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The artillery fire instantly submerged the surrounding area Cannonballs fell one after another, the best cbd gummy candy and Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng couldn t look up at all.Two of the four tanks on the opposite side were blown up by artillery fire in an instant Hell, it s not British fire This is the artillery fire of the German army German artillery coverage began ahead of schedule Did the command advance the time, or did the bloody orderly get it wrong The artillery bombarded everything around and enveloped everything around.Overwhelming, it seems that this place is going to be completely destroyed The attacking British army how many cbd gummies to help sleep was instantly dispersed.But the problem now is that Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng can t run out either What happened to Site B How are the brothers from the third company There is no way of knowing everything now Damn it, why did you shell out in advance Stecke yelled loudly.Instead, it aroused the tank s vengeful anger, and the muzzle of the gun was quickly aimed at the place where the gunshot was fired.A shell flew out of Breda s muzzle, drew a trail of death in the air, and then fell towards the enemy s position Hold on, counterattack, counterattack Lieutenant Colonel Carrington Roaring loudly, he must not let his troops collapse Suddenly there was a boom , and the smoke filled the air.Lieutenant Colonel Carrington was lying in a pool of blood.The shell exploded right next to him.Lieutenant Colonel Carrington died horribly, or he still can t believe that he will die here until now.How could the enemy appear here No, it s impossible There should be no enemies here But no one could give him an answer.The demons from hell slaughtered the Prince of Thorberk s camp, and now it s the turn of the 19th Welsh Infantry Regiment cbd gummies hemp extract can i bring cbd gummies through tsa The barracks is full of explosions and machine guns, and flames everywhere.Damn Ernst, Manstein kept cursing in his heart.Where did he get the French colonel What s more, he actually did such a despicable and the best cbd gummy candy shameless thing, and handed over this burden to himself Shameless, I am a little shameless.Seeing Manstein s gritted face, Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing.He is very sure that when this task is completed, Manstein will definitely settle accounts with himself.Poor Manstein.one hundred and nineteen.Some people who sneaked into the headquarters swore not to fly again, such as August some swore not to ride cars, such as Stecke It is unknown what the future eagle hemp cbd gummies king of strategy will look like in the future, but it is clear that he is in big trouble now.Can you imagine carrying a fat man of nearly 200 pounds on the back of the bicycle and riding hard all the way When he finally reached the area controlled by the French army, Manstein was almost paralyzed.After that, Ernst Brahm went to the front line, and then disappeared with a group of people.If my guess is correct, they must have arrived in Lance Moyol is Ernst General Raffarin muttered to himself.This name was too shocking for the British and French.After a while, he suddenly remembered Since Moyol is Ernst, What are you waiting for Arrest him now No, General, it can t be like that.De Sade shook his head Von Kierock s mutiny alarmed the Germans, but he is an invaluable asset to us.We must bring him back to Paris safely, and let him confess what he knows.everything.Do you know why the Germans are so panicked He has a clear picture of the German army s defense This is a little, but not all.The Germans can redeploy the defense line again, although it will be very laborious.De Sade smiled and said The most important point is that Kilok was engaged in intelligence work the best cbd gummy candy before, and his qualifications were even earlier than that of the German Nikolai.Trust Ernst, General Bellow.Yes, trust Ernst, General Galwitz.But what if Ernst unfortunately fails What to do I don t know, maybe we will face great difficulties, but this cannot stop Germany s determination to win the final victory.Reims, Reims Front Command, France.Major, there s word from Mrs.Watts that they ll be on the move at eleven o clock.I see.Tell our people to get ready.Tell them to get the alchemist.What s his name Kevin.Major.Ah, Kevin.Remember, try to kill Kevin.Even if the enemy doesn t kill him, we ll kill him.Kierock is dead, isn t he Yes , Major.Your plan is very well planned.You asked us to find plus cbd gummies pictures a man who looked like Kierock, and we happened to find this deserter Kevin.You know that once German spies enter Reims, they will definitely try their best to obtain information Yes, and you arranged for Watts to appear in time.Ah, yes, it s really good.Hitler focused on his diary, and replied perfunctorily.To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my biggest motivation.One hundred and fifty four.I owe a big debt but Ze, Kirinovas Lodge.A large group of people rushed into the hotel in a hurry, and anyone with sharp eyes could recognize that they were the people who lived in only two days ago and disappeared mysteriously.Change, change, go back and change Erwin s wedding is about to begin Damn it, Adolf, don t come into my room, yours is across the way.Hey, damn it, my Where are the dresses This group of people was scurrying around like a group of headless flies, how could they look like a group of elite skeleton commandos Wang Weiyi also hastily changed into a dress, and at this time, Mistanov also came to his room.The three Madsen machine guns roared at the same time, cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy and the tongues of flames swept out.The eight German elites who had rushed into the distance of a hundred meters began the most ferocious assault The loose Russians were in disarray.Their weapons were scattered all over the place, and some of them died under the whirlwind of bullets before they had time to react.Counterattack, counterattack Zhukov roared loudly.But the enemy s attack came too suddenly, and because he was only a small sergeant, the Russians in the confusion didn t want HCMUSSH the best cbd gummy candy to listen to him at all.Lieutenant Kudrich Zhukov had just groaned broad spectrum cbd gummies amazon and fell to the ground, with a bullet piercing through his left arm.Sergeant The soldiers who accompanied him to the position hurriedly protected Zhukov.Lieutenant Kudrich, Lieutenant Mikhail, I beg you to stop the enemy Zhukov begged in spite of his pain.left.Colonel Sergey also knew very well that he had reached this point and there was no turning back.If he could not stand out here, with so many crimes added up, he could only be hanged to meet him.The only hope of life is on the opposite side Sergey frantically urged his soldiers to launch wave after wave of attacks.The casualties of the thc cbd gummy 27th Infantry Regiment were rapidly increasing, but no one cared about it at this time.They are not fighting for any forces now, they are just working hard for their own survival Live or die The position was actually torn open by these Russian soldiers who had no intention of fighting at all.The ability to survive in a desperate situation is astonishing.Those Russian soldiers let out a lunatic Ulla sound, and then rushed towards this gap in groups Major, those Russians really opened up the position Rush Get out, get out Major, my tank is unable to move forward Guderian, give up the tank Don t worry about anything.Let s see what these Germans are going to do Look, this is a smart general Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Wanderer, the plane will leave the battlefield after two minutes of support.You have to think of a way to get out as soon as possible.Xiao Ling reminded him.Major, there is a Russian car avoiding bombing ahead.I think they will be coming soon.At this moment, Hitler came running out of breath.A Russian car This is a good means of transportation.Wang Weiyi asked Hitler to tie up General Boris.Then he said to Shevaski Lieutenant Colonel, you have to think Way to keep your general, now you and I go on the road, let s stop that car together, okay At this moment, looking at the bound general, what other choice does Shevaski have Adolf, you look at the lieutenant colonel first, green ape cbd gummies smoking and I ll go ahead to have a look.At first, everyone was dubious, and no one believed that there would be such a good thing.But when one or two people tried it and it was true, a large number of Parisians flooded into the clothing factory of Tinland s family, and they rushed to buy those beautiful clothes.To meet the needs of so many people Oh my god, such a scene is rare during the war Elena asked curiously If those who took the clothes, even if they have What should I do if I don t want to pay when I m rich What does that matter Will showed confidence on his face Actually, I never thought that they would come to pay back the money, maybe there will be one or two gentlemenbut the name Montejiao of the Tingland family , but has already used this method to let all Parisians know.After the war is over, we will be able to establish Montagut s excellent reputation by relying on this method.He died because of this gem, how terrible is this gem Why does Mr.Moyol have to get this terrible gem Are you willing to pay such a high price But I have never found a solution to the magic Curse, I can t even open the box it comes in Zahwoki smiled wryly and said Once you see this gem, you don t know what you will face.You guys came just in time, you know I am getting older, and my body is getting worse than before.Maybe I will die in a short time, but this jewel must not be left in the world.I have already booked the boat ticket for the day after tomorrow, and I will throw it into the sea with my own hands to fulfill my promise to the earl that I should have fulfilled a long time ago Wang Weiyi was a little scared, but fortunately he came one step earlier, otherwise The y element is really going to disappear from the world forever He calmed down Mr.An Elena who only knows the best cbd gummy candy how to obey herself Wanderer, it s better to be alive than to be dead.Little Ling actually comforted others The task of capturing the gold has been completed, and the self reformation of the base has entered 90 , and you will leave here soon.Elena is with you By your side, at least you won t feel lonely during time travel.Wang Weiyi was silent cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy there.Xiao Ling seemed to have guessed what Wang Weiyi was thinking In another time and space, you will find your new Baron Skeleton Will you see your old friends Wang Weiyi asked the question he had asked again.Maybe I said, the natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies hemp extract Baron Skeleton will live forever You have left an indelible imprint in this era.Every German, everyone who has experienced this war, will always remember the Baron Skeleton.Walker, do you think they will be surprised when they see the Skeleton Baron again in another era You ve learned how to joke, Xiao Ling He saw that Elena s body was put into the repair warehouse Then, being sent into a separate room Elena, you will wake up.Things are not always so perfect, but it seems that sooner or later I will master another language r language.Four knives, drive.After getting into the carriage, Wang Weiyi patted the roof of the car, and then pulled the bolt of the mp38 submachine gun.The truck moved quickly, Ouyang Yu watched the truck leave his sight, and didn t know what to say for a while.Sergeant, this new captain is so courageous.There may be dozens of people in a team of Orientals.They really dare to go like this I don t know.Ouyang Yu shook his head honestly.Shaking his head If you have a chance, you can ask him yourself.But if each of us is as courageous as the captain, I don t think Xiao Dongyang will dare to be so rampant He said silently to the direction where the captain left He said, Good luck, Captain.Good luck, Captain Two hundred and sixty two.That was the reinforcements led by Wang Weiyi himself from Sanhuqiao After the Japanese army retreated, Liu Yuqing and Zhu Zaitang, the two senior officers of the Sichuan Army, did not .

