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It was really unreasonable No matter what I say, she is also my own sister, and she is so cute, everyone loves her Back in the car, Tang Shuang thought for a moment and took out her phone.Er Niang It s me, Xiaoshuang, eh, yes, it s summer vacation, huh No, I haven t found a girlfriend yet, huh, who Introduce me, I have a lot, huh No Okay, when will we meet Ouch my mother The phone turned into Erniang introducing Tang Shuang s girlfriend Listen to Er Niang for ten minutes Tang Shuang s little face in the back seat was full of gossip, and she moved close to Tang Shuang s ear.During this time, Tang Shuang pushed her little head away several times, but the little guy sneaked over again at some point.Tang Shuang should have thought of it a long time ago.The second mother is from the Northeast, and she is chatty In the end, Tang Shuang couldn t bear it any longer, and gave it all up, Mother I can hear Xiaoshuang say no, I haven t told you what I have said so deeply, how about we chat after we finish That s right, isn t it Are you on summer vacation, candy cutie, said that she misses Erniang very much, the dumplings made by Erniang are so delicious, and she wants to live with cbd anytime gummies Erniang for ten days and a half months, see how we go to see you now What You went back to the Northeast The second uncle also went Ah When will you come back One month, oh well, yes, it s rare for you to go back to HLJ to see your relatives and friends, then Er Niang you play Happy, I will bring Candy to see you when I come back.

Tang Shuang understood, so she waited patiently Three minutes passed, and Tang Shuang s big eyes were still blinking Blinking Tang Shuang finally realized that children are not easy to lie to, and they still haven t fallen asleep after three minutes.He wants to get away with it In his impression, children will fall asleep in bed.Tangtanger was finally upset, saw through Xiaoshuang s tricks, and pointed out mercilessly You are going to die, Xiaoshuang, I have to trouble you, you lied to children.Of course Tang Shuang couldn t admit it, Oh, I I thought of one, do you want to listen to it Tang Shuang blocked Tang Shuang s voice before she could fully send it out, and said dissatisfiedly, Then hurry up and let me listen, I really think so It s been a long time, I m about to fall asleep, mom has a lot of stories, she doesn t have to think about it for so long.

Tang Tanger hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded Okay.After taking the giant panda from Tang Shuang s hands, she walked into the store with difficulty in her arms.After walking a few steps, she suddenly stopped and said to Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, if the Lun family can t come back, you can call your mother.Okay, let mother come and save the baby, the baby is only 5 and a half years old, and he hasn t grown up yet, so I don t want to die.Tang Shuang said with a smile Go, go, I can guarantee You can t lose your life.Tang Tanger heard this, and walked into the shop muttering.Tang Shuang saw her say a few words to the clerk, put the giant panda on the ground, and ran back cbd anytime gummies in a hurry.Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, I returned the giant panda to my sister.Tang Shuang Did you say I m sorry Yes I said it according to Xiaoshuang s request.

Finally, he hung up the phone and sat on the ground facing Tangtanger.The little guy s face was full of tears, alas It was really distressing to see.Chapter 46 I want to break up with you Tangtang er had never been afraid of Tang Shuang since she could remember.When Tang Shuang attacked her just now, it was the first time she felt a little scared.But Tangtanger is strong and optimistic.After about an cbd anytime gummies hour of digestion, and a large group of helpers comforting her, she is no longer afraid.Face to face with the opponent at this moment, don t look at Tang Shuang who is small and weak, and will definitely suffer physically, but the momentum is very strong, and Tang Shuang is not at all embarrassed.There is also the strong support from her mother, sister, grandparents, and many more.The phone is not finished yet.

Tang Zhen said embarrassedly, I don t know how to comb princess hair.Tang Shuang chuckled, and Tang Zhen gave him an angry look.Tang Shuang said Little Huamao, do you want me to comb your princess hair Tang Tanger Enzhun Then you come Then she said to Tang Zhen Sister, look at how Xiao Shuangzi combs her is 250mg of cbd gummy strong cbd anytime gummies hair.Then comb it for Candy.Tang Shuang sneered twice, trying to steal a lesson and kick me out, but there was no way.While Tang Shuang was combing her hair, Tang Zhen chatted about gossip Sister, sister, let me tell how to make homemade cbd gummies cbd anytime gummies you a secret.Tang Zhen was imitating Tang Shuang to comb her hair.The princess s hair was a bit complicated.After listening to Tang Tang, she replied What s the secret Tangtanger said, Xiaoshuang has a girlfriend Tang Shuang shook her hands, and all cbd gummies for sleep where to buy the hair she had just combed together fell apart, scaring Tangtanger and said, Tang Tang s children s shoes, why don t I give you a girlfriend Comb your mother in law s hair, it s very suitable for you.

Not cbd anytime gummies long after, she got up by herself, hugged Bai Jingjing and talked.Xiaoshuang really likes to teach people a lesson.Why is he lychee cbd gummies such an adult He gets angry every now and then.Huh, my mother said that getting angry will make you old.Before I grow up, Xiaoshuang will turn into white hair.This big villain, he wants to get angry again.Teach me, the Lun family didn t do it on purpose, he turned bad as soon as my sister left, alas I m so miserable Wow Jingjing, you still say good things for him, really, he scolded you Silly, I want to throw you into the fish pond to feed the fish.Oh, I m so boring, I m so lonely, I really want to eat ice cream, what should I do, I don t know if Xiaoshuang is stealing it, should I go out No, Xiaoshuang is still angry, she will kill me, so she can t go out.The bored Tangerian started to have fun by herself, she threw away Bai Jingjing, picked up the two pink bunnies cbd anytime gummies that Tang Zhen gave her, and walked around the room Walking over, she sang Little Rabbit, Be Good Ah Kitten is .

what cbd gummies work?

angry, okay, I ll sing for you too.

Tang Tanger froze on the spot and asked curiously Then I m old enough to be painted red.Tang Shuang Your father will be back soon, you can ask him to see if he won t spank your ass.Tang Shuang My son is curious about the baby s 100,000 reasons Why does daddy spank the ass, Tangtanger becomes beautiful.She means that she puts on lipstick to look beautiful, so dad should be happy.Hehe, I won t bother you, let s go, go to your room and change clothes.An hour later, Tang Shuang finally cleaned up Candy and made it beautiful, gaining her own approval.Since I haven t seen my parents for 20 days, Tangtanger pays special attention to this pick up, and has high requirements for her image.In the past, Tang Shuang combed her princess hair, and she passed the test so so.Not today, so she combed it well.

Oh, I can t give you two.Tang Shuang took the chocolate, held it in the palm of her hand, and asked intentionally, How do you know it s delicious if you .

how much thc does cbd gummies have?

haven t eaten it Candy looked at Tang with you are so stupid eyes Shuang, said loudly Of course what mom made is delicious.Tang Shuang pinched her little face and said with a smile, The little mouth is pretty sweet Then I really want to eat it.Candy was a little reluctant , eyes followed the chocolate, but still nodded firmly Yeah You can eat Don t cry after eating.Tang Shuang Who said I m going to cry.It s your sister, of course I know, hum, daddy scolded you, it s sad.Xiaoshuang, don t be sad, daddy scolded me too, woooooo Tang Shuang Why did daddy scold you He likes it.You like it so much, how can you be willing to scold you.Tang Sanjian Hey He scolded you today.

Without Xiaoshuang, without her parents, she, Tangtanger, can live happily too Tang Zhen said whispering between two people with Tangtanger, while persuading the little guy to eat.Tangtanger said that she had already made up her mind, she would not eat breakfast, lunch or dinner today tomorrow It depends Might be a little tough, she ll be starving.If mom and dad force her to eat, she will eat a little bit, so that she will have the strength to get angry Are you right Tang Shuang said something to Tang Zhen, Tang Tanger heard Tang Shuang s voice on the other end of the phone, and screamed, telling Tang Shuang to go far away She doesn t want to talk to the annoying ghost, don t hear the voice of the annoying ghost, let alone see the annoying ghost.Don Hateful Shuang burst into tears, has our relationship gotten so bad already Under Tang Tanger s strong request, Tang Zhen pushed Tang Shuang away and told him not to stay here.

He already had great expectations for Tang Zhen s works.This one is also very cbd anytime gummies good, Tang Shuang said.Tang Zhen has written too many songs.Over the years, there should be nearly a hundred of them, and she can t even remember many of them.She and Tang Shuang got together to see which song Tang Shuang was talking about.This is the song called Chunguangmei.Tang Zhen took the manuscript and saw it said We recalled that winter, on the top of the winter mountain, revealing the vitality of spring, we were telling stories in spring, spring The good times in the past stay is 250mg of cbd gummy strong cbd anytime gummies in our hearts, we slowly talk about the past, the breeze blows through the winter chill, the spring in our eyes, there is a kind of magic.Ah, this is the beauty of spring.Tang Zhen remembered that it was about 3 years ago the year before last.

She belongs to the kind of young girl who grows up next door, while Li Xiaozhi and Tang Zhen are more like ladies.To say that Bai Yang er is not short, 165cm is fine for a girl, but the other two in her group are all 170cm away, Tang Zhen is the tallest at 175cm, and most men stand beside her Both take courage.All three of them came.Tang Shuang HCMUSSH cbd anytime gummies guessed what Li Xiaozhi was going to talk to them about.It was a time when Girl s Day was in turmoil, and it probably had something to do with Qian cbd anytime gummies Cheng.Did Li Xiaozhi get instructions from the company Girl s Day is disbanding Since Tang Zhen got hints from the management, there s no reason why Li Xiaozhi, the captain, didn t know about it, and this person is obviously not a fuel efficient lamp.Sitting outside, Tang Shuang s thoughts were racing.The originally happy atmosphere in the box suddenly became louder because of Li Xiaozhi s words.

