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After reading it for a long time, he couldn t see why What about the Soarer Project Touch the red progress bar.According to what Xiaoling said, Wang Weiyi clicked on the progress bar, and a page appeared The Soarer Project started, initiated by Rambler.Start time September 11th, 1916, End time November 1st, 1918.The first The goal of the stage is to stick to the Somme B position.Search for the progress of the task completion the first task of the first stage of the Rambler is completed, a tank support is provided, the tank is assembled, the status is standby.Activate the password identification the Rambler The first task of the first stage What is it When did you complete it Don t ask me, I haven t cracked it yet.Xiao Ling s words broke Wang Weiyi s hope dr oz dr phil cbd gummies When you left, you asked me to provide keoni cbd gummies phone number support viciously.A British soldier poked his head out quietly, but he would never have imagined that there was a black hole pointed at him long ago.With a bang, a stream of blood mixed with brain matter sprayed out, and the British soldier rolled to the ground.This surprised his companions.Good marksmanship Wang Weiyi boasted loudly, and a shuttle of bullets swept out, hitting the opposite side with dust and gravel.The British were firmly suppressed.But soon the thing Wang Weiyi was most worried about happened the British reinforcements finally arrived New week, please recommend Brothers, click, recommend, thank you spiders Thirty two.hunting Wang Weiyi was forced to face a serious disadvantage.Up came about a company of enemies.After a closer look, fortunately there was no heavy machine gun with suppressive firepower, which also made Wang Weiyi feel relieved.Indeed, a strong and unified Russia will definitely be a worry for Germany, which is what Germany thinks unanimously.You talk too much.At this time Xiaoling s words rang in Wang Weiyi s ears.Wang Weiyi said hurriedly Of course, I am far inferior to the marshal and general in my understanding of Germany.No, you re right.Hindenburg pondered If, ah, I mean, if the situation in Russia is really the same as you said, can Germany defeat this powerful neighbor It s possible, but it depends on how you fight.Because of Xiaoling s warning, Wang Weiyi replied absent mindedly For example, gather all the power that can be concentrated, and use thunder and lightning to attack At this point, an adjutant left He came over and interrupted them Field Marshal Hindenburg, General Ludendorff, His Majesty the Emperor and Prince Joachim are coming soon, Your Majesty invites you to come in.What kind of people are these two They simply can t imagine how such a battle is going on They treat those British people as a child s play, and let the so called pride of the British people be shattered.William II was high spirited Even though they lost the tanks, they were still fearless.They fought bravely with the enemy and killed another twenty British guys.Aha, is there anything more glorious than this Long Live Germany Someone shouted out.Long live Germany Long live His Majesty the Emperor All the people seemed to wake up from a dream and shouted crazily.William II stood there, followed by everyone s cheers.This was his most glorious day, and he even felt that it surpassed the day when he became the throne.This is also The day he will never forget, it was that brave German judge who brought him such a high honor Wilhelm II raised his hand and made everyone quiet again I, and all of you, Everyone must remember this person s name, and never forget it.Treason Captain Ernst Alexon von Brahm, you have been captured for treason.Wang Weiyi would never have thought that he would have anything to do with treason.The officers and keoni cbd gummies phone number soldiers of the supplementary battalion refused to believe it no matter what.Captain Ernst Brahm, whom they respected and admired immensely, and Baron Alexon, who had just made great achievements in battle and even successfully rescued His Royal Highness Crown Prince William would have any connection to treason.The entire supplementary battalion was boiling, they gathered together spontaneously, and the atmosphere at the scene was extremely tense and dignified.Foroman took a step back with some fear Captain, please restrain your subordinates, I am just an executor.Wang Weiyi smiled, it would be contempt in his eyes Don t worry, Second Lieutenant Foroman, they I won t hurt you without my order.What an exciting attack, what an exciting battle, if you can rely on This opportunity to seize Lance in one fell swoop is also a happy thing.It s a pity that this is completely impossible.The French still have a large number of reserve troops.When they recovered from the raid, they quickly invested in a powerful counterattack.Colonel Thomas calmed down his mood Major Ernst, the only thing I can do for you is this.Now it s your turn to play.Thank you, Colonel Wang Weiyi expressed his gratitude.Everyone in the special unit is ready.Dressed up as French soldiers pushing bicycles, dressed up as civilians fleeing from refugees The military used all the power they could gummies for sleep cbd keoni cbd gummies phone number can you buy cbd gummies at 18 for this operation.They did everything, and the next step is to rely on themselves.Hey, brothers, start to act.When Wang Weiyi said this, Colonel Thomas was slightly startled, obviously he was a little curious about the word brothers.And the appreciation ratio of your current investment in decades, you will become a veritable super rich.Xiao Ling s tone was obviously very displeased You are not only changing the course of the war.It s even affecting Wang Weiyi didn t listen to what Xiaoling said below.This is really a good deal.I still have a small bag of diamonds in my pocket now.If I can find a few more future super If the rich invest, isn t their wealth incomparable to the country Will they become the richest man in the world Enough, stop thinking about it, you have to think about how to escape from here now, or your investment will be in vain.Xiao Ling reminded him.Wang Weiyi suddenly came to his senses.Yes, how should he escape from here now Order to send out planes to bomb Lance No, we don t need to use them for the time being Such frequent deployment of planes for precision bombing will arouse suspicion, and it may not be able to break out.Then the tank came into the hands of Ernst Brahm, and the situation changed instantly.When encountering tanks for the first time, Ernst Brahm killed the enemy tanks calmly, and then in the Somme, he commanded three tanks to achieve an incredible miracle.And now, there are still three tanks, and the same commander is Ernst Brahm.What kind of miracle will happen again Guderian is becoming more and more interested how many cbd gummies in 3000 mg jar in tanks That huge skeleton battle flag is always fluttering in the wind.Commanding the other two tanks and all the infantry, they kept moving forward.Cannons and machine guns rang out incessantly.Played the music of death on the battlefield.Under the continuous impact of tanks, the French troops showed a state of chaos and disorder.With so many machine guns firing at the same time, it was simply reaping human lives.You now have a chance, take your people and me to Germany, we will give you the best protection.Colonel Sergey looked at him blankly, not knowing how to answer Major Mashataf didn t worry as much as the colonel at all, he thought this was a pretty good opportunity.There is no hope of continuing to stay in Russia, and there is a possibility of being sent to the front as cannon fodder anytime and anywhere.Although keoni cbd gummies phone number it is possible to go to Germany, it is much better than staying in Russia.Under such thoughts, Major Mashataf said without hesitation Major, I am willing to go to Germany with you.The air in Russia is almost suffocating me.Your request is approved.Wang Weiyi turned his head Sergey Colonel, it looks like we don t need you anymore.No, no, wait a minute.Sergey called out hastily, and then gave his subordinates a vicious look, as if resenting him there Stealing his own limelight Major Ernst, I would also like to go to Germany with you.It is enough to fight them The officers didn t have any opinions, Manstein pointed to the Russians But their combat effectiveness is a matter of concern Wang Weiyi also thought of this, he put the Russians Several main military officers of the People s Republic of China were called to the front and conveyed to them the idea of preparing to fight a battle here.As expected, Russians, including Colonel Sergey, showed a hesitant look in their eyes Wang Weiyi smiled, HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies phone number and then he gathered all the Russians together.In front of six hundred people, he loudly announced the order to prepare for battle, and then said When the enemy is defeated, all the battle spoils are yours Urrah Ulla Ulla A burst of cheers came from the mouths of these Russian officers and soldiers.There is nothing more exciting for them than trophies.The troops are sent to the front.But even so.The people who remain in the division headquarters are not what you and Hitler can deal with I still have plane support, don t I Wang Weiyi said slowly.I knew you would make this requestYes, Rambler, you still have keoni cbd gummies phone number four sorties to support Wang Weiyi smiled, even though he knew Xiao Ling couldn t see him Smile I need aircraft support now, two sorties, precision bombing, the target, the headquarters of the Eighth Infantry Division of the Russian Army.But, you must not blow up Major General Boris to death for me You re testing my patience, Rambler, and you re making an insatiable demand.I can t guarantee that Major General Boris won t be killed I don t care about that, you have to do it for me anyway.And , once Boris is blown out of the division headquarters, if there are escort troops around him, you have to help me blow up his escort troops Then, four sorties may have