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With a lot of doubts, Lin Sheng took off his clothes and went to bed to rest after washing.I went to visit my grandfather in the hospital during the day.For some reason, seeing my grandfather lying on the hospital bed with white hair, Lin cbd fun drops gummies Sheng suddenly felt an indescribable feeling in his heart.Not sad.Grandpa actually treats their family very badly, and the relationship between the two parties is also extremely weak.But when they were in trouble, they were the first to pay without hesitation.Putting all these aside, what Lin Sheng saw at that time was not actually his own relatives.But just a where to buy revive cbd gummies broken, dying old man.The fragility of life like a candle flame flutters in the wind and rain, which made him feel involuntarily aroused in his heart.Forget it, I don t think so much, I ll go to my dream today and see if I can leave that manor.Chapter 018 After a while.Lin Sheng sat in the kitchen, carefully looking at the rotten swordsman s black sword dissected in front of him.The black sword is as long as an arm and as wide as a palm, with a glass like smooth coating on the surface, and a black guard on the hilt, which is the same as the previous silver long sword, with a cross shaped blade.In the middle of the sword body, near the hilt, there is a vertical pupil mark like a flower.This is exactly the same as the previous silver long sword.It seems that the rotten swordsman should be Ravel.Lin Sheng, who saw a little memory of the screen, can basically cbd edibles gummies cbd fun drops gummies judge the identity of the other party.The most unimaginable thing is that I can actually absorb the memory of the other party He reached out to hold the hilt of the black sword and lifted it gently.Lin Sheng closed his eyes, and the content of this place in Ravel s memory quickly appeared in his mind.Soon, combined with the mercenary s memory, he finally sorted out an amazing piece of information The Temple of Valen is the place where the temple trains trainee fighters and inherits the sacred runes The sacred runes Lin Sheng combined all the memory fragments of Ravel and the mercenaries, and only found this sentence.Holy runes Lin Sheng had a strange look on his face.Maybe I can try my luck in the past, and maybe cbd gummies effect cbd gummies for ed amazon I can find some items and books with extraordinary power.This sacred rune is not easy to hear the name So far, the memory fragments he has obtained are all pure physics, and Extraordinary is completely irrelevant.If he could find a way to step into the extraordinary from this small temple, no matter how dangerous it was, he would definitely try it This is his common dream in previous and present lives Make an arrangement in your heart.Russell asked in a low voice.Xia Yin shook her head I don t know either.Only my grandfather in my family knew about it, but he didn t say a word.Just let us pay attention to personal safety during this time, and don t go to places where there are few people.Hehe, the previous port was set on fire.The case is the same, more than a dozen containers have been burned, but it is at the seaside, how much fuel will be used to burn more than ten containers Isn t this nonsense Russell curled his lips.Anyone with a discerning eye best cbd gummies to help you sleep can see that there is a problem, okay Anyway, it s an adult s business.We just need to pay attention to ourselves and don t worry about it.Practice your swordsman well.Xia Yin waved her hand a little annoyed, and didn t want to say any more.That s right, no matter how hard you work, even Madilan will surpass me.Suddenly, his eyes narrowed, and his footsteps involuntarily slowed down.Less than ten meters directly in front of him, a city wall collapsed, revealing an obvious gap.Gray masonry strewn across the grass, overwhelming a swath of weeds.The gap was more than three meters high and one meter wide, and inside it was an alley leading between two houses.Lin Sheng was overjoyed.This is what he wants Approaching quickly, his footsteps lowered his voice, his hands clenched the hilt of his sword, and his breathing slowed down.Stand at the gap and look inside.The dark alley inside extends all the way to the main road of the city, and the faint lights of the dark yellow street lamps can still be seen vaguely.The ground of the alley reflected a HCMUSSH cbd fun drops gummies thick and greasy stain, and there were several large black drums piled up on the right side, and I don t know what they contained.Lin Sheng walked off the stage bored, and saw Chen Huan staring at him through gritted teeth.Then, it was time for another draw among the winners.Xia Yin went up and smoked again, and the opponent happened to be the blond young Sears.Now Lin Sheng became a little interested.His game was second.The first scene was Chen Huan and another tall long armed swordsman.The long armed swordsman barely won just now by relying on the length of his hands.This time when he met Chen Huan, the long sword in his hand was knocked to the ground after just a face to face encounter.In the sound of the victory verdict, he stepped off the stage cbd fun drops gummies in frustration.There is no ornamental at all.Lin Sheng guessed that the winners and losers were decided too quickly, and the audience was not entertained.This is probably the reason why the fencing competition is not popular.Near the venue rented by the Blackwater District, a few hooligans came to cbd gummies effect cbd gummies for ed amazon collect protection fees, and fought with Russell who was guarding there.Although Russell has learned close combat, he can still win one on one, one on two, and one on three.So he called Ma Dilan to help.As a result, the gangster was beaten away, and then five more people were called.There was can 9 mg cbd gummies get you high a group fight on both sides.In the end, both sides lost.These punks don t care what your background is.A typical three way zone in the Blackwater area.There are gangs disbanded and established every once in a while, and it is too chaotic.These little gangsters are highly mobile, unless they are local snakes like the Baipai Gang, as for ordinary rich kids or something, they will be beaten if they are hit, and they will turn around and go to other places at worst.Lin Sheng still sang the weird and mysterious cbd fun drops gummies start words.In the inexplicable syllable melody, the vortex in the center of the circle gradually stabilized.He began to try his best to lift the bowl in his hand, and poured all the mixture of the three materials he had prepared into the vortex in the center of the circle.poof.A large mass of viscous slurry seemed to have fallen into the water, sank into the center of the circle, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.Shh Suddenly, an ethereal indistinct sound floated out of the vortex.Lin Sheng stared helplessly at the surface of the vortex, and a blurry human face slowly emerged.The human face seemed to be covered by a cloth, becoming clearer and more prominent.It seemed to want to break free from the shackles of the whirlpool, opened its mouth, and wanted to scream.Lin Sheng was glad that he disposed of the plastic paper and the bowl used in the ceremony before he went home.Otherwise, the parents will definitely find out.There is another one, he cbd fun drops gummies intends to dispose of all the inner and outer clothes he is wearing tomorrow.Who knows if the summoned evil spirit will stain something on the clothes.It will be troublesome if it is brought home.He hadn t considered this before.After washing up and going to bed, Lin Sheng suddenly thought of this, cbd fun drops gummies so he decisively went into the bathroom to take a shower, and completely changed his clothes from inside to outside.Then I packed the changed clothes in a plastic are cbd gummies available in australia bag, tied them tightly, and stuffed them in my bedroom, preparing to find an excuse to go out and burn them tomorrow.After dealing with these, he dried his hair and lay down on the bed.It just fell on the black pool flower in the center of the array.At the same time, Lin Sheng began to recite the activation words that he had reviewed many times.The priming language is like a tongue twister in a foreign language, babbling and low pitched.A certain speed is also required.It s different from last time.According to the records of the cbd fun drops gummies scroll, the weak ritual is an orthodox ritual.The biggest difference between the unorthodox ceremony and the unorthodox ceremony lies in the number of times the initiation words are chanted.The initiation words will naturally induce spiritual infusion, and the initiation words of orthodox ceremonies are mostly within five times.Only unorthodox priming words will reach nine times or even more.After starting the speech five times in a row.There is no movement or change in the formation diagram.It takes about three hours to drive from Ninghai City to Huaisha City.Lin Sheng dozed off in the car.In the evening, he arrived in the city at almost nine o clock.When he arrived in the urban area, he asked his master to take him directly to Huilian Community.During these two weekends, he told his family that he was visiting a classmate s house.As for which classmate he was, of course he asked Saru to play a guest role.The school that Saru attended was not Hui an cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies Middle School, but another key high school that was expensive.The high school entrance requirements are quite high.Lin Niannian is very happy that Lin Sheng can make friends of this level.I didn t say much.Only mother Gu Wanqiu was a little worried.After quietly returning home, Lin Sheng glanced at his parents bedroom.There was a faint light in the bedroom door, and they were obviously not asleep.Lin Sheng s face was calm.Whether it was a sword or a punch, they were all tools to him.You just need to use the right skills at the right time, and victory will be at your fingertips.He walked slowly towards the eight winged mantis.His hands looked like palms but not palms, like fists but not fists, constantly changing, but there was a slight sword movement on the edge of the arms.The two eyeballs kept rolling back and forth in his hands, but they just couldn t fall down.The eight winged mantis lost its eyes, and was slashing around in pain and madly, cutting the surrounding seats and counters to pieces.Lin Sheng s footsteps caught his attention.The mantis turned around following the sound, and with the vibration