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Hearing Hitler s report, he turned his head and looked at Wang Weiyi Lieutenant, welcome to the front canyou buy cbd gummies online line.Ernst Brehm I was ordered to take over the third company, and I salute you, Major Okay, Lieutenant, the situation is urgent, so there is no need to talk about it.Major Deng Xiwei didn t have too many polite words, and directly called Wang Weiyi to the front of the map Lieutenant, According to the forward reconnaissance, the enemy will continue to launch a large military cbd vitamin c gummies canyou buy cbd gummies online offensive in the near future.Our battalion is arranged in this area, and your task is to lead the third company to firmly hold on to point B.Do you know your task Yes, Major.Wang Weiyi has already silently recited his own mission countless times in his heart.The enemy must not be allowed to jump over.Deng Xiwei s voice was stiff, not allowing others to doubt canyou buy cbd gummies online After the retreat order is issued, if the enemy canyou buy cbd gummies online breaks through point B, it will be the greatest shame for the German soldiers Although I know that the third company is The previous battles had severely reduced personnel, and they were not replenished, but I don t want to hear any excuses.Wang Weiyi felt a little dissatisfied with Sergeant Dohall in his heart, but he still restrained his emotions But before the battle, I don t want to hear similar words again.After finishing speaking, he put The soldiers of the whole company were called together Soldiers, today is my first day in office, and many of you are not familiar with me.I, Ernst Brehm, the lieutenant commander of the third company.From today In the beginning, I will lead you to fight together.If I die in the hands of the enemy, then Sergeant Hall will take over the command The soldiers were stunned, and the lieutenant was ready to die in battle At least I think so.A soldier who canyou buy cbd gummies online doesn t want to sacrifice is not a qualified HCMUSSH canyou buy cbd gummies online soldier.Wang Weiyi said very firmly At the same time, as your commander, I must tell you frankly that Battalion Commander Deng Xiwei has told me very clearly that We can t get new additions, that is to say, there are only sixty three people in the third company from now on His eyes swept over the soldiers one by one The enemy will attack soon.Lieutenant Conker was a little whimsical.The person standing opposite him is the Rambler Wang Weiyi A walker who has received countless hell style trainings He nimbly avoided Lieutenant Conker s best stab, and then hit Lieutenant Conker s wrist hard, and the lieutenant s command knife fell to the ground.The frightened Conk only saw a figure flash, and then a bayonet was attached to his throat.Conk stood there stiffly.Who are you Lieutenant Conker asked with difficulty.My name is Ernst Brehm, lieutenant commander of the third company of the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment Supplementary Battalion.You can also call me Wanderer Wang Weiyi know what that means.Walker Wang Weiyi Why is there such a strange name But he would never know why.The bayonet cut his throat little by little, and when the blood spattered wildly, Wang Weiyi let go of his hand.God knows when the next time he will Come up with a new problem, and then inexplicably let myself complete it.Seventy three.The autumn offensive of the new tactics has quietly kicked off.Not a single German soldier ever had any doubts about the success of the offensive.In the eyes of German soldiers, they possessed powerful force, confidence in victory, and unparalleled courage.Once victorious, it will be able well being laboratories cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients to completely smash the enemy s Somme offensive and intercept the strategic goals of the Allies.General Galwitz of the Second Army put the 16th Bavarian Rifle Regiment at the forefront of the army s attack.In the general s view, the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment with Baron Alexson would be a completely reliable force.The supplementary battalion was placed at the forefront of the 16th zilis cbd gummies Bavarian Infantry Regiment.Judging from the military uniforms of the uk cbd gummies sleep people entering hugs cbd gummies and leaving, it seemed that they were all officers.Could it be that the assault was so fast that the regiment headquarters of the 178th Infantry Regiment was found Guys, let s fight Stark looked a little excited.Hey, there are not many of us.Boncrele was still a little cautious.Captain, what do you think Yes, Captain Ernst hasn t expressed his opinion yet.Wang Weiyi pursed his lips and thought for a while, there was a big fish in his mouth, it would be a pity not to eat it.According to the information from Xiaoling, the rainy season is getting closer and closer.If we don t continue to achieve some big results before the rainy season arrives, I m afraid we will have to rest for a long time.Does the merit that Xiao Ling mentioned refer to this time Wang Weiyi is not quite sure.After that, Ernst Brahm went to the front line, and then disappeared with a group of people.If my guess is correct, they must have arrived in Lance Moyol is Ernst General Raffarin muttered to himself.This name was too shocking for the British and canyou buy cbd gummies online French.After a while, he suddenly remembered Since Moyol is Ernst, What are you waiting for Arrest him now No, General, it can t be like that.De Sade shook his head Von Kierock s mutiny alarmed the Germans, but he is an invaluable asset to us.We must bring him back to Paris safely, and let him confess what he knows.everything.Do you know why the Germans are so panicked He has a clear picture of the German army s defense This is a little, but not all.The Germans can redeploy the defense line again, although it will be very laborious.De Sade smiled and said The most important point is that Kilok was engaged in intelligence work before, and his qualifications were even earlier than that of the German Nikolai.Very despicable.Wang Weiyi said relaxedly But it s not bad to be a super rich By the way, Xiaoling, I have to ask you a very serious question Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of something If and when I have the opportunity to travel again, will the things I have done in this era still exist Will the skeleton baron Ernst Brahm be there What about my investments in Chateau Margaux and Montagut Will you be there too This time, Xiao Ling was really silent for a long time before saying What has happened will never be changed Ernst Brahm will live forever, and everything you have done will be preserved foreverOr rather, Dr.Qin didn t even think about it.Walker can actually create so many miracles, you have left a name in history that you should not have appearedor more precisely, you have already begun to seriously affect the course of history Wang Weiyi didn t care about the historical process at all So, if I have the opportunity to travel back to the most prosperous era of Chateau Margaux and Montagut, can I really become a rich man If the price is integrated.And canyou buy cbd gummies online the appreciation ratio of your current investment in decades, you will become a veritable super rich.Xiao Ling s tone was obviously very displeased You are not only changing the course of the war.It s even affecting Wang Weiyi didn t listen to what Xiaoling said below.This is really a good deal.I still have a small bag of diamonds in my HCMUSSH canyou buy cbd gummies online pocket now.If I can find a few more future super If the rich invest, best cbd gummies for anxiety well being laboratories cbd gummies isn t their wealth incomparable to the country Will they become the richest man in the world Enough, stop thinking about it, you have to think about how to escape canyou buy cbd gummies online best cbd gummies for child anxiety from here now, or your investment will be in vain.Xiao Ling reminded him.Wang Weiyi suddenly came to his senses.Yes, how should he escape from here now Order to send out planes to bomb Lance No, we don t need to use them best cbd gummies for anxiety well being laboratories cbd gummies for the time being Such frequent deployment of planes for precision bombing will arouse suspicion, and it may not be able to break out.

Yes, I also hope Wang Weiyi s eyes suddenly lit up when he said this I have a solution Hell, why didn t I think of this sooner With that said, he rushed out of the room and summoned all his subordinates Adolf, what did you say during the day three tanks Hitler was stunned for a while, and then remembered what he had said Yes, we saw three tanks entering Reims, probably supported by the British, and were preparing to enter the front line Gentlemen, please prepare canyou buy cbd gummies online to break out.Of course, we have to take a small adventure before that.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Rommel understood immediately Do you want to play the idea of those three tanks Seeing Wang Weiyi nod the phone, Rommel said solemnly Ernst, I have to remind you that this is not easy.The French gummies cbd sleep canyou buy cbd gummies online must guard their tanks very carefully No, I don t think it s that difficult.It was a tank full of roses Look at the florist girl Seeing the tank I set up by myself left my sight, my expression was a little crazy.I really envy the German girl in the tank.If it were me, she would be willing to do whatever she asked me to do.When De Sade The major came here with his pursuers, and after hearing the craziest and most romantic thing a group of Germans were doing here, he almost went crazy Is it a mockery of himself to have the time to do such a thing He also saw something in the eyes of the French that frightened him.There were some petals fluttering in the sky, but Major de Sade felt no romance at all , full of anger and shame and frustration.He swore he would never forget this man Ernst Alexson von Brahm At this moment a flower petal floated on his face, as if sending a message to him.Akashi Osamu is actually a Japanese spy.in a relationship.Akashi found that Riley had no feelings for the Russian mainland, and was cunning by nature.Possessing superhuman lying ability and superb adaptability, he was born to be a spy and intelligence material, so he considered using it.Akashi suggested that Riley go to China Travel Service Shunkou to do business, and offered to provide him with necessary help.Riley also wanted to take advantage of Akashi, so he accepted Akashi s suggestion and moved to Lushunkou with his wife, where he opened a timber company.Riley gave full play to his ingenuity and used his identity as a Russian businessman to communicate with local Russian garrison officials in order to obtain information and sell it to the British Xiao Ling continued At this moment, Riley s behavior Attracted the attention of the Russians, and he himself was unaware of it.German Foreign Minister Alfred Zimmermann hatched an extraordinary plan to involve Mexico and Japan in a war against the U.S.When the war broke out, British Naval Intelligence installed On January 19, listeners intercepted a German coded telegram that appeared to be a diplomatic communication.The British cryptographer handed over the deciphered letter, signed by Zimmermann, to the Navy Chief of Intelligence William.Admiral Hall.After Hall read it, he put it aside for the time being.He knew that Berlin had a secret order to the German naval commanders on January 1st, ordering them to start unrestricted submarine warfare on February 1st, and the concept of timing led him to order that Zimmermann s telegram be withheld until the United States felt the order.until its full impact.On February 23, the letter was delivered .

