously can you travel with cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg amazon in Amei s thigh.Ah Amei s screams resounded throughout Longquan Mountain.Just when Wei Renwu drew out his knife and was about to strike Amei, the man Moxigan shouted in distress Brother, don t, I ll call them out right away.Ah Mei, who was staying, can you travel with cbd gummies took back the knife.At this time, three hands have come out from hiding in the forest, a skinny man, a man with shawl and long hair, and a man with a pair of dead fish eyes.

Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked to the bedroom Hey, if you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat me right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives are here today.It s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When justcbd cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies he arrived at the company, the project manager of the green ecological project team was already waiting for Lin Feng in the can you travel with cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg amazon meeting room.Lin Feng handed them the drawings and materials of the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.

to revenge.Lin Feng was taken aback for a moment, could it be that he encountered a top price of the same nature as before Abandon the auction Although the host was disappointed for a moment, he still said in a professional spirit Abandoning the auction is the right of every auctioneer.Now it is 510 million once, 510 million twice.The host paused intentionally, but still no one made a top price, so he could only make a final decision 510 million, deal, and the final buyer is Chairman Lin Donglin of our Jianfang Real Estate Company.Congratulations He There was warm applause at the scene, although this lot was not the one with the highest price in the entire auction, but as the finale lot was taken by Lin Feng, this person should be respected, the reason is also very simple, this is the According to the rules of the industry, the person who took the finale of the auction deserved such applause.

Mr.Lin, our boss has a weird personality.Since he opened the auction house, he has rarely mayim bialik news cbd gummies shown his face in public.I am almost in charge of business cooperation and negotiation, so if there is any poor hospitality, please forgive me, Mr.Lin. After the management of Tianqi Auctioneer printed the seal of Apocalypse Auctioneer on the contract, he handed the bronze sword to .

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Lin Feng There is also this bronze sword.Our boss said that no matter how much the price is, only those who are destined You can get it, it seems that Dong Lin is a destined person, and here I would like to congratulate Dong Lin.Naturally, Lin Feng didn t take this sentence to heart, this is a skill of a businessman, especially in the antique business, you say The cost of an antique is so little, not much to invite, but why can such a high price be paid Is it because of hobbies Thought faith Because of history So in Lin Feng s eyes, this HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies kind of nonsense about predestined people is just a marketing tactic.

Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies to the bedroom Hey, if you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat can you travel with cbd gummies me right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives are here today.It s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When he arrived at the company, the project manager of the green ecological project team was already waiting for Lin Feng in the meeting room.Lin Feng handed them the drawings and materials of the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.

One person is divided into half, that is, four billion.This guy is quite self conscious, and he divides his four billion in half to honor himself.You must know that two billion is not a small amount for anyone, especially For an iron cock like Boss Wang, he would be willing to spend two billion.But for such a gift, Lin Feng naturally would not be embarrassed, and took it as a matter of course.Secretary Li and Zhu Ganai next to him were very surprised that can you travel with cbd gummies Lin Feng could increase the profit of this event so much.For a businessman, he had already made a profit of 8 billion before the project started, which is simply a myth.When returning to Yiqing Bieyuan in the evening, Mo Xiaonian gave Lin Feng a hug as soon as he entered the door Someone earned a little too much today, is there a dividend Cut, I don t know how long it will take Only in this way can we repay all the shares Lin Feng carried Mo Xiaonian to the rocking can you travel with cbd gummies chair outside How is your stock market earnings today I heard that some sensible people in the company have been frowning recently, so I asked After knowing the reason, I realized that they lost money because the stock market has been turbulent recently That s because they are stupid Mo Xiaonian rolled his eyes Although money in the stock market is easy to can you travel with cbd gummies make, it will always fall into it.

When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.But Boss Wu is also a smart person, he knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this natures best cbd gummies card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.

Lin Feng nodded, it seems that it can you travel with cbd gummies is true, this girl Mo Xiaonian will make these messy things for herself, but I have to say that although Mo Xiaonian I have been staying at home all the time, but Mo Xiaonian at home can also be said to hemp bombs cbd gummies 75 mg have helped me a lot.For example, this time, if Mo Xiaonian did not help me to take pictures of this land, it would take a while to get the frame.Find a suitable green and ecological land, so that there will be some delays for your own projects.The longer a project is delayed, the company s profits will be lost.After signing the contract with Boss Liu and transferring the ownership of the first piece of green ecological building land, Lin Feng found the can you travel with cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg amazon second piece of green ecological land, Boss Wu.According to the agreement between himself and Boss Wu, the 8 billion deal The price has its own 4 billion in it.

Wei Renwu threw the scissors aside, and said, What a pity, Tingting, no I thought that although I am not a policeman, you are really a female killer.Zhang Xiaoting just sneered, she looked at the prey on the bed, and said That s why they should die, they are animals in the first place, what s the point if I kill one or two animals Yes, there is nothing where to buy sera cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief near me wrong with taking revenge, but have you ever thought about what the price of all this will be Wei Renwu said.I don t care, I m not in the mood to think about the price anymore, I just need revenge.Zhang Xiaoting was emotional, and stepped on the prey s belly hard, the pain made the prey sweat ooze from the forehead.Wei Renwu didn t say any more, he had to use silence to wait for Zhang Xiaoting to recover her inner peace.Yue Ming couldn t get in the conversation, so he could only hide in the corner and watch all this.

