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Almost smashed the glass of water in his hand to the ground.Establish a customer development service department This is exactly what Qingyu said If it is a coincidence, it would be too exaggerated It can only be said that this is not a coincidence in the first place, it is exactly the same thing Chapter Eighteen I don t know how to flatter, which means that Qingyu and Cheng Siyu are exactly the same person Qi Fei was a little dazed, it would be fine if he didn t know, but now that he knew, he couldn t figure out how he should chat with Qingyu in the future.What if he inadvertently revealed his identity What should we do When Qi Fei was in a daze, the voice from the office brought him back to his senses.Sorry, Mr.Tan, I have no idea about that.Yi Lan expressed her attitude directly.Tan Jianren s eyelids trembled a few times, he stared at Yi Lan and said, You have to know, if I nominate you, you are guaranteed to be the person in charge.It s all inherited from you.Uncle is so foresight and blessed With just a few words, Qi Fei praised all three members of Yi Lan s family.When I arrived, I was cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies very happy to talk about the three members of this family.After a meal, Yi Lan s parents affection for Qi Fei rose vertically, and they couldn t like the expression on his face any more, and then even intentionally or unintentionally hinted at things like Yi Lan s falling in love during the chat, which made Qi Fei feel uncomfortable.Yi Lan was a little embarrassed, and hurriedly told her parents that she would take Qi Fei to the neighborhood to have a look, and then dragged him away.I have to say that the temperature here is very pleasant.Even though it is summer, it is not so hot.The weather is sunny and sunny, and the natural scenery that can be seen everywhere makes people feel very comfortable physically and mentally.She left with Mr.Tan.At this time, she probably won t come back cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies until after dinner.Is that so Li Dafa showed a disappointed look in his eyes.Qi Fei snuffed out the cigarette butt, threw it into the trash can, and then poured Li Dafa a glass of water.Li Dafa took a few sips of water and asked, Well, last time you Mr.Cheng came to see you, did something good happen If you get promoted, you have to invite me to dinner.Qi Fei smiled What s the good thing Just ask me about my work casually.I m still terrified.Fortunately, I didn t criticize me.Li Dafa also laughed You do such a good job, how can you cbd edible gummies criticize you That s right , Mr.Cheng asked me about the last time I cooperated with you.Qi Fei said and looked into Li Dafa s eyes.Li Dafa became visibly nervous What are you talking about Hey, what else can I say, I m just a small employee, and I m in charge of running errands.Afterwards, several people packed up their things and returned to the publishing station.Yi Lan also gathered all the employees.While waiting for the senior management to come over, Qi Fei had a general understanding of the senior management s situation.The most senior member of the company s media group is the chairman, followed by the general manager of the group, the so called CEO or president, then the vice president of the group, and the media director.The chairman is in overall charge, the CEO controls the operation committee, and the media director is the head of the editorial committee.And this time, it was the president of the group.Such a high level person came to the small publishing station in person.Of course, all the employees here dare not neglect, and all of them are very excited.Qi Fei s heart moved, what Cheng Siyu saw was probably what he got cbd edible gummies cbd gummies for eyes for Yi Lan.These liberty cbd gummies two plans are very good.The first one is cbd night gummies 3 chi cbd gummies to cooperate with the mobile company and use our newspaper as a gift for mobile users.The second one is to open a newspaper column for student groups Qi Fei was happy, and his heart ached.I think it really is these two, it seems that Yi Lan is a sure thing to be the person in charge.Well, it s very interesting.Tell me about it in detail.Then Qingyu narrated the specific content, and Qi Fei immediately said You are a very flexible employee Very good, if you want me to say , let this person be the person in charge of your company s newly established department Yeah, I think so too.Seeing the words sent by the other party, Qi Fei was delighted, but the next In a second, Qi Fei was dumbfounded by the content sent by the other party.Seeing President cbd edible gummies what do cbd gummies do for anxiety Yan holding Yi Lan s hand and unwilling to let go, Yi Lan was also a little embarrassed, and the displeasure on Cheng Siyu s face became more obvious.Mr.Yan immediately saw Cheng Siyu s reaction, then narrowed his eyes, and let go of Yi Lan s hand in displeasure.He felt that the boss of the distribution company was looking down on him by showing him face in front of so many people Qi Fei squeezed out huuman cbd gummies review a smile and went forward and stretched out his hand, but Mr.Yan didn t even look at him, turned around with his hands behind his back and said, Okay, I ve finished reading this too, you keep busy, I ll go to the ad Take a look at the company.Before he finished speaking, he had already stepped out of the office door with one foot, and Zhang Li hurriedly followed.Qi Fei s hands were still frozen, which was really embarrassing.I was really anxious and angry about this kind of nonsense, and immediately turned around so that the boss stared at the flat headed man and scolded Are you fucking blind Even Boss Li s people dare to move The flat headed man was dumbfounded Said I I didn cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies t know each other at all I shrank my neck in fright.From the beginning to the end, Qi cbd edible gummies Fei didn t speak, but now he knew that he was cbd edible gummies what do cbd gummies do for anxiety fine.At first he cbd edible gummies was surprised to see the policeman being so polite to Li Xuan, but he immediately realized that this guy s parents are high ranking officials, which is also reasonable.Damn it, hurry up and apologize to Boss Li Brother Qiang scolded again.His four subordinates were trembling, all bent down to Li Xuan, and said in unison Boss Li, I m sorry Li Xuan smiled What s the use of telling me, the person you beat is not me Then he put his arms around Qi Fei s shoulders, frowned and asked, Brother Fei, who slapped your mouth The short haired man felt a little bit in his heart, and lowered his head subconsciously.He was so familiar with this place that he couldn t be more familiar with it.When he started a company, he didn t know much about the business.How many times have you flown from here to other cities Once here, Qi Fei was the boss himself, and he would be accompanied by assistants, but now he has become someone else s subordinate.He left a few months ago in despair, miracle leaf cbd gummies 1200mg and now he is not much better when he comes back.Qi Fei felt more and more bitter.To Qi Fei s surprise, Li Xuan didn t seem to be unfamiliar with this place, after getting off the plane, he walked out of the exit familiarly.Qi Fei followed Li Xuan outside, at first Qi Fei do cbd gummies have thc cbd edible gummies thought that many people would come to welcome Li Xuan, but now he saw that there was no one at all.Li Xuan took Qi Fei to the place where he took a taxi, and after getting in the car, he told the driver to go to Hanyu Hotel.Qi Fei quickly entered the hospital building and came to Yi Lan s ward.The ward was very quiet, no one else was there, Qi Fei sat by the bed and looked at Yi Lan who looked good, he couldn t help but smile.Qi Fei took out his mobile phone, and downloaded some songs that Yi Lan likes to listen to.He can use his mobile phone to play on the side, so he doesn t need to turn on the computer.The melodious music played, Qi Fei also logged in to QQ, but set incognito, and saw a message from Qingyu as soon as he logged in, one was about Yi Lan, and the other was deliberately not mentioned by Duofu, which made it difficult for him.Qi Fei smiled knowingly, of course he knew what it was.After hesitating for a cbd edible gummies long time, Qi Fei decided not to reply for the time being, and he would go to dinner with Heizi and others later, cannaleafz cbd gummies canada so let s chat with Qingyu later.When he was full, Qi Fei paid the bill and took the two of them to Li Xuan s bar.Li Xuan s place is not just this bar, strictly speaking, this bar is a part of Li Xuan s entertainment club.The name of this entertainment club is Yinsha Chunse, which includes bars, ktv, dance halls, movie theaters, restaurants, etc., and even a special tea house, which is very complete in functions.Later, Qi Fei also found out that there is a big company behind this entertainment club, Li Xuan is the legal representative of this company, but it seems that there cbd edible gummies what do cbd gummies