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This is also on the line, so that people can t live If the control is really so strict, what about those civil servants whose families are all farmers in the countryside and have seven or eight acres of land at home He Ri at noon Han Chaoyang was unconvinced after thinking about it, and hesitated to speak.The instructor was in charge of ideological work, so he could no longer keep silent, coughed dryly, and said earnestly Xiao Han, Liu Suo s words are a bit heavy, but you have to understand the mood of the leader.I know you have ideas and your own plans for life, and you can Admitting that civil servants go to work is their job, and they are ordinary citizens after get off work.It is reasonable to say that they have the right to develop their specialties, pursue interests, and even earn income through labor.

Because of the sanitation fee for foreigners and the stall fee for vendors from outside, there have been disputes more than once, and even violent fights several times.The patrolmen only patrol to Chaoyang Bridge, and don t care about it further east, so when encountering such a thing, the Huayuan Police Station should be sent to the police.The signboard of the Chaoyang Police Office is hung at the entrance of the Chaoyang Community Service Station.There is an office room with a blue and white police logo and a 110 light box.There is a lounge inside.But the Huayuan Police Station has only so many official police officers, and the area it is responsible for is so large that it is impossible to arrange for police officers to be stationed in the police station.A co op is stationed.The salary of the auxiliary police is so low, it is impossible to require people to be on duty 24 hours a day, so there is still no one in the police room at night.

In theory, it is not under the control of the police, but you can t really ignore it.Transferring people to punishment will be very troublesome.Han Chaoyang pondered for a moment, then said persuasively, Jiang Erhu, since Yu Xiushui and your aunt have obtained a marriage certificate, he and your aunt are legal couples.If your aunt is gone, then he has the right to control the joint property of the couple.That is to say, he can leave the real estate to whoever he wants before he dies, and it has nothing to do with your uncle who has been dead for many years, and it has nothing to do with you.Officer Han, you are favoring her Jiang Erhu was in a hurry , stood up abruptly Do you know the circumstances under which Yu Xiushui made the will, she was so ill that she was dying, and she was insane, and those documents made by her and her mother didn t count.

Hurry up, he s called several times Immediately, at most three minutes Han Chaoyang took the electric car and asked Xu Hongliang to return to the police station to continue his duty.He hurried to the Chaoyang River, where several old men wearing sun hats were scolding the men in the middle of the river.Electric fishing is against the law, so it s legal for you to fish Did you see it It says on the bridge that fishing is prohibited.Little bastard, you re still stubborn.If you have the guts, come up with me Come down if you have the guts.You little bastard, see if I can t kill you A short and fat old man got angry and threw down his fishing rod to search for bricks and tiles.Han Chaoyang stopped the car in a hurry, ran down, grabbed it, and shouted sideways Who allowed you to electric fish here, do you know that electric fishing is illegal I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, and I am also from this river section.

The proprietress is just a business owner, she dare not cause trouble, let alone help the foreign woman to hide it, she quickly found a small sealed document bag from the shelf, There is a foreigner who sent a courier, That s it.Express delivery and mail are the same thing, not to mention that the community police can t open it for inspection even if the criminal police don t have the relevant procedures, Han Chaoyang took out the police phone to take a picture, and asked in a low voice Madam boss, put it inside Did you check what was sent natures cbd gummies reviews when you sent it See, how strict the control is now, not only to see, but also to take pictures of the sender s ID card.The proprietress took out the HCMUSSH natures cbd gummies reviews mobile phone customized by the courier company from the counter, skillfully He quickly found a photo, Officer Han, this is the woman s ID card.

Hongliang, what s the situation Chaoyang, that woman went to Xingyan Village, and at the entrance of the village she handed over a stack of false certificates to several women renting in the village, some of whom were holding children and pregnant women.She After collecting the money, I left, probably going back.I followed those women to the place they rented, and the accents were all from their hometowns.So this is a gang, she is engaged in wholesale, and those women Responsible for retail It should be that a pregnant woman is out, I will follow her first to see where she is going, and I will call you if there is any situation.Chapter 24 Gang 2 Li Xiaobin is a veteran, and Chen Jie is a police student.They are both young, and they are much better than the few low income security guards in the police station.

Talk about it, why don t we talk about it Old Xu asked curiously.My family is rich, and she went to study in Germany before she finished her university degree.She cbd gummies for back pain natures cbd gummies reviews is determined to join a big band.I can t keep up with her, and I can t hold her back.I just get together and break up, so I natures cbd gummies reviews can do it in the future.Friends.What s so great about being in an orchestra, you re still a civil natures cbd gummies reviews servant I m talking about an internationally renowned symphony orchestra.Have you ever heard of Yo Yo Ma He wants to become a great performer like Yo Yo Ma.What are civil servants Yes.To her and her family, civil servants are a joke.Who is Yo Yo Ma Old Xu may not be able to tell what is a viola and what is a cello, and talking about it with him is like playing the piano against a cow.Han Chaoyang didn t want to talk about this anymore, so he immediately changed the topic Old Xu, I can t leave the jurisdiction.

The stolen goods were all obtained, and the four suspects squatted at the base of the wall with their heads drooping, not daring to speak.Han Chaoyang took the laptop that Lao Yang brought, and just opened it on a cardboard box, when there was a rush of footsteps outside.What s going on, where are the suspects Liu Suo, all the suspects are here, Han Chaoyang hurried to the door, pointing to the suspects squatting in the wall and reporting These three came back this afternoon., We waited for them for two days, and then we waited for several hours to close the net after we came back.It turned out to be true, but they made such a big noise without making a sound.Liu Suo and the trainer who followed closely glanced at the four suspects, and then looked curiously at Li Xiaobin, Chen Jie and other Dongming community security guards, and then turned their attention to the room full of false certificates and stamps.

After thinking hard for a while, he suddenly smiled and said Secretary Yang, land .

do purekana cbd gummies work?

acquisition and relocation is only the first step.The next step is to level the land.To demolish houses and start construction, can we talk to the demolition company, the demolition company and the construction party Our natures cbd gummies reviews street will provide a little, and the three of them will each provide a little, and the problem will be solved. This is a good idea, but there is another Question, under what name is it formed This year it is Chaoyang Village, and I don t know which village it will be next natures cbd gummies reviews year.The city is developing towards us, and there will be more and more things like this in the future.Let the Chaoyang Community come forward and register to form a village.Security service companies, you can save money and then ask for help.

After the leader signed it, he could take it to Chen Xiujuan and ask Chen Xiujuan to go to the branch office to get the money.The stone in Han Chaoyang s heart finally fell, and he took the opportunity to report on his work.Instructor, the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community has been established.The neighborhood committee will register and establish a security company.Taking advantage of the opportunity of the security brigade to rectify the security service market, it will incorporate the security of the property in Dongming Community.It will also take over the security of the 527 factory and perform voluntary security cbd gummies and sleep patrols.The volunteers of the team are these security guards.What is the difference between changing the soup and are cbd gummies illegal in virginia are cbd gummies legal in ohio not changing the medicine, and not being established Guan Yuanyuan has no hope for the voluntary public security defense teams in each village and the voluntary security patrol teams in each community.

The man who couldn t show his ID card looked honest, not even nervous at all.Han Chaoyang looked him up and down, and walked into his rented room.There were all pots, pans, pans and spoons.The corners were piled up with utilities, shingles and oil tools.An old electric car was parked next to the bed and was charging.Like most people who go to the city to do odd jobs, there is really nothing suspicious.But if you can t show your ID card and can t tell you your home address, this is the biggest suspicious.Han Chaoyang returned to the door, stared into his eyes and asked, What s your surname, what s your name My surname is Ding, Ding Zhenjiang.Home address , said in mandarin with an accent not very confidently Raozhuang Village, Dafu Township, Menya County.Is this Fu Confirmed, what made everyone feel even how much cbd in cbd liquid gold gummies more suspicious was that the middle aged cbd gummies for back pain natures cbd gummies reviews man said, I can t read.

Han Chaoyang stood outside the car with the four urgently transferred team members, using a flashlight to take photos with Director Su.The happiest person was not Han Chaoyang, but Director Cai of the Comprehensive Management Office.He held up his mobile phone, which was not very effective at taking pictures at night, and snapped a few shots.He signaled the community cadres, working group cadres, and village cadres to maintain order and prevent the surrounding villagers from crowding into the cordon, while calling the leader.report.Secretary Yang, I m Cai Xinyang, you re calling so late to report some good news.What natures cbd gummies reviews good news Secretary Yang opened his hazy eyes and asked, yawning continuously.The investigation has achieved great results.A robber was just caught an hour ago, and now a murderer has been caught He is really a murderer.

