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of.A total of 200 vehicles were purchased and distributed to various police stations.To this end, a grand community police electric vehicle distribution ceremony was held.At the ceremony, the leaders of the sub bureau asked the police stations to transform the newly distributed community police electric vehicles into real combat power, and truly turn each true full spectrum cbd thc gummies police electric vehicle into a convenience vehicle, love the people vehicle, and safety vehicle , and contribute to the construction of Safe Yanyang and Beautiful Yanyang have made new and greater contributions When electric vehicles are not distributed, the work is not done, and the community police will go to the community when electric vehicles are distributed There are so few people in the institute.If each police station sends a policeman, there will be no one in the institute.This matter couldn t just end like this.Now all the owners of the community know that there is a big python in the community.Not everyone likes snakes, and everyone is not afraid, especially families with children.What s more, if a big snake can run the first time, it can run the second time, and the third time, what should I do if it runs out again Could it be that it came to catch snakes for her every two days It just happened to come back.If she doesn t come back, I will go to find her.Chapter 8 Big Snake 2 As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, there was a rush of roaring in the room, Hold it, hold it, hold it Tighten up Xiaoqian, take the bag and put on the headgear first Okay, okay, it can t move, its grandma is very strong and wants to pester me Hold on, hold on, take it easy, don t make it too big Energetic The public security fire brigade does not charge for firefighting, and I did not expect snake catching to be so professional.Don t worry, I have spoken to the manager, he is very caring, go to the coffee shop for consumption They are all successful people with good taste, not a dance hall with mixed fish and dragons, and nothing will happen.It s fine.In the middle of the night, Kang Wei would not make this call if he had nothing to do, and he didn t need to go around in circles with his junior, and said bluntly Question Chaoyang, do you have time on the weekend The wedding company said that there will be a wedding banquet on the weekend, and they want me to go, and Lingling is going to teach the children how to practice the piano at the piano store.Although the money is small, the Classic Cafe can last for a long time.Can you help me to save the scene again Senior brother is too difficult, Han Chaoyang wanted to help, but now is not like before, so he can only say helplessly Brother Wei, I really can t leave, I stay in the police room every day , I don t know how long I m going to stay, I don t know when I can take a rest.Hurry up, he s called several times Immediately, at most three minutes Han Chaoyang took the electric car and asked Xu Hongliang to return to the police station to continue his duty.He hurried to the Chaoyang River, where several old men wearing sun hats were scolding the men in the middle of the river.Electric fishing is against the law, so it s legal for you to fish Did you see it It says on the bridge that fishing is prohibited.Little bastard, you re still stubborn.If you have the guts, come up with me Come down if you have the guts.You little bastard, see if I can t kill cbd gummies weight loss reddit you A short and fat old man got angry and threw down his fishing rod to search for bricks and tiles.Han Chaoyang stopped the car in a hurry, ran down, grabbed it, and shouted sideways Who allowed you to electric fish here, do you know that electric fishing is illegal I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, and I am also from this river section. Yes, there s still time to catch up Xiao Han, hurry up, you have an electric car, and the electric car runs fast.Three old men, you talk to each other, Han Chaoyang Exhausted from being messed up, he looked behind him and coaxed a child and said, Uncle Tai, Uncle Xu, you three calm down, you three listen to my explanation.I can catch up now, but after I catch up, I will catch up again.What can I do with him Punish him, confiscate his electric fish device Punish him, you always put it lightly, there is no legal basis, how do you always ask me to punish him Can t fine true full spectrum cbd thc gummies best time to take cbd gummies He What was violated was the laws and regulations of the fishery, and this matter should be handled by the fishery law how long does cbd gummies stay in your body enforcement officers of the Agriculture Bureau.Our police have no right to fine him, or even confiscate his electric fish equipment.Director Gu of the office.Su Xian lost no time in introducing the identity of the leader.Han Chaoyang was very grateful, and raised his arms again to salute Hello Secretary Yang, Hello Director Gu, I report to the two leaders.I am a police civil how to tell if cbd gummies have thc servant who took the exam last year.I was assigned to the Huayuan Street Police Station after the induction true full spectrum cbd thc gummies training and worked in the station.It s been four months, and the title will be formally conferred in five months. It s good to just start working, a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, you need this drive Thank you Secretary Yang for your praise, I still have a lot of shortcomings when I just started working, please Secretary Yang criticizes.Criticism is out of the question, we are not your direct leaders, even if there are deficiencies in the work, it is not up to Director Gu and I to criticize.Director Su decided to go all out and talk to Mr.Huang and Manager Xu about security., Mr.Huang has no objection in principle, let s talk about the details, I may have to go to the talent market tomorrow.Damn, the efficiency is quite high The security team of Dongming Community was just recruited in the morning, and now they are preparing to take over the security business of Factory 527.Who would think that there are too many people, and who would think that there is too much money Han Chaoyang was happy, and immediately got up and said, Okay, you are busy, leave this to me, and the interview will start as soon as Xiao Zhong arrives.It s people who come and stay, and HCMUSSH true full spectrum cbd thc gummies the salary and treatment refer to the property of Dongming Community, Xiao Zhong and Xiao Guo know about these things. Understood, don t worry, come and stay, one will not let go.I met her once at the punishment site.Didn t she inherit her uncle s house Well, she was also fined as the landlord. How much was the fine I don t know, but Zhang Zhishu, Wang Village Chief, and Aunt Chen, whose family members work in the district, were not fined.Everyone else was punished, double punishment, I remember how much the first two villagers were fined.Zou Jingnan stared at him for more than ten seconds, then asked, It s okay if I don t know, Let me first talk about how you dealt with sisters Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang for beating Zhang Beibei according to the procedures, and how you punished them for their illegal behavior of insulting and beating Zhang Beibei.I m still in the probationary period, and I don t even have the power to enforce the law.How can I punish true full spectrum cbd thc gummies purekana cbd gummies on shark tank them Is it true It was those two shrews who were doing the trouble.If Han Chaoyang can mature a bit, and don t lend money to that woman, can there be so many things After all, he was not careful what to do Su Xian really couldn t think of any way to keep Han Chaoyang behind.Just as she didn t know how to speak, Liu Jianye s cell phone rang, and he smiled apologetically, took out his cell phone and answered the call, saying hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to answer the call, His face gradually changed, and he became more and more afraid of people.Director Su, I m sorry, something happened in the institute, I ll go back first.What happened After working for so many years, Liu Jianye finally understood what eventful autumn is until now.He took a deep breath, turned around and said, I m not very clear about the specific situation, sorry, let s take a step first, and we ll talk about what happened just now later.

