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Han Chaoyang was about to go to the kitchen to make dinner, when the master suddenly opened the door and appeared in front of him Chaoyang, Liu Suo and the trainer are looking for you to ask something, they are in the meeting room upstairs.Liu Suo is looking for me Han Zhaoyang was surprised.Stop dawdling, hurry up The master cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga s expression was wrong, and he knew that nothing was good without asking.Han Chaoyang s heart skipped a beat, and he looked back at the crowd, so he had no choice but to bite cbd gummies compared to thc gummies cbd gummies augusta ga the bullet and go cbd gummies augusta ga upstairs with the master.Facts have proved that there is nothing good As soon as he walked into the meeting room, he was confronted with harsh questions.Han Chaoyang would rather go patrolling the streets under the scorching sun than stay in this air conditioned meeting room and face Liu Suo.Wait, I don t think it s okay.Thinking you guys are not afraid, Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, while motioning them to look quickly, he prepared red ink paste.The situation is stronger than the person, if you are not honest, you will go to the police station.The sisters of the Jiang family didn t dare to mess around anymore, they read it carefully, and signed and stamped their fingerprints at the place designated by Han Chaoyang.Director Xie, can we go now Jiang Xiaolan asked cautiously, drying her fingers.Don t ask me, ask Police Officer Han.How could there be such unfilial and unreasonable people in Chaoyang Village Director Xie felt ashamed for them, and his tone was undisguised with a bit of disdain.Officer Han, let s 10ml gummies of cbd let s go first.I want to leave like this after beating someone.How can there be such a good thing in the world Han Chaoyang said coldly while sorting out the transcript materials Next Thursday at 2 o clock in the afternoon, go to the police station to find Officer Yang for processing.The No.6 Hospital of the City is not under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station, but it is only separated by a Zhongshan Road from the Huayuan Street Police Station.The branch command center asked the Huayuan Street Police Station and the Xinyuan Street Police Station to help find it.The child s father was in a hurry, the child s mother almost passed out, and the child s grandmother, who was being treated in the No.6 City Hospital, pulled out the needle of the infusion set and ran down to look for it.It is the job of the Xinyuan Street Police Station cbd gummies augusta ga to check the surveillance and organize the hospital security cbd gummies augusta ga to search for it.Han Chaoyang is in charge of the side of the road, helping to find it all the way, please pay attention to the proprietress of the shop along the street, and send a message to the dance group in the square of 527 Factory.I will apply for it tomorrow, and I will send it to you when it is approved, 200 per person.Only you have it, me, Hong Liang and Lao Xu don t have it.Who would think that the money is too much, let alone the salary of the security guard is not high.Chen Jie smiled sweetly Thank you, Brother Han.You re welcome, it should be.Brother Han, why do we have it, but you and Brother Hongliang don t Xiao Fang couldn t help asking.I m a policeman, and these are my jobs.Although Hongliang and Lao Xu are not policemen, these are their jobs.Although we don t have bonuses, we will add points during the evaluation.We cbd gummies augusta ga will destroy a gang and add up according to the number of suspects., I can add a lot of points this time.Case solving is linked to wages and bonuses There was nothing wrong with him, but Xu Hongliang was still excited, and couldn t help suggesting Chaoyang, have you eaten We haven t eaten until now, and we are almost starving to death.The previous ones must also be made up.Understood, I will make up this one after I get it done.Don t take it seriously.If you find out that you really want to be fined, then you must not intercede with me, because it is useless to ask me.Okay, okay, don t worry, I won t make things difficult for you.Han Chaoyang s assurance to her was deep.I was skeptical, and was about to emphasize it again, when a familiar curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus voice came from behind Miss Boss, have my things been printed, and Xiao Han is there , Han Chaoyang hastily turned to say hello.Director Su dressed very vigorously today, with a white shirt on his upper body, dark blue trousers on his lower body, and short hair.While watching the proprietress help her print documents, he smiled and said, Xiao Han, let s go to Chaoyang Village together later.We call the number on the number plate the fate number , referred to as the number.Every young man and woman Everyone how long for cbd gummies has a number that belongs to you. During the event, we will determine who will participate in various activities by combining our own numbers and randomly drawing numbers.Please put your own number on a more prominent position on your body., remember the serial number of the opposite sex with the best impression, and take the initiative to increase communication.Although I am late, it is not too late, and the activity has just begun.Standing on tiptoe to see, it looks like that, the two hosts, one male and one female, are on stage cadenced where to get cbd gummies for anxiety near me and sensationalized.There were reporters taking pictures, and some reporters were taking pictures.People in the audience also raised their mobile phones to take pictures, but there were too many people, and after searching for a long time, they did not see Guan Xiyuan and Wu Wei.My beard was unshaven, my clothes were wrinkled, and I was too unkempt.At this time, the blind date activities inside reached a climax.The male host said in a melodious manner The next step is to enter the True Confession session.The young people we have just met have already met after the initial communication in front of the stage just now Then, now I will give you a chance to confess, what do you want to say What he said, you must say what you want to say the most now Thunderous applause rang out again, followed by another burst of booing.Han Chaoyang stepped on his heels to see who would confess to whom, when a familiar face appeared in front of him.Chaoyang, why are you standing here Guan Xiyuan, who was about to go to the bathroom to get rid cbd gummies augusta ga of his cigarette addiction, was confused when he saw that Han Chaoyang was wearing a police uniform and a staff member s badge, guarding the door like a guard.There are people on duty in the police station, and people patrolling the village and fields.Han Chaoyang doesn t need to do everything by himself as he did a few days ago.He goes to Yanhe Park to participate in the rehearsal of the chorus of Factory 527.After the show ends at 10 o clock, he goes back to the dormitory to sleep.He never sleeps.So fragrant.Nothing happened overnight, and I went to the institute to attend the regular meeting early the next morning.When Liu was arrested in other provinces, the instructor presided over the meeting, studied the spirit of the central document, conveyed the instructions of the city bureau and branch bureau, and summarized the work of the past week.The summary is based on the performance appraisal situation.If you deduct points, you should criticize them, and if you add curts concentrates cbd gummies points, you should praise them.One was a Santana with a official vehicle logo and the reporting telephone numbers of the Yanyang City Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Yanyang City Supervision Bureau.There were also two reporting telephone numbers, one for daytime and one for nighttime.One was a pickup truck with the words Comprehensive Law Enforcement painted on it and red police lights on the roof.The flag presenting ceremony was held at two o clock.Could it be that the street leaders are here now Han Chaoyang felt a little strange, parked the electric car in the carport, opened the trunk and plugged in the charger, walked into the hall and saw that Director Su was talking to Lao Jin at the door of the meeting room.Xiao Han, isn t it just a cbd gummies augusta ga just cbd night gummies regular meeting How come it s here There s a lot of work in the office, so cbd gummies augusta ga just cbd night gummies it s been open all morning cbd gummies augusta ga without knowing it.Han Chaoyang looked inside and saw that the venue had been set up.The leader s name high strength cbd gummy plate has been placed on the rostrum.Director Su patted his arm and asked with a smile, Is your director coming Oh, I almost forgot to report to you.Our Liu Institute is cbd gummies augusta ga on a business trip, and there are too many things in the office, so the instructor and Xu Institute can t come either., the instructor asked me to apologize to you on his behalf.It s fine if you don t come, anyway, this is the patrol team of our community, not the police station.Director Su walked to the lobby, pointed to the two cars at the door, and was not without excitement Said Xiao Han, I have good news for you.Secretary Yang cbd gummies compared to thc gummies cbd gummies augusta ga and Director Gu have higher expectations of us than before, and their support for us is also greater than before.However, the registration and filing of rental housing requires the payment of taxes.This is changing the law to urge the foreigners living in the village to move.Anyway, they will move sooner or later.Han Chaoyang agreed I want to report to the office first.I will punish so many landlords at once.The office must not be