What s wrong with your supervisor Can t the superior ask you for information But, the bad influence on me has already been caused What kind of bad influence, I said I understand natures cbd gummies reviews the situation.Go back early, don t delay work, it s the first time to touch this car, drive slowly on the road, pay attention to safety Section Chief Zou, you can t do this, and I can t just go back like this.It was the first time that Zou Jingnan had encountered such a thing, so he stared at him and asked, Do you want natures cbd gummies reviews me to give you an explanation It s not that I insist on an explanation, but that you should give me an explanation. Okay, I ll give you an explanation if there s one, change it, if there s nothing else, I ll encourage it statement Han Chaoyang is not hypocritical, but has seen similar things.A cadre in his hometown was called by the Commission for Discipline Inspection to understand the situation, but no problem was found and he was not given an explanation.

For example, the community police are also fire police, are cbd gummies illegal in virginia are cbd gummies legal in ohio anti drug police, and national security police, and they also do various jobs.If the relevant brigades come to handle the case, you have to provide all kinds of cooperation, help with the transcripts, and help with the investigation of suspects.Those people also say that this is Help you handle the natures cbd gummies reviews case.Not only do you have to do your job well, but you also have to do a good job in part time jobs, and you have to deal with various assessments, and you will be assessed by all business outlets.Speaking of which, the various brigades of the sub bureau and the police station are at the same level, but they can evaluate you.The Criminal Police Brigade evaluates your detection rate of criminal cases, the Public Security Brigade evaluates your handling of crimes, and even the management of violators in the Traffic Police Brigade is assigned to you, and then you are evaluated.

I ran all the way back to the police office, and laughed as soon as I entered the door Miss Zhang, you came just in time, if it weren t for you, I would have omg cbd gummies been tricked tonight.And Xinyi, the call just now was too timely Yes, thank you, thank you very much, you are all my benefactors, Han Chaoyang People from the Public Security Bureau came to the door of the house the day before yesterday to investigate the relationship with the person in front of him and question him about the loan.Zhang Beibei realized that he was causing trouble and that he was investigated by the Disciplinary Committee of the Public Security Bureau and the inspector.He wanted to apologize the day before yesterday, because he didn t have that much money and didn t know what to say when they met, so he hesitated until tonight.

This is the best way.Okay, so I can report to my superiors.Are you in the police room, I will go to you, and we will study it carefully.If it were another policeman, he would definitely be reluctant to give up kushly cbd gummies are cbd gummies illegal in virginia the initiative.The young apprentice next to him doesn t seem to have the concept of grabbing merit , but thinking about it carefully, there is nothing to grab for this merit.Gu Guoli thought it was a little funny, but at the same time he was a little emotional.He couldn t help sighing The masses have opinions on us, and think that we have a low rate of solving crimes.They accuse us of only knowing how to solve major cases and not caring about natures cbd gummies reviews small ones.Indeed, the theft of mobile phones, electric vehicles, etc.The rate of solving cases is very low, but they don t know that there are only two million police officers in the country, and only a small part of them are responsible for solving cases.

We will start building the East Railway Station and the high speed rail station.The future high speed rail and bullet trains will all be here.Stop.Really You assist the working group in the demolition every day.They didn t tell you After taking a big sip of water, he continued, I heard from Station Master Wang that the train station does not need to be relocated, but our passenger station will be moved.One piece of land acquired by Chaoyang Village is for the construction of a long distance passenger station.The subway is also planned here.In the future The area in Chaoyang Village is very lively, there are high speed rail stations, bus stations and subway stations.All in one place Han Chaoyang was surprised when he heard it for the first time.If you don t believe me, go back and ask the people in the working group.

Facts are also reality.Director Su half jokingly said Fortunately, my family is a daughter, and it s too much to bear to have a son now.One is okay, but two are really too much.They were chatting about their parents, but Han Chaoyang couldn t get a word in, so he quietly ran to the hall natures cbd gummies reviews I went to Boss Deng to settle the bill, but Boss Deng said that the old man had already settled the bill, and was very how long does a 50mg cbd gummy last natures cbd gummies reviews moved.Huang Ying called.Chaoyang, have you told your family about the house They are waiting for my letter I called home last night, and my mother was even in the van inside, and she came to buy a house, but Huang Ying said so Han Chaoyang never mentioned the house to his family, so he could only say perfunctorily Yingying, I m sorry, the house you said is good, mainly funky farms cbd gummies deli because it exceeds my family s capacity It s okay, more than two million yuan , it s not cheap, I ll call her back and tell her to call the agency.

Han Zhaoyang opened his eyes, and couldn t help but interjected What black and white accounts Black accounts are users with overdue credit records.An account is a user who has no credit card or other loan records, just fill in the real name mobile phone and ID card, and you can make a payment.You don t understand, and this is not something you should care about, why ask these questions, and listen carefully , Just understand and understand, Gu Guoli coughed dryly.Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, took a peek at He Yichang, and dared not interrupt.Chapter 144 Blackness eats blackness He Yichang didn t care about Han Chaoyang s actions at all, and asked abruptly, Where are you on the 17th of this month On the 17th in Qingfeng Mountain.Want to say again I went in the afternoon of the 15th and came back in the evening of the 18th.

Online loans only need to fill in the information online, and the loan can be released after the information is approved.The degree of risk control between the two is too different, and the bad debt rate of the bank is so high, let alone the online loan platform.So these years have been cheated by online loans There are a lot of people, and there are as many platforms that have been shut down by scammers like them, as are small loan companies.Gu Guoli was also curious about this new type of crime, which is not a new type, and asked inexplicably Those platforms know that the risks are very high.Big, why lower the review standards For momentum, Chief Gu, you think they make money by collecting interest, no Now these companies are not operating well, and they only want to make money.Get a beautiful user data and give it to investment.

The 110 police car had two tucked into the back row, and the two auxiliary policemen squeezed into the back row, one on each side, to control them.Two were also stuffed into the back row of the official car, and two of the remaining three were cbd gummies for back pain natures cbd gummies reviews put into a bread police car, and one was stuffed into a law enforcement car.It s important to take the person back to the prison first, Han Chaoyang greeted Lao Yan from a distance, after thinking about it, he raised his mobile phone and made a gesture of calling, and then he opened the door and climbed into the van s co pilot Chapter 165 It Happened for a Reason 1 It was already 11 o clock in the evening when Huang Ying got home.Just as she took out her key, the anti theft door was opened from the inside.Mom, don t you want how long does a 50mg cbd gummy last natures cbd gummies reviews to go to work tomorrow Why haven t you slept yet Come in first, let s talk later.

Dad Huang thought Thinking about it, he smiled again When eating in a restaurant, people still have to invite them to sit at home and make a name for themselves.Dad, do you still want to talk to him Talk about what s wrong, he s a police officer.He s a policeman, are you afraid that I ll eat him Huang Ying was both happy and amused that his parents liked the unlucky guy so much, and she didn t know what to natures cbd gummies reviews say, so Huang s mother continued, Yingying, listen to your aunt.The classmate said that Xiao Han s parents came over on Sunday, we will get to know Xiao Han formally on Saturday, and set up a table on Sunday to welcome Xiao Han s parents.It s not easy for them to come, and they are here to help you buy a house.What does it mean to help us buy a house, help him buy a house, okay Is there a difference Such a handsome and excellent son in law may not be able to find him with a lantern, Huang s mother believes in her sister s vision, believes in news reports, and natures cbd gummies reviews knows herself very well.

How natures cbd gummies reviews much a person has changed over the years may not be recognized.Han Chaoyang smiled awkwardly II really don t have any impression.I know you have no impression.You were so beautiful when you were in school, and the romantic person in the whole school.I am completely transparent.How can you look at me or remember me name.Lin Wenjing tossed her hair, and stretched out her right hand generously.I, my hands are full of sweat.Still look down on me Lin Wenjing teased.How is it possible I m afraid I ll get your hands dirty.Han Chaoyang spread his hands, then turned around to show her his wet back.I m sweating profusely.Did you go out on patrol just now Almost.Lin Wenjing thought it was ridiculous that Mrs.Ma s son actually became a policeman., is it heavy to wear so many things Even though he was a classmate but had no impression, Han Chaoyang was really embarrassed, so he simply introduced the equipment on his body This is a kettle, this is a walkie talkie, handcuffs, pepper spray, baton, flashlight at least 5 kilograms, we dispatch the police every day These equipment must be complete, if you carry them on your back every day, you will definitely lose weight.