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say a word of gratitude, but silently raised their hands to salute Wang Weiyi.Facing the officer whose official rank is far higher than his own, Wang Weiyi just silently paid a military salute to the soldier, and he did not need to use too many words to communicate.The big field is still in the hands of the squadron The death of Neikouyan Temple also shocked Major General Heiyan Yisheng, head of the 22nd Brigade of the Japanese Army.Obviously victory is within reach, but instead of seeing the Sanhuqiao position, Neikou Yansi, the most valiant fighter of the 22nd Brigade, was killed in battle.This is an unforgivable loss On the 27th, under the strict order of Heiyan Yoshikatsu, Japanese planes and artillery bombed the Sanheqiao position in retaliation.Well, with regard to Japan and Germany, we all stand on our own positions.No matter how we argue, no one will admit defeat.Kobayakawa Koi suddenly said Mr.Moyol, tell me about your real identity Right.True identity Wang Weiyi startled It s not necessarily that the Japanese know that he is the Baron Skeleton, right I don t quite understand what you re talking about, Mr.Dazuo.You understand.Kobayakawa Koi seemed to see something in his eyes We have definite information that the German government sent a secret envoy to visit the country, called Steck General Steck Steck Wang Weiyi s heart tightened.Could it be his team member Stark And there was a man and a woman who came to the country with him, and they were two ace intelligence officers from Germany.Kobayakawa Hongyi didn t guess what Wang Weiyi was thinking One of them is called Claire Nicholas.Naomasa Sugawara never dreamed that such a day would come.This is the first battle that I best cbd gummie for pain command alone It failed so quicklyso without any suspensethe Matsui family and the Sugawara family were both disgracedno.This is not my own reason, it is that those soldiers did not really show the bravery of the best cbd gummy candy the best cbd gummy candy Japanese warriors at all, they are all cowards, cowards who should be cursed countless times However, the grim situation in front of him made him worry Wang Weiyi didn t care what the enemy commander was thinking.For him, there is only one ultimate goal of any battle victory From one victory to another No one can stop your pace The chariots are advancing like a broken bamboo, and the soldiers are advancing like a broken bamboo Wang Weiyi We are also advancing The jeep driven by Si Dao drove so fast and smoothly.You don t necessarily want me to fight again, but you don t give me anyone You can figure it out for yourself, and if there is a problem, you can take your head Yes Wang Weiyi put it down Phone call, and immediately shouted Assemble, assemble The assembly will be the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for teenage anxiety completed within half an hour, and we must arrive in Changshu before evening In an instant, all the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for teenage anxiety the officers and soldiers became busy.In the sky, there are enemy planes flying by from time to time to bomb and sweep.On the ground, there are a natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies hemp extract group of soldiers who are busy avoiding attacks.On the ground, the anti aircraft machine guns of the Jiangyin defenders began to roar Wang Weiyi looked a little annoyed Little Ling, kill an enemy plane for me These damn Japanese planes look annoying As soon as the words fell, a Japanese army, which was showing its might in the sky, suddenly disintegrated in the air, and those broken aircraft parts Floating everywhere in the sky The rest of the day saw the cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy opportunity, and hurriedly turned around and left the battlefield.Woman, who wants to get old Wang Weiyi smiled Because we are going to visit someone, but I m not sure if he would like to see us.Standing at the door of a very house, Wang Weiyi straightened his high hat.It seems that despite the heavy losses in Reims that year, Bo Watts has had a pretty good time these years.How do we get in Guo Yunfeng pointed to the house.Just walk in.Wang Weiyi smiled, not caring at all.The HCMUSSH the best cbd gummy candy three of them walked over in such a wobbly way, as if they didn t see the two gangsters standing at the door of the the best cbd gummy candy house at all.Hey, stop Gentlemen, please don t panic.Wang Weiyi took off his tall hat and said politely, We are here to meet Mr.Bo Watts.The businessman helped by Mr.Po Watts Mr.Po Watts doesn t see any visitors today.Then, it s a pity.Wang Weiyi put on his hat again But, someone must want to see him He turned sideways Standing up, Guo Yunfeng and Elena calmly watched the opposite person.Although they have very high tactical literacy, their rationality is weakening in the face of repeated failures.Gradually losing the offensive formation was no longer so complete and orderly, and the commanding officer became impatient, and this impatience soon affected the soldiers.But the question is whether the country can seize such a He can t allow him to think too much.In the afternoon, as he judged, the Japanese army launched the most ferocious general attack.The Japanese themselves are human beings.Although they have very high tactical literacy, their rationality is weakening in the face of repeated failures.Gradually losing the offensive formation was no longer so complete and orderly, and the commanding officer became impatient, and this impatience soon affected the soldiers.But the question is whether the country can seize such a He can t allow him to think too much.Ueno Hiromitsu didn t take it to heart at all.Qingkou Wusan was not a professional soldier, but a history teacher.Let a teacher command the army of the empire What are the people at the top thinking But his own Ueno detachment is different.The Ueno detachment has the most sophisticated weapons and the most brave soldiers Defeat the Chinese army on the opposite side in one fell swoop, and let the Ueno detachment s reputation resound throughout China Brigade seat, the Japanese army has launched a full scale attack Wang Weiyi nodded, raised his wrist to check the time 9 o clock, get ready to start It was 55 am on April 1st, 1933.All the departments of the Huben Guard brigade have designated positions today, the engines of the cars have been started, and the muzzles of the chariots have been polished.Ah, Traveler, how do you know Ouyang Yu asked in surprise.Oh, I have intelligence personnel from R himself Wang Weiyi casually found an excuse to perfunctory.Setting up an ambush in Wujiadao was originally a very important part of the whole plan, and attacking the Ueno detachment was just an introduction.This is a tactic designed by Wang Weiyi, Xiaoling and Elena together., to attack the Ueno detachment, the Japanese army must be reinforced.The Huben Guard brigade retreated immediately after completing the attack, and the Japanese army that arrived would definitely not return.At this time, Zhang Lingfu was decisively ordered to abandon Jiangjia Village, and The Japanese army has only one choice to encircle Jiuhu Town from two directions Wujiadao is the only way for them to go on the right But the only thing Wang Weiyi did facts about cbd gummies not expect Surprisingly, the head of the Numata Tokuju brigade was also among them.To be honest, this is not a fair contest the Huben Guard Brigade, this is an elite division armed to the teeth.They have far more sophisticated weapons than the 116th Regiment.And they also have a secret powerful weapon that they don t even know about Ziguang military base Those planes, those surprisingly prepared and surprisingly powerful mortar shells, everything is the masterpiece of Xiao Ling The only thing the 116th Wing can face now is being passively beaten, and they don t even have any room to resist.How do people compete with a military base The Japanese army fell into a terrible passivity.And the squadron s offensive became more and more fierce The task of the Anfei Department is to go straight to the Japanese Army Command the best cbd gummy candy and tear a gap.Two six wheeled chariots appeared, facing the hastily organized firepower of the Japanese army, the 37 guns on the six wheeled chariots opened fire.However, Vasilevsky said slowly Comrade Commander, I also have the same premonition in this regard.We cannot stop the German army from breaking through.At this time The telegram was sent in, Vasilevsky read it hastily, and his face became gloomy Comrade Commander, I have received unfortunate news.Just two hours ago, Magfer of the 3rd Armored Army the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for teenage anxiety Deluf will be killed Zhukov s body trembled, Magfederuf will be killed Immediately, a bad premonition rose in his heart Comrade Chief of Staff, please don t tell me that it was done by the Baron Skull.Unfortunately, he did it.Vasilevsky smiled wryly He not only killed General Magfedlov, but also defeated the Vesniak Armored Regiment, and is now continuing to launch assaults on the 3rd Armored Army.The command is struggling, but the casualties are extremely heavy.But as long as I am still here, I have to try anyway.General Hitler suddenly said at this time Since you agree that I will continue to serve as the head of Germany, can I give you an appointment Wang Weiyi smiled slightly He said Adolf, you are really suitable to be the head of the empire, Fuehrer, what appointment are you going to give me Nobility, but you will always be the Baron of the Reich and I, Adolf Hitler, as Head of the German Reich, Commander in Chief of the German Armed Forces, I will appoint you as Marshal of the German Armed Forces All German forces including the SS The armed forces will be under your command Wang Weiyi thought for a while, but he was not humble, and now is not the time to be modest I accept, but please add the word honor in front, Honor Marshal Adolf, I have to respect British and French Make some moves, but you don t want them to feel panic, so you have to add these two words Yes, General.Hodwich s guard said Comrade Hodwich, Comrade Kantelski s companion said that the best cbd gummy candy a friend is waiting the best cbd gummy candy for him downstairs.Ah, Comrade Hodwich, can I leave the meeting Wang Weiyi stood up and asked road.Now, Hodwig only has these things in front of his eyes.He was spreading the oil painting on the table to admire, and he waved his hand Of course, please close the door for me when I go out.God, this must be the Tsar left over from the times Wang Weiyi walked out quietly, the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for teenage anxiety closed the door, nodded to the guards at the door with a smile, then walked down can you get high on cbd gummy bears to the door of the guest house, the car was already parked there, and Elena peeped out of the car Prompted Comrade Colonel Kantelsky, would you like to fab cbd sleep gummies take you Ah, I am very happy, Mrs.Kantelsky.Wang Weiyi got into the car Comrade Sidao, we have about half Hours of time Damn it, please don t keep calling me comrade Guo Yunfeng muttered.The fighting energy erupted by the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment was daunting.Under their uninterrupted attack, the Fraria Kush Infantry Division could not stop the German tanks and infantry at all.Major General Frariakush could already hear the cries of the German soldiers.Terrible battle From day to night, Major General Frariakush had lost a large number of soldiers and lost all supplies.The connection between the troops was completely cut off, and the troops that Major General Frariakush could control were actually only a pitiful battalion.They couldn t stop the Germans.But Major General Fraria Kush had a pistol at the ready, of course.One of the bullets inside must have been reserved for himself.Shouts like a tsunami kept coming, and there was no one around Major General Frariakush.All the personnel who can fight have all been sent to the battlefield.On April 22, the German 22nd Division occupied the Stalin Fortress, and the artillery units advanced layer by layer, using millimeter guns and rocket launchers to break down the remaining fortresses at close range.By April 2, the central defense of the Soviet army in the north had completely collapsed, and 11 of the 12 fortresses had fallen into the hands of the German army The attack on the Sevastopol fortress ended, and this so called indestructible fortress fell into the hands of the Germans General Manstein, taking advantage of the favorable opportunity of the Battle of Kharkov, achieved as brilliant a victory as Baron Alexon Four hundred and fifty seven.The wounded, Marshal Ernst.Your Excellency, Marshal.All the officers and soldiers stood up and watched Marshal Ernst s .