unprepared.You report first, and the community has to make preparations.How about setting the inventory operation tomorrow night Big investigation 2 As soon as the cbd gummies augusta ga founding ceremony of the patrol team curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus was over, Xiao Guo took the bus allotted by the street to the talent market.He called back cbd gummies stack social just now and said that 12 people had signed up.I will be stationed in Factory 527 within a week, and I will HCMUSSH cbd gummies augusta ga take over the street office and the guard rooms of several units in the street.The police just caught a robber, and the news spread very quickly among the villagers who were doomed to have no sleep tonight.The adults in the village, the sleepless children, and some outsiders all ran over to watch the excitement.The crowd was full of people, and the road was completely blocked Yang Tao and the others pushed the door to get out of the car, and were about to give way to the onlookers.The crowd automatically dispersed from the inside and made way out of the car.Two special agents opened the way in front, and two special agents behind them Holding a suspect with his hands handcuffed.The public security is catching criminals.What s there to see Go back and prepare the foreigner registration book, ID card and household registration book, and rental house registration procedures for inspection.But he is the director of the comprehensive management office and the commander in chief of tonight s operation.All the people present were Han Chaoyang, a police officer, and the others were all working in the street.Naturally, they listened to the street officials, even the members of the security patrol team thought so.Belonging.Following his order, patrol members and members of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade boarded the car one after another.Han Chaoyang was in a hurry, and ran to the Jetta car and asked with a bitter face, Director Cai, our trainer will be here soon, isn t it appropriate to just turn the suspect to the branch , don t waste time. But Not so much but, you really don t want to go, just stay here and continue to organize the investigation, we ll turn it over, if anything happens to the suspect on the way, Cai HCMUSSH cbd gummies augusta ga Xinyang will take full responsibility Are you fully responsible Han Chaoyang thought to himself that it doesn t matter if I don t know, but not only do I know, but I also caught the suspect.There are not marajuana cbd gummies many newcomers in the branch this year, and the situation of blue rings cbd gummies this one is quite special.Liu Jianye, the director of the Huayuan Street Police Station, is good at his job, but he also has a lot of problems.He used to look down on lesbians cbd gummies augusta ga when he was the captain of the criminal police squadron.Now he is the director of the police station and he doesn t marth stewart cbd gummies like the new music student in front of him.He has asked the bureau leader more than once to change him It is true that the chief officer at the grassroots level cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga is difficult to do, and his mood is understandable, but how can there be so many police school students, graduates of political and law universities, or political and legal officers who have undergone two years of systematic training In short, Deputy Director Xing was very impressed with the person in front of him, so he walked to the door and asked, Isn t it Han Chaoyang, who studied music and passed the police civil servant exam last year, and cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga was assigned to our branch not long ago Yes Don t be nervous, Sit down and talk about what s going on.Rely on face, rely on talent to make a living, so that you won t look at the face of the leader in the unit, and that salary is not enough.Han Chaoyang cbd gummies compared to thc gummies cbd gummies augusta ga was happy, and couldn t help but tease It s not good to be a female anchor.You must be talented, and you can flirt.If you show it a little more, cbd gummies augusta ga the effect will be better.It s exposed, so professional, obviously I have seen it a lot, I m really sorry for your police uniform.Huang Ying pointed to the police uniform hanging on the wall.Police uniform, laughing wildly.I m Jian Huang, and I m the supervisor.Just pretend you are.By the way, what s the name of the song that was about to die just now It sounds familiar.Another one who didn t know how to appreciate it, Han Chaoyang I got used to it, and explained patiently What is life or death, that is cbd max gummies the melody of the German composer Gluck.I didn t pay attention to details in my work, and I was reported by others with plausibility.Zou Jingnan couldn t help but glared at him, and said coldly Comrade Han Chaoyang, although you are not a party member, you are a civil servant.Since you are a civil servant, you must be supervised.What s wrong with your supervisor Can t the superior ask you for information But, the bad influence on me has already been caused What kind of bad influence, I said I understand the situation.Go back early, don t delay work, it s the first time to touch this car, drive slowly on the road, pay attention cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga to safety Section Chief Zou, you can t do this, and I cbd gummies augusta ga can t just go back like this.It was the first time that Zou Jingnan had encountered such a thing, so he stared at him and asked, Do you want me to give you an explanation It s not that I insist on cbd gummies age an explanation, but that you should give me an explanation.Secretary Guo of the Disciplinary Committee of the Bureau went in person, and just caught one.The discipline inspection committee and the inspector are interrogating the ghost, looking at the case file, and asking the case team.Ghost Lin Zi There are all kinds of big birds, so it s not surprising that one or two black sheep come out.Chaoyang brought the Disciplinary Committee and inspectors to the institute to catch them Director Su asked.It seems to be that the office is very lively at the moment.Director Su reacted, and asked dumbfoundedly Isn t this a big disturbance in the Heavenly Palace How can he hang around in the office after doing this Aren t you going to tolerate and raise traitors Of course the black sheep must be caught.The key point is why should he get involved Even if you know something, report it to your superiors, and then hide as far as you can, why do you have to be in the limelight If I were your leader , I wouldn t like him either.In his words, it is illegal They even ask everyone to sign a non disclosure agreement when organizing a private photo shoot.The agreement stipulates some rights and obligations, roughly eight items, the most important of which is that the pictures taken cannot be made public, cannot be uploaded to the Internet, and cannot be used as For commercial purposes, it can only be used for private art appreciation.Liu Jianye was disappointed to find out such a result after searching all night, and after thinking about it, he turned around and asked, Xiujuan, you are a legal officer, tell me your opinion.Indecent photos, and very indecent indecent photos.Chen Xiujuan was very embarrassed by this, and she pretended to be calm and said At present, the law does not seem to have any prohibitive regulations on body nude photography , and the person being photographed has the right to handle his own portrait rights, and provide his nude portraits to others for shooting.Holding the walkie talkie, Han Chaoyang kept giving orders Chang Changsheng, I, Han Chaoyang, have an urgent mission, please return to the team immediately, please return to the team immediately., the assessment site does not need to patrol anymore, and there is an urgent task, please return to the team immediately.Seeing Lao Jin climbed into the patrol car, Han Chaoyang corrected Manager Jin is going to pick you up, you don t need to go back to the neighborhood committee, you don t need to go back Neighborhood committee.This is a fake emergency response, Xing Hongchang didn t dare to delay for a moment, pointed to the police car that the driver had just driven into the yard from the gate of the police office, and said Xiao Han, soldiers are very fast, call a group to set off A batch, gather at the scene, don t waste time here.Yes Okay, continue to be on duty.Previously This kid was only in cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga the eyes of Bureau Du before, but now it is even more exaggerated.He actually registered with Bureau Zhou.It seems that the branch wants to cbd gummies augusta ga train him to be Grandpa Gu s successor, and to set him up as a model of community police.Liu Jianye saw it in his eyes and felt depressed in his heart.Thinking about the current situation in the station, I think that the Chaoyang Community Police Office is no longer just the Chaoyang Community Police Office super chill cbd gummies near me of the Huayuan Street Police Station from today, but a comprehensive alarm receiving platform under the leadership of both the cbd gummies augusta ga Huayuan Street Police Station and the 110 Command Center of the sub bureau.The results are also the results of the institute, not to mention that Grandpa Gu really can t be offended, he immediately stepped forward and said Zhou Bureau, maybe you don t know that the clue to the huge fake evidence case last time was cbd gummies test positive for weed also Xiao Han who came from outside the jurisdiction of the investigation.Han Chaoyang glanced back at his senior brother, then found another number and dialed it.Chaoyang, what s the matter Director Su, it s going to rain, are