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Why aren t you here Do you remember the last duty of the community police Looking at the master s serious look, Han Chaoyang suddenly realized what the problem was.He actually forgot the last duty of the community police complete other tasks assigned by his superiors It seems that nothing has been said, but it is actually a big basket, and everything can be put in it.Big trouble.The next thing to do is not to talk about my job, but also to be a river chief , responsible for the environmental sanitation of the 527 factory section of the Chaoyang River.I have to patrol every day to prevent units or individuals from dumping rubbish into the river and prevent children from are cbd gummies legal in australia can a child take cbd gummies cbd and melatonin gummies are cbd gummies legal in australia swimming in the river.Be cautious about drowning.It s fine to be the river chief at the same time.The worst thing is to take clinical cbd gummies buy time to go to the river.

This matter couldn t just end like this.Now all the owners of the community know that there is a big python in the community.Not everyone likes snakes, and everyone is not afraid, especially families with children.What s more, if a big snake can run the first time, it can run the second time, and the third time, what should I do if it runs out again Could it be that it came to clinical cbd gummies buy catch snakes for her every two days It just happened to come back.If she doesn t come back, I will go to find her.Chapter 8 Big Snake 2 As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, there was a rush of roaring in the room, Hold it, hold it, hold it Tighten up Xiaoqian, take the bag and put on the headgear first Okay, okay, it can t move, its grandma is very strong and wants to pester me Hold on, hold on, take it easy, don t make it too big Energetic The public security fire brigade does not charge for firefighting, and I did not expect snake catching to be so professional.

Director Liu was on fire, and the trainer who came with him was also very angry, leaning against the police car and thinking about how to deal with this newcomer who couldn do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy t grasp his hands or stick to the wall.Liu Suo, I can t go back, why don t you come over here, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to play tricks anymore, and said proudly, I just arrested four suspects here, and just destroyed a den that produces and sells fake certificates., and seized a room full of false certificates and stamps and a bunch of tools used in counterfeiting.Liu Suo expressed serious doubts when he said it was true, and was about to speak when Han Chaoyang gron relax cbd gummies said, If it s just these things, I can handle it , Take the people and the stolen goods to the police station and hand them over to the investigation team.But this is a gang, and the four arrested now are definitely the main criminals Are there any accomplices Liu Suo was skeptical.

The stolen goods were all obtained, and the four suspects squatted at the base of the wall with their heads drooping, not daring to speak.Han Chaoyang took the laptop that Lao Yang brought, and just opened it on a cardboard box, when there was a rush of footsteps outside.What s going on, where are the suspects Liu Suo, all the suspects are here, Han Chaoyang hurried to the door, pointing to the suspects squatting in the wall and reporting These three came back this afternoon., We waited for them for two days, and then we waited for several hours to close the net after we came back.It turned out to be true, but they made such a big noise without making a sound.Liu Suo and the trainer who followed closely glanced at the four suspects, and then looked curiously at Li Xiaobin, Chen Jie and other Dongming community security guards, and then turned their attention to the room full of false certificates and stamps.

Now that he has the confidence, Han Chaoyang doesn t want to swallow his anger any more, and muttered Isn t the office busy As long as I m in charge of the Chaoyang Police Department s jurisdiction, I m the most free in the office, so I think I can do as much as I can, so as not to cause trouble to the leaders and colleagues.Speaking more than singing It sounds good, Han Chaoyang, there is something wrong with your thinking, you are outright individual heroism, get busy with business tonight, and settle accounts with you later Liu Suo gave him a hard look, and ran down the road without looking back.building.Han Chaoyang finally understood, no matter how much he accomplished, don viralax cbd gummies t expect him to treat him differently.For the same thing, others are credited for doing it, but doing it yourself is not even worth the effort.

Police and civilian police do the same job, but get paid differently for equal work.Ge Baohua s mentality has keoni cbd gummies price amazon always been unbalanced, and he feels that there is are cbd gummies legal in australia can a child take cbd gummies something great about the police, isn t it because he knows how to take the exam better than himself In the past, he often complained with a few auxiliary police officers, but after Han Chaoyang was assigned to the Huayuan Street Police Station, the psychological contrast became even greater.That police uniform.I thought that this time I could give Han Chaoyang some color, and even if he couldn t let him go, he could deduct more performance appraisal points from him.Points will be deducted for delays in work tasks, points will be deducted for work attitudes that are complained by the masses and the police, and points will be deducted for absences from work inspections As a result, points were not deducted for him.

It must have been the Deputy Secretary Tong of the district committee who had spoken, otherwise this captain with real power would have taken his turn Guan Xiyuan leaned on the car door and pondered for a moment, thinking to himself that it is necessary to have a good relationship with Han Chaoyang in the future.As for the others, let them continue to look down upon others.The deputy secretary of the district committee is the head of the bureau, so people don t care if you think highly of them because of this relationship.Chapter Fifty fifth Great Inquiry 7 Afraid of paying taxes, how much money can I get from taxes Xu Zhenchuan saved the tax money, but turned out to be harboring fugitives at home.Not only would he have to pay a fine, but he would have to pay the highest standard.Fines should be investigated.

He thinks that the cadres of the street, community, and working group, the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade of Huayuan Street and the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community with extremely exaggerated equipment are still chasing the outsiders in Chaoyang Village.Population, in the process of investigating and dealing with illegal activities that have not been filed and registered for the rental area, stood up and said Comrade Han Chaoyang, it turns out that you are a good comrade who is dedicated to his duties and can take care of the overall situation.Your investigation was very successful, and you did a good job at night Beautiful, I hope you don t have too many worries, and I hope you will continue to work hard and make new achievements.Considering that the investigation operation in Chaoyang Village is still going on, you can go back now, and leave the law enforcement recorder here temporarily.

Let s go, drive a patrol car and go to the entrance of the village to meet me. Will the leaders of the district and the Municipal Housing Management Bureau come This is not a place to talk, go out and talk.Han Chaoyang was not at ease after thinking about it, so he turned around and told After Lao Jin and Xiao Zhong explained, they ran to the door and climbed into the electric patrol car.Director Cai unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip of mineral water, resting his elbow on the car window, and said excitedly You don t know how significant the ongoing punishment is It s not an exaggeration to say that from the regulations on house leasing management Since it was promulgated and implemented, the total number of fines issued by the housing management departments in the city is not as many as ours in one afternoon, not to mention the amount of fines.

Although this team has all kinds of cars, clinical cbd gummies buy the lineup is as strong as its momentum, majestic and dignified.Uncle Gu, I m Xiao Han, we ll be there soon, you should have a spare room card Yes, I ve prepared it a long time ago, as long as there is no chain hanging in it, you can open it with HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies buy a swipe.If Zhao Jie and others It is indeed engaged in illegal and criminal activities inside, and the chain lock is likely to be hung.If they are gathering people to take drugs and want to buy time to destroy the evidence, if they don t open the door, they can only knock the door open, and then they will have to compensate the door for others.But now he doesn t care about that much anymore, Han Chaoyang looked at Guan Xiyuan with his mobile phone, and said nonchalantly, Thank you, Uncle Gu, just put the room card on the bar counter.

I only heard Director Gu s voice from the street, but I couldn t see Director Gu s people.I climbed into the compartment of the law enforcement vehicle and found that he and several street officials were surrounded by the owners.There were at least a hundred people around him, and people outside couldn t get in., they can t get out inside.I can understand everyone s feelings.The street and even the district have been doing work, and even set up a special working group for the issue of Shenghai Garden.Please trust the government.Please give us a little more time.I promise to solve the problem in September.Before school starts on the 1st, we will help everyone solve the problem of children s do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy schooling. Only solving the problem of schooling, other problems don t need to be solved The developer came from the district to attract investment, and the pre sale was also approved by the government.

When knocking on the door, it should not be too hard or too light.It is impolite to others if it is too heavy, and you may not be able to hear it when you knock lightly.At the beginning, I was just as clueless as you.Every time I always knocked on the joints on the back of my fist.As do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy a result, within a few days, this place became very swollen and congested.Thousands of households knocked with finger knots, but a fist made of steel couldn t stand it.So you can t knock with finger knots, you should knock with the side of the palm, so as not to get hurt. Knocking on the door even There are so many ways Han Chaoyang felt a little unbelievable.There are many ways to knock on doors, such as knocking on wooden doors and iron doors.It is easier to knock on wooden doors with your fingertips, and the sound is crisp.

