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Go to the branch office to sing, what are you kidding The performance appraisal is like a magic spell.The hard indicators of the combat tasks are so overwhelming that the grassroots teams can t breathe.They are too busy to work overtime every day.Who dares to go to the branch office to sing.If anyone really dares to go, terra xtract cbd gummies his direct leadership will probably be exhausted, and his own life will not be easy.Han Chaoyang finished reading nervously, and said cautiously Liu Suo, listen HCMUSSH cbd gummies online texas to my explanation, I I didn t do private work, I just saved a scene for my friends, and it was off duty, and I didn t wear a police uniform, so they didn t know I was a policeman.Saving the scene, I still quibble for this sake, tell me honestly, did you take money from others Yes, it was collected for my classmates, I didn t take a cent.It seemed that not only did he want to catch it with his own hands, but he also planned to bring the snake back.This is the best way, Han Chaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, slammed down the anti theft door, locked the police room door, stepped on the police electric car, turned the accelerator to the maximum, and rushed to Dongming New Village in a hurry.Old Xu is also an electric car, but it is his own, not a pedal type, but the kind that can be pedaled when the battery is out.It seems that the battery should not be big, but it runs faster than Han Chaoyang s police car.Chaoyang, how s it going I just replaced the battery Old Xu proudly showed off his speed while honking the horn.It is windy to walk on, and the bike path is shaded by trees, which is much cooler than the police station.More importantly, there is Lao Xu, a snake catching expert , who solved the worries about how to control the disturbing snakes.In a township in Qingshan County, my mother is a middle school teacher, and my father works in the township government.She is an only child and has no brothers or sisters.Qingshan County is quite far away.From the rural area to Yanyang, little Han Man Ambitious.The praise was vena cbd gummies cbd gummies online texas rave, but the first aunt who asked if she had a date was a bit disappointed.She probably had a daughter who was about to get cbd gummies online texas married and wanted to introduce a date for her daughter, but found out that the door It s not right to be an inappropriate household, and I don t like boys from the countryside very much.The other aunts who were more active in the group were very enthusiastic.When they learned that the young man planned to buy a house in the provincial capital, they made a cbd gummies online texas best rated cbd gummies for pain relief big deal and claimed that they would help introduce a partner.It was less than 8 o clock when I returned to the police station, and the cadres of the community neighborhood committee and the doctors from the community health care office came to work one after another.Community security prevention is not a matter of the public security alone.The superiors clearly require each community neighborhood committee to establish a three in one management team composed of community neighborhood committees, community police, and property companies within the jurisdiction.Neighborhood committees are the leading, publicizing and coordinating departments for safety precautions, police stations are the guiding departments for safety precautions, and property management companies and other enterprises and institutions are the specific implementation departments for safety precautions.There is no doubt that the three police cars that just arrived belonged to the precinct.No matter how big this case is, it is just a gang producing and selling false certificates.How could it alarm the branch office Just wondering, when six or seven policewomen got off the car, Liu Suo shook hands with a middle aged man in plain clothes who was leading the team, and then followed Reported the case just now.It turned out that the 19 suspects who were about to be arrested were all women, including those with children and even pregnant women.There were not many female policemen and female assistant policemen in the station, especially those who were moved from the branch office.reinforcement.When the leader spoke, Han Chaoyang naturally wouldn t step forward, lest people think he was asking for credit.The name is quite interesting.The community policeman Han Chaoyang maintains the security of the Chaoyang community.Both of you Is it a coincidence cbd gummies online texas Han Chaoyang maintains the security of the Chaoyang community, which is a bit interesting.Secretary Yang couldn t help laughing.Land expropriation and relocation are most afraid of people causing trouble.As long as someone stirs up the flames, there will be a group of people who don t know why and even have greed for profit.Director Gu only knew that there were a few people making trouble outside the venue in the morning, but he didn t know what the trouble was.He was very satisfied with the young man s resolute and decisive handling in the morning.He jolly cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies san diego looked at Secretary Yang and asked with great interest Su Xian, do you have any good work ideas Waiting for your words, Director Su quickly reported on the idea of forming a voluntary security patrol team, and reported the difficulties in forming a voluntary security patrol team. What am I talking about, Put it on me, how about this, I will pull you into their group first, and introduce you first.Chapter 65 Washing the Floor The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and Guan Xiyuan returns to the office with the scorching sun , dizzy from the heat, taking off the wet police uniform can really squeeze out the water.Xiao Lu, Liu Chuo hasn t come back yet He parked his electric car, walked into the lobby and tapped on the windows of the household registration window.The auxiliary police officer Xiao Lu was pregnant, leaning on the edge of the table and leaning towards the window to remind him I came back early, I ran all morning like you.Now I am talking to the instructor in the office.Be gentle when you go upstairs, don t bump into it.On the muzzle.Understood, thank you.The wife of that outsider also went to find him, but the outsider was not bailed out. He won t help for nothing. How could it be possible to help for nothing Having said that, let me tell you clearly.Many people in our village know about him.Otherwise, how many people would come to him for help I heard that he is very particular about his work.Maybe it depends on the crime of the person who is trying to get it.The foreigner mentioned just now didn t get it out, and he tinnitus cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies amazon returned the money to the foreigner s wife later.You said you are not particular about it. How did you refund the money Do you know The wife of that foreigner likes to play mahjong, and spends time in the mahjong parlor every day.My mother in law often plays mahjong with her, and my mother in law told me when I came home.Xu Hongliang had already discovered that there was something wrong with the boy, but he didn t expect to be caught by Xu Hongliang.Han Chaoyang put down the paper cup, raised his head and said, I got it, it s Ge Baohua, the auxiliary policeman of the prevention and control team.He not only used his position to inform the bosses of karaoke bars, bathhouses, Internet cafes and other places in his jurisdiction, but also used his power to seek personal gain from criminal suspects and criminals.The bribes of the suspect s cbd gummies malaysia relatives, and even taking every opportunity to extort bribes, the cumulative amount cbd gummies with gaba exceeded 100,000 yuan, which cannot be estimated within three to five years. Didn t he help get people from your institute Yes, and no.Of course, Han Chaoyang knew what she really wanted to ask, and explained He is a liar.He has worked in the prison for so long, knows a little about the law, and knows our case handling procedures.It is divided according to one street and one police station.Not only the police station, but also the criminal police team.It involves a series of issues such as household registration.Make full use of geographical advantages, strengthen the power of the police office, improve the working conditions of the police office, and build the Chaoyang Community Police Office into a comprehensive police platform.On the basis of the original, take into account the 110 of the University of Science and Technology, the Sixth Hospital of the City, and the merchants along the street.Police situation, patrolling and anti terrorism and anti riot work.When it comes to Chaoyang community policing, Han Chaoyang dare not be absent minded.As soon as he raised his head, Director Du suddenly called his name Comrade Han Chaoyang, please stand up.Don t you have perfume, you d better spray it on him I don t want him to make the police office smell bad.What is he doing He s doing something disgusting and disgusting.Thinking of what his senior brother was doing, Han Chaoyang felt nauseous.Subconsciously took out a cigarette and lit it.Zheng Xinyi frowned slightly, and pointed to the no smoking sign Did you see it Smoking is prohibited.You have to smoke outside or inside.After taking a puff and being reluctant to throw it away, he took out the cigarette case and stuffed it in after thinking about it.I have never seen such a stingy person before, and Zheng Xinyi felt ashamed for him, so she couldn t help laughing I said, Han Da, you are still a civil servant, or a police officer.You don t smoke wherever you go, so why are you so frugal Civil servant I have money, please, my salary is not as high as yours now.This is the best way to deal with air pollution.Han Chaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, and ran to the road with his team members.While waiting for Zhang Zhishu to come back from buying plastic sheets, he evacuated the onlookers.Just as he persuaded a few spectators to leave, there was another noise from the field.One after another, Director Gu was so overwhelmed that he immediately shouted at the top of his voice, Xiao Han, go over and see what s going on In the middle of the wheat field, I saw two families standing on the edge of several large pits that had just been dug, shouting