you done with it Su Xian who just got into the official car was cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga very depressed, looking at the few villagers who were rushing from the field to the road, Reluctantly said No, I really hope that there will be only wind and no rain, or less rain.If there is a big one next time, the field will be muddy, and the remaining dozen graves will be delayed for a few days.Only then can the relocation be completed.It is best to cut through the mess quickly for the work of relocating the grave, and the longer it is delayed, the more things will happen.Han Chaoyang could understand her feelings, but moving the grave was undoubtedly a trivial matter compared to the coming rainstorm, so he hurriedly reminded Director Su, if the rain is as heavy as last time, the sewers in the Dongming community will not be able to discharge at all.Listen It s not true, seeing is believing, isn t there a photo of this Huang Ying was confused, thinking that this cbd gummies augusta ga kid had something wrong with his mind.The photos don t mean anything.Let me tell you clearly.I opened the manhole cover.There are four in total.That is to say, I caused the traffic jam.If you don t lift the manhole cover, you don t need to guard it there, and you don t need to guide it.Traffic.Huang Ying was confused, and asked You opened it, why did you open the well cover For drainage, the flow is not too slow, and there is silt and garbage in the water.The hole was blocked in a short time, and the water was opened cbd gummies augusta ga and flowed directly into the well, and directly to the Chaoyang River.Drainage Yes.But what does it matter to you The superior asked us to assist the cbd gummies augusta ga public toilet management center Responsible for draining the stagnant water near the public toilets, not allowing the water to flow into a cesspool, and not allowing the toilets to overflow.Eat, eat, stop playing with your phone.Aunt Mi only worried about her daughter, How could it be possible to be angry with her daughter, and she held her chin and muttered You and Baoshan have been married for six years, and both of them are in their thirties, and other people s children can make soy sauce., When do you want it If you have a baby, I can still take care of it for you, so you won t be idle all HCMUSSH cbd gummies augusta ga day.Here it comes again, and this is what I cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga m most afraid of.Li Yun immediately changed the subject, holding up her mobile phone and laughing Mom, do you know this place It seems to be the north gate of Factory 527.There are rumors in the circle of friends that the person guarding the well and directing traffic is Yanyang The most handsome policeman , he has no common sense, you can tell by the police rank that he is not an official, and he can tell that he is a temporary worker.How much honor Lao Gu has brought to the branch over the years, Lao Gu will have to start from scratch as soon as he retires.It is cbd gummies augusta ga just cbd night gummies more difficult to establish a model that everyone recognizes and loves than solving a case.There are too many, since there are such conditions, of course we have to push the boat along.While she was thinking wildly, Bureau Du had already dialed Lao Gu s cell phone.Bureau Du, he is by my side.I know how many calls I have received from 8 30 to now.There are calls from street leaders, work group leaders, and people from 527 Factory, Chaoyang Village and Dongming Community.There are also comrades from our sub bureau who called, yes yes yes, all congratulations, no matter if you want to know.Gu Guoli looked up at the embarrassed apprentice, and couldn t help adding You may not believe me when I tell you, there were several calls just now.Is this the policeman who lent you money to trouble you and almost lost your job It s him.I shouldn t have any opinion on him. He s pretty handsome, my best friend asked with a smirk on the phone screen, Bebe, don t you feel tempted by a hero who saves the beauty It s so hard to find a good man these days.Now he is on fire again.I don t cbd gummies augusta ga know how many girls are chasing after him.They attack first and suffer later.I think you should take the initiative and take him down in one go. What are you talking about words.Just get to know each other, and you ll get the moon first if you re close to the water.Okay, okay, let s not talk about this, let s talk about something serious.Seeing so many girls messages, Zhang Beibei felt a little sour in her heart, afraid that her best friend would see something, so she hurriedly turned away topic.Investigate, at all costs, even dig three feet to find this Find out Qiao Xianhong Report to the Zhou Bureau, we have adjusted our deployment, and we are working on a two pronged approach.Lao Lu is responsible for tracking down the doubts and whereabouts of Qiao Xianhong s debt avoidance, and I am responsible for organizing forces to continue to investigate Qiao Xianhong and Zhang Qiuyan s social relations in our city.Okay, thank you for your hard work, I m waiting for your good news The investigative deployment has been adjusted.The key thing to be investigated has curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus already been investigated, and the two people who need to be investigated, one seems to have evaporated, and the other has died, making it impossible to start., I can t do it even if I have the strength.Xi Hongbo lit a cigarette, stared at the relationship diagram for more than ten minutes, and was about to call Xu Wei, the captain of the Serious Case Squadron, when his cell phone rang.Boss Pang, we are here.We are at the entrance of Chunsheng Store.Where are you I ran to the alley with a serious attitude and saw that there was indeed a police car, and there were indeed two policemen sitting in the car.Hello, is this Police Officer Liang He settled down and stepped forward to knock HCMUSSH cbd gummies augusta ga on the car window.Hello, I m Liang Dongsheng.Officer Liang, this is not a place to talk.There is a restaurant in front of me.I often go to eat.Let s find a box and sit down and talk.Boss Pang, which house do you live in The third house behind, Officer Liang, my place is too messy.It doesn t matter.Okay, please.Liang Dongsheng was worried if he didn t come to see him.The master and apprentice locked the car and followed Pang Zicheng to his rented private house.The records show that he is a driver of a sales and maintenance factory.The working group will definitely know.The more excited the old Dai said, he added The high speed rail station is planned to be bigger than the current railway station.It is divided into South Square and North Square.There are The overpass, there is a tunnel under it, and there is a subway under it.Not only will our long distance passenger station be moved there, but also a bus station will be built.Lao Fang also said the day before yesterday that if the police station does not move here, a police station in front of the station may curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus be set up in the future, otherwise we will not be able to manage it Come.Also an old policeman who is about to retire, Lao Fang s situation is completely different from Grandpa Gu s.Grandpa Gu has worked as a film police officer for most of his life, and has never held a leadership position.Han Zhaoyang opened his eyes, and couldn t help but interjected What black and white accounts Black accounts are users with overdue credit records.An account is a user who has no credit card or other loan records, just fill HCMUSSH cbd gummies augusta ga in the real name mobile phone and ID card, and you can make a payment.You don t understand, and this is cbd gummies augusta ga not something you should care about, why ask these questions, and listen carefully , Just understand and understand, Gu Guoli coughed dryly.Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, took a peek at He Yichang, and dared not interrupt.Chapter 144 Blackness eats blackness He Yichang didn t care about Han Chaoyang s actions at all, and asked abruptly, Where are you on the 17th of this month On the 17th in Qingfeng Mountain.Want to say again I went in the afternoon of the 15th and came back in the evening of the 18th.Being held here as a hostage is really nothing.I don t even have to worry about a few million mortgages.If it s a big deal, I will pay it back slowly in the future Just reminiscing about everything that happened at night and planning a bright future, there was a loud noise at the door, and can cbd gummies help with erectile dysfunction a middle aged man ran into the hall with an old lady on his back, and the women and a girl of eighteen or cbd gummies augusta ga nineteen who came in together shouted doctor.Rescue is important Lu Jiaxi couldn t care less about monitoring the handsome policeman and hurried to push the wheeled hospital bed.Together with cbd gummies augusta ga relatives, she laid the old lady flat on the bed, helped send her to the emergency cbd gummies augusta ga area, and then took relatives to the front desk to complete the formalities.This side was not finished, and the sound of an ambulance came from outside.He was hired by you Yes, you have to be responsible for him and his relatives.Can you hide If you hide for a while, you can hide for a lifetime.You are fellow villagers.If you don t rescue him in time, if he dies on the road, will his family look for him You, will you go to your house to make trouble Yes.Xia Yunkui was not only afraid but also regretful, because as Han Chaoyang said, he couldn t escape such a bad thing.Since you cbd gummies augusta ga know you can t avoid it, you should face cbd sublingual vs gummies it.It s important to