It was not found, the scene of the theft was not monitored, and there were no other witnesses except the owner, so we had to natures cbd gummies reviews bring him back for interrogation.Gu Suo put down the suspect s ID card, looked up and asked, Where is the owner When natures cbd gummies reviews you get to the traffic light, you should be there right away.After checking just now, the kid they caught had no criminal record.Gu Suo rubbed his chin and muttered, No stolen goods were found, no other witnesses, what s going on He knew that the brat downstairs was a thief but had no proof.The owner believes that he stole it, and he is indeed suspicious.You must not bring it back, otherwise you will not be able to explain to the owner.I can only release him if there is no evidence.Why don t I look around the scene and see if I can find it.It s okay to look for it, so let s do it.

Whether the guy will be infected, I don t know if the little guy will have any complications, anyway, judging from the current situation, 400,000 yuan is definitely not enough.How much will it cost A million chips, if the cure is not spent in the future After that, it will be returned to the good hearted people who donated in proportion. As long as the money can be raised, it will be cured I asked, this person dare not guarantee it, they said that as long as chronic myelogenous leukemia like this can be matched Type, as long as you do bone marrow transplantation, the cure rate is very high, but the premise is that you can match the type, if not, all the work you are doing now is useless, no matter how much money you spend, it will be in vain. Parents should be fine.Right Not necessarily, this is the most worrying thing now, if the bone marrow of the child s parents is not suitable, and the bone marrow bank can t find a suitable one, it will be troublesome.

Thinking that this is an honor for the police personally, it is also an honor for the branch, Zhou Bureau can t help laughing Said The political commissar s idea is good, let s do it like this, anyway, the materials are ready made, and there is no need to deliberately prepare them.The three branch leaders were busy chatting, but they didn t notice that the performance had already started Leaders ladies and gentlemen Chief of the Armed Police Force stationed in Yanyang District, commanders and fighters friends Good evening, everybody Zhou Ju didn t care to listen to what the handsome male host and the beautiful female host had to say, subconsciously looked behind him, and suddenly found that there were many empty seats behind, and then looked up at the stage.How could Director Wen not know The director was looking at something, and quickly leaned into his ear Ju Zhou, comrades are on stage, there is a curtain behind the host, and the curtain will be opened later.

Director Hua felt that there was something shady, so he picked up the program list again, and asked with his mobile phone Old Yu, Glory What is the song Journey I haven t heard of it.Me neither, I searched it on my phone just now.I ve finished singing natures cbd gummies reviews can i give my dog cbd gummies for humans all the good and beautiful cbd gummies for back pain natures cbd gummies reviews military songs.What can they sing Soon Understood.What are you doing Let s talk about Glorious History.Let s not talk about it.After a while, a QR code will be printed on the screen for the audience to scan and participate in voting.The voting time is only ten minutes.It came out.The Public Security Bureau ordered and prohibited, and we have an advantage in mobilization, but we also have our own advantages.Hurry up and contact the schools.The action must be fast, and the QR code will be forwarded to all groups as soon as it comes out.

There are six or seven departments, including the general office, public security department, traffic department, and fire department.There are also several functional offices under each department.The general office assists the leaders in handling daily administrative affairs, liaison, reception, school political security and comprehensive management one section chief and four section staff in the transportation section are responsible for accident handling, claims settlement, how long does a 50mg cbd gummy last natures cbd gummies reviews vehicle identification, vehicle insurance, vehicle management, etc.Campus traffic order management and traffic publicity, etc.the Fire Department is also a section chief and four staff members, who are responsible for campus fire safety management, fire facility renovation and maintenance, campus fire publicity, training, natures cbd gummies reviews campus fire file management, etc.

A habit Han Zhaoyang thought It s incredible.It s not surprising.He Suo took over the conversation and explained with a wry smile It wasn t like this before, even if the crops in the fields were bad, you could still go out to work.As long as you work hard, you can earn some money, at least you can get enough food and clothing.At that time, it was really dependent on the sky for food.The man had to go to the field to do physical work, and he couldn t bear it without eating.The woman got up in the morning and natures cbd gummies reviews prepared can i bring cbd gummies through tsa a meal for her husband to eat and go to work.She skipped breakfast and warmed up the rest for lunch.There is another meal in the high strength cbd gummies evening, so those who don t work at home usually only eat two meals. He Suo, instructor, I m not from the city, and my hometown is also in the mountains, but the natural conditions in my hometown are not as bad as here.

Not light.The more you are at this time, the more calm you are Han Chaoyang held his breath while holding the wooden stick tightly, still not daring to act rashly.That bastard seemed to have fired seven shots just natures cbd gummies reviews now, and he doesn t know how many bullets can be loaded in the magazine of the May 4th pistol, let alone whether he has reloaded the magazine.What is certain now is that he does not know that there is anyone on the wild boar s side, and he dare not stay here for long.Six or seven shots were fired in a row, and the sound of the gunshots could be heard far away in the uninhabited barren mountains.His approximate location has been exposed.The police and armed police officers and soldiers involved in the roundup, including Jiang Li and Lu Banchang, must be coming from all directions at this moment.

For Zhou Ju, this was really a unintentional surprise.While opening the door and walking towards the political commissar s office, he said enthusiastically Xiao Han, you did a good job, you did a good job, you re fine.Embarrassing to our bureau, Fan Bureau gave a brief introduction just now, now I want to hear from you, start from the beginning, and speak slowly.Reporting to the weekly bureau, I am just lucky Don t be humble, I admit your luck Yes, but it is not enough to rely on luck alone to make such a great achievement.One person sticks to a mountain for four days and five nights, eats, drinks, lasses and sleeps all on the mountain.Can it be done free cbd gummies free shipping without a little determination and perseverance Besides, the fugitive has Gun, he was injured by a wild boar, but he was not killed.As long as you can move your hands, it is very dangerous.

A group of advanced models will be commended and credited, and the fire line of the police who has performed outstandingly in the implementation of the task will be approved to join the party.Fire line meritorious service , fire line joins the party , as long as the word fire line is fast, in other words, do not report to the Ministry of Public Security, do not Go through those tedious procedures.Fan Ju pondered for a moment, did not express any opinion, and still looked at the Political Commissioner with a smile.The Political Department is sorting out the deeds and materials, and they will report them to the Municipal Bureau the day after tomorrow.With Comrade Han Chaoyang s achievements, especially his deeds, it should be no problem to get a second class merit.Comrades Guan Xiyuan and Comrades Ning Junde also performed very well in the study and exchange.

Very professional and calm.Team Liang said abruptly, then straightened up and asked, Chaoyang, have you gone to the neighborhood to ask if anyone has seen the guys with tire punctures I just asked the driver And the construction site security, did not go around to ask other people.Team Liang thought to himself that this guy in front of him is still a rookie no matter how much he has done, so he couldn t help laughing Hurry up and arrange a few team members to ask, there must be witnesses, someone must have seen this group of guys who punctured tires.These guys, Team Liang, are you saying that the crime was not natures cbd gummies reviews can i give my dog cbd gummies for humans committed by one person, but by a gang.After all, he is a music how many cbd gummies 9 year old student and doesn t know common sense Team Liang went to the police car, held the car door and explained You probably haven t seen a large car with a blown tire, and you don t know the consequences of puncturing this kind natures only cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction of tire.

Said that our police are going to raise their wages again, 50,000 yuan, it s a big deal, just take it easy, the key is your attitude.My attitude He Pingyuan was very depressed and aggrieved.He got up and wiped away his tears.He choked up and said, Director Wang, political commissar, I m sorry for causing trouble to the organization.I ll go out and call my wife, explain to her, and ask Ask her how much money she has at home.Ping Yuan, talk to your lover.Yes, she should understand.A leader who doesn t consider his subordinates is not a good leader, seeing his disheartened look, Wang Ju Feeling very uncomfortable, he patted his arm and said meaningfully are cbd gummies illegal in virginia are cbd gummies legal in ohio Ping Yuan, we understand how you are.The political commissar and I have always believed that the old man s death had nothing to do with you, and we have always believed that you are a good comrade.

