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And this, the soldiers of the third company will never know Adolf Hitler was perhaps the most excited among the soldiers.When the soldiers began to prepare for the battle, Hitler came to Wang Weiyi s side and became very curious about the gun on Wang Weiyi s back Lieutenant, what kind of weapon is this Why have I never seen it The Bergman MP18 submachine gun, our newly developed weapon, has not been formally equipped with troops.Wang Weiyi said perfunctorily I am very lucky to be the first to test this weapon.Hitler suddenly realized Lieutenant, where are you from Regensburg.Wang Weiyi didn t know why he said such a place name.Regensburg, a beautiful city by the Danube.Hitler enviously said I have been there, the cathedral stands in the city, surrounded by all kinds of cbd gummies joint pain cbd gummies vs hemp gummies brick red houses, it is simply the most beautiful landscape painting, and I once drew a picture with this as the background Painting Hitler, a third rate painter Wang Weiyi suddenly had such an idea in his mind.Steck rushed up and saw a wounded The British stood up staggeringly, raised the butt of his gun and smashed it down hard.In an instant, blood and brains burst out of the British head.Rommel rushed in and killed him with the pistol in his hand.Any target that can be seen.Hitler also rushed in.This small German soldier is no longer as fearful and nervous as that time.He saw an Englishman trying to pounce on Bon Crayley, whose back was facing cbd gummies joint pain him.Hitler He took his life with a bullet without hesitation.The royal cbd gummies coupon code battle was fierce but short lived.The British who were dizzy by the grenade, and then the Germans who rushed in continued to harvest their lives.The remaining ones The man had completely lost the courage to continue fighting, and ran out of the position by rolling and crawling.Miraculously, this position named G , which was garrisoned by a company of natures one cbd gummies official website pure kana cbd gummies cost what cbd gummies help quit smoking British and equipped with heavy machine guns, unexpectedly It was captured by 20 people.I m sorry, ma am.Although Wang Weiyi was a little embarrassed, he didn t care so much for cbd gummies joint pain Guo Yunfeng I sincerely apologize for disturbing you I apologize, but the situation is urgent, and there is one thing I have to ask the countess to come forward to help me.Oh Leonie seemed very curious The Baron Alexon, who was conferred by His Majesty the Emperor himself, purekana cbd gummies cbd gummies joint pain the creation of the miracle of the Somme Or, is there anything else that I, a woman, can help with Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, and decided not to go around in circles Madam, after the dance ended today, a friend of mine disappeared Was it taken away by Nicholas s people Leoni did not need to finish Wang Weiyi s words, she natures one cbd gummies official website pure kana cbd gummies cost had already interjected, and seeing Wang Weiyi nodded, Leoni sighed Actually, a few days ago, I heard that Nicholas Colonel Gula seems to be very interested in the creator of the miracle of cbd gummies joint pain the Somme.He didn t care about how many enemies he wiped out.The tasks of cleaning the battlefield and stabilizing the defense line were all given to the backup troops led by Second Lieutenant Hall.The losses were negligible, only one grenadier and one melee soldier were killed in the cbd gummies online delivery continuous breakthrough, and such losses were completely insignificant compared with the results achieved.Not only the first cbd gummies cambridge assault team, but also the rest of the teams have successively received good news.In the initial battle, the assault team, which had never practiced this tactic, seemed a bit jerky, but as the battle progressed, their cooperation became more and cbd gummies joint pain cbd gummies vs hemp gummies more tacit.On the first day of the autumn offensive, the supplementary battalion achieved surprising results.During this day, they successively broke through twelve large and small positions of the enemy, among which only the first assault team under the personal command of Wang Weiyi broke through half of the positions.Richthofen nodded silently.He firmly believed that his good friend had absolutely nothing to do with treason.After a while, Nikolai walked in accompanied by General Galwitz, and he could see that Galwitz General Ci s face was a bit ugly.Nicholas told Wang Weiyi some good or bad news with a smug smile Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm, you will be sent to Berlin, and accepted a purekana cbd gummies cbd gummies joint pain trial by a special court, congratulations, tinnitus and cbd gummies if you really have grievances, you can complain in the special court.Berlin special court Wang Weiyi pursed his lips.Is this good news for him Sanjiang is in second place, please give me more help, thank you Ninety six.patriot traitor Things seem to be getting a little bigger.Back to Berlin Special Court Joachim and Nicholas actually made such a big battle to deal with him In fact, the reason for doing this is also very simple.Thank goodness for being able to get out of here.But this is where Major Ernst is bold, no matter what kind of danger can frighten him.Ernst, why does Mistanov care so much about that cbd gummies joint pain cbd gummies vs hemp gummies jewelry box Manstein asked curiously on the way back to the barn.Eight Zero E book TXT 8 0.LA I also really want to know what secrets are hidden in the jewelry box.Wang Weiyi seemed to be thinking about something, and said in a daze Maybe everything will be clear when we get the jewelry box.Already.One Hundred and Fifty One.This is Colonel Samgerov.Hello, Colonel Second Lieutenant Vasilevsky hurriedly stood at attention.Colonel Samjelov didn t even look at Vasilevsky directly My troops just passed by here and were going to rest in Fandis for two days before going to the front line, but I heard something happened here Yes.It really is the Skeleton Baron Ernst Brahm God, I actually met Major Ernst here He has no one to hesitate to join.Skeleton Commando , it will be my greatest honor to be able to fight under the command of the Skeleton Baron Major, I am willing to accept your command Hey, Major, are you going to chat here or move on Guderian s tank has been rumbling.Wang Weiyi laughed and said Second Lieutenant Model, let purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies joint pain s go forward with us.Put the troops under your command in charge of getting us out of that position Yes, Major The new member of the Skeleton Commando, Lieutenant Model, was full of energy at this time.He seemed to see countless glory flying towards him.A large group of German soldiers rushed forward under the cover of tanks, and two of them were annihilated.The Russians with heavy machine guns turned around and ran away.This is a cup of bitter wine Laner was already close in front of his eyes, and he could even clearly see the fleeing Frenchmen.The enemy is not prepared at all The tank moved forward indomitably, and the soldiers followed the tank silently, advancing at an unpleasant speed.The laxness of the French s defenses was completely beyond their expectations It was not until the arrival of Laner that the French discovered the sudden appearance of the German army.But surprisingly, the French didn t have any idea of resistance.Some of them continued to run frantically for their lives, and some simply dropped their weapons.surrender.That is the best relief The German soldiers who rushed to the position pointed to the back and said nothing.The French who surrendered raised their hands and walked towards the German position behind in the same silent and calm manner.Langton, come here.Beasley called his assistant over, whispered his idea, and Langton was terrified Beasley, do you really want to interview the Skeleton Baron Yes.Beasley s answer was very firm I have to become an ace, do you understand Without sensational news, I can t do it Beasley, don t worry about our safety, a German police officer who won t even kill a prisoner, do you think he will hurt a reporter Langton hesitated But where can we find it Baron Skeleton General Smith doesn t HCMUSSH cbd gummies joint pain even purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies joint pain know where he s gone now.A smile appeared on the corner of Beasley s mouth Langton, have you forgotten that our joint command has something to do with it Those people in the joint command now Are you more anxious to find the Skeleton Baron than we are Smith s failure was shocking news to the Allied Powers.They obviously could escape safely, but they rejected such an opportunity.Beasley decided to record this scene most faithfully They are not stupid , nor are they stupid , but a group of soldiers who regard each other s friendship as more important than life and death.Even a hostile stance, but I still can t help expressing my truest admiration for their behavior like this Having achieved great success, the third attack of the French army was repulsed again.The commando maintained a very tenacious position.Each of them showed the firmest determination.No matter how difficult it was, they fought Waiting silently.They won t leave this position until everything they ve been waiting for appears.As an enemy, I think the Skeleton Baron must be defeated, but as a neutral, I have no doubts that it s a praise worthy A great act of praise The gunfire continued, and Beasley closed his notebook and looked at the battlefield in front of him.I don t know, she s seriously injured.After a while, Xiaoling s voice Resounding Now you have to take some measures against her, so that she can barely hold on for more than an hour.The place you chose is good.Wagach is a station that has been scrapped.There is no one there.I will meet you there.Before that, you have to kill all the Russians on the train Wang Weiyi helped Elena treat the wound, put her in a safe place, and then picked up the skeleton gun in cbd gummies joint pain his hand.At this moment, the Skull Baron became a Grim Reaper Holding the gun, he walked towards the carriage, and when he got to the middle carriage, several Russians spotted him.The submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand rang in the blink of an eye ahead of time, and all the Russians fell in a pool of blood.At this time, Wang Weiyi had completely turned into a killing god.Who is your chief Meng Konghua called out loudly.But no one paid attention to