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arrival with the most reverence.Sometimes they were filled with righteous indignation, and sometimes they cried bitterly.Biljanlowski has completely controlled HCMUSSH the best cbd gummy candy the situation on the court.Wang Weiyi did not expect such a brilliant effect Now, an opportunity is in front of us After the emotions on the spot gradually reached their peak, Biljanlowski suddenly said loudly Join the Z y u army We don t fight for any doctrine, we only fight for our own z y u, fight only for your own family Go and solve our wives and save our children They are waiting for us The wives are waiting for the return of their husbands, and the children are waiting for the return of their fathers For the family, for the Z y u Let s fight For the family, for the z y u More than a dozen cbd gummies that make you feel high self men who had been arranged among the prisoners of war by Biryanlowski stood up abruptly and shouted such slogans loudly.That s Miss Reman The third episode of the movie Baron Rose in which she played the leading role is said to be very likely to win the Oscar this time.Kasanovic walked over quickly Miss Ruiman, how are you When the beautiful Miss Ruiman saw that it was the annoying guy who always gave her flowers and kept pestering her during filming, Can t help frowning, but still said politely Hello, Mr.Kasanovic.Ah, you are so beautiful today.Kasanovic admired sincerely Look, Rui Miss Man, I just got a bottle of good wine, after the dance, the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for teenage anxiety can you come and taste it .

do cbd gummies help depression?

at my place An annoying guy who shamelessly wants to seduce others into bed.Miss Ruiman said unceremoniously I m sorry, I m not free today.What about tomorrow Kasanovic asked without giving up.It s also not free, my schedule has been full in recent months.You have to cbd gummies hemp extract know that you are not allowed to operate alone as soon as you come up, we all have dedicated experienced stockbrokers to guide you.As for you, let me think about it like this, since you are a friend of Mr.Moyol, I think it would be the best cbd gummy candy better for me to take you in person.Williams was completely stunned.Manager Garcia actually wanted to take him in person He Some asked curiously Why do you take such care of me And that Mr.Moyol seems to have a lot of weight here Portion Garcia smiled involuntarily Every word he said here is something we must complete without compromise.Because Kingen Rank Securities Investment Consulting Company is a subsidiary department of Kingeny Group , and Mr.Moyol is the chairman of Kingeny Group.In an instant, Williams fully understood.God, I accidentally saved a millionaire.Ambassador, are you talking about the treasures already in Germany Yes.Kahn nodded The Treasures in Germany Those treasures.Wang Weiyi was confused when he heard that, What is the treasure of Priam That s right.The treasure of Priam was originally just a legend, but then it became a fact.He Burt is obviously very clear about this period of history In Homer s epic, the most famous is probably the Trojan War.The Trojan War ended, but the controversy about its historical authenticity continued for three thousand years.When Germany s great, legendary The authenticity the best cbd gummy candy of the Trojan War is about to be proven when the legendary archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann is born Schliemann memorized the verses in the Iliad and Odyssey , and he was convinced of their authenticity.He believed that Homer was telling the real history, and through archaeological excavations, he could find The ruins of the city and the tombs of heroes.I think it s time for us to leave.My wife still hasn t read many places.Ah, that s what I was about to say.Said Our General Rosen is about to arrive in Ankara, and the best cbd gummy candy I will be responsible for his safety in Ankara at the same time.That is the hero of the Somme, where he lost an arm, but never left his beloved army.General Rosen Baron Andrew was taken aback A hero of the Somme Gentleman, you have the best cbd gummy candy probably heard of the German Skeleton Baron, right When the Skeleton Baron was tried by the Berlin Special Military Court, General Rosen resolutely stood up and washed himself for the Skeleton Baron at the Berlin Special Military Court Baron Andrew laughedan old friend, another old friend is hereif General Rosen stands in front of him now and sees him, what kind of What kind of expression General Rosen, welcome.Who says the Italian army can t fight The Italian army will be invincible in the African battlefield under its own the best cbd gummy candy command.When he turned around excitedly and left, Wang Weiyi didn t say anything, just smiled contemptuously.There s always something for these Italians to play , and there s always.In order to win the upcoming decisive battle, the Italians should always pay some unexpected price.Five hundred and thirty eight.Montgomery s worry Sixth update Cairo, a world famous city, has a continuous history of 5,000 years, and it is also the largest city in Africa and the Middle East.The history of Islam in Cairo began in AD 642, ten years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, then known as Falstad, when a well disciplined Arab army entered the ancient African city and built the first mosque, the Amur mosque.In fact, Wang Weiyi also With this in mind Colonel Fels, I will now establish a secret intelligence service with you as its head.You told me about your plan and I totally agree.At the same time, the task of listening to the radio station was entrusted to me, and I promised that as long as the fighter doesn t move, his radio station will be cracked by me Yes, Baron.Colonel Fels replied loudly.Rommel pouted, and let an American take charge of the intelligence work of the German army.He was not at ease even if the other party was a German super spy.Wanderer , you won t let me be in charge of listening, will you Little Ling was very dissatisfied in his ears.Wang Weiyi smiled.Yes, it is impossible to strengthen the German army s radio listening capabilities in a short period of time, especially in the African Army.Wang Weiyi smiled I was just thinking about it Crazy, crazy Elena said twice in succession Now I finally believe Xiao Ling s evaluation of you.You are an out and out lunatic Wang Weiyi decided to take a small adventure the best cbd gummy candy in Cairo, but this time without the cooperation of Klingenberg and Myristel.However, he still has Elena, Guo Yunfeng, and the omnipotent little spirit Colonel Dott, the military attache of the US embassy in Cairo, was a little helpless when he saw Baron Andrew again.He has now taken over the position of Colonel Fels and has become a A real spy.This is a dangerous profession.If you are found out, you will be hanged.But what can you do When you have one foot in this industry, you have no way to the best cbd gummy candy get it out.Out came Colonel Dott, I think the money has been credited to your account on time, right As soon as he saw Dort, Wang Weiyi asked easily.The next morning, at the behest of Major Vatel, Gilbert s first false information reached SIS headquarters in London, about the situation of the spy organization in Cairo.In this telegram, Major Vatel also reported his next action plan to his superiors.However, what Major the best cbd gummy candy Vatel never dreamed of was that when Gilbert sent the report to London, he cleverly sent a warning to the London headquarters because before sending him to Cairo, the London Special Committee agreed with him to send back the report to London.The 16th word in all telegrams must be deliberately misspelled as a sign of safety.If the spelling of the 16th word in the telegram received in London is correct, it means that the telegram was fraudulent, or that the sender had an accident.According to this agreement, Gilbert spelled every word accurately when sending a telegram to the headquarters in London, England.I want to summarize my failure experience.When the new skeleton baron appears I hope we can find a way to deal with it, Lord Alexon.Wang Weiyi exhaled softly Yes, a new war will still appear one day But no one expects this day to come.Five hundred and ninety six.Divide up the fruits of victory The smooth capture of Cairo gave the Germans absolute initiative on the African battlefield.Baron Ernst Brehm is here Completed a new miracle that belonged to him.And after this time, even greater good news came The German army successfully captured Iran.When the main force of the Soviet and British troops was pinned down on all fronts, the German offensive in Iran It can only be described as overwhelming.They did not encounter any strong resistance in Iran.Now, the entire battlefield has been connected together as Wang Weiyi imagined before.location.Hiromoto Sawataro took off his leather shoes, changed into clogs, the best cbd gummy candy and walked quickly to Hiroshi Yamaguchi, reporting He said that the police section chief named Mo Guangzhi already had an action plan, but he made two requests.What is it One is to ask Duan Yimu to give him an action team of 20 people, and he will have full authority to dispatch it this the best cbd gummy candy afternoon.The other one is to say that a crowd will gather in front of the Soviet Russia office to make trouble this afternoon.This matter He has to come forward to coordinate, and no one else can intervene.Hiromoto Sawataro paused It also 25 mg cbd gummies for pain includes our Kwantung Army Gendarmerie.Yamaguchi Hiroshi said lightly You know what to do.Hiromoto Sawataro He hurriedly said Yes, I have already greeted Captain Shimamoto of the Gendarmerie, and it will be time to stand still.Quick, save people, save people Before falling asleep, Wang Weiyi heard such a voice, this time he can finally close his eyes with peace of mind Wanderer, Walker Xiao