of its eight wings, four spikes were added to its arms, and it turned into an afterimage at the same time and smashed towards Lin Sheng.The Iron Fist Society possesses such force.Now that the motherland has cultivated you, you should also contribute jolly cbd gummies ingredients your own strength to the country.Major Dongdi continued to speak in a deep voice as he saw the corpse being put into a bag.Master Lin Sheng, from now on, your Tekken Society must send at least three masters every month to join the military special operations team and obey the command.The greater the power, the greater the responsibility.This truth must be understood by President Lin, so I won t say more.Also, I heard that Guild Master Lin has a special practice method here, why not contribute it, our military is gathering all martial arts practice methods, trying to research an optimal exercise method that can cbd gummy candy cbd gummies effect maximize the spread of the whole country.If this research is successful, it will have a vital effect on the entire Celine.Okay.Papapa.Stice clapped his hands lightly to bring everyone s attention.It seems that you have all accepted our arrangement.Now, there is something that needs to be taken care cbd fun drops gummies cbn cbd gummies of by you.He raised his head and gestured outside.Soon a soldier with a stack of photos in his hand began to distribute it to everyone present.In the photo in their hands, there stood a silver haired old woman in a black windbreaker.The old woman has cbd edibles gummies cbd fun drops gummies an extraordinary temperament, her eyes are like a wolf, full of green.Beside the old woman, a huge blue black sea eagle was flying down with fluttering wings.Haiying has conspicuous golden decorative patterns on its body.If you see this person, or this sea eagle, please notify us in time.The whistleblower will get a wonderful little gift from the Tower of Paradise.The officer grinned.As long as the arm was severed by it, it would completely lose any vitality in an instant.Soon the double edged ax turned into a streak of white light and disappeared into the pool.Lin Sheng had already turned around proficiently and ran away.Before he ran a few steps.The vision in front of him suddenly shook and became blurred.I m going to wake up He paused in his heart, and then quickly quieted down.He has experienced such moments countless times, and he has long been very familiar with them.Tap, tap, tap There was the small but familiar sound of the second hand of the alarm clock.Everything in front of Lin Sheng s eyes quickly became dark and blurred.Eventually it fades into darkness.He felt like a victim in a hot spring, wrapped in heat and suffocation.Not long after Huh Lin Sheng threw off the quilt violently.After getting dressed, he left a note to leave a message, gently closed the anti theft door and walked out, calming down in the stairwell for a while.Now his hands would suddenly tremble as long as he wasn t paying attention.It s as if something happened to the nerves.The body tenses up unconsciously.Lin Sheng had a faint feeling that it should be because the soul absorbed too many soul fragments at once, which caused some iris gummies cbd infused edibles indigestion, and his own soul was affected by Kadulla.So there is a special phenomenon.He didn t pay attention to it.This kind of phenomenon is not uncommon in his mixed memories.Generally, as long as he persists in practicing the holy power for a period of time, it will naturally disappear.Holy power is the most overbearing power that can eliminate all impurities in the soul.Crash.Lin Sheng spread the plastic paper covered with the summoning ceremony array on the ground.Then skillfully began to place the materials one by one in their respective positions.The rest of the materials were fine, and they were collected with the assistance of the Iron Fist Club, which was definitely enough.Only gold nuggets and how much cbd oil is in gummy bears silver powder are only enough for three summons at most.I need to get some new materials.The Tekken Club is not profitable.Just preparing other materials for me has already used up more than half of the activity funds in the account.Lin Sheng was a little emotional.Finally setting up the pan, he poured filtered purified water into it.Then light the butter lamp with a lighter.The water in the pan also began to boil slowly in the rising bonfire.Lin Sheng picked up the paste material that had been stirred, scooped up a spoonful, and poured it into the pot.Come and excite me.Kadulla smiled and stretched out his arms like lotus roots, and huge white lines slowly rose from the densely packed pale arms under his feet.The white lines are huge white hands formed by countless small arms intertwined and entwined.Dozens of white lines rolled and circled around him.Do you think you can beat me Elba s long blue hair behind him was windless, and there was also a hint of evil on his face.The dense cbd fun drops gummies black discs began to wrap her and Kadulla together, forming a huge black ball in all directions.The eyes of the two met, and they looked at each cbd edibles gummies cbd fun drops gummies other evilly and coldly.They both saw a trace of killing intent in each other s eyes.I ve decided Kadulla licked his lips, I want not only your hand, but also your skin He suddenly raised his hand and shook it forward.She is still the same as before, living a rich and affluent life.Hearing his lies at this time, Chen Minjia s face became slightly solemn.Seems to be thinking about something.Don t worry, Mom, I m fine here, I m just scared.I ve also talked with Saru, and I ve already found a way for a friend to leave Huaisha.Lin Sheng continued.Leave Huaisha Gu Wanqiu was startled.Not only her, Lin Zhounian s smoking hand also paused.In fact, they also want to leave here.Recently, the turmoil in Huaisha City has become more and more serious, and there are more and more troubles and changes.Materials are getting more and more expensive, no matter how you look at it, it is not suitable to settle down anymore.I just want to go back and think, and it s useless to find a way.Which friend of yours can find a way Lin Zhounian stood up and said loudly.Because it has nothing to do with them.Lin Sheng replied lightly, and stepped towards his room again.The night gradually thickens.Lin Sheng felt the situation in Huaisha City carefully in the room.The three dungeon soldiers left behind had already lost their senses, obviously the distance was too far, beyond the limit of his control.At this moment, he could only vaguely feel the general direction, and knew where his summoned monster was.This distance cannot be grasped by oneself.But you can roughly make a ruler by measuring slowly.Father Lin Niannian went to the bathroom to smoke a cigarette, and when he came out, he looked silent and sat on the chair without saying a word.Lin Sheng didn t speak for a while.The two father and son stayed quietly, one sitting on the bed and the other sitting on a chair.night time.Lin Sheng was still practicing holy power in the stone hall of the dungeon, and there was no new dream transformation.Early the next morning, the cruise ship arrived at a nearby port cbd fun drops gummies to prepare for resupply.The port is a seaport on the frontier of Shirin, named Francisco.In Shilin language, it means eternal pearl.After passing this port, it is time to leave the border of Shirin and enter the open sea.It was around nine in the morning when we arrived at the port.The Oceanic Silverstone is the largest class of large ships for Port Francisco.The manpower at the port seems to be insufficient due to the recent strike, and the replenishment time has become a little longer.When Lin Sheng was on the deck, he happened to see demonstrations erupting on the port pier again.At least thousands of Shilin people are holding signs and loudspeakers in dense crowds, shouting slogans loudly.As an orthodox summoning ceremony, the initiation language of the primary alien summoning will naturally induce spiritual power and special power.Lin Sheng began to chant the activation language in a low voice, and immediately felt that his consciousness was being drawn out and injected into the array in front of him.A trace of white smoke flew out from the whale oil lamp in the array, and soon sank into the water surface of the pan.Ripples appeared on the thick water surface.The ripples made a puff, and a large piece of white water vapor was diffused.The water vapor drifted cbd fun drops gummies up, and soon formed a large white mist, covering Lin Sheng in it.Let his consciousness gradually sink into hazy.In the field of vision in front of him, a huge ball of crimson light slowly lit up.The domineering ball of light almost filled his entire field of vision.A car stopped quickly and crossed the middle of the road.The police officers got out of the car one after another, drew their guns and rushed into a yellow villa on the left side of the unfinished building.Lin Sheng packed up the most important ceremony map, and went to the window to look down.A warning yellow line has been drawn around the villa.A fat man with the appearance of a sheriff was holding a walkie talkie, and seemed to be talking to the police officers inside.Not long after, there was cbd fun drops gummies a faint fluctuation of evil energy in the villa.It dissipated quickly afterwards.Several auxiliary policemen came out of the villa carrying corpses one by one.It seems that Xilun is not as peaceful as imagined.A thought flashed through Lin Sheng s mind.Return to the living room of the room.After hiding the HCMUSSH cbd fun drops gummies silver powder and other things, he went downstairs slowly.If you don t count off line weirdness, Kadulla is indeed a reliable and powerful bodyguard.The King of Steel s soul has been digested.This time, he can finally start hunting again Amidst the sound of the second hand, Lin Sheng slowly opened his eyes.The furnishings in the small temple are still the same as before.Rows of benches, large windows with exquisite patterns and sacred meanings, and sacred scriptures placed on the prayer platform.Everything was the same as when he left.Lin Sheng glanced at him.He was wearing a set of blood armor he found from the Warriors Guild.On his back was a bundle of hatchets.After getting up, he immediately went to the innermost storage room of the temple, stood in front of the test tower, and reached out to grab the two test pillars.Hiss Saint power poured into the test tower continuously.After Lin Sheng absorbed a lot of memories of sword masters, it all cbd fun drops