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It is enough to leave two people in the office to sit on duty.Inform all those who are resting to come back to work overtime, do not go back to the office, and come directly to Factory 527.Be sure to act Hurry up The den was destroyed, and the can you drink on cbd gummies reddit suspects in the small den in the west of the city might abscond at any time.Liu Suo thought about can you od on cbd gummies it and emphasized again Let s make it clear to comrades that there are police cars for emergency missions, and there are police cars that can t fit in private cars.If you don t have a car, you can take a taxi It s 7 48, and I m HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects waiting here.You must arrive before 8 30, this is an order.There are 19 suspects on the west side of the city, and if you count the unidentified ones and the relatives of the suspects, there may be more than 30, and so many people must be arrested at once.

In the village, even the head of the resident group has a salary, which is paid every year and festival.But in the community, there is nothing to ask for.Not only do a few community workers have no staff, but their wages are extremely low, and even the insurance cannot be fully paid.The wages are low, but the work is heavy.Household registration, public security, family planning, conscription, civil affairs preferential treatment, patriotic health care, retirement, and employment security are either established or investigated, or expanded.Team leader, but it s just a vacant position, there is a name but no one, not to mention paying people s wages, not even a fruit, and I m embarrassed to keep asking people to do things, so these jobs are all done by our cadres and a few people.Community workers are working.

How can the good Huayuan Street Police Station be in your hands The local police force has become HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects insufficient.I haven t done my cbd high strength gummies cbd gummies dr oz job and basic work well, and you actually want to solve a big case.You are a police station, not a criminal police team Undoubtedly, the leader is saying that the police department is trying to participate in the investigation of the production and trafficking of false evidence.thing.If he hadn t fought for the jurisdiction of the case, and hadn t fought for the joint investigation with the Criminal Police Brigade, the police force in the office would undoubtedly be more abundant than it is now.Chapter Fifty ninth Invention Eleventh Due to the participation of Guan Xiyuan and other police, the efficiency of the investigation has increased several times at once.When Han Chaoyang arrived at the village, the investigation was nearing completion.

The colleagues in the office and the combatants in the street made two more victories one after another.First, two thieves suspected of theft were seized in the when should i take cbd gummies fifth team, and more than 20 mobile phones were seized from their rented houses The suspect, the van parked at the door of his rented house had 672 violations, and the traffic police team has been looking for him but has not been found.The victories are not small, but these victories have nothing to do with the Huayuan Street Police Station After working so hard until four o clock in the morning, not only was there no credit or hard work, but even all the previous efforts were in vain.The bureau leaders were very dissatisfied with the work in the institute.The director, trainer and several deputy directors had to reflect deeply, and ordinary policemen followed suit.

He didn t know how to explain everything that happened in the past 24 hours to Liu Suo who came back broad spectrum cbd gummies with melatonin tomorrow.Chapter 62 Really Unlucky The cbd gummy bears effects leaders did not leave like a superficial circle.They not only took over the microphone to explain the importance of floating population services and rental housing management to the villagers who were being punished, and explained the corresponding laws and regulations, but also accepted the five cbd gummies cbd gummy bears effects city TV station, the city newspaper and others on the spot.Interviewed by a reporter from the Municipal People s Broadcasting Station.After interviewing the leaders, the reporter randomly interviewed several villagers who were punished.What can the villagers say cbd gummy bears effects if they have been fined And this is going to be on TV.I admit to the camera that I have a weak awareness of the legal system.

He held up his mobile phone to take pictures and asked, What kind of publicity are you doing at night Who is this person Niu coax coquettish, like a leader.Zheng Xinyi cursed secretly, but still said with a smile Which unit do you belong to What can I do with Police Officer Han who is stationed in our police office Is there any mistake in your police office The young man was so dumbfounded that he thought he had nothing to say to the two voluntary security patrols, so he simply put away his phone, turned around and walked out.Wait, why are you like this Zheng Xinyi and Xiao Xu, the team member on duty tonight, chased to the door, and the young man had already run to the road and got into the car that had never been turned off.The middle aged man in a white police uniform looked at them through the glass and asked suspiciously What s the matter, which unit are they from Secretary Yu, they said they were from the Community Volunteer Security Patrol.

It is divided according to one street and one police station.Not only the police station, but also the criminal police team.It involves a series of issues such as household registration.Make full use of geographical advantages, strengthen the power of the police office, improve the working conditions of the police office, and build the Chaoyang Community Police Office into a comprehensive police platform.On the basis of the original, take into account the 110 of the University of Science and Technology, the Sixth Hospital custom made cbd organic gummies of the City, and the merchants along the street.Police situation, patrolling and anti terrorism and anti riot work.When it comes to Chaoyang community policing, Han Chaoyang dare not be absent minded.As soon as he raised his head, Director Du suddenly called his name Comrade Han Chaoyang, please stand up.

Who would go in except a fool Although Han Chaoyang s actions violated the principles, Gu Guoli didn t say anything, and sent Han Chaoyang to the police station before asking Xiaokang to send him home.He was so tired that Han Chaoyang didn t take a shower, so he fell asleep and fell asleep until 9 00 in the morning.Yu Zhenchuan was not there, nor was Grandpa Gu, and Chen Jie and patrol member Xiao Wu were on duty in front.Thinking cbd high strength gummies cbd gummies dr oz of the murder case discovered at night, Han Chaoyang couldn t care less about going to take a bath, so he hurriedly picked up his mobile phone and called Grandpa Gu.Master, I forgot to set the cbd gummy bears effects alarm clock when I was lying down, and I accidentally fell asleep.It s okay, young people should sleep more.Master, I woke up, and I can t sleep anymore.Where are you Where are you What are you doing I m in Chaoyang No.

Blockhole, I have encountered it before.If there is no clue, there is nothing to do.If there is a clue, it must be dealt with.But such a case not only needs to be caught, but also has a lot of evidence.Otherwise, he will only admit to doing it once, and he can only be fined.The cost of breaking the law is too low, and he cbd gummy bears effects will repeat the same tricks in another place.So I plan to arrange two team members to watch him and let him commit more crimes.No, how can I do this.Gu Guoli weighed it up and said in a low voice You report to the leader first, and arrange two team members to watch him first.I ll ask a few police stations around if there have been similar cases in their jurisdictions.both.Although the old man is not a leader, his face is sometimes greater than that of the leader.Han Chaoyang laughed and said, Great, collect more evidence, you may not be able to collect his fingerprints, but the small advertisement he posted on the rolling gate should still be there.

Jiang Xiaofang had always followed Jiang Xiaolan s lead, and seeing her sister was silent, she didn t dare to make trouble again.Han Chaoyang just stood by the grave, watching the two families burn paper and kowtow, and watch the two families dig out the urn and wrap it in red cloth to carry away.Zhang Beibei remained silent until the Jiang sisters and their respective families walked out of the woods, and then bowed deeply to Han Chaoyang and Tang Junwei who supported her together, then opened the plastic convenience bag, and burned the paper like the Jiang sisters did just now kowtow.Tang Junwei couldn t bear to let a girl pry the grave to get the urn.He couldn t help but turned around and said, Xiao Zhang, come and help me Chapter 106 Removing the eccentric master s grave is an important task, the working group Take care of the meal.

The mobile phone cannot be immersed in water.Han Chaoyang put Jingwutong and his mobile phone on the desk, and asked eagerly, Zhihu, where is Director Su Get out, our mouth has been sealed.Let me check the monitoring first.Han Chaoyang took the towel and wiped his face, and ran into the monitoring room inside, only to see the brightly lit underground parking lot on the monitor, Director Su , Manager Zhang and the traffic police who just arrived are directing the owner to drive out the car in an orderly manner, and wait for them to drive all cbd gummy bears effects koi cbd gummies delta 8 the cars away before dragging the vehicle that cannot be contacted by the owner.Sure enough, from the second, third, and fourth monitors, it was clear that the rain was rushing down the ramp from the ground to the basement.A female car owner saw that the ramp was flowing down like a small river, so she didn t dare to drive up, and she forgot to pull the handbrake.

Call later, by the way, what happened to the woman my master sent me in the morning.Thinking about it carefully, Chaoyang Community is really a good place, and you can always find valuable criminal clues.Chen Xiujuan put down the materials, looked up and said I have figured out the identity of the liar who cheated money and sex.He is not a policeman at all, let alone a department of the provincial department.Chief, he is not only a liar, but also has a criminal record.The criminal police team is busy investigating the murder case in Yangguan Village, so they don t care about such a small case.Let our office investigate and handle it, and Lao Ding and Da Zhuang are responsible.Are you clear I don t know, I want to know HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects and call Lao Ding.Although lukewarm, his attitude is much better than before, at least no more cynicism.