I have been fascinated by you for a long time.The real person is younger and more handsome than the photo Tang Shuang s teeth were a little gritty when he heard it.He saw a young man sitting in the waiting room, probably Looking at the age of 27 or 28, he guessed that it should be a certain author together, so he interrupted Li Haonan s flattery and asked, Who is sitting over there Li Haonan looked at it and said with a smile Ah That is a famous author My dear Jin Yong, this is the first time Young Master Tang has met, I ll take you there to meet him Tang Shuang was stunned for a moment, looking at Jin Yong again and again, sweetstone cbd gummies cbd cube gummies full spectrum unable to connect him with the former great god at all, completely Not the same person what happened The name is similar, the book is the same, but the people are completely different What kind of world is this It s so weird Under Li Haonan s introduction, Tang Shuang and Jin Yong knew each other and had known each other for a long time.

The girl who was determined not to go to Li Dehua s clinic in the past took it as her savior today, and if she wasn t allowed to go, she took Bai Jingjing s puppy to go by herself Huang Xiangning didn t see the scene of the incident, so he didn t know the truth, so he asked Tang Sanjian what happened.Tang Sanjian said something succinct, looked at the candy not far away, and concluded in a low voice I guess she s too fat, so she can t get up, and I can t let her eat snacks.Chapter 107 Crazy people in the live broadcast room In Old Tang s house, Huang Xiangning couldn t resist Tangtanger s entanglement, and accompanied her to Brother Dehua s clinic.On the other side, the signing event.Xingkong Novel.com arranged a live video broadcast for this signing event, which can be watched for free on the Internet.

Tang Shuang died in cbd gummies help with anxiety sweetstone cbd gummies the word waiting.Tang Shuang said to Tang Zhen sheepishly, It s a bit too much to say hello to these people.Although there was very little about Tang Shuang in the news, he was not far behind in the sales of physical books.The signing event was held yesterday, but the physical books have been distributed three days in advance through the sales network of Huaxia Bookstore, so in fact, Heroes and other books have been on sale three days ago, and the relevant sales data has come out, in Huaxia Bookstore It can be found on the official website.On the daily sales list, in the first three days, the first place was not Jin Yong s The Legend of the Condor Heroes , nor Gulong s Peerless Twins and Wen Rui an s Sword Qi Yangtze River , but Liang Yusheng s Ping Zong Man Video Record The reason for this should be that the first three books are all unfinished, and Ping Zong Man Video Record has already been completed, which will be a big plus for sales.

Besides, before Jin Yong wrote The Legend of the Condor Heroes and Gu Long wrote Peerless Twins , Liang Yusheng was always the number one martial artist.He is not afraid of Jin Yong and Bone Dragon at all.It s just that with the serialization of these two fire books, they have begun to be gradually overtaken.As for the cbd gummies single full version, Tang Shuang s Hero is also the same, and cbd anytime gummies its greater advantage is that it is a novella, and the overall price is lower than other martial arts novels.But its weakness is that the style of this novel is not the current mainstream of martial arts.In stark contrast, Sword Qi Yangtze River by Wen Rui an, the head of security, has a compact plot, ping pong pong pong killings in the dark, cbd anytime gummies and the nicknames of the characters that come out are scary.They seem to be crazy, but they are not the most powerful.

When Tangtanger heard it, she was so excited that she wanted to jump up and down again.On TV, Tang Zhen sang Regret and won a lot of applause.This was the first time Tang Zhen had sung solo and enjoyed the stage alone since she entered the show business circle, and it was also the first time she had fully shown her charm on the dazzling stage.In the past, any of her actions had to first serve the group as a whole.In order to balance the stage time of the three of them, Tang Zhen couldn t express herself to the fullest, and was always suppressed.Now that Tang Zhen is flying solo, like a fish entering the sea, she is free to do whatever she wants.The charm of her body has finally begun to bloom.As Tang Zhen s four most steadfast fans, the old Tang family burst into cheers and applause.Brother Sanjian was wrinkled all over his face with a smile.

When the main creators of Limelight walked on the red carpet, a reporter yelled at them that the film was bad and shameless and was finally pulled away by security.And when the main creators of Amazing were talking and laughing on the red carpet, the director found that there was one more person among them, a well mannered young man in a suit and leather shoes was standing behind him, smiling and waving to the fans and reporters on both sidesFinally it was confirmed that this was a spectator who got in These interesting moments have added a lot of fun and life to the film festival without affecting the overall situation.When Zhang Fei announced the official closing of this year s Guangdong Hundred Flowers Film Festival, he let out a deep breath, but he was exhausted.When he agreed to be the chairman of the jury, he thought it would be very hard, but he didn t expect it to be so hard , it doesn t look like a human being.

Zhang Fei and Tang Shuang appeared side by side, they were all dressed in white, Zhang Fei had a sword pinned to his waist, Tang Shuang held a Jane in his left hand, and a pen in his right hand.know a few meanings.Tang Zhen hurriedly said to Tang Tanger Look, brother is here, isn t he super handsome Tang Zhen exclaimed with surprise on his face, Wow Little Shuangzi, little Shuangzi ran off to the TV The scene of the meeting was discussing about the color of clothes, Shi Yu threw the question to Zhang Fei.Zhang Fei said with a smile This question is for Tang Shuang, the screenwriter of the film and the original author of is 250mg of cbd gummy strong cbd anytime gummies Heroes , to answer.He is the most authoritative.This is Tang Shuang s first appearance.Shi Yu said, Mr.Tang Shuang is so young, can you tell us the details Tang Shuang thought of what Tang Zhen taught, don t be discouraged, just don t treat the people in the audience as human beings.

Candy He opened his hands, Xiao Shuang, hug me.Tang Shuang said annoyedly, You are sweetstone cbd gummies cbd cube gummies full spectrum so clingy, do you know that you are getting heavier and heavier now Hugging Candy in his arms, he began to tell a story.Chapter 190 One script for one car The next day, Tang Shuang sent Tangtanger to the kindergarten, and encouraged the little girl, Come on, Tangtang children s shoes, Teacher Zhang will be very happy to see your homework.Tang Tanger was carried out of the car and ran when he landed, laughing and shouting as he ran, I won t leave school until I get 100 points of Tang Tang.Alas, Tang Shuang was very pleased with such an cbd gummies sales spring hill fl ambitious Tang Tang children s shoes, In one night, the bear boy became a good baby who loves to learn.Whose credit is this Tang Shuang affirmed herself in her heart, half of you and half of me are in the medal of merit.

It has been two years and he is not popular yet, but he firmly believes that as long as he has a dream in his heart, he will succeed one day.After finishing the three short stories, without any trace of advertisement, Tang Shuang finally said maybe at this moment, you are desperate for love, firmly believe in your idealto contribute to friendship, to cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies quit smoking price set sail for careereven to let go of family affection Give it a go, go all out for your dream Remember never let go of your original intention, even if you are the only one standing with you from the beginning to the end And, green leaf herbal tea.Green Leaf Herbal Tea, for what I think, I will walk with you all the way End.This paragraph is the finishing touch.Before that, this copy really didn t look like an advertisement, it was just a bedtime story, HCMUSSH cbd anytime gummies an inspirational story.

The test is wider than the sky, and the test is wider than the test.The heart of achievement It s still my uncle who treats me well, Tang Yu Dad, look at what my Uncle Xiaoshuang said, celebrities who publish books and film movies are different, shouldn t we listen to it and learn from it Learn, there is still time to adjust what is wrong When Tang Shuang explained the purpose of the visit, Tang Yu was overjoyed, making a movie It s so much fun, if he wants to go, he must fight for it.Tang Tian is worried, can this brat do it Tang Shuang didn t dare to promise it, she just said to try, just two days on the weekend, it s a very simple story that doesn t even need lines.Tang Yu saw that his father was hesitating, the opportunity was once in a thousand years, and he risked his life to fight for it Dad, let me go, give me a chance, maybe our family can produce a big star, I don t think I am suitable for studying, but for filming , hang out with my uncle, that s right, I come into contact with famous people every day, uncle, take me to see Zhang Fei next time, okay, I have such a good foundation, maybe he appreciates me and takes me as an apprentice.

Have you finished your homework Tang Tanger said confidently It s done.Tang Shuang Looking at her suspiciously, the little man s big eyes were full of innocence, Tang Shuang finally chose to believe.Huang Xiangning patted Tang Shuang s head and said, Xiao Shuang should get her hair cut.Tomorrow, the sister s parent meeting will be more energetic and sunny, so as to make a good impression on other parents.The HCMUSSH cbd anytime gummies school barber shop.Tang Shuang cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies quit smoking price ran after her with short legs, and asked loudly, Xiao Shuang, where are you going Do you take the child with you Tang Shuang waved her hand, no.Huang Xiangning called Tangtanger who was pouting over, and the two of them were how to make homemade cbd gummies cbd anytime gummies going to have a private conversation.Half an hour later, cbd gummies help with anxiety sweetstone cbd gummies Tang Shuang opened the door and came in.Tang Tang, like a rabbit, jumped over in an instant, and a gust of wind rushed three steps away from Tang Shuang, braking loudly.

Shi Guangnan thought for a while, then said with horror They are learning from humans That s why they fostered the cubs into human families.Tang Shuang At the same time, they are also assimilating human beings.Babies.In the story, Yang Shuangshuang saw too many disgusting paintings, each of which made her sleepless and stopped several times in the process of writing letters.When Shi Guangnan read this story, he also stopped several times, on the one hand to take a breath, and on the other hand to think about the clues in the story.The reason why she feels that there is a huge horror world hidden behind this story is because there are many details that make people think.For example, it mentions an overall cross sectional view of a mountain range.The picture is both deep and wide.Those inhuman objects are piled up in the mountain like ants, drilling in and out of the underground honeycomb shaped tunnels.