Wei Renwu shook his head, and said righteously Reaper is very difficult to catch right now, he must have left, but his clues will never disappear, so it s okay to put it aside for a while.But as a friend, all open I need help now, and it is my duty to wait.You didn t tease me again, did you Yue Ming was still suspicious, You are not like the kind of person who would help Mr.Quan unconditionally.Wide open on the side, He smiled and said Hahaha, Xiaoyue, you don t can you travel with cbd gummies understand Renwu, Renwu just likes my case.Wei Renwu smiled and didn t answer.Yue Ming wondered But, Mr.Quan, can you travel with cbd gummies you never said what the case is.There is no need to say, because a case that even I can t solve must be a tempting case, Ren Wu thinks so in his heart, right Looking at Wei Renwu with wide open eyes.Wei Renwu didn t answer directly, but said Not much to say, when can we leave He fully opened his chin and said slowly We can leave now.

You should be in a hurry.Oh Do you think so Quan Kai said.Wei Renwu spread his baypark cbd gummies amazon hands and sighed softly Obviously, the significance of this exhibition is not just a simple artistic can you travel with cbd gummies exchange in Egypt, it must also involve some other issues, so the loss of the scepter is bound to cause some big shots You are not in a hurry.Quan doctor phil cbd gummies Kai nodded and said You are can you travel with cbd gummies right, I admit that I was indeed pressured by some people, so I have to ask you for help, so I have a better chance of winning.Wei Renwu Said Yes, otherwise with your temper, if you meet the White Horse Pirate , you must enjoy it by yourself.Yue Ming asked in confusion Who are the cbd gummies for dummies big shots you are talking about Wei can you travel with cbd gummies Renwu Smiling without answering, he opened his mouth and said, Xiao Yue, it s better not to ask about some people.Yue Ming seemed to have realized something, nodded and said, Well, it sounds like they have a lot of background anyway.

Wei Renwu said medigreen cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies However, as far as the current case is concerned, I madison indiana cbd gummy bears price still don t know anything, so I need some facts to make a foundation.Director Guo, broad spectrum cbd gummy can you help me Guo Ling said respectfully Then please Mr.Wei moved, I went to the scene of the crime, and slowly told Mr.Wei about this bizarre theft.Tutankhamun s Heka scepter was originally going to be exhibited can you travel with cbd gummies in a separate exhibition room on the second floor In the exhibition room, there is a full 100 square meters of space in the exhibition room, and some other relics of Tutankhamun are exhibited together with the scepter.Of course, these things are also valuable, but compared with the scepter, it is still a piece of heaven., an underground.In the center of the exhibition room is the anti theft glass exhibition box of the scepter.The scepter should have been placed here, but now it is empty.

Yue Ming said Curator Guo is too polite, how can cooking be considered useless, it is indispensable in daily life, and Curator Guo is more than just this one skill, I found that Curator Guo The Fa is also very good.Guo Ling pointed to the Fa on the wall and said, Did you say that Yue Ming nodded and said, Yes, I have liked Fa more since I was a child.Show me your hand Guo Ling said My handwriting is can you travel with cbd gummies actually very clumsy, if Xiaoyue doesn t dislike it, then I can only make a fool of myself.8.Everyone was very surprised.After the meal, Guo Ling took out his four treasures of the study , Yue Ming was grinding ink for Guo Ling, and Wei Renwu was standing beside him holding a roasted duck leg.Guo Ling picked up the Wenhao brush with his left hand and asked, What characters can you travel with cbd gummies do you want me to write Yue Ming held his chin and carefully searched for some desired characters in his mind.

Wei Renwu and Yue Ming successfully entered the Truth Detective Agency.The entire office is not big, with a living room and two offices.There is no doubt that one office is fully open and the other belongs to Li Yi.The can you travel with cbd gummies living room is very tidy, which is also in line with the personality of a gentleman who is fully open.There are two wooden Chinese sofas, a tea table with carved dragons, and tea sets on the tea table.Wei Renwu said Let s go to the fully open office to have a keoni cbd gummy look, there should be some interesting things.Yue Ming said awkwardly I always feel that this is not justcbd store cbd gummies good for us.Wei Renwu said Why do you think it is not good Yue Ming Ming said It s a bit of a peep into Mr.Quan s body, so I don t think it s good.Wei Renwu spread his hands and said, Is this the first time we have done this kind of thing Indeed, this kind of trespassing I don t know how many times I have done it in other people s territory in the past, and Yue Ming would never feel this way.

Stop talking nonsense, find a restaurant and treat me to dinner , let s talk slowly.Haven t you eaten Aren t you talking nonsense, after dinner, why do I ask you to hire me Okay then, I ll come pick you up right away.Hurry up After hanging up the phone, Wei Renwu proudly said to Yue Ming How about it Do you think you can starve me to death I ll go eat a big meal right away.Yue Ming waved his chopsticks and said, Go quickly .Lin Xingchen took Wei Renwu to a cold pot for dinner.Wei Renwu focused on eating, as if he had been hungry for days.Lin Xingchen didn t move his chopsticks, his brows were tightly frowned, as if he had something on his mind.Wei Renwu raised his head and asked after eating half full, Didn t you say there is something important Why haven t you said it Lin Xingchen said hesitantly, I want to tell you something.

Wei Renwu was extremely serious, and Yue Ming rarely saw Wei Renwu say something so seriously, the last time he saw him , or he can you travel with cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies was dealing with the Fengshenhui.Damn it Yue Ming suddenly said with emotion, If the Five Dou Rice Gang is not stopped as soon as possible, I am afraid that the smoke and dark forces in Chengdu may set off a devastating subversion in Chengdu in order to protect themselves.Wei Renwu stroked Wearing a mustache, he nodded and said, That s right, this is the change you just mentioned.10.The storm rumbled, and thunder exploded in the sky.Immediately afterwards, lightning drew a long scar across the sky.The moon has quietly disappeared, and the whole of Chengdu is shrouded in a huge smoky darkness.This is the prelude to the coming storm.Under the smog, the feasting and feasting in Chengdu are still not reduced by half.

