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Xiao Ling seemed to be a little curious about this Is there anything strange about this People are always going to die, for example you are going to die too.According to statistics, in the First World War a total of I don t want to hear those boring statistics.Wang Weiyi interrupted Xiao Ling You are a machine, you delta 8 gummies vs cbd will never understand human feelings.When someone who spends time with you suddenly leaves you, You will be sad and cry Xiao Ling was surprisingly silent.Yes, she is a machine and she will never understand human feelings.After a while, Xiaoling asked Then why did you find me No reason, I just want to chat with someone.Wang Weiyi sighed I don t belong here, I came here just to get out of here, it stands to reason I should have felt something about it.But during this time, I knew Adolf Hitler, I knew Erwin Rommel you know I cbd gummies 125 never thought I would one day See them live Adolf Hitler, born in Xiao Ling who was uncomprehended quickly started mana fx cbd gummies cbd gummies 125 to recite according to the procedure.A well trained British soldier can aim and shoot 15 rounds in one minute.Lieutenant Conk, who commanded these soldiers, was obviously also a very experienced officer, who was completely different from the nature of the militia.The officer s whistle sounded.Raise the gun Let s shoot Under Lieutenant Conker s order, the British raised all the Enfields in their hands.Enfield fired continuously in a volley, which immediately made Wang Weiyi feel as if he had been suppressed by machine gun fire, unable to raise his head at all.Good gun performance and well trained training undoubtedly exposed Wang Weiyi s disadvantage in numbers, which lacked tank support.Under the continuous shooting of the British, Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng could only return a few shots occasionally.The purpose of the British is very simple, to suppress the enemy with fierce firepower, and not cbd gummies 125 in a hurry to attack.Wang Weiyi checked the magazine and took a deep breath.The bullets kept flying in the air, or fell in front of the position.Although Wang Weiyi was beaten He couldn t raise his head at all, but he was silently counting in his heart.Guo Yunfeng was also ready Soon, the time is almost up The danger is extremely high, as long as the time is not well grasped, if you raise your head too early or appear a little later, you will be beaten into a hornet s nest by the opponent s dense bullets.I kept calculating in my heart that when the last bullet of the British army was fired and the officer s password was not yet on his lips, Wang Weiyi suddenly stood up The timing is perfect The MP18 submachine gun spit out terrible flames Being suppressed until now, the anger is completely sprayed out from the muzzle of the gun.The British never thought that the enemy, who had been suppressed so hard, could fight back.Caught off guard, several of them were swept down immediately.As a result, the originally cbd gummies 125 cbd only gummies orderly team suddenly became a little chaotic.If the British use Enfield s volley to cause the power of machine gun suppression, then the MP18 submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand at this time is simply a reduced version of the machine gun Tongues of flames spurted crazily, and now it was the turn of the British to be beaten so hard that they couldn t hold their heads up Taking advantage of this opportunity, Guo Yunfeng stood up suddenly and rushed towards the place indicated by Wang Weiyi.Relying on the cover of the submachine gun, he rushed there in a dozen steps, then crouched down, pulled the bolt, and pointed the gun at the British.As if Hitler s dislike for Second Lieutenant Hall hadn t lessened at all, he said coldly to the how long does gummy cbd last cbd gummies 125 side Second cbd gummies 125 Lieutenant, you have to call Captain Ernst a baron.Baron Alexon.Although Ernst was promoted to captain and the agent added The appointment of the battalion commander was already known to the third company, but it was the first time they heard the news of his becoming a baron.Bunk Leilei was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, Really Baron Alexon Steck scratched his head So, do we have to half kneel to greet you, Baron Alexon The soldiers burst into laughter, which made Hall even more embarrassed.He never dreamed that Ernst had been promoted to Baron.Now, the gap between Hall and Ernst can no longer be described by the word gap The return of Ernst Brahm gave the 3rd Company a boost in morale.As soon as Wang Weiyi returned to the front line, he learned that the British army was strengthening its offensive, and the supplementary battalion was at the forefront of his third company.Wang Weiyi knew very well what kind of heavy pressure the third company would be under.Without any hesitation, he put all the reserves in his hand on the battlefield.He came just in time The British attack was repulsed, and the morale of the 3rd Company and even the entire supplementary battalion was high because of his return.A miraculous battalion commander, what kind of battle is he unable to win Wang Weiyi set up his battalion headquarters in the third company, which was indeed selfish.After all, the third company was brought up by him, and in order to create countless honorable troops Second Lieutenant Hall, please report the situation.You also arranged for Pease to let the enemy enter a trap Enough, Rimon, don t brag about me anymore, Only when the plan is all HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 successful can we start celebrating.If the other party is really Ernst Brahm, then killing him will give me a great sense of success.Major, there is information from the front that the Germans have already Start a large scale build up.It how long does gummy cbd last cbd gummies 125 s about to start.When the enemy s first HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 gunfire sounds, that s when we start to move.Rimon, you are responsible for sending the real General Kilok out, and the enemy s attention has been completely distracted.We re attracted.Yes, Major.Major De Sade held up the copy of A Tale of Two Cities.It was the best of times, it was the worst of times Watts sat in his spacious living room, feeling comfortable.In his hand was a little bag full of diamonds.Adolf, they are not spies.Goring replied instead of Wang Weiyi The vast majority of them ran to Danzig because they were desperate for the domestic situation.In a sense, they have contributed to the prosperity of Germany Hitler twitched his nose, but he didn t think so.He didn t have cbd gummies 125 much affection for the Russians, especially Major Ernst It was once said that Russia might become Germany s biggest enemy in the future.Wang Weiyi smiled Mr.Hermann, are you familiar with the situation here Yes, how long does gummy cbd last cbd gummies 125 even familiar to the people who live here.Sir Alexon, please come and see.Goring brought Wang Weiyi to the window, pointed to a pair of Russians who were arguing in the small square of the hotel below, and said, The one with red hair is called Mistanov, and the one with white hair is called Shamokhsky.They HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 seemed to be born rivals, always arguing, arguing, and arguing.And when he knew that the person standing in front of him was the Skeleton Baron Major Ernst, General Gedell was still a little surprised.What mission actually used this star level officer When he saw the three trucks full of goods, General Gedell seemed to have vaguely guessed something Major Ernst, our troops are ready to attack at any time, you are ready When will it pass General Gedell calmed down his mood.General Gedell, thank you for your support.Wang Weiyi maintained the respect of the subordinates for the superiors cbd gummies 125 I want to launch an attack at 5 o clock and keep attacking until dark, and my team and I can start to pass.As you wish, Major Ernst.General Gedell pointed to the front line This place has been quiet for too cbd gummies 125 long Wang Weiyi didn t understand what it meant.General Gedel led him forward We have fought countless times here.