Although this team has all kinds of cars, the lineup is as strong as its momentum, majestic and dignified.Uncle Gu, I m Xiao Han, we ll be there soon, you should have a spare room card Yes, I ve prepared it a long time ago, as long as there is no chain hanging in it, you can open it with a swipe.If Zhao Jie and others It is indeed engaged in illegal and criminal activities inside, and the chain lock is likely to be hung.If they are gathering people to take drugs and want to buy time to destroy the evidence, if they don t open the door, they can only knock the door open, and then they will have to compensate the door for others.But now he doesn t care about that much anymore, Han Chaoyang looked at Guan Xiyuan with his mobile phone, and said nonchalantly, Thank you, Uncle Gu, just put the room card on the bar counter.It is said that a deputy team leader of the inspection team once kangaroo cbd gummies reviews received a representative of the owner who reported in the past residence.Even the district, city, province, and even the central inspection team can t solve the problem, how can the street resolve such a big contradiction.The most troublesome thing is that if the problem is not resolved one day, such things will continue to happen today.What is even more troublesome is that it is not only the owners in the venue who need the government to help solve the problem, but also cbd gummies for anxiety where to buy true full spectrum cbd thc gummies many material suppliers and construction parties.Compared with the owners inside, once the construction party makes trouble, it will be more troublesome.People either don t make trouble, or if they want to make trouble, they will bring dozens or even hundreds of migrant workers to hold banners and shout slogans to ask for the hard earned money that has been owed for many years.He didn t care about him, the little policeman who kept order, and ran into the alley as soon as he got out of the car.Immediately afterwards, a deputy head of the Criminal Police Detachment of the Municipal Bureau arrived, bringing forensic doctors and technical police.Just wondering if there would be another leader coming, Guan Xiyuan actually came out, hid in the middle of the two police cars, lit a cigarette, yawned lemon cbd gummy and asked, Chaoyang, are you sleepy I m fine, how about you Are you sleepy I haven t had a good night s sleep in the past few days, tell me if you are sleepy or not.If there is a chance, I really want to stay in the police station like you.Guan Xiyuan really couldn t bear it anymore., Leaning on the police car with closed eyes, wanting to stand up and take a nap.He went to work all day yesterday and checked the migrant population in Fenghuang Village at night.Just think about how many people there are in the University of Science and Technology.There are not many medical staff in the No.6 Hospital of the city, but there are many patients, true full spectrum cbd thc gummies and there is an endless stream like a revolving door.I admit that the security situation on the opposite side is complicated, but it is under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, which belongs to Xinyuan Street.Our security guards What does the company send people there for The person in front of him is not only the deputy captain of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, but also the deputy manager of the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.As the deputy manager, he has to plan carefully.How could Han Chaoyang fail to understand what he meant, and couldn t help laughing You don t have to send, you can let Haiyang come back , only Sheriff Gu and his old man can t have any accidents.Gu Guoli looked back , and reminded It is okay to collect evidence, but it cannot break the law.What happened today cannot happen again, let alone other behaviors such as disturbing the people, picking quarrels and provoking troubles.Considering that you are a first time offender, you are indeed a victim.I won t punish you.If there is another time, we cbd gummies 60mg can only do business. Comrade police, should I be punished for debt collection For you, it may only be debt collection, but legally this is a public place Picking quarrels and provoking trouble violated the Public Security Punishment Law, do you want to accept punishment Just as he was talking, the security guards on duty in Dongming Community arrived.Wu Junfeng leads the team, more than a dozen come at once Zheng Jindong realized that there would be no good fruit to eat if the trouble continued, so Gu Guoli could only remind him to go to Han Chaoyang for questioning.Not only did she not want to repent, but it became worse because no one cared about her.Play big when you have money, and play small with old men and old ladies when you have no money.I don t know how many jobs have been changed over the years.Nine times out of ten bets, he could even imagine that the compensation would not last for a few days in his hands.Han Chaoyang secretly cursed a bastard, looked back at the messy living room, and asked in a low voice, Have you eaten Have you eaten.Where did you eat it Eat on the street.My dad gave it to me Xiaopangdun hadn t had a good few days since he could remember, and with the land acquisition and house demolition, his life suddenly changed drastically, and he took out some money from under his pillow with a proud face.A single parent family, and a family of gamblers, can true full spectrum cbd thc gummies purekana cbd gummies on shark tank imagine what kind of kid this kid can be cbd neon gummies cbd miracle gummies raised.It s the first row, and it s a great view from the balcony.Ma Fengying looked here and there, and thought it was beautiful true full spectrum cbd thc gummies anyway.Han Chaoyang not only thinks it is beautiful, but also knows that Dr.Da has spent a lot of money on decoration, because the kitchen utensils and sanitary ware, including home appliances, are all famous brands, and even the walls are made of diatom mud that has become popular in the past two years.The best friend was embarrassed to speak, Huang Ying didn t have so many scruples, and said bluntly Auntie, Jiahui bought this house before the price increase.It was 12,810 square meters, including deed tax and house maintenance fund It cost more than 1.8 million yuan including the underground parking space, and 300,000 yuan for decoration, furniture and appliances.Now that the housing price has risen, some people say that this area has risen to more than 20,000 true full spectrum cbd thc gummies yuan.He even adopted countermeasures, using some special gadgets to forge credit card bills, forge any bank, any amount, and any consumption records He is most interested in some new online loan platforms.In his words, the newly established platforms have relatively lax risk control.With one identity, after borrowing 10 to 20 platforms, the down payment rate will become lower and lower.Because many platforms will enter the central bank system to inquire about credit information when borrowing money, and this inquiry action is also recorded in the credit information system.This means that the more borrowing times, the worse the record.In their jargon, the credit investigation is bad.Therefore, a set of forged identities usually borrows about 200,000 yuan, and he turns off the phone and throws away the phone card.

On the way to the Physical Evidence Identification Center.Okay, pay attention to safety on the road, He Zhi has coordinated, and the technical brigade will help us prioritize the inspection and comparison.As soon as Xi Hongbo finished speaking, Deputy Director Feng walked in and asked Hongbo, the acquisition How many have you arrived I just collected Gao Junfei s daughter, and Xiaomao s group should cbd neon gummies cbd miracle gummies have arrived at Chen Yafei s parents home.Since there is a possibility of drug involvement, it can t just be used as a homicide investigation, Bureau Feng is calling Vice captain He handed over a cigarette, sat down and said, I hope that kid is not at home, and I hope that kid hasn t gone far.There s news from the intelligence side.Vice captain He put down his phone, flipped through the text message he had just received, and said, They found the flight records of Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing.Huang Ying really didn t think about this before, a picture of Han Chaoyang flirting with a beautiful girl suddenly appeared in her mind, her heart was really sour, she hesitated to say Sister Su, I m only twenty four I know you don t want to get married so early, and I didn t ask you to get married and have children now.If you feel like it, talk about it with you.If you think it s suitable, you should first confirm the relationship and talk about marriage later.If you find it inappropriate, it s better to get together It s easy to break up, look for it again. It s unfair to get together and leave easily, isn t this playing with their feelings I don t see it, you are more conservative than me.This is a romantic partner, and it s very difficult to break up if your personality doesn t match.Wow Han Zhaoyang was ecstatic, and nodded repeatedly Thank you, thank you so much, I will cherish the opportunity and perform well.From now on, I will hold high the banner of Huang Ying, study and implement Huang Ying seriously.Thoughts, you point east and I will never go west, let a dog beat me and I will never catch a chicken, think what you think, worry about what you want, not only to be the most handsome policeman, but also to be the best boyfriend Ying banner, what to study and implement Huang Ying s thought.What a mess, start talking nonsense again But Huang Ying liked to listen to his nonsense, so she grabbed his arm, stared into his eyes and asked, You said, you can do whatever I ask you to do Yes.Be honest, have you ever been in a relationship , How many times have you talked about it Since the conversation must be sincere, this question cannot be made indiscriminately.Old Liang, Lao Liang, report the situation.The car is in, the car is in, Liang Dongsheng stared at the garden house not far away through the gaps between the branches and leaves, holding a small microphone connected to the earphone, and using the other party A barely audible voice reported The iron gate was closed again, the lights on the second floor just turned on, and then went off soon, there was no light on the third floor, the curtains were never opened, the music came from the third floor, Everyone should be on the third floor.This is a real high end residential area, full of single family villas, and each villa is more than ten meters apart.It was developed more than ten years ago, and it sold several million units at that time.Now the superiors will not approve such villa projects at all, so these garden houses are now worth tens of millions due to their scarcity., plan for the worst. It s just a dog, it s impossible to shoot it on the spot Would you be quicker to draw your gun and aim, or is it quicker for the dog to jump up and bite you Liang Dongsheng asked back, frowning tightly, and said, We can neither Shoot easily, let alone waste time.You are a professional anti narcotics, you should know better than us, or you don t do it, you must do it quickly, you can t be muddy, and you can t be pestered by a dog.In true full spectrum cbd thc gummies the past few days, 7.The 17 task force has made major progress one after another.The murder case has been solved, and now it is mainly a drug case.The owner of the villa outside the woods is a big boss who runs a company.He has bought methamphetamine from Chen Yabing s next family more than once, and there are signs that people are gathering in his mansion to take drugs at this moment.How could he put more than one million yuan in cash in the rough house he just bought They made an appointment with the family to deal that night.The other party asked for cash, and Gao Junfei withdrew the money from several banks one after another.Chen Yabing and Gao Junfei didn t live together, so he went to meet Gao Junfei in the community.After the two met, Gao Junfei received a call and wanted to go out For this matter, I handed over the money to Chen Yabing, and drove away alone.Because it was a rough house, and there was no toilet, Chen Yabing couldn t help but want to go to the bathroom, so he put the money in the bathroom of the new house bought by his brother in law , When he went downstairs, he was worried that his brother in law would not find the key when he cbd gummies rachel ray came back, so he hid the key under the fire extinguisher in the fire box as usual.As for the owners cars, most of them are parked in front of their garages.The suspect rented the third garage on the left, surrounded by people, including public security police, criminal police, special police, and even emergency police.Han Chaoyang knows a few, but now is not the time to say hello.I saw a plainclothes criminal policeman rushing up to meet him, and whispered in Bureau Du s ear, There is no back door, there is only a security window at the back, and they can t escape from the back.Yes It s not up to the security police from the Xinyuan Street Police Station if there are criminal police arresting this kind of thing, let alone the intervention of the police.The plainclothes criminal police turned back to the anti theft door, gestured to several criminal police officers, and immediately drew their guns.Leukemia Deputy Station Master Chang subconsciously asked.Well, the initial diagnosis is acute non lymphocytic leukemia, but the diagnosis, especially the specific type, depends on the results of the bone marrow aspiration.Leukemia, one sounds scary Thinking that the baby is so small and cute, he will be tortured by a serious illness, and even his life may be in danger, Han Chaoyang s heart suddenly became heavy.Director Su is a woman and a mother, and she felt even more uncomfortable.She raised her head and asked, Director Pang, when can the bone marrow puncture be done, and when will the test results come out It can be done tomorrow, but the baby s parents need to sign.Is there any true full spectrum cbd thc gummies risk in doing this test The risk is not very high, but bone marrow puncture is an invasive diagnosis and treatment item, and a consent form is required.