Aren t there tattoo stickers for sale outside Let hallo cbd 1000mg gummy worms s get some fake tattoos.Do those people dare to stop the car and extort money Chapter 286 The debt collectors really have problems, and when they find that they are being targeted, they run away and sneak into the crowd.I ll go after him, call someone quickly There were too many people in the campus, and the patrol car couldn t drive fast.Miao Haizhu was in a hurry, so she jumped out of the car immediately, and chased after her in the direction she was going.Just as Huang Ying came to her senses, she was stunned to see the senior sister disappearing into the crowd in a blink of an eye.The main campus is huge, and it takes seven or eight minutes to go to any gate and no matter are cbd gummies illegal in virginia are cbd gummies legal in ohio how fast you run.Unlike Miao Haizhu, Han Chaoyang simply parked his car on the side of the road, picked up the walkie talkie and shouted School The school guards, Han Chaoyang, our policeman stationed at the school, ask the officers on duty at each gate to step up vigilance and pay attention to three suspicious young men, one of whom is wearing a checkered shirt and the other is wearing a black advertising shirt.

There must be physical evidence in this pile of yellow sand How do you know if there is no sifting Okay, now it s my turn, you go wash and rest quickly.Watching the workaholic go, Han Chaoyang returned I went to the work area to find a pair of gloves and put them on, and immediately picked up the shovel.I could only help shovel the sieved sand onto the conveyor belt like a workaholic.Officer Han, you can tell liberty cbd gummies where to buy right away that you haven t done this job.What do you mean by just one look, Master Liu, don t look at me as a policeman now, in fact I was born and raised in the countryside, and I used to work at home.Master Liu couldn t help laughing and said, Your posture is wrong.Even if you grew up in the countryside, you probably haven t done heavy work.Officer Wu is a good hand at how long does a 50mg cbd gummy last natures cbd gummies reviews work.If you do it like you for a while, your hands will blister.

Master Du, does your family live nearby The second row behind the steel market, Lao Du raised his arm and pointed to the natures cbd gummies reviews east, and said with a sigh My home is the third team, the first team, the second team and the fourth team.It was all expropriated, but only our three teams did not move.Ten years ago, it was said that it would be expropriated, and it was said that it HCMUSSH natures cbd gummies reviews would be demolished.The news that comes out is always that there is a forced demolition here, and there are people defending their rights there.But for most ordinary people, they actually hope that the government will expropriate their land and demolish their houses.Lao Du was very envious of those villagers whose land could be expropriated and their cbd gummies for back pain natures cbd gummies reviews houses demolished.Team, I, Du Yichuan, still need to do this work and endure this hardship when my house is demolished Take measurements every two days in three days, which means that it will be soon.

As a result, Mr.Liang made one natures cbd gummies reviews call on the left and the other on the right, and the groom s officer was also very upset.Let go, hospitality is hard to come by, I can only be a representative.But don t worry, I ll change into my clothes before going to the wedding.I ve never encountered such a funny thing, and I ve never performed such a weird task.Xu Hongliang still couldn t finish it, and couldn t help laughing while talking.The boys were very hardworking, and passed the test all the way.Not only did Mr.Liang s family not spend more money, but also did not waste much time.The wedding was almost on time, and the task was completed beautifully.The lads are also very particular.I heard from Mr.Liang s relatives and friends who went HCMUSSH natures cbd gummies reviews to pick up the bride together that they had prepared four sticks of wedding cigarettes for them in advance.

Of course, Yanwen Coming to Yanyang, Yingying must feel uncomfortable, I am very guilty, but what else can I do besides guilt.Miao Haizhu suddenly found that the situation cbd gummies make you hungry has developed to this point, no matter what the younger brother does, it is not appropriate, the only thing he can do Just do nothing.Love is such a mess, she didn t bother to care about it anymore, and said angrily Well, you are an adult, since you are an adult, you have to be responsible for what you do, I just called Lingling The phone call, she said that someone received it, so you can figure it out.If you can figure it out, what can you do Han Chaoyang not only felt sorry for Huang Ying, but also for Sheng Yanwen.There was a soreness in my heart, I felt like I had made a big mistake, and I felt sorry for two good women at the same time.

It was originally planned to be operated by the investment and development company in the district, but now the citizens don t see it that way.Many people question whether it is necessary for the Bureau of Veteran Cadres to build such a luxurious office building.You said that the upper floor is the activity center for veteran cadres.Do veteran cadres usually go there for activities In short, if the migrant workers continue to make trouble, the new building of the Bureau of Veteran Cadres will become the focus of public attention again, so the contractor who stole the project money is honored to be included in the Fox Hunting Operation as a chase target.Bureau Zhou was also very puzzled, usually the branch bureau applied for some funds, but the district always said that there was no HCMUSSH natures cbd gummies reviews money, so how could they get money to build the building of the Bureau of Veteran Cadres But this is the task assigned by the district, and it is the branch s job to arrest the fugitives and recover the stolen money.

After waiting for less than two minutes, Boss Tian came out, not alone.Village Chief Cui also trotted over with a cigarette in his mouth.Han Chaoyang hurried up to shake hands and greeted him President Tian, Village Chief Cui, I m sorry to interrupt your meal.Passed.Cui Village Chief looked into the car and asked curiously, Xiao Han, who is this in the car Li Kaiyi, a colleague from our unit.Han Chaoyang didn t want to waste time, let alone cause adverse effects, and suggested Mr.Tian, Village Chief Cui, this is not a place to talk.How about we go to the village office Go, my car is parked at the gate of the village office.Han Zhaoyang opened the door, pretending cbd fruit gummies recipe to be relaxed and half joking Mr.Tian, you must have drunk at night, I can smell it, you can t drive while drinking, and you can t drive while drinking.

Now we know where the problem is, it s too late Xu Ju jumped up, clutching his mobile phone and angrily said You don t even think about Zhou Jiechao s nickname, Zhou Papi Talk to him Dealing with him and trying to take advantage of him, you are trying to take advantage of him Now it s all right, keep talking about expanding the results of the battle, the results are big enough, but they all belong to others. Xu Bureau, I m sorry, I didn t think carefully. I m sorry.It s useless, handle the case first, arrest the remaining two suspects first, cbd gummies to quit smoking canada shark tank and reflect on yourself after the case is over.Yes The result of the battle is gone, and the remaining two suspects still have to be arrested.The more Teng Jiming thought about it, the more angry he was, he natures cbd gummies reviews put away his mobile phone and went back to the living room of Room 601 with a sullen face.

Just as he was talking, the iron door of his house was closed from the are cbd gummies illegal in virginia inside with a bang, which should have been closed by Huo Xuebin s mother.The old lady obviously didn t want to see the police, and obviously didn t want the police to come in.It involves so much money that a person or even a family can t earn in a lifetime.The work of this family is not easy, but very, very difficult.Han Zhaoyang realized that the trip was wasted, and he sighed secretly.He calmly took out the police and civilian contact card You take this, it has my mobile phone number on it, and I think you have the contact information of Instructor Wang, think about it, and call us if you figure it out.Three hundred and sixtieth Chapter Grind The relationship between Qi Suo and Li Ju is good enough, and Li Ju s face is big enough Han Chaoyang originally planned to invite Instructor Wang to have a meal, but he paid for the meal, saying that the most handsome policeman in Yanyang was welcome back to his hometown, and that they must do their best as landlords.

I think the suspect may strike again.How about are cbd gummies bad for kidneys we use the most stupid method to see if we can catch the current situation.It s not that no one has been arranged to guard, how many times have we gone to guard, and every time we have failed.But from this point of view, the problem It is very likely that the crime occurred in natures cbd gummies reviews the community, and the perpetrators are likely to be people in the community.I think so too.Grandpa Gu looked back at the women who were sitting on the ground cutting bricks, frowned slightly and said, Mr.Tang found out last time that none of the key population living in the community is suspected of committing the crime.It seems that the suspect should have no criminal record, at least he has not been dealt with before.But the scope is very large, with more than 2,000 households and tens HCMUSSH natures cbd gummies reviews of thousands of people living in the community Everyone is suspected, how to investigate Whether it is the Chaoyang Community Voluntary Security Patrol Team or the PolyU Voluntary Security Patrol Team, they can organize members to carry out security patrols, but they can only patrol in Chaoyang Community and Lida District.

No matter good or bad things happen, he can always respect the leadership.Grandpa Gu looked at him with a smile, and continued as if he was making a routine This leader is not just the leader of the department or the bureau leader, as long as he is a leader, he respects as long as he has been working longer than him, and even most potent gummies of cbd available as long as he is older than him.Think about it, who doesn t like such a young man It s also because the community cadres, street leaders and even the PolyU leaders all like him and support his work, so the more he works, the smoother he is.Chapter 381 The plan is not as good as Change At 5 47, thirty five PolyU voluntary security patrol members, led by Zhang Jinhai, walked into the compound of the neighborhood committee with neat steps.The voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community has been assembled.