to be used Use up all aircraft support at once What a loser s toy.This nurse looks like a foreigner at all No, I am not Chinese, but I went to China when I was three years old.Kelly said hurriedly My father opened a foreign firm there.At that time, China was still in the Qing Dynasty I grew up in China, in Qingdao, do you know Qingdao Guo Yunfeng s tears are almost fallingQingdao How can I not recognize Qingdao I am from ShandongQingdao, Shandong, my dream home I know, I know Guo Yunfeng said with red eyes My family is in Fuzi Village, Changle River, Weifang.I have been to Qingdao, and my second uncle works there Rommel, Hitler, and the members of the Skeleton Commando who heard the news were all dumbfounded.What s going on A British nurse actually spoke Chinese to Guo Sidao, And it made the Chinese cry In their memory, the Chinese don t talk much, and the big things are very calm, only that time when Lieutenant Colonel Ernst fell into the siege of the Germans Zhong just saw him get emotional once, what happened today Captain.The flesh on Maridov s face twitched, he thought that the other party came to ask him for those marks that he had been allocated Don keoni cbd gummies phone number cbd gummy benefits list t get me wrong, Lieutenant Colonel.Wang Weiyi smiled Do you know what s in Kazan Some damn Bolsheviks Maridov said bitterly.Besides the Bolsheviks, there is also gold.As soon as Wang Weiyi said, Maridov pure kana premium cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies phone number s expression changed drastically.He had also vaguely heard that a large number of Tsar s treasures were stored in the bank of Kazan before, but no one knew whether it was true or not.But how did the German know We have cooperated before, so there is no need to hide anything.Wang Weiyi said straight to the point Do you know how much gold is there 520 tons In addition to gold, there are also a lot of jewelry and cultural relics.Maridov was completely stunned.got there.Maybe.Wang Weiyi shrugged Who knows Yes, who knows what will happen Some will die in a moment, some will live.But as long as they still have people here, the battle will continue indefinitely.Hey, hey, the Americans are coming up, the Americans are coming up The loud shout made the soldiers who seemed to be drowsy just now enter the combat state.Appearing in front of the commandos were four tanks showing off their might, and the commandos couldn t help but look behind them.They had the last a7v left.The commandos had all their a7v s destroyed in the bloody fighting of the keoni cbd gummies phone number previous weeks, but they couldn t get a replacement.In can i take cbd oil and gummies together the end, there are not many shells left in this German tank.When this battle is over, the only a7v will become a decoration.However, even though there was only the last tank left, she was still full of determination to fight to the end.Then, everything became quiet, what happened Is there an earthquake No one can give an accurate answer.However, when the Allied forces came to Montforkon Hill, they did not find the shadow of the skeleton baron.The Allied forces searched frantically, but found nothing.The Skeleton Baron Missing The officers of the Allied forces were stunned, damn it, where did the skeleton baron go This is impossible, the surrounding area is so tightly surrounded by allied forces that not even a fly can fly out However, the skeleton baron is really missing.Really When he heard the news, Colonel Rosen smiled wryly We still can t catch him.No one can catch him.He is the skeleton baron.Maybe we I will meet him in the future.But even so, Colonel Rosen was still puzzled, where did the skeleton baron go No one can give him this answer.The whole brigade counter charges Your Excellency, Captain, please leave the reserve team.No Naomasa Sugawara firmly said There is no need to keep the reserve team against the Chinese army.The whole brigade will attack immediately Hay After receiving this order, the Sugawara Brigade, which hurried to the battlefield, immediately launched a counter offensive against the attacking army.There were only two or three hundred people on the opposite side, and when they saw a whole group of Japanese soldiers swarming towards them, they turned around and ran away in fright.Naomasa Sugawara is overjoyed What kind of enemy has strong firepower, this is just an excuse for those losers Since entering the battlefield with the 6th Division, the captain of the regiment has never sent himself to the battlefield because of his grandfather.I m wondering how much you are worth Or how many machine guns are you worth Wang Weiyi smiled Matsui Iwane s grandson, the son of the Sugawara family, how many machine guns do you think this worth is worth I don t know.The dejected Sugawara Naomasa immediately puffed up his chest I think that Sugimoto Kazunobu s failure this time will soon allow the head of the Sixth Division to bring the most elite troops of the Sixth Division., you should give up here quickly.Tani Hisao Wang Weiyi raised his eyebrows Sooner or later, he will die in my hands, do you believe it Naomasa Sugawara wanted to shake his head, but he didn t dare , for fear of angering the police officer.General Hisao Tani will not be defeated, and neither will the Sixth Division To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.When Guo Yunfeng touched the two bullet holes, he felt so familiar Mr.Gustav, I don t want the news that I m still alive to spread so quickly.You have to know, I still have a lot of things to do in China Wang Weiyi asked Gustav to keep the secret that he was keoni cbd gummies phone number still alive , but when gummies cbd 1000mg he recalled Gustav s expression of fear towards him, He knew his name as the Skeleton Baron, and what a terrible impression he still had in the hearts of countless people.Yes, now I can make proper use of my status as a skeleton baron Ye Shanghai.The smell of extravagance is flowing in the air, and the shadow of war is disappearing in a fast way.Luxuriant, the big Shanghai in the world of flowers and flowers is back again.Eight Japanese soldiers were patrolling the streets, and the Chinese who saw them hurriedly stepped aside for fear of causing trouble.Although the three month ceasefire period that the Germans hoped for may not be achieved, at least the war will last for a period of time They will not continue to erupt.The work of training soldiers is also in progress, and Wang Weiyi does not need to worry too much.The brothers under him are completely trustworthy.Therefore, Wang Weiyi made up an excuse He received a secret mission , I have to go to another place once and this secret mission, even Commander Xiao Zhichu doesn t know about it.Of course, people like Ouyang Yu will keoni cbd gummies phone number not ask about the Tuan Zuo s affairs, they just run around all day with the Tuan Zuo.It s a bit curious to have so much energy.William, who has just joined the army, enthusiastically keoni cbd gummies phone number asked to go with Wang Weiyi, but Wang Weiyi refused.He asked William to stay in the guard regiment and study Chinese well.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly They are human beings, not machines.I insist that people s memories cannot be completely erased.Especially when it comes to the unforgettable emotional part.For keoni cbd gummies phone number example, Guo Yunfeng and his family, for example, every time Elena hears the word dancing, there will always be different Response Maybe you re right.Little Ling was a little helpless, and then said, Wanderer.Now some strange problems have appeared.After the Battle of Jiangjia Village, the self reform of the base has risen to 65 , and even more strangely, when Guo Yunfeng s family members appeared, the self reform of the base inexplicably increased by 5 , and now it has reached 75 This caught Wang Weiyi s attention Why I m not very clear, this is beyond my understanding.But I guess the reason is that Guo Yunfeng actually belonged to the previous twenty years.Two old military uniforms The military uniforms were brought quickly, and when Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng put them on, Paul Hauser asked cautiously General, are we ready to go Wang Weiyi nodded, and after Guo Yunfeng, Ludwig and Paul Hauser Accompanied by him, he walked out slowly.Outside.Tanks and stalkers lined up in several rows, and guns lined up.A large number of German soldiers keoni cbd gummies phone number have already lined up.When they saw General Ernst Brehm appearing, all the people raised their right arms and black eagle cbd gummies reviews shouted at the same time with such a neat voice that shook the sky Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Hey Ernst The Wehrmacht officers headed by Balck, commander of the cbd 2000mg gummies 1st Armored blue label cbd gummies Division of the German Wehrmacht, came up together General, the German Wehrmacht is honored to fight side by side with you Glory belongs to the Wehrmacht, and glory belongs to Ernst General Balck, I am also honored to be able to fight side by side with the German Wehrmacht.Slin gummies for sleep cbd keoni cbd gummies phone number set his sights on Timilenko, whom he trusted, and Timilenko said gummies for sleep cbd keoni cbd gummies phone number bravely I arrested those guards at the first time and conducted an urgent interrogation.Their Lieutenant Shakersky is very sure.Tell me, the Germans came here with the interrogation certificate from our State Security Administration, and the name signed on it is Ivan Samonovich Kashenmok.Slin s gaze became extremely cold Ivan Samonovich Kashenmok Has it been confirmed Confirmed, the duty officer in Hodwich s office called Kashenmok s office.I also personally interrogated the night duty officer in the switchboard room.This is Please have a look at the statement and monitoring records in the main computer room.Slin didn t even look at it What are you going to do cbd gummies to help with anxiety with those people and the monitoring personnel in the main computer room Things will