Her working idea is no different from that of Han Chaoyang, which is to mobilize the masses, but she has both time and contacts, and organizes volunteers to mobilize relatives, friends and neighbors to repost.The effect of WeChat fundraising is far from what Zheng Xinyi was in charge of As of 2 00 noon today, a total of more than 167,000 yuan has been raised through third party platforms, and more than 80,000 yuan has been donated directly to the foundation s WeChat account actually Zheng Xinyi s WeChat account.The information is still being forwarded, and well wishers in the city, province and even across the country are still donating through WeChat.Wan Xin and Xiang Yuqing, who was accompanying Xiao Binbin in the aseptic cabin, finally saw hope.Under the guidance of Aunt Ye, they recorded many true full spectrum cbd thc gummies small videos and took many photos, all of which were sent to the voluntary patrol team of Chaoyang Community.A cultural event like this is either the first or the second.I am sure whether I can enter the top three in the song festival this time.Huayuan Street is just the opposite, it is soy sauce every year.How could Secretary Yang miss this opportunity to exalt himself He immediately left Secretary Dong and grabbed Director Hua of the Education Bureau to show off.He is a member of the Standing Committee of the district committee, whoever dares not to give him face at the top of the unit at the same level can only accompany him to listen to the performance at the door.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and took over the command, commanding the three bands to play in turn.Kang Wei took this opportunity to find a music director, familiarize himself with the sound equipment of the party, and prepare for the tuning after Huayuan Street took the stage.Many policemen, including Han Chaoyang, would rather go to the Railway Public Security Bureau for exchanges than the Longdao County Public Security Bureau.Director Du obviously knew that no one wanted to go to difficult places, so he opened his small book and took a look, and called his name directly The party committee of the Exchange Branch Bureau has confirmed the candidates, and there are two places in the Huayuan Street Police Station.Please take care of Comrade Xiyuan and Comrade Han Chaoyang.Prepare accordingly.Chapter 216 Professor Nie will send off Guan Yuanyuan in the evening as usual, and greet Deputy Director Kang.As a result, when Political Commissar Huang left, he said that the sub bureau had achieved good results in the Bayi Song Festival in the district, and that it would make persistent true full spectrum cbd thc gummies efforts to achieve good results in the Bayi Song Festival in the city as well.Mama Huang true full spectrum cbd thc gummies and Teacher Ma worked hard all afternoon, dividing the crayfish that had been cooked several times into three portions, one for home eating, one tranquil earth cbd gummies for Huang Ying s aunt, and one for Han Chaoyang to lead the police The office let Grandpa Gu and Director Su natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed true full spectrum cbd thc gummies try it.As a result, just as Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying delivered the crayfish to his aunt s house, HCMUSSH true full spectrum cbd thc gummies Grandpa Gu s call came.Anyway, he was going back to work, so he happened to take the crayfish in a stainless steel pot back to the police station.I thought that the master and the senior brother would be overwhelmed by the police situation in the jurisdiction, but I didn t expect a police car from the sub bureau to be parked at the door, and I didn t expect the senior cbd gummies online with thc brother to say that Bureau Du was here with a half smile as soon as he came in, and he was following up with the community police office behind.Don t worry, the crayfish will be peeled together when you come back, and I promise not to steal them.Chapter 222 Business and Private Affairs Director Su not only bought wine, but also asked Xiaokang to go to the night market to buy a few cold dish.Director Du is in a good mood and wants to have fun with the grassroots police, so he asks Yu Zhenchuan to true full spectrum cbd thc gummies come too.Considering that true full spectrum cbd thc gummies purekana cbd gummies on shark tank the three police officers on the integrated police receiving platform cannot all drink, Yu Zhenchuan tacitly drank drinks like Director Su.It tastes really good, Xiao Han, is this .

where to buy sera relief cbd gummies?

made by your mother or your mother in law Huang Ying s mother made it, and my mother can cook a few home cooked dishes.Mom Su Xian picked up another crayfish and teased Chaoyang, although you and Yingying are not engaged, there is no difference between you and Yingying, otherwise your mother can stay at Huang Ying s house vida cbd gummies 30 mg tonight Director Su, don t be joking.That s right, the name is not correct, this mother in law can t yell nonsense. Mother in law can t yell sour gummy bears cbd cbd neon gummies nonsense, mother can yell, is it the mother in law who listens to the kiss or the mother who listens to the kiss.Director Du, Police Chief Gu, tell me, What kind of logic is he doing Yeah, mother in law should be mother in law, so why not be ashamed of it.Speaking of mother in law, Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered the matter of short term renting a house.It felt inappropriate to mention it to the leader like this, so he simply talked about work first Ju Du, Master, I have something to report to you two.PolyU usually doesn t ask us at all, so I finally begged us once.I think We should seize this opportunity.What kind of opportunity, please be more specific.Director Du was really interested, and Han Chaoyang subconsciously looked at his senior brother, and said proudly, The reason why the work in Chaoyang Community and Yangguan Village is easier , mainly because of the support of Director Su and the participation of community security service companies.They have bought a house and have no time to go back to live in it.They have to pay several million mortgages.It would be a huge waste if they are idle.Bureau Du understood Han Chaoyang s difficulties very well, and pondered Xiao Han, it s a good thing that you can think that this may be involved in illegal business operations.In fact, this is not a general illegal business operation, but a special illegal business operation.Legislation lags behind.Many industries now They are growing savagely.We are government officials, and we cannot break the law and follow the trend.So you can t rent short term It s not impossible at all.Don t worry, I ll call and ask for you.Only when you live in peace can you be happy Ye, the young man s difficulties must be solved with help Director Du dialed a phone number of a legal policeman in front of everyone, asked about the details for a while, put down the phone and said with a smile Xiao Han, first of all, just like you worried about, it is not okay to hang up the short term rental on the Internet, the local police station It will be very troublesome to find your place, and it will not be good if you know that you are a policeman.At most, there are Public Security Office, School Health Office, Technical Defense Office and 110 Emergency Duty Room.The section chief is responsible for the general work, the approval of group activities in the school and the safety guarantee of large scale activities.A special person is responsible for the purchase of precursor chemicals for filing and management of precursor chemicals a special person is responsible for school safety precautions and safety inspections, safety publicity and legal education, and assists the public security organs in investigating and handling various cases, mediating disputes, and managing outsiders inside and outside the school Zhang Jinhai, the cbd neon gummies cbd miracle gummies director of the school security office that Han Chaoyang cares about most, is also the captain of the school security, who is responsible for the management, inspection, supervision, and assessment of the gate guards and security guards on duty the inspection of foreign vehicles and personnel, patrol cars and school patrols natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed true full spectrum cbd thc gummies The Security Department has 27 permanent staff, including more than 170 security guards.

