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The entrance is the simplest place to buy tickets.After entering, there are only two or three screening halls.There are no popcorn drinks or anything cbd gummies in utah sold in the cinema, and there are only some snack vendors at the entrance, some selling fruit sugar cane, and some selling fresh melon seeds dried fruits, such as raisins, etc suddenly.Li Guohao s gaze was attracted by a group of people walking not far away.Bruce Lee Li Guohao s eyes widened, and he looked at a group of people coming from not far away in disbelief.Wasn t the one surrounded by the crowd surrounded by the world renowned Bruce Lee Aaron, this movie is great, I believe it will be a sensation in Xiangjiang Beside Bruce Lee, a thin middle aged man wearing glasses and holding a briefcase in his hand lifted the glasses that had slipped down to his nose , said with a grin.

This is why Li Guohao s taste is so different from that of decades later.Perhaps, this is a way.Thinking about the gap between the current dishes and the future dishes, as well as the Chinese style cakes and refreshments made by absorbing foreign technology in the future, Li Guohao s eyes brightened.What way Ah Hao, what are you talking about Why can t I understand Zhang Dong asked after listening to Li Guohao talking to himself.It s okay, maybe it s my mouth, eat and eat.Everyone may know that Quanjude Roast Duck is famous both at home and abroad, but in fact its taste is so so.Maybe we ordinary people eat the lowest grade, and the rich may be different.But these can t hide its mediocre taste.After all, it is us ordinary people who eat a lot.Why does Quanjude have such a big name, but the taste is so so In fact, Quanjude is not to blame.

This way, 110,000 yuan is gone Li Guohao looked at the passbook in his hand, and he couldn t help sighing that the remaining 130,000 yuan was the family s last savings.I said Guohao, you really want to open fx cbd gummies 1500mg kozmic gardens cbd gummies a shop here Zhang Dong, who was called out temporarily, asked in surprise when Li Guohao said that he had taken down the shop opposite Nathan Road Wing Kee.Yeah, how long before you feel the effects of cbd gummies it cost me nearly 110,000 yuan My God, kozmic gardens cbd gummies what are you thinking Don t worry about it, I asked you to come out to ask you, which decoration company is kozmic gardens cbd gummies better in our area.Li Guohao asked.Renovation company Let me think about it.Zhang Dong really didn t know much about the decoration company, and said after a while, I really don t know which one is better, but there is a decoration company on Nathan Road ahead.Okay, let s go and have a look.

Li Huifang nodded.Li Guohao pointed to the ground for a while, and pointed to the wall for a while, It s not only great, just look at the tiles all over the floor, and the wallpaper on the wall.Before he finished speaking, he pointed kozmic gardens cbd gummies again On the top of the head, And this chandelier on the head, it s so big, you don t need to guess to know that it s expensive Uncle Li, this tile was left by the previous tenant, and this chandelier was bought by Guohao at the second hand market, cleaned and hung up by himself.firepower.Li Guohao also explained, Dad, don t look at the decoration of the upstairs and downstairs as if it is very expensive.In fact, it only cost less than 30,000 yuan to remove the labor.And the expensive is still the upstairs compartment.All of them are soundproof wall panels.Thirty thousand Li Dexiao doubted this number.

Then it s better to be careful, the money has to be deposited in the bank every day.I know, I ll go back to the bank tomorrow.This doesn t need to be reminded by Li s mother, Li Guohao naturally knows that he is thinking about another thing at this moment , that is to open a branch.That s right, the new store just opened on the first day, and he was thinking about opening a second chain store.In fact, according to Li Guohao s original idea, it what are cbd gummies good for kozmic gardens cbd gummies is to see how the store s income is.If the income is good, he will probably open a second branch in a place a month after the store opens.But the world is unpredictable, and I didn t expect the business on the first day to be so good.Although I don t know what the future will be like, it kozmic gardens cbd gummies gave Li Guohao confidence that Xiangjiang in the 1970s had the ability to spend.

The doctor diagnosed it as congenital muscle weakness, and he can only do light work, not heavy work.The day fx cbd gummies 1500mg kozmic gardens cbd gummies before yesterday I went to see a movie with Ma Zi, what is it called Brother Tangshan , the actor is really fucking amazing, he beat dozens of punks with knives by himself.The Bruce Lee I saw in the movie, he was weak since he was a child, and he was full of longing for strength.In reality, he can t fx cbd gummies 1500mg kozmic gardens cbd gummies be a hero, but it is good to go to the cinema to watch an illusory dream.The movies are all fake.That movie actor Wang Yu is so majestic, so he was hacked into a hand He glanced at the white fan with disdain.TV dramas and movies are all fabricated.How can there be such a powerful person.Wang Yu s hand was cut off When Why don t I know Why hasn t such a big thing been published in the newspaper The white fan asked in surprise, and looked at the big mouth with a mentality of seeking kozmic gardens cbd gummies to reveal the secret He smoked a cigarette, took a long breath, and said, Didn t you watch it Isn t that one armed sword Wang Yu Movies The white fan kozmic gardens cbd gummies cursed.

After all, the kozmic gardens cbd gummies people in that area have already applied for membership cards, and the rest either have no money, or they don t live in that area, just passing by to buy some pastries.This is the case with the pastry industry.It was originally a snack after dinner, and it can t be eaten as a meal.If you buy it occasionally, you can manage it kozmic gardens cbd gummies for several days.How is it The decoration is not bad, right Mai Qi nodded, pointed at the decorations in the store and asked with a smile.Li Guohao looked around, and the basic floor tiles and walls have been finished.At this time, the decorators are all working on the chandeliers on the ceiling, or building wooden shelves.Well, it s very good.I m still very relieved of Manager Mai s work.At the end, Li Guohao said again, I would also like to thank the lawyer that Manager Mai introduced to me before.

, let alone food, drink and housing.Everything is money.Why is Disneyland so famous in kozmic gardens cbd gummies China Isn t it improved by animation This will not only increase the popularity of the pastry shop, but also promote Kung Fu Panda by the way.After all, the profits of the animation industry kozmic gardens cbd gummies are also very large.PS I read that many people in the comments discuss the evil forces.To be honest, I don t really want to write this.But the current Xiangjiang is indeed like this, I have considered it before, let s spoil it in advance, when Li Guohao will meet a British lady who likes to drink afternoon tea and snacks, then you will understand.The protagonist s career is about to explode.Chapter 43 Panda Boom 2 Li Guohao has not been very happy these days.On the one hand, the opposite Rongji relied on membership activities to attract many regular customers from its own side, and on the other hand, it was the matter of young and Dangerous.

Some so called high society celebrities walked in slowly through the door.One by one kozmic gardens cbd gummies cbd gummies 600mg dressed brightly.Men basically wear the British style tuxedo, which is short in the front and long in the back, which only appeared in old movies.Although the ladies are all wearing different evening dresses, they are generally a bit like kozmic gardens cbd gummies the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie.Entering from the back door of the Governor s Mansion, Li Guohao s self confidence was hit hard.It has only been more than half a year since the establishment of a comic publishing house, the opening of two pastry shops, and the preparation of a new shop.This kind of achievement has greatly boosted Li Guohao s confidence.It s just that this time the Hong Kong governor s night banquet made Li Guohao clearly understand the difference between himself and the so called upper class people.

Just now the waiter in front came over and said that there are about 200 people in the audience, and what we have done is not kozmic gardens cbd gummies enough.Huang Crane was surprised and asked Not enough I have made wife cakes that weigh 20 catties I have also made lotus paste cakes, bean paste cakes, and coconut flavored glutinous rice cakes I ll go, who asked your wife cakes Make so many Li Guohao was surprised when he heard that he had made twenty catties of wife cakes Wife cakes are not suitable for this kind of occasion.I, I don t know, it s not the boss.Do we have housekeeping skills I make the best wife cakes, and no one in the store has my skills Huang He was a little at a loss.Forget it, let s do it.Li Guohao shook his head.In fact, there are many varieties of Chinese dim sum.Don t look at Li Guohao s current bakery, which basically makes wife cakes, bean paste cakes, etc.

Chapter 53 Company Announcement 1 update Li Qiang has been abroad for many years, so many of his thoughts are closely followed there.In Li Guohao s opinion, the welfare system is not bad, but it s too early to mention it.The company has just been preparing for it for a short time, and getting these things so early is not conducive to the early development.And the welfare system formulated by Li Qiang is really too advanced.Xiangjiang is not without it.Large companies or factories have corresponding welfare rewards, but not all enterprises are like this.He said It s too early to mention the welfare system now.Let s discuss this matter later.The first thing to discuss now is the upgrade system.The upgrade system Li Qiang and Zhang Dong were puzzled.Li Guohao said Well, it is the upgrade system.