make us ridiculed by the enemy There is no skeleton baron, no.Complete confluence.The two sides frequently dispatch troops and generals on the battlefield, confronting their own wisdom and keoni cbd gummies phone number five cbd free gummies courage.The battle situation is changing every minute, and often the order has just been issued, and the situation of the troops whats better cbd oil or gummies cbd gummies to stop drinking that have been issued the order has already changed.Now.It s not just a test of the top commanders on both sides.What is more tested is whether the officers and soldiers of the Soviet and German armies have the courage and determination to win this battle The Luftwaffe played a major role in the Battle of Kharkov.With astonishing frequency, they took off, bombed, returned to base, resupplied, keoni cbd gummies phone number took off, and bombed again.Continuously destroying the communication and supply channels of the Russians.Because of this, the Soviet army was messed up.When a commander starts to completely ignore the lives of his soldiers, he is really crazy At 2 o clock in the afternoon, Major General Karetov sent the last telegram to Marshal Timoshenko I will sit on the tank myself.Fight for the great victory Long live the Soviet Union Bravery and stupidity are often only between the lines 2 0 points.Kaletov literally got into a tank and gave all his remaining troops an unalterable order Advance or break through, or die The suicide attack started again.The Russians all over the mountains and plains rushed towards the German positions like a flood.Wang Weiyi and Ludwig, who watched all this, and the German commanders in the positions, watched all this.Shaking his head helplessly, the measured machine guns fired at the same time.The tragic massacre began.But there is one fatal flaw that the Soviet army cannot avoid their every move is completely under the surveillance of the German army Especially with such a large force, they simply couldn t avoid the Germans.When Wang Weiyi received the news of the Soviet army, he only said lightly The Russians are going to die Yes, the Russians are going to die.Yes, just their own lives.They are fighting for themselves Fight for your life Often the power that bursts out like this is very terrifying, and it is even possible for them to succeed.Of course, the premise must be based on the fact that the Soviet army can receive full support from the air.But they didn t The only thing they can rely on is themselves The 1st Mountain Infantry Division, the 34th Division and other reserve forces are all on the battlefield Wang Weiyi looked at the opposite side calmly, took a deep breath, and then said slowly but firmly Now, let us End the Battle of Kharkov To be continued.Baron, Baron My God, you came back to America to find me, and I didn t expect to see you here.In the deserted garden, Kasanovic suddenly became agitated.That s right, standing in front of him was the benefactor in Kasanovic s life Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm Look at you, it hasn t changed after all these years.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly We have to be more polite.No matter what line of work you are in, it is not bad for you to give others more favor.Ah, yes Yes, Baron.You have not changed either, no, you have become younger than the last time I saw you.Kasanovic was a little incoherent with excitement I heard that you are in Russia, playing so Russian People are miserable, I am really happy for you.Those Russians, now Kasanovic really doesn t consider himself a Russian at all.Wang Weiyi smiled and fresh leaf cbd gummies reviews said Tell me about your situation these years.He is very worried now, what will happen when Orvis calls How did General Glovis pass After a few minutes, Major Orvis came back in a hurry Director Frank, I called the general s office, but the general is not there.Miss Finney answered the call, and their identities have been confirmed.The general ordered them, and you Z.Don t trust cbd gummies for what me Director Frank sneered, Inspector Manu, Agent Brown, you have to listen to Captain Anderson, or we ll be in trouble.The obvious sarcasm in Director Frank s words made Major Orvis feel embarrassed for a while.A car drove up, and two federal agents got out of the car first, and then got out of the car after protecting a person in civilian clothes Mr.Z Robert Oppenheimer You go in with Mr.Z.There are a lot of us in the clinic, all disguised as cleaners and patients.It appears that Mr.Moyol knows himself very well.I also heard that you have always been very proud of men, even a little dismissive, so I am very curious.Wang Weiyi stared at Rui Man, and then smits cbd gummies said slowly I want to see the clothes wrapped in your clothes.What kind of body is it What did you say Rui Man was stunned.Take off your clothes, Miss Ruiman.Wang Weiyi seemed to be saying the most ordinary thing there.This time, Rui Man was really stunned, no one had ever spoken to her like this Are you crazy, Mr.Moyol.Rui Man said dumbfounded.It is true that Mr.Moyol in front of him is handsome, rich, and full of charm, but Reman does not think that the relationship between them has developed to the point of being honest with each other.Wang Weiyi said indifferently The choice is up to you.I can let you smoothly buy a thousand shares of gold mine stocks at a very appropriate price, but no matter what you do, you will always have to pay a price, right Miss Ruiman No matter what you do, there is always a price to pay This is the answer of Mr.A place that is easy to defend and difficult to attack serves as his temporary headquarters , which is used to command the German troops advancing towards Ankara and dispatch the enemies in Ankara.The Klingenberg commando, and about twenty intelligence officers under Major Herbert.Was organized into a combat team.Elena found a large number of weapons for them.A large number this includes mg machine guns and mp submachine guns.Lots of grenades, lots of bullets.Even if the enemy really attacks here, Klingenberg keoni cbd gummies phone number five cbd free gummies is fully confident that he will stick here for a while.The only thing I don t understand is, where did such a beautiful and sexy Miss Elena get so many weapons and ammunition Baron Ernst rescued Kahn as if by magic, and Miss Elena also conjured up a large number of weapons and ammunition as whats better cbd oil or gummies cbd gummies to stop drinking if by magic.The Turks and the British were completely bewildered.German spies German spies Those damned German spies sneaked into Ankara s pier But how did they get so much dynamite in such a short time In their vision, it is impossible to blow up so many materials without a large amount of explosives.But at the scene, they did not find traces of large scale use of explosives.How on earth did the Germans do it They appeared mysteriously, killed the sentries here mysteriously, blew keoni cbd gummies phone number up everything here mysteriously, and then disappeared mysteriously.This is a group of devils Second Lieutenant Erne, who watched all this, could only smile wryly.He really didn t know what else he trunature cbd gummies cost could do other than smile wryly.What he wants to do most now is to see for himself the leader of the Germans who is in charge of all this, and see what kind of person he is.That s not good news, absolutely not In terms of Wang Weiyi s character, when the base is completely in his hands, God knows what he will do an atomic bomb Three phase bomb Or some other more terrifying weapon appeared earlier Will the emergence of powerful weapons that do not belong to an era trigger the so called time and space disaster by Dr.Qin Now, even Xiaoling can t answer Wang Weiyi doesn t seem to be very clear about this.He has been observing the y element that is slowly waking up, and then asked Xiaoling, After the second and third y elements recover radiation, we can pre set the age of time travel, although there are some deviations.If this element completely restores radiation, can we accurately grasp the time travel Already It s possible One step closer to the dream of going home Although Wang Weiyi s idea of going home is no longer as strong as it was when he first time traveled, or it can be said that he has gradually liked this way.The coffee here is really bad.Wang Weiyi handed a cup of coffee to Morgan I hope you won t be disappointed Morgan tasted the coffee.Frowning, he put down the cup Now let s talk about you, Mr Moyol.You are so mysterious.I have never shown my face in public.I really can t think of a rich man who can mobilize such a large amount of funds and gold at will.Where the hell are you from, Mr.Moyol What is your real name Wang Weiyi sat down in front of keoni cbd gummies phone number the desk, there was a mirror, and the person in the mirror was the face of a middle aged man who had been deliberately put on makeup He knew that some things would not be hidden sooner or later, his true Morgan will know his identity sooner or later.And these big consortiums monopolize the US economy.They want to use their power to earn more benefits for their consortia.Some things, some serious situations, these are a test for you, but also your best chance.I hope you are keoni cbd gummies phone number ready to meet these challenges William didn t know What is the crisis that father is talking about When he came to Leoni and Hermione, Wang Weiyi said slowly A new round of economic crisis will come soon William, the terrible economic crisis sweeping the United States, if you are the president of the United States, how would you deal with such an economic crisis William thought for a while, and then slowly spit out two words from his mouth War Wang Weiyi and Hermione laughed at the same time.There is no doubt that under the current situation, this is the fastest and most correct way.War War can greatly stimulate domestic industrial demand, and war can bring countless unemployed people back to work.Rommel hurriedly reported .

is mayim bialik selling cbd gummies?

