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Or is it 300 for three people 300 for one person is a good idea.The auxiliary police and the auxiliary police usually only have one meal in the station.Thinking about it, it is impossible to subsidize 300 per person.Lao energy cbd gummies Xu said disappointedly It is better to have a subsidy than no subsidy.You can figure out how to eat in the future.I am not here.Eat out, I ll bring my own food.Don t you just want to cash in Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang were completely convinced, looked at each other and smiled, and said nothing more.Sending Xu Hongliang away, Han Chaoyang packed up his things and was about to go out to buy washbasins, bath tubs and other things when the police phone rang suddenly.When he saw that the caller ID was the fixed number of the duty room in the office, Han Chaoyang immediately realized that There is a warning, and there is work to be done.Who has nothing to learn about that regulation and that What regulations, without prior notice, and then use what regulations and regulations to talk to you, isn t this not cbd oil vs gummies for pain teaching and punishing However, there is no way to reason with the police.Manager Zhang was very grateful to be reminded in time, and he held Han Chaoyang s hand tightly and said sincerely Chaoyang, thank you, thank you so much.If you didn t remind me, I might be confused someday.I was fined by the public security brigade, and I will go to the sub bureau later to ask how to train and report.Don t be so polite, I am a community policeman, and my work cannot be separated from your support.I also have to take your affairs to heart Come on.Manager Zhang reacted abruptly, and quickly asked By the way, didn t you just say that there is something else, just ask, as long as I can do it, there will be nothing wrong.Talk about it, why don t we talk about it Old Xu asked curiously.My family is rich, and she went to study in Germany before she finished her university degree.She is determined to join a big band.I can t keep up with her, and I can t hold her back.I just get together and break up, so I can do it in the future.Friends.What s so great about being in an orchestra, you re still a civil servant I m talking about an internationally renowned symphony orchestra.Have you ever heard of Yo Yo Ma He energy cbd gummies wants to become a great performer like Yo Yo Ma.What are civil servants Yes.To her and her family, civil servants are a joke.Who is Yo Yo Ma Old Xu may not be able to tell what is a viola and what is a cello, and talking about it with him is like playing the piano against a cow.Han Chaoyang didn t want to talk about this anymore, so he immediately changed the topic Old Xu, I can t leave the jurisdiction.It s incredible.I want to go in, but Secretary Tong won t let me in, so I insist on helping them maintain order here.Fearing that he wouldn t believe it, Han Chaoyang held up his badge in a serious manner.Guan Xiyuan was taken aback, and asked suspiciously Deputy Secretary Tong of the District Committee How many Secretary Tong are there in the district Han Chaoyang asked seriously.The district committee only has Secretary Tong, Chaoyang, you know Secretary Tong, and Secretary Tong knows you Han Chaoyang thought to himself that I only knew Secretary Yang, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and the Working Committee of Huayuan Street, let alone Secretary Tong, but he still said nonchalantly I don t know how he knows me, Let me maintain order here as soon as you come here, and say you have dinner together at noon.If it s really a big deal, people from the Anti Corruption Bureau or even the Anti Corruption Bureau of the Procuratorate will come.The Commission for Disciplinary Inspection and the inspector may really understand the situation, and it is unlikely to be an investigation.How could Xu Hongliang not be excited when his good brother was retaliated against Old Xu and I who know it all know why the Disciplinary Committee and the Inspector are only looking for Chaoyang but not me and Old Xu Maybe I have gone to the street to find Director Cai to re appoint the patrol team leader.Old Xu added abruptly, almost writing on his face that this was a conspiracy.It s too urgent to ask someone to take over the police room before the situation is clear.Director Su snorted coldly, and said expressionlessly, Don t worry, he can only take over the police room.Not only can we not confuse ourselves, but we also need to turn passive into active. How Guan Yuanyuan asked doubtfully.These things were caused by that kid, but the root of the problem is still our own.In the past, we were concerned about the lack of police force, and the second was that it would be thankless to assist the street to carry out demolition, and we were worried that if the police had a dispute with the villagers at the scene Being photographed and posted on the Internet has a bad influence, causing Secretary Yang and Director Gu to have opinions on us.Are you going to go to energy cbd gummies the street The secretary and Director Gu report to the work.You prepare in the office, and if Chen Da comes over in person, you can apologize for me.Guan Yuanyuan was stunned, and couldn t help reminding Liu Institute, there is no problem with the report, Chaoyang Community is a voluntary Don t mention the matter of the security patrol today.But it is a victory to let him lower his head and let the police station actively cooperate with the street work.Secretary Yang nodded nonchalantly, motioning for him to continue.Secretary Yang, you may already know that this morning, the Disciplinary Committee and the inspector of the sub bureau took Comrade Han Chaoyang, a policeman from our station, to understand the situation.The Disciplinary Committee and the inspector are very strict, and I still don t know why.Comrade Su Xian gave I reported it, and I really can t figure it out, what s wrong with him as a small policeman I m also puzzled, but there must be a reason for the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the inspector to find him.The director of the department is cbd gummies stopped at post office responsible for the leadership.One post has two responsibilities, so we must take good care of our own doors and manage our own people.

Her husband had a work related accident last year, and the other party was a private boss., The lawsuit was won, but the compensation was not received.The factory where she used to work closed down again, her child is in college, and her family is relatively difficult.She can bear hardships, and she must be fine at work.Others don t need to give face, but white shirt has to give face, not to mention that the store really needs a handyman.Boss Deng weighed it up and slapped his thigh Officer Gu, ask her if she would like to come.If she is willing, I will give her 1600, regardless of the probation period.Thank you very much, let me ask.It is not difficult to do good deeds, it is not difficult to do one or two things for a year or two, but it is difficult to do a lifetime No wonder Grandpa Gu can be selected as the second level hero model of the national public security system.Grandpa Gu was not disappointed.He thought about it and asked, Chaoyang, what about you Master, what am I Chaoyang was stopped by the question, scratched his neck and said with a wry smile Master, I am different from Zhenchuan.I am still in the probationary period.I really haven t thought about it so much, I really haven t thought about it so far.Others may not believe his words , Huang Ying believed.Because he was too unlucky some time ago, really unlucky.He was so miserable in the unit that no one wanted to see him, and it was a question of whether he could survive.He didn t care about thinking so much, but he still suppressed a smile energy cbd gummies and joked You don t want to make progress.I really want to get ahead, but I m not even a party member, do I have a chance to get up Write an application Don t be kidding, there are quite a few policemen in the station who haven t joined the party, and there s only one or two places a year, so there s no chance Me.Nurses ran over from time to time to ask if the family members of a certain patient were there, and either told them to talk to the doctor at the end of the aisle, or handed over a stack of bills to pay.Han Chaoyang and energy cbd gummies Yu Zhenchuan took the initiative to clear the HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies way in front, assisting the anti drug team to send the drug dealers to the X ray energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin department, and jumped in to do the X ray first.It doesn t matter whether the film can be obtained now, what is important is to confirm whether the drug dealer s life is in danger.After waiting at the door for three or four minutes, the small cbd gummies compare door on the side opened, and a female doctor asked, Who is the person in charge, please come here.I am Those of you who have seen this formation all gathered around to watch the excitement.Han Chaoyang was the closest to the small gate and hurriedly blocked it.This suspiciousness does not mean that he is suspected of murder, but that he owes money to avoid debts.Since he owes a fart debt, he must try to repay it.As a result, no creditors came to ask for it.He And I don t care about borrowing money from relatives and friends to meet urgent needs.After working as a criminal police officer for so many years, this is the first time I have encountered such a situation.Deputy Detachment Leader He pondered Maybe he really owes a big debt, but it s not from the decoration, and the debt he owes is far beyond his repayment ability, even if he borrows from relatives and friends, he can t pay it back.Just walk away.If this is the best cbd gummies for diabetics energy cbd gummies case, then the murderer who brutally murdered Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son is likely to be the creditor.Reporting to He Zhi, after we discovered these doubts, we immediately thought whether Qiao Xianhong might be involved in gambling or drugs, but we knew from interviews new age cbd gummies review and inquiries.It is conceivable that she and Chef Cui met in a restaurant.The couple earn over 100,000 yuan a year, and their son lives in their hometown.Although the place where he lives is very ordinary, it is also a two person world.This small life does not need to be too moist, not only the fellow villagers, but even Han Chaoyang is a little bit envious.As long as they work hard, everyone in Yanyang, a provincial capital city with a population of more than three million, has food to eat.No one cares about eating and drinking, the main thing is to get together and chat.Xiao Ma, who has just graduated, is very active and has a good capacity for alcohol.After toasting one by one, he said happily Xiaoyu, Linlin, although Chenjiaji is far away, the transportation is very convenient.There are direct buses.Following his gesture, the marching trumpet like prelude sounded in the first measure, and Aunt Wang and other choir members sang loudly in bright, majestic and powerful rhythms.Get up People who don t want to be slaves Build our new Great Wall with our flesh and blood The Chinese nation is at its most dangerous time, and everyone is forced to make a final roar The old men and women of the 527 factory every night Rehearsed in Yanhe Park, but never played March of the Volunteers , never sang National Anthem , and there were more people watching than before.The young people watched the excitement, and the old people who had experienced the passionate years couldn t help singing along.Although the performance level of the band is not satisfactory, although the melody and structure of each phrase of this well known National Anthem are different, but the phrases are closely connected and developed naturally.