This suspiciousness does not mean that he is suspected of murder, but that he owes money to avoid debts.Since he owes a fart debt, he must try to repay it.As a result, no creditors came to ask for it.He And I don t care about borrowing money from relatives and friends to meet urgent needs.After working as a criminal police officer for so many years, this is the first time I have encountered such a situation.Deputy Detachment Leader He pondered Maybe he really owes a big debt, but it s not from the decoration, and the debt he owes is far beyond his repayment ability, even if he borrows from relatives and friends, he can t pay it back.Just walk away.If this is the case, then the murderer who brutally murdered Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son is likely to be the creditor.Reporting to He Zhi, after we discovered these doubts, we immediately thought whether Qiao Xianhong might be involved in gambling or drugs, but we knew from interviews and inquiries.

I Wife has it, but Xiaojun doesn t, he has it with him. There should be a copy.No, it s okay, why do I want a copy of his ID card.Ke Jianrong walked to the door of the inner room and turned back to emphasize You have registered last time, you should have it there, he is not an outsider, he is in the same village as me, it is me I found it specially from my hometown.Okay, let s get your wife s first.You are deliberately tossing about registering ID cards and checking ID cards and residence permits, trying to force outsiders who rent in the village to move.Ke Jianrong thought he had a thorough understanding of the situation in Chaoyang Village, cursed secretly, opened the door and went inside to find his wife s ID card.Chen Jie was already ready, without Han Zhaoyang s reminder, she took out her mobile phone to take a picture of a small commercial, and then leaned over to pick up one and put it in her pocketChapter 102 Hot summer nights are the peak time for road occupation and outcropping barbecues, and the comprehensive law enforcement team also operates at night.

Here we go again, let s get down to business, be serious.Han Chaoyang weighed it up, frowned do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy slightly and said, There is not enough evidence to act rashly., find Lu Xingfan first, and then control Wang Jun after finding Lu Xingfan, and pry the mouths of the two horsemen, Ke Jianrong can t deny it even if he wants to.You can catch the current one.There is evidence.He went out last night and destroyed the anti theft door.My master went to the scene in the afternoon and transferred a surveillance video.With the video in hand, he can be arrested whenever he wants.The action is very fast.Why don t you hurry up, there are a lot of things to do next, and this case must be resolved quickly.The police did everything they could, and the clinical cbd gummies buy next step is up to the urban management.Tang Junwei didn t want to delay their rest, so he pointed to a pile blue moon cbd gummies with melatonin reviews of photos that had just been uploaded to his notebook and said, Please sort it out for me and give me the evidence you have.

Could it be for the most handsome policeman It s not good if you don t answer it.Think about it and press the call button.Hello, is this Police Officer Han As expected, it was a woman, Han Chaoyang took a deep breath and pretended to be calm and said, Yes, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, may I ask who you are, what s the matter with you Hello, Officer Han.My surname is Tang, my name is Tang Junmei, and my brother s name is Tang Junwei.It was my brother who asked me to call you.It turned out to be Captain Tang s cousin.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and hurriedly said Hello, Sister Tang, hello, Sister Tang.I didn t expect Brother Tang to take my affairs to heart.Thank you, and thank you, Brother Tang.Thank you, Sister Tang, for calling me.Han Police officer, you are not an outsider, so please don t be so polite.

Otherwise, whether you lose or not, you will lose your fortune, and you will be fined if you lose your fortune.Li Tianzheng was really scared, and hurriedly said Brother Han, I promise not to gamble, and if I bet again, I will chop off my fingers My heart is itching and my hands are itching.So I need to find something to do, to find a job.I can t just idle around all the time, and I can t go fishing for three days and hang out the nets for two days.Maybe you think that the land will be confiscated, and it will be demolished immediately, and you have plenty of money.Let me tell you, there is There are so many rich people, you Li Tianzheng really can t be ranked.Han Chaoyang turned his head and glared at him, and then said Not to mention, there are many rich people in Huayuan Street alone.They are also land expropriated and demolished.

How about I accompany you to ask them.No wonder he didn t know that the management cbd and melatonin gummies are cbd gummies legal in australia was so chaotic.Liang Dongsheng nodded, and went upstairs with him, asking family after family.When asked about the bathing on the fourth floor, a female foreman surnamed Xu asked in surprise Officer Liang, are you looking for Ren Haixiang What s wrong with him I only know the last name, not the first name.But there are not many people with the surname Ren, and the clues provided by the masses say that the kid seems to work in a hotel in the development zone, cbd and melatonin gummies are cbd gummies legal in australia so he should be him Liang Dongsheng felt that this trip was not in vain.Even if the kid was fine, at least one suspicion could be ruled out, so he asked calmly, Where is he, did he come to work today Let s go.He s in the men s locker room, it s not convenient for me to go in, you two go by yourself, go in from there.

They should know about it, but they must keep it secret during the investigation of the case.Let alone me, our director and instructor probably don t know about it. Keep it secret, hey, I hope they solve the case soon, anyway, it s two lives, and the child is only five years old.The village cadres know more than they do, but they ve already said everything they know.It s meaningless to ask again.Han Chaoyang simply changed the subject Cui Village Chief, the street has a subsidy fund for the management of floating population in the community.Those above 5,000 can receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan.Why don t we in Yangguan Village apply I know about this subsidy.The branch secretary mentioned it before.The main reason is that the money is too little and it is troublesome to apply for it. If it s troublesome, it s more troublesome.

Although the house is not her own, Huang Ying is really reluctant to clinical cbd gummies buy give such a good house Renting it to others, and thinking that it would be really difficult for his family to buy the house, he suggested If you want to save money, you can save it.Don t cbd and melatonin gummies are cbd gummies legal in australia rent it all out.Isn t there three rooms Rent out two rooms and keep the master bedroom.No Rent to those who have no quality, it is best not to rent to men, see if there are any women who are willing to rent.I live with someone else Didn t you say that you don t have much chance to live in it Besides, you are a policeman, so people shouldn t worry about anything.If you really want to rent it, leave it to me and I ll help you find out.Who would be willing to rent such a good house Go out, the problem is that the economy is too tight now.Han Chaoyang felt that this was the best solution in front of him, and smiled happily It s okay to rent two rooms, or rent it to a girl.

Unsaved black hearted police Han Chaoyang realized the seriousness of the problem, and thought to hillstone hemp cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies buy himself what the old man would do, the master.The answer hardly needs to be thought about deliberately.Grandpa Gu will pay the medical expenses first out do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy of his own pocket without hesitation.Human life is at stake, and we cannot ignore death and do nothing.It s not that Han Chaoyang is sympathetic, let alone a hard hearted person, but that he is poor and short sighted and lacks confidence.When encountering such a thing, he can t call his master, so he just gritted his teeth and sat down and said, Director Pang, I m the one It was sent here, and it was also treated by you.Now we can be regarded as grasshoppers on the same rope.If we do not save ourselves, we will definitely be in trouble together.

Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Liu Gong ran up and yelled, Xia Yunkui, look at what you did You didn t commit crimes, and you didn t kill or set fire.There s nothing to be afraid of.Why hide Why are you running Speaking of which, he is a boss, so promising Gong Liu, I m afraid What are you afraid of It s not a work related accident.What s there to be afraid of Han Chaoyang has no interest and no time Watching them sing the oboe, he went up and asked, Are you Xia Yunkui He moved a step to his side, as if he would feel safe only by being closer to Liu Gong.In all fairness, he is also an unlucky guy.Han Chaoyang was angry, but he really didn t want time released cbd gummies for adhd to embarrass him, so he asked in as calm a tone as possible Luo Chunjun is from your hometown, did you ask someone cbd and melatonin gummies are cbd gummies legal in australia to find him from his hometown to be a steel bar worker Yes.

Looking at the gaps in and out of other vehicles, it took nearly 20 minutes to finally realize the intention of arresting the commander in chief.The front, rear, left, and right sides of the white Toyota are all cars borrowed by the crime team in the morning, all equipped with pinhole cameras, and installed It s very hidden.The surveillance video was transmitted to the headquarters on the fourth floor in real time, and every move of the two suspects was under control Can a parking lot without cars still be called a parking lot There was no one in the car around, and the provinces of the license plates were different.Gao Junfei still didn t feel .

how much cbd gummies should i take a day?

that there was anything wrong.He looked at the hillstone hemp cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies buy time on the big screen of the car navigation, clinical cbd gummies buy and said in a low voice It s almost 5 o clock, why haven t you arrived yet, Ya Bing Make a call and ask.

They are tall, short, fat, and thin, and they are of all ages.The uniforms are not as beautiful as the patrol team, and the equipment cannot be compared.Although Deputy Director Gu worked hard, the line was still crooked.Fortunately, Yang Tao, Lao Ding, Lao Hu, Guan Xiyuan and other policemen clinical cbd gummies buy stimuli rx cbd gummies reviews stood in front, otherwise they would have been laughed at by the crowd.This is just a small episode, and it is important to get down to business.After Liu Jianye called to ask where the car escorting the suspect was, he immediately took over the command of the Chaoyang community patrol team, went to the steps and watched the patrol team and the subordinates in the station issue orders Comrades, the criminal police and special police are on the way.The suspects were escorted to our jurisdiction to identify the scene, and the superior asked us to maintain order on the scene.