to Hitler The entire fortress of Tobruk surrendered, and a total of 25,000 enemies were captured, including some generals.The whole of Germany was boiling.Five hundred and thirty five.The biggest challenge the third one Rommel s series of dazzling victories in Africa made him a marshal of the German Empire and pushed his personal reputation to the peak.But this does not give Germany a victory in Africa.The British appointed Montgomery to command all Allied forces in Africa.Erwin Rommel met the greatest enemy in his life.On August 12, 1942, General Montgomery flew to Africa and was ordered to take over the command of the 8th Army.Montgomery has a hawk like face, and his high pitched, English nasal voice doesn t sound very friendly.He is similar to Rommel in many ways.Now, we are a group of counterfeiters Of course, these two counterfeiters can use genuine currency in Cairo Germany.One of Germany s means of attacking enemy countries is to counterfeit the country s currency in large quantities, destroying their economy, and at the same time, it can be used for their own expenses, killing two birds with one keoni cbd gummies phone number stone.Bernhard Kruger, a member of the Nazi SS, was in charge of counterfeiting British pounds at the time.Hundreds of Jews in concentration camps were selected, and a total of 600 million pounds of counterfeit money was produced.600 million pounds is enough to completely disrupt the economy of a country.Now, Wang Weiyi never thought that he would become a counterfeit money one day The manufacturer.Not only did he ask Bernhard Kruger to ship a large amount of fake pounds for himself, but he also ordered him to start making fake Egyptian pounds immediately.However, Arabi and others made a strategic mistake, only gummies for sleep cbd keoni cbd gummies phone number strengthening the defense line in the north of Cairo, and did not pay due attention to the defense of the eastern front, because they credulously believed that the capitalist countries would abide by the guarantee of neutrality in the Suez Canal zone.As a result, the British army set the breakthrough point for marching into Cairo on the Suez Canal.In August, a large number of British troops landed in candy king cbd gummies the Canal Zone.On the 20th, they occupied important places such as Port Said in the Canal Zone, and then invaded Cairo.In September, the two sides fought a decisive battle near Tel Kebir, which is close to Cairo The Egyptian soldiers and civilians fought bravely against the enemy, fought bloody battles, and held their positions for two weeks.Just when he wanted to inquire further about the situation, Wang Weiyi took the hat from the adjutant s hand and put it on Mr.Prime Minister, please rest assured to recuperate here.Your injury is not serious and will be cured soon.As for the arrest of the murderer., we will finish it in a few days.After speaking, he left here with Rommel.Too rude.Too rude Mussolini continued to repeat cbd gummy recipe such words.He originally wanted to ask the Germans arrangements for North Africa and when the Italian army could take over Cairo and the German occupied areas But the skeleton baron didn t give him a chance to speak at all At this time in the car outside the hospital, Rommel said Ernst, I always feel that there is something weird about this assassination.You are honest.Say, does this have anything to do with you Erwin, Erwin.Either withdraw our troops from China, stop external expansion, and move closer to the United States diplomatically.Either form your own banner, go south to seize strategic resources, and continue to strengthen foreign wars.The purpose of attacking Pearl Harbor was to at least temporarily eliminate the main force of the US Navy in the Pacific Ocean.A successful attack would give the Empire a huge strategic advantage Japan is a very strange country.The Japanese army has gone through the Sino Japanese War and the Russo Japanese War, and from these two wars, the Japanese confused war and battle inexplicably, thinking that as long as one key battle is keoni cbd gummies phone number five cbd free gummies won, the whole The war is considered a victory.Driven by this kind of thinking, a large number of Japanese generals believe that as long as they win a battle against the United States, they can firmly grasp the dominance of the war victory in their own hands.by Fred.Commanded by Major General Martin, under the command of the 18th Bomber Wing and the 14th Destroyer Wing, with keoni cbd gummies phone number Hickam Field and Wheeler keoni cbd gummies phone number Field as the main bases respectively, there are 32 B 18 bombers and 12 B 17 bombers , 12 A 20 bombers, 99 P 40 fighters, 39 P 36 fighters, and 14 P 26 fighters.The Naval Air Force is mainly based at Kanuhei and Ford Island airports, with a total of 71 PBY Catalina water anti submarine patrol aircraft and 14 OS2U Fish Dog ship based observation aircraft.The Marine Corps Air Force is based at Iva Airport and has a total of 11 f4f Wildcat fighter jets, 24 sbd dreadnought torpedo planes and 8 sb2u torpedo planes.In April 1941, the keoni cbd gummies phone number U.S.Army and Navy in Hawaii reached an air defense agreement after consultations.Long range air security 600 mg cbd gummie bears is undertaken by the Navy, and short range air defense is undertaken by the Army.Wang Weiyi observed the surrounding situation, and it was obvious that he didn t look very optimistic Major.You haven t been doing this for long, have you Ah, thank you for your reminder, Baron.Major Roger Ming tried keoni cbd gummies phone number to keep himself calm I just joined MI6.Hey.When they told me that I was going to accept a very important mission, I never thought that the person to be protected was the Skeleton Baron Ahh.I hope I don gummies for sleep cbd keoni cbd gummies phone number t offend cbd gummy packaging whats better cbd oil or gummies you by saying thisbut this surprised me so much.You actually asked me to protect the Baron Skeleton, you have to know that HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies phone number I didn t sleep well all night Wang Weiyi smiled.Yes, it is really strange to let someone who just joined MI6 protect himself Some However, there is no time to think about these issues now, there are roaring bullets everywhere, and assassins trying to push up everywhere.Whoever wins will completely change the trend of the battlefield.Under the guidance of false information, Linde Lieutenant General Rove made a wrong judgment.He firmly believed that the entire German army in Erklin was falling into a kind of chaos, and this was a great opportunity for the Third Army.They needed a beautiful victory and needed Capture Elklin to lay the best foundation for the entire decisive battle The shells roared, every cannon screamed, and the sound of rumbling explosions drowned the battlefield.Everything, the deafening sound, as if Thor is swinging a sledgehammer to hit the ground.Terrible battlefield, terrible death Tasotsky used all the cannons he could use to bombard the German position without interruption, but on the Erklin side, there were very few counterattacks, which once gave Tasotsky the illusion Is it true that, as Major Waderos said, the German army had a big problem in Erklin If this is the case, then the victory may not be in vain Just as the war is in full swing, a person is watching all this with cold eyes the Skeleton Baron Although he himself is also facing great danger, this is just a routine for Wang Weiyi.What he cares about now is not how many spies have lurked into Moscow, but the upcoming battle of Stalingrad.This, perhaps, will be a major battle that will determine the fate of the Soviet Union Even if Stalin did not blame his subordinates too much.But Beria and Dimilenko still felt the heaviest pressure.Everyone knows what the explosion at the third military factory means.The soldiers on the front line are extremely eager to get ammunition supplies.They must make all perfect preparations for the Battle of Stalingrad.But the explosion of the third how long do the effects of cbd gummies military factory as the main production base.But it ruined all gummies for sleep cbd keoni cbd gummies phone number of this Can you be sure who did it Anna couldn t help asking when she saw her exhausted husband come back.I don t know, I don t have any clues now.Dimilenko shook his head, he hesitated for a while, but decided to tell his wife what he was thinking Anna, I think he s back again He Anna was taken aback for a moment, but then she understood the meaning of her husband s words Will he really come back Yes.Alexon Fon.Bram The great war has begun On March 5, 1943, the Battle of Stalingrad officially broke out On that day, amidst the loud military songs, the Imperial Division attacked from the south of Kharkov to the north bank of the Doniz River as the leading force, and the Skeleton Division attacked Voroshilovgrad from the north of Taganrog.After the second time, a large number of German troops began to enter the battlefield.The vigorous battle has begun No one can know the outcome of this battle.When the war begins, countless uncertain factors will determine the outcome of the war.But Wang Weiyi told himself I must lead the German army to victory No one can stop his determination.To Stalingrad Assault Stalingrad Tsaritsyn until 1925.In 1918, Stalin led the famous Battle of Tsaritsyn here, defeating the menacing Cossack White Guards, which was of great significance to the consolidation of the Bolshevik regime and the defense of the newly established Soviet regime.Wang Weiyi, who was inspecting his own position, was fully aware of this.The situation in Viking Shina was HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies phone number better.He tried every means to change his combat thinking and adjust his combat methods instead of using the lives of soldiers to attack unrestrainedly.This also gave the Viking Division a chance to breathe.But the pressure on the frontal position that he personally commanded was really great.Too big.Voroshilov put 3 armies and a tank assault army on the frontal battlefield, which forced Wang Weiyi to invest in part of the reserve team in the morning battle.The appearance of Voroshilov, And the crowd attack tactics he adopted.This is what Wang Weiyi hopes to see, which allows the German army to calmly shoot every enemy on the battlefield.But, the same.This will also increase the pressure on the defender. He tried his best, tried his best.Vasilevsky also sighed Attacking in the absence of air power and artillery support, as well as a serious lack of armor power, attacking rashly is simply suicide, and we cannot ask him to do more.Khrushchev hesitated for a moment Comrade Commander, Davamirsky did not go to Comrade Voroshilov after the defeat, but came to you directly.I think there must be a reason for this.Vasilevsky nodded I know, he must have a lot of grievances.The whole army group, no matter who suffered such a defeat, and it was a worthless failure, it is inevitable that there will be some misunderstandings..Khrushchev said silently Comrade Commander in Chief, but this does not conform to the rules Vasilevsky suddenly noticed something.Khrushchev never added the word comrade to Davamirsky, and he understood immediately Comrade Military Commissar, Was it an order from Moscow Khrushchev nodded Comrade Commander in Chief.Chuikov adopted exactly the same method as Shumilov, in the case of complete loss of artillery support.It must be tightly attached to the German army to minimize the German artillery advantage.This is keoni cbd gummies phone number very helpless, but very effective method.Even if the German soldiers tried their best.It also couldn t stop the waves of the Russians charge.They had to pull the trigger in their hands non stop for a second to keoni cbd gummies phone number be able to barely stop the enemy Some Soviet troops finally approached the German army after almost half of them were killed or injured, so more brutal hand to hand combat broke out.It s just that there are too few Russians who can rush up.When they rushed into the German positions, they found that they were surrounded by groups.What they are facing is a new round of massacre When a small battle is over.Yes, Comrade General Secretary.Dimilenko adjusted his breath Your safety represents whether the Soviet can win.I know you doubt my information.Well, we can confirm it.I suggest you immediately Cancel tomorrow s visit to the No.1 Tractor Plant, but don t tell anyone, especially Comrade Beria Stalin quickly understood what Timilenko wanted to do.If Stalin leaves the Kremlin, Beria will know Stalin s final travel route ten minutes in advance and make corresponding arrangements.Then, assuming Stalin was attacked on the road, Beria was