Li Guohao persuaded him to leave.And And what You can t even say a single thing completely Rong Bingcai scolded.Seeing this, A Ping had no choice but to say After persuading the people who wanted to get a refund that day, there were many more people queuing up at the door of their store the next day.Rong Bingcai said happily They all came to line up for a refund No, They lined up to apply for membership What Rong Bingcai was shocked How is that possible A Ping said bitterly In fact, most of the members who went to our refund that day went to Liji to apply for membership.At first There are only Nathan Road and Central stores, because we are adjacent to Lee Kee s stores in these two places, and I also asked a few masters in the store, and they said that the reason for the refund at Rongji is to go to Lee Kee to apply for membership.

He casually picked up a handful of flour, put it in front of his nose and smelled it carefully, it smelled musty.When I put the flour in front of my eyes and looked carefully, I found that the flour was indeed a good snowflake powder from a distance, but if I looked closely, I found that there was a little light yellow and some black in it.The flour turns black because it has been damp and deteriorated for a long time.The shelf life of general flour is about one year at room temperature, that is, 12 months.If the temperature changes too much, the shelf life of the flour will also be reduced, so it is best to store it in a relatively cool and dry place.Are these flours the same Rong Bingcai frowned and asked.Master Wang replied There are more than a thousand bags of flour shipped from Thailand.

Ah Fa noticed this, but just as he turned his head, he saw the young man whom Sister Wang called the boss standing behind him.He looked angry, and it seemed that he had been here for a while.Thinking about what he just said, Ah Fa, like Ah Ming, was instantly frightened and stupid, and the dough he was making in his hand fell to the ground with a snap.Afa, Amin, what are you doing Why are you still making best cbd gummies to help stop smoking pastries at such a late hour Didn t you say that after three o clock in the afternoon, even if a certain pastry is out of stock, don t kozmic gardens cbd gummies make any more.I understood Li Guohao s words, but when she came closer and looked, she frowned and asked, the dough balls fx cbd gummies 1500mg kozmic gardens cbd gummies and fillings that had been made on the table.I, I just saw that there were not many wife cakes in front of me, and I was thinking of making some.

It seems that I want to transfer to Li s TV station.After Wu Guohua finished fx cbd gummies 1500mg kozmic gardens cbd gummies speaking, he lowered his head and didn t know what he was thinking.Hearing that the other party was going to transfer to Li s TV station, Fang Yihua frowned.She didn t expect the other party to be so stubborn and directly refused to cooperate.It was Fang Yihua s decision to help distribute Kung Fu Panda to Southeast Asia and other places and ask for a part of the profits, but now the trouble has caused the other party to directly refuse to cooperate.If someone from the Li Family finds out, they may punish themselves, and it will be difficult to let Sixth Brother know about it.But Fang Yihua changed his mind and thought again, what he did was not wrong in the first place, it was just helping the company to fight for the interests, the other party s non cooperation was the intention of the other party, and it had nothing where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies cbd peach gummies to do with him.

As soon as the words fell, Li Qiang said again Here, you three go back to the company first, and remember to tell others about the recorded stores.Just a moment.Understood the general manager.The three got out of the car and returned to the company.What Aren t we going back Li Guohao asked curiously.Li Qiang shook his head and said, I m not in a hurry to go back.I can t say anything about someone just now.You know, I called that manager Zhang in the morning and asked him what happened to the loan.Guess what he said Disagree Li Guohao didn t expect Li Qiang to leave him alone to talk about this matter.It s not that the two of them didn t think about the problem of not being able to get the loan before, because the company s turnover and profit are very high, and the money kozmic gardens cbd gummies of his own company is also there.

When talking about the popular Kung Fu Panda recently, Li Qiang said This is made by our boss.Shen Bi was surprised Mr.Li is the popular Kung Fu Panda artist recently soothe cbd gummies I just gave This idea, the artist has someone else.Li Guohao explained with a smile.That s amazing.Shen Bi took a deep look at Li Guohao, and suddenly edipure gummies cbd asked, Qiang, what kind of business are you looking for me this time Li Qiang said, Loan.Loan Li Qiang glanced at it.Li Guohao, I mean let you talk.Li Guohao said Well, this time we are going to take a loan of 2 million Hong Kong dollars from your bank.The loan is fine, but I would like to ask you what kind of mortgage to use This What kind of mortgage to use, Li Guohao really really It never occurred to me that I had anything to mortgage.Li Qiang just took over the topic and said In fact, it is like this.

As for now That is, things made by hand are far better than those made on the production line.I ll send someone to ask about the relevant information, but you d better not have too much hope, after all, although we now have 5 million funds, it will take a lot of manpower and resources to open a factory, Opening a pastry shop now is not like Li Guohao in the past.He opened it as soon as he said it, and opened it at the entrance of the market.It needs to be calculated by where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies the financial department, and the cost, labor and income will be considered before it will be opened.The same is true for setting up factories.After all, Xiangjiang does not have preferential policies for setting up factories, such as tax exemption, like the mainland in the 1980s and 1990s.Just ask, I think it is quite profitable to set up a factory.

It s nothing, just some cockroaches and mice.Rong Binghua didn t hide anything, and directly revealed the contents of the bag.Cockroaches and mice Yeah.When Ah Fa heard this, he didn t understand Rong Binghua s meaning.He wanted to deal with Li Ji with hygiene problems, but the store had both cockroaches and mice.These two kinds of creatures , is by far one of the most difficult pests in human history.Ah Fa said But it seems that every store has this.Even if you put it in the bakery of Liji Bakery, it doesn t make any sense.I don t care if you can get in Liji s pastry, even if you can t, you have to sneak in at night and put the bag in Liji s shop where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies cbd peach gummies Seeing Rong Binghua s gloomy expression, Ah Fa s heart suddenly Some regret agreeing to this matter, but who let me agree, the 5,000 yuan I received before is almost spent.

As the manager of the public relations department, he naturally went to the comic book club to consult on the production of the advertisement.At that time, the people in the cartoon club swore that after the advertisement came out, .

can cbd gummies affect your liver?

the cartoon character Po would be perfectly integrated into the picture of modern society.But in fact, as soon as the advertisement came out, Ah Bao and several other comic characters posted comic pictures on the photos of the characters with the children, which was so blunt and kozmic gardens cbd gummies false.The entire ad lasts about three minutes.It only took three days for the comic agency and animation company to make it.Originally, Li Guohao was perfectly prepared to let Po appear in the modern society, but the technology did not allow it, so he had to abruptly integrate Po and other comic characters into the filmed images.

It is more serious than our previous hygiene failure.It will make more people pay attention to food safety issues.It is mother nature cbd gummies right to slowly open branches for the time being.Yes.Li Qiang said again A few days ago, I saw a piece of land in Yuen Long, New Territories, which is held by HSBC Bank.I am going to discuss with HSBC to see if it is possible to buy this land for us The next step is to invest in stuffing food factories and food factories.A company, or a food company, must have its own food processing factory.Whether it is future development or cost saving, it needs the assembly line of the factory to complete.The main purpose of opening the palace pastry factory this time is to make fillings and make convenient sealed packaging pastries.After all, pastry is also a kind of snack.It is a kind of snack that kozmic gardens cbd gummies people eat after dinner, just like potato chips and French fries, except that pastry can also be eaten as a staple food.

As a result, countless wealthy businessmen and celebrities have been born, and they have reached their peak in the 1990s.The New Year in Wanwan is similar to that in the mainland, and much more lively than Xiangjiang.Apart cypress hemp cbd gummies from setting off firecrackers and burning incense in Tin Hau Temple on the streets of Xiangjiang, there are few celebrations such as beating gongs and drumming lions.In this life, no, it was the first time gummies pure cbd in two lifetimes that Li Guohao came to Wanwan.He was very excited at first, but he found that Wanwan at this time was not as good as the mainland in the 1990s, so he lost interest.After all, during the Chinese New Year, he could not go to some famous later generations scenic area.I went to the temple with my uncle s family to burn incense and pray for wealth in the coming year.