do for anxiety are still people above him, so Qi Fei doesn t know.Yinsha Chunse occupies a large area.Some places such as bars and KTVs are in the same building, and some relax gummies cbd infused extreme strength reddit are closely adjacent to each other.This is also convenient for guests to eat, drink and have fun without traveling too far.Judging from his feelings, this gray clothed man must not be an ordinary person, so Qi Fei knew that he had better be more polite.The man in gray pointed to the sofa seat in front of him, motioning for Qi Fei to sit there.After Qi Fei sat down, the man in gray poured him another cup of tea, and then casually said, Your skill is very good.You re flattering yourself.Qi Fei said modestly.What s your name The man in gray asked him.My name is Qi Fei, may I ask your name What happened just now, 3 chi cbd gummies cbd gummies at gnc you are not afraid of danger I really admire this junior, and I want to apologize to you for disturbing you.The gray clothed man slightly With a smile You can just call me Mr.Gongsun.It seemed that this person didn t want to reveal his full name, so Qi Fei didn t ask further.Xiao Qi, I just heard from you that this teahouse belongs to your boss, and you are his subordinate.Wu.Dr.Wu waved his hand Don t do this again in the future, I m afraid it will affect Yi Lan s treatment.She already had a relatively obvious reaction, especially when she kicked her feet.What Sheshe moved Well, even though it s only a small one, it s already pretty good.Then It cbd edible gummies s really great Is she waking up soon I looked at her just now, as if she would open her eyes at any time.Cheng Siyu s face was full of excitement.Dr.Wu wiped the sweat off his face a little Actually, I don t know about this.It really seemed like she would wake up just now, butyou saw her, she still didn t wake up, and I m also very tired This Let s do it this time, it s too hard for you, Dr.Wu, you should go and rest quickly. No hurry, I ll take a breather and pull out the silver needle. Okay In order not to disturb Dr.Hehe, Brother Qi, let s go have breakfast first, I Please Qi Fei said I have already had breakfast, but I can still accompany you, where do you want to go Well, then just find a place.Okay.Today is It is New Year s Day, so the pedestrian street is also very lively, with lights and festoons everywhere, all the upper floors are holding activities, the streets are full of festive music, and there are broadcasts of business promotion activities.Qi Fei accompanied Ye Xiaobei to a dim sum shop to buy some food, Ye XiaobeiBei has a very small appetite, and he said he was full after eating only two cakes the size of eggs.Aren t you trying to lose weight Qi Fei said with a smile.Ye Xiaobei blinked No, I just want cbd edible gummies to maintain my figure.Your figure is very good, a little more flesh is fine.Ye Xiaobei s cheeks were slightly red I don t want to get fat No one wants fat people.Chapter 121 The unique small private room After about an hour and a half, the nightclub has been cleaned up again.Many people who were in the chaos before have already left, and some people who were too frightened were arranged When they arrived at the VIP box, all the injured were taken to the hospital.Qi Fei didn t know how to deal with the accident in the end.In short, it was all Li Xuan s business, and he didn t bother to think about it.During this period, Qi Fei saw that many reporters rushed over.Obviously, they wanted to conduct interviews and reports after learning about the accident here.Qi Fei couldn t help but admire Mr.Guang.To be honest, his efficiency in handling affairs It is still very high.If it is dealt with later, it will definitely be caught by these reporters.At this moment, the reporters were stopped by the security guards, and the deputy managers of the two nightclubs were dealing with them.Qi Fei was startled, mother, did Li Xuan see something Li Xuan said again I d 3 chi cbd gummies better tell you the specific situation, lest you be unsteady and affect my affairs.Qi Fei hurriedly pricked up his ears and listened carefully.Li Xuan took a puff of cigarette and looked into the distance Tomorrow morning, Xiaotie will take us through a rainforest in order to find a village deep in the rainforest.It s as simple as that.Qi Fei widened his eyes It s that simple Although Qi Fei had never been in a tropical rainforest, he knew that it was as dangerous as it could be.God knows how many murderous intentions are hidden in those forests that block out the sky and the sun.Creatures, swamps and rivers that swallow people, and miasma that floats, none of them can .

does cbd gummies lower blood pressure?

kill people.If you are lucky, you may encounter some vicious armed forces.Qi Fei is not a soldier, nor has he ever been a soldier on the battlefield.It is not easy to keep calm in the face of such a situation.Relatively speaking, Xiao Tie is the calmest.Is there any way to get rid of that monkey Qi Fei asked.Yes, that is to kill it.But Shh Xiao Tie made a silent gesture, and Qi Fei hurriedly closed his mouth tightly.At this moment, leaf remedies cbd gummies the place where the three of them were hiding was under a big collapsed tree, surrounded by lush vegetation and surrounded by a large number of vines, it was difficult to be found under normal circumstances.It s just that once discovered, it may be very difficult to escape, basically it will be a catch.After Xiao Tie signaled Qi Fei to be quiet, he closed his eyes, pricked up his ears and listened carefully.Qi Fei and Li Xuan stared at each other and tried to listen, but there was no movement other than his own heartbeat.The distance she ran was not very far, but she used all her strength at the beginning, so her physical strength Consumption is too fast.After all, Cheng Siyu is a woman, and compared with Qi Fei, a practicing family, the gap is not small.Qi Fei was very anxious seeing this situation, and even wanted to carry her by heart.At this moment, a gunshot rang out.The location of the gunshot was probably in the direction of the hotel, and after a pause for a few seconds, there was another series of gunshots.The people do cbd gummies have thc cbd edible gummies chasing Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu showed doubts, and then the leader inside received a call, and he continued to run while listening to the content of the phone.Suddenly he yelled, everyone stopped, and then they all turned around and ran towards the hotel.When Qi Fei saw this situation, he was a little puzzled for a while, why did he stop chasing after him Oopsit must beit must bethose peoplediscovered Li Xuan Cheng Siyu said while panting.In fact regarding his matter, I still understand a little bit.What is it Qi Fei suddenly became uneasy.For examplehe takes drugs.Qi Fei was stunned.If it wasn t for the lack of light here, Cheng Siyu would definitely be able to see his shocked expression.ThisMr.Cheng, are you mistaken Qi Fei stammered.Don t pretend.Cheng Siyu sighed I know this, you don t need to hide it from me anymore, but I don t want him to know that I know that.Come on, after all, his parents are really too busy to take care of him, but I am worried that if he is allowed to go on like this, no matter how strong his parents are, there will be a day when they can t cover him.Qi Fei Cheng Siyu s heart sank, Cheng Siyu was right, if Li Xuan didn t cbd night gummies 3 chi cbd gummies change himself to go on the right path as soon as possible, one day he would destroy himself and implicate people related to him, including Cheng Siyu.So he could only force himself to forget his fear, and only wanted to go forward, and then go forward until he walked out of this place.The increasingly vain hope became Qi Fei s last reliance.He kept talking to Cheng Siyu while walking, for no other reason, just to let her relax, even a little bit.In the cave, apart from the sound of the two groping forward and Qi Fei s speech, there were also some rustling sounds that appeared from time to time.When a person s eyes lose their smilz cbd gummies where to buy main function, their hearing becomes relatively more sensitive, and those messy movements make Cheng Siyu s psychological pressure even greater.Qi Feiwhat are those Cheng Siyu asked in fear.There are also some animals in the cave They live here all year round Don t be afraid, there is no danger.Qi Fei comforted.But I feel that there are more and more movements.Ask about Sister Lan s situation.You can call Dr.Wu directly, I remember his number.Qi Fei chuckled How do you remember his number Not only his, but people who usually contact a lot.Remember, yours too.Qi Fei rubbed the back of his head and giggled.His number is Cheng Siyu immediately reported Dr.Wu s mobile phone number, Qi Fei remembered it in his heart, and immediately went downstairs to make a call.Soon Qi Fei got in touch with Dr.Wu and learned about Yi Lan s situation.Dr.Wu asked Qi Fei in surprise Why did you and Cheng Siyu disappear I still want to talk to you.This paragraph Timesome troublesome things, I m really sorry, .

what does just cbd gummies do?