gummies looked like juggling and meaningless.He avoided more than ten swords in a row, observing the monster s tricks and abilities.And he began to utter simple language such as evil spirit language, trying to communicate with the other party.But naysa cbd gummies 50mg this monster seemed to have no sense at all, it just kept yelling a few fixed words in its mouth.Crazy tireless attack.Chapter 217 Exploration 2 After observing for a minute, Lin Sheng found that the opponent had no new tricks, so he raised his hand and threw a hand ax at his head.Whoosh The short ax roared cbd fun drops gummies and turned into a circle, hitting the monster s head fiercely.Boom It froze all over, and a large white light of holy power exploded from its body, and then thick black smoke emitted.Ow The monster screamed, roared and rushed up again, slashing at Lin Sheng with a sword.And holy power is actually the manifestation of soul power, if it is consumed too much, it will be bad for his own state.In four days, I should be able to meet the most basic requirements for the Temple of Morning Light.I am a five level holy power fighter, and it takes four days to meet the requirements for the construction of a basic temple.Lin Sheng recalled Heiyu City The powerful little temple in the palace.Feeling that he still has a long way to go His consciousness quickly withdrew from the virtual space and opened his eyes.The feeling of preparing the temple at this time is also somewhat different.There is obviously a lot of dust and debris inside the temple, but at a glance, it gives people a feeling of cleanliness, sanctity, peace cbd fun drops gummies of mind, and comfort.This feeling came very inexplicably.The small forest where Lin Sheng built the temple is not large, but there are some public facilities such as parks at the foot of the mountain.The fat man staggered and was covered in sweat.He finally couldn t run while holding his knees.He stopped and bent over to rest.He struggled to take out his phone.In Xilun, which is far more developed than Celine, the cost of mobile phones is an electronic product that ordinary people can afford.This is much more convenient than Celine.The fat man quickly dialed a number.The user you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.An unexpected electronic sound came out.The fat man s face suddenly became extremely gloomy.Isn t it deliberately tricking me Could it be that you are late He looked around.The surrounding area is the deepest part of the park, near the foot of the mountain.On the gate in the middle, there are two vague half kneeling men carved on the ground.The man was bare chested, holding a bottle and a quill in his hands, and his posture seemed a little weird.In a city, the small temple is squeezed to the edge of the central area, and there is a second big temple here Lin Sheng raised the burning sword in his hand.The burning fire source continuously provided him with the light of illumination.He walked to the gate and looked up at the black gate that was taller than the three of him.He tried to pull it out first.Not moving at all.Then push it in.click.The door opened slowly and heavily, bit by bit.Under the push of Lin Sheng, the two doors, which weigh at least one chews cbd gummies several hundred kilograms, slowly and completely opened.call.A gust of icy air suddenly blew out from behind the door.One, two, three, four, it s really flattering to be welcomed by someone as soon as we come.Lin Sheng held the burning sword tightly and focused on it.The four women approached slowly, only five or six meters away from him.The vertical pupils on their navels suddenly stopped turning, and they all stared at Lin Sheng.swish.The four sickles were raised simultaneously and swung down suddenly At their snow white navels, there is cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies a ferocious dark red blood colored vertical pupil.The vertical pupils were just at the position of the navel, and the eyeballs kept turning, looking a little irritable and nervous.One, two, three, four, it s really flattering to be welcomed by someone as soon as we come.Lin Sheng held the burning sword tightly and focused on it.The four women approached slowly, only five or six meters away from him.He put on his cloak, turned and walked out cbd gummy candy cbd gummies effect of the restaurant.No matter when and where, I, Dis Palmington, am the strongest Unstoppable, inescapable Standing outside the door, he looked up at the terrifying black cloud and mist in the distance, without cbd fun drops gummies hesitation go in that direction.Chapter 245 Promotion 3 Hiss Infinite white light suddenly flooded Lin Sheng s vision.He slowly woke up from the resonant memory fragment.The previous resonant memory was when the Holy Shield of Brutality was summoned, but I didn t expect it to appear again now.He carefully recalled everything he had just seen.The Night King never stops searching in Black Feather City.Sharina went to die without hesitation in the sea of flowers.The ending of these two people is nothing serious, it is just that two lonely people meet at an inappropriate time and have an inappropriate intersection.This is an announcement.Whether it s you, the Tower of Heaven, or the flames of hell.The content of this announcement is the same.My lord, everything to be done is inside.What are you Are you warning in advance A white haired figure automatically appeared behind Asaimu, standing on the passage.You can take it as a warning.Assam said lightly.A lot of things are good for you and the Tower of Heaven, but the Seven Locks Tower doesn t want to get into it.Otherwise Miyue can try again, if there is one March Battle, there will be a second time White haired The figure said coldly.The battle in Marchhaha.Assam didn t say much.Ninety years ago, during the Battle of March, the Lord retreated and was seriously injured, and the three secret realms suffered heavy losses at the same time.As for the Seven Lock Tower, the damage was minimal.Lin Sheng He didn t have time to think too much, and rushed in through the hole.The staff in the office next door had almost run away at this time.There are only a few bold ones hiding at the door and peeping here secretly.Umandira didn t have time to think about it.Seeing Lin Sheng lying on the ground, who didn t know whether he was alive or dead, he rushed over and helped him up.Are you okay Lin Sheng shook his head and raised his head, as if he was a little stunned.He collected himself, panting heavily.Fortunately, I m lucky, that guy, he hit it wrong twice Otherwise, this trip will be really troublesome It s all right Umandira quickly took out a cylindrical silver crystal from his pocket.This is a reconstructed crystal Hurry up and absorb it Don t talk Lin Sheng straightened up HCMUSSH cbd fun drops gummies and smiled wryly.Do you know how the magma pool under your feet came from Could it be Lin Sheng was stunned, Is it from this Sun Chaser That s a good guess.It should have sensed the direction of flow, right The headmaster nodded in satisfaction.Before your tutor mentioned that you are extremely talented and have a strong talent and soul.I didn t believe it at first.Now, it seems that you are even better than I imagined.The principal is too good.Lin Sheng smiled slightly and lowered his head.No reputation.You deserve such a title.The headmaster waved his hand.The group continued to move forward.Umandira picked up Daisy s eyes at the side, with a proud hemp bombs cbd gummies 750mg face.Hey.Daisy didn t bother to argue with this old and young guy, and hurriedly followed with her assistant.After crossing the arch bridge, everyone soon walked into a huge stone wall behind Sun Chaser.With a smirk, he dragged it out.boom A violent explosion exploded in the spirit.The white holy flame and the red evil spirit collided with cbd edibles gummies cbd fun drops gummies each other, offset and annihilated.Soon the entire ceremony, the flesh and blood corpses in the pit, and all the materials for the arrangement, etc., were all turned into cbd fun drops gummies black ash and dissipated with the wind.I don t know how long it has been.Everything gradually quieted down.Bean sized raindrops slowly fell from the night sky, sparsely.Continuously.Under the pergola, Lin Sheng walked out slowly and walked straight to the back door of the villa.In his hand, he didn t know when, he was holding a light red translucent bead Hiccup.Melissa burped, and put the carbonated drink in her hand on the table.The patrol is on a routine patrol mission.Captain Lin Sheng was smiling, chatting with the two team members about the poker game last night.He looked very arrogant, constantly interrupting the words of Dean, a member of the town defense station, tapping his fingers on the table.When Lin Sheng and the others walked in, cbd fun drops gummies they immediately attracted their attention.The burly man turned his head and glanced at the tallest Lin Sheng s face.Bain s student patrol team It s none of your business here now.The Ferry Royal Academy will take over the tasks in this town.If you have nothing to do, you can go away He had a cold face, as if he was in a very upset mood.Furry Royal Academy Melissa and the two were heartbroken.If it was another university that is also the Crown School, they would have a good argument.But the other party is the Royal Academy It is not a Crown School, but a military university directly under the government.The people trained are all elites who will enter the military in the future.This person s idea is right, but it s a pity.clang A green crystal that appeared automatically was precisely in front of the afterimage knife, that is, in front of Lin Sheng.The green crystal shimmered with green light, only the size of a fingernail, but it firmly blocked the straight stab of a short knife that was at least half a meter long.The fel energy at the tip of the short knife kept hissing and crisping.It cbd fun drops gummies seemed that he was exploding with all his strength, trying to break through the barrier and stab Lin Sheng s neck in front of him.But no matter how hard it struggled, it still couldn t penetrate the crystal in front.The crystal was like an unimaginably thick city wall, with no hope of being broken through.Too weak Lin Sheng raised his head, and the pupils in his eyes slowly split open, turning into pale golden vertical pupils.boom Suddenly, an invisible mental shock exploded, and a reddish, huge, and weird living creature shot out from the halo.It is like a reddish cloud with hundreds of pairs of arms.There are a large number of colorful rotating