him, which made Meng Konghua feel that he had lost face.Who is your chief Qin Hebiao also howled.It s me With this voice, an officer appeared in front purekana cbd gummies cbd gummies joint pain of Qin Hebiao Guo Yunfeng, Captain and Battalion Commander of the Guards Regiment of the 19th Army Command.Hearing that the other party was just a small battalion commander, Qin Hebiao immediately felt awe inspiring Commander Guo, I am Qin Hebiao, Colonel and Commander of the 388th Regiment.What are you doing here Guo Yunfeng glanced at him The Japanese army is about to attack Changshu, and our department is ordered to stick to Kuncheng Lake Commander Qin, may I ask you Changshu How about defense Hearing that a small captain on the other side actually asked him, Qin Hebiao suddenly felt that he couldn t hold back his face.Shall I call him Wang Weiyi nodded First, call Boss Cai from the tailor shop for me.Things get done.Good for you.Little Yangzhou ran out excitedly, Zhang Sandao didn t quite understand Tuan Zuo My name is Manager Wang.Wang Weiyi corrected his address.Yes, Manager Wang.Zhang Sandao also found that he had made a slip of the tongue Manager Wang, what are we doing in Shanghai Doing business.Wang Weiyi smiled.Xiao Yangzhou scratched his head and couldn t figure it out.He was fighting on the front line, and the group had to go to Shanghai to do something.Although Japan s own attack has temporarily stopped, it may launch an offensive again anytime, anywhere.The group seat was fine, and I handed over the whole group to Ouyang Yu and the others, and ran to Shanghai by myself.After waiting there for a while, I saw Xiao Yangzhou walking in with a man who looked like a shopkeeper., The meaning of the two propagandists is that they need to be trained as well, and I leave it to you.The meaning is just, teach them how to shoot guns and other emergency response, it is possible that they will really let them go to the battlefield.Guo Yunfeng Eyes stared Why should I teach them I can t.Four knives Wang Weiyi pulled Guo Yunfeng aside, and said hypocritically This is not advertised by someone there, men and women are equal, ah, you say how happy you are Ah, facing so many women every day, I don t know how many people are envious. I don t teach.There is no equality between men and women.Guo Yunfeng made up his mind that he can do anything, but he can t teach women.If it gets out, why not make Zhang Sandao and others laugh to death Guo Yunfeng, this is an order.Wang Weiyi really belonged to the kind of people who turn their faces and deny people You don t teach, do you still expect me to teach Ah, just these two days, you obey my orders.After all, it is an entire alliance.Although they have suffered a lot in the previous battles, the Chinese people will never Ability can eat it in one bite.Hold on, Qingkou kun Yamada Umeji thought silently in his heart Baga Yalu Facing the Chinese soldiers who appeared one after another , Akasaka Yoshika, who was already completely desperate, burst out the most desperate cry.At this point, there is no other way He watched his soldiers fall in front of him one by one, and watched the Chinese soldiers gradually surround him.He pulled out his command knife and held it tightly in his hand Duel, I want to fight you General, what did he say William asked curiously.Aha, he wants to duel I will duel with him William became interested and eager to try.Wang Weiyi smiled and shook his head William, in a situation where you have an absolute advantage, it is the most stupid thing to use your personal courage to fight an enemy who is doomed to failure.Lu Daxiong glared at Zhang Sandao, then looked at Guo Yunfeng, saw that he was pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking clinical cbd gummies cost still confused, and hurriedly said Brother Xiaohua, what s wrong with you Do you remember The Germans attacked , the British all ran away, and then we counted the number, and you were missing from the Chinese workers.We all thought you were dead You are still alive, great Why have you not changed at all after so many years Germany The United Kingdom Huagong In Guo Yunfeng s mind, he always felt that there were some fragments flashing, but no matter what, he couldn t catch what he had forgotten What s going on Following the voice, Wang Weiyi came over, and Guo Yunfeng and Zhang Sandao hurriedly stood at attention Traveler Zhang Sandao told the story back and forth, and Wang Weiyi soon understood what was going on More than 20 years ago, members of the National Labor Brigade met Guo Yunfeng.At first they thought the officer was just talking.Wang Weiyi He took out a few gold bars and stuffed them into their hands These.It was all given to you by Guo Yunfeng, and he bought it with his own life.He also has a bank account, which is also the money he bought with his life.When you arrive in the United States, someone will tell you how to withdraw the money Lu Daxiong and Yunxia looked at each other.Husband and wife The two suddenly knelt down to Wang Weiyi Sir Get up, never kneel down except to your own cbd gummies joint pain cbd gummies vs hemp gummies relatives Wang Weiyi helped them up Lu Daxiong, your best friend, Yunxia, your elder brother Guo Yunfeng, he is a hero who stands above heaven and earth.Remember no matter where you go, don t embarrass him Yes, we know, sir Let s go.Wang Weiyi waved to them See you in America William stared at Wang Weiyi in a daze.It is absurd to be able to easily crack the Japanese Army s code.On the contrary, it is relatively easier to crack the Japanese Navy s code.The Japanese Army regards the code as another life of its own However, such a problem does not exist for Wang Weiyi.He has the Ziguang military base, Xiaoling and her assistant Elena, and they can easily search for any Japanese code during World War II , and easily deciphered by the powerful ability of the computer.This is the huge age gap of decades ahead of technology Travel seat, Zhang Lingfu has voluntarily abandoned Jiangjia Village and started to retreat to Jiuhu Town.Ouyang Yu came to his side and said.Got it.Wang pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking Weiyi nodded Let the brothers get ready, pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking the 116th Wing of the Japanese Army is rushing here, and Major General Tokushige Numata of the 26th Brigade is also in the wing.Bullets rained down on the Japanese army on the ground like a rainstorm.This is the war of human beings against military machines The planes bombed and swept round after round People turned their backs on their backs, blood flowed like rivers Blood, death This place has completely become a place that the purekana cbd gummies cbd gummies joint pain Ueno detachment cannot get rid of.Nightmare Attack Attack attack attack The voices of the officers sounded.Launch a general attack on the cbd hemp gummies do they work field detachment Launch a general attack on the Japanese army This is a miracle on the battlefield the attacking party cannot organize a powerful attack at all.But the party that was supposed to be on the defensive launched a major counterattack with unstoppable force Immediately afterwards, a scene that excited all the Chinese soldiers on the battlefield appeared Sixteen German made No.Could it be that Xiao Ling used too many weapons that shouldn t be used during the last shuttle, which caused the current situation The task names are also interesting.When he traveled through for the first time, codenamed The Soarer , Wang Weiyi soared in that time and space to his heart s content, writing a glorious chapter of the Skeleton Baron.In the second time and space, code named The Daredevil , Wang Weiyi commanded the Huben Guard brigade to fight the Japanese pirates to the death.What about the honorable ones Do you want to create greater glory for yourself I don t know why, but Wang Weiyi always has a feeling that these three space time shuttles may have some inevitable connection.The skeleton master has completed the preparations to break through This is a plan made by Wang Weiyi himself Target Minsorsk On January 14th, the Imperial Division, Viking Division, and Nordic Division of the Second Panzer Corps of the SS forcibly launched an attack on the Soviet Army to cooperate with the Skeleton Division s breakout plan General Paul Hauser also personally commanded the Hohenstaufen Division to launch an assault at the same time However, the Soviet army had already cbd gummies joint pain mastered the intelligence of the Germans in advance, and they deployed a large number of troops in the shortest time to defend the Minsorsk front.But it was just rumors again, but it was soon confirmed Baron, he really came back Bild reported the news on a full page, with the words God of War returns, German glory reappeared at the top of the report Glorious return, Baron The moment General Vichy saw the Baron appear, General Ludwig completely collapsed.According to the front line soldiers, General Ludwig burst into tears.There is nothing shameful about a general s tears, when he knows that the Baron is still alive, Who will not shed tears when he continues to come back to lead Germany Those are tears of happiness, those are tears of glory In Demyansk, under the command of the Baron, the 200,000 German troops charged the Russians wave after wave with a brave and fearless attitude.In front of the Baron, all resistance forces were crushed.Who can stop them Victory is within reach.By noon, parts of Oleska and Churminsk had fallen into German hands.Facing such an embarrassing situation, Kolkorok was forced to shrink his remnants to Osmink cbd gummies for pain for sale for the final resistance.But everyone knows that their annihilation is only a matter of time Without the slightest hesitation, the Skeleton Division and the 34th Infantry Division, which broke through the enemy s position, quickly followed the order of Marshal Ernst and continued to launch fierce assaults on Volchansk and Barkovo So far, from the launch of the Kharkov counterattack to the present, more than 25,000 Soviet troops have been killed, and another 35,000 Soviet troops have been besieged in Osmink.The number of captured Soviet troops was 50,000 The 1st and 3rd Army of the Soviet Army were hit hard by the Kharkov Group of Germany Commanding the German Army Group is Field Marshal Ernst Brehm A reporter from the Skeleton Division s field reporter cbd gummies joint pain platoon described it this way When cbd gummies joint pain Your Excellency the Baron gently waved his marshal s scepter full of magic power on the map, in just a few days, one hundred thousand Soviet troops