Director Du was very satisfied with the young man s efficiency, and said with a smile, Understood, I ll report to Bureau Zhou.Wait for my call.Yes.There is a reply.The sub bureau has confirmed it, and they have to call Vice Minister Jiang.It s really not a troublesome thing to be a megaphone.After finally communicating, Guan Xiyuan called again and asked if he wanted to bring single police equipment to the Longdao County Public Security Bureau for exchange and study.You ask me, how do I know I asked the trainer just now, and the trainer also asked me to ask the leader.But there are so many leaders in the sub bureau, I don t know who is in charge of this matter, and who is leading the team.There is still true full spectrum cbd thc gummies time before departure.For more than 20 days, there must be a notice to bring single police equipment or not.The question of age seems to have been thought of together.He Suo took a sip of water and continued I have never been to your Yandong branch.The old Wei from the Caodian police station went to your branch to communicate with the bureau leader last year.He said that you The director of the police station there is very young, and said that your police station has more policemen and auxiliary policemen.I am very envious, saying that cornbread cbd gummies review your work is easier than ours. I don t know how many auxiliary policemen there are in other police stations.Our Huayuan Street Police Station has a lot of people., there are more than 20 civilian policemen, 33 auxiliary policemen, and more than 20 low income security officers, called Xieqin in our place.Although we have a large true full spectrum cbd thc gummies number of people and our jurisdiction area is not large, we natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed true full spectrum cbd thc gummies have a large population , and there is a lot of mobility, so there are many things, and our office receives an average of seventy or eighty police cases every day.Why did you come back I never thought why he told you about helping him take care of his family when he came back, why did he give you good cigarettes and wine I m his uncle, his father is gone, he doesn t respect me.Who There is no one in his family, and if I don t help him take care of his family, who will take care of him Confused I am confused, and I will be confused when I get old.Arrest me and go to jail.If I die in prison, I will die in prison.Feng Guoyu is timid and afraid of getting into trouble, but he is a single minded person.The reason why he was not involved in the drug case two years ago was not that he was unreliable, but that he was old.Shi Ju was the special case team leader at the time, and he was very clear about the case and the situation of Feng s family, so he knocked on the table several times Feng Guobao, there are some things you don t know, but I know, and I know it clearly.Behind the communication vehicle is a command vehicle that was equipped by the Municipal Bureau just two months ago.To be precise, it is a mobile UAV combat command platform.The Hawkeye police drone that was originally intended to be used for aerial inspections of prohibited species true full spectrum cbd thc gummies purekana cbd gummies on shark tank has been thrown away by the police.The wingspan is two meters, the maximum transmission distance is 30 true full spectrum cbd thc gummies kilometers, the GPS navigation is used, the blanking time is as long as 90 minutes, the maximum take off weight is 5400 grams, the maximum speed is 190 kilometers, and the true full spectrum cbd thc gummies minimum speed is 32 kilometers.The video of the aerial reconnaissance is transmitted to the emergency command vehicle in real time , Several leaders can see the situation in the drone detection area while sitting in the car.Report to Mr.Xu, the buy fun drops cbd gummies second hunting team has stopped.It s none of my business that the person across the street died.No one has ever bought yellow sand and gravel, no car has ever pulled sand and gravel, and no boat has delivered sand and gravel to the gravel factory.Why does the loader parked at the door of your dormitory start in the middle of the night, and there are so many people just you Qi Wenli I have the key for the loader II drive the loader, but I am not the only one who can drive it, almost everyone who works here knows how to do it, and someone may take the key and secretly drive it.Still quibbling If you want people not to know unless you have nothing to do, you don t want to tell the truth, okay, follow me to the police station true full spectrum cbd thc gummies Officer Wu, it s really none of my business Whose business is it The police may have found After passing Pei Qimin, Pei Qimin might have already said everything.But depression belongs to depression, business has to be done.After calling Deputy Chief Luo, he immediately called two police officers from the headquarters, and rushed to the gravel field less than three kilometers away from the headquarters.When the police car drove into the yard, they were still calling the technical squadron and ordered the technical police Bring on site survey equipment and hurry over.Seeing him pushing open the car door and striding this way, Han Chaoyang rushed to meet him and stood at attention to salute.The report is big, the suspect is being held in the office, and the two confessed to the crime of moving the corpse.The corpse is so simple, I didn t rush in to interrogate the suspect, stopped and asked with a sullen face The motive for moving the corpse , and even went to arrest them on their own initiative.I am really not familiar with the steel market.I can ask someone to find out if this boss Yao has a branch there, and if so , and then inquire about whether he usually goes or not, or where can cbd gummies make you hallucinate he is usually.Well, first inquire from the side to confirm where he is before going to him, and we can t contact him in advance.Li Kaiyi nodded in satisfaction, and continued We also received a reliable news that the boss of a company in the development zone often goes to the blue sea and blue sky bathing place.Not only does he go there by himself, but he often invites business partners to take a bath.About a month and a half ago, he was so drunk that he was sent to take a bath.Go, when I arrived at the bathing place, I dragged the waiter to drink and talk nonsense, among which I mentioned that I won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing Tra Lak in the high tech zone.He was natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed true full spectrum cbd thc gummies planning to find something to do for Han Chaoyang, who was eating inside and out , as the deputy leader of the special case team.Feng Ju suddenly said Old Teng, Our Zhou Bureau just called.Considering that the two cases we are investigating are related, Zhou Bureau asked the security brigade to assist true full spectrum cbd thc gummies you with all our efforts.Xiao Han true full spectrum cbd thc gummies will not be involved in the next investigation.The security brigade arranged for two people who are familiar with the case.The policeman replaced him.Boss Feng, there is no need to be so troublesome to replace, Xiao Han is very good, and the young man is very capable.The young man is very good, but continuing to follow you will definitely lead to bad results How could Director Feng not know that he was on fire, and said calmly, No trouble, the police from the Public Security Brigade have already set off and are on their way here to meet you.

Isn t it just a special industry license Security companies have opened up, and a hotel can t be opened Yes She said that this is not a problem, she is busy researching college students entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation policies, maybe she can really win financial support and tax incentives Chapter 370 Back to work and life, everything will return Looking back at the original appearance, Han Chaoyang even felt very at ease seeing the many students passing by and the patients rushing to the Sixth Hospital for treatment.In full police uniform, he crossed Zhongshan Road along the zebra crossing, and greeted the merchants who came to open their doors early in the morning.He was busy chatting with the proprietress of the typing and copying shop, and didn t notice that there was a police car at the door.Yu Zhenchuan and Miao Haizhu knocked on the door of the meeting room with a stack of transcripts, and reported in front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Junfeng and others Bao Suo, Zou Yanqing and Li Ziqiang have confessed.Not only did they steal the 16 electric cars stolen from Xinmin Community Yes, crimes have been committed in Xinyuan Road Times Internet Caf , No.22 Middle School, Xinmin Vegetable Market and other places.Because they stole too many cars, I can t even remember how many cars were stolen in total.I know that once such a case is solved, it will be a hit.Chuaner, Bao Suo subconsciously asked About how many cars From what the two of them explained, they stole the first electric car in the community since August last year without being found.You know the temper of the master.There is no way for you Liu Suo to let you make up your mind.The electric car is parked at the door, wait a while Don t forget to ride back.Okay, I won t forget, I ll be back soon.After seeing off his girlfriend and junior sister, Han Chaoyang took the water from Zhang Beibei and sat down to chat with Zhang Zhishu.It turned out that he bought a second hand house in the city, and he could live in it without decoration.I asked for two sets of relocation houses, and I would move back after they were built.Director Xie didn t buy a house, and lived with relatives.It would take two or three years to live here It s a good thing to have money, but it s not entirely a good thing.Zhang Zhishu lit a cigarette and sighed During the relocation, you and Chief Gu did a lot of publicity in the village to let everyone cherish this hard won life.Some people listened to it, and some didn t.Han Chaoyang had to explain patiently I don t think it s such an exaggeration.Whether he can get parole depends mainly on his performance during his sentence.I made it very clear to him that I will keep an eye on him in the future.He also regrets the past For the things he has done, he said that he will come to the judicial office to apologize to you two when he finishes his report.Can he apologize to us Branch Secretary Zhang was skeptical.I ll find out in two days.Han Chaoyang smiled, and continued Secretary Zhang, we should not only guard against criminals like him, but also care about them.There are only a few people in the judicial office, and they are being beaten by the street cbd neon gummies cbd miracle gummies true full spectrum cbd thc gummies all day long.The leaders were transferred cbd gummies for anxiety where to buy true full spectrum cbd thc gummies to do other things.It is true full spectrum cbd thc gummies hopeless to expect them to provide assistance.Du Bureau has specifically inquired about it.The public opinion survey and evaluation of the