Wei Renwu took Yue Ming straight into a unit building as if he had been here before.On the way upstairs, Wei Renwu said, Do pachamama cbd gummies you think I ve been waiting for you to solve the case at home I ve already found out the address of the deceased.Yue Ming finally understood, and said, So you acted privately, why did you Won t you tell me Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and replied, If I tell you, it will be unnatural to act.Many things need to be done in secret.For example, we are doing it behind the back of the police.Yue Ming said disdainfully how long do the cbd gummies to work Tch, pretending to be mysterious.Wei Renwu didn t bother to pay attention to Yue Ming, he had already found the deceased s home.The gate was closed tightly, and Wei Renwu s universal wire came in handy again.The two easily entered the deceased s home.Yue Ming turned on the lights in the room to see the whole picture of the deceased s house.

So, after the traffic police arrives, Shu where to buy sera cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief near me Po will be finished.Of course Shu Po knows this, and he must also be aware of it There is something strange here, he will not sit still, he will run away.What Yue Ming expected was not bad at all, and Shu Po was indeed planning to escape.The Buick started suddenly, completely ignoring the fact that there were still two living policemen standing in front of it.In order to keep themselves safe, Lei Long and You Ye quickly jumped away, only to 50 mg cbd gummy bears effects where to buy sera cbd gummies watch the half disabled Buick rush out.Lei Long and You Ye naturally wouldn t just 50 mg cbd gummy bears effects where to buy sera cbd gummies let Shu Po escape, they also got back into their semi disabled car, luckily the car still started, so they quickly followed Shu Po.The two cars chased down the street as fast as they could.Lei Long tried to contact Yue Ming with the tiny microphone in his mouth Xiaoyue, Shu Po has run away, can you hear it Xiaoyue, Xiaoyue But he still couldn t get an answer from Yue Ming, Lei Long had to Without outside help, he and You Ye can only hunt Shu Po by themselves.

Yue Ming interrupted Wei Renwu, I don t want to hear you lie to me anymore, you usually Few of the words you said to me are true, so let s go.The cigarette in Wei Renwu s mouth fell straight down, Wei Renwu was completely stunned, he knew Yue Ming was absolutely serious when he said these things, he Rather helpless.Seeing that Wei Renwu didn t move, Yue Ming stood up and said, You re not going, are you I ll go.Yue Ming rushed out the door without looking back.Wei Renwu didn t stop Yue Ming, he was not good at expressing his true thoughts, even if he wanted to apologize to Yue Ming, he couldn t express it, he could only watch as Yue Ming misunderstood him and left, but he knew that Yue Ming Ming will always come back, because the truth is the truth, the truth is that he is really for the good of Yue Ming, cbd gummy how to eat and the truth will bring Yue Ming back.

Yue Ming whispered in Lin Xingchen s ear I said Captain Lin, are you afraid Lin Xingchen gave Yue Ming a blank look, and said coldly, What are you afraid of Yue Ming said The man in the back seat is a very powerful person, and it will take a lot of pressure to catch him.Lin Xingchen smiled, and she said with a smile If you say it this way, I think you should be the one who is afraid.Well, you make him like this, if the so called evidence you provided does not constitute his crime, I guarantee that when the doctor comes, he will wake up and let you drink a pot.Yue Ming shook his head and said I am not afraid can you travel with cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg amazon at all , because I have intuition and evidence to prove that he is a murderer.Intuition Lin Xingchen asked puzzled, Why are you so sure that Jiang Mengdie is a good person Lin Xingchen didn t know the special relationship between Yue Ming and Jiang Mengdie.

He hired teachers with high salaries to teach in this remote village, and this benevolent man even made a special trip to name the primary school after his younger brother.Yutang Elementary School.After Wei Renwu s story was finished, he could already see Yue Ming s tears streaming down uncontrollably.Yue Ming said with tears streaming down his face Is this her story Wei Renwu sighed, nodded and said, Yes, she asked me to tell you her story in the hope that you could see the real her, the one she deceived.All the money spent in this school, she doesn t want you to remember her as just a bad woman, so this is why I brought you here, and I don t want you to forget her, I just hope You will always remember her, remember the best of her, this is the way you should commemorate.Yue Ming didn t answer, he couldn t say anything, and now everything he said seemed powerless.

Yue Ming said again Officer Xiao, what is the target s situation now By the window opposite the residential building, Xiao Wei was looking into the target s house with a telescope, Xiao Wei replied The target is still fast asleep.Yue Ming said, Very well, now Officer Lei and Officer Yang can enter the door quietly.Lei Long and Yang Wen er gently opened the door with the unlocking method Yue Ming taught them, and when they walked into the room, a strong smell of alcohol came over their faces, and the living room was so messy that it was hardly a place for people to live in.Lei Long and Yang Wen covered their noses and approached a room with a closed door.Yang Wen er whispered to Yue Ming for instructions Xiao Yue, can you do it Yue Ming said firmly Do it.Bang The door was kicked open by Thunder Dragon.

Wei Renwu went on to say A bonus of 100,000 yuan is required to start work.I can t wait for those cumbersome application procedures.On the mat, but how can I ensure that Mr.Wei will be able to complete the task Wei Renwu laughed and said Mr.Yu, you misunderstood one thing, I don t need money in particular, I just know that your task belongs to me, so That s why I feel confident and bold to rip you off, and besides, I m sure I can complete the task, and Mr.Yu must be such a task, otherwise you have so many powerful agents in your hands, why did you find me Wei Renwu made no secret of his It is to take Mr.Yu s bamboo stick.Mr.Yu also laughed, and he said with a smile Mr.Wei is really a difficult person to get along with.If you say a few more words, I m afraid my family background will be copied by you.