By the way, if we don t take the police exam What will you do as a civil servant Maybe selling musical instruments for training like Brother Wei, or maybe running around with the performing arts guerrillas.The current situation of his classmates is so different from his current situation, Huang Ying couldn t help laughing and asked Have you never thought about becoming a star Many people asked this question, but she did not expect her to ask, and Han Chaoyang had to explain again I major in instrumental music, not vocal music.Now being a policeman is soy sauce, and it s up to me to solve the case.Provide clues when someone digs up the victim s body, I will maintain order by the side if you don t become a policeman, don t open a piano shop, don t go to the running field, if you are lucky enough to be admitted to an orchestra, you will also be a green leaf for others and sit on the side to accompany them.

Is it upstairs I ll go up and have a look.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and went straight for the stairs.Guan Xiyuan didn t follow, but walked into the bar from the side, squeezed from the middle aged waitress to the surveillance monitor, clicked the mouse, and started to watch the restaurant s surveillance video.The superiors of a restaurant of this size have long requested the installation of monitoring systems, and this monitoring system was also do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy designated by the superiors.Although they are not majors in computer science, they have seen and used them a lot before.Officer, what are you looking for We didn t call the police, and how long to cbd gummies take we don t have any guests throwing things here.What s your name Your name is Wang.What s your name Guan Xiyuan asked while adjusting the video.Wang Wenxiang.The middle aged waiter was a little nervous, answering questions, but staring at the stairs.

When it is first established, it will be patrolled, and no one will be seen in a few days.Don t worry about that.Besides, Xiao Han is here.If you can t do it, you can find me or Xiao Han.If someone is willing to pay, you have to take some action.Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Mr.Tang, I can assure you that after the establishment of the public security joint defense team, it will patrol the village every night.We welcome your supervision.You can often go back to the village to check if the joint defense team is on duty when you have time.Chapter 169 Tired and happy A good start is half the battle.Boss Tang is willing to pay 10,000.Boss Tian, who is richer than Boss Tang, can only have more or less, otherwise it will lose face clinical cbd gummies buy if it spreads As expected by Village Chief Cui, after listening to the introduction and asking about the specific situation, Boss Tian really gave generously and was willing to donate 20,000 yuan Bosses want face, and so do village chiefs.

They may have been enraged by Xiao Dan s behavior of raising the walkie talkie to call people, and they pushed and shoved Xiao Dan together.After being insulted, the big fat man even waved his arms and slapped Xiao Dan with cbd gummies sexo two big ear blows all of a sudden.The car is on the ground, the people are upstairs, and neither the people nor the car can run away.This fat man s building number and room number, call out his owner s information.Han Chaoyang turned around and explained, then took out the police phone and called out a number.After waiting for four or five seconds, the call went through.Without waiting for the other party to speak, Han Chaoyang said straight to the point Brother Ji, Han Chaoyang from the Huayuan Street Police Station, yes, are cbd gummies legal in australia can a child take cbd gummies yes, I have something to report to you.There is an owner in Dongming Community who drives while drunk.

Huang Ying was so confused, she peeked at the back of the unlucky guy, and said calmly, He came to Yanyang to buy a house with a lot of money, and the bank has so many loans.borrowed.I haven t written a word with cbd and melatonin gummies are cbd gummies legal in australia him yet, so why should I be asked to write my name on the real estate certificate.Yingying is right.Parents must feel uncomfortable mentioning these people now. I think there are some things that should be mentioned or should be mentioned.You think everyone is like you.Marrying a daughter is like selling a daughter.Huang Ying was frightened by them, so she simply used an excuse to go to the bathroom, got up and ran away When Huang Ying went out for a circle and returned to the stands, it was time to consider All the exams are over.Han Chaoyang went over to talk with Mr.Liang, then turned around and said, Comrades, please be quiet.

What s there to be embarrassed about Han Chaoyang turned his head to look in the direction of the police office, and pondered, He clinical cbd gummies buy can you drink alcohol with cbd gummies is a good policeman, and being a policeman is his ultimate ideal.First go do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy to the police academy, then join the army, and come back to take the political and law exam after retiring from the army.A police clinical cbd gummies buy officer, after passing the entrance examination, went to the police academy and didn t put on the police uniform until he was 30 years old.Thinking about it, he is afraid of people.But he will never be a good boyfriend, nor a good son, and he will not be a good father in the future.Work It s just a part of life, and I don t want to live like him.I ve heard that when you become a policeman at the age of 30, you can t become a full time officer until you are 31.Most people really don t have this perseverance.

Whether they can match the type or not, they will have their bone marrow taken for a checkup after raising a hundred thousand yuan for medical expenses.If they don t match, and if they can t find it in the bone marrow bank, then there is no It is necessary to continue to raise donations.It s so pitiful.Who says it s not, so we will get married in the future, and when you are pregnant in the future, don t play with your mobile phone, and don t go near the computer.I just searched, and the Internet said that electromagnetic radiation is possible.It will cause the baby in the pregnant woman s are cbd gummies legal in australia can a child take cbd gummies womb to develop leukemia.Thinking so far Huang Ying was so dumbfounded that she immediately said, I ll transfer two hundred to you first, then I ll hang up after I transfer it.If you don t want to go to work tomorrow, I ll still go to work.

It s funny to think about it.Liu Jianye didn t like him at first., actually ran to me from left to right to say why I want to change.Liu Jianye was very clear about what kind of person Zhou Ju was, and asked with a smile Now It s embarrassing for him, but it s not that he doesn t even have this measure.Well, Liu Jianye is still capable of doing things.The trainer Guan Yuanyuan is not very competent.The fast speed of the train depends on the headband.The grassroots officials must be selected and appointed.Tomorrow s party committee will study and study, and adjust the few people who should be adjusted.Let s go.This was not an impromptu idea of the director, but a long awaited schedule.Commissar Huang nodded and said nothing more.Comrades sang well just now, now it is inappropriate to talk about the adjustment of cadres, Zhou Ju tilted his head back again Mr.

But cost of hazel hills cbd gummies once we are hired, there is a teaching task.Our work pressure is so great, If you have to work overtime and stay up late every day, if you serve as this lecturer, it will not only affect your job, but also affect your rest. Yes, that s what I m worried about.Principal Nie is on a business trip, and Vice Principal Mu is in charge of this matter.Vice Principal Mu said I have to attend at least five classes a week, and help them with at least ten apprentices.I am usually so busy that I have so much time and energy. So I have to report to the bureau leader.The Xinyuan Street Police Station cannot pick ready made peaches.Pass on their work to us.Gu Suo, II dare clinical cbd gummies buy not speak to Bureau Du.It s right not to speak up, if you really speak up, it s a leapfrog report.Gu Jindou felt that the most handsome policeman was becoming more and more sensible, and at the same time felt that it was inappropriate whether he reported it or Liu Suo s report, because it melatonin cbd gummy bears for night would leave a bad impression on the bureau leaders who were disregarding the overall situation, so he weighed it and got up suddenly Walking to the door Kang Institute, Xiao Han has encountered something, are you busy, come in and sit down, let s help to find a solution together.

The police force of the Xinyuan Street Police Station is more tense than our Huayuan Street Police Station.Old Tang One person has to manage two large communities.There are many clinical cbd gummies buy stimuli rx cbd gummies reviews things in our police office.The relocation work of Chaoyang Village has entered a critical stage, and money will be given to the villagers to move soon.My master and I cannot be separated.Let Miao Haizhu In the past, she was not expected to assist the neighborhood committee to mobilize the owners of the community to organize the owners meeting, the main thing is to let her go Let her go, what do you mean Didn t the residents of the community accuse our police of not patrolling and not doing anything, let Miao Haizhu go It is equivalent to increasing the rate of seeing the police.Whether the task can be completed or not, at least the residents of the community can see the police wandering around the community every day.

They originally planned to let them all live in the county town, and they planned to let us pick them up early and drop them off every day.But their leaders disagreed, saying that they would have to go to school to study with them.It looks like a follower.But It s nothing but, the leader of the Accommodation Bureau has considered it, and specially bought sheets, bedding and some daily necessities for them.There are both rooms and beds upstairs, so they can live in it.Fortunately, they came this year.If we leave it last year, we don t know how to receive it.Now this second floor building was completed and put into use this spring.Thinking of the office conditions last year, Lao Chang cleaned the yard while mobilizing emotion.Zhang Tianxiang went to college in a big city for four years and saw the big world, so he couldn t help laughing and said Old Chang, for you and me, the current conditions are very good, very good, but in the eyes of others, our conditions clinical cbd gummies buy stimuli rx cbd gummies reviews may not be close to good.