does smilz cbd gummies have thc?

to Washington.At first, everyone was dubious, and no one believed that there would be such a good thing.But when one or two people tried it and it was true, a large number of Parisians flooded into the clothing factory of Tinland s family, and they rushed to buy those beautiful clothes.To meet the needs of so many people Oh my god, such a scene is rare during the war Elena asked curiously If those who took the clothes, even if they have What should I do if I don t want to pay when I m rich What does that matter Will showed confidence on his face Actually, I never thought that they would come to pay shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus episode back the money, maybe there will be one or two gentlemenbut the name Montejiao of the Tingland family , but has already used this method to let all Parisians know.After the war is over, we will be able to establish Montagut s excellent reputation by relying on this method.The two wounded were very unlucky, they rushed too hard and fell into a big pit hit by shells Wang Weiyi canyou buy cbd gummies online did not regard this attack as a battle.It is true that there is nothing worth showing off.This offensive battle is the easiest battle since the establishment of the Skeleton Commando.Each commando took a is cbd gummies legal in iowa 2022 captive.Not many Italians died, no wonder, many of their guns were left unbolted.Italiansthat s what Italians are Rommel let out a cold snort in his nose in disdain.From his first battle to now, he has never seen such an incompetent unit.Even if they can resist a little, the skeleton commando cbd vitamin c gummies canyou buy cbd gummies online will not be so easy Take it here.Never trust the Italian army on the battlefieldthe only thing they can bring to others is one hilarious joke after another Now we have to do What, Colonel Manstein, who was also full of disdain for the Italians, came to Wang Weiyi s side.Model raised one of his arms, and the whistles of the officers on the German position also rang.The German soldiers, who seemed a little lazy just now, immediately returned to their positions, and their light and heavy machine guns and rifles were ready to shoot at the same time.The British army began to attack rows and rows of British people appeared in the field of vision.Come closer and closer.Model, who was as calm as a rock, calmly issued his order Come closer, don t shoot again Closer, steady and steady The enemy was getting closer and cbd pain gummies near me closer, and their faces could almost be seen clearly.At this moment, Model said in a deep voice Start Now, it s time for the Germans to perform The muzzle of the machine gun began to jump, and the bullets like a rainstorm hovered in the air, forming a graceful figure, and then penetrated into the enemy s body one by one.

He once risked being court martialed to release a group of The British wounded, and now, have generously released a group of American soldiers.Even if we did capture the Baron Skeleton, should we treat him so roughly General Rick, who was in charge of the press conference, had no time to answer, another The reporter asked loudly He is a soldier, and he is only performing his duties canyou buy cbd gummies online as a soldier.I heard that there are many followers of him in England and France who think he should not be tried.What do you think about this General Rick didn t know how to answer at all.Everyone s reaction to Baron Skeleton was too surprising.No matter whether Baron Skeleton would be caught or not, at least many people were on his side now.When throwing embarrassing questions to General Rick one after another, Beasley did not participate in the press conference.Why is the captain so arrogant The guard regiment of the 19th Army is probably the guard battalion in Songjiang.Their commander is Wang Weiyi.All the committee members praised him very much.Qin Hebiao was surprised, oh my god, all the committee members praised him Fortunately, he didn t offend him.Guo Yunfeng canyou buy cbd gummies online didn t care what those people were thinking.In his eyes, there was only one goal to stick to Kuncheng Lake and stop the Japanese army from crossing by force There is only one company in hand, and some troops have been gathered on the road.Now the number of troops that can be used is about 150 people.There are not many people, but the weapons are excellent, all made in Germany.There are eight light and heavy machine guns, two mortars, three flamethrowers and a large number of bullets.With such equipment, Guo Yunfeng is confident enough to have a good fight with the Japanese here.Tang Weihong glanced at Wang Weiyi Mr.Wang.won t you ask me to dance Ah, sorry, I forgot.Miss Tang, can I invite you to dance Wang Weiyi slightly bent over.Ah, I am very happy.The two walked into the dance floor, looking particularly eye catching, canyou buy cbd gummies online and soon attracted the attention of many people.Mr.Wang.You re really good at dancing, did you learn it in France too Yes, France, Paris.Wang Weiyi gently put his arm around Tang Weihong s waist.Then he said with a smile.Paris I ve always wanted to go, it s a romantic city I think so, if You ll feel even more romantic if you have the chance to dance on canyou buy cbd gummies online the Champ de Mars Elena felt a stab in the heart.Paris Champ de Mars Dancing Why did I feel so happy and warm when I heard these words, but also felt like crying Elena.Please listen carefully and don t distract yourself.Wang Weiyi said repeatedly.Of course, but what do you want these things for I spent a lot of money buying opium, so I can t just lose money like this.Wang Weiyi smiled very strangely If I do something that loses money, it will damage my fortune.Fame I don t care about you.Xiao Ling said lazily.At this time, William ran over excitedly Colonel, Colonel, good news, good news, the Minnesota Rose has arrived in Nanjing, I just received a telegram , it was escorted by Michner himself.Hey, he is cbd vitamin c gummies canyou buy cbd gummies online a good friend of mine just like Elliott.Right now, Michner is organizing transportation and hiring cbd vitamin c gummies canyou buy cbd gummies online people to bring the weapons here.Hey, this can be It s a little strange, why would Michner be so considerate to know why weapons are needed Wang Weiyi smiled, did he tell him that he only told Hermione before leaving the United States, and once the weapons were shipped to China, all of them would be sent To Changshu I don t understand what you Americans think.I don t want to hear anything sorry Matsui Iwane roared angrily You have been defeated by that Wang Weiyi again and again, and you have lost all the face of the Emperor Now, even the flag of the 65th Regiment has been lost, how do you want me to face His Majesty the Emperor and all the citizens Dizhou Libing and cbd vitamin c gummies canyou buy cbd gummies online Dian Yusaburo didn t dare to say best cbd gummy on sale a word They also knew why the commander was so angry.This was not just the reason for a fiasco, but it would affect the commander.Your Excellency s tough attitude towards total war Those local war factions in the country can now have a thc free cbd gummies for sleep reason China is not so easy to conquer, look, look, you have suffered defeat This is the most important thing Influence Wang Weiyi, Wang Weiyi Matsui Iwane kept chanting the name, and the name stuck deeply in his heart like a thorn When this person appeared, the invincible Imperial Army suffered such disastrous defeats one after another Some local victories achieved by a Chinese general are not enough to change the situation of the entire battlefield.They ran for nothing, and when they arrived, the Chinese soldiers had no idea where they were going.Only Numata Tokushige and Ueno Hiromitsu were left looking at each other.I came here after untold hardships, but got nothing These cunning Chinese people General Dizhou has judged that Wang Weiyi will not be stupid best cbd gummies with no thc and wait to be surrounded.Tokushige Numata was a little helpless That is a very cunning Chinese general.Your Excellency Commander ordered that once the Chinese people here retreat, immediately return to the river.Iamura Battlefield Your Excellency General, Your Excellency Commander s call.Numata Tokushige quickly came to the phone, and after a series of Hai sounds, he put down the phone General Ueno, good news, after my Under the powerful offensive of the 13th Division, the Chinese people have abandoned the Jiangjiacun position and are retreating to Jiuhu Town The 116th Regiment will march to Jiuhu Town.Sister, find a good man to marry Stop thinking about brother Fu Yu suddenly wiped away her tears, turned her head and said, Traveler, can I ask you something Wang Weiyi nodded.Fu Yu actually smiled Traveler, I canyou buy cbd gummies online beg you to be my witness, canyou buy cbd gummies online I want to marry my brother.She turned to the brothers again Masters, I how long does it take for cbd gummy to work beg you all to be our witnesses.Yu married Guo Yunfeng, and from then on, I, Fu Yusheng, belong to the Guo family, and death is the ghost of the Guo family canyou buy cbd gummies online can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2021 Everyone was nodding silently, and everyone was crying.Guo Yunfeng suddenly found that the corners of his eyes were also wet.Things flowed out Fu Yu smiled and cried Brother, did you hear me, I gummies cbd sleep canyou buy cbd gummies online will be your wife from now on.I miss you every day, miss you, look forward to you, remember to come back earlier, sister, etc.Waiting for your sister to meet you in your dreams.