The frontline positions of the Russian army were quickly torn apart, and a large number of German soldiers rushed in.The defense of the Russian soldiers was too lax, and some heavy machine guns didn t even have time to load bullets In the sky, German fighter planes also appeared, and this caused the Russians to panic even more.Most of them don t want to fight, and even hate war extremely.Anti war sentiment was most evident in the Russian troops than in any other country s armies.It can t be blamed that they don t love their country.Failure after failure, failure, and failure again, even a brave soldier is unbearable.When a person s bottom line is broken again and again.He will be completely numb and disappointed with everything he is facing Just like the current Russian soldiers The wave of collapse is sweeping here, and batches of Russian soldiers are throwing The first time they lowered their weapons, they chose to run away.Thank you, General.Lieutenant Colonel Ernst, the task of the Skeleton Commando has now been completed Now, you can leave Ci Nuoxi with honor.General, I have an idea.Wang Weiyi calmed down his emotions I decided to lead my troops to assault Laner What Lieutenant Colonel Ernst, are you going to launch an assault Yes, General, I have already discussed with my team members.We will launch an assault before the enemy completes the position to coordinate with the big counterattack.Colonel, I have infinite admiration for your courage, but your troops have held on for such a long time, with such heavy casualties, is it appropriate to counterattack at this time I am very clear about the importance of Laner, if you can indeed grab Capturing it before the French are perfect will be of great help to our counterattack, but We are confident in capturing Laner Wang Weiyi replied without any hesitation The French are in a rout, and they just had a mutiny , Their morale has reached the lowest point, we will plant our battle flag in Laner General Galwitz on the other end of the phone was silent for a long time, and then slowly said Ernst, I must admit, I I have never seen a better officer than you, and you will bring great pride to the 2nd Army.These two are also really interesting, they are deadly rivals, but now they are standing together.This confirms the old saying, There are only eternal interests, but no eternal friends.Aha.Ernst, my friend.Mistanov seemed to have completely forgotten the unhappiness between him and Ernst, and also seemed to have forgotten that Ernst almost killed himself with a gun, and came enthusiastically In front of him Why.Are you here alone What do you think Wang Weiyi said calmly.Hearing this, Mistanov looked around involuntarily, and some fear rose in his heart for no reason.He seemed to be able cbd gummies 125 to feel that countless guns were pointing at him around him.The one standing 30 mg cbd gummies for pain opposite is the Skeleton Baron Samoksky also came up Mr.Ernst, according to your request, Mistanov and I gathered all the supplies in the Qiutanmo Canyon.Wang Weiyi wondered why Xiaoling asked such a question.Then I have to warn you that your good friend is about to be in danger.What Danger Wang Weiyi was stunned There are still more than ten days before he is shot and injured.He Walker, I have warned you many times that you are changing history, and history is also quietly changing her track.Some things that should have happened did not happen, and some things that shouldn t happen happened.Some time was delayed, some But the time has been advanced.For example, according to my reconnaissance, the Red Baron has eight British fighter planes that have already taken off.They will soon encounter the Red Baron in the sky.If I am not wrong, two to eight, the Red Baron will be defeated today.Hit Wang Weiyi froze there.Will the Red Baron be hit today Damn it, I wanted to change this period of history wholeheartedly, but history played such a big joke on me Time ahead of time Wang Weiyi didn t say a word, and called a sergeant with a sullen face Sergeant, I want to fly my fighter plane Colonel, I m afraid I have to wait for Captain Manfred to come back.Now, it was time to add another plane to his shot down list.He looked sideways, but the smile froze on his face.Buck s plane was hit The British had decided to get rid of the Red Baron s assistant first, and then concentrate on dealing with the terrible sky bully.Another string of bullets hit Buck s fighter plane.Buck cbd gummies 125 also looked towards the Red Baron.There was no fear on his face, and he also had a smile on his face.His body was bleeding, and then he saluted the Red Baron.The plane rolled and fell to the ground with a thick face.Buck delivered the last message of his life to the Red Baron It is my greatest honor to be able to fight side by side with you.The Red Baron tightly pursed his lips, pouring all his anger and sorrow into the mad sweep of the enemy.It is now one to seven But Richthofen didn t want to think about it at all.The position, shelling can not bring any huge damage to the soldiers.The machine gun sweep is also more of a deterrent effect.It s just that the hard earned position was almost destroyed under the attack of shells, and the soldiers were unwilling to rebuild the position no matter how urged by their officers.What s the use of repairing it The enemy can have another round of shelling, and then the position that has been worked so hard to get lost again.A heavy machine gun was not hidden during the shelling, and the machine gunner next to it was blown to pieces.Lieutenant Colonel Stino, who was inspecting the position, felt distressed.Originally, the Borza Regiment did not have many machine guns, laced cbd gummies is cbd oil cheaper than gummies but now one is destroyed, and what is more what happens if you eat too many cbd gummies serious is that the Italian army in Udine cannot get any supplements at all.Now, the German army is very tired, and they cannot be replenished.The inevitable problem of lack of rear force has begun to appear General Bello cbd gummies 125 told Wang Weiyi cryptically that due to the lack of troops, the German army had already started planning to retreat.General, before retreating, I think we should teach the enemy a hard lesson Wang Weiyi said calmly.Then he told all his plans.The expression on General Bello s face was uncertain.After Ernst finished speaking completely, he asked, Colonel Ernst, are you really going to do this Yes, I m really going to do it.Wang Weiyi s answer was very firm The enemy also thinks Our troops are about to be exhausted.At this time, if we can let them taste the taste of failure again, it will buy us more time.General Bello hesitated Colonel, I have to tell you one thing.They had to endure enemy shelling.Model still behaved so calmly.When the gunfire cbd gummies nutritional info kept falling around him, he held up the binoculars in his hand and was always calmly observing the enemy s movements.As a commander, you must be calm and calm even in the most critical moment.Model certainly did this.Shells kept shining on the German positions, and they were going to use this method to make the Germans here surrender, but they didn t know that the nerves of the Germans here were all made of steel.They hid in the trenches silently and endured all this silently.In fact, these are already taken for granted by them.The real contest is at the moment when the charge and counter charge are initiated.The artillery preparations went on for more than an hour, and Model knew that the time was almost up.He saw the British on the opposite side begin to gather, and the officers were blowing whistles and directing their soldiers there.

If the battle of the commander s brand is successful, everything is easy to talk about, but what if it is broken Hehe, I m afraid that Commander Xue will be the first to shoot me personally. Before you shoot the group, please leave all the cigarettes for us.Go.Ouyang Yu salivated and said.Wang Weiyi got angry and flew up his legs Get out, get out In front of the enemy and in front of the battle, what is needed is the dedication of officers and soldiers, and this is precisely what Wang Weiyi is least worried about.He can confidently win the final victory in the defense of Changshu Three hundred and five.The Undead Japanese Army has finally arrived The momentum is menacing, the sky is constantly flying by the plane, and the ground is the sound of rumbling guns.Changshu may fall into a sea of flames anytime and anywhere.There are many musicians, dancers and painters among Russian immigrants.Driven by them, opera and ballet flourished in Shanghai.Most of the band members of the Public Concession Industry Bureau and the French Concession Public Directorate are Russians.Today, the Tsar s Ballroom was taken over by Mr.Lowellau, Counselor of the French Consulate in Shanghai.Almost all the famous people in Shanghai have arrived.And Shanghai s famous social butterfly or social grass received the invitation without exception A car stopped, and Wang Weiyi, who was still wearing a black woolen coat, got out of the car.The car drove to one side, and then waited silentlyZhang Sandao was bored watching the scenery of Shanghai at nightGive the coat to the waiter, walked into the ballroom, and saw the crowd Here I saw Tang Weihong in a lavender evening gown, she stood out from the crowd among the gorgeously dressed women.What s the use even laced cbd gummies is cbd oil cheaper than gummies if I can pass it on In the end, it s not like checking back and forth, and finally finding nothing For a while, everyone was silent about the bad habits of the officialdom, but they couldn t change them.Wang Weiyi s eyes suddenly blinked.He seemed to think of something.Tang Naian is a very talkative person.The chat didn t end until dinner time.After dinner at Tang s house, Cai He said goodbye.Tang Naian wanted the servant to take Wang Weiyi and the three of them to the guest room, but Wang Weiyi said that he had to go out.Tang Naian was a little worried about the other party s safety, but Wang Weiyi smiled and told him it didn t matter.I just want to visit an old friend.Tang Weihong heard that Wang Weiyi was going out.He wanted to follow, but Wang Weiyi politely declined, Hey, waiter, bring me cbd gummies 125 a bottle of wine.It will make you lose a lot of money every year.Yes, brother Wang Although I don t care, I don t want to eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank lose so much Wang Weiyi showed a strange smile Store all the opium you bought, don t burn it.Every once in a while, does cbd gummy help fissures I will send someone to take it away.This batch of opium cannot be sold in China, but it may be useful in other places Qiao Zhihe and Lu Mingzhai looked at each other , do not quite understand the meaning of his words.But this brother Wang is young, although he is light.But he is very meticulous in doing things, and maybe there is a better way if he thinks about it.Okay.I m leaving the French Concession When Wang Weiyi said this, Qiao Zhihe and Lu Mingzhai were taken aback Brother, there are so many Japanese people out there now Why did you leave Wang Weiyi smiled lightly and interrupted Lu Mingzhai Boss Lu, since I can come in, I can naturally go out.Yes.Elena nodded, pointing to the Russian woman before leaving I seem to have seen her somewhere.Oh Wang Weiyi was a little strange, and looked at the Russian woman This Russian woman was about thirty seven or eight years old.For some laced cbd gummies is cbd oil cheaper than gummies reason, Wang Weiyi saw her for the first time.Just like Elena s feeling, she felt very familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before.The Russian woman finally woke up, her eyes fell on Wang Weiyi s face cbd gummies near sussex nj Thank you Then, she was stunned there as if seeing a devil, her whole body was dumbfounded It is completely impossible to describe her expression in words, horror, surprise, surprise These expressions appeared on one face at the same time What s wrong with you Wang Weiyi said with asked in Russian.You Monsieur German officer said the Russian woman in a trembling voice.Lowell Wang Weiyi smiled.Guo Yunfeng quickly opened the door, and Wang Weiyi walked in slowly A young man in the room suddenly turned his head, his eyes full of surprise.An Fei Yes, you are Hello, Wang Weiyi, Commander of the 1st Huben Guard Brigade of the National Revolutionary Army.Brigade Commander Wang An Fei was very surprised You, you Yes Wang Weiyi asked Guo Yunfeng to give An Fei the prepared clothes Hurry up and change, I have to take you out of Shanghai.An Fei didn t seem to believe it while changing his clothes.Where did this brigade commander come from How could it be so easy for him to get in and out of Shanghai Several Japanese corpses were dragged in, without disturbing the people on the first floor at all Wang Weiyi leaned over, stained some Japanese blood, and wrote a line of words on the wall Wang Weiyi came here for a visit.An Fei Here Wang Weiyi glanced at him Remember, on the battlefield, it s about survival, not death.Don t risk your life to fight the enemy until the necessary time Understood, brigade seat An Fei s answer was so resounding An Fei wants to keep this life, to avenge my cousin An Fei wants to keep this life, and watch all the Japanese themselves be driven out of the country Then That s it Wang Weiyi patted him on the shoulder Get ready to go Manluzuo, your gun.Guo Yunfeng handed the gun to Wang Weiyi You personally command the skeleton team Yes, personally command Wang Weiyi shook his gun Si Dao, you will understand.Guo Yunfeng didn t quite understand what this meant, and Wang Weiyi didn t explain, but walked towards the Skeleton Team holding the gun.Report to the general, the skeleton team has completed its assembly Werner stepped up and said loudly.Although there are lies in this story, there are many truths Later, when the battle was over, Guo Yunfeng disappeared and was probably captured by the Americans.Later, General Ernst met my Father, I handed over the money left by Guo Yunfeng to my father, but my father did not find you.We left the place where we lived, first went to the northeast, and then to Shanghai.God Lu Daxiong He said gloomyly Sir, it s not easy to live.Yes, it s not easy to live.Wang Weiyi sighed Go to the United States to find Guo Yunfeng, you will have news of him there, and I will tell you when you go to the United States.Who are you going to go to first America Lu Daxiong and Yunxia showed embarrassing expressions at the same time Sir, the United States is far away, we, we have no money.The child is not in good health.