Municipal Bureau is mainly based on random surveys, mainly by telephone Return visits and SMS return visits, the people in Chaoyang Community and Yangguan Village not only received return visits and gave positive feedback, but also spoke highly of us, it can be said that you have added points to the evaluation. I don t even know about this.We didn t know before the notification.Xu Weizhong took over the conversation and couldn t help laughing The Xinyuan Street Police Station received 4,627 police cases last quarter and arrested 129 suspects of various crimes.As a result, because of a Xinmin community, the opinion polls in the city are all behind, and they are true full spectrum cbd thc gummies named and criticized, let alone what is advanced.up.Wu Wei glanced at the ID card again, and reminded Now we can talk about it, what s going on.She didn t answer, so she ordered one on her own, and said solemnly Xinxin is named after her mother, and her mother s name is Zhang Ziyue.Ziyue and I met in Fujiang two years ago, when I just graduated from graduate school., I just found a sour gummy bears cbd cbd neon gummies job in a company in the Development Zone of Fujiang City.The salary is not bad, but no board and lodging is provided.I didn t have much money fusions cbd gummy bears 2000 mg at the time, and I couldn t afford to buy or rent a decent house. Then Woolen cloth Later, I found a house rental information on the Internet.The landlord wanted to rent out a bedroom, and the living room and kitchen were shared, but he only wanted to rent it to the same sex and not to the opposite sex.I wanted to rent HCMUSSH true full spectrum cbd thc gummies it closer to the company, so true full spectrum cbd thc gummies I kept calling the landlord.I thought that senior brother should take a break right now, even if he didn t take a break, he was still very busy, but he didn t expect that senior brother would reply within two minutes after sending the message.Instead of replying to WeChat, he called directly.Chaoyang, why did you suddenly think of sending me a WeChat message You haven t rested so late, are you so excited that you can t sleep.Shiju, you didn t rest, II If you don t send me a WeChat message, I will call tomorrow to congratulate true full spectrum cbd thc gummies you on being the first to be awarded the second division.This is much more difficult than making a personal second class merit.It s unprecedented, it s never been done before, you re the first Han Chaoyang was taken aback, cbd gummies for anxiety where to buy true full spectrum cbd thc gummies turned to look at his girlfriend, held his cell phone tightly and asked, Shi Ju, how did you know about the award Did the master call to tell you What It s a big deal for you, but cbd gummies for anxiety where to buy true full spectrum cbd thc gummies it s not a big deal for the master, how could he call me because of this.But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or two o clock in the morning, thinking that Ling Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of cbd neon gummies cbd miracle gummies his sweetheart, and saved the photos uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.Wan Xiaoxia hurriedly wiped away her tears, got up and ran to open the door.Crying again Sister Wei sighed softly and walked into the room.Wan Xiaoxia closed the door, looked at the small purse in her hand with eyes red from crying and asked, Will you lose or win tonight We play small, we just pass the time, Sister Wei sat down by the bed, picked up the mobile phone that had been plugged into the charger, and turned around and asked, Missing the child and Ling Bin So what can I do Wan Xiaoxia sat cross legged on the bed again, hugging the pillow and crying, There is no destiny, this is fate, this is retribution.

The young proprietress smiled sweetly Yes, I ll make it full for you.Grandpa Gu has wrinkles on his forehead and age spots on his cheeks.He is thin and dark.He looks ten years older than his actual age.I can t figure it out.He really thought that he was seventy and eighty, and with that dusty padded jacket, he didn t look like a policeman at all.Sister Wei glanced back, without even the slightest suspicion, and held up the phone with both hands as before.Xiaoyang, have you got off the expressway Okay, there are a lot of cars on the road, don t worry, drive slowly.I bought some Yingying s favorite food in the shop next to the south gate of the community.Let s do it.I ll wait here.Aunt Xu, see you, see you, I haven t seen you for more than ten years, if you don t have a phone, you won t recognize her when you walk.Building No.3 is several buildings away from Building No.16.Han Chaoyang is not worried that the people on the roof of Building No.16 will be able to hear him.He raised his phone and said, Captain Wang, have you arrived at the pass Just arrived I missed it.Wang Jianping looked back at Tan Sifang, who was asking a neighbor about the situation, and said with a bit of frustration Wan Xiaoxia has indeed been hiding here for more than 20 days.Several people have seen her.It s a pity that we came late.Some people saw that she and Wei Dongmei, also known as Sister Wei, took the car of a staff member of the scenic spot to Fengyong before dawn today.Tan Suo from the police station of the scenic spot helped us contact the staff member.The staff said that they got off the car as soon as they entered the city, and they don t know where they are going.Chaoyang, I m not afraid of trouble, I have a wife and children so nothing can happen.Understood, I don t know what kind of people my brother is, you go ahead, I ll go find Da Liu.He s at the east exit.Okay, I ll go say hello to him first. When he was first assigned to the institute, Wu Wei was the key training object in the institute, and he was assigned to the case handling team as soon as he went to work.Han Chaoyang was very unpopular at the time, and was directly assigned to be on duty at the East Long distance Bus Passenger Station.He said he consumer reports cbd gummies was on duty, but in fact he was an intern policeman to do the true full spectrum cbd thc gummies job of an auxiliary policeman.Either sit at the security checkpoint and compare your ID card, or sit inside and look at the luggage passing through the X ray machine.Because of this, he became friends with the station security guard.Deputy Minister Jiang suddenly became interested, and even took out natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed true full spectrum cbd thc gummies his mobile phone to make a call, explained some work, cbd gummies natures boost and decided to join in the fun, and even half jokingly said that he would give him a true full spectrum cbd thc gummies close up when shooting the video.The activities of the band are the activities of the school, and Director Wang is even more supportive.Hearing from Han Chaoyang that he had to bring a lot of things, he was worried that one bus would be too crowded, so he insisted on arranging two school buses.Two buses painted with PolyU s badge slowly drove to the gate of the police station.Xie Lingling, who was worrying about traffic problems, was so excited that she true full spectrum cbd thc gummies purekana cbd gummies on shark tank could hardly speak.The deputy true full spectrum cbd thc gummies minister said hello, and immediately called the PolyU students who were carrying big bags and various suitcases and the old comrades from Factory 527 to put their luggage in the car behind, and then boarded the car in front.I m asking how many people can be mobilized in two hours Two hundred people should be no problem.I m afraid The leader thought it was bragging, and Han Chaoyang added The political commissar, Chaoyang Community and even Huayuan Street have always supported our work.If such an emergency happened, Secretary Cao, who is also the instructor of the brigade, and Xu Hongliang, who best vegan cbd gummies for anxiety is also the deputy captain of the brigade, and others The plenary session changed clothes to participate in the operation, and I can ask the leaders of the Security Department to help us transfer people from other campuses, and if necessary, I can ask the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade to assist.Political Commissar Huang thought about how many policemen and secret agents the Special Patrol Brigade has.Bao Suo, trainer, we brought out two, and the rest are inside.Parole is to execute magicalbutter cbd gummies recipe the rest of the sentence outside the prison.The judiciary is very strict.There are monthly assessments and quarterly assessments.If you make a mistake, you will be deducted points like in prison This is what Mo Yunhu was most worried about, and quickly said I know, thank you Officer Wu, thank you Officer Han.Don t thank me, let s continue talking.Han Chaoyang closed the side door, and then cbd gummies expiration date asked In addition to bullying and dominating the market, Gu Tongjun also does things.What happened I don t know now, he was sent to a labor camp because of fighting.Mo Yunhu took a peek at Han Chaoyang, and said cautiously, Now these gangsters are different from us before.There are not many locals, they are all out of town There are people who do everything, and I don t know how they met.Commissar Huang asked about the situation at the Dafu Hotel just now, worried that Han Chaoyang would miss the criminal scene , and said with a smile Xiao Han, the Xinyuan Street Police Station considers true full spectrum cbd thc gummies purekana cbd gummies on shark tank that the Dafu Hotel will be open tomorrow, so they don t want to affect the rest of the hotel owner, waiters and chefs., the more true full spectrum cbd thc gummies than 40 gangsters who have been interrogated and have not found any problems have left first.With cbd gummies are they legit the assistance of the special patrol brigade and your voluntary security patrol team, the remaining dozens of gangsters are being sent to the institute.There is nothing to worry about Yes, your people can rest before two o clock in the morning. Thank you political commissar. Thank you for what I m doing, we should thank you, no, it should be thanks to the boys on the patrol team, if it wasn t for their help, this evening s event would have been impossible.It was the first time he had seen Mei Tiejun with dark skin, but it was not the first time he had heard of this name.A legend of PolyU s school guards, he is also a retired soldier, and probably a party member.Not only did he have the courage to fight, he once dealt with four hooligans who harassed female college students by himself, but he also worked very hard.In three and a half years, I have obtained college and undergraduate diplomas one after another, and it is said that I am going to take the postgraduate entrance examination in one go In short, the young man is very good, and the leader also thinks highly of him.Although he is only the monitor of the security guard, he is actually the leader of the security guards in the Yanbei Campus.Shen Xin and Xiao Wei were not as dazzling as Mei Tiejun, but they were both monitors and the backbone of the school guard.