compound eyes indistinctly embedded in it.Those compound eyes are round, like the eyes of a dragonfly.Very good very good You are lucky to be able to summon me, the great blood gazer The cloud and mist evil spirit floated in front of Lin Sheng, with a volume of three to four meters wide and six meters wide.How tall, like a big twisted ball of plasticine.His massive arms dangled involuntarily, like the spiky cilia of a sea anemone.Come on Tell me your cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies wish, and I will fulfill your wish He slowly bent down and approached Lin Sheng s face.Lin Sheng raised his head, with a complex look of panic and longing on his face.However, Lin Sheng joined this group mainly to obtain the latest school information and information about evil energy.beep.In a new short message on the alumni group webpage, a place similar to a post bar popped up.it has started The Silver Mine has started Three crown schools, two directly affiliated universities, and a bunch of idlers, together with the hidden cult team, all fought in a melee.Below are the photos that have just been sent out one after another.The above are a little blurry, but you can vaguely see three places in the stretch of woods.Looking from a distance, there are dark green rays of light colliding with each other and bursting.On the ground outside the woods, tiny bloodstains can still be seen scattered.Soon, someone below replied.And a cult With so many university teams together, how dare the cult take the lead Not afraid of death The post owner replied quickly.In the basement, a set of high precision instruments that have been installed and adjusted are constantly cbd fun drops gummies flashing cbd fun drops gummies delicate indicator lights and operation lights.These instruments can be used to help him observe various energy fields, record the change data curves accurate to milliseconds, and can cultivate the weakest and most basic evil energy unit particles.It can clone any group of evil infected cells, rapidly freeze any biological tissue and organ, and is even equipped with a large number of isolation rooms, security rooms, and the ritual isolation room that Lin Sheng is most looking forward to.These are actually only a small part of the instrument mechanism in this villa.In order to meet Lin Sheng s requirements, Adolf invested at least 300 million mega dollars here.The Mega Dollar already has a very good currency value in the world, and one Mega Dollar can be exchanged for thirteen Xilun Coins in an equal amount.The newly drilled frog monster once again recovered to the point of being vulnerable.continue to be killed in large numbers.As time went by, Lin Sheng killed more and more frog monsters, and soon over a thousand.Suddenly there was a huge earthquake on the ground, and his speed slowed down a little.With a light leap, his body shot out like an arrow, landed on the outer wall of the building on the right, and kicked with his strength.boom A large piece of gravel and mud exploded on the ground, and a huge pure white frog opened its mouth wide.From the mouth more than three meters wide, cbd thc gummies a blood red tongue suddenly shot out, rolling cbd fun drops gummies towards Lin Sheng.Lin Sheng kicked up, and the person flew into the air, avoiding his tongue, his arms lit up with a dazzling white light, cbd gummy bears by heavenly candy review and something like a sword blade condensed out of the holy light.The figure was a woman with dark pupils and hair as cbd gummy bites gorgeous as a flame, as if it was burning.She is neither fat nor thin, with a well proportioned figure, and there is a red vertical mark between her eyebrows, which is unforgettable at first sight.What caught Lin Sheng s attention the most was that the woman was sitting on the ground, with a huge silver sword lying cbd fun drops gummies in front of her, which exuded a slight chill.Live Lin Sheng stopped and asked.The woman sitting on the ground didn t change her face, she raised her head slightly, and stared at Lin Sheng with her dark eyes.In an instant, she stood up, grasped the sword, and swung it forward.Chi A pure white avalanche emerged out of thin air, densely packed with snow powder that almost filled the entire street, accompanied by a loud rumbling noise, rushing madly towards Lin Sheng.She suddenly felt that something was wrong.The customers who were eating noodles just now shouldn t have checked out so quickly.There was no sound around, it was as quiet as a morgue.Tao Zi didn t know why she thought of the morgue, but at this moment she was cold all over, her vest was sweating, and she felt as if she was really standing in the morgue.The hand that was being held by her was getting tighter and more painful, and the pain was so painful that she was about to shed tears.Sister sister I m in pain please let me go She held back the pain and spoke again.The sitting black haired female high school student still lowered her head, facing the table, motionless.It s just that Taozi suddenly saw that the corner of the other s pale mouth suddenly evoked a strange arc.She growmax cbd gummies trial is laughing A cold current rushed straight up from Taozi s back and into the back of his head.On the office floor where Besber is located, a glass reviews of clinical cbd gummies window in a room slammed open, splashing down large pieces of broken glass.Ow A circle of invisible soul power ripples vibrated, violently exploded from there, and spread rapidly towards the surroundings.The sound seemed to be the howling and howling of wild animals, but no one heard it.Lin Sheng got up and walked out of the cafe, looking up at the building where the accident occurred.Soon, a strange man with more than a dozen heads grabbed a middle aged man from the floor, jumped out, and fell hard.Boom Two thick footprints appeared on the ground.In the eyes of the people around, Besber was caught by an invisible monster, held up high, and fell from the floor.Nothing happened.It s started Lin Sheng pretended to be with other screaming people, and ran to the corner alley to take refuge.The most glorious record is that in the battle of Red and Black, a salvo of ten cannons fired and wounded the white gulls of the enemy camp.This is the most powerful one.Then there s the bomb.After the transformation of evil energy, many bombs with terrifying power can even be compared to strategic nuclear warheads.It is equivalent to an extraordinary version of a strategic nuclear warhead.Immediately, Lin Sheng s eyes focused on a white bomb shaped like a durian.Chapter 354 Memory 1 Lin Sheng placed a white durian shaped thing on the left side of the street, under an arched window.Then he moved on.He was located about a kilometer away from the red haired woman.Fine hoarfrost can already be seen on the ground.Lin Sheng looked around, dragged a bag of white durian behind him, and walked gently to the right.Giggling giggling It grinned weirdly, revealing a mouth full of saw like fangs, and there was a lot of mud like garbage in the gaps between the teeth.You have such an ugly smile.Lin Sheng expressionlessly stretched out his hand to grab the ground randomly, picking up a handful of gravel.Chi He suddenly threw the stone in his hand forward.The stone was wrapped cbd fun drops gummies in pure white holy power, and turned into a cloud of white meteors, hitting the Cyclops on the forehead.Puff puff puff Caught off guard, Cyclops was hit on the head.It has rough skin and thick flesh, and it was only beaten to pieces by these stones.As if sensing that Lin Sheng was not to be trifled with, the Cyclops roared, grabbed a gray leather bag hanging from his waist, grabbed a handful of the same gravel, and threw it at Lin Sheng viciously puff A large amount of rubble smashed on Lin Sheng s body with great force.Because the environment is much worse than here, although the total population there is small, the strong people who come out are not Not much.When the three of them came out together, they cbd edibles gummies cbd fun drops gummies came to reality to stand out.But nowthe cruel reality has shattered their dreams The blocked town in the fog, in Lin Sheng After the people left, half of the buildings were completely destroyed.The power cbd gummies effect cbd gummies for ed amazon of the ice lasted for three full days before being gradually dissipated by a stronger erosive force in the dense fog.Except for the group of people rescued by Lin Sheng, no one else knew what happened here.The people who were rescued, because of the aftermath of the subsequent war, died a few more.In the end, only four people returned.Lin Sheng He signed a non disclosure agreement with these four people, including Saffred.But at this time, what the three of them didn t expect was that the moment the red armored warrior appeared, he scanned the laboratory area with his eyes, and immediately smashed the alarm button on the wall with his palm.Enemy attack Woo Woo The harsh siren exploded in an instant, and the soft yellow light of the entire laboratory turned into a dazzling red light in a blink of an eye.The three of Lingyin didn t move, they took a big bag full of things, and rushed towards the gate.Get out first The concentration of abnormal energy here is too high, there is no way to build a teleportation array Understood The three of them passed through like locusts.In the entire laboratory, there were no rare materials for building evil spirit gates.It was also the hard disk of the experimental computer used by Lin Sheng to record data.In no time he rolled straight to the back, breaking through the general and marshal s section.In the classification of evil spirits, generals and above, as well as marshal ranks, are the existences that truly change their soul power.If it wasn t for Lin Sheng s natural restraint, his soul power would also be enormous, backed by many summoned objects.I m afraid he would have been killed by the evil spirit general long ago.Ninety percent of the abilities of the evil spirits are in the soul ability.If the soul ability is restrained, these evil spirits will become tigers without minions, make gummies with cbd oil vulnerable to a single blow.All in all, Lin Sheng still took advantage of the two powerful envoys such as the King of the Night and Tian Gongxia.Most of the soul attacks he suffered were forcibly shared by these two.Under the control of Lin Sheng s will, he floated in the ocean of soul power out of thin air.First, leave the coordinates.Choosing a part of your own soul is the price you have to pay.Lin Sheng was calm.Secondly, use the power in your body to establish