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Xiaohan, I m Chen Xiujuan.Some people in Dongming New Village called 110 to call the police.They said they found a snake in Building No.3.They didn t know if it was a poisonous snake.Both adults and children were frightened.Go and have a look quickly.Send it over.Snake, I m afraid too Thinking of that terrifying cold blooded animal, Han Chaoyang bay park cbd gummies amazon earlybird cbd gummies shuddered, but this was a police call, and the call was an order, so he could only bite the bullet and agree, Yes, we ll go right away.Be careful, don t be bitten by a snake., Chen Xiujuan was sarcastic as always, and added You were bitten by a snake.It s a minor matter, but no one in the Chaoyang Police Department is a serious matter.Catch it Han Chaoyang felt his hair tremble when he mentioned the snake, while Xu, who was in high spirits, 25 mg cbd gummies corvallis oregon ran to the backyard to find a woven bag for the community cadres.The first one earlybird cbd gummies to grab is the richest man.The king of luck is Police Officer Han.You are all rich people.Why do you want to grab our poor people s red envelopes, and think that the Gini index is not big enough 9494.Chen Jie is so funny, Han Zhaoyang raised his mobile phone and started a voice Stop complaining, I will borrow flowers to offer Buddha later, and put the just Spit out the big bag you snatched, talk about the business first, and report the situation first, Hong Liang, you come first.Yes, let s talk business, I m talking to the boss who talked about it last night, and I just arrived at the train station now On the flyover at the north exit, she not only issued false certificates, but also sold invoices, and when she saw people at the bridgehead, she would ask if they needed a certificate or an invoice, and if she saw anyone in uniform, she would hide.But now is not the time to be polite, and what we have to do at night is not polite.It is true that the public security should be the main priority.Han Chaoyang nodded, pointed to the map spread out on the conference table, and said, Leaders, I think so.There are 16 large and small exits in the whole village.At 10 55, our personnel must be in place to block all exits.Arrange four people at an intersection, one patrol member, two working group cadres, and temporarily notify the village cadres, party members or villager group leaders participating in the operation one night.Yes, the opening should be tied first.Considering the inventory.The action cannot affect the travel of the villagers and outsiders renting in the village.I plan to set up an ID card check point in the third team and the sixth team.Not on the first floor, nor on the second floor.When they searched the second floor, the door of the bungalow was also opened with a spare key.There was only a bed and a desk nailed with a wooden board.There was a mat on the bed, a pair of slippers on the floor, and several plastic convenience bags in the corner.Not only are there no pots, pans and spoons, but there are also few personal items.So suspicious Han Chaoyang looked at the half steamed bun and the leftover half bag of pickled mustard on the desk, then turned around and asked, Landlord, who rented this room, what is his last name, have you seen his ID card It s a young man , in his early twenties, his surname seems to be Tan, I forgot what his name is.Just now, he seemed to see that kid running back in a hurry, could there really be a problem I don t know how to go on.My father is a township cadre, and my mother worked as a women s director for two years before becoming a teacher.She was born and raised in a cadre s family.She has seen a lot of people and things in the party committee and government, and feels that she can handle all relationships well.Why is it so difficult to actually practice it Han Chaoyang was puzzled, and walked back to the police room listlessly.Others don t understand, Xu Hongliang can understand.Although we didn t get along for a long time, Lao Xu could more or less understand.The two just walked side by side with him, comforting him as they walked.Chaoyang, don t take it to heart.As the saying goes, not being envied by others is mediocrity.They are jealous of you.Old Xu lit a cigarette, yawned and said, They don t look for reasons on themselves, blame you for being a newcomer to work.The comrades in arms ignored themselves.Adding icing on the cake is not as good as giving charcoal in the snow, which is more effective than treating them to a meal.The more Han Chaoyang thinks about the future, the more confident he is about the future.He secretly decides that after the busy period in front of him is over, he must find a way to expand the team of Chaoyang Crowds and find ways to broaden the sources of clues.If the eyeliner is all over the street, it s all over the street.Isn t that true What a shameChapter 91 It happened that the anti drug team Liang Dongsheng and Wu Wei s master and apprentice were handling the case outside, and they didn t arrive at the scene earlybird cbd gummies until after just cbd gummies coupon can you travel with cbd gummies 5 o clock.There were only two of them, they were too busy to investigate the case and deal with so much stolen goods, and waited at the scene for more than half an hour until the reinforcements from the station arrived at Han Chaoyang before returning to the police room with Liu Yaping.Unexpectedly, the director who opened the order also followed.The place is too small and the surroundings are too crowded, so Han Chaoyang was squeezed into the small room in a daze.I don t know if I don t read it, but I m startled when I see it The plain X ray of the suspect s abdomen was displayed on the computer, and there were densely distributed high density lumps about two centimeters from the stomach to the small intestine, large intestine, and rectum.Jiao Da didn t seem surprised at all, and whispered Director Sun, can you help me Let me see if his life is in danger.The director leaned over and took the mouse, clicked it for about two minutes, then turned around and said, It s not a big problem, it should be sorted out.The information we have is 53 , please count for us, please. Okay, Xiaoyou, you count.Auxiliary police officers from Huayuan Street Police Station, including Han HCMUSSH earlybird cbd gummies Chaoyang, hurriedly cleared the road to maintain order, and police cars with flashing lights drove in slowly one after another.Xi Hongbo of the criminal police brigade got out of the police car, stood at the door cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies coupon and exchanged a few words with Liu Jianye.After briefly understanding the situation, he turned around and assigned tasks to the criminal police, forensic doctors and criminal technical police.Han Chaoyang is not qualified to join in, the only thing he can do is to continue to maintain order.As if he thought he was in the way, Deputy Director Gu, who was in charge of maintaining order, asked him to come to the alley.Come on, come on, where is not to maintain order.After guarding the alley for more than ten minutes, another police car came, and Deputy Director Feng, who was in charge of criminal investigation, arrived.Which unit What s going on here The city bureau s car, to Han Chaoyang, is all the leaders of the city bureau, and hurriedly raised his hand to salute Report to the leader, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.The two sewer wells are not covered, and they may have been washed away by stagnant water, so we are guarding here to prevent passing vehicles and pedestrians from getting stuck in the wells.Han Chaoyang was thinking about drainage, and the patrolling leader was thinking about traffic.He took a look in the rain and shouted You are the community police in charge of this area, report to your superiors quickly, and ask your superiors to contact the relevant units to come earlybird cbd gummies over.Take care of these two wells, and act quickly so as not to affect the traffic, you know Yes Chapter 110 The Handsome Policeman 1 The storm finally stopped, hiding in earlybird cbd gummies the dark clouds After nearly three hours, the sun finally showed its face, and the air was filled with the smell of earth.When I arrived, the stagnant water had already overflowed to the steps of the public toilets.Otherwise, the road would be full of defecation.Huang Ying was completely convinced, and couldn t help asking So you re doing it to be lazy I m also doing it to drain the stagnant water on the road as soon as possible.It doesn t matter why, what matters is how you, the most handsome policeman , keep up with your superiors.Explain.I bet, tomorrow afternoon at the latest, a reporter will come to interview you.Your public security is paying attention to your image now, and your leaders will definitely not miss this good opportunity for publicity.Think about it carefully, and what should you say when the time comes.Chapter 111 The most handsome policeman 2 It s time for dinner.The master and apprentice are fully armed like noon.He handed him a cigarette and said with earlybird cbd gummies a smile This is in Yangguan Village.Yes, if it was in Chaoyang Village, there would be no need to go through so much trouble.If Chaoyang says a word, the security patrols will come out, and anyone who installs a surveillance camera will be able to grasp it in half an hour.He is the captain, and he has people under him.He Not only is he the captain of the patrol team, but he is also the most handsome policeman in Yanyang , Lao Wu, didn t you expect that He really didn t expect it, but he already knew it.It s such a big news, you don t even know it.Wu Wei was very aware of his relationship with Han Chaoyang, so how could he not hear what he meant, and said nonchalantly Chaoyang is handsome, and you can do it too.We only have you two handsome guys.Who am I If you can compare with him, you are not as handsome as him, and you are still a temporary worker. It s fine if you don t pass the exam next year.Your academic performance is better than mine, and you work so hard at ordinary times, so there must be no problem. I hope so.Xu Hongliang smiled He smiled and couldn t help asking Old Wu, last time Chaoyang helped his senior brother go to Dian Shang Cafe to save the scene.How did Liu Suo and the trainer know about it I m sorry, even if you tell me, I won t talk nonsense.I knew they would be upset Wu Wei sighed secretly, stared into his eyes and asked back Hongliang, is it