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He glanced harrelson cbd gummies at the military base, then at the outside, and then strode out.I m coming, the Somme I m coming Yes, 1916 here I come, the First World War No matter what, now that I have come, this era will always leave my footsteps 4.Adolf Hitler s faint gunshots continued.This is a completely unfamiliar land, at least for Wang Weiyi.Where can I find my 3rd company Wang Weiyi was at a loss, and Xiao Ling didn t give himself a clear direction.At this moment, he found a short German soldier coming in front of him, and hurriedly called out Hey For some reason, Wang Weiyi felt that the German soldier in front of him looked familiar.He looked at his military rank, and it was a corporal I am Lieutenant Ernst Brehm, and I am going to the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment Supplementary Battalion now.No.3 Company, do you know where it is He was surprised to find that not only could he understand German, but his mouth was full of German just like Xiao Ling.

Major Nikolai commanded about one hundred and fifty intelligence officers.Many of them reported directly to him at General Headquarters, and others worked in Berlin, in regional intelligence, in subordinate commands on the Western Front, and in the headquarters of the Eastern and Southeastern Theater Commands.Most of the agents are headed by the military intelligence stations of the nine military regions.At that time, the funding of the Intelligence Agency was second to none in Europe except Russia.In Germany, there is a saying that the Military Intelligence of the Army Staff has unlimited rights, they can go wherever they want.As for Nicholas himself, although he was only a major, many people whose ranks were much higher than his were respectful to him.The sudden appearance of Sergeant Heinrich Elena made all the soldiers of the third company put away their thoughts of joking.

By the way, during the vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies on shark tank day you said that you couldn t activate the base, and you were worried about platinum x cbd gummies being exposed, what about now Why can t it start now Can t you activate the base and fetch me back at night like this Xiao Ling suddenly stopped talking.Damn it, why Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of this question, and the doubts in his heart suddenly became harrelson cbd gummies cbd gummies thc free bigger.The reason why he couldn t respond to him during the day was reasonable, but what about at night Could it be that he couldn t respond at night Or was there something Xiao Ling didn t tell himself Xiao Ling But Xiaoling still didn t answer himself, which made Wang Weiyi quite annoyed.The target is approaching, and we will arrive at the battlefield in five minutes.Xiao Ling s voice finally came over Wanderer, please put your attention on the battlefield instead of those insignificant things.

Wang Weiyi was a little puzzled, he had no idea who Hyena Pompestein was.Manstein carefully explained the man to him.Pompestein was the most proud subordinate of Colonel Nicholas.Although he was only a second lieutenant, he enjoyed more privileges in the Intelligence Bureau than anyone else.Some people even described him as a mad dog, as long as Nicholas told him something, he would spare no effort to complete it.Once the prisoners fell into his hands, very few of them could come out alive.After listening to these, Wang Weiyi s heart sank.What should Guo Yunfeng do if he falls into the hands of such a person There is no way Elena hesitated, obviously she was not willing to tell her own method, but after repeated urging by several people, she said reluctantly If Countess Schiller is willing to help, your subordinates can make a big show of it.

Prince Joachim nodded annoyedly and agreed to the bet.Even if he lost, he didn t care about the money, but what made him unwilling was that the military s attitude towards Ernst was so consistent Unconditional support for Captain Ernst Brahm God, he s just a little captain And the people who supported him were lieutenant generals, first level generals, and marshals Nicholas also showed an embarrassed expression on his face.Just when they were restless, there was a commotion outside the courtroom, and bursts of cheers and applause came in together.A smile appeared on August s face After a while, a man in a neat military uniform walked in Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm It s seven fifty now.My dear brother, you have lost.At this moment, Auguste was full of full spectrum cbd gummies to quit smoking enthusiasm Please send someone to deliver your gold mark to us.

Forgive me, forgive me Si Di kept repeating these words.Wang Weiyi sighed I can forgive you, but Weidmann will not forgive you, those soldiers who have fallen asleep will not forgive you.Suicide is the best option for a soldier in a desperate situation.The same is true for you now.I think you don t want to face Foroman, and it would bring shame on your family.He took a pistol with only one bullet in it, and put it in front of cbd super gummies Stephen.Everyone was silent, but they looked at Stephen with contempt and anger.A traitor really appeared in the supplementary camp, not only Si Di s family, but even the entire supplementary camp will be humiliated.Major Adolf.Hitler said loudly Please let me perform this task Wang Weiyi nodded silently Let s go, traitor.Hitler said with infinite contempt.Sidi moved forward mechanically, trembling.

There are no heavy weapons, and the rifles of the Russian soldiers are very old.I believe that a small attack by the German army will defeat them.Look.see.Richthofen exclaimed triumphantly I just said this is an easy task.Task Goring seemed to understand something Baron Alexon, do you want to go to Vandice At this point, Wang Weiyi has nothing to hide.He told Goring about Mistanov s commission.Goring was handsome, strong and full of adventurous spirit in his youth.That potbellied obese patient and drug addict, when he heard what Colonel Ernst Brahm said, he immediately said in high spirits Then what are you waiting for, Baron Alexon Thirty thousand gold coins, exactly thirty thousand gold coins God, I ve never seen that much gold in my life.Baron Alexon, please count me in.At this point, even the most cautious Manstein was relieved Ernst, from Danzig to Fandis, it s only less than a day s journey.

But she should be at ease, maybe I will seduce you Go to bed, delta 8 gummies cbd but I will never ask you to take any responsibility, after all, I am the countess.You still belong to how to beast cbd gummies Elena.Wang Weiyi was extremely embarrassed, he really couldn t think that the countess would say such how cbd gummies makes you feel words, maybe these words In the mouths of Westerners, it can t be more common.Ma am, although the battle on the front line has calmed down a bit, war may break out anytime and anywhere.I think I should go back earlier.Wang Weiyi concealed his authenticity.Baron Alexon, do you really think that Marshal Hindenburg will give you special permission to leave because of my birthday party The countess words made Wang Weiyi a little confused, what does this mean The dance party is just an excuse.The Countess face became more serious There is a person who desperately wants to see you, and this has been allowed by His Majesty the Emperor.

It was the Chinese Guo Yunfeng.Guo Yunfeng sat on the ground, looking at the Russian positions in front of him, weapons were all around him, and then he said in Chinese The major will definitely not die, I knowWait until tomorrow, if the major has not come back, then I will save him Although they couldn t understand what he was saying, from the weapons here, several Germans still understood something Ernst will not die Elena was also full of confidence in Ernst I know he must be thinking about how to escape from the Russians now, but no matter what, he will come back Manstein suddenly noticed that Elena was holding a long withered rose in Elena s hand, which Ernst gave her when she was in Reims.Then he saw that a tear was falling from the The corners of Elena s eyes were streaming This is for Ernst Ernst will not die Rommel repeated the words again Hell, he is probably drinking the wine captured from the Russians somewhere now, ah, I guess, Adolf is pouring it for him Hey, seeing him in the face, we should give him some serious punches How can he do this Manstein found that he also had the urge to cry, so he quickly calmed down his emotions Yes, this guy will definitely not die At this time, he saw all the members of the Skeleton Commando team coming.

The guy on the plane.Manfred von Richthofen the Red Baron The French Air Force is also working hard, both in terms of models and the quality of pilots.They are far from the opponents of the Luftwaffe.A fighter plane of the French Air Force was shot down.When the wreckage of the plane fell to the ground, the French infantry sighed On the ground they suffered a disastrous defeat, and they also did the same in the sky Failednot just in a Noche, but in the entire Reims Soissons battlefield, the progress of the French was seriously not smooth.The Germans defended their positions firmly, constantly repelling the enemy s attacks.Even if some positions fell into the hands of the French after all the hard work, the German army would counterattack as soon as possible, and then regain the positions The spring offensive broke out on April 6, 1917.

How about Ernst Brahm Can it be like this If he just left, Major De Sade would at most feel frustrated, but definitely not humiliated.But that damned Ernst always likes to leave some gifts for himself.Major, this is a letter from Ernst.Major De Sade took the letter, and he found his hands trembling slightly Dear Major De Sade, thank you for your hospitality in Paris.There are a few left.As a guest, I think I should leave something for the host.These detonators are my little care.I have to admit that you are a shrewd and hardworking officer, very suitable for intelligence work.This failure will not break you.We will definitely have the opportunity to meet in other places in the future.Don t be discouraged.Dear Major De Sade, the only memory left to me in Paris may be you.This time I am with Heinli Miss Hee is here for vacation, vacation in the enemy s capital is really a very romantic thing, I look forward to your return visit in Berlin, I think this is a must polite question, well, I should go, your faithful friend Ernst Major De Sade s hands trembled even more.

When Xiao Ling finished speaking, Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of something, and blurted out Kolchak gold Yes, Kolchak gold, but in theory it actually belongs to the tsar s gold and Kerber is about to get this batch of gold.Xiaoling s words verified Wang Weiyi s idea Wanderer, go and get that batch of gold back , it shouldn t belong to the Russians. Take it back What the hell am I going to take it back You can choose a few helpers from the Skeleton Commando, they must be loyal and reliable, but Rommel and others are not allowed, this task is very dangerous , they cbd gummies on shark tank must not have any problems, Xiao Ling began to express his own ideas.How many helpers Let yourself take a few helpers to fight so many Russians You know, apart from the Soviet Red Army and White Guards, there are also a large number of bandits active in Russia who are staring at this batch of gold Don t worry, Rambler, the Colonel Sergey who surrendered to you before, he has returned to Russia and has become a major general in the White Guards, a famous one legged general.