Seeing you as a spiritual pillar, the whole of Germany will be crazy because of your return, what you need to do, no one will oppose you You can lead Germany to another track and use your own way to support China s war of resistance.Isn t this more beneficial to China than you can only command one team Rambler, go change history Wanderer, let s change history When Xiaoling said this, Wang Weiyi thought he had heard it wrong Did Xiaoling say this This stubborn set is his duty to ensure the normal historical track My computer actually encourages me to change history God, I changed history by myself, did Xiao Ling also change it Go back Go back to Germany Use another more powerful and authoritative way, To help China win HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 another victory in the War of Resistance Wang Weiyi asked slowly Can you control the time you travel through I don t know, but I ll try my best.Now, the situation is already very dangerous, the headquarters is in jeopardy, and his subordinates cannot stop the enemy s attack at all.Brigade Commander, right here Numata Tokushige also saw such a crisis, but he also had no way to solve it.In front of his subordinates, he had to keep himself calm.Send a power call to Your Excellency, Head of the Dizhou Division.Our army has been attacked by the enemy and needs tactical support.When Numata Tokushige sent this telegram, it didn t take long for him to receive a call back from the Division Head Stay on the spot.No retreat Numata Tokushige stayed there, what does this mean Stick to it Not allowed to retreat In the telegram, I have already elaborated on the crisis encountered by the 6th Wing.And repeatedly told the division head, Your Excellency, that it is difficult to continue to hold on, but why does the division head still insist on himself However, the head of the division also told Numata Tokushige very sternly in the telegram that this is a death order Hold on Numata Tokushige held this really strange telegram in his hand, and gave such an order helplessly, Wanderer, what cbd gummies are best I intercepted Numata Tokushige s telegram, and his telegram was not heard under my interference.From the first day to the present, they have never seen such a group of German lunatics.They had clearly knocked down some German soldiers, but more German soldiers roared in and the roar of those German tanks never stopped The forward positions all collapsed under such a crazy assault, and the Soviet division commander Fishermikov was forced to shrink his troops.And constantly ask the dr golden cbd gummies two wings to provide support to it.But what he received was actually a phone call from Chuikov, the commander of the Northern Front Comrade Fischermikov, the left and right flanks are also under fierce attack by the German army.I ask you to block it and persist until today.Afternoon Comrade Commander, this is impossible Fischermikov shouted, Those Germans are all crazy, my positions b and f have been breached across the board.For Germany The blood red battle flag appeared in the eyes cbd gummies 125 of all German officers and soldiers that is the skull battle flag Then, surrounded by the Guo Yunfeng combat group, a tiger tank, accompanied by several tanks and a large number of soldiers, slowly appeared.Standing on the tank is Ernst Brehm In an instant, the interest cbd gummies 125 of all German officers and soldiers was completely ignited Saint Ernst Every soldier raised his right arm high, and the crazy shouts resounded through the sky It was this god like general who miraculously rescued 189,000 German troops cbd gummies 125 at the most critical time in Demyansk Then, almost alone, he led the Skeleton Division and the 11th Armored Division to successfully break through Nafyevi, the weakest Soviet defense More than 200,000 German troops were rescued from Demyansk by him An almost impossible task, but it was still accomplished in the hands of the Skeleton Baron Those fanatical voices and those pairs of fanatical eyes told the entire Soviet German battlefield The Baron is back Germany s undefeated God of War is back From now on, Germany no longer has to be afraid of anything, failure will be far away, and the goddess of victory will come Hooray Ernst Hooray the Skull Baron Some tanks and soldiers appeared, it was not the enemy, it was the Weissintecker battle group More tanks appeared, and that wasn t the enemy either, it was the 2nd SS Panzer Corps General Paul Hauser jumped out of the car and straightened his uniform.I order, destroy weapons and begin All the redundant weapons were gathered, and after a few explosions, these weapons were all destroyed.Never let your weapons fall into the hands of the enemy You did a great job, boys Colonel Peter said solemnly On behalf of Germany, I thank you for your efforts Of course, we will die soon.Colonel, it is a great honor to die with you.Lieutenant Ram, would you please get those two explosives Yes, Colonel.The two explosive packs were placed beside Colonel Peter.Colonel Peter smiled and said, Boys, this is our final destination.I hope you can shoot the last bullet in the gun and throw away the last grenade.Then Die like a true warrior We will, Colonel Very well, now go back to your posts Night has fallen Colonel Peter s judgment was right, the Russians launched a new, Also here, no.And all because of the personal presence Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm Sling is not willing to accept such an ending, he must launch a new campaign to restore his damaged face as the supreme leader of the Soviet Union.Of course, in order to solve the huge crisis of the Soviet Union as soon as possible Sling was looking for an opportunity, and at this time, Baron Alexon, Marshal Ernst, who had returned to the Russian battlefield, was also looking for an opportunity to inflict heavy damage on the Russians.The situation in Britain and France has temporarily stabilized.Wang Weiyi must take advantage of this favorable opportunity to annihilate the most Soviet army groups, stabilize the Russian battlefield, and reverse the future of Germany He needs a second victory to boost the morale of the German army and restore the cbd gummies 125 failure of the Battle of Moscow and the impact of the siege of Demyansk In fact, at this time, due to the return of the skeleton baron, the miraculous breakout of the Demyansk siege, the morale of the German army is already high, and their bayonets are ready to attack again But in Wang Weiyi s view, this is still far from enough He gave Xiao Ling a new instruction The second phase of the Glorious One mission is open Ziguang military base accepted this task.The German army broke through its two lines of defense in less than a day, and will soon launch an attack on the core position.In Churminsk, the battle situation was also seriously ineffective against the Soviet army.The German assault had reached the point of being invincible, and the temporarily organized Soviet army was no match for them at all.The Soviet positions in Oleska and Churminsk are everywhere requiring aircraft and HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 artillery support, but the Soviet Supreme Command has no HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 intention of sending additional aircraft and artillery other than to issue an order to stand firm.If it continues like this, they won t be able to wait for reinforcements at all General Kolkorok has nothing to do, this is not only an order issued by the Soviet Supreme Command, but also a telegram sent by Comrade Sling himself What is the fate cbd gummies 125 of disobeying Comrade Sling Unless you can be like Zhukov, who repeatedly had disputes with Comrade Sling, and even forced Sling to initiate the post of political commissar at the same time, and changed it to the military officer responsibility system but was safe, otherwise Kerkorok shuddered at the thought of this.Do you think 300mg cbd gummies wholesale private label the breakout will be successful, Comrade Chief of Staff Timoshenko asked suddenly.Volwork hesitated for a moment Are you going to make the so cbd gummies 125 called wise choice according to what the enemy said No, I won t do that, I am a staunch Bolshevik.Timoshenko shook his head But I was thinking, I have to be responsible for so many soldiers, these are our most precious wealth, if they can t complete the breakout, then we are the sinners of the Soviet When he said the word sinners , the expression is very heavy to break through, how to break through The surrounding cbd gummies 125 area has been densely surrounded by enemies, and there is no chance at all.The Soviet commanders in the encirclement are under tremendous pressure from the enemy.Every minute, every second, they is cbd oil cheaper than gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus are doomed.As their supreme commander, Marshal Timoshenko was so helpless how long does gummy cbd last cbd gummies 125 in the face of all this.