I let you take care of Sister Lan.It s nothing, I m just worried that something will happen to you, are you all right No.That s good , Yi Lan s words are recovering anyway, you don t have to worry anymore, I guarantee she will wake up, and she won t have to wait too long.In fact, Qi Fei also knows that this peculiar relationship between himself and the other party will not get the kind of result they expected.From a realistic point of view, sooner or later, it will be completely broken.There is a term called timely stop loss, which means that if you know that the two of you will eventually separate, then don t continue, lest the longer the time, the closer the relationship between the two will be, and the more painful the separation will be in the end.But Qi Fei didn t want to do this, since he had already accepted the result of the separation, he would cherish every minute and every second before the separation, and cherish the existing relationship, and the acquaintance was not in vain.But this also means that when that day really cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies comes, both of them will bear great pain.If he wants to give the plan to him earlier, needless to say, he will definitely To arrange the rest of the tasks.Qi Fei was in a good mood and relaxed, so he fell asleep not long after.When he woke up, it was 8 30 in the morning.He immediately called Ye Xiaobei to see if she had woken up.Chapter 172 Do you surrender or not It turned out that Xiao Bei got up early, and tidied up Qi Fei s house, saying that he would go there with breakfast.Qi Fei said Going to bed so late last night won t affect your spirit, right No, I m in a good state of mind, hehe.Okay, I ll go there now.Okay Brother Qi.After Qi Fei left the hospital, he bought some breakfast and cbd edible gummies rushed back to the residential area.Qi Fei s footsteps are so light, and his whole face is radiant.The only thing that makes him think about it now is the matter of Gongsun Hai.The thing is indeed in the room, and I can t carry it around all day.A desk lamp was turned on.Although it couldn t illuminate the whole living room, it was enough to see every corner clearly.Qi Fei glanced at the sofa calmly, and found that the sofa had been cut open, but it hadn t been completely removed.Where is the thing the killer asked coldly.Qi Fei looked at Ye Xiaobei, her eyes were closed, her chest was still heaving, but she just passed out, there shouldn t be any serious problems.Qi Fei s voice was a little trembling If you really searched everything, you should have found it.The thing is indeed in the room, and I can t carry it around all day.A desk lamp was turned on.Although it couldn t illuminate the whole living room, it was enough to see every corner clearly.Qi Fei glanced at the sofa calmly, and found that the sofa had been cut open, but it hadn t been completely removed.It could be seen that she was very nervous.It s not the first time Qi Fei has been confessed by a girl.He was pursued several times when he was in college.At that time, he was able to deal with it very freely, and politely and gracefully declined the other party s kindness.But now Xiaobei is the one who confessed to him, which seems to be very different.Ye Xiaobei is a very good girl, both in terms of character, appearance and body, how many girls can combine these advantages in one body So no matter how you look at it, she is a girl that people like, and she will definitely be a good girlfriend.If they are together in the future, she will also become a good wife.However, Qi Fei always only regards her as his little sister.Once upon a time, Qi Fei also thought that sometimes there is still a difference between reality and ideals.Cheng Siyu was thinking, this feelingI m afraid I won t have it again in the future, right The man who knows me best and makes me feel most dependent and trustworthy will also disappear, right Cheng Siyu took a deep breath, and said to himself Actually, I am very lucky to have met him.Maybe it s because I don t have that kind of luck.In the end, I can be with him and become his person Be content, at least I finally have a happy memory.Cheng Siyu leaned gently on the table, closed her eyes, recalled those sweet past events in her mind, a smile gradually appeared on her face, and after an unknown amount of time, she fell asleep Yes, with a smile on his face, but tears gradually fell from the corners of his eyes.Qi Fei lay on the bed tossing and turning, countless times the urge to go to QQ and talk to Qingyu, but when he thought that he didn t know what to say, he finally suppressed these thoughts, and then at dawn, He fell asleep in a daze.After hearing her suggestion, Yan Fengtao s face softened a lot, and there was a look of thought in his eyes.Cheng Siyu frowned slightly.She also knew Zhang Li s innocence, so she said This won t work.The plan has already been implemented and must not be stopped.This will seriously affect the company s benefits and seriously affect the entire group.If If you insist on stopping, unless I am no longer the general manager of the company.Cheng Siyu spoke calmly, but with determination.As a result, Yan Fengtao was completely annoyed by this blow.In his opinion, Cheng Siyu slapped him in the face in front of everyone, and didn t take him seriously at all.It was a naked cbd edible gummies threat and ignorance Yan Fengtao was trembling with anger, pointing at Cheng Siyu s nose and yelling Cheng Siyu, you are really kind Do you really want to fight me to the end You are arrogant, arrogant If you don t want to be the general manager, you just 3 chi cbd gummies cbd gummies at gnc do it There are people I can hold this position cbd edible gummies I m just a small manager, what kind of person do I really think of myself Let me tell you, if I can t deal with you, I won t be the fucking president Yan Fengtao was so angry that he even burst out with foul language came out, enough to see how cbd edible gummies angry he was.Of course Now, let s take a step back, if you really want to leave here, it s useless for me to worry about it, isn t it Qi Fei couldn t even refute his words, so Qi Fei nodded In that case, 3 chi cbd gummies cbd gummies at gnc then I m going to meet them.Well, if someone treats you to dinner, don t you just eat it for free And this metropolis newspaper is the competitor we need to pay attention to the most.As the saying goes, knowing yourself and the enemy is invincible.It s good for you to have the opportunity to contact them.Their news It s very well informed, our company and the entire group know that the plan is actually cbd edible gummies all from you, but the Metropolis Daily found out so quickly.In fact, Qi Fei already had a guess in his heart, and this The guess is very reliable.Considering some of Zhang Li s actions and Zhang Wei s relationship with her, it is not hard to imagine how Metropolis Daily learned the real situation.The relationship is very good, right Well Zhang Li added casually It s Qi Fei s girlfriend.She Qi Fei wanted to explain, but the person in the party office didn t wait for Qi Fei to say., I immediately asked him Is the General Office responsible for the newspaper lottery of the publishing company Yes.The man stared at Qi Fei Then, who is responsible for issuing the cards for the lottery Yes Me.Well, that s fine, there s no other problem, you can go.Qi Fei saw a very unusual look in Zhang Li s eyes, and he left immediately without staying.Qi Fei felt that there was going to be a big problem this time, and his heart began to fluster.The ominous feeling could not be dispelled at all.After thinking about it, Qi Fei decided to go to Cheng Siyu s office.Chapter 233 cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies Was Expelled in the Blink of an Eye When he arrived at Cheng Siyu s office, Qi Fei saw Cheng Siyu sitting there with such a dignified expression, and he didn t know what she was thinking.up.Although the pistol equipped with a silencer still made a sound, the sound was very small and would not disturb the residents in the nearby buildings at all.Besides, it would be midnight, and it was snowing heavily, so no one would come out for a stroll idle.Seeing Ning Bin hiding, the two killers snorted coldly, grabbed Qi Fei and planned to retreat.At this moment, Ning Bin rushed out from the corner.The two killers drew their guns one after another.Ning Bin waved his right hand, and a ray of cold light flew out.With a sound of ding, one killer s gun was immediately knocked down.Both the pistol and the thing with the cold glow fell into the snow.The killer looked down, and it turned out that what Ning Bin threw out was a boning knife for chopping meat.Although the other killer fired several shots in succession, they missed Ning Bin and forced him to come forward instead.Director Hu yelled impatiently You fucking are still playing detective games here Get lost Li Xuan raised his eyebrows Get out How to get out I ll just leave.Why don t you ask the boss to teach me Facing Li Xuan s excessive words, Director Hu almost didn t blow his hair on the spot, but he had more important things to do.If it s not as good, he must first clean up this reckless guy.Director Hu stared at Li Xuan, suppressed his anger, and said to the two policemen, Get him out of here Come and deal with him after we re done The two policemen got the order and immediately went forward to drive Li Xuan away.At this moment, Li Xuan glanced at Heizi and Baijin.The two immediately understood, and stepped forward to block Li Xuan s face.As soon as the two policemen came over, the two raised their hands and pushed them, almost pushing the two policemen to the ground.Qi Fei sighed, nodded, In fact, what he is most worried about is not that he will not be able to become the head of the general affairs department in the end.What he is worried about is that Yan Fengtao will use this matter to mess with Cheng Siyu.But after thinking about it, it wasn t the first time Cheng Siyu had fought against that guy.With Cheng Siyu s intelligence, it shouldn t be a problem to keep himself.Sister Lan, I m off work now, let s go.Qi Fei said.Okay.Then Qi Fei and Yi Lan left the company.Yi Lan now lives very close to the company, mainly because she changed to a new place for the convenience of going to work.So Qi Fei can also send her back, and it doesn t take much time to walk.Qi Fei, why don t you come to my place for dinner tonight, and I ll are cbd gummies good for back pain make it for you.Yi Lan said with a smile.He picked up the mobile phone and saw that it was Cheng Siyu s call.At this moment, Qi Fei had the idea of a clear understanding.But .

what are hydro cbd gummies?

