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Although he has not been free since he came, in fact, his working hours are much longer than civil servants in other units.Because of his affairs, the director has approached the bureau more than once.The leader made it very clear that it is not possible, other police stations need it, but after he is transferred, don t expect the police to come over again.Since the matter of changing people is out of the question, one more person is better than one less.But one thing is clear, he cannot be allowed to go on like this.Liu Suo, smoke a cigarette to calm down.The instructor weighed it up, first handed a cigarette to the director, and then turned around and said, Xiao Han, you have been here for a long time, and you know everything in the institute very well.How stressful is the work, how tense is the manpower, think about it yourself, is there any problem with your work attitude Who has no temper, and this is the first time he has been wronged in more than 20 years.

Jiang Erhu and Zhang Beibei looked at each other coldly, and they didn t say a word, obviously not planning to negotiate.As expected, Han cbd gummies air travel Chaoyang looked at the two of them, and changed the subject However, there are two things that must be said first.First, Zhang Beibei, you can no longer influence Jiang Erhu s actions until the negotiation results come out or the court makes a judgment.Business, cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies air travel otherwise it is disrupting social order and hindering other people s HCMUSSH cbd gummies air travel normal business operations Jiang Erhu is also not allowed to go to Zhang Beibei, let alone insult people like this tonight, otherwise don t blame me for business.Chapter 11 Involuntary , Fa Yuen Street Police Station is still brightly lit.An hour ago, according to the clues provided by the community policeman Guan Xiyuan, the police organized on duty policemen and overtime case handling teams, prevention and control team policemen, auxiliary policemen and co cbd gummies air travel workers, successfully destroyed an underground casino, and seized more than 400,000 yuan in gambling funds.

Carrying a bag and a trolley case, get off the taxi at the north gate.All in the house The girl went out, but she didn t go far, and she s making dinner.Deputy manager Xu clicked the mouse, turned the monitor The signal was switched to the camera at the east gate cbd gummies air travel of the cbd gummies air travel factory area, and the female suspect was buying cooked food in front of a stewed vegetable shop next to the east gate.She was carrying two plastic convenience bags, which looked heavy, and it could be seen that they were watermelon and several bottles.beer.Don t even think about leaving when you come back Han Chaoyang weighed it up, clicked on the Fox Hunting Group group, raised his phone and started a voice Comrades, I am Han Chaoyang, two male suspects are back, no, there are three in total.Female suspects They are preparing for dinner, and they probably won t leave tonight.

The Finance Bureau and even the District Committee and District Government.Secretary Tong, don t they think highly of you Han Chaoyang was skeptical.I m really convinced.Let me tell you, I just met them today.Shan Xiaoming cbd gummies air travel s wishful thinking, everyone said that I was his girlfriend, and he dragged me to the restaurant.He couldn t let him down when he was so popular.It was so difficult to get there, but he introduced him to Secretary Tong, Secretary Zhou and Chairman Bai.Chapter 45 Someone is here Back at the neighborhood committee, getting out of the car was like getting into a heat wave.After a morning of exposure to the sun, cbd gummies air travel the concrete floor was estimated to be 50 degrees Celsius.Under the scorching sun, I directed Huang Ying to reverse the car and watched her drive the car out of the compound.

If we want to build a big team, Let Comrade Su Xian serve as the instructor of the voluntary security patrol brigade, and 50mg cbd gummies let the police stationed in the community serve as the team leader to strengthen political learning.If there are party members, you can even establish a party branch.There is no precedent for this before.You can use this as a pilot.Do it while exploring.If it is really feasible and can achieve some results, it can be promoted in the streets of the whole district in the future.This is just my personal suggestion, and you can report to Secretary Kang, Secretary Tong, and Secretary Ma when you have time. Chapter 47 Working on the streets with the salary of the sub bureau.The new comrades are very active.Xiao Zhong and Xiao Guo s logistics work was in place.The new comrades took their luggage and rushed to the neighborhood committee again.

Lao Jin smiled embarrassedly, and continued As for the assessment method, I have seen many units new assessment systems, kanha cbd watermelon gummies review which are very scientific, advanced and convenient.You can log in on the computer, and you can log in on the mobile phone.You can also log in, there is a special P, you can enter it after downloading it to your phone.APP.Yes, that s the APP.All the team members have a mobile phone, and they can upload it to the system with just one input on the mobile phone.There is no need to write any materials to make it so troublesome.There is also such an app, so I don t have to go to the office all the time.Government departments have promoted paperless office many years ago, but they still have to use paper and pen to take notes during meetings.If you take a laptop to attend the meeting, the leader Guaranteed not to be happy.

Liu Jianye picked up his bag and said confidently You just think too much, that kid was taken away by the Disciplinary cbd gummies air travel Committee and the inspector, and Secretary Yang cbd gummies air travel and Director Gu have never seen anything before.No need to explain, they know it has nothing to do with us.In your words, there is no storm without waves, and the blame can only be blamed on that kid himself.If he is really okay, can the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspector find him Exposed problems in the management of floating population.The sub bureau required all police stations to strengthen population management, and strictly ordered all police stations to find out the base number of foreign population in their respective jurisdictions within one month.As you can imagine, the workload HCMUSSH cbd gummies air travel is huge, and cbd gummies air travel the police, auxiliary police, and assistants in the station are far from enough.

It s just that the police reform has been carried out in the past few years, and it has been changed over and over again, regardless of criminal cases or public security cases.Liang Dongsheng moved his buttocks, adjusted to the most comfortable position, and continued You and Han cbd gummies air travel Chaoyang were assigned to the office together, and the leader likes you, but he doesn t cbd gummies air travel like Han Chaoyang, and as a result, that kid made some troubles every now and then., This really puts a little pressure on you.But people are more angry than others, and many things are incomparable.Just because he is always in the limelight doesn t mean he is more capable than you.You must have a good attitude, you know.Chapter 98 Watermelon is not in vain Mai Yu Zhenchuan was in the police station in the morning and came to the police office in the afternoon.

The landlord is on a business trip, and his wife is not If you understand this, you have to wait for the landlord to come back.You can t do it without the landlord, so you can t blame me.Some time ago, the housing cbd gummies air travel management department severely punished more than 200 villagers in Chaoyang Village who rented out their houses and failed to file for registration.Street floating population and rental housing management.The minimum fine is 5,000, and the maximum fine is 20,000 The rumor spreads from ten to ten, and almost all the villagers in several urban cbd gummies air travel villages know that no one dares to be greedy for petty gains and suffer big losses.They will only play tricks on the rental contract.A house is clearly rented out for 400 yuan a month.Only write 300 cbd gummies air travel or even 200 on the website, trying to pay less tax in this way.

In Yangguan Where else can it be I just closed the team and I m about to cbd gummies air travel go back.Have you found any clues Anyway, our group doesn t have any, and the other groups don t know.Guan Xiyuan signaled Lao Hu and the others Get in the car first, go to the side and light a cigarette.The case of Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son being murdered at home would not be easy for a day if the truth was not found out.Han Chaoyang wanted to help but didn t know how to help, so he just talked about the business.The construction team not only didn t give face to my senior brother, but also didn t give us face to the police, and didn t take us seriously.River dredging, here today, going there tomorrow, I guess they didn t have a residence permit in all likelihood.Do me a favor, go check it out together, and if you really don t have a residence permit, bring them all to the camp, they won t let the masses live in peace, they won t let my brother live in peace, and we won t let them live in peace either.

There were many people in the restaurant, Not the place to talk.Han Chaoyang hurriedly gestured to the master, and walked quickly outside the restaurant to answer.Which direction did you go Going south from Hebin Road, I will follow him from a distance.Guodong and Xiaopeng went back to change clothes and get the car.I will go back when Guodong and the others change clothes and rush over.Okay, you just watch , Be careful, don t startle the snake, wait for Guodong and Xiaopeng to rush over and ask them to call me. Don t worry Han Da, I m paying attention, and I martha stewart cbd gummies in canada won t startle the snake. After dinner, go back to the police office on the way.Han Chaoyang introduced the latest progress of the case of destroying the rolling gate lock to his master and senior brother.Yu Zhenchuan didn t know about it before, but the junior brother analyzed after the introduction Master, Chaoyang, if you guessed right, then the kid should be going to destroy the rolling gate To wreak havoc in broad daylight Han Chaoyang felt a little unbelievable.

You lent money to a friend, but the friend refused to repay it, and it was 200,000, not 20,200,000.I can understand your feelings.But you can t do things impulsively, you need to find out the koi cbd broad spectrum gummies situation.You can go back and look at the new Marriage Law, which clearly states that pre marital property is not cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies air travel considered joint property.In the past, there was no need for notarization of pre marital property, as long as it is pre marital property.Forget it, so you must not drive this car away.Is the lawyer you hired a liar Zheng Jindong came to his senses, thought about it and said eagerly Comrade policeman, but the IOU is also very clear.This car was mortgaged to me by Zhu Zhenxing.They didn t get divorced at that time Attitude in dealing with this issue , Gu Guoli is completely different from the little apprentice.