and cursing.There was no coffin in cbd gummies online texas best rated cbd gummies for pain relief the first pit, nor in the second and third pits.A coffin slab was exposed in the eastern pit.Han Chaoyang held a shovel stuck in the mud, stood firm, and shouted No What s the noise, what can t you talk about Officer Han, he even snatched the coffin of my master Grandpa Zeng and insisted that his elder brother Grandpa Zeng s brother was buried inside, so it s shameless to ask for money.Do you have it I don t, but Director Wang, Aunt Yu and Aunt Wang have them, and they like to take pictures when they have nothing to do.Mom, help me vena cbd gummies cbd gummies online texas take care of what they want and let them post it in the group.Why do you want other people s photos Help him introduce his partner Just pick two good ones, why do you need so many I want life photos and work photos, the more cbd gummies online texas the better Okay, let me ask for you.Aunt Mi took the phone, clicked on the WeChat group of the 527 factory choir, and yelled out by voice.After a while, a bunch of photos appeared in the group.On the computer side of WeChat, he tapped the keyboard and edited on the laptop.To attract the attention of netizens, one needs to whet one s appetite.Fortunately, there are enough materials.First, One of Yanyang s Most Handsome Police Reveals Secrets will be published.The security company is struggling to maintain its operations and has no profit, and the neighborhood committee still has no money.Many tasks cannot be carried out without money.Thinking about this bonus is really important to the neighborhood committee.Thinking that the master would not say these words for no reason, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing We ask for money for Director Su, and Director Su will support our work, and then send patrols to other places to assist us in carrying out tasks.She will not What more This kid, who knows everything, deserves to be born in HCMUSSH cbd gummies online texas a cadre family.Gu Guoli jolly cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies san diego nodded and confirmed with a smile We cannot do a good job without the support of the neighborhood committee, and the neighborhood committee cannot do without us if we want to do all kinds of work well, so we have to help each other.Under normal circumstances, it will be made up until the end of July and the beginning of August, leaving a month for the students to play.Now, in order to vena cbd gummies cbd gummies online texas buy a house in Yanyang, I decided to ask someone to help me make up for the last week.If I ask someone for help, I have to give money.not good.Thinking that she was going to spend all her life savings to buy a house for herself, and was ready to help repay the loan, Han Chaoyang was very moved and apologetic, not knowing what to say, Ma Fengying continued I have bought all the motion sickness medicine , walk from the town, take Feng Xiaojie s car at the gate of the school at 6 o clock tomorrow morning, he said to arrive at the Chengdong Bus Station around 11 o clock, I can t tell the difference between east, west and north, call you when you arrive, remember to pick me up.Thank you.On a hot day, no one came to the sauna.The locker room was empty, only a young man in his twenties was sitting in the corner playing with his mobile phone.Before Liang Dongsheng could speak, Wu Wei walked up to him and said sharply, Ren Haixiang Ah The young man was taken aback, He looked up and stared at the two policemen who broke in, with a dazed look on his face.You are Ren Haixiang Yes, I have a residence jolly cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies san diego permit.Why are you looking for me Look clearly, this is my certificate.It s not to check whether you have a residence permit, but to ask you for some information.This is not a place to talk.Talk to me.Let s go out and talk.Ren Haixiang was confused, and asked with a bitter face I m just a part time worker, I stay in the locker room every day, and I don t know anything.Go, go out and find out.The manager of the bath Thinking that the police were here to fight pornography, he rushed over as cbd gummies online texas soon as he received the call from the foreman, and was about to speak when Liang Dongsheng asked, Hello, do you have an office here We need to borrow it and ask this young man to find out about the situation.Yes, please come with me, Comrade Policeman, here is my business card.It turns out to be Manager Wen, nice to meet you.What kind of manager, I just have a meal, come and smoke a cigarette.Thank you, Not smoking now.Liang Dongsheng and his two brought Ren Haixiang into the office and shut the manager out of the door.Manager Wen was confused and hurriedly took out his mobile phone to find out what was going on.Come sweep up pornography.Liang Dongsheng didn t know what the manager was worried about, and while gesturing Ren Haixiang to sit down, he took out a pen and paper and asked, Ren Haixiang, have you ever rented a house in Yangguan Village When I arrived in the development zone, I returned the house.My mother called me in the afternoon and said that there is no problem with the credit union, and that the director of the credit union is very helpful, and the loan can be released within three days at the latest.Several relatives agreed earlier, and the money has cbd gummies online texas been transferred to her bank card , now it s only 80,000 to 90,000 yuan, the school teacher and my dad s colleagues are helping to make up the money, anyway, money is not a problem, I m going to come over on Sunday and come with my dad. I m relieved. You re afraid that my family will regret it Is there a mistake I m afraid people will go back on their word By the way, I don t think it s appropriate for you to rent out the house after buying it.It s a newly renovated house, and it will be used as your wedding house in the future.I The key is that I can t live there for a few days after buying it, and the pressure to repay the loan is so great, the property fee is so high, and I have to pay the heating fee in winter.His wife may feel lonely and chatter around.There was such a quarrel.He felt wronged and aggrieved.He worked so hard every day, but his wife still didn t understand.He sympathized with the men, and Zhang Beibei sympathized with the women even more, muttering He is wronged, and the HCMUSSH cbd gummies online texas women just don t understand.Don t feel wronged, not only do you have to work, where can i buy hazel hills cbd gummies but you also have to take care of your children.Besides, women are so sensitive that he can t even say a few words.Women must be lonely, and when they are lonely, they will feel insecure.It s not easy.After all, life is stressful Han Chaoyang laughed and asked, What happened next Mediate, criticize the man, and say a few words about his wife, so that he will show more love to his wife in the future, so that his wife can understand her husband more. Thank you, master, for your concern.I will work hard. I don t care.Yes, please ask Director Su to be more concerned.If it weren t for Director Su s help, your cbd gummies to lower blood pressure boy can impress a little girl s heart You must thank Director Su very much.In future weddings, Director Su should be invited to be the host.How much respect should Director Su have A glass of wine.Yes, yes, I must thank you, and if one day comes, I must toast Director Su a few more glasses.Han Chaoyang was washing up in the water room, while Grandpa Gu and Director Su were teasing at the door.The conversation was lively, Chen Jie, who was on duty today, ran over in a hurry, said hello to Director Su and Grandpa Gu, supported the door frame of the water room, and said, Da Han, some people are looking for you.They came from the Sixth Hospital and said yes.Drugs are not Chinese cabbage, and they cannot be bought with money.Lu Zi might HCMUSSH cbd gummies online texas not be able to get such a good product at the current price.Gao Junfei wanted to cooperate vena cbd gummies cbd gummies online texas again, and was about to say a few more good words, but the other party had already hung up.Just hang it up, there are not many customers who can buy more than tinnitus cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies online texas one million yuan in goods at once.Gao Junfei believed that Brother Miao would take the initiative to contact him after a while, locked the car door, and walked towards the bathroom with the key.As a result, just as he reached the gap between two large trucks, a young man in shark tank diabetes cbd gummies a white T shirt approached him.Blocking his way, he said in Mandarin with a touch of Dongguang Key.There is no doubt that he belongs to Brother Miao.When did he come I just watched for a long time and didn t notice it. It s hard work, kenai cbd gummies I didn t expect you to suffer so much. What do you mean I didn t expect me to suffer so much, it makes me look like a young master.Didn t you be the young master when you were in school There are few people in the whole grade who are better than your family, and they all dress differently from us.Otherwise, so many girls will like you.Please.I won t go in, I don t know each other, and it s inconvenient to talk.Get in the car, get in my car and chat for a while.You can t speak the native language when you get in.Thinking about it, it s quite inconvenient, so Han Chaoyang just opened the door Sitting in the co pilot, Lin Wenjing sat in the driver s cab, and handed over a business card, I work in the west of the city, and I have time to visit our company.The director of the Internet company, you are amazing , I called Sister Haizhu, she just has time at noon, and she will come over after work, and we can find a restaurant nearby to chat later.Lin Wenjing realized that she couldn t make such a joke anymore, so she immediately changed the subject You have a girlfriend, so the only classmate in the group is Haizhu who is alone.She is 26, and she is laughing and joking all day.Don t worry about it.Wait a minute See her and tell her, if there is someone suitable to help introduce you.She doesn t have a boyfriend No, I helped introduce two last year, you should know her character, she is too strong and too strong, meet one Scare one away.Sure enough, the nature is hard to change Thinking that Zheng Xinyi, who was on duty in the police station, not