What are you doing , How dare you physically punish the team members in front of me, I said Li Xiaobin, you are doing a good job of keeping secrets, and you have already made love with others, but I don t know anything about it.I live in the men s energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin dormitory, so don t say it so badly.Li Xiaobin looked embarrassed, and couldn t help but look back after speaking.Although the security company is managed militarily, it is not an army after all.Even at the higher level of the army, it is impossible to prevent soldiers from falling in love, but soldiers are not allowed to fall in love in the garrison.The beauty of a gentleman being an adult, not to mention that this is indeed a good thing, Han Chaoyang could not help but ask Xiaobin, do you want me to find a way to find a dormitory for the two of you.I Wife has it, but Xiaojun doesn t, he has it with him. There should be a copy.No, it s okay, why do I want a copy of his ID card.Ke Jianrong walked to the door of the inner room and turned back to emphasize You have registered last time, you should have it there, he is not an outsider, he is in the same village as me, it is me I found it specially from my hometown.Okay, let s get your wife s first.You are deliberately tossing energy cbd gummies about registering ID cards and checking ID cards and residence permits, trying to force outsiders who rent in the village to move.Ke Jianrong thought he had a thorough understanding of the situation in Chaoyang Village, cursed secretly, opened the door and went inside to find his wife s ID card.Chen Jie was already ready, without Han Zhaoyang s reminder, she took out her mobile phone to take a picture of a small commercial, and then leaned over to pick up one and put it in her pocketChapter 102 Hot summer nights are the peak time for road occupation and outcropping barbecues, and the comprehensive law enforcement team also operates at night.What Gu Guoli was thinking about was not just eating, but the rate of seeing the police in the jurisdictional area of the comprehensive police receiving platform.He wanted to use the opportunity of eating to let the masses see the police around him.He put down his cup and added Eating is convenient now, don t do it like before.Meal card, you can pay for the meal with one scan of your mobile phone, I don t think you will.From now on, we will go to the University of Science and energy cbd gummies Technology for breakfast, the Sixth Hospital for lunch, and the University of Science and Technology or the Sixth Hospital for dinner.Han Chaoyang is not a fool., How can you not know the good intentions of his old man.I thought to myself that all the benefits who owns keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies paypal of energy cbd gummies working in the community would be lost.I would not be able to go to the working group to get lunch as before, and I would no longer be able cbd gummies paypal to eat and drink in the security company, but I still smiled happily Eating canteens is good, the Sixth Hospital energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin has I don t know how many cafeterias there are, but there must be energy cbd gummies large restaurants, small restaurants and food stalls in the Science and Technology Institute, all with southern flavors, and all kinds of snacks are available.During the torrential rain in June, Dongming District suffered the most damage.More than 400 cars parked in the underground parking lot were annihilated.Some insurance companies paid, and some insurance companies did not.It s not over yet.Su Xian realized that she had to seize the time to take some precautions, and blurted out Got it, I ll call Manager Zhang right now, and go to Dongming Community right now.Where are you, you can t get through I m rushing back, Director Su, don t worry, the rain hasn t fallen yet, it should be time to notify the owner to transfer the vehicle.Chaoyang, I will organize the property and security to notify the owner to transfer the vehicle, some owners may not Can t get in touch, can you ask the traffic police to find a tow truck, and ask them to come over and help us tow the car in cbd gummies paypal justcbd vegan cbd gummies the basement .

can cbd gummies cause depression?

out.Anyway, he was changing the law Let me ask for money.This was undoubtedly her sad thing, and she burst into tears as she spoke.For Han Chaoyang, the provincial office is too far away.As far as Gu Guoli is concerned, although he is not very familiar with the provincial department, the leaders of the department, the political commissars of the captains of the corps, and the leaders of various places still know a little bit.He can t cbd gummies paypal justcbd vegan cbd gummies think of a director surnamed Zhu, so he can t help but ask What happened later I found something was wrong later, so I went to the Public Security Bureau to find out if there was such a person, and the guard said no.They looked at their unit, and it turned out that today it will be delayed tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.No matter how stupid I am, I know energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin that I have encountered a scammer.But this moment and that moment.In the absence of other clues, even worthless clues should be checked.Comrade Dongsheng, since the police in your office learned about this situation, you are responsible for verifying it.Go there quickly and report it immediately after you understand it.Yes This is a energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin murder case, not an ordinary criminal case.Difficult to break.Liang Dongsheng didn t dare to delay for a moment, put down his mobile phone, got into the police car, turned on the engine and turned on the lights, and rushed towards Xinglong Department Store.When I arrived at Huayi Mall, I stopped a security guard and asked about it.I alcohol and cbd gummies took the escalator to the second floor, and I saw a 28 year old proprietress bargaining with a girl who was buying clothes.Liang Dongsheng thought to himself that no matter whether the information provided by that lucky boy was valuable or not, at least it was accurate, and energy cbd gummies he found it as soon as he looked for it, and he didn t go wrong.

Officer Liang, what do you want to know Liang Dongsheng didn t answer her question directly, but smiled at the curious security guard standing by the door.Can t let the security know, Ji Zhaojun became more nervous, leaning on the edge of the table and asked cautiously Officer Liang, what is the matter, what do you want to know Liang Dongsheng took out a pen and paper from his bag, and motioned for her to sit down while Ask calmly Comrade Ji Zhaojun, where do you live now Xingda Garden, not far from here, just behind the shopping mall.When did you move here Seven or eight years, the house was when you got married.I bought it and moved in after the decoration was completed.My husband is from Dongguang.My parents in law and mother in law are not around, and no one takes care of the children.My parents live with us and help us take care of the children.You should be sensible.Whether you are a child or an adult, do it Good people should be praised for their good deeds, and they will be punished if they do something wrong.If you don t do your homework, will the teacher make you stand up and punish you for doing it more times The principle .

are hemp gummies and cbd gummies the same?

is the same.Not only is it prodigal, but energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin it is also against the law, so the police uncle wants to punish him to let him know that this is wrong, so that he will not commit another crime in the future.You don t want your dad to be addicted to gambling, do we We are doing it for his own good and for your own good.It turned out to be Li Tianzheng s energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin son Chen Jie came to her senses, looked HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies at this tiger headed kid and couldn t help energy cbd gummies laughing Xiao Bao, come in with Auntie.The children of poor families are already in charge, and Li Xiaobao is not only a child of poor families, but also a child of single parent families and gambler families.As a result, they always think that they are still from the 527 factory., I don t have a sense of belonging to the HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies neighborhood committee. A good start is half the battle, as long as they are willing to come, they will gradually have a sense of belonging.Chapter 127 reminds the fact that the old factory manager and the others are very punctual.Last night we made an appointment to arrive at 7 20, energy cbd gummies but we arrived at 7 10 The old factory director is the chief conductor of the band and choir today, and it is also the first time he has led a team out to participate in an event.He was very excited, organized the old guys and sisters to line up, turned around and asked with a smile Director Su, seven forty It s just started, and there are still 20 where can i buy shark tank cbd gummies minutes, how about we rehearse on the spot These days, we were so busy that we didn t bother to go to Yanhe Park to watch their rehearsal.I can help you keep an eye on them.If you see someone who looks similar, I will call you.What others say may be just empty words, but this is not someone else.Captain Huang nodded heavily, held his hand tightly and said with a smile If you wish, I ll send you a few photos later.Okay, I ll give it to you.Old Gu, don t be so polite.Xiao Han, goodbye, If you have time, go to our anti pickup team to play.After seeing off Team Huang, he was about to talk about the bonus with his master, when Captain Tang suddenly called and said cheerfully on the phone Chaoyang, I am Tang Junwei, and Lu Xingfan has caught it.The kid works in a restaurant, and the network administrator knows him, so we caught him in the restaurant.The Comprehensive Law Enforcement Team has the power to impose administrative penalties, but not the power to arrest people.No problem, the key is not necessary, Cui Zhishu picked up energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin a peanut and said with a smile There is no shortage of work that should be done.The floating population management already has a grid officer, Xiao Cheng is too busy, and there are college students.Village official, recruiting two more people is not overstaffed and a waste of money.If you only recruit migrant population supervisors, there is overlap, and there is no need for them.But the supervisors are no different from security officers.They are all in charge of migrant population.Now there are so many foreigners in the village, and there are fights at both ends of Xiangyang Road every three days.If there are two security guards, plus Xiao Cheng, and one or two village cadres leading the team, the public security joint defense team will be set up, and security patrols can be launched every night.Can I save money for college Yu Zhenchuan felt a little unbelievable, and raised his head subconsciously.Han Chaoyang smiled proudly You went to a police academy with militarized management, and you have energy cbd gummies to ask for leave when you go out.I went to a local college and majored in instrumental music.It s not easy to find a formal job with our major.But it s not difficult to earn a little money.Some people in our class work as tutors outside, some run outside, and some go to work in a piano store, just helping others teach children how to play and play the piano.Donghai is so big, and there are not many people who learn instrumental music , the competition is not very fierce, and it s easy to make money. How easy is it Anyway, I didn t spend my family s money from my sophomore year to my graduation, and I earned all my tuition, living, and accommodation expenses.