The two breathed a sigh of relief, and stood on the side of the slope for twenty or thirty seconds, only to see a thirteen or fourteen year old child carrying a basket on his back, holding a machete in one hand, Holding a wooden stick used as a crutch in one hand, he climbed up, seeing Jiang Li and the two grinning.Jiang Li pulled him to the top of the mountain and asked curiously, Who told you to deliver it Holding the machete, he ran to Han Chaoyang and looked down the mountain.The superior is really comprehensive.My cell phone just ran out of battery.Where did you find this It s old.It only has 43 of the battery in it.Who should have brought it I mentioned the cell phone when I was reporting clinical cbd gummies buy just now.The battery is almost out, the trainer must have found it temporarily.When mentioning the charging treasure, the little guy turned around and said something in local language, but Han clinical cbd gummies buy Chaoyang didn t understand.

I don t know what he picked up and stuffed it in his mouth.He struggled to untie his backpack, as if he was taking out a piece of clothing from the bag, and was using it to bandage the wound on his thigh.It should be a branch in his mouth, and his hands are being bandaged.He is injured and cannot move, and more importantly, the gun is not in his hand.If you don t do it now, when will you wait Opportunities to pick up leaks are not always available.The leader arranged to go to the Northwest to endure hardships.The hardships are suffered, but they cannot be eaten in vain Han Chaoyang was no longer afraid, and was extremely excited.With the help of the faint light in front of him, he reconfirmed that the fugitive was still bandaging his wounds.He grabbed the wooden stick and jumped up, stepping over the wild boar corpse and rushing up The wild boar just now was too big and too ferocious, so I didn t pay attention to it, let alone provoke it, so I was overwhelmed by it in a daze.

Fan Ju, the top of the mountain is very windy.Let s go down if you don t want to take a few photos.Shi Ju, Jiang Da, you are busy with your work, don t delay your business because of me.The terrain is so high, it clinical cbd gummies buy is really seeing all the mountains Small , thinking of such a great achievement in leading the team exchange, Fan Ju was full of spirits, and motioned Jian Yunping to help him take a photo with Han Chaoyang.Of course you are happy to show your face now.We still have a lot of things to do, so we really don t have time to accompany you, Shi Ju and Jiang Da exchanged a look, and said apologetically, Fan Ju, since you plan to take another look at the top of the mountain, Jiang Da and I will go first, Old Chai.Accompany you, just call if you have anything to do.It s okay, what can I do, you are busy with your important affairs.

You know what the relatives said, people said that the old man was scolded to death by you, He Pingyuan I scolded him to death What You didn hillstone hemp cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies buy t turn on the law enforcement recorder, and there is no law enforcement video.Jiang Li and Zhang Tianxiang did not participate in the mediation outside, even if they participated in the mediation with you, their words would not be convincing without the law enforcement video.They need to intervene now Video, you can t get the video, a big living person entered the police station and died after returning, it clinical cbd gummies buy stimuli rx cbd gummies reviews wasn t you, He Pingyuan who scolded him to death, but you, He Pingyuan, who scolded him to death. Secretary Tang, what kind of person am I, He Pingyuan , others don t know you can t know I know it s useful Secretary Tang slapped the table with a bang, pointed at him and roared What did I tell you, how did I train, and how did I usually How did I remind you We must enforce the law impartially and also protect ourselves.

The family that was beaten killed the sheep, called relatives and friends, and ate mutton together at night.Han Chaoyang looked up at the direction of the waiting room, and continued, One of the relatives is a cadre, the deputy director of the Forestry Bureau, who is in charge of the forest police station, and drove the police car of the forest police station to eat mutton at the beaten house.As a result, the next day Early in the morning, He Suo was sued by the family that was beaten, and before the case was settled, he was sued for favoring the family that was beaten, saying that he had HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies buy eaten mutton at someone s house the night before. Did he go, did he eat The mutton from the client s house is easy to investigate do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy It sounds like a joke now, but it was really terrible to He Suo at the time.

Aren t you familiar with the station police station I would like to ask you to help me.The time is clear.It should be able to be called out.It will definitely cbd full spectrum gummies be called out.As long as I can get hold of the guy s ID card information, the next thing will be easy Don t you know how to make up nonsense, I can too I graduated from an art school, and performance is performance as well, and it looks more like you than you.Han Chaoyang paid attention to Zhu Youwei s expression while calling Zhang Suo, Qian Suo, and Wang Dui, who were nonexistent.Sure enough, he was scared Zhu Youwei s face turned pale with fright, a thin layer of sweat oozed from his forehead, he dared not put his hands on the table anymore, he was pressing his knees, and he could clearly see that his legs were trembling involuntarily.

I called Xiaobin just now, and the beating was so severe that two of them were sent to the hospital.If what is cbd gummies hemp bombs Sergeant Gu hadn t brought Junfeng and the others to the scene in time, it wouldn t have been their family and a few workers who did it.It might be a gang fight, and it might turn into a gang fight.How much are the doors and windows worth, and it s not like they don t have money Chaoyang, do you know who did it Huang Ying stood up abruptly and asked.Who Jiang Erhu.It s not surprising.Thinking of that guy s messy appearance, Han Chaoyang sneered, If you hit someone, he broke the law if you were beaten, he deserves it The villain deserves it Bad news, Zhang Beibei is probably just having fun.I didn t have fun, but I thought he was too greedy, Han Chaoyang looked back at the bustling crowd, and sighed softly, Today is really evil, why are there so many things going on Fortunately, there were always accidents on the day before you came back.

Where are you Do you want to come over Just now the Stone Bureau called your name.I was on the way to your place, and my superior asked me to drive the dump truck.At the high speed rail station project site, they didn t explain the location clearly.I ll post a location.Soon.The bureau leader was really thoughtful, not only had to deliver the corpse to the door, but even asked Wu Wei to help drive the dump truck over.Han Chaoyang thought it was a little funny, and at the same time, he realized that Wu Wei could even drive a cart.He wondered when he learned it.Could it be that he was hillstone hemp cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies buy in the army Just as he was thinking wildly, there was HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies buy a low sound of engines on the river.Looking back, I saw two speedboats equipped with police lights, painted with blue and white public security signs and the word public security approaching, and in a blink of an eye, they slowly docked beside an iron boat pulling sand and gravel.

I m not joking, he really doesn clinical cbd gummies buy stimuli rx cbd gummies reviews clinical cbd gummies buy t know, it s entirely the two brats we caught this afternoon who made their own decisions , They originally thought of transporting the corpse to bury you in the sand to disgust you.After the corpse is found, it will definitely mess you up.Let their boss see you as a joke, and their boss may treat them differently.The result is the first When I woke up the next day, I suddenly realized that it was a person s body, not a dead cat or a dog.The two boys were scared, and they dared not tell anyone, let alone tell their boss, and claim credit in front of their boss.I It s not about dealing with Chang Mazi, but it has nothing to do with their work Boss Hou was dubious.You are righteous, treat the people who work under you well, and your workers must think of you in every way.

If their leader hadn t called and asked them to go back quickly, we really planned to discuss the case with them. They might I thought the superior also assigned us the task of visiting and inquiring.Wu Wei raised his head and smiled.As long as the other party doesn t say anything.Han Chaoyang didn t want to throw stones at his feet, do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy so he breathed a sigh of relief and asked with a smile, What should we do next Will we investigate Wu Wei wanted to solve the case, but Wu Wei was not stupid.Looking back on the past three days With a helpless face, he sighed helplessly If you don t check, it s useless to check again, at least this line can t be checked.How did you visit and ask How can you ask, isn t it just to ask if there is I cbd store that sells gummies near me have seen suspicious looking people, especially those who drive commercial vehicles.

The new task made Han Chaoyang a little puzzled, but Wu Wei reacted first, looked back at Li Kaiyi and Xu Guoqiang, and said excitedly The actual owner of the Mercedes Benz car that threw the body entrusted the car to several car rental companies at the same time.Chi car rental company is just one of them, and Yang Jiandong only rents short term rather than long term rental.Fengchi car rental company does not have high end commercial vehicles.Regardless of Mercedes Benz RVs or other high end cars, the boss needs to make adjustments from his peers.No matter what other people can borrow, Yang Jiandong can t rent a car from Fengchi car rental company every time he wants to use it.That is to say, if he can t rent a car from Fengchi company, he can only rent a car from other companies Only then did Han Zhaoyang come to his senses, and he couldn t help laughing The driver of Fengchi Car Rental Company, Cai Xiaofang, helped Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao drive, and became their accomplice.