interesting to ask these now He has no chance to become the captain of the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community, no chance to catch robbers and murderers for meritorious service, and it is even more impossible to become the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.By the way, there is also a police station in my hometown, which is next to the town government.Colleagues from my hometown may not necessarily follow the official Weibo of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau, and it is impossible not to follow the official Weibo of the Provincial Department.But Linshan Town is so big, especially since the town area is a north south street less than two kilometers away, Director Qi knows it, and it is impossible for the twenty or so cadres of the town party committee and government not to know about it.Mom was elated, and one could hear how happy she was at the moment from her tone.Isn t this Guangzong Yaozu , Han Chaoyang s mood suddenly improved, and he couldn t help asking with a smile Why did my dad answer them, please Please, but not now, Ma Fengying earlybird cbd gummies looked up anxiously The husband who was going to answer the phone said with a smile, I told the town leaders and school teachers to invite you together when you get married, and then set up a few more tables.The ride in this car is simply terrible Ma Fengying felt extremely uncomfortable, earlybird cbd gummies and vomited into the convenience bag one after another.Obviously, she had already vomited in the car, and all the contents of her stomach were emptied, and now all she vomited was bitter water.Auntie, drink some water and rinse your mouth.Xu Hongliang put his luggage aside and handed him a bottle of mineral water.Thank you, Ma Fengying threw the convenience cbd gummies legal in virginia bag into the trash can, rinsed her mouth with water, took out a tissue to dry her mouth, stood up and said apologetically, I m sorry, I smell gasoline, so I can t sit in the car , I made you laugh.It s okay, there are many people who get motion sickness, and you re not the only one.Chaoyang, this these two are your colleagues, how do you call them Oh, I almost forgot to introduce you, this It s Lao Dai, this is Hong Liang, I mentioned it bio life cbd gummies earlybird cbd gummies to you on the phone.He asked her to apologize to Dr.An Da, and asked Dr.An Da to play a double reed together to cancel the real estate transaction that the buyer and the seller had confirmed.Suddenly, a notification sound came from the phone., indicating that another call came in.Maybe it was the police, Han Chaoyang didn t care about talking about the house, so he hung up the phone in a hurry to check the caller ID.I didn t expect it to be from my mother, and I had to answer the call from my mother.Chaoyang, I m on the expressway.If I think about it, I still need to give you a call.Mom, why are you worried I m worried about you.Your dad just called me.He called me in the evening.I asked Mr.Yu, who often cbd gummies for tendonitis travels to Yanyang and visits his son s house.He knows about the bright future.They also said that the house can be bought for 2.It seems that he is very concerned about the 7.Case 17 is very concerned, but he said that the serious case team is investigating this line, and even Liang Dongsheng s master and apprentice have been suppressed, and there seems to be little progress.This case is more difficult than ever He Yichang really hoped that the east side would not be bright and the west side would be bright, and he secretly prayed that Yao would know something even if he wasn t the murderer.Han Chaoyang didn t know the progress of the investigation, and he didn t need to be responsible for anything.He didn t have any scruples.Thinking of a situation he accidentally encountered when he accompanied his mother to look at the house a few days ago, he murmured There is another possibility.On Qiao Xianhong, but not necessarily related to the owner of the house he renovated.And then With an ID card, bank card, and mobile phone number, you can make a fake one.If you want to pay more, these identities are not enough, you need to make these identities more realistic What a talent, earlybird cbd gummies HCMUSSH earlybird cbd gummies but it s a pity that he didn t use it On the right path A common trick used by lending platforms is to request to read the borrower s address book and text messages.I just want to find out whether there are black accounts in the address book, and whether there are clues about borrowing from other online lending platforms from the text messages, such as verification codes of other lending platforms, overdue reminder information, and so on.If all of these exist, the borrower is high risk.Therefore, this kid carefully packaged the address book before borrowing, and would not use the ID card of the black household at all, and would delete all dirty call records Important plus points.One checked the procedures for the mixer truck to transport commercial concrete with the assistance of the special police , and the other took pictures outside the construction site to collect evidence, specifically taking photos of the mixer truck.A puddle of mud and grout.I called the boss just now, and the boss said that the leader could not be reached in the middle of the night.The foundation has just been poured halfway, and it must not be stopped now.Liu Gong realized the seriousness of the problem and realized that he could no longer help Xia Yunkui cover, so he hurried to Han Chaoyang and Yu Zhenchuan, and said eagerly Officer Han, if you have something to is it safe to eat cbd gummies with lamotrigine say, please speak up., There is no need to do this, if something goes wrong, let s find a solution together.Now I m afraid, what did I do earlier Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, and said blankly Mr.The ambulance will charge you as soon as it comes out.It is similar to taking a taxi.The starting price seems to be 10 yuan.How much is charged per kilometer if it exceeds three kilometers.Since the ambulance is equipped with doctors, nurses and other personnel, patients have to pay dozens of yuan The pre hospital emergency fee, the doctor who visits the doctor charges the consultation fee according to his professional title, anyway, the ambulance charges at least 100 for one trip.Mentioning this, Yu Zhenchuan remembered something, and couldn t help laughing I met once, there was a man in the decoration material market I fell down while riding an escalator and fell to the ground and couldn t move for a long time.A kind person called 120.The ambulance arrived, and the person who fell got up, thinking that it would cost a lot of money to go to the hospital, so I couldn t get in the ambulance.Although Han Chaoyang has not been working for a long time, he really feels deeply about cbd gummies for arthritis canada this.From the day he was stationed in Chaoyang Community, he has been doing police work in the early morning, midnight, and meal time, and even if he shits, he may be urged to deal with the police.Prepare.I didn t care about talking about love, so I glanced at Huang Ying again and hurried into the police room to get stab proof vests, stab proof gloves and other equipment.The boys were very happy.Some put the equipment they had earlybird cbd gummies just taken out into the law enforcement vehicle, and some went to the front of the police car from the back door of the police office.They said they were going to ten people, but Huang Ying found that at least fourteen had gone there.They left as soon as they said they would, not daring to delay for a moment.Okay, we Go back first, and earlybird cbd gummies call if you have anything to do.Be careful on the road, drive slowly.In fact, they can go back by squeezing two cars, the pickup truck can seat several people, and the streets are full of red sleeves It is normal for the coordinators of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade to come out at night to improve the city s appearance and sanitation, and to ban open air barbecues.However, the traffic police will not stop them if they see it.The reason why they asked them to drive the police car back together was mainly because they didn t like to drive the old van without air conditioning.After dismissing everyone, Han Chaoyang opened the door of the 110 police car and got into the co pilot.Guan Xiyuan had been waiting for a long time, turned on the turn signal, lightly stepped on the accelerator, and slowly drove the car out of the yard, leaning on the steering wheel and asked curiously Chaoyang, is the house settled It s settled, my dad My mother came over on Sunday afternoon, and went to go through the transfer procedures on Monday morning.For example, I want to invite the cadres of Yangguan Village to meet Qiao Xianhong The parents of Wang Qiaolan and Zhang Qiuyan, mothers of Wang Qiaolan, consoled and asked the elderly on both sides what their plans are for the future.Doing work in advance will save Qiao Xianhong, his wife and children from being dead, and the elderly on both sides will turn against each other because of some property.The matter is very important.Wang Qiaolan cannot say that she has not fulfilled her duty as a mother, but in the eyes of the villagers and the villagers, she is not a good mother, mother in law or grandma.The uncles and brothers of the Qiao family and the Zhang family will definitely think, you They have already remarried, and it has nothing to do with this bay park cbd gummies amazon earlybird cbd gummies side, so why should they inherit the property of their son and daughter in law Zheng Xinyi was taken aback for a moment, and immediately realized that she was convinced.Zheng Xinyi got up and raised her hand to say hello to Huang Ying who had just rolled down the car window, then turned around and joked, Han Da, it s time to test you, perform well Han Chaoyang boasted habitually, picked up the fruit and left.Maybe Uncle Huang doesn t like a little boy like you Zheng Xinyi is as venomous as Chen Xiujuan, an employee of the Huayuan Street Police Station.She just told Grandpa Gu to run away, but couldn t help but hit Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang has long been used to it.He opened the car door and put the fruit in the back row.After closing the back door, he walked to the passenger side and leaned in front of the rearview mirror.He looked in the mirror and asked, Am I fair I thought I was tanned.Don t be so cute, .