only knew Huang Ying, but also had a bad relationship during this time, Han Chaoyang felt that it was necessary to ask his girlfriend for instructions.Lin Wenjing also wanted to meet his current girlfriend and strongly agreed.Even if he didn t buy anything, he didn t need to carry it for her.When I rushed to the restaurant Huang s father booked, my back was sore and my legs hurt.But now I can t sit down, the HCMUSSH cbd gummies online texas most capable relative of Huang s family has arrived, looking at him with a smile, I have to go up to say hello.As expected of the most handsome policeman, really handsome, my family Yingying really has vision Gao Yueqing looked back at her sister and brother in law who were grinning from ear to ear, and actually handed the phone to her husband, Teacher Guo, cbd gummies online texas Heyuan, help me and Chaoyang Take a picture, I want to post it on Moments, to gain the popularity of the most handsome policeman.Okay, I ll take a photo for you first, and then take a photo with Chaoyang for me, and I ll post it on Moments too.Teacher Guo It was also very funny, and made Han Chaoyang very embarrassed.Musicians Association, it doesn t matter whether you join or not.Han lifes pure cbd gummies Chaoyang was not very interested in this, and he couldn t live up to his kindness.He pretended to be helpless and said, Director Gao, I m not engaged in music now.I m afraid I don t have the qualifications.Why not Gao Yueqing Putting down his chopsticks, he explained with a smile Could it be that the members of the Writers Association are all full time writers There are cbd gummies online texas not only full time writers but also amateur writers, as well as critics.Besides, your Ministry of Public Security has the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of the Ministry of Public Security, and the Public Security Department has the Public Security Writers Association.Since the police can apply to join Writers Association, why can t you apply to join the Music Association Yes, Chaoyang, you were originally a music student, and you have a very high level of performance.Xiao Wang, a policeman in the command center, was equally excited, and said with joy, Director, it s not wrong, it s them Deputy Director Xing was ecstatic, forced himself to hold back his excitement and said, Xiao Wang, activate the emergency plan immediately, and order all units to deploy police forces to Lao Gu and his place immediately Xiao Zhang, report the case to Lao Gu and Han Chaoyang, and ask them to come in Before the reinforcements arrive, try every means to guard against death, and control the periphery no matter what Yes It was only now that the death was reported to the city bureau, and the four suspects ran from the county to the city without knowing it.Don t be afraid of not knowing the goods, but be afraid of comparing goods.How could Deputy Director Xing miss this once in a lifetime opportunity and not rush to report to the Municipal Bureau, let alone report to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau, which is in a hurry, but quickly dial Zhou Bureau s mobile phone, and report to the Municipal Bureau as soon as possible.A few children he found temporarily came forward to offer flowers, and Director Gu greeted them one by one Only then did many people behind know that the hero is Beside me, it turns out that Huayuan Street also has old revolutionaries who still have shrapnel in their bodies after decades, and they ran to the front to take pictures and even take pictures with the old cbd gummies in drug test people Chapter 193 Street Party 3 At six o HCMUSSH cbd gummies online texas clock sharp, a large number of spectators began to enter the arena.In the past few years, I have been busy attracting business and investment for economic construction, and there have been few cultural and artistic activities.It was rare for the street to organize a song cbd gummies online texas where to buy fun drops cbd gummies meeting.The leaders of the street were worried that no one would come to see it.They not only notified all units, neighborhood committees, villages, and some relatively large enterprises in the street, but also asked the primary and middle school teachers to inform the parents of the students to come if they could.The scene at the door of the room cut her heart like a knife, and she never wanted the child to leave her, no matter what happened.She was very firm.If she didn t go back, Wan Xin would naturally not go to rest.This is not going to work, Dr.Cao weighed it up, stared into her eyes and asked Xiaoxia, are you sure you want to be with the child , but once you get in, you can t just come out.It doesn t matter, as long as I can be with Binbin, I can do whatever you want What happened next moved Han Chaoyang and Zheng Xinyi, and Xia Yuqing listened to blood when she was taking a bath and changing clothes.The nurse in the department said that the hair had the most bacteria, so she asked the nurse to shave her head, and walked into the sterile room like a leukemia patient.The wife and children were all inside.Did you mention to Xiaowan about finding a job at night, yes, yes, I think so too, You are more familiar with the construction unit than I am, so you can ask later.Okay, I ll go right away.Grandpa .

where do i get cbd gummies?

Gu saw several young people who specialize in debt collection being stuffed into a police car by Yu Zhenchuan, Wu Wei and other policemen, and then Holding up the mobile phone, she reminded I didn t have supper with Yingying last night, remember to call Yingying to express my humility.Oh, master, I just remembered that she was with me when you said that.Then go to the street, return the car, and apologize in person.Chapter 200 New situation in the jurisdiction Rushed to the sub district office, parked the car and went straight to the office of the Finance Office.Township finances are managed by the county, and the finances of the streets are also managed by the district.You sing so well.I mean what I mean, let s go and see you together, I do cbd gummies have carbs want to introduce you grandly to them, and talk to them about what is public and what is private, what is civic duty and what is morality , What are the socialist core values Give them extra lessons for their parents and teachers, make them feel ashamed, and let them feel ashamed She started talking nonsense again, and Huang Ying couldn t help laughing Comrade Han Chaoyang, promoting the core socialist values is You don t need to worry about the leadership, you better call your fellow villagers, tell them the good news, and let them go to the police office. Yes, yes, I need to call them.Chapter 213 Cheater Police 3 Greeted factory director Wang and director Su, and hurried back to the police room.I thought the two girls were difficult to deal with, but when they entered the door, they became tense and restrained.Rich units are different, as long as the leadership supports them, they can get what they want.Han Chaoyang said happily That s great, Director Jiang, thank you.If it weren t for your help, the school leaders would not be so supportive.There is no need to join forces with the Xinmin community.We don t know the name of the director of the neighborhood committee.They don t provide people or money, so why are they called the Xinmin Community Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade.This issue is very important, if we don t do it, we should call the Volunteer Security Patrol Team of Yanyang University of Science and Technology.It sounds reasonable What s more, what kind of unit is PolyU and what kind of unit is Xinmin Community Neighborhood Committee Han Chaoyang thought to himself that it didn t matter what it was called, the important thing was to set up the patrol team first, and he didn t care if he didn t overstep his authority, so cbd gummies online texas he took it seriously and said The school leaders have considered it comprehensively.Tell everyday optional cbd gummies thc me you may Believe it or not, several villages here did not get electricity until 1994, and the villagers did not watch TV until 1994.Now all seven villages in the township have access to electricity, mail, roads, and telephones.Hang trainer added with a smile.It wasn t until 1994 that the electricity was turned on So the conditions are good now, Director He lit a cigarette and sighed, I graduated from Xinlan Normal University.At that time, the superior had a document to transfer some college students.Entering the public security system.Being a policeman, wearing a police uniform, is so majestic.I signed up impulsively, but was assigned to Jiangli s hometown, and worked in the Caodian Police Station for several years.At that time, there were only three people in the police station, the director and the instructor.Don t worry, even if there are, there won t be many.I had a video with my girlfriend in the afternoon, and my phone With only 30 battery left, Han Chaoyang didn vena cbd gummies cbd gummies online texas t dare to chat for too long, so he ended the call and continued to rest.Uncle Yan couldn t speak Mandarin, and he didn t have a watch or mobile phone, so he didn t know the time.He sat on the top of the mountain and helped watch the night.When he was sleepy, he pushed Han Chaoyang to get up and change shift.I squatted here for four days and four nights, no, it should be four days and five nights.It was too cold at night, and a bonfire was lit at the top of the mountain.Bonfires were also lit at the three passes in the east and northwest, and they could be seen from a long distance.Han Chaoyang didn t think Feng Changdong would dare to run from here.He didn t know if he touched it.When he touched it, he was startled.Two upward curving fangs protruded from the pig s mouth, at least ten centimeters long.Although the fangs are not very sharp, this guy has a ferocious temperament and is are cbd gummies legal in missouri not afraid of people or any animals.I remember a TV program about animals, in which a leopard who was very hungry wanted to prey on wild boars, but was killed by several wild boars, and was gnawed to the bone by several wild boars that ate everything.Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang realized that the fugitive had encountered this guy on a narrow road.Although he fired several shots and killed the wild boar, the result was obviously a loss for both sides.Even if he didn t die, he might be disabled.Just when Han Chaoyang speculated about the fugitive s injuries, the sound of cbd gummies online texas music suddenly came from ahead, followed by a faint light.His head was broken, his nose was blue and his eyes were swollen, and his face and body were covered with blood.I don t know if the arms and legs were broken, anyway, the lower body is also full of blood.Look at yourself again, there is Feng Changdong s blood, there is pig s blood, I cbd gummies online texas touched cbd gummies online texas my face when I wiped my sweat just now, I guess there is blood on my face as well.Han Chaoyang sat down next to Feng Changdong, checked his breath, found that he was breathing, and seemed to be alive, but saw that his bandaged thigh was continuously oozing blood, and felt that it was necessary to help him stop the bleeding and bandage him well one time.I was exhausted from the beating just now, and now I am sweating profusely from the bandage.After helping the fugitive s wounds, Han Chaoyang took out a pair of pants from his bag to wipe his hands, and took out his cell phone to see if there was a signal.Now it tinnitus cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies amazon represents the image of the Yanyang police.Everyone has cleaned up.First go to the restaurant to have breakfast, and wait in the lobby after dinner.As a result, as soon as they went downstairs, the Disciplinary and Political Committee of the Longdao County Public Security Bureau arrived and warmly invited everyone to get on the bus.The ceremony was held in the open air in the compound of the County Public Security Bureau.Large banners and slogans had been hung up.Officers and soldiers of the armed police squadron who participated in the search and arrest operation were lining up, and personnel from various units lucent valley cbd gummies diabetes of the county bureau were also lining up under the command of the police.Political Commissar Huang and Fan Ju were the guests who attended the ceremony and were invited to sit on the rostrum.That is to say, they are not afraid of being discovered.Seeing Han Chaoyang s unbelievable expression, Wu Wei also found it funny.He turned to look at the two drivers who were unloading the tires with the hurried car repairman, and said in a low voice, They re lucky.After the suspect left, they Only then did I find out that the tire was punctured.If I came back 10:1 cbd gummies earlier and found that someone was puncturing their tires, not only would the tires be punctured, but I would also suffer a big loss.It might not only be us, but 120 people.A technical job Han Chaoyang realized his negligence, and hurriedly said I ll organize the team to ask.Sorry, I told you to stay up late as soon as you come back.It s okay Team Liang and Wu Wei are not unwilling to visit and ask , but have more important work.Han Chaoyang didn t feel aggrieved by how busy he was with the case handling team.Where is the mistake I really didn t take their bag, really I didn t steal their money.I m worried, I m afraid, I m afraid you think I stole it, I cbd gummies online texas best rated cbd gummies for pain relief m afraid you will find the school Still quibbling Facts have proved that the most handsome policeman has laid the groundwork very well just now, and this kid is completely Panicked, already out of proportion.Yan Bin also slammed the table down, stared at his gleaming eyes, and asked There is no silver three hundred taels here, you didn t steal it, how do you know that the money is in the bag The owner didn t say anything, We didn t mention it either, but the video that asked you at that time is still there, should I call it up for you to see Zhu Youwei, don t even think about it, there is not enough evidence that Officer Yan can stay at PolyU and wait here for you Throw in a net Han Chaoyang interjected without losing the opportunity, his attitude changed again, he sat down in front of him, and said unhurriedly Our leader has studied your case, and considering that you are a student, we even helped you with the school.The two boys in our branch are indeed not familiar with the situation in your branch s jurisdiction, but the investigation This kind of criminal case is not community work, and I guess you are not very familiar with the criminal police team of the criminal police brigade Just now I said that there was nothing to say, but there were a lot of them in the end.Zhou Ju and Political Commissar Huang couldn t help laughing, and Fan Ju covered his mouth tightly for fear of not being able to help laughing out loud.There is competition between the teams at the grassroots level, and there is also competition between the sub bureaus.How could Bureau Feng miss this opportunity to show off, took the cigarette from the political commissar, and continued As members of the task force, not only have they never participated in The case analysis meeting did not know the details of the case, or even where the special headquarters was located.There are many cameras in other places, but there are very few in that area.Money HCMUSSH cbd gummies online texas is saved, and there is no other place to solve the case in that area.More than 20 criminal police, traffic police, and public security police found 16 cameras in Xianzhuang Village and its surrounding area from 3 30 pm to 8 00 pm, of which only 9 worked.No suspicious vehicles were found in the video and photos.I don t know the last name of the suspect who cbd gummies online texas best rated cbd gummies for pain relief dumped the body.It is unclear what the suspect who dumped the body looked like.The victim s body was thrown from the approach bridge.Several days passed.I don t know how many construction vehicles have driven on the road.The on site investigation also found nothing.Now we only know the means of transport used to dump the body, most likely a commercial vehicle with its taillights upright.Now it can be confirmed that the sand and gravel field is not the first site, and even under the approach bridge of the Second Beitai River Bridge is just the site of corpse dumping.It is not convenient to set up the headquarters in the steel market where it is not only inconvenient to go anywhere, but even to buy things.Suitable.I don t know if the suspect has been identified.Wu Wei didn t want to miss the arrest, so he turned on the police lights and sounded the siren and rushed back.When he arrived at Yuanfeng Hotel, he didn t care whether the laundry before rest last night was dry or not, and put it directly into the plastic bag.Plug, not to mention stacking.He rushed to the second squadron in a hurry, identified himself with the auxiliary police on duty in the lobby, and ran up to the third floor in one breath under the guidance of the auxiliary police.Yes High technology is good, and big data is good.As long as the vehicle information cbd gummies online texas is input into the system, the system can automatically identify it, and the suspected vehicle will be discovered by the system as soon as it shows itself.Wu Wei was so excited that he subconsciously took out his car keys, walked out of the conference room quickly, and ran towards the stairs, shouting, Old Gong, notify Lao Ji and the others jolly cbd gummies amazon immediately Xia Ming, help us find some casual clothes Tengda, do you want casual clothes A traffic policeman poked his head out of the office at the end of the corridor.This is your squadron, if you don t look for you, the squadron leader, look for someone, look for six sets, speed Yes It s not to arrest, but to follow and monitor.Han cbd gummies online texas Chaoyang came to his senses and was hesitating whether to stop and wait until he changed into casual clothes before going downstairs.Looking for a job, I came to Yanyang to do business in March 2010, and I have not figured out what kind of business it is, that s what his cronies said.Luo Zhi paused, and continued Gong Da is opening his way.With the assistance of the County Public Security Bureau, it was discovered through interviews that Yang Jiandong is a very good gambler.Every year when he returns to his hometown during the Spring Festival, he would contact his old friends to gamble a few games, including the father of the victim Cao Shengkai.He gambled a lot and won tens of thousands of dollars each time.Yang Jiandong wins and loses, he invites his old friends to eat, bathe and sing when he wins, HCMUSSH cbd gummies online texas and he doesn t care if he loses, so much so that his old friends think he s turned around, he s doing a big business in Yanyang, and he s doing well.I have nothing to say.I just want to remind you.Grandpa Gu looked up at Old Tang, stood up and said The leader of the task force asked you to investigate, of course you should Do everything you can to track down the whereabouts cbd gummies online texas of the suspect, but you can t patronize the investigation, no matter how you want to investigate, no matter whether there is any progress, you must ask for instructions and report.Yes, I will report to Teng University in time.Don t think I m long winded, Solving tinnitus cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies amazon a case, especially a major one, is like playing a game of chess.The leader of the special case team must consider the overall situation, and keep what he said just now in his heart.Don t just promise it so happily that you forget it when you get busy. Master, I promise I won t forget it.As long as you don t forget it, let s do your work.Director Feng glanced back and said coldly, Continue searching.Liu Da suddenly realized that the murder case was solved by 9.The matter of the 18 special case team, to be precise, is the matter of the High tech District Bureau.The Yandong Branch came to investigate and deal with the gambling case tonight, and hurried back to the bedroom to search for the passbooks of the two deposit accounts linked to the Agricultural Bank of China debit card.Comrade Public Security, I m a businessman, you must have made a mistake tinnitus cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies amazon How could Yang Jiandong not know why the Public Security Station came Businessman, do you want to do the chalac business Feng Ju pulled up the chair, sat in front of him, stared into his eyes and shouted sharply Yang Jiandong, what do you think we are doing, we can arrest you tinnitus cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies amazon without