he immediately denied his ridiculous idea, and Cheng Siyu didn t know that he was wandering, so where would there be any tacit understanding.Qi Fei answered the other party s call.Qi Fei, are you asleep Cheng Siyu asked.It s only ten o clock now, I usually don t go to bed so early.Qi Fei said.Then he asked What s the matter with cbd edible gummies Mr.Cheng Yes, I want to find you to talk about something, are you free Qi Fei s heart moved Yes.That s good, Green Forest Coffee House, you know, right We ll meet there.Yes, no problem, I m leaving now Okay.Qi Fei went downstairs immediately, stopped a taxi, and rushed to After leaving 3 chi cbd gummies cbd gummies at gnc the coffee shop, he and Cheng Siyu met at the door of the coffee shop more than 20 minutes later.I heard from Mr.Yan before that the General Department of the publishing company has established two branches, and then the two of you will be in charge of them respectively.I think this method is very good.It cbd edible gummies can not only form It is worthy of recognition that an effective competitive relationship can also balance personnel relations.The chairman s words made Yan Fengtao show a smug expression.Actually, I ve been having an idea recently.The chairman looked at everyone.My idea is how to organically combine publishing and running newspapers, and it is best to combine advertisements organically to form a united and close cooperative group to promote mutual development so that our newspapers can be promoted in Binhai.If Hong Kong is more influential, can occupy more markets, and finally achieve a double benefit harvest, I will leave this matter to you, and you all will think about how to proceed.I never thought what Zhang Li would do if she had nothing to say Xiaobei s name.It is said that there are three women in one play, but Qi Fei watching Zhang Li and Tong Shisha is enough for one play.Seeing that Tong Shisha was carrying a lv bag on her arm, Zhang Li couldn t help but look at Tong Shisha again, her eyes glanced at Qi Fei from time to time, and she said mockingly Qi Fei, I haven t seen you for a few days, you have become someone else.You ve got a pretty face.Tong Shiyan s clothes and demeanor can t be seen as ordinary people, it s reasonable for Zhang Li to say this, Qi Fei doesn t want to waste time with Zhang Li, and he doesn t want to explain to Zhang Li the relationship between him and Tong Shiyan However, when she was about to leave with Tong Tong hookah, this female man seemed to be in conflict with Zhang cbd edible gummies Li.Xiao Wu took a deep puff of the cigarette, threw the butt of the cigarette on the ground, twisted it twice with his foot, the cynicism on his face had long since disappeared, he looked at Qi Fei with a serious face, and said, Dude, seeing how calm you are, you must be There are also those who hit a few times, and we will have a competition in a while to see who knocks down the most people, and the loser has to promise a condition to the winner.Qi Fei nodded, he was alone Dealing with these dozen or so bald headed subordinates is also a bit difficult.Since Xiao Wu is willing to come in and take this muddy water, he is quite happy.The bald head said that the power behind Xiao Wu is not small, and at the same time he also wants to see how big forces cultivate How powerful is the person who came out.Cheng Siyu looked at Qi Fei, and Qi Fei read a trace of reproach from her eyes, A trace of concern.Qi Fei smiled, I m not afraid that redeye 200mg cbd gummies Sister Lan, you and Mr.Cheng are worried, and I m really traumatized.After leaving the airport, Qi Fei saw Xiao Wu.When he was in Yunnan, Xiao Wu After asking him for his phone number, Xiao Wu stared at the wounded do cbd gummies have thc cbd edible gummies Qi Fei, stunned for a moment, then smiled wretchedly, and said, Brother Fei, you are too aggressive as a jungler.Chapter Eighty Eight Dealing with Zhang Li Xiao Wu still persisted and said Brother Fei, the jungler should also pay attention to his body.After finishing speaking, he did not forget to wink at Qi Fei, which made Qi Fei even more depressed.This mercenary king is so wretched, can he Those subordinates who led to harm themselves.Seeing that Qi Fei was unwilling to say more, Xiao Wu told him that he counted the time and waited for Qi Fei at the airport, and he waited for almost a week before he waited for Qi Fei.Wu, if Qi Fei can become your subordinate, maybe our Yamaguchi gumi will be afraid of you, the king of mercenaries.With both hands, Xiaowu touched Bei Dao Chuanzi dishonestly.Bei Dao Chuanzi felt a little unnatural being played by Xiao Wu.The corner of Xiao Wu s mouth raised an evil smile, and he patted Bei Dao Chuanzi s body.He raised his hips and said, Qi Feike doesn t want it to be as simple as you imagined.It is impossible for him to become my subordinate, nor will he become someone else s subordinate.It is very important for me, the king of mercenaries, to have a good relationship with him.That s enough, I m quite curious, what is your status in the Yamaguchi gumi, you can tell cbd edible gummies me when you come to Japan Kitajima Chuanzi s cheeks are like burning clouds cbd edible gummies in the sky, what is so cute about the red, Xiao Wu couldn t help it After a kiss, she still didn t tell Xiao Wu her identity in the Yamaguchi gumi.As a man, the most unsightly thing is for his own woman to cry, Xiao Wu secretly vowed that he must deal with those who dared to marry Bei Dao Chuanzi.Bei Dao Chuanzi cried for a while, and kissed Xiao Wu s lips, Xiao Wu, hold me tight.Xiao Wu held Bei Dao Chuan Zi tightly.After a while, Bei Daochuanzi broke free from Xiao Wu s arms, and glanced at Xiao Wu, with reluctance and helplessness in his eyes, Xiao Wu, I am very grateful that you are with me these days, and at the same time, I am This is the happiest day of your life, forget about me, platinumx cbd gummies tested take Qi Fei and leave Japan, you can t beat them.After speaking, Kitajima Chuanzi ran away crying.Xiao Wu s heart was hurting, his heart was bleeding, he clenched his hands, his nails were embedded in the flesh, and he didn t know the pain.Chuanzi, wait until cbd gummies shops near me no one can snatch you from my arms.Yi Lan nodded, Qi Fei left Jia Zi in the hospital, and he went out to buy food.I bought a boxed lunch.After Yi Lan fed Cheng Siyu and ate some food, Cheng Siyu fell asleep.When Qi Fei and the three of them finished eating, the nurse came in, asked about the situation, and came in to give Cheng Siyu a while later.Another shot was given.At night, Yi Lan and Jia Zi slept together on another hospital bed, while Qi Fei sat in front of Cheng Siyu s bed and guarded Cheng Siyu.Go awaygo away Qi Fei squinted for a while, Cheng Siyu s voice woke Qi Fei up, Cheng Siyu on the hospital bed did not wake up, he was still asleep, frowning and stretching out his hands.Qi Fei stretched out his hand to hold Cheng Siyu s hand.Her fingers were slender and warm.He leaned against Cheng Siyu s ear and whispered, President Cheng, don t be afraid that I m here.If I knew that my wife would be used as a free coolie, I wouldn t come.Zhao Yun echoed behind him Said to be.Qi Fei looked at the two people with some dumbfounding, and patted Xiao Wu on the shoulder, Brother Wu, let s go out and talk, the seven million I borrowed from you last time was used for this company.Xiao Wu His mouth was wide open enough to stuff two eggs, and he looked at Qi Fei in disbelief, Brother Fei, are you kidding me Qi Fei nodded, Xiao Wu, I didn t tease you Ah, I m telling you the truth, the seven million yuan was indeed used to build this company.Afterwards, Qi Fei took the company back from Gao cbd edible gummies Wei s hands, but there was a big loophole to be filled, so he borrowed it from Xiao Wu.The seven million things were said.After hearing this, Xiao Wu kept saying that he wanted Qi Fei to share some of his shares, and he didn t want Qi Fei to pay back the seven million, as it was used to buy shares in Milan.I don t know what you call my sister.From the first time Jiazi saw Xiaobei, she felt that this little girl was like a lotus flower, which was not stained by mud, and it was easy to give people a good impression.Looking at Ye Xiaobei with a smile, Xiaobei, I heard Qi Fei often talk about you, you can just call me Jiazi.Sister Jiazi, I haven t seen you before.How did you and Big Brother Qi know each other Ye Xiaobei asked curiously.Then Jiazi told how she and Qi Fei met.Of course, regarding the Yamaguchi gumi, she changed the word to Bei Dao Chuanzi was hijacked, and then Qi Fei and Xiao Wu went to rescue Bei Dao Chuan After that, she and Qi Fei got to know each other later.Ye Xiaobei asked Qi Fei again why Tong Shisha didn t come with him.Qi Fei told her that Tong Shisha was working in the company.Qin Wu liked Xiao Bei so he wouldn t use this kind of method.Qi Fei always regarded Xiao Bei as his sister.What Qin Wu did But it touched Qi Fei s cbd night gummies 3 chi cbd gummies reverse scale.Qin Wu, since you dare to attack Xiao Bei, I, Qi Fei, will not let you go, no matter where the world is.Qi Fei is very angry and angry now.Qin Wu didn t know, because of his actions this time, he offended a powerful enemy, a powerful enemy who would destroy the Qin family in the capital in the future.Hitomi Shisha, Jiazi and Meng Tingting looked at Qi Fei s angry face and asked Qi Fei what happened.When Qi Fei told about Xiaobei, the three girls couldn t sit still.Qi Fei brought Tong Shisha and the three returned to Langzhou the next day.After getting off the plane, they went directly to Xiao Bei s cbd edible gummies house.When cbd edible gummies Xiao Bei saw Qi Fei, she lay down in Qi Fei s arms and wept.Yi Lan told Qi Fei her and Cheng Siyu s worries, but Qi Fei smiled and told them not to think too much, as long as cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies they go to Hu Zhiping about this matter, the truth will be revealed.Cheng Siyu smacked his head and said confusedly, she had already given Hu Zhiping cbd edible gummies the bidding information, since this information flowed out from the company, then Hu Zhiping must know who was behind it.After Yi Lan hung up the phone with Qi Fei, she came to Hu Zhiping s office with Cheng Siyu.Hu Zhiping told them about Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren s coming to the office yesterday.I didn t expect that there are two of them inside the company.Yan Fengtao still has a high status in the company, and it is not easy to get rid of him.Cheng Siyu is thinking about what kind of The method kicked them both out of the