Yes.Whether the three murder suspects can be caught aside, there is basically no problem in the investigation of the gambling case, judging from the current situation, at least they can be seized Seven or eight million gambling funds, or even more If nothing else, this may be the first case of gambling in are cbd gummies legal in australia can a child take cbd gummies do cbd gummies reduce blood pressure the province seized in the form of chalak , and clinical cbd gummies buy it is also the case with the largest amount of gambling seized by the public security system in the province this year.Zhou Ju was really refreshed on happy occasions.Holding his teacup, he said with a smile, Xiao clinical cbd gummies buy Han, you did a good job I just encouraged you to make persistent efforts and make new achievements in the police officer training center a while ago, but in the blink of an eye, you have achieved such a great result.Zhou Ju, in fact, I didn t do anything, I didn t do the work alone, even if I got results, I didn t do it alone.

But having a car and funding is better than having no are cbd gummies legal in australia can a child take cbd gummies car and no funding, Han Chaoyang hurriedly said, Thank you Director Feng I care about everything, but I can t manage the money.Hanging up Bureau Feng s phone, just about to make a call to communicate with He Yichang, and then to say hello to the master and Old Tang, Miao Haizhu actually called in.Sister, why do you have time to call me Chaoyang, did my dad ask you and Yingying to help me introduce someone This is normal.There are not many opportunities to tease her, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing I met Yang Chunfang when I went out this morning, she is the second daughter of the old Yang s family opposite the school, if I remember correctly, she seems clinical cbd gummies buy to be the same as you, I seem to be in the same class as you in the third grade of junior high school.

I thought I would chat with the master and the old man for a while, awana 1 1 thc cbd gummies and then go to the sub district office to pick up Huang Ying after overtime was almost over, but the plan was not as good as changing.When I arrived at the police station, I hadn t had time to send my luggage to the faculty dormitory of PolyU., There are people lining up to report the crime The police room was overcrowded, so Grandpa Gu simply led a few clinical cbd gummies buy stimuli rx cbd gummies reviews people who came to call the police into the backyard to learn about the situation in the meeting room of the neighborhood committee.Don t worry, don t worry, talk slowly, one by one.Han Chaoyang didn t bother to go back to the dormitory to change his police uniform, took out a pen and paper from the drawer, and asked in the police room.A girl aged 18 or 19 said eagerly Uncle Policeman, I am a waiter at Tianxia Restaurant.

Unexpectedly, when I came back, I found that Grandpa Gu was not the only one in the police room.The Liu Office is very efficient.Last night, it was said that Wu Wei would come to stay here.As a result, Wu Wei arrived at noon today.The sheets and bedding have been laid, and he is sitting in the case handling area talking to Grandpa Gu, Director Su, and Chen Jie.Chaoyang, have you eaten Yes, I ate it at the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Grandpa Gu knew very well that Wu Wei came to replace him, so he greeted Han Chaoyang to come in, and said with a smile Chaoyang, it seems After I retire, you and Xiao Wu will be stationed in the Huayuan Street Police Station.It s a good arrangement in the station.One of you is in charge of community work, and the other is in charge of handling cases.If you encounter some small cases, you can work in the police do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy office.

Tomorrow morning, Manager Jin and Xinyi will go to the talent market to recruit people, and at the same time, they will consider promoting a group of squad leaders and deputy squad leaders.One stone stirred up waves, and the meeting room suddenly became lively, young man Each one is beaming with joy.Director Su smiled, and continued There are three main reasons why we can get such a big order.One is the support of the leaders.It takes advantage kanha gummies cbd of the right time and place, and it can also be said that it is the advantage of being close to the water.We have made good use of these advantages now, and we will make good use of them in the future.For example, after the Chengdong Hub project is completed and put into sunday scaries cbd gummies uk use, high speed rail stations, subway stations and long distance Does East Passenger Transport Station need security checks As far as I know, the security checks at the railway station, long distance bus terminal, and Yanyang Airport are all outsourced to professional security companies.

Anyway, you can t do this anymore, I suggest you take a time to call a meeting with the big guys, determine everyone s responsibilities, and make a roster. Okay, I ll listen to you. This is just a suggestion, not an order.Understood.Han Chaoyang was thinking that it would be inappropriate to have a meeting tonight when his phone rang suddenly, and he took out the caller ID to see that it was Team Liang calling.Captain Liang, I, Han Chaoyang, do you have any instructions No instructions, I just want to communicate with you.Liang Dongsheng flipped through his work diary and said in thought, Xiao Han, I will study the clue you reported last night.After a while, I found a suspicious point.If that Hang Weifang was caught in a trap, then he is unlikely to get out of his life.After all, the mainland is not Macau, and gambling debts are not protected by law.

Han Chaoyang didn t want to talk about this topic anymore, so he couldn t help raising his head and said, Director Su, clinical cbd gummies buy Sister Miao, and Yingying are seconded to the Administrative Service Center, and they have to report early tomorrow morning.Now they are seconded, and they probably won t come back after the secondment True or not, why don t I know Director Su was shocked and couldn t believe it was true.The decision was made by the district leaders in the afternoon.There was no news in advance, and I also felt it was very sudden.It s not so easy to transfer from the street to the district.Director Su directly thought that he and Huang Ying had lost the relationship with which leader since some time ago, so he pretended to be nonchalant and said Transfer to administrative services The center is also good, there are many units stationed there, there are many service windows, and there are many things to do every day, and the ability to train people there.

Understood, we are classmates, learn together and make progress together This is not training, it s similar to a honeymoon, Han Chaoyang promised happily, but his heart was full of joy.Grandpa Gu could hear it clearly, and couldn t help laughing when he thought of the scene of the young couple studying together at the party school tomorrow.Be happy and be happy, and work is the same.The two masters and apprentices were do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy about to go to the Sixth Hospital as before, when Zhang Zhishu came in from the back door, and greeted him as he walked, Inspector Gu, you came so early I m getting older, and I m used to going to bed early and getting up early.You are only sixty this year, not too old.Zhang Zhishu complimented, then turned around and said Chaoyang, I just received a notification from my superiors that there will be a heavy snowstorm tonight.

The problem that can be solved with money, why does the big guy have to be tired like a dead dog Han Chaoyang thought Zhang Zhishu s idea was good, and readily agreed Mechanized operations are good, efficient, and get twice the result with half the effort.I will go to Kang later.So, Kang is familiar with those construction sites, and this is considered emergency relief, so I don t think it s a big problem. Then I ll leave this matter to you. Don t worry.Secretary Zhang sent Han Chaoyang and Grandpa Gu to At the door, I suddenly remembered something, and said By the way, I will go to the street for a meeting later.The superior will send a first secretary to our community.He should be a government official like Director Su.Han Chaoyang was confused , asked with a puzzled face Secretary Zhang, aren t you the secretary of the community party branch Why do you still send a secretary You are still the first secretary Director Su used to be the first secretary, but there was no Revocation, the situation is quite special, she is both the first secretary and the branch secretary.

The accommodation fee is clearly a bed fee.Thinking that a bed was only 45 yuan a night, Han Chaoyang murmured, It seems that he can t get along anymore, otherwise he wouldn t take advantage of this little advantage.Really Looking towards the small stage.Han Zhaoyang just glanced at it just now, Xie Lingling looked in front for a while, noticed that the hall had changed a lot, ran back and asked curiously Bebe, where did the piano and drum set beside the stage come from There is a piano Han Chaoyang was so surprised that he subconsciously stood on tiptoe and looked again.Zhang Beibei smiled proudly Brother Wei helped us find second hand goods, piano 4800, drum set 760, do you think it is worth it As long as you are a music student, who would not be interested in musical instruments Han Chaoyang squeezed into the corner to look, then returned to the bar and smiled It s worth it, it s worth it, it s probably new, you ve made a lot of money Just look at the brand I knew it was all sold by Brother Wei, but I didn t expect him to help recycle it.

You conducted the opening song and the final chorus.I still have your photo in my phone.I also paid attention to the WeChat official account of your community voluntary security patrol team.Really, look at my memory, maybe too many people didn t notice you at that time.It s not too late to know you now.Is there any mistake, so fast We chatted, and it was so hot.Huang Ying felt depressed, and pointed to the small road in front of her Officer Han, there is no one shoveling over there, so go over there quickly, we are here, the people s police should do more, it s nothing to do foreign work here Okay, I ll go to the front.A little clinical cbd gummies buy stimulation is enough, and if you go back, you will really kneel on the computer keyboard.Han Chaoyang chuckled, and ran forward with clinical cbd gummies buy the shovel on his shoulders.There were quite a few female students who participated in the training, and almost all of them knew him.