He didn t know that he was chased by the Internet.Lao Fang and I took him to the police station.He made a fuss and felt wronged., Didn t there be something wrong on the Internet When Lao Fang mentioned falsely issuing special value added tax invoices, he was immediately dumbfounded.Xu Hongliang looked at the bustling passengers and pondered When the train station moves here, the station police station is probably more important than you.I m busy, I can find fifty or sixty fugitives within a year.The station police station is the railway police, and has nothing to do with us.Old Dai stayed at cbd gummies air travel how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep the station every day, and he was much more informed than Han Chaoyang, so he corrected after thinking about it.Said In fact, the train station will not be moved, and the one here will be newly built.The current train station will not be closed, and it is still called Yanyang Station.

Police cars, electric patrol cars, comprehensive law enforcement cars, official cars, and even police community electric cars all came, all with their lights on, and the migrant workers who were watching the excitement outside rushed in to report to Liu Gong and other management personnel.Chaoyang, what s the situation The senior brother also came, he had already passed the probationary period, he has the right to enforce the law, and he drove the 110 police car from the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang was full of confidence, and looked back cbd gummies air travel at Liu Gong and the others , Loudly said Surprise inspection of ID card and residence permit, I didn t bring the patrol interrogation terminal, did you bring it Let s investigate together later.Han Chaoyang turned around and gave the patrol team an order Changsheng, arrange two people to block the south gate.

I m going to cut the watermelon, and there s half left.If you don t eat it, it won t taste good tomorrow.What are you talking about, even if you don t go to work tomorrow, I I have to go to work tomorrow.What are you talking about, cbd gummies air travel you are hiding such a big event from us, Huang s father returned to the coffee table, picked up his mobile phone, opened WeChat, found some photos, looked at his daughter with a smile and asked, Saturday Is he the one who came to eat Director Su should have told my aunt, and my aunt told them again Huang Ying came to her senses, hugged her father s arm tightly, and said with a giggle, It s him.How does it feel Do you think it s okay Looking at the handsome Han Chaoyang in the photo, he was very cbd gummies air travel how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep happy and relieved and said Your mother asked your aunt, and your aunt helped us find out.

Officer Han, I We just talked about something, let s go, let s go to the box.Bao Boss looked embarrassed, and hurriedly closed the door.It turned out that he was fooling around with a little waiter inside, Han Chaoyang reacted, pretended he didn t see anything, turned around and said, Don t go to the box, let s go downstairs together.What s the matter You ll know when you get downstairs.The police caught him having an affair, and Boss Bao was humiliated.He gave the chefs and waiters a hard look, pretended to be calm, took out a pack of cigarettes, and handed him a cigarette.Not to mention that you have quit smoking, even if you haven t quit, you can t smoke your cigarettes.What s more, you didn t wash your hands, the ghost knows what your hands touched just now.Han cbd gummies air travel Chaoyang pushed his arm away, pointed to the stairs and said, Thank you, I don t smoke.

There was a murder case some time ago, and there are so many migrants, no one knows whether the superiors will check the post.The office can check it out.The unannounced visits by the bureau inspectors are even more troublesome.This is not a joke, during this time the city bureau and sub bureau inspectors were indeed making unannounced visits.Old Xu didn t cbd gummies air travel how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep want to lose his job, let alone implicate Han cbd gummies cheap on line Chaoyang, so he hurriedly said, Chaoyang, don t worry, I won t doze off at night.Han Zhaoyang said as he led him to the water room, Persist for a few days first, and then I will find the village party secretary and set up the security joint defense team as soon as possible.When the joint defense team is set up, and when there are people, we will You can take turns on duty, at least you can take turns to rest at night.

Since there are not many public security monitoring, we can only rely on civilian monitoring.But how to tune and check in the middle of the night This is not a small case, nor is it a major case.I don t know how many cases will be encountered in a year.Qian Dui weighed it up, and said in a deep voice It s almost two o clock, and I can t do anything in the middle of the night.First, bring back the three who didn t escape or get injured.I will report to Mei University and upload the video taken by the masses.Please continue cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies air travel to ask and investigate, and wait for dawn to discuss other matters.There is a video, and he is a local, so it should not be difficult to catch.Okay, I ll go to the police station first, say hello to Suo Shi, and ask Suo Shi for help.That s it.The two family members and businesses lying in the hospital should not run away.

After a five minute break, let the sound engineer change the microphone, and continue rehearsing with the good microphone, but this time, Mr.Liang will be asked to direct.Han Chaoyang seized the time to test the sound and tune with the sound engineer.The chorus actors sang on stage, and he listened off the stage, running around to feel the chorus and sound effects from different positions and angles.Xiao Han, how is it Director Gu is here, we have this condition, what else can we do, this is the effect.Singing and chorus, neat and uniform, majestic, I listened very well.After listening for a while, I felt really good.Director Gu was not satisfied but very satisfied.He looked up at the chorus actors who were still rehearsing They took out their mobile phones to check the time again Xiao Han, Lao Tu has prepared a box lunch for you, cbd gummies air travel and it will be delivered right away, let the comrades rest for a while, go cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies air travel in to change clothes and make up after eating, the audience will enter the venue at 6 o clock, and we Start on time.

But a good start is half the battle.By the end of the concert, there were more than 3,000 followers.Director Wang and the others have a strong appeal, and Su Xian really wants to go up and ask him to help post it to their cbd gummies air travel respective groups, so that their relatives and friends can pay attention, but the district leaders are condolences to the performers, so they can t move forward at the moment We can only work together with Director Cai, Liu Jianye, Guan Yuanyuan and others to direct the audience who are still unsatisfied to leave the stage in an orderly manner.Han Chaoyang didn t know anything about it, and was thanking him with embarrassment.Comrade Xiao Han, you conducted very well, green light cbd gummies and the comrades sang very well.Many audiences were infected.I can feel it when I sit in the audience.The performance is very successful.

Give up the venue.Mr.Liang, our folk band is in the north.Guangcai, you are in the south.There is cbd gummies air travel cbd gummies for seniors not much time left for us to play, hurry up and hurry up Director Wang, we have nothing to prepare, we can do it now Go The drummers donned new outfits for their new business.Put on the new uniform like the guard of honor of the three armed forces, iron it before coming, take out the things one by one, and start playing the March of the Militia.They don t participate in official performances, and they won t enter the venue later, and they can t get in if they cbd gummies air travel don t have a ticket.Director Wang thought that the folk band was different from the wind band, and seven members including himself would go in to participate in the chorus later, so he specially prepared two clothes for this, and hurriedly turned around and said Comrades, we should change clothes Hurry up and change clothes, hurry up to relieve yourself, hold on tight, we will start playing in five minutes.

Because of this, he first joined the Writers Association of the Public Security Department, then the Provincial Writers Association, and then the Chinese Writers Association, and the Ministry of Public Security s Federation of Literary and Art Circles notified cbd gummies air travel him to go to the meeting.There was such a great talent in the sub bureau, and everyone was very proud and happy at that time.As a result, within a few days after returning from a meeting cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies air travel in the ministry, the political department of the provincial department wanted to second him to help , and he never came back Although it is said that people go to high places and water flows to low places, as a leader, they cannot block their future, but is it easy for the branch office to come up with a pen After he left the branch office, the propaganda work of the branch office fell into a slump, and it has not slowed down until today.

Du Ju smiled, and Grandpa Gu also showed a knowing smile on his face.Su Xian felt that this decision was made too hastily, and felt that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he should seriously consider it.Bureau Du, Master, Director Su, I m sorry, I ve been waiting for this call It s okay, it s okay, Xiao Han, you this You have done a good job in this matter.PolyU is also the unit under the jurisdiction of your police platform., Principal Nie can be regarded as the people in the jurisdiction, and the people should be eager to help when they encounter difficulties, and it can also solve the employment of your classmates.Being able to think this way shows that you have feelings for the unit and that you have a sense of professional accomplishment in the public security work.You may not know it, but your master knows it.

He was the one who did the water and electricity installation and fire protection projects in Dongming Community.At that time, the housing prices in Dongming New Village were not as HCMUSSH cbd gummies air travel high as they are now, but because the location was relatively remote or even not easy to sell, the developer s capital chain was tree house cbd gummies broken, and they had to use the houses in the community to pay for the project.The civil engineering is the big head, and the houses with better room types and floors were snatched away by the civil engineering boss.At first, he was unwilling to want those houses with low floors, poor sunshine and poor layout, but when he wanted them, he was rejected by the materials.The supplier snatched it up.The developer has no money, and it is useless to go to court.In the end, he can only get the franchise of community property services.