save people.Hang up my phone, turn off your phone, and talk about what you avoided.Prepare 30,000 yuan and go to the hospital with me.Mentioning Qian Xia Yunkui s attitude immediately changed, he raised his head abruptly, and said with a sad face Officer Han, this project has just started, I didn t make any money, and I don t have so much money with me.Even Liu s office was interrogating, and he was no exception.Name Shi Renhui.The fat man was not very nervous, but he observed the office environment curiously.This is the third interrogation, and the situation is basically clarified.Han Chaoyang motioned to Li Xiaobin, who escorted him in, to help him uncuff him, and asked while looking at his ID card, Age.20. After asking about basic information such as name, gender, age, education level, home address, ID number, etc., Han Chaoyang raised his head and said, Tell me about the evening.What are you going to do on Shijia Road What s more, I didn t do anything.Shi Renhui didn t think anything would happen, so he was naturally not afraid, and honestly explained Fan Guofei worked in the Wangfu Hotel for half a year, and he said that the first month is a probationary period, and the salary of the probationary period is 2600, starting from the second month.They planned to chat for a while, but when they came back, it was almost one o clock in the morning, and Director Wang was actually sitting in the police room.Bring in a middle aged man you ve never seen before.Han Chaoyang could only let his cbd gummies augusta ga parents take a bath and rest first, and he could only receive the old factory manager first.Chaoyang, let me introduce Pan Guangcai, who used to be an employee of our 527 factory.Later, he stopped working without pay and went to sea to do business.He didn t make any money, so he did business with Qin Wenle from Chaoyang Village, Xu Dong from Yangguan, and a few people from other villages.The military band is dedicated to helping people with their funerals, that is, to help them with funerals when someone dies.There are quite a few people who eat the dead There are fake monks HCMUSSH cbd gummies augusta ga and Taoist priests, and there are also military bands that specialize in funerals.It s not easy to think about it.Han Chaoyang didn t want to talk about Wu Wei anymore, so he put his arms around her waist.Huang Ying trembled all over, she subconsciously wanted to stop drinking cbd gummies break free, but for some reason she couldn t use her strength, so she just let him hug her like a ghost, and walked forward like this.Han Chaoyang throbbed for a while, and couldn t help turning his head to smell the faint fragrance of her hair.Huang Ying s heart was pounding, she took a few deep breaths, and hurriedly found a topic to try to calm herself down, Chaoyang, I only practiced one military song tonight, didn t you say that there is a big skewer, what kind of song is it , when will you practice Those songs must be kept secret.Han Chaoyang wanted to laugh when he mentioned this, and he suppressed a smile and said, We want to win the first place, and others also want to be in the top three.The students were on vacation, and they were about to enter the senior year, but the previous group of parents did not disband.I don t know if the teacher s words are more effective than the leaders words, or the current parents pay more attention to quality education and like to take their children to participate in such activities.Unexpectedly, there are so many people, and the hundreds of plastic chairs prepared are not enough.But this is Huayuan Street Central Primary School, the stage is set on a large playground that can accommodate thousands of people, and there are plenty of stools in the classroom.Director Tu and Director Cai immediately organized the school s teaching staff and people from the comprehensive street law enforcement team to move the stools to the back.Swing, swing to both sides.How is this different from crossing the river and tearing down the bridge Huang Ying, you Don t laugh, you still have to do a deep self criticism, and you also have to admit your mistakes to Secretary Tong The young man is good, and the girl is his subordinate, and the chances of being remembered by the deputy secretary in charge of cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga the party and the masses are rare, so Secretary Yang decided to help them.Pretending to cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga be a very serious look, half joking.How could Han Chaoyang not know the good intentions of the leader, and hurriedly said Secretary Tong, I made a mistake, and I will review it with you.The flower sedan chair was carried by everyone, and Director Gu of the Propaganda Department joked Xiao Han, what s the use of just reviewing, and there is no sincerity in reviewing only.Secretary Tong is a matchmaker for you., I don t feel at ease if you don t stay here.You d better stay here, or I ll take your classmate s resume back. Chapter 225 Worrying about the Future The last time I was scolded by Liu Suo for helping my senior brother save the scene , Accepting PolyU s appointment as a part time lecturer is such a big event that you have to report to the leader, regardless of whether you get PolyU s money or not.Originally, I told Grandpa Gu, but Grandpa Gu told me to come directly to the office.Today s head of the class is Kang, who has just taken office, but what he wants to report is not a case.Han Chaoyang greeted Deputy Director Kang who was on the phone in the corridor, walked straight to the opposite of the community team office, and knocked on the consultant s office.The cbd gummies augusta ga just cbd night gummies door of the deputy director s office.Master , Old Tang, there is still something to do in the institute, why don t I go back first Yu Zhenchuan didn t want to continue to be a police officer like his younger brother, and was not only not depressed but also very happy to be transferred back to the institute, but he was worried that Grandpa Gu would be unhappy, so he had to pretend He looked very reluctant to leave the police room.Go back, don t affect your work.Chaoyang, I m leaving, I ll come back to see you when I have time.I ll see you off.Don t send me off, the car is at the door.If you change people, change people, say Just leave, you are really a solid soldier.Han Chaoyang didn t know that this was a kind of liberation for Yu Zhenchuan, cbd gummies compared to thc gummies cbd gummies augusta ga thinking that Yu Zhenchuan was very reluctant to leave the police office, and he really felt a little uncomfortable.Han Chaoyang did not expect that not only the owners were cbd gummies augusta ga dissatisfied with such an image project, but Director Su was also very unhappy, and his face suddenly changed Zhang Zongjiang, you are too courageous, do you want to go in I remember very clearly, the city The Urban Landscape Lighting Management Implementation Measures has been issued.From January 1 this year, the city will provide 100 subsidies for the electricity charges of urban landscape lighting facilities in urban public places and important buildings on both sides of main and secondary arterial roads.It is distributed once a quarter, and you dare to embezzle this money Director Su, listen to me, there is a document in the city, and now it is a subsidy, but last year and the year before, who counts the electricity bills used last year and the year before What Absurd words, as if you didn t control the owner s collection of the electricity bill last year and the year before.In fact, you don t need to find another property company, the community can apply to register one Director Su made a request just now when he researched one by one.According to what she said, then the property company of Dongming Community will really change from a contract type property company to a salary type property company.It is difficult for residents to do their jobs.With the property management company cbd gummies by steve harvey in place, the neighborhood committee can still supervise, supervise, and coordinate.If the neighborhood committee are cbd gummies illegal in georgia runs the property management company naked, there will be no room for maneuver in the future.Han Chaoyang didn t think it was a good idea to register and set up a property company non thc cbd gummies in the community, and he didn t want Manager Zhang to pick him up, so he couldn t help saying, Manager Zhang, if you earn less, you can earn less.There are no farmers in the forest area, and there are few decent roads.He can t run far with two legs.Just as he was speaking, the car drove away.Han Chaoyang staggered and almost fell because he didn t support him just now.Fortunately, an armed police soldier had quick hands and eyes, otherwise he would have fallen off the car.Instructor Hang didn t bother to tell him to be careful, and continued Although he can t run far, the terrain in the forest area is complicated, full of mountains and monjour cbd gummies mountains, and the vegetation is relatively lush, and there are only so many police forces that can be invested, so the superior decided to do as much as possible.Reduce the scope of the search.We are the vanguard, and our task is very difficult.After arriving at the Niangniang Temple, we divided into three groups and divided into three groups.With funds, an indoor children s playground was built in the No.3 Traffic Police Squadron.If a policeman is injured during law enforcement, he will personally go to condolences as long as he is at home.In the past, the year end awards and award ceremony were usually only attended by the policemen.After he took office, he carried out reforms.Every time he would invite the family members of the policemen who received awards for their meritorious