The class is full of top students admitted from middle schools in various townships.The class leader is a girl.Now that I energy cbd gummies think about it, she is not good looking, but her grades Okay.Her family is in the county seat, and she looked down on us classmates who came from the township.A few boys coaxed me together, and I was a little unconvinced, so I started chasing her and wrote her a love letter.Later, I caught up with her.No, she lost her grades.Her family had high expectations for her, and hoped that she would be admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University.When they found out that her grades had dropped so badly, they began to investigate what was going on, and found out that we were in a relationship.This matter got bigger.Even the head teacher knew, so he called my mother first, and then talked to me with the homeroom teacher and my mother for a whole morning, and asked me to write a letter of guarantee.Jiang is still old and spicy, Han Zhaoyang admires his master but feels very embarrassed.Last night, Xia Yunkui was asked to hide again, and he was asked to help Luo Chunjun pack his luggage, and Luo Chunjun was swept out of the house.Facing Luo Chunjun s wife and children, Liu Gong also felt very embarrassed, and after thinking about it, he walked into the do cbd gummies help to lose weight semi outdoor cafeteria built with colored steel tiles , went to Luo Chunjun s wife and children and asked Xiao Luo, your dad probably won t be able to leave the hospital for a while.He can t be left alone in the hospital.Where do you and your mother plan to live Let s go find a hotel near the hospital. There should be chairs that can be put down in the ward, so energy cbd gummies that the caregivers can sleep in the hospital at night.A migrant worker leaned over and said. It s hard work, I didn t expect you to suffer so much. What do you mean I didn t expect me to suffer so much, it makes me look like a young master.Didn t you be the young master when you were in school There are few people in the whole grade who are better than your family, and they all dress differently from us.Otherwise, so many girls will like you.Please.I won t go in, I don t know each other, and it s inconvenient to talk.Get in the car, get in my car and chat for a while.You can t speak the native language when you get in.Thinking about it, it s quite inconvenient, so Han Chaoyang just opened the door Sitting in the co pilot, Lin Wenjing sat in the driver s cab, and handed over a business card, I work in the west of the city, and I have time to visit our company.The director of the Internet company, you are amazing , I called Sister Haizhu, she just has time at noon, and she will come over after work, and we can find a restaurant nearby to chat later.Is there surveillance I can come to find you without surveillance You, Old Wu, let him blow it.Fatty realized that he was in serious trouble, stood up abruptly, pushed away the drunk driving tester handed over by the traffic police auxiliary policeman, waved his arms and roared What are you blowing I was driving, but I didn t drink while driving.II drank it when I came back.I drank at my self supporting houseit s none of your business Walk around, this is my house, you are not welcome.Be honest, what are you yelling about Han exhale wellness cbd gummies review Chaoyang snarled and winked.Gu Changsheng and Xiaoqian each held his arm and pushed him against the wall.He raised his arm and pointed at them and warned, Sit down.Sit down for me.The public security organs are handling the case.Please don t obstruct official duties.What obstructing official duties You are abusing your power.Their thoughts and moods at the time are unknown, but it is conceivable that the couple, who suddenly had more than one million HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies yuan and were not well to do, must be ecstatic.After the ecstasy, they were a little scared.After all, the newly developed communities are all monitored., the owner of the money can definitely find him if he wants to find it.At the same time, I was lucky, and I would definitely think who would put so much money in a rough house that no one lives in, and I probably thought that it should be an ill gotten fortune.Qiao Xianhong is not afraid that the owner will call the police, but he is afraid that the owner will come to the door and make trouble.So they created the illusion that they lost their business and went out to avoid debts, and the couple set off smoke bombs together.Since he gives the opportunity, he should play well.When the leader enters the stage later, you will conduct it yourself.Yes Good energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin job, this time is an activity in the district.In the future, we will organize more cultural performances in the street.We will decide our energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin own activities, and we don t need to look at other people s eyes.Thank you Secretary Yang for your encouragement, Director Wang They must be very happy to know.This shows that you are well organized, and cbd gummies for intimacy energy cbd gummies it also shows that our street s cultural and artistic propaganda activities best cbd gummies for diabetics energy cbd gummies and even the construction of spiritual civilization have a long way to go Secretary Yang was about to give the young man another boost when he saw the director of the Changfeng Street Working Committee with him.A large group of people arrived, they greeted them with smiles, held Secretary Dong s hand tightly and smiled sideways Secretary Yongjun, you are late again.

The medix cbd gummies cbd infused gummy bears 300 mg leaders were making jokes in the group, but in fact they were sitting upright, each with a more serious expression, putting down their phones and applauding from time to time, Han cbd gummies for intimacy energy cbd gummies Chaoyang sat behind energy cbd gummies and couldn t see anything, let alone the leader would play like this, he was busy running over one after another of the audience took a group photo.Yanyang is the most handsome policeman.Many citizens have heard of and seen photos, but except for the people in Huayuan Street, especially Chaoyang Community, few people have actually seen it.Even if they meet on the street, they may not recognize him.Before the performance started, I didn t know who was the first to recognize it.Just like this, many audiences knew it.At that time, he was going to direct three bands to perform in turn.Just now he was going to direct the sub bureau choir to perform.While following the crowd to the west alley, Qi Jie asked eagerly, Officer Wu, do you know which door opening I am more familiar with the people in these restaurants.This girl, she has a good life but she has to come to work, how can we find her hiding here It can be seen that the child s mother has no education.It is also because I have no culture, I don t want my daughter to be like her, I have high expectations for my daughter, and I control her very strictly.Huang Ying could understand her feelings, but she didn t agree with some of her actions, so she couldn t help reminding Sister in law, I know you have been worried and tossed enough during this period, but raising children is really like what Director Wang said.When you see Tingting later, you must control your emotions, try to be friends with Tingting, and communicate with her more.On the mountainside, there are high and low, and there is a dirt mountain behind the house, what if it rains and causes mudslides What a worry But it is also understandable, after all, he has never been to the Northwest, never to the Loess Plateau.Instructor Hang lit a cigarette and patiently explained Xiao Han, the terrain of our Longdao County is dominated by ravines and beams, with an altitude of more than 2,200 meters, an annual rainfall of about 350 millimeters, and an evaporation rate as high as 1,600 millimeters.Above all, perennial drought and little rain, poor natural conditions, farmers rely on the sky for food.If there are several heavy rains that can cause mudslides every year, it is really not a bad thing for us.No rain It also rains, but less I didn t see the river this way, and it doesn t rain much.Yes, there are more things when there are many people.He Pingyuan nodded slightly, and then changed the subject Little Han, the leader of your sub bureau asked you to come to our office to study.In fact, there is really nothing to learn here.It happens that some older people energy cbd gummies in the jurisdiction do not have a second generation ID card.Jiang Li is busy with this during this time, otherwise In a few days, you first go to a few villages with Jiang Li, finally come here, go down to the village to have a look, and feel the customs and customs of our side.Chapter 244 Talking nonsense with your eyes open at night The meals do have character.It looks like a stir fried mutton and a lot of soup.The plate is very large and the amount is very large.If it is Boss Deng, it can be divided into four portions and served on the table, and there are home cooked dishes such as tomato scrambled eggs.When Han Chaoyang and Jiang Li walked out of the small courtyard again, they had already gotten into the off road vehicle.The drivers had already lit the engine, turned on the headlights, and drove the off road vehicle downhill slowly from the path ahead.The police cars behind followed, and one after another disappeared around the corner.Several big leaders also boarded the car and set off together Han Chaoyang didn t know which car to get in, so he could only follow Jiang Li with a flashlight.The more he walked, the more he felt something was wrong.When all the cars passed by and no one in front of him could be seen, he couldn t help it anymore.He asked eagerly, Brother Jiang, where are we going To Sanyazi on the top of the mountain in front.What are we going there for That s a small road for the villagers of Lijiayao to enter and leave the forest area.We reminded people in the encirclement circle not to call if they can t use their mobile phones.We also reminded the forest farm workers to pay attention to safety.The Forestry Bureau responded It is very important to confirm the location of the employees, not only did they not go to patrol energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin the mountain, but almost all of them are assisting us in the search.Counting the mobile phone numbers of the people in the encirclement, reminding the combatants not cbd gummies paypal justcbd vegan cbd gummies to call the mobile phone as much as possible, it is also for the search and arrest.The police from the Technical Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Bureau are already in place, and together with the technicians from the three major communication companies, they are monitoring the mobile phone signals in the search area through several base stations and emergency communication vehicles in the encirclement.