I was a fake policeman for a year, and now I m going to become a real policeman Zhang Beibei couldn t help laughing.I used to be a real policeman, but it s just are cbd gummies legal in australia can a child take cbd gummies on probationary period.While chatting, the mobile phone plugged in to charge rang.Zhang Beibei glanced back, picked up the phone and put it in Huang Ying s hand Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao s call is coming, your husband is looking for you, answer it.What are you calling now, Huang Ying muttered In a word, slide open the call button on the screen, raise the phone and ask What s the matter Xie Lingling and Zhang Beibei were thinking to themselves, isn t it the title award As for being so excited, Han Chaoyang asked excitedly on the phone Do you know what title I was awarded Huang Ying also felt that he looked like a young man The child smiled and said, Superintendent 3, is there a need to ask Han Chaoyang walked to the police car, raised his hands to his colleagues who had just walked out of the auditorium of the Police Officer Training Center of the Municipal Bureau, and said with a grin Not the third level superintendent, but the second level superintendent, who is directly awarded the second level superintendent The clinical cbd gummies buy stimuli rx cbd gummies reviews exception is specially approved by the Political Department of the Ministry of Public Security, and it is not one or two points What about the second level superintendent It s an extra few dozen yuan in allowances.

She originally hid It was so good that clinical cbd gummies buy she would not be exposed, but she couldn t control herself and Ling Bin fell in love and had a relationship.To get married, you need to apply for a certificate, and once you get a certificate, you may expose your identity, so she has no choice but to run away.Direction The big difference is not bad, but there are some problems with the details.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.What s the problem Zhang Beibei asked unconvinced.To get a marriage certificate, you have to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, not the Public Security Bureau.As long as you don t change your household registration, you don t even have to go to the police station.Moreover, she has a house in Fujiang and even has a real estate certificate.There is no concern that her identity will be exposed when the certificate is obtained.

The younger brother of Kanshi Bureau is very young, but it is not simple.He also serves as the captain of two voluntary security patrol teams.He has hundreds of patrol members under him.It is not a street aunt wearing a red sleeve, all of them are in their twenties Young lads, all ex soldiers and police cadets.Leading so many people Not only are there a lot of people, but they also have fighting power.Not long ago, their patrol team was awarded the third class collective merit by the Yanyang City Bureau, and several young men do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy were awarded the third class individual merit.It is a good thing that there are many people.He has already laid a net on his side, and even borrowed Several cars are ready to follow and monitor at any time, Wan Xiaoxia will definitely not escape clinical cbd gummies buy if she dares to go Master, there is not only one policeman, Han Chaoyang, but there are several policemen in their police office, similar to a police station.

Maybe she was too old to work outside, so she came back and opened this farmhouse. We want The female drug dealer who was arrested may have been known by her during her part time job.Team Wang, there used to be two waiters in her house, and they all left when the mountain was closed in autumn.Can you see if it is these two people Tan Sifang called out Vital records, turned the computer monitor around.No.Wang Jianping glanced at it and said with certainty It s not these two girls.The female clinical cbd gummies buy drug dealer we are chasing should have been here clinical cbd gummies buy for less than a month.Maybe she didn t come to your station to file for HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies buy registration.Although the scenic spot police station is a deputy department A are cbd gummies legal in australia level organizational unit, but not much better than a temporary unit.When the clinical cbd gummies buy scenic spot is open to tourists and there are many tourists, the bureau will arrange for the police to come to support.

Han Chaoyang thought to himself that the salary of the 20 students for a month s practice would add up No more than 40,000, even if a few monitors and deputy monitors are arranged to lead the team, the labor cost will not exceed 60,000.I secretly sighed that using child labor is more cost effective than using strong workers.This abacus is really good Just not knowing what to say, Grandpa Gu came in with an old leather bag that he had given out at a meeting many years ago, sat at Old Tang s desk and smiled, Chaoyang, you don t have to worry about gas safety.Then I ran to Factory 527, and I went around and filled out the report for you.The community police not only patrol the community on weekdays, but also visit and inspect the sales points of fireworks and firecrackers, the sales points of knives and nail guns, gas stations, shopping malls, primary and secondary schools, enterprises and rental houses in the community from time to time.

I ll go in and ask, you go to the Health Office to have a look. Okay.Han Chaoyang walked into the police office through the back door with Lu Shaotao s cell phone in his hand.In the room, I saw Kang Haigen and Miao Haizhu asking Hu Qinglin to stamp his fingerprints on the transcript, and it seemed that the interrogation was over.Chaoyang, it s just in time.I just reported to Liu Suo, and Liu Suo sent it directly to the case handling center.Is the situation in Yanyang clear Xiao Liu assisted Miao Haizhu to put Hu Qinglin on the police car, and said with a smile He came to Yanyang in February last year and has been working on the construction site, but his hands and feet have never been clean.He frequently committed crimes on the construction site and stole the mobile phones of his colleagues , stole tools such as impact drills, electric welding machines, cutting machines, and even scrap steel, and the surname Lu was responsible for selling the stolen goods.

Affectionate clinical cbd gummies buy praise and infinite love Since it is a flash mob , it cannot be done for too long.As soon as the music stopped and the passionate and affectionate song was sung, the band members, including Han Chaoyang, bowed tacitly to thank the audience, and immediately packed up their instruments like normal people, carried their bags, and dragged their luggage Box scattered.It s over, let s play another song.A passenger was still thinking, and his eyes followed the most beautiful Xie Lingling.A lady in her thirties put down her mobile phone and said with a smile This is a flash mob, and people will flash after the performance I like to do this.It s pretty good, a middle aged passenger said while walking towards the security checkpoint, holding up his mobile phone and saying, Xiaoqin, do you know what I saw at the airport Flash mob with a group of do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy kids about your age, playing I am the Heart of China in the airport lobby, and then flash away after the performance.

Is there any other problem Han Zhaoyang asked in a low voice.No.For fear that Han Chaoyang would not believe it, Miao Haizhu simply put the noodle bucket aside and explained patiently From the investigation situation, it is only this month that In the Mood for Love involved pornography.One month, the business was not so good, the boss started to think differently, and happened to meet a liar who claimed to have a relationship with the bureau, so he started to let Mommy organize the lady to perform obscene performances.They are not unprepared, you I didn t go in last night, maybe I don t know.The lobby is on the first floor, but the private rooms are all on the third floor.You have to take the elevator cbd gummies fab in the lobby to go up.They arranged two eyeliners in the parking lot outside, and arranged two nails at the entrance of cbd gummies for flying the elevator.

Yes, yes, the office must have it, as well as the reception room and the conference room.Cao Zefang smiled, and said by analogy Especially the conference room must be well organized, and all the honors we have won and some things worth promoting Hang it on the wall, it is both a conference room and an honor room.Xu Hongliang was also not interested in this proposal, and smiled happily Okay, I will contact Boss Wu who helped decorate the Youth Hostel tomorrow morning.Hongliang, Boss Wu must be If you want to find him, he can do a good job, but there is no need to give him the whole renovation.Zhang Beibei took over the conversation again, and said unhurriedly Actually, our security company has talents, but we have always treated them as security guards, except for on duty.I never thought about asking them to do other things.

Zhang Zhishu couldn t help laughing and said Okay, why don t you leave this work to me.Compared with you, I am more familiar with 527 Factory and Dongming Community.You must cooperate well.Chapter 522 The real Han Da PolyU exchange group went to Donghai with dozens of people, and when they came back there were only a dozen left.Principal Nie went directly to Beijing to attend a meeting after participating in the exchange activities.The school had cbd and melatonin gummies are cbd gummies legal in australia a holiday four days ago, and some teachers and classmates from the south came home from Donghai to celebrate the New Year.Han Chaoyang took the school bus from the airport back to PolyU and changed into a police uniform in the dormitory.I drove PolyU s electric patrol car to the police office, but I didn t expect that the police car that should have been assigned to the police office but had been lent to the office was parked at the door.

Chapter 538 Race against time 7 Get out of the car, the third group will follow me Wu Wei slammed the car door open and rushed into the hotel lobby with Jiang Xiaoquan, Yang Tao and Xiao Wei.Yu Zhenchuan followed closely, rushed into the lobby and went straight to the main station.Xiao Jiang and Xiao Yang are holding shields and batons.Xiao Wei is even more exaggerated, holding a shield in his left hand and a long invincible dung fork in his right hand.The hotel security guard and the waiter who helped the guests with their luggage were stunned and were hesitant to ask what was going on.Han Chaoyang ordered, Jia Yong, you are in charge of guarding the entrance hall Yes Come up and ask Comrade, what are you doing The hotel is so big, there should be many entrances and exits, and the most lacking thing now is people.