conclusive evidence I, I Tell me, what s wrong with you I confess, I confess, I I asked a few friends to play cards together.Yu Zhenchuan and Miao Haizhu knocked on the door of the meeting room with a stack of transcripts, and reported in front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Junfeng and others Bao Suo, HCMUSSH cbd gummies online texas Zou Yanqing and Li Ziqiang have confessed.Not only did they steal the 16 electric cars stolen from Xinmin Community Yes, crimes have been committed in Xinyuan Road Times Internet Caf , No.22 Middle School, Xinmin Vegetable Market and other places.Because they stole too many cars, I can t even remember how many cars were stolen in total.I know that once such a case is solved, it will be a hit.Chuaner, Bao Suo subconsciously asked About how many cars From what the two of them explained, they stole the first electric car in the community since August last year without being found.Afterwards, he became more and more daring, took frequent actions, and committed crimes crazily.His family was not the only one who built a shed by the side of the road.His mother was busy selling fruits every day, so she probably wouldn t go to the back of the shed.That s all.Hurry up and take action.The car thief was caught, but only one dirty car was recovered, and Xinmin Community lost more than a dozen cars in the past half a year.The Xinyuan Street Police Station not only wants to follow the vines to expand the results of the battle, but also wants to find all the stolen electric vehicles and give an explanation to the masses.Old Tang and Big Sister are busy going on, and they will definitely not be able to return to the Zhongshan Road integrated police platform today.Grandpa Gu was alone there, and Han Chaoyang didn t dare to be a guest here anymore.He bid farewell to Bao Suo and several leaders who rushed back to the office from outside, and took Xu Hongliang, Wu Junfeng and other team members back home.If you invest tens of thousands, you are the major cbd gummies online texas shareholder.You don t think that Lao Jin can t even hold 30,000 to 50,000 yuan.Come out Come to think of it, the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company is too small, and it can only assess one million if its intangible assets are included.Han Chaoyang realized that after Director Su was transferred or returned to his original unit, Lao Jin would become the head of the security company.Then I thought that there was no point in discussing this matter, so I simply changed the subject You became a major shareholder of cbd gummies takealot the security company by becoming cbd gummies online texas best rated cbd gummies for pain relief a shareholder of the security company.Can the youth brigade continue Yes, I have my ideal and career, cbd gummies online texas and I am not interested in security companies.Han Chaoyang believed her words, thought about it and joked Mr.Thinking that Guan Xiyuan failed to join the party after applying for several years, Wu Wei couldn t help but look back.The application for joining the party was handed over to the instructor long ago, but I didn t expect to study it at the expenditure department meeting just now.Han Chaoyang didn t know much about the organization, so he asked, What does it mean to be an activist in the party There is only one quota in total.I m sure it who sells cbd gummies locally s you in the institute, and there must be no problem in the bureau.That means you will soon be a probationary party member Wu Weigang said After that, Lao Ding, who was sitting in the front row, turned his head and said with a smile, Chaoyang, congratulations.Probationary party members are also considered party members, as long as they don t make mistakes for a year, they can become full members.Several distributors including A8 are suspected of carrying out false propaganda through the five black broadcasts set up by the suspect and illegally making huge profits, which can reflect the seriousness of the plot from the side.OK, I am responsible for assisting the Food and Drug Administration and the Industry and Commerce Bureau But you still have to come to apply for the legal documents for interrogation, not only because you understand the case better than Lao Ding, but also what Liu said is best cbd gummies for energy 2021 cbd gummies online texas right, as a policeman, you can t always not handle cases, let alone be able to handle cases.Okay, I happen to have a book about making interrogation transcripts and reviewing case files.I ll go back and see how to write jolly cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies san diego materials for petitions and approvals.Miao Haizhu became angry when he heard what he said, and stared bitterly.He did not expect that the lesbian was a bit capable, and she went to the grassroots to train for a second job.After that, the collective fighting power can still be maintained.Chapter 422 Tiger Might is still in Han Chaoyang after helping Dongming District clear the snow, and taking the bus with Huang Ying, who came earlier, to the District Party School while eating.After sitting for two stops, four old men came up, all with SLR cameras hanging on their chests.Looking at the long lens, they felt very professional.It is uncivilized to eat on the bus, but you have to eat when you are hungry, and there are several passengers on the same bus who are also eating, but you have to give up your seat to the elderly.Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying hurriedly offered their seats, but a red faced old man just sat down, wiped the water smeared car window, looked out of the car and muttered The snow on the road is gone, the snow in the park is gone.Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei looked at each other, and followed quietly.Huang Ying didn t think there was anything strange, and they followed the lobby into the bar to help register with Zhang Beibei who was on duty at night.Sir, we are a youth hostel here.There are beds, but no single rooms.It s okay.The man smiled slightly, took out his wallet from his trouser pocket, and took out his ID card.How many beds do you want Huang Ying asked after taking the ID card.One is enough, the man looked back at the little girl sitting on the sofa, and explained with a smile, The child is too young to sleep without me.Then you may be crowded, our bed is not Big.This baby daddy is not only very young but also very handsome, Zhang Beibei couldn t help but take a few extra glances.There is the most handsome police boyfriend, Huang Ying, who has long been immune to handsome men.There is a difference between a good master and a good brother, Han Chaoyang I was very moved, Huang Ying cbd gummies for lowering blood sugar could hear clearly, and couldn t help showing a knowing smile.Feeling embarrassed to talk about this topic again, Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Shi Ju, actually I sent you a WeChat message so late, not because of the awarding of the title.Do you know who I met just now Who did I meet Shi Ju asked curiously.Squad Wang of the Third Squadron of the First Brigade of the Criminal Police Detachment of your City Bureau followed and monitored a man who followed him from Fujiang to Yanyang and lived in a youth hostel in my jurisdiction.He didn t say hello to us beforehand.Seeing them acting suspiciously, I ll go to check the house It was such a coincidence that Shi Ju couldn t help laughing and said This Wang Jianping is also careless, and he will reveal his identity as soon as he arrives in Yanyang.I ordered it online.When he called the car, Zhang Beibei took a look at it calmly.It seemed that he was going to the high tech zone.Wang Jianping got into Baosuo s car, put on his seat belt and helped him Steering the steering wheel, he said anxiously Bao Suo, Chaoyang, don t say much thank you, I ll take a step first.Go ahead, pay attention to safety on the way.Watching Wang Jianping leave, Baosuo entered the police room from the back door, greeted Zheng Xinyi who was on duty, walked through the case handling area to the police room door, and stood at the police station.Santana, who was traveling with Jiang, said, Chaoyang, Old Tang, there is something wrong at the station, so I m leaving too.Okay, please drive slowly.Han Chaoyang really wanted to ask about the adjustment of the leadership team of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.The cleaning staff not only clean the community, but also dress neatly.The security guards are even more energetic, either on duty at the gate against the cold wind, or patrolling the community holding walkie talkies and wearing law enforcement recorders.The owners of Xinmin community rode electric vehicles and entered the community from the north gate under the leadership of Miao Haizhu.Manager Zhang stepped forward to welcome him with a smile on his face.Wu Junfeng, the security squad leader stationed in Dongming community, stepped forward and saluted.Lao Ding, Lao Tang and others accompanied the owners of Xinmin Community to start the tour.Officer Han, why are you here This is cbd gummies 500mg near me a big deal, can I not come Han Chaoyang accompanied an aunt who knew him, but he couldn t name or even remember his surname, and walked to No.The evaluation results alone are not even accurate.It should be calculated based on the final transaction price from the auction.Do you want to take pictures of these old houses I would, but I don t have that much money.Cao Zefang accepted the conversation and said with a smile, cbd gummies online texas Chaoyang, Xiao Zhang suggested that our neighborhood committee should come forward to register an investment company.Take pictures of these houses, and then invest some money to transform it into a commercial complex integrating catering, shopping, entertainment, and accommodation.I think it will definitely have a bright cbd gummies online texas future as long as it can be done.There is no decent supermarket around us.Residents nearby either go to Hebin Road or Yangguan Village Vegetable Market to buy vegetables.There are no large scale shopping malls, let alone movie theaters.Dad, Dad, where have you been, you don t want Xinxin It doesn t matter if you can t see Dad , and you even have a great time.Seeing Dad , Xinxin rushed over, hugging his legs tightly and crying.Tears streamed down the face, snot came out, and the voice was heart piercing, which made people feel distressed.Xinxin