a cycle ritual.The cycle ritual is one of the necessary conditions to step into the ranks.It belongs to a special ceremony used to stabilize the establishment of the Unicom Sea Gate after entering the Limit Sea.Relying on the burning of the holy power in his body, Lin Sheng controlled his fingers, and drew thin red lines around the small piece of flesh and blood that flew out.These thin lines kept floating, forming an oval shaped simple ritual formation around the small piece of soul power and flesh.But this is only the first one, Lin Sheng keeps drawing thin lines.Uhforget it, this is not a place to talk, come with me, if you really want to sign a contract with the goblin, I can help you.But there is a fee.Su Ge said bluntly in desperation.Lin Sheng was stunned for a moment.He just sensed that the power fluctuation here is the strongest.That s why I asked the farmer to take him here for a walk.Unexpectedly, this enthusiastic person who saved him was willing to take him to the goblin to sign a contract.Compared with these three people, the farmer must not know this place as much as they do.Therefore, Lin Sheng immediately changed his original plan.Really Is it really possible He opened his eyes wide with surprise.But this surprise is not ecstasy.This detail shows that he has strong restraint, and at the same time gives people a more stable and calm impression.The second aspect is that they don t want to disturb Lin Sheng s studies here.It s like this.Mom has an old classmate with a very good relationship.She has a daughter in her family who is also studying in Mijia.She may come to Hengruikala after a while.If it is convenient for you, please help take care of her.Help her Rent a house or something.After all, the girl is out alone, and it s so chaotic now, it s easy to get into trouble.When will she come Don t worry, I will take care of small things.Lin Sheng responded simply.That s good, that s good.Gu Wanqiu heaved a sigh of relief.It s all because that old classmate was someone she had a really good relationship with before, and the other party helped her a lot at that time.At an accidental class reunion, the other party heard that her child was also studying in Mijia, and it was said that they were doing well, so they lived in Hengruikala.Let s begin, the trial begins.Jin Feng opened his mouth and made a sound.It turned out to be an inexplicably familiar language of evil spirits.Lin Sheng was also taken aback.He didn t expect that Jinfeng could speak, and it was such a pure evil spirit language that could be interpreted.Yes, Your Highness.The silver moon hunter below separated one person, walked to the edge of the cage, and signaled the masked men to move aside.The silver moon hunter waved his hand and sprinkled a little green light, and the cage immediately became clear.Only then did everyone see clearly that there were two people imprisoned inside.One was a young man with blond hair and a calm and noble demeanor.The other is a beautiful fairy girl with long green hair and a sad expression.Klein, Xu Tina.You are suspected of betraying the goblin empire, betraying the green root, and revealing the top secrets of the goblin empire to outsiders.The conversation has become very transparent at this point.Lin Sheng didn t delay, so he asked Sawyer to go back and continue his previous work.As for himself, he began to prepare to step into the fifth evil spirit cave.This is the last of all the caves that can be found now.Because the fourth cave in front had been massacred by that guy named Xieyi King for many years, and cbd gummy candy cbd gummies effect there was no way to find the classics and books left behind.So Lin Sheng found the clues in the rest of the evil spirit caves.It s just that the cave is a bit far away, and it takes a long time mayim bialik cbd gummie to prepare.Lin Sheng actually didn t intend to go there before, after all, the four evil spirit caves, in a certain sense, were enough for him to devour the evil spirit beads every day and gather his subordinates.But just yesterday, that huge black arm that stretched to the sky stimulated him all at once.He just turned around and watched Adolf go away quickly.He could see that Adolf was out of shape during the prayer.Then he ran out to see what happened to this little guy.It s just that he didn t expect it.Adolf seems to have the intention to go.One by one, they ve all grown up He sighed.Since Adolf has his own decision.Then all he can do is trust the other party.Chapter 443 Start 3 The next day, at nine o clock in the morning.Mega Heng Rikala.Lin Sheng, who was about to raise his leg to bury himself in the evil spirit gate, suddenly stopped in place.A soul message from the distant Xilun made him stop all his movements for a moment.Surprise and disbelief welled up in my heart.Adolf Betrayed The moment he got this subpoena, his first reaction was disbelief.As his most trusted disciple and assistant, Adolf s loyalty to the temple and to him is absolutely unquestionable.Who is it Lin Sheng followed closely behind, appearing beside Sinlong Mother.It s an idiot cbd gummies effect cbd gummies for ed amazon who tried to break free from the cage very early.Sin Dragon Mother replied lightly.Come with me, I haven t seen my fellow clan for too long, I have something to show you.She turned and took the lead towards the big mouth of the dragon bone.Lin Shengshi s eyes under the armor moved slightly, and followed closely behind The heavy rain was pouring down, like basins of water pouring HCMUSSH cbd fun drops gummies from the sky.Fusas, an ancient city located in Euro, is celebrating the annual Mushen Festival at this time.Everyone put on black close fitting clothes, sang and danced cbd fun drops gummies in the heavy rain, shouted loudly, and vented all the dissatisfaction and indignation accumulated over the past year.Mushen Festival is already quite crazy on weekdays, but this year cbd fun drops gummies s is even more manic.Soon the third dragon royal cbd sour gummies shadow shot out, it was a pure white ice dragon with transparent wings.A series of simple or tricky questions were constantly read out from the mouths of these dragon souls.Lin Sheng dealt with each of them calmly.The answer may not satisfy everyone, but at least his attitude will not make people feel bad.As time passed, gradually, the questions raised by the dragon souls began to require careful thinking before continuing.Question If you had to kill an existence that was most important to you, which one would you choose An old gray brown dragon calmly uttered his question.Very important existence Lin Sheng couldn t help thinking of his family.I will kill whoever makes me kill.Lin Sheng replied calmly.Question, free will and uncontrollable desire for satisfaction are cbd fun drops gummies very similar.It s almost there.Lin Sheng said, interrupting the strange feeling of depression.His voice was accompanied by bursts of holy power, and spread rapidly, purifying all the high level states that were stable on the scene.This made everyone secretly cbd fun drops gummies rejoice, but luckily the temple also has Lord Shengjia of the same level sitting in command, otherwise these two people alone HCMUSSH cbd fun drops gummies could easily wipe out all the high level people present.It s just that what they can t figure out is whether cbd fun drops gummies does purekana cbd gummies work Master Shengjia s strength has improved a bit too fast.Or, the current Sheng Jia is actually the possession of the Holy Emperor Everyone was terrified and did not dare to make buy cbd fruit gummies wild guesses.Very good, then, see you there.Priest Li said lightly.Okay.Lin Sheng nodded.Under the watchful eyes of many high level officials of the temple, the two Demon Blade Officers walked out of the gate calmly, and disappeared in the puritan pride cbd gummies open space outside in a blink of an eye.These beads were like living creatures, constantly spinning and dancing around him.Chi At this time, inside the theater, a black line flew straight up, carrying Farudo s full moon incarnation, and rose slowly, until it reached the black giant s chest.My will, merge into one Farudo opened his arms, jumped lightly, jumped from the black line, and flew towards the black giant s chest.Chi With a soft sound, his whole body sank into the black giant s chest as if submerged in the water, and disappeared.At this moment, the huge black giant with a height of tens of meters slowly opened its eyes.A pair of bright colored fluorescent eyes slowly opened.There is an air of wisdom cbd fun drops gummies and calm in it.Finally finally here the human world that I ve longed for for so long He took a deep breath, as if smelling the fragrance in the air.In the dark, Lin Xiao raised his hands, maintaining an awkward posture, and stared blankly at Lin Sheng, just like Ultraman raised his hands to release light waves.She felt that the ball of darkness she had released could blow up a building, butHan Yu was helped by Nisi to get up, with a face of not knowing what expression to use, he looked at Lin Sheng from behind them.walked by.Lin Sheng s tall body quickly walked up to Lin Xiao, and looked down at her.Why did your eyes change color Are there spots on your face Are you sick It doesn t matter.I recently learned a soul cbd sleep gummies reviews trick that can cure all diseases.Come on, I ll take you to treat it.He held Lin Xiao down shoulders.The huge dark power roared in Lin Xiao s body like a giant beast, threatening.But to no avail, Lin Sheng slapped HCMUSSH cbd fun drops gummies and tranquil leaf cbd gummies pressed.Chi The violent and terrifying white light exploded on Lin Xiao in an instant.Surrounding the soul power, there is a huge power that cannot be seen, which is the invisible power of will.It is them, under the effect of the spell, firmly bound his own soul power, and is constantly transforming it, forming the divine form that all living beings desire.The wish power around you is really strong, and it is slightly worse than that of the original master.The golden red figure made a voice from the outside.I can feel the begging and prayers of countless people.Lin Sheng said lightly.Have you already sensed it It s amazing The golden red figure exclaimed, Then listen to them and choose a wish from it as your original first divinity.You have to remember, the first one will cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies always be The most important thing.It will be the foundation of all your divinity in the future.The better the foundation, the more divinity you can integrate.White light instantly enveloped