Han Chaoyang did not expect that not only the owners were dissatisfied with such an image project, but Director Su was also very unhappy, and his face suddenly changed Zhang Zongjiang, you are too courageous, do you want to go in I remember very clearly, the city The Urban Landscape Lighting Management Implementation Measures has been issued.From January 1 this year, the city will provide 100 subsidies for the electricity charges of urban landscape lighting facilities in urban public places and important buildings on both sides of main and secondary arterial roads.It is distributed once a quarter, and you dare to embezzle this money Director Su, listen to me, there is a document in the city, and now it is a subsidy, but last year and the year before, who counts the electricity bills used last year and the year before What Absurd words, as if you didn t control the owner s collection of the electricity bill last year and the year before.

After the training period expires, the grassroots police stations will do the work for us trainees Appraisal.This year is the first year, and the next three years will be divided into three years to select and send cadres under the age of 45 and without grassroots public security work experience to the grassroots police stations for training.Even if I don t sign up this year, cbd gummies air travel I will go to the grassroots next year.So it s a good thing to take the initiative to sign up.Let s not talk about that, let s talk about the condor cbd gummies review koi cbd broad spectrum gummies business first, what s the task at night, do you want kushy ouncg cbd gummy 100mg to go to patrol the streets Enthusiasm is high, and this is not fake.Han Chaoyang knew her activist too well, looked back at his girlfriend, and shifted his eyes to her again Ask your master about work, I am a soldier like you, and I am not in the same unit.

It turned out that there was a reason for being late.There was no car to come to Zhongshan Road in the morning.She didn t want to wait, so she squeezed the bus with her luggage on her back.I can imagine the congestion during the rush hour, even though she set off half an hour earlier, she was stuck on the road for more than 40 minutes.This is a special situation, even if it is not a special situation, no one cares about her.Old Tang hesitated for a long time but couldn t open his mouth.It s not cbd gummies air travel condor cbd gummies review koi cbd broad spectrum gummies easy to say that Grandpa Gu is not in his position.Together, Tang sent her to the Xinmin Community Neighborhood Committee.Sister Miao, this car will be yours from now on.The charger is under the seat.Remember to charge it at ordinary times.Han Chaoyang generously gave her the police community electric car that was distributed to him by the police station, then turned and said Director Fu, Geng Ming, there is still something to do in the police office.

The headquarters informed Feng Changdong that he was wearing a gray jacket on top and light blue on the bottom.Jeans, brown leather shoes, and a black travel bag.When he absconded from his uncle Feng Guobao s house at about 10 20 yesterday morning, he had two bottles of Wahaha mineral water and no dry food.The headquarters asked us to Pay attention to safety, and report any traces of it in time.Have a gun Yes, it has been confirmed.Feng Guobao told Feng Changdong that he has a pistol on him.From Feng Guobao s description, it should be a May 4th military pistol.Or an imitation May 4th pistol, how many rounds of bullets are unknown, so the headquarters asked us not to act rashly when we found its trace.That bastard actually has a gun He was so close to him yesterday morning, if Jiang Li caught up with him when he chased him out, and he stubbornly resisted and shot, then the person who is going to be rounded up now is likely to be a fugitive suspected of killing three people, including a policeman.

The police car in the center went there, and the family that started the fight first and beat the opponent more severely admitted that the family that was beaten had a person lying in the hospital.When they fought, many villagers watched, similar to the public security case that was mediated last night.Same, the facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive.What happened later Fan Ju asked.He was lying in the hospital, and he didn t know when he would be discharged, and he didn t know how much medical expenses would be spent.First, he got the evidence and made a few records, and he was going to deal with it after he was discharged.As a result, after he went back, the family who was beaten The sheep died from eating too much potatoes.You know the situation in Longdao County.If a sheep dies at home, it is impossible to throw it away.

Once convicted, you will be sentenced to at least one year in prison or criminal detention, and a franklin graham cbd gummies fine ranging from RMB 10,000 to RMB 20,000.Please handle the repayment immediately after reading this notice and notify us.What is the last case batch litigation lawyer , there is no name, only a mobile phone number.When I don t understand the law, what is this A lawyer s letter is not like a lawyer s letter.It s an announcement Vice Minister Jiang looked up at Old Tang who hurried in, and then turned his gaze to the counselor of the School of Computer Science Xiaohe, when something like this happens, you, the counselor, are equally responsible.How many times have I told you that you should report the case and take that girl to the police station to report the case, and you should do the parent s work, but in the end, it has been delayed until today.

The corpse was covered with maggots and covered with sand.I took a look at the scene.I had to rinse the corpse to confirm whether there was any trauma.Although there is not much information, at least the identity of the deceased can be confirmed.When investigating a murder case, the most fearful thing is encountering an unknown corpse.Deputy Captain Luo breathed a sigh of relief, and was weighing which sub bureau should investigate the case, Bureau Shi continued Luo Zhi, we have checked the driving recorder of the dump truck, and asked the traffic control center to check the driving track of the big truck., It is basically certain that the body was pulled from here, and this matter should have nothing to do with the dump truck driver.What do you mean, I want to let go Tengda looked back at the iron boats moored by the river, and pondered Our police have just inquired that no one is missing from the sand and gravel factory, and turd nation cbd gummies the ship owners have never heard of anyone missing.

When you pick up the kiss, just pick up the kiss well, what kind of underworld are you pretending to be Ask him.Chaoyang, what s going on.In terms of dealing with negative public opinion, the efficiency of relevant departments is astonishing.Han Zhaoyang realized that the trouble was serious, so he didn t bother to explain to his senior brother, so he hurriedly said Brother Wei, I have to report to my superior quickly, Lingling will explain to you, and I will call you later.He was anxious, and Xie Lingling was even more anxious.He urged Hurry up and tell your leaders that Hongliang will take the civil service exam next year, so he can t be disqualified because of this.Don t worry, he ll be fine.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment , hurried to the police room.Old Tang and Miao Haizhu happened to be having dinner, and Grandpa Gu was standing in the police station on the phone.

Wearing a special service uniform, wearing a multi functional belt, and wearing a law enforcement recorder on his shoulders, he looks like a special police officer of the special patrol brigade, much more powerful than when he was an auxiliary police officer in the office.I thought that he would dumb around like his good brother, but as soon as he arrived at the gravel field, he let Xiaokang, who came with him, into the work area, and he volunteered to be the driver to investigate the case with him.Hong Liang, I m just visiting and asking.Wherever I go, I don t know when I can come back I know, it s not like we haven t cooperated before.Besides, I have nothing to do when I m idle.People.If you don t leave people, don t you have a well off life.A well off life is not made of iron, and you can t stay here 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately, it was too late to say anything.I can thank Mr.Ye a lot, and note on the list that there is a recorder but the video has been overwritten , and pick up the phone again to call the second car owner s mobile phone Just as Han Chaoyang called to inquire like a customer service , Xu Hongliang, who had just returned, was looking at the apartment in Dongming Community together with Xie Lingling.The owner of this house was on a business trip.Considering that the agent might bring someone to see the house, he simply put the key in the security room of the west gate.Xu Hongliang used the key he got from Wu Junfeng to open the security door, looked at the dusty living room and asked.How about it, 115 square meters, not too big, not too small, just right for two people.Housing prices in the city are very expensive, and housing prices here are not cheap either.

Li and the others said that Chaoyang found a girlfriend.Seeing him in a police uniform and taking a photo with you when he received an award for meritorious service made me really sad.He is a good boyfriend and condor cbd gummies review koi cbd broad spectrum gummies will definitely be a good husband in the future.I didn t take care of him.Cherish it, miss it in order to realize the so called ideal, you must not learn from me, because if you miss it, there will be nothing.Huang Ying never thought that she would say these words Xie Lingling didn t expect it, cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies air travel and neither did Xu Hongliang, the car was suddenly silent.Sheng Yanwen took out a tissue to wipe away her tears, she put her arms around Huang Ying s arm and laughed while weeping But I will definitely succeed.I gave up so much to become a first class performer, and I worked so hard.There is no reason not to succeed.

Yes High technology is good, and big data is good.As long as the vehicle information is input into the system, the system can automatically identify it, and the suspected vehicle will be discovered by the system as soon as it shows itself.Wu Wei was so excited that he subconsciously took out his car keys, walked out of the conference room quickly, and ran towards the stairs, shouting, Old Gong, notify Lao Ji and the others immediately Xia Ming, help us find some casual clothes Tengda, do you want casual clothes A traffic policeman poked his head out of the office at the end of the corridor.This is your squadron, if you don t look for you, the squadron leader, cbd gummies wholesale europe look for someone, look for six sets, speed Yes It s not to arrest, but to follow and monitor.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and was hesitating whether to stop and wait until he changed into casual clothes before going downstairs.