Mr.Yu said seriously again Then Mr.Wei, can we talk about the details of the mission now Wei Renwu said Of course, it s a short hand, Mr.Yu please tell me.Mr.Yu said slowly Mr.Wei has can you travel with cbd gummies something to say.I don t know, before you investigated the Fengshenhui , we had already launched an investigation into this dangerous organization.When Mr.Yu mentioned the words Fengshenhui , Wei Renwu, Yue Ming, and Lin Xingchen all felt tense.You must know that the three of them have suffered a lot from this organization.After the White Tiger died, the Fengshenhui also disappeared for many days, but I didn t expect to hear about can you travel with cbd gummies it again today.Mr.Yu went on to say The Fengshenhui is not only dangerous but also mysterious.Many of their activities are different from the general gangsters.Most gangsters are illegal activities for the purpose of making money, but the Fengshenhui is This is not necessarily the case, they seem to act for other unpredictable purposes, so they are difficult to figure out and trace.

In order to eliminate this organization and successfully destroy the Fengshenhui , our department sent the best A team of special agents went to investigate, but no one came back alive.Speaking of this, Mr.Yu s face was inevitably cast a shadow.Wei Renwu said leisurely I guess Mr.Yu didn t give up just because his special agent team was wiped out.Mr.Yu nodded and said Yes, from that failure, we concluded that the enemy is in the dark, and we are in the open., That s why it ended in failure, so we came up with a plan to bring the Fengshenhui to the surface.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said, If I guess right, it should be an undercover plan.Mr.Yu laughed and said, We still can t hide it use of cbd gummies from Mr.Wei.That s right, it s an undercover plan.In order not to make the Fengshenhui suspicious, we found a special agent who just entered the department.

When Wu Yue believed that Wu Wei was his cousin, this matter became an established fact.The reason why we were fooled by Wu Wei was also because Wu Yue admitted that it was his cousin, and we had to Just admit it.Wei Renwu paused, and then said I even wonder if his name is really Wu Wei.5.Bingshan beauty Yue Ming exclaimed Isn t his name Wu Wei Then what should he be called Wei Renwu said You can call him anything, I think he should be called Xuanwu.Xuanwu Yue Ming was even more surprised.He is the head of the Xuanwu Hall under the Fengshenhui.White Tiger Yang Xi has fought against them countless times.There is no doubt that Yang Xi is a cruel and ruthless lunatic, so it can be seen that Wu Wei must have gone too far.And, the danger is around, and it is really a miracle that he and Wei Renwu are still unscathed.

That s right, it s the trunk.Wu Wei also told Qinglong that Wei Renwu would not easily expose the target person in the car.He would definitely hide people in the trunk, so what Qinglong needs to hit is the trunk.Bang Blue Dragon pulled the trigger.7.The shocking duel under the sniper rifle The shot from Qinglong hit the place he was aiming at steadily, but to the surprise of Qinglong , it did not penetrate the trunk of Maserati.The Qinglong used a steel core, and the general protection couldn t resist it at all, but can you travel with cbd gummies the trunk of the Maserati resisted it, and he could even see clearly that it was sunken on the surface of the trunk.Qinglong couldn t help sighing, it really made Wu Wei s point, Wei Renwu really strengthened the car, but what he didn t say was that the weapons they can take out so far are not enough to penetrate this layer of protection.

This frightened Xu Jiu, who did can you travel with cbd gummies cbd gummies 25mg amazon not expect that can you travel with cbd gummies she would be discovered by the Fengshenhui so soon.Xu Jiu raised his hands and turned his head slowly.But when Xu Jiu turned around, she realized that the person who opened the store was not someone from the where to buy sera cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief near me Fengshenhui , but her beloved Tang Yu.But when Xu Jiu saw Tang Yu s current appearance, he was even more frightened.Tang Yu was covered in blood all over his body.He leaned on the store door with his remaining strength, and barely fell down.He couldn t even say a word.Xu Jiu hurried to help Tang Yu, her eyes were once again filled with tears, she sobbed, Brother Yu, what s wrong with you Tang Yu replied in a weak voice, I m fine, hurry into the store.He found a stool for him to sit down, and immediately closed the door again.Xu Jiu immediately rummaged in the store like crazy, trying to find something that could stop the bleeding.

Xu Jiu looked shocked, and said slowly I finally understand why you can finish it so HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies quickly.Wei Renwu pouted and said, Because this kind of makeup is the easiest.Xu Jiu asked puzzledly, Time is so tight, why don t you put on makeup for yourself Are you waiting for me to do it for you Wei Renwu laughed and said Did I say I want to put on makeup Xu Jiu said, Don t you go in Wei Renwu said, Of course I want to go in.Xu Jiu said, Don t the people from the Fengshenhui know you Wei Renwu Said As a person who wiped out the Baihutang , I think Fengshenhui should have a copy of my photo.Xu Jiu said Then you just put on makeup for me, is it the same as taking off your pants and farting Is it unnecessary Xu Jiu was a little tired of Wei Renwu s sloppy speech, and can you travel with cbd gummies she even thought that if she lived with such a person, she would definitely be pissed off.

Xu Jiu was shocked, and she saw the despair that Miss Z said in her eyes, maybe she had never felt such despair in her life, because she saw Miss Z s swivel chair turned around, and Miss Z s face is something she will never forget in her whole life, because she has known Miss Z for a long time, and Miss Z is her immediate boss after she undercovered the Fengshenhui Suzaku Zhang Xiaoyan.1.Crossing the Grand Canyon Many days have passed since Xu Jiu s mission, and Wei Renwu seems to have forgotten about this person and this mission, and he devoted himself wholeheartedly to the work he should be doing.The latest and fastest update Wei Renwu stood at the intersection of Mashi Bridge like a fool again, motionless, his eyes were fixed on the place where Yang Xi had been lying after being knocked into the air, his mind was blank.