Germany rose again At the harrelson cbd gummies same time, the German zh ngf and the Chinese zh ngf secretly signed a large number of military cooperation agreements.Germany The government advisory group and countless German made weapons continued to enter China.Germany was re emerging, and there were still many difficulties, but Hitler resisted all opinions and resolutely approved each aid agreement for China.He firmly I remember what Ernst once said to him As long as there is an opportunity, do everything possible to help China.Head of State, we have collected some information that Japan may break out of war with China.Why don t these damn Japanese monkeys always reassure me What are they trying to do Immediately alert the Chinese zh ngf At the same time, give them the batch of weapons that the Chinese government needs in advance F hrer, I m afraid this is not very good, is it Listen, I order you to do this Yes, F hrer.

It was later confirmed by people he assisted that he Under the cover of the Han Dynasty, he secretly aided the resistance against Japan and was acquitted He went to the United States in 1947 and died of illness in Los Angeles in 1956 Wang Weiyi let out a long breath.Unsung heroes who put on a layer of skin for the war of resistance and did their best work.In fact, there are many such people.They don t expect to be famous forever.They are just doing their best for this country and nation in a special way.Maybe When Qiao Zhihe died, his heart was full of incomprehensible sorrow, but if he was asked to do it again, he would still make such a choice.The so called hero does not necessarily have to be vigorous, Qiao Zhihe Such people are also heroes And what they did may be even greater than those famous heroes.

I heard Tang Weihong say Do you remember that you promised to ask me to dance A little embarrassed Miss Tang, I m very sorry, it s a bit late today, I still have something to do, can I do it tomorrow Tang Weihong harrelson cbd gummies said at this time Well, then I can forgive you for being busy Tomorrow, at the Russian Ballroom on Rue Joffre, Mr.Lovelleau, Counselor of the French Consulate, will hold a ball to welcome a friend of his from France.Are you free to join me Wang Weiyi was about to refuse, but Qiao Zhihe poked him.Wang Weiyi could only say helplessly Okay, vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies on shark tank Miss Tang, I will be very honored to accept your invitation.Dez harrelson cbd gummies vouspas.Tang Weihong said in French, It is impolite to miss an appointment.Just now she took the initiative to ask Wang Weiyi to invite her to dance, but Wang harrelson cbd gummies cbd gummies thc free Weiyi did not show up, which made Tang Weihong feel a little uncomfortable.

He couldn t help sarcasm Since Mr.Wang is proficient in so many languages, he will be able to support himself as an interpreter if he doesn t fight any wars in the future.Unlike can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 harrelson cbd gummies us, harrelson cbd gummies although we come from a good family and don t have to worry about food and clothing, we still have to find a way to go to Yale.When studying in university, I always want to make the family business bigger.I worry so much that I lose a few hairs every day.I m not as carefree as Mr.Wang.He was mocking Wang Weiyi, and at the same time he was there Raising one s own status born in a wealthy family, and graduated from Yale University.With such a sum, it seems that it is no big deal for Wang Weiyi to know several languages.He was just a kid from a rich family who was used to being supercilious, how could Tang Ying find such a husband At first I didn t want to argue with such a person, but seeing Tang Weihong s angry face, which was about to explode, Wang Weiyi said first Brother Li taught you a lesson, but I won t be a soldier anymore, so I don t have to worry about my livelihood.

Ludendorff smiled, and then turned his gaze to Hitler Adolf, have you found the Baron Hitler sat down beside him and shook his head The skull battle flag is cbd gummies whoopi here Shanghai briefly appeared for one night, and then disappeared.According to the analysis of intelligence personnel, maybe some Chinese have heard the story of the Skeleton Commando and did it deliberately No Ludendorff regained some anger I feel it, Adolf, believe me, I feel it so strongly.The man in Shanghai is the Baron harrelson cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction Yes, the Baron Hitler also became excited They always say that the baron is dead, but in the past twenty years, I have never doubted that charlie stayt cbd gummies the baron is still alive As he spoke, his expression turned dark again Come down It s just these years, since the Baron is still alive, why didn t he come to us Has he forgotten us all No, Adolf, no.

The guest handed the invitation card to Elliott.Mr.Lucas David Harrington.Welcome to the Wittgenstein Manor.Mr.Lucas nodded to Elliott, and then walked into the manor What a strange man Elliott muttered, and then brought his attention back Today is Mrs.Hermione Wittgenstein s birthday, when she After accepting everyone s congratulations, the wonderful dance began soon.Many people came to Wittgenstein Manor for the first time and were full of admiration for the manor.The meadow is full of charming lights, and guests are everywhere enjoying it all.Hermione.You re charming today.Lady Lorisa said to her best friend.Thank you, Rorisa.Hermione was also smiling Don t you dance Ah, I haven t danced for a long time.Rorisa looked at the guests on the pasture I want to go back and take a break.Okay, I ll come see you later.

Not yet, not yet.Wang Weiyi said lightly I haven t decided yet when I will return to Germany, but I will go sooner or later.You have to keep my affairs secret for me for the time being.I still have some things to do in China.Several people nodded.Now that botanical farms cbd gummies website the skeleton baron has appeared, there is nothing difficult to do.I came to you this time, hoping to get your help.Wang Weiyi stated his purpose China is fighting a war of resistance, and I am helping them fight the war now.I need a lot of assistance Leonie and Hermione looked at each other and smiled I have already transported them for you.A large amount of weapons, ammunition and medicines were transported by the Minnesota Rose.Ah, there is no problem with the loyalty of Meekner who is responsible for the delivery.I can tell you how to contact him.

After the end of harrelson cbd gummies the Second World War, many members of the labor brigade were killed.Those who survived stayed in Britain and France, and only a small number returned to China.And this Lu Daxiong is one of them.Not only was he from the same village as Guo Yunfeng, but he also went to Europe with Guo Yunfeng.Wang Weiyi faintly sensed some problems, which must be resolved immediately, otherwise there may be troubles.At this time, Lu Daxiong desperately waved at the refugees Yunxia, Yunxia, come, come quickly Look, look who is here A young woman was called over by him, and when she saw Guo Yunfeng, the young woman was stunned at first, then tears flowed down her cheeks, and cbd gummies 20mg for sleep she hugged Guo Yunfeng Brother, harrelson cbd gummies brother You are still alive, you are still alive They said you were dead, they said you died in France.

Their detachment leader Ueno Hiromitsu cannot be blamed.Under such circumstances, Ueno Hiromitsu s order could not be conveyed to the troops below.It s messed up, it s completely messed up.Wang Weiyi checked the time.All the officers checked the time 45 minutes to go After 45 minutes, no matter what kind of Warring States is obtained, you must retreat immediately This is what Wang Weiyi asked of his officers and soldiers don t be greedy for such a beautiful number of kills, the purpose is only to disrupt them and tear them apart Strictly abide harrelson cbd gummies by the time, all people must abide by harrelson cbd gummies it with the strictest attitude Wang Weiyi extended four and five gestures to the team members, and the team members quickly understood what the general meant without any instructions.In front was a position temporarily set up by the Japanese army, looking very hasty, a machine gun was firing desperately under the command of a Japanese army major.

Time has become the most important thing A race against time is a race against life 3 p.m.The main forces of the 126th and 170th Infantry Divisions of the Soviet harrelson cbd gummies Army arrived successively.At the same time, the 11th Armored Division of the German Wehrmacht and the Altino battle group also arrived at the same time, completing the rendezvous with the Skeleton Division.The last line of defense of the Soviet army is ahead On the opposite side, it seems that the voice of the tank of the 2nd SS Panzer Army can already be heard, General Ernst, I request the 11th Panzer Army, Altino Battle Group and Skeleton Division to launch an attack at the same time Balck came to Enns Said loudly in front of Te.Yes.I think so too.Wang Weiyi nodded I just received a telegram from Paul Hausser.They are only one position away from us.

The major died, but before he died.We all clearly heard the Major say, Thank you, Lord Baron before we were sent to the official prison camps, he came to see us off in person and wished us good luck God, I swear I ll never see him again in this life An enemy more worthy of the respect of the opponent.Some people have fought against the Baron.And be proud to have survived.A retired British major general named Merrick told reporters The battle was very fierce.The Baron s skeleton commando launched a violent attack on the Germans with machine guns and flamethrowers that no soldier could imagine.It seemed crazy.I rushed up and lost a position, and another position was lost.I was forced to take the last soldiers to defend a position less than two kilometers away.We were completely desperate and said it bluntly.

Marshal, I suggest you be more cautious.Petain said cautiously Although you are fearless, assassination is still everywhere, especially you seem to anger those members of the resistance organization.So far we have not caught their responsible person in Paris.People, I only know that he is General De Sade, the former head of the French intelligence agency.De Sade Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing after hearing this name It was the one who went to Reims to arrest me.De Sade P tain obviously knew about this, and he looked a little embarrassed Ah, yes, Monsieur Marshal.Before the negotiations between Germany and France, De Sade withdrew from Paris, but we have reliable news that he was sent by Charles de Gaulle.personally appointed by you, and returned to Paris.Dietrich said at the side interface Among the members of the resistance organization we captured yesterday, someone has best cbd gummies made in usa already confessed that before you left Berlin, De Sade had received the news, And quickly made an assassination plan, but they thought that someone had some small troubles, and the person in charge told his lover about it, and his lover quickly reported it to the Gestapo.