Luo Yuqing Because she is sleepwalking Huh Candy was shocked, sleepwalking Isn t it the state she has been longing for all this time She once pretended to be sleepwalking and nourished Tang Shuang with a water gun.If she could really sleepwalk, would she how to make homemade cbd gummies cbd anytime gummies be able to nourish Xiaoshuang without worrying about being beaten In her eyes, sleepwalking is omnipotent With this function, nothing is invincible, and everything is invincible In layman s terms, as long as she enters this realm, she can hit whoever she wants, and she can t fight back when she hits anyone Although he didn t say it, the who basically refers to Tang Shuang.Luo Yuqing said This is a sleepwalking doll This sleepwalking doll has a plump face with two blushes, her eyes are closed and her eyelashes are long.The light yellow bangs are divided into five locks, which are attached to the white and tender forehead.

I have seen such a big scene, there are too many people.Tang Shuang took the opportunity to start education, saying that as a child at this time, you must have the awareness of a child, don t run, don t walk around, it s easy to lose, once lost, parents and brothers can t find anyone , You will really disappear at that time The little girl was a little scared when she heard that, she took the initiative to hand her little hand to Tang Shuang, and said, Then hold my little hand, and don t let it go at any time.Big hands hold small hands , Tang Shuang said that even if you dig with a hoe, you can never dig out his and Tangtanger s hands.This makes Tangtanger feel more secure, and she is very happy with a smile.The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on the sea level, the sound of crashing waves came in bursts, the sea breeze blew away the last heat and brought coolness, a full full moon rose from the sea, and the bright moonlight spread , turning the world into a charming light blue.

Tang Shuang was speechless I m not interested in that pile of shells at all.I don t even want it if you give it to me.Candy said angrily Don t even think about it, I won t give it to you It s mine I worked so hard I caught it.Tang Shuang said to Huang Xiangning Look at this cheapskate Then she said to Tangtanger Did you forget that my brother caught it for you Did I give you the wooden pole you used to catch babblings Did you do it And the biggest one, babbling on a tall tree trunk, did I catch it for you In order to catch it for you, I fell into the thorn bushes, and my hand hurt so much, little Did you forget, Zhuzhu Do you still have a conscience Tang Tanger seemed to is 250mg of cbd gummy strong cbd anytime gummies remember that Xiaoshuang had helped her a lot, and smiled shyly at him.The face of a child, the day of June, changes as soon as it is said, without any embarrassment at all, the change is extremely natural.

Although Tangtanger had some disagreements with him, she has a lot of villains, so she doesn t care about it at this time.She slapped her hands happily to express Xiaoshuang Come on, get 100 points in the exam like her.Oh, by the way, Little Piggy s homework has finally broken 100, it s not easy.In the past, it was difficult to achieve the passing mark, but now you can get full marks.Whose credit is this The medal of merit should HCMUSSH cbd anytime gummies be divided into two petals, one for Tangtang and one for Tang Shuang.Since this semester, Tang Shuang has supervised and checked all of Tang Shuang s homework, which freed Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian.The two model couples now go for a walk hand in hand after eating, and when they come back from the walk, you will stand next to me and I will watch you Those who watch TV, those who read books Once Tang Shuang caught a scene of a million point crit, and the TV was singing Give me a kiss, is it okay, kiss me on the face Then Tang Shuang I saw Brother Sanjian who was reading the newspaper without saying a word, stood up and kissed Miss Xiangning, then sat back and continued reading the newspaper as if nothing had happened.

After speaking, he said to Liu Weiru What is cbd anytime gummies Dictatorship First you have to have power Do you have it Do you have it Have it This sentence made Liu Wei so angry he had nothing to say.Not to mention the vice chairman of the Writers Association, even the chairman has little power The Writers Association is not an authority Not to mention power, there is no salary You have nothing to do if you have no five free cbd gummies power.Don t think that if you are arranged to sit in the front row, you are really a leader.If you don t sell your face, you are nothing.Calling you chairman, do you really think of yourself as the chairman Tang Sanjian didn t care whether Liu Weiru was about to die of anger, in this dangerous moment of verbal confrontation, whoever loses his temper first will lose half of the battle first.Obviously, Tang Sanjian s Qi nourishing skill is better is 250mg of cbd gummy strong cbd anytime gummies than Liu Weiru s.

I want to buy a magic scarf later.It will cover your hair when you ride a bike.It can also wipe sweat.It can be used as a mask, sunscreen, windproof, and it s very cool Candy immediately cheered up, Haha, okay, I want glasses Black ones, the same as Xiaojin s.Tang Shuang I can buy you cycling glasses, but they are not black, mainly because you ride I wear it when I m driving, and don t wear it at other times.That s fine too Just be cool Tang Tanger came back full of blood in an instant, and shouted Let s go Let s go I ve become stronger again Tang Shuang took the small water bottle and encouraged Let s go if you have enough rest.Rest, can you do it Tangtanger stretched her neck to look at the road ahead, and said loudly, No problem Chapter cbd anytime gummies 286 Strong Tangtanger finally did what she swag 500mg cbd gummies said, and rode the slippery car to cbd anytime gummies the corner in one breath.

I have a better one.She explained it in this way and made a specific demonstration on her mobile phone The best friend was finally persuaded, and the elegance was more powerful, so let s purchase according to this optimal plan.The two cheered and acted immediately Ms.Zhao, who was addicted to the shopping frenzy, didn t know that the backyard was about to catch fire, and her cheese was destroyed by someone.Watch Tang Shuang was rescued by Shi Guangnan, and if Guangnan didn t come, he could leave quickly, because the library is a quiet place, and he had to speak in a low voice, not to mention such a group noise, it was so noisy The whole classroom is like a vegetable market.The administrator has come over, ready to kick out the troublemakers When Tang Shuang left with Shi Guangnan, she embarrassedly apologized to the administrator Well, he is also a victim, the administrator can see it, this young man is nice, he often comes here to read, but it is too attractive, which girl will marry him in the future, I have to worry about it every day, and suffer every night I m afraid If Tang Shuang knew that the elder sister of the administrator HCMUSSH cbd anytime gummies thought of him like this, she would have to vomit three liters of blood Coming outside the library, Tang Shuang thanked Shi Guangnan for saving his life and wanted to go to the study room.

After listening to Yang Xia s words, Tang Shuang s judgment finally came together.Xiao Na is taking this opportunity to beat the songwriters under her banner More precisely, to use him to beat others.Tang Shuang glanced unintentionally at Xiao Na who was talking and laughing, everyone should not underestimate her.Fortunately, he wasn t stupid, he had a faint feeling that something was wrong, and he didn t jump outside as a gun.Otherwise, many people may be offended After everyone chatted for a while, Xiao Na got back to business and handed the results of the audition to Tang Shuang.Tang Zhen leaned over to take a look, and arranged the eleven songs after the audition on the paper in order.Among them, the top one was Blue Lotus Parallel Universe Version , which had the highest approval rate, reaching 82.

I can eat with my feet, okay My feet are so strong that I can kick Xiaoshuang all over the head Huang Xiangning thought he heard it wrong, and asked Candy what to eat Candy Hehehe Use my little feet Look This is it This guy I don t know when I took off my shoes, and I threw away the socks with the red panda pattern, revealing my white, tender and chubby little feet, lifted them up and put them on the chair, then grabbed them with my left hand, lifted them up, straight Put it to her mouth Huang Xiangning lamented how good the toughness of a child is, and told her to put her feet down quickly.She can t stretch her feet when eating, let alone eat with her feet Who taught you this Candy, don t say anything, splash Dirty Water Xiaoshuang taught me He said that children s feet can be chewed and eaten, they are delicious, hee hee hee, let me try Then before Huang Xiangning stopped him, he took a bite of his toe.

I have no right to speak.Tang Tanger looked at Huang Xiangning for a moment, and Huang Xiangning complained Mom has no money.Tangshuang turned to Tang Shuang in an instant and spread his left hand Xiaoshuang, can you give me money to buy new clothes for my mother and me Hee Hee hee Ten for me, one for mom, are you satisfied, mom I m satisfied I m not satisfied Chapter 342 I m a little fox At night, after Tang Shuang checked Tangtang er s hand injury, she told her a story to lull her to sleep.Huang Xiangning walked in, holding a light yellow envelope in his hand You have been away for a few days, so I sent it here.Tang Shuang took it curiously, and there are very few letters still sent.Tang Shuang, a curious baby, snatched it right away, yelling that she wanted to read it, looked at cbd anytime gummies the envelope carefully, pointed to it and said, Dear Tang Shuang, ha, it s a girl Isn t it right, Xiao Shuang Glancing at her, she saw the words cbd gummies 15mg on the envelope From Tang Shuang.

Among the four, Little Peacock and Xiaojin are slightly wellution cbd gummy reviews worse.Little Peacock is too small, and Xiaojin doesn t have enough willpower.Tang Shuang didn t get to know Xiao Jin in particular, she only had a general impression, but she paid special attention to the little peacock, and felt that although the little peacock was young and small, and looked like a crying bag, she was actually very stubborn in her bones.The type who cries sadly while also rushing forward desperately, this is how she cbd gummies help with anxiety sweetstone cbd gummies played in the morning.Chapter 406 Since the blue heart flower is a relay race, it must be divided into order, who will run the first leg, who will run the last leg, and who will be given the second and third legs.They must be carefully discussed.A few children invited Tang Shuang to be a staff officer, and after a lot of blah blah, they finally decided Qiqi ran first, Xiao Jin ran second, Little Peacock third, and Candy held the lead.

Although it is called a relay race, there is no passing of the baton.The little peacock stood in the third position and looked left and right, but she didn t see her parents.The other children had adults cheering on her.She was the only one, and she was very depressed.Tang Shuang said to Tangtanger Little Peacock s parents went out to run errands and didn t come back.She is the only one here now.Brother, go cheer her up, okay How about having your parents accompany you here The little peacock looked, really, cbd anytime gummies she was really the only one, the little one, and couldn t help urging Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, go quickly, the little peacock is a younger sister, she should be more caring and helpful, Candy has parents and mothers.Brother Huohuo I promise you won t feel sour.Tang Shuang touched her little head, she was really sensible.