Yue Ming asked suspiciously What s the matter Wei Renwu threw the cigarette on the ground, jumped up from the sofa, and shouted excitedly I know, I finally know, so it s like this , I m so fucking stupid Yue Ming was even more confused, and he said anxiously So what is it You said it Wei Renwu asked, What time is it Yue Ming looked at his watch, and replied, It s half past three in the afternoon.Wei Renwu said, It s not too late, come on, come out with me.On the sofa, he said stubbornly If you don t speak clearly, I m not going 50 mg cbd gummy bears effects where to buy sera cbd gummies anywhere, so I ll just ask you, what did you find Wei Renwu said impatiently You are really more verbose than a woman, let me tell you, Miss Xu I don t want to pass through Xi an because there are her painful memories there.Once she revisits the old place, her painful memories will definitely be brought back, and for the same reason, I can t wait for the key in Mashiqiao The little girl is also because of this reason.

Wei Renwu and Yue Ming watched the old woman s movements curiously, and saw her turn around, He lowered which cbd gummies for anxiety his head and whispered a few words to the little girl, and saw the little girl hurried into the back room.Not long after, the little girl ran out from the back room and got into the arms of the old woman again.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming noticed that there was an extra doll in the little girl s hand, a minion doll.However, Wei Renwu and Yue Ming still don t understand the meaning of this minion doll.The old woman said It s my can you travel with cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies fault, the old woman.I didn t take good care of the child at the time.The child suddenly appeared in the middle of the street because she suddenly saw her favorite Little Yellow Man doll appearing in the middle of the street.I see Wei Renwu was excited stood up.What Yue Ming still didn t quite understand.

To allow the driver to pass the Mashi Bridge during that time period, he must be allowed to pass the Mashi Bridge., causing a short term visual impairment, but also just enough to seduce the little girl in front of his car, and must calculate the time for his vision to recover, so that the car cannot hit the little can you travel with cbd gummies girl, but hit the white tiger accurately.Such a sophisticated plan, no matter how you look at it, does not seem like an ordinary person can make it.Wei Renwu lit a post dinner HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies cigarette and said Theoretically, it can still be achieved, but the process is a little more complicated.We must do a good job of investigation in advance, knowing that the driver has a wife who is about to give birth, and can calculate the exact birth rate of the driver s wife.Timing, of course, is very difficult, but if it is a caesarean section, the timing is very good.

Shen Yi said again You want me to go there just because you feel guilty.If I come to your side, of course you can eliminate a lot of guilt, but I will also feel guilty.I will feel guilty for my students, because They rely on me.Yue Ming knows that this topic will never be discussed properly, Shen Yi is a very responsible woman, no matter how much trouble her work brings her, she will not give up.Yue Ming said with a little disappointment Well, I know, no matter what method I use, it seems that I can t shake your decision, so let s do it like this, take care of yourself alone, once I am free, I will definitely I will come to see you.Shen Yi said Actually, this is pretty good, I am already satisfied if you can call me and talk to me, besides, as a teacher, I have winter and summer vacations.When the time comes, I will definitely come to you.

You lied to me Yue Ming shouted.Yue Ming believed in Wei Renwu so much that he regarded every word Wei Renwu said as the truth, but what he can you travel with cbd gummies believed to be the truth turned out to be just a joke by Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu laughed and said Don t get excited, I lied to you, just to see 50 mg cbd gummy bears effects where to buy sera cbd gummies that you don t have the confidence to guard the little girl alone, so I just babbled a few words to give you a little confidence.Although I lied to you, my heart is good.Yue Ming always wanted to blame Wei Renwu, but Wei Renwu could always find some plausible reasons, so Yue Ming didn t know how to blame him.Yue Ming had no choice but to say I forgive you this time, you can t lie to me again next time, or I will go astray because of your jokes.Wei Renwu stretched out four fingers and said righteously I ll post four, I will never lie to Xiaoyue again.

Apart from business, I should also visit Yuan Yuzuo more, and I promise that I will come to watch the night with you as soon as I have time.Wei Renwu pulled Zhang Feng to his side, Also, Yuan Yuzuo, you called the wrong one just now, this is not Zhang Feng.The police officer is Captain Zhang, Captain Zhang of the No.1 Serious Case Detachment.Oh Yuan Yuanping said in surprise, I m sorry, I m sorry, it turns out that Officer Zhang, no, it s Captain Zhang, who has already been promoted.Zhang Feng said embarrassingly No, no, I just took office the day before yesterday, and I need more advice from Forensic Yuan Yuan in the future.Wei Renwu interrupted at this time Yuan Yuzuo, let s not talk about polite words, we are here this time to see A dead body.The fastest update is correct, please visit and bookmark the latest version of this site 10.

Wei Renwu explained Said Before I was afraid of Long Qian, because I was worried that he would destroy the evidence first, so I wanted to restrain him, but now it is unnecessary, I have already mastered some things.Yue Ming pouted But, you But you don t want to HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies tell me what you have mastered.Wei Renwu said, Although I won t tell you the answer, I have a very important task for you. What task Yue Ming became excited again, He was trying to make himself play a role, but this time he didn t play any role in this case, and even had a counterproductive effect, such as killing the owner of the photo studio.Wei Renwu said I need you to monitor Long Qian after you return to Chengdu.Survey Long Qian, can I do it Yue Ming was a little unconfident, but then thought of another thing, That s not right, Mr.