Thank you very much, Officer Han , if you have time, you can come to Wujiang for tourism.Our side has beautiful mountains and clear waters, and the scenery is not bad.There is a 5A level scenic spot.Let Xiaotong send you my mobile phone number later.Give me a call before you come here.Come to arrange.You are too polite, I will definitely go when I have time, and you and your wife are welcome to Yanyang.Chapter 563 Routine is polite to the parents of the students, when the phone rang again.The landline of the police office, even if you are not familiar with this number, you will know that there is a police situation when you see this number.Han Chaoyang hurriedly apologized to Zheng Yutong s father, cbd and melatonin gummies are cbd gummies legal in australia hung up the police phone, picked up the phone, swiped the call icon, raised it to his ear and asked, Xiao Liu, what s the matter Arrange for the police, who do I send the reporter s mobile phone number to It looks like a flower, with a prestigious name, but it s actually a beauty and hair salon.

It s fine to change to an intercom system, clinical cbd gummies buy Han Chaoyang smiled, and asked curiously, Chen Jie, Xiaokang, how did the interview go I m not very nervous, I feel that I can perform well on the spot, but I really clinical cbd gummies buy don t know if I can pass it now.I m a little nervous, and I hesitated when answering questions.Xiaokang scratched his head with an embarrassed expression on his face.I don t think it s a big problem.Cao Zefang patted him on the arm and said with a smile, Director Wang came to inspect today, and reporters took pictures and videotaped the whole process.Maybe you two can be on TV at night and in newspapers tomorrow, and the branch office is working Promote the patrol team, these can give you impression points.I don t think it s a big problem, you two are different from me at the time, you are both police students, and you have been in the patrol team for so long, and you have even been commended by the city bureau , Hire you, train for three months, and you can do anything in the assigned unit.

Gansuo didn t think the office was a black sheep, but he didn t want to be investigated by the city bureau because of this matter, so he pulled Han Chaoyang to the police car and said expectantly, Xiao Han, you are a big hit in your branch office, can you talk to me The leader of the sub bureau said something, help us, and ask us, can we return one yard to one yard, and the anti drug brigade handles their drug cases, how to investigate and deal with Karoti and hand it over to us This request is not too much, if Huayuan Street Police Station When such a thing happened, Liu Suo and instructor Xu would think the same way, and they didn t want to disturb the branch or even the city bureau because of this incident, so as to leave a bad impression on the leaders of the branch and even the city bureau.

It is waterproof and explosion proof, it seems to be 50 meters waterproof, and it will be fine after two days of soaking in the water.Old Tang also thinks this idea is too funny, the person under surveillance really wants to run away, and he really doesn t want you to know his location, so just send him Just take off the watch and throw it away.Even if you find a way to prevent him from taking it off, it is easy for him to destroy this children s watch.It is a big joke to expect this thing to control the people under surveillance.Liu Jianye didn t think so, and said plausibly Chaoyang, I knowI know what you want to say, but don t we have no conditions If we don t have conditions, we must create conditions.Anyway, it s better than nothing.And we should think differently.Dai Li is now penniless.

Okay, I ll tell them that.After explaining everything and returning to the police car, Wu Wei took the information and looked at it and asked, Chaoyang, do you suspect that Mo Yunhu cbd gummies fibromyalgia s inmate is raising money illegally It could be a pyramid scheme or a scam., that guy went to jail for fraud.What should I do now, I don t understand these things.We don t understand, so find someone who understands.Han Chaoyang clicked on the big clinical cbd gummies buy stimuli rx cbd gummies reviews screen of the central control, and connected it to the big screen with Bluetooth.He found He Yichang s number in the phone book, and clicked to call it.After a few beeps, the phone was connected, only to hear He Yichang yawning and asking Captain Han, today seems to be the clinical cbd gummies buy stimuli rx cbd gummies reviews third day of junior high school, isn t it a bit late to call for New Year s greetings today Captain He, excuse me to rest No, no, I m on duty in the team, but I didn t sleep well last night, and I was a little sleepy.

Call first and tell clinical cbd gummies buy him that he is surrounded, unless he grows If he has wings, he can fly, otherwise he won t be able to run away Let him not take chances, come out and accept the treatment. We ve received it, and we ll call it out.The factory area is not small, and it s not big Big.Just put down the walkie talkie, the electric patrol car has driven to the back of the smoke hotel.As expected, a field investigation vehicle came from the technical brigade of the sub bureau, and the technical police were busy inside.There was a black Honda sedan parked cbd and melatonin gummies are cbd gummies legal in australia next to the survey vehicle, with diamond cbd gummies review a Zhejiang license plate, and he knew without asking that the friend of the tobacconist owner was coming.Just as Han Chaoyang escorted Bao Moning out of the car, Liang Dongsheng had already climbed out of the window.

It s okay, just stop at the side.Thank you, please give me a good review later.No problem.Before the car came to a complete stop, Qiao Peiming pushed the door with his travel bag on his back get off.I looked back at the direction of the intersection and ran to the west of the road after confirming that there was no car coming.Chapter 639 Do it As soon as the white BYD turned on the turn signal, Lao Hu told Sun Le BYD to turn right through the group voice.Xiao Sun asked the driver to turn right in time, saw the opportunity and inserted behind BYD.Seeing that BYD was driving more and more slowly as if it was about to pull over, he immediately realized that this was where the suspect and Brother Liu met.For a while, are cbd gummies legal in australia can a child take cbd gummies I couldn t find a place where I could park for covert surveillance, so I could only bite the bullet and let the driver continue to drive forward.

He confessed that this is the second time he bought from Liu Qingjun.The first time was In August last year, shortly before his hometown was found taking drugs by the Menbei County Public Security Bureau, he bought 100 grams at that time, and the transaction was also at 125 yuan per gram.The person involved in drugs is the downline he developed after returning to his hometown.The suspect who ran away was named Fei Yongbing.Not only are they in contact now, but Qiao Peiming provided Fei Yongbing s living expenses during his absconding period., Fei Yongbing even continued to develop drug addicts under Qiao Peiming s instigation.Do you know the whereabouts of that Fei Yongbing Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.Yes, Qiao Peiming said that Fei Yongbing didn t run away, and hid in Pingshi, more than 80 kilometers away from his hometown in the north of the gate.

The thing has already happened, it s useless to be in a hurry, I still say the same thing, you must pay attention to safety on the way back.Yes Liu Chengquan is not only clinical cbd gummies buy a patrol member, but also an auxiliary policeman of Huayuan Street Police Station, and also a security guard of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.Han Chaoyang took a few deep breaths and then called Xu Hongliang.As soon as the phone was connected, I heard Xu Hongliang say Chaoyang, I know about Chengquan.Junfeng called me hillstone hemp cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies buy just now.I m almost at the Sixth Hospital.Don t worry about the cost.I brought the card.How much will it cost It doesn t matter, as long as it can save people Thank you, please help me say hello to the doctor, and I m counting on you from cbd gummies for golfers the hospital.Chengquan is also my brother.Xu Hongliang was equally anxious, holding the soul cbd sleep gummies reviews steering wheel tightly and said Chaoyang , if you don t call me, I will call you too.

If you don t inquire, you don t know, but when you inquire about it, your heart will feel cold.As Dad Huang said before, Liu Chengquan can only be resettled and compensated in accordance with the Regulations on Work Injury Insurance.Huang Ying was in a hurry, clutching her mobile phone tightly and asking, Brother Xu, he sacrificed his life for work.Isn t the price different for the two standards Everything, Section Chief Xu was gummies infused with cbd also unhappy, after thinking about it, he added Remember, the State Council issued an Opinion , which mentioned that the immediate family members of auxiliary police personnel who died on duty and died on duty You can enjoy pensions and other related benefits by referring to the yukon valley cbd gummies relevant regulations on pensions for public officials in the country.However, this dragon cbd gummies opinion is too vague and has not been clearly written as referring to the sacrifice of pensions by the people s police.

Okay, finish it early and go back to rest early, let s start.As he was talking, Xiao Yang brought the convenience leaflet.Accompanied by Manager Liu, Han Chaoyang and Jiang Qingwen walked into the first room, and smiled at the workers who were busy grabbing the bunks or laying sheets and quilts Masters, please show your ID card, let s take a look, we won t How long will it take you all Comrade police, do you clinical cbd gummies buy need to apply for a temporary residence permit clinical cbd gummies buy The permit is definitely required, but you don t need to spend money on leafy quick cbd gummies it, and you don t need to do it.Manager Liu will help everyone do it tomorrow.Han Chaoyang He took the ID card from a migrant worker, looked at the photo on the ID card, looked up at the migrant worker again, confirmed that it was his own, and then handed it to Wang Jiayong, who asked Wang Jiayong to swipe it on the patrol interrogation terminal.