Amid the rumbling explosion, the front truck suddenly overturned.The convoy stopped.The Japanese soldiers in the car jumped off one after another.After the bombing was over, the fighter plane quickly rushed towards the convoy and began to sweep at low altitude A row of Japanese soldiers fell under the sweep of the plane At this time, Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng, and Elena also appeared from their hiding places, and three submachine guns burst into roars.One last mission On the first overturned truck.The surviving Japanese soldiers stumbled to their feet, but were quickly slammed by submachine gun fire kill them them Get rid of Tani Hisao The sweeping of the plane and the spraying of the submachine guns caused the Japanese army who suffered a sudden blow to be killed and wounded in an instant.Four knives.But now Anyone who does that now will be considered a fool.When they see the enemy s wounded soldiers, they will not hesitate to take another shot, otherwise, you may be the one who will die in the next second.Therefore, like Ernst Brahm, helping the wounded headed by Lieutenant Colonel Rosen to return to their positions has long become a legend.Cruel Maybe, but this is the cruelest law on the battlefield in this era you or me, only one can survive But no matter what, the Skeleton Master successfully defended his position and was about to break out.Each of them is fighting bravely, inspired by Ernst Brehm They will always remember one creed that will never change they must live up to the name of the skeleton Three hundred and ninety five.Glorious Battle January 5, 1942.The German officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division are ready.The butt of the gun was also smashed.He hugged the Soviet soldier in front of him, opened his mouth and bit down.I acted so crazy that morning, I m afraid to think about it afterwards I climbed into a destroyed tank and shot the Soviet army desperately canyou buy cbd gummies online with a rifle.I felt like I was executing a prisoner.Shoot, And no one noticed me, I had to beat one after another, some people were hit on the head by me, and fell down like rotten meat, and the SS soldiers next to them were still stabbing them with bayonets, I think I reminded him, but found it useless, because it was too scary and messy, and I had to continue shooting the rest of the people.At canyou buy cbd gummies online this time, a Soviet soldier chopped my leg with a bayonet.I didn t feel any pain, because I was I was so excited I turned around and hugged him, and a soldier next to me gouged his nose best cbd gummies for anxiety well being laboratories cbd gummies hard cbd vitamin c gummies canyou buy cbd gummies online with the butt of a gun.At this time, Wang Weiyi was not as relaxed ugly cbd gummies as his subordinates.He knew too well what kind of predicament the Skeleton Master would face in Zhou s time.The gap is the lifeline of the besieged German army in Demyansk, and it must not be lost After dawn, there will be the most terrifying bloody battle again, and it won t stop even is cbd gummies positive drug test for a minute.Countless people will die here, blood will dye Radfu red, corpses will block every road.But the Germans here also have a firm belief they are fighting with the Baron Four hundred and ten.Dawn Lightning on the 2nd day of 942.The miracle happened again after the gap in Radev was opened, 19,000 German troops successfully broke through under the support canyou buy cbd gummies online of the German troops on the outside.That is to say, HCMUSSH canyou buy cbd gummies online the besieged German troops basically succeeded in breaking through here.He didn t doubt the authenticity of this matter at all.Among the senior officers of the Soviet army, there are too many treasures, such as Zhukov.There are too marmas gummies cbd many rumors about him.Wang Weiyi slowly opened the box.Hodwich s .

does cbd gummies interfere with medications?

eyes lit up completely.There was a suitcase, with some paintings, a crown, and some jewelry that looked very valuable.He has a lot of research on oil painting and jewelry.You can see at a glance that these things can be valuable.He settled down I have to carefully distinguish the authenticity of these things.You have to know that during the war, some unscrupulous traders always like to deceive people with fakes.You can study it carefully here.Wang Weiyi poured him a glass of wine.Then he sat on the side.Holdovic put all his attention on this batch of things.After two minutes, there was a knock on the door.Here, it has completely become the world of the Germans The bad breath from Demyansk can finally take a long breath here The war reporters kept recording all of this, and anything that happened here was enough to cause a sensation in Germany.A sensation throughout Europe The iron fist of the great German army is pounding down, and any resistance before us is wiped outOur tanks are running, our planes are showing off, our soldiers are shouting.Behold, this is The roar of Germany No one can stop our victory in Kharkov Moscow is in sight, the whole of Russia is in sight Remember the man who brought us this glory Ernst Alexson.Baron von Brahm Another reporter wrote I call for the restoration of the German aristocracy, otherwise I really can t imagine what kind of rewards should be given to Baron Alexson in recognition of his illustrious military exploitsHe is already a generalissimo, what else can he give him An earl or a marquis is more suitable for him.Morgan and Rockefeller are not surprised by her attitude, because in their impression, Hermione has always been She is a taciturn strong woman.Morgan and Rockefeller have decided to formally form an alliance with Baron Alexon.If you include the Wittgenstein family, this is the famous New York Alliance.Ernst Brahm, Morgan, The four families of Rockefeller and Wittgenstein possess huge and terrifying wealth.Together, they are enough to shake the economy of any country, enough to control the lifeline of any country.Once the news of their alliance spreads, it is enough to make The whole world is trembling.In the past, Wang Weiyi always relied on the Wittgenstein family, but now such a situation has changed drastically, and he has two other new powerful friends.There is no doubt that such friends Relationships are based on taking advantage of each other, but what does it matter After the meeting, Henry Morgan invited his friends to dinner in his office.