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get in the car.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing and cursing because she couldn t help but laugh.She just got up and sent her daughter to take her son in law out for a walk.Turn, get familiar with the familiar environment.Han Chaoyang didn t want to leave just like that.Unexpectedly, Huang s father and Huang s mother s attitudes were surprisingly consistent, and they actually suggested that they go shopping around the mall and watch movies, as long as they arrive at the hotel before 6 o clock.I have seen all the movies released during this period, and what era is it now, Huang Ying didn t want to go to the movies, so she took Han Chaoyang to this shopping mall opposite the community, stopped and stopped, and found some earlybird cbd gummies good looking clothes to go in and try on How can there just cbd gummies coupon can you travel with cbd gummies be love without spending money Han Chaoyang was mentally prepared for a hemorrhage, and took out his mobile phone several times to pay the bill.There is really nothing that cannot be without money, whether there is disease or not.Han Chaoyang was not sure what to do when Grandpa Gu s cell phone rang suddenly.Xiao Wu, what s the matter I found it Okay, let s take him to the police room first, and we ll be there right away.Master, did you find it I found it, and I hid in the alley west of Boss Deng s restaurant.The child s mother came to inquire about it just now, and Xiao Wu thought she bio life cbd gummies earlybird cbd gummies was suspicious, so he quietly followed to the alley, and the boy was hiding inside.Chapter 197 Abandoned Baby 3 There is no rescue station for parents looking for babies what s the matter.There is no need to report to the superior, no need to contact the Children s Welfare Institute, and no need to even consider the medical expenses incurred by the Sixth Municipal Hospital for the treatment of the baby.The master speaks like an old man.Director Du came to investigate It s not the investigation, he s here to find you.Why are you looking for me You don t know Yu Zhenchuan stared into his eyes and said playfully, You are really strict and keep your work secret.You did a great job, it s really leak proof, will you tell us after it s done. What s so strict about it, why cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies coupon is it leak proof Han Chaoyang didn t react for a while, and was confused.Chen Jie and Xiaokang also looked at them in a daze, looking at them stupidly, not knowing what charade they were playing.Yu Zhenchuan didn t dare to keep the leader waiting, so he opened HCMUSSH earlybird cbd gummies the door and urged, You can t talk nonsense about such a big event.Bureau Du is waiting for you.Hurry up and let s talk later.You still pretend to be confused, go quickly, thinking that the leader and master are in a very bad mood, Yu Zhenchuan pointed to the stainless steel pot placed on the police platform Take the crayfish together, please Du Ju and the master to taste, follow They said it well, and they should review it when it is time to review it, so that they can calm down.Twenty minutes before the ticket check, so what s the rush.Han Chaoyang bay park cbd gummies amazon earlybird cbd gummies opened the plastic bag and greeted the branch office Colleagues eat together.We have eaten too, don t be so polite.Chaoyang, there is a seat here, sit here and eat.Thank you.Han Chaoyang sat next to Ning Junde, a policeman from the Changfeng Police Station, took a bite of bread and asked, Brother Ning, what are you looking at The basic information is all on the official website.Longdao County is located earlybird cbd gummies in the east gate of Xinlan City, with an area of 4301.94 square kilometers.The county has 72 government agencies, 437 schools, and 25 townships under its jurisdiction, 8 of which are towns, and the others are all Township, with a permanent population of 42.10,000 people and 5,905 floating temporary residents.The Longdao County Public Security Bureau currently has a staff of 206, including 216 civilian police officers, 24 auxiliary police officers, and an average age of 44 years.Everyone threw away their cigarette butts in a hurry, and was about to go up to stand at attention and salute when a minibus followed.Stone Bureau It turned out that the director and the trainer knew that the bureau leader was coming, and walked up quickly from behind the crowd to greet a short, thin middle aged man.Whatever you do outside, go back to the office.Yes Lao Chang was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly pulled Han Chaoyang who couldn t understand what the leader said, and ran back to the duty room.Pingyuan, let s go upstairs and talk about it.Shi Ju looked back at the large army that was getting off the car, and strode towards the stairs with another thirty seven or eighteen year old plainclothes man with his bag in his hands.He reacted and hurried to catch up.Instructor Hang tacitly stayed behind to greet reinforcements from the criminal police team and the anti drug team.I didn t know how long I slept in the minibus that was snoring constantly.I only knew that it was still dark when Jiang Li woke me up.Brother Jiang, what time is it Han Chaoyang stretched his legs, stood up and asked, yawning continuously.Jiang Li s mobile phone was turned off early, and he didn t have a watch like him, but just now he looked at the electronic clock on the dashboard of the cab, and while getting out of the car with everyone, he earlybird cbd gummies said in a low voice 4 o clock, it s just past 4 o clock.Comrades in the restroom hurry up, and if you don t need to go to the restroom, take the time to check your weapons and equipment.I will give you ten minutes, and after ten minutes, you will start on time at 4 earlybird cbd gummies 10. Comrades, I have explained all the afternoons that should be explained.Everyone pay attention to safety, if the bay park cbd gummies amazon earlybird cbd gummies fugitive is in the village, do not shoot unless it is absolutely necessary I don t know until I get out of the car, and I am shocked when I get out of the car.numb.what to do what to do Han Chaoyang was hesitant.He wanted to step forward to have a look but didn t dare.He wanted to run but was afraid of being discovered by the fugitives who might not have been hit by his colleagues.It is no exaggeration to say that he almost peed out of fear, so he just squatted on the spot and shivered.I don t know how long I squatted until my legs went numb, but no gun was fired in front of me, and there was no other movement.What s going on, it shouldn t be If it was the hunting team that fired, it would be impossible for them to remain silent for such a long time.If it was the fugitive who shot, and there was no one in the area, who did he shoot The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more confused he became.He thought to himself that Jiang Li and Lu Gang should be able to hear such a big movement, but no matter how long they waited, they didn t come.Wang Ju felt very uncomfortable.Captain Xu had no other ideas.As far as Captain Xu could catch the fugitive, he immediately held up the communicator, stared at the 3500mg cbd gummies LCD screen and said, Comrade Han Chaoyang, I am Xu Qingyuan from the Criminal Police Corps of the Provincial Department.The battery is out, let s make a long story short, the first question, are you injured Report Mr.Xu, I m not injured.Second thing, please point your phone camera at the fugitive s face, we need to confirm The identity of the fugitive.Yes Although the fugitive s nose was bruised and his eyes were swollen, and his face was covered with blood, it was still confirmed through the video that he was Feng Changdong.Captain Xu smiled knowingly, and asked, Comrade Han Chaoyang, please show us the fugitive s gun.Yes Han bio life cbd gummies earlybird cbd gummies Chaoyang hurriedly took out his gun.Officer Gu, do you want to call and ask Who are you calling Grandpa Gu, who didn t like to ask questions, felt that it was necessary to find out, and dialed Bureau Du s mobile phone in front of everyone.It s Xiao Han, Lao Gu, I didn t expect it.I really didn t expect to catch a fugitive when I went to study and communicate.Bureau Du, it s a good thing for Xiao Han to make meritorious service, but it s too dangerous.Is he injured No, he was lucky.When he met the fugitive, he was injured by a wild boar.He seized the opportunity to rush up and beat the fugitive half to death.The arrest process was safe and sound, and no one was injured.However, I heard from Lao Fan that there are quite a few wounds on his body, all of which were meridian cbd gummies scratched by the thorny branches in the mountains, even the police uniform was scratched, all of them were skin trauma, nothing serious.play an important role in the flow of grass into illicit channels. Director Kong continued to read out bay park cbd gummies amazon earlybird cbd gummies the advanced deeds of the county bureau police.Some performed well in the search and arrest operation, some made great contributions in the anti drug operation, and Guan Xiyuan, who helped ordinary people push the water cart and fell injured, and assisted the county bureau police to seize an illegal transaction.Ning Junde of the ephedra draft.These were all expected, and Han Chaoyang didn t think there was anything wrong.Political Commissar Huang and Fan Ju found it abnormal.It stands to reason that the Xinying Police Station could at least win the third class collective merit, but Director Kong didn t mention it at all.In order to commend earlybird cbd gummies the advanced and boost morale, earlybird cbd gummies according to the relevant provisions of the Public Security Organs People s Police Reward Regulations , it is hereby ordered that Comrades Jiang Li, Zhang Yongping, Wang Sheng, Liang Xiaohui, etc.Can you get in touch with this Song Yaping Yes, Director Zhang took us to him, and he doesn t know where Zhu Youwei has gone.Director Zhang didn t believe it and looked at his phone.It s true that we haven t contacted him for a long time.They Didn t you do business together, why didn t you contact me Chaoyang, that boy Song Yaping is a celebrity in our school Mobile phones, computers, cosmetics, sports shoes, bags almost everything he doesn t sell.Last year, he seemed to be helping the driving school and recruiting students for the public examination and postgraduate training institutions outside.It is like a pyramid scheme to recruit people everywhere, develop offline everywhere, and in the end he can make money himself, and no one else can make money.mention That guy, Zhang Jinhai, had a headache, and added He ran from one dormitory to another, and even sneaked into the girls dormitory to sell cosmetics.I have been working for decades, and I don t know how many conflicts and disputes and public security cases have been mediated.I didn t expect that there would be a day when I needed someone s help to mediate.The more He Pingyuan thought about it, the more aggrieved he became, and the more he thought about it, the more useless he became.However, this can only be imagined.I have been a police officer for so many years, and I really have .