Ten people Three of them energy cbd gummies received awards for their meritorious deeds, of which we accounted for two, Chaoyang and Xiyuan did a great job this time, Lao Xu, do you think we should celebrate them after they come back Even the city bureau knows , I heard from the political commissar that the leaders of the bureau are very happy, and I will definitely help them celebrate.It was a great joy to show their faces in front of their counterparts in the Northwest.Kang Haigen was also very excited, and couldn t help laughing Liu Suo, why don t you ask When they come back, we can go to the station to pick them up. It s not our turn, I called and asked, Zhou Bureau will go to the train station to pick them up in person, and then take them directly to the city bureau, the leaders of the city bureau want to see them, In fact, the main reason is to meet Chaoyang, express condolences and praise in person.side demolition compensation.Zhang Beibei is different from them, he is poor and short sighted, so how can he spend them with them if he has no money.Huang Ying came to her senses, thought about it, and then asked, Will Jiang Erhu pay you back the rent I have already, Zhang Beibei explained with a wry smile, My compensation for elite garden cbd gummies the demolition is with the demolition company.If he doesn t pay the lawsuit, he will continue to fight with him, and if he wins 100 , the court can enforce it, and it can be directly transferred from the account of the demolition company. Then what standard will the demolition company compensate energy cbd gummies you It s the same as before.I wanted to transfer the residence registration.I asked the village cadres and village representatives one by one for help, and they were willing to help.What s your surname, what s your name, I probably haven t forgotten that.I can t remember, what is my surname You are not an old lady, you are an old Buddha Han Chaoyang was so impressed with her that he couldn t help laughing, It doesn t matter if you forget, I ll help you remember.Your surname is Gui, and your name is Gui Ermei.Your home is in the Chenjiaji group.It s on the side of the road.There is a man who sells mahjong tables.The old lady had dealt with countless policemen, she had no impression of Han Chaoyang, and she didn t feel ashamed to be exposed, so she grabbed Han Chaoyang s arm and asked in a dazed look.Really Yes, I m responsible for the mistakes But where is this Why did I come here This is the University of Science and Technology, and the Sixth Hospital is in front.Looking at the contents of the cloth bag on his arm, he helped her to walk to the bus stop and said in a soft voice You should always take a ride from the villagers to the Sixth Hospital to see a doctor and get medicine, why not It s not important who came, what s important is that you re sick and you ve taken your medicine, so you have to go home early, otherwise you ll be in a hurry if no one answers your daughter s calls. Don t make a big fanfare, just ask Chang Mazi, as long as you can bluff Chang Mazi. Didn t he have no time to commit crimes He energy cbd gummies has no time to commit crimes, but If his subordinates have really done such a thing, it is impossible HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies not to ask him for credit.That s true, but there is another problem.What problem Angkor, you must know that it is a human corpse.It s not about making a few report calls, or deliberately blocking the pumping roads of competitors Although Chang Mazi has been dealt with, he is now considered a successful person, and he will be held criminally responsible if he conceals cbd gummies paypal justcbd vegan cbd gummies it, whichever is more important He should be very clear.You mean that if there is such a thing, he will take the initiative to report it and bring the person who did it to surrender If I were him, I would definitely, after all, there is no need to sue for this matter He obviously started from the point HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies of view of ordinary people, Wu Wei couldn t help laughing The key is you are not him, and he is not HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies you.He was expelled from school for fighting, and has been doing nothing in the county since then.During the Spring Festival this year, his cousin took him to work at a construction site in Donghai, but he found it bitter and tiring, and ran away after working on the construction site for less than a month.Until now, he has not been with his family Get in touch.There are indications that these two guys should have nothing to do with Cao Shengkai s death, but the investigation still needs to be done.Teng Jiming stubbed out the cigarette butt, turned around and said, Luo Zhi, I went to several business offices of CCB today to check the monitoring, and found that he went to the counter to deposit money alone, and he didn t look panicked.The female teller who handles his credit card is talking and laughing.It all relied on the analysis of the scene, making bold speculations about why the victim s body was buried in the sand, and carefully verifying it in his spare time.The result was really They got it right, the gravel field on the south bank of the Beitai River was not the first site, nor was it the first site where the corpses were dumped.The reason why the victim s body was buried in the sand and was inadvertently taken to the high speed rail station project site, It s not just a coincidence, it s a prank that misled your investigation direction.The two suspects who transported the corpse to the South Bank sand and gravel field and buried it in the sand have been arrested and have just been taken to the South Bank sand and gravel field.Take it over.Sifting the sand is very important, in case there are clues in the sand, they can t always look at the suspect, and they can t lose the big because of small things.

The rough house, the original owner has not renovated it since he bought it, and the house has been empty and no one lives in it.Hearing his tone just now, buying a house is as easy as buying vegetables.Wu Wei enviously asked Which community, how much is the flat Dongming New Village, you are familiar with it, it is not a high end community.Your family is not short of money, why did you think of buying a house in Dongming New Village, Chaoyang bought the house I m in the city. I m different from him, Xu Hongliang said with a smile when he thought of his girlfriend who had settled down, His family cbd gummies washington state considered too many factors when buying a house, such as the location and the appreciation space.Buying a house is mainly for convenience.Dongming Community is close to Polytechnic University, so it would be nice to have a home near Polytechnic University So you and Xie Lingling plan to get married Marriage is a matter of time, and it will be too late to buy a house when they get married.No, I would first watch the car rental company , because the only thing that may be exposed to them is the Mercedes Benz RV Did the task force take corresponding measures when they found the car rental company Probably not, even the suspect was unknown at the time.Not to mention the phone call records of Yang Jiandong and Cai Xiaofang, how can I think of so many.It s over, I m sure I ve already alerted the enemy, they are no longer a general defense, and they may have fled cbd gummies with melatonin in fear of crime Xu Guoqiang and Li Kaiyi s investigation team have always admired Li Kaiyi s brains, and said deeply If it is me , I will definitely keep an eye on the car rental company.They are cautious and well organized.A third suspect emerges in the afternoon.God knows if there will be a fourth or fifth suspect.Just call and ask if you can rent that Mercedes.The list of people who cbd gummies by martha stauert have been dealt with because of a huge amount of gambling is all big bosses.After filtering out those who have not been dealt with because of gambling in the past six months, there are only 16 people left on this list.Gambling is addictive, and those who can successfully detoxify are not Many, I don t think there are too many people who can successfully quit gambling.Xu Guoqiang smiled, holding a lunch box and said After all, quitting drugs is still compulsory, and quitting gambling cbd gummy candies depends on individual self consciousness.Although the conditions are better now, people have money, but how many can afford such a big bet.Han Chaoyang felt that some of these 16 people should have gambled in the underground casino opened by Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao, and said eagerly We will go to them later and ask them Let them see Yang Jiandong, Tan Haitao, Photos of Cai Xiaofang and the victim Cao Shengkai, see if they recognize each other What if they know HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies each other but pretend they don t Li Kaiyi asked back.Secretary Lin and Mayor Yuan have just been criticized.How do you want me to speak Father Han was also in a hurry, and looked in the direction of the conference room while answering the phone.If you don t check early or late, you come to check today.Chaoyang and Yingying are coming to the county seat soon.You can figure it out yourself Ma Fengying threw the phone on the sofa and was about to take a shower and change into clean clothes when the phone rang suddenly and a call came in.She picked it up and looked at the caller ID, took a few deep breaths in a hurry to calm down, like He smiled and asked like a different person Lao Miao, why did you remember to call me, what s the matter Ms.Ma, is your family Chaoyang back I m back, I m energy cbd gummies back.I sent my elder brother back with his girlfriend.I called just now and said that I m going to the county seat.Instructor Wang, I am really troublesome for you.It can t be said.Instructor Wang shook off the car window, throwing away the cigarette butt, and then turned around and said, Every time we go to Litou Village to do business, we will drop by Huo Xuebin s house to talk to his parents and wife, and ask them to help and persuade him.What about them Every time it is said that Huo Xuebin has not called his family, and he does not know where Huo Xuebin is, but it can be seen that it is all perfunctory.I can be sure that Huo Xuebin has contacted his family, and he has been in contact frequently.How to contact of Han Chaoyang asked.Huo Xuebin works in .

how to make 15 mg cbd gummies?

engineering and has a lot of cronies, and those people often go to his house.You can call those people and ask them to send messages or even money.Besides, communication is so developed now that it is energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin not always possible to contact him.Seeing four electric patrol cars approaching slowly, Han Chaoyang immediately raised the walkie talkie and asked Zhang Jinhai to arrange four security guards to come over to watch the gate.Four tall young men had just squeezed to the door, when Xu Hongliang, Li Xiaobin and energy cbd gummies Wu Junfeng arrived with more than twenty young men.The Chaoyang Community Security Service Company was originally established by Huayuan Street to maintain stability.They are more professional than the security guards of PolyU in terms of stability maintenance.Without Han Chaoyang opening his mouth, the boys acted tacitly.One post at three steps, one whistle at five steps, advised the crowd not to stay here, and even played the role of traffic coordinator, standing in the middle of the road, gesticulating and whistling to direct energy cbd gummies the traffic that was blocked just now to pass.

You know Wei Haicheng, all of them took their wives with them.Kong energy cbd gummies Xuekun likes to play on WeChat, and even sent the pass to Moments when the pass was issued.Counting their wives, there are already more than ten people Han Chaoyang asked calmly Old Song, do you know who started it Ding Songkang started it.He has a relative who works in a travel agency, and that relative helped book the air tickets.All the people who went there Have you gambled It s rare to go to Macau once, and I will play two games when I go.They seem to have played all of them, but they are not as big as Hang Weifang.There are losses and wins.Chu Hongbao won more than 6,000, and Jiang Yuan He also won, and the others seem to have lost, but they only lost three to five thousand.Where s Wei Haicheng Wei Haicheng is so smart.What are you going to the bureau for Han Zhaoyang asked puzzled.Xu Weizhong turned to the door, stared at him with hatred and said Are you really confused or not The arrest of Ji Qingyun, who is suspected of intentionally killing two people and energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin absconding in fear of crime, is not only your personal achievement but also the achievement of the institute.To the patrol The team credits the patrol team, and the credit goes to the patrol team, not only does it have nothing to do with you, Han Chaoyang, it also has nothing to do with our police station It turned out that the leader was unhappy because of this, but it is understandable that no matter which police station is responsible for catching a murderer Both are great achievements.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and said with a bitter face, Instructor, I only found out about the merits and awards cbd gummies paypal justcbd vegan cbd gummies for the patrol team at noon the day before yesterday.Maybe I was bothering me so much, HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies the landlord finally agreed to meet me, and planned to see what kind of person I am.It can be seen that this should be a good memory, because the corner of his mouth curled up as he spoke.Smile heartily.Wu Wei looked up at Han Chaoyang, then took out his mobile energy cbd gummies phone to take a picture of his ID card, and sent it to his colleagues on duty in the office.While waiting for the results of the ID card query from the office, he .