At the same time, the northern German artillery began to enter a full scale siege of the Gorky I shelling operation.At this time, the protagonist of the northern shelling was replaced by the 610mm Carl Cannon , which was also known as the Thor s Hammer.The shooting speed of Carl was relatively fast, and the 610mm high explosive bomb weighing 2,200 kilograms poured around the Gorky I fortress.The 4,000mm thick permanent cement armor plate was smashed into pieces, and the inside of the fortress began to be exposed The Air Force cbd gummies 125 is in full swing.Wave dive bombings of 1,000 sorties per day were used to completely destroy the living quarters of the fortress, forcing Soviet soldiers to retreat to the interior of the fortress.In order to suppress the Soviet infantry s breakthrough and reinforcements, the 420mm Gamma Cannon carried out carpet bombardment around the fortress.The shrewd American businessman also made a fortune from Baron Rose.A guy named Manny Joe Cole made a fortune just by making Baron Rose dolls.Of course, there is no doubt that Joe Cole, who was not very interested in Baron Rose, has now become an admirer of Marshal Ernst.On this day, there is a huge crowd, and movie fans dressed up as Baron Alexon or Miss Elena come in a single file.When the male and female protagonists in the movie, Clark Gable and Eliza Reiman, appeared, there was a burst of screaming that was higher than a burst of madness.Too popular, they are too popular everywhere and these fans may never know, the real Baron Rose Ernst Brahm is now among them.Who would have thought that Baron Alexon would be so bold to come to the United States Miss Reman saw Mr.But already firmly remembered him.New York Italian restaurant.Frank, the deputy director of the FBI, took a thick envelope, squeezed it, and smiled with satisfaction.It is really a pleasure to cooperate with Mr.Casanovich.Every year, so many cases can be cracked , and so much money can be received every year.All the gangsters were under the control of Mr.Kasanovic in the shortest possible time, which is beneficial to everyone.Of course, this is not what a law enforcement officer should do, but what is it This is the best of times, and it is also the worst of times America, a country full of gold mines, America, a paradise for adventurers, America, a place where you can do whatever you want But here, it is the same It was also the era when the gangster police who were corrupt and broke the law ran rampant and the gangsters controlled the city.Look, I parked the latest model of Chevrolet outside.Look at the watch in my hand.It takes a worker to work for 20 years to afford it.Look at the clothes on my body.I buy a dozen every time.Don t even wash is cbd oil cheaper than gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus it.Williams was extremely envious, this is the life of a real rich man and look at himself You can do it too Garcia suddenly changed the subject, and his words were full of encouragement Just follow Mr.Moyol and use all your energy to do it, and you will soon be like me, come on.Mr.Williams Ah, you re still struggling with the rent, but what does it matter Look, here s two hundred dollars, here, pay the rent, dress yourself in nice clothes, and get on with it Have a meal, and start your wonderful new dangers of cbd gummies journey in life tomorrow with full energy With the two hundred dollars in hand, Williams was so excited that he wished he could kneel down now.Its information has already been mastered by Marshal Ernst Brahm.Immediately, in Ernst.Under the secret order of Marshal Bram, Kahn of Ankara immediately lodged a solemn protest to the earth side.Severely accused the Turkish side of continuing to deploy military offensives, lack of sincerity in negotiations, and threatened that if the Turkish side insisted on going its own way regardless of the consequences, the German army would suspend the negotiations.Resume attack.Inonu panicked.The negotiation situation that was created with great difficulty may end because of Marshal Greluman s willful recklessness.He quickly sent an extremely harsh telegram to Marshal Gleluman, ordering Marshal Gleluman to stop the military transfer and keep the original position.Without his order, no soldiers are allowed to be mobilized.A commando force of hundreds of people is enough to turn Ankara upside down.Even General Kistafa can imagine that at the height of the war, hundreds of commandos suddenly made a big fuss in Ankara.So cbd gummies 125 what kind of terrible situation will it cause I can provide you with all the information on the security brigade, and where President Inonu will be, including the entire situation of the presidential palace.General Jistafa decided not how much does royal cbd gummies cost to hesitate any longer.Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction, and then he set his laced cbd gummies is cbd oil cheaper than gummies sights on those senior Turkish officials As for you, after the mutiny in Ankara, I need you in the first place.For a while, he expressed his support for the mutiny soldiers and General Kistafa.Gentlemen, can you do it certainly.Mafa s how long does gummy cbd last cbd gummies 125 answer was very positive We will do our best to cooperate with your actions, stabilize the existing Ankara government, and win enough supporters.Of course, the Morgan family has now jumped out of the control of the Rothschild family.Our group is a network of family alliances, they have marriage and economic relations with each other, and this network will continue to expand and absorb new people.Although there is no one big leader to direct, the entire network can automatically respond to the outside world because of the stakes, and every member in the network will act collectively involuntarily.Shared interests, intertwined kinship, collective identity, and cultural traditions will make the entire network act collectively, like a community of life.If a person or family tries to escape, it will feel the pressure from the surrounding network members.That s what happened to the Morgan family.The daughter cbd gummies 125 cbd only gummies of the family, she developed rapidly district edibles cbd gummies review with the support of her father in law s family.After the necessary road, and then came to the Nile outside the city.Conduct rituals etc.Wang Weiyi interrupted Colonel Fels You were rescued, and the British knew without HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 a doubt that we would take advantage of this opportunity.What would happen if they stopped this sacrifice That would make the Egyptians rebel, and it would make the British lose Egypt s support.Colonel Fels said easily Even if the Germans and the British are fighting fiercely in Cairo, they must not stop the Egyptians from offering sacrifices to the Nile Festival.Gentlemen, get ready to celebrate the Nile Festival with the Egyptians.Wang Weiyi smiled Thanks to the great goddess Izzy.Thanks to the great goddess Izzys.All the commandos laughed.The only thing that surprised the commandos was the baron s assignment of tasks.Miss Elena was still sent out of the city in the early stage, but this time Guo Yunfeng was also sent out.

During the handover with General Stemm, Rommel repeatedly emphasized cbd gummies 125 that Montgomery could not encircle the corps flanks and might break through from the front.Therefore, the frontal defense must be greatly strengthened.Rommel finally warned Once the British army launches a large scale offensive, I will make a request to the F hrer and Marshal Ernst at any cost to return here and continue fighting.Shidem frowned.Rommel seemed to have a lot of distrust of his commanding skills, which greatly displeased him.On September 23, Rommel flew out of Africa with a heavy heart.On the way, he made a short stop in Italy.In conversations with the generals of the Italian High Command, he earnestly told them that if they wanted the Panzer Corps to persist in Africa, there must be a fundamental change in logistics.Marseio first walked for a long time in the truck of the Italian army, feeling that it was extremely slow.Then he went to the airport on the side of the road and asked if the plane from Benghazi to Derna had landed here, but no one knew.Finally, he found a general in charge of logistics supply on the way the logistics supply vehicle passed by.He tried his best to explain to the general that he was the commander of the four crews, and he must rush to the front line tomorrow anyway, begging for a car to take him.Perhaps the general saw Marseio being so aggressive and remembered his youth.He was moved by the young officer how long does gummy cbd last cbd gummies 125 s ardent request, so he sent his Admiral Opel high speed car to see him off.Back to the front.This incident surprised the officers of the Logistics Command, and they looked at each other in blank dismay.Marseio had had incredible cbd gummies 125 luck.Once he occasionally looked down, and a Hurricane machine gun bullet just pierced his flight cap, but he was not injured at all.After the Tobruk air battle, he made a forced landing in no man s land, but still managed to find German positions.Another time, his engine was punctured, the windshield was sprayed with oil mist, and he couldn t see anything, and he flew back to the base in that situation.But after all, he couldn t go on like this for a long time, so Captain Norman called him to give him a reprimand.The reason why you are still alive is that you are smart.It is better to say that you have good luck.This cannot go on Don t rely too much on fate and the plane.Captain Norman secretly felt that there was something hidden in this young pilot.An immeasurable fighting spirit and strength.At this time, this once confident man, The British lieutenant general, who felt that the last chance to defeat the Skeleton Baron was at hand, was completely in chaos.He loudly asked the high command to provide reinforcements to him immediately, but in a short period of time, General Alexander and Montgomery could not give him any reinforcements at all and the British high command finally faintly aware of his own intelligence There is a major problem with the system.The fighter , who has always been able to produce the most accurate information, provided the British with none of the information before the outbreak of the war.What happened The situation on the battlefield is no longer for the British to is cbd oil cheaper than gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus consider carefully.Wang Weiyi has decided to end the battle before dark today Here is the is cbd oil cheaper than gummies main force of the British.Although I didn t even see a single German, these telegrams still gave the Italians hope So the miracle really happened under the violent impact of the enemy , Italy Rito Iao division did not collapse immediately Maybe this is a normal thing for other troops, but when it comes to the Italians, it has to be described as a miracle As for the British 4th Hussars, their performance can be described as excellent.Under the attack of the enemy s absolutely superior forces, although the 4th Hussars suffered unbearable casualties, the British still persisted.At 10 30, Rommel ordered to put all the artillery left behind by the Italian Ritoio Division into the bombardment of the enemy.As a result, the casualties of the 4th Hussar Regiment had become bloody.Countless British people died under the bombardment of artillery fire and the enemy s attack, the earth was dyed red, and the corpses piled up like hills.Mr.Guangben, check, we must We conduct a thorough investigation internally.In a strict organization, the appearance of a traitor is the most terrifying thing, and we must not allow this to happen Hai Hiromoto Sawataro replied loudly, I will start an investigation immediately.It must be kept secret.Hiroshi Yamaguchi s expression was full of worry Now is an extraordinary period, and any slight mistake will lead to the most terrible situation.We cannot allow ourselves to make any mistakes.He was indeed very worried, Japan The military combat operation to destroy China has cbd gummies 125 not made a breakthrough for a long time, but has fallen into a passive state.If this continues, I really don t think carefully about the future.Maybe going to Switzerland is indeed a good choice.607.Wang Weiyi s top secret operation Kira s house.Both Edim and Heisenberg were a little worried, and the commandos shook hands with each other.See you on the ground Edim said.Heisenberg will be there.Be careful not to get shot, Edim Remember the first rule.I did cbd gummies virginia beach va Captain Dorn turned to the paratroopers and said, The commando will be in five minutes.It will fly over the target area, everyone, get ready, remember, cut off the parachute as soon as possible after landing, to make room for your comrades in arms behind you.Heisenberg took out the pendant that had been hanging around his neck, opened it and looked at it.Look at the photos of his wife and son.Heisenberg closed the pendant, kissed the cool metal cover, and tucked it back under his shirt again.A few minutes later, the hatch opened and the paratroopers jumped out in single file.Heisenberg put on his goggles and jumped out.People racked their brains to think of various ways and routes of escape, and immediately put them into practice.In the summer of 1940, the Germans had occupied Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and parts of Poland and France, all of which had humiliated patriots.To struggle, there is always risk.While precise statistics are not available, MI6 s Naris doubts that one in ten people who flee their country reach Britain.Little is known about the sacrifices and sufferings of those unsung men and women.As difficult as it may be in peacetime to leave one s family in a foreign country without one s relatives, it is even worse in wartime one does not know whether one will reach one s destination, one will not know whether one will be able to get past the traps set by the enemy, whether one will be able to deal with the not always Such benevolent nature.