Go.Han Chaoyang smiled, and continued The task force is looking at the suspect s mobile phone condor cbd gummies review koi cbd broad spectrum gummies call records, and they may be able to find out something later.If there are many places to be guarded, Changfeng Street Please ask Gan to arrange a few more people to assist, and I will transfer people from the patrol team in other places.I have no objection.Li Kaiyi was very clear about how many men he had, and was the first to raise her hand.I have no objection either.Wu Wei reacted and quickly agreed.Then let s act, Brother Rong, Brother Xu, let s go first.Chapter 336 Rich Grandpa Gu was not in charge of Yingchun Community when he was working at the Changfeng Police Station, but even a community policeman like him cannot really only be in charge of his own jurisdiction.They all understand.As soon as Rong Zhiping got in the car, he received a call from Grandpa Gu.

Uncle Wei also felt that something was wrong when he mentioned this, and murmured, Xiao Rong, how much salary do you think people can get for driving a car for a month Judging from Ge Peilan s tone, her second son seems to be koi cbd broad spectrum gummies max relief cbd gummies a bit promising and plans to buy a house in the city.The old couple s business has been good these years, but Ge Peilan s health is also not good, either because of this disease or that disease.All the money was sent to the hospital.Cao Shengkai may have been with Yang Jiandong for a few months, and suddenly became rich.It s not that Cai Xiaofang may have been with Yang Jiandong for a few months, but he drove Yang Jiandong s car for a few months, and suddenly became rich.The money he earned was even enough to buy a house in the city, even if it was just a down payment.

Report Tengda, on the afternoon of the 16th, Cai Xiaofang and another unidentified man drove a black Audi A6L car back home, the license plate number is Yan F90B18, I will send the surveillance cbd gummies air travel pictures of the vehicle and the unidentified man to work In the group.Okay, let me take a look, if you guess correctly, the Audi you found should be the one that Yang Jiandong drove back to his hometown, and it will be easy to find if you have the license plate number.Okay, I ll send it to you first.Chapter 338 General Precautions There is a third suspect After receiving the call from Teng University, Vice Captain Luo froze for a moment, then smiled.With the investigation of the case, it is not afraid that there will be more suspects.The more suspects, the easier it is for the gang to be exposed, and the closer it is to the truth.

Anyway, I don t think he orgnic cbd gummies pharma canna will easily contact his comrades, nor will he go home easily.Since it is a general precaution, it is to avoid the limelight.If the wind is not tight, if we can confirm that we have not found them, they will cbd gummies no melatonin Jump out by yourself Han Chaoyang asked following this train of thought.Yes, Chaoyang, your analysis is correct.Self righteous suspects like them can t just hide passively.It is entirely possible to take some tentative measures to verify whether the murder of Cao Shengkai has been revealed, and whether our police have found them.Body How would they test it If it were you, how would you test it, and how would you verify it Li Kaiyi asked, staring at Han Chaoyang, the more reasonable she became.Han Chaoyang was stunned, then stood up immediately If I cbd gummies air travel were Cai Xiaofang, if I killed someone, I koi cbd broad spectrum gummies max relief cbd gummies would hide in the dark and watch the neighborhood quietly to see if the police came to the door.

Anyway, as long as they find other high end commercial vehicles that they may have rented, they will We can find out where we ve been, and who we ve been looking for Then what are you waiting for, go check it out What should I do here I ll watch over here for you.The senior brother volunteered, and This is his jurisdiction, and he is very familiar with this area.Now it is time to go out to perform tasks, not to play, Han Chaoyang is not pretentious, and said while cbd gummies air travel packing his things That s fine, leave this to Brother Rong.Angkor, you go to check our Yandong District with Brother Li and Brother Xu.I will call Manager Jin and send someone from the patrol team cbd capsules vs gummies to stay with me near Cai Xiaofang s sister s house.Be careful not to drive for ten thousand years, in case he suddenly comes back., Community police do what community police are good at.

keep going to work.Han Chaoyang didn t sleep all night, so he couldn t drive tired.Huang Ying drove, Han Chaoyang sat in the co pilot, and uncle, aunt and cousin sat in the back.Just after driving on the highway, Han Chaoyang was very sleepy but couldn t fall asleep.He simply took out his mobile phone and called the leaders of Bureau Du, Bureau Feng, and Liu Suo one by one to report that he was on condor cbd gummies review koi cbd broad spectrum gummies his way back to his hometown.Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang were not caught.Xiao Han, I know you koi cbd broad spectrum gummies max relief cbd gummies are responsible, but 9.You don t need to worry about case 18.Feng Ju, who had just returned to the bureau, looked up at Zhou Ju who had been smiling all the time, suddenly remembered something, and subconsciously asked By the way, is your hometown in Qingshan County Yes, Linshan Town, Qingshan County Is it far from Baoyi County Not far, our town is in the cbd gummies air travel northwest corner of Qingshan County, at the junction of Jinfeng Town, Baoyi County, and it is closer to Baoyi County than to Qingshan County.

Talk to my mother in law and ask them to keep an eye out.Thank you, thank you so much, Mr.Ma, otherwise, let s have dinner together in the evening.You don t have to run to my house, it s in the town.No need No need, don t be so polite, I ve already bought all the food, and I have everything at home.And today cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies air travel s situation is quite special, my brother is not in good health, when Chaoyang and Yingying arrive, we will send my brother back to Fenghuang together, and we will accompany him at night Talk.Of course, Miao s father knew about Ma Fengjun s stomach cancer, and realized that tonight s dinner was inappropriate, so he hurriedly said, I don t have time dog ate cbd gummy tonight, how about tomorrow night The matter of crossing Haizhu and Chaoyang cbd gummies air travel may be tomorrow night, so please call Director Qi.The son is a policeman, and his daughter is also a policeman, and they are colleagues with Director Qi of the police station.

Room.The commercial housing built in the town was built many years ago, with brick concrete structure, the construction quality is average, and the sound insulation effect is not satisfactory.I dare not sneak over to sleep with my girlfriend.Go to bed late and wake up early.The house is just behind the school.I heard that Mr.Ma s son came back with his girlfriend, and even the old principal, who has retired for many years, came to watch the fun with his job.Not only was the living room full of people, but even the corridor and Mr.Chen s house, who lived across the door, were overcrowded.It was all teachers who watched him grow up, Han Chaoyang had no choice but to warmly welcome him with his mother and father.I thought Huang Ying would be very embarrassed, but I didn t expect her performance to be amazing.

Boss Miao said cbd gummies air travel apologetically, Qi Suo, Uncle Miao, I m sorry, we tried to take a shortcut when we came back, but we got stuck in the South Lake and couldn t get out, keeping you two waiting for a long time.It s okay, I m I just arrived.Director Qi patted the empty chair on the left, laughed and said, Chaoyang, sit here, it s rare for you to come back, so we must have a good chat today.Okay, thank you Qi.Little Huang cbd gummies air travel how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep is so beautiful.Qi Suo picked up his phone, pulled out a photo, and said happily, Xiao Huang, although this is the first time we meet today, I have seen your photo before, and I can find you like this.My girlfriend, Chaoyang is really cbd gummies air travel how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep blessed Thank you Qi Suo.Don t thank me.If you want to thank me, thank you Boss Miao.He will be the host tonight, and I m just here for dinner.Hello, Uncle Miao.

Chapter 365 Chasing Mr.Ma Chang Talk about a new day, a new beginning.For Han Chaoyang, today is a new day like so many days in the past, but it is a real new beginning because he has a new goal and an unprecedented motivation Together with my mother and father, I sent Huang Ying to the bus bound for Yanyang, and drove again to Sutou Village, Baoyi County, where Huo Xuebin s family is located.He rushed over excitedly, but got a real rejection.The people of Huo Xuebin s family not only avoided seeing, but locked the door and all went out, and they didn t know when they would come back.Auntie, when did they leave Han Chaoyang knocked on the door of the neighbor s house, revealing his identity and inquiring about the situation of the Huo family.A woman in her forties looked around, motioned for Han Chaoyang to go in, and murmured, Comrade Public Security, I ve seen you.

After all, Xinmin Community is also the patrol area of our police platform.It would be great if everyone had your awareness and sense of responsibility like you.Bao Suo smiled, and then changed the topic When Zhen Chuan came back this morning to apply for a summons, he said that your office planned to hold an event to celebrate your master s retirement.How to do it, have you thought about it No, Liu So platinum x cbd gummies ad copy I thought, what do you think I can make up my mind on such a big matter You know the temper of the master, there is no way for you Liu Suo to let you make up your mind.Why is there no way, Bao Suo, I don t quite understand.If there s anything we don t understand, we ll take the lead in doing it.If it s too shabby, the master will think it s extravagant and wasteful, and even drive him away and force him to take off his police uniform.