were collapsed.General Brem s meeting cut off the Soviet army s retreat from the Barvinkovo salient to the other side of the North Donets River, and surrounded the Soviet Army s 6th, 2nd, and 57th Army Groups, and most of the 3rd Army Group Army The encirclement has been formed At this time, the German army, which had completed the encirclement, continued to widen the blockade.Kleist s armored battlegroup widened the outer circle of this encirclement from the east.The 60th Motorized Infantry Division, the 34th, 39th Infantry Division and the 100th Light Infantry Division fanned out to the west and firmly blocked the retreat of the enemy in the encirclement.So far, the siege of Kharkov has been formed Inside the encirclement, there are all of the three Soviet armies, most of the third army, and the remnants of the previously annihilated ninth army.Stalin s words were full of sarcasm Who can tell me, where did a team that did not exist at all come from Or is it some of our comrades who risked their lives to rescue the respected Comrade Marshal Timoshenko without permission No one answered, this matter is indeed a bit strange A shadow rose in the hearts of Zhukov and Vasilevsky, and they faintly sensed that something was wrong.Marshal Timoshenko is in big trouble Already.Comrades.Stalin s voice continued to ring in their ears Let s imagine that so many heroic Soviet soldiers were surrounded and unable to break medi green cbd gummies out, but our Marshal Timoshenko managed to escape the encirclement.Why is this Can we imagine that there are some inside stories between him and the Germans that we don t know Zhukov and Vasilevsky shuddered.Once Comrade Stalin insisted on such a crime, Marshal Timoshenko might be in a catastrophe.Recently, he got into trouble because of a movie.The movie is called Mr.Verdoux.It describes that the bank clerk Verdoux has worked loyally for twenty years, suffered exploitation, was kicked out of the bank in an economic crisis, and was forced to go to the hospital to support his family.The path of crime.Later, cbd gummies joint pain cbd gummies vs hemp gummies due to the bankruptcy of stock trading, his wife and son both died in the vortex of crisis.He lost his sustainment , and in desperation he ran into Rasenne again who had become the wife of an arms dealer.After the conversation, he resolutely surrendered himself.He said If you kill one person, you call that person a criminal, but if you kill millions of people, you call him a hero.In this world, as long as you are powerful, you will be successful.So, he was quickly blacklisted by the US government Four hundred and sixty four.The star of the New York Stock Exchange Robben Williams But until this time, Robben Williams can only be called the future star of a regime exchange.It cannot be called a big star.The turning point happened on June 12, 1942 this day.It is bound to be remembered by every American.Williams is relatively perceptive.Although he has not been in this industry for a long time, he has basically figured out the inside.He also knew that in order to become a real big star, he must have his own classic battle On this point, Mr.Moyol and Mr.Garcia are all in favor.Mr.Moyol even said Kinrank Securities Investment Consulting Company will support Robben at all costs.Williams does whatever he wants.Williams was very surprised why Mr.Moyol trusted him so unconditionally, but Mr.Moyol only gave him one answer We need a big star agent of our own, so as to attract more investors In an instant, Williams understood that for himself and for Kinrank Securities Investment Consulting Company , he needed a tough battle, and he needed a big victory.What an assassination You are crazy Song Ziwen shook cbd gummies joint pain his head and said Do you know what a concept of 100 million dollars is Tang Naian, Li Zufa and Tang Ying also thought he was crazy.This is a whole 100 million dollars Only Tang Weihong s eyes flashed with firm belief in Wang Weiyi.Do you have a phone here, Mr.Song When Wang Weiyi made this request, Song Ziwen pointed to the back, It s here.Wang Weiyi came to the phone, picked it up, and asked cbd bear shark gummies 1000mg for a number.After talking with the other party for a while, he said upstate elevator supply cbd gummies to Song Ziwen Mr.Song, is it convenient for you to answer the phone Song Ziwen hesitated for a while, but stood up Wang Weiyi sat back again, his face was full of confidence Song Ziwen put down the phone, and when he returned to his seat, he looked a bit lost, and his eyes were filled with fear.Mayor Salesac wiped the sweat from his forehead.Klingenberg patiently gave them five minutes, and then Mayor Salesak asked cautiously Captain, can you really guarantee that we won t be massacred after we surrender You What do you think we are Devils Klingenberg shook his head and said, No, the one who commands us is Baron Alexon, the most upright gentleman in Europe, my God, when I hear such words, I feel like You are insulting the baron there Irigelu smiled awkwardly We just want to confirm it.Well, we agree to surrender on the premise of ensuring that Joblu cbd gummies joint pain will not suffer more losses.He didn t think it was embarrassing.I have only one brigade, but the enemy has hundreds of thousands of people.What s more, the man who commanded fibromyalgia cbd gummies the German army was named Ernst Brahm Four hundred and eighty seven.Wait, wait.Prince Karami, who had a total mental breakdown, cried out, I d like to tell you everything I know Look, we re friends again Wang Weiyi sat down again, and then said with a relaxed expression Now, let us learn some secrets of the treasure.Prince Karami cheered up The thing is like this Hai cbd gummies joint pain Inrich.Schliemann made persistent efforts after discovering the treasure of Priam, and soon discovered the tomb circles of a total of 6 shaft tombs.There were countless exquisite artifacts in the tombs bronze daggers inlaid with gold and engraved with lion hunting pictures.There are two handles, each with a tall gold cup facing a dove and so on.In particular, the face of the male corpse is covered with a gold mask, and the chest is covered with a gold sheet.The female corpse wears a gold crown and other gold jewelry, and the child s corpse is wrapped in gold leaves.That was the prelude to collapse Like the Morgan family, the Rockefeller family knew too well about the financial crisis.In such a crisis, what people will lose and what they will gain.Some people regard it as a tiger, while others regard it as the best opportunity for expansion.And Morgan and Rockefeller were also very surprised that the Wittgenstein family was able to join such negotiations.They had no idea how Baron Ernst Brahm persuaded Hermione to be very mysterious.A strong woman with huge wealth.They could never guess the connection between Baron Alexon and the Wittgensteins.Forever Mr.Lawrence Rockefeller, although we are meeting for the first time, this does not hinder my respect for you.Wang Weiyi said straight pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking to the point If we say who can truly represent the wealth elite in the United States, the Morgan family Undoubtedly one, and the Rockefellers are also one Ms.The first is real peace, but with all due respect, real peace is impossible.I have Wang Weiyi s words made President Roosevelt nod his head.Regardless of the outcome of this meeting, at least there is one thing.Baron Alexon is a very frank man.There has never been true peace in the world.It has never been The second meaning is that everyone can get the peace they need.Wang Weiyi continued slowly We don t need the UK to announce the cessation of the war with Germany.The main forces cbd gummies joint pain cbd gummies vs hemp gummies are directed against Russia, and there can be no peace between Germany and Russia Lord Alexson, let us now make a hypothesis President Roosevelt played with the pipe in his hand Germany defeated Russia and possessed the vast resources there, and then.Germany, which has relieved its worries about the future, can refocus its forces on dealing with Europe.Only a wise president can lead the United States to prosperity.Mr.President, cbd gummies joint pain your time is up At this moment, a young man walked in.When he met Wang Weiyi s eyes, his whole body trembled.That was William Ernst The son of Baron Brahm William William stared at Baron Alexon, that was his father, the father he had been missing, and now his father was standing in front of his eyes.In an instant, William Dazed, he seemed to see Baron Alexon, as if he saw the Chinese general Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi smiled and extended his hand to him Hello, I m Ernst Brehm.I m William, Mr.Ernst.Controlling the great excitement in his heart, William said so.At this moment, Wang Weiyi knew that his son had grown natures one cbd gummies official website pure kana cbd gummies cost up, and he already knew how to control his inner emotions.Five hundred and twenty seven.Although the exchange with President Roosevelt did not fully achieve the goal, it still satisfied Wang Weiyi.But obviously, such resistance is futile.Pieces of them fell under the guns of the Germans, and Tassossi completely smilz full spectrum cbd gummies became a hell on earth.Even those experienced German soldiers couldn t help being shocked by such a bloody scene.When the last shot fell, only 300 British soldiers fled the battlefield.This was a battle that was later dubbed the Tasossi Massacre by the Allies.This massacre is as cbd gummies joint pain cbd gummies vs hemp gummies famous as another massacre in the Second Battle of Alamein the Limsi massacre The entire 133rd Infantry Brigade was completely over, and even their commander was killed in this battle Allied 2nd Royal Artillery Regiment, Greek 1st Infantry Brigade, 2nd Free French Brigade, British 1st Infantry Brigade The 133rd Infantry Brigade was destroyed one after another.Now, the outcome of the war is completely in Wang Weiyi s hands.The British will come cbd gummies joint pain in soon.Wang Weiyi and Elena relaxed Elena s face was blushing, maybe it was the hot kiss just now, maybe it was the reason why Guo Yunfeng just bumped into her.Look, you always show up when you shouldn t, my friend.Wang Weiyi smiled and nodded forward Look, the salary of the Egyptians is waiting for us there They used the counterfeit money in the travel bag to successfully replace the wages of those Egyptians.They got a lot of money, but these huge denominations but severely depreciated currencies are not in Wang Weiyi s eyes at all.You can buy them with these HCMUSSH cbd