company.The employees were extremely happy.The two of them had used their positions and powers a lot in the company before.After Yan Fengtao cleaned up his things from Bingang Evening News, he called Editor in Chief Liu of Metropolitan Daily and asked if Editor in Chief Liu had time to have dinner together in the evening.Editor in Chief Liu told Yan Fengtao that you can eat, and you can eat whenever you want.In the evening, Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren made an appointment with editor in chief Liu of the Metropolitan Daily to have dinner at a western restaurant.At the dinner table, editor in chief Liu felt extremely sorry for the expulsion of Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren from the Bingang Evening News, My two brothers, I really feel worthless for you.Think about how much you have done for the Bingang Evening News.If the noise of these traders attracts the people from the other 20 rooms, then it will be difficult to end.However, no one could hear Qi Fei s words, the noise rang out in the room, and Qi Fei frowned.Such an effect was not what he wanted to see.Bang bang bang He fired three shots cbd edible gummies at the ceiling, and the noisy people cbd edible gummies all looked at Qi Fei in fear.Looking at the trader in the room, he said, I ll say it again, if anyone dares to make a sound again, cbd gummies and cream I ll jump on him.On the other side, Bai Xiye also walked into a trading room with two black suits, but he was not as gentle as Qi Fei.After entering the room, he asked the two black suits to stop the person in charge of the security of cbd edible gummies the room.His gun fired twice at the ceiling, and none of the traders in the room dared to speak.Bai Xiye glanced in satisfaction, It s cbd gummies co2 extraction not so good, lest the bullets not grow eyes and hurt the peace.This time, Qi Fei s new idea for Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan is to add a section to Bingang Evening News for those who come to Bingang for the first time and want to obtain first hand information.Of course, he didn t ask the Bingang Evening News to get any maps or the like, but put some iconic places and some representative things in Bingang on this board.Cheng Siyu took the piece of paper that Qi Fei had just written, looked at it and said, I ll call Brother Hu in a while and ask him to come and take Qi Fei s new idea and type it.Yi Lan and Qi Fei After chatting with Cheng Siyu for a while, she left the office.She still had her work to do.After Yi Lan left, Cheng Siyu looked at Qi Fei and asked, You left for a few days, you should go to work with Li Xuan.Cheng Siyu probably didn t know about it.Chapter 362 Alternative Genius Snack Bar.The longer the third brother chatted with Qi Fei, the more surprised Qi Fei became in his heart, and at the same time he was happy that Xiao Wu could make friends with such a buddy as Qi Fei.Since returning from Japan that day, after a hasty farewell to Qi Fei, although Xiao Wu also told some things about Qi Fei, but he didn t say anything in detail.It was easy to get the information, but the third brother didn t do that.However, this time when I came into contact with Qi Fei, from the perspective of Qi Fei s behavior, Qi Fei is a dragon, a dragon trapped in the shallows, if it encounters wind and rain, it will soar into the sky.If Qi Fei can join Xiao Wu s mercenary union, it may be impossible for Xiao Wu to rectify the global mercenary industry in the future.I heard that the best age for women to get cbd night gummies 3 chi cbd gummies married and have children is at the age of twenty four or five.It s just a painful thing.Ruoyun didn t know that at this moment, his assistant was thinking about whether she, cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies an elderly boss, planned to go to Langzhou this time, and whether she had any hope of getting out of the order.Ruoyun pondered for a while, HCMUSSH cbd edible gummies then said to his assistant, Book me a ticket to Langzhou.The female assistant smiled and left the office to book the ticket for Ruoyun.Ruoyun looked at the back of the female assistant, smiled wryly and shook his head, how could she not know what this little girl was thinking It s just that this emotional thing is the most painful.Only when both parties like each other can they achieve a positive result.Milan clothing company.Sitting in the office, Qi Fei discussed with Tong Shisha and the girls how to deal with Yun Xiang 3 chi cbd gummies cbd gummies at gnc s revenge.Bai Xiye nodded, He left Tingyinxuan.Heizi, go out too.Li Xuan wanted to be alone for a while, thinking about how he should go next.This bastard is really dark enough.Li Xuan s eyes showed a strong murderous intent.At this moment, he wanted to kill Qin Wu.Qin Wu was like a shit stick, fighting against him in Bingang, When I arrive in Langzhou, I still want to get a foot in the door.Bai Xiye came to call the community where the director lived, and looked at the text message in his hand, which contained the address Li Xuan had told him.The director was in a very bad mood, and he was very annoyed by Qin Wu s eyes in the office.Finally, taking advantage of the cbd edible gummies opportunity when the tigress at home went out for a few days, he brought back a woman when he got off work.Staged a live erotic picture.There are many hollow rooms in the small villa, and a man lives with six or seven women.This is something that many men dream of, and perhaps only ancient emperors can enjoy it like this.However, Qi Fei is not happy at all, no matter how many women are around him, he still keeps a distance from them, not to pierce that layer of paper, there is only one person in his heart Cheng Siyu.Wu Mo glanced at Qi Fei who was hanging aside from time to time.If the news that the chairman cbd edible gummies what do cbd gummies do for anxiety of Milan was being left alone, it would definitely be another news headline.Long Xiaotian sent Tong Shisha and the others home, said goodbye to them, and drove away in the car.After driving out of the range of the cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies small villa, he parked the car on the side of the road and made a phone call.A hospital in Langzhou.The bearded man and his younger brother were lying on the hospital bed in a row, talking about today s bad luck.After a pause, the middle aged man wiped the tears from his eyes Wipe it clean, Don t worry, I ll take care of your family.The middle aged man didn t chase him out, the big man never came back, the big man can die, but he can t, he killed his wife and children Just wait to drink the northwest wind.This man is kind and righteous.Xiao Wu turned his head to look at Zhao Yun, and asked, Who lives next door Zhao Yun shook his head, I don t know the name, I met them once, a burly man , and the other is a thin middle aged man.We will go out as well, but don t waste his painstaking efforts.Qi Fei naturally would not use human life to complete the task, but since someone went to find the Bloody Queen He cbd edible gummies doesn t mind following up to see if it s troublesome, and by the way, see if he can stir up a little wave.There are sharks in this sea, and the man is injured, jumping from here is impossible to have a chance of survival.After finishing speaking, the drug lords and gun dealers left.After chasing the killers in black for some distance, they lost track.At this time, it was not yet dawn, and the killers were dressed in black again, and entered the woods so that the darkness could merge into one.If these killers are not eliminated for a day, they will bring us endless disasters.Offending no one can offend the killer organization.Now they have offended this organization and want to prevent this organization from coming to trouble them.Obviously unrealistic.Everyone go back.If we are looking for those killers, it will be extremely bad for us.This is the forest, which can be said to be a paradise for killers.On this day, Long Ao was in a particularly good mood.At noon, he went home and dressed himself up.He stood in front of Uncle Fu and asked Uncle Fu no less than ten times, Is my outfit okay .Uncle Fu also understood Long Ao s mood, Long Ao, like Long Xiaotian, belonged to that kind of handsome man, no matter what kind of clothes he wore, he always looked so masculine.Long Xiaotian and Meng Tingting got off the plane, walked out of the airport, and met a driver from the Long family, Master, the master has been waiting for you for a long time.Long Xiaotian smiled slightly, and Meng Tingting But it wasn t as easy as Long Xiaotian s.This was the first time she came to see her in laws, her heart was pounding, and her hands were covered with cold sweat at some point.Long Xiaotian took Meng Tingting s hand and gave her a rest assured, it s okay expression, and the two got into the car.Speaking of which, a gangster waved his fist and punched Qi Fei in the face.Just when the little gangster s fist was about to hit cbd edible gummies Qi Fei s cheek, Qi Fei stretched out his hand to hold the little gangster s wrist, twisted it forcefully, and at the same time raised his foot to the little gangster s lower abdomen, and kicked it fiercely.Bang Qi Fei used a lot of force with his kick, like kicking a sandbag, and kicked the little bastard towards the place where the third child was standing.Fuck this kid to death.Seeing that their companion was kicked away by Qi Fei, the other gangsters got angry and shot at Qi Fei together.I saw Qi Fei squatting on the ground and punching a little gangster in the leg.Ah The little gangster suffered from pain in his legs, like a passenger sitting in a car, when he encountered a sudden brake, his body couldn t help but threw himself forward and collided with another gangster.Today, he felt a murderous aura from Qi Fei, a kind that only people who have killed people have.murderous.Wu Wei is not in the van, where can he go Qi Fei was also thinking about this question.If Wu Wei left when he and the third hand were under Zhou Xuan, then Wu Wei should not have gone far.He hooked wellness cbd gummies reviews his hands at the third child, and asked, You cbd edible gummies didn t snatch anything from my brother, did you How to answer Qi Fei.Fuck No matter how well mannered Qi Fei was, he couldn t help being rude at this moment.He found a mobile phone in the van and dialed Wu Wei s number.When Wu Wei s cbd gummies comparison phone rang, Qi Fei and Lao San s eyes lit up at the same time, and they both seemed extremely excited.Qi Fei Damn When did he sneak into my car.The third