A happy thing Menzies flipped through the statement, then gently placed it on the interrogation table, and then his eyes fell on Naris Lieutenant Colonel, you need to see Mister x statement No need By this time, Naris had completely given up.With so many confessions from the captured assassins, and now with Mr.X s confession, he no longer needs to continue to hide anything Yes, I am a spy.My code name is Tourist Walking Alone.My previous identity was also false.I am actually a French British.In 1936, I was killed by Major General De Sade.Recruited by Naris said it all.In 1936, he was recruited by De Sade into the French Intelligence Service, under the command of De Sade.De Sade successfully arranged him into MI6, and by virtue of Through his own efforts, Naris was increasingly used in MI6.After the fall of Paris, De Sade chose to stay in France and continue to lead the French secret intelligence agency, while Naris was ordered to continue lurking for a long time.Comrade Commander, if there is no more reinforcements, all our positions will be lost within three days.Schickoff tried to calm his emotions The German advance is now very violent, and they are attacking from multiple directions.We launched a large scale raid in various positions.Since our supplies could not be delivered to the front line in time, soldiers fought with the enemy with bare hands on many positions.This is simply massacre No Reinforcement, no Shumilov seemed so desperate I talked to Marshal Vasilevsky on the phone.Although the marshal didn t tell me the truth directly, I can tell from what he said.The current situation is dire.The marshal has done everything he can, and he is also powerless Shikov was silent for a long time Then what should we do now To the extent that a Bolshevik Let s be loyal.August 8th, 1943.It was a good day.Moscow has been reduced to ruins under the constant bombing, and there are ruins everywhere.After so many days of crazy bombing, the whole The city has suffered too many disasters.The defense of Moscow has been going on for more than a month.During this month, the German and Soviet armies fought the most brutal battle here.Both sides paid a lot here However, the war did not mean to stop at all, but intensified Under the command of Marshal Ernst Brehm, although the German army had a huge advantage, they did not rush for success, but With great patience, we fought steadily and steadily, consolidating our existing advantages bit by bit.At the same time, we actively adjusted our forces, carried out a new round of deployment, and prepared to win decisive victories one by one to end the Battle of Moscow.Wang Weiyi gave his order coldly.The German army is about to launch an assault on the 7th Infantry Division, and the 96th Infantry Division is ordered to support it immediately.Almost at the same time, Zhukov issued such an order.The location of the 7th Infantry Division.It is the position called A by the Germans.Zhukov once again discovered the enemy s movement in time. Before the German Nordland battle group launched the attack, the positions defended by the 7th Infantry Division had already received support from the 96th Infantry Division.it s here.The armored forces of the German cbd robot gummies army were greatly restricted, and artillery fire could not cover all positions, and the timely arrival of reinforcements by the Soviet army also made up for the lack of combat quality and weapons and ammunition to a large extent.Will charge like a real soldier.Like a real soldier, when rushing in front of the enemy, he will directly pull the grenade on his body, and then drink the enemy to die together Mercy, what is taken away can only be your own life still those old men and women When the battle has reached the present, all people have fallen into nyc cbd oil gummies a state of cbd gummies 125 disordered madness, especially the Russians.They don t need anyone to mobilize anything, they know exactly what they should do.Soldiers in the Soviet Army also knew how to surrender in utter despair.But those civilians probably never thought of the word surrender.They frantically sacrificed everything for their capital and their leaders, completely ignoring the enemy s firepower to kill them.They probably think that they can stop the enemy s charge with their own lives.Useless guy The current Romans, huh He made no secret of his respect for his compatriots Contempt, then he saw Ernst Brahm with a calm expression.My friend, what do you think the Roman commander asked unhurriedly the businessman he had just met.Your judgment is very fair, but I ve heard of the habit laced cbd gummies is cbd oil cheaper than gummies of a barbarian.According to the custom of the Germans, there is no need to draw lots.None of the more than two hundred cowards will want to live Wang Weiyi shrugged.It was hard for the people next to him to believe that such terrible words came from such a young man, but he himself had a relaxed expression, which he took for granted.Gaius flicked his fingers subconsciously, which meant that something was going on in his mind again.Suddenly, he stopped thinking and pointed his finger towards the camp gate, Who is that Several soldiers and a civilian looking man in a brown shirt had just walked into the camp with a deer on their backs, and they were startled by Gaius.The local consul will treat it in a more gentle way.Cruel torture is strictly used there, except when it is absolutely necessary.Otherwise, you will never see Ah, I see, it s about the same as the province of Lidartes.Nelia said with a half comprehension Before they were conquered, the people in the province HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 of Lidartis were also like this.Such countries often don cbd gummies 125 t have mighty armies to protect them.It is easy to succumb to the mighty legions of the enemy You are wrong, ma am.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly A country with a developed civilization does not mean cbd gummies 125 a powerful army with destiny.On the contrary, the army of this country is so powerful that it is unbelievable.The cbd gummies 125 people there generally do not take the initiative to provoke wars.They will take a more restrained approach to seek a peaceful solution, but this does not mean that they are afraid of war Once they feel that their peaceful sincerity has been affected insult.It seemed to see the Romans who were also cheering there.What kind of suffering the Romans have given themselves, then give them all back now And the two Roman soldiers who were named were brought in front of Wang Weiyi.Facing this terrifying masked man, the bodies of the Roman soldiers were trembling.They had cbd gummies 125 no idea what kind of terrible things they would face.Wang Weiyi looked at them coldly, although the mask covered his expression.But it makes him look even more terrifying.Then, he said slowly I spare your lives, I release you.Go back and tell Caesar.He is no longer invincible.From now on, the Germans will become his nightmare.I, the Holy German Emperor Baron Alexon conferred by His Majesty, I will do everything I can.I will defeat the Roman legion time and time again until they no longer dare to make any attempt against Germany After finishing these words, Wang Weiyi asked coldly Said Will you bring my words to Caesar verbatim Yes, yes, we swear we will The two Roman soldiers who escaped from death said one after another.