gummies joint pain money.How much barbecue A question suddenly popped up in Wang Weiyi s mind Now he can fully imagine that when those Egyptians finally received their two months wages in arrears, they found that they could have bought a lot The currency for things, but now they can only buy a few skewers of barbecueand when they find out that these meager wages are all counterfeit money Wang Weiyi can t even imagine the angry expressions on their cbd gummies joint pain faces Now These counterfeit coins are actually the first batch of experimental products among the counterfeit coins made by the Germans in a strict sense.Wang Weiyi smiled You make me so sad.How could I do such a thing I am an upright personpoor prime minister, hope he recovers soon Rommel looked at his good friend suspiciously, hoping to see some clues from his face, but unfortunately he didn t see anything Canlemu I saw Mussolini being assassinated with my own eyes, and he was next to Mussolini at the time.This is really scary.The prime minister of a country was actually assassinated in Cairo.If he died, all He is not worried about the Italians.It is the reaction of the Germans.He knows very well who is in charge in Cairo.Fortunately.The Germans do not seem to have any aggressive reactions.But soon Colonel Firth found him and asked directly Mr.Minister of Defense, there is a monastery in Cairo, isn t it Ah, yes.Canlemu was startled, and then said That is the largest monastery in Cairo, so wana sour gummie cbd thc 2 1 it is easy to recognize, what s the matter, Colonel Fels Colonel Firth did not answer immediately This monastery is said to be purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies joint pain funded by Major General Ta Musta Yes.After the war is over, you can take your wifewhat s your name Ah, Rieko, and your daughter, let s live happily together Living in Switzerland This is what Wang Weiyi once said to him when he was in Shanghai.When Wang Weiyi disappeared, Hiroshi Yamaguchi was ordered to go to Switzerland before taking over as the head of the Kwantung Army s Harbin Intelligence Department.After Wang Weiyi disappeared, someone still remitted a sum of money to his account regularly At that moment, he knew that Wang Weiyi was not dead The relationship between him and Wang Weiyi is the biggest secret in his heart.Originally, with Wang Weiyi s disappearance, cbd gummies joint pain mike tyson cbd gummy everyone thought he was dead.Hiroshi Yamaguchi finally let out a long sigh of relief.Finally, no one knew this secret, and no one knew about it.People are threatening themselves again.Hey, gentlemen and ladies, the ball has already begun.Are you going to pester Baron Alexon all this time At this moment, Mr.Wexlanton, Duke of Westminster appeared, and he There was a smile on his face Okay, please give the baron some free time Laughter rang out, and those gentlemen and wives dispersed one after another.Of course, there are still many beautiful ladies and ladies who keep casting their eyes on Baron Alexon Come on, Mr.Baron.Wex Langton invited Wang Weiyi aside Our Mr.Prime Minister, I think you have already recognized it.And this, the leader of the Free French Movement, Mr.de Gaulle.It was the first time that Wang Weiyi stood face to face with de Gaulle.He smiled and stretched cbd gummies joint pain out his hand Mr.de Gaulle, hello.Marshal Ernst, hello.De Gaulle reluctantly stretched out his hand hand.Until now, Ksenia has not Knowing that her father has been captured She is always accompanied by Russian secret agents, and we have no way to get close Wang Weiyi knows that Riley has tried his best, even super spies don t want to You can do whatever you want.In the situation where there is no way to get close to Xenia for the time being, the only way is to rescue Avrona first, and then think of a way.But it seems that this is also somewhat difficult.Fortunately, Riley He had already made sufficient preparations before Baron, I got a map Then, he took out a sketch Look, this is the dormitory where Avrona lives, There are seven floors in total, and her dormitory is on the third floor.All the workers live here.It is said that a big man once issued an order not to allow men to enter here, so as to avoid some problems with men and women.Moreover, Lieutenant Colonel Tenkovsky of the Political Department of Moscow University returned to the second bureau Called and verified that the order was indeed issued by you That s impossible Beria s complexion changed drastically I have never issued such an order Who answered the call in the second round Thorough investigation, a thorough investigation Dig out this enemy lurking within us Now is not the time to figure this out, Comrade Beria.Timilenko s voice was very low I am worried that this news will reach Comrade Stalin.You know Comrade Stalin s temper better than me Beria s face He showed fear on his face Yes, he is too aware of Comrade Stalin s temper.No matter how this matter ends up, he may lose Comrade Stalin s trust and Once the trust of Comrade Stalin is lost, everyone knows what will happen I mean, immediately and secretly execute Tenkovsky on charges of being a spy Dimilenko said his plan There is no Colonel Madrov, there is no warrant from you, nothing happened.He has never been afraid of the battlefield, just as he has never been afraid of death For the victory of Germany, he will personally devote himself to the battlefield with rumbling guns for this crucial battle of Germany, He will personally purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies joint pain fight side by side with his officers and soldiers Colleagues when the Germans began to go hand in hand.Ernst.The Central Assault Group composed of the Viking Division, the Ike Battle Group and the Guo Yunfeng Battle Group under the personal command of Marshal Bram unexpectedly launched a surprise attack on Fronis This was unexpected for the Russians.Previously, due to the loss of Elklin s victory.The Third Army of the Soviet Army was completely wiped out, and Marshal Vasilevsky lost the front line barrier of the Stalingrad battle.The German army will carry out a strong assault on the wide prairie without hindrance.Please don t hesitate any longer, there is still a chance now, we shouldn t all die here Come on, tell all the Soviet comrades, tell them the truth about what happened here Dawamirski knew that his friend had made up his mind to sacrifice at this moment, but how could he leave him to face death alone My dear friend, remember what I said to you Struff said slowly Compared to death, I am more afraid of being insulted to my reputation I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid of being judged by my comrades and then being thrown into pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking history.Shame on the pillar So, please help me to fulfill my wish Dava Mirsky understood, and he took Striff s hand Comrade Striff, Please believe that the truth will never be concealed I believe Streff smiled slightly, and then bid farewell to his friends.Facing the swarming German troops, he shouted Comrades, for victory for the Soviet This was the last battle of Straff, and cbd gummies joint pain also the last battle of the 81st Panzer Army.The tank has done its best, constantly giving the commandos the most powerful support.The German cbd gummies joint pain engineers are also constantly working hard, paving the way for the attack of the commando again and again.The same is true of the Air Force, which has not had a rest since the outbreak of the Battle of Stalingrad.If not for the enormous efforts of these troops.The German attack will face more difficulties Of course, this is also the biggest advantage of the German army, they can integrate all the participating troops together.Maximize their advantages on the battlefield.Probably, this is the most important factor for the Ernst battle group or the entire German combat force to win again and again During the three day frog gummies cbd attack, the German army s advance speed was not very fast.They strictly followed the orders of Marshal Ernst to reduce casualties as much purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies joint pain as possible, and did not require a quick breakthrough.The sound of Xiaoling s voice gave Wang Weiyi the best chance to get rid of this topic Xiaoling.Tell me about the Soviet Union s 27.The mysterious disappearance of a 5 trillion fortune.This is actually the most terrifying financial war.Xiao Ling said slowly If you have never heard of the name Leo Vantaa, please don t feel ashamed, because you should be ashamed of those Western news media that claim to be the most free in the world.This is an ongoing story.It has already stirred up international financial and diplomatic circles from Singapore to Paris, but the mainstream Western media has remained incredibly silent.This is not an ordinary financial event.If the problem gets out of control, the financial system of the whole world will face a credit collapse It s not an insignificant amount either, it involves a whopping 27.I didn t cbd sugar free gummies put all my experience into combat Anluges continued Caesar s favorite woman, it is said that the beautiful Nelia, who is jealous of the moon in the sky, fell ill cbd gummies joint pain Wait a minute.Wang Weiyi interrupted him Did you say that Caesar took a woman with him Ah, yes, Baron My lord.Anluges said with certainty, This time.I don t know why.Caesar took a woman with him, and this was opposed by many of his subordinates, but Caesar told his subordinates, This is the right thing to do.My decision, against those savages, is nothing but a cbd gummies joint pain very pleasant journey , Lord Baron, I think you should know.No one can stand against Caesar, and any decision he makes must be firm.Execution.However, a few days ago, Nelia had a very strange illness, which also made it impossible for Caesar to fight Wang Weiyi probably knew.Soon the sound of the assembled bronze horns and the chaotic footsteps of the soldiers came from outside the tent, and another attack was about to begin.Gaius ignored what was happening outside, and carefully handed Lukia s letter to the oil lamp until it was slowly reduced purekana cbd gummies cbd gummies joint pain to ashes.Then he said to his personal slave standing at the door of the tent Bring my Lunch is here When Gaius came to the battlefield, he happened to witness another defeat of the Roman soldiers the chief centurion of the 20th Legion was right, the terrain here was really unfavorable to the Romans this is a land surrounded by soldiers.The mountain village stands on a steep cliff, the top