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energy cbd gummies signaled him to continue talking.The landlord is Ziyue.At that time, Xinxin was just able to run and talk, so she was not as naughty as she is now.Ling Bin found an ashtray and knocked the ash I will show her her ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate and employment certificate.card, and begged her to rent the second bedroom to me, and move out when she finds a house nearby, maybe seeing that I m not a bad person, she energy cbd gummies finally agreed.The case of the criminal police detachment of the Fujiang Public Security Bureau became the case of the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform of the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang Public Security Bureau.However, the specific situation should be treated on a case by case basis.From the perspective of the branch leaders, Zhang Boyu and Wan Xiaoxia were not only drug dealers to be arrested by the Fujiang City Public Security Bureau, but also the case of the executive deputy director of the Fujiang City Public Security Bureau who had left the Yandong Branch.The Yandong Sub bureau is the mother s home of Shiju, and when something happens to Shiju, mother s home will of course help, and it must be done beautifully It is precisely because of this that Han Chaoyang will continue to leave production.In fact, once the New Year s Day is over, the traffic at the East Bus Station most reputable cbd gummy companies will increase day by day.The safety of the Spring Festival travel season can be said to be the immediate The most important thing is that when I participated in the Spring Festival travel safety work meeting yesterday, I discussed it with the station manager Qi.They arranged 100,000 yuan as a special fund for Spring Festival safety.No one.You go back and ask Hong Liang if you can transfer two shifts over energy cbd gummies there.If there is no problem, I will help him and tell Manager Qi.Chapter 463 Zhang Boyu has been arrested Back to the police office, talk to Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin about the relocation of the police office and security during the Spring Festival.Li Xiaobin felt very strange, and couldn t help laughing This business can be accepted, this business can be done, arrange two shifts to go there, and you can earn 100,000 yuan a month.It was a little embarrassing, and their voices were not as loud as energy cbd gummies before.Name Qin Mengqi, I brought my ID card.It s best to have an ID card, Han Chaoyang found a round table for parents and sat down, took the ID card and asked while taking notes Who is in charge here Is the person in charge here Yes, I drove this place.The female teacher wearing glasses energy cbd gummies reluctantly sat across from her, then turned around and asked another female teacher to help her carry her bag, and took out her ID card from the bag.Han Chaoyang recorded their basic information, asked them clearly and wrote down their mobile phone numbers, raised his head and asked, What s going on, Ms.Qin, please tell me first., said excitedly Officer Han, my daughter is studying here.I signed an agreement with them, but what they said was totally different from what they did.

He violated the immigration control law.We found out in the afternoon and were investigated by us.Which teacher Tan I don t even know her.I just know that his wife s surname is Lin, and her name is Lin Hongfang.That woman is difficult to deal with.She holds a training class HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies and falsely advertises it.The teaching level is not high, and the quality of teaching is not good.There are many parents who send their children to the training class.Finding something wrong, they all demanded tuition refund.One of the parents of a student called 110 this afternoon because she refused to refund the tuition, and we found out that she was suspected of violating immigration regulations when we called the police. And then What then How did you investigate Huang Ying asked.She refunded her tuition fees, a total of 9,300. Of course I don t want to see you disband, but reimbursement has financial benefits System, I m just the deputy director and not the deputy director, so I can t help even if I want to. I m the deputy director today, but I won t be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow Han Chaoyang made up his mind to ask Miao Haizhu to return to the institute for reimbursement, and said confidently You are my senior brother, and we are helping you.If you don t help find a solution, let Miao Haizhu take care of it.I won t reimburse her anyway Chaoyang, you are rude Reasonable If you want to be reasonable, you can, the master will be back soon, and I will ask him to help you judge later.You are the youngest, of course the master will help you Bao Suo was completely convinced, so he could only smile and say, Okay, let Haizhu send the invoice back, and I ll think of a way to see if I can help you report it. Well, I ll see you even if you say that, and you ll come to my house when the time comes.In case I can t control myself when I think about the past , Remember to remind me when the time comes, and help smooth things over.It s been so many years, you must control your emotions.Besides, for the Chinese New Year, even if you don t give him face, you have to give his wife and children face, and you can t make people think You are unreasonable.By the way, you have to prepare a few red envelopes in advance.I haven t seen them for so many years, and they energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin rarely come back, so this red envelope should not be small.Your retirement salary is so high, and you don t care about it.Grandpa Gu was confused., couldn t help laughing and said You have considered it comprehensively I m just reminding you, if the second senior brother brings a child, they will call you grandpa, and for the Chinese New Year, you will be called energy cbd gummies grandpa.As the director, Gu Suo of our Huayuan Street Police Station was transferred to serve as an instructor.As soon as Gu Suo left, we were short of a deputy director.As a result, Lao Ding was so well informed that he didn t find out who would be the deputy director in the police station.Su Xian couldn t believe it was true, and stared at him intently.Director Su, what s wrong, there s something on my face Han Chaoyang was confused, and subconsciously touched his face.There s nothing on your face, but these things are interesting this afternoon.Director Su, what do you mean Papa Huang asked curiously.Good thing Su Xian believed that her previous speculation was correct, she turned her head and said with a smile Yingying, while Teacher Ma is here, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Chaoyang to get the marriage certificate, don t delay, it may cause long nights and dreams.The first secretary of the community, Cao Zefang, is a deputy department level cadre.The leader of the security department of PolyU has a higher administrative level.The chief of the security department of the Sixth Hospital is also a leader.How do you deal with others But wasn t it energy cbd gummies like this in the past, and it s not a day or two since Chaoyang, the captain of the team.Inspector Gu was there before, but now Inspector Gu has retired.Su Xian paused, Continued Moreover, the jurisdiction of the police district overlaps with the two police stations.The sheriff of the police district also has to deal with the two police stations.There is a lot of coordination and connection work to be done.How can an cbd gummies natures best ordinary policeman coordinate with the instructor of the police station But But what, energy cbd gummies but this police chief can only be appointed by Chaoyang, because the police chief is also the captain of the voluntary security patrol.The office is very busy in the afternoon, and there is no one to spare, how about you Go and feel the situation first with Wu Wei, scouting the terrain.Han Chaoyang is not used to it, not to mention that he has no horoscope now, even if he is already a deputy police chief who is not affiliated to the Huayuan Street Police Station, he dare not let Liu Suo be his leader.This is not only because Liu Suo is a full time police station director, but also because Liu Suo is a true leader of the old unit.He has been working for 21 years, and his qualifications are similar to those of several deputy directors Han Chaoyang secretly reminded himself that he must not be inflated, and thanked him very modestly, politely, and sincerely, before ending the call and preparing to contact Wu Wei.Just after finding out Wu Wei s energy cbd gummies cell phone number, Grandpa Gu walked in with a smile.