A smile suddenly appeared on the corner of Guo Yunfeng s mouth.Seeing Maurice s body gradually becoming bulky and slow, Guo Yunfeng jumped on him.Just like that, he appeared in front of Marris, and then, almost calmly, inserted the left and right swords into Marris body.Marris froze there, and then, his great sword fell to the ground with a clatter. Guo Yunfeng slowly drew out his two daggers, and stood on the ground. Marris body swayed once, and then again.Finally, he fell to the ground with a crash. Marris is dead Marris the Beast is dead Everyone couldn t believe that the invincible Marris was dead There was no cheering. Guo Yunfeng put away a dagger, then came to Marris body, bent down, and slowly cut off Marris head.This is what Marris likes to do most. kills his enemies every time.This is not a confident smile.He just felt curious that he could meet Caesar and choose Caesar as his first opponent in this erafor this era.Caesar exists like a god, but now a baron from hell is about to break the existence of this god He will always remember his name Trumpets start to sound, that s when the Romans prepare to attack.Germanic warriors, are you ready to meet the challenge from the Romans The voice sounded from behind the skull mask.Dear Consul, we are ready We are willing to die for Germany Not to die, but to live Wang Weiyi said this for the first time in this era No matter how difficult it is, we must Live, only by living can we completely defeat the Romans The horns of the Romans sounded more and more, and the Roman cbd gummies 125 soldiers in the brigade finally started to move Ready ready ready A series of long voices came from the mouths of the Germanians.More importantly, they also possess advanced weapons such as Germanic trebuchets.Can the Romans continue to win Calini, as the frontline deputy consul on the battlefield, what do you think Caesar was the first to break the silence.Kaleini was somewhat reluctant, but under Caesar s questioning, he had to say Dear Governor, I am surprised by the performance of the barbarians on the battlefield.There are too many of them.Their people are really Too many.In the first penalty battle, we never imagined that there would be so many barbarians However.I think we can continue to fight, after all, the advantage is still on our side.I The suggestion is that all the legions that can be concentrated by the concentrator will inspire the determination of the soldiers and use a large scale attack to destroy the resistance of the barbarians.cost of.Because of this, the first thing Roman generals appointed as commanders often did was to find new patrons.Now, Spurius has resolved his concerns ahead of time, so how could he not make himself cbd gummies 125 extremely grateful Servius also made up his mind that no matter what Spurius needs his help in the future, even if he loses his life, he must do it They chatted for a while, and seeing Pompey walking towards here, Servius hurriedly said I will come to you, then I will take my leave first.When Pompey came, all he saw was the back of Servius , He smiled coldly This simple minded guy, probably still complacent about that appointment Everything is under big narstie cbd gummies your control, Pompeo.Wang Weiyi smiled and said I think you are very happy You will soon get rid of the enemy you hate the most, and the power of Rome will be completely in your hands.The Greek Ternadus walked HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 around the tribe leisurely, and from time to time a few bold children cbd gummies and energy drinks wanted to reach out and touch his clothes, because the costumes of the Greeks were so novel, and his Greek style weapons and shields how to make cbd gummy bears with jello were being cbd gummies 125 Several servants of Armius held it in their hands to observe.Centumalus hemp bombs and cbd gummies attendant s heart was not as relaxed as his expression before he arrived, the head of the attendant, Clemons, secretly asked him to observe the Saxon s every move carefully, and report to him immediately if he found anything unusual.However, when I came to this camp, everything was so peaceful and normal.Is Master Centumaros a little suspicious Ternadus had no doubt that Clemences order came from Centumalus, muttering to himself as he carefully pushed away a Saxon child, fearing that the mud on the child s body would stain the cloth he had carefully sewed in Athens.But what they don t know is that a group of ghosts are always swimming around them that is Wang Weiyi and his attack team Under Guo Yunfeng s meticulous training, although the frontal confrontation ability was still not comparable to that of the Romans, the attack ability of the Germans had been greatly improved compared to before.They know how to take advantage of their familiar terrain.Come and carry out continuous raids against the Romans, disintegrating the enemy s strength bit by bit.And those Roman scouting squads.It was their first target Wang Weiyi personally joined HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 such an attack He and his team hid in the dark, hidden in the woods, patiently waiting for the arrival of those enemies.He has used this method countless times.Whether it was the British, French, or Japanese back then, they all suffered greatly from attacks like the Skeleton Baron.Heilman was silent for a moment Go to the Germanic League His eyes slowly scanned his companions Now they are our last hope.I beseech the merciful gods, who can make the people of the Germanic League forget my arrogance.I beseech the almighty gods, put all the suffering Add it all to me alone.The Germanic alliance has become the last hope of these Germanic people The breakout of the Germanic people has begun Heilman did not betray his promise.He and his Saxons were at the forefront.They must do everything possible to fight a bloody way for their fellow men.They must use their own blood to atone for their wrong judgments.But where is the defensive position of the Romans so easy to break through Heilmann and his men fought hard again and again.But time and time again they were repulsed by the Romans.Never use an atomic bomb Head of Kroll said loudly In 1950, we signed our name on the Nuclear Weapons Convention.A convention can t affect us, of course.Even the Americans would not have had the guts to be the first to use the atomic bomb, which would cause the most horrific devastation.The chilling atomic bomb war He calmed down his emotions General Werner, Minister Hannah, perhaps.It s time for us to think about the question of surrender.No.This will make the pride of Germany completely lost Werner shouted angrily Countless German soldiers are shedding blood and dying for our country, fighting for the Germanic nation, whether in Berlin, North Africa, or the Middle East And at this time, do we want us to betray them Just like when the German government betrayed the German soldiers in 1919 His emotion appeared very emotional Also, we are not is cbd oil cheaper than gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus completely hopeless.

Yes, a war broke out, what.Don t you know Of course I know, but I want to see how much you know about these things.Despite the shock in his heart, Wang Weiyi still tried his best to keep his composure.I only know a little bit, after all, I m just a captain.Tuska did not dare to neglect It is very strange that this was only a local war, but Germany has the meaning of fighting.A large number of German troops were sent to the Middle East and North Africa, while the Americans Fighting against each other, they continuously dispatched troops to these two cbd gummies 125 locations.In February of this year, Germany took the lead in attacking and war broke out.However, at this time, Germany s former allies such as France, Russia, and Bulgaria collectively betrayed Germany.Of course, this also includes us, Italy.Germany s millions of troops were trapped on the front line, and the local defense was quite empty.ah.Forgetful woman.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.So.Are you an arrogant man Annette retorted without hesitation Your wife is in Dessau, but you are looking for flowers and willows outside I don t think my wife cbd gummies 125 would care.Wang Weiyi shrugged Woman, I shouldn t say these words like you.A woman s mouth shouldn t be used like that.As he spoke, he put down the wine glass in his hand, then took the glass in Annette s hand and put it down.Annette knew what he wanted to do, and was about to stand up, but was pulled on the sofa by Wang Weiyi, and then he listened To Baron Platt said What do you want to do.Agent Annette You can t beat me, do you want to draw out your cbd gummies 125 gun and kill me ah.This reminds me.He took review gummy king cbd off the gun from Annette s body again and put it aside.Then, he groped on the other side of Annette s waist and found a pair of handcuffs.The Germans and the Americans looked up into the sky together That s a German fighter plane that s a German fighter plane No warning, nothing.Three fighters just appeared without warning.The roaring fighter planes dropped the bombs mercilessly.Amidst the booming explosion, the already chaotic U.S.battlefield became even more chaotic.Then, the fighter plane began to dive and sweep.Pieces of bullets fell onto the battlefield.The American soldiers who were beaten turned on their backs, and the blood flowing out was enough to gather into a small river.The lying corpses looked so shocking.Since entering Germany, these American soldiers have never seen such a tragic battlefield. What the hell is going on, how do these things happen Seeing his subordinates who lacked the necessary air defense capabilities suffer such a terrible blow, Lieutenant Colonel Kars didn t know what to do This is an American occupied area.Like the Skeleton Division, cbd gummies 125 they were engaged in the battle on the first day of the Battle of Berlin.There are currently a lot of casualties.I have ordered the Paipa battle group to draw as many troops as possible for support, but the halo cbd gummies 1000mg effect It won t be very big.The fall of Antewart will take a few days according to the judgment of the frontline battle General Olitz, what is the specific time Werner asked.General Olitz was silent for a while It will not be later than the day after tomorrow, and the worst case will be tomorrow.The office fell silent again.Once the Nordland cbd for anxiety gummies uk battle group is unable to withstand the enemy s attack and the Antwater position falls, the side of the skeleton division will be directly attacked by the enemy, and the entire front line position may collapse.Berlin will face the enemy s attack most directly Are there no reinforcements available Kroller didn t seem too nervous.The young officer in the lead looked coldly at the surrounding German soldiers who were tensely pointing their guns at him Do you want to shoot your own people Put down your weapons.Lampden asked his soldiers to lower their guns I am Captain Lampden, what about you Officer French Or German German.The officer said lightly I am the Skeleton Commando Major Moyol, Commander of the Skeleton Commando.I am Major Moyol, Commander of the Skeleton Commando As soon as this sentence was uttered, it immediately attracted the attention of all the German officers and soldiers around.Skeleton Commando Major Moyol Now, there is hardly a German soldier on the battlefield who has not heard their names Just like the skeleton commando team led by Baron Alexon back then, they repeatedly created incredible miracles.It is the unique skeleton battle flag of the legendary German army Skeleton Division God, reinforcements.Reinforcements came when they needed them most The tank fired as if no one was around, and the shells exploded in the enemy s ranks.The shock caused by the shock caused the enemy to groan.Then, a large number of German troops appeared Their numbers are far above the enemy.The light and heavy firepower in the hand fired together.The enemies he fought were in a mess.Reinforcements, our reinforcements are here Second Lieutenant Kruman exclaimed excitedly The sudden arrival of reinforcements caught the Allied commando by surprise, and they were brutally massacred by the Germans.More than half were killed by the fire.Probably seeing that there was no hope, the commander of the commando quickly and consciously ordered the team members to stop resisting.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Take Miss Anne Marie and take her to the room specially prepared for her.Anne Marie stood up fearlessly She was taken into a completely dark room.There was not a single ray of light around her, and she was firmly tied to the bed, unable to move at all.Then, the door was are cbd gummies bad for you slammed shut.Anne Marie didn t know what the other party wanted to do.But she is not afraid, do they think that darkness can defeat them Time was slowly passing by, and laced cbd gummies is cbd oil cheaper than gummies Anne Marie couldn t feel anything other than the pain of the wound.an hour.The completely dark environment made her feel a little anxious.She needs some light.But she would never beg the Germans.Suddenly, cbd gummies 125 cbd only gummies there was a tick sound, and Anne Marie thought she had heard it wrong, but then a faint tick sound continued to reach her ears.what is that sound Is it the sound of blood dripping from my own wound At this time outside the house, Fels was a little worried Marshal, is this method available I used it on De Sade once, and made some small changes this time.He respectfully bowed slightly to Michael Welcome home, Your Highness Welcome home Your Highness.When these words came out of the baron s mouth, Michael s eyes filled with tears.For many years, my grandfather and father never wanted to go back to Germany, but they failed to realize their dream until they died.But at this moment, he came back on behalf of them.Thank you for welcoming me personally, Your Excellency the Baron.Michael said, controlling his excitement, You don t need to call me Your Highness anymore.Now we are no longer the rulers of Germany.Wang Weiyi replied Yes, there is no emperor in Germany now, but I will never forget it.It was who gave me great power from the promotion of me from a commoner to a knight.No matter what happens to Germany, I will always have respect for the emperor.