With a bang, the 190cm tall Mohawk fell to the ground by the waist The other person hesitated for a moment, and then there was no chance, because the people at the scene swarmed over to persuade the fight, Tang Shuang quickly hugged Candy, who was sitting on the ground, in case there were too many accidents.The good match scene suddenly became chaotic, noisy and swearing, there were a lot of cheering groups on Moxigan s side, and there were also many people on Tang Shuang s side, if it weren t for the on site staff to rush Come here and separate everyone, I m afraid we will have to fight.Huang Xiangning hurried over from the crowd Is Tangtang hurt Show me Tangtang, Tang Tang Tangtang stretched out her head from Tang Shuang s arms Mom, I m cbd anytime gummies here.Huang Xiangning hugged Tangtang In his arms, it was confirmed that he was not injured, but that the fall hurt a little.

A younger brother Isn t Tang Zhen s own brother Tang Shuang Tang Shuang is the Rain Phase Tang Shuang is the Rain Phase Isn t Tang Shuang a writer What s Yu Xiang s real name Tang Shuang.Luo Yuqing instantly felt that the world had become so strange and wonderful.Chapter 412 Sour and delicious.Another school day, Tang Shuang went to the kindergarten to pick up candies.Little Piggy and Little Peacock came out holding hands, saying see you tomorrow.When parting, the little peacock waved enthusiastically to Tang Shuang, and called out sweetly, but her voice was habitually chirping like a mosquito, and she couldn t hear it clearly at a distance.Tang Shuang took Tangtang er s little hand and waved goodbye to the little peacock, only to see Xiaoxiao got into the car under the care of her mother, and then the door closed, out of sight.

When they first entered the Guangdong Conservatory of Music, they heard Chen Ding s Love is What You Need playing on the school s radio.This song has almost become how to make homemade cbd gummies cbd anytime gummies the school anthem of various colleges and universities in China.However, things turned out like this Xiao Na tried her best to ease the atmosphere, and Shu Wuying also felt sorry and deliberately backed down, but Tang Shuang just nodded and didn t say another word.The atmosphere at the scene was even more awkward.Fan Tianxu and Sa Yang stood aside and just watched but didn t talk.It s better to talk less at this time.When Xiao Na saw Tang Shuang who was poking her head behind Tang Shuang, she had an idea, and waved to the little man amiably Tang Tang, do you still know Auntie I haven t seen you for a long time, and you are getting cuter.

Tang Shuang watched the live broadcast through the big screen, and most of the people at the scene were staring at the big screen.After the launching ceremony, they answered questions from reporters.To Tang Shuang s surprise, many people asked Sayang the question.Among the three mentors, Sayang has the least qualifications and the least reputation, and there has been no news, and today is the scene of I m the Hip Hop , reporters with a bit of common sense will ask some relevant questions sensibly, after all, the travel expenses are not for nothing.However, Sayang on the spot actually attracted the most attention.The reason is very simple, because Sayang has an affair.Tang Shuang listened for a while, her face was gloomy, very bad.This is something that he doesn t care about the entertainment industry, otherwise, he cbd anytime gummies only needs to look through the entertainment news a little bit, and he will know that the raging scandal is related to Sayang and Luo Yuqing.

In her words, she was far cbd anytime gummies away from a real little fairy., just a bamboo dragonfly.Meng Jieru smiled and said, Okay, no problem, it s the one on Dingdang s head, but what about the Dingling mentioned earlier, she is Dingdang s younger sister, what does this image look like Tang Shuang Do you have a cbd gummies help with anxiety sweetstone cbd gummies paintbrush I ll draw it for you now.Tang Shuang quickly finished drawing the image of the little Dingling, and further drew the prototypes of the little rabbit and the little turtle.The little rabbit is pink, with big long ears, and the little turtle Refer to the image in The Adventures of Little Turtles.Meng Jieru smiled and said, It s nice to have an older brother, it s really enviable.Then there is a key question, the cake.Tang Shuang asked, How big is cbd anytime gummies the cake for 30 people Meng Jieru proposed a three layer cake.

Without the help of Little Shouxing, Lie Yan had already grabbed Tang Shuang who was fleeing, pushed him in front of Tang Tanger, pressed the boy s face, and then Tang Shuang, who had left Tang Tanger s poisonous hand, found the little peacock who was eating with gusto, and begged the little peacock Use chopsticks to help him scrape the cake off his face.The very well behaved little peacock in the past refused.He was so happy to eat that he didn t have time to talk to your lord, Brother Xiaoshuang, you can find sister Meimei.Tangtanger said that you and sister sister are a couple.Little Putao, Qi Qi Qi waited for the children to point to Chumei who was queuing up in the distance in unison Sister liberty cbd gummie bears Meimei HCMUSSH cbd anytime gummies is there, call me sister.Little Putao even pushed her aunt away, and seemed to be very optimistic about Tang Xiaoshuang, and she was behind Chumei Chu Jing smiled and pushed Chu Mei out of the line, and said in a stern tone that she was not allowed to jump in line, and went to the back of the line, and helped Xiaoshouxing s brother shave the cake on his face, okay After a long time in the scene, Chu Mei helped Tang Shuang graciously.

Seeing that Tangtanger really likes her little Huihui, the little peacock invites her to play at her house on Saturday.Alas, if Xiao Huihui hears that her little master is going to give it to Tang Tang s children s shoes to play with, she doesn t know if her heart is broken.The last experience left a psychological shadow on her.Little Putao talked about her big dog, Erha, who was bigger than Little cbd gummies help with anxiety sweetstone cbd gummies Putao.I don t know if it s telepathy, but as soon as Little Putao mentioned Erha, Bai Jingjing, the puppy, rushed over, squatted beside the three little masters, pricked up his fox like ears, and listened carefully to the latest stupid thing about the big brother.Erha and Bai Jingjing from Xiaoputao s family knew each other.They formed a relationship in the dog park during the summer vacation.The tall Bai Jingjing bravely rushed forward to rescue it, and has since become Bai Jingjing s cbd gummies at gnc follower.

Tang Shuang has been the youngest among all the cbd anytime gummies guests since the program started broadcasting.Candy s big eyes stared at the aunt on the stage without blinking.Her feet, which were dangling happily, couldn t help but move together.She wiped her eyes with her little hands from time to time.Eyes are already full of tears.Mom, mom, mom, mom, I cried in my heart countless times.I hope you can answer me, I know you have heard it, but you can t respond to me, I understand it, it s okay, I say you listen That s fine.Mom, I miss you a lot, cbd anytime gummies feel helpless a lot, don t know non psychoactive cbd gummies what to do, I just want you atlrx cbd sleep gummies by my side every time, I really want to talk about how I am here, how I feel recently , A lot of things are hidden in my mind and I dare not say them, every time I hear my classmates call my mother I have to say that the old drama bones can convey feelings with voice, and the sincere love between the lines is fully stimulated, and many audiences are deeply impressed Infection, close your eyes and listen carefully, but the tears still flow down uncontrollably, like candy for little people.

Who would say occasionally, it must be often, and said boldly I often make quilts.The baby not only folds his own quilts, but also my brother s, because my brother is a big slob Tang Shuang, who was watching the video, was originally happy, but at this moment his face became expressionless.To fight.To be honest, the little person did make the quilts by herself, often, but the folds were horrible, and Huang Xiangning often needed to rearrange them, but at least she did.As for helping Tang Shuang fold the quilt, emmm there were two times cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies quit smoking price in the second half of cbd gummies help with anxiety sweetstone cbd gummies the year, because this villain was harassing him to sleep, after being caught by him, in order to let him go, he agreed to help make the quilt, so he made it twice This time to experience the hotel waiter, folding the quilt is not as easy as the old sweetstone cbd gummies cbd cube gummies full spectrum Tang s family.

Is it because you don t have any friends Don t be sad, don t cry, Xiaoshuang, why don t you ask Sister Meimei to come How nice is Sister Sister When Tang Shuang heard something wrong, she quickly said bye and hung up the phone.Zhao Yayi didn t seem to hear anything about Sister Meimei, she lowered her head and thought for a while, then took out a beautifully packaged box from her backpack, put it in front of the windshield, and said Yesterday was your birthday, I gave you a present.Because she didn t know when she would see Tang Shuang, Zhao Yayi took the carefully prepared gift with her.Chapter 502 There are wolves inside and outside the department.I have to be careful that Tang Shuang can t make friends and is not popular outside.She was disturbed by Candy so that all the children in the class knew about it.

Seeing Tang Shuang s thin clothes, only a sheep With a sweater and a jacket, he said with a smile, Young people are still in good health It s raining, and the pistachio Tangtang children s shoes are suddenly depressed.The little man stood in the corridor of the classroom, watching the rain streaks fall from the eaves, looked up sadly at the sky, the dark clouds rolled, my mother cbd anytime gummies said, if there are dark clouds, it will rain, if the dark clouds don t go away, the rain will come It won t stop, and I don t know if a thunder can be sent down to disperse the dark clouds.Candy rushed to Teacher Zhang s office briskly.Teacher Zhang didn t have a separate office, she shared one with four other female teachers.Candy went to the door of the office, looked inside, but didn t see Teacher Zhang, then showed a little body, looked inside, still didn t see it, where did he go The little man couldn t help walking in, and when he got to Teacher Zhang s desk, it was empty.

Sun Xuanyang suddenly looked back at the door of the room, and seeing that it was closed, he turned his head to signal Lu Youping to come closer, and asked, What did Yuan Jiangwei say Showing his favor, but refusing to come up with something substantial, I will go to him one last time today, and if I continue to be perfunctory like this, I suggest giving up on this person.Sun Xuanyang If you don t see a rabbit, you won t scatter an eagle.Before the situation is clear, he will He won t completely turn to our side, let him go first, and leave him alone.Lu Youping said Then let him go this time about Xu Chengyang People will not join us at all.Since he is unwilling to contribute, then what s the use of keeping him, why not take it together this time and breakone of that person s arms.Sun Xuanyang looked further and said Yuan Jiangwei is just a villain who has gained power, he is useful, but not for now, but after cbd gummies help with anxiety sweetstone cbd gummies I take gummy with cbd and thc office, I will sacrifice this person to clear up those obstacles.