When they came to the temporary office of the Anti Rebellion Committee, without exception, Wang Weiyi was subjected to very strict interrogation.When they entered, even their weapons were left with the sentries.Outside the office, Wang Weiyi saw a Russian in civilian clothes severely questioning an officer wearing the rank of major, and kept patting the table, as if he was about to ask him to explain something.After a while, the major was pulled out by two soldiers with live ammunition.When passing by Wang Weiyi, the major was still shouting I am innocent, I am the most steadfast Bolshevik loyal to the Soviet Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him.Wang Weiyi left Guo Yunfeng and Elena outside, and walked in by himself Who is the person in charge here.I am, what s the matter asked the man in casual clothes.

In the same month, Marshal Ernst Brehm established the Z y u Russian Union and formed the Z y u Russian Legion , appointing Kolkorok as the commander in chief.Marshal Ernst Brehm has begun to use multiple measures to contact all Moscow opponents who can be contacted He knew that the regime in the Soviet Union was not as stable as they imagined, and they harrelson cbd gummies still had many enemies inside Relying on Germany alone, it is difficult to achieve a complete victory over Russia And now Germany s chance has come Four hundred and forty seven.Hellboy In April 1942, Soviet Marshal Timoshenko completed preparations for an attack on Kharkov.At this time, Timoshenko was under great pressure.In addition to the failure of the previous battle, it is said that Marshal Timoshenko was also involved in a kidnapping case.

What is even more desperate is that Moscow seems to have given up cbd gummy bears high its plan to rescue the besieged troops in Kharkov.Because at this time, the German army commanded by General Manstein and General Guderian also launched wyld elderberry cbd gummies a fierce offensive against the Soviet army on various battlefields at the same time The Soviet army was exhausted, and it would take a long time for the reinforcements to arrive at Kharkov.Perhaps by the time they finally arrived, the Soviet army in Kharkov had been wiped out from Moscow.Taking a silent attitude towards Kharkov, Timoshenko knew They abandoned Life and death have nothing to do with Moscow anymore.Four hundred and fifty thousand soldiers A total of 450,000 soldiers So abandoned by Moscow Even the aircraft support has disappeared or Comrade Stalin is unwilling to lose even a single aircraft in Kharkov.

The personality characteristics of this person are also remembered in his mind.In a few days, he selected a group of people he needed Most of these people had served as political commissars of the Soviet Army or had done propaganda work.They are exactly what Marshal Ernst Brahm needs The work started soon Accompanied by several German generals, Wang Weiyi quietly appeared in the temporary prisoner of war camp.He saw thousands of Russian prisoners of war sitting on the ground, and standing opposite them were several can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 harrelson cbd gummies supervisors of the newly established Z y u Army Political Supervision Office.It is said to be a supervisor, but in fact it was a political commissar in the Soviet Army in the past And Belyanlowski sat among these people.The German generals were curious and wondered what Field Marshal Ernst needed these men who could not cbd gummies on shark tank 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep fight at all.

The star of the New York Stock Exchange Robben Williams But until this time, Robben Williams can only be called the future star of a regime exchange.It cannot be called a big star.The turning point happened on June 12, 1942 this day.It is bound to be remembered by best cbd gummies for sale online every American.Williams is relatively perceptive.Although he has not been in this industry for a long time, he has basically figured out the inside.He also knew that in order to become a real big star, he must have his own classic battle On this point, Mr.Moyol and Mr.Garcia are all in favor.Mr.Moyol even said Kinrank Securities Investment Consulting Company will support Robben at all costs.Williams does whatever he wants.Williams was very surprised why Mr.Moyol trusted him so unconditionally, but Mr.Moyol only gave him one answer We need a big star agent of our own, so as to attract more investors In an instant, Williams understood that for himself and for Kinrank Securities Investment Consulting Company , he needed a tough battle, and he needed a big victory.

This is what every investor and broker in the New York stock market would like to see Robben.Williams, this genius who has only been in the stock market for less than a month, has completely established his godlike status in the stock market during this day s fierce battle genius No one can think of any words to describe it other than genius.Applause pure strength cbd gummies for Williams, cheers for Williams He has defeated Dan Zexi Fund, which is invincible and has never failed in the stock market In fact, many people knew that for Branny Industries to act so crazy, there must be an unbelievably huge wealth force supporting him.But they are not willing to think about these things at all, preferring to regard this as a miracle created by Mr.Williams The New York stock market needs the appearance of a talented star like Mr.

He is not as accessible to countless new things as Elliott.Wang Weiyi came to the back of the manor.He told Butler Videlio that he had to think about some things here, and no one was allowed to come in without his order.After the devoted Steward Vidlio left.He asked Xiao Ling to send Elena here.Xiaoling s memory cleansing is really terrible, no matter how hard Wang Weiyi tries.They couldn t restore Elena s memory, and could only make her faintly feel some things that had happened.But Wang Weiyi is never willing to give up any efforts.He firmly believes that all memories cannot be completely erased, they are just hidden in the deepest part of his mind Do you remember this manor When Ellie When Na came to him, Wang Weiyi asked with a smile.Elena looked around carefully, then shook her head in confusion.

Once attacked, it is unstoppable Under the loud order of Marshal Greluman, all the Turks threw themselves into the final fight.Soldiers fell one after another, tribe cbd gummies and one life after another was lost harrelson cbd gummies forever Marshal when should i eat cbd gummies before bed Greluman, who was calling, suddenly staggered, and then he stood upright suddenly.Blood was flowing down his chest beard gains cbd gummies The bullet still hit him For Turkey When Marshal Greluman called out, A few bullets went into his body Marshal Greluman was down anyway as were the soldiers who were dead Anyway, always To the end of his life he behaved bravely like a true soldier.He fought fearlessly to the last moment and the Turkish soldiers at his side did just as well.Tragic.Almost all of them died here.Klingenberg was the first to discover the body of Marshal Greruman.For a long time, he couldn t believe that they actually killed a marshal.

At the same time, the German Wehrmacht, Bulgarian Army, and Yugoslav Army on the two wings must also participate in the battle within the specified time.Not only that, but the Myristal battle group was also given a new task carefully select one hundred and fifty elite members, disperse them in the form of assault squads, ride into Ankara with all their make up in cars, and find the enemy at all costs.Baron Sturt, and is responsible for protecting the baron s safety.Composed of 150 German elites, the Myristel battle group did not know their real mission when they set off.Only their captain, who was promoted to major, knew the real purpose.The true situation.Myristel was also completely shocked.God, Marshal Ernst is in Ankara After being shocked, he also became fanatical in an instant.This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to fight alongside the Baron He has heard the story of the Skeleton Commando since he was a child, and admired it infinitely, but what makes him regret is that he may never be able to join the Skeleton Commando But now such an opportunity has appeared in front of him With vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies on shark tank the Baron, make a big fuss in Ankara Driven by this frenzied idea, can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 harrelson cbd gummies Myristel frantically commanded his team members to march towards Ankara.

Many times, people would rather not believe their eyes, but believe what their ears hear Then, several small parades broke out, the scale was not very large, and the largest one was still only a hundred or so.People, but the meaning of these parades is completely different can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 harrelson cbd gummies in the eyes of Turks now.And in a parade, something even more terrifying happened gunshots pierced the parade Those who participated in the march ran around under the threat of gunfire, and ended up trampling one person to death and injuring two others.This soon became a new evidence of the Turkish government s suppression of patriots More and more Turks began to be dissatisfied with the current government The German army, which was originally in dire straits, deliberately slowed down its advance speed Everything is planned Henry, the head of British intelligence in Ankara, was a little cbd gummies no artificial color helpless Everything is going on in an orderly manner, and when and what happens are completely controlled.

Five hundred and thirty four.Erwin Rommel 2nd update The great reputation of Marshal Erwin Rommel of the German Empire reached its peak in the African battlefield.When he was in charge of commanding the German harrelson cbd gummies cbd gummies thc free army in Africa, the full spectrum cbd gummies georgetown ky German army was facing a very difficult situation.Even Crowell and General Westphal were now jaundiced.Rommel was not without worry Soon, I will be the only German officer who has been fighting here from beginning to end.However, Rommel was not intimidated by the difficulties in front of him.He first successfully withdrew the main force of the German army., Successively through several beautiful battles, successfully defeated the British attack.Beginning in May, Erwin Rommel fought a decisive battle with the British army in Africa.A series of battles caused the British army to suffer terrible losses.

It may be true to say that this gem is cbd gummies buy special.Or from Wang Weiyi s eyes, Queen Farida said Once, when Ramses returned home with a large number of captives from the conquered countries, the one of Ramses who had been with him when he left The younger brother who was appointed by him as the governor of Egypt welcomed Ramses at Dapunai in Perusian and invited Ramses to a banquet.Ramses and his sons all attended the banquet.So Ramses younger brother went to A great deal of fuelwood was piled up around the building, and when this was done, it was set on fire.When Ramesses knew what had happened, he immediately accepted him as his companion to the feast.the advice of his wives, amazon cbd oil gummies to cast two of their six sons on the fire as bridges in the flames, so that the rest of them could step over these two and flee.

