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Neither of them is a fuel efficient lamp.If you push them into a hurry, they can do anything.Please forgive me.Forgive others, letting them go is also for your own sake.Secretary Zhang, Director Xie, you two think that if I forgive them, they will stop making trouble This question stopped the two village officials This is not an ordinary family dispute.It involves millions of property inheritance rights.How can the .

do cbd gummies exist?

sisters Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang let it go.This has nothing to do with the police, Han Chaoyang put down his pen and remained silent.Zhang Zhishu lit a cigarette, stared at Zhang Beibei and asked, Xiao Zhang, your uncle made a will and left the house to you before he died, but this house is the joint property of your uncle and your aunt.Your eldest aunt s absence doesn t mean she doesn t have her share, so on the issue of the ownership of the house, I suggest you think about it and give them some to save them from messing around.Almost all those who can apply for the job have a dream of being a policeman, thinking that they may be as imposing as the special agents of smilz cbd gummies super cbd gummies website the special cbd gummies to quit drinking sex blog cbd gummies police detachment, and all of them are overjoyed.Han Chaoyang paused, and continued The reason why we want to register a security service company is mainly due to the consideration of employment policies and labor regulations.At the same time, we do undertake the task of maintaining the security of several residential areas.Who is on duty in the community, who will assist our police office with street patrols, and a duty list will be made when the personnel are confirmed Voluntary security patrols, cbd gummies to quit drinking since having a duty means that there is no money.Wu Junfeng reacted and asked boldly Officer Han, you mean that the security company pays us wages, but we mainly assist you in maintaining public security in the community A young man couldn t help asking.There are so many outsiders in Chaoyang Village, the background is unclear, and the situation is unclear.It should have been investigated green ape cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit drinking long ago.It can be said that the investigation is a good thing, but the timing is not right.No one, really no People, I can pure life cbd gummies t even spare the auxiliary police.Afraid that he wouldn t believe it, Guan Xiyuan confirmed with a helpless expression.If there is no one, then there is no one.Han Chaoyang can understand the shortage of manpower in the institute.He thought about it and said with a smile Master, I can figure out a solution by myself.Without equipment, I really can cbd gummies to quit drinking sex blog cbd gummies t do anything.Can you help me manage the prevention and control The team borrowed their patrol and interrogation terminals for one night.The Chaoyang Community Police Office has no intranet, and you can check the ID card information cbd gummies to quit drinking on the police channel, but the efficiency is too slow.He himself admitted that he didn t kill one person, but two people He has been brought under control.Now, I asked Xiao Han and a few team members to lock him in the car.Murderer Secretary Yang was completely sleepy, and got up subconsciously.Two were arrested in a row, more than two.Just now, another person with a drug record was found.Xiao Han said that when the people from the police station came, he would take her for a urine test and blood test to see if she had taken drugs recently.The scrap collector on the east side of the market may be suspected of selling stolen goods, and five electric vehicles were seized in the small courtyard he rented, but he super cbd gummies website liberty cbd gummies near me hesitated to explain the source.I knew that Chaoyang Village had a problem with mixed fish and dragons, but I didn t expect the problem to be so serious.This is because the problem was not found at home, and those who found the problem last night must be severely investigated and dealt with.For the family that rented the house to cbd gummies to quit drinking the murderer, the law enforcement officers of the Housing Management Bureau issued a fine of 10,000 yuan without hesitation.Those who rent out houses to robbers, thieves, and drug addicts, and those who rent out the yards of old houses to waste collectors, will all be fined 8,000 yuan.This is just a fine, in addition can cbd gummies help with constipation cbd gummies to quit drinking to recovering previously evaded taxes and late fees.The compensation for land acquisition was not received, but a fine of several thousand yuan was received first.The villagers were in a hurry and complained for a while.The streets have been prepared for a long time, and Director Cai solemnly warned them that whoever dares to obstruct official duties will be held accountable.For example, the community police are also fire police, anti drug police, and national security police, and they also do various jobs.If the relevant brigades come to handle the case, you have to provide all kinds of cooperation, help with the transcripts, and help with the investigation of suspects.Those people also say that this is Help you handle the case.Not only do you have to do your job well, but you also have to do a good job in part time jobs, and you have to deal with various assessments, and you will be assessed by all business outlets.Speaking of which, the various brigades of the sub bureau and the police station are cbd gummies to quit drinking at the same level, but they can evaluate you.The Criminal Police Brigade evaluates your detection rate of criminal cases, the Public Security Brigade evaluates your handling of crimes, and even the management of violators in the Traffic Police Brigade is assigned to you, and then you are evaluated.Old Huo, we are almost there.Where is the trash collector After entering Sanmin Lane, do you come from the south or the north South, we are on the east side of the road.It s just right on the east side of the road.I am not familiar with the health pharmacy, the pharmacy is at the entrance of Sanmin Alley, turn right at the pharmacy, Han Da, there must be something wrong with that kid, the electric car must have been stolen, otherwise it would be impossible to take the side road instead of the big road.Okay, hard work , hold on, we ll be there soon.Han Chaoyang was not familiar with this area, but Cao Mingzhi was very familiar with it, so HCMUSSH cbd gummies to quit drinking he immediately turned on the turn signal, released the accelerator to slow down the speed of the car.Turn into Sanmin Lane, drive eastward for about six or seven minutes, and saw a middle aged man in a gray security uniform straddling the electric car, raising cbd gummies to quit drinking his arms and pointing forward.Twenty four years old, tall and big, wandering around the village all day, lost twice in three days, she did not know how many times she reported to the police.What makes people laugh and cry is that every time that kid gets lost, he is always met by acquaintances by accident or found in a daze.Officer Gu, don t worry, my Xiaowei is just not very intelligent, unlike those lunatics, he won t cause trouble.I know about these situations.I have no other purpose in coming here today.I just worry that he will get lost again.When the time comes, you are anxious, Yan.Yang is so big and we don t know where to find it for you.I usually pay more attention to it, and ask the neighbors to help keep an eye on him, and don t let him go far.Isn t that better Yes, yes, you are right It s not enough to just care about it.If I want to express my opinion, I think there are many cases in this case.Doubtful points must be clarified.First, we ran for a day, interviewed more than 40 relatives of Qiao and Zhang s family, visited five decoration companies where Qiao Xianhong worked, and more than 20 plumbers, carpenters, Bricklayers, painters, and even visited some of the decoration material suppliers he frequented.As a result, everyone knew that he was compensated for the decoration and owed a big debt, but he didn t know how to pay for it.What kind of decoration project did he pay Whose money is owed and how much is owed.Some of the things about losing the money owed were said by Qiao Xianhong himself before his mysterious disappearance, some by Zhang Qiuyan, and some were spread like this.If there is a creditor, Vice Captain He thinks this is a major doubt, and asks in a low voice Has he ever borrowed money from relatives and friends No, that s why Qiao cbd gummies to quit drinking Xianhong is very suspicious.If something happens to his old man, not only will your life be difficult, but Director Su s life will also be difficult, and he has specifically explained to us, so seeing that he is going out to patrol at night, I asked Yongming to go with him.Thank you.You re welcome, he is indeed worthy of our respect.That is, otherwise he can wear a white shirt and be rated as a second level hero model Han Chaoyang smiled complacently, and asked again I Brother.The police are out.There is a dirty and smelly river in the Xinmin community.It is being dredged.First, the water in the river will be pumped out, and then the mud from the bottom of the cbd gummies