indeed the only one who had a chance to pass the information on.Just arrange a fake trip, use Stalin s secret double, and everything will be clear And you, what will you do during this time Stalin asked suddenly.Dimilenko said calmly From now on, I beg you to detain me in secret and not allow me to have any contact with the outside world.Let the pressure of the Soviet army in the cotton spinning factory become extremely heavy.And Wang Weiyi obviously wasn t ready for that.Subsequently, he successively invested cbd living gummy rings in the powerful forces of the Romanian 2nd Infantry Division and the Bulgarian 1st Grenadier Regiment.This made the Soviet army, which had been unable to breathe under the powerful attack of the German army, become precarious.The constant calls for reinforcements made Zhukov smile bitterly.Now, he keoni cbd gummies phone number has keoni cbd gummies phone number some sad feelings. He was sure he saw through the enemy s disposition, but what good was that The resources that the enemy commander can use are really abundant, and he is even fully capable of choosing several directions as the main attack point.If everyone is equal in strength.Zhukov is fully capable of defending every position of his own.Don t be afraid, my friend.Ernst s familiar keoni cbd gummies phone number voice came from behind the skull mask I think my identity may still be useful in the future.Yes, honorable Lord Baron, we It s ready.Anlugos said respectfully.Wang Weiyi pulled out his sword and took out his round shield with his left hand Elena, stay here to protect Leoni, others, follow me This night was called Night of the Barbarians by the Romans.Also known as A Night of Sorrows in Rome.Legend has it that on this night, the barbarians received help from gummies for sleep cbd keoni cbd gummies phone number the gods, and they gained incomparably terrifying power and this night.It was also seen by the later Germans as the beginning of the rise of the nation On this night, a person wearing a skull mask and a Vulcan mask led countless Germanians and started the road of the Germanic nation becoming stronger Wang Weiyi walked in the front, and on both sides of him were Richthofen and Guo Yunfeng holding two swords.Since pure kana premium cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies phone number you were defeated by the Romans, although you are still brave warriors, you have been unable to restore the glory of your ancestors Boyko and Siras no longer argued.In fact, the They themselves have thought about the truth.But the hatred accumulated by their ancestors is not so easy to resolve.What s more, it is impossible for any of them to bow their heads first.At this time, Thibius said in a deep voice In the Romans During the first invasion, it was the Teutons who attacked first.Sierras had the opportunity to come to his aid.But gave up, causing Boyko and his tribe to fail again No, Boyko, don t talk, just listen to meThe Romans defeated the Teutonic After the people, they launched an attack on the cbd gummies mood enhancers Cimbri.If at that time, the Teutons were able to attack in the rear.The Romans still don t have that easy to do what they want, but Boyko.Ernst Alexson von Brahm.The baron, who was conferred by the emperor himself, received the cheers and reverence of all Germanians.He is entitled to such cbd gummies royal cbd glory.this moment.Baron Alexon, in the eyes of all Germanians, already exists like a god.With him, victory will surely belong to all the Germanians Caesar also saw what happened on the battlefield with his own eyes, which made him feel incredible, and he even whats better cbd oil or gummies forgot his anger.How did this happen Is it my own hallucination No, this is not a hallucination, I clearly saw the terrible things that happened on the battlefield with my own eyes.The trebuchets used for siege were actually used by the barbarians in field battles, and in terms of throwing distance and accuracy, they far exceeded the knowledge that the Romans could master.Things that were impossible to happen happened without any warning The disheartened Kaleini stood in front of Caesar, and he had nothing to distinguish for himself.They re still friends at least and Caesar I m afraid that he will fail again, and fail when victory is within sight.His reputation will suffer another serious blow.Now, Gaius was thinking about when he should find a chance to meet with Ernst again, to see if the agreement between them was worth it, and to see if Ernst could fulfill his promise.Gaius made his own calculations, but Kaleini, who had been fighting at the forefront, couldn t bear it any longer.Under the repeated attacks of the barbarians, he lost too many soldiers, and several phalanxes were completely destroyed.The barbarians destroyed, and the Roman soldiers were whining under the slaughter of the barbarians He couldn t even reorganize the troops Are you really unable to hold on Caesar quickly understood what had happened when he cbd gummies for joint saw Kaleini appearing in front of him.Servius was really a very hospitable person, and he arranged a room for each guest.They were accompanied cbd gummy packaging whats better cbd oil or gummies by beautiful female slaves.Pompey, of course, would not stay here, and Spurius and Tius left with him.Servius was obviously a little bit reluctant, but when he heard that Pompey gave Spulius keoni cbd gummies phone number a mansion on the keoni cbd gummies phone number Palatine Hill, he suddenly became happy.He recognized Pompey s mansion.It s only a few hundred steps away from here, so I can see Spurius and can cbd gummies cause heart problems Tius at any time.These two businessmen are more sunny and full of charm than any male favorite around him. Pompey himself brought his newly acquainted friend to the mansion in his own carriage, and told all the people inside that from now on this place belonged to Spulius.They will all be Spurius slaves from now on.After giving these instructions, Pompey said Tomorrow, I will bring you a formal transfer document, even if I have to go back on my word in the future.Now, whether it is for the survivors of the fire or the soldiers of the Auxiliary Legion, the most important thing is to protect their lives.Some of them fled in all directions, and some simply put down their weapons and chose to surrender.The only one who refuses to give up is probably Senardi.Even in such a desperate situation, he still led the few soldiers who were willing to continue fighting and protected Centumalus.For him, this is his duty More and more people are defeated, more and more people surrender, and more and more people are willing to follow Senna to fight together.not enough.He saw a barbarian rushing towards him, and what the barbarian waved was a giant axe.Senardi yelled and went up to meet him, but under the attack of the barbarians, Senardi was no match at all.Several Romans who wanted to help also died under the attack of the barbarian companions.The bow made of straight wooden sticks in the Roman Legion is far behind in terms of range and penetration.The rain of arrows like migratory locusts fell on Hells and his shields, and the ears of the soldiers were filled with the swish, swish sound of the arrow tip piercing the air and the boom, dong sound of hitting the shield.The Parthians carefully kept a distance of about 50 meters from the Roman defense line.They shot their arrows quickly without aiming at them.They just tried their best to shoot the arrows with the greatest force.Fortunately, I got a new shield Hers s gratitude to the new commander is beyond words.The gummies for sleep cbd keoni cbd gummies phone number wooden shields in the past couldn t stop the sharp arrows shot by the Parthian combined bow at such a short distance.In more than one battle in the past, the arrows of the Parthians cbd gummy packaging whats better cbd oil or gummies penetrated the shield and nailed the hand of the Roman soldier to the shield.Wherever we go, they will chase us.We taught the French and the Italians a lesson.Now, it is the turn of the Americans. Guo Yunfeng couldn t help laughing too.Now, it s the turn of those arrogant Americans Seven hundred and ninety four.Mission Impossible There is another update today. Karls looked at Major Bertinano in front of him and those Italians who looked even a little happy.Man, I m so angry that I really don t know what to say.Longenberg was lost, and a whole battalion of Italians, under the blow of some thirty Germans, actually surrendered Longenberg, which was full of gasoline, to the enemy.And these Italians don t seem to be ashamed at all, but they are happy that they finally met their ally.There are many enemies, about the strength of a division.Bertinano didn t notice the anger of the Americans at all, and he said in a bragging manner We carried out the most intense resistance and inflicted a lot of damage on the enemy.Wang Weiyi touched his nose Butler Videlio, how did you introduce me just now Dill Seymont van Preet Cheers.Baron Morrow.I ll have to remember this name, can t you just give me something simpler Wang Weiyi said with a wry smile.If the butler Depusey in the car in front says so.He will laugh at you for not knowing the meaning of names.After Butler Videlio finished speaking, he returned to the sergeant The baron and the baroness graciously agreed to your almost unreasonable request.Now you can go to check the car.The sergeant still didn t understand why he was being unreasonable.But it s better not to provoke an ancient European nobleman like this.When he saw the baron and baroness coming out 80 mg cbd gummies of the car, he couldn t help being stunned.The young baron was handsome, tall and personable, but in front of the baroness, the baron suddenly paled a lot.In 1963, Kloer ordered the deployment of German troops stationed in Russia and France, as well as a large number of German local troops, to the Middle East and North Africa.Although Manstein The Marshal and Marshal Model made fierce opposition, but because the Committee of Meritorious Veterans of Germany did not have enough people to convene the meeting, the two Marshals cbd gummies henderson nv could only obey the orders of Head of State Kroll You said What German Meritorious Veterans Committee Wang Weiyi was a little curious.Yes.Fels nodded This is a committee established by Hitler in 1946.Its members include 12 people including Marshal Manstein, Rommel, and Marshal Guderian.It is used to maintain the German government.normal keoni cbd gummies phone number operation.After the health of Hitler s head of state began to deteriorate, the committee took on the task of supervising the next head of state.I wait longer than I am used to, General Werner.Kroller became a little impatient Oliver told them to do it. Yes, F hrer.etc The moment Oliver s hand touched the phone, Werner yelled loudly, then picked up the pen, and signed his name on it with trembling hands.Claire smiled with satisfaction, and he carefully put away Okay that statement Now you can do what you gotta do, Werner.Marshal Heisen Werner walked out with that bundle of hair in a daze.The moment he signed his name, he had completely betrayed his once firm belief Oliver is ready for everything.Kroll resumed his cold tone Every enemy of mine will be completely eradicated by us.I don t care if that person is real Ernst or a fake, I don t care.Like to see him again Understood, F hrer, do exactly as you ordered.Everything I have obtained is achieved by my own hard work, and no one can deprive me of this from myself.Although he was not injured, he looked at so many of his subordinates, Injured and killed in the bombing.In his heart, he was also cursing his own air force.Colonel, have you ever thought about how I will deal with you The Baron s words made Colonel Guy shudder Ah, I don t want to die, Baron.Facing the colonel s true feelings, Wang Weiyi smiled Colonel, seriously, I don t want to kill you.And I will release you soon.Colonel Gay breathed a sigh of relief Wang Weiyi looked at him It s not because I am kind, but because I want you to tell the Americans everything you have experienced.Maybe you don t want to, But I don t think anyone can hide keoni cbd gummies phone number the truth of this matter, is it No, I will Colonel Gay, who gradually relaxed, was full of anger I heard that your people have negotiated with our people and keoni cbd gummies phone number told them clearly that there are cymbalta and cbd gummies a large number of prisoners here, but those damn air forces still bombed Here, they actually bombed their own people, which is simply infuriating.suddenly.Kelbert, former commander of the Waffen SS Motorcycle Battalion Langematt, stands in front of Field Marshal Paul HausserVander, former commander of the 2nd Skeleton Infantry .