Master, you mean that Yang That case in Guancun Which other case can there be Gu Guoli looked back at the two of them, raised his arm and pointed at Yu Zhenchuan Zhenchuan heard it when he answered the phone, and Director Feng was very happy, saying that the clues you provided can be solved.Set the direction for the next investigation work.If the case can be successfully cracked and the murderer can be successfully captured, you will be able to make a great contribution.It s really a good thing, Han Chaoyang grinned and said Actually, it doesn t matter if you make a contribution or not, the key is to be able to help Busy.Besides, Yangguan Village will be under my jurisdiction from tomorrow, and it is also my job to provide clues for the criminal investigation department.Don t be surprised, this kind of mentality is needed to do work.

It has reached more than 3,100, and the village is really overcrowded, especially Xiangyang Road, which is full of people at night, and there are cases of fighting and theft every three days, and the formation of the joint defense team really cannot be delayed.Being able to mention the sub subject is emotional, and the work is not active.There was a murder case buy now pay later cbd gummies in Yangguan Village just now.Director Cai didn t want another accident in Yangguan Village, so he muttered, Xiao Han, don t worry, I ll call him and tell him.Thank you, Director Cai.Thank you very much., you are also for work, and this is also my job.The cadres who were assigned to the villages to concurrently serve as village party secretaries were all cadres with no future, Xu Hongliang didn t think it was a big deal to offend Chu Guogang, and was about to ask Teacher Ma How is cbd gummy bears effects the money raised, should I help you figure out a way, the phone that Han Chaoyang had just hung up suddenly rang.

If there were many, those unscrupulous online loan companies would not be able to survive at all.Thinking about those people whose identities were falsely used as the ultimate unlucky ones, I felt that there should not be many such people, and there should be no such people, otherwise a large number of people would be unlucky because their identities were falsely used.Just as he was thinking wildly, Dui He s cell phone rang.Really, that s great, yes, I ll be there right cbd joint pain gummies away He team, what s the situation, do you want us to help Gu Guoli asked subconsciously.He Yichang put down his phone, looked at Grandpa Gu, then at Han Chaoyang, and said excitedly The Serious Crime Squad has made a major discovery, and it really is the authorities who are obsessed with the bystanders.Chaoyang, you have done a great job again What s the merit, why can t a bystander know I don t have time to explain now, and I can t reveal the details of the case, just wait and see.

Zheng Xinyi, who was on duty today, didn t know why, she didn t like this beautiful southern girl in front of her from the bottom of her heart, so she just packed up her things, got up and opened the door of the partition, apparently planning to go to the backyard from the inside.She had to accept Han Chaoyang if she didn t receive her, so she walked to the police station and asked with a smile, Miss Zhang, what s the cbd gummy bears effects matter.Zhang Beibei smiled at Yu Zhenchuan who was looking at her, turned his eyes to Han Chaoyang, and asked with an embarrassed face Officer Han, at noon, I saw people from your patrol team putting up posters in the village.The poster said that you are recruiting voluntary patrol members.I can t go to work because of demolition and lawsuits.Name, I wonder if you accept it It said it was a poster, but it was actually dozens of sheets of A4 paper, printed with the help of the proprietress of the typing and copying shop next door, and stamped with the seal of the neighborhood committee.

I made a few jokes with her.She called me after the exam, and we went out to play secretly.I found that love at first sight is a lie.It develops too fast and ends too quickly.She After passing the exam, they blocked me.Did anything happen Huang Ying asked again.It s also cuddling, and the time is very short.Didn t go out to open a room How is it possible, we went out to play secretly, my mother kept calling me, and her mother kept calling her, afraid to go back It was too late, and they were still separated when they returned to the hotel, she went in first, and I waited for ten minutes before going in.This time it was an Aventure , but he was dumped.Huang Ying thought it was a bit funny, thought about it, and asked, The sixth time It s a bit embarrassing to say it for the sixth time.I m too kind, and I was taken advantage of by others.

I just called and asked, and they said that they never There is no such person in the cbd gummy bears effects photos, medigreen cbd gummies shark tank but the photos are a bit out of shape, and they are not sure if there is such a person.No matter how out of shape, the patient can t go anywhere, and the patient should not be renting in Chaoyang Village and Yangguan Village.The patrol cars all went out, Han Chaoyang lifted the cover and walked into the office area, opened the drawer and took out the police car keys, picked up the big brimmed hat from the police station, and said without looking back, I ll go to some nearby construction sites to ask.Zhang Beibei stood up abruptly and asked eagerly, Da Han, are you going alone In the afternoon, I just promised my prospective girlfriend that I would renew my life and turn over a new leaf.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to attract others, so he turned around and said, Visiting and inquiring, it s not to catch suspects, nothing will happen, you and Xinyi will find out again.

Surprise, then I won t shoot.Yingying Ying, sit down, where are you from, and where do you work Here it is again, Han Chaoyang can t help but laugh.Huang Ying realized that this policewoman was not only very powerful, but also had an unusual relationship with the unlucky Dan s family.She answered every question and acted like she didn t know how ladylike she was.Waiter, let s have a bottle of Coke, a big one.Miao Haizhu felt that freshly squeezed juice was too expensive, so she asked for the drink carelessly, and then asked like a leader Chaoyang, you will take the law enforcement qualification exam as soon as your probationary period is over.Training will definitely be organized, but it won t take long, and cramming is not enough.Have you read the book and prepared No, I didn t take care of it.

He checked cbd gummy bears effects the law enforcement recorder again, showed his credentials, opened the folder and made records and asked, Cao Xiang, you drove the black Honda car downstairs with the license plate Yan B361V8 just now He didn t pay attention to the police ID just now, Also pay attention to his self introduction.Now that the car is mentioned, Cao Xiang suddenly realized that the hat worn by this old policeman is different from that of a young policeman.This old policeman is not from the police station, but from the traffic police team The car is mine, but I didn t drive today.Didn t drive today Lao Ji glared at him and said coldly, There are surveillance cameras all over the community, and there are surveillance cameras at several intersections outside the community.Who drove in, came back from which direction, who drove it, the surveillance video is clear, you are talking nonsense with your eyes open, your nonsense is too outrageous.

How do I live with such a wife Han Chaoyang really sympathized with what cbd gummy bears effects happened to him, so he greeted him and Dai Jisheng to get on the what are the best brand of cbd gummies for kids electric patrol car, leaned on the steering wheel and asked, How will she run, drive a car or ride an electric car My family only has this car, and she usually takes the bus.If you go to work by car, you should take a taxi, or maybe you can walk.Han Chaoyang looked back at his car parked in front of the police station, thought about it and asked, Where do you cbd gummy bears effects think she will go, back to her mother s house, or to relatives and friends Home I called and asked all of them, not only I couldn t cbd gummy bears effects get in touch with her, but her parents couldn t get in touch with her family s relatives, her mother was in a hurry and asked me to find her quickly, if If you can t find it, come to me tomorrow to settle the score.

The funniest thing is that just after forwarding the news about tonight s show on the patrol official account to Moments, dozens of people liked it, including cbd gummy bears effects Liu Suo, Guan instructor and other colleagues in the unit, as well as Zhou who just added as a friend last night.Game Chaoyang, let me take a look, yes, that s it.Su Xian was not at ease, and actually checked one by one.After reading them one by one, she said with regret It s still too late.If I thought cbd gummy reddit about it earlier, if you The Most Handsome Policeman was launched when it was the hottest, and now it has 80,000 followers even if it doesn t have 100,000 followers.Since you missed it, you can only make up for it, Xinyi is trying to find a way to attract people who used to follow you.Director Su, what if there is one more follower and one less follower, we are applying for registration in the name of a government department, too many advertisements will have a negative impact.

What about the hospital, can the hospital reduce What This is the first time the police office has encountered this kind of thing, but the Sixth City Hospital has encountered it many times.Lu girl said with a bitter face Our hospital can reduce part of it, but it is only a part.You are old and It s not that I don t know, there are many people who look down on this kind of serious disease.If one comes to reduce one, our hospital will close in a few days.And the child s relatives are away, no one signs, and even bone marrow biopsy can t be done, let alone chemotherapy , let alone bone marrow transplantation.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, then suddenly raised his head and asked, Director Su, I remember that there seems to be an abandoned baby island in Yanyang, where they specialize in helping abandoned babies, with special funds and social donations Why don t we contact them It s closed early.