to quit drinking river will be pumped out.The embankment must be solidified like Chaoyang River, and then the river will be dredged.The green belt of the river.This is a good thing, but the construction unit actually worked at night for the sake of the progress of the project.Just think about how many people there are in the University of green ape cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit drinking Science and Technology.There are not many medical staff in the No.6 Hospital of the city, but there are many patients, and there is an endless stream like a revolving door.I admit that the security situation on the opposite side is complicated, but it is under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan cbd gummies to quit drinking Street Police Station, which belongs to Xinyuan Street.Our security guards What does the company send people there for The person in front of him is not only the deputy captain of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, but also the deputy manager of the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.As the deputy manager, he has to plan carefully.How could Han Chaoyang fail to understand what he meant, and couldn t help laughing You don t have to send, you can let Haiyang come back , only Sheriff Gu and his old man can t have any accidents.Officer Han, believe me now.I ll go, and I ll become the Most Handsome Police Officer in Yanyang I need to find out if there is a photo with you, and if so, quickly post it on your Moments to get the popularity of The Most Handsome Police Officer., maybe I can follow you to the fire.Yanyang is the most handsome policeman, that s what it said in the post.Han Chaoyang was really a little bit flustered, he grinned and said, Actually, I m actually very handsome, but you just don t like it.See you.But I still want to congratulate you on becoming handsome, cbd gummies more focus but you also have to thank me.I helped you forward it to cbd gummies: calm Moments, and helped you forward several groups, even the work group.Maybe Secretary Yang and Director Gu saw it Don t, don t It has been reposted, the circle of friends can be deleted, and the reposted to the group cannot be withdrawn.Yesterday afternoon, many colleagues and comrades in arms stood firm in the rain, some directing traffic, some investigating Hidden dangers, everyone is drenched.My master is 60 years old this year, and he is also on duty in the rain at the gate of the Sixth City Hospital.I am just performing my duties and doing what I should do.Actually, not only our police officers, street officials, sanitation workers, and cleaners were all on the road.I was not the only one who drained water on Zhongshan Road at that time.More than 50 members of our voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community were all fighting against waterlogging.We Comrade Su Xian, the instructor of the security patrol team and the secretary of the party branch of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee, worked until 11 o clock in the middle of the night, and the comrades of our Huayuan Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade worked until 12 o clock Chapter 117 Idiots and idiots Last night, she worked the night shift at work, and today is the weekend again.Seeing that there was no one in the living room, nor in the bedrooms on either side, he went straight upstairs.On the stairs, he could hear a burst of noise from upstairs.commotion.Officer Han, what are you doing We don t have much fun, we just charlettes web cbd gummies pass the time Wei Haicheng appeared in front of the door, blocked the corridor and explained with a flattering smile, apparently to cover for the people inside.Get out of the way Grabbing a bet is a very serious matter, not a dinner treat.Han Chaoyang pushed him in, and saw that Li cbd gummies to quit drinking Tianzheng and other two villagers were scurrying to hide things in the closet.They might have been caught off guard.There was still money on the automatic mahjong table, all of which were hundred yuan bills.three thousand.Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One Subtle Changes Brother, Brother Han, I m going to use this money for errands, not for gambling Who is your brother Besides, I m not as old as you.It doesn t seem to be there.It s a bit like this, and it s also like this He really doesn t know cars.It looks a bit like this, and cbd gummies to quit drinking sex blog cbd gummies it looks like that too.As long as it s a white SUV, Liang Dongsheng is completely convinced, and asked for a while In other cases, he was not allowed to sign the record until it was confirmed that there was nothing to ask.Walking out of the hotel, Wu Wei supported the car door and said, Master, I don t think this man surnamed Yao is likely to be the murderer.After moving out, the bungalow was rented out again.If he didn t pay attention cbd gummies to quit drinking to keeping the money in the room when he moved out, he should have gone to Qiao Xianhong and his wife.It is impossible for Qiao Xianhong to go out to hide his debts more than two months after he moved out. Check.Don t investigate anymore Let s report first, no matter what, at least we can confirm that the kid is suspected of fraudulent loans, even if we don t investigate, someone will investigate.The lights on the roof were still on, still blinking.After a few words of persuasion, no one dared to watch the excitement anymore, and the silence outside the Internet cafe was restored.Through the half open car door, the conversation in the car could be faintly heard.Zhu Linong, you should think about why we came to you in the middle of the night and why we asked you about your relationship with the owner of this QQ account.You work in an Internet cafe and surf the Internet every day.You should know a little about the law and our policies.I hope you can Face it correctly, don t take chances.Uncle policeman, I have nothing to do with him, I just know him.After getting his cell phone and finding out the cell phone number surnamed Yao, his expression immediately changed and he seemed very nervous.Reporting to Mr.Xi, I m already in place, and I ve made all the preparations.We ll wait for the suspect to throw himself into the net.I haven t logged in again, it s up to you now. Don t worry, Xi Da, he should come, as green ape cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit drinking long as he dares to come, he will definitely not escape. Okay, I ll wait for your news.Although it has been verified that the person surnamed Yao is suspected of impersonating Using someone else s identity to defraud the loan, and the amount of the defrauded loan should not be small, but the possibility of killing Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son is still unlikely.First, the stolen money obtained by his fraud is unlikely to fall into the hands of Qiao Xianhong and his wife.In the public security and civilian surveillance video, it was not found that he appeared around the murder scene on the night of the crime.He Yichang was the chief commander of the operation, and it was not easy to give orders outside.He was still sitting in the guard room, holding on to the walkie talkie and screening every young man who came to pick up the courier through the window glass.Master, my name is Zhang Qian.Where is my courier On the ground, please find it yourself.The courier was overwhelmed, and asked the young man who had just found the courier to sign while calling another consignee.Han Chaoyang walked to the booth of Xingtong Express, squatted on the ground and pretended to search for the express, but his attention was focused on a few people who came to pick up the express.The chubby one is not, and the pimple faced one is probably not.Just wondering if the two girls who just arrived helped the suspect to pick up the courier, they were engrossed in eavesdropping on their conversation with the courier, when the phone suddenly rang The walkie talkie was not brought out, so I can only contact with the mobile phone at this moment.Yes, on the ground, find it yourself.The courier looked through the records and was busy receiving the package again.Yao Guangming, that s him, unmistakable The only thing wrong is that there is Yao Guangming, but he is not the person the special case team is really looking to arrest.The person surnamed Yao is most likely not Yao.Even the identity of renting a house in Yangguan Village last year and receiving express mail now is fraudulent.There is no action at the northern intersection, so you can t startle the snake here.Han Chaoyang suppressed his excitement, took out his mobile phone and called Team He Sister He, that s not right, look at the logistics information again, is it Xingtong Brother , this is the secret code agreed in advance.He Yichang, who had just walked to the north intersection, finally breathed a sigh of relief.After a while, the medical staff came out pushing the car.Several people worked together to lift the patient into the car and push it directly into the emergency center.big ward.A nurse ran over and asked, Officer Han, where are his family members What is his surname, so he cbd gummies to quit drinking didn t call him by any other name, and explained directly He fainted on Hebin Road, and the people called 110 to call the police.Let s talk about it after he wakes up. Officer