child Thank God, thank the earth, thank the ancestors Knowing where Wu Wei s cell phone rang, Qi Fei picked up the phone from the van of the third child.In that case, let s have a good fight, and the loser will leave here.Qi Fei understands that it is impossible to talk to Bai Jin about getting him out of Qin Wu, and wants to find Bai Xiye Only use the simplest and most effective way to deal with it at the moment.Bai Jin nodded, turned his head slightly, and winked at the younger brother behind him, and several younger brothers rushed over quickly to surround Qi Fei and Xiao Wu.All the things that happened at the entrance of the alley fell into the eyes of the people in the alley.While talking about their dissatisfaction with Bai Jin s subordinates, the spectators stood at a distance and prepared to watch the live martial arts live broadcast.You deal with these subordinates of Platinum, and I will deal with Platinum.Qi Fei asked Xiao Wu who was smiling beside him, Is there any problem Absolutely no problem.If you can leave Qin Wu, we can still be friends.Become an enemy with him.There was a bitter smile on Bai Jin s face.When he was poor and down, it was Qin Wu who gave him life.He had sworn to Qin Wu that as long as he was not dead, he would swear allegiance to Qin Wu to the death.Brother Fei, there are some things that I can no longer decide on.Don t try to persuade me to leave Qin Wu, that s impossible.A cold light flashed in Bai Jin s eyes, and he kicked his feet hard on the ground.Like an arrow from Li Xuan, the man shot towards Qi Fei s chest.Qi Fei and Bai Jin wrestled together again, but the most eye catching scene was the fight between Xiao Wu and Bai Jin s subordinates.Another one has fallen.A man who was watching the excitement couldn t help shouting when he saw Xiao Wu hitting a younger brother on the ground.What are you doing The manager was very helpless, Qi Fei has always kept a low profile, and now many people in the outside world only know that the biggest boss in Milan is Tong Shuiyan, the president, but few people know that there is actually another Qi Fei behind Tong Shuiyan.Manager, just tell us.A female employee took the manager s arm and said coquettishly.Oh, the manager sighed, Forget it, I m afraid of you, whoever you think is the one.After the manager said this insinuatingly, he quickly ran cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies from the encirclement of the employees to the second floor.After coming out of the Milan store, Qi Fei walked all the way to the hotel where he lived, and met Xiao Wu and Wang Yu who had just returned from the hospital at the door of the hotel.Xiao Wu kept looking at Qi Fei, roughly meaning to say, Brother Fei, look at more than just seeing that everyone loves cars and sees a flat tire.Fights and quarrels can be seen at any time.Qin Wu did not stop these phenomena.In sticky tomato cbd gummies his words, fights are allowed.If something in Tingyinxuan is broken, the original price should be doubled.The decoration of Tingyinxuan is considered to be the most luxurious entertainment venue in Langzhou.Needless to say, the prices of the items inside are double the price.After Qin Wu took over Tingyinxuan, some koi cbd nighttime gummies people made trouble and left without compensation.Later, those people were beaten by Bai Jin and could only spend the rest of their lives lying on the hospital bed.The smell of rouge powder is too strong, I don t like it.Bai Jin likes women who don t make up or sketch, like this modern girl who just walked in, it s really not the type he likes.Hearing this, the boy who followed him, his eyes lit up, and his face showed joy, Brother Jin, since you don t like it, brothers will not be polite tonight.You can do whatever you want, as long as you don t cause any trouble for Master Wu.Platinum didn t restrict too much the activities of the dismounted boy.He glanced at the guests sitting in the bar of Tingyinxuan, and said to the horse who was following behind Look carefully, if someone makes trouble, just send them away.Get out.After speaking, Bai Jin walked to Tingyinxuan s cbd edible gummies underground casino, which is the core of Tingyinxuan.Little sister, come over and buy you a drink.A man waved to the modern girl, pointed at the wine bottle on the coffee table in front of him, and showed a lewd smile on his face.Brother, you are really necrotic.The modern girl did not walk over, but gave a coquettish cbd edible gummies drink, and continued to walk into the bar.This bitch is really flirtatious.Listening to the voice of the modern cbd gummies art girl, some men in the bar felt that their bones were crisp.Bai Xiye has become the big brother of the underworld in Langzhou, and his power is even expanding to other cities on the edge of Langzhou.Wang Yu is even more straightforward.After receiving Qi Fei s funding, he recruited some killers and established an underground organization again.The current strength of the underground organization is even stronger than when it was in Changsha.Meng Tingting nodded in satisfaction, as Bai Xiye and Wang Yu gave orders one after another.Yun Xiang and Pathfinder seem to have no need to exist anymore.Meng cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies Tingting s eyes showed a strong murderous intent.Yun Xiang and Pathfinder wanted to play tricks.Two gold medalists.After Bai Xiye and Wang Yu left, only Meng Tingting and Ji Ruxue were left with guilt in the office.Ji Ruxue super cbd gummies tom selleck said to Meng Tingting, Sister Meng, did you call Sister Tong But I didn t tell her about Milan.A faint smile appeared on Meng Tingting s face, It s enough for Milan to have us here. I really miss Sister Tong, Xiaobei and Sister Jiazi.people.Ji Ruxue was sitting on the desk, and the house felt empty without the three of them.I ll come back when they find Qi Fei.Meng Tingting didn t miss Tong Shuiyan and the others in her heart.She knew in her heart that at this time, she should let Tong Shuiyan and cbd edible gummies what do cbd gummies do for anxiety the others look for Qi Fei with peace of mind.Yun Changkong had a very sexual life recently.After Jialin left, he took care of a new mistress.Thinking about the tenderness of that mistress, Yun Changkong wished he could pounce on him and vent the evil in his heart.fire.This day, when Yun Changkong was having a good time with his mistress, he received a call from Han Yu, who told him to come out and tell him something.The boss is not in a hurry to leave now, rubbing his hands and said to Qi Fei with a smile.The boss, who has always been strong, unexpectedly behaved like this today, causing the jaws of everyone in the box to drop into their crotches.It was only later that they realized that the person Da Kunzi invited today was indeed a super big shot, so no one felt sorry for Brother Gou.Qi Fei is also a little confused, which song this guy is singing, why is it so mysterious, Qi Fei doesn t think he knows the master in front of him.What s your name, brother Qi Fei asked.At this time, the people present were once again frightened by Lei.My god, this guy doesn t even know the boss.He really is a fierce person.So just now Qi Fei screamed in fright, the beauties who looked at Qi Fei like a devil were cbd edible gummies very itchy, wishing to press Qi Fei on the carpet and ravage him a hundred best value in cbd gummies 20 mg per piece times.Compared with Qi Fei s Mercedes Benz sedan, this kind cbd night gummies 3 chi cbd gummies of pickup is simply a giant beast.As long as he is willing, he can climb on the roof of the Mercedes Benz in a few minutes and bump on it a few times.The smile on Qi Fei s face froze because he saw the fanatical face in the cab of the pickup truck opposite.This person is Yan cbd edible gummies Ze, the second son of Yan.This guy has come here since he came back from the airport, and he has been waiting for Qi Fei for a long time.The Raptor pickup parked in front of the parking space, completely blocking the way for Qi Fei to leave.Yan Ze, who cbd gummies para que sirven was sitting in the pickup, just looked at Qi Fei through the windshield with fiery eyes.Following his breathing, his feet stepped rhythmically.Accelerate, and the powerful Raptor pickup also makes a deafening roar.Yan Ze, I ve heard that this lunatic is back a long time ago, but I didn t expect to meet him on such an occasion.Don t talk about it, I ll hack you to death.Qi Fei yelled, but still chased after him.Look, you can t kill me, and you can t catch me.Why don t we join forces and kill that bastard next to me At that time, how about we have a showdown No.3 said while avoiding.It s this natures one cbd gummies reviews time, don t forget to plant the seeds of hatred for Qi Fei in Yan Ze s heart, add some fertilizer and water, this kind of hatred from the heart will quickly take root and germinate, and after a certain level, the two sides will reunite There is no possibility of peace.I ll kill your old mother, come here and ask me to chop a few times, and I ll promise you.Qi Fei was cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies choked with anger, but also very helpless.He has been consumed here, unless number three is killed, or number three leaves by himself, otherwise he will have to keep attacking like this, because once he stops, maybe he will face pincer attacks from both sides, and by then he will really die deal.David said, and then approached Li Wan from behind.What a eccentric man, always likeFrom behind, how violent it is.I ll give you thirty seconds.If you don t go out, everyone including your supporters in Huaxia will suffer.Li Wan warned again, still smiling, not taking it seriously at all.Really, thirty seconds is too long, I ll tell you the answer now.After speaking, David rushed over.He really couldn t bear it anymore.He didn t know how long it had been since he played with such a superb woman.Although Hu Mingyue was very skilled and dared to play many tricks, he already found it boring with a broken shoe.Chapter 464 There is a traitor Besides, as the two of them, although they have just arrived in China and are unfamiliar with the place, they think that even if Li Wan is dealt with now, no one will dare to do anything to them.However, people come and go faster.Qi Fei just kicked back with a very simple kick, and he kicked Joker out, hitting the wall heavily, but before he slipped to the ground, Qi Fei s feet were already against his throat, and he only needed to use a little Force, this thing is over.Jock was scared, because he saw the murderous look in Qi Fei s eyes, he had never