He raised his arm and pointed to the entrance All the things inside are arranged, and they are all marked with numbers.You can t move around.Go outside and see if there is any chair delivery car.Didn t leave, didn t leave, just let them borrow it, there should be more. Section Chief Zhang, will he lend it to me Just tell me what I said, they have my phone number. Thank you, Section Chief Zhang.Luck Yes, he ran to the parking lot outside the square out of breath, but the big truck delivering the plastic chairs did not leave.The boss who rented these things called Section Chief Zhang to confirm that they could be borrowed, and asked Han Chaoyang to unload them from the truck himself.There were more than 30 patrol members in the choir, and Han Chaoyang didn t need to do anything at all.Factory Manager Wang not only took a good look at the place as soon as cbd gummy bears effects he got out of the car, he even asked the chorus members to enter the venue to find out who owned the cars parked at the entrance, and he really let them find the owner of the car, who was also easy to talk, and immediately ran back to move the car.

Han Chaoyang has only started working cbd high strength gummies cbd gummies dr oz for a few days, and the probationary period has not yet expired, so it is too early to talk about this.The district leaders are very satisfied with that boy, especially Secretary Yang The municipal bureau and the provincial department may not necessarily want it, and it is hard to say in the district.Is it easy to get a most handsome policeman from the branch office HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects He reminded Boss Zhou, Lao Gu will retire in a few months., it is unrealistic to consider an administrative position now, but he can be included in the party member development plan at the end of the year.He has done a good job in the community and the masses like it very much.Even if we don t nominate him, Secretary Yang will probably propose it. Yes, There is no problem with these two points.

The transfer procedure was finally completed in the morning, and such a good house is reluctant to be rented to others, and usually no one lives there unless it is rented out.It s worth several million, and cbd gummy bears effects the pressure to repay the loan is so great, it s really a waste to leave it empty.Han Chaoyang looked back at Huang Ying and said with a smile, Mom, I have no objection.I ll listen to you.Your parents bought the house for you.Even our house will be yours in the future.You will be the head of the household in the future., How can you have no objection.Mom, I really have no objection.The mother in law has absolutely nothing to say, not only phil mickelson cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummy bears effects to help share the mortgage, but even suggested that the young couple can live here.There are also three bedrooms and one living room here, and I and Lao Han can also live here when they come over in the future.

Even the director If there five cbd gummies cbd gummy bears effects is no time to come, the political commissar will also come.If the director and the political commissar don t come to show that the sub bureau doesn t take this matter seriously, deputy director Jiang made up his mind.If the director and political commissar of the Yandong sub bureau don t come, the patrol team will patrol the school as it is now.For our sake, don t expect us to help you.But these words can only be kept in the heart, it is impossible to tell a small policeman.He smiled slightly, and continued Finally, let me introduce the situation of our security department.In fact, our full name is not the security department, but the security department and security department of the party committee of Yanyang University of Science and Technology.The brand of the office.

But as soon as you walk out of the police station, you will find that this place is especially suitable for cultivation When I first came here, I saw a big sign saying People of Xinying Township welcome you erected on the side of a dirt hill, and I saw some government slogans brushed on the side of the hill along the road.The instructor Hang said that, but turned right along the big sign, and only saw a There is a three story building and a two story police station.There is a row of low houses at the corner, a small shop with a small shop, a small restaurant and a small hospital that doesn t look like a hospital.Then there is nothing.Yes The terrain is very high, the view is very good, there is an iron tower on the top of the mountain behind the township government, and the mobile phone signal is also very good.

The headquarters informed Feng Changdong that he was wearing a gray jacket on top and light blue on the bottom.Jeans, brown leather shoes, and a black travel bag.When he absconded from his uncle Feng Guobao s house at about 10 20 yesterday morning, he had two bottles of Wahaha mineral water and no dry food.The headquarters asked us to Pay attention to safety, and report any traces of it in time.Have a gun Yes, it has been confirmed.Feng Guobao told Feng Changdong that he has a pistol on him.From Feng Guobao s description, it should be a May 4th military pistol.Or an imitation May 4th pistol, how many rounds of bullets are unknown, so the headquarters asked us not to act rashly when we found its trace.That bastard actually has a gun He was so close to him yesterday morning, if Jiang Li caught up with him when he chased him out, and he stubbornly resisted and shot, then the person who is going to be rounded up now is likely to be a fugitive suspected of killing three people, including a cbd platinum gummies policeman.

For us policemen, there is no truth without video But if you don t listen to it, don t listen to it, don t take it seriously, it s all right now, let s figure it out Chapter 271 Good people should have good rewards The purpose of organizing the police to study and communicate has been achieved, and the results achieved have even far exceeded expectations.Political Commissar Huang didn t want to get involved in the big troubles that the Longdao County Public Security Bureau was facing.As soon as the Disciplinary Committee, inspectors, and procuratorates finished their inquiries, they took Han Chaoyang back to the hotel.The plan of free activities made Jian Yunping change the ticket online, and decided to take the train at 5 20 this afternoon to return to Yanyang.Xinlan City may not be as big as Yandong District, so there is really nothing to do.

If you don t give an explanation, he will How do you keep your head up, and how do you continue to be the head of willie nelson cbd oil and gummies the police station What did the chief say The chief told him to go to the Commission for Discipline Inspection.Did he look for it Yes, and more than once.He agreed to part of his demands.The township government will come forward and convene all the village cadres in the township and the village representatives of the village where the fighting parties are located to announce the truth of the matter and make the villagers cbd gummy bears effects who falsely accused him apologize.Commissar Huang murmured It s no wonder that the Disciplinary Committee wants to make a statement.No wonder he s been the head of the police station for so many years. Political commissar, anyway, I think good people will be rewarded, and he will definitely survive.

Something is wrong The words were clear and there were almost no loopholes, but it was also impossible to verify, and it was obvious that some preparations had been made.Han Chaoyang secretly cursed that he really knows how to make up, and couldn t help but want to ask what happened to the Apple mobile phone, Zhu Youwei suddenly grinned and said Although I was fooled by them, I didn t suffer.My ID card and mobile phone They made excuses and took it away.When I ran over the wall, I took a mobile phone while they were not paying attention.Officer Han, I never thought of stealing.I wanted to find a mobile phone to call the police, but I ran out to see , the mobile phone has no SIM card.Officer Han, my Youwei s mobile phone was also taken away by those gangsters who killed thousands of dollars, and how long do cbd gummys alst they almost suffered a big loss His heart was finally relieved, and of course he wanted to speak for his son.

Since there is a problem, investigate it, dig deep Vice Minister Jiang has a clear attitude and will never condone traitors.He knocked on the table and emphasized Suspected of stealing more than 20,000 cash, what kind of concept cbd gummy bears effects is this, three years is no problem School It is stipulated that if the theft exceeds 500 yuan, you will be expelled.You can investigate how you want, and you can detain you if you need to be detained.Don t have any scruples.Grandpa Gu feels that the world has changed a lot.In his opinion, schools should Taking the attitude of education, protection, and rescue, I never thought that the school s attitude would be so tough.Minister Jiang, the procuratorate stipulates that criminal responsibility should be investigated if the value of the case exceeds 2,000 yuan.The amount involved in the case is 20,000 yuan, which is ten times the minimum standard.

Now the most important thing is to increase the school s popularity, but it must not be famous because of this Vice Minister Jiang was just angry just now, not indifferent to Zhu Man s life and death.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished his sentence, he said firmly Contact first to find out where she is.Dean Zhong, you d better give her the information yourself.Call her parents and talk to her parents.At this time, her parents words are more convincing than ours.Okay, I ll call myself.Although he didn t ask a word, Old Tang has figured out the ins and outs of what they said.I don t know how many times I have encountered loan disputes before, and I don t need to ask carefully to know that female college students owe a lot of cbd gummy bears effects koi cbd gummies delta 8 debts.Rolling from 10,000 to 300,000 to 400,000 sounds outrageous, but a single debt is at most unaffected.

They couldn t steal the big ones and the whole rolls, because they were too heavy. What s the name Do you know their names Little boy, I really don t know their names, but I know them.One belongs to Li Weikang s family in the fourth team, and the other belongs to Xia Er s family in the fourth team.There are a few others I don t know.They may be their classmates., we are not in the same village.Compared to Chang Mazi and that Lu Hong, Han Chaoyang felt that these brats were more likely to play pranks.Recorded the names of their parents, and asked Master Du, are there any mentally ill people around Crazy , I should be twenty three or four year old this year.I wasn t stupid before, but I was very smart when I was young.Isn t it fun when the child is two or three years old Just like that, I was so stupid.

Seize the opportunity, you are engaging in individual heroism, this is the division of labor, do you understand Community police do community work, public security police do super cbd gummies cbd high strength gummies security prevention, and criminal police solve cases.If everyone is like you, the world will be in chaos.Chapter 305 Cold treatment Renhe County has become famous again, and the netizens who posted the video indicated the time and place of the black boss picking up the bride , and it is being read from the Internet.From the few small videos that were reposted frantically, it did happen in cbd gummy bears effects Renhe County.The county leader was very angry.As soon as he received the report from the cadre monitoring public opinion, he called Ji Yuqin, the deputy county magistrate and director of the Public Security Bureau, and asked the Public Security Bureau to re mobilize and redeploy the special campaign against gangsters and eradicate evil, and immediately figure out the gathering crowd.