service to participate, and even shook hands one by one It s just that he didn t expect that Longdao County was so far away, and he still adhered to the principle.In any case, this is a good thing, Liu Jianye asked with a smile, Did Secretary Yang approve Huang Ying s leave The car travel expenses are counted as the street or the sub bureau It must be counted as the sub bureau, and the weekly bureau will not save this money.Just as he was speaking, the elevator reached the fourth floor.I don t know if the room is soundproof or not.It s hard to say in cbd gummies augusta ga the corridor.I walked into a room around the corner and closed the door behind me.Huang Ying couldn t help but crawled into his arms, stroking the scars on his face and neck, pear blossoms Asked rainingly You scared me to death, do you know that arresting a fugitive or a fugitive with a gun, who do you think you are, and you think you are invulnerable Isn t it all right Han Chaoyang couldn t control it anymore He hugged her fiery delicate body tightly, bowed his head and kissed her One million words are omitted here Early the next morning, Jian Yunping knocked on the door one by one, and even reminded everyone to deal with the three elders , Get dressed.I have to attend the ceremony at 9 o clock.She and Ke Jing don t need to be so serious.From the beginning of the ceremony to the present, I don t know how many photos I took, I cbd gummies legal in california don t know how many short videos I took, and I sent them after I took them, and then I took them again, and I had to reply to my parents frequently He was very busy with the information about Han s father and Han s mother, and he was very busy.Just as she was about to send the photos she had just taken to Teacher Ma in her hometown in Linshan Town, two police cars slowly small batch cbd gummies drove into the compound of the Public Security Bureau.She didn t notice it, but the policeman standing in the last row noticed it, and was taken aback immediately, because these two police cars were not from the Public Security Bureau, nor from the Armed Police Detachment or Squadron, but from the Procuratorate.4 Criminal Police Squadron of the Yanzhong Sub bureau.I don t care about this matter, but I can help you intercede with the police who handle the case.The police also have to report to the squadron leader.But you parents can have this Attitude, I believe the squadron leaders will consider it as appropriate.Thank you Officer Gu, thank you Officer Gu.Don t be in a hurry to thank me.Grandpa Gu shifted cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga his eyes to Vice Minister Jiang who had been gloomy all the time, and said meaningfully Your son s crime is not a trivial matter.According to the law, he will be sentenced to three years.If you parents can have this attitude, now it depends on your son s attitude of pleading guilty.If the attitude of pleading guilty is good, the criminal police team will have room for accommodation.As for whether you can continue to study and complete your studies, it depends on the school s opinion.I called Xiaobin just now, and the beating was so severe that two of them were sent to the hospital.If Sergeant Gu hadn t brought Junfeng and the others to the scene in time, it wouldn t have been their family and a few workers who did it.It might be a cbd gummies augusta ga gang fight, and it might studies cbd gummies turn into a gang fight.How much are the doors and windows worth, and it s not like they don t cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga have money Chaoyang, do you know who did it Huang Ying stood up abruptly and asked.Who Jiang Erhu.It s not surprising.Thinking of that guy s messy appearance, Han Chaoyang sneered, If you hit someone, he broke the law if you were beaten, he deserves it The villain deserves it Bad news, Zhang Beibei is probably just having fun.I didn t have fun, but I cbd gummies compared to thc gummies cbd gummies augusta ga thought he was too greedy, Han Chaoyang looked back at the bustling crowd, and sighed softly, Today is really evil, why are there so many things going on Fortunately, there were always accidents on the day before you came back.Parents of students who lay on the floor in the gymnasium keep their valuables safe.Although her mind was all on the murder case that her younger brother was participating in the investigation , she walked out of the gymnasium and said in a serious manner This is not a long winded, this work is really necessary.With so many people rushing in at once, who can do it I don t know anyone, and there is no place to store personal belongings, and some parents come to Yanyang for the first time and want to go out at night, people come and go, and they accidentally throw things away. Officer Miao, I understand, safety precautions It s more important than anything else.Huang Ying could feel that she was disappointed because she didn t have the cbd gummies compared to thc gummies cbd gummies augusta ga opportunity to be on the special case, and she sighed and comforted her I think it s good to have safety precautions.Sieve the sand, sieve a pile of sand like a pyramid, I don t know if the sifting will be completed in the year of the monkey, do you think you can do meritorious service by doing this If the murder weapon happens to have the murderer s fingerprints on it, you Boy, you can t do anything if you don t want to do meritorious service. The key victim was strangled or strangled to death.If he was strangled to death with a rope, could there be fingerprints of the murderer on the rope If the murderer strangled to death with both hands, then the fingerprints You don t even need to think about it.Just came back from the second class meritorious service, and now it s on the table It s just sifting sand, even if he can HCMUSSH cbd gummies augusta ga sift out key evidence, he still shouldn t expect to be rewarded for his meritorious service.The netizen of the group owner is called Sange, and he follows the rhythm as soon as he comes out.Resolutely don t pay back , Just don t pay back The group members were mobilized in this way, each of them was in high spirits, and some said, I just won t pay back.Some people repeatedly brushed I will die to the end, and online loans are all You want to call me Sound Dad.They all expressed their opinions, beat chicken blood, shouted slogans, and organized resistance.In short, cbd gummies augusta ga their logic is if they cry, make trouble, cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga and hang themselves, someone will sympathize with them.Han Chaoyang reacted with an incredulous expression on his face Question So this bad debts group is the spiritual pillar for her to persevere It can be said that she has been working in a small restaurant in the city for the past two months during the summer vacation, and logs into the QQ Shui group whenever she has time.Xu Hongliang dropped the shovel and rushed in the moment the door was kicked open.Pei Qimin Han Chaoyang yelled, followed closely, and together with Xu Hongliang dragged the man who was sleeping on the single bed out of bed, each of them grabbed his arm, and pressed him firmly against the wall.Ah Ah, what Han Chaoyang took out the handcuffs, first handcuffed him behind his back, then grabbed his hair, turned him around, stared into his eyes and asked, What s your last name, what s your name Pei Qimin.Do you know why we arrested you Pei Qimin really thought he was dreaming just now, but found that his arms were twisted so painfully, and his wrists were tightly handcuffed.Facing Han Chaoyang s murderous eyes, he said incoherently, I don t know, Uncle Policeman, what are you doing I didn t do anything bad.Report Please come in.Deputy Captain Gong glanced back, and then made a phone call Report to Luo Zhi, the suspect vehicles have a total of 17 violations that have not been dealt with this year, including 6 violations of parking.From this city and other cities And the electronic police in other provinces captured 11 violations such as not following the traffic markings and speeding, etc.From the photos, the people driving the best cbd gummies for adhd suspect vehicles kept changing, and only two violations were driven by the same person.A criminal policeman was in For the record, Vice Captain Gong drove on hands free.Han Chaoyang could clearly hear Deputy Captain Luo curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus saying on the phone Even if a car worth millions is not worthy of a full time driver, it is unlikely that someone else will drive it casually.Tengda and I also find it strange.Yang Jiandong didn t dare to take chances, he answered every question, and even confessed that there was a ledger in the car parked in the basement that recorded the lottery when gathering people for gambling and sharing the spoils with Tan Haitao and others after the gambling.Han Chaoyang and criminal police officer Xiao Qin went to the underground parking lot to find the ledger, and just took the elevator back to the 6th floor, Teng Da took Lao Wu and other 9.18 case police arrived.Director Feng greeted Teng University and asked Teng University and other members of the special case team to verify Yang Jiandong s identity first.account book.The living room is not a place to talk, so Teng Jiming grownmd male enhancement cbd gummies suggested Ju Feng, let s go out and smoke a cigarette.Okay, there are still some things that need to be communicated, let curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus s go out and talk.It s not an outsider, don t be so polite.Haizhu often mentions you and says that she often plays and eats with you.To be honest, she works in Yanyang alone.Even if she is a police officer, I don t feel at ease.I have you and Chaoyang by my side.I feel