Han, we also want to save people first, who will handle the key procedures and pay the money Must I pay first This is a rule What if you don t come back.The economy is tense, Han Chaoyang didn t want to throw stones at his feet, he opened the door suddenly and walked into the emergency area full of beds, and the medical staff were overwhelmed by the emergency.Han Da Han Da, we are here, we saw them.Li Xiaobin s group also arrived at the designated location, Han Chaoyang hung up Xiaokang s cell phone, raised the walkie talkie and asked, Xiaobin Xiaobin, how far are you from them About 15 meters away, the official car we drive can be closer.Juncai and the others are behind, on the left side of the road.How many people are in your car There are five of me.Juncai Juncai, I am Han Chaoyang , there is a small alley diagonally across from the parking lot, take the time to check the electronic map to see if you can go around the alley to prevent them from absconding from the alley later.I received it, check it immediately, and go as soon as you find it.The leader said not to act rashly, and Han Chaoyang was not 100 sure that none of them would escape, so all he could do was wait and make some necessary arrangements., but the scene was a mess, the branch police and the street cadres who had just arrived laughed together.Xiao Han, you have already started, good, good, comrades, and the old factory manager.Xiao Han, this place is well chosen, where are we Secretary Yang, Director Gu, the street choir is in C District, pass this way, this way please.Okay, let s go to gather first.Xiao Huang, don t hide behind, don t be shy, today you are the protagonist just like Xiao Han.The matter of falling in love with the unlucky guy can t be kept secret.Everyone in are serenity cbd gummies legit the sub district office knows it.Huang Ying s cbd gummies to quit drinking cheeks were hot from being teased.She took a peek at the unlucky guy and said bitterly, Secretary Yang, what kind of protagonist am I , I can t sing, I m tone deaf.Secretary Yang laughed and said, You re the most beautiful lesbian on our street, and you ll definitely stand in the first row.Chapter 196 Abandoned Baby 2 Jia Xi, where s the child Where s Director Su The child is being examined inside.Director Pang invited the on duty doctors from the Department of Pediatrics and Hematology to come over for the examination.Director Su is in the front office.The head of the rescue station, Chang, has just arrived and is also in the office.The situation tonight is the same as sending Luo Chunjun a few days ago The treatment is different.The hospital can start the emergency procedures according to the regulations.Miss Lu didn t mention the medical expenses.Moreover, the abandoned baby fully meets the conditions for rescue, and the deputy head of the rescue station, Chang, also arrived immediately.Han Zhaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, followed her to the doctor s office, and asked, When will the diagnosis result come out You ask me, who should I ask I m a nurse, not a doctor.No progress is normal.Yingying, I m not afraid that the work will be difficult, the main reason is that the residents in the community are really annoying Miao Haizhu has nothing to hide, and said angrily I beat more than a hundred people One phone call, five of the ten owners I contacted found me annoying, and the remaining half had three opinions, some supported, some opposed, smilz cbd gummies super cbd gummies website and some followed the trend.Everyone agreed with him and he agreed.It was like It just cbd gummies wholesale s about me, Miao Haizhu.Now you know that community work is difficult Cities are not rural areas, and the city is a society of strangers.Many residents who live in the same community are old and dead.Do you think this is your hometown, what s the matter, the village group leader called the big guys together and briefly said, there may be villagers who have different opinions, but as long as someone takes the lead in responding, it can basically can cbd gummies help with constipation cbd gummies to quit drinking be passed.Can t hold back.Han Chaoyang held the drink and pretended to be thoughtful.Xu Hongliang propped his elbows on the dining table, covering half of his face, for fear that she would see him if he couldn t help laughing.Xie Lingling didn t know why, so she asked curiously Sister Miao, some people support this.This is progress.The establishment of the owners meeting is not a matter of a day or two.The community where Brother Wei lives seems to have moved in for purekana cbd gummies for copd two or three years before the owner s meeting was established.It took three or four months. I know it s not a matter of a day or two, the key point is that the few owners only verbally support it Miao Haizhu put down his chopsticks and explained The establishment of the owners meeting in the community must meet two conditions, the occupancy rate must be If it reaches more than 50 , the sold area of the entire property must also reach 50 , which is what is often called more than half.Brother Jiang, where is your home My family is in Caodian, but I m planning to buy a house in the county.Is Caodian far away More than a hundred kilometers, farther than the old Chang s house.Then you two usually go back I average half I go back once a month and stay at home for a day or two.Jiang Li rarely goes back, on average, once a month.Old Chang smiled and added Not only us, but also the cadres in the village, after all, it s too far away.No, it s not convenient to have a car.This is not for work, it s almost like a distribution Before coming here, Han Chaoyang sometimes felt very bitter and tired, but compared with these colleagues in front of him, he suddenly felt very happy.Not knowing what to say, He Suo and instructor Hang came back after ordering dishes and took a bottle of local wine from the bar.But no matter how delicious it is, it is noodles after all.Thinking of eating noodles every morning, noon and night for the next fourteen days, Han Chaoyang couldn t help but miss the delicious rice.Xiao Han, are you full Yes, thank you.Lao Chang sent the cleaned dishes to the kitchen, returned to the door of the duty room, took out his mobile phone to check the time, and then looked up at the director upstairs.In the office, he murmured, Why hasn t there been any movement until now This sentence was spoken in local dialect.As always, Han Chaoyang didn t understand, and as always, he nodded as if he understood.Jiang Li and Zhang Tianxiang walked up to the two of them, took out their cigarettes and chatted in a low voice while smoking.Before finishing a cigarette, a car with a local license plate appeared in front of them and slowly drove into the yard with the turn signal on.It s impossible for the superiors not to consider the logistical support for such a big operation., should arrange for someone to bring us water and food.Drinking water and eating is a trivial matter, but catching fugitives is a major matter.It s almost dawn, I hope he doesn t run far, I hope he hides in the encirclement.No matter how fast he responds Not as fast as us, even if it is not in the small encirclement, it is still in the big encirclement.Jiang Li screwed on the lid of the kettle, looked around vigilantly, and confirmed that there was no one on the way up.Going to pee on the edge of the cliff, the police call rang again.This time the call was very long, lasting five or six minutes.With the help of the gradually brightening sky, he super cbd gummies website liberty cbd gummies near me could vaguely see that his face had changed, and his expression was more dignified than when he first went up the mountain.Let s go, you should also pay attention to safety.Please rest assured, Mr.Wang, and promise to complete the task resolutely.Regardless of whether the police or armed police, they have learned first aid during training and training.The priority is to quickly transfer the fugitives to the entrance of Tanjiagou Village.Now that he can t care about the protection of forestry resources, Jiang Li took over the machete from Uncle Yan, and cut branches with local materials and torn cloth strips.Fix the fugitive s legs and feet broken by Han Chaoyang, and cut thicker branches to make a stretcher.Uncle Yan and the little guy are always around the can cbd gummies help with constipation cbd gummies to quit drinking big wild boar.As expected, when the stretcher was ready to carry the fugitive back, the old man held Jiang Li and muttered for a long time, so Jiang Li had to call his superiors for instructions.Very professional and calm.Team Liang said abruptly, then straightened up and asked, Chaoyang, have you gone to the neighborhood to ask if anyone has seen the guys with tire punctures I just asked the driver And the construction site security, did not go around to ask other people.Team Liang thought to himself that this guy in front of him is still a rookie no matter how much he has done, so he couldn t help laughing Hurry up and arrange a few team members to ask, there must be witnesses, someone must have seen this group of guys who punctured tires.These guys, Team Liang, are you saying that the crime was not committed by one person, but by a gang.After all, he is a music student and doesn t know common sense Team Liang went to the police car, held the car door and explained