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Regiment of the Waffen SS Skeleton Division Pooh stood in front of Field Marshal Paul Hausser Ludwig Ellierst, the former commander of the Waffen SS Skeleton Division, stood in front of Paul Hausser.In front of Marshal Hausser Then, the German people stood in front of these veterans Then, Baroness Leonie and Elena separated the crowd.Standing in front of everyone.And oh Tillivia and Sevia.Butler Dempsey and Butler Videlio are scared though.But he was brave enough to stand with them.The muzzles of the German soldiers dropped quietly, how could they shoot at these people These people on the opposite side are their countrymen, their generals, marshals, and the baroness and baron s woman.But he found that he couldn t laugh at all, because a strange fear rose in HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies phone number his heart.Since Ernst Brahm returned as Moyol , he has created miracles that countless people can hardly imagine.This time, what method will he use to create miracles after regaining all rights in Germany Westmoreland just couldn t come up with yet at this time Ernst.Brahm s voice continued Germany has been mobilized before, but this is not enough.I order you, all keoni cbd gummies phone number five cbd free gummies Germans who are willing to fight for the future of Germany, to turn Berlin into a huge steel fortress , turn Berlin into a huge grave for the enemy You want me to bring miracles to Germany, and I will let you bring miracles to Germany as you wish I order, all pilots who have lost their planes and are fighting on the front lines , all armored men who have lost their big bang theory cbd gummies tanks and are fighting with rifles, report back to Berlin immediately, I will rearm you.That kind of excitement, probably only soldiers who have participated in the war will understand.Especially made him happy.He was once again able to fight under the command of Baron Alexon.Italian General Opperman pouted contemptuously, what kind of army are they They can t even be considered real soldiers.Although he is not leading a regular army, and although his firepower is far inferior to the enemy, General Opperman decided to teach the Italians an unforgettable lesson here General Opperman waited patiently, and those previously hidden artillery and armored vehicles HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies phone number quietly appeared.Most of the soldiers of the National Army were on the battlefield for the first time, and they couldn t wait to fire, but their commanders were all veterans who had experienced many battles.They calmly ordered to wait, calmly waiting for the enemy to approach, they know when is the best time to strike the enemy Those Italians who didn t expect terrible things to come soon, still marched forward without any cover, maybe they thought that all the enemies on the opposite side had already run away.I found out later that the person driving that fiery red fighter plane is really the idol of all pilots since childhood, the Red Baron God, I have to be thankful for myself, I m probably the first and only person to survive a head to head confrontation with the Red Baron If this is the case, what else can I regret Then why should I fly into the blue sky again It doesn t belong to us, it belongs to only one person the Red Baron I only hope that this .

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scene will never happen again, I only hope that there will never be another war in the world This is Captain Kurt s self report, and it also lets people know what terrible things happened in the sky that day, and who should keoni cbd gummies phone number bear full responsibility for that tragedy.Captain Kurt is not wrong, he left the army It was his best choice.But even including him, no one can know the truth of what happened that day One loss.On January 3, 1966, the Abid Brotherhood launched an armed uprising in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.The uprising quickly spread throughout the city.The huge influence of the Abid Brotherhood began to be fully exerted.Workers in Cairo and Alexandria held general strikes.Students and farmers held demonstrations, and what was even more frightening was that attacks against the Allied forces began to HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies phone number HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies phone number emerge in endlessly.Large numbers of Egyptian troops.Under the secret order of Marshal Canlemu, they adopted a sympathetic attitude towards the insurgents.They passively responded to the orders from above, unwilling to massacre their compatriots with the weapons in their hands.After the Cairo uprising broke out, the flames of the uprising quickly burned all over Egypt.There are uprisings cbd gummy packaging whats better cbd oil or gummies everywhere, riots everywhere, and the Allies are overwhelmed.Sergeant Shostka made a bet with another sergeant to see who would occupy the white house at the entrance of the town first.More than half of the two battalions attacked by the U.S.Army were killed or injured.The remaining U.S.troops relied on their experience to fight a bloody road and fled back to their positions in the center of the town.heavy tank.The German army that rushed up like locusts was beaten by fierce firepower.Several U.S.planes swept and dropped bombs in the sky, and the tanks in front were quickly blown to pieces.But batch after batch of German troops rushed over again.The U.S.machine gunners sometimes swept wildly, and sometimes shot precisely, never letting the Germans approach the position at all.The road was not particularly wide, and the German army became a .

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living target.Understood.marshal.Captain Urne nodded vigorously.At this time, the enemy s plane roared from the sky again In the afternoon, the attack of the US military reached the point of frenzy, and every inch of the German position suffered countless The terrible attack of bombs.Then.Those tanks and armored vehicles swarmed like those made with no money.The tide of infantry followed the tanks and armored vehicles, and poured bullets aimlessly at the German positions.The entire battlefield was destroyed The what is the best cbd gummy for pain relief sound of guns was cbd gummy packaging whats better cbd oil or gummies drowned out, cbd gummy packaging whats better cbd oil or gummies keoni cbd gummies phone number and the officers and soldiers had to raise their voices again and again to let the other party hear what they were saying.Under such crazy offensive and defensive, the losses of the US military were increasing rapidly, and the losses of the German army The losses are also increasing rapidly.At this time, he saw a man walking towards him at the intersection.A man in faded cotton overalls and a blue sailor s cap pulled down, walked like a sailor.Everything in this world is bound to rot.Charles said when the man approached.When it is fated, even the king is not spared, The other party replied.This is a poem by the English poet Dryden.What annoyed Charles was that the person who came, that is, this Warrent, was younger than himself, tall and thin.The two walked past the castle in silence, toward the path leading to the embankment.Go ahead, Walent broke the silence first.We ve got to steal this thing out of the White House first.Speaking.Charles handed Volent a folded newspaper clipping, and said before the other party opened his mouth We can use a master to complete this task.He will do everything cleanly and leave no trace.At this time, Wang Weiyi s mind was no longer in Levto.He clearly saw that the defeat of the Russian army here was only a matter of time.How to get to Robin Stall as soon as possible is the most important thing.There is the key to the whole battle situation.I m going to lead the Bodmer first class assault brigade and the Italian Diago infantry division to leave Lefto first and gallop to Robinster.Wang Weiyi said suddenly.Karenbu was stunned for a moment Marshal, there are fewer troops, and those Italians.Well, I have to admit, I don t believe those Italians I believe it, because I saw them with my own eyes.brave Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Yes, the combat effectiveness of the Italian army is extremely poor, but there are always exceptions just like in Germany, there are also scum like Kroller.Under such circumstances, the Allied Commander in Chief, Westmoreland, made a new deployment The main force of the Allied Forces launched a large scale attack on Berlin again, and ordered the Russian army to strengthen the offensive against Robinster and K nigsberg , be sure to capture both lands before the baron s guard arrives.A French army and a Canadian army also received orders to move quickly in the direction of Robin Stell.Robin Stall was about to turn into a gigantic battlefield There was nothing theoretically wrong with Westmoreland s arrangement.The only thing he has to worry about is the Russian army that is attacking Robin Stall Wang Weiyi also learned of the redeployment of the Allied forces and the new movements of the enemy at the first time.He didn t make any deployments for his troops, but firmly followed the plan he made before, marching towards Robin Stell without hesitation The galloping torrent of steel and roaring soldiers are telling everyone that the German attack has arrived When the rumble of guns came, when the faint shouts came, Robin Stahl was already in sight Marshal Ernst, we have arrived at Robinstel.Afterwards, there was an extremely dense gunfire And in the flank position of Boerku was his brother Wen Nat s team.The intensity of the war here is no less intense.The brothers had made a bet with each other before joining the fight.They want to see who kills more enemies in battle, who can be the first to win the Iron Cross Enemy tanks someone shouted.Several tanks of the French army are advancing here with an arrogant attitude.They don t seem to be afraid of anything at all, followed by machine gun fire and shells whistling past.Fight Fight Fanatic shouts sounded from the battlefield.Swell A shell flew towards the side armor of the German tank, and the German tank suddenly burst into flames Wennert was stunned by the scene in front of him, the French tanks were rushing towards them The camp, followed by nearly a company of French soldiers.I think our pace should be acceleratedBang Keleile, what s the situation there The new secret materials will arrive before the end of this month.Boncrele quickly replied Marshal.We must thank those secret allies for their efforts.Without their Help, I don t think we can achieve today s victory.I also think that I will become very busy.They are not unconditional assistance Wang Weiyi grumbled with a smile.The HCMUSSH keoni cbd gummies phone number restart of the New York League is more important than any victory on the battlefield.What about Ukraine The troops commanded by Marshal Kolkorok repelled several Russian attacks in a row.At the beginning of the Berlin counterattack.Our reinforcements have entered Ukraine and are now in an uprising against Ukraine.Fight with the army.I believe that the Russians have no power to deal with us for the time being Everything is going along the good side Wang Weiyi murmured, and then he raised his voice Marshal Manstein and Marshal Model.Ruhr caused huge trouble, thus