seen such a look in his eyes.In the United States before, the two of them were definitely people who could walk sideways.No matter the underworld or the white way, as long as they were not super powerful forces, they would give them face.Who made them stand behind a giant.Therefore, no matter cbd edible gummies what the two of them did before, as long as they were not particularly out of line, they would settle it easily.In their eyes, what they did to Li Wan today was just a small game.It feels good to be set up by someone.I advise you two, cooperate with me to perform this play well, maybe I will let you two go back and continue to dominate if I am in a cbd edible gummies good mood.If you don t cooperate, slap Hu Mingyue slapped David on the face again.I ll let a hundred people beat you to death.After speaking, Hu Mingyue twisted and left.The moment the door of the room was closed, David s originally distorted face suddenly burst into a bright smile, and with his face like a ripe tomato, he looked like a pig s head.Did she win I m afraid not.People in the United States have already guessed the result, and it s not certain who will win.David said are cbd gummies good for ed in a low voice.The room was silent, and even the patient Jock stopped making any noise.The rainy days that lasted for two days finally stopped, and the hot summer in Langzhou returned.Wu Zhong replied.What are you fighting for Wu Yi asked.Medical skills, medical ethics.Wu Zhong replied.Where did your medical skills come from Wu Yi asked with a sneer.Wu Zhong was silent.In the final analysis, everything he has learned comes from his family s more than 20 years of training, and he has spent a lot of financial and material resources.Based on this theory, Wu Zhong owes much to the Pearl Wu family.But because of Zhang Xiuxiu s relationship back then, the Wu family had kicked him out of the house, and no longer recognized him as the heir of the Wu family.Since then, all the past and the future have no relationship between the two.Why, don t you want to admit it Wu Zhong, you know better than anyone the reason why the family drove you out of the house, but in this way, the family s hard work of more than 20 years was wasted.So today he came.He wants to see what kind of state Qi Fei s company is in, and at the same time, he also has an important mission on his shoulders.Wang Wutian, the tea is finished and the sweat is gone, now we can cbd edible gummies talk about what we are going cbd edible gummies to do.Li Wan looked at Wang Wutian in front of her and said.From childhood to adulthood, Li Wan was the king of children, able to play with anyone, but Wang Wutian always put on a calm look, smiling in front of others, and stabbing knives in the back every minute.The two have different personalities.Destined to have no intersection.But fate is always so nonsense sometimes, and abruptly pushed the two of them to the positions of the leaders of the young generation of the two super powerful families.No matter how unhappy or disgusted they are, some things still cannot be avoided.Slap Feng Jianhui slapped Feng Guangming before he finished speaking.Did you kill Chang Yan Feng Guangming s slap was so sudden that he didn t even know why his father, who had been very kind before, would suddenly reach out to slap him.For Chang Yan That s not a good reason.A dog whose teeth have been stripped, doesn t know how to help its master honestly, but also wants to betray, and then attacks the master with its minions that have lost all threat and power.Although it can t cause any substantial damage, But it makes people feel disgusting.It was because of his nausea that Feng Guangming killed him.This is a legitimate reason.The current Langzhou is mixed with hazel hills cbd gummies scam dragons cbd edible gummies and snakes, and every family is precarious.The Zhao family who 3 chi cbd gummies cbd gummies at gnc changed hands silently is the best example.Therefore, under this environment, these big families are busy killing dogs for dogs.Of course, only a second rate Qi Fei would describe the Lu family in this way.Today coincides with the birthday of the old lady of the Lu family.The Lu family will open the door for a banquet.All the people present will be the most distinguished guests of the Lu family.Now, please line up, register at the door, and enter one by one.After entering, you will naturally Someone will escort you to the designated place to rest.The old butler glanced at the guests who had already lined up at the entrance of the alley, and shouted loudly.Working in such a huge force as the Lu family for a lifetime, he naturally developed an extraordinary temperament.Chapter Four hundred and ninety two, just be neat.Don t look at the people waiting in line outside.Basically, everyone s status is higher than that of the housekeeper, but now they all put away their usually arrogant faces and become obedient in front of this old man.But more exciting things are yet to come.Qi Fei had just walked out of the gate, but he backed up in an instant.At the same time, it was still the kind of rapid retreat that brought out a series of afterimages, because a thousand miles away from him, there was a man holding an oriental long knife pointing directly at Qi Fei s heart.No more than one millimeter.There was an assassin hidden outside the door.Qi Fei had just stepped out of the door when he cbd edible gummies was hacked back by a storm like attack.If it weren t for the keen reflexes he had developed in countless bloody battles, he would have been stabbed in the chest by someone.There is a transparent hole.Wow Seeing such an exciting scene, the guests in the hall exclaimed again.However, as the nearest audience, Wang Poluo s grandson, Sun Changkong, Li Er and others had a different light in their eyes, anger and surprise.Today s matter of the Wang family is just one link in all her plans, and at the same time, in her opinion, the effect brought about by this link is perfect.Since Wang Wutian wanted to ask, she couldn t help but answer, but she wouldn t tell all the thoughts in her heart, everyone is a smart person, and she can understand everything in one sentence.Besides, as a leader, isn t it all about resultism I hope you don t let me down again, otherwise, even if Dongyang is covering you, I will make your life worse than death.Wang Wutian said coldly, and then he waved to the sea snake and quickly walked into the darkness.Since Hu Mingyue doesn t want to talk about the detailed plan with him, he won t force it either.Although the two of them were a little unhappy just now, they are still close partners after all, with a common goal, and have decided to give Hu Mingyue another chance, so let s see her performance.Although the distance of one meter is very short, it happened to be outside Qi Fei s range of attacking with both arms standing in place.If Qi Fei wanted to attack him, he had to take a step.Within a short period of time, middle aged men have many ways to counter it.The calculation is simply too precise.Uncle, what advice do you have Qi Fei said.While speaking, he had already adjusted his breathing.Under the cover of his trousers, his legs were slightly bent, and he was full of energy, ready to be thrown out like a cannonball at any time.A master s move, even any action on the eve of the attack may directly affect the trend of the battle.The middle aged man seemed to have seen through Qi Fei s actions, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, but it was fleeting.In his opinion, although Qi Fei is very aggressive, it is not enough for him to pay enough attention to it.Tianwang said.Cheng Susheng nodded, this was also what he had in mind, but cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies he would never, or dare not say it.You really are still selfish.Qi Fei said.However, it doesn t matter anymore.After speaking, Qi Fei suddenly stood up, took two deep breaths, and released all the unpleasant emotions in his heart, before facing the two military chiefs.Before, Cheng Susheng pretended to be a fool in Qi Fei s environmental protection.What he did was to deceive others and successfully attracted Qi Fei s attention, thus achieving a secret communication between the two parties.So Qi Fei came.The previous big drama is over, and now we need to talk about some tiger woods cbd eagle hemp gummies serious things.The heavenly kings are here, so there must be a lot of room for cooperation.Qi Fei had to think carefully about the conditions for cooperating with the military again.He is a proud person, and he disdains many things, which is why Wang Poluo has always been very dissatisfied with him.In Wang Poluo s view, those who achieve great things should not stick to small details.Although big victories make people hearty, small victories can also bring people big surprises.Without small victories, how can there be final big victories.Arm wrestling is everywhere, and every moment must be calculated how to kill the opponent and stand on the highest podium.This is the temperament that a generation of heroes should possess.It s a pity that Wang Wutian is an elegant scholar, but the person he regards as his opponent is a real hooligan.At this time, Qi Fei, the big hooligan, was competing with the five big and three rough Dahan.This man nature boost cbd gummies for tinnitus named Dahan is indeed a fool, except that he knows that he is the security guard of Yandu No.Can you drink tea Mr.Long asked.Yes, the taste is acceptable.The leader replied.You can go.Mr.Long said.China s land is indeed better than Dongyang s.I can understand that you covet day and night, but it s not yours.Don t even think about it.Go home and stay and guard the land of your hometown.This is what you should do in your life Things.I still have a wish that has not been fulfilled.The leader frowned and said.You can have wishes, but you don t have to realize them, because you probably won t live to see your wishes come true, Mr.Long said.He can guess what the leader s wish is, but he has no obligation to help him realize his wish.If necessary, he can only take his life.It would be great if you could feel the fulfillment of your wish before you die.Mr.Long, the Chinese Shenlong, can you be so proud that you don t even have the chance to slay a dragon the leader said.He knows all the information about Li Er.If he wants, he can even find HCMUSSH cbd edible gummies out what time Li Er goes to bed every day, who he sleeps with, whether he washes his feet before going to bed, etc.Basically, he knew it clearly, he knew that the white light was Li Er s weapon, a powerful