The girl who asked the question asked confusedly The low level martial arts world Low level High level What is this Not only was she confused, but everyone on the scene cbd gummies how long do they last was also confused.What does it mean, even the word, low martial arts world, they Tang Shuang said God has actually reached the end of martial arts decades ago, but since it is the end of martial arts, it means that there is no way, or the road is broken.GOD considers himself a god.Since he is a god, of course he does not He will resign himself to fate, so he found an opponent like Dynasty.Their struggle has nothing to do with grievances.I am looking for a way out for the future generations and fighting for a great future.The ultimate goal of the martial arts conference is to gather the strength of the world s top cbd anytime gummies martial arts masters and explore the future of martial arts.

For example, in Jin Yong Shooting the Condor, Guo Jing in it is definitely not human anymore, and his previous one In this book, Sword Enmity and Enmity are still ordinary people, just strengthened a little.This is a vertical comparison, and then a horizontal comparison.Take Guo Jing and Xiao Qiushui in Wen Rui an s Sword Qi Yangtze River for comparison.Both of them are not considered human beings.But Xiao Qiushui is even more unbelievable.You can see the whole leopard at a glance.The world of martial arts is cbd anytime gummies complicated and vast.If these people are placed in a world, then this world must not exist, because their power system cannot be established, so I came up with martial arts The concept of the big world is divided according to HCMUSSH cbd anytime gummies the force value.At this point, Tang Shuang answered the questions raised by the audience before The highest force value in the world of Chinese martial arts is close to breaking the limit of the human body, breaking the void, and soaring in the daytime.

, is she worried about cbd relax sour gummies review something, or avoiding something Tang Shuang fell into wild thoughts, feeling that Luo Yuqing s disappearance was very unusual, and there must be a meaning that he hadn t thought of.While thinking about why she avoided seeing her, he also thought about how to find her.The phone vibrated, and I picked it up without hope, and my spirits lifted, Luo Yuqing s He couldn t wait to connect Hi Yuqing, where are you Luo Yuqing s voice on the phone was very calm, and she asked back I still want to ask you, where are you You disappeared in a blink of an eye, only to see Your responsible editor is here.Tang Shuang was shocked Are you in the conference hall Yeah, where are you Tang Shuang was confused, she had disappeared just now I thought you left, to the square I m looking for you, so don t move, I ll go find you now.

Candy s anxious voice came Why, why It s none of their business, Tang Shuang ran out by herself.Tang Shuang explained Because it cbd anytime gummies is their responsibility to take care of every kindergarten child, they must ensure that every child is safe and sound, and come home from cbd gummies and dr oz school one by one.It s not that they lost one during class.If they lose one, it means they didn t do a good job and they will be punished.Tang Tanger asked in surprise, How did this happen Tang Shuang thought for a while and said Because it s their responsibility, do you know what responsibility is Although it was on the phone, Tang Tanger shook her head first, and then said, I don t know, what is this Emmmm Tang Shuang tried to speak plainly Then explain to Candy what responsibility is.Responsibility is to do everything well.This is the responsibility.

After the boys and girls finished speaking, they left in a swarm , the sweet looking girl finally left reluctantly.She had just taken two steps, and when she looked back, she saw the long haired child waving at her, and stopped quickly.It turned out that the child agreed to let her give her a record.she Do you really like my sister Isn t my sister super cute Is she cute, hee hee, she sings better, look this is my sister.The little man gestured to Tang on the album cover with his eyes Zhen is her older sister, and the sweet girl smiled and praised her Your sister is so beautiful, I like her so much.Then I really took one away the girl asked again.Tangtanger nodded, she was holding the record with cbd gummies help with anxiety sweetstone cbd gummies both hands, and there was no room for it, so she could only agree with the young lady to take one by herself.

Huang Xiangning smiled and said, It s 7 o clock, don t worry, you won t be late if you are late.The driver has been waiting for too long, eat quickly After Tang Tang er finished speaking, she sucked heavily, and the speed was obviously accelerated.Master driver Huang Xiangning thought for a while, but he didn t expect there to be such a master driver.Tang Tanger smiled and cbd anytime gummies nodded Yes, master driver, the master driver who drives the handgun, you need someone to drive the handgun, are you right, Mom Tang Tang is right Huang Xiangning nodded That s right , Handy plane, the plane needs someone to drive it, but we generally don t call the pilot the master, but the captain.Candy was stunned for a moment, but couldn t hear clearly What s the length Captain How do you write it Huang Xiangning said, The one on the plane, the one who grows up.

The Lun family needs to raise a little monkey at such a young age, and they will definitely have to raise a little monkey when they grow up., I m really worried, it s terrible, I don t have enough fingers, it s exhausting me The more I count, the more people and animals I how to make homemade cbd gummies cbd anytime gummies have to raise, and it feels like the whole world I was walking around her, and I needed her to provide love and support.Oh, it was a sense of cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies quit smoking price accomplishment, but it was also tiring.However, Tang Shuang s voice sounded suspiciously What did you just say Little Shuangzi and his family What do you mean Tang Shuang didn t think it meant the old Tang s family.Based on his understanding of villains, I m afraid this little Shuangzi was not Refers to him, the whole family It may be a nest of ants, or a nest of birds, or a group of mullet cubs in Aixi Lake This is not Tang Shuang s delusional disorder of persecution, but a precedent.

This is Xiaoshuang s, and Xiaoshuang must want to eat it very much, she can t eat Xiaoshuang s.Tang Shuang touched her little head, Then let s go buy another bunch.Okay Candy said happily, pointing to the candied haws that fell on the ground, Pick it up and put it in the trash can.I hopped over by myself, bent down to pick it up, walked two steps and slipped and fell to the ground, making the little pig so angry that the cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies quit smoking price candied haws were thrown away by her angrily.Tang Shuang walked over to help her up again with a funny face, and said, Don t jump around, it s icy and slippery here, you have to walk slowly.The snow on the street was very slippery when people stepped on it.Or go to the side, where no one steps on the snow.In order to prevent the little sister from falling again, Tang Shuang took her cbd anytime gummies little hand, picked up the candied haws that she had thrown away, threw them into the trash can, and then came again At the candied haws shop, I bought a new bunch and handed it to Little Piggy Hold it, walk unbs cbd gummies carefully, don t fall again.

Tang Shuang took out a remote control, pressed it with a beep, and then heard a clattering sound, and saw that the floor to ceiling curtains around the room suddenly began to be closed, Tang Zhen and Tangtanger stopped and looked at it curiously.Four weeks, until the curtains are all put away, the true face of this room is finally revealed, this is a square transparent glass room The four walls of the room suddenly became transparent, blending with the scenery outside the house, surrounded by heavy snow and night in an instant, it felt amazing.Tang Zhen s eyes were bright, and she seemed to like this environment very much.Tang Shuang yelled, jumped up and said to Tang Shuang, Zoo, this is a zoo I m a little rabbit Tang Shuang What a zoo This is a full house, not a zoo, what are you talking about Candy The son yelled and said while jumping around This is a zoo, and people outside will look at us.

They bowed cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies quit smoking price their heads and looked dejected.I dare not sit down in the birdcage, like a child waiting to be criticized.Tang Shuang watched the play with great interest, and even secretly glanced at Miss Xiangning, both holding back their smiles.It is rare to see a little piggy so serious, he looks like a little parent, training puppies and birds to be like models It s cool.As soon as Bai Jingjing walked up to Tangtang er, she immediately wagged her tail and begged for mercy, stuck out her tongue to show off her cuteness, she didn t look like she was about to die just now, Tang Xiaowu in the cage rolled her eyes, and quacked twice in her heart, she was talking about shit In the past, if Bai Jingjing acted like this, she would definitely be favored by Candy, hugged her and whispered in her arms, but today is different, today Tang is very angry, she grabs Bai Jingjing s two front paws, and criticizes seriously Jingjing, I want to criticize you What do you think about your little head You poked Bai Jingjing s little head with your fingers, meaning what do you think about this thing, reflect on it.

Tang Shuang laughed and said Then you are a thing I come here to let you control By the way, why do you dare to go out Running around Aren t you afraid of being caught by media reporters Ha You Jian Siming was furious, but he could only hold back, and said with an unfriendly expression Young people take care of your own affairs.You don t know the heights of the sky and the earth at a young age.You will suffer a lot sooner or later.Tang Shuang retorted I see that you are quite old, and you don t know the heights of heaven and earth, no, you have suffered a lot, and you have lived very comfortably during this time, celebrity treatment, not everyone can enjoy it.Jian cbd anytime gummies Siming wanted to speak, Tang Shuang called Cut him off, and continued By the way, I would like to ask you, what are you doing here Seeing that the two were arguing when they met, Yuan Jiangwei came out to smooth things over.

It seems that cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies quit smoking price the old Tang family has reached an agreement, and he was happy for his son in his heart.He smiled and said to Tang Shuang, There is a bottle of big bear in the storage room.Go and get it.Your uncle brought it during the New Year.Tang Shuang Shuang No problem Seeing this, Tang Tanger also said to Huang Xiangning, No problem Mom Then she jumped off the chair, followed Tang Shuang, and shouted, The little man knows where he is, go help brother Get the wine Usually, the little man would not dare to enter the storage room, he was afraid, it was too scary, but today he was with Tang Shuang, and he became more courageous, looking around, looking strangely, as for what she said just now, knowing where the big bear bottle is, Not at all Tang Shuang took out the big bear wine, and said to Tang Shuang, who was touching here and looking there, Are you going Are you staying Tang Shuang immediately discarded a picture book in his hand, and smacked out in front of Tang Shuang.