In addition, the second part of Kung Fu Panda is broadcast on Li s TV station, which attracts some people s attention even more. get off work.Li Guohao went upstairs and arrived at the door of his house.When kozmic gardens cbd gummies he was about to open the door, he suddenly heard someone talking.Huifang, let me tell jolly cbd gummies for quitting smoking you that stocks are very profitable now.You see, I invested 30,000 yuan in it a year ago, and now I have earned 2,000 yuan.How long has it been I am planning to invest all my savings Go to the stock market.A fat middle aged woman recommended to Li Huifang standing on a public balcony not far away.Li Huifang felt hot when she heard that she had earned 2,000 yuan in just over half a month, but she knew nothing about stocks and had never touched them before, so she hesitated and said, Yes, but I don t understand stocks.

At this time, the Netherlands did not pay too much attention to the flower industry.It still mainly relies on black tea and milk, but many local farmers have switched to best gummies cbd planting various flowers.You must know that cultivating a flower is more valuable than growing food.Too high.In the past, flowers were only used as decorations or to worship ancestors, but now flowers gradually have their own flower language, and the tricks in it are self evident.Of course, this can t be said to be tricky, it can be regarded as a new kind of soft publicity at best.Chapter 99 Presenting Fan Weiming as a gift has been annoying recently.He is the owner of a small bakery in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, specializing in making wife cakes.At first, relying on good craftsmanship, the income on this street is also one of the best, and there are many people queuing up to buy cakes every day, basically occupying the nearby wife cake market.

However, since the advertisement of court cakes was broadcast on TV, fewer and fewer people came to Fan Weiming to buy wife cakes.Gradually, apart from a few regular customers and acquaintances, it was difficult for individual customers to come here.Buy.In the past, my bakery was overcrowded, and many people lined up every day, or came to buy from nearby neighborhoods.Damn it, the business is getting worse and worse now.If you want to open a pastry shop, you can open a pastry shop.Why are you robbing us of business Fan Weiming said harshly.It s getting worse and HCMUSSH kozmic gardens cbd gummies worse, and where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies cbd peach gummies I often get angry for no reason.Fan Weiming was very angry, so the pastry shop opened a pastry shop to grab the wife cake business.Quite a few regular customers were led to the palace pastry shop a few blocks away.It would take at least 30 minutes to travel by taxi.

Gu Qianqian walked up to Li Guohao quickly, whispered to his ear, Fan Weiming and the other three were sitting not far away.Yeah.Li Guohao nodded lightly to show that he understood, then turned to everyone in the meeting room and said, Welcome to our company.I won t say much here.Everyone wants to join our pastry shop.Specifically, You can take a look at the documents on the table first, and you can ask me directly if you fx cbd gummies 1500mg kozmic gardens cbd gummies have any questions.Everyone nodded, and began to look at the manuscripts on the table in silence.Fan Weiming said at this time Boss Li, I kozmic gardens cbd gummies have already understood your joining conditions before, and now I just want to ask, after joining your company, will you help us kozmic gardens cbd gummies in the later stage Li Guohao glanced at Fan Weiming, seeing that it was Gu Qian One of the three who Qian pointed at smiled and said, Okay then, I ll just say a few points, maybe you don t want to read too many words.

Shen also figured out that He Chaoying called The purpose of coming here, he said with a smile What a coincidence, the pastry chef Boss Li who made Hundred Flowers also called me just now, and wanted to invite me to taste several new dim sums in their shop.If you are free, we will How about going together today He Chaoying s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he said with joy, That s really great company.Li Guohao just hung up the phone.Li Qiang asked eagerly from the side What does the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong say You must know that if Ms.Shen, the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong, can be invited to join the association, it will definitely attract more noble ladies to join, and even attract them Husband and parents.I said I ll come over when I m free, but it sounded a bit perfunctory to me.

Yes.That s quite interesting, can you take me to see it Bruce Lee asked with a smile, he was still very interested in becoming a cartoon character.Of course.Although Shangguan Xiaobao is almost 30 years old, since seeing Brother Tangshan, he also regards Bruce Lee as an idol, but he is not as crazy as other fans.Thinking of Bruce Lee coming with George, he asked curiously Mr.Li, how did you come here with that ghost At this moment, Zou Wenhuai coughed twice.Bruce Lee glanced at Zou where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies cbd peach gummies Wenhuai, probably understood what he meant, that is, don t talk about the cooperation with Warner for now, so he said with a smile When I was in the United States a few years ago, I also made a Warner movie.Come and contact me.Shangguan Xiaobao suddenly realized Oh, that s right. Not to mention that Shangguan Xiaobao led Zou Wenhuai and Bruce Lee to read comics, and Li Guohao was discussing cooperation with George in the office.

The United States People pay attention to profit in business.You can t get along with them.They can draw a panda cartoon by themselves.You must know that there is no copyright for animal images like pandas.They can draw whatever they want, as long as they don t look like are cbd gummies sold at walmart your comic characters.That s fine.Even if you sue him in the end, I think they will basically win.I know this.In fact, I didn t even think about publishing the comics to the United States at the beginning.It was just my propaganda.It s just a point of pastry, I just can t understand that George s face of charity, as if we are all beggars, one hundred thousand dollars wants to win all the copyrights of this comic overseas, it s like a kozmic gardens cbd gummies lion Li Guohao Said slightly angrily.Li Qiang said with a smile It s just their usual attitude.

Yes, defeat Li Ji Destroy Li Ji I have met the boss of Li Ji, little Maotou One, he doesn t know how to do business at all, and he still wants to set up a franchise store, hmph, this time let him see what is ginger or old spicy The person who said this was obviously angry that he was not selected as a franchisee before, But at the moment, I am also fortunate.If I had been chosen as a franchisee, I am afraid that I would cry to death at this moment Palace Pastry Company.The chairman has two more franchisees here.The secretary came over and Xiao Wang knocked on the office door and walked in.Hearing that another franchisee came to the company, Li Guohao frowned and said Didn t you say that, tell these franchisees not to worry for now, the company will soon organize a new event to deal with this crisis.

Forget it, Ah Hao, I will look for it myself.Zhao Yazhi smiled and said, Now that the economy is so good, it is not difficult to find a job.All industries are in urgent need of talents.The way I see it, sister, if you stay at home, brother in law will take care of you.Right brother in law.Ah Zhen laughed and raised her eyebrows.Upon hearing this, Zhao Yazhi s blush hit her cheeks again, and she secretly glanced at Li Guohao.Seeing that he was a little lost in thought, she breathed a sigh of relief, and then gave A Zhen a hard look, as if reminding her not to Nonsense, otherwise I want you to look good when I go home.Stared at by her sister s imposing eyes, Ah Zhen shrank her head and HCMUSSH kozmic gardens cbd gummies didn t talk too much, she buried her head and ate what was ordered on the table by kozmic gardens cbd gummies herself.I thought natures bounty cbd gummies of it Suddenly Li Guohao s mind flashed through, remembering an event he had done a long time ago A Zhi, I have a job that is definitely suitable for you What job Hearing what Li Guohao said so confidently , and said by name that it was absolutely suitable for him, Zhao Yazhi asked curiously.

He Chaoying ate the food carefully, heard his father ask himself, raised his head and said, It s okay.The next commercial building was transferred to her to open a shop.Accompany me to Xiangjiang in a while, and the Governor of Hong Kong will hold a charity party recently.He Hongsen said flatly.This incident is very common.In the past, the governor of Hong Kong would ask these wealthy businessmen to donate a sum of money in the name of a charity party to gain a good reputation for what are cbd gummies good for kozmic gardens cbd gummies themselves in Xiangjiang.Okay.Daddy, are you going to Xiangjiang I m going too Arjun opened his mouth and said.Seeing this, the second wife frowned and said, Don t make trouble, Ah Qiong.It s okay.Daddy will take you with me when Ah Qiong wants to go.He Hongsen smiled and glanced at the little girl.Daddy is the best.

It has very detailed investment amount and income.Du Deye searched from the table, and took out a document signed by Li Guohao and handed it to the other party.Li Guohao took the document and briefly flipped through it without looking at it carefully, only looking at the final profit.11.75 million.Well, this is the money Mr.Li earned after we took the commission.Du Deye nodded and said.Li Guohao read it again, it was written in great detail, starting from the investment of one million, the securities company bought those stocks for him, and it was clearly written at what point they sold them.The stock market is very good recently Well, the stock market is very good.Mr.Li, you are lucky.The time to invest in the stock market is just right.If you want to enter the market now, it may be difficult to earn as much as before.