The memorial hall will definitely not work, so let s think of other ways.Why not Because the memorial hall will soon change Cheng Chaoyang International Youth Hostel, a joint stock enterprise in which the neighborhood committee holds shares, Director Su is pointing to make money there, you said she can lend it to you Open a hotel in the memorial hall Kang Haigen couldn t believe his ears.The face is incredible.Grandpa Gu confirmed with a smile Kang Suo, Chaoyang didn t joke with you.The memorial hall is the mass cemetery of Chaoyang Village, where can a hotel be opened Even if it is opened, will there be tourists to live in Kang Haigen was stunned for cbd gummies in nj a long time before recovering, and murmured It is definitely not possible to set up the command center in the engineering headquarters, nor in the police office.

Grandpa Gu was very satisfied with the way the little apprentice handled things just now, so he simply picked up Kang Haigen s luggage, used an excuse to help him move, and invited Kang Haigen to the community police office on the first floor of the neighborhood committee.Kang Haigen is not a fool, how could he not know that Grandpa Gu deliberately avoided Lao Ding, walked him to the door, and said with embarrassment Inspector Gu, you are the senior I admire the most, if I do something wrong or inappropriate Please criticize and remind more.Grandpa Gu smiled, and while beckoning him to sit down, he sighed Kang Institute, do you know why I don t go to the office often, why do I like to stay in the community every day Why I m afraid you are like this.What kind of unit is the Public Security Bureau It is a law enforcement department with paramilitary management.

Han, you are only half right Literary young people not only like old things, but also music, and even handsome men and beautiful women.No, before Han Zhaoyang could speak, Xie Lingling flatly refused, Mr.Zhang, you don t even where can i get cbd gummy in las vegas think about where you are What Youth Hostel, the front is for urns, and the back is for coffins, and I don t know how many urns have been placed, and how many coffins cbd gummies air travel have been buried.I can go to your place, and the rehearsal is HCMUSSH cbd gummies air travel fine.Han koi cbd broad spectrum gummies max relief cbd gummies Chaoyang agreed deeply, and nodded his head, expressing his serious agreement To his surprise, Zhang Beibei asked confidently Mr.Xie, you have thought it over clearly, are you going or not No I cbd gummies air travel can skip hot pot.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing and said Lingling, you don t have to go to Chaoyang, but you can t.Why, why Because you are the proprietress Huang Ying laughed so hard that she couldn t catch her breath.

Going with Team Liang and Wu Wei, it is obvious that the Provincial Department must correct 7.The achievements of the 17 task force will be commended.Three members of the family of Qiao Xianhong and Zhang Qiuyan in the third group of Yangguan Village were killed.The real massacre had a far worse impact than the murder case jointly investigated with the Gaoxin District Bureau.For this year s drug target case Han Chaoyang came to his senses and hurriedly said, Yes, I ll be there on time at 6 30 tomorrow.I m busy here, so I don t congratulate you.Remember to treat guests when you come back.It s really inappropriate to say these things on the intercom, especially when During the special rectification operation, Han Chaoyang smiled and put down his phone to end the call.Li Xiaobin heard it clearly, and couldn t help laughing Han Da, you re going to make meritorious service again, is this second class or third class merit The provincial department should give 7.

Think about it, since there are shortcomings, then we will help him make up for it.Xu Weizhong thought for a while, and then asked By the way, Liu Suo , destroying five dens in a row, this case is not big or small, can he handle it alone He definitely can t handle it alone, but he is not alone.Liu Jianye smiled as he walked to the kitchen Said There are a lot of people in the police room, including Lao Ding, Lao Tang from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and Xiao Miao who came from the Provincial Department to take a second job.You know Kang Haigen, he will never miss this opportunity.Please don t hesitate Excited, let them check first, maybe they can find out some famous tricks.If they can find out famous tricks, it will also be a result of the institute Xu Weizhong smiled knowingly, and didn t ask any more questions At 7 o clock, Director Wen of the Political Department was organizing police representatives who were going to the Provincial Department to participate in the meritorious service award ceremony to form a team in front of the branch office HCMUSSH cbd gummies air travel building.

Seeing the crowd rushing in, the man stood up subconsciously What are you doing I m from the Food and Drug Administration of Yandong District, Deputy Director Zhang showed his ID, and then leaned over to pick up a piece of paper that he hadn t had time to seal with a plastic bag.Take out a few small boxes of India A8 from the box, and walk to the door with better light to check the approval number on it.The man realized why everyone came, and reacted quickly.While winking at a frightened girl, he took out a cigarette and prepared to go forward to flatter her.Han Chaoyang walked up to him without hesitation, and said coldly The police, food and drug, and industry and commerce joint law enforcement, what s your name, please show your ID card and business license and other procedures.No one is allowed to leave, little girl , where are you going Xiao Liu tacitly stopped does uly cbd gummies work the girl who was about to escape through the back door.

In several areas including property management, all criminal cases of the Yandong Sub bureau and public security cases that intend to take compulsory measures to restrict personal freedom are handled here.Closed management is implemented here, Wu Junfeng and other team members cannot come in.The Kang Institute was obviously familiar with this place, and led Han Chaoyang, who cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies air travel was detaining the swag cbd gummies 500mg reviews suspect, and Miao Haizhu, who was holding the materials, to the case handling area to register first.Then, two policemen came out to take over the suspect and took him to a place on the left.The small room is used for personal safety inspection and information collection.Han Chaoyang was very curious, and was about to open his eyes with the cbd gummies air travel past, when Kang Haigen suddenly turned his head and said, Chaoyang, go and bring the evidence in.

Let s get ready and organize a patrol tomorrow morning., Mobilize community party members and cadres and merchants along the street to assist the city appearance and sanitation department to clean up the snow on the main and secondary arterial roads.This is expected, Han Chaoyang agreed Okay, I will come early tomorrow, and then go to the party school after shoveling the snow Study.Chaoyang, I don t have to ask you to help shovel the snow.If the cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies air travel snow is really heavy, we alone can t shovel it.I just want you to say hello to a few construction sites and see if you can do it tomorrow.We can t borrow their loaders, bulldozers, and dump trucks, and we won t let them do their jobs for nothing, and we hemp koala cbd gummies can pay for the gas and the wages of the drivers.Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee is not what it used to be, and there are hundreds of thousands of income from the sale of security company equity in cbd gummies air travel its account , Even the sub district office is jealous.

How do you know that Zhang Zhishu doesn t pay attention What s so strange about this is that there are only three cbd gummies air travel how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep communities and four cbd gummies air travel administrative villages in the entire street.Whether it s the secretary of the party branch of the community neighborhood committee, the secretary of the village party committee, or the director of the village committee, they have basically worked for several years or even ten years.The old face, cbd gummies air travel who is what kind of person, not to mention the street leaders, even us clerks are very clear.Huang Ying sat across from him with dumplings, poured a little vinegar into the small bowl, and said Zhang Zhishu is a typical A pragmatist, he doesn t pay attention to relatively imaginary things such as the construction of grassroots organizations, but only pays attention to real things.

Ling Bin followed out tacitly, and asked eagerly as soon as he entered the yard Officer Han, do you have any news I checked the records of foreign population, but I haven t found any yet.Han Chaoyang walked under the light box, looked back at the hall, and asked, Mr.Ling, what did you plan to do Try your luck.Ling Bin lit a cigarette, and said solemnly I m going to print more missing person notices, bus stations, train stations, bus stop signs, big shopping malls, big supermarkets, as long as there are many people, I will post a few posters.Zhang.But after looking around in the morning, I found that the idea was too simple.Fujiang is building a sanitation city, and Yanyang is too.I can t post it if I want to.Even if I post it secretly, it will be torn off soon.Yes This idea will do Han Chaoyang was waiting for this sentence, and said while the iron was hot It s not that you can t post it, but you can t post it indiscriminately.

, what the Sixth Hospital is most afraid of is medical troubles.If the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road is moved there, the leaders of the Sixth Hospital will really welcome it.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, looked at him with a smile and asked, Secondly Secondly, the place here is too small.Look, it s crowded.There is no place to lock up a suspect, or even interrogate him.What else Xu Hongliang looked back and said with a smile The last and most important thing is, after you move out, our community can not only rent out this shop, but also raise some funds, and you can move there to share with us.There is no difference between us moving there.The Sixth Hospital has a security department and security guards, but you should be very clear that you really have no fighting power, and you will lose the chain at critical moments.