You haven t been able to rest since you returned from the exchange in the Northwest, so you can go back and rest for an afternoon.Bureau Fan bowed his head.Looking at the schedule, he continued The morning after tomorrow, visit and study cbd gummy bears effects the joint logistics work of our Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station, that is, visit your comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.You must participate in the whole process of this visit.Listen to your introduction, you can use tomorrow afternoon to prepare.Yes The people who come are different from those who go, and the arrangements for exchange activities are also different.In the past, cbd gummy bears effects the police from the sub bureau had to go to the grass roots units to learn and communicate with their classes, but the main activity of the section level cadres of the Longdao County Public Security Bureau who came this time was to visit.

Han Chaoyang looked at the tall buildings rising from the ground in the northeast direction, and murmured, The residential area and commercial area should be there.Isn t there in the navigation, turn left at the second intersection ahead, sure Over there.While chatting, an unfamiliar phone number called, and Han Chaoyang hurriedly pressed the call button.Director Han, Li Kaiyi of my serious crime team, we just arrived at the Changfeng Street Police Station, when will you arrive Han Chaoyang had a little impression of Li Kaiyi.When the branch organized the police to rehearse songs to participate in the August 1st Song Festival organized by the district, the criminal police brigade sent the least number of policemen, with an average of two to three people in a squadron, and the serious crime squadron was even rarer, with only Li Kaiyi alone, and she always went out of tune when cbd gummy bears effects singing.

Okay, 4 o clock is 4 o clock, I am waiting for your cbd gummy bears effects good news.Director Feng looked back at Ju Ju Qiu, gripped the phone tightly and said meaningfully Ju Zhou, there will be no problems on my side.A cooked duck will never fly away.The key is the special case team, They are also moving very fast, I am worried that I will not be able to tell clearly in the future.What is unclear Zhou Ju asked back, and Ninjun couldn t help cbd gummy bears effects but said Teng Jiming informed Xiao Han of the progress, and assigned Xiao Han the task of visiting the 4S shop for inquiries, but when did he report, and what time did he give Xiao Han the report assigned tasks.When he assigned the task, we had already subpoenaed several people involved in gambling, and it was clearly written in the HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects transcript, what time was the subpoena, and what time did the questioning begin, this cannot be faked.

Chapter 366 Start a business in a blink of an eye and come back for three days, go to work on time, and get off work at the right time.After work, you can either go shopping with Xie Lingling, or go shopping with Director Su or Chen.Jie had dinner together, even though Han Chaoyang was not around, Huang Ying had a fulfilling life.Yesterday I made an appointment with Chen Jie to go to the movies tonight, and I hurried to the police station on an electric scooter, only to meet an acquaintance whom I hadn t seen for a long HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects time.Yingying, hurry up and wash your hands at the back, this is what Beibei brought, it s delicious Chen Jie greeted happily, seeing Xiaokang sniggering, she hurriedly took out a tissue to wipe the corners of her mouth.Yingying, this is yours.Zhang Beibei pointed to a small box of beautifully packaged chocolate cake, and got up to help her lift the cover of the police station.

It can be used as a boo head to promote it.It s so mysterious and terrifying.Many people really have a curiosity seeking mentality.Hmm If it is true If I can do it, I must make a show about telling ghost stories in the woods at night, it must be very exciting Chapter 367 Running away again It was already Thursday afternoon when Han Chaoyang drove back to Yanyang.The first thing he did when he came back was to go to the prospective father in law s house, and gave the car and the fresh vegetables and fruits brought from his hometown to Huang s father and Huang s mother.If it is a weekend, you must not leave when you come.But today is not the weekend.In the past few days, Huang s father and Huang s mother ate at work at noon.When it was time, Huang s mother asked him to go back to the police station very easily.

With the assistance of the security police, the criminal police led the team turned into the yard and opened the gate from the inside.Director Su followed him in with a flashlight.The criminal police patted the living room door and scolded Luo Changqing, The police are handling the case, open the door quickly We know you are at home, if you don t open the door, we will ram the door Comrade police, what are you doing at my house.Finally the lights came on inside, and a man s voice finally came.You know what you did.As soon as the door was opened a crack from the inside, the criminal policeman pushed it in, and while gesturing for the security police and auxiliary policemen to search, he took out a police card and a search warrant See clearly, I am Lu Xulin, a police officer from Yandong Sub bureau of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau, and we suspect that you are involved in the collection and sale of stolen goods, and this is a search warrant Is it a blessing or a curse Luo Changqing drooped his head and didn t dare to say anything, but he wasn t particularly scared.

All the village cadres arrived, and they all stood in the yard, not daring to speak.Director Cui walked into the conference room and asked solemnly, Yue Zhi, have you counted how many stolen cars have been seized Chief Yue of the criminal police detachment of Yanyang City boulder cbd gummies Public Security Bureau is mainly coordinating tonight, let s see if he is following him The Jiangxi County Public Security Bureau colleague behind him turned around and said, Old Feng, you report.Yes Deputy Director Feng looked down at the latest statistics, and said calmly, Report to Bureau Cui.The deadline is three minutes ago., A total of 428 stolen cars were seized, including 391 electric cars and 37 bicycles Eighty six suspects suspected of operating stolen cars were arrested, but there must be more than that many who actually participated in the sale of stolen goods , because from what we know, they are all family run operations, even the elderly and children are involved.

Advertiser Han Chaoyang was stunned.Miao Haizhu was much more sober than Han Chaoyang who was so sleepy and yawning, he couldn t help laughing I checked the Internet on the mobile phone on the way, and I don t know all the procedures of the hospital that treats male diseases, but the black broadcast The magic medicine India A8, which has been so hyped up, was blacklisted by the Provincial Food and Drug Administration as early as last year.Food and Drug Administration help us determine the seriousness of the case How can the Food and Drug Administration help us identify it Kang Haigen smiled and said meaningfully But if the Food and Drug Administration and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau can seize a large number of counterfeit and shoddy drugs from distributors in accordance HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects with the law with our assistance, it will be verified that there are cases including those in India.

It s the same with the satellite TV receiver in the past.Zhang Zhishu said by analogy The manufacturer can produce it, and the wholesale market can sell it, and you can do it too.It can be bought, but it can t be pretended or used, and it will be confiscated if people from the Radio, Film and Television Bureau see it.Thinking about it was a bit contradictory, Han Zhaoyang realized it, and couldn t help laughing Since they didn t produce and sell illegally, then we There is no need to go to Dongguang, and it is useless.You can find the manufacturer to find out the situation.After finally getting a clue, Miao Haizhu really didn t want to just give up.Han Chaoyang really didn t want to go, and reminded Sister Miao, those bosses are so smart now, they can give you the customer information, which is a commercial secret If you fight hard with them, they will hire a lawyer to talk to you, Even call 110 to call the police.

He put on his clothes, cotton cap and gloves and rushed to the police station on foot.Bai Qi assigned tasks to everyone.Comrades, the street leaders said that we don t need to take care of Zhongshan Road, but everyone has also seen that the sanitation vehicles just shovel the snow to the side.If it is not cleaned up in time, it will be more difficult to clean up when the snow melts and freezes.Kang Institute The forklifts and dump trucks that the boss helped us contact will cbd high strength gummies cbd gummies dr oz be here soon, we will divide the work, the first and second squadrons are in charge of Zhongshan Road, the third squadron is in charge of Hebin Road, and the fourth squadron Just as he was talking, the first team consisted of nine loaders , three bulldozers, and thirteen dump trucks drove over rumblingly under the guidance of 110 police cars.

Well, be careful.There was a sound of footsteps.Looking back, Cao Zefang, Zhang Zhishu, Director Xie, Lao Jin, Xu Hongliang, Zhang Beibei and others poured in from the back door.With so many people coming in at once, the case handling area suddenly became very crowded.Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin simply opened the cover and left.Go outside the police station, stand outside and watch Cao Zefang, Zhang Zhishu and the others say hello to Kang Haigen.Zhang branch secretary, Chaoyang, since the Kang Institute already knows, let s talk about it here.Cao Zefang finished the greetings with Kang Haigen, then turned around and smiled Considering the old houses in the 527 factory, the court went from sealing up to There is a process for the public auction, and it may take half a year at the earliest, so we can t rush it, in fact, it s not a bad thing, at least we have enough time to demonstrate the project, and we can take all aspects into consideration first.