I was on duty last night.I understand the situation.Lao Fan and I even went to the scene to see the situation.No.The seizure of this case of illegal transportation, storage, and sale of fireworks and firecrackers is purely a case of beating rabbits, if it wasn t for Han Chaoyang s Xinyuan Street Police Station, he wouldn t be able to show his face.Zhou Ju went to the district for a meeting early in the morning, and at noon he accompanied the Municipal Bureau and the police station.The leader of the fire brigade inspected and really didn t know what was going on.He asked curiously, Did Han Chaoyang provide the clue Fan Bureau s thoughts.Just knowing the results of the battle, I didn t expect to dispatch hundreds of people last night to make such a big commotion Zhou Ju suddenly realized, rubbing his chin and muttering It can be seen that the combat effectiveness of the patrol team can stand the test of actual combat.The young man held his head, blood gushed from his hands, his hands were covered with blood, his body was also covered with blood, even the white floor tiles were dripping with blood.Chapter 528 Coincidence So much blood, so much injury Han Chaoyang followed along with a few curious relatives of the patient, and clearly saw that the other four young men had torn clothes, some had blue eyes and swollen noses, and some had injuries on their hands.It might be a safety accident, so he immediately took out his mobile phone and called the police station.Chen Jie, let energy cbd gummies Sister Miao and Angkor eat later, hurry up and ask Xiaobin to come over.What s the matter A few young people just came in, one of them was seriously injured, it should be caused by a fight. Understood, we best cbd gummies for diabetics energy cbd gummies ll be right there. The emergency center was busier at night than during the day, and the medical staff were so busy that no one noticed Han Chaoyang.I don t care why you are proud of Gui Gui.I just want to know who will bear the loss There are two meetings on the second floor today.The dishes cooked in the wok were either stepped on or kicked and spilled everywhere.There was no food for the leaders and VIPs to eat.The executive chef was really angry, and his face was livid with anger.Wait a moment.Yu Zhenchuan motioned to Jiang Xiaoquan who came in from the back door to help control the suspect, took out his mobile phone and dialed the director s number first, and reported The suspect has been arrested, no team members are injured, and the team will be closed immediately , and then coldly He asked eagerly What s your name Your name is Xiao, Xiao Changhe.The executive chef slapped the operating table several times, staring at the uninvited guests and gritted his teeth, saying I want to close the team, I m sorry, don t take Make it clear about the dishes, and none of you can leave My surname is Yu, and my name is Yu Zhenchuan, and I am a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.It can be confirmed that there was a fight last night.The one who ran away energy cbd gummies is Xie cbd thc lasts how long with gummies Liangju, who is wanted by the Security Bureau of Xichuan Province It s better than the match.When people are in good spirits on happy occasions, one call is a request, and two calls are also a request, Gu Zhongjie said excitedly He smiled and said Old Kong, it s already 11 o clock, let s go, let s go to our office and have a light meal together.It is not a trivial matter to find a fugitive suspected of robbery and murder, and he is actually in the mood to eat Old Kong subconsciously asked Instructor Gu, should you report to the bureau first On the way to be escorted in the car, the police handling the case of our station asked a brief question in the car, and the suspect confessed to the crime, and it is said that he was so scared that he even urinated.Taoyuan Community is just across Zhongshan Road from us, so I think we should help if we can.The situation is quite special, and the two elderly people are more difficult., but that is the Taoyuan community Aunt Ye felt that Taoyuan Community and even Xinyuan Street should play a role, but she was too embarrassed to reject Han Chaoyang, so she could only say Xiao Han, it s not that Auntie doesn t help, but Auntie really can t decide this matter, why don t we let us go first Set up best cbd gummies for diabetics energy cbd gummies a council and listen to everyone s opinions.Okay, I ll wait for your news.Such a big matter actually needs to hold a council, but thinking that all the money in the foundation s account is charity, Aunt Ye They must be responsible to the donors who are enthusiastic about public welfare, and Han Chaoyang is relieved.That s it.After being ruined by your false report, do you think it s interesting to blackmail our police Officer Feng, I m sorry, I really didn t mean it.Xu Jiameng was so anxious that tears flowed out.It s so beautiful, I feel pity for crying.The editor in chief Hu of the website did not dare to waste any more time, and said cautiously Officer Feng, Xiao Xu just graduated last year and has not been involved in the world deeply.Our website is also responsible, and the management is not in place, especially for manuscripts.Admit your mistakes, reflect deeply after you go back, and strengthen internal management.In the future, as long as you need us, we will definitely go all out, such as reporting more positive news about the Yandong Branch.This is the only way to impress the Yandong Branch.

You can enjoy the same economic treatment as the deputy chief staff member, and the rank is still a staff member.If I knew this, I would not take the postgraduate entrance examination, and I would definitely be promoted a few years earlier than I am now.But I can only think about it, there is no regret medicine in this world.At the beginning of the energy cbd gummies college entrance examination, the diploma of the junior college was written as a major in public security management, and later continued the undergraduate course of the provincial police academy, and the diploma was majored in public security management.When I graduated from undergraduate, I thought about taking the public examination and started working early.As a result, the Yanyang City Bureau recruited not many places that year.The only position I was sure I could be admitted to was a public security management major, and the required education must be a bachelor s degree.Han Chaoyang sat in the back, put his arms around her slender waist, and said dejectedly My wife, you may not believe me if I tell you, I have never seen so many doctors at the same time There are a lot of doctors in the first hospital and the sixth hospital in the city.The daughter of the old Bao family in our service center is also a medical student.He said that his daughter must take the postgraduate entrance examination.Is it so exaggerated Why are you lying to me If you don t believe me, you can ask Section Chief Xiao tomorrow if they want a clinical master s degree in their Sixth Hospital.I knew that studying medicine is very difficult, but I didn t expect it to be so terrible.That s why many doctors don t allow their children to study medicine.Even though I said that, today, especially tonight, the impact was too great, Han Chaoyang said listlessly I accepted a master s apprentice in the morning, and I handed in a master s apprentice in the evening.How can one become a chief without a degree. Director, don t be joking I m not joking.Those who work at the service center window are either graduate students, studying for on the job graduate students, or preparing for postgraduate entrance examinations., you have to take a long view, and you have to seek progress.It s not that I don t want to apply for the exam, I just don t have time.As long as I want to apply for the exam, I will definitely find time, otherwise, let s apply together and talk to the leader tomorrow Said, before you apply for a postgraduate entrance examination, you need the unit s approval.You want to take the postgraduate entrance examination Han Zhaoyang subconsciously asked.Huang Ying glanced back and said with a smile I can t just say that you have to energy cbd gummies cbd gummies while breastfeeding be self motivated, and I also have to be self motivated.The Chinese New Year is not like before, and the elderly may feel that it is getting less and less New Years.Although young people also feel that there is no sense of the New Year, the activities during the Spring Festival are arranged in a variety of ways.Unlike the old people who like to stay at home, some meet to go shopping, watch movies, and some invite relatives and friends to come out to sing.Today is New Year s Eve, and I have to go home to eat New Year s Eve dinner.There are not many customers in KTV, and business is not good.But as soon as tomorrow, the place will be overcrowded, and the business will be booming.Because of this, KTV waiters are not all on holiday.The further you walked, the more young masters and princesses you met, and everyone was dumbfounded, and a princess in a clean white loli costume screamed out in shock.Jingnan Road followed the rails to the train station, thinking about getting on the train first, but I didn t expect that there are high speed trains and high speed trains now, and the conductor will check the ticket as soon as he arrives at the gate Look at how destitute he is now, no different from a beggar.Not to mention taking high speed rail and bullet trains, even if you want to get on the green leather train, the conductor cbd gummies paypal justcbd vegan cbd gummies will check whether they have a ticket.Han Chaoyang was also not interested in his history of downfall, and didn t want to go around in circles anymore, so he asked bluntly, Where is Dai Li There is no one at home, and they are still hanging out with those beggars, and they are still under the bridge hole behind the tobacco company.The more they got worse, the worse they became, and they turned into a homeless man who picked up tatters and rummaged through the garbage.There are a lot of clothes donated by the masses in the warehouse.Director Xie is on duty today.Please open the warehouse door and give it to him.Get some clean clothes and change.Yes The two escorted Dai Lishi just past the zebra crossing when Wu Wei woke up.Before he could open his mouth, Han Chaoyang said, Sister Miao, help me send Xu Weimin back.You know about his family, so talk to the two old people about it.Angkor, I ll send the suspect to Guokang later.I went to the Second Squadron of Criminal Police, I don t know when Sister Miao will be back, work harder, it s all up to you in the police office. What s the hard work, you guys are busy with cannaleafz cbd gummies canada your work. Okay, I ll go have a meal first.After eating in the canteen of the Sixth Hospital, I walked into the police room through the back door.