No, what God am I asking for, I should be God.21.Regaining Freedom Long Qian walked out cbd gummies laura ingraham from the gate of the Public Security Bureau.The gate was full of media reporters.They rushed forward and surrounded Long Qian.I don t know where the media got out I don t know where they received the news that Long Qian will be released by the Public Security Bureau at this time, but they just know and have calculated the time to stay here.At this time, Yue Ming is also there, and he is outside the group surrounded by these reporters Standing, listening to the twittering of the reporters asking Long Qian repeatedly, Master Long, are you really a murderer Facing the first question, Long Qian kept smiling and said with a smile, Since I have come out now, it means that I am not a murderer.You have to trust the judgment of the police.

Clap clap A reporter applauds dumbfoundedly.Clap clap clap clap Immediately afterwards, applause came and went, endlessly.Everyone was shocked by Long Qian s magic, including Yue Ming.You must know that Long Qian s magic is rare, especially his teleportation magic, let alone being able to appreciate Long Qian s moment at such a close distance.Move magic.However, while being amazed, Yue can you travel with cbd gummies Ming did not forget what he should do.Before he left, the task that Wei Renwu solemnly entrusted to him, he remembered in his heart, he must monitor Long Qian.Then, Yue Ming started to run, and ran towards the building where Long Qian was.Yue Ming must find Long Qian and follow him closely.But when Yue Ming went from the bottom of the building to the window where Long Qian was, he never found a trace of Long Qian, as if he never appeared at all.

A resolute female voice came from behind Yue Ming.Yue Ming looked back in frustration, and it turned out that Lin Xingchen in police uniform was standing behind Yue Ming.Yue Ming wanted to give Lin Xingchen a smile, can you travel with cbd gummies but he couldn t smile at all in his current mood.He still tried to make a joke Captain Lin, you really sound like Mr.Wei.Lin Xingchen said disdainfully He learned from me, when he was studying, he followed me like a follower.Yue Ming said Captain Lin, why are you here Lin Xingchen replied I came to see you, Wei Renwu has already told me that he gave you the task before he left, and he also told you that once you fail, you will definitely be full of frustration, and eventually even the courage to do the task will disappear.Yue Ming said Then Wei Mister told you, where did he go Lin Xingchen shook his head and said, Don t think that he will tell me everything when he is so close to me, but in fact, you are closer to him than me, and he didn t tell you.

After a long time, Long Qian continued Father beat me and mother while telling me never to see Pengcheng again.If I was punished alone, I think I can still stand it, but I really can t bear it.I had the heart to be punished with my mother, so I finally couldn t match my father s lust, and finally gritted my teeth and agreed to him.After agreeing to my father, he was willing to stop beating me and my mother, and let me down from the rope.I knelt on my father s lap In front of me, my mother was sitting can you travel with cbd gummies on the side, crying.My father said that he could forgive me, but he could not forgive Peng Cheng and Aunt Long.He thought it was their fault that they seduced me.My father was such a person, extreme, Violent and terrifying He wanted to go to Aunt Long to argue.Although I wanted to stop my father, I really didn t have the courage to face him.

I was so happy at the time, but I didn t expect Aunt Long to think so much about me and Pengcheng.Pengcheng immediately decided to pack up his things and escape at two o clock in the morning.Aunt Long even prepared the train tickets for us.So, Pengcheng and I went home at night and packed our bags.I was waiting for my parents to go to bed Finally, at two o clock, I sneaked out.Everything went very smoothly.After Pengcheng and I met as agreed, we ran towards the train station, but an accident happened.No, it was not an accident, it should be Aunt Long I did it.Yue Ming knew that Long Qian was talking about the fire, so he didn t bother Long Qian and let Long Qian finish the story.Long Qian said You should know what happened, but what you don t know is that the place where the fire broke out was not my house, but Peng Cheng s house.

No no no Brother Qian is not like that.In order to avoid deepening the misunderstanding, Yue Ming quickly explained, Mr.Wei came to eat with us, and Mr.Wei no longer thinks that Brother Qian is the murderer.Long Qian looked suspiciously , looking at Wei Renwu, wondering Really Master Long doesn t seem to believe it Wei Renwu s smile became a little sinister, and the devil knew what he was thinking.Long Qian said calmly If Xiaoyue believes in Mr.Wei, then I will also believe in Mr.Wei.Wei Renwu laughed loudly, and he said with a smile To be honest, I feel that I have wrongly blamed Master Long.Yue came here together because he wants to become friends with Master Long, and I hope wholesale cbd gummies bulk Master Long won t mind me coming uninvited.Yue Ming finally heaved a sigh of relief, since Wei Renwu was able to take the initiative to show his favor to Long Qian, it means that he is not To make trouble.

Immediately afterwards, Long Qian put the wine glass on the table.Magicians always say some irrelevant nonsense before performing magic tricks, but these nonsense are necessary, these words can always imply something, and Long Qian is well versed in this.Long Qian put his palm on the wine glass and said, But this glass of wine will soon become strange.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming stared at the wine glass without blinking, waiting for the glass of wine to become like What Long Qian said was so strange.There was a smile on the corner of Long Qian s mouth Next, it s time to witness a miracle.As soon as Long Qian finished speaking, he waved his big hand, and white smoke rose from the wine in the wine glass.Anyone with a discerning eye could see the white smoke at a glance It is water vapor, but this water vapor is not the water vapor formed by the boiling how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last of wine.