Compared with Yanyang City or Fengyong County, Aikou Town, located in the mountainous area in the northwest of Fengyong County, is colder in winter, especially late at night, when the outdoor temperature only reaches minus ten degrees.The mountain has been closed since autumn, and it will be closed until spring when the flowers bloom.During the months when the mountain is closed to protect the forest, no tourists can be seen, and few people can be seen on the mountain road leading to the pass scenic spot.It is deserted, and many farmhouses are closed because of no business, and they will reopen in a few months when there are tourists.Sansao Leisure Farm may be the only farmhouse around the scenic area that insists on operating.Although other houses are closed and there is no competition, there is also no business.

Master Yu, is your hometown the same as Nie Haichao s Yes, One township, not one village.Has he contacted you in the past two days Yu Changshan didn t think Nie Haichao could do anything wrong, so he took out his cell phone and said without any concealment Yes, he resigned.I should be on the train for a while.I am the only chef here, and I really can t leave, otherwise I will definitely go to the train station to send it off.Han Chaoyang asked, When was the last time I contacted you Just returned it to me I called and said that Xiao Wu, also a fellow villager, introduced him to a job.The key point is that Xiao Wu is unreliable in doing things, and he has no idea.He plans to go home and stay for two days.Please let me help to see if there is a place to recruit a chef.Han Chaoyang thought to himself, this is right, how can a person be idle all the time, Nie Haichao can t always turn off his phone, he must turn it on and call his fellow countrymen, especially colleagues, please Colleagues help introduce jobs.

Did you hear that, thirty eight, pay the fare first.Police Uncle, I have something to do and I want to go home, so why pay the fare if I don t get home This kid not only looked suspicious but also smelled of alcohol, Han Chaoyang gave him cbd high strength gummies cbd gummies dr oz a hard look I have something to go home, why worry Go back and pay the fare quickly, should I give it in cash or use my mobile phone The young man realized that it was difficult to get out, so he could only say unhappily Cash.Which pocket is the money in In the inside HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects pocket.Han Chaoyang reached into his pocket and took out a wallet, took out a 50 bill from the wallet, and handed it to the driver.The driver opened the top of his head to check the authenticity, and while he was busy looking for change, he asked, Comrade police, do you want a ticket What do you think Oh, just hit it.

The leader s request must be fully implemented.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to follow Director Wen to the office of the Political Department, and did not cbd gummy bears effects return to the police office until after 6 pm.Huang Ying got off work early, and was anxiously waiting in the police room.When she saw him, she asked unhappily, How did you get this far Didn t you agree to take half a day off to accompany your mother to go around the city The leader asked me to talk about work, and you think I can ask for leave Han Chaoyang pulled out the extension strip from the police station, plugged it in and charged Chen Jie s electric car.What kind of job does the bureau leader want to talk to you about as a policeman Huang Ying was dubious.There are too many, there are good things, but there are also troublesome things.

I m gone but I ve been in the WeChat group you built, didn t you ask us to keep an eye out for clues in the group yesterday, I sent a WeChat message, maybe you didn t see it, so I made this call.The WeChat group is managed by Wu Junfeng, Wu Junfeng turned his back on the street, maybe he didn t bother to look at his phone.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and hurriedly said, Sorry, I m a bit busy today.Mr.You, what did you find Officer Han, I live in Chenjiaji now.The house next door to mine has people gathering to gamble for the past few days.At night, the gate is full of cars, all of which are full of luxury cars.The alley is so congested that cars cannot pass.Every night, they gamble.At three or four o clock in the morning, there was not much movement at first, and the movement has become more and more serious since the day before yesterday.

We contacted the others ourselves, without going through the security brigade.Yes, so you will get the year end bonus soon.So it doesn t matter if you fail the exam , It s good to be a security guard.The security company is getting more and more popular, and even Old Tang couldn t help laughing Chaoyang, I forgot to tell you that half of the owners in Xinmin Community have agreed to set up an owner s meeting and hire a property company.According to the regulations It will take some time from the preparation to the official establishment, but many owners don t want to wait any longer.They ask whether the property company can move in early.Xinmin Community plans to hold a coordination meeting tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.Please ask the cbd gummy bears effects owner s representative to talk with Manager Zhang to see if it can be done in time Stationed before the Spring Festival.

I thought that Lao Ding and Wu Wei would not participate, but I didn t expect them to arrive just after the security team at PolyU was assembled.Han Chaoyang pulled the two of them aside and asked in a low voice, How was yesterday afternoon Did you have any clues to visit Xu Aimin and Dai Lishi Old Ding looked back at Cao Zefang cbd gummy bears effects and others who were walking this way, and said helplessly Running all afternoon, I almost dug the ground three feet.It was not until the team was about to close that they found out that they had been to a rental house a few days ago.They didn t rent it there, but went to a peddler who rented cbd gummy bears effects it there Money.The peddler stayed in Lianglin for a while before, and he was quite familiar with Dai Lishi.He also knew Dai Lishi s character, so he didn t dare to lend him money, so he took care of a meal.

It was so shocking, and the strong reaction of netizens was completely expected.Director Wen and I felt that this It s just the beginning, after all, it s only been two hours since the video was uploaded, and as netizens continue to forward it spontaneously, the impact will become bigger and bigger.So Han Chaoyang will become more and more popular Definitely.Promoting the most handsome policeman is promoting the Yandong branch.How can Zhou Ju miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, pondering Isn t there still a few paragraphs, you should study it, grasp the rhythm, and choose the best time to post it on the Internet one after another.We are responding to netizens doubts, and we can t just publicize that the young man has How heroic, but also to show that the young man has leadership abilities.

I asked why I went to Taoyuan, and they said you know. Don t you say that I almost forgot that Aunt Ye and Teacher Liang are still in the neighborhood committee Yes, they seem to be It s a meeting, I just finished it when I came here, and I m talking in the lobby.Okay, I ll call Auntie Ye first.When I went to make a bed in the dormitory opposite, Chen Jie briefly introduced the situation of the Zhongshan Road police area.It was unlucky enough to be assigned to the police station, but I didn t expect to be assigned to the Zhongshan Road Police District, which only received police but did not handle cases.What is the difference between this and being assigned to the Special Patrol Brigade If there is a choice, I would rather go to the special patrol brigade, at least the police brigade is an official establishment, what is the voluntary security patrol brigade, and patrol the streets with the auntie of the neighborhood committee wearing red sleeves What is even more depressing is that he actually wants to worship a policeman who is younger than himself as his master The police academy has been in vain for a few years.

His experience is similar to that of Wu Wei.He went to the police school for seven HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects or eight years, but his education is better than Wu Wei s.He is a master s degree student.It is said that his grades and performance in the police school are very good, otherwise it would be impossible.Get admitted to the police and civil servants of our branch.People walk to high places, and water flows to low places.After graduating from college, who doesn t want to stay and work in a big city In the past two years, the position of police officer in the Yandong branch was not very popular, but now it is very popular.Hundreds of people applied for one position, so that Chen Jie and Xiaokang were not sure that they would be able to pass the five cbd gummies cbd gummy bears effects exam.position.Huang Ying felt that Han Chaoyang was very lucky.If he was two years later, he might not even have the qualifications to apply for the exam.

Busy all day Well, Han Chaoyang almost forgot about it when he was reading and preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination when he had time these two cbd gummies for muscle relaxation days.Is there any value in the cbd high strength gummies cbd gummies dr oz reported situation I cbd gummies lafayette indiana don t know the value of the clue until the case is solved and the suspect is arrested.How exciting it is to solve a big case Just as Sun Guokang wanted to take this opportunity to ask the young master how he had collected the clues, Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Brother Xu, why did you think of calling me Are you in Yanyang or your hometown He said nervously Chaoyang, didn t you ask us to help you pay attention to the clues of the crime during the last meal I just came out of Kaluodi and went to the bathroom while waiting for the proprietress to settle the accounts.Kaluodi, you have been there, The cbd nightime gummies bathroom is on the second floor, and you have to pass through several boxes, do you know what I saw What did I see Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.

Sun Guokang said with a bitter face ButBut we don t understand either Han Chaoyang turned on the police lights, held the steering wheel tightly and said with a smile, If you don t know, you don t know, but you have to go, otherwise he really smashed the weak electric box, and if you can t see the Spring Festival Gala He s not the only one, maybe the residents of the whole building won t be able to see the Spring Festival Gala or even access the Internet, and it s deliberately sabotaged, so we ll have to call the police. What s the matter, when our police are omnipotent.Isn t that what the community police do Han Chaoyang asked back, concentrating on driving without saying anything.Hurriedly rushed to Xinjiang Garden in Taoyuan Community, found the caller according to the address forwarded by Xiaokang, knocked on the door and saw that there was an old man in this house, his wife passed away half a year ago, the portrait was placed in the living room, and in front of the portrait was filled with up fruit.