weapon that could kill someone.However, he didn t know the true appearance of this weapon, let alone Li Er s attack routine after HCMUSSH cbd edible gummies using this weapon.He just knew that there were countless masters under this weapon, and even those high ranking officials would kill it at will.Chapter 553 Not reconciled to reappearing some time ago, he cut off the legs of Han Jiangyuan from the State Environmental Protection Bureau of Langzhou.Such a violent act was not punished by the Huaxia official.This shows that Li Er s status is still so unworthy shake.Chapter 576 Goodbye to old friends Sure enough, as soon as I approached, I saw the figures of three people.Well, the boy was looking at himself with a surprised expression at this moment.This expression It s cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies a bit weird.What s so strange, it s because Cao Ruoxin found that in his surprised expression, besides the surprise at his own appearance, there were other factors in it.Little sister, are you sure this is really that snot Impossible, that little guy with two lines of snot hanging from his nose turned out to be such a beautiful beauty, this is also Qi Fei was a little bit incredulous.down.Zhou Sisi asked curiously, What Tch, you are the pervert Yes, in Zhou Sisi s mind, Qi Fei was labeled as a pervert at some point.If this guy is not a pervert, why does he know so much Moreover, every item is so frightening that people can t speak.By the way, are you free tonight Chapter 586 Naked cbd edible gummies man Yeah, what s wrong Li Xiaoya didn t quite understand why he was so surprised when he heard that he was in the 305 dormitory.What happened to dormitory 305 What s the problem here No, what I want to tell you is that my sister is also in 305.All, cbd edible gummies some things are really a coincidence.When Qi Fei thought of this, he laughed directly.On the cbd edible gummies contrary, Li Xiaoya was a little excited after hearing the news.At this time, neither of them knew that their meeting was arranged.In other words, this so called fate was arranged by others.Therefore, both of them are still surprised by the matter of fate.What s the matter with your luggage Qi Fei suddenly became curious.After coming to school to report, I didn t pick up some luggage, so I went home.Today s flight was delayed, so I returned to school so late.What does he mean by saying that Could it be Sisi, what s going on Ye Xiaobei s little aunt couldn t be more nervous about this news.Auntie, this is my boyfriend.Ye Xiaobei had no idea what kind of play Qi Fei was going to play, but anyway, she came on a blind date, and she didn t like Xie Wenjin, so she thought Qi Fei was her boyfriend again.The excuse moved out.Ye Xiaobei s words made Qi Fei s pupils dilate a bit.Damn, didn t you agree that I belong to cbd edible gummies your colleague When did you become a boyfriend again mixed fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg But forget it, who made me agree to accompany her on a blind date, so I nodded and said So, you guys are going on a blind date with my girlfriend, have you asked me The lazy eyes became majestic and swept across everyone s faces in an instant, making their hearts tremble Dazed for a moment, Xie Wenjin thought that Qi Fei was just a small guard of Beijing University, Xie Wenjin sneered, You little security guard, what qualifications do you have to be Sisi s boyfriend Regarding Qi Fei s real identity, Xie Wenjin who just came back from abroad , how would you know Qi Fei gave Xie Wenjin a cold look, and said, Can you call Sisi Also, what s wrong with my little security guard I m still the doorman in the girls dormitory I make money with my true skills.Thinking of ice cream, Qi Fei said very bluntly Are you coming back to watch the show Don t you know it s a pity Thinking of that annoying hypocrite being beaten up, Ye Xiaobei felt happy.My waist is no longer sore, my legs are no longer painful, my teeth are healed, and I can eat three ice creams in one go Qi Fei felt that Ye Xiaobei was very shameless What do you mean not to call her back earlier Didn t you just ask her if she wanted to watch a play Is it because you want to eat ice cream by yourself and never come back Can you blame me for this thing Then you have to bring me ice cream back No problem I ll bring you three After finishing speaking, Ye Xiaobei hung up the phone, packed the ice cream, and ran quickly to the Mandy Hotel.Carrying the packaged ice cream, Ye Xiaobei rushed towards the box on the third floor of the Mandy Hotel like the wind Xie Wenjin, you must hold on, don t let me down At this time, Ye Xiaobei was very afraid that Xie Wenjin would be beaten and fainted.Obviously, Qi Fei became serious because he must have known something, so he became serious, and he rushed towards him directly.It was not at all what she thought about kissing herself.Bang Another burst of gunfire.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Qi Fei suddenly rolled over on the spot with Ye Xiaobei in his arms, and then hid beside a small car next to him.Let go of Ye Xiaobei, Qi Fei said Lie on your stomach and don t move.After saying that, the hands holding Ye Xiaobei loosened.When Qi Fei made such a move, Ye Xiaobei, who was so scared that he was still in shock, hugged him and said nervously Where are you going Don t look at our classmate Ye Xiaobei, who is very weird, but in the face of being attacked by others When he puffs green haze cbd gummies was shot, he was also very frightened This scene was much more powerful than the scene where he was surrounded by men in black when he met Qi Fei.Dangerous What s dangerous If you don t receive cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies the protection fee and go back, that s called danger Changmao glared at his flat head, and couldn t help shivering when he thought of their boss s methods.Pingtou looked around, and although there were not many traces left, he still couldn t help but said Didn t you see the police over there Look, they are still there to tell people something.Let s collect them now.Will the protection do cbd gummies have thc cbd edible gummies fee be taken away by the police Pa Changmao slapped him again and said, Didn t do cbd gummies have thc cbd edible gummies you hear that they were terrorists We re not, are you afraid of an egg Besides If we don t receive this money quickly, the boss will put us in the backseat After hearing this, the flat headed man who had never had much IQ murmured, Okay, then we d better go and get cbd edible gummies rid of it.Has the protection fee been collected Well, if you ask us again, we will say the same as before, collecting property management fees.What You want to stand out for her Changmao puffed up his chest, glanced at Qi Fei, and said angrily, I don t know which one you are But the money gang, the fifth most powerful gang in the capital, isn t it I will be afraid of a guy like you.Be sensible, and get the hell out of me Otherwise, I will strip you naked and throw you on the street When encountering these guys who don t know what to do, Changmao likes it the most.Just move his gang out.Hmph, our Qiang Gang took the fifth place at the Gang Gang Symposium in the capital a while ago with its strong strength.Money Gang What is it At this moment, Qi Fei glanced at Xia Meng an for no reason.Xia Mengan shook his head and said, I don t know either.Turning his gaze to Changmao, Qi Fei said, Did you hear that We don t know, so you should leave quickly, otherwise, I will be very upset.Brother Mao, what s the matter Pingtou still remembers that when he first met Brother Changmao, it was on the court.At that time, he was leading his own gang to compete with other gangs.At cbd edible gummies that time, their gang was two goals behind, how much do fun drops cbd gummies cost and the team members were very frustrated.Brother Changmao couldn t stand it anymore, so he jumped out and knocked a chestnut on their heads.Under the angry eyes of everyone, he said very handsomely Yes, I want your expressions like this.When you kick those little bastards later, you will overthrow them with such vigor They clearly understood the spirit Brother Changmao brought to them.Not long after the start of the second half, they directly scored twice and tied.Then, under the stimulation of this victory, he scored another goal and successfully reversed.As a result, the influence of Brother Changmao s self confidence and calmness was deeply imprinted in Pingtou s eyes.That classmate, please say that you are not so excited on the phone, this is a library, please don t disturb other people s reading.At this time, the management staff near the library said If you cbd edible gummies continue like this, please go out Come in after finishing talking, okay Sorry, sorry, I m going out now.Thinking of his own faux pas, Zheng Zhechen quickly apologized and rushed out of the library immediately.At the same time, he clenched cbd night gummies 3 chi cbd gummies his fists.Little sister was kidnapped You bastard, I hope you are not kidding me, otherwise, I will ask Grandpa to cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies send you to the army immediately The reason why Zheng Zhechen thought so was because his younger brother had too many criminal records, so he cbd night gummies 3 chi cbd gummies was really unreliable.Although he knew that he would not make fun of his sister, he felt a little flustered about being kidnapped.Huh Could it be my uncle on the other end of the phone No way How could that guy know my uncle Zhao Ziming, who was about to yell, hesitated for a while when he heard Zhou Zhicheng s call.At the same time, I was thinking, who is Qi Fei And, if this guy is really talking to my uncle on the cbd edible gummies phone, who is he Could it be that I kicked the iron board Yes, after all, people at his uncle s level are not ordinary people who can have his phone number.About Zhao Dapao, Qi Fei still knew him, so after answering the phone, he directly revealed his identity, and after a few pleasantries, he handed the phone to Zhao Ziming who was cbd gummies sleep near me cbd edible gummies at the side according to Zhao Dapao s request.Zhao Ziming answered the phone slowly, and after a hello, he heard the roar on the other end of the phone.A few minutes later, he returned the phone to Zhou Zhicheng like a grandson, and said with a straight face that he would be on the sidelines to help, and if you need anything, just ask.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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