of the mountain is covered with white snow, and the several mountain roads at the foot of the mountain gradually converge into a rugged and narrow road as the mountain spirals.After a while, the Germans rushing to the front fell down.Blood flowed profusely from their heads and bodies, staining the ground beneath them red.No one snorted, and the rest of the people seemed to be inspired by this scene, and they rushed even more bravely.The leader, a young man in leopard leather armor, was especially brave.Without stopping, he left his companions behind.Suddenly, after dodging a few stones, a fist sized stone hit the young man.He couldn t dodge in time, and was hit hard on are liberty cbd gummies legit the shoulder, and blood immediately flowed all over half of his body.It was thrown by a Celtic kid behind a boulder on the side of the road.The young man swayed for a while, ignored the wound, and rushed forward again, stabbing the short spear into the body of a Dalmatian mountain man.When the stabbed man spurted blood from the wound, he kicked Kicking the Celt down, the drawn short spear stabbed another Celt, and when he drew the bloody point from the fifth Celt, some Germans People also followed up Not long after the Germans rushed up, Gaius ordered the legion cbd gummies joint pain cbd gummies vs hemp gummies phalanx to move forward.The legion commander took a look and said with a sigh of relief Oh, cbd tincture gummies recipe that s me freeing the slave, and I sent him to hunt.What s the matter with the Roman soldiers next to him Who allowed you to use Roman soldiers for yourself Have you served your appetite Tell me, who gave you the power Tell me Gaius was furious and valhalla cannabis infused gummies 10mg cbd 5mgthc stared at the legion commander fiercely.I, I, no I thought Do you think Gaius suddenly put away his anger, and his tone became calmer, You think my order to order all the soldiers to assemble can be an exception for people of your status, right No, no My lord, my lord, I swear I never thought of it that way The legion commander trembled in defense.But you ve done it Gaius roared Lieutenant, take off his legion commander costume From today, you are just an ordinary centurion, go to the queue After the original commander of the Legion staggered to the ranks in the square, no one spoke, only the sound of whipping and chopping continued. He stared at Wang Weiyi God.Let me praise the god.Spurius, my dearest friend, please tell me, how did you think of these things I always think from your point of view.The only consul.Wang Weiyi resumed the title of the only consul I think we are friends.A friend should always consider another friend.I will bring you to the Senate tomorrow, and I want everyone to know you.Pompeo said enthusiastically I must let everyone know that although I recommended Yakulius by mistake, I will never Wrong Spurius Wang Weiyi smiled slightly, and then followed Pompey s words and asked How is Yakulius This poor child.Pompey sighed This time The failure hit him so hard that he was almost devastated and shut himself in his room all day, refusing to see anyone.Spurius, my wise friend, can you help me think of good Is there a way to make him look good again I m happy to help.Crassus didn t know what to do, so he personally met them.This group of people immediately reported that Crassus was still in Calle.So Sulena led the troops and rushed to the city of Kale.The Romans, who were short of water and food, had to forcefully break through.In the end, Crassus was captured and killed, and only less than 10,000 remnants of the 40,000 troops of the seven Roman legions he brought fled back to Syria.This is the most painful and painful lesson for the Romans, and everyone, including Crassus, is obsessed with avenging this shameful hatred Wang Weiyi raised the issue of Anxi again at this time, which made Pompey pay special attention.He listened to Wang Weiyi and said slowly Why don t you let Yakulius form a legion to launch an attack on Anxi again I believe it will It will take a long time to prepare for another war against Anxi, and this kind of time can probably relieve the pain in Yakulius heart, right Pompey fully understood that this would not only cbd gummies joint pain allow Yakulius to regain his confidence over time, but he could also take advantage of this opportunity to get more troops loyal to him in his hands Thinking of this, he couldn t cbd gummies joint pain help but said I really don t know how to repay you like this Seven hundred and sixty seven.However, Caesar The choice is busy dealing with the barbarians, and our failure in Rest has made us worry, who are you planning to send to shoulder this important task Hockham.Pompey proposed without hesitation This candidate He once followed Krasu to put down the slave riots, and also followed Karasu to participate in the war against Anxi.No one is more experienced than him.He is fully qualified for the tasks we have given him.With this At the same time, we will form a new legion to support him He finally expressed his intention slowly The new legion will fight under the command of Hawkham, and the legion The most important chief centurion, I want to appoint my adopted son Yakulius There was a whisper, and now everyone understood that Pompey was using this idea.Judging from Yakulius age, he could not hold a higher position.cost of.Because of this, the first thing Roman generals appointed as commanders often did was to find new patrons.Now, Spurius has resolved his concerns ahead cbd gummies joint pain of time, so how could he not make himself extremely grateful Servius also made up his mind that no matter what Spurius needs his help in the future, even if he loses his life, he must do it They chatted for a while, and seeing Pompey walking towards here, Servius hurriedly said I will come to you, then I will take my leave first.When Pompey came, all he saw was the back of Servius , He smiled coldly This simple minded guy, probably still complacent about that appointment Everything is under your control, Pompeo.Wang Weiyi smiled and said I think you are very happy You will soon get rid of the enemy you hate the most, and the power of Rome will be completely in cbd gummies 25mg froggies your hands.Wang Weiyi said lightly I think Centumarus may still be able to play some role.Oh, is it so Yes.Wang Weiyi nodded very seriously Do you know who Centumalus hates the most Not a barbarian, but a Caesar.If it weren t for Caesar s refusal to assist, Centumalus would not have fallen to where he is now.He must be cursing Caesar now under the care of the barbarians Pompey s eyes lit up, and he seemed to understand something.Wang Weiyi glanced at him and continued You can also imagine that if we can catch him, he will be infinitely grateful to us and Rome, Germania The governor of pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking the cbd gummies joint pain province of Niah, he is unable to continue to complete this mission.But when he returns to Rome, no matter what you ask him to do, I think he will be obedient Pompey completely understood For example, let him severely criticize Caesar in the Senate, let those The elders think that Caesar did not fulfill his duty to Rome as the Governor of Gaul Then you cbd gummies joint pain can recall him in the name of the Senate Wang Weiyi smiled Even more brilliant As you wish, Caesar will lose his army and power if he returns.The voices of the guests kept ringing, Anthony smiled and said What do you think, Senator Spulius purekana cbd gummies cbd gummies joint pain Ah, I don t know too well, but I am more optimistic about some savage Ernie.Wang Weiyi replied lightly.Then, let them compete Anthony s sudden voice aroused the cheers of the guests again, and some people began to place bets impatiently.Would you like to place a bet, Senator Spulius Wang Weiyi thought for a moment Thirty dinars, purekana cbd gummies cbd gummies joint pain I bet the savage Ernie to win.Your shot is as generous as the legend says.Anthony said with satisfaction That s not me, my choice is the violent Shatongs.Aha, then you already know who is stronger between the two of them.It seems that my poor thirty dinars will definitely not be able to keep Wang Weiyi said with a smile.This made Anthony laugh too, and then he said to the two gladiators You humble slaves, let my distinguished guests see your skills.In order to prevent the Romans from discovering your intentions, you and other tribal leaders must often go to meet the Roman generals to express their submission.You vote If you like, you can even invite the Romans to arbitrate the disputes baypack cbd gummies between the tribes.The Romans will definitely fall for it, and the time will be ripe at that time At the same time, the time for the decisive battle must be chosen in autumn, because at that time the continuous torrential rain made the roads muddy and difficult to walk.The Roman army relied heavily on logistics, and the mobility of the march would be greatly limited under such conditions.There is only one such place, and that is the Teutonic Forest The Teutonic Forest is located in Lieber County in the northwest of the country, and this place name has been preserved to this day.The attack of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division had to be slowed down.The entire supply convoy, plus cbd gummies joint pain the twenty four American soldiers stationed in Schrottenburg, just disappeared.How many Germans came How on earth did they do it Lieutenant Colonel Karls, I will give you an infantry battalion and a motorized battalion.We must find these Germans in the shortest possible time.It doesn t matter whether they live or die, but they must not be allowed to escape Kerrett said.The general issued such an order viciously At the same time, I will order the plane to conduct aerial reconnaissance and capture the figures of the Germans as soon as possible.Yes, general, I don t think the Germans will escape.Kars is confident He completely gave his general an answer.He didn t think the Germans had anywhere to run, and the whole of Schrothenburg was under the Allied blockade as long as they remained in the encirclement.There were not many guests, only seven or eight people.But most of them are famous local people.Most of these guests are Germans.Although such an invitation was reluctantly accepted under the American occupation, the sadness and pain on the face can still be found if you look closely.There is only one cbd gummies joint pain exception, and that is Gnapoli Burr of the Burr family.He seemed to be very affectionate with Brigadier General Jonsson.From the first time he saw