People are constantly growing , isn t that how we all live.Grandpa Gu smiled, flipped through the desk calendar, and murmured, There are still 39 days left, and we will arrive at the station in another 39 days The third hundred The eighty nine chapters are easy to come by Helping the office to pick up the car at the branch office, deputy director Gu is not supportive but very supportive After listening to Han Chaoyang s report, he immediately arranged for Guan Xiyuan, who had just returned from the police, to go with him.Fearing that the bureau leader knew it was not good, he specially told Guan Xiyuan not to speak after he arrived in the bureau.Facts proved that his worry was unnecessary.Zhou Ju and Du Ju had already explained that the police security office had already prepared the car keys, and asked Han Chaoyang to sign as soon as he saw him.

Unexpectedly, the stinky boy is not something you can suppress if you want to suppress it.Just after the siege of the village of selling stolen goods, he suddenly made a kushly cbd gummies are cbd gummies illegal in virginia contribution.Really answered that sentence gold shines everywhere Bureau Feng thought it was a bit funny, but now is not the time to laugh.As soon as natures cbd gummies reviews he hung up the phone, he went downstairs to summon the heads of the criminal police brigade and the economic investigation brigade to study the case.What he didn t know was that Zhou Ju said on the phone just now that he couldn t make the young man cock his tail, and within a few minutes after speaking, he chased down the stairs to report the latest progress of Huo Xuebin s arrest to several district leaders.The matter of the office building of the Veteran Cadre Bureau is a time bomb, and it is hoped that it will be resolved in a short time.

Gan Suo natures cbd gummies reviews s words really touched Grandpa Gu s heart.Compared with the Huayuan Street Police Station, he has natures cbd gummies reviews can i give my dog cbd gummies for humans more affection for the Changfeng Street Police Station.Just as he didn t know what to say, Instructor Cheng said with a smile If you don t waste money, you won t waste money.The four dishes and one soup in the evening are all what you like to eat Sister Lu did it Grandpa Gu asked subconsciously.Who else is there besides her We can t replace her as the chef.Grandpa Gu couldn t help sighing when he thought that Sister Lu s working years in the restaurant were longer than his own Sister Lu is sixty five this year, right Is there any benefit to not having a staff, as long as you don t drive her away, as long as she can work, she can keep working. It s impossible for her to work in the institute at such an age, let s not talk about it, let s go , let s go thc cbd gummies california eat first.

If the second or even the third black radio can be found, he will also bring natures cbd gummies reviews equipment to the scene to help us collect evidence as soon as possible.Similarly, if a small policeman who is in the internship period asks others for help, they may not necessarily help.Han Chaoyang was sighing secretly that people speak lightly , when the phone rang suddenly, and he took out the caller ID to see that it was Chen Xiujuan calling again.Sister Chen, what s the matter Chaoyang, Mo Yunhu from the fourth team of the old Chaoyang Village has been released from prison and is applying for household registration downstairs with his sister and brother in law.Come on, talk to him.Han Chaoyang had never met Mo Yunhu, but he had heard of it more than once.Calculating that he is about forty years old this year, he was sentenced to seven years for extortion and intentional wounding.

Han Chaoyang was beating the drum set, but there was a thought in his mind next time he went back, he would sing this song to his dad In fact, he was not the only one who was touched.Ah Cheng cried while singing, and the young literary and artistic youths who were looking for poetry and the distance in the audience also had sore noses.They could clearly see the tears of a few girls rolling in their eyes.It can be seen that on this snowy night, they are homesick and miss their father There is never too much beautiful singing and music.After one song was sung, there was thunderous applause in the hall, and several girls shouted for another song.Even Huang s father, Huang s mother, and hotel employee Lao Guan, who were preparing dinner, were attracted to come over, stood by the bar and applauded, asking for another song with the passengers.

My surname is Huang, and my single name is Ying.You are crystal clear.Xu Danfeng, nice to meet you.They were chatting when a twenty seven or eighteen year old male student raised his head My surname is Li, I am proud of Li, and I am from the Land and Resources Bureau, and I am very happy to meet the two beauties.Did I ask you, return the two beauties, if you have nothing to do, you can be courteous or steal Han Chaoyang slandered, and couldn t help coughing twice.How could Huang Ying not natures cbd gummies reviews know that he was jealous, and just when Xu Danfeng suddenly turned around and said, Handsome guy, you don t need to introduce yourself.The most handsome policeman in Yanyang, Han Chaoyang, am I right Have we met before Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.I have seen it, and more than once.Xu Danfeng put down the broom and said with a smile I also participated in the August 1st Song Concert.

Now that they have money in their hands, those distant relatives who were out of reach in the past have all started to move around, rushing to pick up the old people home, and they are more filial than each other.Those who really need the rice, salad oil, and condolence money are only some retired workers from Factory 527 who don t have much salary, especially those old people whose seniority was bought out during the restructuring, and a few poor households in Dongming Community.Han Zhaoyang reacted, and couldn t help laughing Although the neighborhood committee didn t have an election for a new term, it s almost the same as the new term.The branch secretary Zhang and the director of reconciliation should condolences to the lonely elderly and poor households in the 527 factory and Dongming community.

Not to mention natures cbd gummies reviews being awarded the second level superintendent, even if he was awarded the first level superintendent, he is still a piece of policeman Huang Ying really couldn t find a reason to natures cbd gummies reviews cbd pain killer gummies be excited, but she still asked with a smile, It s not a one or two point exception, what do you mean I don t have any of these things, such as being a model worker, or being rated as an outstanding police officer in the country, or making contributions to scientific and technological inventions, etc.What an exception.Huang Ying looked up at Zhang Beibei and Xie Lingling, pretending to be very happy and perfunctory.Miao Haizhu is always shy in front of me because of the mao on her shoulders.Now I ve changed from two crutches to one mao.Let s see why she will taunt me again in the future It turned out that this was what he was most happy about being awarded the second level superintendent directly, which shows how much psychological shadow the big sister has caused him.

Huang Ying couldn t help laughing, and Xie Lingling came over and joked Chaoyang, you can finally feel proud, come back quickly, stand in front of Sister Miao and let her see your police rank, and then let her stand at attention and salute you.I think so too.Having never encountered such a funny thing, the three ladies suddenly laughed wildly.Huang Ying calmed down a little, and asked with a smile Wu Wei, is Wu Wei the third level superintendent or the second level superintendent Third level, I don t know how police years and service years are calculated.Anyway, he used to go to the police academy and join the army.He was not counted.I was the only one who was awarded the title at the same time.The others are all three levels.Oh, Police Officer Han, Superintendent Han, you are so amazing, you should celebrate it Zhang Beibei suppressed a smile, and jokingly said Let s go to Chuanfu tonight, such a big event has to be treated, I happen to have saved money from Chuanfu Call me, why don t you book a box for me first.

Han Chaoyang was really uncomfortable, but as a policeman, he had a clear conscience and didn t want to give Ling Bin the impression that he was afraid of seeing him.He had just made up his mind to go to the youth hostel when Xiaokang came out to say that the police station had issued an order to dispatch the police.The address and the reporter s mobile phone number have all been sent to your police account.Do you want to notify Sheriff Tang and Sister Miao No, they are all busy.Let s just natures cbd gummies reviews go.Okay, I ll go drive The police situation is an order, and Han Chaoyang has no time to be sentimental anymore, so he ran into the police station wearing all the eight big pieces , and drove with Xiaokang to an English training institution diagonally opposite the North Gate of Polytechnic University without even caring about lunch the door.

He asked me to help him sell some things.I like helping others the most, so I helped him sell things.I didn t want the 560, but he had to give it to cbd gummies for back pain natures cbd gummies reviews me The main point, what is it Two electric hammers, the kind of impact drills used on construction sites.Who did they sell to Aren t there many hardware stores on Xinde Road Sold to the second company on the left of the gate of the Xinde Hardware Market.Police Officer Han, Officer Tang, how much the two electric hammers are worth, and it s really none of my business.I haven t even been to their construction site.Just treat me as a fart, let me go, and I will give you two clues later.I am well informed.If you don t believe me, you can ask Officer Hua of the Nanxi Police Station.I have helped him several times, and even are cbd gummies illegal in virginia are cbd gummies legal in ohio helped him catch a bunch of drug addicts.