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feelings for how to make cbd gummy bear this uniform and this job.Besides, when a person reaches middle age and resigns in anger, what can he do if he is not a policeman He has a wife, children, and a family.The house he bought in the county the year before last has not yet been paid off.Various factors standard cbd gummy milograms determine that he can t act on his will, but can only endure it, and endure it again and again.Many people are not even willing to apply for a second generation ID card.The police send money, what gray income can the police have Director Wang believed that he would not be able to raise 50,000 yuan at once, and in fact he did not want him to pay for this matter, but the bureau did not have the funds, let alone the county.The county leader has a clear attitude and made it very clear that he has already determined the nature of this matter, otherwise he would not have said so many people wiped his ass.Director just cbd gummies coupon can you travel with cbd gummies Wang also felt that the director of the Public Security Bureau was a coward.He looked up at the Disciplinary and Political Committee, and said flatly, It doesn t matter if you can t pay so much at once.The political commissar and I will help you find a way.Last time I went to the Municipal Bureau for a meeting, I listened to the leadership of the Bureau.Please, I entrusted me to help him.You should know the time, at noon on Sunday, in the welcome hall on the second floor of the Regalia Hotel.Ms.Liang s grandson is getting married Han Zhaoyang was taken aback, but immediately realized.I thought you forgot, he said, you can just go, don t follow anyone.He pays for the wedding banquet, and he can make the decision.Not only do you cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies coupon not give any red envelopes, but I also just go with my mouth Why is this so embarrassing best cbd gummies for pms What s so embarrassing I m not an outsider.I ve agreed with Yingying that we ll sit at the same table.Teacher Liang is one of the core figures of the 527 factory chorus and the 527 factory band.During this period of time, he had a good time, and after thinking about it, he was indeed not an outsider, but Han Chaoyang felt that it was not appropriate to just eat and drink for free. Although it s already September, the weather in Yanyang is still hot.They wore very little clothes, and they were short, young, and even wore a pair of big shorts.The security guards searched them just now, but nothing was found.Miao Haizhu shook her head calmly, saying that they were not fugitives and No previous convictions.Did he really come here to play What to do when encountering such a person, Han Chaoyang was about to interrogate him again when Minister Jiang s voice came over the intercom.Xiaohan .

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Xiaohan, it s inconvenient to talk.Minister Jiang, wait a moment, I ll go out and talk.Go.Miao Haizhu looked back at the security guards who were helping to guard just cbd gummies coupon can you travel with cbd gummies the suspect, and urged the junior brother to go out quickly.There were five security guards watching them.There were more people outside the building, and they didn t have any fruit knives on them.Han Chaoyang had nothing to worry about.He walked out of the office and raised the walkie talkie and asked, Mr.Jiang, the surveillance has been dialed out It s called out.They are here to collect debts.I just pasted two big character posters at the door of the female dormitory building.I asked the dormitory manager to tear off the big character is cbd oil better than cbd gummies posters.The one who owes money is a third year girl from the School of Computer Science.Students, teachers, and even the leaders of the college know about borrowing money online, and they have all received harassing calls and text messages before, but they did not expect them to go to the school to post big character posters.The publicity of rational consumption, stay away from online loans was carried out at the door.I didn t expect online loans to be so close to life.Xiao Han, where are those three guys Downstairs.Look, it s lucky to find out in time, otherwise the parents of the freshmen will see how bad it will be There was a thief in the morning, and it happened again in the afternoon.Vice Minister Jiang was in a very bad mood, and patted hottest selling item is cbd gummies the table several times When we put up such obscene posters somewhere in Polytechnic University, Xiao Han, the impact is too bad, and your police must deal with them seriously.The content is very disgusting It begins with I am Zhuman, followed by ID card number, mobile phone number, followed by Because of my idleness and vanity, I am penniless, in debt and unable to repay, I hereby borrow money from relatives and friends to repay the debt.I Use the bodies of me, my mother and my sister as compensation, only 20 yuan a night, our oral work I hope all my dear teachers and classmates can help me, lend me 20 yuan each to pay off the debt, and I will do my best in the future In return, the following is the evidence that I cannot repay the loan. Don t think about money., don t think about whether there is a house or not, the key is whether you like it or not. Yes. As long as you like it.Xu Hongliang smiled knowingly, and walked to the balcony with his arms around her slender waist, speaking slowly Whispering After finishing the transfer of ownership, we will renovate.The decoration will dissipate the smell for two months.I will try to invite your parents to come and have a look before the Chinese New Year.Thank you.It should be, thank you.Never He mentioned the matter of the house, but he thought of it HCMUSSH earlybird cbd gummies and did it.Xie Lingling was really touched and felt very happy.Just as she didn t know what to say, the phone rang suddenly.I ll answer the call first.Xie Lingling smiled sweetly, took out her phone to check the caller ID, and pressed the call button after a moment of stupefaction.Jiang Siying smiled sweetly Okay, but where to sign Han Chaoyang hurriedly took out his small notebook and said with a smile, Sign here, sorry for your trouble.You re welcome.It was a misunderstanding just now, which surprised you Yes, I wish you a happy stay in Yanyang.It s okay.Pretending to be a few compliments from the crazy natures script cbd gummies star fans, Han Chaoyang changed the subject Miss Jiang, there is something else I want to trouble you, our team Ji The few questions you asked just now need to be kept strictly confidential, especially the matter about the car, which cannot be disclosed to outsiders.What case I also have to abide by the discipline of secrecy, it is a big case anyway.Well, I won t talk nonsense Yes.I m sorry to have surprised you and delayed you for so long.It s too late cbd oil benefits gummies today.If I m free tomorrow, I ll definitely go to the opening scene to take a photo with you.After eating the food in her mouth, Li Kaiyi pondered After the incident, we can neither find the records of their purchase of air tickets and bus tickets, nor the records of their stay in hotels, and the case After the post, Cai Xiaofang resigned, his original mobile phone number was no longer used, and Yang Jiandong s mobile phone number was also no longer used, which shows that they have a strong sense of earlybird cbd gummies cbd gummies 250mg anti investigation.If nothing happens, the investigation of that Audi is useless.They don t even use their mobile phone numbers decisively, so how could they drive another car that has been exposed to them.Xu Guoqiang added abruptly, raising his chopsticks.What on earth are they doing, making it so mysterious Wu Wei murmured.It s definitely not a good thing, Li Kaiyi analyzed in a low earlybird cbd gummies voice while chewing Cai Xiaofang told her mother that she was on a business trip with the big boss and might not come back in a month or two, but she didn t say anything else, and she didn t give him any advice.Drivers from other car rental companies are unlikely to be Gang members.As long as we find the company that rented the car to them and the driver who drove the car for them, we can learn more about it.What if we only rent a car and don t have a driver Rong Zhiping subconsciously asked.Just as Han Chaoyang was about to speak, Li Kaiyi raised her head and said with a smile, No one will feel at ease when renting out a car.The bosses of those car rental companies are smarter than the other, and some of them specialize in dumping second hand cars.Even if they don t deserve a driver, they will install it on the car GPS positioning system, sitting at home and turning on the computer or even the mobile phone to know where the car is, and the track system of the car during a period of time will be recorded and saved.Precious, how expensive Maybe, maybe worth hundreds of thousands.Hundreds of thousands Huang Ying was taken aback, I can t believe how expensive a violin can be.It s too expensive, I have to return it.Han Chaoyang subconsciously took out his cell phone, dialed Sheng Yanwen s cell phone again in front of his girlfriend, and used it hands free.Chaoyang, don t call anymore.It s too late and sleepy.I really don t want to go downstairs.I told you that you will have a chance in the future.You should go to bed early.Yanwen, I just found out about Qin.It s too precious.I I can t afford it.And I ve changed my job.Now I m a policeman.I usually don t have time to play the violin.Pink is given HCMUSSH earlybird cbd gummies to beauties, and swords are given to heroes.You need it more than I do.I ll let such a good violin go to waste.Her grandmother was also from a famous family.Even her family now Those relatives are either rich or noble, earlybird cbd gummies and I, a poor student, really can t climb up.No wonder the temperament is so good, it turns out that he is from a scholarly family and a famous family.Let s not talk about her, how is my uncle The situation is not good.Well, it has spread, and the doctor recommends going back for conservative treatment.Why go back for conservative treatment, it is to return to my hometown to prepare for the funeral.Han Chaoyang s heart skipped a beat, and he was cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies coupon thinking about whether to let the medical staff of the Provincial Third Hospital visit him in the ward at night, when his cell phone rang suddenly, and Teng University actually called him in the middle of the night.Xiao Han, here is a new report.What a coincidence