the Brigadier General, he kept talking to the Brigadier General, and this also made the Germans around him feel great dissatisfaction.Wang Weiyi saw all this clearly Then, please allow me to introduce you to the owner of this place.Baron Dill Selmont van Preet Chels Molo from the Dutch royal family and his wife, Baroness Preet.and Baroness Waldeck, Dill Semont Van Prett Bektress Wilhelmina Waldeck Molo.Thuk Thuk.Bullets poured out towards them like a rainstorm The two snipers didn t even have any chance to evade, so they were beaten like a hornet s nest.Major Gackley could finally what does cbd infused gummies breathe a sigh of relief.He came to the two corpses and inspected them carefully, but found no mysterious and valuable information on the corpses.Major, in that building, we found a large number of armed personnel hidden.This report made Major Gaekley look towards the building pointed by his subordinates.In fact, to be precise, it can no longer be called one building.Under the previous Allied bombing, only half of the building remained.Under the orders of Major Gackley, the building was quickly surrounded by American troops.And just to be sure, the major requested reinforcements again.Another two companies of American soldiers entered the Goethe University half an hour later, and the enemies in the building had nowhere to escape Even Colonel Kevic himself was there at 10pm.The one in the lead.Wearing an old fashioned German general uniform.The one who followed him was wearing an old fashioned German captain s uniform.Moreover, this captain is holding a battle flag in his hand This is a blood red banner, a huge white skull, located in the middle of the banner, staring at the world in front of it with its empty and cold eye sockets Skeleton Battle Banner The German officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division couldn t be more familiar with it.This is the Skeleton Battle Flag but.This is not the same as the skull flag of the Skeleton Master.The flag of the Skeleton Master has a dark red background.This cbd gummies 50 gm is also one of their traditions the blood red skeleton battle flag, only the skeleton commando can use it who are they Why .

can dogs take cbd gummies?

so young Where did they come from Why are you wearing such an old fashioned military uniform The huge skeleton battle flag was held high in the hands of the captain, protecting the young general like a loyal guard.We have set a goal and will Will fight till death Only the mad masses pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking are tame.The masses are blind and stupid.The masses are like a woman who can do whatever she wants.Of course we can t learn from them Only for my people Only useful treaties are effective.No one can take away our honor.For the German people, we must fight for 15 20 years.On the wall, such notes were pasted all over, and everything written on the notes was repeated by Wang Weiyi.Familiar, but who said this Adolf Hitler And at the top of the note is the largest one, with these words written in bold on it When danger befalls Germany, I will come back That s what he once said Ernst Alexson.von Brahm Moreover, he also pure kana cbd gummies cost saw that what he said in cbd gummies joint pain the German military parade was HCMUSSH cbd gummies joint pain posted here But if someone insists on carrying the war to the end, Germany will not flinch in the slightest.Wang Weiyi frowned.He knew that Hitler had several doubles before he was alive, all of whom looked very similar to him, and it was because of these doubles that he successfully avoided several assassinations.Did Fels mean that Doesn t that corpse belong to Hitler himself The calf of that corpse is obviously much thicker than that of the head of state.Fels expressed his doubts Moreover, there is a mole on the back of the left hand of the corpse.I swear, I have never seen such a mole on the head of state Wang Weiyi nodded, yes, he didn t know that Hitler had such a mole.But I dare not tell others what I found, so I can only hide it in my heart.Fels expression is very complicated These things have been bothering me for so many years, I want cbd gummies joint pain to find the reason, but I was quickly dismissed, I lost the resources I had.Lieutenant Colonel Kars was extremely annoyed at Colonel Guy He felt that there was no need for him to stay here any longer Colonel, I think it s time for me to leave.We will try our best to recapture Ibor and rescue you and your subordinates.Lieutenant Colonel, I beg you to Hurry up, I can t last a day like this Under Colonel Gay s pleading, Lieutenant Colonel Kars left here with a sneer.Such an incompetent officer, it is better to keep him here Lieutenant Colonel Carls saw everything he wanted willie nelson cbd gummy bears to see, and Guo Yunfeng was not prepared to hide anything from the Americans.He also deliberately took Lieutenant Colonel Kars to see the prisoners of the 30th Reinforced Regiment of the US Army.We have strictly complied with the prisoners of war regulations, and they eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus review have not been abused.Guo Yunfeng said indifferently The rest is up to you, either keep them alive or let them die.But, the French thought, those Germans probably wouldn t care, would they HCMUSSH cbd gummies joint pain Heisenberg and his commandos were ready.They waited quietly, showing no sign of rush.During the day, Captain Ince had already figured out everything about the situation here, including the exact location of the artillery positions.Suitable blast sites, and those defended by the few defenders.Now.Just waiting for the attack of the armed guerrillas of the underground resistance organization.Heisenberg looked at the time, and there were still a few minutes before the agreed time.He closed his eyes and seized the last few minutes to rest.Suddenly, gunshots pierced the night sky, and then dense gunfire rang out.Let s get started Heisenberg stood up and said coldly.All the commandos stood up and walked out silently.Attack, attack Those damned guerrillas are coming again There was some confusion outside, but none cbd gummies joint pain of the artillerymen came out.This is the worst of times, but it is also the best of times A burst of shells struck, killing almost all the British who could not escape in a position.But the Allies were still afraid that there would be living people here, and the shells continued to fall here.The Americans began to find that the enemy on the opposite side had changed from the Germans to the British.To be honest, they were a little confused.Why did the United States go to war with Britain The previous relationship between the two countries seemed cbd gummies cbdistillery so close.But that s a matter for high level officials.For soldiers, they don t have much choice.The only thing they can do is to kill the enemy, or be killed by the enemy.The rainstorm of bullets washes over the entire battlefield, and every life is struggling to die God, my leg.Americans are not as easy to deal with as spaghetti.It will soon be cbd gummies joint pain night.Captain Tupman and his company arrived at the American camp by car.They all wore American top 10 cbd brands gummies military uniforms, with submachine guns tucked into their clothes, and identification tags ripped from prisoners of war.Captain Tupman dressed as a lieutenant colonel, a lieutenant colonel visiting the camp.He knew that military officers would come to inspect the camp in the next few days.Of course, the U.S.military did not know who the inspecting officers were.They were stopped by the US military sentry post, and Sergeant Dali explained their identities to the sentry post in fluent English.The sentry let it go without suspicion.The camp is heavily guarded.If you attack, you don t know how many casualties you will pay.There are almost two pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking companies in this camp, and there are watchtowers and outposts.Annette, don t struggle, it will hurt your.I don t want to hurt you, although you almost caught me just now.While talking, Wang Weiyi took out the gun from Annette s waist, and then released Annette.When Annette turned around, she found that the muzzle of her gun had been aimed at herself.Wang Weiyi pointed the gun at her.Annette, then completely uncuffed and threw it in front of Annette Hey, I think you know how to use this thing, handcuff you to the bed.I will kill you.said Annette through gritted teeth.Of course, there may be a day, but you have to chain yourself now.Wang Weiyi said indifferently.Annette knew very well that in such a situation, purekana cbd gummies cbd gummies joint pain resistance is definitely an unwise choice.She purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies joint pain gritted her teeth and handcuffed herself to the railing of the bed.Wang Weiyi put away the gun ah , Such a night reminded me of what happened in the Johannes Hotel in Dessau.Hand grenades were thrown out desperately one after another, and amidst the bursts of explosions, the rising smoke enveloped the battlefield.Occasionally, something flew up, and it was only when it fell to the ground that it could be seen that it was a broken arm.At the same time, the owner of this arm uttered the most painful cry.This is the most real battlefield Once you set foot on this battlefield, you will know what is the cruelest truth.Everyone who has experienced all this will never forget it.Even if they can survive the war, as soon as they close their eyes, the waste s limbs and arms will be broken.The dead companions HCMUSSH cbd gummies joint pain will appear most clearly in their minds.But what can you do Now that you re here, you won t have any choice Colonel Versten also went into the battlefield himself, just like Marshal Ernst who was holding a heavy machine gun.He has been fighting with him since the outbreak of the war.The old guy is a sniper and has at least a second class Iron Cross and An iron cross for military service, and always looks like a Junker gentleman.He has grown two long beards for many years, making him look more like an antique as if he hasn t cut it since Bismarck unified the empire But the Major is a well deserved good sniper despite being much older than everyone else.He has killed 128 targets.That s why the rifle has 101.128.It s the old guy s way of showing off his feats The old guy also once said that pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking the rifle in his hand will suck the soul of every dead person it hunts.And eventually become a more powerful weapon so, as a collection of dead souls, this