You probably haven t seen a large car with a blown tire, and you don t know the consequences of puncturing this kind of tire.He Pingyuan added new debts before repaying his old debts.Besides, his lover had to go to work and his children had to go to school, so he didn t want to bother her third party tested cbd gummies and Han Chaoyang, say a lot of polite words, and politely decline her kindness.Han HCMUSSH cbd gummies to quit drinking Chaoyang, who had already arrived at the South Gate of PolyU in his patrol car, didn t know this, and couldn t care less about thinking about it.Greeting new students is a big event.Several school leaders have just checked the preparations and just boarded the bus to go to the new campus where new cbd gummies to quit drinking students will also be welcomed.The entrance is mainly the leaders of several colleges in the main campus, the staff of the logistics department and the security department, the counselors of each class and the members of the student union.There are many sophomores and juniors who registered in advance to participate in the orientation, green ape cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit drinking and they are busy taking the students and their parents who also came earlier to go through the formalities.Something is wrong The words were clear and there were almost no loopholes, but it was also impossible to pureganic cbd gummies verify, and it was obvious that some preparations had been made.Han Chaoyang secretly cursed that he really knows how to make up, and couldn t help but want to ask what happened to the Apple mobile phone, Zhu Youwei suddenly grinned and said Although I was fooled by them, I didn t suffer.My ID card and mobile phone They made excuses and took it away.When I ran over the wall, I took a mobile phone while they were not paying attention.Officer Han, I never thought of stealing.I wanted to find a mobile phone to call the police, but I ran out to see , the mobile phone has no SIM card.Officer Han, my Youwei s mobile phone was also taken away by those gangsters who killed thousands of dollars, and they almost suffered a big loss His heart was finally relieved, and of course he wanted to speak for his son.Grandpa Gu and Old Tang invited Lao Zhu and his wife to Vice Minister Jiang s cbd gummies to quit drinking office, and reported their son s alleged theft in front of Vice Minister Jiang.thing.Lao Zhu was also deeply regretful, not only regretted not educating that stinky boy well, but also regretted the decision to go to the police station to report the case in a hurry last night.Old Zhu s lover cried so hard that he knelt down in front of the crowd with a plop, begging to give her son a chance to be a new man.Don t do this, please don t do this.We are also parents.Is it easy to raise a child I understand your feelings.Officer Gu, Officer Tang, my family is young and young.He is still a child.He is ignorant and confused for a while.I beg you two to give him a chance.I will pay for how much money he took from others How much money, I admit it Even if you sell everything, you have to pay the money and pay the fine, I just ask you to forgive me Are you willing to help him get back the stolen money Yes, Officer Gu, please Old Zhu, the case is under the jurisdiction of the No.First, there are many cases of mentally ill people causing accidents.One person cbd gummies to quit drinking was killed inexplicably., instead of leaving after filming, but forgetting after filming.There is no motive, no witnesses, and no clues left at the scene.How to investigate such a case without thinking. So when a homicide occurs, it must be investigated first.Check these Wu lunatics Not only Wu lunatics, but also the key population.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, thinking to himself that he had learned another trick.Wu Wei took a sip of water, and continued We are now making bold assumptions and verifying them carefully.We don t need to worry puravida cbd gummies maryland about key populations, ex convicts, and mentally cbd gummies to quit drinking ill patients.Chang Mazi has no time to transfer corpses to frame him, let alone killing Cao Shengkai.Who would do such a thing If the corpse appeared in the sand pile was really a prank, then there is only one possibility, Chang Mazi s men did it There is such a possibility.Inquire, ask him to find out the situation, and it s not a summons, how can he still complain to me Okay, since you want to ask, you can ask.Han Chaoyang knew that he would not give up until the truth came out, so he was about to get out of the car to wash his hands, call Huang Ying and his uncle who was being treated in the Third Provincial Hospital, and a very familiar BMW sedan slowly drove into the sand Stoneworks Yard.Wife, Lingling, why are you here Looking at the two ladies who opened the door and got out of the car, Han Chaoyang showed a knowing smile.Come and see you, have you eaten Huang Ying raised her hand to greet Wu Wei who was standing by the police car, and turned her eyes curiously to the work area tightly surrounded by plastic sheets.Just finished eating, how about you.We came here after eating, Xie Lingling smiled sweetly, leaning on the car door and explained, Minister Jiang must have asked us to come to you.Fourth, fifth, don t you have a lot of happy candy , go to distribute wedding candies to the fellow villagers. Okay.Xu Hongliang took a look with his head, closed the window and continued to sit in the car like a black boss.Two team members with the same burly figure and equally scary appearance pushed the door to get out of the car, opened the suitcase and took out a large plastic bag of wedding candy, ran to the villagers and shouted This bag is all for you, share it yourself, there are no cigarettes., I want to smoke myself to buy it.How can this happen, brother, marriage is a happy event, and giving out sugar and cbd gummies to quit drinking cigarettes is our rule here.Yeah, who doesn t give out sugar and smoke when they get married Brother, you didn t It s okay to bring cigarettes, give me some money, we ll buy them ourselves, I ll buy them for you, and I ll distribute them for you.I said it s plus cbd gummies where to buy a big deal, isn t it just a person.Xu Hongliang got into the cab of the police car, He took out his mobile phone and dialed the 110 duty room of the PolyU Security Office.After chatting with Zhang Jinhai, the director of the school security team, Zhang Jinhai agreed to arrange two security guards to come over.Wu Wei was stunned, and asked in disbelief Hongliang, you are from the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, or from the PolyU Volunteer Security Patrol Team.Why do you know the PolyU Security Office so well Xu Hongliang put down his phone and clicked He started the cbd gummies to quit drinking engine, supported the steering wheel to reverse the car, and smiled proudly Didn t you ask them for help some time ago, did you go to the stadium to perform security tasks together Chaoyang was communicating in the Northwest at that time.The female assistant took out a schedule from her bag, thought about it and emphasized We I don t know anything, Ms.Jiang s schedule is very tight, I really took the time to come here, if there is any problem with that car, you two should ask Mr.Wang of Tianxing Real Estate. We will ask.Team Ji thinks they are not It was too much like lying, and then asked Second question, there are several routes to choose from from the airport to the hotel.Why do you take the most congested downtown area, why don t cbd gummies to quit drinking you take the elevated road or the second ring broad spectrum cbd gummies review road This is my first time to Yanyang, when I got in the car, I joked that I wanted to see what Yanyang looks like. Visit Yes. Last question, did you know you HCMUSSH cbd gummies to quit drinking would take this Mercedes Benz car before you came I where to buy diamond cbd gummies don t know, this The two policemen are so annoying, Jiang Siying simply put down her hands and said with a bit of displeasure Officer Ji, I have a car, and I have several, any one is better than the caravan you asked about, but it s too far away.Yu Zhenchuan and Miao Haizhu knocked on the door of the meeting room with a stack of transcripts, and reported in front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Junfeng and others Bao Suo, Zou Yanqing and Li Ziqiang have confessed.Not only did they steal the 16 electric cars stolen from Xinmin Community Yes, crimes have been committed in Xinyuan Road Times Internet Caf , No.22 Middle School, Xinmin Vegetable Market and other places.Because they stole too many cars, I can t even remember how many cars were stolen in total.I know that once such a case is solved, it will be a hit.Chuaner, Bao Suo subconsciously asked About how many cars From what the two of them explained, they stole the first electric car in the community since August last year without being found.Bao cbd gummies to quit drinking Suo, don t praise me.This is what I should do.Secretary Ding of the District Committee subconsciously asked Comrade Xiao Huang has a good image Xiao Dan had chased after him before, but he was so enthusiastic about shaving his head that he didn t pursue him.Didn t there be a group blind date event in the area a while ago, and Xiao Han and Xiao Huang started it at