Director Feng, what s such a coincidence Our sub bureau has a fugitive who is from Baoyi County.He used to be a contractor.When he participated in the construction of pure kana 500 gummies cbd reviews our Yandong District Veteran Cadre Bureau building, he ran away with more than 20 million project funds.It was all the hard earned money of migrant workers.He is from Baoyi County, and the bureau has sent police to his hometown more than once.If you have time, you can stop by to have a look and do some work for relatives.It s a coincidence that people from Baoyi County, Bureau Feng, don t worry, since he is a fugitive from our branch, I have to find time earlybird cbd gummies to go if I don t have time.Chapter 356 Going home 2 Teacher Ma took half a day off and was busy for a long time.First, I went to the vegetable market and bought two large bags of chicken, duck, fish and various vegetables, and stuffed one in my old refrigerator.My wife regrets it to death.I always say that if I knew the boss would run away and the supermarket would close, I should have spent the money in my card, no matter what I bought, or whether my family needed it or not.Han Chaoyang sighed Doing business is risky.It s normal not to keep going, but it s definitely not right to walk away. In the just cbd gummies coupon final analysis, there is a problem with the business environment, or the legislation lags behind.There are also business failures abroad.Why do not many bosses run away The main reason is that the laws are sound.You can apply for bankruptcy if you can t keep going.There are also laws and regulations on bankruptcy in China, but it s not so easy to go bankrupt. Director Zhang, I found that there are not many companies that have gone bankrupt.It seems that only those large state owned enterprises can Bankruptcy.Looking back at the bosses of the general contractor, he asked in a deliberative tone Mr.Qi, Mr.Deng, Mr.Xuan, what do you think He smiled and said, Mayor Meng, Secretary Yang s proposal is indeed better, but our company has a security department with full time security personnel, so we should stop doing research.Mayor Meng, I personally prefer to integrate resources.After all, we The security personnel here are more familiar with our construction team.The microphone on the rostrum was not turned off, and Han Chaoyang heard it clearly, thinking to himself that it is all subcontracted now, and you don t have any workers, and only when the migrant workers arrive will they go to cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies coupon the HCMUSSH earlybird cbd gummies office to file Registration will help migrant workers get industrial accident insurance.I have never seen it before I came here.Naturally, he would not miss any opportunity to hug the thighs of the Huayuan Street Police Station and even the Yandong Branch, and work overtime at night.Very positive Han Chaoyang was about to go back to the police room to see how the interrogation was going.Kang Suo and Lao Ding brought the suspect out through the back door.Chaoyang, are earlybird cbd gummies you ready Ready, you can act at any time.Kang Haigen looked at the team members who were ready to go, and thought to himself, Liu Jianye, don t you take this case seriously I will let you see how serious this case is.There is a boss, holding the suspect s arm tightly, suppressing the excitement in his heart and saying Then let s go, you make arrangements, who gets in which car with whom.Chapter 412 Handling the case 7 Big The troops did not go straight to several other black broadcasting dens, but first went to the office to ask the case handling team to borrow cameras and video cameras.Han Chaoyang stared at her closely and asked, Do you want me to talk to the school It s a one month holiday, and let the students come to practice half a month in advance. It s easy for me to go, but the key is that the school entrusts all the students to me, and if something happens to the students, I will be responsible for them. cbd gummies 5 pack Yes What s the matter, Han Da, I found that you are getting less and less timid and less and less manly It has nothing to do earlybird cbd gummies with whether you have courage or not.Han Chaoyang glared at her, and said angrily Last year, I saved you.A few students from the police academy went to the traffic police team for an internship.When they set up checkpoints with the traffic police, they were hit by a drunk driver who was trying to break through the barrier.They suffered comminuted fractures of their earlybird cbd gummies lower limbs and almost lost their lives.She must know someone from the TV station.There is an emotional program on the TV station, which is broadcast live to help people mediate emotional disputes.The ratings are quite high.I will call first to ask, please.She can help and see if I can be on this show.Great, Police Officer Han, I really don t know how to thank you.Here again, I m a policeman, and this is my job.Han Chaoyang Patting his arm, he urged, Xinxin has my mother in law to help her, so there s nothing to worry about.Let s split up and find someone sooner, so your family can go home sooner Han Chaoyang didn t just talk nonsense, he said he would help For help, just watched Ling Bin go to find a typing and copying shop, then went back to the hotel kitchen and dialed Qian Nana, a reporter from Yanyang Daily who had met once.After weighing it up, Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone and called the eldest sister.He s in the duty room, and Xinxin is watching Lingling and the others rehearse, how are you doing Miao Haizhu leaned against the bar, never leaving Xinxin s eyes.One is outside the hotel, and the other is on the roof of Building 16 of Dongming Community.They may be suspicious of you for their delay in moving.Otherwise, you can find an excuse to drag Lingling out together.After you come out, don t look around, like It s the same as going shopping. Who will keep an eye on Ling Bin and the child when I m gone Miao Haizhu subconsciously asked.Why do we keep an eye on Ling Bin and the child Isn t it just to catch Wan Xiaoxia out Now that she and Sister Wei have shown up, bio life cbd gummies earlybird cbd gummies it doesn t make any sense to keep an eye earlybird cbd gummies on Ling Bin and the child.Ling, please come over here.We want to ask you about the situation and make a record.Brother Ling, this is Police Officer Wang.Oh.Reluctantly, Ling Bin gently pushed Wan Xiaoxia bio life cbd gummies earlybird cbd gummies away, raised his arm and wiped his tears, then turned around and said, Okay, where are you going Next door.As soon as Wang Jianping finished speaking, Miao Haizhu finally She was willing to come in, supported Wan Xiaoxia and asked, Do you want to go to the bathroom Wan Xiaoxia was interrogated for more than an hour, and she really wanted to go to the bathroom, but she just couldn t attend to it just now, seeing Ling Bin being taken out of the conference room by Wang Jianping, Nodding with tears Han Chaoyang handed over the bank card to Wang Jianping, waited at the door for more than half an hour, and Wang earlybird cbd gummies Jianping finally came out.Okay, let s go to the conference room at the back.Han Chaoyang realized that they were going to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing, and immediately put down the disposable paper cup and opened the back door.As soon as the three of them walked out of the police office, Xiaokang sat down and asked curiously, Sister Miao, which unit do they belong to Although Miao Haizhu didn t know each other, she guessed a general idea from what they said just now, and couldn t help laughing.He said It should be from the High tech District Bureau.The Jida just now was either the captain of the criminal police or the deputy captain.The criminal police chief of the Gaoxin District Bureau can t control Han Da.Why is Han Da like a mouse seeing a cat He put others together, and made them miserable, that is, the case of the high speed rail station construction site dumping dead bodies, didn t you go to help watch HCMUSSH earlybird cbd gummies the sifting of sand for a few days at that time Xiaokang came to understand as if enlightened, and couldn t help asking One case turned into two cases.This is only the cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies coupon first One step, just the beginning, we are trying to do the work, according to our long term plan, after the city east transportation hub is completed and put into use, our community security service company will also undertake the high speed rail station, subway station, long distance bus station and station front business The security inspection and security business in the circle.We have our advantages and we are full of confidence.Vice President Chen thought that the security company with the support of the district, sub bureau and street was doing well, and couldn t help but He said with a smile Secretary Cao, Kang Suo, and Xiao Han, you have a very good idea of planning to undertake the security inspection business of the high speed rail station, subway station, and east bus station.Huang Ying held the mouse and refreshed the webpage of the video website over and over again to see how many clicks there were and whether they had increased.Old Tang, who was on duty tonight, was overwhelmed with earlybird cbd gummies admiration, folded his arms and said with a smile So this is hype, so I have gained knowledge.We should recite it during this time, or you can help us to speculate.Tang Sheriff, what hype, this is propaganda Xie Lingling turned her head and smiled and said, Good wine is also afraid of deep alleys.If you don t promote it, who knows our band .He does not mean that.Thinking that the sub bureau had such high expectations for the community anti pickup team, and even wanted who sells the best cbd gummies the community anti just cbd gummies coupon can you travel with cbd gummies pickup team to compete with the Criminal Police No Chaoyang, what time is it, and you haven t slept cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies coupon yet earlybird cbd gummies Brother Tang, I m sorry to disturb your rest by calling so late.Cao Zefang looked back at Xu Hongliang, and said with a smile, You don t need to spend money.It s good enough to have this condition.At least there is water and electricity.Let s see, it shouldn t cost much. It s mainly heating, and heating is a problem. If you can borrow it for three earlybird cbd gummies to five years, the gas boiler like the one in the previous hotel is also worth it.It s a big loss here. The second hand boiler can