Vice Minister Jiang thought to himself that since he was helping the school To increase the popularity, the school should do something.He pondered Xiao Han, hire a professional photographer to shoot, and hire a professional to help with the post production will cost a lot of money.How do you solve the expenses Han Chaoyang subconsciously Looking back at Xie Lingling and the handsome men and beauties in the band, she explained proudly Minister Jiang, if HCMUSSH natures cbd gummies reviews you just run over to ask someone to shoot and do post production, it may not be worth 100,000 yuan, but we have our advantages.Three hundred and sixty lines.There are what corporate company owns the rights to cbd gummies not many people in Yanyang who are engaged in music, especially performance.This time they help us.They will have large scale celebrations and other activities in the future.We will also help them.

So expensive Grandpa Gu was taken aback.It s been rising again during this period, master, don t think it s so expensive, people don kushly cbd gummies are cbd gummies illegal in virginia t have enough to buy, now go to the sales department and ask only the lower floors that don t have sunlight in winter and the top floors that are cold in winter and hot in summer.This is too exaggerated.Thankfully, you bought it early.Grandpa Gu didn t want to delay the young couple from going to dinner, raised his arms and urged, Let s go quickly, don t make people wait, remember to bring me a good one for Director Su.Okay, Let s go.Let s go.When we arrived at the restaurant where Boss Miao was treating guests, the elders were all there, chatting and waiting.The young couple walked into the box under the lead of the waiter, and Boss Miao asked the waiter to serve the food.

I will now interrogate you according to law.Please put your mobile cbd gummies for back pain natures cbd gummies reviews phone and both hands away.Put it on the table, where we can see it, no whispering, no small movements, you can raise your hand to ask for leave if you need to go to the bathroom I m going to the bathroom.hand.Old Ding, please arrange for two people to take him there.Yes There is nothing wrong with it, and it is almost certain that there must be fish in this net.Instructor Gu took out his mobile phone to check the time, and walked out of the restaurant calmly.Run to the explosion proof car and knock on the window.Han Chaoyang realized that the old leader must have something to do, so he hurriedly opened the door and jumped out of the car.Chapter 514 Large Inquiry 4 Instructor, what s the matter Instructor Gu looked back at the lobby of the hotel and said in a low voice, Chaoyang, there are so many suspicious people to be interrogated, I don t know when we will get them.

The reason why he is willing to lend it to a community security service company for free is because of the coordination of the branch office.However, if it is used for other kushly cbd gummies are cbd gummies illegal in virginia purposes, the street will definitely take it back without hesitation.However, it is obviously unlikely to be used for other purposes, so Han Chaoyang obeyed and called Bureau Du to report in front of the two of them.It s fine if you think it s suitable.Although I haven t seen it, I think it s quite suitable after hearing about the approximate location.To the north is Zhongshan Road, to the west is the high speed cbd delta 8 gummies railway station and the East Bus Station project site, and to the east is the current East Bus Station.The main duty point is not far away, this location is so good, you can find such a place nearby.Thank you, Bureau Du, for your help, and let Bureau Du bother you again.

Han Chaoyang never expected that Minister Jiang would arrange for them to come here.Just as he invited the PolyU group to the conversation room, Section Chief Xiao who was standing behind suddenly smiled and said, Old Qian, Xiao Xiang, don t be shy, you are here to report HCMUSSH natures cbd gummies reviews too.Yes, say hello to Police Officer Han.It turned out that it was an appointment to send someone over Lao Qian is an old acquaintance, but as the security guard of the Sixth Hospital, he wears the uniform of the auxiliary police, and has been on duty in the police room of the Sixth Hospital of Xinyuan Police Station.Once he was on the night shift and fell asleep on the table, and was discovered by an unannounced visit by the city bureau inspector.The Municipal Bureau didn t know that he was not from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, so they issued a notice of criticism and ordered rectification.

He was both a foreman and a worker.Iron Shovel said with a smile, It s good to renovate the place where I live and be self reliant The work of security is not that hard, and there is almost no HCMUSSH natures cbd gummies reviews physical work in normal times.Han Chaoyang didn t think there was anything wrong with self reliance to improve the living environment.Thinking that this would be both the headquarters of the security company and the headquarters of the voluntary security patrol natures cbd gummies reviews brigade of Yandong Public Security Bureau, he simply ran to the corner to find a shovel and helped clean up the place.The garbage was natures cbd gummies reviews can i give my dog cbd gummies for humans shoveled onto the car of the Sanitation Office, and he asked half jokingly, Is there any renovation plan, and do you have a blueprint One is an office, and the second is a reception room.We plan to connect the third and fourth rooms on the left and turn it into a conference room and honor room.

Director Feng felt that it was unlikely to be such a coincidence, and he raised his hand to greet Deputy Director Zhou natures cbd gummies reviews of the Chengxi Branch who signaled him to hurry in and continue the meeting, and said, Old Kong is very careful, as long as there are fingerprints of suspects on the scene, he will definitely be able to extract them., I will go to the meeting first, and if you can extract and compare it, please call me as soon as possible.Don t worry, Director Feng, I m actually waiting for news.Okay, that s it.Lao Kong s work is Very careful, no matter what you do, you don t rush.Fingerprints were found and extracted carefully.Because the can you get drug test for cbd gummies angle and other relations are not easy to extract, take out the camera and take pictures from various angles.Affected by his master, Xiao Chen, who joined the work the year before last, was also very careful and took his time.

The suspect was curled up beside his legs, and his hands were handcuffed behind his back.Xiao Han, are you injured You guys, come here quickly Headquarters, we have arrived at the scene and the suspect has been brought under control.Comrade Han Chaoyang was not shot Comrade Han Chaoyang was not shot Shot No shot, what happened to the blood on his body, check again No, report to natures cbd gummies reviews the headquarters, we checked twice, it s just a skin trauma.I was so exhausted that I didn t even have the energy to speak.The camera suddenly turned to another policeman.The policeman quickly pulled the slide of the suspect s pistol, ejected a bullet from the chamber, and then unloaded the magazine.There is still a bullet in it, it was at night, if it was daytime, the consequences would be disastrous The policeman could clearly be seen crying while talking, with tears all over his face.

I have to use it for half a year.Get up, or I will fail the exam after applying for the recommended quota, and this person will be disappointed.Chapter 583 New Year s Eve 1 Before you know it, New Year s Eve is here.At noon, Zhongshan Road, which used to be full of traffic, suddenly became deserted.There were few pedestrians on the sidewalks on both sides of the road, only buses and cars going out of the city and entering the city occasionally passed by.Almost all the businesses on both sides of natures cbd gummies reviews the old Chaoyang community police station closed their doors, and the shop owners pasted festive Spring Festival couplets before closing.Han Chaoyang and Sun Guokang drove the police car around Zhongshan Road together, passed through several construction sites, and finally came to Yangguan Village, the most populous village in the jurisdiction.

Chapter 605 Investment company After packing up the dormitory, Huang Ying came to the police office, and waited for her parents in law natures cbd gummies reviews while accompanying Han Chaoyang.Father Han and Mr.Ma planned to come by tomorrow s long distance bus.Boss Miao heard that he The two wanted to see their son, and immediately decided to come and see their daughter together.Boss Miao has a car, although it is a van for pulling aquatic products, but he can still take a trip as soon as he wants, so the two came together.Boss Miao and his wife On the way to Yanyang, Miao Haizhu cbd gummies and heart palpitations naturally wanted to greet her.She changed into a long black down jacket green otter cbd gummies for ed and ran over to wait together.Seeing the children s watch on the desk, Huang Ying curiously asked where it came from.Han Chaoyang explained After a while, he couldn t help laughing and said What s the use of sending me a watch without a mobile phone card, do you want me to apply for a card and charge tens of dollars for the phone bill I really don t know what Liu Suo thinks, when everyone else is an idiot.

It is very dangerous to trust hills cbd gummies sleep in the car with the heater on.If you fall asleep, it may cause natures cbd gummies reviews carbon monoxide poisoning.Yes, it is too dangerous to sleep in the car without the windows open.Open the windows It s cold, let s go to our duty room.How could Xiao Ke not know that Han Chaoyang s invitation to the former drunken man in front of him meant nothing more than drinking, and pointed to the pried open rear window Here, don t worry.I m on duty tonight, so I can t sleep, so I ll keep an eye on it for you, and I ll be responsible for anything lost.Boss Zhang also wanted to find out about Han Chaoyang s tone, so he simply agreed, Then I won t be polite to you two.Why are you natures cbd gummies reviews being polite Besides, you are helping a friend.Come on, go and sit for a while.Boss Zhang followed Han Chaoyang into the security duty room, and took out a cigarette as soon as he entered.