the blind date event.Old boy, so you really are Their old age.Secretary Ding smiled, and then changed the topic There are quite a few lesbians in the district, not many with better images, and even fewer young ones.The administrative service center is the window of our district.The front desk The image of the personnel is very important.I went around in the morning and found that the lesbians at the front desk are not only average in appearance, but also not very good in service attitude.Han Zhaoyang was stunned for a moment, and asked in a low voice Team Liang, are you saying that he just went for fun, but he lost control of himself and got stuck in it It s possible, anyway, if someone really set him up, then the person who set him up must be They won t let him come back, but restrict his personal freedom, call his relatives to raise money, and don t let him go if he doesn t give money. But he did borrow usury, don t those loan sharks worry about him coming back Can t you get any money later So I think this is very strange.Is there any movement from his eldest sister, and have those debt collectors gone There is no news for the time being.Don t worry, Team Liang.It s agreed, he will keep an eye on it for us, and as soon as those debt collectors go again, he will call me as soon as possible.Books from a thrift stall.On the east wall, there are many display racks, displaying all kinds of old things cbd gummies to quit drinking with a sense of the times, such as tape recorders that have been eliminated many years ago, seagull cameras that may be older than Han Chaoyang, and even a portrait of Grandpa Mao.On the second floor are four large guest rooms, to be exact, dormitories, one with four bunk beds and eight beds, a total of thirty two beds, a public toilet and a water room like the one in a university dormitory building.Behind it was the hall, which is the place where Chaoyang villagers organize funerals for their deceased relatives, which is equivalent to the farewell cbd gummies reviews 2020 hall of the funeral parlor.It s just that yummi cbd gummies the villagers in Chaoyang are more traditional, they don t hold any farewell ceremony, and they invite monks and Taoist priests to come to do the water and land ashram.And it s already November, and the conclusion of this case will definitely not be until 2016, so it can be counted as a task for 2016.If it is really as good as what the eldest sister said, there is no need to worry about whether the strike mission in the first half of next year can be completed.Sister Miao, you said that you can t find anyone more professional than you in the whole bureau, so come here quickly, and I ll send you a position.Okay, can cbd gummies help with constipation cbd gummies to quit drinking I ll be there right away One case, Miao Haizhu was ecstatic.Handling a case is far more troublesome than collecting a clue or even catching a fugitive.Not only must we race against time to ensure that the corresponding tasks are completed at each stage, we must not exceed the deadline.Moreover, the corresponding legal documents must also be able to withstand scrutiny, otherwise the colleagues who were smilz cbd gummies super cbd gummies website reviewed would not hesitate to call back and repeat it, or even make a big joke.Kang Haigen heard it clearly, and before Han Chaoyang could speak, he raised his head and said, It s not a trivial matter for someone with a criminal record to be released from prison after serving his sentence in the jurisdiction.I m here, so go back quickly.Let s take a look.Then I ll take a step first.Han Chaoyang turned around and put the walkie talkie into Kang Haigen s hand Kang Suo, this is the walkie talkie of the community property.I m keeping an eye out for us.Okay, leave it to me, I ll call you if there s any situation.Unknowingly, it was cbd gummies to quit drinking dark outside, and the afternoon passed like this.After getting into green ape cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit drinking the police car and driving for two or three kilometers, Han Chaoyang suddenly felt hungry.Then he remembered that he hadn t eaten lunch until now.He saw a shop selling egg filled pancakes on the side of the road, so cbd gummies to quit drinking sex blog cbd gummies he stopped and bought one, and drove infinite cbd gummies review to the office while eating.There is nothing wrong with him.The younger brother suffered a great loss.As an elder sister, she was already very depressed, and she was stopped and refused to leave just green ape cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit drinking now, so she naturally wouldn t give Han Chaoyang a good face.After working for a long time, he ate an egg filled biscuit.Han Chaoyang s mood was not much better, and his expression turned serious What do you mean by speaking better than singing What kind of place do you think this is Besides, my colleague didn t Tell you to wait here Officer Han, I m sorry, she has such a bad temper.Her husband didn t want to make trouble, so he got up and pulled her aside.I want to talk to Mo Yunhu, please go out for a while.Okay, please talk slowly.Yunhu, we are at the door Mo Yunhu never spoke until Han Zhaoyang motioned him to sit down , showed his identity, and asked him if he had a certificate of release from prison, and then he raised his head and said, Yes, I have brought it.Chaoyang, what do you think Grandpa Gu asked curiously.Master, I think that if you want to improve the security of the station, it is not enough to rely on defense alone.The station is so large and there can cbd gummies help with constipation cbd gummies to quit drinking are so many people.If you want to prevent it, you may not be able to prevent it.To really improve the security of the station, you must implement anti light control Multi pronged approach, especially crackdown, if you don t get rid of the habitual offenders who often commit crimes at the station, let alone kill 16 people, even if you kill 32 people, it may not be effective.If you can make up your mind to fight, I don t think it s very difficult.We can definitely draw backbones from various squadrons to form a professional anti pickup team.They don t wear uniforms, but all wear plain clothes.If you encounter someone who is in poor health and is controlled for sudden death, it is not an act of law enforcement, and you cannot hang a law enforcement recorder on your shoulder.Without video, there will be no truth.When the time comes, you will not be able to clear it up by jumping into the Yellow River Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang really regretted proposing cbd gummies to quit drinking to set up an anti pickup team, but it was too late to say anything now, so he could only bite the bullet and say, Don t worry, Liu Suo, I will also be the squadron leader of the anti pickup team, and I will definitely lead the team well.it is good.To his surprise, Liu Jianye said with a smile You have so many things to do, so you don t need to be the squadron leader.I have studied with the instructor, Gu Suo, and Kang Institute, and let Xiao Wu concurrently serve as the counter response of your community s voluntary security patrol brigade.Move the intranet there.Why didn t you say it earlier, good brothers, you are so loyal, and when you move to the opposite side, I will invite Director Wang and the others to beat gongs and drums to celebrate your relocation and reopening Four hundred and seventy ninth Zhang has no experience.Work is just a part of life.Han Chaoyang got off work on time, changed into casual clothes and went to the South Gate of Polytechnic University to wait for a while, then rode an electric car with Huang Ying, who also just got off work, to the old man s house for dinner.After Xu Hongliang became a community cadre, he was busier than Han Chaoyang.After finishing the meal delivered by Aunt Tan at the neighborhood committee, he drove to the security company s duty stations to inspect.Now the construction site is becoming more and more tall and upscale.Don t worry about other things., I will be in charge of array control from now on, and visit all stores in the jurisdiction that recycle second hand mobile phones, high end tobacco and alcohol, jewelry, and yes, there are also places that collect second hand electric vehicles and bicycles.Okay.Is Lao Lu here By your side Yes.Let Lao Lu answer the phone.Okay.As soon as Lao Lu, an auxiliary policeman who has worked in the Fourth Squadron for more than ten years, took the phone, Jiang Guangdong whispered Old Lu, you are familiar with The situation, from now on you are responsible for keeping an eye on those idlers, especially those who have been dealt with by us, and assist the old Mao to do a good job of intelligence Just as Jiang Guangdong super cbd gummies website liberty cbd gummies near me was adjusting the deployment of the Fourth Squadron of Criminal Police, he was messed up by Wu Wenge yesterday The shameless Ji Kaiyuan cbd gummies to quit drinking was wandering around the East Bus Station Square with a group of apprentices.Chen Jie put down the pen and paper, and said happily From two o clock to now, I have answered four calls, some are looking for you, and some are looking for Inspector Gu., Some people are looking for Mr.Xu, all about your promotion Who is looking for me Old Guan, I didn t get through to your mobile phone.There