ridiculous 0.128 is And then came.The old guy s trick Heisenberg grinned, You re doing well, boy.He was full of complaints about his troops inability to participate in the battle before.But now he has to thank General Miller for his wise decision.If not.Perhaps his cbd gummies joint pain troops had suffered heavy losses, and he could no longer bring himself to be face to face with His Excellency the Baron.Maybe I m even dead now I thank the merciful God for giving me such a chance Colonel Ackler, thank you for participating in the war.Wang Weiyi didn t seem to care about the colonel s enthusiasm for himself From the information cbd gummies joint pain you have, how long can Robin Stell last Marshal, Robbins Tell couldn t hold on for even a day.Colonel Ackler, who had recovered from his excitement, said The organized resistance has been destroyed, and now in Robinstel, the German troops are fighting for themselves.The commander in chief ratio is shockingly high, and the top commander at Robin Stall is now Major Hewitt of 1st Battalion, Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.Prior to this, the heavy losses of the 13th Armored Division of the Russian Army, which had been the main force, made their commander, Lieutenant General Taborski, cry several times.What was even more frightening was that the 26th Armored Brigade, which had not cbd gummies joint pain cbd gummies vs hemp gummies been used, was put into service.The battlefield turned out to be all dedicated to the Germans, which was simply unacceptable to Taborski.And now the attack of the Baron s Guard has arrived an attack as unstoppable as Thor s hammer.Those swaggering German tanks and assault guns quickly formed a terrifying barrage in the first place.Flames and explosions intertwined on the battlefield.The Russians of the 13th Armored Division in chaos had lost the confidence to continue fighting.A large number of Russian tanks were quickly destroyed.As for the surviving tanks, some of the tank soldiers even gave up fighting and got out of the tanks and scattered.200 million US dollars What kind of concept is this Even though Migrosky has been so successful in Russia and monopolized a large number of industries, his property has not reached such a sum.The Petergoff family Either he was extremely lucky, or he was bragging.But judging from his actions, he doesn t look like a liar.Now, those oil fields and industries can bring me tens of millions of dollars in profits every year Wang Weiyi still said in that faint tone.I really envy you for having such luck.Migroski regained his composure It s not that I have any doubts about your words, but it s just a coincidence that I also know the Wittgenstein family, and I also know Mr.Elliott, I don t think you If you object, I can have Ivan get in touch with Mr.Elliott to confirm your identity.Ah, please don t misunderstand my purpose, I just want to treat you as a friend better.Marshal Auchinets died in the possession of the Wittgenstein family.Because Mr.Eliot was very dissatisfied with Russia s war against Germany.Then your friend What Ivan asked cautiously.He was also dead, and was hit by a car the next night.Migroski said with pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking a gloomy expression So, each of us must be careful, and if there is any problem, it will be Terrible result.After speaking, he walked to the phone, picked it up, hesitated for a while, dialed a number, and then said respectfully to the phone I m Migroski, Please help me pick up the Grand Duke Bierstoka Nine hundred and thirty three.The Assassin in the Church is a game, a big game designed by Wang Weiyi.Many people will be involved in this game.Once involved, no one will be spared.Everyone must follow the direction designed by Wang Weiyi to the end.After they opened fire, All of their ammunition was quickly exhausted, so the company was seriously low on ammunition.Existing anti tank weapons are only three anti tank cannons and a small number of anti tank grenades, so it is difficult to penetrate the frontal armor of American tanks, unless it is at a very short distance.Kiritz realized the seriousness of the situation the first line of defense might not be able to withstand the next attack from the Americans Kyritz ordered the first company to immediately replenish ammunition and distribute anti tank explosive kits and asked the first company to observe the long range artillery that directed cbd gummies joint pain the coordinates to the defense zone to bombard the assembly point of the Americans.The second company quickly built fortifications and replenished anti tank mines and infantry mines.When Takot changed the fourth magazine, the Russian offensive collapsed, and the survivors retreated in twos and threes into the woods behind.Move to the right side.Tuckett ordered to the members of the Brandenburg commando behind him, affirming their bravery with his eyes.The latter didn t say anything, panted slightly tiredly, and began to put away the bracket of the mg62, and the gun barrel emitted strong gray smoke due to overheating.The ground trembled faintly, like the prelude to an earthquake.Why the right side Simon seemed to have a better idea We should go to the cabin and fight them in the woods Tanks are coming.Tuckett snatched some ammunition and grenades from a dead commando brother behind him, and there was even a small cake Then after catching up with a few people, we bent our backs and moved in the snow towards the place where Otto s soldiers on the right wing were killed just now.General, promise me, live a good life I will, Ryan, but you ve got to keep at it, listen, it s an order, an order Corrett yelled.Ryan s cbd gummies joint pain eyes faded and his voice became almost inaudible I think I m disobeying your orders for the first time Then, he closed his eyes The Chief of Staff of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division of the U.S.Army just died on the battlefield Putting down the body of the Chief of Staff, Kerrett stared blankly at what happened in front of him.Although he had been prepared for a long time, he never thought that he would die in such a way.Yes, he was about to die.He would never allow himself to be a prisoner.This was the greatest shame for a soldier.A few more American soldiers fell, and Kerrett let out a long sigh For the honor of America, let s go, soldiers Corrett yelled out.I think the most difficult years for the Allied forces in Germany have comeor, we will be purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies joint pain kicked out of here soon This was a far reaching war, and Berlin managed to escape from the greatest crisis, although they were still nothing compared to the enemy Advantage.But they knew that they were not far away from driving all enemies from their land.The Goddess of Victory is back in Germany The battlefield is cheering, the city of Berlin is cheering.They are cheering sour gummy bears cbd their heroes.cheering for this great victory.It is also cheering for the legendary hero of Germany Ernst Alexson von Brahm Baron Skeleton Where he is, there will always be miracles This is just the beginning Facing all the brave and fearless German soldiers, facing all German citizens and their allies, Wang Weiyi said I am delighted for this victory, and I am as excited as each of you, but I tell myself that I must Keep calm because.Mr.Dinarkale, I trust you and am willing to discuss the most important things with you.So, do you have any good advice for me Mr.Mayor called the roll call himself, and Dinakale extinguished his pipe Mr.Mayor, can the suppression really have an effect In the history of Italy, there have been many uprisings, such as when the Spaniards ruled Italy.The Spanish colonial rulers levied heavy military cbd gummies joint pain cbd gummies vs hemp gummies expenditures in Italy and restricted commodity exports with cumbersome industrial regulations.As a result, Italian industry and commerce plummeted.The commercial bourgeoisie was unprofitable, and began to acquire the land of the declining nobles, and exploited the tenant farmers by using the split system.The peasants were crushed by reciprocal rents, usury, and taxes.Living in extreme poverty, their actual status is equal to that of cbd gummies joint pain serfs.It is much better than before Bodilla didn t laugh as Nuoqier thought, but suddenly became depressed.He muttered softly, and Nuoqier couldn t hear it very clearlybut he was sure that he The meaning to be expressed.It s a pitywar Noqier thought he understood, but in fact he didn t understand what he meant at all What He became very strange Bodilla smiled again Suddenly I feel a little homesick Yes, Noqier has never had time to ask Where is your hometown Bodie stretched his finger and pointed to the southwest A beautiful small farm And you Nochier looked at him enviously I am from Nuremberg Bodilla widened his big eyes What about the metropolis His envious expression made Nuoqier feel his idiot, but how can he understand the distress of a metropolitan Nuoqier sighed I don t have the energy to persuade you that you don t want to be A metropolitan Bodilla shrugged, indicating that he would teach at any time.In front of him is a square wooden table with an accurate map of the area, and he is deploying for battle Almost every tank commander was present.And of course that nasty Klaus No matter what others think, anyway, Nuoqier is full of prejudice against him He s a solid bastard Major McCall said The task of our armored battalion is to occupy position 133 Break through the fortifications built by the Russians from the front Open a gap in pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking the defense line for the follow up troops That s right, from the concept of the German Blitzkrieg in World War II exactly.Armored combat vehicles with fast maneuvering and powerful penetration capabilities.Concentrate on tearing through the enemy lines And those infantrymen can clean up the mess Nuoqier glanced at the people around him, they were all unfamiliar faces.Nochier was sure that if the car body hadn t retreated the distance of a few meters That shell will penetrate through the armor directly in front of my 098 , and explode rapidly inside my car cabin There is no doubt that he will die.However, due to the backward movement of the car body, the shell hit the side track position on the bottom of the car, which should have been the front part of the car The fragile track broke instantly The German army in the cabin felt a violent shock Hans rolled over and hit his head on the cbd gummy bears 10mg handle of Nocher s periscope Watching him clutching