Xu Hongliang smiled, and continued Considering that there are many vendors, Secretary Cao wants to ask Director Xie to be responsible for market order and environmental sanitation, and Director Xie also agreed.He used to be Those who collect booth fees and sanitation fees have experience.Chapter 694 Construction Site 4 No matter which unit, they will take care of lesbians.Although Jiang Xiaomin, who has just joined the job, is assigned to be on the night shift, under normal circumstances, he is on duty until midnight at most.In the second half of the night, there are young men from the pickpocketing team, and they will not call her unless there is an emergency.As the internal staff of the voluntary security patrol brigade of the Yandong Public Security Bureau and the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, she also has to take the time to understand the situation of the brigade s security patrol area and the company s duty stations.

Get up, whose bag is this Be honest, let s go Han Zhaoyang returned to the police room and was discussing with Lao Ding how to allocate the twelve electric vehicles just distributed by the branch office.Director Huo of the Project Headquarters Office of the East City Transportation Hub Project suddenly called.Hi, Director Huo, I m Han Chaoyang, what instructions do you have Xiao Han, are you familiar with the Xinyuan Street Police Station Yes, Director Huo, what do you need from the Xinyuan Street Police Station Director Huo looked up Looking at an old friend who came to ask for help, he said with a bit of embarrassment Xiao Han, the thing is like this, a project clinical cbd gummies buy manager of the Sanjian Company was taken away by the Xinyuan Street Police Station because he played cards with some friends.He should be at the Xinyuan Street clinical cbd gummies buy Police Station right now.

Yang Xiaorong couldn t control his sadness any longer, and cried out with tears He doesn t work hard, doesn t go out to make money, always gambles, and drinks.As soon as my mother said it, he beat her, and once broke my mother s head.And joy cbd gummies then Then my mother left, and he went out to look for it but couldn t find it, so he fell in love with the widow who opened the mahjong parlor His father is a gambler and alcoholic.He beat his mother away and got married with another woman.When things went wrong or when he was drunk, he would blame his son and fight If all this is true Yes, the child in front of him is quite pitiful.Whether it is true or not needs to be verified, and it is not very easy to take it back now.Lao Dai figured out the situation, patted Yang Xiaorong on the shoulder, raised his head and said, Boss Wang, Xiao Yang respects you very much, it can be seen that he really regards you as an elder, and you also like Xiao Yang very much.

Excited and excited, he cbd and melatonin gummies are cbd gummies legal in australia patted Han Chaoyang on the arm You continue to wait for the leader of the detachment, I will go in and have a look first.It wasn 150 mg cbd gummies t long before Liu Jianye went in.The leader of the criminal police detachment arrived with the city bureau s forensic doctor and technical police.As a result, so many people came, they could only stand on the sidelines clinical cbd gummies buy and watch.The leaders looked at the river for a while, and returned to the parking place to talk in a low voice.The leaders of the various brigades who came with Director Liu and Liu Jianye could only stand aside, and just stood there and waited until 11 o clock in the middle of the night.The bureau turned around and said, Comrade Xiaohan, have you found the place where the case analysis meeting will be held Report to Bureau Liu.

I wouldn t go if I was beaten to death again Whoever wants to go will go.Han Chaoyang didn t expect Lao Ding to have such experience, and he thought that now his superiors repeatedly asked him to change his work style and follow the mass line.As a result, he became more and more polite to the masses, and even took the satisfaction rate of the masses as an important assessment index, but he treated his own people hi tech cbd gummies the same as before, especially those high ranking government officials.Just not knowing how to evaluate it, a WeChat notification sound came from the mobile phone.After clicking on WeChat, it turned out that the leader of the old unit put 3.14 victim s photos and the surveillance video of the withdrawal a few months ago were sent, and he was about to enter a received when Liu Jianye called again.

Liu Jianye said while the iron was hot Liu Bureau, No problem, he was able to find a way to solve it before, and he can do it in the future.Of course, we must express it in the Bureau.When the Bureau Zhou was here, he gave 30,000 yuan for anti pickup funds.You can give more.This clinical cbd gummies buy money will not be wasted.Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du were planning to get Huayuan Street, PolyU and the Sixth Hospital to pay for our support and HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies buy work. That s right, if the do cbd gummies hurt your liver bureau pays the wages and pays social security, what is it called a voluntary patrol brigade.Director Liu weighed it up and said with a smile, You re right.Since the Polytechnic University and the Sixth Court are unwilling to release people, we don t need to do this.Who would think that the funds are too much, don t you think , we can give more, we need to study how much we pay, how and where the money is spent, and the bureau needs to audit it.

Liu Hui is not an outsider.Mei Tiejun went out just now, and Han Chaoyang simply said that although the anti picking team has not dispersed, the hearts of the people have dispersed.Grandpa Gu didn t expect Wu Junfeng s gang of stinky boys to say that if you put down the pick, you harmony premium cbd gummies how many to eat will clinical cbd gummies buy put down the pick, and he asked in a low voice, holding his teacup, Why don t you do ideological work for comrades Han Chaoyang said with a bitter face Master, everyone has his own ambition.I can t miss people s future, what do you want me to do with this ideological work That s right.Grandpa Gu nodded slightly, and then asked, What are your plans for the future Since the bureau doesn t care, what do I have What do you care about As you said yesterday, when I first do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction clinical cbd gummies buy came from the institute, there was no patrol team.

Although Han Chaoyang didn HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies buy t tell Xu Hongliang about the fact that even the anti pickup team was going to disband, Wu Junfeng and other anti pickup team members had a good relationship with the auxiliary police officers of the Huayuan Street Police Station, so he knew about it almost immediately.The patrol team is stationed in the area under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Liu Jianye is the biggest beneficiary.It used to be very difficult to check the foreigners in the village in the city.Now, just call Han Chaoyang and arrange two or three policemen to handle the matter.up.When encountering urgent tasks such as chasing, intercepting and maintaining stability, it is much easier to execute than before.The old classmate is a stubborn donkey, it s hard to talk about it usually, but today is an opportunity.

Wu Junfeng likes to join in the fun, and follows the whole process, whether to report progress through the walkie talkie.Han Da, Xu Jun disagrees with sending his father s body to the funeral home, saying that he cannot be cremated until the cause of death is clarified.His father died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage.The cause of death is very clear, and it has been determined to be a work related injury.What s the point Han Chaoyang asked puzzled while holding the walkie talkie.Maybe it s because I m worried that the compensation will not be in place.You know this kind of thing.It s completely different if there is a corpse.Wu Junfeng looked at the college students who were comforting Xu Jun, and said in a daze His classmates It s not a fuel efficient lamp at all, and there are a lot of people who don t know what to do.

I really can t afford to pay for it alone.Now it s hard to get a job done, and it s also hard to find a construction team.Hu Songping didn t want to chill the hearts of the small contractors who worked with him because of this, and asked in a low voice, How much can you pay Three hundred thousand, at most three hundred thousand.Okay, let Jiang Jianxing talk to Xu s family first, No matter how much you have to pay in the end, you pay 300,000 yuan, and I will take care of the rest.Thank you Mr.Hu.Don t thank me, who made us encounter such a bad thing.Hu Songping sighed and stood up Prepare to ask the waiter to pay the bill.Mr.Tao has dealt with Hu Songping for many years, although Hu Songping is very disorderly in his private life and likes to gamble.But when there is a project, I still think of him first, not because of anything else, but because he is loyal enough.

It is necessary to invite unit leaders, colleagues, and universities in advance.Classmates, we have to arrange the work of the police district again, because there are two major events coming up.Fortunately, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan and Xiaokang came back the afternoon before yesterday, and the bureau granted them a week s leave.Miao Haizhu and Miao Haizhu are going to pay homage to Liu Chengquan tomorrow morning, and they immediately decided to go together, so they are helping out in the police office today.There are many people going tomorrow, and the police office cannot be closed because of this.Han Chaoyang finished calling the command center phone, and then called Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station separately to coordinate the personnel who will come to take over tomorrow, and then called the old leader who has been promoted to be the deputy county magistrate of Fengyong County People s Government and concurrently the director of the Public Security Bureau The 12th task force did not wear police uniforms, but tomorrow they are going to pay homage to their good brother Liu Chengquan.

What happened next Han Chaoyang hillstone hemp cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies buy asked.I said that since you are Boss Luo s friend, let Boss Luo call me.He faltered and said he couldn t get in touch for the time being.There are too many scammers these days, and then I hung up.Chapter 805 Chasing and Escaping 11 I stayed in the river for a week and interviewed many people.I can t remember many people s surnames and the circumstances of the inquiries.Han Chaoyang couldn t care less about bickering with Tang Xiaoxuan and the others.He ran back to the office area, took out his notebook from his bag, and quickly rummaged through it.He searched carefully from beginning to end, but he couldn t find Luo Weixing who had Jiang in Jiangzhong s social relations.Angkor, I m Chaoyang.I just received a call from Jiangzhong.It s from the steel bar contractor who lost a finger My surname is Xu, I have a little impression.

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