After crossing the minefield, the African Army regrouped and prepared to attack Alam Halfa.At this time, the Air Force sent a reconnaissance report, and Rommel couldn t help but have an ominous premonition.The Air Force reported that the British army had built a very strong position on this ridge, and the 44th Infantry Division, which had recently been transferred from the British, was found among the defenders.It was too late for Afrika Korps to withdraw from the battle at this time.The African Army attacked.At the beginning, the attack was relatively smooth, but the follow up Italian troops were trapped by minefields and failed to catch up in time.And Montgomery has mobilized more than 400 tanks and a large number of anti tank guns to strengthen the troops defending the ridge.Under the tenacious resistance of the British army, the offensive force of the African Army became more and more weak.I don t think the African Army can win.I suggest retreating immediately to minimize the loss of troops Rommel was baffled by the sound, what happened to Ernst Wang Weiyi was silent for a while Fels.Do you have a special way of connecting with Berlin have.Give Berlin your way at once.Wang Weiyi said slowly Enigma has been deciphered, our actions are under the control of the enemy, from now on.Any information coming from Africa in the form of Enigma is premium x cbd gummies false information, Marshal Ernst Brahm will use a new code Now, Rommel fully understands, and The shock that this brought to him was also extremely great.The Enigma that the Germans have always been proud of has been cracked by the enemy In this way, all German deployments have long been in the hands of the enemy God.This is horrific.But why hasn t the enemy done anything before The British endured huge losses in order to keep the Enigma cracked a secret.Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead.See this scenario.Everyone understood he was too tired, he had exhausted all his strength.Everyone fully understands how tiring it must be to fly, shoot, fight, and charge all the time Marseio lit a cigarette with his still trembling hand and smoked.After a while, the cigarettes dispelled the fatigue, and he regained his old youthful fighter pilot vigor.He reported to the head of the regiment and requested medicinal cbd gummies new assignments.Major Norman ordered him You take a vacation immediately Marseille protested, saying Tobruk is approaching Hurricanes, how can I go on vacation at this time Now is the most violent German offensive.Time, even one person needs it But Norman didn t budge.Aren t you going This is an order from the Supreme Command.You are required to receive the Riding Cross of the Sword and Cypress Leaf The accountant of Derna probably couldn t imagine what he left in Marseille s military manual Empty pages will be used so quickly.General Woodrow had no time to figure out what happened on the battlefield.Where did the Germans get so much supplies In a hurry, he once again mobilized the 133rd Infantry Brigade for reinforcements, and strictly demanded cbd gummies peru that Papasones must defend his position, even if the last small canyou buy cbd gummies online piece was left However, something even more unexpected happened After completing the breakthrough to the Greek brigade, Wang Weiyi ordered his troops to forcibly open a breakthrough on the right side of the Greeks, and canyou buy cbd gummies online then led the German army to rush forward for reinforcements Brits Defeat, not annihilate Sure enough, the British reinforcements did not expect this scene anyway the Germans are capable of annihilating the Greeks.But he pointed the finger at himself directly The galloping reinforcements of the British army had no time to stop their pace, but bumped into the steel torrent of the Germans The sound of artillery tore apart the British queue.Surprisingly, this temporary drawing In the circle, there was only one escape incident among 1,500 captives Draw the ground as a prison Wang Weiyi laughed in his heart.But the only escape incident also canyou buy cbd gummies online aroused his curiosity.Colonel Abigail The most clear, because those Italians went to them Colonel Kettering nodded his companions and said.Colonel Abigail also showed a smile on his face It s unimaginable The fleeing incident That evening, I was preparing to command the army to enter the battlefield, and suddenly I saw a large number of Italians appearing.I thought I was attacked by the enemy, and I was about to order the soldiers to prepare for battle.Who Come to think of it that s not the case at all I met Colonel Tavasch, the Italian, and he told me that he had escaped from Colonel Kettering for the very simple reason that the English there did not serve them coffee Wang Weiyi and all the British military officials were dumbfounded.Good.Colonel Dort immediately said Because of the failure of the canyou buy cbd gummies online Second Battle of Alamein , the whole of Cairo was in a state of panic, although the German army has no intention of attacking for the time being.But God knows when the city of Cairo will face artillery fire.Bombardment Prices are soaring, banknotes have been devalued again and again.And recently there have been a lot of counterfeit coins in Cairo Mr.Baron, those counterfeit coins are so imitative that they can be faked.Ordinary people can well being laboratories cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients t tellwait Colonel Dot suddenly thought of something Do those counterfeit coins have anything to do with you Wang Weiyi smiled Colonel, you just need to know that we have hit As long as the money in your account is real.Colonel Dott said Oh , but he knew that those counterfeit coins must have something to do with the HCMUSSH canyou buy cbd gummies online Germans The flood of counterfeit coins makes the currency It s unbearable to be devalued again and again Colonel Dot sighed People are thinking about exchanging their money into pounds or dollars, but the exchange rate between pounds and dollars is even higher.Cairo is moaning These are not the most terrible things, the most terrible things will happen soon.A huge battle flag was hoisted on the Tiger tank, and this battle flag is all too familiar to all British people the skull battle flag O God, O merciful God Skull Battle Banner Come, he is still here, since he has already appeared in North Africa, then he will never give up until he gets to Egypt.However, no one thought that he would come so soon The Skeleton Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm Although no one can see who the person in the tank is, but whoever dares to raise the skeleton battle flag in the heart of the enemy, except for the skeleton baron, no one has the courage to do so The British army began to waver Yes, just because of a tank and a battle flag, the British were shaken Now that the skeleton baron is here, what about the German army Has the German army really entered Cairo No one can give the British that answer.

He pushed the Indian battalion to the front line, but this quickly aroused strong dissatisfaction among the Indians.The reason for the Indians is also very simple.They have always been responsible for auxiliary tasks and have never really fought in Africa.Moreover, they only have one battalion However, Major General Alman categorically rejected all the demands of the Indians, and strongly ordered them to withstand the German attack no matter how difficult it was.The Indians, who kept cursing the Irish in their hearts, had no choice but to bite the bullet and go to the front line However, before they opened their posture, the Germans had already arrived.The tanks and assault guns that served as the leaders of the full armored division mercilessly launched an impact on their new opponents.Those commandos, under the cover of armored vehicles, appeared on the battlefield in large numbers Cannon fire and gunfire sounded on the Konlavev battlefield, and the Indians were frightened.The German army, which had captured Ismailia, began to suppress the Kantara flank.Montgomery knows that the war here is over, and he has no way to continue to stick to Kantara If he resists, he can still defend for a long time, but what will be the final result The German army will complete the siege of Kantara and completely eat up the Allied forces here At 14 45, General Montgomery issued an order to retreat.Kantara fell into the hands of Rommel, and this duel between famous generals came to an end for the time being.In this duel, Montgomery lost, but in fact the responsibility is not entirely on him.There were too many how long does cbd gummies take to kick in unexpected situations on the battlefield.First, the Italian Rito Aio Division showed a completely unimaginable combat effectiveness, destroying all of Montgomery s plans.Then, the Egyptians firm support for the German army is also unimaginable.Hiroshi Yamaguchi walked in with Wilder, looked left and right, and made sure there was no one there.Then he turned around and said, It s safe here for the time being Wilder breathed a sigh of relief Mr.Yamaguchi, I haven t seen you for a few years, I miss you very much, ah.You said just now that someone is going to assassinate me Do you know who it is Hiroshi Yamaguchi nodded At this moment, a voice sounded from behind Wilder I will kill you.Before the astonished Wilder could say anything, In response, a powerful hand had already grabbed his throat, and then Hiroshi Yamaguchi also rushed forward, stabbing wildly into Wilder s heart with a dagger wrapped in a white cloth.Wilder died almost in an instantHe died, and he still didn t understand why Hiroshi Yamaguchi wanted to kill himself The sleepy zs bedtime cbd gummies white cloth blocked the splashing blood, Hiroshi Yamaguchi was very slow He pulled out the dagger, for fear that a little blood would splash on himself Wang Weiyi dragged the corpse.in Ernst.Under the order of Marshal Brahm, the two British generals did not encounter any difficulties, but were carefully escorted to Berlin.Of course, this is the territory of the Skeleton Baron, and they have received warm hospitality from their masters.Wang Weiyi was even still in his manor, specially entertaining two British generals and his friends in Berlin Richthofen, Boncrere, Stecke Of course, as canyou buy cbd gummies online the head of the well being laboratories cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients empire Adolf Hitler would not have met two British generals on such an occasion To be honest, the atmosphere of canyou buy cbd gummies online the banquet was a little awkward from the very beginning.It is entirely conceivable that the two countries were still on the battlefield yesterday Fighting to the death, but now in a blink of an eye, everything has been eaten.Not everyone is as magnanimous as Baron Alexon Seeing the awkward atmosphere, Wang Weiyi suddenly said I once told you about the Italian character, ah, that was twenty years ago That s it.Most bullets either missed or bounced off the tank s armor plate.The sound of these weapons firing simultaneously is quite startling, and the clang of the bullets bouncing off the tank s armor plate is clearly audible.As the Russians opened fire on the commandos, the flicker of thousands of barrels could be seen clearly, like the flashes of a large number of small cameras.Sergeant Keller yelled at the commandos Scatter behind the tanks and move forward.Free fire, kill the enemy Use the 30 mg cbd gummies for pain tanks for cover That s what Heisenberg did.He ducked his head and ran behind a tank.The tanks don t move very fast, they use 20mm guns and 7.92mm machine guns fired.Heisenberg didn t stretch his head to look at their shooting effects, but he could imagine that it must be quite tragic.There are also several medium tanks in the tank team, and they shoot with a slightly larger 37mm main gun.Send it at three o clock today, asking for a monthly ticket.Double the monthly pass until now, this, the spider said quietly, the monthly pass is ugly.During the holiday, the brothers are on holiday, and the spider is still in the code.Brothers, if you have votes, please vote, thank you.Don t say much else, continue to work hard to code words, I wish you all a happy holiday Thanks again for all the support guys Six hundred and seventy.Even if the people are no longer loyal the most glorious chapter has already begun starting with the victory at the battle of Phronis.But this is definitely not .

is cbd gummies legal in florida?

a good thing for the Russians.At 10 a.m.on March 7, 1943, the Soviet Caucasus Front General Command.Comrade Commander, a telegram from Comrade Stalin.Khrushchev, a member of the Military Council, walked in.If Iron Wall Model is the most outstanding defense master in Germany, then Baron Alexon will tell him now that he also has a daunting defense ability The whole of Germany, the whole of the Soviet Union, the whole of Europe, and the whole world are watching the battle here, and every battle affects the hearts of countless people.Every country knows it.This may be a battle that will determine the fate of Germany and the Soviet Union The smell of blood and gunpowder in the air is suffocating, and all the soldiers can be seen fighting with their mouths open.Not comatose.For the explosion of shells.They have long been numbfor blood and death, they have long been numbeven the figure of the other party has become so blurred They don t know how tired they are anymore, and they can fight anytime, anywhere as if they were wound up canyou buy cbd gummies online At 11 00 am on the 21st, the German army s position f was broken by the Soviet army, which directly threatened the The security of the main position of the Central Assault Group.