Candy asked curiously Mom, what did you say in the letter Huang Xiangning said, They praised you for cbd anytime gummies being so cute.Look at the next one.Huang Xiangning clicked on another one, this time it said Marry your daughter to me as a concubine.She was taken aback, feeling a little unhappy, and raised her phone so Tangtanger couldn t see it, worried She recognized the words.Candy stretched her neck to read it, and asked at the same time Mom, what is it writing You can read 999 letters one by one.Huang Xiangning opened another one, only to see that it said, It s so cute and beautiful.My family s is different.It s purely a woman s paper.After reading several letters to Tangtanger, Huang Xiangning closed the mailbox and prepared to Opened the two videos made by Tang Shuang and greenhouse research pure cbd gummies reviews Tangtanger, and saw that the introduction of 900 Million Girls Dream said an unscrupulous little cutie.

She also worked hard for the snacks.While Tangtanger was reciting the Three Character Classic, an exclamation suddenly sounded from an office in the kindergarten, which startled Teacher Zhang and Teacher Xiaoliu.Teacher Zhang asked, Why are you less than You were so surprised It was Teacher Yu who exclaimed.At this moment, she pointed to the computer and said to Teacher Zhang in shock Come and see Come and see Teacher Xiao Liu walked behind Teacher Yu to look at the computer, and said, Why are you so surprised Ah Tang Zhen Is Tang Zhen secretly married Ah Teacher Zhang was taken aback, and Teacher Yu said to them eagerly No, I mean this picture, this, isn t this Tang Tang Teacher Zhang, this It s your Tang Tang Also, this is Brother Xiaoshuang Brother Xiaoshuang and Tang Zhen are married The cbd gummies help with anxiety sweetstone cbd gummies daughter is still Tang Tang Oh my god, it s so messed up At this moment Tang Shuang is Guangdong Tongji University handles formal transfer procedures for graduate students.

Chapter 611 I m My Sister, I m The Little Devil Three Swords Brothers collapsed again at cbd anytime gummies the Small Animal Story Conference.Tang Shuang and Huang Xiangning didn t see how embarrassed he was.They could only find out from some details.For example, when Tang Shuang opened the door to take over from Brother Sanjian, the old man and Tangtanger stood up and left without saying hello, just like the guy who got beaten up in the tiebreaker on the basketball court and left without saying a word.The back view is the same, and Tangtanger mutters, the little man is very dissatisfied with Brother Sanjian, Tang Shuang only hears a few words such as What are you talking about Dad and Dad doesn t like studying too much.For the sake of his life, Tang Shuang didn t deliberately inquire about it, so he should just be a good boy and smash it.

Being confiscated and brooding, you have to let it go, think about it, although you have lost your small treasury, but you have gained the infinite care of the sun, smart people know how to choose.Tang Sanjian is a smart man, he is good at doing good things, took out his mobile phone to choose music, and asked Huang Xiangning, Which one do you want to hear, my wife The child didn t notice this.Huang Xiangning calmed down, thought for a while, and said, With the current atmosphere, I want to listen to Autumn Grasshopper.Ahhh Xiao Shuang, don t run away, let me bite you woo Candy The son s shout resounded in my ears, and Tang Sanjian put forward a different suggestion Actually, listening to Chop Chop, Chop Chop Chop is more suitable for the occasion.Oh, aha, don t make trouble like this, candy, okay Tang Shuang s words rang in his ears, Huang Xiangning thought for a while, and said with a smile, I ll just listen to you, let s listen to Chop Chop, Chop Chop Chop.

I can have both realistic reactions and boundless fantasies.This state is very attractive.Fang Zhikai cbd anytime gummies said with a smile You are right, fantasy novels are indeed fascinating, but You also need a free soul, otherwise you won t be able to write that kind of unrestrained and unrestrained.He Yue continued Xiaokai is right, I am deeply touched.He Yue has stopped writing books now, and he has no time., Second, I have no mood, mainly because I no longer have the mood when I wrote A Thousand Arrows Pierce the Heart.After he devoted himself to politics, he basically gave up his writing path.Not only fantasy novels need a free soul, but writing any novel requires a special state.He Yue has never found this kind of state.He is in a state of being, and now he is fully focused on the political arena.Lu Yingying wanted to join the conversation between the three of them, but Lu Mingyi called to stop her Let the three of them chat.

Tang Shuang was speechless, this little man has already learned how to touch porcelain, where did he learn it He shook his head and said amusedly, Your panties are exposed, are you ashamed Candy was startled, touched her waist with her hands, and quickly lifted up her panties, but she still held on , Continue to lie on the sofa and whine.Tang Shuang turned a deaf ear, and came to the bookshelf.This bookshelf is quite large, occupying an michigan cbd gummies entire wall of the study room.There are seven floors, dozens of cubicles, and books are placed in each cubicle.Emmmm How many books are placed I am knowledgeable, emmm Although Tang Shuang only read three of them.Tang Shuang was rummaging through these grids now.Tangtanger, who was acting on the sofa, sweetstone cbd gummies cbd cube gummies full spectrum saw cbd anytime gummies that Xiaoshuang ignored him, and snorted heavily.The little man in black in her heart was madly accusing him, but at the same time, she quietly Turning his face sideways, he stared at Tang Shuang s movements without blinking.

There are many broken knives hanging on the walls around the room, sweetstone cbd gummies some only have a handle left, some are just a section of the blade, and some are still intact, but the blade is full of pits the size of peas.These remnant knives are some of the various sabers seized by the Tang Hongjun during the war.Each has a story, a total of 37.In the front of the room, there is a knife rack with seven broadswords on it, all of the same style, thick backed broadswords for military use.This kind of broadsword is suitable for powerful chopping and killing, and it is a sharp weapon for close combat on the battlefield.The 37 broken knives hanging on the wall were basically chopped by these 7 thick backed broadswords.But even the thick backed broadsword that was made to chop the enemy s sword was full of scars after a long battle, and three of them were broken in two.

Huang Xiangning said that the little sister came with her grandfather, and her grandfather is the cleaner in this area, the one Tangtanger pointed out just now.As for why the little sister sat alone by the flower bed instead of being with grandpa, it was because the cleaning company had regulations that prohibited personal affairs during working hours.Candy just invited the little sister to have lunch, but the little sister kept shaking her head with a shy smile, saying that she would be able to go back with grandpa soon, and that the grandma had already prepared the meal, and they would go home at this time every day.Tang Shuang couldn t help looking at the little girl by the flower bed again, she was really a sensible child.Huang Xiangning also sighed He is really a sensible child.Although he is shy when talking to us, he is very cbd anytime gummies polite, his voice is soft, and there is always a smile on his face.

Young Master Tang, did you forget the words Tang Shuang quickly apologized, saying that she was a little nervous.In fact, it wasn t that Tang Shuang forgot his words, nor was he nervous, but looking at the gray haired old artist in front of him, he couldn t swear.The old man seemed to see Tang Shuang s scruples, and cbd anytime gummies said with a smile, Young man, don t think too much, this is acting, I can understand.Mr.Zhang, I m sorry.Tang Shuang expressed his gratitude to the old artist for his understanding.He is an old face, you can often see his face on TV, and he has played many supporting roles.His acting age is older than Tang Shuang s.Although he is not a well known actor, he is an old actor, and Tang Shuang respects him very much.Several actors who left the country at the same time were taken aback when they heard Tang Shuang and Mr.

Seeing that she was dying, Tang Shuang decided to save her little sister and drew a cake for her Tang Tang, if you best cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes do well in the exam, my brother will record a song for you.Don t you really want to be a singer Dream It s right in front of you, it depends on whether you can catch it.Tang Tanger immediately swept away her depression, jumped up and said loudly that I can, Tang Shuang s words are like a fountain of life, the flower that was about to wither immediately stood up, and still The leaves are blooming.She ran out of the room in a flash, came back with a small schoolbag after a while, sat down in front of the small desk, opened the book solemnly and immediately entered the study state, and the adults of the old Tang family were stunned.Since the little sister is so serious, let s not bother her, everyone went out one after another, leaving little piggy to stay in the study and read seriously.

After completing the true or false questions, the next step is to fill in the antonyms.Xiao Zhuzhu glanced at the question and immediately glanced at Tang Shuang.He was worried that Tang Shuang would secretly eat her fruit platter, so he was absent minded when doing the question and wrote very quickly.Black white.about.True false, and immediately crossed out the word .Happy This is so difficult, Tangtanger thought for a while, and wrote martha stewart cbd gummies heart sad.cute This one is more difficult.Tangtanger thought for a while, but unexpectedly, when she saw Tang Shuang, she snickered and wrote Great Demon King , and then added the prefix Single Horn.After finishing writing, I cbd anytime gummies feel a little proud, ha.The next question is Are you a capable kid Is this still a question mark I am a capable kid.Based on this premise, the answer written by Piggy is I will mop the floor for Dad.

She is not that narrow minded, but her heart is a little complicated.Duan Yushuang has an extremely good and strong personality, and Ji Rubing is only a year older than her, but she is already far ahead on the road of acting.Moreover, Duan Yushuang also participated in the interview for the popular drama that made Ji Rubing famous, and passed the initial test with Ji Rubing.However, the result was that Duan Yushuang was eliminated because of not pure enough temperament , but Ji Rubing finally got the role and became an instant hit.If it weren t for Duan Yushuang s chance to return to pick up things, she would never know that Ji Rubing was selected because she knew the assistant director, and she might have always naively thought that cbd gummy bears for arthritis it was really a difference in strength.From then on, Duan Yushuang understood that her background would be the biggest shortcoming for her success in acting, so she became utilitarian for this reason.

DJ Xiaoxiao looked at the time, and it was 3 minutes overtime, which meant that the next column was occupied for 3 minutes.Thinking that the next column is to tell stories to the children, and the host is a kind hearted but long winded old sister, Xiaoxiao is a little bit embarrassed, worried that the old sister will come in and pick her ears, and shout into her ears to bully the children, is it She I even saw the figure of the old sister wandering in the corridor outside the door, and from time to time cast a look of it s noon, and the cut is about to start.However, she is very gossip about Luo Yuqing, a good little girl Just now I wanted to gossip from beginning to end, but I didn t dare to say anything after thinking about it.Now I can finally taste what I want, I hope the door is locked.