are also auxiliary policemen in your station, and Lao Xu.They How did you know The inspection team is investigating in your office, talking to someone to understand your situation, and I don t know if they will come to our side.Han Chaoyang was taken aback, thinking that the bureau s efficiency is high enough.Just thinking about when the procedure will be completed and whether she can become a deputy police chief cbd gummies to quit drinking before the Spring Festival, the landline in the police office rang again.The environment is average, and the grade is naturally not high, which is more cbd gummies to quit drinking suitable for working class consumption.There are usually no customers in the lobby, but tonight the business in the lobby is surprisingly good, all the tables are full, and a bunch of guys with crew cut or even bald heads, who don t look like good people at first glance, are eating and drinking some are shirtless, They punched their throats, some smoked and chatted while eating and drinking, making the good hall full of smoke Wu Wei was standing by the garbage at the stairs, smoking a cigarette and pretending to be on the phone, but his eyes were always looking at the bald men in their 30s and 40s who were sitting around the main table intentionally or unintentionally.Manager, how many more dishes are there I m HCMUSSH cbd gummies to quit drinking sorry, sir, all the dishes are already served.Han Chaoyang paused, and added It is one thing for the station to help coordinate and solve the problem.We also have to play a role.I will talk to Hongliang tomorrow and arrange for people to rotate at the station.Team members and students, as long as they see scalpers fooling passengers green ape cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit drinking in the future, they can cbd gummies help with constipation cbd gummies to quit drinking will immediately intervene.Anyway, the personnel are constantly rotating, so we are not afraid of their retaliation.Chapter 555 Big move in the community As the captain of the voluntary security patrol, Han Chaoyang has absolute command over the directly subordinate squadron of the anti picking squad.Make up your mind to clean up the chaos around the station, and immediately adjust the work focus of the anti pickup team, leaving half of the people to continue to go to the streets to fight against pickpocketing.Since cbd gummies to quit drinking there is no problem, I will report to the leader.Go, we will wait here Feng The secretary walked out of the office and was about to go to Director Wen, but Han Chaoyang who was talking about just now appeared in front of him.Chaoyang, why are you here Good job, Director Feng, Han Chaoyang pointed to the stairs, and said with a smile, I ll go to the security brigade to inquire about something.Go and do your work, remember to come here when you re done.Okay.Officer Feng laughed secretly at the fact that this kid was unlucky, watched him climb up the stairs, went straight to is eagle hemp cbd gummies legit the political commissar s office, knocked on the door and walked in.Director Wen was talking to the political commissar, so he couldn t help turning around and asking, Xiao Feng, the people from Yanyang Online haven t left yet Political commissar, director, if you two don t speak, do they dare to leave They also know they are afraid, I thought They are not afraid of anything.After finally finding a target, the police suddenly appeared to disturb them as soon as they went up to strike up a conversation.They didn t get any customers all morning, and they probably didn t have a show in the afternoon.They kids ate cbd gummies left angrily one by one.If you think about it with your toes, you know that he is definitely planning to fight a guerrilla war with the police, and he will come back after the wind has passed.Let s talk about the future, the most urgent task is to assist He Hong and other urban management in law enforcement.There are too many passengers spitting, littering cigarette butts and other rubbish, one after another is fined, and there will be disputes every time they are punished.The urban management has no deterrent effect, and it is easy to encounter violent resistance to the law.It s fine to change to an intercom system, Han Chaoyang smiled, and asked curiously, Chen Jie, Xiaokang, how did the interview go I m not very nervous, I feel that I can perform well on the spot, but I really don t know if I can pass it now.I m a little nervous, and I hesitated when answering questions.Xiaokang scratched his head with an embarrassed expression on his face.I don t think it s a big problem.Cao Zefang patted him on the arm and said with a smile, Director Wang came to inspect today, and reporters took pictures and videotaped the whole process.Maybe you two can be on TV at night and in newspapers tomorrow, and the branch office is working Promote the patrol team, these can give you impression points.I don t think it s a big problem, you two are different from me at the time, you are both police students, and you have been in the patrol team for so long, and you have even been commended by the city bureau , Hire you, train for three months, and you can do anything in the assigned unit.No, no, no, how can I be a graduate student s master as an undergraduate Han Chaoyang felt that this was absurd, and emphasized with a bitter face Not only is he more educated than me, he is also older than me, and he has been in school for seven years.The police academy, who is more professional than me, let me be a master, isn t it just making me look like a fool, just wait HCMUSSH cbd gummies to quit drinking and see me laugh Your education is not as high as his, but mine is higher than his Kang Haigen asked rhetorically, saying in a persuasive manner This is the first time I have met a highly educated policeman like Xiao Sun in the office.Liu and the instructor think that it is not suitable for anyone to take care of him, and you are the most suitable.Others cbd gummies to quit drinking are cbd gummies to quit drinking not suitable, so why am I suitable At this point, Han Chaoyang suddenly reacted Understood, master, you might as well accept another apprentice, anyway, you have nothing else to do now. It s from the Yandong Branch, here is my police ID.Han Chaoyang took out his ID, flashed it, and asked very seriously, What is it What s your surname, what s your name The legal person The Yandong branch came here to investigate, and this was troublesome, because he had never dealt with the Yandong branch before.Realizing the seriousness of the problem, the proprietress said in a begging tone The surname is Fei, Fei Xiaolu, the legal person is my husband, he has other business and doesn t come here very much.Officer Han, please believe me, I really don t know them, I don t know they cbd gummy for sale would do this kind of thing in the box.It s Chinese New Year, can you show your hand, we didn t pay attention, we are responsible, can I accept the punishment, can you help me to reduce the penalty.This is not only related to pornography, but also related to drugs It is obviously impossible to pay a fine to pass the customs.The adults are upstairs preparing the New Year s Eve dinner, and the children are upstairs.I went to play, but when I was ready for the New Year s Eve dinner, I went downstairs to call the child back to eat and found that the child was gone.Xiaokang looked up at the empty Zhongshan Road, and then said Sister Haizhu is also out of the police.There was a dispute, and I just went to the affiliated hospital of the old machinery manufacturer.Okay, leave the police case in Yangguan Village to me, and Guokang and I will go directly there.Dealing with fights is more important than watching the Spring Festival Gala, Han Chaoyang put down the police report, and He said with apologetic face, Uncle Hong, why don t you go to Yangguan with us first, if you go late, it s not good for miracle leaf cbd gummies revierw both parties involved to be beaten to death.According to the sentencing standard, the sentence super cbd gummies website liberty cbd gummies near me of level one for minor injury is one to two years.The suspect has absconded during the residential surveillance period, and the judge will affirm the conviction and sentencing.Strict and serious.Director Du said with a gloomy face, Can t you run away for two years At least two years.Director Xing nodded and continued The victim has a problem with us.He spent a lot of money on hospitalization.As a result, Dai Lishi was poor, and he has not paid a penny for medical expenses, lost wages, nursing expenses, and nutrition expenses so far.He was already angry.Seeing that Dai Lishi was released after only a few days, what Nothing happened, and people didn t understand.I went to the Second Squadron more than once to find the police handling the case, and claimed to go to the city bureau to complain.Liu Qingjun was very stubborn, claiming that this was a first time offender, that he bought the drugs from the Internet, and there was only so much.Qiao Peiming showed his police certificate from Wu Wei, and realized that his psychological defense line was defeated from the moment Yanyang was targeted.He confessed to the crime of drugs.Wu Wei and Xiaokang took him into room 605.Song Kaiqiang confirmed that Xiaosun held up his mobile phone to take pictures and