the range of dozens of meters around, and then turned into a huge beam of light that soared into the sky.Chi The beam of light rushed into cbd gummy and ibuprofen the sky, directly dispersing the gray clouds cbd edibles gummies cbd fun drops gummies covering the top of the head.The huge holy power is like water waves, with a large number of lines spreading out in circles.These terrifying lines even affected the surging cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies Kuroshio tide outside Hengruikala.The near endless holy light condensed into countless spikes at a high degree, covering the sky and covering the night king.This is the same lore as Lin Sheng s Puzhao back then.As soon as the virtuous king made a move, it was like thunder.Now that he decided to do it, he decided that he must solve the Night King in the shortest possible time.Since he doesn t know how to flatter, don t blame him for being cruel So when he makes a move, it is one of the ultimate moves in the holy power.But Lin Sheng couldn t hear clearly at all.guard believer He sensed his own soul.This feeling is like a kind of self confidence in the depths of consciousness.A kind of absolute self confidence that can do anything as long as you follow the driving action of this thought.That feeling of strong will gave Lin Sheng the illusion that he surpassed the power of the evil wheel.Is this the guardian divinity My unique divinity He carefully experienced the strange thing he had bred.Soon, he figured cbd gummies effect cbd gummies for ed amazon out what was going on with his how long does a cbd gummy stay in your system patron saint nature.The defiled guardian deity at the end.The guardian divinity bred out of despair and fear originally only needed devout prayers, hoping that he would protect the peace of the believers, and then he would be able to obtain the power of the vow.But now something has changed.Quickly answered a new question from Xiaomeng, who had just joined the chat room.Hope is her nickname in the chat room.Originally, because of the high tech technology of this Hongguang chat room, she still had a little expectation for cbd fun drops gummies it.But as time passed, she gradually realized that most of the people inside were just like her, ordinary people from different worlds.And there are a few bullish guys who often have mental problems and talk incoherently.It seems that they are either crazy or delusional.So after a long time, she simply regarded this thing as a gadget for entertainment after her training and exercise.However, it s been a long time before a new person is added.The speed of this thing s addition is really slow.It won t be that everyone is like me, and they have to pick up that little ball, right She suddenly thought this problem.The man made a decisive decision.It s just that he just turned around and led people to leave.Suddenly the entire spaceship was shaken.Strong explosions and shocks came from beneath his feet.An invisible terrifying shock wave instantly penetrated the walls of the spaceship layer by layer, knocking all living creatures unconscious to the ground.Damn it Power furnace It s a power furnace This was the man s last thought.Just a moment before he fell to the ground unconscious.Out of the corner of his eye, he could see black mist seeping in from the door of the monitoring room.Pairs of blood colored eyes hidden in the black mist opened one after another, staring at him.Just when all eyes were about to fall on the man.Get out cbd fun drops gummies cbn cbd gummies A little red light suddenly flew out from the man s body, and a young girl s voice came out of the light.If it s okay like the previous wish fulfilling ceremony, from materials to others, I don t think there is any problem.No need to pay anything extra.If you just try it, there is not much risk.But this battle pattern is different.It has to be carved on yourself.Once something touches the body, the danger rises sharply.In the evening, the sun slanted.In the transparent and long alley, Pei Lin was dressed in a purple dress and cbd gummy candy cbd gummies effect white strappy high heels.She didn t look like a high school student.Pretty and mature, looks more like a young woman in her twenties.Today, she came out with makeup on to accompany her junior to meet netizens.To be on the safe side, she deliberately put on makeup to look more mature.Act like an adult.It turned out that everything was normal during the meeting, but on the way home, an accident happened.What surprised Lin Sheng was that the ratio of the legendary holy light to the black liquid was three to one.Three parts of Holy Light can offset one partthis kind of power Lin Sheng frowned.Although it has long been known that there is a powerful existence in the Kuroshio that even demigods can pollute and erode.But the moment he witnessed this power with his own eyes, he was still shocked.This s ance ceremony can no longer be used He made a decisive decision, waved his hand and released a large amount of white light, completely covering all the patterns on the ground.The bright white light lasted for more than thirty seconds before slowly subsiding.The white light dissipated, and everything returned to normal.The black liquid on the ground had disappeared, leaving only a small section that seemed to be an arm of the Thousand Handed God Statue, which fell to the ground.Saint power poured into it continuously.As if a certain switch was turned on, the beads gradually changed from are cbd gummies legal mn pitch black to light.At the same time, traces of inexplicable soul power slowly escaped from the bead.Lin Sheng s heart moved, and he took the initiative to contact these scattered soul power.Not beyond his expectations.These soul powers are mixed with a large number of memories of the shadow gods.The god has indeed perished, and only a little wreck remains of his soul.Fortunately, the soul of the Shadow God seems to be very large, and its memory is naturally very large.Lin Sheng just absorbed a little bit of memory that escaped from the beads, as if he had seen the massive content of an ordinary person s life.Although most of the memories absorbed were deep sleep, acceptance and feedback prayers, Lin Sheng still saw a lot of useful information from the few memories with content.If we are not careful, we will You may be permanently disabled, so you must be careful.Nian Wei reminded kindly.Well, I know.Don t worry, there will be no problem.Pei Lin has high confidence in the Holy Light shining on you.It s good that you know it yourself.Seeing this, Nian Wei didn t say much.There are some things that even if you are friends, you will lose your identity if you say too much, not to mention that the relationship between them is far from that point.A group of people entered their respective bathrooms.Pei Lin put down the wooden sword, and was about to take off her HCMUSSH cbd fun drops gummies practice clothes, and went in to take a shower.Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, she caught a little reflection at the ventilation window in the corner.The reflection suddenly moved, and he was about to flee.The bearded man lightly pressed the cigarette butt in his hand against the wall, and then carefully wiped the remaining cigarette butt out.Put half a cigarette in cbd fun drops gummies cbn cbd gummies your pocket.Don t look at me as the director.It s not easy now.I can t even pay my salary.The bearded man said helplessly.You guys don t give more money.Don t you see how easy it is for me to be here As an ordinary person, you have done well enough.Xia Yin laughed.As one of the few gun masters who can fight against nightcrawlers, the parliament gives you a lot of funds every year, right How did you get into this It s too expensive cbd fun drops gummies Do you know how much I need for each shot Money The bearded man was speechless.Okay, stop talking nonsense, what are you doing here I don t believe you just came to chat with me.Xia Yin raised her beautiful thin eyebrows.And the ones standing beside her were actually Saint Laurent Angel Baishu and Mist, who had just entered the Governor s City not long ago.The faces of the two were calm at this time, their eyes were peaceful, and there was a faint indifference cbd gummies effect cbd gummies for ed amazon that saw through everything.What s going on Fann Leili frowned.The sudden disappearance of Perola before caused his cooperation with the black prison to cbd gummies and ed be broken, which is also the key reason why the relationship between the black prison and him quickly faded.But he never thought that Perola would actually get together with the Holy Angel.The Holy Angel has only just arrived in Dushi, so he should be totally unaware of it.Dikas on the other side also felt inexplicable.The mere two holy angels had to face their six black prison commanders, and they had the upper hand in a real fight.That is a cbd fun drops gummies gentle and virtuous woman.But I didn t expect that when they rushed to each other s workplace, the place was already empty and there was no one there.And all contact methods have also been cut off, useless.Judging from the traces, it seems that on the day the leader left to carry out his mission, his wife disappeared.The originally intact parents suddenly disappeared one day.As an ordinary freshman, Zhao Hongjing was a little worried that the other party would not be able to bear the blow.I m sorry, if there s anything else, please tell me straight up.I have something to do later, so I have to go out.Zhao Hongjing said earnestly, frowning.The woman fell silent.OkayIyou can call me Yanyu.And then Zhao Hongjing waited earnestly.He vaguely remembered that this woman was an acquaintance of his father, and someone he trusted very much.Faced with various assassination methods, as long as he is careless and negligent, he may be robbed or killed.So in terms of security, you must be careful and careful.Absolutely can t let him have an accident.This is the core consensus of all their leader factions.Remember There will be no next time Zhu Xingchu left cbd fun drops gummies cbn cbd gummies behind a sentence, and quickly walked away from the spot The door opened with a click.Zhao Hongjing put down his schoolbag, changed his shoes and closed the door behind his back.Parents still haven t come home.This made him slightly worried.Taking out his mobile phone, he quickly called his father again.No one answered.Then call mom again.My mother got through very quickly, and before he could speak, there was a burst of urgent chatter on the other side.Mom seemed to be very busy and in a