Now, it truly is the land of demons The Germans didn t mean to stop their attack at all.They kept slaughtering those engineers who couldn t resist, and kept destroying the overcrowded tanks.And that s just the beginning.Then, more vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies on shark tank German tanks and soldiers appeared.They began to clear the battlefield bit by bit according to the plan made in advance.The sound of explosions continued, harrelson cbd gummies and the screams were everywhere.This was the darkest day in the history of the British Eighth Army.A demon showed his terrifying smile on this minefield harrelson cbd gummies full of death.When the survivors recalled that day, every one of them would tremble, and every one of them would stare in horror as they recalled all the horrors they had been through five hundred sixty.The Tree of Life in Demon s Land begins at the beginning of the Second Battle of Alamein.

In the end, they came together and caused the worst failure Major General Johnson, who was forced to draw out his troops, soon had a gap cbd vape gummies in the original complete sequence.Originally, this gap was not very large.But the terrible thing is that standing opposite General Johnson is the Desert Fox Erwin Rommel Rommel will never let go of this once in a lifetime opportunity He quickly mobilized his troops to launch the most ferocious assault on this gap Now, the danger of being torn apart was also placed in front of Major General Johnson.The momentum of the German offensive is too fierce, especially their commander Rommel can always find the enemy s weaknesses and flaws most accurately.At 6 o clock, Rommel successfully commanded his own army and penetrated into the defense line of the 1st Armored Division.

In order to prevent being discovered by the Germans, I went to the house of my girlfriend who had been away for half a year this afternoon.Captain Gilbert thought harrelson cbd gummies his actions were surreptitious and would not be discovered, but he never thought that the big unlucky box sold him out.This was also an oversight by the British harrelson cbd gummies cbd gummies thc free intelligence agency.This kind of special radio box is quite common in London, but it becomes very conspicuous in Cairo.As soon as Gilbert returned to Cairo, he was targeted by the informer who wanted to make a fortune.The lingering dream of Gilbert harrelson cbd gummies and Joyner was shattered by a doorbell.He pushed his girlfriend away as if he had been electrocuted, walked to the window facing the street, lifted a corner of the curtain and peeked out.Gilbert s face suddenly turned pale.He saw the secret agents, but the worst thing was, he couldn t get the help of the British soldiers yet When he returned to Cairo, it was already doomed, and everything had to depend on himself.

Colonel Firth smiled mockingly, and then waved his hand.Tamusta and the main members of the Egyptian officer corps were taken away.When they left, General Canlemu clearly saw Tamu The expression on Sta s face was extremely disappointed with himself A miserable cry kept ringing in the next room, and Tamusta, who was also covered in bruises, sat there, trying his best to Straighten your body.Tamusta Ahmabi, do you recognize Lieutenant Lawson Heaton When Major Vatel, who was in charge of interrogating him, asked this question, Tamusta said firmly I have answered countless times, I don t know any Lawson Heaton, and I don t know any British intelligence personnel., I had no part in plotting Mussolini s plans, although I would have loved to have.I didn t plan any mutiny, and I will never betray my country Major Watter was not angered by him Then what about the monastery Can you give me a reasonable explanation for why British intelligence agents are hiding in the monastery Yes, I funded the construction of the monastery a few years ago, but I don t know why the escaped British intelligence officer chose to hide there Tamusta still refused to admit anything.

Watching the gate of Pia.When he saw Mussolini s car approaching, he rushed out.Unfortunately, it was discovered by the driver early.The driver initially tried to run him over, but saw him with a grenade in his hand, and harrelson cbd gummies then increased his speed.fly away.Luchetti threw the grenade out forcefully.Unfortunately, the throw was too high, and the grenade exploded 50 meters away from the car.Luchetti was sentenced to 30 years in prison.Later, a new law was promulgated that anyone who attempted to murder Mussolini should be sentenced to death, and Luchetti was executed.This was the last thing Mussolini wanted to mention, but now it came out of the mouth of the German Marshal.Wang Weiyi calmly said Let s say it frankly and honestly, there are many forces against you in Italy, and the same is true HCMUSSH harrelson cbd gummies in Germany, and what we have to do is to completely eradicate these forces against you.

Pretorias sees his boss as a remnant of old world pretentiousness.And von Gr ning s tolerant character allowed Pretorias to be infinitely fascinated by Hitler.The young man insisted that the fall of Russia meant victory on the Eastern Front was just around the corner, and he believed that Stalingrad would fall in 1943.Then Germany will concentrate all the forces in Europe and Russia to launch a full scale attack on Britain.Thinking of the prospect of a beautiful blitzkrieg in Britain, he believes that Field Marshal Ernst is invincible, and this idea makes him fall into extreme excitement As you can imagine, our bombers and fighters are rigorously trained, brave and strong said Pretorias, and what can our enemies do In the next week, Chapman will focus on learning the latest blasting technology from a blasting expert.

During World War II, captives dug long tunnels, or jumped over barbed wire in concentration camps, and even disguised themselves in women s clothes to escape.It seemed to Inaris the most absurd way of escape anyone could think of.one afternoon.Naris had just returned to the office from the headquarters, and an assistant said anxiously to Naris You are back.There is something urgent waiting for you.What s the matter Naris asked casually.Two Frenchmen landed in West Sussex.Oh.What s the fuss There are thousands of planes on the Continent This one is different, he said with a grimace.The report says they built their own plane Probably they are the Wright Brothers.Too bad they re long gone.And they re not French lights out cbd gummy either.Well, then, take Naris to see these two brave pilots.They came by car.They haven t arrived yet.

The fate of all Russians is in the hands of one man Comrade Stalin Here, he has the supreme right here.He has the right to dominate the lives of millions of people.Say, what should we do Dimilenko asked in a low voice.Retreat, I think we should arrange a retreat for ourselves Anna s voice also lowered Timilenko.The war will end anytime, anywhere.We also have our own families and our own.childrenthey don t deserve to suffer from defeat in the war, they must grow up healthyand their future depends on us Prior to that, Ji Milenko always believed that he was a firm revolutionary, no matter what happened, he could not change his belief, but when he threw himself into a labor camp.After his family members were also treated unfairly, Timilenko s faith was greatly shaken No one can save himself, the only person who can really save himself is cbd gummies supplier himself At this time.

But at this time, General Demilov didn t feel any sadness in his heart.He did one thing, cut off Marshal Vasilevsky.There is no need to contact any more, and there is no need to accept any instructions from superiors any resistance, any order becomes meaningless here.Soon, the Germans will rush in front of themselves and order themselves to raise their hands.Will the Germans say surrender to themselves in German or Russian General Demilov suddenly thought of this question strangely It s really interesting.A ray of light appeared in the sky it was dawn The gunfire was fading, and General Demilov knew it was almost it was over, the battle was almost over by this point.He doesn t want to die, he doesn t want to die at all, as long as there is any hope, who wants to die He has a wife and children, just like any normal family.

Very good, order Ike to immediately launch an assault on harrelson cbd gummies the flank of the 81st Armored Army Yes, I will give the order immediately.Wang Weiyi put down the binoculars and stretched out a sigh of relief.tone.It appears that the Russian resistance in Tenklar has been completely destroyed.Soon, everything will go according to cbd gummies for sleeping near me your own ideas.Wanderer, emergency situation At this time, Elena s voice suddenly rang out I reiterate, emergency situation, a large number of Soviet troops have appeared on your flanks, and the siege has been completed finally, the siege has been completed Wang Weiyi stood there, and Elena s words kept ringing in his ears The Soviet army the siege has been completed Very well, this is probably what Vasilevsky really wanted to do, right Attract yourself with an armored corps, then surround yourself from both wings.

The huge advantage in quantity, sometimes it can indeed beat the quality Maybe it won t last until tomorrow Now every German officer and soldier has this idea in their hearts Ike, Guo Yunfeng, and Gillette even secretly held a brief meeting with Marshal Ernst during the battle.Their purpose was very clear.Once all positions were lost, a powerful commando team must be organized.Cover Marshal Ernst to protrude Everyone here can die, but only Field Marshal Ernst.He is the hope of all Germany Klingenberg was entrusted with this honorable task.Even after he accepts the mission, he and his squad are not directly involved in the battle, but ready to face the worst situation whenever and wherever possible.You have to know.The marshal is not someone who will leave the battlefield so easily.Klingenberg raised his own concerns What if he refuses our protection Guo Yunfeng harrelson cbd gummies was silent for a moment Knock him unconscious Klingenberg was taken aback and knocked him unconscious Want to let yourself knock out a marshal of the empire Knock him unconscious General Ike also said firmly This is the only way to get the marshal off the battlefield Well, well.

Without waiting for Major Connings to agree, Second Lieutenant Itman had already poked out his body from under the cover of the steel plate.Half of the head At this moment, a bullet shot out of the air, and Lieutenant Itman fell into a pool of blood without a soundHis head was shot by the enemy.The bullet pierced through so dangerous Major Cunnings looked at his assistant s corpse with lingering fear.If Marshal Ernst hadn t reminded him, the corpse lying here must be his own The enemy s snipers also performed so well Major Cunnings decided to wait.Waiting for the opportunity that really belongs to him At this time, Vasily Zaitsev managed to kill an enemy despite the temptation of the helmet.But harrelson cbd gummies with his feeling, he felt that the person he killed was not Major Cunnings.Sometimes, a sniper has such an instinctive reaction on the battlefieldit cannot be explained by normal reasoning Vassily, we have killed the enemy His assistant excitedly said.