What do you say that person s name Vasily Zaitsev Major Cunnings accepted Marshal Ernst s order respectfully, and was a little strange.How did the Marshal know the name of the Soviet best cbd gummies for anxiety well being laboratories cbd gummies sniper so clearly Yes.Vasily Zaitsev.Wang Weiyi nodded Major Cornings, you are the best sniper in Germany, fight relax gummies cbd content back against the Russians.On the battlefield, there s no one to limit anything you can do ah.I have something to remind you.It s a good way to attract enemies with a helmet, but canyou buy cbd gummies online enemies can also use a helmet to attract your attention.As the best sniper, I think patience is always the most important thing Yes, Marshal Well, you go.When seeing Major Cunnings who accepted the order to leave here, Wang Weiyi set his sights on Heisenberg and Edim who were ordered to come Mr.Heisenberg, Mr.Edim, I think Major Cunnings Need some help.But in fact, he also knows that Marshal Budyonny has three group armies and a large number of workers armed forces in his hands, but it is too difficult to stop the assault of the elite and powerful German army Marshal Budyonny The same idea After the German army arrived in Moscow, without any adjustments, aircraft and ground artillery fire launched an indiscriminate bombardment of the Budyonny Group.Terrible artillery fire covered the battlefield, destroying all targets to their heart s content.In one bombing after another, cbd gummies sheffield the 11 worker brigades arranged by Budjoni at the forefront suffered heavy casualties every minute and every second.It is a very cruel decision to put the workers brigade at the forefront.Let those civilians who have not received any formal military training directly face the elite German army, they have no chance of winning at all, and they can t even leave the battlefield alive The only thing that can be done right now.Caesar took the woman out to fight and stopped fighting when the woman was sick, not because of his absurdity, but because he didn t take barbarians to heart at all.Perhaps in his opinion, as long as Nelia s illness is cured, and he can kill all the barbarians anytime and anywhere.Before the sky and the earth were formed, the universe was in chaos Just when the two were discussing the problem, they gathered at the bonfire One of the Germanians who were drinking and eating meat together suddenly seemed to start singing there, and all the Germanians became extremely solemn.Before the sky and the earth were formed, the universe was in chaos., there is only one bottomless abyss, the Jinenga Chasm.To the north of the Jinenga Chasm dissolving cbd isolate for gummy candy lies Niflheim, a vast world of ice and snow.There, thick fog shrouded the thousands of years of ice and snow all year round, and there was only endless cold and darkness.We don t have to be afraid of them at all The young and energetic Thibius cried out We have the bravest warriors.The Romans came a few times.We just defeated them a few times.Wang Weiyi glanced at him, and then slowly asked For Bius, how many Romans can you kill Thirty.Even more Thebius said proudly.What a great warrior.Wang Weiyi smiled again But, the Romans had 3,000 soldiers, 30,000 soldiers, can you kill them all by yourself Thibius was stunned there.Wang canyou buy cbd gummies online Weiyi put away his smile The strength of the Romans is beyond your imagination.They have far more soldiers than us.Caesar can lose a legion and then replenish another one, but what about us We only have so many people, Every loss reduces our strength by one point.We can win one victory after another, but the Romans can bring in one legion after another, and the war drags on to the end, and I think we are the ones who lose.The Roman legion of female warriors suffered another defeat, and this time the failure was not caused by barbarians.Face to face duels on the battlefield, without any opportunism, rely entirely on weapons The collision between the weapon and the weapon depends on the fight between life and life.This kind of failure is the most unbearable for Caesar.He must let the blood of the barbarians flow into rivers to wash away such shame.And in At this time, Wang Weiyi and his Germanian friends also learned of the victory of their companions.This proved one thing canyou buy cbd gummies online best cbd gummies for child anxiety again the Romans were by no means invincible They were strong, but they also had weaknesses.They defeated many armies, but they can also be defeated.Maybe a Germania is too weak to deal with the huge Rome, but canyou buy cbd gummies online best cbd gummies for child anxiety they still have the whole of Germany.After taking off the shining armor, their slim figures were revealed in the eyes of everyone, and the joy of being free made their beautiful eyes look very moving Along with all kinds of delicious food and Lots of fruits and desserts, the night in Rome passed away in a pleasant atmosphere.At this time, probably no one noticed that in a corner of the banquet hall, there were two people who were watching all this happening.Their eyes were calm, as if they didn t pay attention to everything that happened.Seven hundred and fifty eight.When the banquet was in the middle of the banquet, Servius suddenly stopped all the music, and then he stood up My distinguished guests, I think all of you have seen the wonderful gladiatorial fight just now, so , I think the following one of our favorite activities can also be carried out.Get up.Wang Weiyi said with the same expressionless face.Servius face was full of smiles again Come on, let the music play again, for our new friends, and for what we have seen about what it means to be a real rich person.The music started again, Now, everyone looked at Wang Weiyi with strange eyes envy, jealousy, longing Spulius, sit by my side.Pompey suddenly said majesticly.sat down beside him.Pompey sized him up Tell me, what do you do I m a slave trader.Wang Weiyi replied calmly.His answer made Pompey and Servius look suspicious at the same time.How could a person with such a talk be a vulgar slave trader who could identify money in his eyes Come on.Tell me your real identity.Pompeo said with a smile.Wang Weiyi, who has always shown himself as a slave trader, was facing such a problem for the first time, but he did not panic at all My lord and sole consul, slave trader is indeed one of my identities, and it is also a part of my countless businesses.