It s a long story.We ve arrived at the gate of the hotel.I ll explain it to you later.Clearly, Han Chaoyang hung up his phone and trotted across the road into the youth hostel.Before Huang Ying, who was approaching him, could speak, he looked at the duty room and asked, Is Ling Bin in there Just fell asleep, and Ling Bin was in there to accompany Xinxin.Miao Haizhu didn t know how to face Ling Bin, and calmly suggested Chaoyang, you call him to the kitchen and say, I will accompany Xinxin for him.Sister Miao, what are you doing You guys are easy to communicate with men, besides, Xinxin can t be left alone.Huang Ying realized that it was not a good thing, and asked eagerly Chaoyang, Sister Miao, did you find me Zhang Ziyue is gone, did something happen to Zhang Ziyue I found it.Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and walked over to gently open the door without bothering to explain.

The station is so close to your police office.There are several people on your side.The police and the patrol team, why not integrate resources, why not include the station in the patrol area of the Zhongshan Road comprehensive police platform There is some truth in these words, and the division of key jurisdictions must consider many factors.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that the leader should first consider your feelings.If the merger really happens, you won t be able to have the final say like now.Although the old master has retired, he still has a lot of prestige.In front of him, you are Xiao Dai , It doesn t matter if you have served as a captain or not.Furthermore, once the jurisdictions of the two police offices are merged, the scale will be equivalent to a small police station, which involves how to manage and how to straighten out the relationship.

The things are sold, a total of 1120, half of each person, transferred to Brother Hu 560, the transfer record is still here, Lu Shaotao, tell me, what did you sell Mobile phone, he picked up a mobile phone, I will sell it for him I m still talking nonsense Han Chaoyang glared at him, gritted his teeth and said, If it s a mobile phone, he doesn t know how to sell it himself, so he needs to find you Lu Shaotao, what do you think we are doing, stop playing tricks, Don t take chances anymore, even if you don t talk about Hu Qinglin, you will still explain it, and then we won t listen if you want to.I don t know if Hu Qinglin has deleted the chat history, but Lu Shaotao realized that it would be useless to argue again, as if he was a different person It seemed to be flattering and said with a smile Officer Han, it s really none of my business.

If you don t invite others, why can t you invite them.Feng Bureau , I would like to invite you, but can I get in touch with them, besides, it is not up to me, a small squadron leader, to invite old comrades to use their spare energy.I can also tell .

when to take cbd gummies?

you that Zhou Bureau, Political Commissar, and Du Bureau all know about this matter and are all watching.If you can t handle others, I will see how you end up Feng Bureau, why are you asking us to compare against Han Chaoyang Crap, you are asking us to compare with the seniors The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, why can t we compare cbd gummies air travel how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep with the seniors Besides, there are only two seniors, and the others are all newbies, all of them are obligatory, and professional anti pickup There are not as many people as you, so you still have the upper hand.

The first is salary.After the agreement of the community and the institute, everyone s basic The salary is tentatively set at 3,000 yuan a month, and the five social insurances and one housing fund will still be paid in the same way in the future.Because Junfeng is the deputy squadron leader, he not only cbd gummies air travel has to go to the streets to pick up money, but also assists Comrades Wu Wei and Miao Haizhu in managing , the basic salary is tentatively set at 3,200 yuan.In addition, there is a performance salary of 500 yuan per month per person, overtime pay for overtime work, and 50 yuan per person per month as a telephone subsidy.The expenses incurred during the execution of tasks, this It must be a reasonable fee.Regardless of whether there is an invoice or not, you can go to Chen Jie for reimbursement.

Now is not the time to be polite, Lu Xingen took over the command without hesitation, and said Okay, we will divide into three groups, Lao Zhou and Xiao Nie, you and I will be in charge of blocking the main entrance Lao Guan and Xiao Xu , you are responsible for blocking the fire escape Xiao Pei, you cbd gummies air travel how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep take two people to block the back door, no, enter the kitchen directly from the back door, guard the door from the kitchen to the hall, and prevent the suspect from jumping over the wall and running into the kitchen to get a knife.Yes Chaoyang , we are divided into three groups, you can make arrangements and arrange some people to assist us.Okay.Han Chaoyang was about to give an order when a minibus drove over slowly.Before the car stopped, he saw the old man Ding jumped out of the car with six police cadets.

The little waiter didn t think about the fact that the police were not allowed to drink while on duty, and said nervously, There are private cars and theirs.Which ones are theirs II only remember three.Which three, show me.The little waiter was worried about being retaliated, so he couldn t help but look back, and confirmed that the guy who had just been rescued was taken into the police car.He raised his arms and pointed The Audi belongs to them, the truck on how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit the left and the van behind the truck also belong to them, I don t know anything else, I greeted the guests at the door when I first boarded the guests, and went inside to help when there were too cbd gummies air travel many guests Thank you.Han Chaoyang looked up to confirm that the door was equipped with surveillance cameras, walked to the door and whispered a few words to a team member, then returned to the side of the road and raised the walkie talkie cbd melatonin gummies creating better days Bao Suo Bao, I am Han Chaoyang, we The hotel has been successfully blocked, and the road team has been assisted to control the situation, when will you arrive We are on the way, we will be there soon.

Han Chaoyang never expected that Minister Jiang would arrange for them to come here.Just as he invited the PolyU group to the conversation room, Section Chief Xiao who was standing behind suddenly smiled and said, Old Qian, Xiao Xiang, don t be shy, you are here to report too.Yes, say hello to Police Officer Han.It turned out that it was an appointment to send someone over Lao Qian is an old acquaintance, but as the security guard of the Sixth Hospital, he wears the uniform of the auxiliary police, and has been on duty in the police room of the Sixth Hospital of Xinyuan Police Station.Once he was on the night shift and fell asleep on the table, and was discovered by an unannounced visit by the city bureau inspector.The Municipal Bureau didn t know that he was not from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, so they issued a notice of criticism and ordered rectification.

Han Chaoyang didn t want to disturb her, so he walked out of the police room and opened the door to get into the police car.Just as he backed the car out of the parking space and was about to turn around at the hospital entrance, a familiar figure appeared in cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies air travel his eyes.Director Wang, where are you going Director Wang was happy, and ran to the car and asked, Xiao Han, where are you going Han Chaoyang smiled and said, I m going to the branch office., you are always on the way, I will give you a ride along the way.I planned to go to Hualian for a while, but the Chinese New Year is coming, so I have to prepare cbd gummies with chamomile some New Year s goods.This bus didn t come after waiting for a long time, so I don t want to go today, Factory Manager Wang opened the door and got into the co pilot, took off his hat and said with a smile, You are going to the branch office, cbd gummies air travel right I just happened to go to the old cadres, so I happened to be on the way.

Lao Ding seemed to have mentioned this in the morning, Han Chaoyang reacted, and said lightly We are assisting the Xinyuan Street Police Station to investigate a suspect.Last night at the Xinyuan Street Police Station There was a fight in an Internet cafe in the jurisdiction, one hit five, not only won the fight, but also ran away, smashing the Internet cafe to pieces.This is not a big case, it is better in winter, and fighting cases often occur in summer.Lao Hu didn t think about other things, but said enviously Chaoyang, you are really going to be promoted to the deputy department this time.When I came out, I saw the announcement posted by the organization department on the Internet.I wanted to make a phone call to congratulate you.As a result, Liu Suo and the trainer were all calling you, and I couldn t get through even though I wanted to, but I didn t expect to wana cbd gummies price meet you here, congratulations, formal congratulations, congratulations in person.

After washing up, he walked into the police room from the back door, and Wu Wei just came in from the front door, not wearing a police uniform as usual.Han Da, why don t you sleep more Wu Wei asked while supporting the police station.Seven hours of sleep is enough, Han Chaoyang put down the toothbrush and reminded Angkor, it s fine if someone calls you Da Han, so don t make noises, it sounds weird.It s not booing, you are the captain now.Wu Wei smiled, took out his mobile phone, clicked on a screenshot and held it in front of him, saying This guy s surname is Dai, his name is Dai Lishi, and he lives in the second group of Lianglin.He had chronic nephritis, so he was placed under residential surveillance, but he ran away within a few days after he was released from the detention center, and the prison has already reported it, and the bureau is applying for online pursuit.

Old Dai found out that this work can be done, so he couldn t help asking with a smile Chaoyang, what about the scalpers We can t control the scalpers, and the city management can t control the scalpers.They can only come to the bottom of the pot.Han Chaoyang suddenly turned around and pointed to the service desk in the station hall We can t handle this matter, you have to come forward in person, you can discuss it with the station leaders, and see if you can do it outside the station.Set up another service point to help those condor cbd gummies review koi cbd broad spectrum gummies passengers who have not bought a ticket to solve the problem of returning home. During the Spring Festival travel season, the station is obliged to help. If the station can help coordinate the solution, who will look for scalpers, no one Looking for scalpers, scalpers will naturally not be able to do it.