hurry, and promised to transfer money to him and have time to come back next time, but before Zhao Hongjing could speak, she was hung up.In fact, the gap with other ranking killers is not as big as imagined.Facing an opponent of this level, cbd fun drops gummies even the silent lion is somewhat powerless.Chi A steel needle flew past his ear.Bring out a small sharp sound of breaking through the air.Chen Shi dodged sideways, rushed into the alleyway on the other side, and continued to detour towards Ming an University.His subordinates can only hold back ordinary attackers, while the real masters can only be dealt with by himself.The second and third places in Wulunhua are not so easy to meet.On weekdays, if Chen Shi encountered two people teaming up, he would usually stay away.But can i take melatonin with cbd gummy at this time, there were some things that he had to do, had to do.It was time to repay the leader s life saving grace to him.Boom With a calm expression on his face, he casually flung out a small piece of black chewing gum.Relieved, they finally began to try to absorb and integrate the sacred species.the second day.When the owner of the Lost Pavilion brought a large number of sacred seeds.When returning to the headquarters of the World Killer Alliance.The entire league was shocked.And the radiance of the sacred species covered most of the area of the entire killer alliance in just a few days.When Lin Sheng finished reading the book, took a nap, and got up to have some breakfast and drink tea.On Zhao Hongjing s side, Zhao Hongjing has officially received the all round external alliance cooperation request from the Luojia clan.He was also invited to visit the homeland of the Luojia clan.Zhao Hongjing readily agreed.Accompanied by Zhu Xingchu, the God Snow Flower, and Chen Shi, the Silent Lion, they arrived at the hinterland of the Luojia clan.The Night King has also been chasing and killing the defected Sin Dragon Mother and others.Now Hengruikala is left behind, that is, King of Steel and Kadulla.Kadulla is everywhere because of too many clones.And the King of Steel is entirely because he has been practicing penance, retreat, penance, and retreat.Except when the Kuroshio was attacking, he didn t come out at all the rest of the time.Nurgna is also sitting at the Palace of the cbd edibles gummies cbd fun drops gummies Holy what does cbd gummies have in it Spirit Lin Shengduan sat in the empty hall of the temple, and suddenly felt a faint emptiness in his heart.The main combat power is not there, if a little flower strikes at this time Woo This idea had just emerged, and immediately a piercing siren sounded over the Holy City.All the priests rushed to their defensive posts.Ordinary people quickly went to various shelters in the way they had practiced on weekdays.I m careless He never expected that the gap between the Tiger of Kurokawa and the previous mechas would be so big.Alright, let s decide the outcome.He clenched the black knife tightly.The last divine power was combined with a part of soul power, and he began to truly develop the second ability that he had only comprehended successfully.Chi The black knife suddenly drew a hexagram like trajectory in front of him.Block the bombardment of the light of the red umbrella for a moment.Super Speed Phantom Sword Dance Suddenly, all the light in the sky above the entire street seemed to disappear in an instant.Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi The violent knife light flashed cbd gummies effect across the entire street in an instant.Countless white line like knife marks, neatly shrunk to a point, cut through the Kurokawa Tiger Mecha, cut off all the light of the red umbrella, and cut off all the darkness.With the sound of shattering glass, the three cbd gummies effect cbd gummies for ed amazon of them returned to the normal reality on the cbd edibles gummies cbd fun drops gummies street.People were coming and going, and on the crowded street, except for a few people who noticed them, the rest of the people were still coming and going in a hurry, and they didn t pay any attention to the changes here.Go, go back Duka Ente s face was blank, and he ordered in a low voice.Only then did Hong Rui and Sha Lu hurriedly supported him, stopped a taxi, and headed back towards home.sit in the car.Hong Rui kept recalling everything the mysterious man said just now.The doubts in my heart not only did not decrease, but increased.The Tiger of Heichuanis he really dead Sha Lu was not on the same line as Hong Rui at the place where he was paying attention.Definitely dead.Dukaent reluctantly responded.At this moment, the entire temple was in a mess like a vegetable market.The representatives of the major alliance kingdoms in the seats wanted to speak one after another, trying to figure out what happened.What s going on with the Green Lake cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies star It s only been a hundred years since the alien forces were put down.Is there a crack in the previously indestructible alliance relationship The eagle of the stars will suddenly arrive at the Green Lake star.What about the defense system We have invested a lot of money in synersooth cbd gummies the defense of the galaxy, just watching Instead of taking the initiative to rebel, I personally prefer to believe that the Green Lake star was forced to rebel out of desperation One by one or good intentions Or malicious speculation, constantly echoing in the temple.The four marshals and the chairman of the alliance sitting in the middle remained silent, as if they were waiting for this piece of information to ferment.Lin Sheng saw that silver haired little girl, Sai Lan, and it took four days to attract ten fish by the ice cave.Despite sighing, the black robed woman chose to congratulate her.You have passed this course.The picture keeps passing.Lin Sheng saw the black robed woman take Sai Lan away from the snow field and left in a spaceship.The two returned to a remote town and lived in seclusion.The black robed woman continued to teach Sailan all kinds of common sense about the practice of holy power every day.Time passed, but her voice was still gentle, and the part of the skin exposed on her body was still smooth, as if time could not leave traces on her body at all.Such a picture flickered until a long time later.A letter was sent to the home of the woman in black robe.At the same time, cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies a short haired woman with bright red hair came to this small town with many men.Don t worry, the condensing of the infinite turntable requires a certain period.This period mainly depends on the amount of energy incorporated into it.How much energy If it was my heyday, it would be easy to transport energy into it.But now Zhan Emperor Yuan Kai said in a low voice.It s okay, I ve already asked someone to put the first level energy block in the reserve into the infinite turntable.According to the calculation, the time should be shortened to less than two cbd fun drops gummies days.The head of the returning club said.So now, it s time for us to decide which side smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies should use this first level authority first As soon as these words came out, the Four Great Emperor Armors of the Dark Armor fell silent.Although there is only one leader of the Huihuihui, his aura is not weaker than the four.As a collective representative of the former highest parliamentary authority, the Return Society still has an extremely powerful dark force.And just now, she clearly felt that in the infinite city behind the crack, someone died.Well, continue.Lin Sheng ejected a few bursts of divine power to stabilize the spatial strength of the cracks in the gap.Then the second batch of massive weapons rushed into the crack.Soon, there was another huge earthquake, and the faint shock wave released countless high energy particle radiation, which reflected a trace of silver in the surrounding fleet.It s been destroyed for the second time.Vera replied calmly.Lin Sheng nodded.Continue.Since he can use the strength of his subordinates, he will naturally use it to the maximum.What Lin Sheng paid for this was to stabilize the cracks in the space gap.Protect from being destroyed by explosions.Time passed, and soon half an hour passed.Round after round of weapon attacks, the infinite city in cbd gummies effect cbd gummies for ed amazon the gap was destroyed time and time again.The electric arc just now has exceeded the power range of zero level spells, and not many of the first level spells can have such great power.But it consumes too much.And it can t be controlled remotely.It needs to add communication technology, switching technology, and change the energy system to use the elements in the natural air as the main consumption objects.This involves the knowledge of arcane engineering.Generally, mages build simple spell models, and then use this to exchange spell effects cbd gummies dor dogs with magic nets.Arcanists, on the other hand, complete the entire process by themselves, so they have a very cbd gummy candy cbd gummies effect deep research on how spiritual power can attract natural elemental power.Lin Sheng screened the information in his mind.Then proceed to the simulation experiment.At the same time, he walked out of the laboratory, found a few books given by his mentor Dora, and quickly scanned them page by page.Soon, after Lin Sheng made a new simplified floating cannon again.Instructor Dora really knew that this thing was not customized by Lin Sheng himself, but a construct he had mastered.In addition to being shocked, she also recognized Lin Sheng as a genius disciple more and more.After helping her sell cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies the Magic Net version of floating cannons, Dora also began to bet a lot of resources and opportunities on Lin Sheng.She unreservedly taught Lin Sheng the knowledge system and principles and laws of various constructs.Lin Sheng improved the basic arcane floating cannon and designed an enhanced version of the arcane floating cannon after obtaining a large amount of knowledge essence of the construct system.Enhanced type, officially changed the equipped zero level spell to a first level spell magic missile.And Lin Sheng, who received a lot of wealth rewards, also began to devote himself to practicing arcane spells.Also research more advanced construct techniques.Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, half a year had passed since Lin Sheng entered the Baiyan Forest.Hush There was a burst of warm applause.Many woodland mages are sitting in cbd fun drops gummies cbn cbd gummies the only small theater in Baiyan Woodland, watching the performance of the newly arrived Sun Song and Dance Troupe.The elf girls with better figures and charming looks danced their bodies on the stage, charming and charming.In the ethereal and graceful dancing posture, there is a faint charm.Lin Sheng was sitting in the middle, next to him was senior brother Henry and senior sister Lidu.The two sat on either side of him, one on the left and one on the right.Aurora thought about it.Of course, um, prepare a room for me, and two personal maids.In addition, in your name, rent me some spell basic books and send them to my room.I will review them later.Please don t bother me, I have the habit of sleeping in the cage in the morning.In addition, in your name, pull me into Baiyan Forest, I don t want an ordinary apprenticeship, at least arrange a ninth level apprenticeship for me, I think I can break through to a formal mage right away, so there is no need to take the exam step by step go up.And your spell notes and so on, send a copy to my room every other week, I want to see, spell casting materials and the like, if you have, I also want to have a copy of all of them The girl babbled and opened her mouth.A lot of requirements.Last but not least.My money is not so easy to earn.This place is very good The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and a rainbow like strange luster lit up on his black hair.Then it was instantly covered by the illusion spell and returned to its original state.Chapter 810 Trial 1 The forest gradually became dark and dark.Lin Sheng walked forward slowly, following the barren road opened up by his predecessors, approaching the giant tree of the royal capital without stopping.He didn t fly anymore, but walked after landing, slowly observing the surrounding environment.After all, this is an investigation, running too fast After a few minutes.The gemstone in Lin Sheng s hand disintegrated slowly, and the essence inside had been silently absorbed and devoured by him.A green light flashed how long after eating 15mg cbd gummie will it last in Lin Sheng s eyes at the same time.In the middle of the chest covered by the robe, on the huge flower, another green petal slowly appeared.Healing can indeed save yourself from all injuries.But if the time is longer and the effect is stronger, the ending may be completely different.During the treatment, everyone thought they were returning to their mother s arms.But it never occurred to me that if I relax for a long time, I will completely lose myself and become one with it.Soon, a cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies painful wail came from an isolated tunnel in the underground palace.Then came a violent struggle.After the last half minute, all was quiet.Lin Sheng returned to the hall, followed by the blood clothed man Ke Lin who was cbd gummy candy cbd gummies effect safe and sound.Colin burst into tears, looking pained and guilty.I only now know how serious the evil consequences I have committed before Thank you, leader, for giving me a second life and giving me a chance to make up for the past I cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies pray to the Holy Light, praying that I have been hurt in the past Those who are willing to give me a chance, forgive me, forgive me Ke Lin s eyes showed deep remorse.Opening and reading letters every day has almost become Lin Sheng s daily habit over the years.He does not participate in various activities, does not participate in various meetings, except for the occasional return to the woodland to deliver goods, the rest has no entertainment.And the most important way for him to communicate with the outside world is through letters.The next third letter is a secret letter from members of the Bright Society on Lanying Tower.Lin Sheng s expression vegan cbd gummy became slightly solemn.During this time, he has been paying attention to the situation at Uncle Kenhart s side.Three months ago, in the Lanying Tower, the investigation of Kenhart s leak of secrets, which led to the complete annihilation of the special party, had reached an important stage.This year long investigation is finally coming cbd fun drops gummies to the final verdict.I see.Dora s expression became colder and colder.I understand your position.The favor you owed me before can be regarded as repaid. thank you for understanding.So, goodbye.The human face finally echoed, and slowly dissipated.Dora stood in front of the test bench in a daze.The experimental materials she was most interested in were placed in front of her, but she was not interested at all now.It took a long time before she moved She packed her things numbly, and then walked up to the second floor step by step.When she came to the summoning laboratory on the second floor, she dragged out a huge wooden box from the corner.Opened the lid, and took out one by one from inside , the various equipment and magic tools she used when she went to the battlefield.He has nothing but her.In the past, those seemingly strong relationships and seemingly stable alliances of interests were like candles in the wind when facing the sentence of Lanying Tower.Strange thing Lin Wei thought about it, There is one thing.Recently, five temples in a row have been entering HCMUSSH cbd fun drops gummies the Werley Territory.They should all come for that.That Lin Sheng was stunned, not all of them Why did he come Well, your father took the initiative to declare a new purgatory crypt in the violent forest.Purgatory crypt At cbd fun drops gummies first, he thought that these temples were really chasing after him, but now it seems that he is being sentimental.Purgatory Crypts Shouldn t they appear 100 percent cbd gummies in the Purgatory Corridor He pondered and asked.Well, it s just a clue discovered at the beginning, and there are only a very small number of purgatory creatures that come out.They are vulnerable.Just to be on the safe side, the master still took the initiative to send applications to the various temples.Lin Wei explained.Restoring the original calm, he stared at Lin Sheng and the people around him.Okay, everyone from the Guangming Society, cbd fun drops gummies how about letting us go this time If we really want to tear our face apart, it will not be good for you or us.After all, our power is far beyond what you can imagine.The old mage no longer pretended , but directly said in a hoarse and deep voice.What organization cbd 50 mg gummies cbd fun drops gummies are you Lin Sheng didn t cbd edibles gummies cbd fun drops gummies answer.Instead, keep asking.Our power is hidden in the dark night.Don t think that you can ignore everything if tyler perry cbd gummies website you defeat the Evil Shadow Sect.The Evil Shadow Sect is just a small organization that can be easily dismissed.The old mage took out something with his backhand.It was a light yellow parchment scroll stained with faint blood.He gently unfolded the parchment, revealing the mysterious characters densely packed on it.But even Chaos, in that war, was like a weak baby, except for struggling and splashing a few splashes, there was no other movement.This is a great era.Lin Sheng smiled.Behind him slowly emerged a beautiful woman in a green dress.The woman showed her smooth and round legs, barefoot, with a garland of flowers woven on her head, her appearance was exquisite and perfect with a touch of tranquility.On her towering chest, she wore a small wooden plaque with a stag pattern.Behind him, there is a soft light green divine light that naturally radiates.Beautiful Ms.Forest, it s not an cbd gummies effect cbd gummies for ed amazon act of etiquette to come uninvited.Lin Sheng didn t turn around, still looking at the distant battlefield with a smile.It seems that the arrival of the gods behind him cbd gummy candy cbd gummies effect has long been expected.I noticed you when you entered my church a long time ago.Lin Sheng reached out and clicked on the blood column.One piece of innate god blood one S level golden evaluation, five billion exchange points.Abyssal Demon King Bloodline One bio gold cbd gummies to quit smoking S level golden evaluation piece, five billion exchange points.The blood of the Lord of the Elements one S level golden evaluation piece, five billion exchange points.One piece of belief in the main god godhead one S level golden evaluation piece, one billion exchange points.There are also parallel equivalents, such as the golden superman bloodline, the mixed yuan saint bloodline, the ultimate perfect biological bloodline, etc., except for the difference in the number of exchange points, they are all s level golden evaluations.Lin Sheng looked at his attribute list, and there was only one thousand exchange points lying there.Frustrated, he returned to his own world.But since then, he has found himself cursed by the world.Immortal and immortal, physically and mentally deformed, completely turned into a completely indescribable monster.Here There are no wreckages, no new wreckages Is it the emergence of new traitors He opened his eyes wide, showing surprise and shock.A new idiosyncratic person who can resist the power of the black abyss.Has it finally appeared After so many years, I thought I was the only one who was a special case The power here is so huge and terrifying, and only the real idiosyncratic person can Get in here and not die here.Chapter 892 Origin 2 Another existence that peeps at the power of the black abyss, and even this time, it is actually a person with special characteristics The mysterious man let go of his robe and let it fall to the ground.But now it seems that there may be little hope.Thinking of this, Lin Sheng smiled.As he walked, he gradually left the city and the country and soared into the sky.In an instant, he crossed the sea of stars in the universe and came to the outer wall of the universe.The size of the inner universe is as small as a planet, and as large as thousands of galaxies.The size of this universe is as large as thousands of star systems, not too big, but not too small.Breaking through the outer wall, Lin Sheng felt something, and saw many subordinates of the Holy Spirit Palace cbd gummies effect cbd gummies for ed amazon who had been waiting in the void for a long time.It seems that none of you have found it.He saw the expressions on the faces of the leaders of the kings of the realm, and he did not sense anyone calling his name or visualizing his existence.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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