Seeing that he was hesitant to speak, Han cbd gummies paypal justcbd vegan cbd gummies Chaoyang asked calmly, Brother Dai, Lishi s parents are gone, and your energy cbd gummies parents are gone too.Is there any other elders in your Dai family Yes, there is also an uncle, who is also an uncle, my old father is the second child, and Li Shi s father is the youngest, the third child.Live in the village Uncle lives Fourth team, we are going to pay New Year s greetings on the first day of the new year.Han Chaoyang turned his head and smiled and said, Lishi, you are also a junior, so you should also pay New Year s greetings.Dai Lishi didn t know why, so he said bitterly, Officer Han, it s so late What kind of New Year are you going to pay homage to, and besides besides, I haven t prepared anything, so it s not good to just go there empty handed.What do you need to prepare, I have everything here Dai Lijun runs outside every day and has seen the world, how can he not Knowing Han Chaoyang s good intentions, he immediately got up and walked into the storage room under the stairs, took out a box of milk and two gift boxes containing nutrition such as honey, walked to him and said with a smile Take it, During the New Year s greetings on the first day of the new year, his old man still talked about you, so don t worry about it, he will be happy when you go to pay New Year s greetings.Then he picked up the new walkie talkie distributed by the provincial department to the patrol team, pressed the call button and shouted Second Squadron Two Squadron, I am Han Chaoyang, please answer if you hear it, please answer if you hear it Squadron received it, please tell Han Da The CK system of the smoke hotel in the southwest corner of the community is calling the police.Whoever is on duty at the south gate, hurry over and have a look.Report to Han Da, Ke Wenhong is on duty at the south gate, I will notify him right away.Hurry up to notify me.I m rushing to the scene.While you re notifying, surround me from the north gate.I ve received it.Don t worry, Han Da.If someone really dares to come to our place to commit crimes, he will definitely not be able to escape As the person in charge of the safety and security work of Factory 527 during the Spring Festival, Tian Xiaobin, the deputy squadron leader of the Second Squadron, felt very humiliated, and immediately took off the baton hanging on the wall and rushed out of the duty room at the north gate of Factory 527.Are you sure how much does keoni cbd gummies cost It is certain that he called the Northeast Ren Junge at the dumpling restaurant, and each mouthful of Junge.And they are reminiscing about the old days, talking and laughing happily, and the tone seems to be nostalgic for the old days.No matter what brother, let s keep an eye best cbd gummies for diabetics energy cbd gummies on it first.Positive As he spoke, Lao Hu suddenly quickened his pace, walked to the front and raised his arm to knock on the window of a car.Han Chaoyang realized that the colleagues from the Nanshan branch were in the car, Han Chaoyang made up his mind and said lightly, It s best to speak well, so what what cbd gummies are best for pain if you don t speak well.He can t control us, so he can at least show some face., the most urgent thing is to find out whether the Northeast is the person Qiao Peiming is looking for.It doesn t look like it, Lao Hu looked behind him, and said in an almost certain tone He kept checking WeChat along the way, and the bus was very crowded.He went back on the afternoon of the 28th of the twelfth lunar month and left after staying at home for four days.Ni Guoxiong didn t think Han Chaoyang was talking nonsense in order to prevent the Nanshan Branch Bureau from intervening.At the same time, he felt that this matter was not one or two points absurd, so he couldn t help asking What does this explain The actual performance when I returned to my hometown in August can explain a lot of problems.Tell me.First of all, he came to Beijing to work with a villager from the same village before he graduated from junior high school.After working on the construction site for a few days, he left without saying goodbye.He didn t hear from him for a whole year.He was very glamorous and lavish, but he never gave money to his family secondly, he went back in late August last year, but he spent very little time at home.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing because the young man had considered everything thoroughly.Said Okay, let s put it here first As soon as HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies an expert makes a move, he will know if there is one.Han Chaoyang clearly saw from the window that Xiao Sun didn t go directly to Lao Hu, but bought a bread and a bottle of milk from a small shop diagonally opposite, and stood at the door of the small shop with the bag on his back to eat.While walking towards the entrance of the village, I screwed on the cap of the milk bottle from time to time, put it under my armpit, and took out my mobile phone to look at it, like an office worker waiting for a car on the side of the road.After waiting for two or three minutes, the tall and thin Qiao Peiming appeared in sight.Xiaogu walked in front of him with a backpack on his back, Wu Wei and Xiaokang followed behind.Xiao Sun didn t dare to delay for a moment, and hurried to the side to call the leader to report.Catch the current one and get all the stolen goods Ni Guoxiong couldn t believe his ears and couldn t help asking.We caught them during the cbd diabetes gummies transaction.Both mobile phones were in the hands of that Wu Wei.Wechat transfer records are clear.The drug money totaled 25,000.I opened one of the small bags and checked, and there was methamphetamine between the two wafers., the purity is can you eat cbd gummies and own firearms quite high, about five or six grams, if those unopened biscuits are full, it will definitely not be less than two hundred grams.So much And judging from the transaction amount, the newly arrested Liu Qingjun is definitely not a small character.If the total amount of methamphetamine seized is 200 grams, it means that he sold it to Qiao Peiming at a price of 100 yuan per gram.

Lao Hu and Wu Junfeng have not come over so far, which shows that Liu Qingjun is rather stubborn and has not spoken yet. Any other clues Captain Ni of the anti narcotics team of the Nanshan Sub bureau is checking his hotel accommodation records, and is asking the public security department to check whether there are any records of his registration as a foreigner and renting a house, but there is no progress for the time being.Wu Wei and Sun Le from the anti narcotics team of the Nanshan Sub bureau checked his car in the parking lot.Except for a few common addresses found in the car navigation, they found nothing for the time being.Han Chaoyang opened the door, looked across, and continued His mobile phone call records, WeChat chat records, and WeChat and Alipay collection records are suspicious.Considering whether you can successfully enter the job, and in line with the attitude of being responsible to you, the leaders of the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau do cbd gummies hurt your liver went to coordinate with the organization and personnel department.In short, it was the leaders who were alarmed.It s too big. Surprised so many leaders, I I don t even know how to thank you. You don t need to thank me, as long as you work hard.The political commissar said, you are a member of the voluntary security patrol brigade of our Yandong branch, yes If you pass the exam from our branch, the branch is your natal family.If you can do something in the future, our natal family will also be honored.Don t worry, Han, whether I am in the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau now or in the future, I will definitely do my best.Please help me He asked for help, and there was a pass from a middle school in Qingshan County to prove his identity.Qingshan County Han Zhaoyang found it incredible.Yes, it s your hometown.Sun Guokang wanted to laugh, but he didn t dare to laugh, and continued to report Mr.Cheng sympathized with his experience, chatted with him a few words, advised him not to drop out of school, advised energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin him to go back to his hometown, The village committee or the town asked for help, and told him that the civil affairs department had related assistance policies.He also gave him 20 yuan to buy something to eat.And then Then Teacher Cheng left, by the way, Teacher Cheng has been to Qingshan County before, and said that the kid really has a Qingshan accent.After checking, I found out that the little bastard who robbed the street in broad daylight is a fellow from Qingshan Han Chaoyang couldn t believe his ears.Han Chaoyang put on his police uniform and was about to call Qisuo when he heard Huang Ying asking outside Where is everyone going Your parents are not in the room, neither are my parents Call and ask Hey.Okay, let me ask.The call was connected quickly, maybe he is not used to sleeping in a bed, or maybe he is curious about this small town at the foot of the mountain, Huang s father and Huang s mother got up very early, Han s father and Teacher Ma simply accompanied them to the market, and now they had reached the vegetable market and were eating breakfast at the small shop in front of the market.Mom, you eat your food, don t worry about us, and don t bring us any.There are so many dishes left over from last night, we can just hot them up.Huang Ying walked into the kitchen while talking on the phone, not wanting to disappoint the elders.After confirming that the old man would be fine, Grandpa Gu and Cao Zefang pulled Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang to the end of the corridor.Chaoyang, Chengquan is such a good boy.I am equally saddened by such a tragedy, but you have to face it when it happens.You have to be busy next time.You can t step over or fall down.Grandpa Gu sighed and patted He raised his arms and said, I discussed with Director Wen just now, we d better be divided into two groups to take care of relatives in turn, you, Hongliang, Chen Jie, Xiaobin, Junfeng and Xiaogu hurry up to eat something, after eating Hurry up to rest.Leave it to us here, with me, Secretary Cao, Zhang Zhishu, Beibei and Lao Tang here, what are you worried about Master, I m fine.You re not made of iron, don t eat Is it okay if you don t drink or sleep Chaoyang, listen to your master, leave this to us, you go to eat and rest quickly.Han Chaoyang didn t bother to greet the leaders, and organized the team members who came to see him off to line up according to the plan made last night.From the mortuary of the Sixth Courtyard to the gate of the Sixth Courtyard, there was one person every three meters.There was no room for them to line up on the north side of Zhongshan Road, and the line continued to the east for more than ten meters.The comrades died do cbd gummies make your high stronger on duty, and the team members were very sad.They lined up in a row, standing straight, without squinting, with a solemn expression.The uniforms have been washed and ironed overnight, and they are neatly worn.They are all tied with belts and white gloves that are rarely worn in normal times.Big black and white banners such as Comrade in arms go all the way, heroes go all the way and Salute to the Heroes made overnight can be seen everywhere.