don t cry, Xinxin is good, how tinnitus cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies amazon could Dad not want you Ling Bin felt sad for a while, leaned jolly cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies san diego over to hug Xinxin, hugged her tightly in his arms, and coaxed her softly.I don t know if it was too sad and tired from crying, or too crazy and tired from playing in the morning, the little girl fell asleep on his shoulder while crying.There is a small room for the staff on duty by the corridor leading to the kitchen and the boiler room.Considering that it is inconvenient for him to live in the dormitory with a child, Huang s mother cleared the small room early in the morning.She was arrested just cbd gummies online texas this afternoon.At the same time, Sister Wei, who you met, was also arrested.She confessed to the crime.In fact This is not the first thc gummies cbd time she has been arrested.Before meeting you, she was arrested by the Fujiang City Public Security Bureau when she was Huai Xinxin.When she was pregnant, she was released on bail pending trial, but after she got out of the detention center, she absconded in fear of crime.Impossible, how could this happen Ling Bin was completely dumbfounded, slumped on the chair and couldn t help himself.trembling.Huang Ying regained her composure and couldn t help asking Chaoyang, where is she Can I see her That s why I came here.Han Chaoyang patted Ling Bin on the shoulder and said solemnly She is just across the street The property office of the community is being interrogated by the criminal police of the Fujiang Public Security Bureau.He did not expect to be so popular.Seeing someone below taking pictures with a camera and mobile phone, he quickly asked the team leader to check the police appearance of the students and remind them to have Sequence got off the car, and after getting off the car, they had to line up quickly, so they were the first to get off the car with a smile.Xu Hongliang, a 2011 student of the Judicial Police Officer Vocational College, general manager of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, and deputy captain of Chaoyang Community Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade, warmly welcomes Dean Chen to come to our community to inspect work Xu Hongliang stood at attention and saluted, welcoming the voice of the leaders of his alma mater to follow His name is just as loud.When Xu Hongliang entered the police academy, his home had not yet been demolished, and it was far from the glory days when he worked at the Huayuan Street Police Station.What are you doing here I m studying to help you buy a house Research on buying a house for me, have you discussed it with me Miao Haizhu slammed the car door cbd gummies online texas shut and said angrily, Driving and driving, it s important to do business Be gentle, please, the car belongs to my family, don t take it out on my car, Han Chaoyang glared at her, and said while driving while holding the steering wheel Sister Miao, I didn t mean you, you really were born in a blessing.Blessing.It is not shameful to have the support of parents, and with the support of parents, you can save decades of struggle.This is also comprehensive strength.It makes sense to sit and enjoy the benefits They brought us up with painstaking efforts, bought us a house, and worried about our personal problems.When we become parents in the future, we also have to worry about our children.Considering that we don t have many people, Comrade Wu Wei and Comrade Miao Haizhu are only part timers in the anti pickup team, and the squadron does not have internal support.The accounts of the squadron are temporarily managed by the brigade It is very troublesome when it comes to money Wu Wei didn t want to care about it at first, and the instructor vena cbd gummies cbd gummies online texas Miao Haizhu just took over as a part time instructor seemed to have fallen from the sky, so naturally he didn t have any objections.As for Wu Junfeng, Gu Jun, Liu Chengquan, Zhang Bin and other players, they were already mentally prepared to cut their wages in order to enter the anti pickling team, and their wages have not been reduced baypark cbd gummies shark tank in the future, so they have no opinion.Seeing that the big guy had no doubts, Han Chaoyang looked up out of the window and said the second thing We have caught thieves before, but professional counter picking is completely different from our previous catching of thieves.Besides, as long as there is enough evidence, it is not so easy for the thief to come out after being caught.If you are released, you may not dare to commit crimes in our area again.Grandpa Gu raised his arm to check the time, and get nice cbd gummies sighed It s different now, the traffic is so developed now As long as you have money to buy a ticket, you can go wherever you want No, that s why there are more crimes going around.That s right, leave them alone, nothing will happen anyway.Han Chaoyang smiled and asked suddenly Master, will you cbd gummies online texas go to the airport with us later Go, why don t you go, Director Wang called me in the morning.Since you re going, change your clothes quickly, it doesn t suit you.I ve already prepared everything, and put all my things in the office.We re going to have a very interesting event in the afternoon.It s good to have someone on hand.There has only been one theft in the past two days, and it didn t happen within the station.Lao Ding was very satisfied with the status quo.He saw off the two obedient, hardworking and active young men, and greeted Manager Qi who was inspecting the sanitation of the waiting hall.Old Ding, it s hard work to patrol in person.Look at what you said, I still eat in person.Lao Ding accompanied Manager Qi to the passenger exit and said with a smile Manager Qi, let me tell you One hundred thousand is not in vain, someone can open a few more security checkpoints, passengers will no longer complain about long queues outside, the order is good, and the law and order are good.Manager Qi looked up at the two police officers guarding the exit.The school student couldn t help laughing and scolding cbd gummies online texas Old Ding, don t mention this to me, I will get angry when you mention this.This appraisal can be issued by Xu Hongliang.He is the deputy head of the patrol team.Captain, how do you drive it It s useless to take back the chapter that built the station.The boys didn t come to practice for money Manager Qi sighed softly, and muttered Anyway, Xu Hongliang didn t do it properly, so I ll settle the debt with him.Lao Ding could understand, after all, no one would feel comfortable putting this on anyone, and he just didn t know how to proceed.Then, there was a sudden commotion in the square.Turning around, I saw two familiar figures chasing a short and thin guy, shouting while chasing Catch the thief, stop him Why run, you can t escape After a while, he was about to rush over to help when he saw several figures surrounding him from all cbd gummies online texas directions.When the thief was about to run to the side of the road, a young man suddenly rushed out from under the bus plate, stretched out his right arm to catch the thief, and Taking advantage of the situation, he twisted and pressed the thief to the ground.The army is a true veteran Wu Junfeng could understand Han Chaoyang s mood at this moment, and comforted him Han Da, Gu Jun will be fine.Didn t Chen Jie make it very clear that he just broke his head.Can it fall Han Chaoyang raised his hand to touch the back of his head, and said worriedly The brain is here, it s very dangerous, if it doesn t work, there will be sequelae.No, it must be a skin trauma.Wu Junfeng comforted him, and then asked curiously Han Da, you just said that Feng Shui is not good, what Feng Shui I don t know how many people will die cbd gummies online texas in the Sixth Hospital in a year.Do you think the Feng Shui of the Sixth Hospital is good And we haven t had any accidents in Lunan for so long.An accident happened as soon as the police station moved to the Sixth Hospital.Isn t that What is bad feng shui It seemed reasonable, even logical, but Wu Junfeng was stunned, speechless for a while.After all, he is only where to buy cloud 9 cbd gummies 24 years old, and he is 24 years old.I don t know how many gossips cbd gummies online texas will be made.Political Commissar Huang paused and added Said But the young man is really good.Let him work at the grassroots level for two years.When the traffic hub in the east of the city is completed and put into use, and the police station in front of the station is established, it will be logical to offer him a deputy department.I think so too Zhou Ju He took a puff of cigarette and said with a smile The current integrated police platform on Zhongshan Road is the future Zhanqian police station.Compared with other police stations, the work of the Zhanqian police station has certain specialties.One of the leading teams must have an existing A policeman who has leadership skills and is good at coordinating with all parties, and Chaoyang Community Security Company s development idea of undertaking security checks at high speed rail stations, subway stations, and long distance bus east stations is very good.It must be too busy tonight, but we can keep the suspect for questioning for 24 hours, and we can take him back for questioning slowly.Okay, I ll just report to the bureau leader for you.Excuse me, I m a little busy here.No need for support from the security brigade, as expected.Political Commissar Huang and Fan Ju looked at each other and smiled, then patted Han Chaoyang on the shoulder Since it won t be long and we won t need support from the security brigade, we ll wait a while.But Fan Ju and I are too old to be with a young man like you.Bi, especially the resistance is not as good as before.Let s go to the car for a while, and find a place to have supper together after you finish your work.It s so cold outside, you two should get in the car.Okay, that s it, You are busy with your work.The snowy road is slippery, but there are few cars on the road in the middle of the night.Even the seniors are helping.Of course, Han Chaoyang can t leave.He went downstairs to pick up Xie Lingling and others and followed suit to set up the stage.He adjusted the sound again, and went to the office to let the actors make up and change clothes.He was busy until 