Long Qian held back his anger, and said, I ll give it, ten million, I still have it.Upon hearing that Long Qian was willing to pay, Wei Renwu smiled again on his serious face, and he said with a smile I I know that Master Long is definitely not a person who uses his will, so that s right, as long as the deal can be concluded, we will still be friends, and I also guarantee that no one else will know what I have in my hand except you and me With a livid face, Long Qian said, I 50 mg cbd gummy bears effects where to buy sera cbd gummies only hope that Mr.Wei is a person who keeps his promise.Wei Renwu laughed and said, Don t worry, why do I propose 10 million a year It s just to make you feel at ease.If I make this photo public, won t I lose money in the future Ten million a year is buying your peace of mind.Long Qian mocked So, I still want to thank Mr.

At that time, my heart also died with them.There is no progress in the world, only Long Qian.Yue Ming Suddenly he had a new question, and he asked Wei Renwu Wait, why do Zhang Qian and Cheng Cheng look exactly the same Wei Renwu laughed and said, You finally got the point, why do they look exactly the same It has a great relationship with the person I found in Seoul.Who is that person Yue Ming asked suspiciously.Wei Renwu said That day, the bank found that person for me.I made up a random reason and told him that I transferred the wrong money, and the person returned the money to me very politely.Then, I followed up and investigated.He finally let me find out that that person is a very famous plastic surgery doctor in Korea.Thirty three, we are friends So, did you undergo plastic surgery Yue Ming asked.

When the security guard of this scenic spot was sitting in the monitoring room, seeing Lin Xingchen showing his police officer ID, he was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat.Police Police officer, did I make a mistake The security guard of the scenic spot, who has always been conscientious, stands in front of the surveillance every day, and doesn t remember any big mistakes that required the police to come to him.Lin Xingchen put away the police officer justcbd cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies s card and said, You didn t make a mistake, I just need you to assist me in the investigation, don t be so nervous.The security guard was relieved when he heard that it was not his fault, and he said Officer I will fully cooperate with what needs to be done.At this time, Yue Ming said You don t need to do too difficult things, you just need to let us use the monitoring room, and then guard the door.

Yue Ming said So, you admit to taking the Death Express Then why don t you Admit that you are a Reaper Old man Hu shook his head and said, I don t know that pile of things is called Death Express , and I don t know who the Reaper you are talking about is, but I did take that pile of things.I am also very confused, I have been waiting for someone to explain to me, seeing you all say things that I don t understand, I guess you must also know the things I am confused about.Yue Ming has always believed that whoever takes the Death Express should be the Reaper of course, and this reasoning is reasonable.If Old Man Hu is not the Reaper , then unless he took away the Death Express , but this How could it be possible, they saw from the surveillance, from the time the death courier was delivered to the postbox until old man Hu took the death courier , no one touched the postbox in the middle, there is no doubt that the death god is old man Hu.

Only when Lin Xingchen also took a look at the things in the room could she fully understand.Lin Xingchen pushed old man Hu into cbd gummies for quitting alcohol the guest room, but what happened there really shocked her.Lin Xingchen pointed to something that shocked her and Yue Ming, and asked Old Man Hu This is the pile of things you hid Where is the money Old Man Hu was also at a loss, and he replied It s all here, If dead people s money counts as money, then these are money.There is nothing else in the room, there is only a dense pile of ghost coins in this room, yes, those ghost coins burned for the dead, the so called RMB, Not a single one was to be seen.Yue Ming grabbed old man Hu s collar and cursed You bastard, what the hell are you doing Are you kidding us It s obviously a lot of money, and you put a lot of dead money, just trying to deceive us Yue Ming rarely gets angry, but this time he was really angry.

The bearded man said Since you said can you travel with cbd gummies that your wife is at the house of her almost only female friend, why don t you go and have a look Maybe this gold will be can you travel with cbd gummies yours soon.Go and see, Just go and see, am I afraid of you Old man Hu stood up, and his companions also stood up, and HCMUSSH can you travel with cbd gummies they only waited for the bearded man to stand up before they could set off.The bearded man didn t do what they wanted.Instead of standing up, he crossed his hands and said leisurely, Just go, I won t go.Old man Hu mocked Why Are you afraid of seeing your own failure If you don t go, what if you lose and don t give me the gold bars The bearded man said You can take the gold bars with you.If I lose, you just take them away, and I will never appear in your room again.In front of you.Old man Hu grabbed the pocket full of gold bars, as if it was already his gold bars, and he said confidently Okay, then I ll accept it without hesitation.

I brought them all.They all smelled of blood.Old man Hu s wife, old man Hu s wife s best friend, and three companions who went to catch rape with old man Hu, all their heads were in the suitcase, and none of them was missing.Old man Hu couldn t help but burst into tears, he cried to .

what is the cost of condor cbd gummies?

the bearded man You did it twin elements cbd gummies full spectrum The bearded man didn t deny it, he said I did it, but they did it because of you And die, because you want them to die, so I killed them.Old man Hu did say that, but that was just angry words of old man Hu, how could he really kill them, that is simply a devil Things that can only be done, but now they have come true.Although Old Man Hu did not do it himself, they still died because of Old Man Hu.Perhaps, the can you travel with cbd gummies bearded man is really a demon.The old man Hu cried Why did you do this Is it just for me The bearded man said Don t you like it You know, no one in this world knows about your scandal anymore.

The side of the delivery van.The person in charge next to the truck said to Wang Xuanmin Xiao Wang, first unload all the couriers, and then find the couriers in your own area, and then deliver all your couriers before sunset tomorrow.Wang Xuanmin said with a smile Understood.The person in charge nodded with satisfaction Okay, you can do things, I have something to do, so I ll go first.The person in charge is always at ease with Wang Xuanmin, after all, Wang Xuanmin is very capable.He has never been complained by a single client, and there is no doubt that Wang Xuanmin is the most capable person under him.The person in charge left in peace, and Wang Xuanmin quickly unloaded all the couriers from the truck.According to the classification of the photo area, Wang Xuanmin divided the express delivery into five parts and put it in each corner of the transfer station.