This one Are you serious Super serious.Ah, hurry up and sing.Ahem I don t want to sit in your prison, I want to be your cat.Lick your wounds for you and listen to your heartbeat.Give me One reason not to let me run away again.Please stop joking and smile at me seriously What song is this Be Your Cat.The previous song is also a cat That song is called Be Your Cat My Cat.You think so beautiful Chapter 698 Do you want an omurice with mayonnaise I m not satisfied with these two songs, I have to find another reason.Luo Yuqing s comment on Be My Cat and Be Your Cat were both dissatisfied, and asked to find another reasonable reason, otherwise they would be kicked out of the table.Then tell a story It s okay.Tang Shuang took a sip of the hangover drink, which was sour and sweet, but overall it was sour, and her sour spirit shook.

Not long after, Tang Shuang, who was writing an impromptu song and preparing to become a blockbuster, was dragged by Tang Shuang and brought to the music room.Zhang Changan and others greeted him enthusiastically, Tang Shuang said You want to collaborate on a song Zhang Changan and Tangtanger nodded at the same time, Tangtanger sang directly If I have a fairy stick, I will grow bigger and smaller Be beautiful Sing this.Tang Shuang asked, If I cbd anytime gummies Had a Fairy Stick Candy s eyes were full of little stars, and he nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.Tang Shuang thought, oops, isn t this song a ready made song It made him rack his brains to think of a new song, so he just brought If I Had a Fairy Wand.Zhang Changan smiled and said, Chairman, is this a new song you wrote We have never heard of it.

Tang Shuang laughed blatantly now, hehehe hahaha Thinking of the moment the little piglet opened his arms and rushed up to hug Tang Zhen just now, he wanted to laugh, and at the same time he was glad that the little piggy was not one meter away from her.If you don aries cbd gummies t want to be hugged, you would rather fall into a set of pancakes, or you might really fall into a pancake today.Tang Zhen is not him, so he may not be able how to make homemade cbd gummies cbd anytime gummies to hug her.You re still laughing You don t have love Seeing Tang Shuang smiling so happily, Tang Tanger became even more monkish.Pan Wenling and He Zhenyi hurriedly turned around and hurriedly put their luggage on the car.Staying here was afraid they couldn t help laughing out loud, and then they would be remembered by the younger sister of the Tang family and punched bobo.Tang Shuang quickly comforted Tangtanger not to do anything, not to get angry, and helped her, patted Tang Zhen on the shoulder, and said, Excuse me, excuse me, two fairies, don t you think something is missing That s right, we Your little sister is at your feet, she has been waiting for a long time with open arms, Zhenzhen, can you hug her quickly, she will hit me if she gets mad, and she is going to cry.

The little man grinned and smirked trying to please, but he restrained himself immediately, turned his head quickly, and continued to watch the stage solemnly, pretending that nothing happened, but muttered in his heart, this little Shuang is indeed Bai Liangliang, this guy, old It was digging a hole for my sister.She and Bai Jingjing rushed into Tang Shuang s room many nights, and climbed onto his bed to make trouble, or simply to tease Xiao Shuang, and they were used to fighting together with one person and one dog.I didn t expect to be tricked by Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang stared at the little man for a while, forget it, he didn t break the casserole cbd anytime gummies to ask the end, but he knew in his heart that without his knowledge, this little guy and Bai Jingjing should have plotted against him a lot.The lights on the stage gradually turned on, not suddenly, but gradually, like the sun rising, a process visible to the naked eye.

I can only purr once, don t drink too much.Huang Xiangning unscrewed a bottle, seeing Tangtang wanted to take it, she was worried, worried that she drank too much, so she fed her directly, and was ready to take it away when she heard a purr.However, the strange thing was that Little Pig sipped the drink bottle for a while, but there was no grunt, but his cheeks bulged quickly.Huang Xiangning saw this villain The drink was confiscated in a hurry, and the little pig s hand grabbed twice in the air, but he didn t catch the drink, so he reluctantly drank the water stored in his mouth three times.You little guy Huang Xiangning stroked Tangtanger s little head, amused and helpless.Hee hee hee Tang Tanger grinned silly, took Tang Shuang s hand casually, and left the hospital.Huh Huh Realizing that it was Tang Shuang s hand that was being held, she quickly threw it away, and arrogantly climbed into the car by herself, just as she sat down, she climbed out again by herself, and got into another car.

Ah, it s Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen is so beautiful now.Aunt Xiangning, Zhenzhen looks just like you Jiang Yue looked at Tang Zhen who appeared with Tangtanger in the video in surprise.good friend.Zhenzhen has also grown up, she is outside all the year round, rarely In the computer, Tang Shuang s voice sounded I m proud of you, I ll feed you a bag of salt.Candy asked puzzledly Huh What do you mean I ll feed you a bag of salt, come here, open your mouth Open.A big hand stretched out from behind the camera, and gently pinched Tangtang er s little face with lightning speed, and then Tangtang er waved her two small hands, knocking off the hateful big hand.I won t eat, I won t eat The little man dodged a little, stared at the camera vigilantly, the smile on his face disappeared, snorted ferociously, made a grimace towards the camera, stuck out his tongue, twisted He ran away with his little buttocks, and ran to a group of children.

His bald head is ugly, do you want him to cover it up tactfully He put on his military cap, and asked tentatively, Does it look much better Tangtanger didn t know any fraud, and said simply, Yes, it looks much better.Su Dingnan sighed deeply, childish words , these guys have always told him that a bald head is a man It s still a child s sincerity.Although Su Dingnan was a little dumbfounded by Tangtanger, the more he looked at Tangtanger, the more curious he became.There was never a child who was not afraid of him, even his own grandchildren were no exception.He is at home, and it is very difficult for him to hug his grandchildren, and he cries when he holds a child.A big bald head is enough to scare children, plus he is ugly, has been in the top position for a long time, and he is very majestic and imposing.

Tang Shuang was listening to the host when he was recording the show.He didn t pay much attention to it himself, he just wanted to play.Tang Zhen in the audience listened carefully, and immediately took out her mobile phone to search, and found that a large number of news was born overnight, and the social media was especially lively.Not only celebrities, but also music professionals also changed their aloof attitude and jumped out to comment.What made Tang Zhen happy was that most people praised the song Your Heart River , except for a few badass After the founding of the People s Republic of China, any small animals were not allowed to become elves, but they were produced in large quantities.Therefore, these elves must be dishonest, illegal, and not authoritative.They are poor little creatures struggling to survive.

Tangtang er felt guilty, squeezed her small mouth tightly, and pushed Xiaoshuang s big face away.Tang Shuang leaned over again, Tangtanger pushed away again, why are you like this Why keep looking at the Lun family Tang Shuang gently pinched her little face with a smile, it was even more bulging than usual, and it was full of stuff.Candy couldn t speak, so he could only wave his hand to knock off the big hateful hand.It was Tang Zhen who was kind, and couldn t bear Tang Shuang to bully her little sister like this, and signaled him not to play tricks on her, and not to expose her, just let her go.Tangtang, let s practice together Tang Shuang stood aside and watched the two play the piano.After playing the piano three times, she couldn t stand it anymore and said to Tangtang, Tangtang, you should eat the grapes in your mouth first.

They sat together, one played the electronic organ and the other sang.Although the sun was shining brightly, but because it was the seaside, the sea breeze was a bit strong and cold, and the two of them were wearing thick sweaters, a little timid.Singing here in the cold weather is very hard work.According to Tang Shuang s understanding, there are often people singing in the open air here.The main reason is that they are close to the apprentice entertainment.Maybe they are signed by scouts.Tang Shuang listened to the song the two sang, smiled and said to Tang Zhen, It s Zhang Liang s Sea Breeze , remember Zhang Liang Tang Zhen was wearing a big mask, although she couldn t see the smile on her face , but with crooked eyes, it should be smiling.Remember, he s a very humorous person.Tang Shuang smiled and said, Why do I think of his song Don t Love Me Down when I think of him Brother s chest cbd raspberry gummies muscles are not what you want to rely on, you can rely on them if you want.

Do you want to do this Yes Oh.How many people Three.What identity The family is in business, I don t know very well.Our family is not afraid.Hearing this sentence, Tang Shuang couldn t help laughing.Since our family is not afraid, I how to make homemade cbd gummies cbd anytime gummies will be more violent. Are you stupid Ah I said you are stupid Why are you swearing You are stupid Hmph Since you know our family is not afraid, why don t you ask for help You are as stupid as Tangtanger.You are stupid You are Tang vinegar fish Even if I am Tang vinegar fish, I am better than Tang Bodhisattva Zhen is smart Tch Don t tch, look behind us, that Mr.Cheng is still following us, and the mud bodhisattva has a three point temper, I really don t know how to write dead words, so let s take him first.Tang Zhen went to Lo and behold, sure enough, Cheng Xin s BMW was still following, and they were very close cbd anytime gummies together.

Tang Shuang served her some squid.After a while, Shrimp, big shrimp.Tang Shuang picked up a prawn for her, and told her, Eat this carefully, don t cut your mouth.After a while, The prawns are finished, Xiaoshuang, here is a fish.Tang Shuang picked up a large grouper for her.Seeing that she had eaten a lot, she said, Let me serve you a bowl of cuttlefish and mushroom soup.Tang Tanger nodded and had no time to speak.Tang Shuang looked at the other children on the table, then at her own, then at the camera facing her, thinking that it s over, candy, you have exposed yourself as a little piggy at the first meal.At this time, the alarm sounded in the cbd gummies australia buy room, and a female voice reminded to ask Miss Liu Die Die to go to the director.After feeding her a clam, her father said, Little Butterfly, the garden manager told you to go to his place, can you go there now Little Butterfly nodded obediently while chewing the clam in her mouth, but still sat down stay still.