sell for some money, and according to the current trend, it should not be demolished here in three to five years.Cao Zefang looked around and added Look, the surrounding area has been completely demolished and newly built., this courtyard is nestled inside, it does not affect the city appearance, and it is not as big as the memorial hall.The developer has to consider the ratio of investment and income, so he is not very interested in this place.In the photo, this guy is very aggressive, and he wants to fight with me.I go to the wholesale market every day, the stall owner and the market The security guards didn t know me, Miao Si er, and they all ran over to try to persuade the fight, but the cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies coupon fight didn t start.Miao Si er threw away the cigarette butt, and said through gritted teeth Qianglong still doesn t suppress the local snake.How dare you fight with me at the Yandong Vegetable Wholesale Market I m playing tricks, if I hadn t been dragged by Boss Shi and Xiao Pang, I would have given him some color.Come on, you re just showing some flair to others with your body, but it s commendable to stand up at the critical moment.What s the praise, I have to deliver the food, I can t make people wait.Seeing off Miao Si Son, Lao Hu thought to himself, Han Chaoyang, Han Chaoyang, not only your kid has a good public foundation, but mine is also not bad.It seems that I can fight well.One fights five, and not only wins.and ran away, smashing the Internet cafe to pieces.What happened to the director today, Lao bay park cbd gummies amazon earlybird cbd gummies Hu was confused.Liu Jianye was so angry that he gritted his teeth, held his mobile phone tightly and roared I know, what do you know What he asked you to help find out is a murderer who is wanted on the Internet It s better for you to get the clues about where the murderer is hiding.Take the initiative to provide it to them, learn from Lei Feng and do good deeds, don t judge the pacesetter who learns from Lei Feng this year, it s you Old Hu was stunned, and said with a bitter face Liu Suo Liu Suo, listen to me, Han Chaoyang is so following I said, I I really didn t know that he asked to inquire about a murderer.He does what he says, and you believe what he says Liu Jianye looked up and gave Wu Wei a hard look, and he clenched his phone tightly and gritted his teeth and said, Don t even think about it.Thank you very much, Officer Han , if you have time, you can come to Wujiang for tourism.Our side has beautiful mountains and clear waters, and the scenery is not bad.There is a 5A level scenic spot.Let Xiaotong send you my mobile phone number later.Give me a call before you come here.Come to arrange.You are too polite, I will definitely go when I have time, and you and your wife are welcome to Yanyang.Chapter 563 Routine is polite to the parents of the students, when the phone rang again.The landline of the police office, even if you are not familiar with this number, you will know that there is .

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a police situation when you see this number.Han Chaoyang hurriedly apologized to Zheng Yutong s father, hung up the police phone, picked up the phone, swiped the call icon, raised it to his ear and asked, Xiao Liu, what s the matter Arrange for the police, who do I send the reporter s mobile phone number to It looks like a flower, with a prestigious name, but it s actually a beauty and hair salon.Chen Jie, are cbd oil gummies legal I m going to the bureau, call me if you have anything to do.Go directly to the bureau leader.Han Chaoyang rushed to the branch office, parked his car and went straight to the command center.Director Xing was having a meeting with the commander on duty and others to summarize the police situation in the past 24 hours.Han Chaoyang sat on the sidelines and listened under the signal of his immediate superior, until Director Xing announced the end of the meeting.Chaoyang, if you don t come, I will inform you to come.Director, what s the matter Didn t Director Wang go to the East Bus Station for a surprise inspection the afternoon before yesterday When earlybird cbd gummies he left, he pointed out some shortcomings and made some demands.Not enough Don t worry, listen to me.Director Xing looked back at the 110 police reception hall, and said helplessly You, Yu Zhenchuan from the Huayuan Street Police Station, and Wu Wei from the Xinyuan Street Police Station made a big fuss in the China World Hotel some time ago, and the brats in your patrol team are talking nonsense about anti terrorism.They were in a hurry and called 110 several times.Tell him to contact jamie richardson cbd gummies shark tank Radio and Television The policeman told him that the service number of Radio and Television could not be reached.When calling the police for the second time, the policeman asked him to call the mayor s hotline, but the person who answered the phone gave a number and asked He contacted Radio and Television.This time the call was connected, and the people from Radio and Television checked and said that his house did not have cable TV, but it turned out that the digital TV of China Telecom was installed.They looked for it, and asked him to watch the set top box at the police station, confirmed that it was a digital TV of China Telecom, and gave him another number.The result was a series of prompts, either please press one or please bio life cbd gummies earlybird cbd gummies press two, the caller was an old man who didn t understand these , I was irritable, and after calling for a long time without any results, I was so angry that I called 110 again, saying that it was when should i take cbd gummies difficult to find the police, and if the police ignored him, he would smash the weak electric box in the corridor.Considering that if cbd gummies greensburg pa this is not a false alarm, the suspect is likely to abscond in the direction earlybird cbd gummies of Yangguan Village.Han Chaoyang then shouted Sixth Squadron Sixth Squadron, I, Han Chaoyang, please answer what you hear, please answer what you hear After waiting for about ten seconds, the voice of Yu Aijun, the captain of the Sixth Squadron who had just taken office, came from the intercom Received by the Second Squadron, received by the Second Squadron, please instruct Han Da.The CK system of the Tobacco Hotel in the southwest corner of Factory 527 called the police.I am rushing to the scene.Please go to Hebin Road immediately to set earlybird cbd gummies up a card and control.I have received it and act immediately.In the park, a few large poplar trees in the southwest corner of Factory 527 can be vaguely seen.Han Chaoyang slammed on the accelerator, and drove the car to the three way intersection like lightning.Han Chaoyang took the law enforcement recorder and rushed to the Sixth Hospital without stopping.The emergency center is busy during the day and night, just as busy during the Spring Festival Director Liu was very busy, and when he heard from the nurse that Han Chaoyang was looking for him, he quickly explained to the young emergency doctor what to do with the patient who just came in, and ran to the small window and asked eagerly, Xiao Han, what s the matter Director Liu, you seem to have mentioned that there is a doctor in our hospital from Zhejiang Province HCMUSSH earlybird cbd gummies when we were eating in the cafeteria last time Deng Xiaomei from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, what can I do for her I want to ask her can you refrigerate cbd gummies for a favor, Han Chaoyang pulled out the Law enforcement recorder, explained I recorded a video.Han Chaoyang was woken up by the phone call, got up to think about it and ordered Said Junfeng, you should also be careful on the way.Sergeant Hu has rich experience.You must obey orders and follow instructions, and you are not allowed to engage in personal heroism.Don t worry, we all listen to Sergeant Hu and Angkor.Han Chaoyang put down his phone to check the time, and realized that the anti drug special class might already be on the high speed road, and then thought that if he was not in his position, they would not seek success.Now they accept the leadership of Lao Hu and the remote command of Liu Suo and Liang are cbd gummies bad for your stomach team.I didn t want to deal with the anti drug anymore, so I stood by the sofa and called the old factory manager.After listening to Han Chaoyang s words, the old factory manager said with a bitter face Why didn t you remind me earlier, everyone in the family courtyard was talking about such a big event at night, and everyone asked me and Lao Liang, what should be said should not be said I told you all about it downstairs just now Everyone in the family courtyard knows Basically, we all know, the old factory manager didn t expect it to happen like this, but he didn t think earlybird cbd gummies it was a big deal, and he smiled complacently Business pays attention to reputation, and selling fake cigarettes and alcohol is a blow to himself.If Han Chaoyang spent his own money, he would not buy a business seat, so he couldn t help but teasingly said So what if the chair is good, and you can t move it home.The two girls laughed, and the business seat on the left The middle aged lady in the seat couldn t help laughing too.Chapter 631 Overreaction As the saying goes, If it comes, it will be safe.For the current Han Chaoyang, since he set off, he was destined to take the blame for his old unit.If he wanted to be ashamed, he would be ashamed.At most, he would be laughed at by his colleagues in Beijing for a few days.Who would know who after he came back In addition, it was the first time to sit in a business seat, which was quite fresh, and I stopped thinking about it, and as soon as I sat down, I was curiously studying the various buttons on the chair like a child, to be exact, like a turtle.Lao Hu, Wu Junfeng and Liu Chengquan jumped out of the car, opened the suitcase, took out their bags and walked into the hotel.As soon as Han Chaoyang closed the window and opened the door, they quickly climbed up to the second floor and appeared in front of them.Han Da, let me borrow your bathroom.Wu Junfeng chuckled, threw down his bag and rummaged through for a change of clothes.Liu Chengquan even pushed open total spectrum cbd gummies lexington ky the bathroom door and ran in to put on hot water.To Han Chaoyang s surprise, Lao Hu s body was as dirty as theirs, and his body exuded a strange smell.Officer Hu, how did you do this Aren t you going to keep an eye on the suspect at night The alley is