Go up and get it.The Veteran Cadre organic cbd gummies from empe usa University is not a full time university, so what is the use of the Veteran Cadre University certificate Besides, you will be seventy one after the end of the year, even if you can get a diploma from the Veteran Cadre University, how can you still find a job with a certificate of completion from the Veteran Cadre University He actually took it seriously, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Director Wang didn t know what he was thinking, but asked excitedly Xiao Han, I heard that you are going to be promoted to a sub department It has been inspected, and there should be no changes.There is no taboo at the age chalice cbd gummies of factory director Wang.He doesn t care what kind of car he is sitting in.He looks left and right to find the window button, and lowers cbd gummies for anxiety where to buy true full spectrum cbd thc gummies the window halfway.But it s absolutely impossible to have no heating in such a cold day.She is a southerner and not afraid of the cold does not mean that others are not afraid.Han true full spectrum cbd thc gummies Chaoyang didn t know how to fight for it.It happened that there was a party in the circle at night, and I asked him and Xie Lingling if they had time to attend, and said that several friends wanted to meet Huang Ying and Xie Lingling s current boyfriend Xu Hongliang, and asked if they could go together.All the people at the party in the evening were friends I met when I first arrived cbd neon gummies cbd miracle gummies in Yanyang, so you must not forget your roots.Han Chaoyang could only put aside the issue of whether the dormitory had heating or not, first called Xu Hongliang and Xie Lingling respectively to confirm that they were free at night, then called Huang Ying who had just got off work, and then went back to the police room to stay After a while, I didn t go back to the dormitory to change clothes until 6 30, and got into the car that Xu Hongliang had just driven downstairs with Huang Ying, who had just dressed up.Few ordinary people will pay attention to the government website.Those cadres who cannot stand the publicity are mostly reported by people in the system or even their own units.Huang Ying is afraid that the staff of the administrative service center and the personnel of various units stationed in the administrative service center will be jealous.He simply took this opportunity to explain Director, before I was transferred here, I went to Daxibei to participate in his meritorious service award ceremony.He was able to perform second class merit because he true full spectrum cbd thc gummies participated in a large scale raid organized by the local public security bureau during the study and exchange period., a man guarded a deserted mountain for five days and five nights, and caught the fugitive with a gun.Shot My husband went to learn how to communicate.Mobilizing the masses is easier said than done, and no matter how active the masses are, it is impossible to keep an eye on suspects 24 hours a day.Village cadres can t count on it either.Judicial offices in some places are equipped with positioning wristbands, and the location of the parolees and community corrections subjects under their supervision can be grasped with high technology.The police do not have these high tech equipment, nor do they have the corresponding funds.It is difficult to implement the so called electronic surveillance measures, it is difficult to control, and the risk of law enforcement is too high.Resident police is dereliction of duty Wu Wei realized that this was not a trivial matter, and asked eagerly, Have you found anyone Captain Liang and Lao Fang have gone to look for it.When he was just admitted to the police civil service, Han Chaoyang really wanted to touch the gun and shoot.I have been working for more than a year, but now I am afraid of guns.What if there is a fire What if it is lost or stolen by criminals It is not uncommon for guns to be lost in recent years.If they can be found back in the first place, they can barely keep their jobs.If you can t get it back, if someone uses your lost gun to commit crimes outside, it s not a question of whether you can keep your job, but a question of whether you will go to jail What impressed me the most was an incident that happened a few years ago.A policeman lost his gun and couldn t get it cbd gummies for anxiety where to buy true full spectrum cbd thc gummies back.He was dealt with at that time, but he was not fired from his post.As a result, a few years later, a gun case occurred in another city.Wang Jiayong has participated in several operations, and he has great eyesight.When he saw a guy running towards the east door, he immediately chased him and grabbed him back.Han Chaoyang followed in, and at a glance, he saw the girl mentioned by Old Xu who didn t even have a top on.It wasn t that she wasn t wearing a top, but that she had even taken off her leggings, leaving only one on her body that should have been worn.The skirt was over leggings and was pulled up to the waist.What is even more unbelievable is that she is lying on the coffee table in an extremely exaggerated posture, with a man in front and a man behind Not suitable for children This is the first time Han Chaoyang encountered such a scene.He was hesitating to help Jiao Da control the crazy four men and two women in the box first, or let those two guys pull out the things that should be pulled out first, and let them lie on the coffee table. It s from the Yandong Branch, here is my police ID.Han Chaoyang took out his ID, flashed it, and asked very seriously, What is it What s your surname, what s your name The legal person The Yandong branch came here to investigate, and this was troublesome, because he had never dealt with the Yandong branch before.Realizing the seriousness of the problem, the proprietress said in a begging tone The surname is Fei, Fei Xiaolu, the legal person is my husband, he has other business and doesn t come here very much.Officer Han, please believe me, I really don t know them, I don t know they would do this kind of thing in the box.It s Chinese New Year, can you show your hand, we didn t pay attention, we are responsible, can I accept the punishment, can you help me to reduce the penalty.This is not only related to pornography, but also related to drugs It is obviously impossible to pay a fine to pass the customs.I am afraid that Zhang Xugang will not believe some of the questions explained, and even listed the time, place and witnesses so that the criminal police team can verify them.The result of the interrogation can be imagined.Zhang Xugang did not even ask Dai Lishi to check whether there was any access to the record, nor did he ask Dai Lishi to sign and print his fingerprints.Committing crimes again will not be under our control.It is important to do business, and I will not leave you and Xiaosun for dinner, just take him away.Zhang Zhi, you can t do this, he is also a fugitive cbd gummies for anxiety where to buy true full spectrum cbd thc gummies anyway.I Knowing that he is a fugitive, otherwise we can spend this effort to interrogate him, but if you catch him, you catch him, and the result belongs to your voluntary patrol team.We can t take this credit.I know you are very busy, let s go early, and I will send it to you.