Not to mention that there are still relatives in Yanyang.The father in law and mother in law have made plans for countless times, and they are still planning how to spend this year.Han Chaoyang was very moved, and he answered a few more phone calls, thanking several people in the jurisdiction for their concern.Wu Junfeng had already driven the police car to the toll parking lot at the east gate of Xingye Plaza, rolled down the window and asked the security guard who paid the toll Brother, we are Yan.For the East Branch, what floor is Jinshi Fitness Center on, and where do you go up Chapter 565 Little Fairy has an accident 2 The gym on the third floor the security guard asked from the pavilion.How many gyms do you have here It seems to be only one.That s it, where do you go The security guard subconsciously glanced northwest, and smiled It s useless for you to go up, there is cbd gummies air travel a gym on the third floor.

As a result, as soon as the door opened, the hand that pushed the door was tightly clenched, and then pulled in, Han Chaoyang and Wu Junfeng grabbed their arms and pressed them against the wall.What are you doing, what are you doing Don t move, we are from the Yandong Public Security Bureau Han Chaoyang yelled, confirming that Wu Junfeng had grabbed the man s left wrist, he immediately let go, and grabbed the man s back with one hand, tightly Pushing it against the wall, he began to search his body with one hand.From the Public Security Bureau Comrade policemen, what are you doing I m a good man, you must be mistaken One, and Han Chaoyang was still pinching the back of his neck, no matter how hard the man surnamed Cao struggled, it was useless.I am really wronged.I have a formal job.I work in a state owned enterprise.

Mr.Xu appeared in front of the two of them, held the door and said in a gloomy voice, Go in, he s in the back room, sleeping like a dead dog.Uncle Xu, thank you, I ll go in and take a look first.Go Right.Blood is thicker than water, anyway, Xu Weimin is also the old man s biological son, it is not easy for him to make this decision, after all, he doesn t know if Xu Weimin has committed any crimes outside besides being in debt.Han Chaoyang was very moved, he patted the old man s arm lightly, and then rushed in with Sun Guokang.I rushed into the dark back room and saw a middle aged man with disheveled hair and beard lying on a wire bed, sleeping like a dead dog And as soon as he entered the room, he could smell a sour smell.Looking at the dirty clothes of the middle aged man, he knew where the smell came from, and he could imagine how he spent his time outside.

What did you do last night He Yichang knew very well that the most handsome policeman would not make this call if he had nothing to do, so he stopped joking, got up and opened the window and said, During the Chinese New Year, not only you are busy, but we are as busy as economic investigators, maybe even cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies air travel more do smilz cbd gummies work busy than you.A real estate developer ran away with a broken capital chain, leaving behind four unfinished buildings.More than 400 owners can live well this year, but they can t.It was a good HCMUSSH cbd gummies air travel year for us as well, the policemen koi cbd broad spectrum gummies max relief cbd gummies in the squadron did not rest, and they have been busy until today. You handled the case in Jinronghua Mansion You know There are also residents in our jurisdiction who bought a house in Jinronghua Mansion.I saw it in the group on WeChat a few days ago.I didn t expect that this case was handled by you.

No matter how Huang s father and mother try to stay, they have to leave now.I have even contacted Boss Miao, and I will wait for Boss Miao to drive the van.catch.They finally went to Yanyang, but they only had a meal with them.Han Chaoyang felt very guilty and uncomfortable.Considering that there is nothing wrong at the moment, and there is nothing he can do to help Lao Hu and the others, he simply followed Mom and Dad called and talked with them.Before I knew it, half an hour passed.Not only did Xiao Sun wait for the white BYD, but he even clearly saw Qiao Peiming sitting in the back row of the car, and immediately asked the driver to follow.I don t know if there were fewer vehicles entering the city, or if the traffic police ahead diverted them in time.After following for about ten minutes, Lao Hu and Wu Wei also followed.

Make it clear to the owners that what you charge is the parking management fee, and there is a difference between the parking fee and the parking management fee.Do it.Xu Hongliang took a deep breath and explained Now there are two main problems, one is that some owners do not want to pay the parking management fee, and the other is that the space is too small, the distance between buildings is too close, and the At that time, the problem of parking was not considered.Manager Zhang and Xinyi measured and calculated in the community, and after calculation and calculation, they could only draw 300 parking spaces at most. How many cars are there in the community We have counted, often There are 573 cars that came back.Counting the children who have houses in other places or work in other places, there are more than 800 cars in the whole community.

There are workers around each construction site Vendors in local businesses, and migrant workers working on construction sites have this demand.Han Chaoyang smiled and said This is a good thing, but you have to say hello to Team Tang.Otherwise, Team Tang and the others will come and ban them as soon as they set up the stall.Those who cooperate are fine, and those who don t cooperate will even violently resist the law.At that time, there will be a lot of troubles.I said hello earlier, and Team Tang said that as long as they don t engage in open air barbecues and don t affect the surrounding environment of the construction site, there will be no problem.That s fine, the vendors have business, and the migrant workers What you want to eat and buy can be settled on the side of the construction site.

The thing has already happened, it s useless to be in a hurry, cbd gummies air travel I still say the same thing, you must pay attention to safety on the way back.Yes Liu Chengquan is not only a patrol member, but also an auxiliary policeman of Huayuan Street Police Station, and also a security guard of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.Han Chaoyang took a few deep breaths and then called Xu Hongliang.As soon as the phone was connected, I heard Xu Hongliang say Chaoyang, I know about cbd gummies air travel Chengquan.Junfeng called me just now.I m almost at the Sixth Hospital.Don t worry about the cost.I brought the card.How much will it cost It doesn t matter, as long as it can save people Thank you, please help me say hello to the doctor, and I m counting on you from the hospital.Chengquan is also my brother.Xu Hongliang was equally anxious, holding the steering wheel tightly and said Chaoyang , if you don t call me, I will call you too.

He held a farewell ceremony, and your sub bureau held a memorial service for him, held a farewell ceremony, and the party committee and government of his hometown also held a grand ceremony for him to welcome the hero home.The matter is almost settled, and the next step is criminal and civil lawsuits, to investigate the criminal and civil responsibilities of drunk driving drivers.Knowing that they are hard to accept this cruel fact.Qiu Ming took out his mobile cbd gummies air travel how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep phone and played the farewell ceremony and the video of the farewell ceremony, as well cbd gummies for pain prices as the news pushed by the official Weibo and official WeChat account of the Yandong branch.2.Case 12 is a key drug target case supervised by the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and needs to be kept strictly confidential.As soon as Wu Wei and Xiaokang entered the special case team, they changed their mobile phone numbers.

It stands to reason that we should remember the sacrificed comrades first, and then inspire everyone to turn grief into strength.However, in the past week, almost all of you have been involved in handling Liu Chengquan s funeral, especially Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang, who have been working day and night.Commissar Huang didn t want to rub salt into their wounds, so he said straight to the point when he sat down Comrades, Let s get started.Today s symposium is actually a working meeting of the Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade and the Zhongshan Road Police District.It reviews and summarizes past work and studies and deploys future work.The reason why we called it a symposium when we announced yesterday afternoon is mainly because we In particular, the personnel composition is quite special.

You ve already said you re your own, so don t be so polite. Yeah, with us here, there s no need to rest assured.The female doctor smiled sweetly and walked to Jiang Yan s side Little Jiang is right, let s go, I will take you to familiarize yourself with the environment, cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies air travel and get a white coat by the way.China is really a society of human relationships, and it is completely different between having acquaintances and not acquaintances.Confirming that fellow villagers should not be bullied here as an intern, Han Chaoyang begged again before returning to the police office.As a result, as soon as he entered the door, Liu Hui, who was answering the phone, said eagerly Director Xing, Han Da is back Instructions Chaoyang, the Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station that you found out last night have already reported to them.

Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Floral shorts, how floral are they It s the floral ones.Miao Haizhu scratched her head and couldn t help laughing, I m the only one who wears it like this, it s very dirty, because I was laughed at Graduation.No one is making fun of you.No one is making fun of you.You were still laughing just now.Miao Haizhu pushed Jiang Yan, then turned around and asked, Chaoyang, the leadership team of the sub bureau needs to be adjusted.Do you know the new director Unfamiliar Chapter 718 has been announced Han Chaoyang didn t expect the big sister meeting to suddenly ask this question, to be precise, he didn t expect the big sister s news to be so well informed.The new director, Sister Miao, who is the new director You don t know Miao Haizhu asked in surprise.I don t know.