more at ease, at cbd gummies augusta ga least there is someone bolt cbd gummies 300 mg 15 count who can talk to each other, and we can take care of each other.Director Qi put down his mobile phone, turned around and smiled and said, The public security in the world is one family, and Chaoyang is a public security police.Lao Han, Lao Miao, and Mr.Ma, you guys They are relatives of the police, and Xiao Huang is the wife of the police, so there are no outsiders today, and tonight is really a family feast Yes, yes, a family feast Boss Miao sells aquatic products, and the dishes are very rich, and the main Mainly seafood.That was definitely the place Han Chaoyang didn t want to go, to be exact, he didn t dare to go.He cursed a bastard secretly, and asked, What s the situation in the restaurant now There are chefs and suppliers similar to mine.For fear that Han Chaoyang would not know much about the catering industry, Boss Wu, who sells meat, added There are those who deliver wine, those who deliver grain and oil, those who deliver seafood and aquatic products, and those who deliver food., and people from the decoration company, he didn t give all the money for the hotel s decoration. Uncle policeman, someone wanted to move something, so he called the moving company and ordered two cars, but the landlord stopped him at the beginning of the move.Boss I owe rent, and the landlord said that I can t get anything from the store.There were only two electric patrol cars at the door, one of which was borrowed from the Management Security Office a few days ago.The suspect s Passat was not there, so it should be parked in the backyard.Han Chaoyang locked his car and walked into the police office.Unexpectedly, Zhang Zhishu and Director Xie were also there, and stood up as soon as he saw him.Secretary Zhang, Director Xie, why haven t you returned so late Then open the HCMUSSH cbd gummies augusta ga alarm station cover.It s important to do business, Han Chaoyang didn t show any politeness, and walked through the case handling area into the inner room of the police office.This was originally the dormitory for Lao Tang and Lao Ding when they were on duty.After Grandpa Gu retired, they moved their beds to the community police office on the first floor of the neighborhood committee.After opening the anti theft door and the lights in the house, there was indeed a set of broadcasting equipment, which was exactly the same as the one seized in Washington DC this afternoon When Xu Hongliang was in the police academy, he studied investigation and was responsible for taking pictures and collecting evidence.Miao Haizhu held up the video camera to record the video.The comrades of the Bureau of Wireless Management confirmed the wireless frequency illegally occupied by this equipment, and demodulated the sound signal with special equipment.After the two families obtained the certificates together, they organized the team members to disassemble the broadcasting equipment, and transported all of them to the car parked downstairs before going to the third den.It took more than an hour for one den, and the four dens ran down and added the time on the road, and the team didn t close until after 3 o clock in the morning.She looked back again, held up her mobile phone and said, Please do me a favor, help me find out about the houses that were sealed up by the court this morning How big is the building area.It is sealed and cannot be entered inside, but the old man in the factory is very familiar with the cbd gummies augusta ga inside, please help me find out what kind of layout it is inside, and it is best to draw a picture.Yes, yes It s the canteen, movie theater, kindergarten, warehouse and the old houses of the labor service company, okay, I ll wait for your news.Huang Ying was confused and asked subconsciously Mr.Zhang, what are you looking for Ask Xiaogu to help me find out about the old houses that were just sealed up in Factory 527.What s the purpose of asking about this Xie Lingling was curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus also confused.Please, our place is just a stopgap measure.After participating in the training of the party school, he will go to the Police Officer Training Center of the Municipal Bureau to participate in the training.One lasts for four days and the other lasts for three days.There is an interval between the two trainings.If weekends are counted, they will not be able to travel far for at least two weeks.And two weeks later, it will be 2016.It is the busiest time for grassroots policemen to ensure the safety of the New Year s Day holiday and prepare for the Spring Festival.The annual New Year s Eve is the busiest time for grassroots police.Don t say that Han Chaoyang can t go to Dongguang, he is probably full of ambitions Like the eldest sister, Kang Suo, who was about to strike upwards , couldn t get away.Han Chaoyang was having fun while Grandpa Gu came to work on his electric bike.I was a fake policeman for a year, and now I m going to become a real policeman Zhang Beibei couldn t help laughing.I used to be a real policeman, but it s just on probationary period.While chatting, the mobile phone plugged in to charge rang.Zhang Beibei glanced back, picked up the phone and put it in Huang Ying s hand Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao s call is coming, your husband is looking for you, answer it.What are you calling now, Huang Ying muttered In a word, slide open the call button on the screen, raise the phone and ask What s the matter Xie Lingling and Zhang Beibei were thinking to themselves, isn t it the title award As for being so excited, Han Chaoyang asked excitedly on the phone Do you know what title I was awarded Huang Ying also felt that he looked like a young man The child smiled and said, Superintendent 3, is there a need to ask Han Chaoyang walked to the police car, raised cbd gummies augusta ga his hands to his colleagues who had just walked out of the auditorium of the cbd gummies augusta ga Police Officer Training Center of the Municipal Bureau, and said with a grin Not the third level superintendent, but the second level superintendent, who is directly awarded the second level superintendent The exception is specially approved by the Political Department of the Ministry of Public Security, and it is not one or two points What about the second level superintendent It s an extra few dozen yuan in allowances.Of course, being rich is a good thing, but it is not necessarily a good thing for some villagers.The criminals in the society are fooled and deceived.I believe that as long as the work is done well, the villagers will invest their money in the investment company in the community.After all, cbd gummies augusta ga the two entities in the community are doing well, and the security company is getting bigger and bigger.It has already started to make a profit.The youth hostel is also well run, and it will be able to recover its cost by March next year at the latest, and it will start to make a profit like a security company.Trapping money The old Chaoyang villagers money is used to invest in the development of commercial complexes Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, thinking to himself that this idea was not a bit bold, but simply bold.The two fugitive main criminals finally showed up.The Fujiang Public Security Bureau will definitely attention.This way doesn t work.It seems that I can only use my master s method.Your master, Chaoyang, do you mean Sheriff Gu Well, he just asked me if I have made any progress.His master did the same Wang Jianping, the master of cbd gummies augusta ga the stone bureau, was stunned, and hurriedly asked What did your master say Han Chaoyang introduced Grandpa Gu s proposal, and then gritted his teeth and said, The relationship between Wan Xiaoxia and Sister Wei is definitely not good.Generally speaking, from the information provided by Ling Bin, it seems that Sister Wei probably lives in Yanyang, that is to say, Wan Xiaoxia is probably hiding in Yanyang, and wants her to know that Ling Bin is here with Xinxin, so don t be afraid of making a big noise Posting on the cbd gummies augusta ga Internet, going to the newspaper to publish missing person notices, going to TV stations to participate in programs, cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies augusta ga posting missing person notices to WeChat Moments, in short, as long as we can think of it, we will do it all Your master is right, just do it Waiting like this is not an option, we can try Wang Jianping nodded, took out his mobile phone and asked the detachment leader far away in Fujiang for instructions in front of Han Chaoyang.The young proprietress smiled sweetly Yes, I ll make it full for you.Grandpa Gu has wrinkles on his forehead and age spots on his cheeks.He is thin and dark.He looks ten years older than his actual age.I can t figure it out.He really thought that he was seventy and eighty, and with that dusty padded jacket, he didn t look like a policeman at all.Sister Wei glanced back, without even the slightest suspicion, and held up the phone with both hands as before.Xiaoyang, have you got off the expressway Okay, there are a lot of cars on the road, don t worry, drive slowly.I bought some Yingying s favorite food in the shop next to the south gate of the community.Let s do it.I ll wait here.Aunt Xu, see you, see you, I haven t seen you for more than ten years, if you don t have a phone, you won t recognize her when you walk.Wan Xiaoxia had quarreled with him many times, and in the end he not only didn t care but beat Wan Xiaoxia.Wan Xiaoxia was disheartened Feeling cold, she started to play tricks on drug funds, she later bought a house and left Ling Bin money all stolen from Zhang Boyu.So that s how it is.Let s not talk about