Ling The voice called over and over again, Wang Weiyi reluctantly opened his eyes.Everything in front of him was still blurry, and it took him several minutes to fully adapt.Where am I Japanese Army HospitalThere are a large number of Japanese soldiers standing guard outside nowThe ward has been checked, there are no bugs, it is safeah, yes, you slept all day It s Wang Weiyi moved around and found that there was no abnormality in his body Xiao Ling, will hallucinogens cause damage to my body It will be affected in a short period of time, but as long as the injections are not continued, there will be no problem.And when you return to the base, I will give you a condor cbd gummies 750 mg comprehensive examination to help you completely eliminate hidden dangers But before that, you have to explain the doubts in my heart.Xiao Ling said at this time I think this attack on Pearl Harbor is very different from the ones that happened in history.One person will get a huge benefit from it.Benefit.who Wang Weiyi asked with a half smile.You Xiaoling said bluntly After the cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy outbreak of the US economic crisis.The Wittgenstein family frantically waved the checks in their hands and acquired a large number of companies.Once a war breaks out, it will be brought to ordinary people.It is the pain of war, but it brings endless the best cbd gummy candy wealth and benefits to the big capitalists.Those huge American companies acquired by you will bring you an endless stream of money Look at you, what did you call me Wang Weiyi had a smile on his face I just let me distribute part of the war the best cbd gummy candy fortune made by the United States Moreover, this Japanese sneak attack is very different from the ones in relax cbd watermelon gummies history.To make it more realistic, he and Marcelle are actually installing a coal burning device on an old car.Everything was done quietly and without arousing any suspicion.Five months later, the Viscount began to implement his crazy plan.His hazy vision had become a prototype of a prehistoric bird like aircraft, just waiting to be fitted with cylinders and fuel tanks.It s easy to put on.The main problem at hand was getting fuel.Gasoline has been confiscated.Use only by units with special needs such as the Red Cross and the Fire Department.The Viscount did not know how to obtain this essential liquid.There is a gas station a few miles from the castle, guarded day and night.It was dangerous to bribe the the best cbd gummy candy guards within, for it meant putting his and Marcell s lives in the hands of a stranger risking his way in.Therefore, Churchill not only did not support Hull pressed de Gaulle.Instead, he condemned the capitulating Vichy regime and defended de Gaulle at a joint meeting the next day.But Secretary of State Hull was equally stubborn.He first drafted a face saving statement, which Churchill refused After signing, he drew up a new draft agreement, suggesting that all armed forces be withdrawn from the island, and the two islands should be jointly managed by the United States, Britain, and Canada.Roosevelt had no choice but to persuade Churchill to put pressure on de Gaulle, and hinted that he would not hesitate to use force.Churchill was quite embarrassed.He had to force de Gaulle to accept Hull s plan., and had no choice but to urge Foreign Minister Eden to act as an intermediary again.Now that things have come to this point, of course de Gaulle can t buy anyone s face.Wang Weiyi smiled and nodded I did everything, even the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for teenage anxiety Lieutenant Colonel Naris.I arranged Is that so, Lieutenant Colonel Yes, Baron.Naris, who regained his do cbd gummies help you sleep freedom, loosened his muscles and picked up Major Rogermin s weapon I am a French spy, but even the French can t imagine that I am actually a double agent Ah, actually I have been serving the German intelligence service for a long time, and my superior is Nikolai When De Sade approached me, Nikolai saw a great opportunity and ordered me to join the It s really a wonderful thing to be under De Sade cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy s natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies hemp extract command Major Luo Jieming smiled wryly, this is simply the greatest irony At this time, Guo Yunfeng came to Wang Weiyi s side, whispering Said The enemy reinforcements will arrive in five minutes Five minutes this time will not be long Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Actually, do you know the best cbd gummy candy best Major, I I appreciate you very much, if it wasn t for the war, I hope to continue to be friends with you, but now He said this and sighed Naris, now the major is yours He turned around, and a second later, there was a gunshot behind him The whole incident was designed by Wang Weiyi.But what is it People are always going to die, but people always have to do something before they die.The breakout is still going on, but now the breakout looks a little messy.Under the powerful assault of the German army, the Soviet army s organizational system began to be disrupted, and the commander could no longer control his troops well.Wang Weiyi witnessed all this with his own eyes.From the the best cbd gummy candy beginning of the siege, he fought resolutely.This victory will definitely belong to Germany, and any resistance from the Russians will be futile.And this is just the prelude to the future battle of Stalingrad He glanced at General Paul Hauser standing beside him What do you think, General Very brave soldier, I They are talking about the Russians Paul Hauser is a very frank general, he said matter of factly They can die without hesitation, they don t care about their own lives at all.The early morning wind was so refreshing that a large number of students appeared on the campus from early in the morning.The good news of the Elklin Victory also spread to the university.Every simple student is excited by the great great victory achieved by the great Soviet Red Army.Several students were giving speeches.They read aloud the speech of the great leader, Comrade Stalin, that victory must belong to the Soviets.Around them, countless students continued to burst into cheers of Ulla.At this time, a black car drove into Moscow University, which did not attract the attention of many students.Accompanied by two officers, a Soviet colonel got out of the car, and then hurriedly walked towards the Political Office of Moscow University.I am Colonel Madrov of the Cheka.Ah, Comrade Colonel, I am Lieutenant Colonel Tenkovsky of the Political Department of Moscow University.Secretly ordered Khrushchev, secretary of the Communist Party of Stalingrad and member of the Military Commission, to keep an eye on Malinovsky s every word and deed.To use him and the best cbd gummy candy guard against him at the same time, this is what Stalin has cbd gummies hemp extract can i bring cbd gummies through tsa always been used to doing.And in Vasilevsky s view.Malinowski is actually a trustworthy front line general, and he can perform very well both offensively and defensively.Such a general must let go and let him show his talent on the battlefield, instead of always being on guard against him Thinking of this, Vasilevsky adjusted his emotions Comrade Military Commissar, Now everything is proceeding according to our previous assumptions.The German army has nowhere to go on the Terek River.Whether Comrade Malinovsky can complete the task is very important.Therefore, I am going to send another army group to his command.They faithfully carried out the orders of their superiors, devoted themselves to the battle faithfully, and sacrificed their lives faithfully on this battlefield.None of them are afraid of death, but this also makes their cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy casualties the heaviest of all Soviet troops so far When the offensive was launched, they used crowd tactics to attack the German positions A offensive.Charge against the enemy how long cbd gummies last s artillery fire, and advance against the enemy s bullet rain.They greeted each other loudly and encouraged each other loudly.Sand is their worst friend.After a round of artillery baptism by the German army.The soldiers of the 210th Infantry Division who were lying on the ground would stand up again, then hold the sand, take steps, and sing loud songs.In the song Attack then.What they faced was the fierce blow of the enemy.Wittmann picked up a submachine gun from the ground, and said loudly Marshal Ernst, the s21 and s22 tanks are out of shells.Now, we request to join the infantry battle order Second Lieutenant Wittmann, your request is approved It is.