You can see that you are sweating nervously.After that, Zhao Yazhi picked up the paper on the table and cbd gummies for sleep near me where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies wiped the sweat off her forehead, and then picked up the foundation to help her reapply her makeup.Boom At this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door.The bridesmaids suddenly became nervous, and the cousin asked, Who Cousin, I m in the wheat field.My cousin told me that the groom is coming up soon, so I asked you to prepare.said Mai Xiaomin s cousin outside the house.Oh, I see.My cousin replied.Mai Xiaomin said at this time Cousin, don t be too noisy later.Yo, Xiaomin hasn t married yet, so kore organic cbd gummies free samples she turned her elbow The cousin said with a strange smile when she heard this.Suddenly, a group of women in the room burst into laughter.No, how can there be.Mai Xiaomin blushed, and didn t say anything more.

But now that Zhao Yazhi said that, when Li Guohao thought about it and was about to say something, he only heard the voices in the room.I saw Zhang Dong and Mai Xiaomin, hiding under a red umbrella, coming out of the house.Let s go, Ah Hao Here we come. At noon, I had a casual lunch in a nearby restaurant.In the afternoon, those who play cards play cards, and those who play mahjong play mahjong.In the evening, more than a dozen vehicles took relatives and friends to Jinhua Restaurant in the New Territories.This cbd gummies 100mg each place was reserved by Li Guohao in advance and used as a wedding plus cbd mango gummies 90mg cbd 10mg thc banquet for Zhang Dong s wedding.Wedding as usual.Li Dexiao and Li Huifang also came to celebrate.tip.Li Guohao drank a little wine, his chest was tight and panicked, so he walked to the window on the second floor and looked at the streets of Xiangjiang outside the window.

In addition to shopping malls, our company s stores are the only ones.Chairman, you know that although the price of packaged snacks is much cheaper than that sold in the store, the price is not affordable for general consumption.Cooperate with some small stores Selling in a mall has the advantages of selling in a mall, and the benefits of sales are also very good, but how can it compare to the fact that there is a small store hanging down a street.You must know that there are more than 30 supermarkets in Xiangjiang now, maybe more, but it will never exceed 50, but the small shops are different.There are at least a thousand small shops in Xiangjiang.There is at least one store on a street.Not to mention that in some blocks, there are even two or three small shops.Huang Yaohua shook his head and said, I discussed this matter with Manager Gu from the marketing department before, but the canteen may not be able to sell our products, and manager Xie kozmic gardens cbd gummies 3000 mg cbd gummies from the public relations department doesn t agree with us handing over the food produced by the company to the canteen.

IPO, IPO.Li Guohao read it twice silently.IPO at this time is a very safe choice, because the stock market is booming, and a company with nothing but leather bags can be listed in the mix.Liu Peilin s craftsmanship is good, and there will be more in the future.How can no one invest in a company that is likely to develop.Thinking of next year s stock market crash, Li Guohao sneered, originally thinking about how to solve Daronghua Company, who ever thought of breaking it without attacking it.Dongdong Secretary Xiao Wang came in and said, Chairman, Manager Li just sent a fax.Li Qiang Li Guohao curiously took the fax from the secretary.A short fax of a few hundred words was quickly read.Seeing the end, Li Guohao couldn t help laughing.Li Qiang sent a fax, probably saying that he has found a new store in the United States, a two story building near Chinatown in San Francisco.

Zhang Zhi tore open the exquisite packaging bag, and rummaged through the inside without caring about the biscuits that smelled of milk.The attached card, after a while, you can see a panda card wrapped in a small transparent plastic bag at the bottom.The little hand reached into the bag, fiddled with it for a while, and then took out the card.On the back of the card, there were four large characters of Kung Fu Panda.Zhang Zhi flipped through it Seeing the front of the card, Zhang Zhi opened his eyes suddenly, gasped heavily, the veins in his neck bulged, his whole body trembled with excitement, and finally shouted Ah I won I won a rare card It s A Bao , oh my what are cbd gummies good for kozmic gardens cbd gummies god, I won the draw Show me A Bao Wow, I m so envious.Zhang Zhi, you re lucky, and you actually won the A Bao card I m so envious The classmates next to him looked at Zhang Zhi with envy or jealousy.

MSG is not good, use chicken essence Li Guohao said.Chicken essence What is chicken essence Li Qiang looked at Li Guohao in surprise, wanting to know what chicken essence is from him.Forehead Don t have chicken essence Li Guohao asked tentatively.He didn t know the exact time when chicken essence was invented.I don t know.There shouldn t be any chicken essence.Is chicken essence made from chicken Li Qiang asked curiously.Is there no chicken essence Li Guohao didn t know how to answer Li Qiang s words.Said It s nothing, it s a secret recipe in my family s recipes, it s extracted from chicken and made into chicken essence, which is also used to enhance freshness.Hearing that it was a secret recipe or it was extracted from chicken, Li Qiang s eyes lit up and he asked, Do you know this secret recipe I don t know exactly how to figure it out, but it s written in the secret recipe.

Oh, that s fine.By the way, I m going back to Xiangjiang tomorrow, and I ll leave the rest of the work to you Li Guohao patted Huang He shoulders.Huh Chairman, you left so soon We have only finished a dozen varieties, and there are many more waiting for you Huang He said in surprise.There were about 50 varieties of dim sum in the store, and there were more in Xiangjiang, but considering that the business here is mainly for Americans, some pastries are not suitable for the appetite what does cbd chill gummies do of Americans, so a large part of them has been reduced.Traditional pastries such as sesame candy and peach cakes are not made.The store is only a few blocks away from Chinatown.Thinking that there are many Chinese pastries in the shop, I canceled most of the pastries that everyone knows, and specially made dozens of types that are popular in Xiangjiang and not available in Chinatown.

Li Guohao suddenly remembered what Zheng Jiachun had said to him before, saying that Jardine The people in the group had an idea to make a big splash in the catering field.Just when they got carried away thinking about it, they only heard a question from Xie Honghe, and Li Guohao nodded indifferently and said, What s the problem go ahead.Chairman, the company has no money to expand.I understand that there is no way to do this.Then the company made a franchisee plan.Considering the first time, there are too many kozmic gardens cbd gummies 3000 mg cbd gummies people who are not suitable to join, and I can understand it.Then, chairman, you invested in building a food processing factory because you wanted to enter the moon cake market and the packaged snack market, and I also understand.But why until now, the company s franchise department has completed the franchise plan, and the financial cbd gummies mesa az department s financial situation is also good, why not continue to open stores or find franchisees to expand Xie Honghe said a lot of things, and there were complaints in it.

A financial securities company has very high requirements for its employees.Apart from the most basic prohibition of divulging company secrets, there are also a series of harsh conditions.For Ni Xingqing, who is more active by nature, it is indeed a torment.Well, that s fine.Li Guohao smiled at the corner of his mouth Xiangjiang Stock Exchange.Is Ah Xiang making so much money You have to know that this is all of my net worth.If I lose money, my husband will beat me to where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies cbd peach gummies kozmic gardens cbd gummies death.A Lian anxiously followed behind A Xiang, watching the pedestrians coming and going around, and subconsciously hugged the backpack in her arms tightly.There was 50,000 yuan in cash in it It was A Lian who secretly hid it from her husband The house mortgage and all the wealth in the bank.Ah Xiang turned her head and gave A Lian a blank look and said If you are worried, then let s go back.

But now that the stock market crash broke out, even if they got their hands, the price of the five shares they bought may not necessarily be as high as the stock price of one milk company It takes dozens of days to exchange the shares of the milk company for Hongkong shares.Hongkong Land s stock price has hit a record high, but milk shareholders can t get Hongkong Land shares to sell at all.It turned out that the shareholders of Milk Company only held HCMUSSH kozmic gardens cbd gummies one old share due to the one for five for one policy, and it took dozens of days to receive the five new shares.Only one sixth of the holdings can be sold.Before the new shares are in hand, the stock market crash has already erupted.The share price of Hongkong Land has fallen sharply, and the drop is out of control.It soon fell from more than 100 yuan to more than 60 yuan.