destroying Bertruel s election dream.So they had to help Vittorio Mussolini leave the city at any cost.And what is strange is that they are preparing At that time, Bertrul seemed pure kana premium cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies phone number to be completely kept in the dark The plan seemed to be going very smoothly, and the leaders of the former Turin Republic such as Catadona and Giorgio were all involved Among them, they are all making secret connections for Vittorio s departure On April 6, 1966, two black cars quietly left Vittorio.Mussolini s residence, quickly left Rome.However, when the car was halfway through, an unexpected situation suddenly appeared countless Italians suddenly appeared on the street, and the road ahead was completely blocked.The two cars had to stop The guard in the front car jumped down in a panic.No, the whole earth seemed to be shaking Both Bodilla and Ramel grabbed the armrests they could hold tightly.Nuoqier was shocked, he was not dead But a violent explosion happened at this moment Nocher looked straight ahead from the periscope He saw that the position of the anti tank door was covered by thick smoke and flames from violent explosions then.Nochell s hearing has sharpened Nocher heard the roar of the engine But it s not like the sound of a tank engine very familiar The sound yes Looks like an old friend is coming All German soldiers are cheering They look at the sky The German fighter planes that dived and bombed one after another made them very excited.Those precise and heavy bombs almost plowed the entire land with Russians, and the powerful bombs turned up the entire soil layer.The Germans quickly moved in the direction of Belsota.Defending here was the Russian 21st Panzer Corps commanded by General Nestasrov, a Russian general loyal to Grand Duke Bierstoka.The order he received was to resist the German attack in Belsota for at least 20 days.At least from the current perspective, this is a very difficult task to complete.Some people say that General Nestasrov is a reckless guy who always does things without thinking.However, at such a moment, Gregory needs exactly such a commander.He does not need his subordinates to have the ability to think independently.The only thing he needs is for his subordinates to complete their tasks unconditionally and faithfully.Nestasrov pulled out all his forces at Belsota in one go.Put on a fight to the death.The vanguard troops that arrived at Belsota contacted Nestasrov in an attempt to induce the Russian general to surrender, but Nestasrov quickly refused.As for their officers, they are probably more proficient at balls than they are at commanding wars The war has just begun, and one after another whats better cbd oil or gummies cbd gummies to stop drinking calls for help have reached General Nestasrov in the headquarters.All the calls, without exception, were telling General Nestasrov how fierce the German offensive was.The heavy casualties of the soldiers also made General Nestasrov very troubled.what can you do How can you solve the problem The combat quality of the Russians is obvious, and it cannot be solved immediately by you alone.The only order General Nestasrov can give is one cbd gummies spain stand there firmly.Let the Germans go no further It is very easy to give the order, but it is obviously extremely difficult to do it During the attack of the artillery shells, the tank began to take heavy steps, and accompanied by the infantry, it launched a terrible move forward.They followed suit, and they gradually merged together and slowly approached DeGro.This shouldn t be some conspiracy.DeGro thought to himself, and then he ordered a soldier beside him to check the stronghold to see if there were any Russians, don t be a trap.In fact, the surrender this time was because the keoni cbd gummies phone number chief of the stronghold had died during the melee, and some veterans who had experienced resistance were also killed.Most of those who surrendered were recruits who had no combat experience at all.After witnessing their companions fall to the ground covered in blood one by one, it was a great shock to their psychology.They didn t know how many Germans were on the opposite side, they could only hear gunshots one after another.This is like a sledgehammer, constantly hitting their hearts until they are terrified, they are afraid, yes, fear, making them feel insecure, as if there are German troops everywhere, and there is nowhere to run No, they didn t want to die, so they had to choose to surrender.No matter, I don t know your ability, who else can understand It s just the first time, and it will be fine in the future.Troman hurriedly comforted me.Okay, don t comfort me anymore, just do it like this. Okay, so what are we going to do next Continue to cause trouble for the Russians and attract their attention Troman didn t want to delve into this issue any gummies for sleep cbd keoni cbd gummies phone number further.Sweet shook his head and said The first thing we have to keoni cbd gummies phone number do now is to leave here immediately.I think those damn Russians have learned to take precautions after suffering a few times Nine hundred and eighty five.Death is the end The lazy sun climbed out of the clouds and released its radiance, and a new day has arrived.Court is still hugging the pillow and dreaming sweet dreams, and it has become lazy to stay in this deserted logistics base.They angrily demanded an immediate explanation from the government, and angrily demanded that the government give an explanation to the people.However, what disappointed them was that the government continued to maintain a sophistry attitude.They used the official media to severely accuse all reports that contradicted the government s public opinion as untrue, and may be pure kana premium cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies phone number subject to the most severe investigation by the government.The more such an attitude, the more it can arouse the anger of the people.The oprah winfrey cbd gummies real truth is being spread in Moscow through various channels.Especially the Moscow Herald , this newspaper and their reporters seem to have the ability to know the inside story, they can always easily obtain first hand information, and then in the shortest possible time, through the newspapers they have mastered Get the truth out to the public.The whole incident was a huge scam.Migroski showed great surprise on his face You, how did you know He suddenly thought of a problem.Armenia has huge oil reserves information.It was Mr.Peter Goff who told himself that the US Geological Survey Team was found by Mr.Peter Goff.Peter Goff was active everywhere in the whole incident The figure of Mr.Is it all about Mr.Petergoff No, Migroski is absolutely unwilling to believe that such a situation will happen.representative.I thought.There are some things we should discuss.Wang Weiyi said calmly I can frankly admit to you that Armenia may have oil fields.But the reserves are negligible, and the huge investment can never be recovered.you Migroski s face changed suddenly You deceived us You bloody liar I will arrest you immediately and send you to the Grand Duke You ll be hanged, I swear, you ll be hanged, even if you really knew the Wittgensteins Don t be so excited, Mr.If this is really just a scam, it will be a very terrible thing.Russia s domestic economy will be under such a final and deadly blow Crumbling This, is this true This time, even Jin Walker asked in a daze.Yes, this is completely true.The answer of the American reporter was cbd gummy packaging whats better cbd oil or gummies very positive This is a huge scam with only one purpose, to solve his troubles for the Grand Duke Bierstoka, so that the Grand Duke Bierstoka can continue to embezzle a lot of Russian property from it., can also assist him in destroying the previous evidence.He thought of everything, but the only thing he didn t think of was that Mr.Migroski s conscience aroused his conscience, and he released Mr.Lyman Rodney.Mr.King Walker, whether Armenia has oil fields is a matter within Russia, but Lyman Rodney is an American, an American, and a famous expert was shamelessly kidnapped in Russia.No, not a single one, fire cover Although Steinman was a little indignant at the loss of the first line position, but fortunately, none of the German troops died in the catastrophe of the first line position, and they all retreated to the second line position when they were attacked.But most of the British soldiers in the front line died tragically.Steinman s finger pulling the trigger gradually came down, and he saw a group of surviving British soldiers running desperately towards the second line position, and not far behind, a large group of American soldiers followed them closely, intending to use the British soldiers as a counterattack.Cover Captain, what should we do Seeing this situation, the German army ceased fire and asked Steinman for orders.Steinman looked at the scene in front of keoni cbd gummies phone number him and fell silent Fire Motherland Captain, fire We are nothing if we die Romeo couldn t help putting down the rifle, and he also didn t know how to deal with the scene in front of him He knew that his brother s life was a matter of a split second decision, but the American infantry behind him could overwhelm the second line positions at any time He didn natural serum cbd gummies t know how to make a choice.Those billowing torrents of steel cannot be stopped at all.From the first minute when the tank battle broke out, Wang Weiyi didn t even ask about the battle situation of the Kirk tank assault group.He knew very well that his subordinates had never let him down.They know how to fight and how to win.This is a bunch of soldiers any commander needs But Dolby was completely different.He kept anxiously asking about the battle situation on the front line, but the battle situation reported to him was not optimistic.Colonel Joaquin of the 126th Armored Regiment even made a request to retreat.The colonel believed that it was an unwise choice to continue attrition with the enemy.The German army had surpassed its own troops both in terms of tactics and morale.If it continued, the 126th Armored Regiment might soon lose the battle.in brutal battles.Those British soldiers who have not been on the battlefield for a long time are also growing rapidly.However, the US military positions were lost inch by inch, and they kept retreating.Constantly shrinking the position, but there is still no way to stop the enemy s advance.In the middle of the night of July 3, a nightmare news plunged Brigadier General Dolby, who was already on pins and needles, into keoni cbd gummies phone number despair a German commando raided the Allied military airfield in Hannover and captured the ground crew and soldiers there.A large number of aircraft.God, what could be more terrible than this The airport fell into the hands of the Germans, and now Brigadier General Dolby s retreat route was completely blocked.He thought it was a tragedy, a real tragedy, and now he had to face the worst that was about to happen.More than 200 people in the hall screamed, and the scene suddenly became chaotic.The German soldiers roared loudly Let all the non combatants stranded in the waiting hall get down on the spot.The fire squad rushed to the ladder next to the waiting hall and set up a simple observation point on keoni cbd gummies phone