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Marshal, I have a request.Please tell me, Lieutenant Wittmann.If I die in battle, please grant me the rank of major.I have dreamed of being a major Ah, this request Is it too much I am only a second lieutenant now Wang Weiyi smiled so happily Yes, your request is indeed too much, but I approve it.If you can die in battle with honor Here, you are a major of the SS A very shameless guy Brandt, who lost to Wittmann in the tank annihilation competition, couldn t help muttering.Myristel came over Second Lieutenant Wittmann, you are like a god in the tank, but now, I m afraid you can t even kill ten enemies Yeah Wittman looked at the other party provocatively.Leonie, why do you say that Hermione was very strange The more and more developed traffic, let Germany and the United States The distance between the best cbd gummy candy them is getting shorter and shorter, and now Germany and the United States maintain a very good relationship, as long as you want, you can come back anytime and anywhere No, I can t explain why, anyway, I I have this feeling, after returning to Germany this time, we will never see each other again.Leonie said in a daze I know the Baron, when the best cbd gummy candy the victory comes, he will leave quietlyyou know what When he left for the first time, I waited for him for nearly twenty yearsTwenty long years, I endured loneliness, lonelinessI have no way to wait for the next one Twenty years have passed, so I decided that no matter where the baron goes, I will always follow him.This era was too strange for them. Roman barracks.The lofty mountains are shrouded in gray clouds and mist, and the mountains forgotten by the sun, like the Titans expelled by the god Jupiter, stand tall and gloomy in the clouds.It s a mountainous place, and the climate is uncomfortable, wet and gray everywhere.The clothes of the Roman soldiers who came to lay siege to the Celtic fortress on the hills were often dry outside.In the past, the Romans always believed that the Celts were the R Germans, but they quickly discovered that the Celts and the R Germans were actually not the same.On the contrary, they often fought for food and territory.war.A large number of people die every year because of this.At dawn, there was a sound of horseshoes outside the barracks.After a brief pause at the door, several horsemen galloped across the road between the military commander s tent and the soldiers tent, and went straight to the place where they had just arrived last night.This largely limits the performance of the Roman Legion.Victory is something to look forward to.Caesar kept an eye on the battlefield.From the first moment Su Keers was killed, he knew that it was impossible to eliminate these barbarians today.But he was not in a hurry, even though she faced another attack failure, he quickly saw the barbarian s weakness.There are only so many of them, and all their elite fighters have gathered to the front line.And as long as the battle is delayed, Germania s power will inevitably become less and less, and the final victory belongs to itself.So Caesar could tolerate one or two defeats, and what he wanted was the final victory Caesar s timely order to sound the horn of retreat was also a relief for the Romans who were fighting hard.Once again the Romans were defeated, causing the Germanians to cheer wildly.Caesar decisively focused on this point All Roman auxiliaries were engaged in clearing obstacles before a new large scale attack began.These auxiliary soldiers, under the cover of the Romans, risked terrible casualties and carried out their work desperately.This is amazing, the auxiliaries demonstrated their loyalty to the Romans very well on the battlefield.And Wang Weiyi also knew that these obstacles alone would not be able to stop the Romans for a long time However, he was not too worried, just when the Romans were racing against time.Xiaoling also sent good news that the trebuchet that Wang Weiyi needed had been completed.When Wang Weiyi brought a group of Germanian warriors to the river, the Germanians were completely stunned.Twelve behemoths were neatly stacked there.What are these behemoths for When did it appear here again Even if the Germanians thought about it, they couldn t figure it out Tabusters, kanai farms cbd gummies Germanian warriors Wang Weiyi told them with a smile This will be the most effective way for us to resist the Romans.The seats are covered with silk blankets or animal skin cushions.Directly opposite the gate were two marble tables and two ornate triumphal chairs for the consuls.In the middle part of the highest row of semicircular just cbd cannabidiol gummies 750mg marble seats.It was the seat reserved for the elder senators facing the consul, with his back to the gate, was the seat of the tribunes, won only nearly two hundred years ago.In the past, when the Senate was in session, the tribune s seat was set under the arcade in front of the courtyard.In the expectant eyes of everyone, Pompey s sedan chair slowly came to the front of the Senate from the Palatine Hill.The commanders of the six guards beside the sedan chair were guarding with their swords, and Cuarius was following on foot that is, the young man Pompey would solemnly launch the best cbd gummy candy today.I want to tell everyone that I am the best in Rome.There is hope, no one can beat me, not even Yakulius launched by Pompey He was a little out of control, Wang Weiyi immediately said Please calm down your emotions, anger will only make people lose Be sensible.Then you can tell me now, what do you need my help for I believe that you asked me to come here not just to make these complaints.Yes, you guessed right, I really came to you I want to discuss something with you Servius tried to calm himself down I must try my best to win this competition at the Sea God Festival.This cbd gummies hemp extract can i bring cbd gummies through tsa is probably my only chance.But I know from other sources that Pompey has got him the best boats and trainers to ensure Jaculius wins, it s so unfair, it s natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies hemp extract so unfair, who would have thought that in Rome it would be What kind of naval battle Including me, everyone is not prepared at the best cbd gummy candy all, and Pompey simply announced that Yakulius has won the victory His loud noise made Wang Weiyi laugh, he knew very well that Servius What is needed Servius, my friend, I think I can help you.We Greeks now value exploring the meaning of life.How long is everyone s life Fifty years Sixty years Only a few short decades.And we have too many desires to achieve, but experience tells We, if one s passions are strong in one aspect, the passions in other aspects must be weak, just like a stream that has been diverted into another channel, so we human beings begin to torture ourselves.What is cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy the meaning Our sages reflect on it in the following way, and come up with what seems to be a shortcut to the right path as long as we cling to the body and make the mind polluted by lust and become imperfect, we cannot Satisfactory grasp of the objects which we call truth.First, the body creates innumerable disturbances in the pursuit of existence second, disease prevents us from seeking truth Sex, fantasies, and so many worthless things, that we have no leisure to think about other problems wars, revolutions, and strife are only caused by .Why not use them as slaves The relationship between each other should be equal.Having said that, the Germans really used the Romans as slaves, which made it difficult for these newcomers to adapt All of a sudden, pieces of cheers rang out, and Guo Yunfeng smiled Your Consul is here.Surrounded by Germans, the long rumored man always wearing a skull mask on the battlefield Appeared German Confederation Consul Ernst.Bram In an instant, the refugee team became silent, and everyone looked at this legendary figure who had defeated the Roman army countless times with fearful natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies hemp extract eyes.Welcome, my friends.Coming in front of the refugees, a voice came from behind the skull mask I believe you must have been frightened a lot along the way.But HCMUSSH the best cbd gummy candy now that you are here, you don t have to worry about anything.No enemy will appear here.And I, miss my home on the Palatine Hills very much.Let me take my leave first, Spurius is always waiting for your call.He knew that he had successfully persuaded Pompey.When Pompey decided to put all the blame on Caesar, it meant that even the superficial peace between the two was gone Wang Weiyi returned to his home in Paladin Mountain again, and the housekeeper Barras welcomed him in respectfully.And told his master that during his absence, the best cbd gummy candy countless Roman nobles or rich people came to visit the parliamentarians.And try to invite members of Parliament to visit them when it is convenient for them.To know.The current Senator Spurius is the most popular person in Rome.Who wouldn t want to meet such a young and rich man When Tierlia and Servia saw Wang Weiyi, they were also very happy.I haven t seen them for a while, and the sisters are more and more beautiful.The three Leopard tanks disappeared Just like they appeared on the battlefield like ghosts, now they disappear like ghosts We didn t find them, not anywhere.Coleham s tone was full of surprise No one saw when cbd gummies for sleep tn they left the battlefield.What s going on Jonar murmured talking.This is simply a huge mystery for him General, General Olitz of the Second Panzer Corps of the SS wants you to rush to his headquarters immediately.In the command of the Second Panzer Corps In the Ministry, Jonall saw General Olitz, and the general was very excited Well done, Jonall, you repelled the enemy s attack again.I know your father, General botanical farms cbd gummies for sale the best cbd gummy candy Ludwig , What an outstanding and brave soldier.You have not dishonored the reputation of the Ellierst family.Thank you, General Olitz, for being able to command the Skeleton Division.And I absolutely do not believe that the German commando will pass here unarmed like you.Look, you ve shattered my dream of experiencing something exciting.Seeing that the group of Colonel Chelus passed by smoothly, Wang Weiyi threw away the cigarettes in his hand Ah, Major, I m sorry to have delayed you for so long.I remember your promise, and you must come to mine.Visiting the farm.Certainly, respected Mr.Abel, it is really a lucky thing to meet your compatriots here. Goodbye, Major.Goodbye, my dear Mr.Abel.Wang Weiyi and his commandos walked away from the French in such a swaggering way.The French never expected that what they passed in front of them was the German commando they wanted to catch.But who would have thought that someone would How dare you have such courage Major Henner is still thinking that he must find time to visit Mr.They must retake Brest at all costs.Then, the fastest troops they can mobilize are only the First Canadian Rangers Regiment and the 3rd Brigade of the United States Marine