Chapter 210 Containing Jardine After Li Guohao announced the news of the acquisition of Nam Soon in the newspaper, countless people looked at him.This is the peak period of the stock market decline, and there are still people who dare to buy the company.Although the stock market crash broke out, the stock price has fallen a lot relatively, but if you buy now, the stock market is still falling.If you buy something worth 100 yuan for 50 yuan, it looks like you kids ate cbd gummies have made a lot of money.In fact, it may drop to 40 on the second day, and 30 on the third day.The stock price of Nanshun, which had been falling, also rose a lot in the opposite direction due to the news of the acquisition, especially among the falling stocks. In the early morning, before dawn, there are many pedestrians passing by on the road.

Jin Jiashi handed several manuscripts to Li Guohao.Li Guohao took a look and found that the content of fx cbd gummies 1500mg kozmic gardens cbd gummies several articles basically emphasized one thing, that is, why the stock market crash broke out, purely because of the manipulation of capital.Is it so explicit Li Guohao asked with some concern Didn t I tell you to write a little bit more cryptic It s just a matter of naming names Jin Jiashi smiled and said Nowadays there are many rumors that say hempbomb cbd gummies The sudden drop in the stock market this time was due to Landmark s acquisition of the Milk Company, which led to the sudden crash of the stock market.It caused this consequence.However, there are still very few people who really understand it.Some stockholders who have already suffered heavy losses and blindly followed the trend of stocks, how could they understand cbd gummies for pain 1000mg amazon these principles They just try to find excuses to shirk their greedy responsibilities.

Well, lead the way.Li Guohao looked at the receptionist with a smile on his face.Yes.In the conference room.Xu Deming glanced at the remaining shareholders.Most of them only hold 1 to 3 of the shares.Although they are only so small, they are how to soak gummies in cbd oil also the people who sit on the company s shareholder seat Everyone has cooperated with me, Xu, for many years, and I believe you all know how much money you have made for the marilyn denis cbd gummies canada shareholders, and you also understand my business acumen, Xu, who suddenly appeared this time and wanted to buy our company.Now he has half of the shares in his hand, I hope everyone kozmic gardens cbd gummies will support me later Xu Deming tried to impress the remaining shareholders with a long term cooperative relationship.Although it may not be meaningful, after all, with the shares of these few, Xu Deming s shares are only about 40.

Later, I talked to him at a charity banquet held by the Governor of Hong Kong., only to learn that he has opened a food processing factory, and after a few months, he has acquired the Nanshun Group Zheng Jiachun was really amazed, he had known Li Guohao for more than half a year, and the two of them only nodded Apart from those two encounters, they basically had no contact with each other, but now they suddenly saw that the other party had grown to the point where they could stand shoulder to shoulder with themselves, and they were also shocked.Oh After listening to his son s words, Zheng Yutong pondered for a while and said, Isn t the horse club recommending newcomers for another year recently Dad You mean to recommend Li Guohao Zheng Jiachun asked in surprise.You must know that members of Xiangjiang Jockey Club are not just for ordinary people to join You must be an old member for more than three years to cbd products amazon gummies be eligible to recommend a newcomer, and if you recommend a newcomer, that newcomer can join It is also necessary to assess its ability, financial resources and other factors.

The Guohao Food Processing Factory, the Guohao Food Filling Processing Factory, the Guohao Food Packaging what are cbd gummies good for kozmic gardens cbd gummies Factory, and the Guohao Group are no big deal.Ni Xingqing was also speechless.He rolled his eyes and nodded, Yes The second is Li Guohao s name.As for the more meaning, only Li Guohao himself knows.In fact, Li Guohao took kozmic gardens cbd gummies the name of Guohao at the beginning, mainly because he thought that he would be reborn anyway, not to mention how well he did, but he had to leave his own mark.There is a saying that, when geese pass by, they leave their voices, and when people pass by, they leave their names.Anyway, Li Guohao himself has made up his mind, no matter what happens in the future, whether he will start a new company or not, it all starts with Guohao pastry where to buy cannaleafz cbd gummies company.As soon as Li Guohao got out of the elevator, he saw Li Qiang smoking a cigarette not far away.

I have long forgotten the plot.I just remember watching this movie in a Hong Kong entertainment novel.It seems to have won the annual box office champion and broke Bruce Lee s record After receiving the script that Xu Guanwen handed over, Li Guohao simply flipped through it, and then closed the script.The play of the script is very different from the novel.Although it is understandable to read, if you are not in this industry, you will find it meaningless and not as beautiful as the novel describes.The Xu Guanwen brothers who were next to him saw Li Guohao take a few glances and then closed their eyes.They also felt nervous, thinking that the other party was not satisfied with the script, or that they were not willing to spend money to invest in the film.Since it s Mr.Xu s movie, and Brother Lan introduced it, how much money is still missing I ll make up for it Li Guohao waved his hands proudly, as if he completely trusted them.

No, you Going this afternoon too. Jardine Group.Group Chairman William sat in where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies cbd peach gummies his office and read some recent newspaper news, his brows became more and more frowned.Since the stock market crash broke out, both newspapers and TV stations have reported a piece of news, that is, the reason why the stock market fell, Heng The reason why the decline is so fast is all because British capital manipulated the stock market and listed some junk stocks to confuse the public, which caused the stock market to fall all the way to the bottom.Now the stock market has fallen below the 500 point mark of the Hang Seng Index, almost a short period of time.One month back to the HSI index three years ago.And all this did not stop there, but because more and more small listed companies went bankrupt, more people lost their assets.

Getting involved in the underworld is always a troublesome thing.Since the protection fee is unavoidable, you still have to pay it, otherwise people will send people every three days.If you come to the factory to cause trouble, you will lose yourself at that time.Even if the opponent s gang of Fei Zai were arrested and locked up, they would still make trouble when they came out.After thinking for a kozmic gardens cbd gummies while, Li Guohao said to the driver Zhang Guangming, Uncle Zhang, you should go to New Century Real Estate.Yes.Chapter 228 Frozen Food New Century Real Estate.General Manager s Office.Zheng Jiachun frowned and said, Ah Hao, how did you get into trouble with He Shenghe I don t know either I heard from people under my command that they shark tank cbd gummies reviews came to collect protection fees.The director of my factory didn t care much.

They each brought their female companions, including a few people Li Guohao didn t know, but where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies cbd peach gummies after sitting down, He Qianjin also introduced their identities to each other.There are three other people in the seat, one is the well known Xiangjiang lawyer, that is, Barrister Shi Weixian, who is of mixed Chinese and English descent.Invited by the government to be a lawyer representative of the tax department.The other two are also elite talents from Xiangjiang, one is the general manager of a listed company, and the other is a well known surgeon at Xiangjiang Hospital.About half an hour passed.The annual membership activity of the Hong Kong Jockey Club officially begins.The host came to the stage and announced the income and contribution of the Jockey Club last year.Next, the chairman of the Jockey Club, Mr.

How about Ahao If I didn t know that the owner of HCMUSSH kozmic gardens cbd gummies this villa is going to sell it and return to the United States recently, otherwise I would have bought the previous one This is the house that people live in Standing on the top floor of the villa, Looking at the buildings in the distance, Zheng Jiachun had the aura of looking at all the mountains and small mountains.He looked very high spirited, but it was the twelfth lunar month, and a howling cold wind blew past him, so cold that he couldn t help but fight a sneeze.Zheng Jiachun took out a handkerchief from his pocket, wiped his nose briefly, and asked, How Are you satisfied with this house I searched a lot on the Internet.Although the decoration style of this house is okay, it still looks a bit old in some aspects.Is this okay Then your requirements are really high.

Grandma looked at the beautiful Zhao Yazhi, kozmic gardens cbd gummies and couldn t help but smile and said, Okay, the girl is very pretty.Grandpa also sat on the seat happily and nodded, it seems that he will be able to hug his great grandson soon.Grandpa, you know each other, so I won t introduce you.Hello, Grandpa.Although Zhao Yazhi had met Li Renzhong many kozmic gardens cbd gummies times, she still called out politely and kindly.Hmm.This is uncle and aunt.These two are cousins.Zhao Yazhi followed Li Guohao and greeted the uncle s family one by one.Cousin, you are so beautiful.Although the cousin is already fifteen years old, but her body is small and her skin is a little dark, she looks like a dry yellow haired girl.Seeing Zhao Yazhi who is well dressed and beautiful now, she is also envious Said.My cousin is also very beautiful.No way, my classmates say I m a skinny monkey.