Why don t you call and ask.Huang Ying couldn t help reminding.It s not good What s wrong, it s not good if you don t ask Thinking about it, I have always valued that your leader is about to be transferred, and you don t know where you will be transferred, but you, a subordinate, don t hear it.Ask what the leader thinks.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, picked up his phone and said, It s too where to buy cbd gummies near me noisy here, I ll go out and make a call.Go Han Chaoyang walked out of the small restaurant, found Zhou Ju s number and hesitated for a while, but still pressed the call key, but the mobile phone of Zhou Bureau is busy.Maybe Zhou Ju had activated the missed call reminder function, Han Chaoyang had just put down his phone and walked back, but Zhou Ju called back.Hello drugs and cbd gummies Zhou Ju, Zhou Ju, I m Han Chaoyang, I didn t disturb your work.

Corpse stink Definitely the stench of corpses Last year, a homicide occurred in Yangguan Village.Han Chaoyang maintained order when the criminal police brigade escorted the suspects to identify the scene.The corpses dug up by the criminal police had cbd gummies air travel this smell.Han Chaoyang was very impressed, and his cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies air travel heart skipped a beat.Said Tie Jun, Master Wang, don t come here.On the left is the toilet of the old fertilizer factory.Although Mei Tiejun smelled the smell, he didn t think about the smell of the corpse, and subconsciously asked cbd gummies air travel Han Da, what s wrong Dead , the body is already corrupted.Han Chaoyang returned to the concrete floor where he could set foot, took out his mobile phone and dialed Director Xing directly.As soon as the new director took office, a dead body was found in the jurisdiction.

Chaoyang, help me talk to Inspector Gu, Mr.Ji and Mr.Wu said, please don t go out for the time being, I will go to your place now, not far away, half an hour at most.Okay, we will wait for you That s right, it will never be possible to ask the leader for instructions and report Incorrect.Liu Jianye came very quickly.As soon as he entered the dormitory, he thanked the three old men.After thanking him, he had to look at the photos taken by old man Ji when he was investigating the scene.Ji Kaiyuan pointed to the photo and introduced You may not be able to see anything from the photo, but if you pay attention at the scene, you will notice that the grass here and here has been pulled, the grass head is broken, and there are even a few The grass was uprooted and thrown into the dry grass on the left.

Does the leader of the task force know If the leader of the task force doesn t know, can you and Sergeant Tang sit here Old Tang suddenly reacted and couldn t help laughing.It turned out to be arranged by Liu.No wonder he called when we came back and told us to report to you as soon as we arrived at the police station.Grandpa Gu didn t want to waste time, coughed dryly, and reminded Chaoyang, let s start, you Let s talk first.Okay.Han Chaoyang knocked on the table and said very seriously Comrades, just as Mr.Ji said just now, this murder case at least the victim s body is in the security patrol of our patrol team.We can t ignore the discovery in the jurisdiction, both public and private.So after the corpse was discovered, Mr.Ji and Mr.Wu went to investigate the scene, found some cbd gummies air travel suspicious points, and did some work around the suspicious points.

If you don t have any training foundation, you want to finish the race within 6 hours It s really going to break your legs. We have a training foundation, and we used to go five kilometers a day in the army.Dai Jisheng couldn t help raising his hand.It s not as simple as you think.Xu Hongliang glared at him, and then said, I called Yanzhong s physical education teacher before I came here, and they said that the marathon didn t start until after 30 kilometers.The cells have been burned out, the electrolytes in the body are disturbed, and the dehydration is severe.The most terrible thing is the legs, which can be cramped and stretched for the first 30 kilometers, but after condor cbd gummies review koi cbd broad spectrum gummies 30 kilometers, they dare not stretch at all.Why Shan Ke asked in a can you fly with thc cbd gummies puzzled manner.Because the front and back are pumped, and the back and front are pumped to the point where you can lie down directly with your legs crossed.

Looking at the mobile phone, he reminded Manager Jiang, you are in charge of dealing with the aftermath, and you are not here to intensify conflicts.Pay attention to the way you work.Xu Jun is still a child.It is useless if you tell him too much.And his father just left, and he is I am heartbroken, what I natures script high potency cbd gummies need to do now is to appease, let people feel that your construction unit not only did not let go, but also has a human touch.Jiang Jianxing was stunned, and hesitated for a long time before saying in a low voice Officer Han, I, Jiang Jianxing, am not a hard hearted person.The main reason is that the child can t make any sense.Do it, first find a place to arrange for him to stay.It s no problem to find a hotel nearby to open a room, the key is that he didn t come alone, seven or eight classmates came.

After all, the power of role models is infinite.From a personal point of view, if you can help this favor, Xiaokang will really thank you for a lifetime.What if I don t agree Du Ju asked with a half smile.So I let Xiaokang go out first.If you firmly disagree, it s okay.I won t tell him, and neither will anyone else.Feng Ju and I know about it., the political commissar, director Wen and Liu Suo may not know.You still think for me Of course, you are my old leader.How can I let Xiaokang know that he can t stay in the branch office because you are stuck. Listen to your tone, am I a bad person Du Bureau was messed up to the point of both irony and laughter.How is it possible Han Chaoyang said with a playful smile Without you, there would be no patrol team, without me, Han Chaoyang, and even today s well off life.

Call up.Coincidentally, their director came to Yanyang to arrest people before, and asked our branch to cooperate, so he was very polite.We are the provincial capital after all, and it is normal for brothers to come to our jurisdiction to handle cases and ask us to cooperate.Han Chaoyang said this, but he was thinking in cbd gummies air travel his heart that a phone call and an investigation letter could do the job, why did he have to make a trip.It HCMUSSH cbd gummies air travel is very troublesome to reimburse the expenses, and it is difficult to come back after traveling so far.Very tired.Wu Wei didn t know what he was thinking, and continued The procedures for checking the call records have been completed, and we will go there as soon as the mobile company starts work tomorrow.There are a few records of ticket purchases for planes, trains and long distance buses, but they are from two months ago, and there are no recent ones.

I just found out A clue, a man surnamed Jiang in his thirties probably knows the whereabouts of Luo Weixing.Before that, he had always claimed to have lent money to Gan Jianren, but the loss was not very big.It seemed that it was only more than a hundred thousand yuan.He said he had reported it to you.case, can you help to find out if there is such a reporter.If it is true, can you provide us with his ID card information Is there anything I can do Xiao Lin will help you to investigate.The two sat in the conversation room and waited for more than ten minutes, and the feedback from the Changshan Branch of the Jiangzhong City Public Security Bureau arrived, and there was no cbd gummies high such person There is no such person in the investigation, and he has not reported the case.This is not a bad thing.Han Chaoyang was happy, raised his head and smiled, Angkor, hurry up and call the old manager.

Fellow, my family is in the same village and the same villager group.I have a criminal record.I was sentenced to three years in prison for intentionally hurting people seven years ago.After I came out, I couldn t find a job.I didn t have any skills.I drove a crane on where can i buy true bliss cbd gummies the construction site, and later bought a car to run Didi.Han Chaoyang looked at Wu Weigang s ID card information obtained by using the police pass, and couldn t help laughing He has a criminal record, so he is the expert behind Luo Weixing Suspected of harboring, it seems that we have to go to a few more people and arrest two.What did Liu Suo say Wu Wei couldn t help asking.Liu Suo agreed.Han Chaoyang put down Wu Wei s police phone, picked up his phone again and called Yu Zhenchuan.Yu Zhenchuan was having dinner with a group of girls, and as soon as he connected, he asked Chaoyang, let s eat first, when will you arrive Are you busy these days If you want cbd gummies air travel to say busy, it s not busy any day, but it s not particularly busy.

To determine the number of people going to the concert before the hour, first, it is convenient to arrange how the big guys will go to the theater at that time, second, if there are not enough tickets, you can find a way, if there are too many tickets, you can give them to Mr.Wang, the director of the factory, and they organize community residents to go.Chapter 816 Special gift 3 There is no meeting or reception today.Liu Qiuping came to the bureau early, intending to review the backlog of documents in the past few days, and then called the traffic police brigade and the heads of nb natures boost cbd gummies the public security brigade to go together Relevant teams inspected the safety inspection before the May Day Labor Day and the security preparations for the May Day holiday.As a result, as soon as they sat down, Political Commissar Huang and Director Wen of the Political Department knocked on the door together.

, then raised his head to wink at the headquarters staff in charge of conference affairs.Xiao Liu came to his senses and hurriedly picked up the water bottle and went to the stage to refill the water for the leaders.When he reached Director Huo, he whispered a few words in his ear.Director Huo nodded slightly, and then changed the subject Comrades, I just received a piece of news that the case of the construction workers of the East Long distance Bus Station project that was notified a while ago was solved The police not only successfully captured the suspect Luo Weixing, successfully recovered the wages of the workers stolen by Luo Weixing, but also captured a criminal suspect who helped Luo Weixing abscond in fear of crime and was suspected of harboring and sheltering As soon as he finished speaking, there was a burst of urgency outside siren sound.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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