Corps.And all I have to do here is to stall as much time as possible Major, I am proud of your bravery.General Olitz made no secret For Major Moyol s praise But as far natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies hemp extract as I know, you don t have many people.Do you have the confidence to resist the enemy s crazy attack I have to thank Colonel Wennery for this.A very favorable defensive location, which will minimize the enemy s artillery superiority.Wang Weiyi s answer is so confident If it offsets the the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for seniors enemy s artillery superiority, then in positional warfare, we are completely sure to block Stop the enemy s attack that is several times stronger than ours.General Olitz had no idea where the opponent s strong cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy confidence came from.The one walking in front of them was Lieutenant Ross Celtic He came to Wang Weiyi in fear Lieutenant Colonel.We surrender, and we promise no resistance, and we hope you will do the same.Of course, Lieutenant, I still need you with me.Wang Weiyi smiled, and asked Stephen to send people to transfer all these captives to a safe place, and confiscated all the weapons and ammunition Lieutenant Celtic, although I think war in this era has nothing to do with gentlemen.But I still wouldn t kill cbd gummies hemp extract can i bring cbd gummies through tsa a defenseless captive.Of course, if you want to come home alive after the war.Everything must be done according to my orders Lieutenant Celtic nodded hurriedly The fighting here is over, and the Germans hiding at home quietly opened the door.They haven t figured out where these people came from until now.A thirteen or fourteen year old child boldly came out of the house.He seemed very curious about the weapon in Wang Weiyi s hand.Do you like it Wang Weiyi asked kindly.The child nodded vigorously.Wang Weiyi looked at him.These German children the best cbd gummy candy are generally very tall.He asked someone to bring a captured m16 and handed it to the child Then what are you waiting for You are already a soldier now The child gripped the weapon tightly excitedly And you Wang Weiyi raised his voice All of you, what are you waiting for Is it waiting for the Americans to take control again Live in this city and continue to enslave you I am Lieutenant Colonel Mojol of the Nordland Combat Regiment My fellow citizens, the German counterattack has begun There was a cheer, and then all the doors opened, Every German came out of his house.Counterattack Germany s counterattack has begun Strike Back The time for revenge has arrived Fight, the best cbd gummy candy drive all the Germans out of Ibor Wang Weiyi s voice was so loud.Speaking of which, he looked around.And you, agents, don t hide yourself, this is Berlin.Near the home of a German Marshal.Why do you hide your shadows like cowards The major and the agents didn t know what to the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for teenage anxiety do At this moment, a jeep roared towards it, then stopped suddenly, the door opened, and two gray haired people jumped out of the car, Old men in faded military uniforms.They came to Field Marshal Paul Hausser, straightened their bodies, and said loudly Johann von F.Benekenff reports to you Kelbert, the ex commander of the Waffen SS Motorcycle Battalion Langematt reports to you Generals.Thanks for your hard work.Marshal Paul Hauser nodded.Then, a strange sound came.All the people looked there.An old general appeared here on a horse.He jumped off the horse, Said in king of chill cbd gummies 100 mg the same loud voice Marshal Paul Hauser, General Ludwig, the former commander of the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment of the Waffen SS Skeleton Division Van der Venny reports to you General van der Veneer, I m curious, why did you come here on horseback asked his old superior Ludwig curiously.Pipondu s spirit of contract The incompetence of the Italians does not mean that the German defense can be much easier.On the frontal battlefield, the U.S.military quickly launched a powerful attack.Those U.S.troops under the cover of artillery fire and tanks cautiously advanced towards the German positions.However, the German positions that had just been violently bombed were quiet, the kind of strange quietness in a noisy position.This is an innate instinct of a soldier.Every soldier among them knows when is the best time to shoot.They botanical farms cbd gummies for sale the best cbd gummy candy watched the approaching tanks and infantry silently, waiting there silently.At this moment, Wang Weiyi is also watching his brave and loyal soldiers.He is proud of having such soldiers.The enemy is getting closer and closer, and the appearance of the tank HCMUSSH the best cbd gummy candy can be clearly cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy seen.The gate of hell has already been opened, and countless resentful spirits gushed out from the deepest part of the ground.Under the guidance of the knight riding a flaming horse, guard this land.That s Death s striker, that s Death s favorite general the Skull Baron Whether it was Captain Sherer, Captain Lampden, or Sergeant Max or Allen, they were all in the same mood at the moment.Before that, they never dreamed that they would be the first troops commanded by the Skeleton Baron after his return.It was even more unexpected that they would actually have the opportunity to follow the baron to create miracles one after another.But now it s all becoming real They roared in their mouths, and their hearts trembled with excitement.They followed the tank flying the skull battle flag without hesitation, and launched an attack that shocked the enemy.That was Field Marshal Ernst, that was Field Marshal Rommel.That s Marshal Guderian These people are the former heroes of Germany these people are the awakened Heroic Spirit Legion these people.Be the creator of miracles It is they who led Germany to complete the impossible miracle Ernst Rommel Guderian Germany cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy Such crazy cheers resounded across the battlefield, and every German soldier expressed their inner fanaticism the best cbd gummy candy in this way.Without their presence, Germany cannot the best cbd gummy candy win Without their appearance, Germany cannot be reversed Under their leadership, the war is bound to royal cbd zero thc cbd gummies be carried out in the direction Germany wants My generals, my soldiers When the words of botanical farms cbd gummies for sale the best cbd gummy candy Marshal Ernst Brahm came out through the loudspeaker when.The noisy battlefield just now suddenly became quiet, and only Baron Alexon s words came out in the battlefield I thank each of you for your efforts for such a victory, and I thank each of you for your country The dedication of our country.Brothers According to my investigation, a British intelligence officer said, the French in the village giant gummy bears cbd have come out in full force this time, and we can now attack without firing a single shot.That s good, brothers, rest in place for half an hour before moving forward, disband Sergeant Nord breathed a sigh of relief.It was night, and the coalition forces had entered Moltau.There were not many French troops inside, so they disarmed obediently.The night fell here.Major Ludman, I recently It seems that the eyes can t see clearly.said Martin, who was lying on the bed.He was still holding a book in his left hand.I told you a long time ago, the light here is so dark, you always lie down and read a book.Sooner or later you have to be blind.This is the memoirs of our officer, Field Marshal Riddle. How s the level It can be seen that Marshal Riddle has spent a lot of effort.at the same time.Under the order of Ernst Brahm, the German, British, and South African troops launched an offensive across the North African battlefield.Serious difficulties were placed before General Roy and Ambassador Holliday.They had to extinguish the uprising in a short period of time before they could concentrate on counterattacking the German army.There s bad news.I haven cbd gummies hemp extract can i bring cbd gummies through tsa t told you guys all this time General Roy said The the best cbd gummy candy artillery positions we used to deal with Egypt were completely destroyed.If we have to take action against Egypt, the only thing we can rely on is the navy.I believe that the powerful U.S.Navy can provide us with great help.Tamusta said confidently.Yes, our navy is still trustworthy.General Roy gave the opponent some confidence But.They also had to face the threat from the German air.Ah, no, you I misunderstood what I meant, I was just curious about the name.Wang Weiyi waved his hands Don t keep such a restraint, for Germany, now whether it is Poles, Bulgarians or Yugoslavs, as long as they are fighting for Germany Fighting, that is trustworthy.Captain Urnet s heart was relieved In his army, there were many Poles, many of whom came to Germany with their parents after the end of World War II and obtained German citizenship.When the German American war broke out, these people chose to stand firmly on the German side without hesitation.The layout of the trenches is quite good, and the anti air and anti ground firepower the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for teenage anxiety are also arranged in an orderly manner, which is very satisfying.These German soldiers can quickly form a strong combat effectiveness no matter where they go.Apart from the sniper rifle in his hand, he had no other distracting thoughts.Time passed by every minute and every second, except for some scattered enemies.Did not find what they were looking for.But these two snipers hiding in the dark did not intend to give up at all.Waiting, they had to wait with the utmost patience Felice glanced at Marshal Ernst and found that the Marshal s body had been lying on the ground.It