Looking very young, could such a young man be what the Germans call a heavyweight Temitav was a little disappointed.But the young man, calling himself Heinz, told Temitav.Everything I did in Moscow can fully represent the German government.Although he was still not sure whether the other party s words were true or not, Temitav felt a little relieved Heinz and his companions.Under the support of Temitav, he was taken to a relatively safe residence in Moscow.While Temitav was preparing for the secret meeting between the Germans and Marshal Timoshenko, Heinz Wang Weiyi took a closer look at Moscow.No matter how well the government concealed it, the tension and fear spread uncontrollably in Moscow.Now Moscow has once again become a big fortress.Fortifications can be vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies on shark tank seen everywhere.Those troops and armed civilians kept appearing on the streets.

A convoy appeared, and when the car in the middle appeared in the shooting range, three light machine guns fired at the same time, and bullets splashed on the car like a storm Mission accomplished, retreat Even Before the magazine was empty, Wang Weiyi had already issued such an order Little Ling, take us out The miraculous assassination happened at this time.Under the sudden firepower, the car was turned into a hornet s nest, and all the passengers inside were killed.The guards were thrown into harrelson cbd gummies chaos, of course they had no way of knowing that the person in this car was just Stalin s double The whole guard was in total chaos When Ko was released, what he saw was the frightened Comrade Stalin with a livid face.Your judgment is completely accurate.Stalin s anger was completely written on his face Just a few minutes ago, I received a call that my convoy was attacked.

When he was rescuing Timoshenko, the German army successfully crossed the Volga River.Several German troops marched together, with only one goal Moscow The eyes of the world are on Russia Everyone knows how can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 harrelson cbd gummies the war will end, but everyone wants to witness how this miracle happened Just last year, the German army failed to attack Moscow, and the Soviet army launched a large scale counterattack.Hundreds of thousands of German troops were trapped in Demyansk.The situation of the war seems to have begun to reverse.But at this time, Ernst Brahm returned with glory, and started a series of dazzling performances.With classic battles, he almost pulled Germany out of the failed situation by himself.The quagmire, and carried Germany step by step towards the glory of victory.This man the German God of War the Baron Skull Wherever he appeared, a miracle was born.

On the phone, he first explained the current offensive situation of the German army, and then Said I have decided to live and die with my legion.In the face of the German attack, I have ordered all troops not to take a step back.I am willing to sacrifice on the battlefield.Do everything I can for the defense of Moscow.Victory must be Will belong to the great motherland When he hung up the phone, the worst battle since the Battle of Moscow took place On this day, the Luftwaffe was gradually gaining air supremacy.The Soviet positions were bombed frantically, and the German artillery fire also mercilessly bombed the Soviet positions indiscriminately.Bombs combed the battlefield terrifyingly, and the sound of cannons sounded one after another, destroying every corner of the position.Constantly, bodies were rushed into the air by the airflow stirred up by the shells.

It stipulates that the Soviet Union is a socialist country of workers and peasants led by the Communist Party of China.Its economic basis is the socialist economic system and socialist ownership of the means of production its political basis is the Soviets of workers representatives at all levels.The promulgation of the new constitution marked the establishment of the basic system of socialism in the Soviet Union, and also marked the formation of the highly centralized political and economic system created by Stalin.The characteristic is to manage the economy by executive orders.Denying the law of value, rejecting commodities and markets.Its political characteristics are a high degree of centralization of power, regardless of party and government.Lack of mass supervision, neglect of democracy and the rule of law.

Thank you, Mr.Ernst.Nelia said this, and suddenly asked Where do you say you are from Province of Dalmatia, ma am. Do people in the province of Dalmatia have such a strange name like you what is botanical farms cbd gummies Nelia looked a little curious To be honest, I ve never heard of such a name Ernst Alexson von Brahm. The world is much bigger than you can imagine, ma am.Wang Weiyi said calmly This world also has many strange names, I think, maybe you will hear more in the future.Yeah Nelia thought for a while The mighty Roman Republic is conquering the whole world.Shouldn t the world be centered on Rome, and shouldn t the Romans be honored with their surnames Wang Weiyi didn t know how to explain to this woman Nelia probably misunderstood Wang Weiyi s silence.She asked the two maids to wait outside.The two maids obviously listened to Nelia s words and walked out obediently.

He was very conflicted about whether he should rescue him or not, so it took him a long time after seeing the fire.He couldn t even make up his mind.This is a general who is far more loyal than Gaius, and he finally made a decision.Rather than risking being punished by Caesar, the Roman army must be dispatched to reinforce Caesar.But when he made up his mind, a long time had passed since Caesar s camp was attacked For Germania Such voices were still in the Roman camp It kept ringing, and at this time, the Romans had already begun to retreat.The can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 harrelson cbd gummies corpses of countless Romans fell to the ground in all directions, and the ground was soaked in blood.All this is so familiar to Wang Weiyi War will always be something that he cannot leave in his life blood and killing have become his goals conquerors appear again in this time and space.

The Romans receded like a tide, and the noisy battlefield just now became so quiet Those Germanians obviously didn t know what happened, but what about the Romans What about the enemies Where are they all gone We won a soldier asked uncertainly.Probablywe have won His companion also said in an uncertain tone.Victory Is it really victory Suddenly, a voice resounded through the sky Germany This cry completely awakened the victorious Germanians.Immediately afterwards, a loud and earth shattering cry resounded across the battlefield Germanic Germanic The corpses on the ground.The blood on the battlefield, everything is telling everyone Germanic victory Although, this is not a big battle although, this is caused by Callaini s underestimation of the enemy, but regardless However, the first battle of the Germanic Alliance was still victorious.

Creditors And threatened to evict you from the house you re living in now.Yes, I really have no choice but to pray to the father of our country, and hope that his mercy will help me get out of this terrible situation.The woman burst into tears, fell on the ground and began keoni cbd gummies help ed to kiss Pompey s.Pompey helped her up kindly, Please get up, since Pompey knows about HCMUSSH harrelson cbd gummies this.Believe me, he will never allow this to happen Later today, my adopted son Cuarius, who was just now The young man who helped you.I will visit your home, and you will not feel any lack in the future.Then, he thought about it again It seems that you are very tired, you must have been here since a long time ago.Wait for me here.Now please take my sedan chair and go home, so that you can save some energy.When the Guards officer harrelson cbd gummies cbd gummies thc free next to him urged the woman to board Pompey s sedan chair.

This time they extended their tentacles to naval battle performances.Although which ships are participating has not yet been determined, the dealers have already begun to send people to search for information at the dock.In the taverns, in the boroughs, in the squares where the Romans liked to hang out, the analyzes of the possible teams for the various games were bustling.In order to make the right choice when betting, people in the city of Rome carefully inquired about all kinds of gossip At this time, Wang Weiyi, the rich man in the eyes of many people, did not idle.He took out a sum of money and handed it to Pompey to support him to complete the Sea God Festival and win higher prestige to deal with the threat of Caesar.After receiving the money supported by Spruius as he wished, Pompey increased his trust in Wang Weiyi, and he began to be convinced.

The ridge stretches from north to south, protecting the narrow coastal plain and the wealthy cities, leaving only three passes through this barrier the Pass of Ammania, the Pass of the Pillars of Jola, and the Pass of Syria.At the northernmost pass power cbd gummies reviews of Amanya, the great stone wall snakes across the horizon like a long snake under the cover of darkness.After the customs, there are few roads, and many roads are dead ends.The crops dwindle and the not pot cbd gummies harrelson cbd gummies land grows barren as the winding trail winds its way up.Hells, an elite soldier of the 1st Battalion of the Sixth Legion of the Roman Republic, is walking on this rough road.The strange shaped rocks stumbling upon him reflect the charming moonlight, and the shadows of people who rise suddenly are reflected on each stone, presenting various scenes.All kinds of wonderful shapes As an elite soldier of the Legion, Hells didn t have to be on duty.

His legion will soon be Arrived in Gaul, and share power with you.Then, let s defeat the Servius Legion first Caesar immediately made up his mind This man is very good at fighting and commanding.I also know what Pompey is using him for.He wants me and him Only when both sides are hurt can he get the most benefit.Caesar, please appoint me as the striker.Anthony said excitedly I admit that Servius can fight, but will I lose to him If you can t agree My request, then this will be regarded as a disgrace, and I will even use suicide to wash away this disgrace Anthony, besides you, I will not appoint another person to serve as my forward force Caesar used to slap I touched Anthony s shoulder I just said that I have ten legions, but I was wrong.I should count you.I have eleven legions, and you will bring me the greatest glory Of course, And you, Callini, my friend, you will be the first to enter Rome for me That is our honor, Caesar said Antony and Callini together.

Skeleton Commandos Returning The space time shuttle is completedthe repair cabin is openedthe base is invisible The Ziguang military base slowly stopped moving, and finally, it came to a complete stillness.Wang Weiyi woke up from his deep sleep, reassure cbd gummies and saw his companions come out of the repair cabin one by one.Once the space time travel was completed, Wang Weiyi stretched his waist What era is it now She is always the most awake computer.However, when she obtains a human body, she will also fall into a comatose state while traveling through time and space.Richthofen, Guo Yunfeng, and Elena appeared from the repair cabin one after another, followed by Baroness Leonie, Butler Depusey, and Butler Videlio.Then, there are Tieria and Sevia, sister flower gladiators from the ancient Roman era.However, it was obvious that the girls whose memories had been reimplanted had completely regarded themselves as part of the base.