too small for cars to enter, and it s not easy to park at the entrance.There earlybird cbd gummies s no other way but to spend the night in the garbage bin.It is not difficult to say.Han Chaoyang smiled slightly, and then changed the topic Captain Song, my brother is still clear about the matter.I have to say something up front.Anyway, we set up this case first.We have done a lot of preliminary work.Comrades can t reunite with their families because of the big Chinese New Year because of this case.The bureau has to consider the morale of the team.This is what we think.If you are interested in this case, the two kioni cbd gummies cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies coupon of us will jointly investigate and handle it, but the main culprit must be one Many of them were escorted back by us, and the drugs, drug money, and vehicles used for drug trafficking involved in the main criminal had to be taken back the small drug dealers and addicts in Beijing were investigated by your sub bureau, and the seized drugs, drug money, and drug trafficking The transportation used will also be handed over to you.Ying.It is said that the year is almost over, earlybird cbd gummies those who should go to work have to go to work as usual, and those who should go out to work have left one after another, so it is meaningless for him to go back now.Their attitude was very firm, Han Chaoyang had no choice but to call his wife again.How can Huang Ying not know the good intentions of her father in law and mother in law, and asked with a smile I won t let you go back, let you accompany me bay park cbd gummies amazon earlybird cbd gummies Well, my mother said that my father is very busy when he goes to work.Leaving early and returning late, she is leading the graduation class, and the students have to go to class early, and no one will cook for me when I go back.After receiving the marriage certificate, they are legal couples.After receiving the certificate, the two people really get together less and leave more.I m worried, I ll call and ask for you, and I ll get back to you later. Okay, I m sorry to trouble you. People from my hometown, you re welcome.Chapter 672 Homecoming 1 Zhang Beibei played at the same time last year After two lawsuits, the lawyer she hired was very reliable.It is said that she is now the perennial legal counsel of Chaoyang Community Investment Company.Han Chaoyang also knew such a lawyer.First, he sent the address of the Criminal Police No.2 Squadron to the suspect s parents by text message, and then called Zhang Beibei, asking Zhang Beibei to ask for the phone number of the lawyer Duan.Booked a room.It is worth mentioning that there were no standard rooms in youth hostels before.Since the hostel is relatively close to several project sites, several engineers and technicians and contractors went to ask if there were any standard rooms, and if so, they even planned to stay for a long time.Because although the straight line distance from them to the county seat is only more than 30 kilometers, it is very difficult to go back to the county seat or go home.It takes two or three hours by car, and it takes half a day or even longer to go back and forth.Because of this, the police, including the director and instructor, go back once a month on average, saying that we work overtime every three days and can t take care of home.They don t even care about their families.But they just stood there silently in the deserted mountains, year after year, day after day, from youths in full bloom to old policemen with wrinkled foreheads It is also a mountainous area, but the mountains are different from each other.Hearing Han Chaoyang s introduction, the auxiliary police officers who participated in the symposium suddenly found that their working environment was not really difficult compared with their counterparts in the Northwest.I have been watching for four days and three nights.Although the suspect is difficult to follow earlybird cbd gummies peach cbd gummies when going out, at least the car can be started, and the heater can be turned on once it is started.Now the suspect didn t go out, so he could only squat downstairs quietly.It was nothing for an hour or two, and HCMUSSH earlybird cbd gummies his feet were numb from the cold after a long time.Xiaokang took out his mobile phone to check the time, and couldn t help asking Qiu team, it s been almost four days, is it him, could it be a mistake It should be him, it shouldn t be wrong.Qiu Ming put down his seat and yawned He said repeatedly I can t take it anymore, just squint for a while, you guys keep an eye on it, and call me if there is a situation.Don t worry, he can t leave our sight.Qiu Ming said that he probably wouldn t do anything Wrong, but I have no idea in my heart.There s such a big pit inside.Only those who work under the pit are worried about being hit by something.There s nothing above the ground, so it s safe.Chapter six hundred and ninety two Construction site 2 For key projects, we must race against time under the premise of ensuring the quality of the project.Concrete is being poured under the big pit, and a cart full of ready made concrete will come one at a time, and the big cylinder will keep turning, driving in to unload the concrete, and then driving out.The person in charge of the construction will register how much has been delivered for future settlement , Another security guard on duty at night is responsible for registering the license plate number, and reminds the driver in time when he sees the driver bio life cbd gummies earlybird cbd gummies smoking on the construction site.At least there is surveillance.If you park in a place without surveillance or cameras, what if you lose it They don t pay attention to it.Safety precautions, wait until the vehicle is stolen before calling the police, this will add trouble to us.I think so too.Han Chaoyang stopped, looked back at the row of bicycles being watched by the citizens, and frowned slightly Said There is something wrong with their way of doing business.Anyway, I don t like it.Chaoyang, later you will also help me download the software, tie a bank card and register an account for me.Regardless of whether there is any problem with this business method, it is very convenient to think about it, and now you can ride for free when you are doing activities.Master, don t you use these, don t you tie your bank card I opened an account in the bank, which is the card of the access control card.Han Chaoyang didn t go up to look for his brother at all, he said hello to the household registration police in the household registration office, stood in the hall and waited for a while, Mr.Tao arrived in a domineering Lincoln sedan, trotted up to greet him with his bag in his arms and said with a smile Officer Han, I m Tao Qingnian from Sanjian Company, sorry earlybird cbd gummies to keep you waiting.I m Han Chaoyang, Mr.Tao.Excuse me, let s have a cigarette first.Thank you, I won t.There are no smoking signs in the lobby, it is not appropriate to smoke here.Mr.Tao stopped smoking at all.He probed inside and asked in a low voice, How is it On which floor 10 benefits of cbd gummies are Hu Songping and the others locked up Make a call.Okay, I m sorry.Han Chaoyang called Bao Qingshan in front of him, and then accompanied Mr.Tao into a reception room on the east side of the lobby on the first floor, where he sat and waited for two minutes. Really, where is that kid Xinyuan Street Police Station took over, Haizhu said that the kid was very stubborn at first, and then searched in his dormitory.When it comes to the lost courier packages, he dare not take any chances in front of the evidence, and admits that he stole the dozen or so courier packages that were lost before.Han Chaoyang asked in surprise, The ones found in the dormitory are University students, so to speak PolyU has tens of thousands of students, so it s not surprising that a few black sheep come out.Inspector Gu sighed lightly, folded his arms and said, When I met Minister Jiang in the afternoon, Minister Jiang said that he would never tolerate it.1 The first large scale operation was organized.Kang Haigen arrived at 9 45 with six policemen including Lao Hu and Guan Xiyuan, and seven auxiliary policemen from the prevention and control team.As long as you perform well in the security company, the sub bureau will give priority to recruiting civilian personnel or coordinators in the comprehensive law enforcement brigade in the street.We will not only support highly educated comrades like Xiaomin They will even create conditions for them to take the civil service exam, and they have already passed two exams.If you don t believe me, ask Xiaomin.stuffy.He Zhedong made a start, and several single police officers from the special operations team found topics to chat with Jiang Xiaomin.There are few female policemen in the earlybird cbd gummies sub bureau, and there are as few lesbians in the patrol team.Several team members hate it in their eyes, but they are official policemen, with status and status, and the young men can only watch helplessly.People chatted and laughed happily.Miao Haizhu stared at it for nearly twenty hours, tired and earlybird cbd gummies sleepy, and yawned uncontrollably.At this time, the 11th floor arrived.With a ding, the elevator door opened wide, and He Zhedong and others who came up first were all standing in the corridor waiting.Seeing He Zhedong nodded slightly, Miao Haizhu squeezed to the front without hesitation, went to the door of Room 1105 and rang the doorbell, then raised her arm and knocked on the door a few times.Who is it A man s voice came earlybird cbd gummies from inside the room.Someone is at home, I thought no one was there, it s good if someone is at home.Miao Haizhu bay park cbd gummies amazon earlybird cbd gummies took half a step back, and said angrily to the cat s eyes I m downstairs, did you test the water in the bathroom when your house was renovated , Leaks are everywhere in my house, go down and see, what kind of leaks have been made in my house The same is to check earlybird cbd gummies the water meter, but the effect expressed from another angle is completely different.Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang murmured Sister Liu, you are right.If we want to really manage the population of several construction sites, we should work hard.It is best to arrange a special person to manage, one population coordinator for each construction site.The film, the earlybird cbd gummies responsibility rests with the person This is a way, the key is where do you find someone, even if you find .