Not many times, the same moan came from well being laboratories cbd gummies the mouth of my sister Sylvia. A crazy and romantic night happened crazily on this crazy big bed. The sun had been rising so high that Wang Weiyi woke up.He found that his body was being tightly hooked by the two sisters like octopuses.It was so crazy that Wang Weiyi thought it was a bit funny in retrospect.I didn t expect to have such an affair when I came to Rome.He canyou buy cbd gummies online really couldn t figure out why Servius liked men, but he was indifferent to stunners like Tieria and Sylvia.He was about to get up, but the two sisters had already woken up.They probably also remembered the crazy things last night, and their faces blushed.Seeing that Wang Weiyi was about to get up, the two sisters hurriedly got up first to help Wang Weiyi put on his clothes.You are gladiators, not maids.But where is the place where they can protest and hide from the fire that is spreading all over the sky Senardi has completely collapsed No matter what, he never thought that such a thing would happen.In any case, it was unexpected that the savages could come up with such a scheme.They dug a big trap long ago, and they themselves.But without realizing it, he jumped into such a trap.Facing those wailing soldiers, he had nothing to do.Even, he will soon be wrapped in fire.The only thing to be thankful for now is that Centumarus was lucky enough not to enter the encirclement.When gummies cbd sleep canyou buy cbd gummies online starting out, Centumarus was a little uncomfortable, so he fell behind the team, which also allowed him to escape.After a catastrophe.If Master Centumarus really suffers like this, then he will never be able to atone for such a crime Even in such a terrible situation, Centumarus still has not given up, He tried his best to command the troops to fight desperately in a small space and in the fire all over the sky.They believe that as long as they follow such a commander, the final victory will definitely belong to them Caesar asked again at this time Anthony, tell me, have any outstanding generals appeared in Rome There is one, and that is Jaculius, the adopted son of Pompey.In the canyou buy cbd gummies online battle of the Parthians, he performed very well, but he lost to a man, Servius, during the Sea God Festival Servius Caesar s face became serious Sevius Has Us started to show his face again He was still a little jealous of Servius, who made great achievements for Rome, and Caesar, who was still the Roman consul at that time, was jealous of Servius.exploits, so he was dismissed.Caesar always believed that only this person was worthy of being his opponent.Yes, Servius.Anthony replied very positively Servius not only defeated Jaculius at the Sea God Festival, but also regained the command of the legion.There is no hope of continuing to fight.Major Kongerkafu sighed Hey, we haven t completed the mission, and we can t continue to fight.I think surrendering is our best choice now.The team members were unusually quiet, each of them They all know the current situation.They can do nothing else but surrender The gunfire finally stopped in the building.Colonel Kaivic let out a long sigh of relief, these tenacious enemies From the beginning of the attack to the present, it has been a full two hours.The U.S.military suffered heavy casualties.Finally ended this cursed battle.Those enemies who threw away their weapons and held their heads walked out of the building under the surveillance of the US military with live ammunition.Their heads were brought before gummies cbd sleep canyou buy cbd gummies online Colonel Kevic.Name Konrkaf Nicholas.Where are you from Did you kill the American soldiers in those guard posts We are Russian armed forces.He hurriedly turned sideways, a fatal blow The attack let him dodge.The attacker did not expect the opponent s skill to be so agile.After a start, he stabbed out again.Wang Weiyi grabbed his wrist at once, and then hit him hard.A dagger fell from the attacker His hand fell.Then he controlled the guy with a backhand.He pushed him against the wall and turned his head around hard.He found that it was the person who had been staring at him at the explosion site What do you want to do Wang Weiyi asked in a deep voice.Kill me The man twisted his body stubbornly.Just as he well being laboratories cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients was about to continue questioning, Wang Weiyi suddenly felt a heavy blow to his waist.He hastily let go of the guy and stepped aside.But when he saw the new attacker clearly.But there was no counterattack at all.this.It was the kid who told himself that there was news of wounded soldiers here.Fels.We still have a lot to do Wang Weiyi Slowly said I want to bring you back to Berlin alive, I want to restart the war machine Since the enemy wants war, I will pay them back a hundred times I want to restart the war machine Since the enemy wants war, I will repay them a hundredfold for a long, long time.Fels has never heard such encouraging words.The glory of Germany is about to return unwind cbd gummies It used to be very prosperous here, little Claze.Joseph pointed to the manor and said Butler Vidlio is here.Countess Leonie is here, and Baron Alexon is here.Butler Vidlio and Countess Mr.Depusey, the housekeeper, has conflicts.Their bickering can always be heard in the manor.Ah, I also met my American friend Elliott here.Ah, we haven t seen each other for a long time. Joseph Steward, I really envy you for being able to stay with the baron for such a long time.Werner said frankly During the war, I I made an unforgivable mistake, which brought Germany to the current predicament.I am willing to take all the responsibilities for this, and I am willing to give up this position, and go to the front line to fight like an ordinary soldier, and even die on the battlefield.For this reason Make up for the mistakes I made.You don t care But I do Claire s voice rose suddenly Baron Alexon will keoni cbd gummies on amazon not only attack you, but also me.He wants you to take responsibility, and the same It will also make me take responsibility Werner was silent for a while F hrer, I think many of us must take responsibility for the failure That s your idea, it will never represent me.Kroll s voice sounded so gloomy Do you know how much hardship I have paid to become the head of state I was in Adolf Hitler s I have been flattering and flattering him like a dog all day long, and finally gradually gained his trust.

Ludwig tidied up his military uniform But what about those people outside Also, is it just relying on the two of us Marshal Paul Hauser was still smiling there Ludwig, are you afraid No, you will not be afraid, you have never been afraid, you are worried about my safety, but we have been born and died on countless battlefields, and we have never been killed by bullets.I don t believe that we will die on our own man s hand.And, we re not just two of us.After finishing speaking, he picked up the phone I am Paul Hausser, take me to the Soldiers Club Yes, I am Marshal Paul Hausser, tell everyone, now I need They, the Baron needs them.If they are still soldiers loyal to Germany, then come to me He put down the phone Ludwig, it s our turn.The old German marshal and a German first class general walked out calmly.This is the final choice canyou buy cbd gummies online time given to Kroll by Marshal Ernst Brahm.At this moment, almost the whole of Berlin has its own choice that is to serve Baron Alexson What Kroll brought to Germany was failure, but what Baron Alexon brought to Germany cbd gummy bears drug test was legend.When the pain of defeat oppressed the Germans, everyone was looking forward to such a miracle.Reporting to the Marshal, I am Karenbu Rommel, the current commander of the Baron Guards.Under the order of Marshal Boncrere, I will lead the First and Second Assault Squadrons to report to you and wait for your dispatch.Kalumbu Rommel Er, I am very relieved to hear this name.Looking cbd blueberry gummies at Rommel s son, Wang Weiyi smiled Where s Bonkelilei Raid.Kalumbu s voice was still so loud But, Marshal Bon Crayley asked me to express his highest respect to you, and he asked me to tell you that every member of the Skeleton Commando is born for you , and is ready to die for you at any time Report to Marshal, Special Forces Commander Franz Klingenberg adverse effects of cbd gummies for people with dementia is reporting to you Report to Marshal, Commander of Armored Forces Mitchell.When the bell rang at 10 o clock, Baron Alexon s voice reached the ears of every German on time I am Ernst Brahm.At this moment, I am at the Empire State Building.German soldiers, canyou buy cbd gummies online German soldiers Citizens, I declare that I will take over all powers in Germany, including political, military, and economic powers I will temporarily serve as the head of the German Empire in the capacity of Honorary Grand Marshal of the German Army, Navy and Air Force until the Until a new head of state satisfies us.I demand that all of Germany, whether soldiers or citizens, must swear allegiance to me unconditionally Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Hey Ernst On the ground outside Berlin.In Berlin, all the Germans raised their right arms straight and made such a loud call.I declare that Thirty seven people including Claire Nicholas, Wolfe and Oliver are guilty of treason.Even if Berlin is facing the current predicament, it is still a terrifying nuclear behemoth.The United States should be very afraid of this.However, only your son can know what the United States thinks and why it brazenly launched a war in spite of the nuclear threat of a nuclear armed country.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, William, William, what are you thinking Why on earth did you do that This is simply something that has been deliberated for a long time.Perhaps, such an answer can only be found when you meet William.The base is starting to operate, Roamer, you can leave here now.Wang Weiyi stood up, and when he left here, he glanced at his friends again.These sleeping German heroes will soon wake up again.And Germany will wake up with them platinum x cbd gummies 500mg reviews To be continued.If you like this work, .to vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.It is a great encouragement to the confidence of the German soldiers on the front line.This is a battle commanded by Marshal Ernst himself.They have no reason to lose the victory of the battle A large number of Allied forces gathered on the battlefield, and all German troops were ready before the battle that will determine the fate of Berlin comes.Face the almost frenzied air and ground artillery bombardment of the Allied forces.Wang Weiyi still seemed so calm, as if nothing could affect this baron whose nerves were made of steel.In front of us are the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division of the US Army, the 12th Infantry Division, the 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army, and the 72nd Armored Brigade.The Italian Terrassus Infantry Division, Nestans Rapid Mobile Brigade General Olitz carefully introduced to Marshal Ernst the strong pressure facing the German Second Panzer Army The only thing we can use is the Skeleton Division.The defense force composed of the National Army, the Netherlands Homeland Storm Division and the Nordland Battle Group continued to fight against the enemy s crazy artillery fire, and continued to fight against those aggressive enemies.They don t know when the counterattack will start, canyou buy cbd gummies online but they don t care about it at all.Since the baron is here.He will always find a way.When the battle was the most intense, Wang Weiyi appeared in the position several times in HCMUSSH canyou buy cbd gummies online person and personally commanded his soldiers to fight.He didn t care about his status as Grand Marshal and Provisional Head of State at all.In his opinion, he would rather fight like an ordinary soldier.And the German soldiers on the ground have long been accustomed to Marshal Ernst s approach, which made them more confident and full of respect for the Marshal.Yes, today s fighting was more brutal than any day before.Several main positions have been breached by the enemy one after another, at critical times.It was Marshal Ernst who personally organized the troops to fight back, drove all those enemies out, and stabilized the situation on the battlefield.When the battle is most critical.Mario even saw the marshal shooting there himself with a submachine gun.And the enemy s bullets seemed to be equally afraid of the baron, and they all passed by his side The Germans suffered heavy losses, especially the Dutch Landstorm Division, which lost a large number of soldiers in the ongoing fighting.At this time, General Stoke Olitz and General Fels appeared in the position with some armed forces.All my guards will be under your command.General Olitz said respectfully Your Excellency, this is the last reserve hemp bomb cbd gummies 375mg btl 25ct bottle team I can organize.