You were the second, but to me it was the first.Until now, I still remember how you reported to the office, and how Li Suo I brought you in front of me and asked you to call me master.I wanted to learn a lesson at that time.I can no longer be a master in name only, let alone make you feel that there is no future in following me as a master.I made up my mind to be a good teacher.Master, as a result, he made mistakes as soon as he took up the leadership position Grandpa Gu couldn t continue talking, tears rolled in cbd gummy bears effects cbd gummies 600mg his eyes.Ni Jianguo was so ashamed and burst into tears.Bao Qingshan hastily smoothed things over.Speak it out, talk it out, and the knot in your heart will be untied.On the way home, Huang Ying asked about Ni Jianguo, and Han Chaoyang leaned on the steering wheel and sighed Master really loves and hates Brother Ni.

This is to toss people with different methods Qiao Peiming didn t want to be taken for a urine test by the railway police again, so he could only say with a sad face, Well, instead of taking the train, I ll take the bus.I ll stay in a nearby hotel overnight and take the first train to Beijing tomorrow.Nearby There is a cheap hotel, and I will issue a certificate for you.Everything is going well, at least it can ensure that Qiao Peiming cannot be separated from the anti drug squad of the Huayuan Street Police Station marijuana cbd gummy during his stay in Yanyang.After seeing Qiao Peiming off, he waited for more than ten minutes at the exit of the bus station when Liu Jianye s phone call came, and he smiled and said, Chaoyang, do you know where he lives Where does he live The youth hostel in your community may feel that it is close to the station, and you have cbd for dogs gummies just checked in and entered the room.

Command center, this is Han Chaoyang, the alarm platform on Zhongshan Road, please instruct me.Han Dazai, you are right there.CK called the police at No.107 Hebin West Road.It is a smoking hotel.I will send you the location and the owner s phone number.In the past.No need to send the location, I know that smoking hotel.CK alarm is a 110 networked alarm system promoted by the branch office, which is composed of infrared double detection probes, anti robbery buttons, control keyboards, networked hosts and other equipment.Alarm probes are installed in key and vital parts, such as corporate financial rooms, school multimedia classrooms, shops and other places.Anti robbery buttons are generally installed in places where robbery is likely to occur, such as bank counters with cash and gold stores with valuables.

No matter what brother, let s keep an eye on it first.Positive As he spoke, Lao Hu suddenly quickened his pace, walked to the front and raised his arm to knock on the window of a car.Han Chaoyang realized that the colleagues from the Nanshan branch were in the car, Han Chaoyang made up his mind and said lightly, It s best to speak well, so what if you don t speak well.He can t control us, so he can at least show some face., the most urgent thing is to find out whether the Northeast is the person Qiao Peiming is looking for.It doesn t look like it, Lao Hu looked behind him, and said in an almost certain tone He kept checking WeChat along the way, and the bus was very crowded.Xiao Gu squeezed beside him on purpose, and clearly saw super cbd gummies cbd high strength gummies that he was still trying to contact Brother Liu.Although we don t know what the surname of the man from the Northeast is, it is definitely not Brother Liu.

He said that he was running business in Beijing, and that he was working as a security guard for a big company, and that he was delivering food.He even claimed to have bought a The car is running Didi in Beijing.Are there any other clues No, that s all.Han Chaoyang nodded awkwardly.Facts have proved that a policeman who dares to fight and fight may not necessarily be a good leader Ni Guoxiong slandered, picked up the phone, and said with a half smile This is a new situation, please wait HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects a moment, I have to report to the leader.Team Ni, I m sorry.It s so embarrassing, Han Chaoyang I can t wait to find a seam in the ground and get in.What s wrong with this, I ll report to the leader first, and after the report, we ll go have a meal together.Anyway, the young man is also a hero who was born and died.

The online car hailing vehicle the suspect was riding in ran a yellow light and crossed the intersection.Lao Hu and the others couldn t run a red light, so they had to worry.Han Chaoyang was also anxious and could only stare at the electronic map and other news.Wu Wei, the green light is on, let HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects s go there first, follow closely Yes, yes.Inspector Hu, Inspector Hu, please remind drivers to pay attention to safety.I just contacted the traffic control center, and the traffic control center will Help us keep an eye on the nearby roads and several intersections.The BYD the suspect is riding will soon enter the traffic control center s sight.The suspect will definitely not be able to escape.We cannot cbd gummy bears effects cause traffic accidents because of rushing time.Yes, thank you for reminding me After all, he is a professional anti narcotics officer, and his command is methodical.

They had been working at the gang station for the past two days and nights, but Sun Guokang was so flattered that he dared not drink from the cup.Xiao Sun, let s go Although the subsequent investigation of the 2.12 case has nothing to do with the Huayuan Street Police Station, only two cbd gummy bears effects policemen were dispatched, but 2.12 The investigation of the 12th case became bigger and bigger.According to Zhou Bureau, the leaders of the provincial department went to Beijing in the afternoon, and the clues to this drug case were not only discovered by the Huayuan Street Police Station, but also the Huayuan Street Police Station did a lot of work, and even arrested cbd gummy bears effects drug dealers during the drug trade.At present, the first batch of drugs and the first sum of drug money in the case were seized No matter what happens in future investigations, no one can erase the results of the Huayuan Street Police Station.

Han Da, what happened to Qiao Peiming Didn t he go to cbd gummy bears effects Beijing Chaoyang closed the door of the conversation room, and explained with a smile Actually, he has never left our sight.Lao Hu, Wu Wei, and Jun Feng have followed him all the way to Beijing.They caught him when he was trading with his previous family.I got it all.Wu Junfeng s mouth is too strict, no matter how much he asks, he won t say anything Sun Guokang phil mickelson cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummy bears effects reacted, thought about it and asked again Han Da, did you know that Police Chief Hu and Angkor are the same when you issued the certificate to him Will you follow cbd gummy bears effects Han Chaoyang nodded with a smile.Sun Guokang was both happy and depressed, and said with a bitter face I am the only one who doesn t know what to do The half box of Soft Zhonghua came back, and I stuffed it into his hand It s not that Liu Suo doesn t trust you, the main reason is that you won t be able to act in your true colors after you find out, and you re worried that Qiao Peiming will find out, and the fewer people who know about this kind of thing, the better.

It s not interesting to line up.It s interesting to participate in activities as spectators, and they all go to big hotels.In the conference hall, I also met a city phil mickelson cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummy bears effects leader for the second time, who can earn money and gain knowledge.Chapter 678 The police office was hit A university is a small society, with many people and many things happening.As a school policeman, I have to understand the situation of the school, especially the students.Although I have come into contact gummy worms cbd with many students before, they are mainly members of the orchestra, and their circle is very small, almost firmly fixed in their class, their dormitory and the band.Moreover, after the flash mob became popular, the school leaders and teachers treated them differently, and they were able to live broadcast work study , which can be called fame and fortune.

This is to deliver the bad news, Xu Weizhong cbd gummy bears effects and Feng Haijun cbd gummies cyber monday are not in the mood to chat.There was nothing to say all the way, and when it was almost dawn, I finally arrived at Hongxing Village, Xiajiao Township, Tongxi County.Director Wen greeted Tongxi County Public Security Bureau.A deputy director and an auxiliary policeman from Xiajiao Police Station were waiting at the entrance of the village.Han Chaoyang and others greeted him as soon as they arrived, and then turned to introduce the village cbd gummy bears effects party secretary who was waiting at the entrance of the village together.and village chief.Li Suo, Jiang Zhishu, I m sorry to trouble you.No trouble, we are equally saddened that such a thing happened, and this is what we should do.Jiang Zhishu got into the police car, guiding the driver while gently Sighed I watched Chengquan grow up.

In contrast, it is still important to be prepared to give your comrades a ride.Han Chaoyang first called Xu Hongliang, then contacted the PolyU campus guards, and waited for Xu Hongliang and Zhang Jinhai to come together to find Section Chief Xiao of the Security Department of the Sixth Hospital.Go to bed very late, but wake up very early.The voluntary security patrol brigade of Yandong Public Security Sub bureau, composed of members of Chaoyang Community Security Company, PolyU University Guard, and the Sixth Hospital s security team, did not take advantage of the transition as usual to patrol the streets, but rushed to the gate of the Sixth Hospital early to line up.The farewell ceremony will be organized by the branch at the funeral home tomorrow, and today is the farewell ceremony.Secretary Yang of the Huayuan Street Work Committee, Director Gu of the Office, Liu Jianye and Xu Weizhong from the Huayuan Street Police Station all came, community cadres from Chaoyang Community, Director Wang, Teacher Liang, Aunt Lu, Aunt Ye and other people from Factory 527 and phil mickelson cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummy bears effects Xinmin Community More than two hundred people came.