is cbd gummies with thc legal indiana?

someone, who will pay Don t go outside to recruit people.I ll call Hongliang and discuss with him whether we can choose a comrade who is more careful and responsible from among the team members on duty at each construction site to be responsible for population management.Anyway, their work intensity is very high.It s not high, and I have nothing to do at ordinary times. This arrangement is fine, but there are two problems.Uncle Ji, Uncle Wu is just joking with you, it s already amazing to be able to discover such an important situation and analyze so many things.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone and rummaged through the old unit leader s He smiled and said, It s such an important situation, I have to report it to my superiors.I called Liusuo.He is now very powerful.Not only has he been transferred to the special case team, but he is also the deputy team leader.Don t call.why Since he was invited to come back to use his spare heat, he had to do some good work.He was proud of catching a few thieves a year ago.Maybe he caught too hard before, and now it is difficult to catch a few more.Ji Kaiyuan wanted to release a satellite for the old folks and even the new director of the Yandong branch to see, so he grabbed Han Chaoyang What I just said is just speculation.You don t need to ask, you know that the big and small bosses of the nearby construction site park here, and There is a charge for parking.Laoguan is now both the boiler worker and the parking attendant of the hotel, and is responsible for collecting parking fees.He opened the curtain and walked into the earlybird cbd gummies lobby, and saw a girl who looked familiar standing at the bar.Han Chaoyang was thinking Did you meet him somewhere Huang Ying suddenly said Jia Yong, why do you have time to come here today It was only where to bu cbd gummies in sioux falls sd then that Han Chaoyang noticed that Wang Jiayong had also come, and was standing by the tea table with a silly grin.I sent Xiaozhen to work.Wang Jiayong scratched his head, walked to the bar and introduced with a bit of pride and a little bit of embarrassment Han Da, Xiaozhen, you should have an impression, the east gate of 527 factory Her family owns the stewed vegetable restaurant, and she used to work as a waiter at the fast food stall on the first floor of Yanxing International, so we are short of people here, so I introduced her here.As soon as she came home, Wei Ping scolded her for being shameless, scolding her She doesn t obey women s morals, she s free spirited.Qin Tao watched Yu Xiufen who had just been brought out get into the van driven by Lao Nie, and continued She started to take chances and tried to quibble.But Wei Ping took out her mobile phone and tapped Open the chat record.The adultery was exposed, so she simply smashed the pot and smashed it.She thought Wei Ping was incompetent, and said that the days were too early and she wanted a divorce.Seeing that her father was going to beat her mother, she quickly stopped Wei Ping, and Yu Xiufen took this opportunity to run away.Ju Feng stared at the phone and asked, Qin Tao, what time did this happen on the 11th Yu Xiufen said It was around 9 45 in the evening.Where did she go after she went out She used to be lazy and play mahjong in the chess and card room every day, and she didn t always win, and sometimes she lost.They would rather return to the security company and continue to work as a security guard than a branch office auxiliary police.Working in the Polytechnic University is definitely more promising than being an auxiliary police officer in the sub bureau, and working in the Sixth Hospital is also better than being an auxiliary police officer.Mei Tiejun, Xiao Xiao, Xiao Wei, and Xiao Xiang are also unwilling.It s embarrassing that the bureau finally gave them the funds, but they didn t want to do it Everyone has their own aspirations, and Han Chaoyang couldn t mobilize them earlybird cbd gummies to join the job, so he could only announce the end of the meeting.Back in the police jocosa cbd gummies review room, I chatted with Lao Tang, Miao Haizhu and Huang Ying about it while eating takeaway.Chaoyang, Junfeng and the others don t want to be understandable.I was afraid again, so I took a taxi back here.What shoes were you wearing at that time That pair.The handcuffed hands pointed to the pair of dirty shoes in front of the bed.Many details must be clarified, Liu Jianye asked Where is Yu Xiufen s cell phone Throw them together.Wei Ping took a deep breath, and said through gritted teeth, I don t want to see them again, and I don t want to see their things, I threw them all into the Chaoyang River, just behind the fertilizer factory.The truth came out., a murder case caused by emotional problems, and the case is not complicated.Liu Jianye looked back at the carpentry tools in the room, and then at the simple lunch boxes he had left over.He sympathized and felt sorry for the suspect in front of him.After thinking about it, he asked, I was afraid at the time, why aren t you afraid now Anyway, you will find me, I m afraid it will be of no use.After passing the remaining three subjects, I can get an undergraduate diploma.Then I will see if I can find a decent job.Universities and colleges seem to have a willie nelson and cbd gummies tradition of encouraging security guards to study.Han Chaoyang was stunned, and said calmly, Minister Jiang will not let you take the self study exam for no reason.There must be arrangements when you get a bachelor s degree.It was fine before, but now No more, Mei Tiejun scratched his head, and said helplessly, Now we have to go to administration.The teachers we have recruited in the past two years have not been established.At most, someone like me can be a worker.But although the salary is not high in schools, But it is more stable than working outside, so I plan to do it first.Yes, do it first, it is so difficult to find a job now, and bay park cbd gummies amazon earlybird cbd gummies business earlybird cbd gummies is not easy.Comrade Gu Guoli is a good example.And the old comrades have the advantages of old comrades, rich experience and patience, better than ordinary policemen in resolving conflicts.Liu Qiuping was moved, thought about it and said to himself Gu Guoli helped lead the mobilization It s not a big problem for the old comrades to use their residual heat, but if so many old comrades are arranged to go there at once, will Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang have any ideas.Han Chaoyang is fine, he is a policeman from the branch, and the key is Xu Hongliang. I think he should I won t have any opinions. Otherwise, you are more familiar with Lao Gu, so talk to him in private first, and if Lao Gu thinks there is no problem, then we will call a meeting with the old comrades and invite them in the name of the branch bureau.In short, the next ten kilometers are stumbling down, and walking down is very painful.Many people have to lie at home after running.After resting for several days, the knee joints and ankle joints are almost useless, and I can t stand up at all, and it will take two or three weeks to recover.That s an exaggeration The young men are full of blood, and they are really fearless.Xu Hongliang didn t know what to say before they believed it.Han Chaoyang and Grandpa Gu arrived with Liu Jianye, the director of the Huayuan Street Police Station.In any case, Liu Jianye is now the leader of the Yandong branch, and he is also Xu Hongliang s old leader.He must be warmly received and the meeting will be adjourned first.As for confirming who will sign up for the full and half marathons, we will discuss it later.Section Chief Xiao was accompanying the active officers of the fire brigade to inspect the fire protection facilities.Han Chaoyang followed behind and turned a few floors.Taking the opportunity of the comrades from the fire brigade to go to the bathroom, he pulled Section Chief Xiao aside and said that the voluntary security patrol brigade would not The next step is to participate in the security of the Yandong International Marathon.Chaoyang, don t worry earlybird cbd gummies about me here.It s still the same sentence.The three of us are in the same spirit.As long as Hongliang and Minister Jiang have no objections, we can do whatever we want with the Sixth Court.So you agree.Did Hong Liang agree Chief Xiao asked with a smile.There is money to be made, can he not agree He is communicating with their school leaders at the moment, and wants to invite his juniors to come over to help our branch maintain the order of the game.Although he is no longer the deputy secretary general, But he is in charge of key projects.When several key projects are completed, he will definitely be entrusted with important tasks.Do you have any weight in what he says At this point, Xu Hongliang suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly said By the way, the listing ceremony Director Huo is also invited to participate, he is close and goes to the headquarters every day, so he must have time Director Huo can help to say a few good words, so that District Chief Liu bay park cbd gummies amazon earlybird cbd gummies can treat him differently Han Chaoyang is deeply skeptical about this, but one thing is clear.Anyway, since District Chief Liu asked for a listing ceremony, it means that he has begun to pay attention to the patrol team, which means that the patrol team has passed the survival crisis.The policeman who handled the case asked the woman to read the transcript, and after confirming that it was correct, asked her to sign and recipe for 50 cbd oil gummy bears press her fingerprint on the transcript, then picked up the transcript and walked out of the office, explaining a few words, the woman earlybird cbd gummies picked up the mobile phone on the desk and still sat there quietly waiting After a while, Li Jun knocked on the door and walked in.Bao Suo, what s the matter Seeing Han Chaoyang and Miao Haizhu looking at him at the same time, he asked in amazement Han Da, you re here too.When did you come Just arrived.Bao Qingshan didn t want to waste time, Ask in a low voice What is that woman s surname, what is her name, where is she from, and what case is she here to report , working in the financial department of an electrical company on Changfeng Middle Road.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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