Make it clear, the local police station should not ignore it.Yes, let s do it like this cbd and cbn gummies for sleep Kang Haigen s thoughts were all on the suspected pyramid scheme gang, and he didn t want to waste time on this trivial matter, so he said with a final word And It s not that there is no law energy cbd gummies cbd gummies wisconsin on the protection of minors, we can report to the local police station in writing, the local police station can t just sit back and watch, if his alcoholic and gambler father dares to abuse him again, he will be punished by law.Yes, there are minors.Personal protection what is fun drops cbd gummies law, but China has China s national conditions.Let alone a father beating his son, even if a husband beats his wife, in many places it is a matter that the people will not sue the officials and will not correct.Miao Haizhu opposed contacting the local police station from the bottom of his heart, but Han Chaoyang and Kang Haigen both said so, and Lao Dai and Lao Tang also nodded in agreement, so they could only sit on the chair resentfully.Or I can bring it to Aunt Ye, and donate it to the Community Relief Fund in best cbd gummies for diabetics energy cbd gummies the name of Boss Hu, so that Aunt Ye and the others can go and express their condolences.Those who come from difficult families probably have never eaten fragrant pears and dragon fruits.Huang s father patted his leg That s a good idea, let s do it this way.Huang s mother still asked curiously Chaoyang, he was arrested by the Xinyuan Street Police Station for playing cards, and he was fined tens of thousands by the Xinyuan Street Police Station.What does it matter to you, why do you want to buy fruit to thank you They gambled so big that they could be detained according to the regulations.Han Chaoyang smiled and explained patiently Considering his special situation, if he Being locked up in the detention center is likely to affect the progress of key projects, and the head of the headquarters said hello, so I went to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to explain the situation to Bao, and accompanied a vice president of the Sanjian Company to bail him out first.The bureau contacted them.They will cover the whole process.Han Chaoyang was puzzled as to why he didn t come.It turned out that Cao Cao Cao Cao had arrived, and as soon as he ran to the door, he saw another police car coming.Officer Feng of the Political Department of the sub bureau was standing in front energy cbd gummies of the reception room and explaining to Lao Qian that the reporter was invited by him.Officer Feng, here it is Chaoyang, your place is really heavily guarded.Feng Haijun joked as he motioned for the cbd gummies for intimacy energy cbd gummies cars from the TV station and newspaper to enter, This place is not bad, it s like a brigade with such a yard, you The captain is worthy of his name now. What brigade, this is the site of the security company, and it was borrowed by the community management street, so it may be demolished someday.It is impossible for Secretary Yang to also serve as the secretary of Huayuan Street.I don t know if Director Gu can take over This is not news But hearing what Lao Ding said, Han Chaoyang still felt very sudden.The few leaders who hemp bombs gummies contained no cbd are familiar with me, the few leaders who value me highly, all want to leave at once, and my heart suddenly becomes empty, and I really feel so confused.They chatted absently for a while, waiting for Grandpa Gu to pick up a relative in his hometown, an old man in his seventies.Han Chaoyang s eyes lit up, he went up to him and smiled, Master, who is this My cousin, you can call me Grandpa.Hello, Grandpa.Ah The old man was obviously deaf, so Grandpa Gu came to the old man Deaf, he shouted Uncle, he is my apprentice, his surname is Han, and his name is Han Chaoyang The old man asked in Mandarin with a thick accent Apprentice, have you accepted another apprentice Yes, he was accepted before retirement.Han Chaoyang took the menu and looked at it, and added a twice cooked pork and a watercress fish.There are only two waiters, and there are not energy cbd gummies many people in the back kitchen.The four of them kowtowed at the pile of melon seeds that who owns keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies paypal the proprietress gave in a spare time, and chatted over tea.Jiang Yan thanked her as soon as she opened her mouth, and Huang Ying hurriedly changed the topic Sister Jiang, you also graduated from Qingzhong.Did you know Chaoyang and Sister Miao before Do you have any impression of Chaoyang and Sister Miao How could you know Chaoyang He was still in junior high school when I graduated.Jiang Yan looked back at Miao Haizhu, hesitated and smiled and said, Haizhu, I really have a little impression of you, you will be admitted to Qingzhong as a freshman in high school 4 The monitor of the class, you won several first prizes in the sports meeting that year, and I still remember how you were running long distances in shorts.Oh, come to think of it, Li Dasheng s son is not normal and has mental problems.He and his wife are close relatives., We told him at the time, but he still didn t believe it. After tossing around half the night, we found a fool.Back at the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee, Ji Kaiyuan was also tired.He used his mobile phone to take pictures of the names Han Chaoyang recorded at night, and went to fetch water to wash his face and feet before going to bed.Han Chaoyang parked the police car at the gate of the police office, greeted Wang Jiayong who was on duty at night, and walked back to the PolyU dormitory to rest.Early the next morning, I had breakfast with Huang Ying as usual, and then took the opportunity of the team members to take the opportunity to take the team to patrol the streets.

Maybe Yu Xiufen felt guilty.When she got off work in the evening on the 10th, she went to a small restaurant near Xiangju Building to cook two dishes, and took them home for Wei Ping to eat.Wei Ping s family conditions in the past were very average.When it comes to demolition, they will not be able to live in the current house, let alone marry a wife.Maybe they feel wronged by Yu Xiufen marrying him, so they don t get angry with Yu Xiufen again.After dinner, the two share the same bed as usual.And HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies then Feng Ju asked.The next day, that is, on the 11th, Yu Xiufen slept through, worried that she would be late and deduct money, so she left in a hurry and left her mobile phone at home.Wei Ping, who was on the mobile phone, turned on her mobile phone, saw the WeChat chat records between her and Teng Aihua, and found that her relationship with Teng Aihua was extraordinary.He didn t attend the meeting of the anti pickup team last night.He didn t know that Bureau energy cbd gummies Liu asked Wu Junfeng and other team members to transfer to the official auxiliary police.Ji Kaiyuan attended and was very clear about this matter.Get up.I thought Grandpa Gu would also have a headache, but he didn t expect the old man to say lightly It s such a big deal, how can you get past this level, I really don t know what you, the captain, did Master, do you have a solution Let s tell the truth.Grandpa Gu took another sip of water from his cup, wiped the corners of his mouth and said slowly, Report the truth to the bureau leader.As the backbone of the security department of the Sixth Hospital, letting Junfeng and the others transfer to the auxiliary police is to poach the corners of the security company, PolyU and the Sixth Hospital, and the energy cbd gummies leaders of the security company, PolyU and the Sixth Hospital will not agree.However, this appointment is very important to Yuan Yuan.After all, he was transferred to the detention center because of successive accidents in the detention center.Now he is the captain of the food and medicine ring team, which can be said to be an affirmation of his ability.Speaking of this, Lao Dai looked at Han Chaoyang subconsciously.Guan Yuanyuan was assigned to the detention center at the time, who owns keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies paypal not because he had something to cbd gummies sold at gnc do with Han Chaoyang, but a direct relationship top 5 cbd gummies 2020 Han Chaoyang was embarrassed and resentful Said Dai Da, don t look at me like that, it makes me feel guilty.Don t worry, Mr.Guan Yuanyuan is a cbd gummies paypal justcbd vegan cbd gummies good HCMUSSH energy cbd gummies guy, he won t hold grudges against you.Lao Dai took the cigarette from Lao Ding, thought about it and smiled again The bureau asked him to be the captain of the food and medicine ring team.If a unit has no turnover of personnel, it is not normal.As long as you have money, you can recruit people.There are plenty of good guys.I don t believe you can t recruit people. Yes.Liu Hui didn t want the anti pickup team to disperse, so she couldn t help but said There is no harm in changing the blood.After all, the funds are mainly settled by the engineering headquarters.People spend money to see people, and the anti pickup team will definitely live in the future.The headquarters even has to help the headquarters with some miscellaneous tasks.Junfeng and the others definitely can t, because they are from the opal cbd gummies security company after all.Tiejun and the others can t either, because they are from the PolyU.This is a way, but Han Chaoyang still thinks Asked with a bitter face How do we recruit, we are not even a unit, and we can t provide social energy cbd gummies security and medical insurance for others Grandpa Gu pondered Talk to Director Huo, recruit in the name of the headquarters, who will come out Whoever decides the money, Director Huo will definitely be willing.The other party wants to go to court Zhang Beibei reacted.The deceased s lover was an honest rural woman, and she was rushing to Yanyang overnight, but after she arrived, she would definitely listen to her son in everything, and her son didn t trust Sanjian Company very much, so it s not appropriate for us to come forward to do the work.I feel that if we want to solve this matter, we have to go through legal channels. I have Lawyer Duan s mobile phone number, and Lawyer Duan is definitely interested.I heard from Junfeng that Xu Jun trusts the doctor quite a lot, so I can ask what are the best cbd gummies for pain the medical staff to introduce Lawyer Duan to him.Okay, I will send you Lawyer Duan s mobile phone number.Jiang Xiaomin was confused and couldn t help asking Han Da, How can you be a peacemaker like this What peacemaker, this is not something that can be resolved through mediation Han Chaoyang rubbed the corner of his mouth and explained The matter has already happened, and it must be resolved, the headquarters Leaders only need the result and don t care about the process.The morning sun is here, come in.Yes You don t know if you don t come in, but you are shocked when you enter the door.Boss Hu actually sat across from Director Huo with a straight face.Mr.Tao of the Third Construction Company was also there.Two law enforcement officers came from the Labor Inspection Brigade, and there were a few men in suits and leather shoes whom he didn t recognize.Han Chaoyang froze for a moment, and sat down on the empty seat near the door after Liu Jianye signaled.Liu Suo, Chaoyang has finally arrived, please introduce the situation.Director Huo closed the meeting minutes, picked up the cigarette that was obviously issued by jolly cbd gummy to quit smoking Boss Hu in front of him, and lit it.Chaoyang, Wu Wei, you came back in time.Let me briefly introduce the situation.Liu Jianye opened the folder, took out a stack of files, and found a photo of a middle aged man This person s surname is Luo, and his name is Luo Weixing.

Although it is also open to the public, it mainly serves the University of Polytechnic, receiving some guests from the school, holding some seminars and other activities, and undertaking banquets such as weddings and funerals of the school s teaching staff.How did he think of setting the wedding banquet there Liu Qiuping asked curiously.He is not only a policeman of our branch, but also a specially appointed lecturer of PolyU School of Art.Even the dormitory is provided by PolyU s logistics department.Commissar Huang took out two invitation cards from his bag and said with a smile, Han Chaoyang is not the only one who is going to get married on May 1st., as well as Yu Zhenchuan, a policeman from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and Xu Hongliang, the manager of the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.You should get a room first and go to T2 after dawn.The police office of the terminal building is looking for me, and I will take you to meet the bureau leaders.There is plenty of time, and we are sure there will be no problem.Thank you Xiong Suo, you have helped us a lot.Here again, please be polite See you, let s go, I ll take you to the hotel.As Han Chaoyang worried, Luo Weixing didn t sleep well all night, and because he didn t rest well, his eyelids kept twitching in the morning, thinking it was not a good thing omen.Yonggen, what time did Boss Qian say you ll arrive The plane at 9 35 a.m.can arrive at 11 a.m.if it s not delayed.Jiang Yonggen knew what he was worried about.He took out his phone and opened a travel app for booking air tickets and hotels.Searching for the flight information of Jiang Zhongfei Donghai via Leken, he held it in front of Luo Weixing Brother, look, he is taking this flight.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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