turned on the law enforcement recorder, and took out his police card from his jacket pocket again Qiao Peiming, see clearly, I am Nanshan Public Security Bureau Anti narcotics team leader Song Kaiqiang is now interrogating you with Comrade Han Chaoyang, the voluntary security patrol team leader of the Yandong Sub bureau of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.Okay, let s take him away first.Yes Han Chaoyang didn t say where can i buy cbd gummies in salem oregon anything, Wu Wei could only obey Song Kaiqiang s order and took Qiao Peiming out of the room with Xiaokang.Immediately afterwards, Lao Hu and cbd gummies to quit drinking Ni Guoxiong brought Liu Qingjun in.Song Kaiqiang asked super cbd gummies website a few questions as before, and asked Liu Qingjun to confirm that he had sold these biscuits to Qiao Peiming, then asked Lao Hu and Ni Guoxiong to take Liu Qingjun out of the room and take him back for further interrogation.Let s open the treasure HCMUSSH cbd gummies to quit drinking box together.Drugs are calculated by the gram, and the windows are closed and the air conditioner is turned off in case the methamphetamine powder is blown away by the wind.Song Kaiqiang and Xiao Sun started to operate, Han Chaoyang took Xiao Sun s mobile phone and took pictures and videotaped the whole process with Wu Junfeng.There are only a super cbd gummies website liberty cbd gummies near me handful of them.To put it frustratingly, 100 of the Xinmin Community cannot be installed.The reason why I suggest you mobilize and take the lead is mainly a matter of attitude.Through this matter, the owners can feel that you are not taking money or not.Do something.Xu Hongliang came to the realization like enlightenment, and cbd gummies to quit drinking couldn t help laughing There is still a way to divert the conflict cbd gummies to quit drinking natures one cbd gummies ingredients I don t know if it can be diverted, but at least it can change the topic. This is a good way Wu Junfeng, who had been silent all this cbd gummies to quit drinking time, endured He couldn t help laughing and said Because those owners don t want to pay the property fee or the parking fee, they have a series of connections during the Spring Festival.They plan to deal with us as a whole.But when it comes to installing elevators, and they really take it seriously Those who live upstairs raise their hands to support, and those who live on the first and second floors strongly oppose, it will be difficult for them to be monolithic, and we will be able to divide and disintegrate their alliance.There was warm applause, which was warmer and more sincere than the previous applause.In the eyes of all the participants in Baoliqi s cbd with thc gummies for pain place, this is the real hero model, very ordinary, so ordinary that he is like the people around him or even himself, the only difference is that he has done a lot in ordinary positions Extraordinary results Director Liu of the Political Department took green ape cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit drinking the microphone and said with emotion Thank you Han Da for sharing, I believe everyone is as deeply moved as I am.Next, I would like to invite Comrade Li Dayong, the representative of the police of our bureau, to speak.Yes A police station When he got up, the policeman of the Political Office who was in charge of the conference affairs was still not finished.Seeing Director Liu looking at him, he was relieved, and hurriedly picked up the microphone and sent it over.Comrade Liu Chengquan really sacrificed, and it happened five nights ago.And it happened at the gate of your police station.Huayuan Street and your patrol team held a grand farewell ceremony for him, and your branch held a grand memorial service for him.The Political Department of the Municipal Bureau, your District Political and Legal Committee and your branch The leaders are all gone, and I will record personal second class merit.How could this happen, cbd gummies to quit drinking how could Chengquan sacrifice Wu Wei couldn t believe it, to be precise, he didn t want to believe it, and asked in an almost trembling voice Even if it is true Yes, why didn t you tell us earlier that he is our comrade in arms, our brother What the superior asked was to worry about your distraction.Qiu Ming patted him on the arm, and continued Huayuan Street and your patrol team are here to help.Hastily took out the remote control to open the door.Chapter 714 Big Action 4 The three suspects who are most likely to be the principal culprit rented room 1105, Building 2, City Garden.The three vehicles of the special operations team had just arrived at the south gate of the City Garden.The convoy doesn t have to stop, just drive in.Han Chaoyang looked around and saw that Miao Haizhu was indeed standing at the door of the security duty room.The pole at the entrance of the motor vehicle had been raised.She had obviously greeted the security guard.He Zhedong pointed to the front, and the driver drove into the community in a tacit understanding, followed by Miao Haizhu who was leading the way, and drove the car to a row of stone piers not far from the entrance of Unit 2 of Building 2.Excuse me, who is He Da Is it Xiao Miao I am He Zhedong.Not to mention that he has more important things to do now, even if he didn t, he couldn t control his fishing in the underground cage.Master Luo, where is that man Here, I ll take you there Lao Luo is well equipped and wears a hard hat with a lamp tied to it.The wire is connected to a small battery at his waist.Wearing a pair of rain boots, at first glance he looked like a miner.He greeted the old man at the gate in the duty room of the old fertilizer factory, pushed open the rusty iron gate, and led Han Chaoyang and Mei Tiejun from the factory to the river by a short cut.Chapter 722 Murder 1 I took a photo with a flashlight, and there was a person lying on the riverside.Han Chaoyang looked at his feet and took two steps forward while holding onto a small tree.A pungent smell came over his face.Time is like a butcher s knife.I have worked in Yandong for more than ten years in a blink of an eye, and I am really reluctant to leave.Not cbd gummies to quit drinking only can I not bear it, but I also have many regrets, and I also want to drink the wedding wine with you and Xiao Huang.It seems that I may not be able to drink it.Having worked in Yandong for more than ten years in a blink of an eye, I am really reluctant to leave.What does this sentence cbd gummies to quit drinking mean Han Chaoyang suddenly realized, and asked in surprise Secretary Yang, are you leaving Yandong Not only will I be transferred from Yandong, but also Yanyang.Secretary Yang looked back at the piles of awards and certificates in the bookcase, and said with a smile, Didn t you go to the Northwest for an exchange last year I want to go, but you are short term, and I will go for three years.After dinner, go to Taoyuan New Village and wait.The case will be over as soon as possible and we will be released as soon as possible, and then we will give you compensatory rest.I m full, so I ll pass The victim s body was found in the Xinyuan Street Police Station area, assisting the special case The police of Xinyuan Street Police Station are duty bound to handle the case.Han Chaoyang didn t need to show anything intentionally, and he didn t think he could help in the past.What s more, he was too tired and sleepy.He watched Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu leave, drank the last bit of soy milk, and put Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge away first.The two old men were sent to the dormitory, and then returned to PolyU to rest.Grandpa Gu is close to home.The alley in front of the breakfast shop is less than a hundred meters away from the east gate of the community.It also takes time to investigate and watch the surveillance video of the Taoyuan community.After Feng Ju gave the orders to each group, he sat down and sighed From what we know now, Teng Aihua should have been tricked out by Wei Ping to kill him, and this is another family tragedy.Liu Ju sympathized with Wei Ping s experience., but even if Teng Aihua destroyed his family, he would not be guilty of death, and Teng Aihua was probably seduced by Yu Xiufen.If a man dies tragically, even if a man is not sentenced to death, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.Xiufen is the most hateful woman.Director Feng didn t want the patrol team to disband just because of Zhou s departure, so he simply took this opportunity to explain Most of the team members are volunteers, but the pickpocketing team members are not.Naturally, Han Chaoyang couldn t delay his making money, exchanged some pleasantries, and watched him go.Climbing into the electric patrol car, Xiao Gu couldn t help muttering It s great to be rich.If you have money, you can abandon your wife, and you can abandon it from the beginning to the end Han Chaoyang smiled as he motioned for him to drive When you have no money Everyone said the same thing, once you have money, you will talk about it, so it makes sense for a man to become bad when he has money.Anyway, I don t know.When you get rich and rich, let s talk about it.This sentence.Just joking, the phone suddenly rang.The 14 task force made a breakthrough, and didn t say anything at the time.But one code