1 30 in the afternoon when the police and auxiliary police from various units participating in the social activities came to report one after another, and he was a little relieved.Just as he was about to find something to cushion his stomach, Director Wen suddenly shouted Xiao Han, don t worry about it here, Zhou Bureau and the where can i buy cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction political commissar have something to do with you, so hurry over.What s the matter I don t know, hurry up Come on, Bureau Zhou is waiting for you in the political commissar s office.Oh.Han Chaoyang turned around to greet his brothers and sisters, and came to the door of the political commissar s office in full cbd gummies online texas police uniform.Wen Liping was so excited that I could post it on Moments later.Just as she handed the phone to Wu Junfeng, she begged bitterly Officer Han, can you wait a while and let me go in and change my clothes first , let me comb my hair first For these girls, taking pictures is the top priority.Huang Ying is like this, Xie Lingling is like this, Zheng Xinyi is like this, Zhang Beibei is like this, and now even Chen Jie has become like this, Han Chaoyang has long been accustomed to it, and smiled politely No problem, anyway, Boss Meng will take a while to get it done.Hurry back, go and change your clothes, we will wait here.You are not allowed to leave No, if you say no, you will not leave.You two, come in, come in and sit for a while, I will be ready soon.The opportunity is rare, Wen Liping is worried that the most handsome policeman who comes out after changing clothes and dressing up is gone.The applicant must be a serving people s policeman, and you must obtain the consent of the unit where you work.With these few conditions, you can It fits.That s it, you save it, I ll get up tomorrow and have a look, and go to the bureau to find the leader after reading it.Where are you going, sleep later, just finished reading yours, and then look at mine, Which school and which major is suitable for me to apply for, you can also help with the staff.Han Chaoyang couldn t bear it any longer, he yawned and said, Look first, I ll go to bed first, and I will help you as a consultant tomorrow.Chapter five hundred and eighty one lunchbox cbd gummies 1500mg with a gun In the early morning of the next day, Han Chaoyang got up early as are gummies safest form of cbd hometown hero cbd gummies usual, first led a team to patrol the streets, and then went back to the police office to look at the police records from last night.The main reason is that Liu Suo insisted that I take apprentices.Sun Guokang who just came here is a graduate student, and I am an undergraduate student.I m not a public security professional, how can I be a master.It turned out that I was stimulated, hahaha Director Wen couldn t help laughing.Han Chaoyang was very embarrassed, and hurriedly said Director Wen, I mainly ask for instructions and report today.I checked online last night that there is still more than half a year before applying for the exam.You can t just apply for the exam.I just use this half a year to do some preparations.The young man thought charging was a good thing.Director Wen motioned him to sit down and said with a smile Xiao Han, studying is a cbd gummies online texas good thing, and the bureau must support it.Several people will take the judicial examination this year.Xu Weimin had no face to face Mr.Xu, drooping his head Squeak again.Han Chaoyang didn t expect that Dai Lishi wouldn t go back home, and would rather pick up trash outside than ask his relatives for help.But such a person vena cbd gummies cbd gummies online texas must not be allowed to continue wandering.He must be arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible, regardless of whether he commits crimes after escaping control.Get up, Han Chaoyang pulled him up again, and said sharply, Go, come with us to the west of the city, and take us to find Dai Lishi.Why don t you send him to the hospital for treatment Old Master Xu was angry again, pointing at his nose and growling If you tell you to go, go, why are there so many things Chapter 592 New Year s Eve 10 On New Year s Eve, only half of the police officers and auxiliary police officers at the Huayuan Street Police Station were on duty, and there were even cbd gummies online texas more police officers than usual.It s also a neighborhood committee.Our Taoyuan community has nothing.Then go Hey I m not from the Chaoyang community, will they let me in Originally worried about this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Don t worry, old comrades are welcome in the activity room, but young people are welcome as well.It s just that there are many entertainment activities for young people, so they may not be willing to go. Really People who are not from Chaoyang Community cbd gummies online texas can also go It s absolutely true, otherwise, I ll let Xiaokang take you back to rest kalki cbd gummies first Come over after dinner, and I will take you there and introduce you to some friends.The old factory manager of 527 Factory doesn t know if you know him, but he will definitely come in the afternoon, because there will be a performance tomorrow, so they have to hurry up in the afternoon Time for rehearsal.The leader is worried about whether the money advanced will be returned, but this worry is justified.Han Chaoyang answered yes, and then asked Director, there is one more thing.It has been 17 hours since Dai Lishi was arrested.He is suffering from uremia.His situation is quite special, but is it correct according to the case handling procedures Should he be placed under residential surveillance again Director Xing suddenly realized that he was so busy thinking about how to solve this difficult problem that he almost forgot that Dai Lishi was not only a sick suspect, but also a fugitive who had just been arrested.According to the case handling procedures of the public security organs, it is not acceptable to just lock him up in the Sixth Court.Director Xing thought for a while, and while walking towards the command hall, he held up his mobile phone and said, Just look after the person, and leave the procedures to me.Chapter jolly cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies san diego 605 Investment company After packing up the dormitory, Huang Ying came to the police office, and waited for her parents in law while accompanying Han Chaoyang.Father Han and Mr.Ma planned to come by tomorrow s long distance bus.Boss Miao heard that he The two wanted to see their son, and immediately decided to come and see their daughter together.Boss Miao has a car, although it is a van for pulling aquatic products, but he can still take a trip tinnitus cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies amazon as soon as he wants, so the two came together.Boss Miao and his wife On the way to Yanyang, Miao Haizhu naturally wanted to greet her.She changed into a long best cbd gummies for energy 2021 cbd gummies online texas black down jacket and ran over to wait together.Seeing the children s watch on the desk, Huang Ying curiously asked where it came from.Han Chaoyang explained After a while, he couldn t help laughing and said What s the use of sending me a watch without a mobile phone card, do you want me to apply for a card and charge tens of dollars for the phone bill I really don t know what Liu Suo thinks, when everyone else is an idiot.What kind of testimony We suspect that the two brats stole fake cigarettes, and we suspect that there are still cigarettes in the store.Fake cigarettes, Team Liang and the others are going through the formalities, and they will assist in the tobacco inspection later, isn t Boss Liu here It s just a suspicion now.Wait for the tobacco inspectors to come and take a look.The old factory manager is a senior smoker and hates counterfeit cigarettes very much.Han, it s okay to be a witness, I ll be there right away.I just want to know if the stolen cigarettes are really fake, not cbd gummy how long worth much, and not up to the standard of criminal responsibility, will those two little bastards be fine How could it be okay Han Chaoyang got up and walked to the window, holding up his mobile phone and explaining According to the filing standards, as long as someone breaks the door and breaks the window to burglary, no matter how much the stolen property is, it must be established as a criminal case.Sweeping out the door, he held the steering wheel and gritted his teeth and asked Chaoyang, what is this Aren t they crossing the river and destroying the bridge by doing this Xiaokang was more depressed than him, and couldn t help muttering This is crossing the river and demolishing bridges, this is removing mills and killing donkeys Han Chaoyang can understand their feelings, but as a leader , what he has to do now is definitely not to complain.While taking out his mobile phone to call the bureau, he smiled and comforted him Don t talk nonsense, they let us go back to the hotel to rest It s about us, and we really can t help here.What can t help, they don t let us interfere.This is cbd gummies online texas anti narcotics, not mediation of civil disputes, nor dealing with thieves who sneak through doors and pick locks.Heaven and earth.People go to high places and water goes to low places.There is nothing wrong with thinking like this, but grassroots work must be done by someone.If everyone takes the postgraduate entrance examination, everyone goes to the government, and everyone sits in the office, who will take care of social security Maintenance It turned out that the leader was worried about this hemp bombs cbd gummies 125 mg Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Zhou Ju, I really haven t thought about that.I m not afraid of your jokes.I didn t think about taking the postgraduate entrance examination a month ago.I didn t think about it a month ago, why do I suddenly think about it now A group of new policemen were assigned, and Sun Guokang, who found Qiao Peiming suspicious, was one of them.He was arranged to practice at the Huayuan Street Police Station, and Liusuo arranged him to our police office and let me be his teacher.The unit is a model, and I sincerely hope that everyone can inherit Comrade Liu Chengquan s behest, turn grief into strength, not forget the original intention, move forward with heavy burdens, and devote ourselves to future work with full enthusiasm.Make new contributions, create greater glories, and Practical actions to comfort the jolly cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies san diego spirits of our comrades in arms.Seeing the political commissar staring at him, Han Chaoyang quickly said, Yes.Political Commissar Huang nodded in satisfaction, and emphasized Comrade Cao Zefang, Comrade Han Chaoyang, Comrade Xu Hongliang, Captain Zhang, and Section Chief Xiao, the train runs fast, all thanks to the front belt In the past period of time, the public security of the Zhongshan Road Police District The reason why the inspection is carried out so well, and the reason why the voluntary security patrol brigade can do so much is inseparable from your close cooperation and excellent leadership.Understood, let me understand first.A cbd gummies online texas leader is a leader, and he does everything without leaking.