Wei Renwu s house is in the building on the left, which is called the third unit.Because although there are no gate guards in the left and right communities, there will be guards at the entrance of each unit, and there is access control, so Professor Fang gave up going upstairs to investigate.He felt that as long as he monitored the gate, he should be able to monitor Wei Renwu.There was no plan to kill Wei Renwu at his home, their usual practice was to choose a place with a lot of people to do it.Therefore, Professor Fang found a hotel nearby to live in, and this dr oz liberty cbd gummies hotel gave him a room, which happened to be able to see the gates of Unit 3 of the left and right residential quarters, which was enough for Professor Fang to monitor Wei Renwu.Professor Fang took out a miniature video camera from his luggage bag, and took out a lightweight folding stand.

As soon as Professor Fang thought of this, he hurriedly left the hotel.He couldn t let Wei Renwu go.When Professor Fang walked out of the hotel, he saw Wei Renwu who was 300 meters away was throwing away his cigarette butt and started to move.Fortunately, Wei Renwu was not lost.Professor Fang followed Wei Renwu from a distance of 300 meters.He didn t dare to get too close to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu is a man with very strong anti reconnaissance capabilities.In the beginning, there will be a miscarriage.Fortunately, Wei Renwu was only walking, and walking very slowly, so that Professor Fang would not lose track of him.Wei Renwu found a Yibin Burning Noodles restaurant for brunch.Why call it brunch Because Wei Renwu ate breakfast and lunch together.From a long distance, Professor Fang watched Wei Renwu eating burning noodles deliciously, but he could only swallow his saliva.

Liu Hongyun looked around, but there was no one else, so he walked into the innermost compartment of the toilet and closed the door.Liu Hongyun put the bottle can you travel with cbd gummies on the ground and twisted open the bottle, only to see a big black cockroach jumping out from the bottle.23.Cockroach Waiter Waiter Liu Hongyun yelled and rushed out of the toilet.A bar waiter came up and said to Liu Hongyun with concern What happened Customer.Liu Hongyun grabbed the waiter s shoulder and said seriously I heard from friends that your place is the most Good bar.The bartender smiled and said, Although your friend s evaluation is a bit exaggerated, I think he is right, our place is indeed the best bar in Chengdu.Liu Hongyun pouted and said Really, I really want to believe what my friend and you say, but I believe even more that the toilet is not full of cockroaches in what I think is the best bar.

Liu Hongyun said There are many people outside, so come to my house and talk.Han Sheng said It may be a little later, I I still have a date today.Liu Hongyun shouted Our career is more important, or your date Hurry up and drop your boring date, besides, you don t need a date, just treat it as a date with me.Han Sheng burst out laughing, and she said with a coquettish smile on the phone Don t we date a lot I thought you were tired of playing with me.Liu Hongyun smiled and said If If it justcbd cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies s you, you won t get bored no matter how you play, you have too many tricks.Han Sheng said with a smile Then you have to wash it up, and I ll come right here.Liu Hongyun said I m washing I just called you when it was clean, so why don t you hurry over here.Han Sheng said Be patient, I won t cbd gummies dominican republic make you wait too long.

Lei Jia packed things very slowly, and it took a full two hours to pack them up.Lei Jia was also sweating profusely from exhaustion.She stood in the middle of the living room and panted medigreen cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to Zuo Liang who was on the sofa Ah Liang, it s over, I really kept you waiting.Zuo Liang shook his head and smiled It s nothing , The time is much shorter than I imagined, and the time is just right now.What women hate most is violent men, so showing enough patience in front of women will definitely impress women.A man who can pick up girls, because he knows it well.Lei Jia glanced at his watch and said, It s already eight o clock in the evening, I think you must be hungry.Zuo Liang smiled and said, No, I usually don t have dinner until eight o clock in the evening.Even if Zuo Liang s stomach was so hungry that he flattened his stomach, he still had to be brave enough to say he wasn t hungry.

Wang Xuanmin lit a hundred yuan with a lighter, and threw the lit one hundred yuan onto the human skin mask.In an instant, one hundred yuan was burned together with the human skin mask and ID card.From then on, there will be no such person as Wang Min can i take cbd gummies and xanax in this world.Wang Xuanmin looked at the fire in the toilet with a smile on his lips.He didn t feel sorry for the hundred dollars, because he knew that there would be countless hundred dollars waiting for him in the future.Wang Xuanmin finally completed his historic moment.He can you travel with cbd gummies had to sleep well until he woke up naturally, then immediately returned to Fengdu, and returned to the life of the courier Wang Xuanmin, waiting for the matter of Wei Renwu to be killed to calm down.After that, he distributed the 10 million rewards he received evenly.A few days later.

Lei Jia also snorted coldly With a loud voice, he said I hate it, I won t, I promised you to elope together, besides, I m already by your side now, and you still doubt my loyalty.Liu Hongyun said The word loyalty, It s not for the two of us, I Liu Hongyun stopped suddenly in the middle of speaking.What s the matter Lei Jia noticed Liu Hongyun s abnormality, because she found that Liu Hongyun not only stopped talking, but also his entire expression froze.Veteran drivers who have been driving for many years, especially those who have owned a car for many years, know what is the unity of human and vehicle The integration of human and vehicle means that the human and the car are almost integrated.The driver can feel the length, width and performance of the car, just like feeling his own body.When there is a problem in the body, the human can definitely feel it Immediately feel, the driver is the same, if there is a problem in any part of the car, they can also feel immediately.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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