that, let s eat first, Wang Jianping took out his phone and looked at it.Checking the time, he asked with a smile, Which restaurant are we going to Han Chaoyang was so confused, he looked back at the property office and said, Captain Wang, the suspect is still here.It s important to do business.There will be opportunities after dinner, so there s no need to hurry.Tonight.It doesn t matter, Wang Jianye looked to the northwest, and said nonchalantly, Lao Song and Xiao Qiu will be here soon, bring Wei Dongmei here, you arrange two or three comrades to assist them in custody, and we will eat ours , we will change them after we finish eating.Fortunately, you were careful and stopped the taxi in time.It may not be possible to catch it.Han Chaoyang watched Miao Haizhu and the three escort Hu Qinglin out of the room, handed over his mobile phone and smiled wryly Suo Kang, the person surnamed Lu seems to be the eyes and ears of the police from the Nanxi Police Station of the Chengxi Branch.He is a colleague of the Chengxi Branch eyes and ears Kang Haigen was cbd gummies augusta ga just cbd night gummies very surprised.That s what he said.It s also in the WeChat chat records.It shouldn t be fake.Even eyes and ears can t break the law and commit crimes.If you provide clues, you should be rewarded, but if you break the will cbd gummies help with arthritis law, you should be arrested.Let s get them out.Let s go together.Send it to the case handling center, and if someone asks questions from the Chengxi Branch, let them come to me. On site recording Doesn t count Aunt Lu, it s not that it s not counted, but the best effect. Xiao Han, don t get me wrong, I m not afraid of trouble, I just don t understand. It s okay, that s basically it, please Let s hurry curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus up and rest, in half an hour we will arrive at the airport and start the performance.Vice Jiang opened his eyes, leaned into Han Chaoyang s ear and smiled, HCMUSSH cbd gummies augusta ga I didn t expect a flash mob cbd gummies augusta ga to be so particular Minister Jiang, in fact, it s okay to shoot on site and upload directly, but you know the environment of the airport.It s not a professional stage, and it s noisy, so the effect will definitely not be good.Lingling and I are thinking whether to do it or to do it.The effect.Well, since we do it, we must do it well, and it s best to make it a blockbuster.It s up to people to make things happen, and whether it can be detonated on the Internet really depends on luck.Section Chief Xiao did not want to waste too much time for Han Chaoyang, so he said without losing the opportunity Chaoyang, our hospital Similar to PolyU, the leaders of the hospital agreed, and the salaries of Laoqian and Xiaoxiang were paid normally.As for the matter after three months, we will study after three months.The leaders of the hospital still attach great importance to safety and security work, especially the police department Since its establishment, the security of the hospital has obviously improved, and it will definitely help solve a little bit, it s just a matter of more or less.Thank you, Section Chief Xiao.Seriously, if it weren t for curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus your support, I would be really useless as a team leader.Group defense and group governance should be actively involved.I m leaving too, you guys talk.Fearing that Han Chaoyang would think these people were irresponsible, Chen Jie interjected as if offering a treasure The two of them will bring him back regardless of what happens.What if something happens to us, I will ask Wang from the emergency center cbd gummies compared to thc gummies cbd gummies augusta ga The doctor came to see him, and Dr.Wang said that he was drinking too much, so it s fine when he wakes up, and it s nothing serious.It s fine.Han Chaoyang smiled, lifted the cover of the police station and walked into the case handling area, looking through The phone recorder urged Angkor, Sister Miao is on duty tonight, leave this place to Sister Miao, you go to rest early.Chen Jie, Xiaobin, you go back early too.It s okay, let s wait.Chen Jie looked at Miao Haizhu, then at Wu Wei, suppressed a smile and said, Kor Ang just ordered takeaway, we have to eat supper before leaving.Yu Zhenchuan looked down at the law enforcement recorder, and said sharply What do you want to do Do you want to rob people The police are performing official duties, and they all get out of the way.If anyone obstructs law enforcement, I will arrest them according to law There were dozens of handymen, Wu Wei realized the seriousness of the problem, pulled out the walkie curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus talkie from Jiang Xiaoquan s waist, raised his mouth and shouted Chaoyang Chaoyang, I Wu Wei, the suspect has been arrested and stopped by the hotel chef Can t get out, hurry up and bring someone up, we re in the kitchen on the second floor. Got it, we ll be there right away For Gui Proud , the more chaos the better, he actually shouted with aggrieved expression Chef Xiao, I was wronged, I did nothing, you don t know what kind of person I am Shut up, who told you to talk, be honest Wait.Yu Zhenchuan looked at Han Chaoyang and others who rushed in, picked up his phone again, clicked on WeChat, and found the arrest warrant Take a screenshot, hold it in front of a group of chefs and say Look clearly, this is a wanted warrant issued by the Xichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau.His surname is not Gui, nor is he called Gui Pride, but Xie Liangju, a wanted criminal suspected of robbery and murder Tong Han Chaoyang also ran into the kitchen with a middle aged man in a suit and leather shoes.Although he didn t know what happened before, he could hear Yu Zhenchuan s words clearly.Xie Liangju, who was already frightened, suddenly realized that there was a murderer hiding in the hotel, and hurriedly said Sorry, sorry, I m late.I didn t expect him to be a murderer.He really knows people and faces but doesn t know his heart.Welcome, welcome, Kang Haigen saluted, and while beckoning him to put his luggage in the duty room, he said with a cbd gummies joy organics curts concentrates cbd gummies smile, Coincidentally, your name is Sun Guokang, and my surname is Kang, and my name is Kang Haigen.They all carry the word Kang Passing the bulletin board of the leader and the police in the office, Sun Guokang realized that the person in front of him was the leader, and quickly said Good morning, Kang.What s the matter, I m on duty today.It s so early, I definitely didn t have time to eat. Thank you Kang Suo, I ate it on the way. Really Really ate. Eat and then eat, in our line of work, there s nothing to eat cbd gummies augusta ga Son, I don t know when I can have lunch when I get busy.Kang Haigen concluded that he hadn t eaten breakfast, so he took him to the kitchen and introduced as he walked Today there is a meeting on the street, and there is also a meeting in the bureau.After more than ten minutes, Angkor took them to adjust the monitoring, pinched the watch to calculate the time, and waited for less than four minutes, and they said that four minutes would not work.If it was not for four minutes, people would definitely be rescued.You think that the responsibility of the hospital is medical disputes, so follow the procedures for handling medical disputes, let the old lady s body be sent to the morgue first, and then contact the funeral parlor to come over tomorrow, and then do whatever you want.This involves costs, The mortuary fee is very expensive, and there will be an autopsy and appraisal in the future, if it is not the responsibility of the hospital, all these expenses will be borne by them It turned out that they were scared away Han Zhaoyang thought about it and asked again How old is the old lady Eighty seven.The court will not throw a stone at its own feet.It is unlikely that the sentence will be suspended.Anyway, after the sentence is over, they will have nothing to do.The public security department is like four legs of a table.The public security is responsible for the investigation, the procuratorate prosecutes, the court hears the judgment, and the Prison Management Bureau under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice and the prisons under the Prison Management Bureau are responsible for execution.According to the procedure, after the verdict is handed down, the Provincial Supervision Team will coordinate with the Provincial Prison Administration to decide which prison in the province to send the prisoner to serve his sentence.In the end, the prisoner will be allowed to serve his sentence in the detention center, and he will be transferred to the sub bureau after a big circle.Command center, this is Han Chaoyang, the alarm platform on Zhongshan Road, please instruct me.Han Dazai, you are right there.CK called the police at No.107 Hebin West Road.It is a smoking hotel.I will send you the location and the owner s phone number.In the past.No need to send the location, I know that smoking hotel.CK alarm is a 110 networked alarm system promoted by the branch office, which is composed of infrared double detection probes, anti robbery buttons, control keyboards, networked hosts and other equipment.Alarm probes are installed in key and vital parts, such as corporate financial rooms, school multimedia classrooms, shops and other places.Anti robbery buttons are generally installed cbd gummies augusta ga in places where robbery is likely to occur, such as bank counters with cash and gold stores with valuables.Four of the people riding electric cars are the owners of the family home, and the other two are supposed to be visiting relatives , Xiao Wu is going door to door to find out whose relatives