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, opened the back door, walked to the carport of the medical staff of the Sixth Hospital, and dialed his senior brother.Bao Qingshan was looking at the WeChat transfer records of two suspects in an office on the first floor, and when he received a call from Han Chaoyang, he couldn t help laughing and said Chaoyang, the information is accurate, these four guys are playing really well, Judging from the WeChat transfer records of two of them, the winning and losing are as high as hundreds of thousands So many, big fish To us, it s a lot, but it s nothing to them.The four best cbd gummies for energy 2021 cbd gummies online texas are construction bosses, all drive luxury cars, and all spend a lot of money.Bao Suo, how to deal with it is your business, the top priority It is to turn the case into an iron case., Ltd.More than a dozen people live together, two or three women share a room, and four or five men share a room.It is said that four or five men squeezed into such a small space should be dirty and messy, but what I saw just now is just the opposite.Not only is it not dirty or messy, but it is clean and tidy.What s even more puzzling is that they claim to work in some technology cbd gummies online texas company, but at least five or six of them don t look like they work in an office building.To put it bluntly, those two middle aged women may not even be able to apply for office cleaners.The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more he felt that Guan Xiyuan s suspicion was justified, and asked in a low voice, Kang Suo, are you going to make a long term investment Kang Haigen took out his mobile phone to check the time, then raised his head and said, If it s a pyramid scheme, there must be more than this.I guess Xingji is still investigating the scene right now, so it s inappropriate for us to go there now.Ji Kaiyuan said displeased.Said that he thought that Gu Guoli would be worthless all his life, and he was still worthless in a white wana mango cbd gummies shirt.After all, he was still a policeman.He didn t expect that he would be as worthless after taking in an apprentice.He didn t have the drive and aggressiveness that young people should have.He simply stood up and said, It s not that we don t know the way.It s not suitable for you to go.It doesn t matter if Lao Wu and I go to have a look.Not to mention the technical police, even if Director Liu is there, he will have nothing to do with us.Uncle Ji, do you really want to go Go Anyway, I m idle, so that jolly cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies san diego s it, I ll call you if I HCMUSSH cbd gummies online texas have anything to do.Chapter 726 Murder 5 The Xinyuan Street Police Station, including Old Tang and Miao Haizhu, can be dispatched The police who came out were all interviewed and inquired about the residential quarters, businesses and shops around the old fertilizer factory at the request of the special case team, but the more tense the police force, the more the police situation became.Although I was the first to arrive at the scene, I was thinking about how to protect the scene.I only took two steps from the small tree to the bottom of the slope to confirm that it was a person.Go to the cesspool.Where is the reporter There is no one.Han Chaoyang looked up at the old men, then at Liu Jianye, and said in a positive tone I asked the reporter at the time, he He said that he hadn t gone to the fertilizer factory for a long time to lay cages.First, he put the ground cage on the concrete floor in front of the toilet.He planned to go to the river to see if there were any aquatic plants and whether the cage was ready.When he walked to the side of a small tree, he found a The person was lying there, and was so scared that he quickly used WeChat to call the police.As the deputy team leader of the special case team, Liu Jianye knew about these situations, and had read the reporter s transcript more than once, and just asked casually.The leader was in a bad mood, and Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say.At this time, Bureau Fan said with a smile Don t come up, I ll go down, wait for me The leader of the bureau was about to come down, Lao Ding didn cbd gummy experience t dare to sit in the co pilot, vena cbd gummies cbd gummies online texas and hurriedly pushed the door to get off.Fan Ju ran downstairs with his bag in his arms, greeted Lao Ding from a distance, walked over and got into the co pilot, put down his bag and fastened his seat belt and asked curiously Chaoyang, Lao Ding, what are your arrangements for the morning Report to Bureau Fan.There is no police report this morning.We plan to patrol nearby.Smiling on the back of the chair, he said, cbd gummies online texas Chaoyang, drive.I have nothing to do in the morning.I will walk around with you and get familiar with the environment.Okay, sit down.A grassroots police patrol together.Lao Ding realized that this was the last thing he wanted to mention, so he quickly changed his words Anyway, it is the kindness of the leader.This is the care and love for us.After all, the current security environment is different from before.There are really lunatics Because it s a big deal to retaliate against the society, individual cbd gummy and you can do anything.Otherwise, there would be no anti theft doors installed in the center, and the security guards at the branch office would not go best cbd gummies for energy 2021 cbd gummies online texas up and ask what they did when they saw strangers, so they would have to register first.Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and said absent mindedly, Just pretend it is.Our car will be parked in the hospital and in the backyard.Patting him on the shoulder, he continued, In terms does uly cbd gummies work of security measures, the most exaggerated thing is the city bureau.He took the USB flash cbd gummies online texas drive that had just copied the surveillance video from the security guard and said with a 3 year old got into cbd gummies smile, Ji Laogang and Wu Laogang called, and they immediately Come back, when they come back, I will invite everyone to have supper.Grandpa Gu felt like he was dreaming, and he couldn t believe that in just a few hours, he basically figured out 3.The truth of Case 14, I couldn t help laughing and said What time is cbd gummies online texas it now, it s almost the same for supper or breakfast.Bao Qingshan laughed and said Master, it doesn t matter if you have supper or early, anyway, I invite you.How could Grandpa Gu I don t know what he was thinking, but he said .

can you give cbd gummies to kids?

meaningfully Qingshan, I think Liu Jianye should invite this breakfast.It s just an early cbd gummies online texas best rated cbd gummies for pain relief meal, and it doesn t matter whoever invites you.Let him invite you, this piece is yours.Tao, I came all the way from Yanyang to look for you, why I found you, and what I found out about you, you should know in your heart I I really don t know what you know.The police are great.Don t scare me.Don t try to wrong me.She was not afraid at all, not even panicked at all.Qin Tao felt a little strange, and wondered if Feng Ju and Liu Jianye had made a mistake, so he simply put away his ID, took out his mobile phone to find a photo, and held the mobile phone in front of her Look who this is, do you know this person Yu Xiufen was stunned, hesitated for a while and said in a low voice I know.What s his surname, what s his name The surname is Teng, and his name is Teng Aihua.How did you know each other, what is your relationship After Qin Tao finished asking, he looked back to see if his men had turned on the law enforcement recorder.The police station checks the ID card, please open the door.Oh, here we come.A man s voice came from inside, and the voice was a little weak.After waiting for about a minute, the door opened from the inside, and a man in his forties appeared in front of him, with an unshaven beard, messy hair, and dirty clothes.He had obviously not showered for several days, and a sour smell wafted through his nostrils.Come.Not only did Jin Qingrong recognize at a glance that this was the suspect in the photo, but he also clearly saw that the man s right trouser leg was rolled up, his feet cbd gummies to wuit smoking were bare, and the tops of his feet were swollen, very swollen Jin Qingrong was so excited that he subconsciously yelled Wei Ping Ah The cbd gummies online texas man seemed to have some mental problems, so he let out an ah, still leaning on the door frame and looking at him blankly.Old Fan, I know you have an idea.After all, this matter cbd gummies online texas is more sensitive.If you just tell District Chief Liu like this, District Chief Liu may really think that you have accepted Xiao Xu and the others for something.Otherwise, why would you help Xiao Xu and the others fight for it To undertake the security of major events Now that those are not suitable, we can only retreat as Xiao Han proposed, first help solve the anti pickup funds, first keep the anti pickup team, and talk about other things later.Political commissar, speak from your heart I really don t want to care about it You are an old comrade and a member of the bureau s party committee, and you must focus on the overall situation.Commissar Huang touched his chin and said very seriously And the anti picking team is all party members and backbones.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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