Line up.Okay, I almost forgot.Han Chaoyang hurriedly put on his seat belt, and logged in to 12306 with his natures cbd gummies reviews mobile phone in his hand.The reason why Yanyang can become the provincial capital is not because of its long history, but because Yanyang is located at the intersection of three main railway lines.Beijing s second largest railway transportation hub, so that it kushly cbd gummies are cbd gummies illegal in virginia is nicknamed the city pulled by trains.There are so many passing cars going to Beijing, every ten minutes on average It is reasonable to say that train tickets to Beijing should be easy to buy, but it is the Spring Festival travel season.Although it is not the peak time for returning to the city, the dozens of trains that can be checked have no tickets, and the last few trains do not even have standing tickets.Han Chaoyang looked carefully for a while, then raised his head and said, Liu Suo, there are only 2 45 tickets.

Liu Qingjun, who has just been arrested, is likely to be kushly cbd gummies are cbd gummies illegal in virginia a drug lord.The amount of drugs sold is likely to be calculated in kilograms.He should have a stable purchase channel and a stable source of drugs.His previous family is likely to be a big drug lord If we are lucky enough, we can even follow the vine to destroy the underground drug factory As for the next family, let alone.Song Kaiqiang thought that Bao Da, who was on the way here, was the real expert, so he picked up his teacup and asked calmly, Han Da, you are the leader of the special case, what do you plan to do From what we know now, Liu Qingjun s drug trafficking network should be mainly located in Beijing.If you want to destroy this drug crime network in one fell swoop, you can t do without your assistance.Han Chaoyang paused, and then said If Team how long does a 50mg cbd gummy last natures cbd gummies reviews Song is interested, The two of us can jointly investigate.

Suddenly someone came to steal the limelight from the old man.We should understand his mood.In addition, Uncle Hong has a good impression of Aunt Lu from Dongming Community.Old comrades also have the right to pursue happiness.In short, everyone should be careful not only to respect Aunt Lu s decision, but also to prevent some unpleasant things from happening.Although Aunt Lu is not a are cbd gummies illegal in virginia are cbd gummies legal in ohio retired employee of the 527 Factory, the choir of the 527 Factory and Active members of the square dance team.In the past few years, I have been playing with Director Wang and the others, but Mr.Hong suddenly ran over to show his courtesy and maybe even chase him.Director Wang and Mr.Liang would definitely not be happy.Thinking of this, Wu Junfeng couldn t help laughing and said Han Da, it s useless for you to tell us about this matter, you should call your master and tell your master.

Report the weekly bureau, this is what we should do.Old Hu subconsciously stood up again.Sit down, let s eat first.Zhou Ju probably felt that the two subordinates would not be able to eat well if they stayed here any longer, so he took out his mobile phone to look at it, got up cbd gummies for lungs and said with a smile, Eat first, I have something to do upstairs, the political commissar Oh, I m full too.Xiao Han, Lao Hu, eat slowly, I asked Master Qian to make this for you, you must finish it.That s right, who of you sitting here can eat.Han Chaoyang and Lao Hu sent the two leaders away, sat down and continued to eat.Lao Hu was so excited that his appetite was bigger than usual, and he went to serve it after eating.Bring a bowl of rice, put a pair of chopsticks between the two cooked pork and smiled Chaoyang, thank you.

Full time Full time, targeted training, every semester You have to study for three months off duty, and return to the original unit after graduation.The purpose of setting up this major is to allow those policemen who are older and want to improve their education to continue their studies, and to create opportunities for them to study after work.You are so young, there is no need Apply for this.Isn t it just a degree What s the difference between a master s degree in policing and a master s degree in public security, and a master s degree in law It turned out that the leader was worried about his job hopping, natures cbd gummies reviews and he didn t want to let himself study out of work.Han Chaoyang came to his senses suddenly, and couldn t help asking Zhou Ju, you mean that the two majors of public security and law are part time, and they are part time graduate students It says in the introduction that these two majors are part time.

He is not only responsible for managing accounts and keeping attendance, but also takes turns in the police office, and even takes care of management.He can be called the right hand man of the captain Han Chaoyang.Now that you say you have to go, you have to go.People go to high places and water flows to low places.If you want to stay, you can t stay.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to take advantage of the fact that there was no police situation in the morning to discuss with Chen Jie who would be more suitable to hand over her and Xiaokang s stall, and then ask her to help take care of it for a few days after confirming the candidate, but he just sat down The landline in the police station rang.Hello, hello, yes, yes, I will notify the police on duty now Chen Jie put down the phone, and while taking notes quickly, she said with a gloating smile Han University, Xinmin Community has officially opened without end.

Not seeing the suspect at a glance, Miao Haizhu asked calmly, Beauty, where is the bathroom I ll go to the bathroom first.Inside, turn left at the last row.Thank you.Miao Haizhu smiled and went straight to the bathroom.go inside.The Internet cafes in this area are mainly engaged in the business of PolyU students.PolyU did not start school, and the students did not come back.The business is not very good.There are not many customers in the Internet cafes, which seems a bit deserted.Miao Haizhu deliberately went the wrong way, walked to the middle row with the best view, found nothing suspicious, and then turned back to the last row.Just turning cbd gummies for back pain natures cbd gummies reviews around, I saw a young man sleeping natures cbd gummies reviews in front of the third computer inside.There was a mess on the computer desk, half drunk black tea, buckets of instant noodles, red plastic wrappers for ham sausages, potato chips, and biscuits.

Wu Junfeng patted the man s shoulder tacitly, and said with a smile, Dude, do you have a lighter Let me borrow one.Ah The man woke up subconsciously, raised his head subconsciously, rubbed his eyes and asked, What When the suspect committed the crime Wu Junfeng is in Beijing.He has never been to the scene of the crime, nor has he seen the surveillance screenshots.Miao Haizhu natures cbd gummies reviews was the first to arrive at the scene.He checked the surveillance with Mao Kangle, and immediately recognized the kid essential cbd extract gummies price in front of him as a fellow who snatched the rich money from Professor Zhang s family at the Polytechnic University., shouted sharply Bao natures cbd gummies reviews Haibing, do you know why we are looking for you Bao Haibing was startled when how to get cbd gummies out of your system his name was called out.But his reaction speed was very fast, and his psychological quality was beyond his actual age.

It was on hands free just now, Huang Ying could hear clearly, before Han Chaoyang could speak, she got up and put on her clothes in a hurry, opened the door and rushed into the living room and asked, Dad, Mom, something happened to Chaoyang s unit We have to If you rush back overnight, will you go with us or take the bus What happened Papa Huang subconsciously asked.A drunk drove into natures cbd gummies reviews the police office.Xiao Liu was injured and is being rescued in the natures cbd gummies reviews emergency center of the Sixth Hospital.Teacher, Lao Han, why don t I go back together.Chapter 679 Sad news Such a big event happened in the unit, the person in charge must rush back as soon as possible Father Han and Teacher Ma were very understanding and supportive of their son s work.They hurriedly helped to pack things, and kept sending the parents in law, mother in law, son and daughter in law downstairs and into the car.

It s gone.Is this a favor case Papa Huang asked with a half smile.If things are really that simple, then meeting a leader who likes to go online is really a case of favor.But the matter is not as simple as what was said just now.Boss Hu and the others were caught gambling for a reason.If they really wanted to protect him, they would definitely not be caught.The identity of the informant cannot be revealed, so Han Chaoyang didn t know how to explain it, so he just smiled and said, Dad, I am both a policeman of the Yandong Sub bureau and a member of the engineering headquarters.How could it be a case of natures cbd gummies reviews favors I don t mean anything else, I know that your police often encounter some dilemmas, but the leaders words may not be all right, and you can t blindly obey when similar natures cbd gummies reviews things happen in the future.

I walked through Vice President Chen s back door before.Vice President Chen was very helpful and helpful, and had already explained to the relevant departments.Han Chaoyang took the two of them with ease to run from one department to another.After completing the internship procedures, he came to the 11th floor of the surgery building to wait for Director Yu.Director Yu is the chief physician, and he has to do rounds in the morning, which is not only very busy but also very exciting Each ward asks about the patient s situation one by one, and seven or eight doctors and nurses follow, and someone will pass it up immediately if they want to see something, and someone will record it as soon as cbd gummies for back pain natures cbd gummies reviews they open their mouth about the diagnosis Director Yu is also a professor of the medical school, Han Chaoyang asked early However, he is very kind to the graduate students he leads, but not so good to the doctors who come to intern and even come to the Sixth Hospital from outside the hospital, so please take good care of them.