his swollen area, Noqier even felt a dull pain in his head.I am not dead yet, I am still alive for natures one cbd gummies official website pure kana cbd gummies cost the time being Perhaps those Russians are rejoicing for the German army Lucky guy But how many times can you be lucky Yes, the 098 without the tracks can t move And the tank is still within the effective range of the 45 gun What Bodilla did only delayed their death, and Nuoqier was considering whether to abandon the car If there is time That is a kind of wishful thinking, unless those Russians show mercy and let the German army slip away under their noses But they hate the Germans so much They can t perform miracles, they are just one of the dead German soldiers and destroyed tanks Even Bodilla gave up trying this tank.I still I didn t finish talking, just like we were hiding from the Russians on the partition.You were very excited at that time.I can guarantee that if you were more excited at that time, I would definitely knock you out without hesitation, but I definitely don t want to expose himself was then killed by the Russians.Then there was that time when uly cbd gummies hair growth you hid upstairs and sniped the Russians.At that time, I was very scared, as if you would be killed in the next moment.Facts have proved that my premonition was accurate, and the gaffe just now, I I don t know, but there is a kind of panic that follows me around.From the current cbd gummies joint pain point of view, I am really not suitable for commanding others to fight, this will only make me drag everyone into the quagmire.So, Troman, if you still encounter Russians next, I will leave it to you.Quick, let s go Michael held the gun tightly in his hand.Hey, there are real guys in front, are you crazy Peter couldn t help but feel a little worried when he saw McKen rushing so aggressively.Eric was advancing cautiously.He looked around, and there were several machine guns shooting at them from different angles, but none of them hit them.Damn, I Knowing that he can t hit us, but I still don t believe their marksmanship.Pete murmured while wading in the sea.Just bet on your luck Mike held his gun high I believe they are not stupid.Gentlemen, rush up as soon as possible.Although you must pay attention to the bullets in the minister s eyes, don t be afraid of them, because you are brave German soldiers Did you hear that The colonel is urging us, we have to work harder Mike En threw out a sentence, and rushed forward with all his strength.Dodoan said excitedly, Our proudest place.Are the French proud Wang Weiyi suddenly asked.Seeing cbd gummies joint pain Dodoan shaking his head in confusion, Wang Weiyi said lightly Because this represents the blood and dedication of the French Revolution It was an abandoned vacant lot until the second half of the eighteenth century, and it gradually rose to prominence until the establishment of the Military School in 1765.The main purpose at that time was to be used as a place for military training.However, on July 17, 1791, during the French Revolution, there was a massacre and bloodshed here.At that time, people gathered here to submit a petition.In France, which expected to abolish the throne of Louis XVI and hope to establish a republic, the mayor of Paris issued a military decree at this time, which allowed the army to use weapons to expel the people.people.Yes, he was right.In fact, he and Lantes are basically the same kind of people So, you have to do everything possible to protect me.Sam looked at his hands I can t do anything wrong.I can t be caught by the police I can t be assassinated, my life is even more important than yours.Ah, while we discuss these issues, I suggest you put your gun away.Sam s hands were still shaking, but After a while he had to put away his gun.Look, this is the attitude that should exist between friends and collaborators At this time, Sam s smile seemed so hateful to Longtes Don t worry, as long as I live well, I will ensure your safety.Of course, I can t stop you from revealing these secrets yourself.As long as you don t tell, no one will know these cbd gummies joint pain secrets.Lontes said coldly, gave Sam a cold look, and then coldly left this dark and wet alley, which made him extremely upset.I will dispatch two infantry regiments and an artillery battalion to monitor them.There are not many US troops in Paris, so we don t have to worry at all.You are right.Wang Weiyi nodded Once the turmoil in Paris begins, the Americans will be caught off guard.Especially your sudden change purekana cbd gummies cbd gummies joint pain of troops makes it difficult for them to decide what to do in a short period of time, and once they attack, it will force them to make up their minds in advance.Gentlemen.Time It will be the most important thing for us In addition to maintaining law and order in Paris, the police and secret police will also undertake the task of monitoring the Elysee Palace and those key officials of the Cathar government.Berkeley said not to be outdone We believe that after the mutiny, Khatri and Sinagh will quickly use their armed forces to resist.Not optimistic We are also actively researching countermeasures.There is nothing to collect intelligence.William turned around It seems to me that all this was done by one person Alec Baron Sen, yes, I can be sure HCMUSSH cbd gummies joint pain that he did all these things alone.Turner seemed a little unconvinced The German army is counterattacking in Germany, can Baron Skeleton be distracted and go to Paris This is The most important reason why we can t have someone like the Baron William actually smiled strangely He can always appear in different places, and he can always fight another war that belongs to him while a war is raging.anything he pure kana cbd gummies cost purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking wants.No one can stop him, no one can.turner.I think we will lose France Turner gasped.Of course, he was also strongly confused.Although he is the greatest enemy of the United States, Mr.You don t understand the outcry that a family like this would do to them without evidence.Captain Pattinson was a little strange Aren t they nobles Do you want to go to the battlefield too Captain, you have completely what mg cbd gummies misunderstood the English nobility.Lieutenant Colonel Mills said with some ecstasy Students of the best school in the UK Eton College, sleep on hard beds, eat simple food, and receive very strict training every day.Even worse than the students in civilian sunday scaries cbd gummies review schools.The aristocratic spirit advocated by the British aristocracy is not the nouveau riche spirit.It is opposed to the common people s spirit, and it does not mean a pampered, leisurely and luxurious lifestyle, but a series of values such as honor, responsibility, courage, and self discipline as the core.Pioneering spirit.I would like to ask you a very difficult matter Wang Weiyi immediately guessed what the other party wanted to say Are you asking me to find Alinda Yes.Nash nodded solemnly With the arrest of Yess.I still have many things to do.And your status here is very special, you can even mobilize the power of the FBI and the CIA, if you are willing to regard me as your friend, then please help me.Wang Weiyi made his own answer without thinking Of course, we are friends, right I will mobilize all the connections around me to help you find Alinda and Bella.There was some gratitude cbd gummies joint pain in Nash s eyes He has never had a friend by his side, and he doesn t think that a friend can bring him any helpBut.Obviously there is a friend It s a happy thing, like Lieutenant Colonel Moyol who helped himself so much I thought.As for Those family members.All they can do is wait for orders.Once the phone rings at home, they must rush to the air force base as soon as possible.As for when the phone rings All they can do is wait.General Gandra is probably too Don t worry too much In fact, the reddit cbd gummy American general s worries purekana cbd gummies cbd gummies joint pain are completely justified.Wang Weiyi has already fixed his eyes on this plane.As the Axis powers bombed Britain, London has long been in chaos.In a mess, no one cared about the dying Duke Stephen, and the federal agents who had been monitoring the Duke were also transferred from this place.For the first time after Her Majesty went into exile, Duke Stephen was able to I saw my visitor in my own home.You did a great job, Your Excellency the Baron.Duke Stephen said enthusiastically You have not been in London for a long time.Open debates may also be held with the consent of a majority of the Senate.Finally, there is a vote in the Senate.This is the procedure for the Senate to consider the impeachment case, and it is also cbd gummies joint pain the final step of the entire legal procedure for the impeachment of the president.Under the rules, each impeachment charge must be voted on separately.Sentences of conviction and removal from office can only be passed by a two thirds majority of the senators present.Otherwise, the president should be declared innocent.That means William still has a certain amount of time, and he may not be able to be impeached successfully Wang Weiyi asked.There is still some time for him.Grislow said quickly But in my opinion, this impeachment will definitely succeed.Since William was elected president, it has indeed been very prosperous for a while, and leafly cbd gummies has received a high approval rate, but Soon, the trust and image he had worked so hard to build came crashing down.At 9 00 in HCMUSSH cbd gummies joint pain the morning, under the escort of a large group of German and British soldiers, a convertible car appeared.There are three people standing on the car, and the one in the middle is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom natures one cbd gummies official website pure kana cbd gummies cost of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other territories and dependencies by the grace cbd gummies joint pain of God.Head of the Commonwealth and defender of the state religion.On her left is Adolf Hitler, the head of the German Empire.And on her right.It was Ernst Aleksson von Von, who saved Germany and England almost by himself, and welcomed Queen Elizabeth II back to London.Baron Bram In an instant, earth shattering cheers resounded through the streets of London.The emotions of the people are completely crazy.They desperately want to crowd up, desperate to express their inner excitement.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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