After Tang Shuang combed Tangtang s hair, she took the little boy to brush her teeth and wash her face, and then took her to the beach to gather for breakfast and play games.Cao Kai stood on the beach with a smile on his face, he was the only one, no other guests came, he was how to make homemade cbd gummies cbd anytime gummies alone.Seeing Tang Shuang appearing in the distance holding Tangtanger, Cao Kai waved to them enthusiastically.After approaching, Tangtanger praised the director Oh, the director is like a little sun.Others often praise her as a little sun, and she gave this compliment to Cao Kai today.Cao Kai said happily Thank you, Tang Tang, you really know how to compliment people.Good morning, Tang Tang, did you sleep well last night Candy cbd anytime gummies greeted him obediently President, you are also early, I slept soundly , I really want to sleep after falling asleep.

Ye Liang said he wanted to go back and think about it, and left.Miao Wen Do you want to look at other companies Ye Liang laughed and said, It seems that we lacked confidence in ourselves before, and we need to be more active and confident next time.In the next few days, the two flew back and forth, visited nine film and television companies, and best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger finally selected a film and television company called Hurricane Media.The right to broadcast on the Internet.This company has its own video website, and Grandma will be broadcast on this video website.The cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies quit smoking price name of the other party is Tang Shuang s The World Is Really Wonderful The first film and television story and The darkest story in history , but I didn t say which story in The World Is Really Wonderful and let the audience guess for themselves.It was not until two days after brewing that Grandma was officially posted on the website that people could see it.

One is that the newly established film and television department of Tuzi Entertainment called.The is cbd gummies better than cbd oil film studio of the movie Hero has sent a notice.The movie has basically been taken off the shelves and the box office has been released.join.When calculating his fortune earlier, Tang Shuang was cbd anytime gummies thinking about the box office of this movie, which was the bulk of his fortune.Before he bought the shares of Alumni, his net worth was more than 90 million, but the box office share of the movie Hero could bring Tang Shuang a higher income than this.The movie box office of Hero is fixed at 3.5356 billion yuan, plus the surrounding income of more than 200 million yuan, the final income is close to 3.8 billion yuan.Tang Shuang didn t know exactly how much he would get, but he knew the approximate number, which should be more than 100 million.

Sharing the big apple with Lily, Lily smiled and took a bite too.Candy asked expectantly Is it particularly sweet Little Lily was very supportive Super sweet.Candy agreed It s as sweet as grandma s brown sugar.The two old people smiled when they heard this.Get out Didn t you tell me to go out Why did you come in again As soon as the nurse who had chased people away entered the room, she saw someone coming in again, and she was still eating inside, and shouted loudly in dissatisfaction.Lao Li was honest and honest, and he told me that he was here to deliver food to his wife, and he hadn t eaten dinner yet.While eating, Xiao Lili s father responded The patient also wants to eat, so it s okay for the family to deliver the food The nurse pointed to Xiao Lili s father Go out Do you need so many people to deliver the food Stay here Those who feed the food, everyone else should go out, especially you, don t eat in the room, go out to eat Where is the rule that you can t eat in the room, I Little Lily s father was interrupted by the nurse before he finished speaking The other party was obviously very displeased with his talking back, and said loudly Get out Little Lili s father was stunned and was about to get angry.

Then there is danger.Tang Tang You little villain You pinched my face It s still stretched Behind him came the voice of Little Comb , full of grievances.Tangtang er s small body trembled slightly, and stood still.I heard it, she heard it, it was the voice of Little Comb whose face was pinched by her, he must have come to seek her revenge.But she didn t dare to look back, it was over once she saw it.She pretended not to hear, tried to keep herself as natural as possible, and hummed.Ang ang ang, Tinker Bell, help me realize all my wishes Make children, adults, and bad people become good people Singing, she walked away with small steps, with her little hands behind her back, and then remembered that Xiaoshuang often said that she could not learn from old mothers Move, so put it on both sides of the cbd gummies help with anxiety sweetstone cbd gummies body, step left keoni cbd gummy reviews foot, swing left hand, step right foot, swing right hand.

When Tang Zhen returned home, the house became even more lively.Although she didn t talk much, it was enough to just sit there for everyone to see.The task of delivering Tangyue to school the next day was given to her.Tangtang er s little butt was completely fine, although she still wanted to pretend, it was too late and it was exposed long ago.Sister Xiangning almost took off her underpants for inspection, Tangtanger saw it, knew she couldn cbd anytime gummies t escape, and said decisively that she missed her kindergarten friends, so she decided to go to school, don t take off her panties, shy Tang Zhen did not stay at home for three days according to the previous arrangement, but went to Shanghai alone on Friday two days later.She is the guest singer of Hu Zhongyuan s farewell concert.She and Tang Shuang have prepared a new song and must go to cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies quit smoking price the rehearsal in advance.

It s really a good match.They were holding hands just now.A colleague echoed.It was still Luo Peiqi, Luo Yuqing s cousin, who came to pick her up at the airport.Brother in law, thank you for the gift.The first time Luo Peiqi saw Tang Shuang, she called her brother in law directly.She is really a good girl, and she will give a gift next time.During the Chinese New Year this year, Tang Shuang gave gifts to the Luo family, including Luo Peiqi s.Tang Shuang was happy, while Luo Yuqing spat at Luo Peiqi and said, Peiqi Don t talk nonsense In the past, the arrogance of a woman made her treat Tang Shuang as if cbd gummies medterra she would never leave her Luo Peiqi smiled and didn t take it seriously, her sister said so, but her face was not unhappy, just a little shy.As someone who knew her well, she could tell that her cousin cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies vegan dragon fruit 300mg was happy.

I ve never seen a kid smarter than you.Have you become a little fox Tell me Are you a little fox Tang Shuang asked seriously.Tangtanger smiled, but shook her head resolutely, indicating that she was not transformed by the little fox, but the little fox might be her younger brother.What The little fox is your younger brother Tang Shuang was speechless, and praised her, she really crawled along the pole.Yes, it s so juicy, Xiaoshuang, the little fox is Tanger s little follower, follower little fox Tangtang replied solemnly, as if what he said was true.Tang Shuang immediately picked up Candy.Oh what are you doing Candy was baffled, and was treated so rudely again, without the power to resist, it was very humiliating to think about it.Tang Shuang touched the child s buttocks, put them down slippery, and said, Without a small tail, it really doesn t look like a little fox.

In the future, replace Brother Huohuo with Xiaoshuang, and Xiao Xinxin with her, hehehe Thinking of this, the little guy secretly glanced at Tang Shuang.That future HCMUSSH cbd anytime gummies scene has already come true.She completely forgot that the little Xinxin she admired not long ago was defeated in a fight with her little Shuang, and was humiliated and discarded on the sofa.Chapter sweetstone cbd gummies cbd cube gummies full spectrum 1031 The little baby hugged the little baby and everyone played in the Internet cafe until the nest cbd gummies noon.Lunch was also eaten in the private room, and they ordered a nearby hotel to deliver it.After lunch, everyone packed a few more and sent them to the hospital.Originally, everyone wanted to see Li Meng and the little baby, but the aunt said that both the big one and the little one were asleep, so everyone gathered in the crack of the door to have a look.

Called her mother and said that Xiaoshuang wanted to eat her, and now she was outside the princess room, trying to smash her door.Five minutes later, Tang Shuang knocked on the door and urged the villain to go out.The little man stood behind the door and asked Candy s British history is amazing.He still cares about this Tang Shuang also accepted it.That s great, come out quickly We re leaving.There was a giggling laugh from behind the door.Under Tang Shuang s repeated urging, the villain reluctantly came out of his room, carrying a small bag and holding two little rabbit dolls in his arms.Tang Shuang opened her mouth, wanted to say something but said nothing Let s go, go downstairs, get in the car.The two got into the car, drove away from Old Tang s house, first bought two handfuls of carnations on the pedestrian street outside the school, handed them to the candies on the children s chair, and then went straight to Guangdong No.

Candy looked curiously at the hand resting on her belly, then glanced sideways at Jiang Yue, feeling that this young lady was a little different from other guests who came to her house, she dared to touch the little princess on her own initiative Didn t even ask the little princess whether she agreed or not What a courageous Lun.If it wasn t HCMUSSH cbd anytime gummies for the sake of her beauty, she would definitely have to go crazy to show that she is not another kid s paper, and she cbd anytime gummies cbd gummies quit smoking price can t be touched if she wants to However, it is very comfortable.The little guy was like a puppy whose head was being patted, with his big eyes squinted, his humming and chirping weakened a lot, and then he started laughing silly and innocently.Tang Shuang smiled and said, You are eating other people s kumquats for free, so why would they give you any money Candy said angrily, That can t be a lie Such sour little oranges are sweet and sour.

This series of movements was so quick that Jiang Yue was in a daze.It seems that this big apple is very important to candy.She asked Tang Tang, who bought this big apple for you Tang Tanger sat on the sofa with the apple in her arms, faced Jiang Yue face to face, and looked at her face curiously again.Apart from being beautiful, it was also very strange.The more I look at it, the more familiar I feel, but I don t understand it.My mother, Miss Xiangning bought this, hehe.Huang Xiangning was speechless.Jiang Yue was taken aback for a moment, and then said, How can you call your mother s name directly Tangtanger glanced at Huang Xiangning secretly, seeing that her mother was not angry, she felt relieved, and waved her small hand grandly It s okay, cbd anytime gummies it s okay.It s not a problem We have money, the Lun family has money Xiaoshuang owes the Lun family tens of thousands of dollars Give me the money Let Xiaoshuang give me the money Jiang Yue looked at the dancing child, and suddenly realized that It seemed difficult to chat with her, and asked her how she could call her mother s name directly, but she introduced herself to be rich with great fanfare.

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