Not only to help buy things, but also promised to allocate a sum of funds for activities.Unexpected and reasonable, Han Chaoyang and others had just finished thanking, Du Ju, who had been silent all the time, took over the conversation and arranged the next work.Comrades, Comrade Liu Chengquan s funeral is basically done, and only the criminal and civil lawsuits are left.Considering that the police district and even the patrol team will have a lot of work pressure, the bureau decided to arrange special personnel to discuss with Comrade Liu Chengquan.I won t let you be distracted.Bureau Du paused, then continued From the point of view of personnel, the work of the police district is mainly community work because Comrade Wu Wei was transferred to 2.The 12 task force has been affected to a certain extent, but fortunately, the peak season of returning to the city during the Spring Festival is coming to an end, and Comrade Lao Ding can withdraw from the police office of the East Bus Station and continue to serve as a community policeman in Chaoyang Community and Yangguan Village Six hundred and eighty ninth After Zhang left, the back door would be opened, and the bureau arranged for a special person to drive over the newly repaired police car, and Liu Jianye also picked up Sun Guokang, who had packed his luggage early.

It s too big, and it s hard to figure it out and clarify the situation without putting in some effort.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, moved the patrol car aside, looked at the south gate of the East Long distance Bus Station project diagonally opposite, raised the walkie talkie and shouted Inspector Ding, Inspector Ding, I m Chaoyang, please answer if you receive it, close it.Please answer.The walkie talkie was distributed by the provincial government years ago, and it can be called anywhere with a 4G network.It is said that it can also roam, but it is actually a mobile phone.The only difference is that it has more functions such as waterproof, shockproof and explosion proof than mobile phones.Yes, yes, please tell me.Lao Ding replied quickly, and the voice of the call was very clear.Officer Ding, I just left Yangguan Village with Tie Jun and Xiao Jiang, and found that there are a lot of migrants in the village.

He thought he was justified and 20mg cbd gummies felt how wronged he was.I ran out cbd gummies concentration to work, but I didn t expect the local public security bureau to go online, so it was in our hands. In any case, since they bumped into someone, they have to bear the responsibility, and how to deal with it is the responsibility of their hometown s public security bureau.I will take the person away first.Take it away.Oh, by the way, how many team members can you send out for the night s operation One hundred and sixty team members, I have greeted Hong Liang, Captain Zhang and Section Chief Xiao, and they ensured that the personnel participating in the operation will gather at the opposite side on time at 10 30.Suo Liu and the instructors don t have time.I will lead the team, you gather at 10 30, we will definitely be here before 10 30.

just know that these four people involved in gambling Difficult to deal with, I didn t expect it to be so difficult to deal with, with such arrogance.Of course Guo Yanfeng would not return the mobile phone to them, because they didn t care how much the mobile phone was worth.Once it was in their hands, it would probably be broken to destroy the evidence.Okay, let s all go to the office Why are you going with me The policeman is amazing Hu Songping patted the mahjong table and said tit cbd gummy bears effects for tat Officer Guo, what you just said is very clear.We are talking about something.I can also tell you that I am doing traffic in the east of the city.If you don t believe me, you can call and ask the project headquarters.I m following you, what a joke, delaying the progress of the project, you can t bear the responsibility You don t need to call to ask, you know who you are Guo Yanfeng didn t have time to listen to his nonsense, so he grabbed his arm and yelled, Hu Songping, get up Everyone is equal before the law, so what about engineering workers, who can enjoy privileges and override the law Above.

Under his nose, there is a gang that is likely to be engaged in pyramid schemes, and there is a large number of people.Han Chaoyang realized the seriousness of the problem, so cbd with thc gummies for pain he didn t bother to check the ID cards of the outsiders.He asked calmly Station Kang, who is on duty at the station tonight, can you ask the person on duty to check This is not a trivial matter super cbd gummies cbd high strength gummies for the Huayuan Street Police Station.Before Han Chaoyang finished speaking, Kang Haigen said solemnly Xiujuan is on duty and she is investigating.You d better call the Xinyuan Street Police Station to see if there is .

how many cbd gummies to feel high?

such a situation with them.Okay, we Call Baosuo.Although Yanyang found out one or two MLM cases from time to time, the MLM problem is not serious compared to other cities.The city has always maintained a high pressure on pyramid schemes, because it directly affects the image of the city.

Even the sheets and quilts Xu Hongliang squeezed to Han Chaoyang s side, offering HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects cigarettes to the leaders while smiling, Bureau Fan, what our brigade lacks most is People, every day there are people setting up stalls in the talent market to recruit people.After recruiting people, they have to settle for board and lodging.They can t use their own sheets and quilts, and they are colorful and ugly. Okay, that s great.Arriving here, Fan Ju felt like he was in his own unit, took the cigarette from Xu Hongliang, patted his arm and said with a smile Xiao Xu, since five cbd gummies cbd gummy bears effects you have everything here, I won t find someone else for logistical support.You will pay for the expenses first, and you will be reimbursed later.Okay, thank you Fan Ju.Boss Zou, let me introduce you.This is Comrade Han Chaoyang, the captain of our branch s voluntary security patrol team.

No, you are busy with your work, leave me alone He said super cbd gummies cbd high strength gummies the same thing as the old man, and Han Chaoyang three times.People can only watch him go to the exit.There is a reason why Lao Ding was not in a hurry to go back.As soon as Grandpa Gu walked more than ten meters away, he turned around and said, Chaoyang, just now a friend from the Municipal Bureau called to say that we would adjust cbd gummy bears effects the leadership team of our branch.If you want to get promoted, Director Du will most likely be transferred Lao Ding s news is very well informed, and most of his news is not groundless.Han Chaoyang was stunned, and subconsciously asked When will the adjustment be made Why do you want to transfer the two bureau leaders Soon, maybe in a few days.Excited by the first hand news, he lit a cigarette and said happily It s normal to adjust the two leaders.

Support the construction of the western region, and go there for a second job Well, the superior has already cbd gummies купить talked to me.A leading cadre like him, go helix cbd gummies reviews to It was estimated that he would be promoted by one level before, and it is very likely that he will be promoted by another level after returning.Although it is difficult to go to the Northwest, it is definitely a good thing for him.Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Congratulations to Secretary Yang.I m going to endure hardships.There is nothing to congratulate.If you want to congratulate, you should congratulate District Chief Zhou.He is a real promotion.Congratulations, Han said.Chaoyang grinned, and then said very seriously and sincerely Secretary Yang, you have helped me and Yingying so much in the past.You said you would leave, and I am just as reluctant.

Han Chaoyang was very moved and grateful, and thanked him sincerely, before taking the letter back to the police office.Grandpa Gu has guests at home, so he didn t come today.The two old ancestors of Yanyang s anti pick up circle, uncharacteristically, did not take their apprentices to the street to catch thieves.They were sitting in the conversation room smoking and drinking tea and chatting.Xiao Gu and Wang Jiayong were also there, chatting with them.Uncle Wu, Uncle Ji, what are you two talking about Talking about Xiaokang and Xiaochen.They are very lucky.Bureau Du has a deep impression on them.Bureau Du is now the head of Fengyong County Bureau , I will definitely pay attention to them.That s right, they are really lucky.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, Mr.Ji suddenly changed his subject Chaoyang, I heard that there was a murder case by the riverside of the old fertilizer factory.

What s their surname, what s their name, where do they live now, can they be contacted now It happened so many gummy bear edibles cbd years ago, why do you know these things Old Man Wang asked puzzled.I m sorry, it s not that I don t trust you, but I have the discipline of keeping secrets.Since you want to keep it secret, I won t ask.Mr.Wang is also a senior smoker.He took the cigarette from Lao Ji and said in a deep thought If you want to know about these situations, you are right to find me.I used to be the accountant of the chemical fertilizer factory.I handled all the salaries and bonuses of the leaders, supply and sales staff and workers.Impressive.Great, please recall.The first factory manager was surnamed Wang, called Wang Jianbao.He was originally the director of the township work office.He was capable and courageous.

He ran up to ask Fan Ju if cbd gummy bears effects he would go to the cafeteria of the Sixth cbd gummies and prescription drugs Hospital for a light meal, but Fan Ju said with a gloomy face Chaoyang, from this afternoon onwards, I will often go to the headquarters.Often run this way Director Liu said that the leaders at the provincial and municipal levels attach great importance to the transportation hub project in the east of the city.I am personally responsible.Moreover, it has already expressed its position to the provincial and municipal leaders that a member can you carry on cbd gummies of the bureau s party committee will be arranged to join the engineering headquarters.It s just a few construction sites.As for letting the leader of a bureau take charge personally, space candy 3000mg hemp cbd gummies isn t that a big deal Han Zhaoyang thinks it s incredible, but Bureau Liu has already decided that it s hard to say anything, so he can only say Bureau Fan, you are phil mickelson cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummy bears effects in charge personally Best of all, having you in us is the backbone, and the future work will be easy to carry out.