This is also the usual style of the Italians.Once the enemy s gunfire becomes fiercer, they think they have been fiercely attacked.Don t be afraid.Captain Tuska, I m not here to inspect your troops.Wang Weiyi said lightly But I need you to answer some questions, can you tell me honestly Of course, Major.I know everything I will tell you everything about it.Wang Weiyi nodded.Very satisfied with Tuska s attitude Tell me, how did this war break out He expected to get something he was satisfied with from the other party, but obviously Captain Tuska completely misunderstood the other party s meaning Germany shouldn t have failed.They had some conflicts with the Americans in the Middle East.God knows how it turned into a war Wait, Germany and the United States are at war in the Middle East Wang Weiyi interrupted him.

Make your enemies tremble before you I still don t know.Wang Weiyi said lightly Maybe everyone has already forgotten.But at least one sentence I have not forgotten.When danger befalls Germany, I will come back This is his promise.When he left, he made a promise to all Germans.He once led Germany on the path of incomparably glorious glory, but it was also he who caused Germany s current disaster, so he must You harrelson cbd gummies have to make it up with your own hands.No matter how difficult and painful the road ahead is.No matter whether everyone has forgotten him.This is his promise, and this is his unshirkable responsibility Since you have decided to do this Yes, all we can do is to assist you as much as possible Xiao Ling s voice sounded again But I still have a worry.What nuclear weapons convention, in fact, is a piece of waste paper to put it bluntly.

Westmoreland has already lodged a strong protest to the Russian army, and the US government has also exerted strong pressure on the Russian government.Colonel Papasolovsky, who was already in trouble, was arrested and the Russians promised to hand him over to the Americans for interrogation.But despite this, cracks have appeared in the relationship between the United States and Russia.Now, the German harrelson cbd gummies skeleton commandos are invincible on the battlefield again.There are only things they don t want to do, and there is nothing they can t do.It is said that a huge skull battle flag has been flying in Brest, which has become a thorn in the heart of Westmoreland and all the allies.Fortunately, this news has not been spread yet, otherwise it would be a great blow to the hearts of the frontline soldiers General, you must listen to this.

When she got up, an enemy plane appeared gummies cbd sommeil again.Avril Lavigne will never forget that moment, that beautiful girl was completely covered Out of the hole God, merciful God, please save us.Holding her sister who was crying loudly because of fear, Avril lavigne murmured in her heart in despair.She saw that the German soldiers who brought her here were harrelson cbd gummies working hard to organize anti aircraft firepower, and among them was the young soldier who made Avril s heart flutter.Avril had asked his name implicitly, but the soldier didn t hide it, telling her that his name was Chuck, he had only joined the army not long ago, and was being ordered to go to Berlin for reinforcements.Avril Lavigne was also silently praying for Chuck in her heart.Hope the bullet doesn t hit him.Such a handsome and charming soldier always fascinates people The enemy, damn it, there is an enemy sneak attack The second lieutenant Kruman who commanded these German soldiers cursed loudly.

Heisen, you have also betrayed your faith, you have shamed the surname Heisen, maybe you have been threatened, but this is not a reason for betrayal.You are no longer the chief of staff.Arrest him Arrest him When this order was issued, there was a Hula , and all the German soldiers pointed their guns at Werner.Werner did not resist, and none of the guards around him were willing to resist.Werner stared deeply at the baron I accept your order, Marshal.I did shame the Heyson family.When Werner was escorted away, he suddenly said Baron, I m really glad to see you back.Werner made a big mistake, but in fact this mistake is also understandable.He worried about the safety of his family, from this point of view.His behavior will cause a huge disaster in Germany.Therefore, he did not complain when he was arrested.

When he went outside, he was suddenly shocked by the scene in front of him Countless German civilians were standing calmly on both sides of the road, waiting The appearance of Baron Alexon.They didn t carry any weapons in their hands, and they wanted to use their bodies to protect the Baron from entering the Empire State Building This is the most special moment, when the baron decided to end the civil strife in Berlin in a bloodless way, then the German citizens chose this way No matter who it is, no matter where the enemy is hiding, when the bullet hits, someone will use their life to block the bullet for the baron The retired old generals walked in the forefront, while the German civilians protected the baron and walked towards the Empire State Building step by step.At this moment, those soldiers even felt that they were redundant This is a powerful force, and what supports such a powerful force is the same powerful belief More and more Germans joined the team, and when it got close to the Empire harrelson cbd gummies State Building, the team had become extremely large.

They did not dare to make any fierce resistance at all. Immediately disband the Guards.And interrogate those commanders separately.Wang Weiyi thought for a while and said I think Kroller must have colluded with the United States.It is very harrelson cbd gummies likely that there are a large number of spies hidden in these guards.The spies leave Berlin At the same time, the search for the enemy s spies is launched throughout Berlin He issued one order after another, and Fels responded one by one Marshal , Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip request to see you immediately.OK.I will meet them here Wang Weiyi paused at this point No, I will visit them in person.Now Britain was once Germany s enemy in the two world wars, but because of the appearance of Baron Alexon, the enemy has become an ally.After the United States raided Britain and Britain was defeated and surrendered, the exiled British royal family will be in Wang Weiyi played an extremely important role in the whole plan Arriving at Queen Elizabeth s temporary residence, Wang Weiyi knocked on the door himself instead of letting the guards know.

All the soldiers of the national army were silently watching their old general there.Mario stood up slowly, and facing General Opperman s body, raised his right arm straightly All for Germany Eight hundred and fifty two.The process of the Heisenberg commando war is cruel, and as the commander of every army, they don t care about this cruel process, all they want is the final result.No matter how many people died or how many casualties occurred, it has nothing to do with them.As long as they can achieve the goal before the war, they harrelson cbd gummies can bear any loss.This is the cruelty of not pot cbd gummies harrelson cbd gummies real war.General Opperman was killed in his own position, and the news had reached Wang Weiyi s ears.He was saddened by the old general s departure, but he had to bear it, and he couldn t even show any regretful expression on his face.

Miss Anne Marie sighed again But, although I don t know how to fight, I really can t think of what you can rely on to resist the enemy s bombing said a lady.It is the greatest insult to a soldier, especially a German officer like Puneat.He blushed Miss Anne Marie.Please believe that although the enemy can cbd gummies help with pain s bombing is so raging, we also have corresponding countermeasures.The new air defense battalion has arrived and is arranged at a secret location.When the enemy plane appears They will be retaliated by the wrath of Germany Ah, general, are you angry Anne Marie said hastily If my words offend me in any way, please forgive me, I am absolutely not on purpose.The dissatisfaction in Punet s heart dissipated with these few words from Anne Marie Of course I don t blame you, Miss Anne Marie, everyone will have such and such questions in their hearts.

It s impossible After she finished speaking, she pulled her daughter up and stood up, and left here without looking back watching their backs.Wang Weiyi sighed deeply.He knew that Xie Lisa fell into these vortexes and could no longer get out, and there were many, many people who were just like them He paid.Then left the restaurant.But when he just went out, a burly guy came up to him and walked up to him with a fierce expression You damn little boy, do you know who I am Wang Weiyi didn t recognize this person at all I m sorry, sir, I don t know who you are, and I m not interested in knowing who you are I m f sha The guy s voice got louder.I know Maosha submachine gun, which was used by the Soviet army in the past.Wang Weiyi smiled I think.You probably don t have much to do harrelson cbd gummies cbd gummies thc free with submachine guns The mocking meaning in the words Listen.

I will take full responsibility for this defeat and surrender No, Cheno General Ke.Your performance is very brave, and even this kind of bravery is not inferior to the Germans.Wang Weiyi said very seriously, and then he suddenly seemed to think of something Chenoke Sidi No I knew an Italian lieutenant colonel in WWI, just in Udine, he was also in the Borza infantry regiment, I remember him well, he was a man who preferred being a doctor to being an officer A proud smile appeared on Chenock s face He is my father.In an instant, Wang Weiyi understood everything It was the First World War, Udine, Italy.The war is over, and the heroic Lieutenant Colonel Stino has become a prisoner.Some Italian soldiers stayed in Udine because of needs, including Lieutenant Colonel Stino The lieutenant colonel did not have time to escape, and he vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies on shark tank also became a prisoner of the Germans.

Even now Wang Weiyi can still imagine Rona Nova s perfect body I think.The life of Prince Bierstoka s family must be very happy now, right Wang Weiyi asked casually.No, not happy at all.Tatyana s answer was unexpected His eldest son died of illness more than ten years ago, and the Duke now only trusts his other son, Ilya.He gave Ilya most of his business and power.As for his two daughters and son in law, he only gave each of them a manor and the title of Marquis, but did not allow them to participate in their own affairs at all.It is said that.His two sons in law complained very much about it.Especially the husband of his eldest daughter, Marquis Milosevic of Andjak, once even had a fierce dispute with the Duke, and was almost deprived of everything by the Duke.There would be no Marquis of Andejac Neither Wang Weiyi nor Xiao Ling had grasped this informationWang vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies on shark tank Weiyi immediately became interested Then what about his youngest daughter and son in law His youngest daughter is Ronanova, Marquis of Kardish, and her son in law is Khmelitsky, Marquis of Pereas Tatyana obviously knew the Duke s family very well The Duke used to be very I love this little daughter, but for some reason, I gradually started to distance myself Wang Weiyi now has a general understanding of the Gregory family.