are.Anything else The three pedestrians who went out and the two unidentified electric bike riders should not be thieves from the smoking hotel.It didn t mention it, and there was nothing hanging on the car, and two of them were women.Okay, you are responsible for guarding the three doors, and let Xiao Wu stop asking.Immediately organize other people to conduct a sweeping search.Be serious.Be careful not to miss any blind spots Understood Chaoyang, are you not going Zhang Jinhai asked puzzled.Han Chaoyang pointed to the back window of the tobacco shop at the entrance of the cave, and said helplessly, I want to go, the key is not to leave people here, if the thief catches it, the stolen goods are also seized, but the result is not the best kid cbd gummies same as what was lost in the store., let s think of a way first.Zhou Ju also realized that something had happened, and it was useless to be anxious, so he took a few deep breaths and asked with a gloomy face while holding the phone tightly, The other party takes it seriously Take a gun to Yes, a total of six policemen and auxiliary policemen have gone, can they not take it seriously That bastard with a drug record is really suspicious Commissar Huang glanced at Liu Jianye, then looked back at Han Chaoyang, who nodded slightly when he saw Han Chaoyang , hesitated for a moment and whispered Very suspicious.Since that bastard is very suspicious, let s treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor.Zhou Ju weighed it, and said in a deep thought Since it is considered a major case, it attaches great importance to this case.We must treat it as a major case, and we must also treat it as a major case.It s okay, don t worry if I drive.Dad Huang held the steering wheel, happily recalling the past It s not like you haven t seen the photos of me when I was a soldier.In the recruit company, I was assigned to the car teaching team to learn to drive.After I learned how to drive, I went to the car company.After driving in cbd gummies augusta ga 50 mg cbd gummy bears the car company for a year, I was liberated, and then transferred to the small car class in the regiment.I drove the car for two years for the regimental leader and political commissar.Then he went to military school, where he majored in transportation, and when he came back, he was assigned to be a platoon leader in an automobile company This is not bragging, he is a real old driver I drove when I was in the army, and I still drive when I return to the old army after graduating from the military school.Listened carefully and focused, and was really infected.Han Chaoyang obviously strayed from the topic, and the deeds report was completely off the point.I started to briefly introduce the situation of my participation in the work, mainly the situation of the Huayuan Street Police Station and the Zhongshan Road Police District.I was most interested in the big guys who participated in the big manhunt and captured fugitives with guns during exchanges in the Northwest.Instead, they talked about how difficult it was to travel in the Northwest.But in the eyes of deputy county magistrate Wang, political commissar Yang and other leaders, this was a surprise.They nodded frequently and picked up pens to record from time to time.Opening cbd gummies augusta ga up the chatterbox, Han Chaoyang became more and more fluent in his speech. Not only to help buy things, but also promised to allocate a sum of funds for activities.Unexpected and reasonable, Han Chaoyang and others had just finished thanking, Du Ju, who had been silent all the time, took over the conversation and arranged the next work.Comrades, Comrade Liu Chengquan s funeral is basically done, and only the criminal and civil lawsuits are left.Considering that the cbd oil gummies dosage for pain police district and even the patrol team will have a lot of work pressure, the bureau decided to arrange special personnel to cbd gummies joy organics curts concentrates cbd gummies discuss with Comrade Liu Chengquan.I won t let you be distracted.Bureau Du paused, then continued From the point of view of personnel, the work of the police district is mainly community work because Comrade Wu Wei was transferred to 2.The 12 task force has been affected to a certain extent, but fortunately, the peak season of returning to the city during the Spring Festival is coming to an end, and Comrade Lao Ding can withdraw from the police office of the East Bus Station and continue to serve as a community policeman in Chaoyang Community and Yangguan Village Six hundred and eighty ninth After cbd gummies joy organics curts concentrates cbd gummies Zhang left, the back door would be opened, and the bureau arranged for a special person to drive over the newly repaired police car, and Liu Jianye also picked up Sun Guokang, who had packed his luggage cbd gummies augusta ga early.Han Chaoyang was very upset.He felt that there was something wrong with the arrangement of the new bureau chief.He was trying to find a lighter topic when Lao Ding s gossip happened again.Drug Environmental Brigade There is such a thing, in fact, this is not news, the Municipal Bureau proposed it cbd gummies augusta ga last year, and is planning to build a Food and Drug Administration Branch, and once the Food and Drug Administration Branch is listed, several sub bureaus will set up a Food and Drug Environmental Brigade.Why, Do you have any ideas Fan Ju, don t laugh at me.I have no education and I am not young.What ideas can I have You have worked at the grassroots level for so many years without credit or hard work.It s okay to have ideas.Fan Ju, I really have no idea.Don t emphasize it, I believe it.Fan Ju smiled, couldn t help turning around and asked Chaoyang, what about you, you are young and educated, cbd gummies augusta ga do you have any ideas Combating food and drug crimes is very professional, and I am a graduate of the music school.It is necessary to invite unit leaders, colleagues, and universities in advance.Classmates, we have to arrange the work of the police district again, because there are two major events coming up.Fortunately, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan and Xiaokang came back the afternoon before yesterday, and the bureau granted them a week s leave.Miao Haizhu and Miao Haizhu are going to pay homage to Liu Chengquan tomorrow morning, and they immediately decided to go together, so they are helping out in the police office today.There are many people going tomorrow, and the police office cannot be closed because of this.Han Chaoyang finished calling the command center phone, and then called Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station separately to coordinate the personnel who will come to take over tomorrow, and then called the old leader who has been promoted to be the deputy curts concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies and tinnitus county magistrate of Fengyong County People s Government and concurrently the director of the Public Security Bureau The 12th task force did not wear police uniforms, but tomorrow they are going to pay homage to their good brother Liu Chengquan.Well, we are going to do it once in Yanyang, and we are going to do it again when we return to our hometown in Jiang Province.Seeing that the two of them were happily chatting, Zhang Beibei was too embarrassed to speak up.Zhang Ma honestly didn t talk much, so Grandpa Gu just smiled on behalf of them Section Chief Huang, Lao Xu, you all know the situation of Zhenchuan and Beibei., There are relatively few relatives and friends here in Yanyang, and four or five tables are enough.So the three of us book a total of forty five tables, otherwise, we will go to Shuxiangyuan after dinner and find a hotel The manager has confirmed this matter.Huang s father turned to look at Huang s mother, and added Since the standards for serving meals together are the same, firstly, the chef will be ready to cook, and secondly, it doesn t matter if the guests sit in the wrong seat.She was preparing to wash in the dormitory.Wu Wei in the clothes immediately regained his spirits.Han Chaoyang looked back at Huang Ying and the others, walked into best pain cbd gummies the conversation room again, and said, That s Boss Xu, whose surname Jiang wanted to find him to work on the Leken project, and claimed to know Luo Weixing.From the tone of his voice, he could tell The relationship with Luo Weixing is not ordinary.But since he is engaged in engineering, we have visited and asked so many people in the river, it is impossible not to know his existence.It s a bit strange, otherwise, let s call and ask.Maybe they know but we didn t think about it when we asked.It s not realistic to go to Leken just based cbd store near me gummies on an ambiguous clue.Call the person inquired.Still following the order on the list, Mr.Jing was the first to contact.The man and the woman have a good relationship, and they don t care about spending money.Grandpa Gu is very relieved, and 500 cbd gummies he simply talked about the business Mr.Ma, Gao Accountant, since the number of people has changed, we will go to Shuxiang Garden to tell them later.One sound.Lingling s hometown also wants to come, and Beibei s hometown also wants to come to some elders.There are only so many rooms in Shuxiang Garden.You must make an agreement with them to keep as many rooms as you can.One day reservation.This is a big deal, we will go to Shuxiangyuan after counting the number of people, Huang Ma thought about it and added We also have to keep a few standard rooms here, and when guests arrive, we will make arrangements for Shuxiangyuan first.If the Scholars Garden can t be arranged, we can arrange it here.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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