An American deputy shooter next to him was about to come over to take over when the sergeant fired another shot and killed him.The German army and the American army began to throw grenades at each other.The German army was relatively small and scattered, which took advantage.One German army was killed and four American troops were killed.Mick used a machine gun to suppress the U.S.military who wanted to replace the machine gun.Gyunthal, Thomp and Martin took the opportunity to rush up, ran to the side of the U.S.troops, and killed several U.S.troops with submachine guns.Then the German riflemen also shot several.Under such an attack, the U.S.military couldn t how long does gummy cbd last cbd gummies 125 resist and retreated Eight hundred and seventy four.Mr.Ernst When I first met the Baron, I couldn t believe that he was Field Marshal Ernst.Annette s face turned red immediately Dessau, Hotel Johannes.She felt that her body had been hugged horizontally, and then she was gently placed on the bed.Annette cbd gummies 125 cbd only gummies was preparing for another round of passionate kisses when she suddenly found her hands were handcuffed to the railing of the bed.What do you want to do, Baron Although she guessed the other party s purpose at once, Annette couldn t help but smile coquettishly.Handcuffs can be used in many ways Wang Weiyi slowly took off his clothes, and then kept moving his fingers outside Annette s bra, arousing Annette s lust again little by little.Annette gasped even louder.She couldn t wait for the man to enter On that day, she fell in love with the charming Baron Platt and dedicated herself to him willingly, but when she found out that she had been attacked After cheating, that kind of anger is unspeakable.Sure enough, as laced cbd gummies is cbd oil cheaper than gummies Slater had expected, when the second row and the first row were separated from the German soldiers, the fire suppression received by the middle was much smaller in an instant.Taking advantage of this empty space, Slat took the three rows and quickly rushed out of the fire suppression There was no way, Slat rushed into the woods with three platoons, and at this time the enemy s firepower began to rain in Slat s direction again, and the German soldiers quickly hid behind the branches, At this moment, Slat looked back, and the second platoon also successfully rushed out of the beaten area and entered the woods, where the German soldiers joined up with the friendly army on the left flank, but cbd gummies fargo the first platoon was still trapped at the edge of the woods and could not enter for a long time.Then, within two days I will be able to help you all out Frost thought there was nothing wrong, but then Wang Weiyi took cbd gummies 125 out a thick stack of documents from a bag What about these Do you think they are worth much Frost took it carefully, and after a few glances, he couldn t help but exclaimed Oh my God, the one on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, ah, this, this is the one in Times SquareOh my God , you own so much real estate in Brooklyn and Queens Ah, were you ever the King of America Frost has been in business for so many years, and he has never seen a person owning so many properties.Now, he no longer dares to underestimate the young Mr.Moyol.Give it all to me throw it out.Wang Weiyi said lightly.Frost swallowed hard You, are you really sure you want to throw it all cbd gummies 125 away cbd gummies 125 Yes, Mr.Frost, throw everything out.Tell me why.Charles cbd gummies 125 cleared his throat Yes, sir.I think he has all the necessary qualities alertness and intelligence.More importantly, he doesn t know what fear is, and he seems to have a natural immunity to fear.To be honest, apart from him, no one else has the guts to accept this task.He is proficient in dialects from all over the world.For example, English.He could speak like a perfect Englishman, or an American.Or Scots or even Australians.He is also very good at makeup, which often makes people feel elusive.Of course, it is not difficult to prepare all kinds of false documents for him.They turned a corner, a river appeared before them, and Volent stopped.Where is Solomon now he asked.Los Angeles.Well, that s it.Charles said he was alert and smart, and that s not enough for Solomon.Solomon is not only alert and smart, he is simply outstanding.Heisenberg took out the cigarette case, knocked out a cigarette from it and gave it to him.Thank you, Captain.I don t smoke.Heisenberg took out a cigarette by himself and held it in his mouth.The priest was the first and only man Heisenberg had ever seen who had been in the army for many years and still maintained the habit of not smoking.Captain, we have turned the cemetery into a fortress.The soldiers dug for two days and two nights.There are two main trenches in the front and back, connected by a corridor in the middle.In addition, we made hundreds of sandbags to build two 10mm trenches.Cannon fortifications, and a large number of bunkers.Anti tank mines have been planted on the main road behind our positions according to your order, and other mines have also been placed on the city square between the church and the post office.There is no point in letting a dead person die again.Colonel I am already a man of God.He showed me his leg injury and the explosive package he was pressing with his body When the defense line collapses.Wait for the enemy s heavy tanks to drive past me The priest pointed to the sky above his head I will detonate the explosives and rest here.Heisenberg slowly put down the pistol.The priest s words made his arm suddenly weak.Where is Zoff Heisenberg tried to pull himself up.He s wounded.The priest stared at the colonel seriously Zoff was still awake when Bolorsky sent you here.He left you in a safe place and went to the post office with mg62 and anti tank rockets on his shouldersthe enemy, the enemy s armored forces are coming from the east side of the square Our Model assault guns HCMUSSH cbd gummies 125 are useless at all The priest closed his eyes in pain.Dozens of submachine guns immediately opened fire on the top of Hewitt s bell tower, whose tiles were shattered by the bullets and fell to the ground.When the Russian army was clamoring to shoot from the east, Hewitt moved to his west facing window.The crosshairs immediately found a running Russian soldier, and the crosshairs followed his footsteps., Boom The bullet hit his feet, the soldier was startled, and immediately rushed over at a faster speed, Karaka The moment the bullet casing was thrown out, another bullet Bulleted by Hewitt Boom The bullet hit his throat, blood burst out like a crushed persimmon.After flashing back, it switched to the direction facing south again, quickly looking for how long does gummy cbd last cbd gummies 125 the next target.Boom The bullet hit the is cbd oil cheaper than gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus trigger of a machine gunner, and the scared machine gunner dropped his gun and ran away, but was finally hit by the bullet from behind and fell into the rubble.

The only thing that is invisible is a skull badge on his collar.That s a golden skull badge The Russians fell in pieces, and under the fierce German attack, they had no chance to resist.For the Germans, the anger in their hearts finally got a chance to vent.Less than five minutes.Most of the Russians here were killed, and all the rest scattered.Hewitt has seen it all firsthand, to this day.He still can t believe this is true Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt The German soldiers shouted towards them.Hewitt slowly came out of the hiding place step by step The lieutenant colonel is not dead, the lieutenant colonel is not dead When the lieutenant colonel appeared, cheers erupted.This group of loyal and brave German soldiers hugged each other tightly.They can t believe it.They are actually still alive.Little Ling is a rich database, no matter what the wanderer needs, he can always find it at the first time He is actually a relative of the current Russian Tsar Dramiliuf, but he is very smart, and he has been with other people from the very beginning.Colluded with Urstoka, they monopolized a large amount of business in Russia.He holds a very large force in his hands, and can easily decide the life and death of many people.rambler.This person may be your breakthrough I hope it can be the same as what you said Wang Weiyi pondered there for a while What is Migroski s favorite Gambling, wine and women.Aha, something every man likes.A smile appeared on Wang Weiyi s face Little Ling, I need a lot of money and a bottle of fine wine. It s probably your favorite thing too.Xiao Ling said contemptuously I will prepare it for you soon.Charge Our third company and one platoon have been reinforced The Americans have also received long range support from large caliber fortress guns The first company requests reinforcements Lieutenant M ller used explosives to kill the tanks that rushed up, The 1st company is now under the command of Sergeant Lehmann.The German frontline commander requested reinforcements from the zone command, and Major General Moment only agreed to provide fire support.German long range artillery bombarded the American positions.But this support artillery fire was quickly suppressed by enemy artillery fire.Successive failures are only a matter of cbd gummies 125 cbd only gummies time Kiritz ordered the third company and the second platoon to quickly reinforce the first line of defense, and warned the soldiers to try to use explosives and anti tank grenades to blow up the American tanks when they were slowed down by the rubble and bricks.Ah, that is such a pity.Fu Yunfeng was somewhat disappointed My mother later accidentally learned that there was a very great general in Germany, also named Guo Yunfeng, so she asked me to come to cbd gummies relax Germany to see with my own eyes whether you are the same person.Unfortunately, I also want to It s the same person.Guo cbd gummies 125 Yufeng said lightly, Tell me, soldier, is it true that your mother has never been married Guo Yunfeng on the battlefield, she always thinks that the hero in her heart is not dead.For a moment, Guo Yunfeng felt like crying.RS nine hundred and forty nine.The cruelest battlefield Russia, March 1966.Captain, didn t you say that we can reach the supply station on the third day The face of the loader appeared in front of Takot.Uhhow many days is it now Tucket reluctantly opened his eyes, feeling as if his face was covered with somethingheavy and tired.At this time, the U.S.military received a wrong information there is only one infantry regiment of the German Eighth Army , inferior weapons.Morale is low and crumbles at the touch of a button.It was under such circumstances that the U.S.military launched an offensive so easily.I don t know that there are already 16,000 German troops and nearly 1,000 people s national troops waiting here.As an observer, Chuck saw from the 6x telescope that the US military concentrated all its troops in the northeast direction, and the front row infantry lined up in search formation.The tanks in the rear were also loaded with infantry.At this time, all the parties were in place, more than 200 assault rifles were all loaded, and the safety of the rest was also opened.The ammunition hand transported boxes of grenades and iron fists to the fortifications covered with sandbags, and the iron box of mg62 machine gun bullets was pulled out and hung on the machine gunner s neck.Originally, he wanted to sing another double reed with Sweet, and then attract these passionate people to stand up by themselves.Didn t expect DeGrow, basically didn t even think about it, and after listening to it, he volunteered to ask to die.It turns out that this is purely a soldier.German soldiers.A soldier who has to be admired.DeGro cbd gummies 125 had just finished speaking.There was a sound response from below.Count me in, grandma.The Russians even ate a bullet from me.Who else can complete this kind of mission except me.I have the mission to capture stronghold A.And me, and me. Listening to the voice below, Troman felt a sense of guilt.Such a soldier, he was still scheming just now.Despite this, there are still a large number of people who are willing to stand up.Doesn t this explain anything enough.He and his companions were taken to a dark basement.Hello, I m Capone.suddenly.Someone knocked on the window.Colonel Chernak Boch willow cbd gummies looked angrily, but his facial muscles froze there.Several people held submachine guns in their hands, and the muzzle of the submachine gun was already aimed at them Colonel Chernak Boch could never what is the difference between cbd oil and gummies have imagined that as a hunter himself, But became the target of hunting.He cbd gummies 125 and his companions were taken to a dark basement.Hello, I m Capone.suddenly.Someone knocked on the window.Colonel Chernak Boch looked angrily, but his facial muscles froze there.Several people held submachine guns in their hands, and the muzzle of the submachine gun was already aimed at them Colonel Chernak Boch could never have imagined that as a hunter himself, But became the target of hunting.But the situation was completely different in Tetun and Schmering.The Germans had no fixed base there and no support of new weapons.They had to rely on their poor strength to entangle us to the end.Of course, the Germans cbd gummies 125 cbd only gummies still have a very advantageous weapon, that is their absolute belief in Baron Alexon, but anyone can fail, only Baron Alexon cannot fail, otherwise, his invincible myth will be destroyed.Completely broken, the impact on the confidence of the Germans is irreparable Turner really wanted to tell the president that countless people made countless efforts during the two world wars for this goal, but unfortunately, no one could achieve this One thousand twelve.Brave sniper Leopard 9 Steinman couldn t believe what he saw.Then a huge car body appeared.Steinman was not mistaken, it was the main station tank of the German army Leopard 9 But the iconic car body dipped armor, and The mighty Henschel turret can explain his identity.