Ilya Yes, father.Grigory said very generously Give them a million imperial rubles each.Children, this is all my money.His daughters and sons in law at this moment thought The anger can t be expressed in words at all.One hundred thousand imperial rubles What can this money do According to the ratio of 1 to 1,000 US dollars, it is only harrelson cbd gummies 1,000 US dollars.Could it be that the Grand Duke really regards them as fools Does the Grand Duke think they really don t know how many assets he owns overseas Did the Grand Duke think that they really didn t know that he had handed over all his property to his son Ilya Did the Grand Duke think they really didn t know how much money he had blackmailed Why should the Grand Duke take a completely different attitude towards his own child Nine hundred and thirty five.

Kiritz told gunner Fu through the receiver At ten o clock, the tank with string number 05148 must be destroyed first No problem Fu was confident.The turret is spinning The body shook violently.A cannonball came out of the chamber, drawing a beautiful arc with a wisp of white smoke.With a loud boom , the turret of the American command tank was torn off in the flames, and it was blown into a pile of scrap iron.The howling of the tank guns made the Americans who didn t know the details panic.Is this a trap In the panic, four U.S.military M 60s collided with each other, and the occupants who climbed out of the car were immediately swept to death by Klaus and his machine guns.Two more vehicles wanted to evacuate to the surrounding open ground, but were blown up by landmines.The brave German infantry took advantage of the cover of the terrain and even sneaked up to the American tanks to stuff mines and explosives directly on the tracks of the tanks.

Where are the Italians Where are the Italians now Kerrett roared unbearably.I just found out what they were doing Ryan said hesitantly They are playing the 11th sister football game Corrett was completely dumbfounded You, you Say what They re in the 11th football match.Ryan said with difficulty And it s just finished.They should send troops now, right Kerrett sat down slowly, he had no idea Should I cry now or should I not pot cbd gummies harrelson cbd gummies laugh When I was most difficult and needed help, those goddamn Italians were actually playing football games God, how on earth did you create these hateful Italians when you created human beings If he had the right again, he swore to hang all Italians Order.Kerrett barely suppressed his inner anger The 3rd Armored Brigade, resist at positions g1 to g3.Order, the 4th Armored Brigade moves closer to me.

, I think I ll give it some thought.Wang Weiyi tidied up his clothes Are you really just a priest Yes, I m just God s most faithful servant The priest s voice was not very loud.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Then, I hope to see you again soon Nine hundred and fifty eighth.Turbulent Italy Prime Minister Bertrul, do you think we can really gain huge benefits in the war Lifetime President of the Italian Social Republic Vittorio S.Mussolini was fiddling with a glass made of crystal in his hand, and asked with interest.Yes, harrelson cbd gummies leader.Italian President Bertrul said respectfully We will definitely be able to gain huge benefits in the war, but this is not based on cooperation with the Americans.You probably also found that Now, the treacherous Americans have never fulfilled their promise.This sentence immediately hit Vittorio s pain point.

No.Not his own failure, but the failure of Russia as a whole Now, there is no room for salvation General Demirasf, let s start a counterattack Field Marshal Kolkorok issued such an order.The situation on the battlefield changes rapidly.At first it was the Ukrainian army that was attacking.Then it was switched to the Russian army to counterattack.Now, with the arrival of the Germans, it was finally the turn of the Russians again.Those mighty and majestic German tanks rushed into the battlefield domineeringly, pouring shells and machine gun bullets at their enemies domineeringly, and then domineeringly smashed the Russian formation into pieces.They are telling everyone in this way who is the real master on the battlefield Faced with such a situation, Warren Katzky quickly made harrelson cbd gummies adjustments.He ordered the 102nd Infantry Division to be responsible for blocking the joint attack of the German and Ukrainian troops, and at the same time ordered the Russian army that was charging to quickly return to the position it entered.

The attack on the French stronghold.Immediately spread throughout the entire area.The French army knew very well that this might be a counterattack by the Germans, because in the face of a tight blockade, I believe they couldn t stand it any longer.Strive to completely block the recalcitrant Germans.Stronghold A harrelson cbd gummies cbd gummies thc free officially welcomed the Russians who arrived in a hurry.All legions in this area approached outside the stronghold, and a chilling atmosphere slowly permeated.An arrogant French officer stepped proudly on the sand, looking around, the entire stronghold was silent.But he was sure that the soldiers who had been wandering around the French army recently were inside.Unfortunately, this stronghold was surrounded heavily, and there was no possibility of escaping.He smiled contemptuously, and said a few words to the guard next to him.

Khmelitsky knew that it was time for him to come forward Dear Your Excellency the Grand Duke, the assassination of the Minister of Security is really distressing, although we found some evidence at the scene.how to say It s not good for your Excellency the Garrison Commander, but after our careful investigation, we can t rule out the possibility of framing.Judging from my personal attitude, I believe that the Garrison Commander is innocent, but the specific results still need to be investigated.Duyoshenko was relievedbut Andreas complexion changed.That s not something Khmelitsky has said before.Then continue to investigate.Gregory, who didn t care about it at all, said indifferently But we must focus on what is the key point now.Yes, Your Excellency the Grand Duke.I will definitely follow your orders Do it.

Then he should stay in the hiding place that Gorte prepared for him, so as not to be unable to get in touch with Major Jagger.During the search, Wang Weiyi suddenly He asked such a question But why did he leave suddenly Max didn t know very well, thinking about such a question was really exhausting Wang Weiyi didn t want him to answer , but seemed to be saying to himself there My judgment is that he found that the special forces led by Gort or Major Jagger were exposedthen he must be nearby.Which of the two is more important Possibly some Major Jagger and his men were apprehended in the direction of the town, had Wren been there.He would have found his way out of Bielerted.I think he was in Gorte There is a hiding place somewhere near the house, and this place can observe everything that happened in Gorte s house very well After finishing speaking, he quickly brought his guards back Back to the neighborhood of Gorte s house.

If they successfully drive through the ruins, they will have a huge impact on the German defense.Cole, you snipe them as much as you not pot cbd gummies harrelson cbd gummies can Steinman said as he dodged the constant incoming bullets and lasers.Bang bang Cole fired a burst, and an harrelson cbd gummies American infantryman HCMUSSH harrelson cbd gummies trying to enter the house was directly knocked down.Steinman crouched behind a pile of sandbags, picked up the detonator, and pressed the button.Boom Boom The American tanks on the harrelson cbd gummies ruins on both sides were all paralyzed by the explosion, and some tanks that escaped by chance retreated hastily with flames and bullet marks all over their bodies.Steinman breathed a sigh of relief.This is, a grenade rolled down to his feet inexplicably.Steinman subconsciously threw the grenade back Cole, how s the situation There are too many enemies Most of them have entered the house Cole jumped from upstairs with a sniper rifle in his arms.

But it is very likely to be disabled Cole s heart was ruthless I jump Flying randomly, but its overall structure is relatively complete, so it did not collapse.Cole was hit by the shock wave and shrapnel of the shell, and fell heavily on the street, his arms were covered with shrapnel Cole Steinman found Cole who fell to the ground through the scattered smoke.Cole was lying on the ground, and the sniper rifle was thrown aside.The arm was full of shrapnel and blood was flowing.It harrelson cbd gummies seemed that the shrapnel had cut an artery in his arm.He looked at it in disbelief, watching his own blood gushing out of the wound one by one.There was a trace of blood on his mouth.Cole , on the brink of death.Cole Hold on Steinman jumped down from upstairs.Since the floor was not too high, Steinman was not hurt when he landed.

With a bang , the smoke grenade exploded a large cloud of smoke when it hit the front armor of the tank, completely shielding the opponent s attack.Vision One hundred and thirteen.Women s Tank Brigade Cole Steinman picked up his rifle and fired the bullets at the following American infantry one by one.He was already angry, he knew that he had once harrelson cbd gummies cbd gummies thc free again broken his promise, and all he can do now is to kill the enemy and sacrifice his brother.Do not impulse Rabbi and others also cooperated with Steinman with fierce firepower.Each of them knows the feeling of losing a brother.They are like brothers.Every time they lose a German army, their hearts will bleed, and their hearts are like a harrelson cbd gummies knife.Now, They want revenge, and use thousands of enemy corpses to commemorate a good brother, a patriot who has never changed his loyalty.

The road is littered with twisted corpses and the wreckage of vehicles that have been burned to hideous horrors.Allies and Germans.Purple blood mixed natural cbd gummies for ed with red blood flowed through the streets like a polluted stream.The medical soldiers began to get busy, and the engineers also began harrelson cbd gummies to repair the fortifications and the damaged armored vehicles.The number of helicopters in the sky began to increase.All kinds of military materials were continuously delivered.Gormandel hq.Prepare to implement Plan No.2.At this time, the quantum walkie talkies of all harrelson cbd gummies the soldiers rang, cbd gummies on shark tank 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep The 42nd Assault Battalion defended the blue landing zone for six blocks in front and five blocks in depth.The 45th Assault Battalion is in charge of clearing the r57 road.The 40th Assault Battalion captured L beck Airport, over You heard me Let s do it someone shouted loudly.

Raise the hammer.He yelled It s going to launch Watch out for the tail flame Then he picked up the anti tank rocket launcher, straightened up suddenly, and raised his hand to shoot a rocket.The tail flames made the surroundings gray.The armor piercing projectiles screamed and dragged thin white smoke towards the enemy armored vehicles.Connor fell quickly to the ground.Boom A flash of light struck the armored vehicle.It caused the steel pieces to fly in all directions Connor hit it.boom The depleted uranium armor piercing shell trapped inside the armored vehicle exploded, throwing the armored vehicle s turret high.Five German soldiers rushed forward, climbed into the armored vehicle like monkeys, opened the roof door of cbd gummies to help sleep near me the armored vehicle with a rifle, forced a few fragmentation grenades inside, and then quickly jumped off and ran away.