Is the journey going well Call him Uncle.Ni Yujia looked at true full spectrum cbd thc gummies Huang Ying, then looked back at Han Chaoyang, pouted and said strangely, Dad, it s not appropriate to call you Uncle, let s call you Brother.Everyone.Han Chaoyang smiled, turned around and said, Bao Suo, Brother Ni, it s cold outside, let s go up first.Yes, yes, go upstairs first.Take the elevator to the 12th floor, the anti theft door is open.Yu Zhenchuan and Zhang Beibei were sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV, and his wife was moving cold dishes to the dining table.Han Chaoyang called out to his wife, and when he looked back, he saw Grandpa Gu busy in the kitchen wearing an apron.Jianguo, Chunxiang, what are you doing standing outside Come in and sit down.It s fine if someone comes.What are you doing with this thing The teacher s wife came to her senses, and while she greeted Ni Jianguo and his wife to come in, she held Ni Yujia s hand and said with a smile Jiajia It s so tall, I haven t seen a big girl for several years Do you still remember grandma, you were only this tall when you came last time.Although my work relationship has been transferred, the work I have to do is the same as before.And I m on duty today, even in the afternoon If you don t help out at the institute, it s impossible to go home and rest.That s right, it s not busy here.Liu Jianye pushed open the director s office door and greeted The food is brought here for you, come in and eat.Haigen, Don t go, come and eat together.Okay.The director must have something to say, and Kang Haigen was not pretentious, and walked over with a lunch box and a smile.As usual, the cafeteria in the institute uses a meal sharing system.During the Chinese New Year, the food is better than usual, and each person has a big row like extra meals.Han Chaoyang used to like to eat it very much, but now it s Chinese New Year, he almost eats a lot of fish and meat, and he feels greasy when he sees meat dishes, so he prefers to eat some vegetarian dishes.If the compensation standard for land acquisition and demolition of Chaoyang Village is followed, he will be able to get at least two million in the future.Officer Han, we really never thought about taking his family property.I know, but his sister is gone, and the uncle and you two cousins are the only close relatives left.Dai Zi, in his words, you can t take advantage of outsiders.Han Chaoyang looked back at Zhang Xiaoqin, and continued He is now a criminal HCMUSSH true full spectrum cbd thc gummies suspect and a patient, and in a few days he will become a prisoner and a patient.From the perspective of illness, relatives need to care and even love him.All in all, I think you two should give him a chance.Dad, although Uncle Li Shi made a mistake, he is also very pitiful.If we don t help him, who else can help him Will you help him Zhang Xiaoqin whispered.Just now it was searched from the outside to the inside, but now it is searched from the inside to the outside, turning into two small encirclement circles.Han Chaoyang walked in the middle of the main road and followed the large army to search towards the north gate.There were fewer people last time, but this time there were more people.It was a carpet search like a fake one, and the efficiency was higher than before.However, after more than 20 minutes of searching, the flower beds, rockery, dry pools, corridors, and even the garbage bins made of prefabricated cement panels were turned over, but no trace of the thief was found.The same was true for the group that searched south.The old factory manager was anxious, staring at Han Chaoyang and asked Xiao Han, are you sure the thief is in the factory area The factory area.It is said that the profit of the tobacco industry last year was in the trillions, and the total fiscal revenue paid in was also in the trillions, while the total national fiscal revenue was only in the tens of trillions.That is to say, the tax paid by tobacco has been as high as more than 10 of the national fiscal revenue all the year round.Therefore, cracking down on cigarette counterfeiting is not just a corporate behavior, it is actually a national behavior There is a leadership office for cracking down on cigarette counterfeiting in the city, as well as in the district.It is dedicated to coordinating functional departments such as tobacco, industry and commerce, public security, and taxation to crack down on the problem of counterfeiting and selling cigarettes.The sub bureau organizes joint meetings between the Public Security Brigade, the Economic Investigation Brigade and the Yandong District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau every once in a while to study how to crack down on counterfeiting.Liu Jianye didn t expect things to turn out like this, at this moment Too late to regret, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and get into the political commissar s car.Han Chaoyang didn t know why, and he where to buy cbd gummies for anxiety near me didn t dare to ask more questions, so he just got into the police car and followed him all the way to the Huayuan Street Police Station.Walking into the reception room on the left side of the hall, Political Commissar Huang slammed the door, lit a cigarette and asked, Who came up with the bad idea of carrying a gun I am familiar with the situation over there, and I know how difficult it is to ask others for help.I am afraid that the other party will not pay attention to it.In case I need help and the other party does not help, I came up with this idea.I thought that I would not bring the gun into Beijing.Lao Hu and Wu Wei couldn t help laughing.As true full spectrum cbd thc gummies soon as the policewoman who had just taken a photo with him walked out, the photographer Yu Zhenchuan even joked Chaoyang, I true full spectrum cbd thc gummies didn t think you were so popular in Yanyang.Only when I came out did I know that you are online.How hot.I have to help Yingying keep an eye on you to prevent you from being tempted to make mistakes.Yes, yes, you must keep an eye on it.Wu Wei ran over and opened the door to look furtively, then turned back She smiled and said The third little girl who came in just now blushed when she saw you, and she knew she was interested in you.Although Yingying didn t entrust us, we have the responsibility and obligation to help her watch.What do you say Oh, don t be kidding.Just as he was joking around, a few more cars came in outside, only two of which were police cars.Yes Thinking that all these situations were overheard at the door just now, Jiao Da and Team Liang didn t need to overhear, but they were busy interrogating the suspects with their counterparts in Beijing, so they had no time or chance to make phone calls.If there is a situation to report in time, maybe the people inside noticed the eavesdropping at the door just now, and now the door has been closed, and there is not much to learn, at least not first hand.I don t know how to report the situation in time Bureau Zhou didn t know what Han Chaoyang was thinking, and couldn t care what Han Chaoyang would be thinking.While looking for the phone pollen cbd gummies review number, he said with a blank expression, Political Commissar, the Nanshan Branch Bureau has reported to the Beijing Municipal Bureau, and we have to report to the Municipal Bureau as well.

He really thought so, but Sun Guokang hurriedly said Liu Suo, I have no idea, let alone any opinion.Seeing his duplicity, Wu Junfeng couldn t help saying Guokang, whether there is or not You have true full spectrum cbd thc gummies to thank Liu Suo for your opinion, if Liu Suo hadn t sent you to the Huayuan Street Police Station, if Liu Suo hadn t arranged you to come to our police area, how would you wyld cbd sleep gummies review have the chance to make such a great contribution.Xu Weizhong laughed and said What Xiao Wu said is on point, so what if he goes to the criminal police team There are so many big cases, and he usually handles small cases of picking doors, picking locks and carrying bags In the police station, as a community policeman, he can also do well.The same can make a difference.Instructor, you mean Han University, Han University is indeed very good, although I have not been working for a long time, and the community work best low cost cbd gummies experience is really not one or two points rich, you and Liu Suo don t worry, I will cherish the opportunity to learn from Han University , I will never let you two down.By the way, I coordinated with the leaders of the Sixth true full spectrum cbd thc gummies Hospital.I will arrange for a female doctor to bring along an oxygen bag and a first aid kit, and I will arrange where the relatives will live after they are picked up.Your main job is to comfort the relatives.Yes Han Zhaoyang couldn t help but think about it.Question Director, when something like this happened, of course we will try our best to appease you, but we can t just talk about it.You mean pension and compensation Well, that s the true full spectrum cbd thc gummies only thing we can do now.Zhou Ju said , the bureau will do everything possible to get compensation according to the People s Police Pension and Preferential Treatment, and there is also can i take expired cbd gummies a special person in charge of insurance claims, you can ask Feng Haijun for the specific situation.Han Zhaoyang felt a little better after getting a pension, and he was sincerely grateful to Zhou Ju, and felt that the director was courageous and responsible He rushed to the police station without stopping, and the car that caused the accident, the damaged electric car and the police car had been towed away by the tow truck, and the suspect suspected of drunk driving and the person in the car that caused the accident were also taken away by criminal police and traffic police.Han Chaoyang doesn t know what to do and what to do.I felt extremely uncomfortable in my heart, and my head hurt badly without rest for more than 30 hours.I just slumped on the sofa, rubbed my temples, and fell asleep in a daze.When I woke up again, it was already dark, and I took out my phone to check the time, it was already 8 23 in the evening.I don t know who helped to cover the quilt, got up and walked outside, Miao Haizhu and Sun Guokang may have gone back to rest, only Lao Ding and PolyU security guard Mei Tiejun were left in the office area.Hungry, I left you a meal.Lao Ding raised his arm and pointed to the lunch box on the opposite table.Han Chaoyang still didn t feel hungry, so he lay down on the police station and asked, How is Mama Chengquan There should be nothing wrong.Old Ding sighed, and continued Chengquan s parents, including his sister, brother in law and cousin, are very reasonable and agreed to hold a memorial service the day after tomorrow.They didn t know anything about it.After seeing the video, the news on the branch s official Weibo, and the portrait of their good brother, they were stunned.Covering his mouth, he began to cry bitterly, tears streaming down his face, but he dared not cry out.Qiu Ming has been a police officer for eleven years, and has attended two memorial services for his comrades in arms.Each time, he was heartbroken and could understand their feelings.Putting away the phone, he said in a low voice The leaders of your bureau called the leaders of our detachment last night.They hope that you can turn your grief into strength, and hope that you will be proud of the comrades who died, and set an example for the comrades who died Qiu Ming said a lot, but Wu Wei and Xiaokang didn t listen to a word.Their minds were full of the scenes of getting along with Liu Chengquan day and night, and they were all Liu Chengquan s voice and smile when he was alive.While chatting, a taxi slowly stopped at the door of the police true full spectrum cbd thc gummies purekana cbd gummies on shark tank station.Chen Jie opened the door and got out, followed by a girl in her twenties with short hair, dressed in a neat suit The police uniform, with the word judiciary on the armband, and one crutch on the shoulder.When they got off the car, they opened the suitcase to pick up their luggage.Seeing that there was a lot of luggage, Han Chaoyang came out to help.Han natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed true full spectrum cbd thc gummies Da, Xiaomin has been here before., you should cbd gummies help with sleep have seen it.Xiaomin, this is the Han Da I often tell you about.Hello, Han Seeing his future immediate boss, Jiang Xiaomin hastily put down his luggage and raised his hands in salute.You re welcome, welcome.Let s go in and talk, it s not an outsider.Chen Jie picked up the trolley case and a backpack, and warmly greeted the same school and fellow villagers to go in.As a result, he frightened himself and absconded in fear of crime.What a legal blind Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, and fab cbd gummies for sleep said persuasively So don t have any psychological burden.The reason why we brought you from the construction site to the police station was not to hold you accountable, but to be entrusted by your parents.They Just a child like you, I m going crazy cbd gummies for anxiety where to buy true full spectrum cbd thc gummies looking for you, I finally found out the news about you in Yanyang, true full spectrum cbd thc gummies so I begged us to keep you, they are rushing to Yanyang, and they are coming to pick you up.Yang Xiaorong was afraid of face just now Boss Wang and his fellow workers, now knowing that his parents are coming, dare not face them, wringing their hands tightly, anxious, and hesitating to speak.Han Chaoyang didn t steal anything when he was a child, but he made many mistakes.The reason why Lao true full spectrum cbd thc gummies Yang Being able to become the deputy director is strongly recommended by Liu Suo.In terms of qualifications and achievements, Sergeant Yang should have been the deputy director long ago.It s not too late now, Deputy Director Xing smiled, and continued He said At the just concluded party committee, we also researched the candidates for the captain and instructor of the food and drug environmental brigade.Do you know who the captain is Who It s also your old leader.Guan instructor Hmm , I can no longer be called an instructor, and I will be called Guan Da. Yang Tao, the former police chief of the community team of the Huayuan Street Police Station, was appointed as the deputy director of the Huayuan Street Police Station Guan Yuanyuan, the former instructor of the Huayuan Street Police Station, was appointed as the newly established These two personnel adjustments are a bit interesting.Han Chaoyang was cbd neon gummies startled.He didn delta 8 cbd gummy t know whether to go in to salute and say hello or just go to the command center as if he didn t know anything.Liu Qiuping suddenly said, Han Chaoyang, come in.Yes Han Chaoyang hastily parked the electric car aside, ran into the reception room and stood at attention to salute Hello, Director Liu, and Mrs.Zou.Okay, what corporate company owns the rights to cbd gummies wait here.Yes.Liu Qiuping returned the salute, turned around and asked Comrade Qiao Yueqing, your courier is here, open it.The dignified director, shouldn t be very busy, why suddenly want to see someone else s courier Qiao Yueqing wondered if someone was suspected of taking bribes, and thought that her package was a piece of clothing she bought online for her children, so there was nothing to worry about, so she quickly took the express package from Zou Jingnan s mobile phone, and opened the outer package in front of everyone.