is one code, the problem is a problem after all, since there is a problem, it must be rectified.Complaints, what is this now Han Chaoyang really had some opinions on District Chief Liu s new policies, and pondered Call Sister Liu and ask her to call the two police stations and ask if there are any children who need help picking them up.I will arrange someone to help them in the afternoon.Then pick it up.They can t do personal things during working hours, but we can Wang Jiayong couldn t help but tease.You are voluntary, you don t get the salary from the bureau, you don t need the bureau to help you pay social security, the bureau can t control you.So it s right to say that cbd gummies to quit drinking we didn t transfer to the auxiliary police., How can I be so comfortable now.While chatting, the two of them had unknowingly patrolled to the gate of Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee.There was nothing wrong with the community, and they were about to continue driving.District Chief Liu may have really ignored it.Don t coax yourself, people are worried and don t trust us, so there is no need for us to put on that cold ass.Xu Hongliang turned to look at Zhang Beibei, and said in a nonchalant tone I discussed it with Beibei, and I also want to talk to Zhang Beibei.Secretary Cao and Director Gu reported that there are more and more workers in several construction sites, and the pressure on security work is also increasing.From tomorrow onwards, the normal shift handover will resume, and they will no longer gather at PolyU and patrol the streets.There s no need to engage in formalism.Zhang Beibei smiled, and added The salary of the security guard is not high, and the rest time can no longer be guaranteed.Think about it, they are on duty all night, and they have to patrol the streets.After receiving the signed receipt, he pretended to be curious and asked District Chief Liu, where are you Downstairs, I met the political commissar.The political commissar said that there was going to be a marathon in the district.It is said that there were quite a few people participating, probably tens of thousands.The whole journey was more than 40 kilometers.Can ordinary people run down Maybe something will happen Liu Qiuping had to act like a leader in front of others, and he was much more casual when talking to Liu Jianye.He took a sip of water from his cup and explained with a smile The district has already considered this.There are three sets of half marathon and healthy running.The full marathon is more than 40 kilometers, the half marathon only needs to run half, and the healthy run only needs to run ten kilometers.Last year, in order to improve public security prevention and control, smilz cbd gummies super cbd gummies website and to establish a voluntary security patrol brigade, Zhou Bureau, Political Commissar and Du Bureau visited the school in person , Bureau Du also held a coordination cbd gummies to quit drinking meeting in Chaoyang Community.After a few months, the bureau didn t want to do it anymore.Isn t this an order that was changed every day What would HCMUSSH cbd gummies to quit drinking people think Yes.Xu Hongliang stubbed out his cigarette butt The bureau started to talk about holding an inauguration ceremony, and I invited Minister Jiang, but it didn t happen again.I don t know how to explain it to others PolyU.What kind of unit of PolyU is willing to send people to participate in street patrols But things have happened and can only be faced.Liu Jianye pondered for a moment, then said in a low voice Chaoyang, how about this, I ll call later to ask District Chief Liu if he has time these days.Is there any mistake in asking the community cadres to go to the police The leaders are justified in whatever they do, so we have to are cbd gummies worth it reddit be careful in the future.Han Chaoyang heard clearly, but he didn t know how to evaluate.But there is one thing that makes me deeply moved.Now the Yandong branch is really struggling with the police.Not only are the official policemen living in fear, but even the auxiliary policemen at the grassroots level are having a hard time.The performance appraisal is stricter than before, and military training is required.Anyway, the auxiliary police officers from the Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station have to shout one two one in the yard every day at noon and walk in line for at least an hour.Director Xing reminded that the Zhongshan Road Police Office should implement the spirit of the bureau s party committee.A few names, and said with a smile Qian Zhi said that several policemen in our branch have performed very well, especially Wu Wei and Xiaokang, who is still on probation, and they will definitely be cbd gummies to quit drinking appraised green ape cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit drinking for their merits and awards after the case is over.Xiaokang is not a policeman in our branch.no how is this possible Really not.Director Feng knew the situation best, and explained with a smile District Chief Liu, Xiaokang was originally a patrol member under Han Chaoyang, and later he was admitted as a police officer in the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau.Manpower is relatively tight, and it will be a while before leaving Fengyong County Bureau to report, so I took the initiative to stay on the last shift.The clues to the 2.12 case were first discovered by Han Chaoyang, so he was transferred to the special case team.The same is true for the check in records of hotels and hotels.inside.Have you checked the foreign cbd gummie bears benefits population registration Checked, there is no record of his rental.This is weird.Now everything is subject to real name registration, and it is difficult to move without showing your ID card.If you don t run away, where can he hide Do you have accomplices He just owed wages maliciously, and it s not a criminal case.It s unlikely that he has accomplices.He can only have friends in the city.Wu Wei may be in 2.Project 12 stayed for too long and forgot that smoking was not allowed in the police room, so he took out one and handed it to Old Tang, and then popped one out and lit it beautifully for a few puffs.Han Chaoyang didn t want to hit the gunpoint of the new director again, so he just cbd gummies amazon stood up immediately and pointed to the conversation room next door The outside is not a place to talk, come on, let s talk inside.There was also a waiter knocking ice cubes with a hammer at the door, apparently planning to use the crushed ice cubes to preserve the chilled ingredients.Han Chaoyang realized that this was undoubtedly a seafood restaurant, otherwise there would not be so many seafood, and there would be no tables in the lobby.Although there may only be seven or eight private rooms upstairs and downstairs, the daily turnover here would never be higher.It will be less because it is a high consumption place.Wu Wei seldom goes to high end hotels.He has never seen so much seafood.Many of them can t even be named.He is interested in asking what kind of fish has just been put into a fish tank on the second floor.A white BMW came back.She was short and fat, with heavy makeup, and rushed into the hall with a brown leather bag on her shoulders.Then there is the Public Security Bureau.Mr.Han is originally from the Public Security Bureau.Yan Dong The leaders of the sub bureau will definitely join in.The model workers are invited to sit in the first row and wear big red flowers for the model workers The policemen of the Public Security Bureau can also sit in the front, and if they have medals, please wear them all, so that they look very formal.Inspector Gu must go.Inspector Gu is a hero model, similar to a model worker Zheng Yutong and Nie Xuan knew it right away, and He Qiyuan was overjoyed.As a model worker, he invited reporters from the city TV station and Yanyang Daily to interview in the name of the school.By the way, the school leaders at home also invited, and Principal Nie might participate. Principal Nie also knows This It is an activity of our school, and it is also a kind of publicity for the school.After thinking about it, he said with embarrassment Now when young people in our hometown get married, it is fashionable to take the bride to the hotel.Those hotels are doing wedding banquet business, as long as they cbd gummy bears whole foods book cbd gummies to quit drinking a table with them, they will give away a one night room, but Shuxiangyuan does not give us a gift.You can book a room by yourself, and it doesn t cost much, and then you can ask Zhenchuan to pick up Beibei at Factory 527, and take Beibei to the guest room upstairs in Shuxiangyuan.But you have to make an agreement with the children.Hongliang and Lingling are definitely fine, and I can help them with this Zhenchuan and Beibei will not object, we are thinking of them Plans are always better than changes.There is a reason why Grandpa Gu hurried over.Seeing their cbd gummies to quit drinking cheerful faces, I couldn t help laughing and said Brother receiving is both a ritual and a tradition, I don t think the children will have any objections, but this will make the children very tired, and they probably won t be able to sleep well at night.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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