He is an officer who is infinitely loyal to Germany.He despises those enemies who only dare to hover in the sky, but dare not come to the ground to fight him one on one Cowards, they are all cowards Punet knew that the German soldiers outside the city were fighting fiercely, canyou buy cbd gummies online best cbd gummies for child anxiety and he also knew the great responsibility on his shoulders.Although he is infinitely eager to participate in the war, he understands that his responsibility here is just as great.His dedicated soldiers strengthened Berlin s defenses.A newly transferred anti aircraft firepower battalion was also arranged in a very concealed place.When enemy aircraft reappear, these hidden anti aircraft firepower will bring great damage to the enemy air force.Punet can t wait to see the enemy planes reappear in the sky over Berlin best cbd gummies for anxiety well being laboratories cbd gummies General, Miss Anne Marie is here.Not only here, in order to cooperate with Kerrett s attack, General Garden also invested all his troops on the frontal battlefield.All the soldiers appeared on the battlefield The battle has ended It cannot be described as tragic.At the most difficult moment, as the supreme commander of the German army, Marshal Ernst Brehm, there were only a few guards left around him, and all his guards were sent to the front line.Paul.Field Marshal Hausser, General Ludwig, and General Olitz frequently called Field Marshal Ernst s headquarters to inquire about his safety.But Marshal Ernst Brahm s answer was always only One sentence I m here, I m fine I m in, I m fine I want to see wins, and I m trying to win them.That s Ernst.Marshal Bram s answer.The artillery shells fell on the position one by one, and the smoke and flames surrounded the entire position.Major Ludman kept firing his submachine gun on the barn to shoot at the full spectrum cbd gummies laleland fl U.S.troops below, but the range was not enough, the damn submachine gun had too short a range.Major Ludman had no choice but to take out the gun on his body and shoot down.The tank s muzzle was aimed at them, and a shell came and exploded on the outer wall of the building.Fortunately, it did not cause any damage, but the tank s machine gun began to fire at them, pinning them down.Several HCMUSSH canyou buy cbd gummies online Americans climbed up the ladder to come here.The soldiers lying on their stomachs hurriedly shot them to death, and a red eyed soldier stood up.Immediately was beaten into a sieve.At this time, the machine gun fire of the tanks stopped.It turned out that these tanks were also red eyed, forgetting that there was a German cannon in the center of the village.He was sure that the Germans had run away, and no one would be foolish to stay here after such a successful attack.But Major Martha was sure that he would take revenge, and he swore that no one could stop his determination to take revenge At this time, he never thought that a pair of cold eyes were watching him near him Wang Weiyi and his commandos saw the Americans.Those Americans would never have guessed in their dreams that instead of going far, the attackers stayed here and were preparing for a new sneak attack.The first class Phyllis, who was walked out of cbd gummy bears for kids the post office building by Wang Weiyi, has already raised his sniper rifle.It is said that he is a very good sniper.The US military major under the scope is really suitable as a target.It doesn t even require Phyllis to do too much aiming.I will take full responsibility for this defeat and surrender No, Cheno General Ke.Your performance is very brave, and even this kind of bravery is not inferior to the Germans.Wang Weiyi said very seriously, and then he suddenly seemed to think of something Chenoke Sidi No I knew an Italian lieutenant colonel in WWI, just in Udine, he was also in the Borza infantry regiment, I remember him well, he was a man who preferred being a doctor to being an officer A proud smile appeared on Chenock s face He is my father.In an instant, Wang Weiyi understood everything It cbd vitamin c gummies canyou buy cbd gummies online was the First World War, Udine, Italy.The war is over, and the heroic Lieutenant Colonel Stino has become a prisoner.Some Italian soldiers stayed in Udine because of needs, including Lieutenant Colonel Stino The lieutenant colonel did not have time to escape, canyou buy cbd gummies online and he also became a prisoner of the Germans.Ah, don t say that there are countless The Germans are assisting him.Is it General Boschek Travitt s face turned pale again in an instant That is our most elite unit.I heard that he surrendered to the Germans.Is this true General, I can assure you that this is absolutely true.Kapunov said with a smile, General Boschek chose the most sensible path, and you think you can get along with him.Is the Great Russian Division fighting Travert shook his head again and again, in his imagination, there was no unit that was more powerful than the Great Russian Division.His expression did not hide from Kapunov at all General, General Boschek was already preparing to launch a devastating attack on you, but I tried my best to dissuade him, that is because any relationship between me and you A friendship that no one can shake.Once any orders are received, it seems These people who have nothing to do with each other will quickly organize, and then complete the tasks assigned by the above without compromise.For example, the assassination of Marshal Oginets is like this.This is a firm war faction against Germany.He completely forgot Germany once supported him so a terrible tragedy befell him Before Mr.Moyol arrived in Moscow, a huge assassination plan had been drawn up, but With the arrival of Mr.Moyol everything changes a bit.The first order of Mr.Moyol is to temporarily suspend the assassination Killing people is a good choice, but it will alarm people like Gregory, thus destroying Wang Weiyi s entire plan.Capone faithfully carried out the order, although he gummies cbd sleep canyou buy cbd gummies online did not know the identity of this Mr.Moyol , but in contact with the United States, Mr.