There were many pipes connected to each other in the air.Under each pipe, there was an hourglass shaped thing There s not a lot of dust.Li Guohao wore a mask on his mouth, and his voice was a little weird.Shi Yuda replied Chairman, this is the operation room, a place where flour is specially made.If you go inside, you will find the filling workshop.There is much more dust inside than outside.Oh, that s right.Li Guohao nodded.After visiting the equipment used to make flour in the flour mill with Shi Yuda, I also came to the filling workshop.As soon as I walked to the door, I saw a vast expanse of whiteness inside.I could vaguely see that many people were wearing the same work clothes as myself.Wearing a mask, holding a flour bag in his hand, he is putting flour in a tube.The air is full of flour particles, and it feels like you have come to the clouds.

This thing is even more secretive than the current special mission company.So he knew that within two years, there would be chaos in Xiangjiang.Seeing that the big guy didn t care much about the idea of being a bodyguard, he sighed in his heart.He had trained with these students for a year, and he still had some feelings.I don t want the two sides to confront each other in the future.It s inconvenient for me to say some things, but as your chief, my suggestion is not to go back to work.Mr.Shen has already told me that the boss Li who hired you is a very generous person and he is very careful about his own safety.It s important, as long as you work well, you don t have what are cbd gummies good for kozmic gardens cbd gummies to worry about money.As soon as Zhou Zhangguan said, most people in the venue frowned, thinking about what the other party said, they had been together for a year or two, so they naturally understood The other party will not say these words for no reason.

Not to mention buying it to live in, but it is a good investment just waiting for the appreciation.1.6 million Zhang Dong stopped the car, and Mai Xiaomin walked over with his back straightened alone.When he heard Li Guohao casually say 1.6 million, he kozmic gardens cbd gummies was also quite shocked.He watched in surprise as the front of him gradually matured.Mai Xiaomin thought that when the two met for the first time, the other party was just a young man who had just graduated, and vaguely remembered that the other party ran to his own company that was about to go bankrupt to discuss business with the boss.Li Renzhong may be old, but he doesn t care how much the house cost, he is just happy from the bottom of his heart, glad that his grandson can have such achievements, and he can still enjoy it when he is old.Such a blessing.

In the past, conditions did not allow them, so they could only be treated conservatively, taking medicine on time, and occasionally visiting the hospital for examination.This year s charity banquet, the Governor of Hong Kong raised a large amount of charitable funds.In addition to allocating part of the construction of a new large scale welfare home, he also gave a sum of money for where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies cbd peach gummies orphan medical expenses, plus some donations from well meaning people, and the love of children under Li Guohao Charitable foundations are barely able to pay for these expensive surgeries.In addition to Annie, who suffers from leukemia, who needs long term hospitalization for treatment, an orphan with a cleft lip in an orphanage will also stay in the hospital for a few days, waiting for the doctors to come up with a good plan for cleft lip repair surgery.

On the other hand, catering can be more or less involved with these two.Li Guohao continued.In addition to supporting Li Qiang s stable company business and cultivating talents, he also gave an order to the pastry franchise to include the island country s business as soon as possible.After all, the island country also eats Chinese pastries.After Li Guohao finished speaking, he asked everyone if there was anything else to add.Huang He glanced at Li Guohao at this time.He has been promoted now.He is no longer the manager of the technical department of the pastry company, but also the manager of the food development of the food company.Chief, there is something I want to report to you.Oh Tell me.Li Guohao asked.It s like this.When I was in the United States, I heard a news that in April this year, the UK will hold an international competition called the International Skills Olympics.

Even Chang Xiaotu, who is learning pastry, has no good suggestions for it.The development of West Point in Xiangjiang is not very good.The most popular one is Chinese dim sum.Because of the price, West Point is only popular in the upper class.Cakes are not yet the go to object for birthdays.Therefore, it is reasonable for Huang He and Sun Dafu to know how to make cakes.After hearing the report from Master Wang and himself, Li Guohao also fell into deep thought.Cake Yes, Chairman, I have eaten cakes, and I have seen some cakes, but most of them are simply covered with cream and some chocolate sauce on the bread, with the name of the birthday person written on it, nothing else creativity.Master Wang said truthfully.There are many kinds of cakes in later generations.In addition to stuffing the inside of the cake with fruits, you can also use cream or chocolate fruits on the top of the cake to add beauty.

Now he suddenly heard Li Guohao mention his job, and thought that the other party would pull him into his company, so he was excited endlessly.When Brother Zhao s wife next to him heard this, she pinched her husband indiscriminately.Why are you pinching me Brother Zhao asked in a low voice, knowing that this was a gesture his wife was used to, and it also meant whispering.Look at your brother in law, he is talking so well with Ah Zhi s boyfriend now, it looks like he wants to give that boy Ah Hui a fortune.After finishing speaking, Brother Zhao s daughter in law glared at her husband angrily., let him get closer to his little sister on weekdays, if he doesn t listen, well, let his brother in law be one step ahead.Okay, don t talk about it.Brother Zhao s heart sank.After all, it was a matter of face.

In doubt, Li Guohao took Master Dong to the New Territories by car to see the feng shui of the new food industrial park.Chapter 272 The New Territories are mostly undeveloped at this time, almost all of them are farmland and village houses, and there are also high rise buildings, but most of them are in Yuen Long and Tuen Mun, and there is a little bit in Sha Tin, but not many.The other districts are just like the towns in the mainland in the 1990s.There are tall buildings but only small buildings with two or three floors, which are very sparse.It was past three o clock in the afternoon, and the scorching sun was no longer too hot, but there was only a slight sense of stuffiness, which was nothing.At this time, there were three or four people standing on a higher hillside, looking at an empty plain in the distance.

Only more than 100 people think it s a bit expensive.When asked about the desire to buy, almost everyone thinks that they will consider buying a few bags at home to avoid night When I m hungry, or when I don t have time to cook, I take it out and cook it directly.The overall conclusion of the report is benign.Although the taste cannot satisfy everyone, among the 1287 people, more than 1270 people will consider buying frozen food at home After reading the whole report, Li Guohao nodded slightly, It seems that our quick frozen food is quite satisfactory to everyone.Yes, although some people don t like glutinous rice balls or dumplings, almost everyone said they would consider buying them.Will consider buying does not mean will buy Li Guohao also often accepted some market research on the street in his previous life, but most of them were for greedy bites, or gifts from him, and there were few products that he was really willing to spend money on.

I m also planning to make an indoor game play.And I can also rent it to some film companies if they need it.At the same time, in addition to members, I also plan to create an area for some citizens to play.A good idea.After Zheng Jiachun heard Li Guohao s plan, he also nodded and said, Pingshan is still too far away, but a little bit of a bit has its advantages, and it happens to be convenient for members to play.But It s best not to use this area for citizens to play, if you want to get it, go to another place.That s fine too.Li Guohao thought for a while, what Zheng Jiachun said was very reasonable, and he nodded and agreed.On the other hand, He Qianjin sat there lazily.Recently, she was not in a good mood, all because of Xiao Bai s pursuit.In her heart I have a little liking for Li Guohao.

Seeing the signboard, Li Guohao raised his eyebrows, thinking that this master is really good.If you write clich d signs such as Iron Teeth Magician and Feng Shui Master , I am afraid that few people will really go to such a broken place.Wonderful Seeing the word Yuan , Jian Fu was shocked, thinking of a photo book he had read.It says It s hard to meet each other.I can t wait to cbd gummies for sleep near me where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies meet this master Then go in Sitting on the sofa in the store and waiting for Jian Fu to come out, Li Guohao casually picked up a few newspapers on the table and read them.Bruce Lee box office myth shattered Dragon s War The 7 day box office is worth 500,000 yuan, and the new kung fu movie has failed before reaching its peak Li Guohao looked at the several newspapers in his hand, all of which were blowing up Bruce Lee s new movie Enter the Dragon , and he couldn t help but want to laugh.

The oil mixed with the corpses of the workers was made into sausages.After the report was exposed, the President of the United States was eating sausage and vomited on the spot.We must remember the issue of food safety.As long as one bag of products is unqualified, the same batch of products cannot be sold in the market As a person from later generations, Li Guohao naturally understands the importance of a food safety to a catering company.I know this.I have always told the people under me to ensure food hygiene what are cbd gummies good for kozmic gardens cbd gummies and safety.Huang Yaohua nodded.The chairman had already mentioned this matter a long time ago, and he himself strictly followed the regulations of the Xiangjiang Department of Health to proceed.Seeing Huang Yaohua s precious expression, Li Guohao also nodded slightly, and suddenly thought that he might leave Xiangjiang temporarily in the near future, so he said first I may go to the United States in a few days to deal with the business there.