s even exactly the same as the first second when I first arrived here.How long have they been here Three hours or five hours Phyllis doesn t remember very well.A sniper has to be.Phyllis didn t find it strange, but the man next to him was the Marshal of the Empire Phyllis adjusted his breathing.He felt that he should do as well as the marshal The darkest moment before dawn has passed When the morning sun spread to the ground, the air There was a different smell in the air Then, Wang Weiyi and Phyllis finally saw the target they had been waiting for the whole night appear The group of American troops marched very cautiously, and they A tank was also called in for reinforcements, and it looked like last night s ordeal had left some terrible lessons in their minds.Sit down.In the words of the young man Mr.Moyol, Frost sat down.Wang Weiyi looked at the contracts brought by Casanovich, and then put them in front of Frost Look, can these be sold at a good price according to the current market value Frost simply said After looking at it, he quickly said Of course, of course, oh, this will be an incomparably huge amount, and I guarantee that as long as you show up in my brokerage company, it will be sold out soon Wang Weiyi nodded Throw it all away for me.Frost was so surprised that he set his eyes on Kasanovic Mr.Kasanovic, you really decided to do this Is it Everything is under Mr.Moyol cbd gummies hemp extract can i bring cbd gummies through tsa s orders.Kasanovic said blankly.Now, Frost has to look at Mr.Moyol with admiration.This young man can actually make the godfather of New York s gangsters obey him so much.He was crouching in the trench, flicking through a Bible with one hand.Captain What are you doing Heisenberg shouted angrily, even though Heisenberg was already very weak.Atonement What s going on ahead The Russians are backed up by tank divisions Ruben s men are all in the ruins there s no museum.The cemetery won t hold We re running out of ammunition We re done, sir.Accept this reality.The priest looked into Heisenberg s eyes in pain.What are you going to do Are you going to surrender Heisenberg yelled frantically, pulling out the pistol from his waist.The grenadiers around them fired their grenades.The chords of several mg62 are still the endless melody in the air, the Model assault gun fired in the distance, Paul s church exploded horribly, and the night was illuminated in an instant Over the heads of the German army, The two 10mm rapid fire guns did not stop for a moment, and Heisenberg could even imagine the scene of those 10mm shells cutting through rows of enemy bodies Wethey The priest pointed weakly at the soldiers beside him They are all fighting for youno one surrendered.Perhaps, where the Skeleton Baron appears, there will always be all kinds of miracles.There were times when miracles occurred without even the Baron himself being prepared for them.This is a miracle that belongs to Baron Alexon Nine hundred and twenty four.We still fighting The Baron s team is heading here General Miller cheered loudly.Undoubtedly, this is an exciting scene.Not long ago, General Miller, who had been struggling in Robinster and K nigsberg, finally received the long awaited good news reinforcements from cbd gummy bears 500mg the best cbd gummy candy Berlin, Speeding in the direction of Robin Stall.And the one who commanded the support army was Ernst.Marshal Bram General Miller couldn t believe that Marshal Ernst personally led the reinforcements.What could be more exciting news than this Their sacrifice here, their bloodshed here, everything becomes meaningful.Under botanical farms cbd gummies for sale the best cbd gummy candy the leadership of the baron, they re entered the arduous and tenacious battle.In the afternoon, the troops of the SS Bodmer First Class Assault Brigade and the Italian Diago Division rushed to Robinstel, and the Great Russian Division followed them.This is a surprising scene, and the Russians dale jr cbd gummies have no way to react.The Great Russian Division, this is the most elite armed force in the Russian army.Not long ago, they fought side by side in Robinstel, but now, their guns have been turned around.Lieutenant General Boschek, who is in command of this force, has no choice at this point.He can only see hope if cbd gummies for sex walmart he fights with the Germans to the end No one knows the Russian army better than the Russians in Great Russia.They knew where the weak points of Robinster s Russian army were, and they knew how to fight against their former companions.Yes, I m sure.Boschek said and called a lieutenant colonel Lieutenant Colonel Kapunov, I heard you recognize Travitt Yes, General, I have a good relationship with him.I recognized him a long time ago.So, can you cbd gummies sunoco persuade him to surrender When he heard the general s question, Lieutenant Colonel Kapunov couldn t help but smile General, in my opinion to Travert I understand that he is probably peeing his pants in shock.Please leave this task to the best cbd gummy candy me.I promise to make him come out obediently and surrender to you.Okay, I m here waiting for your good news.Listen to their conversation.Wang Weiyi and his German police officers looked at each other, they couldn t think of any expression other than surprise Brigadier General Travert met his old friend Lieutenant Colonel Kapunov reluctantly.Although he didn t pee his pants as Lieutenant Colonel Kapunov said, there was no way to hide the panic on Travert s face.Marshal, there Some Italians were surrounded.Ready to attack Ready to attack The shells flew out of the Leopard 9 .

do liberty cbd gummies work?

and quickly destroyed a Russian tank.But at this moment, the tank numbered 001 suddenly had some malfunctions.Fire Under Major Raff s order, the Leopard 9 tank was manually operated, and the turret was rotated to aim at an ss6 and it was one shot.The frontal armor of the ss6 was penetrated and fell to the side of the road.9 minutes Inside, the raid of the Leopard 9 tank directly destroyed three ss6 , completely blocking the road ahead of the Russian army.The Russian infantry saw the situation and ran away.At the same time, the Leopard 9 The tank was replaced with a high explosive bomb, and dozens of Russian infantrymen disappeared in the huge dust The Russians were temporarily repelled, the best cbd gummy candy and the rescued Italian soldiers gave the German tank a thumbs up to express their gratitude.Marshal Waltuksky is simply a coward who doesn t care about his subordinates Yes, cowards, this one is an out and out coward Since even the commander has escaped, what s the point of them staying here What to continue to fight, what to continue to persevere, it is simply nonsense.All the staff officers and remaining officers dispersed, just like the the best cbd gummy candy Russian army that was disintegrating.Among these people, Major Tassowski was probably the one who felt the most frustrated.He regretted not being able to tell the Germans the news of Marshal Huatuksky s escape in time, otherwise, it would be a miracle.However, there is another way When the officers began to collapse, he found more than a dozen officers who were usually very good, and told them Why are we running away We have more to do than to run away.If you are willing to pay some money, I believe Zakhwolf is also a very humane guy Wang Weiyi smiled and put the two The gold ruble was handed over to Daniel Look.One is yours, my friend, and the the best cbd gummy candy other is that of that sympathetic Mr.Zakhov.What a generous gentleman Daniel thought so.actually.Although weapons are not allowed in the club, there are always some unspeakable guys who bring weapons in in various ways.For this reason, fires sometimes occur in clubs.But no matter how big of a deal, Mr.Migroski always has a way of dealing with it.Follow Daniel to take the elevator to the 21st floor.Suddenly a completely different world appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.The entire 21st floor belongs to the Royal Club.The interior decoration can only be described as luxurious.A bald headed man appeared in front of them with a few men.Kyritz botanical farms cbd gummies for sale the best cbd gummy candy growled and moaned like a dying beast, tears blurring his vision.He staggered forward dragging his injured leg which had not fully healed.Da da da Another fighter was strafing the street.A nationalist soldier running with a cat on the left of Kieritz fell in a pool of blood, his rifle smashed on Kieritz s boot.He picked up the assault rifle conveniently.The street in front is the defensive stronghold of the German army, where a Leopard 9 tank, a Destroyer 3 , a Model assault gun and an anti tank assault gun and about 300 soldiers from the SS, A garrison battalion composed of police, national army, and boy scouts.The battalion commander is Captain Hans Meyer in the reserve.A bomb exploded not far from Kyritz.The huge air wave overturned him and knocked him unconscious.I don t know how long it took, but the sound of rumbling artillery woke up Kiritz.Wang Weiyi took a sip of coffee that he couldn t get used to no matter how much he drank As the wife of the grand duke, don t you Can t afford a necklace Ah, I beg your pardon if I offend you.But I ve heard many people say that the Grand Duke is so rich.Yes, the Grand Duke is very predictable.Wealthy, but that s only for him.Hearing this question, Solkina s face darkened.For some reason, in front of the best cbd gummy candy Mr.Petergoff, she was willing to pour out all her bitterness There are some things you don t know, Mr.Petergoff.Everyone thinks that my marriage to the Grand Duke is the beginning of a happy life.But actually that was just the beginning of my nightmarethe grand duke deprived me of most of my freedomhe didn t allow me to go out alone, didn t allow me to touch any man What s even more sad is that even the monthly subsidy given to me by the government, he .

does gnc have cbd gummies?