Elliott warned Capone in a stern tone never before, Mr.Moyol suffered any damage, and Capone and his crew will face the most severe punishment.Capone could not recall a time when Mr Elliott had said such is it safe to take cbd gummies every day a thing in such a canyou buy cbd gummies online tone.But one thing is certain, Mr.Moyol must be a very noble and mysterious figure Is there a way to transport the family out of Moscow Wang Weiyi looked at Capone and asked There are a lot of HCMUSSH canyou buy cbd gummies online people , there are about twenty.And this family is under surveillance, they must be sent to Ukraine safely.I think I will find a way Capone thought carefully The day after tomorrow, there is a train going to Ukraine, there are our people there.We can put the family on the train.However, I think they should find an excuse to leave their residence and not carry any luggage.Otherwise it will Doubtful As for the monitors, I think we have the ability to deal with them, and the body of the monitors will not be found until the family arrives in Ukraine.Fu Yunfeng didn t say a word, and fired bullets desperately with gummies cbd sleep canyou buy cbd gummies online the machine gun in his hand.The only thing he could help the two first level generals was the machine gun in his hand.In the crazy blow of the enemy.Under the cover of own grams of cbd in gummies bullets and grenades.Guo Yunfeng rushed to the side of the wounded soldier.The child was seriously injured, and one leg was broken.He felt someone approaching him.When he saw the military rank of the person coming, he reluctantly said General, I can t do it anymore.Please leave me alone.Son, you will survive.I promise.Guo Yunfeng comforted the child.At this time, a series of bullets hit.He was so beaten that he couldn t raise his head at all.More than a dozen Frenchmen approached here cautiously Fu Yunfeng, who witnessed all this from behind, became anxious.It looked a bit cold and desolate in the dark night, and there was no fire at all, otherwise it would make the people in the position a living target canyou buy cbd gummies online for enemy snipers.Someone sang a Russian folk song softly, and the soldiers listened quietly there.The singing echoes in the night, it sounds so bleak.Volunkatsky suddenly felt like weeping as he listened The sun rose unstoppably as usual, and everyone in the 11 Russian soldiers in the position knew this It s the last moment.In any case, Second Lieutenant Duff is a brave commander.Even though there are only 11 people left in the position, he has no plans to escape for a long time.Those enemy tanks rushed up again, showing off their might, and these Russian soldiers in the position could not resist them at all.The machine gun in Volyn Katzky s hand was screaming desperately, without stopping for a moment, and the dense bullets strafed the opponent frantically.Especially the New York Times reporter, who proposed The questions were more acute than the last.At this time, one of his companions came in from the outside and whispered something in his ear.The American reporter nodded, and then said again Mr.Kim Walker.I must inform you.Ah, it s absurd for me to be a foreign correspondent to inform you It has now been confirmed that the son of the Grand Duke Bierstoka.Ilya, the Marquis of Gunderpoor, lost everything he had on the New York Stock Exchange and the New York Housing Deed Exchange, including a large number of precious Russian cultural relics and works of art, including Catherine II of Russia, gold Mr.Walker, do you still need to see the so called evidence King Walker s head exploded with a boom God.Is this all true The Grand Duke and his son really did such a thing The Grand Duke really Are you so insane Evidence.A peace agreement will be reached soon, and Russia will soon withdraw from the Allies.This is the most important news for Germany.They can use all their troops in Berlin.At this time, Wang Weiyi is also preparing to leave MoscowMoscow has many happy memories for him, he always felt like a duck to water hereEverything he did here always made a big differenceCapone was continued Remained in Moscow.Now he has confirmed that Mr.Petergoff or Mr.Moyol is Baron Alexson.He is full of pride and pride in being able to work with Baron Alexson.He was appointed as the German The head of the intelligence agency in Moscow, which has changed his identity drastically.He officially became a German intelligence officer best cbd gummies for anxiety well being laboratories cbd gummies But Capone still has some things he doesn t understand, such as Tsar Boris Dramiliuf Romanov, this is a stupid, greedy, selfish guy, why did the baron let him stay in that position A backward system of Russia is very beneficial to Germany Wang Weiyi told him the answer cbd vitamin c gummies canyou buy cbd gummies online If Russia s political system is advanced and its leaders are strong, then this country will be a serious problem for all countries.Urgent canyou buy cbd gummies online intelligence from the front.At the end of April, the Dutch Homeland Storm Division launched an attack on Schmering with the cooperation of the Noweed battle group and the Steinmann battle group.And the city was recovered in early May.Immediately afterwards, the Dutch Homeland Storm Division continued to approach Hamburg, but was strongly blocked by the Allied forces.Had to retreat to Schmaling.And just yesterday.The Allied forces assembled a effect of a 15 mg cbd gummy large number of troops and tanks, with the U.S.Army as the main combat force, and rushed towards Schmering from several directions Wang Weiyi, Hitler and Rommel stood in front of the map at the same time, and Wang Weiyi watched carefully How is the battle going now Turton became the place where the fighting was fiercest.Guderian quickly replied It is the Steinman battle group and the British Royal First Division that are defending.However, Steinman s heart no matter what How to adhere to a principle in order to win, do whatever it takes.Romeo paused for a moment, did not reply, got up and walked to a canyou buy cbd gummies online map The intersection of the three forks, surrounded by three sides, now only the road leading to the city is not blocked, and that is the only way out.Romeo punched On the map, oros cbd gummies website bow your head and think deeply.What to do next Persevere Or give up In fact, the three way intersection defense line can t last long, and there is a canyou buy cbd gummies online possibility of being surrounded on all sides at any time.However, at the three way intersection, the British army still has 53 tanks.These tanks can be used as heavy armor weapons at any time.It can effectively prevent the attack of the US military and hold the three way intersection for a certain period of time.

Because they were high explosive shells, their huge power immediately exploded the exposed artillery.The remaining artillery blasted off Desk, how is your place Steinman, who came back to his senses, began to ask about the situation on Samant Street.There are too many enemies It s not suitable for defense Boom Boom Two shells hit a bunker, blowing up rubble.Hold on Steinman knew that in this kind of chaotic street fighting, it would be extremely difficult to support well being laboratories cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients and cooperate with each other even if they were separated by a street, and most of the time they could only fight on their own.Rabbi Take a few people to control the anti aircraft gun, Carl take a few people up to those houses Prepare to fight back Desk ordered and jumped out from behind the sandbags, jumped into a small ditch on the side of the road, picked up Several frag grenades and incendiary grenades are stockpiled here.Although Sinagel prevaricates every time with everything is under control , he knows that he can t hold on for much longer.You have failed repeatedly.Berkeley.When accusing the French police chief, Sinager s tone did not have much anger You have not been able to detect riots, nor have you been able to arrest those I want you to arrest.Those officers.You have disappointed me canyou buy cbd gummies online best cbd gummies for child anxiety greatly.Yes, Your Excellency, I am also very saddened by my canyou buy cbd gummies online mistake, so I am willing to resign to express my apology.Berkeley said smoothly.No, resignation is just something that all cowards will do Sinager rejected Berkeley s resignation request Now what I ask you to do is how to make up for your mistakes, you have to think about it Do you, Berkeley Berkeley shook his head.Sinager sighed The situation is getting out of control, I can t foresee what will happen in the future.For three days and three nights, he has been interrogating Yess day and night, which is a cruel way of interrogation.It s fine to stay up all night, but as the interrogation time prolongs, the whole person s mind will have hallucinations, and then enter a state of verge of collapse.At that time, there will be very few people who can still insist on not speaking.Yess finally confessed all his crimes according to the other party s wishes.To be honest, he didn t want to stay in this terrible cbd kana gummies place for even a minute, and he would rather go to prison now.Satisfied, Nash once again got the job done, and it s still so good.He can now report to President Fenton calmly.The only fly in the ointment is the sentence that Yess said when he was taken away I admit my so called crime, what about you Today s me may be tomorrow s you, no, maybe your final outcome is still It will be even more miserable.Yes, I already have it, and that is you.Captain Pattinson said respectfully From now on, I will faithfully do what you tell me, no matter how difficult it is.Wang Weiyi knew from From now on, I have another person who is absolutely obedient to me One thousand ninety seven.independent prosecutor In September 1966, too many incredible things happened in Europe and the United States.Those powerful figures in the British political arena have fallen one after another, and the entire Fenton government has already experienced a serious crisis, and the hijacking of the Yinhe only exacerbated this crisis.The situation in the United States is also not optimistic.The financial crisis spreading throughout the United States has intensified.The extremely acute racial issue was completely ignited.The Cassili College incident not only failed to achieve the expected results under the violent attack of the Auckland police, but instead caused the Auckland government to receive the most severe criticism from the public.Pross, I m Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, you can follow me now.The American lieutenant colonel said coldly.The first thought that came to Prouss mind was that he would be executed today.In fact, this is nothing, since the first minute he was arrested, he had already made such preparations.No, or rather he had been prepared to do so from the first minute of his espionage career.He is not afraid, this is the final destination of a spy.He has been lurking in the UK for too long and too long, and has sent canyou buy cbd gummies online too much intelligence to Germany, and everything is worth it to him.And what makes him even more proud.In front of Nash, who was always good at getting prisoners to speak, he did not reveal the core secrets.I hope you can give me a clean dress.Pross made such a request.Since you are going to die.Always die cleanly.Just when General Vincent was worried about this, the person he had been looking forward to suddenly appeared in his headquarters Ernst Alexson von Bram General Vincent did not say any pleasantries.Quickly brought the baron into his office, he closed the door, and said impatiently Your Excellency, the Americans and the Fenton government no longer trust me.I am going to revolt immediately in Milton Keynes.No , General, now is not the time.Regarding the current situation.Wang Weiyi didn t seem to take it too seriously The more the enemy is like this, the more it means that they feel the crisis is coming.If they can directly arrest you.Although it will cause turmoil in the army, there is still a way to make up for it.But They re scared now, they can t afford any more loss, that s why they transferred you to Milton Keynes.Many of them are still young.There are still a lot of days to live, why should you bury your life when you are already doomed to fail At 9 00, the Axis General Command issued an ultimatum to all Allied forces that continued to resist.Allied forces must surrender unconditionally by 12 00 on October 20, 1966.They will ensure the safety of those who how do you obtain cbd gummies surrender and pledge that international conventions will be respected.If the fighting in London was not over best cbd gummies for anxiety well being laboratories cbd gummies by the time well being laboratories cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients of the event, the Axis forces would have to use all means necessary to annihilate any enemy who continued to resist.At 9 10, all senior officers, including the commander in chief of the Axis Army, Erwin Rommel, gathered neatly in their temporary headquarters.When that familiar figure appeared, every officer raised his hand.There was a loud cry Long live Ernst Ernst Alexson von Brahm Now there is no need to worry about anything.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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