I leave it to you to handle it.If you have any questions about the promotional activities, you can discuss it with Manager Li Qiang, and you can just contact Di Yimin directly for other questions.Okay.Huang Yaohua nodded, and asked curiously Director Do you want to go to the United States Go and see how our food is sold abroad.Speaking of which, since I cooperated with Zhang Nana to open an export company, now the food factory will export a batch of food to the United States every month Food, although the price is very low, kozmic gardens cbd gummies and the profit is not very much, but small profits but quick turnover.Will the chairman be going for a long time Huang Yaohua frowned.It s only September 1st now, and there are still more than ten days before the Mid Autumn Festival.Li Guohao s two round trips to the United States are enough.

It turned out that he had already figured out the opponent s offensive moves and skills.Mike s students also felt ashamed when they saw that Mike had lost his mobility, but they still went to the ring and picked him up and sent him to a clinic not far away.Takeyuki Kimura looked at the high spirited Bruce Lee on the ring, and said fascinatedly Master, he is really powerful Especially his muscles, I may not be able to exercise them in my life.Bruce Lee has been around for almost two months , Did not carry out intensive training, the muscles on his body have become bloated, and he has gained a lot of fat.He is also very helpless.The doctor said that he should not carry out overload training, otherwise the symptoms will aggravate again.Isn t it enough to eat muscle powder Every man is ree drummond selling cbd gummies wants to have the same muscles as Bruce Lee, but Li Guohao is really lazy and doesn t have the perseverance, so he said casually when he heard Takeyuki Kimura.

He didn t know where Li Guohao got the 300 million U.S.dollars.One must know that this amount of money is equivalent to 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars At the headquarters of HSBC Bank in Xiangjiang, Shen Bi looked at Li Guohao with a plain face, and asked in surprise, Li Sheng, did you rob the Bank of America Because there were only a few stocks or futures that were shorted, and there was no such thing as leverage.Double, so the money earned is not particularly large.If you are interested, HCMUSSH kozmic gardens cbd gummies you can look up the oil crisis.This can be said to be a global crisis.If you use leverage to make billions, it is not a problem, but the author will not, and he does not want to develop too fast.I am going to attend the wedding now, and I will come back to update in the evening, sorry guys.Chapter 303 How should the money be spent Facing Shen Bi s interesting questioning, Li Guohao chuckled, but he had never seen such a surprised expression on Shen Bi s face.

This incident reminded Li Guohao that having the memory of the future does not mean omnipotence, as if he has always believed that the US stock market will fall on October 6, in fact Not only did it not fall, but it has risen a lot.Shaking his head slightly, Li Guohao put all these negative emotions to the back of his mind, the past has passed, and now he is focusing on the future.Now there is 300 million U.S.dollars as support, which is equivalent to 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars.In addition to repaying HSBC 300 million and a small part of the benefits, there are about 1.2 billion.How to spend this huge what are cbd gummies good for kozmic gardens cbd gummies sum of money has become Li Guohao s top priority.If it was in the past, if he had just crossed over, what Li Guohao thought about was probably buying a house, buying land, and waiting for the value to rise.

This meeting is the most harmonious meeting I have ever held in my life Suddenly there was a lot of laughter in the venue.Hearing the laughter, Li Guohao smiled and said again Back to the topic, because of the hard work of Manager Xiong Yi, we have established more than one hundred franchise stores in the overseas franchise department in Southeast Asia.up Papa Hearing that there are already 100 palace pastry franchise stores in Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, everyone in the venue applauded enthusiastically.Li Guohao once again signaled everyone to be quiet, and said At the same time, there are almost a hundred application documents for franchise stores still in the company.Why don t I continue to let the franchise department open, mainly because of the serious shortage of manpower We must do our best to make palace pastries Whether it is materials, personnel technology, service attitude, all must be the best That s why I want to start a school.

Hmm.The instant noodle market is very large in Asia.Basically, any Asian country has a market for instant noodles.On the one hand, the price is cheap and on the other hand, it tastes good.This has contributed to the prosperity of the instant noodle market in Asia.Compared with Europe and the United States, they don t like the strong flavor of instant noodles, but there are some kozmic gardens cbd gummies exceptions.Now Nissin Instant Noodles is not yet the dominant player in Xiangjiang.Before the other party invades, it will go on the market as soon as possible and stabilize the market share of its own instant noodles After visiting the three factories, Li Guohao followed Qi Baiheng again fx cbd gummies 1500mg kozmic gardens cbd gummies and visited the canteen that can accommodate 5,000 people to eat at the same time.This canteen can be said to be the largest, most hygienic and most modern canteen in Xiangjiang.

Jin handed the gift box in kozmic gardens cbd gummies his hand to Li Guohao, and he said Come to you.What is this Li Guohao looked at the long gift box but didn t realize it for a while.This is a picture written by Lao Jin for you.Cai Lan said on the side.Mr.Jin s reminder Then I will put it away carefully.After several decades, I m afraid I can change to another apartment Li Guohao said happily when he heard that it was Jin Yong hemp bomb cbd gummies 375mg btl 25ct bottle who wrote the pen himself.Now Jin Yong is at best a martial arts master and a newspaper tycoon in Xiangjiang, but after his works are fermented all over the world, his status has been kozmic gardens cbd gummies kozmic gardens cbd gummies infinitely elevated a lot.In the 1980s, he joined one of the drafting committees of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.He served as the head of the Hong Kong side of the Political System Drafting Group of the Basic Law and a kozmic gardens cbd gummies member of the Economic System Drafting Group.

It s okay, we don t buy all the 10,000 acres, but only some land with better farmland and land.After thinking for a while, Li Guohao said Let s buy half of it for the time being, 5,000 acres.It s okay.When we set off for Roi Et the day after tomorrow, we ll be discussing with the local farmers.At the end, Chen Xuewen said again By the way, Chairman, the government of Roi Et Mansion welcomes us to invest there, and even gave us certain preferential policies.They haven t issued specific documents yet.Li Guohao nodded, this matter is very normal, no matter which country it is, if you want to attract investment, you must have preferential policies, and suddenly thought of what Chen Xuewen said just now, Go to Roi Et Mansion the day after tomorrow Well, there is a boat going here every two days for the time being.

You can tell it is the internal organs at a glance.Damaged, blood rising.He can t bear it for long, no matter who it is, as long as the internal organs are ruptured, they will lose their what are cbd gummies good for kozmic gardens cbd gummies fighting power in a short time.Sure enough, where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies cbd peach gummies Chen Sheng just said here.Niltai on the ring, after dodging Barron s uppercut, suddenly opened his eyes wide, as if about to vomit, endured it for a few seconds, and finally spewed out big mouthfuls of blood with a puchi.As soon as the blood was sprayed on the front foot, the person on the back foot fell to the ground unconscious.This dramatic scene made everyone in kozmic gardens cbd gummies 3000 mg cbd gummies the venue stunned for more than ten seconds before reacting.Ding At this moment, the referee s bell rang, and the first round was over After the referee came to the stage to check Niltai s situation, he gestured to Baron and said a few words to the host in the audience.

I brought back a drink from Thailand.It s not just soda, it s kozmic gardens cbd gummies a kind of energy drink that can make people excited and anti fatigue.It s similar to coffee.Specifically, after Ajie and the others come to the company in the afternoon, you will I can see it.Huang Yaohua was confused, in his perception, soda is a kind of water that makes people feel comfortable, hungry and thirsty, and cool kozmic gardens cbd gummies off.But why did the chairman say so much like a potion Chairman, is the drink you re talking about a potion No.The functional drink Xiangjiang, which is similar to Red Bull, has not been sold yet.It is only natural that Huang Yaohua doesn t know.I didn t know how to open my mouth, so I had to say After Ajie brings it back by boat in the afternoon, you will take that water to the technical department for testing, and let them reverse engineer the formula.

Most of the vegetables in Xiangjiang now come from the mainland.That s right, they are indeed from the mainland.As early as 1962, Premier Zhou considered the daily food problem of the compatriots in Xiangjiang, and discussed with the British government to jointly arrange three express trains to transport poultry, vegetables and other goods.It departs from Shanghai, Zhengzhou, and Wuhan.After arriving in Shenzhen, it transfers to Xiangjiang.In addition to the vegetables provided by the mainland, even cbd 100mg gummies the water source is also built from the mainland to the Xiangjiang River. March 7th.Xiangjiang Island Central.In the early morning, the sky was bright, and the howling cold wind hurt people s faces.After staying kozmic gardens cbd gummies in Thailand for a few days, Li Guohao missed the climate there, but he hated the mosquitoes there.