has to confiscate most of it and the remaining money I have to give to my poor My family I have taken a fancy to this necklace for a long time.This is a complete chill gummies cbd drug test profiteer, Ilya cursed in his heart.But his greed for money has completely blinded him.Even if it is only 30 of the original price, it is good in his opinion.Besides, when he has made a lot of money , can also be redeemed from the other party.Tomorrow, if the best cbd gummy candy you are free, I would be happy to take you to see my collection.In the end, Ilya revealed all her intentions Assuming you are really interested, we can discuss buy just cbd gummies near me the price of the mortgage. Ah, it is my greatest honor to be able to see those precious things.Elliot raised the cup in his hand Let s toast to the collection, I can t wait until tomorrow.Ilya, like his father, fell into the same trap as his father, but for him he still thought he had found the right path.Greed always leads people astray When Ilya left here, Wang Weiyi said lightly This is Gregory cbd gummies for anxiety vegan s last possession.The heart of a greedy person is a bottomless pit that can never be filled.The vicious circle formed by greed, fantasizes that he will enjoy wealth forever, and even wants his offspring to also Enjoy wealth forever The greedy are really the poorest people.Wang Weiyi said lightly Everyone is like this.Mr.Frost, Mr.Casanovich, my task here has been completed, and I will leave the finishing work to you.I think we won t see each other again for a long time. I really hope to work with you again.Frost said sincerely.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly, and then stood up.When he came to the hall of the house contract exchange, he saw all kinds growmax cbd gummies trial of desperate and depressed faces.Then, he saw that he was alone.Alice playing.He came to Alice s side Where s your mother Oh, Mr.Moyol, where is she Alice pointed forward Mr.When the soil fell on the body, the middle aged man looked at it coldly, and then seemed to be looking at it.The dead body said Have you ever imagined that you will end up like this Everything is completely different from when you were alive The baron has returned to Germany, and Germany is winning.Your betrayal is a The Baron and Germany are already meaningless Ah, do you know where your loved ones are Do you know how the Tsar is now No, you don t know anything.You are nothing but a poor beggar That s all.Farewell, Grand Duke Bierstoka Farewell, Grand Duke Bierstoka A story of revenge has come to an end For Wang Weiyi, this was just a small episode in his legendary life, but it was a major turning point for the war.The situation in Russia is undergoing earth shaking changes.The downfall of the Grand Duke Bierstoka.Combat is a soldier s life s duty, and warriors live for war.I ll fight till the sun breaks the darkness.It s touching, it s bloody You have a lot of courage, fresh meat, I don t think you even know the difference between a rifle grenade and a grenade Silly Does the thought of killing an enemy excite you, Private First Class Will you hold the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for teenage anxiety your damn long thick dick and help us take down those enemies Do you really think that Diana will be content to wait for your return Don t be so naive Gawin shook his head and said, Maybe your Diana has been taken by someone else long ago, but you don t know it now.Maybe it s your neighbor, maybe it s the postman, maybe it s your friend, maybe they even have kids.You might as well forget about her now than you go home and discover this amazing truth that is Jakes continued, When you get home she ll probably complain that you re only three inches long and the other guy is six inches long You re exaggerating.But his French with a strong Parisian accent and his polite attitude allowed him to pass through dangers again and again.PARIS This city is all too familiar to Wang Weiyi.He has entered this city many times, and has firmly engraved his name in the city.Every Frenchman botanical farms cbd gummies for sale the best cbd gummy candy in Paris, when talking about the current political situation, will always mention the name of Baron Alexon and the things he has done in Paris.He found a cafe, sat down on the open air, ordered a cup of coffee, and then sat there calmly, enjoying this rare and peaceful afternoon.Around him, there are already many French people sitting.They seem to have gotten used to this kind of life.To be honest, in fact, Wang Weiyi doesn t like drinking coffee, not at all.What he prefers is to brew a cup of tea and then drink it carefully.He remembered that when he came to Paris last time, German officers and soldiers could be seen everywhere on the streets, but now all this is completely invisibleSuddenly, a few policemen blew sharp the best cbd gummy candy whistles Appeared, in front of the police, a ten year old child was running desperately, this scene seemed a bit absurd, several adults were chasing a child so hard.He suddenly took out a small pistol from his pocket and pointed it at Wang Weiyi Do you want a dog A dog that can kill you at any time with a gun Mr.Berkeley.Maybe you are a good secret policeman, but things like guns are definitely not for people like you to play with Even facing the muzzle of the gun, Wang Weiyi did not panic at all.He suddenly stretched his hand forward.Then Berkeley felt a pain in his wrist, and the pistol appeared in the hands of Mr.Moyol.For a moment Berkeley turned pale Wang Weiyi looked at the gun in his hand, smiled slightly, and then casually threw the gun aside, as if it was a worthless thing.Berkeley s lips were constantly trembling At this moment he knew very clearly that he had encountered a very terrifying opponent But, he told himself that he must not give in, after all, this is France.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly The development of the battle situation is not very good, they have to make some special performances.Lieutenant Colonel Mills couldn t help laughing, he heard Mo Yue The irony in the words of Lieutenant Colonel Paul At this time, applause rang out, and the British President Fenton and Prime Minister Wilkins walked in HCMUSSH the best cbd gummy candy side by side.And the one who followed them every step of the fresh leaf cbd gummies reviews way was Nash, the British national police chief.It was a man in his fifties, with a thin and gloomy face, his eyes were constantly watching his surroundings, and his body was always in a fighting posture.This cbd gummies burn throat is what Wang Weiyi can be sure of.Once any danger occurs, Nash can use his body to block the bullets fired at Fenton anytime and anywhere.This is a very dedicated guy Gentlemen and ladies, I am very glad that you can gather here today.Just now, the watcher seemed to have epilepsy Sick, God.I killed him, I killed him So I can use the phone Don t be nervous, Alinda Nash hurriedly comforted his wife See if there is anything that can make you escape.The place to go out No, I ve checked everything, the door is locked, I can t open it, I can t open it Calm down.Ilinda, I have to know where to save you.Nash controlled his heartbeat If you groupon cbd gummies review can see outside, tell me.Are there any special landmarks outside Wait for me, don t hang up.After a while, Alinda The voice came back again I can see that there are trees all around, and there is nothing else, ah.We seem to be in smile cbd gummies 300mg a two story building.Nash suddenly thought of a problem.How could Alinda, who was never willing to hurt any small animal, have the guts to kill someone But when his doubts just arose, the voice of his daughter Bella also came from the phone Dad, save us, save us Nash, Bella has a fever, she is very sad, very sad Nash, I only ask you this once.The police and the National Guard were very surprised by the resistance here.Those blacks not only had pistols, submachine guns, and rocket launchers, but also had a large number of grenades, which made the police and National Guard rushing into the Carsley College faster.Slow down, they don t want to lose their lives here in vain.A helicopter belonging to the Oakland Police Department appeared in the sky.The appearance of the helicopter suddenly made the situation of the black people in Casli College difficult Casualties began to appear around Huey, and several blacks fell in a pool of blood under the combined blow from the sky and the ground.Then, with the support of air power.The police and the National Guard suddenly stepped up their offensive.As a result, the casualties of the Black Panther Party began to increase sharply.In his eyes, there are only interests to speak of I feel lucky that all the arrangements of Mr.Sinrag in the UK I was involved in it, and it was supposed to be a matter for the FBI and the CIA, but for some reason, it was not assigned to them, but was directly handed over to the military.It s hard to understand.Wang Weiyi frowned.Instead of handing it over to the FBI and the CIA, it was handed over to the military for direct disposal Why did this happen Wang Weiyi was a little confused at this time.There must be something of himself in this I don t know the inside story.Maybe this will have a certain impact on the future situation in the UK The special envoy of the President of the United States In Wang Weiyi s office, Colonel Jade seemed a little surprised We have never received any information on this aspect, and I believe that Lieutenant Colonel Mills has not received any information on this aspect either.Dissatisfiedand more importantly, to give them hope.Ah, right.Let s take a look at the list of hostages the Germans are willing to exchange with us.The second list was sent to Finland In the hands of President Tonton and Prime Minister WilkinsThe eyes of Mr.President and Mr.Prime Minister lit up at the same time when they saw this listPrime Minister Wilkins restrained his excitement Sentiment Colonel, are they really willing to the best cbd gummy candy release these people on the list They saw their families on the list.Yes, their wives the best cbd gummy candy cbd gummies for teenage anxiety and their children.At this time, they were like two people who were groping in the dark and who were already in despair suddenly saw the light.Yes, I can guarantee that.Wang Weiyi nodded Once they get what they want, the families of Mr.President and Mr.Prime Minister will be released as soon as possible.Don Tanner didn t know what was going on, and after a while, his adjutant hurried cbd gummies 250mg in General, outside the barracks, a truck full of explosives tried to break through our the best cbd gummy candy checkpoint, but was shot by the guards., the truck exploded, and none of our guards survived.Don Tanner s face quickly turned gloomy, and the report that came immediately made him even more upset.A large number of armed men have appeared in Southampton.They have sophisticated weapons and have begun to attack some important departments of Southampton Police Station and TV station.Guerrillas, those damned guerrillas again It was only at this time that Don Tanner remembered that Bacchus was still waiting for his answer, and he put the microphone the best cbd gummy candy to his biolyfe cbd gummies male enhancement mouth again General Bacchus, I have also been attacked here, and the situation is not optimistic.Not for anything else, cbd gummies hemp extract can i bring cbd gummies through tsa just because the words of Baron Alexon are still ringing in the ears of each of them We have not won a real victory.Southampton is just an insignificant part of countless cruel and hard battles.The real victory is to plant our flag in London, let our soldiers walk into London with their heads held high, and then, with the most enthusiastic cheers, welcome our Queen to re enter the city that belongs to her Marshal Ernst, I think I should return the command of the troops to you now.When he saw Baron Alexon, Jonall said loudly.Wang Weiyi shook his head slowly No, General Jannar, you will continue to command the Central Assault Group.Each level of commander has his responsibilities and powers.I will not interfere with any commander at will.I command you, General Jonnel, Colonel Romeo, that the main force rest in Southampton for a day, leaving part of the troops to defend, and the rest marching to London Trucks, trains, all the forces at your disposal must be fully utilized Use it Yes, Your Excellency Marshal.However, the phone did not ring, and Baron Alexon once again resorted to a method that baffled him.Perhaps, the baron has guessed what he was thinking.Or, we can make a phone call to them.Sherlock said after a moment of silence We can carefully discuss with their supreme commander how to surrender.I think they are not willing to surrender after victory has been controlled.I will not let my soldiers suffer more casualties when I am in my hands.General Gendra did not natures only cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies hemp extract speak, and there was still a last sliver of fantasy in his the best cbd gummy candy heart.Yes, the phone will definitely ring next minute.The other party knows what to do, and they must not allow their own destiny to be completely controlled by the local government at this last moment.But time passed by every minute and every second, and the phone seemed to be completely broken, and there was no sound at all.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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