The whole of Paris.His name is being proclaimed everywhere in the whole of France, and some people even look at him It has become a new European myth after Baron Alexon.Some people firmly believe that he is the hope of a strong French revival.How should such a person be recruited and replaced in the future What is the purpose of the Baron in doing this Lantes never figured it out, but one thing he was sure of was that no matter what arrangement the baron made, all he had to do was follow the baron faithfully.Wang Weiyi seemed very satisfied with Lantes attitude Lontes, silence is sometimes safer than being in the limelight, and I like you like this, listening instead of putting yourself under the gnashing of teeth of the enemy like Yetiri.Mr.Yetiri still doesn t seem to understand this point After Wang Weiyi finished speaking, he turned on the radio, and Yetiri s harrelson cbd gummies new speech came from it rise up and overthrow our brutal government Let the light of liberty come to France againwe will do whatever we think possible.

Berkeley blurted out quickly All forces are completely under the command of you alone, Your Excellency the Baron.Wang can cbd gummies calm you down Weiyi smiled with satisfaction, yes, to defeat a vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies on shark tank country Sometimes you don t need too many troops, what you need is their collapse from within.Roberto, Berkeley, and a large number of Frenchmen like them are forces that they can use.While HCMUSSH harrelson cbd gummies the French government rejoiced over the death of the opposition leader Yetiri, they would never have imagined that a large number of senior French government officials and the new leader cbd gummies on shark tank 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep of the opposition, Lantes, had sworn allegiance to their enemies.At this moment, Sinager and Lucien walked in again, but their faces looked very ugly.Sinager reluctantly said I have some harrelson cbd gummies good news.President Khatri has agreed to your request.I think we can start negotiations on the specific cooperation situation tomorrow.

It can be seen that there is still a fluke in his heart.Wang Weiyi laughed again Actually, he himself is also a revolutionary.A stumbling block on the road to success One thousand and forty seven.On the eve of the uprising, everyone may become a stumbling block on the way forward, even Lantes is no exception.When Wang Weiyi saw Langtes, this former leader of the Yetili Revolutionary Party stood up with a huh as if he saw the biggest savior in his life.Baron, Baron, our affairs have been exposed, please save me.Lantes cried.Ah, Lantes, I think you probably made a mistake.Everything that happened was done by you, and it has nothing to do with me.Wang Weiyi corrected him.Lantes was stunned for a moment, and then said Yes, yes, I did everything, but, Baron, you have to find a way to get me out of here.

But what I can be sure of is that those damn rioters will never let us go.Ah, and those damn rioters Americans.Where are all their previous promises going now Berkeley, you must now honestly tell me if you will be able to protect the key officials of the government should the most terrible things happen Leave Paris safely He finally said what he wanted to say most Berkeley didn t answer immediately, but pondered for a while before saying I think.This is also One of my duties.Your Excellency, Prime Minister.I can assure you that I will definitely bring important figures of the government out of Paris, but there is one thing that worries me very much Said Express your worries, there is nothing to hide now.Berkeley then said The 102nd Armored Assault Regiment has mutinied, and the 51st and 52nd Armored Corps have also mutinied.

Your intelligence is really accurate.In Coventry, I captured John Oslow, an important regional leader of the resistance organization.This mary berry cbd gummies is one of our great Ah, unlike you who killed Norden, Norden is one of ours.Nash and Lieutenant Colonel Mills suddenly had a feeling that they were dumb and indescribableNorden Don, Norden.Now the events of Norden are all over again.Nash tried to make his tone sound polite Colonel, we have to harrelson cbd gummies cbd gummies thc free tell you something that maybe you don t want to hearJohn Oslow, he is one of us You guys People Colonel Jed frowned.Yes, cbd gummies on shark tank 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep our people.Nash replied very positively He swore allegiance to the government a long time ago, and we sent him to continue lurking inside the resistance organization.During this time, he has provided us with countless valuable things.Intelligence.Now he has been arrested by you, in order to avoid the suspicion of the resistance organization, I request you to release John Oslow immediately and send him back to harrelson cbd gummies Coventry.

1999.William and Elliott But anyway, they re lying Randolph raised his voice I don t know why they did this.Maybe they, like George, were threatened by certain forces, harrelson cbd gummies but they are using lies to ruin the life of a young man Shukako.Gandra Mr.Stuke, Mr.Peter, Mr.Tell, I need you to tell the truth in front of the judge and all the jurors, tell them where my client Mr.Shukako was that night, and whether my client was involved in the crime.This terrible murder The truth, all we need is the truth It looked like Stuke was the first to break down, and he actually started crying in court Oh, no, no, yes, we wronged Shukako, he s not guilty, he wasn t involved in the murder, He s not involved in anything.There was an uproar in hemp gummies same as cbd the courtroom.As a veteran lawyer, Randolph certainly would not give up such an opportunity.

Brahm.If you want, I can write out all the plans and goals in one night. Our cooperation is very pleasant, Mr.Olawiecki.Wang Weiyi smiled and said This adds weight to my promise.You may be able to return to China in less than three years.Of course I need all the plans, but before that, there is one more thing I need you to do.Wang Weiyi asked someone to bring a phone Olavitzki, I think you have a special can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 harrelson cbd gummies way harrelson cbd gummies of contacting the country, then, just do what I said.He handed Olawiecki a note, and Olawiecki looked at it.He knew that his fate was completely in the hands of the other party, and all he had to do now was obey.He dialed I got a phone number, waited there for a while and said, Washington Morenz Private Detective Agency I m Mr.Billf.I need HCMUSSH harrelson cbd gummies to speak to Mr.Morenz immediatelyMr.Morenz Yes, I m Billf.

And this also allowed Bert Adams to see the possibility of winning.More than a dozen trucks appeared slowly, and when the trucks stopped, Edward, Bert Adams capable subordinate, jumped off the first truck and came to Bert Adams Leader, a new batch of combat The members have completed the training, and our allies have also sent new weapons.Edward, I see the dawn of victory.Bert Adams suppressed his inner excitement.There is even more exciting news.Edward said immediately Our ally, our staunchest supporter, Mr.A has fallen.Bert Adams was taken aback.Mr.A, the code name for the largest provider of IRA funding and weapons, meanwhile.This Mr.A is also in charge of the overseas military training bases of the Irish Republican Army.It s just that Bert Adams has never seen Mr.A.When he heard the name, Bert Adams quickly asked, Where is Mr.

No one is willing to give up the battle easily, and everyone knows what Southampton means to the entire war.The sky is roaring, the earth is roaring, and the artillery is roaring.Southampton has become a battlefield, which is about to be filled with blood and corpses.Obviously, in the fierce air battle, the unprepared Allied air force is gradually losing its air superiority.They are retreating steadily under the attack of the cbd gummies total pure powerful air force of the Axis powers, and are losing the initiative on the battlefield bit by bit.This worried Don Tanner, but what could he do He couldn t rush to the sky and take part in this fiery cbd gummies made from marijuana battle in person.The only thing he can do is to keep his fighter plane in the sky for as long as possible, and to delay for himself as long as possible.However, now it seems that even this willingness seems to be difficult to realize.

I admire your bravery.Michael said There are rumors that you have the support of certain forces, is that true I have the support of God and the Queen.Annuo was very tactful when answering this question Of course, I also got the support of all upright harrelson cbd gummies English people.And now, I need more support, only in this way can we move towards new victories.There was an explosion outside.Michael observed An Nuo, but he couldn t see any fear on the face of the guerrilla leader Let s make an assumption that you have won, then you How are you going to treat those Americans and Canadians That is a decision Her Majesty should make.An Nuo harrelson cbd gummies blurted out But if I had to choose, I would drive them all away.I will not hurt them, a decent Englishman will not do such a thing, unless those Americans or Canadians are still doing things that endanger England.

The gunfire gradually died down in Southampton, replaced by bursts of fire.Cheers.The flag of Her Majesty the Queen is flying again in this city, and the fanatical citizens can calmly take to the streets to join in the carnival.God bless the Queen God bless England When the last gunshot has also settled, all the axes The team has already entered Southampton, they lined up neatly, and then waited for the appearance of the magical baron with a solemn and solemn expression.The battle of Southampton was far less fierce than imagined before the start of the war.It can even be said that the Axis won the victory in a relatively easy way, and all this must be attributed to one person Ernst Brahm Baron Alexon It is his frequent activities, Zall s effective work, and calm and effective instigation of rebellion that have resulted in the current victory.

Sherlock understood what the general meant General, I will not leave.Soldiers can run away, but as a commander, you must not leave your command position until harrelson cbd gummies the last moment.We are not qualified commanders, but I hope we can become a qualified soldier General Gendra nodded gratefully at him Yeah, they can t be good commanders, but at least they can be good soldiers.Thinking of this, General Gendra involuntarily glanced at the phone on the table again.Who are you waiting for a call from Sherlock was a little curious.General Gandra put down the wine glass in his hand Mr.Chief of Staff, we are ready, either to be killed or to surrender.But what about those soldiers They are innocent.Is it completely useless for them to be in the war Is the sacrifice in vain under the circumstances of hope Sherlock was silent and hungry, which is exactly what he had been worrying about The soldiers have done their best, even in such a bad situation, they are still faithfully executing the order, even if they may die anytime, anywhere.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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