Yes, their They proposed to share the same market share, but they recently asked for an additional share in overseas distribution.Li Guohao frowned and said, The price of other people s distribution is different from ours Yes.Cai Lan said I and Golden Harvest s He Guanchang talked about this matter, he said that because of the high cost of overseas distribution, the price of overseas hairstyles for each cbd gummies for sleep near me where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies movie will rise in the future, and we are not the only ones who are different.Heh Only Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers were able to send Xiangjiang s hair to Nanyang and other places, and Shaw Brothers only allowed their own films to be released, which made Golden Harvest a fortune.Li Guohao sneered.Shaw Brothers has fx cbd gummies 1500mg kozmic gardens cbd gummies been operating the company according to the concept of self production and self sale since the 1950s, but Golden Harvest took advantage 1500 mg cbd gummies reddit of the resources obtained from Shaw Brothers in the early years to help some film companies obtain overseas distribution opportunities.

Haha Haha The wealthy businessmen and celebrities who were invited to participate in the event laughed out loud when they heard that they were getting older.He Dongsheng, the president and person in charge of Hong Kong Youth Chamber of Commerce, couldn t help but chuckled twice when he heard the laughter from the audience.With the help of the laughter, he continued We may be too nervous about the ten outstanding youth elections in 1970.After all, it is the first time that some aspects are inevitably negligent, and here I cherish to express my apologies kozmic gardens cbd gummies to Mr.Xu Xianfa, he is the only does meijer sell cbd gummies person we miscalculated the age.Hahaha Hearing He Dongsheng s words, Everyone in the venue burst out laughing again.On the other hand, Li Guohao, who was sitting in the audience, was a little at a loss.He didn t understand what the stalk meant.

Ah Zhen, the clever ghost, asked for a red envelope in the bedroom.Said to look at it, and said that if there is less, he will not let in, Li Guohao chuckled outside the door and said Then how many red envelopes do you think is appropriate Ah Zhen hesitated for a while and said At least one for each person.Listen Well, Li Guohao asked Zhang Dong to stuff the red envelopes in.When Zhang Dong squatted down to stuff the red envelopes, he found that the gap in the door was too small for one red envelope to fit in.Seeing this, Li Guohao had no choice but to say I will give two for each person.Hurry up and open the door, the door is too small to fit in.You won t lie to me, will you A Zhen said suspiciously.How could I lie to you You see, I lied to you that time Last time I said I would take you shopping for clothes, didn free cbd gummies samples t I Ah Zhen heard the same thing, and as soon as she opened the door lock, Li Guohao pushed it away from the door impatiently.

Li Guohao also made arrangements for these people, asking the hotel staff to arrange for them to experience various services in the hotel, such as where to buy green lobster cbd gummies bars, saunas, swimming pools and so on.Boss security is already in place.Chen Sheng and Zhang Bowen walked quickly to Li Guohao s side.Well, it must be well arranged.There must be no omissions.The people who come this time are either rich or expensive.I don t want any mistakes when I get married.It was contracted by Guohao Security, but the number of people is definitely not enough.Therefore, Li Guohao can only ask all the personnel in Guohao Security to go out and guard all the entrances and exits of the hotel.Li Guohao was arranging the time for security with Chen Shengzhang s blog post when he saw his secretary Xiao Liu running over quickly and shouting, The boss just contacted me from Mr.

That s right, that Legend has it that the He Tung family, the first richest man in Hong Kong, was born in a movie called Dead Grass in HCMUSSH kozmic gardens cbd gummies which the He family came from the background story of the He Tung family.The current Macau gambling king Ho Hung also came from this He family., He and He Zuozhi are uncles and nephews.The illegitimate child itself has a certain degree of legend, almost many novels have written about this kind of thing, and He Zuozhi s life as He Zuozhi s illegitimate child is like a TV series, very poor.But it was He Dong s own son after all.After He Dong s death in 1956, He Zuozhi was sent away by the big house with 50,000 Hong Kong dollars.Fifty thousand Hong Kong dollars was considered a huge sum of money among ordinary people at that time, and He Zuozhi got the money In the future, instead of spending money, I started a radio station relying on the experience I learned in various companies in the early years.

Then I ll just talk straight to the chairman Ma Zhengkang gritted his teeth Actually, I think the company s top priority now is not to compete with New Territories Real Estate for the development of new town projects in the town, although where is the small town with the most land and the largest population in Yuen Long town, but we, Cheung Kong, don t have the strength to compete with New Territories real estate yet Although Li Chaoren is now rare among his peers in Xiangjiang, his total assets will never exceed two billion, which includes real estate and Cheung Kong The value of He Plastic Flower Company is no more than 100 million in cash.It is simply delusional to want to win the development of Yuen Long Town.Li Chaoren listened to Ma Zhengkang s words, although he didn t show any displeasure on his kozmic gardens cbd gummies face, but he felt a little bit dissatisfied with Ma Zhengkang in his kozmic gardens cbd gummies heart.

Okay, I ate it all myself.Seeing what the chairman said, Chen Shao and the factory manager had no choice but to stuff the popping candy into their mouths, as if they were being forced to take poison.Immediately The expressions of the two changed drastically.Chen Shao vomited it out directly, and kept saying Bah, bah, bah, bah.On the contrary, Director Zhang has a good ability to accept.After getting used to the pleasure of popping candy exploding in his mouth, his eyes gradually shine.Chairman, what is this Why does it feel like something is exploding in my mouth After Chen Shao vomited, he swallowed, glanced at the powdery unknown object in the bag, and turned his head to ask Li Guohao.This is a very magical kozmic gardens cbd gummies candy.For the time being, I named it Jumping Candy.I have asked Director Xiao in the laboratory building to arrange for people to develop equipment that can mass produce Jumping Candy.

For the outside world , she was more eager to learn more, thinking that a few years ago, a fellow from her hometown smuggled to Xiangjiang and sent back 500 yuan in less than two months.Xiangjiang made money, and many people also took action.If the border was not blocked by soldiers, I am afraid that more people would smuggle in.Thinking about the rumors, cbd gummies for sleep near me where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies the little girl couldn t help asking Mr.Li, I heard that Xiangjiang is very Prosperous, but also very profitable, ordinary people can earn thousands of dollars a month, isn t it true Li Guohao thought for a while, and said truthfully A few thousand yuan is not that much, but a normal salary is at least a thousand yuan a month. A thousand dollars a month When the little girl heard a thousand yuan a month, her eyes were brightened.You must know that she works in a good place like a guest house, and her salary is only a dozen yuan a month, let alone a farmer in the countryside.

They fx cbd gummies 1500mg kozmic gardens cbd gummies also have various advertising fees sponsored by their own Guohao Group, and Liang Shuyi After dismissing many idle jobs, it is much better than last year.But no matter what, Phoenix TV will never be able to compare with TVB and Li s TV stations.It is not a comparison of the strength or resources of the three parties, but the problem of TV licenses.According to the original history, Phoenix TV, also 75 mg cbd gummies known as Jiayi TV, should have closed down last year, and then a group of talents fell to TVB and Li s TV.It is precisely because of the resources and talents of Jiayi TV Station that Li s TV station shot countless classic films with excellent ratings in the three years from 1979 to 1981, such as kozmic gardens cbd gummies the local drama The Grace of the Earth and so on.But now, not only has Phoenix TV not closed down due to its financial situation, but because of Li Guohao s capital injection and Liang Shuyi s management, there is a slight trend of improvement.

After a long time, he said What does the chairman mean, does it mean that Britain is very likely best cbd gummies for pain without thc to fight the mainland because of the return of Xiangjiang Li Guohao nodded and said That s right.At present, in the international arena, except for the Soviet Union and the United States, which have been in a state of cold war, other kozmic gardens cbd gummies countries have always adhered to the development of domestic economy and trade.And if the mainland really fights with the UK, it will inevitably be another world war.In addition, Argentina is only a small country, and it is completely inferior to the mainland in terms of land area and military reserves.War cannot be fought.To fight or not to fight, for the Guohao Group, the difference is very, very big, but Di Yimin still doesn t understand what Li Guohao is trying to say, so he can only ask again What do you mean, Chairman yes Whether there is a war or not, the issue of Xiangjiang s return will definitely be discussed on the bright side.

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