number the ladder.Get down Everyone get down on me The German soldiers roared Everyone put their hands behind their heads and lie down facing the ground Bang bang bang Buvich fired a few shots on the ground warningly.Immediately afterwards, the crowd became agitated again, crying and shouting, and the scene became chaotic.Get down Don t move The German soldiers on the stairs held up various weapons and pointed vigilantly at the crowd in the waiting hall below.The German soldiers in the waiting hall used both hands and feet.Moyol Ah, don t be too polite.Wang Weiyi said lightly Mr.Bidler, I have a small thing that I need to get from you Moyol.Do you know Robito He is missing, and I need you to help me find him in the shortest possible time.Bidler was silent for a while I think You are probably talking about General Robito Ah, this matter has nothing to do with us, he did not offend us, and we will not rashly kidnap a French general.Of course, since you have made such a request, I will use all my strength to help you find it Tomorrow, this time tomorrow, I will bring you news Moyol Sir, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave first.Then, he left here without even looking at anyone else Berkeley didn t know what he should do except for a wry smileThe things classified as highly confidential by the French government are so unbearable in the eyes of these peoplebut.an excellent venue.Suddenly, a black shadow flashed, and disappeared in a pile of rocks in an instant.Eric was excited, the target had keoni cbd gummies phone number been found.Eric shrugged easily, his lips grinning, and a confident smile spread from the corner does cbd gummies show up on a drug test of his mouth.Hey, buddy, you made a mistake.At that moment, Eric had identified the opponent s position, the gray brown mountain rock.Yes, he must be hiding behind that slippery rock.You can t run away, baby.No one can escape from my grasp, Eric cried eagerly in his heart Come on, my new prey, you know I ve been waiting for you Is it As if in response to Eric s silent call, a black dot popped out from behind the boulder.Eric slowly and extremely carefully raised the sniper rifle that he had never left in his hand, and stretched out its dark barrel from the bushes.Gelton thought his abuse had played a role.But it soon became apparent that this was not the case at all.The reason why those workers got up was because the union chairman, Avako, had arrived.Gelton, we decided to negotiate again today.Avaco came to Gelton under the protection of a group of workers We will continue to make our previous request.Moreover, we ask the factory to fully accept what we have said.Every request made Are you crazy Geldon looked at Avaco as if looking at a fool Mr.Thierry has clearly rejected all your requests, Now, I order you to start working immediately Then, we have lost room for negotiation Avako said coldly I declare that starting from August 2, 1966, the Paris steel plant will go on strike Grid Dunton was completely dumbfounded.strike Did he hear wrong They actually chose to strike at this time However, he saw Avako come to a relatively high place, and he said loudly My countrymen.The scene was indeed so quiet Then I think my life is safe for keoni cbd gummies phone number the time being Wang Weiyi smiled Fate is keoni cbd gummies phone number in your hands.Some people say that the French Revolution broke out without warning., but in my opinion this is inevitable.A government that disappoints the people can only end up being overthrown by all the people.This is not the first time in the history of FranceOfficers, some of you may say that I am a German.I represent the interests of Germany.Of course I will try to destroy France.But I want to ask you, how many of you Have you ever been trained in a German military school How many people have had afternoon tea with a German military officer and would go to a cafe on the streets of Paris to chat and laugh and have a pleasant afternoon The baron s words shocked the hearts of these judges to varying degrees Yes, France and Germany maintained such a close relationship just a few years ago, but in just a few years all this has changed.You all have no military training, and your opponent is a group of paramilitary personnel.So I suggest that you should retreat immediately.Mr.Naderman, can t you and your companions also Huey asked hesitantly.We can deal with some soldiers, but we can t do it with such a huge force Naderman said frankly We have arranged the retreat route.Yes, there is an abandoned sewer under the Castri College, through which we can safely leave Castri College, gentlemen, I need to remind you that time is running out.Huey and Bobby soon began to discuss, and there seemed to be some serious dispute between themIn the end, it looked like Bobby compromised.Huey returned to Naderman s side Mr.Naderman, my friend Bobby and I have made a decision that Bobby and you get out of here with all the hostages, while I stay with fifty Black Panthers , hold on Those policemen, try to buy you time as much as possible.Wang Weiyi brought Barack to the front of the map I need you to take Sinager to walk this way.Only half A squad of American soldiers will protect him, and the armored vehicle will be transferred to the originally set road, we will launch an attack here, so that Mr.Sinager can no longer complete the mission entrusted to him by pure kana premium cbd gummies keoni cbd gummies phone number the president This is not right.Possibly.Barack rejected the request of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol without even thinking about it I can assure you that I have no way to do this, and even if I could, I would expose myself I will be personally shot by the angry General Candela Never refuse a friend s request so quickly Wang Weiyi didn t care about the attitude of the other party Many things are impossible in my opinion.There s always a way around ityes, when this attack happens, you ll be exposed.And more importantly, we still have many relationships that we can use, so please allow us to stay.Wang Weiyi stared at the brave man in front of him.German spy Aren t you afraid of being captured a second time It s nothing more than waiting again.Pross voice is so firm Germany has never given up on us, and we, never will.Give up our beloved Germany Germany has never given up on us, and we will never give up our beloved Germany One thousand one hundred and two.A bottle of champagne The release of the German spies gave top officials in the Fenton administration a glimmer of hope.Their families may return to them in a short period of time, which is the solemn promise of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol to them.It must be admitted that the current Fenton government officials trust in Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is difficult to express in words.Shus Major Te gave an En in agreement, and he looked around Captain, have you heard of the Ash Project Yes, I read it in the newspaper, but what is the specifics of this plan It s not something that a low ranking officer like me can get in touch with Wang Weiyi replied while inspecting the factory.Suddenly, he stopped in front of a boiler.He squatted down and looked carefully for a while, then stood up and pointed to the bottom Major, what s under it Major Schuster obviously lowered his voice I just mentioned the Ash Project , And our factory is one of the goals of this plan A few days ago, I received an order that explosives must be placed in various core parts of the factory.Once the order is received, these explosives will be detonated immediately.But we were only halfway through, and we received an order to temporarily suspend the plan, but the explosives that had been planted were not allowed to be dismantled What the hell are those damn officials thinking about there Wang Weiyi looked very angry Don t they know how dangerous it is to plant explosives here Once any problem arises, who will bear the responsibility, you or me This is exactly what Major Schuster is most worried about I have reported to my superiors several times, but I have never received the attention they deserveCaptain, maybe you can tell them again The seriousness of the matter, I cannot bear the terrible consequences Major Schuster was venting his inner dissatisfaction This is an arsenal, and one explosion is enough to bring disaster The consequences Wang Weiyi and Major Schuster kept discussing the incredible things they did above, and suddenly the air defense siren botanical farm cbd gummies cost sounded sharply.His words are enough to convince everyone The Canadians were completely shaken.One hour is not much time left for them.They must make a decision in the shortest possible time.Some of them are bold soldiers.Contact was made with the enemy at first, and some seriously wounded soldiers were sent from the positions.As a result, as Baron Alexon promised, the wounded soldiers were quickly and effectively treated.In this way, a stone in the hearts of Canadians suddenly fell to the ground.Soldiers left their positions one after another without even speaking to their officers.Their request is actually very simple, to live, they just want to live well.When the war is over, they can leave the prisoner of war camp alive.Alive this is the most basic requirement of a person The officers did not stop, they knew it was a hopeless war.Yes, the person sitting inside is controlling them keoni cbd gummies phone number and making them afraid But he couldn t do without his Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.At this moment, both of them also understood that they were both called by this Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Captain Roger, Captain Pattinson, please sit down.Wang Weiyi smiled and let them sit down, and then said to the owner of the bar James, do you have a better bar Seriously, those drinks outside your It s too bad.A smile appeared on James s face Of course, Mr.Moyol, I have a pretty good bottle of gin here.The gin was brought cbd gummies that help with anxiety over, and then James left keoni cbd gummies phone number with great interest here.Wang Weiyi poured himself a glass Gentlemen, if you want to drink, you can drink it yourself.Ah, the taste of this wine is really much better than those outside.Captain Roger and Captain Pattinson s thoughts Not drinking at all Mr.The continuous failures on the battlefield, the collapse of the domestic economy, and the riots of the black people have caused President William s approval rating to fall to the bottom.In the United keoni cbd gummies phone number States, no one trusts this president anymore.Wang Weiyi sighed softly in his heart.It is all because of his behind the scenes planning that William has come to this point.He suddenly felt a kind of sadness.Maybe this is keoni cbd gummies phone number the same as the mood of General Gendra just now.It was exactly the same.That was his own son, but now he had to stand on the opposite side of his own son, and had to fight desperately with his son like two wild beasts.Only when one side fell, could this kind of fight end.My lord, what s the matter with you Grislow seems to have noticed something strange about the baron.In the past, no matter what kind of danger he encountered, the baron always talked and laughed happily, and never showed any fear.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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