You know, to start a decisive battle with the Skeleton Baron in Teton and make him lose his original advantage is a battle plan that he and President William personally discussed.But cbd gummies 125 now it is clear that this plan has been seen through by the Skeleton Baron Fort Dukeland and Hannover must not be lost, otherwise this will pose a huge threat to the US flank attacking Teton and directly shake the entire combat plan.Westmoreland personally gave orders to New Zealand General Ellington in Fort Dukeland and American cbd gummies 125 wyld cbd cbg gummies General Dolby in Hannover to stop the German attack at all costs and let the Germans give is cbd oil cheaper than gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus up their plans to capture these two cities., must drive them back to the front line of Teton To be honest, this is not an easy taskthe opponent they face is the Skeleton Baron The baron who is as invincible as a godMajor General Ellington in Fort Dukeland is not very sure.Eric put his hand to his lips to signal her not to speak.She whispered curiously Uncle, what are you doing Hurry up Eric wanted to tell her to leave quickly.But a terrible idea surfaced, Eric waved his hand, trying to drive the idea away, but it got into Eric s brain like a poisonous snake, and took root there.I m playing hide and seek here.Eric struggled to spit out these words One thousand and forty three.The victim, the German army aggressively attacked France, and the news exploded in France like a bomb There is nothing more frightening than this.You must know that just a few days ago, the French government was still promoting the brilliant victory it was achieving However, why did the German army launch a counter offensive in France in a blink of an eye A sense of being cheated began to spread among French people, and the original distrust of the government was even stronger at this moment.Berkeley smiled Some people have been rumoring that , the Wittgenstein family is inextricably linked with the German hero, Baron Alexon, and some even say that Baron Alexon is the real master of the Wittgenstein cbd gummies 125 family, but the Wittgenstein family has never I have admitted this.I think this should not be some legend made out of nothing Another point is that many people are also discussing a terrible group, the New York Union, which is said to be formed by the Wittgenstein family, A group jointly formed by the Morgan family and the Rockefeller family.The wealth in their hands is cbd gummies age to buy enough to cbd infused chill gummies buy the next country.The power 10 mg cbd gummies benefits they have in their hands makes even the mighty President of the United States feel afraid This makes me Think of a fund that is also composed of these three families The Lions Fund Sinager couldn t wait to call out Do you think the New York League really exists I m not sure if it really exists.Fifty people died.Hundreds were injured.This massacre has worsened the relationship between moderates and radical reformers, and the disputes between revolutionaries, monarchs, and nobles have thus expanded Speaking of this, Wang Weiyi was silent for a while This is the history of France, the history of the Champ de Mars, is it like it is now I think it s a lot like that.Bloodshed, perhaps soon to be repeated in Paris.Dodoan, are you afraid Dodoan, who heard the story of the Champ de Mars for the first time, straightened his chest No.I m not afraid, I ll die for France like Mr.Yetiri child.Never say the word death easily Wang Weiyi s tone sounded so gentle To live, and to live well, you will know that living is always more difficult than dying.Maybe you can t understand this now, but when you grow up, you will know how difficult it is to be alive.Who would have thought that Lieutenant Colonel Adams on the other end of the phone would say so coldly.Thierry was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that he really didn t have the capital to give orders to the military and police.He barely controlled his inner unhappiness Yes, I think I said something wrong.Then, Lieutenant Colonel, I beg you to suppress immediately and order the workers to return to their jobs The voice of Lieutenant Colonel Adams still sounded so emotionless Mr.President, I need to remind you again that I only have more than 100 subordinates, laced cbd gummies is cbd oil cheaper than gummies and the other party has thousands of workers.Do you want me to go alone Against dozens of people Do cbd gummies 125 this unless I m really crazy.Thierry stayed there, how could the lieutenant colonel say such a thing Isn t their task here to prevent these workers from making trouble Don t they have guns in their hands Unfortunately, they didn t get the above My men and I will not take any action until further orders and reinforcements After finishing speaking, Lieutenant Colonel Adams hung up the cbd gummy bears for kids phone.He was almost convinced that Nash must have an insider inside the FBI who kept delivering information for him His so called identity is strictly kept secret.But Nash knew it so easily.Wang Weiyi remained calm, his body undulating slightly as the car moved.There was a smile on Nash s face Tell me, what are you doing here.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, maybe I can provide you with some necessary help.After all, I am British.I am the U.S.Army Military Intelligence Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, a senior investigator of the bureau.Wang Weiyi finally said I think you have heard of our department, we are responsible for many things.Mr.Nash, the cbd gummies for shingles battle is not going well, we can deceive ordinary people, But we know it ourselves.Axis troops will land anytime, anywhere.If London is attacked, I think we should make some preparations in advance US Army Military Intelligence, a very powerful agency Nash smiled But do you think it is really a wise choice to cooperate closely with the fbi or cia cbd gummies 125 Even though you are all Americans.In those wooden is cbd oil cheaper than gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus boxes, all the most precious cultural relics in Britain are installed.More than a dozen black cars drove over and quickly entered the air force base through a special passage.Even the family members of some important people do not have the right to pass through this special passage.Then, the passengers in these black cars must be some heavyweights.After a while, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol and Colonel Jade stepped out of the first car.Soon, Lieutenant Colonel Mills greeted them and looked at the car behind them Is it all here Yes, they are all here.Wang Weiyi nodded President Fenton s family, Prime Minister Wilkins The family of Minister Capanong, the family of Minister Capanong, are all big shots.The people who are here today are all big shots from the British Lieutenant Colonel Mills smiled Look, there are financial The wife of the Minister, the daughter of the Minister of Agriculture, and the two sons of the Minister of Education who I always thought were mentally handicapped.And many of them left the position silently and joined the ranks of surrender.Like soldiers, they are actually just ordinary people without their military uniforms.Frank already knew it, and he didn t stop it either.What can stop it The morale of the army has long been slackened.If it hadn t been for the brutal revenge of the British that frightened his subordinates, maybe the 52nd Infantry Division would have been finished long ago.However, now the enemy has changed his strategy, making the soldiers who had some determination to resist completely choose to give up.Let them go, let them go, no one can stop this from happening General Frank, my troops are finished.That was Frank s strange brigadier general, with an anxious expression on his face My whole brigade is still alive, and almost all of them surrendered.

I want to lay down my arms, I have my father and mother waiting for me to go back.I respect your choice, soldier.Colonel Depra nodded You can put down your weapons.The soldier put down the gun in his hand, then took out a white handkerchief and waved it to leave the position.He didn t feel any regrets, and he could be sure that Colonel Depra would not is cbd oil cheaper than gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus shoot himself in the back.Then, another soldier stood up, and then another.In less than ten minutes, more than two thirds of the American soldiers chose to give up, and even the soldiers of the Axis Army didn t know what happened.What happened.Colonel Depra watched his soldiers leave just like that, and Don Tanner just watched his soldiers leave like this.What more can he say He can t say anything more.From this moment on, he knew that he had lost everything.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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