3.14 task force, immediately said to come back before 1 00 noon.Grandpa Gu even thought that since Bureau Liu asked for secrecy, the patrol team should not make the murder case so public, and suggested that the second task force be set up in the old district committee compound , The afternoon meeting will be held in the compound of the old district committee.Of course Han Chaoyang will not have any objections.Sure enough, they arrived with a few workers.They moved the police car and electric patrol car parked at the door to the backyard, helped the workers install the ground piles, and invited Lao Hua to the canteen of the Sixth Court for a light meal.Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu came back.Miao Haizhu even asked angrily as soon as they met Chaoyang, did you say anything to Liu What s wrong What s wrong with you Miao Haizhu asked back, and said angrily The superior asked me to go to the grassroots to train for a year.

Who this.Grandpa Gu took out a photo and a printout of his ID card information from the folder on the left hand side, handed them over and said with a smile Sheng Yan, a native of Jiangnan Province, was wanted on the Internet for cbd gummy bears effects koi cbd gummies delta 8 allegedly issuing false value added tax invoices.He has been hiding in Taoyuan New Village for more than a year.The house was rented by his concubine.He himself did not register with the Xinyuan Street Police Station.It s really beating a rabbit, Feng Ju couldn t help laughing and asked Have you notified Bao Qingshan There is no need to inform, Grandpa Gu handed over a cigarette, and explained Old Wu HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears effects and Xiao Wang from the anti pickup team accidentally discovered another man with a symbolic physical appearance on the side of Taoyuan New Village.Wang Du is not a policeman cbd gummy bears effects and has no power to enforce the law.

The roads in the village extend in all directions like spider webs.Liu Jianye has been dizzy for a long time and can t tell the difference between south, east and north.Fortunately, with the assistance of colleagues from Dongguang, there is no need to worry about getting lost.Suo Liu, we re here.Captain Yan, which building is it The one on the left.The young captain of the criminal police rolled down the window to look at the house number, then turned around and confirmed in Mandarin with a Dongguang accent The police station This is the place registered in the foreign population ledger, and the location of the mobile phone located by the technical investigation is also here, it must be inside, but I don t know which floor and which room it best cbd gummies for pain with thc is.The man came from the city, and ran for a while In the afternoon, until now, I didn t even bother to eat dinner.

Go in, don t move Jin Qingrong didn t dare to be careless, and pushed the man into the room suddenly, threw the man down on the single bed, grabbed the man s wrists tightly, and shouted Liu Suo, Captain Yan, the suspect People here, Wei Ping here Here we come In fact, from the moment he called out the list of Wei Ping , Liu Jianye turned his head and ran this way.As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Jianye and Yan Dui rushed in, took out the handcuffs and quickly handcuffed the middle aged man s left hand, then motioned him to step aside, handcuffed the man s right hand, and then pulled the man up and put him in the corner.It s him, you can t go wrong Liu Jianye took out his mobile phone to look at the photo, then looked at the man s face, finally heaved a sigh of relief, immediately put away the mobile phone, grabbed the man s shoulder and asked sharply Wei Ping, do you know where we came from and why we came here Arrest you In the past few days, Wei Ping lived like a walking dead.

Do you know what I saw The uncle left last night.He is not a direct relative.According to the latest regulations of the bureau, he cannot ask for cbd gummy bears effects leave.Not for fun, sitting in the co pilot of the police car and asked absent mindedly What did you see Wang Jiayong couldn t help but said, I saw Chen Xiujuan posting a dress code illustration on the wall of the duty room, and posted two, one One is for the police, and the other is for the auxiliary police.From now on, everyone in the office must dress according to the legend.During working hours, the eight major pieces cannot be separated from the body, and wearing one less will be a police appearance.It s good to wear it.Although the quality is not very good and it is still in the way, it can really save your life at critical moments.If you are afraid of accidents, you should send a bulletproof vest to yourself.

When all the personnel are in place, when there is an emergency task, the special patrol team can be recruited.The patrol brigade five cbd gummies cbd gummy bears effects dispatched the police.If you have money, you can recruit people, but if you have people, you don t need Hongliang s help Group prevention and group governance must be carried out.Isn t this crossing the river and demolishing bridges Han Chaoyang slandered, and then asked Director, the patrol team s listing ceremony was requested by the bureau at that time.Hongliang has invited the street leaders.What should we do now This is also a very embarrassing thing.Director Wen scratched his neck and explained The bureau has a lot of work during this period, District Chief Liu and the political commissar are quite busy, so they really don t have time.You are very familiar with the street leaders, so you can help Xiao Xu go to the street to explain.

Afraid of what will happen, the good brother really wants to take a drastic action.Han Chaoyang s head got bigger, and he said with a bitter face, I m trying to figure out a way.You can think of a way slowly, but Junfeng and the others can t wait, Zhang Beibei took over the conversation and said seriously, Junfeng and his social security and medical insurance are The Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security deducts it from the account of the security company on a monthly basis.Now it is different from before.It cannot be in arrears, and under normal circumstances, it cannot be repaid.If the file is interrupted due to our reasons, it will directly affect Junfeng and the others when they buy a house in the city.Now The house price is going up gradually, let alone a year, even half a year Han Chaoyang was confused, and asked puzzledly, Bebe, what does this have to do with buying a house Yes, and it has a lot to do with it.

She seems to have come to report the crime.She just entered the case handling area.Liu Chengquan gave his precious life to save others, but the woman he rescued was actually He ran away and never showed his face.Before finding that woman, Han Chaoyang always felt that Liu Chengquan died for no apparent reason, and said eagerly, Stay there, I ll be right there Wu Junfeng, who was guarding the entrance of the hall, immediately greeted him.Han Da, she s on the second floor Is there any mistake, it s not the same person Han Chaoyang got out of the police car and asked eagerly as he followed him inside.It looks very similar.The cbd gummy bears effects anti theft door leading to the second floor was open.Wu Junfeng stepped over the threshold and said through phil mickelson cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummy bears effects gritted teeth, Sister Miao also thinks it looks like one, so I shouldn t be mistaken.

Jing, what business does Boss Mao do In the past, he specialized in building scaffolding for construction sites.Later, he also engaged in the rental of steel pipe fasteners and formwork.But his wife is the real master.My wife went out to talk.Mr.Jing took out his mobile phone, clicked on their rights protection group , and explained Don t look at me as the group leader, but this group was built by his wife, and every meeting is held in her hotel.Reporting to the Public Security Bureau, petitioning in the city, and hiring a cbd high strength gummies lawyer were all done with the help of his wife.So Mao Junxian s wife should be familiar with Luo Weixing Luo Weixing is doing civil engineering, and he must use scaffolding and templates to deliver the main body.They have known each other for a long time and must be familiar.

What s more, Director Huo of the Engineering Headquarters personally named his participation in the chase.It is not appropriate to withdraw at this time, and hurriedly said Liu Suo, the project waits for no one.Luo Weixing is definitely going to the doctor the pure cbd gummies in a hurry, and he probably won t play tricks.What a moth.Otherwise, I will first contact the Sanjian Company and ask the Sanjian Company to find an engineering technician to cooperate with us.We will first call the person surnamed Jiang to test the tone of the other party.If the other party is really urgent and willing to meet , Wu Wei and I will set off immediately.If the other party is playing tricks and the meeting time cannot be determined for the time being, then please cbd gummy bears effects ask Lao Hu to come.That s fine, as long as they are willing to meet, they will be sure to run back and forth in four or five days.

All aspects must be considered, otherwise there will be big mistakes.Then what should we do Zheng Yutong asked subconsciously.I ll help you figure it out.He Qiyuan took out a plan as if by magic, and said happily, Isn t our event based on celebrating May Day, so we invite model workers and front line workers.The school Here, the Youth League Committee and the Student Union are in charge.We invite our school s model workers, the school workers, cleaners, security guards and dormitory managers who usually work hard to watch.Mr.Han has a good relationship with the Sixth Hospital and Chaoyang Community.We can go to the Sixth Hospital Leaders and community leaders don t want them to spend money on tickets.If they are invited to the concert for nothing, they will definitely be willing, and they will even give the tickets as welfare.

, then raised his head to wink at the headquarters staff in charge of conference affairs.Xiao Liu came to his senses and hurriedly picked up the water bottle and went to the stage to refill the water for the leaders.When he reached Director Huo, he whispered a few words in his ear.Director Huo nodded slightly, and then changed the subject Comrades, I just received a piece of news that the case of the construction workers of the East Long distance Bus Station project that was notified a while ago was solved The police not only successfully captured the suspect Luo Weixing, successfully recovered the wages of the workers stolen by Luo Weixing, but also captured a criminal suspect who helped Luo Weixing abscond in fear of crime and was suspected of harboring and sheltering As soon as he finished speaking, there was a burst of urgency outside siren sound.

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