The good voluntary security patrol team has disbanded, and the anti pickup team will also disband in 20 days.Han Chaoyang is extremely depressed, and he is not in the mood to patrol anymore.He returns to the police room dejectedly, takes out his mobile phone to see if HCMUSSH true full spectrum cbd thc gummies there is any SMS and WeChat.There are several text messages, all of which are advertisements.There are a lot of WeChat messages, some from college classmates, some from Xie Lingling, asking if they have time to participate in the rehearsal tomorrow afternoon.There are more new information in the circle of friends, click on it to browse, and click a few likes casually.It s okay not to order, a little trouble.Just logged into the intranet and was about to fill in the performance appraisal content, the factory director Wang suddenly called and asked Xiao Han, where are you, are you not busy today Is there something wrong It s nothing, I just saw that you liked old man Kang, and thought you were not busy.Some play football and some run long distances.They have good physique and are suitable for doing these things.I have learned a lot, and this is the first time for me I heard.Liu Qiuping sighed lightly, smiled wryly and said, I ll get used to it from now on.The district has decided that this year is the first one, and next year there will be a second one.This year s promotional slogan is Outperform yourself, run to the future .This year s route starts from the gymnasium, the cultural square is the end point of the healthy run, the East Lake Park is the end point of the half marathon, and the citizen square is the end point of the whole marathon.The track covers Yandong s classic landscapes, landmark buildings and tourist attractions.The achievements of economic construction and the beauty of ecology in recent years.Can I open a standard room It s their business, after opening the room, it s their business to order them some takeaway, whether to eat or not.Okay, let me ask first Han Da, do you care about this kind of thing Just put down the phone , Jiang Xiaomin suddenly asked in confusion.The anti pickup funds mainly come from the engineering headquarters, and they work for them after taking their money.Han Chaoyang sighed helplessly, picked up his mobile phone and dialed Zhang Beibei s number again.After waiting for about ten seconds, Zhang Beibei s voice came from the other end of the phone Captain Han, what instructions do you have at this late hour What sister in law, am I that old If you don t want to sleep, I still have to rest.If you have something to say, hang up if you have nothing to do.Can I call you if I have nothing to do Han Chaoyang asked back, introducing what happened at night Everything, and then added Don t you know Lawyer Duan, you can introduce a business for Lawyer Duan.The online loan matter was so overwhelming that everything that happened that night was so vaguely forgotten.If Miao Haizhu hadn t played this surveillance video, she wouldn t even have remembered that such a dangerous thing had happened to her.Comrade police, I I remembered it, I m sorry, I I had something urgent that day, I Just remember it.After confirming that it was the same person, Han Chaoyang felt a sense of relief.The client who hadn t been found for a long time, true full spectrum cbd thc gummies didn t know what to say next, and didn t know whether to scold her or not.Wang Can finally realized why there was hostility in Miao Haizhu s eyes, and asked anxiously Comrade police, I m sorry, I was really in a hurry that day.Was the policeman who rescued me that night seriously injured The person who saved you that night was surnamed Liu, named Liu Chengquan. I m pregnant. No problem, I ll send him a WeChat message.Liu Hui heard clearly just now, picked up her phone and sent a WeChat true full spectrum cbd thc gummies message while smiling Talk to Yingying later, it s best to talk to your father in law and mother in law .

can t chew cbd gummies will well they still work?

first , Let them help to talk together.She should agree, come on, wait to eat your wedding candy and drink your wedding wine.Chapter 790 Marriage proposal Proposing is a big deal Hearing from Liu Hui that Han Chaoyang was going to propose marriage later, Old Tang rushed to the police station to take over twenty minutes early.After handing over the guns and ammunition, he half jokingly said that the proposal should not be empty handed, and at least buy a bouquet of roses before buying a ring Han Chaoyang thinks it makes sense, and there are several flower shops near PolyU and the Sixth Courtyard.Leave as soon true full spectrum cbd thc gummies as you say, so urgent No way, I have to rush there overnight.When will you be back Huang Ying asked eagerly.Up to three days.Han Chaoyang ran up to the dormitory building in one breath, opened the door and said apologetically, You continue to accompany Tang Xiaoxuan and the others.You don t need to come back.I will pack my things by myself.The car is downstairs.After packing, we will go to the train station. Okay, be careful.Don t worry, nothing will happen, didn t I tell you yesterday, it s not a big case, it s just a small contractor who absconded with money.Chapter 800 Chasing and Escaping 6 There are few people traveling late at night, and there are only four or five passengers in the No.4 true full spectrum cbd thc gummies purekana cbd gummies on shark tank carriage.After working all day without a good meal, Wu Wei was hungry as soon as he boarded the car. This is the best.As soon as Grandpa Gu finished speaking, Dad Xu suddenly laughed and said, Chief Gu, Accountant Gao, I ve been thinking about it for the past few days.To respond to the call, you can t be extravagant and wasteful, but there are some procedures cbd neon gummies cbd miracle gummies that should be followed, after how to make cbd gummies taste better all, marriage is such a big event that it happens once in a lifetime.Old Xu, what procedure are you going to follow Picking up relatives at home, it seems too outrageous to just set up a drink in a natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed true full spectrum cbd thc gummies restaurant without picking them up.I discussed with my in laws and plan to pick them up simply.Where to pick up Grandpa Gu asked.Definitely can t go to my hometown, it s too far away, we plan to let Lingling dress up in the PolyU dormitory, let Hong Liang call a few friends to pick him up at PolyU, pick him up at Dongming Community first, then return miracle leaf cbd gummies revierw to PolyU, and then go to Shuxiangyuan.In order to ensure the safety of the escort, not only did the two suspects wear handcuffs, but also shackles, and because of the handcuffs and shackles, the two suspects could not walk fast, which attracted the attention of many passengers on the way from the corridor bridge to the exit.Chapter 818 A special gift 5 There are many cars in the yard of the East City Transportation Hub Project Engineering Headquarters every day, but today there are more cars than usual.There are not enough parking spaces in the yard, so they can only park outside.Many people who came to work stopped natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed true full spectrum cbd thc gummies their cars far away because they came late.The reason why the cars are overcrowded today is that the construction safety engineering meeting is being held in the meeting on the first floor.The Municipal Key Urban Construction Administration Bureau, the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, and the leaders of Yandong District who are in charge of key engineering projects and safety production have all come.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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