Undergraduates are not hard to find a job, even if you don t get into the police, you won t be a security guard.Han Chaoyang couldn t stand it HCMUSSH natures cbd gummies reviews anymore, sat up and asked with a smile He Da, what do you say What do you mean, why is it bad to be a security guard Han Da, I don t mean anything else, I just think it s a pity.The security guard is different from the security guard.Han Chaoyang didn t want Jiang Xiaomin, who had just started work, to be natures cbd gummies reviews led astray by him, He said very seriously You probably don t know that Chaoyang Community Security Service Company is an entity invested by Chaoyang Community, and it is also the main force of our branch s voluntary security patrol team.It not only provides security services, but also assists our branch in combating various crimes , maintaining social order, and even assisting the comprehensive law enforcement in the street.

Why are you so excited when someone catches an adulterer Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Betraying the family, I m sorry for the messy wife, she deserved it when she was caught Han Chaoyang plugged in his mobile phone to charge, got into bed and lay down comfortably, yawned and said, It s not the first day you met Boss Hu, and you didn t just know about his relationship with Lin Xiaotong.Lovers and enemies share the same hatred, what did you do long ago Huang Ying was stunned for a moment, put down her phone and said, This time, that time, haven t you seen his wife before Sympathy only when you see it, and no sympathy if you haven t seen it What do you mean by that Did you always ignore it before I don t call it indifferent, I don t care about it, because this shit is not under the control of our police, Han Chaoyang turned sideways, looked at her with his head up and smiled with a bit of schadenfreude Boss Hu definitely hates me right now, at least he thinks that I, Han Chaoyang, are dishonest, knowing that her wife is going to catch an adulterer and not reporting it.

I didn t hit him right now.Is the injury serious natures cbd gummies reviews Han Chaoyang and Zhang Bin asked as they followed upstairs.No heavy, no bleeding.Who called the police Who called 110 The guests in the box next door may think they were too annoying to heady harvest cbd gummies reddit beat and scold, so they called 110, but those guests checked out and left, just left.Passerby A called the police, and left after reporting the police.This situation is very common.The room upstairs was really noisy, Han Chaoyang didn t ask the waiter any natures cbd gummies reviews more, he opened the door and walked into the room, only to see two girls and a boy holding a boy wearing glasses, and a tall, thin boy was opposite the round table, I was also held back by several classmates.The one wearing glasses had obviously been splashed with leftovers.The thin and tall one probably dodged fast and escaped the attack of the boy wearing glasses.

Yeah.Director Huo nodded in satisfaction, and continued Second, the progress of the project should not be affected by this.The aftermath personnel work in the neighborhood committee, don t take the relatives of the deceased to the construction site, and don t take them to the headquarters.Okay, I ll send people to the neighborhood committee tomorrow morning.It doesn t need to be early tomorrow morning, Director Huo looked back at Han Chaoyang again Xiao Han, please take the time to help arrange it.It is best to assist the Sanjian Company to deal with the aftermath.Director Huo s implication is very clear, the matter has already happened and should be resolved as soon as possible, and the relatives of the deceased should not be allowed to petition and cause trouble.Taking people s money is necessary to eliminate disasters for others, so Han Chaoyang could only bite the bullet and say, Yes, I will arrange the place.

He looked at Qian Shuangxi, then peeked at Han Chaoyang, and said in a low voice, Uncle, don t worry, just listen to what Police Officer Han has to say.What can he say, this matter is not under the control of the Public Security Bureau Qian Shuangxi was probably too excited can you drink wine with cbd gummies to react for a while.Qian Shuangxi, the compensation for work related accidents does not come under the control of our public security organs, but our public security organs cannot ignore your repeated disruption of public order.Han Chaoyang motioned him to sit down, and said persuasively, Morning.As I said, I also came from the countryside.Let me add now that I also have an uncle who treats me very well.I can understand your feelings, and I know that you are thinking about Xu Jun s mother and son, but this matter is not due to arguing It can be solved.

Old Gu has a way.Liu Qiuping pondered for a moment, then suddenly raised his head and said, Political commissar, Lao Wen mentioned the issue of the patrol brigade listing some time ago, but there were too many things I didn t pay attention to.Aren t you going to the Political Department I have heard from old people that I will try to hold a listing ceremony before the international marathon.Chapter 784 Treating the former Chaoyang Village with a different perspective has become a busy construction site, and accidents are easy to happen when there are too many people.The high speed rail station Two workers on the construction site actually fought because they jumped in line for lunch.Both were injured, but neither was serious.The one who thought he had suffered a loss was unwilling to let go and refused HCMUSSH natures cbd gummies reviews to accept mediation, so he and Sun Guokang had to send them to the Huayuan Street Police Station.

Just after handing over the person to the police on duty, Director Xing called.Han Chaoyang greeted the old leader who was going downstairs, connected the phone and asked, Director Xing, what instructions do you have The phone was a bit noisy, and Deputy Director Xing subconsciously asked, Are you outside At the Huayuan Street Police Station , sent two suspects here.Grassroots policemen deal with suspects every day.Deputy Director Xing was not surprised, so he didn t ask any more questions, but said straight to the point Chaoyang, hasn t your patrol team been listed for a long time The bureau leader decided to put up the sign in the near future, natures cbd gummies reviews can i give my dog cbd gummies for humans preferably before the international marathon.I want the team to Cohesion, listing must have a sense of ceremony, and a listing ceremony must be held.

Well, we are going to do it once in Yanyang, and we are going to do it again when we return to our hometown in Jiang Province.Seeing that the two of them were happily chatting, Zhang Beibei was too embarrassed to speak up.Zhang Ma honestly didn t talk much, so Grandpa Gu just smiled on behalf of them Section Chief Huang, Lao Xu, you all know the situation of Zhenchuan and Beibei., There are relatively few relatives and friends here in Yanyang, and four or five tables are enough.So the three of us book a total of forty five tables, otherwise, we will go to Shuxiangyuan after dinner and find a hotel The manager has confirmed this matter.Huang s father turned to look at Huang s mother, and added Since the standards for serving meals together are the same, firstly, the chef will be ready to cook, and secondly, it doesn t matter if the guests sit in the wrong seat.

He took out the instant noodles in a bucket bought at the small shop east of the police station and went to soak in the front.Han Chaoyang looked back at the empty car, then lifted his luggage Stuff it on the shelf.Chaoyang, this is yours.Put down the table.Okay, be careful.Han Chaoyang hastily put down the small table, and then turned sideways to take out the ham from the plastic bag.In fact, he doesn t like instant noodles, and he got tired of eating them when he was in college.I don t even like eating on the train, because the smell of instant noodles is too strong, which affects the air quality in the train.But what else can a hungry person eat without instant noodles Fortunately, there are not many passengers in the carriage, so they should not be stared at by others.Wu Wei is definitely a veteran eater of instant noodles, and his technique is very skillful.

Qian Shangui was a little disdainful, and suddenly said Huazi, you changed your girlfriend again What about that girl last time, you always change your parents like this Uncle, what is always changing Last time That is an ordinary friend, and this is a girlfriend.Ordinary natures cbd gummies reviews friend, hehe Hua Zi, it s not that your uncle talks about you.If you want to talk, you can have a good talk with him, and if you talk about it, you can get married.Is it always interesting I know.Shi Junhua grinned, and chatted with his girlfriend while holding the phone.As expected, the airport is not far from the city.Qian Shangui is lamenting that the young people nowadays are too rambunctious.Jiang Yonggen has arrived at the hotel where Jiang Yonggen cleans up the dust for them.To be precise, it is a commercial plaza.He drives to the underground parking lot and greets the two warmly.

Okay, you must call me when you go to Jiangzhong in the future.I will arrange it when you arrive in Jiangzhong.Just as they were talking, everyone walked into a well decorated box led by a waitress.While ordering, he called Luo Weixing to ask where he was.Shi Junhua put the trolley case in the corner, leaned on the back of the chair and asked, Beauty, where is the bathroom Boss Jiang, Uncle, you guys talk first, I ll go to the bathroom.Go ahead, hurry up.Okay.Shi Junhua glanced at the private room, walked to the end of the corridor, and squatted down pretending to tie his shoelaces Looking back for a while, he walked into the bathroom and took out his mobile phone to send a WeChat message to his girlfriend.The girlfriend Jiang Xiaomin who was far away in Yanyang quickly forwarded the hotel name and box number to Han Chaoyang.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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